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Death Baby Poems | Death Poems About Baby

These Death Baby poems are examples of Death poems about Baby. These are the best examples of Death Baby poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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About Life,Death ,and Cherry Blossoms

first cherry blossom withers away too soon under the old tree her lonely footprints stop by the light pink casket
Inspired by the tanka tears contest tanka posted Not for the contest 5/6/5/6/6 syllable modern tanka

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A Wish -re-post-

A WISH -- In Memory Of 

"I Wish"

I wish I could blow air into your little lungs, 
The day my daughter brought your stillborn body into this world. 
Hold your little body warm, 
And tell my little girl you have her cute little nose....
Count your little fingers, and kiss your little toes....

I wish, 
I could look into your daring eyes, 
Facing a little boy, who's ready for this world
I wish,
I could tell my daughter you have her beautiful brown eyes...
Sadly, it’s not like that.
How can I tell my daughter everything will be all right?
When a piece of my heart was stolen with her's,
When giving birth to her son, my grandson 
March 25, 2013---- How it Hurts! 
O’ how I wish, you entered this world crying
Instead, we're the ones left in tears of sorrow
How I wish you could be, 
And not this feeling you left inside
How I wish, God could explain why o' why o' why?

Mostly, I WISH grandma could fix this, and make 
your mommy feel, the joy she was robbed of.

In memory of my grandson: ---Bael Lesley G.
Born March 25, 2013  ---   RIP March 25, 2013

by;PD  :-(

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Goodbye, My Child

Where cradled canyons sing
Of ebony wood in the forest
There lies a gurgling spring
Where cockcrows sing their chorus
To the melody of singsong birds
There I’ve concealed my sensuous words
Filled with befitted signs
The saccharine whiff of my designs

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Where the fogs of night are fountains
Spills of glistened moon ignite
By distant silhouette mountains
We dance with passion of fight
Entwining ancient stance 
Mingling hand in hand we dance
Till the mountains smile on high
Near and far we spring
To pursue the realest of dreams
While the world cries at its seams
Anxious in trouble to cling

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

To where the ridges merry make 
From the beaks of wooden bright
In sparkly pools the ghouls awake
That scarce to stir our night
We watch for seekers down under
Muttering secrets in their soul
We bid them lucks of shivers
Dipping gently in
From reeds that hide a tear of a foal
Under the gentle rivers

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Far away she shall ever churn
The taciturn eyed
She’ll listen no more to turn
To the working mills beside
Or the scrubbing of the barn
May peace weave in her song
She shall wave in the yarn
To a haven known as Belong  

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

For she comes, the mortal youth
To the wild realm of her truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only her tears be found

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Natural Born Dreamers

"Still Born"

Shh!! Mommy, quiet quiet she is still sleeping...
Shh!! Mommy, quiet quiet she is off dreaming... 
Shh!! Mommy, before you wake her: “My baby sister!”

Now look what you have done, you gone and woke her!
Please mommy do not tell her what you expect and will concur. 
She is silently listening to the unique secret found in every waking minute.   
Making movements, imposing that her dreams come with no limit.

Shh!! Mommy, she is off dreaming again,
Waiting for another day to end,
Hasting the way you count every minute before she arrives.

Shh!! Mommy, she is not ready yet.
She told me a secret when I press my ear near your nest.
She is hesitating the moment for you to hear her newborn cries.
She is not ready for you to count her fingers and look into her eyes.
She likes it in your womb where it is nice and warm.
She is in a dream protected by a place where angles swarm.
Mommy I fell asleep when you sang that beautiful lullaby..
Mommy, mommy, I’m ready to see her: “My baby sister!”
I want to play with her- Is she everything we dreamed of.

I’m sorry mommy, I do not understand why you cry!
I was not there when the angels woke her without saying goodbye.
Mommy, why did God call and take her home? 
Mommy, I am still here, please do not feel alone.

Shh!! Mommy, do not cry no more.
Mommy, please wipe those tears, and show me how to be brave.
Mommy, stop, listen, and feel her smile and wave.
She will always listen, when you visit her grave.

Hi mommy, why don't you stand by her grave anymore?
Mommy, I see you weep no more.
Mommy is she no longer asleep nor in dreams?
Is she in a better land with no trials and deems?

Mommy, now I see every one’s heart is clear, and no longer stillborn.
Mommy, now life must go on, and in it, we will always have time to mourn. 
One more thing, mommy thank you for holding my hand,
I am just a sibling, who needed time to understand.


((for contest))

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The Worm Poem

A Certain Kind Of Death 

She was in love 
Their expression of it 
Was the perfection of it 
The way they shared 
What they had 
Was beyond compare
Today is the culmination 
Of their dedication 
Today she is pregnant 
Her heart sings 
Then the phone rings 

At the hospital 
Next to her dead husband 
How is this possible 
Why did this happen 
Grief stricken
But not heartbroken 
She still had a piece of him 
She had to be strong 
For their child
Even though he was gone 
She had to find a way 
To march on 

Pain and spot bleeding
At the hospital again
Getting ready for birthing 
No rhyme or reason 
For complication 
She took care of her body
Took care of her baby 
Its two months too soon
For the child to leave the womb 
Lacking strength and power 
It only lived an hour 
She could only scream 
She could only scream 

No strength to go through the motions
She hasn’t seen family or friends
Trying to find something within
nothing left to give 
No reason to live 
Her mind is out of reasons
she is dead inside
Her memories fading away
She’s doesn’t want to lose them
Tries to hold on to them 
She racks her brain all day 
Trying to find a way 
To keep them fresh and vibrant 

It came to her at a convenience store
A fisherman was buying some worms
She saw them wiggling 
Saw them moving 
She bought all they had 
And took them home 
She knew she had gone mad
But she didn’t want to be alone
Lying in her bed 
Longing for the dead 
She put the worms in her womb 
And pretended her baby was alive

Her days were filled with joy 
They were going to have a boy
Her husband would stay home
He could finally feel him kick and move 
His happiness was there only wish
They would love and cherish 
Every moment of everyday 
The perfect family 
For everyone to envy 
She wasn’t alone anymore 
She didn’t have to cry 
She was no longer ripped and torn 

Her evenings were horrifying 
She wasn’t taking worms out
She was reliving her baby dying 
She never once heard it crying 
Never got to hold it in her arms 
Failed to keep it from harm 
She was useless 
She was helpless
She was hopeless
She should have died too 
She should have kept him inside her
Even if it had killed her 

She decided one day 
To keep her baby 
Decided not to let the doctors take it away
She started to feel some pain 
She decided on a name 
She can barely move now 
She would keep David safe somehow
She’s constantly bleeding and convulsing 
She can feel his life pulsating 
She gave birth before she died
With the worms pouring out 
and of one thing there is no doubt

There is a certain kind of death 
Waiting, for some of us 

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Life Is What You Make It

Birth was suppose to come easier than this.
I pant quickly as I was taught, 
but it isn't helping, nor does squinting my eyes.
But again, the pain evaporates for a moment
like the tears in the corners of my eyes.
It fools me in thinking it is almost over now, and I try to relax.
But all I can think about is my mother
and how different it was for her, 
especially, since her young husband was so far away

My back aches, and once again, I look for the owner of the mysterious voice
That voice is my own...
I groan, and the doctor finally makes a quick-fire decision.
I am given a block for the pain, an incision is made,
and although I feel numb, and my mind is foggy,
I can feel someone's hands groping, 
... a tug, a void, and then...a small noise...       a baby is crying...

The next several hours are a blur
until everything is clear and I'm back in my room
on the sterilized sheets, too stiff, and too sleek, 
too fragrant of bleach, to think about sleeping.

This miracle I bore, soft as silk, with tiny closed fists, rose-petal nails
fills me with joy, with relief, with a deep pang of grief
for another time, another place, a place long ago...

I bathe in the scent of my brand new beginning ......
But my thoughts stream behind me,...... to a hope that had ended
My mother in bed, after losing her first....
So young, without child,........ bleeding red
from the war that she fought, while my Dad fought his own

I cry tears all alone.... for the grief that she owned
I so cherish the breath.....of this babe on my breast

The circle of life, starts with birth .....sometimes, death


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Return of the Stork--Stillborn Tribulation

Your stork is his creation
perched upon your abdomen
in chase of vultures, breaking
into a flock of doves as they
descend towards purity,

Upon their wings, an unearthed soul
migrating towards a cracked sky, 
the doorway to Heaven's dimension,
where the son has risen.

A future smile so touching
God afforded it, depositing it 
into his kingdom where angels rejoice
their new trainee.

Windows to its soul sealed,
never viewing landscapes of hardship.
Opening new one's where love is agape,
bosoms lactate wisdom nurturing the sibling
lamb until flight with the flock.

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"I Wish"

I wish I could blow air into your little lungs, 
The day my daughter brought your stillborn body into this world. 
Hold your little body warm, 
And tell my little girl you have her cute little nose....
Count your little fingers, and kiss your little toes....

I wish, 
I could look into your daring eyes, 
Facing a little boy, who's ready for this world
I wish,
I could tell my daughter you have her beautiful brown eyes...
Sadly, it’s not like that.
How can I tell my daughter everything will be all right?
When a piece of my heart was stolen with her's,
When giving birth to her son, my grandson 
March 25, 2013---- How it Hurts! 
O’ how I wish, you entered this world crying
Instead, we're the ones left in tears of sorrow
How I wish you could be, 
And not this feeling you left inside
How I wish, God could explain why o' why o' why?
I wish I could find the reasons now, and not wait until I die.

Mostly, I WISH Mommy could fix this.

Bael Lesley G.
Born March 25, 2013 
RIP March 25, 2013

by;PD  :-(

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse

Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse
are painted on walls of green.
A maple crib stands in the corner.
It's a picture perfect scene.

There is only one thing missing
in this room so perfectly designed.
The baby was never to take a breath.
You have to wonder what God had in mind.

Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse
live behind an ever closed door.
To look at the would-be parents
you couldn't tell who was grieving more.

Not all plans have happy endings;
some endings never seem to end.
How much sadness can two people take
before they break instead of bend.

Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse
are painted on walls of green
in a room now shrouded in sadness
where no child will ever be seen.

~~~ 03/01/2013 ~~~
     Francine Roberts

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A stifled cry

"It was a mistake", she said. 
A tiny life swiped in seconds as 
gods creation is rendered a 
mere cluster of cells. 
Returned back to heaven 
hoping the return policy 
wouldn't deny. 
It was a mistake; a stifled cry

A lifetime of progress, 
innovation, and memories down 
the drain.
The notorious "what if" 
squashed with plan b; no hopes 
of a future. 
A stifled cry 

She could have cured cancer or 
delivered world peace. 
She could've fed the hungry 
and housed the poor. 
She could've been a Honors 
Harvard medical school 
graduate and your pride and 
None are the magical christmas 
mornings, first days of school, 
or birthdays. 
Terminated are the memorable 
first steps and momentous  
coos calling for "mamma". 
No more possibilities. Now a 
stifled cry. 

"It was a mistake", she said. 
A moment of carelessness and 
selfishness translates into a life 
Sent back into the arms of god. 
An easy way out. A stifled cry.

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The Baby Blue Bonnet

The smile on one's face makes them feel glad again
My sister always had a smile to share
Once came time for her birthday,
A handsome boy came to call
And along with him,
A baby blue bonnet that pleased us all.

The smile on her face showed us she was glad
She leaned in a gave a sweet little kiss
Then the Civil War started and he had to go
She would be crying for him.

The bleak war raged on
Many were dead
She was pining for him.

The sheets of casualties came and they left
Many were torn to pieces
My sister dear cried,
"He has died and left me!"
She hugged the dear baby blue bonnet.

The time was bleak when she claimed the body
Sister dear had to wear black
When came the funeral,
She brought with her
The beloved baby blue bonnet

She refused to wear the hideous black hat
"Instead the bonnet!" she cried
For she would remember
The sunny day when,
He gave her the baby blue bonnet.

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Baby Wishes

Precious, life sustaining oxygen flows
No longer; linking chord tethering me
Severed, I lie upon hard cold table.

I see cloudy images--a table
Holds my angel mother. Sweet red blood flows
From soft nurturing nest once holding me.

Mommy, don’t discard your babe. Look at me!
Life can be saved. An abortion table
Should not separate with death our love flows.

Love flows away. Save me from this table.

July 17, 2014

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30 minutes that’s all you got Just 30 minute to live and to die You have no experience with anything Except breathing and seeing What would you save? What could you save? Your mind is undeveloped Your senses just begin to tingle You can’t communicate except to cry You have seen maybe 10 faces Were do you take these when you die Did Jesus stop by or did he miss you I certainly hope not Because then you become inanimate Did you really live at all. How do we measure time when it comes to a life? When did it start and how did it end. Somehow abort sounds harsh and life seems cruel. But we the living are prejudice because we did not have to make that choice Little children in heaven are the same ones you’ll find in hell.

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sweet baby girl

Sweeter than a flower special as could be
A little girl softly asleep
Kneeling in prayer singing a tune
Beautiful young one baby girl
See her face glowing
Know that she's going to a better place
Surrounded by angels
Near the pearly gates
Safely in the sacred arms
Looking up at Jesus face
Sweeter than a flower
Special as could be
A little girl softly asleep
Close your eyes right now
See her going
To a better place
Your little baby girl

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A Childs Prayer - God We Need To Talk

Tonight as my baby girl started to pray
She said God it's 8 O'Clock, 
And God We need to talk.
She said daddy help me pray, 
And daddy bow your head,
As we knelt beside her bed. 
she said God can you hear me?
Mommy always said you'd hear me,
If I would learn to pray, 
And that you would show me the way.

Well God I don't understand. 
Why you took my mommy away.
Daddy always says i'll understand, 
When I grow up some day.
She said God, you need your son. 
Well I need my mommy to,
And I know that my daddy, 
Would be happier with mommy. 
Cause daddy talks to her, 
And mommy's not even there.

God can you please,
Give my mommy wings, 
So she can come to see us.
She always kept our house clean, 
And God I know, 
She keeps your house clean to.
And God I miss mommy's big hugs, 
Daddy says your son gives hugs to.
So I know if my mommy had wings, 
She could hug me and daddy.

Well God I want to thank you,
For being there to listen, 
And God think about what I said.
And tell mommy that I love her, 
And God I love you to.
Oh just one more thing God, 
Help my daddy stop crying.
Thank you God, Amen, 
Then she turned to me and said,
Goodnight daddy, I love you.

I was still on my knees, 
Beside my little girls bed, 
With tears running from my eyes.
I gave my baby a goodnight kiss, 
And said sweet dreams baby girl.
Then I went to my room, 
And kissed my wife's picture, 
And with tears in my eyes,
I knelt down to pray, 
I said God, We need to talk.

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Baby Boy

How I've lost my baby boy.
To a choir of selfish indulgence.
He's been lost inside a bowl.
A bowl of bloody senselessness.
And I watched him wave his fingers high.
Closed his eyes, and slowly died.
And I wept inside my very soul.

So will someone call an ambulance?
To bring my baby back.
For him to slowly wave at me.
For that feeling that I lack.

And my baby boy, I say again.
He's up in heaven, counting sins.
Waiting for that day and then. 
His daddy will come home. 
And sing his songs back to him.
In a tone that he won't believe.
In hopes he will forgive me.

So can someone see this reverence?
Inside my baby boy. 
That shines deep inside his eyes. 
That shines to show his joy.

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Laid to Rest

The distant sound of foot fall as
I trod a barren land
Diminished to an echo near my heart

My "patience" through the years has
Brought me to a still born stand
Encompassed by the fears of a new start

Grieve I for the life I've lost
Forever laid to rest
My emptiness is now a hardened shell

My struggle to surrender fights
Temptation to resist
Who will be the victor?  Time will tell.

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The Angel We Gave To You

The Angel We Gave To You...

He could have taken anyone
But no one really knew 
Of all the people in this world
God had chosen you

Your little face so beautiful
We loved you from the start
Every tiny part of you
Engraved upon our hearts

Every precious moment 
Every hour that you gave
Every time we held you
Was a precious memory made

We’ll never see you smile
We will never watch you grow
Which makes the time we had with you
More precious that you know

Everyday we'll send you
Love and kisses up above
For nothing’s greater in this world
Than mummy and daddy’s love 

In times of pain and sadness 
When we feel all hope is gone
We’ll know that in your sister, and our hearts
You will live on

And when we go to bed each night 
We’ll close our eyes and pray
We’ll put our hands together  
And this to God we’ll say

“You’ve taken someone special
Who we love more than you know
So brave, but very fragile
So with you she had to go

Please wrap her in your tender arms 
And love her like we do
And cherish every moment
The Angel…we gave to you”

For Ruby  xxXxx

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A Dirty Basement Room

A Dirty Basement Room In a dirty basement room a baby cries Weakened mother was defiled Forced my law to birth a child Upon a dirty pillow she lies In a dirty room the mother dies Mother and son soon reconciled Victims of government gone wild A time to live a time to die Angry rapist walks streets free Will they listen to her plea? In a dirty basement room a baby cries Angry rapist runs streets free In a dirty basement room mother dies Will they listen to her plea?

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written 28th oct 2012

You were never seen by us, that privilege sadly was not for us 
  an extravagance we were overwhelmed by, the thought of your embrace  
The entire twelve weeks you were a joy to have known, even 'without' being seen 
 hearing about you're arrival, was a blessing at the time you were conceived
For life hadn't been easy and we had all asked God, we even plea'd 

We wait upon the day, you will finally meet us 
 having the honour to love and learn with you, saddly not for us
It brakes my heart as you part, you had already embeded love into my heart
 Just knowing we will now...forever be kept apart

God has other plans for your love that's so strong, blessing us from the start
 we continually pray, maybe he'll deside to let you stay around
But the intense pain of tears and loss, are constantly falling all around
 just let it be known, we all desperately wanted you to become part of us
We all will love you for eternity, you are now forever one of us,
 although it was only for a very slight second, it was better than never
You are from this day on, embedded into our hearts forever...
   the impact you have left 'unborn young one'' my beloved grandchild....
                                  "Angel" 2012

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These Little Eyes

I watched her
dropping the phone,
in nano movements

My heart stomped
out, the harshness
of a dial tone

And from endless 
holes, these little eyes
scrunched with sadness

I suppose, I didn't know
what it meant to die
or why the tears
stuck to me

Sickle celled with
every memory,
around the lobes
of my being

Where I could
still hear you laugh,
the breaths of air

Grew arms 

-- and comforted me.

Details | Ode | |

Ode to Humphrey

The"tail" I have to tell, starts off really sad.
My sweet doggie Murphy died and my heart, it hurt so bad.
Until one day in early spring, I got a call that made my heart sing!
There were some puppies born in Waco, the daddy -Jasper, and mommy- Juneau.
Four little boys, three little girls. But the picture of one boy, made my heart twirl!
So I waited for a week or two, to meet my little puppy-oh so new!
I named him Humphrey, such a handsome boy! He has brought  laughter back and oh what a joy! He's super cute, and very smart. Many would say, he's a work of art!
He's learning new tricks, and how to potty outside. So many rules to learn and abide!
Humphrey is growing so quickly, the puppy breath will soon disappear. He will be an adult in less than a year! Every stage of his life is a blessing from above. I guess that's the true meaning of what we call "puppy love".

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into darkness 
this life descends 
mired at death's door 
as its light steadily dims
these aweary bleached bones 
doth mourn once youthful days
when innocence pure o'er this soul
in blissful ignorance happily reigned
before time's ephemeral passing breath   
enshrouded this woebegone heart's moody
mangled reprobate impenitent suasible flesh
with ne'er a humble outcry nor ire forbearance
this lingering bemired e'er obstinate human clay 
whence forth engenders hope's demise since afore 
existence's perfect birth beyond its motherly womb   
till sufferings' midlife malefic spirits furtively abort 
its righteous life-giving journey heavenward bound 
an inward promise greedily denied by passion's fire
mere dust in blackness of darkness wholly effaced
from paradise lost to limbo's nonexistent embrace
this inflexible cursed soul henceforth forgotten
a preemie spirit resident to fields of silence

© Eugene Harvey

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity

mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered thud
- flight into eternity
deceptive glass pane

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RIP Baby "Angel"

Hush little baby, sleep in peace, and know
That one day will all meet, by your
Side will hold you high, until that day
Spread your wings, and be our Angel
In the sky, even though our question
Remains at why, the moment you left
Tears struck our eyes, Baby boy we
Hear you "Tell mommy and daddy not
To cry keep me safe in your Hearts"...
For my Baby nephew who lived 2hrs.

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Robert Lee

I felt you one day. 

I knew it was true. 

You were there.

Inside me you lay.

It wasn't meant to be. 

I bleed you away.

As it happened again.

I cried  you away. 

I said, not doing this again.

Then it happened one day.

You came to me again.

Said you want to come thru.

And I was to be your vessel.  

I named you after my dad. 

Robert Lee ,, now thirty-one.

my son also named his son Robert Lee, who is turned 3 Jan 17, 2013. 
 3 14 2012  2pm,,,, on another site, a friend sometimes does poetry challenges, to a picture,, or words.  
 The Ghost Baby :
Time and Space and Spirit 
Collide softly at a crossroad 
Where the Ghost Baby awaits Form 

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Physically and Mentally Abuse

I was born in a world of poverty and soiled life of a third world country
The way I lived till I was five years of age was walls of boundary
These walls had towers of guards that had no heart or care
If a child would try to climb the wall they lose their life I swear

Father had drank and threatened my mother with a knife
My father lost his job and wife and that was the hardship of life
He stopped my mother from taking off with me in her arm
Hoping that my father would ignore and left me be with no harm

When my father went off to drink one night and came home with rage
My brothers stood by my crib and took a beating that set up the next stage
My father had woken up to three scared children half starved and in pain
His final words as he walk away from the orphanage gate live life do not go insane

I was still a baby in the orphanage; the caretakers did not really care about the babies
They stole items and materials those wicked men and maternal evil ladies
They starved all the babies because it cost a lot to keep them alive
As a child of that age I could feel the sins and greed that gave out bad vibes

I was ignorant about what I drank and ate, as I see white maggots move in my bottle
As I see them move I thought about how they were playing and some were hostel
They ate each other to keep each other alive in a manner that took me by surprise
In the back round I hear others throwing things with sounds of painful cries

I got very strong at a young age I was able to start pulling myself up over the cage
My feelings were to see my brothers with strong lungs that I cried out of rage
My two brothers came to see me and sneak food into my crib
The caretaker would find the food in my hands as they grabbed it and hit me on my ribs

As painful as it was I kept eating the food with blood in my mouth as it was instinct
I sometimes laid in my crib dazed and confused with smell of death so distinct
With all my might I kept myself strong and climb the small wall
I finally was old enough to get out of the building and I could hear my brothers call

With tears of joy with short legs that ran as fast as my heart
I ran to my brothers arms and held their hands to have a new start
I grew stronger everyday but more things came into my life in a manner of dismay
If my brothers stay by my side I could smile and everyday their would be okay

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom it may concern,
the chances of my letter reaching you
are as slim as a message in a bottle.
My words throttle in waves of desolate emotion.
As common at it may be,
the moral to the message at sea is "Chance".
To Whom it may concern,
the chances of my letter reaching you
are as slim as a baby walking without a waddle.
My words throttle in falls of desolate emotion.
As common as it may be,
the moral of the waddling baby is "Chance".
To whom it may concern,
the chances of my letter reaching you
are as slim as a sponsor less model.
My words throttle in bankrupts of desolate emotion.
As common as it may be,
the moral to the model's degree is "Chance".
To Whom it may concern,
The chances of my letter reaching you are slim.
Because of my desolate emotions, I try any how.
As common as it may be,
It's by chance that one day you might hear me
Sincerely, To Whom it may concern

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She's on her way going back to a room.
From a long journey since morn.
She went to church and prayed harder.
Then she baught a gift for a daughter's birthday.

It's been five months now since an angel lost her wings.
In an illness that a young body can't conquer.
Nights and days, weeks and months...
She fights the light to remain on sight.

Too many times that her heartbeats get weak.
Life support is the only thing that's left.
To suspend the day of a coming death,
And fade the little hope they all seek.

Moving so fast she saw the open door,
Doctors and nurses are reviving a soul.
Breathless and fainted little one,
Is now waving a hand of good-bye.

Tears fell like a river from her eyes.
The entire room gets darker as she arrived.
The clouds turned gray that afternoon.
The heaven cries for a lost of angel's soul.

written :     4/21/2014
entry for:   Dr. Ram Mehta's Darkness at Noon Poetry Contest

*1st Place Winner

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Ten little fingers, Ten little toes. Perfect little eyes, A perfect little nose. Something wrong inside, A cure no one knows. Twenty five days Before she had to leave. Twenty five days And now we all grieve. God's taken her home, That's what we believe. Ten little fingers, Ten little toes. Scarlett has left us As tears of sorrow flow.
~~~~~~~~~~ Scarlett Vinova Davis 28/04/2014 - 23/05/2014

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Little baby

Little baby dont cry you will be sung a lullaby 
little baby dont worry forever in my dreams i hold you 
little baby dont be afraid for the angels will lead the way 
little baby dont be shy for together you will reach the sky 
little baby just be calm for they will never harm 
little baby sleep peacefully for you will always have my heart 
little baby the angels will protect you 
little baby i will never forget you...

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Maybe the Guff was empty, cancer full moon eclipse

Maybe the guff was empty—Cancer full moon eclipse

Left field call on the black wall phone
faint cry from the distant end
spoke with throat lump of capital
disaster and a troddened womans most
everydom—lost before found—somehow Jan
knew and put forth a celestial no comment with 
I-hope-I-am-wrong-love gesture for the
love torn bull awaiting a cancerfold friend
offspring no spring-perhaps next spring. Anna
soild Anna so poised of classic stock sometimes
never bending to an antiflexible Taurus mood
was caught in a never place,  why of questions-
depleted character strikes. Will the blood
hordes rally for the fallen “fetalrade” and
heal the internal emohurt temperature 
inferno of unknown bliss. Does it ever come
at the right instant? Like where’s a cop when
you really need one—maybe 7-11 therapy would 
bring solice and peace. Forgive the forgiver
and pass your sense into another ability
Keep your mind and your soul for the little 
lost egg. I don’t know know or could never compromise 
no more of a complex juxtaposition of life
and death than that of biobeings so
closely connected that share the same
existance, one within-one yet
percent infinity bonded in a tidewater
liquid symbiosis that no manbeing in time
past or future will hope to match let alone
entertain. Be that as it may, you’ve felt the
sting of life and the creation of flesh for a brief
moment of time in time   and time is that holder of all
events we hope to achieve—your time in both
will come to be—you will share
and create from within, and not waiver
about the fallbacks we run down for
no explanations from anyone will suffice
or reason to make a whole sense of such
a fathomless inconsistency. I felt your
loss deep in my knees and thoughts flew
to your little soul upstairs. There are words
and there are no words—my deepest senses
to you and Dana—I know it will happen for you
as all things come to pass for those deserving                          dave collins

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Dead Baby

Dying more than ever before
Every time I miss you more
A first child that wasn’t born
Dead, now all I do is mourn

Baby only four months old
A treasure I never got to hold
Big hole in my heart tonight
Yelling “Why didn’t you hold me tight?”

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Silent Cry

The Silent Cry The silent cry - you might wonder - what is the silent cry? I tell you - It is the cry that no one can hear, but someone knows about it. A young girl got pregnant and didn't want the baby. She decided to have an abortion. As she went to the clinic, she was thinking, how that baby would just be in the way. The boyfriend didn't want nothing to do with her, or the baby. She thought it was the best thing to do. As she was being prepared for the abortion, the baby inside wondered - what was going on? He didn't feel love or warmth anymore. As they put the instruments inside the young mother, the baby felt a cold sharp pain. He gave one last cry as they tore him apart from his mother. It was the last silent cry that no one heard, but one person knew about it. That little baby was already forming and no one gave him a chance to live...
09/08/2014 By Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: This is not to offend anyone, but babies have a right to live. I don't like it that it's always the girl, or the woman that gets blamed for these things. This is not right. It takes two to make a baby. To me they are both equally responsible. Pray for the little ones that never had a chance to live...

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                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


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Her little linen doll

That little linen doll from December
She gave me with her heart, I remembered.
By her tiny hands thus not as perfect
But ‘twas a memory I couldn’t neglect.
My little baby really tried her best,
I saw her stitching at night without rest.
And when that needle jabbed her soft, white skin,
She’d be strong, hid her tears with a large grin.
Then that day had come, her doll was finish
December twenty-fifth, I would not wish,
The Lord took her away, out on the street.
Just a young child, her youth’s still incomplete.
As we pull her out from the twisted wreck
Wrapped in her arms, something I wouldn’t expect.
There held in tight, her little linen doll...
The picture was so vast, I must recall.
I will never forget, that fateful night,
When the angels sang to the blinding light
But she is gone, what’s the use of regrets?
What was left will always be in my chest.
Our memories and times we were together,
Sewn in her doll, sealed by her endeavor.
Though the doll and my baby have come to past,
They remain in my heart, forever to last.

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Unbearable Beauty in Scarlett

I look at her picture ... she'll never grow old.
A feathered headband on her small, downy head.
The pain will lessen, that's what we've been told
but we've so few memories of a babe , now dead.

Scarlett of name, a moniker bold,
for such a wee thing, fragile and young.
She won't grow into the name, will never grow old.
Won't learn to walk or talk or ever have fun.

I look at her picture, tears brimming my eyes.
She sleeps so peacefully in repose.
They say time will heal but I believe it's all lies.
The grief that we feel, no one really knows.

Her unbearable beauty left scars on our hearts.
On the day God reclaimed her ... we all fell apart.

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In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

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For Men Everywhere One Billion Rising

1 Billion Rising.

For Men Everywhere.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!


Stop the abuse!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Listen to the voices!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Think of how you treat,


all women.


Act now to change yourself!

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when you stop,

the violence,
the abuse,
the rape.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

is perpetrated by,



all men.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when us men stop,

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

today, now.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

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Hold On, Beautiful

I took a breath
And closed my eyes
Forever dreaming
Can you see me tonight?
Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful.

I took a chance
And closed my mind
I'm done dreaming
Did you make it there alright?
And is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful.

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

Felt betrayed
Felt denied
Felt myself screaming "Why?!"
Felt your hand
Felt the tears
Felt the deepest of my fears
Felt the rain
Felt the night
You never meant to lose the fight
It'll be alright
Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful!

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful
Is it beautiful... Where angels fly?

