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Couplet Jesus Poems | Couplet Poems About Jesus

These Couplet Jesus poems are examples of Couplet poems about Jesus. These are the best examples of Couplet Jesus poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Spirital Womb

The tragedy of a Miracle started today
Our Lord’s brutalized body passed away 

Of all the tragedies in the history of man
This is one I try to grasp, but never can

For some reason I find it impossible to see
We crucified the greatest man in our history

Through all of the gain and all of the loss
It was a predestined coin man had to toss

I wonder how Pilot must have felt that day
He washed cowards hands in a cowardly way

Beaten and tortured, his skin ripped to shreds
As a thorny crown dug holes into Jesus’ head

While nailed to the cross he had one final goal
Through the mercy of love he saved another soul

He saved that soul and then our Lord Jesus died
Can you imagine the countless tears that were cried?

As we all know Jesus' body was placed into a tomb
To my minds eye it was no less than a spiritual womb 

And from inside that womb salvation was born
For the tomb was found empty come Sunday morn

This is not how the story ends it is only how it starts
The Lord now lives up inside each one of our hearts

Even those lost in Prison, the ones like I used to be
Can turn to the Lord and then they will be set free

Freedom is a thing that I think we all strive to find
It is etched in our heart and engraved in our mind

I was locked up in a cell nestled tightly away
Facing several years that I would have to pay

Up inside of that cell I made my own decree
A true miracle was taking place inside of me

I was a very evil man and I was so proud to show it
In the wink of an eye I was transformed into a Poet

I learned there is only one way to truly be free
Ask of the Lord, “ Jesus please come unto me”

And just as the Lord Jesus Christ rose up out of his tomb
We can all live with-in the comfort of his spiritual womb

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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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A Is For Angel, Z Is For Zeal

A is for Angels who guard us night and day.
B is for Blessings that God sends our way.

C is for Church, a body of believers.
D is for Devil, that hateful deceiver.

E is for Eternal Life Christ purchased with His blood.
F is for Faith in God to keep us from giving up.

G is for Grace, God's undeserved favor.
H is for Heaven, our future home forever.

I is for Incarnation, God became a man.
J is for Jesus, the Son of God, the Great I Am.

K is for Kingdom, God's kingdom will never end.
L is for Love, on God's love we can depend.

M is for Miracles, wondrous things only God can do.
N is for New Birth - if you'll believe in Jesus, you'll be born anew.

O is for Obedience, God's Word we must obey.
P is for Promises, God keeps the ones He's made.

Q is for Quick,our Lord is quick to forgive our sin.
R is for Resurrection, Jesus died but rose again.

S is for Scripture, God's love letter to you and me.
T is for the Truth we'll find if the Scriptures we will read.

U is for Unity, in Christ we are united as one.
V is for Victory, through Jesus our battles are won.

W is for Worship, our God is worthy of honor and praise.
X is for X-alt the Lord with voices and hands raised.

Y is for Yahweh, the Hebrew name for God, so holy.
Z is for Zeal, a fervent devotion to God wholly.

This is just a taste of the treasure you will find,
If you will read and study God's holy Word divine.


For Cyndi's Z is for Zariah ABC Couplet contest.

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Is Jesus in a box, hmmm…, let’s see,
Jesus in a six sided container? That’s hard to visualize for me.

Who’d put him in? Better yet, who’d take him out?
Is he really in there? That could cast some serious doubt.

What a tidy package is your Jesus in a box.
Would you have your Jesus dressed, or only in socks?

If “Jack” looked ridiculous in his spring loaded box,
would that mean Jesus should wear similar frocks?

How would we get him to far flung destinations?
Would UPS carry him without preparations?

Would he be bathed before he was laid inside?
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”  Recall the aside?

If you brought some vocal atheists to this table,
surely they’d sponsor legislation for a Biohazardous label?

Would Jesus still be relevant in Antarctica or the Sahara?
Remember they were late comers to a Christian era.

So I’m thinking, Jesus is not in a box, as far as I can tell.
If he was, it would likely be his permanent “death knell.”

For me, I like things the way they currently exist.
Jesus in a box, no, that’s just not something I’d like to mix.

For the Jesus in a box contest.

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Copyright © 2013

Politicians' greed seems to hover
  Over our lives, a simmering cover

Separation of Church and State?
  Satan planned mankind's fate

As in the days of Noah, sin did hover
  Over their land like locusts do cover

The faithful do not fret what is hovering
  By HIS Blood, the Lord is still covering

Our leaders refuse to make a deal
  When enthralled by Satan's Will

Politics, and selfish greed
  Failing our Nation's need

Obama-Care, a change that's fair
  Or, struggling against Satan's lair?

But, ye faithful remember the heavens hover
  Till horns blow clearing clouds that do cover.

by: LP
edited: 6 Aug 2013 - 8:22pm
         25 Sep 2013  - 8:13pm

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Treachery, misery, things brought by insanity. Places know in Abysmal Fog.
Like Parricide, and infanticide. Things purchased from the blackest soul.
Teeming with and saturated by a malevolence only known as ABYSS

Darkness can only be fed by what was once lucidity turned to insanity.
Homicide, suicide, killing for pleasure, and the grandest must be Regicide.
We struck our liege down once … why not again! All it will cost is a fading soul

Freedom’s laid to rest in a country gone insane
Peoples hates and fears forgotten through all the pain
Political powers ruling the soul of human race
Grasped in the clutches of democracy 
Leaves the mind with a blackened space

Two thousand years since Jesus Died
All is lost no hope no pride
Went to the lash to save us pain
Amassed our fortunes for nothing but gain
Went to the cross to give us existence
Through blood shot eyes we give back resistance 

Two thousand years since Jesus died
All is lost no hope no pride
Shed his blood to forgive our sins
Gave our money to do it again
A crown of thorns he wore for us
A gown of gold we hold for us
The cross he carried, no warrant, no cry
The coffers we fill, we never care why.
So maybe it’s time for His Own kind of crime
This thing we saw before …. Called Genocide


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What Is Truth, Question Mark

 "What is truth?" Pilate plainly asked, 
 if a relative lens is one's looking glass. 

 What's right for you is different for me. 
 We haven't the same perfect eyes to see. 

