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Abc Pain Poems | Abc Poems About Pain

These Abc Pain poems are examples of Abc poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Abc Pain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Addiction of meth

Emotions of addiction
pulling so seductively

like a long lost love

whispering my name 
over and over 
until its all I hear

yearning rumbles deep down
burning as it rises
like bile in my throat

So conniving in its game 
of love and hate

like peek a boo with a child
frightening when it is revealed

turn and run they say
where shall I go

the only recourse is to stay

fighting everyday

as it tries to tear 
to wear me down

He calls to me
i answer and somehow
i have won
a new day is here

exhausted and confused
howling growling in the distance
addiction pulls back

waiting patiently so patiently
to take me back to hell

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Is this how it ends?
Alone I cry that this pain may end;
Each day brings more fear; 
Each sunrise I pray for a better day;
Afraid of the sunset as it marks the end;
Sunset as a reminder that everything has an end;
Afraid to close my eyes fearing death;
Sleep eludes me with time;
The one body part I feed betrays me;
Each pain a reminder that I’m alive;
As a wipe each tear I value my hands,
A tear a reminder my hands function;
Seems like the only part yet to betray me;
Haven’t checked my legs since I’ve been in bed;
Never let you live without food; 
Three times a day I feed you;
Never did I expect much from you;
How can you betray me like this?

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Am from the backseats of mean streets
I got my eye aiming the Wall Street
They said education is the key
I wonder why they made it expensive for we,
Am sitting around hood rats,
Gangsters and Ex- prisoners
Sniffing, snatching, stuffing stuff
Mama expects a lawyer, a doctor, a mayor,
We are in the middle of a crisis
Am the original copy of a son-of-a-gun
I define the odds
I believe to break a law,
Is to make a road
You go east or west,
Home is still the best
But with a bullet in your chest
Don’t mess with these streets
They will give you a free ride to hell
Pot and crack do rounds all over,
It’s a mess,
I am needed, you are needed,
We are needy
We are in a man eat man generation
You either survive or succumb
There’s a billion ways to die,
Choose one,
It’s time for a change,
Change of perspectives,
Change of attitude,
Change of behavior
Let’s get out of our comfort zone,
Coz that’s what’s drowning us,
We need a change
Change for the better
It’s revolution time!!

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keep movin on

All the things we go through, all the pain we feel, and all the wars we fight we keep marching on!
For all the scars we have, for all the tears we shed we keep marching on!
For all the pain we hide, for all the times we hide all our emotions we keep marching forward!
For all the times we feel so alone and know one to belong to we keep moving on!
We have all these fear all these nightmares that come true but know matter what we keep going on!
Things we don’t expect, things we didn’t think could happen might just come true but we just have to keep moving on!
Know matter what happens in the future and what happened in the past just have to keep moving on with life!

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Soldier Boy

The soldier boy was sitting calmly underneath that tree, 
As I approached it, I could see him beckoning to me. 
The battle had been long and hard and lasted through the night 
And scored of figured on the ground lay still by mornings light. 

"I wonder if you'd help me, sir", he smiled as best he could. 
"A sip of water on this morn would surely do me good. 
We fought all day and fought all night with scarcely any rest- 
A sip of water for I have a small pain in my chest." 

As I looked at him, I could see the large stain on his shirt 
All reddish-brown from his warm blood mixed with dirt. 
"Not much", he said."I count myself more lucky that the rest 
They're all gone while I just have a small pain in my chest."   

"Must be fatigue", he weakly smiled. "I must be getting old. 
I see the sun is shinning bright and yet I'm feeling cold. 
We climbed the hill two-hundred strong, but as we cleared the crest, 
The night exploded and I felt this small pain in my chest." 

I looked around to get some aid-the only things I found 
Were big, deep craters in the earth-bodies on the ground. 
"I kept on firing at them sir. I tried to do my best, 
But finally I sat down with this small pain in my chest." 

"What would my wife be thinking of her man so strong and grown, 
If she could see me sitting here, too weak to stand alone? 
Could my mother have imagined, as she held me to her breast, 
That I'd be sitting here one day with this pain in my chest?" 
"Can it be getting dark so soon?" He winced up at the sun. 
"Its growing dim and I thought that the day had just begun. 
I think, before I travel on, I'll get a bit of rest..... 
And, quietly, the boy died from that small pain in his chest. 

I don't recall what happened then. I think I must have cried 
I put my arms around him and pulled him to my side 
And, as I held him to me, I could feel our wounds were pressed 
The large one in my heart against the small one in his chest.

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It’s my life not expecting you to understand it
A man who when he was a boy his mother abandoned
Alienated like I arrived from another planet
While you were with your family joking, laughing and eating a peanut butter sandwich
I was moved from foster families and children’s homes
Surrounded by people but feeling alone
 Everything I go through is some kind of building zone
Treated differently because I’m not wanted or loved by my dad, sister mum or brother
Feel like everyone trying to get to know me is working undercover
So the first thing I do is run for cover
Opposites attract I’m cold inside does that make me summer’s lover?
Being uncomfortable makes me comfortable
I feel safe being vulnerable
I’ll be the first to say I’m dysfunctional
Am I supposed to lie and say everything all great and wonderful?
Should I already understand and know it all?
You belittle me but I’m still growing tall
You wanted me to catch but you didn’t even throw the ball
An insomniac and I know Money can buy a bed but not sleep
But how much would a meaningful hug cost me?
I could wish and pray to the sky
But that’s just not me
Anytime love got me
It seems that Luck lost me
So I Push away the people I want to stay by my side
The ones who are worth your tears won’t make you cry
I could do 99 good deeds for you
But you would count the mistakes I make in life
So I don’t even try no more
I don’t cry no more
Love no one trust no one, **** them all
If you want to walk out my life. Here let me hold the door

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My soul mate

You knocked my heart’s door & I let you in
You were a thief; you stole it! Because of how kind you have been
Your words were extremely sweet and I was a sugar addict
You were a psychic because my future works you could predict
You were tremendously thankful for the simplest thing I did
You made me live the dream & dream life like a kid
You planted my garden with flowers of laughs
You filled my sea by drops of hope & faith
You were my mirror; you reflected me perfectly
You were incredibly modest & no word could describe you correctly
You! You! Yes you! Y, O, U! You are simply amazing
You were, are, and will always be miraculously surprising
 I wish I could erase all my errors, all my mistakes
To gain your trust and love I’ll do whatever it takes
Believe me honey it kills me when I hear that in your heart is born hate
Because in the end we both know that you are my soul mate.

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i wittnessed a war just yesterday,
being the reason for much dismay,
i'm sorry for all the death and blood,
and all the soldiers in the mud,
i wish i could stop it just can't be done,
i'll need everybody including a nun,
i'll need jesus to forgive our sins,
that knock us down like bowling pins,
i'll need everybody to read this poem,
in hopes that all the soldiers get back home.

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A Penny For My Thoughts

A penny for my thoughts
I'd be a millionaire
Constantly my thoughts are racing
My mind is everywhere
Should I stay or should i go
Will I win or lose
Can I have my time to shine
Since I have paid my dues
A penny for my thoughts
I wish it were a buck
If I could just collect these thoughts
Then it might change my luck
My thoughts are so abundant
To count them is to many
My mind is worth a whole lot more
Then just one simple penny

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

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Pain pain go away,
You little b!tch you cannot stay.
I want you gone, Far from me
F*ck off now, and leave me be.
sick of doctors, sick of stress,
Sick n' tired of takin meds.
I want to know what's wrong with me,
A want to be "normal", cant you see?
It wont happen this I know,
With my bloodline,.... it goes to show....

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Swept By Sight

Over and across the moon
In this lonely night,
I stare at the castellation
Which glitters your face.
But because I miss you
The wind whirls out your name
Then eventually it feels like rain in my heart.
As the clouds draw near
Deep down within, my river turns to a sea.
With tears in my eyes,
I look away.
Because I refuse to let the storm determine my destiny
Because it's your hurricane that I fear the most.

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I'm writing now oh big bro
Oh! sorry I forgot, yes you said no
To say goodbye and to let you know
That you'll be on my mind wherever I 
Well you know I'll never be ur pussy 
cat nor teddy bear
Whatever you wanna call me now...I 
dnt care
You think you're the one who's hurt, 
well you're wrong dear
The truth is that I'm the one suffering 
No no plz dnt you ever apologize
I'm the one who's sorry for telling 
To you?! Yeah right that's what you 
have always thought
But I was lying to myself believe it or 
No more stories,no more pain
Gonna spread my wings, fly in the 
Now each one is going his own way
Well that is all I have to say
If you change your mind I'll be 
waiting for you
Ready do hear and forgive like I 
always do
The fact is you'll never know what 
you did to me
Though I'll never consider you as an 
Oh how I wish to hear from you 
these words
Saying, sister come close to me, 
together we will run the world.

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Loss of ambition
Looks like I’m on a mission
Or some sort of a competition
Is it the end?
Should I be where I stand?
I cannot understand
I’ll just smile and pretend…
Looks like I’m lost
Not completely but almost
Disoriented, adrift and scared most
No way to hide or to escape from that ghost
Hunting me day and night
Making sure I don’t feel alright

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An Angel in Danger

Life's gifts is of all the good and 
the bad 
Never knowing what may arise 
An angel is everlasting hope we 
long to have and to hold 
We have watched you through 
just like a hawk 
We will never give up on you 
we know you are strong 
Who the angels will pull you 
through somehow 
Where there is a will there's a 
And with god looking over us 
well know we will be safe
Even tho this deadly danger of 
a disease took you over
We know in our hearts that 
steady burns yull be ok 
As a fighter like Athena (a 
warriors guide)you will grow 
Even now we see your alot 
Must be these guardians of 
heaven looking over you 
Feeling good with this is all you 
may need 
This danger none should live 
But as long as there is Angels 
up above its all you will ever 
need to pull through 
A tragic time. 
- by Brian O'Toole 
Caregiver of a cancer patient 
and friend 

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should i live or die

As a tear rolls down i dont make a sound 
i stay still i think what do i do
do i live do i die do i cry 
do i go on living this lie 
the lie i say all the time,that im okay , im fine, im happy 
but really in side im dieing 
every day i hear people say your ugly, your  weird, the rate on how pretty you are is 0 or 2, why dont you just die
life should be precous, should be fun but all it does is bring pain and sorrow 
im sitting here with a knife in my hand thinking what to do
do i keep feeling pain and cry every day 
do i stay and get called ugly and stupid and get treated like *****
or should i just end it now 
im allways getting teased and made fun of all the time 
maybe its time to end it all 
is life really worth living?

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Gold fish

Gold fish

On my vision and swum one
Sprawls the heart of those humans
Ah! They say funnily
Not knowing my stay 
Why? In such a way.

What matters only viewing outside colour?
Innerly they knew me I’m fish ever
They want to keep me in aquarium
Construing a four wall of transparent

Limiting me within four feet boundary.
Treasured only to provide them pleasure
I’m with my fate not happy always
Waiting time to get old in the slap of time.

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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Midnight Skies

Midnight Cries In midnight skies the cries of love drift off to sleep in endless love. For he who heard them. Sent them hope, that God created a world for them. For us to see and bare good times. For no more hurt and devishlish crimes. For the earth which once was good. Is soured and torn. There are no morals or dreams no more. Or hope of good things when suffering soars. For they are crushed by his vast sword. For he who has the greater sin. He has carried and been burdened with. He has been forgotten. In times like these. Because people hearts bleed with disease. For they have burdened him with more sin. They have forgotten the pain he is in. For he so carried his cross with pride. A younge man who was destined to die. No matter what the world does think. This man did live before we did. We have lost our way in darkened times. Like lost sheep we have roamed, away from him. If youd only listen and help to carry his cross. Take the blame for things done past. Change our ways for hope to last. We wont do that out of pride. When he is denied. I feel for him. I pick his cross up and help him off the ground. For he is my brother. Who I have found. He has carried that cross. No man deserved his life in such a lose. Tormented and torturded to no extent. He didnt look like a mere man in the end. He coutinued to stand even after he fell. Showing me the strength of Heaven and hell. For a man so strong, so bold and kind. Showed me what we can do as man kind. He gave his life for everyone who reads this. For those who can not see. Do not be blind Find this man, for he needs you. He gave his life to save you. With your help, you raise his cross. You heal that burden of love. That has been lost. Ease his pain and find your way. For Heaven is a start and hell is a step away.

