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Love Moon Poems | Love Poems About Moon

These Love Moon poems are examples of Love poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Love Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Star-Crossed (For Love of Day, For Love of Night)

(this is a form called Swap Quatrain, where first
line's phrases swap in the last line of each stanza)

In shadows’ veils, at end of night,
sweet Moon removes her modest light
and softly, yet again, exhales -
at end of night, in shadows’ veils.

As she departs, her love’s released
to climb the stairway to the east.
They cannot meet to share their hearts.
Her love’s released as she departs.

She watches him while hid from view,
the way he kisses morning’s dew,
and sees gold rays spill from his rim.
While hid from view, she watches him.

Sad Moon, alone for centuries,
with awe has watched Sun leave, cerise.
while she, afar. . . how cold she’s grown! 
For centuries, sad moon alone.

She takes his place so he may rest.
And though forlorn, she’s always dressed
in lace, for Luna has great grace.
So he may rest, she takes his place.

For love of night, for love of day,
she can’t implore him that he sway
from course.  To be apart’s their plight.
For love of day, for love of night.

For Dr. Ram Mehta's Contest: Luna, the goddess of moon

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Frozen Howl

Inside a knowledge turning cogs on this wheel
born from the darkness a heart rules supreme
fear in one wish looking towards tunnel light love
All that will remain when all turns to dust threads of life dance
kneeling weak alone humble and meek finding a balance

Weeping rivers flow haunting sea waves turn the key
truth is something beautiful touching deeply chords
Chilling whispers rise warm oasis warmly embraces hold
creeping inside beauty beams within shadows 
Dancing starlight kissing ocean reflections twinkle
sparkle glisten teardrops coldly ripple out

Floating on a cloud of breath precious beauty
a mystery that means something special 
finest mother of pearl gem coloring rainbow jewel shines forever
Frozen dew quicksilver lining echoes time answers always
cold as ice crystals dazzling diamond stillness pure 

Frosted vision clear cutting ivory white one cool snowflake falls
baptism in regal glowing crowning full face splendor enchants a ball
walking along golden strands looking across the sea midnight strikes
Sleepless nights held over and back destiny calls your name
utopia faraway dreaming our love complete

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This Moonlit Night

On the balcony I stand this moonlit night Behind me she sleeps content within sight If I stand to my left, allowing the moons pass This lunar beam delights my beautiful lass Dark haired, tanned, amidst silken white sheets Two loves of my life in glowing right meet Open doors where I stand this moonlit night It's I whom she sees in the morn's first light

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I Look To the Moon

I look to the Moon, hanging aloft
Among the clouds so milky soft.
How must it feel, so high above?
So chilled and bleak and void of love.

Collapsed and sunken are his eyes,
Dark and deep as the onyx skies.
As the Moon shies from the sun,       
I share no love with anyone.

The Moon is alone, without affection.
In its grim face is my reflection.
Inside my heart, the longing grows,
And rots my soul, a sickly rose.

While I look beyond this cage,
I clench my fists; they shake with rage.
I desperately stare above,
Wishing to fly, free as a dove;
For release from the troubled heart I claim,
To be finally rid of the madness and shame.
Although reprieve is found in song,
To no one does my soul belong.
In music, may the pleas be spoken,
But all in vain; the heart is broken.
The Sphere returns, begins to sigh.
We are not so different, You and I.
So twisted and fractured is the White Stone.
We both have no one; We are both all alone.

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Moonlight Madness


The moon falls out like a secret above the frisky clouds
Daylight and night the stars come in crowds
Like a glistening diamond, I can't stop staring
Mixed-up in that moment that has no time sharing

Holding onto the tip of the tree limbs like a puppeteer
I can hear the words the moon whispers into my ear

I will illuminate into a world only I know of
My very own little secret sparkling island getaway
A world where beauty hides the beast
I'll be the only exile under a sunless night feast

I'm going to pass on all my secrets away---
As I have on my dreaming moonlit gear
Comfort upon this mundane wonder, astronomical sphere. 

I looked one last time at the mooned night
I will close my eyes, and find myself in a box kite flight.

I will lay myself down to sleep, 
Not allowing my imagination to rinse off with wild sheep
Like a Nightingale, I rather sit and serenade myself to sleep
With the refreshing thought, the moon is like the pillow I keep

In this mad, mad world!
The moon seems to be the only object that holds it's sanity
Arousing me with it's inner peace and spirituality  

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A Lovers' Serenade

                                                Late at night
                                         on our favourite bench
                                 we sit beside the shimmering lake
                       as hand in hand we talk in mellow undertones;
           wrapped in moonlight’s embrace we kiss, a taste of burgundy lips, 
       hearts beating to the rhythm of the lapping waves – a lovers’ serenade.


                                 Paul Callus ~ 24th December 2014 
                              Contest: Enchantment through a Prism
                                         Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
                                         (3) Moonlight Serenade
                                                  Placed: 4th

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~Moon & Sea~

Hey boy won't you open that door?
Let's sing and walk by the shore

Come and spread out your eyes
Block looking for reasons, and whys?

The cosmos are more than a space to explore
Don't hide when I need.... Plus more.

Finish playing a master in disguise!
Lets find the perfect sunrise, sunset surprise. 

Put your arms around me
Allow your moon to reflect off my sea

Too much time has passed you by
Come outside with and view the horizon up high

I've got my eyes set upon you
There's no need to feel blue

Hey boy comes, climb up this tree!
I'm going to show you all the things you can't touch, you can't see.

Lets fit the luxury and beauty of this world into our play.
Don't say them words that will set me free to walk away.

Take this kiss and see how it feel deep within your heart.
Close your eyes in my garden, and draw with the fragrance of art

I want to take you into that space, astronomy love.
Making it easy to float with the clouds way up above.

Glide away from the blame of gravity and self destruct.  
Bounce of the dust of hurt when you fall and get cut.

Boy, let's hold in this perfect air together.
Leave the cold end of someone else's weather.

Follow me beyond the distance of chemistry.
I will expose your moon and explain the physics of my sea. 

Give it another chance and you will see!
Your moon, is skin deep, needing water from me. 

Turn on the tune in your heart, and listen to me. 
In every sunrise, the moon entwines with the sea. 

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Twas A Full Moon Shining - Collab

Twas a full moon shining on a cool summer night And hound dogs were howling at its silver shadowed light. I heard but a whisper on the cool evening breeze, Twas the voice of a woman I used to chase and tease. Our love was forever, at least I used to think it so. Then came the day she left me; I wondered, where’d she go? If true love lasts forever, was this love not for me? I heard an answer on the wind - Son, your true love is she. A true love will always linger in the shadows of your heart Even when the one you love has chosen to depart. True love is the love you gave, no matter what the cost It will return to you again, for it is never lost. Like a full moon shining on a cool summer night With placid waters glistening in its silver shadowed light Love comes like a whisper on a cool evening breeze A gentle touch, a soft caress, a rustle in the trees. There is no bitterness in the past, if your love was true The sweetness in the memory is true love’s gift to you A rising sun or new full moon is not a memory And so will love come once again, if you let it be. Twas a full moon shining on a cool summer night And hound dogs were howling at its silver shadowed light I heard but a whisper on the cool evening breeze, Twas the voice of love’s song...answering my pleas.
11-17-12 *An excelent collab,with John Wulf & Dan Kearley*

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Bloom Not, Wolfsbane

Bloom not, cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

The girl was luscious in the wake
Rising at break of dawn
If only she knew I was a mistake
Before we made the bond

I grew fond of her everyday
And night gave me loathe and dread
My heart was weak, I couldn’t send her away
But fed in her desires instead

I kissed her in the forest of green
I had forgotten what I am
I gazed into those eyes, so keen!
A smooth and gentle lamb

One day I stopped to think a bit
My stomach wrenched and twirled
Through love I had lost my sense and wit
To a pitiful village girl!

Avoiding her best I could
I hid from beauty’s caresses
But again she found me in the wood
And so grew the obsession

But so grew the moon
And the waning was abstaining
Good night, wonders of the noon
With memories remaining

Alone I wandered in the cold
Knowing it was coming
The sky grew dark, the sun was sold
Behind the madness blooming 

Transforming! Changing!
My mind went all a blur
Rage deforming! Madness deranging!
I couldn’t think of her…  

The time was gone!
The night had come!
I thought I was alone
But then I saw her standing there
Pale and stiff as stone

I woke up that dawn sitting there
On the forest floor
And there lay she all bloodied and bare
The lamb that I adore!

The wounds I found were like a gift
I know they were from my girl
I’m glad she fought her will to live
As I blindly devoured her

An honorable lamb with bloodied hooves
She’ll never leave my vision
Sacrificed for ravenous wolves  
And no cry for jurisdiction 

 Bloom not cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

-an oldie , hehe
For Pd's Contest : )

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The Moon Dust will not Fall Nevermore


                                             At different times
                                             in separate beds
                                             we sleep to forget
                                             Sunset is sunrise
                                             and nobody cares

                                             There it's sunny
                                             and here it rains
                                             who needs rainbows
                                             if no one cares?

                                             The Moon dust 
                                             will not fall 




                                             That's that!
                                             Who cares?

                                             Just drowned coins
                                             a cracked glass
                                             feeble stars

                                             Where's the Moon dust?
                                             Where're the arrows?
                                             Where's the fairy?
                                             Where's our strong faith?

                                             A distance that drowns
                                             through forbidden dreams
                                             we wait for the Moon
                                             to sleep and forget
                                             and nobody cares!


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Sweetly Sings

Medicine of this soul faraway with a dream seventh Heaven looking across a sea
the other night went for a walk strolling against a cold wind distant thoughts

Crying seagulls on the beach looking around even snow lying in the sand 
it was quite an awakening cold cutting ice wind blowing across the brow

Listening to the echoing roars crunching of great cliffs tasting salted air
waves crashing thunder I thought of you as the surf sprayed on shores
Oh the moon as the winds howl laying golden whispers your name landing wishes fall on a star sparkling beams Heaven you came to me under a crystal blue white light 

An angel fallen who found one miracle lost in this world drunken in the chalice of love 
each drop dripping passion adoring loves beauty forever and always

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Burning Passion

Touching fingers off 
deep fire melting tips 
sweetly burning brushes 
inside warmly walls 
Within four chambers 
echoes whispering silently 
softly desires warm when skipping a beat 

Oh you talk the words 
of the sweetest golden honey 
intoxicating mead 
The drunken spirit dancing 
swoons just in thoughts alone 
In what you said darling 
I blame you smiling 
you're a regal beauty 

Whom I will kiss 
hovering gently over your fingertips 
softly holding one's vision 
A flame left under the silver moon 
dancing with you're shadow of my soul 
one firefly beaming beautiful 

In the night sky a light from you 
shines in each passing new moon 
takes a step closer 
just to know all the right words to say darling 
I'll kiss you till you're calm and then you would be mine.. 
or maybe i'll wait for the star 
to shine upon that beautiful day

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warm solar love

a soul orbits 
looking into space
searching beyond
staring at 
an orange full
cold  moon
rising peacefully
into the sea of tranquility
floating air labored
softly gasping for breath
exploding stars
lights up
the sky

wrath of the sun's light
bombards this earth
explosive  fireworks 
pulsing inside  
emotions erupt
bursting solar colours
feelings flare beautifully
flashing the beginning 
of a strong orbiting cycle

magnetic crochet
strongly pulls
gently sewing together
embraces warm rays 
kisses sweetly
with her soft fingers
weaving love deeply
blissfully into 
one's heart


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Loving sprinkles

Tears rolling down the cheeks
mournfully sighs 
falling in a deep lingering thought 
Whispering inside silently 
I lay a sheepskin rug of purest white
upon the ground for you  

love me not ,want me not 
cause your heart I don't deserve 
The dripping honey from your moon 
cannot preserve the smile 
behind my pale pearled tears

If I could reach up 
grabbing the moon smiling
confetti stars sprinkling them 
all over you sweetly
If only by magic

Nor the diamond dust 
from your confetti stars 
can bring a twinkle to these eyes 
These eyes were baptised 
with too many holy lies 
to ever be disguised 

A soulful howl 
yearning salted lips
cherishing you babe 
within every single teardrop
that falls in your honor 
enchanting rising waves kissing 
each curl embracing fragrant beauty

I'd rather let my spirit free 
to roam in fabled wonders 
that always end ' let not love be' 
I'd rather gaze in a nocturnal sky 
with no one holding me 

Cause I have loved with all I am and be 
To be betrayed,to be deceived 
to be the clown of gaia's destiny 
and now not you or any other,no one my dear 
No one will set me free

written by Liam and Charmaine 

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Pleasures of Moving on Moon

Pleasures of Moving on Moon

You have always charmed us by your beauty, O Moon,
Sometimes fascinating Heer and Ranjha*, and sometimes,
Mesmerizing Romeo and Juliet.

Sometimes you have spread your charms, on the monuments of Love, 
Alluring the beauty of Taj*, in the full moon light of Purnamasi*
O, Moon how many faces of Love and Beauty you have,
When you stroll silently on a snow covered maintain,
The beauty and your grandeur becomes envy for the heaven.

For Poets and Writers you have immense stories and inspirations,
For Lovers you are more precious than gold and diamond,
For singers you are like the soul of their songs,
For Boatman’s, you are their sole companion of their silence and turbulence.

While watching you so intensely from earth,
I felt, as if I was wondering on the silver surface of you O, Moon,
Moving and feeling, no gush of wind,
No moisture of Rains and dryness of Sun,
No falling of leaves, in the season of Autumn,
No bending of rivers, flowing from mountains to oceans
No murmuring of birds while mating and chatting,
No change of seasons to engage my mind and heart,
Still I was fascinating to move on the silver surface of you, O Moon.

Walking on your surface was a strange experience for me O, dear Moon,
As I was trying to feel the unique pleasures of earth, 
While moving on your silvr surface, O Moon.

Kanpur India 22nd November 2010
Soon I will post this as My Photo Poem with the Photograph of Moon on my Blog and on face
book, which I took on 22nd Nov. 2010

•	Heer and Rangha. The Indian Lovers like Romeo and Juliet 
•	Purnamasi.      The Day as per Indian calendar, when we can see the full Moon.
•	Taj.                  Refers to the world famous Taj Mehal monument of Agra, India.

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A Sparkling Star

Faraway ambassador of light distant dream sailing ocean waves
begging golden spear of destiny strikes midnight bells ring 

Spotlighting beautiful stunning to the eyes priceless gem 
diamond brightly sparks on a shining jewel treasure find

Mystery shades gasping warm breathless smiles tides turn flutters the heart
beating drum roars as the arrow strikes sexy moonlighting beauty

Hot flushes sweeping deeply skipping flames on magic dust
wishes warm touching inside the darkest night glowing thoughts 

Haunting full lips silver pearl whispers silently dancing tunes sing
blowing across deep sands echoes over oceans kissing paradise moonbeams 


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Burning Star

Oh baby 
these eyes fell down 
you're amazing beautiful body 
Tingling with warm liquid gold 
slowly began melting in fingers 
chocolate over soft velvet sweet honey 
I began dreaming undressing 
deep inside with burning hot desire 
Shimmering light of candle 
stirring passion flickering memory
gentle kisses burning embers
In the fire ultra warm
sizzling dreaming hot 
touches inside desiring love
Once upon a time begins 
our enchanting fairy tale dream 
From out of the deepest forests 
walking on these sands footprints 
forever and always will remain special
Left in the heart touching beats
wishing you were here right now 
A star shining 
catching you inside the magic dust 
charming precious held 
Within a breath of silver thought priceless
silken wrapped gifted treasuring gem 
Faraway whispers sweetly 
in silver breaths of air blowing
carried over the moon and back whistling
Echoes sweetly over the hill through the valleys  
far beyond time unraveling truth over beauty
almost felt I was making love to you 

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Silver whispers

One night I saw a shooting star
flashing golden memories  
wishing for someone beautiful
just like you babe

Dazzling dreams each night 
silver trailing thoughts faraway
looking at the moon face 
over and back howling echoes
a soulful plea cries

On this cold winters night 
your love is the warmth one needs
deep inside that breathes out 
free wild as the breeze blowing
Winds in a thousand whistles speak

Utopia's everything whispers your beauty
one in a million star silently blinks
I have fallen under spells 
casting on magic fell in your dust
sailing without wings loving you

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Magic star

You're the angel dust 
sparkling silver stars wishing away
Sprinkling magic in misted gems 
dazzling pure trails 

White as the driven snow 
falling within a beauties vision 
Rising wishes blowing whispers 
upon a breeze silently touching 

Smiling golden gleams ivory
candy to one's eyes colors rainbows
Chocolate sleeping warm melting
tender soft satin feelings

Sweet velvet talking honey
sunshine emotions, beam rays 
Golden dew of a rose drop
upon sunflower petals smile 

Regal in light of day 
I pray in darkness of night 
you sleep well watched over by angels 
Held in the warm light of love

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One Tune

Looking divine a picture goddess 
jewels crowning gems sparkling magic 
shining beautiful moon princess dazzling light

At a regal glance priceless cut, shines out diamond
silver ivory full face over and back 
we dance into the milky way to paradise

In silver shadows we kiss holding sweetly our love
our souls sparkle together amazing dreams shine
this picture forever lives in the mind one treasure

Most adoring of all queens gracious 
sweetheart I pray soon one day we will always 
be together all I ever want to do deeply

Is make you smile embraced with happiness  
its dark here alone shining in all dreams
Light of a thousand stars halo shine around you babe
Silken ribbons whisper tenderly soft
in every thought a warm breeze sails 
Silently this boat to you on golden waves 

Only if you wish darling 
one in a thousand dreams that come true  
you're the  sweet night in gale singing inside always now in your tune 

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Lost Among the Stars

Our bodies touched
From time, we held on tight
Your moon eclipsed my sun
Our motion seemed so right

Then gravity
That fickle force weighed in
It swung your heart from mine
Alone again I spin

Drifting days turn night
Drifting worlds collide in flight
I'm now drifting without sight

Your eyes found mine,
As comets flew on by
The rhythms of our planets
Danced across the sky

Then the galaxy exploded
Venus spun from Mars
Elliptical no longer
We're lost among the stars

Drifting nights turn days;
Passing through a milky haze.
I'm now drifting void of ways.

Your lips pressed mine
Embers sparked to flame
The universe aligned
Pulsed as one, again

Now skies grow dark
Your moon does not appear
I shine this ray of love
In hope to guide you near.

Drifting days turn night;
Wayward worlds pass by in flight.
You are drifting out of sight.

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You Lead Love

As the moon smiles 
beams pearly white 
silver shadows dancing 
in the souls warm sweeping energy 
Sweetly brushing butterfly wings 
floating inside flying to the sound 
Echoes floating in each flutter 
touching a warm dainty voice sings 
magic chanting 
I am to the mantra off your life 
graced each step 
one like a swan in flight 
always flying forward 
Never stepping back
finding everything in peace 
inside out shines beautiful 
dancing the night away

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Like milk from blue mountains' swollen breasts, the fog
Intertwines with pungent campfire smoke, a blue mist
Frescoing my quiet river valley's primeval lap.
Twilight tiptoes, surreptitiously, spying on secluded tryst;
Interlaced, grape and honeysuckle canopy overhead,
Noddng blossoms dripping sweet fragrance,
Granting nectared kisses my lips cannot resist.

The blue moon peers through hazy clouds, then turns
Hiding his eyes from lovers unashamed upon the ground;
Emotion rising in his core, he looks again and sadly yearns.

Furtively, he draws foggy blankets o'er us two,
Orchestrating sequestered solitude until
Golden sunlight warms the earth uncov'ring me and you.

July 5, 2014

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Man In The Moon

Man In The Moon

The smiling moon casts its beams to show
 where the many romantic hearts must go
Released from their earthly mortal confines 
 to forever glow in many love filled minds

Shadows made decorate the beautiful scenes
 dancing tunes to the rhapsody of moon beams
Music fires into the awakened loving ear
 sweetly piercing hearts with a joyful spear

Passing clouds , changing curtains in the play
 as kisses linger and love words simply slay
Tender thoughts sprout as moonlight races
 shining beauty upon those sweet loving faces

The smiling moon casts forth loves and joys
 slaying the hearts of lucky girls and boys
Released then from society's many restrictions
 suddenly wrapped in love's great addiction

Shining beams bounce around showing the way
 to touch , kiss and enjoy romance in loving play
Man in the moon looks down with finest glee
 saying , look, look lovers , look at me

Robert J.Lindley  , 06-23-2014

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The Puppet Master

Once upon a time there was a puppet master.
Who was very lonely and wanted something to love.
So he decided to make the heavens and the earth.
Earth was empty and dark.
Then he made the light into a big ball called day.
The darkness called night.
Later he put a sky up so high and clouds that looked like cotton. 
Since there was too much water on earth he separated it in two parts.
Making one land and the other called the sea.
The puppet master saw that it was good.
Going all around the land he planted vegetation, trees, fruit and many other 
Looking at everything that he had done and saw it was good too.
He separated the day from night.
Made signs to mark seasons, days, and years.
Two lights were made over the earth.
One which shined all through the day called the sun.
A night light called the moon was the second light.
The clouds in the sky played with the sun all day.
Made the moon feel lonely and wanted someone to play with.
He thought about giving the moon some friends.
Therefore he made the stars to dance with the moon at night.
Everything he made was good and still wanted something to love.
Then he made creatures to live in the water, land, and in the sky.
Blessed them the gift to multiply.
Different kinds of animals where made in every part of the earth.
He liked all the things he had made and saw it was good.
However he still couldn’t find something to love.
Thinking over and over what else to make.
He looked in the mirror to see his own reflection.
An idea that he never thought of came to mind.
To make an image that looked like him.
A man who would rule all over the sea and the land.
A woman to be by his side and to share the earth.
Then it was done just like that.
Blessed them to be fruitful and to increase in number.
He gave them all the seed-bearing plants to eat.
All the creatures that moved on the ground, water, and the sky belonged to all 
He found his love and saw it was good.
His play was complete and so was he.

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A poem for YOU

In this world of Uncertainties I’m the man that you can trust And in my words of sincerity That my love would never last. And if you could only feel, what i feel for you You can ask me “why?” so you can see the truth Like our love that tightens the rope, Like a light that would give us hope. As you watch the dark skies Let me grab the moon for you, And as I catch the bright stars That’s the way you can see me through As this planet turns as it always will And things go wrong and you don’t know what to feel Hold my hand for it will make us strong Like a wind, we will carry on The wind blow that sings a hymn for you For they know what does love means for the two Love is blind, and not deaf So how’s success if you’re not ready to bet? In this poem with full of rhymes, A full of love, Babe can you be mine? I don’t expect too much from you Why should I? If you complete my whole. “Till death do us part” that’s what they have said But why do struggles crash them ahead? Don’t ask me when my love will last, To count all of our quarrels, is that a must? Now and Forever is all that I promise No day dreaming and without reminiscence As the matter of time, as the time passes by Together we stand, together you and I
A poem for my Girlfriend for our anniversary :) pls comment and rate... you are free to judge and criticize my work :) God Bless

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Moon and Sun

Although we meet the dying day Our sun ensconced in melting blue The moon’s held high to swing and sway Her light may sprinkle, softest hue No other reason but for you There’s a time when all stars must go When the sky can hold only two And that is when my love will grow. One night, the whitest white will stray Snowflakes sticking to dying rue The sun may flash its final ray But after that, the golden’s through And once again the night is new We’ll let the winters beauty show The fireplace our burning cue And that is when my love will grow. There is a time in early May When flowers bloom and spring is new Then laughter shakes as children play Shrieking with fun that’s over-due Who could cry today, guess a few. . . I’ve felt the sunshine’s warmest glow One day I’ll feel your warmest, too And that is when my love will grow. When sunshine fades, moon glows anew; And when she dips once more, he’ll go And when they’re in the sky, just two- And that is when my love will grow.

