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Couplet Hope Poems | Couplet Poems About Hope

These Couplet Hope poems are examples of Couplet poems about Hope. These are the best examples of Couplet Hope poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I'm still alive and I don't know why?
My heart survived falling from the butterfly sky

Caught by the hands of destiny
With visions only I can see!

My love I heard your call
Wings of a butterfly broke my fall

Love motion is in the air, a love no one can compare
Indulging a look-a-stare- that we both share

Reminiscing our love made out of stolen hope
Awe~:*! To  them butterfly kisses that felt so real

Flowing like Amazing Grace, 
A shining light upon my face.

I traveled fast and far, longing to be in your arms
I desire, the warm sensation of your charms

Your safe love will help me carry on,
With the strength and bond~the love you set upon

Nothing is better than a sensual butterfly kiss
Beyond the sensation of heaven's pure bliss

Fluttering in the clouds aiming for the moon
A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I bloom!

Valued by the art of true beauty and its rarity
True love flapping in the mist of clarity

I entwine that I am yours and you are mine
Bonded together till the end of time

With the vision my heart is no longer blind
Two broken hearts at last combined

I glide below to touch your lip.
Our lashes touch from tip to tip.

Caressing each other as our wings expand
Two hearts- kisses collide and land

Holding your hand reaching to the rainbow sky.
Kisses:*kisses:* like the butterfly!

Dedicated to *Nathan*

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A Light In The Darkness

This darkness overwhelmes me yet a glow it lights my path
a fire burns inside me to defrost the winters wrath

This weight I bear suppresses hope and brings me to my knees
Yet someone here has heard my moans and calms my raging seas

Time and time again I fall, so wearily I tread
But then appears an outstretched hand, and nothing more is said

she lifted me beyond the precipice of laden fears
embraced me in her tenderness and wiped away my tears

This lonliness that fills the space where joy did once reside
Is lessened by a friendly soul, with whom I can confide

Heavens light sent from above, a stepping stone of hope
Placed along this winding road to help this blind man cope

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A Flame Once Burned

~ My sizzling flame has faded in the midst of Summer's embrace and taken my virgin flower of delicately woven lace In subtle shadows and fading light silently in bewilderment I crumble without sight For each year of happiness and silver dream abound now a resonating memory silent without a sound As I walk the cobble stone path where our days had found no end I raise my arms above and pray for this love to mend If only a God-sent chance should fall my weary way this love I would cherish endless with each passing day In subtle shadows and fading light each memory of you held forever in soft moonlight ~ Contest

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My Pen Collection

As the waves forever kiss the shore
One shot leaves you wanting more
My heart and soul, strong and true
With all the love they hold for you
Sometimes my life leaves me bored
Like a swordsman with no sword
These are the times that I write
Memories can be hard to fight
I write out my heart and soul
Controlling my mind is my goal
Each new word released by my pen
Is another spiritual battle I win
The war rages on day by day
Through the poem prayers I pray
It's a war that I will forever win
Long as there is ink up in my pen
In prison I had quite a collection
Each one held it's own reflection
I saved them after they ran dry
Baptized with the tears I cry
I just couldn't seem to let them go
Little memories of my heart and soul
Sometimes I like to take them out
Little memories of what I'm about
What I'm about angel on my shoulder
Making this world a little less colder

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The Seamstress of Time

I have a special story I wish to share
About a seamstress beautiful and fair

She would fade away turning into smoke
Of her amazing beauty, no man would joke

The spiraling smoke would then re-form
I know only an angels face could be so warm

Before her a beautiful quilt was spread
Upon it the story of my life was said

As she once again started to dissipate 
She said, “Mike this quilt records your fate”

As the smoke traveled over to a new place
And then formed together creating her face

Looking over her shoulder back at me
She said, “This area will hold what has yet to be”

Most of the quilt looked like twisted evil tattoo
Simply because, my life’s quilt was quilted true

I looked the quilt over and then met her gaze
She was so beautiful in so many different ways

The last part of the quilt way over to the right
Showed the beauty of someone changing their plight

Upon her beautiful hand, which seemed so nimble
I noticed she was wearing my grandmother’s thimble 

From a young maiden so beautiful to see
My grandmother appeared right in front of me

I guess up in heaven we return to our youth
My grandmother was beautiful; such is the truth

I thought of the price grandma was asked to pay
The shame of knowing I had turned out that way

I thought of her sitting there stitching my shame
My grandmother didn’t deserve an eternity of pain

She said, “Michael be still with the pain in your heart,
Your story encourages others to make a new start.”

“The deeper the wrong the stronger the right
I always knew my boy would take up the fight”

With a smile much brighter than an ice covered sea
She said, “I love the man my boy has grown up to be”

As she turned to the quilt and started to sew
She said, “Michael, its now time for you to go.”

“Believe in your story believe in your truth
For Salvation is the true fountain of youth”

One night in a dream, which I’ll hold forever divine
I learned; my Grandmother is now,” The Seamstress of Time”

When I was a boy I would help my Grandmother roll
her quilt, find her glasses, as well as, her thimble. I 
never thought about how amazing her art truly was.
From a pile of rags she would make the most beautiful
quilt's. I sleep under one of her quilts to this very day. 

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On The Moon

Thea, grandfather Alferd's dog died, she was so old and sick
Now is Thea on the moon, says Adrian who is six

Michael Jackson died so unexpectedly and abruptly
He is on the moon and plays with Thea, says Adrian who is a big fan

Betzy, grandfather Arild's dog died, she was also old and sick
Now Betzy is also on the moon with Thea and Michael Jackson and play all day

Great Grandmother died so unexpectedly and abruptly
Adrian who is six had difficulty understanding

Adrian who is six cried many tears for Great Grandmother
but comforted himself with the fact that she is sitting on the moon and
makes waffles to Thea, Michael Jackson and Betzy.

A-L Andresen :)  - A true story -

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A Day When Winter Said Goodbye

In the midst of morn she quietly rose to greet the dawn of silent repose She searched beyond the frozen hills and through the bough's of crystal frills She danced in dream as clouds rolled by in hopes the sun would pierce the sky As moments passed nil of light the wind kicked up with all it's might In tumbling turmoil the west winds raged in fluttering beauty to turn the page Within a breath a single sigh the Winter wrath had waved goodbye As sunlight burned of velvet white upon her face a shaft of light... ______________________________________ Poet ~ Rick Parise

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To All Of You

There are times we are left to cope
With situations that drain our hope

Leaving us full of despair
At how some people just don't care

About the evil that they do
To good people like all of you

We are left to somehow face
That in mankind there is disgrace

And those of us left alive
Must find away to survive

As you pick up the pieces of your life
Without your mother, father, husband or wife

And some of you God forbid
Without the love of your kids

We must band together with a brotherhood
Show that in this world there is some good

Because we are together in this deal
We try to help each other heal

We seek in each other good advice
And offer each other sacrifice

We hold each other in prayer and song
As we continue to re-build the wrong

Because what else in the world can we do
Except let the light of good shine through

The evil darkness and despair
Of a catastrophic lack of care

We want you to know you are not alone
Think of America as a giant cone

And all of us are funneling through
Our prayers and hopes to all of you

Posted for Nathan's 9-11 contest

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No Tears

No tears shall fall in this new year
             nor memories call to ponder fears.  

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Once Was A King

There once was Castle just over the hill
That belonged to a King with an iron will

Nestled safely behind his Castle wall
With an army to insure they wouldn’t fall

It was clear for the entire world to see
Destiny would record him in history

The richest King in all of the land
A beautiful Queen at his right hand

He ruled the land from shore to shore
Tell me, “Could any man ask for more”?

Turns out this King had just one vice
He was so great he forgot to be nice

Against any force he was bound to win
So the devil attacked him from with-in

Such a great King skilled with the sword
Much too great a King to turn to the Lord

Watched his entire Kingdom crumble away
Because he was to great to kneel and pray

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Our single soul

As the trials of life come and go
Accept there blessings into your soul

Let them become without a doubt
A model of what you're all about

Don't let them get you all depressed
All things in life need be addressed

Let your spirit be like the wind
Your unseen dearest friend

As I see the lines in my face
Each a reminder of certain place

Do I wish they would go away?
Or that my hair wasn't turning grey

I have no desire to regain youth
For I have learned to speak my truth

When I was young I was so lost
I let my soul pay the cost

Running hard against the grain
Using drugs to kill the pain

Now I feel each and every day
Use the Lord to take the pain away

Do what I can accepting what I get
Treasure blessings that come of it

Thank the Lord through the poems I pray
Use what I need give the rest away

I seem to be driven by a single goal
Can you feel my heart and soul?

I slice them open in hopes they will bleed
Something that someone might need

The single fear I know so well
The fear that my words will fail

So once again I face my fear
As I write I shed my tears

Because these words are spoken true
My heart belongs to all of you

And through it's love I hope to show
We all share a single soul

A soul that is bound by love
Given us by the Lord above

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My Soul Mate

Sweet laughter and devotion, I have shared with none.
This restless heart so tired, of being all alone.

I’ve tried the life of Paul, but it gave not enough.
My heart is overflowing with aching, needful love.

Lord, bring me a companion, but not just any man.
He must be one of valor, or leave me as I am.

Make him strong as Moses, a leader in Your truth.
And I will stand beside him, that I may be his Ruth.

Someone to correct me in, things I need to know;
Reproving me, thus gently, in order that I grow.

Bring me one like Jonathan, loyal to the end;
And I will love forever, this man that is my friend.

Even in the hard times, he will choose to stay;
And we will seek for healing, together, as we pray.

A Boaz to protect me, in safety He will lead,
That I may rest completely, in all that my heart needs.

Someone true like Joseph, my words he will believe;
His faithfulness long-lasting, when others would deceive.

And don’t forget Dear John, his loving heart’s embrace;
With eyes that will behold me, in honor, truth, and grace.

But mostly find the heart, of Jesus that forgives;
Then, with this man you bring me, forever I will live.

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The wreck

The last few weeks have been real hard
You see the "dealer of life" deals the cards
As the trials and blessings come and go
It's true we must reap what we sow
At times the trials are many and the blessings are few
Just let the light of your soul shine on through
Yesterday I walked to the bridge over the creek
By the time I got there I was tired and weak
As I sat on the bridge taking a break
Questioning "how much more can I take"
A speeding drunk driver lost control
I watched it unfold nice and slow
Sometimes the blessings are clear to see
They crashed into the rail right next to me
My guardian angel said soft as could be
I'll never give up on you don't give up on me
These last few weeks I have felt rather low
With a deep down emptiness up in my soul
So regardless of the pain or length of the fight
I reckon it's once again time for me to write
For my pen is the tool that I use to see
The power of the Lord working in me

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Let's bring hope where there's none Everything is better when love is shown Without Hope there are no dreams If you don't believe there's nothing it seems Whatever happens light a candle of Hope Then hang on for life and climb the rope Don't ever quit on any of your goals And never let anything destroy your soul Let's bring more Hope into the light Remember there's a new day after the night Yesterday is gone, don't look back too much With your present life and loves keep in touch Let's bring Hope and make it every part And show that you care from your heart Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November 19,2014

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Simplistic Views

To love that which can not be loved
Is to accept grace from the Lord above

To hate that which should not be hated
Is to let one’s self be eternally degraded 

To think that which should not be thought
Allows your own soul to be easily bought

Most things in life are very easy to see
If you hold simplistic views like me

“It is what it is” and it always was
The reason why, “Just because”

What shall happen shall come to pass
Accept it gracefully and show your class

As you live out the story of your today
Let Jesus Christ guide your way

In doing so you will be able to see
The Lord guiding you to eternity

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Who I Am

I guess some questions are hard to define
Like the desert landscape I’ve changed with time

I’ve spent my life dealing with a monkey
A dope cook, convict, a worthless junkie

A prison gang member, nothing to lose
Then one day I stepped out of those shoes

Decided to change whatever the cost
Prove in this life, hope is never lost

42-years of living the wrong way
I turned to the Lord and gave it away

I am old and gray with wisdom for truth
I hope that I can enlighten the youth

I serve Jesus Christ for he is my Lord
Picked up my Bible and laid down my sword

I’m a student who truly loves to learn
I reckon in this life, I’ve earned my turn

I’m a man who truly adores my wife
Guiding my kids through the trials of life

A born again christen able to see 
A poet’s heart is bubbling in me

Everything a man could be in this life
Serving my Lord in honor of my wife

A man who made use of all his regret
I’m the morning sunrise, evening sunset

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The Mountain Speaks

(This is a "childhood" poem, written many years ago.)

High above the pristine falls
the looming mountain lifts its walls.
A monolith of stony gray,
with bulky lips, it seems to say:
"Eons passed since I've been here;
nothing have I seen to fear
while above my walls, from year to year,
about the world below I peer.
My walls so high, so steep and strong,
protect me well from all that's wrong.
Would that Man below could see
how I keep all harm from me.
Would that he could build a wall
about his home, his family -- all --
to keep them safe from Evil's charm,
which causes Man unending harm."

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'Fallen Angels'

I watch as they descend from the sky
So many of them I can't help wonder why

Once on the ground they dance all around
Still the sight of them to me is so profound

Some voices come in whispers so low
Yet some billow causing them to echo

There is a reason they came down below
They bring a message of things we should know

~Angels descending,bring from above,
Echoes of mercy,whispers of love~

These angels didn't fall at all
Just upon us they made a call

For : "Fallen Angels" contest of Tracie ~*~Indigo Dreamweaver
~Quote of Fanny J. Crosby included in this poem as requested~

Written in the form of Rhyming Couplet
Written: 02/17/2012
4th Place Winner

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Brand New Day

Brand new day climbs up in east
Paint the sky blue..earthly feast

Yesterday`s promises being fulfilled
And those who failed,yet again rebuild

Sun yawns and stretches her sunbeams
Blessing us with life..endless she gleams

Eternal shining diamond in the sky
Worth more than money could ever buy

As the day closes..from the bottom of my heart
My dream is that we will always have a new start

April 18th 2012

I belive that Mother Nature..and mankind deserves a new tomorrow.
Fresh and charged to tackle lifes` many challenges.

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The ashen wind fills wafts of day that hides the sun, then drops away into the early Autumn sky, perhaps to dream, or just to die like one leaf falling from a pear, it stirs a final dream so fair, a dream turning bleak reason’s flow, it knows not which byway to go through wrapped fields of taunting rain it wanders, then comes back again like beats winging the Autumn air, so wondrously beyond compare. The swans of life stir ever on, and when the breaths of day is gone they tumble through her mist- filled night, as late dusk's jaws begin to bite. The crying of a lonely night, pine's branches drooping moonlit white as sighing winds touch heaven’s gate, without the need to stand and wait for every roaming rainclouds' stare, she needs to ask the why or where in moments when pain veils her face so sullen, yet so full of grace; as her swan wings clutch twilight's hues dripping tears from September's dues yet, eyes open their crystal plumes with hopes of flowers' newborn blooms © ------------ Contest: Joyce Johnson's The Rhyming Game By: nette onclaud

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If I Could Split Myself in Two

If I could split myself in two
One half of me I'd give to you,
The other half I'd send away
To be with her like yesterday.
Though it sounds harsh, this I would do
If I could split myself in two.

If I could split myself in two
One half for her, one half for you.
The half for her would win her back
To heal my heart and mend the crack,
To fix me up, made good as new
If I could split myself in two.

If I could split myself in two
The other half would stay with you.
While one half fixes years of tears
The Half with you would have no fears,
Would be devoted, strong and true
If I could split myself in two.

But I am not two, I'm just one man
So I'll swear to love you all I can
If you will take me cracks and all,
Be there to lift me when I fall,
I'll dedicate my life to you
And no longer wish myself in two.

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Sheltered Dreams Above The Clouds

Flying oh so high above the silhouetted trees
in stark of night salvation comes and floats me on the breeze.

I've sipped the sweet nectar of grace and laid forth all my dreams.
I'll likely fall but I won't fail,I'm nourished by moonbeams.

The light begins to filter through as dawn now beckons in.
The weary stars fade fast away and let the sun begin.

So goes the dance of sheltered wishes,destiny unspoken.
A painted sky will heal my soul and fix whatever's broken.

Tenderly I hold these dreams and see them to fruition.
Above the clouds are where they live awaiting love's nutrition.

Now every breath I draw will be succinctly mine to keep.
Eyes that see such dreams of beauty surely cannot weep.

written June 17th,2013
for contest "Above The Clouds"

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The Harmony of Percieving Colors (The Conclusion to Brians Contest)

All the colors that my eyes see
Seem to become a part of me

The red that bleeds my angry days
The gray that shades my darkest ways

The green forest that brings me ease
The purple tracks from my disease

Toni’s black outfit fills my nights
Faith is now my pillow of white

Colors lead to one conclusion
The rainbow is God’s illusion

Through the rainbow what my eyes see
I perceive immorality

For within the words that I write
The will in man to face the fight

To change his life and learn to be
A child of God proud and free

Everyone perceives, as they will
I can only write what I feel

I feel these colors in my soul
God’s rainbow leads to streets of gold

Of all I do and all I see
These colors bring me harmony

Harmonic balance brings me peace
For all my dreams are now in reach

Protected by the flaming sword
I accept Christ to be my Lord

Of all I do and all I feel
I am a servant to his will

It is the Lord who yields my pen
All the glory I give to him

In my words can you not perceive?
Gods rainbow truly brings me ease

Harmony now lives in my soul
See serving God has made me whole

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Welcome 2013

Behold the sun of two thousand twelve go 
It rose on January one with pomp and show
Like dethroned Presidents of many countries whose
National wealth decline and personal grow

Two thousand thirteen ushers in
On it the people and nations their hopes pin
One more promise one more hope
Spain and Greece will climb up the slope

Portugal will once more its glory regain
New York will not be devastated by rain
Rulers and kings will perform such feat
The year will poverty and hardship defeat

Taliban and Al-Qaida will meet their doom
On the heads of Syrians death won’t loom
Deprivation and misery will rule no more
Greed and lust will see the door

Religious intolerance would be words unknown 
Skies won’t see the flight of drone
Kashmiris and Palestinian’s plight will end
People would rally and freedom defend

Victory of justice protection of rights
Lust harnessed that misery invites
Human souls saved from hunger, disease
World will witness life expectancy increase

This will prove a different year
Hearts will know no  tyrant’s fear 

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Desert Wanderer

Desert Wanderer with not a cup-
I'll hold you tight and lift you up-

I'll give you aid and lend my strength-
And take you far, to a great length-

To see your safety and a healthy smile-
You are worth life, have no self- denial-

I promised you in, a time now gone past-
That my love forever, surely shall last-

For you are my Desert Wanderer dreary-
Take this sorrow and be your eyes so teary-

I promise you now, and in the here after-
You will find love, placed inside my laughter-

We will stay one, toghether and all-
Always shall I be waiting for your call-

My Desert Wanderer with not a cup-
Hold my hand, I will lift you up-

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Far, Far Away

The days draw ever closer with my 
imminent need to leave

With promises to keep and goals to 

My ultimate desire is to disappear

But mighty are the binds that keep 
me here

And so I sat down to write a song

About this place where I could belong

Coz when I look close and beyond

There isn't a thing that tickles my 

I wish upon a star thats too far

Hoping for a yearn that makes me 

For this I will strive night and day

To find this place, so I pray


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Yesterday's Rain~

Today I wondered about the rain.... ....I wanted it to rain again The beauty of a chopped up sea Cobalt turquoise harmony Warm winds blow indigo Cirrus Thunder crashes intensely furious Golden skies mixed crimson setting West I admire rain-clouds shedding I miss that smell of rain and sea With loud cracks of lightening~ Gems rolling against the sand Treasures kept ....cupped in a hand Walking along a wondrous fate Losing my spirit ....I learned to hate Focusd on a thought or a specific date I felt sad have lost my mate Finding myself in a storm cloud made An impermeable will and internal shade I've finally met the marvelous Sea Stepping along the beach with me.... Had I stayed in my own little storm Completely compelled to die or conform I would not have come to realize... yesterdays rain... ...cannot touch today's skies
By Jane Bowen Copyright 2009

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No Heaven Without You

The end of my life the beginning of my death
I shall start to slowly inhale my final breath

Fast forwarding memories race through my mind
There is one in particular that I’m trying to find

Is it of the hottest night or the brightest day?
I really don’t know how could I possibly say

White capped waves to snow capped peaks
As I start to exhale I feel so tired and weak

Funny how everything has started moving so slow
As my mind races to learn what it shall never know

Suddenly everything ceases as clouds fill my eyes
For I have frozen in the memory of you and I 

Nothing but darkness here at the end of the race
As my final breath of air softly kisses your face

As I travel through the darkness I feel no fear
I’m lost in the taste from the salt of your tear

They say eternity is no more than an equation of time
Consequences of our life heaven or hell shall define 

There is one truthful fact regarding my fate
Our Lord Jesus Christ will meet me at the gate

But I won’t go in that’s something I could never do
There is no heaven for me until I walk in with you

I’ll sit down right there just outside of the gate
I’m certain for you the Lord will let me wait

I know you’ll be mad because I waited so long
Sweetheart you are the message inside of my song

And the message my song shall forever send
It could only be heaven if I have my friend


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Perceiving Colors (Part Two, Brian's Contest)

All the colors that my eyes see
Seem to become a part of me

The red that bleeds my angry days
The gray that shades my darkest ways

The forest green that brings me ease
The purple tracks from my disease

Toni’s black dress that blesses my nights
Faith is now my pillow of white

Colors lead to one conclusion
The rainbow is God’s illusion

Through the rainbow what my eyes see
I perceive immorality

For within the words that I write
The will in man to face the fight

To change his life and learn to be
A child of God proud and free

Everyone perceives, as they will
I can only write what I feel

I feel these colors in my soul
God’s rainbow leads to streets of gold

I made a couple of minor changes to 
part one because it was brought to my
attention that couplets should stay on
syllable count throughout, I never knew
that. I hope that's ok. If not I will use
the original part one for they're very similar
Part one & two for Sir. Brian's contest.

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Angels In Cemeteries contest

I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write”
I had been going through a personal plight,

I ventured off into a place,
Where all I saw was love and grace,

The season was the beginning of spring,
When life can be heard, and the air starts to sing,

But the place I was in was an endless row of rest,
Yet I was able to admire how well it was dressed,

Glory symbols stationed all around,
One stood tall far off the ground,

Wings wide- ranging, angelic that gleamed,
Surrounded by flowers whose colors were sheen,

Blues of the ocean, reds of the evening sky,
I reflected on greatness, as the time passed by,

I came upon a sculpture, a cherub, with a face,
A tear in his right eye, looking down at this place,

A letter to God leaned against this particular one,
It read clearly on top, “Please Lord, hold my son”

I continued on, walking down this strip,
When suddenly, I slipped and had a hard trip,

I fell by a giant weeping willow tree,
Then looked up at the fixture right in front of me,

Out of all the others, this monument was painted the best,
Its beauty surpassed all of the rest,

I marveled at his golden strands,
His skin looked like the color of sand,

Looking up from off the ground,
It looked as though he wore a crown,

His creamy gown was long and still,
My eyes felt like they had started to spill,

His mere presence seemed to fill me with humility,
My legs were limp, I felt a lack of mobility,

What was this kind, who had made him?
Then, he spoke  “You were never forsaken”

Chills overwhelmed my body quite fast,
I had no idea, I was his task,

I said, "what is your name,"
And He gently sighed,
“Your never alone, just enjoy your life’s ride”

I had been in a struggle, for quite some time,
He spoke once more, “You will be Fine”

His glimmering light calmed my inner plight,
His afterglow, made my heart know,

That sometimes in life we go through a trial,
And even when it seems like it’s lasted awhile,

God sends his messengers right on time,
He is never late, and His words are like wind chimes,

Soothing the mountains, calming the inner storms, 
Restoring us back to our proper forms,

I looked up once more, but He had disappeared,
My faith had grown deeper, and I knew God was near,

I rested a while, under that old willow tree,
I felt compelled to write what had happened to me, 
It was now the early part of night, I began with,
"I heard an angel speak last night and he said to write.”

By: Sabina keough

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A letter from Satan

I have come to bring pain, fear and strife 
To consume you with worry and not enjoy your life 

Fill you with past regrets and mistakes 
so that i will win the battle and make sure your heart breaks 

I want to ensure you suffer constantly 
not trusting the one above, the one who made me

Your life will be filled with constant sorrow 
so that i don't have to worry about you living tomorrow 

The hate and the fury I make you feel 
Its just a joke, its for fun
It isn't real 

I want you to be heavy burdened 
and allow the plans God has to be deserted 

You have to understand I don't care about you 
All I want is your soul and make you feel blue 

So take this letter and understand why 
my plans for you are not high 

Cling to me and I will give you everything you wanted 
But dont complain when your disappointed

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Rather Small

Although it’s neither here or there
I do love the mountain air

Fresh and crisp with its own bite
The river flows through the blanket of white

It’s all in life that is pure and clean
The river sparkles with it’s own sheen

Up here in the air that is lighter than light
I open my soul through the words I write

Through my words I write out a show
For those who have never seen the snow

Every breath you take is like a dream
With eyes amazed at the beauty they have seen

You close your eyes to process it all
And realize we are rather small

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A blessing in my life

I usually write in couplet rhyme
Its simply what I do it's not by design
It's just the way the words seem to flow
Into my head up out of my soul
I love the ones that are full of light
See they are what brought me up out of the night
People prove they care by the things that they do
So I write this light for all of you
I write it because I wish you to know
True beauty is born with-in the soul
The soul is a thing that cherishes the light
Do you not embrace the stars through the dark of night
Well as you do know my words are true
They may twinkle bright but not as bright as you
You are angels who covered me in your prayers
Let me know I'm someone worthy of care
I hold you all in my heart just like my wife
Like her you are "a blessing in my life"

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My heart responds to every silent thing
The evening star, the chill of winter's sting

A world so white serene and still
The pink farewell of sun behind the hill

When day is done and worries creep
And troubles keep my thoughts from sleep

Outside there shines a twinkling star
In silence spreads it's light afar

Reminding me to keep my dreams
To trust God's light, through window streams

For moon will shine on shadowed sill
And birds still sing through wind and chill

All nature has this truth to hold
Beyond the winter, beyond the cold

There lies the dream that brings again
The simple beauty of the rain

Tomorrow comes on sparrow wings
And always brings a promised spring

I printed this poem, unsigned, folded it around a single rose from my garden
and left it under the windshield wiper of a neighbor's car (parked in her driveway).
She has been having a hard time, caring for a parent with Alzheimer's.

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Visit me in a dream

Come and visit me in a dream,

And tell me how you are,

Are you floating on a cloud?

Have you found the brightest star?


I know you're with us somewhere,

Even though you can't be seen,

Painting the bluest sky,

Or among the grass so green.


As I'm wandering through the park,

Looking up at the trees,

Daydreaming of the joy you brought,

Will you visit me please?


Just send me a little sign,

White feathers on the breeze,

To let me know you're happy, free

And put my mind at ease.


Or ask a passing stranger,

With twinkling brown eyes,

A cheeky smile, and baldy head,

To nod as he passes by.


Or maybe play a special song,

Loud, on my radio,

That could have been written just for you,

About all the love we've known.


Come visit me in a dream,

And tell me how you are,

I know you're there, a floating cloud,

And one of the brightest stars.

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Spirit and Soul and Body Oh My

How I would love to tell you this life is fair
That the burdens you carry are temporary and rare
But the truth be told that until our glorified shell
Each soul will battle heaven and hell
How I would love to tell you that your spirit always wins
That if you just feed that part you will never sin
But that would be a lie too
For the war in our minds constantly brews
And our flesh wants to act when our hearts plead for peace
Because while in our skin, it will demand false releases
But the battle gets less and less, my darling, my friend,
When you reach out and grab the one with his extended hand
And the monsters, copied vampires, slip on crooked streets
When your love rests in the eternal heart beat
What I can tell you is that all you need to do is believe
Open your world, just embrace and you will surly receive
And the cares of this life will seize to remain
Like the nights, in your window, when you watch summer rain
Just hold on and stay true for he’s coming for you
Laugh and sing while you await your new set of wings.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Eyes of a Child

Looking all around me and becoming more aware,
Of the people and surroundings at which many children stare.

I come to terms and realize the acts of hate I see,
And now I fear that this same scene will soon envelope me.

Walking on a lonesome road, though crowded it may seem,
I pass through silent hordes of people hushing silent screams.

Beside me standing hand-in-hand, older man and wife,
I wonder if they thought like me, what happened to their life.

I reminisce now further back before these broken days,
A time of wasting food and drink and dressing different ways.

But now we all look just alike in tattered grays and browns,
Drifting through these damaged streets and sporting matching frowns.

I thought we'd left the two world wars and poverty behind,
To linger in our broken books and fill an older time.

A time where death would cloud the world with sorrow and disease,
And fear would plant itself within the innocent with ease.

This made me think and look around for Noah and his arc,
And for the first time since the night I heard a flustered lark.

I quickly turned around to spot within a child's hands,
An injured bird whose time had brought it here from other lands.

The child stole a piece of thread from a redbreast robin's nest,
And wrapped around the ailing bird a splint so it could rest.

An hour past the lark took flight and answered to the wild;
The only resting place of hope is in the bright eyes of a child.

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Blush of the Roses

Something hides this foggy day
      Out of reach and far away

Impatience blooms, a woeful sing
       Of soft pastel, sweet breath of spring

Where day will find red roses blooming
       Banish skies where dark clouds looming

Blush of heather, birds are wheeling
        Skin of winter, shedding, peeling

See not shadows, feel no rain 
       Shed the secrets, shed my pain

Foolish hearts, so restless weeping
        Hating thorns of winter keeping

Where wishing wistful thoughts to soar
        Above the clouds, and rainbows o'er

Where tree boughs bend with weight of fruit
        New blade of grass, so green to root

Today cries bitter, north wind blowing
        Tomorrow blushes,  roses growing

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Divisions Of A Philosophical Mind

Infant mind preferred scientist the best Whose brain worked off beat beneath a bird’s nest. Alas! Time told that I wasn’t at all gifted by god, So it was inconceivable to befriend sin, log and mod! Then was the school life, amazed with pilots and aero science, Flying free with strong wings was definitely nice! Someone told that people with hi-eyepower were not allowed The excuse was enough to drop the dream of being pilot-renowned. So I participated in school dramas with a secret fervor of acting, I was tired of seeing more and more talent; and decided of quitting. Music then became a part of my life; I started listening to all kinds I failed a school audition, so further working on it would be a sacrifice. So I began to grow tired of this endless game; grew tired of being tired And went on and on, writing this poem without fear of being fired! Because I had learnt my lesson too early, yet failed to see I had not There would certainly be better; hope was still to be the best shot.

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Beacon of Light

Fear not the violent storm
I am comfort safe and warm

Treasure all you hold so dear
Taste the memory of a falling tear

Never forget things of the past
Let their wind fill your mask

Hold your course steady and true
Be the person I see in you

Through out your journey never fear
Know in your heart that I am near

Never more than a  whisper away
I'll always hear what you pray

I am the beacon, "The beacon of light"
Guiding you through this stormy night

I realize you are tired and sore
Come maroon your ship up on my shore

And after this storm has had its way
Tomorrow will be a much nicer day

A day for you to sit and write
Of the comfort found in a, "beacon of light"

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The Scent of Water

The scent of water

If summer sun at its vertex will not perspire,
How would I burning in hell will respire ?

If sparrow sits on mango tree with open beak,
I too am surely craving for a water streak,

If in the desert, the rainfall fails to revive,
How can I without your love survive ?

Loneliness has left me parched and dry,
Lover's lanes empty, pleasant meets a far cry,

The long dark night, seems so unending,
To my injured self, Is there any mending ?

If you can, give me a bit of sunshine,
Then why would I need the addicting wine ?

Hope is all that sustains my life,
Might take me out of the current strife,

The Scent of water, as clouds appear in sky,
Oh Rain! come rain, I am about to die,

Give your divine showers so as I may thrive,
Bloom may with tiny drops, even the cacti !

Written on 15/7/14
Contest- the scent of water
Sponsor- Faye Gibson

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Our Grandmother's Blessings

So many trials seem to be filled up with so much fear
So many ask, “Oh Dear Lord, what am I doing here”?

So many questions that I have come to know
If we just plant a seed, with water it will grow

I have a natural green thumb that now is wasting away
Along with a mind that does love to go out and play

Times I still ask, “How did this all came to be”
What was it that my wife was able to see in me?

She says that my heart was the most beautiful around
It still blows me away, for I clearly remember the sound

Her voice was so soft, her tone was so sweet
I was nothing less than pure evil upon two feet

Had been years since anything had took me by surprise
Ice cold is what the rest of the world had seen in my eyes

I looked at her smiled and laughed in my cold convict way
She smiled and said, “Why you want to be mean anyway”

I told her, “I reckon we are all born to just what we are”
She said, “So why are you a dope cook instead of a star”

That question stopped me right there dead in my tracks
I thought, “This girl is a looker but God she is whacked”

Last night her and I sat out underneath the moon
Two very blessed souls swinging in our sliver spoon

Just a little swing we built together out in our back yard
Place to just sit back and rest after a day long and hard

I once again ask her, how in the world could you ever know?
 “My Grandmother was preacher, I could see her in you soul”

Which led me to speak out my truth for I learned to not lie
"My grandmother was also in yours, answering the entire “Why”

Grandmothers we respected and held above all others 
Brought each of us together in the land born of lovers

Two Grandmother Spirits full of pure heavenly delight
Led their grandchildren into the valley born of the light

Now here we sit holding each other, each other high above
Because we share in the blessing of our Grandmothers love

Toni and I had lost our Grandmothers before we had ever met
though I knew of hers because she was a very powerful lady
and a down home speak in tongues Pentecostal Preacher that
had great respect up in these parts. After all these years we 
confided in each other that we could see our grandmothers in
each others eyes. Thank you and God Bless, MJ

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The Spirital Womb

The tragedy of a Miracle started today
Our Lord’s brutalized body passed away 

Of all the tragedies in the history of man
This is one I try to grasp, but never can

For some reason I find it impossible to see
We crucified the greatest man in our history

Through all of the gain and all of the loss
It was a predestined coin man had to toss

I wonder how Pilot must have felt that day
He washed cowards hands in a cowardly way

Beaten and tortured, his skin ripped to shreds
As a thorny crown dug holes into Jesus’ head

While nailed to the cross he had one final goal
Through the mercy of love he saved another soul

He saved that soul and then our Lord Jesus died
Can you imagine the countless tears that were cried?

As we all know Jesus' body was placed into a tomb
To my minds eye it was no less than a spiritual womb 

And from inside that womb salvation was born
For the tomb was found empty come Sunday morn

This is not how the story ends it is only how it starts
The Lord now lives up inside each one of our hearts

Even those lost in Prison, the ones like I used to be
Can turn to the Lord and then they will be set free

Freedom is a thing that I think we all strive to find
It is etched in our heart and engraved in our mind

I was locked up in a cell nestled tightly away
Facing several years that I would have to pay

Up inside of that cell I made my own decree
A true miracle was taking place inside of me

I was a very evil man and I was so proud to show it
In the wink of an eye I was transformed into a Poet

I learned there is only one way to truly be free
Ask of the Lord, “ Jesus please come unto me”

And just as the Lord Jesus Christ rose up out of his tomb
We can all live with-in the comfort of his spiritual womb

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Lost In Love

Lost in love,
Found in pain,
Can't get out,
All in vain.
Keep you with me
All my life.
Your words cut into me
Like a knife.
I lay in your arm,
Staying out of harm.
Keep me there,
Because i know you care.
Lost in love,
No more pain,
Don't want out,
Not in vain.

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I'm So Ready

Through the shadows and valleys I have traveled
There were times my life seemed to come unraveled

Now some pieces of my past I've put behind me
No longer satisfied to live resignedly

I have realized my worth and know my heart
So I'm waiting for this new chapter to start

With a rush of wisdom coming from within
I can feel that something big will soon begin

Been prepared for this and it's long overdue
Filled with hope and I know I've thought it through

So just bring it on and give me all you got!
Here's the life and love that I have so long sought

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I thought about him...

I thought about him today,
And I hope that he is doing Ok;

I miss him more than I care to admit,
His little smirk and courageous wit;

He always had something funny to say,
And he never failed to brighten my day;

His cute little phrases or silly songs,
In my eyes he could do no wrong;

He was always there no matter what,
With his worn out hat that was beat up and cut;

Barely surviving, just like him,
There till the end when he started to dim;

I hope he occasionally thinks of me too,
Cause I love him more than he ever knew.

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The memories we shared together
Long talks and bird feathers
We used to sit outside on the porch
Laugh and smile as if no remorse

Those days became shorter
And long nights I cried for her
I used to run to her house after school
Listen to her stories as I sat on the stool

Reminisce of the times we had
And talks of the world being flat
The stories she told
Was  like a new beginning unfold

She grew up in a place of great evil 
But no one would believe her
Until the true story was recovered
And  most were of her

She lived a long life
Through the bitter night
I was her glowing light
Until fear overpowered with great might

I will never forget her
If only there was a cure
 I gripped her tightly 
And kissed her head lightly

Felt as her hands slipped away
And the night turned to day
I look to the heavens above
And send her lots of love

She was the blood in my veins 
And the nice nights it would rain
I visit her as much as I can 
Because I will always be her number one fan

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My Heart Is Knocking

My heart's knocking on your heart's door
Your heart has never heard this knock before
My heart keeps knocking again and again
But your heart is scared and won't let me in
As the days go by and your heart gets to know mine
Our hearts will become intertwined
Our love will grow like a blossoming flower
Love will unleash its ultimate power
The next time my heart knocks on your heart's door
You won't have to ask what I'm knocking for
You won't be afraid to let my heart in
You will finally be ready to let love begin

Copyright © 1999 Shari E Davis

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God's Concrete Poetry/Art

Man is an excellent work of God---
His visual poetry or art, out of mud.

Being one of God’s many creations;
Man must not forget his obligations.

Thou, man know God’s everywhere;
And yet, he does not bother to care.

Either man lives by God’s command,
Or, he will not live in a promise land.  

Man must take this into consideration,
If indeed his heart craves for salvation.

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Piece Me Together

Silence and deaf ears.
Sad times and many tears.
Friends and family so relieving.
Eyes and hearts in me believing.
Times of trial hard to recover.
No time or love from another.
Welcoming arms and open hearts.
Help and comfort and a new start.
Take these things and piece me together.
Take away the bad things and I'll feel better.
Haven't you needed this yourself?
Will you add to it or will you help?
  Hold me close and never leave.
  Keep the puzzle together and you'll be an important piece.

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for T-Bell

  Knowing her song

still she won't sing it,

her bag's full of notes,

and still she won't bring it,

with veins full of music

she floats on a tune,

she soars on concertos

far over the moon,

I beg and cajole but I'm

just not her Mother,

she won't shed a note

it seems for another,

we're playing piano

on notes  on a page 

waiting for morning 

when she  can asuage,

all of the grief that she finds

on the keys,

see how the muses 

are down on their knees

whispering hope into

lyrics she hears

sonatas that shimmer

away on her tears.

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My Friend – My Lord

There is a thing that has filled my soul
The Lord is the dearest friend I know
He listens with no interruptions at all
Especially when my back is to the wall
I don’t need to see him to know he is real
He lives in my thoughts and all that I feel
When I first called to him I was a shell
Just another sinner headed off to hell
He answered my prayer then to my delight
He gave me the gift and desire to write
Through all I have written it’s clear to see
I walk with the Lord for he lives in me

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

My dear friends, bow not to the "father of lies"
He prowls as a lion...only in disguise
                    Waiting so patiently; hour by hour
                    Seeking the straying sheep he'll next devour
                                        He licks his vile lips in anticipation
                                        Hungering for the fallen of creation
Dripping as honey, one slathering falsehood
Can slide down as easily as the truth would
                    But soon in our sickness, we weaken and die
                    We curse at the heavens as we wonder why
                                        We've eaten of evil for too many years
                                        And fatally deconstruct from our own fears

Let us not give one more days' satisfaction
Instead let us purposely spring into action
                    We'll tackle that liar with Truth from our Father
                    And let Satan know that he just needn't bother
                                        Even within a most imperfect world
                                        We're stronger than anything that he can hurl

For weaker is he that would see our joy die
And greater the One who will come, by and by
                    To take home His children that stand 'til the last
                    That day, at His feet, our golden crowns we'll cast 
                                        As He wraps us up lovingly in His embrace
                                        We shall weep with joy when we meet face to face

So, dear friends, bow not to the "father of lies"
Just fight the good fight, keep your eyes on the prize

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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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This Very Day

Make a wish then live that way
Me, I don’t know what to say

Since one and one equal two
I simply do what I must do

The hardest choice I now make
I prefer my icing on top the cake

My taste is set I will never roam
In your heart, I’ve found my home

Your love is like a rush of power
A thorny rose of tender flower

I swear of this I could not joke
Be still the thorn inside the poke

Like a lake aside a mountain pass
Your eyes are pools of liquid glass

Inside those pools what I see
A hero is what you see in me

You’ve made a hero of a villain
In your arms, I’m happy Chillin’

Days to weeks, months to years
To you who comforts all my fears

I reckon that, which I wish to say
I would die for you this very day

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The one thing in life we all strive to be is equal in every degree,
And I think everyone should have the same rights, don’t you agree?

We can all be equal but we cannot all be the same,
There is a difference and you can’t hold other people responsible are try to point the blame.

Certain things that have happened should be buried and forgot,
Otherwise it is like a cancer that will eat at you till you rot.

We all need forgiveness in our lives and truly that is the key,
Without forgiveness none of us are free!

The next step is compassion and kindness,
Show love instead of hate, helpfulness instead of hurtfulness might be a way out of this mess!

Teach respect and honor, not bigotry and greed,
Then maybe God will water and nurture that seed.

God made each and every one of us and I don’t think this squabbling He had in mind,
So we should all bury the hatchet and live for tomorrow, for yesterday is already one day behind.

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Beyond The Gates

Behind these gates lay quite the scene
So very surreal, yet not a dream

Beautiful headstones, manicured lawns
My God the memories this place spawns 

The winding road, first turn to the right
Back to the beginning of my plight

Stopping next to the second trail
My heart and head pound like hell

On the left eleven headstones away
Like a movie my memory starts to play

People gathered from all around
My mother knew everyone in town

At the time I was still unable to speak
My shattered psyche was far too weak

I stood there broken and full of fear
Ashamed I could shed not a single tear

Ashamed I could speak not a single word
Inside my head so many voices heard

What did those voices have too say
That’s another story for another day

Those gates now hold so many I love
Everyone I once held above

Last time I entered them I was 32
Even though those gates hold all of you

Next month I’ll go back and explain why
Tell my mother the reason I couldn’t cry

Apologize to her for being broken
Leave flowers, a poem, and my N.A. token

That way she will know without any doubt
What her little boy ended up being all about

That her little boy is not broken anymore
Overcoming adversity is what adversity is for

And one day when I’ve completed my fate
I’ll be looking for her, “Beyond the Gate”

The Shafter, California cemetery holds my mother, Grandparents, my cousin James and many
close friends. The last time I visited them was approx. 18 years ago. It’s very strange
that I received, “Beyond the Gates” as my topic, because; I’ve been planning this trip for
months now. If not for that fact I would have most likely written this poem about prison
gates. I reckon all things happen for a reason. Thank you Constance writing this poem has
given me strength to help me do what I plan to do. Go make amends to the person who gave
me life and taught me the things, which stuck with me through it all. My Grandparents
never lost hope in me and always said, "One day Mikey will remember the things we taught
him and return to the Lord." I think they will be proud of the man who comes to visit them
next month.

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A Prayer for my Wife

                           A Prayer for my Wife

Now I’ll tell you all the details if I can keep from sheddin’ a tear
Last night when it got late and really quiet around here 

I got down on my knees, crossed my heart and began to pray
And in the darkness between me and God, here’s what I had to say

I love her so much Lord and I just don’t know what I’d do
I’m afraid that she won’t make it, that’s why I’m coming to you

Here with my heart open, at your mercy down on my knees
I’m begging’ you with every heartbeat, Oh Lord hear my pleas

I don’t know what your plans are or what you have in store
And I know I don’t deserve her and that she deserves much more

And don’t misunderstand Lord, I don’t assume any obligation
For your bounty in our life has exceeded all our expectations

But please allow her to live and me to be a part of that life
And I swear I’ll make this beautiful woman proud to be my wife

And if it’s not in your plans Lord then I pray that you take me instead
Cause’ I can’t live without my love, I’d be better off dead

And no excuses for my past Lord, but I’ll do better than I’ve done
I ask you only this, my lord, in the name of your Son.

I wiped my tears as I said my amen’s and prepared myself to stand
Stepped up next to your bed and began to caress your pretty hand

I stared off into space as all the memories came flooding in
Reliving each and every moment, over and over again

And as the first rays of sunshine, streamed in past the curtain
I felt an overwhelming peace calm my mind and ease the hurtin’

I felt compelled to kiss you so I pressed my lips to your face
And it seemed the room was filled in the beauty of God’s living grace

And you slowly opened your eyes and smiled for me to see
And I knew the Lord my God had given my sweet wife back to me

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Robin Hood

Of all the trials and test this year
A lot of nerves, a lot of fear

By the grace of God I’m here to tell
It all ended up going very well

If life is a journey, school is a maze
A wonderful way to spend your days

So much diversity, so much culture
Feels so good to no longer be a vulture

Picking scraps up off the bone
Heart encased in a block of stone

I simply love being tender and true
Like a billowy cloud in a sky so blue

Floating on air for the world to see
Like a peacock strutting proud as can be

Yet, forever humble and forever true
Eyes no longer red they’re clear and blue

No longer living all tired and funky
I kicked the crap up out of my monkey

Kid’s gather to me like chicks to a trough
I welcome them in I never shrug them off

Which is truly as strange as strange can be
I once would have said, “Get away from me”

“Nothing in me should be considered good”
“You’re looking for a hero, I’m no Robin Hood”

Today, I’m first to school and first in my seat
With exuberance for life, which can’t be beat

With kids gathering to me looking to study
Listening in awe to their gray headed buddy

I’m forever speaking on life and all that it entails
Guiding my younger friends down happy trails

Being very careful to not criticize or judge
You can’t help someone holding a grudge 

I tell all the youngsters with a heart so true 
I traveled one hell of a road to get to you

I have a single goal before I enter my grave
I want to teach you all how to not be slaves

Don’t let fears and addictions control your life
That’s an endless road of sorrow and strife

Make your dream and grab your star
Let the world see who and what you are

Whatever you do, do it with a smile
Life is truly a gift enjoy it for awhile

It feels so strange to feel so good
We all have it in us to be Robin Hood

I dedicate this poem to all the youngsters
who come over to my house to study. You
know, I never would have dreamed that I
would be considered a good example. It's
truly amazing what the Lord can do in our
lives. The correlation I'm speaking of with
Robin Hood; is that we all have it in us to 
take from the bad and give to the good.

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This is a small part of story that I am working on to be published in my book of 12 stories. 

She resumed in trekking; still searching for a way out
When something caught her eye which appeared to be a route.

Confidence grabbed the reigns in her chest, filling it with air;
Her breathing and her heartbeat tripled for she was almost there.

But as the path ended so did her mirage of nirvana.
It led her to a basin filled with red-bellied piranha, 

Caiman alligators, and electric eels
 Imagination was the one in her head turning the wheels

Sending pulses down her spine which reeked of fear
Forcing confidence to be evicted through each crying tear.

But her cries for help could not be heard
For the jungle’s trees kidnapped every word

The sun squinted his eyes through the trees in the west
“A bridge!” she gasped. She began to feel blessed

Sarah had to move quick; a race against the clock.
Night plus blood equals animals on the stalk 

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Are Utopian Dreams Flawless

We are born into a Utopian world where everything lives and let lives
Politeness and manners exist as society never lets sieve

We learn to live with our neighbours amidst colours that nature has born
Living well into our tomorrows without the fear of being war-torn

Prejudice has never been heard whilst cussing never nears our ears
To walk our streets at whenever, over our shoulder you will never fear, fears

When we are born into a Utopian world where everything lives and let lives
The reason this can all come about, is purely because everyone gives

*        ~        *        ~        *        ~        *        ~        *

We are born from a fallopian world where reasons dictate how we live
Politeness and manner exist, sadly society has allowed them to sieve

Many learn to live with their neighbours amidst colours of nature born
Some live into their tomorrows, many enter the doors of war-torn

Prejudice appears to be worsening, cussing appears the norm
Many are scared to walk our streets as many out there have form

When we are born from the fallopian world where reasons dictate how we live
We don't enter what we hope is Utopia, many take and rarely give

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A Marine's Poem - from Iraq

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death;
I look at this war and I’m exhausted, and so out of  breath!

