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Elegy Angst Poems | Elegy Poems About Angst

These Elegy Angst poems are examples of Elegy poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Elegy Angst poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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This Mountain Here

I remember the day I got the call.
My world fell apart.
I had lost it all.

I remember the day you were taken from me.
I knew your beautifull smile I would never again see.

They said it was a mugger and you put up a fight.
I should not have  let you go out that night.

It seems like just yesterday we fed eachother our wedding cake.
When I remember that memory my hands start to shake.

I sit in my cabin on this mountain with the sky so blue.
I won't leave. This's where I spent my honeymoon with you.

My family wants me to go back into that world, so cold.
I'm not leaving this mountain.
It's where I'll grow old.

They say your gone and will never again be.
Well, I hear what your saying. Yes, I know your talking to me.

You sit in the chair and drink my tea. 
My heart swells up when you smile at me.

They say I've gone insane and see things that aren't there.
If I'm on this mountain here why should they care?

I love you more then I did when we first found this place.
I remeber everything about you, your ellagince and grace.

Why am I not in that world full of anger and fear?
I want to be with you on this mountain here.

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Abrading Volley

Rainfall washing
Light splashes on windowpane…

Leaving nothing behind
No pattern or trace…

If only those tears
Anguishly wept for you…

Upon your deathbed
Had washed away…

Cleansing the pain
That even now abrades my spirit…

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I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

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The Fat Lady has Sung

O harlot of colored scarlet hath divided the spoils The wealthy, well oiled, prophesy uncertainty Thee measures of barley spoil not the oil or wine heavenly leaven is unmeasured, care to take a wager A bird in hand of human man, faith is in the bush O little bird, swish the bush, faith is not a human wish I will laugh at your calamities O harlot I will turn a deaf ear to thy wails of anguish As a queen thou has ruled unjustly Ground the face of the poor of earnest contrite Thy kings shall cast ashes upon their heads And call for the mountains, “Come fall on us!” I will loose the yoke of bondage, Love, sayeth Almighty For it is just in my sight, I have waited for precious fruit You have remained aloof of un-cloven hoof, relieved not poverty Of the absolute you have not partaken, or cheweth the cud Nor forsaken thine own way, Love commands pay... ...of the illusionary substance death of your own logical way

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A House Divided

“When humanity’s division becomes one and the same God of Love only then will the house of humanity thrive in harmonious balance… Selah”

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Sorrowful unto death

Sorrowful unto death
(Ecclesiastes 1:18 KJV)

He that increases true wisdom increases grief...
exposing that the knowledge of serpent did not instruct the dove,
and to know serpent knowledge is to know,
how the house of Love  was divided, that sorrow is in learning,
how many there are deceived of themselves….

To be harmless as a dove is to be love,
to be of a serpentine jester is to pester,
to pester life as a jester of strife...
is to be twain in total vain.
Love is oneness of twain in a wedding garment…

The trinity of infinity is the beginning of thee,
opening the sacred heart gives one options to see,
the beauty you see inside is the essence of thee,
tis also the beauty in the nature of a tree…
the nature of life’s tree eternally… 

To be is, to be, of the nature of life’s tree,
not to be, is to be, of  thine own ciestrine… 

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I am alone
In this crowd of empty faces
I have dreamed of many places
To call home

I am broken
There's no chance of fixing me
Who would listen to my plea
It's best unspoken

I am full of envy
The cute kids without special needs
They are flowers among the weeds
Ones families want to see

I am afraid
The years have passed so fast
And I'm down to my last
I feel hope fade

I am aging out
Escorted to the iron gate
In distress about to break
My future's in doubt

I am crying
To a God I do not know
For a miracle to show
To keep from dying

Elegy Poem 

Sponsor: Frank's "I Am Contest"

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As a Man Thinketh So is He

Be careful of how you think, of its logic is how your rank, sow, reap and weep, lesser to be, is frozen in time... to be of the lesser fact, is not all that it is cracked, Mount up on heavenly wings, it is the logical faith that be, consciousness of precept kings, For earthern subjects galore, of their own minds of darkness explore… that shall not soar... or explore, vast unlimited expanses, with human mediocre advances... fact... tree... wings... be... kings... explore... galore... for... evermore rank... think... naughty... children... Father... spanks Precept ranks... human concepts stink... holistically rank... learn logic of precept think... from thine own cisterns shrink... Selah