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- Blame It On The Moon -

                                    The night was young
                            Full moon and a beautiful sight
                              With a luminous silvery glow
                 The shadow of two silhouettes in the moonlight
                       Hand in hand in the romance of a path
                                Both so ignorant and naive
                                    An innocent romance
                                 Nothing is more beautiful
                               Moon enchanted them both
                             There was something in the air
                               Their hearts were in turmoil
                               He looks deep into her eyes
                                Then he stole her first kiss

  A-L Andresen

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In the Aftermath of Love and Tragedy: Heloise and Abelard

"Then there is no more left but this, that in our doom the sorrow yet to come shall be no less than the love we two have already known" (Words of Heloise to Abelard after her pregnancy) Like moon on nights of skies un-starred she lived without her Abelard. A parched still plain was Heloise - like moon on nights of skies un-starred. In death she would not lose regard for him who’d been her rain and breeze. Like moon on nights of skies un-starred, she lived without her Abelard. When Abelard put love away, with Church he mightily aligned. The world was not like ours today when Abelard put love away. Not even Heloise could say were she to often cross his mind. When Abelard put love away, with Church he mightily aligned. By Andrea Dietrich For the Famous Couples/DuosPoetry Contest of Heather Ober (based on one of the most interesting love stories I have ever read: Abelard & Heloise)

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An Epic Battle With A Simple Question

A beautiful heart pines from afar. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! Celestial winged heart beats faster, Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. Embarking from sun brewed and moonshine skies Two alien races, in war, collide. Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. All brothers' swords raise, marching with pride. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Two alien races, in war, collide. The angered clouds rain blood from the sky. A new path finally found. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Brothers' swords low now to the ground. A beautiful heart pines from afar. A new path finally found. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! In universe Out bound energy Where are we when we die?

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Destined to Love

"Destined to Love" twilight Moon cascades, haunting tapestry as hearts incline to secrets of mellow night clandestine caresses embrace 'neath canopy lovers silhouette engage in sweet romantic flight ascending to voluminous height. in ebony atmosphere, flirtatious fondling ignites fire as breathless succulence invades flesh and bone with adventurous satisfaction, love pursues deepest desire while sequined stars illuminate soft tone captivating aura of mysterious moan. forbidden fruit lies tenderly amidst dew-kissed heather hypnotic force of true love refused to be denied petite vision in chantilly lace and supple leather emotions escalate vast inner feelings to subside love conquers life, happiness cried. a lovers touch creates palatial garden of delight a beautiful expression accentuating rare romance inhaling fragile fragrance although their precious plight encircles pair in eternal dance succumbing to the power of temptation's trance. twilight Moon cascades, haunting tapestry gently, pure white wings of turtledove whispers an evening song 'neath lovely canopy while heavenly stardust shimmers from above smiling upon lovers destined to love. *For old romantic poems Contest..

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Pursue Love

Pursue love,
the love that has no meaning,
the silver ports of the moon,
shine so bright,
that it blinds you in the twilight
she is beautiful and she is divine
she is the song sang by the sweet nightingales
in the gardens of worthy, overgrowning and blooming roses,
like wildfire grow tall and the thornes of the vines
tangle around her feet and drag her ever so slightly
throughout the garden of beauty.
As the roses lay along a table,
as she sits at the table
and she waits for me, the wordman
to come to the dinner table at the stroke of nine
and sit with her,
start a scene or two of romantic setting,
to pursue love in her name.
Love is around us,
the candlelight shines and reflects in her silk hair,
as her evening dress glitters and shines
and her bossom shows itself in the nightsky
as we lay together,
we pursue a dream together,
forever we live together forever,
as we stand upon the belcony of Romeo and Juliet's love scene
we swim in a pool of sweet divine care and love,
we swallow grapes and drink wine
hand and hand on Persian rugs and virgin white cloth sheets,
we dance to a simple, yet sweet Chopin's masterpiece
of his beautiful nocturnes,
which make such a sweet and romantic song in our heads.

We stomp out the flames
as we dance the night away,
and you lay in my arms,
and I kiss you upon your lovely head,
and you hold my hand,
and I hold you tight
never thinking of letting your love go away from me,
I would take my own life,
before I lose your love.
See us together,
it is a painting that lasts lifetimes,
that needs no touch-ups.
I care for you and love you!
Love me, I know you will.

My sweet and loving portrait lady,
who in reality is more beautiful than a fully bloomed rose
that sits on its green stem,
in the garden of beauty that sits outside my window.
Come up to my chambers
as I picked roses for you and pettles litter the atmosphere
as love's tension grows
and suspence brings us together,
let us make love tonight
seal the passion
and pursue love once and for all.

Then shall we wake with the first rays of the blazing of the morning sun,
I shall wake next to your beauty and glory,
and I shall point my attention to the heavens
and thank the Gods for sending you on the open road,
toward my chamber door, I call my heart.
Then we shall dress, and walk the pathways
in the garden of beauty
and I shall pick a bauquet of roses
and we shall sit by the lake and pursue our love
for one another
and nothing, not one earthquake shall shake us apart.


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I've seen you sitting there
you've been here before
Always leave me wanting
restless for more

But never on a night sky
lamp's glow on your face
You must be from Heaven
not of this place

I come here to write lines
inspire with clever wit
Day and night poet
never can quit

But you in the moon light
now I'm lost in space
Invite myself over
meet amazing grace

Want to look closer
you say with a smile
And show me your lines
and dream for awhile

Such awe and wonder 
I scarce can take it in
Fascinated by your beauty
mesmerized by your pen!

Sponsor: nette onclaud
Contest Name: A NIGHT SKY 


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Galactic Song

She sings in sweetness, with the night.
Of dreams, where love is satisfied.
The melody flows soft and light,
yet tears do flow from midnight eyes.

Of dreams where love is satisfied,
she weaves a world of fantasy.
Yet tears do flow from midnight eyes,
for in truth, she knows it's fallacy.

She weaves a world of fantasy,
a maze to wander and find peace.
For, in truth, she knows it's fallacy,
from where she wants not released.

A maze to wander and find peace,
while the moon rides high and full.
From where she wants not released,
until she feels the new days pull.

While the moon rides high and full,
the melody flows soft and light.
Until she feels the new days pull,
she sings in sweetness, with the night

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Moon bridge

The moon so bold seems cold
with a halo of midnight glow
I sit mesmerized as the night grows old.

I bleed still, even after all these years
and I wait again through the night
aching in the depths of my soul
that no other seems to know
the Loneliness that has become my companion.

In the darkness we wait and confide in the other
our deepest fears as memories fade
in and out each season of change
            the nostalgia tempers the wars of pain
this tempestuous foe of ours
         wails at the gates of midnight
howling the warble of humanities last grace.

How the comfort of minds and hearts
turn from light to deep dark in the face 
of eternities long time clock...

I ache with wanting, with need and passion
          it is a lie that time heals and wounds scar
each night is fresh like the first
                              when I faced realities shock.

Who can wait with me?
Who can hold this hound at bay?
Who can cherish what little love left in me
             and make the broken whole?

I ache to be loved again as the love that burns
and waits inside of me. 
Who can comfort this emptiness and fill the void
                that so many leavings have left?

Cherish and love to honor and protect
             but who can slay these demons that hold my heart in wrath?
Who will walk the sulfur clouds of hell to save my mind
     and deliver my world to the gates of heaven
      with life, not death bridging the distance of pain?

I sit and wait at the floor of the moon each night
waiting for that bridge to carry me yonder,
      this moon who hangs heavy and ripe with the yearning of my soul
with clouds aglow as if I could sweep them across a canvas
   with the brush held in your hand

I rage at her as I wait, but still I wait and weep
as Loneliness and I keep each others company
wishing the clouds of that great moon could truly create
a way to find the lost, a pathway to home, lit by the legacy our love.

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The Mermaid and the Moon

She climbed the liquid staircase
Just to gaze at gleaming stars;
All she wanted was a wee one
To light up her fair boudoir.

A thousand times she spied them
Flash across the midnight sky;
She strained so high to catch one,
But the mermaid could not fly.

Exhausted with hard striving,
She lay back against the sea,
Rocking on the waves, gently, 
As she rested peacefully.

The moon, climbing his set arc,
Saw her glist'ning on the foam;
At first sight so madly loved 
Her, longing to take her home.

To lightly comb her flowing
Hair, he sent a small moonbeam,
Who tangled in her tresses
And woke her from her dream.

With a flash, her glitt'ring tail
Slapped the water and she fled,
Sliding down in the ocean,
Hiding in her pearl lined bed.

The moon, absent one moonbeam,
Wanders heaven, round and round,
Surveying seas and oceans,
Praying his mermaid is found.

Sometimes in the deep, dark pool
He sees a shining light start
Beneath the frothing billows,
And he clutches for his heart.

Forever in his orbit...
She, forever in the waves,
Her hair with his beam glowing,
All of love he ever gave.

May 31, 2014

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Above the Blue Twilight

Chance the night, oh fragrant wind
Beckon to its drowsy calling
For 'tis there she rises high
And in the morn’s seen falling

Two different worlds on blanket lay
Before creations dawning
T’was there, her glory first espied
Began her lover’s fawning

The gentle glow upon her face
Her light of azure gloaming
A reflection of the love he feels
His warmth of heart e’er showing

Chase the wind, disrupt the tides
My lover, oh my soul
And to your darkened bed abide
In part or by the whole

Though my eyes rare find your face
Upon the darkened night
Forever shall we meet and dance
Above the blue twilight

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The Pearl

The moon was a pearl - a large white brilliant pearl of a moon precious like the one I adored as it shone down on us from the sky. The sky was a sea - a broad expanse of midnight blue as deep as the love we made deep in a night swimming with shimmering myriads of stars. And the stars were fish - beautiful shimmering star-fish as bright as the glow in his eyes - those eyes that gazed into mine deep into the night of the beautiful sky - that broad expanse of midnight blue - the sea into which we gazed so deeply in love as the moon met our gaze - the moon that shone down on me and my love most precious - Oh, night of the large, white brilliant moon - the pearl. Written 3/8/13 For the Pearl Poetry Contest of Craig Cornish

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Sea of Tranquility

                                                                                                                                     Like fingers, lovely birch tree shadows play
On virgin snow like hands upon a sheet;
So bright the moon it seems like light of day,
But stars among the forest’s members peek.

And while my Love lies pleasantly at rest,
I dream awake and contemplate my muse;
Enraptured by this scene on winter’s breast
Where thoughts are drawn and peacefully diffused.

So now I look upon the face of time
And all my years of life become but one.
In timelessness I feel my spirits climb,
Where thoughts of love and life can laugh and run.

Now I am left at peace and free to be,
There lost within the moon’s tranquility…

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' The Moon's Pilgrimage ... '

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Across The Sky To Praise
The Maker and All His Wondrous Ways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Rises High, In Grace
Yet, Still In A Humble – Pilgrim’s Place

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Will Not Betray
All The Moonlight, GOD Lets Display
Tho’ She Moves In His Cosmic-Stage-Play
From His Theme-Theatre, She Will Not Stray

My Pilgrimage … Thru Deep, Dark Space
With Silver-Wings and Beams, I Chase
The Unknown and Known Questions Raised
Will Be Answered, When The Maker Says …

My Pilgrimage … To Touch Heaven’s Face
That Beauteous, Elusive, Mysterious Trace
Borne At The Blessed-Beginning’s Base
My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pray …

My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pay –
My Vows, My Voice, In Vesper-Vase
As This Moon, Is In Harvest – Phase
And Beams Brighter Now … Tho’ Slanted-Gaze

… The Moon … Glowing Ochre-Gold Or Silver
The Moon … Is Making Pilgrimage, Remember
The Moon … Is Trying To Help Deliver
Lost-Souls, Who Can Not Find … Moon River …

… Moon’s Pilgrimage … Keeps Steady Pace
Even Climbing Thru Dense, Cloudy-Lace
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Is Like A Dance, That Sways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Into The Night’s Embrace … …

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Fluoroscope Eyes

Shimmer glowing
     twinkling water
             softly flowing
                   New moon casting shadows
                         Penumbras shifting
                              Lakeside silence
                                     Silver dances
                                                 Liquid shine of peace

   Why do I sit agitated?
     Eyes drawn inward
           Naked soul 
         stripped down
 Barren like the winter trees
     A skeleton of myself
 Solitude surrounding me
    Like a heavy snow
     a January Shroud

A billion stars are upward
    whispering your name
       Chanting with their twinkles
           of my eternal longing
               Their brilliance mocking
                  Reminding me of distance
                       and my infernal sorrow

The moon casts an eerie glow
Across the rocky cliffs
taunting me with loneliness
The place beside me empty

I close my eyes
          Lashes slightly damp
                      My hair falls forward
                               I take a deep breath in
                  and I conjure you

      I see you there 
      in ghostly form
You wrap me in your arms
     Suddenly the stars 
       cease taunting
the moon glows a sweet hue
    and i feel warm seep in
    you smile softly at me
     you seem so very real

My aching heart is full
Your sexy smile stirs me
   I feel such peace
you whisper words
   that cause a laugh....

Is this happiness?

If I open my eyes 
you will disappear
      like a puff of smoke
Like the phantom you are
So I keep them 
            squeezed shut
tightly, heart pounding
        and I smile

A Mona Lisa smile
          all the mystery 
              of woman and love
                   and the infinite universe
             resting on my face

How long can I sit here
         I wonder.....
before my eyes must open?

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Such Great Kites

        In a meadow fair lived the mouse Ben,
	Who fell in love with the squirrel Jen.
	He wanted to marry but had not a dime,
	“What could I give her that's shiny and mine?”

	He thought and he thought and then he knew,
	What he could give that was neither old nor blue,
	“I know! A star, for what burns brighter
	Than love lit from afar?”

	So he called to the moon and asked for her advice,
	She told him, “I'll give you a star but there is a price.”
	Up the ladder he climbed with shovel and grin,
	He began to loose a star from its pin.

	Jen watched from below, wringing her hands,
	For she knew sometimes the stars had other plans.
	And when he fell from heaven, the Moon took pity.
	“He would give you the brightest star in my city.”
	And then from a mouse he was quickly turned 
	She searched high and low but when she learned, 	
	Poor Jen  cried in relief, then sighed,
	She pleaded with the goddess, who replied

	“I'll give him back, if only I knew, 
	which of my constellations I made him into...”
	She extended her hand as a friend,	
	“You must find him yourself, and only then,
	Fear not, don't despair, not all is lost,
	But everything changes, it comes with a cost.”

	Jen searched high and low, pry and pull
	But some stars were too hot ,others too cool
	Finally she found him! Shaped like a rose,
	When she touched his hand they both froze.

	Falling from the heavens, both intertwined
	They really were in a pickle, a real bind.
	Suddenly they gasped, feeling lighter
	They were coasting on wing flaps and fur

	Laughing with joy, they glided higher, they flew!
	For a new journey, they were forged anew

So my friend challenged me to write a poem/story about sugargliders, the moon, and a 
dime. In the end the squirrel and mouse are turned into sugargliders.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Written 5/6/2014

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My Unique Line - C R

standing the center of our own universe

          while over us, an early autumn sky, newly washed by rain

               holds a circle of the harvest moon dripping flawlessly, with amber tears....

The romantic side of me, wants the moon to be an emotional witness to such love....ahhhh!

(For P.D's contest)

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To The Moon

If I could take you anywhere 
I’d take you to the moon 
Far above the trees and clouds 
And we would go there soon. 

The first thing I would do for you 
As we went along the way 
Is pluck a few stars from the sky 
And make you a bouquet. 

We’d walk along the moon dust 
With only our bare feet 
And feel it come between our toes 
Then our eyes would meet 

We’d sit on the edge 
With our legs dangling free 
And every trouble would leave my heart 
When you smiled at me 

And then you would take my hand 
And I’d give you the grand tour 
Because this moon is a place 
That I have been before 

You see, I’ve been to the moon often 
In my dreams throughout the years 
The moon is my special place 
That I’ve treasured and held dear. 

Never has a person 
Been to the moon with me 
And I told myself the one who would, 
To my heart would hold a key. 

And so my moonlight loved one 
It is you who holds the key 
And I’ve brought you to this place 
That is cherished unto me 

I want to say I love you 
It is you whom I adore 
Will you use the key you have 
To open my heart’s door? 

And in one sweep you’d take me 
Into your warm embrace 
I would see the look of forever 
Etched upon your face 

In that single moment 
My life would change for good 
I’d find my true love on the moon 
As I always knew I would… 

February 16, 2006 
Holly Miller

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going to the moon

             i'm going to the moon tonight 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              and you can come too if you want too 
              just the two of us 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              going to the moon 
              we'll sit real close and huggle to keep warm 
              and i'll sing for you if you want me too 

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The Meaning Of Love

The Meaning of Love

Sitting on the water the moon dipping in his toes
Water rippling down, towards the sea it goes.
Making love under the moonlit sky so bright
As one together, on one never-to-be forgotten night.

Ripples of water matched by ripples of fear
Trembling together but not even near
Eons apart but matched in one thought
It cannot be stopped, it cannot be fought.

The moon need not be there, the river may dry up
The stars never seen, the wine they did not sup
Together they can be as one without even a touch
In thought and word only, the passion too much.

To fetch the passion to it’s desired end
Words of love and time one needs to spend
To come and reach the final conclusion
Together as one, it is no illusion.

Happiness can be reached though eons apart
Though time and circumstance tug at the heart
To never be alone in word thought or deed
Always to be there, when the other is in need.

© 22/12/2012 ~GG~

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if time heals all wounds,?
my cure lies in patience,?
if sadness makes us stronger,?
sorrow lives as my acquaintance,
the sun rises slowly but has to set again too soon,
the sun brings us the light but is only shadowed by the moon,
the sun shows our imperfections, and the moon leaves them transparent,
but if i speak truth let me be a declarant,
true beauty shines through when under darkness, moon or sun,
your beauty stay true, equalled by none,
time will heal not being by your side,
and the sorrow will give me strength to be proud that i tried,
one day you will find a love much greater than I,
i just long for the chance to say that your mine.

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White Cold Moon

Outside, the moon is alone in the sky
and floats bright white in the ocean
of the great black-blue on high.

It illuminates slightly my surroundings,
giving everything the soft pallid hue
that makes everything something familiar,
though some things I have never seen.

All things being equal,
under the bright white moon,
I see the waves of grass
in neighboring lawns that I’ve never trod,
and I see the soft waves of the moon
dancing off the rooftops of houses
that I’ve never been welcomed in,
that contain neighbors that I’ve never met.

It’s cold out…
if the sun gives off heat in the day,
does the moon radiate chills at night?

The moon sheds its cold, emotionally bankrupt light
on everything I see.
Is this how I should be?
If this is how all emotional attachment ends up,
should I even bother?

Or better yet, should I wait for the moon,
that reopens my wounds just by shining on me?
Every time it comes into sight,
I can’t help but think of all the times
it left me dark and cold.

Should I wait for it to change,
or should I move on?
I can’t see why I should waste my time,
when there are other things that
can radiate a brighter and warmer light than this.

If I see it shining its light on others;
what light does it have for me?

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Dawn Breaks

The breaking of dawn
and I start my day off with a yawn,
the dew covered the lawn,
the cool air blowing through my window
as the streets still soaked with the nightfall rain
comforted the scene of a beautiful sunrise
a gorgeous start to a new day.

See the flowers covered with droplets of dew and rain
feeling no such thing we call pain,
Dawn breaks,
as the sun rises with its powerful rays
that blind me in the far East,
the purple midnight skies go away,
and are replaced by ocean blue waves
and marshmallow, puffy clouds
that hold no more rain.

The sky idel upon a canvass of life
as the morning comutes travel down the steps
with coffee and newspaper in hand.
The women walking their dogs,
men catching the morning buses to work.
No use for pork
when you can't catch the morning train.
And then it starts to rain.

But the sun still shines,
and the moon is still out,
this moment, as dawn breaks
we are stuck in a parrallel between two worlds.
Such beauty in a morning sunrise
as the blue, dawn covered streets shine
as the sun reaches high over the Eastern treelines
and the lions roar and the birds fly south.

Waking up to a new, broad day
next to you, as the sun shines upon your sweet face.
I compare you to a morning sunrise
as Dawns break into a silent worldpool of a new beginning.
Something tells me that I am going to have a good day.

Waking up to a new, a new dawn
with a loud and relaxing yawn,
as I smell the dew on the lawn
See the moon and stars fade away,
and purple twilights go to sleep, on some other part of the world
Love for a sunrise in a morning dawn
that is the most beautiful scene any man has ever seen!