I look to my spirituality for an answer to appear.
I’ve seen fellow marines die and “death” is what I ultimately fear!

The days seem to never end, and this desert is extremely hot!
I’ve witnessed the death of my friend and I ask God, why he got shot?

Yesterday, our platoon leader took a hit; two bullets to the back!
I want my country to know that we do this ---- for her and hope we make it out of Iraq!

I think about my family and I miss their warm and tender essence.
I wonder if my girlfriend thinks of me… I can’t wait to feel her presence.

I hope death doesn’t come for me; that I make it out of this hell hole.
I pray God forgives me for defending country; that I do not lose my soul!!

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I Am a Reflection of the Creator's Hand

So many things I want to say,
Knowing many who have gone astray,
So many castles build on sand,
But mines, is a solid rock, on which I stand,
So many forgotten little sheep	
They have drowned in pools too deep,
So many questions that cause demands,
But mine, rest in the fathers hands.

We can shake our hands to the sky,
Beg for answers and scream our cries
We can let bitterness come between,
Curse others, fight and scream,
But when we lay it at his feet,
The holy fire causes all troubles to become obsolete
Learn to listen and then you will understand,
That we were made to be more than just human,
We are reflections of the creator’s infinite plan.

So many give up when they fall,
But God is greater than it all,
So many children run our streets,
Because they don’t know a love that is complete
So many trials cause despair,
And many tears plead its unfair,
But when you realize this is the master’s land
And that the finally is ABSOLUTLY grand,
You turn away from what they say
And allow the FATHER to lead the way.

We can shake our hands to the sky
Beg for answers and scream our cries,
We can let bitterness come between,
Curse others, fight and scream
But when we lay it at his feet
The holy fire causes all troubles to become obsolete
Learn to listen and then you will understand
That we were made to be more than just human
We are reflections of the creator’s infinite plan

Read His word and you will understand.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: Father’s Day 2012

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Dear Rapunzel

It seems ages since we met over your long, golden hair
an hour glass on the table keeping the meter.

It seems like too many dress up doll days when we played
take me to the river but don’t get our feet wet.

It seems we lost our inner selves painting our faces
painting our nails, singing karaoke at the bars.

Oh, to regain those lost years of our youth, unwrinkled skin
turn back all the pages, like winding gold on a spindle.

Instead we have just leaves, grieves, and grandchildren
with their laser guns, plastic skin and smug attitudes.

They never challenged gamey little midgets with foul intent
they had us to pad them safely with money, love and scent.

Dear Rapunzel, do please let your hair down one more time
and play climb out of the cellar and up the apple tree with me.

Signed Your Dearest Play Mate.

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Best Wishes

2011 was here but is now gone away
2012 is here now with one extra day
I am not going to make a resolution
Simply because it causes me confusion
Wishing the best to all I hold dear
Joy,love,good health for this year

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The Library Man

How often do you visit the Library? And what do you see?
I see oceans and seas of books plus a homeless man doing zzz’s..
He’d apparently been reading before, he fell deep asleep.
He can stay there, they say, as long as he doesn’t lie down to sleep.
Sitting up is OK and of course, as long as he doesn’t create a scene.

He’s kind and gracious and a little strange but can debate any role
When he walked over, we had a talk about the devil verses mind control.
Without asking, what he really wanted was someone to buy him lunch.
There’s a McDonalds two doors down from where we were bunched.
I don’t know what I expected when he woke up and looked around.

But when I asked if he was homeless he wasn’t fazed at all.
Yes, I have been for a while, he said, but my boat will soon come in.
And I realized the library is a warm, safe place to relax and to be.
And the librarians seem content to just let him be.
In the end, I was sorry I couldn’t buy him that lunch.

But recently, my abilities to do so had become a little stretched.
I used to buy the books I read… now the library is more my taste.
I just hope if it comes to that… he’ll graciously share this place.
The library even has computers from where you could write.
And the people there are varied and really rather kind.

I’m on the edge but whole family’s once prosperous are already there.
Cheap hotel rooms in even cheaper hotels, once skirted are full.
The jobs don’t pay for anything more. They are: Bitter, Disgruntled, Lost.
Needed are better and more jobs to re-establish the American Dream.
To give them some hope so they can go back there again…
And don’t just act toward them… like they’re your library man…
Give them back their American Dream as best you can.

Voice of Reason Contest

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Eternal Hope

Eternal Hope You speak with your eyes and I hear with my heart. They tell of a love that never can start. But, somewhere deep, inside of me, This feeling will live through eternity. So, if Walter Mitty, I must be Then, that will have to satisfy me. Note: In Walter Mitty's daydreams he imagines himself to be heroic. That seems to be the common denominator throughout the tale by James Thurber. Written by John Posey 11/03/13

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His Wonderful Healing Power

His praises are upon my lips and shall forever be

what He has done for me some will never see.

The breath of life He breathed into me

made me His for all eternity.

Life He created and placed on Earth

some have dragged in the dirt.

The raging sea which gave other the cold chill

He commanded by stating, "Peace Be Still!"

the hungry gathering multitude

He fed with five fish and loaves with loving gratitude.

At the wedding of Canaan He turned water into wine

many drank and thought it was just fine.

He walked upon a deep sea with blue water

which some may have tried thereafter.

To the blind He gave their sight

they praised His name and made things right.

Many rushed to touch His garment

for their actions He rendered unto them an achievement.

Those who were lame and unable to walk

He touched and they stood up and talked.

His words were His bond and awakened many people

today His words are heard from buildings with steeples.

His love brought everlasting life unto many

one may even call it the light of an epiphany.

His grace saved the souls of many going astray

being saved by His grace they knelt down and started to pray.

His loving touch felt like a soothing and healing balm

many upon feeling His soft hand their hearts became calm.

He stood still and commanded, "Lazarus Come Forth!"

those who were present witnessed an awesome rebirth.

On the eyes of a blind man He rubbed clay

he received his sight and praised Him all day.

He was and still is the Savior and Miracle Worker

unto many souls He is forever their Caretaker!


© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 8/8/09
© All Rights Reserved


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Life in a Fishbowl

Who are we?

Swimming in this fishbowl forever
Never looking beyond our world, never

Simply swimming in a fishbowl
Together, one and all

But look out that glass window
Swim away you’re free to go

So little fish, what do you want to be?
Swim little fish there’s the whole world to see

Your fate lies out there, this journey’s through
So swim little fish, there’s a world out there too. 

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A New Day

The clouds are gone,
the sun shines bright
I open my heart
to all that is right

I take a deep breath
of clean cool air
It feels so good
to release the despair

I open my eyes
and look around
My lips curl up,
no longer a frown

I look to the future
and all I can see
Is anything, and everything
I want it to be

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An old weary owl

On a moonlit night,, as I was on a search
An this old weary owl, flew down to perch

Startled,  I became a statue, perfectly still
Cast in stone, as I had lost all my free will

My eyes fixed, I saw his and they intrigued
What words he might speak, if not fatigued

This Silence was broken, he spoke as a man
Saying "I'm am nothing to fear", as he began

As I have searched this earth, many a night
For the rats that folly, when the moon is bright

Instead, I see you, a women, creator of life
What is it you search for or are you in flight

Can the hollow feeling inside, from a past strife
Be filled by earths beauty, in the moonlight

You see twilight, in darkness, your hope is alive
Joy again will fill your heart, your baby will thrive

You see it isn't the moon, it's a morning sunrise
Wisdom discerns truth, as knowledge comes alive

As I search darkness, wisdom protects me from strife
Let a wise old owls knowledge, assist you in life

inspired by painting " The owl and the ***** cat"

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Treating life as though it were a game
Years go by and you still feel the same
Seems to you like it's all been mapped
Choices made and now you feel trapped
Make a wish upon that distant star
Struggle like a firefly inside a jar
Once knew freedom in your younger days
Reveled in the joy of your wandering ways
Dream of the past as the years go by
Wild and crazy, now some times you cry
Joys and sorrow, success and strife
All have purpose in a human life
Like a summer night without a moon
A set of lyrics that have no tune 
Some times you feel an emptiness inside
Like a place inside your heart has died
There's a light, on each one of us it beams
if  you believe they can't take way your dreams
Look beyond your problems and you'll find
Feeling trapped is just a state of mind
When you know that your heart is true
You find your skies will be turning blue

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A true friend to me

A true friend isn't a daydreamer and won't daydream for you.
He isn't a bad wisher and will wish luck for you.

A true friend is a painkiller, he exist to heal your wound.
He is a consultant, there to help you grab and stand your ground.

A true friend is rare to find in a vacuum.
He is always at a wait by your door room.

True frendship’s beauty never fades.
Day by day, its beauty tree grows shades.

A friend who is always there whenever we need
Him most, is a true friend you and I need.


For: Becca Lucas's "What a Friend Really Is" Contest 

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Jesse Cold

Childish playful, maziness heart. . . . A loving touch of lovely art; Won't you see the sweetly trimm'd Everlasting heart been dimm'd? Lovely heart been tucked away Cutting edges, day by day Cov'ring the soul, so brightly lit. . . . With veiling that's so tightly fit But light pours out the lurid sea, Inside your heart shushed silently Hold on to fading gasps of love And all the sweet your heart dreams of

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Garage sale special

For sale a bunch of fine unused words, many misspelled
Poet can’t uses them; mind is on strike, the pen has been stilled

These words never used for they never quite seemed to fit
Got them online; advertisement said they were a complete poetry kit

Can’t send them back because I did use a few; the remainder unused
Selling at half price; many are funny words which will leave you amused

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As we move through our daily life
Sometimes with heartache pain and strife
Along comes an angel with eyes of blue
Then you're convinced she was meant for you

As we wade through uncertainty, wonder, and fear
Thanking the Lord for someone so dear
That there can be such goodness beauty and love
Convincing me this is a gift from above

As God lifts me and heals me from my loss
There are unfound mysteries and bridges to cross
One of my crossings has led me to you
And to be by your side is all I want to do

We have both seen our share of sorrow and hurt
Then you find yourself in a place where they do nothing
but flirt
That's all gone now and I have firmly decided
By the Lords good hand I have surely been Blindsided

Copyright 2010

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No valentine on Valentine's.
I haven't met one yet.
Each year I wait another
for a person I've not met.
There's nothing I've done wrong:
yet waiting is in vain.
And all that's left is hope
that love's a ball and chain.

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Copyright © 2013

Politicians' greed seems to hover
  Over our lives, a simmering cover

Separation of Church and State?
  Satan planned mankind's fate

As in the days of Noah, sin did hover
  Over their land like locusts do cover

The faithful do not fret what is hovering
  By HIS Blood, the Lord is still covering

Our leaders refuse to make a deal
  When enthralled by Satan's Will

Politics, and selfish greed
  Failing our Nation's need

Obama-Care, a change that's fair
  Or, struggling against Satan's lair?

But, ye faithful remember the heavens hover
  Till horns blow clearing clouds that do cover.

by: LP
edited: 6 Aug 2013 - 8:22pm
         25 Sep 2013  - 8:13pm

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My hand holds your hand

My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.
In the green`s intervals, the weather is rough;
The blue wind freed its own ghost’s chain
Following the rhythm of the crystalline rain;
With the leaf`s thrill and embrace`s embers
Patient ruby hidden in alabaster chambers, 
Far from the desert of mirrors, standing aloof
As vulnerable as the surge`s serenity`s proof;
Simple surmise falling down with the mist,
Suspension bridge above the yellow East;
Looking from the season `s round roof,
Solitude seems hit by a rueful cold hoof.
Like the violet dawns date with the pale moon,
Chapel`s morning joined the emerald afternoon;
Air angels with white wings are our mates;
Trees beg for heaven to let open the gates; 
We listen to inner chansons sung by Edith Piaf
My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.

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Please Forgive Weakness It Makes Us Strong

So we all face the weepy songs, throat clogged
just because its blue month with the rain running down.

So our stomachs quiver and we can’t quite turn 
the doorknob, enter in to the late arrival complaints.

We forget them, next morning when the sun is strong
and our legs move us and our heart soars to sky.

And the breaking times, all alone, no one who understands
when nothing fits and we can’t figure out what went wrong,

we all have them sometime in our life, when our closest
teddy bear is a pillow smashed and covered with tears.

We set aside those memories, never going there again,
parent or child who died,  suicide on mind that we recognize

in seeing you and hold you against the time you will reject
because even when we forget, we remember, all the deaths

and paint them yellow, plant the daisies, turn on brass
joyous refrains because having endured, we are strong.

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A Fresh Start

How does one measure the past twenty four years When smiles were so rare, drowned in many tears Amidst trials and tribulations, the kids were our cement Sadly glossing over our background with damaging intent Trust went out the window, events were never discussed Before I knew where I was, my life's in blatant mistrust For many nights awake trying to decipher my way out This I managed to achieve, now livings in with a shout Separation, preparation, as I look to my future now My flat, my music sanctuary, it's me that now allows My future road I'll walk, but I'll never walk alone For a Spanish Princess appeared, with I, she'll share my throne This beauty who's entered my life, both to have a fresh start I thank you my beautiful Lorena, from the bottom of my heart For the contest "A Fresh Start" written Sunday 11th March 2012

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Give Them A Miracle This Year

Two teachers were given this precious gift, with your guiding hands. One daughter they named Mali and she has all your lesson plans. To choose the best for Mali, with all the fear and doubt you raised. This gauntlet that was posed and run is a testament of their praise. They have surmounted each obstacle and hurdle that was made. With fear and doubt they have fought so, she won't be dismayed. Lets pray, a long life for this child, breathing this earths fresh air Creating a deafening echo from all of us repeating the same prayer I'm seeking a miracle for two teachers, a parents simple request Mali wins life after BMT, defeating Hurlers Syndrome, is my request That these two children grow together to live a long and happy life Would be Grandpa's wish for his Christmas, in this world of strife

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Cactus Heart

You would assume I am thirsty in this dire heat,
Or that my needles would cause others to quickly retreat,
You would conclude that my flowers were only for show
Or that if someone didn’t water me I would never grow,
But what you don’t see in plain eye sight
Is that I am flourishing with waters of integrity and might,
Under these thorns you call choked up defenses
Breeds the strength to survive all forms and pretenses,
To you I require little maintenance… but I know better,
I know how to absorb all I need in good and bad weather,
For I was strategically placed in this atmosphere,
All I need dwells in my structure enabling me to stay clear
Of beasts that lurk when sandstorms arise,
When mirages start to mesmerize,
When signs and wonders appear in fallen skies,
And soldiers forget to break ancient soul ties,
I stand my post and flaunt my spikes,
A cactus heart survives all flights.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: In a Very dry Place
Contest: Forgot

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Where does the Time go

I feel as though time is slipping away,
And more is gone each passing day…

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There is a lot to be said about the spoken word,
But sometimes it takes silence to be heard…

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Unconquerable, William Ernest Henley

Dust never settles on my back
Nor does rain on my nose
As the demands of the day persevere
The quietness of the night strengthens my soul

Pain is a stimulus of sorts
A constant reminder of my work still to be done
Time has indeed served as a mirror of my mistakes
Yet I persevere until the battle is won

Visions of Heaven delight my heart
The heat from Hell has changed my ways
Neither mediocrity nor hate shall enter my house
For the pursuit of wisdom marks the rest of my days 

As angels do not sing me praise
Nor shall I hang crucified for my wrong
My life shall stand as my judge 
My life and faith shall be my song

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Democrats vs Republicans

Democrats vs. Republicans
Where oh where to begin
If one takes a dive into their lives you would see how one side  always wins
For the red light is on, and times have certainly changed
We live in a world that is selfish and becoming more deranged
A house divided cannot stand
America is in fragmented pieces but they don’t understand
Words are cheap when actions lie
I vote for the man who’s in the sky
For he never changes and he really cares
Not these greedy politicians who point and stare
America is about the people who work hard in this life
Yet all our government seems to do is feed on weakness and strife
I am pro restoration,
And anti-abomination
I am pro family unity,
Not superficial comments spoken into our hurting community
A bitter game
It’s such a shame
It’s time for us to give America back its glorious fame
Speak with conviction
Hold up our youth
Burn all the lies and tell them the truth
There’s a generation that’s growing on welfare and government loans
Independence is being broken down by control that is clearly shown
A father fracture has intruded
Many hearts and minds are polluted
Do they care about restoring the family unit as a whole?
Or are they leeches sucking out all our young people’s souls
Purity has been banned
As they raise up sworn hands
I can see the coiling snakes
Oh dear America we have made a terrible mistake
What really matters has been perverse
Like a woman under a tragic curse
Vote for vitality
Not the pagan’s visions of immorality
Vote for untainted officials
Not for men who can’t control their own missiles
Restore the innocence to our children in our music and on TV
Someone be the voice stating that in bondage how can you call yourself free
Another chance,   might be our last
Look to the leaders of Americas past,
Discern their virtue and read their soul
Then you will know which way you should go
Take the blinders and finally see
That we are being held captive to a rise of insanity
While we still got power take a missive stand,
Our land was blessed because of the convictions of man.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For such a time as this

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Education vs Family - girl rising contest

Just a young  girl with hope in her heart
Enjoying education thats when the rows  start

Father wants her to get married she is only fourteen
Sending her to  Pakistan to marry a man unseen

Her heart isnt in it so she has said no
Locked her in her room nowhere to go

Remembers a number thats  hidden in her beads
Needs her phone now to her mother she pleads

Do you want to see me married to an old man
Wringing her hands as she pleads with her Mam

Please get me that phone let me make that call
Or a life of heartache will be my downfall

Risking her life her Mam gets the phone
She dials the number asking for help whilst alone

The young girl hugged her Mam for the last time
Knowing she will never see her family again

By defying her Tad she is no longer their daughter
If found by the family, they would definitely slaughter

It brings shame on the UK this is happening
Where are our laws to stop it occurring

The rights of parenthood should be restricting
Saving the life of these girls who think education is constructive

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This Righteous Reign

There is a place where deserts bloom and loving is the law
Where miracles are commonplace and sorrows come to fall

When desires flower amidst the fields of singing lily throngs
And sin, with its razors edge, is a foregone ancient song

It is a place by streams of life, where marigolds do thrive
Where misty aqua canopies supply pleasures to our lives

Then luscious verve and greenery on mountaintops do grow
And pleasures we past put aside, no longer do forgo

Here, patchwork friendships sawn asunder are seamlessly re-sewn
And trees of men and sapling sons for times long lost atone

Oh, how I long for these dear times when nations breathe as one
When frozen tongues of languages have melted in the Son

No pain, no sickness, no sullen thoughts - no lurking death to fear
To see the work of one’s own hands, for all eternity to cheer

This passionate air, this prospect true, this paradise re-claim
Oh, how I strive to walk the path to see this righteous reign

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A Gentle Scream

This tender breeze picks up my thoughts...
Up high over many skys with hopes of being caught...

Left to only imagine if it passed over or fell to its death...
Or maybe catch the eyes of a Poet I never met...

Either way I will start my day the same...
With anticipation and hope that my words will fly untamed...

To maybe here whispers that they were seen...
And to finally bring a smile through a gentle scream..

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Some Dreams

Some dreams have no answers some dreams make no sense
Some dreams last forever perched upon a Razor-wire fence

Some dreams make us empty, other dreams make us whole
I once rode the breath of a dream right straight into my soul

Sometimes I search for answers to questions I have never thought
I used to think every dream had a price and it could be bought

I learned that dreams, which can be bought, are not dreams at all
Just another way for some fool to bang his head against the wall

I pray all throughout the day, in the circle I burn my sage
Isn’t everyday of our lives another beautifully written page

This is the way I have come to believe, it is everything that I see
Sometimes what is, is not what was, but it is as it should be

Life is made for living and we must all choose our path
The good, bad, happy or sad, it is up to us to do the math

So what does this poem mean have I not written it so clear
Dreams, schemes and old routines can drown our soul in tears

So if we are unhappy about the lives that we have come to live
Lets rely on a dream with Jesus Christ teaching us how to give

When we are willing to give all we have, the Lord will
make sure we will always have something to give. Be
strong in who you are and what you believe because in
the end you will pay the price of your actions. Let your
Soul be where you seek your answers for Christ lives
with-in each of us. Our mistakes prove we are human
our salvation proves we are redeemed and our love is
what proves we are saved. I love all of you more than
i could ever say. I hope that Gerard Keogh Jr. reads
this poem for i wish to dedicate it to him. What a
wonderful gift his poem to many of us was.

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Beautiful You

                                            Beautiful You

When Heaven opens up, I feel the spill; the rain; the pour - 
I know your heart still breaks, and you need to cry some more.

When you think you're alone, with no-one beside you to listen - 
Remember I'm here along side you, drying the tears that glisten.

          I see you in mind's eye; your soul is open wide - 
          I am not gone, I did not die; I'm always by your side.

          Through your eyes, I see; my soul can boldly stride - 
          Born again, I'm free, as together our world's collide.

Over lush green grass I canter, I sprint; I bound and play - 
Infecting flowers with laughter; a breeze tickling their gentle sway.

Twinkling star called love; it's beauty is you; love's abound - 
A playful sun through cotton clouds, and dancing trees surround.

          If the sunny breeze is a voice so warm; grass, loving hands so true - 
          If flowers and trees, a form - then the beauty around me is you.

          Linked by love, so symphonic; I know, we're never apart - 
          Calming sound, so melodic; It's the music of your heart.

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A Moment for Hope

The sermons nearly finished, suddenly a happening befalls my eyes Our congregation now sits silent, amidst echoing tearful cries An old man we know as Tommy, he's the retired Rector of our Academy Now lying silent on the stone cold flagstones, he disappeared from see Motionless to ashen in lie, worried faces in concern surround Whilst a face appears from the tears, slowly kneeling on this hallowed ground In tenderness sigh exhale, her hands now adorn his chest In gentle moving motion, resuscitation is now addressed Minutes appear like hours, when suddenly two eyes now open see Where I'm sitting like others around, what's happening in front of thee No miracles are cried out loud, simply a calmness by she who coped All because a face from our congregation, gave us a moment for hope <*>

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The second miracle,,,,,,,

Oh "Great Spirit" hear my words of truth and prayer

Long life for this child, breathing the earths fresh air

Teachers were given this precious gift, from your guiding hands 

My grand-daughter they named Mali, who has all the lesson plans 

So, that all may learn your lessons and the wisdom of your word, 

to her parents you gave choices, instead of following the herd. 

To choose the best for Mali, with all the fear and doubt you raised 

Is a challenge to the best yet, they completed it unpraised. 

They overcame each obstacle and hurdle that you made 

With fear and doubt they fought so, she won't be dismayed. 

I know life is Yours to give or take, anytime you choose, 

with that give her life, on earth, and put mine as a muse. 

This world no longer has use of it and I feel its course is run 

So let, your child, Mali live the life, that Liam had begun 

I see she has much to give this world, that it could surely use 

My plea is that her life be renewed, before you must re-cuse

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Beast back to Love

Her decadent world
Brings tears to her eyes,
A carnivorous place
Filled with lies,
Upside down kingdom
In a storm
Only love that is written
Can keep her blood warm,
Truth emanates from her lips
As she dives in
Restores her grip,
She cannot let the task daunt her
The shadows cannot haunt her,
Reflection must take place
To win this inevitable race,
With God on her side
She can abide,
The ghosts of her past
Are fading fast,
A heart that radiates from up above
Can restore this beast back to love.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: June 2010

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Sweet Morning

Sweet morning

Golden beams of new rising aubade,
Fade away earlier day's weary jade,

An aura that fills the room with first ray,
Gear up yourself for bright brand new day,

First chirp of sparrows and clear blue sky,
Darkness flees, ending the night's spy,

Sunflowers bow their head to sunrise,
Roses and white lilies in garden add to surprise,

Fresh ideas in mind and a hearty zing,
Welcome another hopeful sweet morning !

August 20th, 2014
Poet- Dr. Upma A. Sharma
Entered on 25th august for contest 'Any poem under 15 lines #2 contest'
By Poet Destroyer A

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In My Mirror

In this mirror, you can hear the child in a tall grass field and running wild The timothy grass hides this boy from view Your watching, and wondering, is that you Too few summers, with many lessons to learn from earth, deer, trout, eagle and fern As student's we gain and strengthen our voice for the path we follow in life, is our choice Take joy in this journey but, leave no track If Mother Earth cries, then you can't go back I see in this mirror, that the child has grown a man,now stands strong, to hunt on his own As he ventures through this forest of strife making choices that affect generations of life Pray that his choices weren't guided by greed Mother Earth cried, the "Great Spirit" takes heed 50 years of choices, in this generation's reign Tears come to my eyes, I feel Mother Earth's pain Man's greed and arrogance spoiled water, air, sky and land Mother Earth, I see is crying, poisoned by human hand With grand-children sick, from this contamination of earth I ask grand-father's guidance, that he return Mother's mirth Man has stopped listening, he's only guided by greed Are only deaf people listening, I keep planting the seed I need your strength and wisdom to guide me along without fear of what's coming, my relations are strong Now I see in the mirror, an elder in white This mirror fades to darkness, I pray for the light
for "The Rhyming Game" contest The mirror doesn't lie!

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The Blame Game

Seeking to find serenity is a task I cannot take
for most of all it seems to me a mindless missing mandate.

Buddha has achieved serenity, at least that what some say.
Yet, in my mind dear Sylvia* found death in a similar way.

To not exist, to cease to be, will bring the sought for feeling,
many find this door to out, but, it leaves my head reeling.

Can I not change, the path I'm on, can I not choose another?
Will I blame an omnipotent God, will I blame my brothers?

No, I'll accept, live and breathe, the form which I've been given,
and I'll forgive myself each step, and so, I will be shriven.

For I've been made with God's own seed, a God am I so born
I'll not blame another man or take credit from the unformed.

*Sylvia Plath (10/27/32 – 2/11/63) was an American poet,
 novelist and short story writer who commited suicide.

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Treachery, misery, things brought by insanity. Places know in Abysmal Fog.
Like Parricide, and infanticide. Things purchased from the blackest soul.
Teeming with and saturated by a malevolence only known as ABYSS

Darkness can only be fed by what was once lucidity turned to insanity.
Homicide, suicide, killing for pleasure, and the grandest must be Regicide.
We struck our liege down once … why not again! All it will cost is a fading soul

Freedom’s laid to rest in a country gone insane
Peoples hates and fears forgotten through all the pain
Political powers ruling the soul of human race
Grasped in the clutches of democracy 
Leaves the mind with a blackened space

Two thousand years since Jesus Died
All is lost no hope no pride
Went to the lash to save us pain
Amassed our fortunes for nothing but gain
Went to the cross to give us existence
Through blood shot eyes we give back resistance 

Two thousand years since Jesus died
All is lost no hope no pride
Shed his blood to forgive our sins
Gave our money to do it again
A crown of thorns he wore for us
A gown of gold we hold for us
The cross he carried, no warrant, no cry
The coffers we fill, we never care why.
So maybe it’s time for His Own kind of crime
This thing we saw before …. Called Genocide


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You Inspire Me

You Inspire Me

What inspires me?

A song lyric-------a brave, determined person (Man or Woman)

A gifted child

An Innovator, innovators are individuals that are firsts to do something.

That inspires me and by the way…

O mother you inspire me (most of all)!

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At Sunset

My life I sometimes liken to a rising sun,
Once bright and new,both being as one.

Then came days that just whispered by,
Causing me to question, not knowing why?

After time pursuing rainbows was spent,
The sun just kept rising and on life went.

Enduring mid-day heat after giving my best,
I'll face final sunset and appointed rest.*

* Hebrews 9:27 KJV

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What would we do without technology?
I think we would all fall into lethargy.

I am upset because the computer is down
It's got me running all over town.

Trying to get a new modem is rough
When the provider gives you nothing but guff.

So you say to yourself "Myself I say...
Go get your writing fix in some other way!"

So over to the local library I trot
Where I can hit a keyboard and keep it hot.

Yet, I dread to go home to that box I have there
Because all I can do is sit and stare.

I could pick up a pen 'n paper I suppose
To try and write some witty prose.

But that makes my hands ache these days
Since I learned the keyboard and its simpler ways.

So I am just writing this ditty about technology lost
Because when it's keaster gets frost.

And if any of you have been looking for me
My e-mails won't open so I just can't see.

Here in the library you can't speak very loud
Not the way to handle a furrowed brow.

Because I can't speak, hear, see, or write
I guess I'll just go home and call it a night.

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I hope that God won’t turn His back
I hope the Lord leaves just a crack
Where I may slip within His heart
To beg him for a silver cart.

Please…no gilded chariot of old
With creaky wheels of flaking gold
That split and peel along the way
Then hurriedly fly, to run astray.

Grant to me please mithril spokes
So rancid air’s not trapped nor choked
By thoughtless words of those whose trade
Is flipping hearts to darkened spades.

I beseech and beg for happy thoughts
To share with others who’re distraught
A boutonnière to better cope
A broach for pockets. filled with hope. 

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Earthquake in Japan

Friends across the Internet
Disaster struck my heart has wept.
Are you safe beyond the sea?
Will you meet the tsunami?
My soul cries for your safe sojourn.
Continued friendship, my hearts yearn.
We have bound our thoughts together.
Through thick or thin understandings tether.
Catastrophically Japan’s earth quakes. 
Too many lives devastation takes.
People are trapped amid the rubble.
The young and old lay in peril.
Tsunamis wash the wretched shore.
Destructions waste forevermore.
From far away I pray…protect from harm.
Loving moments and friendship’s charm.
Fearing for you, my friends, so far away.
Praying you will see a brighter day.
Wondering, questioning. 
Oh frightful happening!
Please tell me you are out of harm's way.
I send my hope for your safe stay.

Lovingly, Dane Ann
March 11, 2011

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The coming spring

I can touch buds on spring flowers as they open to greet the sun
Smell a sweet scent in the breeze, as the darkness starts to run 

feel on my cheek  ray's of the sun as life emerges from their bed
I taste the salt from my tears, GONE, is that what they said? 

If come spring my time on earth, should be ended with one word
I will do my best for family, to teach reason and spread your word

How do I teach family of my knowledge, hope God will please employ
How can this man teach his family, when he has lost all hope and joy?

Can the only one on earth to love or share this sorrow with be you 
Lost like falling leaves of spring, moving only when a cold wind blew

Realizing I'm caught between dying and dead just as these leaves
No happiness or joy just asking why, when, what or if I have to leave

Make good use of this man but, children dying take hope from this old boy
grand-child can't live, why should I survive without love, hope and joy?

Death is a thief of a child

"If spring is all the time I have to finish teaching what I know 
I'll teach what I can of life to my family without shedding tears"

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tears of Laughter

for ten long years they waited to hold a baby close,
ten long years hopes were slated, each baby they did lose.

met a lovely obstetrician who had a brand new toy,
one that would help the couple to have that girl or boy.

another year they tried until that magic moment when
the line was there in the tester, brought their hopes alive again

nine months she was nurtured, not allowed to do this or that,
the ring on the calender approached a time I wont forget.

tears of hope were on their faces knew this was the final chance,
all was hush as the dad paced, then we saw the blade and clamps.

all was over in a moment hauled out of the mothers womb
a protesting mucky baby, saw a lady glow and  bloom

they now have a daughter, called her Faith of which they had,
tears now are tears of laughter no more time to be sad.

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If tame you want 
'Tis fools you’ll get
While fishing in Life's sea
But if you go a trolling
You may catch a fish like me
Cast out your line-- prepare for war--
There’s not a moment’s peace
And you'll forget your one nightstands
Heart grabs the tradewind breeze
Oh I had loved you mighty
Knocked the pluck right from your sails
Gave you babes and warmed your nights
And handled your details--
And fool you were to throw it back --
A love that topped them all
But one last chance awaits you here
To heed the siren's call
So swim upstream and fight the gales
That plague the stormy sea
Think of my love that grabs your guts---
There is no fish like me

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Nov 24, 2012

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Paintings of light

Dreams, all ride in a rainbows seam
Angel's paint skies, with a kaleidoscopic theme

Watch them flow, from the heavens to earth
Feeding seeds of hope and restoring mirth

Life, born or unborn, speak and proclaim
that "painting the sky, will draw acclaim"

Rain is the prism, used to separate light
and make beauty visible, dispelling plight

People are able to find peace on earth,
just follow the rainbows to find it's re-birth

Rainbow Fun~ Ridding Rainbows~ Anything Rainbow goes ~
for PD'c contest

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Life Interrupted

When you can't relate any more
Your thoughts are out the door

No sympathy, no empathy
Stuck in a foreign embassy

Of a thought process strange
Clever shots are out of range

The drugs, the grog, the women
The warped sense of dominion

Are you stuck in my head
She said or are you dead?

She asked.

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Pushed and Pulled

Hear me, hear me, sound me out,
I don’t understand what you’re about.
Euphoric drugs to boost your brain?
Why they're dragging your senses down the drain.
They mask your mind and make you doubt,
at the slightest word, you’re prone shout.
Oh oh ohhhh, how they tear you apart.
A false embrace to numb your heart.
But why won't you see, that they can kill?
As they choke out your spirit and shatter your will.
They can turn a goal into the ultimate reason,
while your soul screams out at this unjust treason.

True ecstasy doesn’t come from a pill.
It’s an innate feeling, with a costless bill.
A weed is something that grows wild and free,
Not a joint that you roll up, upon your knee.
And crystal, a long mineral process, as in rock?
But now I’m hearing, it’s made around the clock.

Man oh man…...will you please wake up?
You’re drinking serenity from a broken cup.
The dealers will treat you as though you were swine,
for money always feeds, their greedy jowl minds.
And they don’t seek just money, but power as well,
as they man the controls of this highway to hell.

Oh yeah, I'm mean to tighten my grip,
to speak out my mind as I watch you trip.
You aren't the cog of a wheel at a county fair,
turning around aimlessly, but going nowhere.
I know you can kick this, and make out just fine,
but how about the others, the ones waiting in line?

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Intuition has a forceful voice
It speaks aloud, though makes no noise
No fear, no anger, not hot nor cold
A spiritual encounter within the soul.

Instinct walks a different plain
An experience related, alert refrain
Fear or joy might mark its course
Sharp hidden probes might give it force.

The mental is the strongest link
It controls and rules the way we think
Thought tries to oust out all the rest
It attempts to enforce, what it thinks best.

Emotion’s the spontaneous part
No grid, no goals, no weather charts
If in need to cry, to laugh, or scold
It frees itself from the mental mould.
The physical is oft the one deprived
For the mental takes it for a ride
Don’t drink nor eat, no time to sleep,
All bodily needs are trite and weak.

Life could be a kinder friend
If we’d but listen, and not pretend.
For our pieces should all synchronize
One can’t undermine, the other’s size.

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I received my report card today

I received my report card today
and "damn" was all I could say.
Where am I going with all these grades?
A child like me, what have my mother made?

How can I ever look anyone in the eye
when all I had to do is get my grades high?
And how will I cope when I already failed?
I was the head, now tip of the tail.

Maybe I was distracted and couldn't think
but all these months are gone in a blink.
I want to change...but it's too late
because this report already determined my fate.

Now I am lost, I couldn't try more
because nothing is interesting, everything's a bore.
I had dishonored my family and let down my life,
and to no man could I be his wife.
For who would want a disgrace as their dear?
and neither do I want to be their burden nor fear...

What can I do without a qualified mark?
The only place I belong to is the dark.
I tried so hard and got nowhere.
Should've realized life was never fair.

Those who did least, often got the best
and those who tried best always got detest.
It's a trend, an agonizing rule
that turned these geniuses to idiotic fools,
that broke their heart as the clock ticks,
that made healthy minds corrupting and sick.

The time has come to make up my mind
to face reality or hide some place only Death can find.
Maybe this temporary regret would remain
and make me suffer from inevitable pain.

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Given It All

The match is approaching for time has now passed;
He eats a quick meal – knowing it to be last.

The field it is awaiting within thick fog and lights –
He knows that tonight is sure to be a fight.

He gets on a knee and says a quick prayer;
He does it so swiftly – this occasion not rare.

The field now approaches, ominous yet serene –
He sees his team waiting, their strength to be seen.

The ball is kicked and soars like a hawk;
And bodies collide with a thud and a shock.

A fight it turns out – their opponent of great size,
But his team presses forward with a fearless disguise.

Hard hits are given and he takes a few;
But he presses on, for his brothers do to.

Win or loss, fallen or tall,
He walks off the field having given it all.

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Life in focus

The wind doth brace my body so,
As I stand astride the moor.
Invigorated by its feel,
To the sky an eagle soars. 
For what splendor and sweet freedom,
Will my soul, feel such happiness.
Given all that’s gone before me,
So much sorrow and unrest.
Oh to see the sun at daybreak,
At dawn the rising mist.
To walk barefoot on the dew tipped fronds,
And to know that I am blessed.
For upon my face the warming sun,
That leaves a kiss with such caress.
Flowers with scented blossoms lie,
On their petals my head I rest
©  N  windle  2012

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Life's Unfair

Life’s Unfair  

A husband and wife grow old together
You think and hope it will last forever

When you hear of children getting hurt
You hope it’s only a little fall in the dirt

So many accidents happen because of a drunk driver
Why is the drunk the only survivor 

Parents hurt the children they love
Men hurt the women they should love

Some rich and famous do wrong and get a pass
Up and up goes the price for gas 

The elderly get mugged and beat
Some people are hurt and left lying in the street

Women and children are molested 
Children that are not protected 

Men that are considered a deadbeat
People that are forced to live on the street 

Children that are terribly ill
Parents can’t pay the bill

So much more of life is unfair
Lots of people that don’t care

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A thought

Do you think man realizes what he's lost?
or gets wisdom from words, by Keats and Frost

If you teach, of only understanding their read
Do you instill, the inability, to implement a deed

If known that a path, leads you toward demise
Why speak of aesthetic beauty in a sunrise?

Emotion finds thoughts, thoughts find words
A poet's words tell us how to navigate like birds

Avoid clouds of strife, let wisdom into your life
Man's hatred, arrogance will fade, hearing his fife

knowledge is the lesson, not just to understand 
From words seek wisdom, your world will expand

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Good morning Mumbai, its weather forecast time
As we all can feel today, rains tomorrow will be sublime

Rains are in full swing, heavy drops falling down
Some of us love the rain, some simply frown

No sign of sun there’ll be, only dark clouds around
The sound you’ll hear is of traffic and football on the ground

Lightening is expected, thunder storms too
But how massive it might be, I don’t have a clue

The clouds are pacing here, fast and countless
I hope it doesn’t rain like 26/7 boundless…

***in Mumbai, India there were massive floods on 26th July 2005. I hope that doesn’t happen again…

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~Hope~ (2) (Couplets) Let's bring Hope where there's none Everything is better when Love is shown Without Hope there are no really Dreams If you don't Believe there's nothing it seems Whatever happens Light a candle of Hope Then hang on for Life and climb the rope Don't ever quit on any of your Goals And never let anything destroy your Soul Let's bring more Hope into the Light Remember there's a New Day after the night Yesterday is gone, don't look back too much With your Present Life and Love keep in Touch Let's bring Hope and make it every part And Show that you Care from your Heart Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2009 January.05.2015

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Evening Star

To my love wherever you are
I pray you shine my Evening Star

Sometimes in life we lose our way
Fall into the trap of living yesterday

Our memories become all that we are
For we have not just fell we fell to far

It can affect the happy as well as the sad
Can’t measure good till you weigh out the bad

More we hurt the deeper we fall
Be still the darkness of it all

At times reflection is a winning game
Face the fear of admitting our shame

Know that after we process our yesterday
We will no longer have that price to pay

Once we confess the sins we have done
Darkness flees from the light of the Son

To my precious love wherever you are
Please shine brightly my Evening Star

Written to my wife while I was in Prison
and lost until we were looking through
some old letters.

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Music is for all

She sits and dreams as though in a trance
Of being on stage playing a wonderful dance

Clutches violin to her breast as though her heart could play
Teasing the strings , making music, night or day

She has practiced forever to get an overture right
A contest to win, so they can eat

She closes her eyes, in another world as she plays
The music echoes around the air in a magical way

Believlng it’s like Paganini* that she plays
She tenderly draws her bow creating a musical foray

No money to spare for lessons and such
Just a determination to bring happiness in touch

With all people, whatever their creed, music is for all
To listen and enjoy and bring hope to their soul

Now she dreams, but dreams do come true
She smiles knowing full well she will see it through

So raise a glass to the young girl who lives with hope in her heart
That her future will go smoothly, making her name as a star

•	Paganini famous Italian Violinist

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Jumpstart - collaboration with Poet Destroyer

How did it come to this?
You and me down memory bliss…

Somewhere in between losing myself …
I misplaced the dust remover off my shelf…

Now I’ll march on, like a cheerful parade…
Smiling my big pearly whites, as you begin to fade...

I disguised the use, when you called me a broken down car…
Adjusting all the plugs under my hood, I reached in too far...

I touched and fondled every mound and tendency inside of me…
All my heart needed, was a brand new battery…

I found my own cure, reviving my broken heart disease…
Blocking the sunburn from jumping, on my heart, like a trapeze…

I got rocks stored in my pocket, that came with a guarantee…  
Sustaining weight on my weakened knees, reassuring me warranty…

That I will get through this, without you to drive…
I have a map of the world, traced on my thighs…

You may have held the moon, but not anymore…
There are millions of galaxies for me to explore … 

Once I face the dark and horrible truth…
That I didn’t like who I was, with you… 

That’s why I shouldn’t be starving, for your attention…
When all you gave me, were paltry inventions…

Instead I’ll wave bye, at my shriveled heart’s cost…
And immediately stop sniffing, our love’s exhaust…

In time you’ll be nothing but a tumbleweed …
A random thought I won’t even keep…

When I’m fully restored, you’ll be left in the dust…
And I’ll be stronger than I ever was

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Remember Spring

When the snow begins to fall and its chilled outside
Our spirits begin to fade like a misty tide

It's hard to keep our head and chests up high
We want to lay in beds and do naught but cry

But we should remember what comes after the snow
The sprouting hope of the rose petals show

That happiness can be found inside a soul so cold
One that has found that it feels way too old

So smile today, and smile tomorrow
On memories of spring, we borrow

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~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 

There is a place called Heaven,
that I hope for everyday.
I ask God to help me be a better person
by following Christ's way.

Somedays it doesn't come easy
to find compassion in my heart.
Or show forgiveness needed
to a friend who has torn it apart.

Jesus never said it would be easy
to pick up my cross each day.
Or remember to be thankful, 
and get on my knees to pray.

He said to trust in His mercy, 
and to give it to others in need.
Because of His Love and Sacrifice, 
of His words I take heed.

For Christ is The Bread from Heaven, 
and we are who He comes to feed.
Take part in His kindness and mercy,
from all sins we are freed.

The gates of heaven are open,
the veil has been torn.
No need to sit in sorrow,
no need to weep and mourn.

Christ has risen, 
Yes, it's true! 
Through Him, all things 
have been made new!

There is a place called Heaven that I hope for everyday.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

5/1/11 ~ Divine Mercy Sunday

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Won't it be a sweet sixteen

How is it going?
I hope life is still as flowing
because it isn't right now.
At fourteen, you only get faults and fouls.

Will you look back at me today
and laugh in a despising way?
What will you do, who will you meet?
Are you still willing to help the beggars on the street?

Is your heart full of passion or has it turn cold?
Do you praise yourself or do you still scold?
Do you still see the world in blackish white or reddish blue?
Do you still want to bid your sadness adieu?

Are you alone right now, do you remember me?
If you don't, then please look at the willow tree.
You know which one, it's behind our lawn.
I carved my name on it before December's dawn.

If you look at the initials you might recall
the memories you had of me and him late that fall.
Maybe you aren't as innocent as you were any more
but that's okay because life wouldn't be such a bore.

Tell me about yourself, tell me what's going on.
I want to know if you still visit that lake of swans,
that wooden tree house and that fort made of vines.
I want to know everything, isn't anything fine?

In two years, you'll tell it all
but hey, no one's stopping me from breaking the walls.
I want to know my future, I want to know you
so I will be aware of what I'll shortly go through.

Hopefully I'll get a reply soon,
probably on my birthday, some time in June.
You'll write to me and solve the mystery
that once was hope, but built your history.


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Architects of Humanitarian Crises

Copyright © 2008 #03
4/12/2008 // (Edited: 1/22/2013/lp
(a historical glimpse of humanity's rise)

*This poetic epic begins with the
greatest sin against humanity

*This poem is dedicated to all
serving and protecting the
¨Basic Rights of Mankind¨

Once, mankind was forgiven from sin
but continue to embrace it like a trend

After the Flood many nations strolled
some didn´t want true history told

All mankind has got to realize
humanity had been vandalized

A few condemmed HIM to a Cross
and mankind became a hope lost

His testimony was like no other
a promise bonding men as brothers

So, was it hate, shame or pride?
The Shroud of Turin now abide

Something embedded itself into minds
their egos separated mankind thru time

From images of Christ to the Sphinx
mankind altered their faces with ink

Societies increased across the land
but some became marauding bands

Enslaved many to learn their ways
called indentured servants nowadays

Learning finally opened many minds
forbidden to most throughout time

Conquering became a lust
many thought they must

Barbarians embraced warfare
believing in war over prayer

Some journeyed to build
but most decided to steal

Robbing nations precious gold
slaughtering the young, and old
another story that was not told

Saw oppressing others was nice
ensnared some as their sacrifice

Oppression increased in the land
because of the barbarian's plan

Their business began to boom
and corruption shot to the moon

America, land of morality and hope
still someone was signing for dope

Capital´ism made a few very rich
sin and immorality, Islam tried to fix
paganism and Communism a glitch
a conflict to shove Christianity in a ditch

Old governments embraced the Klan
still got history's blood on their hand.

Kept society busy with Santa Claus
knowing its origin is spiritually false

They knew global warming was real
maybe too late, this just sent a chill

Interested learning secrets of the brain
Drug gangs driving societies insane

Kids with little future left in sight
hopes dwindled like the Knight

Then, later came Robin Hood
with good news from the wood

Someone revived human rights
still, some decided not to fight

No need for humantarian crises
diabolical plans rolling the dices

These sinful plans between hands
slaughtering the lambs of the land

We need to fix this mess
before we come to rest

Most of  world history twisted
some are now rying to fix it

For some Nations, it was too late
capital'ism quickly sealed their fate

Africa was a continent very rich realizing it is in a ditch
never should´ve trusted Mitch

I even heard the Rossette Stone
was hidden in someone´s home

The secrets of Giza
painted in Mona Liza

Even the Eyptian Sphinx
tried to give mankind a wink
now hides her missing links

And, the pyramids contained a sacred Key
stolen by those not wanting us to be free

Someone hide Pandora´s Box
with final desination Fort Knox

Even, saw the Bible's Holy Grail
shipped by Fed-Ex Express Mall

Most gold, and precious artifacts
was found stolen, and hijacked

It´s hard for most to understand
they kept us busy with their plan

So, in this life we must cast our vote
moving forward with faith and hope

Those affected have become a scorn
got them hungry from dusk to dawn

World economies causing a recess
ego and pride got us in a big mess

The Middle East became a feast.
I wonder who planned that piece?

They say Mohammed started this fuss.
through history who dare finger Guss?

These differences in world religions
still affecting mankind's decisions

Humanity began in Africa and Irak
but millions destituted in a shack

The Americas to China has similiar pain
but yrants' view them as a social stain

And, there was oil for food
but someone became rude

So, once again East meets West
fighting over another treasure chest

Expenses reaching trillions
recovery costing billions
death in the millions

The greatest gift is charity
why concentrate on disparity?

We need to fix this mess
or earth soon to rest

Mismanagement of world funds
resources available by the tons

The poor and depair need more
still someone's locking the door

Feeling no guilt with pride
and the fortunes they hide

Corruption and terrorism sown
by a few of government´s own

Someone´s selfish plans ahead
have now made us very afraid...
maybe baked or nuked instead

Distitute's nourishment is baked dirt
nothing else or their stomachs hurt

Most of the time with nothing to eat
weeping for a peaceful night sleep

The 3 pathways to Heaven are narrow
selfish can learn from the sparrow.

When the next ATOM splits and divide
some gonna try to run and hide
knowing they deceived many and lied

So, don´t worry about a thing tonight
soon GOD will make things alright

Then, all children will be able to play
The Prince of Peace will come to stay

So, remember before it´s over
they too needed a shoulder

by: LP

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I Believe

As for the origin of holidays, I'm definitely not very smart.
I am a Catholic Christian, speaking simply from my heart.

Concerning Christmas and Easter, we have been doubly blessed.
We have experienced the great Love of God made manifest!

