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Ballad Miracle Poems | Ballad Poems About Miracle

These Ballad Miracle poems are examples of Ballad poems about Miracle. These are the best examples of Ballad Miracle poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The moon

The summer passed so fast
I thought you and I would never last
You told me our memories won’t be just a blast
Ever was I the one to doubt our past.

Clouds were soon hiding the sun
The difficult hadn’t even yet begun
I saw your shadow everywhere I went
I guess that’s just how much you meant.

But even in the darkest hour
The moon was there-a source of power
And each look made you feel so near
A dream to chase the presence of my fear…

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Princess Angelina

Princess Angelina

Princess Tinsels baby daughter
Has grown up quite a bit
And my, oh, my, she’s beautiful
Oh, she has all of it
A heart of gold, a lovely form
And she’s so full of bliss
Her name is Angelina
So very sweet she is.

She has a way with animals
That seems at times like magic
She loves all people, all of them
And when their days are tragic
She’ll give them the milk of kindness
She has the healing touch
And even gnomes and bitter demons
They all love her so much.

Angelina, she is loved
By all who hear her name
Folk they come from miles around
To see this girl of fame
One day she will be their queen
And it is plain to see
That when she takes that station on
A wondrous Queen she’ll be.

6 September 2013 @ 0535hrs.

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A fatherless generation, 153 million or more;
Abandoned and forgotten, Desperate and poor.

A prisoner to hopelessness, Everyday full of fear;
In this chaotic world they live in, Nothing is ever clear;
Could one soul make a difference.. If one could bring love near?

I've seen a thousand pictures, That can't escape my mind;
Children without futures, Special needs of every kind.

So much pain and suffering, And none of it makes sense;
Orphans weary and distressed, In the present tense;
So forgive me, my friends, if this sounds intense..

But I want to say it out loud, and make it clear;
We have to be doers, and not just hear.
We need to care, remove all fear;
Make a difference, bring love near!

Today precious babies, Are abandoned with Downs or HIV;
The world sees them as broken, they're unwanted and unfree;
But somewhere there's an advocate, Who refuses to let this be!

So they say it out loud, and make it clear;
We have to be doers, and not just hear.
We need to care, remove all fear;
Make a difference, bring love near!

In another country, That seems so far away,
A teenage orphaned princess, Is aging out today;
Someone needs to cry out, This tragedy is not ok.

So I'll say it out loud, and make it clear;
We have to be doers, and not just hear.
We need to care, remove all fear;
Make a difference, bring love near!

Will you say it out loud, make it clear
Make a difference, bring love near?

Sponsor: Nathan A.
Contest Name: any poem #4 

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Lost and Found

To imagine after all this time that has gone by,
    I would be talking to the one that once caught my eye.
Out of nowhere one day she just seemed to appear,
   Just so incredibley surprising to me after all of these years.
Sharing all those thoughts and dreams we once had ,
   How we laughed at those days yet it made us a bit sad.
For the feelings I did not know she had for me ,
   It only makes me wonder what our lives would be.
Our hearts now beating as they did back in the days,
   How we are acting like children going out to play.
The love I feel for her has never felt so strong,
   A love that once was I thought was forever gone.
But to my excitement I can honestly & sincerely say ,
   The love that was lost has been found and here to stay.
This thing we have found in this love between you & me ,
   Joy and happiness for the rest of our lives is what I see.

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Last night I saw you there
You stood out in the crowd
Memories of what we had
The feelings were so loud
Remember me touching you
The thought will never fade
And I imagined..

It was our first time
Eyes met, stars aligned 
We danced, life rhymed
Made love, so sublime

I got busy chasing success
The rat race was pulling me
No longer saw what was best
Blinded by greed and money
And so subtly, I just let you go
Traded love, lost my song
Of sweet memories when..

It was our first time
Eyes met, stars aligned
We danced, life rhymed
Made love, so sublime

God knows I need a change
Something's stirring in the air
Since I saw you the other night
Seems I sense you everywhere 
What if lightning struck twice
What if magic could really be
What if we could start over
Oh Baby, please tell me..

This could be our first time
Where eyes meet, stars align 
And we dance, life rhymes
Making love, so sublime

Date: 8-15-14

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The Future

As she showed her palm to the Seer
The air was thick with dread.
The girl's eyes were filled with her fear,
when her palm was read.

In a low, soft voice the Gyspy said:
"You will meet a good man..."
"Tall, dark, and handsome?" the girl said,
Not looking for romance.