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Set Me Free

There was a baby happy and free
The apple of the eye of his family
Playing around and hiding in the trees
Whoever thought it’s his last smile they see

Through the darkness of the jungle came
Man-devils whose creation God is to blame
Cut the kid down with lethal shots
His body ripped like a shattered earthen pot

I was the one who led those men
Swooping down from our mountain den
Snuffing out the little flame of his life
My mind, since then, is full of strife

The mother came with her eyes in tears
The sight sent my body into shivers
The boy in her arms looked full of life
The hole in his heart told me it was a lie

The mother laid the baby on my lap and cried
Is this my baby, the one who died?
You’re the one who killed him, you devil in disguise
May Gods curse you, may heavens you despise

Lord! Why did I make this grave mistake?
Why was it this kid whose life I had to take?
Why did I take a life when I cannot give?
Do I have anymore right to live?

I cried tears of guilt and pain
And gave the grieving mother my gun
I told her relieve me of my misery
Kill me before I kill again

The mother said with a sad smile on her face
You have sinned and punishment you must face
But killing you would only set you free
And I will be the culprit to your family

You will suffer everyday of your life
You will bleed lots more than my little child
You will burn in the self hating fire of hell
You will die everyday and live to tell

That day on I’ve cried a million tears
Hating myself for all these years
There’s nothing I can do to escape this hell
I feel I am falling into an endless well

God! I cannot ask for forgiveness please
I cannot ask for salvation
All I ask for is to set me free
From this dreary life full of misery

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Planned Parenthood

    planning parenthood 
 birth control and abortion 
      no babies allowed

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The Seagull

The seagull

In the winter light she limps through
Frozen snow on the frozen ground
In the deepest night the starlight
Guides her back to the colder town

Baby, baby bunting
Mummy’s gone a ****ing
Gone to fetch a wheelie bin
To bin her baby bunting in.

I don’t want my wife to find me talking to you as if I care
Can I take you somewhere warmer?
I know somewhere I’ll take you there

How the clouds hold the snow.
Up above our heads a seagull
Flies across the storm.
Snowflakes slit his skin like razors
Next to me that bastard’s warmer.

Out on the moor where the sheep are buried
By the barn door lay the babe I carried

And the icicles are forming
And the bicycles are frozen
Down the street there goes the chosen
Up his bum there goes the bosun

And the misery and torment 
Are the only things for what you’re meant
Can you pay me back what I lent
I don’t wanna get my head bent. 

The trawler trails the gulls
into the harbours arms again
The seamen spill into the alleys
Waiting for the great adventure.

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Play with doves

After long day`s play
with doves ,they fly in the light
Let`s rest in the love

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No Room

 In the womb there was no room 
 for a babe to thrive and bloom. 

 By the will of God conceived, as 
 a regretful burden perceived 

 by a single mom who can't comprehend 
 generational blessings she's chosen to end. 

 Angry tears drip down. Who could care? 
 She feels so trapped, but the clinic is there. 

 "It's not human yet," "You'll feel relieved." 
 Each familiar-as-Hitler lie is believed. 

 As time elapses, the loss has begotten 
 trauma and shame that won't be forgotten. 

 In the womb there was no room. 
 The chamber of life became an empty tomb. 


 In the inn there was no room
 for the babe in Mary's womb. 

 By the spirit of God conceived, 
 in a filthy manger received 

 to a virgin mother whose eyes behold 
 the very Savior the prophets foretold! 

 With joyful tears, she praises the Lord. 
 Though fearful, she chooses to trust His word, 

 believing her Jesus' blood sacrifice 
 would pardon her sin and give her new life. 

 His cruel death was mocked, but Jesus is risen 
 for generations of sinners, forever forgiven! 

 In the inn there was no room. 
 From the chamber of death, rose life from the tomb!

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A Lost Baby Boy

  "A Lost Baby Boy"

A ngels stroke soft golden tresses

L onely baby floating on gossamer dresses
O pulent candy clouds embrace tiny frame
S nuggle sad heart while singing his name
T ossed into a new realm of strangers

B rave little soul projects love among dangers
A live in spirit world missing family
B ottle in hand to land of milk and honey
Y earning for kisses from Mommy's sweet lips

B asking in moonlight and silver star drips
O ver the rainbow; across the blue seas
Y esterday breathing in fond memories. 

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Toy Soldiers

Send em to war
Send they love
Send they worries
Send they hearts
Send them away to never come back

Families left behind
Little lilly misses her father
She has a dream
Daddy's pushin a swing

Ma? When does daddy come home?
The curtain closes
Daddys gone baby girl
How could this be?

Ma stop crying
Daddys gone
Daddys gone

Ma, who is going to teach me....
Come on lilly, the birds are singin
Daddy was a toy soldier
Whats a toy soldier ma?

In time baby girl, in time 

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My Dearest Daughter

I want you to know my dear daughter
I thought of you every day
The thought you say your daughter hates me
The question asked is how can a baby hate

The answer is, a baby learns what it is taught
I never raised you to hate in any way
To disrespect or live such a troubled way

You've hurt me like no other has
In such a way it no longer bothers me
Although I think of you more then you'll know
I no longer care if I see you again

You were my dearest, my one and only
And the day I gave birth to you
Gave me bragging rights in all that you do
I showed I was proud,  you didn't understand

Much time has gone by
I hardly think of you any more
The day will come, you will need me again
That day will be, when it's much too late

I won't be the one who will be so hurt
You will find that you waited much to late
My time will have ended on this dear earth
I will be gone, spending my time in Heaven

I will watch over my dear granddaughter
I will guide, guard and protect her
From the evil that you teach her
That my dear daughter is a promise

I will take care of her, from above
I will teach her how to love, honor and respect
Things I did teach you, you weren't paying attention

I want you to know my dearest daughter
I loved you before you were born
And I loved you 'till my dying day

I now love you from above
But now you're on your own without my love
Just remember this my dear daughter
You took the love I had to give my granddaughter
From her life, she'll never know

You cheated her, from a part of life
She will find out, and pay you back
When that happens, remember this
It's the same, you did to me

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Newborn Baby

Newborn baby please don't cry
Don't blame yourself that your mom died
She perished for you, she had her time
She wanted you to have yours in this life
Newborn baby your mom loved you
That's why she this life eschewed
All for you she happily chose
To bring to life her tiny pink rose
Newborn baby one day you'll see
Your mom committed an act of love for thee
So you may live and be all you can be
And don't forget this, her final decree
Take care of your father he will need you to be strong
Play all day and remember troubles won't stay long
Be kind to your brother and let him sing you songs
And do your best to get along
Remember your mother and her sacrifice for you
And honor her daily in all things that you do

I was watching The Walking Dead marathon yesterday and Lori dies in childbirth. They have to cut the baby out because it's not coming out on it's own. There are no doctors or hospitals so she knows she's going to die but tells them to do it anyway because she can't lose her baby.  I was inspired to write about it. I hope you enjoyed.

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A Fallen Baby Skunk

On our walk this morning

Brandy my dog and I saw

such a sad thing, lying on

the sidewalk was a baby skunk

dead as ever.  Brandy wanted to

go smell it, but wasn't sure if i should,

so held her back.  I had never seen a dead

baby skunk before, i had seen many adult

dead skunks.  There was no blood any where

to be found or any other reason for this

poor thing to die or why it was on

the sidewalk.  I hate to see any creature die,

even this poor little baby skunk, who never

got a chance in life.

Written 7-27-11

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Before I Knew You: Not A Personal Experience

Gone and flushed out my life not through the simplicity of adoption,
But through another type of passing, this was my only option,
With no financial stability I lost all capability,
To care for you, they stripped you from me through my own admissibility,
How could you know I was your mother, I never even gave you a name,
I stripped my precious "No Name" of life and put myself to shame,
No face do I have, don't look, just turn away,
I feel judged as my face perceived my thoughts in a disarray,
I hear them all talking, screaming, "Murderer, killer!"
I can't bare this type of torture they yell, "Kill her, kill her!"
The voices in my head force my hand a little more by the day,
I took the life of my own and now my heart is starting to decay,
But deep down within you try to find some inner peace,
Oh but how that can never be see how your peace became so brief,
But don't think the simple feeling of stitches will give you healing,
With a sudden sigh of relief you could never compress this feeling,
All the shame and the pain and the hurt and the lies,
Sitting there all night in the mirror while you cry,
You do the crime you pay the time is usually the story's moral,
But I got out with an easy pass, oh how my thoughts begin to quarrel,
Sickness taking hold of me, but this is different from before,
Because this sickness isn't caused from the beautiful soul I once bore,
Once more, I live a life that feels like a living hell,
Can't you tell by my outward expression all the inner pain I dwell,
Of course I have times when I sit up all night and cry,
Maybe it's because I feel a part of me within has died,
Even though the sad reality is that a part of me was killed,
So maybe I shed tears at the thought that my own blood was spilled,
Cold chill going through the inner course of my vein,
Slowly but surely it enters the course of my brain,
FREEZE! And it coerces me to deliberate,
Stuck between tears and silence I now am left here to hesitate,
I made my decision before I even knew I cared,
Paranoid, my thoughts are overruled and now they've got me ensnared,
Not ready to be responsible I had no clue what to do,
So with remorse I sent you to your demise before I knew you.

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An angelic face,
Bright eyed with the sweetest smile..

Sleep baby sleep,
While warmth touch of loving hands cradle you,
Sleep baby sleep,
Even the morning dew rise its smells and shine upon you.

Sleep baby sleep,
Feel the rhythm voices of those angelic's sing,
Sleep baby sleep,
Feel the breeze that soothe your little body.

Sleep baby sleep,
Unlock your heart and welcome the serenity,
Sleep baby sleep,
The starlight will bring you faraway but peace.

Sleep baby sleep,
Mama will always be here for you,
Sleep baby sleep,
Papa will always stand for you.

Sleep baby sleep,
No more tears no more fears,
Sleep baby sleep,
We will reunite again in Heavenly peace.

Your embrace will always stay eternity,
Herein our heart,
May you rest in peace,darling Angel..

-Tribute to Baby Angel who passed away after heart complication-

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Free Base Fable

My baby brother had the face of an angel;
One proud young lion all supple grace and golden hair
Shamelessly evocative against the backdrop of life.
My baby brother...untutored gigelo from birth. 
His eyes: sapphire blue and beautiful
And he could shame a whore back into innocence
If he chose that part.
One lazy smile like a laser beam through the heart..  
One inexpensive smile to melt raw anger to a shrug,
Or a return for our rage,
However well and truly earned.
Enticed us all to willing hugs for any sin,

And so, as always, forgiveness came
Because there were so many hate filled things uncounted.
He seemed intent on the tally of invisible wounds...
Useless transgressions turned expensive through the years.
They festered behind those beautiful eyes
And a cracked glass pipe;
Using that deadly grin to blind those who loved him still...
But still....we saw the danger, denied a name in deference
To us all - who could not - would not act.
And he wasted all that love he so loudly demanded;
Shrill and greedy, emotional baby brother.
Pouring love into him like molten gold
Hot and bright and blinding
Into an empty vessel that never seemed to fill.

My pure bred lion turned alley cat;
Turned indolent, arrogant, dangerous and dirty.
This magnificent human turned crazy,
Investing his money - and ours - into the art of throwing his life away
With vengeance and malice aforethought.
My baby brother:
Proud owner of his own self destruct button
And a .38 revolver,
Well hidden, until recently...
Until junkie fantasies gobbled up the truth
And the veneer of his sanity.

Oh Mark, where have you gone..?
Sweetheart, where are you now...?
What White Mountain have you climbed this time
Dealing yourself madness and death in a locked room...
And blaming everybody but yourself
Witih a torch made of nightmares and hate...
Hot enough to crack the glass.

Crying for a Father - long dead - to come and "save" you..
Come and get you....
Crying for a man you would not love in life.
Punish him still, lost and ugly child.
Hideous child grown and almost lost forever...
Perhaps he remains just one more demon
In some toxic level memory
Shoving hard for elbow room
Among all the other monsters shrieking in your head.
Oh Mark, where are you now..?

Baby brothers don't grow on trees, you know.
What will we do if you are really lost
And long gone beyond the medicines of love and speech..
And human tears...all wasted.

My baby brother, no baby any more;
Psychotic fallen angel
Who never grew to manhood by any man's side...
Who will not climb out of the stygean darkness by himself,
Even though we all share your guilt if not the crimes.

My baby brother:
Obscene imitation of some one especially loved;
Living proof of a bad attitude gone beserk.

Your life in the real world begins
When you lose your name at the tip of your tongue;
The moment we finally call you junkie loser...
Junkie liar...junkie weapon...out loud,
And you agree.

One split second after you know it is true...
The day - that moment - when you reach out and say,..."Help me...
Oh my beautiful Mark,
Where are you now...

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When Love Hurts

When love hurts, God heals
When love hurts, God feels
Your pain too as you do now
Pray and He'll show you how
When love so hurts, how to deal
The deep pain is oh so very real
God'll cry too for your tears and
It's true about footprints in sand
Reach out and He holds your hand
In kind your mind will feel His love
Hurting'll subside from God's glove 
I know of true hurting, how it feels
Accepting a hand of cards He deals
Painful nights crying, I've had many
But God's blessings, I've had plenty
That I will have better days ahead, I
Know and no longer have need to cry
When life itself hurt I questioned why
But I survived and my faith didn't die
For yesteryear's hurts, it will subside
The tears still come once in a while
But the love memories, I can smile
For God's so in His glorious Kingdom
For Kingdom come, thy will be done
And done will the pain be, away it'll
Go, like wood off a creative whittle
Beautiful to see, as days coming be
God cures all hurt, just wait and see
My mother, dad, brother, baby too
And for me, cried like baby boo hoo
But I wiped away the tears and have
Been blessed like a cow and her calf
Help do words of praying and writing
More than once, had vision - sighting
Not just in dreams, but for really real
I was in such pain, it was just surreal
Once it was Mother/Son, Mary/Jesus?
Through Him I pray for me, bejezzus

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A Slient Tear

A silent tear runs down her face
As she lays within this darkened place
Her mind alone cannot forget
Her memories so clear and yet
So long ago her baby's cry
When from her womb the child did fly
Into her heart forever hers
If only for a moment, "Oh why not year's"
And now the moment she has prayed to be
Her last silent tear and her broken heart free

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Breath On Thy Breast

She's a mom from a poor family.
Everyday striving in a sidewalks.
No shelter,no roof to shed.
Her life is devastated.
No food ,she scavenges day by day.
She got pregnant,a man didn't stay.
Until one morning has came.
She'd delivered her son in a banquette.
She feeds baby on her breast,
So poor, she can't afford an expensive milk.
To feed a baby she all adore.
She is frustrated to give him ,
A better life, the safest home.
Until one coldest night.
The wind blows so strong.
Her baby suffered for an extreme cold.
She was baffled and nowhere else to run.
Taking her baby,found a tree to hide.
And was amazed by what she found, 
the li'l life she fed on her breast, 
no longer breathed, a cold cadaver. 
The life she used to cradle, had left, 
and gone in the midst of the night. 
Tears fell down on her cheek, 
and she mourned for a baby ,
She had given love and breath.

