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Ballad Family Poems | Ballad Poems About Family

These Ballad Family poems are examples of Ballad poems about Family. These are the best examples of Ballad Family poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A message from Emilly

A message from Emilly
By Angelo Casiano

A message from above to those of you I love.
I love you more than you’ll ever know,
Even more now that I’m gone.
And my love for you will grow and grow,
Like the chorus to a song.
I had to leave much sooner than
 I thought, I must admit.
But you know mom, until I’m done,
 I’m never gonna quit. 
I left behind some parts of me,
 I have so much to give.
Because of you I’m strong enough,
 to help some others live.
So Daddy when you think of me,
While you watch the Phillies play. 
I’ll be sitting next to you. I’ll be with you every day.
 You’ve given me the best of you.
And now I’m giving back.
I will love you for eternity. No matter were I’m at.

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Murder in Our Town

At Dalton town where I was born
in Ozark hills of home,
There lived a man named Leamon Brown
who plowed the rich, black loam.

His wife, a sweet and gentle soul,
did not foresee his bent,
she daily worked beside her man
who seemed to be content.

But in his heart a wrath appeared
to poison spirit's peace.
When reason left, his anger grew
and clawed to find release.

He stepped behind her where she sat
and bent to kiss her lips,
withdrew his blade and slit her throat
while blood streamed down her hips.

In panic's grip she fled the house
but stumbled soon and fell.
The children screamed in frozen shock
and dove straight into hell.

One son ran to his mother's side
and held her as she died.
His siblings hid from daddy's blade;
he stood there, glassy eyed.

As gossip spread like raging fire
of murder in our town,
the newsmen raced to pen details
as lawmen dragged him down.

His deed became the hottest news
to ever hit our town
The judge declared the man insane
this man named Leamon Brown

Now he is locked behind closed doors,
his wife lies in the ground.
Though we lament the children's fate,
his kids are sorrow bound.

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To love your country,
you must commit yourself indefinetly;
there are no doubts, or fears
when it comes to defend it fervently..
do it for the sake of  your family,
or your countrymen who wish for peace!

They will send you to distant lands,
away from your loved ones...
to uphold freedom and its sanctity,
and you'll shine with bravery!

Anytime peace is threatened,
you'll retaliate and engage in combat,
true soldiers always fight with self-confidence,
never retreat in any circumstance!

There'll be days of fright , of darkness and despair,
and nights to shed tears on cold pillows;
no tender eyes to glance into or arms to embrace,
but  surrendering distorts your honor! 

As the mission comes to its end suddenly,
and you are one of the surviivors to declare victory,
although you'll also grieve for the fallen ones:
you'll wave your flag to the calmest skies!

To love your country,
you must avail yourself of dignity
and protect its borders vigilantly;
be aware of its tremendous cost:
risk your own life,or allow
the enemy to toast!  

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When the world is bitter and cruel
remember my love i will comfort you.
When your heart is broken and lost
remember my love i will find you no matter what the cost.
When you have lost the will to go on
remember my love i will be the rock you can stand upon.
When the worries of  your heart become too much to bare
remember my love i will always be there.
with hope in hand and i will always love you no matter the cost
remember my love you will never be lost.

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Dark as a demon, but with the soul of
an angel, he's a Portuguese Water 
Dog who's never been to sea, but, as 
he oughta, he loves water, and highly
proprietary when you're watching 
TV, downtime is shared, so it's his paw
on your foot, or else it's his head. 
Morning ablutions, one leg in the air, 
he waters a thicket, which wakes up a 
cricket who begins to sing. The world 
is his lavatory. Noblesse Obligatory. 
It's a Water Dog thing.

                   for my granddog...

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life in America

                           her heart is steaming with reason/  he got her body screaming 
with semen/ emotions she's feeling/ is making her/ weak to her knees man/ 
scary temptation is on/ he got a chrome to her dome/as she lays face down in 
the flow/ into her body he goes/ in the air waves/ she/  he/ screams/ curses/ and 
moans/  is it by some body she knows   part two  is coming

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I came here with flowers
held gently to my sobbing chest,
to bring them to my dearest;
I have departed from the living,
to come face to face with my ending...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone...
engraved with a name too sweet,
and yet so painful to call it out;
the heat in my throbbing veins
could warm it up with a loving wish before dawn;
but who can resurrect someone from death?

This morning is dazzled by an intense sun,
carnations, flags and tombstones
perfectly blend as the swaying pines 
offer their breeze and soothing shade towards noon;
why are the noisy larks hiding,
and melancholically sing?

I rushed here to release these tears
and let them roll from these eyes,
like raindrops falling on this very quiet place:
where tranquility is as eternal as Paradise...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone,
feeling a presence so known;
others before me have knelt and cried, 
not to forget whom they lost and dearly loved...

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From fabrics torn, in ruin, she hail,
Above the deck, beneath the sail,
Above silent meadow, the sea,
Her frosty breath, in doom, she see.

Her fondness torn, her kids apart,
Though love follows her broken heart,
Her sorrow tears on rusted chains,
For holding children once again.

The howling steam erased skies,
And fright gallops the silent cries,
As faces pale in feeble grip,
And sea moaning the crowded ship.

The days are past, remedies none,
The burned down farms from firing sun,
They bent on knees for kids to feed,
Beneath the feet for coin, indeed.

Her husband dead from bones to sweat,
Hard labor earning, closing, debt,
She buried body, beneath the farm,
And begs for mercy, waiting harm.

The beats in rage far fierce than flame,
The bells were rung, with chains they came,
Her toes were trembling, wrath unfolds,
They tortured, beat and tied her, cold.

While taken heart and soul from kids,
The slave in chain with tearful lids,
They dragged and stripped in crowded street,
And brought with slaves to ship, the fleet.

Through cries unheard and night she sails,
With slaves in ship with fuming trails,
To hungers deep in scalding cold,
And chapped lip-lines numb, breaking hold.

Her skin was pale, the hunger tale,
As blue veins rose beneath her nails,
To fading night, her dim eyes sleep,
Her moon-light fades and die asleep.
©Anees Rahman

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My crazy cousin

My crazy Cousin.

My cousin calls me crazy poet
Cause I don’t think like others
I’ve not seen her since she was three
A Flower girl to us lovers
When we got wed in sixty five
But now we write and all
Oh lord, we two are so alike
It’s just remarkable.

In eight weeks time, she’s coming here
To good old western Oz
I know we’re going to get on well
I do, and that’s because
That girl is crazy just like me
And she likes a good old laugh
She seems to be a grand old bird
I’ll say on her behalf.

She’ll bring her man, and son with her
They’re all creative folk
She can paint and write as well
And boy, it is no joke
The kind of talent that they have
It will be a joy to me
To meet up with forgotten kin
I can’t wait for this to be.

11 August 2013 @ 1813hrs.

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A Poetry Ballad

Ballad of the poet

When the moon kissed the sun, and light spread upon the earth. *hh*
Bright and early, 
early bird gets the worm.

With sullen time on stand by.... *DJ*"
Spurns emerald valleys that blur upon my new-found perch  *J.M.G*
While all nature wakes from slumber in timeless glory. *E.G*
Morning glory stroked by a ceremonious dandelion... whisper~   *K.D*

Bitter like morning breath.
Rooster crows, two songs, I share a note with him.
My cat rises to the sun of a new day.
Stretches into a c with her tongue curled and tail furled  *S.K.*
My coffee offers the sweetest taste after a goodbye kiss.
Clever and warm, I twinkle to the new morning light,
as I step outside, something pierced my heart..
~Wing broken, his bow in tow, arrows strewn, 
~No flight for thee, love lost, bent arrows I see,"  *R.M*
Everything I see, everything I feel around me.
Becomes a new song.
Born of many emotions.
I roll them on a paper without a pen. 
BUT!  In my mind they speak clearly to me~
Look into My eyes with your heart... and there you will find your soul  * R.A.D.*

"I hear an angel calling The beastly being within"   *R.S*
A new creation awaits beyond the path of dreams content,
Eros and Cupid both shoot through my heart."  *J.H.*
As the arrow's liquid enters my soul...    *RON*
Will that winged creature with the bow and arrows stop blinking his eyes?" *R.P*
He has stretched his wings too far this time.  *V.B.*
"His arrow of love is strumming my heart with golden grace.  *L.M*
A Halo'd smile upon my face.    * L.H*
Has suddenly turned to a grimace!   *G.S.*

(( feel free to add a line** in my comment box... ))

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Best Friend

I remember the very first time I saw you,
You wiped the sweat off your forehead,
I remember what all I use to say to you,
Followed my heart, I love you,
Maybe I needed to guard what I say,
Or express it in another way,
I hope I did you no harm,
Or is that what you call destiny,
Please know in your heart,
Eventhough how things played out,
My life and all its' worth,
Worth calling existing - living,
And without ever crossing paths,
My life would have been blah,
Words can not express how I feel about you,
Celebrate our love, if nothing more ever than be my best friend,
You are my very breath and hope of hearing from and possibly seeing you,
The very reason I make it through another day,
Our love we will celebrate far and away,
But in my heart, you are right here with me today,
I love you friend,
You make this world and all it contains worth living,
My heart smiles when it thinks of you,
I will somehow express my heart before I leave this earth,
So much I want to say,
I don't want to complicate things,
I just want you to be healthy, happy and carefree,
I know you love me,
You don't have to say it like I so often do,
I knew day one, 
When I became good friends to you!
I love you, boo!
I do!
Best of luck,
Live like you were dying!

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I'm Coming Home

He looks through the curtains as the meal is served

The sweat on his brow and the I.V. drips

Mom wears her apron with a picture of a turkey on it

It was her favorite and the music playing

And I'm coming home to where I'm loved

Father sits watching the game as the plate goes round

He had  money on the wrong side but he swigs a beer

Everyone seems happy and content so he knocks on the door

No one hears  and he stirs,trying to break free of the restraints

And I'm coming home to the warmth when I'm cold and alone

Where a man works and his wife cleans and raises the boys

Where desolation has no place to hide and no regret

And Mom hasn't begun drinking because her son left and will never come back

Where the geese still fly South to the warmth

Dogs bark and people have to stand to switch the channel

And I'm coming home

No cell phone or video games to gaze at and 24 hour news

The nurse brings a syringe and plunges it into my I. V.

The Angel wipes my soaking brow and gives me comfort

I'm alone with the mist and the murmur of the crickets

I'm coming home

The house is quiet and emptiness within

But Mom left a light on with expectation

A sign was set for all to know I'm coming

The quiet is lovely and the light welcomes


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My Cousin Alf

Written by my Cousin Susan Northwood who thinks she cannot write. She wrote this poem for me. pleaser let her know that she can write very well, she is also an excellent artist. By the way, I am back from my holiday, and glad to be back with you all.

My cousin  Alf.

Whilst searching on the net one day
A name jumped out on me
Peter Duggan, as he is known
My cousin, that he be.
A crazy man, a writer too
Speaks his mind, I kid not you
He loves to argue, and debate
Gossip, and trivia, he does so hate.

He wrote me emails, all the time
And many poems in rhythm, and rhyme
His words were calming, made sense to me
Helped my fears,and anxieties.
Life for him had not been kind
Bullied, beaten, and a troubled mind
But here he was, helping me
With all my anger, that He could see

As time did pass, my life got better
Thanks to him, and all his letters
Back and forth, we wrote like mad
Happy laughing, and sometimes sad.
Now here in Oz, I've come to see
My cousin, and his family
Yes he's just how I imagined
Loves all life, and writes with passion.

He argues, talks, and often shouts
Sings, and laughs, but what about?
Yes, he's blunt, and can be rude
He'll shock you too, if you're a prude
But underneath his suit of armour
There stands a man, who's met his karma
All he wants is peace in in life
No more trouble. fights and strife.

There's many souls who cannot cope
With this loud, outspoken bloke
But I know where this man is from
He says it in his words and songs.
So for me he is not Peter
Or Billy, John or Ralph
He simply is my cousin 
Also known as Alf.

Written by Susan Northwood, for Peter Duggan.

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A Mother Like no Other

I have a mother like no other...
Never really understood her when i was younger...
To others she was always kind and giving...
Yet to her children she was mostly harsh and controlling...
I have always wanted to know why but never did...
And as i age i often felt like a lost kid...
Constantly searching for love and care...
Something i felt my own mother would not even bare...
Now that she has aged too...
It breaks my heart and makes me shed a tear or two...
To see her old and weary...
Crossed my mind to ask her finally...why mommy?
Then it suddenly dawned on me...i do not need an answer...
For all i have to do is look at her...
Hard and long enough, without any anger...
Think of all the people she kept under her wings...
And be thankful of how they took off and soared...
Because of all the love my mother could afford...
I figured if she has saved a life at our expense...
Then....everything makes sense...

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A letter to my sister

loving sister
I write to you as a writer
know you are in school
Because you are still a big fool
Your being wise
wholly lies
On your book
that you should keenly look
open every page sister
read every text sister
Get that wisdom
Embrace that wisdom.

sister write every word
paint every picture
for those words
that picture
pictures your future
so don't sleep
for you might slip.

it is now 7 months
in your form three
I check at my wrist
my watch is ticking
click by click
time is whiled away
sister use every chance
exploit every minute
for you are worth
living this earth.

I have to say
that day
u got the accident
I realized you are a light
to several hearts
embrace that and shine
For you are a true NDHINE
Realize your potential
for you are exponential....

come next year
I want to praise you dear
I want to hear the people calling out
I want to hear the world shout
I want to see your parents Marvel
For they gave birth to Marvelous Marvelous.
May you live long and shine bright like white.

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The Alien

The Alien.
"Here's the village Idiot
Here comes the loony fool"
So many taunts did follow him
Oh kids can be so cruel!
The Alien, his face all cowed
With caution treads his way
As the gossip done, invades him every day.

He's a shade too short on mighty brawn
He's a pilgrim of the soul
He's a Sailor floating through his dreams
And he has no worldly goals
And when those kids kicked footy balls
And swore and carried on
The alien got lost  within his own song.

He's been told that he be nothing
By so many through the years
And now his body broken
Still wading in his fears
The wings have made to open up
So the butterfly may rise
And so the mighty Phoenix 
must head he for the skies.

Dec 22 2003.

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Star-Gazed Nostalgia

Lets climb up that old tree, 
make the clouds disappear. 
Let’s climb up that old, lemon colored tree, 
make the rain clouds disappear.

Rough wood, and a rickety ladder,
White christmas lights trim the slumping roof
over a few branches 
and we're crawling-
through the doors 
of a star-gazing tree house
 full of nostalgia. 

Sounds of traffic, cross walk conversations 
Trotting past that old jazz bar, 
a mexican family arguing on the stoops, 
funny how an unknown language 
can still make sense on the inside.
the mother gestures her son upstairs to sleep, 

But my world’s only waking. 
There’s a party up ahead. 
and there’s something ‘bout the nights’ breeze
blowing off the cars and into the trees. 
its Got my heart singing about this new love I’ve found.

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With This New Day

I have lived, 
And felt the cost, 
Paid my dues, 
But I have lost_ You. 

 Still I pray, 
As chaos looms, 
And as my blue turns into grey, 
I hear__ 
The angels sing- In tune. 

 Don't be giving in, 
Don't give up my son, 
Or fade away, 
Lift your chin with the sun__ And rise, 
With this new day!. 

 I have lived, 
And felt the cost of all my wonderin ways, 
I've paid my dues, 
I - Have lost you. 

 I can hear the angels sing, 
Your in a mistaken land__ Lessons learned in truth, 
As the grey seeks out the blue, 
She will__ Your daughter my son--- 
She will return--- To You.

For I have lived, 
Felt the cost of all my walkin days, 
I've paid my dues, 
I- Lost you....

I wont be giving in, 
Won't give up my girl, 
Or fade away, 
I'll lift my chin with the sun--- 
And RISE-- 
With this new day...

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Forever, For Always, For You

Sweet Angel of mine
Euphoria as high as the eye can see 
The immediate cultivation of a man
In the most blissful of moments
On that special day you came to be
So delicate, so precious
Those distinguishable features
Leery eyed, despite a struggle to focus
And for that one brief instant your expression begged the question…
Do I know you?

In this one shining moment a connection took form
The sealing of a bond, strong enough to withstand the most horrific storm
The pride that was embedded
The reflection was prophetic
Whatever will be your endeavor, you have an eternal protector
This world can swallow you if you let it

So, shine my little angel
Find strength in your name
Someday you’ll know pain, 
But always remember
The first man who held your hand will always be your softest place to land
Always and forever

But for this day, beauty has been refined and enhanced
So will you save the last dance? 
For me?
You can walk with me in a park
You can speak your worst fears
You can tell me what’s on your heart
You can dampen my shirt with tears

And they’ll be a day when you blossom and you’ll find that love expands
The feeling moves you
The energy super 
It will lead you down an aisle towards your future
And you’ll still be my little angel

Just know that in all your days
Whether from here or above
Forever my angel
For always in my heart
For you, all my love

Copyright©2013 by Daryl R. Gaines. All rights reserved

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Rescue 911

Look after Joe our mother said
We promised we would do it
She needed a break from all of us
And went out of town for a visit.

It was the spring of '93
The blizzard had ruined my place
So Sam was helping clean up my yard
Little did we know
We'd soon be red in the face!

I went down to check on Joe
He asked me to regulate his shower
I told him I'd do it later
And asked if he could wait an hour.

An hour passed, then two
We were busy with what we were doing
We forgot Joe needed a hand
And was sitting, waiting, stewing.

When I remembered to go back
I found it out of my power 
For Joe had taken matters into his own hands
And was stepping out of the shower.

You adjusted the water, I began
Oh no Miss Emily
I could not do it myself
It was that nice policeman.

Where did you find a policeman
Out here in the sticks, I cried
Knowing in my heart something was wrong.
Easy Miss Emily, I figured it out
I needed help, 
So I dialed 911.

I was horrified, afraid they would think us bad
For neglecting our uncle that fine spring day
Too busy to give him what he needed
Scared they'd take him away.

Oh no probem Jane
The man said when I called
We understand what happened today
Just tell Uncle Joe if he does it again
That out of his pocket he'll pay.

