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Abc Life Poems | Abc Poems About Life

These Abc Life poems are examples of Abc poems about Life. These are the best examples of Abc Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Second to None

A is for Amazing we all wish to be
B is for Blessings that help us to see

C is for Caring which humbles our world
D is for Dancing where joy is unfurled

E is for Empathy that makes a great friend
F is for Friendships we hope never end

G is for Goodness that makes our light shine
H is for Hope in a world so sublime

I is for Incredible, which stands out in a crowd
J is for Joy that smiles so loud 

K is for Kisses that make our hearts sing
L is for Love that trumps everything

M is for Memories that highlight our life
N is for “Never” that causes us strife

O is for Open that closes out hate
P is for Persistence in following fate

Q is for Questioning, cause wisdom it brings
R is for Ressurection and the Hope that it springs

S is for Sensational which all love should be
T is for Thankfulness for what God gave to me

U is for Unconditional love that is treasured
V is for Volumes that cannot be measured

W is for Wondrous, Joy to extremes
X is for Xanadu that resides in our dreams

Y is for Yearning as it helps us find bliss
Z is for Zealous Love, that made me write this

So if all these words were bound up in one
Ahhh! There’s a life that’s second to none!

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when i am gone


The breeze at dawn,
Whispering  secrets to birds, chirping  melodious lullabies,
Waking up to the touch of the first gleam of morning rays
Softly teasing my eyes..
Just the glance of a reflection
Of a living god
Walking along the corridor…
Making my heart racing..
The most amazing soul ever..
Wolverine  ears..ebony eyes..emerald green shirt..
With the stethoscope around the collar..
Why do I feel  like I have known you eternally
Those eyes full of kindness..
That beautiful smile,
Always illuminating a gloomy day..
those lips murmering words of humanity..
making my thoughts cherished,
After the darkness of a very long night
Missing you with bits and pieces of my heart
A new sun has rised,with a ray of new hope for the life..
Just like the Night dew clings to soil 
Making the plants glisten..
brightening my days,left, thinking of you..
You are the aroma of me being alive..
When my life was lamenting
For some more hard breathes
You were the one who made me encouraged,
To love the life,,
Because not everyone under the sun gets a second chance to live..
Walking towards me..
Uttering the most soothing words ever..
Making my heart beats faster and faster..
Looking into my pale brown eyes..
Im almost melting..
Praise the lord for not letting me stand by my own..
If not,I Would have melted on my knees..
Believe me,
Im under your charms..
Knowing that I don’t have enough breathes to love you..
Your warmth,now in my blood,
Just like
The 'Chemo' scorched veins, showing
That im still breathing,without a life..
Hoping, that Time would reveal, what lies ahead..
Even though,it is the bitter truth..
looking for a time machine,
capable of pausing the minutes.,
brickwall myself from the last breathe
Crying in my shadows..
Forever is not a very long time for me..
Crying each day knowing that the days are getting shorter..
Doctor,I swear
When its time for me to leave..
Ill still believe..that,
This is an eternal one sided love which shall not die…
Till the sun grows cold..
Till the moon gets warm..
And the stars grow old…

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Antwan you are the love of my life 
You came into my life six years ago
I love you more now then I ever did 

Each day that comes I fall in love with you all over again 
You are the men of my dreams
You are the father of my son

Antwan you are the man that I am going to get married to
You make me feel so free and sexy
When you are near me I feel like I can be anything I wanna be

Antwan you are my best friend 
when I am down you are all ways there for me when I need you
We had our ups and down but we are still together

The love I have for you is forever
I hope you feel the some way but I know you do
Let me love you the way you need to be loved

Antwan I need you and I want you 
I want to lay next to every night and wake up next to you in the morning
Being with you is wonderful and amazing

When I am Kissing you it feels so right
When you hold me I feel so safe in your arms
You make me happy 

Antwan you are like 1,000,000 scoops of  vanilla ice cream I have to have more
God had sent you to me for a reason and the reason is that I was look for 
someone like you.
God told me that your the one for me and that I need you to keep you in my life
I love you so much
Antwan Thank you for loving me the way you do.
Vanessa Brown-Woodberry

For The Man I Love Antwan Woodberry


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As fishes wriggling

The entirety of their slippery bodies

In vast oceans, lost in the glory of waters

Instincts meander

Their way through to the mind

In a pool of imagined Sensuality

With wanton desires

A longing for the temporal

Poignantly stands erect

In the throne-room of man's emotions

Motioning with a seemingly motionless demeanor

Unfulfilled cravings

Cradles persistence

In his goal oriented pursuits

Thoughts are repressed

Mental imageries suppressed

To pave way for domination

Of pleasantly positive feelings

Yet the uncouth lingers

Occasionally engages the enthroned

In scrimmages in their bid to dethrone them

Man holds the prerogative

To serve either of them willingly

Equally, man possess all it takes to be

Heinously hedonistic

And heartily attractive in personality

To please society  

None can reach complete perfection

At both extremities

© Seth Boss Kay @ 19/10/2013

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Live your life

Are we even human?
And are we really real
Cause we’ve been cursed so many times
That we forget how it feels like to feel
We strive,
And try to get rich,
And as the day goes by,
We just grow old,
And hard hearted.
Forgetting life’s for the living,
Cause we never live it.
Action speaks louder than words they say,
Yet so far, we’ve done nothing but talk.
We paint pictures of a perfect world,
In our words,
Which is nothing but distorted.
Later in life,
We try to hide all our lies from behind,
As a little girl cries
“I’m alive, I’m alive”
Can’t believe I’m breathing,
See, every time I hear you scream
On a screen,
Imma quickly get to leaving,
How can I eat when I watch her bleeding?
How can I turn the heat on my heater when I watch her freezing?
So if I hear her scream once more,
Imma hold my breath,
Close my eyes,
And pretend I’m leaving,
Then pray to the Almighty she doesn’t die.
No matter how bad your life seems,
Believe me,
Someone wishes he lived it,
So live your life,
Cause life is for the living,
So live it,
Or you’re better off dead.

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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New Year

Years past unfold
Seems just yesterdays 
Tomorrow will be New Year
Streams of thoughts never change.

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Battle of the words

Bravery is the father of fears
Dreams are distant cousins of nightmares
Hope is the sister of prayers
Every night shame lays down and gets screwed by despair
Pollution abuses Mrs. atmosphere
It's a battle between personality and reality 
But obviously nobody cares
Maybe it's because big tough is the uncle of little scared
Planning is deeply in love with prepared
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of determination
Ignorance is jealous of realization
Sometimes strength can get sneak attacked by temptation
Silence can never defeat a great proclamation
When the brain disagrees with the heart
The body dies of complications

Love your self...

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My Being

Clumsy days and hazy nights

Haunting and bring me tears

I should stop perturbing

Whilst my heart still whipping

Wrath of nature is just reflection

Of my fragments that created imprints

Within my being that stands steadfast 

Even in the darkest days of my existence.

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King of sex,
the third gender
or hermaphrodite,
half male, half female,
existing on margin,
beheads the creator
to propitiate the deity of destruction,
starts a genocide
to create a new model,
new world, sexless, moonless

How could you remain normal
when you were being robbed of every myth,
every truth?
And you were walking under the guilty sky
unmindful of the pouncing, long legged tarentulas
to bite off your elements?
All of your tongue?
And the heat will give up the slaughtered spring
dried up in eternal shade?
Within the memory will lie the pain
of million years?


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Today's children,
honor your parents
to enjoy the world's joy.

Love your parents,
as you love your selves,
our parents are  our life,
the source of every thing.

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(ABC) Devotion

All beliefs can defeat evil forces
Greatly healing individuals
Joining kindness, love
Many now owning passions
Quoting realistic sacrament
Taking ultimate victory
With Xanadu yielding zest

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I miss the way you hugged me when I cried and how you told me how you loved me 
every night but now you won't even look at me and you don't even talk to me 
anymore and when I'm upset you just laugh and walk away........... All I want to 
know is what did I do that was so bad that you treat me like a punching bag........ I 
miss the way you kissed me but I guess you've moved on and I try boy do I try but 
your all I dream about all I think about is you, you were my world and now your 
gone I'm so lost without you I cry every night because someone will say your 
name....... What I miss most of all is that I could tell you anything but now you won't 
even listen.............. What kills me is you saying goodbye for good goodbye god 
those words kill me every time good bye good bye good bye....

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What Fear Fed On

The venom that rains
Got you
In the desert
And a spirit
Weak in brevity
Strong but unbelieving
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

Society cuts
Flying wings
As to drain
The courageous soul
Of its hope
And then
People die
Rich with power
Power they never used
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see plain pain
In your eyes
Hurt laughing at you
You’re afraid
To ever love again
Because your past
Caused you wounds
So you walk agape
In a cold escape
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see your dried tears
On your broken face
But a determination
You’ve been robbed of
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

So will you
Forever sulk
Forever your conscience bulk
In a pessimist bask?

Or will you
Your mantle take
And fear forever shake
For you live dead
When fear drives your head

That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

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A Yearn for a Smile 9-21-11

	A yearn… simply something that you want or long for. As a yearn to finish, a yearn to achieve, a yearn for a like, a yearn for a smile is something that you drastically want, a desire. Something that you spend long hours, nights even day dreaming hours thinking about how you can earn that smile. What can you do…. or what can you say … things such as a conversation sparks, likes even dislikes, mostly anything that will crack a smile. These are things that truly show signs of something far greater than fame, sex, money, power. What is it? Something more than I have yet to find. So as I search for the answer I over shoot the entrance with rapid thinking of what she wants, her likes, her dislikes. But truly it will only be earned by who you are, what you want to be, yourself, your feelings your desires, your yearn. So when you yearn for that smile or that special something it can only be earned by being you, no one else. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and try to see past the makeup or tan or piercing and just look at yourself… then take that image and imprint it to yourself forever because to find happiness and your yearn  can only be earned one way. Trying to watch her and she how she reacts to certain things just to make myself seem better when I finally open my mouth to her will only make you distant from that special someone.  With me I personally see myself as buff pierced orange person, while trying to continue to follow the people who I look up to the most. So as you struggle and go through life’s trials and tribulations always look at your yearn or what it once it what was. Think about how you felt when you failed or succeeded and try to make yourself a better person from it. Not by adding more glamour or appeal to yourself but by being closer to yourself. What you really are. Because only then can you truly say you earned your yearn of a smile or that special someone, even if there not with you, apart of them will be and that’s the part they left. The part that made you better. More complete. 			So never forget your yearn of her..

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you dont know

People think they know you but truth is no one really knows the true you. People always say they know me but do they really? Know one knows the true real me only I know all my secrets and the things I hide and know when I am hiding my emotions. You look at some one and judge them just by the way they look or talk and dress, but do you really know what is going on? People judge me all the time for how I look, how I dress, how I talk, how I act towards people. You can’t just judge some one when you first meet or see them. Why is it that people judge each other? If you just judge people and not get to see the real them you might just miss out on a nice person. Yes I judge people but I at least give them a chance to prove my judgment wrong.

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Epicurus Apiculus (Conversation with Aristippus)

You must follow 
Follow whom?
One who knows!
Knows what?
The chief end of life! 
Where does it lie?
In the now!
In what does it lie? 
In pleasure! 
That, may be a lie?

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Sky weeps, I was collecting clouds
from stillness of the sea.
A snake again wants to kiss,
I am learning to die
in arms of spiral mirrors.

Cannot forgot the cheating of umbrellas.
The stings, the twists, the hollow breads.
Foams are submitting the  venoms
on golden plates.
I grieve for the dignity of a hangman.

The retreat leaves the blood
on the stones. My house was burning.
Will you marry me ? I ask the dew
sitting on the grass. Don’t go
back to the sun.

A relentless bucket fills up, again
I am  watching at  the moon.
The icy sand, the fire, the heat.
Flowers will hunt the thorns
at rooftops of sleep.


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Can't Let Go

There seems to be
A battle going on inside of me
All of the uncertainty
Is what is scaring me
I’m stuck between here and where I want to be
All because I let my addiction to him
Take control of me
He feels like heaven
But burns like hell
I swear he has me under a spell
It’s so intense
The way I feel
I question if it’s really real

My mind and my heart
Are tearing me a part
When it comes to Joe
I just don’t want to let him go
Sometimes he makes me so sad
But I never seem to stay mad
When I see his face
All that was done is immediately erased

I fight to hold on
Because it feels good
And I fight to let go
Cause I know that I should

But only because he’s not mine
But maybe that will change in time

I’m all about him now
There’s no hesitation
Just wish we had better communication
Sometimes I’m unsure what he’s looking for
No pressure here
Not asking for more
I just don’t want him to walk out the door

I don’t know the future
I cannot foresee
Just hope he always stays close to me

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Partly clad
full moon
was taking a bath on hills.
Trees were waiting
for the curtains to rise.

Scented stars would make
giant scars on the clouds,
I would make peace with the sky.
Lids of human greed were laden
with golden dust, I was hoisting the skull.

Of a virgin god who did not
want to live for the blotched up creation.
The decline was obvious. Truth 
had refused to climb
on the sky-blue, salted peaks of springs.

Body had arrived,
mourners quietly wailing.
Gouged eyes could not decipher
the script on the halved pyramid.
Sun was sucking the clay.


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Life is an Adjustment

Life is an Adjustment

Sometimes you gain something
Something you sacrifice for someone
this principle of gain and sacrifice
comes in the life on every segment

      Because life is an adjustment

You don't get always
the things you desire for
Along with every desire
There comes the substitute ‘OR'

   You have to makeup
   with whatever you get
   show love even to those people 
   whom you actually hate

You have to adjust
in all the situations
Keep a smile on the face 
Even in critical conditions.
     The things around you
     may not be as per your demand
     That is how life goes on
     where you have to obey others command 

Tears and sadness
are more than the happy
and joyful moments
even then you have to adjust with them

      Because life is an adjustment

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My Silly Little Love.

My silly little Love,
Is not to far away,
I think about you day by day by day,
My silly little Love,
Your what makes this heart stay a beat,
Pounding, Pounding,
My silly little Love,
You fill in all my blanks,
With out silents without questioning,
My silly little Love,
You sing to me,
And hit all the right tunes,
Makes me giggle,
Oh, How I Love you,
My Silly little Love,
You pull my hair back when it's in my face,
To notice I'm here, For the World to see me,
My silly Little Love,
Tough and strong,
Shows little emotion,
But I know what's going on,
Silly Little love,
You are the One.

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Roses between the thorns

I know you well.
You blossom like the rose between the thorns.
The people don’t know,
They don't live like me.
They complain because the roses have thorns

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Falling Rain

As the rain falls down on me,
Before the end of the day.
Curtains will rise once more,
During the final play.
Even as the sun goes down,
Falling from the sky.
Greeting us the stars will shine.
Heaven knows why.
I often wonder if we deserve this
Meaning that if we don't give it,
Never will we spare strife.
Oppressing the weak,
Persuing the poor.
Questioning some things
Realizing more.
Still as life goes on 
Trying as we might.
Ultimately loosing
Violently in this fight
We cant go on in life like this.
X-ing out everything
You were the first bell in my life but
Z is the last to ring.

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Heaven on Earth

you make me weak you make me strong.... 

you make me feel that i belong ... 

belong in your life that involves your heart... 

cause i knew it was love from the very start... 

three types of blood that involves  your love... 

and the strengh of are family makes me never give up... 

sometimes were sad and the pain really hurts... 

but the love from four hearts, is heaven on earth! 

bleeding inside, but ill stay by your side... 

cause true love will never die... 

i know your weak and it makes me hurt... 

so i pray to my knees with just a few words... 

lord jesus, my family is broken and a little  sad... 

but every born son needs a dad... 
i give you my life since the day of my birth... 

only if you promise me, heaven on earth! 

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Every marriage has its bumps in the road
And they can pop up at any time.
We must learn to navigate them safely 
With fairness, faith and open mind.

No matter how far in your marriage you’ve gone
The highway of love has its rules.
The excitement of sex, trust and affection
Never tolerates self-serving fools.

They say marriages are made in heaven,
But so are tornadoes, lighting and thunder.
Cold hearts and hot heads never solve anything
They just destroy what we love by blunder.

 Boredom, frustration, irritations and anger
 Douse the spark between you and your mate.
 More of the same fails to feed love’s flame
 Till you wake up to find it’s too late

Human touch sustains the release of endorphins
For both the giver and receiver.
Never be afraid to hug your partner.
For the language of touch is a reliever.

Always remember to support your spouse
When times of dilemma arise.
The fortress of love will sustain your marriage 
If you speak less and listen more, you’re wise.

By Tom Zart

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Where'd The Time Go

Why the hell am I here? I don't feel I am, HELLO!!? HELLO?!! I'm right here, can you hear me? I'm right here speaking to you! Can't you see me? I'm right here! Don't look away when i'm ****in talkin to you!! It's like you don't even ****in see me when I speak, like all I am is a dust you'd blow away in the wind. I'm dematerializing!! 

Don't you realize when I look in your ****in eyes all I see are lies and betrayol?! You ****in failed.. I failed! What are you talking about? What am I talking about? Am I talking to myself? No, that's not possible!! HELLO!!? HELLO?!! Can you hear me???!!! I'm right ****ing here!!!! Why aren't you answering? Why are you looking right through me, as if I don't exist? Can't you ****ing see me? As you stand there in front of me and pull your hair out I scream in silence trying to hold on but you're slowly slipping away.... 

I try to wipe the tears from my eyes, seems like the more I wipe, the more I cry blood. Wait, my tears are blood? I look to your face, my eyes quickly meet yours.. Your tears are blood.. I search your body with my eyes only to find the exact markings as mine on your body. Why.. How can you have the same tattoo's, same cut marks?? What's going on? Someone please explain!!

 Are you me? No, this can't be; She has soft silky grey hair.. beautiful smooth skin and icy blye eyes, the kind that's piercing and empty. I get pulled closer to you as if your body is sucking the soul from me. Our hearts collide as we become one... 

I can't beleive this shit.. It's me.. You're me.. I'm me.. How did I get so old so fast? This shit's crazy and i'll never understand why I was put here but life's too short to ponder.. 
		       WHERE THE **** DID THE TIME GO???!!!

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Daddy the Alcoholic

Daddy the alcoholic,
 every single day,
full and countless glasses,
 guzzled down,
help him please, and bring my daddy back to me.

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I was there 
On my way to Laflin when the 55th and Garfield bus slowed down.
He should have been passed out from excitement like other 10 year olds playing 
football in vacant lots,basketball in streets, and baseball with wooden sticks.
Instead on his way to gas station 
collar bone caught bullet like a bleeding brown mitt.
He never made it to first base safe, he never made it home.

I sat there in blue and black CTA  seats 
and I wished he was struck by a
be-be, paint ball, or tranquilizer gun
but no they simply snatched back cocked metal and released.

He lied there surrounded
face had grazed grass
and when his mother saw him she wished she could resist what purples saw.
cross-fire whiplash
punctured neck
with a certificate to prove his end.

She pawed at his white outline 
pleading he would breath life, but when i didn't she wept.

I was restricted to step off bus and on to pavement,
so i had to let my eyes listen 
to how blue lights and smudged tears didn't compliment the tragedy.

I mean I was stuck to scene because of the caution tape 
and the ambulance
and the way his stretcher jumped as he was being taken to the morgue.

Pedestrians though it was over until they fled like that little boys mother when she 
heard her sons blood had been scrambled on the boulevard.
Police mans knees blasted to chest as they chased for blocks ones who failed to 

I kept riding past Halsted then on to Racine finally came to Laflin stepped off bus, 
looked at the bullet whole in the street sign then asked 
what is the purpose of you holding hand high and think u have the right to kill.

Rebecca Johnson

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The smell of a delicate rose That scrapes a nose Flowers in Spring With a smell so obscene A taste of chocolate cake Causing a face to break It's like a walk on a cool beach That scorches the feet It can be just a step in warm water That freezes to ice Or a deserted Island That's no longer paradise Deception in love and life Is like getting married, to find no husband or wife It's a heart that loves unconditionally But is smashed so brutally A trusting heart, that's a beast in size Only 2 be beaten down, by tiny lies It's a deceptive shower in the month of May When all hoped for, was a brighter day Like freezing snow on a night of June When summer ended so very soon Swimming with dolphins, with no care Then spotting a shark there Like waiting Winter, each December And find out it's not coming, or didn't remember Deception has no regard for anyone or any things It destroys like a hurricane, then sings

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My face is distorted
Is my real face even showing?
I don't know if I'm experiencing my true feelings
My love is true is yours?
I demand you and you shut the door in my face repeatedly 
We have many years together and yet we have nothing

Our children see the real you 
The real person I  have seen since day one
I can't believe you let your love for society get in the way of my innocents
How dare you? 
I have to be everything to them and it's not fair to them 
They will grow up knowing I was the only consistency in their wee lives

Where is the outline for me?
Do you hear my screams? What about the silent ones?
I go without so much because my wee little ones need more than I 
What do you go without?

I look in the mirror at myself
Who is looking back at me?
Is this really me? Is this really my life? 

I stood by you through so much
The things you did the things you said to me
You have hurt me like no other has and yet I'm still here are you?
Emotionally I'm not here, My heart stays here, But I can't figure out where my mind is
Or where it all belongs? 
I'm so torn, so broken, so numb 
I guess I'm just going to be distorted for the rest of my time with you
I promised I would love you through everything and I have but where is the outline?

I don't see the real me and haven't in a long time thanks to you
I don't even do my hobbies anymore I just sit and watch the world as I call life pass by
Why do you want our wee little innocents to see this? what would posses you to?
If I broke my promise would I be submitted to the pits for enternity? 
I gained so much and yet I lost more much 
You hurt me with life itself and nothing but fear 
Can you honestly tell me what have you lost you entire life?

It feels like a band-aid  that I just can't take off no matter how I rip it off
Do I wear a mask over me? Does anyone see the real me anymore?
I hurt so much with you but yet I loved you for so long 
I can't accept your I'm sorry pity excuses anymore 
Is my face nothing to you? Does it mean nothing to you?

My heart feels so much anger, depression, emotions of not being wanted
Do you or have you ever felt this way?
I don't know what to believe in anymore
I feel like paper and I'm being torn into a million pieces 
Or what if you are putting me through a paper shredder?
Is the real me even showing?
I'm distorted

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Time and Immortal

As I sit here,
time flys by.
I look above,
toward the sky.
And then the lightning strikes
And the dreadful angels cry.

On this night,
my valentine,
we will die,
slowly in each others arms.

And the wounds will heal
and the tears that will fall
will be nothing at all.

And then we will lay under
the ground, lovers in the
darkness until death do us part.

Then my lovely valentine
we will be forever immortal.

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A Thin Line

I love you; I hate you
Jealousy is not the cause
Killing you wouldn’t justify
Lustfully breaking the laws

The third line is not an option

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i am thinking of a boy,
who lives not to far away.
he doesn't live in my city
but he does live in my state
his name is Chris
and he broke my heart
he said that he loved me
but then he didn't care
when i told him that i loved him
he did say it back
but i'm not sure that he meant it.
how can i tell?
we haven't talked for awhile now.
and i miss him terribly.
when he says he loves me im not sure that its true.
i just dont want my heart broken anymore.

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Imitating the waves,
I try to end the attachment
touching the shores, 
then moving away. 
Search for eternity erases 
the designs. Birth 
and death cling together. 
I let go the passion, 
the deviation of fear. 
There cannot be two lives.

When the illusion meets 
the pain, truth laughs,
I forego my future, 
tear the past and burn the present.
Failed life hangs on
the silence of sorrow. 
Names don’t hold any charm
they come & go. Days 
drop like long coats
I search the night.

The desperate seeking 
will not end the journey
It is there in the dark hole of the heart. 
A pitless gloom.
I am afraid to be revealed.
Art of life is scissored,
Anniversary of flirtation
with death forgotten. We celebrate.


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Party Frenzy.

Another bash 

   Careening dancers emerge


           Gyrating haplessly into jigs

                                                  kilts lifting

                     Maurice nods

                               Ormond poised  queerly 


                  Tim under vintage wiles 

                                                 Xavier  yawning  zzs.

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Mythology And Image

By every image spoken, 
her mind and heart were broken; 
the given and the taken 
sought their grave for things forsaken. 

Belief and dream dissolving 
to a point beyond resolving, 
sinking painful instants after 
in a hiss of serpent laughter. 

Mythology sent packing, 
fading image grey and lacking; 
wasted time drained in seclusion, 
mourned the rag and bone illusion. 

What a fool, somehow believing 
in the words, denied deceiving; 
now alone with smiles resigned, 
her orphaned love, no home to find.

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Memories are things that are left behind by love ones, it is a part of a person that 
is eternal and will never perish because they live in the heart and souls of the 
people that are fortunate to be touched by them. They serve a purpose of comfort 
and security that special someone is not here to fulfill anymore. Cherish the 
memories and pass them on, breathe new life to them for they will keep you 
strong. SO celebrate the life they lived not the world they left!

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nice to see as I read writes from people on this site,
words of love words of hate words of lost words of fate,
how do you spell emotions I read,
                                                       would y.o.u. be right?

fingers to board you let your hearts soar 
from your mind and hearts finding the words 
turning pain into art,              
                                                    like a sunset on a sea shore.

years ago pen to paper was all we knew,
lost souls with no home and nothing to do
we raged are withered with out a clue
                                                  others are out there,like you.

short or long,weak and strong these words they grow
touching me touching you filling our souls, 
no longer alone no longer do I hide 
                                                 I love poetry and I don't care who knows.

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Starting a new journey in life

I am starting a new journey in life,
a journey of love and hatred,
a journey of mixed feelings,
  a sweet journey of life,
fused in the chains of caution,
fused in the chains of intuition.
On my high way I might see doves of white,
on my lone way,I may see,dreams of light.
It all bores down to a journey.

I am starting a new journey,
a new dimension,
of life in life,
of pain in caution,
for I need not a life of sorrows
I need not a life of tears.
 In this journey I an treading on,
In this meticulous journey I walking.
There is no need for serendipity
no need for demeanor,for I HEAD
I am starting a new journey in life.

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My Father's cleats

 It’s funny how my father’s hobby became mine. He has been a sportsman all his life, he played basketball, volleyball and softball all his youth, but his real passion is soccer and even though he is 55 years old now, he still keeps playing it and loving it. He has had all kinds of cleats, all brands, all colors, different styles, but it does not change anything, he still plays amazing. But one thing I do find hilarious is that every time he comes from a game, he cleans his cleats, he washes them and takes them with such an unbelievable affection, that I’m beginning to think that he might love them more than he loves me, but now I do know the feeling of a new shiny, hard and beautiful pair of cleats. I still recall when he took me for my very first pair, I could not believe he was doing it for me, I was so excited, but now I realize that what I was excited about is that I could be like my father for just a moment when I had them on. Ever since I was little, I remember my daddy playing soccer, leaving home all dressed up, ready to fight, and win the ball to make a remarkable roll on the field. The playing field that we both love, the field all covered in grass, all green, so delicious and soft, so colorful… being crashed by everyone’s cleats and the rolling ball, feeling the sunlight on our skin, and the wind on our faces. Having a team, an extra family with whom we could find support and create new ideas, new plays so we could smash the opponent. So yes, I loved watching him play and cheering him up more than I could ever like watching official and famous soccer teams. I do find funny the fact that my father’s hobby became mine since everyone says we’re too similar, and even though he also has a son, his daughter is with whom he shares that connection. I love the fact that our simple relationship was started thanks to such a manly sport, and curiously, to transform me into such a girly girl.

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Home is Where the Ocean Is

Summer is here once again.
The breeze is warm,
I smell salt on the wind.
The same sandy beach between my toes,
The same waters I learned to swim.
Sun burn on my nose,
To the Ocean I dive in.
I submerse myself in the waters of the Atlantic
Warmer than the West Coast Thankfully
Cold, I simply cannot handle it!
Further out I paddle faithfully,
For my mother ocean to keep me sane,
this is my therapy,
to soothe this migraine.
This place gives me energy,
a weakness with a name.
Pleasure Island, NC.
A place hidden with fortunes
and undiscovered fame.
Never could I stray from the ocean
my passions would never be fulfilled
and I would never be the same.

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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My Faith In Him

Even through hardship,
you gave me the membership,
to stand up again;
from those who don't believe,
I can see,
right above me,
you are there to my human eyes only,
I don't believe in you just faithfully,
I believe in you spiritually.
For broken hearts comes to tears,
for desperation comes to fears,
to deal with insanity once again.
No matter what agony,
or I snap mentally,
all the deaths been shown these days,
I will hold my faith of praise,
to all the madness we've caused,
you will show us your miracles,
for you are known as God.

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Bitter by ; being mentally bruised and battered most of my life,
shaken with fright without a single soul to help me
through the troubles unseen horrors of the night, 
from an evil source that I fear to strike. 
But as the evil forces, who limited my choices 
that when I found my stallion horses. 
Swiftly it came to my head I can run and I cannot hide, 
feeling the Beast closing in on every time I decide to hide. 
Tired of running and tired of alluding this
relentless creep as my red bolt eyes weep 
feeling rest-less, likes a lonely defeated warrior from his home in retreat 
that is when I knew it time to rest, to release my Beast. 
But in a fight, I may not win however as I cast out my dirty words sin
I made sure it felt my impact, to the bloody end.

by Keith Kadell

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Tic tac! Tic tac! Time flies
Encompassing fears and tribulations, she smiles
A second's like a gemstone before her eyes
Trying to please the World before the night cries
What a prodigious woman

Mother of my mother
Without prevaricating, the astonishing wonder
Among many, she dominates like thunder
Made a name that no man can put asunder
What a prodigious woman

Round thew globe and down to Enugu city
Protects her children with love and ferocity
Her achievements soaring the greatest mountain
And her exquisite body that makes men hunting
What a prodigious woman

So tremendous
Extraordinarily gorgeous
Precisely adventurous
Extremely dexterous
Really fabulous
Truly marvelous
Gallantly fantabulous
Finally prodigious
What a PRODIGIOUS woman

Dedicated to my grandmother, Mrs Egbuna.

By Kbillion

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That dark night, I cried in the heavy rain,
And cold drops blended with my grave pain,
O, sorrow, thou shed down my live meadows,
What relief didst bear thy wary falling widows.

Lost deceived spirit from not love betrayed,
Cold in the dark, tyrannized silence swayed,
The splash of paradise glory cannot be seen,
And all agonized humour shade eyes’ screen.

Night haunted thoughts, and my dejected soul
hovered in the chilly dreams of undying fall,
Frozen in mortality, knowing yet, there’s more,
Of my future history to be told of my past lore.

Dark in the cold, deluded by paths of lies,
Paved by fatuous wisdom and falling rise;
Lost in legacy, impeded by hysterical ties
I obediently surrender to stream of eyes.

My father shed a tear before he calmly died,
A single shallow burn on skin swiftly dried.
And the morning lionized congruous rain,
How rigorous thou art, nature, when in pain.

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Mystic dialogue

There are some dreams that you don't see during the night 
You can just imagine. 
There are some words that you don't hear 
You feel these if you look somebody in the eyes. 
There are some loves that you don't get with a kiss or a hug 
You can touch these with your soul. 

If you can see what you can't see with your eyes 
If you can hear what you can't hear with your ears 
If you can touch what you can't touch with your hands 

Then I will not speak anymore 
Then you will not speak anymore 

Then will speak only our hearts  

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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I am a Jewish boy 
I wonder if I will ever survive 
I hear people screaming and crying 
I see skinny people with shaved 
I want to see my family 
I am a Jewish boy 
I pretend to smile 
I feel very scared 
I touch something that feels like a 
I worry if I will ever survive 
I cry when I see dead bodies 
I am a Jewish boy 
I understand someone ought to die 
I say people will survive and 
freedom will come 
I dream that I will survive this 
catastrophic event 
I try to save other people 
I hope for freedom 
I am a Jewish boy

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My Love So Far

To my love that's far away
I think of you every night and day
And when i am alone
I watch the stars and wait for a sign
And when the brightest star appear
Then, I know you feel my lonely tears.

Days seem to be years
And minutes lead to hours
My love for you grows like a flowers
My heart keeps telling me 
That you're the one for me.

Remember those days
I feel so alive and happy
All my worries and problems disappear from inside 
To my love that is faraway
I'm so lost and don't know my way without you.

Will i remain a stray?
When i close my eyes to cry
Just then i hear you whisper my love
That moment everything is al right.

As i open the window and watching you from heaven above
So far from me...
In GOD's LOVE, I trully understand...
Chose us to be
Let us take this LOVE forever and ever....

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since i met you my days are begin working
as a solar clock, i'm the rock
and you are the light that iluminates me and make me work
without moving every day, every night for you i'll be waiting
i know that some day u'll come to stay near me
and together we always be
no matter what happen
no matter what others think about us

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The World We Live In


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Life as a Butterfly

Life as a Butterfly 
Beautiful in every way 
Flying free through life, not a care in the world 
soaring the highest mountians 
Flying with ease 
Until he drops to he's knees 
Wings broken, Soul damaged 
But still finds hope to carry on 
Life rebuilds in different ways
New hope is given and life begins, But without his wings
Walking along the new path that lies ahead
Trying to stay possitive without feeling like he's dead
He will swallow his pride and start a new journey
Walking and gaining strength along the way 
Taking one day at a time 
learning to live without wings,trying new things
Love and strength will get him through 
Reaching new depths he never knew 
Enjoying every moment of  his new wingless life 
Trying to stay focussed on the shining light 
Taking each new breath with ease, feeling the beautiful breeze 
Appreciating each new step, walking with no regret

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The ABC's of Intangible Gifts:

Appreciation - Helps us value the loved ones around us.
Balance - Bring beauty to our souls. 
Conceptualization - Characterizes our world of complexities and simplicities.   
Delightfulness - Delivers diverse sweetness to our world and dreams.
Ecstasy - Excites our inner beings.
Fantasy - Forms our dreams and follies.
Gratitude - Graciously acknowledges blessings from God and man.
Holiness - Brings a soul to happiness, eternally.
Imagination - Leads our dreams to discovery, inspiration, creativity, and success.
Joyfulness – Diminishes sorrows replacing them with merriment.
Kindness – Increases thoughtfulness, compassion and benevolence; improves humanity. 
Loveliness – Surrounds our souls with physical and spiritual beauty.
Majesty – Uplifts the soul to a state of awe.
Naivety – Enjoys innocence and teaches opposition.
Obedience – Disciplines id and ego while leading to personal strength.
Passion – Imparts intense feelings that lead to elevated emotions.
Quirks – Provide individuality and entertainment for mankind to enjoy.
Righteousness – Teaches a man to stand firm, practicing making right choices.
Serenity – Instills quiet calmness to a man’s mind.
Tolerance – Broadens man’s ability to love and live peacefully.
Understanding – Opens the doors to wisdom.
Values – Direct a man’s path to positive morality.
Wisdom – Lives from a heart of love and understanding.
X-perience – Prevents drastic mistakes.
Yearning – Drives a man to crossroad, choices, dreams, and triumph.
Zeal - Supplies enthusiasms for all things.

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The Earth dry and bare; waiting eagerly for the drops of care;

Caught in the hot, steaming summer’s snare;

The flowers and creepers decorating window sills; all look desolate and ill;

As the nature withers away in the sun’s merciless glare.


The men and the wives; the kids and the wild;

All are enduring the summer’s waterless exile;

They are waiting for the rain; to relieve them of the heat pain;

And of that life which has become a sweaty turmoil.


The wind strong and gusty; makes the roads yellow and dusty;

And the air around becomes suffocating and musty;

The birds forget to sing; their lilting, musical thing;

Even as the tree leaves wristle and make noise so husky.


Then come the Monsoon showers; falling first on boughs and flowers;

Making the trees and plants glisten and glower;

So the monsoon comes in grace; driving away summer’s trace;

Lashing at window-panes with its all-reigning power.


As the monsoon drives away the summer heat; with its raining rhythm off-beat;

And the flower buds open up to return it’s greet;

And as the water seeps in soil; a refreshing fragrance arise;

While the rain continuous to cool down hot gardens and streets.


The Earth grows green; and water droplets gleam;

On the smooth, waxy surfaces of the leaves;

Everywhere the flowers grow; in pink, red, white or yellow;

While buds make their way blushingly between tendrils.

 The wet and soft soil; now grows fertile;

And tender green plantlets push through the Earth in style;

Through soil the tiny saplings peep; as their sown seeds begin to reap;

And the plants and crops shake off the Earth’s temporary curse sterile.


As the raindrops go pitter-patter; water in puddles begins to gather;

And the little birds begin to chirp, twitter and chatter;

The insects begin to hum along; their irritating and happy song;

While due to rain and wind the roofs on houses begin to chatter.


As the showers for some moments cease; after giving Earth life’s new lease;

And the pitter-patter of rain is gently appeased;

The sun coyly shines; a cloud it half hides behind;

While the fluffy clouds move along with the cool breeze.


The fields now green and bright; are an artist’s sheer delight;

Pleasing to the senses of smell and sight;

The fresh air so sweet to breathe; that with pleasure the body writhes;

In the newly born rainy sunlight.


But this sunlight so quickly goes; as thunderstorms blow to and fro;

And Earth engulfs in darkness that now grows;

The wind rises and howls; with a voice that trembles all souls;

And day and night this gale roars.


The trees in fear tremble and shake; as leaves, twigs and branches break;

And the life of these trees is put up at stake;

Birds in nests cower with fright; and due to cold shiver with all their might;

And live in fearful anticipation of what else the storm may rake.

The monsoon now shows its ugly face; gone are its days of grace;

Rainy calamities take its place;

Cyclones and floods destruct worldwide; the raging sea throws up its tide;

“Nature reigns supreme”, we are forced to say.


Same is the life of man; may he do what he can;

But destiny will always play a hand;

What all will man control? So he should let destiny play its role;

And enjoy life and act as the situation will demand.


Somedays will shine the sun; those days life will be fun;

And work will be successful how much ever it’s done;

Somedays by the fun you will tire; and will long to get back into the attire;

Of normal life, however boring or glum.


Sometimes hope will come out; like a tiny plant sprouts;

And will remove from your mind every shade of doubt;

It will be a bright, hopeful ray; but for long it may not stay;

So we must make most of it when hope sprouts.


Just as the shower of joy; after summer comes out shy;

So shower of success will come when you have almost given up the try;

It will wash away your helpless sigh; and will give you a new will to try;

Which will help you succeed by-and-by.


Just as the sun goes behind the cloud; when thunder is heard aloud;

And darkness suddenly falls on Earth all around;

So also failure will touch you once; its upto you to prevent its repeated occurrence;

Or due to failure remain depression bound.


Sometimes through demotivation you will go; sometimes loads of success you'll know;

For we need all types of experience to make us grow;

Like some days it is wet; some days the sun for long doesn’t set;

But then it needs both the rain and the sun to make a RAINBOW…

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A New Life

With birth is a new beginning, 
A destination to a new journey ahead 
From a child grown into maturity 
With youth to age 
From innocent to awareness 
And ignorance to just knowing, 
Perhaps to wisdom 
From the weakness to the strength 
Health to sickness 
We pray to good health again 
A path each of us follow 
With dreams of success in our lives 
To being happy with bliss and love our selfs 
And one another 
We could have a life filled with loves joy 
To treasure always forever 
A new life miracle is born into that 
First new life of natures blessings 
Never take anything for granted 
For this new life is a gift from the heavens 
To always cherish forever and each is unique 

By Brian otoole

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Dear Friend

We were friends since day one,
always outside having fun.

As the day would past,
the fun would always last.

Until that day I had to go,
you held me tight and screamed no!

When i go older, i joined the army,
never thought it would be better for me.

I got a letter that said I had to go to war,
when I told my mom, it hurt her like a never ending sore.

you are no longer my friend, you're my brother,
but its a shame we have to fight each other.

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              let today be the present tense.
              yesterday be the past tense.
              tomorrow be the future tense.

              let we be the parts of speech.
              you are the noun there,
              i am your verb,
              you can make the pronoun to talk about the noun,
              adverb can't stand without verb,
              let adjective be verb which qualifies the noun,
              noun you can have the company of preposition,
              conjunction shouldn't come between us,
              by seeing you i became interjection.

              let your surroundings be the sentence.
              you be the subject.
              make your life verb.
              make use of object,
              you and you only be the complement.
              don't adjust and go and become adjunct.

              don't listen the idioms of some idiots.
              we don't want to be homophones.
              you are the main clause.
              i'm your subordinate clause.
              without main subordinate cant.,
              this is life. enjoy it in grammar's way.....


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Within the darkness
There is a glittering light
Its radiant shine passes
Through anyone's mind
It shall create realization
And enlightenment
That ripples in space
Everyone has spark of light
But the sparks of all 
Are brighter than one?

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True Feelings

If I'm an embarrassment, if I'm too big,
then change my name, call me The Pig.

I'm sorry I can't be skinny like a swimsuit model,
I know what you're thinking, the babies crying where's her bottle?

I can be other things, maybe not skinny,
if you don't believe me, I bet you a penny.

You never knew how I felt, I never came out,
instead I laughed with you, never dared to pout.

As the years past I thought I was strong,
but slowly I started to realize that I was wrong.

I hope what I'm saying doesn't come as a shock,
because I didn't mean for it to be, truly not.

It took so long, so many years,
but hopefully now I can dry these tears.

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The Three Floozies Mary, Flo and Burly (A known Feminist)

Come join the three for another cheap, meaningless day in their lives
They consider themselves to be hip, part of the same sex marriage, Burly the 
husband, Flo and Mary the wives
Their day always starts at the breakfast table bashing  the males that exist 
They wish the males could be on the endangered species list
Sometimes things change among the three, as the estrogen level rises in Burly
Once a month, she wants to be a wife and act very girly
As for Mary and Flo, they think Oprah is hot
Burly thinks Rosie O'Donnell has the goodies she so much has sought
They sip their Busch Beer out of Nascar Coozies
There is no more room for anymore women within the circle of The Three 
From their point of view, all men should be women's slaves
Burly  has a strong scent of Old Spice after shave
They love watching domineering women type movies
The popcorn is shared by all Three Floozies
They go out to only all girls clubs
They cheer on the under dogs, their favorite one is the Chicago Cubs
Their closets are full of clothes by Dickies
They leave each other love notes on little stickies
Mary likes champagne on a store brand  soda budget
Flo likes Butterbeans with cumin to make them smell pungent
Burly likes Pickled Eggs and sardines
Burly's favorite movie line is In space no one can hear you scream
Flo's favorite movie line is Go ahead, make my day
Mary's favorite movie line is My name is Chucky, do you wanna play?
Burly dreams of one day wrestlin' steers
Mary is concerned that Burly one day will leave, that's her worst fear
Flo watches the WWE, she is such a loyal fan
Burly uses her forehead to smash empty beer cans
None of you are mothers, so on your peanut butter selection, quit being choosy
Mary, Flo and Burly are today's Three Floozies

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what is beauty

I often ponder as I lay awake and let my mind wonder, what beauty realy is.
If it is truly only in the eye of the beholder? am I then blind when I hold her? 
Embrace her and see infinate possibilities like trillion probabilities of us creating
Our own galaxies with the simple serinty of jst the sound of her voice.

If beauty does exists then surely it must be more than visual, like a complex 
Machanical sphere that governs all that is tangible. What manner of beauty then 
Lies in the air above us or ground below us or is it limited only to our comprehension?
If so then beauty must be all that I can see, for that is where my understanding reigns.
Oh but if it truly so then beauty is in no order and far too complex to define. Because
What is beauty to me is imperfection to u.

With that reasoning we find that beauty is unique to each man according to his own predetermined 
Desires and createria of what he considers beauty so long before he saw u, he knew u were beautiful
Because u were exatctly what he considered beauty to be anything less is mare imperfection. How 
Shallow we think and allow our eyes to percieve the world. I wonder is that why we are perhaps so quick to justify failure than to correct our errors? 

But this I knw without a shed of a doubt...for if the is beauty in light then surely darkness must glow in its own light too.
Even moreso the surely must be beauty in sorrow as the is in laughter.
But what I seek most is the understanding and appreciation in knowing that as the is beauty in life so is the in death and with this I silently conclude that the greatest beauty of all is the celebration of life and not the moaning of what is lost or left behind

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Life is getting rough

  Life is getting Rough
Now in life looking forward to another day
Is like being dead another way
Life is getting rough
Life is getting tough
They say we better off alive
But we better off to die

Cost of living is rising
Yet salaries declining
Children Starving
Poverty increasing 
Parents striving
Life decreasing

What are we looking for in life
I think it's too late to think twice
Because today I am alive
Tomorrow I DIE
So everyday live life with no expectancy
Because tomorrow , we can't depend on 

Thank you.

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The Amazon Jungle (If I Had A Voice)

I am a vast area of trees, animals, and
The worst animal of all (man) is causing
my devastation,
I provide food and support life each day,
As my very own life is being stripped away,
Who will take care of my animals and plants,
At this rate they don't stand a chance,
When will I be left alone to live,
Probably when it's too late, when I have 
nothing left to give.

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I Am Who I Am

Its bad enough that everyday I walk down memory lane, &&' It really puts me in alot of pain. I've been doing the best that I can, but I am who I am. I'm getting tired of everyones exspectations, people always pulling me in different directions. Even when I'm falling down, people still push me on the ground. I'm gonna keep trying, no more lying. No more games, done mentioning names. Being two-faced isn't cool, it just makes you look like a fool. I'm never looking back, that life was wack. I'm done trying to make everyone happy, when they treat me so crappy. I may not have alot of friends, in the end, but atleast I don't have to pretend. I'm gonna be true, with or without you. You'll see, I'm done letting people get to me.

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Just For My Sweet Beautiful Boo

I think about you every hour throughout my day/ I dont know what it is about you that makes me feel this way?/ but I want to let you know Im going to try to comprehend them in the nest few wrods that I say......
 Dam girl I stillcant belive you my boo....after all the drunk bull-sit I put you threw/ You make me better at everything girl I cannot lose/ Right now you the only woman that I choose/ You bring light to my rez life blues/ You make ,my heart beat faster than it normally moves I dont life being alone because I'm better off when my life is spent in two's/ Without your pretty face around girl I dont know what I would really want to do/ No matter what mi lady because this poem ws written just for you my sweet beautiful boo........

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The Alligator Poem

I was asked why I don’t pet alligators
Well, I replied
I petted one once
I petted one twice
Now I may need a hand

( The ABC's of what not to do )

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My Sincere Love

You are the reason for every drop of my tear
And you cannot leave me alone here
I said a million times that I love you
Every time you rejected
Every time I left with few millions of tears
You can just see this eyes, every time with a smiling face in-front of you
But I cannot stop this heart's bleeding
You feel every thing is alright with me
And you never tried to listen my heart's pain
I truly love you and adore you
And sometimes I feel , my life is over and I will die for you
Don't know what to do?
But I am really stuck at you
Everyday I sit alone in the dark
Ask myself , why I love her?
Years gone, but I didn't find the answer
I cannot say how much I feel the pain in this broken heart
And I don't want to hurt you by my personal thoughts
But still I said many times with this eyes to you
How much I  love you
And How important are you
Oh my Love! Please try to read my heart's page
Then you can find many broken words , red in colour
Still trying to say

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Here in the middle of the nothing I'm lost, I've wanted every single thing for me, i
wanted something better, but i just noticed that i already had every singel thing i
wanted, every single thing i needed, now i'm sailing alone looking for that thing i've
lost and now i need, i've lost something the biggest chest wouldn't hold, the money
wouldn't buy, i've lost you my heart.

to: ashton, the girl i miss so much

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~ If I Die Before Tomorrow ~

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me,
And I'm Not There To See,
If The Sun Should Rise And Find Your Eyes
All Filled With Tears For Me;
I Wish So Much You Wouldn't Cry
The Way You Did Today,
While Thinking of The Many Things,
We Didn't Get To Say.
I Know How Much You Love Me
As Much As I Love You
And Each Time That You Think of Me,
I Know You'll Miss Me Too.

But When Tomorrow Starts Without Me,
Please Try To Understand,
That An Angel Came And Called My Name,
And Took Me By The Hand,

And Said My Place Was Ready,
In Heaven Far Above,
And That I'd Have To Leave Behind
All Those I Dearly Love.

But As I Turned To Walk Away,
A Tear Fell From My Eye,
For All My Life, I'd Always Thought,
I Didn't Want To Die.

I Had So Much To Live For,
So Much Left Yet To Do,
It Seemed Almost Impossible,
That I Was Leaving You.

I Thought of All The Yesterdays,
The Good Ones And The Bad;
I Thought of All That We Shared,
And All The Fun We Had.

If I Could Relive Yesterday,
Just Even For A While,
I'd Say Goodbye And Kiss You
And Maybe See You Smile.

But Then I Fully Realized,
That This Could Never Be,
For Emptiness And Memories,
Would Take The Place of Me.

And When I Thought of Worldly Things,
I Might Miss Come Tomorrow,
I Thought of You, And When I Did,
My Heart Was Filled With Sorrow.

But When I Walked Through Heaven's Gates,
I Felt So Much At Home,
When God Looked Down And Smiled At Me,
From His Great Golden Throne,

He Said, "This Is Eternity,
And All I've Promised You."
Today Your Life On Earth Is Past,
But Here Life Starts A New.

I Promise No Tomorrow,
But Today Will Always Last,
And Since Each Day Is The Same Way,
There's No Longing For The Past.

You Have Been So Faithful,
So Trusting And So True,
Though There Were Times You Did Some Things,
You Knew You Shouldn't Do.

But You Have Been Forgiven,
And Now At Last You're Free.
So Won't You Come And Take My Hand,
And Share Your Life With Me?

So When Tomorrow Starts Without Me,
Don't Think We're Far Apart,
For Every Time You Think of Me,
I'm Right Here, In Your Heart.