 Do we seek to define our own, 
 when who could know truth but God alone? 

 How can one know which truth is right, 
 if holding a broken glass and not viewing with light? 

 How do we know God really exists? 
 The answer's written on our fingerprints. 

 We are made in His perfect image, 
 but the curse of sin reveals the damage. 

 A moral conscience is painted within. 
 It becomes more tainted the more we sin. 

 Where is the standard, if our conscience is led? 
 Some are soft, while others are hardened. 

 It's okay to murder the innocent, 
 an ignorant mob was convinced. 

 The bible says murder's a sin. 
 Is it THE Word, or a cultural spin? 

 Jesus claims," I am THE way, THE truth, THE life." 
 But people sometimes give this strife. 

 What sets Him apart from all the others? 
 He's the only one that saves without works. 

 God came down, as Jesus in humility. 
 He reaches to us, while others seek to reach. 

 Who is this God people try to understand? 
 What is our purpose, and what is His plan? 

 This is a great mystery, revealed in prayer. 
 Is truth found in Jesus, or elsewhere? 

 "What is truth?" people still ask today.
 Where are you going, and who leads the way?

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Life on the wing

The stained colored glass of flying things                                                                       as the dragon flies beauty of true beings                                                                      from creation flying from the fifth day                                                                        myths may fly after the seventh phase                                                                       devil is in the details but he has no wings                                                                     upon his belly he must go lying to everything                                                                    Heavenly-fall -Sky-Luxuriant-Dragon-lord of flies-Youth                                                 but proof is older and will outlast the lies for it is truth                                                       God’s creatures receiving the blame from the inane                                                           as in man’s dismay superstitions give way to bane                                                           To some Horse stinger devils dart devil's needle ear sewer                                               to some it is the nymphs giving rise to an ancient lore                                                   Power of flight and light but Lucifer’s lies will not stay                                                    land and water the beast does rise not to your dismay                                                     It is not a dragon that will ever again fly for truth does rise                                              is a story of a simple creation of God’s winged things do fly                                             The truth is a dragonfly’s glassy wings and birds do sing                                                    God is true love and does give life to all on the wing

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Perfect Star

Star of Heaven, come to earth;
lead us once again to our Savior's birth.

Speak the language from God's own lips;
grant us nectar in honeyed sips.

Invade our hearts with revealing light;
accept our praises this holy night.

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Talking to Jesus on New Year's Eve

I stand at the door of the New Year, longing to come in
to inner sanctum of your heart that I may live within

Do not stand outside and knock, the door is open wide
I beg you not to hesitate, come make your home inside

Beloved, how can that be when sin stands in the way
Allow me to clear it all so we can commune and pray

Please, clean up my heart of all that displeases you
I want to surrender myself to taste your love so true

Then claim ME Master of your life, and I'll complete this task
Listen closely to my voice, and do just what I ask

Your eyes open now to see time slipping through your hand
Soon I will come again to take you to Promised Land

Is the longing of your heart safety under my wings?
Then give yourself now to me, not matter what life brings

Don't you know I need you so to be forever mine
When nothing you hold back, I will gift you life sublime

I love you more than my own life, died your love to win
You break my heart when you hold back, clinging to your sin

I wander far away from you, though to my heart you're dear
At this time when New Year starts, I feel your presence near

So it is, I make this vow, to make you my desire
Ignite with your Spirit, Lord, so I can blaze with fire

I proclaim, in holy Name, to make a brand new start
of a life in which You are sole Sovereign of my heart.... 

Eileen Manassian

I wrote this as a responsive prayer for a church service we had in Nicosia during which we brought in the New Year as a community of believers. I've embellished it and changed the response from All to Me. There is so much that God wants to bless us with through Christ...we just have our hearts full of so many things that we can't receive it all. I know there is much for me to ponder on tonight....Wishing you every blessing...

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A Dark Fantasy

I’m on a planet with a golden kiss
It shimmers with glory, such bliss!

As I zoom in, it turns into a dark land
Peep in, I’m afraid, I cannot stand!

In darkness, I see a bright glowing tower
Inside, a plethora of so called ‘man’ power

Zoom in; I see ‘beast’ kind disguised as ‘man’ kind
Alas! Not a single kind beast could I find

I hear roars of uncivilized beings
And moans of so-called weaklings

I see a trail of emotional turmoil
Those 7 deadly sins wrapped in a dazzling foil

Gifted to humanity, his power, his grey matter
It separates humans from animals and allows us to shatter

The once created planet with a golden kiss
Will it ever show the signs of holy bliss?

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A Place In The Sun

Shelter from the shattering storm.
I seek you God to keep me warm.

Deep in my heart I have no doubt.
My wounded soul is turned about.

He gathers me in His comforting arms.
Shines forth to keep me from all harms.

The radiance from His beautiful face
lights my journey and brings me grace.

With a band of cherubim by His side
Lord Jesus begs me not to hide.

" Don't worry child" He says to me.
"The stripes on my back will set you free"

This gives me hope for joyful days
as I bask in His glorious rays.

I could not have a dearer friend.
With Jesus life will never end.

for the contest "A Place In The Sun"
sponsored by Gail Angel

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Copyright © 2012 
(A Purpose So Clear) 

Like children we fear 
  In secret a somber tear 

Like learning to walk 
 Babies listen to talk 

And reach for a hand 
  To help them stand 

This too, we all must do 
  By HIS Hand made anew 

by: LP

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Road to Over

Unwrapping both a blessing and a curse, extracts	
Love’s essence painting souls and framing them abstracts.
Too brazen into Jung’s collective we were when,
Our fists were punching holes up through the floors of Heaven.
We knew the fools from those among the wise who cherish,
But that denying harlot Fate, had to be selfish.
Now under burden of this heavy and cruel loss,
Pain’s pressing pitch to blacken the abandoned cross.

Among the broken pieces that will fall this way.
The mausoleums that will be cap stoned today.
In paper coffins lay the letters of their last,
To reconcile this day, or others from the past.
Possessions that become departing gifts to friends.
A rotting, cold corpse they will be, when passed again.

Those stalking zombies out of reach and courting hate
Caressing defense of an unforgiving state.
Must they forget the lover’s pages bled in ink.
Escape in substance high, and falling drunk in drink.