Our mother was not happy with us
But eventually thought it great fun
That Uncle Joe took matters into his own hands
And for help, dialed 911.

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A Moment in Time

We went in search of names we knew
Their stories yet unknown
What burdens had they endured in life
Would we ever really know?

From village to village we travelled around
We searched from place to place
Past honeysuckle and high hedges
Would we ever find a trace?

And so we came to Lapley
And Cartwright corner did we find
The graves so worn and weathered
So few memories left behind

But there was the farmer Ezekiel!
And his wife Charlotte too
Their daughters Elizabeth and Mary Ann
So many amongst the few

And further down another grave
I knelt, and under the moss
There was Ezekiel the blacksmith
Mourning the love he’d lost

And still we searched for more and more
And roamed throughout the grounds
Looking and wondering if more were here
Or had time worn them down

And so we crossed to the graveyard
And two monuments we found
Side by side as in their life
And now beneath the ground

And for that moment time stood still
As we looked to one another
Two kindred souls who thought upon
A daughter and her mother

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The toy collector

Toy collector:

He holds the bear gently in his old wrinkled hands as he gazes into its kind beaded eyes. The toy collector sees love lined in its double stitches and his childhood in the busted toys smile.

There stitched in black thread he can hear the sound of a child laughter, happiness, and growth reviving his memory of youth, like a jolt of life to an empty vein.

The years have passed freely, almost fleeting by. He had no more time to play in grassy school yards or hide from girls wearing satin dress, he had to grow up. The boy eventually turned into a man and was forced to pack away his toys regrettably into a wooden box.

There they sat in the attic awaiting the return of their beloved friend while he aged slowly into an adult.

High school came and went, college, even marriage but unfortunately he was never blessed with his own child. No one to share in the lined pleats of his own childhood. All of this he now recognizes in the bears sandy eyes.

The toy collector hands his most prized procession to his wife, a dazed look covering his forlorn face. 

She takes his withered hand and speaks gently in his ear.
“All the memories in the world could never replace the love between a man and his bear.”

“Yes, but even the toy collector eventually grows to old and must let go.”
He replies in woe.

His thin lips force a smile as he repacks the boxes that escaped him long ago and in the early morn of the next day he patently sits alone outside for a bus to come.

The driver honks her horn and greats him with a warming smile.
“Are all of these toys for our orphanage?”

The toy collector regrettably nods.
“Things have been pretty rough but this will surly lift there sprits up.”
She confesses as she gently grabs a random box.

As she stacks them one by on into the now cluttered van his bear falls onto the pavement below.

Unable to pick it up he wrinkles his brow with great sadness.
Suddenly the passenger door opens revealing the face of a young girl and as she draws near she extends her hand and clutches the bear.

“Did you find a friend little Lou?”

His heart melts as she kisses the teddy gently then smiles.
“thank you.”
The child coos softly.

The toy collector lives in the toys he collects, but the man lives forever in the bear the child now possesses.

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Last night I dreamt

Last night I dreamed

The dream I had was all in white
As pure as driven snow
And the whiteness of it all
Did bring me down quite low
There was something very scary there 
In the whiteness of it all
The sameness there in everything
Kind of drove me up the wall.

I looked into the neighbours yard
As the sun was shining bright
I heard an infant screaming loud
There bathed within the sunlight
Was parked a pram upon the lawn
Which glowed with mystery
My mother’s passion was aroused
I took a look to see

I peeped into that pure white pram 
A babe was lying there
All swaddled in a pure white shawl
Just white was everywhere
The whole wide world, Was beamed in light
It was a scary feel 
I found myself in corridors 
This place it seemed unreal.

Each corridor was long and winding
Like serpents, in my dream
And everywhere were locked, white rooms
This place to me it seemed
Like a hospital, insane asylum
Or something of this kind
I just ran round, and round, and round
With panic in my mind.

I could not find my room at all
And every one I asked
Just looked at me with blank expressions
It was a mammoth task
Trying to find where I was at
It almost drove me mad
And then I saw my. Daughter there
And boy! this made her glad.

She handed me the baby
And told me loudly “Take it”
And then I woke up from my sleep
It made me think a bit
As to what this dream was all about
It was the strangest dream
I’d love to get into my mind
And find out what it means.

28 July 2013 @ 1417hrs.


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Praying For The Day

I pray for the day,
That my sweet child comes home,
To my loving arms,
So, I can love and hold them tightly,
Each and everyday of their lives,
To be there for them and guide them,
As they learn to grow,
Into a wonderful adult,
That I know they will become,
For they have such a wonderful heart,
And as people will see them grow each year,
Learning along their way,
Having their own imagination,
To shine and guide them,
To be a very unique person of their own,
But they are already very different,
In many different ways,
By their looks and their loving heart,
And of course being very smart,
Their beauty will shine,
In many different ways,
Both inside and out,
And I pray for the day,
They will come home,
To stop these painful, loving tears.

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A different time and generation 
No spoken words could say more 
When touch was not just a feeling 
You could be rich when you were poor

And a smile was like the sunrise 
Eyes could make time stand still 
Beauty was in the moment 
No ticket needed to have a thrill

You could court without a judge back then 
A date could be a Sunday drive 
Dreaming was done while awake
No need of power drinks to feel alive

Life wasn't techno managed 
Engagement could be a surprise 
Watermelon seeds and Double Cola 
On the Princess' hand a sparkling prize

Chocolate was more than candy
Boy or girl was discovered on delivery day 
Dinner meant more than eating
The outside world didn't get in the way

But these good ole days haven't disappeared 
On Francis Street they've taken pause 
Past and present seamlessly intertwined 
You can't explain it..
it's just because!

Sponsor: Royal Trevino
Contest Name: Heart felt poem

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Ode to my Village

When I stand on the Hills and stare down,
while milky sunbeams shine asound,
I admire the grace with which spreads
my Village, its glories and innocence.

Oh my Village! that valley wherein I first kicked,
That place where I first experienced my birth,
That Paradise where the birds play and cling
While happy children cuddle and sing.

That Valley wherein I ate Irish Potatoes
Drank sweet palm wine and ran wild,
Where I savoured sweet achu,
hunted rat mole. Oh! life so pure!

Oh, my sweet grandmother and father!
They raised me to love this sweet land.
They told me one morning as I stretched-
"Mowi, yu'u, there is no better place than home."

Now I understand while I behold the radiance,
The opulence of this village Politicians want to steal,
Politicians and leaders so neglect-
But I say to them, "you are wicked, wicked!"

"If there is a place that is home to me,
Where I will love to grow and make square,
Where I'll love to hug and bless
It is my village Bamendankwe."

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Logan's Poem to Mom

              My mom has tried from the start
              my mom she has a giant heart. 
              She did a good job to raise me 
              right since I was a little tyke.

              She said she will never give up 
              the fight and, keep on trying with
              all her might to save me from my
              destructive life.

              I would be out all night running 
              the streets, doing things I knew
              weren't right getting in trouble,
              getting in fights.

              She wanted me home, she wanted 
              me safe, and she was always making
              me something delicious to eat.

              I didn't care that I was breaking her
              heart or, that my delinquent ways
              were tearing her apart.
              Well I was finally arrested and ended
              up in jail, I am now stuck in this place
              and I tell you it's hell.
              Now I see all the bad and, stupid
              things that I've done but, I had no
              remorse then I thought it was fun.
              I am now sorry for the things that
              I have done, now I want to be a 
              better person, a better son.

              Even though I am stuck in this 
              place, when I think of my mom
              it puts a smile on my face.
              Now the only person who is still
              on my side and, who's still got my
              back is my sweet, big hearted mom,              
              imagine that.

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A Better Life...

A Better Life

I don't know why she hides,
I don't know why she shivers,
I don't know why she cries,
I don't know why she quivers,

Daddy's girl is all alone,
And I don't know how to help her,
Daddy's world is all but blown,
And I don't know what to tell her,

What happened to her confidence,
And her self assured way,
Which used to be so prominent,
In all she did or would say,

Who stole my little girl’s heart,
And drove her to such confusion,
She now slowly does her part,
As if all she has is illusion,

She knows I would kill any other man,
For doing such harm to my little girl,
But this is much more than I can stand,
As it has forever blown apart my world,

They took ‘steps’ to the next level,
And now they each look to me in despair,
I warned them each to be careful,
But the forbidden fruit they shared,

Now I look at one without trust,
Yet I still love my son so very much,
I still hold her distant as I must,
But she needs Daddy’s healing touch,

Why do I have to be the bad guy,
When my children need my help,
I pushed one out and I still cry,
While I can't help her help herself,

There is no way to win here,
And my tears won't stop falling,
I have lost them both I fear,
And my fears won't stop calling,

I don’t know what to do anymore,
Or how I can help either of them,
Both children my heart cries out for,
But the truth is neither can win, 

And for this my darling kids,
I am so sorry I can’t decide,
Which to disown or which to kiss,
When I am actually on both your sides,

So I pray that both her and him,
Of whom I am so very proud,
Do not give up and become victims,
Who wear this pain like a shroud,

I pray both of you hear my advice,
Get over this hardship and understand,
This lesson with its terrible price,
Is one where you do as best you can,

To forgive and move on from here,
Without Dad having to choose a side,
And to let go of all that you fear,
If you want to grow to have a better life.

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      Oh Paper Clip, Dear Paper Clip
      let me always sing your praises!

      You keep my pages held tight
      without the violence of stapling
      and yet your grip is so gentle as
      to release a sheet without a blemish.

      When the project in your care concludes
      you go back into the desk desk drawer
      with nary a complaint or a quibble
      and fall back into the stiff routine
      of anticipating the next chance
      to make yourself useful.

      You are so loyal and understanding
      that even when I ask you to be
      a hanger of christmas ornaments
      you immediately bend to the task.

      You don't even mind
      when I straighten you out
      and use you like a toothpick.

      You remain the consummate aide
      through both thick reams and thin.

      You have won my heart
      you little metallic angel
      and if Mother approves
      I have every intention
      of making you an honest binder.

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The moon was bright as ever, I took my husband’s hand, I led him to the park, and we
stopped to play in the sand.

Long his memory faded, like a child was he, I watched as in wonder, he stopped and laughed
at me.

I took his hand once more and took him on our way, but he began to shout, he wanted to
stay and play.

I told him that I loved him; he said he loved me too, and in that tiny moment, I felt him
shining through. 

Once again it faded, and once again gone, I took his hand, my husband, and led him back home.

The Alzheimer’s he experienced was eating at his mind, but nothing in this world, could
force me to resign.

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Dear Dad

It is now twenty years
I still recall the tears
I still recall the shame
Dad you are to blame
I know this you did not expect
You will call it disrespect
sorry but you I respect.

Dad I remember
The memories fresh in my calendar
Her tears and pain imprinted in my heart
Dad my mother you did hurt
As a good woman she played her part
She never ever set your heart apart.

when we did good I and brother
we were as bright as the father
when we did wrong I and brother
we were as foolish as our mother
so we were beaten like our mother
she wiped our tears
she ended our fears.

Dear dad here I am
Growing into a man
will it please you
when I beat my wife too
will it please you
when I call my wife a fool too
will it please you
when my children never call me dad
I find this hard dad.

Dad that woman you called a fool
she taught me to respect women in full
she taught me that a woman
Is a necessity to a man
she taught me never
To lay a hand on a woman ever
Dad this foolish wife
Taught me how to love in my life

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Because She Loves You

There is nothing more magical,
nor precious, 
than the gift of motherly love. 

Your heart thaws, as she grasps you in a warm embrace 
Her smile fills you with joy,
She putts her soul into everything she dose, 
because, she love you. 

She gives you advice,
and she helps you,
she is your guardian angel 
because she loves you. 

It is true,
You will have quarrels. 
About little miner things. 
But, at the end of the day,
She still loves you,
and you love her,
because she's you mom,
and you wouldn’t have it another way! 

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The Old Oak Tree

In a meadow by the stream there stood a big oak tree
and now I think of all the things that tree has meant to me

The old tire swing hung from a limb was put up by our dad
and all day long us kids would play and oh' what fun we had

In the shade of that old tree whose limbs are now bent low
is where I met my one true love so many years ago

Was where I got my very first kiss under that old tree
and that old oak stood right there smiling down at me

We are all grown up now but how we loved that old tree
a place of refuge for us all a place where we were free

We all went back the other day to see just one more time
that beautiful tall old oak tree for ever etched in our mind 

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Home is on the inside

Home is where love is loud without a word.
Where silent understanding can still be heard.

Where, when your confused, you know you'll be understood.
Where loved ones  would take your pain if they could.

Where the people laugh with you, and never at you.
Where you are still loved even when they don't like what you do.

Where the ones who care are never too far.
Where you finally realize who you are.

Where you find a strong shoulder and a tender ear.
Where you can be vulnerable without any fear.

Where you can be yourself and never have to pretend.
Where you are comfortable in your own skin.

Where your sadness is divided, and your happiness is multiplied.
Where there is always someone on your side.

Where you learned how to share, love, and give.

Home is where your heart and soul will always live.

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It is...within the tiny things of early morning, that moment breaths alive, it is within the tiny whisperings, that a melodye the very dear and the antelope, play home on the range.

so goes the melodye of heart beat, that plays quietly the songs of soul,

here a rhyme is born of day-light coming so soon, through the early morning eyes of the moon-light, and the starry dreams of twilight's transitioning...

into the light of a love letter written to dawn.

soul to soul conversing, as in this love letter, the letters just join hands with the words and just march across the sky...and at the end of the rainbow, there be plenty of golden time,

way down deep on the inside, the inspired choir, of a bumble bee, or a butterfly, starts to sing, like tiny things that live,

flower to flower,
blossom to bloom,

watered and deeply cared for...

O' Eden.

I say, deep beneath the surface of a wishing well...where the pennies lay,

I wish a sun-rise.

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In Youth-less Age

In Youth-less Age

Though gentle, hopeful drifts we brood,
but age our wont be kind enough,
in threescores is when life imbued,
will partial be the earthly stuff;
but you'll still be my fancy then,
when Suns shall be the Shallowest,
and dry as those days --my fingers, pen!
Diluting the persistent best;
then shall I my own mind bereave,
when servile times would near a close,
but will your eyes, mine still deceive,
that greater truth than life propose.
The understanding of our earth,
up till we stay, --the way shall give,
entwine when with a lovers mirth,
we not our age but more shall live;
there I shall be a part of you,
though life may still not worthy be,
but time the hearts as one does sew
and breeds the soul's eternity.
Soon ladies fine with auburn head,
in youth's subservience shall grow,
with shadows white and lips blood red,
to whom the haste --the world will owe;
but, by the words that reason frowns,
and those that cost if cared for less;
within the gardens, across all towns,
just you my dame this heart possess,
as your my gardens cherished fruit,
could time nor age do you wrong,
your grace can shift a hand from mute,
such do my rhymes to you belong,
and the words, claims that come to me,
be their center, and my days renew,
until the time this soul is free,
and life us quells, an end pursue;
the end of the sojourn we made,
shall love then still be intense more,
when breaths and sight move to a fade,
like youth, your age --I shall adore.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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Dedication To A Short Life

My granddaughter was a sparkle in everyone's eye,
She brought happiness to everyone,
But her life didn't seem long enough,
To see the joys yet to be done.

Her life came to an end, 
Not by our choice,
God called her back,
To watch over us and make us realize our choices.

She was always happy,
And full of joy,
She always helped us realize,
There is always more to life than just toys.

Never forget the people close to your heart,
Because if you do,
They can disappear when you least  expect it,
And never be there anymore for you.

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The structure of our soul

The semblance of existence remains in the worth of our lives,
In the structure of what grows within;
Yet the good of all mankind is measured by its worth 
And not by the makeup of those lives;
Still ponder the signs of our thoughts and beliefs
And the structure of the ideas therein     

We remain beneath the starlit side of the moon,
Forever lost in a light still unseen;                                                                    
And the intention of ones worth is measured by its character 
Until the structure of that character is consumed;
Farewell to the uncertainties of our faith
And what is held in the structure within

Could time in passage take the worth of us all?
Like a faun in the winter of its being;
But instilled our memories seem so long to depart
That the structure of thought is no more!
For a shadow is lost in silent demise 
Hidden in the structure within

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The Freckled Face of a Girl

Dappled grey horses
sweat crusted and weary
hooves drifting dust
lift a day
passing dreary
The harness bells faded
reigned in at the rill
a cool running brook
near the base of our hill
My eyes
I'm a lad
scant older than four
brought visions to mind
full of wonders in store
A wagon decked out
like a big city market
he lifted the side
then he shook out the carpet
Our old kitchen door
screamed out
lack of oil
a kettle
clanged gently
just set on to boil
E'er mother's voice shouted
"I think it's the Pox
the old folks have died
I've been digging their plots"
"My father's in bed
and they won't let me near"
the stranger walked by
with a smile
mussed my hair
Went in with a bag
full of magic he grows
started mixing a broth
made with god only knows
Tip toed on a box
dragged in from the yard
through windows
he folded
gunpowder with lard
The screams of my father
sent tears to my eyes
they rubbed him completely
in spite of his cries
They fed him the broth
a few drops at a time
I climbed off the box
with his horses in mind
"The horses love apples"
I turned with a whirl
peeking out from his wagon
the freckled face
of a girl
In moments I knew her
a lifetime
it seemed
a most likeable friend
who knew all the schemes
As father got better
t'was time to move on
her father
a doctor
a peddler
a con
He'd done us a service
we could never repay
though he sold us an organ
an' stool
by the way
Each year they returned
once or twice
they dropped by
little freckle faced Mary
the girl of my eye
They'd rest a few days
with each visit
it's true
she wrote the best love songs
while I wrote the tunes
Then one night it happened
'neath moon and the stars
consummating a love
that would forever
be ours
He stumbled upon us
but said not a word
in the morning
so early
fading echoes we heard
Ne'er again did we see them
though rumors
of peril ...
my parents expired
to a place 'neath the barrow
Five years had surpassed
isolation and grief
knocked a lamp
from the table
when I'd fallen asleep
The house nearly cinder
an' I felt like the fool
only item I'd saved
was the old organ stool
Just sat there and watched
till the sun broke the morn
in the distance
an echo
I'd heard years before
Then over the rise
sweat crusted and weary
two dappled grey horses
on a day
passing dreary
The horses reigned in
right next to the rill
that sweet running brook
at the base of our hill
A woman climbed down
took a step
to the glade
the dawning day's sun
streaming in to pervade
A light in my heart
jumped a thousand times fold
the smile in her eyes
and the story's been told
The tears
fell in rapture
though nothing was said
now with Mary
she'd returned from the dead
She unhitched the horses
I lifted the side
"The years have been kind"
I said
lifting her pride
"Are you my daddy?"
I turned with a whirl
peeking out from the wagon
the freckled face
of a girl

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i am woman

I am a woman 
a player 
a saivior 
a friend 
I am a mom
a warrior to the bitter end 
I am a lover
that bends all my needs
i am a singer 
that needs to breath
i am a lion 
that cant be tamed
i have  many names 
but I 
am a woman

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Big beautiful eyes that capture my heart
Dark brown like her mothers
Can't tell them apart
She talks up a storm of baby word sounds
And we all repeat them, astonished and proud
Her birthday is coming it's gonna be swell
Her parents are acting like children as well
They argue and fight and put her through hell
They think it won't damage her
She's too young to tell
That mommy and daddy don't fit like a glove
And she'll grow up and pick out the same man
to love. They'll fight and they'll argue in
front of their child and they won't
understand how now they're reviled.   
It started way back before she was one; so please stop
the cycle and look what you've done.   You're
repeating mistakes that your parents have
made.   No turning the clock back the bed has
been made.   Another generation is sleeping in it.