For the Contest: Morning Poems
Sponser: Poet Destroyer A
Written by: Christopher Boskovski

P.S. A poem for you my lovely Linda, I hope you enjoy this lovely and beautiful poem about the break of Dawn! :)

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Angel's Moon Dust

The moon dust sprinkled From the angel's wings 'Pon baby sleeping Angel's expressions Now abide on face ** ** I watched him sleep Resting weary head Seeing God bless His little life ~~~~~~~ Moon dust still Sprinkled there A reminder ` ` God Still Abides Here_ The Moon dust Slowly Disappears As the hours Separate The time spent here His little bed Awaits angel Visit once more Watch over sleeping Child_ sprinkling moon dust Like magic to keep Him in his deep sleep Hoovering with love__ Sponsor:Catie Lindsey Contest:Diminishing And Advancing Hexaverse Theme: Moon Dust

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Source of Light

Worlds apart, yet so very close
As two hearts can beat as one
The sun shines upon us both
Then evening moon does come
We share a place we call our own
When the moon then sheds its light
We meet there, in shadow cast
As day turns into night

You wait for me in lover’s robe
As I come into view
The smile that you give to me
I then give back to you
With your hand, you take my own
You lead me to your tree
Beneath the arms, its mighty limbs
We share love, you and me

Betwixt by nighttime’s hidden glow
Our hearts then shine, form light
Caressing skin, with lips so soft
We bathe in our delight
As the moon, so then descends
To the other side of the earth
We whisper into each other’s ears
A thanks for our rebirth

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Moon In Auburn

Moon In Auburn

As the stars were heaped upon a mantles Shangri-La
The miniature toy town beneath its cape 
Quiet hung in yellow golden windows lit
So silent in the dales and woods blanket
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
Crisp and cloudless chill less coldness
With the twin of the moon fluxed silver blue
In the tiny handmaidens mirror of reflection
Natures dark slept beneath the shadows of her hand

And she crept in dreams
Within the tip toe of cats
Rendered the night through amber eyes
Glistening on the turns of lovers kisses
For all the endless that she misses
Arched above an eternal sky
She is drawn to the moss of rocks
And clings in branches hung with lichen
To the feathered damp of leaves
Which catch her spark

Just a whisper footfalls breezes shifter
In the country lanes of ancient mazes
By stone wall and rabbits foot
Close upon the dandelions head
With all the disguised colours leaping on unseen acoustics
Were hidden amongst rivulet beds
Catching the silver blue
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
And swung out the flax upon the stars

Fingers traced their destiny within those pinpoint suns
A pattern constellation traits of has; she was born
The atonement of steady reckoning he had
Cut in trough on the ploughed earth
Where all the seeds of tomorrow had been scattered
With all their promises of a seasons ripening 
Old songs sung of proud man “John Barleycorn”
And the distillation of his bone and marrow

And while the stars piled high on their Shangri-La
Recounted the lost tales of lovers in forgotten times
All the memories fell in auburn locks
And swept upon the Luna light shores
The twin she fluxed in silver blue
And the dog fox cry echoed from the moon 

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On The Road To Vezalay Part 1

I was on the road to Vezalay, for Richard and his
quest. All the Christian knights would gather from
countries east and west. The papal hordes would
vindicate, and our swords and banners blessed.
As I walked the woods of Avalon, in peace and
serenity. By a stream in the shade, a vision came 
to me. There she stood before me dressed in purist
lace, against the sun her silken form, my eyes 
could easily trace. With her eyes she beckoned me
to a place where blossoms lay. From her shoulder 
the garment slipped, a moon and star above the 
breast stole and transfixed the eye, all was haze 
and peace below the bluest sky. Jasmine filled the
air as we lay that summers day, we questioned 
nought and let our feelings play. Her fingers of 
such tenderness, danced and skipped my 
nakedness. Her skin against my chest, I leant and
kissed the moon above her breast. Longing sighs
and the joining created, sensuous tones until our
love was sated. The evening grew cooler, the light
began to fade, our bodies locked in passion, all was
love in shade.
The morning proved a darker place, of my love there
was no trace. No bright star to light my way, no kind
lips for me to play. I searched with a heavy heart but
could not find, the love the heart so kind. I asked
myself with great contempt, surely not, I had not
dreamt. Then I saw in the blossoms there, lay the
flowers from her hair. With a heavy heart and heavy
soul, duty called and gained control.

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Moon Dance

The waves slide over the shore
Leaving tiny, squiggly trails
The moon and sun battle for the sky
And the big, bright moon prevails.
The beach is shrouded in darkness
Dimmly lit by only one light
That dances through the undertow
Marching its way through the plight.
A stencil of gray laces the sky
Creating a vision of death
Slowly overcoming the shore
'Til it takes its last breath.
The ocean itself which had once held
So much life in its depths
Has become drowned in its own contents
It is meeting its own death.
A storm lashes its way
Solmnly across the sky
To make room for what will unleash
That will cause the very moon to cry.
Dancing and waltzing across the shore,
The moon sadly turns away
She can't bear to see her ocean like this
And witness it going astray.
With one, final, swift motion, 
She casts her love out to sea
The love she held deeply for her ocean
The world, and all her countries.
She makes her way back to where she belongs
And lets the sun take over the sky
I didn't, in all my years,
Think I would ever see the moon cry.
But she shed those tears so bravely
And dried them so nonchalant
She turned and made her way back to the sky 
Like it was something she could never want.
The moon had lost the battle
And, defeated, began to fade away
Then the sun began to dance, too
To celebrate a brand-new day.


Details | Free verse | |



And filled with stars and the land
A pale gentle hand turned the hourglass 
Of my soul

Stalking the alabaster moon 
I rejoined once more
Those who follow the dream

Cutting through crests 
Time the scythe of a barque
Treads a song of brothers to sisters of paradise

The prow our ship a searching 
Arch-ed carrying the whispered will 
Of wishings an ambition to our hearts

Pursuing the alchemy of the moon 
Leaping from the shoals 
A single white rose this beacon to follow 

The mariners we of her phantasmal
Blown by the hunger in blood and breath
Drifting in the calm thunder tethered to a single kiss

Full of stars and the land 
A pale gentle hand turns the hourglass 
Of my soul 

The ghost in our throats calling
Seducing answers to the lamplet
Painted faces of splendour in her horizons distant 

She softly sings us closer 
Passage through the veils 
Drawing on this our meandering ark

An endless ribbon of red flows behind 
The vein of each passing quest
As this ship awash the glinting semblance of her face

I have chosen like my brothers, my sisters; to be the seafarer 
To search her shadow
Pursue the alabaster moon

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turns the hourglass of my soul

Isis the light and by Dianna named
Magdalena’s rose of mystery proclaimed 
The witchcraft of the feminine

Thus the sail-ed cutter of waves and dreams
Billowed on clouds

The diamond sea we gather
Compass point to reflection
The full moon risen alabaster 

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turned the hourglass of my soul

(Acciaccatura; An ornament note that is one half step or one whole step below a principal
note and is sounded at the same time as the principal note, adding dissonance to a
harmony. a note in a music deliberately played out of key )

Details | Rhyme | |

Impossible Love

  If the moon and the sun were lovers
the trees would stand in awe
the world would weep and would not sleep
beholding what they saw.

  If the moon and the sun were lovers
the tides would rise and fall
above the crests of mountains dressed
in light of heaven's awe

  if the moon and the sun were lovers
the world would have to end
with overload the skies explode
t'would be the final straw

  if the moon and the sun were lovers
then maybe we could be
the world would give and let us live
our dreams without a flaw.

Details | Couplet | |


Physics of the moon
I feel the lunar ecstasy in your heart
Connecting our vibes from over 1500 miles apart
With every swing of my mood ring, my sensational heart will sing
An out of this world phenomenon tune, "you are my everything!"
Absorbing every phase the moon goes threw
Sending energy between me and you
When our eyes meet on the darkest side of the moon
Your body mass rotates like a cyclone hitting my land like a typhoon
Like the gravity that bonds the earth and moon together
Our souls will collide with a massive force of forever
The image of you appears at all times like a moon cycle
Like a cascade running all around my mind, like a halo circle
Our love and vision orbits through every star
Giving us light no matter how near or far
The stars throb around the moon like a secret signal in the night
While you inhale my energy that exceeds into the morning light
Like a rainbow that enters and vanishes into the twilight of our sky
Our first kiss under the moon beam will twist our tongues into a tie
A sweet magnetic shadow will remain under the half moon
Sweeping our love above the clouds to float like a balloon
Holding a reflection with the moon's tide
Our journey continued, side by side
Emerging our love to find its way soon
Like a love mirage with the physics of the moon


Details | Salaam | |

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Details | Heroic Couplets | |

The Sea In Her Heart

Her heart sailed away from me into the sea,
Her love for me is just a fading memory.
I think of her love and faint to pray,
I trust in my God to show me the way.

Come back to me my love in the moon light night,
Embrace me once again for my heart to delight.
Come like the sea birds flying over the sea,
Come kiss me again for my heart to be free.

You are the young sunlight rising in the morning,
You are the brilliant full moon O my immortal darling!
I see you like the sea waves on the shores of our hearts,
Don't leave me and go for our souls to depart.

You shall be my eternal destiny until the end of time,
You are my divine inspiration in my sweet love rhyme.
Live in my heart and return to me once again,
Give me your sweet kiss to heal my heart's pain.

Let your love grow like a tree planted by the sea,
Fly away like the sea birds but come back to me.
Let your soul be join to mine as my everlasting token,
Kiss me forever more for our hearts never to be broken.

By:Gideon Cecil

Details | Personification | |

The Old Tree

It is strange
how things that we see
and take for granted
in everyday life
should suddenly instil
in our minds
a new awareness
of their presence

A silent moment
a brief pause
from life's ever quickening pace
a moment of peace -
in times like these
a common thing
like a dried old tree
becomes alive with beauty

It stands like a quiet sentinel
who has witnessed 
many an event 
through time
Time has passed by 
but it remains 
silently standing there
O Tree!
What secrets do you store
in your noble branches?
How many events have you recorded
that man knows nothing of?

In your younger days
when you wore your mantle of green
you nested the carefree birds
to their offspring
you gave protection
When the sun scorched the earth
you gave them cool shade
On a cool windy night
you gave them warmth
How pleasant was their song 
to your ear 
as they sang a song of thanks
to you

You were a playmate to the children
When they romped at your feet
or climbed on your branches
you smiled
Time grew older
and the children became lovers
You saw them kiss in your shade
soft with the light of the moon
The aura of their love
touched your leaves
and you blushed

they have all gone away
but you still remain 
silent sentinel
still waiting and watching
How many untold events 
have you witnessed
faithful keeper of secrets?

O that my soul could commune with you
and share of your rugged beauty!
Most Noble Tree!
forgive me for my
once-waxen eyes

Details | Romanticism | |

- Romance In The Moonlight -

                                  Quiet slide a small boat with two
                                    One beautiful summer night
                                              in a small pond
                                            The water is filled
                                    with the silver from the moon
                                 Flashing silver pearls on the water
                                           Perfect for romance
                                         Their hearts are on fire
                              They are only concerned about each other
                                Shrouded into the moonlight and love
                                   Hot kisses ... whatever it leads to
                                 Romantic tender words to each other
                                 The night is colored in shades of blue
                                    The man in the moon is witness
                                    and whispers ... 
                                                           hush ... let them be
                                                                       .... let them be

A-L  Andresen :)

Details | Tail-rhyme | |

The witches winds are blowing

 The Santa Ana's are here, and the moon is clear. 
There is a mystic in the air that whispers in my ear.
  Is this a peaceful feeling or does it carry fear ? 

What is the passion and hot fragrence of orange blossom that is pulling me a different way , as if this power has been sent only by a Witch of the finest of White Magic, only to calm the Blue Soul I have known my whole life.

 I feel a passion that is running through my Veins like the  power of water itself .
As if the Moon itself were instructed to warm the air that is blowing . It is not a new moon , it is not a old moon , it is a moon that appears only in ones lifetime to gaze at .

 By seeing and feeling the very power of this Moon you will dance your way to Heaven with happiness of what is yet to come.
The Stars around this Moon are unique as if they take the presence of every loved one you and I have lost . 

The Witches winds with the warm glowing of the moon, as if I had never met you before , are blowing with the frangerence of Orange Blossom or Magnolia , from a distant past of The South.
As if I know we have been together once before , a Moon such as this . In a peaceful , lustful state of Bliss.

 There is something coming .. is it something I have always known or wanted ?

 What is yet to be known is as intoxicating as the Santa anas that are running through my body.
 As if i have been struck by the power of light , as the powerful moon I gaze at in the Night.
It is piercing my soul with it's only Truth, 
                                            Shanity Rain 

Details | Free verse | |

Sol y Luna

Oh, Sol y Luna que tratan de abrazarse,
No llegan a tocarse como La Creación por Miguel Angel,
Por tantos obstáculos obstruyéndoles de si mismos,
Por tantas barreras que atrasan el alcance entre ellos,
Por tantas cadenas que los separan el uno del otro...

Oh, Sol que tanto extrañas el toque helado de la Luna,
Que tanto sufresen despertar el resplandor de su interior,
Que tantas manchas y quemaduras te han hecho doler,
Que tanta irradiación expones, a veces cegándote a ti mismo...

Oh, Luna que tanto añoras el calor del Sol,
Que tanto sufres en suavizarle su ardor,
Que tantos cráteres te han hecho sufrir,
Que tanto escondes tu resplandeciente brillantez interna...

Oh, Sol que tanto sufres en fuego eterno,
Pobre de ti, separado de tu amante,
Te dejaron solo en a luz cadente,
Luz que te quema y te hace erupcionar...

Oh, Luna que tan fría estas en oscuridad abundante,
Pobre eres, separada de tu querido,
Solitaria y desamparada con tus amistades, las estrellas,
Dejando caer tu opaca luz de plata,
En tu océano de lágrimas y tierra de injusticias...

Dos amantes desolados,
Dos romances reprimidos,
Ambos corriendo uno tras el otro,
Solo mirándose a distancia,
Sin alcanzarse hasta la llegada del abrazo..

Details | Couplet | |

To Heaven and Back

I wrote my words of love upon the moon last night
Tiny black words on an orb that shone full and bright

In my heart I felt you reading my love letter
The joy I felt could not have been any better

And as the moon absorbed the words I wrote to you
I suddenly realized you were watching too

So quickly the response came that it touched my soul
A sign that the Goddess of Love was on patrol

What I sent to you, you kindly sent back to me
It was as if the heavens had heard my sad plea

From now on wherever your heart tells you to go
I’ll write upon the moon and you will always know

The love we share will endure to the end of time
Messages from the moon will carry love in rhyme

*Written for Michael’s Boomerang Contest

Details | Sonnet | |

The Moonlit Tide

My love departs whence the waves tumble
to and fro o’er timeless grains of sand. 
Mottled depths of sea drown out restless rumble 
as fallen tears slip through my trembling hands.  
Say my name, enchanting moon of lore.
I shall not fault you lest my love return.
Beckon tides to well and light restore.
Grant me this before my heart doth spurn.
Full moon cast reflections bittersweet
‘til sunrise blanches all my thoughts of yore.
If I fall prey to waking dawn’s deceit,
Please rise anew to carry love ashore.
Waiting heart shan’t drown in moonlit tide.
In raging surge, for love I shall abide.

For POETESS DARKLY's Blame it on the Moon Contest

Details | Tanka | |

The Moon and Back Love

Howling lamenting 
staring into her white gem
pearl ivory face 
Happiness one pure virtue 
dripping starlight tears over

A dream of great beauty

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

In a burst of color and animal choruses 
Sovereign sun heralds in a golden morning –
The air was delicate with the perfume of cherry blossom 
Blown in from the hem of pink rows that lined the 
driveway on Grandpa’s farm 

I looked across at hay stacked verdant hills that were
Tossed with yellow daffodils, purple crocus and white snowdrops 
They danced to the baton of the breeze and the 
Hidden orchestra of lilting bird song of that fragrant spring morn

Grandma sang to me her songs of childhood 
As we walked arm in arm amongst beds of fragrant roses 
and budding fruit trees that whispered promises of full baskets  
that would soon be heavy laden with the Summer fruits, preserves, 
Pies and jam of a bountiful harvest, a few months from now

Summer came rich with its harvest, merry hearts
and long hazy, lazy summer days and nights scented 
with wisteria, frogs and cicada, chirping and croaking 
their melodious summer anthem of  ‘All is well with the world’ 
as we toasted to our full and wonderful life

Autumn brought in a more somber note and amber tones
though warm and restful, they soon told me - life is changing again
time quickly moves on - it prepared me for the winter and 
the chill mirrored in the face of the full moon as it lit a silvery path
to my next season’s change

The cherry trees glowed white against the dark night sky like iridescent bones along 
the snow covered driveway - they waved their bony fingers goodbye 
as I crunched solemnly down the long white corridor with slow steps and a  heavy heart that was beating to the mournful dirge of  hoot owls and creaking limbs – I blinked back tears under that star kissed sky and full moon that lit my path 
The moon reminded me- each season has its bounty that I can treasure -I held those memories close to my well seasoned but thankful heart.

Brenda V Northeast

Details | Rhyme | |

Sea Idyll

In a world of conflict and scheming,
may I never awaken from dreaming
of someday being able to float
out -- out in my own little boat --
out on a moon-lit bay
where tropical waters play
and a cooling breeze drifts by.
The salt sea air would be bracing --
would set my weary heart racing --
there on that moon-bright bay.
Only gulls overhead, as they fly, and I,
would hear, from the sandy shore,
the palms as they rustle.  I sigh --
oh -- I never would ask for more
than to float on the nurturing sea --
only you and the moon there with me.

Details | Free verse | |

Warmly Loving

Beautiful dazzling sunshine jewels 
diamond shining each vision wrapped softly 
Warmly glowing in the dark heavens 
entering private chambers a ball

Flickering lights dance as a moon smiles pink 
The strawberry clouds blushing glorious 
smiling full with grace rose petals
touching deeply darling your inner beauty
Alone singing inside this world one dream
kissing warm ocean waves hangs a picture
Behind the structure of your face 
mirror this perfect smiling soul

kissing these eyes in a thousand and one celebrations 
falling golden waves melting spices heart burning
passions salts eats into feelings blending honey devouring desire 
claws grip touching cotton softness embraces true

Details | Rhyme | |

Blame It On The Moon

A steamy summer's love transpired
When fate yelped up a sweet desire
And two hearts fell in love too fast
On a moon lit eve of the past.

The moon was full and shining bright
As I walked the beach one lonely night
And found her there beneath the palms
The goddess Luna offering alms.

We walked awhile, we talked awhile
We found we were quite versatile
As we worked the spell of a kiss
On that wonderful moon kissed tryst.

Well, that was a long time ago
Before she joined the traveling show
But, I will never forget that time
Of a lunar crazed memory sublime.

I won't say what we did that night
Out of courtesy... to be polite
I'll say this, she was quite a sight
One beautiful moon struck delight!

                               Timothy I. Brumley

Details | Rhyme | |

the love we had seemed so far away

i look to stars and wishes flew through space never to be heard again
fun to friends hearts do meld and break facing until time ends
this loop that plays and beats that syncopate become but a gem
pleasure a chest opened in surprise feeling no need to defend
galaxies away lonely planets  please keep me in mind
 distance could grow something fond or lost between the lines
gps my love you can see  its still where I  left it behind
thoughts fade away with life love lives forever in my rhyme

Im sorry, I wanted more,with  all this space between
disconnected and I still look to that day
we talked on the phone, our separate homes
the love we had seemed so far away

without air i couldnt breathe squeezed until I'm passing by
no water flow my skin would dry and I return to the sky
sunny days would blacken out, attracting need for desperate lies
to make up for the beauty lost from death slowly closing my eyes
that fire once sparking motion snuffed in huffs slipping away
dwifting I sway shaky grounds where once I sat easily and stay
upon my feet I still float drowning out all thoughts that stray
Tho these ends can come swift its worse to miss and hear you say

Im sorry, I wanted more,with  all this space between
disconnected and I still look to that day
we talked on the phone, our separate homes
the love we had seemed so far away

down the road,flying free, I ride the wave and hope for your return
through several seas and cloudy peaks, storms of sand, I will not turn
helpless to fate and future events, nothing prevents something to learn
  sights may not sore, nothing much looking more, isn't my concern
I hope the best and happyness is true to bless you, not just in dreams
we can meet when we sleep discussing life while sleeping seems
thanks for trying Im not exactly dying, banes of  sentient beings
real enough moving on is rough, i'll love you forever, writting my means

Details | Concrete | |

Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

Details | Pantoum | |

Orange Full Moon

The night is full of fear and of dread The large moon was orange with fright The night brings with it a fearful edge Pumpkins are lit below an ancient tree The large moon was orange with fright There’s a haunted mansion which sits empty Pumpkins are lit below an ancient tree A graveyard holds only the walking dead There’s a haunted mansion which sits empty Bats fly freely through an upstairs attic A graveyard holds only the walking dead Skeletons love to laugh at the passersby Bats fly freely through an upstairs attic Horror that night brings, this place is worse Skeletons love to laugh at the passersby Terror escalates throughout the night Horror that night brings, this place is worse The night brings with it a fearful edge Terror escalates throughout the night The night is full of fear and of dread
Russell Sivey

Details | Lyric | |

Rain Song

You played me like a violin
I can't believe I fell again
But clouds revealed the moon, and I was taken
Your eyes were closed
Your words were spare
You ran your fingers through my hair
But from your whispered breath, dark lies were spoken,
The moon betrayed me, .......a storm is waking.......
Have you betrayed me? world is shaking.......

Those empty words that still resound
pound in my head and I have found
Your love was like a tunnel going nowhere -
I crossed a bridge
And took a risk, 
I fell right in,
But couldn't swim 
The drowning rush surrounds me like a river

I dived right in it........I can't deny it
I would survive cry a river

You came to me without a plan
I should have known that it would end
The echo of the thunder tried to warn me

A distant voice
Inside my head
A cloud appeared with laden air
And pulled me where the heart's a frozen ember

I see the lightning......  I am frightened
I hear the plunder....  a distant thunder

I hear it now, the pouring rain
It beats against the window pane
And now the chill just sends a quiver through me

Storms only come
When I'm alone
Torrential songs are drowning me 
A broken heart can't stop the rain from coming in

When vows were spoken,     a sun was shining.......
But I heard thunder, ....       and you denied it

And truth came pouring down upon my head


Details | Free verse | |

Snow White

Oh darling
daydreams and night  
you have become an angel 
floating into dreams 
so beautiful they sing

Pure petal wings flutter
dressed in the color of snow 
They dance inside warm love melts
shining a faraway star 
winking in the night sky 

Whom embraces the outer body sweetly
I open four chambers to you
holding all keys out 
My queen warmly holds the soul

One kiss from you 
smitten I would say smiling 
I will always smile in loves grace 
Wishing that I was holding you right now

Wow what a dream baby
out off this world 
you're so beautiful in these eyes 
dazzling mirror reflections blinding

Details | Rhyme | |


One autumn night
Lying on a bed of rainbow leaves
The stars and moon glowed bright
We kissed beneath the trees
A lover's air was in the breeze
In each other's arms held tight
One autumn night

Contest: Linda's "One Autumn Night"
Date: 9-7-14
Poet: Lyric Man

Details | Couplet | |

Starlight Kiss

Awaiting faraway soul to guide fate the star shooting fireworks
catching one's breath destiny will spread this heart's wings 

To fly free with the spirits loving pure this is how one sees a dream unfolding 
wrapped up warmly inside treasure life growing stronger pure

With an amazing vision awakening sunshine just to see love happy 
surrounded by beauty always gentle humble and meek an angel sings

Oh I have walked the beach on a cold frosty moonlit night 
stars silver jewels as the moon smiles howling over and back 

A soul searches to find that one in a thousand dream whispering waves
blushing clouds swept away carried within warm wings kissing beats

About this poem:
an unrhymed couplet

Details | Lyric | |


Island girl
Summer island girl
I'm thinking of you
(Thinking of you)
Oh, a tropical tune 
A lover's full moon
Island girl I'm coming soon
(I'm coming soon)

Island girl, yeah.. island girl
Wrote this song for two
Your sandy white beach
It's not out of my reach
Island girl I'm coming for you

Island girl.. Gotta be my island girl
You've got a spark in your eye
Perfect golden tan
Let me be your man
If you said no I think I would die

Hear me call island girl, island girl
There'll be no peace till then
A smile on your face
In a lover's embrace
Soft touch on your perfect skin

Island girl
Summer island girl
I'm thinking of you
(Thinking of you)
Oh, a tropical tune 
A lover's full moon
Island girl I'm coming soon
(I'm coming soon)

Contest: Regina's "Seasonal Bliss"
Date: 8:18-14

Details | Dramatic monologue | |



The world is filled with temptation.
The heart is filled with desires.
The eye’s is filled with it own truth.
The mind is on the breaking point of sane and insanity.

We are only human.
We are only creatures, neither light nor dark.
We are only ourselves.