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im soo sad

im so sad 
i dont know what to do why is life so sad n dark
i hide in the dark 
i like being in the dark 
the pain of losing people 
the pain of losing my family to my step mom she just took every thing away
i like darkness i feel pain 
i hide my feeling 
i feel like im on the edge of being gone 4 ever 
i dont talk to any one i rather stay in my room in the dark 
i want to cry every day i want to disaper 
the darkness is taking over me 
its taking me to a deep dark place i dont want to be

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The Prison of Night

At night i weep,
in silence i grieve,
how can i sleep?
when it is hard to breath,

During the day i laugh,
with friends i converse,
but the day wont last with the turning of earth,

with dark skies comes heartache,
as the stars flicker and blaze,
there only so much i can take,
of these suffocating days,

when the day starts anew,
and the sun brings the morning light,
i momentarily forget about you,
until the return of night,

when i see the midnight moon,
and feel the stars in the sky,
i close my eyes in this room,
and pray i make it by,

for when the sun is shinning high,
and the heat consumes my fright,
i cant help but wonder why
i must suffer the prison of night

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Your one mistake

I feel really hurt, I hope you don't notice the mascara stains on your shirt. I dont want you to know I still cry, I dont want you to know your the reason why. I know I have made many mistakes and caused you many heartaches. But I dont know how you handle this pain, I'm going insane. I feel like that one lie, has done more than make me cry. Its caused me to look at you a different way, its caused me to overthink everything you have said or say. I dont want us to change but now things feel so strange. I guess I'll just have to adjust but I dont have anyone to trust.  I dont know what all you have said is true, I dont know what to do. Should I be mad, is it okay for me to be sad. I hate the fact but I don't know how to react. I didn't exspect for that to happen, I wasn't prepared for my heart to be broken. I thought we we didnt keep secrets from eachother, I thought we could trust one a nother. But you have proven me wrong, showed me I'm not strong. I just hope you gain my trust back, before things get all wack.

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I Can't Believe It's Really Over This Time

I really hate this feeling, sometimes I wish I could stop breathing. I don't wanna try, just leave me here to die. You were the thing that made my life living for, but your no longer mine anymore. I feel so much pain, sometimes I believe I'm going insane. I'm missing what we had, although it was bad. I'm always walking down memory lane, why can't you see my pain? I know people change, &&' things get strange. I guess I gotta face it, she's my new replacment. I can't believe it's really over this time, I feel as if i have commited a crime. I live in a world of sorrow, so I don't ever worry about tomorrow. I didn't even have time to cry, because i had already said bye. I feel like I'm digging a deeper whole, so I'm hoping Jesus will take control. I'm sorry for my dumb mistake, but baby now I'm wide awake.

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life alone

life alone is bitter and cold
with no one to love no one to hold 
the long dark nights waking up on your own 
got money to spend but no one to phone 
to live like this 
to die with my shame 
to have love for so many with nothing to gain 
but where all born with a purpous reason for life 
but mine has been shattered like the shine off a knife
say the meaning of life and it looses its shine 
no one can own it to me it is all mine 
can life be this cruel or is it just me 
ive lost the way to my heart and i cant find the key 
to write all my feelings to write all my pain 
my heart is now empty cold like the nigh rain 
but we all must be love to be loved and forgotten 
to be buried six feet under and left to go rotten 
although i am 20 and my life is ahead 
but my pain will go on until i am dead

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No more Tears

     Hush now my 
dear no more tears 
shall fall, what once 
was, is no more, so 
hush now no more 
 Take my hand don’t 
look back, it’s time 
to heal and let him 
fade ,hush now no 
more tears his love 
for you forgotten, 
yes your biggest 
fear , come with me 
I can set your pain 
free ,it’s up to you 
and me he will no 
longer be , so hush 
my dear no more 
tears your heart 
goes black for all 
that you have done, 
what once was is 
done, take my hand 
don’t be scared let 
me set you free, 
look into my eyes 
give me all your 
sadness and fears, 
hush now you 
scared soul lay back 
let me take control, 
stop fighting and 
crying for he has 
moved on time to 
let  one last tear set 
you free, hush my 
dear there goes the 
last tear this will 
only burn  for a 
minute, then my 
broken girl you will 
be set free, you look 
at me with fear your 
heart begins to fade, 
follow the light my 
child it’s time to 
fade away, your 
blood drips down 
the table I can hear 
the cries poor out, 
they fill the room 
with fire as your 
body goes numb 
your mind begins to 
slip away, hush my 
dear there goes 
your tears, the pain 
is gone and so are 
 They all gather to 
shed their tears over 
you as they say 
goodbye, in a 
whisper through the 
air they hear your 
voice say hush my 
loves don’t cry I will 
always be hear, as 
the years go by  
your children hold 
you close, the man 
you broke still 
remembers  the 
days he held you , 
as his day comes to 
a long lived end he 
takes on last breath 
and hears you say, 
hush hush my love 
it will be okay take 
my hand I will show 
you the way, now 
your time is endless, 
no more grey ,your 
hearts are warm the 
tears no more, you 
walk away as 
one ,never looking 
back hush my dear 
your safe now let us 

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Lament of my heart
sang by my soul.
Remarks of the hurt
visible through thy hole.

This pain in deadly fatal,
my aim is to have it 
the agony is getting 
damn you've hurt me and 
now i'm toxic.

I hide my pain and 
behind my wide smile.
I avoid watery eyes
by remindin myself 
about what we used to 

I'm torn deep inside 
my rib cage.
My organs are interrupted
by the cuts your 
has caused to my heart.

My patience and 
perseverance seem 
to lack due to the damage
you done in my soul.

I bleed the reaction
i do when my blood
circulation is disturbed
by the blood clots caused
by the pain you've caused 

My brain aches,
my heart is wounded,
my mind is swollen,
my soul is over stitched

I'm torn and nothing 
can be done to fix me up,

I give away my boots,
hand in my membership 
hang my jersey,
leave the field 
and quit the game... 

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what do you do
























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Who Will

Who will hush the child in the man,
Who smiles by day and weeps at night?
Who will put a smile on his heart,
Greater than the fake on his face?
Who will hold his hand into the light,
And lead him to luminated paths?
His heart is heavy and weighed down
With many shadows from the past.
Shadows that reign in all his dreams.
Who will get rid of the scars,
Scars of the past that mark his heart?
Who can provide what he seeks;
The tender warmth he cherishes
That sews the human race?
What can stop his bleeding heart
From bleeding itself out dry?
Who will clothe his naked skin,
And give him shelter from this cold?
His growing hunger, who will feed?
Who will feed the famished soul in me?

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More Than I Am

I pull my blinds down shut to end another day
An eerie silence fills the halls with lonesomeness and decay
I draw my sheets back and clear the thoughts inside my head
Because the quietness breaks my heart when im alone in bed
I turn the T.V. on to turn the emptiness down
I hear the voices speaking, but I can't make out the sounds
I look at my bible filled with guilt and shame inside
I havent picked it up to read for quite some time
And with hell I look up to my ceiling and cry
Have You abandoned me too for ever leaving Your side
Lord just light the way and I will come back home
Lead me back to that place I was once before
I know I havent prayed, because I have been afraid
I know I let You down and I was scared of what You might say
Forgive me for ever thinking I could do this on my own
Please give me strength so that I can carry on
And help me turn these pages once again
So that I may be all I'm meant to be in the end
A better friend, a better son, and a better brother
A better uncle, nephew, cousin, and a better lover
Teach me to be a father who leads his child with strong hands
Because I know that You made me to be more than I am


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My mind and heart are at war

MY heart and mind are at war
My heart and my mind are at war,
Body and soul lost between the hate,
Confused and hurt not knowing what for,
They pull, twist and fight to escape,
The battle of pain sweat and tears,
Caught in the midst of heartache,
My soul breaks free and leaves behind its fears,
The pain is too much for my body to take,
I built a wall and smashed it to dust,
For another, but for what,
I lost my faith and lost her touch,
I am soulless standing here stuck,
My mind has won this war,
My heart damaged and broke,
Still not knowing what for,
I pray and i still hope,
That this war will end,
And mind and heart will coincide,
Hoping my soul and body will mend,
For the rest of me has already died
I am done with the pain of passion,
And done with the love of pain,
All i here is my hearts door's crashing,
For this is what makes a man go insane,
I felt her love i loved her touch,
I kissed her lips and she kissed my heart,
Now this feeling, i feel too much,
Now it’s time for my mind and heart to part,
I will see her eyes in the moon lit sky,
Her beauty in a sky of wonder,
I will shed one tear and let the pain die,
As i lay awake in a world of loveless slumber
The illusions of love corrupted my mind,
The confusion of passion clouded my eyes,
The death of my heart came soon this time,
So now i will love in a world of my demise,
You can’t feel this pain that i feel,
I am done trying and this time i am,
When i write i write what’s real,
So now can you see why my soul ran?
Can you stop and wonder,
How i made it so far, with so much pain,
Can you here my heart crack with thunder,
And can you see i live in a world of rain,
 I have sought love found it and lost i
I am tired of pain.  so tired my heart is exhausted
i am done now if she comes back then i am here,
if not like i said i have shed my one and only tear

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The pain you putting in my heart

We are engaged but you can’t stay true to me, it’s like I’m alone in this relationship, We don’t talk and here it’s about to be our one month anniversary now, I tired talking to you but you didn’t listen to me, I had it to the point I’m been crying for the past two weeks, This had started when May started but doesn’t matter how I feel in the inside cause I just don’t think you understand what I’m looking for anymore, it’s time for a change and honest I want the man I started dating on April 16,2013, Not this cause this isn’t what I want, I fell in love with the man that is caring, understandable, wanted to talk about anything but now all I can get out of you is these: I’m missed you, I’m missing you, I love you, love you, I wish I was there with you, how you are doing, how are our kids doing, what are you doing, and what are the kids doing, This isn’t  relationship that is supposed to be engaged to be married, This is a relationship that’s falling apart, Can’t let it be you, you are my true love that all I see and want to hear,  I don’t want no other man, I don’t this to be over like it’s looking I am in love with you, But I hate not being listening to cause it bring back memories and I refuse to go down that memories lane, Now where is the man I fell in love with at,

		By: Sheena Shenia Jackson 
		May 15, 2013

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All this pain inside me
All these bad thoughts
All these tears 
The pain of a razer 
The pain of a knife 
The pain of words 
The pain of love 
All this pain breaks my heart
The strugle of trying to fight 
the lie that giving up is the 
way. This is so much pain 
some times feels like giving up 
life is the best way to go
My life may not be thw worst it 
is bad but you never know 
some one elses could be soo 
much worse

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The color of my anger

It consumes me

Into a pit of black

I cant express the emotion

Nothing comes out!


Its overwhelming

The black, theres too much

I can't see anything

Feel anything

Hear anything

Its just black 

And I am angry 

No one can help me

And I cant help myself

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family portrait

If I fall I pick myself up and try again
Been hurt before but I won’t cry again
My wings are broke but I know I’ll fly again
Cause I was lost with no map
I paid the cost with no cash
No one there for me in my hour of need
They’ll be there when things are good. 
They only care about power and greed
But I could never be a coward or leave
Isn’t anything about that logic that’s sensible
None of that stupid stuff is apprehensible
People walking around like they’re invincible
Like they’ve got no morals or principals
World on my shoulders it feels miniscule
No weight at all
Won’t make me fall
You wouldn’t last a mile in my shoes
Girls yeah there’s been a few
More than life or death win or lose
Been through the storm my skin is bruised
People ask questions like it’s an interview
“Are you depressed, why didn’t you cry when your dad died?”
So I guess I’m heartless and some kind of bad guy
Because I didn’t shed a tear when my dad died
What about when I was 3 he threw a yellow pages book at me 
Which left me with a black eye
Now I’m supposed to lie and act like he was the greatest father ever
Without this man in my life
I made it through the harshest weather
No family to stand by my side
No love at all. I thought a parents love is meant to be unconditional
Raised in foster care
Praying my parents would call just to say “son I’m missing you”
No matter how hard I try I can’t run from missing you
Is it any wonder I idolize rappers and Eminem’s the one I listen to?
Where was my father when I needed advice on girls or for my first date?
He didn’t even send a single card on my birthdays
But I’ve still go R.I.P Dad tattooed on my arm
Age 15 I started to self harm
My head would hit the pillow and tears followed
Cuts sinking in my arm so I always feared tomorrow
**** everyone I don’t want or need there sorrow
All they can do is call it attention seeking
But I look at people who allow their scars on show
As brave and redemption seeking
Does that change when you can no longer mention reasons?
And the reason for your first time’s intentions leaving
So now maybe it’s a mental addiction
Sometimes in life you don’t like what the pencil’s scripting
Cause the more I like you 
The quicker I say you need to let me breathe
You say you love me
The quicker I let you leave
The more you hate
The less it gets to me
Hate is safer than love
But do me wrong and you’ll be dead to me
So to family and friends who have hurt me I have 3 words rest in peace

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It started out simple, I never thought it through. The start of an addiction so exciting and new.  I could have never for seen how far it would go. If I would have thought it trough I would have been strong and said “NO”.   It started out simple, It was my favorite thing.  I never for seen the heartbreak it would bring. It started out simple, yet so intense, so strong.  I could have never for seen the addiction would hold me for so long. It’s not so simple when the best parts of you break away, day by day. It’s not so simple when your favorite thing is something you hate.  How could I for see what would become my fate?  It’s not so simple when you’re trying to keep from getting sick but with every prick you get more sick; sick of yourself and this nasty habit you keep. I never knew it would go this deep.  It started out simple, it ended so complex. How could I have for seen my life would become this unmanageable mess. Down low in the gutter, ashamed, and depressed. How could I have for seen id be under arrest, for this habit I love, it’s this habit I hate.  It started out simple, it started out great. How could I have for seen id become a felon and in prison id wait?  It’s not so simple, I guess it never really was… time I’ll makes it simple, next time I’ll say no to these drugs!