Copyright ©2000  Karen  M Feist

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We took her to the nursing home
to visit family,
She happily skipped down its halls
beside the elderly.

Withered hands reached for curls,
Old eyes filled with duress,
Some followed her in patched wheelchairs
and praised her pretty dress.

Those darling giggles brought them near
as she played silly games,
And several ladies called her closer,
each using different names.

A wheezing man gave her biscuits
then pleaded that she pray
so she clasped her hands for him
in her angelic way.

She proudly danced for worn nurses,
Then sang her A, B, C’s,
And drummed out the barking curses
of stale senility.

Oh, my girl treated them like pets
Who had just too far roamed,
And sweetly asked with guileless eyes,
“Why can’t I take one home?”

*For Joann Grisetti's Copy Cat Contest

*This poem is a tribute to Edna St Vincent Millay's A Visit to the Asylum, done in a similar form (ballad), though Edna's syllable count is looser. This is based on our weekly visits with my father-in-law. We take my daughter and she brings such joy to the place, yet my blood freezes as I'm never sure who will say what to her, and erratic strangers are contantly trying to pull her into their laps, steal hugs and kisses. It is both beautiful and disturbing and I've been wanting to write about this for several months. I had seen the similiarity between Edna's poem and my daughter's experiences. Glad to put this to paper in this way. Thanks, Joann.

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Broken Seashell

Lisa Milligan
A Fragment Of Life

"Each experience is locked within my heart and only I hold the key..."  

Don’t hurt your daughter
She needs your pride
Don’t hurt your sister
She breaks inside
She feels surrounded by enemies
Please don’t hurt the girl
That girl is me

She left you long ago
Packed up and ran
Ran away from all the pain
She didn’t understand
It didn’t take her very long
When she had to come back
To see all the reasons why
She took that track

She sits there smiling
She’s afraid inside
Of the next hurt inflicted
That she’ll have to hide
She has to be here
Because of her baby son
She has no husband
As for her son's parents
She’s the only one

Don’t hurt your daughter
She needs your pride
Don’t hurt your sister
She breaks inside
She feels surrounded by enemies
Please don’t hurt the girl
That girl is me

You sit and gossip that
She won’t come around
Judgment and criticism
Is all she’s found
She fights the invisible hands
Forcing her to the floor
She fights the instincts of survival
To run out the door

You don’t see her clearly
Looking through your clouds
Looking at the wrong things
Like her bank account
Looking for what she should change
Not what she’s done
Not at the strong, healthy man
Her son has become

Don’t hurt your daughter
She needs your pride
Don’t hurt your sister
She breaks inside
She feels surrounded by enemies
Please don’t hurt the girl
That girl is me

She notices wistfully
The pride in her parents eyes
As they behold the families
In which they have pride
The look that vanishes
As they turn her way
The pride that disappears
And then her heart frays

Broken shells get left behind
Scattered all over the sand
Perfect shells get taken home
Precious treasures in the hand

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Coming from the misty lake Lough Leane
Came a beautiful maiden of the name of Niamh
Upon a mare, for she is not from the world of man
A seraphic princess from Anwnn
Upon the shores she claimed around his kin
"I have came for Oisin son of Finn"
"Maiden you come to me so alluringly 
I am he, if we marry for all eternity!"

And so he rode upon her horse to the secrets of Anwnn
For he and she, they'd be happy for all eternity 

Come with me to Anwnn
I am she, your queen Niamh
I have come for you Oisin, son of Finn
Don't leave me or you'll see 
The age of man
The age of man
The age of man

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Ya get the bloody phone

Phone chat of the past. Ringing ringing in the home high pitched sound the mother or another would scream for all to hear YA GET THE BLOODY PHONE ,running almost braking the neck to make the ring before it goes ,HELLO? LONG DISTANCE CALL ,that buzzing in the ear, can't stay long was always the first words said ,now the rest have now gathered round for each one would like a quick word, hows the weather your end ?a not so bad says you & yours?   tell me this and tell me that and tell me nomore, oh &  please tell the rest i sent me love ,and than the next one inline repeats the same word for word ,now all are concerned abou't the bill reminding the other, its a long DISTANCE call ,ah sure we better let ya go so ,for this is costing you a fortune,those were the phone chats of the past ,which always came with a surprize ,after all who could it be ? now a days the mod cons cell phones that do everything but cook the dinner ,so take me back way back to the phone chats of the past ,those long distance calls ,the ringing in the ear and that scream  YA GET THE BLOODY PHONE .

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Ballad of Trinidad: Part 1

 Remember when days were long
   And all de children do is play:
 Or how de burnin sun hot like fire
   And snow cone ice melt away,
 When I was a wee lad in Trinidad

 And licks fuh so in de bam bam
   If I do or say I right when I wrong!
 Playin cricket in de front yard
   In ragged shirt and watchicong,
 Wit my bat and pad in Trinidad

 Hear de dogs of Independence,
  "Masser's day has come" dey bark,
 And snarl "now we in charge!"
   But all dey do is fete and skylark,
 Dats why tings bad in Trinidad

 Den me Faddah "really speakin"...
   And me Muddah, how she grieve:
"Aye yah yie, it time to vamoose...
   Oh time to leave",
 Dat all hell gone mad in Trinidad

 I say to she "yuh makin joke!
   Mummy, what is dis tomfoolery?"
 Man, next ting I know I on a boat
   Past de Bocas headin out to sea,
 And I was sad to leave Trinidad

 Dey get vex and riot in de street,
   Trow stick, pelt stone, and cuss:
 Shout "Black Power...Malcolm X..."
   PNM say "why all yuh makin fuss?"
 But tings get real bad in Trinidad

 Trinis start to swell up dey face
   And ax demself "is all yuh fuh real?"
 Criminals was skinnin dey teet
   Burnin and lootin lookin to steal -
 Destroyin what we had in Trinidad

 But I would from my exile return
   De land of rapso, kaiso, and calypso!
 Where de panman play, "padna"
   And de Cahneeval jumpin fuh so,
 Den I was glad to see Trinidad

 Back to limin on sandy beach
   Wit buss-up and shark 'n bake...
 Drinkin rum, Carib, and Stag spyin
   All de girls backside shake!
 Girls sweet too bad in Trinidad

 If yuh see party fuh so in East
   Or fete in de village dong Sout:
 And Jouvay dawn at Pelican Inn
   Till Road March jump and shout,
 Dis is de lime I had in Trinidad

             End of Part 1

January 2009

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Last night I couldn't sleep,for thinking only you...
As I wrapped in warm embrace,your spirit tinted blue
To oust away thine pangs,in hopes to see thee smile...
I'll yoke ye 'pon my shoulders,to carry through this mile

To trade your tears of sorrow,and see them shed in joy...
I'd jest for thine amusement,and be your favorite toy
For thine malady been expelled,I'd invoke it banished 'way...
Taking it 'pon mine self,so you've strength to seize th' day

Though I'm not an king,nor prince 'pon ivory steed...
Th' possessions I've procured here,are thine if felt th' need
I'll sweep thee off thy feet,if not familiar with th' waltz...
To breathe ye 'cross th' ballroom,as an feather floating 'loft

Mark mine words I state here,and hold me to their true...
I'll prove I 'steem thee precious,as unfeigned I surely do
Just promise me one thing,that next time when your down...
You'll wear these words as armor,'til I mend thy broken crown


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Archers ballad

Archers ballad… 

My arrows take flight,
Steady, straight and true,
Measured breath, careful aim
Tensioned sinew over bone
Sun glistened on sweaty brow,
Sharpened points, purposed for difference,
I release you, release you,
Piercing air and realm of spirit, like you pierce my heart,
Designed and destined for the use
Of King, and His ransomed souls,
Find your place, do your damage,
My quiver empties
With sorrow filled eyes and smile
My hand reaches and grasps the void
Knowing already you’ve gone,
Still, I’m filled with the joy of you’re memory
You will be missed my little arrows,
And I will remain always, here for you.

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Banshee crow

At first I thought it was the gales
That howled into the night,
But then the banshee's keening wails
Broke all the glass in sight

I hopped from bed up to the sill
To see what I could see
I saw a crow upon the hill
A dark monstrosity

My throat closed up; I couldn't breathe
I thought that I would die
But it flew out towards the sea -
Across the moonlit sky

But then the worry came again
Which nobel love would die?
Me, M’Lady,M’Lord, and when?
Which one did Death espy?

I bit my nails; I cracked my wrists
The fear was like a wrench
It smashed into my heart like fists,
And kept me in suspense

It was three days of agony
Till I found out M’Lord had died -
My sailor son in Tripoli,
Was killed in cannon fight

I guess I don't get WHY the crow
Gave his warning to me
Why screech of death at my window,
Instead of Tripoli?
Instead of Tripoli?

(Besides being a woman, the banshee can take the form of animals, such as the crow)

Received 1st place in "Creepy Irish Creatures" contest

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thinking like a man

I sat down and asked
my self this
this question that
really got my
This question that
made me wonder my
I'm I getting myself
into a fuss
For days and months
now I am 20 years
I'm yet to confirm
my fears
for in the next 5 or
ten years
I will be a parent
and a father
My children will
need a true mother
I'm I setting the
right environment
a free environment
that will never
a free environment
where my children
will call home
a free environment
with a woman my
children will call
I'm I setting that
right environment?

Many mistakes I have
done in the past
still there is time
to shake off this
All is not lost
for now I have
gathered wisdom
and as I write this
I seek forgiveness
from all I did wrong
for I have to set
that environment
a peaceful
environment that
will never torment
an environment where
my children will
call home.

I have met different
some being GIGO
(gabbage in gabbage
some with the wisdom
to run a kingdom
I did my analysis
then did some
I took the best
I accommodated the
for I had to know
good and bad
I need to set that
that right
environment that
will never torment
that right
environment my
children will call

my continuity
is my dignity
seeing my own blood
see their life flow
see them mature
like a rose flower
see them marry and
give birth
see them live a life
of great worth
so I have to set
that environmet
that will never
an environment they
will call home.

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The Blind Man

He was a blind man on the wrong side of the road,
He wanted to cross and go back to his home,
But every time he tried,
His heart skipped a beat and he went backwards.

He spent two days and nights on the cold ground,
He prayed to his God, to give him some courage,
to cross the road ,and go back to his darling

He stretched out his hand so that anyone,
can hold him tight and lead him the way.

But no one did,
No one cared,
No one even dared to look at him.

Why has every one turned against each other,
We should help the needy,we should cure the sick
We should try and make this a better world for everyone to live in

Imagine our world,Imagine his world
imagine everyone helping each other,
A kind world, a loving world 
A perfect world that everyone can live in.

So when you see an old man on the wrong side of the road,
He could be your old man standing their alone.
Give him a coin , change his world,
Help him cross the road to a better world.

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My New Years Eve

My New Years Eve,
I drank and i danced.
I smiled and laughed.
Had so much fun,
Had a blast.
With my family,
How i wished it would last.
Celebrateing new starts,
And new begingings,
As time had past.
My New Years Eve,
Started out great.
O how i love to celebrate.
Out with the old.
In with the new.
The ball fell.
Hats flew.
With glasses up,
Happy New Years to you too!!

Written by;
Gloria perez-barkaszi
2014,jan 9

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Midlife Crisis, or so they say
They call it this when grown men play

They buy shiny cars and fly in planes
They chase young women to dull their pangs

They hang in packs and tell their lies
And find no truth in empty eyes

They take great voyages to find the truth
Yet no one gets wet in the fountain of youth

They color hair and wrinkle not
But time comes forth, although not sought

And Time, my friend, is an unbeaten foe
Rolling you over in its under-toe

The battle lost, they bow their heads
Father time sets the hour glass next to their beds

And in the end , they remember this
That time well spent is time of bliss

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I love my Mousey,
She lives in a field in BrushCreek, Tennessee,
Walking with her her of cattle,
As happy as she will ever be.

Without this there would be only she,
And i could make her as happy as me,

I miss her immensly, for thee i wish well,
For everyday i wish she wont sell, 
And I could show her in the Dekalb County Fair,
I would sell never an ounce of her.
Hehe not even one of her little white hairs.

Even when all the way over there,
Mine she is for no one but me to share, if I do so happen to dare.

Cute as a button,
A button her nose may well be,
Where I first touched her sweet little body,
Not once but twice sweetly,
For wherever she goes I could spot her, along with her sister and mother.

Many a mile away, for she is not at all,
Not at all what you would say a little grayish thing.

But a heifer who grows daily,
Only to shove the motherly tears away.
In my eyes though, she will always be, forever and always, my baby girl, my sweetie,
my beautiful girl, my Mousey

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The length and Breath of Time

The Length and Breath of Time

Yes, you linger so succinct my fellow of graying hue;
Like a ember coal is you as you fumble for a cigarette;
Eyes burning down to the filter; the very best of your
Soul is unbound with time, but you lie unaware in longing and regret. How shall we entrain
you? We who seek your solace, your collar stayed conformity to watch it fade and falter.
You stand upon the altar of time with folly pinching your
Belongings – how dare the Jester diminish the gifts he gave you?
A home, a shell of leather on your feet, a small itching on the back of time that all is
filtered through sublime; breathe it in my friend. It is coming to an end.
There’s a furnace deep within you where all acts do
linger fueled bright.
You stoke it day and night, yet no fire lights the
Architecture of the soul’s encasement, for it is billeted elsewhere, beyond the realm your
secrets have devised.
This should come as no surprise,
You can quench the fire, and scatter through the ashes
But find no answers there,
Another day,
Another week,
Another year…
Pull back that iron door,
Bite your tongue and curse the darkness
To light that flame once more…

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All Alone, 11-19-09

Mommy, I know I left you here.

Ring ring went the phone,

Little did we know never again would I answer

Ring ring went the phone.


I was eating breakfast when

Open slammed the door,

That morning how strongly I would have denied

I would end up on the floor.


I tried to scream, Mom, I really did.

But he had me. . .

He used my garden tools to beat me.

He had me.


Those tools used to bring me so much joy,

But his purpose was to aid him.

I had loved greeting visitors with garden so green

It's not the tools' fault though, I don't blame them.


I shielded my face with my hand,

But soon that was broken. . .

The simple trowel was my doom,

All too soon, my face shattered and broken. . .


There was blood everywhere;

Mom I was so scared.

To stop fighting though,

I never dare.


The sleek black laptop I had

Been given for Christmas

Which held all of my

Favorite pictures of us,


With it and my purse,

He ran away,

Not knowing I wouldn't

Be here today.


The white-washed walls

Of the hospital room

Only all too well reminded

Me of Amontillado's tomb.


I left you in the hospital

Though.  All alone. . .

They caught him, have comfort,

Even if you're alone.


I'm sorry Mommy,

I didn't want to go. . .

But who ever gets a choice?

I had to go.


How little did we know, that

One day, ring ring,

Never again would I answer

That phone, ring ring.

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In Your Eyes

 I looked into your eyes . Saw your pain .
It was no surprise . I knew what you’d been through…

I saw you cut, Blood on the floor .
Life passing you by, Your now a shell of you.

He took it away . Bit at a time . Even came back for more…
That man of no use, Who stole your youth .

How did it happen, When did it begin .
Lost in a world, Of times and dates…
Where, when and why me you asked ?

Nobody knew, Not even you, Too young to remember.
What he took , Was it real . The monsters hurt .
You try so hard, Too young to understand.

They sent you away, They never knew…
You begged to stay, They didn’t listen.
Nobody believed, What you tried to say .

To be hurt by so many, Didn’t make sense .
Your youth was gone, He stole it from you .
You done nothing wrong .

He took your youth . Don’t let him win.
 He took away your child hood . Left you in fear…

Don’t give him your adulthood too.
Open your eyes and see 

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Happy anniversary.

On this date,we both celebrate!
when our paths came together!
I met my mate over broth filled plate!
then felt daft!when the soup trickled over!
we both broke out in laughter!
as you tidied up my chin!
Will you be my pal forever?
Master and mistress in everything?

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I remember living in one room dingy and dire 
with old lino on its rotting wooden floor. 
I remember crystallised spit dangling from guard at the fire; 
as mother cleaned, he'd only honk the more.  

I recall how we went hungry, waiting for the paltry sum 
he allowed us for board and keep, the cheap fink, 
and how he served apprenticeship to becoming a true bum 
by treating as priorities his fags and drink.  

I remember all the rows he caused demanding back the cash 
which was supposed to feed and clothe his we’ans
I remember every Christmas morn' the gifts received were trash 
because he'd pissed the present-money down the drain.  

