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Quatrain Health Poems | Quatrain Poems About Health

These Quatrain Health poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Health. These are the best examples of Quatrain Health poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Ode to a rose on a sunset

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as the clouds dip into the sea.
A kiss from that rose as the waves fall,
over the beach to a rose kissed me.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as we wrap in lovers embrace.
A kiss from a rose as homeward we go,
to a bed clothed in satin and lace.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
with passion and warmth do we grasp.
A kiss from that rose that blossoms and blooms,
my hand in her labour pain clasp.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
that wanton and curvy young bride.
A kiss from that rose that huddles our babe,
so loving, in motherly pride.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
without whom I'd not share my life.
A kiss from that rose who selflessly filled,
the place of my darling rose wife!

(c) anaisanais - A M Docherty - Wales, United Kingdom. (7/8/2013)

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My Torment

A fleeting still small voice tries to warn me
A sudden overwhelming desire to run
The tell tale taste of metallic flakes
Means my nightmare has begun

Everything around takes on a ghostly pallor
A landscape of anguish and corrosion
A moment of silence before the violence
The flash of light, the brilliant explosion

The sound of the Sun fills my ears
Fear, my throat, though none escapes me
And paralyzed I clench my eyes
As my tormentor prepares to rape me

And it's endeavor is absolute
Consumption is its ultimate goal
It exists to chase me so it can erase me
Whilst feasting on my soul

And then that familiar salty smell 
The sudden rush of warmth so stings
Engaging me relentlessly
In vile unspeakable things

Over and over and over again
My limbs stretched and wrought
As it's teeth tear my bones bare
It's mind defiles my thoughts

And still wounds beget wounds beget wounds
As in the mouth of madness I suffer
And with every injury he just seems to be
Rougher and rougher and rougher

Then just as suddenly as it began it ceases
And for a moment I am clearer
And then the true horror of it all
Is revealed in a darkly lit mirror

There in front of me stands my destroyer
Face flush with it's fill of my pain
And I find that it's eyes and mine
My God, they’re one in the same

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A Piece of Bread.

My mother starts moaning, with another one due.
She won't live to see, as she struggles to wheeze.
I never knew famine would produce skies so blue.
But no need for toilets, I forget how to squeeze.

Searing sun inflates skulls into baroque balloons.
One whining dog, dying , from a surfeit of fleas.
I squint as my sister beats a roach with a spoon.
She's holding out hope, with a morsel to tease.

My eyes can still water from the feces and trash,
tossed up by vultures to release fresh disease.
I dig up what moist dirt I can pound into mash.
An old man collapses, not a single one grieves.

What passes for corpses- baking black as they pop.
Now the flies feel the heat and retreat to the trees.
My brother keeps wailing and I wish he would stop.
My breathing grows shallow in the oven fed breeze.

If it helps each of you,
I am down on my knees.
I beg you.
Hand me one piece of bread.
Would you, please?

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Life happens when you're busy,
Making other plans,
And things are often side tracked,
By circumstantial demands.

When you least expect it,
And sometimes when you do,
Life throws you a curve ball,
And some folks sit and stew.

They fuss and cuss and grumble,
Stomp their feet and call out names,
When it's just life in one big bundle,
And there's no one to blame.

Stuff happens, that's the way it is,
Grow up and face the facts.
Learn to face it like a man,
Stop putting on an act,

Like everything should be just fine,
Should be a bed of roses,
Well every rose bush has some thorns,
As well as blossoms for our noses.

Life justisn't perfect.
It's just not meant to be.
It's not your fault and it's not mine.
There's no use blaming me.

Relax and learn to smile at life.
Just take it as it comes.
You really have no other choice.
You might as well have fun.

Learn to laugh at life, Chill Out,
You'll come out better in the trade,
If when life hands you some lemons,
You'll make some lemonade.

You'll live a whole lot longer,
And maybe keep your wife,
If you stop your griping,
And accept that that's just life.

                                   Judy Ball

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Childlike Faith

A child believes many things,
Especially what he is told.
People usually stop believing
When they think that they are old.
Why this is, I don't quite know;
For in my youth, I can't say,
Maybe they stop trusting in life
When they find their hairs are grey.
Or perhaps they are saddened when
They feel they've been betrayed
When they learn that life is far too short
Despite how much they've prayed
But there is hope to which I cling
That as I age, I wish to achieve:
You're only as old as you feel,
And you feel what you believe.

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Then Fate Took It's Turn

My hero to me, was just a simple man
He was ill throughout his life, but he raised two sons
Two jobs he held down until he couldn't anymore
Then fate took it's turn, and turned his heart sore

First was the youngest, on a broken bottle he fell
His artery slashed, was the start of his hell
I recovered from my trauma, nearly losing my life
But my accident increased, his ill health into strife

Over the next two years he was hospitalised
His sons fostered out, in fatherless cries
To children's homes they went, from pillar to post
Yearning for the person, who loved them the most

He gradually recovered, we became a family again
Once again fate took it's turn, returning life's pain
On a Monday night back in nineteen sixty nine
What every parent dreads, returned him to ill health decline

His two boys excited, joining the local Boy's Brigade
Running as fast as they could, for time to be made
The older was faster, he ran well ahead
The younger lagging behind, his little legs so delayed

On turning the corner, all I could see
Was my older brother, running well ahead of me
Without looking left or right, onto the street he ran
A split second later, he was hit by a van

My life entered slow motion, whilst I witnessed it all
To see your brother knocked down, a sibling to fall
He was caught under the van and dragged down the street
At seven years old, too terrified to greet

Over the next six years, his heath gradually became worse
He was more in hospital, in illness immersed
That's why he is my hero, to my lost brother and me
He's the kind of man that I've turned out to be

He had no quality of life, but what he gave meant more
The love for his two boys all through his life's sores
Holding down two jobs through illness and strife
Admirable, that's just a word, he gave me my life

My entry for Crystal Wilkins contest 'My Hero'

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Pandemic Pandemonium (Swine Flu)

Pardon skepticism, but it’s true
There’s too much ado about Swine Flu
Thirty-one deaths by May of ‘09
In 25 nations worldwide
Avoid all public transportation
And forego annual vacations
Protect us from the dreaded Swine Flu
By closing our schools and churches too
The government was slow to react
When HIV first left its tracks
On drug users, gay communities
Thousands died in the 1980s
But when the “pure of soul” met demise
With blood transfusions linked to lost lives
AIDS won interest from politicians
Lightning struck, they sprang into action
Swine Flu can kill, but what’s the fuss?
Other illnesses claim more of us
Look back to the Fourteenth Century
For true epidemiology
Black Death caused widespread annihilation
Nearly half Europe’s population
The Smallpox deadly legacy
Egypt-born, 1350 BC
Fifteen million had this disease
As recent as the 1960s
Eradication finally defined
December 1979
Return to Century Fourteen
To find the world’s first quarantines
Cholera ships confined to ports
But still this plague reached landlubbers’ doors
Regular flu in winter thrives
Each week taking 800 lives
Though common colds seldom spell doom
Thousands flock to emergency rooms
So answer this: Why all the hype
When Swine Flue takes a gentler bite
Newspaper headlines must be filled
Across their banners Swine Flue spills
Or could these reports be diversions
For something more foul in our nation
Are dogs now being wagged by their tails
As health hazards go, the Swine Flu pales
Hire Willie to write a theme song
But don’t expect us to sing along
Don’t blink, or Washington may think
They’ve succeeded in this hoodwink

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A Life Of Madness

She lives in a world of her own
where no one can reach her soul
alone in a solitary room
she sits on her bed and stares at the wall

This is what she always does
from morning till evening comes
and when she lays in bed at night
she looks into space with an empty glance

I wonder what demons lurk in her head
that drown her soul into such abyss
where despair, sorrow and darkness dwell
and made her lost the will to live