Based on the painting :"Mother and Child" from Stephanie Deshpande
Contemporary Figurative Art for the Contemporary Free Rhyme Contest of
Cyndi MacMillan

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Tear for My Sweet Baby Boy

"Tear for My Sweet Baby Boy" as the tiny white casket was lowered in the cool rain a Mother's warm tear fell from deep intense pain the loss of a child; so precious, special and new eluded Life's chance to breathe; denied, had he grew a tender expression of a loving heart broken while the tragic tear tumbled, in sorrow unspoken it cascaded onto the covered glass enclosure touching a sweet baby boy assigned to Heaven's disclosure as Angel's held this tear on their long journey's flight kissing a sweet soul to be his guiding light soon a new little star appeared in blue sky without fear etched emotions cuddled by a Mother's loving tear.

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Why did he have to die

Why did he have to die?

Does anybody know
How it feels to lose a child
A child you’ll never get to know
Oh Lord one gets so riled
I know there are so many mothers
Who know this feeling well
But here I tell my sad, sad story
My story filled with Hell.

I was the age of thirty six
I’d been pregnant for eight months
I’d feel him move within my stomach
How I loved his baby lump
But it was then disaster struck
I had a nasty fall
I prayed to God ‘oh please no God
Oh please don’t be so cruel’

They took me to the hospital
Who tried to save his life
He died and then they told me this
That when the time was rife
I would have to birth this child
Though he was dead inside me
And so I did with mind all sick
Because this had to be.

Oh how awful I did feel
That I had to go through this
When baby came, a poor wee corpse
In me there was no bliss
As they took his form away
And left me there, to cry
Asking god so frantically
Why did he have to die?

I often think about my son
Who died before his birth
I think of how it would have been
If he now walked this earth
I often think ‘If there’s a Heaven
Will I, and this child meet?
Will he greet me in that world?
Where the flowers grow so sweet

Vera Duggan 1 January 2014.

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Starts as a child
Happy wit joy 
No care in the world
Was not asked to 
be born 
But he's here

Sorry baby your mother
was addicted your father 
was evicted, killed by
his closest friends
Never held you but
he wish he can
Listen Listen to sound
of this child's voice praying 
Darkest fears was losing 
Greatest hope was 
don't talk baby its not your fault

He won't be able to eat
He didn't know
Will never learn to read
He didn't know
Will never enjoy childhood
Will kill But WHY
Will cry He can't talk
Will Pray
GOD says to Poverty Don't GIVE UP 

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An omnipotent'd been ideated by militant clan,
Aeons tell how it put them through a social pace.
To set up abode or to relate races with astute plan,
God had its genesis;women-men needed it to seek solace.

As fact a woman conceives, is manifest
Man couldn't conceive of anything but God for law and lex.
Dyed-in-the-wool,they kept bending head for mending mind lest
They vex orders of war, worship and women for sex.

But missile killed gravid woman with faded hue,
Her baby survived in placenta of its mom of Gaza:
A whole race, policies, religion; yet nothing to rue,
As if all were busy computing to bring future bonanza.

No more sacred are our Temple and Church or Mosque and tomb.
Truth says:fetus Jesus'd been bestowed on Mary's womb!

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Baby Angel

Sweet lil baby
Gone too soon
Sweet lil Angel 
Heaven make room

Blessed were those who knew you
lovingly honored to hold you

Sweet  lil smile, that spread across your face
that filled the hearts of many, all over the place

Only here a short while not much time to grow and play
all your tender moments robbed, yes taken away

So rest well, our lil friend
cling tight to Jesus hand
for now you are safe with Him
so no one can hurt you again

Rest In Heaven Jaeyden Minley

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Angel of mine

Angel of mines

You were my heart  my world my baby girl
It's still so hard for me to believe that you are gone
All I ever wanted for you was the best
To be able to see you walk, run and play
I wanted to see the woman that you would become someday
Although God had other plans he called you home
Now I sit here missing you and feeling so all alone
What I wouldn't give to see your beautiful smile
Or feel your innocent touch
You were our world Eygpt and we miss you so very much
I know that it isn't going to be easy living without you here
And all I can do is cry and my thoughts seem so unclear
At times I sit and wonder why God had to take you from us 
All to soon I had so many plans for you so many things we were going to do
I try to have peace in knowing that you are in a better place and one day again I will see your smiling face
So to you I say my child it's okay you can take God's hand he is going to walk with you to the promise land
And when it's time for the Lord to call me home just know my child that you will not be alone 
Sleep with the angels baby now you can rest I have no more worries because 
you're in the hands of the best!

R.i.p Baby girl Eygpt Shanea Johnson
Written with love just for you by your
big cousin Eleanor Bolden <3

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Born in Paris into a cubbyhole;
Someone tossed me off in the suburb;
All what is left a bind around my neck.

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I Love You

From the moment I saw you 
And your big eyes blue
I loved you

From the moment you cried
And scrunched up your eyes
I loved you

From the moment you curled your fingers
And in my hand it did linger
I loved you

From the moment a step was taken
And you fell, unshaken
I loved you

From the moment preschool started
And from my care you departed
I loved you

From the moment we walked out the door
And you were barely four
I loved you 

From the moment you got hit by that car
And took your little body so far
I loved you

From the moment your eyes did close
And you left me alone with my woes
I loved you

From the moment you took your first breath
And then until your death
I loved you

From the moment you did depart
And until the last beat of my heart
I loved you

From the beginning 
And until the end
I will always love you

Name: Peyton Young
Contest title: Any poem/Any form - for new poets of soup. 
Date: 30th November 2013

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A baby's courage

Nowhere to run, nowhere to breathe
And grasses are on fire.
The manly beasts are having their fun
For they have nothing to spare.
All the victims, coiled with each other,
No matter who is rich, who is poor.
The earth is crying and the devil is smiling
For there is none to cure.

A mother with a baby in her lap,
Running......the death is so sure.
One of the beast appeared from nowhere
And smashed her on the ground.
She was crying and crying and begging her life,
But the fate didn't turn around.
And then came the flash of gun
And there laid the lady dead.
The cruel has crashed through
Her trembling and sweating forehead.
The beastly pig was about to laugh,
While he stopped with a gaze.
While everyone was struggling in horror,
The baby was laughing in hi face

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Baby Soldier (Ethnic Cleansing)

Someone tell me where we are

not all that close, not all that far

Marching feet and distant drums

but I can't see where they come from..

Baby Soldier with angry eyes

filling empty space with hate

for fat old men made fat on lies

it's not your's just your fate

Baby soldier

Slaughter in the market place

You heard their cries, you saw their face

How then can you sleep at night?

How dare you say, "everything alright"

Baby soldiers with empty eyes

empty minds refilled with hate

for fat old men made fat on lies

while baby soldier licks the plate

Baby soldier

Dancing in a rain of fire

Just one more death for your empire

but baby soldier dies alone

his soul is gone his heart is stone

Baby soldier with empty eyes

filling empty space with hate

for fat old men made fat on lies

It's not your fault It's just your fate

Baby soldier

Baby soldier lay it down

the crops won't grow in blood soaked ground

but baby soldier cannot hear

above the sound of hate and fear

baby soldier with angry eyes

feeding on their hate and fear

while fat old men get fat on lies

everyone dies that's why you're here

Baby soldier

Someone tell me where we are

not all that close not all that far.

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The Nightmares

Nightmares that come are so bad I'm  afraid to sleep
Exhaustion enters making sleep needs reach their peak

A little light sleep to settle down falling falling deeply sound
The horror no no go away nightmares please dissipate

Same dreams every night since my darling baby cried
She nursed, very well fed in the morning she died

Nightmares night afer night awaking my baby I dread
Being rocked, rocked, rocked, looking down my baby's dead

(My adoptive mother lost a child, a little girl at age nine months old.  Back then people used 
home remedies very seldom saw a doctor.  The child had been sick with a cold, mother fed 
her and the next morning she was dead.  The  doctor who examined  the corpse said that 
she had had pneumonia and choked to dead on the mucous.)

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Healing words

His voice breaks, Of Course I'm hurting -
Our Baby died, and I have to sit by
Watching you curled over in pain
And there is nothing I can do
No matter how much you try to say your okay.
Of course I think about it -
What would he have looked like,
Would he have grown up to be athletic,
Would he have your heart and your eyes,
But when I think about it it kills me inside.
He pulls me close and holds me against his chest,
Do not blame yourself, no one could have helped it,
We'll try again someday, when we're more prepared,
I love you, I love you so damn much. 
And the pain eases, just a little, but it eases. 

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Without Him Here

Sitting at my window, watching the clouds pass by,
I smile on the outside...while my insides only cry
Walking down the street, my head hangs in despair 
Wandering...Seeking...For a soul to care
There is a demon I have, I face it everyday,
A monster, Killing my spirit, as my soul withers away
Then I am ready to cave,
I face on that day, my little boys grave
Saddened and lost without him here,
That day is remembered...I held him so near
As the tears fall, and my insides turn,
My heart is needing relief from this burn
I sit talking to him, fighting despair,
Wishing so badly, he could only be here
Then I kneel down to kiss his grave,
This inner peace for so long I have craved
It came in an instant, a moment we share
With the warmth of his spirit I feel everywhere!

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(Rhyme) Ending your life wasn't easy for me, But back then, I was so young and so naive, Manipulated and feeling trapped by those, You see, who were supposed to take care of me. Sorry my sweet baby angel, my little child, Please forgive me for what I've done to you, Now I fully understand, what was meant to be, And the terrible injustice I've done against you. Now I have to live without you the rest of my days, Remembering forever,that I could have, had you But never happened to be and now will never be, Now it's too late, for you and also for me. I didn't really want it to do it that way, But I was so very young and almost a child myself, Kind of lost and astrayed and easily by others mislead, I wasn't strong enough to protected you and fight for you. I always loved you well my sweet baby angel of mine! Sleep well my sweet child that one day in heaven we'll meet again. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December,04,2014 Author notes: Not about me, no, this is just a fictional write of mine but sadly abortion is not at all fiction but a very sad and heartbreaking reality to me as a woman, a human being and a Christian. Not passing judgment here but just my very personal opinion to which I am entitled as a person and a writer. This is a fictional poem about a young mom regreting years later about her abortion.But sadly and true thousands if not millions of babies up to this day,had been killed thru abortions all over the world.

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I'm the Knife

I said, “Take my hand, girl, let’s go for a ride.
You gotta choose soon, you gotta pick a side.
Pick me, the good, or pick them, the bad."
She said, "Babe, I pick you." That made me pretty glad
We left Chicago, we chose route 66
Headed to Santa Fe to get our fix
Took a hit before we left, one hit for the road
Then we stopped in St. Louis to lighten the load

Takin' this ride was the worst decision
Cut your family in two, like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
Your family won't be happy with your life

Drained a bottle of Bourbon before we started our day
"Drivin' crazy is the best." We always say
The highway was our freedom, our only way out
Never thought this road would end, we didn't have a doubt
Stopped in Oklahoma City, where the fields are endless
We only had each other, it seemed we were friendless
Drained another bottle when we checked in for the night
Got crazy, made some love, and had a fight

Takin' this ride was the worst decision
Cut your family in two, like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
Your family won't be happy with your life
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
I don't know why you put me through this strife

Hit the road in the mornin', too early it felt
Checked on my arm and saw I had a welt
Well, my baby hits hard when the whiskey runs wild
Only time I love her is when her temper is mild
Stopped at Amarillo, ‘cause our car overheated
My baby said to me, “I don’t like the way I’m treated!
When you tell me you love me you're never serious!"
I said, "Baby, I love you, you're just delirious."

Takin’ this ride was the worst decision
Cut your family in two, like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I’m the knife
Your family won’t be happy with your life
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
When we get to Santa Fe you'll be my wife

Saw a sign, "Welcome to Santa Fe!",  filled us with joy 
Took a look at my girl, she sighed and played it coy
Took my eyes off the road just for a second
Then that light came, well it did beckon
Smashed my foot on the brakes, plowed into a truck
"Well," I said to my baby, "That's just our luck.
But don't worry we made it to Santa Fe!"
Too bad my baby's soul had flown away

Takin’ this ride was the worst decision
Cut your life short like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I’m the knife
Your family won’t be happy what I did to your life
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
I regret it all, what I did to your life

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For Emily

An afternoon stroll with a friend on a heated day,
Her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce
Holding her tummy, simply stating
“I have a baby on the way”

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun shining inside and out
So lucky she felt that day, she has a baby on the way

Baby’s daddy holds mommy’s hand
Says thank you honey, I love you so much
Our baby is lucky to have your heart 
And I’m so blessed to wear your band

A visit to the doctor turned perfect joy into shock
You have cancer he told her
You won’t live with this life in you
Sit soon with your husband and have a talk

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs.
The sun shines brightly on this day
Cause she still has her baby on the way

Her husband crying uncontrollable tears
Loving her so
He could never ever let her go
He can’t choose
he doesn’t want to lose
His wife or his child

She knew for her this baby was a voice
A wish she made so long ago
A wish come true
And there was no one telling her what to do
It was ultimately her decision, her choice

Six years have passed, and Emily asks,
“Daddy, when will I see mommy?”,
Today my sweet angel,

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun still shining on this day
as Emily kneels to pray
For mommy

Mommy had made her choice
And daddy still hurts so bad, he misses her smile, her touch
But he holds Emily today
with Mommy's light warming them both
His deep indescribable love for Emily sustains him
On her birthdays

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For Emily
The sun still shining on this day
her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce,
as she plays, 

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In your Heart

I'm an Angel now,
so please don't cry for me,
If you ever need me, just close your eyes,
your heart is where I'll be.
You may never understand ,
why I had to leave,
but God had a plan,
made special for me.
I visit you quite often,
I go to work with you everyday,
and when you go to bed at night,
your pillow is where I lay.
I know how much you love me,
cause I hear you cry at night,
but I need you to remember,
that everything's alright.
God keeps me safe here in heaven,
I'm never in any pain,
you will always have my memory,
your heart is where I'll remain.
We will reunite one day,
a lifetime I will wait,
I'll be the angel with outstretched arms,
waiting for you at Heaven's gate.

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My Little Boy Lost

My Little Boy Lost
by Katherine Huffman
Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, I can't find you, why aren't you near?

As I walk the streets in search of you, 
I feel a pull, a tug, not sure what to do.
I passed the park as I looked for my boy, 
Even passed our play spot, but in my sight, not even a toy.
After everywhere I thought that I could go, 
There was one place, but it can't be right, this is all I know.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, can't find you,
Why can't I feel you near?

This evening begins as I lay to rest my head, 
There are some things I'm unsure of, 
Like making your tiny bed.
Oh God, whats happening, haven't I counted your toes?
What about cradling your head or kissing your little nose?
What are these things I am unsure of, have I even done? 
Where are you, where are you my precious son?

Mommy lays here, in tears, her face on something cold.
Where are you my son, it's you I need to hold.
I've searched all day, it's turning into night,
I'm tired, I'm lost, but I still won't give up this fight.
My eyes start to close, slumber is far too near 
If I fall asleep, I may miss seeing you my dear.

Next thing I know, as I wake to the sun.
Wondering what it is, what has been done?
As I sit, my eyes focus, I start to look around.
Then, for some reason, they are drawn to the ground.
As I look, I see what has become,
This can't be, what's happening, where am I my son?

That cold my face last night laid upon, 
Was a marker, with your name, 
Of your body my little one.
Those things I wasn't sure if I'd ever done, 
Were but the memories, I'd hoped to make with you my son.

You were here, I know you were here 
My beautiful, precious son.
You were in mommies arms, such a little one.
As though it were as simple as reading a book,
I start to realize
These tangled webs have become unhooked.