Christmas is the holiday that celebrates our Savior's birth,
The day God chose to send His Perfect Love to earth!

On Easter we remember the gift of His life, death, and resurrection.
We wait with hope in His return, with His Holy Spirit our connection!

As our Blessed Mother Teresa shared concerning love for God,
Be faithful in your service to Him wherever you may trod.

Whether you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or Jew,
The Creator of us all holds us with His Love so true!

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I light my candle from within contest

I light my candle from within,
Deep in my heart is where it begins,
Igniting passion, adoration, and devotion,
Its luster penetrates through any form of commotion,
Darkness has to flee,
When this fire burns in me,
Shades of gray must depart,
When the intensity of this fire starts,
I light my candle from within,
For who I am is far beyond my skin,
Overpowering impressions can be seen past any person’s lies,
For the gate way to the soul is through the opening of ones eyes.

By: Sabina Nicole
contest: I light my candle
written 9/21/11

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Second Chance

As the never world awaits me, 
The lord darkness, his cloak now draped.
Haunting images that appear in dreams,
Invade the subconscious, till again I wake 

Complative thoughts well before the dawn,
I walk the morning shore,
How many have stood on these same sands,
Reflecting the echoes of those no more.

And still the waves they pound the shore,
Relentless in their quest,
As they crash on the rocks with deafly roar,
White tipped and foaming zest.

Dawn breaks with gilded cotton clouds,
Waiting like courtiers to their king.
Gathering round the sovereign sun,
Bestowing his warmth on everything.

Would that life compare to the shore,
All worries get washed away.
Cares thrown to the four winds,
As on my knees I pray

© N A Windle 2009

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Locked Inside

I needed a way to release from inside,
All of the tears that I never cried,

My head was exploding from all I kept in,
While onto my face I glued a fake grin;

I hid inside my suspicion and fears,
And locked them away for many years;

They built up a wall and trapped me within,
Until I didn’t even know where to begin;

I had every emotion locked in my heart,
So I started to write, I made it my art.

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A Dark Fantasy

I’m on a planet with a golden kiss
It shimmers with glory, such bliss!

As I zoom in, it turns into a dark land
Peep in, I’m afraid, I cannot stand!

In darkness, I see a bright glowing tower
Inside, a plethora of so called ‘man’ power

Zoom in; I see ‘beast’ kind disguised as ‘man’ kind
Alas! Not a single kind beast could I find

I hear roars of uncivilized beings
And moans of so-called weaklings

I see a trail of emotional turmoil
Those 7 deadly sins wrapped in a dazzling foil

Gifted to humanity, his power, his grey matter
It separates humans from animals and allows us to shatter

The once created planet with a golden kiss
Will it ever show the signs of holy bliss?

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True Colours We Are All

What ever flicked the switch, to decide from their within To deem another not worthy by the colour of their skin We, upon this wonderful planet, we're each and all the same Nature decreed our colours, born we are of different acclaim No matter from where we come from, no matter to where we go We all sail the rivers of life, and our many colours should flow The next time you walk your streets, in cities and your towns When the sun shines upon us, we're neither white nor brown For although she shines on us, to her we're all the same We are shadows, we are no different, so why do others claim

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Reinvent, Reimagine, Revamp Contest Entry

No longer beckoning to my enemies.
Pain and deceit are just memories.
No longer sitting on my stark throne of lies
Luring days of treachery have gone awry. 
Rediscovered my soul, oh the precious gift!
Death of regrets, I beseech to be swift.
My heart and my truth are selflessly mending,
I am hale and hearty, my own happy ending.

**inspired by the poem, A Happy Ending 

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Only you can understand

Selfish, compulsive, 
the old flesh must die,
Inside I know I need to just cry,
Let out the years like a cleansing rain,
Allow the Almighty to take away the pain,
Fear of failure keeps me locked down,
Only in Your presence
Does my mind become sound,
Questions unanswered,
The future is in Your hands,
My God it’s because of You I can even stand,
How to uncover, peel apart what is wrong,
I write it in poems and play it in songs,
The whole operation needs a charge from the source,
I’m in your school absorbing every course,
Faith and trust,
Is an absolute must,
To become whole again,
Not just pretend,
I must continue to pursue the one holding my hand,
Only HE CAN FULLY understand,
I must patiently wait,
While I rejuvenate,
For His kingdom to come,
For His will to be done,
Inner peace,
Calms the sea,
His love is what finally set me free.

BY: Sabina Nicole

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Today SOMEONE is feeling compelled to care for the fatherless
And SOMEONE is heeding the call for needy orphans in distress

As a result, SOMEONE begins to give, begins to serve, begins to go
SOMEONE decides to build an orphanage, sponsor a child, get in the know

SOMEONE realizes that 38,000 orphaned children age out every day
And there is SOMEONE who is screaming out that this is not okay

SOMEONE sees a child's empty future, and feels their lack of hope
SOMEONE knows without life and job skills the orphan cannot cope

Seventy percent in crime or prostitution, SOMEONE has a heart break
SOMEONE knows there's growing desperation with an over 10% suicide rate

SOMEONE is restless, in spite of all the efforts, that this problem only grows
SOMEONE is impassioned enough to ruffle a few feathers and step on toes

Finding a strategic solution to orphan care becomes SOMEONE's chief aim
SOMEONE knows there are a 153 million orphans and they're people, not a stain

SOMEONE understands that to reach orphans you have to reach their town
Discipleship in homes, schools, and businesses, SOMEONE isn't messing around

SOMEONE refuses to settle for welfare, band-aid ministry models that fail
The Gospel transforms the city, because SOMEONE decides to go tell

SOMEONE decides to be the Church, to have their actions say I love you
I've decided I'll be that SOMEONE, will you be that SOMEONE too?

*A Poem about deciding to be Someone that makes a difference!

Sponsor: Nathan A.
Contest Name: Poems ending with a question

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Spritual Gangster

You don’t want to miss this
But don’t be confused this aint Christmas
You’ve gotta get real my brotha and kiss this
I’m a spiritual criminal with lipstick

If you’re lucky you just might make my hit list
Coz I’m a murderer killing *****es ego’s with fake riffs
If you’re a moral criminal and do the minimal you can’t hit this
We must stand together my brother to beat this

Pleasure - pain, generosity - blame, loss - gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 

I’ll mind punch you in the heart and give you a soul diss
Aint no big brotha gonna hold me and frisk this
You’re not lost or all alone coz my arrows fire straight and can’t miss
Things aint changed and love can still fix this

Pleasure pain, Generosity blame, loss gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 
Love -love- love is all you need

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Copyright © 2012 
(A Purpose So Clear) 

Like children we fear 
  In secret a somber tear 

Like learning to walk 
 Babies listen to talk 

And reach for a hand 
  To help them stand 

This too, we all must do 
  By HIS Hand made anew 

by: LP

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A Perfect Day

I sink into the steaming bath and soak my cares away,
A glass of wine to cure the pain the damp brought on today;

No screaming son to demand my time, today is just for me,
A book is all I need to be as content as I can be;

I call the local pizza place as the water cools and bubbles fade,
I order up a large for me and hope it’s not delayed;

Soon the delivery man is on his way with a heavenly pizza pie;
And I intend to enjoy every slice, just me, myself and I;

The rain is coming down in torrents as I snuggle up on the couch;
I slowly start feeling more like me, instead of Oscar the Grouch;

I turn on my favorite movie, the one I’ve seen a thousand times;
I enjoy every second as I relax, feeling sublime;

My family will be home soon and their needs I’ll have to tend;
The sun sinks lower in the sky, as my perfect day draws to an end.

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Freedom gives itself away

Everytime i think i am hiding
hiding from experience 
the thought flow forever blinding
captive in its omnipresence 
certain paths have no finding
beware of any convergence
a rigid view forever binding.
Seek to witness truth in beauty
witness the beauty in truth
a bite of apple can prove fruity
each natural chunk holds proof
change perception alter reality
experience the magnitude of truth
don’t assert the definition of congeniality.

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AFTER THE STORM Mid deepest black of heart break sorrows Vanish fear of dread tomorrows, Cruel pain that scars and shakes us Bravely heals and then remakes us. Dawn Light bids from far flung hills, Joy surrounds –with each step thrills. Doubts will vanish with a sigh-- Mindless worries pass us by. Treasured arms enfold us--warm-- After the storm.

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Sometimes in Life

Sometimes in life, out there theirs someone special But for many of us, this we simply never find But sometimes in life, we never have to look Could it simply be, for some it's pre-designed Sometimes in life, opens the door of opportunity Allowing some of us, to find this special unity .

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My Escort is gone

Days are long and nights are short.
To last through time I will need an escort.
But yesterday I heard the news
my escort is gone, to heaven he flew.

I saw the feathers from his wings fell
in the lonely nights did time love to dwell.
Even so, I still need him nevertheless 
though I know he's there, giving me his bless.

It's easy to walk with a pair of legs,
to fly with wings, not some wooden pegs.
The flesh was raw but now it has rot
with attempts to untangle this strangled knot.

I am in pain, in severe pain
and all this sadness do I wish to feign.
But he is gone, everything is gone.
Hopefully I'll live to see the upcoming dawn.

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Golden Heart

I'm so done trying to lift my heart
That aches for when you did depart
and try to lift my chin and smile
even though its been awhile
since i have felt your tender touch
all this pain and regret, to much
time to think of what went wrong
my list of changes, is much to long
of what i would have done better
i hope that you see in this letter
that my dear, i hope you smile
even though it has been a while
since that day that I did depart
and mended is your Golden heart...

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In a land of Fantasy

Still around the corner, there may wait
A new road or a secret gate

My heart yearns and wails
For you, dark knight, to greet you with hails

Its been ten years since we made the promise
Of being together, sealed with a kiss

The angels do shine on your castle
Mine is darkly illumined by my own battle

Gloomy and lonely is the shore
Like me, it seems to crave the fairies encore

I shall wait as long as i shall remain strong
The dragons shall capture me only if my love is wrong

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Act One

Suspense takes oer as I wait to hear
I'm hoping praying  it'll hit my ear
Wishing all I want to come true
Starting life as someone new
Life plays out on a theater screen
Act by act and scene by scene
Tell me now if I'll play the part
Deny me once to break my heart
Deny me twice I'll know too well
My delusions cursed by a wordless spell 
But still I wait and pray that I
Will pass the test and finally fly

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What lurks within

Help with the struggles, man's faced with, in life on earth
As man learns life knowledge, instead of grasping worth

A passion to hold all that's seen, since his moment of birth
Is innate desire or thoughts, meant for direction not for girth

I find it ironic when man is compared to fish seen in a tank
To show greed's value, it's the larger fish that have the swank

Where man sees their struggle, in the fight for food and life
He fails to see expectation, the hope of surviving all the strife 

Hope for a world at peace, not planning for war to unfold
Our future worth can't be seen in a tank, for it is uncontrolled

The expectancy in living, isn't calculated in the coins of man
You find it, seeing the children playing, riding in your minivan

Expectations may change, in your life's journey, here on earth
lost at times within depression, as sad feelings seek to unearth

Is an expectation of this verse to change minds or to convert
I only task all readers to think, expand this thought and reassert

Conversations, will help all reason, with trauma that's found in life
Giving men hope and an expectation, to survive this world of strife

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Give me a pill

Give me a pill that will wipe away this pain
That’s driving me completely insane
A pill that will mend my broken heart
Before I entirely rip apart
A pill that will save me from my death
From my empty soul and decreasing breath
A pill that can keep me happy and alive
I guess you may call it the pill of life
As long as it cures my insecurities
My dreadful pain that are like injuries
Caused by buses running over me
But it’s just my foes not wanting me to be free
Someone give a pill to wipe this pain away
And maybe I’ll finally have a brighter day

Contest: Pill of life
Date: 5th February 2013
Deadline: 28th February 2013

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Tick Talk

When the days stretch into evenings
When the evenings slip into nights
When the minutes pull together
Silken threads greet the sunlight

When the days span into months
When the months spin into years
With the silken moments carted
Iridescent strands will then appear. 
When the threads run through the loom
When the tapestry unfolds
What might have been weak and faded
Becomes more beautiful and bold.

We are the weavers and the spinners
So each tapestry is our own
We ourselves must choose the colours 
Before the edges can be sewn.

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Not Your Fight

Dragging, lagging down this road,
Many things I was never told,
Stumble, tumble to the ground,
Looked up and saw no one was around,
Scraped and bruised... on both knees,
Begging for this disease to seize,
One more breath before I break,
When suddenly I realize You died for my sake,

When I can’t seem to find the words to say,
To cancel out these feelings of dismay,
When all I’ve seen was equivalent to shame,
And tornados wipe right through the pain,
When water washes the frailty and dishonor,
And most thought I was just a goner,
Your whispers penetrate my night,
 Speaking out “this is not your fight”
“ I died to fill your life with might”

Holes in souls are hard to bare,
Especially when your scars are there,
Hearts that plead to overflow,
Sometimes bleed and cannot let go,
But through the madness and through the times,
There is only one name that comes to my mind,
Nails that sacrificed for our greater good,
Can relate to my deaths even if He was misunderstood,

When I can’t seem to find the words to say,
To cancel out these feelings of dismay,
When all I’ve seen was equivalent to shame,
And tornados wipe right through the pain,
When water washes the frailty and dishonor,
And most thought I was just a goner,
Your whispers penetrate my night,
Speaking out “this is not your fight”
This is not your fight,
This is not your fight.

Sabina Nicole

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Unravel Me

Tears stream like water, rain in the night
A heart that still hungers for all to be right
Stoned by a circle, mocked while on stage
Emotions grow heavy from pain into rage
Scabs that were healing I picked them apart
All to uncover, I had to restart.

The essence of the soul, Purity
Only in your arms, Security
For the ship is overtaken by rough waves
I know that You’re the one who saves
Hear me while I sit
In the dark.

Carelessness, comes from movie clips inside my mind
Walls built to last start to unwind
And I can’t take the ache within the knots
It’s as if all I’ve learned I just forgot
For the flames of bitter yesterdays just ignite
Restless with this walk, I lose my sight

The essence of the soul, purity
Only in your arms, security
For the ship is overtaken by rough waves
I know that You're the One who saves
Hear me while I sit 
In the dark.

But I’m not alone
No I’m not alone
Going to the otherside
I must resist this fear 
Come alive!

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 4-8-12
Song written for the piano

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Behind the Clouds

Behind the Clouds

Is that your face I see in the clouds
Wearing a sapphire-studded crown

Soft winds usher changing formation
Each passing breeze, new revelation

A prince’s sad frown turns upside down
A joyful smile, witnessed from the ground

Only for a moment it endures
But I won’t forget that smile of yours

My head to pillow, it recreates
And wondrous dreams your smile generates

Some people say the mind is a maze
Yours is amazing; interest you raise

Such qualities are not found in clouds
I settle for smiles when nature allows

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Beyond Unspoken

Beyond Unspoken

Beyond all fears this day must come, she dies my end as well. 
Was it just a glimpse in time; a dream a magic spell
Arrested by your vision pure from lost begins, awoken.
You were the one my heart longed for, a dream beyond unspoken
I’d wondered if my rescue comes in this world or the next
I’d lost all hope to see love's face but soul’s perplexed.
But now all hope has died for “us”, retiring to my darkness
Joy a distant memory replaced with pain and starkness.
I did so love you spent my heart, holding nothing in reserve, 
one day for your sake I do pray you’ll  give what you deserve.


Lawrence Schrank

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First Love

I glanced across the dance floor and saw her standing there
I saw her looking straight at me and I tried not to stare

I was kind of shy back then, for girlfriends, I had none
So when I saw her look at me I thought “is this the one”?

My friend Jim beside me said “Go on, ask her to dance”
And you'd better do it quickly before you lose your chance

My heart was beating rapidly as again I met her gaze
Then I walked in her direction, my mind was in a daze

“Would you care to dance”, (if she said no I would just die)
“Yes, that would be very nice” was her quick reply

I led fair maid onto the floor, put one hand on her waist
And slowly did the box step, while inside my heart raced

I knew right then I was in love, wings were on my feet
I hardly said a word to her til we walked back to her seat

With a smile I thanked her, and with shaking voice asked when
There was another slow one, could we dance again

She looked at me and sweetly said, “well now, that would depend”
“I'll dance if you will promise to introduce me to your friend”


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The Letter

A letter was received from a far-off land, please send us some aid if you possibly can. Our fields are barren, our cattle long gone, our farmers are now soldiers leaving wives at home. Some of our families are homeless, dwellings destroyed, by shells aimed at our villages, which we cannot avoid. Our children are starving; they have no clothes to wear. As for medical supplies, these are very scarce. So please send at once the things we desperately need, food, clothing, and medicine, this we beg and plead. We must thank you for all that you have done, and could you also send more ammo for our guns.

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Song of Hope

You sing it loud and I sing along
We sing a song of hope, our hopeful song
You and your words get me through the day
The lyrics and beat know just what to say
Saying we all have our worries and need not
That at least there's two things that we got
We got our lives and we got this to sing
We got voices and music to bring!
Bring on the wonderful feeling
Bring on the gift of melody
Lets sing of the truth with our tongues
Lets sing this song at the top our lungs!
And as long as I can sing, you know I will
Nothing says anything more better or real
And no matter what terrible endeavor
Your song of hope holds hope forever

November 2009
The 2 songs that inspired this:
Song of Hope - Robbie Seay band
Worries - Langhorne Slim

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Abberations of a flailing mind

The morning births a new day's sun
Revealing night's shadowed pun

Why this road, you ask of me?
Something wrong, I've done to thee?

My body weighs like anchored ships
No words I speak from quivering lips

My hands are bound, my mind is spent 
As thoughts incarnate my lovers scent.

My sight is scant, a labored breath
Desperate cries, My soul near death

Each beat my heart now pays its dues 
For loving you was mine to choose

I lye in angst, a tattered seam 
A chapter closed on lover's dream

Oh my lord, my dearest friend
I pray to thee in hopes to mend

This broken heart, of saddened tale
To find the truth where others fail

My dearest God I crave thee now
Since my love has flown to thou

These answers that I fail to find
Aberrations of a flailing mind

Imprison me from heavens love
And make me doubt my God above

But I will not let idle mind
Keep me from my destined time

For life is short and one day near
I'll hold the one I love most dear

So steadfast will I trust in him
And never doubt my God within.

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They say “God has forsaken us just look around”
Wars and storms are destroying our hometowns,
They say “if there is a God why are so many in need?”
People are steeling and lying with hearts overwhelmed with greed
They say “It’s all Gods fault”… man takes no blame,
We curse God, push him out of our lives, and then accuse him when we are put to shame,
Oh blinded world filled with an abundance of vanity
You speak evil of him with mouths filled with profanity
Disobeying all he has commanded us to do
His rules were made to keep us safe, to avoid the chaos in which we now suffer through
They say “God is far and he doesn’t care”
When it is our hearts that have turned from him, grown cold, brittle and bare
All we have to do is repent and change our wicked ways
Then in the blink of an eye he will restore us to our golden days
But human pride thinks it can beat him and reason thinks it will win
Read the bible, rebelliousness is how destruction all begins
Society gets darker and more corrupt each and every year
Many are growing hopeless and becoming overwhelmed by fear
God never left us… we as a country left him
God cannot bless a nation who is worshiping sin
In his infinite mercy he has allowed judgment to shake up his lost sheep
Those raindrops you see are his tears…yes our God does weep
Wake up great nation remember why we have been incredibly blessed
It’s not because we’re so brilliant it’s because our forefathers made vows to God that we would give him our best
Generations are born and then they die
It is our obligation to leave a legacy about our creator who is more than just a mystery hidden in the sky
His eyes watch over every human, animal, insect and tree
His love holds this entire world unconditionally
So take some time to consider how fragile are lives really are
Man can’t stop natural disasters or shootings by a mad man in a car
Live each day in love, forgiveness and submission
Put away idolatry, lust and religious tradition
Make a decision to have a “personal” relationship with God alone
And watch how life will change for you whether you’re young or already grown.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 11/6/12

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A Cowboy Is

He’s tender and caring in his own way,
From moving cattle to bucking hay;

He’s stubborn but gentle and hard as nails,
As he deals with all that his job entails;

He may seem distant but he’s filled with pride;
From the cattle he tends to the horse that he rides;

He’s defender of the small and weak,
And protector of the sick and meek;

He keeps the code of the cowboy way,
Standing steadfast from day to day;

Watching over and protecting from harm,
All of the beings that reside on his farm;

He’s sometimes reserved and far-away,
And he never really has too much to say;

Laugh lines cover his weathered face,
Something even time can’t erase;

He is a cowboy, born and bred,
From the boots on his feet to the hat on his head.

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The Globe of Harmony

There's a planet I believe to be
The globe of harmony

It’s beyond our capability to explore
Vibrating deep in the Universe's core

The luminous colours and pulsating force
Keeps the Universe on steady course

By emitting an energy surge filled potion
Through the power of rhythmic motion

And with each wave of energy brings
The right balance to all things

There’s a planet I believe to be
A gift from the Almighty.

by Ana Espinola Collins

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Breaking Bars

Please don’t forget to see-
For you know I surely will be-
Here to give your wildest wishes-
With this hope in our most gentle kisses-

When life turns dark and grey-
Never far from your side I’ll stray-
My hands are ready to hold your burdens-
With each new secret, a little now lightens-

To hope you see you dull the stars-
With a soul lost deep behind bars-

To me you matter more than a lot-
With each new battle together we fought-
We will get stronger, two’s a pair-
And with each other this love we share-

Because my love you dull the stars-
And with my love, I’ll break those bars-

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Grandma's Phrase on Daily Living

Live everyday like there’s no tomorrow,
Or your life will be filled with sorrow.

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Tipping Point

What is the tipping point, between hate and love
Perhaps a kind word or a misplaced shove

One acts with kindness, another is mean
Try looking for good, where none has been seen

Respect for difference, not fearful disdain
If treated kindly, good feelings remain

Choices can be made, we can pick the path
Love is the answer, emerse in it's bath 

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What Dreams are Made of

Thoughts know of no bounds,
hopes leading to the sounds.

Dreary reality replaced by lustrous fantasy-
Nature fails to provide, yet the conception provides pure ecstasy!

Not for the frail for terror-joy are abound,
Screams and laughter–resound.

To important of a role-
Often referred- the key to the soul.

What wonderful time!

Powerful tool,
Why ridicule?

Vibrant imagination,
Never fall to realities-possession.

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Save Me Now For All I Care

To my right and to my left
I am surrounded by ocean-wide debt.
I owe a lot, I owe my life
but when I ran there was a strife.

To my back and to my front
I am filled with emptiness - a predator that hunts
the lost prey
till it dies and its body decays.

North, East, South, West.
Where is the damned treasure chest?
Where is the shining star that shone the light
and lead the wise men to Jesus in that Christmas night?

Someone, please show me the road, 
show me the way away from this freezing cold
and hold my hand, and kiss my cheek
and lead me through the hours, days and weeks
because this boat is sinking, and sinking fast.
I really don't know how long I can last.
So fire the gun up into the air
and save me now for that's all I care.

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Stillness of the night,And the dullness in my sight, A cold dark cloudy winter night,The pathway lights shine on bright. Perched comfortably in the balcony of my farm house, The vista so great that the dormant poet in me arouse. The cool breeze envelops my surround, A few dew drops from the moistened leaves drips aground. The languid wing of air the fragrance of it carries, Of blossomed flowers, trees, plants and berries. Once again the freshness in my mind, Seems to be awakening from the blind. Welcome, come in the joys of happiness, Its now time to say to "good bye" to darkness

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Feb 23 A Garden Date

Dug what seems to be good organic soil from low ground,
In South Florida, that’s not easily found .

Moved that dark gold to a higher spot,
By the pond in front of Mary’s lot.

Planted rows north to south.
A month late for planting but we’ll see.
The hot Florida sun may burn the sprouts,
But they’ll be neath the shade trees by three.

Planted snap peas, summer squash and butter beans,
Detroit dark reds, turnips and chard greens,

Big boy and early girl planters, and other tomato seeds.
They ought to well supply our tomato needs.

Cauliflower by seed, hope they come through,
Only four broccoli plants made it. That ‘ll do.

Sweet banana peppers and jalapenos for a friend,
Lettuce, radishes and carrots; carrots to no end..

Sowed cilantro and chives to add some spice.
Next time some garlic and parsley will be nice.

A month later and already the moles are working the ground,
Doesn’t bother them that we have ten cats around.

A lot of work, weeding and feeding but it’s all a joy,
For this older, northern, farm born .. Florida boy.

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Pain of love

You gifted me a bouquet of flowers,
but felt like God has sent down beautiful showers
It took a long time for me to realize,
that its the time to open my eyes...
There was always an inner pride,
when you were sitting by my side
Now my little heart has a doubt,
can it stay away from you without?
With a hope,I expected your wishes.
later realized that I missed all your kisses
But now starring at the sky
and questioning myself ,why?
Unlike others,Day by day,my love grows,
God and me are the two persons who knows.
You still can spread smiles,
though you are away from me in miles
The feelings in my heart are so real,
and I beg your heart not to seal
You will never fully understand,
that without you my life cant withstand
It is 'you' whom now I rely upon,
I can bet our lives will soon turn on
We both know the present and past,
if we are together, our future will everlast.

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A Message From Above

A Message From Above

This message I send to you my friend
A brand new season will soon begin

Our Father said, “It’s only a test”
So just rest in Him  and do your best

The people you can not always please
So take a moment and feel the breeze

Enemy wants to knock you off guard
But his old tactics we will discord

You know Big Daddy certainly cares
Whatever the load He’ll help you bear

May Angels surround you from above
Just lift your hands high and feel His love

In-hale…Exhale…feel His peace within
In-hale…Exhale….feel His peace again

**To a dear friend but goes out to all that need a word

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Sharing The Light

A shaft of light upon my neighbor's land
is owned by him, but it is also mine
To rise at dawn, and from a captured view
He stakes his claim, not knowing I will too

The sun will break, each morning, crimson bold
And finally when his darkness comes so cold
A shaft of light will land upon my back
That tells me somewhere else the night is black

I know tonight when my own world tucks in
A shaft of light some place will rise again
I share the sun, with those I'll never know
Perhaps it lights a way for us to grow

For Seren's :  Shaft of Light Contest:

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Don't Lose Your Will

What happens when you lose your will?
When the thrill of life spills out of your heart
When the world seems like you're living in the dark
What happens when you forget to pay a bill?
And you don't know what you'll eat today
But you go to work and smile anyway
Who will care when you go to bed sad?
When your head hits the pillow, won't you be glad
When the day is over and you can reflect
On your life and dreams that you can protect
Then God enters your dream and you have a healing
The next day you realize there is a new feeling
Your heart, your soul are in a positive space
The sunshine is beaming off of your face
When you lose your will and don't know what to do
Trust in the Lord because he loves you.

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The clear pictures, taken by the satellite orbiting around Mars
for over a decade, have finally arrived here and fascinated us.

The Sphinx head in Egypt and the one on Mars have many veritable similarities...
wouldn't you agree? But who built the one the Red Planet:  the extraterrestrials?

Leave that to the imagination, or try to solve the mystery of the ancients;
now, don't assume that life will be found there despite those striking images. 

Although scientists speculate that Mars has water, only facts are a true possibility;
no assumption can come close to such a reality, if it hasn't been explored entirely.

Until NASA builds another spaceship and sends more brave astronauts into space,
we must hold our breath,...'till they return with proof of another extraordinary race.

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The Shattered Heart Of A Friend

She cried on the phone as she told me the news.
I listened as I put myself in her shoes.

This dear friend I've loved for thirty-five years.
We've shared some sorrow,some laughter,and beers.

The love of her life is now gravely ill;
a cancer with no cure and no magic pill.

His chance for recovery is very slim.
And she says she won't live a day without him.

So I packed my bags and I raced to her side.
I held her head in my arms as we cried.

We talked for hours deep into the night
I felt her release by the still morning light.

There's so much power in the love of a friend.
It can surely help a broken heart to mend.

By Deb Wilson
for contest"How to fix a broken heart"
sponsored by Michael J. Falotico

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All The Lonely Souls Need Love

He sat so bent and crooked on that bench
So sad to see it gave your heart a wrench

Wrapping his bony arms around his chest
The old man struggled,tried his very best

To fend off chills here on this dreary day
I sat with him and listened to him say

The words that trickled softly from his lips
In between the day old coffee sips

"My Belle and I we used to come to town
When we got tired we'd come here and sit down

This was our special place,we loved it so
We'd feed the birds and have a cup of joe

With arms around each other hold so tight
Until the afternoon turned into night

But now my Belle has left and gone above
Without her I have nobody to love"

With that he struggled up and walked away
I watched as he diminished in the day

So many lonely people in this world
If we could take a hand,our hearts unfurled

We might just ease their sorrow for awhile
All it would cost would maybe be a smile

So next time you see sad and empty eyes
Just take a minute,listen to their cries

It might enrich your life and give them hope
We all need someone's love to help us cope

* for John Heck's "Blink!" contest

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Eyes do Weep

When my son was young and so very, very wild… 
I loved him dearly for he was my child.
But I feared the drugs, alcohol, and friends he did keep.
I knew they would destroy him, as I found my Eyes do weep.

We found a private High school with new peers to seek.
Miraculously, He found his own way back, and to college he did leap.
He chose a college and fraternity far away, as my eyes blurred again.
But the day he was on his own, became the best that’s ever been.

His fraternity became his brothers, and advice they dished out.
Study time became important, with gentlemanly behavior devout.
I’ll thank them each, in the leadership and help they all showed.
I’ll thank my son for growing up, and for becoming who we now know.
Community service brought blood drives, and teaching inner city kids.
They worked on their fraternity house, reclaiming it from the skids.
All parties had designated drivers to take every body home, all right.
They gathered clothes for the homeless to brighten up their life.
They built Homes For Humanity for to work he was never adverse.
Then, to add to the rest, he continued to work to become a nurse. 
He put himself through college working in a hospital and ambulance.
He had learned a reverence for life, happiness, and yes, even patience.
My wild, wild son has found purpose in life and peace at long last.
And again my eyes do weep… This time with love so vast...

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A David for David

King David was just a boy
When God called him to bring many people joy
He started off tending sheep
God made him a victorious leader all he sowed in his youth he later on reaped.
But through the process he fought many battles, some he won, and some he lost
The greatest men in life have to at times count the cost
When David was faced with Goliath he remembered all the other beasts he had killed
This gave him the courage and the indestructible will
With a name like David you can do all things
Remember that you’re not alone and God promises to bring
Help from the North South East and West
You are a man of destiny,  one of Gods best
May peace flood your heart and calm all your plights
May you rise to the top and never lose sight
If God is for you who can be against you!

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Warrior Bride

She left the country where she was raised,
To pursue her endeavors, no longer a slave,

She climbed mountains and swam through swamp lakes,
To be relieved from all the past hurts and mistakes,

She treaded upon scorpions,   demolished serpent skins,
To connect with a fire that burned deep within,

She ran from the flock only to be brought back again,
To teach this new remnant how to boldly fend,
Everything and anything noble and true,
Break down the borders of doubt and ridicule,

All that aspire to conquer what is right,
Sinister smiles that feed on broken appetites,

Graves that are rolling and men who control
Chants in the night intended to steal someone’s soul

Laughter of failure,A spirit in tears
This warrior princess helped many in fear.

She ripped out the thorns that lagged in her side,
To humble her heart and swallow her pride,

She drank of the water that brings bones back from the dead,
To deepen her love and renew what was in her head,

She gave with a smile and listened to their pain,
To heal those in trouble with divinity rain,

She took on a role that others despised,
To enable the weak to look up and arise,

She knew it was time to fight with all her might,
To allow the Holy Spirit to make her destiny right,

She spoke to the masses and sang to the stacks
To a beautiful melody of  "I am never going back."

By: sabina Nicole
Written: To All The warriors

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This Door Now Entered

Tonight I closed my eyes entering a door where I'd never been
I turned, I looked over my shoulder, and through my eyes I've seen

I see a life of hurt, the despair of a darkened soul
Who's past just festers his silhouette, living to be his goal

When I closed the door behind me, a relief caressed, I breathed
If not for this door now entered, over my shoulder I would see me grieve

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For good aim never let go of hope,
It is the life’s wheel, pillar and rope.

Poetess S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari
All Rights Reserved

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Open doors closed

A war has been waged on individual minds,
Stealing our courage and making us blind,
A battle has begun to make mankind fall asleep,
Silence our souls, while evil slowly creeps,
Into our family’s, our schools, and our towns
Leaving us Desolate and polluting our grounds,
We were never made to be barren and dry,
For love laid down his life for you and I,
But vanities, idolatry, lust and sin
Opened the doors and allowed devils in,
We preach for peace then turn a deaf ear,
For internally self centerness has created many fears
If in God we really trust than we must return to what he has said,
The book is not for show, it’s our food, our daily bread
Look at the times, the hate and all the crimes
Look at the corruption
 It’s no surprise there has been many interruptions
Reevaluate your reasons for living
Instead of war, start forgiving
And repent while you still can,
For the season is at hand,
Let’s rejoice in the fact,
That it’s his life that keeps us intact,
Let’s look up and see,
That God made us all we need to be.

By; Sabina Nicole
Copys  have been placed in my Hotel's bathrooms and lobby :)

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A New Beginning

We walk the trails, kicking leaves,
wondering if the other believes
that this is a new start for each.
That maybe it is within our reach.

Holding hands, walking slow,
letting feelings tentatively grow.
We are not young, we are not new.
If this is love, its overdue.

A friendship we started some time ago
is becoming something deeper though.
We shall not rush it, we'll patiently wait
and leave it in the hands of fate.

         ~~~     ~~~     ~~~
for Michael Falotico's contest
"Falling in Love in the Fall"

         ~~~     ~~~     ~~~
Francine Roberts   24/09/2011

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A slave of yours

Since the beginning You’ve been there for me, and waited, waited so faithfully. My heart was dirty, I threw the dice, You washed my feet, you paid the price. You did not ask me where I have been Though I came back covered in sin. My heart was dirty, I threw the dice, You washed my feet, You paid the price. From chains of darkness You broke me free, A slave of yours I wanna be, a slave of yours I wanna be…

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Angel Dust

Lonely and dull was the path Seeing the way, none could laugh Disease hung in the air Life seemed to go nowhere Of what use would be living If maimed, none would dare to be boasting Desperate was the current flow When hope sparked us all in one go Dust flew in from the skies Dust came in without any ties Angels cried at our plight Saddened at our darkened sight So they gave us a boon, Stardust, sparkling, in the heat of noon Silvery, shiny, deep with hue Lyrical, magical, it seemed not true Those who did inhale the dust Could do nothing except to let go of their lust Life is meant to be lived Life is meant not to be re-lived! So, come, let us sing and dance To the name of faith, in all abundance!
15 October 2012 Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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So Many

So many surviving,
Desperation is driving
Impulsive decisions
In need of emotional circumcision,
So many astray
In a world of disarray
Polluted by deception
In need of a spiritual resurrection,
So many sedated
Zombies that have mated
Domino effect
When the substance causes havoc
So many in a daze
From their lies and heathen ways
False comfort, counterfeit light
Consuming all their appetites
So many in chains
From years of hurt and pain
Paralyzed by the one
Who was cast out of the sun
So many bleeding
Yet they are doing the leading
Cannibals are feeding
Not listening to those who are pleading
So many, so many,    run away
Traded their birth right for moments of gray,
Tranquilizers to disguise
The torment they hold deep inside
So many forgot,
That blood was shed to remove their spots
Tormented  souls who have fallen down
Those who found out no one was around
So many isolated,
Infected with self-hatred
Pride comes before the fall
There is only one who can save them all
Only God can make them whole
Give them a purpose and a goal
So many drowning in their fears
In pure ignorance they don’t see clear.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Righteous Man

Oh Righteous man the Psalmist says
You may have troubles all your days.

The Lord will always answer your call,
He will deliver you from them all.

He is your hope so do not fret
He is the Way to dump your debt.

He's always there for me and you,
He's always there to see you through.

© Dave Timperley 2012

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Dream Gate

The velvet hardwood cedar floor, 
is splitting from the oaken door.

Scrubbing varnish on my knees, 
day and night no one to please.

The floor began to move,
uneven and angled in every groove.

I was thrown into the dark, when
Prudence Pinecups charged the bark.

Instead of feeling grateful to her,
I felt alone and embarrassed, for sure.

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My sweetheart's departure

Your departure is full of sorrow
but i am always sure you will return tomorrow

My feelings for you are very true
till my last breathe i long for you

When ever a trouble came on my way
you sighed and with a gentle smile you sent it away

I heard the words fun n laughter
after you entered in my life,I could invite them with pleasure

You are always by my side
patting up my back and stepping me towards success side

Dearest Sweetheart,these words are from bottom of my heart
till the universe ends ,i will save them in my love cart.

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(Rhyming Couplets) The book of our life's much unknown,which means, is not ever seen or read. Yet man thinks that they know it all, but it's all in their head Life is filled with so much sorrow, pain and stress each day Partly to blame is sin and all the evil that men do. Men in their heart the love of God for other things keep replacing And so the love in their hearts for their fellowman grows cold,uncaring and is dying. Rich, poor, famous or unheard of, beautiful, ugly, short or tall What does it matter? We're all sinners,saved only by grace,and that's all If all men were to change their wicked ways today and turn around In this world kindness and love in the name of God would be more found But sin, grief,suffering and death, are only man's fate to grasp for now Till Jesus returns or they listen His gentle call and one day to Heaven they go. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December,4, 14

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 I was thinking about liberty this past Memorial Day,
 How the freedom won by others is here for us to stay.

 It wasn't just the stroke of a pen that made men free,
 But the hard and difficult sacrifices, that gave us Liberty.

 We broke the allegiance to a king so far away,
 Pulled together as a nation, that has survived until today.

 We've fought against our own brothers to make slavery die,
 We still are healing from those wounds, with every racial cry.

 Like other nations bent on their empire's expanse,
 We have fought to that tune and made other men dance.

 But our stance has been true though all the horrors,
 Especially when we sent our boys to the "War To End All Wars".

 The world thought it worked and it did for awhile,
 But tyranny and evils will not end with only a smile.

 Another generation of men to freedom's call,
 And the flag with 48 stars then, was needed by all.

 Even after the victories we had an uphill fight,
 The evils among us would not take flight.

 So Freedom and Liberty have to be won each day,
 By those who survive the battle's fray.

 Not only the soldier is in that battle you know,
 Each one of us, has that same burden to tow.

 For if we are to remain free in this great land,
 "Liberty and Justice for ALL" must go hand in hand.

 When we know of wrong being done,
 It is our duty to help, as Freedom's citizen.

 Not just with lip service which continues despair,
 But get in the trenches, and Liberty repair.

 It is the hard won fight that brought us this far,
 The hard won victories of goodness and care.

 Have we forgotten who we are and from whenst we came?
 The words of "Freedom and Liberty" would not be the same.

 Except that a few men had the willingness to forego,
 Their fortunes, their lives, and to their posterity bestow.

 That Freedom and Liberty should come to all in this land,
 Can we do less,  to keep to their plan?

 Someone once said, "It's not easy being me."
 It is harder still to live in the land of the Free.

 Where we enjoy our Liberty and Freedom to choose,
 Yet, how often have we let it be abused?

 Vote...if you want to keep your Liberty,
 Vote...if you want your children to be Free.

 It is in our right to vote that we have won this prize,
 Do not let its light be dimmed by "I don't need to..." sighs.

  For men the world over have we sent our own to save,
  For Freedom and Liberty - and The Home of The Brave!

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~My Morning~ The moon is going to bed now, I watch it slide away The sky a beautiful shade or orange getting ready for the new day. The pigeons start cooing taking turns in the eaves The dawn chorus is starting, birds waking in the trees. Morning is here a mist hangs low, the air is feeling damp I turn, its time to rise once more, I switch out the bedside lamp. I return to our bed to snuggle hubby, before works calls him for the day “Did you have a good night?” he asks knowing the answer will be “nay.” Three cups of coffee later the first in bed with my man It’s time to tackle the day; and get on as best one can. To waken and see another glorious night give birth to a new day But I would love to miss just one and sleep through one dawn is what I pray.
© ~GG~ 6/08/2012

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Fallen Down

You’ve fallen now from high above-
For only your self did but you love-

Not once did you care of someone small-
So now my dear you shall now fall-

Away from every soul who cared to see-
What potential inside could possibly be-

If you promise to stop this unhealthy run-
I promise I’ll stay and see this done-

To show you how you can be low-
And keep this happiness that you now know-

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One stroke at a time

Another stroke from his brush was gently applied,
Eagerly painting over lie after lie,
Another piece of the canvas dressed to fit the part
Dissipates by the passion of the painter’s heart
Another coat stains the errors from the previous owners
Over time, perfection divine, a transplant from its original downer.

By; Sabina Nicole

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They Embraced Today

Copyright © 2009 #233
01/20/2009 // edited: 11/11/2012
(a new way)
-To Live And Pray-

On a brisk 2008 & 2012 Winter´s Day
  Americans voted and joined to pray.

Changing its history
  for a better humanity.

Freedom´s regal souls
  braved 2 days so bold!

Renewing Dr Martin L. King's dream
  uniting an American nation it seem.

A day etched in infamy
  for all humanity to see.

Brave Americans
  taking a stand
  on its blood soaked land.

by: LP

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Finally Home

I have finally reached my destination
Coming in from several directions
A heart filled with ambition
A mind filled with passion!

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Cruel Hearted Greedy People

My animals are like family to me, not just a pet.
 My cat is in labor, and she's having issues, so all I can do is fret.

The emergency Vet wants four hundred and fifty dollars!
 I don't have it, so she's denied and all I can do is holler. 

So what am I supposed to let her sit here and die?
 It makes me want to go stab that jerk in his eye!

You should be a Vet because you love animals, not money.
 What's a cat's life to them? I don't think its a damn bit funny.

I mean the economy is low and I'm not asking to do it for free.
 Just to let me make payments, how hard can that really be?

Cruel-hearted, greedy people that are ruthless and hollow.
 You can bet karma will most definitely linger and follow.

Some people just don't understand, she isn't a cat, she's my baby.
 There is a chance she will live, and I hate living on the whim of a "maybe".

What choice do I have? I'll take her to her normal vet tomorrow morning.
 If my "daughter' dies, that emergency Vet will need some serious warning.

She's a beautiful feline, with soft fur, half white. half black and stunning.
 With God's luck, she'll finish labor and her children will be coming!

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Judgment Day

I stand here alone, in a room all in black,
Patiently waiting for the gavel to clack;

I don’t get to speak, here at the end,
Persecuted by all, enemy and friend;

They speak of the deeds now tied to my name,
And all I can do is shudder in shame;

I’m here at the trial at the end of my life,
And each testimony cuts like a knife;

I can’t even explain, my deeds say it all,
I await my judgment and try to stand tall;

I was petty, held grudges, and committed mass crime,
And didn’t do productive things with my time;

Six feet below my body is entombed,
And I know deep down my fate is now doomed,

And all I can do I is silently pray,
That God grants me mercy on this solemn day;

The jury is in, they hold my life in their hands,
All I can do is hope He understands;

“Cleared of all charges” the verdict now reads,
My soul once damned is now to be freed;

He granted forgiveness for all of my sins,
Allowing my soul to begin again.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Darts

Drops of sweat slip from my furrowed brow
Eyes squint, select a number and let fly now

Miss again, a millimetre is a mile once more
Aimed for triple twenty, only got double four

The walk of shame, my oh so familiar friend
Silence broken, on alcohol I forever depend

The steel point of eyes bore into my neck
My opponent leaves me a juddering wreck

I lose the match; the wife won’t give me a kiss 
I wish I could have been anything else than this... 

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Seagull and the Penguin

A sea gull flew over the ocean admiring his reflection every day.
Passing over the shore, he saw penguins at work and careful play.
What an ugly bird they are he suddenly proclaimed.
They can’t fly and still they strut… know they no shame!

One day the gull was swooping down angling for a fish…
When suddenly an orca whale knocked him in the briny brink.
Snapping and churning the orca would soon have his way.
The gull was surely lost, if he could not gain the air to stay.

Moments before the whale pod arrived the penguins chose to assist.
They chose to distract the whale, giving the gull a chance to resist.
The orca didn’t care which meal he had as long as there was one…
He finally beached himself upon the shore, and still he hadn’t won.

At that point the gull realized, the penguins were really seriously cool.
They could certainly fly in the water, if maybe not the air to rule.
Now friends for life… he would scout for them safe passage to their fish.
Indeed, the gull flew away that day a little wiser, knowing he’d been remiss.

Everyone in life is different. He surmised… It’s not a choice they’ve made.
But now he knows each demands respect… in their own separate way.

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  Behind your cloak
I stretch to see,
the mottled moon,
the surging sea.

  The mast is creaking,
straining tall,
above the deck,
below the squall.

  In your arms
I feel secure,
    knowing our love
will endure,
every hurricane 
       we face,
guarded by your
     strength and grace.

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The task

Naught was stirring as I slumbered tight
A dream came over me as I woke with a fright

There stood a man dressed white as snow
His robes they were lit with an eerie glow

You can ask any question, so what will it be?
The answer will come from one greater than me

I simply asked; what would god have me do?
A voice from above thundered loud and true

Keep my commandments is all that I ask
The more time passes the more demanding the task

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Hope should always spring eternal even in a life that sometimes feel infernal
Love that proves to be unconditional, to the soul is always medicinal

If things are not going your way, look forward to the coming of a new day
Look inside you and pray, know that the Lord will make a way

In the dark  times do not feel fear, no need for you to shed a tear
Remember the friends who are sincere, those that you hold dear

God put them on your path to help you through no matter what
Just give it all you've got, give this life your best shot

Do not weep, do not grieve, peace and wholeness you will achieve
God's grace and blessing you will receive, all you have to do is believe

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Fighting All Alone!!!

Never been like now
everyone turning into stone,
And I'm left here
fighting all alone.

Days have gone by
of happiness and joy,
lost somewhere in the crowd
leaving me alone to cry.

Never did i ever expect
to face conditions as now,
can't believe in myself
and still asking how??

Wrecked are the nights
with the dull moon shining
just above my head 
watching me crying.

Beware ! the world
and let it be known,
that I'll come back
fighting all alone!!!

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Rebuilt Dreams

                                  Torn apart dreams tossed away without care...
                                      Like paper pieces blowing free in the air...
                                I snatch them up like so many stars from the sky...  
                                      And rebuild them up again so they can fly...
                                  The cracks will fade as the sun hides the days...
                          And with breathless kisses we tumble in the moonlit rays...
                                   Just when I thought it was me who saved you...
                                     You turned right around and saved me too....