Some wear mask to defeat others.
Some wear mask to defeat themselves.
Some wear mask to hide who they really are.

Here is the point where we must decide in our life where we stand.
For trust and love and kinship of your blood will be tested.

First was the temptation.
Then it sets with desires.
Afterwards either the truth or lies are spun.
And to the last who shall stand brave or break under the weight.

We speak of truth when behind us is nothing but woven lies, and hearts full of deceit.
Can you not see the hypocrite side of us?
 Ha! It wounds me to known this, even more that I am one of those.

Take heed and resist or be forgotten with all others. 
For in this life there is only good or evil, light and darkness, the possible and impossible.

Such is us.
Such is you.
Such is me. 

Our world is filled with temptation.
Our hearts is filled with desires.
Our eye’s is filled with what we wish to see.
Our mind’s is filled with things that can make and break us.

Details | Free verse | |

Mirror Flicker

I draw honey blowing wind
thinking of you ore precious
like a snowflake pure unique
One of a kind in seventh Heaven
arriving within the eyes kissing a diamond

You're my angel rays touching outside
inside the one in a thousand dreams 
beautiful nine is the cloud singing 
with the silver treasuring dream lining
A beam shining over her pale full face 

Brightly pearl cut ivory and back frosted jewels
silver trails on wishes sparkle enchants in a trance
From the vine floating bubbles burst
rainbow magic coloring in your light drunken
bursting celebrations wishes in the mind 

Dripping starlight desires your company
delightful feelings of passion burns 
Inferno of flickering flames dancing
in each warm breath touching beat
deep warmly kissing emotions
Budding rose craving sweet scent
new life arising stirs beginnings 
so glad it's you I fall to 
Surely as the sun forever rises in the east
Replaced in my nights sailing set to my best mate

You who raise sails with me without wings
on deep tides upon this ocean waves turn
under the moon and stars we bathe silver
Dripping love sparkling in starry eyelids 
Jewels the dewdrops each morning speak

Upon the ground as destiny calls sweetly
embracing the echos over sands golden
a lone wolf howling out lonely cries
in a cold winter lunar sky 
snow lays on the ground

Crystal true blue loving white  
in two loving arms 
holding your name smiling 
heart of beauty
beating with your love complete

Details | ABC | |


We have known much earlier,
That the moon will watch our failure
Long before we met each other,
And we shall suffer 
Crises of boredom and colorless scenes;
And will exchange our love for devilish means;
The apple season will end,
As a tear sips another and dies,
The moon reflects our lies,
And the darkness swallows paths and glints
Love will die.
Grievous silence challenges body curves
A laugh wants to cry
Challenges our pride to collapse;
The flame of love is blown off,
Our promises are left behind
Crooning to dreams of time,
Fate witnesses our separating crime,
The corpse is torn photos,
Letters these, once, were holy scripts,
And scattered flowers which were precious gifts.

Details | Free verse | |

Moon Face

Moon Face
In dreams of you, I am sitting in a quiet garden Looking at the beautiful full super-moon. Night falls the garden is shrouded in a mist. The moonbeams kiss the blossomed flowers. The moonlight softly illuminates the beauty of her face. I look out into the moon I see her lovely face. She beckons me to come to laugh and love. We laugh, we dance and we love. The wind blows rapidly over my face. The moon softly whispers in my ears, The wind touch, the moon whisper reveals I am here, she is there, hundreds of miles between

Details | Tanka | |

Worlds and Lovers

A Hollow moon sleeps Atop the calm sea water under a blanket of clouds Earth and moon rest as one soul awaiting grace from sunrise
beauty of the soul in uniting the two worlds is in shades of blue For all lovers to observe hearts will beat as one spirit

Details | Free verse | |

Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon cherishes me, 
kisses my forehead with her light. 
She reigns supreme over her kingdom, 
smiling down upon this humble spirit. 

I whisper to her of my dreams, hopes 
prevailing in spite of the odds. 
A tear forms in the corner of my eye 
as I challenge her to answer my prayers. 

I extend my hand, longing to touch her, 
to soak up her ancient wisdom and beauty. 
I can feel her gentle smile, she embraces me, 
bringing me comfort, her radiance guiding. 

She has been witness to the cruelties 
of man, more than I could ever imagine. 
Broken dreams scattered into the night 
her children gather around her, wink at me. 

Nissa, Nissa, I cry out to her. Is all lost? 
Is there no more hope for my people? 
A voice softly answers in my mind, 
there is always a glimmer of hope. 

Grandmother Moon watches over me, 
ruling the tides of my heart, my spirit. 
She is listening to me, tasting my tears, 
caressing the delicate tendrils of my soul.

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Moonstruck Lovers

I sat on the jetty waiting as I did each Friday night
     The man in the moon winked at me as thin clouds were passing by
My parents could not condone our love, his skin so dark, mine light
     Our steamy, summer love was intense and his approach was nigh

Moonbeams peeked out and lit his trim figure as he crossed the sand
     Quickly I rose and crossed the rocks to greet him with an embrace
Tenderly we kissed, then he withdrew, placed something in my hand
     He said, “We’ve waited far too long; our love they cannot erase”

‘Twas then the full moon lit the beach; I saw tears fall from his eyes
     A diamond ring he slipped on my finger, said, “We must elope”
We were just teens but already knew that true love never dies
     “Without you in my life,” he whispered, “I simply cannot cope”

I clung to him, crying aloud, knowing my parents I’d miss
But we ignored their prejudice, opting for passionate bliss

* For Constance’s Steamy, Summer Love contest

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Moon Is My Muse

I know man in the moon is very sad.
He's mourning that he has no lady fair.
I gaze in awe at his situation
And wonder why it is God put him there.
It may be there's a maid on nearby star,
The one who will find pathway to his heart.
Perhaps God put her there to be his love.
His happiness was planned right from the start.

The moon has always been my trusted muse,
Has comforted when I'm alone and blue.
When words won't come and inspiration wanes,
The moon has helped me to begin anew.
If God has planned romance for man in moon,
Perhaps my own love shall be coming soon.

Written; March 2, 2013 for contest "Moon is my Muse"

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Sleep In Her Soul

It's easy to become lost in the idea that only things in life change you;
rather than you are always changing in your creation. 
When you look at demons in the haze, marvel at the haze. 
Demons are feeling homesick.

Be true to everything you are and thrive on.
We all have demons, it's up to you on what to do with those demons. 
The most dangerous are the ones unknown. 
She is herself. A beautiful demon; not hidden behind a shadow. 

Her magic is infested in my desire.
She is beautiful for I can unravel her thoughts.
She expresses to me the words intertwined with my ambiguity.
Riddled with love; I sleep in her soul.

She is my butterfly in our cosmic cannibalism.

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Under The Moon

I use to lay in my bed and stare at the moon 
Wondering who you were and hoping I'd meet you soon, 
There was someone out there for me and for you 
As I thought in my head while still staring at the moon, 
The moon was beautiful, so white, so glistening 
Wishing upon the stars I would hope you were listening, 
I would cry and a tear would fall from my eye 
Thinking the moon was so precious upon the clear blue sky, 
I waited for night, cause the moon was my light 
I couldn't wait to see the beauty upon my sight, 
Night after night the moon was my passion 
I wanted you in my arms, just a little I was asking, 
The moon was still there shining way up above 
All I wanted was to give you the power of love, 
I finally found you and we'll be together soon 
That night, I stopped staring at the moon, 
Two months later I glanced at the sky 
The moon was gone, I thought to myself why, 
Later on that night, I looked upon your sight 
And saw the moon, in your beautiful eyes. 

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As I can bounce a thought from off the moon,
while you are looking, when I know it's you
perhaps you'll sing along, less out of tune;
Sureal, the moon will do what it can do.

All mystic from the past; each witch's spell;
each wizard's charge of magic--candlelight;
some power of one's love; each tolling bell;
rains down from melting pots of lucid night.

And when the moon is full, and in its prowl
escaping where it's been so it can fly,
deep in the forest dark, the wolfmen howl,
and I look for this love to never die.

        On one such moment, like we've never known
         Reality sets in, you've been alone.
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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A moonlit night I took you dancing
you were the show on a stage of sand
Wished the night could last forever
in my mind I still hear the band

Ocean waves of cherished memories
in the moon's spotlight you promised me
On that night I was your one and only
Daddy's little girl you'd always be!

The tides of time they kept on rolling
today I walked you down the aisle 
Proud to place your hand in another
tonight I'll talk to the moon awhile

It's 2am, there's no chance of sleeping 
on the balcony trying to let you go
The cell phone rings, it's my Princess
you whisper, Daddy I think you should know..

There's a perfect moon in the sky tonight
Your telling it how much you love me
I'm so excited that I am married
But Daddy, your little girl I'll always be!

Sponsor: SKAT A
Contest Name : Poems about the moonlight


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It was a visit long overdue by most people’s standards. I had last seen my daughter two years prior to that during a whirlwind trip which she and her fiancé had made to Cape Town. I had an unexpected financial windfall and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. On the spur of the moment, I called my daughter and asked her to source accommodation for me in London over the Christmas season. A few days later, she called me back with the news that all the hotels had been booked up, save for the Ritz. I chuckled at the idea of having to spend my entire holiday budget on just one night at the Ritz. Then reason asserted itself and we put our heads together to come up with an alternative solution. I could hear her flatmate in the background, chipping in with her penny’s worth of advice. My daughter hung up and I was feeling down in the mouth about the plans for the trip being derailed in such a fashion. Later that evening, my daughter called back with the offer that if I did not object to sleeping on the settee in the lounge, I would be most welcome to stay with them at their London flat. I gladly accepted. She is a chef at a top restaurant and I was looking forward to gourmet meals prepared by her - including the Christmas turkey.

screeching seagulls dive at sushi scraps on a plate - the urchin watches
The evening of the booked flight to London, arrived. It was an uncomfortable hot day and I showered and dressed with only minutes to spare before my friend took me to the airport to book in the statuary two hours before international flight departures. At the airport everything was in chaos. We were given the unwelcome news that our flight had been cancelled. This was the third direct flight to London which had been cancelled that week due to London experiencing the worst weather and snow since records began in 1890! We were offered alternative flights and had to stand in queues for hours in order to procure a new airline ticket. Some people became very verbose and insisted on being granted passage on other airline carriers (at the cost of our local airline carrier). I do not know whether it was due to the weather or the disappointment I was feeling, but when my turn came at last to book a new flight, I readily agreed to fly on Christmas Eve ( three days hence) to London. If I had been given time to reflect on this date, I would not have accepted it. Arriving in London on Christmas Day would have been disastrous: The tubes and other public transport would have been curtailed on Christmas Day and shops and other amenities would have been closed for the day. This I knew from previous trips to the UK over the festive season. To add insult to injury, taxis would have charged triple for cab fare and no amount of quibbling would have swayed them. I phoned my friend to collect me and when we got home, I poured a large glass of Merlot and retired on the sun lounger in the garden. It was *full moon that evening and it was almost worth missing the trip to witness its beauty. I left my bags in the hallway and retired early – after phoning my daughter and giving her an update on the status quo.
moths dart between moon flowers - lunar eclipse
Six am the following morning, I was woken up by the phone ringing. Sleepily I took the call. It was the airline inquiring whether I could get to the airport by seven am. My friend was dancing up and down in agitation and already had the car out by the time I had brushed my teeth. I offered to pay any speeding fines which she might incur during our mad dash to get to the airport on time. The flight was an additional service which was laid on to get the backlog of passengers to their desired destinations. Heathrow had given our pilots permission to proceed, hence the call to me that morning. We were a total of thirty six passengers on the Boeing 747 – it translated to two passengers per crew member. We were treated to five in flight movies which were current and could eat and drink as much as we wished to. By the time we landed in London at seven pm that evening, there was a festive spirit among us. A radio taxi (which my daughter had organised) was waiting to collect me at Heathrow airport. It was a chilly four degrees Celsius below zero and I was grateful for my leather coat and wool accessories.
steep steps to flat shut out the bitter world - a heart pounds
**************************************************************** *The December 2010 lunar eclipse occurred from 5:27 to 11:06 UTC on December 21, coinciding with the date of the December solstice. It was visible in its entirety as a total lunar eclipse in North and South America, Iceland, Ireland, Britain and northern Scandinavia. "bitter" means piercingly cold..... A term commonly used by Britishers... "flat" means apartment. The Londoners I know, refer to it as just "flat" with no adj or possessive noun or article. Please see the About section for explanations regarding the 1ST AND LAST haiku. Haibun(literally, haikai writings) is a prosi-metric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku. The range of haibun is broad and includes the autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem, short story and travel journal. ~ Wikipedia

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Luna Glory Says Goodnight! Moon

As the warm sun begins to set
Fading on the far horizon
Ole Man Moon begins his assent
Luna Glory's beauty turns on

Greeting harvest moon with Goodnight
She shines in delight with her white
In love to glow forever bright
Their relationship great delight

Lunar are you jealous my dear
Of your cousin Morning Glory
She is colorful in blue clear
You are beauty white flowery

That relationship between you
And Mr. Moon when you greet sweet
He brings out the best that is true
At night when you soulfully meet

Snuggle down between soft starlight
That blankets the sky and the ground
Softly two kiss cheek to cheek right
The reward is seedlingly on the mound

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The kings of the night

The seemingly tranquil sky
blooming with stars soon
pierced by a distant cry
that seems to swoon.

Beneath dense trees standing tall
to touch dark canvas painted
after dusk, prowls the epiphany of all
mother nature’s tainted.

The wise are often alone
and the dangerous hated, 
but they express in moan
their solitude, once more grated.

Gradually their voices unite
in a song across the valley, 
seeming to smite
all of innocence’s nest.

The moon in her splendour moves
to comfort the carnivores that commence, 
and yet her beam soothes
not the beasts’ sense.

Torn between wrong and right
the moon spreads her swanlike wings amidst
the howls of her lovers, the kings of the night…
among the wolves in the mist. 

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Deep Soft Trickles

Softly touching deep cords vibrate within,
The song within my heart with golden notes begin.

As sadness flows trickling In Cello magic,
Soul's storm It Is flowing In Violin tragic.

Like a river babbling wild free,
The heart has no bounds where Love has to be.

Sweet dancing upon ripples of air,
A waltz In the clouds with dream's lady so fair.

Flowing Into an open ocean's waves,
Upon your golden heart your dream Love engraves.

Singing echoes haunting our world,
Dream's memories before us unfurled.

Rising salted emotions suffering powerless,
Sadness grows and the heart loses Its prowess.

Baited breaths shawled deep held Inside tears,
Cold Ice cube memories brittle Icing fears.

Floating breeze fluttering gently,
Touching desires In Love's flame diligently.

Touching each string cries out,
What tunes shall these strings shout.

A songbirds lament,
In grief It Is sent.

A piano speaks so softly,
As Its keys play music loftily.

Telling one story In tune,
That shall ever be told before moon.

How sweet your beautiful words sung deeply,
How they did touch my tender heart completely.

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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Scarlet Moons and Indian Suns

Written August 29, 2013

She could have had my son
As we'd spell our names as one
On scattered ocean shores
Beneath that Indian sun

I loved my ma
And I loved her well
I loved my pa
And that musty smell

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

I love my family
How I miss this feeling
Of constant embrace
Awaiting at my feet

So come and pray for rain
To wash away our pain
Before the winter stains
What autumn left to drain

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

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I lay sleeping

I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with no care and sleep with eyes blind,
I lay sleeping, there with my eyes wide open.

Seeing the dark change from dark to black.
There is no moon, there is no sky
just purple strokes of paint in the sky.
Take that morning dew smell and close your blind eyes.
Smell the morning, that smell that clicks in your mind.
The smell of childhood dreams,
that as an adult never came true.
Sleeping bare in the nude with your eyes wide open.
Thinking of her, as she is five thousand miles away from you.
Wanting to love and hold her, but no use in crying.
Sleeping their with blind eyes in the dark that dances in the light.

Your lamplight turned down low,
as life trickeles down in its nightgown and yawns for sweet slumber.
Tired from longs days, and sometimes long nights,
wanting to curel in bed and close its blind eyes.
Dusk will soon peek its head through the blinds
and awake life to a new dawn.
She sleeps in the morning, and walks at night.
When he sleeps at night, and walks with a bare nude heart in the morning.

Life climbs over yellow mountains,
and meets her fellow compainion
a handsome fellow with broud shoulders and blessed with an ego
as I sleep there with my eyes wide open.
As I sleep with my eyes blind to what life has intented for me,
and as I raise to walk the lone streets at the break of the dew covered lawn
at the first sweet smells of dawn,
I can see life go on with the handsome man
and I blind and wanting to go to bed.

I dream of dreams that have no meaning
Gardens of cluelessness and raging emotions
tare me down and I am confused on which way to go.
Do I stay here and dream away, blind and half awake
as life slaps me across my broad cheek?
Or shall I walk on with life hand and hand
and regain my vision of the world,
Start to sleep with dreams that make sense
and dreams that are made of gold and have no end?
Dream of fancy dreams that show love and happy endings
I would love that, and I would love to walk with life,
but she is out of my leauge.

And my bed is so cozy and I feel like sleeping.
So I shall sleep on more restless night chashing life down.
I lay sleeping with my eyes wide open.
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning.
I lay sleeping waiting for life to come back from the mountains
and lay beside me.
I lay sleeping with hope of regaining hope and salvage
what is left of my spirit at hand.

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Frog Adventures

Frog Adventures - journey always continues - A Collaboration

The Frog lands on earth smiling
Nothing has changed In mirror reflections
Bearing gifts from his mission on Mars
He met the cow who jumping over the moon
On the milky way he lay back rocking thoughts
Upon the moons' smile on a beautiful memory
Laughing having fun In warm joy
When lightning struck
Striking a beautiful tune sings out
Watching the dish elope with the spoon
Crying It looks like the cat Is playing the fiddle
Sadly tugging heart strings the temperature drops
Every which way swaying lost
One craft on this ocean a ghost ship
Into a shadow horizon
I sail to you In light of the moon

Are you sure? That Is not quite the story of the Frog that seamen tell. He lost all his gifts when he fell Into the sea. This Is the way seamen tell It.

Captain Jamie Lee Is at the wheel the ghost ship was the Dramallach Raven
A fine upstanding bunch of pirate lads not one of them was a craven
Now out of the corner of his eye Jamie Lee did spy
Something strange and he almost gave a startled cry
A Frog fell Into the sea small and green
Frog overboard He did lustily cry his eyes sharp and keen
The mate threw over the line and then to crews surprise
A little green frog holding a brollie stood before their eyes
This little Frog lifted up and placed on the poop deck
A poor little fellow he was and he looked quite a wreck
It was then Mr. Frog noticed Jamie Lee was a ghost
And he turned white and lean Instead of being green
As he sat shaking looking up at his host
"Now Mr. Frog what will I do with you oh deary me
Bash you on the head then off with your legs and have you for my tea"

Don't panic, didn't happen, just a bit of ghostly pirate humour there. There were no Frogs harmed In the making of this poem. Now, where was I? oh yes.......

"Now Mr. Frog what will I do with you oh deary me
I think we'll take you back to Ireland across the briny sea"

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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Come Chill With Me Tonight

Verse 1:
Don't be shy,
I just wanna spend some time,
Make you mine,
Make it right,
Don't need to worry,
Girl, no one will ever compare,
To you,

Girl, The moon is close tonight,
Mother nature's on my side,
Let the clock move slow all night,
Come chill with me tonight,

I said the dj's on my side,
And he's playing our song all night,
We can dance all through the night,
Come chill with me tonight,

Verse 2:
Listen to the night,
Listen to the moving of the trees,
Their talking to me,
Controlling me,
They make me move,
As I watch the movement of the 

The moon is close tonight,
And it's shining on so bright,
And our love is worth the fight,
Come chill with me tonight,

Girl, the party's off tonight,
And their playing the disco right,
And the club won't be jumping 
Come chill with me tonight,

I said the dj's on my side,
And he's playing our song all night,
We can dance all through the night,
Come chill with me tonight...

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Crepuscular Rays of Horizon

Yonder the stars in the sky,
My mind's imagination flew high.
To seems I never dreamed cry
But someone knocks and made me sigh.

At first I thought those were jokes
And think to play out of it choke
But I went out of control;
To never hold the push it pulls.

Yesterday I was just a no-no
Today I become a so-so
And tomorrow will I be a yo-yo?
Or a something that will be in limbo?

Yet, I was once a dream
To you I was full of gleam
That glow in a nights tame.
Never shed the rays it scream.

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Mi Luna

Luna as I watch you rise
I imagine my raven lover
painting her in delicate hues
as I always do in my dreams..

Mi Luna I am but a sailor
you the sea moon, Bella Luna
mesmerizing with your beauty and fullness
whose reflection ripples in the waters...

On the night I fell in love with you
I breathed her warm fragrance
spawned upon a gentle touch
on a sweet night of your clarity..

Oh Mi Luna
I ask that you do not drift away
you inspire the dream of love
it would bring me to much tears!

My beloved Luna
may you both be my love
I have sobbed for her under your sky
comforted by the truth you will never leave...

Mi Luna, shine upon our sea
from a distant shore I hear the mariachi
you are a moon of lovers
soft are your wings, blanca is your skin...

Heart crystal Luna
of the ocean
shine down on me...
~ ~ ~

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The Moon

Moonlit skies light up my face 
as I sit here in this place 
surrounded by the music of the creatures of the night

The crickets chirp their peaceful song
the river runs quietly along 
as if they are in a dance together with themselves.

The moon seems to hold my dreams
within itself or so it seems,
until I see the stars brighten and light up in the night sky.

Gazing into them I am filled with wonder
hearing a sound like roaring thunder
Yet no clouds block my view in this glorious night.

But yet a voice comes so sweet and tender
and propels me willingly to surrender
to the dreams and hopes that feel my heart and mind.

It's almost like sunshine springing out through rain
it takes away all of life's pain
and makes dreaming a dream something real.

To feel your heart come alive within you
to know that there is a big breakthrough
in all that you ever dreamt your life could become. 

It's worth hanging your dreams on the moon,
to feel such warmth, like a well-played tune
strumming on the strings of the deepest part of your spirit. 

Like the flowers blooming in the meadow 
the dreams began to open and flow
and I begin to my own song that goes along with the night.

A reflection of light from the moon on my face 
made me think of dreams and embrace
the love that is within a voice, a song, a night. 

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The Slow Learner

Pity me not because the moon is on wane
Remember when was full lighting the night
Pity me not for thinnning of dark blonde mane
That has gone from beauty to cotton light

Pity me not for energy deplete
Now time to snuggle between warm soft sheets
What's lacking in energy gain in sleep
With love beside me snoring to same beat

With love he continues to look on me
Even though my moon is waning this eve
Brown eyes adore me_ his love  only sees
Girl of seventeen with green eyes__ naive

Pity me  for my slow learning of life
Where in places my gifts could have stopped strife

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In Your Beautiful Eyes


Amid a star ferried night loves tears came falling ~ 

Into Your beautiful eyes, their dreams were calling

Through the whispering tides a heart left drifting

While I stood by Your side; the pain was melting....

