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Couplet God Poems | Couplet Poems About God

These Couplet God poems are examples of Couplet poems about God. These are the best examples of Couplet God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Please Give me Wings

Wash my heart and make it clean
Remove the grime from where it's been 

Take my idle hands make them yours
Use them to open holy doors

My cracked lips long to sing your praise
Be my Misto the rest of my days

Guide my calloused feet along your path
I wish to know Love and not your wrath

Take my arms place them around the poor
Help me realize I need less not more

Plant your precious thoughts in my mind
Change me from selfish make me kind

let me see your face with my eyes
Remove my ignorance make me wise

Apart from you I cannot be whole
Thank you for this reconditioned soul

One day my life will end I know that's true
Please give me wings so I can fly to you

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Football coach Bobby Bowden was never one to cuss
But refs make mistakes and coaches have a right to fuss

“St. Bowden” as he was lovingly called by players
Instilled moral values and hushed all the naysayers

He’d not take God’s name in vain, so he coined dadgumit
It became his trademark, might appear in his obit

If a ref made a bad call, he’d race onto the field
Never said God d*** it, when the ref’s call he appealed

"Dadgumitrefereeism" got his point across
The refs would shy away because Bobby was the boss

Sometimes calls were overturned since Bobby was revered
Short and stout in stature, but the refs still shook in fear

The “Saint” played with God on his side and the refs knew it
Dadgumitrefereeism didn't bother God a bit

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Like a Child

When I said what I said I felt justified
I thought surely that God would be on my side
Quoting from scripture I relied on the word
A book filled with love that my heart somehow blurred

I picked up his gift, turned it into a stick
Not following God's lead I made my own pick
Instead I chose to read with encumbered mind
My eyes were wide open, still my soul was blind

Yet within his word my mind would be set free
I learned those other people were just like me
None of us perfect we all have our flaws
We all need acceptance we're not just some cause

Loving each person one moment at a time
When I am not judging, I witness them shine
Each person is perfect in their special way
Accepting like a child I learn how to play

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Angels and Aliens

With the Biblical accounts of angels
Regarded by some as proof of aliens

Science and religion remain at odds
One says the other has no faith in God

Is there no room in Earth’s family portrait
For both sides to speak, not one view omit

If we believe God created all things
Can’t this be said of other-world beings

No life’s threatened by angels or aliens
So mocking of either just makes no sense

When God created both heaven and Earth
Perhaps a new species of life gave birth

In another part of His Milky Way
And, in friendship, they visit us today

Appearing from the sky basked in white light
Celestial creatures laugh at the sight

Of scientists and theologians
Pitting God’s angels against God’s aliens

And man’s ignorance they may deride
Since angels and aliens thrive side-by-side

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These Days

Met with you the first time, knowing not what I had just found.
Working days and nights beside you, walking unit’s hard ground.
Helping one another in and out of these day’s crisis.
Trust in easy comfort sharing secrets and our vices.
Blinded by your selfless nature under our same God’s eyes.
Colored hues of virtue burned into your soul it rides
Times enduring twelves in truth and depth of pasts and yet-tos.
Corners turning heads to tails in trails you doing time thru.
I have watched you suffer dating burden from his cold hand,
Wanting many times to tell you to break from that dead man.
Wisdom needing to remind me, hope was holding you still.
Losing grip, you make the change and years returning, Love will.
My prayers carry wishes for you, one day’s given good spouse.
Under Holy Ghost’s soft guidance, making your home, God’s house.
Sharing smiles and tears in keeping promise past the last day.
Into Christ’s embrace that shines you through a Heaven’s gateway.
Always just a thought away you will be after our end.
Grateful in my heart to have been given such a rare friend. 

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All that I had, just yesterday
Has suddenly, been taken away
Me yes me, a foolish man of clay
Suddenly I have so much to say
When instead, I'd be wise to pray
Why oh why, me oh my
Take me now I want to die
I liked it better, when I was perched on high
My wings were strong, I loved to fly

I was given much, I gave no thanks
I sat upon lush river banks
My ship majestic, I watched as it sank
Now this world seems cold and dank

My cup was full it over flowed
Yet gratitude I barely showed
Instead of narrow, I chose wider road
My love of self it barely slowed

If only I had seen more clear
I wonder if I'd now be here
Feeling alone and filled with fear
Oh please dear God, I need you near

I heard him say, I'm sorry son
Your life is over, now it's done
You chose your god, I wasn't the one
Love of plenty and pleasured fun!

So down to Hell my soul is brought
A place of pain both cold and hot
My insides squeezed inside a knot
Now what I treasured doesn't mean a lot

From this nightmare, I thankfully awake 
My soul and being begin to shake
Please Lord forgive me, my mistake
Help me learn to give, instead of take!

I try to be thankful every day
With God's help, stay on the narrow way
It's not about me and that's okay
Vision much clearer, when to Jesus I pray.

This poem was inspired by my brother Roy. 
He sent an email that asked "What if you only woke up with what you said 
thanks for yesterday?" what a great question!

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I was a bright, outgoing boy, who sat at the front of the class.
Then, one day that all changed, i feared to even raise my hand for a pass.

I had many close friends, loved sports and school plays.
Then on that day fear beset me, and long gone were those days.

I remember my school, i knew it inside and out.
But now i have blank spots, certain things i've shut out.

Thanks to God and His mercy, i don't recall that foul act.
But i know that it happened, no doubt, that's a fact.

Now, to the person who did this, i have nothing to say.
But, my God will remember, and He'll get you someday!

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A Desert Song

I found the bottle lying on a dune of wind-swept sand,
And I brushed the grains upon it with a weak and trembling hand,

I was crazy-mad for water, I was more than three days dry,
So I pulled the cork with sand fouled teeth and spat it at the sky.

What came out wasn't water, it tasted more like smoke,
So I thought myself the victim of some fools cruel joke.

Then standing there before me, like a Muslim houri dressed,
Was a damsel more than beautiful, who my flaking face caressed.

She said "you've given me my freedom from my prison of the ages.
So I offer wishes numbering three as payment of your wages."

I knew what I desired, I knew what to wish for first,
I said "give drink to all upon this world who now suffer thirst.

But give those thirsty, a love of fellow, more than words upon the lip.
So they offer the bottle to a brother, before they take a sip.

And give those brethren gratitude, to kneel before they swallow
And thank whatevever God they serve for allowing them to follow."

When this was said I realised, my wishes all were spent,
Which was what I knew I'd wanted, from my first intent.

She said "o man, I see you're one, whom God has truly blessed,
So take a drink of water, and lay thee down to rest.

I grant thee freedom from jealousy, from earthly want, from sin.
Accept these gifts as tribute from an Effete of the Green Djinn."

My reason for wishing as I did, to this day seems to flee me,
But nightly as I slumber well, I still dream of Genie.

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    Come to me O lord that heals
           Not only my body but my spirit yield

    When I’m here in this place, I cry out to you Lord
            My words insignificant but my heart one accord

    You’ve shaped my life since I was eight
             You’ve dealt with my questions and my debate

    In my disobedience you showed me love
             Patiently waiting for me to again look above

    I know as I disappoint myself I do not disappoint You
             For in You all knowing, all loving You knew
                     That I could never go far and I grew
                             As You waited

     How long have You waited for your children to see
            That it’s all built on love and they’ve been deceived

     I cry out to You Jehovah to open our eyes
             Allow the things that have hindered to be now despised

     With good intentions we lost the truth
             Afford us Jehovah, the journey to find all truth

                     For if God is the truth and the truth is God
                             Then wisdom will begin where the journey ends 

 Shalom is the kind of peace that results from being a whole person in right                         

                        relationship to God and to one's fellow man.

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Size does matter(EVE)4 Daniel C.


So much for Adam talking to the Lord.
A conversation I am sure was bored .

Asking God for a women for him to receive.
Little did Adam know his EVE will be so easy to deceive.

"Take a night cap" replied God.
By morning she will own your Hot Rod.

Adam waking up in such nagging pain.
Along came Eve with much to gain.

From Adam's rib Eve was formed.
Nothing is impossible for God to transform.

"Eve my dear I will follow you in everything you beliEve."
"My love for you is sever, thanks for last nights relieve."

Bare naked striped from lies, God gave Adam and Eve his bless.
Walking around in nude allowing them to fell shameless.

"When I was hungry Eve's duty was to feed me."
"How could I say no to the apple against her naked body." 

Forgetting about the good and evil.
Eve believed the male, we call the Devil.

"Oh my God Eve what have you done!"
"I am scared like a coward lets run!"

"Eve how could you believe another man?"
"Was his slither easier to understand."

Eve replied,"The snake promised me everything."
"I didn't know he was pulling my string."

"The snake said there is an A in the apple for me to weave.
"With a vision Adam one day you will leave."

"He said Adam is sometimes the I in Eve."
"He will also betray you  with his own deceive."

"He said sometimes you will accept me when I conceive."
"Adam it was to much for me to perceive!"

"His tongue mentioned you will cost me to much grieve."
"Believe me he said I will  be the only one in achIeve."

Adam says "Eve lets just hide from the Lord."
Eve tells Adam "To late we already pulled the cord."

"Do not worry I will bare it all."
"You will not be there when I call."

"The snake let me see with his crystal ball."
"I will break when you let me fall."

"Somehow you will always make me cry."
"You will drain me, and hang me out to dry."

"Still I will walk with my head up high."
"Knowingly it is my fault for being mislead, this I do not deny."

"For all the things you will ever do to me."
"I will marry you and cause you so much hell you see."

"I will take advantage of all material things."
"Make you buy me the most expensive rings."

"You followed me into our first sin."
"Men are weak when it comes to us women.'

"Yes I will find you in them Gentleman Club."
"Even than you will be a poor little lost  wolf cub."

"I am Eve and I doomed us all once."
"I am here to offer my condolence."

"I gave up our happiness and paradise."
"Listening to the snake, on how big it is in size."

 4 Daniel Cwiak=Adam

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A lover Remembered

Writtem By Ryland Joshua Matthews
For Contest: Sentimental Love Letters 
Hosted By Poet: Audrey Carey 
A Lover Remembered

Sometimes I think, sometimes I wander
In my mind I often ponder

Where I would be, what I would do
If God forbid, I ever lost you

No matter how long, no matter the distance
Id travel that road to the end of existence

To feel once again that comforting place
Wrapped in your arms, a loving embrace

There are these things to witch I hold true
The seven great reasons I could never forget you.

The touch of your hand. The slightest caress.
In the heat of your kiss I know I’ve been blessed

Your taste is of honey that is fresh from the comb
Reminding me of solace, the tranquility of home

Your eyes so serene, in comfort I dwell
The moment I saw them, in love with you I fell.

Around you of Jasmine, the smell I remember
Erasing the fear, to you I surrender

The skin of an angel, through my hands I can feel
The unbridled passion, this has to be real.

The waves of your hair, in dark amber it keeps me
Locked at your side is where I truly wish to be

Never more daunted by the shackles of time
To me God gave you, and to you all that is mine

The End

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The Harmony of Percieving Colors (The Conclusion to Brians Contest)

All the colors that my eyes see
Seem to become a part of me

The red that bleeds my angry days
The gray that shades my darkest ways

The green forest that brings me ease
The purple tracks from my disease

Toni’s black outfit fills my nights
Faith is now my pillow of white

Colors lead to one conclusion
The rainbow is God’s illusion

Through the rainbow what my eyes see
I perceive immorality

For within the words that I write
The will in man to face the fight

To change his life and learn to be
A child of God proud and free

Everyone perceives, as they will
I can only write what I feel

I feel these colors in my soul
God’s rainbow leads to streets of gold

Of all I do and all I see
These colors bring me harmony

Harmonic balance brings me peace
For all my dreams are now in reach

Protected by the flaming sword
I accept Christ to be my Lord

Of all I do and all I feel
I am a servant to his will

It is the Lord who yields my pen
All the glory I give to him

In my words can you not perceive?
Gods rainbow truly brings me ease

Harmony now lives in my soul
See serving God has made me whole

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The Lovers Dance

It was their night they shone bright as they danced their sweet dance
Two lovers embraced in their world of romance.

They laughed and they cried as their eyes locked in stare
It was their world for this moment as if no one was there.

And their steps they so flawlessly glided in tune,
To a melody that touched everyone in that room.

Their passion brought envy to onlookers there,
Who secretly questioned their own love affair.

But as the night closed and came to an end
The lovers were blind to what lie round the bend.

The house and the cars and the jobs that went bad
The kids drove them crazy and their savings were drab.

So they fought to hold on to the things in their life,
That caused them so much of their pain and their strife.

They fought with each other like enemies do,
And dismissed in their life everything that was true.

So when sickness and hardships and troubles occurred,
Their vows to commit seemed truly absurd.

Their home and their kids would now take a backseat,
For their moral obligation they chose not to meet.

So I Ask …
What happened to that dance they danced so well?
With passion and truth everyone could tell.

What happened to their dance where they held so tight?
What happened to the wonder of their glorious night?

What happened to the words that charmed their ears?
With a passionate rhythm that brought them to tears.

What happened to those vows that poured from their heart?
The “I love you forever and till death do us part”.

For these aren’t just words we borrow for the day,
From another who tells us this is what we must say.

We say them cause it’s what we feel true in our heart,
It’s a God given blessing we commit from the start.

But these words are now lost as they fall on deaf ears,
Since the pain and the struggles they’ve created these years.

So the lesson here learned dear people of odd,
Is that love is so fragile but made strong with our God.

So stop fighting for power and money or need,
For all of this nonsense is only our greed.

Keep God in your life and he’ll walk you through,
When heartache and pain and losses ensue.

For why commit vows in the eyes of our God,
And not call on him when life gets too hard?

For the truth of our vows we are all meant to see,
is that marriage is not, made of two, but of three

If reading these words ring some truth in your heart,
Decide that today you will make a new start.

Go hug your spouse and say something kind
Don’t let the small stuff cloud up your mind.

We’re all just lost souls who are trying to cope
If  not there for each other then where is the hope?

You see, the anger, the fight
that in us abide, Is only the insecure child inside.

So rise up above all this fear and this pain,
And see all the beauty that there is to gain.

By trusting in God and his will for you
Together forever he’ll see you both through.

For life is too short for our miserly ways
cheap on our love hence dreading our days.

He made us to love in all that we do
To wake up each morning and start us a new.

So pray for your spouse, ask God to be kind
To the person you prayed in the beginning to find.

They’re still the same person you loved from the start
But life and it’s troubles have hardened their heart.

You vowed that you’d love them in sickness and health
Now is your chance to show God what you felt.

So rise up my friend, don’t say that you’re through
For what if your loving God gave up on you?

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The Reflection

I stare in the mirror, my tears fall in vain
Can’t see my reflection through the veil of this pain.

Who is this person I struggle to see?
I don’t want to judge her but it’s surely not me.

This stranger I cast looks so tired and weak,
I wish I could help her but I’m frightened to speak.

Cause it’s dark and lonely in this shell where I’m bound
Where once there was laughter, is now void of sound.

and the beauty I knew in just yesterday’s time,
seems gone in an an instant with life’s rythym and rhyme…..

Then GOD he spoke child…What do you mean?
You’re more beautiful than anything that I’ve ever seen!

The reflection you cast it don’t matter to me,
What matters is that you can see what I see.

That your spirit is filled with a breath that is true.
And a beauty so deep that this world can’t undo.

I know that your journey seems to heavy to bear.
But I’ve given you family that love and who care.

So hold on tight through the dips and the turns,
For the ones who believe are the precious who learns.

And wether your journey is to stay here or go,
Please know I love you so much more than you know.

I wish I could tell you the beauty that awaits…
But you will know only, when you see heavens gates.

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I am the wind thru the trees

The apple blossom on fragrant breeze

A solitary sunbeam on a cloudy day

The rhythm of life as the tall oaks sway


I am the stream teaming with life

And the orchard, sweet, when all is ripe

Before creation was spoken to be

I am that I am, and I am He

Christopher Thor Britt
Motif: Spiritual

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Alone at the Throne

Shall I entertain you for a while?
Make the thunder clap and hilltops smile.

The brooks may babble along the way.
Men will realize they are made of clay.

I'm the creator of everything.
Without my breath the birds wouldn't sing.

Men now believe they created me.
Laudie da thoughts what will be will be.

They think that faith is just for the weak.
For them it's wealth and pleasure they seek.

All that is gathered has no real worth.
I offer you freedom and rebirth.

Patience will wane this World will crumble.
Those who are proud will become humble.

One day you will face me at my throne.
Without my Son you will be alone.

You may now think I do not exist.
It's your mortal soul that is at risk.

All around you I have placed the signs.
You have a choice to be one of mine.