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Hell was created for Satan and his angels
It has been enlarged to accommodate all Jezebels

I dislike fact that the word hell has to exist
Awesome if could be removed, not just word but place desist

Magnificent if Satan never fell_obeyed
If he worshiped God and followers did not persuade

Now Satan temps man, leads him from God's love, directs
Him in wrong way, his subjects he tricks_ hell they never suspect

Hell enlarged to hold all who sin_ never repent
Heaven is a much better place, repent do an ascent  

Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico
Contest: What "word" do you hate most???
This is called Poulter's Measure

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A Yeti Showed Us The Way

As the sun came to set on that warm summer day
the fire began to crackle as each story began to play
dark clouds danced above as the full moon rose
a mysterious glow of intrigue as emotions hit highs and lows
it was my favorite spot for a camping retreat
a special get-a-way where all my friends would meet
as marshmallows swelled with the orange flare of fire
tails of frightening stories brought insecurities higher
with ominous cries shrieking from the forest around
we huddled in close circle with each mysterious sound
and then came my turn to tell a story of fright
a tale from my youth quickly came into sight

secretly I planned a creative little scheme
I would turn this dark moment into a shining sun beam
it was a time I was camping at the mere age of nine
when a creaking and gnawing sound came from a grove of knotty pine
as the shrilling sound grew louder from the endless deep brush 
each person present was brought to a hush
as we scurried to our feet each grabbing a flashlight
to our wonder and amazement we saw quite a sight
staring us down at a stunning ten feet tall
a rancid smelling Yeti had summoned our call
with eyes of  strange seduction his head swayed to one side
in a silent communication I felt in us he did confide 
it became such a beautiful moment as he turned and quickly disappeared
a calming love engulfed each and nothing was feared
in awe we stood breathless
for his life's journey we could only guess
and in that very moment a realization came to light
a lesson of nature and it's precious insight
when the unknown met with fear pushes each away
stand strong in compassion and love will find a way

with smiles on each face and the fire turning grey
each tumbled into dreamland with hope for a new day

Names Of Big Foot ( To Name A Few )
Xing Xing

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Do we put Jesus in a Box contest

God came down and became a man
He wanted to fully understand
Since the consequence for sin has always been death
Jesus had to Indore our punishment up until his very last breath
He became the ultimate sacrifice
So all mankind did not have to pay the price
His 33 years on this earth science can fully prove, and his horrific death was recorded in history
The miracles Jesus performed, to a believer, hold no questions or mysteries
Many struggle with the concept that Jesus was God in man form
However, he did this so he could guide us through our life storms
God knew there was no other way
To save man from their future judgment day
He saw that humans had limited power 
To resist temptation and be their own strong tower
So he sent his son to die for me and you
So we could live in heaven someday too
The only thing you must do is receive
Accept Jesus in your heart and truly believe,
Something so simple has become so hard,
For many in this world are deeply scarred
They question his goodness and question if he cares
For life can be extremely unfair
he never said we wouldn’t suffer pain
that the hurricanes would not saturate us with torrential rains
However He did promise he would give us peace
That we would walk through troubles with his release
He promises to turn it all around for our good
He has been misrepresented and misunderstood
There is a purpose for all who trust in him
He assures us that if you are his child, you win!
Yet, so many put Jesus in a box
Pull him out like old Christmas socks
Once or twice a year
go to church, say a prayer and then disappear
forgetting that God has feelings too
And that he is desperately in love with you
Many believe the lie that he is mad
That they are to damaged and have been too bad
They overlook that his love has never changed
Humans walk away from him, Jesus always stays the same
Don’t underestimate his grace and power
That can transform you in your darkest hour
You don’t have to believe me 
Ask him yourself and you will see
You never know until you try
Don’t be ignorant; he is not just a theory in the sky
He is everywhere, at anytime 
It is your wellbeing that is on his mind
So during this holiday season
Don’t forget to celebrate the real reason
The birth of Christ
Is what gives each person a chance at a new life
He is no respecter of persons, and he is not counting your sins
He’s waiting for you with his hand stretched out 
Begging you to let him in.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Inside the Outside

I'm standing on the inside of the outside of my dreams
It's misty grey, I'm so alone and down my cheeks tears stream

This is the place I have frequented from the age of five
And every time the mist lures me here, I wonder why I'm alive

It whispers to me and tells me why no one seems to care
Sitting alone and seldom talking whilst into space I stare

   So young and safe you should have been like many girls and boys
   Your innocence, your purity taken, becoming one of his toys

   I lure you here to comfort you, a soul so now alone
   My soothing mists surrounding you in dreamed safety roam

   No one will ever harm you when you enter into my world
   Solitary you are presently, but one day you'll be that girl

The morning sunshine awakens me, her rays shining on my face
As I slowly drift from the soothing mists that nightly save my grace

I head off into my day as I have done for the past fourteen years
Knowing when night time comes, the dreamed mists allay my fears

For how long I will feel alone, my thoughts honestly cannot say
From five years old to nineteen as I am, I know I'll speak one day

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Only With Love

I hear the music of the Creator
 In the fire of the sunset, in the blue darkness of the night,
 In a starling’s song – a spring’s curator
 Even when the quietness is tight.

 It seems that love embraces all the creatures.
 No more sadness, loss and tears.
 No more wars, no more killed soldiers,
 And only Madonna tenderly cradle her dears.

 But how to understand where the evil vanished?
 How can you distinguish love from hate?
 How to survive in spite of all the deaths
 And know that our life is our mate?

 To know love we have to know evil,
 Clean our souls of envy and revenge.
 There is simply no the other way out.
 With only love beautiful life you can entrench.

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Sorrow fastens upon those who try
Happiness evades all those who cry

The frailties on which life is weakly built
Are felt in the pain of those in conflict

Like a lightning strike it hits us hard
On the hearts our emotions be charred

Nothing stings as of the lovers quarrel
It bites to make your nerves do all but disable

You feel the pain the deep ocean yearning
After a lifetime you continue learning

That trust is tender and scarcely earned
The numbers are few who sorrows can turn.

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Tactless Travel

Let’s travel to the edge of the earth

With sunshine in our veins

Let’s see how much this life is worth

As we leave out all our pains


We’ll go for miles, and we won’t stop

The sun will soon attack

Our lives we’ll trade, our hearts we’ll swap

We’re never coming back


A whole new start, a second chance

Floats softly into June

We’ll wade our time in cheap romance

As we howl at a transient moon


An ice cold flood of independence

Forms our own wicked sense of style

Our world needs more transcendence

This world just needs to smile


The ringing in our ears is no longer just a sound

The image of freedom is no longer just a dream

Because this limitless world is just a playground

Or so it may seem

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New dimensions

By: Sashi.Prabhu(Zeauoxian)
Written on:28/07/2012

At times the person within me feels all alone,
The nomad within me I try to keep happy and joys within full blown.

Far away from a place called home,
With purpose and goals but without love and alone

Fly by night, fly by day
Up and down the country I travel all the way

Peeking outside my oval window
Blueness always with patches of white to endow

My eyes capture dark clouds
White clouds, shapeless clouds

Till a time the sky reflects
And my eyes illume with lights deflect

      As time passes and places I cover each day
Things I imagined and thought I knew

Are far from true and to me become clear.
And in these small things that keep changing

I encapsulate myself from the outside
I whither my thoughts to new dimensions

I shiver in my skins and shed the old ones
I quiver within my heart

 Out flows the rust
From ashes to ashes, dust to dust

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"Simple Words"

For the time it takes a teardrop to reach the floor...
The words I love you could do so much more...

When hurt and pain can last for an eternity a times...
The simple words I'm sorry can change a set mind...

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Dinky-House Road

I just realized our humble abode
Is smack-dab in the middle of dinky-house road.

We muddle along in our simple ranches
And their add-ons that shoot off like stubby branches.

We fuss with our lawns but appear as mice
From outer space through a telescopic device.

We barely make waves in the grand scheme of things
Being no larger than droplets in a stone throw’s rings.

But maybe someday it won’t be that way
Perhaps we’ll be something or have something to say.

That will be larger than tiny, louder than ka-boom
Until then we’ll exist in our dinky-house room.

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Most Important Thought

Strip away the day,
Your title and all your ways,
Take away your clothes,
Look into the mirror and watch truth be exposed,
For a man with all his plans,
And a woman with all her thoughts,
Cannot lead one into the Kings courts.
A smile fades with circumstances,
Life may serve you avalanches,
Dreams may vanish like mist above a lake,
What’s most important is when you die where you will awake.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Written: 1-1-12

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The scent of water

Was just dust so barren so bare
No one bothered no one to care

He was a man lost in his own mind
No one remembered when he was kind

The heat of summer so intense nothing grows
Needs rain to fall to bring back the glow

He needs reassurance that someone cares
Not alone in the world, thinking everyone stares

Along comes autumn with its showers of rain
Guzzled up by the dust needing more again

A lonely hand reaches out he grasps with his might.  
Someone to talk with to help put things right

The winter snows filling thirst pockets to the top
What have we here a lonely snow drop

Found him a home, plenty of food in his tum
Big smiles on his face, feels like a new man

Whether nature or human when life seems at an end
With a little  help can start anew again.

Penned 08/07/2014

**Have written this as alternative couplets,  nature and human both needing the       
scent of the water to begin again.**

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Greater than fame

If I had the courage to tell you how I feel
Would you go with me, so I could try to reveal

That I love you with all my heart
And that I should hope we never part

See most men want love when it's just right
But I'm not most men, I have seen the light

You have changed my soul into love that I can't explain
The only way I can save myself is calling out your name

You have held my love ,unknowingly, for quite the longest spell
And only now do I realize that my heart has already fell

The love in which I ponder for, is what you quench for me
My days of looking for love have finally been set free

So as I tell you that I love you, I hope you do the same
Because you and I together would be greater than any fame

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Breaking Free

Adrenaline pumps
As thoughts fill my mind
I'm going to do it
I'm leaving it behind.

I dash for an exit
Hoping to break free
Large ropes from the darkness
Wrap around and pull on me

They don't want me to go
As i fight to get away
I try to get out of the trap
As the force makes me sway

I can see the light
But the ropes pull me back
I struggle to get there
To get into white, and out of black.

I gnash my teeth
Tears well up in my eyes
The ropes are too strong...
I give up, and to the black my bodie flies

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The Best of Luck

Remember me,
In every sun set and every rise.
Let no cloud dark your skies. 
When the rose has withered upon it's last peddle,
I shall no longer mend or meddle.
When I shall not meet your eyes anymore
We will be what was before. 
I will not be there to hold your hand,
Or guard behind you as you stand.
I will not be your soothing succor,
Or your sweet and subtle future.
Gather all of your fond memories.
Remember me. 

Be me something that you once cherished,
And let my lasting words never perish. 
Be me something you could never sever,
I shall go away forever. 
Into the plains to lay my head,
Where I can lay my worries to rest.
In this place you'll find me not,
For it is a secret place I long have sought. 
I do not know if we shall meet again,
So know that I will always love you until the end.

If you should find yourself at a loss,
Remember me for what I was.
When the rose has withered upon it's last pedal,
I shall no longer mend or meddle.
Love me if you can, like me if you may,
But the winds have come to take me away.
Please keep them safe, all of our memories
And remember me. 
With life's new seed that I have safely tucked,
I now wish you the best of luck.

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Strong Little Bird

For several weeks now, I have been watching 
A strong little bird through my window.

She appeared one day on the ledge as I looked out,
And I was touched, I felt some kind of connection..

At first, this bird was shy, like all birds she would fly,
At the slightest sign of danger, so I tried to keep still.

But each day she came back, and we both grew more trusting,
And started to break through our webs of apprehension.

With time, her visits were more frequent and relaxed,
And I was always thinking about how I could support her.

Some days were sunny, others were cold and snowy,
But she was fearless and always shared those moments with me.

I think we both usually spend most of our time alone,
And so our little bond has grown into something very special.

Yesterday, she came very close and I almost could touch her,
I could feel how she wanted to be comforted by my hand.

I was so excited, waves of joy surged up inside me,
And all at once the tears started to flow down my face.

And now it’s a new day and I am waiting with renewed feelings,
For the happiness of this relationship with my strong little bird.

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Life's Daily Pressures

My life keeps changing everyday
Sometimes I wish that I were far away
Then I look around this world and see
That this is not really all about me
The pressures of daily life come to everyone
And will always happen until our time here is done
So we try to do the best that we can do
And always remember that the lord will see us through
So take some time out of your busy day
Stop and think, then start to pray
I know that this will help and I know that this is true
Because it has happened to me
And it can also happen to you

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I pray the courage to speak aloud
And wish my heart to be not proud

Daydreams intrude on my every thought
Anxiety builds, my mind is fraught

My heart speaks volumes, mouth is mute
Thoughts are rich, actions dilute

Admired from afar but never approached
Will my love for you ever be broached?

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Olympic Trials


We see his parents in the stands
As they sit tensely clasping hands
In silent prayer for their loved son
And for the task that must be done.

Another recalls the child she knew
Who early showed the skill that grew
With hard work and determination
Into a gift for her loved nation.

A small boy turned into the man
Who is this tall Olympian.
Spotlighted as the whole world watches
This daughter who is winning matches.

With medals won and more to go,
Speed records fall; they’re much too slow.
Favorites competing in the races,
Fall back as others take their places.

In Summer Games of two zero one two
They’ll show us all what they can do
And as they win or lose with grace
They are winners in the human race.

Each country sends its very best
And as each strives to pass the test.
We wish such fair play could expand
To every leader of every land.

Rules and skill would win the day
And foolish war would slink away.

By: Joyce JohnsonPosted 7/2/12

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Let It Go

The past is like a tornado that cuts a deadly path.
Through heartache and regression it can fill the soul with wrath.

When dreams are dust and hope is faint it's time for letting go.
There's nothing left but compromise and no seeds left to sow.

You might become a prisoner in your own circumstance.
Unless you rise above the fray and bravely take a chance.

A chance to live the present and forgive your history.
Just let go of the pain and life won't be a mystery.

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The Awaited Cloud

The moisture rose over the ocean
Millions of droplets merge in unison

They formed a cloud quite vast
Joining with the air they jazzed

Moving toward the land, curious
To see all the colors there, delirious

But when they arrived upon its plains
They heard the grass cry out in prayer

When the cloud hung right above
The cries changed to songs of love

You are the answer to our prayer, their song
We have longed for your waters for so long.

By CarolineCecile
© March 2012

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Dear Love

For years I ran to everything,
gods of lesser …  much lesser things,
Desires defiled by forces and clones,
Youth holds a veil that keeps the truth from being shown,
All the walks in the dark and the dances of doom,
Altered my vision, my appetite became venomous perfume,
If I could have grasped that all along you were there,
If I would have known it was your love that cared,

I would not be writing this love poem to you,
For you are the one who pulls your children through,
You love in ways no one on this planet can do,
This is why I am thankful for you.

For years I cried tears of failure and pain,
Thought if I changed  a mere guy I would somehow be sane,
All the fights and the struggles to gain some control,
Left me broken and tired with nowhere to go,
If I could have seen I was an "Anything"  fiend ,
Striving to become spotless and clean,

I would not be writing this love poem to you,
For you are the promise that has proven to be true,
You love in ways no one on this planet can do,

This is why I stay thankful to you,
This is why I stay thankful  to you.

By: Sabina Nicole
written: 6/18/12

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Believe and Forgive

Introduction: Sometimes your life sinks down a little, 
And when it does try and fight for Islam and have faith in Allah, 
ask for His divine guidance, believe and respect everyone, 
don't hold any grudge against someone, 
forgive them and surrender completely to Allah
And believe in His graceful light.

Don't fall apart,
When light fades away
Look deep in your heart,
Allah will aid your way

Nothing feels wrong,
While nature sings song
Days go along,
Until we're gone

Don't deceive,
Just learn to heed
Do believe,
And you will forgive.

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An Empty Life

empty is a life
without a purpose or meaning

an existence
borne of self serving avarice,

a deceitful heart’s
unending insatiable schemes

wherein a war
uncontrollable canst sustain,

in needful self seeking
errant pleasures of the flesh

a shaft of light
through dark clouds streams

© Eugene Harvey

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Drinking now the purple hour 
 last one left
bereft of power
moments dripping down your chin
see through seconds 
stretching thin
some time caught behind your tongue
travels back to find you young
in my eyes I see you find
yesterday inside your mind
a flash of Sunday afternoon
on the boulevard in June
I wipe that summer from your eye
with fingertips and wonder why
the flow of time and tears goes on
Long after hope has come and gone.
But, sometimes when we think
all hope is gone
we find the strength 
to carry on
our faith in God will see us through
so let's dry our eyes, me and you
and have one last drink
before the wine turns sour
a farewell toast to the purple hour

My niece, Johnette Loefgren, and I wrote this

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Time is Limitless

However so vast, we fade, into our past.
Into future, we cast our lives so fast.

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Polar Bears And The Penguins

Some times they say the great and mighty do fall…
And the penguin story of greatness, should be heard by all.
Polar bears are mighty and cunning with massive brute strength.
But they messed with the penguins, a mistake, I do think.

The polar bears went after the penguins and cute little chicks.
So you’ll never guess what those cute little penguins did.
Using the most courageous penguins as a target so nice.
They lured all the polar bears, for the first time, out onto the ice.

The greedy bears moved out in force for the kill.
But the penguins pushed the ice flows into the currents windmill.
So intent on dinner and full of themselves, were they that day… 
That the polar bears didn’t notice the ice caught in the currents sway.

The polar bears were way out to sea, before noticing their plight.
And, by then, the penguins were safely at home tucked in for the night.
You might say, the current was a friend to the penguins that day.
For it eventually sent those polar bears to the North Pole far away.

Now the moral of this story is here to easily understand.
Brute strength is not the greatest thing to cherish; it is far greater to plan…
And, never turn your back on a penguin I say.
They’re the reason there’s no polar bears at the South Pole, to this day.

Tell Me A Story Contest

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From My Eyes

One lasting drop of rain...
One teardrop shy of pain...

Only puddles are soon left...
Only blurred eyes from tears wept...

Cloudy skys that move in haste...
Cloudy thoughts that have a taste...

A raging fire that pours with words...
A raging poem that can still be heard...

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My Awaited Phoenix

Holding back the stubborn tears 
Not of sadness but the harshness of the years 

Chocking on stale memories
Of fake lovers and friends; Oh, the stories!!!

Souls bleeding, pierced by the angels’ cries 
They weep as we don our translucent disguise

You, my love, my mask unveil and the world you redefine
Like vines in paradise, forever our hearts entwine
My eyes imploring, leave my faith intact 
My mind with doubtful hope seek a truthful act

Oh, take mercy; don’t be fooled by our virulent spirits 
Twists, Lies, deceit, and hate convert to human habits

Like a phoenix, latent truths and honesty one day will rouse
For beneath the ashes are ancient woes and eternal vows

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Badge of Courage

Copyright © 2008 #138
(commitment for life)
    Be Warned! 

We are not sure where it starts
  but to claim it is extremely hard.

Doesn't take big muscles of steel
  just strong hearts and iron-will.

200-300 men tested everyday
  just a handful selected to stay.

Only after Selection does training begin
  in extremes of conditions that never end.

The "Badge of Courage" belongs to Teams
  of silent-warriors who say what they mean.

Men depending on each other
  like paternal blood brothers.

Always mastering and honing their skills
  to free the oppressed is not a thrill.

Our plans do not include defeat
  enemies are killed, or retreat.

There's no way our foes can win
  we fight until oppression ends.

Contractors after many retire
  we still return to the fire.

This is our commitment for life
  it is the reason we sacrifice.

And, through our "Badge of Courage"
  a chance of freedom is encouraged.

We're the world's Ambassadors of goodwill
  but make no mistake, if we're called to kill.

So, GOD forgive us, and those we hunt
  most don't realize whom they confront.

*Dedicated to the men of USSOCOM/USASOC

by: LP

edited: 6/24/2010 - 1041hrs/lp
           8/01/2013 - 1722hrs/lp

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My Dear Women

You are a chosen woman,
Made with power, style and grace,
God looks for opportunities to put a smile on your face,
With victory in your veins,
You can conquer and obtain,
When the pressure gets to hot,
Remember Jesus has been in your spot,
You are special and unique,
All you need to do is seek,
His mercy and understanding,
And you’ll see it’s His love that’s handing,
You,   all the strength you need for this life
Don’t fight or seek out any pointless stife
Rejoice in justice and relax in peace
For when it’s over you will feast
On eternal blessings and everlasting love
From the one who lives up above
But also lives amogonst our hearts
Don’t ignore or tear apart
The special gifts inside of you
To his will you must be true
And when the battles overtake
And you feel the earth under you just shake
Know that you are never alone
You’re a special creation being sown
In the Potters hands there can never be a clone
Be the best you that you can be
And watch how your life will be filled with ecstasy
Watch the enemies of your soul permanently flee
As you walk in your full destiny.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Something's Missing

I looked for you in fairytales and stories from my childhood;
I wandered through the breezy fields because I thought I should.
I hunted through the Amazon and saw amazing creatures;
But answers were withheld from them, they wouldn’t be my teacher.
Then finally I found a spot where I thought you would live;
In friendship and in family, but I could not forgive.
And on occasion, I thought I found you lying in my bed;
I even thought I married you, but that’s a tear I shed.
I gave up on the search for quite some time before that day;
So angered at the people in my life that went astray.
Then all at once, with just one glance, you flooded to my eyes;
And though it took a minute you were hard to recognize.
That’s when a realization struck that I could not believe;
I searched the whole world up and down, and you were here in me.

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In A Land Called Fantasy

The shadows loom above my head
Filling the village, we're full of dread

The mountains behind me shake violently
Yet I see something bright, near the sea

A break in the clouds, sun shines down
Upon Gossamer's Palace- like a flowing gold gown

And though we are far from the palace
I no longer feel a dark malice

The fog that drifts by the sea
Comes closer and closer still to me

I no longer want to stand in the dark
I want to hear the song of the lark, the sun's spark

I take off on foot, to travel the road
Eventually to go to the castle's abode

The path is blocked on the straighter way
But I cannot, no- I will not stay

So I travel on a dirt line in the grass
Tenderly, as if my feet on shattered glass

It takes me farther, and I am lost
It's getting cold, I feel the frost

Everything seems the same to me
And I pray, I pray so fervently

And I travel on, without much change
Waiting for the scene to rearrange

The road seems tedious, withered and long
But despite the setbacks, my hope isn't gone

For still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate

that'll bring me safely to the place
I've dreamed of with a smiling face

And to my delight as I round the bend
the selfsame scenery is at an end

i hear the waves, I see the light
And there's the palace shining bright

the magic mist surrounds the sea
And I'm happy in this land called fantasy

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The Perfect World

Where is the perfect world? In the heaven up above,
Or here on earth, with the one's that we love.

I don't have the answer, and I know you don't know too
So I look to the Lord and I ask "Him" What can I do?

In my heart I can see, 
a perfect world out there, for you and me.

and I know as I sit here and ask the Lord as I pray,
"His" answer is we will all come together, in his perfect world some day.

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At my side

After you explore your heart and soul
And all their pain has been let go

You are no longer bound and held by sin
The true healing process does begin

You start to see life in a different way
All things are dreams we have yet to play

Grasp your honor and hold it true
Let it define the person in you

When it comes to love, love who you must
And in the Lord always trust

Be strong and proud in your truth
Love and protect the innocence of youth

At the end of the game I now pass on the tweak
For it’s wisdom of life that I now seek

I wish to better serve my Lord
As my words play another chord

The words I write are soft and true
For I learned we are what we say and do

There are choices in life we all must make
Forks in the road we all must take

I finally have nothing left to hide
All in all with the Lord at my side

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Happy New Year

We’ve decorated beautifully a New Year tree,
The smell of pine needles has filled our flat.
Champagne, chocolate…and we’ll start a spree,
With colorful candles at midnight we’ll chat.

These candles will be our spiritual world,
The New Year party is always a nice glee.
Our hearts will be twirled and purled,
Burning of troubles these candles will be.

With champagne we’ll fill the crystal glasses,
We’ll say many thanks to the old year.
You were generous but you’ve passed,
Now we’d like to say: “Good bye, our dear!”

We’ll never forget you our old friend.
You’ve given us so many wonderful days
We’ve managed to overcome all troubles
We’ve happened to see the beautiful rays.

Exactly at twelve we’ll make a wish.
We won’t ask for a golden fish
It will be our hearts and souls agreement,
It will be our life’s prudent statement.

As anyone we would love to be happy.
As anyone we would love to dispel all doubts
To be always merry and lucky,
To be out of danger and crazy shouts.

We would like a success enter everyone’s door
We would like the loved ones to be always near.
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
The New Year we’d love to be peaceful and clear!

Meet the New Year with good deeds and smile!
Don’t curse our sinful and distressful Earth!
Let the New Year be peaceful and we are kind!
Our New Year comes after Jesus Christ birth.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
The 31th of December, 2012

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Our Future

Lost and drifting thoughts hang in misty air
fight, do not despair

Life and laughter is what we're all after
though what surrounds often feels like disaster

Search the depths of human suffering 
look past to see there will be buffering

Some say we are enemies with different battle cries
yet our hands reach in unison up into the skies
I see it in our children's eyes

Paths must not diverge, they must converge so we can emerge
Strong, unscathed and alive

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We are We can We must

Foreign are the thoughts of others
Like the minds of past lovers

Thoughts to which we may surmise and guess
Intentions remain questions, answers yet to confess

Reasoning reached through the labyrinth of the mind
Shared reactions due to the nature of our kind

Fractured we stand, divided by difference
Splintered we are, lacking repentance

We may pass, but hope remains, burning from within
We may ignore, but hurt remains, entrenched in sin

Pride leads to want, leads to power, leads to war
War leads to fight, leads to hurt, leads to more

Rise and fall, we cycle through civilization and destruction
Start and stall, we succumb to self-imposed attrition

Time unfolds and we're forced to react
We constantly plan, but we often lack the tact

To mend the cracks that divides our kind
To embrace the momentum of our time

To believe we can and must strive for more
To turn the key and walk through the door

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Seasons Last Leaf

Seasons Last Leaf
Purged atop a lofty Popular 
A singular leaf all that holds
Like in drowning - gasping for last breath
A life once was – now clinging to the past
The season of spring brought forth its life
Love to blossom to bear fruit and green
The wonders- all newly felt and viewed
The leaf smiled among the young it knew
In summer time the heat did soar
The leaf grew as rains did pour
By trials of wind water thunder and drought
The leaf endured each tribulation and grew proud
At first frost many shivered and fell
But most became brilliant chrisom red- do tell
A gathering of color painted by the creator’s finger
As the leaf among the many waited its time
Now the last- singularly purged atop the lofty popular
The life given it wavers to left than right
Until the leaf rest among the assembled piles afoot
In winter time a blanket comes
Upon the leaf the piles the ground
Nature cocoons to repair once more
The hope that comes after winter’s storms

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Nothing You Can't Do

Everyday when his dad came home he was waiting there
This was the special time that his dad always had to share

He taught him to throw and to catch how to swing his bat
Every game he played front row is where his dad was at

Started off with tee ball and even then he was a superstar
Not one of the older kids could hit the ball near as far

Then he moved up to softball and what was clear to see
The boy had a natural gift as natural as a gift could be

When he made it to hardball believe these words are true
Matt was one of the best pitchers the world ever knew

Through school and into Collage there never was any doubt
Their best player step up to the plate, Matt would fan them out

Sometimes in life just when we start thinking everything is great
Whether or not we deserve what happens we meet a divesting fate

Matt was out on a Friday night after pitching a picture perfect game
With the stands full of pro scouts promising him a career and life of fame

His fastball clocked at 98 and his control was pinpoint on the spot
After every game he would hug his dad and tell him “Dad thanks a lot”

A drunk driver ran a red light and ended Matt’s career that night
Being left a Paraplegic as it turns out would be Matt’s final plight

A lesser man would have been angry he would wallow in his hate
But that path was not for Matt he just stepped right up to the plate

Became one of the worlds greatest sit down skiers, the first to do a flip
Matt didn’t just come back swinging he was swinging from the hips

You see Matt’s dad didn’t just play with him he taught him the game
He taught him how to fully believe in himself, the W by his name

What Matt learned from Baseball he taught to you know who
Long as you believe in and assert yourself, nothing you can’t do

Written in honor of Matt Oberholtz
who I was fortunate enough to meet
because my friend Nick Jenkins was
his roommate. Want to talk about a
cool guy ice cycles shot out the back
of his water ski. Oddly enough I wrote
Matt's poem for Matt's contest.

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Un grand pas vers le Bon Dieu

Sweet short round sadness in the mirror may grow;
He writes her name twice on the mind`s first snow;
It is the moment to find a joke and make her laugh;
If he holds his dreams and her hands ,that`s enough;
A smile of the kidness with each cup of tea, and soon
As brought by Fancy`s Fairy in the blond afternoon,
The taste of honey mealt in bitterness of broken glass;
The subtle drums in his ears violently might surpass
The horses`galoop at the purple banks of his veins ;
From the green empire, where eternal spring reigns
The romp`s steps of imagery in the Plato`s realm
Composing an ode of joy or a long lasting psalm:
Child dancing, playing with the joyous rain,
 Like Narcissus at the sides of the fountain.
That parfume of violets :her hair and her eyes
Tactile, fragile china, cold glass solitude lies
In their unwritten novel: everybody may choose
The thrill of dancing among the Greek statues;
The rustling of the two doves following Love`s call 
 In the hand of Light,with overflown tumult in one soul. 
The step towards his heart and quickly her stop;
Without the slightest hesitation, all muscles hope
 Ready to caught a falling star still hoping
The crystalline tear prolonged dropping
Transformed in advancing recollections through:
Two masters of slaves and two slaves ,thus sum two.

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Precious moment figurine May Your Every Wish Come T

It is my birthday, the cake is so fine
Covered in icing with candles of nine

I have on my hat the paper  kind
I close my eyes and search my mind

What can I wish for, what do i want
This to me is a special moment.

Is it wealth or material things
Or a host of Angels with wings

A new puppy maybe, now that idea is great
But my Mam says for that I must wait

Is it happiness for all, yes I wish that
But thats not good enough, nor is a cat
I know  what I will wish for its something new
My wish is " May Your Every Wish Come True"

So now as I blow out my candles 1,2,3,4
Thats half the wish accounted for

5,6,7,8,9 out of puff now
Thats all of them out soooo

Lets enjoy the cake, thats my first wish  to you
Hope the things  you wish for follow through

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My Birthday is Here - PLEASE READ IMMEDIATLY -

Just to let you know,
A very special day is approaching

Taking place on May 24th

The day I was born
And my mother and me adjoined

Cuddled and comforted
In each other's love

Tomorrow is the day
That I turn thirteen

Finally I will have entered,
My teens

From then on it will be consumed
By hormones and PMS and what-not that I will deal with

Somehow I look forward to aging even more
I grow more mature, but also more old

I think I'll be taken
Quite a bit more seriously

Not treated like a child,
How most people think we should be 

So yes it will be my birthday,
In about two hours

I hope I get lots of comments
Wishing me a well one!!!!!

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In dreams far-flung with cloudy paints
I watch the sinners march as saints.

The palette dimmed and turned to gray
reflects the words I long to say.

For memories too raw to feel
and pain more than such art can heal.

I'll dip into my pot of gold
for circumstance thus makes me bold.

Sheer tapestry beyond the fate
of reason that's been forced to wait.

Dispirited and somewhat plain
these days are colored deep in rain.

Yet tides wash in on tenuous hopes
and swim me past these slippery slopes

Closing the walls inside my room
with willful disregard for doom.

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Treasure chest

I could pioneer my real self to your credit,
Astonished by facts concealed in my zest .

Was proud of my Victorian traits ,
But you evinced me wrong.

Evoked thoughts of modernisation into me,
Tuned me to a vivacious being.

Such revealing discovery of myself,
Exploring Rarest traits from treasure chest!!

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I Am Better For It

Because you told me no, when I wanted so much to be right,
I am better for it,
When I was going down the wrong path, you told me ,
You didn't care how much I would fight,
I am better for it,
When I was so in love and wanted everyone to like it,
You told me that it was not love and you were right,
I am better for it,
When I thought I was grand, living in a lie,
You wouldn't let my BS fly,
I am better for it,
Whether I listened or did it right,
You kept working , trying to get me to take flight,
I am better for it,
When I cried you dried my tears, eased my fears, but you pushed me back out there,
I am better for it,
When I listened to you I would soar, 
You knew my potential and wanted me to give more,
I am better for it,
Now that you are gone I realize your dream for me, 
I am better for it!

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Hopeful and happy.
Warmth and comfort.
Never felt before,
Now wanting to feel it more and more.
Passion and dreams
Never laid to rest.
You and me,
So happy together.
Never to be apart.
You are always in my heart.
Leaving sadness behind.
Looking at the star filled sky,
Seeing dreams and hopes.
I don't know why,
But you are my forever.
That will never change.
We will never be apart,
And just remember,
You will always be in my heart,

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Wake up from your sleep
Its about time we reap
The happiness of the moment
Going on and on like a current

Lets go out in the sun
Its time we take a run
The rain will soon drizzle
Everything will soon frizzle

Today its so bright
Hold my hand tight
Imagine we can fly
Up and Up so high

As the clock ticks ten
Lets go into the den
I know as time slides
The pain will subside!

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Eternal Father

This craving desire that groweth in me, 
Has opened the eye of my mind as to see

The chance of my daughterly duties abound
Shall serve so a well-kept privilege I found.

To none other than my eternal Father, 
Shall this humble heart's moil belong rather.

To sing of His Mightiness ever to sound, 
His kindness and love that has seen not a bound,

His power, divinity, ever so great, 
That changeth, by trust, all of our so called "fate"

His handsomeness more than the purest damask, 
Belief in Him whcih maketh easy a task.

For this boutneous Being I now do live for, 
And so shall I live for, for evermore!

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Night still has dreams for an unhappy dreamer...
they aren't scary as in youth to make him shiver.

Don't wake him, allow him to dream of a diverse verse...  
closely following his tiny star to the end of the Universe. 

When his dozing eyes slowly close, he enters a totally different world...
feeling only peace, not hearing those winters' winds so fierce and cold. 

Night still has dreams for an unhappy dreamer...
he lives clinging to hope, seeing reality clearer.

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Martin Luther King
God's praises he would sing
His dreams didn't die that  day
When his life was taken away

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Finding Delight

I know the world can be very much mean
And that there are things that shouldn’t be seen
The world is a battled field covered in blood
I’m starting to drown, because of this flood
If only we could run away to a place
Sweeter than ecstasy, higher than space
Somewhere that we shouldn’t have to carry the earth
Especially for the ones who has been suffering since birth
I know the world doesn’t have any love
But we are being watched by God above
Let’s dream of a dream and let’s make it real
Let’s show the emotions that we shouldn’t conceal
I know there’s a place where happiness flows
And in that same place, there will not be foes
For everyone who’s looking for delight
All the darkness of your life will turn into light
Smiling isn’t impossible to do
I know one day joy will come to you

Contest: Chasing the blues away
Date: 5th February 2013
Deadline: 28th February 2013

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Lost, following darkness at an exaggerated speed.
 Feeling helpless with an ever growing need.

Trying to catch your breath with a tremendous scare.
 Its there, all you have to do is inhale the air.

Panic is an unwelcome, yet familiar friend.
 Dear God, tell me this isn't the end.

He isn't even six weeks old and here he lays. 
 Death banging at the door, chased away by she who prays.

Thank you for competent nurses who love their job. 
 Thank you for that stranger to hug you while you violently sob.

I love you more every day that I see my son's bright smile.
 You really never left me, you were there all the while.

I owe you my son's life and that broken piece of my heart.
 Thank you for not taking him away and ripping me apart.

Dedicated to God......

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We are Pregnant Pencils

We are nothing but pencils without eraser,
 And life a big book, not made up of papers.
 Our footprint on life is our sorry or success story,
 How we walk determines our gloom or glory.
We are pencils meant to draw lines and links
 With either an invisible or indellible ink.
 Our blueprints are in three stages and structures:
 Our past pages, present prints and future features.
Our past pages cannot be completely erased,
 Trying to re-write on them makes them defaced.
 My friend, close that chapter and write a new one;
 Each new day presents a new page to write on.
Our present prints are presented in timely chances…
 How we chose to embrace cheers and challenges,
 Taming tears, tending our tender treasures;
 Each day is a brick or broom to our future.
The future’s features are loads of incredible art,
 You can only view them when we open our heart:
 Your dreams present platform to play your part.
 Dream big with the little you have and dare to start.
We are priceless pencils and life is our paper;
 What we write makes our lives bitter or better.
 Refusal to write does not make the world stagnant;
 It only makes a man’s page dormant though pregnant.
We are nothing but pregnant pencils without erasers,
 Impregnated by places, people and… higher powers,
 Yet what we write carries our copyright,
 We cannot erase, so write to your delight.
Copyright (c) 2012 by Adeleke Adeite.

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A Nation Mourns

At 12:30 pm a loner had carried out his plan
it had ended as fast as it began......

a beautiful and inspiring Friday afternoon
the twenty second, nineteen hundred and sixty three, a November day of doom

in the midst of a festive day
one glorious life had been taken away 

as the motorcade procession rounded the bend 
it had become the beginning of the end...... 

anxious cheers spilled free from a hopeful crowd
in a breath he was gone with three shots echoing aloud......

one moment in time that silenced a nation
in slow motion minutes passed by in a tearful realization......

innocence was lost that day......
a devastating cost......

within minutes the air waves cried agony 
in an instant a piece of hope was lost.......gone, a young, beautiful legacy

goodbye Mr. President
our prayers have been sent......

Jack Ruby clinches inside
an anger he could not hide....

This Poem Is Written With Much To Ponder
I Hope I Can Take You Back To The Emotions

I Was Nine Months Old


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A Flower Through The Snow

A Flower Through the Snow (or The Traveler)


Why is it always the merriment that’s rattling at the door,
In the middle of the day that keeps the night at war?
If only you could open up and let this traveller in,
There could be a-something done about hushing up this din.
There’s a bottle sure, an open sore, the salt of seven seas,
White lines lay upon on the shore from brow creasing pleas.

Well first it’s a little, little sorry then it’s just little more,
‘Til the book finds a new page - now who’s this written for?
Why’d you bury the bones and start thinking they were treasure,
And dig ‘em back up and find the horror not the pleasure.
Is it startled reassurance that the truth ain’t in the flesh?
Well it ain’t in the bones too if there’s no cartilage to mesh.

Now all the chorus girls know a thing or two about this
That night weary wanders see only blue for bliss
As they’re walking through the day putting night sighs to test
Shaking stuck fallen leaves from shady places where you rest
Shut your eyes, go to sleep, though there are a thousand things
To do before tomorrow when winter’s cold voice sings

Can you let this traveller in while there’s still flame in the fire?
Ask to hear his story but if you know it he won’t tell yer
Wait there warm, sit there childish, wait until the new spring.
If he’s asks you the way or to see just say it’s something
In your smile, so stick around it may show, might grow
Like a song in the belly, like a flower through the snow.

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Lonely Love

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Your Hurt Just Hurts So Bad

I know you hurt - I know you work,
You've never recognized your worth.

I feel your pain - its every day,
Please let your fears just wash away.

I know your scared - it's never fair,
Please realize I'm always there.

Your hope is gone - this feels so wrong,
Forever I shall sing our song.

I see your cuts- were stuck in ruts,
Please promise me you'll shed no blood.

I love your heart - a brand new start,
We never will be torn apart.

We'll run away - that flawless day,
I promise we will be okay.

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You Don't Have to Pay the Price

I could here the children cry,
broken by the streets,
I could smell the dealer's lies,
while his mom got brutally beat.

Where did all the angels go,
the devil took another soul,
please hold on, He paid the price,
you don't have to sacrifice.

I could sense the brother's fear,
as the morning grew close and near,
wondering when he'd disapear,
never wanting to shed a tear.

where did all the angels go,
the devil took another soul,
please hold on, he paid the price,
you don't have to sacrifce.

I could hear her parents fight,
down the block that dreadful night,
I could hear the car door slam,
that man walked out with blood on his hands.

where did all the angels go,
the devil took another soul,
please hold on, he paid the price,
you don't have to sacrifce.

I could see the young girl dance,
I just took one giant glance,
trying to feed her self-esteem,
Late at night her heart would scream,

Where did all the angels go,
The devil took another soul,
Someone tell our children soon,
Mercy and love was resurrected from the tomb.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Brand New Day

Introduction: Some days you feel alive, some days you don''s the elegance of life which many face in the days of existence. Through our own fray whatever it may be, we look out for a brand new way towards the light. We wander, more or less as a rabbit looking for its new home; crawling in and out within this baffled world to find serenity - To find a brand new day filled with everlasting aurora of peace and contentment.

Sometimes the sky is blue, sometimes it looks so white
Sometimes the truth hurts too, sometimes it's blinding bright
Sometimes this life feels short, sometimes it seems so long
Sometimes we go abroad, and at times we feel belonged

Sometimes we want to heal, sometimes we just let go
Sometimes we feel so real, sometimes we feel hollow
Sometimes we don't forgive, sometimes we don’t forget
Sometimes we feel captive, and at times we do regret

Sometimes we sure wonder and pray to leave things back
Sometimes we surrender and we get back in track
Sometimes we learn to deem the truth from the lies
Sometimes we feel the change and start a whole new life

One day we see one light that brings in so much hope
It shows one true love, in a whole new view
That day may be today, reading this here and now
These words aren't just to rhyme, but to put a vivid smile

A smile which won't leave off today
As we all know it's a brand new day.

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Someone who shall smile at me 
someone who shall stare at me
someone who shall laugh with me
With whom I'd love to be

I'm sure sure of the fact 
there must be someone
for someone should hold me
someone should scold me

There must be someone
there must be at least one
waiting for me alone
someone who's unknown

How can I live here 
alone in this way
with no one to pray for me
when I'm away

Someone must be surely
waiting just to see me
which I believe is the 
only purpose left for me

But who and where she is?
is the unanswered one
I hoe to find her soon
for someone is better than none.

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The End is Far

Thus it began, the end - the end of all
For such is life it's said: a road of love
But love is frail, weakening til you fall
And death that wicked foe comes from above

The beginning ends, the end must begin
For that is life you know: a winding road
With twists and turns, littered mistakes and sins
But where is hope to lighten any load

The end ends happily ever after
For life is but a fairy tale you know
Full of tears and sobs – with smiles and laughter
Live your life - the end is far – death will go

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Nothing is Greater

Though swarms of bees try to make their way,
Across my country they cannot stay,
For a force that’s greater than their queen,
Shall wipe them out till they’re unseen,
Though plagues of snakes attempt to bite,
Constrict themselves with all their might
They cannot stand against my King
For he will annihilate them with his mighty wings,
No ruler is greater than my king.
Victory! Victory!  The angels sing.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Don't Say Goodbye

I love you
With all of my heart.
I do hope
That we don't part.
When you leave,
And walk through that door,
I fear that
You wont love me anymore.
Far away
For far too long,
But at least our love is strong.
I will love you until i die.
Just promise me
That you wont say goodbye.

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Last man Standing

First man standing versus last man standing.
It doesn’t matter if you are living in a humble hut;
Just make sure it is built on the hills of honour.
It doesn’t matter if you are not impressing others;
Just makes sure you express yourself beyond borders.
It doesn’t matter if your purse is not pompous;
Just make sure your passion and purpose is not porous.
It doesn’t matter if your past was painful,
Just make your present peaceful and your prospect powerful.
It doesn’t matter if your sins are like scarlet,
Just be soaked in soberness and seek for serenity.
It doesn’t matter if you have flaws and falls…
Just have faith and focus to fight on and move forward.
It doesn’t matter if you are slow, just go steady.
Success is not all about speed but significance.
It doesn’t matter if your foundation is faulty,
Fix it if you can or find another ground and forge ahead.
It doesn’t matter if your foes are fiery and forceful;
Just make sure you have friends who are ever faithful.
It doesn’t matter if your forefathers failed;
Don’t be a fairytale for future folks…to read.
It doesn’t matter who is leading, if you are still in the race,
Put your heart on winning and increase your pace.
God bless you.
The best is not always to be the first man standing but the last man standing!

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Inquiries of Life

Do you know who I am?
Am I, real or a scam?

Can anyone really know?
Since we all go, to and fro.

Who is it next to you?
Are they, fake or true?

Who or what to make choice?
Speak up, you have a voice,

Do you know who you are?
Do you live, with any scar?

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I do not know what tomorrow will bring

I do not know what tomorrow will bring
But today, oh today, just let us sing

Songs of life and all its creative potential
We are spirits born of something truly transcendental 

In the world, not as one, together we all live
We feel the pain, we feel the joy; we take and we give

Some are bad, some are worse, but we share the same soul
To see past form, the transparency of life, some strive for this goal

We are alive, not then and there, but here and now
But perception blinds us; only seeing what it will allow

We have so much more locked deep inside
We mustn’t be afraid, we have nothing to hide

For all hopes and sins are shared; part of the human condition
If we do not strive to grow, we will fight a war of endless attrition

Arrested development; so much potential gone unnoticed
We live in our habits and regret moments missed

If we go inside and nurture that strength
We can be calm in the storm, no matter the length

Discover what brings this out of you
Because it’s through action that makes this true

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Legacy to My Daughter

If my eyes should never see another setting sun
If I went to sleep tonight, knowing my days were done

If I should never hear the sound of children at play
If I knew without a doubt, this was my dying day

My daughter, here’s a wish that I hope will come to be
I want to leave a legacy so you’ll remember me

When you’re feeling all alone and want me to be near
Or when monsters come crowding in and you’re filled with fear

May it be that your hand will reach for my book of rhymes
In reading each poem, may you relive happy times…

When I shared a funny rhyme to chase away your pain
Or perhaps you’ll remember how writing kept me sane

Maybe you’ll come upon this little couplet of mine
And you’ll smile through the tears as you read between each line

I hope you’ll be filled with pride knowing my dream came true
My published poem book is my legacy to you

I hope it will ease your pain and bring joy to your mind
Search in every line Mommy’s hugs and kisses to find.

It carries my love, dearest, and some sagacity,
But YOU are my living word and my real legacy!

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I say my Farewells

Depression,tension and extreme obsession,
Life has taught me many lessons,
People that come and stay for a season,
Usually impact me for a particular reason,
Goodbye to the negative ones that still wallow,
Emotional black holes that feed on what's hollow,
Voids never fill when one gets stuck in the same place,
This mountain of mine I refuse to NOT face,
My entire existence is more than this mess,
I have decided to put on a spiritual vest,
Just like the Israelites that took 40 years for an 11 day trip,
I refuse to be caught up by this exaggerated grip,
Awareness along with clear observation,
Is the first step to preservation,
Now guarded with my shatterproof shield,
while walking right into the abundance field,
transforming ones thinking changes the way,
One interrupts each moment and every single day,
Walking on water can be easily done,
Once you finally get out of that old boat and simply just run,
Thawing out from a frozen stage,
Leaving behind that old tattered page,
Blank sheets await, writing a new tale,
Aboard my new pristine ship,
 I once again say my farewells.

contest: new begining
Sabina Nicole

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Love is Bright

Lost in lust, I believed that true love was blind;
in reality I reminisce Love so bright, in a gem--rare to find.

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Where it Hides

In winter's snow, sharp and bright
In darkest days, my sleepless nights

When my hands are shaking
When my earth starts quaking

The words soothe my sour brain
Help me cope with all the pain

It's in his big, bright smile
In the bathroom's tile

The tears in my eyes
In the clouds in the skies

The cravings I feel
My addictions that heal

Love's sweet embrace
The new paths I face

The hand I hold
The stories I've told

From a grin or a nod
To a pea in a pod

The sickness in my mind
Til the light that I find

These lyrics save my life,
These words heal my strife...

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Why So Painful?

I stand, utterly hollow and alone.
 Staring and wondering if he'll phone.

Why is it he has this hold over me?
 Why can't he just leave me be?

One minute, I think I'm over him, 
 then all those thoughts and feelings begin.

The biggest part of me knows we can't be together, 
 but then I remember, we vowed it was to last forever.

I think of the name calling, and him being so vile.
 Then here comes the happy memories followed by bile.

My throat burns, from the bile and from the pain.
 A lump, stuck there as the tears fall like summer rain.

How does one get over the hurt and betrayal?
 He's nothing at all like his first portrayal. 

I thought he was loving, kind, and an honorable man.
 Was his facade all part of some cruel, sinister plan?

How can you ever put your heart out there again?
 I can not begin to tell you how heart wrenching its been. 

I feel sorry for him, that he has to put me down.
 Its the only way he can make himself feel renown.

I just wonder when the pain will start to subside.
 I truly don't know how much longer I can stay on this ride. 

One part of me still loves him, for I am still his wife.
 The other part, can not keep putting myself through the strife.

A husband and wife are expected to go through dissension.
 Love shouldn't have to be this hard though, its too much tension.

How do you say good-bye to a man you love and equally hate?
 I never thought I would feel the love I have for him abate. 

I fear a divorce is in order, as I do not feel he will ever change.
 Its not like for the last two years we haven't been estranged. 

I wish I could say that I want to wish him all the best.
 But I don't since he's left this ragged, raw hole in my chest.

I know that's not the ladylike way to be.
 However, you have no idea what he's done to me.

I once tried to see the best in people, and love fierce.
 Well, with his coldness, my heart did he pierce. 

I can only hope to one day, heal my broken heart.
 He should be ashamed, for tearing my faith in love apart. 

But I forgive him for all that he has ever done.
 You see, it is I who will be the bigger and better one.

I only hope I can one day try my hand again at love.
 And I hope its him that I will no longer be thinking of

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A moment

Waters stall on a warm winters night.
The craft I pull takes on its stillness.

Breathing in old circumstance.
My Desire reflects clearer than I saw before.

On a rock face far, his hand reaches out to me.
My palms penetrate the glassy surface and fold into his.

Mist forms.
Dare I hope?

In but a moment the river starts again,
and we must release.

Drifting forward.
Buds imprint the skin.

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A Loner

In eclipse of rage
Behind this social cage
I am a loner….

For the parched sunshines
And for the raven whines
I am a loner….

I bicker for the gratitude
to live with an attitude
I am a loner….

With the perks of fear
There is a happiness I smear
I am a loner….

For the shrinking seas
And the expanding desires
I am a loner….

The sane and sanity goes for a ride
For there’s no rule which I abide
I am a loner….

Like a droplet in the sea bowl
I am a free soul
I am a loner….

To a place called home
I wonder where I roam
I am a loner

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lands my mind seeks

by sashi.prabhu(zeauoxian) 
written on 14th and 15th april 2012.