As desperation quickly fills their beds with drones.
The futile chains attempts, when weakness is alone.

To look again to see the gift from ending’s split.
A testimony of a truth embracing it.
For what this life has taken, in return, it gave.
Event Horizons welcome us beyond the grave.

Some morsels kept out of the ruins of our dreams.
A loving Christ’s hands will to heal and stitching seams.

His wisdom and his patience walking me still slower.
His ways are guiding me, in these, the years to over.


Iambic Hexameter
(Five ending iambs were substituted with amphibrachs)

Contest: Structured forms - Iambic verse - Sketch a fictitious character II
Sponsor: Giorgio A. V.
Entrant: Rob Carmack
Poem posted: 01.07.15

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Jesus Is

Jesus is teacher, a leader, a friend 
who has  freely given us love with out end,
a healer, brother and our Savior too,
showing the way of salvation for you
and also for me, if we only believe
and open our hearts his love to receive.
Praises to God for the Son that he sent
to make us worthy of glorious intent
the Blessed Redeemer  who is waiting for you
with his given promise and hope that is true.
No one is so wicked he cannot repent 
of the base, immoral life he has spent
for God will forgive him and Jesus has paid
for all of the sad mistakes we have made. 
So call on His name and give up your sin,
everlasting life in Heaven to win.



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Dear John, Deer Lady

On the forest edge young beautiful and wild                                                             though you call singing of love, so subtly mild                                                                 with your long dark locks you offer caress                                                                   Doe’s eyes all a mist and cleaving breast                                                                       So often, did I failed the test when I was young                                                        leaping upon chance take the dance then run                                                                  On the forest edge young beautiful and wild                                                             though you call singing, so inviting you smiled                                                            Growing wiser in this world of so many tracks                                                             some to better days, some you never come back,                                                          So now I know where I and you have trod                                                                       behind I see skin deep beauty something odd                                                                    On the forest edge young beautiful and wild                                                                    I reject you now, your offer of love is standing wiled                                                        So the younger may learn not to follow your wind rose                                                 Show them who you are a wolf wearing deer clothes                                                  Tearing many a young  men’s heart, running like a hart                                             singing of love so subtly mild, smiling teeth bloody tart                                                   On the forest edge young beautiful and wild                                                                mended heart running true for I am God’s child

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The Man From Nazareth

Useless legs were made strong and walked,
Deaf ears heard and the speechless talked.
Sightless eyes were filled with light,
And all marveled at these wondrous sights.

With just a word, the demons fled,
A friend who died, raised from the dead.
Lepers were healed with a loving touch,
Sinners forgiven, though they had sinned much.

At a wedding, He turned water into wine.
With tax collectors and "sinners" he dined.
His actions made the Pharisees mad,
Their hardened hearts made Him sad.

He was just a carpenter, the people thought,
Until they heard the way He taught.
As He walked among them as a man,
They were blinded to His heavenly plan.

Who was this man from Nazareth?
Who promised life instead of death?
Though with human feet this earth He trod,
He was Jesus, the Son of God.


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Orchid Girl in Love........(Congratulations For our SweetHeart of Poetry soup and Her Ron)


           What can I wish to a dear friend, who always listens and understand?
              As She says her sacred vows,as she wears her wedding band.
             What can I wish for you,Our precious jewel, Sweet Linda Marie?
         May your House be a Home,filled with peace,great cooking and serenity.
         May Respect be your daily bless,and Happiness your long life dress.
         May you be patient in times of stress,May you be naked of stubborness.

         May you both live up to loyalty,Success to marriage is Honesty
        May you be lovers till you grow old,snuggle and kiss so passionately.
        May you find joy,Our lovely dove,May you find dreamland,Forever Love,
        as Jesus hold his hands upon you,as Jesus smiles from High above.

(To One of my best great friends on P.S Linda and Her beloved Ron)
    Wrapped with much love and best wishes On your Dream Day

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The sound of light

The sound of true light ringing in your ears                                                                     nothing to fear from the reapers that are here                                                                   Not superstitious but for whom it tolls is true                                                                     listen clearly and then you will see too                                                                            Angels singing like the cricket's melody                                                                         Glory to God in the highest a symphony                                                                        Peace on earth good will towards men                                                                   Piercing to the joints and marrow the Amen                                                                   word's that formed you and I from on high                                                                        in the valley of decision let them come nigh

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Out of the Same Mouth

I wonder what would Jesus say
If He were to walk into the fray
Would He point and accuse
The volatile atmosphere confuse
Would he spend time to malign
Place on forheads, the devil’s sign
Would He just point and then jeer
Behind cupped hand, at others sneer
With sealed lips would he stare
Would his children, He compare?

This is what I believe He’d do
When He walks into the milieu
With tears pouring from His eyes
Burdened down by all the lies
He’d point to His wounded side
“For EVERY sinner I have died!” 
That means me, and that means you
No one is perfect; I thought you knew
Oh, how His heart breaks every day
From the vile things His children say
With the same mouth they bless and curse
All this only make the matters worse…
The blood that drenched the wooden cross
Was not meant to be spilled for loss
It cleanses sin with crimson glow
And makes each heart as white as snow
The Book of Records is in His hands
We all will meet that book’s demands
We all must answer for what we’ve done
Standing before God’s only Son

So here is some advice from me
If you want to taste eternity
Make amends and apologize
Be justified in heaven's eyes
Then close the book and walk away
And for the hurt ones pray and pray
Only Jesus is without sin
Invite His Holy presence in
Forgive, forgive, and then be done
Tis with His love that hearts are won.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

“Christ Himself did not suppress one word of truth, but He spoke it always in love. He exercised the greatest tact, and thoughtful, kind attention in His intercourse with the people. He was never rude, never needlessly spoke a severe word, never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul. He did not censure human weakness. He fearlessly denounced hypocrisy, unbelief, and iniquity, but tears were in His voice as He uttered His scathing rebukes.  He wept over Jerusalem, the city He loved, that refused to receive Him, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. They rejected Him, the Saviour, but He regarded them with pitying tenderness, and sorrow so deep that it broke His heart. Every soul was precious in His eyes.” (Desire of Ages)

James 3: 8 – 11: But no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.

