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Black African American Teen Poems | Black African American Poems About Teen

These Black African American Teen poems are examples of Black African American poems about Teen. These are the best examples of Black African American Teen poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sweetest Love Note

One night a guy & a girl were
driving home from the movies. The
boy sensed there was
something wrong because of the painful
silence they shared between them
that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over
because she wanted to talk. She told him that her
feelings had changed & that it was time to move on.
A silent tear slid down his cheek as he
slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note.
At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down
that very same street. He swerved
right into the drivers seat, killing the boy.
Miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering the note, she
pulled it out & read it.
"Without your love, I would die."

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Granny Panty Annie, the Tranny

Lemme tell ya' about a
*ding-bat skit-zo 
bee-hotch* tranny
named Annie...

I met her one night 
under disco lights 
up at Candies

She was 
starin' at me
grittin' her teeth
aimin' ta' see 
if I wanted a piece
of he 
of she 
by way of flashin' granny panties

She was
shootin' pool
actin' a fool
so I 
took a shot
and one tiny glance 
but got caught

So I
lit up a smoke
and tried to play it off cool
but it was too late
she had pulled up a stool

She slurred,
"Hey young felluh, where ya' been all my life!"

I replied, 
"Sorry to burst yir' bubble, but I got a wife!"

"That don't matter kid, what she don't know won't hurt the girl" 
as she fisted my collar and yelled, "I'LL ROCK YIR' WORLD! Annie the Tranny is what they call me. Bet you been wanted ta' bone me since you first saw me!"

Fear and frustration danced on my face
I begged the bouncer to 
"Get this he/she outta the place!"

My pleas were to no avail, 
and that sea donkey lurked hot on my trail
flailin' it's arms and grindin' bar stools with it's tail

Speakin' of tails...
a shiny blue wale tail crept up her back
Her jeans were mean, but couldn't hold her underwear's elastic slack
but at least it beat feastin' eyes upon her crack
then she... 
wrapped her grimy hands around my neck and asked, 
"You n' me, boy, what the heck!?!"

I screamed,
"Look here lady, you seem real nice for a tranny;
ya' see...
ya' need 
to hit the bricks,
and yir' Granny Panties!"

At that point the joint started to really heat up
people were glarin' like they really wanted me beat up
I can't recall how the hell I got out of there 
alive and free
it was like a big manly freight train
headin' dead at me

I'm pretty sure I owe the good Lord a big favor
that beast was the devil
and Jesus was my Savior!

It's a night I thought would never end... 
the night at Candies Bar n' Grill
Granny Panty Annie got a thrill 
tryin' to make me her sexy friend!!!

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Jungle Love

Your sweet nectar
wraps around my senses
like jungle vines
steady drums beating
Your heart near mine

Your strong hands
hold me suspended
by my waist
Just enough pain and strength
against my supple skin
For my taste

The musk of your
sculpted body and the forest
has me going wild
But yet, the tender way you
protect me, reminds me of
Being a child

A safe familiarity
with a strain of animalistic
Your invisible hold over me
leaves me arrow poisoned
Unable to function

My long dark hair wraps you
with smells of coconut and ocean Sun
your locks full of mud and enemies
together, my warrior
We make One

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A Womans Choice

Respectful, intelligent, someone who loves me for who I am.
That is the type of brotha I'm looking for but damn.
My name is Diona Lanese Finley.
When you look into my eyes is that what you see.
The true, love, beauty, honesty, loyalty.
Seventeen years old with a fifty-year-old soul.
Now the truth is going to be told.
My father taught me to be bold.
The information I say please hold.
So being me I wonder are all of my options gone.
I mean from the sugar to the down low,
From the thugs to the gangsters,
From the cocaine he hitting to the men in prison.
There’s this boy that sits on his butt and can't even listen.
The one who plays the Playa, or the P.I.M.P.
Some jive time brotha who doesn't have respect his mommy.
He think he can go out and have and affair with another.
Here comes the control freak.
I know he don't think he has authority over me.
He’ll be the alcoholic I'll throw out on the streets.
A man thinks he can put his hands on me.
I'll beat you down like we in slavery.
That is no way you treat a woman like me.
Proud, love her self, and have dignity.
He doesn't know how to treat the mother of his child.
Now I know you think this poem is a little wild.
So that’s why I’m going to say this loud and proud.
Not all men are like that, I know I have one who has my back.
Strong, loving, true, real, provides for my mommy and me.
Yeah that's right, he's my daddy.
I don't want a man just like him.
But my daddy what me to have a man who would make me happy.
That is what I'm looking for exactly.

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We talk all the time.... I trust her
I know she in control, cause that's what she is used to....
If it makes her happy I'll do....
I wish she'll let go and open up....
I know its hard to do after what she's been through.... 
Man  the way i feel we could make stars fall from the sky....
I think things would change when we meet eye to eye....
Just a week ago I was thugged out.....
But what ever she did brought the soft side out of me....
I hate that.....
But I love her.......
I can always count on her to tell the truth.....
They say the truth hurts.....
Her personality is my band-aid......
I see, hear, and feel her pain even where I cant explain it.....
Friends now, but God holds the future......
My prayer is that she is in God's hands.........    

For K.M.W.

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Not Knowing

I know I made a mistake
a mistake that I cannot change
but I did it unknowing
not knowing the consequences
and there are many of them
not knowing I will lose you forever
and never be in your arms again
not knowing you wouldn't want me back
after all the times I've tried
not knowing I would feel so much pain
my heart aches and yearns for your love
not knowing I would lay crying so many nights
my eyes and head hurting from so many tears
not knowing you would move on
you no longer want me you like someone else
not knowing you wouldn't love me anymore
I still love you and always will

I hate what I did
not knowing the consequences

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Birds of a Feather

It's human nature to emulate surroundings
 And it's hard to separate yourself
From those around you
 Emotions are contagious
And like minds act alike
Stand in a group of happy people, 
 And you'll find yourself smiling.
Stand in a group of excited people, 
 And find yourself inspired.
Stand in a group of kind people, 
 And you'll become more empathetic.
Stand in a group of hungry people, 
 And you'll find something to eat.
Stand in a group of depressed people, 
 And find yourself in sorrow.
Stand in a group of angry people, 
 And feel your adrenaline rise.
Most likely you'll remain in the group
 That reflects you the most
So regardless of what you think
 If others act in one particular way
Then guess what, you have become 'them'
So if you attract manipulators, 
 Maybe it’s because you lie a lot.
So if you attract unfaithful people, 
 Maybe it’s because you're a quitter.
So if you attract abusers, 
 Maybe it’s because you enjoy pain.
So if you attract indecisive people, 
 Maybe it’s because you're a follower.
So if you attract those that steal, 
 Maybe it’s because you turn the other way.
So if you attract those of low standards, 
 Maybe it’s because you act out of desperation.
Most likely you'll remain in the group
That reflects you the most
 So regardless of what you think
If others act in one particular way
 Then guess what, you have become 'them'

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Christmas Rebels

Christmas Rebels
It was about a weak
After that night walk
The unknown dangers, 
Made known, turned me weak,
I was managing myself,
After my heart was pulled,
From where it sank,
I was yet in the oven,
Of my haven,
To dry up the coldness,
And the wetness, 
Of that fearful night loneliness,

Today is Christmas,
The whole mass,
Was joyous,
Every home, glorious,
Meat was plenteous, 
Rice and beans.
Was every homes means,
Children bouncing in,
New goat skin jackets,
Mother’s dressed in costly
Beads and all the way,
Father leads.
For Christmas had taking over,
Taking over the African Shrine,
It supplied a joyous sunshine.
Our pockets were full of cowries,
Like a goldmine,
Happiness was mine,
For the usual war seemed 
To be hidden, and our teethes where like, 
“Forever opened”.

Oh! Joyful, blissful, plentiful Christmas.
Providing joy each time it surface, 
But joy has a slender waist that breaks so soon.
Christmas night came, so we visited 
Our beds as night rang it’s bell,

(To be continued in the next, same Poem).