Beyond and yonder,they tell me, as far as can be, there exist "beyond expectations" a land that seems to me, a melting place of loving hearts vibrating rhythmically but sweetly mute, where speech & communication without words is complete. beyond expectations lie these lands................ this land where every one is each other's priority and just not options of superiority of inferiority. such is a land, my mind, it tends to seek, they tell me to find this land the possibility is very bleak where i see not walls, bariers or borders of human creations of any kind, striving , ........find, my churning mind it seeks such lands

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The Wait

Awaiting to quench her thirst,
Doth she forlorn lie.
Whilst balky he is to burst,
Yon obstinate sky.

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The Girl That Was Forgotten

Virgin skin and smiling eyes
lightly steps in black disguise.
The shadowed depths to travel in
‘neath lofted moon’s pale unveiling.
Spirited way on her lover’s calls,
sneaks through silent mirrored halls,
through the arch of guiltless pleasure,
down unknown flights of enthused lore.
Startled by the prickly shifting breeze
that stirs the ground that shadows seize.
Upon the hill steely gate unfairly wrought!
‘Tis the place where her lover sought,
and bid her in the high of the night,
through misshaped gate, past blinking light,
past chiseled warriors and over cobbled bridge
to their first meeting place the old garden ridge.
In shivering skin she stubbornly waits
pondering naught why her lover is late.
Her innocent heart not broken nor bent
doth not see what impatience may invent.
A tidy minute leads to a weary score,
a guard’s hour, and then many more.
Now heavy lidded her frowning eyes
play witness to the changing of the skies.
The darkness fades to the colour of rum
as she wishes well for whatever did become  
of her lover, his kisses and knightly accord
to flatter her with the poetry she adored.
Her innocent heart somnolent and beset
lays its new pillow in the night of regret.
The dawning now bells jilted and wronged
for the girl was forgotten by the love that she longed.

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Take this hand

I hold it out for you; it's waiting, it's ready
to take hold of your hand and help keep you steady

Rise up from the floor now and again take your place
in the world that awaits you, a smile on your face

You are well on the way now, to where you can be
no waiting, no wanting, for now you are free 

You've risen above what made you feel incomplete,
feel proud of yourself, now the world's at your feet

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Heart beats, Heart stops, Stomach hurls

It's ok, I dont need you anymore 
My feelings for you are gone i'm sure

Theres still the days that you walk past 
I smell your scent and my heart beats fast
Or the times i see you sitting with girls
when my heart stops and my stomach hurls

But thats fine it should stop in a bit
Although at times its hard i admit

I hurt you alot, time again
I put you through alot of pain

But its not just you who hurts so much
I torture myself with the loss of your touch
Just a glance of your smile can be enough
Yes indeed this year has been quite rough

But like i said, now im fine
So carry on while i watch you shine

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The Tough Terrain and the Tender Tourist

Life is a journey, sometimes it's juicy, sometimes stormy,
the more we live, the more we walk inn gloom and glory
some focus on the storm and they end up coming last,
some keep loitering around and the end up on the ground.
Life is a journey, some are so lazy or proud to start simple,
and they end up being used as a bad and bitter example,
those who walk amiss are either a warning or wake up call,
those who wait for a perfect start often end up staying small.

Life is a journey, with many bus-stops and one terminal,
at every stop, you will found simple and special signals;
but some men are blindfolded by fun, that they could not see
they end up taking the wrong direction...and ask "why me"?

Some road users are destroyed for lack of knowledge,
they rush into the road without learning what it takes,
life is a technical terrain, learn or you will get lost,
perseverance is the price, and a life crash is the cost...

Focus is the rule of the transit, slow or smart, forge ahead,
keep moving, no stopping, but watch...bumps ahead.
Look out for traffic lights, traffic officers...and pot holes,
so many warning ahead, why worry about broken boles.

Tighten your seat belt, the road is so rough...and smooth,
learn to face each day with whatever it brings, gloom or glow,
life is simple: live to love, laugh, learn and leave a legacy,
Let honesty, integrity, hope and hospitality be your policy

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     It's not a subject into which I like to delve
     But the ancient Mayans predicted something would happen in 2012.

     Not knowing themselves of its restrictions
     They could not foresee the impact of their predictions.

     Scholars have argued about it for years
     Only to ramp up the population with fears.

     Some predict that so many planets will align
     That there will be a great celestial sign.

     Others believe that the poles of the earth will change
     Causing catastrophes, both great and strange.

     I, for one, am of a different thought
     Believing that that year will have a great and wonderful change brought.

     It will be something that for millions will bring relief
     For such is the strength of their common belief.

     We dream about it in our slumbers
     Yes, 2012 are "Magic Numbers".

     "What change will happen?" you ask in your queries
     Only one so grand . . . the CUBS WILL WIN THE WORLD SERIES!

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Better Days

With battles fought, the wounds endured 
these days shall pass, I am assured

The veil of winter shall lift in spring
A bird in mourning shall one day sing

But with the cloak of darkest day
comes bitter wind and skies of gray

A tidal wave to calm the sea
upon the shore, I wait for thee 

My heavy heart sinks into sand
until you come and take my hand

A promise of despair no more
to find the love I'm waiting for

A rescue from the rolling shore 
and peaceful days forevermore 

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Home Upon a Shore

From the back of a cul-de-sac the world one knows goes round and round
Woodlands to the rear, afore the home unplanted ground

The living scent of ocean and suburban family sounds
Mild days upon the sand, fresh night seafood on the town

Neighbors but in name, more aptly titled ghosts
Each group upon its own deck isolated in its roast

Few times a year a trip into the city for sport or rarest art
Salted pretzels, honeyed nuts, or steaming dogs upon a cart

One day all torn asunder, a household bound in strife
Pictures last not till forever, at least not in modern life

A home, a family, one small tale carried on to future years
To leave it all behind, a day of hopefulness and tears

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Play the Game

Some things are more important than others,
I suffer even as others suffer.

It takes time to realize,
Wisdom was not reserved for the wise.

Mistakes are the useful guides,
Guileless at last, I let go of my pride.

They are a part of me as I am a part of it all…
I play my part, I stand tall.

There is nothing to lose, glory or fame,
Play the game, Skipper, Nothing stays the same.

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Zen's Poetry

Copyright © 2008 #169
11/27/2007 // edited: 11/11/2012
(inner sight)
-Of Mind´s Eye-

*dedicated to all poets.

In silence our inner minds
  motionless trying to find.

In space dark as night
  our spiritual inner-light.

Spiritual vibrations beyond self
  where only "I" is left.

Flowing with the rythmn of humanity
  far unscathed by mankind´s insantity.

Observing man´s struggle, love and hope
  mentally noting in poetry for some to cope.

While earth pulsates in chaos
  amongst GOD'S heavenly stars.

Poets receiving mystic portions
  about humanity across oceans.

Bathing in moments of stillness
  celebrating HIS wilderness.

From an inner zen state to see
  beyond sight of you and me.

by: LP

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I Know The Cardboard Man

Will I cross to the other side this time?
Or have a heart and give my last dime?

As they say but for grace that could be me.
He needs some help not my sympathy.

Been times I might be holding that sign.
With little hope and the sun wouldn't shine.

Will we realize the truth we are seeing?
After all this man is a human being.

Fear at times will make us grow cold.
For all we know his soul's made of gold.

So this time I won't just walk on by.
I'll listen to his plaintive,silent cry.

You know this man is still somebody's son.
I'll reach my hand to him and I won't run.

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A Place To Hide Away...

I need a place to hide away 
That i can go whether night or day
to lie and dream of you and i 
In a world where dreams and hopes dont die
Far away from the greed and wrath
Sloth, envy and pride link to one path
All on this path travel in dark 
Money and wealth will give them no spark
Along their path comes stife and pain
Quick, easy pleasures consumed in vain

I think of the future that they pursue
                 and my own future i seriously review

I decide i want to be an exception

As this dark path does not suit my perception.

Yes, lying here has been quite a refreshment

It is now easier to suffer torment

Knowing soon i shall drift and leave them behind

New friends, new cultures, new people i will find

Feeling rejuvenated i proceed to open my eyes
                   Life will not have structure, but adventures ready to arise

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A Prayer for Those Who Love an Addict

Help me keep things past in the past
so we can begin to heal at last

Keep me ever mindful that he’s paid his dues
and be slow to judge until I’ve walked in his shoes

He me see that he makes amends each and every day
Help me not to spread the hurt by watching what I say

For I know my life was not a waste
I’ve tasted all there was to taste.

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Hope Is A Handmade Gift

As life reveals itself to you don't be afraid
The best gift that it gives is usually handmade

Just grab hold of your destiny and hang on tight
And know that you can lead yourself into the light

In blackest night there always comes around the morn
When all seems lost there is a hopeful glimmer born

Deep as the river runs will be the love you find
If you allow someone to bless you and be kind

When you're out walking in the storm try to be calm
Let sunshine gather 'round your shoulders like a balm

Wrap yourself in strength of purpose every day
Never give up hope that you will find your way

Believe the colors of the wind will paint your soul
Though circumstance can wear you down and take its toll

Keep your spirits lifted high to heaven above
Surround yourself with sweet bouquets of hope and love

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Mr President

Copyright © 2008 #104
-at last-

Freedom´s statesman in disguise
  rise, rise, rise from their lies.

Will those stains
  always remain?

Yes! Over three hundred years
  freedom souls have shed tears.

That one would come
  not only for some.

With solid vision
  making decision.

Without the disguise
  of selfish political lies.

Welcome home Mr. President
  it is you fate hath sent.

America will regain its respect,
  and the economy will reflect

A leader who had enough wisdom
  to embrace mankind´s freedom.

by: LP

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The Blessing for My Book

As my job and health failed me... I dreamed to someday put together a 
book of poetry and this will be the blessing it will begin with...

As I sit here weaving my poetry
Into the semblance of a book…
I find that I must ask Gods’ blessing…
For the journey, that together we have took.

I find I must bow my head in thought…
Over this book that together we have wrought
As my hands clasp oh so reverently and earnestly over my heart…
As I believe his help brought the words together that I sought.

And God set the journey that shaped what now before you begins…
He helped me find the words that reached through my heart to my pen.
I pray the poems will be worthy of what he showed me as my life’s art.
And upon this book I honestly pray that his blessing he will impart. 

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If words of hope can help the weak To conquer fear -- Let speakers speak. If helpful hearts are sensitive To others' needs -- Let givers give. If poets' words can minds excite And free a soul -- Let writers write. If songs can be encouraging To youthful dreams -- Let singers sing. If things are not just what they seem When day is done -- Let dreamers dream. If wings give flight and free the dove From earthly cares -- Let lovers love. If in your eyes someday I see A hope of love -- Then let it be. Written By John Posey -- posted for Giorgio Veneto's Impress Me Contest

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Don't Be Left Behind

~Don't Be Left Behind~ 

Please don't miss out and be left behind 
Salvation only in Jesus we can always find 

Try not to do, what you know is not right 
And pray to Jesus to keep you in His sacred light 

Don't keep company with the wrong crowd 
In front of our God be humbled not proud 

The ways of the Lord are always good and perfect 
He deserves all our unconditional love and respect 

Find the Lord first and to you all His blessings He'll surely add 
For your sins and mine He paid the price so we can be glad not sad 

For the love of God we can come anytime and have with Him eternity 
Only through Jesus we can have Salvation, not in our own way and ability 

We can not attain Salvation by just doing it with our own power or good 
We are not good!just 'God' is good and perfect!and that's understood! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Some Twilight

Don't let the disappointments show
Make them as soft as the snow

Gather all the courage you can
It will make you a real Man

Honour each and every one you meet
Let all the hate and horror retreat

Remember! God loves all his creations everyone everyday
Please don't forget to thank him in every way each day

Happiness is always around the corner
Trying looking at this world with honour

Your life is as precious as a pearl
Let it sparkle this troubled world!

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Wisdom Where

Wisdom cannot be saved or even engraved,
Wisdom can be craved, but never enslaved.

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In Need

Living just to die is just too sad, 
let us fight for the good and keep at bay all the bad.

Alone you are not, for friends you have my dear, 
fighting together, right past and through the fear.

Time changes, indeed it does so, 
so we must change with it and keep up the go.

Do not stand still, do not wait for a second, 
time changes all and we are all at its beckon.

So fear not the marching on of time, 
for you have a friend to be there at the drop of a dime.

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Shadows suffocate purified air,
Voices that whisper no one cares,

The moon surrenders to the sun,
While Madness tries to steal what has already begun,

But just like the fiercest labor pains late in the night,
When it gets so hard and you lose your will to fight,

That is when the crown of life starts to be seen,
All that pressure in the end makes one glisten and gleam,

Carry on through the storms you now face,
For God won’t let any part of your struggles go to waste,

One person’s heartache is another person’s hope,
Sharing your story is like a fortified rope,

On top of a mountain used to assist others that climb, 
Always remember to extend it in perilous times,

And if you should ever fall down yourself,
The extensions you have secured will bring you great wealth,
The extensions are physical, emotional and spiritual health.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Rye Whiskey!

My Grandpa used to dance and sing,
Joy to my heart he always would bring;

Just a few bars, not the whole song,
Pretty soon I’d be singing along;

“Rye whiskey, rye whiskey” you’d hear us both say,
Or “Red River Valley”, if it was a good day;

All the old westerns, when I hear them I cry,
I don’t hear them often since Grandpa died;

No one sings “Old Faithful” no more,
It’s just an old song that people ignore;

He used to say “now that was art”,
I have to agree, I know them by heart;

I catch myself humming an old melody,
And I smile, hoping he’s thinking of me;

And to prove that I know it, I burst out in song,
And maybe in heaven, he’s singing along;

“If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck,
I’d swim to the bottom and never come up”;

My Grandpa was so special you see,
And by having his songs, he lives on through me!

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A Steel Flower

Once I was naïve and innocent
And believed that everything was Heaven sent
I was like a flower – soft and gentle
Open to the slightest breeze’s pull
I grew in unbridled sunlight
Where everything was perfect and right

But then there came the long, hard frost
And in an instant life was lost
The will to live vanished so fast
And I became nothing but a steel cast
A cast of what I once was 
My wounds bandaged with metal – not gauze 
I became resistant to the breeze
Nothing seemed to put my soul at ease

But I chose life over death
And continued to take in deep breaths
While no longer so easily swayed
I haven’t lost all of my old ways
I’ve learned it’s not always wise to hide
And have come to embrace both sides
Of my life and who I hope I’ll become
Without forgetting where I’m from 

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Lovely lacy writes what she knows
Her angelic voice continually flows
Reaching from past pain, darkness and despair
Restoring others faith with lyrics that are quite rare
Forgiveness and mercy dances on the stage
As the destiny healer writes with prophetic sage
Metal of angels, psalms of the redeemed
When delicate matters are uttered they just glisten and glean
Atmosphere changers
Silences all strangers
Environment alterations
With Warmth and supplication
Radiating spiritual peace
While chaining former raging beasts
Gifts of sunrises echo through
All this  woman seems to do.

Band "Flyleaf"

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Dance Alive Itty Bitty

Hope banks at the shores of eternity,
faith reaches for the realm of reality.
Hear the sparrows sing on broken boles,
listen to the splashing of rain on lost souls. 
Look at the end of the tunnel O fearful!
wake up weary folks, life is beautiful.
The drum speaks of hope and fixed fate;
dance alive, sing aloud in your low estate.

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As  the  leafs  still
Look  Damp,
I  prepare  for  my  yam
Who  must  have  sold
I  meet  this  dying  lamb,
In  midst  of  the  confused
He  shed  tears  and  beg,
Kindly  help  my  bleeding
I  was  shocked  and  almost
This  lamb  can  tell,
He  would  bleed  to  death,
The  lamb  is  under  my  care,
I  speck  from  the  near  by
I  searched  for  buckets
That’s  how  I  found  myself
Here .
That  lamb  needs  care,
I  can  tell  his  going  through
Let  me  search  for  herbs  to
Cure  the  ailment,
While  you  retrace  your  steps
And  come  out  of  the  well.
                                                                                                   AKEWUSOLA  HABIB.  

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False Prophets and True Hope

When searching you must take care
The answer is always out there

Even if it’s not what you are
It's ok it’ll only leave a scar

The truth hurts when it can’t justify
Everything you’ve done and you’re forced to ask why

Take comfort in the thought 
That you probably won’t be caught

God is watching everyone
You can’t be judged because you’ve already won

Religion is your veil
Subject the naïve and you’ll never fail

What would Jesus do,
If he were you?

Would he still be a martyr then?
Or would he be a footnote amongst the hearts of men?

It is our ambitions,
That can solve our ambitious contradictions

The problems we face
Are ours to erase

God only measures as high
As your will to survive

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Bitter or Better

There comes a time when roads must part,
A decision needs to be made what will you feed your heart,
Every day the temptation to ultimately chain,
All your past hurt, disappointment and familiar pain,
Screams its plea in many directions,
Only Gods love can break through to your personal resurrection,
For the path towards bitterness leads to the grave,
And the journey towards forgiveness is what will eventually save,
The highway draped with bitter thorns,
Will always leave your soul feeling forlorn,
The street dressed in mercy and infinite compassion,
Will bring you to the fields of eternal satisfaction,
Choose better before bitter,
For the bitter,
Become the quitters.

BY: Sabina Nicole

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Hardened Heart

Barriers cracked and chipped with age
Once standing firm now tremble in rage.
To regain the solidity once defined
That now lies uncertain, its’ strength resigned.

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I Dream Big

I dream bigger than the tallest skyscraper
"They say I'm up and coming like I'm f***ing in an elevator"

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One Month Down

One Month Down

I wake up when he calls in the middle of the night, 
He says for our country that he’s proud to fight. 
I close my eyes and I push away worry,
I talk about things that are cuddly and furry.
I won’t relax until I can hold him again, 
But if anyone can do this, it’s got to be him. 
I’ll always hope and I’ll always pray
That my favorite soldier comes home someday. 

I’m honored to support him and proud to be his wife,
He’s my everything. He’s my whole life.
It’s hard to imagine that he’s already left,
And taken my heart, now that’s petty theft.

My soldier inspires me to care and to love,
And I keep praying to our Lord up above
For his safe return and a happy marriage,
And someday a mini-soldier in a blue and white carriage.

I miss the way he rests his hand on my face, 
I’m hopelessly clumsy but he only sees grace.
I can’t cook, but he doesn’t care
Because when we order take-out, I always share!

I am very fortunate to be with him, 
Because he gives to our country again and again. 
I’m never alone because he’s close to my heart, 
On earth or in heaven, we’re never apart. 

I wonder what my soldier is doing right now, 
And if he’s sad or scared or anxious somehow. 
I love him more today than ever before, 
And tomorrow I’ll love my soldier just that much more. 

Please come back to me, soldier, safe and sound. 
Eight more months until you’re homeward-bound.

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(He said) I love you

She sits alone as the sun goes down
Like she does almost every night
Knowing he'll come home drunk again
And start another fight

She was so young when she met him
Just sixteen years and a day
She hated her life on the farm
And he promised to take her away

How could she know he was lying
Just feeding her a line
She'd never had any love at home
And his, "I love you" sounded so fine

The sun shone on their wedding day
She was a happy girl
But, too soon the storm clouds gathered
And totally ruined her world

She tried so hard for three long years
Answering to his beck and call
Then one day she packed her bags
An walked away from it all

She knew her love for him had died
She was taking his abuse no more
After writing a note saying, "GO TO HELL"
She walked for the last time, out the door

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A Mother With No Child

It's the saddest story you will ever hear
Tragedies, can't even come near
It's about a lonely woman with no child
She wanted one to make her life go wild
A young lively kid who brings trouble
Average would be fine, even double
She wants to bear a child so badly 
Never ever will she have one, sadly
All the kids and parents have such joy
Their bonds are always ready to employ
She cares for all kids, like a mother
As if they were her own, not another
But she never felt the parenting bond
Of that, she's not quite fond
Blames herself for all the mistakes
Never knew life will sour her cakes
She goes mad day after day
When will her kid ever come to play?
Will she ever break out of this sorrow?
Will there be a brighter tomorrow?
Waiting for her eternal dream 
A ray of hope to fall, a beam
Some miracle to coincide
So she is no longer, the mother with no child

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Me Being Me

I know that I'm intense and sometimes I can be dark. 
I'm adventurous by nature, and always ready to embark.

If your senses elevate, I do not mean to be a tease.
My mind stays stimulated, so I feel the need to please.

I'm not angry or sadistic, and this you need to know.
Sometimes I'm masochistic but my bruises never show.

I am by no means lonely - to the point I sit and cry,
but I am only human so I might let out a sigh.

I use to be quite selfish, and would tend to go astray.
I broke up with some lovely girls who loved me anyway. 

There was a girl, God only knows my love for her was strong.
I left her for a good reason, but my method was so wrong.

Eyes of blue you haunt me; tiny dancer in my bar. 
Why did I let you leave intoxicated in your car?

I did not mean to go there; why I did I'm not quite sure.
Perhaps my mind is mending and my heart is still with her.

As far as what I want to do despite the things I've done?
Would be to share my lessons earned; no cost to everyone!

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Just a Little Something-Something

In a world with so much life and culture,
All you need is just a little something-something

It's better than a whole lot of something,
Because then it might be too much

Like love,
All you need is a sample

To realize
It isn't the only thing to make someone happy

And if they think it is,
All they need is just a little something-something

Tell them they're better off without
Another terrible heartache

That there is nothing more better than being 
Free from the name, "So-and-so's girl"

All they need,
Is just a little something-something

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The joy in hearts is hard to steal and kill;
erase all hope and think of pain and loss.

If tears and words aren't true, can trust be lost?
Ah, pray to God to bless a heart and flame!      

When fear enters your heart, continue to fight;
if strength and faith die out, cry out and wait. 

Aren't friends in search of one who grows in love?
Aren't they the ones who stay and never leave? 

Why hold on time, and not give as they give;
are some afraid to take long steps for growth?

Iambic Pentameter

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To anyone without a Father

Fathers are the foundation for a child,
Their role is far from mild,

So many children grow up without a dad,
Deep inside it scars them bad,

So many daughters are never raised,
They lacked the encouragement and emotional praise,

Daughters need to be shown how to be treated,
So when they grow up they don’t become defeated,

Son’s need a man to look up to,
Someone to help push them through,

So many sons never learn how,
To stand by a woman and what it means to keep a vow,

Generations repeat when they don’t get to see,
The impact of a father and how positive it should be,

However, there is a Father that won’t go away,
His loves is like the endless sky,
He is the love that will never leave you or tell you a lie,

He will warm you up like the blazing sun,
Protect your life, and he does not need a gun,

He will wipe your tears when you are down,
He will calm your fears when there’s no one to be found,

His mercy is as deep as the ocean,
He will make you smile, while your going through lifes motions,

He will encourage you after you made a mess,
Then turn it around, and give you his best,

He will never leave you nor forsake you,
This kind of father will never break you,

A Father to the fatherless,
A Friend to the lonely,
A Love that’s pure and never phony,

So if you are alone on this Father’s Day,
And you have an earthly dad that caused you disarray,

Look up to the heavens, far past outer space,
And know that there is a Love that no man on this earth can replace.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Circular Motion

Bleeding, living, dying
Hurting, loving, crying

Emotional distortion
Such a tumultuous portion

Humans in transition
On display, on a mission

Failure, success
One may only guess

Overall it’s underneath
After all it’s all belief

Stuck in motion
Inevitable devotion

Despite what some may feel
We all whirl around the wheel

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Fearless Point of View

The fear of failure got me scared,
like my talent and God are not really there.
Constantly drowning in a sea of doubt,
as I’m afraid to tap into my potential and rise above the clouds.
Inside me, personal ignorance builds a wall around my mind,
blocking the streams of light that stop me from walking blind.
But what fear fails to learn,
is the self-taught courage that frees me to yearn.
The will to thrive beyond the worry.
and the humbleness to know; I’ll never be God
but I shall forever succeed through His glory.
The future is an unknown place for me and you,
but we will make it through,
if we always keep a fearless point of view.

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Ashes At My Feet

I walked through ashes on the floor...
They fell from a heart burned and torn...

It dropped like feathers from the air...
From a soul that that only cared...

I searched to find the one it owned...
Only to find myself alone... 

Rebuilt this heart and put it back...
And brought love to where it lacked...

My world is now complete...
No more ashes at my feet...

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As I close my eyes,
I count the hours, minutes and the seconds,
Until I see your smile…

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Mountains High, Oceans Deep

Ankle deep water, ebbing, seeping
From melting ice to flood is leaking
To form a rapid river flowing
Ounce by ounce this stream is growing

To wash into an oval pool besides
Then rush to meet the rising tides
Of oceans deep and full and wide
Where froth upon the billows ride

Upon a yellow sandy shore
Where shells collect up by the score
Displayed in jars in seaside shops
Among golden pears and red gum drops

From mountains high and oceans deep
Where eagles soar and dolphins leap
From high above to down below
So much beauty to love and know

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If I Die Before I Wake

At a corner standing in despair 
I cried aloud into the midnight air
Brought my fists into a rage 
Scowled at my lonely, self-hate
I had no friends or even close family,
All I had was my imagination, and it was driving me crazy
So I hollered and screamed like a wild banshee
Cursing the things I couldn't grasp in my psyche
The shadows stalked while my heart just bled
I was praying to God that within his next miracle I would be dead
Just like a relic an angel came to me
Eased me of my faults and lulled me into a dream
A beautiful world where hope is a beacon and despair is gone from sight
I grabbed her hand and remembered all of a sudden
Of love that gentle rhythm; and my depression escaped without a fight
So as my eyes twitched open and I quickly looked around
Just like that the angel was gone and so was my frown
If you read this poem please quote only this
In this world our love and compassion is the only thing that should exist

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we winters

fret not great ones 
the clouds are for our sake
we will  again clear sight
at the vanquish of night
when  we wistful  winter wake    

have than noble dreams
for time holds but well fate
and there shall be here
at the merge from the pair
when we  wistful  winters wake

then till  summer comes
shun not we our winters break
for both have a place
in the fabric of space
while we wistful  winters wake 

for both have a place
in the fabric of space
as we  wistful  winters wake

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Before my mother.
Plays with water gun,
Before the plants suffer.

Start worshiping God,
Without thinking anything odd.

Then sit in the sunshine,
With her friends for sometime.

Having breakfast having lunch,
And give us a milk punch.

Then sleep for few hours,
And worshiping God again with flowers.

And watches T.V till dinner,
With my mother and sister.

And sleep at nine,
By thinking the time is fine,
At the age of Eighty Nine.

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Dreams With In

"Dreaming big gives you the token to live."

One person can make a change,
One dream can strive to arrange,
As one day passes so sly,
As one week seems to fly.

Keep in mind the goal,
Steeping over each crack each hole,
Give each hour a chance,
Never sit out an oppportunity to dance.

Dreaming big to one so small,
It's not the size that stands tall.
But the truth that lies with in,
Not the lies that lead to sin.
Looking in the mirror so clear,
Believe in yourself; have no fear.
A postive mind brings power,
To make you taller then any tower,
Leave behind the past,
It's your turn to change; to make your dreams last.

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We are Pregnant Pencils

We are nothing but pencils without eraser,
 And life a big book, not made up of papers.
 Our footprint on life is our sorry or success story,
 How we walk determines our gloom or glory.
We are pencils meant to draw lines and links
 With either an invisible or indellible ink.
 Our blueprints are in three stages and structures:
 Our past pages, present prints and future features.
Our past pages cannot be completely erased,
 Trying to re-write on them makes them defaced.
 My friend, close that chapter and write a new one;
 Each new day presents a new page to write on.
Our present prints are presented in timely chances…
 How we chose to embrace cheers and challenges,
 Taming tears, tending our tender treasures;
 Each day is a brick or broom to our future.
The future’s features are loads of incredible art,
 You can only view them when we open our heart:
 Your dreams present platform to play your part.
 Dream big with the little you have and dare to start.
We are priceless pencils and life is our paper;
 What we write makes our lives bitter or better.
 Refusal to write does not make the world stagnant;
 It only makes a man’s page dormant though pregnant.
We are nothing but pregnant pencils without erasers,
 Impregnated by places, people and… higher powers,
 Yet what we write carries our copyright,
 We cannot erase, so write to your delight.
Copyright (c) 2012 by Adeleke Adeite.

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Gifts of the Dawn

the dawn brings me many sweet kisses,
even when everything around is in pieces.

the dawn brings me many blessing,
to start the day with joyous singing.

the day brings me rising hopes,
of a better swing on dangerous ropes.

the dawn brings me renewed courage,
to march on and overcome challenge.

the dawn brings me abundant pleasure,
for I know the day will bring treasure.

the dawn brings me joyous laughter,
for i know i will conquer the day's monster.

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Failure of Duty

I am trying to remember the last time we were happy,
Every time I think I have it nailed down I come up empty.

Each moment I think I can get past it with some word or fight,
You show the reasons I fell in love, with kindness and insight.

The torture of finding a path through this labyrinth of pain,
Is knowing that all was preventable without even a stain.

Truth is the foundation of a well built home,
I couldn’t straighten it out with an iron and fine toothed comb.

I don’t know how long I will last,
As the one who let you down in the past.

My mind wishes only happiness for you and your life,
But my heart still sees you as my darling wife.

My words are slowing and my mind is growing weary,
For the past few months my eyes have never been more teary.

These words are not for you to hear or be reading,
But for me as I try and stop my soul from bleeding.

As you move on in strength and beauty,
My heart and mind crumble from my failed duty.

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There isn't much difference in being a ROMANTIC,
Than there is is watching the CUBS latest antics.

You have to love life on some level, you see,
To believe that the CUBS will not continue to go Pennant Free!

So, deep down inside you summon all the love you have,
Keeping it buried, except for being  what you believe.

I have always been a CUB FAN, sometimes in tears,
As "Wait 'Til Next Year", has forever been in my ears.

But I have followed this team thru thick and thin,
Feeling the pain and bearing it with a grin.

The ROMANTIC me sees them winning the Series one day,
The CUB FAN in me knows that is far, far away.

Their play has not been that extraordinary,
So, it tends to make us CUB FANS more than wary.

But then there are days when they flash-bang a team with hits,
And slap leather on the ball when it gets close to their mitts.

The big thing about CUB FANS is their "ROMANTIC" side,
Our hearts are big, we love much, and have little to hide.

There are those who scoff at our team's play,
But ROMANTICally we know that will all change one day.

Because the field they play on is one of the best,
We continue to hope that the team does the rest.

We are proud of our team but I've heard people laugh,
Like husband and wife, only CUB FANS can give them the gaff.

I wake each day during seasonal play,
Wondering what my team will do that day.

I look for big scores, no hitters, and more,
Most of the time I get really sore.

Not so much in a physical way,
But the ROMANIC in me sure gets a play.

The team will rock my foundations to the core,
When I find out how they let the other guys score.

So the emotional side of CUB FANS is real,
And has to be charged anew each day with ROMANTIC zeal.

That is why you'll see me write what I do,
Whether it's about my team or my life too.

I won't say it's easy being a CUB FAN in life,
But the ROMANTIC in me helps to get thru the strife.

Just remember that "hopeless" is not something you say,
When talking about the CUBS, at least not facing my way.

I know they haven't won a World Series since before most were alive,
They haven't even been in it...since 1945.

But we CUB FANS continue to hope and pray,
That our team will again, be there one day.

It's the ROMANTIC in me that says to you,
As my veins run full of only CUBBIE blue.

Smile, laugh, or think me crazy if you like,
The ROMANTIC soul that governs the life of this CUB FAN will tell you to just "Take A Hike"!

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A sickness, cold, solemn, black
Hides in my mind, waits for me to turn my back

It's slaughtered my family, my lovers, my mates
Now it is my turn, it schemes and it waits

It's plagued all the people, the young and old
It wishes to kill me, to turn my heart cold

But I fight it; I won't let it get under my skin
I will use my every defense, I can't let it win

"Love kills the demon," we all must know
So now is the time to let our hearts grow

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Dethroning the Ex

You’re lifeless, listless, sleeping all the time Believe me, this was no victimless crime You cooked all of his meals and cleaned his house You surely deserve better than this louse Raise your hands in thanks that he didn’t stay The brightest path to healing is to pray Buy yourself something special – a new dress? When someone asks you to dance, just say yes It’s time you planned a Caribbean cruise Vent through poetry; awaken your muse Lean on your friends, we’re always here for you Come with us, have some laughs, we’ll pull you through Should you see your ex walking all alone You’ll know this would-be king has been dethroned
*Entry for Michael’s "How to Fix a Broken Heart” Contest By Carolyn Devonshire

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God's Goodness 2

I knew not Lord, the day I came,
you'd change my heart, then my name.
You'd write it in your book of life,
through you I'd conquer daily strife.

That day I surrendered my all to you,
I knew not what you'd have me do.
I started to sing and write and pray,
I've learned to lean on you each day..

I understood it not that day,
when like a child I knelt to pray.
I didn't know the why or how,
I only saw your blood stained brow.

I saw your hands, your bleeding side,
I wondered why for me you died?
I had not known such great a love,
as came that day from up above.

I knew that day you'd made a winner
from one lost soul and wretched sinner.
That is why I'll never tire you see,
of telling others what you've done for me.

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All the little Pieces

"Fragments and crumbs of life, all the little pieces" 
Brought me to a cemetery that had many creases,
I walked the graveyard of my mind last night,
I saw many people sleeping tight,	
I saw the ones that made me smile,
I saw the ones who were part of my biggest trials,
I saw the failures of my past,
I saw the sorrow of a childhood that went to fast,
I saw the liars who stole from me,
I saw the heathens, who lived lives that were empty,
I saw the chameleons trying to blend in with the bareness 
and vulnerability of winter trees,
I saw all those who listened 
But silenced my innocent pleas,
I saw the aisles of fragmentation,
Broken dreams and manipulation,
I saw the wrinkles and the tares,
From having a father who was never there,
But then I saw amazing grace,
Shimmering under a mercy tree,
I realized that all of those stones,
Had made me what I was called to be,
Each plot was responsible for a certain quality in me,
Allowing me to be able to identify
With others drastically,
I saw the days of evil tightly bolted down,
I saw clarity, which was once lost
Now completely found,
I saw the page turn 
As the past had been burned,
I saw Gods presence filling up 
Every area where I yearned,
I saw a radiant light pointing far ahead,
Directing me out of my mind 
Resurrecting all that was dead,
I saw those doors to that cemetery close very tight
As I continued towards what was extremely bright,
I felt an unusual grin,
Overwhelm me from within
I saw an extraordinary flower,
Come forth with might and power.

By: Sabina Nicole 
Contest  "All the little pieces"

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Dawning realization 
Reality dreaming true
Harnessed imagination
The future bright in view
Healing thoughts breed unity
Compassion lead us to
A world of utter impunity
Divinity seeping through
Distant suffering memories
A species born anew
Powerful new abilities
Bequest  upon me and you 
Sought beneath the wreckage
Hope shall see us through

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Il Fiore Della Bruma P2

Bright Lotus of the lily pad
Let it be known who fears the fall
You who all would uphold in slumber
Blind to a gaze refrained or stalled.
Amongst this lonely block of figures and sand
And thick, heated lines
You glide across water in whispers;
The divine scope of earthly kind.
You I had watched from this embankment
For days on end without question or hope
Enskied before me as light azure
Cool dream where pond turns to rivers slow.

Bright Lotus of the lily pad
Let it be known who fears the fall,
For at once you grip to the shadow’s hand
And draw through paths by the tone of his call.
He who is half in love with easeful death
Holds you like an ancient coin,
And raises glass above your breath
When markets make themselves purloin.

Bright Lotus of the lily pad
I cry for you cannot see the same,
Gaily look upon the water still
At once your face would seem to change.
And I cry out bright Lotus
Let it be known that you fear the fall,
For you run from reason and hide away
Clinging to the shadow’s pall.

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Where Will I Go?

When I die where will I go,
Up to Heaven or Hell down below;

Will I see my family that is dead and gone,
Or will I even get to move on;

Will I fade into nothing and disappear,
Will I feel hunger, pain, or fear;

Am I doomed to suffer for eternity,
Or will I remain, more or less Me;

Will I come back in another life,
To once again feel anguish and strife;

Just where will my final judgment lay,
I hope God is merciful on that day.

~Inspired by "Is Death The End?" by Susan Palli~

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Like a cashmere shawl  it envelops me
Stardust shining in my eyes so I cant see

It warms my mind so I can see through
the veil of dissent, letting right show true 

Stardust is sprinkled so love doesn't hide
when the magic makes two worlds collide

So get the net of life ready to catch the fall
of the rosy glow thats emitted to cover us all

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Wait There To Share

Wait There To Share

How long could the current day last?
Until it had become part of the past
Shall start again trying to live today
God always will know the right way.

Another poem had read of my own
When written, it was caste in stone
Poem are under my very own name
No one else will you be able to blame.

Some were sad like recent ones have been
Were waiting for many minds to enter in
So more poems I must truly try to write
So you can read them both day and night.

What I ended up with was pure enjoyment
No matter where you go or will have went
Each one of my poems will wait there
So do not be selfish and with others share.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran

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Where From Here

Where from Here

How would we find light by embracing the dark
All the hate and fear men seem to embark

We know this in our hearts but still raise our sword
Gods given a peaceful loving world that we should always move toward

The world we create is from a sick and broken mind
If our egos don’t soften it will be the end of mankind

Eons of hate passed down through the ages
Taught to our children given rise to unknown rages

If we look to God we can break the bonds of this fear
And finally live as one and joyfully see clear

For life is meant to work and this is Gods plan
For there has been love in our hearts since all life began

It’s not letting God in but it’s letting Him out
For he is part of us all and you can’t live in doubt

The pulse of the universe lives in every beating heart
This loving creation that we all are apart

So lets put all else aside and make peace our dream
And rise up to faith and become one with the unseen

Copyright 2011                          4/1/2011

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From The First Moment

From the first moment I set my eyes on you my heart for you did glow 
My love for you ever since then just seems to continue steadly grow 

I know our love can just take us anywhere, any place 
I always want to see everyday and everywhere your face 

I want you to know that forever and ever I just love you 
And that for you my love and devotion will never stray 

I am aware that life can be at times hard but God made it simpler 
When HE gave you to me and thats when all my pain was easier to bear 

And now you and will just belong here and beyond together 
I like to think that you and I for each other will always care 

I can't even stand the thought of my life without you now 
We were meant to be together and let our love for each other just glow. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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-It's no secret-

You give me the hope I need to believe that there might be true love for me somewhere
Someone that takes me as I am, and can genuinely care
About not just me and who I am but the details in my life
Makes me look forward to someday being someones wife
Because I didn't think there could be anything good out there specifically for me
I never dreamed until now the happiness that could set me free
I feel it all deep inside me, It's dying to get out and it's not going to rest anymore
suddenly so consumed by this feeling to love and I know who I want to save it for 
I know you might be thinking it's just lust but it's not
I know the difference and given the chance, I'm going to love you with everything that I've got
Something has come across me and it's bigger than us and anything imaginable 
It's a feeling so infinite and eradicable 
It won't go away no matter what I do
There's nothing left of me but to love you
And to take you into me heart, I promise to keep you there, all for safe keeping 

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Endless list
No need for scars across my wrist
Clear my mind, ease my soul
Put my thoughts in your control

Cloudy skies
Summer dies
No need for pity, no endless cries
Take the sun, put it in my hand
I’ll keep it until next year as planned

Music note
Words I wrote
No need for speech within my throat
Your one escape, the mind does cease
Your ghosts are finally at peace

Reading book
Sit and look
Someone’s thoughts were all it took
What they say, what they mean
What’s been said, what’s been seen

Steer me clear
Carry me far away from here
Somewhere old, somewhere new
Somewhere I can think things through

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Be Awake

Feeling the world is big, with no power to see.
Saying it is so large no one can sense a degree.

Has been said you can change your world
Changing heartaches into happiness unfurled.

Power is in your hands, to change all things.
Faith flowing in your soul, the spirit brings.

Visions of your heart and mind will confirm.
Futures are made, do not wallow and squirm.

We all have a power and a purpose in life.
Seek and find, stay sharp as a knife.

Power is in your hands, decisions and choices.
What you hear in your mind is you; not voices.

Choice is a powerful tool, for to use and make.
Awakening the roads to travel, be sure you’re awake.

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Troubled youth

Troubled youth, there is hope for you
Eyes are shut, blinded by ridicule

Troubled youth, your world has changed
Living in times that are very strange

Troubled youth, it’s time to wake
I know you’re sick of all the fakes

Troubled youth, they tell you such lies
Even in music, you get hypnotized

Troubled youth, your wounds are deep
Only God knows all the secrets you keep

Troubled youth, those who were close to you
Forgot to tell you that dreams do come true

Troubled youth, you just yearn for someone who will be there
Listen to your heart, and let you simply share

Troubled youth, you want us to look past the front you play so well
listen to the stories that you desperately need to tell

Troubled youth, I know a friend that sticks closer than a brother
Even if you don’t have a mother,

Troubled youth, this someone will hold your hand, 
When everyone else just doesn’t understand

Troubled youth, raise your head high, 
Call out far past the clear blue sky

In His name, 
There is no shame

By His power, 
You can bloom into a flower

Troubled youth, don’t give up
God can surly fill your cup

Troubled youth, life can get real scary,
In those times remember He promises that He will carry.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Connected to You

I am the branch connected to THE vine,
Continuously nourishing my sprit, soul and mind,

I am nothing without his warmth and grace,
Mercy and love dwells in this place,

My flesh is at war with what my spirit desires,
I am frequently being perfected by his illuminating fire,

Purging my urgings, 

Expelling past dwellings,

Captivating my heart until I feel that it’s swelling,

I am in darkness when I become detached,
There is nothing in this world that can possibly match,

The security of his arms and the vastness from all that's above,
Nothing can separate me from his everlasting love.

By: Sabina Nicole
written; 1-12-12

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Hesitant feet on uncertain ground.
A hesitant heart making no sound.
Daring to beat too hard and too fast.
Daring to dream and pray love will last.

Butterfly tingles, senses reel:
Dare I tell him how I feel?

Eyes veiled with longing;
An empty hand grasps ~
For a chance at tomorrow
And his love to last.

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My Charm

My best friend is my charm.
She is my lady forever in my arms.

I have so much love and care. 
Me being with out her my heart would tear. 

So I keep up looking into the sky's. 
Loving this woman as the years go by

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God, Are You There

God, are you there?

Are you there to hear what I am saying?	
My heart is falling apart with my mind doing the slaying.

When I call to you I do not hear your reply.
Is there something blocking the reception in the spiritual sky?

My thoughts run random I need some control.
God, please rescue me, help me up out of this hole.

I know what I want to happen in the future.
Now I am willing to let you paint that picture.

I hope she is somewhere in your art for me.
But your will be done for your glory.

The present seems so dark and unbearable.
With your guidance and strength I find myself useful.

Pull down my blinders that block what I can’t see.
Help me focus on the gifts you set for me.

God, are you there?

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The winds of autumn blow 
Creating change

The crux of the matter
Do I bend or do I break?

Willow knows the truth
She may weep besides waters deep

But she drinks in courage to face the future
And bends when winds do blow

And in her serenity - she survives
'She accepts the things she cannot change'

© Brenda V Northeast 24th Jan. 2011

For Nette Onclaud’s- Serenity response

The Serenity prayer  by Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference Amen 

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New world

I left the country from where I was raised
Only to find out my whole life I was a slave.

I walked into a world, shiny and new
Where at first I did not know what to expect say or do.

It’s more beautiful than anyplace I have ever seen
But I still have old data and I am being rewired from the machine

For the place of plenty and riches is where my soul now runs
At times it can scare me when I realize what I had allowed myself to become.

But the waters are clear and the rain is pure
I must look to the light and what it has in store

Battles once returning 
are suddenly burning

For time helped me heal 
From the vultures that were once aloud to steal

Change is scary but what’s more scary is not to change
Pieces of this culture are becoming less  and less strange.

The old way of life in that far away land
that will never compare to the joy of having fear of no man

In this place I am learning how to finally stand,
In this place I build my house on a solid rock instead of sand.

By: Sabina
New world contest

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whole Again

What can make you whole again
scrub you clean and be your friend,
What can change your heart’s desire
Burn away the old with a blazing fire,
What can change the way you think,
Become your treasured, missing link,
What can restore the years of trauma,
Give you strength and bran new armor,
What can give you eternal peace,
Tame the ancient, ravenous beast,
What can rectify all your sin,
Cover you with gold from within,
What can rebuild all the devastations,
repair your oldest complications,
What can make the rivers flow,
Wash you white as snow,
What can change the color in your eyes,
Reveal all the years of hidden lies,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Hope For A New Generation

The death of a saint, a martyr to some
The death of a hero, a husband to one

A soldier turned humanitarian, he cared for all
He attempted to hurdle that natural barrier, to climb that human wall

To give up his dreams and aspirations
To relinquish his will of self-preservation

To benefit all of human kind
To alter how we interact, to change our time

Such a task he set upon with stalwart dedication
He preached caring and forgiveness, not revenge or vindication

He loved all regardless of their color, religion, or creed
He served everyone, just as he had served his country

With a fire and passion not seen in lesser men
He truly understood what it meant to be human

Yet not everyone shared his vision of peace
More blood was spilled and the fighting did not cease

He carried on despite the pain of knowing so much
He often relied upon the love of his family for a crutch

But there is a point at which every man breaks
His feeling of failure overwhelmed his need to be great

However even in his darkest hour, his hope did not falter
His compassion was renewed with the help of a different altar

A belief built upon the hope that people can change 
He had experienced so much, developed such a broad emotional range

It seemed that he was ready to change us all
What a tragic thing it is when greatness does fall

Alone in the darkness of his room the killer did sit
The hero was shot and killed by a man who was painfully desperate

Seeking a greatness of his own
He wasn’t satisfied with the world he was shown

And so died the dream of the hero, this saint
The martyr departed and his fire burned faint

Yet hope never dies
It is in everything from the way we believe to a newborns cries

We would do well to remember that ordinary people have had extraordinary dreams
Amongst all this bloodshed there is more to life than it seems

We are all here together, for what purpose we do not know
However if we recognize those around us, we can always help each other grow

To always be working towards that next step, to be supporting that re-birth
For love is all around us and it is the most important thing on Earth

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You're almost like a mystery i don't know how to solve 
I have no idea what to look forward to because I'm giving it time to evolve

Into something, anything, because it just seems so right
You're stuck inside my head and you keep me up at night 

You've become a part of my everyday and you don't even know it 
The perfect thing to look forward to but i don't know how to show it

Your like the best song, no, i can't get enough 
Like that guy in that romantic movie that I've always dreamed of

And you're something else, i can't quite say 
Because you seem to surprise me in every single way 

You're like a cool drink of water that leaves me satisfied 
No matter what i'm thinking of, you're always in the back of my mind 

And no matter how i flip, it you're like my blessing in disguise
The one that's saving me from all the wrong guys 

And i know you aren't perfect but no one really is 
i don't know what to expect but I can't walk away from this 

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Scarred Yet Sanguine

The gentle sweet angels are calling to me.
They say keep the starlight and then you'll be free.

For I've lost my footing and they seem to know.
My dreams dry and dusty yet I can't let go.

Been longing to play in a heavenly band.
For heartbreak and sorrow have the upper hand.

And now 'midst the turmoil that steams in my soul
a glimmer of stark hope's beginning to roll.

The self does persist now in spite of it all.
Faith and conviction surely breaks my fall.

So wound all you want to,I 'll forgive and forget.
I'm really quite bent but I'm not broken yet!

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Light In The Soul

My heart might be filled with wreckage and woe.
Yet I'll travel on for this much I know-

I cannot give in to still desperation.
I'll look deep within and find my foundation.

A wealth of God-given traits are mine.
And I'm loved alot so I'm feeling fine.

Like my mama before me,I'll lift myself up.
Invite all to drink deep from my loving cup.

Forget about self and just give unto others.
Treat them like they're all my sisters and brothers.

Kindness that's shared comes back hundred-fold.
My soul will gleam like it's rimmed in gold.

So let my candle within glow bright.
I hope my warmth will light someone's night.

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Sweet Dreams And Demons

Lovely landscape is this as I drift along
Swans are floating,happy birds singing their song

Painting my way with the colors of the wind
Forgetting how I could have failed or might have sinned

Reaching out to grasp the warmth and bring it close
Fill my head with shooting stars and bright rainbows

When suddenly the climate changes drastically
My mind's awhirl with things I do not want to see

I can't wake up,I cannot breathe,I dare not scream
As silently I plead"please give me back my dream!"