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You Go Girl

I know of this gal who's started a diet I wish her much luck in her quest Can't mention her name, she'd be upset But accepts this challenge with zest We know how difficult diets can be One of the hardest things to accomplish But this gal can do it if anyone can Her ultimate success is my wish Once a successful real estate agent Accomplishing that a great feat So losing some pounds should be a snap A lead pipe cinch to complete There are many others in need a boost To start them on their way to skinny An incentive helps to spur them on So once more they can wear a size “mini” Good luck to her and all you others Who've grabbed the bull by the horns The prize at the end is so darn rewarding To wake up feeling great every morn! © Jack Ellison 2013

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All in one

urge to be in two places now so strong
heartrending cries for help yelled out loud
inability of dividing myself feels so wrong
highways ahead too narrow and too long
ticking times merciless running out

wishes to change the times lifelong
desired bless of magically being endowed 
both soul mates in a distant throng
watching their struggle and storm cloud 
praying for their health in a swan song

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One Of The Lucky Ones

Hope I'm not putting a big hex on myself But till now I've had no serious medical problems Don't know how many can say that at seventy-eight But you can place me in the “fortunate” column Haven't done anything out of the ordinary Thinking maybe I inherited some very good genes My whole family before me all lived to a ripe old age So what's this guy... a can of baked beans! Seven sisters all lived longer than eighty A pattern seems to have been established here Don't want to break the spell or cause any problems I'll just motor along and have another beer Don't think I'd like to be around at one hundred Soiling my jockey and mumbling away Just wheel me out to the back veranda in the sun And forget me for a couple of days © Jack Ellison 2014

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Coke Zero

Coke Zero is now my soft drink of choice Zero calories is the key to success Some genius on high finally figured it out Coke without calories is the best! The guy that came up with this brilliant stroke Earned a dirty big bunch of Coke shares For blokes like me who are trying to cut down It's the answer to us guy's prayers Now all we're missing is a Caramilk Zero That would surely complete the trend Imagine a chocolate bar that's healthy for you I'd stick to this diet to the end “That's pretty silly!” I heard someone say “A chocolate bar without the bad stuff” Relax my good fellows it's only a dream Convincing us would surely be tough So I really don't think it's such a great idea But I'd give 'em a high five for trying Downside of attempting to lose some weight For all that bad stuff I'd be dying © Jack Ellison 2013

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Toaster Strudel Trochee

<                                       Toaster Strudel - Trochee

                                        I just crave toaster strudel
                                        Piping hot pastry
                                        Cool icing so can doodle
                                        Kellogg's bakery

                                        So get to popping me one 
                                        Time to used noodle
                                        Pop tarts boring just no fun
                                        Choose toaster strudel

Meter: 7/5/7/5 
Rhyme Scheme: a/b/c/b or a/b/a/b

The meter is trochee, which means alternating stressed and unstressed beats in each line, with each line beginning and ending in a stressed syllable. This is a simple lyrical type little poem, so rhymes will be basic, nothing fancy. The poem itself should give a description of something of interest to the poet and often the meter lends itself to humor, much as a limerick does. There is not a set number of these quatrain type stanzas, but a typical 7/5 Trochee would consist of two quatrains, with the second stanza serving to tie up the idea presented in the first stanza.

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And you all thought
that after reaching home,
I would jump in the shower so fast
and off to bed...I'd snooze to end my boredom?

On my lunch hour I take a light nap,
it's beneficial to your health the doctor confidently says;
and should I ever see a scary, black cat
running across my windshield...a nightmare surely begins.

Working hard in a warehouse
with people and forklifts in full swing,
I must be more alert than a mouse
being chased by a bunch of hungry cats drooling.

To sit at my desk and write a poem for a new contest:
is a challenging and rewarding experience for an obscure poet;
and while others sleep and their spirits float in mysterious dreams,
I reflect over the rhetoric language of what life seems. 

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A Little Riddle

Ah yes, ‘tis such a pleasure
to those who know the lack of it it.
A relief beyond measure,
to those who have the knack of it.

It’s timing can often be hilarious,
though company may frown on it,
because it’s considered nefarious,
And the uppity class is down on it.

An action most taken for granted,
It’s importance unheeded.
It’s social acceptance is slanted,
though medically needed.

Just one hint and we’re back to the start
In public it’s worse than a slurp,
Now don’t put the horse after the cart,
I’m talking about a … burp.


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wasted my time

No curse words allowed
are you confused, lost, ignorant
you are no artist, you have shunned art
and its true purpose
what is art? but an expression
the low and vile are the most potent
Did you forget, Emerson The Poet
He would call you "selfish and sensual"
"an umpire of taste"
"proof of the shallowness of the doctrine of beauty"
in a world of suffering, of loss
Art isnt happy, and flowers in the park
you, in your confusion, hide in the dark
hide any truths of pain and suffering
and by doing so you have lost your soul
You are only half a person
art is an expression of life and its hidden
what is in a word? something to hide from?
something to fear? to censor? to fight?
are you that ashamed of language?
honesty? expressions of shame?
You are no poet, no artist
you are no immortal, 
of course you are so cowardly and weak
you will hide from me, censor me,
avoid the truth, lie to the world
if you cant stomach a curse word
then you cant handle me 
any immortal would crush you
and leave you wounded
truly contemplating your life
breaking you open, forcing you alive
then, maybe then, you will have an emotion,
worthy of expression into art. 
but dont get mad at me, angry or hurt
You may just use a curse word

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Back To Lean And Mean

Getting back into the swing of it After a break from my daily routine Time to get serious once again On my way back to lean and mean No more snacking on cookies and cake Restaurants? Must stay away Back to salads and calorie wise eating Riding my bike every day At first the routine's a shock to the system Laid around most of the summer Time to get active and get the blood flowing Adonis is just round the corner Have you noticed lately people are more fit Or is it just my imagination We're all taking better care of ourselves Certainly a smarter generation Whatever the reason, it's sure a great sign Nothing but good can come of it A future filled with happy individuals A generation of the super fit © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Warm Cozy Sweater

The sun is shining, not a cloud up above
How could life be any better
Good health and the love of a very sweet lady
Life is like a warm cozy sweater

Rainy days can't even bring down my spirits
I'm meant to live life on a high
I see nothing but positive signs every day
Of love and bright sunny skies

This can't be true, I've heard people say
One can't be upbeat every day
Once in a while, there gotta be sad things
You encounter along the way

Of course they're right, but the difference is
I don't let them get me down
They are all a part of this thing we call living
It's my choice to smile not frown

The sun is shining, not a cloud up above
How could life be any better
Good health and the love of a very sweet lady
Life is like a warm cozy sweater

@Jack Ellison 2012

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Maybe Because I'm Skinny Now

Sure feel the cold a whole lot more Since losing a bunch of pounds Never considered there'd be side effects And there's surely others I've found Actually need a whole new wardrobe Costly to lose so much weight One good thing I can fit my old clothes I wore on my very first date Another thing is I can ask for a booth At my favourite eatery again Instead of sitting conspicuously at a table Embarrassing me and my friends Even can be seen in my Speedo once more Showing off my skinny physique Haven't done that for a very long while It's been almost fifty-two weeks For those of you thinking of maybe a diet Be aware of the side effects But all in all you'll feel real fantastic And regain your self respect © Jack Ellison 2013

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Last Night While Asleep

Last night while asleep my heart kept beating.
Life-blood through arteries with veins repeating.
Five quarts of blood in twenty-three seconds,
Circulating through me—my body beckons.

Last night while asleep, my body at rest,
Drained poison my bloodstream possessed.
Carbon dioxide, by oxygen replaced.
Lungs cleansing while breathing kept pace.