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The Lament For an Angel

All in one faded-black day (but let None forget) In my arms, her body lay (my life was the price to pay) A tragedy, through the lack of humanly shame (do they know pain) My darkly colleen has to suffer no more (Robert nor do you) Let me die (please hear my haunted cries) If I can not see Sophie tonight (live on with my grey) I'm just a mess of despairing words And broken nerves Another mourning, afflicted sight (through decay, love can remain) Solace, sympathy are just more lies She is all I need Until you decide she is just another sadist's toy My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away (My body is amortal, die I may, Together, our hearts will forever stay)

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Forever Unseen

Everything was set and plans were made
The two Musketeers would become three
The day you finally came
But it all went wrong in the blink of an eye
No heartbeat to hear but they promise no blame
Sometimes life is just this way
Beyond devastation, utter humiliation, 
Left to die inside alone
Then my first Musketeer, my best friend
Couldn't hold on anymore and so began his end
Watching the suffering with hands so tightly tied
My heart was exploding but nowhere to hide 
I watch in horror as all I loved died
Taking with them all of me
But the tears I nightly cried
A lone Musketeer cannot make it alone
Her horse too feeble as her shack is no home
So I sit and linger these torturous days of agony alone
I see their faces and know they wait for me
Why must I endure this anguish here without them?
And remain in life’s shadows 

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Silent Scream

                                     There she stood;
                              Tears glistening in her eyes,
                              Agony on her beautiful face,
                              Anguish in her angelic heart,
                                     Suffering silently
                            The indifference of the beloved.
                                   Her world crumbled,
                                   Her heart shattered,
                                       Her soul lost 
                               So nothing else mattered,
                     The Time screeched and The Time stopped
                                 There she stood
                                   Frozen in Time
                               With frozen emotions!
                              At the threshold of Life
                             At the threshold of Death.

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Where are you

You flourished and blurred
like a spark on wind

Gracefully and quickly like a frightened hind
in pursuit of light

You harvested through bushy meadows
taken by blight

In struggle with plight
had you lost your might

And gave out
although never you gave up.

Where are you?
For you must be still there.

For I still can feel you
somewhere in the air.

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Waiting Room at the Hospital

Pantheon of obtuse glorifications
Hallways confetti bile stymied soldiers smile
Waves and waves of the nation's slaves
Wave your flag
The few 
The proud
The crippled and the dead

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Forked Tongues of Soul

Spittle of diddle are many tongues forming spittle two ends against the middle they diddle spittle spittle, they diddle, as mucus forms of diddle, spittle still` Breath of Spirit speaks to even the coldest souls current of life excels the void womb thus swells dilly, they dally, in death‘s valley, folly squirms the worms

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All true logics be lifted of holy grail,, When divisions of human skills,, Become well versed of love skills,, Dispersing density of human wills,, Given to the infancy of holy grail,, Human skills will be sovereign thrills. All true wills be lifted of holy grail,, For life’s Precept of infinite pride,, Is in a son’s concept willingly crucified,, Not in a son’s logic of concept that lied,, But in concepts logic of precept mercy died,, Not in the conceptions of himself relied. All true logics be lifted of holy grail,, O death concept where is thy sting,, Draw the bow string of cupid’s fling,, The very Precept of life is in everything,, Toward heaven’s bevel, Agape’s thing,, Fill up the cup, mount up on Eagle wings. All true wills be lifted of holy grail,, Precept faith is Agape of futuristic wings,, Concepts’ futuristic flings, have no wings,, The wings of flings are in imaginary things,, As the insects of strife in humanoid’s life,, Infatuates human passions by concept strife. Selah

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The survivors
Old age is a strange time you have no future and tend
to look back to what was is a dream. 

How long does old age last?

My wife and I are closer than ever, but are we clinging
to a life buoy of eternity?

I look at her, she has problem walking looks st me
and we both think the same.
So used you to each strength and weaknesses, 
how is she or she going to survive?

We have come to a point when our arguments are
a declaration of love.

The coward I’m I hope to go before her I can’t cope 
with the aftermath that can cause
resentment that fester for another generation.

And in early mornings I touch a warm body listening
to her gentle breathe glad to be alive.

