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Ballad Prayer Poems | Ballad Poems About Prayer

These Ballad Prayer poems are examples of Ballad poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Ballad Prayer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Touch my heart where it hurts,
Heal all my emotional wounds and cuts.
Grease my heart with ointment of joy
So potent that no circumstance can destroy.

Touch my soul where it sickens
And my heart where it weakens.
Help me fulfill my purpose in life
And be my power over worldly strife.

Touch my heart where it deadens
And cause me to glorify the Heavens.
Make me your beloved, Dear God
And silence my foes with your mighty sword.

Sweeten my thoughts that had once been sour
That I may smile like a sun flower.
Endorse the re-birth of my destiny,
And protect me from Satan, man’s greatest enemy.

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Treasures of Your Soul

Whispered words from behind a wall,
to cronies gathered short and tall.
“Go on ahead,” he said, “let's see.”
“If I can turn her sweet on me.”

So from within, she heard the tale:
the rye, small, snickers, the wolves’ wails.
Yet, like the doe in the fires light,
the wail entranced, did not cause fright.

Wide-eyed, so stunned, the morsel stood,
in frozen stance within the wood.
Within his reach and steady glance,
the hunter broached the ancient dance.

With swagger, grace, he set the pace.
the honeyed tongued Knight on the chase.
He spoke words of honor, brave deeds,
of his claimed virtues she took heed.

“No, ” said the Maid, for she was shy.
“I’m afraid,” she moaned. “Do you lie?”
He turned her chin, and eye to eye,
stroked her fair cheek and heard her sigh.

Offered cake to this starving waif,
with trembling hands, she took the bait.
For upon his lips and rough skin,
She could, sweet-sugar, taste within.

He sought the warmth of her blood; bone.
He thought the conquest was his own.
Yet, she too held a hope within,
to bring forth the goodness in him.

Oh, she could feel his aching need,
'Twas his seedling soul, she'd feed.
The prey, prayed, to touch his heart.
to give the Hunter a new start.


Many’s the times, his teeth came near,
to the pulsing vein in her throat.
Many times the Universe stopped
like a dandelion seed afloat.


The hunter balked, stayed for a time,
tasted the joy of her sweet wine;
loving the feel of a drink new,
a gift, love, offered each of you.

Could he extinguish this pure light?
Could He reciprocate, cause fright?
Sorry, was the wolf deep within.
He was sorry; she’d let him in.

Sorry, he couldn't grow in her arms,
Sorry, he couldn't loose to her charms.
“Sorry,” on the tip of his tongue.
As he left her, unharmed, on run.

“Sorry.” said she, rising higher,
made stronger by her pure desire.
Like the ancient Phoenix, she rose,
on the wings of her loves fire.

And prayer floated back from above.
A prayer, sent with her hearts' love.
echoing his sentiment many ways.
“Sorry Love," She said. 

"May the Wolf find his Way.”

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Prayers For My Sister

My sister Shelia is in need of some prayers,
She hit her head in a bad fall,and at times she not here.
Her left side is paralised,with no hope in sight,
Only prayers give her the strength to fight.

I can see the hurt in her eyes , each time i go visit,
Not knowing what went wrong or why she was admitted.
We tell her she had a stroke,and there is no cure,
Only God and his goodness can help her for sure.

We ask Angels to watch over here through out the night,
Dont let her stray, but keep up the fight.
If the prayers are so many , i am sure God will hear,
Put peace in her mind ,so she no longer holds fear.

I would thank you so much and im sure my sister will too,
To know what perfect strangers prayers can do.
It can open peoples eyes , that could never see,
People get up and walk,with two busted knees,

Sickness get cured in a blink of an eye,
The power of prayer would never die.

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Deciding When

Never thought that I would feel this way
I just need to make a getaway
It just seems more futile every day
Don't think I'll be back again
Sometimes I want to scream out loud
Feel all alone within a crowd
Say a prayer with my head bowed
To free me from this den
Looking back on all my wasted years
Spent the sunshine and saved the tears
There's a time that you must face your fears
The trouble is deciding when
Every day I seem more lost
Guess I underestimated all the cost
Never worried how the dice were tossed
Always rolled with the flow
Built my castle on shifting sand
I'm a stranger in my own land
Watch it all slip from my hand
How it will end I just don't know
I look to heaven and I wonder why
Should have made it but I didn't try
Memories fade away as time goes by
Time has never moved too slow