The nervous system, while I'm unaware,
Was busy playing neuro-solitaire.
Body repairing, last night while asleep.
Preparing for appointments to keep.

How does this happen? And who gives command?
We are complex--our bodies well planned.
Our blessed Creator keeps us through the night.
To arise and start another day off right. 

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What Kind Of Flowers

Getting close to eighty, not a great idea To shovel snow anymore The danger of a heart attack is ever present Certainly not something to ignore Up in our brains we're still young as ever But the body's fallen way behind So don't you go thinking, that's not me I'm still young and able of mind What kind of flowers d'ya want on your coffin That's if you don't heed my warning It's not really a subject to make jokes about But it may help you see next morning When we're up in years, it's more on our mind It used to be way off in the future Then all of a sudden it starts getting closer Thinking about age, ain't so super So to hurry it along, keep shovelling snow You ain't a young pup anymore It's up to you if you wanna be a smart ass Maybe make out your will before © Jack Ellison 2014

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Clean Bill Of Health

Got a clean bill of health From my doctor today So I'm feeling darn good That's needless to say! For a man of my age That's a pretty good thing Thought one or two parts Would need replacing But hooray, hallelujah I'm good for a while No need for pills Can't wipe off the smile! With a positive outlook You've won half the battle It's mind over matter Just don't ya get rattled! I could surely continue For many more verses There's no funeral pending So send back the hearses © Jack Ellison 2012

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A Ruddy Zombie

Some days I wake up smiling Today's sure not one of those days Caught some kind of a flu bug Wanna sleep the whole day away Feel like a ruddy zombie Got no drive, no get up and go No longer a reason for living I've come to the end of the show Hide the pills and the liquor Get rid of the knives and weapons Feel like harming little animals Looking for bugs to step on Normally charming and lovable But when bugs invade my body Don't handle the invasion very well This nasty man gets really snotty Eventually I'll get back to normal To my sweet and lovable self Until then, please bear with me Don't feel like a big happy elf! © Jack Ellison 2012
Have no fear... wrote this a while ago. Today I'm fit as a fiddle and feeling fine!

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Curative Leaves

Under divinities shadow,
Rests the tree of life.
With aromatic branches,
Dissected by a pocket knife.

Medicinal veins lushly flow,
Carrying remedial cures.
A verdant daze ensues,
As romantic buds allure.

Poetic smoke…recites,
The stanzas of cannabis trees.
As healthy lungs exclaim,
The power of curative leaves.

Inspired by a Lucky Lopez!!!

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Your Daily Stress

Everyone needs a break from routine It can drive us right to the brink The stresses we feel just trying to get through Are enough to drive us to drink Doesn't take much, could be quite simple Like changing the order of things May not seem much but sure does wonders For one's erratic mood swings Maybe drive a different route to the office Have lunch at 1:00 instead of 12:00 There are a myriad of things we can do each day That we discover the deeper we delve The mental health of each of us individuals Will improve by leaps and bounds Just a small change in our daily routine Is usually enough I've found So write me and tell me how you make out Here's wishing you much success The effort can be small but the benefits are big In alleviating your daily stress © Jack Ellison 2014

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Ela Jane at Eight

Cancer has  taken her eye and a lung
also her thyroid gland;
yet she has pluck and fortitude,
it's hard to understand.

Wthout a doubt she is Superclass
and much to be admired.
Her positive approach to life is great
and by all should be desired.

Dedicated to my grandaughter Ela Jane Dushku.

Robert Davidson - A Short Poem, Please.

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Rivals Good Sex

Used to ride my bike every morning Five miles round our complex Got pretty high from this morning workout It even rivalled good sex Okay, okay, I'm gonna take that back After thoughtful consideration What was I thinking to say such a thing But need both in moderation Especially now that I'm a senior citizen This bod has trouble getting up And I really mean that quite literally, friends Think young but this guy's no pup Ever heard of someone dying during sex? I suppose it's happened before Especially if the sex is very rambunctious And you both wind up on the floor How amazing if that was your last act Before reaching the Pearly Gates up there Need to tidy up your appearance though Put your pants on and straighten your hair Used to ride my bike every morning But that's now a thing of the past Lucky to put my two feet in my pants Without falling down on my ass! © Jack Ellison 2013

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People grow up wanting things,
They never had as children;
And so remembering "empty spots",
Constantly strive to fill them.

Acceptance, love, material gain,
Small hands reach out to grasp them,
Too often finding once in hand,
It's not enough to last them;

And so we work to fill the need,
Still finding more to strive for.
It isn't greed or selfish pride,
Oh No, my friend, it's much more;

And though we strive for all our years,
The child within will hunger,
Still reaching out for solace as,
The need inside grows stronger,

Until at last we understand,
The reason for our hunger,
For if you want a child to grow,
Then feed the entire youngster.

Feed body, soul and spirit too,
The whole child must be fed,
Or else you'll starve yourself to death,
By simply eating bread.

                                                       Deuteronomy 8:3

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Suddenly Senior (Englyn)

Offered by illusion, I trod the light.
Thinner than emotion, 
My shadow lost its motion
And took all the attentions.

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Take the Stairs

Suffering with a toothache Started on the weekend Appointment on Monday See the Dentist at ten This was no wimpy ache A “King Kong” of a hurt I kept on popping pills Still pain would not avert By that Monday morning Pain spreading through my chin At the end of my rope Somehow this pain must end We were at the building A little before nine We arrived there early Hoping to save some time Office on the third floor I said, “Let’s take the stairs” “No”, said my lovely wife, “Elevator’s right there” Push button number three We started going up Got between two and three When it stopped abrupt I pushed the HELP button Then we heard someone say “Maintenance has been called So help is on its way” “I’m in pain, need relief Just how long might it be?” “Takes them an hour or two At worst it could be three” “Should’ve gone up the stairs But I listened to you” “Here’s another fine mess You’ve gotten me into”

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The Bum's Rush

Ever been given the “bum's rush”? It happened to me yesterday By this highfalutin dermatologist Who's definitely overpaid Appeared to me his only concern Was how many souls he could see To help him choose between a Jaguar A Mercedes or an SUV This may sound a bit cynical But what else am I to surmise Spent a minute and a half in total Discussing the rash on my thighs His 4 hour days must be oh so gruelling As his golf buddies patiently wait Only 43 patients to rush out the door Before once again joining his mates So did I get at least some satisfaction? Well he told me my problem was age His advice, “just suck it up, mister” Now you know why I'm so enraged Ever been given the “bum's rush”? My blood has boiled over the top Where did their code of ethics go I'm disgusted with the whole damn lot! © Jack Ellison 2012

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" She danced the way it should be danced.
   And the way she wanted."

  -Raymond Carver

Eddying in a commotion of color, 
fall's dispensation of red, green and gold;
blended with Zephyrs' mysterious rhythms,
a stately ballet that never grows old.

Spread 'cross the firmament planets are spinning, 
silently cold and majestically clear;
gliding through eons in pre-ordained tempos,
gracing the night sky all throughout the year.

'Shining Light' at the 'School of Terpsichore' 
a twelve-year old warms up and waits for her chance 
to show those judges just what this young girl can do, 
nothing means more than her passion for dance. 

She dreams of fame and of making a difference,
the world is too large and her room is too small;
she's too young yet for abstraction and symbol,
in time she will grow, find her place in it all.