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From his wing

The feather fell from his

He was lost with out it,
he could not sing

His eyes watched
as it fluttered down
into the dusty ground

Yes from his wing it did

no sound

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Soft rain
Leaves shake
Worry fades
but sleep escapes
thoughts prowl
Dream awake
her face only
my mind quakes
close my eyes
Toss and sigh
What night
the  sun will hide

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Praying for forgiveness
but the damage is done
still learning to walk alone 
cause who "I AM" keeps
me shunned

The doors keep closing 
in on me all through veiled
hypocrisy but what they all
have failed to see is that
I will never be anything other
than "ME".

It's true I've not always done 
what is right, but for my mistakes
I've already paid the ultimate price.

So continue to judge me if you'd like
go hang me out to dry if that makes 
you sleep a little better at night 
for as Bad as you all may have 
perceived me not once did any 
of you try to wipe a single tear 
from my eyes... 

I want everyone to know
all the hurt buried in my chest
all the scars worn privately to 
no one did I ever confess. 
I'd much rather you think me crazy;
All F'ed up in the head then to
let anyone else know what I had
to take every night with me to bed

There are many ways of dying
but guilt, self reproof and regret
had already beaten me to death

Still unlike any of you God never
left me, judged me, or abandoned 
Instead he stood by me til the end
laid my worries to rest , stone pillow to
cradle my head.

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To Plant A Planet

O daddy! my daddy! your life is or' and I'm an orphan once more
The prize you sought is won but my grief overflows onto the floor
You were just to go for surgery then come back to me surely sore
Not dead_gone unbelief flows over me for love on me you pour

O daddy! my daddy! you adopted me, introduced me to God's love
Worked long hours to provide for my needs doing things for others
Studied God's word so that you could teach Biblical truths about Dove
Visited the sick, helped those down, expressed forgiveness of Brothers

O daddy! my daddy! you have won the great prize and at God's side
You are helping God with what needs to be done, as one of his sons
What you might be doing in your service up there with Jesus our Guide
He might have given you your own planet to plant, get ready for loveones

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Poetry's Bloody Murder

tiptoe through a sky of dying lilacs daisy chain reactors
try real hard not to offend anyone
please don’t jerk my alphabet out of your swoon soup
my occasional tongue likes to swoop down
and scoop tender mutinies...  into my
green slimy spoon - quick turn disquised saliva into
churn burnt backwards words

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As blood drips down
I stare at myself with a frown
Her body flashy red
Stabbed her dead
Dropped my knife
Started to caress my wife
Gruesome love
As I removed my infected glove
Flowed in my mind were memories
How the joy to bury her in the cemeteries’ graves
I chopped her many and waves
Of worship appeared
I knew I feared
This, I loved too much
I remember the first touch
My hands on her hips
Licked mine and on her lips
As my hand gentle rows to the end of her back
I managed to take a snack
My hands reaching her round behind
Combined of the kissing of her chest
Licking between the two breast
I become more attracted
And more distracted
Pushed her on the bed
Instead my jumping ahead
I gave time
So then she can be mine
In the mid-dust, forever
Me and her together
As I stormed with the ring
I became the king
And she is my queen
The glorious scene
In a dull and faded
With me is hatred
I had to say
In a mysterious way
I have done a mistake
That no one can break
I picked the knife stabbed myself and returned
To my lover that I burned…

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Ice Cold

I see you there
While your swarms of light surround you
A typhoon could hit,
And you'd still stand just as still
Your expression unfaltering through it all

It is spring now
Your name smells like flowers
But the rose
Of your cheeks is gone
Winter frost clings to your hardened face

Your eyes were rich
Like sunset on planting soil
Warm earth to sleep on
Now I sleep in the trees
I always get frostbite from the cold ground

A touch of your skin
Would make my heart melt
Last time we met
Gliding your arm underneath my robes,
I shivered
You were ice cold

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Black as night but bright as the moon,
Oh sweet angel, God took you too soon.
You brightened my day; you lit up my night,
And even in the heavens, you’ll be my guiding light.