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I've been shedding snakeskin...
so blind
I've been destroying the noise
my worst enemy

Deconstructing my identity 
soaking shoulder deep
in oceans of humility 
feasting upon fruits of tranquility

breaking shackles  
freeing ankles
from bloody mud puddles 
razor blade anxiety

rising to a  place 
where yesterday 
flees irrelevant 
is insufficient 

this moment 
right now...
forever remains
a fearless paradise

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The Dedicated

Emotions so fervent, the mind of the dedicated
With a path so rough he wonders how he tolerates it
But he keeps moving with a steady locomotion
Through stormy valleys and turbulent oceans

Once or twice, he may have hesitated
But his reasons weren't languid, unsated
He looked around at his life
Tempestuous eyes making sure his is path right

He stumbles forward though dark unstable passageways
Always facing his goal, vehement not to turn away
He's like a strong tower, beaten but still standing
No one knows when it'll fall or where it would be landing

He's not too proud to tell you that he never cries
But it's a desperate situation when tears leave his eyes
Usually involving the loss of something vital in his life
But with a kings golden spirit he makes that sacrifice

He reaches his goal, basked in satin moonlight
He kept moving, kept the finish line in sight
And at last he can sit on his throne
Smiling because people that told him he wasn't going to make it...were wrong

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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom it may concern,
the chances of my letter reaching you
are as slim as a message in a bottle.
My words throttle in waves of desolate emotion.
As common at it may be,
the moral to the message at sea is "Chance".
To Whom it may concern,
the chances of my letter reaching you
are as slim as a baby walking without a waddle.
My words throttle in falls of desolate emotion.
As common as it may be,
the moral of the waddling baby is "Chance".
To whom it may concern,
the chances of my letter reaching you
are as slim as a sponsor less model.
My words throttle in bankrupts of desolate emotion.
As common as it may be,
the moral to the model's degree is "Chance".
To Whom it may concern,
The chances of my letter reaching you are slim.
Because of my desolate emotions, I try any how.
As common as it may be,
It's by chance that one day you might hear me
Sincerely, To Whom it may concern

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Skin I'm In Part Two

 Only little black girl at  school and her white friends admired her ‘tan’ 
–“I'm brown all over” she told them, proudly motioning to all her body.  
But skin color can be an issue
 I remember the back of the bus-
although we rarely rode it because of that.  
I remember for colored only water fountains 
segregated schools and lunch counters for whites only.  
I remember the caste system at my high school- black step back, brown stick 
around, white you all right. 
I think Langston Hughes captured the cadence of it.  
Bright skin girls were queens and princesses, beautiful and fair.  
Black girls were well, BLACK and that was supposed to be a negative.  
And then a funny thing happened on the way through the sixties-
BLACK was beautiful and the skin color dynamics began to change.  
It came out of the closet and was addressed by white, black, brown, red and 
yellow people.  
Now skin color is celebrated in all shades and hues although 
I still hear teenagers at my high school (I'm a teacher now) say things like, 
"I'm not sitting out here in no sun, I don't want to get any blacker than I am."  
And of course prejudice has not disappeared it has mutated and we do have 
stronger defenses against it in some cases.  
Interestingly even skin color defines some of my "brown" students.  
They react to the "darkness" of each other and their parents, relatives and 
"My mom is real dark, Miss, she don't look nothing like me."  
"Miss, do you think I look like a Mexican?  I don't look nothing like a Mexican."  
"I'm a Latina." 
"There's no such thing as a Chicano, it's something people made up, either 
you're a Mexican or you're not."  
"What does that mean-Hispanic?"  
"I'm Cuban, Puerto Rican, and El Salvadorian, from Belize; Honduran (We got 
black Hondurans, Miss)” That’s the color of skin thing.

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Life as an Addict


                                     Life as an Addict

                         Life as an addict, life as an addict
                       Life as an addict is like running into
                            A reinforce cinderblock wall
                                    Losses after losses 
                     Ending in a jail cell or luxurious casket
                      Day after day the addiction keeps at it
                                Opening doors to the soul
                          Stepping inside leading you down
                               A wicked and dark passage
                                     Leaving you naked
                                  Clinching your wounds
                                      Shattering dreams
                                      Low self – esteem
                                    Thoughts in captivity
                                          Life of misery
                         Life as an addict limited imagination
                                 Waste of God’s creation
                                          But forgiven
                                      Evil, dark passage 
                                  Reinforce walls, jail cell
                                Lost soul, luxurious casket 
                            Life as an addict, life as an addict
                                        Life as an addict.

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Children Listen

This is a poem.
It's not abstract.
So if you just sit back and listen,
you'll understand
I'm going to say this poem twice,
so listen with your heart the first time
but listen with your heart again

Say good morning when someone says good morning to you
Speak when spoken to
Look a person in the eye and be confident even if you're not
and be willing to learn what you know not

Don't be so quick to speak out loud
and then cover your mouth in shame 
once you realize what just came out
It's too late - so think before you shout

Be accountable for your actions
Your character is defined by what you do when people aren't looking
because when they are
They see in your behavior all the doings of the heart
So be honest with yourself and do the right's not hard

Use life's resources
I know what it's like to be in dark places
going through trials - unhappy child
But learning and reading and growing is all relative to your future
So escape in a poem or good book
and don't let the enemy defeat you

Stay in touch with positive members of your family ties
Record yourself saying wonderful things about your life
Recite them daily...then write

Be the first to offer respect
Stay calm
give others a chance to talk
Be humble, but never nobody's fool
Don't allow others to mistreat you
Stand up for your rights and have a voice,
but do it with dignity and be tactful.

And girls...
Go ahead..wear your skinny jeans and your bangles
but accept other for their style, their view
see things from their angle

And fellas...
Pull those pants up..tuck those shirts in
and stop trying to be gangsta
If I can see your underwear thats unacceptable behavior 
and it's not okay
It's embarrasing to the struggle and it's a disgrace

It's time to move past the stereotypes of race
I know you got alot to face
but once you learn what your ancestors did to get you to this place,
It will seem like a walk in the park
and you'll be proud to have helped the case

Young people I tell you
if you follow these rules
You can change the world
and become a generation renewed

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This Generation

What happened to those days when people were humble and 
didn't mumble behind each 
others backs?

What happened to the women who had pride, dignity, respect, 
and good self esteem about 

What happened to kids honoring their mothers and fathers and 
respecting their elders?

What happened to our elders teaching our children right from 

What happened to the young men who had accepted themselves 
for who they are?

What happened to the pride, dignity, honor and self respect 
people had for one other?

What happened to education and the rest of the nation who 
teach each other and 
demonstrate for one another?

What happened to education and teachers teaching our children 
for this foundation?

Wthat happened to our Generation?

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A Peek Behind the Fence

Ignorance is a crime caused by putting up fences if we'd let go of the voices inside our heads and eliminate fears discussions would arise peel the blind folds from our eyes share real stories told without disguise encouraging progress could be made with concerns of what we've learned rather than what we are paid a fulfilling life is people based sharing giving looking out for others one human at a time despite our differences the truly rich way of living

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RIP Curfew

Thank you for being in my life,
to think you were only broken twice,
you taught me how not to be late,
and how to get my timing straight,
my mother made you and loved you too,
she stayed up at night to make sure you show true,
I'm not going to say I'm happy you're gone
but i do rue the day you were spawn 
now that I'm 18, you've done your job, 
I'm happy you will no longer make my heart throb,
with every minute that i am late,
made my life full of hate,
so thank you curfew, and thanks a lot,
now my own schedule will take your spot.

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The Bourgeois and the Spinning Wheel

In a room filled with a solitary red hue
The bourgeois spins a wheel
With no destination, nor need
She will spin until her brittle Hands bleed
Just to satisfy her ennui and artifice
But she does not see - the rien I see
The monster approaching her empty dreams

Spinning still - she does not know
The insomniac rose will begin to grow
The thorn of clandestine and ebony
Ostracized for he began to realize
What lies in nonsense is decadence
Which sparks interest
Who's lover is a dadaist
But his story is over now
As Seth lead the way
A poet dies in dismay

The thorn as she spun penetrated
A distraction and a lack of action
She knew the temptation for she so loved the sensation
Of crass, rebellious - ways 
The thought laid it's seed
In her Gaulish mind it breeds
She has no other need and no regrets
So she proceeds and the smile lets
With full intention and desire
Caring none of her fate that will transpire 
She presses her finger on the thorn 
So now she bleeds knowingly
she did not recede

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Thoughts of Rage

I've been pushed past the point where I'm willing to cry No longer having the energy to fly Always looking into the enemies eyes Rage enough to light up the sky Heart turning dark no love for the enemy Feelings gone replaced with a powerful energy Eyes illuminated with a black light, everything is grey to me Ready to eliminate any weapon that's thrown at me My rage has poured into the extreme Thoughts of the enemy unclean Deep breath, in out, focus while on a wall i lean Rethink on happy thoughts, trying to get rid of the sting Anger so hard to control Flames visible when my eyes are closed Tightening the bonds i try to keep my hold Defrosting my heart from ice cold

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Lydia's DaddY

...eyes puffy                       
      caked up with cry

Daddy ain't comin' home
         she don't know why...
grown folk sadness
         ripping inside her

       All she's known about lovin's 
               in the coffin beside her

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Black Love

                 Black LOVE

             My head rested
on the pillow of her smooth skin.
She opened the curtains of her being,
My hands slip into indulgence while 
 they explored her expansive dark skin.
With half words she whispered moans,
 followed by screams of passion.
With her shadow I bounded, as she 
swarmed waters of our endless longing passed.