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Please Listen To Her Prayer

While you’re watching over all your children from above

Listening as they send to you a prayer

Please God will you take some time to listen to my child

And find a way to let her know you’re there

Through the years she suffered a very tragic loss

Her happy life was shattered; torn apart

She tries so hard to hide the lonely tears she cries at night 

She tries so hard to hide her broken heart

Through the years she put aside her sadness and her pain

And found the strength to be both mum and dad

She never let them see the hurt, they only saw her smile

Although she’d lost the only love she had

She's struggled through the ups and downs that losing someone brings

She battled on and fears were cast aside

But every day I see the hurt and pain I know she feels

I see the unshed tears that fill her eyes

But now I see her worrying for someone else she loves

Her child...her precious life and soul

I watch the pain and sadness returning to her life

I watch the years of heartache take its toll  

So please God will you take a while and listen to her prayers

Let her worries, and her burdens cease

Take away her pain and sorrow, dry her lonely tears

And help my daughter find a sense of peace

I need for her to know you’re there no matter what life brings

To guide her when I know she's lost her way

I need to know that once again a smile will reach her eyes

That happiness, she will find again someday...

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A Selfish Prayer

It's hard when I see so much pain,
Filled with life's many hardships,
All these troubled souls praying,
For miracles through their worships,

Even at home they are lost,
And muddle through their days,
'Release us from our lots',
They cry out from their maze,

Yet I find it even harder still,
When I must stand here and watch,
With neither the way or the will,
To give what little I've got,

So Lord I pray you fill my cup,
Give me the success and station,
Where hope can spring from love,
To answer all this frustration,

Let me afford more than simple words,
Grant me the means to answer prayer,
Lay before me a path true and sure,
To receive great fruit I can share,

My life has taught me so very much,
As my prayers so often are granted,
I know what it means to be touched,
By the charity of the enchanted,

It brings a life of such great hope,
To you and all of those you love,
It helps you to widen your scope,
And great faith when times get tough,

So today Lord I finally pray,
For something I never have before,
I pray for riches so very great,
That I would never need to ask for more,

Vast wealth beyond Solomon or Jabez,
Great wisdom and eternal good health,
The power to shape the will of others,
And all the prayers I leave on the shelf,

And I pray that I remain steadfast,
In service to you through my fellow man,
And you answer this prayer however crass,
Before this poem is written by this hand.

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Listen to the buzzing, in your ears,
Listen to the humming, of your fears,
Listen to the baby, crying inside,
Listen to the pleading, in your lover's eyes.
Listen to the music, you have never played,
Listen to the sinner, who's never been saved.
Listen to the empty, silence of your mind,
Listen to the whispers, of man kind.
Listen to the never, heard nor seen,
Listen to the listener, who has never been.
Listen to the monkey, you know you really are,
Listen to the wise man, who's never been that far.
Listen to the dying, crying man,
Listen to the bottle, buried in the sand.
Listen to meaning, you never really meant,
Listen to the letter, you never really sent.
Listen to the lovers, who loved another one,
Listen to the brothers, torturing their mum.
Listen to the noisy, who never say a thing,
Listen to the silent, crying deep within.
Listen to the never, ever really said,
Listen to the dead man, laying in his bed.
Listen to the flying, dying man,
Listen to the solid, only made of sand,
Listen to the night time, they told you that was day,
Listen to the meaning, they stole an took away.
Listen to the singer, who never made a sound,
Listen to the thunder, in the lightning cloud.
Listen to the voices, you never hear within,
Listen to the last train's whistle, whistling.

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Wishes And Prayers


We wish because--  
We are not sure if it be 
We wish because -We want it to be. 
Conveniently we wish it were true 
If only true when we need it to be. 
We usher in- The powers of good 
We wish out -
the destruction of wickedness. 
We wish it were true-about God. 
Then believe it with our whole hearts. 
We pray and God 
handles it from there 
We wish, tho wishes 
are not exactly prayers. 
We wish to set in motion our  
most intimate needs. 
Maybe wishing is like  
putting in an order,
With Gods Staff; 
That only you can fulfill
 by closing your eyes. 
Wishing,wishes until wishes 
takes wings and flies. 
returning to us consummated 
as we open our eyes. 
I'd wish that I could Just live my life. 
I'd waste one wish- 
for all mean people to disappear. 
I'd wish that there really be a 
place where good folks go
In the "afterlife". 
I would not waste more 
wishes on the wicked. 
We usher in-The powers of good 
We wish out-the destruction of wickedness. 
We wish it were true-about heaven 
Then believe it with our whole hearts. 
We pray and God handles it from there; 
Wishes are rare and you only get a few. 
We cannot be frivolous,when we wish. 
So we just pray them away 
you know,"The bad people" 
Wishes are few,but prayers are plenty... 
I am wishing and I am praying 
for all of you to be" Good people" 
I wish heaven be true- 
I Pray we meet again ..."just us" 
The ones.... who loved each other.

