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Couplet Inspiration Poems | Couplet Poems About Inspiration

These Couplet Inspiration poems are examples of Couplet poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Couplet Inspiration poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Inspiration Taps Softly

Sometimes late at night as we succumb to sleep
We greet creative thoughts beyond those of counting sheep

It’s said Thomas Edison held coins in his hands
That clanged into a bucket noisily as planned

Stirring, he was intrigued by notions for invention
That seemed to emerge from a different dimension

It worked for him and if you enter an alpha state
You, too, may find this source of inspiration great

For it is this exercise of the mind unwinding
That serves to recount the day, subtle reminding

Of the joy you found when beholding a flower
And the thrill of discovering nature’s power

Or the touch of a hand from one who reaches out
When a vulnerable heart is mired in doubt

And the scent of loved ones’ perfume on a pillow
That permits our longing memories to billow

The sounds and tastes of each long day also emerge
As slumber takes charge and begins its nightly purge

So keep a pen and pad at bedside as you retire
Knowing that inspiration is likely to spire

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One Year Ago

Well, it has been one year since I joined Poetry Soup.
I smile now, because I have met this wonderfully diverse group.

August 7th, 2013 was a day that would change my life.
I finally found the place where I could express my cares and strife.

I know that I say this often, and yet it is still not enough.
Thank you all for bringing me happiness on days that were rough.

To Linda, The "Poet Destroyer" and her sister SKAT.
You both welcomed me warmly and I will never forget that.

To Chan Hurst, who is much more than "Just That Archaic Poet".
We will always be friends to the end, and you know it.

To Nature Boy, .... well ..... what more can I say?
You have helped and inspired me to blossom in every way.

To Gail Angel Doyle, Debbie Duncan, Cheryl Dunn, and Michael Clarke.
Thank you for knowing that good things can come from the dark.

To John "Jake" Posey, who mentioned Poetry Soup while on another site.
You were actually the first person to tell me that I could write.

To Isaiah Zerbst, with whom my first collaboration would be.
Thank you so much for seeing the poetic potential in me.

To Mustapha Mohammed, a true "partner-in-rhyme".
Thank you for allowing my poetry to take up some of your time.

To Peter and Vera Duggan, Liam McDaid and Carolyn D.
Your kindness and friendship always meant so much to me.

To Bindu Vijayan, Johnny Rhinem, Yasmin Khan and Becca L.
Thank you for truly understanding my words so well.

To Andrea Dietrich, Nette Onclaud, Debbie Guzzi and Giorgio A.V.
I truly appreciate the encouragement that you've given to me.

To F.J. Thomas, Mystic Rose, Richard L., and Anne-Lise A.
Meeting kind-hearted people like you has made me want to stay.

To Thomas Simunsen, Karen Anglesey, Dr, Ram Mehta and Drake E.
I think you have read almost every poem ever written by me.

To Matthew Anish, Charmaine C., Shadow H., and Dave Wood.
Thank you for making me smile more than anyone ever could.

To Robin Davis, Danesh Morgan, Roger H., Litan D., and Sara K.
I appreciate all of you visiting me nearly every single day.

To Christopher Thor Britt, Carrie C., Justin Bordner, and Craig C.
None of your written words have ever failed to inspire me.

To Casarah N., Robert Lindley, Paul Callus and Arthur V.
Thank you all for just being so friendly to me.

We all share a common passion through the writing of a poem.
I am so lucky to have found a place that feels like home.

There are many friends that I have met along the way.
So, thank you all for brightening up the last 365 days.

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If the world were filled with angelic souls
With inspired insight and matching goals

There would be peace, not appalling wars
Only bountiful serenity for me and yours

Famine and strife would cease to exist
Plans to feed the world we'd all enlist

Violence and murder would be no more
Anger dealt with swiftly we'd all strive for

Unheard of would be prejudice against another's race
Everyone warmly welcomed anywhere into any place

No more long hours at a job that makes one cringe inside
Encouraged to be in a career that makes one smile with pride

Our children would never feel unloved and unwanted
Abundance of hugs and sweet kisses would be flaunted

Marriages would thrive and not end in divorce
Being with our true soul mates we'd all endorse

Jealousies, insecurities and hatred would be wiped out
Contentment and confidence would be what we're about

If we all collaborate to make our world a better place
Happiness and tranquility will be ours to embrace


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What do you think of me now

       What do you
think of me now?

I hear you say what
a brat I am and how
I made you do it
the hits, the hurts,
the names you called
me-well, I lived
through it
When you came into
my room at night I
prayed I would
 but things have
changed a lot since
then, here’s
something you should

I carried my
troubles in a shirt
pocket that covered
my heart for years 
but now I share all
of my burdens to
alleviate my fears
I spent my life
feeling full of
shame but now I know
the truth
And your words that
used to sting so
quick are quite
suddenly mute 

I see with more than
eyes today and hear
with more than ears
I’ve learned that
bravery can be heard
in soft cries and
falling tears
I don’t pretend to
not need anyone
anymore, today I
know that I do 
I still struggle
with asking others
for help, my silence
I learned from you

I know I’m not those
names you called me,
I’m kind and funny
and smart
 A sweet little
girl, a beautiful
woman- with a
convalescing heart
I’m curiously
optimistic about the
life I choose to
You see I’m no
longer tortured by
revenge or aching

I dream as if dreams
aren’t silly at all
and hope to make a
I won’t let anyone
tell me who I am
anymore, so I offer
you my forgiveness
I don’t know where
you ended up or if
you found your way
but if you hear me
read this poem I’d
like to hear you say
-what do you think
of me now.