                     Jay Johnson

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This is how i live

I dip my pen in plasma
Write my rhymes in blood
Immortal soldier stopping emotions with a mental plug
I put my game-face on and hit the battlefield
Turning insults to motivation make my writings feel
Never hypocritical
I never change like reciprocals
Steady swimming forward, like a shark because its critical
No rest, only the strong survive
Mental toughness keeps me focused and keeps my eyes dry

This is how i live
This is what i feel
Thoughts of a warrior bred with a heart of steel
Decorate my chest with a metal for fierceness
Bible says I'm blessed I'll live on guiltless
My heart is cold
Frozen from hurtful words
And attempts of spiritual homicide always in my face
I shrug them off and stay moving at a steady pace

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The Scorpio

The Scorpio's eyes see all
Ready and willing to lay down his own laws
He's completely focused on his path
And yet no one knows his mysterious task

His emotions are well hidden behind dark shades
Only showing feelings for the ones he loves
His words can be soft blankets or sharp as blades
Movements strong and mighty or smooth like a white dove

He loves his women unconditionally so
Ranking 10s when others rank low
Seeing blessings where others see flaws
Looking for one but attracted to all

His thoughts range from the simple to the complex
Looking for ways to put his knowledge to the test
His mind searches for meaning to his life
Fighting viciously to survive strife

The Scorpio is a deep and interesting sign
A focused being that doesn't like to waste time
He has a love for all things big or small
And he's quick to recover whenever he falls

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Book of will - insight

Haters give me reason to survive
Just like tupac, i love to see disgust in their eyes
We stand strong doing what we believe is right
Laughing at the funny and lighting up the night

Wars of the mind committed every day
Tears as people lose in this game of life we play
I got my partners on my side, riding like soldiers
Smashing the past like giants throwing boulders

I pay attention to my predecessors words
The motivation that turns my mind to gold
Striving to be a beast i shine like a diamond
hard headed, stubborn, and bright like lightning

I shed light on my enemies and foes
Toying with them like a predator killing a doe
I welcome you to my mind, call it Williamsvil
From here i destroy with the poems i build

Rest in peace, dear homies on the other side
Overcome by haters, tricked into suicide
Bless them father although they couldn't survive
And help me as i continue on in this life

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A spirit enshrouded in darkness
Angry thoughts under his eyelids
His soul withering in pain
And his conscious fighting in vain

Heart once warm and inviting
Now ice cold and frightening
Rage pure because someone did him wrong
Muscles shaking like the ringing of a gong

He's focused and his thoughts are clear
To somehow entrench the wrongdoer in fear
Yet no ones done wrong, their feelings just aren't the same
The wrongdoer was a woman, who put his feelings to shame

So for a while he's mad at everyone
Mad at the earth, and mad at the sun
He must go through all the stages of grief
Until tears leave his eyes and he finds his release

Love is dangerous, not everyone survives
The trial by error test, to find Mrs. right
You must have the courage, the will to continue on
When your heart has been broken and it's beats are not strong

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We're Living in a world today

We livin in a world today,
Where its streets over home
Heartaches where pain rome…
Its guns before goodies,
Babies before books…
Boys before brothers,
& family below lovers…
Its sex without rubbers,
More baby showers than graduation parties
And more funerals than weddings…
We’re blinded by lust, 
And trapped without trust…
We’re living in a world today,
Where everybody falls a victim to the street..
A bullet is the only thing they seem to meet;
Everybody’s a follower,
But nobody leads!
We’re living in a world today,
Where only parents read..
The obituary is one thing they probably 
Aren’t too happy to view..
But the kids who listen:
Its only a few.
It’s more obituaries than honor rolls
And this is what we live in…

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Warrior raised to do battle In search of a meaning to his life Love always on his mind Lonely until the end of time Imminent anger beneath the surface A man that keeps his word Mindless romantic

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Book of Will - Will

Welcome to the first entry in the book of will
Where lyrics and emotion mix to show how i feel
Bred from stars i shine like a man of steel
Looking for a master? Believe me i fit that bill

An intricate mind blessed with lyrical explosions
Not just poems, i rap with deadly repercussions
My brain transmits like an electrical storm
Immense intellect risen from years of pain and scorn

I'm complicated, mind a little bit mysterious
Playing tricks on you, have you thinking that you're delirious
My syllabus for this is that i speak my mind in rhyme
Backed by a musical sound my fingers unwind

Some hate me because my mind a little bit complex
Who knows what it will think out next
Syllables catastrophic to the intellect of misinformed
Leaving people devastated, destroyed after a storm

I am Will Will i am and i Will terminate
Shocks to the crowd as they try and relate
I welcome you, keep track of this book of will
It will surprise you when you see the way i feel

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through my eyes

My eyes show me many incredible things
From sunrise and sunset, to the fancy "bling"
Art created by HIS hand, made by HIS mind
And i enjoy  these sights, and thank him for the ability to find
All things beautiful, and to see more during my time

Then my eyes saw you and i was thoroughly surprised
A beautiful woman, looked like she was sent from the sky
Like a magnet drawn to its opposite, my eyes could not look away
Everything else my eyes have touched, all beaten this day

Something about her just screamed independent, beautiful, and strong
And i'm not gone lie, once or twice i pictured her in a thong :)
But her sweet smile and graceful stride were something i had not seen
And i became addicted to her, before i even knew her theme

Then my ears connected sound to the sight
And once i heard her voice my heart took another flight
Her voice instilled confidence and showed a strong heart
A woman strong enough to stand in the scariest of dark

Even when sad her voice remained strong
And you're listening to an angel, whenever she sings a song
With all these good traits she was never conceited
And when ever complimented, her cheeks would get heated

As i got to know her, i discovered another thing
Her whole personality, went along with what i've seen
A get it done attitude, has her ready for life
And she is so intelligent, knowing the wrong from the right

And as time passed on, all the secrests we shared
Trust that was built, and grief that was aired
I'll never forget, when she showed me such trust
To share with me her fears, when she was first touched

She is my everything, and i feel so unable
To show her my love, and have a relationship strong and stable
I feel like i come short, like im chasing a queen
Yet she still talks to me, raising me to a king 

With her heart i plan to be careful
And i swear to always remain faithful
Forgive me for my past, and help me in the present
And i swear together, both of our lives will be heaven


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Will The Innocoence Return

I know you’re hurt But please don’t cry I’m here for you We can get through This fiery raging land Is filled with hate But you and I Are not too late To save it from annihilation The hate we will cause obliteration You can’t tell me it’s not painful To watch this opera go on How can they go on Living their lives Without knowing of the pain The horror and betrayal Locked in every heart How can they do this? How can we let them? Together we can stop this hate Together, at any rate We can change their course of action Now listen to my plea Help me change them around Just you and me This task seems impossible Does it not? But what do we have to lose? Lets give it a shot I miss it In the good old days When kids were kids Getting high only happened On the swings The worst thing boys could do Was give you cooties Only scraped knees hurt And only toys got broken But now We’re all grown up Living out lives Playing this game Losing badly But together We can fix this together Just take my hand We’ll show the world

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In My Poet's Eye

I can't say, where you are tonight.
I can't say, our love would have turned out right.
I don't know, but I do know, 
you are still my love.

Every night I find I still reach for you.
Any time I pray, I still pray for you.
I don't know the reason, 
But I know you're still a part of me.

In my poet's eye, I still see you here.
In my poet's world, I still feel you near.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant this love to be.
I don't know the reason, 
but I thought God meant our love to be.

In my poet's mind, you are mine again.
In my poet's heart you are here again.
In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.

In my poet's eye, you'll always be my love.
In my poet's eye, you are still my love.
.......© ron wilson
The video for this song on Youtube, search for "veebdosa"then select IN MY POETS EYE, either Vee Bdosa (aka Ron Wilson) singing or Emily Van Praag singing.

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Passion ILLusion

From the black canal,
I awoke into a beast of light.
Eager wishes through my very blood and soul,
an illusion as my memory told.
An illusion so real it seemed so true.
A beautiful woman with plenteous silken hair,
stood bare from end to end before my eyes and
flowered a smile, as my memory told.
The thirst of my soul rose, I moved near to touch her
and she vanish.
I turned and there she was bare from end to end before 
my eyes.
She laid in china blooms,pure and simplistic,
as my memory told.
An illusion so real it seemed so true.
I laid next to her and she cradled in my arms
with eyes entire.
Her lips were sweet to my desire,
as my memory told.
The harping angels rose, devil passion wrestled the tides 
of fate and drifted in.
She moved in circles, and the circles moved, moved, and moved.
My body mart to a motion not of my own.
In the heat of passion, I awoke from the black canal into a
beast of light.

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Me No More

When will this stop, how much longer do I have to take all your bull,
It seems like everything I do is not good enough for you.