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Bloodless On Mother's Day

There is a glare of stray sunlight
daring to reverberate
through spiderwebbed glass I haven't
found energy to fix
in the span of four years.
It is too much of a mirror,
too tangible a thought,
to make new.
It's lithe fingers, thin and bony, 
and mockingly bright,
steal over embossed cardstock that arrives, like clockwork,
in deepest sympathy.
And a thornless bouquet of pastels laden with
Babies Breath
only draws on blood long lost;
nobody seems to comprehend such an allegory,
or lack there of,
so it can't be carried
over the steps.

"Bloodless On Mother's Day"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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Goodbye Mommy

Standing 'round the stone
waiting to say goodbye,
how do you say the words
when your heart is empty.
Nothing can prepare you
for the pain of loss
when you lose someone so
close to you.
Waiting for the words
to come forward from
your lips, yet nothing
emerges past the pain.
Then you hear a soft
voice nearby saying
that which you
Goodbye Mommy.

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The Dead Orchid

My spirit walks the graveyard,
The music sickly sweet,
My tomb is coated with my shroud,
Folded so neat.
The flower of the mourners,
Left in the wind,
One stays dry and cold,
The Orchid , the flower of sin.
The sobering touch of autumn,
Sweeping my soul away,
The rain will soon pass,
All I pray is to stay.

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Stone Cold

No movement…no life… I cried... when I realized... My pet rock had died

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Marie III--Is the Coffin Too Deep

So frigid was her immaculate body Her last second in screams is all I can see Love's revenge was my guilt With you I'd rather let you die with Bound hands Without you, Marie, like the psychopath's dream Death is all that I can see; All that could redeem Did anyone ask Did anyone recall The sweet taste of the poison The swift slash of the knife he penetration of the lead The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Was it so hard to solve Was it so hard to see That I strangled her so easily My nails piercing her comely skin Blood dripping like the pomegranate I crushed with the shovel I shattered her shins The knife to slight her wrists Didn't you see I did it all The only witness Couldn't say Is the coffin too deep? The pain of her decaying hear tI can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Marie I cant stay Earth is to cruel when your coffin is to deep Forever in death and in death alone The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep?

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I Remember

I remember you..
Albeit vaguely,
I remember you.
I remember your oft-colored hair
Which you dyed time and again
I remember your smile.. so  warm, 
So loving.. so enduring.. it touched my heart
When first I saw it, and it touches me still..
I remember you…
Whenever  I am alone, I remember you..
You are here standing in our midst..
You are here, right where you belong..
We remember you..
We will not forget..
nor will you ever die.

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An Angel's Touch

When we lose someone close to us They're really not gone at all They speak to us through an angel's touch Listen closely and you'll hear their call For the spirit of those we love Lingers behind to play A melody of memories You can cherish every day So when the gentle breezes blow And music fills the air Remember the angels who touch your life And know they're always there

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Wishful Thinking

Dearest Blue Eyes,
I wish
I could have taken your cup
Drank your sorrows
you would never
have tasted sadness.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
I Wish
My heart 
Felt the bullet
And not yours.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
I wish
I could have given you 
A world 
Without pain.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
I wish
I could have
Blotted out your bitterness
Given you a smile.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
It is far too late 
For wishful thinking.

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The voices that echo inside my head are deafening nothing can block the pain I feel and the terror i hear.
The call upon me to do unspeakable things driving me to madness. They taunt and torment me making a mockery of me. The pain never ends there is no way out but one. Do I dare take it? 
Or do I continue to suffer in silence and claw at my body in anguish as the stream continues with out end.

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Connie's Poem Part Two

The gunshots echoes the end,
her chest trembles,
its her last breath.
She is covered in blood,
its splattered everywhere,
it seems too much.

I ignore it and hold her still warm hand,
as her eyes stared up to heaven,
I'm wondering what she seen,
maybe I'll catch a glimpse
of an Angel taking her away.

C.P.R. fails,
the pulse is gone.
I slowly stand
only to face the murderer.
In his eyes the anger and distress
have united in a paralysis
of fear and shock.

He is mumbling,
making no sense,
the gun is held
tightly against his head.

Once he was called
Husband and Father,
now he is something 
that is not man.

With disgust and fear,
I take Connie's gun
from his shaking hands.
as he is  waiting
for the comfort
of the cold steel

Marrage vows
were broken and silenced
in a few moments
of domestic violence.

To the man who is not a man,
its life without parole
behind brick walls till the end.