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Have you ever

Have you ever
felt like jumping out of your skin?

Like staying alive and dying hurt just the same
so you dangle dangerously between two lines on the edge praying it won't crumble under your unbearable weight but at the same time summoning the courage to jump.

Have you ever died inside?

Felt the emptiness that hazes your days with black
where you want to cry but nothing comes

when there's a hole so wide and deep you can't figure out
how you dug yourself to that point
but there you are frayed,broken and falling apart your seams that hold you together are visibly untying and you hope that everything that makes you up whole will be enough in the end.

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What is love

What is love but a state of mind,
 a wish the heart makes?
Why is that  in a moment of time,
 a person's heart can break,
A passion like no other,
 a pain deeper then the ocean,
A feeling that takes another,
 to embrace such an emotion,

What is love but a false promise
 a painful demise?
In a blink of the eye,
 we fall into its disguise
Heartbroken and alone
 we all seek what the heart desires,
we seek a true love
and spark to light the soul’s fire,

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Let Go

This Poem is for all those (including myself) that is holding on to some kind of pain from their past that they cant seem to let go of or don't want to... You're bringing it with you wherever you go even 20 years from now until you can learn to make peace and let go.

I know its hard I know its not easy,
But I know that the past still haunts thee.
No matter what you do it still tends to show,
But you have to try... To let the pain go.
I'm not a professional just someone that's seen,
This is one task that certainly ain't easy.
If you hold on negativity will follow,
And leaves no room to be positive tomorrow.
I know its difficult to come to terms,
With yourself..your past..and all you have learned.
It's not easy to let the past go..whatever it may be,
But it makes life difficult to live positively.
We know not of what it holds for the future is but a mystery,
But what's done is done.. make peace... Because its History.

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Time Out To Cry

All alone at the end of the day
The time, just a little past ten
Evening has come for a short stay
It’s time for her sorrow again
The smile on her face she’s been holding
Suddenly, she lets fall
And the feelings begin unfolding
She comes out of her personal wall
As the world settles down for the night
She awakens herself from a dream
The girl they thought had life going right
No longer the image she seemed
She takes off the disguise she’s wearing
Opens her heart to the truth
Now behind closed doors she’s not caring
About life, or love in her youth
She sits by the mirror spilling tears
And she cries by herself in the dark
Hours of acting like there’s no fears
Takes a lot from an empty heart
Inside she’s lonely and sad
But acts like she's fine by day
In her misery, wishing she had
A friend, or a promise to stay
Ashamed of the truth she’s been keeping
Living hours in daylight a lie
This is the reason in darkness she’s weeping
Taking time out from each day to cry

Written by Shannen Wrass

Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

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Struggles, a moment of strife.
Where we fight for life
Forgetting it’s all a lie.
A moment we forget what life really means.
We toil and soil not remembering we’ll leave
And then it becomes too late to live.
Even through our struggles,
We try to stay humble,
Though there are times we’ll stumble,
And then we’re troubled,
Which makes the struggle begin to fumble.
Even in life when we struggle,
We tend to worry,
Which then makes the struggle double.
Family is first they say,
But most times, we go astray,
Trying to get our gains,
Through pain.
We slay that bond of family,
By there being no peace and love, cause it was destroyed by we when pursuing success.
And then we forget life always comes once.

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Damaged Rose

If we never speak again sorry I forgot to mention that this pain I contain is deeper than you can Imagine that's why I feel being with you just couldn't happen. Letting blood sucking leeches suck all the self love I needed left feeling weak scared to speak shivering in the darkness where I remain,like a snail in it's shell I stay but secretly I want to get away but to insecure and afraid you want to come to my rescue fix me but I won't let you because now the pain is seeping back through the creases all the hurt from the past has me truly believing that I'm not worthy of your attention and affection. Sorry to push you away to many bad recollections have become so guarded it's my protection I know you wonder why? about these tears I cry and all you want to do is dry my eyes help me kill the pain inside make me realize all that I am but I just won't let you, just can't Evan though your the perfect man I hope you understand. I know nobody's perfect but because I'm hurting I don't feel worth it, how could it be true if i don't feel beautiful enough for you? How could there be a happy future for us tomorrow if I am so full of sorrow? Behind the heavily guarded door that stays closed lies a damaged rose and the pain I contain is deeper than I imagined giving you a damaged rose couldn't happen.

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love child

tempted mistress bore a son
acid spit from serpents tongue
sinners sin with no remorse
natures crule and twisted course
passions lust fades away
embedded in the soul to stay
pain conceived of rage
trapped with in a lovers cage
hatreds blade sheds scarlet tears
glaring eyes, ringing ears
adultery's sorrowed tail
an innocents life impaled

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Maybe this is life.
Maybe this was what i 
Maybe this was what i 
was meant for.
Repeated quotes you 
already know.
Repeated mistakes one 
can't live without.
Repeated songs mixed 
with muffled pleas.
Whisper of violet words.
Desolate and empty.
Rejected, left and 
Always at the mercy of 
your words.
Voices pierce and 
Why am i all confused 
and messed up?
Will your words forever 
A life of pain and 
repeated torments.
Will i forever beg for 
Will i forever hide from 
those ungodly words
of yours?
Maybe i should think.
Can i even still reason 
Insanity calls.
Your words strike.
Wouldn't you forgive still?
Must my life be forever at 
the mercy of your
harsh words.
And yet i stayed.
Still waiting;
shove me down one 
more time.
Hit me where it hurts.
Below my chest just close 
to my navel.
The pain is nice.
The feel is great.
Don't you just love as 
your sweat drops.
And the sweet smile of 
Satisfaction you give
beyond those frowns.
Your fists descend down 
some more.
And your hits counts.
And here i laid.
Forever to remember this 
Endless tears mixed with 
I will learn to forgive.
I will learn to adapt to 
Forever at the mercy of 
your words and fists.
Forever loving the pain**
violet words.
Endless tears.
Unending pain.
Forever dead.
Yet your hits counts

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Give me love

Lately I've been waking up alone
I just wanna hold you
we can play hide n seek 
all I wanna do is lay next to you.
It's been awhile
Sense I'll held you
Maybe I should let you go
All I want is to taste your lips
I know the best thing to do is to let you go.
But my heart isn't ready too
Maybe tonight I'll call ya
Just to say Hi!
All I want is for us to go back the way where before
But I know it's all in my mind.
I know it's been years
But I just can't let you go
Give me love
Give me a Second chance
I love you 
Why can't you see that..

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If only ur words would just make  A 
minor scrath if  not fully elase,
If only its posible to lay my heart 
down for a while,
Just to breath at ease for a day,

This pain is too much,
Even though i try to cut myself into 
each piece will still be in pain,
This great pain will not let go,
No matter how much i cry of the 

So because i have no more tears 
left,and even though i wanted to,
Am already worn out,
So crying is no longer an option,

The remaining pain cant be reduced 
by crying,
So it is more painful to want to cry 
but i cant,
A huge size of stone sleeps in my 

So besides not being able to cry,    
No sound will come out, 
So will i be ungreatful if i ask,
Why did u teach me how to love n 
not who to love if nt u.

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Drowning here in this crazy love hoping that someone 
come and save me. From this hurting pain 
that keep my inside burning in flame,

crying loud and still know helping hands
i need to be hold i need to be loved
i need to be hole.

Again because my heart is broking into
two once again.

Dear lord i can't suffer so much more i had
enough of falling in and out of LOVE.
I can't sleep or eat sad and happy at the same
time my moods up and down all around.

I don't won't to give my heart up again
i don't won't to be let down again i 
just won't to be forever and always

With a man please lord take
my acking Pain away from me
take this misery i can't take it anymore
so bless my soul and this heart
with so much good

So i can leave the bad and live my life the way 
a young lady should.

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Bloody Roses

You look cute,
but scream like a beast,
your sweet voice is in mute,
and your smile has deceased.
No longer in love,
afraid to be crushed again,
feelings in the mud,
countdown to ten,
to a nervous breakdown.
cut yourself to reduce pain,
but still feel the depression,
your tears are like rain,
your heart is full of regret.
Can no longer relate,
shattered the world of love that you've created,
only concentrate on hate,
on those who abused you.
A bloody rose looks harmless,
but it's filled with cruelty,
expect the unexpected,
from deadly beauty.

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Fear is how he made you

You hold your side 
Because if you don't you know you will just fall apart 
Honesty, does nothing. Might as well lied 
You breathe deep to fill the empty space 
A place where hope should be 
But there's not a single trace 
You run to the space in your mind 
That's meant purely to hide 
You will never have a home 
Words just to make you cry 
The cold can't touch you 
Because the fear has already consumed you 
Fear you thought you could hide 
The pain you thought the world was bind too 
The hardest thing to know 
Is that your suffering is shown 
That those around you see you dying 
They reach out there arms 
But your not trying to get help 
You can do it alone
What's one more punch 
What's one more burse  
Or one more tear 
It makes you stronger 
Your just standing to close for it to be clear 
Enough is enough and you can't go one more day 
With a family of broken trust 
But your legs won't work and you clasp 
There's no more fight in you
There's nothing left to do 
You cry out to the heavens 
Screaming your sorry for everything you did 
And everything you didn't mean to do 
You know it's not your fault 
But it doesn't matter, His wrath is unwavering 
He didn't do it so it must be you. 
He tells you when the world blows up, it was simple to kill you 
Fear is something you learned at a young age 
Something that's stronger then love and stronger then rage 
Fear of losing everything he let you have 
You can wish and you can pray 
But one simply fact still remains 
He own you every day until breath leaves your body 
For fear and pain 
Is all that's left 
Because that's all he made

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Once I fell for Thor

I once fell for a man with looks to kill and long hair as golden blonde 
Body as a warrior god should be with his eyes so blue as ice 
There I stood frozen into his spell 
As he held me and looked deep into my eyes 
And utterd these simple words of love I was sprung deep into him 
This god of thunder kissed my lips ever so softly 
Thought I've found my one true love only to find his true way of lies and useing my heart 
Just to crumble and crush me down to my sorrow with his enchanted hammer to crush my heart 
And all I hoped for to a million shatterd peices 
I suppose this will be as I once fell for Thor 
By Brian Otoole

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In her solo
Divine lyric
I met
In ascent magical thy space
Where no scarcity
In love
You paint
You pick real
Where in plaint
You plant
From words
Deep of heart
Healer of my soul
There is
A silent sigh
Lass shed tears
Lost and faded
In her faint
As she lost face in face
In vividness prime
There is
A hidden pain
Who to blame
Mist or fair
Meant to mend
Or mold to break

I wonder
That angel
Who busted me believe in love
Burst me when told me
Don't believe in love
How bee
Could be
Without honey
How bird
Could be borne
Without wings

Oh angel
As light
You never see
The darkest side of moon
As love
You infinity grace
But could we know that
In every prime
There is
A pain
In every flying
There is
A fall

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Brain Surgery 05'

Brain Surgery of 05'

                          I am so Freightened, to death because it feels that it has COME                  
 BACK!  PLEASE!!!!   GOD!!  :'(  Don't allow this to happen to me again!!!

                          Thank the LOrd, I actually have them though...  :|  Surgery after,              
Surgery, after Surgery doesn't help though.  It's kinda scary because the medicine              
I take DOESN'T SEEM to take the SEVERE MIGRAINES AWAY!!!!  I just can't live with             
 them.  Just like before which totally SCARES ME TOTALLY!

                  I never want it to come back, I thought that was my past!!!  I am suppose to             
look FORWARD to my FUTURE, not look forward to my PAST!!!  What is this?  Come on              
GOD?  Make it right for me.  PLEASE!  Do your thing, come on.