I recall one awful night my mother hunting high and low 
with a hungry bedraggled child on either hand, 
she finally catching that boozy stinker sate in the Dungloe. 
How he fumed, outraged that food she dared demand.  

I remember his begrudgement of those sparse few days away– 
one hour upon the beach or at the fair: 
how just when we were relaxing would be dragged from play. 
Homeward-bound: him the ‘bookies', us despair.  

I remember trudging up to Creggan to the ‘Housing Place' 
every week with mother and sister, come rain or hail, 
and how that worthless, selfish, monster did not even have the grace 
to commend her dedication, instead railed.  

I can picture his expression when she got herself a job, 
determined not to lose her new clean home. 
I remember his wild tantrums when she'd saved up for a hob– 
the delivery man was perplexed at oral foam.  

I remember those miserable times as if they were today, 
how he made odd help with homework living hell– 
so that now a friend's assistance, however gracefully 
put, grates my tortured psyche so much I cannot tell.  

When we started working, my sister dear and I, 
it seemed for him a licence to give less. 
Many weeks he'd keep house-money and, as the months went by, 
we discovered he'd drunk the rent; that was a mess.  

So now sot has retired, and it seems his mind has gone– 
for he's telling all how great he was those years: 
he built house on the prairie. He was such a con: 
the only thing he constructed was a legacy of fear.

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Baseball life?

What does it take to step up to the plate?
Every time there is a mistake

Life seems unfair at times and you get out
Other times "HOMERUN" is just shy of foul

Family and friends are your team
Communtication and practice prevent your defeat

Without it you make mistakes and get tagged out
or cause an ERA and begin to doubt

So when it happens that final day
when its bases loaded, two outs and your up to the plate

3 balls 2 strikes and your down by 3
You decide how its going to be

Sure, in the end it doesn't matter who wins or loses
The decisions in life always leaves its bruises

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The land of my birth

I left you long ago for a place unknown
Every time I remember how it used to be
My heart is always flooded with memories

It was not always about the running water, electricity or the good roads
It was simply about the rich abiding love that people shared with others
If I did not show up at church, somebody stopped by to check that I was okay
If they did not turn up at a place, it was my duty to be certain that everything was alright

Neighbors were family friends not just people you waved to
Deeds were done not for a fee but out of love and that was the way we rolled
I became a mother for the first time in a strange land, I could not be more lonely
Husband had to go to school, I had no one to turn to

I called my Mama, thousands of miles in Africa, I wept and wept
All she could say was, "baby you can do it"  you go on and be blessed
It was tough, it was hard but I made it
If I did not know God in a personal way, I might have lost it

I miss you Oh land of my birth every now and then
The laughter, the pure joy, the unfailing love I shared with others
The help of others that was always at hand
Everyone looking for what they could give not what they could get 

Though you have your share of woes but you are still the land of my birth
Though you are still developing as a nation, you have qualities that can not be compared
I have found a home in this place, it is no longer strange
I have been blessed with a family and friends that do care

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No comprehension

Is it me? Or do I just not comprehend? When I do comprehend you look at me crazy, when I do not comprehend you look at me like, “you’re just proving us right.” Or is it that you don’t want to comprehend on purpose? Because when they don’t comprehend with you, you kind of feel crazy then you think let me just go along with it because it is not worth it for you to get ignorant with a person who has already achieved that goal. My definition of no comprehension is not listening to one who speaks carefully or not paying attention. To all of you who do not comprehend LISTEN TO A PERSON FOR WHOM THEY ARE ON THE INSIDE, AND NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE ON THE OUTSIDE. 

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A Pact With A Demon

A Pact With A Demon

The day your released

Will be the day you die

The day I was born

Will be the day you die

This is the pact we made

This pact is what binds us forever

You can't live with this guilt

I only wanted 6 years

Your next birthday will be your last

Thank you

You thank the one who will kill you

Yes for you are the only one who knows the truth

I am the one who feel in love with you

And you are the one who will kill me

What of your family? what of your life?

I only needed 6 more years 

I have reminded you three week after your birthday that I would  be the one to kill you and yet you never fluttered

Why flutter when I accepted my punishment? I know the pain I have caused.It should have been me in that casket six feet under and yet it was another

You know this new death will cause pain and the you will be the one know to have harbored the murder of thousands.

Time tell all of it truth if I am to plan this role then may all those hurt come for me.

You are really mature for someone so young would you had taken yourself so young 

I would have no heart nor soul

We have now accepted our roles in life when the time grows near will you

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The Widower

Brittle bones crackle through the hall,
as I slowly trudge to an empty bed.
Outside my window dies a barren Fall,
and what survives but my Winter dread?

Slipping into the bitter-chilled covers?
shrinking beneath ‘til I’m cloaked blind.?
Despising the demons who steal our lovers?
like feckless butchers of the conscious mind.??

Death stares me in my jealous eyes,
withholds from me his seductive knife.
Does he not hear my bitter cries?
Why plague me with abandoned life??

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When I was growing UP!

When I was growing up I WAS a ninja turtle
When I was growing up my cry could make blood curdle

When I was growing up I loved race cars
When I was growing up I believed in Star Wars

When I was growing up I played with toys
When I was growing up I kicked it with the boys

When I was growing up girls had cuddies
When I was growing up my fights were beauties 

When I was growing up I made a big mess
When I was growing up I cheated on my tests

When I was growing up parents were mean
When I was growing up I was never very clean

When I was growing up I did crazy things
When I was growing up I wanted wings

When I was growing up I colored in the lines
When I was growing up I destroyed the blinds

When I grew up I realized it was fun
Now I apologize for what I have done!  

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Warm and cuddly reads the tag of a cat
A glowing eyed panther in an unpredictable area
His curiousity and prayers  guide him  
A soldier of fortune is the cat called Kitty

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Where do you hide? 
Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Please , come to me! 

He explores wherever he can. 
A coat of fur and sharp claws are his protection
There are other cats around out there and they 
are very territoria indeed as are the big birds 

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Where are you now? 
Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Please, come home!

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Ballad of Trinidad: Part 2

  Me Faddah, he like de ole talk,
    De ghost of Jumbie Bridge in he head:
 "Murder!" He laugh at all dem Trinis
    And how dey all "fraid de dead!" 
  In Big Bertha clad from Trinidad

  He tink of tings back home like
    When de plum and de mango ripe:
 "Jeez-an-wrinkles!" He bol' face say
    How "Crapo smoke yuh pipe!"
  God bless my dad from Trinidad

  He steups so and he say "boy,
    Trinidad full of ba'john and ole tief!
  Riddled wit crime and corruption...
    Warahouns in charge, Good Grief!" 
  And for all dis I sad for Trinidad

  Me Muddah too, she say to me
   "Hold strain and calm yuhself chile!"
  She say "son, doh be a saga boy,
    Doh flash and doh make style" 
  Lest you be a cad from Trinidad

  Man, de whole place gone to hell
    And dey doh know how to fix she:
  All de younger generation fuhget 
    What it mean to be a Trini -
  To be proud and glad in Trinidad

  Now dey pull out cutlass and gun
    If on dey tail yuh lash out and cuff!
  Man, dese days no-one safe at all,
    Trinis fed-up and had enough!
  How tings get so mad in Trinidad

  All yuh in T 'n T so blasted vex
    At de government and Manning:
  But in trute yuh still like to fete
    And drink and lime and ting!
  Den bawl bobbol bad in Trinidad

  It jus like back in de Canboulay
    When de lawless slaves run wild,
  Or in de dark days of rebellion
    And uprisin when I was a child,
  When tings went rad in Trinidad

  A pelau or buljol in yuh mout -
    Sorrel, a mauby, me ginger beers;
  Gimme pastelle and ponchecrema
    From Christmas to Ole Years!
  Dis is de taste I had of Trinidad

  De Spanish come, de French too;
    Boy, de British dey bring a queen:
  Dat was way back when dis island
    Was de jewel of de Caribbean -
  Before I was a wee lad in Trinidad

January 2009

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I'm a Biker

I have brothers and sisters
Not by blood, by an unspoken bond
Some wear leather some wear lace
We all ride our bikes to and fro

We are a community within a community
We know what one is thinking just by a look
Based on Respect ,mutual trust
We live, love and laugh just like you

We ride the twisted, curvy roads
Wind in our face, no destination
Sound of our engine, appreciating nature
The smell of the grasslands

We're like the indians
With our own reservation
We're like cowboys, who ride a horse
Ours is a steel horse

We protect each other
And will help out anyone
Funds are raised, toys for tots
Breast cancer awarness
A family who just lost a loved one

I'm the sister who saved your daughters life
I'm the brother who protected your son
I'm a mother a father, a daughter a son
A sister a brother, an aunt an uncle

We love the same as you and yours
Our family is bigger, the ties run deep
So next time you see us, remember this
One of us might be the one to save your life

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So Little Time

If I had known how much I would
Have missed her  when she left,
I would have thought of deaths embrace
As robbery or theft.

If I had known how much I would 
Have missed her when she died,
I would have prayed dear Jesus please
Take me, but I just cried.


She died so very suddenly
We did not have much time,
Though from the very day we met 
I knew she would be mine.

I loved her yes with all my heart
I prayed for her in life,
I prayed each day she would be blessed
I prayed she'd be my wife.

So lovely,tender,pure and free
I treasured all her love
She stored up for only me
This lady, was my dove.

Now I am left to wonder God.
Now I am left to pine.
Why did she die first Lord
Now when will come my time.

For fifty years in marriage 
Our hearts did intertwine.
She now has left to meet you God.
So very little time.

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My First Son

You just came into this world cold and bleak of your father/ 
But you made my life mean even more ever since your sister my baby daughter/ 
You make life upon soul as a man out in the desert that needs water/ 
I'm a full-time daddy now so there is no room for my mistekes to let me faulter/
I know I ain't the best daddy in the world son but I will do my best 
I know alcohol can bring me down but son you just being born makes me want out this mess/
 I want something better for you than me when you are ready to leave daddy's little nest/
 I sometimes just sit here and watch your sweet little stomach go up and down with every breath/
You are so innocent and I am so guilty of being a sinner/ 
I'm working on being a saint but how can I when all I do is let alchol be my only winner/
 My addiction gets thicker as my liver and kidney's continue to get thinner/ 
I just want to be able to support you son with clothing, a home and an every night dinner/
I love you son, I really do/ 
So I must help myself past these self-made lies and do what is right and true/ 
I'm still an alcoholic and addict in a crazy rez life game where I always seem to lose/
 But with your birth I can start anew/ 
I got big time father responsibilities now to where it will forever affect the choices that I choose/
You my first and only son/ 
As of now your my only one/ 
I look forward to our times of hardship and the times when we have fun/ 
I was at a slow walking pace but because of your birth it got my mind on the run/
 In LOVE you NOW and FOREVER because your My First Son. 

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RIP My Brother

Today marks seven years you had to go. 
Your journey here was a tough tow. 
To better things the other side. 
You've left me feeling really lost. 
But the memories are never tossed. 
Even though you're in a better place. 
That don't stop the tears rolling down my face. 
You were my buddy, my pal, my friend. 
Most of all you were my brother that held my hand. 
RIP I love you always!

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Life is like a maypole

Life is you and me

holding hands

while the earth go's around 

each of us you see.

life is like a maypole

if we are strong at heart

with family or friends

we always stick together 

until the very end.

life is like a maypole

a simple smile will do

to get each of us through.

life is you and me

no matter what your problem is

don't let go,

just go with God flow-- because

life is like a maypole

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Heavenly Journey

For God has guided you into his Heavenly Kingdom, 
for it is his promise to all that Believe. 
And so your journey has begun! 
And Jesus will hold you in his Everlasting Loving arms.

Poet: John J Myers
Copyright ©2013 John J Myers

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The Last Voyage


Like a straw man,
Hunted by gusts of wind
(in order to outrun death),
I am returning to the valley of my childhood;
To see the old home one last time,
To see the old walnut tree one last time,
under which my mother used to read
Mark Twain's wonderful stories to me.
Nothing is the same anymore, everyone is dead,
Apart from memories and the old walnut tree;
Its old, trembling, bare branches
are impatiently waiting
to hug me one last time.

When destiny leaves you alone in the dark;
When your mother and father leave you early,
all you have left are dreams,
Yes, my friend, life rolls along the road of dreams,
And each dream is finished soon;

Just one more time,
I'd like to touch the coarse face of the old walnut tree,
To find a long lost tear
below its tired feet.
When I started on this long voyage,
The night was bright, and our beautiful walnut tree cried,
Yes, my friend, trees can cry too;
Just one more time,
I'd like to touch the old walnut tree,
To cling my face against my old friend's face,
Like a beloved son,
To hear the happy voices of my mother and father;
When your memories fade, drop down to your knees
To feel how the earth loves,
So your memories can find their sacred sanctuary.
When they want to kill your memories, hoist your flag of dreams
And keep on marching your way, like a noble soldier of freedom,
Because few are the poets who are honored
To finish their voyage
In the place they were born.

©Walter William Safar

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Fantasy is beautiful
but  view is more beautiful
The eyes stormed with tears 
in my heart I am waiting forever 
a flower of word 
twilight fragrance 
evening felt 
morning struggle
foliage voice 
waving stain 
cold sun 
reveal the pulse 
in here I understand 
from my sacred heart

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I in search for treasure

wander night and day ,in search for a unique border

where night and day meet ,

and part their separate ways .

there time ceases to exist

where the dreams of the skies meet

with the nightmares of seas

there the waves grow sweet.

day is born new & fresh each day

again and again .

there i shall find my youth

day after day,

and like the sun

i shall bring some light to my people .

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Ashley Had a Small Goat
Oh, Ashley had a Small goat,
Small goat, Small goat,
Ashley had a Small goat,
And he had a coat of white

He followed her to school one day,
School one day, school one day,
He followed her to school one day,
And drank a some water.

 Oh, once he ate a spinach can, 
Spinach can, spinach can, 
once he ate a spinach can, 
Also a line of clothes.

The clothes can do no harm inside, 
Harm inside, harm inside, 
the clothes can do no harm inside, 
But oh! The spinach can!

 The can was filled with achemical,
chemical , chemical chemical,
The can was filled with a chemical,
Which the goat  thought was food

He rubbed against poor Ashley's chin,
Ashley's chin, Ashley's chin,
He rubbed against poor Ashley's chin,
His deep distress to ease.

There was a flash of girl and goat,
Girl and goat, girl and goat
There was a flash of girl and goat
And they were seen no more..

Ashley's soul to Heaven went,
Heaven went, Heaven went,
Ashley's soul to Heaven went,
And Mr. Goat went there too.

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romantic christmas

christmas is about sharing,giving, and happiness,
but it also about relationships,
and love!

I can\'t wait to spend Christmas with you,
dancing all night,
and when out side alone with ur hands wraped around mine,
we will kiss, the snow will start to fall, 
and you will look in my eyes and say \' i love you\' .    

Like i said,  Christmas is a time for caring, sharing and joy 
But Christmas is also a time for relationships and love, even if you spend it with 
just your friend!

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Small Town Big People

I look in the mirror and see the years gone
I can look beyond the glass out the window
To the yards of my childhood
I can smell the flowers and feel the grass ‘neath my feet. 
I can hear the music blasting on the radio
Mama callin’ me for supper.  

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

The town is small and so are the events
You’re everyone’s business 
You can get a break and can’t get away
You don’t even have a say
You go to and from and people protest
And those same people will still put you to the test

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I made it to the big town K.C, 
Got myself a husband and a son and a place to live
Settled in and made a life, got a career
I swear I’ll never return to my best friend
Comfortable where I stand, 
Happy where I am 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

Well times are hard,
And people are ruthless in this cut throat time
Jobs are scarce and bills run high
You never know what you’ll hear at night
The people are small in this big town
Yeah people are small in this big town

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I guess the town is small
Just good ol’ boys and girls havin’ fun
Small place, small town, small world
People may talk and people may watch
But the biggest thing in that small town
Are the people after all. 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

-Heather Birdwell 9/22/2009

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September 11th

Today’s the day
When it all went down.
The pain and sorrow,
And the worlds big frown.
It shouldn’t have happened,
All those innocent people,
Who had to be there,
Now have God as their keeper.
It wasn’t their time to go.
I feel horrible for their families.
I just want to ask you,
 To pray for them please.
The terrorists that did this
Will get what they deserve.
They’ll get Satan’s kiss!
They must be heartless
To even think of this!
There are people to thank
Like the firemen and cops,
And a lot of people gave blood.
Even if it was just drops.
When the towers got hit,
The world thought it was an accident.
No one would’ve guessed
That it was really terrorists.
So don’t forget this day.
Its part of our painful history.
It’ll be in the books.
But why it happened,
Will always be a mystery.

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If My Pen Had More Ink

If my pen had more ink
I wouldn’t think of you as much
I would write all my thoughts for my tears to touch
If my pen had more ink
I could write about your smiles
And watch the paper run on for miles
If my pen had more ink
I would write about your voice
Forcing me to listen, leaving me no choice
If my pen had more ink
I would send letters to heaven
Asking why he chose the age of seven
If my pen had more ink
I would ask who and why
Who likes to see a lonely father cry
If my pen had more ink
I could write away my sorrows
Then maybe, just maybe, I would want to see tomorrow.

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Young Soldier

I was a boy not quit seventeen,
I enlisted when I was sixteen…

Wanting to serve my country…

I had no family it was just 
my sister and me…

My mother had died, when
 I was very young, new family
 adopted me…

My sister was also adopted,
 by another family…

As you can see, it was just
 my sister and me…

It wasn’t long before my adopted
 family, first my new father died 
then my new mother, followed him…

She missed him so much, for
 she had a broken heart,
 that wouldn’t mend …

I went to war as a little boy,
 came home a man…

As you see I was just sixteen…

The time was at “Chaute Thierry”,
doing world war one…

As a young man I thought we won… 

Standing behind a cannon as 
it was fired, shell casing discharging 
from the breach, sent hot shrapnel 
and pain into my foot… 

Sent me to hospital where I
 laid in pain, until they treated me, 
sent me home, with crippled foot, 
shrapnel of imbedded in my foot, 
as well as the pain in my foot…

I’ve never been able NOT to work,
 even though I have shrapnel
 in my foot, walk with a limp, and 
have pain in my foot everyday…

Now you can see, that it didn’t
keep me from work…

Though I was wounded during
 war, no purple heart was given
 this boy a young soldier…

Wasn’t until my son wrote our
 Congressman, explaining what had
 happen, and what hadn’t been done…

Took over fifty years, but I got my
 purple heart, thanks to my son for 
what he done…

I would have gone to my grave,
 for I wouldn’t have said anything,
 as I hadn’t for years, for I thought it
 was their job, to recognize what I
 had done…

My family was proud, of what I’d
done, but I feel, that they were more 
proud of me now…

Only told my story a few times,
 mostly to a few close friends, and my
 children, for it was part of history…

Now you know my story, the young 
soldier, just boy…

By Sandra L. Hoban

This poem was written and dedicated to my father who served as an infantry soldier during World War I. This is also dedicated to all those who have served our country and was wounded or lost there life while serving, not just World War I but all wars, conflicts and military police actions.