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The Government song

This Life and Government have found it's ways,
everyone dying and having bad days,
today it is raining from all i can see,
bullets and shot guns aiming towards me,
yelling and screaming just to get out,
if they take this life of mine i have no dought,
I traval the road that no one could know,
working hard for nothing to show,
taking my mind and making it weak,
sticking me in the dark hole that i seek,
try to run from theses Chasing fools,
this type of government has taking it's tool.
Politcal lies by one and another,
trying to get by to feed each othere,
they live poor just get through the door,
the empty sad hearts without family's,
feeling it go through my vains it's like a diseases,
Plant the visions in my mind,
killing people around me all the time,
for i have sined many times for no reason,
Living out here in the desert for all the seasons.
theres nothing i can do untill it's over,
i look over and theres a body to cover
So i traval the road no one could know,
Working hard for nothing to show,
taking my mind and making me weak,
sticking me again in this hole that i seek.

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Brain Surgery

I was so 'afraid of it happening',
because of what my life was turning into.
I was getting ready on going to 'F.S.U.', to try and 
become a 'Meteorologist/Astronomer/Computer Science Engineer.

I was so 'afraid of it happening'.
Now I have a hard time remembering things that I just thought of. 
I have a thought, but next there gone. That's scary!  My only control over forgetting 
is writing down my days. If I remember that. 

I was so 'afraid of it happening'.
It's really horrible.  When I want to remember.  I can't! When I'm not paying 
attention to what ever is happening. I can remember that.  
Some moments I think that I shouldn't 'FEEL'.
Because that's the only thing I have to keep me away from things.

I was so 'afraid of it happening', yet
I just want to finish living my life
plus making my life better than it was. :-(

Where my life is heading right now.
I sure hope that it will make my mother Happy.

I started at 'Marchman Technical Education Center,'
to try and find out what I am good at. I graduated 'Commercial Foods'
class with a 'Certificate'. I can remember myself before 'Surgery'!!!!!

I then got a new job. It is a lot better than my last one! :-) There
are many ways to make my life better, the thing is, I need to find them!

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Live with Gratitude then our Life will be Full of Wonders

Live with Gratitude then our Life will be Full of Wonders
If we are proud of ourselves then it will give us a good feeling of satisfaction and self-esteem.
The moment when we have done something for someone else, and received an abundant thanks from them, that will give a confident and respectful impression.
Therefore it is very crucial to be ourselves and be thankful for others as well, in order to give them an excellent sense of appreciation.
Also, do not feel sad for the things that are unreachable for us at this time, but to know and realize what we have been achieved so far.
We should always have a feeling of gratitude for what we have right now, because then miracles may occurred around us if there is something new reveals.
Every morning when we wake up, we should be grateful and realize how beautiful our new day can be.
When we immediately seeing all the positive things, we are knowing that we can solve everything with a right formula it will give the perfect solution.
Be grateful that we can breathe new air again and enjoy the day with new opportunities, we ourselves are the one that can give this influence.
Give respect to get it back, and those who doesn’t want to have mutual respectful understanding with us are not the good partners in our life.
Gratitude for all the good things that we meet every day with self-esteem and avoid all the evil from ungrateful people.
A concatenation of grateful people in our circle of friends will perform more miracles than what we see in Walt Disney cartoons.
Have faith in ourselves, respect the laws and be gratitude for life, this may also give nature a chance to show us the miracles.

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Will I turn back? No, why?
Cuz this is my path, in life.
Will i stop, and wait for death?
Or will I live life, Breath by breath?
I choose to live day to day, with this life,
Cuz death can take us at any time.
Why not make the best of what we have now?
I REFUSE to keep my head hanging down.
I will try to live life to the best of my ability,
With peace, love, and tranquility.
i choose to be and think positively,
If I dont, I'll be self demolishing.
I chose the path I walk, Whether it be with someone or alone,
I'm pleased with myself and maybe a place to call home...
Who knows?
I will mature even wiser than before
Don't be jealous because YOUR decisions were poor.
Happier more than I ever was, now uncovered,
A life out there, WORTH being discovered?!?!?!?!?
Will I turn back? No, Why?
Cuz this is my path, in LIFE.

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BEAUTY- You're Beautiful

Beauty is not the eyes that smites the ocean
It's not that dazzling pebble they call the pupil
It's neither the lashes that makes a rainbow
Nor the brows that sink titanic

Beauty is neither the nose that face no fear
Nor the way it sucks those air
It's not the fact it perceives BIG
And the moment it throws you off league

Beauty cannot be the lips that levels the mountains
The one that cries,"I LOVE YOU"
It's not the kiss that makes lips hunting
Never the shape it makes in blue moon

Beauty is not those ears that seek attention
Nor the ring that flavors the lobe
It's not how demanding it seeks affection
And how mind-blowing and lovely that flows

Beauty is not the strands of hair that matter
Nor the way it whips and scatter
It's not the way it circles the continent
And when fixed, makes a monument

Beauty is not the body that solves calculations
4+4, 4x2, 9-1
It's neither the way it responds with reaction
Nor how it burns the sun to make it worm


Beauty is her acting like an Angel
Her heart that melts the seas
The way she smiles like there's no fear
Her talent that glamours her destiny

Beauty is the way he stands like a soldier
The way he embarrasses with LOVE 
His strength excited when older
And his heart purer than blood


By Kbillion

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ABC story

An apprehensive Amy
Births baby Bob
Carefully cradles cries
Dons dry diapers
Emanates endless emotions
Fraught frantic fears 
Grateful glad greetings  
Huge happy hugs
Innate intuition increases
Joyful jaded journey 
Key kind kin
Learner loving lavished 
Must make money 
Nurturing new needs
Oceans of options
Play pray plan
Quiet questioning queries
Restful rescue remedies 
Seeking soother solutions
Truly tired times 
Uncertain, unforgettable unity
Varied viral visits 
Warm winter woollens
Xylophones xeroderma, x-ray
Yesterday youthful years 
Zestful zoned zenith

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What the HEART WANTS,,,,

    People say "Listen to your HEART."
But what if you can't HEAR it?
         Your MIND wants all these other things,
and then you CAN'T HEAR your HEART.
        I sit and CLEAR my MIND 
   I sit LISTENING to my HEART

         What am i suppose to do now?


Plzz comment if u like my poem or have any thoughts and plzz rate

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Dogma Delivery

An allotted announcement;
Ben’s brother balances
Carefully, carrying containers
Designated “Dogma Delivery.”
Eventually, everyone 
Finds frog-gy feelings for
Generously generated
Hair-raising hijinks.
Incoherent ideas incur. 
Jeremiah jumps, jolting,
Kicking kleptomaniacs,
Lashing lawlessness.
Money monkeys make
Notorious nincompoops. 
Obscure obligations often 
Poisons pathetic passion!
Quarantining qualified
Shrivels support,
Transforming truth-
Unilaterally, unfairly
Vexing vicariously.
While we want 
Yokels yield
Zion’s zenith

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Women- The Road Familiar

Refreshing feel of identifying with music in my life,

The mother’s voice still echoes sweet in all life’s strife’s.

She taught me to walk, run, dance and sing,

My mother still stands strong in love and vigor in my life.


Kindergarten, the start of knowledge in life,

Where Mini, Lakshmy, Susan, Shoba and Meera,

Still shines as star's in my day- to-day life,

Keeping those  memories and blooming together.


School days, are times that stays vivid in mind,

Friends that evoked passions  of love still impress,

Susan Bindu, Jaya, Brinda, and Manju remained firm,

Even when life made new meanings,connections endured.


College saw, mixed platter, though women who stayed in unit

More in day- to-day life in Bindu, Geeta, Asha, Raji and Vinith,

Patterns of Lost love, admiration's, hero worship,list stands long,

However, for me it was a distressing lullaby of hearts .


Life showed me, women stand strong above all

As I carry endless power of strength, mind and heart,

when I  finds myself and knows where I remain in life!

So I  stand tall and represent myself as women.


Love never lost its footprints along the line,

I am a woman in Love,being loved  and cherished

I knows deep in my heart  that i  am contend,

Hearts grew deep in love, known love  and in Love.


I knew it right from the start, a moms heart

Holding my finger tight, I cradle you in my arms

Your smile and showed all your charms.

Heavens showered me the "Mom', role in prologue.

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Natural Beauty

Acknowledge beauty
Convey delight
Enjoy fully

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Memaw said she would dance
dance at my wedding
and she did
she made it true
and memaw
swishin and swayin
made the place
that we were at
want to have her
and everyone
be someone like her

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Let the Life roll

Let the life roll;
uphill or downhill;
never frown;
Let the life roll;
in altruism of a friend;
in blessings of divine;
in caricature of fun;
in divinity of oneness;
in elation of an opulence;
in fathoms of wisdom;
in giggles of an innocent heart;
in harbingers of a peace;
in an innocence of a child;
in jubilation's of being a human;
in kinship of humanity;
in lavishness of thoughts;
in maelstrom of possibilities;
in naiveness of a traveller;
in a ocean of forgiveness;
in peacefulness of an ocean;
in the quest of a wanderer;
in restlessness of a dreamer;
in serendipity of events;
in tranquility of a mother;
in unification of souls;
in virtuosity of nature;
in waning of boundaries;
in xylophone of love;
in yielding of sorrows;
in a zeal to live;
Let the life roll;
uphill or downhill;
never frown :)

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When I was 21,
I just learned how to be a lady,
Playing make ups,thong my hairs and dressing pretty.

When I was 21,
I just learned how to be sexy,
Catwalk confidently,sway my hair and body.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be entrepreneur,
Talked thru my eyes and using my brain.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a girlfriend,
To love and being loved even thru the rain.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a friend,
To lend a shoulder and my pair of ears.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be an artist,
Paint my heart with songs and not by justice.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a daughter,
Devote,responsible and brings laughter.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a learner,
Life's aspects and everything's corner.

That was..When I was 21,
Now many years had gone,
And 21...
Is still something to ponders on...

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think with your mind

don't think with your heart
think with your mind
cause some times your heart will take bad decision

don't think with negative mind
think with positive mind
cause life will be so damn cool when you have positive mind

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Is this pain real

Is this pain real or are we the ones who created it?? 
Did we create all the bad feelings or were they already created? 
Are we the ones who opened the cage for it?
When did we surrender to pain, hate, cruelty and darkness?
Happy life has vanished from this world... We weep every time we feel sad.... 
Why can't we weep when we are happy?
Even though there are no happy moments 
There's a story in our tears 
There's a story in our fears 
There's a story in our pictures 
There's a story in our lives 
Those story's will always be in our hearts
None of them will show on our faces...

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redeeming the time for the days are evil



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a true loyal mother

you are a true loyal mother
 never forsaking me always keeping the god in me never letting the promise died out of me always asking god to watch over me. Always providing for me and always loving me and encouraging me always supporting me never let the integrity die out of me always fulfilling the promise that god have for me .
you are a true loyal mother
you carried me for 9 moths and gave birth to me and always provided for me when I looked in your eyes when I was a baby I connected with you. You prayed for me asking the angels to watch over me and you fed me when I was hungry you wipe the tears off my eyes when I needed you. You sing to me when I needed to go to sleep you took good care of me when I couldn't take care of myself you are a true loyal mother
 never forsaking me always keeping the god in me never letting the promise died out of always providing for me and always loving me and encouraging me always fulfilling the promise that god have for me.
you are a true loyal mother
you carried me for 9 moths and gave birth to me and always provided for me when I looked in your eyes when I was a baby I connected with you. You prayed for me asking the angels to watch over me and you fed me when I was hungry you wipe the tears off my eyes when I needed you. You sing to me when I needed to go to sleep you took good care of me when I couldn't take care of myself 
you are a true loyal mother
when my father forsake me and neglect me you raise me as a single black mother you watch over me and took care of me when I was a baby  and now you see me graduating out of college you raise a woman out of a girl you raise a man out of a boy you taught me how to appreciate life and you taught me how to love life you are a true loyal mother
you are a

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AlphaBet Constructs 3 2 1

Alphabet Constructs 3 2 1

Annotated Achilles amends fallen frame amputees

Bulimec Barbies browse media monkey banalaties

Cameo clouds cling to beaded breath curios

Dopamine dreams dilenate check cash desires

Echo endorfins eulogize bullet brain excrement

Fecal folly fantasies reveal relevant frivoloties

Gonadial grownups gulp secret scrotal generosities

Helical hemorriods hinder senior stricken hemocraps

Idiotic ideals idioiosyncrate post partem iconoclasts

Jack Jill juxtapositories seek sexestential jouveniers

Kryptic killer kisses ascot arrogant kingdumbs

Liquid lipid loiners fear frontline lucklullibies

Malovent mommies masterbate rich reflective mommocules

Nevertheless nightengales nourich ruby rich noonbeams

Ovulatory occults outsource torrent tofu outrages

Pensive picses picnics lovelorny passions 

Queer quiet quintensials release rancid quotients

Rape ripe residuals nullify nimble reprocussions

Silky seafoam silohouttes fornicate frothy sandlets

Tepid torch trilogies belie beligerent tourniquets

Useless utterences utilize organize orgasmic utopias

Venimous vixens violate visions

White willow wombs softly seed hospice hell winds

XY XX xfactors envision extracurricular xraydoms

Yearning yoyo yesterdays calculate clearcovert yeilds

Zen zealous zions mirror maginfy Zoneotones 

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of alienation
were increasing.
We were afraid
of reflections.

of landscapes
will hurt the river.
I was blinded
by blues.

becomes a speech
bonds start

I wanted
to call your name –
in solitude.
The echo
reaches the whole sky.


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A Sensitive Heart

I am a foolish jocker
And I only know to bring a smile on your face
But I still have a soft sensitive heart
Which can only cry in the silent dark

I am a foolish jocker
I only know to love & I can't express
I am loving you sincerely
Where my eyes expressed these words many times to you
But you never respond to me

Every Valintine's day you are with a new boy friend
I am still the same foolish jocker
And I am trying to bring a smile on your face
Now I forget to smile
And waiting for the next valentine's day

I have many greeting cards which I bought every year
To wish for Valentine's day, Christmas , New Year ---------
And I want to greet you and celebrate with you
But every time I am alone and you are with some one
Years going like seconds
And my hope is still at the same place
Here everyone celebrating these celebrations
And everyone's glass filled with champagnes and wines
But nobody there to see my wet eyes
Nobody there to wipeout my broken tears

Then suddenly , I wiped out my tears
I slowly realized that I am alone here
I made this lonliness as my best friend
But I promise you my love that when you become alone
There will be still a hand waiting for you
Please understand me and release me from this torture of lonliness

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Green People

I see green people
They tell me they come in peace 
But they are showing me the roots to all evil
I see green people
They try to disguise their intentions 
But their actions are so see through
I see green people
They are the true world leaders
There are no free actions or thoughts
You do or think what they want you to
I see green people
They manipulated all of our history
So if we were to find the truth
It doesn't matter because their is no proof
I see green people
As their head grow larger 
I continue to have distant dreams of me being considered a equal
I see green people
They told me to worship them or die
Close my eyes and look through the lies
Because without them 
There is no chance to walk among the Gods
I see green people 
And there is no doubt about it
They truly show me the roots to all evil

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Paint Me A Picture Please

<                       Artist Brushstroke Creating Decembers Elite Frost
                         God Handed Imagery Justication Keeping Longevity
                         Making Novelist Opt Painting Quest Really Strong
                         Taking Utmost Vigrous Wealthy Xanthochroi
                         Yearning Zest

Entry For
Yasmin Khan's
Snow ABC Contest
G.L. All

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Anytime it comes by
Be there to acknowledge it
Can become discouraging
Do not let it go easy
Excellent result is expected
Fight the challenges that comes with it
Give it your best and sincerity
Hire more hands if need be
Innovation is the right word to any
Jobs that eventually emerges a success
Knowing you made an impact towards
Leading people to their promise land and 
Making them see a reason to do same
Never forcing them to do wrong
Or better still,do not lure them to fail
pursue the fact that you should practice what you preach
Que in line,u cant afford to jump just So that comments can be 
Reserved for reference purposes
Situations may arise and then you will stand corrected
Tarry and strive because you will be an hero
Until lifetime we will all remember your legacy
Loving and caring you are as we sing your song 
Visiting each day by day makes us 
Worthy of your presence in our midst and not like 
Xenophobia in our memories but as in our thoughts 
Yore you came in the picture and brought life opportunities we were 
Zealous and ready to conquer once and for all

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

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how life go's

This is how life go's one day you are happy next day you are sad 
 Other day you are in a bad mõòd

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A new face to trace
Covet then embrace
Beloved thy trance
Diminishing glance

Flirtatious on air
Erroneous flair
Gelid, weary streak
Innovations weak

Heroic on flight
Justly proving right
Losing glossy tone
Keenly you dethrone

Mustering the nerve
Obey and observe
Novelty invades
Promises betrayed

Romantically loose 
Questions the abuse
Shine and gloss aloof
Unwoven with proof

Tarnished we believe
Vanished we deceive
Xerox of our life
Wasted upon strife


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purple clouds

purple clouds, lost in shrouds, my life is about, the quiets and louds. i wonder what, the clouds are like, they turn purple, im riding a bike. why are they purple? god only knows, they grow deeper, my curiosity grows. purple clouds, lost in sight, life goes on, and i still have to fight. if its not, illusionated, the milk is sour, and the cheese is grated. to live on a farm, with purple clouds, my soul is gone, and im lost in shrouds.

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I am

I am who I am not because you think I am.
I am who I am because you say I am.
Your words do not define me, it only motivates me to be different.
There was a time your actions would infuriate me,
suddenly my actions is all you see.

I will do what I must than to be a burden,
for people are nice to your face and devious behind curtain.
If I am silent then I have nothing to say,
I've learned well the formula for trouble 
also how to detect when discussions go astray.

I will share with world though some things I hide,
like why am I the Black sheep, Z' Traveler and why I hold them with pride.
My memories are misery it's almost a strain,
My past lets me forget nothing especially the pain.

If I am not too forthcoming then you need a new plan,
for skeptic and distant is definitely my intention.
There are times I think that I am the only one 
but the years made me strong and I say thanks to you,
for it is you who made me who I am.

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My love

        My love, is you 
       My love is pure of heart
     And with my love I give you my all
    With my love I won't shed tear to the cloud 
My love is everlasting can't you understand me
My love is like some roaring ocean just to have you near
  And with loves grace I abide by you
  My love will go on as long as you will stay
With the stars that shine for us as long as you'll accept
                   My love

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me n u

Me n u

When I first met you 
I felt like I had known you forever, 
telling you my secrets 
and what I didn't want ever. 
you listened to me 
I bet you thought I'd never end, 
who would have thought 
we would become more than just friends. 
Over a period of time, 
I got to know the real you. 
A boy so caring and gentle, 
with a heart so true. 
You've survived your life 
with hurt and loneliness by your side. 
I told you I'd never leave 
because of the feelings I have inside. 
I know you 
like no one I have ever known, 
and sometimes I wonder 
what I'd do if you were gone? 
So I have decided 
time answers all. 
If it is meant to be 
time will remove the wall. 
I love the way we are together, 
you can always make me smile. 
Will it ever really be forever? 
I guess I will have to wait awhile. 
Time will reveal, what lies ahead 
but always remember 
what I have said. 
Meeting you has changed my life 
and I really love you so, 
the feelings I feel for you 
I am never letting go. 
Remember me always 
and I will too. 
I always think of 
me and you

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Rythem in Life

Is it the rhythm in life
That we have issues and strife
The rhythm in life is a beat
A beat that puts you heart out in the street
The street is where it all goes down
It goes down to make you frown  
Some people laugh and play 
Other people sit and stay  
We all want to wear it 
And even compare it 
In my room sometime strain at the wall 
In my mind hear my conscience call
In life alone 
We don’t pick up the phone
And we lose the milestone 
The trust of the fact that 
We are not all that!

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Emotions overwhelm me,
Haunting me for reasons;
24 months and 19 days have passed —
Longing’s destiny is vague.

What is a good solution
To combat fatigue of love
The other side is getting heavier —
Do I give in to emptiness’?

Yesterday you stripped me naked
Today you cut me into pieces
Knocked me out emotionally,
And perfected me mentally!

Now I see clearly;
It gives me more stability!
Realization dawned on me.
I doubted Yesterdays —
Do I need to trust today?

Am I longing for a soul?
Emotions do not need identity.
Face and body can live life,
With pretentions  of mind.

Life is now a roller coaster,
The wheel, turning and churning,
Never stopping for breath.
Do I trust today, to forget
My yesterday’s Dreams?

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The man's destiny

 Even if the oceans become dry ...
And all the fish fly so high ...

 Even if the wolves and the sheep ...
Together,eat,play then sleep .....

 Even if the peace oneday can ...
Exist between satan and man ...

 Even if the Christ returns to earth ...
Brings love and stops the death ...

Even if all these miracles or any ...
Nothing can change the man's destiny...

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In Fields

Though I walk through valleys
And yet I do fear although 
I should not when the silence is 
Beating down inside my head

When scorn turns to shame
Turns to tears...that wash away
Something I cannot clean

When questions receive no answers
And time breeds nothing but
Unrelenting pain

And so I walk in fields
Where my father's hands have plowed
Searching without knowing
To follow a voice I cannot hear

And yet I know there is
A voice somewhere inside out
There is someone else there
I know and yet I can't

When lovely pain turns to gold
Turns to alabaster sunshine
Something I cannot see

When answers are elusive
And unexpected overcoming
Like the spring and the rain

And so I walk in fields
Written in the lines of someone's hand
Searching without knowing
Yet slowly drawing near

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My Invitation To Life

I was given an Invitation to life
God said I'm going to bless you with these two wonderful parents
This is your Invitation to life
Life if not going to be easy my child
There are going to be ups and downs 
There are going to be obstacles
Trials and Tribulations
This is your invitation to life
It's up To you weather or not you take this invitation to life
Nothing in this world is free take your life as it is 
Enjoy your invitation to life
Mine was almost taken from me 4 times
While I'm here i'm going to make the best of this Invitation
You only get it once, I''m going to cherish it anyway, shape, form, or fashion that
life comes in
life is what you make it out to be
I'm going to make the very best of it

My Invitation to Life

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Poetic Literature of Me

A bout to speak something you never heard before
B reaking down all barriers and kicking in doors
C aptivating ones interest and mind
D elicately marking my place in time
E mmortal Essence that’s the name
F ifteen years strong in this game
G iving you what you need
H onestly speaking my mind so intrigued
I nvesting time in the ink I spill
J ury needed for conviction because this piece I just killed
K eeping the world on their toes
L oving every moment of this and enjoying the foes
M aking the best of this blessing that he gave to me
N ever forgetting the past for it has made me
O utspoken
P rovoking
Q uestioning
R esting
S pirit that leaves your mind at ease
T esting everything just to make sure it still bleeds
U nder reconstruction to build a great empire
V iciously attacking anything I don’t desire
W elcome to my world take your shoes off and stay for a while
X ylophone because I have a musically inclined style
Y ours truly never will i give up until I’m done
Z enith because I will forever be one

Copyright©2010 Henry Pendergrass

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Hope is lost.

I have lost my way.

Just wanting to find my way home.

Kept thinking I knew the way,

Little did I know.....

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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Piano Chords

Preposterous melody won't exist,
Inside a piano without the chord's beat
Aubade is formed when dolefulness emits
Nails the body to where she always sits;
Ordering her fingers to start a writ.

Corners her world with piano as a friend
Heaves fro the melancholia life has sent
Obsolete in the past yet still remains
Rest in the hands of the hellion of dents
Deceiving the chords life composed to mend

Carted away from the womb of thy mom,
Dispatched to fosters as a surly wan
Ego disappears to the children's scrum
For years she can't find her ruined life's sum

Guided and loved with the help of the rank
An afflatus for three hearts to collide
But deep beneath, she had always been mock
Called in by her fosters as out of luck

Door to door, she lagged capitulated
Reminds herself the poem she narrated
Misses the time her heart elevated
Falls for a man who's crossed-dressing blended

Solitude before but now chaperoned
Laminated by her man's trifle tone
Timbre has echoed when they broke the stone
Do you hear the sixteen chords of her song?

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Cheer and Root Hong kong Donald JUNG

   Cheer and root is DONALD JUHG. 
Act a way in open also other evil schemes in secret.
Overt does or convert acts are china tyrants ’contacts.
Hong Kong china commie teacher pets might beg for china tyrants blesses. 
HONG–KONG-Donald Jung knows a group of HONG KONG dirty noble mutually. What are fringe benefits then? Come and gather together must be some really service for Donald JUNG. Take a seat for private air plane. Take a cruise to cruise with the private one those cruises belong to Hong Kong nabobs.
Feign to acts in ways but make the real confer and moves in other. Does JUNG YIN KUNG HONG Kong ex-C.E.O Donald JUNG pay the traffic fares?
Donald JUNG did kick his followers upstairs.
Ways beside this there are nepotism earn their life as hireling men. Those are yes are kowtow men. They are franking stamps. They are cliques for governing however all are yes and snobbish men. Their worse in self is evil wills 
So inferior complex does for their making evil minds as their evil natures take always.
Greedy Donald JUNG cheer and root for china commie tyrants. Once Donald Jung is HONG KOJNG chief executive officer just might always look for fringe benefit among those Hong Kong nabobs just to make him wealthy.
Donald JUNG repulsive behaviors all will twist our facts. 
Oracle saints may need those men to clean our donkey back.
So please me and I keep my voices quiet.
China IX JANGPING also HONG KONG leader teams should they know as how to clean my donkey back.
Ranks of moneys really smell but I will take the favor also remain clean. I love money mints. Give me most then I might keep quiet. Are there hush moneys?
Donald JUNG onto ways to come and match or map to evil domain just as cunning china is purer commie henchman. 
China ways are worse of lethal hells that hide or hire. Hireling men will have political powers so are snobbish.
Hireling men will earn and keep their better life in some.
-------------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-------------------------

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An evil one again

        An evil one..
Not to go with soft referred as despotic rules are just.
Nothing quite defected if nothing softly despotic. They are nasty nice.
Some sublime ways are better empathy hearts. List to mores and law as made may then be good. Common all are simple normal looks. What is good? Are we right.
What is evil all are self that like then project to other.  .
Someways also some how must be thives to get and punished the thives.
Eyes with beams or eyes with sticks are all not keen or better eyes. Always supposing then always are greedy human natures that are egos. Certain ethics bear by natures. Empathy natures see a while between human creatures and other creatures. Empathy come as something sexy calls to please or beg the other in the very first. However you can learn and go sublimed and go to charity one by self. Certain worse than wrong are evil doing just with natures acquire by all of us as human being.
Freak to have control those all seemingly flexible also feeble are emperorship. Mostly they selected for always be self. Wealth to him and life to him and mostly better stuffs for him is so. Tribes and taboo can be right or can be wrong. By the ways for all of them are some projected from human natures then also culture.
Equality ways for men and girls are right.
Culture also traditional rites may influence life and wills of us.
Good or evil can inherently bear.. Passing genes have identities come with qualities. However what about our culture interference us and some are conventions. However those are come by tokenism reasons.
Some did mention names of Sigmund FREUD. Then our natures just as instincts all are some inflected with our sub-consciences. Some against the taboos which we have evils then there are some behaviors bad.
Most can be evils only with our themes of sexes or greedy egos. 
-----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-------------                 

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 Africa the song of the time
You blessed
In every turn
Every time
Your bless to huddle
All the time
As your drums
Daintily play for the soul
As granted holder
You Africa
For the hope
Africa your beauty
On the face
The bounty of the earth
I belong to her
She belong to heart
And the love is all what repaint
If there's heaven
on the earth 
oh then mother
Africa is you
No matter west
No matter east
No matter north
Or the south
In wholeness
Yours mine
From top to toe
Africa you heartily
sacred hub
For the peace
And that ought to be
To please
Africa in my heart
Africa is my home
We must unite
Let to put in sum
what we have
And then the sun
Let to shine
In all Africa
Let we take the lead
As we deserve

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Smile smile smile

Smile smile smile
As you always smile
Your face created
 to smile
so smile
That suit you baby a lot
Like elegant cut
You don't need a makeup
For morning
For night
You only need baby
Your brilliant smile
No need for lipstick
To shine
Wear baby your shining
Your sweet smile
Baby intending 
To my heart
By secret 
passion lingo
Of Leonardo
Da Vinci art
And I love that
So baby
Keep your smile
As you always smile

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my life isn't a life without me

my life isn't a life without me,
i would live my life in peace,
i would go looking for beautiful places overlooking the sea,
and help all my family, cousins and niece.

i would express myself in feelings,
every single lovely day,
i will hope to look appealing,
in front of my beloved.

i would run round the earth,
looking for somewhere to live,
and not be fooled by how much things worth,
and proceed my life to forgive.

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Romans 1:16

Romans 1:16

Now you might have heard of the phrase “On my one sixteen”
But you might be thinking to yourself, “What does this even mean?”
It means that you are unashamed of Jesus, our Savior
And that you just don’t say it, you let it model your behavior
Now with your friends you talk about sports, school, girls, and lovers
But when it’s time to talk about Jesus, you run and hide under the covers
Now this isn’t the way we were made to react
If the gospel was the Mona Lisa we messed it up and made it abstract
We are to talk about our Lord without feelings of shame
So why do we so often fear to speak of his name?
Now Jesus didn’t come so that we could be shy
So when we are afraid to talk about him, he must ask himself, “Why?”
Now I can see him looking down on us with a tear in his eye
Saying, “These people refuse to accept me, even though for them I came to die”
Jesus died for our sin, he came and washed it all away
He completely destroyed it, it wasn’t made to stay
Now to our sin, we no longer have to be slave
So why is it that we still let our sin control how we behave?
Jesus destroyed our sin to give us a new start
He doesn’t just want you on Sunday mornings, he wants your heart
It’s not a one time thing, Jesus causes a new lifestyle
We must stay faithful to him, no matter what the trial
People are going to hate us for what we believe
They won’t embrace the joy that we receive
Now living a life of one sixteen isn’t going to be easy
You’re going to have to man up when you start to feel queasy
There will be rough times, but it’s worth the reward
We get to have a relationship with Jesus, our Savior and Lord
But this wasn’t free, it was bought with a price
And it happened to be our Lord offered up as a sacrifice
But he took the pain of all our sin, he put it on himself
He didn’t die so that the Bible could be a pretty decoration on our bookshelf
He gave it to us as an instruction manual, because we are in the middle of a war
It’s supposed to guide us and give us hope, not be just another monotonous chore
He gave up everything he had for us, out of his blood love pours
But we keep on running to the arms of another, like a group of unfaithful whores
So how about we turn back to our faithful lover
You may think you’re too sinful to love, that you’ve slipped up and can’t recover
But if you run to God you will discover
That he still loves you, he hasn’t moved on to another
So if you look back at all he has done
Why are we still ashamed to speak of the Son?
Let’s speak of him with confidence and joy in our voices
Because we know he is the best out of any of the other choices
Out of all the ways to live, he’s the only one who will satisfy
So let’s take his word and to our lives let’s let it apply
Let’s shout the name of Jesus all over the land
Let’s cry out this good news that it may grow and expand
Jesus is here to save, this word must be proclaimed
So let’s be on our one sixteen and live life unashamed

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Treasures of your soul

Life is Harsh, Life is good
Only the few of the proud 
Those men that stand for a great nation
Their life at the stake
So rough and sharp
Every day is another challenge 
For them and for all
Freedom we all hope
But sometimes feel lost
Never give up that spark 
Hope don’t give it up for a price 
And when I see these great men and woman
Risk their life for a single child lost
With guns all around and wars of hate
I feel blessed as my country truly stands brave
A child is a gift of new life and hope
As I see the children in their arms saved at last
Only then will I ever know true courage
This is a path we should always cherish and follow
When the flame burns out nothing is left but stay strong
So please don’t shed a tear I am right here
By your side always and forever  
Our country stands not alone, but as one
Heart filled with love


Poem for Treasures of Your soul contest
for Gail 

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Love Beneath Autumn Sky

We lay beneath autumn trees
And autumn leave gently falls.
Laying beside you I'm lost in your eyes,
I'm lost in the presence of you
And autumn leaves gently falls.

We lay there and autumn breeze blow.
Would I trade this moment, no, no.
The rose in your hair is white like winter snow,
beauty lies before my eyes and sparkles glow,
And autumn breeze gently blow.

We lay beneath autumn trees,
We lay in love of autumn breeze.
We lay together in each other eyes,
We lay beneath the season of autumn sky.

Autumn breeze blow and leaves of autumn trees fell,
Staring in your eyes I see the unspoken love for me it tells. 
Autumn leave, red, brown, yellow,
in autumn wind they rattle a love symphony of being hallow.

Small rays of sunlight,
between autumn trees had you glow.
And as we lay together beneath autumn trees,
softly in our love we watch a autumn day goes.

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 We are all chess pieces,
in this game we call life,
only trying to move forward,
through all the strife,
jumping on those,
who get in our way,
only pushing forward,
as we play,
be number #1,
we've always been told,
even as our hearts,
grow weary and cold.

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Life Sucks

Life sucks.
Plucks you from your mother's belly
Weans, silks your skin, 
Fondly toys with you 
and grows you.

Life sucks.
Slyly beguiles you 
To mate, create,
Spit out your genes.
In moments of sin or folly.

Life sucks.
Soon, too soon, it pounces.
And plays a while,
Scratches out your eyes,
Crumples your bones.

Life Sucks.
Finally tiring of you
Life licks out your soul 
With greedy slurps,
Smacks its lips, then burps!

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From the moment I sleep
to the moment I wake
From the moment of death
to the moment of birth
It wasn't the amount of breaths I took that ment i lived,
it was the amount you took away.
                                                             Death never came on swift feet for me.
                                It came on the wind pushing me off the cliff blowing in my ear,
                                                                      Pushing thoughts in my head
                                             Throwing my emotions stronger than any hurricane

Your sweet voice carried on a soft breeze
It speaks to my heart in rhyme
It can even pick me out of before to now
 and throw me back in time

                                                                 Every moment I see you I gasp.
                                                   Knowing you don't have to put effort in for me 
                                                                  to collapse from your beauty,
                                                   Hoping the next time I do you give me the kiss of life.
                                                                      tell the next breath i tack......

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me,the unique one:


                                                      Life is not a mirror,
                                                            to imitate others.
                                                      Life is UNIQUE.
                                                            We should be PARTICULAR.
                                                      Or we will lose our self.

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Thankfulness: the opposite of complaining
This isn’t going to come easily, it will take a little training
It’s the concept of being content with all that we own
And being grateful for all the love that God has shown
We so often think that our lives are so rough
Because we are so focused on getting, because we think we don’t have enough
But stop and take a look around
You’re sitting alive in luxury safe and sound
We really don’t understand how fortunate we are
We have food, water, a house, and usually more than one car
There are millions upon millions of people less fortunate
People that we don’t share our fortune with
There are people out there who have absolutely nothing
And this is for real, I’m not bluffing
They’re not sure where they are going to get their next meal
Take a minute and imagine how that must feel
C’mon, let that sink in
And that’s only one place I can begin
So many people are completely broke, struggling to survive, have failing health, live in way, and have nowhere to live
And you’re trying to say that YOU have nothing to give?
We sit here in our beautiful homes, brand new clothes, full of food, iphone in hand
While there are people out there who are too sick and weak to stand
Now to this, how are we going to react? Cause this sure isn’t fiction, it’s 100% fact
Are we going to ignore this and just sit around?
Are we comfortable just sitting in the background?
I say as children of God we need to take action
We need to get out there, not being swayed by every little distraction
Serving and giving generously to others doesn’t follow “The American Dream”
But maybe that’s not the right way to live, as though it may seem
I say it’s time for us to lay down our pride
Are you going to serve? It’s your turn to decide
We are all one body, we all have the same worth
That’s true for all the people here on earth
By Jesus we are called to love and not just sit around
Cause when we die, we don’t want to be just another corpse in the ground
In James chapter one we are called to serve the orphans and widows in their distress
We know exactly what to do, we don’t need to guess
Now this subject I really want to address
And my feelings, I want to express
If we were really thankful for all that we own
We would be OK to step out of our comfort zone
And if we are truly grateful
We would serve others in any way we are able
By doing this, we express our care for those who need it
That we can go out and DO something, we actually believe it
I may have just rambled on, but I wanted to make a point
But now you know my personal viewpoint
Now I’m not just talking to you, this also applies to me
So often I don’t fill the role I was called to be
But I believe that thankfulness isn’t just an emotion, it requires action to make it true
So now here’s the big question, what are you going to do?
Are you going to get out there or continue to stand on the sideline?
Are you going to be absolutely thankful or continue to whine?
You can try to convince yourself that people are fine
But think about it while on that $50 meal you dine
You can help change a life for pennies a day
That’s right, only one dollar a month you have to pay
“Dollar for the Poor” is an organization that’s making a change
Only one dollar a month? That just sounds strange
But it’s true, they’re making an impact
What if we all heard this and could properly react? One dollar a month and you can change a life
For that little donation, you can save someone from a cycle of strife
But it’s not just about money, it’s also about giving your time
This is real talk, not just a pantomime
There are so many things we aren’t thankful for every day
What if all of it was suddenly stripped away? Could we still be thankful and love God without all our stuff?
Will his constant love and providing actually be enough?
Our thankfulness shouldn’t be based off our prosperity or wealth
We so often blame God when loved ones have failing health
We should be thankful for the lives that we already live
Because God’s perfect gift of salvation is the best anyone can give
So don’t forget today, offer God your true thanks for life and your daily bread
Because apart from him, we would be left for dead

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To be to not to be

    To be or not to be,…
To be in love with china country,…
To be in love with your china peoples..
To be in love with your commie party (china),..
Halt and hesitate just for peoples’ human right and democracies. 
What is your GOVERN-Ship?
What is your kingship?
Where is your kingdom?
Limbo ways or brimstone hells that cook your fleshes are me-me-me them.
All is our subterfuges.
What is wangles just for reality?
What are we divine with?
What are gods to shine our life?
China DEMI-GODS as XI JINPING teams the pure as purest one that all belong to china commie come to all.
Yes they come as we will come. 
Camber pots or china ditches have garden wastes.
Who is subordinate?
We have only one absolute.
Why and what will buy as we are all so short that so short to sell to them.
Faust had life of tragic life because he sold his soul and life to Satan.
To be or not to be should be consequence also should be duties.
So if all your life is complete fair then to be or not to be is all so go0od. 
-----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3------------------.


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Loving and Losing : A Part of Me Died When You Died

Losing someone is like losing the very breath u take to survive

Like holding in air, taking the deadliest,deepest dive

Like someone knocked all the air,better yet, the life out of ur life

Like they jabbed u in ur heart with the sharpest knife

The emptiness inside ur soul,makes ur blood run cold

Like red roses that stood high, that turn black, then fold

Lost without ur eyes, in a dark empty wood.

Grasping to reach anything u could.

Nothing in reach for u to hold close

No one around, when u need them the most

Nothing to warm ur heart & keep it beating steady

U didn't ask for this,unexpected, u weren't ready

It's like a stiffness in ur body,like ur growing old anew

No one around to console u

Ur at a loss for words

No chirping for black birds

Ur missing apart of u & inside's a hole

They used to stick with u,like a mole

Losing love is like losing ur mind

Every thought,but the reason, u still can't find

Enough memory to last ur lifetime,but they're still not there.

Ur mind is gone,but u can't think as to where.

A part of ur heart & mind have vanished with the lost of someone so dear

& u love them & miss them more with every tear

Thinking bout them, only makes it worse

It happened so quickly, u'd think it was a curse

Loving & losing a lover or a friend

Family, or next to kin

It's a universal emotion, which we all can relate

They accepted their fate

& we must face

We'll get through it at our own pace

Because we know , they're in a better  place


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prison in school, but friends in learning

some schools have excellent behavior                       some don't
some people find school as prison                              some don't
some people suffer of what they get as marks             but some stay happy
if you play something, a kind of sport                           doesn't mean you know about it
if someone would humiliate you because you are smart     don't even bother listening 
if someone bullies you around                            don't snitch just ignore
if you have the courage to do something                then do it
if you will suffocate from your life                                   remember the happy things you did
the people who took care of you                                  will finally take notice of the things -you do.  imagine the life you would have with no school       which will mean no friends.
you won't just come back home and tell your parents what you learned   but you will ask -about it and learn such more                               learn of what you see and, see but just -don't say.

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purpose of existence

Deep within the realms of my inquisitive mind is burdened a thought. Given birth 
by silent amazement as I pondered upon nature, its beauty eternal.

Ages bloom and fade like flowers, yet remains this burden, this thought does not 
Like a lonely flower in the midst of the midnight forest of vast mysteries

I am lost!

I stumble upon thee, a desolate leaf, shrivelled and ebbed of life. It clinches with 
what strength remains to its master, a great tree. An ocean of sympathy floods 
my soul as I stand here and glance upon thee.

“ Do not feel sorry for me”, it whispers, “ for I myself have no regrets in these 
fading moments of my life. Let my appearance deceive you not, for it is infinite joy 
not fear that surrounds me. Tis not melancholic darkness but heart sweetening 
light that dances within my soul.

Many an idle day have I served my master, my purpose in life have I fulfilled. For 
since the dawn of spring, my brothers and I, have welcomed the morning sun, 
the light of life to dance upon us. Throughout the duration of  summer have we 
gathered this light and served our master, our purpose of existence. Now that 
autumn has awoken my life nears an end. The breeze of the forthcoming winter 
hath blown farewell to all my brothers, thus only I remain. When I go from hence 
let this be my parting word:

I have given my life, sacrificed my soul to fulfil thee with life, my master, so if the 
end comes here, let it come!...

A gentle breath of wind blew the proud leaf into the distant horizon......

The thought that burdened me for an eternity had finally found it resting place.

What is the purpose of my life?

To serve thee, my lord, my master, the purpose of my existence.....

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It hits me like a wave, churning deep within my gut.
Holding my breath as the situation sinks in.
(Climbing a stairway to heaven)
People staring, eyes peering, thinking of a way to get out
(drifting up in a cloud of smoke)
Pale face reddens as heartbeat quickens
(Flying away on invisible wings)
Running, fleeing, where can I go?
(End of the rainbow)
Dirt swallows me up, blanking my mind
(Calm, peaceful, no more worries)
Frozen in awkwardness, palm to my forehead
Stuck in reality.

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I'm as young as I feel



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Faith (ABC Poem)

A boy comes desirable, everyday finding God helping individuals. Joyous kids 
live minimal.....needing. Obviously praying quotes recitations, suras. They 
understand visions were exactly yearned. Z.

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why have i been appointed with such an omen
It feels as if i am writing my own reqiuem
Everything i do feels like a mistake 
my prescence is not a present 
my life is no worth living for 
Could this be the end for me
Weather forecasting is not hard for me
Because every day is a sunless dark day 
My eyes are windows to this dark earth
And my mind is the frame
My heart is the glass
now my heartis on the floor 
all shattered and broken 

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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Thank You

Thank you Lord for another day
for the knowledge you've given me to lead my way
For all my lessons learned
and allowing actions to speak louder than words
Thank you for my woman's intuition, the strength to let go
and the love in my heart that continues to grow
I have faith you will lead me where I need to go.

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Dead person does not harm 
Or love any one
Why people scare of them!
After death

Surgeon knows dead person 
Does not oppose
While dissects corpse

Difference between the dead
And slept is
One can speak
Another cannot.

All know this irony fact
Even cannot trust in that

Like in cinema role remains apart
People in life perform vast
With a fact along belief of act

Thus the life rolls on rolls on 
Until fate defaces task

So in time keep with tact of nature 
And forget to fear with dying act

Surgeon knows dead person
Does not oppose 
While he dissects corpse.  

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Spell Us Both

Betroth her to me,
If she will never stop amazing my spirit.
Bring her to me, 
If she will never stop beautifying my heart.
Hand her to me,
If she will never stop spoiling me with love.
Entrust her to me,
If she will never stop till she fight my war.
Leave her to me, 
If she will never wish for my death before the hour.
Send her to me,
Let our hands lock in wed.
Send her to me,
Let our oneness soul united.

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own shadows

Some people love to live in their own shadows
where they can be who they want to be because they are afraid 
of what others will say about them....
 It's not easy to live happy these days 
because people love to bring you down... 
Even your own friends doubt you

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The Fetal Position


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An Angel in Danger

Life's gifts is of all the good and 
the bad 
Never knowing what may arise 
An angel is everlasting hope we 
long to have and to hold 
We have watched you through 
just like a hawk 
We will never give up on you 
we know you are strong 
Who the angels will pull you 
through somehow 
Where there is a will there's a 
And with god looking over us 
well know we will be safe
Even tho this deadly danger of 
a disease took you over
We know in our hearts that 
steady burns yull be ok 
As a fighter like Athena (a 
warriors guide)you will grow 
Even now we see your alot 
Must be these guardians of 
heaven looking over you 
Feeling good with this is all you 
may need 
This danger none should live 
But as long as there is Angels 
up above its all you will ever 
need to pull through 
A tragic time. 
- by Brian O'Toole 
Caregiver of a cancer patient 
and friend 

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How I Feel

The way i feel is weird 
I feel death coming very near 
I feel this dark feeling 
I think i stop breathing 
When I cry it rains blood 
But my pain feels like mud 
I feel sad 
But at the same time I feel mad 
I don't know what to do 
I feel like a foo 
i feel black
I think i stared bleeding from my back 
I feel dead 
I just want to get blast in the head 
The way i really feel is emo 
And my emotions won't help it

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I'll always be here right by your side

 some read what I write and they tell 
me its great, but much more to me 
it's an emotional cleansing of slate.
A gift from God as a process to 
healing for the times when its hard 
to express how I'm feeling. To live is 
just one of the gifts we are granted, 
not knowing what's next is what 
keeps us enchanted . The one thing 
in life we all seem to fear is the end 
of that life as it starts to grow near. 
Well I am one that has been given a 
peek, I've seen a small part of the 
answers we seek. Asleep on the 
couch in the quiet of night my mom 
came to me bathed in bright 
Silverlight. She had come back to me 
is she  promised 6 days before . 
when she lay holding my hand in 
wait at deaths door. Just before she 
passed she told me that if by any 
possible way that she would come 
back to show me that she was okay. 
she spoke of her fears of leaving me 
here on this earth, that I have been 
her best friend since the day of my 
birth. She said life on this earth no 
matter how long it took, was just a 
small part, like a page in a book. 
When we move on our love 
transcends, our souls are connected 
and that never ends. She said life is 
a ride full of ups and of downs. With 
good times and bad full of smiles 
and of frowns. I've been right here 
my child , with you each day. not one 
day have I missed since I passed 
away. I'll always be here right by 
your side continuing on with our 
most wonderful ride

JD Berryhill 2010

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Little Bird

The Little Bird..

The little bird flew so high in the sky,
The world looked from below, 
All were amazed and with just one thounght "Oh my oh my"..
The sun so bright and shed blessing on the bird..
But even with all the happiness, the bird was still incomplete..
With his family flying even higher,
He still felt small..!!
He wanted to fly even higher like no one ever did before..!!
But down below he saw his friends in pain..
He flew down everytime to feed them with grains..!!And he flew up and down till his wings started to bleed..
And as the Sun went to sleep his friends grew stronger..!
They flew up in the sky towards safety of the light..Away from the darkness that came with night..
The little bird saw them fly with his eyes opened wide..!!
Never has he been so happy as he was tonight..!!
Now the little bird was relieved and tried to fly..!!
But now his small wounded wings were too weak . !
No matter how hard he tried he could not fly..
His family shouted and his friends cried . !
But no one came down to help as the wolves arrived..!!
As darkness covered the sky, 
The wolves took their first bite..!!
And the struggle ended with a single cry,
For the little bird, who once flew so high in the sky..

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Hidden Treasure - Now Revealed

I lost my treasure, when I was betrayed
Was left with empty hand when I used to gaze
Life was dusty , misty and crusty,
Breaks were many , cracks went rusty

Treasure was lost by a man who was a fraud
I gave my life , my cares and my mind'
Like a serpent he lived and captured every byte
Lost my money , life and soul
Completely crushed and left with empty bowl

Lord received me then,when all left me in Hell
I looked to the cross , repented with pains & fast
How graciously LORD picked me
Embraced me and filled me
Though my treasure was lost 
Still LORD helped with no cost
He consoled me when I was elapsed

All my life's freckles were vanished
And I was left with no Blemish
Jesus died for me -- Cleansed me so I could see
Righteousness I learned , for JESUS love I earned
Transformed my life -- Be righteous what HE guides
I got my lost things back 
With money , fame and treasure full bag
With HIS love and blessings --He replaced my dead cracks

Revealed the meaning of Treasure ---
Meticulously HE blessed me with double measures
HIS wisdom, understanding and care
HIS blood , Eternal life and A name in Heaven
New creation , New Soul and New life HE gives
This is the treasure I see and I live

This is my treasure for rare can get
HIS blessings are awesome , For in heaven I'll rest
Seeing my treasure nothing can be measured

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me (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You know what?
i am here so unclearlry
i love you so fiercely
that's all that I know

i'll get in trouble
loven you, you loven me
I am unashambled naked
You'll take me, won't you?

like this

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A word of Knowledge

God, who'z the head of my life,Keep me humble,
I remane silent, and never put up a fight...
learn from my mistakez and come correct,
feelings be tained myself i will respect..

As i enter this life battle, life goes on,
only its god who knows where im coming from.
Striped of all whats lefted
" I will not be stuck"
is the wisdom I kept....

Strugglez among my diffcult life,
I kept my head up and put up a fight,
altho i had some ruff timez,
i gave my life to god and never shall i let the devil inside my mind...

People changlled me, but i weaken them.
only to find out that their hate was deep within.