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For Andrea Dietrich

Say something nice, and a short little while
She will respond with kind words and a smile.
True to her nature, she always will say
Something so nice that I cannot repay.
Bright and unique, every contest that's new
Challenges, helps, and expands us anew.
Don't know that form? Then it's time to begin;
Do a good job and it's sure of a win.
Trying a form that you can't understand?
Andrea's knowledge is always at hand.

Gifted in phrasing and rhyming for sure;
Words she has written in minds will endure.
Poems of flow'rs and a sweet little beach
Dance in the dreams of this sweet little peach!
Sijos of seahorses dance in the sea;
Starfish and dolphins keep good company.
Kyrielles of yellow burst forth like sunflowers:
Rubaiyats of robins in Spring's gentle showers.
Sonnets of sparrows and songbirds fly high
Twined with the cumulus clouds in the sky.
Sunsets of lavender scatter their light;
Sapphics of stars wink their way thro' the night.
Footle sized fireflies twinkle till dawn,
Making a fairyland right on her lawn;
Then in the morning, she wakes and recalls
Visions of dreams still contained in her walls.
Out of her window, or deep in her mind,
She will not rest till the poem she finds.
Thus, she has poems by beauty inspired;
Mixed with her skill, that is why she's admired.

{Just too late for the contest. Bummer!}

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We Dream In Pink

In moments of silence, we dream in pink tranquility,
a blushing sunrise draped in rays of hope. The ability
to stand tall and then rise, soaring over the beast, shaded
below. Our memories of sickness and sorrow faded
until our tomorrows are crowned in wreaths of laurel.
We are survivors! The beast cannot shred our blooming floral 
spirits - our beauty, strength, resolve comes from our mother’s fight
in this long battle. We, who once walked alone, take flight
together on our promise to triumph in pink. We will leave
a legacy of unity to our daughters. We will not grieve
for the days before the noise in our heads became deafening. 
We will seize the pink skyline and savor the silencing   
of our fears. Prayers of hope will be heard across time and space
as the angels shout in Heaven. This is our fight! This is our race! 
The finish line waits, in our sight, on the blazing pink horizon… 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders 
for the PINKTOBER ((Join The Fight )) Contest

**Dedicated to all the brave breast cancer survivors including 
my mother-in-law, Joan Saunders** 

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Pure Gold

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay. 

Learning His lessons at last
The past must die as the past
The future must never exist
So let the fates turn and twist
No time to berate and bemoan
Each instant is ever on loan
Right now is the now or never
Nothing but God lasts forever

***Inspired by Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Sumitted for: The contest sponsored by Jerry T Curtis

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Either a Delinquent or a Deviant

Either a Delinquent of a Deviant

Have I been a delinquent or a deviant?
What is message to me, God has sent?
Someday must go out on my very own
Knowing God will never leave me alone.

While I will rest and comfortably sit,
For me, you should try to finish it
With your ability and also endeavor
Now matter what may be the weather.

This should serve as an inspiration

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Take whatever part of my poem you 
want to and write a new one. Thanks.

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Physics of the moon
I feel the lunar ecstasy in your heart
Connecting our vibes from over 1500 miles apart
With every swing of my mood ring, my sensational heart will sing
An out of this world phenomenon tune, "you are my everything!"
Absorbing every phase the moon goes threw
Sending energy between me and you
When our eyes meet on the darkest side of the moon
Your body mass rotates like a cyclone hitting my land like a typhoon
Like the gravity that bonds the earth and moon together
Our souls will collide with a massive force of forever
The image of you appears at all times like a moon cycle
Like a cascade running all around my mind, like a halo circle
Our love and vision orbits through every star
Giving us light no matter how near or far
The stars throb around the moon like a secret signal in the night
While you inhale my energy that exceeds into the morning light
Like a rainbow that enters and vanishes into the twilight of our sky
Our first kiss under the moon beam will twist our tongues into a tie
A sweet magnetic shadow will remain under the half moon
Sweeping our love above the clouds to float like a balloon
Holding a reflection with the moon's tide
Our journey continued, side by side
Emerging our love to find its way soon
Like a love mirage with the physics of the moon


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I Am a Reflection of the Creator's Hand

So many things I want to say,
Knowing many who have gone astray,
So many castles build on sand,
But mines, is a solid rock, on which I stand,
So many forgotten little sheep	
They have drowned in pools too deep,
So many questions that cause demands,
But mine, rest in the fathers hands.

We can shake our hands to the sky,
Beg for answers and scream our cries
We can let bitterness come between,
Curse others, fight and scream,
But when we lay it at his feet,
The holy fire causes all troubles to become obsolete
Learn to listen and then you will understand,
That we were made to be more than just human,
We are reflections of the creator’s infinite plan.

So many give up when they fall,
But God is greater than it all,
So many children run our streets,
Because they don’t know a love that is complete
So many trials cause despair,
And many tears plead its unfair,
But when you realize this is the master’s land
And that the finally is ABSOLUTLY grand,
You turn away from what they say
And allow the FATHER to lead the way.

We can shake our hands to the sky
Beg for answers and scream our cries,
We can let bitterness come between,
Curse others, fight and scream
But when we lay it at his feet
The holy fire causes all troubles to become obsolete
Learn to listen and then you will understand
That we were made to be more than just human
We are reflections of the creator’s infinite plan

Read His word and you will understand.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: Father’s Day 2012

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Mountain Lake Inspiration Revised

Mountain Lake Inspiration (Light Poetry)

Mountain Lake is my favorite place to write
under shade tree are my pencil, paper, and pole.
Scribble down words while waiting for a bite
fishing my most popular angling hole.