That tug, that pull that led your mommy here, 
It was your spirit, it was your soul, 
It was your heart my little dear.

Here you were, here you were, 
Right with me, so very near.
My little boy, my son, 
Mommies little one was here.
You see? You led me where I needed to go.
For it was well past the time,
To accept this I know.

I feel a tug, I feel a pull.
I feel like I need to hurry, 
Like I have to go.
There is someone I remember,
I need to get to I know.
He's a small one, a little boy. 
He's your brother, my son, 
He's pulling, he's tugging, 
Needing mommy my little one.
I have to leave, I have to go, 
To find my baby, my son.

Oh Thank You my boy,
For bringing me here.
For letting my mind begin to see clear.
You showed me the way, 
I now see the light.
I am so close, so near in this dark night.

So here you are, here you are, 
With mommy, my baby is so very near.
You are in my heart, my mind, 
And this little brother of yours, my dear.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost, 
it's you I have found.
You were there with me,
as I slept on that ground.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can see you, mommy found you, 
In my arms I hold you so near.
I've bathed you, I've clothed you, 
And cradled your head.
I counted your toes,
I bent in and kissed that little nose.
As you fell asleep in your bed.

Without him, 
Would these be memories
we are making my dear?
Without him would mommy, 
Be able to hold you so near?

We have a little angel to watch over us for all nights.
In spirit, with us, his soul,
Our endless guiding light.
He's your big brother, my son, my precious little one. 
He's right here, a part of you, 
Never again to be gone.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost,
It's you, I can see.
I have to Thank You 
For guiding me!

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Little Angels

Angels are hard to find
For they are blissful
And cheerful to watch
Their love makes this 
Cold world seems
Very wonderful
But their death makes
Us all question 
God’s moral 
let's not be awful
Death is normal And 
God is thoughtful 
He loves children 
And calls the special
Ones to dwell with
Him till dawn

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God's Opinion

A baby is born Under a Jewish star His mother weeps All around her is marching That torturous sound haunting her day and night Here in a basement they hide Hiding for days, for weeks, for months Her faith is failing the propaganda is overwhelming But she waits in that basement Hiding in that dark nothingness She hears glass breaking All around her are screams That torturous sound haunting her day and night She wakes one day from the sound of boots Walking down the stairs A man in black unstraps his helmet Showing his clean cut hair As he discards his cigarette He pulls out his Luger She weeps The man in black puts away his pistol Leaving behind two dead bodies And some who are starving, sick, and weak Huddled in quarters worse then barns Look up to the heavens And wonder why the world should go on And a baby is born

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A bush in the middle of a field once green,
A top like a powdered wig,
Beneath lay bones chilled hard as rock,
And hands that would snap like a twig,
It was a life not fully formed,
No bigger than a hand,
What reason caused it to be there,
Is hard to understand,
From one so young that could not say,
From one too old to care,
How long it's lain nobody knows,
Let someone say a prayer.

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In the vast beauty and diversity
                 of the reaches of the cosmos
           impresses upon us all
the shear minute dust we are
                 in any comparison
The simplicity of laws
            that govern it's most basic
     and complex movements
Birth , Life , Death
                 some would distain this as "circular"
as the patterns in creation are
for all things existing within its confines
the birth , life , death of stars   , galaxies
entropy and the recirculation of those elements
into new structures encased
                 in the womb for new material
apply equally to the diversity of structures
                 cycling on the little blue marble
seed  sprout   bush    tree     seed 
seed  sprout   plant    flower     seed
seed   baby    child     adult       seed
same  down    onthe   cellular    level
same  down    tothe    atomic     level 
                 and its clock
in a state of perfectly circular self propagation
For those who foolishly accuse us of being
Let me explain              a simple something
     how we measure time in the cosmos
is based on a circular orbital movement of planets
                      and stars
and as for thinking
are questions seeking answers which just
                     lead to more questions
          and that's the beauty of it
       simplicity defines even the most
        complex systems that function
right down to the circuit boards for computers
        and technology
Mama      seals     it      with     Kiss
        Keep it simple stupid
anyone who doesn't know
a clock embedded in the universe
has not recognized his own 

Ecc 8:17
COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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I cried when you passed away
I still cry today
Although I loved you dearly
I couldn't make you stay
God broke my heart
to prove that he only takes the best
So he put me to the test
In order for me to blessed
Forever missing you LeSchea
We will be together soon.
Mommy Loves you.

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Cold Tears

The rain pours down from the gray sky,
Into a world where love is something you buy.

The earth roars and trembles in rage,
For those who, in the book, have barely a page.

The lightning cracks above the graves,
The graves of those few choose to save.

Heaven's cold tears puddle on the ground,
All of nature cries, so little good hearts are found.

As the carnage continues so does the pain,
They destroy their gifts and all they contain.

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Abortion poem

Tears running down her 
saddened face
Closing the door, quickly 
looking behind
Wondering why she walked into 
this place
Does anyone know what she 
just did?

A messed up life, brought on by 
Needing help, but where?
Searching for love and only 
getting used
Waking up one day, a new life 
growing inside her

Confusion clouded by doubt 
and fear
What should she do right now?
Fearing rejection and 
judgement from others 
Walking into the clinic, it would 
be ok somehow

As soon as the procedure was 
Tears of regret flowed down her 
The heart beat of a life once 
Disappeared, gone without a 

A voice that would never utter 
a word
A powerful silence for the 
Quickly ushered in the arms of 
The Lord
Precious life, never to return 

If you are carrying all this guilt 
inside of you
Please know that the Savior 
sent His Son to die 
He took your sins and all mine 
Died a cruel death, because He 
loves you!

We need to turn from all our sin
Put our faith in the holy Lamb 
of God
Don't carry all your guilt within
There's hope and forgiveness 
through the Son

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A horrendous act
that could only be imagined
as Insidious and contemptuous
Many were massacred
Thousands displaced
The Hausa Militias took over
Zaria was in their palm
A horrendous act
That could only be imagined
As Insidious and contemptuous
Many were massacred
Thousands displaced
The Hausa Militias took over
Zaria was in their palm
The entire Kaduna was under their feet
The violent hollow-minded men
It was religious animosity
That under-bellies an ethnic hatred
These men are insane

Men were butchered 
Women were slaughtered 
Children matcheted at will
All in the Jihad against
Miss World Beauty Pageant
And blasphemy against the Prophet
They unleashed waves of brutal massacres

Houses were razed, churches burnt
Shops and offices turned into ashes
Yet "Allahu Akbar" is echoed
After every killing by the intemperate bullies

Inhabitants of NDA Streets were not spared
The men that carries religious insanity
Majored in Major Street
They became the killing Captain of Captain street
The men in uniform were hapless, yet helpless
These men are enmeshed and immersed in cultism
Of the atavistic and barbarous proportion called Jihad
Sweat of decades were turned to ashes within seconds
The cost of human lives were immeasurable

It was to be and it was
Months of fear
Weeks of tremor of terror
Days of bloodshed
Hours that carries sorrow
Minutes that lacks emotional indemnity
Seconds of bloody tears
Survivors became refugees at the NDA’s field
The only safe place in the land
No food, no water, no shelter
Indeed, no hunger
Except for hunger to be alive

Days where a father shuns family tie 
And strangulate his baby for survival 
Less, the warriors will unearth 
The rest of the family in the hide out
The baby’s cry was a taboo
Gush! The only option was for the
Father to throttle his own baby to death
To keep the other members of the family alive

Many flee without taking a pin
Thousands left behind houses . . . properties
A journey to start all over again
Separation set in 
Frustration envelopes many
For the inanity of men that 
Carries blood with religion.

Alayande Stephen T.
October 11, 2008

An account of brutal massacre occasioned 
By unbridled religion intolerance in 
Kaduna State, Nigeria in 2002 during the aborted 
Miss World Beauty Contest in Nigeria as 
Narrated by an eye witness Latifat of UNILORIN.

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The nurses rushing
like bushels of people in Grand Central Station.
I was in a crowded room,
Yet I felt so alone. 
My world had stopped.

Soon enough, the rush was over
and everyone seemed to be dejected,
yet my countenance
filled with confusion.
Why were people passing me
with glances of sympathy?
Now I know,
my world had stopped. 

The constant “beep, beep, beep,”
had faded into the silence.
The heart monitor that was once 
doing jumping jacks had died.
Now his world had stopped.

His skin was cold
like the breeze rustling the leaves.
The blanket had a nice fold
keeping his tiny body covered.
Not one breath
was yet to leave his chest.
Not a dream 
yet dreamt,
his life was ripped 
from the seams. 
His world had stopped.

While I diverged
from the rest of the family,
I walked down the white hallways
where the cries still lingered.
The staff had doffed
their masks and hats,
some bowed their heads,
while others eyes glazed
deep into my soul. 
The world had stopped.

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Cries of Life

Warm sun over head, as rays beaming down,
She stood in the shadow of the big oak tree,
She crying fell to one knee, alone now free,
Her gallant indian brave lover was gone.

Watch the sad oaks bend
Of the visions of in the winds                                                 Chorus

Eyes of tears, heart of clay, she was in such dismay,
His spirit grabbed her by her right arm,
Winds singing his lonesome song, she listens,
My dear they are gone, you are in no harm.

Aloud and alone she cries
Sad and miserable inward she dies                                            Chorus

The breezes blew, loud her cries in the winds,
Then a baby's cry, a sad love desperately sends,
The cries of her child, her new born vision,
What shall she now do, oh...a decision.

The winds of life sing
She alone to her baby sings                                                       Chorus

She swaddles him close, new baby boy, 
In its blanket, she with a sad heart, yet joy,
She rests now beneath that old oak tree,
For now the two were alone but free.

They ride on the wind
Far away around the rivers bend                                                 Chorus

Linda Terrell
Feb. 26, 2010

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Goodbye My Old Friend

you were there the day I was born
you sewed my clothes and spanked me when I needed it 
I wasn' t ready but you said it's ok your only a phone call away
so I moved away thinking it would be ok
then I got the call that you past away
I'm mad as he++ 
that much you can tell
I want to ask why you didn't say goodbye
was it because you didn't want me to cry
I'm going home but you will be gone
I think you went on
to make a home with a room just for me
you know it wouldn't be long before I come along
I didn't know I had brain cancer at the time you left me
I sit here and cry and hope it will not be long before I can come home
and join you again in heaven and sit by the fire then I know that is where I belong

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Cry For The Children

Our future is disappearing before our troubled eyes.
Why are we so saddened when we sell them to our lies?
Is the future of our children worth a time of lust?
Once the children have been found are they returned unto the dust?
Are our children sold so we can have some fun?
Do we invest our time and love before the deed is done?
Why become so angry when for our love they are here?
Is it the children’s fault when to us they disappear?
Why do we not love them spending time for the now?
Go away; leave me alone, unto your friends you bow.
And when they grow seeking the love they missed,
Strangers they become seeking another’s kiss.
Do the children become the predators when they are grown?
The sick and twisted love they seek out there on their own…
And to the ones that fall away not trying but disappear…
Are we not the ones to blame is that our own real fear?
Being snatched or taken from before our very eyes,
I wonder if I have bowed unto my own lustful sickened lies…
I cry for the children each and every day…
Why, because I feed the one’s that make them go away…
The keys I carry lock up the ones we sought…
The parents hold the keys not using them, as they ought…
Cry for the children and not for your own pain,
For mostly their future and what they could have gained…
With in my heart I feel the pain as I see the “Fallen Son”
And the terror he did reign… while he was on the run…
The murderers and the rapists lay sleeping on their beds,
Growing fat upon the food while dreaming in their heads…
And I cry for the abused, I cry for the dead…
I cry for the missing, I pray and bow my head…
I wonder why I hold the keys each and every day,
I want to disappear and even walk away…
I cry for the children and this burden of mine,
And then another child is missing and I turn the keys of time…

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Mamas Fault

Mama’s Fault
Abortion and Baby Dumping

The umbilical cord you eliminated before my existence
You conceived concealed the gift from its creation
Deceived and destroyed the destiny that was given to the world
Now you asking me, what gives you sleepless night
Don’t be a hypocrite you have been swallowing your own vomit
No-wait we all are at fault because we allowed this to happen in homes and society 

Sexually sensitive and spiritually sick
 Why open for sexual pleasure and reject responsibility and accountability
The blood of the innocent crying from the ground-souls we have all murdered 
    Turning girls into holes, dumping babies, chasing pleasure that is under world delusion
Heart full of evil while lips speak love-drinking blood by killing offspring 
Outward beauty while mentally incapacitated-lawlessness life, it’s the life they chose
Feeding on lies, faded in freedom, self-will in pleasure, decaying society

While government set the veil – system collapsed and still won’t acknowledge
Sick of psychologists, spiritually blind and morally corrupt-saying do thus at will
Policy is just logic, written words, practically off, wishing the problem is all in their head
Church turned in a business place, wicked theology exploiting the poor-in it for self
While evil and corruption take over the nation – God is the manager allowing evil
Hearts divorced from truth – these painted priests and pastors got real saints misunderstood 
  Annunciation by media, misleading the nuns, church-good girl lost in lust as love 

I feel sorrow in soul, remaining breathless each day
40 babies dumped per month – I wonder how many are aborted 
I know your soul is turning cold – knowing all the babies you have aborted and dumped
I know you have excuses just like any other person – no, yes I sympathize with your evil deeds
Heart concealed in subconscious of blood – mind covered by deception of unwanted babies 

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Hungry Thief

For the first time ever,
a Cardinal's nest lay cleverly hidden
in a juncture of two branches
of the red rose climber
on the south wall of our garage.

Over the years, we'd watched with pleasure
as House Finches, Eastern Phoebe,
Bluebirds, and Wrens nested in flowerpots,
birdhouses, spruce trees, and on porch walls.
Purple Martins snootily passed us by
in spite of elaborate housing provided.
Once, a Rufous-sided Towhee deposited
her eggs on the ground, underneath
a large cedar tree near the driveway.
We mowed around them, shooed turtles 
toward distant woods, and watched 
eggs hatch, babies fly into the future.

Cardinal babes were a new and welcome
experience. Almost daily, we peeked.
But grief came quickly with eagle eye, 
hooked talon, and razor-edged beak.
A Cooper's Hawk left a shattered nest, 
a mother's heart ripped apart, and us,
feeling her pain to the marrow of our bones.

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Half Birthed

This is the first time I ever opened my eyes
The floods flushed away all my cries.
Lying comfy in this warm bed chamber.
My life, so far, is tied to this loving member.
Sometimes I hear singing, other times laughing
When something pokes me, I come back kicking
Some may not like it, but I truly do
I feel secure and I get full attention too.
My belly stays full.  In my mind, not a care
Just snug up here, curled in this lair.
My arms are very weak, but getting stronger.
My legs are very short, but getting longer.
I am beginning to hear sounds, some I remember
One voice in particular I hear over and over.