"No," the woman said "someone better...
A Man who makes dreams real!"
"Who?" asked the girl in the sweater.
"That I cannot reveal..."

"I can tell you though..." said the hag.
"That you will meet soon,
somewhere far from this main old drag."
"How soon? Before a new moon?"

"Yes, yes, you must travel far and wide.
You will find him far-off,
In a home on the riverside,
Near a church and mosque."

"There he will teach you the secret...
The lost secret of life!"
The girl gaped at such tommyrot.
Angry, she said "Jesus Christ!"

"That CANNOT be true, you swindler!"
And with that she rushed out
Leaving the old fortune teller,
Who would sit there and wait.

You see the Seer knew something...
That the girl would meet him,
Soon, and then she would again think.
Soon, her dreams would evince.

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kara's flower

her eyes invest in me the truths of her fragile heart
she wished to know happiness and freedom once more
she leaned gently against the window frame
her eloquent beauty whispered gently on my eyes
she gave me a soft sorrow by declining the offered flower
my words like autumn leaves gathered dryly at my feet of clay
my intents pure of heart stumbled weakly
as i tried to explain
that a breathtaking glimpse of her had found me
she was standing subtle and alluring in sunshines vivid light
highlights in her hair a golden hue like a regal crown
lost in the imagery of her smiling moment
lost in her radiated gentleness
that engulfs like silent fierce seduction of your heart's better natures
you only think of heartfelt wish to see her joy
you breath and live to see her smile
you will love her presence like summery sunshine's kiss
you will adore her silken voice like moonlight dance upon water
the offered plastic flower but a token of adoration
a bauble cast with noble intent
for a fine young goddess
(for morning book kara... :-) a really nice girl and nice friend)

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Actual Evaluation Time

Diamond worth of gold
Appraisal perhaps I should praise
If forsaken, then who am I in this den?
I ask if there will be a murmur.

Who declares “I am the forsaken!”?
Then watch your mouth and account for it
Who then worth praise or raise
Is it your darkness or your brightness?

Behold and admire your admirer
I proffer “can you create your naira”?
If yes, then claim mountain
Poor perplex night soil man.

If at most you posses a naira
Count this: a prerogative
For you is not anything
In the hands of your Maker

In God hands we are made
In His hands we are a fake
He gives and takes
In absent of no one
He is there as cake.

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The Beautiful Spirit

This beautiful spirit comes to me in my dreams
It's always the same the ora she displays just gleams,

Some times I can see her so clearly
And other times I can see her bearly,

She floats in mid air and signals me towards her
Wanting to let me know that miracles do occur,

The silence is all I hear
And for some reason it all seems so clear,

This spirit I speak of is my beloved sister
It has been 6 years and we still miss her.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

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unconquerable king john

a fire breaks out in his pants
whenever she walks into the room
but she just laughs
at how quaint he is
she has eyes only for the old man at
the end of the bar
his beat era leather socks are just up her alley
his pocket protector lifestyle is just
the thing for her wedding plans
she could always see herself
with his type of narrow shoe smart fella

he leaves her and her lover
at the dark bar
and wanders the lobster cages
looking to trap the feelings
that made him feel like
unconquerable king john
with his magna carta series pen
but this night is too full of babe sweet
and her pocket protector cowboy
so he goes home
to lay on his bed on imaginary nails
and suffer all the trials that good men should
wants to be worthy for the pay off
wants to be in line for the pearly gates

babe sweet and her man
live up the coast now
they own a bed an breakfast catering to the insane
who write great novels
on the walls in crayon
and spend their nights
hanging out on the roof singing ballads
to babe sweet
and her cowboy who lasso's the moon
its a wonderful life plays on the tv
every night year round
cause thats the dream they are sellin
that if you work hard
someday itll pay off

jerry garcia's picture hangs
in the lobby
he looks out at the changed world
with the shocked expression
of how did all these people miss the point
as the just go on beating eachother up
and crashing the gates
he is in the back room of babe sweets place
hiding from all the gretchens
and trying to redraw the lines of reality
we all got lost out there
gotta reinvent yourself
before the gretchens and the hangers on tear it all down
gotta bend the road before it bends you
just like unconquerable king john

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Astonishing rush, night

	I never believe that a smile could hurt you
And cancel all hiding like a superstitious fear
To be separated by both --
The hiding darkness & the question who's kidding.

	Not questioning any smile allow my womanhood to cross
Over your body, she says, gazing into my eyes, and with the touch
	Of my nerve and what I stand, I make you stand.
That's my love, isn't? A windowless that only it's rolling on
	And it makes the breathe to explode into the spring!