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A Travelers Tale

It’s been so long
Since I’ve been home
Many a year
I’ve been on the roam
As the years turned to days
Days turned to years
Time is an hourglass
Showing ones deepest fears
As I sit here
In this barroom 
Smoking a cigarette
Leave I must soon
Following that, I must check out
Of the mediocre hotel room
Though my mind clearly sees
Visions of joy from the past
This hotel bill
Will surely by the last
Always ladies
Night keep me warm
Even through the most
Furious storms
Make my way
Home once at last
Not yet young son
This old man’s not done
Please don’t leave this bar
For this story hasn’t ended
Oh no thus far
All my life I have desired
Some sort of reckoning
For my sins
Now I’ve finally realized
I must go see my kin
And a new life I may
Finally begin
But son please listen
Realize you shall
As you grow old
Happiness not be bought
With any amount of gold
Happiness lies
Within your very heart
You alone
Hopefully shall start
Having your very own dreams
Even though they may seem
Unachievable, son
 You’ve just got to believe
For without dreams of your own
You shall bitterly become
Full of hatred and greed
Dreams are not money
They are actions you make
Dreams do not happen
When you are asleep
They come to you
When you’re beginning on your feet
But you must be careful
For come people are amused by
Actions of deceit
For one who uses trickery
Are not as lucky as you
They are to ashamed of themselves
And their life is hell
They are weak
You are strong
Envy they of you
And in society they just don’t belong
Don’t think I have sided
With the pitiful and weak
On their behalf
I only speak
Oh, son, I have seen
More than any old king
I’m even friends
With Mr. BB king
But never have I
Been so satisfied
Than when I told this story
And you looked me in the eye
Not many have been
All the places I’ve seen
This all was my very
Very first dream
I must be going now
But before I do
Bartender, 2 shots of José
We must make a mighty salute
For on your future young son
We must drink

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Christened as averred one Harriet Kuritsky on November 13th nineteen thirty five
     the youngest of four with only one brother
     whose exit from this world from a terminal illness she did not survive! 

The following emotions communicating heartfelt grief
practically vanquished as like my existence turned a new leaf!
A recurring abysmal grief stricken state
still consumes my entire being of late
these perpetual tears of sadness seem not to a-bate
since the grim reaper brandished scythe
     signature sign of a deadlocked fate!
Twas about 11:00 a.m. 2005 that third of May
     that our dearly beloved mother
     fought tooth and nail to keep death at bay 
(recounted by sisters who elected to remain on vigil that day)
nonetheless rigor mortis upper hand
     brought a (supposed) painless and swift death
     to her diseased and emaciated riddled body  gone lifeless and ashen gray!
This only heir still misses his mom more than plaintive words can spell
with his agonizingly pained heart and soul  that rents asunder this psyche pell-mell
no amount of weeping can quiet and quell!
Cathartic for me to give you a posthumous ode
conveyed in an easy to read poetic code
to accept finality & permanent loss only retrievable from nostalgic memories
     identified as that childhood home and favorite abode! 
Her cremated ashes still remain sealed in the same nondescript box
     white, powdery and chalk like material
     devoid of any vestigial semblance to her once living and vibrant self
     that unique persona pulverized and vaporized
     (housed former svelte and tall Arthur Murray ball-room dance teacher 
     a half century plus prior to demise
     which beauty, charm and grace quickly caught the attention of my father
     who courted and eventually proposed to this young flirt and tease of a gal)
     inert organic matter now represents sole residual embodiment 
     reduced to dust and near nothingness
     former corporeal being of blood, bone and flesh 
     weighing no more than a dozen hatch marks on the scale
     absence still bears down heavy like some millstone round the neck
     per  the black hole void created by defeat with Grim Reaper
     toward this woman who helped birth and nurse me into manhood
     momma’s only grown son still feels ripples of grievous sadness
     no matter the years of suppressed anger and rage
     in addition to emotional conflicts between us 
     which invariably wrought unpleasant relationship
     and a legacy of discord writ large across the tapestry of my life!

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A Proud Marine

A majestic Marine
Who was always was there
No other human being
Could possibly compare

No possible word
Could ever truly describe
For every mention of his name
My heart and eyes fill with pride

He was a United States Marine
Illustrious and respected
Yet he demanded none
He was always there
To protect his dear grandson

The last few years
Were Oh so agonizing to see
To watch a hero that once stood so strong
As solid as a tree

Crumble into a powerless
Helpless man
Yet he fought
As if on the shores of Japan

No matter how steep the slope
He never lost hope
It’s been 
Two years and seven days
Since he passed in the fight
The only thing he would have said
Was "it’ll be all right"

Never was there a man
More worthy of the stars
He even had
A few battle scars

He fought at  Iwo Jima 
And Guadalcanal
And received the Purple Heart
On the island of  Guam

He held so much respect
For the soldiers of foot
That his own role
He overlooked

When we converse
My parents hold true retention
The day I was born
Daddy Joe began to spoil me with attention
They said his heart
Was in another dimension

The most excruciating pain
I have ever known
Was watching my strong Marine
Whittle away to the bone

No possible word in diction
Could ever possibly explain
The gratitude I feel, to have
His blood in my veins

I love you Daddy Joe
Semper Fidelis

Written in loving memory and tribute to my grandfather Joel Allen Harris 


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I am

I am flesh and blood
My spirit lives in many
I live in this world
In your heart and soul is where
                 My spirit lives
You are a part of me
                 As you can see
I am never without you
                 So forget me not
I surround you in spirit
                 Where ever you may be

       -Family and Friends-

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My Precious Sister 1992 - 1994

The year was 1994 and it is now 2005
Time has passed and continues to pass!
I can still see her lying in the hospital
I can still see her sweet face
Even though it was drained from the pain
And of course the tears she cried!
I can still see the drips through her nose
I can still see the anguish in her eyes
I can still see the beating of her heart as it races with sadness and regret!
I can still hear the doctors talking though I don’t know what they are saying
Talk, Talk, Talk that’s all I hear
Yes, my precious sister is still fresh in my mind.

Jade, precious is what you are
You are never far away from my heart
I keep you close, ever so close
You are my precious sister and I love you!

My eyes are filled with green, showing my envy
My heart is filled with black, showing my lament
Why lament? 
A state, which we should envy?
Yes because precious you were and precious you are
My precious sister!

In my heart and mind you are
Day in and day out!
I long to talk to you and
Tell you that I love you and
Tell you that you are my precious sister

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Young in Love Again--- SONG 2

Every time I breath,
	I feel your arms around me;
     Holdin’ on so tight, that it makes it almost impossible to see.
The stars are dancing their own little dance, as we hear the drums
		Pounding in our ears.

I remember we were running through the trees,
Trying to reach the top,
Giggling and screaming at the top of our little lungs,
I wish we could go back and be
Young in Love Again.

I flash back to us growing up,
Catching each other in long silent glances,
With the same little question bugging me and you.
But then there was your girl; 
And she adored you, then I was always blue.

I remember sitting alone writing in my book,
Watching you stand there cuddling her,
With me longingly looking, dreaming I could be her and 
I kept wishing that we could go back to being
Young in Love Again.

Then there was the day,
	That long awaited day.
You had left her for me,
   And in sweet ecstasy, you kissed me.

I remember everything falling into place,
Walking down the aisle to you,
Standing there in black and blue;
Our dreams were finally coming true 
And we were no longer wishing to go back ‘cause
We were Young in Love.

But then things changed. . .
	One little change, we didn’t expect it to come.
        It was the letter sent for you to go.
		And in my head,
	Was all the bad, wondering if our precious little one would survive,
			From all my pain
				From this one good-bye. . .

And I remember going back to all the good,
Breathing out the bad,
Trying to forget the truth, that you had to go;
And we were praying together, 
That we could go back to being
Young in Love Again.

And I remember. . .
	And you remember. . .
        So we remember. . .
		And we pray. . .
				That if we meet again in another place. . .
We will be
	Young in Love Again.

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An American Soldier

you gave me light, you gave me life in the American eyes, I represent my colors, i never swallow my pride, you gave me strength and a mind to remember myself, if i fight for my country, will i burn in hell, i have my gun in my holster, it will never be over, cause in the eyes of my family, i will remain a soldier, iam strong iam willing, thoughtful, and forgiving, it hurts to see your face so i use my feelings for healing, heal my woons along with my soul, i live in a world of enemies, gunshots, and terrorists that explode, i live in dream of happiness, and a family that knows ill be coming home, until then i will hide underground, ready for war in the dirt below, this is my life and the defeat i have chosen, i will keep your love in a heart that remains broken, and long lost memories that have been stolen, in my life this pattern of living has caused an explosion, TO AN AMERICAN SOLDIER RESPECT IS WHAT IT MEANS,  

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Another Year with Time ~Birthday~

A year's the happiest of mothers,
flowered with fertility,
for never shall there be another
more endowed than she.

Despite her plentiful descendants,
time has never left her side.
He happily remained attendant
even when I cried.

How fortunate, that pair of lovers
bound by such a wondrous fate!--
though in their love, I had discovered
that they blessed my date,

for in their love, they set in stone
my birth, and let it now be known,
oh earth!--that I was made this day,
and that I never can repay

the gift they've given me.

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Sometimes when our blessings
Are very close and near.
We decide to “throw in the towel”,
As if God’s voice, we did not hear.
Sometimes we are not far from,
That answer that we had so long sought.
And we wind up turning around,
After a good fight we have fought.
Sometimes our blessings are really,
Just in front of us, slightly.
And while in warfare if we are not careful,
We will lose that blessing, most likely.
A lot of times we have our minds detoured
By obstacles that get in our way.
And they will cause us much time wasted
If not at all seeing that day
A lack of faith, a lack of character,
These are just a couple by name.
Being too timid, lack of boldness,
These two serve just the same.
For us to have ran this race,
That really has already been won.
It would not bring any glory to the Master,
To “ALMOST” have it done.

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Just Beyond
Boles of Cotton-Fields
Rosethorn ... Where A Few Folks
Stick Together - For Good, For Real

Rosethorn:  Famous For Its First Family's
Annual Ball & Bar-B-Que Grills ...
But Where Most, Barely Make A Living
... Paying Over-Dues and Bills

Rosethorn ... Over The Viaduct-Tracks
As Trains' Warning-Whistles Shrill
& Distant Echoes of The Drummers of
Rosethorn High School Marching Drills

And Hear The Poignant, Clear Call
of Owls & Crickets & Whipporwills
Just Outside of Rosethorn's Many
Worn-Down, Yet Open Window-Sills ...

O' Throw A Kiss On The Wind
Wherever You Find - You Are ...
and I Will Catch It Quickly ...
Beneath The Biggest & Brightest Star

Rosethorn ... Where Your Hidden Waterfall
& Memories - Froth & Spill
Where There's Hunting Frozen-Footprints
Thru The Woods In Winter's Chill

Rosethorn ... Your Abandoned Drive-Inn Screen
Cast Fallen Shadows On Movie-Reels
- Is Now A Vacant & De-Valued Lot ...
Where Teens Had Parked For Thrills

Rosethorn ... Just Below Those Sloping
Far-Away, Hometown Hills
Just Past The Steel Yard's Welding
and Sawdust Lumbermill ...

Amid Rosethorn's Namesake Flowers
And Transported Blue Jonquils
and Ropes ... That Hanged A Man ...
That They Said Raped Women & Serial-Killed

Rosethorn ... Where The News Station
Is The Local Cafe & Bar
and Overated, Glowing Personals
and Reviews In Its 'Telegraph-Star'

Rosethorn ... Once Rised On Blossom-Way
A Place Where Dreams Could Rebuild
But Now, Its Just A Stem-Cell-Site
The Young - Cool Their Jets ... Until ...

Rosethorn ... Is The Last Resort
But First Route To Remember How It Feels
To Travel Thru A Space In Time ...
As A Prickly-Pose, Stands Still ...

O' Look Up To The Night Sky
Wherever You Find - You Are
and I Will Be Watching & Wishing
On That Same Big & Bright Star ...

As You Keep Rosethorn In Your Heart's Horizon
... and Rear-View Mirror of Your Car ...
and Dried Between The Pages of Your Mind
... Wherever You Find - You Are ...

                   Quilled & Copyrighted ©:  5/6/2014
                           by:  MoonBee  Canady

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Nobodys Child But mine

Nobody’s child but mine, He wasn’t wanted, Except by me
He was born so strong, Should have been two, Oh what a joy
This child of mine, Ten tiny fingers , Ten tiny toes too, That child of

He warmed my heart from that moment on, That child of mine .
I lost his dad, He didn’t want to know, That child of mine .

He was sick , Born that way, That child of mine .
Smiles and laughter that lit up a room, That child of mine .
Many a worry, That sick child of mine, Yet so eager to please. 
A loving child..

Full of smiles, Laughter too, He was left with his tiny new brother .
That child of mine, New dad and all, He was so pleased .
So proud of his new baby brother. That child of mine.
I just never knew, Thought he was safe that child of mine .
How he snapped , His new dad At that child of mine .

My joyful night, Became a mothers worst fear..
That poor child of mine, He couldn’t breathe, New dad didn’t cope.

Love was blind, This I knew, Now I’m ashamed, I should have knew.
He was only three, Battered and bruised, That poor child of mine .
From top to toe, Look what he’d done to that child of mine .

I know I should have let go, Be seen and heard for that child of mine..
I was so young with two kids in tow, How would I cope, I did not know.

To young and afraid of being alone, I should have known .

That child of mine, In sorry now, Was so naïve, It should have been done.
I should have let him go, For that child of mine I loved so .

Never again will I be afraid, Scared and unsure for any child of mine .
Their just no excuse, He was only three, That poor child of mine .
I was his mum, Should have known, What had to be done .
I should have spoke out, And not been afraid .
For that child of mine, I was his mum .

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Blondie was the next door girl,
with a sexy body that made men go wild,
and like them, I fell in love without guilt inside;
I had fun...not worrying about Hell.

Blondie was looking for her sugar daddy,
saying that wasn't wrong accepting money,
gifts, clothes, expensive cars and jewelry!
Blondie, pretty Blondie, with no ethics:
why did you do that to yourself?
Was all that a replacement for your dad?
You certainly had the looks of models,
and that didn't mean hope was dead!
Blondie, pretty Blondie, you sneered and laughed!

There's was a retired veteran down the block,
you volunteered to do errands and clean his house,
and he was a wealthy one, perhaps the one you sought;
and making up lies you got him to give you a fortune...
your baby didn't need any kind of surgery, but John
fell for your trick and gave you fifty thousand dollars,
he had many ships, now he's totally broken and out of luck!  

Blondie, pretty, Blondie, who's going to be
your next sugar daddy?...No, it certainly won't be me!
Blondie, pretty Blondie, get some sleep and reflect on your grave mistake...
look for a normal guy who can take care of you, stop being that spoiled brat!

Two detectives from the local precinct rang her bell today,
and with a warrant in their hands they took her away;
Blondie tried to resist arrest, and they handcuffed her against her will... 
she always thought of bribing authorities with enough water in her well!
Wasn't she even think of that unrealistic monstrosity?
There in a cell, she can't to bend the iron bars without audacity! 

Blondie, pretty Blondie, you had freedom and a loving family,
your mom worked hard and raised your with morals...Blondie, pretty Blondie;
and with hostility, you turned against her and became an escort, joining the night ladies:
snorting cocaine and picking up guys by the hundred...weren't you scared of catching Aids?

Copyright (C) 20210 by Andrew Crisci

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An infamous thief
lived a restless life,
looking out for those
vigilant, shrewd cops;
his crafty hands pulling out
those tools out of the box,
to feed that ego so imprudent:
would he never be caught...
when his instincts coudn't predict?

Escorted to the court-room, 
in hand-cuffs and chains,
he faces the harshest judge
of the In-God-We-Trust-Country...
a female judge who's fair but firm,
and yet so unsympathetically angry;
and she like a fearless preacher warns,
" Whoever thinks has a right
to steal, rob, kill or disturb the peace...
must be punished accordingly to the crime! "

All he wanted was an easy flow of money,
dirty money without a trace of sweat;
and he acted like the richest man of the county...
flashing it around and feeling great!
Did he ever foresee an end to that bliss,
how could he not be harmed by his own mischief?

In the coldest cell, he sits on the sheetless bed...
frowning upon an unsuccessful scheme:
if he were able to bend each bar with those hands,
unlock each door and sprint to freedom...
it would be the end of his loneliness and boredom;
but when reality sets in, he returns to being sad!    

Years and many more years without a voice...
he will spend writing letters to his family,
missing out on holidays and birthdays...
repenting of his greedy and wicked ways
and allowing no other thought for escape;
pain, isolation and tolerance within those walls...
will teach the hardest lesson for his sake:
to make good choices and overcome his misery!!


