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Hate Christmas Poems | Christmas Poems About Hate

These Hate Christmas poems are examples of Christmas poems about Hate. These are the best examples of Hate Christmas poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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i hate you

i use to believe you actually loved me
but after over five years
i realize you never did
all i have to remember you by is 
one birhtday card and a purplelava lamp
almost sixteen years of life
and that's the day that
still haunts my dreams
hearing a door slam shut
watching you drive away
not knowing it was forever
i hope you know how much i cried for you that day
going into fifth-grade was the worst
people talked about summer vacations
and days with their parents
how could i tell everyone you'd left
everything got worse from there
brithdays ands holidays forgotten
trying to act like i never cried
i hate you for leaving
every christmas without at least a card
a christmas night i spend crying
every birthday, every thanksgiving
without at least a phone call
is one spent crying in secret at night
i'll never let you know you hurt me
never let it show that i care
i hate you for doing this to me

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Right Now I Really Hate Myself

Right now I really hate myself, 
for the things, this past summer I've done. 
And the pain I caused my beautiful wife, 
my daughter, and my son. 
Six months or so have passed, 
and oh so many tears I've cried. 
I sometimes wish that in that room, 
I would have just up and died. 
Now as Christmas fastly aproches, 
Im sadded once again in heart; 
For the debt that I created, 
from a lustful heart. 
Also how depressed I feel, 
for Christmas will surely be, 
One of very little, 
under our Christmas tree. 
So for now I feel truly sadden, 
for the kids will wonder why, 
Santa skipped our house this year, 
for some reason passed us by.

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I hate Christmas

(This is a fictional poem)

Most people love Christmas but I don't.
People tell me that I should learn to love Christmas again but I won't.
Something tragic happened on Christmas day.
My life was ruined when my family was violently taken away.
Three robbers broke in my house and killed my wife and daughter.
A gun was aimed at my head while I watched them get slaughtered.
They stole our valuables and then shot me with one of their guns.
They left right after shooting me and I called 911.
I was rushed to the hospital and I'm still alive.
But my heart is broken because my family didn't survive.
My life was destroyed and I live in hell because of this nightmare.
They finally caught those men and I hope they get the chair.
I have something to say and I'm sure that you'll agree.
If you have a family, you're better off than me.