And the moon cast her glow as a choir bringing, joy

To sweep this night with heavens Angels singing 

As I stood by Your side; these tears left falling 

Unto tides that wash away the pain; still drifting 

Afore loves moon cast a light; dreams went calling ~

Upon a star ferried night; and hearts were melting....


....“In Your Beautiful Eyes” *

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My Endless Longing -A Mother's Love


My heart is fierce in its longing for you
 With thoughts that mimic flitting butterflies
Like stars chasing the moon in the black velvet night
And every time I close my eyes…
It is you whose face I see
I ache from deep within my soul
Wanting to feel my fingertips trace the soft texture of your skin
Run my fingers through your soft, chocolate hair
Longing to see your smile - beaming radiant like diamonds in the sky

Lying in my bed at night the fingers of darknes touch my skin
The moon quietly tiptoes through my window
As silent witness to my bleeding heart
Closing my eyes…
Brings your image closer to my mind
For you... are a violet glistening with dew to my longing heart
An angel - in a spider's land
Where they deceitfully weave their web of lies
Unwillingly... turning your heart against me...
The mother who loves you so                                      

I drift away into a restless sleep dreaming of you- my girl  
As the early morning sun creeps through my window
I awake... with a heart that breaks all over again
I am a prisoner held captive by my love for you
My precious, little porcelain girl

My love for you will never end
I pray for strength to see us through
For someday we will win this battle
And the love we share...
Will lovingly come shining through



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In Bloom

Written July 29, 2013

The wind blows the rainbows down
Turns your frown upside down
Then spins it back around

The sun hides the moon
Underneath its coat in bloom
The flowers came late this June

The rain in a teardrop
Falls like dew from a leaf
When she looks at me

See that look upon her face
Used to take her to the stars
Now she's headed back from Mars

Now that Venus loves her more
Wouldn't throw her to the floor
Like before

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Just A Loving

When the moon is hot
and the sun is a cooling
the stars lose their shine
when the clouds are a fooling.

When one is in love
and the whole world a grooving
every glance you make
when your eyes are a moving.

Every breath we share
when the room is a shaking
every touch of you
just a brand new a waking.

Every mood i swear
of you to keep a thinking
locked away with in
to stop a heart a sinking.

When the moon is hot
and the sun is a cooling
the stars lose their shine
when the clouds are a fooling.

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

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Goodnight Moon

<                                              Goodnight moon
                                    Only God knows if I'll see you soon

                                    As I stand under this canopy of stars 
                                    It looks as if you're riddled with scars

                                      From your illuminating harvest glows
                                   To those frosted faces from a winters toll

                                          You even play your peek a boo
                                          With clouds that shuffle by you

                                            Don't you know I love you so
                                         So please stay and don't you let go

                                               You're my guiding light
                                       My shining armor through-out the night

                                    The crickets are even playing our love song
                                             So let's dance all night long

                                         For I know the sun will be rising soon
                              And we'll start hearing yodel calls from a loons tune

                                             Well    goodnight moon 
                                          You've slipped away all to soon

                                                    It's been fun
                                        Dam ! now here comes the sun

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's 
Harvest Moon Contest
G.L. All










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The Secret Of The Moon

The Secret Of The Moon

The Moon sets in the west
Sinking below a distant horizon
Does she see the Moon rising in the east
Could there be a second in time
A second where we both look upon the same Moon
So far away her eyes look at the lonely sphere
Does she know the tears I shed looking at it
Dreaming that she is looking into her eyes
I may never know
The Moon is a silent mistress
Keeping her secrets from mortal man
Even the one of a woman's love
Yet, every night I will watch her float across the sky
I will dream that she is doing the same
While thinking of me, my heart and my love
That is the only wish I make under the light of the Moon
Maybe someday it will come true and she will see my love
The Moon with a secret that she may wish to share
And all will be made good under the gray light
And she will smile at the Moon and thank her

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Moon Child


My cancer moon lover
The one that has been in my dreams 
Emotionally, I yearn to discover 
Never the sixth player on my team

My cancer moon lover
A fair enigma, mysteriously intriguing 
There are still traits I must uncover 
Can you hear the tune my heart is singing

My cancer moon lover
ever-changing moods can cause stress
Most times I have no answer 
Confusion, But I love you nonetheless 

My cancer moon lover
Stimulating and extremely alluring
Nobody else is above her
At times she needs reassuring 

My cancer moon lover
The sign of the crab
Insatiable, I am so lucky to have her
So full of life, colorful and never drab

 “Moon Child”, Cancer you are my lover
You have come along and changed my life
She is my cancer moon lover
Compatibility they say no, but I want you as my wife!

I love you with all my heart Kimberly Collison!!!!

Jared Pickett

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Seasons of Love

Seasons of love So clear and bright, in perfect tune, The springtime of our youth was when our love was as a silver moon. The whole of life before us then. The moon, thro’ time, would change her face to summer red, and cast her glow on joy, increasing with life’s pace, And our sweet love, in steady flow. A love so strong was ours to hold, Like tempered steel forged in the fire. Our moon was shining autumn gold, No waning of our fond desire. But when our winter moon turned blue, You wandered down the shadowed lane. My darling this I promise you, At Heaven’s gates we’ll meet again.

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If I had faced then the lonely hall,
The black entrance into my own absence
If I had not lifted the phone to call
Each acquaintance, would I be so tense

But my urge to love and live is so immense
These cradling arms of plastic only stale
And I am ridiculous and intense
And all rejection like a ragman’s bale

With waves of pain beating on the wall
Crying to someone, somewhere, to speak sense -
My questionable right to love you all
Somehow in absence, seems that more intense,

Yet can be measured in this dying squall,
As I am waiting for your questioning call.

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Perfectly you

You say you aren't perfect,
but look again and behold yourself; perfectly you.
Your tears be heavy-laden with guilt;
also remember, they glisten with remorse.
The sea water of the eye cleanses wounds old
and leads life to the good vulnerability
that teaches humility and belief.

Singing; your voice awakens the dawn
and dancing you set the moon.
Entrancing, you smile
and for a moment I glimpse forever.
Joy's child is your way
and grace is in your name.

Awake in the watches of the night
He watches your panic weeping;
wanting your day to soar 
and set twilight leaping.
Stars twinkle in sympathy,
and meteors lead sight to the other.
Come away with me my love and wink at suns.

Details | ABC | |

Swept By Sight

Over and across the moon
In this lonely night,
I stare at the castellation
Which glitters your face.
But because I miss you
The wind whirls out your name
Then eventually it feels like rain in my heart.
As the clouds draw near
Deep down within, my river turns to a sea.
With tears in my eyes,
I look away.
Because I refuse to let the storm determine my destiny
Because it's your hurricane that I fear the most.

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blue is the colour that we see
staring at space into infinity

a blue sky appearing up above
denotes fine weather that we love

a blue ribbon for a performance
implies a standard of excellence

a blue jeans is a common garment
that is found on every continent

a bluebird is a symbol of bliss
which signifies true happiness

a blue moon indicates an event
that is extremely infrequent

true blue symbolizes deep loyalty
to a cause or person that is worthy

a blue sky reflected in the blue sea
paints a picture of perfect harmony

Details | Ballad | |

The Ballad of Intimate Darkness

Through light of day and darkness of my heartbeat
My love for you, you shall see
Twelve Angel's smiles beyond this artists' cold feet
Whose legs once belonged to me
The sun and moon can marry not another
More perfect than you to me
And the evening can not break the time we share
My love for you, you shall see
A soft man you gave kisses to walked half the Earth
With legs that belonged to me
Whose only pure thought was that of a dove
To love and set you free

Now this is the time that your eyes may have read
My love for you, you shall see
If I am the shadow that can not move on
With legs that belong to me
The ink I have written will become the blood
And sin will haunt over me
Because of my veins, myself I have opened
My love for you , you shall see

The eyes of men, with envy and magic
Tempted your true love from me
And not to be jealous I smile as the victim
My love for you, you shall see
With feet that the demons or Angel's may swear
Are legs that belong to me

Yet her necklace massages her as if I
Were holding her closer to me
My body more dust than can be
Often my reflection she sees in the mirror
My love for her, she will see
And memories may move her hand to caress
Legs that once belonged to me

For the moon and the sun will eclipse out of love
As the legs that once belonged to me
Through heaven and hell I shall still feel her moisture
On the legs that once belonged to me
From the turning of wind on the teardrops of kin
And the burning with-in of my shadows and sin
Away, free as a bird she shall be
My fond love for her, she shall see

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Revealing to Me

Laying down on my back I look straight up Sky’s filled with small dots and the moon’s a cup Specks are bright with a very brilliant white They are awesome to see, a gorgeous sight The stars bring an aura to me with life No problems in the world I see, no strife I relax when the dots are before me Superior is their glow, completely As I lay on the ground I do notice This sky harbors peace within its darkness For the moon and the stars sure envelope The unmoving specks of light develop The stars move me in my heart seeing true Revealing to me how much I love you
Russell Sivey

Details | Prose Poetry | |

I Shall Wait For You My Beloved

I shall wait for you to come my beloved
For you are my white star of twilight
The moon in the sky’s far end

I shall rise up with thee
Lie down with thee
For in my dreams thou art always with me

Oh Great Spirit
When our time has come
Join us together as one in the wilderness of your sacred home
When you look upon us give us your peace and refreshing sleep

For you and I my beloved, are two halves joined together
Each others distant shore
The left and right wings of the bird
Two halves of a seashell

We are apart, yet connected by a greater love
I shall wait for you my love 

The sun and moon bless the union of our spirits
Designed by our Creator for life’s endless journey
Joined like a tree to earth, a cloud in the sky
You are a part of me, as I am of you
Bonded by the Great White Spirit

You are my love, my heart’s best  friend
Our love will never cease, never end
I know it is thou who moves within my heart
Now and forever my beloved - I shall wait for you to come
Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ my love

"Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ means I love you in Navajo"

Details | Epyllion | |

From one keeper to another

My love,

Under the influence of the essence of our joined spirits
and the cover of the moon lit night, i promised you forever
Forever to be by your side
Forever to bare your load
Forever share your laughter and joy
Forever to only dream of you...that dream has come true
Forever to love you
Forever never to hurt you
Forever never to disappoint you or cause you pain...but i did
Forever can still be as long as we imagined it once was
Under the influence of the essence of our joined spirits
and the cover of the moon lit night

Forgive me, awaiting your response
The Keeper of your heart

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The Pain of Desire Il dolore del desiderio Rhyming Version

The waning moon is like a shadow on my heart
Consumed by darkness ever since we’ve been apart
My soul is weak
My flesh it speaks
Desire flaming
Ever since we’ve been apart

So I am longing, for our tender moons return
Reunited, two hearts will burn

Without her, there is barren hunger, nothing more
An empty wasteland, with no moonlight as before
She turns away
My soul decays
What use is longing
When her moon can’t hear my song

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Silent sound

As night should fall and the bat flying in the nightly sky, I stand there at my window gazing into space light shimmering, singing the silent sound of my music.

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A Vacation to the Moon

A Vacation to the Moon

By Elton Camp

Those who, about such, seem to know
Say one day to the moon tourists may go.
Such excursions may commence
When enough will pay the expense.

Some people I am sure will love to try
To escape this planet and fly that high,
I’d prefer on earth to travel around
A whole lot closer to the ground.

According to what I’ve been told,
The moon is gray, dusty and cold.
I can’t even walk around up there.
Why, that place has not got any air.

The interesting thing I might like best
Wonderful sight, making up for the rest
One-sixth my weight on earth I’d be
That scale reading I would love to see.

Details | Sonnet | |

The Moon, The Stars and Heaven, too

Over the moon I threw a rope
to drag it down to give to thee.
This I did with a hope
that you would come to love me.

I pulled two stars from the skies
to give to you to show my love.
They paled compared to your eyes
and so I sent them back above.

For your love I would do
anything you asked of me.
If, my love, you only knew.
If, my love, you could see.

