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Nature Allah Poems | Nature Poems About Allah

These Nature Allah poems are examples of Nature poems about Allah. These are the best examples of Nature Allah poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Copyright © Dan Keir

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So real

God is not a man
Unlike man, is not greedy
Ever-mighty is this God
He recognize every tone
Unlike man, is ubiquitous

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole

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SK- 4

Silence has spoken
From the roaring of the tides
God is a river

Copyright © viviane leite

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A Script To Read Again

This is a script to read again Its wordings are clear- no blunder Each page on its own is a sane It has distinct words to ponder I’m yet to find its replacement This is a script to read again It’s obvious in its endowment A script fit beyond thousand reigns With what I've seen, I've much to gain Those about lives before our own This is a script to read again Can any author beat this Lone? In everything it’s just the star I think its lost can’t be regain It’s the same here and in Dakar This is a script to read again.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole

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Sky-Falling Gold

Some complain of snow

Some complain of the cold

But what falls from the sky

Is much more golden than gold

Blessings from the sky

Yet we turn a blind eye

We instead express our disgust

When we could turn our sins into dust

We could pray to alleviate someone’s pain

But instead we scowl and frown on that rain

We could thank God instead of making a fuss

(It’s not like He’s throwing rocks down at us!)

A time to be grateful,

Yet we just complain

We could be making precious du’aa

For major beneficial gain

But it’s easier to grumble

Roll your eyes and shake your head

You may regret not taking advantage of this

When you’re long gone and dead

Don’t delay being

Grateful to your Lord

Let your heart live out

The ‘alhamdulileh’ word.

Copyright © Aya Salah

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A moment to ponder

Let your mind flow as free as the river grows! 
When the leaves appear again on the trees, 
And delicious scented flowers under the sun glow, 
You will see the rhythm from the hive as the bees, 
Get all in frenzy as winter disappears.

Did you ever wonder how it is all connected,
Were you ever amazed at the beauty of nature,
It is all by Allah (God) and His mercy projected,
And for us to embrace His Majestic Splendor,
By His Grace He gives us signs on which to ponder.

Copyright © Nassira Merahi

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To leash and feed a dog
And not allowing to bark at will
Religion of pity and benevolence
Made only to rule over the meek

To confine Ram in Janmabhumi
Amidst Force
To fetch Allah  in Mecca
Amidst stamped
To  take off for Vatican city
For Christ

Man only building the walls

Let the dog bark
Birds chirp
And man chant together:
The glory of  Nature reveal.


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Painted Horizon

I tried writing a poem tonight about the moon's brilliance. It was huge, as it was pale; hypnotic in its rise. The sun's reflection made me think of my own depression because I could see the moon's geography and its mountainous expanses. The darker shades of grey highlighted an elevation untouched by man's wishes. I had a sense of my own biology and its fragility. Like fine China placed in boxes void of upward pointing arrows, my warranty became null and void because of packaging and stacked in wrong directions. The molecular dust, mixed with rust, the ore and iron shavings, I could feel moonlight settle in my veins and I yearned to be a part of the universal order of detachment and attraction. Wishing ocean waves would wash over me as I fought the pull against my toes from lunar confiscation. A sea's toll, the sand that disappears from underfoot, admission into the deep. In my being, I felt all the knowledge Britannica had to offer, and then every answer fizzled away with evaporative tenacity and again I was left wondering about my place in this world, when a few seconds before; I swore, I was sure. The poem ended up being scrapped because no arrangement of words would've compared to witnessing the moon being painted on a deserted horizon and seeing His paintbrush come to rest on an easel.
No, my words wouldn't have been equal.

Copyright © TS Lewis