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Age Teacher Poems | Age Poems About Teacher

These Age Teacher poems are examples of Age poems about Teacher. These are the best examples of Age Teacher poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Biology Teacher

What do you do all day, I wonder
When you're not teaching me at school
You have no ring on your left finger
And you always cling to that rule(r)

You speak as if we are listening
I admit you seem nice enough
Do you enjoy your current life
Or is it lonely, boring, tough?

Although for science you have such a passion
You look lonely, at least to me
I'm sure you must have a family
But do you have family you often see?

You talk and talk and talk
Do you think that I understand?
(My eyes are getting tired
But still I move my hand)

What do you do at home, I wonder
Do you live all alone?
No wonder you spend so much time here
You have an empty home

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2013

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Eyes of Seminary

Eyes of Seminary – Zamreen Zarook

Every day in our lives has different fragrance,
God give us various things in abundance,
Day by day knowledge is gained in accordance,
Things depend according to the attendance.

Two years of studies,
Helped us to come out with various abilities,
Extremely joyful moments with buddies,
But life said every aspect has its boundaries.

Teachers become very friendly,
They approach us very kindly,
They speak on us exaggeratedly,
Because they know, if not we might behave badly.

Big shots in the school boundary,
These are years of foundry,
It helped us to find and go for laundry,
Marvelous days, fully packed with sundry.

Various angles the kith and kins are civilized,
It’s because our knowledge is enhanced,
Guys and girls turned well experienced,
That’s why we call it levels of advanced.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

Copyright © Jacob Reinhardt | Year Posted 2013

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Miss Jones' Birthday-Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post

She walked into the third grade classroom late
It was a most depressing day
It was her 60th birthday
She has been single her entire life and lives in a small apartment with her feline friend Tiger
She has no children of her own but she has these…

These are the children of her third grade class 
Her students took the broken pieces of chalk and had written 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SURPRISE JONESY all over the chalkboard
They were delighted with their homemade decorations
Three children brought in the brightest red apples and placed them on her desk
Another brought her a bright red rose
There were also two very creatively wrapped gifts on her desk

Her heart was moved by the hearts of her children
She didn’t realize they knew it was her big day
She just stood at the front of the room with her petticoat and wool hat
Surprised and speechless she thanked God for her kids
She wouldn't trade them for anything in the universe
It was her 60th birthday and she didn't have to spend it alone!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

Poem based upon Norman Rockwell’s famous painting “Teacher’s Surprise” for The Saturday Evening Post

Copyright © Gwendolen Rix | Year Posted 2014

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Primary school was all about playing
Around the place I was jumping
Within the yard was I running
Without time for reading
I played to pass examination

The primary school mentality
Move with me even affecting my civility
To the point that I eluded reality
Thinking, there was no reality

But the day dawned when I had a regression
In my education
Then, reading was the only solution
To the present situation
I read to pass examination

But the higher I go
The more I realize I have to stand on my toe
If at all I would want to glow
But, oh	! I did glow

Reading was now metamorphosed to studying
Since the situation now requires more than reading
Because the situation requires one energizing
In other to keep success acquiring
I now study to pass examination
I wonder; what will happen on my next level?

Copyright © Emerho O. Samuel | Year Posted 2014

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Respect Comes with Age

My father and my mother sat me down one day
     to tell me how wonderful that I was growing O.K.
The years passes by as I got to be a teenager
     with high hopes of becoming the first young manager
Life turns out a manager job is not for me
     so I kept things to a minimum working hard you see
My family had taught me with all do respect
     the life we lead is the image of our age in an aspect
Like queens and kings we bow our head
     to the people who is wiser in age even when dead
Life as our guide the time we have aged
     is what we leave behind that we are gaged
In prospective we are the stars and we are the earth
     because we age and leave behind a new birth
To those that seek such blessing of heart
     remember this age is respect for living from the start
Do you remember your father, mother, and teachers
     they are the ones cheering you on, sitting on those bleachers

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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A Learned Me, Trying to Conquer Things

The sensations I feel, the sensations I see
Will I be free or will they agree
Tomorrow's not promised and Jesus Saves,
will my heart understand or will I be brave?
I look to His word and I look into their eyes,
I want more than I can have which only leads
To good byes, a child with no parents, a brain
With only a thirst, never wanting to be left
Alone in the dark.

Copyright © Kayla Sullivan | Year Posted 2015

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Let's Hear It

Treasured Moments

School is synonymous with happiness and best friends
That I treasure even four and a half decades 
Down the line and we all are still connected
We still become nostalgic about
Sharing tiffins and story telling in lunch breaks
Smuggling the so romantic Barbara Cartland's 
And comics in texts books for fair exchange
Yelling and jumping in the throw-ball court
As if fun games were just then or never
Our overprotective teachers and caring nuns
Lined us up under mango trees on river banks
To recite and enjoy the music in poetry
While our eyes were either watching tempting mangoes overhead
Or distracted by the regattas from the Boat Club next door
Bidding farewell to friends and school we entered
Into an adolescent world of freedom encased in insecurities

February 9, 2016
Contest: Let's Hear It
Sponsor: Judy Konos

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2016