I'm tiered of falling asleep at night covered in my own tears,
I'm tiered of being your doormat, your one and only that you take out all your anger. 

When will all this stop? I am running out of words to make it all better. 
Only if you can feel what I feel. You would die already if you walked through what I walked through. 

I'm not giving up cause that's just who I am. I'll fight, unlike you give up and throw it all away.
So I'm fighting now, and there ain't *****you can do to stop me. 

The beast is released, get ready for a nightmare you only dreamt of.
You won't see me the same ever again. 

I'm dead to you, you can't call means tour own anymore. 
If someone will ask me if I no you, I'll deny it with a passion.

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Honestly can you answer this

if you feel alone in this world your not alone. i wish that everyone had a fair opportunity to 
have all the joy in life. love, peace, hope, tranquility everyone needs it! it is hard for some 
people to show someone that they matter! popularity does it even matter when the price you 
pay is losing yourself to all of the important things. everyone is unique and everyone is 
special. wake up no one person is better then another i dont care who you are. people who 
think that they are better then other people whats the deal. are you serious? why do you 
think you are better. more people like you? are you sure they like you for you or for who 
you pretend to be? see there are people that are more deserving to be liked because they 
accually show their true selfs. is it hard to care about people even though you think you are 
better then them? can you honestly give me reasons why you are better then them. Honestly 
if you can give me 10 decent reasons that metter. not things like cuter, hotter, better 
clothes, more money, better at sports, if you can give me at least 10 reasons that arent bull 
then i will shut up. if not then at least have the decentcy to give someone a chance thed 
deserves it. i hate that and i wish people would not lose themselfs to popularity okay. its not 
worth it if you lose yourself in the process.

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Finally I can let you go,
Why keep u?
You don't deserve me,
You never did.
Always using me,
Used me for what you want,
Which was anything.
You wasn't fair,
but hey life isn't fair right?
You was there for me in the beginning,
but u grew from me,
I was there for you,
Through every problem we had,
I comforted you,
Gave you encouraging words,
Everything I did was out of love,
It was my duty as a spouse to you,
But u hurted me,
Forgetting about my pain, 
You always wanted things your way,
Going through for three years,
You wouldn't imagine the stress,
The pain,
The deceit i went through,
Trying to forget my past,
I was loving you,
But u said It wasn't enough,
And you sure didn't care to help,
You always thought about your needs,
Your life that included me as a comforter,
Not a lover,
So think about you now,
Go with whoever,
Forget our engagement,
Forget we ever met,
Because I am going places,
Places that you would imagine.
Finally I am free!!!

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4am Venting

I'm not supposed to be like this.
Misfitted, twisted, confused, self conscience, and unoptimistic.
I'm still trying to put in to words what it is that made me like this.
Who it is that paved this.
You know you carved the rocks to the road that I'm supposed to walk down.
The only thing is you only paved it half way.
I thought men could finish things like this.
You only paved it half way.
I thought parents loved you unconditionally.
You only paved it half way.
I thought daugters were supposed to be daddys little girls.
You only paved it half way.
You don't even know how amazing I am but still think you deserve the credit.
You only paved it half way.
Who do I owe my success to?
You only paved it half way.
You're the reason I can't trust dudes.
You only paved it half way.
You're the reason sometimes late at night I stop being too pretty to cry.
You only paved it half way.
I'm venting now, hoping for a better day.
You see I'm not as screwed up as I should be.
Get pissed, flip stuff, dip quick, and light piff.
Get sick, spazz fit, sniff this, and sip stuff.
This only makes sense to me.
You're starting to become my enemy.
I said I couldn't find the words at the begining of this.
I think I found a few.
Shed a few tears and throw on a smile or two.
I just let the world see how volunerable I can be, atleast for an hour or a few.
I don't know when I'll tell you this to your face but it's long over do.
Got me up 4am cyber venting to you.

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"Happy Happy birthday Insight" (b-day wishes to poets)

with the most~
let me say ~
happy happy birthday to you ~
i lift up my glass with a~
just as "Well Thought–Out"
as to say to you ~
i hope you have a ~
happy happy birthday~
that only a "REMARKABLE MAN"
like you can do ~
happy happy birthday ~
as "Insight-FULL YOU"

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Keep your options open.
Falling fast isn't bad unless they're not expecting to be the one that's supposed to catch you when gravity catches up to what you think is an infinite unrealistic reality.
And love is about as rare as blue roses growing in the mist of mas casuality.
Did I mention this was an unrealistic reality?
I know, it's getting a bit confusing and somewhat misleading.
What I mean is keep your options open.
Yes I know this statement is a bit repetative, but keep your options open.
This is my blatantly obvious yet tactful attempt at subliminal mind control, or whatever they call it.
Is it working?
Keep your options open.
You know falling for someone is about as difficult as it is to not fall for someone.
Do you let your guards down or do you go all in?
When you're older you go all in.
When you're young and have been hurt you keep your options open, but you just tell everyone no one else caught your attention.
When you're young and nieve like most of us you forget the caution signs every where and you go all in.
I've said it so much you must have caught on to who the audience was, right?
I think my options are open, or about as open as they can get, or maybe i'm falling but i'm fighting it.
Maybe i'm as confused as any individual my age, maybe not.
Maybe i'm just sitting here thinking of ways to totally mind screw you.
Maybe this is me pretending to be smart and i'm just really over analyzing things.
Maybe I picked up a few tricks on how to sound smarter then I am while I was in school.
Maybe I am so intellectually intelligent in the most unobvious ways to you that this is mind blowing that I even thought of this.
Maybe this entire thing is a lie and i'm just rambling for the sake of it.
Maybe not.
I'm only 18, what do I know, what exactly have I experienced in such a short amount of time?

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Dangerous Games

Dangerous games
misusing my name
you always play
these high school games
giving you pleasure
you giving me pain
no wonder why 
women goes insane
dont never come home
staying away
cheating on me
day after day
my head messed up
thinking all men, all the same
people get killed
for playing this
dangerous game

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A Bitter Relationship

Just left a relationship that lasted three painful years,
Don't understand why I stayed so long but realized it was love.
Not on his end but mines,
I stayed up some nights wondering why,
Cried myself to sleep other nights,
Taking in every lie especially when he cheated wit my cousin,
Still.....I was with him,
Many friends lost because they warned me,
Refusing to listen i cut them loose,
Now i regret it,
I've built up enough strength to let go,
I forgave and forgot,
We're friends....nothing more,
I may still love him yes,
But that chapter called Relationship,
Is totally over!

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A Key To Me

Girl Side

A lock and chain surrounds my heart. 
As true love can only have the key. 
A person comes and tells you that they love you.
But can you believe them when you walk away?

A boy looks at you and smile.
You look back and think this might be the one.
Until he goes and breaks your heart until it lies almost dead,
clinging to life itself. 

You thought that someone would come and be your prince charming. 
And then you find out that it’s a lie. 
When is it going to be my time to have a love in my life?
Or when is it going to be my wedding day? 

A boy makes you feel comfortable 
make you feel as if you were on top of the world. 
Then you wait for him at the tree that you two named 
but he doesn’t shows up. 

You makes changes. 
You let him go and cry until you fall asleep.
Now you feel as if the world was on top of you,
and your not on top of it. 

Boy Side

A girl comes along tell you that you are very cute.
You tell her that she is too.
But then she has a boyfriend. 
You feel set up.

You sit at your kitchen table scribbling on a piece of paper. 
“I hate myself. I hate myself,” a million times.
You think about death and why hasn’t it came yet. 
Makes you realize that you want to be different.

A girl is alone at a park bench
And she’s crying. Blood shot red eyes look up at you
You asks her is she okay. 
She looks at you and nods yes.

You make her feel comfortable
tell her that she’s pretty. She kisses you. 
You start to date. 

Then you find out that she has other “friends”
She tries to explain.
You don’t let her.
You lock yourself in your bedroom for the rest of the day. 

You feel unwanted. Underserved.
You want to run away. 
You make a path of your own.
And never look back. 

Just ‘cause live throws rocks at you,
don’t let it win. 
Make you lifestyle yours. 
And don’t never give up on true love. 

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Two Misfits

we were two misfits fitting in with each other in a painting
with watercolors. we bled red onto the canvas,
blue tears leaking from our eyes
we laughingly painted the sky; indigo with our hearts
smiling through the black pain
he demonstrated lyrical reign
and in return, i chose to refrain from fearing him
and his mahogany exterior
so together, we stood, leaving the bench 
with cracked paint exposing the wood
he showed me his 'hood 
as we walked on aged asphalt
i tripped and he claimed it was his fault
but the love-trip truly began when he sat by my side
whispering yellow sunshiny words into the canals
of my ear,
he possessed a knack for lies i had to decipher like Egyptian hieroglyphics 
misguided by this misfit, i chose to walk away from
his soft hugs and if you were to ask me where he’s now,
i’d shrug
pretending he left my memory 
but in my museum hangs the painting we painted together
as two misfits.. 
fitting in with each other.