The stars, the moon and heaven, too.
There's nothing I would not give to you.

~~~~ form : English Sonnet ~~~~

Details | Prose | |


I lay awake at night, in the shadow of your dreams and wonder if your heart beats
 in the same cadence as it did before. I grip the thoughts between fingers of historic 
misuse, and hold as tightly as these shaken bones allow. I never wanted to be 
condemned, but your wake pours over this frothy soul, and fills me with a need that
 I have yet to fully understand. You are the gravity of my moon, sending brilliant surges
 to a once empty and fruitless beach. I can feel your pulse, your warm and resounding 
posture. It quakes within, and through my eyes, I cannot blink you away. This vision, 
this novel and volatile perspective is the catalyst for the fury that I thought was lost. 
Tonight, I pray your dreams shine alongside the stars I've seen in your eyes.
 I hope your heart beats to the same song that crashes through me. 
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

Details | Ballade | |

At the birth of this new day

Written for my beloved Vera Rose, The only girl I've ever loved.

At the birth of this new day

While the C moon sails across the sky
[She’s fast approaching Venus]
I sit here in this cosy room
And in these words I trust
To tell you of my love for you
At the birth of this new day
I’m here to tell you, my sweet angel
With these symbols I must say…

I love you like no other can
With mind, and heart, and soul
Just to be with you, my love
It makes me feel so whole
So beautiful you be, so sweet
So soft, and oh, so pure
And as I write this song for you
I just melt in your allure.

I am old, my beard be white
But my love is all brand new
Each day I love you more and more
With a love that be so true
Your heart of gold it touches me
Your beauty paints the sky
You mesmerize me more each day
As my life goes drifting by.

24 February 2014 @ 0512hrs.

Details | Concrete | |

Statuesque Radiance

It was wonderment.
The mesmerizing expression rolled off her tongue in waves. 
To my puzzlement I was in a state of allurement.
Her vibes were sent to me in soothsaying proportions.

It was almost trickery, but I knew where I was going.
To the festivity that arose in marvelous apprehension.
Thoughts intertwined with her perplexity.
Her magnetism pulled me into an eternal trance.   

We floated into an elation of bewilderment.
Bygone indifference; we are one.  
You are my goddess; ravishing, statuesque radiance. 
Purely beautiful with a beautiful mind, heart and soul to match. 

To my amazement I found her within.
She was snuggled in my organism.
Wrapped up in all of my thoughts. 
She was warm.

I was connected with my wizardry.
She brought out the magic in me.
It was a prophecy. 
To be told; never old. 

We are undead together and full of life. 
We are everything and nothing and everything in between.
And we are an incantation of youth. 
We are; limitless. 

Nonesuch bewitchment nor black art or ill will.
This was love as we hither to the schism of bliss.
Away with all devilry; we are galaxies of heavens in our oddity.
I hold you in my hands like a dragonfly who lets me.

My dragon with fire that doesn't burn me.
My butterfly who can hold my weight.
My sea in the snow; my fire in the haze.
My flowers in the dirt; my green in the concrete. 

Sail through my eyes.
Bring me closer to another zenith.
Give me your endless sensual voodooism.
My muse I adore; forever more.

She has taken me to that statuesque radiance.

Details | Rhyme | |

The Gleaming Smile

The smile on your face all aglow.
When they sparkle the lights are mostly low.
The special time you are alone together just you two.
Whispering in the dark, ”I love you.”

The smile, just for you, the twinkling of an eye.
Dancing eyelids love will grow as time goes by.
Shining in its simplicity, we see through each other, a gleam.
That smile, you know the one’ we like to call it a moon beam.

Said that it will strike whether sitting on a beach, bench, anywhere.
Two as one unite and voila’ the moon beam eyes are suddenly there.
When two have smiles for one another both of the hearts merge and they’re as one.
A family, a love, is born from that moon beam, smiling, we know that love will overcome.

Remember to smile, being cordial helps, you’ll find the smile of togetherness, the one reserved for you both, a smile all your own.
With love, faith, a smile can make the difference with knowledge added it will take us to our Spiritual home.
Of course the apple of my eye is my best friend silly’ it’s my wife.
A God given lady sent to me, to be a mentor, a confidant. When she smiles that smile for me, I know she is the love of my life.

Details | Couplet | |

The Moon

Oh, the morning's Godly devotions
Amid ungodly emotions
Walking the earth, dampness soothing the sole
Bound to it with affinity and closeness
Yet heaven bound, tearing away from this concrete shoe
The coffin-drumming clods of clay
Covered with verge and fields of hay 
A thin covering at that
As if the bountiful bosom is clad with a slip of silk,
A wisp of decency

Oh, the throes of fleshly woes
The shudder and fever of the soul's great war
Obsession, passion, thrills after fashion
The lashing of a scaly tail at the end of this mortal coil
Toil, toil, the gravel pit of survival
For what, mere existence?
The passions collide, asteroid striking planet,
Barren wasteland exploding in pits and pocks,
Craters round, dry as bone
Dry as love, old as valleys

Soundlessly, airlessly, lovelessly grey
Should I leave or should I stay?
Passion swells as sea's mighty tide
Thrusting the shore, thrusting, subside
Yet the shore is not moved, not even an inch
And on the moon there is no thirst to be quenched
No moisture, no thrust
No place, no lust
No sound to awake
No ear to hear the gong 
of time tick and take

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The Blinds and Pane

Through the dark still summer's night,
'bove waves of sea-green foam,
speeds a beam of dim moonlight
that's left its lunar home...
Easily it makes its way,
as nature was intending,
through Heaven's gate
its path is straight,
not circular or bending.
Between the stars, and fields of grain
it sets the world a glow,
as it slips between the blinds and pane
of a single house below...
It lands upon a snuggled pair,
for its path was true (and chosen).
A kiss they share, their bodies bare
they're lovers interwoven...
Copyright © 2007

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Light Captured in a Jar

I would walk under a moon
which disturbs the stars.
I would turn a penny in my pocket,
knowing neither heads nor tails,
but walking all around
the circumference of that moon
or at least in part would howl to it.

Should I wait for next year
to finish the thought or walking on
blank it out?
Memory is vastly more than sky
and more than walking.
So touch a moth at night
and taste the dew by morning.

Find sweet love and hold it close
within the arms which surround the moon.
Pour starlight into a jar of moths
and fireflies, to illuminate the darkest nights.
As night is, so is love often hidden
and unknown--
a force propelling two to clutch 
with fire in the blood and storms 
in the season of rains.

It must be a season of storms
else why do the winds blow so fiercely?
She will write to me, I know she will.
I have not heard from her since 
	storms began.

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How About I Show You

" How About I Show You "

Where can I find the words full of love?
Perhaps on the moon so high above
if not the moon in the night time skies
how about that glow within your eyes.

Where can I find these words that I write?
Perhaps in the dreams I dream at night
if not the dreams of a love thats true
how about these feelings when I'm holding you.

Where can I find some words to say?
Perhaps in the thoughts of you night and day
if not the thoughts of your love that I keep
how about holding you tightly as we sleep.

Where can I write the way that I feel?
Perhaps on the paper this love is real
if not the paper that I always start
How About I Show You whats in my heart...

Penned By M P K

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion...

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The Moon Cried

Under the moon light I sat, thinking of the love that we once had.Then one day it was over and I didn't see him anymore. The tears came rolling down my face, while my soul was hurting inside. The moon saw me and she too, started to cry. Not knowing why - I asked - why and for what reason do you cry? She told me - I too loved once and lost, for our love could never be. The Sun was too far away and with me - he couldn't be. I understood how she felt and she understood too. I will never forget the night that the moon cried with me...
09/25/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Paper Moon

Sullen wood eyes, 
Bring your wrath down upon me
Allow your storms to flood
The valleys of my heart
Burn the casualties of your years,
Yet you are young in your fire and
The fuel spits copper dreams,
Malleable, infallible

Meet me on the docks sunken smile,
Throw bread out to me
And I’ll gather my flocks
To nibble away at your words
Whisper to the water,
Relive your grey clouds
And I will paint the sky
Your favorite color 
Throw your line out,
Catch a new love
To keep you warm at night

But he is a fox,
Sly and cunning
He will howl for you
When the moon sits high
But when your clouds
Come around again
Know that the fox
Will run back to his hole 
But I'll be waiting,
Your little firefly,
The light behind your eyes
I’ll help you find your paper moon

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Clouds for Curtains

I took out my old worn paintbrush
and I pressed it to the ground
I lost my moonlight, lost it all;
I lost the hope I'd finally found

My moon had shown me where to step,
where to look, and how to love
My moon; an Angel, never left
but all that love was not enough

The moon had found me everywhere,
in a six foot separation
It shun through those who held us back
and found me, then, in desperation

My moon would guide me everywhere
and show me how to proudly walk
My moon would whisper in my ear
and show me love, with light, through talk

I love my moon, and always will
I've never been more certain
I hope my moon is shining, still,
but I can't see through their clouds for curtains

So I pull my brush, another stroke,
and try to paint my moonlight
But deep down I know it can't be done;
For me it's always but a dark night

Details | Haiku | |

Love and hope in a winter night with moon

 Glance  winter night
The summer in your face
twice with the moon

Details | Lyric | |

What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I recall now the days when forever seemed but a short time The visits to the hospital, brought sad images to your mind She lay on a bed, cords all around her, no hair upon her head The cancer drove us crazy with worry tears and fright She was only a baby, I didn't get the chance to say goodbye Farewell until we meet again where you'll be waiting... waiting for tomorrow to come again. What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. And now I lie here thinking it through, memories flash through my head, memories of you Moments of a bittersweet time Reminiscing the days when you were mine The days when you were alive The tears come back to my eyes I feel the need to cry but nothing slides out I need to scream and shout, My emotions pour out as one, silently So what if tomorrow never comes? Reality in death is so hard to accept, I need my tomorrow to come... What if it never does? What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. Will tomorrow ever come? I just want to be awake when the moon becomes the sun I'm waiting here for you, in the darkness of the night. I wait still for you, forever the images will haunt my mind Tomorrow will come I'll soon be alright Tomorrow will come... Tomorrow has come... I can now see the sun.

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Night Moon

The night brings the moon The streets are full of night life The bustle is groomed about Couples flow around Holding one another tight The moon speaks of their glory
Russell Sivey

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Night Rose

Nights turning into morning
sun goes down, we come alive
two wounded bird, awaits the dawning
the days of our life

each night, afloat in my sphere 
you shoot athwart my dark sky
but life isn’t fair
the reason I cannot fly

some nights you’d appear as the blood-moon
to keep a lonesome me cheerful
and perky like the crescent-moon
then I gawp and feel blissful.

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Falling Star

When the dawn embraces the universe
Darkness intensifies to cloak the sky
The gaze of mortal sees nothing but night
Then you rise from above exuding your light
You are the moon that reigns above
Enduring the sleepless time of wicked sky
The prowess of the knight flawlessly conjure elegance
A strength that marks within my weakened heart
I came to see what hell is all about
Just to find out that heaven’s is within my grasp
That when I tried to touch its mysterious existence
It disappears right before my naked eyes
Nightfall conquers the universe
Then you came at the darkest hour
Shadows are only seen when there’s light
And you don’t need it with your contrasting might
Blinded oath and selfless dreams
Becomes the reason why there are transient wills
No one is accepted for well-minded ruler
Frosted hope vanishes from nowhere
If wisdom is your sanctuary of hope
Where principles are vows that cannot be broken
Choice is a myth older than a Merlin
I am a casualty of this unorthodox ideals
Let me be the garish star
The fixed luminous shining dot of the night
Let me descend and be at my daunting hours
Until I find my perfect place in the sky
I might be seen by others as the brightest
Playing with the gleaming cadence light
Again let me subside for several times
Or perhaps forever until fate becomes mine
A prisoner of this dream might lost
Cease to live with passion to change the order
But if it’s the only way towards the moonlight
I shall walk with this illusion until I die
Because my hopes shall live forever
That there will come a time
That the keeper of the sky might fall
To the illusion I weaved, it shall exists
To free the soldier of the night
To have the liberty in chasing all the odds-
And give the privilege
To catch this Falling Star…#

-dicychael21 3/26/13-

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Sharing The Night We're Under

The sky 
has lost
its bluish hue,
it's gone from
bright to dark

The moon
and stars 
arrive in view,
to light a sky
once stark

I watch
the sky from
where I am,
my thoughts
begin to stray

I know
my sky is
what you see,
though you're
so far away

My stars
you gaze
so infinite,
their schemes
you also see

I'm ailed
you see my
"man in moon",
much more than
you see me

My heart
stays heavy
as we’re together
as often as moons
are blue

Though far
apart, at least
I share, my
nightly sky
with you 

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wolfman falls in love

The moon glistened with pride
Burning thru a blackened sky
The world oblivious to his stride
Upright, all fours, n back
Panting n snorting like distorted dogs in a hunt ahead the pack
The light flickering thru the trees 
Closing in like an enviable attack til claws greet a trunk with a razor like clasp
The window show no mercy 
Showing the night the extent in inches from head to everything
Eyes forward like a predator planning
Claws tightly grasping the trunk, scratching
Her body was flawless
Something like a goddess
Eyes slashing thru the dead night, watching ominously certain
Fur rising to a ward off stance while hiding
Thinking about today in the square when they both were hands clasped together feelings arising
Heart then then fluttering with joy but now 
Pounding from grief
The beast n man mixture cease to look upon his beauty
His shaggy mittens with embedded talons 
Snatched away what hands could do for he
Fangs protruding
Anger polluted his head
Grief thru his veins like the wolf gene that now shows that the beast is outta seclusion
Giant rhythms of a beating, breaking heart still moving
His vision taunts him with sights 
While senses r heightened n smelling that scent of her he likes
Sorrow fills the wells of his eyes
Hidden in the black of night
He turns to shun her outta his life
For she'll never Love the beast, just the man inside
N he can't Love her becuz of the fright of a sight
Waking up, bloody mess, her body dismembered
From left to right
He stares vengefully at the moon howling his protest
For the unnatural has trumped over one of lifes greatest travel damned n alone.....a merciless fate untold.......Peace

Eddie Merritt " wolfman in love contest " 10/6/11

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Might I ask about what the moon means to you?
It means the world revolves in a transcending path with a satellite.
Why does the moon shine in the midnight sky?
It shines because it is a guide between the world of the dead and the living.

So does the moon fill the air with hope?
The moon itself is hope for people.
Why does the moon pull us in with such soul searching?
It is because we feel that the moon is part of our every day life.

Children who asks these questions; I have strive to tell them some truth,
And for the adults out there I created a little Moon lite poem to sooth.

So the moon is our light in the darkest hour of the night
With romance in the air that is so bright
We all hold hands once in a moonlit walk
And with such passion we would talk
The moon gives us our pull on each others heart
With a dinner that we take part
The ritual of wooing ones heart is a great feeling of love
The moon is always there to shine right above
In time we think we are blinded by the moon 
But to tell you the truth it reflects the sun light during midnight noon
It gives out a warmth in the darkness
We probably do not think of it less
Because the moon is our memories of our past 
It shows it everyday and night and always last

April 13, 2013

Details | Couplet | |

Your tomorrow

Yesterday you brought me flowers,
Since then you had me devoured.
Your voice, your touch I seek at night,
Losing you had always been a fright.
My life, you promised you’d cherish,
Risked in your hands, if it might perish
And when moon shone I’m into sleep
My future, tomorrow, was yours to keep.

That night, we embraced in your charms.
You held me tight, I’m protected and unharmed.
Your vows, easily spoken but I trusted.
Our bodies, our souls, our desires were lust.
With 3 words “I love you”, we’re on my bed.
My sane was lost, I begged, but you went ahead!
Under the moon, my body you were in deep,
I knew my future, tomorrow, was yours to keep.

Today, with a smirk on your face, you came
Said goodbye, thanks for the night and what’s left was my blame.
No matter how bad I wanted you to turn around
You walked away, left me knees on the ground.
One night, memories, your blood left behind.
Why did you leave me? So cruel and unkind. 
And tonight, the moon shone on the tears I’d weep,
But I now know my future, my tomorrow, isn't yours to keep.

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True Love's Embrace

The snowflakes falling through the air
Were leaving sparkles on her hair
The moon shone down, she moved with grace
But all he could see was her angel face

They strolled along, side by side
Down a white powdery path, he held her hand with pride
This beautiful girl he loved so dear
Was just one more reason for his Christmas cheer

There were so many things we wanted to say
But her angel smile always got in the way
It was beautiful, sparkling, dazzling and bright
And his heart overflowed on this Christmas night

Then there with the moon shining down from above
He got down on one knee and promised his love
She answered with a smile and tears on her face
With a dream of tomorrow and true love's embrace

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You and the Moon

I complained
 To the moon, 
All I have is you 
To gaze at the sky,
Every time you leave me,
 With out telling me why.

 The moon responded,
 "When I leave 
I don't take my beauty,
beauty is worn by 
A girl of this city.
 Look at her eyes, 
You will forget my brightness,
 You will forget my beauty."

 "You really thought 
I could be around,
 When I observe the most beautiful girl of this land?
 No one can express her beauty,
 When she appears with the cellphone in her hand."

 "I am just one color,
She is pink one day,
The other day she is blue."
 That is when I realized,
 The moon was
 Talking about you.

Details | I do not know? | |


Shush be calm, it’s okay I’m right here,
You’re hugging my pillow and shedding a tear

You have my memory and I feel your heart,
Always forever till death do us part.

We’ll always have Paris and the empire state building
Watching the Bulls and the yankees out fielding 

But there’s nothing like kissing and the shared living touch,
and the holding of hands that we loved so much.

The smell of your perfume at the end of a day
Knowing that just before work we had shower play

Making love in the moon light the sun and the rain
The memories of beach the car and the plane

Running naked through sand dunes and chasing the sun
Naked moon bathing naming stars just for fun

It was always and only about just you and me,
And it always and shall be for eternity.

 Please don’t go just yet I have something to say
Then you can let my balloon float away

I thought I knew love and knew what to do
But it all went so wrong when I met you

My wires got crossed an my thinking went wonky
My smarts all went south on a pantomime donkey

But now that I’m gone I don’t want you to worry
I don’t want you to rush to get here in a hurry

It’s all down to you now to play and explore
Before you join my photo in our sons bottom draw

Thank you for sharing your life and your love
I’ll be watching you always from the blue skies above

From the wind in your hair to the moon in your eyes
 From the warmth of the sun and the sea and the skies

Feel loved and not spied on, I want your sprit to fly
I can’t live with the thought of making you cry.

Details | Sijo | |

Blue Moon Bump

Full moon rising: I see your face in the blue moon’s silhouette.
Moonbeams cascade; shine through the window of my aching, waiting heart.
The night breeze whispers soft kisses; echoes I love you replays.

Slits of moonlights flicker through dark grey water memories,
Hidden moon’s silhouette beacons; teases me to taste love anew.
My heart’s chain is anchored seems not set for full moon sailing.

Faraway cold moon: a thousand life years away from me -
Utters just profound silence; touches my spirit tenderly.
I look inside my heart; finds a joyful near reality.

Fading moon: will your splendor grace your poor lover again?
I will wait upon the grandeur of your beauty; it's my desire.
Shine on me, my darling, but only if it is your desire.


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Loving the Angel

Loving the angel.

I love to see your motion in the night.
The wind skims slow and you come into sight. 
Swirling mists, you rise up like a snake
then you become my lady of the lake.

The sun sinks seaward, stretching out your form
and I struggle with how I should adorn.
The dusk comes slow as if you are possessed, 
by the moon-light I touch your panting breast

Phaeton’s chariot flares across the skies.
Whispers of light, light up your watery eyes.
The vast perfection of the firmament.
There! The milky way … God's experiment.

On such a night like this I kiss your lips.
My angel of the underworld. Abyss.
The sun rises and now you make your flight.
You touched my soul with whispers of pure light.

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The moon and sun

Said the moon to the sun one day,
"Oh why you majestic thing must you avoid me?
And forever escape my rays?
Forever lying with the darkness, yes He!"

Said the moon to the sun the very next night,
"You ask me why I escape from you?
And hide from your blinding light?
I hide for I do not love you, and despite me saying so, honeyed words you still coo!"

"Fine! If you will not listen to my plea,
Then I will take you by storm and fire!"
The Sun cried out in fury
An as he did so, the tempurature grew higher..

The moon cried out for him to stop.
Everyone, even the stars cried out for the sun to stop
For her, who was shielding herself from the heat's great wallop
Crying out to the Darkness for one last boon.

The Darkness with great care
Took her home
Protecting and healing her with great nobility and dare!
Then helping her into the dark sky that nothing but a great dome

Waxing and waning for eternity
The moon almost dying, only to be saved by the Darknesses loving touch
All this because of the sun, yes He!
The moon enduring all this pain just to escape the sun's clutch

Said the moon to the Sun every night,
"You asked why I escaped,
And hid from your blinding light?
I hid for I did not love you, and because I said so, you try to kill me, Yes you do..."

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       ONLY FOR U

  Looking at u  I always thought ,
  U r the reason for Moon's spot.
  Partial was God when u were made,
  Else Moon , never would have such shade.

 Moon was kind not to complain,
 To have the shade & be in pain. 
Always dreamt of being a star, 
 So that Moon's  never so far.

But now I feel lucky enough
To be alive in the Nature trough

 For  Moon , 
million stars  are in sky
And for u ,
millions are ready to die  

I know , 
I have gone far from U 
But  I always keep Smiling at Moon , Thinking you might be looking tooo.


Details | Ghazal | |


Words are beads O poet, in your rosary, for counting tears
Who else can but you to make strings of clouddrops of tears?

Promises are fulfilled, days departed, my eyes dried like parchment
Caravans move on, the desert road, who will wipe a bird’s tears? 

Let me go back to my island O lord, to live with my people, with peace
Who wants dark days dropping like evils on the lake of tears?

Friends are funny until their claws scratch the widows of my love
Have you got friends those have not loosened your teeth or made you shed tears?

Moon is like a golden dish full of egg poach, fried fish, succulent meat and pulao
Beggars say its god’s wish; they have to keep their hunger aflame; does a fakir shed tears?

Merchants do business and cross thousands of miles to sell their wares
Only God knows how many shadows wait for their return and shed unaccountable tears.

Details | Free verse | |

Time Passes

I will hang on, not let time escape
I just do not have the strength of will
Yet seasons vary, it feels unreal
Time passes as the moon changes shape
I found your toys and the old red cape
The love is still there, no hands to hold
I wanted to see you growing old
Time passes as the moon changes shape
People just do not understand me
My time does not pass as the moon changes shape

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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Harvest Moon

Mesmerized by the light 
shone from high above her beauty 
casting shadows across the rippling bay 
my heart beats violently for her 
She gazes lovingly toward my gentle soul 
standing all alone on the barren hillside 

Wondering from where such beauty has emerged 
I pinch myself for fear it is a dream 
I stumble down the edge of the sea 
In hopes that my beauty will stay 
my hands are trembling 
my eyes are wide open 

The closer I get she is out of my sight 
Have I lost this beauty? 
I hear nothing but the rush of the tide 
upon my soaking limbs 
Out of the sea arises an image 
dripping and glowing 
surrounded by the reflection of the harvest moon 

I dive toward her 
Hoping to grasp her hand 
She seems just out of reach 
and starts to sink deep into the dark waters 
I dive down to reach her 
deeper and deeper 
My breath has been lost 
My vision I saw has been lost 
No longer a reflection in the harvest moon.

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The Moon's Lullaby

Hush, dear. For I will stay—here, with you, holding you; forever, just for tonight 
I shall watch you sleep, unaware of the dark and the starless sky:
Just enough warmth and, of mother's tenderness, soft light
Keeping you from all that make babies cry:
Love, we know, knows not of 
Morns nor of 

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The Thrill of the Hunt

My Heart doth pound into the ground
(Moonlight, and the tides recede)
I look for Answer's never found-
(From the Cuts of Love, still I bleed!)

I sit atop the glistening sand,
And consider fears I can't confront
Until I know just who I am-
I'll journey, seek, search and hunt

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The Efflorescence in a Half Moon Love

An immutable desire to see into the night blue-flower scented dawn,
The want to be within fixed proximity to you;
Skin touching; the aroma of a deity,
A Mexi flower emitting from your petals its royal perfume;
From this an inexperienced arousing blossoms.

The moments where,
Soft rouge lips rest, osculate against the skin,
Lips so warm-balmy,
Your petal scented hands pressing amongst my body;
And your sensitive touch I embrace; sensual, delicate.
The comfort of a half moon love,
Its crooked, Prussian - blue smile,
Emitting its rays through blossomed petals,
In the flower scented night,
Through her crescent lips,
And the burning of the stars in his eyes,
Witnessing her flowering spirit.
The efflorescence in a half moon love,
First is brave and courageous,
Its half bloomed crescent smile lightens you,
Carries you to its height and back,
With an aromatic love emitted from her,
And then when puckered, full moon lips embrace the very tips,
Of the souls voice.
Then when calls her kingdom of flowers,
-with her unique crooked smile,
Seals your lips,
And leaves you,
In her field of waving daffodils,
With a half moon love.

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Goodnight Moonlight

I say goodnight as the moon shines bright.
 The light shines upon your eyes, and reflects the tears that run down your face... 
I wish I could wipe them away, 
but sadly nothing ever stays.

Though it’s dark, I can still see.
 No matter how far you may be, look at the stars and see me mentally. 
The stars flow across the sky like slow flying fireflies.  
I feel like all you have told me was lies. 

I try to make myself and you feel the best. 
Sometimes I feel like giving it a rest. 
I never see you; wish I could be with you. 
You may not love me but I still feel for you. 

No matter what choice you make, let it not be a mistake nor regret.
 My mind has been set. From the day we met until now,
 the moon still shines bright along with the stars, so close yet so far away…
I’m missing you everyday

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Ocean's Rites

The Earth rotates around …spins The moon carries its own power The ocean, it focuses on Seeking the meek, lighthouse tower The waves are created …splash We play within the froth and foam Lowering myself to its side I know its love within the zone Into the sea the sky …reflects Makes the waves a romantic blue Entranced I follow the shoreline There is no greater love than you The heavens and with them …power And the ocean lives with its own I carry along with me strength To survive when the Earth does groan Spins, the world moves for life loved Splash, the oceans crash for desire Reflects, thinks of ancient days past Power, holds enough to quench fire
Russell Sivey

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Paradise Fantasy

Full moon haunts the evening sky,
Balmy weather perfect for you and I.