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My Father

He taught me so much
Of becoming a man
At times our tempers
And blood pressures ran

But he was always there
Always had my back
And when I was in trouble
He cut me no slack

For the key to becoming
A stand up guy
Is to admit when you’re wrong
And look them in the eye

Accept the consequences
For each of your mistakes
A lot less time and grief
Honesty takes

Every time
I got into trouble
If I lied
The punishment was double

But this made me a better person
This made me a better man
No doubt about it
He was my biggest fan

When I was down
He was there
He had honesty and integrity
Now a days that is rare

We have had our differences
We have had our fights
Man sometimes
They were a real sight

Always he admitted
When he was in the wrong
That example
Made me strong

No other father
Was more caring
But at times
It was overbearing

For the longest while
I didn’t hear a word he said
Looking back I was a fool
I had such a hard head

We still argue
With him I could always consult
Now I hope he is proud
Of his hard works result

I made some of his hairs grey
By my bone headed stunts
Sometimes it seemed
I was on trouble hunts

In a while I will be moving
Out my home
His honor and character
I only hope to own

Someday I hope he says
I raised you well
For that day will come
And I know his chest will swell

Nothing makes a parent more proud
Than their children’s success
For this feeling
Is the highest they can express

I tell my father
I will make him proud
For the path
He has plowed

Now I need
To take over the reigns
I will not make a living with my back
Its gonna be with my brains

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8 Weeks

8 weeks. The shortest 8 weeks of my life. You were growing inside me. You 
knew me. You depended on me. You changed my life. Did I let you down?

8 weeks. We developed a bond. I wanted you so badly. I knew you were mine. 
I loved you so much for such a short time. I still love you. You heard my voice 
as I spoke to you. You felt my love. Was it not enough?

8 weeks. It ended. You ended. With your lose, I lost my dreams, hopes, plans-
my future with you. My heart was shattered into a million zillion pieces. I lost a 
huge part of me. I lost my baby. Why did you have to go?

8 weeks. Others didn't understand my pain. You were so very real to me, not 
them. They didn't go everywhere with you. They didn't talk to you. They didn't 
nourish you, or love you as I had. You were mine, not theirs. Important 
enough to have a beating heart. Why couldn't they see?

8 weeks. 8 simple weeks turned into a lifetime of depression, questions, & 
uncertainty. Depressed at the thought of your future being taken away from 
you, from me. My lose. My child. It isn't right, not fair. So many questions to 
the man upstairs. Why MY baby? Why me?

8 weeks. That is all it took for such a tiny little miracle to completely transform 
my life. In 8 weeks I was filled with more love and happiness than I have ever 
known. In just 8 short weeks I discovered true, unconditional love. You 
showed me a glimpse of Heaven. Just 8 weeks-you changed my life. 

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From cradle to the grave

From the moment I was born I wept. I cried out of wanting, After all to want is the first natural humane instinct. As I got older I walked through life holding open my heart to experiences even if unwillingly. My eyes remained wide as my legs carried me through twisting generations.


I have laughed gaily without judgment, grieved earth shattering loss, embraced joy beyond what the motion pictures portray and loved and been loved more than any fictional character that its writer breathed life onto paper.


From cradle to my destined grave I stroll on earths vast plain of emotion to take hold of life and live as if tomorrow my again body would be laid to rest.


A newborn cries because it is its horn of proof that it is thriving with vitality. An elder gently sobs under breath knowing each day they inhale is another day of dying. We are born into cradling arms and are buried cancelling ourselves, From life to death we take memories we've made from cradle to grave. Nothing is more precious, needed and wanted to either groups young r old than a life fully lived before the final chapter is read.


Birth to twelve is layered in childhood innocents. Becoming a teen is our first presumable milestone and we assume ourselves to be made of granite like Galatea.


Throughout our twenties our lips taste first loves even lust but gracefully as we age our minds and souls carry us home making a place to rest out weary bodies, a place to rest with growing families. Children come wrapped in beautiful ribbons and we grow old. Wrinkles come, inevitably dependency goes then we parish to our coffins made by younger, sometimes older hands.


But even after we rest under feet of blackened tear filled soil we live, To be born again or to be swept away by Gods gentle voice no one person can say.


But we live and breath, inhale life though our lungs from cradle to the grave.

"Sorry for not capitalizing, hope that fixed it! Please keep commenting :) Much love, Whit."

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country pride

My country pride runs deep within,
some understand it, others don't want to.
A rebel flag, a Dale Earnhardt shirt, and a cold one
at the end of the day.
That is country..
Ridin on your pappy's tractor
while on his knee as he chewed tobacco
and told stories of the war.
Grammy's in the kitchen bakin pies and making lemonade.
That is country..
A nascar race in Charlotte,
a hunting season with buddies that followed you
into the army.
A moonshine til or your first date
in daddy's car with your high school sweetheart.
Catchin fireflies in a jar and rockin on the back porch
listenin to grand pappy's stories of when he was young.
And alwazys rememberin where you are from.
That is country...

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As inhuman as a man's heart seems...
hidden inside is a tender side:
a beautiful side seldom seen by others;
and that fear of being sensitive
is a real hurdle for those men sworn in pride,
but manly qualities are judged by his deeds...
A woman's perception of the common man is that
he is lives in an unintentional masquerede,
to hide the sweetness he won't manifest;
and this unconformity won't let his beauty 
 be capturated by intense emotions of masculinity...
will he break the myth and be appreciated?

I have struggled with it indefinitely
and embraced this stereotype unsympathetically,
why are we supposed to be so uncaring and invulnerable,
and outgrow our own resistance and be so invincible;
have we realized that disharmony,
indignation and frustration are not truly noble?

As inhuman as a man's heart seems,
many sacrifice love for an unexplanable cause...
putting vanity before human compassion:
without guilt, regard and trepidation;
have we become so stubbornly persistent...
to lose all self-direction and prospective?   

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Lessons time risk

Risk risk for anything. The other opinions act you on the earth yourself
To face the truth. I’ve learned to take time for myself and with a great deal and 
love. And I cause inspect like me. I think learn to laugh at yours triodes and never 
you’ll run out of things to laugh at loses one many laughs by not laughing at you 
a place won’t the sun you’re got to put plasters. 
   By: Zara Elizabeth lane  

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RUTH C YORK    9/15/07

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There`s a little girl playing in the sand

Her name is Kayla she got a great tan.

She only been here four short years

a little girl we hold so dear.

She comes in the house asks "when do we eat?"

 gets  herself a box of juice to drink

Hey little Kayla where you go?

How tall did you grow?

Hey kayla I remember when you were young

playing with your toys outside in the sun.

there`s  a little girl Kayla is her name

into my life she came.

Kayla plays with her children now in the sand.

two little children with beautiful tans.

one child asks "can I have something to drink?"

Kayla gives her a box of juice to drink.

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I Can't Explain Part 2

...I can't explain the secure feeling when you hold me and sleep I can promise that I love you ~ I can promise I won't creep I can't explain why you take over my heart You had me in the beginning ~ at the very start I can't show you that I love you, as much as I do I can promise you one thing though, what I speak is true I can't explain the amazement ~ when you catch me in a stare I can't explain to you how much it means just to know you care I don't know why I know know my babies will be yours I can't thank you enough, to fix my heart when it was torn I can't explain to you how much you mean Sometimes I take a step back and wonder, "am I in a dream?" To hold you close to me at night please know I want you to teach me to love you even more ~ please show I want to spend the rest of my life with you Please believe me when I say this, for it is 100% true I miss you even when your down a hall I hear random whistles and I look for your call For my father to love you, as he says he does It means so, so, much to me ~ it always was I can't explain the impact you have on my big heart Your everlasting love pierced through my world like a dart The love poison you poisoned me with will show But for now all I can say is that I love you ~ just so you know

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Marie II-- Troubled Tides

Wake up with a dream on your eyes left with the hearts that bid you Goodbye Shadow Dreamer-- Poisoned Lover Venom seeps through the Way The Way you held on to Me There's a Thorn in your Heart I left it there so the dreams and your pain shall unfold Inside you and all of your Lithium Lovers You're my lover, My Dear The Greatest Enemy I had to Contend pretending with "I Love You" but I know you Hate me till Hell's End Is it in Vain? You Sleep with the hate How can you dodge the fate? You let the Dagger dance on your Tongue You are my beloved Enemy Marie

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Warehouse 317

320 has a great bunch working there
They show a lot pride they really care
I personally don't consider any of this work, to me it's all fun
Sweat already pouring from the Warehouse heat and the morning sun
Daine and Nathaniel welcome to a great team
We cover one another on tasks in Warehouse 317
We have the mother of all mothers coming our way soon
Enough fun coming to make you wanna bark at the moon
I am looking forward to the thirty thousand guests 
So let's wipe the sweat from our brows and make it look effortless
Monique is going to miss out on this great adventure, Zena is now the one caught in between
Local Purchase stop pulling your hair out, what a great place called Warehouse 317
There is Hezakiah handling the turn ins
He has to be careful and watch the NSN's
Glen handles the Turretts and parts to the shops
Without Wonda and Michael, the production stops
Gabrielle is the Goddess of the Hazmat
Shipping is now on cruise control with Doug there, but we all wear so many different hats
Jerry is the main director of this sometimes circus scene
Under our wonderful big top at Warehouse 317
A manager is only as good as her or his people allow them to be
I am thankful for all who I work with and my extended family 
I love where I work and I am so happy to come there every day
All this fun and very good pay
DRMO is handled by Elsa and Fred
This is where all the useless parts are sent
The Carpenter Shop has Jason
That is where they do the packaging and craten'
Tom runs the show at Container Ops
David is in charge of the Turrett Shop
The mechanics have the vehicles coming in and going out at a tremendous rate
The Shop Clerks keep the ordering and parts requirements up to date
Vehicles to be shipped, Motor Pool is on the scene
But it all starts at my favorite place, Warehouse 317
I am sorry if I missed anyone such as Tammy at Safety, or Miss Lilly at PBO
Overall the operations are under the direction of Rick and Joe
The Front Office Personnel answer the phone
Without them, there would be nobody home
The shipboard stuff handled by Wholesale
Shop's parts handled by Retail
I personally want to thank everyone for all they do
This place could not do what it does without me or you
So I am not trying to be rude or mean
But I must end the saga now, come visit us at Warehouse 317

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I Can't Explain Part 1

Why the warmth in your skin Brightens my world from dim I do not know why I do not know why for only you I'd die I can't explain the kisses from your lips I definitely can identify your familiar grasp around my hips I can't explain why you melt my heart I can't explain to you why it hurts when we're apart I can explain your sight and your seducing baby blue eyes I can't explain why you make me feel safe when you tower over me in size I can truly tell you why you qualify for my love But I can't explain to you why you were sent just for me from above I can feel your arms tight around me I can't explain why for you I trust to help me see I can't explain the butterflies fluttering deep inside And I can't explain why I am the one who can break your pride I can explain the feeling when you touch me I can't explain why only for you I choose to see I can't explain the deep palpitations inside every beat I can't explain why just for you, I chose to reserve a seat I can't explain the short breaths when I see your face But I can pinpoint exactly your lips and the sweet taste I can't explain why you want to be a dad But I also can't explain the random reasons why I get mad I can definitely explain to you the bleeding in my soul But I can't explain to you why my life has taken a toll I can't explain in words why I love you so much All I can say is, "I love you," and such and such I can't explain with all the money in the world why I love you so But here's a bold, "I LOVE YOU," on paper ~ so you know I can't explain to you how somehow I get lost in your eyes But I also can't explain why God randomly granted me this prize I can tell you that I love you ~ I can tell you that I care I can also tell you I need you ~ and I promise I'll be there...

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Solemn Son

Where's my mommy? Where'd daddy go?
Older sister says she's nobody's daughter.
Loveless lament as I realize I never had parents.
In our lives, no arch angels or saving souls were sent.
I hold my sister as in pretense she tells us no harm was ever meant.
But sociopath mother and murderer father must be held responsible.
Forever gone in a loveless void, their sins are irreconcilable!
As the strangers take us away from the past I look towards the shining sun.
And I yearn to forget my mother's blood and my father's smile as he guiltlessly grasped
his gun.
They've destroyed themselves and left behind a distraught daughter and solemn son.

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Where eagles fly the Gaints in America

Mountain tops, ice and cold the eagle flys for his or 
young, Honey to the bee, at the top of tree, WE in
America feel that our Soldiers are our song Bird
of ocean land and sea, and may you realize that
we  love the Doves of the red white and blue skys
High our Gaints in our hearts, it will be warm even
on the icly cold nights in America when one at a 
time come home, to rest their head on the green
green grass of home, even on the coldest of times
on our shores Hail to thee our soldiers Hail to thee
in God we trust to see you again,

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One of our First Lady's World 2007

Red Lady,delight, Lady beautiful of heart, Blue Lady
of America, give her your meek, your poor, sick,
isn't that what President Nixon said, to world about
his mother his mentor, his Country, May I, Mrs,
Nixon write about your son and family to honor
us a time of great adversity in America we and
God need you once again, Four score the 
seven years, seven days he feed us look
what they say about him. May we give you a 
Mother 's day card from America,  America
2007 and his last request in office is being
granted for Liberty and Justice for all even
The first Lady Presidents family of USofA

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I wept today
For I changed everything
My heart tore
Be it as it may
No faerie tale
No happy ending

I wept today
For, I realised the true cost
How I changed everything
All that I lost
I couldn’t see it your way

I wept today
For, I cannot take it back
For my children
I agonized about it all
What can they say?

I wept today
That once, what it was
Is unrecoverable
Forever lost

I wept today
For I changed everything
In one morning
For my children
Who lost it all
In one day

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GrandPa V.

A man's man, He'd been in the war,
saw many places not seen before.

Liked to work with His hands,
smoked a pipe and came from France.

Raced His horse on Sunday,
and used it to plow on Monday.

Liked to wear suits and hats,
but didn't like the neighbors cats.

He had built the first bus,
so school wouldn't be missed.

Made Me a toy barn when I was 3,
came to all My birthdays, just for Me !

Taught Me to work very hard,
didn't like people who turned to lard.

Stuck up for Me when I was a kid,
cared a lot when nobody did !

Had worked for the railroad,
up in Ashland where it's very cold.

Showed Me how to work with wood
and told Me how to dance with girls good.

Kept his car shiny and bright,
at 20 years old, it was a beautiful site.

He showed Me respect...
and told my studies not to neglect.

Loved Grace his wife,
and was with Her for life.

Helped to make Me a man,
and to be all that I can !

                                           By Perri R. Voge  for My GrandPa Voge, I miss him.

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' Warriors ... The Battle Cry Song ... '

There Are Sounds of Ancient Thunders
There Are Sounds of Ancient Drummers
        Calling … Brave Warriors
         Gladiators and Warriors

And They’re Marching To The Cadence of Their Hearts’ Pounding
Marching, To The Cadence of The World’s Rage Resounding
They’re Going By The Beat of Their Heart’s Pumping
By The Steady Flow of Blood and Bloodlust, Tells Me Somethin’

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …


But, We’ve Seen These Men, Playing With Their Children
We’ve Seen These Sons and Their Laughter, I’m Hearing
We’ve Seen These Men, Loving Their Babies
And Tenderly Holding and Kissing Their Ladies

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From Warriors … When They Die

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

Sticks and Stones, Swords, Arrows and Bombs
Lances, Knives, Hand to Hand Combat, Napalm
God Almighty, Oh, Thy Kingdom Come
Please Rescue Us, From The Kingdom of The Gun …

And Prophecy Is Marching – Listen, All Who Arms Bear
Warriors, Must Beat War Weapons Into Plowshares            ( Isa. 2: 4 )
And When War, Is No More, Then We Will Hear
All Warriors’ Battle Cry, Will Be An Amen Cheer !

              … Gentle Warriors …
            Peace-Loving, Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From A Warrior’s … Last ‘ Why ? ’

                … Warriors …
           Courageous Warriors …

How Can Flesh and Blood, Mortal-Men, Be So Fearless, I Wonder
Are They Strengthened By Duty, Love and Honor
Facing Danger, Death and Being Torn Asunder
Sacrificing All, As A Fallen Soldier …

                 … Warrior …
           Courageous Warrior …

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We look at what we have this hour of the day,
But where will we be when come what may.
The emblems on the hats and the money for the shoes,
The important pocked tronics
Are these your going tools?
Over priced jeans that are quoted by name,
The fancy cars bought low.
Looking at times like the best there is but,
Lowly thinking even though.
I ask you now with all that you have,
“Is your happiness really there?
If these things are really going to take you,
Can you tell me when and where?”
We have spoiled the child, spared the rod,
And forgot about, “IN THE BEGINNING GOD…”
Boys wanting to know how many babies that can make,
Instead of getting a job for the first one’s sake.
Little girls having boys and watching them rebel,
While thinking that is cute the mother’s aiming them toward HELL.
We have not allowed love to come in but,
Lust has had free course.
The children that are now coming into the world,
Feel all except remorse.
Is your fate in the clothes that are on your back?
Is your strength in the drug that we know as crack?
Are you scaled by the shoes that are on your feet?
Or governed by equipment that is found out in the streets?
You see the Lord has a plan and He knows where you should be
But it’s up to you to seek your “DESTINY”.
Into what are you getting and where are you going,
In whom are you believing and why are you doing.
Everything else is temporal and all is fading away.
Except you find your life in Christ Jesus and,
Be ready for that great day.
This very second as you read these words, chaos is in society,
And even though the LORD ALMIGHTY is still in control,

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Who's Gonna Bake the Christmas Pie

He was six years old at his dying mother's side.
Only when she slept he broke down and cried.
He had to hide his fears of what was to be.
How scared he was, mama didn't need to see.

Mama had been sick going on three years now.
She knew she must help him make it through some how.
With her strength fading she called him to her side.
"If life is a carnival son, I'm at my last ride."

"I have something to tell you, to remember for all times."
"You are all each other will have in the coming hard times."
"Just hold each other close and remember my love for you."
"It will help to ease the pain, it will help to see you through."

The day came when his Mama had to go.
He had so many questions, so much he wanted to know.
"Why did Mama have to die?"  "Who's gonna bake the Christmas pie?"
"Who will comfort me when I cry?"  "Are you gonna die?"

I squatted down in front of him a tear in my eye.
"An unfortunate part of life, son, is each of us will die."
He'd caught me off guard, I didn't know what to say.
I hoped he understood.  I hoped... and I prayed.

I took him in my arms and held him oh so tight.
I told him that I loved him and that everything would be all right.
"Mama's in heaven now she's looking down on you and me." 
"She's with us in our hearts where forever she will be."