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Deepening Our Union with God 10042010

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom
Prudent are all who live by it Psalm 111:10

AREN’T WE SUPPOSED TO have gotten past fear-motivated worship and
Punishment-avoidance spirituality?
Didn’t God-as-Big-Brother step aside for God-as-Loving-Father?
But is it not “fear of the Lord”
Still one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we receive at our Baptism

Affirm in our Confirmation?
Jewish and Christian scholars alike have wrestled with the Hebrew phrase Yirah Adonai
Offering varied and rich commentaries
Recurrent among the interpretations

“Fear of the Lord” 
Means “awe and reverence”
As in this context

Can also refer to what we feel when we love someone
Deeply that we would do anything in the world not to hurt him or her
Or damage our relationship with love-ones

Taken together
Both meanings offer us profound 
Wisdom towards growing each day in
Ever-deepening our union with God

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Prisoner of the Past

I want to take you on a journey,
From the present back to the past.
To take a moment to reflect on,
A possibility of why things do not last.
I want you to take some time to reflect,
On some of the things that you’ve gone through.
Some of the things that created gigantic hurdles,
That you are still fighting without having any clue.
I want you to remember when,
Those harsh words were spoken to you.
Those words that still stick in your mind,
For years and years all the way through.
In your original plans back in the days,
You had high hopes along with your dreams.
But they were diminished by the advice of some others,
And caused you to go through many extremes
In a sense you had been deprived of your liberty,
To operate in this present of the end of the times.
To meet the maximum of the most of the potential you had,
You still unto this day remember the lines.
And some of those situations,
That you had to face, back then.
Are still staring you directly in the face,
Because they have never left you from within.
It’s a sense of your freedom being taken away,
Being mentally put into confinement involuntarily.
Not being able to reach successfully for the future,
Because your mental state of mind was damaged purposefully.
You have emotionally been locked up for so long,
That you don’t even realize that you are presently free.
Mentally restrained or captured if I may say,
You had lost your very own future’s custody.
If this controls you at this very moment,
Then bondage still has control of you.
And the goals that you have set up for yourself,
You will need to be delivered in order to see them through
Well we are now at present and I want to ask you this,
I want to know if I were to right now ask
“Are you now able to achieve your goals?” 
Or are you still suffering as a “Prisoner of the Past”

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the man in the mirrior

I’m looking in a mirror at a man I fear. The more I stare, the more I become 
aware, aware of all the things he done to me. Like putting me through all the 
heart aches, left from his breaks. Having me go through the ups and downs and 
the sounds of emptiness.

Each time I look in the mirror the stare become vigorous, it’s never a glorious 
feeling to feel depress. I ask him in the mirror every day the same question 
WHY? He replies with an extremely loud silence.

So it’s you I blame for the shame I have on myself. And then I point the finger at 
you, for leaving my soul wounds black and blue unbearable to you. O.k. then I 
scream at you when I’m left playing the fool.

The man in the mirror just look hopelessly waiting for me to notice that it’s not 
much of a difference between him and I. I took a dare to stare a little deeper in to 
the mirror as it become clearer, I got the direction that the whole time it was my 

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Standing Strong

What A Leaf
So green and rich 
Healthy as can be
But I don't understand it's only a leaf
Surrounded by things that perish 
So green and rich
How could this be
It's the only leaf thats standing on the tree
What a strong and mighty
Spiritual leaf. 

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Tattoos, a love story

You asked me what it felt like when the needle pierced my skin.
As if you couldn't see the pain filled expression on my face when the needle went it.
You side line, my thoughts pine, this needles still scrapping this body of mine.
And yet you still don't see it but you still want to know how it feels.
You ask is it like a rush, can you see, can you touch?
I know you hear the faint buzzing of this needle, and the sound gets fainter when he loosens his grip, and on that tattoo gun traces of my blood are still fresh.
And yet you still don't see it but you still want to know how it feels.
He's halfway down my ribs, and you know on that spot the pain is big but I swear i'd take every ounce of it for you, and it's in color so it hurts more but only for you.
You know I have a few other tattoos I tried to cover up too just so you don't see the mistakes and understand that for you, this is real.
That needle didn't flow so gracefully kind of like our relationship, see just by the way you're sitting there asking instead of feeling I can tell you don't get it.
And you know i'd do anything, walk through fire, stand in rain, spill blood, cause pain, just so that you could understand that it's real.
You wanted to understand it's real with this tattoo on my body that YOU can't feel, and i'm standing here looking at the finished masterpiece like damn.
Another mark i'll have to hide, this ink is burning me inside and all you have to say is "are you done?"
You know I did it for you but the strangest thing about you is you still don't see it but you still want to know how it feels.
Maybe you should tattoo my name on you so I know it's real!

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EXISTENCE of you is beyond mankind but that diamond that fell upon you 
shines.  I call upon you only to get no answer, I want to love you but only get to 
hurt, I long to hold you only to be unaccompanied. You’re the eyes for what I can’t 
see but poison that eats threw me constantly. What is it you do to me that cause 
me to love you over and over again?  I’m here and your cancer that keep coming 
back, no matter how many times I think it’s gone. I’m losing hair, can’t sleep, and 
take more medication then what I eat. Can’t you see what’s coming upon me, 

Every time I think were threw I become permanently attach to you like a tattoo. 
Damn I’m confuse, what should I do about you. 
Should I move on and become free like former slaves or should I embrace what 
we had and try to repair our past. Do I really need you or just want you. When I 
look at you I see you in a distance but I’m so resistant to your love. What I need to 
do is erase you competently from my mind. Which is hard to do when you wine, 
and grind, on me and then whisper slowly its all mine.

Should I try to bandage up the deeply wounded heart or leave it so that I’m all torn 
apart. Should I make you my wife or hold on to my life. Should I return with my 
emotions black and blue so that we can remain like this poem untitled. 



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my decision

It was my first time, her first time, and now our first child. I wish I had waited a 
while longer because stroking it a little harder made me a farther. I would be 
dead wrong dead wrong to tell her I don’t want to be bothered. Ah I’m still a little 
boy not ready to take that stand as a man. Damn only if I would have use 

 It’s to late to take back what’s already been done. I cant believe I’m going to have 
a son. I question my self, should I be apart of their life, or wait to start fights about 
me and the baby looking nothing alike. Should I really take responsibility for my 
kid or maybe I can tell her I’m leaving to go do a bid. I think I’m going to stick it 
through, although
That did get me where I’m at now. Maybe fatherhood is something I need to 
make my life complete. I’m going to hang around and be the best farther figure I 
can be for my son and having unprotected sex is done. 

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My Bio

My name is Mr. Moore,
And I’m 5’2”.
If you’re a young a black male,
I care about you.
I am the father of two daughters,
And the husband of one.
I believe in running,
Until the race is done.
I appreciate music,
I appreciate it much.
I am a drummer,
With a distinct touch.
I enjoy the sound of a saxophone,
And if you mention Jesus Christ,
I play both drums,
And sax by ear.
I can play the rhythmic notes,
If they are near.
I like counting money,
Because I’m crazy about math.
I have a little "hooping" skills,
So don’t get in my path.
I had coached for five years,
Being champs of the final three.
Was put out at the buzzer,
The first two were defeats.
I had been with “The Academy”,
For eight years now.
“Tricks of the Trade”,
Was about showing young men how.
I am unique,
And like a little rhythm.
That is why I wrote,
“My Bio” to be a poem.

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The Hood in Me

The hood in me is too much to see
but its all a matter of reality.
You either get down or lay down, or just be a nobody,
Yeah that's how the hood seems to be.
The hood ain't got love its all smiles and cries,
the hood will give up on you and let  you die without saying goodbye.
The hood in me wont let me be free.
Instead it gets me locked up in a place far away.
Now I'm sitting here looking stupid cause i ain't in the hood today.
Thinking about when I'm gone go home to smoke my next  blunt, or
Prayin and hopin that I can get a chance to run,
back to the hood just one more time,
to tell all my hood fam' that  I love em' and goodbye!

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Pledge of a Teenager

Life is hard and life hurts

There are things that you have to go through to become who you are MEANT to 

Life isnt always fun and life can break your spirit.

As in the wild, only the strong survive

I'm losing the fight and I really need to change because I'm tired of living like this.

I put myself into the strong category so I will be the one to survive.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm going to make it and everything will 
be alright.

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I travel down this never before seen path. Thoughts are running through my mind 
but the longer I stay on these crossroads I’m otter time. Is it wrong for me to 
wants what’s mine, a future, education, a dream. It just seem like my answer 
can’t be found on these cross roads.