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Do we put Jesus in a Box contest

God came down and became a man
He wanted to fully understand
Since the consequence for sin has always been death
Jesus had to Indore our punishment up until his very last breath
He became the ultimate sacrifice
So all mankind did not have to pay the price
His 33 years on this earth science can fully prove, and his horrific death was recorded in history
The miracles Jesus performed, to a believer, hold no questions or mysteries
Many struggle with the concept that Jesus was God in man form
However, he did this so he could guide us through our life storms
God knew there was no other way
To save man from their future judgment day
He saw that humans had limited power 
To resist temptation and be their own strong tower
So he sent his son to die for me and you
So we could live in heaven someday too
The only thing you must do is receive
Accept Jesus in your heart and truly believe,
Something so simple has become so hard,
For many in this world are deeply scarred
They question his goodness and question if he cares
For life can be extremely unfair
he never said we wouldn’t suffer pain
that the hurricanes would not saturate us with torrential rains
However He did promise he would give us peace
That we would walk through troubles with his release
He promises to turn it all around for our good
He has been misrepresented and misunderstood
There is a purpose for all who trust in him
He assures us that if you are his child, you win!
Yet, so many put Jesus in a box
Pull him out like old Christmas socks
Once or twice a year
go to church, say a prayer and then disappear
forgetting that God has feelings too
And that he is desperately in love with you
Many believe the lie that he is mad
That they are to damaged and have been too bad
They overlook that his love has never changed
Humans walk away from him, Jesus always stays the same
Don’t underestimate his grace and power
That can transform you in your darkest hour
You don’t have to believe me 
Ask him yourself and you will see
You never know until you try
Don’t be ignorant; he is not just a theory in the sky
He is everywhere, at anytime 
It is your wellbeing that is on his mind
So during this holiday season
Don’t forget to celebrate the real reason
The birth of Christ
Is what gives each person a chance at a new life
He is no respecter of persons, and he is not counting your sins
He’s waiting for you with his hand stretched out 
Begging you to let him in.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Satan in-verse

Compared to a snake that slithers and slides,
A tongue with a fork, he hisses and hides. 

He's patiently waiting, he envies our death.
A mind fueled by sloth, and wrath on his breath.

He traps using snares, with sin as a curse. 
He's evil and sly, his charm is rehearsed. 

We're tempted by lust, gluttony and greed.
These actions are food, he needs it to feed. 

Preventing the peace, his mission is clear.
To cause us all pain, our joy is his fear. 

He covets our souls, to pride his command.
To enflame our hate, and rule as he planned. 

He's tortured and burning in fires below,
A place for the wicked, a place without snow. 

Deciphered as Lucifer, an angel that fell.
Only Gods' chosen people, the righteous prevail. 

Prayer through kindness, and loving with care.
Shining swords of the saints, thrusted up in the air.

- Yours Truly

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Please Dear Lord

~Please Dear Lord~
 (Couplets  free style )

 Please dear Lord help all those who are in pain
 Let them see that calling on You is never in vain

 That reading your Word can give them every day
 More strengh to carry on and make it through

 So many people are hurting right now so bad You know
 Please help them all because Your love for them just flows

 So many folks are figthing their own demons with depressions
 They deal with so much more in their daily walk with pain and tensions

 Assist them to see better,not be blinded by world and all everyday
 Help them all little and small, rich and poor to find love peace in you

 Dear Lord give all of my friends,family,brother and sisters in Christ hope
 Never from them hide Your face,give them all strength with everything to cope

 So many things out there that can distract and causes much pain in each heart
 But PLEASE DEAR LORD make all see that You're never far and Your love never part.

 Dorian Petersen Potter
 aka ladydp2000

January,22, 2015

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Enter a gate, a house on a hill 
A busy street, a closet still

Enter a heart, discover there
A new birth of hope, amid despair

When music fills all the air
It’s Christmas, Christmas everywhere

Once a year, God touches the earth 
With the magic of His holy birth

Once a year, We sing of the One 
Who came to us as God’s own Son

Oh, to have Christmas every day 
But truth is only for Him to say

The truth that Jesus, living still 
Longs each day our cup to fill

With peace, joy, love divine
Just as now, at Christmas time.


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Gods grace another day

I woke up this morning
and realised there was sunshine
the night had dissapeared
and I knew that I would be fine.
and now Im smiling through the day
rejoicing in what God has made
for I can find no other way
to show im grateful and amazed,
and though these storms will come again
with greater tides and winds that rage
I simply start to look within
instead of to my worldly cage.

Im glad that God restored me back
and proved to me I know no lack
when He is dwelling in my life
and I abide in Him through strife
so do be encouraged my friend
and know this world soon falls away
but the Fathers love, strong and eternal
will never cause your path to stray.

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The philosopher's stone

Oh philosopher my heart is no longer stone                                                             though you sought it with all your bones

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The Meaning of Christmas

The whole world loves to hear of the Babe who came to earth,
and will often pause to sigh at the wonder of his birth.

They marvel at the young Lad who sat in the temple that day,
astonishing the great teachers with the words he had to say.

They are pleased with Jesus turning water into wine,
healing all who came to him, feeding thousands at a time.

They see him walk on water, his power the waves to still,
his boldness, cleansing the temple, and it gives their hearts a thrill.

They hail him as a teacher and claim him as a prophet
but ignore the things he taught. Just what is it they all scoff at?

It is easy and safe to worship a tiny babe in a manger,
but the man hanging on a cross, to the world is but a stranger.

Is it birth or death we think of, when at Bethlehem our thoughts lie?
The real meaning of Christmas is that Jesus came to die.