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A prisoners struggle

Until you’ve ran a million miles in your cell,
Or stared at your reflection in the mirror,
Until you’ve shadowed boxed with the sound of the silent bell,
Or saw the light fade, and the darkness draw nearer,
Until you’ve dreamed of hell and felt flames,
Until you’ve remembered love, and felt her heart beat,
Or when you’ve cried so much you smelt rain,
Only then can you know of what I speak,
Until you’ve felt the failure on your heart,
Or the crippling effects of disgrace,
Until you’ve ran from the light, and embraced the dark,
Until you’ve given up and lost all faith,
Until you’ve painted pictures on your ceiling,
Until you’ve talked to yourself to calm your mind,
Only then can you know this feeling I am feeling,
For what I am feeling is the loss of time

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Happily Never After

When we were kids,
The things we did were hidden under the grid.
Young and naïve
We never believe love could be so well hid
But with regret, I’m willing to bet,
And say the older we get,
It gets harder to forgive,
And then harder to forget.
We build our hearts of plastic.
Get cynical and sarcastic,
Becoming lonely and spastic
Then we’d love to feel love, but can’t stand the rejection,
Hiding behind our fears as a form of protection,
Longing for a chase to taste the kiss of affection,
I thought I was close, but under further inspection,
It shows I’m in the wrong direction,
Struggling and running with no detection,
I’d change if it’s not for the seduction.
But then it’ll take a lot of medication,
Just to suppress the intention of the painful detention.
We all need love really, because it’s our way of reception.

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Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.
They dont care to see how it effects others,
Sex, drugs, and parties is all it is,
and all we can think is "Oh Brother!"
I dont understand how stupid people can be,
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, There they go, Never cease to amaze me.
Because of this I may lose the one person I would hate to lose, Try again Please,
Even though we're only friends, I want to be selfish,
But even more, I want you to be happy.
I'm anti-social from time to time,
Time to think about the good things in life.
I hope that you could please remind me,
What is this piece of sh!t world coming to be?
I'm afraid if he goes, we'll lose touch,
and maybe the fact... I'll miss him too much.
Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.

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I want to run
I want to hide
the pain I feel
the hurt that has become my friend
you left me alone in the end

how do I run?
how do I hide?
from my heart
the pieces on the floor
how could you?
why did you?

I want to run and hide
but how can i?
my heart, now my enemy
the pain kills me
my soul dries 
as the tears flow

you left me, 
you didn't want me anymore
the pieces on the floor
how do I run?
how do i hide ?

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Because Of You

You say you love me but you dont
I thought you would change for me but you wont
       The pain I feel is so deep
It makes me want to do nothing but go to sleep
       I really thought you cared how I feel
But you dont because you wouldnt be doing the same things still
       No matter how long we've been together or what we do
There's still this pain you put me threw

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One time, that's all it takes
to find yourself make one big mistake
it felt good on the first try
a feeling I never felt before
next thing you know you crave for more.
Spending money on that one thing, nothing else
thinking about only yourself
walking up an down on the streets, here an there
don't even look right, and you don't even care.
Are you in pain?
can't you see you've gone insane?
why do you think your ugly?
knowing you always had natural beauty.
Addiction is like poison eating away in you inside
not seeing the path you have chosen
you would bring friends first, and put your love ones aside
addicted with pride
addicted of being selfish
forgotten what you have cherished
your addicted of depression
an addiction is obsession
and you still don't care.

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No more pain

Tired going here and there,
Tired of being aware!
Sick of building useless hopes,
Sick of being on unstable slopes!
Vexed facing disappointment,
Vexed keeping perseverant!
Done carrying on,
Done being cheated on!
Special thanks to all my swains;
Those who cured, or racked my strain,
A new stage has just broke ground,
A Point of view is switching around
Only success is what I'll brace,
From today, till blue in the face!

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A Welsh New Year

A Welsh New Year

The night's dark shadow 
creeps softly over the sky. 
Dark, soft fingers pull slowly at the light, 
fully engulfing it into it's dark mass. 
The wind whips off the sea.
Snatching and releasing, 
pushing and pulling.
Rough and unforgiving.
Wild as our hearts, 
beating quickly in the night.
The wooden walls groan in around us.
A ship, 
forever docked, 
deeply into the cliff.

A yearning spirit hides in anticipation 
behind each eye, 
quivering in excitement and childish glee.
When finally, 
one scuttling figure jumps from the couch 
and out the door.
We chase him, 
fleeting feet and unruly rain jackets, 
across the courtyard and towards the wild sea. 
The wind's intensity grows with the seconds.
We stop, 
when we reach the light.
It flashes, 
giant and glowing.
The sea roars far below us 
and the wind thrashes and screams in our ears.
I feel as if it could lift me off my feet 
and carry it as far as it pleased.
Clinging tightly to whoever is closest, 
we stand in silent awe. 
But it only last one flickering moment,
before we're dashing back 
to the warm safety of the indoors. 

But when the morning comes,
and all putter around the kitchen, 
little fragments of the night still remain. 
A crumpled flag of the living room floor. 
Muddy shoes scattered 
on the cold entranceway.
The quick sprawled footprints in the sand. 
And a lone wine-glass of water, 
on a disheveled bedside table. 
Gentle smiles pass through the house,
and the steady sea beats rhythmically on.
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The Power of Forgiveness

 The Power of Forgiveness
By Reg Rhodes

Today, I found a key to set myself free from the nightmares of my own 
shattered reality.  

Today, with the key known as forgiveness;
I will cease to languish in my own mental anguish. 

Today, I have set a prisoner free;
much to my relief that prisoner was me.  

The key of forgiveness releases me from the blame I placed on myself for four 
arduous years.  
The key of forgiveness releases me from the nightmare of the pain, the 
shame, the endless tears.  
Though her infidelity was hateful. 
I have forgiven her, and for this I am grateful.

I was an unknowing participant of her malicious reasoning.
Falling victim to her planning and scheming. 

All the while, she had an unrecognizable look in her eyes.
Her love for me had been replaced with lies. 

I longed to see my wife again, but it was too late.  
She had already been replaced by an evil being; brimming with anger, lies, 
deception and hate.                                             

I mourned her loss, and felt the emotion known as grief.
My loving wife wouldn't return. I pleaded with God to grant me relief.

I desperately needed relief, but found none. 
Two years mourning the loss of my wife had begun 

The truth would only cause me more pain and tears. 
She finally told me the truth; that her betrayal had gone on for 3 years.  

The anger and hate she had towards me; a level of betrayel beyond my 
To my stunned family; those were the things I simply couldn't mention.  

She sneered at my suspicions, forcing me to doubt my sanity. 
Her actions filled me with humiliation, and stripped me of my dignity. 

I have forgiven myself for trusting the devil who masqueraded as my best 
friend, my confidente, my wife. 
I have forgiven myself for falling in love with her at such a young age in my 

I have forgiven her for bringing out the worst in me.
I have forgiven her for compromising my sobriety, and stealing my sanity.  

I have forgiven her family, that despite her infidelity;  
continued to love her unconditionally. 

I have forgiven the uncompassionate ignorance of the fortunate; 
those who have never felt the invisible wounds that infidelity brings.
To the naked eye of the naive; her hatred, anger and lust were unfathomable 
I have forgiven her friends for helping me with the relentless self blame.   
I have forgiven her for filling me with anger, bewilderment and shame. 

I have forgiven the man who aspired to dismantle my marriage and ruin my 
I have forgiven his longtime lover who was also my wife.    

I have forgiven myself for sheltering my sanity in the cold cave known as 
I have forgiven her actions that robbed me of my laugh and stole my smile.   

I have forgiven myself; relinquishing my right to a better past. 
Freeing me of the self loathing at last. 

Ultimately, she couldn't stop her lies.
I knew it was time; we would have to to sever our ties. 

In the name of love, I have forgiven her.
I have surrendered my right to hurt her for hurting me.
I have allowed a loving God back into my life; and I am once again free.  

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. 
Anger, resentments and hate do not belong. 

With God back in my life, and daily prayer.
I have been able to forgive her affair.

God has shown me the sincerest, most beautiful form of love on earth. 
He has given me the power of foregiveness, and granted me a spiritual 

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The Mask

 I put on my mask to hide,
all these feelings, 
I feel inside,
the anger, the hate,
the hurt, and the sorrow,
I'm not looking forward,
to another tomorrow,
so whats one to do,
but live these lies,
and keep all of these feelings,
tucked deep down inside,
were no one can see them,
but I know their, there,
if only they knew,
would they really care?,
so on stays my mask,
to hide the real me,
hoping that no one,
can actually see,
the anger I'm holding,
the pain that I feel,
just wishing in time,
that it would all just heal.

RobieLynn Collins
Copyright: 2000

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love and pain

Oh thee my beloved
Whence has though gone
I look for thee in day and night
Yet thy shadow have I seen not
My sleep be erupted
And my vision be blurred
But my beloved is yet to be found
I ask the mountains
Yet I get not my reply
I beg for all in nature to tell me of thy steps
To complete my shadows
And restore my good dreams
And when all hope was lost
The lily told me of where my beloved lay
Running faster than my heels
I ran to hold my beloved
And I turned back to whence I came from
For in my beloved ‘s arms was another

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Live like theres plusure to be found

The sun dies and the moon comes to life,....

I lay awake dreaming, what life could be like,....

If I could turn back the hands of time,....

And live life from the beginning with Rhyme....

As tears lay dormant and my cries remain silent,....

My past attacks me with a depression so violent,....

I try and count the stars, but I get lost in my confusion,....

I try to recall good times and end up with an illusion,....

I can’t see what is real and I can’t feel what fake,....

So how do I live when life is too easy to break?....

I laugh, I cry, I stand, I sit, I live, I laugh, I try to forget,....

All the pain but my memories, always insist,....

Push and shove until I give in,....

This demon is to evil, how I can win,....

I lost my heart; I found a block of ice,....

I replaced it so now I shall remain cold for life,....

I try and change but this pain keeps reminding me,....

That no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be free,....

From my past. From this unyielding pain,....

And that I will always live within a storm of constant rain,....

.. ..

So as the sun dies and the night sky comes to life....

I try and count the stars, with hope that everything will be alright....

I pray that my pain will cease and that my mind will slow down,....

So until it does, I shall live like there is still pleasure to be found....

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Salty tears and razor blades
 The pain drips slowly from my skin
 Physical pain sets in, emotional pain subsides
 Then begins again
 When the pain builds inside 
I want to escape 
I want to run
 I want to hide
 I can’t hide from myself 
I do this to cope
 When I’m down low laying broken on the floor
 Left with no hope
 In the moment I want to fade the hurt
 I slash my pride 
Demean my worth
 See myself through your eyes
 It’s your distorted perception of me
 False esteem, iniquitous lies
 It’s not easy living in an unhealthy mind
 Wrapped in a warped sick self 
I start to unwind
 A bawled up knot 
Frayed at the ends
 Then I realize when I hurt my self
 Its to my loved ones I must make amends

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Free Bird

I do love you,
But I need to sit you free,
Cause all I ever do is,
Cause you pain and hurt,
No One desvrse this much pain in thier life,
So I'm setting you free bird fly away,
In time you'll forget all about me and
all our memories...

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A serpent of the night
A serpent in friendship
Striking with no courtship
Never minding the relationship
The painful thing about betrayal, 
It never comes from the enemy
It feeds on the loved,
Making ‘em worse
Just like a curse
Directly from the cross
It feeds on trust
Created by lust,
We then wonder why it’s lost.
The real definition of humans
The ones you love more,
Cause you pains more.
Please don’t tell me you love me,
Cause all you do is stab me,
Never thinking of all you do to me.
A lot of pain, all from one source?

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It hurts so deeply, My heart feels shattered,
I want to be there , to my love it dont matter.
They always get their way, I wished she could see,
Its them being judgemental , She claims its me.
I thought when your as one, You stand firm by their side,
Not this relationship, Oh what a surprise. 
The feeling of poison, run through my veins.
The feeling I feel is nothing but pain.

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Colored Man

My Body is literally Scared Up
My Heart Is Torn
My Mind Screwed Up
I'm Sick To My Stomach but I Can't Throw Up
Unsatisfied by my performance in Life
Dreaming about A Rope To End a Life
Feeling Unloved from the ones that Raised Me 
Tears at Night Soaks Down To the Bed Springs
Look Up to My Big Brother he is living a successful life
Look at myself my Heart is dying to live right
Grew up in the slums Been Called Stupid and Dumb
Soon Got The Diploma So Half The Battle is Won
My Eyes are Open Wide To see more Tears and Lies
Colored Crack and Dope fiends These are The Days Of Our Lives
Mr. Colored Man Dare To Be Different
Its Time for a Change Say Mr. President
A Colored Man Full of Emotion but Not Easily Broken, but can be Broken by a Woman Who say She loves Him Then Turns To another Man and Gives Her Love to Him
Trough The Shakes, Turbulence, and Aftershocks Still I Stand A Colored Man..