Fish are jumping all around hook and line
small cork sits still and does not move or fade.
Patiently I sit in wait for that fish to dine
beneath weeping willow of cool tree shade.

Inspiration overwhelms biding snare
while creative mind laggardly transcends.
In far distance I see lone grizzly bear
and leave a good fishing pole to his friends.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Mountain Lake Inspiration (Couplet)

Beneath tree are my pen, paper, and pole; 
fishing my most popular angling hole.

Mountain Lake is my favorite place to write;
scribbling down words while waiting for a bite.

Small cork sits idle, does not move or fade;
beneath weeping willow of cool tree shade.
Fish start leaping all around hook and line;
grappling for the wanting chance to dine.

Inspiration engulfs my biding snare;
in far distance I see lone grizzly bear.

While creative mind laggardly transcends;
I leave a good fishing pole to his friends.

Copyright © 2013 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Eternal Hope

Eternal Hope You speak with your eyes and I hear with my heart. They tell of a love that never can start. But, somewhere deep, inside of me, This feeling will live through eternity. So, if Walter Mitty, I must be Then, that will have to satisfy me. Note: In Walter Mitty's daydreams he imagines himself to be heroic. That seems to be the common denominator throughout the tale by James Thurber. Written by John Posey 11/03/13

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I watch my shadows as I walk this earthly path.
Ever changing as the moon follows the sun.

And though I travel far and wide.
I see hands extended in friendship. 

My shadow falls on whispers passing by.
As I walk this Kaleidoscope of highways.

I see you shed a tear, and I wipe it clear.
So the sun can shine for you again.

I see that my world remains beautiful to me.
Even when there are dark clouds around me.

No, I shall not sink to the lowest form.
Moonlight carries me forever forward.

Even with my shadow, part light, part dark.
I'm but a shadow within this earthly realm.

5/ 27/ 2013  9:30pm   Mon.  

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God's Grace

Beneath the diamond dust.
Of the twilight of the moon.

Thoughts of you float by my eyes.
My mind spins into a thousand lines.

Silver threads weave their way thru my soul.
And I am once again transported back in time.

The moon at the time was a blush in scarlet red.
As the heavens opened up and the stars fled.

As every grain of sand turned into a gem.
And the sea spoke eloquently with Him . 

 I watched the stars came back to twinkle in the sky.
The truth of God is hidden like a treasure in the light.

Though the canopy of this great land know well his touch.
The deep blue of the night skies holds  his mystical touch.

As the flowers did bow in Gods holy light, as  they did 
spread the seeds of Gods everlasting grace .    

Sat. 6: pm  7/ 20/ 2013

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Copyright © 2013

Politicians' greed seems to hover
  Over our lives, a simmering cover

Separation of Church and State?
  Satan planned mankind's fate

As in the days of Noah, sin did hover
  Over their land like locusts do cover

The faithful do not fret what is hovering
  By HIS Blood, the Lord is still covering

Our leaders refuse to make a deal
  When enthralled by Satan's Will

Politics, and selfish greed
  Failing our Nation's need

Obama-Care, a change that's fair
  Or, struggling against Satan's lair?

But, ye faithful remember the heavens hover
  Till horns blow clearing clouds that do cover.

by: LP
edited: 6 Aug 2013 - 8:22pm
         25 Sep 2013  - 8:13pm

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Bestowed with life by One powerful Divine
Gracious with His love scintillating shine

I traverse roads: rose and weeded grounds
Flaming with a soldier's will to expound

From dawn begins my journey til sun sets
So many roads bided, my ownself to sweat

Courage bullets, I fire and fire
Pursuing success my ringing desire

Wait! hold on,don't go fast, echoes
Rush runs may thud a sporadic tempo
I have seen caterpillars dying as butterflies
Buds bloom, spreading aroma, by-and-by

The angelic aroma invites prosperity brush
It's rouge shows maturation like royal flush

Bravely. I go forth to reach every dream
Conquering beyond foggy upstream

If my own-self, a rebellion, resisting me
Earthquake moan to call a break-free.

Kaleidoscope faces became my preachers
A halo or a tail experience: my teachers

Tricky battalion of pressures stressing
Yet, camouflage trials bomb to blessings

Rewarding me with laughter and tears
Adding tons of memories to my years

Evolving beautiful to each season stir
Wisdom and love, now, my own myrrh

If I shall die this very day,
I hope my legacy not a dismay...

(C) Olive Eloisa and Malik Yaseen
September 23, 2014

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Sage Advice From George Washington

"Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your reputation!"

This sage advice was offered by George Washington, the father of our nation!

'Tis but one of many wise adages to us he did bequeath.
Can be said that truer words were never spoken through falser teeth!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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In the Moment

I sip my cup of tea
And write this for PD.

Jack Horne, 28th December, for PD’s In the Moment contest

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The prison of the keys

And now I've lost my papers,
My passport and my wife,
The very essence of
My identity and life.

My bank account is empty,
My cloths and garments sold,
My skin and bones are ashes,
Spread thin on the open road.

My old car's broken down,
No wheels to touch the floor,
The motor been dismantled,
Stripped clean down to the core.

The bailiffs and the policemen,
Have emptied my abode,
The promises I made you,
Have been auctioned out and sold.

The love I hold within me,
Is all that I now have left,
The rest is bleak illusion,
The bind man and the deaf.

The imaginary people ,
I thought were my friends,
Have left the scene forever,
As the road of life does bend.