But I insist on traveling down this dark scary passage that look like it’s bring me 
to a early casket. It’s coming to point where a decision must be made and a 
young life has to be saved. As long as I don’t run into a dead-end, I will continue 
my journey till the very end.  

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Black Mama

Child if you don't get yo nappy head;
Imma give you something to cry about.
Get yo butt over here.
Say one mo thang.
Ima beat the black off of ya.
Wait til i'm finish. 
I bet not hear another word. 
It'll hurt me more than It'll hurt you.
You act up here, I'ma act with you.
Im aint chasing after you.
I put you in this world I sho nuff can take you out.
That's a black mama.

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A lot of homicides are taking place, 
The actual damage is being done.
By more than just the one item alone,
That we know of as a gun.
Plenty of rapes are being committed, 
By a one that doesn’t even have hands.
Neither do they have legs to run with, 
Yet they are used by mere mortal man.
You see this one item has wounded, 
A great many soldiers; it has.
Physically in wars; the Civil, and in Vietnam,
Still, mentally, a great many more it has.
They enter in, yes through the head, 
They poison our feeble little minds.
The damage that they do is tremendously worse, 
We are left in a mere mental bind.
Bullets are what they are, 
Though not the type we physically see.
They are invisible to the necked eye, 
But the damage is done mentally.
We are trying to grow in grace and,
Taught the “Word” in and out.
Instead of having your faith showing outward,
Someone has planted a bullet of doubt.
With goals ahead and unsure time, 
You’re striving to bring those closer and nearer.
But before you have really gotten in the grove, 
Here comes a bullet of fear.
Committed to a one who,
Is just as much committed to you.
But bullets of negativism come your way and, 
Now you cannot make it through.
Being looked down upon for going against the trend,
All you’re doing is just being nice.
Being on the top about to be shot not once,
But with bullets of jealousy, shot thrice.

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A beautiful Creation

Its no secret, Im a beautiful creation He is flawless and there is no exaggeration Just one kiss can be an addicting situation Together we can have beautiful relations Its been a while since we laughed, since we talked Since we've made love or that is what we thought But either way it was so passionate so soft He still on my mind, its been hard to get him off Does he understand this not a joke? Is he that afraid so he pretends he doesnt know?

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        It’s time for our youth to take a stance they can start by simply pulling 
              up their pants.
        Yes saggy pants have been here a while, perhaps it’s time to try a 
              new style.
        You wonder why you can’t get a job, it’s that much harder if you look like 
              a slob.
        It’s a style that came straight out of prison, it’s not you but the style 
              that  I’m dissin.’
        I know you’ll say that you don’t care, but folks are tired of looking at 
              your underwear!
       Much worse you’re constantly showing your behind, If you think that’s 
              cute you’ve lost your mind.
       You do it because everyone else is doing it, you can’t be different just 
              a little bit?
       Just who are you really trying to impress? You’re walking around looking 
              a mess.
       You’re pulling up your pants every step you take, at least use a belt 
              for heaven’s sake!
       All you have to do is look in the mirror, what I’m saying to you 
            would become much clearer.
       Your pants are so low that you can’t even run, but they work real well 
             for concealing a gun.
       These words of advice are for the ladies too, your saggy pants just 
             aren’t cute boo.
       Judging you is really not my intention, this is something I needed 
             to mention.
       So pulling up your pants could be worth while, now you’ve created 
             your own funky style!

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To Our Young people

For all that life has given me nothing is more greater than being a mom,
that is the one thing in life that I cherish the most is to have been able to be a part 
of  your lives to get to know each of you as the indiviuals that you are,And to 
have had the chance to grow with you and see where your lives would take you 
has been the best trip I've enjoyed,I know there are still more rides to enjoy on 
this road and I hope we continue to share those rides together whether good or 
bad I wouldn't want to share the ride with anyone else beside me except 
you,alway's knowthat whether I'm near or far,my heart and love will alway's be 
with you,to remind you your never far from my mind or thee heart, you have truly 
rewarded me in so many ways that I will never be able to repay you for the joy's 
and the lessons you have taught me,I only hope that when I've left your side that 
you have enough of my love in you to be able to walk on with all that I have tried to 
pass on to you,may it be enough to keep your heart strong.When i'm  no longer 
there to hear the words you speak in person or by phone and when your mind 
starts to play games of the loss you feel,I only hope the heart will go on to pump 
the love I have for you thru your veins as a vessel of my love ,my mother had 
alway's let me know in words that I was loved but it's important to me that you be 
able to read this when you feel the need to be sure where my heart lies,we will 
never agree completely on alot of things but that will never stop the love that flows 
thru my heart,keep these words close to  your heart  and let them alway's echo 
as a reminder of what I feel for you,my children.


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Whats the Puropse

Tell me whats the purpose
the purpose of why the grass is green
and it can be any color it wants 
puropse of birds flying
people walking
fish swimming
whats the purpose
can you explain

Tell me why we had civil rights leaders
whats the purpse of them risking their lives
all the marches, all the speeches, the life risking
broken families, boycotts, sitdowns, riots
whats the puropse of these people doing this, going through this
whats your purpose martin luther king
whats your purpose malcolm x
was it for these bad little kids
who purposely take things for granted
education, dropping out, getting suspended
that their grandparents didnt have
wanna spend more time on the streets
than in some books bettering themselves
but instead they rather kill themselves
illing themselves with gang violence
sex, drugs, peer pressure
little boys growing up doing what with their lives
busy hustling, smoking
what these boys should do?
little girls destorying their lives
getting pregnant, sleeping with any man that tells them they love them
save these children

this is the purpose of our generation
save the children
change ourselves
save society
and if thats not our duty
then whats our purpose?

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Urban Writing

An epitaph spoilt by an oxymoron; 
the journey of a twisted smile 
within a plastic face; 
a testimony of color sprayed in the subway, 
overgrown and wanting- city bound. 
My home base. 

Sanctioned by the night, 
steal from the darkness 
and luminous pathways 
within sweet, blinding light. 

Steal to the streets 
and recapture the home grounds. 
City spaces, i’m home bound. 
Where I long for a tomorrow 
but I can’t get through today. 
As the law enforces that we can’t spray 
on the walls, there bares our mark, 
from our covert, civic creed that hunts for open spaces 
to leave our memories in the dark. 

My people, my creed 
enchant the common faces 
with perilous and heroic statements. 
Counter action; we place these in all places. 

Testament to the memory 
that we will gaze at through our dreams, 
our people share the vision 
with all but only from conservative screams. 
Misunderstood so must be fearful. 
Washed away from the public 
but the images will be tagged 
forever, dragged 
down into the pits of our creation. 
Relived by spraying 
amongst the open spaces 
that alter from the changing tides 
of our mind. 

Glory to the architects 
whom compose the scriptures 
that will be sprayed away in due time. 
But will be avenged from the darkness 
as the city walls are a canvas 
of the reflections of our mind. 

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Urban Thoughtz

Me im who i am not who u want me to be
You wont break my spirit cuz I let the Streets flow through me
I look like im 18 but im bout to bust 22
Im tryna get my pen burnin like heat from a gun
Killin the dj scene like second hand smoke kills ya lungs

People say the streets will test ya like some SATS
I watch young lovers boys and gurls battle against STD's
So many tryna to open doors to fame without obtaining the right keys
Everbody wants to standout like a fresh throwback
Yall couldnt get the picutre even if ya name was Kodak

No im not on mtv but I still bring the Direct Effect
I can stay in between the lines but only God does it perfect
Im tryna raise hip-hop like its a whole new epidemic
Yet some brothas tryna race like they in the special olympics
So even if they do win they still gonna end up being retarded

Hip-hops is not where going it just were im from
Im just an urban prince writing my life as a lyric from a poet
Blacks was what i was made not my style of livin

My urban thoughts are my pens expressions for the world to see
From any given sunday to the emancipation of kiki 
this is where my mind expands from
Urban Thoughtz are what i have not what try to invision
To stay writing my soul through my pen is my
Hearts Decision

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My Ghetto

Strange is it to me that we all grew up in the same Ghetto where

I came from.

Yet, we can’t see it’s not the white man we are trying to beat?

Take a look around you and tell me if you see what I see...

No white man, broke that glass in your street?
No white man, made that brother get drunk or high off weed?
No white man, made that brother steal your TV?
No white man, made that brother drop out of school?
No white man, made that brother put that gun to someone’s head?

The picture I see, is so plain to me, it’s just you and me? 

You’re the one’s turning this place into this Ghetto you see...

So, you tired of the ghetto and you want to get out?

I think not? Because you’re all too busy blaming the white man for all your own 


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Beauty Pressure

       Waking up in the morning, Knowing that if your hair isn't proper your going feel 
the sting.