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Angels In Cemeteries contest

I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write”
I had been going through a personal plight,

I ventured off into a place,
Where all I saw was love and grace,

The season was the beginning of spring,
When life can be heard, and the air starts to sing,

But the place I was in was an endless row of rest,
Yet I was able to admire how well it was dressed,

Glory symbols stationed all around,
One stood tall far off the ground,

Wings wide- ranging, angelic that gleamed,
Surrounded by flowers whose colors were sheen,

Blues of the ocean, reds of the evening sky,
I reflected on greatness, as the time passed by,

I came upon a sculpture, a cherub, with a face,
A tear in his right eye, looking down at this place,

A letter to God leaned against this particular one,
It read clearly on top, “Please Lord, hold my son”

I continued on, walking down this strip,
When suddenly, I slipped and had a hard trip,

I fell by a giant weeping willow tree,
Then looked up at the fixture right in front of me,

Out of all the others, this monument was painted the best,
Its beauty surpassed all of the rest,

I marveled at his golden strands,
His skin looked like the color of sand,

Looking up from off the ground,
It looked as though he wore a crown,

His creamy gown was long and still,
My eyes felt like they had started to spill,

His mere presence seemed to fill me with humility,
My legs were limp, I felt a lack of mobility,

What was this kind, who had made him?
Then, he spoke  “You were never forsaken”

Chills overwhelmed my body quite fast,
I had no idea, I was his task,

I said, "what is your name,"
And He gently sighed,
“Your never alone, just enjoy your life’s ride”

I had been in a struggle, for quite some time,
He spoke once more, “You will be Fine”

His glimmering light calmed my inner plight,
His afterglow, made my heart know,

That sometimes in life we go through a trial,
And even when it seems like it’s lasted awhile,

God sends his messengers right on time,
He is never late, and His words are like wind chimes,

Soothing the mountains, calming the inner storms, 
Restoring us back to our proper forms,

I looked up once more, but He had disappeared,
My faith had grown deeper, and I knew God was near,

I rested a while, under that old willow tree,
I felt compelled to write what had happened to me, 
It was now the early part of night, I began with,
"I heard an angel speak last night and he said to write.”

By: Sabina keough

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Spirit of Chantel Noel

The nervous system originates in the brain.
Nerves send and receive signals to feel pleasure, fear or pain.

A baby’s diaper rash causes crying, pain and suffering,
Her torment needs attention , care and buffering,

She is so sensitive to pain, as were you and I ,
The slightest discomfort caused us to cry.

But because this is pain we can not now recall,
It does not mean we didn’t experience it all,

The nervous system is developed in Mom’s womb long before birth,
Of course, most people know this fact, for what it’s worth,

Why else does the babe instinctively move away,
When the medical probe is maneuvered her way?

She does not know the terms “women’s rights“, “choice” and “abortion”,
As she is killed, screaming in a fear and pain filled contortion,

But that baby’s pain simply doesn’t matter in this world of darkened lights,
She missed the boat when the flag unfurled for choice and women’s rights.

Dear child, you are just not old enough to be without pain and fear,
You see, we have too many excuses times one million a year.
May God buffer your pain my little friends when your shortened time is through,
And forgive your Moms and Dads for we may or may not know what we do.

And  ask God to have mercy on us self blinded pretend Christians too,
As we vote for politicians who promote killing your siblings and you.

God bless you Chantel.

     This  is a repost of the poem written 5/01/2010 in answer to a charge that babies don't feel pain anyway so it's okay to abort them.
 The news today 4/17/2012 (AP news) reports that the fetal pain abortion law which recently came about in three states because of the scientific proof that unborn babies do feel pain is now under attack because people want to kill the little ones anyway in spite of their proven torture.
     Perhaps some day our society will become civilized and history will reveal these acts for the barbarianism that it indeed is. Until then let's keep praying for our youngest most vulnerable minority friends.
-Robert A. Dufresne

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Our Grandmother's Blessings

So many trials seem to be filled up with so much fear
So many ask, “Oh Dear Lord, what am I doing here”?

So many questions that I have come to know
If we just plant a seed, with water it will grow

I have a natural green thumb that now is wasting away
Along with a mind that does love to go out and play

Times I still ask, “How did this all came to be”
What was it that my wife was able to see in me?

She says that my heart was the most beautiful around
It still blows me away, for I clearly remember the sound

Her voice was so soft, her tone was so sweet
I was nothing less than pure evil upon two feet

Had been years since anything had took me by surprise
Ice cold is what the rest of the world had seen in my eyes

I looked at her smiled and laughed in my cold convict way
She smiled and said, “Why you want to be mean anyway”

I told her, “I reckon we are all born to just what we are”
She said, “So why are you a dope cook instead of a star”

That question stopped me right there dead in my tracks
I thought, “This girl is a looker but God she is whacked”

Last night her and I sat out underneath the moon
Two very blessed souls swinging in our sliver spoon

Just a little swing we built together out in our back yard
Place to just sit back and rest after a day long and hard

I once again ask her, how in the world could you ever know?
 “My Grandmother was preacher, I could see her in you soul”

Which led me to speak out my truth for I learned to not lie
"My grandmother was also in yours, answering the entire “Why”

Grandmothers we respected and held above all others 
Brought each of us together in the land born of lovers

Two Grandmother Spirits full of pure heavenly delight
Led their grandchildren into the valley born of the light

Now here we sit holding each other, each other high above
Because we share in the blessing of our Grandmothers love

Toni and I had lost our Grandmothers before we had ever met
though I knew of hers because she was a very powerful lady
and a down home speak in tongues Pentecostal Preacher that
had great respect up in these parts. After all these years we 
confided in each other that we could see our grandmothers in
each others eyes. Thank you and God Bless, MJ

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Until Then

Until Then
Dawn has arrived and I hardly knew it.
Sitting and writing, I thought right through it.
Feelings about God and the need for peace,
Obsessed my soul, brought hope; pure love released.

I wish that I could wave a magic wand.
And bring to all mankind a loving bond.
Causing the world to find that peace filled place.
Where thoughts of wealth and greed will be displaced.

Alas, my heart takes flight away from fate.
And binds itself to peacefulness this date.
To fantasies of kingdoms far away
Where leaders feel my thoughts and start to pray.

I dream the most miraculous of all.
Begins when they upon their knees do fall.
Then, pray to deity that rules their soul. 
And find that God by many names is called.

Then soon, love sparkles-- works its magic lull.
Evil thoughts and hatred vanish, null.
Peace and adoration upon men fall.
Oh, gift from God in heaven to us all. 

Peace upon the earth sings, knowing at last.
That only by forgiving evils past--
And putting down war arms by trusting God.
Righteous love can procure the earth we trod.

But, only man, with God can win this race.
When death by wars does retribution face.
And cause the world to find that peace filled place.
Where thoughts of wealth and greed have been displaced.

Around the world when evil has been ceased.
The earth will live a thousand years of peace.
Until then, sadness will greet each new dawn.
And soldiers who survive will be war’s pawn….

© Dane Smith-Johnsen 11-12-09

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My Best Bud Joe

I sit and think what could have been	
a life with Joey, my best friend.

The many things we could have shared,
The special way he showed he cared.

At age fourteen he stood six foot five
Was big and strong and so alive.

Why wasn’t I there that fateful day
To try and save his life some way?

I had no way to say goodbye,
Why did he go, why did he die?

At first I blamed my God for this,
For taking him, the life he’ll miss.

But since I’ve come to understand, 
It wasn’t God but the fault of man.

The careless company that took him away,
Should be made to suffer, made to pay.

I’m still so mad it hurts inside,
I miss him so, I feel deprived!

It’s so unfair he died so young
Not knowing what he could become.

Now he’s gone and I’ll never know
How life could be with my “Best Bud Joe”.


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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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A Heritage No Man Can Sell

A heritage no man can sell,
a history no man can tell;
so much we share in Jesus' band,
nothing to fear, in storms we stand.

To lordly things we are kindred,
mansions of gold, pure and sacred;
to endless beam, to saintly streams,
to heaven's gaze and holy hymns. 

Our dreams are shaped eternaly
by faith and love in God's alley;
no baser thought our spirit fills,
as we approach heavenly hills. 

We who are born of Christ Jesus,
Hallelujah is our chorus;
pilgrims we are, on earth we roam,
yet pressing on to our glorious home.

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What A Friend Should Be (A tribute to John Barns)

My friend John Barnes is as special as can be.
When it comes to friends God sure blessed me.

There are some things we lose, while others we win.
Some games we play lead us into sin.

I’ve have been lucky enough without any doubt.
I have a friend who always helps me out.

He drove across the state to find me on the roam.
Said, “get into the car I’m taking you home.”

He never once asked for a thing or questioned me.
I reckon that’s how a good friend should be.

We worked together off and on, our entire life.
I’m on number eight, John’s with the same wife.

John and Lisa have most certainly had their fights.
In the end they always do what is right.

Work it out, stay together, never giving up.
Realizing they already have a full cup.

They have raised all their kids, which should include me.
I reckon that’s how a parent should be.

John’s not really my dad but he is my brother.
He’s a friend to the end like no other.

A perfect example of what a friend should be.
That’s what John Barnes has always been for me.

From the start of the game to the end of the show,
John’s been the friend who has never let go.

He has stood by my side through thick and thin.
I’m very proud to be a friend to him.

Through the love of my friend I was able to see.
This is exactly what a friend should be.

You guys know that twinkle that you see in a star.
When it comes to life that’s what good friends are.

John Barn's is my best friend. Him and I met in the Oilfields outside 
of Bakersfield where he still resides. We worked together on many
different jobs together over the years operating heavy equipment. I
reckon I was about 20 years old when I first met John and Lisa, his 
wife. I haven't had 8 wives but I have 3 had wives and 5 significant 
others during the time we have all known each other. I'm very lucky,
as well as, very proud to have had them in my life. We may not be
blood but we are family. Several times in my life they have opened
their home and helped me. Never asking for a thing or questioning my
behavior. Of course, them I would never disrespect. Not even in my worst 
days. In fact, I never was a disrespectful or rude person. I just had bad
habits. I wrote this in honor of them but it is how I feel about all of my 
friends. You guys all shine in my eyes. God Bless, mj

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I Am a Reflection of the Creator's Hand

So many things I want to say,
Knowing many who have gone astray,
So many castles build on sand,
But mines, is a solid rock, on which I stand,
So many forgotten little sheep	
They have drowned in pools too deep,
So many questions that cause demands,
But mine, rest in the fathers hands.

We can shake our hands to the sky,
Beg for answers and scream our cries
We can let bitterness come between,
Curse others, fight and scream,
But when we lay it at his feet,
The holy fire causes all troubles to become obsolete
Learn to listen and then you will understand,
That we were made to be more than just human,
We are reflections of the creator’s infinite plan.

So many give up when they fall,
But God is greater than it all,
So many children run our streets,
Because they don’t know a love that is complete
So many trials cause despair,
And many tears plead its unfair,
But when you realize this is the master’s land
And that the finally is ABSOLUTLY grand,
You turn away from what they say
And allow the FATHER to lead the way.

We can shake our hands to the sky
Beg for answers and scream our cries,
We can let bitterness come between,
Curse others, fight and scream
But when we lay it at his feet
The holy fire causes all troubles to become obsolete
Learn to listen and then you will understand
That we were made to be more than just human
We are reflections of the creator’s infinite plan

Read His word and you will understand.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: Father’s Day 2012

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The lights of Bethlehem still burn,
For Ruth’s mother-in-law to return.

Since her unfettered faith, so strong,
Convinced Ruth, with her, to come along.

Facing bravely the consequences of God’s plan,
Ruth, with Naomi, went to the Promised Land.

To live on in Bethlehem was their decision,
Both seeking to receive God’s provision.

God doesn’t stop being God in adversity
Is what Naomi taught Ruth to believe.

So there in Bethlehem, Ruth sought for a man
To help her with the consequences of God’s plan.

And Boaz of Bethlehem, Naomi’s rich kinsman,
Found Ruth to be both charming and winsome.

So he shared with Ruth the bounty of his field,
When he learned her faith, though foreign, was real.

Thus they became one with the grace of God’s will
And with a prophecy of God their duty to fulfill.

Ruth’s faith in Naomi’s God found reinforcement
While lovelorn Naomi was freed of her resentment.

God’s will it was to give Ruth and Boaz a boy,
And for Naomi to restore her spiritual joy.

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One Last Hug

A wise man once had told me
as I sat sadly on his knee
Son, don’t be afraid to hug someone
When you get the opportunity

He said life’s too short for shaking hands
and keeping distance there
Just hug someone because you can
To show them that you care.

“You know”, he whispered  as he leaned  to me
with his eyes so full of love
“my daddy  told me when I was small
that they came from God above”.

So he gave me a great big hug and said
how does it make you feel?
I said with giggling laughter
“like a silly circus seal “

Well  God he knew, that we would need
Something  to touch our heart
When times got tough and we were sad
and needed a new start

So he created hugs to cheer us up
and make us feel brand new
Because no matter who we are
we need to feel loved too

So my son you can shake a hand
and play the average role
Or you can hug a man with open arms
and you’ll have touched his soul

That wise man who so long ago
held me upon his knee
Was the greatest hugger that ever lived
he was my dear ol’ dad you see.

But now he’s gone and I’m feeling sad
Cause I miss him oh so much
The way he kissed and hugged you tight
He had a special touch

So if I had, a single wish
to make this sadness flee
I’d wish a moment with that wise old man
A  “one last hug” for me.

Hug Someone Today!

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Blessed on a Deserted Island

Who would imagine that my life would come down to the edge of a blade
worked and worked on stone, scraping off goo and removing the bites?

Or that when I tumbled and rolled in the surf, unsure what was up.
storm rolling hard against breakers that I would remain intact?

It’s breath holding time, while rain smashes down, winds howl and the stir
rocks you until you forget your name and then finally silence, the deep breath

sauna time arising with sun, I scramble for cover, glad my Teva sandals
prevent the shells slicing at my skin, I must duck down into forest

looking to quench thirst, handy filter bottle in hand to conquer
all the parasites and villains unseen about to attack what is left.

Forgive me then, Father, for I have fallen to worship my survival blade,
prying out oysters, scraping out crabs, peeling the papaya

for I drink well of thy wine, fruit of my body, rendered and purified
and wander as I will through this vast new place I’ve come 

lost to find self, and prayer for the fragile web of blessings
that save me from skewered, smashed, expiring, but shaded by your love.

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"Act of God"

“Act of God”

 Past all understanding somewhere deep within,
 A desperate need to realize something must begin,

Can't touch it with your finger, you must sense it with your heart
 Life’s lessons take a lifetime few chosen vessels start.

To comprehend forgiveness, to feel mercy fall like rain,
Could never live within us had we not suffered pain.

Took a lifetime to discover, so long to understand
 LOVE is the only act of GOD that we can do as man.

 So love without abandon, just give and never ask
 Be free from fear forevermore, discard the stifling mask

 That keeps you from your destiny, that robs you of your peace,
 God made you such a lovely soul, when will that self doubt cease?

 Fear tells you you must keep it, Gods shows you… give it all
 Your choice to live with open hearts one ransomed from the fall

 Truth calls for you to hold her and embrace her child named Joy,
 Hear these words, oh dear one please, my broken heart implores

 To look into the cosmic mirror, find Christ in one's own soul
 To hear these distant longings, see life’s mysteries unfold

Behold the love unseen; hear the whispers of one's heart
To gain true treasure sought of's the only time to start.


Lawrence Schrank and Caron Balman
( the 30 year poem) 

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A Is For Angel, Z Is For Zeal

A is for Angels who guard us night and day.
B is for Blessings that God sends our way.

C is for Church, a body of believers.
D is for Devil, that hateful deceiver.

E is for Eternal Life Christ purchased with His blood.
F is for Faith in God to keep us from giving up.

G is for Grace, God's undeserved favor.
H is for Heaven, our future home forever.

I is for Incarnation, God became a man.
J is for Jesus, the Son of God, the Great I Am.

K is for Kingdom, God's kingdom will never end.
L is for Love, on God's love we can depend.

M is for Miracles, wondrous things only God can do.
N is for New Birth - if you'll believe in Jesus, you'll be born anew.

O is for Obedience, God's Word we must obey.
P is for Promises, God keeps the ones He's made.

Q is for Quick,our Lord is quick to forgive our sin.
R is for Resurrection, Jesus died but rose again.

S is for Scripture, God's love letter to you and me.
T is for the Truth we'll find if the Scriptures we will read.

U is for Unity, in Christ we are united as one.
V is for Victory, through Jesus our battles are won.

W is for Worship, our God is worthy of honor and praise.
X is for X-alt the Lord with voices and hands raised.

Y is for Yahweh, the Hebrew name for God, so holy.
Z is for Zeal, a fervent devotion to God wholly.

This is just a taste of the treasure you will find,
If you will read and study God's holy Word divine.


For Cyndi's Z is for Zariah ABC Couplet contest.

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Copyright © 2013

Skittles and a soda
against a gun in its holster?

One day that scream
will be known as a teen
not a heinous lying Fein

What a sinister ploy and twist
with a loaded gun and no fist?

Had everyone sitting and waiting
doomed by a verdict just delaying

Was this just an optical illusion
or, a devious planned conclusion?

Now, this generation too afraid
wearing hoodies will get you dead

But, the Klan was still glad
hoodies they've always had

A verdict they too saw,
ushering in martial law

by: LP
edited: 7/30/13

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God's Grace

Beneath the diamond dust.
Of the twilight of the moon.

Thoughts of you float by my eyes.
My mind spins into a thousand lines.

Silver threads weave their way thru my soul.
And I am once again transported back in time.

The moon at the time was a blush in scarlet red.
As the heavens opened up and the stars fled.

As every grain of sand turned into a gem.
And the sea spoke eloquently with Him . 

 I watched the stars came back to twinkle in the sky.
The truth of God is hidden like a treasure in the light.

Though the canopy of this great land know well his touch.
The deep blue of the night skies holds  his mystical touch.

As the flowers did bow in Gods holy light, as  they did 
spread the seeds of Gods everlasting grace .    