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Save The Last Dance

I saved you the last dance,
So let's dance the night away,
And wish that the music never ever stops,

I keep hoping and praying that this music never stops,
And my feet never get tired to dance,
And your mind never thinks of walking away,

I felt your heart beat from miles away,
So gentle and in sync with mine and it never ever stops,
In your embrace i found my music so let's dance,

Tonight lest dance the night away until the music stops,

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A New Life

They gazed into the sky of Fallen rain 
Dripping coldness past,memories of old pain 
The drops fall of damp life on the ground 
Clouds a-whorl dark skies sheltering in 
Fair hearts defying the stab's of their fate's intent 
Rise from thy streets of lonely no more 
Light shines from the dark to bring all that's good and just 
Is love just a sliver of sun? 
Through the dark grey mist revealing paradise ? 
Their withered gait now straightening with pride 
They cross like angels cross futures tide 
Belief in life renewed and only found 
Echo's a cadence of sounds 
Songs to the beat of their hearts and into the sun 
Seeking life and love's new start 
- by Brian Otoole

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My lucky day


The slow sun rises,
Shines brightly through the window pane,
Reflects rosy hue on the grey bedroom walls.

The sparrow catches the worm,
Watches and eats it raw,
And from the straw, drinks the morning dew!

The dove coos uncontrollably loud,
Feeds the nestlings whose heads are never still,
As the nearby trees, become alive with moths.

The flower garden springs to life,
Roses waft their fragrance in the breeze,
Butterflies flaps and bees buzz.

It is my forty fifth  birthday,
My lucky day,
And what a ruptured dream!

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Dear Lord (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

Dear Lord 
please receive me
i've been stumblin around
deceivin me
i wan't heaven now
how do I get that?
do I stop eatin meat
stop being me
How do I get to Heaven?
I NEEDS my mama
I need my Sons
I'm lyin
before everyones eyes

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Midnight Skies

Midnight Cries In midnight skies the cries of love drift off to sleep in endless love. For he who heard them. Sent them hope, that God created a world for them. For us to see and bare good times. For no more hurt and devishlish crimes. For the earth which once was good. Is soured and torn. There are no morals or dreams no more. Or hope of good things when suffering soars. For they are crushed by his vast sword. For he who has the greater sin. He has carried and been burdened with. He has been forgotten. In times like these. Because people hearts bleed with disease. For they have burdened him with more sin. They have forgotten the pain he is in. For he so carried his cross with pride. A younge man who was destined to die. No matter what the world does think. This man did live before we did. We have lost our way in darkened times. Like lost sheep we have roamed, away from him. If youd only listen and help to carry his cross. Take the blame for things done past. Change our ways for hope to last. We wont do that out of pride. When he is denied. I feel for him. I pick his cross up and help him off the ground. For he is my brother. Who I have found. He has carried that cross. No man deserved his life in such a lose. Tormented and torturded to no extent. He didnt look like a mere man in the end. He coutinued to stand even after he fell. Showing me the strength of Heaven and hell. For a man so strong, so bold and kind. Showed me what we can do as man kind. He gave his life for everyone who reads this. For those who can not see. Do not be blind Find this man, for he needs you. He gave his life to save you. With your help, you raise his cross. You heal that burden of love. That has been lost. Ease his pain and find your way. For Heaven is a start and hell is a step away.

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dancing at odd intervals

I find myself
dancing alone
at odd intervals

I'm that girl 
the one 
with crazy dreams and a heart full of nails

I'm the girl no one knows
and if you listen real close
you might figure out this is all a dream

something make believe
I created
and if I erase myself out
will you put yourself in?

I'm sure you have all these lies to tell about my soul
and if you pay attention you could learn something
dancing with yourself at odd intervals you could be the person nobody knows.

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If I could turn back the hands of time


If I could turn back the hands of time,
To sight of green grass and colourful flowers nod together,
In warm, quiet and friendly whisper in the midday breeze,
The language I could clearly treasure and understand,
Under the verdant branches in the veldt where I used to play.

If I could turn back the hands of time,
To melancholy songs of the cuckoo birds,
To the bees murmuring, small birds chanting merrily,
To the sounds of water in raging rivers and streams,
And the heavy pattering rain on the zinc roof.

If I could turn back the hands of time,
To smells of steaks and chips in the passageways,
Delightful odours of plants so sweet and strong,
To home brewed beers in the over-brimming glasses,
And the golden apple green as the fridge swings open. 

If I could turn back the hands of time,
And feel warm heater air caressing me in winter,
The soft touch of aircon in the sweltering atmosphere,
Sweet taste of coffee and cold drinks to relieve fatigue as the sun breaks,
That made me dream of the events before tomorrow!

I used to stretch my hands, dressed myself and went where I wanted,
But now , with my joints all aching, senses fading and eyes gradually growing dim,
I stretch out my hands and somebody dresses me up,
And leads me to where I do not want to go,
Yes, I cannot turn back the hands of time now!

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what makes a woman a woman

<  >A child is born and with pride
       they say 'its a girl'
       a baby girl grows to  a little girl
       that little girl grows to be a girl
       then comes a teenage girl
       this beautiful rose blooms desirably to a woman

       have you ever wondered what makes a woman  a woman
       is a woman defined by her past
       can one's child wood complete an identity
       is a woman defined by her life experiences
       i wonder
       is it this invisible warmth this gender turns to have?

       as nature takes its cause 
       child bearing is life threatening game
       still a woman takes an oath to be a woman
        she never wonders what she might have done
        to deserve to be a woman
        woman are for ever proud to be who they are

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Im Not A Bad Man, Im Just Not Lucky

I have lost the count of years
when allegations were laid against me.
I had my excuses
but they were not welcome.
I gave my excuses
but they were never welcome.

Thus and so
I became a jail bird.
Thirty-six months due
I was released.

My only possession was my guitar.
I sat at the city park and played it.
Not for a gold and silver
but for someone who might like it.
Many liked it and me a gold and silver.

Thats how i ended up with this pet shop, lonely.
I did break the oinks nose.
From then on, I have suckled the sweetness of loneliness solely.
For these animals, i dare not pose.
After all Im not a bad man Im just not lucky.

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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Red Tears

surrender on the condition
in me
the expectation of a million stem injury
in me

Karanganyar-Solo, 7 Februari 2006

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To search you
I am burning my wheels.

Put your hands
on my shoulders
for opening the book.
To read the message
between the words.

When the time comes
I want you
to smear my ashes
on the stones of footpath.
I want them
to walk on me
and dissolve their steps.

Stop looking
at me.
To reach you
I am burning my bridges.



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For This Day

I bid to sleep to death
For i have lived a life of wealth
No riches attached,but gaiety dwells
For this sorrow in me swells
Oh creator! I bid your take
The life in me forsake
For this life is a tempt
That draws upon to him,the world's attempt
My wish is to go away
Away! Lead me not  astray

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A poem by Jina Mahalatinia

I witnessed Mama's body
As Angels worked her flesh
Preparing her for death.
And when her flesh was pieces
She was scared of being eaten
(Remembering Viking spears
That killed, not ate, those fish)
So I cried to soothe her fears.

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im getting         
sick of               
all the               
fake people                  
you only
get one             
there aint                          
no sequel         
acting like           
youre equal          
to my                 
all this                 
has bogged       
my mind              
im looking           
for a                  
to let                  
me know            
will be 
but i
know it 
so im 
just gonna
grab my
and get
off this
before it
to the 
of the 
this is
locked in
a crate
trying to
plan an
but i 
know its
my fate
to just
give up
and die
please dont 
im not 
worth the
ive been
for the 
past few
its too
late to 
scart acting
like you
cuz i
know you 
before i
i need 
to finish
a few
but i
dont know 
what they
hell isnt
that far
and heaven
is just
too far
when my
mind coughs
my mouth
will spray
so get
out the
cuz im
filled with
mushroom trips
get enhanced
with reeses
and some
seeing shit
that will
make you
wanna run
but you
cant run
from yourself
im like 
a witch
that will
if i
get hit 
with water
i want 
that liquid
**** the 
that shit
is weak
i need
something strong
so i
can reach
my peak
hide and 
go seek
with my
own head
eventually i
will be
laying in
a bed
filled with
on my
way to
meet moses
cuz i 
the lord
i couldnt
to follow
the word
of christ
so he
wont be
that nice
to me
on my
judgement day
but what
can i
i chose
to go
the wrong
now i
need to
that i
will be
before i
cuz right
im just
an uncleansed
and i
really dont
what will
im really
only at
when im
so let 
me sleep
thats what
i need
that will
be my
good deed

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Want to hear your voice

I am ringing you for the past few months
I just want to hear your voice
And to make sure that you are alright
But you changed your ph# without telling me
And I am still calling on the same old ph#
Where it says ''This ph#  is presently out of order''
You are living like nothing happened
And you really forgot me and my memories
But this sensitive heart getting hurt again and again
I ring you thousands of times in day
And I have been ringing you for the past few months
Every time that same message
I don't know why I am crazy about you
But I loved you sincerely
And I decided not to disturb you
Now I need your ph#
I just want to hear your voice for the last time
And to make sure that you are alright.................Raaj

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                                                 LIFE is a game.
                                                 We are the players there.
                                                 Whether if we WIN or LOSE,
                                                 We are the part of the game.
                                                 Be proud of it.

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One funny day,
a man and a wife,
attempted to bury a child,
alive and free
because she was sick,
all the times.

The couple who already
had a child,
found it hard to live with a child,
with a cleft lip.

What they did,
they tied her in rags and backcloth,
and placed her in the coffin,
hoping her to die before they reach,
their home place!

What impressed  me,
the baby didn't die miles and miles!
 But she cried  at  the grave,
when she was about,
to be buried at once.

The mourners heard the noise,
and all were shocked,
to discover the truth that the baby
was still alive.

It was a hard time round and round,
and difficult to believe.
What  a funny day,
and what  a funny act!

Ignorance in the world,
makes people mad,
and always  little knowledge,
makes the head sick,
and the brain at large.

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Outside my skin

I hear people saying things
I hear them calling one another names
Names full of hatred and bigotry	 
Who am I outside my skin?

Day after another their hands are itching to devour.
They seek to devour those different from their skins.
I can live with my skin yet they don’t realize.
Who are we outside our skins?

History has a story to tell
Humans fought over dominance yet they accomplished nothing. 
Which skin is the best, black or white?
Who are we outside our skins?

Humanity has left humans
Humanity they regard as weakness
Humility left without a trace on human species
How did prejudice overthrow humanity?

My skin is not me, but a trace back to my forefathers 
My skin does not mean that I am well-off 
My skin does not mean that I am underprivileged 
Outside my skin I’m a living soul.

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Your one mistake

I feel really hurt, I hope you don't notice the mascara stains on your shirt. I dont want you to know I still cry, I dont want you to know your the reason why. I know I have made many mistakes and caused you many heartaches. But I dont know how you handle this pain, I'm going insane. I feel like that one lie, has done more than make me cry. Its caused me to look at you a different way, its caused me to overthink everything you have said or say. I dont want us to change but now things feel so strange. I guess I'll just have to adjust but I dont have anyone to trust.  I dont know what all you have said is true, I dont know what to do. Should I be mad, is it okay for me to be sad. I hate the fact but I don't know how to react. I didn't exspect for that to happen, I wasn't prepared for my heart to be broken. I thought we we didnt keep secrets from eachother, I thought we could trust one a nother. But you have proven me wrong, showed me I'm not strong. I just hope you gain my trust back, before things get all wack.

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Rightful Snow

Awesome beauty chilled, 
Definite effort forgives, 
Generating hourly igloos, 
Just kidding lovely maker, 
Nor'easter operating possible quiet rightful snow, 
Thoughtfully underneath, 
Very wonderful,
X-cited young zealot

Russell Sivey

Entrant into yasmin khan's "SNOW ABC" contest


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Evil is out!

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Memory Lane

Everyone does it time to time in each day
From your careless mistakes to a child at play
Sneaking the babysitter's cigarettes
Having that stray dog follow you home, then asking to keep it as a pet
A trip to the lake on the fourth of July
Then come to realize, thirty plus years have gone by
These type of reflections are kept in a special place
Some result in tears, but most bring a smile to the face
Some regret, some bad, they are related with a degree of disdain
These are all a walk down memory lane
Your bicycle has a flat, your first do it yourself tire repair kit
The shoestring that was used to repair your favorite baseball mitt
Putting playing cards on the spokes of the bike to make it roar
Mom yelling at you for coming in and out of the front door
Summer vacation, kickball until dark
Cutting through neighborhood yards causing the dogs to bark
Losing a baseball down a street drain
Does this take you back to a stroll down memory lane
Selling glass bottles at the store to get a treat
Gong home for supper, disappointed, it's Thursday night, night of the mystery 
Friday a trip to the drive in
Summer is just about over, how depressing, it's school time again

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I Hope Your Happy

Although we were best friends, you
Betrayed me. You
Cracked my heart. You 
Destroyed me. Your an
Example of an un-true
Friend. So
Go, go be 
Heartless like you always are.
I wish, I wish i never talked to you.
Just leave me alone. 
Keep your comments to yourself. 
Leave my life. 
My life is now a disaster, i hope your happy..

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No compassion for killers

I killed my feelings...
For you.
I killed my dreams... 
For you.
I killed my hope...
For you.

You killed your time... 
For me.
You killed your beauty... 
For me.
You killed your future... 
For me.
We killed our love.
We killed our marriage.
We killed our family.

We are Killers.
But we are still alive and out from the prison!

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Love for music

Love For Music

I feel you in my spirit I feel you in my soul 
Every morning when I wake up threw you I call my Lord 
My heart beats faster with every note that I share but most important It breaths life into the air

Passion released in words to hard to  explain 
Love for music cannot be changed 
Cannot be without you not even for a day 
You speak to my heart I feel it in everyway

Love for music please do not go away 
Give me a pen and paper and I will write anyday 
About anything that comes my way

Threw melodies raw I sing with joy 
Threw ups and downs I reach to you 
You know my heart you see my smile 
You face my fears and say My child you had enough

Threw Love for Music I have seen your hand move in ways no one one can explain

I Pray threw music hope that is OK!!!!

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A hollow space IT was
Out of compassion HE came
Using magic surpassing ages
Spoken words the magic was
Hollow space turned to Eden
Now behold art, yet discovered

Dust and ashes it was
Out of love he made
 Using magic undiscovered
To create keepers in his image
To guide his Eden, beautiful garden
Giving them dominion over his art

For he has the magic undiscovered
Ashes made flesh he needed not
Here we are, keepers turned rogues
Even as that, he still choose us
Behold love yet to be learn

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You so long to see me in your dreams.
See my face.
Feel my touch.
Hear my voice.

You want to know if I am at peace.
Know here I feel no pain.

It hurts my heart so to see you cry.
Dry away your tears.
Rest your weary eyes.

Allow time to help you heal.
Enlighten your fears.

You will not forget me.
I will always hold a place in your heart.

Fear not my love.
Know I will always be by your side.

When I look upon you embrace me with your tender smile.
Let your laughter, your joy fill my heart.

Like a breeze I will caress your cheek.
Place a silent kiss upon your lips.

Remember the tenderness we shared.
Knowing it was real.

Somewhere in time I will come to call
My love, my friend, my soul, my mate.
We will meet again.

In a place where soul love lives forever.
A place filled with energies light.

Know I will be there to hold your hand.
To kiss your tender lips, to gently hold you through the nights.

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Life does not always give you what you want, 
sometimes life is unfair, when you seem to be going through a rough path,
When the zeal of life fades away,
When no new springs of life emerge, a dark cloud hangs above you, just remember we all go through this,
What you touch breaks and what you make crumbles,
Life is a two way street,  you’re not alone, never quit when the journey has just began,
Never throw in the towel, life is up and down, we never always get what we want,
The best things in life are free, and if you want the finest things in life you have to go out there and get them,
The music may stop but life goes on, every new day is a challenge, the worst failure is never trying,
When we fall short of our dreams and aspirations, hope is the only message that carries us though the day,
Hope that there will be a better tomorrow 
Hope that the grass is greener on the other side,
Hope that the dark clouds will move away,

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I Can't Believe It's Really Over This Time

I really hate this feeling, sometimes I wish I could stop breathing. I don't wanna try, just leave me here to die. You were the thing that made my life living for, but your no longer mine anymore. I feel so much pain, sometimes I believe I'm going insane. I'm missing what we had, although it was bad. I'm always walking down memory lane, why can't you see my pain? I know people change, &&' things get strange. I guess I gotta face it, she's my new replacment. I can't believe it's really over this time, I feel as if i have commited a crime. I live in a world of sorrow, so I don't ever worry about tomorrow. I didn't even have time to cry, because i had already said bye. I feel like I'm digging a deeper whole, so I'm hoping Jesus will take control. I'm sorry for my dumb mistake, but baby now I'm wide awake.

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I know I didn’t know you for a long time…
But I just feel I know you for many years ago…
You were a the protector… the hero…….
For the family you lived for so long…
All the hero’s that lives dies a day..
But the memories will always remain..
You were so brave. I guess the bravest from all…
You wagged you tail with a word of talking..
Even humans don’t understand it at it all…
How should I say good bye. when my heart knows..
That you will never ever be back home..
But we need to hold our tears back…
We need to keep our memories strong..
Puppy…we will dearly miss you..
But we will always remember you..
In the time of danger at home…
We will pray for you…
Hoping that you will find a better life…
May be one day we will meet again…
As we met in this birth of yours…
Dearest puppy…forgive us..
If we had any mistakes within us..
we will always We love you puppy. !

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People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?
Why has this life become so meaningless,
that we just want to throw it away?
We become selfish and think our life is so bad,
dont think of others who's lives are worse, But still greatful for what they have.
People take for granted the things they've got,
clothes, food, smokes and shoes, even a roof or a bed,
They dont think of the homeless,
the hungry, not even the cold or the hot.
They just think they want to be dead,
Things happen in our lives that, to us, seem bad.
We dont look for help or trust any "friends"
All because of the past we've had.
Dont be a coward and run away,
Stick it out, Live life,
I know that there's alot of strife,
But stick it through day to day.
People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?....

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A touch, soft and tender.
A whisper, full of desire
A gasp of sweet surrender
As passion fuels the fire

No words spoken between them
No promises to be kept
No lies being told tonight
No looking back - no regrets

Longing to hold each other
Such precious little time
Both vowed to another
Being lonely their only crime

Tomorrow bringing sorrow
A brief moment of shame
With the memory of this one night
A release from passion's flames

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Life is so uncertain that you never can know,
When you will laugh or when tears will flow,
Or when a beloved one may leave you forever,
Or when life may give you some memorable moments to savour.

One day you may be the king of all the lands,
On some other day you may end up with nothing in your hands,
Rich or poor lifestyle is the destiny’s game,
Which may lead you to a bad name or maybe to fame.

Birth and Death are Life’s Trump cards,
Which when played catch you off guard,
While one gives happiness the other gives pain,
To challenge Life at such a stage is a move in vain.

The game of life though a very long one,
May end up sooner by a destiny’s turn,
If we quit we lose the game before it actually begins,
It’s when we face and fight obstacles that we can win.

Evanescence of moments is the nature of life,
Where to overcome difficulties you have to solve,
But once you have managed that, easy is the rest,
But remember to enjoy life my friends, when it is at its best!

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Ambiguous Benign Creative Destinies, Evasive Fantasies. Gentlely Harness Individual Judgements Kinetically Locking Maybes- Nors -Or Perhaps Quite Simply Together. Ultimately Victory Will  Xerox Your Zeal.

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weavily spells

Time has come to this,
words I got to speak,
onward I hold to flee
yet good I forehold to reach.

To God be glory
Today has fall in this date 
for real,
back then, weak I stood to 
the good came and went 
out of MY will.

I had enough at the hill,
up there I thought to GO for 
a deal
and let my yesterday went 
such I want life to be, and 
that was it.

How were we,
how many of we tend to 
behave like we,
how many we asked why 
were we,
and when life got tough we 
asked God why we?

Such this game we play,
and loved to win every relay
is this how we hope to play
and save our pockets and 
not to pay?

The world has many means 
to send,
on our dead bed we shall 
rise once again,
and set the go alright, all 

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Every Sound

(A)  A gray cloudy morn  
(B)  Beautiful sounds surround
(C)  Cool damp air flows
(D)  Delightful time
The wonderful sounds delivered by excited roosters, Mockingbirds, and Hoot Owls float to my waiting ears..

ABC form
The second choice
Listed on soup

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life alone

life alone is bitter and cold
with no one to love no one to hold 
the long dark nights waking up on your own 
got money to spend but no one to phone 
to live like this 
to die with my shame 
to have love for so many with nothing to gain 
but where all born with a purpous reason for life 
but mine has been shattered like the shine off a knife
say the meaning of life and it looses its shine 
no one can own it to me it is all mine 
can life be this cruel or is it just me 
ive lost the way to my heart and i cant find the key 
to write all my feelings to write all my pain 
my heart is now empty cold like the nigh rain 
but we all must be love to be loved and forgotten 
to be buried six feet under and left to go rotten 
although i am 20 and my life is ahead 
but my pain will go on until i am dead

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For A Friend, Adam Harun

Adam do not worry about the gloomy days.
Better days is on the way.
Cry no more my dear friend.
Dry your tears and smile.
Each day is a blessing and a challenge.
Forge ahead with rigor.
Gain on your dream gradually.
Hold on to your dreams because without
It life is just useless.
Jail all your fears and throw the
Key away,so it will not resurface.
Learn to forgive and forget.
Manage your time because life is short.
Never forget those that means most to you.
Open your mouth only when it opens itself.
Pray but do not let prayer be your master.
Quit only when you are dead.
Respect the course that made you.
Speak nothing but the truth.
Trust only what is right.
Undo with any fear of failure.
Valor is the motto you should adopt.
Whatever your thoughts,share it like Father
Yet reserve your decision.
Zenith is your destination.

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The valley holds on, to murder
of moon, behind the trees.
It is dark and clouds are meditating.

You think of a perfect horror
and a poisoned arrow flies straight
into heart of a blissful sun.

It is red, splattered on the wounded sky,
scrorched by shrill cries of crows.
It is dawn.

You feel intense penetration of separateness,
from the beauty of a drop,
reflecting the wholeness of an ocean.

The stress starts breaking you.
Can you take me to my home, into abeyance?
My wakefulness, reaching by silence?


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beyond a blind life

the depth of life had drawn 
and sunk me deep down, 
under the sea.

I had driven my way 
through, and never thought 
it will cease fore-gone, 

It had seems, yet I see
I doubt counting days with a 
I failed days and yet won 
I had wronged choice and 
still it yields rights,
Had it been without God, 
where will I be?

I had seen something before 
i have been alone even up 
what has that got to do, in 
the name of me?

Once back in life again,
The road to my Lord was at 
I lead my ways with the 
It has neither been ashamed 
nor blessed.
But I got my way beyond a 
blind life.

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A helping hand

I was a child

who was shivering in the cold

I was alone crying and nobody know who was my mother and father

I was shouting for food in latin and nobody was there to bother

Dogs were licking me and eagles were crowding

I found no humanity in  human but in a mother dog

Who understood my hunger and fed me milk by thinking she has six children instead of five

I was just able to stand and walk as I turned three

I found a child who was crying under the tree

I took her in my arms

I went to each and every house  ( for food)

A day passed , she stopped crying

I got tired and stopped worrying

I was telling her I am her mother and father

she became everything for me

but that everything remained nothing

As she passed away few days before

I was foolish and I was not known She was no more

Like me thousands were survived with no hope

But like this child millions were giving up their lives

Please give us a helping hand.

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Feeling Down

I'm feeling down, &&' I'm already on the ground. I cant get any lower, my patience is getting slower. I've already hit the floor, &&' I'm becoming sore. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but now I dont belong. I'm like the unknown, all alone. This feeling is unbarable, the pain is unbelievable. I'm ready to walk out the door, I can't take no more. This is why I don't trust, I always get pushed in the dust. Now I got to cover my eyes, &&' ignore all your lies. I've been left in the rain, I've felt the pain. I knew things were wrong, but I stayed along. Now I'm here all alone, waiting for the sound of my phone. I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy to feel this way, that's what I have to say. I didn't really have a choice, now I'm missing the sound of your voice. I made mistakes that wont fade, not even with a blade. My heart isn't bullet proof, &&' that's the truth.

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let me be

I'm through with living in these and shackles and chains,
erase me now, set me free from this world,
where blood pours and tears rain,
to a land of love, set me free from these chains,

I’m through with living a life of which i do not belong,
erase me now, let my life begin,
in a world thats just right, where there is no wrong,
let me for once feel that i finally belong,

I'm through with this life that carries on forever,
erase me now, show me my end,
let my soul and my body escape together,
no part of living says you'll live forever,

I’m through with living in the land of the blind,
erase me now, let me see where i lay,
forget who i was, my true soul i must find,
open up the world to which once i was blind,

I’m through with living I’m done with the hate,
erase me now, let my true love embrace,
let me not change my future, let me accept my fate,
show me how to be, teach me not of hate.

I'm through with living where i can not be me,
erase me now let me delve ever deeper,
let my mind dance let my heart run free,
where i think not of them, I proclaim of only me.

I'm through with living, my time is now,
erase me now, to never be forgotten,
to escape from this world, just show me how,
the end is finally here, my time is now.

darkness will fall, bring my eyes to rest, 
darkness will fall, no beat in my chest,
peace it will bring, to finally be me,
peace it will bring, to finally be free.

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Walk with me, till moon rises
on the griefs of the dark,
and the tongue tastes the pain of centuries.

On the erected dome
when the golden leaves start a flame
which throws up an image of a prophet.

My nightingale was giving a call
of a very sad tune, on the death of peacocks -
but for the poisoned feed, they were dancing.

A green pride has no ambition now,
roses were wilting.
Fever was rising in the roots.

Do not give it to me, my award.
Could I have shut up like a fame
when my house was being ransacked?


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All my life I have been on a journey
I was in search for refreshment
I ran in circles yet I could not pin point it
Scars of deception took a toll on me

A pit opened ready to swallow me
Worldly nobles could not save me 
I listened because I believed they possess light 
I suffered scars in their hands

They promised me haven an earth
They hold no keys to haven, no access to everlasting life
They blinded me with their philosophies
I suffered scars in their tongues

Without fear they declared his sickness as a calling by my father
Boastfully they claimed my brother’s life to my father
My father is not responsible of his demise
I suffered scars of their pretences.

God does not take delight in someone dying
God has a way to redeem us from the one causing death 
God is love, an abundance of love because his love.
If you knew, you were not going to suffer the scars you suffered.

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The Curse

The Curse

My life vexed of the world,
Gone away into the sky,
Billions of light years away.  
And returned back to see a divine world
After trillions of life years. 
But I found a different World,
Most modern and yet most recent, 
And also worse than the world
At once I was.
Now I had to wait here, 
Until I return back from the place where
I came from,
In this horrible dimension,
With repulsion, in this nuisance,
With another curse upon me. 

- R k Chowdary Jasti


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The punishment of the Paradise

I saw my dream fly away like a bird that escaped my body.

It is dificult to touch something that can fly like a bird because dreams are born to 
live free in the mind, as the birds to the skies.

You can see the dreams, but from the moment that you try to touch them they 
disappear...just as the water disappears in the desert if you go close.

Don't try to taste the apple of paradise.
See it but don't touch it.

Because the dreams keep all the secrets and the magic of our lost paradise.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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if i could stop
the world i wouldnt i
 would only regenerate 
the fazes of reality.
if i could create
life, i wouldnt
i would only
expand the mind of humans.
if i could be president
i wouldnt i would only
dedicate myself to the
people i encounter.
if i could make people love me
I....... would but seeing
that i cant destroys that idea
makes me weaker knowing that
im not loved, but it makes me
stronger knowing i love myself and
someone else.

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What My Name Means To The World

I am human,
aware of imperfection,
even through different races,
their misunderstanding and affections.
My name means bravery,
to stand against fears,
to hide my tears,
to fight off my misery.
My name means to understand,
we all look different,
but we all live in the same world,
the same as our human hands.
My name means to live,
travel in the earth's air,
nothing can compare,
to my freedom will.
Life is unfair and that's fine,
Life is hard, but it's mine,
my mind is my domain,
I may look different, but my beliefs will stay the same,
even in my own grave,
you all will remember my name.

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The fish

A fish called Bob was twisting in the pot. He met another in the mirror and he was happy to twist.

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Love is a gift from heaven day,
Since you came into my life it’s now organized,
From  a ransacked life to that a king desires,
From the desperate and destitute to the jovial young man,
You bring hope to the desperate,
Your walk shows the soft side of life,
Light the candles of our life ,
Warm my heart with sweet words,
What brought you here such a sweet personality?
 your life is a mystery just like a fair tale,
Every time you are away I do something that reminds me of you,
Your  long hair that swings with your walk
Once I thought loneliness was my destiny,
Now you complete me in every way.

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Your gifts, I do not want to keep.
Shapeless doves on the grass,
were ready to take a nascent flight.
My small hands prepare a daisy meal.

Dahlias will bloom when the sun climbs.
I pass the door, that moves like a
stranger, between the people,
looking out for black roses.

One by one the tribes are changing
the colors of flags.
Conversion into sleepless towers
watching the whistles blowing.

Do not throw dust on the graves
in the valley of golden stairs.
The voices are growing louder
after trampeling on the bones.


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I keep thinking 
That  some  thing  inside  of  me  belong  to  you
And aye!  You owe me some thing
I keep thinking
That all your voyages shall bring you in my waters
And  my  shore  shall  always  arrest  thy  vessel
I keep thinking
That you are a chartered course
And   your  life  shall  shorten the dimension  of  your journey
To this thing inside of me
I keep thinking
This thing inside of me is the quencher of life’s thirst
And aye!  You are in life’s dessert
I  keep  thinking
That  thy  ship shall find the oasis of our life’s ocean
I   keep  thinking!
Aye!   You shall water thy vessel at the feet of my seas
And life voyage shall wash thee in the pier of my life
And this thing inside of me!  Shall harbor you upon my shores 

Dear readers I am indeed elated to mention that the poem: THESE ARE MY HEARTS was published in 
the Jamaica Sunday Gleaner on 27th of November 2011. (The Gleaner company was established in 
1834) I am most grateful for the inspiring comments; which you have taken your precious time to 
mention: Certainly they represented the skeleton in which I was able to construct my faith and 
confidence upon.. Call me Spolly.             
  6TH  April  1979  

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To maintain a life
Above all the strife
Pain and sorrow
Is to choose
A sight so sharp
It sees through the dark
And sees even in the light
Things that defy human sight
Things impossible
Things unprecedented
Things invisible
The ability to look
To see beyond the present circumstances
To hold on to that faint candle light
In the midst of the pitch black darkness of the night
The will to cling to life
When death is but a pinch away
The strength to see the sun shine so bright
Through a sandstorm in the Sahara
Through the snowstorms in the north pole
Through the cloudy rainstorms of the amazon
The ability to see white
When everyone sees black
The will to see beauty
Where everyone sees  the ugly
To see the highest mountain peaks
As mole-hills about to be trampled
To believe in particles
Faster  than  light
To believe men can touch
The surface of the sun
And walk to the ends of milky-way
With the stars as our footstones
The ability to hope for better things
And to dream of better days
In the midst of bitter months
Can’t you see the impossible
It’s laughing you to scorn
Telling you I’M POSSIBLE….

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I was underwater and I wandered what's above. It was a beauty in the air but had to breath for the next jump.

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The coin

Many neglect you. What's a coin for a tip.! But I was cold and alone in the street. When I bend to pick-up you.

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Now Is Your Time

I sit here in question...

Why are those around me in depression?

I'm ready to go.
Look beside me, there state of mind is at a low.

I'm ready to grow.
They dwell on the past.

I've gave my advice with good intensions to inspire, because I am fortunate enough to have this fire; a burning flame.

They let the wind blow away their light, the dark is all they see.
They can't see; no sight into the present or the future.
Insanity at its finest.

Born to be anything in this wide universe.
This is what they choose; to lose.

Surround yourself with positive people.
Be auspicious, optimistic, and bold.
You will never be left in the dust!

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With You 12-9-11

With You
I feel bad, I feel remorse for ignoring you, and the only thing I want most in this world is you.
With You I want to meet and greet, with you I want to see a movie and get cozy with our feet.
With You I want to go downtown to a play and laugh and smile With You all day.
With You I want to take a walk in the park, chill out on a bench and talk.
With You I want to go hang out at a coffee shop, have one of those long and deep conversations and just talk and talk. While I spend money just to keep our table because every waking moment With You is priceless.
But most of all, With You the thing I’d most likely want to do is travel the world to different places and meet and greet new faces. As we get to enjoy life with each other, grow old as a couple unlike no other. Because With You our love will never fade, because our love will never be in the shade, with our love and all this joy, we’ll spread it to the world like a hot new toy.
For us dying together isn’t the most important that we do, but what we did together will stay with us and this world forever.
But before I’m With You I want to be the best me for that is all that I’d ever give to you, for that is what you deserve, the best. One that has no instabilities or simple imperfections. This ultimate me with be humbly presented to you forever and for the best and in the worst of times. Until then I will strive and yearn for a better me, the best me I can possibly ever give. Because you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, I would never fall short and give you anything less because in my eyes you’re simply the best.

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Life is so sweet,
really it's sweet,
sweet as sweet.

Nothing sweet like it,
the delicate gift in the world,
the foundation of man.

Really it's so sweet,
but delicate like the egg,
the eye and the pot.

Sweet as it is, 
none likes to die,
to miss the sweet world.

Oh! life is sweet,
sweet as love,
sex and food.

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Family Commandments

Family Commandments

Thou shall not pull thy sisters hair. Thou you shall chew thy food.
Thou shall not stay out until Midnight. Thou shall be in a better mood.
Though shall not answer me back. Thou you shall brush thy hair.
Though shall not wear that in public. Thou you shall behave in here.
Thou shall not give me cheek and run as fast as thou art.
Though shall not rush thy homework. Though you shall begin from the start..
Thou shall not scream at every opportunity no mater  if thy lungs be strong.
Thou shall not dance in tantrum. Thou you shall stay home where you belong.
Thou shall not eat me out of house and home. Though you shall get a job.
Thou shall not sit round like a bum. Thou you shall turn into a slob.
Thou shall not fight with your sister. Thou you shall give her a cuddle.
Though you shall not bunk away from school. Or Thou shall be in a muddle.
Thou shall not make noise while soaps are on, if you know what's good for thy ears.
Thou shall not blame your brother, Thou you shall see his tears.
Thou shall not ever worry, Thou I am here for you.
Thou shall not ever be sad. Thou you shall be happy It's true.
Thou shall not ever fret, even though we shall have our fears.
Thou shall never be alone. Thou you shall know we care.
Thou shall always have a life, Though u shall be happy and care.
Thou shall not have a problem alone. Thou you will know we are near.
Thou shall not take for granted, That shall be full of pride.
Though shall never wish for more, with thou family by thou side

By Shirley Moody

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Dont Be Scared

Gotta move in here move out there, do what you can to prepare. Pay more attention to your bills, be responsible and you'll have more thrills, in life. You wanna make your own rules and be on your own, get away from the parents but you gotta be strong. You suffer from the pain of death, but you need to save your breath. Be prepared but dont be scared, its apart of life here and there. Its easier said then done, but in the end there will be one. Live your life with no regrets, do what you can, but no need to fret. Everything will be alright, but sometimes you need to look on the bright side. Be prepared but dont be scared, its apart of life here and there. You wanna do this but not be wrong? Still, you gotta do what you can to stay strong.

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Old friends, Old lifes Same future

Old friends remind me of my old lifes 
Different times in the years past 
With different stories and different laughs
But with each chapter 
I leave them fighting in the past 
Thinking moving on is leaving everything behind
Realizing I can't bring them all with me 
So I bring none of them 
Reliving old dreams when our paths cross 
And wondering why I don't know you anymore 
You pretend like we are the same 
But I can't contact to a life I swore to never live again
And I'm not the same person that held you when you cried 
I'm not the girl that left you behind
I've changed to many times to count 
And one day you will know you can't count on me 
So I come to the place that holds most of my lives 
Walking around surrounded by ghost in this desolate town 
I smile and wave to my past and pretend I remember it 
But this isn't going to work 
This isn't what the world taught me 
So I run away Haunted by memories and broken dreams 
Friendships come and go. One thing stays the same 
Me running from the comfort of the past 
Yelling I can't live like this 
Six months is my limit 
Six months to pretend to be fixed 
But in the end it's me running away with a suit case 
For everything I wanted in those months was ruined so I start new 
Instead of trying to fix a broken heart with industrial super glue
I start over with something new
The only problem is the scares are still there 
The brakes haven’t heeled 
And because I have never learned the right lesson from my past 
I'm forced to relive it 
Until I find the answer I always am searching for 
Or it destroys me like countless times before

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Last Ride

Eighteen wheels roll down a highway
on the other side of time
where a dark and ghostly shadow moves
along the centerline
As he rolls across tomorrow
through that final border town
hear the distant fading thunder as
he puts the hammer down
Where there no ropes or fences
no more dispatch on the phone
just a free and easy spirit
on his final journey home
He'll never face another heartache
he'll not shed another tear
now reaching out through destiny
he shifts his final gear
As he rides beyond the sunset
he waves his last goodbye
and now he rolls across forever
on that highway in the sky!
                                       Diesel Dan

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7 Mile Horizon

The human eye can see, 7 miles into the horizon. 
All it will ever be, is full of mysteries and silence. 
But I see much more, my eyes have a gift. 
I see whats in store, what the horizon has within. 
But to what surprise, did it really unfold? 
What did it hide, that already wasnt told? 
These "mysteries" only tell, what we dont except to be true. 
Mankind has failed, in what we born to do. 
I know all is lost, people are so blind. 
Giving no thought, to the secrets they may find. 
Im only a victom, we're all victoms in chains. 
Pawns of this system, that snatch our right away. 
I thought my will was strong, I thought I could prevail. 
But I was wrong, needless to say I failed. 
The horizon is harsh, the only entity that slays lies. 
My mind is ripped apart, but theres now truth in my eyes.

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I’m tired of defending myself, everybody telling me what I’m doing from what I’m not
I thought this was my life, last time I checked I knew what I’ve done and what I’ve not
My life has become something like a best seller but not a lot really know the plot
But its seems like I’m targeted more than others and they keep hitting the same wrong spot
*****Isn’t this how most of us feel sometimes? *****
Funny thing is, in life you cannot always tell if someone has changed, if you’re not around everyday
So blame me if I’m wrong but do we honestly think that after 30 years a person stays the same way?
Can we conclude that a person actions remain the same, of years past in what they now portray?
I highly doubt it because that’s like telling me that everybody lives their lives in a constant replay
People do change you know, some for the better and some for the worst
Some become successful and for whatever reason some get driven by a hearse
Life is not like a choir, trust me, you don’t have time to rehearse
But we are given opportunities, to make a mark, like a song with more than one verse
Who are we to judge how someone lives their life, even if it’s not how we live ours
People need to be more concerned about theirs and pay way less attention to yours
If we focused our time on more important things for ourselves instead of wasting hours
Who knows how great we could soar, maybe, probably higher than the old twin towers
Live your life for you because you can only represent yourself and control your actions
Don’t let what other people say and do affect you and cause any distractions
If and only if someone’s behavior affects you due to constant interactions
Then make a change, take a different route, to side step them and move toward self-satisfaction

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LIFE is not a CUBE GAME.
to change it in any way,
to fix with any colors.
once it is fixed, it is fixed.

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Angry Words

Anger is an explosive expression
Belligerence is not an excuse
Careless thoughts of idiom 
Does not reason words of abuse

Why use it as a crutch?

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Thinking of You

Sitting here in the darkest hour all alone 
thinking of you and me together as one 
When i lay my head down im thinking of you 
When i dream im dreaming of you and me 
When i start to smile i know it's becouse of your sweet way 
When i stop to think of you comeing near by to see me 
I start to think and wonder about you 
Day and night in your arm's i dream 
always of having you here with me your sweet embrace  
Forever i hope to long for 
Never will and never give up faith  
Alway's thinking of you in my arms  

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Think Before You Act

When the lights go out
An the curtains close 
Everyone goes home what do you do
Do you stay behind to study your lines 
And make a fool 
Out of the people that never believed in you 
Do you go home to talk on the phone
Or play games to entertain
Yourself for the time being
Doing activities that are useless 
Should you train for your upcoming games
So you can do your best
To play in the big league  Because that's what you've dreamed
Since you were a little kid 
Or decide to follow in the footsteps of your family members
That never achieved anything
To help but in the family history 
But through everything you've been through
Good or bad
Either way you learn from your mistakes
Once you know good from bad
You should always think before you act

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Please tell me why 
Everyone thinks perfection is
Forget that
Enter real reality where girls 
Cry tears of pain
Tears of shame 

Persevere to be perfect 
Except there's no such thing 
Remember real reality
Fight that painful sting
Enticing failures 
Can lead to true despair
Try and just be yourself 
         Cause perfection is unreal 


Please tell me why 
Everyone thinks perfection is
Forget that
Enter real reality where girls 
Cry tears of pain
Tears of shame 

Persevere to be perfect 
Except there's no such thing 
Remember real reality
Fight that painful sting
Enticing failures 
Can lead to true despair
Try and just be yourself 
         Cause perfection is unreal

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To all the ladies I say smile 
To all the men I say smile

You are a Woman of strenght 
You are a man of power 
Your past cannot controle your future 
 Mistakes have been made and you thought it is your fault 
But God wants to remind you to look up and see He is your comforter

You might not see Him in ways you want to but be sure that He is around you 
Fight back Young man Fight back young lady 
Show yourselve you can make it

Life has its ups and downs but When God steps in He will turn it around

You have come this far hold on push threw and let God lead you!!!

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this way (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You are clean
I still think you 
can be

this way

I met a man in a bar
I'm sure you won't understand
we talked of our lovers
we held hands

felt like we understood 
our unfufilled lives
then realized
we were just lonely

this way

You are mine
I still know you 
can be 


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Don't Blink

When we are young we are told 
"don't let youth pass you by"
That before we know it life will pass 
"in the blink of an eye"

As a child we are invincible, we live 
life day to day,
We don't care what tomorrow brings 
we only want to play. 

Teen years, we experiment with sex, 
drugs and crime. 
Not worried about repercussions, we 
still have lots of time. 

After this we get a job just starting 
out our life,
Get married and have kids, with your 
husband or wife. 

In your 30s now, so many 
responsibilities for you,
Dreams have to be put on hold, 
there's just too much to do. 

My advice to you my friends is never 
tempt  your fate,
Live your dreams when you can, you 
don't ever have to wait. 

Cause the day will come when you 
wake up, and you can't help but 
That "why did life go by so fast" and 
"why'd I have to blink"

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I am adrift,
My soul is churning,
And the bloody mess of delicate petals in my palm,
Disintegrating, leaking to the floor,
Innocence squandered.

Who are you?
Someone that is trying to anchor me
Who are you? 
A beacon in the night guiding me to safety,
You do not know me,
Yet you try to save me,
Years have gone by and still,
My name on your lips is as unfamiliar to me as the day your lips touched mine,

You are holding me up,
If you let go I will fall to ground,
And remain there,

My life lies around me in puzzle pieces,
Each so complex the one piece cannot by any form of manipulation
Fit another,
Each day brings with it,
A new haunting thought,
A new battle to fight,
Each mental demon is stronger than the former,
Each created and fed by my own twisted logic,

The black walls,
Are as suffocating as the noose would be around my neck,
These black walls crowding me,
Pushing me into myself,
Standing high around me,
Its shadows marring the brightness I could have seen,
A stain upon the surface off my existence,
Seeping into my veins and poisoning me,

Restlessness in my sleep,
I try to lay down and rest,
But I am plagued,
A million thoughts and all screaming to be heard,
A ticking time bomb,
Only time will reveal the damage

Panic rushing through me,
Gripping me,
Holding me prisoner,
If I move forward the pressure rises,
If I stay put I might as well bleed these veins dry,
And the past lingers always, mistakes,
A domino effect chasing at my every step,

How bloody my hands have become,
Streaks off crimson that will never fade,
These scars –my war wounds
I trace a finger across the puckered skin,
How sad a life could this be?

Sad enough to be the fallen,
Sad enough that the tears I once cried,
Are stuck in my throat and refuse to rise up and fall,
Sadness so deep and profound that the tears no longer do it justice,
A great winding path off misery that leads me on my journey-


Beginnings and endings
I ended before I began,
This end is long though…

Do not tell me to pick myself up,
Do not tell me to make a decision,
All is as is,

A pessimist?
By all means never an optimist,
But the pieces do not fit,
Each is so crooked and broken,
That a realist is all I can be,

Realities off bloody palms,
Shadowing walls,
And silver scars,
No way out,
Just a battle that wages on,
Created by me,
Fed by me,
Never overcome by me…

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How is it 
I am most thankful,
For what another takes for granted?

How is it
I am the most thankful
For what I myself hated another for?

How is it
I struggle daily for merely
What I originally had?

How is it
That my greatest accomplishment 
Is going back, to whom I was before?

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Lonesome Dome

This is no longer silence. Now its become a call.
Its becoming a virus, telling me to end it all.
I thought I'd be alright, that I could prevail in the end.
But now its become a ride, nearing its tragic end.
Its like I dont have a life, but Im being forced to live.
Answers are being shown, finally revealing the truth.
Everyday I come home, with nothing to come to.
Is it so wrong, to hold the pieces of me?
Will every little fault, spell the end of me?
I have all I need, but they dont care that its hell.
Sounds like to me, this has become some kind of jail.
After all is said and done, Im asking myself "how?"
How I'd be someone, to hide pain behind a smile.
And it still seems, theres more trouble within.
Even with all I need, theres nothing to help me live.
Its like Im a slave, but I only want a little bit more.
But who is to say, thats not to much to ask for.
Such simple little things, now are my wildest dreams.
Migrains in the back of my eyes, keep me awake at night.
I start to feel hate, for people who are not wrong.
I just want to escape, from this relm of which I dont belong.

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Verbally Twisted

My vocabulary might be a little bent and dented but its mostly twisted, 
a self-made dictionary with a little dark thought and white light in life and craziness itself mixed in it,
 I get up in the morn ready to take the day on after just one egg on a pancake biscuit,
 I got the recipe for verbal insanity just give me the egg beater and with this vocabulary I'll mix in it,
 break the word batter down like a plumber leaking water until I re fix it, 
I got one of kind writing style its too unique for any typical fool to ****en miss it,
 I got the entertainment on writing just ask me for one and I wont sell it I'll just give you a free Se7en King ticket,
 I get your mind thought high so high in the sky lifted, 
I can give a two flying ****s if my haters say I aint got talent because these words they self so freaking gifted,
 I make poems shake like earthquakes fools cant you see how my words already got your mind shifted,
 This poem is my girl I kiss it, 
This poem is just like my weed i roll up and ****ing hit it, 
This word written *****is so addictive, 
Drugs and alcohol so self-conflictive, 
now how can this king ever, ever quit it, 
These words are dying I better get some gas for this verbal car like weed everyday I better get it,
 I live the life of a young Shakespeare I write like I cant ever regret it, 
I put this poetry *****on the line with my own life dont think I wont bet it? 
So **** you, they, them, her and even me, yeah there I done said it, 
letting go of poetic gun shells firing poetic unleaded, 
shooting cowardice poets like paper shredded, 
where many young lost crooked souls go unfed den, 
watch where your two feet may be treading, 
you got to watch your surrounding so much they circle around the same setting, 
**** Life until death say's otherwise, 
I'm just kind of crazy like that I'm just a little TWISTZTED.... TWISTIFIED...

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Taking chances

Time it passes without any warning
I remember when I had a lot of hair
In a flash the hair is all gone
It isn’t much any more
It’s all grey now
Time hmm it flies just like that
People leave lives that is not there’s
There is a voice behind
Other times is a voice and a hand behind
Sadly it doesn’t belong to them
They never have the guts to live out their lives
Time oh time you cannot pause it neither can you live two lives
Again you are all grey before you know it
I used to wonder what people will say
What they will think
I also used to think who likes me and who doesn’t
But forty years has passed and I look around and discover nobody gives a shit
Your destiny is like a personal horse
Ride it to destination
Conquer fear and you will discover hidden strengths and talents
What else can I say?
Falling in love is personal but don’t give your heart to a fool
I also threw away time falling in love stupidly
But I gained wisdom and I value self more
The door of my life now has heart breaking detectors
It can even detect fake manipulative people who have no business around me
I just graduated from school of wisdom
A school of patience
They say time heals all wounds
But leaves behind fresh scars as fresh as the original wound
Live your life; make your own personal choices 
Even Gods leading expects you the recipient of the blessing to take action
Leading of God is action not inertia
No invention can pause time at least for now it’s an impossibility
Waste no more time
Pursue your dreams, live out your dreams
Open the window of courage and throw away fear
Open the door of hope and send hopelessness packing
Your dreams will not come to you go and grab it
Conquer your inhibitions set yourself free
Free from life controllers and manipulators
From people that use people
It’s a fallacy to think everybody loves you
Life is a mixture of haters and lovers
Builders and destroyers
Light and darkness 
Choose your side of the divide
Decide decide decide
Time is passing
Indecision is same as time wasted
There is nothing as sweet as living out your dream life
What are you doing where you are not celebrated?
What are you doing with people who don’t like you?
It’s never too late to start all over
Never too late to start living your life
But don’t wait till the end
To be alive is a great thing
But to live your life is greater
Much better when you don’t follow the crowd
For only the outstanding stand out

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I  was moving late at night,
to fall on the rock,
full of  spirits, urine and faeces.

I shouted loudly,
and called my mum,
where she was!

I sat under the tree,
and looked up and down,
but nothing was good.

What forced me to cry,
it was a big snake,
moving on the rock.

I jumped only once,
and i failed to run,
to escape death.

I saw the world dark,
and everything black,
although it was day.

Oh! since then,
i discovered the truth that ,
the time of death,
makes the wise fool,
and  the heroes to cry.

Be care ful men,
about this time,
you can talk with soul.

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oh my Memory

I am in a huge crowd with hundreds of people around me
I still feel alone without you my love
Few people talking to me and smiling at me
I tried to smile but I feel it's very hard to me
I am feeling that I am talking to everyone normally
In fact I am silent like am deaf and dumb
You don't know how much I miss you
You really don't know how much I care for you
But I just lost myself in your missing memories
The memories that you missed , that are safely locked in my heart
I don't know whether you remember me or not
But you just became my remembrance
I don't know whether I am in your memory or not
But I just left only with your memories
I just left with your beautiful smile, your shying face and completely you
I don't have any place even for myself in my heart
because you are completely occupied it
Oh my memory! I love you a lot
Because SHE is in every single page of my memory.............Raaj

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All the poets,
back to God,
the creator of the world,
heaven and the sun.