And now I stand alone,
Upon this lonely hill,
I gaze upon the meanings,
The years have silently killed.

In the roaring storms of thunder,
In the lightning in the night,
In the whispering of the children,
In the white doves lonely flight.

In the dust of many ages,
That has settled on my soul,
In the ashes of my humanity,
That has filled my begging bowl.

The ancient breeze is blowing,
Calling me to my knees,
To behold the light within me,
In the prison of the keys.

more at

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Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

The littlest deeds still go a long way. 
So better the world and try it today. 

People don't realize the good they can do,
By holding doors open and smiling too. 

Try to be chivalrous, try to be meek. 
Try to be humble whenever you speak. 

Others will notice the way that you are. 
A light so unique, shines bright like a star. 

Relay the message, conquer the kindness. 
Replays impressive, actions are mindless. 

We live to laugh, and love to be loved.
Turn both your cheeks, when pushed and then shoved. 

Intuitiveness is a trick of the trade.
Instinctive bliss results moments well played. 

"Treat others how you want to be treated."
This motto of life makes smiles repeated. 

-Yours Truly

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My Love Is Like

My Love is like a cherished gift I covet in my room,
My Love is like a budding shoot forever caught in bloom.

My Love is like a melody I captured from a dream,  
Of a lilting sensuality and pleasure quite serene. 

The passion of my Love can sear and yet can also heal,
There is no bar can measure how intense my Love can feel.

My Love warms me in winter's chill but cools my irate state;
With calming words of meaning my Love knows what soothes my aches. 

I have seen my Love shed tears of pain as passions overrun,
I have seen a sorrow in my Love from hurts that I have done,

And yet I felt forgiveness from my Love that is so deep,
Absolving me from my past wrongs and setting me then free.  

My Love lives that which teachings say as goodly souls we should,
Engender for each other and instill within our youths.

My Love is solid fundament of realism pure; 
Not concepts or imaginings of damsels in knight's lore.

And yet the magic that my Love displays for me each day;
Would put to shame all fantasy in children's fairy tales.

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The creativity of human beings, will never be destroyed on earth
If their imagination and thoughts, are allowed to flourish from birth

Any NEW rhyming couplet contest

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written 28th sept 2007

It's time to turn this around
 the answers I have finally found
The minute I looked into your eyes
 I immediately remembered, how to be alive

If I didnt go through, all those years of pain
 my life wouldn't be the same
Your birth, nothing less than magical, complete power of God's love....
For you shone through complete demonic darkness
ever since, I have been more than blessed
 you re-opened my heart
So I could again, play the part
I've been given a second chance
This time round, I wont forget to dance
 to love, open and freely
Its finally great to again be me

 I've turned my frown upside down
And it's from God's gift, when pure innocence was born
 my sixth child, a blessed tiny little girl

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papa last words

When papa wanted to pass on
Though only God knows the unknown

But papa this day spoke like he knows
It's time and he will soon go

Lying in the field with me by his side
'My son, listen my son' he breathed when he slid

Yet papa had his soul with him by then
'Don't lift me up, just find me paper and pen'

"We met and trade in this world
And so we'll live it" he scribbled

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Love is not a science

Love is not a science 
Nor a story of self- reliance 

It does not lay claim
To those who place blame

More than a perfect first date
Or what was once thought to be fate

Love is sadness in a mothers eyes
As far away her son flies

Dropping it all on a dime
For a friendship impossible to define

Love never looses sight
Of what it knows to be right

Impossible to ignore
Like waves crashing upon the shore

It surprises us all
Like a child's first steps from a crawl

It will break us down
But only then can it be found

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Secrets of the World

Everyone in this world is a mystery
In most eyes, there's a hint of misery

To unlock the inside me
Believing is the only key

In our minds and souls, to light a fire
You need to be ready to inspire

We need to create bright sparks
To light up the soul in our hearts

We still have living things to cure and care
Quick, we don't have time to spare

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Satan in-verse

Compared to a snake that slithers and slides,
A tongue with a fork, he hisses and hides. 

He's patiently waiting, he envies our death.
A mind fueled by sloth, and wrath on his breath.

He traps using snares, with sin as a curse. 
He's evil and sly, his charm is rehearsed. 

We're tempted by lust, gluttony and greed.
These actions are food, he needs it to feed. 

Preventing the peace, his mission is clear.
To cause us all pain, our joy is his fear. 

He covets our souls, to pride his command.
To enflame our hate, and rule as he planned. 

He's tortured and burning in fires below,
A place for the wicked, a place without snow. 

Deciphered as Lucifer, an angel that fell.
Only Gods' chosen people, the righteous prevail. 

Prayer through kindness, and loving with care.
Shining swords of the saints, thrusted up in the air.

- Yours Truly

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Copyright © 2014 

What will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

ISIS gaining desert steam 
  like a locomotive they seem.

Putin's Russia returning COLD 
  this Cold War deadlier we're told.

Whole town of Ferguson up in smoke 
  illegal shootings destroying hope
  with militarized police it's hard to cope.

Fallen Angels and GOD'S Promise 
  End of Time events now upon us. 

So, what will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

Prophesied, a war against Satan's Allies 
 defeated by a shout above these skies.

Some say it is Biblical, and must come 
  an in-bound missile, or a trumpet's hum,
  or maybe that asteroid they could avoid 
  but by HIS Word, our Savior, and Lord.

Voices of Liberty sought a better destiny 
  so shall by HIS Power the faithful to be.

Many refused to admit there was a climate change 
  now our planet's system permanently rearranged.