Sat. 6: pm  7/ 20/ 2013

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George Dunlop Leslie : Potpourri

It takes planning, a graveled path, herb sets
to create a heavenly perfume

some time around bloom time
excess pruned down by a third and hung.

We see a bit of the hanging God then
in the silky down of lavender, thyme

offer homage of pressed violets, 
golden suns of marigold as tune of awe.

The mincing of the mints is heavenly
as candy, sharp peppermint, mellow lemon balm,

the bedding down of chamomile, poppy maw,
the spiral sweets and gingered leaves of geranium

shavings of orris root, too many iris anyway
so free them all and set the scent create a smelly sum.

Add carnation stars, sticky sweet hollows of fennel
to tell the men, here is where the women live

won’t you remember your marjoram, your rosemary
with the pots on to boil, or laying head on crisp sheets and sigh.

It all takes planning, to decorate, alleviate, scent
create the corners of a life. Let’s go set the herbs.

Then breathe in the heavenly scent of potpourri lent
as offering, homage to all the plenty wonder of our lives.

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Copyright © 2013

Politicians' greed seems to hover
  Over our lives, a simmering cover

Separation of Church and State?
  Satan planned mankind's fate

As in the days of Noah, sin did hover
  Over their land like locusts do cover

The faithful do not fret what is hovering
  By HIS Blood, the Lord is still covering

Our leaders refuse to make a deal
  When enthralled by Satan's Will

Politics, and selfish greed
  Failing our Nation's need

Obama-Care, a change that's fair
  Or, struggling against Satan's lair?

But, ye faithful remember the heavens hover
  Till horns blow clearing clouds that do cover.

by: LP
edited: 6 Aug 2013 - 8:22pm
         25 Sep 2013  - 8:13pm

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Sea of Stars

I don’t know why so many stars
as if I am going to mars

out at sea its stars galore
the night skies I adore

for the moon and stars give me light
and every night is a delight

those stars gave me comfort
as we were on alert

I knew then I wasn’t alone
at that time face of God was shown

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you dearest Catie, I feel a sister’s love,
A love that's true, unblemished, sent from God above.

You have shown how much I mean to you,
By the way you care and the things you do.

No matter how difficult the task I face,
You stand by me each challenge embrace.

You have helped me when times were difficult,
When my heart was under the enemy's assault.

Across the miles our spirits blend and flourish,
A smoothie of love and compassion to nourish.

When I think of you, I know I am truly blessed,
When it comes to friends, God sent me the very best.

You inspire me to let God direct all my ways,
to follow where he leads, each and every day.

When I'm down and life has me feeling low,
I know I've got a friend, somewhere to go.

Your friendship always strengthens and cheers me,
inspiring me to be the very best friend I can be.

Joy ~ your lovingkindness is never amiss,
in my heart I will always call you, 'Sis.'

Written By Catie Lindsey and Joy Wellington

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Shall We Try For One More Year

How many years now has it been – maybe fifty-seven? We’ve traveled down some pleasant roads, on our way to Heaven. We’ve looked into each other’s eyes – seen both joy and despair. We’ve wondered how we’d make it when resources were not there. In looking back to find just how this love of ours began I believe it is controlled by some divine master plan. I believe if God does not exist there’d be no you and me. And all this time together would be less than destiny. I know that my redeemer lives – God’s word tells me so – He sent you as a soul mate as through this life I go. He knew there would be obstacles; I know He put some there To determine if we’d solve them with the mighty gift of prayer. I believe the lesson we have learned in traveling down life’s road Is to bring our troubles to Him to lighten up the load. We realize that we’ve been blessed sharing time together here Still one decision faces us --- Shall we try for one more year? Written for my wife on the occasion of our 57th…12/21/12 … Let’s go again Darlin’…. John Posey

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For The One I Know

For the One I Know

In the ray of the rising sky
Will I raise my voice to the Most High
To glorify His Gracious name
The one that is never the same
With anything or bear by lords or gods.
On kneel will I affirm that no gods
Like Him. He is pure, He is One
And will remain Holy One in town.
His mercy cut across Whole clan
He mold. His Glorious vein... and His 'can'
Makes Him the Ever-living Superior
Being. While all remain inferior
Of everything a nation or society
Can claim. He maintains unequivocal entity
In history, as far as minds know
And as far as ancestors flow;
No Wisdom will... or surpassed His
“Being” and “Being Not”, which is of His
Understanding, the why- no one overrules Him.
Signs… and knowledge is Him,
That no mission and vision mask His bowls:
The why His “Be” and “Be not” is beyond owls.

At the climax of the caressing heavens
Will I not retreat to bow, and will bring on His evens
To the navel, the sea, the fountain, the soil…
And by His Grace will I cease not but toil 
And eat joyfully from my earnings;
To equally appreciate my bearings,
And confer respect and honor -the glue-
To whom, He stressed and concurred, is due…
For God,  and only Him will I not stop being loyal… 
And will I not complain… with little or no royal.

I pray at the verge of collapse:
An alternating moment of taps,
Should I not, get tired of exalting His names.
For He’s Ever-worthy of His names; 
Deserving is He to be glorified -the loving good God;
And Worthy is He to me -the Almighty God.

Will I not: I will not
Should I not: I should not

For: Suzanne Delaney's 'Let's Be Open' Contest.

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What Is Truth, Question Mark

 "What is truth?" Pilate plainly asked, 
 if a relative lens is one's looking glass. 

 What's right for you is different for me. 
 We haven't the same perfect eyes to see. 

 Do we seek to define our own, 
 when who could know truth but God alone? 

 How can one know which truth is right, 
 if holding a broken glass and not viewing with light? 

 How do we know God really exists? 
 The answer's written on our fingerprints. 

 We are made in His perfect image, 
 but the curse of sin reveals the damage. 

 A moral conscience is painted within. 
 It becomes more tainted the more we sin. 

 Where is the standard, if our conscience is led? 
 Some are soft, while others are hardened. 

 It's okay to murder the innocent, 
 an ignorant mob was convinced. 

 The bible says murder's a sin. 
 Is it THE Word, or a cultural spin? 

 Jesus claims," I am THE way, THE truth, THE life." 
 But people sometimes give this strife. 

 What sets Him apart from all the others? 
 He's the only one that saves without works. 

 God came down, as Jesus in humility. 
 He reaches to us, while others seek to reach. 

 Who is this God people try to understand? 
 What is our purpose, and what is His plan? 

 This is a great mystery, revealed in prayer. 
 Is truth found in Jesus, or elsewhere? 

 "What is truth?" people still ask today.
 Where are you going, and who leads the way?

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Matter of Choice

some may pray
others stray

believe as you wish
life is the main dish

you may even hate me
just don’t hang me from tree

how we live is our choice
you may hear your god’s voice

live and let live that’s my life
see you in the afterlife

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Dry Ground

At times my witness to this young mother was sorely lacking,
So many times I pondered, if in my heart, I might be slacking;
My words fell, or so it seemed, beyond her range of hearing,
And God, at times, allowed my heart to near a point of searing;
For her, why had God chosen my heart to so encumber?
This burden tendered me had power from morning light to slumber;
Was it because my immediate thought was turning her away?
That God chose to place her in my heart that meeting day;
Because she worked for me I felt bound in just what I could say,
For fear that something might be taken in an inappropriate way;
So thoughts concerning her became burned beyond my forgetting,
From the time she left our lives just like a sun at setting;
My objective concerning her has not changed since early days,
I wanted/want my life to be a witness to her in some small ways;
I prayed/pray Dear Lord, use me no matter what the cost,
Just keep Shirlene in a place in life, wherein she won't die lost;

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I Believe

As for the origin of holidays, I'm definitely not very smart.
I am a Catholic Christian, speaking simply from my heart.

Concerning Christmas and Easter, we have been doubly blessed.
We have experienced the great Love of God made manifest!

Christmas is the holiday that celebrates our Savior's birth,
The day God chose to send His Perfect Love to earth!

On Easter we remember the gift of His life, death, and resurrection.
We wait with hope in His return, with His Holy Spirit our connection!

As our Blessed Mother Teresa shared concerning love for God,
Be faithful in your service to Him wherever you may trod.

Whether you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or Jew,
The Creator of us all holds us with His Love so true!

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Speaking of Love

My wife and I have seen it all
The very spot were demons call

No will to leave or will to fight
Two lost souls living in the night

But in each other what we found
Two beating hearts one single sound

I love her more than words can say
She is the light that guides my way

She is the light that guides my path
She is the numbers in my math

If one plus one then equals two
She’s the meaning of all I do

She’s the smile that starts my day
The sunset that fades it away

Of all we do and all we are
Know my wife is my guiding star

For her I shall be all I can
A kind and gentle loving man

Our love is written in the stars
Our love has melted prison bars

Our love overcame addiction
Stronger than any affliction

Stronger than any test of time
All things from God end up divine

See that’s the blessing of our love
A divine gift from God above

What I cherish the most in life
I am a man who loves his wife

She is the better half of me
Always has been, always will be

Speaking on love all I can say
She made me all I am today

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A Place In The Sun

Shelter from the shattering storm.
I seek you God to keep me warm.

Deep in my heart I have no doubt.
My wounded soul is turned about.

He gathers me in His comforting arms.
Shines forth to keep me from all harms.

The radiance from His beautiful face
lights my journey and brings me grace.

With a band of cherubim by His side
Lord Jesus begs me not to hide.

" Don't worry child" He says to me.
"The stripes on my back will set you free"

This gives me hope for joyful days
as I bask in His glorious rays.

I could not have a dearer friend.
With Jesus life will never end.

for the contest "A Place In The Sun"
sponsored by Gail Angel

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so you want to be a poet

write all you want about your condition
but after that find someone who'll listen

to capture imagination and attention
all you'll need is their permission

a joke, a line, a rhyme that's fine
a little something to feed the mind

keep a rythem and a steady flow
touch a heart with words you know

a single line can reach the soul
when an eternal truth is told

and when you create a tear in your eye
then write the reasons men cry

or spread the joy of laughter around
with embarrassing stories about a clown

or raise men up to fight a war
inspire rebelion on far away shore

discribe the majesty of the worlds largest
and praise with accuracy what God created

use words to paint pictures and observe
colour emotions deliver the absurd

uncover the sad the ugly and the blue
release the monster inside of you

tell the tale given by the muse
to the letter nothing unused

please the god within yourself
with the best and nothing else

and maybe just maybe
you'll be a poet

(For melody winter)

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The Room Of Study

To sit in the confines of knowledge
At a desk the colour of porridge

An air of unescapable heat
At a desk the colour of wheat

The lure of the Mail Online
At a desk the colour of brine

Looking at Jamie Kirby's broken leg
At a desk the colour of regret

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For twenty-one years our love was tied
The one person in whom I'd confide
God knows we had a beautiful ride
You were my bride

Traveled together, we saw the world
We dreamed on the stars all unfurled
Life was a dance we gave it a whirl
You were my girl

In early morning we'd listen to chimes
Back door open we'd love these times
We were a poem with perfect rhymes
You were my greatest lines

Everything now births a fresh memory
Begging God for peace to let it be
Slipped from earth you're finally free
Still always you and me

Life feels so crushingly cold.. It's stern
Separated now by this blizzard's churn
What's happened leaves a heart's yearn
Inside.. where frozen embers still burn

*Yesterday my sweet sister passed into eternity.  This poem is from her husband's 
perspective as he's shared stories.  (We drove 13 hours yesterday so please forgive 
unanswered soup mail)

Contest: Gail's "Where Frozen Embers Still Burn"
Date: 8-24-14

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The Situation

Feign dressed and superciliously arrayed 
Grudgingly part of this grotesque parade

Want to obliterate this consummation
Do not want to have a confrontation  

Breast fed by conformity 
Only digesting obscurity 

Need the God of my salvation
Rescue from sin and its degradation 

Thank you Lord for who you have provided
Pray we may never more be divided

What God above has blessed
Differs greatly from the rest

Bless now our Endeavour 
As we await the coming hour

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"A tear"

“A tear”

I cried a tear for you today, let go all hopes for love
I’m hear alone still seeking “her” prayers ascending thrones above
So pure your heart I must not start to want your love for me
But when oh God will I find “her” I’ve known that ecstasy
Yet faith in love, in God all same, I ask for strength to wait
To behold the blessings in her eyes to touch those lips of fate.
When I think of you my sweet friend true, I want for you so much
To find the one who will hold your heart, your soul be safe to touch
Remember me my soul and pray to God that I also one day 
might find the “one” who must love me, to mend my broken heart you see
I guess the tear I cried today is as much a tear I cried for me.



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written 28th sept 2007

It's time to turn this around
 the answers I have finally found
The minute I looked into your eyes
 I immediately remembered, how to be alive

If I didnt go through, all those years of pain
 my life wouldn't be the same
Your birth, nothing less than magical, complete power of God's love....
For you shone through complete demonic darkness
ever since, I have been more than blessed
 you re-opened my heart
So I could again, play the part
I've been given a second chance
This time round, I wont forget to dance
 to love, open and freely
Its finally great to again be me

 I've turned my frown upside down
And it's from God's gift, when pure innocence was born
 my sixth child, a blessed tiny little girl

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Abberations of a flailing mind

The morning births a new day's sun
Revealing night's shadowed pun

Why this road, you ask of me?
Something wrong, I've done to thee?

My body weighs like anchored ships
No words I speak from quivering lips

My hands are bound, my mind is spent 
As thoughts incarnate my lovers scent.

My sight is scant, a labored breath
Desperate cries, My soul near death

Each beat my heart now pays its dues 
For loving you was mine to choose

I lye in angst, a tattered seam 
A chapter closed on lover's dream

Oh my lord, my dearest friend
I pray to thee in hopes to mend

This broken heart, of saddened tale
To find the truth where others fail

My dearest God I crave thee now
Since my love has flown to thou

These answers that I fail to find
Aberrations of a flailing mind

Imprison me from heavens love
And make me doubt my God above

But I will not let idle mind
Keep me from my destined time

For life is short and one day near
I'll hold the one I love most dear

So steadfast will I trust in him
And never doubt my God within.

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They say “God has forsaken us just look around”
Wars and storms are destroying our hometowns,
They say “if there is a God why are so many in need?”
People are steeling and lying with hearts overwhelmed with greed
They say “It’s all Gods fault”… man takes no blame,
We curse God, push him out of our lives, and then accuse him when we are put to shame,
Oh blinded world filled with an abundance of vanity
You speak evil of him with mouths filled with profanity
Disobeying all he has commanded us to do
His rules were made to keep us safe, to avoid the chaos in which we now suffer through
They say “God is far and he doesn’t care”
When it is our hearts that have turned from him, grown cold, brittle and bare
All we have to do is repent and change our wicked ways
Then in the blink of an eye he will restore us to our golden days
But human pride thinks it can beat him and reason thinks it will win
Read the bible, rebelliousness is how destruction all begins
Society gets darker and more corrupt each and every year
Many are growing hopeless and becoming overwhelmed by fear
God never left us… we as a country left him
God cannot bless a nation who is worshiping sin
In his infinite mercy he has allowed judgment to shake up his lost sheep
Those raindrops you see are his tears…yes our God does weep
Wake up great nation remember why we have been incredibly blessed
It’s not because we’re so brilliant it’s because our forefathers made vows to God that we would give him our best
Generations are born and then they die
It is our obligation to leave a legacy about our creator who is more than just a mystery hidden in the sky
His eyes watch over every human, animal, insect and tree
His love holds this entire world unconditionally
So take some time to consider how fragile are lives really are
Man can’t stop natural disasters or shootings by a mad man in a car
Live each day in love, forgiveness and submission
Put away idolatry, lust and religious tradition
Make a decision to have a “personal” relationship with God alone
And watch how life will change for you whether you’re young or already grown.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 11/6/12

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A family prayer

This family's cloth is made from a special weave
It's able to bend or stretch and tear or grieve

In recent years I've heard that our values lost
but, here on earth each soul God has embossed

With his image on our soul he guides us in life
He heals fears, restores strength, mending strife

Here death is the thief, of a family's shining star
With his Divine Grace, know your star isn't far

For all those grieving, in his hands I pray to hold
and in the palm of his hands, his grace is foretold

As hours pass to days my prayer will be renewed
Know grief is a private process it can't be viewed

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I Score a Duck Due to No Luck


Luck is not in my dictionary
So, my life, losses only carry

Of course I make a honest try
But, ignores it God in the Sky

When I well prepare for the exam
Fate changes that day's program

In case I buy my favorite fruit
My joy, all tiny worms loot

If I go to the doctor for consultation
He would have gone out of station

When to tell my deep love I at last plan
She becomes the wife of another man

In the terrace when I put the flour
Suddenly comes a heavy downpour

I bought for my relative honey bottle
With diabetes he is making a battle

I gave generously bread to a beggar
He took it not due to severe sugar

Next day he to me sadly lamented
For his unhappiness, I repented

Superb English poems I finely write
My mother has no English might

When I decide to see today TV
Work in the office will turn heavy

When I aim for promotion in career
Head Office cancels it for that year

When I take the rain coat cautiously
Sun will generate heat mercilessly

In case I take not the rain coat
For severe rain, weather will vote

When I love to become a friend
His hand, none will kindly extend

While hearing a song in the radio
My family will prefer only the video

When I go cheerfully to the theater
Gets then punctured my scooter

God does not like me a bit
He does only the opposite

So I love not to live longer
Then God makes me linger

For five decades this is happening
So my disappointment is deepening.