 Dang... What is this?  I really can't decipher.
Something big is grabbing me, turned me in my chamber.
I'm too weak to fight and too weak to struggle
Point blank, I'm losing ground in this massive tussle.
I do not know what is really going on.
My feet is feeling cold and is straight gone
Out of my chamber.  Next was my body and arms
Leaving only my head.  Then it turned me around in harm
And without caution.  I'm in sheik and utter terror
As a humongous needle pierced the back of my member.
Hot pain hit me hard, Aah!  My neck!
My whole body shivered.  What the heck!
This needle jammed through my neck to my head.
Then the suction began.  I cried and bled.
Pain overwhelms me, making my gums rattle
Wanting to beg for life, all I could do was babble.
I'm shaking, this pain is unbearable
All I want to do is to just scream in terror
What did I do wrong?  Was I bad?  If so, I'm sorry.
After the quick procedure, I was dead.  End of story.
The doctor tossed my deceased body in a garbage can.
While my 17 year old mom was chewing gum and she laughed.
... I was her third

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our son

my familys love is tight
remind us thinks be alright
by our side they always stand
ready to hold our hand

they remind us to be tough
as we go down road that rough
they remind us to always cope
and never give up any hope

they always remind us to be strong
as we feel thinks are going wrong 
they always know right think to say
as they try to take our pain away

they always have time to spare
as they will always be there
they remind us of gods love 
as we morn for our son above

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A couple had a baby son
Their hearts were filled with joy
But fate would rear it’s ugly head
It involved their baby boy

I’m lending you this baby
But he’s MY CHILD is what God said
For you to love while he’s alive 
And mourn for when he’s dead.

It may not be for very long
But look after him for me
Until I decide to call him home
Whenever that might be

His love will brighten up your life
Even if his stay is brief
At least you’ll have his memory
As solace for your grief.

I’ve searched the whole world over
To find a couple who
Could be trusted with his care
And so I’ve chosen you.

So will you give him all your love
Or think it all in vain
And turn against Me when I come
To take him back again?

This all really happened
I’m sorry to relate
To a Souper family member
Back in 1958.

This tribute is to Mark
to his family I attest
his soul is safe in Gods great hands
and he's at eternal rest.

Dedicated to Bob, Vera and family.

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8 Weeks

8 weeks. The shortest 8 weeks of my life. You were growing inside me. You 
knew me. You depended on me. You changed my life. Did I let you down?

8 weeks. We developed a bond. I wanted you so badly. I knew you were mine. 
I loved you so much for such a short time. I still love you. You heard my voice 
as I spoke to you. You felt my love. Was it not enough?

8 weeks. It ended. You ended. With your lose, I lost my dreams, hopes, plans-
my future with you. My heart was shattered into a million zillion pieces. I lost a 
huge part of me. I lost my baby. Why did you have to go?

8 weeks. Others didn't understand my pain. You were so very real to me, not 
them. They didn't go everywhere with you. They didn't talk to you. They didn't 
nourish you, or love you as I had. You were mine, not theirs. Important 
enough to have a beating heart. Why couldn't they see?

8 weeks. 8 simple weeks turned into a lifetime of depression, questions, & 
uncertainty. Depressed at the thought of your future being taken away from 
you, from me. My lose. My child. It isn't right, not fair. So many questions to 
the man upstairs. Why MY baby? Why me?

8 weeks. That is all it took for such a tiny little miracle to completely transform 
my life. In 8 weeks I was filled with more love and happiness than I have ever 
known. In just 8 short weeks I discovered true, unconditional love. You 
showed me a glimpse of Heaven. Just 8 weeks-you changed my life. 

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a walk through my teen pregnancy

i found out the shocking news

i was only 14

but i was pregnant 

three months pregnant at that

people asked how didn't you know you were pregnant

i simply said i was showing no signs

are you scared they would ask

of course I'm scared I'm so young

four months pregnant now

i start having heavy bleeding i get scared and call my mom

she answers

i sob into my phone

mommy i think I'm losing my baby

what, when did you find out you were pregnant

i didn't want to tell you but i found out a month ago 

i go to the hospital

how far along are you

four months can you do anything to help me not lose my baby

the doctor looked at me honey your not losing your baby your just having a period while your pregnant

now five months pregnant

the baby's father and i get into a fight and break up

three weeks later im dating a new guy who wants to help me raise my baby

we are together for two weeks and he goes to florida on a trip

comes back and i find out he cheated on me

i forgive him

he broke up with me two weeks later saying he doesn't think that he can handle being a dad at 17

now six months pregnant

i am scared and alone not sure if even i can handle being a mom

its a common concern since im only 15

the baby is growing healthy

i ponder whether or not to give the baby up

now seven months pregnant

me and the baby's father are back together and engaged

we decide we will keep the baby and move in together

for once we think we have things figured out

now eight months pregnant 

i go to my weekly ultrasound

first week is fine

week two rolls around

i go and have my ultrasound

they tell me my baby is dead his umbilical cord strangled him

the admit me to the hospital

induce my labor

i give birth to a 5lb 2 oz 12inch long still born

he is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen

my boyfriend and i ask ourselves why us

we both are so young me being 15 him being 18

we both blame ourselves

fall into a deep dark depression

both decide life wasn't worth living with out Xavier

our attempt were just that attempt

how ever eight months later we are glad it didn't i am now 16 and married

we are so happy and want to try to have kids in the future

we hope and pray we won't have to goo through that every again

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123 nurse says push babies first breath babies first cry baby looking mama in the eye beautiful site
 123 baby teething baby shots so many tears mama wishes she could stop yet learning 
words and making friends well half way anyway teaching that no no can go both ways
 Shes mastering abc's and saying thank you and please all in 1 2 3 she might even be a prodigy
1 2 3 everyones applauding at her first speech and shes going out for ice cream chocolate her favorite flavor without the cheery on top just to sweet
daddy kisses mama on the cheek at least hes not not drunk just happy when  happy drunk he tounges he punches walls not tonight hes happy cause shes graduating
 1 2 3 shes about to pop the question daddy mama can i have a boyfriend an argument quickly ensues daddys mad cause mamas not taking it serious enough she laughed that was the wrong thing to do at home the girl goes straight to the room.
1 2 3 the arguing has finally ceased but theres a creaking down the hall 123 theres a stranger entering the room its to dark to see but she knows its her daddy hes come to give her a whippin at this time of night and hes telling her shes deserving of it all and tonight he says hell teach her about life 123 this this is wrong and they both know it hes going to molest her hes going to wreck her at 13 when she had her whole life ahead of her
 1 2 3 bang theres a gasp mama pulled the trigger daddy took his last breath theres blood on the  bed mama holds her daughter and cries
123 ambulance announce him dead on scene mamas put in handcuffs daughter goes to foster care mama in jail until the court date life is hell for the both of them till the judge speaks his peace he says for the crime commited i give you no time for protecting your child from a monster in the dark but i give you three seconds to leave this court room before i give you more than just community service and in 123 they escaped the courtroom to freedom never looking back   

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Child Unborn

Emotions are torn
For a child unborn
Never to be rocked and held
Emotions are torn
For a child unborn
Never to once be felt
No stories for us to tell 
high hopes
big dreams
all that’s just a memory
as it now seems
What would have been
Pride and joy 
Has left a big void
An empty space
To have never seen that baby face
Count fingers and toes
To go buy baby clothes
Emotions are torn
 For a child unborn
Our anticipation 
has become devastation
our elation
has quickly faded
all that’s left is imagination
of this child unborn, alive
in our minds

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Together Forever

My baby died two years ago today
Died in a car accident at 4th and Bay
Cried for so long, cried for years
Thought I’d drown in my own tears

I’ve moved on with my life
Strayed away from the knife
But I see her walking in the night
Bathed in a fierce shimmering light

She’s dead, I’m going insane
Just speaking of this makes me inane
But what if she’s returned?
For this day I’ve yearned

I follow her in the darkness and cold
I’ll follow her until I become old
No, I can’t, she died in the wreck
I must keep my mind in check

Baby, why do you do this to me
Why can’t you just let me be
I can’t take the hurt of seeing you there
All of this pain I cannot bear

I speak to her, she doesn’t respond
How I want to join her in the great beyond
Baby, don’t worry, we’ll be together
We’ll walk the night, together forever

I’ve decided to join my baby in her walks
Now we can have those long talks
Pierced a knife in my forearm deep
Maybe now me and my baby can sleep

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Who Love's Ya Baby

who loves ya baby
hmmm now let me see

I know my mommy did
even though her shoes I did hid

I think my daddy did
when I didn't make him snid

brothers and sisters well maybe just a little
when I didn't get in the middle

my grandpa and grandma surely does
for I'll do anything for them just because

I know my little girl loves her momma
even better than president Obama

my dogs and cats loves me
even if they continue to make me sneeze

even my close friends new and old still spark the love
for we will alway's go on and well above

paperboy surely does
cause I tip him for keeping my paper out of bushes and shrubs

milkman used to
when I didn't make him shu

bill collectors oh yes
for I'm their baby who they love the best

so who loves me
well lets just continue to see

Tribute To Love

Also Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's 
Who Love's Ya Baby Contest

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Sacrifice or Murder

I killed my son
I sacrificed my little one
So I could continue to party
He was to be just like his daddy
Smile and chase girls like his many god-daddies

I killed my daughter
It’s like I brought my baby girl to the beach
And held her head under the water
Like I put poison in her bottle

I gave my seed cyanide in a water bottle
Heartless bastard
What kind of man kills his seed
What possesses his heart to commit such a deed
Lord forgive your son and daughter
Who killed her son
Who killed his daughter 

We slit his wrists
Though there were no wrists to slit
Yet we put razors to her tiny hands
Cause he would mess up our plans
We should’ve made it work
Looking back I’d make it not hurt

To take her life
I would’ve done my baby right 
I’d been just like my daddy
Teach my boy to swim
Teach him to shave and drive
I’d teach my baby girl to ride her bike
Tell her that little boys were evil

I want my “daddy’s girl”
I want my son to see this world
Parents from two islands, paradise
Life would be a walk through paradise

But our seed is gone
That dream is done
That nightmare now relived
Spiritual pain now received 

Mommy’s gone
Our love is done
We sacrificed you
To murder our love
We sacrificed our love 
To murder you

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A Mother's Guilt

If I could have seen how dear yo would have been. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. If I could have known what joy you would bring. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. If I had seen you just a little. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. Had I felt you moving inside. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. If all that happened was made known to me, then perhaps I would not have done it, for You would be with me.

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Caylee Anthony

Did you wake with a smile on your face?
Were you ready to start, set the pace?

Feeling and wanting to just be close?
Are you wand’ring alone as a ghost?

Where were you and why did you go?
Many were looking don’t you know?

Caylee I’m sorry I wasn’t there.
If I were they wouldn’t even dare…

I’m sorry you missed big girl pants….
A father to hold you a hug and a dance…

There won’t be a clown or pony you see.
Only rain and sorrow inside of me.

Every child in the world touches my heart.
Oh so young when they depart.

I’m sure with Sarah you dance and play…
Together forever every day…
There are no tears where you are…

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Mama Cries With Raindrops

I saw tears in my baby girls eyes today
I heard her whisper, mama can you hear me
She said mama, I really miss you and need you hear
She said can you see the flowers mama, here beneath this tree

And as I listened, I heard my baby girl say
Mama they're your favorite color, can you see them from above
And as I knelt down beside her, I said mama loves roses
I told her when it rains, it's mama sending her love

When mama's happy, mama cries with raindrops
Yes, mama cries with raindrops
So when the flowers bloom so big and bright
Always remember, mama cries with raindrops
Mama cries with raindrops

I saw a smile on my baby girls face today
Heard her whispering, mama it's been awhile 
She said mama, I planted some new flowers just for you
She said mama can you smell the flowers, beside this dirt pile

Just then raindrops started to fall
A soft white cloud moved in over the yard above
My baby girl turned to me with a big smile and said
Daddy look, mama's sending her love

When mama's happy, mama cries with raindrops
Yes, mama cries with raindrops
So when the flowers bloom so big and bright
Always remember, mama cries with raindrops
Mama cries with raindrops

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Standing by the angel's grave

when you stand by your baby's grave and the breeze flows through your hair,
that’s your angel playing with other kids that are there, 
she whispers in the wind you only have to listen,
for she is not sad, 
she dances around your legs and sings, 
coz now she has wings, 
she stops only for a while, 
to look at the tears you have shed, 
she whispers in the wind, 
mummy and daddy, 
the tears you shed will soon disappear, 
the pain you feel will slowly ease away, 
for I am the quiver in your lip when your heart breaks, 
and I'm the tears that sit apron your cheeks, 
for I am with you, 
I am in your heart and when it skips a beat that's me giving it a squeeze, 
for you will never forget me, 
then she turns and starts to walk away and she hears her mummy say, 
you are everywhere I go, 
you are the breeze in the trees, 
a snow drop on my knee, 
you're the rain that’s falls on my head, 
you're the sun that’s rises and sets, 
you're the night, 
and maybe the moon, 
but most of all you was my baby that was taken to soon. 
she comes back quickly and looks up at her mum who was looking down, 
she believes that her mummy see her standing and makes eye contact when she frowned,
then daddy starts to say, my sweet angel, 
my heart is broken and I miss you dearly, 
just remember I love you sweetie, 
so go dance with the angels up above, 
bounce on the clouds and sleep on the stars, 
be my strength that gets me through my days, 
for your in my heart and thats where you will stay, 
her eyes filled with tears and then she replied, 
daddy you will always have me with you, 
for I have left my footprints on your heart, 
I will do has you said bounce on the cloud and sleep on the stars, 
the little angel moves in close and pulled at her parents hands,
she pulls them together so their holding hands,
her parents pulled each other into their arms and cries then and only then she turns starts to walk away opens her angel wings and fly’s away R.I.P

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The Day The Angels Came

I see her image sitting over there, all alone
Streaming tears running down her cheeks, on her face
Her soft little whimpering voice, a babies tone
I remember when she said c'mon daddy, let's have a race
It was her first time that she played, in the yard outside
I still recall her great big smile, on her tiny face
And the tears that ran down her cheek, when she cried
Because she tore her brand new dress, with the pink lace

She always was my little Angel, my only child
But I still cry when I remember, how mommy died giving birth
But those pains somehow went away, when my baby smiled
Oh how it was so cute that day, she caught a fish
It was only three inches long, but to her it was just something sticky
And how she loved taking flowers, to her Mommy's grave
She always made me smile and laugh, when she said daddy
Mommy's stone needs some paint, that it's old and gray

Oh! I still recall that dark sad day, when the Angels came
And how they took my baby girl, along home with them
Oh how the stars did shine that night, up in the sky
And how the day was dark, when we buried her
Now all I have are memories, of her smiling face
In the photograph hanging on the wall, and beside my bed
Oh how my tears did fall that day, the Angels came
And when they took my baby girl, home with them

My heart did break that dreadful day, by a truck
As she ran out to get her ball, into the street
And when I picked her up she hugged my neck, where she was struck
I held her so tight to me, rapped in a sheet
She said daddy it'll be o.k., as I wiped blood from her feet
She said mommy says we'll be waiting, with God in heaven
I'll never forget how my heart was broke, there in the street
That day I lost my pride and joy, to some drunken men

Oh! I still recall that dark sad day, when the Angels came
And how they took my baby girl, along home with them
Oh how the stars did shine that night, up in the sky
And how the day was dark, when we buried her
Now all I have are memories, of her smiling face
In the photograph hanging on the wall, and beside my bed
Oh how my tears did fall that day, the Angels came
And when they took my baby girl, home with them

Oh! I still recall that dark sad day, when the Angels came
And how they took my baby girl, along home with them
Oh how my tears did fall that day, the Angels came
And when they took my baby girl, home with them

This Is a sad song, Not a true story

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Winter Love

Another flake that fades away,
Another love that cannot stay,
An empty body a broken heart,
Another nightmare waits to start.

