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Cinquain Sad Poems | Cinquain Poems About Sad

These Cinquain Sad poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Sad. These are the best examples of Cinquain Sad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Bittersweet necessity
Futile screams overpowered
By warm indifferent waves

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you must not sink
please save me from my fate
love cannot keep me from drowning
in tears

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One Word

                                       One word
                                 Coming from you
                      Can pierce right through my heart
                      Sending poison through me like a 

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
Fall 2012

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Can't Call It Back

Means that nothing
Calls back the Furies loosed
By an unguarded, untamed tongue
Once out.

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welcomes the sun
earthly beauty revealed
celebration in paradise
apple difficult to resist
one bite never enough
mourn the dying

This poem is not a true cinquain, but loosely follows the cinquain format.  The fifth line is used as a transition or mirror for the two parts of the poem.

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Shrinking Violet

Death masks
the intrusive
images of past thoughts
being burned.  The soul's dark night dreams
lynched hearts.

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Young Girls Pain

Deceitful, wicked
Weeping, cringing, loathing
Things children shouldn’t feel
Repulsive, severe
Struggling, bleeding, collapsing
My pain continues unheard
Abandoned, faulty
Hiding, listening, praying
Life is my suffering
Forbidden, fruitless
Reeling, clutching, grinning
The agony has ended

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Bleeding tears
Weeping Daggered Wounds
Shattered, Heavy-Hearted , Dejected , Misery

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Just now I saw sad eyes Too sad to even cry Looking at me from the mirror My eyes.

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Wanton Killings
By hijacked aeroplanes
unleashing death,shock,fear,anger

In memory of those that lost their lives during the attack on the world trade centre-i.e-sept 11 ,2001.

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Eyes On Me???

Eyes on me,
People watching,
In my direction?
Can't they look somewhere else?

Feeling uneasy,
Discomfart rises, too.
Afraid to mess up,
Afraid to fail.

Eyes are on me.
I feel pale.
I freeze.

I don't want
The attention.

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dancing "hora"
in honey heavens`dream ,
while many soldiers try to win, 
the rain. 


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see poverty 
as curse or calamity,
and rather embrace indigence
than change!

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Liars Lyres

Lies flute
Shadows discord 
Bellows forth to night's arms
Tears salty anger languishes

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Blood red
Symbolizing the dead
Shed by the weak,

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I thought so strong,
broken beneath the waves,
will whisper of its ocean realm
no more.

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love triangle `
tears families apart
A passionate mistake leaves pain
and tears

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Head hangs
She runs away
From both my loving arms
I thought that we were bestest friends,
you cat.

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Exploding violenty
On my brothers
Blood shed brings tears

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A Smile Turned Upside Down

falsely smiling 
with painted faces,
happy outside, but inside

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The Hidden Side of Love

                    Hopeful, Hurtful
             Exposing, Hiding, Changing 
             Secrets hidden by emotion.

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Bruised ego

Who cares?
Whom fares this sea?

See, hear the tongues lashing.
Forces clashing in every mind:
love blind

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shining brightly
down on mourner’s faces
brings tearsdrops under dark glasses
too soon

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Pink Gloam

pink gloam a reflection of sunsets long ago mirroring my longing of days gone by

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Gone far
Drifting away
Crying on one’s shoulder.
The tears touching the floor indoors.
Far gone.

Back our sad tears.
Moving onto a new
Adventure to discover new
Things. Gone.

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Unrequited Love

I am guilty of love true yet unrequited an agony that burned my heart to ash

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Positive Thinking Unfolded

when you think you
live in a palace but
actually you live in a

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Chance 4-26-06

                                              If only I had a chance
                                              I dream what it would be like
                                              to have you laughing with me,
                                              to be able to hold you close,
                                              to be able to spend time with you.

                                             We walk past each other
                                             with just a friendly hello spoken.
                                             Our shadows meet on the cold,
                                             emotionless pavement.
                                             For that second were close,
                                             closer than well ever be.

                                             You don't know how I wish I could talk to you.
                                              If only I had the chance.
                                              Time moves on,
                                              and I know that it will eventually run out
                                              and you will just be a
                                              distant memory in my past.

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Morning View

a loss of words on this morning of great deals
a mood so sound that it feels
my broken mind folding my impaired enralic
the ma is soring above the everlasting manilic
this making of this is quite modest
 2 perfect emotions quar into each other deist
3 morning birds  say i have won
4 moving trees stare at my path but can't trust not one
5 women cry from there hearts mend
6 mocking sticks with no end 
7 dozen roses refuse too bend
8 reigning magician's stand for what is heartless
9 transing meaningless people forget there purpose
10 watching mar dons spiting there fatherhood
11 working men salvage there manhood
12 dancing fool make there point
1 man sits here without his words 
where could THEY possibly be herd

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I'm Sorry Girls

Mommas sorry I took you from
The only life that you knew of

Mommas sorry I took you away
From your world of friends of every day

Mommas sorry you had to adjust
To brand new teacher’s and studious musts

Mommas sorry you haven’t fit in
To a school of strangers and what had been

Mommas sorry I had no other choice
Than to sooth your fears using my voice

Mommas sorry if you feel all alone
But I’ll guide you through this fearful unknown

Mommas sorry you’ve tried so very hard
Still nothing has changed, all but new scars

Mommas sorry for the sudden change
Adapt my daughters to all that’s strange

Give me time to help you feel at ease
Give me the moment to help you please

© Stacy Lynn Stiles