I'm drenched in fear and crowned with animosity
For the ruination of my simple reverie

I'll be chased down but I'll not give up easily
My dream angel will guide my rest again you see

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I was there the day the Lord came a callin'
His voice was strong that Monday mornin'.

He called up the souls that were there to take
And the lines went from earth up to heaven's gate.

I waited for my name to be called as well
But when it wasn't, to my knees I fell.

"Please Lord" , said I as I lifted my voice
"Take me along with You, as it is Your choice."

Then it flashed before me and I knew
I hadn't been the person on earth that I was supposed to.

Wasn't I the one who always said, "Don't get mad...get even!"
Well, that's what He was doing...just by His leavin'.

I wasn't as kind or forgiving as I should have been
That was my crime...that was my sin.

I wanted to go with that Raptured  group
Instead I was left to write more for the Soup.

I needed to learn that in so many ways
It was my fault that I needed to stay for more days.

Perhaps, should I learn how to be a better man
The Lord would to time extend His hand.

But for now I was to stay where I am
Crying for pity and forgiveness to get out of this jam.

For the Lord sees all from His throne on high
Even the smallest smudge will not get you nigh.

What do I say except, "I'm sorry, Lord..."
There is nothing more precious word.

And I must learn to say it a thousand times more
To those others like me that I've hurt by the score.

For it is their forgiveness which I must first capture
If I want Jesus to take me...whence comes the Rapture.

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Still My Heart Cries

Finding comfort in the silence, best
in mama's warm arms, where I rest
to forget looming yesterdays regrets

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The Rubber Ball

Have you ever bounced a rubber ball?
The way it bounces back off the wall
There is a simple truthful fact
Harder you throw - harder it bounces back
Sometimes things are clear to see
As I’m the ball the ball is me
Sometimes life can be real hard
As the dealer flips another card
The devil attacks in many ways
 I have seen some real hard days
There is truth in the things I write
Devil and I are having us a fight
Just as the truth is the honest fact
Many times I’ve bounced right back
 I wrote this poem with a smile
See I like to go that extra mile
I have found in the prayers I pray
I’m a rubber ball who is here to stay

I wanted to thank you all for the prayers.
I woke up this morning pretty optimistic
about everything that is happening. 
I reckon the Lord will have my back.
You know thats a real good feeling
something I dreamed I could say.
May God Bless Us All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In my stomach's pit is lone despair
My lungs take in the sultry air.
My feet, they shuffle to and fro
My heart, it has no place to go.

By day the boys they see me come
My chest beats steady like a drum.
My soul is spotted, torn, and bruised
My body battered, worn, and used.

Your eyes invite like fires warm
You arms, my shelter from each storm.
You hold me close, the sky's my home
Your castle cloud is where I roam.

Your hands, your touch itself will heal
Your skin is where at home I feel.
Your breath's the air that gives me life
Your dreams I pray will call me "Wife".

Your heart composes notes that bring
Me worth enough that I may sing.
Forever will you stay with me
To have, to hold, to loveth thee?

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Whispered Silence

I yell, but you respond not
I cry, but my tears do not spill
I fear that I might be left here to wrought
Now the dark cold is the only thing I feel

I reach to grasp your hand
But my movement is slow
My memories of you slide out of my mind like sand
But still around me, the darkness grows

Finally feeling to just give in
Your image appeared out of the dark violence
You looked upon me with a miraculous grin
You took my hand in yours, finally I have been
Freed from a whispered silence....

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Darkness Hides

Come with me,
Come and see,
Come through the trees,
Where darkness bleeds.
The black of the night
Hides what should be unscene.
Fear inside,
Gray, cloudy skies,
And no lies.
Hearts that beat,
They happily meet
But then fear strikes inside,
Then darkness comes alive.
Run away now,
Run and hide,
And wait for darkness
To peer inside.

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My Shame

I tasted the breath of death, just the other day
Please bow your heads with me, let us all pray

There was the darkness all curled up in my mind
Looking for something that was not there to find

There was no shame; no guilt there was no reason to lie
I answered each question, about the how and the why

I ask about my wife, my daughter and even my Doctor to
I couldn’t believe I had overdosed; after all I have been through

My wife talked with my Doctor who gave me a hug and a grin
Scared to death that I was about to lose one of my dearest friends 

He said, “Mike that is the number one thing that I love about you”
You ask about how all of us are feeling, with your heart so true

Mike You’re the one table, you’re the one you just about died
Yet it is for each one of us, all of those tears you have cried

Mike look at all the people that are concerned about you
It’s because you have learned how to be truer than true

I bet this little story will be written for the whole world to see
With no shame in your game, guess what just happened to me?

Mike that’s why this whole town loves the person you are
When it comes to the cold hard truth, you shine like a star 

Where most people would be running off someplace to hide
You’ll tell the truth to the world with the Lord at your side

Somebody mentioned the 12-step program and yes I do attend
Though these days everything I do depends on the pain I am in

I created many games in Prison to test ones threshold of pain
Most folk would agree mine sits on the border of totally insane

My nerves have been crushed, cut and broken almost broke into
Which happened to the cartilage in my knee and a ligament or two  

Through it all I’ve helped everyone I can, I have refused to stop
When it comes to my spiritual mountain I’m driven to reach the top

But ever since I overdosed that day, I am on a journey of rest
See the Lord will go to every extreme so we will learn his test

This poem is a beautiful story that keeps running though my mind
Though I reckon I should end it now that there is no more to find

Everyday is a miracle in a single breath our lives can be taken away
Tell the ones that you love I love you, and take time with them to pray

As for me I reckon that I make my mistakes I’m just a part of the game
That little part with a great big heart sharing every last drop of my shame

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Sing, My Idol

Oh, sing me with sweetness the songs that you share
The words and your voice show how much that you care
The light in your eyes, so twinkles for me
Oh, sing me your songs, which make me happy

The stage that you stand on means nothing for sure
For there’s love in your words that just seems to outpour
I know with each word sung, that smile you show
Is secretly for me, of this I do know

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Last June

Season of bliss; drops from afar pelt greens
Wearily grasses splashed and blushed in kins
Boring cold canopied the tired halls
Curtains of strained times peaked towering walls
This ageless path leads everywhere but home
Darkened lanes knitted its lenght in loose comb
Deeply watching roofs pecked in disarray
Through death holes, above vain pits, where dirts lay
At the circle of the beaded calabash-
Prime of the town; a lord hails with no match
His rod longs beyond radius of his sphere
His ways are perfect, to whom life is dear
Crowned lord of the soil, second to the gods
On stairs, where men stares, not step, his throne odds
Born in this month of clouds and thrills of rain
Skies of gloom enshrouds with chilled wails of pain
Evened feelings lacking densed parity
Still smile's kernel, shelters crude hope only
On nailed grounds, callus knees crawled back and forth
Boiling brooding blood blind with discomfort
And when june eloped with carved memories
Daring showers followed, that bode victories

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The hill of life {Resubmit}

Think of life if you will
As a big giant hill
At the bottom there is a road
Each of us start with a equal load
Just as every up has a down
There are forks in the road to be found
At these forks I'm here to say
The right road is a steeper way
The wrong road without a doubt
Is a little more flattened out
Now the road of life is just so long
Whether we do it right or wrong
If in the beginning the right choices we make
A steady incline our life will take
And if we choose the wrong road
We put on our back a heavy load
In the beginning that may be fine
But later in life we hit that incline
And now we face a much steeper road 
Burdened by a much heavier load
We live our lives it does seem
Just trying to reach our dreams
Intertwined by the ropes
That thread together all our hopes
Its simply up to you to choose
Will I win or will I lose

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Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Look all around, what do we all see The world seen so young is it what we believed it to be For this is a world that grows with mans time It's now a ticking clock with destruction it's chime It beggars belief that it's so full of hate If it exists will we ever reach heavens gate So many people in power determine our tomorrows They lie when they get there, growing rich from our sorrows Citizens who are ailing have to pay for their care Whilst the vultures in high towers, just look down and stare Children in pyjama's fight endless needless wars What in the hell are we fighting them for Gun culture and drugs, knife crime seems the passion Our kids our future, it's now their neighbourhood fashion The more our borders we keep open, it dilutes what we share Many queue's we will stand in, in gape open stare The answers are out there if they just open their eyes And if they achieve it, well then this is their prize We need much more than the thoughts from our hearts If anyone is out there, help us humans restart Everyday I look around, and from what I see Hell ain't a bad place to be

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The Minds Elusive Light

To die, to hope, to love, to give
To fight, to hurt, to want, to live

Life as a star, scorching heat, burning bright
Under the sun, scorching heat, reflecting light

Angels and demons all burn by flame
Illuminated, they are the same

Under the sun, within the mind
We are one, light leaves us blind

Compare and contrast, how long will we last?
Slow to fast, quickly, before we're passed

By our morals, convictions, the sun above
By our zeal, ambition, the moonlight love

Swallowed instead by our stubborn lethargy
Consumed, mislead, by our comatose apathy

Do not rely on the sun to always give
Do not lean on light, life eternally to live

Time is long, life is short, passion even less
Reason can be sound, memory can be stout, the mind can regress

Choices can be wrong, life is short, plans turn to mess
Answers can be found, decision and doubt, chance prone to guess

Spend wisely your brief life, utilize passion to find purpose
Remain fluid and elusive, overcome weakness, pursue your bliss

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Loves Forked Road

Loves forked road 

No longer side by side are we
When we drifted apart neither could see.

But  here we stand so far apart
Hoping and wishing for a better start.

Our love we say, still exists deep within
Yet our treatment of each other feels like  sin.

Unable to talk, so quickly anger arouse
Feelings are hurt, deep infliction housed.

 Remedy we know, we must quick find
Both searching desperately within our minds.

For in one condition we have firmly agree
To continue this way and end must  to see.

Yet down this road ,now the the fork we reach
One leads to a new future, the other we must cease.

The ending road neither wish to travel yet
For memories of our love we still hope to get.

The other road an agreement we hope to make
Together side by side, hand in hand to take.

But in our contract these values must follow
To love, honor, respect and in friendship to go.

For these old standing patterns of agreement
Must be replaced with new, the old is sent

Sent to the past forever to lie,
Buried deep away like a funeral must die.

In dedication to our future reunited love
In support and respect to each other made of.

So our hurts and betrayal must be put to rest
And with this new beginning extent of our love test.

For what brought us together most powerful strong
I pray each day no error we made for wrong.

Fall in love again impossible, some  may say
But let us try this with every passing day…

No more cruel words ,no distance of soul
All things written above, these shall be our goal.

Inspiration has found me, with a new beginning
That promise I make to you …our love …no more sinning

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Bare your heart 
Bare your soul
Allow yourself 
Though fear takes hold.
Close your eyes 
~ Fingers crossed ~
Roll the dice 
All won't be lost.
Take my hand 
Trust my touch
Allow yourself 
No need to rush.
Chances taken 
Let love grow
Believe in me
And you will know
That forever starts
Right here,
Right now.
Forever just you and me.
For I’ve never known
A love so strong
Or one that tastes so sweet.

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Valley of the Souls

Way up in the mountaintops
Where even time seems to stop
Buried like a chunk of coal
Lies the valley of the souls
The beauty takes your breath away
For this is where the angels pray
Snow capped peaks standing tall
Surround the valley like a castle wall
Doing all that they can do
To keep the valley hid from view
I stumbled upon it one day
Searching for a place to pray
I felt so very all alone
With a heart as cold as stone
It took me better than a week
To ascend the mountain peak
As I stumbled across the mountain top
My beating heart seemed to stop
As water filled my humble eyes
I prayed the truth of twisted lies
Of God I ask a single plea
Let your Son come unto me
As I descended to the valley floor
I found the peace I was searching for
To all I had gained and all I had lost
The breeze took away the cost
Into my soul it was slowly burned
Make use of all the lessons learned
One day I shall have a spiritual birth
For all that’s born returns to the earth
My spirit will fly beautiful and free
Beyond all we know and all we see
To meet the maker who made us whole
And be welcomed into the valley of the souls

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Waiting at the gates

Love is a thing that grows like a vine
It's message is clear just look for the sign
It's like a flower that grows from a seed
It's beauty will provide all that you need
It's strong enough to survive the hardest of task
Yet soft enough to let go of all of its mask
For there is no need to be what your not
If the one you love loves you a lot
When in love you forgive all the mistakes
And take more than you ever thought you could take
You learn to share more than you should share
As well as care more than you should care
Love is two people doing all that they can
To share in the power and joy of the land
Love is two people blessing each others hearts
And keeping the world from tearing them apart
Love is drying each others tears
And love is facing each others fears
Love is the beginning as well as the end
It's the comforting words of a dear friend
Love is till death and after its gone
The one left alone shall always love on
And after death conquers the left alone mate
Love is the other waiting at the gates   

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A Beginning

A beginning
A start
A spark in my heart

A story
A tale
A cloud with a sail

A legend
A myth
A princess to kiss

A myst’ry
A crime
The very last rhyme

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The Eternal Optimist

The world needs a little good news everyday
Just look on the bright side it's better that way
Kick up your heels and say howdy my friends
Just smile at a stranger your woes you'll transcend

On the verge of disaster show them there's hope
To look at this world through a much larger scope
It may be contagious you'll start a new trend
Who knows it might happen you'll make a new friend

I know that the cynics will laugh and they'll scoff
To think that us humans past sins we can doff
We've got to start somewhere so why not right now
The world will stop fighting and wars disavow

Just call me a dreamer I welcome that name
Don't need any medals no fortune or fame
The best compensation a world filled with joy
Where everyone's happy and spirits are buoyed

We can't let our efforts just end up in vain
We must see a world where happiness reigns
It's crucial for us to succeed in this quest
Else mankind will perish my case I do rest

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Anarchy in the UK

This once nation of peace and calm, lies in chaos and anarchy
It's Government in broken promises, imploding indefinitely

Students are the first to react, their future in tattered torn
Through barricades they implore, their resilience will never be worn

To go back on why you've been voted in, is sacrilege to them
Being blatant has been their response, from alleged honourable men

Days of protests abound, whilst the multitudes in gather grow
Anarchy is their cry, it's for you, whom we'll overthrow

A week has duly passed, as the masses rise in cities rife
They target Government offices, now lying empty in soulless strife

Stubbornness kicks in, by these trusted voted in
In blind they see no reason, to allow their lies to thin

We are now into the second week, enforcement officers cannot contain
Around their table the dishonourable crew, call in our fighting men

Through the barricades, dialogues from our forces gain
Brothers shout to brothers, through the same windows, mirrored are pains

For they have similar irks, to be combatant without their needs
Being posted to lands we don't belong, filling their Governments greed's

Barriers now in fall, amidst the students their brothers unite
No weapons are called upon, a non triggered anarchy strikes

Many cities are now affected, in education down
The anarchy cry kicks in, whilst the Government in place sits drowned

On the steps of No 10, it's aged door now lies ajar
I no longer speak for the people he says, our lies have gone too far

Voted in, now voted out, candidates step forward, in truthful elected cry
For whom now elected, be prepared for the reign, or future political die

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I am saddened by the world today.
Hypocrisy stands in the way.

No wonder Jesus said get out!
Tossing tables all about!

This is a place where we should pray.
Not show off our ride in the driveway.

What's up with gossip disguised as prayer?
I'm scared to death to go back in there!

Still, I know I should just turn my head.
If not For God I would be dead.

I am justifying my own fear.
I know the truth, and hold it dear.

I sang the songs up in the choir.
I closed my eyes to fears desire.

I can do the same now that I'm grown.
A humble tear down my cheekbone.

Lord, help me make it to the door.
Plant my knees against the floor.

From now until the final end.
This House of Pain I must attend.

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Scars left behind

There are scars on my skin that nobody can see
But they’re not the ones that last for all eternity
I can’t believe that I’m going through all of this pain
And as I keep it in, I’m becoming more insane
As I grow and grow, it gets even stronger
Why did you burn and sting me forever?
Stuck in my past as I’m cutting my skin
I hope that God forgives me for my following sin
You are my father, so where is the affection?
Do you hate me, because I’m not perfection?
You burn, drown me, and sometimes a stab
You ridicule me and in my eye I got a jab
You tease me and beat me continuously
If you didn’t want kids, why did you make me?
I never asked to be born, why am I your mistake?
Why don’t you try to love me for heaven sake?
I am alone, just a stone that is bleeding
I don’t really know why I’m still breathing
Tired of life, nobody loves me
There was no good beginning, but my life won’t end badly
There is no escape, there is only death
Now it is time to breathe m last breath
Goodbye world, for life isn’t kind
And dad I hope you’ll suffer, the scars I left behind

By: Julie Alcin

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Spoiled Plans

I purchased flowers myself, for just in case,
One last look in the mirror, checks my face.

The big clock in the hall announces six.
Only the last minute things to fix.

His gift is by his plate with big red bow.
How long it took to wrap he‘ll never know.

I survey my pretty table now, with pride.
And picture how we’ll look there side by side.

I reminded him this morning at the door.
He nodded briefly, this sweet man whom I adore.

I know he’s said it’s just another day,
But he used to bring me candy anyway.

I’ve put the baby early in her bed,
We need privacy if tender words are said.

When he calls me a romantic little fool,
I know he doesn’t mean to ridicule.

He pretends he doesn’t want a valentine,
I give one that proudly tells him, “You Are Mine”.

I try not to look again to see the time
And concentrate on writing him a rhyme.

Just then he calls to say, “I will be late.
I hope you ate your dinner, didn’t wait.

Joe emailed me to say he is in town.
He’s buying dinner, so I couldn’t turn him down.

If you’re sleeping I will wake you,” my man said.
“Can’t wait to crawl into our warm inviting bed.”

He hung up quickly, must have had another call,
We won’t be eating my nice dinner after all.

Though this evening wasn’t quite what I expected,
I know it’s foolish to be feeling so rejected.

I clear the table, put the food away.
I only hope that it is good another day.

I wouldn’t feel quite so unhappy as I do,
If it weren’t that it’s our anniversary too. 

By: Joyce Johnson

This is one example of emotion.  

It is restrained and resigned, but it is emotion.  If the dam ever breaks, watch out!!!


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Just A Soul

You know it feels funny coming out of a box
Shackled by chains behind a thousand locks

To a wide open world that seems like a dream
 Not one solitary part of my life is now obscene 

I have friends I talk to that live all over the world
Across thousands of miles our souls have been twirled

They have twirled together in a wonderful dance
Which binds the heart in a deep, spiritual romance

Each of us live together yet we live so far apart
You can’t measure distance, speaking of the heart

An inch is a light-year somewhere out in space
I reckon someday we will all find our place  

You know heaven is what I pray that place will be
It’s very hard to imagine all the people we will see

A place where all things will be put forever a side
You can just sign me up boys I’ll go for the ride

Death is just freedom from all that we know
I wonder what it will be like, just being a soul

I just want to say it saddens my heart to go from
one of our top community builders for over two
years to barely being able to sit long enough to
post a single poem and make very few comments.
I have actually reached the point where I'm starting
to feel like Job who faced one test after another.
This poem is how I feel about us, we are more
than friends we are a poetic family and one day
our souls will be set free. Always remember every 
trial is but a doorway to a blessing. One day our 
souls will meet and I will be proud of the friends
I have chosen. God Bless you all, mj

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One Faith

One page from the Bible is all I need to read
When day's callous cares my joys exceed

One heart promise kept my being believes
Will all life's anxious moment here my soul relieves

One law alone by his strength alone to keep 
Purify me from vain ambitions and let me sleep

One hour in the word each day makes secure
My knowledge of his will, and keep me pure

One faith in Him who made heaven and earth
Who knelt in dust and gave me birth

One faith when curse became blessings on the cross
Marks with his blood and cleanse me of dross

One faith to live, one faith to die, one faith to rise
And claim the throne beyond the skies

One faith that came from the word, one page
To read, for so happy work what blessed wage! 

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As I Swim In That Heavenly Sea

Stars twinkle and flicker all the time,
And I think I am too old to mind,
It costs me more as time goes on,
But stars still twinkle off and on.
When my time has been used,
And I am dust upon your shoes,
Look up to the night time sky,
And see a star and wonder why?
Please think kindly of me,
As I swim in that heavenly sea,
For all I have ever done or been,
Is not for me but a hope to be seen.
To leave a mark, a token too,
To be remembered mainly by you,
This vain hope is a sin, I know,
But as a star in your heart
I would glow.
Grow and glow, and warm and protect,
If this only could be
It would be perfect.
And so when you look at the stars above,
See me and know
All my love.

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For Jenny

An innocence that once was lost
Lives within a broken heart

There it lies in hope and wait
Barred behind a lonesome gate

Waiting for to be revealed
A true desire long concealed
Joy and light beyond compare
Filled with beauty true and fair

Certain it shall find a way 
To live and love another day

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The old ugly and new

 Murky, dusky, dim,
 The old man full of sin.
Polluted, diseased, and bare,
Looking through the eyes of despair.
Glowing, active, alive,
The new man’s vivacious drive.
Hope, confidence, a VOICE,
A spirit that now can rejoice.

By: Sabina Nicole

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as the days tick away

so death,
do I beat thee
every night,
softly, without
a fight?

so sleep,
do I dream thee
every day,
softly, within
my plight?

So Holy,
do I praise Thee
w' every breath,
Softly, with you
beyond m' own death?

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Future Gain

It's all a common misconception,
Living in a world of dark deception,
No-one really knows the truth,
Horming new generation youth,.
Cannot configure right from wrong, 
We're stringing them all along,.
Leading them to a bleak future,
One with nothing but a dying culture,
I'd like to say "we can change",
But we are all too stuck in our ways,
Change isn't seem as something good,
It's about making things understood.

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Ceremony Today

There is a ceremony
But not a time for bologney

Where I will be inducted
Not instructed

Into a program
One that I'm not sure serves ham

Called NJHS*
And I've heard it's one of the best

Along with other scholars
Some bearing a couple dollars

Will accept this invitation
With great emancipation

And this will look amazing
Not to mention far from cows grazing

On future high school applications
Along with my unique creations

So yes, I have a ceremony
Where no one will serve boloney

I hope you wish my luck
But do not mail me a duck

For I am to read my poem Followerª
And I hope I don't feel like a wallower

So yes, I have got to go
And get ready for my show

*NJHS - National Junior Honors Society
ªThis poem is included in my list of poems, although the one being read has some changes in it... I will make sure to post the revised one in a few minutes :)

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Dearest Linda Marie

Dearest Linda Marie,
My heart goes out to thee,
For I heard that your boat has had some trouble at sea,
Though the waves have formed turbulence,
And the winds have loudly roared,
I want you to know that you are still very much adored, 
May the storms in your life be suddenly stilled,
May God give you new strength and allow you to be absolutely filled
With peace that passes all understanding
After all you have endured you shall have a safe landing,
Rest in the fact that in this New Year,
You will overcome and be victorious my dear,
Even though you may not know me and we have never met,
I sent to you all the smiles, joy and love that someone could ever get,
And I know that you will recover and be better than before,
Because you’re a poetrysouper that has greatness forevermore.

By: Sabina Nicole
To: Linda Maria
Written: 1-12-12

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I Love You

I dream of your touch while you're away
I think of your voice all through the day

I dream of the day I can fall asleep beside  you
I think of whenever you say I Love You

I dream you're with me every night
Laying down and holding me tight

You're the reason my heart is whole
You're the love inside my soul

I think about you night and day
And i know it seems I always say

I never want to see you go
I love you and I hope you know

I love you with all my heart
And I hope we'll never be apart

We'll be together for all time
And I want you to know you'll always be mine.

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Some waves wait for a sign from our moon;
The silver line will touch the cold room
Ready to move a night of special kind, 
Trying to tame the cruel sea behind;
As they would catch in the same ring,
In which the human spirit may sing
The lyrics of the solitary golden rain,
While night is pulling the stars`train.
White waves’ struggle may retrieve
New hope for you to be ready to leave.
And so, tomorrow`s song of loud tone,
May find that man that speaks alone
And love that rows the invisible little boat,
With wretched birds of chattering note;
But on the heights,if hope`s sapphire is sad 
While walking on the mountain red,
The dreams learn fly in the pure air:
As place, this heart, this times my dear.

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The Wayward Pilgrim

Wayward pilgrims scattered and lost
Frightened beings, low on rations, slowed by frost

Searching for the holy land they wandered astray
Despite prayers for help, they can't but doubt that they'll see another day

They left with so much zeal and hope, so much faith
They felt passion and mirth, they were convinced the lord would keep them safe

They no longer know where they are and the path to travel
Their spirits are tested, their sanity slowly begins to unravel

Some are lost to the thought that God is everything, nothing else exists
Others give in to base survival instincts as it becomes harder to resist

Crisis of the faithful, the beautiful and the damned
It's the answer to challenge that truly reveals every woman and man

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Free Hearts

My sky is black and so is yours,
The cold sea rushes upon our shores.

I love you dear, we'll run away,
We'll run until our heart fades grey.

Their love is lost but ours is here,
We'll save our love throughout the years.

And as we confess our true love,
Our black sky stares from up above.

The sky is jealous of our pair,
She's jealous of the love we share.

But she cant hurt us, don't you see,
We'll run away until we're free.

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The Best I Can

You may cross the valley with its fields so fresh and green
Or go across the mountains that seem as there a dream

You can scale the ridges that run up and down the coast
Cross the seas that have collected their own share of ghost

No matter where you go or what ever you may see
You’ll never meet another soul that has two sides like me

On one side is the past on the other is the now
As I see it most of it doesn’t even matter anyhow

Life is but a roller coaster spinning up and down
One day we wear a smile the next may be a frown

One day we feel young and strong the next all worn out
A day in time creates a rhyme is this what I’m all about

I’m all alone in my home this window is my best friend
It is all in this life that lets the outside world come in

I don’t really go out too much I’m afraid of what I may do
So I sit here and live my life like the little old lady in the shoe

The pain and doubt wear me out weighing heavy on my soul
As I wonder would it be best if death just came and took its toll

Then I see my beautiful wife in her car coming down our road
I remember the reason I’m here is to help her with her load

It’s just another day I’m here to say, sitting here in my chair
I guess the old saying is true; “no one said life would be fair” 

If it were fair I reckon my ashes would be resting in some Urn
But I guess its up to God who picks when it will be our turn

If pain is gain then I’m insane, I’m in a grip of pain every single day
The fact of the matter is I’m in pain, each and every step of the way

But its all ok I’m here to say for I am still on a spiritual path
You don’t really have to be a genius to learn and do the math

One plus one equals two, and my darling that would be me and you
For the things you say and do, know my heart and love are forever true

When we met I was shake & bake always take, flying upon a distant star
Mess with me and very soon you’ll see, inside the trunk of my car

Now I’m give and love holding Christ above, just trying to be a man
Some days are good and others bad but know I’m doing the best I can

When I write it out you can have no doubt, it’s out of my control
Sometimes the words pour out of my heart and other times my soul

All we are is the things we do so I wrote this poem proud and true
The reason I do what I do ; I reckon I love each and every one of you

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Prelude to a Dream

In the hazy, scarlet radiant glow of evenings dusk
When the air is filled with the faint allure of musk
Before the first stars of twilight begin to shine
And a balmy summer breeze feels so divine

Amidst the ebony silhouetted branches of a tree
Where fluttering birds both wild and truly free
Sing passionate songs as they retire for the night
And fill the air with intoxicating voices of delight

The seduction of a cascade’s calming tune
Reflecting the first light of the rising moon
And the whisper of a soothing murmuring stream
A tranquil lullaby and prelude to a dream

And as the light surrenders to the stars
To galaxies far beyond Sun and Mars
The delicate memories of day begin to fade
Until slumber overtakes the serenade

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Written for my son Chris as he begins a new chapter in his life...

He left yesterday, the adventure now before him there...
Kids today, sometimes I just don't know...I swear.

He decided that a move from home would be just the thing
So now he's on his way to China...a jet on the wing.

What he'll do there is still uncertain
But, I know that he will do a lot of flirtin'.

He's thirty years old and a child no longer,
His mother and I wish we could be stronger.

For the coop is bare as is his room
We won't be hearing from him very soon.

The adventure has begun for him you see 
I guess that this is the way it had to be.

Wanderlust in his imagination has taken hold
"Now", he said, "is the time for me to be bold".

He goes to seek his fortune and fame
Filled with the desire that beast to tame.

I'm sure he will tell us of his travels there
Shanghai, Wusii, and other places rare.

We now stare at each other and smile
Knowing that our son will be okay in awhile.

For he is grown and a man to be sure
Raised with good principles, integrity, and honor.

Yet, I as a father cannot explain
How I truly feel, the lingering pain.

Only a parent has to deal with this vice
With every child, you just roll the dice.

He will be in our thoughts and prayers
Though on the other side of the world I doubt that he cares.

He doesn't know the language, customs, or tradition
Yet off he's live in that condition.

Like the traveler of old that we read about in books
He will be searching for every new nuance in the crannies and nooks.

And when he returns from his sojourn there
Little will be the time he can spare.

For I know that he will turn around to return
More time to spend to sate the yearn.

And what do I call him now? ... if you ask me,
I think I'll refer to him as - "Marco Pulaski".

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Positive Function

Stop writing the same thing again and again
Find a different theme and create anew my friend

Don't be predictable, don't allow your intellect to trick you into pretentious suffocation
Become a know it all before have it figured out and the world will leave you behind, leaving you with frustration

Point being? Always ask why? Curiosity is the key to life
Ask questions, solve problems, try to make things right

Positivity is truly a connection a flowing energy
We all serve a function, flowing into symmetry 

We're regressing now because we're all distracted
We haven't found the universal problem that will attract us 

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Sometimes you have to visit the past,
The strongholds that once had such a tight grasp,
All so you can finally let go,
Allow God's love to simply flow,
Sometimes you have to see where you were,
When you were there, you were in such a blur,
To truly appreciate where you are going,
Even if you get nervous and hate not knowing,

The great Divine,
Is always on time,
Never is he late,
When you allow Him to hold the weight,
You have all you need
when you let Him lead
You can make it through
Dont let anything stop you,

Appreciate the sounds of angels cheering you on in the distant breeze,
Allow them to put your mind and heart at ease,
Love waits for you with hands stretched out
Dont allow your mind to fill you with hopelessness and doubt,

Sometimes yesterday has to be viewed,
In order to make today not skewed,
Sometimes after the storm reflection must take place,
In order to find the strength to continue on in life's race,
Look how far you have come,
Instead of walking you will begin to run,
Look how beautiful it has started to taste,
When you search real deep you'll see nothing was a waste.

Even in your worst moments and memories,
Remember the One who died so you could be set free,
Even when you have long nights all alone,
What’s happening is that you’re gently being sown.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 4/11/11

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Words That Have Been Said...

The things you say in anger, can never be withdrawn,
Like a stone thrown over water, once it leaves your hand it’s gone;

Even though you want to take it back, as soon as it’s been said,
Those harsh words hang between you, until both of you are dead;

Try to leave those words unspoken, it’s always better that way,
Cause not matter how hard you try, there are things you can’t unsay;

It can break your heart in two, if you say what you don’t mean,
Cause even though you try to fix it, those words stay hidden there, unseen;

And they will come back to haunt you, someday they will appear,
Brought up in casual conversation, in a month or in a year;

And the sinking feeling that hits you, is no more than you deserve,
Because you had to say those stupid words, just to strike a nerve;

Now this warning that I give to you, is more valuable than gold,
Cause at the end of the day it’s not worth, the pain and torment you uphold;

Don’t say hurtful things in anger, just to prove that you are right,
Cause those little things between you, are what keep you up at night.

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I Still see Beauty

I still see beauty in the world 
despite its ugliness. 

I still see love in the world 
despite the hatred. 

I still see hope in the world 
despite the despair. 

I still awake in the morning 
and breathe fresh air. 

I still walk on a beach 
and feel the wind in my hair. 

I still marvel at the ocean 
and its tidal symmetry, 

yet I still weep at the sadness 
of today's society...... 

Its selfish materialism and 
lack of care........ 

Its hatred and murder, 
and its unwillingness to share....... 

yet I still see beauty in the world: 
it shines with the sun, 

I still see beauty 
when wild horses run. 

I see hope fading, packing up to go. 
Fed up of waiting, 

oh stay hope, stay. Just one more day?
Don't go away, 

For I'll still see beauty in the world 
come what may. 

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I wish the memory of you would depart.
I wish that I could cut you from my heart.

I wish that I had not met you that fateful day,
I wish I had run far far away.

I wish I had not been so naive
I wish I had just let you leave.

It does not matter what I wish,
For regret is now your dish.

Regret of ever loving you.
Regret of having no clue.

Regret that vile you spew?
Regret means nothing to you!

It makes my blood run cold
That I believed the lies you told!

Will I ever truly be whole?
Can I forget what you stole?

I hope to one day be
The one that is truly free.

I hope to find release.
I hope that you give me peace.

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By The Grace of God

By the grace of God I was set free
All of the sin I wrote out of me
There are a couple of reasons that I write
See I’m seeking the spiritual light
I stepped out of the darkness of sin
Let the Lord sooth my pain from with-in
To ever truly be free I had no doubt
Every sin had to be wrote out
I had to write them out so the world could see
The only way to live is total honesty
Once you have confessed all of your lies
You need no excuses or alibis 
It all is as clear as can be
“He died on the cross for you and for me”
The reason he did it well don’t you know
He not only loves your life he loves your soul

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Imagine Wakening Up

Imagine wakening up and not a single sound to be heard
No chirping of birds, beautiful visions now become blurred

Imagine wakening up to find all the colours have gone
Then you start to wonder did you hear them sing their songs

Imagine wakening up not knowing who are all around 
The closing in of the abyss consuming your common ground

Imagine wakening up into a world you just don't understand
Strolling down what you think are memories, ashen grey and bland

Imagine wakening up, and having to see through my eyes
You are looking into my heart the day before you arrived

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Crowded Loneliness

Walking down a lonely road 
Melody inside my head echoed  
Passing by all sorts of people, 
People passing by me, so strange yet simple 
Imagine all the people walking by, 
Not caring to notice, just staring blankly at the sky 
Yet one of those people might know a secret, 
One that you can't see, like a ghost or a spirit

Try going through this magic window 
A window of light with curtain of shadow
The miracle of looking beyond the obvious 
A land in your mind where creation is countless  

Moving by and moving through
What's the difference? I don't know.

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Excitement is running through my mind at this point,
It is hard to control so much 

When something so honorable,
Happens to come across

For me personally,
It was the proposition

From a contest by,
World Poetry Movement

In which I entered in,
And received a letter back

Stating that my poem,
Had made it to the next level

But that is not all,
Oh no

What's more is that they informed me,
That they were publishing that very poem

In a book titled "Stars In Our Hearts"
Which is to be published in August this year

I hope each and every one who happens to read this,
May read my poem "The Beat of the Heart"

In the book.
Thank You.

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Valley of the river Clyde

seventeen hands, the load heavy and wide

Bound and strapped with a purpose for life

versatility quite graceful, chestnut and white

A tower so agile, a strength undenied  

a dream once fading, the fight now revived........................   


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Repressing old memories,
Past pictures burnt and torn.
Finding the love of my life
And never wanting anything more.
Sitting here wondering
If this is how it was meant to be.
He is my life
And all he will ever need is me.
Holding him close,
Never feeling us drift.
Shifting back and forth,
Shuffling in my head.

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Who is He contest

Who His He...

He is the silence in my head,
The control that I need when something wrong has been said,
The sky that is many shades of blue,
The reason my life has been renewed,
The answers to what I so often think,
The words I write with my paper and ink,
The second chance at hand,
The one who truely understands,
He is the rain that cries my tears,
The whispers that calm my inner fears,
The one who freezes time on days
When I need to simply rewind,
He is the reason for the human race,
He is the one who advances me to first place,
The one who never lets me go,
The one who always knows how to help me grow,
He is the road that leads me safely home,
The one who tells me I am never alone,
The one who always picks me up,
The one who will never give me up,

He is God!!!

By: Sabina Nicole

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Coming Out Of The Shadows

In my life I am lost,
Like i am stuck in a holocaust.
I seem to fade away,
Here alone and decay.
There is no will to fight,
I pretend I am all right.
The smile I hold is fake,
At any second it could break.
All feelings set loose,
Emotions will reproduce.
Yet no tears from this eye,
Only because you standby.
When I break you grin,
Your strength is held within.
I look at you and am impressed,
You only want me to be depressed.
I get back on my feet.
You will fall in defeat. 
You think I am at the end of my time plan.
I am sorry to say my life has just began.

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Crystal Clear

They mock me and call me weak
My bones they say, they can tweak
They tell me I will easily die
Over my death, no one will cry
I’m just an average fool
Trying to do something cool
Going after glory and fame
Just to have a better name
I’m just a loser, lower than zero
I will never become a hero
Although, it is my only desire
One which I truly aspire
But I’m not that tough or strong
Fighting crime, a place I hardly belong
I know that it’s true
Sometimes it makes me blue
But they shall see
What I’m supposed to be
All I got to do is train
Work hard and fight the pain
For honor and justice, I will fight
Even if it drains all my might
To my dream, I’m getting near
I can see it now, crystal clear

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Heart of the Valiant: Thirteen Monks

Thirteen men of doubt we were; forsaken from our own minds.
We weren't like our masters. We were like raw iron with no grind.
Without any experience and faith, we seemed weak to all.
Yet, we were the thirteen that were said to hear the call.

We were mined from our deposits, and forged into a force.
A force of will, strength, faith, and courage, we were no longer coarse.
Thirteen men of strong will we became; the force of serenity.
Our offense being water, and defense being earth, this was our identity.
War has broken loose. The greediness of man stole our lands.
As thirteen we were chosen; to risk life for peace while we stand.
Against one-thousand men, while outnumbered, we were still stronger.
Our twenty-six hands turned to that of ten-thousand. We took doubt no longer.

One-thousand men defeated, but no lives taken; the hand of peace spoke.
Will is never lost. It is only found. When attained, men are one not broke.
Thirteen guardians of courage we remained; from ore to edge.
Thirteen men of realization we became. Of peace and faith we pledge. 

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Held hostage by silence, so she keeps it inside.
The words she did speak are now locked in her mind.

Make believe romance; Thoughtful gifts he did bring.
Coming home with stuffed animals, cards and doting.

He sits at his table, she longs to be fed.
Once he sat beside her, now the computer's his bed.

Tapping away, the sound rips through the room.
Where is the hammer so their life will resume?

The words of her mother rings through her ears.
"You've made your bed, now dry up those tears."

"He doesn't beat you, now make this thing work!"
Then reality hit her and the shame came to lurk.

She's in a mess but her youth is still there.
There has to be someone to love her somewhere.

So, she'll bide her time and with patience will wait.
For her true love will find her, her righteous soul mate.

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There was a king of yesterdays
Shadowed by his sorrow
Went round the world for nights and days,
Looking for tomorrow

There was a king of days gone by
Fearful of his sorrow
In empty promise of goodbye
Looking for tomorrow

There was a king of stolen time
Froze the blink of sorrow
In love he found the perfect rhyme
Forever is tomorrow

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What do you do

What do you do when the love has gone
You wake up every morning where you don't belong

What do you do when your trust has been broken
Where there's been lying and deceit, unhappiness your token

What do you do to absorb all this grief
What is the remedy to find some relief

What do you do when there is no end in sight
When you know it's now broken and it will never be right

What do you do when you have no place to run
Is it the front of a train or at the end of a gun

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Did He die in vain, leaving no visible trace to remember Him by?
Did He fall into Satan's deceitful trap and let him continue to lie?

We can be victorious as Christ was and become immortal, 
let the evildoers destroy themselves with deeds so immoral!

Did His deviate from the holy path and be easily deceived by false glory,
no, He did not give into the Angel of Darkness, but resisted with hostility. 

We can be victorious as Christ was...truly divine and humble,
let others mock us with their irrationality, we will not tremble!

Did He speak against the tyrants of His day, to be praised for being bright?
No, He did not...but with His whip He cleaned a temple so impure and dark!

We can be victorious as Christ and be part of His prophesied kingdom,
and marked by true modesty and humbleness, we'll lose our humanism!

Did He want to die as an impostor to satisfy the ego of a would-be God?
No, He did not seek glorification without merit and be called the Word! 

We can be victorious as Christ was by denouncing all vanity and wickdeness,
not being crucified on Calvary as He was, but be resurrected as Lazarus was!

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Past, Present, Future

I lived a life of sorrow and pain
     No rest for the weak, no hope of gain

A trapped soul and broken heart
     A lack of love from the start

A spark of hope hastily smothered
     A glimpse of light quickly covered

No choice in life but to cower in fear
     Forced to sit and drown in my tears

"Don't make a sound and don't talk back
     Do what you're told. Don't give us flack!"

I sink deeper in a pit of despair
     I cry inside, "this isn't fair!"

Then water couldn't dowse, sand couldn't smother
     A certain spark of truth in another

When the truth came out and the culprit was caught
     We finally let go of the lies we were taught

I escaped a life of lies and deceit
     Now it's up to me to stand on my feet

Now I start over... let go of the past
     A new life is mine... the old, outcast

Now I smile as joy floods my soul
     I know happiness now and my life feels whole

I've let go of my past. It's over and done
     But my future is bright like the shinning sun

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Follower - REVISED

I was a follower
A coward,
Just trying to fit in
In this busy, busy empire
Then I met a person,
who believed she had it all
not in the bad way, as you would suppose
She gave me some advice,
Can you guess what it was?
Simple and plain,
Just powerful enough:
She said if you hold your head up high
But not so far
That your nose is in the sky...
If you're proud of what you acquire,
Your confidence shoots higher
If you speak up, voice your opinion,
Let people know that you’re not just another minion...
If you be who you want to,
And forget the people who say it’s not you...
And if you are kind to others,
Especially your mother
YOU are a leader.
You ARE a leader.
You are a LEADER.
If you stand up for  the people that you may not even know
Tell that ignorant harasser just to get up and go
If you know where you should be,
There’s a whole lot you can see
If others think you're worth nothing,
Show them they’re wrong by saying
“You're wasting your time by trying to waste mine!”
And just walk away
Make sure to tell them
You’re a leader,
But what are they?

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A Beautiful Season

As I open my eyes the pain shoots through my head
I swear some times I think I would be better off dead

I love my wife, kids and friends, empty they would be
So I’ll remain that lonesome vessel sailing across the sea

They all know that I gave up, gave up all of my dreams
Those of all the power, glory and living blatantly obscene

I had power on the streets and power up in the pen
Know that I was once proud to be the very breath of sin

What is it like once we start trying so hard to change
Know that every facet of our life we must re-arrange 

One day I started teaching about trying to reach our dreams
You see it is blind people that walk through Demons schemes

Demons schemes are hard to see, do you know the reason why
Just like in a storm the clouds will cover, all the blue up in the sky

Demons schemes are like a dream, offering all the pleasure we may feel
Some days for me to not fall back on them, takes every drop of my will

See every single day that I stay clean and stay true to myself
I gain just a little more insight as to what is truly wealth

Wealth is a frame of mind, offering freedom to our soul
I write my poems because I wish to simply reach that goal

And the one thing that I wish, the one thing that keeps me here
Is because I hope that just one soul won’t go, through all my tears

You see I have tasted emptiness that is as cold as cold as can be
I only hope that one of you will learn, Please don’t end up like me

Today is tomorrows past, so make it last, be all that you can be
Praise the Lord every second and say, I wish to live for thee

Storms will come and they will go nothing ever changes that
Trust in God and know in your heart, his love is where its at

He knows our prayers before there spoken as we kneel to pray
Bound to his will as well as time, if our prayers shall come to bay

I Praise him for the pain I’m in because I know he has a reason
And at the end of all the pain, will come a very beautiful season

Yesterday I overdosed so I figured I should add that information in
To be a true example of right we must include even the accidental sin

I could not believe the words I heard as they said you’ve overdosed
Though the taste of death in my mouth was as familiar as buttered toast

See I have tasted death so many times that it is like a long lost friend
My life is still the same only difference is, the truth I will not bend
This story is the truth and goes with my blog

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I know I haven’t been there yet,
It’s the one thing that I do regret;

There’s no place I would rather go
Such history from so long ago

Someday I will make that trip,
Maybe by plane, maybe by ship;

To see the Pyramids and the Sphinx,
Abu Simbel and the “missing link’s”;

To visit Luxor and Valley of the Kings,
Egypt is filled with so many things;

From Giza to Karnak and Abusir,
To Saqqara and the Oasis of Ahm Shere;

I can’t wait to see them all up close,
Of Egypt I need a healthy dose;

I’m saving up to travel there,
Readying my mind - so much to prepare;

So many places in Egypt to see,
The only thing missing there is me;

~10th Place in the "African's Attitude" Contest by Adeleke Adeite~

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Six Months

Six months have gone by,
Six months I have tried,

my heart has grown so much,
Encouraged by your touch

I no longer have fear,
Because I know your here.

Broken bones have been unhealed,
But you had shown true love revealed.

I now know that I'm not alone,
My voice a\has found a brand new tone.

Opened my eyes and made me see,
That there's a heart beating in me.

You give me hope, now i believe,
That you won't lie, you won't decieve.

I also know that you're the one,
Into our empty bliss we'll run.

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From The Past

Of all the friends that I’ve known and lost
I reckon at times life will collect its cost

Sometimes the thought makes me sad
As I start thinking of the dreams we had

I know who was right and who was wrong
I reckon it all plays out like a country song

Life of the party is how the song did start
But I reckon it ended with broken hearts

As the years pass by and the memories fade
I remember how we thought we had it made

If life was a bull we had it by the horns
Got the rose by scratching through the thorns

I loved you all more than words can say
I never meant to hurt anybody in any way

But most of my life that was my only curse
I tried to make it better as it just got worse

Just as the guitar player starts a new cord
I turned my life and will over to the Lord

 I’m setting here wishing you all could see
The light of the Lord shinning bright in me

I reckon life is less than funny that way
There are some things we never get to say

Things that are forever etched in the heart
Pulling all of us further and further apart

The Lord has given me a wonderful wife
Together her and I share a beautiful life

As far as our children it is beautiful to see
We have formed a melting pot of a family

From two families broken totally apart
We all do cherish each other’s hearts

I wrote this poem in hopes that someday
You’ll read my words and feel what I say

And know in your hearts its words are true
Especially the ones, “I love all of you”

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The tears flow down my face never ending.
There's no one around so I can stop pretending.
I don't want to try,
I just want to die.
Alone, depressed its all true.
How could I be hurt so much by you?
You meant so much to me but you have killed me.
Without you I could be free.
Thats not what I want, I want us to be together.

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the misty morning savior of your worry

i can be the misty morning savior of your worry
allow me to be the medicine that will ease the stress of your hurry

skies become clearer and clouds will be fewer
particular traditions become more scarce and true intentions will appear newer

open your all to the new life smell of this present day
let the rejuvenated zest of this specialized spirit lead you a new and improved way

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Living & Giving

Another blessing on another day
Just another chance to pray

Pray for what, “Well lets see”
Everything the Lord does for me

Not to mention what he does for my wife
Praise be to God what a wonderful life

Facing life on its own terms
Was a lesson we had to learn

Had to learn to say “no’ to the high
Stay on the ground and reach the sky

Whatever we need we get for free
Lord looking out for us you see

Wanted some plants to landscape the yard
Lady said no its all-free put up your card

I’ll even come by and offer my advice
Heard from Brian you folk are really nice

Then I’ll bring the rest of the plants for free
Need help planting count on my family and me

Spiritual Enlightenment is all I can say
Living and giving is the only right way

Never pushing our forcing advice
Let our actions be our words of life

Living by example with no words said
Come on in lets break us some bread

Day started off in so much pain
Getting out of bed seemed in vein

But as I end this poem all I can say
What a wonderfully beautiful special day

Another day the Lord filled our need
Man I love the joy of spreading seed

For each seed planted ten more sprout
We use what we need and give the rest out

Which in turn brings so many more
Living and giving is what life is for

Today I started my day on the site waiting
on my Doctor worried i had a large blood
clot in my leg - Thank God it wasn't and 
the rest of the day - God sure does bless 
us. God Bless and Good night from
Michael, Toni & Michaela

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To the New Year

Our goals are simple and easy to acheive
Anything is possible as long as we believe
We'll live our lives free, with no reservations
Spur of the moment, without any hesitations
This year will be better, things have to improve
We'll buy a new house and take that exciting move
We'll walk down the aisle surrounded by friends
Totally spoil ourselves and indulge in the latest trends
At the end of next year we'll look back and say
We did it baby, good things actually came our way
We'll finish the year with an ear to ear smile
Everything we've been through will finally become worthwhile.