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Missing Bellies

“All Points Bulletin”... be on the lookout
For Jackers' rotund belly
It's been missing for almost six months now
Watch “Missing Bellies” on your telly

Wiggles and jiggles like a bowl full of Jelly
Bouncing up and down, side to side
Little kiddies are always bugging their Moms
To ask Mr. Jackers for a ride

It's just my way of describing the impact
Losing weight had on my psyche
Upbeat and ready to meet all life's challenges
Now wearing my hair all spiky

It surely can be a life changing experience
Walk around with a confident air
Tossing red roses to the curious onlookers
With a feeling of devil may care

Can imagine the mental picture you're having
Must be pretty strange I would guess
My life has become exciting once again
Next week I'm on 'Meet The Press'

“All Points Bulletin”... if you see Jackers' belly
Ignore it, he doesn't want it back
He's doing just fine but thanks anyway
He's finally on the right track

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Throat Flowers

There are people growing flowers
from in their throat this eve.
Tall but beautiful flowers
awkward to believe.

Planted for their beauty
that all of us conceive.
Flowers for their silence
that ignorance perceive.

Stems that reach to heaven
constricting those who breathe.
Wands to hush the wind
while leaving us to seethe.

Petals blooming silent;
their beauty to behold.
Thoughts without their volume
without us being told.

Gardens growing faster
as ignorance persists.
While those who plant the flowers
sees none of us resists.

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Puffing Away

Doctor determined I've got bronchitis Use to think bronchitis was serious It's serious enough but certainly not fatal Once thought it could make you delirious Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling that great It's like my whole system is in a knot I'm certainly not one to suffer from illness Quite healthy I always have thought Guess age is finally catching up with me Free from illness all of these years Thought I was some kind of special being Sure got it wrong, that's clear It's not going to threaten my life I'm told But it's terribly annoying I'll say Puffing away every morning, noon, and night No peace, no relief all the day Good thing the prognosis is I'm going to live If I follow the doctor's directions Take the pills that she prescribed for me Till I'm good and rid of the infection © Jack Ellison 2013

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Born to cure by nature for we are Siamese twins,
though we`ve been separated from inception,
our tentacles and wings pilot the earth like fins,
Mixture of herbs and root led to our conception.

We have limits and boundaries when invited,
whether strong or soft effects we act the same,
we create multiple side effects when incited,
Our exploits are well known that they call us a name.

When we are invited to your home without license,
Be prepared for unusual attack and kicking,
Your ailment multiplies without measure;of what  essence?
these aggregated syndromes get more scientists thinking.

I`m better than my twin when we are being abused,
He is callous and vicious while I`m soft and kind,
Men still prefer him for his wealth;yet we are amused,
Dubious men make lots of cash from us which is hard to find.

Consequences!And they pay for these without measure,
Youth violence;going naked,swimming in crime like eel,
wanting to feel high and belong,but without pleasure,
Stop!stop this abuse!hard or soft we remained still.

They call me soft and my Sib hard or narcotic,
The unquenchable desire is not our making,
Greed!insatiable quest for more make them robotic
Now,colored with vices and deaths due to takings and faking.

Personification of drugs:Soft drug(I-the writer),Hard drug(my twin)

Contest:"PERSONIFICATION" sponsored by FRANK.H

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No Sleep Makes One Weep

When you feel damn sleepy
Please be very greatly happy
Sleeping is a lovely therapy
Cleaning body and mind floppy

Sleeplessness is highly cruel
It is to soul the safest fuel
Its usefulness is indeed real
Deep sleep is always ideal

When sleep is to body denied
Your tired face cannot hide
As you are sadly deprived
Of sleep which Angels provide

If sleep is extraordinarily sound
Resultant energy will astound
On this Earth, Heaven is found
As you actively move around

Sleep is a natural health tonic
It is Nature's unique technique
No sleep causes surely panic
Sleep makes living a picnic.



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How's Your Old Ticker Ticking

How's your dear old ticker ticking
When's the last time you had it checked
If it's been a while then get right to it
Better safe than sorry by heck

Us old guys need to keep on top of it
Procrastination can be a deadly thing
Knew a man who's now six feet under
Thought life was just one big fling

We're all here for just a short time
So be happy and smile as you proceed
Make sure you live your life to the fullest
As the years fly by at full speed

How's your dear old ticker ticking
Don't dare say 'I'm feeling pretty well'
You may be feeling fine and dandy today
Then wham... it's the final bell!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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MRI Terror

MRI terror overwhelmed
Magnetic blanket weight
Heavy pressing down crushing air
Compressed can't breath can't do

Changed blanket lighter one helped
Closed eyes, plugged ears, go
Woody The Woodpecker turned loose
Clanging  aluminum

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Dying Everyday

Sickness spreads into my head
My Bones are thus infected
Nostrum is the only thread
Which keeps my life connected

Though I’ve wandered, I am not lost
Perhaps I’m just misplaced
My Ills begotten, merely forgotten
And yet I’m not erased

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Gut In Stinked

I've got a funny gut instinct
L.Casei.Imunitas gone extinct
Cos my gut it really stinked
So much so my nose it blinked.

I think you'd agree from the smell
My insides are bubbling like hell
Loud rumble, grumble as my stomach yells
The squelch and the splosh of the soggy log that fell.

Have a wee and feel some poo
The inner turmoil i'm going through
Speckles of brown decorate the loo
Always afraid of the follow through.

The velocity inside my fart
The power as my bum cheeks part
As the wet tumbling mudslide does start
Goodbye dinner and apple tart.

The frequent trips to the loo i make
To dispose of something like choccy milkshake
Sitting upon some kind of silo lake
Lets hope the air-con doesn't break.

A hundred wipes some will still remain
Wet white paper with a brown yukky stain
And all the things you find down the drain
I'm so glad i'm not on an aeroplane!

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At Night Thinking

In the hospital wanting you
        At night thinking of you_awake
For how many hours and long days
        Will be glad to be home_goodness sake

Hello poetry soup have_missed you
        The long seconds seem to just crawl
In the hospital room no wind
         Trapped within these four gray plain wall

Alone this one woman_one man 
        All the staff here has been so kind
But this is not where I want to be
        Suffocation plays on my mind

Life has a trap_caught in its ways
        What a story to sing and tell
How when one truly does love
         The story of life always ends well

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eating the lotus

Mr. Eli is such a nice guy, 
his skin's a pretty Lilly white
'times when my placebo ain't workin'
my personal pill prescribing plight

generically i'm very uncommon
as i always fill the proprietary
Mr. Merck is the plan's official shaman
Sista Pfizer fills caps as secondary

my apathy ain't getting any better
but 'least now, i don't much care
linkin' addiction's such a fetter
pharmacologically way beyond compare

Paxil's take leaves us all depressed
patently dubious claims to prescribe
diseases mongering male pattern baldness
script me a cure for my hypochondria vibe

my Doc gets me a thirty day supply
and even calls my pusher's service
they'd never leave me high-'n'-dry
we'd all be sweatin', anxiously nervous

'cause ya see - they're just as hooked
on the green that passes in between
we both rely that the tablet's cooked
can't live without it and start to wean

now ya know why i'm a lotus eater
gonna be one for the rest of my life
claimin' health plan's deductible sweeter
gonna heal myself with ignorant blithe

the mix is extracted from the lotus
ground fine and refined to my creed
we all need a little somthin' for impetus
got my catharsis - my narcotic - my need

© Goode Guy 2013-01-16

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Been diagnosed with start of glaucoma It certainly was to be expected Members of my family have also suffered So why wouldn't I be affected As most families go, so go its members Very few of us miss this inheritance Scads of money would be much more welcome But we're all a slave to happenstance Hopefully it's progress is really slow moving And I'm good for a while yet to come Not keen on anything to do with the eyeballs Feel squeamish and come all undone Maybe I'll be spared and catch a good break I won't need to go under the knife That word knife always scares the poop out of me The most disturbing word of my life “Okay Jack, you're sissy side is showing Remember you're a male, stand up tall!” Male, schmale, I cringe at the image Of a doctor scraping my eyeballs © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Kentucky Hayseed - by Bob Atkinson