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The Chaste Fox myth, legends and truths

Even foxes have holes and birds their nest                                                                        Jesus the Son of man had no place to rest                                                               Truth's King telling of the cunning craftiness of men                                                          old fox Harod a faux king guarding the home of the hen                                                    In songs of old and new of two lovers sharing a grape                                                     until day break and darkness flees like a roe chased                                                        or of Sampson and Delilah the three hundred running firebrands                                       a strong lover setting a field on fire at last only true love stands                                         Unlike the trickster of old or legends as numerous sands of time                                      in cultures gave sport to the music stories the riddle and rhyme                                    The fox has played the allusions of kings preachers wizards and wives                               Be wise as the fox harmless as doves ask help from above when sifting lies                        Ask for truth myths will fall to the ground as unscented paths for the hounds                 only hiding in His truth surrounded by His love can the chaste fox be found                     Yet in this world myths abound changing shape like a Kit soon                                          with nine lies and nine tails grasping at will-o'-the-wisp's lume                                           Tally-ho little kits while skulking on the leash of this earth Do not believe                            the lies of the enemy chasing foxfire or being poor eat the sweet peas

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Humble for my own sake

I do not turn the other cheek,
so you can boast in my defeat,
I do not love my enemies
with but a smile, but earnestly,
I humble my once proud heart
in hopes to reach maturity.
Ive had my share of battles fought,
and scars to show for lesson taught
still no reason conceit
will ever I pursue or seek.

I do bless when others curse
to show my weakness with remorse
but I becomes a broken horse.
Following my master's righteous course.
I find no joy in any pain
but I pursue knowledge to gain
an ever steadfast path in life
not dictated by my strife,
so I do none of these for you
but for my certain peace of mind
that when I'm struck down by another
my heart still knows how to be kind.

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The promise of the butterfly

Your beautiful eyes sweet and bright                                                                               I think butterflies would fight just for chance to light                                                         I was there in your eyes                                                                                                 I have been a coward my turn to cry  							                  I have been foolish one more chance                                                                               To rekindle the romance                                                                                                  It will burn so bright                                                                                                  The whole world will see the light                                                                             Never to put a tear in your eyes                                                                                       Unless they are of joy the promise of the butterfly-   1997 A poem to my girlfriend in turbulent times. I was having troubles with the world and relationships. The butter fly did not keep all of his promise but there is still the light. By the grace of the Lord Jesus, that girl friend I had within two years became my wife, of fifeteen years and still counting.

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The Church


History always does repeats itself in an unexpected manner
This dates far back to the Israelites in the wilderness God fed with manna
After six hundred years since we heard a pope resigned
This year brings back the history; The Pope unexpectedly resigned
Whatever may be the reason, everybody has personal divergent opinions
Last time we checked, he was the head of Catholic faithful numbering 1.3 billion.

Even if all should pass away with the doctrine of the church gone
Christianity will always forever remain the hand-work of our God
Different things are bound to always happen that many do not expect
God will forsake his church, that’s one thing many ought not to expect
The key to heaven given to peter does not have a duplicate unlike normal key
In times of tribulation and confusion one thing is for sure; Jesus is the only key.

There is freedom of religion as embedded in the constitution
What happens when the church becomes a center of prostitution?
Too many countless churches; may be what Jesus Had was last lunch
No matter what the constitution constitutes; in the beginning there was one church
What happened to the one church? Nobody cares to ask that rhetorical question
All said and done; do we serve the same God? That’s all to this rhetorical question.


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Underwater panther

from where do they grow under the See of unknown                                                  some weaved in the shell and bone                                                                              linking slinking silent under the sound waves                                                           maybe in the great lakes of the cat it lay                                                                      but this great lynx under the ocean spray                                                                         in reflective eyes this bright eyes                                                                                  he is a king over all the children of pride.
It has the head and paws of a giant cat                                                                      weakens the nations an abdominal bat                                                                              but is covered in scales and has daggers                                                                          but set with hook in lake of fire he staggers                                                                    like spikes running along its back and tail                                                                      no weapon formed shall harm do not bewail                                                                  just a toy of the most high he rises but fails                                                                     taken for legends but the truth entails                                                                       when returning the true Lord of Sky's                                                                           with hook tremble satan Jesus draws nigh

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A Christmas Poem for My Wife

“A Christmas Poem For My Wife”

I love and support you until my days are no longer
I will be there with hope and love until we grow stronger

Let us not lose touch with the coming of Jesus and the season
Through all the pain and hurt I will love you until reason

When you put on this ring it was put there for life
And I thank the Lord over and over that He made you my wife

I will be there always even if you push me away
For I see through faith a bright and sunny day

Happy birthday to Jesus He is my life and my guide
Hoping some day in me you will truly confide

So Merry Christmas to you my wife, my Love, my friend
I will Love,Love,Love you until my days come to end

Merry Christmas 1/18/2010

Copyright 2010

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Don't Be Left Behind

~Don't Be Left Behind~ 

Please don't miss out and be left behind 
Salvation only in Jesus we can always find 

Try not to do, what you know is not right 
And pray to Jesus to keep you in His sacred light 

Don't keep company with the wrong crowd 
In front of our God be humbled not proud 

The ways of the Lord are always good and perfect 
He deserves all our unconditional love and respect 

Find the Lord first and to you all His blessings He'll surely add 
For your sins and mine He paid the price so we can be glad not sad 

For the love of God we can come anytime and have with Him eternity 
Only through Jesus we can have Salvation, not in our own way and ability 

We can not attain Salvation by just doing it with our own power or good 
We are not good!just 'God' is good and perfect!and that's understood! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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The Stuff

the stuff legends are made of mysteries from the skies                                                    lightning marks the spot as allusive as the thunder birds cry                                        hidden in the rocks of time one warrior leaped through                                                  but many treasure hunters lost never find the clues                                                     silver and gold they cannot find blinded by their light                                                         like the protector of jealous fire do hidden warriors still fight                                             as he saw the shape shifting men dawn their wings and fly                                              like Hiawatha heavenly messenger The Great Peace they hide                                           guarded by legends some are figures of the true                                                                but greedy men search for Jonathan swift's mine too                                                      on bloody ground maybe hidden in the blue jacketed hills of Kentucky                                 Wyandotte Shawnee Iroquois Mohawks slayed the stories grow mucky                             or maybe some other ground may lay far through an ice cave                                       rock art showing compass but in winter they lose their way                                          from Solomon's mine or golden cities men do temporally search                                      not leaving it behind like Boone's trail to seek the true church                                            asking Jesus for truth and looking for the day that ends abrupt                                        do not lay treasures upon earth where thieves steal and rust corrupts

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Thank You For Everything

~Thank You For Everything~ 

 I share with You more than my heart and mind 
 And in You the most radiant light I can always find. 
 When sometimes I feel alone and I am all in the dark 
 You bring me hope and dreams that make my heart spark 