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I am a prison in this hospital bed 
Used to wake-up with a cross above my head 
Pity my race will soon come to its end 
My love for them Please send.

A plastic tube between my nose and lips 
Giving me air, glad I 'm sick! 
Gate of the white palace will soon to be closed 
Guardians of the empire seen in the post.

Outside the window of my hopeless jail 
Children playing by one and more than twail 
Deprived of freedom and happiness 
Laying in this bed full of regrets and anguish. 

Doctors said "soon you 'll be okay 
You need to take your medicines everyday" 
If only I can have a second life
I wish I can tell you "follow God's light".

Wish I can get out in this darkest sorrow 
Be most welcome my self for a better tomorrow 
To the King of white palace thank you for today !
Only prayer for you left as my medicine for everyday.

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A Wheelchair Warrior

Deep down within Diane is a warrior that makes her tough as nails...
And her battle and her weapons give her courage as she prevails.

Early in the morning, before you and I have stirred our coffee, she has already stirred
the heart of God...
And because she has MS, many times all she can do is smile and nod.

She's a west coast gal with a prayer warrior's heart...
And though she lives in a wheelchair, with joy and enthusiasm, she does her part.

Although MS only allows her to sometimes just smile and nod...
Remember, while you're having your morning coffee, Diane has already stirred the
heart of God.


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i never imagined love could be that way..
it can make you happy or gay...

this what im feeling..
when someone made an offering..
of a love that has no ending..

i am a woman..
who deserves a patient gentleman..
who wants and needs love..
that will surely stand the test of time..

so i accepted..
the love that has been offered..
i, full of hopes and dreams..
giving all my love without hesitation..

as days passed by..
something happened i can feel..
this guy that made me feel..
my dream love can be real..
walked away with his heel..

engulfed my whole being...
when all of a sudden he is leaving..
thus, tearing breaking my heart bleeding..

people surrounding me observed..
maybe you are not the man i deserved..
they said: "don't be bothered"
for a better man and love will come after..

so, i started to think..
of the times we spend together..
i decided: what should still be remembered..
to a love which isn't meant forever..

i gathered up the sworned pieces..
of what still left in traces...
my strengths; potentials and dreams..
my goals; family and friends..

now, i am recovering..
Ever determined to keep ongoing..
Continuously praying for God's guidance and blessing..
Thinking life's treasures will still be coming..

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Holy order of the Devil

Holy order of the Devil

It was a long, long journey
To find that quadrivial
We had to trek across the mountains
Though it was beautiful
The danger it was ever near
Those priests with all their din
Had made this place an evil lair
A reservoir of sin

We came to where the meeting was
All the priest were Gathered there
One read a pericope out loud
The atmosphere so rare
His ligures shone like a thousand stars
From the breastplates that he wore
The words he spoke with intensity
Touched each priest to the core.

Oh it was unbelievable
That high priest had such power
That night it felt so mystical
Yet nothing it did flower
Because the Devil pulled the strings
And the high priest was his tool
And everywhere the Devil went
His world was always cruel.

15 July 2013 @ 1725hrs.

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My Prayers


      Thy Prayer is Thy Word
      It is all way's with me
      I write them down as I pray
      That way, I can save them
      For some-other time
      For just another day;;
       I Let His Will be mind
       This, I do for so many reasons'
            This is not the blind
        Leading the blind...
                - Fore -
        He is always' on my Mind
        From now, till the end of time
        It give's me so much freedom
        His dream's are my faith
        An His faith is mind


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Yesterday has slipped away
And only now I see
Just how sad the answers
To those questions asked can be

A hollow feeling in my heart
A pain inside so real
An empty space inside of me
That only you can fill

Even though you're gone from me
Still I’m holding on
To something that can never be
To something so far gone

People say that I'll forget 
That time will dry my tears
People say this pain inside
Will fade throughout the years

But everything we did
And every word that we did share
And every place we've been
Have left their shadows everywhere

Apart from you and I
Nobody else could ever know
Or ever understand
The part of me that can't let go

You were my love, my heart, my soul
You gave my life to me
And now I feel so lonely 
Saying 'I' instead of 'We

In a world of strangers
Here alone I stand
My promise of tomorrow
Gently slipped right through my hand

I close my eyes and feel you near
In dreams you're by my side
In every prayer I pray for you
In every tear I cry

Not only did I lose my love
I lost my best friend too
I lost my world, my heart, my soul
The day that I lost you

Although the road gets lonelier
And longer everyday
My memories of loving you
Will never fade away...