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Working in the Dark

I feel like I've dug a hole so deep it's better to distract myself from the fact that 
I'm dwelling in it
I create while I live underground, buried but not dead. I slowly dig tunnels, 
looking for a way out, I won't quit

I contract from fear too often and I'm starting to understand why. I'm afraid of 
failure and success, which freezes me in limbo
I expand in short moments of grandeur, not long enough to take a stand but 
long enough to reassure that I should not go

I've learned that passion is worth fighting for, beneath the crushing weight, the 
misguided hate, I know I have the potential to be great
I've learned that life is worth dying for, as I stagger through the darkness, finding 
my way; I must help myself and elevate

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Forest Faeries

Hidden among the foliage of the giant spruce trees
High amidst the branches where nobody sees
Dwells lively little faeries of the dappled forest scene
Dancing in the sunlight and the deep and leafy green

Entire faerie gardens filled with hope and peace
Dancing in the shadows and flowers so cerise
Following the dirt roads to a place that’s so serene
To the crossing of the rainbow to places yet unseen

Conjuring up their magic to make wishes all come true
As they dance and run and flitter in colors they imbue
Blowing wonderous spells in bubbles far and wide
Being ever ready to be with you at your side

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Knight in Shining Armour

When I was young, not long ago
But a peasant farmer
I dreamed and prayed a foolish hope:
Knights in shining armour

But time has passed and not been kind
My hopes have died I fear,
For though I’ve tried, I cannot find
Knights in shining armour

Yet age can’t make my heart grow cold
Meet my own Prince Arthur
From tales of old, my brave and bold
Knight in shining armour.

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Precious as a Kitten

Once I found myself with my back against the wall
Trying hard to contemplate the meaning of it all

It was then I bowed my head and ask of the Lord
Is it better for a man to use the cross or the sword

The answer came as suddenly as a bolt of light
There are times in this life that a man must fight

Instead of fighting with our fist we fight with our prayer
Ask of the Lord and his guidence will be there

I’ve laid down my boots and said bye to my gloves
Let the hate leave my heart so it could fill with love

Love is the most beautiful thing we could ever know
For it is the thing that binds the heart to the soul

As I bring an end to this little rhyme
You are about to read the love story of all time

For the love of the Lord simply can’t be beat
What good is the A-1 sauce if we have no meat?

As this poem reaches its end I hope I have clearly written
Offer yourself unto the Lord and become as precious as a kitten

I would like to dedicate this poem to my dear friend
who is precious as the kittens that she so dearly loves.
Rhoda this one is for you. I thank you for the love and 
support you have shown my family and I.

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Worthy Mountains

I think of mountains moved and souls crushed
I think of hurdles cleared and dreams rushed

I think of battles won and the lives that were lost
I think of the first exhale on a cold winter night and all the intentions seized by frost

I ask am I worthy to reach the top?
I don't know, but it's better than staying here to rot

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Hang In There No Matter What

People do anything for money and that's truthfully so. 
Money may be green but it doesn't in the trees grow. 
And now we wonder if we're living in the last days too 
It is time for you to seek God's face repent and pray. 
I worship and glorify His holy name every single day. 
When I don't read His Word I'm really feel bad and sad. 
So many things and situations make me in fact mad. 
And now we wonder if we're living in the last days too. 

The economy is awful and the mighty dollar gyrates downhill. 
Unemployment is at its worst and my heart is truly ill. 
Winter is bitter cold and frosty snow plummets from the sky. 
Good times come and go and friends will betray one day too. 
So many people believe they're very smart. 
Some rise early and some make a late start. 
Many watch and hear but they don't listen with their heart. 
Sometimes I feel fine but now and then I want to cry. 
I try so hard to understand some many things or hence I try. 
And some of us wonder if we're living in the last days. 
It is time for you to seek God's face repent and just pray. 

You want all your problems and mistakes to go away. 
You wish you have more time in your hands to play. 
Money may be green but it doesn't in the trees grow. 
People do anything for money and that's truthfully so. 
Good times come and go and friends will betray you one day too. 
There's too much on my plate but there isn't much to do to say. 
I worry about my future as you make about your way. 
But in my heart I love you so and always will think of you. 
I bow my head and pray hard that we can stay alive this day. 
Winter is bitter cold and frosty snow plummets from the sky. 
It is time for you to seek God's face repent and just pray. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Only if Lady Liberty Came to Life

She has stood gacefully in the harbor for years.
She witnesses the peoples happiness, defeats, and tears.

This lady definately has a lot on her mind, she definately has a lot to say.
The very momnt they end this war, will be a great day.

We must unite as one, together we all stand.
She encourages you to join her, it's easy, just take her hand.

Only lonely cold nights she had conversation with the man in the moon.
His face full of worry, and he wished our soldiers would come home soon.

She will continue to hold that torch, this being our guiding light..
She will stand for equality, and for all that is right.

She may be a statue, but she has watched over this country for an eternity, or so  
it would seem.
She stands proud to represent the people of the United States, and the American 

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A Wish upon a Wish

I long to wish we could choose where we're born 
and not be pierced and constantly torn 

I wish that love didn't have so much pain 
that it didn't consist of feelings of strain 

I wish that it was something sweet and guiding 
and not full of fear, hurt and hiding 

I wish that love was something true and strong 
that actually makes you feel like you belong 

I wish that we didn't have to argue 
or get angry or disagree or feel so used 

I wish that friendship was strong and freeing 
and not make you feel a sense of fleeing 

I wish people would listen to things you say 
And not be mean and nasty like they do day to day 

I wish that beauty didn't matter this much 
so we could all be accepted and feel that special touch 

I wish that we didn't feel so broken 
so that we can listen to people when they've spoken 

I wish that we weren't all self centered 
so we could live a good life and not feel resented

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The foolish Death

I desperately yearn for the eyes of deception to become unveiled,
It’s as if I have the money to get you out of jail on bail,

But you turn away in disbelief,
Not realizing you’re headed for eternal grief,

I have the script, the perfect medication,
To heal you from your symptoms of spiritual sedation,

Yet you tell me I am not a physician,
And that you don’t need to come into submission,

Then I see you poor and starving on a roadside,
With eyes filled with tears and a heart occupied with pride,

This time I offer you a blank check,
With skepticism you turn your rigid neck,

Never even looking to see if what I said was real,
Just festering in all your pain, hurt and fear,

 I watch in sheer horror as you continue to feed your aches,
suddenly, In the blink of an eye, you realize you have made a horrific mistake.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Written 1-3-12

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He's There

When you must question troubled times in your life
When confusion surrounds you and there’s so much strife
There’s no need to look too far away
For the answer’s you seek may be on their way
Look up to the Heaven’s and send up a prayer
God will listen because He’s always there
When your day seems filled with bitterness 
And everything around you brings too much stress
Make time for yourself and begin to pray
God will hear your prayer and help you on your way
Sometimes you feel that you are all alone and a little scared
Those are the times to remember God is there
He’s there watching over you and keeping you safe
God’s always there and ready to help in every way
Reach out to God and send Him your prayer
He shows His love in many ways, He’s always there

Copyright © 2000   Shari E Davis

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On the visit of the relics of St Therese of Lisieux to England

St Therese, servant of God, gentle little flower,
Shine on us your radiant light and guide us in this hour.
All your suffering on Earth you bore unflinching, uncomplaining,
Help us who now suffer here, stop our faith and love from waning.
Teach us how to follow your humble 'Little Way',
To do our best at everything and thank God every day.
You vowed to spend your heaven on Earth, and let a shower of roses fall,
Miraculous cures now speak of your worth, oh you great helper of us all.
Now your relics leave Lisieux and journey to us for the faithful to see,
Great St Therese, I will be one down on my knees, please pray for me.

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The halo of happiness I craved to wear,
Wasn’t in my reach or in my share.
My eyes turned green, my heart went dead,
On seeing it embedded on another’s head.
I was a victim of my own depressed thoughts,
And reflected how to undo these grave knots.

Happiness although not simple to attain,
Makes things simpler when attained.
Shadows in the life are caused and designed,
By standing in one’s own sunshine.

I sought for happiness in the distance
My endless endeavors made Little’ sense 
When somebody whispered this hint,
It’s growing under your own feet.

If you are a master of your own self,
You can end sorrows without another’s help.
Pleasure can be created too,
If the true benefits of joy is found within you.

For happiest moments we ever spent
Are those shared with a special friend,
Great happiness has it’s own unique talent,
“Great joys like grief are simply silent.”
                                                                 ZEHRA ABBAS 

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wanderin' soul, wonderin' mind
wanderin' 'round tryin' to find
that joyful day was put somewhere
memories of past seem so unfair

wanderin' eyes, wanderin' lips
wanderin' lands like oceanic ships
worlds away from where we started
surroundings unmapped, now uncharted

wanderin' hearts, wanderin' thoughts
wonderin' what we've sold 'n' bought
were our times more contented then
what makes us yearn to go back again

wanderin' together or wanderin' alone
wonderin' life's lessons maybe overblown
why do those hurts matter anymore
when one door closes open next door

wonderin' if it was all just some dream
wonderin' if its all a more human theme
wonderin' if we could begin time a second
wanderin' this world without you I beckon

© Goode Guy 2011-07-07

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worried water vertebrates

Worried Water Vertebrates 

And the sun keeps on shining a bit warmer now in Mars. 
But rain keeps away and fish in the cisterna are worried. 

Is this the end of their world? Tiny fishes lives on what? 
Planned cannibalism every two, three months, perhaps?

Small and translucent I see their quickening heart beats. 
Open the cisterna’s lid so they can see the blue clear sky.

Since they may take me for the creator must show them  
They are not forsaken and I cannot be blamed for this. 

And the sun keeps on shining, a bit warmer now in Mars,
But Louis, the farmer, and I know this can lead to calamity. 

Cisterna... a place to store rainwater (Portuguese)

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Identity Theft

And if I felt it freeze my soul
I know I've finally lost control

And if it spoke to me in vain
I know I let it steal my Name

And if I take before I give
I know it claimed my right to live

And if I sought to make it real
I know the hurt could never heal

A dream of hate is still a dream
No matter how real it may seem

Because I try my best to love
I hope to join my Self above

Because I'm desperate for a Friend
I hope someday to make amends

Because I cry from loneliness
I hope I can escape from this

Because I give before I take
I hope He'll gently let me wake

A dream of love is still a dream
No matter how real it may seem

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Be patient dear God, for i know that i've sinned.
Help me straighten my life, get back to you again.

For years i've lost faith, turned my back on your will.
Used your name in vain, even wanted to kill.

I've broken commandments, and lived life in sin.
Even consorted with demons, though never again.

I've lied and i've stolen, and defiled your great name;
But you never quite left me, and you've helped me the same.

Be patient my God, for i now see the light.
I'm so tired of the darkness, help me keep up the fight.

You've looked in my heart, and you must see some good;
Or i'd have been dead years ago, as i know that i should.

Be patient great God, for i'm turning my heart.
Back to you and your love, from hence i did start.

For without you in my life, i don't stand a chance.
I've already lost everything, except my shirt and my pants.

Now i'm down at the bottom, right where i belong.
Yes, i wanted to die, although i knew it was wrong.

Then you showed me the light God, and how you really care.
So now i give up my past, on you my burdens i share.

So be patient dear God, for i've much work to do;
Getting rid of old habits, drawing closer to you.

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Once More

A chill in the breeze that brushes my soul
The smell of lavender as it tickles my nose

As a whisper in the trees calls out my name 
Large boulders standing freely they burden no shame

I run to this place where once we stood
I find our tree, searching over the wood

My memory guiding me, fleeing my pain
For a blemish that once was our names

All hope hangs upon the sun, it makes no sense
Watching for something, some sort of glimpse

Haunted by memories of love true and deep
Praying you’ll answer, “Was I yours to keep?”

The night sky settles in and stars are aglow
I follow the trail searching for what I don’t know

The mountain air is bitter cold and clean
You may be here though you remain unseen

Are you with me in spirit and holding my hand?
As the moon fades away I look over the land

The storm rages in and the rain starts to pour
I cry out, “Just let me hold you once more.”

To you my Cowboy for all that remains
The tears I cry tonight are merely stains
I miss you and love you as always before
I hope you are waiting for me at Heaven's door.

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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dot dot dot

dot dot dot
you love me, you love me not
yeah i get it, we are kids
life is kind of like mad libs
but i just can't stand this all
my life with you has finally completed the fall
i want to be your friend
but the relationship part, has come to an end
if you still like me that way
then there is nothing else to say
i will have to leave your life
this too will cut me like a knife
but until you are over me
i will have to watch and see
so i'm sorry but please make up your mind
while all my thoughts i try to find
dot dot dot
i was in your life, maybe now i'm not

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A Moving Christmas

Up to my eyeballs with boxes of history
this decision I made is really no mystery.

I've worn myself to a definite frazzle
but as I look around it's beginning to dazzle!

A crazy time to pick up and go
yet the time was ripe for leaving I know.

Sad to tell my dear sister good-bye;
we certainly both had ourselves a good cry.

As the miles burned by with the roar of the truck
I thought about my good fortune and luck.

I'm blessed with friendships so wondrous and rare;
they've helped me so much nothing can compare.

Now the crumpled newspapers lay in a pile;
I need a good rest but I'll work for awhile.

There's cleaning,unpacking,so much to do
but it caught my eye and a crazy thought grew.

In the midst of this chaos a tree now shines bright;
stepping over the boxes I plug in the light.

A smile glazes across my tired face
and Christmas arrives in this new-found place!

*note* I really just moved 4 days ago and I did put up my Christmas tree despite how totally exausted I am!  Happy holidays everyone!

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If I Had Been

If I Had Been

If I had been little bird like him
When all the lights started to dim
I fell from tree ending up on ground
Would anyone ever be around?

Would in time and past I be lost in
But still want to remember when
I had taken my very last breath;
Went to heaven after my death.

No longer was I at death's door;
Not having to worry any more;
Heaven had a happy home for me;
Can float around and fly so free.

My friend don't you worry at all;
From heaven I never will fall;
When you and I there may meet
God said everything is His treat.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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The Great I Am

There is a beauty that lies with-in
Often hidden in a world of sin

We each hold beauty in our own way
Let us all please bow our heads to pray

I once kept my beauty hid from view
Something that I shall never again do

True beauty is born with-in the soul
And nourishing that is now my goal

I love my Lord and I love your life
Yet, all of my heart belongs to my wife

As broken down as my body may be
I’m in a great deal of pain and misery

But do you know what; that’s all ok
For it is the Lord that guides my way

And he has brought me to this place
I have an awful lot pain but no disgrace

If I am the river then my Lord is the dam
My course was altered by “The Great I am”

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Dreams Finally Come True

Dreams Finally Come True

Big ocean sore were both right beside
Waiting for changing of the tide
When ocean with self would be calm again
Was a perfect place where we had been.

Southport so peaceful waited there
For us a quite town beyond compare
And also have heard so many say
Today was even better than yesterday

Trees are all so terrific and stand tall
Do not replace with some shopping maul
Destroying our privacy with its presence
Southport who we love in every essence.

We will hope they have a change of heart
A poetry page in newspaper soon start
Harping on this we will continue to do
Until our dreams finally come true.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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A Christmas Tale

As snowflakes form into crystalline  beds
Santa dresses up in his suit so red
Reindeer restless to come out of their stall
Christmas is the most wonderful night of them all
All across the world it's so beautiful to see
People taking the time to fill others hearts with glee
Somewhere high above the clouds in a special place
God and Son sit on their throne a smile upon their face
The reason they are smiling is it warms their heart to see
Love and cheer is everywhere that it could possibly be
Somewhere in a little town nestled nicely away
A worried man looks at the bills he knows he must pay
As his daughter points at the advertisement on t.v.
Excitedly asking of her dad, "Will Santa bring that for me"
Suddenly he hears more mail land in the box
With a thud that hits his heart like a thousand locks
As he shuffles through the bills that day he runs across a card
So he stops and opens it right there in the yard
The thing about this card that made the odds so slim
This man had absolutely no idea who sent it to him
It said,"We know times are tough and what your going through"
"So we placed $500 in this card and sent it off to you"
He searched the envelope and card but there was no name at all
He reckons that makes this wonderful gift the greatest gift of all
He talks it over with his wife and they give half away
To help the local shelter feed the hungry on Christmas day
As we scurry about these days in an awful fuss
I believe up in heaven the Lord is smiling down on us
Because he knows on Christmas day that most all humanity
Takes the time to stop and say, "Lord we give thanks to thee"

Totally fictional poem but the message is one that
needs be heard. In every town across our nation
hungry families will file into the many shelters
hoping to get them and their children a hot meal
and possibly a single gift. If everyone who could
afford to give a dollar would no one would be
turned away - Merry Christmas

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Jesus, Prince Of Peace… 
you bring me to my knees 

Your Glory, Beauty… 
takes my breath from me 

Savior, Redeemer… 
my hope lies in your Grace 

Holy Spirit… 
draw me closer and live within 

Father, Healer… 
deliver me from a broken world 

Sovereign Lord… 
your love burns fire bright, 
against the darkening of night. 

Find Salvation in His Truth… 
when tempted by their wicked charms 

He wrote it down in black and white… 
an invitation all a glow in living light 

A declaration of His love… 
purer then the whitest dove 

A guide to show you the way… 
to heavens gates and Eternity 

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I Was Fed Kindness

The ham was crusted,done to a turn.
This meal was huge,I never learn!

I always cook too much for me.
From years of being a chef,you see.

But this is Christmas Eve tonight.
And I feel sorry for my plight.

When suddenly I had a thought.
I took the gifts that I had bought.

I found some shelter folks to feed.
But really,they fulfilled my need.

For cos' of them I'm not alone.
I bless them for their kindness shown.

for contest Your Christmas Miracle
sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire

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Daffodil's Hope

Finding an image to focus on
My mind lifts my soul with song

Simple... my perceptions changing
Negative vibes rearranging....

Yellow daffodils spring to mind
So early a blossom, winter shines~

Sweet and hollow its trumpet appears
Soaking up sunshine as snow disappears

Crisp and bold flawless in scheme
Long winter's magical dream

Blossom Daffodil all around my lawn
Adamantly filling the crisp damp dawn

Boldly obvious blossoms in snow
Complicates winter with her glow

Daffodil arrivs at winters' end   
Offering hope to a despairing friend



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CHANGE THE CYCLE (and change the world)

Could I please have your attention for I have some things to say?
Let's start a revolution, and change the world today!

Ladies! Let's stick together and put our jealousy aside!
Enough of all this gossip for it hurts too much inside.

Men! Forget that macho crap, it's okay to show your fright!
A man is more attractive when he stands up for what is right.

Parents! This is up to us and it is our duty to prevail!
To change this vicious cycle that society made real.

If the models on the catwalk weighed two-hundred pounds.
We would all be in the bakery buying donuts by the mounds.

Instead, we find our daughter with her head in the commode,
and our son is doing who knows what, for his door is always closed.

Children! It is very cool to kiss your mom goodbye.
When you truly need a friend, she'll be there by and by.

Please believe me when I say this is attainable.
Let's bring the love back in the world; Be kind and keep it real!

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The Sinner and the Son

I have come to know Jesus Christ, is the Begotten Son
I have come to know in my heart, he is the chosen one

In my life I have been, what a man should never be
It was the Lord Jesus Christ that came to set me free

I was locked up inside a cell, so deep inside of a hole
It had been years since I had thought about my soul

I have spilled so much blood, lived in so much doubt
That I had totally lost all sight, of what I was all about

Wearing the Brand of my Prison Gang, an oath taken for life
I swore that I would hold my Gang above my Lord and Wife

But then Jesus kissed my heart, and his love set me free
As he planted deep inside my mind, the seed of Poetry

I try to use my poetry, to teach others there is another way
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been, if Jesus guides your day

Through his love I was able to change my entire life
Was the thing I had to do to hold the love of my wife

So if you think I’m nice guy, then I beseech you to think again
For I have walked with the coldest stroll, through the darkest sin 

I am just a simple man, at least that’s all I ever wanted to be
I am just a simple servant; the Lord Jesus Christ is using me

To this very day serious threats are made against my life
Homeboys want to remove my brand, with a red-hot knife

Because everyday I wear this brand, others can clearly see
Even from the worst of Prison Gangs, a soul can be set free

I am bound to the pits of hell, to that fact I have no doubt
One day me and those I once loved are going have it out

On that day watch the news, for you will be able to clearly see
As a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will take evil men with me

It’s not often that I speak of this, and never again in life will I
But by the blood of the lamb, I am more than prepared to die

So before you ever question my faith, know these words are true
I earned every single drop of it, by the hell I have walked through

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~A World ...~

I want;

a world that cares more than less,
that doesn’t hide behind flowery dress.

A world that doesn’t lie about truth,
or being “un-cool” isn’t being uncouth.

A world where friends are gifts not bought
and mindless actions are a forgotten thought.

A world that sees, not like the blind
but with tinted vision at last untwined.

A world whose head looks to their feet,
unafraid of what their sight may meet,

a world where “I” can really mean “we”,
a world that accepts, me for me.

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Dancing in this Heart

I dove into the darkness for I wished to see
If the life on that side was the life for me
I tasted all it’s pleasures let them consume my mind
Turned my back on all I loved, left those I loved behind
It started like a dream that filled me with a dance
I was completely captivated by the dark romance
Everything that ever was truly seemed to be
Out there for the taking waiting just for me
I ran long and I ran hard strutting through it all
Let my soul pay the price behind a prison wall
I was just a simple wizard caught up in a game
Just incase you don’t know Jughead is my name
I have made my enemies and I left my ghost
I have taken Lucifer and nicknamed him the Host
The Host of Addiction is it not clear to see
Everything about that word spells misery
Then one day I met someone met her just by chance
I soon found myself lost to her seductive dance
In her arms I met someone who had been buried on a shelf
As I traveled through her soul she introduced me to myself
We noticed in other’s eyes a tiny ray of light
As we found in each other the will to try and fight
I dove into the darkness for I wished to see
If the life on that side was the life for me
In that life I met someone who taught me to dance
Then led me through darkness into the light of romance
That is why today I write for her this little rhyme
Letting her know she is still the dream dancing in this heart of mine

© 2007 Michael Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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Eyes of Love

Through eyes of Love I can see
That my life was meant to be.

Through eyes of Love, there is a chance
For intimacy and sweet romance.

Through eyes of Love, there will always be that spark of joy to keep me free-
From the chains of loneliness and keep me striving for happiness.

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What Tomorrow Brings

Into the evening I walk and see
The setting sun just ahead of me.
With wandering mind, simple thought,
I think of all that I’ve been taught.
The day awakes and then resigns
Showing all its earthly signs.
It’s here forever, but gone in a day.
Days will come back, but will we stay?
We are but tenants upon the dirt,
Sharing life, with death we flirt.
One day we shall be within
The dirt we stand on, shedding skin.
Our souls or spirits, or whatever you say
Will be the presence to see the new day.
But, in our minds, deplete of thought
We won’t remember one thing we’ve been taught.
So eagerly, now, I see what is true.
The sun tells me now what to do.
Walk through the days, yes, but with reason
And we will live to see new seasons.
Spread the truth and see the light
And we will live to enjoy the nights.
Share your thoughts and say kind things,
We’ll then see what tomorrow brings.

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Your Beautiful Morning

Dreaming seemless 'tween moonray and morninglight
waking to find a beautiful body just met that night
like waking from one dream to another
and one is happy to have met the other

A half-smile hidden behind cascaded hair
and the other so happy to have her there
even if 'twas for one night
'twas a dream worth waking to in new morninglight

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The Gift of You (Facts to which I believe)

Here are a few facts to which I believe
You must first come before you can leave

You must laugh to also cry
Many people live long after they die

The circle of life encompasses all seasons
Everything that happens, happens for a reason

If you never lose it means nothing to win
Crucifying Jesus is mans greatest sin

To truly change you must first regret
There is no truer love than that of a pet

With-in every heart is a blossoming seed
And love is something that we all need

The simple things should matter the most
There truly is a Father, Son and Holy Ghost

That the tiniest lie is the greatest sin
Everyone you greet you should greet with a grin

Satan attacks us through our mind
As ignorance keeps many people blind

The most heartwarming gift is one that is free
As the Lord loves you he also loves me

The thing I believe, I believe is most true
The world’s greatest gift is the gift of you

Dedicated to the reader. Never doubt
you are a blessing who deserves Gods
forgiving love. 

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There was a Boy Scout who had an idea
Swing set for children who he though dear

They could not swing the ordinary way
Needed more stability so that they could play

This Boy Scout worked on his invisible dream
Now this swing set can be visibily seen

Children in wheel chairs flying through air
Delighted and excited  with wind in their hair

With giggles aloud and smiles  on their face
This Boy Scout brought pride to human race

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I am open and ready to be filled up.
I have become the receptacle, the loving cup.
I am the outlet always there to receive the plug.
The cocoon transforming the butterfly from the slug.

I am the river bed through which deep water flows.
The channel  bottomless as the frequency grows.
Having learned to no longer fear the dark,
shadows and phantoms have lost their spark.

All apparent monsters I recognize as my dearest friends.
After all, they are my greatest teachers in the end.
I confront my own intellectual process today;
I am ready to move into a higher, thoughtful way.

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His Love Is More Than Enough For Me

I feel God's love no matter how 
And a touch of his hand is enough. 
If I study God's Word I can grow. 
God teaches us great values and that's so! 
So when I'm feeling tired and very low 
All I need to do is to shout His name I know. 
Because when trials and tribulations just seem to grow 
All I need to do is to keep in mind that God will guide me thru!

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Will Ye My Lad

Will ye my lad, come sail with me Cresting softly the swelling sea? Hand to the oar, and face to the bow Sail we the ocean, high wave and low. The wind at our cheek, the briny sea’s dip Rocks our frail bark, and threatens our ship. The heave of the wave, our watery bower, Lulls us at night with its sleepy power. Day after day sweep we the earth, ‘Till safe we sail to our launching berth. The lightning above, the worrisome gale, None hinder us as onward we sail. Straight and true, our craft does soar Paddle we fast, spreading our oar. Will ye my lad come sail with me? None hath lived so wondrously free! All fears behind, great joy to espy, Cruise we to glory, both you and I!

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indebted to

the debt crisis started in Greece
with that ancient fact, let us make peace
we are founded after all, after Greek democracy
today's government grown to democratic bureaucracy

so, our debt crisis started in Greece
our numbers much larger, make governance obese
but managing the peace, of home and abroad
does not imply that our democracy is flawed

thinking back, our debt crisis started in Greece
and many allude that we're on the decrease
but crystal balls are more truly opaque
in democracy's future we're indebted to make

our real debt crisis that started in Greece
really none of us want our freedoms to cease
by dictators and theocracies none of us want
or lorded over by some damn crazed commandant

so we're indebted to ancient crisis's of Greece
when people got together and voted for peace
kratos, the "power" and dêmos, the "people"
a far superior government than it's prequel

back before our debt crisis started in Greece
there were slaves and soldiers praying for release
because aristocracies and kings, ruled all things
the only freedoms granted were what death brings

so yes, we are to ancient Greeks, much indebted
for them asking for a better governance vetted
giving each citizen voice, in the governing choice
a way toward a civil society we all can rejoice

© Goode Guy 2012-11-05

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Reclaim Your Dreams

If things have not been going the way you have dreamed,
Remember in life it’s not all how it seems,
If the waters are rough and your barley afloat,
Remember whose steering your rocky boat,
You’ll make it THROUGH to the other side,
Just sit back and enjoy your bumpy ride,
For storms are the tests we all have to take,
But when you have God you’ll bend but never break,
Once you get to where you are going,
Your faith will be greater and your smiles will keep growing.

By: Sabina Nicole

Inspired by all those people in my life going THROUGH a storm...

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How far away is nowhere?

Could I get there from here?

Would it take a long time? Or none at all,

for me to get there?

I'd like to go there sometime,

and disappear away.

To have that nothingness envelop me,

and forget about this pain.

This illness overtakes me sometimes

and covers up my life.

Steals my joy and happiness,

robs away my rights.

I have to remind myself daily,

my soul has been set free.

Because my body might have lupus,

but lupus does not have me!

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Will Always Be Mine

Will Always be Mine

(Dedicated to Funom Makama.)

Oh, Africa you will always be mine;
To me absolutely and totally divine:
I am elated with each and every inch;
Hard to believe so myself did pinch.

Is majestic Africa all really for real?
Picture perfect and seeming so surreal;
My mind and ears would hear a melody
Of sounds and memories meant for me.

Animals ate grass; saw Sahara with sand,
Often appearing to be in a far off land;
Raging river turned into some small stream;
Water was from God who is truly supreme.

God with His eloquence eventually will urge
My body with sin He had started to purge;
I am a poor paddle being put in God's boat,
And my sins downstream soon started to float.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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The Invitation

Heaven or hell, which place will it be?
We were given a choice when He hung on sins tree.
Why do you linger brother of mine?
Your life could soon end without any sign. 

From dust you once came and shall return,
Don't chance your soul to forever burn.
The small voice you hear is calling to you,
Don't let this chance pass to start life anew.

Though your body will rest in a cold, dark grave,
 Your soul will live on so don't be Satan's slave.
The Devil will tell you that you've plenty of time,
But God said try the spirits and see which is mine.

While Christians are praying let Him come in,
There's rejoicing in heaven when one's born again.
There's a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun,
You can't get to the Father except through the Son.

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The Waterfall of Dreams

I once had a dream or did my dream have me
Sometimes the truth can be real hard to see

I lived in the shadows of desire and lust
Landing where I may like particles of dust

My heart it was empty and my soul was so tired
As I tried to mask my pain by staying wired

Then one day something special happened to me
I closed my eyes, which enabled to see

In the same way as we scrape the burnt off our toast
The Lord delivered me from my addictive host

Then he opened up my eyes and taught me to see
Through the eyes of a man living honest and free

Everyone life is a river that flows down a hill
It’s an emotional ride full of heartache and thrills

But just beyond the rapids as rough as they seem
Put your faith in the Lord and ride the waterfall of dreams

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A Mochary of Democracy

Watch away the seconds, the hands of time
Whether its a life of glamour or a life of grime
minutes make hours and hours make days
Good thing Bad thing the memory stays
The life you lead is through your own choice
dont be controlled stand up and have a voice
Bad life is hatred, a gaping big hole
we are all human just bricks in a wall
the more bricks you use the higher they tower
As the bricks increace so does the power
Truth is false, hope is gone
The land of the weak dominated by the strong
Another worl leader another bomb drops
being raised as a boy in a bubble but now the bubble pops
If the message is there to help then why is it so subliminal
If crime never pays then why is there so many criminals
This country is strong, protected by political fear
If the world is such a dangerous place, how much longer are we here

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Yes, I Do Believe

I pick up my pen again today
Then proceed to write my cares away

I don’t try to cast them to the side
They are much too powerful to hide

They’re in my heart, soul, mind and desires
Am I wrong to try and aspire?

I rise up to become all that I can be
I’m proud that our Lord has chosen me 

If our Lords the Mechanic then I’m the tool
If he’s the teacher than I’m the school

Let our Lord be the bottle and open the spout
Turn him upside down and then pour me out

Pour me out so the whole world can see
That true freedoms found in honesty

Where ever I land just let me soak in
As good a place as any for me to begin 

To open my soul and place my heart on my sleeve
Letting the entire world know “Yes, I do believe"

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Truth Beats the Lies

Today I pen this poem for all of you
Know in your hearts every word is true

There was once a time that I was insane
Everyone I loved, I caused them pain

Grandparents to my children’s hearts
I honestly tore them all totally apart

Uncles, Aunts, Sisters and Brothers
She hadn’t drown probably my mother

The best of friends and all of my mates
No one was exempt from sharing my hate

My hate was a river that forever poured
My soul was thing that I forever ignored

So why is that not the Michael Jordan of today
One day I ask of the Lord, “Please guide my way”

The road wasn’t easy true change never is
My life was no longer mine I considered it his

And what he ask, what he wanted me to do
Is use myself as an example of how to be true

Being true to myself I quickly learned was the key
I couldn’t anything for you till I was honest with me

And no matter what I do it could never be enough
When it comes to amends I have a lifetime of stuff

But none of that matters it no longer matters at all
I now bow to the Lord but to the world I stand tall

I no longer hold to excuses or offer up alibis
I have learned how to let go of all of the lies

My truth is my shield as I write for the Lord
My heart writes lyrics as my soul plays the chords

I don’t even really know what this poem is about
Sometimes I’m blown away by what comes pouring out

I guess it’s just another way to rise above the sin
For it’s the words I write that teaches me to win

What am I trying to win, I do hope it shows
A little more love in my heart and light in my soul

What this poem is about I have come to realize
No matter how much it hurts the truth beats the lies

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Daylight Dream

I danced through a daylight dream
Was baptized in a mountain stream 

Fought the pains of being bored
As the endless ridicule I ignored

Now as other people look at me
The old Mike they just can’t see

Just can’t see me any other way
Then the loving man I am today

As I dwell on that for a while
I admit that it makes me smile

Brings a feeling unto my soul
The Lord has made me whole

I reckon what I’m trying to say
Praise God for this beautiful day

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Dark Shadows

contemplation of a life run awry
forever wondering exactly why
awaiting one day simply to die,
knowing not the meaning of life
consumed within by inner strife
led astray by a malevolent fife,
evil’s presence in secret resides
human nature’s persistent guide
enlivening a dissolute dark side,
escape is a fallible futile dream
recurrent intemperate extremes 
a wayward soul oft unredeemed,
yet darkened mind o’er profaned
eclipsed ne'er possible to restrain
wantonly without hope remains,
although seeming spirited away
enlightened, yet unmerited, may
if repentant, be delivered a stay,
time’s final destination, denied
mortality’s trial passing revived
eonian resplendent life realized

© Eugene Harvey

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Walking this Mile

I accept what i need offer up what's left
Let ridicule fall on ears that are deft
Just as a fisherman catches fish on his hook
I write out my poems and put together books
The reason I do it is clear as can be
I feel it's what the Lord ask of me
For 41 years I had no idea I was a poet
But if I couldn't cook it I could damn sure grow it
My life consumed by Marijuana and speed
Trusting in them to provide what I need
They replaced my job and even my love
They were everything that I held above
They picked me up whenever i felt low
If I got to high they helped me to slow
No, I didn't write poems or watch the T.V.
Never touched a computer said, "Thats not for me"
Traded in the girls because the next on was cuter
Woke up with a shot went to bed with a hooter
I would run day and night until I would drop
Running more from myself than from any cop
I chemically induced away all my dreams
See rivers take mothers after being formed by streams
These days my head feels like it's in a vice
I'll tell you right now my pains nothing nice
Weekly shots I take for the Hepatitis C
Epidural Steroid blocks in the spine for me
Every doctor I see I greet with a smile
Not feeling to good but I will after while
They say my attitude is one that is great
I see the beauty of love with no time for the hate
I have no reason for anger or time to be mad
No reason for all that this is my bad
This isn't that bad hell I've suffered more
At least I can turn my knob and walk out the door
Reality is real but it's also a dream
Things that are clear may not be as they seem
The Lord is my master to whom which I serve
For he's already given me more than I deserve
Children who love me and a beautiful wife
All the blessings a man needs in life
So Doctor tell me how can I not smile
At least I'm not alone walking this mile
I have you guys and the Lord walking with me
And thats about as beautiful as beautiful can be

I dedicate this poem to all of my doctors
Dr. Garrison - Primary
Dr. Merliss   - Neurologist
Dr. Aldwari -  Infectious Disease Specialist
Dr. Johnson- Pain Management Specialist
Dr. Beck      - Physical Therapist 
I feel very blessed to have such a fine 
team working so hard on my recovery.
I also wish to thank everyone for all the
Prayers I have received. I love you guys.

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Siberian Vespers

A blinding wind rescinds my vision of the tundra’s rich ruins
White-dark obstructing the dark-white frigid dunes 
Gloves numbly clutching shovel dumbly
Lunging for ore or foreign money
Turnipbottom dirtpale the truest shade
In Siberian vespers all colors fade
But each double parka’d sweatdrop bleeds a Bombay summer
Tickling, trickling south like my fantasy sojourn
Each snowflake calls to mind a pachyderm, a
Moment fleeting, dying on terra firma
Siberia may not be fain to offer freedom
But India will remain my spirit’s Eden

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Black spirits stay close
To the sweet smell of sin,
Buried deep beneath my soul
Is the beauty you’ll find within.

Strangely I am in tune
With the light speckled throughout,
Waves of love and hate mix
My mind screams and shouts.

Chaotic dreams start to rupture
No longer does my heart beat,
Serenity is no longer a pleasure
As life seeks to strangle me.

But on the horizon, I stop
Slowly peering through the glass,
I hear a voice so loud
My eyes shut and I’m in a trance.

“Hurry come with me-
I have hope”, I hear Him say,
“Live, love, try hard 
And your soul will be saved.”

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The Fate of Time

O dreary time
Why so long
Must you have to wait
Before you fuse
Yourself with fate

O dreary time
You run so cold
Before you ebb
Of a love untold

But time you never fold
Creating my fate, answering my soul 
Going and going you go.

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In the unplumbed depths
of whales’ deep-held breaths
a singular shaft
fired with force from the aft
twists to it end.

Deep in the dark
where reality lies stark
a flittering thought
lies unexposed, distraught
awaiting the penetrating insight.

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Five Years Clean

It’s not my belly button but it’s my birthday
Five years free and clean I’m proud to say

As I start off this day it’s with a great big grin
God blessed me with the tools I needed to win

The Lord gave the ability and the desire to write
Which enabled me to see life in a brand new light

God sent me these gifts by the way of his Son
For five years I have followed the chosen one

With a stack of poems and no idea what to do
Ask the Lord to guide me and he led me to you

And as you all know I’m in love with a dream
He gifted me with an angel to be on my team

Sometimes I smile at the thought that I’m a poet
And no matter how I try I can’t help but show it

Some are dark as a cave others bright as a light
I have no absolutely no control over what I write

The only thing I believe that I believe is true
I truly do love to share myself with all of you

Please allow me to first apologize for being absent
from the site this week a lot of good things have
been happening. The most important is the fact 
that it's January 28th, 2009 which means that 5
years ago today I emptied my locker into a box
and walked out of Prison for the last time ever in
my life and started living my drug free life. This
week I have started adult courses to mainly brush
up on things and I have taken my aptitude test for
the Dept. of Rehabilitation and scored rather well 
if i do say so myself so my opportunities as far as
retraining for a new occupation is looking rather bright.
I can't believe that I have 5 years free and clean 
that is so cool. I want to thank you all for the support
you have given me and would like to say that in my
heart you all share this moment with me. When I 
pick up my 5 Year N.A. coin tonight and guest speak
at the meeting you all will be there with me. I will
be back on the site by this weekend and I Praise God
that this milestone in my life has been reached.
Thank you all - God Bless, MJ

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I have to trust you with all that I got,
My stomach is in a continues knot,
Stuck on a page that I can’t seem to turn,
Father I need your strength to just burn,
Through the remainder of that old life,
Ashes of what once cut like a knife,
Shadows they haunt me wherever I go,
Speaking your word to let myself know,
I am your child no man can pluck me out,
I am aware of this and have no doubt,
The distortion is poison, robbing me at my very core,
I was made for so much more,
Locked in this room once again,
This time the warfare is not in my hand,
Speak to that mountain, watch as it leaves,
You gave me the power to trample the lies I perceive,
Casting down the imaginations that exults themselves above you,
Its not just what I say now, it is what i decide to do.
As the chameleons come and knock at my door,
I drop to my knees and kneel on the floor,
Revelation has rushed through my entire bloodstream,
Reality has come, no longer stuck in bad dreams,
Conviction and hope drips out of old wounds,
As I arise, I see my petals start to bloom.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Goodbye my friend

It seems a life time ago since I said goodbye,
so long had we been friends, you were always by my side.

12 years old when I introduced myself, we got on like a house on fire,
you became a friend I was obsessed with, my only true desire.

You took me to places, where there were others just like me,
so many stories we shared, you let me be free.

You made me do a lot of stupid things, you took away my fear,
through out my whole life when I needed you, you were always there.

Never judging, never yelling, you never ridiculed me,
for with in your hold you slowed me down and let me really see.

My mind is a constant battle field, but you always managed to calm me down,
but only temporarily, because the anger in me you always found.

When that came out no body was safe, beware my uncontrolled wrath,
so much pain I held in side me, my actions mimicked my past.

Such a bad influenced you were, it's just taking me 24 years to realize,
having you in my life, was no way to survive.

But it was only last year when your friendship, finally took it's toll,
we were in a car crash, massive wreckage I was told.

It wasn't the crash that effected me, it was what was in the car 10 Minutes before,
all four of my children, My life, the ones I truly adore.

For a week after that crash I was so depressed, reliving that endless night,
what if my babies had still been in that car, they would have been killed alright.

It was then I decided no more I could take, it's time for me to choose.
So it's time to say goodbye my friend, because I don't choose you.

(Sober 100 days today)

M.Mahauariki © 21/01/2012

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Exact Precise Right Word

Exact Precise Right Word

Yes, it surely is your and my number;
No matter where we sleep or slumber
Poems of ours are about to spring forth
From either East, West. South or North.

Our each and every poem still share;
All of them are beyond compare;
From their beginning to very end
Into state of ecstasy they will send.

Although abnormal we both may be
With each other always will agree
In one more thought it has occurred
We ended up with exact precise, right word.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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I don’t fit in and I don’t mind,
This world is slightly colorblind.

Smiles shaded as if at a mascaraed ball,
Some day that will be their fall,

I don’t fit in and it’s just fine,
This world is lost and can’t seem to find,

There way back to that narrow path,
Walking towards the light and away from wrath,

I don’t fit in and neither should you,
That is when you know that you are being true,

Eternity calls and we answer with our lives,
While the rest of the bunch are stuck in bee hives.

By: Sabina

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Personal Prayer

Today, my Lord, I wish the best for thee.
My life is easy, and as blissful can be.

Upon your earth, there is such trouble.
Others have burdens that do double.

I see the anguish in many, in such despair,
I also see many, who do hardly ever care.

There is good in this world you created,
Though some never see, speaking berated.

I respect your idea and feelings of choice,
Many now, have never heard your voice.

I pray, to you now, to speak, to those who defy.
Allowing a holy presence, to come from the sky,

Give those who are skeptic, another chance,
To see the good in reality, even in happenstance,

My Lord, you are the Savior of us today.
You are the light, in my life, in everyway.

I close, giving you blessings, good will from all.
Allow all the persons on earth, to hear your call.

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winds of change

8/4/2012. by sashi.prabhu(zeauoxian)

winds of change brewing up to rock my life's path, gosh i think i am brave and can sail thro the wrath. i must look openly for new lands ahead, for it is a prophecy that has been a long time ago said..... when you close the door behind you, will open plenty aheaD OF YOU ANEW................

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Beautiful Light

The meaning of love seems so hard to find
How did we all come to be so blind?
The love of the Lord is free to us all
Yet we constantly bang our heads against the wall
There is no great illusion that keeps us so blind
It’s true I want yours but you’re not getting mine
If we follow the mustard and laid open our seed
The Lord will give us all that we need
No need to worry or be full of despair
Just ask of the Lord and he will be there
He died on the cross bearing the burden of sin
Although not a one came from with-in
See there is a divine reason he died on the cross
So all who believe need not be lost
I was broken and lost inside of the pen
With a ocean of pain brewing with-in
I ask of the Lord please come unto me
Right then and there he set me free
Right then and there I started to write
Up from the darkness came a beautiful light

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A Plea For Help

Be thou, O Lord, a shield for me;
like clay, mold my life as you'd have it be.
Help me, please, with the cares of life,
to daily conquer fear, hate, and strife.

To trust with all that you've placed within
and not look back at what I've been.
To remember the vows, to you I've made
and play my role, as you'd have it played.

To live my days allotted, one by one
and still be pure in heart when they are done.
Then, at the end, as I look death in the face,
I'll know that there exists a better place.

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A Prayer for Haiti

I pray dear God to grant reprieve
To Haitian brother in dire need.
Spirit, instill a strength divine,
Transform his heart as loving Guide.
May healing hands inspire hope,
May grace and love our prayers provoke.
Raise Haiti’s head, with conqu’ring faith
You will prevail, you will prevail. Amen.

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When All Is Said And Done

Regarding the darkness, the treachery of man
I’ve inhaled its breath; I’ve held its hand

Look at the fate of the Jews in World War 2
Condemned by coward who killed himself to

No guts to face the horrific crimes he had done
I reckon there are those who will follow anyone

Our Son home from one war waiting on another
As I watch it tear out the heart of his mother

And after all is said and done, “Who am I”
Just an old wore out convict waiting to die

At least I have the balls to go out with a fight
Though sometimes the day recedes to the night

So tell me why is it that man acts this way
Nailed Christ to the cross one real dark day

It’s amazing we can live with what we’ve done
Just the shame that I alone carry is not any fun

One day each and every of us will meet our maker
He will either accept our soul or let Satan be the taker

When all is said and done the only thing I know
To help you get to heaven Satan could have my soul

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Radiant Reflection

Look into the mirror

Tell me what you see

Write it on a piece of paper

And drift it out to sea


If it’s something negative

The ink will fade away

But if it’s something positive

The ink will surely stay


Sit and wait by the ocean

Make sure you bring a pen

So you can write down something positive

And you can start your life again


Look into the mirror

Tell me what you see

Write it on a piece of paper

And simply wait for me.


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Tired of being numb

The time has surely truly come
That I am tired of being numb.

The days of being in constant pain
My life seems to be going down the drain.

I am still quite heartbroken
And some things can't be spoken.

But 5 years have already gone by
And today I heaved a weary sigh.

I can no longer stay this way
Just going through with my day.

I have been on a ledge
Standing there on that edge.

Looking over and down
Upon my face is a frown.

I turn around and then look up
That she is a tough climb, yup.

But I reach up and begin to climb
As I know it has come to that time.

Time to either wither and die
Or time to show life I can defy.

New places are meant for me.
A new woman you shall see.

Oh do not get me wrong
I have days I am not strong.

But I promise to not be so withdrawn
As I know my life is not foregone.

I want to be someone my kids can be proud of
Someone they know that will always give love.

For them being gone was never my choice
That in this instance my opinion had no voice.

But one day soon they will come to find me
I want it to be day of great joy and glee.

For they will see that pain did bring me to my knees
But that I got up and moved and refused to freeze.

I did not die from all this pain
But one day will I be able reign?

Who is to really know?
Just cannot stand another woe.

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Tear Drops

Teardrops of mercy falling down Your face,
 filling up my once wearied soul with Your grace devine.

Teardrops of eternal gratefullness falling down my face,
puddling into Your hands of assurance and love.

Teardrops so precious flowing into One,
Christs river so clear, so full and so free, Your current I can't deny.

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Good and Evil

Well, Good and Evil were talking one day
About the price that some souls pay

They pay for it with a bag of bones
Can't skip the rock unless you throw the stone

Well, As they talked I suddenly knew
Sometimes, It's a fine line between the two

And that thin line decides our fate
Hard to feel the love through all the hate

It's up to us win or lose
Nobody but us laces up or shoes

And the choices we make are to a design
As we teeter on that thin line

I have finally cast evil to the side
As a righteous soul now shares my hide

For I am finally able to see
The light that burns inside of me

Well, Good and Evil were talking one day
About the price that some souls pay

They pay for it with a bag of bones
Can't skip the rock unless you throw the stone

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On a minute to minute basis,
I hope to find a new oasis.

I'm wrestling with my demons,
Because they're always scheming.

Now this bad feeling comes over me.
Zaps all of my fun and energy.

No spring, no recoil, or elastic.
Don't do something that could be drastic.

Right now I feel like a miniscule speck.
My life seems it's closer to a train wreck.

Down most of the time, just won't rise above.
You can't always save what you truly love.

I'm not the kind to act dramatic.
Don't do something considered drastic.

What's happened to me? Well- I'm sick you see.
What to do for now? Cease the blues somehow.

Reach out and give someone a call.
Before you take that giant fall.

Take my mind off these thoughts so tragic.
Don't tempt me or think I'm sarcastic.

All I really want is, a big, long hug.
Is that so bad? Love conquer this thug.

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Feeling Better

As the Sun becomes one with the Sea
I look over at you smiling at me

The party stops there is not a sound
Lost in the beauty of the smile I found

Without a word I can feel you say
I'm glad your feeling better today

Written at my wife's company Christmas

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Lives With-in

Some things are never as they seem
Have you ever lived a dream?