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Storms come and storms go

The sirens loudly sounded
I perked up in strange alert as my heart pounded.

My fingers grew cold
I wondered how long my breathing could hold,

A flood warning and a tornado on the ground
The eeriness was filled without a single sound

I crouched and shielded myself in that old basement
I could feel the air seeping into my empty displacement.

Suddenly and just as quickly as it had come... It had disappeared 
I emerged from underground and took a look around, but everything looked weird.

My house still stood, but it favored one side
I had never feared anything enough to run and hide.

I looked to the sky and thanked god I was alive still
Unfortunately that wasn't the case for the neighbors on the hill.

Husband and wife had been killed 
From their house to the yard was nothing but shrapnel from doorframe to feild

I stood and I cried 
Why had two good people just died?

I didn't think it seemed fair
but did that mean god didn't care??

Because storms come and storms go...

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How Many Times

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down,
Over and over, you’ll be found,
How many times will I just pray,
For all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

How many days go quickly bye,
How many birds sing when they cry,
How many cherubs fight for you,
How many angels dance the blues,

How many demons tried to take,
How many stripes for our mistakes,
How many times could I confess,
I never loved you any less
I never loved you any less.

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down
Over and over, you’ll be found’
how many times will I just pray,
for all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For DRS

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Ode To Billy

Young Billy was a soldier in the War Between the States; 
And scars of war made Billy feel a victim of the fates. 
He fought for Mr. Lincoln and the preservation creed 
Yet saw too many dying and he saw too many bleed. 

Now Billy knew the dreams of war so vivid every night, 
Were dreams of almost everyone who'd caught that bloody fight. 
The war he fought sought righteousness which he believed was true 
But never understood how North and South could split in two. 

His parents died of fever while he fought in Tennessee, 
A fact he didn't know until the North claimed victory. 
His papa, wise and sullen like the Irish Sea he knew, 
Had come to this America with dreams to start anew. 

Young Billy hoped his mama knew he'd made it through the war 
For she had shed no salted tears when he marched off before - 
But mothers bury very deep such pain within their soul 
So only God could touch her there and try to make her whole. 

Now both were gone along with wisdoms they could gently share 
To help him lift conflicted pain no man should have to bear. 
He prayed that Father Dave back home in Dublin had been right - 
A man can speak with loved ones in the starlight of the night. 

The things of life one covets can be lost to history, 
Including soldiers buried by the war's ferocity. 
He cried out loud in anger at the God he once adored: 
"Why did You leave me all alone my precious, precious Lord? 

What grave offense did I commence before Your loving eyes?" 
Though God was silent in repose great clouds then cleared the skies 
And Billy's father softly spoke and made the two as one 
With words of wisdom's calming balm to heal his broken son. 

"The wisdom of this world are pearls wrapped snug in crystal rain 
Proclaiming life will never end but just begin again." 

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God for a Day

God for a day

If I could be God for just a day
To do things my way

I would eliminate disease from the earth 
So children would not be sick at birth

When children are healthy  
Parents feel wealthy 

Children should have protection
Also learn the right direction 

Women have inner beauty and love
They need attention from above

I would also save the past
So some memories and things could last

I probably won’t be God for a day
But I wish these would come true anyway  


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A Tale of Creation Pt 1

Part One

1. In the beginning,'ere time was born
was the infinite value of God, without form.

There was nothing of substance,
of sight, or of sound
but in silence, the will of God was bound
with one purpose; 
to be himself revealed as love,
given unconditionally.

2. " ~I Am~ I Will~ 
I will not~  be~ alone~
for all~ eternity~"

"~Therefore~ there needs~
must also be~
another~ to love~
who will~ love me~"

"One such~ as I~
of spirit~ and mind.
Beloved~ and the sum
total~ quotient~ of life."

3. And the firstborn of all creation awoke
beside his holy father, and host,
with an explosion; by  command of a word
first uttered, and through which,
the explosion was heard 
by the first one begotten;
through and for him 
unfurled all creation to master,
for he would be Lord.

4. Set apart from within his majestic father,
he came to be Wisdom, Glory, and Power
of God, embodied in spirit and truth;
the first witness of all
Mighty God would produce.

5.The sudden expanse of  substance 
inundated the abyssal void;
and time was created
to divide the abyss from that which would come;
and the advent of life and death was begun.

6. All matter, the Word thus began to relate
in its fashion; that all things combined,
separate by their essence.
And the elemental seeds went forth
in due order, of accord 
with life's need of resources.

7. And so, the universe was formed.
Reality, bearing, and purpose,
adorned with life.

A genesis, a dawn,
when the Lord God spoke,
in the morning of

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The Road Out of Hell

The Road Out of Hell

Went to see the Priest one Fall Saturday
Time to rejoin the Church...Live the Christian way

Father shocked me when he said my Mother was going to die
I wanted to cry

Deep down I wanted to hit him
For telling me my future was grim

His advice to me was find a wife
Start your own life

Stop hanging on to your Mom
Stop fighting with you Brother Tom

I left not liking what he had to say
His hard words made me stray

Well Father was right
Mom died one cold February night

I decided then it was God I would fight
Darkness falls...Absence of Light

I soon learned fighting with the Creator is a sin
So I stopped my fight and turned to Gin

The more I drank
The lower I sank

Depression and Drink put you on the Road to Hell
Sad to say you may even hear your own Death Bell

Somehow I stopped drinking and started writing
The more I wrote the less I felt like fighting

It took a long time
But I learned how to write lines that rhymed

And I thank God for lifting my Depression Spell
By allowing me to find my way to The Road Out of Hell

Joseph Adam Elward

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Female Fire

Female Fire

She said remove your glasses and turn your head this way
Little did I know my brain she would soon lay

I looked directly at her face and then blacked out
My untimely Female Obsession was about to sprout

Still numb with grief over my Mother’s death
This Blond Vixen stole my breadth

It was my turn to deal with death and depression
But why God when I am lost and down would you crush me with Obsession  

I came too and saw a Golden Aura around her Angelic Face
Soon I would experience the Female Mental Chase

Is this beauty standing before me an Angel
Is this Heaven I wanted to yell

Or am I in Hell with Satan’s Belle 
Caught in her wicked spell

She said she would see me in two weeks 
To finish her cleaning technique

I Just could not get her out of my mind
At first pleasure,  then her vision turned into a horrible mental grind

I fell to my knees and begged God to get her out of my head
Can’t you see I am suffering do you want me dead

One night I saw Mom in her coffin staring at me... horrible dream
The next night the Evil Blond lying over me... I wanted to scream

Can it get worse
Am I headed for the Funeral Hearse

I found myself at work one day
Deeply confused... tormented... my mind drifting away

Suddenly my tormentor appeared in the corner of my room
She approached me, removed her clothes and embraced me with her womb

Horrible Halucination...Am I losing my mind
God why have you sent this unholy woman kind

God please release me from my mental tomb
The Horrible Obsession will soon be my doom

After eighteen months I had one last chance
To get my release and end this terrible trance

I sat in the chair waiting for the girl
She came behind me...She is more beautiful than a pearl

I started to cry and begged her for my release
I told her I can’t go on and need mental peace

She stood up, smiled and told me she has this effect on some men
She told me I have to write about her beauty and pick up a pen

She told me we all suffer from things we desire
She told me I now know what it’s like to experience Female Fire

I left that day never to see her again
In time my obsession slowly lifted easing my mental pain

At last her beauty can no longer harass
I now know my obsession will finally pass

And I pray to God I never again see her face
In this world or the next place

Joseph Adam Elward

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A David for David

King David was just a boy
When God called him to bring many people joy
He started off tending sheep
God made him a victorious leader all he sowed in his youth he later on reaped.
But through the process he fought many battles, some he won, and some he lost
The greatest men in life have to at times count the cost
When David was faced with Goliath he remembered all the other beasts he had killed
This gave him the courage and the indestructible will
With a name like David you can do all things
Remember that you’re not alone and God promises to bring
Help from the North South East and West
You are a man of destiny,  one of Gods best
May peace flood your heart and calm all your plights
May you rise to the top and never lose sight
If God is for you who can be against you!

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written 20th may 2013

As the world shuts down
 lavish ladies put on their gown

Rest comes, as they comb their hair
 while others, fight the midnight air

All living lives, they had exactly detailed
 not a thought goes out, to those who failed

Homeless man...where was his fall?
 can any of you see or care, that no one heard his call

One tiny second, it's lost
 the next one to fall....could be anyone's cost

Be wise, and look to the skies
 for he is the one, you need to recognise!

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Open doors closed

A war has been waged on individual minds,
Stealing our courage and making us blind,
A battle has begun to make mankind fall asleep,
Silence our souls, while evil slowly creeps,
Into our family’s, our schools, and our towns
Leaving us Desolate and polluting our grounds,
We were never made to be barren and dry,
For love laid down his life for you and I,
But vanities, idolatry, lust and sin
Opened the doors and allowed devils in,
We preach for peace then turn a deaf ear,
For internally self centerness has created many fears
If in God we really trust than we must return to what he has said,
The book is not for show, it’s our food, our daily bread
Look at the times, the hate and all the crimes
Look at the corruption
 It’s no surprise there has been many interruptions
Reevaluate your reasons for living
Instead of war, start forgiving
And repent while you still can,
For the season is at hand,
Let’s rejoice in the fact,
That it’s his life that keeps us intact,
Let’s look up and see,
That God made us all we need to be.

By; Sabina Nicole
Copys  have been placed in my Hotel's bathrooms and lobby :)

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I'm leaving town on a backwood's quest
in this world even lions.. need their rest

Thoughts of this solo journey make me thrill
peaceful solitude for me is such a big deal

God knows in His Kingdom I work and invest
there's not another man that feels more blessed

God's chosen angels sometime need to heal
escape life's busy rush and get away to be still

Here, out in nature, is how healing is dressed
The lion regains his roar.. oh I'm so impressed

Angels regain their wings nature's curative pill
out here you touch heaven, you see and feel

Date: 6-15-14

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Zeus the god of the sky.
Even a rifle wont make him die.
Hera is his wife.
The god of marriage supporting life.

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Carry Me

Fog creeps about and it is all that I can see
Your words they comfort and set my spirit free
I can’t pierce through the showers
Or unpredictable strong towers
But your love has no restrictions
Larger than all these afflictions.

Secluded for a season
My soul cries out
Lift me up softly from all this doubt
Storms of great refreshing are passing through this land
You promised to carry me in Your mighty hand.

Mist above a lake… the product of past mistakes
Vapors in the haze, my life now one big maze
The murkiness in the silence, I yearn to be relieved
The nothingness overwhelms me like midnight's vile thieves.

Secluded for a season
My soul cries out
Lift me up softly from all this doubt
Storms of great refreshing pass through this land
You promised to carry me in Your mighty hand
You promised to carry me in Your mighty hand.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Your my God and my king,
your the reason why i sing,
you give my joy, hope and faith,
i cant wait to meet you at heavens gate,

angels sang the night you were born,
from then you protected the world all along,
i always pictured you in a bright white robe,
so amazing in seven days you created the whole globe,

with you and your 12 disciples a new era ocurred,
thats why in every country your word was heard,
you came down on earth to do your will,
when the seas were rough you said "peace be still",

im so thankful you died for me,
but whats amazing is salvation is free,
but i dont understand you paid so high a price,
and if you had to you'd give your life twice,

as a sinner i lived with a sin sent,
but i wanted to change so i was told " just repent"
from the heart i gave God everything,
and he took me in under his wing,

i felt like a new man,
i sat there and cried and lifted up my hands,
now im not afriad to die because he lives in me,
and when that time comes i'll finally be free........

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The Painful Facts

nervous system originates in the brain.
Nerves send and receive signals to feel pleasure, fear or pain.

A baby’s diaper rash causes crying, pain and suffering,
Her torment needs attention , care and buffering,

She is so sensitive to pain, as were you and I ,
The slightest discomfort caused us to cry.

But because this is pain we can not now recall,
It does not mean we didn’t experience it all,

The nervous system is developed in Mom’s womb long before birth,
Of course, most people know this fact, for what it’s worth,

Why else does the babe instinctively move away,
When the medical probe is maneuvered her way?

She does not know the terms “women’s rights“, “choice” and “abortion”,
As she is killed, screaming in a fear and pain filled contortion,

But that baby’s pain simply doesn’t matter in this world of darkened lights,
She missed the boat when the flag unfurled for choice and women’s rights.

Dear child, you are just not old enough to be without pain and fear,
You see, we have too many excuses times one million a year.
May God buffer your pain my little friends when your shortened time is through,
And forgive your Moms and Dads for we may or may not know what we do.

And  ask God to have mercy on us self blinded pretend Christians too,
As we vote for politicians who promote killing your siblings and you.

Dedicated to Chantel

     This  is a repost of the poem written 5/01/2010 in answer to a charge that babies don't feel pain anyway so it's okay to abort them.
 The news today 4/17/2012 (AP news) reports that the fetal pain abortion law which recently came about in three states because of the scientific proof that unborn babies do feel pain is now under attack because people want to kill the little ones anyway in spite of their proven torture.
     Perhaps some day our society will become civilized and history will reveal these acts for the barbarianism that it indeed is. Until then let's keep praying for our youngest most vulnerable minority friends.
-Robert A. Dufresne

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(Rhyming Couplets) The book of our life's much unknown,which means, is not ever seen or read. Yet man thinks that they know it all, but it's all in their head Life is filled with so much sorrow, pain and stress each day Partly to blame is sin and all the evil that men do. Men in their heart the love of God for other things keep replacing And so the love in their hearts for their fellowman grows cold,uncaring and is dying. Rich, poor, famous or unheard of, beautiful, ugly, short or tall What does it matter? We're all sinners,saved only by grace,and that's all If all men were to change their wicked ways today and turn around In this world kindness and love in the name of God would be more found But sin, grief,suffering and death, are only man's fate to grasp for now Till Jesus returns or they listen His gentle call and one day to Heaven they go. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December,4, 14

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written 21st may 2013

mid summer rainfall
everything fades till you recall
innersence in the sound of an infants cry
an old lady dies with an innersent good-bye
the glimes of a rainbow
no matter how old, makes you feel whole
the whisper of a gentle breeze over the land
makes you realise how small I really am
the smile in a strangers eye
can be the one that would later die
heavens gates are open wide
for by the end of my life, I'll have an army by my side
destany calls me to spread his love an his word
to live by God all mightys mercy
all it comes down to is love him and a gentle curtcy willdo

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Please Dear Lord

~Please Dear Lord~
 (Couplets  free style )

 Please dear Lord help all those who are in pain
 Let them see that calling on You is never in vain

 That reading your Word can give them every day
 More strengh to carry on and make it through

 So many people are hurting right now so bad You know
 Please help them all because Your love for them just flows

 So many folks are figthing their own demons with depressions
 They deal with so much more in their daily walk with pain and tensions

 Assist them to see better,not be blinded by world and all everyday
 Help them all little and small, rich and poor to find love peace in you

 Dear Lord give all of my friends,family,brother and sisters in Christ hope
 Never from them hide Your face,give them all strength with everything to cope

 So many things out there that can distract and causes much pain in each heart
 But PLEASE DEAR LORD make all see that You're never far and Your love never part.

 Dorian Petersen Potter
 aka ladydp2000

January,22, 2015

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Satan in-verse

Compared to a snake that slithers and slides,
A tongue with a fork, he hisses and hides. 

He's patiently waiting, he envies our death.
A mind fueled by sloth, and wrath on his breath.

He traps using snares, with sin as a curse. 
He's evil and sly, his charm is rehearsed. 

We're tempted by lust, gluttony and greed.
These actions are food, he needs it to feed. 

Preventing the peace, his mission is clear.
To cause us all pain, our joy is his fear. 

He covets our souls, to pride his command.
To enflame our hate, and rule as he planned. 

He's tortured and burning in fires below,
A place for the wicked, a place without snow. 

Deciphered as Lucifer, an angel that fell.
Only Gods' chosen people, the righteous prevail. 

Prayer through kindness, and loving with care.
Shining swords of the saints, thrusted up in the air.

- Yours Truly

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Do we put Jesus in a Box contest

God came down and became a man
He wanted to fully understand
Since the consequence for sin has always been death
Jesus had to Indore our punishment up until his very last breath
He became the ultimate sacrifice
So all mankind did not have to pay the price
His 33 years on this earth science can fully prove, and his horrific death was recorded in history
The miracles Jesus performed, to a believer, hold no questions or mysteries
Many struggle with the concept that Jesus was God in man form
However, he did this so he could guide us through our life storms
God knew there was no other way
To save man from their future judgment day
He saw that humans had limited power 
To resist temptation and be their own strong tower
So he sent his son to die for me and you
So we could live in heaven someday too
The only thing you must do is receive
Accept Jesus in your heart and truly believe,
Something so simple has become so hard,
For many in this world are deeply scarred
They question his goodness and question if he cares
For life can be extremely unfair
he never said we wouldn’t suffer pain
that the hurricanes would not saturate us with torrential rains
However He did promise he would give us peace
That we would walk through troubles with his release
He promises to turn it all around for our good
He has been misrepresented and misunderstood
There is a purpose for all who trust in him
He assures us that if you are his child, you win!
Yet, so many put Jesus in a box
Pull him out like old Christmas socks
Once or twice a year
go to church, say a prayer and then disappear
forgetting that God has feelings too
And that he is desperately in love with you
Many believe the lie that he is mad
That they are to damaged and have been too bad
They overlook that his love has never changed
Humans walk away from him, Jesus always stays the same
Don’t underestimate his grace and power
That can transform you in your darkest hour
You don’t have to believe me 
Ask him yourself and you will see
You never know until you try
Don’t be ignorant; he is not just a theory in the sky
He is everywhere, at anytime 
It is your wellbeing that is on his mind
So during this holiday season
Don’t forget to celebrate the real reason
The birth of Christ
Is what gives each person a chance at a new life
He is no respecter of persons, and he is not counting your sins
He’s waiting for you with his hand stretched out 
Begging you to let him in.

