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Acrostic Animal Poems | Acrostic Poems About Animal

These Acrostic Animal poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Acrostic Animal poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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HORSE acrostic


Hell-bent stallion muscles led the mustangs through the plain,

On their heels rode hard a hired man –his job to rope the best--

Rearing high the stallion—urging speed as autumn winds dance thru his mane.

Sheets of lighting limned silhouettes as they pounded toward the west--

Enchanted now the man reined in—this day let beauty rule his breast.  

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Zebras full of Zest and Zeal
Exquisite Stripes Dancing Happily
Black and White, Black and White
Running wildly as it turns into prey
Africa's Amazing Animal!

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Poor sense

P erception, direction intention, ( lets make spiritual ) earthly..' 
O wow..' saving their strength maybe? well maybe..'
O utlaw carriage rides, in N Y C, horses would have more time; 4 T V..?
R egulation in school legislate against.. Against.?  hazards in play..?

S ave the wretched flesh from toil, ( really ?) (really?) 
E gregious intervention, yes that's it..' let people stay months in their bed
N ot to long till the muscles waste in legs, (hey why not live without living)
S ave mankind from any labour, obesity... Is just the resulting flavour
E quine mammals enjoy moderate labour, D N A I'm sure will agree..'

copyright Joe

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All Animals Have Souls

All animals
Live and 

Allow them to,
Let their young
Stay safe while, learning to survive.

A patient and loving parent is
Encouraging as they learn that lesson.

Safety in numbers is paramount.
Utilizing a
Love that’s tough, parents
See their little ones grow to adulthood.

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Rodents that stealthily invade a home,
Agile and able to crawl through tight spaces.
Troublesome pests that chew holes and leave droppings,
Scurrilous scavengers with beady-eyed faces.

For Andrea Dietrich's Four Letter Word Acrostic contest.

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Moon: An Acrostic Poem

M idnight. I journey

O utside, lured by

O wlsong-

N octurnal serenade.

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Dancing Raindrops

D   Daisy plays, and Violet bathes in a sudden evening rain                       
A   Anointed too, is Rosie's face, with every gentle drop       
N   Narcissus squeals with laughter, too, and sings a sweet refrain      
C   Crickets dance, wear plaid berets, and do a Celtic hop! 
I    In the mud we’ll find two weeds, they flop about a lot!
N   Nanny Mum, and Granny Plum , play banjos in the band
G   Gardenia's cheeks are white and sleek, she scrubs from end to end
R   Rabbits hear the jubilee, and from their holes they pop
A   A squirrel or two, come down the tree, where all the fuss began
I    In spite of fear, the little mouse, looks out to see what’s up
N   Nearby, the cat, just waves his hat, allows the mice some fun!
N   Now dogs join in, start chasing cats, they splash, and play like kids
R   Rainbows fill the evening sky, where now the sun peeks in 
O   Overhead, the clouds are tinged, in greens, and blues and reds
P   Pretty is the world tonight, refreshed, and smelling good
S   Softly now the pitter-pat upon on the evening’s hood

Submitted for PD's Acrostic Contest:7/3/14

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House Cats

How varied in color they are
One after another, a palette
Under house cat code
Some will stay true to their species others get spoiled
Everyone has their own individuality.

Cats never slow down
Are hyperactive comets, ricocheting
Throughout a house
Settling down is forgotten completely.

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Perhaps the animal inside is an excuse
Or maybe a legitimate ruse  -
Either way  it  is understandable
The reason for having an inner animal :
Deep inside the conscious  and thinking woman you are,
Exist  primal  force and urges  by far
Sinful to the eyes of many outsiders  -  aye
To bishop  ayatollah or rabbi.
(Rabbi    of course  differs  from rabbit
Or should I say delicious dinner  which is my habit)
You explain your  urges by hiding inside the animal,
Even though animals themselves  don’t use this fable.
Refer for example     to the virgin
Sturgeon,  who   needs no urgin’
Love, lust,  dove , dust  -
You’ll find that they  all  move, must  -
Lurking in their breast is  no inner human pal
Icily saying,  “You have no right to be natural;
Keep your feelings and urges well controlled
Exactly like humans are usually told:
And  if you’re lucky  the inner human will
Fail  and the animal you are,   will prevail.”  . . . .. . 
Or maybe the human will win and say
X - rated  urges are simply not acceptable today.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Written for ¥ Destroyer ¥ Poet   -  Contest Name : P.D's INNER ANIMAL 