 It shouldn't be this way but shallowness is what makes the world twist and 

Beautiful people get hired every day and we'll never know if it was because of 
their stunning ness or their portfolio.

 Honestly the first thing you do in the morning is check in the mirror. 

It's not because your shallow, you just want to make sure that you look good because you 
know that people talk and if they do it shouldn't be you that's ever mentioned. 

It hurts to hear whispers in the air and your name is being thrown every where and 
there's nothing you can do about it. 

Fix yourself up, even add a little make up to hide the things that even a magnifying 
glass couldn't see. 

You turn in the mirror in your most expensive high heel shoes, Your just going to the 
office but god knows the trip there is like a fashion show.

 Your just walking down your block but it feels like a run way, Girls can't help but 
check each other out it's just the principle female instinct.

 All this pressure to make yourself look good 20 dollars down the drain 
at the best salon to get your hair done and then it's sweated out in the hot summer sun.
What's the use you start to think, but you could never ever change... even if you 
decided to chop it all off you would still have to pay to keep it straight.

 You want to look like holly Barry that's a tough act to follow, she makes it look so 
easy and then you end up looking like some knock off.

 Are you from canal street some fake guy will 
ask? Because I could sworn I saw you your just another copy cat.

 Ouch that hurt you though as you kneeling down in the mirror trying your best to survive 
the sharks that are thirsty for blood. 

Tears pouring down your face and you cry until the morning.

 The tears have dried and your eyes are red, hair is puffy so you grab that comb and 
hurry the same routine. 

It's sad but it's true some say beauty should be natural but there's 
only few  who are natural bueaties.

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True Brotha

True Brotha
Strong, black, intelligent man
One who has praise can stand
Proud, honest, loves
himself, that’s why we need
one another’s help.

True Brotha
Yes, you are to me.
Your friend has my heart going
triple beat.
Doesn’t that remind you of Miss
Stephanie?  The glazing, the
passion, the lovers eyes, the
“Oh, your always on my mind”

True Brotha
Slow music in the background
Sweet chocolate lying on the bed
Roses sitting in a chair
Lights off, candles everywhere
Waiting for your lady to appear

Does this describe you?
Or do I have what’s coming up
next confused?
Cause I think your Valentines Day
Is going to go this way.

True Strong Brotha

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My name is Mr. Moore,
And I’m 5’2”.
If you’re a young a black male,
I care about you.
I am the father of two daughters,
And the husband of one.
I believe in running,
Until the race is done.
I appreciate music,
I appreciate it much.
I am a drummer,
With a distinct touch.
I enjoy the sound of a saxophone,
And if you mention Jesus Christ,
I play both drums,
And sax by ear.
I can play the rhythmic notes,
If they are near.
I like counting money,
Because I’m crazy about math.
I have a little "hooping" skills,
So don’t get in my path.
I had coached for five years,
Being champs of the final three.
Was put out at the buzzer,
The first two were defeats.
I had been with “The Academy”,
For eight years now.
“Tricks of the Trade”,
Was about showing young men how.
I am unique,
And like a little rhythm.
That is why I wrote,
“My Bio” to be a poem.

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people look at my skin like im different
but im the same they hit me spit on me
they call me Niger
but deep inside im the same as any one else
i cry pray but god is not answering me
they talk about my clothes
but inside i know the answer that god put me on earth for something
but i know what i am a African American

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The wife of a pimp

Carmel skin beauty
Once a truly  loving and kind woman
Until the streets found her and took her under.
Immediately turned this child into a money chasing crack fien.Ask her what her life 
dream would be she would tell you "for daddy to make me his queen".

This is the making of a pimps wife

This little girl soon transformed into a "triff" simple minded woman who only 
wanted to be daddy's house wife. Being forbidden this choice she then allowed 
every men to entice her body, just as long as they called out the right price.

This is a pimps wife

With all the bling ,bling every now and again you will hear her screaming.( This is 
how you knew she came in late again.) this time with the redolence of  alcohol and 
weed. "Daddy" didn't like that too much, so he thrashed her head in . Until she 
decided she could not take another breath. The woman was my African queen , 
best friend ,every man's ghetto dream, but in all reality she was me. 

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Hello, how are you?
Yeah great my name is...
Really thanks your too.
Your welcome, wow whats this?
Really hmm nice, yes!
Mmm, boy what a nice chest!
Wow, aww man can I touch?
Thanks ,ooh nice and buff!
So boy where you from?
Oh yeah can I come?
Thanks you, so you got a babe?
For real what, man you got played!
You see well boo Im feelen you!
So tell me baby what it do?
You are, so here you want my tens?
okay boo you got a pen?
Thanks so here you go.
Call me anytime yo!
(This that and some of those, I ain't say none of that stuff,I JUST FROZE!)

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My Love For You

My love for you is deeper then the sea. I love you so much that I don't think about me. Lately I haven't been thinking about anything else. I only think of you and myself. I think we both feel that we should split apart. But the more I think about it, my life will be completely in the dark. Everytime we talk, we talk about lame stuff or nothing. Is this why our relationship is so boring? I think we need people who are more compatible with us. Maybe people who are closer and we know we can trust. Tell me, what is a relationship if you can't trust your girl? You should trust me and treasure me like a pair of pearls. When I think about us breaking up, I want to cry. Somedays I feel like I want to die. I can't even imagine the pain and sorrow I will go through. Can't you see how much I love you? I will do anything for you to trust me. I haven't done anything to make you doubt me. Baby what should do? All I can give you right now, is my love for you.

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Bitter Fruit

I’m a bitter fruit that fell from a tree...

A bitter fruit raised in the Ghetto, no Daddy 

for me...

I hated life and life hated me...

This place was were I lived; it had made many other 

bitter fruits, just like me...

No love did I have for this world, you see?

Bitter at this world I will always be...

Not one person has ever cared for me!

My own Mother left me; all she 

wanted was that white rock...Not me!

No tears from this bitter fruit will you 

ever see...

So what if I’m a bitter fruit? Should I not 

have the right to be? 

No damn body has ever cared for me!

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We are strong, wise and have the capabilities to rise.
Countries have risen above communism.
Women have risen above sexism.

But when will we rise above the killings, rise above the deaths?

We rise above the school systems and teenage troubles;
but what about the rest?
It’s time to stop littering these streets with grief,
time to give our families relief.
How much more pain do you think the inner city can take?
All these fallen  tears are from the heartache that some of us chose to make.

Live life instead of taking it, refuse death instead of creating it.

Our ancestors rose above slavery, we’re rising above hate;
don’t let these headlines (“inner city streets of boston hit 48th homicide of 2006")-
become the inner cities fate.

We rose above so much.
We’ll rise above it all;
but it’s time for our youth to rise before the next generation falls.

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there they remain
fulfilling the ear
giving you pain
saying he loves you
lies of flame
u dont realize
it's nothing but a game
wake up baby girl
he so lame 
yall went on a date 
and he dont remember your name
saying you the 1st girl he been with
feeding you lies on the love train
stringing you alone taking your heart for
a ride
and all he have is 3 letters
pinned for his name

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                     Born a beautiful child with dark brown skin, but my life was rough 
                           so where do I begin?
   	My daddy left me when I was two, I became a Thug what else could 
                           I do?
  	Destined to lose right out the gate, my life was filled with anger and 
   	My mother did the best she could, but it was really tough in 
     	    my neighborhood.
 	My only role models were Pimps and Thugs, at fourteen years old I 
  	     took two slugs.
 	I decided education was not for me, I never knew what I wanted to 
                     By fifteen I decided to leave home, I was really scared and all 
 	With no skills how would I survive? I couldn’t get no nine-to-
                       I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, but robbin’ and stealin’ 
                          didn’t make me proud.
                      Drugs and alcohol helped me with my pain, there was never sun-
                          light always rain.
                       I spent some of my youth incarcerated, Society’s monster was 
                         now created.
                       I began to realize that crime wasn’t paying, I wanted to change you 
                         see what I’m saying?
  	The last time I was released from prison, I knew I had to make the 
   	   right decision.
                      I finished school and got my education, staying out of trouble 
                        took lots of dedication.
                     My mother once said to never let go, just because you were born a 
                       “child of the Ghetto.”

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You use the “N” word like it’s going out of style; it’s not just insulting 
    but it’s also vile.
A six-letter word with so many implications; a word that has caused marches 
    and demonstrations.
You use the word like it’s a term of endearment; why is your use of the 
    “N” word so frequent?
Do you even know the meaning of the word? Calling your own folks that 
    is extremely absurd. 
If a white person said it you’d be ready to fight; but as long as it’s your 
    own folks it’s cool and all right. 
I hear the word so often I can’t even stand it; I wouldn’t feel bad if 
    our Lawmakers banned it! 
Rapper does that word help your rhymes flow? Are there any more
    positive words that you know?
Does saying the “N” word empower you? Can you go without using it 
    an hour or two?
Whoops you slipped up and said it again! Do all of your sentences have 
    to start with “N?”
Are you trying to show your level of intelligence? You use it 
    every   sentence but you never make sense!
You say: “I use the “N” word but I don’t really curse,” but by using 
    that word you have done even worse.
It was one of the first words your child said; he knew that word before 
    he ever read.
I ask what kind of example you are setting. It's definitely not a good one is what 
    I'm betting.
Take the “N” word out of your vocabulary; the inability to express 
    yourself is only momentary.
It’s the most degrading word our race has heard; please 
    don’t continue to use the “N” word!