By: Sabina Nicole

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The silent lover

Thy eyes reflects the shine of the moon
Angel are you or are you god’s boon
When the melody of your voice falls in my ear drum
It makes me happy as well a numb 

I know it start up with joy and fun and it’s up to brain
Happy it makes me now but it’s got to end up in pain
Every single moment you’re in front of me
Feels I should go ahead and talk
My heart says I shall do it my mind says stop 

Wish god was here and I had done wish to spare
Id just ask you with the god and I know it would be fair 
The way you smile makes my pulse and heart stop
Is it infatuation or is it a silent love

Hope my silent love wont end up in vain
It’s your beauty that makes me happy as for your absence I always end up in 

I love you now and forever and ever
But I can’t speak up of that as I’m a silent lover 

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Hope Is

Hope is reaching out for God and knowing he is there
Hope is reaching for release and finding it through prayer
Hope is happiness and joy and rainbows in the sky
Hope is the feeling God is near when you begin to cry
Hope is looking for a dream that someday will come true
Hope is waiting for the Lord when your days are sad and blue
Hope is wishing for a star that will bring peace and light
Hope is striving for God's love to uphold us day and night

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Gods grace another day

I woke up this morning
and realised there was sunshine
the night had dissapeared
and I knew that I would be fine.
and now Im smiling through the day
rejoicing in what God has made
for I can find no other way
to show im grateful and amazed,
and though these storms will come again
with greater tides and winds that rage
I simply start to look within
instead of to my worldly cage.

Im glad that God restored me back
and proved to me I know no lack
when He is dwelling in my life
and I abide in Him through strife
so do be encouraged my friend
and know this world soon falls away
but the Fathers love, strong and eternal
will never cause your path to stray.

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My Soul Appoints Positive Points

Peace if you want to get
Best way is to fully forget

Love if you want to show
From your eyes let it flow

If comes in your mind anger
How can you grow stronger?

If hatred is your companion
You are bad in God's opinion

If smiling is not by you done
Your heart will carry burden

If with mercy you move not
Your joy will be a big naught

If you employ not courage
Loss will come to discourage

Always if you do lazy sleeping
Results make you do weeping

Harsh words if you use
God makes you only lose

Bad language of yours
Will cancel your cheers

If you have no tolerance
It reveals your ignorance

If doubting you wrongly make
It will cause permanent ache

If fighting is your habit
Around you losses orbit

When sadly time you spend
Your agonies have no end

If hoping is not by you made
How can you win my comrade?

If you fear and retreat from a task
Help from God, how can you ask?

If you do a very bad deed
Penalty comes with speed

If God Himself you cannot trust
Then for you none will be honest

If faith in God is by you held
Anything tough can be felled

Affection heals mind's infection
It is for soul a strong protection

If you open to all your heart
In bliss you will be never short

I have given you my ideas
To help you in life-test pass.



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A Letter to Heaven

I am writing a letter, to heaven today.
There are a few things, that I'd like to say.

My heart has been broken, since you went away.
I yearn for the days ,that we used to play.

I can't feel the sunshine, it's cloudy and gray.
I just don't know what, you want me to say.

I'll always remember ,on that fateful day,
When God called from heaven, and you went away.

So I'm writing this letter, to heaven today.
There's just a few things, that I'd like to say.

'Til I hear God calling, each day I will pray.
That we'll be together, in heaven some day.

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God's Voice

Whether Jesus comes to hear you pray,
Or the Moon and the Stars show the way.

Whether Buddha sits smiling over all,
Or Allah listens from minarets tall.

Perhaps, Hindu God’s guard your dark nights.
Or Jehovah sees your minorah lights.

The Sky Father may brighten your day,
Earth Mother’s eyes may watch as you play.

No matter the season or the choice.
Know, All Goodness speaks with God’s voice

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Couplets for Daddy

Written on: 17th June 2012.
On the occasion of Father’s Day.

Akin a singular solitary mountain standing alone, His love is deep, steep solid & spontaneous and his very own. He always bears my rumbling and blaring, But will stand by me even if the world against me is flaring. He will always in others eyes elevate me and in his own eyes adore me, Talk about me with glowing pride & content he wants me to always be. When God made him for me, Filled a portion of his heart, to give to me, peace happiness and glee. God took From mountains and plateaus, Strength to put into me and its seeds to sow From the smiling shinning sun, Feelings of “warmth” for me his son From the vast blue seas, Tranquility and calmness to give me for free. From the ever green nature, Generosity for me from within to grow in stature. From the silent night, Comfort and coziness to make me always all right. From age, Wisdom to impart to me and not inner rage. From the eagle’s flight, Power to have but never use in its own right. From monsoon’s pristine & unsullied morn, Joys for my life to adorn. From a mustard seed, Faith inside me to forever breed. From eternity for me, Patience in my life even to an intolerable degree. All these virtues God took, And tied them all with humanity’s comely hook. Then on life’s canvas he did a portrait and colored it all, And made a man, “ Dad” for me to call. To my “Dad” on Father’s day, From the bottom of my heart I say “I love you” in my own way. To me Father’s Day means much more, Than with these few penned words I bring fore. Once more……………. Daddy ………Happy Father’s Day…………..

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God Vows to Help a Soul that Loves

I just want to convey my sorrow to the Lord
Surely to rescue me He will be glad to nod

I do not possess greed or any bad desire
I know they will burn me like forest-fire

I only pray for a kind heart that loves
A mind to convert home out of house

I never make a long list of demands
As I know will ever bless His hands

I need not give Him instructions to follow
He knows the horoscope of every fellow

As far as I am concerned, God is noble
He will remove fully his devotee's trouble

God is the boss who cancels loss
He ever helps those following laws

God alone can never at all be cheated
He who cheats will get surely defeated

Walk toward God taking just one step
He will take ten steps to offer you help

God alone will never try to blackmail
Prayer told will surely save without fail.


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God's Earth

I love the earth I walk on,
I love the God above,
I love the grace He giveth,
for the Earth is not enough.

I love the friends he gave me,
I love to be with them,
I love the way He set free
their spirit souls to Him.

For souls he freely giveth,
as summers seed sown,
watered by grace and love,
soon a tree be grown.

Nested deep as knowledge eternal,
toeing down for life,
finding but food and water,
in a weak and faithless strife.

Stretching up to heaven
with branches pleadingly open,
competing against its brethren,
green glistening hands a-hoping.

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Thank You For Everything

~Thank You For Everything~ 

 I share with You more than my heart and mind 
 And in You the most radiant light I can always find. 
 When sometimes I feel alone and I am all in the dark 
 You bring me hope and dreams that make my heart spark 

 Since I've found You I can clearly see 
 That there isn't anything impossible with you. 
 You've made my life much better... complete... 
 No matter what you've made it for sure more sweet 

 Your strength is more evident to me everyday. 
 You give me sunshine and rainbows after a rainy day. 
 I know that your love never stops not even for a second 
 And that You'll always be next to me in this life and beyond 

 I am so assured of all this with You right deep into my soul ... 
 Thank You Jesus for your salvation and thank You for making me whole… 

 Dorian Petersen Potter 
 aka ladydp2000 


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Outcry of a broken heart

Even my mind not stilled by silence
my thoughts outraged with hurt and hate
as Im dumbfounded with confusion
leaving the cause to no debate,
I cannot tell you what is wrong
to tell you means I'd have to trust,
and my heart no longer feels willing,
beating only cause it must.

I feel a dead man live my life
I see his cold abandoned heart,
I hear his agonising cries
as he is torn more apart,
knowing no peace, no rest I find
having no comfort, stuck in a bind
a vagabond, alone in his life
Ive been cut off, betrayal was the knife.

awaiting death, and still much worse
my whole life upon this earth
seems like a scheme to take my worth
and bring me to nothing,
such is my curse
and i fear the effects
may never reverse
and make believe that I am cursed.
the way I feel too great for words
too great to bear such constant hurt
my soul depressed and left prostrate
before God to help, I hope it works. . .

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Gods Message

One night, a sweet young angel was sent by God to Earth,
To bring the people of the world, news of the Christ childs birth,

He travelled north and then went west, from south to east went he,
But not a soul would listen, as he sang out joyously,

"Behold" he cried "the lords own son is born to you this day"!
"he delivers all from evil, and will wash your sins away"

As God looked down, he shook his head, he knew they could not hear,
or recognise one angels voice, through ignorance and fear,

And so he sent a heavenly host, their voices filled the air,
then placed a star over Bethlehem, to guide his people there,

In the dim light of the stable, the angel wept with joy,
he knew god heard the peoples prayers, and sent this special boy,

So even if you are one voice, don't ever be afraid,
that god has never heard you, or watched you as you've prayed.

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Splendid stars

Splendid stars
Splendid stars
When I saw that splendid stars on this Earth
Happy to see how brings forth
Ask to god for her mercy
God sent him on this earth so everybody can be happy.
When I saw him on my way pleased for her activity.
Pray to god for sending splendid stars on this EARTH SO everybody can be happy and free.
Splendid stars acts like miracle for creativity.
Saroj khan[sakha]

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Faith in the Mother of Lord Eternal God

When faith in the Mother of Lord Eternal God declines
Faith in the Son of Eternal God and the Eternal Father  also declines

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I Was Wrong

I thank God for all my blessings, and all that will come.
All though these angels are hard to see where I'm from.
Help me conquer and surpass all of my inner demons.
I'm willing to let you lead, as these hard times deepen.
For so many years, I have walked and lived so blindly.
Sitting and waiting for all your blessings to find me.
Never did I realize, they were here all along.
I've found you, and I admit that I was wrong.

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If God Made Me Immortal

If God Made Me Immortal By Rick Rucker If God offered to make me immortal, so that I would ever be, I would say “No thanks,” if I could not forever see, The vision of the Angel that has saved me from the Fire, She reached down into it, and put my Suffering on the pyre, She took this old carcass, and made it feel young once again, She has made me feel like a Giant among men! She has healed my Soul, and set my Spirit free, And gently holding Her is how I always want to be! Living until Forever would not be Heaven without my Love, Just the thought of it, sounds like Hell above! I would much prefer to have a normal life, With this Angel that has agreed to be my Wife! When my time to pass comes up, I will be happy, don’t you see? I know that soon, together, we will always be! If Heaven is for Lovers, then our place is ready there, You will see us running, holding hands, without a care!

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I T could mean

…say independent tour
A time to gradually burst out
Out of one’s shell in LAUTECH’s pouch
Something within says ‘thank God I’m free.’
Deeper I know I have only come to see
What the future really taste like
Step by step I must peruse around without even a bike 
I must look and talk like the wise
Give a concise report of my tour avoiding lies
This tour would one day be technically judge
Though an independent tourist, I cannot dodge

…say Important Temptation/Trial/Test
A time to see if I actually have a stand
When money and love will shake my hand
Something within says ‘This’s no test but rest’
Deeper I know if it is not God, it is no rest
So I must decide where I belong
Even if others mock me as we journey along.
Truly there may be no saint to see
And encourage my believe
Yet I must be sincere to my God 
And bow not to any little god

…say Internal Training
A time to gather knowledge for the future
Build one’s self and set a standard picture
At a time I said, ‘I wish all this end’
Deeper I know if I slack, the future might bend
So I must build now mental strength
 Enlarge my reasoning breadth and length
‘How will I start to impact my generation?’
In my career without unnecessary imitation
And spiritual principles too
Must not  be under emphasized  as I journey through

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One Day of Knowing (For the Eve in Eden Contest Sponsored by: Deborah Guzzi)

One Day of Knowing

Adam, my Adam, please come stroll with me.
Let us take another walk to the sea.
Come, my husband, the man of my dreams,
We can live forever with no blasphemes!
You named all the animals as God asked.
Eons flew past; you continued the task.
Never “alone” working with no adieu.
God’s right hand man; I am so proud of you!
Alone in the garden, when God went out –
I keep wondering, what was that about?
What was on the outside?  I wish I knew –
Perhaps way back then…a dangerous venue.
Every yesterday walking side by side
In sync in the garden we two abide.
Millions of years living, immortal, shared.
God invented…giving to us; He cared.
Day after day together leisurely
We, walking with God obediently,
Free to eat of the Tree of Life and live.
Explicate that one, Adam?  Come on; give! 
Let us try the other fruit; we will not die.
The serpent said we would not.  Let us try. 
The Tree of Life gives immortality.
We will know good and evil, God’s specialty.
You said, before “Eve, do not ask again.”
We could be like God; come on let us win!
I am looking for adventure, if you please.
Life in the garden is a boring ease.  
Perhaps I will taste that fruit without you.
Then, you will miss me for an eon or two.
Good idea, baby”— Now, I am thinking!
Beguile me again…these teeth are sinking.
Adam, oh Adam, I ate and still live.
It tastes delicious; this is yours…I give. 
Yummy!  Eve, I love your tummy…naked.
Yikes!  He is unquenchable; love related.
What have I done eternity like this?
Never ending energy, a constant kiss.
My rebel spirit brought mortality.
Now, pain and toil, shall drive humanity.
Come on God; what is next?  Please do something –
God banished us the Tree of Life; mortal life stings –

DEDICATED to the original EVE whose rebel spirit and convincing tongue brought mortality to both Adam and herself.  Thus, the adventures of mortal man began and humanity

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
May, 2010

Poetic form:  Couplets

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America after 1962

On June 25, 1962 prayer was taken out of school
It was like losing a ring's precious jewel 
If you look into America's history 
You will find that it is no mystery
From that date on we haven’t been as strong
I believe we have done something terribly wrong
What they teach in history books simply overlooks
Important information that has raised up a blind generation
Youth, family, education, and national life is far from the same
We have lost morals and values that our forefathers firmly proclaimed
A Blessed Nation under God we have always been
But in the last 50 years it has become destroyed by an abundance of sin
Divorce rate is at an all-time high
While so many children grow up fatherless and wonder why
Gang violence increases each day
Teenage pregnancy has become a common way
Young people search for love in all the wrong places
Leaders in government wear faulty faces
Role models have become extinct
Technology while good has caused many jobs to sink
A nation rife with perjury
Broken marriage covenants In need of surgery
Unforgiveness extortion bribery slander and profanity
We need God to restore us too sanity
Hypocrisy, and lawsuits initiated solely for revenge and personal gain 
Doing things are own way has caused us much pain
The rich are getting richer and the poor sit back and cry
People have lost their integrity yet shake their fists at the sky
If you want to learn open a bible and begin to read
If we listened to its wisdom we wouldn’t have so much need
We have become too liberal as a whole
Besides having so much debt, we are all losing our souls
If anyone talks about God in school they risk losing their profession
Yet more and more young people suffer from anxiety and depression
Many are on medication making doctors filthy rich
So many people are dying in their own emotional ditch
Statistically we are on a downward spiral
Many people turn their heads or just live in denial
History is important to learn
For it shows us how quickly society can turn 
We all have to answer to God someday
And if I were you I would start to learn his way
For if we are going to continue to be America the best
We have to take a moment to address
All the ways we have allowed this country to slip
Take personal responsibility and restore our spiritual grips
Weneed to take back the people's power
We are living in a crucial hour
If we don’t open our eyes ears and mouths we will fall instead of just bend
who knows this time if this damage we can mend.

 by: Sabina nicole

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Life of a Wanderer

Life of a Wanderer

I am a wanderer, on my way to Jerusalem.
There I will meet my Holy God, not just symbolism.

From the Holy Fathers I learnt of His love for me,
In my young mind, I found the thought so very lovely.

So I set on a journey to discover the source of this love,
I picked up myself, my bible, and my rosary in the bag.

Night came; I found a castle, whose lady has a heart,
She fed me, clothed me, and invited me for the night.

In awe, I asked my benefactor how she could love the poor,
She answered, “It is God’s great commandment to love thy neighbor”.

In the coldness of the night, I felt warm for right there I found love;
In my frozen heart, kindled was a desire to also give love.

I went to sleep that night peacefully, as my heart ceaselessly pray,
For I have met God that day through the wonderful, gracious lady.

Morn came; I bid goodbye to continue my pilgrimage,
I walked for many miles, and then I met some teenage thieves.

They took my bag with my bible and bread the lady gave to me.
I was left on the road with nothing, none, but my bead rosary.

I wanted back my bible, my only possession in this world;
A dark-webbed heart, a mind unlit, and a weary old soul unfold.

I wept, what will happen to an old wanderer who’s got nothing?
I knelt, fists on my breast, “Where is God, his love, in this suffering”?

A memorial of the night before flickered in my dreary mind,
Interior light appeared and I saw my fallen heart intertwined.

A bright spark ignited in my wandering cold heart, goaded me to turn within,
Like a child, mesmerized by an ember, I blew a prayer to keep it aflame.

I descended into myself and I saw God’s love in concrete,
A dying flame, He enlightened me through a love memory lit.