 Since I've found You I can clearly see 
 That there isn't anything impossible with you. 
 You've made my life much better... complete... 
 No matter what you've made it for sure more sweet 

 Your strength is more evident to me everyday. 
 You give me sunshine and rainbows after a rainy day. 
 I know that your love never stops not even for a second 
 And that You'll always be next to me in this life and beyond 

 I am so assured of all this with You right deep into my soul ... 
 Thank You Jesus for your salvation and thank You for making me whole… 

 Dorian Petersen Potter 
 aka ladydp2000 


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A Young Girl's Acceptance

August 13, 1965

Wearing a new, starched and ironed dress
She went to the meeting to confess
She had heard the gospel preached and learned
That her way to heaven could not be earned
She was covered by His loving grace
She felt a tear slip down her face

And they sang, “Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling”

She sat through the sermon that night
Anxious to do what was right
To accept Jesus as her Savior, so true
To step forward because she knew
That the time for waiting was done
Believing on Him as the only One

And they sang, “Calling for you and for me”

When the congregation rose to sing
The invitation song that would bring
Sinners to kneel at the cross and pray
She stepped into the aisle right away
The preacher took her hand and asked her
What is it you seek, what are you after

And they sang, “Come home, come home, ye who are weary come home”

She said, “I wish to be baptized” with a sigh
Have my sins washed away before I die
Arise to walk in a newness of life
I want to be baptized into Jesus tonight
Her teacher came and helped her prepare
Her family and friends were waiting there

And they sang, “Earnestly tenderly, Jesus is calling”

Into the baptisimal water, she did go
To have her sins washed white as snow
She confessed that she believed He was
The Son of God come to earth because
A Savior was promised and He did come
Bring salvation to everyone
And they sang, “Calling oh, sinner, come home”

"Softly and Tenderly" written by Will Thompson, 1880

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Faith in the Mother of Lord Eternal God

When faith in the Mother of Lord Eternal God declines
Faith in the Son of Eternal God and the Eternal Father  also declines

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Flying away

From the mouth of babes                                                                                               so came forth your perfect praise                                                                             Unless you change like the little child                                                                                and receive one as such meek and mild                                                                   Chances are that your heart is hard                                                                               do not miss the kingdom by half a yard                                                                           Leaving the womb crying for breathe no doubt                                                                 before you leave this world facing death cry out                                                             He will give you a new heart full of love                                                                       just ask like the child harmless as a dove

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Another Crisis

Copyright © 2014 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

From police shootings 
  to hoodlums looting. 

Every month a new crisis 
  and we still have ISIS. 

Did Revelations truly see 
  a certain crisis before WW3? 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

Melt down those weapons of Mutually Assured Destruction 
  or thermonuclear war will be the ultimate extermination. 

Yes, the World is now MAD 
  and we'll miss what we had. 

Or, will it be you, or you 
  who reduced us to a few? 

by: lp/3:11pm

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Fools Be Wise

such folly that it seems not odd 
for mortal man to live as gods.
To rule by reason of himself
and glory at his mortal works.
How boastful, proud and arrogant
that God be our mannican
to move and posture as we please.
How dare we make a man of Him?!

That God be mindful is a grace
and no effort can that gift replace.
If man can not deny his breath
to deny its giver, is certain death
so lets repent
our ways to mend,
so folly will not be our end.

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Roses From Heaven

I took a single long-stemmed rose to one I loved so dear.
I laid it at the headstone and quietly shed a tear.
A flood of memories filled my soul, the tears began to fall,
Then through the gentle summer breeze I heard a familiar call.
It sounded like a voice I hadn't heard in oh, so long.
The voice of my dear Mother, sweeter than the angels' song.
"My darling daughter, dry your eyes," she whispered in the wind.
"Your pain is temporary.  Someday we'll meet again.
I'll be standing there with Jesus as you cross the great divide,
And together we will wait for you and welcome you inside.
We'll stroll down Heaven's golden streets, walking hand-in-hand,
Just me and you and Jesus as we tour the Promised Land.
You can't even imagine  the beauty that awaits.
I cannot wait to see the joy as it overcomes your face.
I appreciate the rose you brought to symbolize your love.
But I must leave it here below.  We have plenty up above.
So take it with you when you go, and remember what I've spoken.
And try to smile when you think of me, don't let your heart be broken.
Remember all the good times, and the times that are yet to be.
You know I love you with all my heart, and I know that you love me."
As quickly as it had begun, the wind faded away.
Her voice was gone and so I turned to where the red rose lay.
I blinked in total disbelief.  I rubbed my tear-streaked eyes.
There in the place of the single rose was an incredible surprise.
A dozen long-stemmed roses were scattered in its place
I gathered them up quickly, as a smile came to my face.
I took a single long-stemmed rose, and she sent down eleven.
I never will forget the day that roses came from Heaven.

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Freedom was always calling - A Poet's Prison Memoir

Throughout the years of bars and fences, several things kept me from falling
My Faith in God, My Mom, My Writing...and, that Freedom Was Always Calling
The nightmare started in "93", shipped off to do a second bid
I knew my mother was hurting deeply from all of the pain her silence hid
Downstate was another dagger, the lonely days, the nights, the "Draft"
In times of peace the seagulls shrieking...and, I could have sworn at me they laughed
Then came Green Haven/the pain continued; those forty months in just a cell
Abundant vermin, to live determined...where most Co's were scarred as well
College courses would keep me focused, mixing with others who sought degrees
To be well rounded my reading varied from Og Mandino to Sophocles 
All was good, then times grew darker, by "95" my health had waned
Some forsook me while others wondered how my Trust in God remained
On bended knees I prayed this daily..."Not my will be done, but thine"
Then I was showed One set of "Footprints" which I knew could not be mine
Deliverance came, yes things got better; I thought my sorrows were finally gone
Until I left to live in Fishkill, which in truth was Matteawan 
Intellectually I was their equal, they had no choice, but to grin and bear it
For, I knew their books, their words, their history...and many things deemed esoteric
Bogus tickets, the box, harassment, they thought I'd fold from all the stress
Still, what would I be if I didn't suffer?...a spineless man who acquiesced 
People have asked me how I survived it, a prison life sometimes appalling
I inhaled deeply, and finally told them...That Freedom Was Always Calling

Freedom Was Always Calling by Poetiq1der aka Don Simmons

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~His Shining Light~ 

God I beg You today 
Make things better for everyone. 
Pour peace into our heart 
Help us from falling apart. 