By Raina Hutchins

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God Forgiver of All Ills

Oh God, forgiver of all ills,
To thee we lift one voice;
Through thee, our reason is instilled,
Our wills, granted free choice.

Upon the cross on Calvary,
Thy only Son forgave
The errors of humanity;
Our weakened souls, he saved.

Thy justice is all-merciful,
Rewarding self-control,
Then sparing tortures that befall
The sloth of weak, impassioned souls.

Thy heavens turn in symmetry,
To follow thy design,
The world obeys the Almighty,
For all power is thine.

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Should you take me

If I should die today Lord Perfect
Let me die a poet
Let me write every episode of my life
Hoping to bring an end to strife.
Let my pieces people read
Let they heed
To bring forth good seed.

Should you take me Lord.
Let me speak every word
Let me read every lip
Let every memory I keep
Lord this I pray
Should you take me away.

If I should go
Let me reap what I sow
Let me see my seed grow
Let me go in piece
Should this be my last piece.

I have written love and hurt
I have written light and darkness
I have written hope and desperation
Lord when you take me finally
Let my works stay permanently
Lord bless the works of my words.

And when I go dear Lord
Keep safe ones I loved
Give them high happiness
Take away their stress
Let them live holy
For we are all yours wholly.
This is my humble prayer
Should you take me.

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i am the voice of God through man
come all the way through ALTER CHRISTUS
holy and unquestionable for i am from sanctum Dei
a lot believe shed their blood even on to this day

i beg not to be understood but trusted and loved
impossible for you know for some tried but long gone
i am Christ in the person of man in all but wrong
do you know or what is the mind in unus catholica

what and where do you stand -with the lamb?
are ye already in the blood washed? or damned
the heavens we cannot all but understand
in ex cathedral we learn to know and love the one's we can

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Fill Me Lord

Here is a prayer 
That I often say
when my faith starts slipping
I just kneel down and pray
Jesus hear my call
let your spirit carry me home
till I finish my Journey
no more to roam

Fill me Lord til my cups overflowing
fill me Lord till my Journey shall end
Fill me Lord as Long as I am walking
Fill me Lord so I'll be full til the end

The Joy in my soul 
is so hard to explain
the Love is so tremendous
it will always remain
since Jesus came in
I've been redeemed 
I am filled I 'm a child of the King.

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The Kiss

For as we did Embrace within the Heart's Dream of our desire
of the One-hundreth Thirteenth Kiss that you gave
and to me it was 
and with a smile as you replied mark this one down
for it is a Special one
how shall i ever forget the Moment we Shared Together 
and of your Sweet Words of love which you did Whisper
there then was thee answer to my Prayer 

                   John J Myers 
      Copyright ©2008 John J Myers

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We are all one
Red, black, white, yellow
We come from Great Spirit
 - the two, four legged 
And the winged
All of us need each other to live
our home is mother earth
that sustains us and feeds us

Father sky gives us season, light and dark
cycles of the great moon and bright sun
seasons of life
give thanks for each day a new day
to the water that cleanses us
to the plants, four legged and fish that give their lives
to our brothers and sister
Reawaken yourself each day 
look to mother earth an father sky for a new way
thank the ancestors and creator for our birth
think of how you will make this day with love,honesty,and good intentions
consider how your actions will from now on affect the 7th generation
then live your life the best you know how

a prayer by Barb Derick

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                                                        MICHAEL JAMES

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A walk in the Dawn

He called my name
I heard from my dream
Jumping up from the bed 
Misplaced my sleep

Five thirty am it was
I carried his travelling bag.
To the bus stop we aimed
Forgetting the gate key delayed a little

Within seconds we felt 
The blue dark dawn
We walked fast, but i was ahead
With our footsteps cripping behind us.