This journey to Jerusalem, I do not know if I will ever reach;
But, His love stubborn, persists to burn within so I will not be a wretch.


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Fools Be Wise

such folly that it seems not odd 
for mortal man to live as gods.
To rule by reason of himself
and glory at his mortal works.
How boastful, proud and arrogant
that God be our mannican
to move and posture as we please.
How dare we make a man of Him?!

That God be mindful is a grace
and no effort can that gift replace.
If man can not deny his breath
to deny its giver, is certain death
so lets repent
our ways to mend,
so folly will not be our end.

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Freeze That Motion

Today I smile upon my plight
Praise God I’m in the mood to write

I feel like a dog with a big juicy bone
Like the other Michael Jordan I’m in a zone

This morning I awoke and I could see
I’m making my own mark in history

I’ll never have his wealth or fame
But I add my own style to our name

I’m less like him and more like the ball
It’s my nature to bounce back when I fall

I gotten years of flack over the name
Because I’m a true fan of his game

He is pure poetry in motion
Like the waves rolling in off the ocean

And God gifted me the ability
To freeze that motion in poetry

Dedicated to the man that made
my name famous. What a truly 
amazing person he is. What a 
gift to the fans of basketball.

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Like The Stories Told

Never failing ever from 
my God's creation I become,

more spirit than the flesh's hold,
more God like like the stories told.

As God connects into soul
flesh begins to lose control,

daring matter thus to try
to recapture us in flesh's lie.

On and on in rounds we whirl,
it fools us all, both boy and girl

until God does refresh the spirit 
pulling soul's truth in close by, near it.

The truth is that the flesh is lies,
believing matter creates demise.

The realness of God sits inside spirit;
ask God to pull you in close by, near it.

In that prayer, spirit's thrive.
Soul connection becomes alive!

Again, freeing us from flesh's hold,
again, God like like the stories told. 

This one's okay....

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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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Where From Here

Where from Here

How would we find light by embracing the dark
All the hate and fear men seem to embark

We know this in our hearts but still raise our sword
Gods given a peaceful loving world that we should always move toward

The world we create is from a sick and broken mind
If our egos don’t soften it will be the end of mankind

Eons of hate passed down through the ages
Taught to our children given rise to unknown rages

If we look to God we can break the bonds of this fear
And finally live as one and joyfully see clear

For life is meant to work and this is Gods plan
For there has been love in our hearts since all life began

It’s not letting God in but it’s letting Him out
For he is part of us all and you can’t live in doubt

The pulse of the universe lives in every beating heart
This loving creation that we all are apart

So lets put all else aside and make peace our dream
And rise up to faith and become one with the unseen

Copyright 2011                          4/1/2011

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smooth motion red

escape with me in smooth motion red
let us not even expect what is ahead

we will not worry about time
it will not be that close to a crime

a smile from you is surefire happiness
totally dissipated is crappiness

the destination will surely set us free
i thank the Lord for us being blessed with this spree

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~His Shining Light~ 

God I beg You today 
Make things better for everyone. 
Pour peace into our heart 
Help us from falling apart. 

Shine on us your light 
Show your glow thru the night. 
Guide and open our eyes 
We want to be with You. 

Show how to better serve 
All the Glory You deserve. 
There's no one like You 
For our sins You did die. 

You carry cross we bear 
Help us serve You better. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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A Soldier Departs

A soldier dies for the sake of his country
He lived in a land where we’re all meant to be free

Bleeding from his wounds he speaks before his life is done
“Not every soldier goes to heaven and I fear that I am one”

“I fought to save the innocent from suffering”
“I fought so hard but I couldn’t save them from dying”

He gasps as he chokes on his tears
His mind is but a fleeting memory thinking of long forgotten years

“My parents said to grow up and live strong”
“If they could see me now, would they hold me before I’m gone?”

“Or have I crossed the line between man and beast?”
“Oh Lord I beg of you, let this pain cease”

“Or has God forsaken man?”
“Does it matter? I’ve already fought and died for this land”

Hovering between life and death
He speaks with his last breath

“Is God watching now, have I done well?”
“If not heaven, where else can I go? For I’ve already seen hell”

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If I could say it now contest

The day you abruptly went away,
My heart became frozen and my soul grew shades of gray,
My little eyes watched as your cadillac pulled out,
After listening to all those screams and foolish shouts,
The driveway was vacant, the house became dark,
I knew at that moment we would never again go to the park,
When I got home from school you would not be there,
I prayed to God that you would still some how care,
No one explained to me at seven years old,
That I would have to watch so much unfold,
Depression set inside that vacant place,
I no longer had that bright smile on my face,
The tire swing we built together fell apart late that June,
I would now have to learn way too soon,
How to fend for myself and take your place,
I had to fill your empty space,
I tried so hard to be like you,
Even built a tree house in honor of you,
I learned how to fix things around the house,
I even protected mom once from a mouse,
But no matter what I did,
It did not make up for me not allowed to be a kid,
Other kids got to see their dads, even when their parents got divorced,
But that wasn’t the case for me of course,
All I did was think of you, my first love had been devastatingly untrue,
The events that happened after can’t be written in just one poem,
Only God could possible have the right size thread to have sown
The chunks that life took out of me,
All because my daddy never came back to be
What every little girl desires
The protector, provider, the one who inspires
All grown up and it is now bitter sweet
For now I help other little girls whose dads caused them to have years of defeat
 One day when I have my own
I will be able to set the right tone
I will be able to feed my inner child
Embrace her and enjoy what you so freely defiled
We either repeat are parent’s mistakes or do whatever we can to prevent
That generational cycle from becoming like cement
Braking it now and forgiving you
Was the best thing I could ever do
For I harbor no resentment and I have no anger
I just know that not having a father put me in a lot of danger
But I am blessed to have had my heavenly dad
He was the one who was there when I was sad
He was the one who protected me from strife,
The one who taught me how to reverse my life,
I can live free because now I see,
 what you did in the end, hurt you more than it did me.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written 9/6/11

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Betrothal To My One Love

Inspired by His glory
Empowered by grace

Rejoicing in faith
Enduring the race

Life’s hurdles 
Will I embrace

No blessing denied
Soaring high

An eagle’s view
Refreshed and renewed

My daily rest
In what is best

The word
The truth

Betrothal to one love
My Lord above

My father my God 
Hold’s the mercy rod

In Him I trust
For He is just

My love my savior 
Forgives my unrighteous behavior

Holy, holy, holy 
My heart beats solely

For your love, your embrace
Comforting grace

My lover, my heavenly father
In you I am loved and in no other.

My heart will remain 
I will proclaim

My love, my God, my heavenly father 
Forever and ever

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Butterflies fly past a rain kissed rose, 
 The sun shines down on me,
 My eyes flutter as petals tickle my nose,
 From my past I am now free.
 Somewhere in a distance a bird builds a nest,
 It's wings of grace mesmerizes me,
 Just to see this day God made me blessed.
 There fore No negativity will touch me

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Soul saving

The fact that He saves only souls 
not fully consoles.

Volodymyr Knyr

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God If You Will It

God if you will it, please give me a girl;
One with an eye that shines like a pearl.

I’ll show her love and respect and prove my potential;
And if you give me her soon this will be evidential.

For so long I have attempted to understand,
This sweetest emotion that turns people to sand.

Please give me a chance to experience you’re great gift,
With which hearts shall be mended and heads it will lift.

God please I beg you, please send her to me –
Sooner more than later, I hope it to be.

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Call On God

Our God can always reach you , though you have fallen low. He’s near you on the mountain top and in that vale below. The One who marks the sparrows fall, will not lose sight of you. He has promised that He’ll love you, no matter what you do. Don’t say that sin has bound you, for God’s love can break those chains. Though all the world deserts you, be assured His love remains. God made you pure and holy when He put you here on Earth. The devil has a hold on you, but God knows what you’re worth. Old Satan can’t defy him, when our God tells him to scat. You can’t beat evil by yourself, just call on God for that.

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Near Me Everyday

Near Me Everyday

God who I know is near me everyday
Who is bright light showing true way
By all of your beloved laws, help me to abide
Before you may end up having my hide.

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as the days tick away

so death,
do I beat thee
every night,
softly, without
a fight?

so sleep,
do I dream thee
every day,
softly, within
my plight?

So Holy,
do I praise Thee
w' every breath,
Softly, with you
beyond m' own death?

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Alone with My Words

“Alone with my words”                      

Here I am alone with my pen
Wondering why this happens over and over again 
I know I’m not perfect but my intensions are true
And you have changed my whole life since I started loving you

I don’t know why you push me away
If there’s a way we can stop this I wish you would say

I want to write just one poem while I’m feeling at peace
I will do anything I can to see this hurt cease

Together we stand until time is no more
And life is too short to hurt the one I adore

Let’s try not to dwell on all of our flaws
Let’s go hand and hand and live out Gods laws

For he is the way to sweetness and love
Calming our ego is the word from above

I try to be mindful and watch for your needs
If I fail to do this my heart really bleeds

I can tell when you’re drifting and your thoughts are in fear
And I know I will love you until your thoughts become clear

For God made me loving, patient and kind
And if I don’t see clearly I’m sorry for being blind

For each day I awake and start anew
While thanking God for loving you

Copyright 2011                       2/26/2011

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We Choose

We Choose

If we choose to be in the moment and be within the light
The pain and all the darkness will soon be out of sight

Stand back and watch your mind play out the dramas of all your fears
Be strong and overcome that scene and let God dry up your tears

For you can not think of God and keep fire in your heart
We all have the power of good if we only make a start

Be firm in your decision to not cause any pain
Keep kindness in your heart and the darkness will truly wane

Sometimes all his teachings are buried very deep
But keep digging and you’ll find His promises He will keep


Copyright 2011

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Let This Cowboy Ride

Today was one of the most wonderful days of my life
I love the Lord, love my kids and God I love my wife

In the story of my today man it sure is looking bright
For years now I’ve been on a path headed to the light

The path is not too hard to follow; it’s one step at a time
And you know me; I map the way writing my little rhymes

You know, I can truly feel a spirit growing inside of me
By the Blood of the Lamb, my God I am feeling free

Today was so beautiful I had to break down and cry
All our children were at home with my wife and I

The time has finally come in life that I am truly able to see
There is a pretty good man in the mirror, looking back at me

I have overcome so much to be sitting here where I’m at
By the grace of the good Lord above, I’m truly living fat

By living fat I don’t mean that I have acquired a lot of wealth
I simply mean that I’ve finally pulled all my covers off the shelf

With the covers all pulled off the shelf and nothing left to hide
All I can say,” load the bull into the chute and let this cowboy ride”

After several days of delayed flights I picked our 
son up on the 23rd. God truly blessed our family 
this year, brothers met sisters, aunts and uncles 
met nephews and my wife and I took us about a 
thousand pictures of it all. I  never dreamed life 
could be like this and you guys know what, your 
encouragement, love & support you have given to 
me these last two years have helped make this all 
possible and for that I thank you, I do hope your 
Christmas was as blessed as ours was, God Bless

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Written by Catherine Reinke

Ancient sources tell us of one old God
forbidden from all others,
Yahweh declared he, from the sun,

named  him Baal. His ceremony enticement
many could not resist,
believe one God only’ certain  may  this one.

Each morning clockwork He would arise
feeding nourishment  they and plants alive.

Not only life give’th  He in  sun’s magnificent glory
 how few could understand
why Yahweh to war went with Baal.

Fought in heavens sky for power supreme complete
resistance forces fought immense
until victory found when Yahweh   produced his demon fail.

Destruction of our earth, when  Yahweh   flood waters  sent.
Save select few , Noah and they
in his arch rescue set  omnipotent God sail.

Declared… drown the followers of the sun!
Yet ,rise each morning Baal still won.

Today  from the watery grave they  have risen 
those who worship all that Baal The  Sun has given.

Plead  we now, no  more destruct  us for such love 
condemned to  wait return of the arch  homeless dove .

Mend your rivalry Yahweh  with Baal, we  pray
that   in service both, in gratitude and love we may.

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Compassionate Service

Compassionate Service

Compassionate service is a gift to God.
Serving His children, acting on gospel sod.
Truths are taught about good Christian living.
All too often people are too busy for giving.

When we help others along life’s way
And give their soul an uplifted day,
We are letting love’s little light shine.
Thanking the Lord for His Gift divine

When life is wrought with pain before it’s raced.
Comfort comes, as faith in God remains placed.
Serve one another is what Jesus asked.
Sometimes we do it with our feelings masked.

Run, but be not weary, work, pray, and fast.
Painfulness, my friend, like time, shall fly past.
When sadness strikes and you are serving God.
Receive His blessings from trials you trod.

A soul with insight is with wisdom blessed.
Look inside and find God’s love caressed.
A cheerful giver with a humble heart,
On the road to heaven has a jump-start.

So, be uplifted; God will give you strength.
He will be by your side through each thorny length.
He knows your heart and He loves your ways.
When one lives by His teachings, life has happy days.

© August 13, 2010
    Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Morning Of Faith

“Morning of Faith”
Oh God please stop this madness
With hate and angry words that only lead to sadness
A heart will break so many times before it will shatter
Give me peace and love and the things that really matter
A wasted morning sunrise devoured by anger and fear
Help me look past it all and through your love see clear
For you are my refuge and do not judge me
I know I’m not perfect but always long to be
Why can’t love win morning, noon and night?
If we think of Gods goodness it makes everything all right
I know I have failures like everyone knows
I guess through these teachings is how our love grows
When things go astray and trigger our fear
Lets think for a moment and treasure what’s dear
The love that has joined us will always be there
Even when we feel we’ve been treated unfair
For God has a plan for us that came from our core
And I give thanks everyday that he’s opened that door
We need to focus on harmony, laughter and love
And forget our misdoings and find the good from above
I finish this poem with a full and peaceful heart
For this is the way that all days should start
With sunshine and gratitude all through my being
For this is Gods plan for us and what He wants to be seeing

Copyright 2011

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The Greatest Gift

Away in a manger no crib for his bed
Christmas is the greatest story I’ve read

A God for a father it was a virgin that gave birth
To the greatest blessing that ever walked this earth

People from all nations every race and creed
Reflect for a moment on what others may need 

Before I start on the presents or share in the glee
God I humbly thank you for sending your son unto me

I do wish you all a Merry Christmas and I ask you all to pray
Remember the shelters when the giving spirit comes your way

Even the most adamant nonbelievers whether they admit it not
Knows Christmas is the most blessed day that every year has got

I wrote this poem for Brian's Advent
Poetry contest. The Homeless shelters
are always in need of donations this
time of year, Please consider helping
them if you can. God Bless, MJ

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When God Speaks

When God speaks

When God speaks no words are spoken
Bringing peace to our hearts that painfully stood broken

Moving in passion and resting in reason
This timeless love that breaths in every season

For what you know now you new before time began
Remembering our faith as a seed in every man

For you do not need to learn something that you already know
Rise up to your faith and let all darkness go

For science and faith are finally joining hands
Like a golden thread of love that runs through all the lands

For color, worship, and folklore have no place here
Returning  to your future let our oneness come clear

So start your day with vigor and close it out with praise
And make God a knowing and see clear through all the haze


Copyright 2011

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finally finding that light in the darkness

you see the good in me, and that is good enough
my one track mind once had a one track mind, and to crack through it was mighty tough

however i got older, and my being experienced some scars
at the time that you entered my life, i was beginning to grow under the sun and stars

i learned to appreciate the beauty of being admired for self
for when God's Blessings are truly accepted, one does indeed gain Great Wealth

ever since i allowed my mind to open, i have seen things only realized in my dreams
i now pray for many more experiences with you, and all colors are brighter so it seems

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Living & Giving

Another blessing on another day
Just another chance to pray

Pray for what, “Well lets see”
Everything the Lord does for me

Not to mention what he does for my wife
Praise be to God what a wonderful life

Facing life on its own terms
Was a lesson we had to learn

Had to learn to say “no’ to the high
Stay on the ground and reach the sky

Whatever we need we get for free
Lord looking out for us you see

Wanted some plants to landscape the yard
Lady said no its all-free put up your card

I’ll even come by and offer my advice
Heard from Brian you folk are really nice

Then I’ll bring the rest of the plants for free
Need help planting count on my family and me

Spiritual Enlightenment is all I can say
Living and giving is the only right way

Never pushing our forcing advice
Let our actions be our words of life

Living by example with no words said
Come on in lets break us some bread

Day started off in so much pain
Getting out of bed seemed in vein

But as I end this poem all I can say
What a wonderfully beautiful special day

Another day the Lord filled our need
Man I love the joy of spreading seed

For each seed planted ten more sprout
We use what we need and give the rest out

Which in turn brings so many more
Living and giving is what life is for

Today I started my day on the site waiting
on my Doctor worried i had a large blood
clot in my leg - Thank God it wasn't and 
the rest of the day - God sure does bless 
us. God Bless and Good night from
Michael, Toni & Michaela

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What GOD Created

Copyright © 2014

There is a Grand Order Designator
  most call ET our Maker or Creator.

LOVE, surely Lucifer and many hated
  what GOD, before the gods created.

Who were those homo-sapiens
  light-beings from the heavens?

Tumbling like a bolt of lightening
  life on Earth became frightening.

Then every effort of god-dam man
  became history in Lucifer's plan.