Palm trees sway gently in the breeze,
A night created for us to seize.

You take my hand, bring it to your lips,
And place on it the sweetest kiss.
Hand in hand we stroll along,
Listening to the seas night song.

We run from waves as the tide comes in,
Giggling and feeling like kids again.
You playfully try to get me wet,
I pretend to pout and be upset.

Then, pulled into your warm embrace,
My smitten heart begins to race.
You gently kiss me once, then twice,
Under a lover's moon in paradise.

For now there's only you and I,
Under a canopy of starlit sky;
White sand beach beneath our feet,
Held in thrall by love so sweet.

Too soon the night gives way to dawn.
I open sleepy eyes and you are gone.
I sigh, but then I start to smile.
Tonight we'll meet again on our paradise isle.

3/14/12 by Kim Merryman
Entered in PD's Best Love Poem contest.

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haiku love moonbeam

                                                 after we make love
                                       moonbeam falls on her red cheeks
                                                clouds stop to see her

©rajat kanti chakrabarty
16 December 2014

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Happy Haiku

Moonlight all around us
But inside
There is only sunshine

Details | Free verse | |

Little Red

Full Moon Brimming 
On A Hungry Wolf
Fire still burning 
Words are not enough

Red Riding Hood,
You stopped me where i stood.
The basket you held, looked so good,
I enticed...And you fell... 

In the woods... safe and sound
We could not believe what we had found
Me in denim... and you it lace

We understood, each other so very well
Full moon brimming over with light
Gazing into the eyes of the other

The twin to me, I did see, in You.
Be careful with my heart, my love.

My running shoes are unlaced for now,
So lean back and enjoy the ride.
Embrace all the laughter, our lives allow.


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I want you to love me

Beauty surrounds me all over,
Angels breathe on top of me,
The Heavens try grab onto me,
While the devil sends Lust upon me,
Goddesses of this universe trying to seduce me with their formidable beauty,
God himself the Gods of all god's, 
The alpha and the omega blessed me with everything humanity desired, 
I practically can have the world in my hands, 
With the moon in my sinful mouth,
And the stars in my innocent eyes, 
I could have everything, 
But all I want is for you to love me.

‘With the moon in my sinful mouth’, ‘and the stars in my innocent eyes’
Those two lines together represent that people will see and listen to my beautiful lies no matter where I am in the world, I will be heard

Details | Narrative | |

Love notes

The full moon hung heavily in the heaven's
Reflecting on the water below
The ocean waves played a melody
Lulling peacefulness into
the stillness of the night.
A virginal vision dressed in white
rides upon her white steed.
Throughout the forest
a fine mist, hangs
Glistening, the woods
in fairy like glow.
The stars twinkled, in sad refrain,
the ocean, lapped timelessly ,upon the shore
Mimicing the beating of the heart.
She gazes, over the ocean ,where,
the full moon illuminates.
Her crystal tears, flow.
In her hand, letters,
written but never sent.
Love notes, that will never be read.
For, he died that day
Never declaring the love she felt
Now all that remains
Pieces of paper
Written but never sent.

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Blaming it on the moon - contest

The moon was shining brightly
Hand in hand we strolled the shore
Holding each other tightly
Gently lowered me to the floor

His hands had no inhibitions
Touching more than was permitted
Sending waves of pleasure
To places I didn't know existed 

Again the moon is shining
As we walk along the shore
Looking down at my bump
Smiles, cos two will soon be four.

Details | Sonnet | |

a couple's stroll

above an autumn's moonlit sky
'twas there in flight, a hurtled star
then visions land as from afar
what wants 'came focused on mind's eye
was it shining gold that called?
a better man it's left enthralled
fame and power? the skill to jest?
so many dreams, thy brain was mauled
but out from selfish musings sung
a thought so single, bright, and true!
on crisp night air I felt it hung
it melted over, then I knew
for next to me my lover strode
i wished for us a sweet abode

Details | Rhyme | |


Mr. Man in the Moon can you see me here?
Does the light you shed make everything clear?
I am sorry if you are on your own
And as you can see I am all alone,
No one who loves me and no one who cares.
If you have a hand in the Earth’s affairs,
Will you send  a lover who’ll hold me tight,
Who will walk with me in the bright moonlight?
Mr. Man in the Moon, please answer my plea,
For it isn’t fair there’s no one for me.
Perhaps in the daytime, you have someone
Who thinks you’re the greatest under the sun,
But day or night there is no one for me. 
I fear that’s the way it will always be.
No one who sends me bouquets of flowers,
So please Mr. Moon, use your magic powers
To find me a sweetheart who’ll hold me tight
And vows he loves me in the bright moon light.

Details | Free verse | |

Searching the Stars

O, Mystery Spirit of the night
That offers such quiet tonight
By the light of your stars, bring calm.

O, Mother Spirit of the moon 
That wipes away sorrowful mood
By your shimmering light, take it away soon.

O, Jupiter, Spirit Power of the Milky Way 
Let these angry ghosts be swallowed whole
To no return into the night's black holes.

O,  Venus, Spirit Beauty of everlasting love
Open our hearts to the true love from above
By the warmth of your light, teach us how.

O, Father spirit of the Universe
You inspire us with the quiet of the night
The mystery of stars that bring calm, 
The peace of the moon that heals
The strength of Jupiter that helps us through
The grace of Venus that helps us love again.

O, Mystery Spirit of the night
That offers such quiet at night
Just by the light of your stars,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

By CarolineCécile, June 15, 2009.

Details | Blank verse | |

The Moon Embraced The Sun

The shy Moon dims her silver to sleep
Bored of wishes from chattering Stars
She nods off into the dawn glimpsing
The handsomeness of the morning Sun

As twilight breaks the Moon's dreams
She awakes from the warmth of the Sun
The mighty yellow sphere bows into the sea
The Moon glows pining for the glorious Sun

Twinkle blinking and mean-full winking
Those pestering Stars laugh out loud
And mock the Moon to break
Into her crescent shape and blue shade

The Moon closes her eyes waning away
Wishing for dawn just to glance
At her beautiful prince of light
Shining with rays of brightness

Whispering Stars secrets dim into day
Their rhythm of rhyme reaches the Sun
Curious he becomes of the Moon
Does she really love me?

A wave of warmth covers the Moon
She peers into the light to see
The smiling face of the mighty Sun
She awakes new and full

The busy Earth looks up
Two celestial bodies embrace
The Moon eclipses the Sun
And blocks his light from sight

The full Moon shines her silver
Bouncing off waves she smiles
Stars blink and twinkle quietly
The Earth hushes round and round

As dawn breaks the Sun waves
And the Moon bows way for day
They have their moments to be
Those silly stars blush silently.

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i hung it for you

i reach for the moon and take it down
i dust it off and turn it around
i find a place above the trees
and hang it back up where ever i please
we gaze in wonder at our new moon
but daylight takes it away too soon
never forget what ever you do
the night i hung the moon for you

Details | Ballad | |

Moonless drawing

Can't you see,
how the moon beams drunk the spring,
for the blind stars won't look in it?!
Can't you hear,
their slap on the sand,
wcich killed the sleeping buttercup,
because it declined its colour?!
Can't you feel
that the yellow curse
is going to obsess my hair
and kill our love?!
Therefore,wipe out with a rubber
the moon on the picture,
before you have coloured it yellow.

Love is born only in the moonless nights.

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Shiny moon

What goes up falls in love at first sight. 
Take your time traffic slows down before the third light.
My sleeves are read like the blue sky.
Its crystal clear that its night time. 
They say its always  lightest before dark .
Seasons change. Temperature drops
Before my heart did I had to stop. 
Time flies let the flash capture your eyes.
Similar to sine waves currently I don't chance the high.
Wave  goodbye to the high life. 
I'll see u from time to time 
Your the reason I left n your the reason I write. 
I prayed for better days then we met at night
Eye for an eye what's yours is mine.
We could share the sky, best of both worlds 
Circle of life.
To understand overtime
I had to appreciate nine to five.
What goes around comes back around.
Its always a pleasure
Like sixty nine .

Details | Free verse | |

I knew

deep down that your moon would always be crescent 
that there was a lack of light that I needed 
that wood, when dry, splinters 
that a house of cards is 

I know… 
that a full moon offers all the light I need 
that I can see forever from this place in time 
that wood, when wet, swells 
that a house made of bricks is 

I offer 
not recriminations… 

you gave what you could 
without giving of yourself 
you knew lust without love 
and I, heartache from disparity 

the red flag warning came too late 
the holes too big to keep me afloat 
not a good swimmer, I drifted on my back 
till love threw me a preserver

Details | Rhyme | |

Moonlit Path

There’s hidden in the lunar glow
Enchanting hues not seen by eyes
Infused within the shimmered flow
Where winsome hopes might shed their guise

The path we used to walk by day
Emotes of you and glows sublime
As muted light starts its ballet
Disjoining realms and bending time

I’ll find you there my dearest love
As moonlight’s gleam unveils a trace 
Your spirit that has moved above
Still whispers soft through moon’s embrace

27 Mar 2014

Details | Prose Poetry | |


Every night, we take the moon home. 
Split it in half,
and tuck it away beneath our ribs
for safe keeping. I always wince,
because of bruises that never 
heal but her smile kills that pain,
and when we get home
we get to dance under the same
light that led us to each other,
fashioning our love to the 
ceiling above, so it’s shine
can light the only world that
matters to us anymore. 
When we get home,
the rest goes dark,
and Earth’s rotation
adapts, forced to synchronize
with the steps of our feet
across the only real living room.
She says she’ll give it back 
when I decide the pain is
no longer worth walks in the
shade of rain.
t  e a s 
             ing   me with 
the zap of lightning’s charm.
But you see, 
this burdened cage of love’s misery
is a metronome’s swing to the 
beat of infinity. 
And so I press play on the 
heart of this, my favorite song
and once again, hold out my 
hand..and wait for her to
take my pain away.
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

Details | Rhyme | |

Forget the Meaning of Fear

Does your tongue drip sweet nothings,
Do they drip from thy forked tongue like honey?
Do your dreams haunt you even when you awake,
Are the ones of me hardest for you to shake?
Do your blue eyes sparkle even amidst pitch black,
How hot is your passion when I begin to arch my back?
Do your kisses blaze a sizzling trail down the length of me,
Will you ever let me be?
Does your passion burn hotter when I defy you,
If yes, good, it was intended to.
Do you miss the scent of my perfume,
When dark forces doth loom?
Do you miss the sweetness of my kiss,
Come on, baby, tell me what you miss!
Do you miss the warmth of my deliciously sweet softness,
When people ask is that the reason for your aloftness?
Do you become enflamed at just the thought of my downy skin,
Is that when you want to learn the true meaning of sin?
When I melt into your arms,
Is that when you find your well hidden charm?
Of course I know the answers but I want to hear them from your lips,
As we sway together hip to hip.
I want you to hold me until the moon and stars disappear,
And until I forget the meaning of fear.

Details | I do not know? | |

A Love Worth Protecting

Always protecting
you in the darkness
of the night.
Keeping you safe
until we 
meet again.  The
moon will ever be
hanging in the
endless sky above.
The light 
of the infinite
stars to guide you
to me. So as I may
guide you through
fantasies of life. 
The moon will never
leave you, nor will
I, like the infinite
above is my love for
you. When the sun
peaks through the
horizon of the night
past adversities of
the heart are
forgotten. The sun
will continue to
shine another 
day, always aware of
your presence and
watching over you
day after day. As
sun shines another
day my love for you
grows stronger each
passing moment. In 
these days of new
awakenings I see
only you. Our hearts
connect as time 
passes and our love
grows. The beauty of
our love is not
complete without our

souls now our souls
connect and
strengthen as one. I
will protect you and
with you until the
end I will never say
farewell to you.
I'll hold you when
your hurt, 
together we'll make
a perfect circle.
I'll take your hand
forever and bury
troubled past. I
promise to wipe away
your tears of hurt
and sadness. I will 
continue you to love
you today, tomorrow
and everyday after. 

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We Have Embraced Stardust

The moon inhales a bunch of cosmic dust Making it seem the craters are of rust Unknown is the start of glowing stardust Maybe he’s found his powers that adjust I love the moon and if he surely must He digs in his pocket, showers stardust Nice here on Earth with heaven sent stardust It swirls in the wind, picks up in a gust The moon delivers its pride, not a bust What we have embraced, the love of stardust
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Blanket of Stardust" contest 1/11/2013

Details | Verse | |

A Stretch of the Imagination

 hexaverse via words 

Moon dust is said to cause
woe for allergic noses and lungs.
Powdery particles eat through stainless steel,
stick like glue and congest breathing.
I mention in passing another threat -
moon dust jams expensive electronic equipment.

Moon dust floats down unknowingly
to earth carrying deep secrets 
from the lunar atmosphere like
invisible snow - pixie dust which
beguiles enchanted earthlings with ecstasy.

Some dreamers have insisted 
that these invasive particles 
when dispersed upon them,
totally transfixes two teenagers:  

increasing their chances
for physical attraction -
magical, mesmeric magnetism,

doubling adults'
apprehension and 


Details | I do not know? | |

In the Sun the Moon the Stars

I do not trust my form,
to act as an adequate vehicle to carry my Love for You.
It aches with decadence and decomposition.

Skins cells flake in exhaustion,
Hair follicles abort out of fatigue
Finger nails and toes nails crack , peel and tear.             

Bones creak in warning,
Muscles retreat in lethargy 
Skin hangs, falls and sags.

So I place my Love in the sun,
the moon,
the stars,
the grass,
the leaves.

So that I may continue to adore you in everything,
with everything.

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Lady, come and lay your head beside me 
let us share with the moon this secret idyll
see the shooting star carve sky with promise
as silvery light caresses soothing us

Lady, come closer share with me the night
lay in my arms and give me your essence
wrap me up in the heat of your passion
love me til that little death overcomes

Lady, as you lie glistening in moon light
still quivering with aftermaths of love
sated though I am the sight of you stirs
with your hair tangled and in disarray

Lady, love me again the night's still young
let us dance once more love's passionate dance
as the moon beams play and twinkle at us
too soon night becomes day and we depart

Details | Rhyme | |

O' Glorious Moon

O' Glorious Moon

Each lonely night I search for the light of a new moon
even when sadness is absent, I seek its comfort so soon
When weak are the joys and hopes strewn across my path
I wash my spirit in the comfort of that lovely celestial bath

Worse are the nights that despair crowds very deeply in
darkness blocks out sweet memories of lovers and friends
Salvation beams sweetly down from that Old Man in the Sky
reigniting passions and hopes as tears drop from my eyes

Shadows flee from cascading beams of inspiring moonlight
washing my heart in reborn love that vanishes all fright
A spiritual offering, moonlight that brings joy as its gift
rays of happiness wrapped in blessings that soon uplift

Blessed are the nights crystal clear skies serve the moon
love music fills my heart and I dance to it's beautiful tune.

Robert J. Lindley, 06-14-2014

A write on the , Glory of the Moon.

Details | Free verse | |

Love for Me

Love is the blue rainbow caught in a moonstone
Shining fragments caught in the light
Bursting out like an open heart bearing its soul
Each colour promising a new delight, a new adventure together
Only you can see it, only you can understand 

Love is the precious pearl
Worn by the Lady of the Sea in her eternal dance on the waves
Kept close and treasured, an intimacy of perfect joy
You are my shell, protecting and warming me from the cold ocean floor

Love is the depths of the emerald green sea
Rippled but calm, deep and sometimes dangerous
Crashing waves bringing excitement to the steady shore 
Always there, depths unknown and only sometimes glimpsed at

Love is the giant oak in the ancient forest
Each bump and wrinkle in the bark a shared story
Every branch and twig a new direction
Always joined and held together, rooted in the rich soil
Feeding it with new dreams and hopes
Love is the highest mountain
Exhilarating and fresh, ancient and reliable on the horizon
Steep but rewarding, and never boring
Every twist and turn in the path, every pebble you stand on
Leads you somewhere new
Together, the same goal insight, shared ideals and aspirations

Love is my world
All that is around me
All that is inside of me
The silver moon in the dark blue sky knows it
The sun riding on the clouds, waking the world up in the morning knows it
 Love opens up my senses to every drop of dew
To every shooting star, to every blade of grass and mossy glade
My joy feels brighter, my pain easier to bear
Love is my brand new day
My dark, silent night
Love for me, is you. 


Details | I do not know? | |

Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

Details | Free verse | |

Star spangled

Here I am darling 
at the center 
of my everything,
gazing over a lake
looking upon 
silver stars lovingly
dancing inside ripples.

Sparkling in 
a moving mass
kisses gently ,
touching deep waters,
blinking diamond thoughts
upon a moon face,
reflections flooding 
through the mind 
every last one shines
sweetly on 
you my love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Eyes Look Your Last

He walks weary to his bed of ninety years
Down that lonely hallway that once was shared
Gone early she was at eighty four
Sweet Emma from his heart did adore
The hand of age brushes a kiss upon her face
Like so many times before when the day was long
He removes his wired rim glasses and yawns
Folded carefully and placed beside her photo on the nightstand
The linen is pulled to the side a pillow is fluffed
Slowly he sits on the edge and stares into space
Slippers removed one by one and placed just so
Before he lies between the sheets a distant call is heard
Gentle in the night the Loons sing their romantic song
The moon of silver reflects on the lake across the way
Shadows of Loons in love create ripples upon the water
This is his Golden Pond and strawberry patches
Together many a day he and Emma would walk for miles hand in hand
Stopping to smell the flowers and pick strawberries for jam
How well he remembers those days of yester year
But alas she is gone and alone he has walked the pathes alone
Shutting the window just enough to let a breeze flow
As he turns to shut the light for just one moment he believes
There Emma sits she pats the bed and calls to him sweetly Come
He clears his head then a tear drops as he whispers to himself
Alright Emma my sweet alright alright Im coming
Making his way to the bed he slides in slowly between the sheets
Leans over turns out the light and pulls the covers up
As he recalls Emma The bright moon light casts shadows
They are upon the walls and on the cieling over head
Silent creations produced by cars across the lake
Figures dancing about the room, shadowed in blues and grays
They trigger memories of dances in the church hall on saturday nights
Slowly his eyes close and he says this prayer every night
Lord my Savior this I ask
I wish to see my Sweet Emma just once more time
To be by her side and feel her warm hand in mine
If you see me fit to grant this wish
Happy I will be in her arms and to taste Sweet Emmas kiss once more
I thank Thee my heavenly father

Details | Rhyme | |

The Sun and The Moon

I think of the sun and moon as lovers,
Who rarely meet, always chase,
And almost always miss one another,
But once in a while, they do catch up,
And they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse,

Details | Light Poetry | |

May I have This Dance

In the moonlight, may I have this dance?
Take your hand in Lover's motion
For 'tis better to have this rigid Romance
Than drown myself in the Ocean...

Details | Free verse | |

To Catch The Moon

How does one capture the moon?
Catch hold of its beams and tug it 
to the earth?
Rearrange the stars
So it might mistake the 
earth for horizon?
Should it be coaxed down
Or caught in one's mouth
And swallowed all at once?
Don't tell me it's impossible
My lover has done it, you know
Every night, when the light is low
I see it shining from his eyes

Details | Acrostic | |

the moon

The moon is nothing compared to you
Here I sit looking at you 
Envy you the moon and sun should for you are the prettiest thing ever

My love please smile and make the moon jealous
On the darkest most awful days of my life your being is watt makes me happy
Over you I never will be 
Never shall I forget you thanks for the good times I love you

Details | Rhyme | |


How many lovers stand tonight
Beneath the moon's bright ray
And sigh and whisper loving words
And plan their wedding day?

The harvest moon is full tonight 
And just as brightly beams
As when we last sat under it
And shared our cherished dreams.

My head was on your shoulder,
Your arm around my waist.
Our blissful future stretched ahead.
This but a sweet foretaste.

I gaze upon. the moon tonight,
Alone and feeling sad,
But I would not exchange them,
Those happy years we had.

Our love for one another
Like an old familiar tune,
Comes back to haunt my memory,
Bewitched there by the moon.

A love that's true is worth the while,
Though ending much too soon.
I close my eyes and you're still here,
Beside me 'neath the moon.

Details | I do not know? | |

No Longer

I am no longer what I used to be,
No longer strong; no longer free.
I’m not worthy of your Love,
You are my angel sent down from above.

Please forgive me,
For all that I said
As no one will ever be able to comprehend;
What goes on inside my head.

I don’t know why I do what I do;
But all that mattered,
Is that I,
Was with you.

I don’t suffer from insomnia,
I suffer from myself.
These deep, dark secrets that fuel my fire:
But you are my only desire.

I’m forever driving down the highway of Love,
Ignoring the signals sent down from above;
It was a full moon that night,
Just me and you,
No one else in sight.

Not even the stars could shine as bright,
Not even the Sun;
You were truly my only one.

I am no longer what I used to be,
No longer strong; no longer free.
Please forgive me for what I have said,
And what goes on inside my head.
I’ll never know why I do what I do,
But nothing else mattered when I was with you.

These deep, dark secrets that fuel my fire:
I now have no more desire.

I’ll forever be driving down the highway of Love,
Ignoring the signals sent down from above;
It was a full moon that night,
Just me and you,
No one else in sight.
You’re no longer going to be with me, and I’ll no longer be free;
I wasn't worthy of your Love,
As you were my angel sent down from above.
And I've always wondered what to say to someone who’s going to die,
But this time, I’ll stick to:
I Love you, goodbye…

Details | Free verse | |



Polish my tongue with yours, please do
For I am the one who adores pleasing you
Moisten my lips with the dew of your crescent moon mouth
For I have traveled many miles in search of the pink fruit hidden in your shrubbery
Amidst the formerly forbidden
As I to do your bidding
To wait upon you at a wedding between bliss and a blessed sacrament
Alas without you each sun casts a yearning shadow in my wake
So take thee my turgidly tempted torment to thy breast
And the darkness your denial has sent to deny me rest 
Lest thou should open thy important part and heart to mine eyes aflame
To know thee by name
To name thee mine
When naked candles scented such as sea foam and home find their way to shine

Spread wide that which has thus far been defied

To welcome wanton thrusts by moon dust and the member of a man who does what he must
For my dear, 
he with unbridled lust and the truthfulness of trust must thrust upon and within as you writhe and tithe to the god of spouting seedlings
And the kindling of kindred copulation
With phallic fascination
For thy beauty is such no man of means nor memories ignores
So please my pet, polish my tongue with yours
                                         © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ..~free cee!~

Details | Free verse | |

You have become the Sun to me

You have become the sun to me, 
I have become the moon.
Following after You endlessly.

Never close enough
To feel you as I would like to

Never bold enough 
To present myself as I would like to.

You have become the sun to me,
I have become the moon,
Pulling seas after You, endlessly.

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New Moon (Monchielle Stanza)

The new moon rises now
she brings my love to me,
upon a pearl of white
she smiles the whole day long
and through the turquoise night

The new moon rises now
across the fabric sea
of scented rosy dunes
and how I have loved you
over so many moons.

The new moon rises now
to light the murky world
from heaven's darkened skies
and see how love has grown 
beneath her tender eyes.

The new moon rises now
in realms of magic charm,
of myth and mystery;
I am entranced the same
as when you first kissed me.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

So Much To Live For


Night has fallen on us again
The light of the sun has faded for the stars
Against the dark sky
The moon now in its glory
Reflecting through the trees
And every picture tells a story
Depending on who sees

I gaze into infinity
Never reaching an end on the horizon
What goes around will come around
We carry the circle with us through time
Never knowing where to start or to finish
I carry on getting lost in the rhyme
Waiting for the idea to grow or diminish
I’m so in love with life
So deeply in love with you, Adrianne
Sometimes I’m lost, not knowing what to do
Because I want so much for us that up until now
I wasn’t sure we could have
But now, after fulfilling this sacrifice to each other
I know, I truly believe
Everything that seemed out of reach is now within our grasp

You; Adrianne are my strength when I’m weak
And I yours…
You are my anchor when I need stability
And I yours…
You; above all are my life and my love
And with you I can finally begin to live this dream
A dream that begins and ends with you by my side
And I by yours...
Now we can truly live, to make the most of life
The most of ourselves, for each other and our future
That on this night looks so bright and full of promise
Like the moon this night reflecting on the water
My eyes are focused on us, on our tomorrow
There is so much to live for…

Details | I do not know? | |

Little Black Birds

I stare at the half moon in the middle of the day
As Little Black Birds chase half my problems away
Hard to ignore, this beautiful breeze in my face
Like sweet memories that a mind can't erase
Little Black Birds fly to where the wind blows
As I dig deeper into the sand with my sandy toes
This man with his acoustic guitar sings to noone at all
This lady with her shells as the rain starts to fall
Shadows chase me wherever I run
As Little Black Birds fly away in search of the sun
Just like me as I search for my soul
Just like a Half Moon who longs to be whole

Details | Free verse | |

My Love,Unknown

My Love, unknown Your skin glows like the strawberry blossoms, flowing as the sunflower in the purest hope of spring. My yearning heart rises to your violin voice and leaps like a fox at the whisper of your name, unknown. The evening ascends in on a great raven wing. I am calmed by the feeling of you that I carry into the twilight of moonbeams and hold next to my heart. I am filled with hope and the curiousity of rapture. I inhale the scent of your skin, it reminds me of a gate I once passed through. In the hushedness, I listen for the last rustling of the spring. My heated chest leaps and bounds. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret , until we may climb as one, the glorious green and spiritual steps of love.

Details | I do not know? | |


A stunning full moon in

our night sky, swirling

above like a bright lagoon.

A visual message from high

above, bright moonlight

beaming in love. Catches

our eye and mesmerizes.

Enthralled by what we see,

what could this message be?

It's meant for everyone, this

the good Lord God has done.

Details | Rhyme | |


Q» Quietly, that's how he comes
Q» Quietly also that's gone
Q» Quietly it was in a cold evening
Q» Quietly, it aghast in beaming

A» Arrays of it's shadowy light
A» Allowing any traveler's flight
A» Armed with cleverness
A» Anchored by faithfulness

M» Molded by thorough experience
M» Masculine in all presence
M» May it be in diligence
M» Mounting great deal of intelligence

E» Extremely dangerous, he's not
E» Exclaiming reality, he'll shot
E» Enchanting like the moon
E» Eloping progressively soon

R» Reacting in pure justice
R» Renouncing any prejudice
R» Relying nothing of rubbish
R» Responding good to God his promise

By: olive_eloi

Details | Free verse | |

Now I see you, as the Blue moon

Now I see you full, my love
As the moon, the Blue moon,
I thought, I did see you;
It was the moon, the Gibbous moon.
You smiled, for me, when you were
The moon, the Crescent moon,
With your pain, on your dark,
You laughed, for me, when you were
The moon, the Half moon,
But now I know, that I saw,
Only the moon, the dark moon,
And thought it, to be,
The moon, the full moon.
©Anees Rahman

Details | Rhyme | |


  the vibrations of your footsteps makes me go numb
  i’m so tired of being scared and beat on like a drum
 when the full moon is out your eyes are like ice
your out of control walking around within a knife
your screaming pounds into my mind
 your fists bang into my spine
 your constant pointing and tapping my head
  i don’t even feel safe sleeping in our bed 
so every time a full moon arises i only get wiser
and i pray that you will one day know how it feels to burn by a lighter
what comes around goes around
maybe the next full moon you will go down

Details | Rhyme | |


Moonbeams spiral onto pedals of dew
Glistening like teardrops I cry for you
Broken promises make a broken heart
Sleepless nights since you have depart