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Just another nightmare

Thine eyes be closed as if in a dream
when reality comes crashing at my tired feet

bridge rising up slowly 
links of metal clack-a-lackin'
brush the wings of thy angel
white with stripes that blacken

once again upon my knees
begging forgiveness for my sins
breath catches closing off my throat
realizing, it is him

try to escape his evil hands
that once beat me down
pray my strength holds true
as my neck again they wrap around

his laughter as my heart pounds
fear evident in my eyes
hoping to escape please god
to see another sunrise

room is going blurry now
i can no longer fight back
tell myself dont black out 
but Oxygen I lack

as Im slipping away 
i see my childrens faces
tears pour from my eyes 
as my pulse races

blackness comes so soothing
pain gone so it seems
i sit frantically up in bed 
not knowing twas a dream

wet with sweat I jump up 
looking around the room
fall upon my knees praying 
these nightmares will end soon

afraid to fall asleep some nights
lest I see his face
love of my children helps 
the fear be replaced

we shall make new beautiful memories 
they are like stars in the stormy dark sky
my saving grace, my angels
they shall make these nightmares die

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Furthest thing from sane

I’m the furthest thing from sane
The biggest wake up call 
Wouldn’t even bring any change
Weight of the world
Doesn’t even bring me pain
I chase the girl who has a boyfriend or who doesn’t like me
But don’t like the voice of the girls willing to sing my name
Yes I know that seems wrong
T-shirt and jeans on
Yet I want the weather to bring me rain
To some that logic probably makes no sense
I feel lonely at times. But not looking to make any friends
Why do people take it personally when I say I need my own space?
I appreciate our friendship and relationship
But right now I need to be my own mate
Tired of people telling me things will be all right
Right now I need to seek my own faith
Feel the hunger in my stomach but I don’t want to eat
I feel tired as hell but I don’t want to sleep
I find happiness in the pain I felt
When I lost my father I gained myself
Feel so alive. But it wasn’t long ago I wanted to Kurt Kobain myself
I feel cold in the hottest summer
I feel hot in the coldest winter
 Acts calm but find it hard to hold his temper
I’m new to this but feel like the oldest member
I’ve heard so much stupid *****I wish I was deaf
Appreciate the people who stuck around
But I always want the ones who left
I got everything wrong
By trying to please people and trying to get everything right
I appreciate the dark
I’m not asking for the world to bring light
Sometimes I feel weak
I look at what I’ve survived and realize I’m strong
If you don’t laugh with me while I’m here
Then you have no right to cry when I’m gone
I know I’m the furthest thing from sane
I proudly admit that I’m out of my mind
To put it in a simple way
I’m the nicest jerk you will ever find 

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Ripping apart at the seams and hopeful dreams

Let me pretend 
Let me close my eyes and remember that this is a dream 
One more lie to help mend a ripping seam
Just one more moment I can forget how much my heart bleeds 
One more love that is less then what it seems 
Dear pain, the pain of dreaming, the pain of being
My dear friend, how have you been?
Through all this pretending and fake mending
I forgot our deal was still pending 
Now as my dream has ended, my payment has come due
Another part of my soul, you can now consume
A realization I constantly forget, Hope is not your best bet 
The disappointment in lost love, can't compare to the misery 
I knew I would have to bare
Ass my heart bleeds, I then run to you
The words I speak I wish weren't true 
Your eyes express the pain I can no longer feel, as I try not to explain it's not a big deal 
Words flow as I soon regret, you remind me how much I can't feel 
How much this shouldn't be real 
I've prayed to God to let me feel
He has kept his deal 
I feel anger, I feel pain, I feel loneliness
And who's to blame 
The love, The hope? 
But happiness is the missing part of the wheel 
So with pain and darkness I make another deal 
The out come is all to clear
As another part of my soul it will sire 
But the dream will remind me, that I can't give up 
I can't give in
Maybe one day the dream will come to life
Or maybe one day pain will take my will to fight 
But either way 
I'll leave the limbo between ripping apart at the seams and hopeful dreams

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The Fog

Into the steam filled abyss I found myself sitting upon a rock, lost, confused, hopeless. 
The light of a lark opened my eyes; the shadow of the devil closed them. 
My vision became faded and my mind was jaded, 
I was lost in the thoughts of an assassin and pushed into the actions of a suicidal animal. The rope clinched to my neck lets go ever so softly but when I slip it tightens 
Before I know it I am lost in the abyss of my own insanity and cannot find my way back to reality. 
Sometimes I forget who I am; sometimes I forget what good I’ve done. 
The fog takes over my very movements, thoughts, and actions. 
The laziness that unfolds upon me is like a quilt of guilt.
 Sweat, tears, and blood are stitched into the embroidery of this quilt. 
I try to open my eyes but they remain closed.
I am blind to the truth but to the fallacies I can see.  
I just wish to give my soul like a Faustian bargain feel completely whole again. Sadly...I know that I will never find.
I try to open my eyes again and I am alive, but falling into the depths of hell. 
The Egyptians encrypted my soul with this spell. 
The evil curse that will scar my skin with pain and have me walk as if I have survived the bloody gallows. 
My head hangs low and creates a correlation with my eye lids. 
The tears are hard to see in the rain, but the pain leaves a permanent stain.
 I am alive, but isnt living as bad as dying. 
The thought of the unknown lingers upon me like a mosquito
My love for you dwells forever as if it were a scar.

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     Searing pain shot through 
my body like a wave of heat. I 
raised my arm to feel my 
cheek, but he grabbed my 
wrist, forcing it back to my 
side. A small whimper escaped 
my lips. 
     "Shut up!" he growled 
slapping me so hard that I 
could hear the clap of his scaly, 
calloused skin on my cheek.  
My body was overcome by 
shock and I cowered down into 
the corner, giving him even 
more of an unfair advantage. I 
ran my back down the wall and 
squealed in pain as a rusty nail 
drew a long bloody line from 
my shoulder blades to the 
bottom of my abdomen. 
     "I said shut up!" he snapped 
as he jabbed me in the side 
with his leather hunting boot.  I 
screamed, I couldn't help it. I 
converted to the fetal position 
terrified of what my outburst 
had cost me. To my sunrise, I 
heard him mumble something 
under his breath and shuffle to 
the other side of the room. I 
peeked through the gap in my 
forearms. He was sifting 
through the closet. He snatched 
his black, leather jacket off the 
hanger and forced it over his 
broad shoulders. He then 
reached to the top shelf of the 
closet and grabbed a burgundy 
red box, our emergency safe. 
He spun the dial and it clicked 
open. He shoved all the money 
into his pockets and reached 
back in for our small .22 caliber 
pistol. (Shit, I forgot we had 
that.) I was stricken with panic, 
wondering what he planned to 
do with it. He tucked the gun in 
the back of his pants and pulled 
his shirt over it. He approached 
me again but only stood there 
and glared at me. I retuned the 
gaze. His face was concealed 
by a film of sweat and his 
short, dark brown hair 
smoothed back by mousse. His 
soft eyes were clouded by 
anger and pain. He was an 
attractive man, and I loved 
      I tried to stand,  but I 
became dizzy and collapsed 
back to the floor. 
     "Psssh, weak bitch," he 
snarled. He took one last 
agonizing glare at me and 
headed for the door. I 
swallowed and attempted to 
stand once more. I firmly 
pressed my hands to the wall, 
pushing, forcing myself up. I 
swallowed again, attempting to 
moisten my throat, but my 
mouth was too dry and 
chapped from my painful 
     "David, wait. I love you. 
Wait, please," my throat 
burned as I forced out the plea. 
The screen door creaked as he 
jerked it open. He stepped out, 
not even bothering to look back 
at me. I cringed as the door 
slammed, leaving my ears 

* * * * * 

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You doubted,
You're doubting,
My words to you,
aren't sincere anymore,
If I had my conscience shown to you,
If I had my heart worn out for you,
If I had my brain on for you,
You would still doubt the bits of me,
the bits of thy,
Your heart's a mess,
But you won't admit,
You've got a hole inside your chest,
But a fine looking shirt would cover that up?
I'm not so sure,
You lost her,
Lose me ?
You need me to tell and prove,
The love I have for you,
My sincerity and loyalty are in non-stop action,
Because baby, you never believed them,
when they came in words,
You're drowning out my energy,
I'm soaked up with bitterness,
Show me love, dear,
Show me appreciation now and then, 
So well I know,
That it's not all in vain,
The way you don't trust me,
is reality eye to eye with me,
Aren't we supposed to be close and all,
If I stayed hundred days and nights,
Proving I'm worthy,
You won't consent,
If I stayed hundred days and nights,
Proving I'm worthy,
You won't consent,
I would rather fall away,
than standing here,
I would rather let go,
than have you,
underestimating and denying,
I've got no one but you,
But I would lose you,,
If the pain I had holding on,
came back in a strike,
The pain would cause my hands to shiver,
And you would slip in between my fingers,
Soft and easy.

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Coming Clean

Coming Clean

Suppose  I was your inner self
the one so determined  to fall,
you wake each day  with a frown on your face
blaming it on all others after all.
But suppose this person fell from oneself
became a shadow to leave behind,
Could you or would you find happiness
leaving old memories on the sidelines.
Honestly with life so short  why take part
in hiding in misery  day after  day ,
why  fold  yourself  into a crumbled  mass
yet  crying  within of  needs  deteriorating  away.
Tell me how hard do you work 
to make others see your pain ,
for maybe they would understand why
if you was trying to be whole once again .
Arms  reach out and you slap them away,
makes  you once  again embracing your pain .
to refuse  the  help sent  your way,
and you refuse  again and again.
What is  so bad you cant come clean
to  find life is what we make it to be,
What is so woven into your mind
where even your shadow  has become unkind.

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So LifeLess

i Give My heart away
every single day 
when i dont see
your face i break down
and my heart shatters its breaks  not in the right place 
my Pain in life slowly once burn forever inside just fades 
away and dies But a beautiful heart wanted everything broken 
i feel so lifeless . 
life and peace is all i ever Ask 
each every single day what can you see
in me is pure in my heart how can some one try bring me down
all i ever do is just fall right into the ground 
you going live your pain every other day you got to live your 
life and you going to make mistake there things to fear in
this world and your life just fading away 
just take step back realize  all the memories are getting cold 
and you have to erase the pass Time to wake up and realize 
your life just fades aways and dies

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save me i beg

Smile smile,
Tear, tear
Pain, pain.
Please make it
Go away.
It's driven insane,
Lord help me erases
What my heart can
 no longer swallow.
For I'm a committed sinner,
No longer 
Well i  fear
An let him in.
Dragging me down deeper.
To wear I'm no longer.
From down below up to the sky
I hope you can here my

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For me

Letting go never makes it easier,
And with hope confusion only builds 
I opened my heart and I'm too terrified to let it close
My walls took so long to fall
My mind tells me to rebuild and start new 
A impenetrable wall must be made, just to not let this world put me in my grave
But my heart loved and was free
Love you found me just to remind me of everything I will never be? 
The words circle in my head, It's just not there anymore
I felt my soul as it tore
God, haven't I lost enough?
Hasn't this world taught me not to trust for too long 
The feeling of knowing it'll never be the same won't be shaken 
How could I be so blind, to think I could change your mind 
But when my world falls down, I swear I'll run 
Yet I stand still like my heart is holding a load gun 
I swore I would never let you go, But like a childhood dream 
I thought if I wanted it, then it would be
All I wanted was for you to love me
The fairy tails I read, lied to me, They swore that love was all you would need 
The darkness rolled into my happy land 
As I realize I really did loose my man
And I hold on to the hope that I hate like it'll save me from my desolate fate 
Just let this be, and we will see
But with all my pain and all my loss I feel my love drift away 
And like countless times before everyone leaves and they don't know why
My tears consume me, and I hate myself for believing in love 
My anger kept me alive, and you stripped that away so I knew that you were the one that would stay 
So now I am left in no man's land 
Not knowing to let go, But praying and begging you will come save me 
I can't make you love me again, But as you walked away 
I realize that there wasn't a single day I thought you wouldn't be with me 
I thought I knew heart break I thought I could handle pain 
But through this I see, That I was a broken me 
You put me together, you raised me higher then I've ever been
And the fall from there has been my worse
I know I'm a shell of me, because you showed me how to be free 
So if hope dies, Even through my relentless tries
I will never love again, I can't take proving my father right, I can't take this pain 
It took true happiness to understand true pain 
And if I make it through this still sane 
I'll never do this to myself again, For this is the worlds biggest sin, To watch someone walk away that was the only one you let in    

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love and pain

Oh thee my beloved
Whence has though gone
I look for thee in day and night
Yet thy shadow have I seen not
My sleep be erupted
And my vision be blurred
But my beloved is yet to be found
I ask the mountains
Yet I get not my reply
I beg for all in nature to tell me of thy steps
To complete my shadows
And restore my good dreams
And when all hope was lost
The lily told me of where my beloved lay
Running faster than my heels
I ran to hold my beloved
And I turned back to whence I came from
For in my beloved ‘s arms was another

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Colors turn Gray

my life is my pain, my pain is my life,

lost bonds, friendships and love long gone

hate fills my eyes, my eyes are filled with dismay,

my soul dies, heart cracked colors turn gray,

clouded sight, misery laced within my blood

pain is that of delight, for i no longer feel love

my bones get week, heart and soul dies,

alone i walk the street, confused by the night skies

the feeling that bare, are that of pain and fear,
my soul tells me not to care, for love  i have shed my last tear

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The world is blind

The world is blind,
 the beauty you hide 
the wickedness you harbor, its all mine
they overlook what only i can see
 miles apart yet so close
I feel your heart beat within me
through your eyes i see the pain
and I love every inch of you no matter how insane
I will follow you to the ends of the earth
I will do anything for you
show you your worth
with out pain one could never understand bliss 
 please torture my soul 
torment me with your kiss
let me light your darkness 
 Ill let you capture my flame
 two hearts become one
 fused together by pain

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A melancholy melody plays in my head,
And my heart’s sinking in despair,
My eyes are sad and red,
Down my face,
Trickles down a single tear.