GOD created
  what Lucifer hated.

  from above.

by: LP

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He's There

When you must question troubled times in your life
When confusion surrounds you and there’s so much strife
There’s no need to look too far away
For the answer’s you seek may be on their way
Look up to the Heaven’s and send up a prayer
God will listen because He’s always there
When your day seems filled with bitterness 
And everything around you brings too much stress
Make time for yourself and begin to pray
God will hear your prayer and help you on your way
Sometimes you feel that you are all alone and a little scared
Those are the times to remember God is there
He’s there watching over you and keeping you safe
God’s always there and ready to help in every way
Reach out to God and send Him your prayer
He shows His love in many ways, He’s always there

Copyright © 2000   Shari E Davis

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When living "...of the world" despair unfurled.
I lost sight of heaven’s glorious pearl.
Truths shouted out from the depths of my mind.
God’s loving whispers to me stayed entwined.

Higher education became my goal.
Scientific teachings soon took its toll.
My mind strung out on various theories. 
My soul, in doubt, became very weary.

But faith persevered and earned the prize.
My trust in God was more realized.
Despite what seemed to be a worldly life,
The soul of me soon felt less strife.

A professor asked my Evolution class,
How can creationism truly be?  Alas.
Scriptures say God created…in seven days. 
Right?  Who shall rule in this duel of ways?

The Bible contradicts itself, He said.
His words from there, down doubts highway sped.
Evolutionary theory is certainly logical.
Creationism seems to be mythological.

Then came the clincher, clarity disparity.
The Bible says God created in seven days.
After the seven days, confusion starts to blaze.
First it says it’s finished; then, it starts to haze.

During that lecture, I was compelled to know.
Believing God created; what did the Bible show?
I prayed to grasp truths as man’s theories grew.
I did not choose to tell faith in God adieu.

At that moment, nothing else mattered.
I refused to let my faith be shattered.
That professor, on that day, changed my life.
My golden goal grew to be God’s true light.

Creation pondering absorbed my essence.
A lifetime flew without great wealth’s presence.
I was blessed with children; around them joy revolved.
But there was no rest until those questions were solved.

Strongly stayed upon life’s different path.
Even, when disrespect judged me with wrath.
I loved my children and bore the wait.
Seeking, the answers congealed…my fate.

My life was spent pondering this topic.
When finished, at last, truth embraced God…logic.
Then, my soul found rest from its weary state.
Thus, in the world…not of the world, I wait.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
March 10, 2010
Poetic form:  Free Verse

The results of the pondering are posted on  =>

For complete discussions, go to =>

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Give Your All

It is better to give all to God than to expect God to give all to you
For if you give all to God, God will give all to you

for Chiasmus Contest (David Williams)

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Oh the divine architect...
The seat of wisdom & intellect...
You keep me going when I'm down...
You infuse a smile when I want to frown...!

I seem to live in an apparent Hell...
Where sorrow & despair perpetually dwell...
But yet I always find a way...
When my goals tend to go astray...!

Small orgies of happiness emanate...
When the Spirit is about to disintegrate...
Fresh energy envelopes like rejuvenating rain...
Hiding patches of parched portions...& cracks of pain...

Had You not been around me...
Life would have been sheer melancholy...
Only because I have Your hand...
I see a stream of hopes in every strand...!

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Man Must Find

Man Must Find
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Words in the night spent on heaven’s sheen
Shared with friends one has never seen.
Ramble through the mind unwitting.
In hopes that words shall be well fitting.
Occasions come with explanations gird.
Upon the heart that has not God heard.

Words that vanish in the dark
Words that hold an inner spark,
Words that hide within one’s heart,
Words that light an inner part,
Words that heard by mountain’s stones
Are filled with a spirit’s inner groan.

Whether running through the hills
Or laughing loudly sending chills
Whether sitting where ancients sat
Or hearing words that God begat,
Whether walking down a hall
Or on a court with a basket ball,

There are places inside the heart
Places that shall not depart.
There are places in the mind
Where many thoughts are left behind.
There are places in the soul
Places that know God’s greatest goal.

Whether shopping in a mall
Or on your knees giving God a call.
Whether lost within a book
Or within one’s self taking a look.
Whether resting on a bench
Embracing God with one’s soul synched.

As we wander the asphalt roads
Remember the path to God’s abode.
And if your burden ever seems too great,
Call on Him; do not hesitate.
God, our father, whose spirit stands
Will always reach for His children’s hand.

9-13-2009 Start time: 4:00 End time 4:23+13 proof read “Write Now” practice piece.  23 min.

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the past

the past is behind
although sometimes I have little peace of mind
because I still have memories
that hang on to me
And when the thoughts become too much
I cry out to Thee
Because with just one touch 
Of the Master's hand
I return and begin to understand
Forgive doesn't mean forget
Or the past will be my present
I need to remember where I came from
I won and I lost some
But because of Christ I can still smile
All the while
I hold my heart and tongue from speaking guile
Because if I begin to confess
evil thoughts and evil mess
and ungodly evil things
Can I really be surprised at the reapings 
the harvest will bring
I recently heard that God can turn a victim into a victory
And that is what He has done inside of me
It's so much I could not see
before He opened my eyes
Now I truly realize 
That it is only by His hand that I can come out on the other side
the lamp unto my feet, my Guide
People may look at me
And say "how can she"?
But the truth is I can't and I don't
If God said No I couldn't and I won't
I think a testimony can come out of a test
I've been tried by some of the best
and must confess 
that yes my soul was at unrest
But then I asked God for His peace
And He saved my soul
So I made it my intent and my goal
to serve Him first
there's a drink that quenches your thirst
but with Him I never have to thirst again
Not only is He my friend
But Jesus- I cannot live without Him

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Just Pinch Me

Just Pinch Me

I write this poem as I depart
Thanking God I have given you my heart

I know he will shine on us for rest of our life
Only God knows my joy that He made you my wife

I want to shout to the universe how I really feel
As I lay down beside you and before God I kneel

Graditude,love and joy in you is all I see
And in my faith and knowing I ask would you “Just Pinch Me”

Copyright 2011                         6/21/11

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Call on God

Our God can always reach you there, though you  have fallen low.
He’s near you on the mountain top and in that  vale below.

Just call His name, He’ll hear you, though you speak it not aloud.
He’ll find you if you’re by yourself or  in a milling crowd.

The One  who marks the sparrows fall, will not lose sight of you. 
He  has promised that He’ll love you, no matter what you do.

Don’t say that sin has bound you,  for God’s love can break those chains.
Though all the world deserts you, be assured His love remains.

God made you pure and holy when He put you here on earth.
The devil has a hold on you, but God knows what you’re worth..

Old Satan can’t defy him, when our  God tells him to scat.
You can’t beat evil by yourself, just call on God for that.

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Thank You For Loving Me

God has heard my prayers
He has looked into my heart,
He knows the sadness that 
Was once there,
The loneliness that tore me apart.

So, with all the tears I’ve cried
And with all the lonely nights,
All the hopeless days I’ve tried
To overcome my fright,

God held onto my hand
He leapt into my soul,
He helped me to understand
That to love someone 
It’s me that I should know.

So, I took the time to really see
The real me hidden inside,
I looked very hard and very deep
And found that love truly did reside.

And very soon
My spirits were lifted
For I had found someone after all,
My sad days were gone
My life had shifted 
I no longer felt unwanted, meek, or small.

So, I thank God every day
For being by my side,
To show me His love in every way
To show me He is truly generous and kind.

I thank God for loving me
And as I look upon the heavens above,
I thank Him for everything
Especially, for sending me someone to love.

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World Of Decay

Down on my knees praying to you
My heart now broken, the world is askew

I am sad and confused and tears fill my eyes
As I watch the news I’m beginning to despise

I hear nothing of good only of evil
I fear our world is in major upheaval

When four little babies six, four, two and one
Found in such filth, damage has been done

Imagine their life where love comes from drugs
With only cold hard facts and no lovely snuggs.

No bed to sleep in , no comfort to be found
Sleeping in a closet with feces all around

How can a mother let her babies be abused
In such a sad, sad manner, this can’t be excused.

My heart is so heavy and totally confused
How could you let these babies be so misused.

I  pray to you Jesus, I pray every day
That this evil I see will all go away.

Yet continue the murders, the abuse and the crime
I’m beginning to think we are about out of time.

Do you hear me Lord Jesus, do you hear what I say
Our world is now crazy and full of decay.

I need you Lord Jesus, and others need you to
To fight this evil that is steering them from you.

So give us your strength to guide us in peace
For this evil we see has got to cease.

Lord Jesus I pray, I pray to you today
Lift up our spirits and help us find a way.

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Satan lost his cool
Would not let God rule

He will burn in hell
What a horrid place to dwell!

Jesus came to Earth 
To give us a rebirth

He did save the human race
To let us see God face-to-face!

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     There is a tropical atmosphere...although it is far away
     Because there is warmth of feeling - that will never decay.

     The one is of termperature...and in the Southern Seas
     The other is here with us today - and has more meaning for me.

     The islands out in the Pacific...have a beauty about each one
     The ones that are here today - are far more beautiful than all of them.

     The Islands are a home to many...and visitors are never few
     But the islands that I think about - are always coming back to you.

     God place a physical paradise
     God plaed all of you here in our family - to help each other thru life.

     I have been to the islands of Hawaii...and may go back again, sometime
     But I will never have enough of my family - to help to share this rhyme.

     For I have learned that Family...though we seldom meet
     Are the islands in my life - that I will always need.

     So, I thank God for each one of you...and pray for you each day
     Because I love each one of you islands - and that's all I have to say!

     (Written to honor my family at our reunion this month)

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Love Is Suppose

Love is suppose to be kind But people push it just behind. It makes me sad to see all this Love for some is neither peace nor bliss. But that's what most people do Some live like this everyday. They just don't seem to care Eyes blinded only by pain and tears. Confused minds cold hearts All these lives are torn apart. And the children pay the price This is not in any way right or nice. Everybody deserves to be happy But what I see is really crappy I meet sad people all the time And in their eyes I see no love sublime. People keep searching everyday They think they know more than you Some amassing more than they need for Always wanting and wishing far for more. But that's what most of us do In this life we all try to touch the sun. And as we look at the sky at night We all wish that everything was right. We all want love peace and joy Find a place no one can destroy. We all want to reach for the stars Make our dreams come true from the start . In the end there is only right and wrong And black and white makes things flow. Love is supposed to be nice and kind Love is not supposed to hurt and be unkind. But sometimes love can cause us all pain Love can create a very good and strong chain. But sometimes love can be the wrong kind And produce pain and fear in the heart and mind. With the right direction and guidance We can all make it through life and advance Take life by the hand and sometimes dance looking at the sky Don't take anything for granted, but look ahead for a new day. Love is supposed to be kind But people push it just behind What this world needs more is God and love Look for God and you can find all His goodness from above.

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You are All I need

You are all I need in my darkest night.
You are all I need to lend Your Light.
You are all I need in life's sour seasons;
You are all I need God in three persons.

You are all I need when I am in doubt,
You are all I need to bring me out...
You are all I need when all hope is lost;
You are all I need to bear...the cost.

You are all I need to carry this cross;
You are all I need to swap my loss.
You are all I need when things go wrong.
You are all I need to sing my song.

You are all I need to be free from sin;
You are all I need to be pure within.
You are all I need to get joy like a river.
You are all I need, make me Yours forever.

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Faith Alone

God came down in human form
As an infant snug and warm
Held within His parents' arms
Faith kept Him from evil harms.
Joseph and Mary plodding on,
Traveling on faith alone.
Warned by angels, a sudden flight,
Shielding Babe from Herod's might.
Guided by the word of God,
Carefully, faithfully they trod.
Blessed burro the burden bore.
When God asked he gave some more.
Joseph trusting in the Word,
Ignoring rumors that he heard.
Filled with faith in day or dark
Just as Noah and ancient ark.
Faithful men through out the ages
Copying God's words on pages.
The Psalmist's poetic phrases
Pleasing God with fervent praises.
Farmers furrowing the fields
Praying God increases yields.
Just like these, all saints unknown
Live their lives by faith alone.

By Joyce 11/14/09

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Out of the Twilight

Gnawing, gnawing, on a bone
Come out of the twilight zone!

The will to be one with the light
But have to put up quite a fight

Use the Bible as your ammo
Make the devil have a whammo!

Be authentic; be yourself
Nurse your brain back to health

Life's sometimes high; sometimes low
Hope your will with God will go

In the end you'll be alright
The power of God is dynamite!

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The Tears That I've Cried

A tear for every lie
Every lie that I've told
Every time I deceived
Deceived someone I loved

A tear for every loss
Every loss that I've gained
Every time It rained
Rained on my parade

A tear for every time
Every time I've been unfaithful
Unfaithful to the God I serve
The God I serve and adore

A tear for every time I cried
I cried and wept miserably
For every pain that I've felt
That I've Felt for every Pain

The tears that I've cried
That I've cried every time
Has made a river from my heart
My heart that's found despair
My heart that's welcomed despair

The tears that I've cried
My heart that has cried
That has cried the tears of despair
My heart has welcomed despair

The Tears That I've Cried
The Tears That I've Cried

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Give Him Grace

Give Him Grace

Rainbows in dark can never be seen
(Do they still exist in the dark?)
Or graces of God like grass so green
But if in dark about God begin to read
Fro all worries and bothers will be freed.

Next day when rainbow and dawn appear
What a wonderful day knowing God is near
And now we can read and feel God's sight
Thanks to the addition of an electric light.

Why don't God we really start to surprise?
All of His great things should start to utilize
Then God for me will always be my winner
Give Him grace before eating my each dinner.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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The devil does not fear the man who fears
He knows such a man has nothing but deaf ears

The glorious God has commanded us to fear not
He know we have in Him, a lovely, long lasting lot

I was told ‘fear not’ was said 365 times in the Bible
So, each day has been provided for; be strong and stable

The devil knows that the fearful are hopeless and helpless
So, he tosses them wherever he wills and makes them cheerless

Have faith in God dear friend, and He will show you the Way
Whenever the storms scold you, just go on your knees and pray

Christ was bruised and battered to give us help, hope and health
While the great God is our rock and refuge…our source of strength

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The Most Beautiful People

Sometimes we write in a certain way
That’s the style God choose that day

I pick no subject I just start to write
I just simply rely on my inner-sight

I truly feel pretty good on this day
It’s all just a frame of mind they say

I headed out back so I could mow
Busted and disgusted, wife said no

I hurt all the time the drop of a dime
Pain will always be a friend of mine

Pain is the only one I had for years
So much pain full of so many tears

Love on the inside, pain on the out
It last day after day without a doubt

I’m not quite sure where this will lead
As I eat all the pain and plant the seed

Love planting them, then watching them grow
Into the most beautiful people I could ever know

One of the most beautiful, check this out
Tag Chris Higgins, what this poems about

I'm pretty sure by now we all know just how 
special Christopher Higgins is to our mixture
of perfect homegrown soup,  Bro I love you
                                     God Bless, MJ

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a moment of fear a moment of fun

this moment of fear is actually a moment of fun
for it is here that i realize that i am not the only one

the bravest of the brave always have stories to tell
of how they got up from that spot where they fell

it is then that i am inspired to forge on with my excursion
and let God be my Guide and the Foreman of my next version

my experience will be anecdotes massive
i can then discover My Self....and never again to myself be passive

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Response to The Media

We are people, not robots. We won’t accept your lies
We will not stand idly by, while another patriot cries
We will watch you crumble and we will watch you sink
You can never tell us, what to do or what to think
This is our Christian country and now you can believe
If you don’t like the way it is, then pack it up and leave
We are not here to serve you. You are here to serve
When you put down our country, you just strike a nerve
You will not teach our children with your venomous bite
We will teach our children what is wrong and what is right
You have no power over us. We will beat your psychological game
God will stay in our government and we will praise His Name
This country’s free and so are you to worship as you please
But we believe that God protects our borders and our seas
We welcome all and pray each day that no one ever be banned
But if you don’t like it feel free to move to another land
Without our permission, you really have no powers
We don’t infringe on your rights, so don’t infringe on ours
We will say Under God in our pledge, each and every morning
Please don’t try to stop us, we are giving you fair warning
Our Christian Constitution is not written on shifting sands
If you try to change it, you will have a battle on your hands
Do not flaunt your authority and push us to the brink
You’ll find out that our people are a lot tougher than you think
This is one nation Under God, so ring the Liberty Bell
If you don’t like the way we live, by all means, go to Hell.

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thankful that you know my nomenclature

a falling star is a snowflake on my tongue
a kiss from you makes this old man feel mighty young

an ocean breeze is a careless stroll just because
an embrace from you is the dissipation of what one was

a winter afternoon sun is a daydream feeling free
a smile on your face inspires a rejuvenated energy in me

a mountain morning sunday is a breathtaking vision of nature
just knowing that you love me makes me thank God even more that you know my nomenclature

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TO DO...







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Let's Put It Back The Way It Was!


Sitting on the beach, watching the waves gently lap the shore,
Thinking about life and all the good and the bad things I’ve done before.

Wondering why God allows the devil to cause so many souls to be lost,
And wondering why man can’t stop doing wrong when he knows the final cost.

It’s not up to us to question God, but to be obedient and follow His every word,
Can you imagine Noah, and the task God gave him and how the people thought how absurd?

Noah was faithful and followed what God had said,
He and his family were the only ones left living, while those that scoffed were dead.

And right now we are living in very exciting times and I wonder how many are ready for our Saviors return?
Are we following Jesus or man, a simple question but I wonder if we’ll ever learn?