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Connie's Poem

Brilliant words made of love, 
decay in a blur of rage 
and in-perfection.

A family is broken 
as the trigger is pulled 
and the unmindful bullets fly.

Compassion and lies have met.
Righteousness and discord have kissed.

As she fades in deaths handcuffs 
love slips away.

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Little Mermaid

I float
dance along
the ocean floor
I glide
move along
my aquatic hell
I gasp
float along
as I try to inhale
My lungs fill
I struggle
I flail 
The light dims
I sink down
Into the cold
Into the deep
where little fishies
will gnaw and nibble 
at me

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Isolated and alone tired and weary I drag my battered and weary body through this barren and desolate place. Trapped in my own personal hell tortured, tormented and taunted by demons of my own creation. The only way out is through redemption. 
Though I can see the light of my redemption I choose to ignore it. Somday the pathe before will become known, my destiny will unfold, my story will be told. As I follow the long winding road to my redemption.

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The dim past houses warriors of yesterday
whose  lachrymose trail of tears 
continue to whet the sympathy of one diehard
dilettante commissar born and bred
upon the soil those indigenous Tribes 
(with that ill-fitting misnomer of noble savages)
left their legendary mythic and epic legions of prowess
yet fell prey to a mightier force
whereby treasonous treaties played on innocence and naiveté 
interestingly and ironically enough memorializing such mighty peoples
thru place names and sports teams
which patronage ranks as mere condescension
and barely compensates for compensation and vindication 
for genocide plus gross mistreatment and sacrilege
of token Native American remnants
corralled on dirt poor reservations
still evoking the tormented ghosts of a forgotten time.

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Even now you haunt me
As I am dusted by slumber
You drift to my bedside
Kissing me with soft bane lips
Enveloping me totally
In deadly gasping rapture
I raise my head from the pillow
A moment of lucidity
To rediscover your esprit beauty
Is just beyond my reach
I can almost hear your essence
Whispering sweet ardor
As that black robed hand
Pulls you wrathfully away 
Tearing you from me again
You look to me over your shoulder
Feeling that kindred ache
For he is the keeper
The master of this eternity
And I am your lover
Whom you were to spend it with 
I raise my head from the pillow
In the moment of truth
Hoping sleep will ease my pain
Knowing it has no remedy
Because I can’t let go of you
Even now you haunt me

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Thinking of Kevin

When  introduced we stumble blindly
our ears piqued by every sound
Our footing not yet stable we search for firmer ground
As we grow our vision changes,somewhat blurred and confused 
If it's God who guides me onward for what purpose am I used
I have searched while unsure of the treasure
Not quite sure of which I seek
Yet he affords me the greatest pleasures weather strong or sometimes weak
The gifts were all so splendid,the despair I've felt so deep
The sweet memories of my lifetime the greatest gifts I get to keep
So weep not when you think of me,knowing where apart
For now these memories I have treasured,are carried deep within your hearts

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I can’t recall this never existing
     Pallid cold corridors so colorless
         I have traversed over and over
              In endless searching…

Stepping over putridity
     Awash in isolations laughter
          Walking beside my companioned wall
               Instinctively impelled forward…

Wresting aspiration from bony digits
     Using fast my sheltered strength
          Against corpses mounting waves
               Encroaching upon bricked doorways… 

Within this sallow incessant labyrinth
     Sinking within this quickening of blood
          My sight grows narrower with each pulse   
               With heavy footfalls my eyes endeavor…

A shifting miasma of reverie and vision
     Mirrored upon stainless sterile steel doors
          In a moment of clarity I behold my senses
               Iced revelry of unyielding standing strength…
				No opening…

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Unknown Soldiers Grave

Struggling to put face and name together
You passed so long ago it is difficult to recall
Those bright hazel eyes that sparked of life
Dirty blonde hair as it shone in the daylight
Gone in the autumn you fell with the leaves
But you won’t return with the natal of spring
They regret and apologize for wars long over
Now old and crippled time cannot return to me
I have wept at your loss and done nothing
To repay the heavy burdened debt I carry
You were someone’s son and lover
Felled by my eye and bullet.