Shine on us your light 
Show your glow thru the night. 
Guide and open our eyes 
We want to be with You. 

Show how to better serve 
All the Glory You deserve. 
There's no one like You 
For our sins You did die. 

You carry cross we bear 
Help us serve You better. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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A blood theater

Long ago in the faraway epic                                                                                            the story teller speaks in septic                                                                                        Pertaining of seven deadly romances                                                                          with a gothic shakespearean dance                                                                                   wrath greed sloth pride lust envy gluttony  
the story tellers voice flexes with epiphany                                                                      as  lovers of wisdom shrieking turn a deaf ear                                                                   for searching of their own soul they fear                                                             Spiritually unprepared for the death lurking there                                                              let Jesus mortify them all now if not when  where                                                              For the least of the seven will drag you to hell                                                              you set in a theatre loving to be scared time will tell                 * -  -                                                                                               John beam for the In faraway contest by Giorgio V. - spiritual

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What is their secret

“What is their secret?" it is no secret at all                                                                       If you would have heeded the call                                                                           Living longer than the atheist no wonder                                                                           their secular atheistic stats a blunder                                                                        Showing less crime for they have the sheep                                                                  scared of a government that never sleeps                                                                         A true Christian does so much less crime                                                                  persecution they will suffer told afore time                                                                        The violence done to them no big secret                                                                        but as the begin so comes the end history repeats                                                  Holding better promises than this world can offer                                                          better way of life a place above an enduring coffer                                                        Not afraid to die for their faith free from fear of death                                                   the Lord Jesus breathed upon us His loving breath                                                        Violence done to the image of God I love my brother’s seen                                           You know not my Father but a brother you could have been                                               I forgive them all Father they know not your secret like the apostle Paul                         until you showed your marvelous light “What is their secret?" It is no secret at all             -       *           A Chinese Communist, who delivered many Christians to their execution, came to a pastor and said: "I’ve seen many of you die. The Christians die differently. What is their secret?"

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My Clementine Oh my darling

Indulgences Indulgence my clementine                                                                             murder sublime your father sold you for a dime                                                               for some wine and a pair of shoes                                                                                   lost in the wine of the purgatories blues                                                                           you cried for grace but drowned in the rivers vine                                                           your father’s embrace he sold you for a dime                                                             catechism number nine died once for all your silver                                                    recalls a story Judas’s blood money a filthy pilfer

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(Couplet) Just when I thought, I was alone and so lost, You came to live inside my heart, and paid for me the greatest cost Of all, and since then You never left my side no matter what I have done, Or what in my life I've chosen to do.In my soul you shine like the sun. You're the the most wonderful thing that happened to me.You make me whole. Without You to guide me I would be now in an empty darkened hole, Without You by my side, this life would be so worthless and very mean, Without You, my world would be so cruel and empty and so coldly grim. I know that there's nobody like Him in the whole world, you see He touches my heart and my soul,everyday, in every conceivable way, He's made everything for me so completely brand-new, you see, His sweet love fills the emptiness of my sinful soul,He sets me free. His love is the greatest therapeutic healer that every man should know, And without His Love and Grace there wouldn't be, any love left to show. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2006 December,12,2014

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Love for Jesus

God deserves utmost honor
Otherwise be a goner!

Without Jesus good as dead
Can't replenish with sudafed!

Baptism is the way
Trusting God every day

Finish race and get the prize
To love Jesus is truly wise!

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The Etymon

On the excursion of me where to start                                                                              discovery of self ended with broken heart                                                                          As a little word causing so much pain                                                                                to seek what is out there so much to gain                                                                         Similar to those around but not as profound                                                                      looking to others but guilt was my endless hound                                                              Not knowing they sought the same faults as I                                                                    if there was a word in pictionary it would be cry                                                                 Sad enough yet life said why die life found me                                                                   yet I was so wanting how would I ever break free                                                              Yet unkown to me I had a Father who left His thrown                                                      to live a perfect life to suffer bleed and died alone                                                            the Word found me bleeding dying I was not so atoned                                                      I put faith in you Jesus for it was never about me anyway                                                 by etymology it is all about you the truth the life the way

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Eternal Father saw the world 
Depressed with the people He created 

Destroying the world was His plan 
So much sadness with people's sins 

His Son, Jesus Christ stopped Him 
Made a deal 

He will go to earth 
Take over for Him 

Eternal Father agreed 
Looked for a virgin 

Angel Gabrielle saw Mary 
Have found favor with God 

Said she have no husband 
Overshadowed with the Holy Spirit 

She conceived and bear a son 
She was to name Him Jesus 

After she agreed 
The angel departed 

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The upturned eyes lets him know that you're calling.
The clasped together hands lets him know to start listening.
For you could be talking & never saying a word.
Just know that he who prays will always be heard.

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The Choice

Only you can choose heaven or hell
On Judgement Day Jesus will tell

So please choose Jesus - and then life
Hell's a lot worse than a nagging wife!

Don't know when you will die
Please give the Savoir a try!

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The Sinner and the Son

I have come to know Jesus Christ, is the Begotten Son
I have come to know in my heart, he is the chosen one

In my life I have been, what a man should never be
It was the Lord Jesus Christ that came to set me free

I was locked up inside a cell, so deep inside of a hole
It had been years since I had thought about my soul

I have spilled so much blood, lived in so much doubt
That I had totally lost all sight, of what I was all about

Wearing the Brand of my Prison Gang, an oath taken for life
I swore that I would hold my Gang above my Lord and Wife

But then Jesus kissed my heart, and his love set me free
As he planted deep inside my mind, the seed of Poetry

I try to use my poetry, to teach others there is another way
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been, if Jesus guides your day

Through his love I was able to change my entire life
Was the thing I had to do to hold the love of my wife

So if you think I’m nice guy, then I beseech you to think again
For I have walked with the coldest stroll, through the darkest sin 

I am just a simple man, at least that’s all I ever wanted to be
I am just a simple servant; the Lord Jesus Christ is using me