So, what will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

These crises of 2014 - 2019 
  might not be what they seem.

by: LPruitt 
edited: Dec 27 @ 8:37am

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Inflection point

Just writing on paper clip the best                                                                                                                                               my mind jumping jack said just rest                                                                                                                          but to write the word processing my thoughts                                                                                                        to paper is right angle that he has I fought                                                                                                                                                   so I write on about life span the moments                                                                                                                for the right memory stick to the components                                                                                                                 to see something radiant energy to complete                                                                                                                      this task of the heart attack the concrete                                                                                                                                       lying in the grass root out the problem at hand                                                                                                            got my rhythm back street is the band                                                                                                                                this will work boots on the ground                                                                                                                                stay the course work abounds                                                                                                                                        just to see the comic strip the necessities                                                                                                                       it may not be virtual reality is one’s abilities

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Restraint Lifted


                                      I learned from a dreamer to imagine…
                               To put myself in places I would never fathom…
                                   Where one can share and not be judged…
                             As mistakes are forgotten and so to the grudge…
                                 Placing my reflections in front of many eyes…
                            Uncovering my soul from the restraint of its cries…
                           Like a tender breeze across a wide spread storm…
                                    Where I can never be lost only reborn…

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Where inspiration comes from - Contest

From hearts and flowers
the gaps between thoughts

moments within hours
gifts given and bought

dew drops on lotus leaves
skeletons of fish

smiles of old wise men
a reality from a wish

deep ocean currents
volcanic lava and ash

letters from the postman
a sudden increase in cash

a photographic image
words jumbled on a page

the formation of clouds
a bird outside a cage

sweet laughter of a kiddie
sad cries from those who’ve lost

hard lessons learned
and the price that it cost

spectacular sunsets
to snowmen who melt

rain dripping from gutters
life’s cards you’ve been dealt

4 September 2013

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Rising Again

Rising again, furnished with a bright dream
That led me to a noble path, graced with loving memories

So, i'm moving away from moment of despair
Looking to continue loving my purpose in life

For I refused to give up my treasured dream
Find meaning from every trial, with hope in my pocket

So, I had faith to keep going on, rising again and again-
-And planting seeds of hope with devoted heart

Making me a sailor with triumphant dream
Ready to move on, withstand other storms

While listening to melodies from deep waters
Charming my spirit, and making me embrace new sense of being

So, I keep rising, and rising again, love waiting on my new path
To carry me through a fulfilling journey

For I always believed, happines is forever in the midst of everything
Anytime, everywhere, it will always come to free me

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months, year, decades in the making..
this may how a love story develops..

sometimes, the girl or guy next to us..
maybe the person of whom we have been waiting for..

frequently and fervently, we pray to God..
that He may let us meet face-to-face him or her..

but, have we also ask ourselves?
If we are doing our part?

blessed are those who accepted the feeling..
with that in one way or another did something..

placing every ounce of effort ..
allotting not just time but the all self..

verbally too easy to say the words..
yet, notionally so hard to demonstrate..

love relationships are put on trials and tests..
at these times, persons involve will willingly work..

whether to stand by what it is..
or turn back and give up..

by: olive_eloi

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A Lover's Night

Sparkle sparkle flakes in flight.
Sparkle sparkle crests in white.
Snowflakes falling blowing bright.
Side to side in squalls pressed tight.

Cooling winds from upward gusts.
Frosted ice falls down in thrusts.
Foreheads cold in clammy rusts.
Frozen stiff 'till something busts.

Banks weighed down like heavy flour.
Snowflake pieces charged with power.
Hills and valleys waves that tower.
Simple curves much like a flower.

Dim and hazy light of moon.
Yellow mustard simply strewn.
Calm and quiet for a tune.
A lover's night to make us swoon.

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Love is Bright

Lost in lust, I believed that true love was blind;
in reality I reminisce Love so bright, in a gem--rare to find.

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The hills are alive

The hills are alive

These hills are alive with mystery
As I sit here all alone and free.

It’s morning time, so beautiful
As I listen to the wild birds call.

That God is here I know for sure
Her presence fills me more and more

I hear music loud and clear
The song of nature’s always here

Among these hills that I love best
I sit here filled with happiness

25 June 2014 @ 0826hrs.

I offer this pathetic write to Scots contest, sorry mate, too short for me but done my best

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Fortune Sally

Of all the broken fortune cookies Sally's saved for me
the one that meant the most was the one I'd not foresee.
Your faith's a law my cookie said
and soon I realized; I was lead.
Words so wise; I nibbled twice.
So few words; for one low price.
What to do with new found knowledge
armed with words I could acknowledge.
Who would guess a cookie taught.
Who had had this simple thought.
A Chinese man; perhaps a child.
Surely not; my Sally smiled.

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See her laden and brimming with the sheaves
On a hilly furrowed plane shrouded by leaves
Her way homewards she plods and heaves.

See her joggles on the spinning wheel
A textile she winds out the cotton reel
And made many hue garbs with great skill.

See her broil as she stirs the broth in the tripod;
Day by day the market and stream she trod
And fetch fire woods and make fine wares of gourd.

See her sit on a stool, behind the moon wanes;
She enacts folklores of ancient reigns,
Of men and animals, plants and bizarre planes.

See her upon her breasts life’s incubi weigh
As all her offspring upon her tender bosom lay
She cossets them from womb to tomb till she’s grey.

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The Tightrope

Gather all those wishes and hopes
Have the guts,walk a tightrope;

It's all about determination,
How you use your imagination 

Grab your dreams, create a goal
Remain focused, take control

You are the one to make it reality,
Ideas are filled with a duality

Remember anything is obtainable
As long as believe its reachable

Fight for those wishes and hopes,
you can walk the tightrope.