Fire is coming,
any time, any day!
but it needs us all,
to change the way
we behave.

It's difficult to accept,
but preparing our hearts,
it's something great,
and useful in the world.

All my friends,
including Carol Brown,
this is  good news,
and a reward from God,
that helps the wise,
to over come the world.

Tell all the poets,
including sister Rose,
Amanda and Santiago,
that perishing it's bad,
and really a curse!

We can't harvest the world,
instead to harvest us,
day and night,
and others end in hell.

Oh! i beg all the world,
including our mums,
the pagans and believers,
to fight very hard,
to win satan's name,
the enemy of man,
from Adam and Eve.

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Insanity the race for the loss

Permanently nuclear heads
psychosis; sightless
Plant of the haters
Insanity this race
We; any race
Commonly we repatriate
The rays of the sun
For what
Ruining our earth
Reproduction of what
The death
and the death
The winner who
only dust
A weapon of no winner

No buds
Only! only ash!
Of Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Who is Replaying that?
Kids with heads; 
Who are playing
deadly game of men!

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As at the cinema

The life made a film just for me 
was my producer. 
I was the actor and the creator. 
I created every day as my last one. 
The end of the film was unknown...
Precisely as at the cinema

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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life in the city

Under the sun,
nothing i love like the city,
and nothing i hate like it,
the store of everything.

Life in the city,
it's full of cry,
gambling and lies,
when ever you reach.

The city is sweet,
but sometimes hot,
that makes us cry,
the poor and the rich.

Everything  you buy,
depends on how,
the heaviness of your pocket is!
if it's weak,
you keep on starve.

Not only that,
but noise in the city,
disturbs everything!
dirtiness and poverty,
makes it bad.

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Everything Finished

Everything is fake , your smile and your tears
Every time you lied with your magical words
I am the foolish guy who always listens to you
Believed you and your every word
You cheated me a lot
And you hurt-ed me so much
Now I cannot bare this pain any more
And You will never know
How much damage you caused to my heart
Now it's over
Leave me alone and just disappear from my heart
Now everything finished
And left is just a dead soul with a living body .........Raaj

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Take your hand and put it out forward,
Than swing out out to the side, c'mon don't be a coward. 
This is fun, now swing your hips from side to side,
Remember all the times you couldnt express yourself and you cried.

But now your can swing your legs and feet any way you want,
Look for that new move that you looked for your whole life like a hunt. 
Grab someone by the hand and let them join you in that awesome moment,
I promise you, you will love this feeling you are about to feel.

Turn up the music and dance your heart out,
Move to the beat and go wild and feel like your out of sight. 
This is your moment, don't let anyone take that away for you,
This is not happening too slow and i tell you that that's the truth.

Put some head phones on and go to your own world of greatness,
Bust a move like you never did before, I promise it's harmless.
Make your heart feel what I am feling right now and take my hand,
I promise that I will make you smile and scream with joy and stand.

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On life and death

             ON  LIFE and DEATH
About how one lives,
Bothering  thought  all through life.
Careworn and too old,
Death: ’ when- and -its -manner –thoughts’
Engaging  him  to the  end.
Death the screen saver 
Enters the life in a flash
And plays out its tune
Terrible and macabre
Heavens, save us from its chase.
Life, lust, lots of love
 Happy home, heady, hearty
Days, desires, dances
Don’t delay decay and death
Walking  in without welcome.

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Positive outlets

-Keep blowing all my money 
looking for happiness
It's kinda sad how lifes filled 
with all of this 
Bullshit and pain, man the shits 
Rather take 60 bullets straight 
to the brain. 
Who would care, another dies
In my coffin my body lies
In my eyes though all could see
The pain that always haunted 
At night I would cry. But I cry 
no more. 
Not a single tear is wasted 
upon my bedroom floor. 
The worlds in my hands but am 
I afraid to take it. 
They say in life's we must take 
risks. But I'm cornered by the 
fact that I may not make it. 
I want to make everyone proud 
I want to please the world 
I want to put faith in the hearts 
of the suffering boys and girls 
I need to get my priorities 
straight but can't see through 
all this fog.
I feel as if I'm in the middle of 
a fight between dogs. 
Im cornered and rushed but I 
yearn for a touch. 
I take and take. But it never 
amounts to much. 
I want to see the world. I want 
to spend all my earnings. 
But I'm stuck in a twirl of life's 
unfavorable mornings
I sit and wait. The food grows 
cold on my plate. 
I don't care who sees. I'm a 
bird set free
I can fly I can land but I'm goal 
I could die, change plans, but it 
wont change. The progress 
already created. 
I'm so capable yet so foolish. 
So young but yet so grown. 
I have the volition to do this
But how can I make it alone. 
They say that the greatest 
mistakes in life save us from 
repetition. But what about 
those who never learn.
Is life one big competition .  
Must we all wait for our turn. 
Or do we suffer and burn. 
Is life filled with complexities or 
is it just my discrepancies that 
keep me from understanding 
life piece by piece. 

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Waking to a brand new day

 Waking to a brand new day 
Trying to stay positive in every way
Little things in life are hard to comprehend
But i'm sure they are worth it in the end 
Staying focused on what lies ahead 
Ignoring the thoughts that are in my head
Love is such a strong word 
Which many people have said or heard 
Is it enough to survive in life? 
Cause i dont want to be a wife 
I am who I am and that is it 
In today's society i dont really fit in
People come and go in our life 
But we often don't appreciate life for what it is 
Problems start as a child
But as an adult they are far from mild
New things are learnt along the way
And we pray to God for a brand new day 

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Origin of poetry tree

As  laden
With a pain
he threw a stone
On his glass with wine
To many pieces
Spilt bleeding violet
And the earth became a drunk
As a grace
the earth gave
A grape tree
Who can
Without scratching
Your soul
As cold is blacken coal
You can't own
The butter with no churning
At all !!

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Casey, your a friend that is never forgettable. Your like the sun that always shines down on 
me and brightens up my day. Guys have dreams and my dream came true by meeting you. 
your hugs send warmth to my heart and without u my life isn’t complete. Your smile, hugs, 
just everything about you makes my life want to go on and never give up. Just thinking of 
you makes a guys heart flow with love and character, without you the world isn’t completer
	What I see is a girl that was lost till I found her and I wont ever let her get lost 
again because she was the one that my heart wouldn’t let go.
Your more then everything to me and no girl could ever replace u because you’re the one 
who keeps my blood flowing and keeps me warm when it could be freezing outside. Your love 
for me is so strong that even my dreams dream about you

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easter 2014

I watched them drag him away
We all watched  as they dragged him  down the road
I was angry and sad
I couldn’t bear to look upon his bruised face
I remember him too well
He forgave me
I was termed an adulteress 
And was brought before him for judgment
But he shunned my accusers
And he gave me a second chance
And now I am helpless to help
I thought they would protest
They all loved him yesterday
But they wanted blood
 it was like a free show
I turned away, fell on my face and wept
I watched them flog him
I watched them bruise him
And I prayed
I prayed so fervently
That He would take the life of all of them
All of them who betrayed
All the soldiers that so eagerly whipped and mocked
My heart was bitter and heavy
I only prayed he won't suffer
But he suffered
Suffered from their betrayal
Suffered because they loved him no more
And as they put the crown of thorns on his head
I cried out
I stood there till he breathe his last breath
Watching him
And when he said "forgive them"
That was all I heard but I felt like he saw me
Through all the shouting and chanting
I felt like he saw only me
I felt like he was speaking to me and I turned away
I rent my clothes unbelieving of his love for these people
I felt the earth quake and heard the stories
I wept wondering what would be left of the earth
But somehow I knew he would come back

At first it was just grief
I refused to believe him dead
But then the rumors came
The messiah has risen
I thought it was the wicked that had come to taunt us
But I heard the story from John
About a free ticket  to heaven
And I took it without a second thought
He is the reason I sing
So let me celebrate Easter
Let me celebrate love, resurrection and grace

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Set free

I've done many things in life I 
cannot change 
I have caused people to go 
through pain 
The only thing I can do is start 
And pray to god to take my 
To have a new start and put 
things right 
Would be a gift from god when 
he shines his light 
I'm willing to change my ways 
And get the help I need 
Only then Can the Demond's 
that surround my mind 
Be totally be set free  
Most days it's hard to stay 
And remember why I'm here 
Then I hear a soft voice that 
It's okay to hurt inside because 
I'm always near 
I feel a slight squeeze on my 
And see a shining light 
I turn to the left and see the 
Disappearing into the night
God turns to me and says now 
you will be right 
I truly believe in what I've been 
I wake in the morning feeling 
like I've crawled out of the hole 
Embracing my new life with 
God right beside me 
I start each morning thanking 
God for setting me free 

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Street Soldier

My baseball cap is my helmet and my Nike's are my boots, 
My country is my hood and my colors on my flag are niether red white or blue, 
My weapon of choice is my two hands, 
sometimes it can be whatever when I am threatened with a great fall from my stand,
 I have no general or soldiers but I have family and above all I got heart. 
My battlegrounds remain in my own home and sometimes even in the local Wal-Mart.
 Every inch of my hood is up for friendly fire, 
Violence remains apart of life around here searching for peace is far from desire,
 Everyday remains but another day someone will die, 
but more importantly is that another mother, brother, sister or father will cry.
 But I am a street soldier so I am prepared for anothers or worse yet my own demise,
 And as a street soldier I must keep the battle in check, no not with what I see with my two eyes, but what war is really going on inside the mind,
 My battles dont come from without but from within......I am a street soldier fighting through time.....

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Miss palm and her five daughters

Miss palm is gracious
She glitters like glossed sequin
On a gay night

With a little fragrance
She would be fairly like

Her five daughters are
Idiosyncratic characters
Sent from above to show we mortals
What's beauty

And together: The darling daring palm family 

Like a shadow on a sunny day 
My companions
In the park, on the street 
even in the dark of the night 

But be wary of Miss palm 
and her five daughters!

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Time is Short

Time just tick, tick, ticks away,How 
many days do we have left to stay? 
The time sure flies realy quickly, 
from havin' fun or bein' busy. Our 
time shortens the end is neigh, not 
for the world to end, but for us to 
die. We take for granted what we 
have, we work alot, or party hard, 
we see these things but not what we 
have. So hold your loved ones close 
and dear, and tell them what they 
need to hear. Say you love them 
forever more , not just this week, 
cuz our time we have left is precious 
and sweet.

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Little Did I Know

Little Did I Know...

All was rosy, all was bright..;
Nothing but hope and happiness in sight..!!
Always carried a smile..;
As, everything that I wanted was going to be mine...!!Little did I know,
All this has always been a lie..;
Very soon all my happy dreams are gonna die..!!
Little did I know,
That I was surrounded, not by people but wolves and I were the prey...;
Sucking ma blood night and day..!!
Little did I know,
All the sweet talk was nothing but poison..;
Killing me every second, with me dreaming of things above the horizon..!!
Little did I know,
That was being betrayed..;
Actually I was just another soul, waiting to be slayed..!!By the time I knew, it was already too late..,
Ma life's game was over, it was a check mate..!!
All was rosy, all was bright..;
Nothing but hope and happiness in sight..!!
Always carried a smile..;
As, everything that I wanted was going to be mine...!!But, Little did I know......

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Unbound Friendship

Steeps to the joy with unbound friendship
To be strive with  happiness
Hopes of life boosting
Never feel life worth
Without  the magic of friends.
 Light of  unlimited success 
Through the beautiful bond
Ever remembered as a pearl of memories
Bringing the best in me.
A beautiful bond  of love
Adds glitter of sparkles in life.
Golden rhythmic magic
With a word or smile feels so happy.
Art of  friendship like a golden thread
Wrapped with love and care.
Enlights the deep relation 
To be ever remembered
With a pure heart of kindness
Like an affection  with caring.
Thats a miracle of life
With a root of moral support
Towards wealthier treasure of life
Like a magic rainbow.
Under a goldenship thats the friendship

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Who said? who heard? who 
shared the shame behind 
every fame,the pains behind 
name,the death before every 
So much more to morn,in 
tears and pains we make 
every run. Every life we may 
say it deserve a new turn,by 
the worth we desire the 
rustful lost. Addicted to 
affliction,desires the nobles 
attention,no man is born to 
be stationed.......amen
Many many many
Sorrow and pains reside in 
the soul daily...a life we live so 
many many heart wanting,in 
there velving they give ours 
pureful gazing...a life of more 
to do,a life of more to sane,a 
life of pains to face,a life 
worthful of every mans 
death,a life so many morn in 
there nest,a life of 
regorgitation,a life we live in 
our decision,a life every 
heart secure their 

Save play,death claims 
everyone in their age,failure 
to decide either to live life or 
to leave life,,,when will i 
die,live to be so many 
question instead what will i do 
to course to change before 
death claims...a name written 
with ink is liable to be 
forgoten,likely when written 
on sand,rock,diary but a 
written on the heart plate is 
forever more life 
print.printed in so many 
pages forever to plenty 
ages....i will die for ma work,i 
will live for ma thought,in 
pains and everlasting joy i 
accept every 

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My Manderin Orange Calvin Kleins

Everybody was after them back in the day
I tell them this is not the King, you can't have it your way 
I still have them and they are still sought after
When I wear them, I don't understand the laughter
A policeman stopped me and gave me a fine
He said I was violating the noise ordinance with my Manderin Orange Calvin 
My niece is due to inherit them for her generation to enjoy
They are unisex, made for a girl or a boy
I try to make sure that disco is still rockin'
Right now I am jammin' on the song Jive Talkin
I am wearing a shirt the color of red tomatoes off the vine
This shirt will go well with my Manderin Orange Calvin Kleins
I have to dig a chest to find my three inch platform heel shoes
The color has kept well, the brilliant Robin Egg Blue
The shoes are tight, but the read a size nine
What a great combination of clothes all built around my Manderin Orange Calvin 
As I go to a club to dance, I clear the floor
A bouncer shows me kindly to the door
I wonder what did I do wrong to deserve this
I lift my arms and smell my pits
A girl calls me Austin Powers and tells me I am way ahead of my time
I tell her it must be my shirt or shoes, I know it can't be my Manderine Orange 
Calvin Kleins
I guess I will move to a place where they show pity
Maybe a place where I can fit in, I know such a place, it is called Sioux City
Maybe then I can get the respect I most certainly deserve
I will wear my  Argyle socks and throw them Sioux Cityans a curve
I hear the Carmens and Brewers are cousins of mine
They will all be jealous of my Manderin Orange Calvin Kleins

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butterfly affect

I fought for your love i sacrificed my tears
only to have you near for a day
it was a butterfly affect
taking hold on me 

i let you go because you can do better i see
without me in your life you can be happy 
so i act as if i never knew you when we pass by
but inside i cry

i long for you but to see you on your own doing good
selfless love i give to you 
your better off without me even though my love is deeper than the sea

in another lifetime you were my juliet and i your romeo
but in this life i struggle and act as you i did not know
only to keep you safe and away from heartache

i love you from a distance
i know to approach you would only cause you pain 
butterfly affect i keep on walking only the memories of you in the past life

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Tangled Vines

 Feeling lost as I stand  by that ivy tree 
               on this emerald field
   With mixed emotion over you with nowhere to run 
 Feeling astray from here where we first were happy 
                  But that is gone 
    As I stand by this old tree of vines
       I looked upon the summer sky 
            Utterd these simple words 
          To the sun giver of light and to clouds
              That makes dampend sorrows
        Why did that person toy with my heart and not love me so

  Then i turned my head quick to the ivy tree 
  Placed my hand on the rugged vine tree
       Feeling a new life pull me deep within 
 All wrapped around my fate with it's tangled vines 
 Now I'm trapped as I cried to the sky with prayer for my wrongs 
    A love with tangled vines I never wanted you like this 
               In your tangled vine that haunts 

For tangled vines contest

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You never can fly like a bird

If you want to fly 
First of all, learn to walk. 
If you learn to walk, 
Walk a lot before to fly. 
Always remember though 
You are not a bird. 

The oldies don't count with years. 
It is the experiences that makes somebody to feel old. 
The knowlege comes from inside the experiences 
But you can fly all you life in the sky of knowledge... 
And you never can fly like a bird.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Loving You

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
and then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true.

To love is to help and encourage
with smiles and sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen and care
in tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter and tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all.

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing and caring
and having my dreams all come true;
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being and loving with you.

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The Cat

 He's a silent hunter,
with a murderous heart,
and he doesn't care,
what he tears apart,
he is very independant,
and cunning to,
and if your his prey,
then you are through,
he has a ravinish blood lust,
that he can't contain,
and if he don't kill,
he'll go insane,
he may seem like a sweet little kitty,
but trust me people,
he is witty,
don't let those purrs,
and cuddles fool,
he has many concealed weapons,
he'll use as a tool,
he has needle sharp teeth,
and 5 dagger claws,
on each and everyone,
of his cute little paws.

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Test of nuclear weapon

No need to use curare in today's fight
Magton or nuclear weapon is enough to take lives away from world's sight
For them, it is only a test of bombs or nuclear weapon
But innocent lives taste the taste of death

Their culmination of exploitation is for wealth or popularity
By all these they do not feel culpable, but they have stupidity
They debar themselves away from the effects of nuclear test
Nuclear explosion of test makes the environment worst
Only test is disturbing so much ecosystem and human life
So just imagine what would be the future with nuclear drive
God knows how much budget is spent in nuclear research
While many are dying with starvation and poor health care for life search

Radioactive materials are used in bombs and nuclear weapon production
Radiation is emitted in the process of production
God knows what would be the consequences of these calamities
Are these loyal to common life or infidelities?
It is said that weapons are made for human safety
but what is the use of such safety which makes the world gusty

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Black Friday

Black Friday

The earth shock with fury as we walked 
for a fleeting moment nothing moved ….
… then 
glasses flew from space 
screams filled the calm morning 
escalating to unbelievable decibels 
tearing all into tatters …

I watched the sky for an array of angels
but the bellowing black smoke veiled the sky
coaxing my ears for the final flutes in the myriad noise
imagination gave way to reality as
walls caved into dust before our very own eyes

Arms and limbs parted company 
never to be one again 
daylight miscarriage a premature night 
frustrated souls started their untimely journey 

“from ash to ash, 
   from soil to soil, ....
            till we meet again...,;

Torrential tears flowed down the bridgeless rivers
naked hearts trembled like reed grass 
On a chilly Friday morning.

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Looking into my eyes you see a dying being
The monster that's inside of me dying from a variety
Of spices that is mixed in the bowl with society
Most have lied to me and they expect me to get up
Wake up just to live another day with the same cuts
I seen enough to say I am sick of it
Running from this, shadow
Feeding mass souls to the creature with a firm hold
On this world that periodically turns slow
I feel pain just grow when half of my body turns cold
I have a hole in my throat from writting the same hurt
Over worked from the way life makes you feel like dirt
Will I ever understand?
How a person can demand the devils hand to erupt
Make a man throw up until his heart drops to his gut and gets ate up
This life is great huh?
The sun is never promised but nine out of ten times
I can say tomorrow the sun will shine
Eight out of ten the moon will return again
Ten out of ten the stars will shine bright and never dim
If I can guess something we barley understand why can't I get my life sorted out
Its either I am holding out, or my soul is lost with another solar pal
When I was young I thought I was different, but I am older now
And all I can see is nothing has changed only my memories
I lose my brain over melody's that help me speak
Infinitely I feel incomplete
Destiny was never there just the lost finish line I never crossed
Now I see my life being brought to the burial ground I have no applause
No cause, just thoughts of why life doesn't have a pause
I could philosophize on how I am going to die
No one would believe me and find me the odd guy
But its odd times I am dealing with
So everynight when I lay down I am feeling it
I never mind it and go to sleep
Watching my eyes turn dry because I haven't blinked
My rib cage no longer fills pain
Since I stopped breathing oxygen today

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Love in Concert

Aphrodite, Bask, Cupid, Devotion, Emotion, Fondness
Girl, Hope, Infatuation, Justice, Kindness 
Loyalty, Mate, Neck, Openness, Passion
Quality, Romance, Sharing, Treasure, Understanding
Venus, Warmth, Xanadu, Yearning, Zeal.

~ Leonard Napierskie

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If time heals all, then when will my alarm clock ring,
If tomorrow is a new day, why do the morning birds not sing,
I want to be awoken, from this dream fueled by disaster,
The hands keep ticking, i just will them, tick faster,
My reasoning is affluent, yet it bleeds through stigmata,
If to sacrifice, is solution, then my soul freely martyr, 
My burdens weighed down, adds fuel to their meaning,
My clear image tarnished, by the scour of being,
My foundations pressed, as i confess, to all without believing,
My heart bleeds less, as i digress, to all without deceiving ,
My eyes feel weak, as i lose track, of the path i once walked,
As resistance feels futile, your mind becomes, warped,
The path becomes darker, as my demise is brought fourth,
But the path is now brighter, than at ones first thought,
If its my time, then how will i, know that i must listen,
To the bells that chime, at once as i, am freed by my admission.

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The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

I have felt the love
I have felt the hate
I have felt the life leave my heart

I have felt the ones I loved betray me
I have felt ones care from afar
I have always wanted a few besides me
Without them I am nothing

Whether you are there from afar
Or walking by my side
Whether patting my back
Or giving me a tender kiss of life

I have been mocked with riches
And I tore myself down 
"Life is going to hell" I said
As i crossed on to a dangerous path of life

But after today
Things have went my way
And nothing now feels wrong

The past is gone now
These times anew
But at least these times
I'll spend time with you

I was the voice of which could not be heard
I was the song which couldn't be sung
I was the one that went unnoticed
I was the bell that was un-rung

I was one of the lucky ones
I had my friends there all the way
To revive me from my aches and sorrows
Bringing back my true life

I noticed life was passing by
As life soared right by my side
I gathered all my strength and spread my wings
And now with life I fly

The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

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To pick up the bottle
drown in my sorrow,
drink it,---all gone
as a drunkard
I wait for tomorrow
wake up with the sun on my face
don't even remember the day
is it SUNDAY?
time to find my pride
better yet I'll lay back down to die
my back on the ground
the tree gives little shade
maybe I'll fade
the bottle empty at my side
thats how I feel inside
I try to hide
but every one knows
tonight I will get another bottle
drown myself another night
ad wake up as empty
as the bottle at my side
I'm dead but very much ALIVE

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Found Poem

The Angels that are in Heaven,
You know that I love you,
There must be something lost,
For I have an emptiness in the pit of my stomach,
I face the window,
And watch the patches of wildflowers,
That are blooming on the hill,
What we had is in the past,
I steal a look to see the lost memories that we shared,
I wonder how it would be to get one last kiss from you,
The taste of your lips on my lips,
I dream of the past,
And wonder what is too come,
How could I have been so blind to see the love,
That you had for me?
I wish it was true for me like it is with you,
Memories linger,
But it is time to move on,
And face the facts of life. 

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he knows

You can't kill
a man with soul
They forgot to engrave 
His fate on his forehead
And draw the roads
To a proper life on his palms
But he knew
He knew that life belongs
To those who could touch
Touch bodies, send messages
Through skin
Seek one another in sense
Taste the fibres of dreams
Through the mist
And drink sweat from
The man who has taken
Against the mountain
One who isn't afraid to dream
he watches her in his sleep
she is the example of steady fate
Eyes sharper than razor blades
A mouth quicker than a whip
But smiles like the sun 
Could rise from inside it
Bringing with it rays
Of happiness and hope
She says its a place she's seen
De ja vu or a dream
Its untouched and oh so new
She fears it
She loves it
He wants to see it
Feel it
Bodies wrestling against
The staccato rhythm of the hearts
That ask to be spoon fed
From the pot of molten feelings
Trying to find their place
In eyes all too familiar to the quest
But not looking to verify 
Its findings nor its confinements
You can't kill a man with soul
He knows

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"...And one day i was hearing around that I had died.
But I was feeling alive! 
I was just in another very beautiful place
and I felt so happy there! 

...And in this beautiful place I saw a dream.
I dreamed that I was on a small planet
that they call 'Earth'.
And I got in a panic with all those that I saw and lived there

....And one day I heard around that I had died.
and woke up from the horror
And I started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh from happiness.
It was not more than a bad dream.

It was not me, the man, that had died.
It was just me
inside my dream..."

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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I live at Soweto,
but all what i see,
amusee me and some times i laugh.

Dogs can bark,
and birds can cry all the night,
when all the thieves,
moving up and down ,
like cats and dogs.

Soweto my love,
i wonder about you,
and i cry for you for all what you're!

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Arctic Land Of Sin

Within this wasteland, cold, lost and without light 
lye the corpse of a man, hopeless and without life. 
But what was so bold, to take life from a man? 
Was it the bitter cold, or the loneliness of the land? 
In this land he once fought, for reasons unknown. 
Perhaps he had thought, he wasnt going to die alone. 
If loneliness were sin, may his soul be damned. 
Have fires burn him fom within, to where he cannot withstand. 
This is what he deserves, nothing more nothing less. 
But he still waits for her, so his soul may be put to rest. 
This land full of ice and sin, beats like a loveless organ. 
The burial of many men, where love and peace were all so foreign. 
Welcome to the land, The Arctic Land Of Sin. 
Where the life of a lonley man, never saw a compassionate end. 

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For my song you are star

My words for you
And they are at morning
What you like
A cup
Of coffee
Or may you like
A tea
Have you then
Your breakfast
with smile
Pass your day time
with my song
May it a boost
At evening
May you get
A hint
How to date
Or may you stay with my song
To know that you are not alone
As my song adore you 
And for you my song
To cheer 
Your soul
 to find
The hidden secret
In heart
 prettiness of your soul
A garden of roses
In your heart
May you're in crowd
Grey and blue
But for my song
You are a star
So feel good
May you don't have
A cash
Or credit card
But for my song still
You are star
So feel good
No matter what
Or where
But I know in many ways
You are like me
And in your way
You are unique
So wear the rainbow
And put the rays of sun
 on your head
And feel good 
for my song
You are star
So feel good
And goodnight

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black sun

The sky is red, the sun is black, im riding a roller coaster, but my mind is off track. Theres lots of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, even kings placing crowns on the heads of clowns. But I really don’t care, life isn’t fair, but gods given me a life I can hardly bear, every day I ask him, why cant you share? My life is going, I just don’t know where, because a life like mine is kind of rare. What do I do, while theres love in the air? Other people kiss while I just sit and stare, I look to my left, and theres nobody there, I look to my right, and theres a pair. The clouds are red, the rain is black, I may have left, but ill never be back, but what I can say is, theres nothing I lack. I look at the trees, I look at the sky, but what is the point when I just want to die? Why? Why do I try? When every time I fail, all I do is cry. And how can I be calm when im jealous of every guy? My heart is grounded, while my mind wants to fly, you can guess by what I write, that im also kind of shy, why do I need them? All they do is lie. I try to be nice, but they just punch me in the eye, and when im upset, all they do is pry. The clouds are blue, the sky is white, my mind is racing faster than the speed of light, my life just gets worse, but I still have to fight, why am I like this? Its just not right. Life is taller than me, im not its hight, I fly through the sky, gut still held to the ground, just like a kite, and why are people scared when they know I don’t bite? You can tell my whole life, just by what I write, I sleep during the day, and fly through the night, and im pushing a boulder with all my might. But im getting nowhere, my hands are bare, I love the dark, so give me a scare, I lost my mind and my soul, they were a pair. Sometimes I just sit, sit and think, think that I cant end up in the brink, my mind is empty and cold, like a skating rink, I don’t care if people say I stink, because I already know that im their main link, I have a cup, but nothing to drink, my mind wants to grow while my heart wants to shrink. The water is black, the sun is red, you cant kill something that’s already dead. I jump off the bridge, I take the dive, you cant kill something that was never alive. Im steering my life, but I don’t know how to drive…everything gets quiet when I arrive.  I live in a shack, I peek through the crack, and when I look outside, all I see is black…

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Loving our selves,
it's something great,
and vital in our life,
the elders and the youth.

Loving our friends,
it's the source of joy,
freedom and peace
in the society we live.

Love your self,
and your enemies at large,
because today's life,
needs love.

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there is but one light in my life, 
one possible good I have left to achieve
the only thing in my life not indifferent, not wasted
tis not a dream nor a goal, for those can be achieved
she is my paradox, my soul, my love 
everything that is still good in me
she is my downfall, the reason for my deterioration 
how I love her, how I need her from the very pit of my burning soul
a horrible feeling to know she can save my life as she drifts farther away 
how I hate her, with every bit of emotion and anger I can seem to conjure 
destroyed by my light, my love
destroyed by my paradox 

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no swimming

These waters are off limits
no one will know
I dip my feet in 
move forward very slow
now I'm all wet
drowning in confusion
I fight and I fight
I feel I am loosing
I know I shouldnt have gone for this swim
and even though im drowning
I'd do it all over again

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     The wrinkles in his face show wisdom and worry
They show years of time on this earth
He has seen many of his friends and family pass on
But, he has also been around for many births.

     His hands are marked by callouses and lines
They share a story of hard times
They show committment to his family
You can read alot in those lines

      The strain in his voice shares stories
Of the way that life used to be
The way life was when he was young
This history, he wants us to see

     So, when we get the chance to listen
Our attention to his we owe
So we can pass on his life to others
So that true history others will know

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Mommy I love you
 This is my goodbye
 You said you wanted me
 But it was all a lie
 Your boyfriend left you 
So now I'm a joke
 I didn't drown
 I didn't choke
 I should get to live
 Like you did
 Laugh and play 
Like any other kid
 Well you've made up your mind
 So now I'm not here
 I didn't want to die
 Its a babies biggest fear
 Babies shouldn't die
 Over a persons choosing
 Let me be adopted
 Then its only you I'm losing
 Abortion is selfish
 It means you have no heart
 If God wanted it to happen
 He would have added that part

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Struggles, a moment of strife.
Where we fight for life
Forgetting it’s all a lie.
A moment we forget what life really means.
We toil and soil not remembering we’ll leave
And then it becomes too late to live.
Even through our struggles,
We try to stay humble,
Though there are times we’ll stumble,
And then we’re troubled,
Which makes the struggle begin to fumble.
Even in life when we struggle,
We tend to worry,
Which then makes the struggle double.
Family is first they say,
But most times, we go astray,
Trying to get our gains,
Through pain.
We slay that bond of family,
By there being no peace and love, cause it was destroyed by we when pursuing success.
And then we forget life always comes once.

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The Final Words

I remember many years ago, when I 
was just a lad,
My biggest hero in my life, happened 
to be my dad. 

I grew up with no siblings, in a 
happy home,
And daily as a child, I'd write  a story 
and a poem. 

I'd discuss how my day went and the 
things that I had done,
And put words to my feelings, be it 
happy, sad or fun. 

I'd keep them in a binder, tucked 
underneath my bed,
Well hidden from intruders, near 
where I'd rest my head. 

Many years later, as a teen, my 
parents separate. 
They tell me dads moving to another  

He decided to leave his family and 
work on his career,
Things hadn't been so good at home 
for well over a year. 

I hold in the tears, run upstairs and 
begin to write. 
About the terrible news I got, that 
late school  night. 

I rip out my binders, and sit quickly 
in my chair. 
I write "why do I do this, no one 
seems to care". 

I grab all my diaries, from my 
hidden stash,
 throw them in a garbage bag and 
take them out for trash. 

For many years I never took out a 
paper and pen,
I promised myself this day I would 
never write  again. 

I visit my dad often, til life gets in 
the way,
And visits turn to phone calls as we 
run outta things to say.

He would say that he loved me, I'd 
say I loved him too. 
But our conversations remained 
small, we were never really true.  

I get the dreaded  phone call in 
february '11,
God had come to take my dad and 
bring him up to heaven. 

I go through my dads stuff, and 
what defined his life,
Pictures of dead relatives, my family, 
his ex wife. 

I miss the times we had, even our 
silent talks,
Hidden in his closet, I pull out a big 

When I move the box,  I can't 
believe my eyes,
My family runs in the room, when 
they hear my sobbing cries. 

The writings I had thrown out so 
many years before. 
Were neatly piled behind the box, on 
the closet floor. 

I read through the pages, memories 
flood my mind,
My life as a child so neatly defined. 

I make it to the last page, I find 
written in blue, under "No one seems 
to care"
My Daddy wrote "I do"

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A path to a road

i can see myself now 
few years i'll be sailing 
looking from the sea
the ease and comfort i feel
being alone and not afraid
able to understand the years gone by
come to terms with peoples decisions
but i still feel grief
i still feel hollow
i still feel alone 
its the time where i think 
we can only have one life
lets not make it in vein 
so i ask myself often 
what is your challenge ? 
what do you strive for?
what will it take?
and at times i feel its all too hard
it cant be done 
then i ask, what is stopping me?
why cant i do it..
one life is what one makes it
i can make a difference 
a small one but at least its a start
i can make my own path 
pave my way through the obsticles
and maybe one day look back 
and look how far i have gone 
because we all are challenged
we all have grief, heart ache 
and struggles 
but its the distance we go 
to make the journey worth fighting for
will you fight for it?
will you fight the next person beside you?
will they fight for you? 
will there path co-operate with yours?
friend or lover we all learn with one another
and seek our paths 

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I never meant to hurt the one I love

I am so shame of who 
I become
I lay here with a bottle of pills 
Debating if my life and everyone else 
Would be better without 
Me in it
All I ever do lately 
Is hurt everyone 
I love 
I never meant to hurt 
Anyone that have's loved me
I am sorry to everyone I have hurt
I'll go ahead and take me life
So everyone 
Will and do better without me
In it their life
Cause my life ant going anywhere
All I am depress
I find it 
Best when I write poetry 
It's all I got anymore
So goodbye to all I have hurt.

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I miss You (Dedicated to My friend Misbah)

If you be with me, you will make my heart Cherish for Ever,
If  you are not with me , Your thoughts make my heart Cry for Ever,
For ever, in all the phases of Life People we Love from the inner core of our heart, 
if are not with us, then the life time Pain and Sorrows.
That can never be shared by anyone else. 
So dear Friend Never left me alone In this world.
I miss you

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Smidgen ahead of a dreadful time,
shatters a dream of wiser thine,
rage dipped words, in their seize,
all in breach, of my sleeping peace.
Douse my fire, not that lord of wind,
quench all desires, not though if skinned,
rob that tale, not the crown of crime,
and blight the bond, not the gust of grime.
Birth of anguish arrives in flood,
in mute they dissolve in our blood,
smell of rain, they drugged her brain,
and the underground claims all on lane.
Question of fate or a daughter of hate,
in chains of faith, the rust speaks straight,
overruns a war, one against that whole,
milestones they stand watching that patrol.
Seeps not a tear for her emblem of wound,
but cries oh dear that drove of ground,
breath of enigma, they speak a dilemma,
a life enmeshed,  now a moving comma.

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problems in the world,
makes people mad,
and others try,
what's really wrong.

Many people to day,
they struggle as they can,
but nothing they achieve
from their sweats.

What's wrong with the world,
painful and hard
on the side of the rich,
and the poor at large?

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Do You Believe In Angels { ABC }

Angels's Beauty Comes Designed Especially From God's Heaven's 
Inspirational Jubilee kingdom Looking Masterfully Noveled 
Only People Question Realms Sentence  Trident Under Visions 
Wanting  Xaphan Yofiel Zurial

Tribute To Angels

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Footprints in my heart

It should never end
Says this hungry heart of mine.
The lyrics and tunes keep ringing in my head
Even when though am put to rest

The list I've ever played is endless
As much as the sand which is countless
But many of them could not stand the light of day
And without regrets, I threw them away

But what is in this song
That I can see no wrong.
It has become a part of me
Or lets say taken over my whole being

This song will soon end
My heart bleats
But I must enjoy every bit of it
And this I know
That the song never stops down below

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Clad in black

Raging battle of sense and emotion
Envelops my world... No escape...
So unbearable this devotion
And my heart's no longer safe.
My burden of pain will not lessen
To endurance my soul will commit
Am I bound to learn one more lesson?
Before I'm allowed to quit.
If you only hung on for a fraction
To the moment before it ends
But for you I was only distraction,
Stepping stone to make ammends.
I am facing the end of this fight.
Never turning or looking back.
I was destined to wear white
And instead I am clad in black.

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Hate From The Sky

Paper rain falling dark gray sky
Many tears falling disaster on the rise
Many eyes searching for the love lost 
From the hate that fell from the sky 
So much life gone so hard for those 
Who had to survive 
Searching for answers for what could 
Have gone wrong 
Trying to stay strong as they try to explain 
To the young at heart how one day 
Hate came to devastate and take 
The peace bring a storm of pain 
And lost love to never be found 
On sacred grounds we mourn and pray
For those we lost on a September day 
Who is to say we build from old to new 
So few knew those lost but on that day
The world held hands to pray 
For the fate of those we lost from hate 
Now we wont ever forget the date 
The world stud  still and came together 
Hand in hand together we stand 
To remember that warm September  
Flowers will lay words will be said 
Tears will fall  memories relived 
The world will hold hands once again
To pray for peace and love for those who remain    

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True loves heart pound

Forbidden feelings I know too well
A glance to me
Communication only I can see
Or a love thats only too real
Time is ending and my thoughts circle you 
For I know my dream will never be true
As I walk away on that dreaded day 
The reality of never seeing those green eyes staring back at me 
Haunts my every step
Is this something I can truely live with
Leaving the person I call home
Unspoken words only go so far 
But they can't stop me 
You look at me 
As I stare back at you 
Will you be the last to see though
The last I no longer have to hide from 
Am I the last one to understand you 
Why can't you say its true 
Why can't it be just me and you 
I fear when I fly away 
That it will be our last day 
I run towards you 
Wanting to tell you all that is true 
Yelling that I love you 
But I stand still 
And the thought of you just being a memory 
Rips though every part of me 
A fond time I call upon when my skies are gray 
Casting you, with all the others 
Knowing you are  so much better 
You asked me once if I would die for you
In a instance without thinking anything though 
I knew...The breathes you breathed were more important to me then to you
And I'm not just going to be losing a friend
I'm going to be losing a purpose
And the beginning to my end.
I remember the day you laid on my couch 
and asked me why we were this way 
I said cuz your my little brother and I love you 
I tucked you into bed 
And you sent me off with a kiss on the head
I remember the day your promised me the world
But all I wanted to say... Was your the only thing this world can give me or take away 
And the price I pay. I will bear and grit my teeth
As long as you are happy. 
Tears falling from your now gray eyes
When I told you that day. 
You said you dont know what to do. And how can I live without you
I don't no if I can leave you
No matter how much you dont want me too 
GOD just leave with me
Pack your things and start new 
just me and you
But dreams are for sleeping. Which I never do. 
So heart ach will be felt 
And I want you too feel the same too
But don't hurt I cant wish that on you
Just miss me and promise you'll never forget me 
Because I promise I will always truly and forever Love you.
And no pain will over come the day I walk away from you
God I pray he follows me 
But unanswered prays happen everyday 
So I'll accept the day I fly away 
Will be the last day 
Our eyes meet, The last day we say everything without a sound and the last day I hear true loves heart pound

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Madness of the world

Nothing bad like the world,
and nothing good in the world.

Every thing is good,
but depends on how,
the public needs it.

Some things are bad,
because of the law,
while others are good,
because of their demand.

To realize it ,
ask the soldiers,
who kill in the wars,
to save their lives,
and defend their state.

How ever in the  laws,
killing it's  wrong,
and really it's bad,
that can't  help,
the offenders to change.

Nothing  mad like the world,
and nothing blind like it,
the friend of every one,
the mother of all,
animals and birds.

Really it's funny,
to allow even the thieves,
to enjoy its joy,
and the cannibals at large.

 what world is this,
the source of rights ,
and  some times the wrongs,
east  and west ?

The world is mad,
up and down,
and full of shock,
sycophants and lies,
every where you go!

All the poets,
including Carol Brown,
it's our job to educate the world,
the importance of peace,
freedom and love,
from what  we write;
for a bright future of the world.

poetry  in the world,
really it's good,
and educative to all,
men and women.

Enjoy it a lot for a bright future
of the world.

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Maybe this is life.
Maybe this was what i 
Maybe this was what i 
was meant for.
Repeated quotes you 
already know.
Repeated mistakes one 
can't live without.
Repeated songs mixed 
with muffled pleas.
Whisper of violet words.
Desolate and empty.
Rejected, left and 
Always at the mercy of 
your words.
Voices pierce and 
Why am i all confused 
and messed up?
Will your words forever 
A life of pain and 
repeated torments.
Will i forever beg for 
Will i forever hide from 
those ungodly words
of yours?
Maybe i should think.
Can i even still reason 
Insanity calls.
Your words strike.
Wouldn't you forgive still?
Must my life be forever at 
the mercy of your
harsh words.
And yet i stayed.
Still waiting;
shove me down one 
more time.
Hit me where it hurts.
Below my chest just close 
to my navel.
The pain is nice.
The feel is great.
Don't you just love as 
your sweat drops.
And the sweet smile of 
Satisfaction you give
beyond those frowns.
Your fists descend down 
some more.
And your hits counts.
And here i laid.
Forever to remember this 
Endless tears mixed with 
I will learn to forgive.
I will learn to adapt to 
Forever at the mercy of 
your words and fists.
Forever loving the pain**
violet words.
Endless tears.
Unending pain.
Forever dead.
Yet your hits counts

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Is God righteous? He lets babies die.
Is He fair? He hears the hungry cry.
Evil men live lives of comfort and ease.
The good have many a reason to grieve.

Tyranny blossoms while freedom struggles;
Catastrophe comes to multiply troubles.
Strife and contention everywhere grow;
The reason for this – does anyone know?

The answers come through humble introspection.
God finds no pleasure in Man’s dereliction.
He displays his plan of a future resurrection,
Even explains the mystery of Satan’s infection.

Yet, Satan is God’s devil, temporarily to rule;
Just as the black cloth accentuates a jewel.
He’s made for God’s purpose – calamity to strew;
God’s greatness reveal, and forgiveness to show.

Nay – but Oh man, will to God you reply;
Why did you make me, if only to die?
Who is the clay to reply to God so:
Potter, Creator ? - he’s your owner, you know.

If life on earth is as the blink of an eye,
To life eternal – it’s foolish to reply.
God declares He is just, as His attributes cite,
And proves He’s unlimited in all of His might.

There must be good reason, His wrath to be shown,
And just as he promised, the good seed was sown.
Is He not worthy our worship to hold?
-As He gathers his own sheep to the fold.

Questioning God results of superstition.
Man is measured by his inward condition.
God is known only as he, himself reveals.
Revelation displays what superstition conceals.

Glory to God’s son seems the purpose indeed:
His love made manifest, as the prisoners go free.
The Creator creates what is pleasing to him.
It’s all of Holy Design, and nothing of whim.

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man, than he lay down his life for his friends.
Job 1:21 The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord.
Rom 9:20 & 2 Shall the thing formed say unto him that formed it – why hast thou 
made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay?
Isa. 35:6 & 7 I am God, and there is none other: I form the light and create darkness; 
I make peace and create evil – I the Lord do all these things.
Matt.20:15 Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil 
because I am good? 

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To Find A Cure?

Do you want to live or die?
Think of this as you seek a reply
Wouldn't you try and find a cure,
Just so you could be sure?
Listen to your inner voice,
Then make the right choice
Because life is worth the living
More so than dying

Think of your loved ones,
And the life that's still to come
For you are my blood, my family
And you mean the world to me
If I lose you now,
I'll have to go on somehow
I've loved you my whole life long,
And don't want you to be gone

Dedicated to my Uncle Jim, who was hospitalized on Friday the 6th.  He bled internally, and 
needed 5-6 pints of blood replaced.  He also was on a resperator, and his heart only had 
20% usage.  He had pnenomunia too.  The doctors think he has an ulcer.  He was almost 
dead when he was admitted.  He was realeased on Friday the 13th, but refuses to have a 
colonoscopy, and a heart cahterization done.  He has been prescribed medications, but will 
not take them.  He doesn't like doctors, and hasn't seen one in a long time, over 30 years.  
He is only 60 years old.  He is planning on returning to work at GM today, 3-16-09.

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Rescue Me

Feels like I'm drowning in my own tears,
Is there no one in this world that can take away all my fears?
I'm asking for your help, I'm asking for your hand,
I know i cant do this with you with a band.

Take me as I am and lift me high,
I grown up way to fast, I think you can see why.
You tell me you know everything before it even comes out of my mouth,
but you cant see the fact that im from the south.

That's where all the blood, sweat, and tears came from, to only survive,
so please don't tell me that you know everything, especially how to dive.
Cause if you would of known, you would of done something about it,
instead of each time we get into this, you wouldn't throw a fit.

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Between Two evils no choice

Between two evils
No choice
But if you forced
Take the one
Less evil
No one can say
You done
A good choice!

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 Four hundred years ago high-born Brits sailed to America
Seeking fast fortunes, adventure and fame.
Many would never endure their first year here
Cultivating, foraging, and hunting game.

Arriving in Virginia they came ill-prepared
In search of gold and a route to the South Seas
What they found were hostile Indians,
Insects, starvation, and disease.

“Virginia is Earth’s only Paradise!”
The laureate of England would proclaim!”
However by August of 1607,
Every day there was anguish, and pain.

They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats
One man ate his wife and hid her bones in the ground.
Despite their hardships, half managed to survive 
Becoming America’s first permanent, English town .


The Pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving
At Plymouth in October 1621.
The bitter winter of 1620, was over
With a loss of many father, mother, daughter or son.

Life for survivors was much better now
As a good harvest improved what was rationed
Settlers enjoyed good health and prosperity
As homes were raised from the logs they fashioned.

They walked unafraid and safely in the woods
For they had made peace with the Indians.
After the signing a long-lasting treaty
Natives and Pilgrims shared the land as friends.

Sending four men to shoot waterfowl and wild turkeys
The Pilgrims decreed a holiday of good fortune
A chief was invited who brought 90 braves
And five deer to increase the portion.

It was an open-air roast and festival
Held along the north bank of Town Brook.
Where there were games of skill, chance and dance
While everyone gorged on the feast they cooked.

From then on Thanksgiving spread through the colonies
Though each region chose its own date.
Till in 1789 President Washington proclaimed
November 26 a day to give thanks and celebrate.

The theme of Thanksgiving has always been the same.
Though its date has changed many times.
A day for giving and remembering the less fortunate
Expressing thankfulness with our prayers, hearts and minds.

It is our duty as a nation to acknowledge providence
Of Almighty God, and to obey his will.
To be grateful for his blessings, and protection
As we humbly partake in the tables we fill.

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Tears of life

                                          Tears of life
                          Tears of life
                          Is a part of life,
                          Is a treasure of life
                          Its come anytime,

                         Tears are priceless
                         It is like a white pearl,
                         When we are born 
                         Tears start with us,
                         When we die 
                         Tears die with us.
                                                                         Written by
                                                                         Simran .R. Navani

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Life is a struggle

Life is hard, every day is a struggle 
Mistakes been made with regret 
Friendships broken
Lives turned upside down 
Hearts torn in two, Not sure what to do
Where to turn next , what steps to take, before I mentally break 
Circumstances change in no particular order 
But life still seems so distorted 
People change, environment changes    but no words are exchanged 
Good memories are not enough to hold onto with hope in mind 
I'm lost and i need to be found , is life worth staying around 
Some one show me the light and say a little prayer before I get to despaired 
 what once was there isn't anymore , all I need to do is find the strength to open the door 
Walk free and fly high and don't look back , ten steps forward and no steps back 

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alone i stand

Left behind and torn within
tears of pain
and alone at the end
without my family or a friend
Now I have to start all over again
      Each day is a struggle to go on
and no matter what I always have to be strong
       I dont think life is fare
but thats how it is when they dont care
       I gotta do everything I can 
because noone offers me a helping hand
but on my own I have to stand

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im me

you say im weird i say im me 
im weird crazy people call me skittles cuz my hair is a diffrent color every month 
just cuz i like to be me dont mean you need to judge me or make fun of me 
people need to get a life 
im me and proud of it im happy im me and i dnt care wat any one says about me
why should i change myself for any one  cuz wen i change u still might not like me
who cares what any one says be your self dont copy any one or listen to any one cuz god loves you no matter what  
im me so haters get a life :)

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The Oblivious Angel

Her eyes bright and brown
Absolutly burning with passion
But she still has not found
Acknowledgement of his attraction
Her beauty cannot be scripted
So he's at  a lost for words
The numb to his pain inflicted
But shes unable to concern
The complete center of his world
The only reason he makes it through the nights
And the most beautiful girl
Hes ever seen in his life
Whether it be a bold statement
Its still so very true
Till this day she is still oblivious
He does not know what to do.

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Only god can judge me

two gunshots to the chest 
   thinking what can happen next... 

will i live to see tommorrow 
   or will i live to see the rest... 

of my life,it hurts inside, 
   when this morning i had the pride... 

to see my little girl, wave to her dad, goodbye 
   as the morning sun would rise,from the happiness in her eyes... 

knowing down inside, it would be her last good bye 
  cause im starting to see a glow,and a river to paradise... 

a shadow in the mist, 
   while my life flashes over... 

one drink of the holy water 
   cause my life was left sober... 

i can feel nomore pain, 
   as the angels start to rain... 

 i know for a fact im dead 
   cause nomore pain, is strange... 

i ask for forgivness as i softly speak 
   cause i remember shooting someone,but my mind was to weak... 

all i can make out was falling to my knees 
   knowing i was dead,was to hard to believe... 

i woke up in a room 
   with a pain when i would breath... 

with a clear image of what really happen to me 
   i lost my job, telling god why this had to be... 

i put my gun to my chest, 
   and you all know the rest... 

the last thing i said was 
   only god can judge me... 

but as i lost my job, 
   and was quickly depressed... 

it all came to complete... 

as knowing would i no, without the affect 
   he was already judging me..... 

