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People Cinquain Poems | Cinquain Poems About People

These People Cinquain poems are examples of Cinquain poems about People. These are the best examples of People Cinquain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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So warm,
this knitted scarf:
a treasure beyond worth,
that hides within each woven stitch
her heart.

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shoot their arrows
pointed remarks puncture
self-confidence and instigate

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Idiotic nonsense
Woulda, coulda, shoulda
Pathetic apologies become reality

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Cinquain Twelve

robs tommorow
Without us knowing
We can't even live

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under the cloak


Mask Motives

Under The Cloak.

Frightening Ability To Conceal

As The Pharisees did !

chipepo lwele

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Fat kings

They laugh while you complain indulging in the dough made of your sweat, and tears, they're out for blood. they sit On their gold throne fattened off the harvest of hard labor by those who truly invest. Heart pressed your sleeves rolled up to allow more sunshine that another might fare better with their life. They stand right by your side but not to support you They wait for your sweat, tears and blood to pour. Your aim has not been reached your heart has felt the pain of deception; while you complain They laugh. Cinquain suite © 06.05.12

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Legal Tender
Desirable to man
Representing good and evil

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70 million

My words has fade away,
The beauty within writting poems,
Has lost my ways,
Sadness walks in my way,
Tears run in my face,
Feeling down here and there,
Depressed night by day,
Wishing I can change things in an instane,
Wishing to be a real superman,
Wishing to save my people in my country,
It really hurts me deep inside my heart,
To see young and innocent people die,
For freedom we never had,
70 million people in Iran,
Struggle for 30 years,
Protesters every where,
Around the world we live in today,
They say,"United Kingdom pay more attention"
People see the news from Iran,
How come no body is a leader in this world?
Why is everybody scared?
To make the first move?
Why can't be just over,
I pray to God and his powers,
To give my people: hope, freedom etc.
To live in this earth with joy and happiness.

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Funny, Intelligent
Girl Charming Voice
There For The Homies
Cute, Not In That Way

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forever mine,
follows me everywhere.
I try to hide behind the shade,