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The Scent Of Water

Judgement, praise or rejection, how much can one person handle.
The wind blows whether soft or hard, still it extinguishes the candle.

My spirit is crushed under the losing flag, the will of my heart dies.
To the ground the once blossomed tree of hope withers away as it cries.

The Earth has welcomed my damaged ego as it is shaped back into soil.
The roots reach for the scent of water, for the hope of inspiration I toil.

Warming sun caresses the ground, I feel you coaxing me back to grow.
Breaking the surface, I reach because of you and the love you show.

Rebirth of my spirit, suffered in the damaged storm, I will not pain any longer.
I will sprout again, write again, be again, and I will become stronger.

For Contest: The
scent of water
Date 07-09-2014

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Do Something Drastic

Had to separate grass from all the weeds
So I could find my many mustard seeds;
God, help me hold fast like a big rock
And bare in life each and every hard knock.

God was my rock all through the years
Helped me through pain and then my tears
And in my prayer a thought it triggered
What if my fragile face had been disfigured?

When I looked into mirror became afraid
If for another one I could only trade;
My wife worried about my each thought
And into life's frenzy, she got caught.

What if keeping with times I was really mod
And looked into mirror and saw face of God
With a smile which so surely seemed to say
Where a will is, there must be a right way.

God as usual did do something drastic
Brought in surgeon specializing in plastic;
Now my new face which I finally found
Does look so nice and new all around.

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A Land of Mystery

Far away, across the sea,
Lies a land of mystery.
No streets of stone can there be found,
No paved roads along the ground.
A jungle holds these things at bay,
Only a native can lead the way,
To the riches at its heart.
Yet from the very, very start,
One begins to wonder and to think,
As through the leaves the sunlight winks,
With the wonders that appear along the way,
Why anyone would want to stray,
All the way into the heart,
And just with material riches depart.

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Every day I will excel,
Where I end up,
Only time will tell,
I hope to succeed in life’s hardest times,
And keep my problems inside these rhymes,
Every missed moment is the shutting of a door,
Luckily I know that will open plenty more,
The chances I’ve gotten in the past,
They don’t tend to stay,
They don’t tend to last,
The future ahead can be very bright,
So much of course I may lose my sight,
But only of course if I stare too long,
I need to take action,
I can’t go about it wrong,
The goal is to focus on the task at hand,
My attitude will not turn bad,
I will take a stand…

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#1:  Do The Right Thing
Do the right thing -- now and always,
Note hurl and fling must ever pay!

#2:  Listen And Obey
Learn to listen, then do obey--
For love discerns to reward play!

#3:  Forgive And Forget
Learn to forgive, and then forget --
Live and let live pains that upset!

#4:  Always Behave Well
Do behave well -- do good to all
For action tells character tall!

#5:  Speak Clearly And Wisely
Speak truth clearly, live tact wisely --
For true beauty loves harmony!

#6:  Be Wise Now, Be Kind
Be a wise soul charming and kind --
Conscious and whole, sound heart and mind!

#7:  Be Polite And Calm
Be calm of poise -- with savvy style,
Live polite voice, wear easy smile!

#8:  Be Healthy, Rich And Wealthy
Cheer sparks healthy -- rich tact lovely,
Kind words wealthy, good cheer plenty!

#9:  Truth Sets You Free
Adore wise truth -- with a sure heart,
Let mind see proof in love's pure start!

#10: Love Others As You Love Yourself
Learn to love all -- beyond your whim,
Listen, love calls from deep within!

#11:  Love Is The Key
To love is key in all you do --
Now mystery comes to touch you!

#12:  Live What You Love
Heed and take note -- plain rules for life:
Just live by rote to transcend strife!

(Note: I have used these rules to inspire 
a better lifestyle all round. Hope it helps you 
live a better life. Leon)

Leon Enriquez
07 Mar 2014

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Me and My Guitar

Me and My Guitar

God to me was pleasant and nice
So nothing did I need to sacrifice
And every day would hold my hand
To tell me that He does understand.

God's willing to accept me as I am
Because I say yes and no ma'am
And to God will be always sure
That for everything Hehas a cure.

I may toil and tarry again and again
And every time when I start to sin
Forgives them even if black or white
Done morning, noon and into the night.

When I see a shining star in the sky
Stop everything and to God say Hi
He may be either close or away far
Loves songs I play on my great guitar.

If opera will be willing to welcome me
I am sure I will set their souls all free
As soon as they hear my fabulous voice
Will all sing along and start to rejoice.

James Joyful Jubilant Horn
Retired Veteran

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Man is Unique

The God gifted, granted nature
Of each and every creature
Is its characteristic recognition
Revealing itself in unique action
All rats are nibblers, wasters
Dog barks on seeing strangers
Cow gives sweet, maternal milk 
And a cocoon spins lusty silk

It is only the creature named man
Whose action is never certain
What can he do or cannot do
Is out of any certainty and clue

Sometimes he can be a survivor
But next moment a destroyer
He is the only of all creatures
That has lost his natural features

He can save his own sisters
But can smash all others
He can save his own honor
But can cause others dishonor

He can be an angel for someone 
But for all the others brute demon 
He can be a worshiper at a place
But a destroyer in another case

Even his creator cannot know
How much brutality he can show
How he has lost his manly trends 
And created in him guilty brands

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Eyvind Skaldaspiller -destroyer of poets