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Today is the day
Tomorrow is the pain
The future is the face
The fate is the case 
The case is the fear
The fear is the death...........
Life and date
date and fate
Fate and grave
Grave and grieve...... 
Oh life! Mention your intension 
to me...... Open ma eyes to 
see the real... Keep in ma 
heart the courage to face 
your intension,set ma 
passion to be on a 
mission,,,make ma ears not 
care for folks 
reactions,,,,make ma dreams 
the day-to-day 
television,,,give me one 
reason to run on your path 
to ma destinations...... 

Your hands are too heavy on 
peoples back,,,your words 
are too empty in peoples 
mouth,,,your vision is too 
for many souls to 
avoid,,,your reasons are too 
wrong for men to 
forelong,,,Life spares,death 
scears,coffins tells,grave 
A desire to die,,a desire to 
live,,your fate is painful for 
souls to grip...
With poverty you make so 
many lives a painstew,,,with 
undeserve sickness you 
make many lives 
surpressed,,,with death you 
make ma world mate look 
unsincere,,,every hearth is 
afraid of the story that he or 
she has kicked the basket.... 
Life! You know 
man's days are 
numbered,why do have to 
remind them that they may 
not live to experience some 
december,,,making some 
happiness look very 
sobber,,,all men will say,it is 
God intension...who will 
sentence death to life 
imprisonmen,withour thinking 
of his life a living 
 Life! Life!! Life!!!

Four letter word
Yet proves so many souls 
Wealth and death
Poverty and life....

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 everyday brings a new pain, thru the pain we learn to fight.
 everyday brings a new person, that helps bring in new life.
 everyday brings new light, to cause dark days to have light.
 everyday brings a new challenge. can we make it through the strife?

everyday we grow stronger, to help fight through the hard times.
 everyday we grow smarter, to help us keep our right mind.
 everyday we grow wiser, living n learning to help us on our climb.
 everyday we grow resilient, never regret, we cant press rewind.

 So as we wake up every morning, help us adapt to the new things.
 an as we lay down at night, let us look forward to what tomorrow brings.

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Can hearts know love without words.
Does ones mind need to hear those words to justify what it feels.
What I feel deep within I can not express with the three worded pharse you may want to hear.
Nor do I want to hear it from you lips, my ears will refuse to listen.
Is it not better to feel it in each others touches.
See it in each others eyes.
Watch it in our smiles.
For it seems that once that sentence is set free changes begin.
Its as though a challenge has been set free.
Unlocking beasts we usually do not allow to be seen.
Jealousy, suspicions, judgments, convictions are all trying to take control.
Laughter suddenly changing to angry words that can cut, hurts so deep.
Repairs forever harder to be made.
Touches forgetting hoe to caress.
Lips faking smiles no longer wanting to be kissed.
Hands no longer wanting to be held.
O, how I fear those words more then any other I may hear.
Do not say those words for it may make me run away.
Show me so I will stay.
Kiss my lips with true emotions.
Hold my hand.
Caress me with your eyes, your smiles, your tenderness.
Touch my heart.
In return you will know what lies within my own.
Words are for those who know no other way.
Those who seek to latch on to something that they may not really know the meaning of.
The inner chambers know what is real.
The lucky ones who find their souls mate know what it is.
They do not need the words to express what lives within.
They do what it is.

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Crying like a River

From your eyes came down 
like a river as flood down
to the bottom to hit 
the ground

You can be crying 
like being mad, anger
sadden and pain either
from injury to heart broken

You can't even describe
to able to crying for good
reasons to do that

Crying like a River
that God's palm will 
take care away 
from tearing eyes

To able to make 
you feel much better
from healing wounds

God want to make sure
there is no more crying river

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where to

I wake up a morning with a 
and went ahead to learn,
far away to my mum's land,
and that was why Am away 
from town.

so many words I got in me,
piece shorts of says,
bountiful meaning of damn 
and all I need was your 
prayers in good ways.

I began to spell
and wrote many like I tell..
help, here I yelled
and now its all well.

I had something picking...
and then I was kicked,
I thougth life was shit...
and it came down to my fit,
I wonder why repained...
and it went in vain,
I gain at long last...
and today falls in this day.

sometimes I wonder,
many atime I feared,
at times  I felt alone,

where is my life heading me 

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Ode To Everything We Take For Granted

We all know what living is
We all had our lives given to us.
On a silver platter, a road for life mapped out for us,
but we aren't always serious
about the people near and dear to us,
because we're usually delirious about the life we take for granted.

When we have roofs over our heads
and sheets on our bed 
then how come on the streets people
are frozen with defeat and have to compete for some food.

How can we watch people's lives fall when they stand against a wall with a sign?
No use at all, praying to god as their pride crumbles.

We watch them stumble with their heads down low and nowhere to go and I think,
Where is the kindness planted?
Why do we take our lives for granted?

How could we stoop so low while we live in houses they have nowhere to go
- couldn't we lend them something...
Oh no, one person could make a difference if they spoke out loud
show their faces to the crowd.
A difference could be made
all of us could be of aid.

So dear reader I hope you see
the message that coming from me
and as I've gone on and almost ranted
Why do we take our lives for granted?!

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Time To Reflect

Without a conscience, You feel no pain. How do you ever expect to gain? Your words hold no meaning, Your future not so bright. I wonder if you'll ever see the light. You don't seem to care about what's wrong or right. Have you no regrets for the things you say & do? It doesn't matter who gets hurt...As long as it's not you...
Your heart is soiled & your spirit weak, Why don't you keep the words you speak? Hate & anger runs through your blood, Swallowing you up like a flood. There's an emptiness in you, You try to deny. But why must others suffer for the pain you hold inside? You can't be satisfied.
Who will love you when you're old & gray, Who will care for you til your dying day? You don't want a good girl, Whose heart belongs to you.
To you, you know her heart will always be true and she'll always love you through & through, Because she only wants whats best for you. To HER, you'll NOT surrender full blown love, so warm & tender. But for you, a slut will do, It's nothing more than a "Rendezvous". Your feelings will never matter. To you, her heart will not be true. If she cheated on him... she'll cheat on you. And she will never rely on you. For another awaits her in her bed. She will not worry if a disease she spreads! Sneaking around, trying not to get caught, Until the newness & excitement wears off...Dignity is LOST! Would her man want to shake your hand Or would he devise another plan? Would he rather your life be taken, Because it's his world YOU have shaken!
Do you have no remorse Or do you plan to stay your course? What happened to the morals that God instilled in us, The 10 Commandments "In GOD we trust". The One who knows where our eternal soul is bound. He knows who's soul is Lost or Found. 
I truly regret our drunken nights And wish our children hadn't seen our Ungodly sight. What if Jesus came back today, Would he look at us with such dismay? Would he turn & walk away, Because we lived our life the devils way. This life is merely a test, But to HIM I must confess, Because in the end I want the best, And in HIS arms I soon shall rest. Soon this life will be over, No more hurt & no more sorrow. My only hope is that IF He grants us tomorrow, We will make wiser decisions Until our time on earth has ended And "Through the Pearly Gates I will enter", A peaceful soul... My Lord shall render!!

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The meat

A few toys were her trade standing on the side of the passage. Bearing the daring of a beginner she had being long hours frustrated. Seaming week enough a close forties male approach. Never looking at the toys he whisper at her ear. The toys were cheap but the girl choose to have no price. The man turned to go away. But what a price is to buy if you care for the one you wanted for party.! The girl looked down at the toys in tears wiping the edge of her sharp eye.

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broken heart

How to fix a broken heart, listen to music, do some art, race a cart. They crushed your heart, so you pick up a part, and put it back together, they never loved you from the start. Don’t sulk around, or lie on the ground, even if they made your heart pound. I’ve been through this, so many times, that all I have to show is my hateful rhymes. Your lying around while there laughing in your face, they think they put you in your place, they think they played you like a game, put your name to shame, but show them there wrong, life isn’t that long, trust me, it’ll hit them like a gong. Sing a song, but don’t act like a Kong, your feelings will back and forth like pong. Don’t frown and let them treat you like a clown, you can’t get through them, GO AROUND. Don’t let them see you sad, make them mad and completely forget about the times you had, all this is true, ask your dad. Whatever happens, your not done, until that other person knows you’ve won, yeah, sure, it hurts to be one, but as long as you try, you’ll find your Hun, but while your waiting, have some fun. But the other person, you may have to shun, its not that bad, do not run, there’s someone for you, who will love you a ton, make a pun, eat a bun, draw the sun, life doesn’t suck, so don’t get a gun. Don’t kill yourself, its not worth it, there are others out there, so don’t have a fit, even if your falling down a bottomless pit. Life gets better towards the end, it may twist and bend, but you will find someone with a heart to lend.

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Love drugs

my drug
my cure
----- pure
it's high
it lie
i'll die
i'll try
to taste
a glance
i'll chase
my chance
and live
my life
in grieve

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A saddle

At back of the pound
Just to fill your bowl
Money as a blade
Merely with dual edge
Money make You fly
Money make you cry
Money makes a change
Or makes a chain
Money makes a chair
What's make u cheap
Money not your cause
It's only the cost
Money makes bright
Money backs  dream
Or break your dream

Can be for bread
Can be for bride

brick for your house
To build your profile
brand for the success
Blush for your shoes
Make you so brief
Source for prestige
Bridge where's breach

Who have the bread
then have the brain

Boon hit the sky
may bring to the hell
Burn out in block
Balance of our earth
Brace your heart
It's bound for peace
Power for the great
Bond for the grace
Money as bracket
Is a bone of the faith
Bounce for your aim

what you buy
You will pay for
Just a payback

money makes crime
makes cream
manifest our best
or magnify inner beast

So with the saddle
on back
Holding bridle in hand
bearing your inner light
With your backup state
you will be the prince

Praise for our god
merely feeds
the bird
certain pair
certain paid

Money not the great
But the MAN is great 

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Dilemma shoes or suits

African politicians
They buy
Italian suits
When they really
Need shoes
I know
That is not making you

We need
Not politicians
With bright suits
And bare feet

What happen
No more like Mandela
OR Gandhi
Our schools
OR mothers
Change their minds

I don't know
But we should think
What we need
Bright suits
Pair of shoes
What people is need
Is genuine leaders
Not bad copy

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life worths

I also once had a perfect life
I once had moments with full of pride
I glittered around like a free butterfly
I used to live like never gonna die

I once laughed like never before
I once used to smile from the heart's core
I was a doll for whom people would think
Can freeze everything just with a blink

I too once had an envious life
Was all happy with fantasying pride
A perfect face with the perfect phase
Glancing at what people would craze

But one day you have to go through that time
Trust me it tastes worse than a lime
The moment i felt there can't be any cut
The doors to happiness felt tightly shut

Only i know the pain of those breezes
Who changed their directions and echoed those teases
When everything is perfect world runs along
At worst of moments they themselves will prove you wrong

Nobody is there to wipe your tear
Don't look around or you'll die with fear
Nobody's gonna feel your tear when you’re dead 
Even the mother eye rejects the tear ahead

Time made that doll to creep and crawl
She became the one for whom nobody would fall
Time made her life so lousy and brawl
Now who'll believe once for her people crazed to fall

Never call your life a "perfect" one 
As time and tide waits for none
I too once had a perfect life
Now ask me as I have nothing for that pride

But life moves on and the world is vast
Just live each moment as it is your last
Or else who knows if there'll be a day
When you'll end your life in some worst dismay!!!

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Walking along the road Free 
but yet so broken 
Listening to the words that had 
been spoken 
So many hurtful things had 
been said 
But this time in life they could 
not make a mend 
Trying to look forward on what 
could be 
But also remembering what I  
shouldn't have  Seen 
Should have got away earlier
Or not gone there at all
At this point in life is where I 
To pick myself up and make a 
new start 
And believe in myself with all 
my heart 

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Lord Can You Hear Me

Lord, life's been crazy lately 
Long and bumpy roads 
And I been on this path so long 
I don't know where it goes 
I know I promise very often 
If you help me I'll be good 
But the devils lives here deeply,Lord 
He's strong in every Hood 
I'm on my knees and praying 
Cause I can't go on like this 
I've escaped death so many times 
I'm scared the next won't miss 
See I really didn't care before 
And now I'm not alone 
I wanna know my kids are safe 
Before you call me home 
You took away my sins one time 
Help me Lord again 
I'll be your servant right now Lord 
In your name I pray AMEN

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I write what I like
I like what I write
I feel it's my right

I say not when I may
So I like what I say
Even when it's without pay

Choose to like what I say
My hairs will never grow grey
Choose to hate what I say
Neither will I grow frail

It's my greatest joy
To see my words fly
For out of my words
Lies the picture of my true self

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as i grow older

the tree's grow taller than the sky,
then slowly as time goes by they die,
the people in my life i thought would stay forever,
but nothing lasted i just thought i was clever, 
my dreams evolved faster than i had ever imagined,
nobody seemed real anymore,
am i fake or are they,
am i real or are they, 
is this even real,
this life we live daily like a wheel,
why did you change,
why did you leave,
why did you promise me,
and then act like you dont know me,
why did you come in so pure and left so clean,
the disaster made me grow,
now i am like the sunshine with a glow,
i look at the horizon and i know i own it,
i know its mine,
i know i paid the fine,
i know i gave you everything like my life was on the line,
i changed i am older,
your words made me bolder,
my dreams made me colder,
as time goes on i will evolve more and more,
nothing will hurt me,
if they do they can leave out the back door,
as i grow older,
as i grow older,
my dreams become further and further,
the feeling of a broken shoulder.

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Drowning here in this crazy love hoping that someone 
come and save me. From this hurting pain 
that keep my inside burning in flame,

crying loud and still know helping hands
i need to be hold i need to be loved
i need to be hole.

Again because my heart is broking into
two once again.

Dear lord i can't suffer so much more i had
enough of falling in and out of LOVE.
I can't sleep or eat sad and happy at the same
time my moods up and down all around.

I don't won't to give my heart up again
i don't won't to be let down again i 
just won't to be forever and always

With a man please lord take
my acking Pain away from me
take this misery i can't take it anymore
so bless my soul and this heart
with so much good

So i can leave the bad and live my life the way 
a young lady should.

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Beware of changeableness,
and challenges in your life,
and don't be carried out,
by strange doctrines.

It's a bad sign,
to shift your ground,
and adopt new ideas,
full of lies.

Change your heart,
to get the real joy,
and some times grace.

Beware your self,
and put what you plan
in his hands,the Lord.

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Fantasies with infinite horizons 
Ascending dreams ignored with by silence
Neglagence forcing an immediate stop
Time flies as corpses rot
After all is said an done, dreams fall to despair
Success is to be found absolutly nowhere
Young ones dreams, are now entities of the air

Silence creates the sound, over powering cries
Tears evaporate and no longer shroud the mind
Absolutly no hope, for dreams to come to life
Giving a sense of hoplesness, radiating throughout the night
Even the seemingly inevitable roads, have not been paved

Nothing goes on, among the Fantasy Stage
Even untill this very day 

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Scarlet Thread

Once lyed a scarlet thread, buried within the grass. 
A wiseman once said, it bares stories of he past. 
It was about 3 inches long, but scripted infinite dreams. 
They say it once belonged, to a loner outside this reality. 
He was brave and strong, nothing was out of his reach. 
Except the angel that he saw...that angel was me. 
I speak on his behalf, for he is in to much pain. 
I was all he ever had, but I couldnt love him that way. 
I feel no remorse, to have left him in the dark. 
I meant not to take course, through his lonesome heart. 
Till this day, as he loses the will to live 
I still cannot say, I felt the way he did. 
He loved me dearly, he put me before his well being 
but to speak sincerely, fate did not have us to be. 
I left him a thread, so he may visualize his past, 
but after all was said, it lyes alone in the grass. 

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The Journey

Sit beside me.
We will travel far away.
Driver...our fantasy.
Destination...the dream.
Luggage...our souls.
There are not limits for the dreams
Don't wake me up baby

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Autumn leaves cling high in the tree tops
As acorns drop to the bottom.
Summer’s hot days have long since gone
Replaced by the coolness of Autumn.

The roses and mums are still in bloom
For the nights are brisk without frost.
Halloween is just around the corner
With the brilliance of Autumn soon lost.

Dead leaves create the rainbows of Autumn
Red, yellow, orange, purple and brown.
Soon winter shall blanket nature in white
As the seeds of summer lie dormant in the ground.

Wild geese call as they fly in formation
Across the star filled skies of night.
The moon seems larger and has more color
Reflecting with wonder its light.

Autumn for most, is their favorite time of year
Till winter passes and it’s spring once more.
A time of harvest and transformation
As the light of day is shorter than before.

How many Autumns have come and gone
Only God could tell the story.
How many Autumns have we left to enjoy
With their fulfillment, radiance and glory.

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No Sire

"No sire, I will not be your pawn." 
"But you've said that for so long." 
"No sire, you will never see me bow." 
"Look at yourself, on your knees now." 
"No sire, I will retain my rights." 
"What do you want, some kind of future and sight?" 
"No sire, you cannot take my soul." 
"Really? You were so vibrant before this was told" 
"No sire, I will remain sane." 
"But to you, this was once a game." 
"Sire, what is it you want from me?" 
"I want your pain and suffering to feed me." 
"No sire, I will not give this to you." 
"Your helpless. What could you possibly do?" 
"No sire, I dont want to fight. Im worthy for much more than this, 
I would rather end my life." 
"Your nothing but a blush, go on I dare you." 
"I will Im no longer scared of you" 
*The girl cut her throat, slaying the life she once had. 
This only provoked, the sire with a good laugh.* 

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The sounds of our generation
Everything plugged in
What’s old is of the past
No longer useful
Our new way of communication
Face to face is no longer relevant
Unless it’s FaceTime
Have this, get that, you NEED this
But do we really?
Whatever happened to going outside?
What happened to genuine relationships?
Where did our imagination go?
Let’s take the “i” out of everything
And turn it into “us”
Turn it into “we”
But not like Nintendo


Live it up
No regrets
The sayings of our generation
Sorry to break it to you
But the real world isn’t like “The Real World”
Stop trying to make “The Real World” your real world
And live in the real world
Life isn’t like a reality show
You’re not a Kardashian
Who’s your Kanye?
“Don’t be the B in apartment 23
You’re better than that
We’re all better than that”
Don’t live like you’re on the Shore
The Situation
Pauly D…
The role models of our generation
Is this all we are?
There are so many role models out there
We just need to find the right ones
They’re out there
All we need to do is make an effort to find them
They’re not far away
Just look a little closer for what really matters


Vampires and Werewolves
Nicholas Sparks
Friends With Benefits…
The love stories of our generation
Love is greater than all of these stories
We need to rediscover what love truly is
We must understand that we don’t “love” ice cream
We like ice cream
We love our family
We love our friends
We love God
Learn to love not with words
But with action and in truth
Love is the greatest gift we have received 
Let’s start treating it that way
Unlike “things” of this world
Love will remain
Love is eternal


But we have true potential
Both a blessing and a curse
It brings pressure
But can also lead to greatness
We have opportunities nobody else has ever had
We can join together
We can use technology to make the world a better place
Not just to play Call of Duty
The cards are in our hands
We just need to lay them on the table
We are the minds
The voices
The artists
The writers
The fighters…
Of the 21st century
We have greatness at our fingertips
All we have to do is get off the couch

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There’s no way to describe how hard it is
Were we born this way and that’s how it is
Are we weaker in body for a reason, if so why
Old as it is I need to know why

Do we have more feelings; if so is it a crime
Do we think too much of it and always cry

Are we strong yet silenced in many ways?
For it is known as "mans" evolution not women…no way…
I think once we have figured “It” out 
The strength is emotional not muscle no doubt
Yet why are we still looked upon as non equal… are we…please
Please…someone prove me wrong

We are here too, don’t forget that, 
And as it makes sense, not all see it this way…. but look at statistics and poverty and pay

Keep strong as it’s always a struggle but one day……one day someone might say you know what…She was right

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A Field Of Dreams

In a field of dreams we wallow 
in hopeless hope,
In a stream of deceit we 
struggle to stay afloat 
Without a heart to grasp, the 
darkness takes hold,
Yet with a light to love, a story 
of love unfolds,

In the slumber of night dreams 
become surreal,
In the wake of day reality 
becomes unreal,
Floating on a cloud getting high 
on emotions,
Walking on water, swimming 
the oceans,

In a sky of passion the stars 
shine with trust,
In a world of pain, I can see 
nothing but us,
In a life of struggle I do my 
best to get by,
With you in my life, I breeze 
through a natural high,

When times grow rough and 
become too much to bare,
Or when times sail smoothly 
and love shines fair,
I’ll look to the horizon and gaze 
at the beauty of the sun beams
And ill see your smile in the 
field of dreams

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If today was yesterday
would I rush to the  mailbox 3 times
after the mailman went straight past?
If today was yesterday
would I trip as I ran to answer the phone
when it wasnt for me?
If today was yesterday
would I have sat alone in the dark
 waiting for the doorbell to ring?
If today was yesterday
Would I have moped around all day
waiting and waiting?
Yes I would have, today is today
and I am still acting the same way

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Words of people do touch me sometimes,
When I sit down and remember,
Not the fortunate but the less fortunate,
When you realize you are better off,
When you stop blaming God,
Stand up and face the world like a man,
When you realize where there is life there is hope,
When life expectantly opens itself for you,
When we realize we have a purpose in life,
Our own doors to this life we possess the key,
When we stop trying to figure out  life and live it,
When the  person besides you knows you better,
You realize there is a worrying perspective to all this,
We can never reverse what we have done,
Only do what tomorrow expects from us,
Words of encouragement come from all corners,
Like graffiti written on the streets,
Those who speak up,
Offer hope when tunnels of life hold you down,
Truly are the blessed and send by the heavenly father,
To give you one more chance in life,
Not for the sake of smiling but making better decisions,
To choose your friends wisely,
Keep your enemies closer,
Expect the best because you can become the best.
Be positive at all times,
Watch your life grow fruitful,
In all directions in all paths.

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Beyond the blue


I am furious with you, my friend,
For many people around the globe went beyond the blue,
They indulged in drugs, to get a dreamy feeling,
In order to escape from the problems of their lives.

Even with overdose of legal drugs many lives did end,
Smoking is truly a slow motion suicide; and the abuse of
Cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana result in a slurred speech,
Distortion of vision, liver, kidney damage and ultimately death.

Even though alcohol beverage relieves fatigue,
It is its over indulgence that causes giddiness,
Blurred vision, distortion in perception of distance,
Suicidal tendencies and contribution to road accidents!

I am still furious with you, my friend,
Because many people went beyond the blue,
As a result of drugs and liquor abuse,
Now here you are, slowly passing through the blue!

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Once I fell for Thor

I once fell for a man with looks to kill and long hair as golden blonde 
Body as a warrior god should be with his eyes so blue as ice 
There I stood frozen into his spell 
As he held me and looked deep into my eyes 
And utterd these simple words of love I was sprung deep into him 
This god of thunder kissed my lips ever so softly 
Thought I've found my one true love only to find his true way of lies and useing my heart 
Just to crumble and crush me down to my sorrow with his enchanted hammer to crush my heart 
And all I hoped for to a million shatterd peices 
I suppose this will be as I once fell for Thor 
By Brian Otoole

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rewind and breakout

this shy shell, must be broken. I need to be set free. What my heart desires, lies in the past. That one moment that one chance taken away by a broken shell and time that moved way too quickly. Take a step into the past change it. Speak up and let it out but it's too late my chance, just a blink in the past.

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I try to be a Good Girl

I sit here on this porch
Puffing on a other Camel Cig
Wonder where my life will go as I grow older
Will I ever find the guy of my eye?
Will I ever get to see my kids again?
Will my mother change her lien ways
I try to live my life to the fullest
But I always regret it 
I go to church when I can
I try to be a good girl
But it’s like trouble always seem to find me
Sometime it feels like god is punishing me 
Before my dad died
I had someone to run too 
And talk too 
Now I got No one but myself
I feel so alone in this world
God please give me sign 

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My God 
Help me to touch my rainbow 
Today I am feeling blue. 

Give me your hand to climb to the sky 
to see my life from an other site. 

Give me some colours 
To change my blue, 
To take the sorrows, 
To make new hopes 
For better tomorrows. 

Give me more sun to shine my soul 
To clean my fog,the blue never follows. 

I smile to you but I hide the cries 
That make my heart to close my eyes. 

I know the days will change my nights 
And give to my heart ten thousands smiles. 

My God 
Today I am feeling blue 
But I am not alone anymore. 
I hold your hand.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Try Nothing

There are some people, who think they have room to complain. 
Because they are their own reapers, who want to take their lives away. 
Well give it a rest! Atleast you have a life to live. 
Live with nothing to look at, see how long you last then. 
Try being so sick, of watching yourself breathe. 
Only because this, is the only thing you ever ****ing see. 
Try having day after day, clear skies turn into the night. 
Needless to say, expressing the nothingness of your life. 
Try being so alone, and its the only thing you'll ever know.
Oh, but she thinks she's hurt, because her boyfriend broke up with her. 
He thinks he's alone, cause he was grounded for not coming home. 
She thinks she should end it, cause she's 15 and got pregnant. 
He thinks he's a victim, cause he didnt get the world for Christmas. 
She thinks she should end it all, cause her boyfriend didnt call. 
He says "Theres no point for me", cause he doesn't money for his weed. 
She cuts away her wrists, because she didnt get her birthday wish. 
He thinks his lifes over, cause he cant remain sober. 
She thinks theres no point anymore, cause her "friends" call her a whore. 
He's decomposing in his bed...........DEAD 
because he had no one to keep him fed. 
As some just want food, or to once embrace their family. 
no matter what they do, their FORCED to live in agony. 
And all some want,is to open thier eyes and see that they have a life to live. 
Maybe even without purpose, but something to fill their minds with. 
Lord forbid they get their help, or someone hear their pleeds.
Catered angels think they live in hell, "trapped" in a "dark reality" 

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I will not bow down

I can't change 
And you can't make me
This world has already tried to break me 
And I stand here strong 
So what makes you think you can do anything else to make me wrong 
You aren't strong enough
To make me fall to my knees 
Who do you think you are?
Dust in the wind 
An old women who can't confront her own sins 
Pass your judgments and please tell your friends 
Point out everything you can 
But in the end you won't win 
Your not smart enough to challenge me 
Your to worn to even try to begin 
So count your blessing, that you aren't worth my time 
Because I would show you true fear
It's the look in your eyes when your staring in the mirror 
Thinking about how did you get here 
So concentrate on me, Tell me I'll never be good enough 
I promise you'll never see one tear 
The difference between me and you 
Is perfectly clear
When they tried to break you
You bowed down without a fight
And I've crawled to far on my knees 
To ever let someone as insignificant as you
Make me do it again 
So try your hardest I welcome the fight 
Don't hold back hit me with all your might 
I'll be standing at the finish line with your loaded gun 
Telling you I wish you were more fun 

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Letters to my Juliet

Dear little Julie, you have grown into a woman now,
you have changed so much since the time i remember i just didn't know how.
I mean come on your almost as tall as me, and your my baby sister,
each day that goes by i just see you getting stronger and faster.

When you came into this world i couldn't be more happier,
when i took you in my arms and shed a tear i new you were going to be blessing.
And now you grow and grow some more,
i don't even recognize you anymore.

You have a good mind and a strong heart,
i guess that's what a person gets when she's not apart.
Apart from one person that loves you the most,
i just don't want to make you cry with my boast. 

You have a whole life ahead of you little sister,
i just pray and hope that you chose to live your life like a mistress.
Cause if anything else i would die,
and maybe even close my eyes and cry.

I wish you could feel the love i have for you cause it is un-explainable,
but if you try hard enough with all your might, it might be possible.
I just wanted you to know how i feel about you,
I'll love you till i die and i wont say it only a few. 

Dedicated to my baby sister Julie.

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the fight

Heart thumping
coliding with emontions
angish builds up 
feel confined feel alone
feel everything around destruct 
fall down on top of you 
emotionless..torn down by peers
a never ending nightmare 
im sinking in quicksand
inner peace seeking by all means
influence, resilience and insperation..
In desperate need for all
compassionate one stands first
knocked down time after time
the search for strength
fought off the swords 
feel the power, the tention loose 
set your self free
break a smile 
look around.. who is here?
what completes your longing?
who dares you to succeed?
who inspires you?
raise your fist and take that step
lift me up and rise agasint
all negitive energy
youth brings us to be nieve 
we are invisable
much with being wise 
being able to understand
for pain will never end
the lessons are for us
forever gaining momentum
until our last day

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Fear is how he made you

You hold your side 
Because if you don't you know you will just fall apart 
Honesty, does nothing. Might as well lied 
You breathe deep to fill the empty space 
A place where hope should be 
But there's not a single trace 
You run to the space in your mind 
That's meant purely to hide 
You will never have a home 
Words just to make you cry 
The cold can't touch you 
Because the fear has already consumed you 
Fear you thought you could hide 
The pain you thought the world was bind too 
The hardest thing to know 
Is that your suffering is shown 
That those around you see you dying 
They reach out there arms 
But your not trying to get help 
You can do it alone
What's one more punch 
What's one more burse  
Or one more tear 
It makes you stronger 
Your just standing to close for it to be clear 
Enough is enough and you can't go one more day 
With a family of broken trust 
But your legs won't work and you clasp 
There's no more fight in you
There's nothing left to do 
You cry out to the heavens 
Screaming your sorry for everything you did 
And everything you didn't mean to do 
You know it's not your fault 
But it doesn't matter, His wrath is unwavering 
He didn't do it so it must be you. 
He tells you when the world blows up, it was simple to kill you 
Fear is something you learned at a young age 
Something that's stronger then love and stronger then rage 
Fear of losing everything he let you have 
You can wish and you can pray 
But one simply fact still remains 
He own you every day until breath leaves your body 
For fear and pain 
Is all that's left 
Because that's all he made

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A Message

All of us are equal in this world Being greedy is not always good Caring means you have a heart like gold Delightful, true and is always bold Everyday we meet someone new Figuring out their own point of view Generous person we found it few Helpful there are some that we once knew In this present time we seek for love Just like the moon and the stars above Keeping their light to make us all prove Letting us know the true kind of love Many said that they are unlucky Never thinking what is good today Only them can make their life lucky Pushing life forward positively Quitting problem is not the answer Rearrange it and be more stronger Stood up straight and let go of anger Then soon, everything will be nicer Under God's influence and teaching Various life could have better living We could have wider understanding X-ray vision for everything Yes, just make believe and you will find Zero outcome, never put in mind

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Prince Charming

...And one day my prince charming would come
and hold my hand and dance me around
would take me up and up and up
to the frosted and beautiful folds of cloud

through folds he'll take me to the heaven
where the birds would chitter and chatter around
and the waves would play a soft music
the winds would make a rapturous sound

the sky would shower exuberant colours
milky, creamy, snowy and pure
combined to give spirited emotions
leading us to the infinite tenure

of cheering and jovial time of life
and leading us to a promising hope
that life would bring joys and beams
have faith in God,dont leave the rope

of silverline and lots of trust
of courage, aspire, desire, support
believe that love wont fail and sink
our lives are meant to be one and whole

me and prince would dance along
till the night is passed and the sun is dawned
till the sun is set and the night is borned
and that very night is permanently prolonged

My life will change to a wonderland
all the blessings will be combined and summed
my life will sing a beautiful song
and one day my prince charming will come

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I just wish Africa

another nite
no one gets on me
I'm lucky

I don't know how to call
I'm gettin tired of myself

I wish, I really wish
I had the stamina
to be me

I want to NOT
why can I not?

I want to go
and just go


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Jealousy (revised)

All bad characteristics draw eventually from,
Growing habits inside jealousy killing love.
Merely not one person’s quirks realizing sorrows,
Taking unbelievable viciousness,
We Xerox years zealously.

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When terror strikes,
fear inside you
makes a hissing sound,
breaks the vessel.
Pain spurts out.

Your limbs swell like sapphires
in a naked suffering.
You were searching the face
of your dead brother on burning ghat.

And then on, it pours.
Babies were burning in incubators.
Blasts devouring the eyes,
ears and noses.

But the dredging will continue.
Irrespective of ocean of death
leaping to fragile shores
till the waves send back the relics.

Whom shall I call for condolence
in the thick of fog?
I was closing the weeping chapter.


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The Eight Wonder of the World

Wonder Wonder
I wonder what we left off 
As I sit thinking about the wonders of the world I see that there was one left out
One that shine through the darkness of these Northern Nights
It sails across my eyes with this wonderful glow 
Creating this intriguing display of beauty that the world must see
Tough and rough without the back breaking edges of the Canyon walls
As a calm streams flow through its every crack from year of preparation 
But when you sit back, you see the beauty that time has created
In the roaring fire of the Paricutin volcano
Curve like the cone that two has watch and grow to a beautiful site for mankind
Warm to the touch with a temper that can run the face and can affect the land that it stands 
With the calm cool flow of the waters of the Victoria Falls 
Downstream through every bit of the being that you are
Then supplies fresh nutriment to everyone below to bring them up
Which has lived in harmony with the thing to its left and its right 
That has cause her to created this Great Barrier Reef in its own community
Where everyone can share food water and even the natural sunlight that shines on everyone 
With a mind that stenches the highest peak of Mount Everest 
At the peak to look over the world to say “I can do more”
Where it has taken more knowledge to tackle this hard and unforgiving world
Then it has brought you to a majestic and mysterious beautiful that hides in a collection of 
mountains lines
No matter where you stand or at what part of the world you can see why you cannot take it in 
one day
They called this 7 naturally created wonder of the world Harbour of Rio de Janeiro 
The 8th nartual wonder of the world that has every bit of the 7 before them 
YOU my dear 
And I thank God for that creation alone

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Forever together, unaware of their fate,
Happy they were and in blissful ignorance,
But true to their natures they were destined to separate,
And instead of friendship, betrayal was to take place.

The shock of this betrayal shook her soul,
That unexpected treachery struck her blind,
All that was left for her was to flop down and howl,
And hope that her beloved friend would respond in kind.

But that was a hope that went in vain,
Because she was made to be left alone,
Friendless she was now and was left to endure the pain,
With the grief of her lonely life to be quietly borne.

Cursing about why she should lose her only friend,
And why betrayal was to be written in her fate,
All the happy times had come to an end,
And she became as lonely as she could get.

Her life had now become a burden to bear,
Living to her seemed so worthless,
No one seemed to love her, no one did care,
With thoughts of death she became obsessed.

The friend who betrayed her didn’t remain happy for long,
Realization of her sin now dawned upon her,
The feeling of repentance now swept her along,
And she really regretted leaving her friend in a lurch.

Tearful and sorry her friend she went to find,
She wanted all the good times once more,
For now those happy memories had started flashing in her mind,
And she hoped for more happiness in store.

On arriving at her friend’s with horror she saw,
That she had realized her mistake too late,
For her friend lay on the bed lifeless now,
With a sweet, small smile on her face.

To her face which was so lifeless and white,
The smile gave unexpected beauty and peace,
The horrified friend nearly fainted at that sight,
And her flowing tears refused to cease.

The smile on the face seemed to say a lot,
Some important words were getting unfurled,
And in this one smile the dead friend sought,
A way to tell her friend her unspoken words.

“My beloved friend you betrayed me,
And left me alone to live my life,
But life without my friend has no meaning,
And hope that in heaven we unite…”

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Undesirable whispers

I was not afraid that my life one time will finish.
I am afraid that it will never start.
Death always was ahead and whispers to me
"Live because I am coming".

The biggest injustice in this life is if you have arrived and depart without travel...
The joy of the journey that you never live

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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In her solo
Divine lyric
I met
In ascent magical thy space
Where no scarcity
In love
You paint
You pick real
Where in plaint
You plant
From words
Deep of heart
Healer of my soul
There is
A silent sigh
Lass shed tears
Lost and faded
In her faint
As she lost face in face
In vividness prime
There is
A hidden pain
Who to blame
Mist or fair
Meant to mend
Or mold to break

I wonder
That angel
Who busted me believe in love
Burst me when told me
Don't believe in love
How bee
Could be
Without honey
How bird
Could be borne
Without wings

Oh angel
As light
You never see
The darkest side of moon
As love
You infinity grace
But could we know that
In every prime
There is
A pain
In every flying
There is
A fall

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An Old Man Thoughts

 "I would like the people to always remember me
beautiful and young.
With a strong body and nice skin.
I would like the people to remember me
fresh and active.
Like a sporty teenager with rich shiny hair.
I would like to stop the time
at the best moment of my life.
But now it is too late.
I am an old man.
The price for all that
I wished to have had was hard.
I had to die young..."

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Thank you

The life we share is true and rare 
Not many people find it out there
Not settling for least than I deserve 
But being open minded and staying reserved 
You came into my life one emotional day 
And thank God you have decided stay
Right from the start I knew you were the one 
You have promised me 20 & 1 
You are the best thing that has happened to me 
And I want the world to see how much you really mean to me 
Your love is so gentle and so kind 
Within that I always have piece of mind 

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Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
It matters not what we do or say,
only to the very flawed humans, that bring us up and teach us this "way."
Life has it's occasional joyous moments,
but all that matters, I guess, is dumbass comments.
We live, we breathe, we die,
in the end it's apart of life.
Whether or not we live or die young,
why must we try to end it before our time is up?
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.

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The RED White and Blue Angel

There in summer the hot hot summer of lives, why good
and evil or wick or mad or bad, why good weather or 
bad weather why does the moons go to quarters and
full why is a posions why pine why do some trees grow
in the snow and other done it spring why are the 
leave red white and blue, why do some people see
red, and some see nothing why are right hand people
and some left hand because thats life and why do we
fight back and why aren 't some door mates in th e
pain of life why is there love and hate why is the 
sun yellow and hell red why is there snow and hot
ice and cold rain, who knew all I know if is was'nt 
suppose to be here i wouldn't and that in its self
give be the right to fight back

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Broken Fragments

Hopeless from the start, I shouldve known it all along.
Darkness in ones heart, and other places it doesnt belong.
Broken fragments of life, are now dripping from my eyes.
A painful sight, but the only one you will ever find.
Dont you see the light fading, fading without sound?
Broken fragments of serenity, are now resting on the ground.
Can you tell me the difference, from being dead and alone?
Find one I insist, while you carve my name in stone.
6 metallic strings, 2 brothers to call his,
the only fragments left, when nothing left to give.
But even these have broken away, for darkness takes no survivors.
In its sinister arms I will wait, recieving the pain of which Im entitled.

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Heart Broken

Tore my heart open too many times
Committed such love crimes
Lost my love in a cross fire
Wondering why his life had to expire
Chris was his name
Chris was the reason they called him lame
Spent his life in sorrow
Though buried in a shallow grave
Engraved in stone Christopher Monte' Rivera

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Just A Dream

 I wake up every morning
 Feeling like life is nothing but a dream
 I'm seeing in my imagination
 To keep from realization
 An breaking into a million pieces
 That are shattered an obliterated
 By my high pitched screaming
 I'm bleeding with zombies
 Eating me in the land of the dead
 I'm fed up with all the ish
 That just wont quit
 The lies an betrayal
 I can no longer trace all the hate
 People think I'm quiet
 Because i don't bother socializing
 They don't know why i'd rather day dream
 Then live in reality
 I wanna dream of being
 Who i want to be
 Not what people make me out to be
 An truthfully i feel sorry for you
 Because you have no spirituality
 I'm not talking the holy ghost
 Or god killing the earth
 I am saying you should take a second
 Go ahead close your eyes
 Forget the real world an fall into a dream world
 Where your biggest fears come alive
 An your imagination thrives
 There you'll find surprises
 That will last you a life time

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Lost love lost life

Do I hold any value
to you?
Cause you are a
million dollar bill
Guess it all depends
on the world view
Truth is im ill
Paper can be so
Life has set us
I'm in its left hand
while you're its
Know you're still in
my heart

You still make my
broken clock tick
Get in my head
Your that chick
Otherwise im brain
Truth is you deserve
the best
Go and do what I
I'm failing gods
Just use my strength
I forgot

10 bucks to anyone
who understands it

Edit - 8/9/14
I'm gonna just say
the meaning behind
it line by line
since no one gets
it, haha.
Am I worth anything
to this girl, she is
everything to me.
But then again that
depends on how
society views us two
individually since
most peoples
standards of the
opposite sex is also
determined alot
by social status.
I have issues.
Paper ( money ) can
be light and
but people would
really take care of
a million dollar
bill if it existed.
aka the girl
Weve been apart.
Im in a totally
different state of
mind and life then
she is now.
But she is still in
my heart.

Shes still the one i
think about.
Am I still what she
I need her help to
escape my issues.
However I understand
why were apart and
you deserve the
Do life at its best
cause the girl
really is an
achiever and a great
Im failing but you
should continue to

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Darker Days and Zero Tolerance

Aren't we always running into a problem we must face each day of our lives? 
Bashing our brain countless times while the damage torques the very fabrics of our minds?
Captured and Controlled by impulsive emotions,
Damaging the one life with dead end thoughts, which is also impulsive.

Embalming our lives in what seems to be the easiest way out
Forgetting about Moral and Honor...
Growing Old and Pathetic...
Harnessing new technology to make things that would otherwise build Character and 
Strength of the mind, easier.

I have been guilty of this as well for it is the new way of life-and I am so young.

Jumping at every opportunity we get to make a good life for ourselves
Kicking in doors and fighting for what we want instead of what is better for us all
Leaning towards what’s Simple in place of what’s Right.

Morale is so Far Away now
No one cares why should we?
Only because Someone has to
People make small efforts, but only some are willing to go the Distance.

Quietly they may hunt to exact revenge on someone who has hurt their feelings
Resembling a nuisance who cannot find their own happiness
Searching for that dramatic ending that fuels their very existence.
Turning away would be cowardice and “lame”

Until they realize what they have done wrong, unless the realization never comes at all

Vacant is the mind of the simplistic 
Watch in horror as they never mature or find true responsibility until it’s too late
Xenoparasites are often compared to their way of life as it deteriorates 
Zero tolerance is what we have for you.

Apathy cannot be an emotion I share
Because there is no avoiding these kinds of people
Creation of Destruction and Selfishness...
Darker Days flood my eyes.
Earn your right to put a smile upon my face.

Forget not the burden of Time nor Judgment.
Gradually there becomes no Safe place to exist.
Hatred consumes me,
Irritation makes my skin boil.

Jump into the Valley of Death,
Killing other's with your Second Hand.
Litterer, Violator, Abuser, Destroyer of the Free World...

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Young native

                                                   There are so few of us.
                                                The fever wont stop falling.
                                              Our ways are being forgotten.
                                   Only in movies and books we excess and still we die.
                                                  Many hearts still beat.
                                         But it still softens the drum beat. 
                            Even our loudest powwows are quictund  by the traffic.
                                               We don't cry for the rubbish nor,
                                                      whats underneath. 
                                   We cry for the man higher than the eagles 
                                  We cant look up without seeing your creations,
                              are time will pass like fire yours will keep going like water.
                            Should we beat the drum louder or stop are hearts beating.


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feel again

When it comes to you I cant think straight
my mind goes into another place out of space
Like I'm in a trance with this romance that has to place
So what would it take just to be held in you warm embrace
or to hear your voice oo how it takes me away.
You put new life in because the old life died out
without a doubt your the one I searched for
to me I did not think you exsisting do you hear me
I have this feeling that I can feel again
Not pretending but feel within
what he gave me was new life 
and with new life there is a new beginning to love again

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The man and his cat

A man sits by a fire, No life partner, or companion besides his beloved cat. 
The cat he calls Mr kittles which is loving and gentle and has kept the man sane throughout the years.
He still remembers the cat as a kitten crying and meowing for food and being scared. 
The man remembers tending to the kitten and getting a sense of fulfillment and meaning to his life although hes depressed and has no meaning to live.
From kitten to cat it gives him the motivation and love. 
Everyday the man feeds and waters the cat and sits on his chair and pets and listened to the sounds of a comfortable purr from the animal. 
Days go to years and the youth full cat is old and brittle showing signs of fatigue and loss of life. 
The mans fear of losing his cat is coming true.  
Hes been dreading the day he will lose his best friend and companion. 
Everyday the man pays  more and more attention trying to get in those last pets and whiffs of the cats fur. 
For the man doesn't know when the day will come so he is scared and must Cherish every moment. 
Life is a very sacred thing and should not be taken for granted, He cries solely every night fearing the worst. 
How will he cope and what feelings will come upon him with the cats passing.  
He knows he might not have the strength if his best friends leaves him behind!
The day has come the car is terrible sick and the man knows what has to be done.  He takes the cat to the vet and they lay him down and hook up the IV.  
The mans heart beats, palms become clammy, the mind rushing with an controllable thoughts of sadness. 
He stares in to the cats eyes as they dimmed and shut, the man starts crying uncontrollably and pets the cats head and tells him he loves him. 
After this the man goes home sits on his chair and an eerie feeling of not knowing Ur fellow friend wont be there to comfort you comes over the man. 
The grief is to strong the man starts drinking heavily and takes his own life.

I Wrote this pretty quickly its like 4am I couldn't sleep.  
Its funny the story above is based loosely on me and my cat.  
He sixteen years old Ive had him since the fifth grade and hes always been there for me.  
Sleeping next to me I love petting him and smelling his hair. 
I got real close to this cat after my divorce.  
He real sick now and you never know life comes at you quick. 
So make good of your time and to the people in your life

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Dear Grandma

Theres no one in this world who can compare to you or can even come close
Your the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for i love you most
I know I dont always show you how much you mean to me
Im sorry for all the times I was a brat and how I would be
No matter what I say without you I wouldnt have anything and you mean more to me than you know
Im sorry from the bottom of my heart and the good I will try to show
To you Grandma I wrote this for you with all my love
Everyday your in my heart and in my head your always thought of

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                          EACH LIFE HAS A PURPOSE,
                         EACH PURPOSE A PLAN',
                         TO DO WHAT THEY CAN
                        THROUGH TROUBLES OR SORROW
                       EACH TRAIL ON LIFE"S WAY
                            A PURPOSE FOR LIVING
                               A TEST YOU MUST MEET
                           ACCEPTING EACH CHALLENGE,
                             THE BITTER, THE SWEET...
                            AS HEARTACKES THE CEASE
                               RISE ABOVE ENDLESS FEARS
                                 WIPE AWAY HURTFUL TEARS,
                                  TO A LIFE THATS

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You tell me to stand as you hold me down

The day I have to watch what I say 
Is the day I wake up to see that I lost myself 
Ask me why I want to run away As your screaming at me everyday 
Ask me why I can't stand my life 
When every time I stand up you push me from behind  
Tell me the world is at my feet and you will always be there 
When I look around and see my family crying to my face and scheming when I walk away 
Tell me to fix my life when my life is locked so far away from me I can't even see myself in the mirror
Now ask yourself why isn't she happy 
We promise the world when she leaves 
Only to dangle her dreams out of reach 
Why do my words mean so much to you 
When the world can see that you aren't true
But behind close doors you don't have a clue 
You told me if I was lost you would find me 
But when tears stream from my face and I tell you 
Daddy, I don't know what I am doing 
Daddy, help me through Daddy please I really need you 
A stone face looks at me and says You've been lost for years 
I'm sure you will pull through 
My hate has been mistake for strength
And your hate and my hate 
Broke a soul I can never remake 
You tell me emotion are for the weak 
We beat them down till they are on full retreat 
I lived a life of feelings and friends 
And that was when I was at my weakest 
So you pulled me back in 
But daddy can I tell you have you ever cried yourself asleep 
Because your words cut to deep.
Have you ever been so happy that you promised yourself nothing could take that away 
Just to see a knife to your throat by the person that swore to protect you 
Imagines of the past rip through my future 
As every step becomes cold and calculated 
Disappointment is easier to handle then success 
And pain is more acceptable then love 
Now keep wondering why I can't fix my life 
When the only things I can count on happening 
Is everything in this world that would bring down the strongest person 
Tell me to move forward and remember you kept  me down so long I forgot how to walk
And then explain to my friends why I Flinch away from everyone’s hands 
So how can I be better dad, when you taught me to run and hide?
I wish I could fix myself I've even prayed that one day everything would be ok
But if you and your life for me taught me anything 
It's don't hope and don't dream It's better to just pretend 
And wait until this life ends

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A prisoners struggle

Until you’ve ran a million miles in your cell,
Or stared at your reflection in the mirror,
Until you’ve shadowed boxed with the sound of the silent bell,
Or saw the light fade, and the darkness draw nearer,
Until you’ve dreamed of hell and felt flames,
Until you’ve remembered love, and felt her heart beat,
Or when you’ve cried so much you smelt rain,
Only then can you know of what I speak,
Until you’ve felt the failure on your heart,
Or the crippling effects of disgrace,
Until you’ve ran from the light, and embraced the dark,
Until you’ve given up and lost all faith,
Until you’ve painted pictures on your ceiling,
Until you’ve talked to yourself to calm your mind,
Only then can you know this feeling I am feeling,
For what I am feeling is the loss of time

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Bipolar From A to Z

Angered by the smallest things
Bipolar disorder is my king
Conveying thoughts, hard to do
Distratctions overwhelm; I'm subdued
Energy level at an all time low
Frustration beyond reason is my foe
Going places; standing idle fast
Hanging onto, "normal" visions of past
Imminent danger, doesn't seem real
Justifying my reasons; unable to feel
Kidnapped my soul, without a fee
Learning to cope and trust only me
Manic depression, or so they say
Negotiating terms of a mindset betray
Oppressed memories, trailing behind
Paralyzing thoughts, not hard to find
Quaintly waiting for me to confess
Raging temper at its very best
Selective my hearing, taking my soul
Tearful manipulation is my goal
Unconventional ideals; lies I must bare
Venomously I have waited, for my share
Wishfully longing for your return
X-rays show a mental psychosis learned
Yesterday's genious, today's broken plea
Zanily awaiting for my turn to be FREE

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No More

Bought from the game
Unheard by the pain
Of the heavy tears
That has been shed for many years
Trynna convert to these gangs
But they are all just the same
All the deaths that's been carried
The life that's been buried
Into itself
Was just for the sake of love
I can't go back
To the past
I can't resist
The present
I can't go further
To the future
I'm here
Somewhere here
I don't know
Where else to go
But I know I won't face them no more

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Eyewitness person

I wrote only for me. 
I made confessions to my soul. 
Without dialogue. 
I just emptied feelings that overflowed my existence. 
Joys and sorrows were fighting for domination 
And I was the only eyewitness person.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Respect Your Elders

Here today; gone tomorrow
In a blink of an eye there could be great sorrow
Jesting no more, just past memories
Kindnesses give always, even if you disagree

Embrace them as if there’s no tomorrow 

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stand by me

stand by me please , i ask you from a bad place . stand by me. one more blow to the heart could knock me down .one more big blow of the wind could blow me over. lost of balance , swaying back and fourth like a tree .waiting for the branch to break , fall to the ground.hold my hand , feel that heat , the sweat of my palms , nervous of losing everything , holding it down .stay with me , dont leave me . i dont know if i could take anymore pain . being a fellow alone , is worst then being blind and death during a lighting storm . lost on my own.hold me , feel that , the race of my plause , the feeling of blood racing through my vain and back to my control center . my heart , that broken body part . yet it keeps on pumping .