 The Kentucky Hayseed

  - by Bob Atkinson

he looks a little confused
his mind cast in a fix
how can he concentrate on this
just a little bit

a jerky set of previews
float over and above
his articulated vision on
some confused state of fuss

he'd never seen a problem
like this in all his life
a complex set of jargon
not allowing mushy light

he chewed on a blade of grass
considering all possibilities there
just open ended reflex
on most of which, he didn't care

his mama told him something
when a child was he
he tried to focus reason
when allowed here to repeat

that never ending slogan
of truth and firm despair
carrying nothing in between
his inner and outer ears

the hayseed settled down to work
a tumor he could see
grabbed a scalpel from the nurse
and simply cut it free

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A Whole Lot Of Shakin'

There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on
Whenever I walk down the street
People all stop and stare at me
But I'm no longer considered a freak

The percentage of overweight people
Is increasing in leaps and bounds
It's surely an epidemic the experts say
We really need to slow it down

I'm certainly not alone in my plight
The numbers are quite disarming
Studies show more than sixty per cent
Are overweight, that's really alarming

Put on some comfy old walking shoes
Walk a few times round the block
Better than watching the telly all day
And drinking beer around the clock

It's a dangerous path to oblivion
That we, as a society are travelling
Our whole way of life is in jeopardy
It's in danger and quickly unravelling

There will be a time of reckoning soon 
The life we once knew will be gone
We'll all become a bunch of inert blobs
Lacking the will to carry on

©Jack Ellison 2012

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there's a place where people can go
there's a place where they hide away
there's a place most everyone knows
there's a place where some people stay

a place where we all can hide and moan
that place where we're in ourselves alone
dark and quiet, where we're easily misled
that place where we're inside of our head

an unobserved place where attendants and nurses
attend to minds far distant or subversive
while down on their haunches - quietly rocking 
dreaming dreams, either reassuring or shocking

is it more comforting or more scary to know 
that everyone can be a part of being apart
living within ourselves just filled with woe
or sharing our souls to better take heart

its a tenuous thing to put ourselves out there
reveal the fears lurking within all of us
to be judged, by a society completely unaware
so hard to show our soul's open to trust

maybe that's what made him feel the way he felt
maybe she'd, after reflection see something else
maybe he could'a been saved from where he dwelt
maybe she'd 'a' been restored to mental health

we'll never know for sure and can only surmise
why others fall down into a hellish abyss
to be loathed or pitied by us haughtily wise
never dreaming that we too might be remiss

© Goode Guy 2012-07-24

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He wears a bandana and smells
worse than an unkept dog with a horrible breath; 
I heard rumors that he sleeps
in a garage, where dogs are infested with fleas.

He drives a station wagon emitting strong fumes,
does he ever change his engine oil or let it burn 'until the engine 
stops running? He shows no blush of shame, but curses more than
a truck driver while he sits still and counts his woes.

The hungry dogs bark and peak out of the car windows,
seeing angry faces and hands waving at close distance...
the defiant driver refuses to come out of the broken-down car,
and with raggae music blasting, he gives them the finger.  

Only a bigot could act in such a disrespectful way
as fury increases and every driver blows the horn constantly,
but too much air noise gets pedestrians tense, and one of them 
calls police on his cell phone...they come and arrest him.   

And he still smells in that cell cramped with criminals and offenders,
he even had the guts to ask one of the officers to bring in his dogs!
Oh, filthy, unhygienic guy they should hand you soap and towel,
instead of keeping you in there and make everybody yell!

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the talking heads are also comics
these economic geniuses after years
are spouting praises of Misernomics
quick study concluded we're in arrears

and need to decapitalize life today
don't spend anything you ain't got
to forestall our tomorrow going away
good advice founding fathers caught

and don't pay for what you don't need
so therefore we'll cut back education
sound advice in sane person might heed
to better manage our bankrupt nation

and health and vitality merely frills
no need to waste our coins on want
when trying to cover economic ills
monetary mismanagement returns to haunt

what we want is to address our need
to count ourselves and sum our greed
those roads, bridges, electrical grids
mattered back when the things we did

were more important than take home pay
we'll keep it all and count it up
what you knew then, has now gone astray
soon Spend-it-omics could again erupt

our future, our kids, our progeny all
"This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want"
matters minor, in our countless pall
our poorest desire, the possible, too daunt

in the mean time we say "thanks a bunch"
We'll save our lives for better times
food for thought on societies free lunch
We'll save our monied economic crimes

as Silas Marner tabled reclusive coins
no weighty matters outweigh the economy
these fearful economic times purloined
might priorities reflect our tragicomedy?

© Goode Guy 2011-07-06

we're counting...on you

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Never stood still on battling ground,
watch the vicious and villainous carnage,
and not fight with true courage...
to increase the sword clanking sound.

Never been humiliated by slandering words not timely, 
my silence banished them as they picked up velocity;
I did nothing to vindicate my anger with visceral grief...
and today my memory still evokes that encounter too brief.  

Never are valorous men nailed to an undeserved cross,
making those nails penetrate their hands and feet,
no guilt is ever found in them, innocence is their plea;
but the loud, infuriated voices still demand their death.

Never withheld feelings of compassion,
and put a distance between myself and them,
poverty was caused by those who greedly governed;
why blame the common people for a corrupt institution?

Never looked away when the smallest hands 
reached out through profound silence, and in those youngsters faces
anyone could see their misery and sense their desperation arise;
they had needs, not wants like we have, when their food and water were scarce.

Never broke any law of the land, but abode by it
with a good character and willingness to spread peace,
not rebelling and causing damage to property and harming citizens;
in any civilized country violence doesn't solve anything, it only hardens the hatred.

Never got drunk or smoked marijuana to avoid the ugliness of reality, 
although peer pressure was there and by pushing it away, I resisted it;
it cost me their friendship;  and looking back, I am glad I kept my dignity... 
and who needs friends like that, when they lead you down the wrong path?     

Never cursed God for the ills of others impinged on me,
and for the misfortunes I endured for endless years without a shout;
my tongue always hollowed His holy name...knowing that
He had put me to the test, and in due time He would have blessed me.

Never planned revenge on anyone who had conspired against me,
this conscience was spotless and no action was needed by me;
if I had retaliated, they would have rejoiced and responded with laughter;
a fox is known for its slickness, and my instinct was alike it, if not better. 

Never allowed doubt, or foolishness to contradict what was beautifully created,
the cooling breeze on steaming days, the pouring rain for a rich harvest,
the brilliant sunshine to make everything grow:  from trees to grass;
and in the fluffy snow...I saw my purity and the peacefulness of winter so revered. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Culinary Asylum

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink
All my friends have left me behind.
I know not what I want or what I think
I have a dark and empty mind.

I fled to the outskirts of sanity
And I found I was not alone.
For I’m wont to be just a vanity
On the marbled desert we roam

How can one be sane in an insane world?
It’s much easier than you think.
Just remember that we can all be pearls
Our ever-changing world is pink.

So now I think this predicament is
Not as bizarre as it may seem.
And now I must wish you a good night miss.
Safe travels in this land of dreams.

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The Long Goodbye

For months on end I've felt detached
I stay so damned confused
I don't know how to deal with this
afraid what I might lose

My children have been whispering
some words behind my back
Their faces showing deep concern
afraid what I might lack

I can't remember anything
Dear God what do I do?
It seems as though my mind has gone
I know that can't be true

I wish that Jane were still with me
she'd know just what to do
I hope this all will go away
please help me see this through

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Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is a virtue they say
When trying to lose some weight
Rome wasn't built in a day you known
So have that wee piece of cake

Slow and steady should be a motto
To remember as you struggle each day
There's no substitute for dedication
Just keep at it come what may

Eventually you'll see some progress
Your feelings inside will explode
Singing a song and clicking your heels
But be sure you don't overload

You've still got a lot of years ahead
Make sure they're happy and free
Free from the scourge of too many pounds
And you'll get down to 303!