Skaldaspillar arise you are only wounded, not slain in battle                                                                                                                 No raven feast today, so laugh, yell at the Valkyrie skedaddle                                                                                         You are better than they, for blues come and go, but write your ode                                                                                                                                 You will conquer your foes, so rejoice, as they vanish into the starry cold                                                                                                                                 Choose joy, joy again Skaldaspillar, the poetic voice within smile and write                                                             Lifted by the free spirit of the ancient flame, then destroyer of poets, fight                                                                        Raise your pen of war, let the ink fly, spatter the paper door                                                                                                     valiantly standing, until all your enemies are no more

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Brief Me

Inside the center, creator of inventor, who is there Onion from which I stare, mystery of me, who is where

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Two Choices

We are graced to see days
As liberals with a choice of ways
To strike it rich
Just to keep ourselves out of reach
Or to earn honor among brethren
Inheritable by our children

For our way of life will earn
The future we would loath or yearn
For in us, the power abounds
To cause our desired turnarounds
Build up brick by brick
And thread by thread yarn the fabric

All ways lead towards
But choose that that leads to best regards
Trusting in values and moral stands
And not in fortunes that change hands
And be in that place of rest
Where a sound mind is at its best

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I Ever Wrote

I Ever Wrote

to writing poems, much time do devote
this is absolutely, greatest one I ever wrote
people by it became extremely captivated
are motivated by it being so well related.

We were damaged by all of sin's deluge
But believed in God who is our refuge
Although may be cold and often shiver
God is arrow's perfect point and in its quiver.

Oceans may roar while rivers still rage
Best to read Bible Book and turn to page
Where Psalm 46 will be waiting for you
With result of Psalms I love and truly do.

Make merry with mighty melodious harp
Which can distinguish a flat from a sharp
Music will make much peace and pleasance
For you to like and love in every essence.

Before after church service start to retire
Hear fabulous music from glorious choir
Along with sermon full of style and grace
And can see God in priest's friendly face.

When I listen with both my magnificent ears
A hardy, moving message each one hears
My soul with God is completely  satiated
Why would anyone want to have hesitated.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran

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Seven Riddles Solved

Even though Brothers and Sisters I have none that man standing there is my Father's Son. He is my savior, Jesus the man from Galilee if your faith is strong, He will be easy to see. What is it that gets wetter the more it dries it could be anything that you see with eyes. Evil lies, goodness dies, causing a thousand cries starry eyed I look to the skies as the angel flies. It goes in dry and comes out wet the longer it stands the stronger it gets. Water in the cup turns to tea, the bag steeps hotter the better with sugar by the heaps. What goes up a chimney down but can't go down a chimney up. It can be used as a prop for a clown or to cover yourself or your pup. Raining again, grab the umbrella 'cause this is the day I met my Cinderella. A Father and a Son on a motor bike accident the Father is taken to the West end hospital and the Son is taken to the East end hospital. The Doctor there goes to operate on the Son until the Doctor says " I can't do it, it's my Son." The E.R. is full with this, that and the other Chief of Staff today is Dr. Mother. The man that made it, never used it and the man that used it, never seen it. He made a system of raised dots, Louis Braille so the man who lost his sight could stay on the trail. The only thing that will constantly go up never to come down it has never been in the sky or even under the ground. While young birthdays are fun, but always adding more age no one gets younger, clock never stops, we all turn the page.

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Bridges through life

Bridges through life
Whether dancing through lifes circle or sitting in the pews, 
the world is full of wonder and knee-jerk news..
For those full of spite and woeful complaining, 
the world is full of darkness with no hope remaining...
For those full of love and caring, 
the world is full of warmth in sharing..
So take that chance to build many bridges 
elevating love and lifes many privileges..
You can make this world a beautiful place
if you toss away frowns and put smiles on a face.
But you are who you are smart as a fox;
why confine yourself to a bleak little box?
When all the bull*****and fiction turn into fact
Don't destroy your bridges, leave them intact
The journey stops with the ending day
you will never again pass along that way
You spanned the chasm and turned the tide
now look back in safety from the other side
There are generations that will follow
who need your bridges to cross their hollow
They will laugh at uncovering a hidden gem
and realise these bridges were built just for them

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Embracing My Essence

My essence of being in which I remain,
The pursuance of dreams I wish to obtain

Melody of my soul shall sing me a song,
Embracing my essence to which I belong

Facing myself,  What shall I find?
Trials endured through the hands of time

Parallels of my mind echo away,
Speaking the moments of my yesterdays

Recollection of memory embedding my thoughts,
Untangling my spirit amongst the knots

Conquering confusion consuming my soul,
Releasing the madness taking its toll

Pursuing the future with hope by my side,
Beauty of my essence no longer shall hide

Shining my light upon my darkened heart,
Stitching the pieces fallen apart

Revitalization of past stories told,
Essence of my healing starting to mold

Beginning again on this long winding trail,
Into my future my essence shall sail

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''Muse'' expanded

I can hear my muse breathe and sigh;
I just listen and don't ask why.

her touch feels like a magic fire
and it's forever there to inspire.

she visits me in the cool of the morn
by the brooks where I was born.

there she reveals her creative powers
where I await among the lovely flowers.

among the flowers by the brooks
beyond the hamlet and ruined rooks

I write all day for my daily muse,
for if I write she'll ne'er refuse:

she'll be my muse till I am dead,
when my poems are widely read.

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As I sit quietly on my bed,
The voices still swirl in my head,
What they are saying, 
Keeps replaying,
No matter how hard I try,
 They just wont die,
My destiny is calling,
Time out, no more over hauling,
My ancestors are telling me,
Go forward and Be!