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Words - The Heart of Imagination

Words are what are learned after being born
Our language a tool is sometimes forlorn.
Real communication flows from the soul.
Deciphering it has challenges in any goal.
Since dawn of time it has changed each morn.
Take any animal sounds they are learned.
Hearing is only the beginning to be discerned.
Expecting we are sole communicators’ unearned.
Hearts beat the same in humankind and animal.
Error is ours to believe creating an anomal.
An arrogance of mankind makes it tangible.
Reason seeks out nothing, makes all reasonable.
Trace to whatever past you believe to be palpable.
Our classes have been taught to seek the truth.
From our past days and nights we were uncouth.
Imagination is not just humankind’s thoughts alone.
Make no mistake; all creatures have structure of bone.
Along with organs similar as our science has shone.
Great life, whether by science or religion has grown?
Intellect is not the only decision for any zone.
Now go and listen to all living things with a tone.
Allow not only your mind to decipher only prone.
Take into the future that all life be continually sown.
Imagination is in your soul, and can never be a clone.
Our words are a bark or growl to others as known.
Now imagine your experience, if we could only moan.

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BIRDS acrostic


    B    reathless each day the winged ones burst and unite into the twilight frieze--
     I     s there a more delicate touch to the sight than the songbirds as they take to the sky?
     R    eveling while entwined with the tailwinds-- delighting the indigo breeze,
     D    ashing on the last rays of sun to nip the laziest mosquito on the fly --
     S    ong of the satisfied sung—they fade into the welcoming night bosom of the trees. 

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

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Elatedly expansive
Longing to belong 
Naturally beautiful
Their trunks and tusks
Safari they reign

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Cats are a curious lot
All species playful; some dangerous
They care for their own
Some, like people, are loners.

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(Great white place)

Many have heard but few have seen
The beauty that lies with the heart of Africa
It folks, falls, flora, wildness life, wildness animals, lakes, rives, 
This is a place with the strength of a lion and flies as an eagle
Primitive and naïve is not in our vocabulary-cultural identity
Our dressing speaks of our roots, environment and pride 
Come and experience our greatness in the Estosha National Park

I am built stronger as the lion and taller to see my future as the giraffe
I am built to stand the waves of life as the crocodile – so beautiful
I am built with powerful vision just as an eagle-to see beyond my failures
I am built as wise as the cobra and humble as the dove – hilarious
I am built with a large heart for forgive – hefty heart, big as elephant 
I am built with strength in hands as the horns of a buffalo – splendor 
Come and experience our greatness in the Estosha National Park

We are people of all colors, cultures but communion in one as chameleons
We are people and place of peace, pleasure and leisure -  Etosha
We are people of attitude of gratitude and as multitude as springbok 
We are people pleasers; I am black with white heart- the beauty of zebra 
We are people that can survive in the draught-the power of Oryx
We are people with dark skin as the rich soil of Africa, dark as impalas
Come and experience our greatness in the Estosha National Park

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Rudi Rudi

Rudi Rudi
My beloved wild
A poem for you
No one like you
Your soft claws and tiny teeth
Your hiss soft as a whisper

Rudi Rudi
My beloved child
The lessons you teach
Never will I forget
In the embrace cocoon 
I return you to the nest of love

My wild Rudi
A poem for you
My beloved child

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I-inside Jungles
G-Gobbles up meat

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Picky child I was
before & still am as
I’m writing this
picky, petite poem –