"She sees you when you're crying she sees you when you're playing."
"She knows what you're thinking she knows what you're saying."
"She sees into your heart and knows how much you love her."
"So let's have happy thoughts of Mama and the time we had together."

The days have turned to weeks, the weeks to months and years.
Our thoughts of Mama are happy, they hold away the fears.
She still fills our hearts with memories.  Memories of her love.
Memories of Mama sent down from heaven above.

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I want to write

I want to write
This time of that cold night
when I heard my mother cry
When I saw her lie
Flat on her belly
Her back bare and scaly
Her eyes swollen
Her right stolen
By one she called husband.

I saw the tears
I saw her fears
she sobbed between the whips
she tightly bit her lips
And tightened her hips
to swallow the pain
just for her stay.

I want to write
this time of that night
that night without stars
when I saw the scars
On her back
the scars stuck
made a permanent mark
on her back.

I want to write
I want to write
This time of my mother
write her as a victim
tortured by male chauvinism.
write her as a strong woman
Who challenged the stress of a man
Mama who raised us
built us
Made us.

so rise mama and shine
All will be fine
Mama rise and shine
All will be fine
All will be fine.

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Beer Money, Wine Taste

If you could read my mind you'd know that I'd never talk
And if I could stretch a mile you'd know that I'd never walk
But I've got to get up to go to work to my nine to five
To keep the pace in this rat race I have to survive
But this minimum wage pay will never help me out Lord
So I need more cause I want more than I can afford

Cause all my friends are driving Benz's and wearing expensive clothes
With bigger houses and finer foods so this is my status in quo

I've got beer money, I've got wine taste
Can you see it in my eyes, its written on my face
Give me this, give me that and I don't want to wait
But I've got beer money, I've got wine taste
And uh~ beer money, and uh~ wine taste
Always make me wanna haste but that leads to waste
So I'm praying for some patience and little more grace
With my~ beer money and my~ wine taste         (Chorus)

But my money and my patience's short, the line is long 
And when things start looking right in life what's left is wrong
I need extra strength this and I need fast relief that
Someone call western union hurry cause I need some cash
To pay my debts and all my bills, I'm planning to buy a lot
Because I'm always wanting something that I just don't got

Cause all my friends are driving Benz's and wearing expensive clothes
With bigger houses and finer foods so this is my status in quo

I've got beer money, I've got wine taste
Can you see it in my eyes, its written on my face
Give me this, give me that and I don't want to wait
But I've got beer money, I've got wine taste
And uh~ beer money, and uh~ wine taste
Always make me wanna haste but that leads to waste
So I'm praying for some patience and little more grace
With my~ beer money and my~ wine taste         (Chorus)

I need designer hats and jeans,
A limousine on the scene
To keep up with the Jones;
I need some precious stones.
I want to be in the spotlight
In restaurants day and night
With the means to these ends nonstop;
I wanna be filthy rich so I can shop.


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Marie I-- Covenant To Thee

We're at the seasons' end I won't suffice to their Judgement for We can overcome I'm sorry I couldnt always be what you wanted me to be, My dear Marie But this is my covenant to thee We were born from the same flame you and I Without a shame we can discard the pain compared to our love it is just disdain The passion can not fly away My dear sweet marie This is my covenant to thee You're my escape when i need flee to The other side of the sea My single belief, my dear marie The passion of you and me flies away With the keeper of the bees Nightingales sleep and dream of our Starcossed beams, my sweet marie, It was meant to be This is my covenant to thee

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Where Do We Go From Here?

We don't mesh
Since we've been one flesh
We're never on good terms for long
As a matter of fact
One misheard word or act
Makes us conclude everything's wrong

And we don't click
Like the stones and sticks
That we've gathered from far and near
They've all been used
Now that we're battered and bruised
Where do we go from here...?

Why do we settle down
To settle for less or save face
By not waiting for true happiness?
Why do we put on a show
And act funny with each other,
Yet neither of us is laughing yet?

And why do we get confident
Seeing our strength and beauty,
Finally, from the words of a stranger?
And why do we stay together
While pushing ourselves apart?
Without mutual love we're in danger.

(Excerpts from the song Where Do We Go From Here?)

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Have a Merry Christmas

Have a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
May this very Christmas
Be filled with holiday cheer
Let everyday be Christmas
For the rest of the year
And have a merry Christmas
Filled with holiday cheer  (Chorus)

To all of those we know, to all of those we love
To those we have seen grow and like to kiss and hug
To our new family members and old familiar friends
Attached to the presents, written in the cards we send

Season's greetings and warm wishes with so much care
And good tidings of great joy I bring in this little prayer


To all those you'll see and to those who'll pass by you 
To all those you'll meet and to those you'll say "Hi" to
Acquaintances and strangers, the homeless and shut in
Remember them like family and treat them like your friends

Give them season's greetings, warm wishes with so much care
And gold tidings of great joy bring to them in this little prayer

But do not let it end, live a life of love and cheer
In and out of season share it in the New Year


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Real Raindrops

Every person can see it is raining, yet only I know why.
It's because my mother can see us now and the rain is the tears she must cry.
What a disappointment all of us survivors must now be.
I know at least a dozen of those tears are reserved just for me.
I've lost all will to do well without her to look at me with pride.
From her heavenly stance she sees all leaving my mistakes no where to hide.
Her husband has given up, relinquished all they worked so hard to maintain.
I know she wants him to pull together do well despite his pain.
My sister is now reckless traveling downward with an influential pack.
My mother must be wondering how so much common sense she does lack.
So while others are seeing merely raindrops falling down today.
I can tell where they are coming from, know exactly what they say.
And each teardrop of rain holds merit has every reason to be.
For the woman who worked so hard to hold us close now can finally see.
Without her we are all failures giving no heed to her time spent.
All her teachings and life work left with her when she went.

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Hope you can see us from high above.
Help us be strong and brave forever no matter.
Be with us always in every which way you can in your kindness.
I will always find your light and keep it in my young heart in my best way possible.
You left us for a reason and we love you in our hearts.
You saved my life to give yours away which l'll  never forget.
It breaks my heart in tears terribly.
Your star will follow me everywhere to guide me in good and bad times.
Your in presence when were in pain and in happiness.
Lead us where we will be safe like the star you carry for each of us.
Let us accept who we are and why were on this earth.
Let your angels carry us where you are so peaceful when our time arrives.
My Prayer, Your Prayer, Our Prayers
Forever in our hearts.
With love always,
Your niece, your family.

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Ring Around The Pumpkin

For the bounty of the earth
Come Ye thankful people come
For it is Autumn
And the leaves are coming down
Run run sweet John Barley Corn
Let's play ring around the pumpkin
As the harvest moon shines
On the jingle jangle scarecrow
For I'am just a little acorn
Bounded for another harvest home
As the wind shakes the barley
Like a slow Thanksgiving waltz
For our farmers sets the table
To a wondrous haymakers hoedown
For we bid ado to a Shokan's fairwell
And now thank we to all our God

Happy Harvest Time To All
Love Kathy And Jenny
May God Be With You 

Just Another Song Working On LOL
Let Me Know What Ya Think   Please

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Go to the Ant

Go to the ant and learn (2x's)
Go to the ant, ant, ant
Go to the ant and learn-  (Chorus)

She digs her house down deep
She builds her house up high
And though she has no king
Her armies stay alive

In the summer she will reap
For the coming winter sky
She gathers everything
Her colonies survive


Consider all her ways
She's small but she expects
Her people stay as one
And she is strong and wise

So number all your days
Prepare for what comes next
And til everything is done
Let no sleep tempt your eyes

Go to the ant, ant, ant (3x's)
Go to the ant  


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Twilight is Calling (Tears are for the Dead)

At one time I was the apple of his eye
But in a moment in the hospital he lie
I just 6, entered, and could only cry
He had changed so much since the last time
Twilight was calling his name
Mine being the same 
Yet, I didn’t know what to say
He turned his head a tear in his eye
And chuckled to choke back his cry
“Tears are for the Dead” he replied
And he turned his head back with no more word to speak
His words and actions were the last I would know
Till his funeral where the cries did grow
He left me with a legacy I didn’t quite understand
Still I tried to live by it as best I could plan
Everyday a new meaning comes to hand
That life is meant for the living and crying for the end.
When twilight is calling and I am on my death bed
I will laugh and with a tear in my eye, chuckle and turn my head
Laughter is for the living, crying is for the dead

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Their true brothers, Who stand tall, In this world alone .
Nobody has known, How the stood, Side by side . A bond so true

They’ve brought joy to my heart, Yet many a worrying day .
Their so alike, In so many different ways .
The joys they’ve brought me, Remains in my heart.
Till my dying day.

Their my sons, My life my world .
A love so strong, Only a mother knows.
The true pride and joy, From there silent love .
From Her sons alone. A true mother knows

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Let me tell you a story
when i was barely five
my father went and left us
with just a faint goodbye.
Told me to my face
he didn't care how i felt
It was all about him now
so forget anyone else.
He was leaving us
for another woman and kid
Like we wern't good enough
for the life that we lived.
And time  again
like the flow of the winds
I blamed myself for all this
and how it came to an end.

But why dad? Why leave?
What did we do to?
Break our hearts to the point we can't breathe.
But why dad? Was it something i said?
Why are you gone?
So many unsaid feelings that never will get said.

And as the years went by
he barely knew me growing up
My school, my grades, dislikes,
award shows, never showed up.
At the court hearing you didn't 
even fight for me
Now you wonder why i have these
devistated tendencies?
And how you made snide comments
about my life
Never understood me did you
even if you tried with all your might.
And the knife you used still resides
inside my chest
And every now and then you turn it
a never ending rest.
why dad? Why leave?
What did we do to?
Break our hearts to the point we can't breathe.
But why dad? Was it something i said?
Why are you gone?
So many unsaid feelings that never will get said.

Days when i was on the playground i cursed
the other kids because there dad's were around.
Now i know it wasn't there fault you turned out
the way you did, it's just now that i found.
That really all the tears and time i spent on you
And all the pain and heart ache that you put us through
Would i be the person i am now if you were here?
Or would i be just like you and would not care?
And when you die i dream of it
An empty church and now worshippers reside in it
I bet you'd finally get that blow to your ego dad
Knowing nobody tried hard to be there that bad.
And when they lay you to rest and put the tombstone
down the only thing we'll share
is the last name that's on the cold dark ground.
Just remember it was your choice not to know me
And now that im a father i thank god
That i learned not to be you but to be me.

But why dad? Why leave?
What did we do to?
Break our hearts to the point we can't breathe.
But why dad? Was it something i said?
Why are you gone?
So many unsaid feelings that never will get said.
But why dad? Why go?

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Everything is Jolly

Everything is jolly
As we string the walls {with lights} 
And frolic in the snow
Everything is jolly
As we deck the halls {tonight}
With holly and mistletoe  (Chorus)

Oh, out in the snow
Along the sides of our little house
As the winter sun glowed
I put up the lights with my spouse
Then she said, "There he goes"
As I climbed to the top of the tree
To cut the mistletoe
She gathered it and sung along with me


Oh, out in the snow
Along the sides of our little house
As the noon sun glowed
We trimmed the holly to make boughs
Then we took some old clothes
And put them on our frosty man
She laughed and began to throw
Balls of snow and around the yard she ran

As I gave chase
We fell with sweet expressions
In that place
Made two angel impressions
Then hand in hand 
We kissed like happy Eskimos
Then from this winter wonderland
We went inside to warm our toes


Oh, under the mistletoe
Surrounded by holly in our little house
As the Christmas tree glowed
I sat at the table with my child and spouse
With a centerpiece, a rose
We thanked the Reason for the Season above
For food, shelter and clothes
Because better is a little than a lot without love

Dedicated to Chrissy

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St. Nicholas

There's a little bit of St. Nicholas in all of us…

Most of us will never ride on a flying sled
Led by nine reindeer, one with a "nose so red"
And most of us will never go all around the world
In just one night with gifts for every boy and girl

But we all want this time of year to be
A happy holiday for little ones to see

There's a little bit of St. Nicholas
In all of us each year
And it's all because we are Santa Claus
To all we hold so dear
So in the Spirit of Christmas love
Let us share this season's cheer
With everyone like a newborn Son
In the Nick of time this year               (Chorus)

Most of us may never jingle bells dressed in red
For spare change so others can be sheltered, clothed and fed
And most of us may never visit the needy overseas
Or spend hours with our neighbors or the least of these

But let's give to those who ask and show charity
To the poor and lonely, and the young and old that be

Without necessities of life within longings of love
So they will believe in what they're dreaming of
And receive what they need and more than enough
So that they too can be a little like St. Nicholas


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From his home-made wooden rocker my dad beckoned with his hand, 
as his wasting frame would not allow the dying man to stand 
and he handed me two buttons, that were worn and on a chain, 
then he whispered of their origins while grimacing with pain. 
“These two buttons were my father’s lad and from a prison shirt 
that dad wore because he’d beat a man who’d treated him like dirt. 
He was placed in solitary and that added to his shame, 
so to stay sane in that darkness … well he played this little game. 
“He would throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and he’d search until he found them in his quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes he’d throw those two white buttons and they kept the poor man sane, 
till they finally released him and my dad came home again. 
“When I met your darling mother son I felt right from the start 
that this girl was something special and I knew deep in my heart 
that we’d marry and have family and son the dream came true, 
but it broke me when I lost her, after she gave birth to you. 
“Though I had you to remember her, I nearly lost my mind 
and I’d ask God in my darkened room why was life so unkind. 
But my dad came to the rescue and placed in my hand one day 
two white buttons and revealed to me a game he used to play. 
“Yes I’d throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and I’d search until I found them in my quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons and they somehow kept me sane 
till I found a little peace of mind and was your dad again. 
“Still we’ve shared a lot of years since then and son you’re now a man 
and I know you love your family and do the best you can. 
I do not have much to leave you just these worn out buttons lad 
and the knowledge that I loved you and was proud to be your dad.” 

Then his hand slumped off the rocker and dad’s spirit left that night 
and him lying there and free of pain was such a peaceful sight. 
Though at night I’d sit there in the dark, depressed and feeling blue, 
till I took to throwing buttons, just like my dad used to do.   
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and I’d search until I found them in my quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons and they somehow kept me sane 
and I thanked my dad and grandpa for those buttons on that chain. 

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We could have been the perfect pair,
love openly without a care;
secrets, not lies, made me more aware and sad!
You were already committed to someone else,
had kids and a handsome husband
within your reach;
the only missing link
was someone with crafted hands...
someone who could make you dream!

The agony of my regret 
is something I could never forget;
look at you:  you are happy,
and don't need me
to take you to the fartest star,
because you've everything...
and I have nothing!
The agony of my regret hurts in many ways,
and will follow me through my blue nights:
when I stare at the dimmest stars
too distant for me to be reached...
wishing it was you I touched!

We could have loved a lifetime, make
everything easy and wonderful...paint
our rainbows with beautiful colors;
lie beneath the most peaceful skies,
interweave ourselves in warm embraces
and forever dream in a meadow of daises!

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I gave you all of me
hoping you'd follow me
I told you my past
hoping healing would be fast
I shared dreams with you
hoping you dreamed them too
I let you see my tears
hoping you'd wipe them for years
I left behind people and things
hoping you'd be my everything
I shared my music with you
hoping you'd feel it too
I took steps backward for you
hoping wild life would be through
I became your wife
hoping you'd give me life
I gave you the world
hoping you'd cherish your lil girl

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My Understanding

A criminal mind is a critical accusation
A jared passion is an amintined arguement
A mad-man is a crutial saddness
A blind man is unseen pain
A def man is a unheared voice
A cripppled man is angery in full of selfishness
A plauged man is selfless sufferee and greedy
A  guilty man is shamed in driven
An innocent man is envius in lost
A darkman is suculante in mercy
A light man is devius in his ways
The moon has no equal
The sun has no rights

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Bubba Spent the Night

Our son asked can a friend stay over
He just moved here from dover
The friend says tonight's Friday, usually we have pig's innards
He says my name is Cleetus Billy Joe Jim Bob Jones, after he stutters out his 
name, it's time for dinner
But you can call me Bubba, he seems very polite
I pray no nightmares as Bubba spends the night
I tell him we are having Makerel Cakes and Mac and Cheese
He says I will take four cakes and two helpings if you please
Boy you sure do have an appetite
I tell my son our budget won't allow Bubba to ever again spend the night
Soon dinner is over and Bubba still wants to eat
I grab a funnel and melted bacon fat and tell him to have a seat
He says we eat fatback soup sometimes on a weekday
He tells me the doctor tells his whole family, that sometime their arteries will turn 
to clay
bubba says I don't eat for calories, I eat for taste
I tell Bubba, if you keep eating like that you will become hazardous waste
He laughs and cheers in delight
This all happened when Cleetus Billy Joe Jim Bob Jones spent the night
At 2 am he asks for a snack
I give him a sleeve of Ritz crackers and a pound of Monterey Jack
I hand him a jar of Grey Puopon
He says after I eat this, there may be trouble in your john
He smiles and asks for a Diet Coke
I try to watch my health, I don't drink or smoke
Eight more hours, then our budget will be alright
He asks when is the next time I can spend the night

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Tell Me

Your blue eyes
They stand out amongst so many
Leading me down the path to your true self

Will you let me in

To search for the real you
Listen to the secrets that you dare not tell a soul

Would you let me in

Trying to figure you out
To really understand who you are
Learn all those little quirks and all
You know,
Those little things that everyone does
That we just keep to ourselves
Are you ready to expose
All these little untold covert experiences
Attempt to let me in

You have kept to yourself
For way too long
And now it's time
For you to unleash your feelings
And your thoughts
To someone that you know you can trust
What is said amongst two lovers
Should be universally known
Not to share with another
If they just wanted to tell anyone
Then there would not be
That connection
Or that satisfaction
When they finally tell you

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My Baby Boy!