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well just that

nomatter how i try i always get knocked back down for i am at the point of no return one must try to climb again its as if i am afrid of heights even as a bird with wings this ever lasting day of pain comes each morning the sunrise for it brings new light nomatter what the day will this be the day to shine for the man with working hands the skills to make things right again yet i hear a voice thats calling thy to go to the otherside if i give in to the calling if its not me who does it will be somebody else instead thats four a week in the green emerald isle who take away their own breath the stress and pain of it all in hands that can fix well just that .

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Just so I'm with you

As I close my eyes and try to remember your face
A darkness comes I can't seem to erase 
I sit in silence just to hear your voice 
But the noise of how my life has changed is the only thing I can hear
My heart has let go, for feeling are too far gone 
But my mind holds on remembering a smile 
For I have no hope to hold on to now
And I'm stuck in limbo praying for hell 
Heaven never last 
With hell wrapped around like a cast 
You did what I told you to do 
Left no doubt of what you wanted to do 
The only question I have left 
Is what happen to the man I saw that day 
The beautiful words you called to say 
You loved me
For that I have no doubt and in all my years I thought pain had nothing left to teach me 
But pain taught me love wasn't enough 
So I come home to stare into brown eyes
That saved me countless times
To find death has taken hold
To the last thing that had my soul 
And with all the dying 
I've been trying to see the reason of love
But all that is left is pictures of days in the past 
When happiness seemed to last
Now like countless times before
I see my self wishing for the past even more 
Reaching with empty arms 
For something I can't have back 
And with you both my skin still can feel your touch 
My lips fear to have lust 
For they fit perfect with you 
But death had to claim you 
In that moment I saw my love was true 
So let me not fear this knife
With it's cold blade of truth 
Let me feel the blood 
From the heart that bleeds for you 
For if death can take you 
Then it can come for me too 
Rejoin us in heaven or hell 
Just so I'm with you 

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If only you knew

I can't stay sober this pain in my chest keeps going on I've done you right you've done me wrong it you took me for granted but that’s why they made drugs right? I'm tired of feeling this way it hurts everything I do it’s not right you fuss an cuss at me like its my fault your the one that lied i quit holding back its time for me to take a stand but i end up right back down in pain so I’m done with this.

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For You

  As I lay my self down to sleep I give to you my soul to keep
 For u I would take a stand, to keep our love strong I'll do anything I can
Everytime I feel your touch which i dont feel enough, Its like Im begging 
for your love! Its like im invisable to you why cant i be what you need!
The pain and suffering that I have allways known tends to stay with me
as I grow,My nightmares has lengerd threw all these years I have shed
way to many tears! When i meat you my heart was like coal , I'V never
been showed love as you no , But yet you show nothing now,
In the bagning a light shined on me and It was you , Then I was no 
longer haunted by what men put me through! Now that I have meat you 
This monster you have slain And every day being with you keeps me saine 
Love deciet dishunesty and pain cover my soul like the distant rain 
 wanting your love  me pushes me insaine  Cant you see your
all I have For you my love is pure and true ,you dont even have a clue 
its hard for me when your not near losing you is my biggest fear.
U and Elissa are my family ! Something Iv never had And I would 
go to the end of the earth to get it back I need for us to be togeather tell 
the end ! But do u? For u I would do anything I can!
I say I love you because I do in my heart mind and soul And you know  its true For 
you Id gladly
give my life in hope that one day ill be your wife

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Why hast though been dishonest 
for what gain does thou seek
my soul i would have given to thee

why hast thou played the harlot 
to decievith me to believe
to believe you were true

my heart thou hast broken and crumbled
my knees are weak on my feet i stumble
as a precious thing to me you betrayeth me

my best friend you have bestowed upon
i can not bear the thought
you are my love and have corrupted my heart

terror strikes hold of me betwixt my breast
what did i do wrong all my love i give
i cherish you like the wings of an eagle

you treadeth on  me with a great burden
why spread your lovely calves for another to discover
what beckoned thee to carelessy lay around the oak

for my love you gave me tears i cry and choke

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Stop and Think

There -. Where -. The wind cuts crevices through a mountain, by time only sand will remain -. Something -. Sometimes -. Shades your soul, you committed treason,but for no specific reasons, this happenedin the worst of seasons -. Beware -. Before -. It is too late, the truth can set you as free as one lie, what is your fate if what was lost can never be up for debate -. Sign -. Time -. Is the count by the hand to the hour, into tomorrow and just beyond today, sentenced to life, you are dead and i am alive, what is the depth in which shallow can dive -. Once -. Twice -.You were told, by the pain in your heart, when will the bleeding stop, when will you finally have had enough. Stop. Think.Act.

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I chose this road,
All on my own.
So no body knows..
Or follows the path
Nor choices I've madE
I'll have stories to tell
In my own lil way..
As ones journey continues
Another ones end
That's life.
No way around it...
So it's time to
 just give In....

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Someday we'll be together again 
Maybe standing alone in a heavy rain
Oh! I believe you'll come that day
Making that moment emotional and grey

Yes someday we'll be together
Standing in some beautiful weather

Heartily waiting for that day to 
Till then no matter come what may
Heartlessly I am imagining your pain 
Day by day it's making me insane

Hope that day comes soon in our
Day when you'll accept me as your wife

Inside myself I am dying so badly
Even the hilarious moments go sadly
I wish all your pain becomes all mine
So that once again your smile can shine

I promise you I'll forget you never 
You'll live in my heart forever and ever

Never leave me alone or I'll die
And it's not like any other lie
It is only you for whom I cry 
Oh it is you for whom I can die

Please someday come back to me
Take me in your arms and say that to me
I am sure someday "we will" be together 
Will fall in your arms in some romantic weather!

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I am lost in the wilderness

I am lost in the wilderness 
trapped in a state of bewilderment
derived from my child hood

the pain shaped as a knife deep within my chest
i call out for you but you are so far away
i can see you from a distance you lovely form

i am lost in the wilderness
trapped in a storm
the closer i get to you the farther you move

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eternal sleep

I hurt so badly
The pain is deep
I cry at night
I cant sleep
my stomachs knotted
I cant eat
my chest feels heavy
I cant breath
I feel desperation
I feel despair
I feel im slipping
No one cares
I take this blade
the cut is deep
I rest my eyes
eternal sleep

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i sit here alone in my sorrow. For until now I did not realize the pain that I had 
been put through. I was abused and battered from the man that I thought loved 
me. How could I allow myself to be put through that pain? Hiding marks upon my 
body, so others did not see them. I am ashamed of the pain I allowed myself to 
be put through. The look in his eyes as he laid his hands on me, as if he had no 
remorse that I was carrying his unborn child. Scars left upon my body, from a no 
good, relationship. For some reason I thought it was okay to be hit. I felt like I was 
being punished for things I had done in the past. It took me to be tossed to the 
curb by him to realize I did not need to be hit to know that I was worthy. I sit in 
sorrow, for myself and pray that God will show me I am worthy of love without 

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im so
of all the
****ing bullshit
this is a
spit session
with no
when im
if i should
let them
do an
of my
i already
know that
im ****ing
and ****ed
in the
my thoughts
are scary
like going
to the
or getting
a whole
bunch of
to the
****ing chest
a bloody
all through
the streets
dont critique
my technique
cuz im
too ****ing
like doing
20 xanax
at one
youll never
feel the
in your
as i
do in
so dont
try and
cuz we
will never
the same
kinda like
bert and
when im
please dont
mourn me
cuz i'll
be on
a beautiful
to the
believe me
i dont
mind this
i will
not hide
i will
my fate
i just
hope my
are those
pearly gates
that shine
so bright
to tell
you the
i rather
be a
in the
like a
lost soul
that just
didnt make
and i
dont regret
or say
that im
cuz theres
no turning
and i
change the
all i
can do
is try
to throw
this trash
and start
with a
new test
that i
hope to
but im
running out
of gas
trying to
haul ass
but im
standing still
its cold
and im
getting a
with some
still trying
to take
this trash
to the
wondering if
i'll ever
get there
wondering more
if i
really care
knowing that
i dont
so i
might as
not front
so just
give me
a blunt
so i
can get
cuz its
time to


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R.I.P Bianca

You put the gun to your head
Cocked it, now you're dead
Such a life to go to waste
Such devastation you faced
You were the best of people; jolly and kind
But no one saw what lurked behind
Mom's gun seemed to be your new best friend
the only thing to make your pain end
The shots rang out
No one would know what this was about
People cried; people mourned
Suddenly our lives were torn
Its too late for you to return
You made it your turn
You thought there was no one there
This pain was too high of a burden to bare
So you took an alternative to breathing
You took the option of leaving
No longer here
Only grief runs through these tears 
What a gift it would be to hug you again
What a gidt it would be to see my friend

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Have you ever felt so tired that 
you just want to run away.
Have you ever felt so tired that 
your mind just quits. Have you 
ever felt so tired you lose all 
hope. Have you ever felt so tired 
not even a rainbow can brighten up 
your day. Have you ever felt so 
tired, nothing you do seems to 
work, the morning comes and 
night falls but darkness refuse 
to leave. Have you ever knee 
down and ask God "why,why" 
me? Have you ever felt like 
crying but your eyes are as dry 
as the Sahara desert. Have you 
ever felt so tired even the word 
its self seems to need its own 
defination. Have you ever felt so 
tired of trying that, giving-up is 
your only option. Have you ever 
felt so tired of being tired. Have 
you ever wish so hard that sleep 
disappeard from your eyes and  
dream land seems to be safter 

Mafata D.

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looking thru children eyes

I always wonder if I look thru a child eyes what would I see. Seeing there parents arguing and fighting for nothing.
Figuring out if it there fault for them fighting. Seeing there mother crying and wonder if they should go and comfort her.
Seeing if there brother or sister see the pain mommy going thru. Hoping mommy and daddy kiss and make up.

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Hell's Door

There was a time when I knocked at Hell’s door
Didn’t think nothing about it just walked through and explored
Was introduced to a lot, saw a lot of people with smiling faces
I walked by them, they whispered behind my back but remained nameless
I saw a friend of mine that I remembered at one time she had nothing
I gave her opportunity and love and a chance, and I was face to face with her she must have forgotten because she started fronting
Kept on walking until I ran into this dude I once knew, we talked for a while until his lies started to sound like truth
The longer I walked the more I saw, I was beginning to compare it to this life, but I wasn’t surprised at all
I ran into my best friend WAIT!? Why was she here? She knew all my secrets she is my heart I can’t believe this, I was overcome by a sudden fear
When we was in conversation nothing change it seem like any other, Then the more I listened she became transparent this time there was no running for cover 
I recognized the liar, the cheater, and this mask she wore to gain attention; I stopped her in her tracks and told her to listen
I already walked through the gates of hell there is no longer a reason to lie, I gave my honest opinions and loved you like I love my own life
To my surprise she walked away without a comment, I understand because that’s why in Hell the soul is already burning. 
When I walked back through the same door I entered, I realized a lot but I couldn’t be offended.
I went to the mirror to examine myself, I had some things I need to fix and yeah I could use the help  
That walk help me point out my faults in me, back to reality but I can only change me 

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Death's vengeance

Wake up; wake up, such a lovely day
Sun so bright, sky up so high
Sun goes black, sky burns into ashes 
Death is calling 
Death is cheering
Angels falling
Angels bleeding
Give your last regards
To whom you claim to love
You will watch your world crumble
No longer seeming oh so humble 
Death gave you a shove 
Enter thru the realm of darkness
To a new time full of torture and pain 
Striding thru feeling the coldness
Tears of blood seeping through the walls 
For all the pain you fed your victims 
Grims surrounding you grins engulfing you 
Ahead of you many dark halls
Hearing whispers made you crawl 
Voices whispering harshly 
“Smile empty soul”
All goes black hearing a shushed whisper of death
“What a lovely day to finally have you back”

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My Feelings

My feelings are all i have left, 
when i told you loved you, 
i loved you to death. 
I truly meant that i know you knew, 
all i ever said was i love you. 
When i think about it you were never there, 
I'm starting to wonder if you ever even cared. 
I will always love you and i will hate you too, 
when i said it i meant it, i will always love you.