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Now Broken

Once a trusting soul
Now broken
Betrayal just the start
Lies to follow

Once an open heart
Now Broken
Lost is her innocence
Taken without consent

Her spirit was carefree
Now Broken
Life dragged her through
With no remorse

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Hunger For Death

A quick, furtive glance
To insure no one can stop
The heinous act by chance

The life about to be taken
Is one that has been
Battered and forsaken

Tired of the disappointments
Attempting to please with
Fruitless compliments

The soul in release, ne'er cold
For the fortunate task
Freeing the tumultuous soul

Digressing from further raving
Time to take the life
Of the end, it is craving

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The light turns yellow and the mother hauls on the brakes,
the truck behind her tried but it was already too late
the little girl is knocked unconscious the ambulance soon arrives
the mother has minor bruises but the child is listed in critical
and the bedside vigil begins

Alejandra, my baby, please get better for I need you with me
her angels are hovering over waiting on the word that is yet to be
tears seep through the mother's eyes whispering
Alejandra, darling, how could this be
one moment we're together and now I pray I'll have another chance
to say how much I love you

Twenty-four hours went by when Alejandra passed in the night
she looked just like an angle so sweet in the light
How will I ever live with this pain inside of me?
When all I want to do is go and be with my baby

Alejandra, my gift was taken all too soon
and now my baby's in Heaven so brief and all too soon

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Finally, I Dunn Did a Darn Good Job"...

My own world rocked,
My heart so rattled,,
My brain so shocked,
My ego so embattled

I left my wife,
When her heart was exposed
By her unfaithful ways,
The end of my married days...

Back to my parents home...
Within six weeks
My dear mother, she seeks
To leave this world of pain,

My father and I, hearts 
torn apart to die
Felt the world's weight
crushing us

I knew my dad,
So long married glad
Would not survive this hurt
So I hatched a plan,
Clever as I thought I am
To keep us both alive

I created the "Military Club"
Hardly realizing that 
it would be the hub,
Of more than I could hope

World War II veterans
My father and two uncles were
And I was a military buff

So we established this group
Hoping our lives to recoup
And it succeeded beyond
my wildest dreams,
Funny, is turned out to be,
Every bit as important as well, to me

Well I declared my father "The Colonel"
A title he held for the last
12 years of his life,
All the family members addressed
him by this name
My Uncles, I designated Majors,
They were Artie and Bob
I was a lowly Lieutenant,
To serve them was my job...

Once every 2 weeks we gathered
To shoot pool, play cards,
And then to eat
Our locations varied on a schedule
that was easy enough to meet

Now this became the life essence,
For these geriatric warriors of old,
And to me as well, though unexpected,
I had somehow struck a vein of gold

My car was the "Stafff Car" 
I drove them to pool,
And to have some beer at the bar,
Didn't matter who's turn the
house was that week,
We always had the great fun
That we did seek,

Rosie's idea of 1993 
was to make "The Colonel"
a memorial wall plaque,
Dedicated to his bravery
in the face of pool hustlers,
Taproom attendants, and
card sharks, and much, much more

I had never before seen
his eyes light up so proud,
This old man that I so adore

Well, even Generals succumb
to cancer
And sadly that was his fate
But I'm so proud to have
enriched all of our last years,
My buddy, my military dad,
my father, and my 
life's sailing mate.

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Flowers of spring, fields and trees of green
roll like waves at high tide across the pasture
but in time the Moon has turned aside Her face,
and the tide recedes to expose a barren plain.
Now midnight, moonless sky, the roaring of the sea
are my friends on a long and lonely beachwalk
soft sand does sift through my toes, cooling
what fires my heart has kindled in another life
yet one smoldering ember inside still, still refuses to die.
Where is the rain, God, you see the smoke!
Do you know what torture does this evil candle to me,
sheltered from wind by the deadwood of memory!
Oh temporal clouds, you are nothing to the
Immortal sea! Never could you douse a flame that will not yield!
Nay! I shall drown it down within Her, the endless Deep,
though the ship sink with it!

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Cold Blooded Murder

I watch the anger
in your blood-shot eyes
as tears stream down
from the cold expression on your face.
I stare as you destroy God's creation
without an ounce of guilt running through your body.
And i glare as you continuously demolish the meaning of life
as your eyes observe
your murderous victory.