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You seek acceptance from a posse of thugs; you have done every-
thing with them including sell drugs.
You’re fighting for streets that aren’t even yours; many friends are 
gone from all of the wars.
These are wars that can’t be won; can anyone remain standing when all 
is said and done? 
The cycle of violence never ends; sooner or later you’ll run out of 
Do you really believe that they are your friends? You look at me and 
say: “well that all depends.”
Would they visit you if you were incarcerated? Their true allegiance to 
you would be demonstrated.
When you’re incarcerated you will be on your own; they won’t even call 
you on the telephone!
If you were killed they wouldn’t even pay their respects; you can see 
how much loyalty for you that reflects!
They would pour out some liquor for their fallen comrade; you truly 
have potential so it would really be sad.
Listen to these words from an Educated Poet; I’m telling the truth and 
I am sure that you know it.
Yesterday your Posse took out someone’s brother; you said: “well 
he shouldn’t have wore the wrong color!.”
Maybe they took him out for being in your hood; whatever the reason it 
was definitely not good.
It’s so easy for you to take someone out; but you don’t even know 
what life’s all about.
If you want a war you can join the Army; go to Iraq and be all 
you can be!
Get out of the gang before it’s too late; even if you have to move from 
your state.
You say you're hoping to be around for a while; I suggest you give up that 
“Gang Banger” life style.

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Grown Men

Grown men be looking at me.
But I can't figure out what they see.
Is it my young face,
And my small waist.
Is it my eyes 
Or my thick as thighs.
Is it my smile
Or my sassy style.
Is it my lucious lips
That remind them of tulips.
Is it my curves
Because I know they constantly observe.
Or is it my Personatlity 
That fits me so tightly.

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They Took His Pulse

They Took His Pulse _ _ _ _
Now, they’re Looking for Us
Up and down the Street
Drive-By-Boys …. Packin’ Heat !

We Dissed’ A Gang-Sign
They Took… What was Mine
Left a Blood-Soaked Message
On A Pain Wracked-Package

… Is He Breathin’ ?
… or is He Leavin’ _ _ _ _
If He is… Then He Must _____
‘Cause They Took His Pulse

They Took His Pulse
Which left Us  Furious
Gotta’ Let em’ Know, We’ Serious
Do Somethin’ – Delirious

… We gon’ Take They Pulse !
Gon’ do something Perilous !
So – Infamous  !
… we took each other’s pulse _ _ _ _

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Determined Black Girl

In school by herself,
Working and talking with nobody else.
All alone in this worl’
Is a young black girl.

She is ignored and mistreated,
by the teachers and students alike.
If people see her they judge her,
and spray paint profanity on her bike.

She's still happy.
Determined that her dreams will come true.
Fearing nothing but fear itself,
this girl is angry at nobody but herself.

Angry, angry, angry.
Because of being a woman.
Because of the color of her skin.
But, yet this girl is determined to win.

She takes no stress and tries her best.
Not because she's a black woman
that wants to have fun,
But because she is determined to be someone.

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A child so young and sweet
wondering would he rape me
at that time in her mother's
a child so young with an innocent
so scared when the devil appear
deep down inside, she cries a 
silent tear
and knowing she lost her flower
at a very young age
she keeps the secrets
locked up in a cage

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paint me as i am

paint me in all my imperfection

and i'll be the pictur of perfection 

paint me in all my faults 

and i'll be flawless  

paint me in all my  wrongs 

so i have none 

paint  me as i am 

becauce i can not be changed

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Untitled #88 / Empty Pentagon

Late summer, late afternoon
in front of the empty Pentagon
the protest is over, nothing’s changed,
I’m walking home. But a young man,
black, blue jean jacket, buttons
passes in front. A smile exchanged.
The truth is known.

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When we meet

We never met,
But I'll surely bet
You'll make me wet.

We talk for hours,
It seems your the one I'm looking for.

You make me want to be your whore,
I'll even let you do me on the floor,
By the door or in a store.

I don't really care,
But if you dare 

Look at another female,
I will make you become a she-male.
If you haven't noticed,

I don't play around with potentially good pick,
Especially if we watching a flick.

With your words,
I feels so damn sexy,
All I want is for you to come bite me.

I've told you how I like it,
So don't fight it,

'Cause that urge you have in those pants,
Isn't telling you to dance,
But telling you to prance....

Around Butt-Ass-Naked!!!
Hold up, Wait a Minute!!!

All this talk is getting me sad,
To the point I might just get mad,
But don't worry just yet,

I'll be glad when you put it in.
So Please, Don't let me keep beggin. 

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Close Calls

So many close calls
Wishing I was dead right now
So many close calls
I gotta live for God right now
So many close calls
That could've ended my life right now
So many close calls
I gotta be a soulja right now
So many close calls
Thank God I'm alive right now
It could've ended within a few seconds
Gettin' caught up in the streets
Could leave you hangin' in the streets
Writing poetry to keep my mind cleared up
Thinking so many thoughts in my head
Wonder if it'll ever fall off
So many close calls
People think if the fear of dying will ever cross my mind
I say no and keep reaching to the Lord
Close calls could leave you speechless within a heart attack
Thinking of the kids growing with no role models
What about us?
We gotta fight and live for the truth now

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The Hardest

The hardest thing in life is always to say good bye...and when you realize you 
can't even say how you feel?

i was missing my love, friend, teacher, and most importantly ma grandpa.

when he was on his death bed i was ready to say good bye before i said hello.

so now that i have realized i will never see him again i feel bad.

he use to tell me things and now i'm just beginning to understand them...

when i want to ask questions...i know i can't now...

he always told me i would do something i have...(my writting)

but he will never be able to see me going them...only looking down on me...

i feel as thought i have failed you...but you were and cheyenne are 
getting along better...

i have written so many poems but this is the hardest because i have to put so 
much onto this one...

i remember when i was real use to tell me that "can't" wasn't in the 
robertson dictionary...

and i would say that i'm not a robertson...and all you would do is smile...

as i think back their was so much i could have learned from you and didn't...

and now to this day i'm still using can' i have failed you because i have given 

and truth be told sometimes i still can't get over your eturnal slumber...

i miss the lessons you never got to teach me...

one thing i will do like a robertson is i keep trying...just for you...only you...

so as i say my prayers...keep me in mind and help me...keep my faith...and my 

Tis is a free verse poem for my grandpa Willie Robertson
May you Rest In Peace and watch over me

Sun Set 2004

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For you

See now you known well in tha hood by selling weed
Im known well in tha hood for doing good deads
Now tha seperates us very much 
But you known for knockmin niggaz out with 1 punch
Im dont run to watch.... I jus shake my head and eat my lunch

When I grow up I wanna finish College
When you grow up you wanna make an illegel profit
Now we may have grown up in tha same place
But we definately go end up and a different place

I dont expect you to follow my dreams
But I want you to be sure you follow  the real things
All you see is making money fast
But being a dope man aint go always last

So when you finnally relize your potental or if you dont
Ima al ways be with you

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A Black Woman

I am a black woman.
Black woman am I.
This black woman is strong,
and never ever shy.

Could you look up to a black woman,
of nobility and pride?
Or look up to her for her 
intelligence, so vast and wide?
Are you afraid of her serious face
or piercing eyes?
Do you feel sorrow when she cries?

Do you know a black woman
from Africa-ka-ka,
But because of slavery now
lives in America-ka-ka?

How do you compare yourself to her?
Or do you at all?
Does your level of intelligence
differ from hers and all?

Could you be friends with a black woman,
of attitude and style...
Or would you stab her in the back
after awhile?

Are you impressed with this woman of color?
Impressed with her courage?
What about her pride?
Yes, as am I.
And you ask why.
Because this woman is you, you, and her...
but best of all this woman is I!

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Life is..

LIfe is real
It's what you feel
You inhale problems
And out come answers
You have to know what's right and wrong
To have success
Your whole life long
Yeah, they call me flow
Only because they don't know 
My name for real
But that's for me to know 
And to not reveal
You can just see it on my profile
If your'e not too lazy
Ha! I'm so crazy
But ,back to business
On the weekends 
I'ts life time to take a break
From depressing feelings
But after 48 hours
I bet you all can see
It's just back to life
Back to reality