I am different
now…I’ve changed for
the better, though
it was a challenging
Clever and cheery
teenager I am in the
present and past,
getting used to
foods I once didn’t
Kangaroos hop with
hope happily, tigers
hunt wildly &
sneakily, cats meow
for people food & to
receive a feel-good
rub  (independent,
little &
dogs yap for
(dependent, little &
big buddies), ants
gather & work, flies
hover around a heap
of droppings, debris
& remains/deceased
bodies, hyenas
attack & laugh their
tails off, wolves
get into their
private packs, fish
swim playfully with
the family, gofers
barrel & eat up the
veggies from my
garden, cheetahs run
at full speed,
finches chirp their
chants, dutiful 
dolphins go with the
wave’s ascending &
descending flow,
rabbits hop & chew
on carrots
cheerfully, lions
RAWR & laze around
on fields of golden
grace, bears huddle
with cubs & hide in
solitary, dark
caves, enormous
elephants eloquently
walk about on the
African, swaying
savannas & tons of
terrains much like
California in some
sense, lambs graze
in their
looking eagerly for
their shepherd,
lizards explore,
roaches scatter
around on the
kitchen & bathroom
floor, bedbugs bite
for the sake of
their sick appetite,
etc. ; is there
something new to
learn every night
and day? (The answer
is yes by deh way) I
guess I have to do
some research and
explore some more on
these subjects –
that’s my next
chillaxing, cool
Yet, I still go back
to my picky, old,
childlike, yet
innocent habits –
picking foods that I
cherish most and I
implore for more
scrumptious dishes
that I can hardly
ignore & boast about
it more and more
till my mouth
becomes sore! SCORE!
(means SUCCESS!, I
nailed it, or other
definitions behind

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Black and sleek into the night you creep
Looking for your enemy
Amid the creatures of the night
Crossing my path
Killer instinct at the fore

Claws drawn
Alley cat your time has come
Tonight another battle will be won!

Vicki Darcy 

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Don't Be Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Do we dare decide to come to the aid of the big bad wolf? 
Once upon a time wolves thrived from the Arctic Tundra to Mexico. 
Nevertheless, this species became nearly eradicated because of man. 
‘The systematic slaughtering of animals begets grave consequences. 

By the early 1900s, wolf populations were perilously shrinking.
Extinction would surely ensue if “The Law” did not intervene. 

Although a hundred pound snarling wolf is definitely frightful, 
Fear needed to be overcome for these beautiful animals to survive. 
Rocky mountain wolf populations specifically required relief. 
At alarming rates, these intriguing creatures were disappearing. 
In 1973 Canis lupis was put on the Endangered Species List. 
Decidedly, designated recovery areas were determined. 

Obviously, habitat loss and extermination programs had over killed. 
Fortunately, Yellowstone National Park participated in recovery.

There at Yellowstone, amazing benefits to all life became apparent. 
Helping the wolves ultimately balanced co-existing animal species. 
Evidently, God knew what He was doing when he created Canis lupis. 

By reintroducing wolves, man learned; the trophic cascade improved. 
Instinctual predation surprisingly increased other wildlife populations. 
Grasslands, which had been over grazed, began regenerating. 

Banks of the river became more stable due to reforestation. 
And the ecosystem transformed, as did physical attributes of the land. 
Dams were built by beavers offering niches for small animals. 

Wolves had indirectly changed the behavior of the rivers. 
Overwhelmingly, the reintroduction of wolves into the park was positive. 
Let us all dare to overcome fears and take steps to replenish God’s creatures. 
For in doing so, Earth becomes a Garden of Eden for all to enjoy. 

Copyright March 18, 2015

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Canis Lupus the 
Sponsor Shadow Hamilton

Read more at:
1.	 Wolves in Yellowstone National Park
2.	How Wolves Change Rivers.
3.	Beautiful pphotgraphs of wolves

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Rarely do they kill just to kill…but for survival.
Even when wild dogs kill sheep, wolves get the blame.
Mysterious, aloof, confident, proud and beautiful
Every action a wolf takes is for the good of the pack.
Many people fear Canis lupis and kill them randomly.
Believing that the death of a wolf helps profits,
Erroneously they are  killed when flocks are attacked.
Ranchers round up and set out to eradicate…the wolf.

Killing creatures like my murdered friend, a hybrid wolf (83%), hurts.
Adventures in our family, he was part of our pack.
Vacations, fun, and visits to parks ended; a needless killing.
I could not believe my yearling wolf was dead; poisoned.
Kavik, I still miss you, my playful, loyal friend.

Copyright 3/18/2015
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

When I think of wolves or see a movie about them, I always miss Kavik’s love and kisses.