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You Can't Always Hide

Make a night
In deep blackness, falling calling,
I sight,
I see you holding on to all you have left,
Alright?Not alright.
Never again, no never again,
You throw yourself onto the ground and cling
to dewy grass
Like Heaven's Hell sent child
You cry again
And tears fall down your eyes
It's red, ruby, crimson,
the blood of a thousand men
and a thousand more
Staining the skin on your hands
Like the color of the throats you tore
A killer,
As you come to terms again
He is dead, over, gone
'There's nothing I can do
So I run'
You run from
the child you once knew
you run from your mother and your friends,
you run from him too.
I thought that you loved him so much...
'Like a thousand stars' he lit up your life,
You loved the way he drove you crazy with one simple touch,
Or with his breath on your skin,
You loved him like no one else did
So now that he asks "Where have you been?"
As you stare down at his cold, lifeless grave,
Your fingers trace over the rough grey stone,
Your tears flow free as a wave
you've cried this chamber dry
you trace the letters of his name
Carefully, as if it would break if you try,
Nothing can erase this pain
You left your only one here to lay die
And now your tears fall down like rain
Pouring, falling, like the rain that night,
Black darkness, you find in reverie
You ran up to his window and these same tears blocked your sight,
He lay, your love, he lay dead
On his bedroom floor
A gun in his hand, a bullet in his head,
Was your love not enough to keep him alive?
Now as you sit here on his very grave,
you too lay down and die inside,
'I miss you...I miss you so terribly
I can't believe I let you go,I was there,
But I was gone and blind to see
how much my running hurt you
Everytime I turned my back on my emotion,
Devotion, love, I wish I'd known,
How you felt, what I feared.'
Crawling slowly you press your lips
to this stone
All you have left of him
His new home,
'All I see now, love, is a mirror image of me, for inside,
I'm dying, slowlying, faithfully
without you by my side
I lay down on your gravesight
and I die tonight
Knowing we will meet again
when it finally ends
Goodbye, now, then.'

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I Know That You Hoped for Long Good Goodbyes

Blood splattered walls,
The death of loved ones tearing your life apart,
The evidence of hopelessness escaped through the heart.

We always tell ourselves that it will never happen to us,
Blinded by the hopes and dreams,
When you find out all that’s left is sobs and screams.

Hold on for as long as possible,
Try to taste the last bit of fresh air you can get.
Say goodbye to the sunsets,
For you will never see them again.

One who was caged down is finally free,
Your soul flies high over the horizon.
The agony you feel finally stopped,
Glad to know you’re in a better place.

Death is more then just one big tragedy,
I guess it’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there.

The ones who can see the beauty in death are the ones who wish for it every day,
The ones who love it are the ones who always seem to lose it.
The innocent eyes of curiosity,
As she sees the stars for the first time.

The peak of life as it all comes crashing down,
The sleepless nights and lonely stares.
Wishing they would come back for even a moment,
To share the wonders of the afterlife.

After death life seems so much more precious,
No more being chained down by worry,
Let the ones you love reach all they want to be,
Life is always such an interesting story.

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The Last Words

I miss my father everyday,
He is no longer there...
I miss him dearly,
Somedays too hard to bear...

When I envision him at the table,
Or playing his mouth harp,
An instrument on which he was,
Oh so very sharp...

Phantom breezes,
Like memories...
Still flow through cracked windows,
of 100 years ago...
Memories of family gatherings,
No more shall I ever know..
I grow old and frail and wonder,
When will it be my time to go...

Oh, if miracles God could grant,
Based on necessity,
He'd have me No. 1, first on line,
From the need only he and I could see

The last vibrations,
Of his final vocalizations,
Still within my heart,
Will linger until I utter mine,
And at last I, as well, do depart...

One last hurrah,
One last sweet afternoon, 
Having a beer on the porch together,
Listning to Glenn Miller,
Or perhaps one of the Dorseys,
Enjoying just being alive together,
Oh, all the things he taught me,
Family love hard as steel,
Now breaks my heart,
You likely know how I feel

Treasured hours on our porch,
Hearing "American Standards Radio"
Or watching the Yankees, or the Mets,
Just about as sweet as life gets...
The need to converse optional,
We've already shared our own secret beliefs,
Our feelings slowly peeling from our souls,
So there, no words need we share,
Just so glad each is there...
Flying amongst the trade winds,
So pregnant with emotion,
A sense of finality,
Of our love and deep devotion...

