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Pain Cowboy Poems | Cowboy Poems About Pain

These Pain Cowboy poems are examples of Cowboy poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Pain Cowboy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Hike

On a hike up Old Whiskey,
she soon found me frisky, 
I'm guessin it must of been the thin air.
so  we found it best, in a cave just west, 
of whats know to most, as Old Bear.

While we captured the moment, and sat there gloatin,
about the 2 minute memory we made.
When we started gettin,  all kinds of itchin,
in places I can't really say.

Well, it appears we sat there a bit too long,
and the ants that lived there took it all wrong.
The wife and I were covered it seems,
head to toe in a red ant stream.

Well we jumped about and screamed a lot,
stripped off our cloths and slapped each red blot.
We ran down the path shaking our cloths on the way,
hoping to avoid the red stings of pain.

With little red blotches all over us,
we couldn't help but laugh at this painful predicament.
We checked each other over from head to toe,
standing there naked as a jay bird ya know.

When suddenly with shameful awareness of being watched
A Park Ranger is standing there writing a ticket for us.
We covered ourselves as best we could,
and started explaining each step where we should.

The Ranger looked at us with a bit of doubt,
turned and started to walk about,
with a bit of a smirk on his stern looking face,
he smiled and started to walk away.

He said; "It appears you've already paid your due,
and the embarrassment is really quite obvious on you. 
So put on your cloths,  and be on your way 
and next time Hike;
instead of play."