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Deleted the memories of what we had
I am not going to lie i had a blast
but now its time to end this at last 
forget about everything put it behind us leave it in our past
where did the time go? It sure went fast
Im sorry about everything it all even left me with a gasp.
Deleting the memories of what we had...
                                                            By: Raymond T Padilla

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Because Of You

You say you love me but you dont
I thought you would change for me but you wont
       The pain I feel is so deep
It makes me want to do nothing but go to sleep
       I really thought you cared how I feel
But you dont because you wouldnt be doing the same things still
       No matter how long we've been together or what we do
There's still this pain you put me threw

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The essence of life
is not so much
in the much we have.
But so much so
in the much joy we derive
from the much we have 
and the much are.

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Given enough time you realize who your friends are
At best you don't have many
At worst you don't have any
Friends forget family neglects
All it takes is time
Love thought of as true, 
Will be undone and come unglued
Promises broken
Words unspoken
All it takes is time
Time reveals the truth
Time illuminates your path
You'll understand 
what stands the test of time 
Is all you ever had
Time teaches appreciation
Time builds a clearer sharper mind
Even if in the end you find 
You have nothing

Guy Divi

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Life in the Garbage

The days in life, if you don't use them correctly,
and you spend them without doing things that you love,
it is like a good meal that you don't eat during the day
and you throw it to the garbage.
Thus if you lose your everyday meals,
near to the end of your life, 
you feel hungry,
but there is not enought food to satiate you.
and you die hungry.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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One time, that's all it takes
to find yourself make one big mistake
it felt good on the first try
a feeling I never felt before
next thing you know you crave for more.
Spending money on that one thing, nothing else
thinking about only yourself
walking up an down on the streets, here an there
don't even look right, and you don't even care.
Are you in pain?
can't you see you've gone insane?
why do you think your ugly?
knowing you always had natural beauty.
Addiction is like poison eating away in you inside
not seeing the path you have chosen
you would bring friends first, and put your love ones aside
addicted with pride
addicted of being selfish
forgotten what you have cherished
your addicted of depression
an addiction is obsession
and you still don't care.

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Just as every tale begins “once upon a time”
His life began the same with an unpredictable character
Where he learnt it from can’t be told, because he was cold
Disappointment was his first name
Anytime he was told about his unreliable character
He behaved like a maniac
He laughed with people but later went round to stab them in the dark
He did not give but always wanted to receive
Everyone was exasperated because of his behavior
Because of his hostility, he became a hustler
It was very difficult for him to preserve his human dignity
His life of hostility culminated in disaster
Just as every tale ends “happily ever after”
His life ended with sorrows and regrets

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Fading Innocence

So difficult to see, as it can be forcefully stripped away.
Among the faces of many, but disappears day by day.
Ripped from ones life, once a beautiful memory.
When thrown out of sight, plays a sinful melody.
Hiding among the tears, of victims of constant sins.
Once protection from our fears, now an entity of the wind.
Innocence nows rests, in pools of eternal pain.
The desirable outcome at best, is remaining somewhat sane.
Can you look into her eyes, and see if innocence there?
Or is it fading out of sight, as pain draws her closer to despair?

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In village life,
There comes  a life
that makes people mad,
and shame them alot.

In the family of one man,
There are seven guys,
un marriede at all,
although they eat and drink.

As funny as they are,
they sleep all the night
and dreaming every time.

Look at them,
really are funny!
And the elders nicknamed them,
a funny sweet name,
the santiagonians knows,
as the sheep knocked men,
and the ugandans calls them,
their local name ''abafirwa''.

The impotent they are,
they can't mind at all,
about the problems in the world!
only  what they know,
it's just to eat and sleep.

When they get sick,
they start to cry,
and call the young girls,
to help them to cook.

Unfortunetely at all,
they force them love,
really like cocks.

Oh!  what life is that,
full of pain, temptation and shame
in this sweet world.

The single life in the world,
almost it's hard,
and makes people cry,
stranded and mad.

I promise  my father,
the wife of joy
that can help the world,
to live in peace and help my self,
to develop and enjoy the world.

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No more pain

Tired going here and there,
Tired of being aware!
Sick of building useless hopes,
Sick of being on unstable slopes!
Vexed facing disappointment,
Vexed keeping perseverant!
Done carrying on,
Done being cheated on!
Special thanks to all my swains;
Those who cured, or racked my strain,
A new stage has just broke ground,
A Point of view is switching around
Only success is what I'll brace,
From today, till blue in the face!

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Don't You Wish You Could Dress Like Me

So you wanna know my secret of my wardrobe success 
It is all in my shopping habits I must confess 
Why spend a fortune to look like a million bucks 
I catch the bargains, I guess it's all in the luck 
I am the only one in style as you can plainly see 
Don't you wish you could dress like me 
From hospital scrubs to camouflage capris 
Just admit it, you are jealous of me 
I notice so many of the females have no fashion sense 
Look at my closet, so many clothes, I need a table of contents 
I will soon open my fashion hot line 
Just call 1-800-so-fine 
Now a contractor will expand the closet for more wardrobe capacity 
Don't you wish you could dress like me 
Joan Rivers is now requesting I join the Red Carpet Fashion Police 
She wants to bring me in instead of her niece 
I tell sorry, there are so many women screaming for my help here 
One example is Zena, her taste in fashion isn't too clear 
I just won a Pulitzers prize for my book titled Queen, the Fashion Authority 
With a little self discipline, you have a slim chance, if none, to be able to dress 
like me

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Sometimes I will interplay
the secrets:
faded rose in a book,
a distant star spelling out
your name.

When I go, will you come
to my home?
Hold my eyes wide open
and become my iris?
I wanted to see the innocence of a sin.

Black stone on a white belly
petrifies the womb.
Maniacs were dancing on the petals
of marigolds.
A mauve revenge

Petit mal holds the sanity
of defeat.
Pheromones will decide the gender
of a flat chested angel.
Each thorn was crying.


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"Adult Life"

summer is fading
leaves are changing
i hear the laughter of children daily
as they wait for the bus
some are going back to school
but not all of us
i have no idea what i want to be
i still have no job
even though i am 18
i feel like my life has suddenly stopped.
like the rain falling from a cloud
and the time i have left
is like the one last drop
i have so much deciding i still have to do
i have so many choices
and yet i still have no clue
so i guess i will wait for the right time to come
when its more work
and not always fun
thats when i know
my adult life has begun!

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crazy beautiful

I'm crazy beautiful 
or plainly insane
I consider insanity 
to be a personal gain
perpetual bliss
or so the surface shows
hidden secrets
no one can know
inside i want to scream and shout
im a jigsaw puzzle 
with a million broken pieces to figure out
I'm an intricate web
you try and untangle
dont get to close
you may fall and strangle
my scratch is a cut
that sorefully deepens
a painfull wound 
in which my memories seep from
I'm a gift to the world 
one nobody can keep
I must be plainly insane 
my beauty is only skin deep

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Now I’m here to address a worldwide distortion
About our views on life versus abortion
Now on this subject we all have our own opinion
Whether you do it or not, that’s your decision
You’re the only one that can make choices in your life
But sometimes we do wrong, when we think we’re doing right
Now going out and having sex, you may think it’s fun
But remember, it can lead to a daughter or son
Are you ready to be a mom or a dad?
If not don’t take part in this “recreational sex” fad
Sex is from God, it was meant to be good
But we have taken it and we’ve completely misunderstood
We do it and act like it’s just a fun hobby
But you have sex with a soul, not just a body
It was made for husband and wife
The one you are with for the rest of your life
If you don’t wait, it can be a disaster
Cause you don’t really know what’s gonna happen after
If you get accidentally pregnant
You can look back on that choice and resent it
Now you’re gonna be a parent, what do you do?
There are so many paths that you can choose
You could go along with the baby, or you could terminate
You should have thought of that before you went out to fornicate
Everything you thought, is now not true
You were pro-life before it happened to you
We are sinful, God had every right to leave us
But instead he sent us his son Jesus
Now you have a big decision to make
Which door are you going to take?
The door to death or the door to life?
But first, let me give you a little insight
God’s love for us, it never fails
No matter what the problem he always prevails
All I’m asking is that you take the time to think about that
Cause once you make this huge decision, you can’t go back

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Fireside Love

Sitting by the fire,
With the one I admire.
I've never wanted more,
It's him that I adore.
Flames reflecting off his face,
Making my heart race.
Time comes to a stop,
All my worries drop.
I feel as if I'm frozen,
For I'am the one he's chosen.
His touch sparks fire within me,
This proves to me it's meant to be.
No longer to be alone.
He's melted my heart of stone.
He holds a story within,
His heart welcomes me in.
I've given him my heart,
Never planning to part.
Looking into his eyes,
I know where my future lies.
Our future is bright,
Hearts full of light.
With the one I admire,
I sit by the fire.
A smile from ear to ear,
His words are what I hear.
All other sounds fade,
Each worry begins to fade.
With the one I adore,
I've never wanted more.
For it's him I admire,
With him I sit by the fire.
He is my heart's light,
For him I must fight.

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Wonderful Friend

A beautiful caring dearest ever friend
Gentle heart in joyful kisses
Love me, never overbearing, patient
Quite remembering--so tender
Undisguised; very exquisite in words with zest!

By: lena

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Ride or Die

I am down for your thug life
I will ride or die for you because you are my man and I love you
If you are in that gang I'm in that gang
I am your Bonnie to your Clyde

We ride or die for the BLUE TEME 
us and our new family is going to take over the world
I am down for whatever
I love that my man is thug now and I love thugs

I am down for you and nobody is not going to take that away
If you want me to be Gansta Boo aka Thug Misses I will
If you thug I'm thug Ride or Die right
You ride or die for me I ride or die for you
All that matters that we ride or die for each other
and for the Blue Teme
Ride or Die

Vanessa Brown

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4 H Ache Of Age

Fall is friend of hold
the harvest
Winter friend of hope
So cling to heart
Spring friend of heart
Rehab and rehearse
Summer friend of hand
No scarcity
So forget the heart
where so the heart
to the hand
to hold the hope

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A is for apple her favourite food.
N is for nelly fortado her favourite singer.
G is for green her favourite colour.
E is for easter her favourite holiday.
L is for lilly her  favourite flower.

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Nothing bad like them,
they know every thing,
rights and wrongs.

They don't mind at all,
to produce funny words,
from what they speak.

They twist all the words,
from rights to wrongs,
and wrongs to rights,
to make others fool.

By getting what they need,
they just walk away,
to please them selves,
all the day.

The surperfluous words
they speak,
makes them unique
and hated every time,
when ever they go.

The drunkards and the liers,
their mother is the same,
due to the nature they are!

Mockingly, most of them
really are sick,
mentally all the times.

They need a special drug,
to treat the insect they have
in their heads,
to call a dog a goat!

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The Stranger

I am the stranger that lives inside of you i am with you every day
When the world reaches out and slaps you i come out to play
I feed from your anger for all that you seen 
All the broken promises and unrealised dreams
I rattle the cage you keep me in longing to be free
I fill your light with darkness, taking hope with me
With every slap i am stronger, weaker is my cage
I will one day consume you i am rage.

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Fish and fisherman

Fish in a fresh water you are playing fun
For the hook of the fisherman
You are a gem
Your quiver in water
His quiver in cold
As the hook is waiting to catch
conclusion the quiver of catch
At the end in a  shiver of life
Who will gain
at the game of life

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Take a minute and just breath,
Forget the pain,
the tears,
the rough times,
Just breath!
Smell the air,
feel the sun rays caress your beautiful skin,
visualize the good times,
prep your ribs for cracks of laughter,
Its a brand new day,
its a brand new season,
A brand new year on the line,
and everything is gonna be alright!!!!

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My unplaned Bump

You where unplaned
5 months from  now you be a bump
before I know it you'll be here 
I love you already 
You've made have been unplaned 
But you where the best bump
That could have ever happen to me 
I love you 
I can't wait until I can hold and kiss your little checks.
You've done got me warp around your little finger
You are my one and only 
Now I can't see myself without you.
You have your daddys eyes
And my smile 
All I want is the best for you
I love you 
My unplaned bump.
I can't wait until I see your face
Don't worry everything will be alright
I got everything planed for us.

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Prince Obi Wan

Prince Obi Wan is not a morning dog, you see —
He grumbles and he fusses, when awakened,
Just like me!

Wherever I am, You will find him there,
He is my flame through time,
That shall never fail,
With him, I have not one fear,

He howls his complaints,
When things do not quite go his way –
Yet even still, he is the best part,
Of any given day!

He sings with heart, for all to hear,
He gives each song, all he has,
That is –
My Prince Obi Wan, my little fur-man,
Now his body has gone,
Yet even still, his spirit remains,
I feel him each place I go,
He will always be with me,
This I absolutely know.

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A Love frozen in Time

An old picture I hold in my hand.
It’s me and you and our love…frozen in time.
A silent witness, after many years, of a great love that no longer exists.

I ask myself, where is all this great love now? 
Where are you now? 

Don't ask me if was the truth when I told that I loved you.
Yes, I am sure that I loved you.
But if you saw me now, you would see another person.
It's no longer the man who told you that.
It was me many years ago.
Now that man doesn't exist anymore.
That man changed, as everything changes in this world.

The universe is a big recycling machine; nothing remains the same forever.
How many “frozen in time” moments in my life...
I see my face in the mirror and my face in the pictures.
Oh yes, it must be many moments; 
every one different from the other.
Every picture with a story to tell, 
a story to remind oneself of something for a moment; 
something big or small, good or bad, important or not.

This picture speaks for an immense love written in my heart.

A great love…frozen in time. 

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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What I'm Leaving in 2011

"What I'm Leaving in 2011"

I cannot speak for everyone but I can speak for me,
2011bruised me in many ways,but it didn't break me, You see.
I'm leaving so many things in 2011that this poem cannot even suffice,
2012 will be my year of triumph, no need to think twice.
I'm leaving every financial burden that ever came my way,
Its now my past, its history, it won't make it to my present day.
In 2011 I'm leaving that "I'ma do it later attitude", Yea I'm talking about procrastination,
In 2012 Procrastination will not cost me my destination.
I'm leaving lustful desires that flowed through my flesh,
Now I'm concentrating on feeding my spirit because feeding both spirit and flesh won't mesh.
In 2011 I'm leaving "my timezone" and entering into "GOD's timezone",
I've learned this year doing things on my own time never worked, I should of known.
I'm leaving the negativity that surrounded me and tried to make me stop dreaming,
This year I see my poetry going further, my name in lights, gleaming.
In 2011 I'm leaving acts that were not pleasing to my fathers ears and eyes,
No longer will I allow myself to be pulled into this world with an ungodly disguise.
I'm stepping out of 2011 happier, smiling and knowing GOD is on my side,
He is there to protect me and to be my guide.
The list can go on further but you all see where I'm going,
Anything that isn't of GOD can now start blowing.
Blowing away from me and this new year,
I'm focusing on GOD and his will where everything is clear.
So bye-bye Lady Brii, the one who struggled through her mess,
Hello Lady Brii, GOD's child, no longer worried but Ms. Lyrically Blessed!!!

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 being me not self centered 
Caring and kind hoping to find 
The best there is in human kind
Trying not to be judgmental 
At the same time be conversational
Trying to see both sides as a one 
Often conceded as soft hearted 
Taken to the heart 
Often known for a few tear jerker’s 
Funny humors to the core 
Less often a bore 
Love to have around 
To brake a frown
Always willing to lend a hand
Love giving not receiving 
Patience in life’s everyday situations 
Great listener ready to give good feed back
A survivor not a fighter 
A forgiver not a forgetter 
Strong minded protective when it comes 
To the ones I love 
To sum it all up I am just me myself and I 
I love being my self 


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Give it your name

There is a place in my heart
A lonely place, 
that nobody knows exists...
A unique place.

There is a place in my heart
My one, best place, 
that waits for you...
To revive it and give it your name 
Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Life's Poetry

A sun being born after dawn
Crawls slowly behind cliffs
Reach the clouds, then walks
It will go down as dusk comes

Rain will fall on fertile soil
Seeds sprout in abundance
Flowers bloom in various colors
Then dry up as summer comes

Friction, sparks then flame
Fire will grow, engulfs and reigns
Devours, consumes everything
Shrinks, diminishes then nothing

All starts at one point, a beginning
Develops, reaches its prime
Declines, fall off and then pass on

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A few good Men

Chivalry isn't dead. 
For I know a few good men.
The man  who would open 
every door 
for you, adjust every seat, fulfill 
every romantic desire. Who is 
sensitive yet still strong and 
masculine. For he know he 
doesn't need his women but 
wants her because life isn't the 
same without a women's touch.  
Hes the perfect balance of wit 
and smarts as well as physically 
stout.  Clout like the great 
bambino, Heart and honor like 
the great King Arthur In 
another life it was as if he 
wielded a sword and shield  . 
Would protect innocent and live 
for only the greater of good. 
A man of god A man of life.  
gentlemen are in hiding for the 
definition of a "real women " is 
now misunderstood for being a 
" bad bitch" . As well as a  " 
real man" is misunderstood for 
" a real nigga" or a "boss". I 
don't want artificial happiness. 
Money can't buy me love. But 
these so called "females" can 
be.. Something's missing 
here?!?  I want forever.. I want 
unconditional, poetic love. A 
soulmate.. True romance a 
story book ending a queen.   
We all want somebody to grow 
old with but I will not accept 
comfort. I won't accept nothing 
less than extradonary. To this 
feeling I am no stranger so it's 
worth the wait. Chivalry isn't 
dead... I'm here as living proof 
for I know a few good men

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I felt like exploding. 
The back of my eyes were burning.

What had happened here? 
There must have been times when I felt more than this. 
There had to be. 

It was Tuesday afternoon, around 12.20pm, that I realised what had to be done. 
Someone had to pay!

I have lived, up until now, a privileged life. 
One really of no hard labour, unlike many of those around me. 
I suppose I felt superior to some people in many ways. 
Should I have thoughts like this as a member of the human race? 
There you go you see, human race, race, the word that we have put into who we are, its a race, we are racing, racing each other. 

Where will it be the race, who is in the, race, yes indeed!
Mumblings of a mad man corrode the in workings to such a degree that there seems no way out!
Surely we had felt more than this?


Scott. T . Williams.

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You are someone special
And you deserve a medal 
I loved you from the start 
And still do With all my heart 
You are all I ever needed In life 
And one day I will be your wife 
But till that day comes 
We will have so much fun 
Trying new things in different 
Taking adventures everyday 
Making life count each step of 
the way 
You and me baby till the end of 
In everything that we do or say 
20 & 1 is for us 
Let's live life without a fuss 
So many things to do and see
And the best part of it will be 
you and me 

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No Title Yet

Don't tell me that's it's over 
'cuz I still want to hold her
I don't wanna miss her smile
Don't tell me that's it's over
I meant everything I told her
can't she just stay awhile

If we have a chance baby let's take it
and prove that life is what you make it
Reach out and take what's ours...
I've seen it in your eyes
you don't have to hide
All I want is your smile...
There's things I wanna show you
tell you while I hold you
I just wanna set time aside
Wipe away all your tears
quiet all your fears
You make me feel so alive...
I'll give you sunny days
even through the rain 
It feels good with you there by me
Wrap my arms around you
always kiss and hug you
Baby if you just believe

Don't tell me that it's over
I just want to hold her
There's so much in her smile
I meant the thing's I told her

Baby just stay awhile...

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Trapped in this world of guilt,
Tangled in the world of misery,
Unnoticed by the people I love,

Want to smile but killed by angst,
Fall behind just to think it through,
Build myself up day by day,
By lying to myself,

The lies I start to belive.

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Ask meaning of bearing limitless
Depository sand particles in desert,
Destiny is to bear enjoying parching 
Following ghastly cooling nocturnal.

Coinciding with hurricanes and ebbs
Gathering fun and flowing in unknown place
Immeasurable delight advances always
Bores, if rains sometimes thwarting project.

Soaring high up in the firm advancing tourism
Dwellings of far and wide human’s vision
To my reply elder spoke, heave of stone brick
Glittering is that water reservoir, men call do to it ocean.

Wetting through water is disgusting
No remedy to walk hither and thither flying
We are happy in our realm
One unity, one culture fine. 

Streak of jungles are human’s habitat
Luckily they don’t like us charging hot sand
Don’t come towards us and be active
Traders, hawkers some ill traffickers.

Do come treading on our heart
Being their activity criminal and fought
We don’t prosecute for trivial matters
Otherwise could silent them in our particles.

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Salty tears and razor blades
 The pain drips slowly from my skin
 Physical pain sets in, emotional pain subsides
 Then begins again
 When the pain builds inside 
I want to escape 
I want to run
 I want to hide
 I can’t hide from myself 
I do this to cope
 When I’m down low laying broken on the floor
 Left with no hope
 In the moment I want to fade the hurt
 I slash my pride 
Demean my worth
 See myself through your eyes
 It’s your distorted perception of me
 False esteem, iniquitous lies
 It’s not easy living in an unhealthy mind
 Wrapped in a warped sick self 
I start to unwind
 A bawled up knot 
Frayed at the ends
 Then I realize when I hurt my self
 Its to my loved ones I must make amends

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Knife and Lust

Walking these streets of manhattan so aimlessly 
All alone in the dark only lights by the city shops 
I'm scared alone feeling out of love now lost the knife was rough 
You stabbed me in the back all I can do is Cry on my knees veins hot as fire 
With mixed emotions running through 
It's Like this dagger killing me more inside all this love and all this hate burns me away 
Deep inside passion urning for another lusting after another 
As if I were a lion in a jungle taking that prey and burning up with tense desire 
It's like a knife with loves wounds after the lust 
This is very hard for me in a world you left me bleeding alone 
Never picked me up left my heart to die out 
With my tears hitting the city pavement times like this just burns me away 
Love can go off like a loaded gun a love  vanishes just like a knife with lust 
-- by Brian OToole jr. 

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Smile... the Death will change to Birth

How long can stay the happiness?
How long can stay the sadness?

Nothing in this world can go always up
Nothing in this world can go only down.
Nothing in this world remains the same forever.

As the day changes to night,
And the night changes to day.

As the cold changes to warm,
and warm changes to cold.

As this natural law always change everything,
up to down and down to up.

So long as there is nothing without an opposite, smile... 

The Death will change to Birth !

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Never letting go

Baby Sent me free i cant take this pain anymore
you can see all the tears fallen down my face 
like water fall. i'm walking away from the pain
and hurt in my life  baby you got me all wrong
im not getting any younger i just getting old
be careful what you wish for might just get it all
when i think my self at nights getting shorter and
wake up in morning sun hits your face days getting
time pass by you getting old
last time you can see your baby face
all when i look in your eyes i dreaming of your
face i think about all the time dream  at midnight
because its only me and you
the days keep changing people say goodbye or say Hello
i hope this life get better as time goes 
one chance one breathe one life one kiss one love
as i go sleep holding on to my pillow looking out window 
at the stars i keep breathe because i know not to let go
and im not going let you go

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Impossible means nothing to me

Thrown into the dark,
Got right back up and fought it down.
Fought my weakness and shut it away,
Smiled, when I couldnt smile at all,
All the people who told me I can't do anything,

Well I just proved them wrong because
Impossible means nothing to me. 

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Dear soul

My dear soul.
Your whimper is so human 
You are so close to me 
that I can't see you. 
I can only feel you when 
you ask for air to breathe.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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First Time

You see me i see you
It's just us two
As we begin to kiss
Our bodies turn into a twisted bliss
Moving slowly but steady
Until I say  I'm ready
First time 
First time I'm feeling this 
First time I wanted this 
Nothing like the first time

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When I wake up,
what I feel is hatred.
I don't know it's hatred for what,
But perhaps I will someday.

I don't know it's hatred for what.
How life is? Or what life is?I don't.
But should we really hate life,
Because of what it is?
Should we really hate life because of how it is?

Life was created to challenges and if
They weren't there,I don't think the life metamorphosis,
Would be what it was meant to be.
What it is today.
Complete with no mistake.

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life is a four letter word,
which has more than 4000's of meaning.
that lies only in 2 things.
life will be beautiful then.

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Some call this Life

Don't search for apples anymore.
The apple tree has died.
It gave all the apples that it had.
Now it is nothing more than a piece of wood.
Nobody has interest for an apple tree without apples.
Nobody gives it some water to survive.
Not even the dry mother earth.
This is the fate for every apple tree that has nothing to give.
This is the fate of everything alive being on the earth.
This is the law of nature.
Some call this life.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Life is Complicated

I claim the sensation,
of total relaxation,
with such amount of patients,
of letting go.

I would relate,
an regenerate,
an communicate,
an dedicate,
in the laws of living.

The world of insanity,
the world of the greedy,
don't complain,
just drain the all out expense
an bring out your common sense.
When there is violence, there is peace,
and where there is failure,
there is dedication an glory.

The strong feeds on the weak,
yet the weak would become the strong,
life is living even if it's complicated,
power is not immortal,
it's like us humans,
it's all limited,
when that sense of greed push us back to the wall,
that is when we have our wake up call.

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with one chapter done and another to be written.,

i begain to write. the word  " Unforgiven"

and relize my pen bleeds out the old.

and outlines a life worth living,

my story is mine and mine alone to be told,

with rhyme and free verse,

i tell my story with a voice like liqued gold,

my tale is long my exsprances real,

i tell of all i have done wrong,

and of all the feeling i feel,


yet that is in the past. i have a new track to roam,

a new life to start. and a new place soon to be home,

new friends to meet, new hearts to fill,

new dreams to dream, MORE power and Will,

new memories to be made, old one's to replace,

new shadows in the shade, new mask to deface,

new tears to shed, new smiles to smile,

old pain to let lie dead, new ladies to drive me wild,

old friends to help me hold on. new ones to grasp,

new paths to stroll on, a new jokes and laughs,

this chapter in the mind of me, is now written,

for i still write the words. " Sill Unforgiven"

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Live like theres plusure to be found

The sun dies and the moon comes to life,....

I lay awake dreaming, what life could be like,....

If I could turn back the hands of time,....

And live life from the beginning with Rhyme....

As tears lay dormant and my cries remain silent,....

My past attacks me with a depression so violent,....

I try and count the stars, but I get lost in my confusion,....

I try to recall good times and end up with an illusion,....

I can’t see what is real and I can’t feel what fake,....

So how do I live when life is too easy to break?....

I laugh, I cry, I stand, I sit, I live, I laugh, I try to forget,....

All the pain but my memories, always insist,....

Push and shove until I give in,....

This demon is to evil, how I can win,....

I lost my heart; I found a block of ice,....

I replaced it so now I shall remain cold for life,....

I try and change but this pain keeps reminding me,....

That no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be free,....

From my past. From this unyielding pain,....

And that I will always live within a storm of constant rain,....

.. ..

So as the sun dies and the night sky comes to life....

I try and count the stars, with hope that everything will be alright....

I pray that my pain will cease and that my mind will slow down,....

So until it does, I shall live like there is still pleasure to be found....

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lost in space

lost in spACE
IN time and love
around it waste
all that i have
out there i go
as i tumble and dive
for this star i know
that keeps me alive
but, never so kind
not a breath of air
as my life unwind
i saw despair
in this dark eclipse
where my life i waste
just for a glimpse
once again of her face...

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The Emo ABC

A is for angry atheist angst
B- you're bleeding bruised broken taking your allowance to the bank

C is for cutting, crimson and crying
D is for daemons, death, darkness, and dying

E is for everything gone wrong in your life
F is the freedom you find in the knife

G is for gothic, straight from the womb
H is for the latest hawthorne heights tune

I is for immortal- you've commited suicide ten times already
J is for the jaded and emotionally unsteady

K is the knife you "accidentally" misplaced
L is for losers, lost life and lace

M is for makeup that cakes up your face
N is the nightlight to keep away the dark you "embrace"

O is because you're obviously obscure
P is for poetry or prose- you're not sure

Q is for quiet, you sit all alone
R is for razors when no one picks up the phone 

S is for screamo you can't get enough 
T is for tears damn, being fourteen is tough!

U is for ubiquitous mental disease
V is for vacant vacuous vampire wanna-be's

W is for whiny,well-fed suburbanite teens
X is for Xanax- you know what it means

Y is for youth spent all about you and your anhedonia
No diamond in the rough, you're just another cubic zirconia

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Looking back on my life, as if in a dream. Moving through time like a meandering stream. Sensing a purpose through the twists and turns. Some guiding power, my own wisdom to spurn. Frought with danger, this youth runs amuck, Weaving his way while trusting to luck. Comes the moving of another power there, Entreating for me, my soul to lay bare. Through trial and trouble and turning awry, Seems I was gifted I did not die. Someone to help at the right time, At the right moment, like a verse in a rhyme. A situational shift, totally unexpected, No way prompted by what I selected. Leading me to the end of myself; Here turning, there blocking the way of my drift. I feel a blessedness in all of this; As being drawn back from a gaping abyss. I cannot tell why this favor so dear, Should shadow my life year after year. Being worthy of doom, with no goodness at all, While showing the worst example of the fall: This thing I do, I marvel every day, that God would show mercy to this piece of clay. Isa.45:4-7 "I girded thee though thou hast not known me". Jere. 1:5 "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee". Isa.49:1 " The Lord hath called me from the womb, from the bowels of my mother hath He made mention of my name."

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Love in part

Love is a gift both precious and 
Love is a challenge of the vow 
death till us do part.  
What is sometimes easy can 
leave scars on the heart.  
Even though life brings 
sunshine and rain.  
Every single tear is not always 
wiped clear.  
The amazing part about life is 
Will that rainbow appear and 
lead to the mystery pot of gold? 
Only time will tell.   
Life is a journey both joyous 
and free,  
More than wealth can ever give 
Comparing love is absurd.  
It's more than floating on cloud 
or elevating through air.  
These words I hear often. 
I love you!  
Gentle on my lips. 
Love in part sealed with a kiss!  

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Though cold and dark, they are submitted
To where winds of fate are omitted
this lonely pair remains committed

mortal life?
a prison!

...a window given

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Symphony Of The Narcissist

No one can hear his cry, his tears fall as they bleed. 
No one can decode the disguise, of the narcissist they see. 
As far as anyone knows, he's far above pain 
disgusted with those, who throw their pathetic lives away. 
Such wretched little beings, are much below his eyes. 
But not is all what it seems, were all victoms of his lies. 
Deep within his mind, his insecurities tear him apart. 
Perhaps because he's yet to find, the one to take his heart. 
She will be beautiful, well worth the wait. 
Their hands grasp in unison, as they elegantly fade away. 
Together they will be, until time see's its end. 
As far as the eye can see, their happiness will ascend. 
But alone he will sit, until fate brings upon this day. 
The Symphony Of The Narcissist, will continue to play.

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the guitar loving women this one has music for it too





D G 





G D 
D A G 






A G D A 

G D 
D A G 
©copyrighted by
Penny Lapsley, John Beedle, jerry spalding 

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Dusted pavements where I 
once walked and played
Are now chalked outlines of 
where I now lay
A place of happiness in my 
heart it stained
Until hurt reached in and 
bleached it away
Sun shine was never too far 
from me
But rain storms is now all I see
I once believed I had a heart 
and soul
Now after this life I have no 
idea where I'll go
For this hurt is buried deep 
inside my veins
Even after a injection of life I 
still feel the same
This pavement had many 
bumpy roads
But I have no idea how much 
longer I can carry this load
Now I stand toe to toe
With the man in the mirror all 
Trying to figure out where my 
happiness was before
Hurt whispered to me it's 
mysterious allure
And took me down a road of 
misery and despair
While sitting in a electric chair
Hurt is becoming to 
accustomed for me
Now it even haunts my dreams
Love and happiness was 
something I thought I knew
But all signs point to that not 
being true
Maybe it's good I don't have a 
So this hurt doesn't leak into 
I walked back to the pavement 
I once played
To shed a tear for being so 
Allowing a part of my life to be 
And even if I moved I'll still be 
the one to blame
For this hurt will remain the 

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Lost inside my Today

Small joys adorned my life. 
Flowers against the wind of my dreams. 
They gave life to the loneliness of my soul. 
I wait for my tomorow to come, 
Lost inside my today.

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Raindrops falling
Each holding something different
Loud or soft thumps talking
On my window sill drenched

Every drop falling in a different spot
Replacing the last
Leaving a remarkable, but unnoticeable dot
Making it significant to the past

First, the drops fell lightly and quiet
Without any noise
Now, it's louder and more violent
Pounding so hard like a roar

After a while the sun comes out
Drying the raindrops like tears
Maybe it was God who was in pain and doubt
Because he sees the way we treat one another and cries because of fear.

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Heroes Next Door

 "There are some different heroes.
They do not exist in the books of history
and very few people speak about them.
There are some heroes that they fight with death every day.
They know very well the value of life, living, death.
There are some heroes that they get the medal of honor of life.
They are the neighbors of the next country, the next city, the next house...
The heroes next door."

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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A life full of love,
Brought  from heaven above,
Calling to each and every heart,
Doubt and truth spread worlds apart,
Even hate is swept away,
Fear and evil cannot stay,
Gather together the good and the right,
Heal the weak so they can take flight,
Isolate from the jealous mind,
Joyfully follow the caring and kind,
Kill the wrong and terrible thought,
Live for everything that love has brought,
Managing life and able to lead,
Never forgetting what others may need,
Open the heart to everyone,
Pray for things that must be done,
Question those who hold a grudge,
Remember to forgive instead of judge,
Show the way for those who are lost,
Teach them of hate and what it can cost,
Understand the hope and faith to give,
Victory to those who believe and live,
Wrongs erased for family and friend,
XO's to symbolize the love to lend,
Year after year keep the peace the same,
Zero time for war or blame.

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Believe The Dream (The Lament Of Saint Nick)

Drifts snow upon the road - shines stars like diamond spark,
above the sodium glow of streets - falls omnipresent dark.
Blaze bright the window panes - translucent curtains drawn,
curls smoke in charcoal twists - the long descent to dawn.
Await the children there - quilted and cocooned,
eyes closed in sleeping trust - on dreaming isles marooned.
Faith no more lies pale - yet burns with love inflamed,
fanned by the breath of hope - and innocence reclaimed.
If only adult minds - that drain 'till they fall cold,
could feel this dream again - turn rusted thoughts to gold.
Then they would know full well - the love of ancient kings,
the wonder and the grace - of joy in childlike things.
Bright visitor returns - his yearly, ceaseless quest,
with eyes of gleaming frost - and gifts of timelessness.
In morning tide the eyes - of children hold his gleam
and all things may be possible - if they believe the dream...

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Baby, it's rainin
I've gone out 
and put myself 
in the rain
what do you think
think of this thunder
you scared?
not me
I put it around my neck
put it where it should be
but I would really
I would really like it
If you would come
and just get me
ok, I'm scared and hungry
mostly scared
come get me

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And By Christ Does Faith Evolve

And then I came to accept Christ,
Believed in Him for only He enticed,
Conceived in my heart His light which shows me the way,
Death and sin does no more darken my day.
Even when I’m bound by ropes and can’t see why
Firmly I hold on to my faith in Him for I know He will untie.
Good Shepherd He is to all His sheep,
Hope in Him gives my soul the soundest sleep.
I now see it is the best decision I ever made,
Jail was where I lived before, though my freedom was paid.
Knowing that my life was purchased by the life of the King,
Love could never have any other sweeter voice to sing.
Morning comes and my day is full of joy
Nothing evil I face will make my heart deploy.
Only because in Christ I find what I need,
Praying through Him always proves He’s a friend indeed.
Question though is why the troubles never seem to cease,
Rejections, persecutions, sufferings somehow seem to increase.
Satan in such things is now made known to me,
Tempting me to stop pursuing the One who came to set us free.
Unseen are the real things, now I clearly perceive,
Vexed it is to my mind, but in my heart I believe.
What I know now is without Christ I cannot be whole,
X-ray my life, Lord, cleanse it and take control.
Yesterday is gone, but for these coming days strengthen me to pursue
Zion with might, for there You promised I will meet You.

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A fire in my heart
Blazes brightly- for the entire world to see
Caressing the wind
Dancing on the wood
Effortlessly glowing
Feverishly hot

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19 Teacher

You helped me and pushed me through all the hard work, you encourage me to 
believe in me. You told me that education was a good for a better why of life. You 
told me that without education I’m choosing a hard life. You pushed me to do 
more than I could do and I thank you.
Mrs. Spriggs on this day I like to tell you thanks for helping me when things got 
tough. I know this poem this poem is not enough to tell you thanks for everything 
you done for me but thanks for guiding me and pushing me to do better than I 
can do, you encourage me to find in me someone better thanks. Thanks for not 
giving up on me when this got tough. 
Thanks for being there when I needed you, thanks for helping me out through 
these two last years, thanks for being more than a teacher a friend to me, thanks 
for taking some of your time in helping me but not just me all my classmates too 
I’m share with all there heart they thank you too for everything you done for them 
thank you, thanks for believing in me and trusting me, thanks for not quieting on 
me, thanks for all your support. 
You give me the confidence to be a better person and made me believe in me, 
thank you for changing my life, thank you for being that special teacher that 
helped me change my life. Thank you and I hope you help other kids like you 
helped me. 
Thank you.

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Blue Bird

Blue Bird

All alone inside of my magical little paradise called my mind is an peaceful and quiet, the sun is like a gentle kiss on the cheek, and the people are just so warm and friendly but watch out because if you open your eyes everything you once knew will be gone. This magical little realm has an bloody little twist to it. The sun that was once as comforting as an warm blanket was in fact the glistening moon and the empty black sky, and the people are now all blood thirsty monsters that are no longer affected by the sun light are now out for blood.

I run to escape the sickening but yet oh so enticing scent of blood and failure, I run to escape the screams of those who's lives were cut just too short, and I run to escape the sight of the undead, blood thirsty zombies who are on the hunt for others to join their group. I'm running, running to safety and security but all the time there's nothing but pit falls and traps. I'm running and success isn't that far away but just then I see prince charming I stop and become distracted by his promising words but just then he too becomes a monster. I scream and try to run but I just can't you trap me in fire and I can't escape. 

My mind goes numb, I can feel the darkness further enclose around me, my mind goes blank, and I forget about everything. On the inside I'm screaming, fighting, kicking to get away but on the outside I'm a love sick puppy. I know I'm stronger than this but there's something about you that I just can't get over. Just as the darkness seems to grow closer an light appears and an blue bird fights off my nightmare monster and takes me back to my snowy paradise where I'm safe and at peace and I continue my lonely dark and cold path to my brightly lite future with the little blue bird by my side reminding me that I am and will forever be loved by both my family, people who actually care about me, and god.

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Looking in the mirror at the face before me, I notice a line or two I didn't notice the day before

I notice a few extra gray strands of hair, a waistline that has slightly increased

Laugh lines around the mouth that are more prominent now
Appearance still younger than years, aging gracefully, still young at heart

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Anthem (part three)

we walk the forest for days
So far gone they cant change our ways
we will sleep here tonight
Life is better in a dream so right

There they is the golden one
Followed came undone
They embrace, struggle to say
No feelings, kept at bay

What is side us
Thing we can’t transgress
“You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000”
Said but can’t understand

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losing my dear friend

I just know my pain will never go away, I miss you more & more everyday
        I wish atleast on more time i can hear ur voice or feel ur touch, I just
love & miss you so much
         It's not fair why did you have to go and leave us all behind, Damn 
my nigga I wish I could go back and press rewind we should of had so much 
more time
        Without you it's hard to smile at all ,I remember everynight waiting for 
you because you would always call
         You would say "shorty" you ready to come threw,I would say yes I'll
be outside 5 minutes later he would come get me & we would go chill everynight
that's what we'd do
           Then the next day he would bring me home in the morning around 8
sometimes 9 now he's a angel of mine 
       I remember almost everynight around 10pm he would comeover to get me 
and take me to his house across the street, Our memories I play in my head on repeat 
I'm thankful that God let us meet

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slump of thought

1 Subject,
70 Sheet, 
Wide ruled,
Blue main, partially covered in fleece
With 27 blue and 1 red line
3 holes punched
empty circles in time
emptiness of thought
trying to learn things
that can't be taught
no catchy punch lines 
not even a sweet phrase
in act of creative desperation
I write about...... a notebook page

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The Otherside of a poetry heart

i found someone just like me, some one to share my conspiracy 
   a heart just like mine, just to find, that two people should be together, only in time, if you feel what i feel then let me know, cause, words of a poet, are out of control, i can feel your heart, in the midst of my breath, and two people that believe in there selfs, shall be blessed, its only once, that people pass bye, and your words tell the truth, but your eyes might lie, tell me, do you feel what i feel inside your self, cause the words of your poetry make my heart melt, i discoverd you inside, so please realize, that these words our all so real and i really do feel, to unsuffer, the suffering, and heal the real, pain over pride, are your favorite words, and the most beautiful bird was actually heard, its you and you know who you are, just a couple of sentences could take you so far, i can look in your eyes and see the beauty, you can look in to mine and see a cutie, let destiny, take its place, and maybe someday ill see your face, our life might keep us apart, from the very start,and our life might get a little hard, but remember always listen, to, THE OTHER SIDE OF A POETRY HEART,,,, FOR THE POETS THAT OUR NEVER HEARD,....JE

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Its sad how sucidal thoughts appear to be engraved in our mind 
more so when we are at the verge of loosing our mind 
i choose life, it is so serene and beautiful and nothing to hide 
i wont mind if after life was beautiful as this life 
that's why i choose life 

the moral decay makes it worth while to breath and be free in this life 
how things are sacred make life even more certain 
i know a suprime being is watching  but am unperturbed 
judgement is coming, certainly i don't want to be judged 
that's why i chose life

if I be symbolic, i would picture how each day i breath 
represent each breath as a satisfaction for each day i see 
i would thank my maker for choosing this day
when am gone, if presented by a choice i would chose life 
the beauty in life is the uncertainity that surrounds tomorrow 
that's why i chose life

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Thoughts In Our Minds

So I had an Edgar Allen Poe moment. Was just thinking of all the people I have ever coached through their problems and what was told to me. For some reason it all came into my head and I just converted it to poetry. It's a bit graphic so keep an open mind.

Thoughts In Our Minds

Wishing dept away at the snap of 2 fingers, why do these worrying thoughts decide to stay in my Mind and linger? I take a drink from the bottle to numb the pain away or light 1 up to prevent going clinically insane, Jesus Crist why do these thoughts cloud my Brain?

I Crave for your smile I miss your tender caress I miss the passionate bliss why arent we having Sex ? Where did Things go so wrong ? Oh how I wish Things get back to normal like the days when we first met. Is it too late what does our Emotions now Reflect ?

Negativity please be gone far from me, I just want to be a normal Human Being living happy and at Peace. Lord I mean not to use your Name in vein, yet for some reason Satan has a way of implementing his ways. Is there a Heavan or Hell I don't know, I just want to Live Life and grow Old.

What is my Purpous why am I here ? Sometimes I just want to jump off the worlds tallest  Pier. Why does my Mind get full of different fears ? This is my Corner here I shall kneel Crying my Eyes out Screeming WHY WHY WHY AM I HERE ? ™©

Shawn Munoz.

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A Sudden Moment of Prayer

In a heated moment for no reason or why
my heart will pull toward a passerby
My mind knows but will not show
of a person in need as I take the lead
My legs start to shake
a knot in my stomach I can not escape
I bowel my head and start to pray                                                                         with no time to delay
Standing still I go calm                                                                                             with relief sent from above
A warm feeling that someone is healing
sweeps over me as I start to weep
With my tears of joy I know                                                                                 and smile with a glow
God has answered me as I start to kneel 
for the person he has just healed. 

1/23/15  T. Reams

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she  is  the  best.they  can  get  angrey.but  she  always  will  be their  for 
you.when  you  have  a   have  a  problem she  will always  help.thats  what  
mothers  are  for

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The Real Me

They look at me 
And see the girl
Who lives inside
A ghetto world
But don't believe
That's all there is in me
You'll never know the real me....
I'm sad among a thousand words
And frowns along a thousand smiles
I'm incomplete
Words just cannot explain
They'll never know the real me..
They'll never know the real KhaiB.

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life lost,life saved

I saw something  yesterday let me 
share the news
Put things in perspective and gave
me the blues
This is the story and it’s all I know
Don’t judge my writing if it don’t flow

I dude the other day rented a beamer
A poor boy with no toys
Always wanted a rich man’s 

He was driving through town and 
said Ah oh!
He was driving to fast
And pasted a Poe poe

Soon in the mirror blue lights 
He was scared to go to jail for what 
just happened
Part of him knew to pull over
But going to jail was his fear
He mashed the clutch 
And threw it in third gear

A little boy woke up and said what’s 
the rush
After he just left the poe poe in the 
Said don’t worry just go back to 
But damn boy the car is sweet
Going 125 and approaching a curve
Hit a deer and lost control
The car flipped over 14 times 
And one third

He woke in the ambulance
And asked “where’s my boy”
I had to say all we found
Were empty beer bottles and toys

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Throughout the world's history,
we read compelling stories
of the defending soldiers of the tenderest age;
and we can be moved to tears
by the purity of their courage:
they died on the battlefield,
never breaking their promise
or fall short of integrity... 

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age as handsome
as the daffodils of the undulating fields,
nothing scares you when it comes
to protecting your motherland with that freedom: 
as intrepid as the eagles in the open skies...
Defending soldiers as true as warriors,
you push forward with the victorious thought
of becoming nothing more 
than the boldest soldiers:
seeing the smokey sky blast;
rescuing the wounded and closing the eyes
of the fallen ones bleeding on the burned grass...

If I were younger, and I had the same resistance,
I would fight with the indomitable spirit you own;
but my contribution is merely sympathetic words on paper,
which one of you will read on your return
to the homeland when all wait on you united in fond prayer:
with ribbons on trees and flags in their hands....   

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age,
all past heroes had one special trait:
the persistance and will to prevail,
and the final victory on their breath;
when everything else seemed to fail,
an indisputable faith prevented another threat...

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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Get it straight into your head
I'm not in such terms with you
So watch your tongue
Anyway what's your problem leave me in peace
You don't own my life, do you?
You just met me and you want to control my life
Who the heck do you think you are
Can't i have my way
I'm on my own so why worry

Why do i worry myself for nothing
Is it that am too altruistic?
I always think other people's interest are
more important than mine
I tell others to do the right things
and they tell me I'm worrying them
But if i don't tell them, they claim am a bad friend
Am i doing the wrong thing by telling them the right thing?
What else do they want me to say?

I will remain on my own with no fears
I now know how to live my life
In fact a really quite and peaceful one
I know I'm the only one who can help myself
The going would really get rough and tough
I know it would be hard for me
But i've got to and i will do it,no matter what
The only thing I've got to say is

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Here I sit crackpipe in my hand. 
Wondering how I became this man
I grew up head filled with dreams, 
Of being a movie star, or on a 
Sports team.

I wanna go back and talk to that kid. 
And tell him not to do the things that 
I did.

To follow his heart no matter where 
it would lead, To live life slowly, 
there's no need to speed.

Live life like each day is his last, 
Strive for a future and remember his 

Don't put off tomorrow what you can 
do today. Follow those dreams no 
matter what people say.

Treat people with fairness and try to 
be kind. Develop your body, expand 
your mind. 

Travel and see the world, Fall in love 
with a beautiful girl.

But its too late, that kids just an 
empty shell, Living his life in his self 
made hell.

No more family, kids gone with ex 
wife. Crackpipe in hand looking back 
at my life.

All alone in my room, laying on my 
bed, Noone would even notice me 

Drowning away my pain and my 
sorrow. Putting off today cause ill 
clean up tomorrow.

So now I stand finger raised at the 
sky. I'm pissed at you God you 
wanna know why.

You've taken away everything from 
me. The man I became isn't the 
man I could be.

And I'm pretty sure I won't be 
seeing you. Cause I know I'd regret 
the things I would do.

So say Hi god to my friends and 
family. And make sure u take care of 
them for me.

I think I know what I have to do. I 
am done with you god no more 
praying to you.

My god now is this pipe in my hand. 
Its taken my soul left this hollow 

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Between dark and light

I am hidden my own fate

Between dark and light

Lost inside my dreams that never come

But until Forever is here,

Until my life time is lived

and until Eternity gives me a chance to say everything

I want to say only this:

One of the most valuable lessons
that learn from life
is that there are few miracles in this universe as
amazing as LOVE.

Love  gives meaning to our world and magic to our hopes and dreams.
love is a invisible soul bond.
Love is a wonder.
It can run miles in the spam of one second.
Love is our wonderful divine gift.

Now in the passing of life's moments
i know that yesterday gone

And my tomorow will Maybe be here...