People who are no more,
In a place no longer there,
Echoes of time,
And words we did once share...

Something is flying about.....

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My Friend Mark

I've known him since high school,
He had an immense impact on me,
Tosseled, curly blonde hair,
And always with a smile,
A musician's musician,
With talent a tad lower
Than he gave on,
I feared no audience when he was there,
He somehow comforted me,
He always had a bright outlook,
He was magic in a crowd,
With tales and totes to please us all,
He made a 40 watt bulb burn at 100,
I particularly remember he and Mike Joseph,
(Who stole an amp from me),
Sitting on the "Peeve Room" floor,
with acoustic guitars on laps,
Playing "Uncle John's Band"
To my delight, in 1970,
And all the music he opened me
up to, my God, he taught me so much...
Hence my great sadness at his passing,
When the angel of death came down to touch,
And take this musician, genius, and friend,
Into another celestial abode...
They left a hole in my heart,
Where once his gift of friendship flowed.

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This Vapid Life

This insipid existence,
This body betrayed,
Time, now short,
Now ao precious,
What do I say to my wife?
My beautiful daughters?
Why no happy ending?

Are they aware what I tried to accomplish?
How close I came?
How things where clicking so well
Just at the end....
And how much I loved them all?
This I pray they know,
I will watch over them, now,
Each minute night or day,
The sensitive one will feel my presence,
From the beginning,
The others may take more time
But one day we will all be united again,
Our cycles will be complete
And that day, for all of us,
That day will be a treat.

Mark and ALL his girls!!!

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Missing Billy Bell

twenty nine years ago,
on a cold and icy night,
my dearest friend and cousin...
entered into eternal light,
although, for me, that fateful eve,
plunged my heart into eternal night
music was his passion,
food, friends, and familu too...
his laugh could light a dungeon,
and this I swear is true
boots protruding from beneath a blanket,
that covered his remains,
this loss so deep and shocking,
has forever left our hearts with stains

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The Sax's Sad Song

Regretfully, this is a true story;

Saturday- time for band rehearsal,
It's work we normally love to do,
But today was very different,
As I shall now tell you...

My sax player, Skip, always
picks me up in early morn,
For our two hour trip,
to Brooklyn, where we rehearse
in a studio, as is our norm...

He mentioned on the drive in,
He had something to tell us,
My curiosity was peaked,
But he said he'd tell us later,
so wait was what we must,

He played his sax today,
with passion as I'd never heard before,
It was quite impressive,
but what did he have in store?

At last, he finally told us,
and it broke each of our hearts,
His mother he had buried
the day before,
And from this world she now departs..

But, how this came to be,
Was truely shocking to me,
For she hung herself in despair
Over things of little care...

His sister found he so,
I can't imagine what a
shocking blow...

Being Jewish, she was buried
And I hardly could comprehend 
how long that hurt would last,

At my suggestion, we played
a song, she had taught him long ago, 
The same song my father taught me,
and one we played sweet and low,
"Saint James Infirmary" is the title,
And death is the portrait it paints,
I only trust in God, she now resides
with the Saints.

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Somehow I know when you're here.
Goosebumps, and cold chills
Alert me that you're near,
I suppose many would be struck with fear,
But knowing you still exist, brings but a joyous tear
Five years gone, I think of you,
Each minute of every day.
I remember things we did together,
I remember what you had to say
Life is seperated by a curtain of fate
Those times you were alive,
And now the time you ain't

I touch your things, I don't know why,
It's as if I'm hoping to try
To feel the essence of you,
And be among the few,
To reestablish our broken connection
With a soulful of belief injection.

I miss you
I miss you,
I will wait patiently,
Until you again I see.

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destined to die, destined to cry

he had demons of despair inside of his head
he was living an existence that was not spirit-led
many saw his depression and his violent sorrow
but none could possible perceive the plans he had for tomorrow

he purchased some guns and then returned to that school
he killed 31 people and his anger was the fuel
why? why? why did he do this senseless act?
what? what? what in character did he lack?
31 innocent people were unaware of the coming danger
destined to die by the actions of a familiar stranger

they reported he left a suicide note
but does anyone care what he had wrote?
now 32 families will stand at a grave site's cross
trying to make some sense out of this terrible loss
32 families today destined to cry
and no one really knows the reasons why