Doors were closed
The street was silent
And two to four beings we bypassed
It was a peaceful and jolly walk

At some metres before the bustop
I asked "Did the phone woke up?"
"Yes the alaram woke me tahnks to it"
I set the alarm

We waited for taxis
But they failed us
He was forced to enter 
A rickety Danfo

A bad way to start a twelve hours journey
We exchange  goodbyes
I stayed till the Danfo faded 
Going home was involuntary

My footsteps cripping behind me
The road having infected my slippers
And my feet and the road 
Had been linked with dust

Echoes of a strong bark was heard
It was repiled by a tried and exhaust one
Metres away from home 
The call to prayer was recited

And a lady was preaching prosperity
Both microphones were fighting for reign
They was later joined by a man preaching eternity
The voice of the mosque was conquered

As i entered my red gate
I found my sleep

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a Novel Time

Sometimes you learn to look at things
As if they are to get no better

Like single mothers on the first days of January
A hymn for the things you’d love to change 
A prayer for the things you cannot 

There is no new year for people like me 
Only a continuation of stress to be 
Life deals us blows and my songs are tired 

I’ve heard that happiness is a tale untold
In order to pursue this wish
One is required to hide beyond blue skies

Like life is love
Death is a cold hug
I’ll patiently wait 

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We Will Remember

        Today is your day, we wont forget 
No matter how much we hate to think of it
        Its your memorial, and we will always remember
It was the 11Th of September
        I hope you smile, while looking down on us prey
Because its all about you today
        The songs we will play for you
The moment of silence too
        The tears that will fall
As we stand 10 feet tall
        We know your listening, as we try to hear you
As your peaceful footsteps guide us through
        So we will appreciate the rest of your day 
Since you were all so carelessly taken away
        Yet, your all angles now
Floating in and out of the clouds

        So please, no matter what your religion or beliefs 
Close your eyes one time today and say a prayer for those in heaven 
        Then do it again, 
Just one more time for 9/11. 
                                             A POEM BY 
                                           Dawn M. Quering     
                                          Written 09/11/02

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4th of July flare

This morning I awoke with great pride and honor for today we celebrate our 
independents made possible by the men and women who died over there,
we take our long weekends  to camp,BBQ, hang out with friends and family as 
we drink get drunk and enjoy the fire works flare,
today I will awake with a prayer to out troops a thank you to all the mothers, 
fathers, husbands, wife's, and children who lost love ones over there,
I won't take for granted my freedom, my rights, or shame the land others died to 
protect with heroic flare,
I will tell my kids what all the solders in all the wars did for them for this country 
from sea to shinny sea how they did their best over there,
we take for granted our history we look forward to time off rather then time to 
remember this isn't U.S.A.'s flare,
other countries honor this day while we desecrate it with intoxication do we not 
care for our brothers and sisters over there,
Please I erg you to take a moment of silence and a moment of prayer remember 
each color of our flag and show your red white and blue flare,
in your hearts remember all solders who gave you freedom gave their blood, 
sweat, and tears and above all their life over there,
raise your head with pride, give thanks where it is seldom heard look up to the 
heavens and with American pride salute  our brother and sisters  with 4th of July 

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Never the Same

His fingers traced the cold hard rock  of a now silent name,
Of a father he knew, a man he would not. No one to take the blame
His childhood changed a man yet to be, he cried for his loss and pain
Through the silence that followed, he walked away,
He’d never be the same.

He would come calling on the ladies, yet whiskey was his date,
Taking his hand, calling his name she numbed his futures fate
With her, soothing, smooth moving liquid she’d guide him through the night
She left him wanting more of her, to change his life insight.
With a cold ring of glass she called to him beckoning him to follow
He had married a bottle of comfort to fill his heart so hollow.
With every swallow, he would hear her call his name,
He tried to drink her into his soul,
He’d never be the same.

In his sorrow of tomorrow and the day that follows that,
He could only weep and borrow, self pity where he sat,
When on the midnight moon he heard a whisper on the breeze,
The bending of guitar strings, like bending of willow trees.
Caressing, addressing, assessing time itself,
Feeling healing, sealing wounds made on ones self.
He became one with the music and to himself wholeness came
As he learned to pick those guitar strings,
He never was the same.

One night a woman sat before him a whisper on her lips,
On a stage in a place that he played for tips
As she listen to his guitar, his sober fingers played
As he strummed another tune, his eyes upon her laid.
As she smiled up at him now his futures fate untold
Lay with in those days as lifes beauty started to unfold.
A year had passed since she first heard him play
Marriage and a chance to live every day
But when his son was born a prayer of thank came
For he folded his hands and bowed his head 
He would never be the same

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My dearest and beloveth Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Please forgive me
for all the wrong I have ever done to anyone in my twenty-six years on this your

Forgive me for all of my disbelief, all of my fleshly thoughts that are contriary
to the thoughts which you would have me to entertain.  Forgive me for all of my
past fornication.  I pray that your continue to give me the heart and mind to re
main celibated, until your appointed time for me to receive my beloveth bride
fom You.