Another leaf falls off a tree,
Another family left to flee,
The battered babe and torn up mum,
Another dream has come undone.

Another circle of endless hate,
Another innocent at the gate,
I know it hurts and I will weep,
To let my little angles sleep.

And so another confession ends,
Another day to comprehend,
I know that we are split apart,
Just know you are always in my heart. 

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Rhapsody in Three

On the day they united
The first song was born
The moon ceased it’s orbit
They took Earth by storm
Oh perfect endeavor
They designed second song
Terribly clever
Yet sweet and so strong
With piano and voice
With word and with pen
They made it happen
Again and again
Fire, subtle and fleeting
Quenched before it could start
A ballad so lovely
Twas’ the sound of a heart
Somehow the magic
Began to subside
It became more illusive
The harder they tried
So broken as they tore apart
She left behind her soul
Consumed by an aching heart
Just waiting to grow old
She looked ‘cross the courtyard
Her hands clenched up tight
As a familiar face
Appeared in the light
Time stood still with memories
From over the years
Back came the laughter
The pain and the fears
I don’t want to fall, she said
Therefore I will not fly
Take me with chains
To the land of goodbye

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Keagan, Innocence lost

Dear stupid diary,

I woke up, had my cup of coffee, fixed my hair and painted my face. Pretty normal morning, thought I’d call a friend see if they wanted to meet up or maybe go see my boyfriend Calvin and go to the mall or something. I didn't know that I would become so angry so soon in the day. My friend Mickey called, I've known her since my freshman year back at barlow, she was a quiet pip squeak mouse and I was the big mouthed, girl that everyone knew. Shes been my best friend since forever, shes like my sister. Anyway she called crying, hardly able to hear the words over her gasps. Her baby nephew died, in his sleep. Not even one year old and gone, want to know how they found him? His older brother, only four years old, was crying, holding his little body trying to wake him up. Kaden was screaming cause he didn't understand why his baby brother wouldn't get up and play with him like he always did after naps. How could a baby die? Just like that, happy and laughing one minute then gone. It's bull*****like this that proves my point; there is no god. No all mighty, no one power, no anything. You cannot pray and ask him back, you cannot beg and plead for him to return your son, you only get silence and a mothers cry. I am so angry at the world, so angry! Why do rapists, abusers, child molesters, criminals get to live but little children don't get to start living. The ones who could change the world, the ones who will be someones soulmate, president, the one who finds the cure for cancer. They all die, innocent faces, tiny fingers and toes, bright eyes, why don't they get a chance to prove they are worth the world. Right now His mom and dad, Chris and Candice, are sitting in a cold, sterile lobby waiting, just waiting to hear how their beautiful son died. To the doctor it's just another case, another dead body, but no his name was Keagen and his wasn't even one. So take a moment and think: how could such a amazing baby die. Is there really a god or is it all a lie. I’m betting it's all just a ****ing lie!

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this baby

this baby that is born on christmas day
why is he here
why did he live
this baby was born to take our sins
yet we feast and party christmas
we don't bless this child 
we don't care that he is born
we don't care that he died on the cross
we don't understand what he was for
this baby born on christmas day

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The heartbeat

Every night when i'm laying my head to rest
and i hear your heartbeat on my chest 
lets me know that i'm doing alright

i thought i lost you in that hospital room
when they couldn't find a beat
it scared me to death and my heart skipped
we all seen the line and thought you were dead

But that night i looked up
and within the tears running down my cheek
i saw an angel watching over him and me 
she looked at me and smiled then flew away
i looked at my baby and saw him awake

I didn't know what to believe
but i saw that angel in front of me
i thank her every night i lay my head to say goodnight
cause the beat i feel on my chest 
is in my arms and not laid to rest 

My baby just turned 5 today 
his heart beat had faded away
but i'm glad i got all i could get with him
for the angel who saved him has taken him
but before he went he said to me
the angel you saw i can now see
 she is standing right in front of me
goodbye mommy and i love you daddy 

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It Hurts

So many emotions 
Irritation,Sad, Annoyed, Hopeless
Trying to Stay Positive
You were stolen from me
So much pain to endure
I know its supposed to get easier
but it hurts just the same
I should see you in a beautiful dress, 
a bow in your hair, white patent leather shoes
Death all around me.  Where is the love?
God is Love.

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Wicked Gift

I don’t know what I’m meant to say,
To make this feeling go away,
This aching pain and lonely love,
For my daughter and son above.

There little faces I can see,
In my mind so vividly,
Smeared with blood and crying loud,
But this pain I can’t say aloud.

I wish they could be at peace,
Seated up in heavens feast,
Not condemned to wonder on,
For something they have not done.

It seems to me that God is cruel,
And there for He’s not fit to rule,
To let my babes burn to dust,
Because of their parents lust.

I will save them if I can,
Even if I’m asking Pan,
To take my babes and make them sleep,
Even if this makes me weep.

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Little One

You came
You saw
But you didn't conquer 
Taken away from this world
Just as soon as you started 
Those closed eyes finally opened
But soon closed again
Why you?!
(Tiny bundle of joy
Little bouncing baby boy)
(Brought into this world
Little precious baby girl)
Small and innocent
Only several weeks old
Felt your heartbeat
Feel my heartbreak
Rest in peace little one

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Missing You.......

Missing You......
Why aren't you here?
I sure could use your help.
Your daughters so beautiful.
Grown up so fast, so fine.
The diapers you changed when she was young.
The games you played and books you read.
She still needed a dad throughout the years.
The good times, the bad.
The laughter, the tears.
I miss daddy, the words I did hear.
When you were here, you did the best that you could.
She`s Daddy's Baby Girl, without any doubt.
Until one day there was a knock at the door.
It was news from a friend.
You weren't with us any more.
They said there was a fire and you had died.
Trying to save your sister.
Who also didn't survive.
And so your Baby Girl, really misses her dad.
And to this day, when she thinks and speaks about you.
Tears fill her eyes.
But she doesn't`t let anyone know she`s going to cry.
She hold those tears back till she`s all alone.
And thinks of her Daddy.
Who has been in her heart all along.

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Morning Star

Across her village far deep in to the forrest Morning Star found peace and 
contentment. Here away from her village, the young girl enjoyed the daylight 
hours with the sounds and beauty of nature and it's animals. Beyond the forrest 
the mountains held a mystery all their own. Their beauty touched her soul and 
spirit yet they seems so far off to her.Her thoughts wondered what lay over them 
and what new world lay beyond those haunting peaks reaching to the sky.
    Suddenly the early morning was shattered by the sounds of gunfire. With all 
the men gone hunting no one was there to protect the village. Morning Star's 
thoughts were of not only the others in the village but of her mother and baby 
sister, she had to get back to them. Screams of women and children cut through 
the forrest as the scent  of smoke and the sounds of horses grew closer.  
Suddenly the sounds began to fade and only the smell of smoke remained. As 
she stood at the clearing, Morning Star saw what was left of her village. Unable to 
move as her eyes looked across the bodies of women and children laying all 
around. Tears filled her eyes as she walked by so many searching for her 
mother and baby sister, hoping that they had fled to safety. There in the dirt lay 
her mother clutching her baby sister, both dead. How could this have happened? 
How could the soldiers have done this to them?
  Morning Star placed a blanket over her their lifeless bodies and slowly walked 
away. Her life as she knew it was gone, dead along with her mother and baby 
sister. She was the only survivor.  Slowly she walked back into the forrest. Dusk 
was beginning and the forrest would keep her safe for the night. Tomorrow she 
would search for a way up to the mountains, there she would find a path to her 
destiny and what the spirits have chosen for her. She would be the only one to 
tell the story of all who had been lost this day. She would be the only one to keep 
their story alive for generations after this.

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Crying into the night

As i cry into the night
I refuse to thing everything is alright,
Then the wind breaks down my door
Demanding more and more.

I can't take it 
as my hallway is lit
I see the face of death
then my foggy breath

As he raises his scythe high above his head
My last seconds are seeing my own bloodshed
As i fade into the darkness
I know my life will end in blackness

I reappear seeing my bloody body
Blood blood Bloody Bloody
Death laughs
'You were as helpless as a baby calf'

We walk to the basement then through the wall
We walk down the bone filled halls
The silent is as dead as the bones
As far as were going we might meet Davy Jones

We come to a stop in a room full of fog
it  seems to be as dense as a baby hog
Then colors appear into familiar shapes 
Finally i recognize the hand sewn drapes

Everyone's talking
then one comes walking
I recognize her golden hair
This girl was always so fine and fair

'In loving memory' 
She says as she holds up the symbol of holy
with tears in here eyes she sets the cross down 
Then she walks away in a silky gown 

Im interupted by voices 
'you have many more choices'
I awake in my bed
it...It was all in my head

I thought i was dead
But again it was all in my head
I sit up and smile
Ill be here for a while

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Little Victim

Little baby in the dark
Waiting for your chance to start
For days on end, you've been alone
Longing for a loving home

Tiny fingers, tiny toes
Mommy's blue eyes, Daddy's nose
More precious than a pot of gold
Or any treasure earth can hold

Dear Child, you'll never know your birth
For you've been denied your worth
The very ones you think you trust
Choose not to treat you fair and just

You'll never take life's first breath
Or cradle at your mother's breast
You'll never feel life's joys and pains
The sunshine's warmth, the cool, wet rain

So many things you'll never know
And numerous places you'll never go
Because, convenience rules the day
And selfish motives have their say

But--animal's rights are well seated
And law is broke if they're mistreated
Too bad you're not a baby seal
Then death's cruel blow you would not feel

So innocent and defenseless
Newborn babies should be priceless
Instead, they'll throw you in the trash
In exchange for some cold hard cash

And not just you, but everyday
Thousands more die in the same way
A silent holocaust of the unborn
In the U.S.A., home of the (free?) forlorn

Little Victim in the dark
Waiting for your birth to start
For days on end,you've been alone
Longing for a loving home

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Wake Up

                                    No more can I stand
                                  No more must I can bare
                   My painted Heaven is my boys,wife,and my rocking chair.
                  As simple as it sounds,its not in my cards;but I can relent;
                                Too Hell with this;Simple.My bliss
                            Bliss,wish,Thought I may.My glass is still have full
                                        Yet on the twenty-fith I can say.
          The worst holiday that I can remember,well just another December
                              Everyone is gone,no words to stand tall
                                   I feel beat,I can never sleep
                           Though when I wake I promise I shall smile
                                  Even if it as been  awhile.
                            We all will die yet few shall truly live
                                In this year I've lost two kids.

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The Neverborns

Slightly breathing, just breathing
they wait to live.
In the warmth of their homes they remain.
Unknown to whom they belong.

There is love for them,
no one will ever know.
And care that no one can ever show,
For short liven are their destinies.

Their lives were like the moment between
Dawn and day, Dusk and night...
Small and fleeting. Passing by in a slow frenzy,
their powerless heartbeat and final fight.

Their absence has changed everything.
what if they'd been around, right now?
turning back time, I wish
was a possibility somehow.

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My Cat

Our Joe's died
20 Years I had our Joe
And then she died
My baby got sick
My baby was in pain
It's just a cat
But I pleaded with god
Make her well again
She wanted my bed
I'd sleep on the floor
She could have asked for the world
I'd have given her more
She lived my life
All the years with me 
And even in pain she stayed by my side
Then she asked me
By the look in her eyes
I'm tired I hurt
Please let me go
And it's just a cat
And I had to let her go
But my hearts broken
So dont try to tell me
That it's just a cat
Cos it was my cat 
My cat and I know

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The day of the roaring days
	By the moon has arrived with a pregnant girl;
And the mother from the farming
	Wheat raced with rejoice
Along the road that almost finished
	With the closing eyes of the girl. 

The day of the roading days
	By the moon has a little girl,
Yet the weak moonlight as a raped friend
	Has taken over the moaning living
Of a deed and alone the racing, a runner
	Who was living below the bells.
They said it was God who was calling
	In the wilderness, almost lost.

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My Sweet Angel

As the day turns to night,
And the sun starts to go down.
My smile starts to fade,
It turns into a frown.
As I walk outside,
The wind begins to blow.
The leaves begin to fall,
Everything is moving so slow.
I look up at the sky,
And I see a glowing star.
It seems so close,
But yet it's so far.
It reminds me of you,
Watching over me.
Floating in the heavens,
So careless and so free.
Do you like it up there?
I'm pretty sure you do.
If I was up there,
I'm sure I'd like it too.
Well I am getting sleepy,
So I'll probably go to bed.
Please find a fluffy cloud,
And rest your little head.
Good Night my Sweet Angel,
I'll always dream of you.
I'll see you again tomorrow,
Just like I always do!

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So hard to say good-bye

When can’t I look at the news and see bad things
Shot down dreams ,with people trying to make a hustle 
What’s all the fuss yo
Like last night dude was on his bike 
5 in his chest 2 landed at the right three rested in his left 
Just because he wouldn’t stand up for his hood 
Up to no good 
“Black male died at the age of 17”
never fulfilling his dreams 
He could have been a daddy 
Now he’s laying in the back of a black hurse caddy 
His momma’s crying saying 
I watched my baby dying laying there 
I couldn’t do anything about him
My only child
I don’t know if I could live without him
I always told him to stay out of trouble 
You know guns, drugs money the daily hustle 
I didn’t know that he wouldn’t listen 
Just like his father and now he’s with him
Stepping off the pool pit  face filled with tears 
She gave her baby a kiss 
A strange feeling she felt that murderers were in the mist 
Looking around the room 
The audience was confused 
But they knew what she was doing and were slightly amused 
Carefully sitting down trying not to drown in her own tears 
Just 17 years 
Every tear was like a memory 
Oh how she misses him 
Who’s going to call her momma 
Saying again and again 
He could have lived without all this drama 
Knowing her son was never coming back 
It’s so hard to say Good-bye  

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Twenty Christmas Angels

In a small, quiet town eleven days before Christmas, twenty-six people were shot they will surely be missed. A gunman took it upon himself to break into a school, the classrooms were filled with children he was being such a fool. My heart was sinking hard when I was sitting, watching the news, how can someone be this cruel? I was happy, now feeling so blue. In Newtown, Connecticut six beloved adults were shot, protecting their little Angels hatred to the school, the gunman brought. Twenty Christmas Angels being sent to God didn't deserve to die this way, my heart goes out to their parents hard to feel joy, with this coming Christmas day. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Dec.14/2012 In Newtown, Connecticut today, a gunman broke inside a school, took it upon himself to shoot and kill twenty-six children and teachers. Twenty of those innocent lives, were babies, aged, 5-10 years old. Let's pray for their souls and make sure we keep them all in our hearts, this Christmas Day. My heart goes out to those families, that have lost their loved ones, so close to Christmas. <3 :O'( <3

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Positive mother...