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The Greatest Pain in Life

The greatest pain in life 
is not to die, but to be ignored. 

To lose the person you love 
so much to another who doesn't care at all. 

To have someone you care so about so much throw a party... 
and not tell you about it. 

When your favorite person on earth 
neglects to invite you to his graduation. 

To have people think that you don't care. 

The greatest pain in life, 
is not to die, 
but to be forgotten. 

To be left in the dust after another's great achievement. 

When you show someone your innermost thoughts and they laugh in your face.

For them to always be too busy to console you when you need someone to lift your spirits. 

When it seems like the only person who cares about you, 
is you. 

Life is full of pain, 
but does it ever get better? 

Will people ever care about each other, 
and make time for those who are in need? 

Each of us has a part to play 
in this great show we call life. 

Each of us has a duty to mankind 
to tell our others we love them. 

If you do not care about your Loveones 
you will not be punished. 

You will simply be ignored... 
as you have done to others.

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The Ash

Here I lie between
The locked door and opaque wall
Your photo between my finger and thumb
And your memories deep inside my heart.

Today would be the last day
For all my pain and grief
And a day to celebrate
For my freedom, now that I’d be free.

I picked up the matchbox in my hand
While the tears rolled down my cheeks
And the memories of past flashed themselves
Of those hours, and days, and weeks.

All the mixed feelings of pain and anger
Through my face, they dash
As I stroked the matchstick
And burned myself to ash…!!

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When im needing love n affection all im feeling is neglection  I cant believe hes treating me so bad never felt so confused n so sad i feel like a lost depressed soul that lost everything i had i feel so stupid for believing him n trusting what he said now im broken hearted n misled over here halfdead im shaking with pain inside n out this is the worst i ever felt it feels like i have nothing at all n im not even inportant enough for him to call n he wont catch me if i fall betrayed unloved confused going crazy mentaly abused heartbroken n used So much pain n tears how could he do this to me after so many years

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The Truth-I Know

Could it have never been real,
All love I did once feel.
When will the truth be out?
So I can no longer doubt.
I could never see his eyes,
So I'd never know his lies.
Fake my love is not,
My stomach yet is a knot.
I've never been so scared,
I want my heart to be spared.
The truth I want to know,
But all I hear is no, no, no.
I'm in a strained relationship,
Bound to sink like a great ship.
Always to be apart,
To never hear the other's heart.
If I stumble and trip,
Will I be saved by his grip?
Or will I sink like a ship,
So my heart he can rip?
Wanting to escape it all,
So I can no longer fall.
When will I have no fears,
When can I stop all tears.
This is not meant to be,
He never did love me.
All the love I did once feel,
I now know was never real.
I no longer have doubt,
The truth at last comes out.

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in hell

im in hell outer darkness
i dissolve in the fire flames keep getting higher
i cry out of my soul
i do not want to be here 
my bones burning with a fervent heat

all my skin melts along with my meat
and i realize im never getting out 
i lived on hell on earth i thought 
as i turn and burn for a century i am going crazy

my eyes melt out of the socket 
i awake out of my nightmare it is only a dream 
i could still hear the loud screams

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Black Rose of Love

       The dread black rose has such  dark meaning to it.
       It can never find a way to a heart .
       The Thorns are deadly t all who touch and hold .
        The Black pedals on that on the rose show pain and suffering and loss .  
        A Creation of such darkness such Agony and Despite  in it .
        How  does a person turn such a creation a Black Rose into a Red  Rose .
        The Black Rose of Love is  heart ache , pain , hatred  for your love of people and things .
 For that is the Black rose of love  

                      Stay away from the Black Rose of Love.

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Darkness secret

They tell me that they can help me.
But why cant they see, Im suffereing.
With a mind full of misery,
and a heart full of pain.
I take all of the blame.
When they question me they put me to shame.

Can they see behind these broken eyes.
Can they see behind all these lies.
As the blood pours from these wounds.
No one sees, the pain I feel.

This is my world, its all so clear.
This is me, all I wanted is to be left alone.
I would give up everything just not to feel 
this pain anymore.

All the things come crashing down on me. 
All these things so deep within me.
Some days are okay, but then my world 
falls apart and turns to grey. 
So many tears wasted.

Just want to make this go away
help me make this go away.

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love and pain

Oh thee my beloved
Whence has though gone
I look for thee in day and night
Yet thy shadow have I seen not
My sleep be erupted
And my vision be blurred
But my beloved is yet to be found
I ask the mountains
Yet I get not my reply
I beg for all in nature to tell me of thy steps
To complete my shadows
And restore my good dreams
And when all hope was lost
The lily told me of where my beloved lay
Running faster than my heels
I ran to hold my beloved
And I turned back to whence I came from
For in my beloved ‘s arms was another

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Eyes tell stories

Eyes tell stories, 
Of love and loss,
Of pain and sorrow, 
And of a pasts hidden in the crevasses of who we are.

Eyes tell one what we need to know,
What we want to know,
And things we never thought we could know about ourselves. 

But when we look into the eyes around us,
This is not what we see. 
When we look into the eyes around us,
We see blue oceans, and brown fields
Surrounded by white skies. 
We see beauty or hatred, 
But we never see the truths and the stories.

When you look into my eyes do you see the reasons to the pain I feel daily? 
When you look into your mother or fathers eyes do you see the story of how their love came to be?
When you look into the prisoners eyes do you see a scared little boy who doesn’t want to be hit anymore. 
When you look into the eyes of the cheerleader do you see her father screaming at her to be better and do better. 
When you look into the eyes of the doctor do you see the patient that he just lost.
When you look into your eyes to do you see the reason you refuse to love, loss, and trust.

Eyes tell us stories and truths. 
They tell of hidden secrets,
 And unknown pasts,
They give away the secrets to who are, and who we will become. 
But all we see are blue oceans and brown fields surrounded by white skies. 
We see beauty or hatred, 
But we never see the truths and the stories.

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stupid man

tear my heart out with your hand
that is what you do
where have you been 
where have you gone
why must i wait up all night for you 

you go party and leave me blue
blue like the sky so empty and vast
you treat me like crap
my heart beats for you 
and you beat my heart

punch me in the stomach everytime you walk out that door
you are a lady that acts like a whore
am i not good enough for you anymore
go ahead tear my heart out with your hand
i am through being a stupid man

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What's the point

So tired of the arguing,
the miscommunication.
When you’re mad,
there is no talking.
When I’m mad,
I just feel like destroying.
Sometimes I just want you to know how it feels,
how it feels to think the person you’re supposed to be in love with doesn’t care about feelings.
Most the time I just want to ask you,
what’s the point in us,
what’s the point in feeling,
what’s the point in this.
Yes I want to know what goes through your mind,
I want to know if I even cross yours,
and if I do why don’t you tell me,
I want to meet the guy I fell in love with,
the guy that told me he loves me first.
It’s like I’m lost in the sea of dreams,
drowning in my sorrows never able to breathe fresh air,
you always been my dream,
too bad you don’t see it.
How could you want to live with me,
but can’t see me through,
see me through on my interest,
you ignore me instead when you’re mad.
When you’re mad you never talk to me,
and I find it shameful that I can’t even calm my own boyfriend,
it makes me want to cry,
when I’m trying to be strong,
you’re the first guy I ever loved,
I just don’t want to have to start all over again.
I always cross the ocean,
and seas just for you,
but would you do it for me,
no I don’t think so,
So I just want to know,
what’s the point in us,
what’s the point in feeling,
what’s the point of this.
Why can’t life be like a fairytale,
why can’t you just be the guy that’s better than what you are now,
why is the universal question,
why this why that,
why can’t you just want it to happen.
Tired of the crying,
tired of feeling the tears roll down my face,
if only you can see what I feel inside,
you can only imagine how I’m feeling internally.
Nobody wants me,
nobody believes in me,
every night I lay there,
and my tears put me to sleep.
I’m a huge disappointment
to everyone in my life,
I’m scared that one day I’m a wake,
and find that’s there’s nothing to be afraid of,
the darkness always has a light at the end.

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Why Mom

Its almost been 3 years
Since you left us here alone
Why did u have to go?
I need you now like I always have
No matter how much pain you caused
You took my heart and shattered it Mom
We were supposed to be your everything
We are all u should have needed
Why did u let yourself fall?
I tried to hold you up no matter how young I was
I feel like I wasnt good enough
But I know it was the drug
That made you mean
There are some things I wish I never seen
I'm getting older now I'm 23
I got a beautiful baby girl u never got to see
I was 6 months pregnant when u left me
All alone and scared not knowing what to do
And all I really needed was YOU
You dont know the pain you've caused me to feel every single day
My emotions are like a game I never want to play
I dont want to handle the pain
It cuts like a knife so deep inside
Mom Why?
We loved u so much and never got a chance to show it
Why did u have to go and leave us here alone?
Amanda Fisher January 2009

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can u feel what I feel

Can You Feel What I Feel?
Feel the pain I see In me.
No matter how hard, you just can't see.
The pain is dangerous, ready to go off.
Forget that you think I'm soft.
I just can't win, for I'm a curse.
Outside of me, Just can't be.
Hate the way I look at me.
Can't stand the whole from beneth.
Just carry me off in this life, a hurst.
I Can't help it if my egg was first.
Wished my dad had that rubber.
Wouldn't really matter, like he knew to cover. He must of been drunk.
Because he sure wasn't sobber.
Now my life long forgot before it began.
No wounder I'm so Messed up.
This is the cuts that gets me.
But, why else would people do it.
It's the only puzzel that fits.
This is the agony that really hits.
Now you feel it. 

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if u look into my eyes

If u look into my eyes I'll b fully exposed cuz when u look into my eyes you'll see the windows 2 my soul.if u look into my eyes you'll start travelin through'll look into my eyes and see all the things that go threw my chaotic mind.if u look into my eyes you'll see the pain I hidewithin. you'll see how I've been livin in sin n how I juz can't win.if u look into my eyes you'll see wat I been tryin 2'll see I tried n begin 2 shed da tears I haven't cried.if u look into my eyes you'll see  wat I refuse 2 show.....da hurt,da pain n all da things I can bearly control.if u look into my eyes you'll see I'm haunted by all da lies. you'll see I never got 2 say goodbye n a part of me went wit her when she died.if u look deep into my eyes you'll see all my fears n feel all my'll see that I feel alone n hollow.if u look into my eyes you'll see I'm losin myself n you'll begin 2'll see I'm givin up n feelin weak.if u look into my eyes I'll b fully exposed,so when u try 2 look deep into my eyes......I choose 2 keep them closed.

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Sorry  I lied to you yet its just to late.I thought you would hate me and i was wrong.
So just walk away with out me just throw me away waisted place yet waisted 
place sorry for your waisted time.just kill me today while you walk away  stop the 
tears from falling and put me out  of the pain and hatered of this broken soul kill 
me take me away from this reached place this horrible ways of life just get me 
gone toss me out this is not something i should tell you about.I lied to you to 
many times like you can ever trust me again sorry for the tears and pain and little 
tiny kid games.I tryed to tell you but i couldn't i just wouldn't i make your life a 
living ---- now its pay back for me yohan im so sorry.

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Suraj sa tapta ye roshan savera.....
Taron si bikhri ye kali rat h.....
Koi soye alishaN makano me.... .
Kisi ki chadar ye chandni rat h....
Kaise ye ajab duniya h....
Kaisa ajab insan h......

Khi Bahta h pani yo gande nalo me.....
Khi 2 ghunt ko tadpta ek mayus insan h....
Khi bikta h razhan bajaro me....
Khi 2 waqt ko mohtaj ek gareeb insan h....
Kaise ye ajab duniya h
Kaisa ajab insan h......

Khi lge nokri sifaris se......
Khi mile riswat hjaron me....
To khi berojgar ek nojwan h......
Koi anpad bne mantri jhan...
Ek shikshak khi preshan h......
Kaise ye ajab duniya h.....
Kaisa ajab insan h.....