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the misty morning savior of your worry

i can be the misty morning savior of your worry
allow me to be the medicine that will ease the stress of your hurry

skies become clearer and clouds will be fewer
particular traditions become more scarce and true intentions will appear newer

open your all to the new life smell of this present day
let the rejuvenated zest of this specialized spirit lead you a new and improved way

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Have patience with each other
Be it father mother sister or brother
Inspire your children so they grow up to be
All the things you want them to be
Learn to give everyday that you live
Cherish the time we spend together
Be it fair or stormy weather
There will be no regrets about your destiny
If you live your life in harmony
With strength and courage
Then success will follow you no matter where you go or what you do

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Party Pooper Super Doper Poetry Souper

Super Doper Party Pooper Poetry Souper

After much swear and many a big bead
All of my effort that I once did need
Has been completed and utilized
With my results many were surprised.

Eyes and smile were wide as I started out
Wondering what it would be all about
When a great big wind started to blow
Saying God had heard me here below.

My glory and temptation soon would fade
After having escaped on an escapade
And for land sake next thing I knew
Was some great poet similar to you.

Now wherever I have been or ever will go
God holds me high and keeps my poems in toe
Then prayed that I never be a party popper
And became a super doper poetry souper.

WOW and double WOW with a few more
thrown in for good measure.

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solid foundation standing tall and proud

solid foundation standing tall and proud
erect is your stance quietly firm but never needlessly loud

i watch you as you create pictures for your own kind of frame
it is because of you that makes me want to do the same

heaven must have made you in a special room secluded from the rest
the angels put you through the most difficult of tests

when you made it through every kind of weather, you found yourself respected
no type of shady business or enhancement assistance was ever detected

now there you go and there you surely are
the greatest inspiration to many and to countless more a superstar

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About Wales and Whales Tails are Told

About Wales and Whales Tales Are Told

Heard that people in Wales are Cardifferious
And can write poems which may be carnivorous;
Water closet is bathroom maybe with a urinal
American poetry writing is often done nocturnal.

Early morning poetry person happen to be
And whales from coast of Wales could you see
By light of a drastic, lovely morning dawn
So where have the whales from Wales all gone?

On which side of a Welch will whales become a thorn
Leave and go to America so they can be re-born
And Christians wonder about and it never fails
Can whales cross themselves like they do in Wales.

If you were to go in water to have great whaling
And happen to be in Wales where they are hailing
A cruise ship sailing back to good old USA,
From Wales were did whales go and which way?

Plot has been caste in a bunch of stones;
Of course, name was none other than Tom Jones
Who with singing ability tipped all the scales
And eventually would return back to Wales. 
(Die he ever really leave?)

People from Wales their stores still relish
Which is why some people call them Welchish
And when it only is God in heaven who knows  
That's when they all start saying, "There she blows."

Started shuffling and stories came out of the cards
Saying those leaving Wales are a bunch of blowhards
And coal miners who are still live in Wales
Is impression which around me often trails.

So what do all of you Welch and Cardifferians
have to say for yourself and write a poem about?
Don't you just enjoy and become enthralled by
my poems? Jim Horn

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In the unplumbed depths
of whales’ deep-held breaths
a singular shaft
fired with force from the aft
twists to it end.

Deep in the dark
where reality lies stark
a flittering thought
lies unexposed, distraught
awaiting the penetrating insight.

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Crescent Moon -Couplet-

You sit in the sky beaming a radiant orange glow on this cool, clear night. Copyright Cynthia Jones Oct.5/2004

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Exact Precise Right Word

Exact Precise Right Word

Yes, it surely is your and my number;
No matter where we sleep or slumber
Poems of ours are about to spring forth
From either East, West. South or North.

Our each and every poem still share;
All of them are beyond compare;
From their beginning to very end
Into state of ecstasy they will send.

Although abnormal we both may be
With each other always will agree
In one more thought it has occurred
We ended up with exact precise, right word.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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Happy Here

Happy Here

Two grand-daughters are now next door
Which is what happiness is really for
Was early in morning and voices heard
And mockingbird songs which just occurred.

Shiny faces many smiles they each wore
On those two we worship and do adore
And it is such a pretty perfect scene
Come on over and see what we both mean.

Often times things have become inherent
Gene and Ginger are a proud grand-parent
Their whole house grand-children inspire
Now all is happy here in our home's entire.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Am also starting a Southern Series 
of poems along with this one.

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When challenges come as they sometimes will...
We tend to think that all of life's roads are all uphill.

We may think that winter skies are always gray...
But on a positive note, spring is only weeks away.

The trees you see may all look dead...
But shortly they'll be wearing green leaves and buds of red.

So when challenges come as we know they will...
Cling to your faith in God and peace be still.

God takes care of all His creatures which includes me and you...
The little sparrow is blessed and we are too.


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It Is Agreed

It Is Agreed

What is it that I should simply say?
Either stay here or turn them away
When you see sadness in each soul
Who want a fair chance to grow old.

How could I help by loose my cool
When terrible action by some fool
Children ended up suffering so much
If in my arms all of them I could clutch.

Must be loving answer from our Lord
What is it we can do to always afford
And care for children and each one feed
They need is our compassion it is agreed.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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time will heal

We all heal in time 
But you can not look behind
Moving forward is the test
Just remember to do your best
Don't forget what you did wrong
That includes hitting the bong
Only way too fail
Is if you bail
Keep pushing forward
Because its worth more than a quarter
If you have done your best
God will help you with the rest