Look at the world right now, those that don’t believe in Christ, they are an angry lot,
It’s not like they are being forced to believe in Jesus, as far as I know they’re not.

I don’t know if they feel threatened or what has put the burr under their saddle,
But we weren’t the ones that started this battle.

The United States has been blessed for many years, but I feel we’ve worn our blessings thin,
And if we keep taking God out of and off of everything, how can this country function let alone win?

Leviticus 18:22 God says is an abomination, what they just made legal in California the other day,
God is not a respecter of persons, and if we choose to follow man then come judgment day be ready to pay.

If it was a good law don’t you think our forefathers would have passed it 232 years ago?
We have a voice and allowing things that we know are not right has become too common this I do know!

Two wrongs don’t make a right and if we don’t get our acts together then we all will pay the price,
This country was founded on Christian faith and the word of God and we need to return to those ways is my advice!

The last half a century we have replaced morals with technology and let the devil run wild,
And as grownups it’s time we stand up and start setting examples to our neighbors and that ever watching little child!

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When Your World Falls Apart


What do you do when your world falls apart? 
What do you do when someone breaks your heart? 
And you wish for all the gray clouds to part 
And bring sunshine in your own world to chart. 

What do you do when your world falls apart? 
And in your life nothing seems to go right 
But still in the dark of your soul with all might you fight, 
For all you hold dear, and in all you believe deep in your heart. 

What do you do when your world falls apart? 
And there all alone you sit, and, you cry to God in the dark, 
And your heart is just bleeding from all the many arrows and darts, 
That have wounded you, and make your heart and soul fall again apart. 

What do you do when your world falls apart? 
I'd say to you just get up and make a new start 
And get in touch with God and this time heart to heart 
And in God's name, also pray and leave behind then all the dark. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Tag Sharon Weimer "You are IT"

Sometimes in life it is so clear to see
My friend is as special as she can be

Things happen and we don’t know why
But for my special friend I would die

I started the (YF4L) club just for her
Sometimes I stutter but I never slur

My wife knows that Sharon is special as can be
They’re the only two who calm the beast in me

Be the first admit, I don’t always think right
I’m a true man of God with a Soldier’s plight

The “Man of God” part is all brand new
Sharon I have penned this poem for you

But it’s not just a poem, Sharon it is a tag
Pull yourself a name from the Poetry bag

And then tell that Poet how special they are
From the bag of Poets pull yourself out a star

This is a game that all of us poets used to play
Hopefully we can relight that flame today

Anyone but me Sharon you can write about
Just answer the “Tag” and let your love out

You know I've been here long enough to say.
"Back in the day" we used to play tag, i miss
it a lot - Rules are very simple, I write a poem
for Sharon and tag it. Sharon now can write a
poem to any other poet but me and tag it. Then
they do the same. Lets rock and roll, heart and
soul and see where it may lead. Tag Shar, your it.
Now this is a wide open game, anyone can pick
anyone they wish at any time. The object is to
keep the ball rolling. This used to be a very special
part of our site and I do hope we can relight that
Flame, God Bless you all, MJ

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Filling the Emptiness

A brain cavity - what could it be!
Lack of spirituality?

If you want God will heal
A piece of art on Potter's wheel

Born to live; born to die
To live the fullest I will try!

Let God think you're a righteous man
Through Jesus then He can!

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Broken Crutch

Another soul has been set free
Trying to be all it can be

Which in reality isn't much
Another cripple on a broken crutch

Slowly trying to make his way
Through the trials of another day

Through my pen energy is spent
As I try to circumvent

I search for ways to relate
I was once so full of hate

I hated God for taking my mother
The fact I was the forgotten brother

I hated the poverty I grew up in
Then I truly learned of hatred in the pen

I rose to the top of the hatred pool
Took pride in being a home-boy fool

Just as a mother pulls her baby to her breast
I blasted my hatred all over my chest

I took love and hate placed them on a scale
I weighed out heaven and weighed out hell

I suddenly became overwhelmed with shame
As I realized that I had gone insane

For it became clear as clear could be
The only thing I truly hated was me

The last time I walked out the prison gate
I stopped and shook off all my hate

Praise God and the power from above
My heart and soul were filled with love

I came home and started to rebuild my life
Was taught how to love by my loving wife

I learned to love my neighbors regardless of creed
Offer my assistance to anyone in need

If your battling hatred heed what I say
It's a hell of a price for a soul to pay

Take your hatred and go to the mirror
Ask of the Lord, "Help me see clearer"

For hatred is just like any other sin
It's not external it's born with - in

You will discover a joy like no other
As you learn to love yourself then your brother

Another soul has been set free
I'm trying to be all I can be

Which in reality isn't much
Another cripple on a broken crutch

This poem is dedicated to Milton Hemsted who
carried himself in such a way that in the most racial
of environments I found myself with no choice but
to love and respect that man. He broke down my racial
barriers and taught me to love my Lord, myself and my
neighbor. I hope someday we will get to meet again
as free men. Love & respects Milton.
I apologize if I have offended anyone and for the 
man I once was. God bless

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a funny, it happened in the way

Read what sayeth the scriptures                                                                            
God’s humor hope you get the picture                                                                             
In the old the new testament                                                                                 
teaching man before God their abasement                                                                       
What they of the Pharisee’s think                                                                                
Ezekiel eats cow pies better than man’s stink                                                                  
Do you think under water his hands first he wrung                                                        
Satire funny riddles wit an of course dung                                                                          
Jesus not what entereth deflileth man                                                                             
He is Lord he so chooses to he can                                                                                  
It enters not the heart cast into draught                                                                      
Argue if you like already one bout                                                                                    
Do you think odd for God to talk of flatulence                                                                  
Jesus did say get thee behind me get thee hence                                                            
Called him the prince of the air                                                                                     
His life it short like a vapor                                                                                         
Evolutionist make such fuss                                                                                          
But God also created platypus                                                                                    
Confounding the wise in the earth                                                                                
Rejoice in the Truth it is God’s his mirth                                                                        
when Balaam’s ass did bray                                                                                          
donkey did see spoke on the way

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New Religion

"I am not a body I am free
For I am still as God created me"

Blessed be the blind man that could see
His eyes reviewed a false reality

His ears would hear the tune in different key 
His heart would echo love resoundingly 

"I am not a body I am free
For I am still as God created me"

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The Healing Touch of Love

I'm not your slave,
I'm not your master,
I'm not the cause of your disaster.

you were you 
before I met you,
you'll still be you ,
when I forget you.

you came to me
with broken hands,
I wrapped them up
in silver bands.

A healing touch
for simple things,
but only God can
mend your wings.

go stand out in the
morning light 
and pray to God 
to take your flight.

unfurl those pinions
take the breeze,
I'll be beside you
on my knees

supplicating as you 
I hope  to God,
this is Goodbye.

I'm not your slave ,
I'm not your master,
I'm not the cause 
of your disaster,

you were you 
before I met you,
you'll still be you,
when I forget you.

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Let's Start Today

Let's bring into this world peace
So all these wars and violence can cease
Let's stop all this hatred
And give the poor and homeless a piece of bread
Let's start by changing us all and right from inside
And letting God be your guide
There's so much we need to change
Even if it looks and sounds strange
We can all start sometime and somewhere
By showing in everything that we do, that we care

Let's be careful in the manner that we speak
Let's be strong and not weak
Let's show this world, that we still stand strong and tall
Let's unite together with courage and tear down every single wall
Let's bring into this world of ours much more love and peace
So a lot of this vicious circle of strife and pain can one day cease
Let's start today and let's do it right from the place in which we live
Let's always be respectful of our neighbors and our fellow man
Let's give the best of ourselves everyday and all the time that we can.
Let's stop this madness and get rid of all these illegal drugs today
They can destroy everything that you have and will kill you too
Make a vow to bring God into your life every single day
And make Him part of everything that you do.
Believe that your life will be more productive and blessed
When you put Him first in every thing
That you set your mind to do when you bring
Him closer and right inside your heart
And from you He shall never depart
So start by doing this and much more
Let's answer the call and open the door
Let's be watchful of everything that we do and say
And let's be thankful and pray to God everyday!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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Because Of His Love

My life can't be that sore. 
And my trials can't be that bad 
Because with God by my side. 
I can be in the end no matter what glad 
And I want to know God only more. 
And that is all can to this date add. 
God is my Lord and my guide 
And he's the best friend I've ever had. 
When someone rejects me and shuts a door 
God for me will open another one because God is my Dad. 
And even with a broken heart I'll keep my smile and pride 
Because with God's love I can't be for too long mad or sad. 

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A warrpr pf christ

A Warrior for Christ
In deep thoughts of unity. 

It’s always a world, for someone else to please. 

Along with pleasure there is always hard earned pain. 

Sometimes death for someone else’s easy gain. 

Look what we have, by the winners they lose.

They only win, upon the kill they choose. 

So what we have since the beginning of time, my friends. 

That Evil only wins, is when God is in not in, our presence, 

I still hold my mighty shield, I always carry my great sword. 

I never take off my armor, I live by the book of the lord.

A warrior for Christ I am, the devils works shall pay. 

Am a warrior for my Lord, I serve God then do what he says. 

To much going wrong, why do I only see what is right. 

I will keep fighting for every soul that needs a Life. 

Someday this will be over, that is what I always hear. 

Then I realized, that was the Devil talking in my ears. 

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God Is Awesome

Why do I love God so much you have asked me that question many times before? 
Well I love Him because God is perfect and awesome. He's all that and much more. 

God is good and pure and never tells a lie 
He loves me and dries all my tears away when I just cry. 

God is perfect and that's another word that fits him just right 
He made us all and created all; see the sun and the stars that shine so bright! 

God only wants what's good and best for all of us 
He'd like you to have a joyful and good life,free of all the stresses. 

God is great and He loves us all so much that He's sent down His only son 
Jesus suffered and died upon a cross for all your sins and mine, since life begun. 

Do you still want to know more of why I do love God and Jesus so much? 
Well, I do, because God is my Father and is so awesome for this and all of that and such. 

God is a spirit, and He's divine, and without Him, life would be filled with more pain and strife. 
And without His love and guidance, is nearly impossible to live and make it right thru all this 

Jesus turned my whole life around a long time ago. 
God is so full of love and with Jesus my life is so much better I know. 

God will never tell you or anybody to do any violence or evil thing. 
When you do bad things, don't go blaming God, the problem rests on only Satan and with 

Why do I love God so much you have asked me that question many times before? 
Well I love Him because God is perfect and awesome. He's all that and much more! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

June 19,2009

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Reach Out

Reach out today, 
Don't wait another day! 

Reach out for your dreams, 
Life is not always what it seems. 

Speak the truth and tell no lies 
Remember to thank God and say Grace. 

Be grateful for what you have and to others show respect. 
Try to do what's right but keep in mind, that no one's perfect! 

Embrace your values and show that you really care 
Always love God, family and friends, just the way that they are! 

Love and honor your mother and your father, 
And don't forget to love and honor God and say a prayer. 

Serve and honor your country with pride, the best you can, 
And always try to be more tolerant of your fellow man. 

Don't be afraid to stand for what's right and good, 
Tell the truth because is the right thing to do and then you should! 

Use the brain that God has given you and use it with common sense. 
Always fight for your freedoms, and all your rights, protect them and defend! 

Reach out today, 
Don't wait another day! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Old Ruth and the Preacher

The traveling preacher would visit us on a monthly bases,
Unless an urgent need like a wedding, burial, or a birth to welcome new faces.

Most folks in these parts paid with what they raised on their old dirt farms,
He’d preach hellfire and brimstone then we’d all pray with outreaching arms.

We hardly ever had services at the same spot twice,
Wherever he camped the night before he reckoned that place would be nice.

His poor old mule so swaybacked and lean,
Had carried his old carcass betwixt and between.

They’d been partners for more than twenty two years,
She’d seen him shout to the Lord and watched him when he’d fall to his knees and shed bitter tears.

He called the old girl Ruth, it’s from the Bible he said,
And she’s been a great friend as he patted her old head.

He said I can’t really complain cause the Lord’s been mighty good to me and old Ruth,
He said we’re both getting pretty tired and mighty long in the tooth.

Said reckon this’ll be the last time I make it out this a way,
He laughed and said heck when you’re as old as us you thank God for each new day.

There must have been four to five families here and kids by the score,
As the old preacher dismissed us you got that sinking feeling you wouldn’t be seeing him no more.

This man of God deserved so much more than his old mule and the clothes on his back,
But he said my reward is not of this earth, as he placed his old Bible into his traveling sack.

As he got ready to leave he shook everyone’s hand and rubbed a few heads,
Then he mounted old Ruth, and the little crowd handed to him a sack of coffee , some bacon and different kinds of breads.

He said God be with you good folks and always walk in His light,
Then he tapped old Ruth and they suddenly vanished plumb out of sight.

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Last Chance

Life may not always fast balls be,
Sometimes a wicked curve you'll see.
To you a lesson it may well serve,
One that you feel you don't deserve.

But never forget that God knows best,
That He has a reason for this test.
But why this sickness you may say?
It may be just to make you pray. 

Perhaps it's meant for a closer walk,
Or a cleaner tongue for daily talk.
It may be that your counts three-two,
That this is His last chance for you.

Please give thought to how you live,
For your fellow man find love to give.
Turn not away from Heavens gate,
Don't put Christ off, it's getting late.

As God winds up for his final pitch,
I pray within he'll find no glitch.
The pitch is made then with a sigh,
ball four, you're on, you'll hear him cry.

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God Is Not Dead

If God were dead as some dare say,
there'd be no answer when I pray.
I'd feel no guilt when doing wrong,
there'd be no blessing from a song.

I'd find no joy in hearing one pray,
nor a will to live for another day.
On Sunday morning's there would be,
no sermon at church for you and me.

No heated church or lighted spire
there'd be no singers in the choir.
I'd have no feeling, no heavenly goal,
or no burden for that lost soul.

If God is dead who calms my fears?
my prayers fall not on deafened ears.
Tell me once again, he's dead you say?
I choose to think that he's just away. 

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Love relentless
Love so free
Came and gave me liberty
Freed me to be all I can
When in Him I fully stand
For God is Love
And He holds my hand.

Love so gentle
Meek and mild
Felt through every cheerful smile
Though trials great or trials small
Love will bear them
Come out victorious
Standing tall
For God is Love
My all and all.

God is Love; no other One
God is Love; He gave His Son
God is Love; Son gave His Life
God is Love; Son paid the price
God is Love; Son became the sacrifice
God is Love;  So I may remain
Forever free to praise His name.

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Living Under a Dark Cloud

Complete and utter annihilation, won’t that be grand,
Nuclear weapons entrusted in God only knows whose hands?

With more weapons than enough to wipe out every living and breathing creature alive,
And they are for our protection, well give me a big ole high five.

I wonder how many times we’ve nearly launched ours because of a computer misread,
We have been lucky so far, but all I can say is take heed!

A lot of our systems I’m sure are obsolete, and should be removed,
But no one wants to do it cause there is too much red tape to get approved.

Now every little country in the world has their own little W.M.D.
Kinda like keeping up with the Jones, mines bigger than yours wanna see?

But all joking aside we have a real and serious problem that just won’t go away,
My life is pretty much used up and I hate leaving this legacy to our children, to me
that’s not okay.

We are skating on thin ice and one day our luck is going to run out,
And God help us when that day comes and it’s coming without a doubt.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the world leaders could find an equal ground and work towards
peace with an honest and trustworthy heart,
And look upon each other as brothers although our homes be far apart.

But our enemy is greed and the old devil always lurking in the darkness waiting to install
death and fear,
But  God is our salvation, our truth and our light, and we must turn to Him and our paths
will become crystal clear!

Matthew 6; 9,13 ( The Lords Prayer ) tells us exactly what we should do,
And if we follow His words He will guide us this day through.

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Coming Together

I feel God's presence and experience His love no matter how 
A single touch of His hand is more than enough 
I read God's word so I can really grow 
God teaches values and guides thru life and that's so 
He's always there for me when feeling sad and low 
All I have to do is to call upon His Holy name that's all I know 
Sometimes tribulations and problems seem to multiply and grow 
But I know God will just hold me all the way through. 

A single touch of His hand is more than enough 
So I fasten my eyes on the Lord as I go 
Feeling in my heart His divine love and that's so 
Life can be sweet and life at times can be sad and bad 
You know that life sucks sometimes and that people run mad 
Pain pierces your heart and love can be tough 
But the Word of God tells the truth and kicks Satan out 
Mistakes are made and life's key just turns rough 
I read God's Word so I can really grow 
And in my heart I feel God's love and that's truly so! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Being Tested

I have a friend who came to me to ask me for advice
She was upset, clear to see, when I looked into her eyes

She asked that if I thought that God puts us to a test
I told her that I think He does, but it’s always for the best

She has so much going on, that affects her daily life
I needed to say something to alleviate her strife

I told her that regardless of how one does on the test
They must consider themselves lucky, consider themselves blessed

For the test is not a one day thing, but goes on everyday
It’s not a test of just one thing, but we’re tested in many ways

Fear not results of the test, for the results are in the trying
Fear not to put your trust in another, fear not even dying

She seemed to understand then, everything I had to share
She then gave me a smile, for she was grateful that I cared

I told her anytime that she would ever need an ear
That she could come to me and to never have a fear

For one test God gave me, was to be a friend to her 
So forever will I be her friend, a tested listener.