To this very day serious threats are made against my life
Homeboys want to remove my brand, with a red-hot knife

Because everyday I wear this brand, others can clearly see
Even from the worst of Prison Gangs, a soul can be set free

I am bound to the pits of hell, to that fact I have no doubt
One day me and those I once loved are going have it out

On that day watch the news, for you will be able to clearly see
As a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will take evil men with me

It’s not often that I speak of this, and never again in life will I
But by the blood of the lamb, I am more than prepared to die

So before you ever question my faith, know these words are true
I earned every single drop of it, by the hell I have walked through

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the worldly ages will come to and end                                                                          not as mundane as a monday begins                                                                        moon bloody blackened before the terrible day                                                                her sins have reached the heavens she wil not stay                                                           sages have warned old and new prepare to meet your maker                                             be not collectively unconscious first comes the bone breaker                                             the prince of this zeigeist who spirits away alas many a stray                                         away from truth who is able to make war with him they say                                        after he has tortured his own night and day blaming                                                          man and the true God he ascends with no light flaming                                                     shadowy wings a mouth of a lion and bloody iron teeth                                                   he will soon find the One who can make war for from the sheath                                         bathes His sharpest two edged sword in blood of the dragons seed                                     as little lizards scurry to a rocky cave hiding from a face now believed                                 to late to repent for their grace on another lover they had spent                                      The Word will be known the Lamb has come King of kings the God sent                -NOTE --     Based on  the word (SPIRITUS MUNDI), “The Second Coming,” William Butler Yeats and most of all the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

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Searching for Life

It's great to climb a mountain
But Jesus is life's fountain!

It's great to be exploring
But without Jesus life is boring!

It's great to just go splunking
But without Jesus life is flunking!

Just to know - Jesus does care
He's for everyone everywhere!

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The Warmth of Your Embrace

I have been to some pleasant places;
and seen the finest of mortal faces.
Yet I crave in your heart a special space...
to forever feel the warmth of your embrace.

You shall always be my dearest desire;
in you I have hope and help to refire.
Keep me growing in the garden of grace...
to forever feel the warmth of your embrace.

You are everything I need to know,
the Light that turns my gloom to glow.
Lord, see me through this rugged race...
To forever feel the warmth of your embrace.

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Today I sang in church
Spoke of Jesus' rebirth
And how he died for me
To set my soul free
Free from condemnation of my sin 
The sin that came from within
Lust, jealousy, hate, and pain
Are the sins my body contains
though much more are left unsaid 
I know I am safe, for Jesus is no longer dead
He died for me, as well as you 
Though he was pure, he still came to
Came to die for millions, years aways 
Therefore, he is still here today 
Through the countless people all around
They are saved for Jesus they found
Continue to grow, as I do today
To know Jesus and grow in his way
Grow to be Jesus-like and always love
Speak to others about him from above
And how he's in your life right now
Explain to them exactly how
And bring them to Jesus as well
Live in his presence, live to tell.

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Waiting for Me

Waiting for Me

What would it really have been like?
Hands driven through with a sharp spike
And at bottom of each languishing leg
And for there lives would plead and beg.

Crown of thorns torn through your head
And bled and bled until almost dead
From high in the sky an angel came
For death who should receive the blame?

Jesus was strong while others were weak
Will rise us up when times are bleak
Our Savior who will be and now are,
And to prove it you will bear a scar.

On Jesus's precious face I look and look
And see His reflection in a clear brook
As a reminder that He will always be
With God in heaven waiting for me.

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The Armor of God


I reached the apex of life a few years back,
But it wasn’t until my journey on the way back down that I stumbled onto the right track.

My life had been good but it had made me terribly hard,
I had lost all sense of compassion, I was bitter and scarred.

I didn’t think I needed anyone, but the world needed me,
I was very good at what I did, and at the time that was very satisfying, you see.

I thought you had to be macho, never once realizing this was the root of my pain,
I had never wanted to show tenderness or mercy, to me that was insane.

All these years looking back I never felt whole or complete,
I thought life had been good but looking back there had been more bitter than sweet.

But still I had been blessed  and I didn’t realize just how this could be,
Till the day I returned to church and found Jesus after all those years was still waiting for me.

It dramatically changed my life, softened my heart, and opened my eyes so that I could see,
And now I like to testify to others who have experienced life much like me.

Friend if you feel like something is missing and you don’t know what to do,
If you open that Bible and read it, in there you’ll find the answers to life’s many problems and a guideline just for you.

I laid down one armor that was tarnished and worn and that was too heavy to pack,
And picked up another that now shines on my back.

The Armor of God is a gift that I wear with great pride,
And it’s awesome and great knowing I have Jesus by my side.

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God Is Awesome

Why do I love God so much you have asked me that question many times before? 
Well I love Him because God is perfect and awesome. He's all that and much more. 

God is good and pure and never tells a lie 
He loves me and dries all my tears away when I just cry. 

God is perfect and that's another word that fits him just right 
He made us all and created all; see the sun and the stars that shine so bright! 

God only wants what's good and best for all of us 
He'd like you to have a joyful and good life,free of all the stresses. 

God is great and He loves us all so much that He's sent down His only son 
Jesus suffered and died upon a cross for all your sins and mine, since life begun. 

Do you still want to know more of why I do love God and Jesus so much? 
Well, I do, because God is my Father and is so awesome for this and all of that and such. 

God is a spirit, and He's divine, and without Him, life would be filled with more pain and strife. 
And without His love and guidance, is nearly impossible to live and make it right thru all this 

Jesus turned my whole life around a long time ago. 
God is so full of love and with Jesus my life is so much better I know. 

God will never tell you or anybody to do any violence or evil thing. 
When you do bad things, don't go blaming God, the problem rests on only Satan and with 

Why do I love God so much you have asked me that question many times before? 
Well I love Him because God is perfect and awesome. He's all that and much more! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

June 19,2009

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ to this World came 
To save us just the same 
By God the Father was sent 
And Jesus knew, what that meant! 

But Jesus to His Father still obeyed 
And for us His Precious Blood He's shed! 
He loved us so much just as well 
Even though we all failed and had fell! 

Jesus knows it all and doesn't care 
He loves us just the way we are! 
He was beat-up so bad and crucified 
And for you and me in the Cross He died!