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Constance holds the key to freedom,
she'll never sit down and die of boredom;
all the free things we don't think of or see,
are there for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Employers buy our time to give them service;
if nothing is for free what's happened to your awareness?
The air we breath, the sunlight we feel, and the fragrant flowers we smell...
weren't these also given by God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Look around there many more for us to discover...
the incessant waterfalls and rivers still supply their water,
and without them the earth would be an arid desert;
and in this wasteland, only spiders can try to cheat death.

Constance holds the key to freedom, inspiring us timelessly, 
and the beauty of her revelation is that we can pursue it adequately;
she doesn't boast as the rich do, humbleness is her inborn virtue...
welcome her suggestions and begin living your day as busy folks do.

Inspired by Constance's Blog MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Medical Pot

Medical pot is just what I don’t need.
Took me twenty four years to mend
my craving for the lesser evil deed,
not counting the dough I had to spend.

Cigarettes are nothing compared to pot.
Say what you want, your physical health
deteriorates, your mind starts to rot.
Your life declines, along with your wealth.

The case history of a young girl in need,
I was fortunate enough to have privy to.
At twenty four she was doing the dirty deed.
Just to buy pot and do what pot heads do.

Busted several times over five years.
You can see her decline at a glance.
The booking photos bring on tears.
Her aging from pot is very advanced.

So, no I don’t need the wonder weed.
I hope you don’t let it bring you strife.
This is the advice I hope you’ll heed. 
You, your family, all those in your life.  

© Jun 10 2010 For Michael’s Medical Marijuana contest


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I may look very naive and vulnerable,
hiding the pangs of my distress so well,
looking normal and walking too brisk...
only when God is walking down my path.

I seem to look away and shun the troubles,
but inside I am hurting like anybody else,
who dreams of a coming universal peace...
only when God is walking down my path. 

I nourish my body and thank my Creator
for every slice of bread and drink of water,
the essential things that not everyone has...
only when God is walking down my path.

Since my birth, I have been sheltered by a roof top,
feeling no rain, hearing no wind, bearing no bitter cold;
blessings are added daily, not taken away by wrath,
all this is possible...only when God is walking down my path.

I was given a loving mother who cared for my daily needs 
watched me grow and I spiritually grew to praise Him in my hymns; 
and her unforgettable and soft words still echo, as when I knelt down and wept,
not making me stray from my course...only when God walked down my path. 

I have been fortunate enough to have lived and survived
this long and witnessed may events that have shaped
a changing world in constant turmoil, unwilling to get rid of ugly hate;
I feel very sound and safe...only when God is walking down my path.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Am I a Woman or a Man

Who shall I be today
For I can be anybody I can
I have the freedom reign to roam
Am I a woman or a man

I operate under you noses
Leaving clues to who I am
Maybe it's in my character
Am I a woman or a man

Light or berry be I
Maybe sad because I need to be scanned
To many I am under your skin
Am I a woman or a man

So many of me are around
In deranged open game plan
But will you ever realise
Am I a woman or a man

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Resolved, a Lack of Resolve


Resolved to quit, a collection betrays my dear Mona.
Hers are the ones marked by colorful stain.
Her obsession likens her to my aging Smith-Corona.
It’s coughing just now as if in great pain.

Its lungs store a shiny bobble divorced from Mona's ear,
three of her Lucky Strikes all out of smoke… 
My functional machine has other favorite souvenirs
including a guarded flight stub, no joke. 

She was a stewardess, last year when I met my sweet “Mo”
and I became her first passenger goof.
That is, the first one on whom she spilled a hot cup of joe.
My versatile cabinet holds the proof.

Mona needs to smoke; she is addicted to nicotine.
Maybe she’ll change brands when I light her fuse.
Two new keepsakes - ads from both Life and Post magazine
claim, “Camels, the brand which more doctors choose.” 

set in this 1930-40's era, this piece focuses on the cigarette industry. 

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Tea Time

Earl Grey with burgemont
Cream and sugar  please
Steeped in water piping hot
Calms the ill at ease

Sweet aroma fills the nose
Taste buds jump with glee
Hear the kettle as she blows
Tea time now for me.


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Well, here-s another nice mess you-ve gotten me into

Suffering with a toothache
Started on the weekend
Appointment on Monday
See the Dentist at ten

This was no wimpy ache
A “King Kong” of a hurt
I kept on popping pills
Still pain would not avert

By that Monday morning 
Pain spreading through my chin
At the end of my rope
Somehow this pain must end

We were at the building
A little before nine
We arrived there early
Hoping to save some time

Office on the third floor
I said, “Let’s take the stairs”
“No”, said my lovely wife,
“Elevator’s right there”

Push button number three
We started going up
Got between two and three
When it stopped abrupt

I pushed the HELP button
Then we heard someone say
“Maintenance has been called
So help is on its way”

“I’m in pain, need relief
Just how long might it be?”
“Takes them an hour or two
At worst it could be three”

“Should’ve gone up the stairs
But I listened to you”
“Here’s another fine mess
You’ve gotten me into”


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Making a Choice

As Rachel Carson warned us in her book on “Silent Spring”
We’re killing off inhabitants of Nature’s neighborhood.
The butterflies are vanishing and also birds that sing.
The poisons we have scattered are in their and our own food.

We must accept responsibility for damages we’ve done,
And change to Nature’s remedies for raising crops and flowers
If we want to see our children chasing butterflies for fun,
Without fearing for their safety during summer’s carefree hours.

I have seen my daddy long ago,  pull carrots from the ground
And after brushing off loose dirt, he’d eat it to the tail.
That was of course before we poisoned everything around
To keep fruits bite-free and shiny, when offering for sale.

I would rather have an apple from my own, old unsprayed tree
Knowing that it’s not been poisoned, just to keep it insect free.

For Brian's 1 to 14 line contest

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My Heads Not Right

A few weeks ago, about 9:00 AM My head started aching; loss my vigor & vim It’s didn’t let up; just got more intense At midnight to the hospital I went In the ER and seeking some relief Had to just wait as the cause they did seek While they did MRI’s and scans and stuff I had to suffer and hang in there tough The staff got their data; gave me morphine On it for two days before I was weaned My head got better; still took Percocet On the fourth day I was about off that “A pituitary tumor”, they said “Has been growing for years inside your head” Headache came and went, that threw them a curve The tumor could damage the optic nerve The neurosurgeon sized it up this way Your sight may stay just as it is today As long as the tumor grows very slow To restore loss sight, the tumor must go If your Cardiologist thinks your fit You can opt to have me get rid of it My heart doctor scared the hell out of me Then agreed I could have the surgery At this point I wanted it out right now By waiting I could lose more sight somehow My wife only wanted things to move slow Scared of the surgery I’d undergo The third doctor involved in my case This endocrinologist takes First Place He studied my situation and found Something which actually turned things around Labs from Arizona, done months ago Didn’t jive, things were high - should be low A rare condition when the thyroid fails Is making the pituitary swell The doctor knew of this rare condition No surgery now was his position It mimics a tumor, but best of all Fixable without surgery at all The endocrinologist said it’s rare Never seen in his years of giving care The neurosurgeon also said the same Man! my lucky day, I won this health game Surgery was scheduled inside a week Such an outcome, no better could I seek My family can now get back to living My thanks to God, I’ll never stop giving Charles Sides

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Mind's Insecurity

Mind’s Insecurity

Why is it hard to hear your own words?
speaking truth but refusing to hear…
fine showing, hard swallowing
leave bitter tastes, easier to say
conflict inside.
Knowing there is no opposite
one real the other fake.
Yet the mind hurts the heart
with accusations or clues
even if it’s not true.
What do you do?
act like there isn’t pain
while attempting to be the same.
Silence surrounds speaking volumes
difference in intimacy become problems
left out for part of a plan
telling your mind to understand.
How do you recover from distance?
that your mind created
we know how misled that can be
flighty, focused on the worse
surviving all is its only course.
Upsetting solved issues
making it hard to get through
stupid when brought to light
already advising what is right.
One extreme to the next
bad habits hard to forget
practice what’s said
follow the heart
release the mind’s insecurity instead.