My Baby Boy!
Dedicated to my Grandson, Aidan

One evening in October I was introduce to a new
baby boy. To my dismay I fell in loved instantly
I really never knew love quite like this in my life
But in a breath of a moment he touch my heart
and it was a feeling that was out of sight.
My heart leaped with joy-My tears I could no longer hold back
for the sight of this new grandson
brought me back to life. This Adorable little
man is called my baby boy, the one I love, cherish,
and truly enjoy!
With is beautiful Blue Eyes, I grow weak
His powerful ooohhh's and cooo's
are like music to my ears.
His beautiful smile put me in a trance
He even know how to shift my gears
Knowing he has me twisted around his finger
He is still my little man, he is my Baby Boy!


Alberta J Terry

Copyright ©2008  Alberta J Terry

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This internal conflict 
I cannot fight 
This is not black and white 
This unreasoned spite 

I cannot get through 
I have tried 
This message lost too, 
lost in the deep wide 

Two forces collide, 
the pieces scattered 
far and wide 
Years to track down what mattered 

This restless angry sea 
throws its might at me 
Waves of emotion 
Seething ocean 

What can I repair? 
This loss of tranquillity 
It is so unfair! 
Am I losing my sensibility? 

Is this damage done? 
Have I lost a son? 
Has the restless angry sea won? 

The lost message, 
floating on angry restless sea 
It must be me 
The things I might have done, 
to make me think 
Before I sink 
Before my son 

I cannot get through 
He won't let me too 
Rising sea, 
beating its waves on me 

This storm must stop 
I am ready to drop 
Seething sea, 
throwing its'self at me 
Waves of emotion 
Restless ocean 

This conflict I cannot fight, 
peace is a right 
This restless angry sea, 
upon storm tossed message 
that is me 

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Went Away

Night's so dark and day's do gray
As I close my eyes and try to visulize the last time I seen Your Face
I think to myself that no one will ever take your place and that you can never be 
Night's so dark and day's so gloomy
I set here asuming that you will return
But knowing I my mind that you are gon and you are never coming home 
I makes me sad
Night's so dark and day's so gloomy
The thought of you not be here just sends cold chills right through me 
Night's so dark and day's so gray 
I really wish that you had never went away

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I think we have all felt this

I await, await here alone only wishing to hear the whispers 

of your oh so subtle firm but gentle voice, Something 

happened that took that all away, I had always figured it 

would be a blond with a super model shape. Only now I wish 

that was the case, HOW could you leave me alone....We all 

feel pain, hate, pity, sorrow, anger, lust, greed, greaf, 

and loneliness. How ironic that you leaving this place as 

the tears role down my pale cheeks that now I am truly 

alone. Aren't we all Alone, we struggle to become one and 

fit in, and fight for individuality, but inside are we all 

empty, depressed, horrifying, guilty, morbid, sad Alone...

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Night Time Prayer:Based on Psalms 4:8

Thank you father for another day that has passed
Thank you for the life,health,and strength
That you've blessed me with.
Thank you for all of your great love and forgiveness
help me to be the person you planned for me to be
when you created me.
I will both lay me down in peace and sleep
for thou lord only make me sleep and dwell
in safety.
Thank you for my family and friends,thank for all of the days or years
you've appointed for me.
Thank you for you constant guidance and ordering my steps
even when I mess things up for myself too often.
thank you for all the doors  that you have opened for me and my whole family
the ones i know and the ones I've never met thank you for protection in known and
unknown dangers in the land of the living.


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Red Necks

The deer is a warm and fresh road kill
Will go good with the moonshine from your still
That red neck life style you will always have
Red Necks don't have to have a reason to be mad
You feel that on taxes you always get screwed
Hunting animals doesn't take a mood
Not accepting others for who they are
Gas guzzling huntin' trucks, there are no cars
Your baby never given a passy
Just a hunk of tobbacky
You spit your tobbacky juice in a mason jar
Fertilize the grass, so you empty it in the yard
A bathroom is where you make it
In the bed of your truck, you and your old lady got caught naked
You brag to the Reds at work about your latest run in with the cops
A few beers later, it's time to raid the Goodwill box
As a bona fide Red Neck it is your life's mission
To pass these quality traits to your son, it's a tradition
Red Necks in the south are a dime a dozen
Most marry their next of kin, usually their cousins
Support your local Red Neck, the bumper sticker reads
It fine print it's local chapter 233
In the parking lot outside your favorite bar
Friday night puking, too much PBR
Saturday morning fatback and beans
Coats the stomach, now you can drink
I cannot criticize Red Necks for living this way
What is normal in society these days

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Friends for Eternity!

Friends for Eternity
To my wonderful son, Christopher, and my precious daughter-in-law, Amy

They say that friends may come and go
But there is one thing I know
You're my friend for eternity
Because God promised me so!

You've showed me how true friendship must be
Oh, how we laugh, sing, and dance
But one thing is for certain, you see
I will never forget your warm gentle glance!

You have been my encouragement, life, dream, and hope
When I've been sick, sad, and alone
I could always look to you with a single ray of glow
I'll never forget what you've showed.

Because friends may come and go
But the one thing I know for a certainty
You're my friend for eternity
Because God promised me so! Friends for eternity!
Alberta Terry

Copyright ©2008  AlbertaTerry
Has been published.  01/16/2000

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Suzie and Mikey

They are sister and brother,
Yet not quite the norm,
Suzie wants her doll, 
And she'll keep ranting
 long and loud,   
Sometimes flying off the track,
Violence can erupt,
No way tp figure out, how and when,
She's a terror to handle,
This autistic child,
Seems only Rosie can do that,
the woman I love..
Tender words she does use.
Only my Rosie can calm her,
This poor lost troubled child,

Then there's Mikey,
Perhaps more peacful is he,
Just rocking back and forth,
Rocking so endlessly....
Maybe he's happy, in his own world,
At other times he can become more active,
And then the pain shows for all to see.

There are many others, in this clan, so seemingly cursed,
Deep, dark secrets of childhood sexual abuse,
By peripherial relatives dealing with their own phsychotic demons,

And, as almost always the case, Mama doesn't want to hear it,
The abusers Masquaraides too clever,
And all the others, all effected, insane brother,
Oft in jail,
troubled,pill dependent sister...
Another sister expecting to be poisoned daily,
So many people molded in pain, and in a disfunctional confusion.
The one Pillar of Strength is my Rosie...
From the sad day of her mother's death,
She has to ruled this insane mess.
As close to a "Mother Teresa'
That we'll ever see.

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Dear Mom

Tears are rising,
Sun is setting,
That picture of us at your wedding,
Staring at me in the face,
Reminding me of what we once had.
You look at me,
But then turn away,
I know you are angry,
And I know that you are ashamed.
I guess I let you down mom,
I’m sorry to say,
I guess we’re not close anymore,
Only because of that tragic day.
When all hell broke loose,
And you said the worse,
Those words haunt me like a curse.
Only if you knew the tears I’ve cried,
Those sleepless nights even though I tried.
My heart pounds,
You are calling,
To yell or scream?
To tell me that I’m no longer me?
You say hello,
In that stern voice you have,
I choke up,
I knew this was going to be bad.
Please don’t yell at me,
Please don’t scream,
Please just wake me from this horrible dream.
I lye there at night thinking of all the possibilities,
Why can’t I think of any!
Why cant I just figure a way out of this stupid mess!
I do tell you I must confess,
I haven’t been trying my very best.
You let me down too,
Leaving me on the porch feeling numb,
Feeling broken and just gone.
You’ve cut me deep,
Deeper than ever before,
I guess now you have the higher score,
On who is worse.
Oh how I hate this freaking curse,
The curse of this family,
And all our disfunctionalness,
Our lives have been everything but bliss.
I guess your right mom,
You don’t know me,
Because I have changed honestly.
I know what is best for me now,
I’m not just a pawn in your little scheme,
To seem better then all human beings.
I’ll never forget those tears I’ve cried,
Or those sunsets all those nights.
Those pictures will not fade in my mind.

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Once again I am standing
All by myself
For my friends have deceived
And stole in the night with stealth

Yet no matter
How much trust is given
There was no possible motivation
No reason to why they were driven
To the betrayal a friend

Never were they wrong
It seems like a story
Written down in a song
This is a lesson for the future
No doubt about it
I need time to myself
To contemplate a little bit

Trust must be earned
Not just given away
It is written in stone
And is there to stay
Or at least that’s 
What some people say

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For the Holidays

A simple decision
I came to accept at a younger age than known
I don’t remember my earlier birthdays
But since it fell in place
September, November, December
Then it’s a depressional season alone
If it were up to me, when I reached seven
I would have been heavenly gone
And you ask me
Will I be coming home for the holidays?
Holidays, they come, they go
For smiles and snow, a New York warmth
I’d trade with any convict doing death row
You punish me, but it seems to be
Something more than mischief
A flaw in your parental morals 
Let’s graph the hope held in each poor child 
You and I 
We have-nots were claimed as plurals 
Life long friends 
How much more can we endure pal
Do you no longer ask
If I’ll be home for the holidays
This is for your birthday, each passing Christmas
The wars in which you continue to enlist us 
The days you missed us 
The casualties whom bit the dust 
The individuals whom pissed on trust 
For those entitled to this imperishable crush
Will you be home for the holidays?

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Reunion Road

Let's take a walk in the pouring rain 
We should be happy bear no shame 
Let's hold hands, let people stare 
Let's value every minute we can share 
There is a new life so I'm told 
It all starts down Reunion Road 
Life is as good as life can be 
It's time we raised a family 
We can have a girl and a boy 
Call her Julie, call him Roy 
There is a new life so I'm told 
It all starts down Reunion Road 
We will dig a hole out front and plant a tree 
Watch it grow with our family 
We can sit on the front porch and sip on tea 
Just imagine our peace, love and harmony 
Our dreams are waiting so I'm told 
It all starts down Reunion Road 
I still need to find this dream girl of mine 
I pray to the man, he assures me that in time 
He tells me we will both know it right when we meet 
Maybe at church, or passing in the street 
It will be a true act of fate 
My patience is strong, but it's so hard to wait 
We will walk hand in hand, never let go 
It all starts down Reunion Road 

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My viens run warm with the thought of you
In my womb you lay but in my heart up will stay
Our hearts beat together
My eyes have adorn your image in my womb
In my mind dear child I have held you image
The blood that uns through your soul is touch with love
At your birth my illusion became a sweet reality
Now my arms hold you and care for you

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My viens run warm with the thought of you
In my womb you lay but in my heart up will stay
Our hearts beat together
My eyes have adorn your image in my womb
In my mind dear child I have held you image
The blood that uns through your soul is touch with love
At your birth my illusion became a sweet reality
Now my arms hold you and care for you

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Every where you turn, 
the child inside, 
wants to learn, 
in this maze of fern 

The green 
has once been... 

Only to look above, 
see the love 
Above the green 
Step around, 
seek the sound 

This joyous sound 
is what you seek 
What can be found, 
not for the meek 

Hear the nightingale 
deep in the dark, 
rather than the wail 
Leave the fern 
and dont return 

Seek people of your kind 
Together you will flock, 
side by side, 
you won't mind 
For you are the rock 

The path straight and true 
This maze of fern, 
how it does twist and turn, 
but how you learn 
and you know it too 

Good draws you in 
and so it should 
The battle of fern and childhood, 
all this to learn, 
in this maze of fern 

Lift your eyes, 
stop your cries 
You are this teen 
stuck in the green 
Maze of fern 
of which you must not return 

Now you are all grown 
The ferns you have sown 
Are they straight and true? 
Or do they twist and turn? 
This maze of fern 
which you must not return 

The people of a kind 
are what you must find 
This you must discern, 
in the maze of the fern 
Start to flock, 
for you, are the rock 

Deep in maze of fern , 
to your starting place 
It's easy to return 
look above, 
see your true face, 
see the love 

Lift your eyes 
from this maze 
Look to the skies, 
look for new ways 

Seek only the wise, 
who flock, 
for you can be the rock 
Far from this maze of fern 
of which your childhood 
wants to learn 
and dont return 

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Way back then 
I played in a garden 
filled with flowers 
I cannot remember when 

My life as a child, 
way back then 
Sunny skies 
Before I joined the world of men 

The only authority, 
my parents 
Way back then 
My family 

Such a tiny world, 
passes by, 
in a blink of an eye 
Way back then 

Governed with love 
Way back then 
The only authority now, 
is the world of men 
Lost, but how? 

Through a childs' eyes 
I played.. 
Way back then 
The flowers I made, 
under sunny skies 

Lost am I.. 
I cannot return 
to a sunny sky... 
So much to learn 

Such a tiny world.. 
Passed by 
A sunny sky, 
Lost am I.. 
In a childs' eyes 

way back then 

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I Believe in you

Whatever you may dream
I'll believe in you
Whatever goal you wish to reach
I'll help you see it through

I'll believe in you
When no one else could care
I'll stick by your side
When life seems unfair

Together we can accomplish
Whatever it may be
We'll go hand in hand
You can always count on me

We can watch a sunset
In the early morning light
Or gaze at the stars
On a cold and lonely night

In your eyes when life stands still
I'll believe in you
When words cannot be spoken
I'll show you what to do

Forever is hard to imagine
The future may seem far away
But I'll believe in you
Until my dying day

yours truly

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tree trunk

I live in a tree trunk and everything is hunky doory I really enjoy jim morrison's 
music and I really like fleetwood mac as well we bee boop around to it constantly 
in our heads and always have a good time with it.  I really enjoy the prime it is my 
true love so watch out here we come.  so long world I am here.

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showbiz people threwout the years.
boats have wooden threaters
old red seats and red heavy curtains.
amutures started out this way.
they made very little money but
they learned a lot. today its
straight to the big top and than
the flops start,or by the book 
that is written. these ships that passed
in the night were all along the western frontier.
today we see very little left of these breed.
why we wonder?is it cost, is it just to
little hype of these type people to teach
us new breed up and comming,to de-
meaning,?they still have these show
boats in europe. with all thier splender,
you just want to take a partof these
boats home with you.

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Grandma Grandma I'm glad your mine 
Granma Grandma you really shine
Grandma Grandma  please don't go
Granma Grandma I love you so
You care and love and dance and play
your number one all the way

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No it's not a gun,
a malt drink minus one
a waist size
or a world war II year
it's not the temperature
in early springs
not a Vick's cough syrup
it's none of these things

it's the number of volumes
of journals/diaries,
call them what you will
that chronical my life
the victories, the joys, the hurts,
the friends, lovers, and the strife
my hopes, dreams, poems and 
much much more still
only one other person in this world
has been privy to it, and now knows
what's been in my head from 1967
right on until now
that one is my sweet Rose
only Rose knows

I wrote these long lasting journals-
a release for me to use,
with a dark secret, or crazy thought
things that have happened to me
things that have come to naught
many silly, stupid entries
much wisdom, brilliance too,
you never know just what you'll get
you can count on that to be true

but someday...when I am
long. long gone...
maybe someone somewhere will see
what my time was like,
what was going on....

see, when my family first moved
into the family house of 50 years
we found a few great treasures
one very special on, which did bring tears

for in this somewhat faded diary
from 1863, a life in all its colors
did open up very wide for me to see

I felt honored, touched, and somewhat sad,
to think this sweet soul was so long gone
she spoke from the heart, and showed me a world
I could never taste,
and now I knew her life
had never been a waste

because she reached out thru
the centuries, to tell me her tale of life
it seemed to me to validate her being
was more than a long forgotten,
faded tombstone, a name,
maybe with a year
and for a moment somehow
she had become,
someone who was right here.

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You're the reason

Those over there are yours.
They look like monkeys.
You're the reason our kids are so ugly.

Our kida look as if they have been beaten,
beaten hard about 100 times with an ugly stick.
You're the reason our kids are so ugly.

Those poor kids,
they look as if they've been run over, 
by a lawn mower,
You're the reason our kids are so ugly.

Your little girl,
she looks like a fat lady,
in really tight spandex
with loud print.
You're the reason our kids are so ugly.

How did I ever end up with you?
I don't know what I was thinkin',
or what I was drinkin'.
But you're the reason our kids are so ugly.

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Living Life

I’m living’ life for me
And for whom I know I can be
I’m living’ life through and through
Because I know I have something to prove
I’m living’ life for all my brothers and sisters, who are in war
Who had to come home mentally scared and sore
I’m living’ life for the girl, who had to get an abortion
Because she was just 16, and didn’t know how to be a mother
I’m livin’ life for the dude, who just joined a gang 
Because now his life is going to be filled with sorrow and pain
I’m livin’ life for all my blacks who still deal with racism
Especially the women who deal with sexism
I’m livin’ life for my Lord, God above
I’m livin’ life for my family, with much love
I’m livin’ life for my mother, life for my brother
Life for the man who’s about to rap which is my father

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You came in to this world... 
Bloody and wet 
A screwed up face 
Our eyes met 

Your birth... 
What I was waiting for... 
On this earth 

Your first smile 
Your first tooth 
I held you for a while 

The faltering steps you took 
The outside world 
Your garden 
A second look 

The child inside you 
Changing too 
Becoming an adult too 

You came into this world 
I smiled 
For a while I was with you 
Then it was gone 
You left... 
Making your way too 

You came in to this world 
You never left 
Where ever you are 
You are never far 
You are forever a child... 
In my heart 

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Bridges I Have Burned

After 15 years he walks out of his dead end jobs, leaves behind 2
children and a wife 
He wants to start all over, a second chance for a
better life 
Going from the city to the country, what a change 
Never knowing what\'s next, nothing in life is pre-arranged
No more Richard do this, Richard do that 
No more wasted moments at the laundry mat 
I left a note in our post office box 
Explaining my train of thought 
I said sometimes you have to go nowhere to get somewhere in life 
I had to sacrifice it all, that was my condition, to make things right
I don\'t expect anyone to understand
I needed to a nobody for a while to become a real man
It has now been 10 long years this May 
But the guilt haunts me as if it were yesterday 
For mine and everyone else's sake, I need to return
I can picture the smell and smoldering of the bridges I have burned
My daughter 22, my son 24 They have put their past behind locked the
doors I will watch them and wait til the time is right
How can I expect them to forgive me after 10 years of flight
They tell me to get out, mom died of cancer 3 years ago
They tell me she was the only parent they will ever know 
I have gotten what I deserve
Now the smell and smoldering have become a reality from the bridges I have