   I am a mother, I admit it. No reason to lie I am proud of my baby. I am a mother, 
ain't no shame I done laid in my bed and he was the outcome but I am proud. I am a 
mother, just 16 years old, daddy's not around and even if he was I wouldn't love him. He 
didn't hold me at night, he wasn't there I had to be my own teddy bear. Growing in 
hardship... My baby deserves what I didn't get. So I work hard... so ill say it again and 
i'm not ashamed. I am a mother, a positive one at that because even though the nights get 
cold I still think of the sunny days that lie ahead. I am a mother, Excuse me for my 
rudeness because some people seem to look at me like I shouldn't be proud of what I 
created. I am a mother, no reason to stare unless your going to congratulate or offer 
help I don't need your judgement. I am a mother, I breath and I sleep opportunities for 
my baby. I am a mother, through rain or shine I shouldn't be afraid to say it because 
he's the only one who ever really loved me. So excuse me if you think me holding my head 
up high is crazy. I will carry my extra weight... Contemplating what our faith will be. I 
am a mother, exceptense is what I seek and even if i'm an outcast my baby will stand by 
me. I am a mother, my knees may get weak... But I live for the struggle and I fight 
against the hustle so my baby can eat, so don't talk don't to me about being what I am... 
just bring me flowers when mother's day rolls around.

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I Am Missing My Baby Girl

Everyday I awake to the softness of the sun rays, shining brightly through my window 
panes, I wonder to myself as I wipe the sleep away, from my eyes, before I get on my 
knees to pray. I bow my head and close my eyes, to speak the words that comes from my 
hearts, forming into sentences that goes up toward the skies,
Lord hear me now for I am about to cry,
I am missing my baby girl,Lord I am so tired,
I am missing my baby girl, Lord help me I am feeling a little wired,
I am missing my baby girl, Lord my soul feels like it's on fire.

I feel her soul passing through these rooms, giving life to every flower as I watch them
bloom, I smell her scent past through these walls, like a fire leaving behind it's 
fumes,I see her smiling as if she were in front of me, listening to me, clapping for me, 
as I sing the blues.

I am missing my baby girl Lord, and I don't know what to do,

I am missing my baby girl, Lord I am so confused,

Heavenly father help me, clear my mind so I can just get through,

these terrible times as I lie hear listening to this priest read from the obituary at my

ten year old's funeral.

Lord I am missing my baby girl, oh Lord I need you 

so please, please, hear my prays to help me make it through.

By N. McCoy

(To Maria, In Loving Memory of Markita Weaver)

RIP Baby Girl We Miss You


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I felt myself slip away from you 
i can feel it now deep inside
im slipping away from you
letting myself go dying inside

i would love to see you one last time
i wish you were here before i say goodbye
i blame myself for everything
remember me baby you were my one and only

the pain is to strong right now honey
pray for me and hope i'm alright
i'm afraid I'll never see you past tonight

remember the love it was always there
remember my heart it was always yours

the things i should have said
are the things i should have done
now that im dying this is no longer fun

I dont want to wake at all
if i wake as the person i saw
when i looked in the mirror so long ago
after me and jess ended it all

youre not her so dont take it that way
but its my heart that has been broken
so many times even when i say
that i love you with all my heart baby 

i'm going away now to a place so far
i'm going away now please don't grieve so hard
not to a distant land or some place known
i'm going to the place where i'll be happy
a place i call home
i'll be waiting for you when the time is right
when the fields stop swaying and the waves are kind
I feel my soul slipping 
please don't take too much time.....

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No more handkerchiefs-

I can recall the first time she ever held me in her arms and looked into my 

eyes… she was more different than anyone else I would ever come to know.  It 

was the way that she touch me, that said to me, no harm would ever come upon 

you  as Iong as I was here... it was the way that she looked at me that told me 

how deeply she cared. As I got older sometimes I wouldn't always do 

what she told me to do. 

Somehow she still managed to let the warmth of her smile still come through, to 

despite her distain for what I had did, it was a look that said you can do better if 

you only try? I can’t bring her back to me... as I sit here by her final resting place. 

As these never ending blue tear drops flow down my face both night and day. 

Oh how I miss momma and wish that she we’re still here to wipe away my

blue tears? 

If she was still here, I know she would wipe away my blue tears... and she would 

pull out one of those old handkerchiefs that she kept in her old purse and 

she would then  say to me.., don’t cry my baby everything will be okay. Now blow 

your nose and let me see that smile on your face? 

As the six of those elderly men carried her down those steps and as I followed 

along, just thinking to myself...she can’t be gone? As they started to lower her 

beautiful white casket into it's final resting place, I did come to realize, no more 

would I see her smile that would make the pain go away and the boogieman 

seem like a bad friend misbehaving that when she would appeared he would 

just run away. Now here I stand a broken hearted man, but I weep like that baby 

she once knew years ago... I know momma has the Angels smiling and laughing 

up there? 

Truly God must have already known there was one Angel still left down here on 

earth and  that he needed them to to come back home, so he called for momma 

late one February night. God already knew about your warm kisses that could 

put the suns warmth to shame and he knew about hugs that you could

give that put a tight sweater to shame. 

I miss you momma, I know you are passing out those old handkerchiefs of yours 

from out of  that old purse you use to carry and wiping Angels noses and 

mending their wings...I miss you mother, but I'm sure they did too.


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The Gamin: From the Diary of Herald Hermit

I visited my sister-in-law at the hospital today
She had a beautiful baby boy of six pounds, seven ounces
His hair and eyes were painted brown and his brittle body had a big belly button 
with a bright bouffant tattoo on his bottom
He looked at me with eyes ironic of a curious cat; and quickly stared at his 
mother who was motionless asleep
With failed attempts to gather words to speak....
He cried, and cried, and cried...
Awakened by his tears she fed him

(An excruciating pain bites my body when the future breaks my present mirror)
And then the sky clouds filled my eyes
I watched as this baby boy inhaled seven years
Walking the streets as a gamin
No whereabouts, no nothing, my nephew...
His eyes were painted brown as was his hair
With eyes ironic of a curious cat
Upon the grave of his mother, motionless asleep
He cried, and cried, and cried

The pain had left my body
Six pounds, seven ounces
The mother awoke

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The Graves

The graves that are half the size of the others,
Always brings a tear to my eye.
Feeling the pain of the fathers and mothers
I grieve and then I cry.

My soft heart breaks, and I feel their pain,
As their tears fall on the fresh dirt.
Their son is not shining, he’s six feet under,
Just try to imagine their hurt.

They hug each other and cry awhile,
And hold each other tight.
Their baby died, and their lives grew dark,
And their son gave way to night.

The mother drops to her knees on the ground,
The young father follows behind.
Wishing to relive just once again,
The six months their little light shined.

They were driving along on the freeway,
Doing as they always do.
A drunk driver came across the median,
Making them flip a time or two.

The ambulances all came screaming,
Blood was every where,
The drunkard walked away without a scratch,
But little did the drunkard care.

The medics came over with a white sheet,
To cover the small corpse up.
The baby was dead from the sting of death,
He drank from that bitter cup.

The sun set on their six month old,
A little child was killed.
Life is not fair, as we all know.
Because the drunk driver lived.

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Rest In Peace Homie

Derek we miss you; Derek we love you,
We were homies, we were family there was nothing we couldn't do.
I can't say goodbye because you ain't really gone,
In my head and in my heart you will always live on.
Only seventeen with a baby on the way,
Don't worry homie we all gonna be okay.
But how could you leave us man how could you go,
Why God took you is something I just don't know.
I'm gonna be here for your baby and I'm gonna be here for your 'lil girl,
I only wish you were here to bring your baby into this world.
Sitting here alone, can't help but wonder why,
What was going through you head why you had to die.
I'm gonna see you soon I'll promise you that,
You know how we do, you know where your gurl's at.
I'm praying for you and for 'lil Whoaty,
I'm only going to say 
             Rest In Peace Homie

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Can I still sing you a lullaby(I hope this opens your eyes!)

"...and if that mocking bird don't sing... mamas gonna buy you a diamond ring"

Can I sing you a lullabye?
At night, when I can no longer fight the tears or pretend to be healed....
I sing to you
and beg you to forgive me?
Do you hear me?
Angel of my womb 
dagger to the heart 
I did it
I did it to myself
with no one to blame 
I contemplate suicide
and wear the shame 
on my sleeve
hoping someone will come up to me
and ask me how it feels to be a murderer
so I can look at them dead in the eyes and say
"I walk dead....
my soul committed suicide after that night"
baby... my baby... put up a fight.... betrayed by her creator...
all those pro choice persuaders
are killing the voice of tommorrow with their voices today 
i fell astray and following the clan 
I let them convince me that I had a plan and she just didnt fit in with it
innocence shattered with my choice
no chance to share her voice
I silenced it
body full of blood, and lost love, and a fields of children screaming begging 
pleading asking "wheres my mommy" "i want my mommy"
small clothing, childrens drawing... and me walking
while my baby bleeds
bleeds for my mistake
for my hate 
the moment you were conceived did u smile and thank God to be in me? 
Did I confuse you by feeding you and rubbign my belly
Did you prepare for you death.... 
Did you of think of your mommy as less?
No words can convey how much I miss you...
I wish for one second I could kiss you
inhale your smell and exude it with my love
Im haunted... 
I heard you cry that night
Saw you die that night
Could you ever forgive me?
the pain lives within me...
everyday ...i promise you... you'll always be my first
I dont want you to cry.... baby please forgive my sins... your memory lives within..
Can I still please sing one lullabye every night to remind you thats it alright... 
mommy is still here... and shes sorry....

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Through The Eyes Of A Child

I got home last night at four
Found the door open wide
and when I shut and locked the door
I stumbled over something inside
As I searched for the light
I heard my baby girl say
Daddy I'm alone here tonight
Mommy lays there and won't wake up

Then I felt her little arms
Squeeze tight around my leg
She said Mommy wasn't feeling good
And went to sleep there on the floor
And as the tears fell from eyes
My baby girl said, It's alright Daddy
Mommy will be up soon, I'm sure
That's when I fell to pieces

Through The eyes of a child
To young to understand
Through the eyes of a child
How can I tell her Mommy's gone

Then I told her Mommy went to heaven
And that God didn't need her body
She looked at me confused
And said Then Mommy's not up there
Then a hand touched my hand
And a voice said let me try
Then my baby girl turned to me
And said Daddy, I still have you

Through The eyes of a child
To young to understand
Through the eyes of a child
Grew up 'fast when Mommy died

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Dope Baby

She took it all, all that I had
But don’t think of her as bad
I love her anyway
Good or bad, either way

I ask, "We havin' that baby?"
She whispers, "Maybe."
Passin' out on my floor
My babys tryna get out that door

She shot it up every day at 2
I thought it was a lie but I found it was true
Dragging me into her game was her delight
There wasn’t any real reason to fight

Screamin’ in the middle of the night
Cold sweat, furious eyes, what a sight
Tellin’ her, "It’ll be ok, babe, dontcha worry,
the doc’ will be here in a hurry."

Showin’ up in black
I say, "Get my baby on track."
"Seems like shes withdrawin’, son,
it’ll be a long time ’till this battles won."

My baby lost the battle
No chance of hearin’ that rattle
She took herself, and my baby too
Thinkin’ to myself, "She coulda started new."

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from god above

they laid you in my arms,with all your innocent charm,i prayed to god above, for the 
rest of her life,let her live in love." your first word, your first  smile, your first day of 
school,my how you grew.. through sickness and in health, rain or shine, god gave 
you to me on loan,for a short time. now a grown woman with a child of her own,my 
how shes grown {shelby},with hair as red as when her mama was born,given only to 
you ,on loan from god above, to you jenny : with love. they laid her in your arms,with 
all her sweet charm,you prayed to god above, for the rest of her life let her live in 
love.. her first smile, her first word, her first baby step. MY ... babys face lit up like 
gods stars, as i watched them grow together,my memories from afar... theyre first 
word, theyre first smile,   theyre first baby step,for the rest of theyre lives,let them 
live in gods love.....

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A Thing Called Death

A thing called death,
How could it be?
That it would take,
Both of my babies.

October the 25th,
The day would be,
That my firstborn
I would get to see.

A life cut short,
By a thing called death.
My baby boy never,
Got to take his first breath.

Some time in December,
My baby girl
Would have been born
Into this world.

A life cut short,
By a thing called death.
My baby girl never,
Got to take her first breath.

This thing called death,
How could it be?
That something so cruel,
Would take my babies.

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(This is a fictional poem)

I lost the most precious thing on Earth.
My beloved wife died during childbirth.
I pushed her to have a baby even though the doctor told us not to.
Now that she's gone, I can't stand this unbearable pain I'm going through.
She was diabetic and I should've known better.
My life became complete on the day that I met her.
But now she's dead and I know that I'm the one to blame.
When they buried her, I knew that life would never be the same.
The baby also perished on that horrible day.
I wish somebody would shoot me and take the pain away.

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Can you hear me?

Inspired by the Story of Silvestre Martinez, Jr ( RIP) 
Helped by Adrian Blanco

Can you hear me when I cry 
When I pray for you at night. 
I wish you were here 
And it just wasn’t right 
For you to be taken from us . 
To no longer be apart. 
Of all of our lives. 
It breaks all of our hearts. 
I miss the way we joked. 
You made everyone laugh. 
I loved you baby brother. 
Through the good times and the bad 
I know that your  here 
Watching over us everyday. 
Making sure that the family and I are doing OK 
You were a true friend to anyone 
You had a romantic soul. 
I loved all of your poems . 
Even though I never told you so 
I wish I could go back . 
And change everything about the past.. 
And be a big sister . 
And always have your back.. 
So many people judged us . 
But never could see. 
We were just like everyone else 
Just suffering from disease 
Without you baby brother 
I feel so alone.. 
I love you so much .. 
With all of my Corazon. 
Can U Hear Me?

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To My Mommy

I’m now a free spirit dancing in the storm.
I bend with the breeze, carefree twirling in the rain.
I wander here and there,
Kissing my mom before I go.

Together I get to see you for the first and last time for an instant,
Only to say goodbye with tears.
With love we embraced only to be gone so way to fast
I’m a little angel sent from up above.
Yet I laid to rest so quickly,
Before you can even accept I’m gone.

On this earth, you gave me love,
But science had numbered my time to stay.
I stole your hearts before I left.
Mommy I’m sad that I’m gone from you.

I’m not gone Mommy, 
I’m the sun that shines and fluffy white clouds.
Rainbows and butterflies are now my play things.
I’ll always be around you, 
Watch from the tree way up high.
Yet you won’t see me mommy, but I’ll see you.

One day I will see you again mommy
When your time is over, I will come and get you,
And we will walk with glee, up above the blue sky.
We will be proud to tell you with a smile,
I’m stronger because of you...having been with you for a while.

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too young too ?

Screams erupt in the alley below, 15 years old, she had no where to go.

The baby is ready and well on it’s ways, to bad it won’t live through one day.

Her cries go unanswered, and then silence, when I here her say, “it’s a girl,” 

“My baby girl” Then her body goes limp in a failed attempt to look into her

Baby’s eyes, the baby feels the loss, she closes her eyes, and slowly she dies.

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The baby we never knew

The baby we never knew                                          R.I.P 2008
Is the one we made together
The baby we never knew
Is the one we named
The baby we never knew 
Is the one we will never 
The baby we never knew
Is the one that will be watching
over us
The baby we never knew 
will live on in our hearts forever

L.R Thomson
we will never forget you

love your mother 
Marie smith

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Perfect Soul

You was always there to hold me when I cried
You was always proud. Even when i failed
You  would smile and say but baby you tried
When strom winds wailed
You would be right be side me
telling me it woyld be okay
wait baby and see
tomorrows going to be a wonderful day
You told me once God only made angels out of perfect souls
So I know thats what you are now
Because yours was made of pure gold
I hope to see you someday some how
I miss you so much everyday
But go and spread your wings and fly to heavens door
I know in my heart you will always stay
Even on that golden shore