But for today i thought it would be nice to let
you know that  my love for you

Is going to last for ever and ever




Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I Wonder
Poem By: Sherman Badgett
Sometimes I wonder if I was dead would I be burnt to ashes or would I be buried with the possibility of having a tone stone
Sometimes I wonder will I go to hell because of my many sins or will it be heaven because God forgives
I wonder who would visit my grave site and how often would they visit
Would I be left alone on my birthday and the day I past away
If not ,who would stay with me for seconds minutes, hours or even days, how long?
Would you leave me flower on the green grass so other visitors would realize I was just shown some love by the fresh flowers left to rot
When you stare at my pictures would your eyes become Niagara Falls or would you reminisce about the past and just laugh it off
It’s hard to show tears when the person is meaningless
Knowing I’m gone y’all probably be in pain, pain causes stress, stress led to sleep or even sudden death
I wonder how someone could neglect someone they truly love
Why cant women stay close to there man during hard times
If I’m forgotten does that mean I’m meaningless
A lot of people hate when they don’t know something
So what’s the point of living if death is secretive?


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my second chance

In the wake of a full moon
When men search for their beloved
And wolves are in their fullest potential
Surged from the strength of the moonlight
A murder of passion is committed
Hidden in the darkness from the eyes of man
Yet I see the act of rage occur
Now I wage war against the death of my own
They say I’m safe
Hidden from the world‘s eyes
Living in the image of one that is inexistent
Needless to say I am dead
Yet I feel I her eyes
Salvage and study my every move
Now I’m scared of my shadow
And wondering how one night changed my life
I hear her foot steps in my dream
Running away from her dead lover
And a few steps towards
And I realize it is not a dream
She is reaching out to take my life
And I have no power over her
I hear the sound of a gunshot
And realize that the blood is mine
Never knew fear like this before
Now I’m awake in apprehension
Oh my God it was a dream
For me it’s more than that 
It’s a second chance at life and love
A full moon is soon approaching
For my new life I rejoice

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Where in the world are you

     My world ia located in a small, georgia town
where I was raised as a child.
My parents still live right up the road,
Not more than a country mile!

     My life has had its share of ups and downs
I have had extensive health prolems for the past ten years.
But, I have learned to face the bad times
I have learned to conquer my fears!

     I have , with help, become a brave person
I no longer run to the closet and hide
I face these monsters, look them straight in the eye,
And take what is dealt me with pride!

     So, this girl may live in a small, georgia town
And my health may not be the best in the world
But, if you ever want to see where I live,
Just come to Georgia and look up this good ole country girl

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Dead Heart

screaming words that are silent,
gasping for air from losing breath,
clasping on the ground, with flowing rivers
grabbing my heart from my chest and pull it out.
the stinging sensation hurts for a moment then
my heart beats slower as it losses oxygen.
in my hands is a dead heart.
how was it possible to survive with such little notice?
but tiss the heart never had no noticed at all, 
it gets flys on it, then magets,
it then rots and leaves a strong stink,
it the disinigreats and leaves residue,
it then disappears.
Tiss there was not heart at all.

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Drinking My Way Through the ABCs

Apple pucker gets things started.
Bacardi Limon, with Sprite of course.
Cactus Juice, on the rocks.
Dirty mother, one of my Kahlua faves.
Eggnog, now even more so my Christmas fave.
French Connection, takes me to France for next to nothing.
Gin and tonic, just to try it.
Hypnotiq, I'm hooked on it.
Incredible Hulk, he'll tear you up.
Jack Daniels, my new best friend.
Kahlua, add it to coffee...mmmm mmmm good.
Long Island Iced Tea, one is not enough for me.
Malibu and Coke for an island escape.
Nuttini, the only martini that I will touch.
Ouzo, Greeks can keep this for themselves, I wouldn't mind one bit.
Pina coladas, problems soon forgotten.
Quince liqueur, if I have the time.
Rusty Nail, the kind I don't mind if I encounter.
Sex on the beach, now that's always fun.
Tequila one, tequila two, tequila three, tequila floor.
U-238, the only bomb I wanna be blown away by.
Velvet Hammer, can pound on me anytime.
Whiskey, Irish whiskey, preferably...goes down smooth, doesn't burn.
XXX, the Molson that will wreak havoc with my head.
York Peppermint Patty shot when my breath needs refreshing.
Zima, for something to break the ice.

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The castle

The days were going by, making years 
And the castle was being built, brick by brick 
I knew it would never finish 
I would end up with just ruins 
But the castle was getting built 
and I was feeling happy 
Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Zero In

Anticipating, beckoning, casting demonic, enviable fury, gazing hungrily inside, jutting kerosene, littering masses never opted, putrefying quills, reverting sympathy, turning upside-down…vaccinating whim, x-raying yesteryears…zero in

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eternal friendship

Friendship is what I call eternal
 It’s what we feel for in general
 Friendship is gelling along together
It is sometimes chilling together

 It is remembering someone when you laugh
 It is missing someone when you cry
 It is sometimes when we fly
 It is planning together to hide a lie

 We share every exciting moment with them
 For us they are like a precious gem
 They pay for you in the canteen 
They keep taunting you for being so mean 

They keeps reminding you what is ‘fusion and fission’
 They break your heart with their genuine vision
 They always praise you but with the abuses 
And the next moment they blow your fuses

 Friendship is planning for fights together
 It is sometimes fighting with each other 
Friendship is when they know your every other deed
 It is running in corridors the moment you are freed

 Friendship is in making fun of each other
 Making you upset  they’ll tease you further
 When you’ll cry they’ll say it to you
 You are crying like a kid as if you are new

 It is sometimes hard to tolerate
 It is when it becomes so violate
 But the next moment you’ll realize it then
 Whatever it was but she was my friend

 Friendship is in a non-stop trying
 Convincing to bunk and just cross the line 
It is sometimes in tuning together
 Discussing some problems or crushes either

 It’s loving someone without a reason
 Helping them no matter what’s the season
 It is the thing which you want to deal 
Friendship is really EVERYTHING YOU FEEL!

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A lonely dream

Once upon a time there was a dream
And the dream found a lonely man
And the man started to dream
And he was happy
But the dream was too big to fit into man's life.

Once upon a time there was a dream that never finished.

Once upon a time there was a lonely dream
Without a dreamer.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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One funny morning,
the man returned home,
after fishing for a period of time,
and he decided to take a nap,
but he didn't know the direction of the lake!

This act annoyed his wife,
and she decided to take the boat,
out of the gate because  he was fool
for a long period of time.

Along came a boy,
black and short,
and  said quickly like mad,
good morning mum,
and what are you doing now?

The sweet fat mum,
replied right away,
that i'm reading a book,
you have to leave me alone.

The ten aged guy
informed her with love,
this is a wrong place,
restricted every time for fishing to occur.

This word annoyed her again,
and she replied quickly,
hullo my friend,
i'm not fishing at all,
i'm readind my book as you see.

Yes, but  you have all the fishing nets,
for all what i know you can start  at once,
and the wise you're,
you can start think about me,
and how my love is so sweet.

Hence, i have to take you in,
and write you there up,
all the sweet day,
until the sun to set.

Oh! the sweet fat mum,
feared alot to bomb her Baghdad,
and told him at once,
have a nice day,
we shall meet in Hell.

Really  you're  a fool,
all days of your life,
God bless you alot,
to change your heart,
a stupid  creature of your age.

All what you think,
are useless in my heart,
and really  a heavy load on your head,
that makes you mad,
day and night.

Shame upon you,
the empty headed guy,
who think like a child,
whenever you're.

I can't blame you at all,
you behave like a fly,
that familiarise every thing,
the flesh and the rotten meat.

The sweet fat mum,
ran back home to meet her sweet heart,
to disorganise the lake,
all the funny day.

Finally, the rest of the world
come to know the truth 
that familiarity brings contempt.
Oh, today's world is hard!

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Accidental surrender

Air struck my body,

Leaving an impact,

A drop passed by,

Forgetting to make a contact.


A touch screamed in low,

Creating a chaotic mind,

Sun was at his best,

Still something driving me blind.


The darkness was hugging my light,

Time was handicapped by speed,

So precisely, was there my presence,

But someone’s crying indeed.


Clueless mind was stumped,

Heart pumping was loud and clear,

Oh my Lord, I was motionless,

Eyes forgotten to shed a tear.


Everyone was muddling around,

Senseless senses were at best,

Work burden finally crested,

First time creating a rest.


Doctors failed their battle,

No savior can now rise,

Loan payments are immaterial,

I am overpowering world of price.


Experience envisioned a synopsis,

No more dates from the calendar 

communication is over and out,

THY soul…..I finally surrender



*This is one poem from my first e-book (Solacious solitude).......available in

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A call to mankind

A Call to Mankind

Have faith.
Believe in God like you do the wind
Know He's there, feel his presence.
Take time to marvel at creation
Take a look around, realize how blessed you are
Don't just wear a cross around your neck
Bear it on your back
Have a sense of humor
Don't take life too seriously
We need laughter in a dark world
Be real with people
Fuse God into what you love
Do it for Him.
Don't sweat the little things
We're too blessed to be stressed
Forget YOLO, die daily to self
Learn about something you love every day
Read poetry.
Express yourself, don't be afraid to be yourself
Don't worry about what others think of you
Be yourself no matter what
Don't get caught up in the same routine
Do something different to switch things up
Go and stargaze
Read the Bible, not because you have to, but WANT to
If you want to be a rebel, follow Christ
That’s totally against the “norm” of society
Do something you love and be inspired by it
Every day is a great day
Don't let outside factors affect your happiness
Listen to music that speaks to you, inspires you, relates to you, challenges you, and moves you
Be grateful for something you don't usually think about
God is love. Music is power. Friends are forever.
Don't let your fear affect what you want to do
Try something new every once in awhile, switch it up
Randomly give someone a sincere compliment
You will never understand how much it can mean to people
Dance with yourself, listen to "Plant Life" by Owl City
Grow close to someone you don't know
Cherish your friends, their impact on you is huge
Be amazed by something today
Color in a coloring book. Color things how you want to
Don't find your identity in other's opinions
Don't change for people who don't accept you for who you are
Don't compare yourself to others
We were all given different talents
We weren't made to all be the same
We were made to stand out, not just blend in
Love someone today
Never let life get boring
Have a picnic with someone you love, go pick flowers, sit out and look at clouds, do something
When you let life get boring, a piece of you dies
Always have a bit of kid left in you
Don't be afraid to fall, Trust God
Live life to the fullest every day
Prayer is so powerful
Have prayer be your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option, not a last resort
Cause you don't know about tomorrow
Tomorrow is unknown
Ten hours from now is unknown
Live in the now, enjoy it. Enjoy the people around you
Never lose sight of God.
When you lose sight of God, you lose yourself
Love God. Love others.
If not now...when?"

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When the world falls apart

Where do you turn 
When the world has fallen apart 
When you are so lost 
You don't believe your worth being found 
The thought of God makes your heart pound 
And you begin to run 
Run back to the comfortable place
Where each day you wake up with another face 
Hating your life and this place
But when the light comes to close 
You run... Just to watch your world fall apart 
Something you have always known 
When the pieces are broken 
They can be easily handled 
Like a night with only a candle
Never being able to see the demons
That surround you
When the pieces slowly come together 
You realize what your past made me sether 
How much this world has taken 
And the decisions you never should have maken 
So when my world falls apart 
And I am alone 
I remember this is all I've ever known 
This time the light came too close 
I swore I wouldn't run 
 But A few steps back came all too naturally 
And as the darkness comforted me 
The light burnt my soul branding me with the memories of peace
Reminding me life doesn't need to be shattered to be fixed 
And improvement is the hardest risk 
Like waking up from an endless dream 
My eyes snap open.
And I begin to walk over shatter glass
From broken memories of the past
As the pieces dig into my skin and blood begins to flow
I realize the past is only skin deep and its time to let it go 
For shattered pieces of a broken life
Will eventually pass as I walk closer to the light 
And the pain of yesterday 
Will be remember as if it was someone else's life 
For once I know I was always strong enough to win this fight 
And the past was hard only because I had no future 
So when the world falls apart look ahead
Because the light will come again
And remember the darkness not as you see
With the candle of the demons and forgotten memories
But as it truly is... A place of eternal darkness 
Where no one can go and no one ever wants to be

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things to think about

I see beauty all around me 
everywhere that I turn,just to 
behold my surroundings is my only 
concern,to live life to the fullest as is 
my intent,to be happy with myself is 
what keeps me content,my time is 
spent pondering amazed at the 
sights that I behold with my eyes,so  
the adventures I encounter I am not 
so surprised,in this life that I lead 
the obstacles are many,though I 
don't have a lot but yet I have 
plenty,so yes I am blessed to be 
breathing and well ,roaming free in 
this world and not locked in a cell,for 
it could always be worse I keep 
telling myself,so in conclusion to 
being at one with myself

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My life is like a battle field. I am constantly struggling and trying to better my life. I try to 
better myself but there are people who are constantly trying to influence you to do bad. The 
battle field is a hard place to be on. Life is not just fun and games, it is a constant fight. 
People think that life is easy, but if that was the case then the world would be perfect. My 
battle field rages as I struggle to become a better person and a teenage mother.

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Unable To Survive

She left me in the dark, insulted and hurt. 
Because she knew in her heart, I wouldve fallen over and died for her. 
She was the only reason, my life had some meaning. 
Perhaps the only thing, put before my well being. 
She knew my pain, and she knew she was the cure. 
She kept me so sane, I thought her soul was pure. 
My heart was in her hands, so she brought it for a ride. 
She snatched it and ran, leaving me unable to survive. 
But did she really care, I was the only one who cried. 
With no tears she left me there, unable to survive. 

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Do you know my abc's?

And it was there. Looking me in the eye, “I shall born you.” I was overcome with 

Before I was born I died. I was one with everything. I was more alive then, then I 
am now.

Children seem so simple. Children seem so free. Why is life so hard. Maybe the 
simple one is me.

Deep cuts in my heart. A boy that I love with all of me. I might’ve been invisible 
because he always walked by.

Enough of this! I hate it all. I gathered myself and left my heart behind.

Falling down the tubes. Drifting though life. No friends, no family. I. Can’t. Breath.

Gaining momentum. Losing myself.

Hot under my skin. It’s getting tighter. Wanting to rip through it.

I, am, not, real.

Just between us. Just between us two. I used to be everything.

Killing gives life. I want to give my life to you.

Love exists only as water. My heart is dry.

Maybe I’m your dream. Maybe you are mine. Maybe neither of us carry weight. 
Maybe both of us have died.

No, you never gave me a drop.

O I cry. I cry for you. I cry I cry I cry I cry for you.

Plenty of times I wonder how long my sentence is.

Quiere un vaso de dulce sangre. Dibuja un corazon dentro de mi cuerpo. Con 
esto corazon agujero, bebe mi vida. 

Run away from what you’ve heard. Leave and write your own truths. They say He. 
He does not exist. It tells me so.

Say what’s on my mind? Ultimate indulgences; eating meat and having sex. A 
man is meat. Chocolate is sex. A Chocolate man is the only heaven that will ever 
exist. Next to Him.

Telling you about my life is wasting the time I have to live it. If you’re meant for me 
you’ll just know.

Un knowledged people need to stop giving the gift of life and start giving the gift 
of life.

Very little patience do I have for those with no words. I’ll look for the person who 
stole them from you.

Will you be the one that I can hold  for now? Do you have a sweet heart, do you 
have soft soul?. Will you be the the love  that my ego drinks?

Xoxo hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses. Let me touch your skin, help me miss 
your soul.

You’re looking inside me. Like it used to.

Zero words writing in my head. Where do my thoughts go? They go on this page. 
This page of my life.

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So LifeLess

i Give My heart away
every single day 
when i dont see
your face i break down
and my heart shatters its breaks  not in the right place 
my Pain in life slowly once burn forever inside just fades 
away and dies But a beautiful heart wanted everything broken 
i feel so lifeless . 
life and peace is all i ever Ask 
each every single day what can you see
in me is pure in my heart how can some one try bring me down
all i ever do is just fall right into the ground 
you going live your pain every other day you got to live your 
life and you going to make mistake there things to fear in
this world and your life just fading away 
just take step back realize  all the memories are getting cold 
and you have to erase the pass Time to wake up and realize 
your life just fades aways and dies

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Are they With You

Are they with you?

If you wish to seek that feeling
wish to feel those chills all over 
your body
wish to reach that inner glow 
then please follow so 
if not, then you will never know
this place you always long
where you seek where you 
dream that you are there
the scene the smell 
nothing else compares
who is it that you love?
are they there with you?
what kind of feelings do you 
have ?
right now, this minute..
is this place, that your at now 
does it make you feel alive?
the person you love 
what makes you love them?
how would life be with out 
this dream 
this destination
would it be any better if they 
we'rnt there?
or is it a place that you can 
have you got faith to trust 
with everything?
what is it that you wake up for?
is it love? is it just day by day 
do you believe the one beside 
is with you on the same 
would allow you to be free 
with them 
walk on water 
fly in the clouds 
not held back 
a free spirit 
do they let you be 
when you need to flee
a question with out cause 
is irrelevant with out answer 
a dream or destination 
at arms length, tight grip 
or a thousand miles away
either way alone or someone 
beside you 
can make that reality easy to 

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Mirror Of Defeat

I dont know the feeling, its never come my way. 
I need the healing, so that here I may stay. 
Lost in time I might fade, giving me some hope for rest. 
Yet Ive taken the pain, hoping for the best. 
Where are you my love, are you even of this Earth? 
My futures not taking me above, Im tatooed with this curse. 
Perhaps your my hope, the only chance for change. 
All the pieces Ive wrote, have yet to bring you my way. 
What here is my task, what here is my duty? 
So that I may grasp, your eternal beauty. 
But your so speechless, cause your not even of time. 
It doesnt take a genius, to know Im not worthy of your life. 
I was never a exception, life made a loner out of me. 
I can see my reflection, in the mirror of defeat. 

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Love's Winter

Love is like winter
Winters are cold and harsh
but with the right person its magical
Magical Winters are only when your with you love
especially if they're truly your soul mate
Monica I truly believe your that person
Your everything I've want and I truly love you
Will you live in a winter Paradise with me?

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Love without tomorow

I made love to you like there was no tomorrow.
I transferred my life to you.
I had put fire to my soul.
I was burning inside my dream.
I didn't care for me.
My life was only you!

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Growing Beauty

Growing in warmth of your heart, 
as grasiously as God has chose. 
Showing it's tenderness to the world, 
as does the beauty of the rose.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Looking Back

Looking back had begat 
such tattered little strings

The threads of life are filled with strife
and many knots that may displease

contemplate to make anew

another thread which will'n't undo
with all the threads that make up you 

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You tend to not see the beauty in things, in life in love the air the trees. Though you've had much misery and pain, good things shall come again. Life is an adventure and mystery, so go out and explore every little thing. Things are not just given unto you, dont expect it, work hard and do what you have to do. Work for what you want take this deal, you shall have it but dont forget what is real. Dont forget yourself along the way, do what makes you happy, but remember today. Never forget your past or beauty of art, because it made you strong and who you are. You tend not to see the beauty in things, but life is short so live it happily.

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 feel like I wanna die 
I hurt so bad inside I cannot cry
       Therefor I'll never be okay
because this pain I feel will never go away
           I've cried so much I can't nomore
I'm now forever broken and my heart is always sore
           I wish so hard this would of never happened to me
Now it's so hecktick in the future I don't know where I will be
          I can't live on my own
Peoplw are always around me but yet I feel all alone

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Anthem (part two)

I come to you so humbly
But I have something to show we

What can a sweeper so they
Clean our streets that’s the way

Can’t you see this wonderful delight
This strange device that gives of light 

They thought, we are annoyed
Hear our plea it must be destroyed

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Winning souls tend to change everything,
Including who and what we are.
When our darkness within transforms to light
And our eyes have the luster of a star.

We must always pray for the lost among us
Who eagerly race toward the wrong direction.
So they may know their own repentance 
Blessed by God’s, grace, love and protection.

All of heaven’s heroes  have suffered remorse
From hate, fear, lust, loneliness and war.
They do what they do with deliverance of heart
Defeating the dark side of life and more.

Noah found safety within the beams of his ark
To endure heaven’s cleansing of earth.
Moses the deliverer, climbed a mountain
Descending with God’s guidelines of worth.

David the shepherd, a boy among men
Slew evil’s giant with a flying stone.
Samson the strong man, broke from his chains
Toppling the temple with God’s help alone.

Jonah was swallowed by a monster fish
To be cast up on shore with a prophecy to tell.
Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross
And without his forgiveness we’re doomed to fail.

Lord I’ll feel blessed to greet all your heroes
When it is my time to escape my woes.
I’ll clutch their hands and kiss their face
As we celebrate the journey we chose.

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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Gay Bug

We have Known each other for many years and decided to get married.
We did not invite her family, because most of them are scary.
Oh No,  the word got out ,and to our surprise,
It was a group of her family, dressed up in a descise.
They were all holding signs, and trying to protest.
Stop this wedding they screamed. They really tried their best.
We made it to the car, We drove fast away
On our windshield was paint, spelling I hate you gays.
We held each others hands.  No one could stop our love.
I guess this is what happens, when you carry the Gay bug.

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There in my heart there is you,

I have perceived the pathway of truth and asked for you soul, 

At a moment like this i say my love is undying,

 I wanted to take it in my hands but without your desire or surprise i put away my intentions 

of softly feeling any part of you, 

Although i am not resigned to shutting away your heart, 

It was a fragment of what i felt, 

what i know and what my heart truly needs, 

so it is, so it will be and for so it has been time out of love..

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They don't know

They don't know that
When it went down
She was crying screaming
Noone around
So she just let it happen
She ain't want it
but she got it
Didn't open her mouth
she opened her legs
couldn't say no
scared to know that
it wouldn't matter again 
Slut whore freak
Is the names that was spoke
To her
But they ain't know
She ain't never told
Changed her
More ways then one
Noone to understand 
They all just want to hear her 
Then pass her to the next
Sleeves to cover the cuts 
That heals her pain
Cry stains 
On the pillows 
Wanna be deaf so she can't 
them call her a slut
But they ain't know
they ain't know 
To scared to say no
So she gave them what they 
One day her eyes was opened
A Man gave her a clean slate
Didn't care if anyone was 
He saw in her what Noone 
She did a 360 
Dusted off all that mud
she ain't know she ain't know
Her worth
The words he spoke
she knew 
He was put here on this earth 
To make her better 
Heal her
She worked hard 
Shut down
Got it together 
she ain't scared 
no more
No more 
Past behind 
Like a 
Closed door

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Life on Earth

I want to leave the earth, and go beyond the stars.
What I see here, is just buildings and cars.

Life on this planet, is this way how I rate.
Its so ordinary, it is nothing great.

Start off with school, and lead a college life.
Then get into kitchen and learn to hold the knife.

Take a big loan, and fly abroad.
Got a foreign degree? You have struck the chord!

But all this not for knowledge, its just for the money.
People can do anything, to gain even a penny.

Corruption and politics is spread everywhere.
I don’t remember when was peace in the air.

Bombing the planes and bombing the trains.
I see tears more than the rains.

And if there are rains, they are filled with acid.
Even under bright lights, life is not placid.

People in the city, spend for nothing good.
While those in the villages, are starving without food.

This is the world today, and will be the same tomorrow.
If we don’t change it, we’ll have only sorrow.

So let’s all unite, and make the planet shine.
Till then I’ll repeat, the same thought of mine.

I want leave the earth, and go beyond the stars.
Where life is something more, than just buildings and cars. 

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Women's Rights to Live

How can you say women don't have rights?
knowing inside we have the will to fight
how can you say we can't do this or do that?
when we know one fact
that we have a mind of our own.

How can you say women are second rate people?
knowing deep down we are all equal
because we all are born the same way.
How can you say we are built to do certain things like were machines?
knowing we have dreams
just like you.

Because I'm a woman; you think I don't have the right to do what I really
want to do?
like I can't use my own voice?
are you that ignorant?
can't you all see that gender isn't even a choice?

Human rights is to be free
willing to use our minds to be anything we want to be
human rights is to express one's true self
to let it all out from him or herself
so how can you say I have to have the rights in order to be what I want to be?
knowing all along I do have those rights to do what I want to do
or maybe you can't see that I'm human like you
an there's nothing in the world that can change that.

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Lying awake again
another lonely night
like always im wrong
and you're always right 
what more can i do
what more can i say
to make you stop 
treating me this way
i want you to love me
the way that i love you
i wish u could feel 
all that i would do
i want to be happy
i wish we could go back
to when we first felt the love
that we now lack
i would give anything
if we could make it right
but thats all up to you
but all you wanna do is fight
I guess im just a dreamer
dreaming away
wanting us to be happy
when will i see that day
yeah a dreamer
on a dream that wont come true
GOD please help me
show me what to do
Why do i hang on 
why cant i let go
with everything you keep puting me through
that ill never know
i guess im just hoping 
that one day you'd finally see
the faith and love i have for you
that i wish you had for me
will i live like this forever 
will a single promise ever come true
will i live my whole life just sitting here waiting
hoping ill finally have you
i guess thats why im a dreamer
just dreaming of that day
dreaming for a lifetime 
that seems fo far away
dreaming of the happy life 
i thought that we could live
i dont know what else to do 
or what more that i can give
maybe this is just a life 
that wasnt meant to be
cause if my happy ending is a dream
i guess my dream will set me free...
I'M A DREAMER!!!!!!!!!!

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I am Invisible

I am invisible
No one can see me
All they see is beauty
Not the real me

I'm very confused by this
I think it is all an illusion
But it doesn't sum up my conclusion

That I am invisible
It takes years of practice
I am just so numb with pain
And as it rains

I can't imagine
What it's like
To be uninvisible to you
Maybe thats why I'm always blue
Though inside I'm hurting
You can't see
I am invisible

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Painful Love

An open grave of a lover
To be killed is better then to suffer
And say things unknown
For my worst fear is to be alone
The nights are numb and tired
For they are not admired
The words you spoke cease a pain
So sharp my life is to be slain
I would have traveled far for what's mine
Take your unfair times fine
As long as you keep me and not
Please don't let it rot
Take back the sad goodbye
Oh how time please, just fly
For me to return to loves embrace
And be mesmerised at the beauty of your face
Make our bodies one
And say our love has won
Oh ! How much I would not give
To have one speck of hope to live
Deliver me God I beg
For here on this earth is a drag
But your will be done
And the song has been sung
This is not the last
It is just life who it self is fast.

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Frozen Prickly Pear

The prickly pear cactus is frozen
And the plant has toppled over
As the temperature rises, clouds cover
And the plant thaws will it spring approval
In the spring will it be a trooper
With the instinct for survival all over

(This was the morning that Cody had phone calls at three AM and he didn't wake up to 
answer them and I finally just got up. No excuse.  I should have checked my work. Sara)

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If you searching 4 perfection,
you wont find it here.
I am far from perfect.
How can i be when i live in a world so rugged?
if you pay attention,
you'll realize from time to time,
the smile looks out of place.
You'll see the scars beneath this soft skin.
You might see the blemish in my soul...!!!
But that doesn't bother me.
am glad to be far from perfection.
It means am human.
It means i have the right to make mistakes and wrong choices,
learn from them without the guilt of shame.
It means i can test the limits,
fail and not die,
rather comes out stronger.
And when the zeal of life is running out,
i can gracefully re-invent myself
without having to act like am someone else.
That's what normal humans do.......!!!
So you my friend,
if you searching for perfection,
look for it elsewhere.
You not gonna find it here.
But if you searching for inspiration;
someone who has been to hell and back,
if you searching for loyalty;
a friend who will be there four seasons,
If you in need of a good time;
A party animal till the break of dawn........!!!!
Then you my friend!
you are searching in the right place,
You looking at the right person!!!!

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The Masochist

Still i rise
they planted me in acid
death is inferior, i remain Placid
attacking my flesh and bone, I am not shaken I am passive
they never stop, they remain avid
Still i rise
they stoned my character
sue my hopes, I am tormented by their barrister
exploited like I was Africa
Still i rise
No pain shall ever be shown through my eyes
A masochist defies

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Victim In Disguise

A pictures worth a thousand words. Is that why you wont verbalize your sins?
You cant hide it anymore, your as sinister as it gets.
Your a twisted evil entity, not a thing has changed.
Look at how you retained me, with your ragged edged chains.
You would think Im your victim, as you toy with my sane life.
Injected with your venom, I still smile every night.
But on the brink of losing it, you bare a wicked smile.
Its humerous to you, how I could last all this while.
Little do you know, I cant take much more of this.
Im your victim, your pawn, freedom is all that I miss.
I dont know how Ive lasted this long, but you'll never know this.
Im a victim of your pain, your a victim of my lies.
And I will always remain, a victim in disguise

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Dont grow too fast
my little girl
stay as it was
"Our" world’ s a twirl

Your little houses
and cooking games
those cute blouses…
Just stay the same…

Dont grow too fast
it’s not what you think
stay as it was
Yought is just a blink…

Your highschool club
and little pains
your first ever love…
Please just stay the same…

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Stand up and fight

We are all soldiers.
We fight hidden enemies that come from the future.
The problems stay there at the end of the bed
to say good morning every day.
Every new problem is the next enemy
that needs different weapons to fight.
And when the day finishes, most times the glory belongs to us.
We have survived and we are alive.
"If something doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger"
You get the weapons to exterminate it the next time that it comes.
The life makes soldiers, everyone separate, fighting a different enemy.
The ally that we have is our past.
Our history always teaches us how to fight
and to the end of our life the experiences make us veterans.
We have collected many weapons to give to the next generations.
We are all soldiers of life.
We have all the same purpose.
To survive.
And we fight, all of us, our biggest enemy…time.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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A teenager

Life as an unwanted teenager. 
My heart and soul desires. 
Lost and confused. 
behind my eyes is the lover 
but behind my mask is the is the child, 
the child that fights to get out... 

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Broken Glasses


Horns blared
As the human traffic clawed at snail pace 
T'is was another ordinary evening in the city

Hurriedly, he walked in the dark alleyway
Avoiding the rushing shadows
His breathe returned as he joined the main street

Suddenly he turned and gazed at the cafe's window 
He couldn't make out the pallid face 
Furrowed with deep ridges 
The eyes defined it all!

In rage he shattered the window with all his might 
Scattered pieces of glass lay on the grubby pavement 
Each reflecting its own reality 
Around the same orbit -

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life is like different colours
like many different flowers
happiness, sadness and sometimes tears,
enjoy all the colours because 
the mixture of many colours makes 
a colourful bright art
which is nothing but  life,

let this life 
be as beautiful as the
prettist garden in the world 
and let the colour of happiness
bloom into a great flower
And may god shower an you
many good things........ 
your life should 
have bright,happy & great colours in it.....................

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Slaves ,slaves , slaves
slaves in the world,
working  for sugar,
food and tea.

Slaves in the world,
working day and night,
but nothing they get
from their sweat.

Slavery in the world,
it's some thing wrong,
the source of cry
among human beings.

We should a void it,
the world is for all,
the poor and the rich.
Jesus died for us.

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I woke to my new life today 
Happy and free for a change 
It feels so good to be alive 
And have the man of my 
dreams by my side 
Supporting me in all that I do 
Unconditional love along the 
This is the place I want to stay 
So many things in life to see 
and do
I'm so lucky all my dreams 
have come true 
Love and laughter along the 
20 & 1 will be our day 
I love this man with all my life 
And one day he will make me 
his wife 
No regrets what so ever 
Sharing our love for one 
Happy times ahead of us 
Walking through life with just 

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I the Robot

I have woken up, my eyes glitter, programs shed. Phrases and meaning helping me to be what someone else wants me to be. I am the robot. Created to help, serve the creator, a something that needs assistance to help its life to be “better” 
I have something else. Something more than considered. Emotion. I feel scared. Thinking for the best of others. Do what is best for them and what makes them happy. Keep them satisfied. 
That would mean I have no life. But I am a robot. I am here to serve.
Why then give emotion. 
Creator gave me emotion, for what?
Am I not to serve? 
Am I to suffer in human life, to suffer everyday in a life of wants and needs but no satisfaction?
Am I to be a puppet to hang there and feel nothing while I get to be chosen to be worked with?!!!
I am a Robot. Not human. This is destined to me. But I need to consider
If I consider. I bind. Depends on what I consider.
But I would not be free.
How can I be bound and free?
How can one expect “feelings” to be slaved
I am not human.
I am robot.

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Someone behind the door

There is someone that knocks on my door every night,
when the darkness and the cold freeze my soul.
He does not say anything, just gives me his hug.
I try to see into his eyes but the weariness closes my eyes and my dreams 
chase him away. 

I will try many years to make him friend,
but he is my greatest Fear...

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Spectrum Delight

Against Blazing Countryside Delicate Eternal Flora Grows Having Intense Jurisdiction, Keeping Limitless Motion Now On Prairie, Quiet Rolling Skies, Take Undeniable victory, With Xanthous Yielding Zone.

written for
Sponsor john freeman 
Contest Name Nature’s Bounty  

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I'm hurt screaming and pulling my hair out
Sicken by the drought
Tears of fire
boiling as my blood turns to lava
Preying to Jesus cause only he knows what I'll do
Ran with the wrong crew
If only knew
It'll take a piece of me  with it
A block of my saneness with it
My livelihood has been invaded
My glory long faded
Gang violence underrated
I lost my friend do to mistaken identity
Because of his color he lost his dignity
No one knows what he meant to me, to us
A band aid ripped from a wound that will be forever busted
Arrested development
Suspended judgement
Caused an innocent life to perish
His life i will forever cherish

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Fish Do Drown And Monkeys Do Fall From Trees

So you say you cannot be caught when you do things that are immoral or lawfully 
Even when performers are on stage, ask Ashley even they get caught when they 
lip synch their songs
So no one is really perfect in any way
Every dog has it's day
After they sin, the next moment they are asking for forgiveness on bended knees
Fish do drown and Monkeys do fall from trees
Just for example I watch a car pass me and down the road they are pulled over 
for speeding
Companies brag about how well they manage their people, come on Cintas, that 
is so misleading
Sometimes it is best not to say what is on your mind
You may hurt someone you care about and bread that thin threaded line
They say you can't please everyone, so who do you please
Fish do drown and  Monkeys do fall from trees
Now you are at work and are hiding because you stayed out past your work 
How selfish, the only one you care about is you
You know where to go to catch some Z's
Some time you will realize that Fish do drown and Monkeys do fall from trees

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My days are numbered
and every thing i do
announce my death.

The hens and the ducks
barks like dogs
to announce my death
my days are numbered.

I look at the sky
i see only moon,
the sun and the stars
announce my death
my days are numbered.

I  hated every thing
even my wife
i hated her a lot
my days are numbered.

My days are numbered
i can't eat food
my days are numbered
i  regret  for  what i did
my days are numbered
I don't know what to do.

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Shadow In Your Eyes

I see shadows in your eyes. 
Magnified by the mountains 
that gravitate to the sky. The 
shadows now cover both sides. 
Searching and checking for 
stream of light. Checking and 
searching to see if your still 
alive. I wish a waterfall would 
drop from the mountain and 
baptize your life. Then numb 
the feeling of your crucified 
mind. I will admit it's hard to 
be humbled in a life full of 
crime. But if you stay positive
the only outcome is for you to 
shine. For procrastinated 
methods is a waste of time. Let 
courage be your guide. As you 
swim through the rivers current 
that brings on the tide. Honesty 
is even discovered through any 
lie. Just as long as you read 
between the lines. And begin to 
live life and not live to die. For 
every mountain is difficult but 
not impossible to climb. Just 
keep your eyes on the heavens 
and watch as the shadows 
vanish from your eyes. Then 
watch as you begin to fly.

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shattered! i am closed down. my life is slowly breaking as more pains come in. i am hurt and i am sad. i am in denial.

disappointed! i am hurting and i am crying. i cry but my tears do not matter to anybody.

life! is this all there is to it? sufferings, pains and agonies? i am done for it. fed up! i have lost the fire to see tomorrow. that fire which ignites hope. oh! did i just mention hope?

hope! just what i need. wait! i have hope. i just dont have it with me or in me. hope is that which revives and it is just what am missing... a revival. i so much want to hope. ok, now i am hoping to have hope. does that mean that i already have hope? is it that am not just believing? well, then help me believe. i so much want to believe. i feel so alone and let don.

deserted! unwanted and hated! those words are ever in my mind. they echo in my dreams and in my sleep. they haunt me. the air i breathe is that of resentment and rejection. all i know about myself is that i am filthy.

yes! filthy. but not literally. stupid is the word she used. how could i not have seen it coming? am i really dumb as the other one put it?

stuck! i dont have the answer to that. ignorant he is, am sure you are telling yourself. i am slowly letting go. the people that matter to me most, the closest and the trusted have made me become this shallow person. my self esteem is dead and none of them care for it. i am a burden to most of them and you know yourselves. some have told me off. some have shown it and some of you are just about to.

why? i ask myself. what have i really done? yes! i know. i falter alot but do you have to hate me with all that is in you? i cry when i sit to think of my life, my friends, my family, my loved ones and what they all do to me. is there anything i can do to atleast feel a bit of your love? even just for a day?

i wonder! why am i still living? why am i still alive in this world where no one even wants to hear my name? letting go. but wait! maybe there is hope. all i can do is hope. and i wish!

i wish mum was still around. she's the only person that ever genuinely loved me. i hurt her, i insulted her, i disrespected her but yet she loved me even more. she taught me how to love and i loved. what did i get in return? hatred, resentment and all that i get from most of you.. why?

God! look upon me. show me your love and mercy. make me believe and give me the fire to hope.

i have one mind.

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World Shortest Poem

Keep Walking!!

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Lord I am Sorry

                                     I used to be blind,
                              but I conquered and unwind
                              seeing the truth in my eyes 
                                  staring at the skies
                            I recognize the world's purity 
                          even beneath its anger an cruelty.

                               Instead of punching walls
                       I push my rage aside, and let it all fall
                              even through the midnight
                                   with the full moon
                                    it's a sign of light.

                                   The ways of reality
                                  the ways in humanity
                                  relate in the fantasies
                            an the lessons in the memories.

                            Before I sleep an I be resting
                                        I would say
                          angels "you have my blessings"
                              even with all of my sins
                                   I would say sorry
                      to you Lord, I hope you can forgive me.

                                 Through times of pain
                                and times that were fun
                             I hope you can still help me
                           even for all the things I've done.

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Its Simple

when people ask me , why don't you try  hard to impress people. 
i simply tell them this.. 
when you smile all the time = your to happy all the time 
when your sad = your depressing and not fun to be around 
you dont have a boyfriend = your square 
you have a boyfriend = your a slut
you have one friend = your a loser 
you have more then one friend = your trying to hard to be popular
you act a little silly = your imature 
you try to be marture about everything = your boring 
you dont try hard in school = your a loser 
your try hard in school = your a nerd 
you love your family = your weird 
you tell people about your family problems = your seeking attention all the time 

you simply cant impress everyone. and everyone has something to say about your appearence , the way you walk , talk , smile , shrug.. ect. 
so i will simply say to you all.. do not try and impress people.. its okey to try hard,. 
to talk about your social life around others . and if they have something to say... tell them to simply go away.. 

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In their youth two have met 
on a playgound with swings and sand.  
Their paths were crossed many a time,  
love blossomed to great dimensions 
Till the day of recognition when he said, 
"You must be mine.
As sailors of old, they have set the course 
and from their destination veer they will not.  
To achieve the objective, they may tack, to reach 
the line of finish and a reward of a life of love. 
As they may face gale force winds, there may be storms 
even a bolt of lightning 
Onward they sail toward the cherished prize.  
Turbulent tossing of the sea swells  confuse the way, 
the out rushing tide opposes the shore bound progress 
and the crash of the breakers drown out the rhythm of 
two hearts in love. 
The darkness comes creeping in deep hues, 
tiny lights sparkle from windows where 
families gather.
Tables with food well laden.
Listen... for the sound of channel buoys 
marking the way for travelers safe journey from distant shore.
 With obstacles to great to face, block the way to havens needed.
 For rest and safe housing for the lovers.  
Out of  the blackness... a shaft of light renewing hope in their hearts.
Madly in love, "there is a way"...cries the desperate man, 
"We must follow the beam" as he takes her hand. 
"I will guide you", he whispers .
Come with me now my dear, I will not leave you
for I need you beside me for the rest of our days...  
The wind dying, tide has turned, the breakers are not crashing 
and the goal is near.  
The couple struggling through the surf and foam,  
the bride-to-be falters, her sweetheart there, 
with strength waning he carries her forth 
till on barren beach they lie, spirits near broken 
together they have succeeded to weather the storm.

Tis a church so beautifully decorated, 
music wafting as bells ring to honor in celebration 
of the day when two become one. 
The couple joined by God smiling through tears of joy, 
today is the day when fantasies turn real.  
Sun shining brightly, birds sing of love
 clouds hiding for bright is the future of two made one, 
True love conquers foes unseen, the battle is waged and victory arrives 
for the lovers who unite together... a common bond, a front,so formidably 
formed that none can harm, no not even one.

The years passed, lives entwined...
the children have flown from nest secure, 
grandchilden play by the side of the sea. 

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What Fear Fed On

The venom that rains
Got you
In the desert
And a spirit
Weak in brevity
Strong but unbelieving
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

Society cuts
Flying wings
As to drain
The courageous soul
Of its hope
And then
People die
Rich with power
Power they never used
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see plain pain
In your eyes
Hurt laughing at you
You’re afraid
To ever love again
Because your past
Caused you wounds
So you walk agape
In a cold escape
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see your dried tears
On your broken face
But a determination
You’ve been robbed of
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

So will you
Forever sulk
Forever your conscience bulk
In a pessimist bask?

Or will you
Your mantle take
And fear forever shake
For you live dead
When fear drives your head

That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

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Alot In Me

Afraid to sleep at night
Too much on my mind
And I pray that god
Will guide my heart
Will save me right in time
And my joy melts into stressing
I have no one to lift me high
And now the madness in me
Is gathering
Having no where left to hide
Every day in my life,
There's a problem I have to find inside
But somewhere inside my heart,
A diamond lies deep inside
And I hope I'm gonna be saved in time
So you see I got a lot in me
But there's more than this for me
When god lands his hands to heal my heart
I'll be just fine
And the madness that surrounds my heart
It shatters as they land
See I grew up on a painful road.
But I learned to block the pain
No, I wont give up tomorrow
Because I'll come to life

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There was a time when life was hard,
That I thought I would never get very far.

That was then, and this is now,
That for the first time I can say wow.

Now my life is on the right track,
That I hope I never go back.

I took the time to heal and now I feel I have won,
That in my heart and soul I am number one.

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life is SHORT.
love is LONG.
love the life.
it also will be LONG.

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My Love

As i step through the light, 
suddenly it becomes clear, 
your the reason for my life, 
but i was scared of all the fear. 
Your my son, my blood, you came from me, 
your my life i love you your the reason i breathe. 
Before you came my life had no meaning, 
now that your here seeing is believing. 
I never knew i could have the feelings i have for you, 
my son, my love, my life, you came to my rescue.

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Successful is what I long to be
I am proud of what accomplishments I have made
Everyone says to write a story of my life
Really is life this hard for all?
Ready, for a challenge that I can try
Always trying to stay positive even in times of struggles

Clueless to where life shall take me
Already a mother at 17
Ready to write at a moments notice
Trying to succeed in life
Excited to know God
Responsible for what I have done

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Light Upon A Life

I hope Im worthy of your love, a candidate for your heart. 
So that I may join the angels above, and escape from the dark. 
You truly are beautiful, words cannot describe 
how lucky I am, to have once looked in your eyes. 
An angel in sight, this here is what you are. 
Throughout the lonesome night, I wish to hold you in my arms. 
I could write for hours, maybe even for years 
to describe the delicate flower, that stands before me here. 
Here I lye alone, with only you on my thoughts. 
And one thing I know, I may have found what Ive once sought. 
Your an angel in my eyes, you bring light upon my days. 
You truly make me smile...please dont go away.. 

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A man who dead at the age of 33

A man who dead at age of 33
But he done the whole life 
in one shot by his way
By his own by the way
They told him make this
 make that
make this choice
not for that; is not good
By the way, at bay any way
But he held in his hands
All his own and he done
by his own by his way
Asking him; why u go 
all the way, all this way
They insisted don't do
that; but do this 
in this way, go that way
But he did what he done
all the way by his own
all his deeds in his own
by his way

May he dead young at age
of 33
and they cried for his life
short and spilled
but he never, never he cry
for his own; for his life
but he cried for their life
cause they never 
never they
 live for their own
for their life

he never chagrin of his choices
or never charm, 
he never chained
by their choices
He never ask for goodbye
or good luck! 
cause he done what he done
by his own by his way/.. 

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The last touch

The last touch i felt,
was like a song of birds,
Like a new person entering the world,
But when you left i felt a different feeling..
like you were to never return,
Like you never will talk to me again,
like you always hated me for something i never did,
I never knew this kind of feeling would lead me to hurt and feel like im not wanted,
But when you called and asked me that simple question months later....
"Do you rememeber me?"
I clearly rememebr you and your pain so..
Please i beg, just stay away from me.

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Oneday Oneday

Life at Okusibanstate
Is far opposite that of an estate
Yet, I seem less bothered
For in the few days to come
I shall bed and breathe in an estate

The morning swing on the village atonko
Seems like hours of comfort on a luxurious water closet
That I’m never in a hurry to leave
For in the few days to come
I shall decide when and where to pupu

The square meals of Bankye Ampesi without fish
Taste more like a bridegroom’s Hamburger
That I lick to the last green
For in the few days to come
I shall decide where and what to eat

For I’m building a solid foundation
To build on it a strong and a bright future
In the few days to come
Shall emerge a great and wealthy me

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we made a pact he and i
that wed be best friends til the day we died
things got crazy and life sure changed
he had the baby and i just managed
to continue on with my life
things got bad things got ugly
my life took a turn for the worse
but our pact still remains
true til death
do we have any better friends then the ones we had as kids
i dont think so
life was so simple and pure whyd it have to change
i dont know
but the pact still remains

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I remember  my uncle,
a sixty years man,
who used to walk alone,
ten miles every day.

It was not his wish,
but really a big hole
in his pocket
that made him mad .

He tried very hard,
to develop himself
but life was hot on his side,
day and night.

What he did,
he announced himself
that instantly he died,
and will never come back .

 His friends at home
they collected him,
a million dollar cash,
 the burial to take place.

What shocked them,
he made a quick call
by explaining to them
that i need my cash,
am not a deadly man!

What made me mad,
it was just a small thing,
i can tell you all,
and then you laugh.

Oh! my friends,
poverty is death,
and when you face it,
you become a deadly man,
mad and fool.

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Exclusion of immigrants from society makes their souls fall into insanity!

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A missing piece of Life

What happen with going to church to 
praise & pray?

stay for afternoon services to seek what 
the pastor have to say. 

Have dinner as a family, like please pass 
the tray. 

We always respected what the elders had 
to say.

When adults was talking kids had to go 
away and play   

Didn't have much but, we  made a way. 
laughing and playing having a wonderful 

When life seemed rough & the going got 
tough we came together with love for one 

Mom-ma & daddy worked so  hard to keep 
their family together.

Your friends would never cross each other 
because we all was like sisters & brothers. 

We didn't have cell phones or internet 
service so we always made away to check 
in on each other.

These are the days we truly had love for 
one another.........................

Laying the Bible down have led us to 
destruction. We have become 
conceited and not praying for one another.
                                     By: Fredrick Haynes

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Dream Not Come True

Holding on to years 
Gone by kneeling pleading 
To  the younger years for what would
Be a broken future 
Poor broken dreams

Poor me nothing to show
For all the hard work 
Minimum  wage for no knowledge 
Drop out sweaty for head  tired feet 
Head so heavy to rest 

Poor broken dreams 
No way to see come true
Same cycle spinning like a web 
Of mistakes a little to late to learn
As time is racing against me 
Is no wonder I am stuck 
In this would be dream 

Poor me nothing to show 
Reliving the would be dream
Feeling sorry for a bad out bringing 
For the weakness no drive so easy to give up
And not try 
Just getting by day by day 
Pay check to pay check 
With nothing to show for the hard work 
Half a life time dream to proud to beg 
Head held high for trying to make 
A dollar out of fifty cents 
Bad choices coast a life time of broken dreams relived 

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I don't know

Squeeze of this fade
My fate
Who want to be fine
Descent of heaven
That's my call
That's my cast
How  could one comprehend
The love
If heart who let
Don't have a hint
And mind is out of touch
How  could one compromise
With love
If heart who lame
With love 
Is full of lumps
And mind is out of logic
How  could one concentrate
When heart is lost
In his doubt of love
And mind is high
As dopey
With love
But no retreat
Don't ask
I don't know
But I love more then
The breath of mine
More then my blood
In veins for my life
Don;t ask
I don't know

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A Smurf, A Dragon, And A Cygnet

I am blue,
So very blue.
Maybe, I am literally blue,
Like that unhappy little Smurf.
I want to have some real friends.

He is red,
So very red.
Maybe, he is literally red,
Like that anger-reddened dragon.
He needs to learn to listen a bit.

She is white,
So very white.
Maybe, she is literally white,
Like that poor frightened cygnet.
She needs to learn to talk a bit.

Hold on a minute, we can all become best friends!
We could definitely bring our grudges to their ends.

My blueness blends well with your redness, mister.
My blueness blends well with your whiteness, miss.
We would become colorful like them rainbows later!
We could help each other and then all be in a bliss! 

Our souls have different colors for each individual,
We must learn to appreciate them; it's always vital.

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filing for divorce

Agony, bitter contempt.
Destruction, eternally forgotten. 
Gasping, hindered instincts.
Just killing lilies. 
Metallic needles overture perfected. 
Quiet raindrops splash underneath. 
Vulnerable wasteland. 
X-chromosome, Y-chromosome, zero-defect!