I lived a nightmare when I was on dope
That led to the pen and a loss of hope

My soul was as dark as could be
Seemingly lost to an endless sea

An endless sea of forgotten ghost
Everyone needs someone they love the most

Just as a child will love their toys
Love puts the home back in the boys

Like it or not your in the same spot
And the love of your homeboys is all you got

Then one day I said a prayer
Asking of God, “Lord are you still there”

Before the last word could be spoken
I feel to my knees all but broken

I felt as warm as the summer sun
As all my sins were undone

The greatest thing I learned in the pen
The spirit of the Lord lives with-in

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Be Grateful

Most people don't have love
Be Grateful you do

It could be gone in an instant
All in the blink of an eye

Stop wishing for what was
Be Grateful for what is

There are so many out there
Who have no one to share

Or have anyone who cares
Be Grateful for Your Love

And all the Love you share

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In this prison I now reside
Ready to put my fears aside
Shielded from all hurt and rejection
I hide inside my walls of protection
Inside this mass is a is my fearful soul
release me from its gripping hold
The anxiety is numbing, the pain is real
To step outside my circle of fear
This new path I follow will be for me
A new beginning I will see
To conquer this challenge day by day
I grow stronger every step of the way
To face the world unshielded at last
Gives me the strength to bury the past

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As The Rain Falls Down

As the rain falls down
I no longer wear a frown

Grief no longer cutting me like a knife
Since the day you entered my life

I'm feeling happiness once again
For you have eased my pain

Laughter flows from my lips
Through the tickle of your fingertips

Your loving touch makes me grin
While sending chills over my skin

Once again feeling warmth from the sun
Since this new life I have begun

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The devil and me 3

8 weeks gone by, a lot has changed,
but one thing hasn't, my anger remains.

I have control, well I think I do,
not lashing out, the way I use too.

Life's not so confusing, I have a little clarity now,
I still have my little moments, when no one is around.

As each day passes, a little easier it becomes,
to deal with normality, without prescription medicine.

6 1/2 years, I shoved that rubbish down my throat,
they said it would help me and it wasn't addictive , now that was the joke

For whom I came, I never wanted to be.
the devil and me, I have survived round 3.

M.Mahauariki © 2007

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Your Central Figure

Your Central Figure

(Future Poem of the Day)

Even though I may be inept and wept,
What all God said must readily accept
As time has past by and slowly crept
Few days in my flimsy life are now left.

Why in the world are we here being?
Should open our eyes and start seeing
And with God constantly be agreeing
To Him my poems always be bringing.

Prayed to God and soon will realize,
Much to my surprise can be clear skies;
Mentioned words which make you wise;
No longer in your life will be any lies.

While I am in heaven no longer grieve;
Maintain memories of me and believe
And no matter what are sure to receive,
God's blessing for all you will achieve.

Have all accomplished in God's name
End up with a fortune full of much fame;
Then to you a thought God will trigger;
Let Christ and me be your central figure.

April poetry month is almost upon us
So friend should start raising a big fuss,
Like a poem in my mind that protruded;
In columns and libraries let it be included.

James Thomas Horn
RiverSea Plantation
173 Shadowood Court SE
Bolivia, NC 28422
(910) 754-3034

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South Africa

My head beats incessantly of troubled past war
My land was full of blood covering each door
I remember the past when democracy was proclaimed
When leaders of my land assured peace would be named
They assured us how everyone would be equal
Why did they lie and go back to the way so vile
I am an African even though I am not black
When our country was in shambles I had your back
But now that we pledge democracy you deprive me my due
Now when I come to you for aid you say I'm not your hue!
Why when we were fighting for freedom I was on your right
For five generations South Africa my home has been my sight
Alas my heart lays heavy and unproud
I bow my head in shame and frown
Why do we have to go through this time again
Proclaim me once again my friend!

This poem was written because here in South Africa affirmative action is the new 
apartheid. I am Asian because of my hue, yet in South Africa I have lived. Is it right 
that I am ostracised because I am not Black? When our country was at war with 
apartheid, my grandparents fought side by side with Africans. Was not Mahatma 
Gandhi instrumental in fighting for South Africa's freedom?
I consider myself African! Loud and proud I am African. So why can my country 
accept me?

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  Kiss my eyes 

with your lips,

inhale the visions,

peel ing strips,


from all the years,

layered horrors,

gathered fears,

gently excise with

your blade,

honed down from

the love we made,

clouded corneas 
of pain


let me see 

love's light


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Too intense, too fast
Back off from the past
Don't you think, don't you know
it's very easy to love you so...
Let's take it easy, take it slow,
And if it works, we'll know,
That we were right to stem the flow;
 of feelings.

My emotions all in knots,
Who's to say if it's right, but us
Some people go through life never knowing
Love of any kind
Never showing any emotion,
How do you know, til you try?
Some day you will die, then what?
Such a pity, such a shame, you've lost again at the game.

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Surviving in Memory Lane

Thanksgiving is almost here
In my heart your love I hold near

Apart we must now remain
Our love surviving in memory lane

My heart breaking as I plea
Lord, give the one I love back to me

For he is the one who made me whole
Sadness now fills my empty soul

Our love must survive time and space
Until once again I feel your embrace

In death we will once again meet
Where my soul will become complete

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The Last Flicker

The circle is starting to come together, 
Like a storm you feel it approach and you brace for uncertain weather.

You know that your flame which once burned so bright, 
Will be extinguished like a star that shoots across the night.

You just hope that you made a difference and were the best that you could be,
That you led no one astray and was a good influence for all around to see.

And when your candle makes its final flicker,
You’ll be ready to go without a qualm and face this day with just a snicker.

You can never have things finished or completely in order,
No matter how hard you try it only gets harder.

My motto used to be “always try to leave things a little better than you found them,”
And I hope when I’m gone people will say, “Gosh I'm going to sure miss him.”

Or maybe he was a good guy or he was a true friend,
That is how I’d like to be remembered and thought about in the end.

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Today I sang in church
Spoke of Jesus' rebirth
And how he died for me
To set my soul free
Free from condemnation of my sin 
The sin that came from within
Lust, jealousy, hate, and pain
Are the sins my body contains
though much more are left unsaid 
I know I am safe, for Jesus is no longer dead
He died for me, as well as you 
Though he was pure, he still came to
Came to die for millions, years aways 
Therefore, he is still here today 
Through the countless people all around
They are saved for Jesus they found
Continue to grow, as I do today
To know Jesus and grow in his way
Grow to be Jesus-like and always love
Speak to others about him from above
And how he's in your life right now
Explain to them exactly how
And bring them to Jesus as well
Live in his presence, live to tell.

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Private Session

As I sit here about to commit the most unforgiving sin of all
I close my eyes, take a breath and I think of your name to call

I ask for your forgiveness as I begin to pray
Eventhough I hear no words I know what you have to say

Our conversation became extremely emotional and I began to cry
I began to let out a lot of things I harbored deep inside

I pray that you protect the people I care about most of all
To give them the strength to stand up strong even when they fall

I then start to realize I have a lot of life to live
That there are still some people left that I have to forgive

Things I couldn't understand are very clear to me now
I would disappoint a lot of people if I were no longer around

You've helped me get rid of the pain and anger that once filled my heart
You've showed me that it's up to me to give my life a new start

I wiped away all my tears and decided to give my life another try
I can't believe I thought my only way out was to accept defeat and die

LORD, tonight I've learned a very valuable lesson
So thanks again for making time for another private session

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Slowly dying day by day
Save me God, oh this i pray
Dead to the world as it seems
Though no one can hear my screams,
Muffled under the weight of night.
Travelin' the tunnel with no end in sight.
Use your hand to guide my way
Down this dark path I go astray.
And darker.
The end is coming near.
It's like a horror film and I am filled with fear.
Then around the bend I go.
Anything could save me from this dismal low.
I see the light at the other side.
Oh, God this is a crazy ride.
My entire life flashes before my eyes.
I've walked a thousand miles in shoes that aren't my size.
My heart stops.
It stops.
My eyes open from the darkness and the weight has shifted.
My burdens have beeen lifted.
I see the world unfold before me.
Places to explore in the magical blue sea.
I'm awake adn feeling fresh
A chance to relive my life, but in the same flesh.
I've seen the sacrifices I have made
The path I chose caused my dreams to fade
But now I start anew.
The regrets I have will now be few.
I woke up from this dark nightmare,
Moments like these are rare.
I hear the whispering wind call my name
Telling me to caome away and leave my shame.
And farther.
Leave my past behind.
The future is what i need to find.
My eyes have seen the terror without you,
I turn my back to what I have been through.
I have the chance to make a correction,
For it's my own resurrection.

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The Sands Of Time

The sands of time slowly trickle away
Bringing sadness each new day

Our souls forever entwined
As tears fall like rain in my mind

Drowing in this grief I always feel
From this pain my broken heart won't heal

I've cried enough tears to form a river
At times hard enough to make my body shiver

I wish I could feel you holding me tight
Keeping me close to you all through the night

Loving you since the day we first kissed
You will be forever missed

To heaven one day I wish to ascend
Reuniting with my husband, lover and best friend

As the sands of time slowly trickle away
Being with you again is what I pray

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Unbearable Away....

Although optimism is there
Pessimism we also share

In times such as, a day like today
Poetry takes unbearable away

Over whelmed between work and home 
Our minds all need some place to roam

Everyone feels hopeless at times
Magical words heal us with rhymes

We are divine, our  lives are a test
Allow poetry to cleverly jest~

Witty remarkable writing indeed
Can sooth irreparable souls in need

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Ner' A Hollow Morning

Hollow dense vapor sets along the brook
Never imagining dawn breaking in
Earth meets air and it's mysterious show
Stillness so still .. it feels like utter sin~

None could tame the unspoken vigor
Water meets Air above an untamed breeze
Justice is served  Mother Nature's eager
Vernal life lines the brooks simplistic ease~

The breath of comfort calming and placid
Brook does not babble but silently flows
Nor is there a scene like this one today
Breathtakingly unique double rainbows~

If all nature is not a warrior.....
There would be rot  in desolate spaces
How then could her graceful exterior
Know natures place is among these places?

When you're out  walking in nature's way
Ignorantly avoiding her bountiful mass
Recall to your divine spirit that may
Murmur negativity away, be steadfast~

Forest anew with decadence steady
Society must learn to be ready for war
Mother Nature's ner' hollow but ready
Know nothing has ever stopped her before~

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Living the Godly Life

Let me live the godly life or don't let me live at all
Because any other way of life, for me, would really be quite small.

Let me think with righteous thoughts, because the mind is where all things take 
their root
Let my thoughts be pure and clean and Truth  my life's pursuit.

Let me speak with holy words of wisdom, sound and true
Because any other words would be so vain, of no use to me or you.

Let me act and react towards others with deeds of faith and love
Because actions speak the loudest
So Lord influence mine from above.

So let me live the holy life
Because any other I know I would disdain;
Because life according to worldly standards has no purpose, no value, no gain.

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In His Glory And Grace


A long time ago a King left His kingdom and His throne 
To pay what could be paid only by Him, and just Him alone, 
A Mighty Lord who was willing to die for yours and my sins, 
And make us all brand-new again when we invite Him in 

Knowing full well the rewards of His salvation plan 
Help us remember that we are all held in God's own hand, 
One day when we arrive to Heaven, what's it first we'll see? 
But Jesus, with arms opened wide as happy to greet you, and me! 

I am but a sinner, who's now living by His blessed grace, 
Washed clean by the Blood of my Lord Jesus, who died in my place, 
By surrendering everything I have to God, each and every day, 
I can be certain for sure, I'll not be that easily led astray! 


Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000



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Under the Castle

Under the castle hid from all
The dungeon was dark, crowded and small
Held by our captors hid from view
Wasting away as prisoners do
The dungeon keeper was the most vile of men
Born and bred to punish our sins
Outside the children run and play
Lost in the excitement of a brand new day
My mind drifts back to my days as a child
Just a rambunctious boy with a demeanor so wild
As I grew older it was clear to see
The world was a playground waiting for me
I sought all its pleasures tasted its wine
Lost sight of my roots as I fell from the vine
As I reflect back on all I have seen
I allowed myself to become angry and mean
I gathered some homeboys my personal crew
And proceeded to do what men shouldn’t do
Then way deep in my memory I pulled up a name
Which, was followed by an ocean of shame
To eat of his fruit I had such a hunger
So I decided to no longer be a warmonger
Separated from my gang I walked alone in the halls
Hung my picture of Jesus on my cell wall
Fell to my knees and called out his name
And released from my soul an ocean of pain
That gave me the strength to write out my truth
Making me a man who protects the innocence of youth

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Your Girl

Do you know who you want?
You should know.
A simple girl can do as much as 
Downsize your dreams, or make them grow.
She can lift you to great success.
She should always give you her best.
Your girl can make you weak, or make you strong,
Make you unwanted, or make you belong.
Through laughs and tears, you are her world.
She will always be on your side.
So, I'm asking, please, find your girl.

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Given to me

I once was a wizard who treasured the night
The earthly pleasures full of empty delight

An empty monster who had no soul
Feeding the flames was my only goal

Then one day a lesson I learned
Dance in the fire and you will get burned

Burnt to a crisp and black as coal
Thats what the mirror said of my soul

Thats the day I shattered my mold
Let the blanket of love shelter me from the cold

My poetic teacher was a ray of light 
At the end of the tunnel dark as the night

The poems I wrote were no less than a torch
Leading through the darkness to here on my porch

And now that I'm here I can't help but say
I treasure the blessings I receive everyday

There easy to see if you've walked in my shoes
Everyday it's a blessing I don't go out and use

In losing my freedom I've learned what it means
Everyday is a blessing I'm waiting to dream

Of the pain and trials I now face everyday
There future blessings I'm saving to pray

Today as I sit on my porch with a smile
I thought "maybe I should write for awhile"

And look what that thought turned out to be
Another blessing the Lord has given to me

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Last 1 Left

Am I the last one left
cause all the world is a mess

I seek to teach my brothers
but they seek their own success

How can the people ignore
the hurting neighbor next door 

They act like life is just that easy
when you're black and you're poor

So I prepare myself to fight
and get ready for war

For soon the sad will be the happy
and feel no pain no more

So with my very last breath
before I lay down and rest

I want to say that I feel 
like I'm the last one left.

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Complexity of me

Plain as the eye can see through a looking glass
Yet complex with a mulitude of facets surpass
I encounter beauty in the blink of an eye
Yet discount hypocrisy with noticed brevity
I am somewhat smug in thinking myself fortunate
Yet somehow precedent to my present was woe replete
Sheer antagonism grounded my irreversible plight
Yet renewed anticipation awarded me contentment each night
Toiling for acceptance by societies callous paradigm
I subsequently comprehended unnecessary fickle whim
So at last I lay me down to sleep
And finally have some reprieve for keeps

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The Good Ol-Days

While reflecting on the good ol-days
Each so special in their own ways
Places I’ve been, the people I’ve loved
Hands a lot warmer once its been gloved
The message that I truly hope to relate
Good ol-days weren’t all that great
Like all other days they had highs and lows
In the bag of days that’s just how it goes
As we ponder days lets make it understood
If not for the bad would the good be good
These days the days fly by so fast
How can we expect their memory to last?
So, lets forget yesterday with all its sorrow
For the best of all good ol-days is tomorrow

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I've been transformed by willingness, and a desire 
to move forward without keeping sad things in mind.

Confident to smile with surprise and allowing love to flow in;
faces don't avoid my glances that were unfriendly and sullen.  

Something that happens unexpectadly can give someone an unusual thrill; 
I distrusted people who were different from me...having no character, no will.   

Followed by my shadow, fear captured me to create unnecessary fright;
my room became my habitat and escape from a society claiming their plight.

With no friends to meet at cafes and local restaurants, I closed my windows,
prohibiting a glint of sunshine...assuming it wasn't meant for me, but for others. 

Glued to a wide screen, watching documentaries of tragedies and unaviodable fates;
empathizing with them, and yet convinced that I shouldn't have been grabbing at straws. 

Hackneyed words came out of my mouth, a habitue' of negative and dubitable thoughts;
and filled with their drudgery,I stopped listening to positive folks, thus, doubling my loads.

How can one be transformed by willingness? Discard the habits that amount to nothing; 
find the source of your uselessness, and be inspired by all who have achieved their goal.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Let's Start Today

Let's bring into this world peace
So all these wars and violence can cease
Let's stop all this hatred
And give the poor and homeless a piece of bread
Let's start by changing us all and right from inside
And letting God be your guide
There's so much we need to change
Even if it looks and sounds strange
We can all start sometime and somewhere
By showing in everything that we do, that we care

Let's be careful in the manner that we speak
Let's be strong and not weak
Let's show this world, that we still stand strong and tall
Let's unite together with courage and tear down every single wall
Let's bring into this world of ours much more love and peace
So a lot of this vicious circle of strife and pain can one day cease
Let's start today and let's do it right from the place in which we live
Let's always be respectful of our neighbors and our fellow man
Let's give the best of ourselves everyday and all the time that we can.
Let's stop this madness and get rid of all these illegal drugs today
They can destroy everything that you have and will kill you too
Make a vow to bring God into your life every single day
And make Him part of everything that you do.
Believe that your life will be more productive and blessed
When you put Him first in every thing
That you set your mind to do when you bring
Him closer and right inside your heart
And from you He shall never depart
So start by doing this and much more
Let's answer the call and open the door
Let's be watchful of everything that we do and say
And let's be thankful and pray to God everyday!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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Going to the place where the Honey runs free
It can't be far away just over the hill in that tree

The bees have been busy filling it with the nectar
Now all I have to do is be willing to go get her

I'll fill my jar until it overflows, then share
Because I don't want to overload from rare

Treat, that meets my needs and don't want greed
Maybe I will take two jars so that you can meet 

Me there in prayer, so that we can get the honey
And not get the sting or visit from bear who is king

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I shall never

 I shall never all this earth survey, nor acquire the leisure that I seek..
But if I take it day by day and keep the breeze upon my cheek;
Who knows… I just may.
I shall never all my friendships fulfill upon this great and gracious earth.
But if I am strong of will and toil at it from birth;
Who knows; maybe I will.
I shall never enjoy the entire splendor that God’s fairer creatures provide.
But if I don’t give in or surrender and all my beliefs I applied;
Who knows; I might be a contender.
If I traverse with utmost care and live the fullness of each hour;
and of sweet nature stay aware through sunshine and noonday shower;
Who knows… I may journey everywhere.
If the tallest mountain I should pursue or tread some valley woven with streams;
there is a chance before I’m through That I’ll fulfill my worldly dreams;
Who knows… it could come true.
If I discover just one pleasant place that to others has gone unseen; would not 
the joy that I would trace urge me on and make me keen;
Who knows… I may win the race.
If I should ramble far and wide and embrace the plain and simple things;
If I did all this before I died, with gladdened heart and spirited wings;
Who’s to say I never tried.

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Words Of Love

O gee, hate…love…hate…love…hate.
Why do other people have to debate!?

The words of love, we shall now give;
These we have once…twice, received.

It brings peace and light to their spirit;
Of those who are in hungry need, of it.

It gives strength and hope to their life;
Of those who have nothing…but strife.

The words of love, we shall now give;
These we have once…twice, received.

O gee, hate…love…hate…love…hate.
Why do other people have to debate!?

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I'm sitting here wishing I had some smoke,
smoke from a dubby and I hope I choke.
there ain't no weed here and I hope I can buy,
it's not much to ask for I just want to get high.
It takes me away from reality and my mind rest,
a well needed vacation from my thoughts which can get the best.
The only thing that helps keep them out,
is Mary-Jane that lovely lady and without her gives me doubt.
I smoke weed whenever I can,
I smoke weed so much I'm it's biggest fan.
It's a way of life the one of a stoner,
that's how I live it's as good as a boner.
So when I get some ganja everything will be okay.
and after I smoke I'll feel better the rest of the day.

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Starting Over

So changes weather, the winds are strong
I’m blown to where I don’t belong
Such power and force, a strength immense
Away went my house and so did my fence
So, now I stand, just looking about
And realize how I am totally without
Alone? However, I appear not to be
I look about and there are far more than me
Despite the loss of property, real
Seeing faces about, leaves me to feel
That not all is lost, just a new place to start
With our friends and our family, possessions of heart

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Veils of Illusion

Truth is blinded by veils,
the world is governed by males

The blacks are packed big jails,
my brothers living in cells

I feel I'm living in Hell,
cause there's no freedom or bail

The only way to have peace,
is through God's love or deceased

It makes you hate to be poor,
cause all the wealthy ignore

The veil has blinded their eyes,
to all the hurting outside

But I will fight for the peace,
that God created for man 

Until my soul is released,
and body turns into sand.

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Because Of His Love

My life can't be that sore. 
And my trials can't be that bad 
Because with God by my side. 
I can be in the end no matter what glad 
And I want to know God only more. 
And that is all can to this date add. 
God is my Lord and my guide 
And he's the best friend I've ever had. 
When someone rejects me and shuts a door 
God for me will open another one because God is my Dad. 
And even with a broken heart I'll keep my smile and pride 
Because with God's love I can't be for too long mad or sad. 

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God Is Awesome

Why do I love God so much you have asked me that question many times before? 
Well I love Him because God is perfect and awesome. He's all that and much more. 

God is good and pure and never tells a lie 
He loves me and dries all my tears away when I just cry. 

God is perfect and that's another word that fits him just right 
He made us all and created all; see the sun and the stars that shine so bright! 

God only wants what's good and best for all of us 
He'd like you to have a joyful and good life,free of all the stresses. 

God is great and He loves us all so much that He's sent down His only son 
Jesus suffered and died upon a cross for all your sins and mine, since life begun. 

Do you still want to know more of why I do love God and Jesus so much? 
Well, I do, because God is my Father and is so awesome for this and all of that and such. 

God is a spirit, and He's divine, and without Him, life would be filled with more pain and strife. 
And without His love and guidance, is nearly impossible to live and make it right thru all this 

Jesus turned my whole life around a long time ago. 
God is so full of love and with Jesus my life is so much better I know. 

God will never tell you or anybody to do any violence or evil thing. 
When you do bad things, don't go blaming God, the problem rests on only Satan and with 

Why do I love God so much you have asked me that question many times before? 
Well I love Him because God is perfect and awesome. He's all that and much more! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

June 19,2009

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Summer Days

Sweet summer days of yesterday I long to see your sun
The tanning skin, the smell of flowers, and all of the beach fun

The winter has made me an enemy of the days that remain cold
In fact the season’s dragging on that it’s just getting old

Through springtime and its new rebirths, I long to witness you
The sunshine of the summer sky and the many things to do

So, summer days of yesterday, t’is my intention to let you know
I count the days to your return, as these winter winds do blow

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When Troubled Times Arises

Life is not what you or I make it out to be. 
You want to work hard and play some too. 
But life is never easy no matter what you do. 
Still you wish in your heart that it was that way. 
And in doing so you're wasting in the end your time you see. 
There are times you sit and wait for a miracle to happen every day. 
Be diligent and patience in all you desire to accomplish and do. 
For in spite of everything you'll still get hurt and suffer any way. 

Bad things ensue to each of us for some reason. 
It may not look good at all but for everything there's a season. 
And come what may come that's life and the way that's to be. 
It is not your fault or mine when certain things take place you see. 
So live life well and love and laugh and press on with courage my friend. 
And when you fail and fall, so what? Get up and pray that you'll soon mend. 
Because no matter what, sooner or later we all get hurt so bad and then we cry. 
Our hearts will be broken so many times we can't evade this forever each day. 
So let your tears fall freely when you need to weep and vehemently pray. 
Be joyful for God in all His Divine love and mercy will wipe each of your tears away. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka LadyDP2000 


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Desert Sky

So beautiful we can’t help but cry
As the sun sets in the desert sky
The horizon with all its colors to share
Strip the soul and leave it bare
Leaving one to contemplate
With all its trials life is great
The parched earth has turned to dust
Returning to it, we all must
The tragedy is with those left behind
With all the memories they try to find
I have seen it all before
Nothing less – nothing more
We give our hearts to those we love
Place our faith in the Lord above
As the horizon accepts the setting sun
Just like this day my poem is done

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Salvation Comes

Salvation’s not a day away, nor years or eons, too
It’s here for all immediately, but there’s something all should do:
Accept the day, as if it’s given, as a gift sent from above
Because in fact, it surely is and was sent with all His love
When speak His name, do with respect and adoration, strong
Allow Him into your world, and in His, you will belong

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ to this World came 
To save us just the same 
By God the Father was sent 
And Jesus knew, what that meant! 

But Jesus to His Father still obeyed 
And for us His Precious Blood He's shed! 
He loved us so much just as well 
Even though we all failed and had fell! 

Jesus knows it all and doesn't care 
He loves us just the way we are! 
He was beat-up so bad and crucified 
And for you and me in the Cross He died!


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Enveloped in a shroud of sapphire
Lay a listless child by a fire
Who sought an adventure and lost his way
Who had mourned the passing of the day
Gone had fled the light
His home now far from sight
For hours did he moan
For he was now all alone
But then glowed the embers of the sky
The child looked up and tears did dry
His fears and sorrows gave way to wonder
No longer cursed he at his careless blunder
The stars did then smile in glee
As then the boy did see
No further did he have to roam
For they paved the pathway to his home 

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Vistas this morning blessings from above
Feeling the spirit, filled with his love

Glorious color words cannot describe
Orange or maybe apricot feast for the eyes

Blue/Black ink clouds stood still 
At attention for  the commandant review

He found them in perfection
No change he would have made

Gave his command for the continuance
Of the grand and stately parade

Birds in flight a swallow, 
Three crow just looking around

Observe the scene of glory
Not uttering a noisy sound

As the earth inches around
The day has to begin with a bound

How I long to hold on to these moments
All the way to the end of what promises to be

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sliding down the Rainbow

  Stop your talking!

someone said............

"the elevator's turning red!"

I feel the pressure in my head,


the things you tried  to say,
the night is dark,
the moon is gray,
the colors melted all away,

I scooped them up and licked them down
red and yellow,green and brown
I live to be the shades I found,

I am dark no more
look inside the  open door
of my lips and taste and see
what a rainbow love can be.

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I could afford to use the money
On both rainy days and sunny

I would buy a brand new car
Then donate mine to a crash stunt star

I'm not interested in traveling afar 
I'd rather buy my friends a new car

What a treat to buy brand new clothes
A comfy coat and shoes without holes

A home with acreage I can call my own
A hot tub and pool table to come home

Shower my family with financial wealth
They can always spend in good health

Honor Veterans who served our Country
Financial aid, for they are worthy

College scholarships to those in need
To Help them strive and succeed

Take the homeless off the street
Into a home with food to eat

Hire someone to think of creative ways
Help those in need and brighten their days   

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God Is Not Dead

If God were dead as some dare say,
there'd be no answer when I pray.
I'd feel no guilt when doing wrong,
there'd be no blessing from a song.

I'd find no joy in hearing one pray,
nor a will to live for another day.
On Sunday morning's there would be,
no sermon at church for you and me.

No heated church or lighted spire
there'd be no singers in the choir.
I'd have no feeling, no heavenly goal,
or no burden for that lost soul.

If God is dead who calms my fears?
my prayers fall not on deafened ears.
Tell me once again, he's dead you say?
I choose to think that he's just away. 

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Aimless Float

The raft gazes longingly at the pier
Despite desires to drift away from fear

That tether dangling within that bleak bay
Reflects the discontent that shifts his sway

Constantly rocked by belligerent wake
Those bowed planks bob with sorrow in that lake

For once he dug into the fertile land
Diligence hoping he'd avoid quicksand

Water and daylight ensured the seed grew
Many cracked yet survivors numbered few

The howling wind gave life to rugged bark
Even when grasping just how ebbs grow stark

Yet in his sway he swelled stronger despite
The haste of grim circumstance to ignite

With a snickering axe that shell snapped off
Choking joyous whispering limbs like a cough

Tool and sweat whittled and shaped his function
Shreds tumbled to test his fragile gumption

For many moons the tree hovers along
Doleful he cannot share his leafy song

No longer hugged by the tug of the earth
Constant motion clouds his befuddled worth

Once such blessings of water would nurture
That choppy break now conspires to torture

What has become of his simpler life?
He never asked for this relentless strife

A silhouette drifts in from the sunrise
Linked arms swing in play behind smiling eyes

One by one they step into his remains
While bright songbirds offer gentle refrains

Ardently they share a tender embrace
Forcing the lost plant to contemplate grace

The hinterland glade he shall always miss
Yet hope sparks anew as he shares their kiss

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Last Chance

Life may not always fast balls be,
Sometimes a wicked curve you'll see.
To you a lesson it may well serve,
One that you feel you don't deserve.

But never forget that God knows best,
That He has a reason for this test.
But why this sickness you may say?
It may be just to make you pray. 

Perhaps it's meant for a closer walk,
Or a cleaner tongue for daily talk.
It may be that your counts three-two,
That this is His last chance for you.

Please give thought to how you live,
For your fellow man find love to give.
Turn not away from Heavens gate,
Don't put Christ off, it's getting late.

As God winds up for his final pitch,
I pray within he'll find no glitch.
The pitch is made then with a sigh,
ball four, you're on, you'll hear him cry.

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Crack of the Whip

workin' in the fields all day long
singin' a Holy song

the only song we know
it helps the white mans plants grow

his stare unforgivable
these conditions just ain't livable

sun beats my back
I is only wearing a potata' sack

my family ain't here
they was all sold last year

'cept for my baby brotha
we's growin' up without a' motha

I take care of us
keep going, i must

"keep him safe" momma done said
so now every nigh' i keep him close in bed

but there's talk about goin'
to stop all this hoein'

goin' north, far away
leavin' leavin', tat's what dey say

up north, where it ain't so hot
but tat's only if dey don't get caught

den... i hear da crack of da whip
and anotha life will slip

but one day, my brotha and I will come,
come north chasing our freedom...


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Love's Attraction

Spontaneous attraction, magnetic in power-

With a gentle persuasion that daily makes one smile;

Easygoing spirit that alleviates pain

Convincing all who encounter it of their self-worth and what there is in life to gain.

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U. F. O.

Do you know
about the U.F.O. ?
Have you ever seen
a strange flying machine?
Questions to ask.
Answers that mask
the unknown, the mystery
of otherworld  history.

Man cannot fly
was once the cry.
The world is flat.
Now ... imagine that!
Truth you must face
of an alien race
may mean
man is not supreme.

Project Bluebook did not deny
that many strange things over earth can fly.
It only said that none were a threat.
So, after forty years we get
perfect resistance
to explain their existence.

Thanks to Betty and Barney Hill
and Stanton Friedman who still
with thousands of other sighters
remain government fighters
that someday we may all know
the true reality of a U.F.O.

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A long time ago I lost all emotion,
Didn't cry for three years no matter the commotion.
I suppressed all my feelings deep down inside,
I felt so scared and helpless so these feelings I hide.
Hide them from you but more so from me, 
I hide them not to feel and someday be free.
I can't break free of what I've been feeling,
Maybe if I talk about it I could start healing.
Healing my wounds more then skin deep,
Only when I'm ready they're mine to keep.

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True Love Is

A love that is unconditional knowing no degrees
As deep as the oceans, rivers and seas.
A love that is pure, straight from the heart and full of  compassion
Never to be severed or torn apart.

A love of passion, emotional and real
A love that permeates the spirit; a love one can feel-
That binds two together with an everlasting seal.

A love that alleviates past heartaches and pains
Banishing the fears, so that only happiness remains.

A love that is strong, rock-solid, constant and true
A love so special, fufilling in all that one thinks, says and does.

A love so intimate, that there is no more you and me
There is only US
A love that one can depend on-
A  love based on Trust.

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Ode to Jimmy James

  Goodbye Jimmy James 
we love you,
as we turn to watch you go
may our God look down
above you
and protect you
for you know,
we depend upon your caring
through the darksome nights 
all the weight that you are sharing
through no failings of your own.
you have gathered up the burdens
{though you've never said they were,}
when she passed through
death's dark  curtains
you have paid the debts for her.
Sacrificed your dreams of wonder ,
left your lambs out on the hill,
other sheppards they are under,
yet you take that bitter pill.
without word or deed of sorrow 
nor regret do you convey
though you're leaving here 
you are in our hearts to stay.

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Veils of Illusion

Truth is blinded by veils,
the world is governed by males

The blacks are packed big jails,
my brothers living in cells

I feel I'm living in Hell,
cause there's no freedom or bail

The only way to have peace,
is through God's love or deceased

It makes you hate to be poor,
cause all the wealthy ignore

The veil has blinded their eyes,
to all the hurting outside

But I will fight for the peace,
that God created for man 

Until my soul is released,
and body turns into sand.

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Dreams Are Wishes

Dreams are wishes 

Made in your heart 

To reach for the stars 

And find their chart 

Every day dream 

Of all those things 

Your heart within sings 

Dazzled by their beam 

Never stop dreaming 

Never stop wishing 

These are gifts 

Don't let them drift! 

Sail this magical ship 

Don't let them ever slip! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Just One Person

I feel no coat of burden, despite guilt’s overpowering ways
For freedom lies within my heart, as honesty fights the days

I feel no sense of regret, though decisions are so often made
As choices not for my own good, but for the many that outweigh

I hope to have the ability, sensibility to always do what’s right
For then my conscience speaks to me and warms me with its light

I hope to possibly change the world, just one person at a time
As my heart’s wide open, head held high, so eagerly sublime

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Fragmenting Heart

As she thought about all the things that happened in the past.
She actually believed that his feelings for her would last.
Forever she wanted for them to be one,
But forever has gone by, forever is done.

He had forgotten all about her while she waited in this pain.
She entered another world that almost made her insane.
She loved him so much but she didn't know what to do.
He broke her heart and they bid adieu.

This everlasting misery has broken her down.
The pieces of her heart can never be found,
For she was hurt so many times before.
When he left her here all happiness left with him out the door.

Now she has no clue what this feeling is all about,
They never even started anything but all she wanted to do was shout.
The only way in which this hurt would go away was for her to say,
"He doesn't love you, but everything will be okay."

Now she lives in a world of deSpAir,
Where she believes that no one even cares.
Though she is devastated now until the end,
She still wishes that they would begin.

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See It Happening

Witnessed through windows of color and glare
The world had spun by, while he lived in his chair
Though wheels were the legs, he sat there so still
With dreams of soon walking above yonder hill

Each day since that day when he met with his fate
His life filled with sorrow which soon begot hate
He gave up on trying, on smiling and on will
For now he feels he’ll remain, there ever still

No glimmer of hope, though dreams come and pass
He once gave a try but had given up fast
He now sits and wonders. He waits for his end
As his house is a tomb and loneliness his friend

Just prayers remain effort, as that he does do
For deep in his heart, he holds his faith true
As miracles happen, he prays then to be
Walking yonder hill, for all then to see

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Feelings inside that I can not explain
Feelings of hopelessness, heartache and pain
Feelings of confusion, with seemingly no where to turn
Feelings left only to ponder, make me wonder and yearn
For another time, somewhere in space
Where I might understand that part of me that desires to be free-
Wishing that I could run and hide
From the feelings I have down deep inside-
Knowing full well, there is no place to go
I am trapped in a cycle
Needing true love to overflow

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Coming Together

I feel God's presence and experience His love no matter how 
A single touch of His hand is more than enough 
I read God's word so I can really grow 
God teaches values and guides thru life and that's so 
He's always there for me when feeling sad and low 
All I have to do is to call upon His Holy name that's all I know 
Sometimes tribulations and problems seem to multiply and grow 
But I know God will just hold me all the way through. 

A single touch of His hand is more than enough 
So I fasten my eyes on the Lord as I go 
Feeling in my heart His divine love and that's so 
Life can be sweet and life at times can be sad and bad 
You know that life sucks sometimes and that people run mad 
Pain pierces your heart and love can be tough 
But the Word of God tells the truth and kicks Satan out 
Mistakes are made and life's key just turns rough 
I read God's Word so I can really grow 
And in my heart I feel God's love and that's truly so! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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My Hearts Desire

I long to be loved, cherished and admired,
or will i get another relationship conspired.
When will he come honest and true,
My appointment with him is long overdue.
I want someone to hold me tight in their embrace,
and when we make love he'll stare deep at my face.
We should never fight just disagree at times,
and when I write poetry he'll put words to my rhymes.
I need so much to say i love you and get the same in return, 
but to everyone around me it's no big concern.
Just maybe I'm not meant to love,
but if I am please god send him from above.

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With Him and For Him

I shan’t be defeated. I shan’t be today.
I’ll stand up victorious after I kneel down to pray.
With God the almighty, always there on my side
I’ll stand with head high and no reason to hide.
My faith is my armor, while my love is a sword
I’ll fight to the finish and reap the rewards.
The greatness of serving in the army of white
Gives me the sound reason to sleep then at night.
So, I shan’t be defeated. I shan’t be today.
For everyday fighting, He’ll one day repay.

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In Between

Between Heaven and Hell… the earth where we live.
Where we are going is based on, that, which we give.

Within black and white…a place that’s always grey.
A place where we attempt reason, but a place, too, where we pray.

Between right and wrong, there should never be such a place.
Decide your own action; you will then decide your own fate.

All these marginal areas, those places in between,
Are places we will be leaving from, should be places we have seen.

Every action has a consequence and good ones have reward.
Choose your actions wisely, friends, and you will find accord.

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The Outsider

I always felt the outsider, looking through an open door.
I know I was invited, but I didn’t know what was in store.

Spent most my life looking out. I never let anyone look in.
However, I really wanted them to. I never made true friends.

There were people that I knew, with whom I would hang out.
But, I remained the outsider, still possessing doubts.

Because of my unstable home and not wanting them to see,
my life was not one, like theirs and I never thought it to be

It never was that easy, to make and keep new friends.
In fact, to this very day, I will swear it never ends.

These feelings of unsurety that crawl into my head
still keep me from reaching out and keep my demons fed.

They prey upon my open mind when I’m trying to be heard
and push me back, away again, never to be cured.

When I was young, emotionally scarred, I battled to be free
and open up to those I knew. I was afraid of what they’d see.

That home that I was coming from; drinks, fighting and abuse
engraved into my very soul, I’d never win, I’d lose. 

As a parent, I tell my children, to open up and trust.
They will see and keep true friends, for having them, a must. 

I hope that they will always see, though no friends come by for me,
It doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t always trust and try to be

the best of friends with many others that they think are worth while.
I hope that they can keep their friends and inflict no self denial.

For if they do, then I have failed in trying to teach them right.
Because, by example, I’ll always be, forever in a fight

with all my demons that keep me from making any new friends
For to this day, I still put up walls. Some message all that sends!

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A Prayer 3

I pray with each passing day,
that Jesus will guide me on my way.
Guide my footsteps as He trod,
in the way that leads to Heaven and God.
But, if by chance I should slip,
To His nail-scarred hand, I'll firmly grip.
Then after my life on earth is done,
that He'll say, "Come in, faithful one".

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My Prayer

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray tomorrow my diet I'll keep
If I should dream before I wake
Please Lord, let it be of cake

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Being Tested

I have a friend who came to me to ask me for advice
She was upset, clear to see, when I looked into her eyes

She asked that if I thought that God puts us to a test
I told her that I think He does, but it’s always for the best

She has so much going on, that affects her daily life
I needed to say something to alleviate her strife

I told her that regardless of how one does on the test
They must consider themselves lucky, consider themselves blessed

For the test is not a one day thing, but goes on everyday
It’s not a test of just one thing, but we’re tested in many ways

Fear not results of the test, for the results are in the trying
Fear not to put your trust in another, fear not even dying

She seemed to understand then, everything I had to share
She then gave me a smile, for she was grateful that I cared

I told her anytime that she would ever need an ear
That she could come to me and to never have a fear

For one test God gave me, was to be a friend to her 
So forever will I be her friend, a tested listener.

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Fear's Visit

Awoken from his midnight slumber
Fear sought a new soul to encumber

His victims he found far and wide
And never ever could they hide

Cowardice became their only friend
Until he led them to their end

Yet if they tried to be so bold
To throw off Fear’s constricting hold

Cowardice would no longer linger
They alone could lift Fear’s finger

Hurry along you mustn’t tarry
Unless you want to make him wary 

If you desire him to go awry
All you need is to catch his eye

And when you do you mustn’t blink
Do not waver do not think

Now tis time to do him in
Just laugh  and you will always win

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Rejoice For it's A New Day


All of sudden the day is ending again and the night approaches with giants steps to send this 
great world of ours,to a tender sleep, with her teasin' grin~ 
I open wide my arms welcoming her with a ready smile because I know that after this, 
another day will just begin~ 
Counting the hours I watch the clock sitting prettily by, staring always with its blank 
expression at me~ 
And little by little the second, minutes and hours tickled by me, reassuring me with her final 
breath till the end of another wonderful,God given day,which it for me has been, 
Moment by moment the day stretches more and then darkness starts to pour out moonlight 
and stars, bringing 
Closer and closer again another night, 
Yes the day is dying it is true but that only means that when the night expires too, we will see 
with great joy another one with the new sun light~ 
I then I can hear once again over and over the rustling sound of the dried leaves, being 
lullaby, by the wind all the way to the top of the trees~ 
And all the while I steal a glimpse to all the beauty of the bluest sky sprinkling again all its 
blessings to every single creature staring back at me~ 
Singing gloriously to God are the birds perched from tall trees as the butterflies happily 
flutter around with some dragonflies and bees too! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 



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Jane Doe

Her golden hair moved in the breeze
Like cornsilk highlighted by the sun
Nobody knows what her name is
Or from where she has come

Her body was found by the roadside
Thrown from a moving car
It's now been three weeks since
And nobody has claimed her so far

Surely, she wasn't in this world
Without a family or friend
We want to find out who she is
But just don't know where to begin

Her picture is in the paper
Maybe someone will know
So she will have her own name
Not a headstone marked, "Jane Doe"

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My Visitor

Please tell me sir, I have to know
from whence you came and when you'll go?
I sense we've met somewhere before
perhaps you've knocked upon my door.
Your dress is strange, as is your walk
but you've not come to hear me talk.
No, there's nothing you can do for me
for I'm well fixed as you can see.
These unseen things of which you speak
are they for me or just the weak?
No desire have I to live your way
I'll give it thought some other day.
You say It's me you've come to get?
But I've just gotten my life set.
This ranch and cattle that you see,
this home and cars all belong to me.
You say they're all not worth a song
that to another they'll soon belong?
I'll make amends, get my life straight
have I yet time or is it too late?
My life I've wasted and that's a shame
you've tried to tell me, now I'm to blame.

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Dangerous Roads

Dangerous roads due to dangerous curves,
Like dangerous women, they make me swerve.
I steer to the left and steer to the right
Making it dangerous this dark, rainy night.
But, is it a road to which I refer?
The allure of the car, the gentle soft purr?
Think for a moment, the fate of the man.
His life is at stake when left in the hands
of the car’s driver, that swerves on this road,
the bearer of weight, the burdening load.
So travel the road that’s narrow and straight.
Unbridle the harness that holds all the weight.
Travel the length of the road carefully.
The end of the road, you will then see.

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See Him, Still?

Look, turn your eye upon the hill!
He’s there alone! See Him, still?
What He gave for us, our need,
Don’t turn away, watch Him bleed!
It is His way to make us see,
Regret our sins, to better be.
He shows us love, the only way
To make a change, improve the day.
His life, we should all emulate;
Giving nature, promising fate.
His death, we should all come to know
For our misgivings, His blood did flow.
So, now we know for fellow man
That we should always lend our hands.
Brothers, sisters, all in love
Will one day, chance, to rise above.
Give thanks to Him and for His will.
He’s there alone! See Him, still?

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Turn Your Losses Around

When your dreams go wrong 
He'll help you to be strong. 
When with life you can't cope. 
He'll give you peace and hope. 
When you fight and struggle in vain. 
He'll take away all your pain. 
When in spirit you're sad and low. 
His love in your heart will flow. 
When troubles pile wide and high 
Ask the Master for his help today. 
Before God just kneel and pray 
And in everything He'll see you thru! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

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Emotions always tend to be rising and then declining.
Life seems to be forever endlessly spinning.
Never stopping for anyone to take a chance,
Impossible for those around her to take even one glance.

She hides in the darkness in an attempt to not be hurt,
Letting no one in her life have the opportunity to push her in the dirt.
Fake smiles is what she see's when people stare at her.
"Everyone that I'm surrouded by hates me," is what she infers.

How difficult it is to establish a life of peace,
Especially when she is being held by a leash.
She yearns for the freedom that she has never received.
Never giving up on life is what she has learned to believe.

This quiet and lonesome girl hasn't been through much in these past years,
But no one even knows how many times she has cried with a face full of tears.
She hopes that one day she will be able to overcome all of this anxiety,
For she is determined that her life can be full of happiness and felicity.

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Save Yourself

The average man, a doomed decline
On weakened heart, the devil dines
One must stand and regain accord
As can be done; put trust in the Lord

Let not your hands, so idle be
As devil then controls, you see
You must be active; share the word
Let your voice rejoice, be heard

When you do slumber; eyes then closed
Trust the Lord again, for He truly knows
He will be there upon attack
For as you sleep He has your back

So when you rise, give thanks and praise
That to the sunshine, you have raised
Enter the day then, with light and ground
To know that He will still be around

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Life is not fragile; the body’s so
Made from the earth and set to grow
Within each seed, placed by His hand
The soul, of which defines each man
The life is not the living skin,
But the soul that lives on, set there within.
Life, defined, is like a season
Allowing change, providing reason.
Living cycles that stop and start
So life, itself, is defined with heart.
Life does not start, there at the birth,
But really starts, when leaving this earth.
For as was promised, life will come
To those who choose, to those few some.
Life, defined, is when we depart
For the meek, the humble and pure in heart.
Life, dear friends, is not on this earth,
But the glory of Heaven starts at rebirth.
So, the body is fragile, the soul will live on.
This was promised by sending His son.
Showing that here, are just paths that we choose
And if we choose wisely, then we shall not lose.
So then life for us will surely start
When we give up our bodies and give of our heart.

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Do It Now

We need not understand the how,
but only know He can and now.
Neglect not to kneel and pray,
give your life to God this day.

Some other day may be too late,
you'll be turned away at heavens gate.
Into outer darkness you'll be sent,
to be burned forever and not be spent.

Oh what an awful place to be,
your family nevermore to see.
Unless by chance they're just like you,
in which case they'll be there too.

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A New Year's Chance

Interwoven fabric, a tapestry of life
As men all come together, abolishing their strife

A dream of peace and harmony, real if we just try
Is possible and probable, if we look then to the sky

For riding on a cloud of white, a child there for all
Listen and observe His ways; answer to His call

We’ll make the New Year happy, if we all just try to be
As all that He intended, to end our misery

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Continues On

(to victims, may they find a way)

Hidden by a mask, not of plastic and tape
The woman walked along recalling the rape
Never again looking into another’s eyes
She dare not now. No one heard her cries.

Scared by the horror, the devastation, the crime
The man wasn’t caught, will he ever do time?
Her life must go on, so no more living in fear,
But she still walks on slowly, year after year.

The crime wasn’t physical, more of what he stole
A part of the woman, that made her feel whole.
Her life is too precious to let any man win
For that would be the crime, that would be the sin.

So, now she goes on, slow, and will never forget
The night that changed her life and not for the best.
She’s forever altered; her mind’s now set on her alone.
The poor innocent victim now slowly continues on.

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If you face the Great Unknown
And you feel so all alone
If, for another heart breaking day
You can't  seem to find your way
Just put your faith and trust in God
He'll put you on the right path to trod
PUSH=Pray Until Something Happens 

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Don't Get On That Train

Dark tunnel approaches, full speed ahead
This train is off course, we’ll all end up dead
We need to stop it, veer it from its course
It’s up to us; it’s always been our choice

The choices we make wear a conductor’s hat
We better make right ones and that is that
So pull on the brake line, get off these tracks
There’s always a chance to get our lives back

The sound of the engines, the puff of the steam
Can all go away; as always in our dreams
Turn away from the tunnel, filled with just night
Get back on the course that’s shown with bright light

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What compassion does man show for his brother?
If done for himself, then he does not give to another!
Should not it always be done from the heart?
Given freely from the soul at the very start?
How obstinate is he that does not budge
For the good of the others, shall we judge?
How foolish is he, who does not act
Out of goodness and kindness and seldom with tact?
This, I say, is the reason for war,
For hatred, for ignorance and maybe some more.
It is greed! It is greed, which overruns the heart.
It is greed that in fact, tears us apart.
When wanting the immediate satisfaction,
Greed, itself causes reaction.
As we must all work to destroy the bad seed,
Then we must all tire to eliminate greed!

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Let Them Blow

Scattered seeds of youth now growing tall and strong
Batter furious winds, in an effort to belong
Not to be knocked down or broken by the breeze
I find it necessary, to watch, there on my knees

Despite the offensive, obtrusive winds of torture
We find the need to embrace, constantly nurture
We must stand there, with strong face to the source
Let the winds just pass us and go then on their course