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Just Another Day

I was climbing down a mountain
When I fell up to the top
Came upon a green light
Decided I should stop

Turned on my right blinker
Proceeded to make a left
Turned my stereo down
Even though I’m deft

I saw a man hitchhiking
Ask would you like a ride
Then all at once I took off
What was I trying to hide?

I got where I was going
Though I truly didn’t care
For I had absolutely no idea
What I was even doing there

Written for Kristin's march
madness contest. Written
in regards to Inner-Furion
treatment for hep-c. The
treatment made me violently
ill and I ran a high temperature
for months on end. I would
start to go somewhere and
get a few blocks from home
and realize, "I have no idea
where I'm going".

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Potbelly was the pride of the wealthy,
the fatter they looked, the richer they were presumed;
now days the rich have found the source of energy...
by staying in shape and looking haggard.

Rampant obesity is a real problem for the common people,
and when it comes to eating habits, they're pound foolish:
obsessed with a fat cuisine:  tasty, elaborate and incorrigible....
and without the aesthetic concern, they try every alluring dish.

In the palaces of the gentry many paintings displayed chubby
Kings and Queens flashing their stubborn, monarch attitude,
while the lower class was deprived of delicacies and envied their posture...
little they they know that the gentility's haute cuisine was extremely unhealthy.

Recently the U S Congress banned fast-food restaurants
from using high fat products like cheap cooking oils and lards,
to promote good health nationwide: hoping the public would be alerted and heed...
overweight people can't lead a healthy lifestyle, and we all see their suffering indeed. 

Are you willing to make that overdue resolution and lose weight, not
for the society's sake, but for your own heartiness?,
Your well-being is very essential to your state of happiness...
why is a toned body more agile and vigorous than a flabby one?

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


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Holy Cadoodle

Holy cadoodle, do I feel fine
Bout as happy as I can be
Just found out the lump on my back
Was a benign type of cyst you see

Worried as the biopsy was sent to the lab
Fearing the worst as humans do
Didn't sleep well for 3 or 4 weeks
But happy my wishes came true

So no need to hold my breath any longer
I'm good for another while yet
Till the next scary thing that comes along
I'll be just as freaked out, I bet

It's the way humans are or so it seems
We tend to think the worst most times
It's probably the way we protect ourselves
So if the news is bad, we're primed

Whatever's the case I can safely say
Good news is sure great to hear
When you're thinking maybe this is it
And now you've got a few more years

So holy cadoodle, it sure feels great
To be told it isn't the end
Live every moment as if it's your last
'Cause one day it will be, my friend!

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Curse of Rhyme

I cannot stop rhyming,
Is it a curse?
It started last night
And it keeps getting worse.
I started with quatrains,
And moved on to verse,
I guess it will end
When I'm put in a hearse.

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tongue ode

the tongue is just another muscle
gives strength to what we think
amidst life's daily hustle bustle
helps thoughts to words interlink

so the father with his mother tongue
speaks to progeny generations come
lessons learned to offspring young
good ways to live, his rule of thumb

still would wince at his tongue lashing
flinching, blinking, cowering and meek
if shouted anger from lips came flashing
'stead of old man's jokes, tongue-in-cheek

but before I become too tongue-tied 
some tongue twister squarely knotted
I'll place my tongue-in-cheek aside
to address these words I've jotted

and tell of my admiration for tongue
no forked tongue falsehood to relate
some silver tongued notes clearly sung
of glossa tongues and hooks and baits

that lovely lingual muscle hydrostat
can do things fit for moans and groans
I can hint, alluding to this and that
of things we tongue like flesh and bones

I think you'll agree with my observations
presented to you, from my mind sprung
and think of your own tasty applications
many things budding the tip of your tongue

© Goode Guy 2011-07-04

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Suicide Survives

Fictitious families
Dysfunctional means
Compromised children
Capricious teens

Serrated self-loathing
Culling scarred skin
Dapper diagnoses
Dulling depression’s din

Psychotropic pulses
Sedentary screams 
Subjugated subjects
Catharsis of dreams

Dusk dawning
In convenience’s vanity
Vociferous voices
Pilfering sedated sanity

Slurred smiles
Lithium lies
Hanging from vestiges
Suicide survives

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Old Age??

My age is getting up there
middle age is knocking on my door
They say I shouldn't worry...
I'm only thirty four.

I'm noticing the wrinkles.
I sense that double chin
is creeping right up on me.
Fight gravity?? I can't win!

I use to feel so youthful.
I thought I'd never age.
Back then I planted flowers.
Today I'm growing sage.

Sometimes I forget my own age.
It's not that I contrive.
Like when I wrote my bio here

Is that a sign of old-age?

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Get Ready!

Be prepared; bare your soul
Or else dig yourself a hole
Who wants to live 
Blind like a mole?

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There are too few people who get me
The ones that know what I am and what I do
Some of them understand and let me
And one of them was you

There are certain people who are aware
They know where I’m headed and set for what course
There are certain people who were just born to care
And they’re concern isn’t born of force

No, these are the people who see what I am and don’t mind
The ones who worry but somehow know I’ll make it through
People created by this universe simply to be kind
And too oft I don’t know why they do what they  do

Perhaps it’s the smile I wish was inside my frown
Or the happiness I’ll probably never see in a world of pain
Someone who lifts me up when I  fall down
A humanitarian who protects me from a torrential rain

Some people see in my eyes that I ain’t all that wise
Yet they put up with the things my body tells me to do
Certain individuals who I consider an unexpected prize
        Phreepoetree   ~free cee!~

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Sweet Wine

Sweet wine in my veins
Wielding all the pains;
And music flowing soft,
For soul, not to wane!

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organic industrial

rusted, busted, inorganically crop-dusted
hand-made on our very own assembly-line
low-flying tear-crying, cut-rate-buying
fair-trade-priced, but still...real fine

garment sweat-shop, Tex-Mex field crop, 
Civilization Inc. prophets chanting it up
workin' twelve hour days 'til you drop
drinking Cool-(Inc.)-aid from corporate cup

the ol' family farm is right in the box
ol' Bessie's mooing fer all she's worth
sounding par per share of preferred stocks
increasing quarterly statements net girth

consume we must, as our numbers grow larger
we're either counted victor or the victuals
we consume awhile or face early departure
incorporating civilization's declared rituals

how many human souls can one world hold?
how many other species get a place here too?
how can we temper our needs uncontrolled?
how can we help Mother Earth get through?

© Goode Guy 2012-02-11

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Love Sick

Illness has broken my inner passion.
Wondering when my senses will not be forbidden.
Captivating my minds relaxation,
Not knowing that my anticipation is hidden.

written for

Sponsor Catie Lindsey
Contest Name Lost and Found

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                                                  MUCH A-DO

We cannot worry over-much,
'Bout things we can't control.
Too much worry disrupts life,
And at length rots the soul.

Worrying 'bout this and that,
Can spoil your whole demeanor,
Causing you to disdain,
What makes your pastures greener.

Reality of fact is that,
Life has it's ups and downs,
Stomp and snort all that you please,
And growl and glance around,

To find someone to blame it on,
Although no one's to blame;
Sometimes things happen, this is true,
And it's to no one's shame.