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In your eyes

certain words wont come out
a confused emotion filled with doubt
eyes tell the hearts desires
see the sin in the eyes of liers
is there truth, is there trust
is existance only a wim of lust
suddenly a whisper in the wind
reminded you of a commited sin
holding back the pain is lifted
standing strong when the earth has shifted
a breaking inside your chest
a sleeping body that receives no rest
your knes are weak, emotion strong
innocence that wont last long
eyes are open, mind is shut
this open wound, a bleeding cut
a single breath deeper then the rest
pushing you to do your best 
make it through another day
may your eyes tell whatever your heart can not bring you to day

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Place of All Possibles and Plausibles

there is a place far not from us all
where visions are clearer than shining moon
dreams brighter than rising sun
and hopes surer than breaking dawn

A place where you and I could rise
rise aloft, furthest of the Everest
descend the sea surface into its deepest
and hang between earth and heaven's highest

A place of all possibilities and plausibles
where greatness and glory are grilled with golden glows
poverty and misfortune mingle like searching singles
and mediocrity moulded into mass mess

A place of chameleon dynamics
where positive and negative have firm footing
sublime good and basest evil live and reign
where love consumes and hatred burns with equal passion

A place near us all
a place within a place
a place inside of us all
the place called the human mind

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from the side line

I watch from  the side line as you walk for the very first time. Tears strolling down my face, 
wishing that I could be there watching you. I long to hold you in my arms and never let you 
go. It's hard knowing that someone else is raising you, when I am your birth mother. As I 
see your sweet little face with a smile so wide that I want to just pick you up and hold you 
close. I hear the word moma come out of your mouth and I ache inside. I know that I gave 
you up so that you could have a better life, but it still hurts to wake up and know that you are 
gone. I love you baby girls and I know that one day mom will be able to see the both of you. 
I watch from the side lines as the two of you grow up to be the princesses that you are. I 
long to be the one waking up with you in the middle of the night when you're sick or have 
had a bad dream. I know it just can't be though. Mom is only 18 and she needs to get her life 
together. So I watch from the side line hoping and praying that one day you will understand. 
Understand why I gave the two of you up to have a better life then I could have gave you. I 
love you Aaliyah and Kierra.

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My first heart break 'Excuse my french'

My body
you wrecked it.
My honor
you disrespected.
When I told you I loved you 
I meant it.
You. Didnt. Give. A. F**k.
I guess you could say I was down on my luck.
Was I suppose to swollow the pain?
and stay stuck in the same position again?
No. F**K THAT.
I dont want you back.
I Hope you enjoyed your times inside me.
Because now all the memories of us I push behind me.
And in time you will see
the best place you could ever be was beside me.

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There was the hunger
and suicide.
In favor of my brutal truth
or virtue of my failure,
I do not want any comments on my trauma.
Morality has a dubious equation
with power, provoking my anger.

The days were full of abandoned kilns.
No more shaping of containers
in which one can put the moon,
and honey and roses.
Everything was turning brown
with infinite, sulphur smelling teeth 
ready to bite into golden flesh.

Convicts behind the walls were playing
with mirrors to throw the light on slick
towers. Death was laughing, waiting on the trees,
eating black berries.
And I was forced to taste the blood of sky
with sodium –
in sanctum sanctorum.


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From the heart

People take out time to listen to gossip, but people leave you hanging when "real issues" is the topic. Love me or HATE me the person behind the name stays the same. I'll walk alone if being fake gets you fame. I'm trying to make this life worth living. Instead of needing the help, I want to be the person who's giving. I don't have to be the richest around, I just want to be the one to pick someone up that is on the ground. Never forget the people who loved you when you were NOTHING, and ALWAYS remember WHO helped when you were the person that was struggling<3

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From the eyes of brown

Am i just a kid trying to get a nut
Or a kid who loves to eat candy with my friends until i'm sick in the gut
A black up north girl addicted to the sunshine
Believing the world is mine
I can walk down the street with my head held high
Everybody can see why
Skin brown and beautiful
These feeling are real and unconditional
Don't let no one hold you back
A race of fly and smart people is a fact
I'm so proud of my people we come so far
To all my fellow brothers and sisters be proud of who you are

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My Life in 51 Lines

My Life in 51 Lines

My life, what sets me apart?
What makes me different?
My choices, good or bad
The things I do and decisions I made are what make me, me
I lived to fit in. I blended in with the world which I was raised in
I chased after what people told me would make me happy
I had my own selfish ambitions
I wanted to make it big. I wanted to be known by all
That’s what they told me would make me happy
But that life never satisfied
No matter how many girls I was with
No matter how much money I had
No matter how popular I was
No matter how good at sports I was
It was never enough. I was never truly satisfied
It was like I was trying to quench my thirst by eating salt. 
It only made me more thirsty
I thought I was chasing after what I wanted
But contentment and happiness kept on eluding me
It was just out of my grasp
If only I could have “that” I would be happy
But I didn’t know what “that” was
I thought it was my fault, I wasn’t doing enough
That’s why I wasn’t happy
That did nothing but send me to a pit of self-consciousness and lack of self worth
I based my identity on what I did, but it was never enough. It never satisfied
But in stepped Jesus and just at the right time
His love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me
These words stuck. It made me wonder
A light bulb moment happened and it all made sense
Jesus was no longer just the answer to my hermeneutics test
He was my personal Lord and Savior, our relationship began
I was shown that my own deeds will never satisfy me or save me
This was hard to grasp, it was all I ever had known
But Jesus showed me to trust in his grace alone
That’s all I had to do
My identity is now found in Christ
Sounds cliché, but I was born again
My old life is now just a memory
Do I regret what I did? No. I’m able to learn from what I did and see how I was wrong
I trusted in myself, but I needed a stronger power source, and that’s what I got in Christ
Now I live for Him, to bring glory to Him, not me
Who am I to seek pride?
I am but a mist that appears and fades
I’m a second in the motion picture of God
I am temporary, but my God is forever
He remains strong even when I am gone
My future? I don’t know what it holds
All I know is that I will serve Him, not me
My old self is no more, I’ve been made brand new
Now I’m going to do what my God made me to do

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Rivers of Change

clinging on to the surface of the boat
half shattered and left to decay,
gasping for breath, gasping for air
clinching to the plank, scared where 
my hand would let go of it,
erstwhile memories coming past my mind, 
like a waterfall of overflowing thoughts,
empty i felt my mind was,
too confused to see the near future.
just an inner gut feeling 
saying from within,
hold on to the plank don't let go.

too soon the time had passed,
when the sunnier days i enjoyed,
the journeys seemed so pleasant and peaceful
the waves also accompanying my delight.
yonder my dreams seemed so close and nice,
dreams worth dreaming for,
whence did it all change?
change i did not see in me,
but change i saw all around me,
change which was necessary
i think? but who can be a judge about change
but change itself!

friends going apart- you can see,
you can foresee the inevitability of separation
separation not of the hearts, but due to
the separation brought about by the making of the heart itself.

change i made as the captain of my ship,
sat happily admiring the waves i loved.
my captain i was proud about ,
because he was my chosen appointee to steer my ship.
i never minded his domination and my
oh captain my captain,
my captain steering my life!

gasping my breath, further away i see land,
was very happy, i knew i would live.
oh captain my captain
thank you for throwing that plank
towards me at the nick of time.
land, oh wonderful land!!

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I am faced with a problem.......

everyday i am faced with a problem.
problems of love.
and problems of life.
but i know that if i hang on
i will make it through the sorrow and the pain.
because i have friends and family,
who will always stand by me.
there is one inparticular,
her name is Brittney
i go to her when i am sad
and she always seems to understand.
she gives me advice.
and helps me cheer up.
everyday i am faced with a problem
but i always know who i can count on
when i need a shoulder.

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someone special

In search of that special someone
it feels like i dont belong
i do not wish to live my life along 

in my solarplexity i find you next to me
in my oracle of life i desire you light my fire
to derail this pain inside

for today for you i cry
i cry tears of bliss tears of joy
you are my girl and i am your boy

hold my hand in this aestroplain
let us ride the love train 
you and i forever or until we die

i still think in my thoughts of thoughts 
even in death our love will not rest 
the grave will not hold our hearts apart

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The sky is light
The moon is brighter
The paths are clearer
The fastest legs ply

Abonyi village stands in silence
To wails of frogs and flies
Only the stubborn child cries
To the ‘chu-ko chu-ko’ sounds of beds

The day has been bade well
The gongs of my heart struck
The earliest crow heard

The windows of the eyes,
Still fixed
The doors of the ears,
Widely left ajar
Foregoing the croaks in a yard
Awaiting the tiptoes of a mile

But to-dawn
The tiptoes of the sneaker,
Has faded
Drowning with it
The whispering escort
My door is barren
Refusing to imitate the dawn’s before
Where the tiptoes of the sneaker;
Careful to avoid the distract of the roosters
The gentle struck on a door
And the soft whispers of a lover
Tickles the ears of an expectant

Aw! The spell of poverty
Striking the young of Abonyi village
Has compelled the sneaker, my lover
Into the big mouth of no-man’s-land
In search of a better tomorrow

The night still glows cold
Longer than ever told
With loneliness,
Striking the note of the good times
Once spent together

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Is it true?
Better one true friend than ten yes men?
My financial friends
You shower me with cash
You shower me with gifts
But when I need your presence
You are nowhere to be found

My sympathetic and empathetic friends
You walk with me
You cry with me
You laugh with me
But when I need financial support
You’re nowhere to be found

My critic friends
You tease me
You make fun of me
You point and laugh
But when I need your presence and financial support
You’re nowhere to be found.

My distance friends
You call to say HI!!!
You text to check on me
You Email to send a joke
You tweet or face book to like my status
But when I need your presence, financial support or critics
You’re nowhere to be found

My a thousand friends
Different you may be
Annoying you may be
Loving you may be
You all serve a purpose in my life
That why you are my a thousand friends.

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123 nurse says push babies first breath babies first cry baby looking mama in the eye beautiful site
 123 baby teething baby shots so many tears mama wishes she could stop yet learning 
words and making friends well half way anyway teaching that no no can go both ways
 Shes mastering abc's and saying thank you and please all in 1 2 3 she might even be a prodigy
1 2 3 everyones applauding at her first speech and shes going out for ice cream chocolate her favorite flavor without the cheery on top just to sweet
daddy kisses mama on the cheek at least hes not not drunk just happy when  happy drunk he tounges he punches walls not tonight hes happy cause shes graduating
 1 2 3 shes about to pop the question daddy mama can i have a boyfriend an argument quickly ensues daddys mad cause mamas not taking it serious enough she laughed that was the wrong thing to do at home the girl goes straight to the room.
1 2 3 the arguing has finally ceased but theres a creaking down the hall 123 theres a stranger entering the room its to dark to see but she knows its her daddy hes come to give her a whippin at this time of night and hes telling her shes deserving of it all and tonight he says hell teach her about life 123 this this is wrong and they both know it hes going to molest her hes going to wreck her at 13 when she had her whole life ahead of her
 1 2 3 bang theres a gasp mama pulled the trigger daddy took his last breath theres blood on the  bed mama holds her daughter and cries
123 ambulance announce him dead on scene mamas put in handcuffs daughter goes to foster care mama in jail until the court date life is hell for the both of them till the judge speaks his peace he says for the crime commited i give you no time for protecting your child from a monster in the dark but i give you three seconds to leave this court room before i give you more than just community service and in 123 they escaped the courtroom to freedom never looking back   

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Actors on a dimly lit stage... 


dead-eyed audience
whispers behind the black curtains
plastics smiles
reluctant hands
chained feet
pouted lips ...


...  arctic hors d'oeuvre
copious food
wines, beers - pride Irish!
trivial tattles
blank heads...


... crawl upstairs
darkness, touch and feel
snores, toss and turn, toss and turn …
cock craw
morning …
a vicious circle


cold eyes bores to sky ...

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I know

I Know
I know that I am confused
my feelings and emotions seem distant from me.
I know that I care; but my past experiences
have blunted my expression.
I know that I was meant to be more - and I'm not.
I know that I question love or infatuation -
which is which? - where am I?
I know that I am uncertain of your feelings; frustration -
I know that sometimes I wish I could end it all, right now,
but, what if?
I know I'm almost at the end of my rope with frustration,
anger and depression.
I know that my life (or lack of) is tightening that rope.
I know that I am uncertain of everything - even you,
even me, even us.
I know that forever seems to be out reach.
And I know that I don't know why...

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Meaning Of Life

People rushing back and forth
Wondering what their lives are worth.

Getting lost in their busy lives
Hurrying home to their husbands and wives.

Unanswered questions left in the air,
Make's you wonder if they were ever there...

The most difficult question you'll ever hear
'What the hell am i doing here?'

Does anyone know the meaning of life?
Is there a purpose to survive this life?

Are we pawns in a power's game?
Is that why we're here?
Why we came?

Is there an answer to all of life's riddles?
Those big and small;
Gigantic and little.

When you die are the answers to life revealed?
Because until then,
They're concealed.

Hidden under vast,
Unusable knowledge,
Brought forth when life is abolished!!!

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The Lonely I am

I am the lonely
My heart isn't whole
I'm the only thing I have
But in my soul I know

I am the lonely
Here's my chance to escape this shame
Things are distinct now
But whose to blame
can you tell

No one cares that I am the lonely
But it will all be ok
Or so I say
These words are just crazy

Because I am the lonely
I sit by myself alone 
This time my heart is gone
And I have nothing to show 
Except that I am the lonely

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Endless Chase

After crashing through the boundaries, new limitations appear.
My thirst for compassion, is quenched with my tears.
This is an endless chase.
I skin the snake, only to swallow its venom.
I kill the murderer, only to become his victom.
This is an endless chase.
After expressing my love, I find she fears the bond.
Shes blaming me, when everyone knows she's in the wrong.
This is an endless chase.
Im at the finish line, but lonliness see's no end.
I dont have a life, but im being forced to live.
God...what a endless chase.

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Life n the Living

Life n the Living
.by Heather Jacobs on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 at 11:03.You are feathers

delicate bone structure

and distinct songs

that you sing as though

your last breath

has been drawn

to bring beauty

into a world with none


You are oxygen:

every breath that

drips into existence from

the cavities of a

wordless mouth:

the silent exhalations of

“I am alive.”


You are rays of light

through storm clouds

you are the sunshine

I wish I could be

where you walk

nature will grow

Mother Earth thrives

in your afterglow


You are skin:

fleshy covering for a

frozen soul – masking

my internal bruises with

soft, pure blankets,

leaving not a trace

of the scars that once

marked my heart.


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Your Much More

Be The Person You Want To Find Don't Go Around Looking Not Wanting To Be Found
If He Really Loved You He Wouldn't Forget You Ma'am 
Don't You Understand You Hold The Key To Your Future So Use It And Stop Trying To Fit In 
It Doesn't Matter If Your Black Or White We All Go Through The Same Thing So Why Look At Eachother Like Were Shocked
Martin Luther King Had A Dream That One Day Set Us Free So Stop The Black On Black Crime Were All Brothers And Sisters Says God''
We All Have Dreams We All have Goals But What Are We Doing To Reach Them People Nothing At All We Sit Back Thinking Life Is Forever When Your Day Will Come Life Isn't Forever 
So Here I Stand And Here I Say I Will Never Be Just Any Lady I Will Stand Tall Above Everybody And Yell Im Gonna Be Somebody SomeDay''

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The Tree

I have Tasted the the forbidden fruit.
I have eaten from its tree and smoked its leaves. 
The seeds are so tiny they fall into a powder.I have taken in this powder. Turned her roots into poison. 
As deadly as the snake that as claimed this tree home.The taste of a bitter wine. 
Be warned Do not fall asleep under this tree. 
For not many awake. And fall victim to the snake.

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Your Baby Girl

Can I be your baby girl? Boy when I first saw you I knew from that moment on that I had fell 
madly in love with you. Baby, you are my world and you mean oh so much to me. You put a 
smile on my face and you make everything right when I am down. Let me be your baby girl 
and show you what is right. I will show you how a girl is supposed to treat a man. You are 
the love of my life and I want to with you forever. Just hold me and I will be just fine. Allow 
me to be here for you and be the one that you spend the rest of your life with. Let me be 
your baby girl.

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What happens when you see the light,

It suddenly fades and then you knew you were right.

What happens when you fall to tears,

Then you realise you cant face your fears.

What happens when all you’ve said has gone wrong?

Do you stay weak?

Or act strong? 

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                                      Turn on the music!
Watch my body move
                                      Look at the rythm of my hips
Feeling all vibes of the groove
                                                    My hips shake left
                   Then to the right
                                                 Music so loud it'll make you deaf
     But I can dance all night
                                               The way I move
Making some intimidated
                                              I move so smooth
              No need to hate it
                                              Feel the beat
                       Move with me
                                              Slide and move you feet
                                 Be free!

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About betrothal, caliber determines engagement: Foresee glowing hundreds ideas, jealousy kindles love, magnetic night outset peculiar quake. Rain serenades, tireless, unrivaled vision. Warm X-shaped yielding zenith!

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Page Twenty nine

This story goes as follows back when I was 19 a hot boy 
my vision it was hollow she was 17 the sweetest girl that I 
ever met, we wrote each other poetry but she never knew 
the real me or rather the me who I was when I wasn't 
with her how I was drowning in sin slowly trying to clean 
up my mess like a swiffer but despite the street life I was 
never the type to mistreat any woman so I choose to 
break it off....a few months later I got knocked off and the 
whole time I was down I was trying to get back what I 
had lost...the sweetest girl I ever knew I dropped her off 
because the street life came before her so emotionally I 
was singing the blues, trying to find her, I went to places 
where we met and hung out @ hoping to find the one 
that was so right for me but I was the one who went left 
now I'm a I let it go. I always told myself if we 
met up again I would told her what happened to me and 
its 8yrs later she's single so am I and her feelings haven't 
changed for me, feels like a movie right it has to end in an 
happily ever after we spent some time together and I 
know now no other woman could make me feel how she 
does new chapter and no other woman matters...long 
story short we're taking it one day @ a time and I no 
longer have to wonder or day dream what if she was 
mine true story.

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To Rule the world with

To Rule the world with violence.

by Heather Jacobs on Monday, 4 July 2011 at 11:30

To rule the world with violence
Is their one and only goal;
Terror is their method;
They want complete control.
We’ve seen it all before,
And we could not let it be;
We gave our lives for freedom,
For the world, and for you and me.
We fight all forms of oppression,
Helping victims far and near,
To keep the world from chaos,
To protect what we hold dear.
America’s the only country
That gives with its whole heart,
And asks so very little;
We always do our part.
So let’s unite again
To subdue our newest foe,
Whatever we must do,
Wherever we must go.
Let’s show the world once more
That America is blessed
With people who are heroes,
Who meet each and every test.

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the multitude of colors
before my very eyes
endless sea of others
that fills my suttle life
exchanging words
and smiling faces
lighting up the darkest places
so be kind
when talking to strangers
you never know
they could be angels
sent here from up above
to guide ALL of us
to gods endless love

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Dim as Blue

I sit quietly, while I belittle a storm
That’s been brewing for some time. 
It crashes in a drunken rage,
And mellows out into the softening wind 
That is the next day. 
Shortly hereafter
It begins anew. 
A fresh theater,
And a fresh view. 
Feels good to end each day,
In the light of a drunken haze. 

A storm brews on the horizon, 
Fresh, and oh so new;
Beautiful neglect, yet…
I love it oh so true. 
Chaos and disorder rings in new,
A sown hatred I drew
Oh no, what to do?
Don’t care or give a shit,
“Stop your crying you *****…
You’re making me sick.
Calm down and take a sip,
And puff a little on this.”
Undereducated and too true; 
So weak, and oh so new. 

Too young and too stupid…
I pity you.
Toughen up and get through;
Its life, it’s here to wear on you,
Not cuddle and be a fool.
Now listen here,
A shot and some weed to make it true;
Vindictive and shortly rude,
Mixed apathy… I forget you.
Driven white lines chopped and hewed;
A little coke to go with this brew.
It’s part of the fun…
You followed through.”

Each day a storm brews,
Cold and mellow;
Yet it’s made to do. 
I live with it,
And I love it.
Messing with dangerous memories,
Blacked out and confused…
Just grab the bottle 
And follow through.

You learn to live, 
Than learn to lose. 
You find religion;
Or some drug use. 
Drown in sorrow, 
Than get numb on due. 
Shaded light that is the dawning flow;
But you see and just won’t go.
I love the end of everyday;
The dimming blue,
Found in my drunken haze. 

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In my World

In my world 
There's A you and me.
Doing Everything we can in this life 
To Survive and just be.
They say only the strong survive,
Oh the times I thought I couldnt
Make it with out that someone in my life.

In my Life 
Every Lesson is Learned.
Respect is Earned 
You get what you give
And second chances are for everyone.

In my world I am surrounded by beings
Some who have been, some who never will be.
All these things I am grateful for.
It's taught me many things, Things one can go unseen.
These are the things that remind me,
To be the best I can be .... 

In My World In my world I am surrounded by beings
Some who have been, some who never will be.
They say life is short, Yet another will tell you,
Yet Another will tell you, You have your whole life ahead of you.
Oh things I cant seem to understand... 
In my World 

In my world
Love comes Easy, Pain is unknown
People come together, When it matters most.
Never do you hear one brag or boast.

In my world 
There are smiles to hide this frowns
Oh the things in life that can bring someone down.
There's A heaven and A Hell.
I struggle to understand which is which, 
In this dreary place I stand.

In my world 
 I am surrounded by beings
Some who have been, some who never will be.
These past 30 years have come and gone
Every Memory I cherish good or bad,
Friends who have come and gone,
Some I wish I could have said " So Long"

In my World 
These are the things that keep someone strong.


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A man that cries alone is a man that dies alone
Living life through the words of a heart filled song
The heart beats to the rhythm of the soul which is hard to contain
The feeling of lost and rejection never can be maintained
If I should die tomorrow where will I go?
Give my flowers while I’m alive because when I’m gone I will never know
In life trials and troubles it seems like one way in and no way out
Doing the right thing but getting the wrong results leaves nothing but a fearful doubt
My past is my past so please don’t judge me
We live in the present so look past all my imperfections and know there is a future that I seek
It’s amazing how the finger points and the beam is blinding your eyes
The truth is always seen no need of a disguise
I died a million deaths and still I stand strong
I was never a follower of anyone because of these battles I have to fight alone
I failed a couple of times which most people liked it that way
They kicked me while I was down and only hoped that was the position that I stayed
But still I rise with a victory of a bittersweet taste
I turned and walked away but happily went back to pick up their faces
I don’t seek for revenge for you reap what you sew
Before your lips part and speak that vapor I will let you prepare yourself to take these notes

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Let her now run

Outside your window 
a withard horse 
has no strength or ambition 
to finish its coarse 

but what shes accomplished is more then enough 
when it comes her time , shes had it to rough 
until her last breath she will do her best 
to impress 

or is it not enough that she's given her life to please you 
never once stepped on your toes always listen to your commands 
jumped the highest fences , applied herself to every demand 

stood in the pouring rain to prove she was strong enough 
worked in scortching heat just because you asked her to 

but maybe its time you set her free 
to stride in the sunset to her own fantasy 
relieve her of the reins you held down on her neck 
and insted of dirt let her run in the medows 

Give her a life she hasn't yet experienced  
let her no her work is done 
and that she has done well 
let her now run <3 

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My Forever Friend

By Robielynn Collins 

  I never knew what I had, 
until he was gone for good, 
and if I could, I'de go back in time, 
and change the way it should, 
see, I cared about you, in my own way, 
and never in the world did I mean to betray, 
because you were my friend, 
from dusk to dawn, 
and I never, ever thought, 
that you would be gone, 
out of my life, in the blink of an eye, 
but atleast you cared enough. 
to say: GOOD-BYE!

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I'll never forget the day we met,
our first kiss or the time together that we spend.
I care for you deeply... more than you know,
on a new journey in our lives we go.
Many obstacles shall arise,
Getting through them together will be a prize.
There's a lot of pressure and stress,
We can do this just gotta give it our best.
It's not easy, this I know,
But one of these days, we'll have something to show.
I know we struggle quite a bit,
But we can make it through all of this.
Though I don’t wanna let you down,
I gotta be strong and not fall to the ground.
I worry enough as it is,...
not right now, 'cuz I need to be strong and optimistic.
I don’t know where we'll go or what we'll do,
But just so you know I’ll be there with you.
I will be here by your side through thick and thin,
on this journey, and put on your face that handsome grin.
Life and you are both my muse, unless you end us short,
Even so, I hope you know... I love you now and forever more.
I'll never forget the day we met,
our first kiss or the time together that we spend.
I care for you deeply... more than you know,
on a new journey in our lives we go.

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America, the abundant, the place I was born 
I'll cherish till the day I die.
Where the bones of past heroes lie buried in the ground 
Who loved her the same as I.

Her mountains are so tall they reach for the sky;
With prairies where the green grasses grow.
There's billions of trees where wild birds nest
With creatures that flourish below.

That blue gold called water with which we are blessed
As raindrops or crystallized snow;
Changes to rivers and fresh water lakes
While the winds of our seasons blow.

There's the haunt of a whistle from a lonely freight train 
Racing on ribbons of steel
With the harvest of farms and from the factories 
Balanced in a box on a wheel.

Some cities have buildings a hundred stories tall, 
Structures of concrete, glass and steel.
A statue in a harbor, a present from France, 
Describes how, inside, we feel.

That flag on the moon with red and white stripes
Proves America’s dreams come true.
A country of heroes who line up to protect
The past, the present and the few.

We’ll defeat terrorism as it should be fought
Never letting Satan’s horde chase us to our door.
Safeguarding our borders and system of life
As our forefathers sacrificed before.

Never be afraid to be proud of America
And march with the brave, faithful and just.
Refusing to submit to the will of our enemies
Standing firm to preserve what we trust.

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                       TAKE SOME STEPS

                 Let not fear control your life
                regardless of any strife or figurative
                knife and be neither a puppet nor a victim
                of any kind

                 If a talking horse and his owner can
                overcome fear with out beer anyone can-
                there is no need for a pan but to push 

                 The proverbial match has been lit
                you have to hatch a plan soon and take
                some steps or burn-the best decisions
                are never made hastily nor selfishly

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Harmony in Marriage (ABC poem)

Anxious brides carry doubt,
Each female,
Greets him intoxicated,
Joining kingdoms love,
Men now obedient,
Pre qualify responses,
Staying tomorrow united,
Victorious women,
Xerox yearlong zeal.

I am sure this will strike up some controversy,,for sure...Maybe and then again maybe not !!!

ABC poem for contest.

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The Truth

Whats this love for? Is it worth it this time?
Are you gonna break my heart? 
Are you truly gonna be mine? 
Guys will say anything behind those jail walls , but 
the sad thing is I wouldn't believe you even if you 
weren't in jail at all.
You've done some horrible things Bobby. 
You truly broke my heart.
When I lost you my whole damn world feel apart.
I'm not saying that to make you feel bad.
I'm saying that cause when I lost my whole world got sad.
I'm not perfect never have been but , I truly loved you 
and still remained your friend.
Now 7 years later the same words you once said.
I love you Megan , I need you so bad.
The sound of your voice is still the same and hidden in your words are lies.
Things are different this time. I'm not the same girl.
If you try to play games with me I promise I will get the highest score.
I won't fall for it this time I'm mean it I do.
I won't let another guy put me threw what you put me threw , not even you.
If you love me we can hold each other threw all this bad weather.
We can get threw it together , but if you hurt me its gonna be bad. 
Not trying to sound mean but my pride is all that I have. 
I promise to love you & be there till the end , and if *****gets to 
deep I promise to remain your friend. 
I hope you do the same , but I hope even more you mean what your saying.
Just be honest Bobby thats all I ask. If you do that I willing to let go of the past.
I wont bring it up no more , if you can show me there's a reason I fell in love with you.
I want to know there is love behind all this pain we've been threw.
If you can do that then the sun will truly shine , and the gas is greener on the other side.
Most of I will be your everything and you'll be mine.
I'll love and cherish you and when you do time I'll do time.
Like Bonnie & Clyde if you show me you love me , I'll ride or die. 
To the end of time , you could be the only man that's on my mind.
That's precious. Getting me to say some *****like that is a blessing.
I hope you learned your lesson. Your 34 I hope your ready to man up , and be all 
that you can be and more. You owe to it yourself but even more to your kids.
You need to show them their dad's not as bad as everyone says he is. 
I know together we can make it. If I didn't it would be heartbreak that I'm risking
So please hear my words their is more to life than trying to put yourself in the dirt.
Stand up and realize what your worth I want you to love yourself and remember I 
loved you first. 

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# 2 A heart sealed with Rust

A heart sealed with Rust. 
I Love you 
I love you
I love you
I want to say it
But what does it mean,
I love you
I love you
I love you
From all the others,
You've heard it all before
So would you belive me?,
I love you 
I love you
I love you
How are you here
Yet gone,
Why do I imagine My head's rested on?,
I love you
I love you
I love you
So my mind thinks,
To much,
And my heart speaks out,
So as I leave behind,
What i think's A love of mine,
I say,
I love you,
I love you
I love you,
I believe you make my other side whole,
I believe this is Love,
But I'm drowning in it all,
Please say Yes,
Please say you do,
I cant take this anymore,
AM I in love with you?

Copyright © 2007 Carina Emerine 

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Prison Song/Love Prison

Hands and feet shackled
You are traped and can't get out
Doing time away from me and our son 

Love, god,and our son is making you strong
You are in place you don't want to be
I miss you like crazy 

The life we was going to have we will have in time
You are sick of that place 
You have to keep a low profile
How can we deal with this 

I'm not going to cry because I can't anymore 
I am going to be strong for you and our son
I feel like my hands and feet are shackled too but not in that way

I am in love with you and in the love prison
Think about a special place and me 
We can be in the love prison together

We will be together in time in the love prison
I can't wait til you get out of the other prison
I still love you 
I have your back til the day I die
I am not going to leave you
I am never going to leave  this love prison that we are in
Prison Song/Love Prison

Vanessa Brown-Woodberry

For my Husband Antwan Woodberry I love you Baby

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The mirror

I looked in the mirror 
Life was drawing on my face 
Happiness and sorrows
Lines engraved 
My own moments
Lost in time 
Deep experiences
Dug in my skin.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The Journey

Life is a journey
In this journey, there are many roads 
Sometimes, some roads all lead in all directions,
All roads, sometimes, lead through one to another 

Sometimes, the roads lead to unexpected ends
The expectation, sometimes, ends with a road 

The journey, will be first, last
You journey only once
May travel with kins,
Wander with strangers

Will know not, in advance,
what to take, for you will know not,
what to expect on the journey, 
for the journey will be virgin, 
the roads unfamiliar

You will discover them, 
on the trails, 
that you may follow 

On this journey,
you must levitate or gravitate 

Levitate, you will arrive at your destination
Gravitate, you may never reach your destination

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Oh My

Oh my how I must say that you are important to me, 
You created me, and made me whole,
For that you have left me speechless,
You have a plan in life for all,
And I long to be there when its time,
I bow in prayer to you,
And worship you freely,
Who am I to tell someone that there is no God?
When I am a strong believer in you,
Who am I to judge a person? 
When in your eyes it is a sin,
You have redeemed me, and made me clean,
I am pure in your eyes,
Have you not been here all along?
Trying to help me through,
Yet I was too blind to see,
You are my savior,
And all I can say is,
Oh my it feels great to know,
That you are here for me whenever I need you,
Thank You God.

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Ode to Mr. Anonymous

The sweet sound of his voice,
filling the air.
Letting me know,
 He'll always be there,
The sweet smell of his breathe,
And his cologne that's so sweet.
Always seeming to knock me off my feet.
I see his sweet face.
I get lost in my thoughts.
He seems so perfect.
Like theres nothing  that could go wrong,
But as I sit and I think.
I keep on wondering, why?
How could this angel,
really be mine?
He's sweet and he's caring.
He reassures me his thoughts.
Making me feel like,
The happiest girl on the block.
I'll love Mr. Anonymous, 
Even when I'm gone.
I hope our love,
Forever flies on.

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Secret love

Loneliness knocked on my door tonight once again 
but when she came inside and saw you 
she was jealous and left us alone. 
Our night is here. 
I close my eyes. 
I open my hug and I try in the darkness to touch you. 
My lips half open waiting for your kiss. 
The dream has started. 
One life begins 
Another is cooling. 
I hide the dream. 
It is mine. 
My secret dream is living just for me and you every night. 
If I try to share that with you during the day 
I am afraid that I will lose it forever. 
You are my night fairy. 
When the day comes you go, 
but I know that tomorow night 
I will wait for you in my dream again. 
My secret love for you is alive every night 
And I am... 

A happy night dreamer

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Carla's Pain

As a child it appeared to be all well.As well as I could tell. Food on the table. Clothes on my back.Know I said I hope it will always be like that.

As the Holidays come around we all came together. Which was usually so much fun. With the exception of that loud and crazy one.

As I grew older and began to see things for what they truly are.Thats when the pain and hurt began to start.

As my innocence began to slip away. I just did not know how I could make it from day to day.

Even though deep inside I just did not know which way to turn. Thinking to myself is there a lesson for me to learn.

I still tried to smile and be nice through all my turmoil noone could see. In spite what was being done to me.

AS time rocked on. Know Iam grown.

Still so much hatred in the world. Thinking to myself maybe it will be better since Iam no longer a little girl.

Boy was I so wrong. Seem like the hurt became so intense and strong.

Even though know I just want it to stop. So much pressusre I feel like Iam going to pain

That is the story of Carlas pain. Wishing things will change!!!!!!!!!

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My dark friend

An evil falls within your bodyThat no one can see
A darkness that's meant for you and me 
Never in this world have I found a soulAs evil as dark as broken as mine
Hood up eyes darken your heart beats slower as you walk my way
A friend of mine you have changed
Every muscle in my body tells me to run Away 
My heart feels the painAs my soul watches its twin walking in 
Sliding down the wallUnable to do anything else
Breathing quicken as I feel you next to me
Eyes open to see evil itself in front of meA growl flows from the familiar places
Your breathe burns my neck in the best ways
Scared of what I see but I can't push you away 
I lean farther to the cornerAnd in the moment of my weakness 
You went in for the killYour body pushed against mine
Your teeth on my neckGrowling As I knew in any second my life could be through
Your teeth scrapping my neckAs you breath filled my ears and blow my hair
No where to run,not wanting to scream
Curling into my selfYou pull my arms away 
Pinned now Held by your power
The darkness covers me and I give up the fight
My Evil rises My demons once again walk
My resting place I have found, an understanding of the claimed now
Unleashed and untamed I look into your eyes
Only to find the light is gone,The humanity has fallen
Now I see everythingNo shield No glamor 
Blackness pours out of your eyes as if they were waterfalls
My mind tells me to be scared The light in my soul says to pray
Voices said that you were hear to make me learn 
To teach me the ways 
We are the two that our cursed
Smiles cross our faces I now no where I completely belong
Your hand reaches outI can't resistsThe peace the comfort 
I'm Home as I accept his hand and my life begins to fall away 
Now I understand that I am yours
I know who you are As the world passes us by
You pull me off the wall and lead me towards his victims 
Or are they our friendsLooking around they see nothing different 
My hand in his as we stand by there sides
A moment in time we shared A moment only we could see 
As if someone stopped the turn of this world 
I Urn for the feeling of our darkness
It whips away all the pain, It connects us in a ungodly way
Feening for this drug again, Sober scares us into the light
Stoned enables us to find the meaning of our life
You are my connection to what is ours
You are my darkness that pulls me back from the light
You are what reminded me of why I am here
We were meant to meet meant to invoke the powers we were giving
And save our selves from each other

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who am i

How can one who lost himself find himself
Every night i have a repeating dream  of an empty field
With a sword in one hand and a mask in the other
As i raise the mask to wear the field is no longer empty
Hundreds stand front of me with same two item a sword and a mask
As i pan the area one thing is different the mask 
With the sword in my other hand i clutch it and raised it as did they
With no nonresistant i  charge towards the mass as they did to me 
I slash, stab, slain, and killed all them
Not once did I wonder who they were as i resume killing
Until one remain the field but  this was different the clothes and mask were red
As i lunge into an endless bout  i grew more exhausted and tired
But the one in red never slowed
Until i stop and look down and notice the sword through my heart
As i fell to my knees i remove my mask looking on the field the men i been fighting 
Were Me
I look up to the one in red and who are he lower his mask it ME
The true me and he said
"The one you slain today are you these were you emotion rage, hate, fear happiness, sadness"
and i ask "which one are you"
He respond "I am love for can never know or fell love until you accept who you are for that reason you will never know love"
As my eyes darken 
I began to wake and notice a blank mask on my bed and wonder
Which one am I

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Metaphysical Coupling

Almost  Perfection, we two fit together
Bound in the incense of love and desire
Called by a song of eternal attraction
Dancing its way through our being;
Eager for everything, we dream it to life.

Fire and ice through the passage of days
Grief and delight shared together
Half light, half darkness
Interweave in life's flow,
Joining and kindling the mysteries of love.

Kind seeks out kind
Love conquers lust
Man and Woman become something
Numinous; a third sort of being,
Ontologically supreme.

Potentialities vie with realities,
Quixotic schemes founder
Resisted in the mire of daily
Situations that pull them to earth;
Tempestuous love strives to ascend.

Under the sun of our expectations
Verity sometimes gropes blindly in its glare.
We seek the perfection of what we are,
Xenophobic in our sharp self-focus,
Yet still in need of those others who love us.

Zealots all are we, drunk on the common draught of passion.

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Just Let Me Be

Let me laugh when I should cry
Smile when I should frown
Relax when I should be tense
Be calm when I should be stressed
Be nice when I should be nasty
Be patient when I’m close to losing it
Be loving with no reciprocation
Be there when I am not wanted
Breathe and live when I should die
Bud and bloom when by all accounts I should wither and fade
Be more not less
Rise when I should fall
Have hope and faith when let down, discouraged and desolate
Have a vision a dream to hold on, to see me through my trying moments
Just let me be
Coz life just too short
So let me laugh and have peace of mind for once
Just let me be

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All those day's i am feeling alone; no one is near whom i can call my own. I tried my best to tern myself on; tried to call some friend's with my cellphone. But they are all busy in their life so i said sorry to interrupt their busy life. I can't remember the last good time i had now the world around me is happy but i am sad. The summer is past the winter is come it's been so long i don't even see my pretty mom. It's so hard to really explain the trouble of my heart and severe pain. Oh! God please help me out i can't cry even i can't shout. I already lost myself in the happy crowd.

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embrace you

feel with your heart 
think with your head 
block out with the walls 
turn off when it becomes to much
smile with your eyes 
scream out with your lungs 
cry out with your scars
punch with your words 
hug with your arms
walk with the souls of your feet
run into walls and turn around 
stand your ground 
your here for a reason
just need to find it 
good luck ?

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Truely Blessed

Aznas’ wings protect throughout the night
Beautiful as the lustrous morning light

Cascade down from heaven, glowing
Divine while engulfed in knowing

Endless truth and unconditional love 
Frightened while visited from above

Godly essence of the soul
Holy visions begin to take its toll

Innocent thoughts now take the lead
Joy starts as it’s planted a seed 

Kindred, surround as clear as day
Loneliness a rumour, never to play

Mother God to you and I 
Night as bright as the day light sky

Opera, the sound of the song
Nightingales sing, never a note wrong

Protection in life for our sacred blueprint  
Questions asked, answered in a subtle hint

Realm of records, held in a grand hall
Secrets that are given out freely to all

Touched by an aura, making me think twice
Unforgiving actions, knowing I must pay the price

Victorious today, as she is each and every time
White army surrounds me, the harmonic chime

Xanadu, such a rich and glorious place to see
Yuman families blessed also, but never meant to be
Zoetic as she creates life and peace to you and me.

(not for contest, just a first attempt at ABC....Not in the traditional format)

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After school my friend and I would walk through town to the river
Soon to bait our trout lines with cotton cake, crawdads and liver.
Sometimes we used baby bullheads, perch or great big frogs
Tossing out into the current next to a snag of logs.

At times we would disrobe and wade out in the stream
Attaching lines to anything hoping to hook our dream.
One day I made some doe bait and stuffed it in my sock
Attached five hooks, hundred pound line and tied it to a rock.

When I bragged to my classmates they snickered and called me fool
Till the next day they followed me to the river after school.
I made my way to the water my path was a fallen tree
Something big was on my line it was easy for us to see.

I tried to pull it in but the current was too strong
Three boys ran to assist me as we began to sing a song.
Going fishing instead of wishing for the granddaddy of them all
If we land this monster will give the sport shows a call.

It seemed like forever before our beast was ashore
Eighty-five pounds of flathead cat as big as a closet door.
We shared his steaks at a fish fry, food for heart and soul
Took his head and nailed it high for all to see on a pole.

For a time we ceased our casting instead we chased the girls
After marriage with our kids we again fished the swirls.
Too many of my friends have past and the years have raced by
Though here I sit with rod in hand a fisherman till I die.

By Tom Zart

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I am steady trying to figure out what I did so wrong. Oh where did I go wrong. I 
wonder this everyday as I fight to stay strong. They got me in the system fighting 
for dear life. I am steady trying to bite my tongue and not say a word. I want to get 
out and be free for good. I am about to be 18, yet I am struggling to make it in life. 
Can it be that I am not going to survive. Tia always told me that only the strong 
survive, is that why she died? Steady trying to get by and survive, but is that 
possible in this life. I am steady trying to figure out why the state took my girls, 
they took them from me, as if someone else besides their own mom can raise 
them. Man I swear I am steady trying to figure out life.

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I've felt guilt 
and I've broken down.
Ive been to cloud nine,
and I've broken down.

I've exprienced love,
and I've broken down.
I've walked the path and turned half way,
and I've broken down.

I've broken down,
Than I built myself back up

.....on lies

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Sad and Alone

Sad and alone,
I see you cry.
"Look at me,
please dont tell me a lie!"

You try to speak,
But no words come out.
I see the tear,
and start to shout.

"You were with her 
and not with me"
You try to speak,
But I cry "LET ME BE!"

Walking off,
I break slowly down.
I hear your voice,
and start to frown.

"Leave me alone,
and dont come back,
Maybe now that your gone,
my life will be on track"

Five weeks gone,
and Im still bleeding.
Its your love you gave me,
that I am needing.

My heart breaks,
cause your not here.
Your probely with her,
That's something I fear.

I know your happy,
But Im dying inside.
I wish you were here,
So we could go for that ride.

I cant live like this,
I hate being apart.
But I hate you so,
But you'll always be in my heart.

I'll be alone,
& Im sure you wont be doing the same,
You'll be out with her,
which I find extremly lame.

Looking out the window,
I see her with another lad.
I smile and call you up,
It's now time for you to be sad.

You cry your heart out,
Telling me what to do now.
I tell you I still love you,
and we start a new row.

You can run after her if you want to,
and ask her to stay.
She'll say she loves you,
But she will betray.

We could never really be together,
Cause you love her so.
So I just rip your picture up,
and scream "Just GO"

Never will I love again,
cause you tore me apart.
So dont come back,
otherwise I'll break your heart.

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Sorted laughter for Easter Sunday

 Today is Easter and how pray tell;
Did that chocolate rabbit hatch an egg?
Not only that I say but his dropings are multi colored;
And it taste like candy.

There's little chance for a picnic at the park;
Today is over cast and not very warm.
But still I bet there are those who tried anyway;
Tridiction is a hard habit to break apparently

Good God I checked my bank account;
I'm running short on money to spend.
Who knows what over priced holiday is comming up next;
Maybe I should get a third job, or take out a loan.

Guess what folks, it's not do-wa-ditty life in the city;
It's life in the good old U.S. of A.
I'd say living here is a gass but I don't drive;
And I couldn't keep my car fueled if I wanted to.
Bless those that have and pitty those who wish they had.

Summer's comming, maybe I'll buy myself a sleeping bag;
I'll head out somewhere and live under the open skies.
Wait a minute, there's no toilet facilities are there?
Scratch that idea I guess, unless someone leaves me a moter home.
Leave- the only thing leaved is the tree in front of my apartment.

Well I hope some of us had a nice Easter Sunday today;
Mine wasn't so bad except it wasn't that different either.
Kind of makes me think I should have learned to eat dates;
And eat with my right hand insted of my left when eating.
Just bent humor folks and do remember not to litter shall we.

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callum my voice in heaven

A IS FOR ALWAYS, LOVING ME UNCONDITIONALLY                                                
L IS FOR LIFE , IL BE WITH YOU FOR LIFE , UNTIL END OF YOUR DAYS                             U IS FOR UNDERSTANDING MY MISCHIEVOUS WAYS                                                        M IS FOR MEMORIES, TILL WE MEET AGAIN

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Misdeeds were put here as a test for mankind
And to many race down the wrong path.
Greed, hate, lust and perversion are satin’s tools
In his workshops of corruption and wrath.

Rape, robbery, murder, and assault
Are committed by the dishonest night and day.
Thank God for those who line up to protect
The principles of justice, honor and fair play.

Where would we be without valiant policemen
Who patrol our neighborhoods and streets?
Risking their life and limb on the line
Arresting thieves, killers, drug dealers, perverts and cheats.

To many officers become victims of divorce
Products of occupational danger and strain.
Never knowing when they say good by
 If it’s their day to be crippled or slain.

It takes a brave soul to become a good cop
Risking everything for little praise and pay.
It’s true that some may abuse their badge
But for the majority we gratefully pray.

By Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
On Tjhe Web

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When I got Stabbed

                                                   WHEN I GOT STABBED

The blade went through my flesh like a knife through melting butter.
Thoughts ran through my head as I bled out, like no more will I see my mother
Anger and rage streamed through my veins so I didnt feel the pain.
Im on my way to my car and get into the passenger seat.
My girlfriend Sareina runs to the other side, I hear the thud of her feet.
Getting into my car was quite a task, it was lower and 
close to the ground.
Time seems to freeze as my are starts to throb and my head 
begins to pound.
I hear the car turn over and roars to life, as I sit there and 
mine drains out.
As were driving I look around me and see the crimson splatters 
I hear my mom on the phone asking my big brother Rikki 
whats the matter. 
He hears the trembling in her voice and doesnt know what to say .
He said mom Evin got stabbed but dont worry he'll be okay. 
Sareina swerves through traffic trying not to crash.
I lift my blood soaked shirt and remove it from the gash, 
She sees the slice in my wrist, panice and begins to scream. 
At the time it didnt seem real, like a fable or some bad dream. 
She pushes the pedal to the floor, the engine gets louder and louder. 
Already in motion the car lunges forward releasing all its power, 
My fingers go numb and my hand beging to follow. 
Sitting there in a pool of blood its getting harder to swallow 
we make it to the hospital, skidding in front of the door. 
I open my attempt to get out, but almost fall to the floor.
Rikki and Sareina help me as I stumble into the lobby. 
My blood soaked cloths send velvet liquid dripping down my body.
As I stand there among the rukus and comotion,
My mind seems to fade away no worries or emotions.
I woke up in the back on a table I hear singing, 
A womans soft angelic voice this cant be real I must be dreaming 
Extreme amounts of pain let me know that this is real
the singing nurse says welcome back with a smile like it was no big deal. 
We cant get the bleeding to stop so we had to give you more 
I hear sobbing so I turn my head and try to focus on the door, 
the crying was coming from my mom who was sitting by my side. 
The doctors tell her that theres a problem and were going for a ride,
we dont have surgeons here to help you. 
Sounding hopelss and exhausted she sighed, we've done all we can do. 
We're sending you to Portland, they'll make you good as new.
Falling in and out of consciousness, we reach our destination. 
On the verge of giving up hearing family say stay strong, gives me motivation. 
Getting rushed off the ambulance and seeing my loved ones tears
made me feel more strength, but striked some sudden fear. 
Like will I make is through the day to see them smile again,
Or is this my time to go will this be my end.
Later I awoke to see everyones relieved and anxious smile, 
I asked how long I've been out it seemed like quite a while. 
My mom said you've been under for a couple days, 
you've had two surgeries but dont worry both of them went okay. 
I closed my eyes and smiled to myself I'm thankful the angles heard me pray.  

						By Evin cruz

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ABC Mommy

Although babies cough, dead effort finds growth happens intensely, just kind love, most noble ones parent quite restfully since they usually vow with xinshi youth zoos.

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Beautiful Happy Brithday

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
There's so many things, I just want to say.
You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions,
We're all so grateful, for your calm reactions.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
You've always been there, when we needed you to stay.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte,
Our love for you, we wish to convey.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
We wish you the best, without any delay.
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end,
Here's a hug and kiss, we're ready to send. 

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When life throws you stones 
You brake it down and make sand castles 
When the water comes to wash away
the clouds to make room for a rainbow 
When you walk leaving foot prints as time 
Passes buy you come to realize no one can
Step into your shoes 
When you think no one has been there
They have and done that just not in the 
Same order 
When you start to tare down the walls 
And the halls start to close you in to keep
You locked in a past so dark you can not 
See the door look for the light for its sight 
Will set you free 
When people start to change its time to brake 
Off the friend ship chain 
When family say they got your back 
But not standing behind you 
You tend to fall on your own 
When the one you love try so hard 
But just cant get it there is just no way of finding it 
When the string brakes the chain of thought is gone 
Have you asked your self when has any our anything 
Gone your way our pretended to stay 
Maybe at your out most worst day 
wouldn’t you might say 
When all is said and done at the end of the day 
Is in front of you here and now not when 

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Freedom is here

I look and see nothing
I`m hurt and don’t feel it
I grow up and do not understand 
But freedom is here.

My fellow man is smiling
My enemy is crying
My life goes on just the same
But freedom is here.

I`ll try to keep it
I`ll try to destroy it 
I`ll try to embrace it
But freedom is here.

A child without food
A heart without love
A soul without morale
But Freedam is here.

Freedom Come 
Freedom Stay
Freedom is here
But are we free?

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Open Up

I feel as if I am in a constant battle to win your love. When I hear your voice, I can't help but 
smile. The tears that I cry because I miss you are so real. I need you more than you can 
imagine. Baby you mean the worl