Until then I pray that Your Holy Spirit will continue to direct my path and that
I will not grieve Your Holy Spirit, but be obedient to Him.  Lord I pray that You 
will continue to fight my battles for me and that no weapon formed against
me shall prosper.

I pray for your protection over all the soldiers which are abroad fighting for
the safety of all people in this Great Land.  I pray that your Angelic Host will
protect and be their discerning spirit in abrupt situations and circumstances.
Lord, I pray that we all will truly appreciate this freedom from not having to fear
worshipping Jesus Christ.

Lord I pray for all the sick and all the children which are subjected to abuse and 
neglect.  I pray for all the grandmothers and grandfathers that are in nursing 
homes everywhere that are being neglected by their family.  Lord you be their
family as You have been mine.  Lord I pray for all the prisoners in prisons 
everywhere, that they submit themselves unto You.  Lord I pray this prayer will
be read by all those who are in need of prayer and forgiveness.  It's in the 
Precious Name Of Jesus Christ That I Humbly Pray.  Amend.

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Life Insurance

The countdown has begun 
Tomorrow night at the setting of the sun 
The government has me being punished for something I didn't do 
I pray the same thing doesn't happen to you 
I've insisted you have the wrong man 
I have life insurance money of 200 grand 
I told her to divorce me and move on 
I will be six feet under in two more dawns 
I requested lethal injection, but they are giving me the chair 
I have always had trouble, but this is my worst to compare 
Tomorrow at this time they will announce dead man walking 
Between the governor and my lawyer, I hope there is some talking 
During a time like this, I wonder where is our maker 
I must be prepared to see the undertaker 
I have requested my last meal 
Some chops and ribs fresh from a grill 
Now I must say good bye, it's my time to go 
The preacher tells me may the Lord have mercy on your soul 
I have always had a fear for the unknown 
As the minutes pass by, it has grown 
I will now say my final prayer 
At the pearl gates, hopefully my soul will arrive there 
As my wife enjoys the insurance money 
Life sometimes isn't so funny

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Slapping the Free Press's Face on First Lady's Day

Red thier Hips, Taxsation without representation, Invited for
dinner, How dare you, remenber for her children,  daughter
outlaw in west, Ride  them cowboys ride, deep is their voice
The rangers ride high and fast  Ten commanments out of
the courtroom no prayer the babies cries in 1965,  Mothers transference
in the mirror once again, remenber mothers day, the geen green
grass of home in valley of cold cold months of the government
the summer and fall and winter warm in 2006 some say that
they have seen angels in the warmed of their arms laids a creator. 
fourth of July to sum is his brithday we all ready have a lunch.
Blast and all. Oil bills cheat, in Libertys arms in the stars well
ones out.  By burning bush of Moses

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There’s a dark-eyed, Creole Girl that we all love
	With long-hair, wild and breezy.
She always wears a crescent smile
	And she’s known to all as Easy

Easy lives to make her friends forget their cares
	Serving bisque and etouffe'
With jazz and blues and bourbon, she calls,
	"Laissez le bon temps roullez!"

Easy won't abide the hypocrites and snobs
	That say she has no class
She'll just raise her drink and tell them,
	"Y'all can kiss my glass!"

"Carpe Diem!" Easy cries. "Eat, drink, be merry!
	For tomorrow may not call."
Because Easy knows, within her heart,
	One day the bell will toll for all.

Then some stormy tramp set her eye on Easy,
	‘Twas not the first, nor near last
And while our Easy slept in darkness
	She unleashed a mighty blast.

In days before, when Easy was young and strong
	She would not have been affected.
But now, she is more delicate
	Vulnerable, frail, neglected.

Easy lay adrift, her life-blood filled the streets
	Like a levee broken down
No one came to help our Easy
	As The Reaper came to town.

Those parasites that preyed upon our Easy
	When she was inches from death's knell
Stole from her and raped her – Just know
	There's a special place in Hell

Dire dreams torment Easy’s unsettled slumber,
	But I have faith she’ll soon awake
For while her heart still beats, there burns
	A fire that water cannot slake

Who cares for Easy reckon into legion
	So if you’re in that number
Say a prayer and bring her to her feet
	And help her from her slumber.