Often we avoid some things,
But sometimes we just can't,
If we could go through life unscathed,
We'd be some kind of plant,

That simply sits, says not a word,
And never does a athing;
So learn to take life as it comes,
Relax and learn to sing;

For worry never solved a thing,
In fat it gives you ulcers,
And makes you old before your time,
So relax, gain some culture.

Learn to control your inner chi,
Your yen and then your yang,
Because worrying all the time,
Won't gain you one dang thang.

                                              Judy Ball

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fruit and wheat

this morning as i slowly rouse
i blink my vision to dappled wall
awareness of a hunger to douse
i slowly rise my frame to call

attention to today's mundane task
while equally sunning the wonder
the Sol outside myself to bask
probable late day storms 'n' thunder

the monkey chatters for coffee cup
the cup fragrant and life so sweet
standing still an appetite kicks up
for lasting meal of fruit and wheat

a bunch of grapes be red or white
a slice or two of hearty bread
would make for a repast to delight
and ease stomach into day ahead

if this is the first bite of the day
or of my life, the last meal 
i can't imagine a more satisfying way
to embark in today's events to reveal

© Goode Guy 2011-06-19

true story

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There are hungry mouths
in every country of this planet,
and everyone should help with little or much;
how can we stand see them suffer, and helpelessly die on their beds?

North America the wealthiest nation, which God bountifully blessed, 
has its poor living in drug-infested and run-down neighborhoods,
faces that are never seen by the unsuspecting visitors;
these unfortunate people have known hunger, not savored a delicious banquet! 

Whose fault is it the Government's or the uncaring parents'
who have neglected them, and is it their permanent plagues:
rugs, indifference and lovelessness that have reduced them to this awful and shameful state? 
They should blame themselves, not those governing and giving them handouts!

Africa is the worst continent hit by a lack of food caused by corruption,
everywhere the eyes turn: they witness the fate of those dying without a word of consolation;
mothers clutching their little ones and their daily laments are still unheard...
seeking water, while all beasts have become the skeletons of their devastated land! 

The Vatican always sends missionaries to the African people to proclaim Christ, the Savior;
and it has vehemently invoked the pity of the wealthy and the kind to ease their misery;
and Pope Benedict XVI prays on his feeble knees, asking for their generosity!
Why can't He relinquish His guarded treasures and feed them a hundred times over? 

I am not a KIng or President  and slabs of gold, locked in volts, I have not; 
and with the little I have...I will share with them and keep my conscience intact!
Reach out, world, and eradicate this disease that's killing millions of unlucky folks;
leave your seas and deserts, your cities and towns and be among them to end this curse!

There are hungry mouths in each corner of our earth so marvelously blue,
mouths with lips that are cracked and dry; bodies writhing in undeserved pain!
Find them in Africa, in South America, or anywhere you'll be traveling to:
unattended perishing souls....dying without dignity and so alone! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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I find hard to move around,
dragging my aching body,
unable to do even the simplest chores...
yes, I am very sick of flu:
it's something I can't undo!

I will not go to the hospital,
lie in a comfortable bed for hours,
coughing and sneezing waiting for a call...
while spreading this virus and infecting others.

I'm missing out on brisk walks  
that keep my immune system healthy,
and no blues frustrate me more than loneliness...
come spring and let joy renew itself in this memory.   

My remedy is Robitussin by far,
a miraculous cure for cold symptoms,
and since I can't go out, or drive my car...
I indulge myself in the creation lyrics.

It's my first day back to work,
I'm drinking coffee, and I shouldn't,
but these headaches won't go away...
unless I smell it, sip it and dream away.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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deeply, as i sit, i look far beyond
there exists a whole time before now
knowing, or not what's come upon
i can't seem to recall it somehow

your name, your place, your very face
in my existence mean so much 
i think back, try to valiantly retrace
who you are, where we met, and such

yet i see you now in this very moment
and think i recollect an idea put forth
to "live in the now" persuasively potent
that's the best i can manage henceforth

when i grow old, should i be demented
please remember as i try, but cannot
my expressions to you blank, absented
my love for you that i mostly, forgot

© Goode Guy 2011-06-22

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All parents are devastated
by the death of their youngest;
did strange behavior or premonition
pique their curiosity at all?

They got out of hand at the neighbor's party too wild and intense,
and without supervision, they binged and laughed hysterically;
blasting music, making obscene gestures, dancing madly and cursing loudly,
and they felt too powerful with those drinks in their irresponsible hands!   

Actions aren't justified when they are premeditated so perfectly,
killers make plans to murder someone, then claim insanity;
kids tell their parent lies to do things that are harmful and shameful,
down the road across Lisa's house, four kids barely seventeen drove into a light pole!

Their blood is still there, and thousands of flowers can't cover those stains,
unconsolable mothers kneel by their angels' beautiful pictures;
friends sob and hold back their tears, fearing they would be next!
Why trust kids fully, when a cautious word can definetly put some sense into them?

All parents are devastated by the death and tormented by the demise of their youngest:
when agony rips apart their wailing chest for not having done enough;
and to carry that guilt inside is a costly price: to have seen a young life wasted and lost!
Let's learn from these tragedies, and do more to prevent more fatalities!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Houston, Dawn.

Just like the blanket pulled up over morning
sliding down off of the sun
A stretch of the air through the wings of the night
remembers us when we were young
Stiff from still sleeping the world starts to spin
and we steady our feet to inspire
More than one nod to the sky with our prayers
directed and spiraling higher
We are the mirrors to morning's reflection
We still assure her she's ours
We never let her get down and discouraged
sleeping with moon dust and stars
She is the soothing to insomnia
She is the get up and go
She holds our hands on the cloudiest days
when winter odd winds start to grow
Just like the matchstick lit up in the dark
shadows in orange, softened and sweet
we are in shadows 'till the blanket is pulled
and the sunshine rolls over to waken from sleep
Every new hour of life and of love
starts with the crack of her smile
Dawn of horizons, new morning hope
to bathe in and relish a while...

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The poor little boy who cries in the night
His stomach is giving him pain
I wish I could make him all better right now
But now my stomach’s feeling the same.

A bug, it has entered into my home 
And seems to have hit us all hard
Oh, I can’t wait until we’re all better
Because we can’t even leave our own yard

Staying close to the house is what we do now
Running…oh, yes, that is what we do
This stomach bug’s got its claws in us
And is making us sit here and stew

The image, I know, it isn’t that pretty
Nor is it happy or pleasant at all
But I’m only sharing so you’ll lock your door
When that bug comes to your house to call.

Watch what you eat and watch what you drink
Don’t step outside not properly dressed
Or you’ll get this bug like the rest of us
And be your own worst house guest.

Take my word, please, oh friend of mine,
Six of us are sick all at once
With only one bathroom in this whole house
Being sick just isn’t that fun.

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Jonji and the Mountain

Chipping at the slate heart
carving colors pure
Underneath your hard despair
one thing is for sure
You are built on mountains
You are set in streams
You possess the grandeur
of a million triumph dreams
Snapping back your heart strings
cold and frozen stiff
Underneath your marble polish
you still glow within this gift
You are precious to me
You are whole and sound
You denote the pinacle
of breaking solid ground
Wincing at the truth dance
carved and chipped so pure
I find you climbing up from pain
a mountain you've endured.

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Laid Out

I was bound to bed, not for good
For sickness had overtaken
Getting up was just so difficult
I felt, just so, forsaken

No talking to my friends at work
Nor poetry for me to read
For sitting up was difficult
So I couldn’t fill my need

The hospital, doctors sent me home
Saying, for days to get some rest
Until the stomach bug disappears
But do they know what’s best?

My kids, they even did me in
By disabling my PC
Not having time to sit, to fix
Left me so unhappy

I cannot wait to be better
Then reading I will do
From my office I’ll work and play
And catch up with all of you