Pathar bna jise puja h, Ourat bna thukraya h......
Ghr me najo se pli bitiya, sasural me use jlaya h.....
Paisa h sbse bda yhan, ek sikka sbki jaan h....
Kaise ye ajab duniya h........
Kaisa ajab insana h........

Bikta hr rista dukano pe, Lakhon iske kharidar h......
Sb riste yhan bikau h, bs insaniyat yhan bejar h....
Maine bhi khrida ek rista, jo anmol shi pe lachar h....
Koi bandish koi pabndi khe, yashu ne kha ye phar h....
Kaise he aJaB duniya h, kIsa ajab insan h.......

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Emotions of Men

Sorrow, Anger, Happiness, and Love
Can you see it behind these tore eyes
Can you feel emotion from the embracement of him
You might not 
Even behind this exterior of caulis hands and rough skin 
Lay an understanding of mankind 
Having the feelings of broken hearts
With a feeling of being brought down to their knees
Being told we are worth less than most but better than some
But we have became the best at hiding this pain those emotions 
So what is a woman to do?
How are you able to put something out of pit-less well
Dig through something harder then diamond because of the pressure that has been on him
Break down a wall that is made up from the layer and layer of pain and heartache from life
You break out the bucket and rope because no well is to deep to find water
You get your diamond shovel and digs pass all the pain
Then you look for the biggest sledge hammer to break down this wall of heartache 
All and all what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
And love conquers all

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Sister Dear

Dark happiness eclipses bright sorrow,
Casting the shadows of pain upon me;
Sharp splinters that penetrate the marrow:
My wounds lay hidden but yours i can see.

Embodiments of your inner anguish,
Gateways forced open to set your pain free
These unseen demons you cannot banish,
So you fight with a knife
Til you can see.

Bright sorrow flares behind it's dark cover:
It's the blinding white truth from which we hide:
For truth discerned is pain to discover
So close your eyes and keep it all inside.

I long to hug you to make you hear
That your pain is also my pain,
Sister dear.

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getting hurt

everything went wrong
now our love is gone
you act like you dont know me
or even want to be around me
it's as if i dont exist
i feel as though i am getting hurt
everytime i think about this
the pain i feel is much worse
than a stab in the back
or a shot in the head
or the pain of a droven steak
the pain i am feeling is heartbreak.
we had several fights
where i would sit up crying all night
i thought i was in love 
i thought you were too
i would never cheat on u
but u did on me
not with one, but two
do you have any idea what you have put me through?
i seem to be getting hurt in more ways than one.
sometimes im almost glad our relationship is done.

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Poor Man's Prayer

Feel the pain of  shame
They walk by without a word
Weaken by the pain of dispair
People look down there noses
Starvation is his fate as they smell the roses

Look to the heavens
See the ravens
Ravens have a home 
Poor  men are all alone

Wake up old world and see
You sit in your high places
Yet yea shall be brought low
For out of the north shall come the bow

My God shall let me see
Thy destruction shall be great
Hades will fill to the brim
God shall not let my eye be dim

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Is It To Late For Us

I take this pain from you leaving
I take this hurt where you tore my heart apart
This part of me thats empty now
This love we shared thats disappeared
Not seen! Not heard!
Till this day I still pray for you to fill this empty hole
This love could mend the darkest sole
This love could free the damned from hell
please help relief this pain and hatred now!

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waisted time wasited space waisted soul thats all i am...............
i make you sad i make you cry now i should be the one  to die
pain tears crying falling nothing better then trash burning eyes flames with
fire pain so deep cant shake off.waitse of life waist of time and a waist of love
no comments no faith no fear only pain and tears and a waitsed smiles 
no fears only evil looks and deivl eyed tears burning  heart waitsed space earth 
is a horrible place.sad cry i shall be the only one to die.exiting deaths of no  fear 
despret nature despret year.just a waisted soul

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on this site.

I love to read the poems on this site,
poems from the broken hearted, from love birds singing there tune, young poets of tomorrow
and poets longing to get out from yesterday,
to read about their grief their joy their pain their lives their journey, poems of lost,of
finding, poems that lift your soul and others that help you find your way,
I read a poem from a girl who no longer wanted to fill the pain from the love she lost, I
read a poem from a young man who fell head over heels for a girl with eyes of blue,
I read then re-read a poem from some one who lived years before I was born, a poem from
some one to young to know what love is but thought they knew.
the poems on this site,
are poems from the lonely who can't (won't.) scream out, from the gifted who don't believe
they are from the ones who hide in side,
poems about sunsets,long walks,first kisses,saying good-bye,poems of faith,religion,
believes and disbelieves and of pain that won't subside,
poems of cold streets mystic woods poems about heaven and hell  poems about a girl/boy who
took their love away as another's light faded,
of a lover who no longer fills the pain of the one that left them behind, they now site in
a room with their fillings sedated,
poems on this site,
helped me see I wasn't the only one, that every one falls and that there are so many who
want you to get back up and move forward,
lines words phrases that brought a tear to my eye, warmed my heart, and showed me what it
was like to speak those words,
there are long poems short poems words from the heart, words from pain, words that they
forgot to say and words they never heard,
I love you,I miss you, I hate you, I will never forget you they are all words that will
never again go unheard,
they are words for me,for you,for the lonely and the ones who don't know what to say are
how to fill,words written in the early mornings and late at night,
they are stores,emotions, fillings, times, places, people,about ups and downs they are
poems and I love to read the poems on this site.

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So much pain so much darkness so much fear over you.
my heart burns with hatetred toreds you.
The fire in my  darkned eyes.
I loved you but now my love for you is gone.
How could I love you are did i love someone else.
My heart fills with fire.
So much pain so much fear.
When did my  love for you leave.
I thought we would be together forever.
Well thats what you said.
Why did I trust you.
Now i hate you so leave befor you hurt me again.

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In the crowd and in loneliness
In the depth of my thirst.
In pain and in anguish.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.
In songs and in music.
In dreams and while I am awake.
In the the sunlight and in the shade.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.
Your love is my life.
I can't forget your love.
I try my best day and night
But I can't erase your image.
In the depth of  my thirst.
In the crowd and in loneliness.
In pain and in anguish.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.
I never dreamt that..
I'd have to live without you.
O beloved, If you call me..
I'll break all promises and come.
In the dark shade of my locks.
In the crowd and in the loneliness.
In pain and in anguish.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.

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I can feel it

It is all around me
The sickness
In my head
In my body

I just can't control it
How long will it take
To win this battle?
How long will it take?

My head is pounding
I don't know where to go
Who would understand?
That i'm dying all along
Dying so very slow

You can't see my sickness
It's in my body
And all in my bones and head
Is  it to late?

When would i be reborn?
When would i be better?
When would life be perfect again?
When would it all end?

I'm waiting for another day
When my body don't hurt anymore
When i'm not alone anymore
When i feel so much better

How is it possible
That i'm still alive?
I just don't understand
It just hurts so much everywhere
I feel like i'm going out of my mind
Please when will i die?

Please kill the pain inside me
Inside my brain, my body
Inside of my heart

When is late, to late?
When will it all end?
And take my hand
For the suffering will finally end.

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Lost Love

Can love be lost?
Can it just dissapear?
My heart was tossed 
Losing you is what i fear

The thoughts in my mind
There was one technicality
These tears, this pain , I can no longer hide
Lost love is becoming a reality

When you started the lies
When you started the cheating
The trust slowly dies
My heart took the beating

It was you I once used to believe
It was you I used to wait for
It was me you started to deceive
This pain is hidden behind closed doors

Why did you do this?
Why cant you see?
Why did you give me that kiss?
Out of all people to hurt, why me?

I loved you with all my heart
It was my heart you shattered
You put me back in the dark
You make me feel so alone when I used to feel so flattered.

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Sting of Your Love

Sting to my body 
So sweet and strong 
With my heart yearning for more 
My Marrow flow with waters of dry gin 
My conscience too soft to feel
Like the velvet thread of a king’s garment 
A new horizon I found myself 
 I flying with joy and pain 
A night of starry skies 
And cloudless climes 
So tender smooth and fresh like 
Rose petals smite by dew and glorious morning sun 
Serenade in the air I feel 
A sting pain and sweet
Without your lovely smile  
Smile so gracious as fawn 
My melt as wax at this venom  
Let my hart live and die with this venom 
Forever Amen……………………………………

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Life has its highs
Life has its lows
But what happens when the life in you dies?
The pain starts to show

I hate it strongly
Words cannot explain
Can it be put wrongly?
How the hell do i stay sain?

Not sure how to deal
Not sure how to act
Not sure how to feel
Happiness is what I truly lack

In the dark I wait
With pain engulfing my heart
Is this truly my fate?
Or just a part?

Is it being alone really that bad?
Or is it that I have grown accustom to it?
Pain is all I really ever had
I'd give anything just to be happy just a little bit...

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is the pain worth taking?
will i be better at the end?
shall the pain stop hurting
and i be brand new?
should i wait till it's my time to go?
havent i suffered enough?
the pain is still hurting
the sickness gets worse
i just cant take it anymore
it is my time to go
"goodbye world" 
i wote on my last note
tears were strewaming down my face
but i knew it was a right thing to do
i kissed my cross 
and helded up my gun
pulled down the trigger
knowing i was gone
i saw a picture of me being as happy as can be
i knew i would be like that once more

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breaking up.

his/her eyes fade in the sun light,
   his/her heart beat doesn't seem right,
         they look as if they have lost this fight,
               seems he/she was another in their sight.
heart beaten,love struck,now just a sad ending,
    I watched as his/her world changed from the loving,
         to them it was love,and that is what he/she was wanting,
              now the pain in his/her heart beats as if it was never ending.
when a love story comes to an end,
     all that is left is a bitter broken friend,
         seems as if there heart never unbends,
               hunted by the love lost and its descend,
picking up the pieces of love gone wrong,
      not willing to move on just wanting to belong,
           playing it over and over like a sad love song,
                when your heart breaks it's hard to be strong.
as a friend you can't find the right words to say,
       you need to get over her/him start a new day,
            we all have been here the pain will go away,
                 love...we all want it, we're just not willing to pay.

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she watches she cry the pain inside she dies,she loved you she trusted you.
Yet why did she act like she hated you every thing she said you were every thing 
she cared about.
She cryed for you she almost died for you.Hear pain is killing her inside.
Dont let her faid away She loves yet she rather die then be hurt again.
Her trust is falling apart peice  by peice.Why does she always say she loves you 
when she so faithfuly 
act if  she wanted you to die,Her heart is falling apart day by day a step away.She 
loves you
more then life itself.Without you her life was a reack.All she needs to do is cry 
one more time
 and her heart will die.She rather die then make you cryshe watches she cry yet 
her heart dies.

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my childhood

I got abused everyday
And every night
Use to stay up late 
And cry
Til my tears ran dry

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Why Can't This Stop?

The fighing,the yelling

The cheating of the hurting

Of the poeple that cares?

Why can't this stop?

When We say we're sorry yet it's

only going to fly right back in

Our faces as you don't care.

Why can't this stop?

Why is there drama when

We don't need it,yet it's there why?

Why can't this stop?

Why is there war in our

Life,as we don't need it in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

The pain that we get from

sadness from the scars of

our pain from drama in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

why is there to much in our life

as we don't need it.

Why can't we only have peace in our


Why can't this stop?

With the turning of the world

as we change.

copy right


Amber strong-gilreath

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Why Can't This Stop?

The fighing,the yelling

The cheating of the hurting

Of the poeple that cares?

Why can't this stop?

When We say we're sorry yet it's

only going to fly right back in

Our faces as you don't care.

Why can't this stop?

Why is there drama when

We don't need it,yet it's there why?

Why can't this stop?

Why is there war in our

Life,as we don't need it in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

The pain that we get from

sadness from the scars of

our pain from drama in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

why is there to much in our life

as we don't need it.

Why can't we only have peace in our


Why can't this stop?

With the turning of the world

as we change.

copy right


Amber strong-gilreath

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stop and ask

Let my tears dry up and pain will be no more,
Let my eyes dry up and fears will be no more.
Tell me what to do,
Shall I cry till there’s no more are face my fears and walk into the darkness the 
beyond and yonder.
Should I just turn back and forever keep no peace,
Are should I keep walking with no speech no tears no jobs no dares;
Just me alone with faith all gone.
Are is it to late to dwell on the last bits of hope because for I have doubted myself
So why should I keep going.
No I must for the sake…for the sake of my family I will precede.
I will go but only for a while,
I will see but see only within me.
This cant be stopped it cant be helped because only I can get though this.
Are will the tears keep streaming,
And the fear will come back,
Will the pain never stop?
Are will I get lost in my tracks.
Are should I just stop and ask