Moonbeams whisper to the edge of night
Shinny in a moment of sparkle delights
Alone I reach for the rays of glitter
The night is cold her shadows bitter

Do dreams reflect what is to come
Do dreams enhance what is done
Moonbeams swim upon the pond
Dancing and vanishing forever gone

Details | Free verse | |

Last Dance

The moon provided spotlight
Music in the wind
A couple joined together
To have just one last dance
This would be the final night
They would spend together
Come morning light
The would say goodbye
Part company forever

Despite one love
There were two worlds
Differences between them
Each one realized
Inside their hearts
They would not last forever
Could this night 
Stay in their minds
A memory to cherish
If time could only be their friend 
This dance would be a treasure

The moon too quickly disappeared 
Music stopped its playing
Neither one took one last look
Disappeared in two directions
But in their hearts and in their minds
The tune would live forever
The night they had one final dance
Last night they were together

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Untitled 4

I think he’s possessed by the moon- all rock and darkness.
I can’t be certain, his eyes rarely show it, but in the right light-
that moment when the night has caught the fading sun,
when it's engulfed at sunset- I’m sure I can see him fully.
For that second, I see him, and I see nothing.
He’s all frosted to bone, there’s nothing behind those grey eyes.
As desolate as the moon’s surface, as void as its insides,
he is barely filled, there is nothing in there- a drained silhouette.
His face might shimmer like polished crystal but he is empty,
that iced expression just reflects; there’s madness in those 
silver-white eyes; they have no substance, only shine.
And it’s in that moment that I realise that in his eyes,
I am nothing. I have no purpose to him, a flower growing 
in the warmest summer that's stitched shut, unable to bloom.
The second passes and I think I'm able to bury that feeling,
but it forms again, and rises every-so-often, leeching
my mind dry, his translucence haunting me with every look.
I think I’m certain he’s owned by the moon; it’s clear, 
just like the vacuum behind his eyes that continues to grow.
I’m not afraid of these emerging realisations, it’s only the edges, 
the dark parts that crawl beneath the surface, refusing to be seen, 
that trouble me. It’s the unborn thoughts, the premature 
reflections, the developing machinations that terrify me. 
I’m sure he’s empty, but sometimes I think there’s something in there, 
lurking beneath the surface, waiting in its lair. What does he think, 
when he doesn’t think at all? What breeds in the darkness, in that 
hollow cave, that light refuses to exist in? It’s these questions that 
disturb me at night, and I wonder whether I can live with the shadow-man.

Details | Haiku | |

Waiting for the Eclipse

Saddest love story 
Sun chases moon forever 
Never catches it 

They stare across the 
Ocean laid out between them 
Praying they could meet 

A decade is an 
Eternity when you can''t 
Be with who you love 

Saddest love story 
Their time apart is too long 
Together too short 

- If you were the sun, and I were the moon...would you miss me as much as I would miss you?-

Details | I do not know? | |

what kind of love

the kind of upside down clown and where all colors run together,
the kind of sing-a-long song and love skips a beat,
the kind that can never be known or ever regret,
the kind of toss and turn and counting waves,
the kind of too many miles, frowns, and goofy smiles,
the kind of now and then they trade sides and he'll rise as she sets,
the kind of intuitions meddlesome consciousness raining reminders of home,
the kind that is void of all sense, sight unseen, and still cause great pain,
the kind you can't leave behind,
the kind you can never forget -


Details | Free verse | |

Glowing Magnificence

In it's floating presence One gains hope
Through it's gorgeous glow One finds the beauty
Finding the hope to push on and See
Gaining the vision...that All is Not Lost
Floating in the it's sea of Dark
Speckled with the Lights that were Seen once
Glows the beauty of that which must BE Seen
Never Wavering
Always Moving
Shining Evermore
To bathe thee in rich Silver

Details | I do not know? | |

In Our Own Galaxy

We walked to a place far away.


A new galaxy of passion and spirituality.


He gathered a bed of stars, so that I could shine above the earth.


He made the moon our mirror of life.


He gave me everything I never dreamed.


It was larger than imagination.


No pain. No sorrow. No distractions. Just actions.


Aligning the planets in an orderly fashion. We made love.


Deep in my soul is where he planted a seed.


Who said that man and man couldn't build this masterpiece.


Goddesses of Beauty, Gods of Seas.


I know now how it feels to exalt within their realm.


He made me feel superhuman.


I too revisited his soul the same.


We deceived pain. We sustained.


We made what is so complex, plain.


And the heavens will still ordain.


See we can never stop the rain.


But we can reach the clouds.


Because they thought our love couldn't bare the ground.


But we inherit the sound of thunder, the strikes of light.


To succeed. We live in peace. We don't Have to fight.


We want to be able to love. Is that a travesty?


But he made it all possible in our own galaxy.


See when he touches me he says he's tracing the constellations.


Signifying the trust and unity, and the dedication.


He says I make his moon full. Make his planets orbit.


How could a world so FREE think of that as morbid? Yet we absorb it.


Cause its been said "Ye are all gods."


And in our galaxy, we reign supreme.


Against all odds!

Details | Ode | |

The Taj Mahal

Of the wonders of the world that have been
The Taj Mahal is the best I've seen
With it's milky marble white
It radiates a glow on a full moon night

Shahjahan built The Taj for his lady love
Once she'd died and gone to the heavens above
In hope of reminding him (it might)
Of her face glowing on a full moon night

With it's chambers full of breeze
One can say he was head-over-heels
In love with his wife, Mumtaz
For whom he built the wondrous Taj

Details | Romanticism | |

A Love Now Lost.

Beautiful….. Amazing…… gorgeous……. Angel……

There are no words that can describe who you used to be,
Your eyes shone like the moon with a tint of starlight,
Your smile and laughter made me weak in the knees,
You loved everything we did and who I was, 
I loved you for who you made me, the way I felt when you was around,
I loved you because you were mine, we were so young.
I left you all by yourself, not even a good bye.

But time and departure take there toll on one such beauty as yourself,
I found you again but life had changed you, we were older now, in our teens,
Nether the less, the love was still there but now it was forbidden,
We both had new loves, Although  feelings flowed like leafs in the wind, 
I wanted you more than ever, To hold you, to feel your warmth like a summers air , 
To show you how much I needed you, But again I left you never knowing how I felt.

Time passed, I found and lost love many times as did your self,
I found you again but life had worn you out, we were older now, young adults,
You had built your self a life, boyfriend, child, my turning up was a shock,
We both had problems in our life’s, needed someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry upon,
It was then we shared our first kiss together, I regained my hope but coward in my shame,
I ran in depression and confusion, and I left.

Five years on, we met and talked recently, you felt nothing for me anymore,
The moon and starlight was gone from your eyes, your smile had disappeared,
I felt nothing from you, you was gone….. You were no longer the woman I loved,
We are not in love anymore.

Details | I do not know? | |

Companion Moon

You are the moon 
Orbiting my world
Controlling the tides 
Of my emotional oceans
And directing the winds 
That carry my dreams
Creating uncontrollable storms of passion
That pummel my mountainous desires,
But shine your calming reflection
Across the stillness 
Of my solemn lakes

Details | Rhyme | |

Unrequited Moon

Your eyes cloak yearning and lust
Your dreams have all began to rust
Anything that you kiss turns to dust
If that doesn't kill them the silence must

If I was a fire you would be my oxygen
And your once silent heart talks again
Whispering for me to stay near
(Or that’s just what I want to hear)

You’re the masterpiece untold of a mystery that won’t unfold
You suffer a never-satisfied syndrome
And you’re an orphan to love that needs a home
You’re in a word cellar that needs a story teller

You’re a lock that needs a key, and a bird that needs a tree
You’re the night that needs a day, and a picture that won’t stay
You’re the sparkling treasure, pursued through the rotten moor
And you've tossed your old boyfriends in a forgotten drawer
Only to take them back out on snowy nights
To keep you warm under your golden lights

Deep in the sea you've said to be
And I see in the sea what mirrors me
Your lunar heart answers only to the ocean
Your gravitational pull sets me in motion
Your drifting moon thrusts me with it’s rays
And I swim further into your desirous waves

Sinking my every shuttle and ship too soon
Drowning in the ocean, to be with the moon

Details | Narrative | |

The assasination of Margaret May

The wind was blowing,
as the car was going,
across the hills ; across the vales
the night seemed young , as each nightbird sung 
to the moon there long and timeless tales.
Then, at midnight hour
the chauffeur rested, his iron fists upon  the wheel.
There it was,
The mansion of Margaret May, 
whose life tonight I shall verily seal.
I approached the moors like a silent hound
I scaled the walls then climbed the mounds
And though the night was dark and still
I still saw the great house upon the grey hill.
I scanned each wing like a wolf would see,
a sheep as it feeds with humility,
and yet it was no prey, that I was to kill,
for the hounds, they now bayed upon each hill.
The moon gleamed its mischief upon the terrace;
And it shined, like an unearthly thing,
it gleamed its sorrow upon my face,
and wailed its scorn, against the human beings.
I entered the house 
the doors were not locked,
so I opened them slowly and its  walls they did talk.
They spoke of devils and demons and familiar kind;
But I did not see them for my soul was blind.
I took out the weapon and its barrel shined,
by the light of the moon thay was now declined.
And having climbed up the ladder,  to the rooms upstairs,
I found  May just finishing her prayers.
She turned around and I gazed at her eyes;
How could such beauty be 'bought' to demise?
I dropped the weapon,
no bullet could shred;
The flesh of the mortal,
that before me was spread.
And yet she would die for the world could not accept,
what in this masion was hidden and kept.
She was not lustful but lust itself 
and yet I could not stop myself.
For I had no soul,
I had no sin,
I went for her throat, and held tight her chin.
She did not struggle;
She did not plead.
Rather she smiled, till I had finished the deed.
And left her silent;
And still upon her bed,
and there she lies smiling,
but her heart is cold and dead

Details | Free verse | |

Oceans Breathe, Walk with me.

The moon awakens before us in all its majestic glory
casting a sombre light  along the mountain face, as the
gift it gives twinkles off water.
Delicately cascading down a beautiful waterfall.
Glistening along gentle swirls of the sea,
and culminating in the crashing waves that caress
sand and leave wonders of natural bubble and foam.


You and me in this mystical place.


My lover
My friend, Shall we stroll
along the shoreline?
Or maybe take a sunset dip?

We head into cool waters with the moon peeking through the clouds above us.
The crisp night air sends a chill through me.
So you bring me to your arms and embrace.
As always you hold me close and let me feel your love.

And we keep looking…………………..

Details | Rhyme | |

Stary Moonlight

Songs of love will be sung at night
Sung in the light of the starry moonlight
Love conquers all or so they say
Better at night though than during the day
Magical moments each moonlit night
Lovers gaze while the moon shines bright
The animals share these moments too
While the moon shines brightly down on you
Nocturnal creatures great and small awake
Looking for food when its there for the take
All gods’ creatures love the moonlight so
The magical moments as they come and go
The werewolves awake with a howling cry
They may be mythical but then I may lie
Vampire bats with their teeth sharp and thin
Looking for a human neck to sink them in
The owl swoops down to catch it’s prey
The moonlight shows the owl the way
Stars are shining with the moon
Dying down as the day breaks soon

Details | Free verse | |

At First Glance

At First Glance
Our hearts ran together in a mile
The wind was blowing
My surroundings,
I could barely even notice.
My eyes, were just for you
The way you smile is just beautiful.
The way your hair sat on your shoulders,
The way you said my name
You left a shiver in my spine
You put me in a daze.

At First Glance
My heart lit up like a fire
I felt just like a cloud
hoping you would take me higher.

At First Glance
I knew that I would forever be with you
I can not picture the sky, in my mind
without the creation of the stars and the moon.
Girl you are my sunrise
and I'll forever be your sunset
this is the brightest form of love
that God has created yet.

At First Glance
At First Glance
I knew, that it would never be my last.

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My lil man

The moon peeks thru my window
Looking to bathe me in its midnight light
We are one yet we are two
I feel you stretch inside my stretched out belly
Watch as your hand presses against your tiny home
I start to hum my mothers song and I can feel you shift
Perhaps to listen better I smile as the thought crosses my mind
You relax as I lay we lay watching the moon watch us
It used to be me against the world
Now its us against the world
But never fear
For i am near
And while im here
No harm will come to you my dear
My lil man my heart
Though you're still so small
And the world so big 
I'd face a thousand foes 
Smooth out a thousand woes 
Before letting you go.
Rocking in my rocking chair
I sit and dream of years to come
Your first christmas
First grade
Your second third and fourth girlfriends
The fifth scraped knee
Your sixth doctor visit
The seventh grade when you made the team
And the eighth when you almost quit 
Nine dozen late night conversations
And of course the 10 million kisses 
I just cant stop giving you
A lifetime of treasured memories just waiting to happen 
As I sit there rocking in my rocking chair
The moon peeking thru my window 
And your tiny movements 
As my heart beats with your heartbeat
And our hearts beat as one
My lil man

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moon of love

the moon of love poem
want to dance under the moon light night,
to dance away under the stars so bright,
to hold you in my arms and let the music sway,
to let our souls drift away,

to dance so close in each others arms
to whisper sweet music charms,
to follow your steps in every move, 
to follow the love in every tune,
drifting away under the moon
holding each other till moon is blue
stars at night so very bright

showing our love is all right,
dancing very close
dancing away very slow
lost in words in what we do say
holding each other in a certain way 
close to me i feel your heart
beating to the music, i love that, 

hand in hand the way we do
the music says a want you,
to kiss you by the sea,
whats the moon of love done to me, 
i want to kiss you
and whisper your name, 

let the music drive us insane,
letting things go and lets go mad
this music is so bad, 
as you may see
this is what the moon of love does to me, 

the stars are shining in heavens above
shining on to the moon of love, 
beaming down to where we stand
looking above while holding your hand,
lets move close together and dance so slow
let the moon of love make our love flow, 

together we dance and hold each other tight
whispering to you i love this night, 
nothing going wrong nor storms are near, 
come to me darling and hold me dear, 
dance with me slowly 
while a whisper your name
for my love for you will never change, 

lets dance on the stars
where heaven is blue,
where the moon shines
all over you, 
dancing away till the morning comes, 
dancing away to the moon of love,,,,,

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Eight Years Younger

I am eight years younger,
Some words took me back to past.
I live in the moments
The years took it away so fast.

Like before,
I am hoping for morning not to show up.
As soon as my words observe the ray of the sun
They all shut up.
Your memories
Your smile is the guest of my notebook.
Before the moon say goodbye,
Let me write
Some more words for your eyes and your good look.

Do you know?
The moon has witnessed all of my poems
And the feelings for you.
Do you know?
I have hidden all of my words from the sun
 And every morning view.

Do you remember the sleepless nights?
Do you remember the view of the moon?
I live in those moments
Ignoring the age that went by so soon.

I am eight years younger,
Facing the mirror of my feelings I am ignoring my gray hair. 
I am fighting with those feelings that I am unable to share.

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A Dark Night with a Full Moon

In the darkness you illuminate my way...
In the night sky you are as bright as the sun...
You shine brighter than any star at night...
You are the full moon...
On a very sad day you were a comfort to me...
And on any future or present sad days you will always be...
My guiding light in these dark days...
The beauty where music must come from...
Like a serenade of water you carry peace to some...
To others you bring wonder and curiosity...
But to me you will always be a source of life...
The only thing at night that keeps me from leaving myself...
You help me stay me just like does music...
If music was one day destroyed you would be a great solace to that pain...
Because I would still get to see you on some nights...
Melodies of the moon I will one day sing and write...


As you can tell I really love the moon and music and I would also like to be a composer one 
day that is why I put "Melodies of the moon I will one day sing and write" and yes I am in 
band <3

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Truly Me

		Misery me, thoughtless he
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.

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Your Beauty

Your smile is like the new moon of Eid
Your face is like the full moon of spring
Your eyes are like the eclipse of the sun
Your hair is like the cloud of monsoon
Your eyebrows are like a flying eagle
Your lips are like red strawberry.
Your voice is like sweet music
Your style of walk is like rhythm of poem.

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Untitled 1

The moon can withdraw; she will crawl
into her colourless body and stitch together her new skin;
she is reborn and basks in her costume of cadaver.
The heart is not that evolved; once broken, she is dead forever.

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Spring tides

I Looked up and witness Gods tears caught in the night sky
as they dance around the moon which mocks me;
For like the the moon tonight, i am half full
And like that half moon i will circle the Earth until i find my light.
The light which reveals the essence of who i am and why i am.
The light, whose looking for me,
....She is my Sun
And so be the will of God for i and her to meet?
Then let our hearts paint the skies
And our love guide the way
Towards our new found lives creates
A night within a day

Written: 2/12/11

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As the daylight struck,
as I walked into the park,
with the sun glazing,
in the eyes,
I saw a pretty girl swinging on the swing,
With twinkling eyes,
And tiny ears,
as soon as our eyes met, 
she stood up,
on her high heel sandals,
and began walking away from me,
from me,
Was she shy?
I wondered,
I looked at her again 
and again, 
still walking gracefully,
away from me,
away from me,
wondering whether she would return,
I waited and waited, 
until the moon creped out,
in its full glow,
wondering would she return to the park again,
as the moon glowed ,
with all its might,
but she never, never returned,
Was it love?
Or was it romance,
I will never know, 
It ever again!

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Sun and Moon

SUN/MOON Enraged flaming sun, engulfing all he can see, throughout our toil. Passive the moon glows, chilling all she can caress, so softly we sleep. Sun and Moon live on, destined by the hand of time, Yin-yang forever. Contest: HAIKU HODGEPODGE ... TRIO ... 24/1/2012 M.Mahauariki © 2012

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How many lovers stand tonight,
Within the bright moonshine
And sigh and whisper loving words,
As hands and hearts entwine?

The harvest moon is full tonight,
And just as brightly beams,
As when we last sat under it
And shared our cherished dreams.

My head was on your shoulder,
Your arm around my waist.
Our blissful future stretched ahead,
This but a sweet foretaste.

We claimed the moonlight as our own.
We could not be denied.
We had a few short years and then,
Fate took you from my side.

I gaze upon the moon tonight
Alone and feeling sad,
But I would not exchange them,
Those happy years we had.

Our love for one another,
Like an old familiar tune
Comes back to haunt my memory
Bewitched there by the moon.

A love that's true is worth the while,
Though ending much too soon.
I close my eyes and you're still here,
Beside me 'neath the moon.

By Joyce Johnson
For Deborah Guzzi  "Harvest Moon;P " phrase contest.  My phrase "Moonshine"

Details | Ballad | |

For Thee


You are my moon 

My sun

 My rock 

For the moon protects me at night 

And the sun guides me through the day 

As the rock keeps me solid 

A voice so gentle, but true 

I look at the land of green 

The sky of blue 

Tis You, Your love, Your hand 

I will pick up the pen and paper for Thee 

And write the sweetest love letter I could ever prepare 

How you carried me through the endless sorrows 

The rivers of tears 

The hopeless hours 

How I dedicate to Thee 

In the morning 

And here we are 

Yes, I'm a fool 

To walk the road without 

I'm empty and useless with myself

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Untitled 6

She isn’t dormant, she moves through the dark in this new phase, 
as exact as a silver snowflake.  Despite her voicelessness, she speaks to me.
Her swollen body is idolized in the black that she unstains; she owns the shadows.

                I live for the night, it rejuvenates my scars; it’s my only pleasure.

But she soon becomes entangled in his net of branches, in his
labyrinth of wires. The moon-bruise aches in these hands that grasp 
her too tightly, the constant stroking; her whole existence is fingered blackly.

                I crackle with his razor touches that hook on to my skin.

Each vein sticks to her, emptying her white cup, eating her souring flesh;
to you the moon is just a stone, her presence doesn’t haunt you,
she is more than my reflection; and I feel myself becoming cold.

                This struggle makes me scab but the yellow puss still leaks from me.

And I am numb with fear. She peeks through the branches like bone 
in a deep cut, only she never stops bleeding. Her bleached corpse-body 
aches for freedom, but she is truly caught; her ends fray and we unravel.

                I wear her scabbing scars too, she is my sister after all.

This new phase is exhausting, he wants to lick my skin off. 
My white body is caustic; it bites me back; I scratch and feel myself flake
beneath the nails. I touch the tree and feel its poison enter me.

                You are my immunity. But I don’t think I can go on.

We are septicly whole. She is draining, pouring herself out, as animated as 
the old skull with its thin layer of skin: its veins pulsating with the starved 
appearance of Death. I don’t think I’m here anymore either. I am in her bone casket.

                You know this crippling well; we have both lived with these deformities.

I am now in the tree with her. She is now all of my eye, we touch and 
I am frosted. We are one to the wet core, that stuff that white is made from,
and we are each swallowed by his trunk, living inside his chest of ill health.

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The Midnight Flight

Crossing on high
The winter sky 
A lone goose cries

The stars shine bright
And hung nearby 
A Quarter moon 

I wonder why
Where does it fly? 
No mate in sight 

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The Spaceship Enchantment

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
Like tiny sparkling diamonds of love

On a spaceship we call “Enchantment”
We set sail on placid seas of bliss
Wrapped in the arms of the goddess of love
Enraptured by the warmth of each kiss

Floating like a couple of heavenly bodies
On a collision course of emotions
Destined to be joined in celestial union
Filled with great love and devotion

There's no greater feeling than mutual love
Poets strive to capture it in rhyme
The ultimate emotion known to man
A feeling of pure joy so sublime

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
My darling, my obsession, my love

©Jack Ellison 2012

Details | Rhyme | |

Driving Through Yesterday

There's still light down this glistening black road,
a path to travel with the moon shining by my side.
Much like my own way, for some time greatly shadowed -
and yet something shows the way for this quiet ride.

The steadfast celestial guardian ever watches me,
even when its face is hidden by time's flow.
'Twould be the only light by which I could see,
if not for the headlights' soft glow.

Pensiveness seems to be the rule of the drive -
sound is muffled, like it's not allowed entry
on these heavy thoughts through which I strive;
that silver disc, as ever, a silent sentry.

That sound tires make on a road that's just seen rain,
the tiny taps of the drizzle dampening the way.
The red lights in the distance, now moving to a new lane,
the dawn coming far off, yet heralding another day.

The weight of the past in the passenger seat,
showing different faces from my history.
I wonder as I see one in particular on repeat -
when you're alone, do you think of me?

This way comes the inexorable march of that dawn,
and still night's orb watches as I'm vexed by she.
A grey sky overlooks, as one query I yet dwell upon -
when you're alone, do you think of me?

I shake my head as if to dislodge these thoughts,
eager to continue this drive's long quest.
If that's to outrun, or untie, these kind of knots,
I still as of yet cannot truly attest.

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Night of Despair

I am drowning in my tears
on a strange night as the moon watches.
Voices, still no one can hear,
hollering woes as the wind catches.

Sympathy bursts with misery
when the prized departs and peters out.
I croon the song with downfall melody,
as I hail to the loved, begging ‘bout.

My moon is clothed with murky billows,
can be seen by a hair's breadth.
It rests upon the thorn-puffed pillows
that cut her hair into its shortest length.

Oh, dear moon- the night’s enchantress,
heed my plea: in my arms, rest.

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Galaxy of Love

As our star sets, our moon shall rise
A star shall twinkle in your enchanted eyes.
Use your enchantment to take a glance.
Our star, our moon, a lustful romance
The moon so innocent, a precious thing,
yet our star is burning a desire within.
A comet floats by overflowing with emotion,
like a force held it down and injected love potion.
Everyones happy, the wind, the rocks,
even our winged friends floating in flocks.
Yet out of the blue our star's flame died,
the moon stopped glowing, the ocean lost its tide,
the comet lost its emotion to see that moon cry
yet something good will happen with those birds still flying.
Keep your head up, my love still burns,
and dont ever forget that our world still turns!

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Another love story

The sun shook
With tremor to his core
‘t was going to be shunned, he knew
Looking at what was coming from the North.

Clouds of doom
Spreading across the sky
Obliterating its view
To the blue planet, its favorite sight.

Felt such pain
For the earth was his child
Wondered when he would see it again
What could it do? And he felt weak inside.

The moon came
And with her, the sun knew
It still shone, renewing its faith
The sun understood the moon loved earth too.

And the sun
Fell deep in love with her
That is why they meet now and then
Watching the earth like their child, together.

By CarolineCecile – 12/17/11

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |

Moon Dusted

Entranced as I was
By man in the moon,
I dreamed my young dreams,
Rehearsed my love tunes.
Romance reigned supreme.

Romantic high
In young girl's dream
As high as sky 
Or bright moonbeam.

Dust in eyes
Cloaks the lies.




Of moon

Though believed
Was deceived 

Even the moon
Changes his tune,
Breaking a heart,
Seduced from start.

Girls, dream if you must,
But not with moon dust
Covering your eyes.
It is no surprise
Man in the moon lies.

won a third

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Oh love of my life,
I'm sorry for all I've put you through;
In the centre of your heart I've stuck a knife,
Making you feel so blue;
I shouldn't have left you on top of the cliff,
I shouldn't have left you so high and dry;
Even if it is for a moment so brief,
I should have allowed you see me cry,
For you to know how bad I also felt;
The breakup did me no good,
And my heart still remains split;
Your blood still warms my blood,
So thank God those times are up,
As we once more re-unite as one,
We can now once again drink from each other's love cup;
Together we'll have fun, sipping on honey on the moon,
Just like couples on their honeymoon.

Details | Free verse | |


This moon belongs to us
See the way it lights up your face...
You say it sprinkles diamonds
In my hair.

This moon belongs to us
Stretched across our midnight bed
Our love echoes, in the serene
Shadows that keep us company.

We chase moonbeams into loves
Captured dreams where happiness
Makes us laugh again and again.
We celebrate our love with his moon.

As our moon hides behind a cloud,
We get lost in the sweet echoes aglow
With passion and ecstasy.
This moon belongs to us.


Details | Prose Poetry | |

Untitled 14

Moving in and out of shadows, his moon love has scarred me.
As he grows whole again, I think I can feel him forgetting me, 
but I’m left with all the marks. I am cracking in this caustic air 
whereas he continues to go on, changing his mind nightly, owning 
each new confusing shape whilst I unbloom. I want to claw his flesh and 
scratch that serpent visage but he is unscarrable. I loved him yesterday 
and I love him more today, I’ll be dead by tomorrow, drowned in his chalk-sea. 
He gorges on innocence, it’s his only hunger. He doesn’t bleed nor feel pain
nor see mine. His crescent smile sickens me but I want to bathe in his stains.
 I sense him every night, watching him with my silent screech-owl’s eye
and tasting his infection on my lips like arsenic. But I am not alone. 
His presence is marked by many; we all watch him swell with our septic eyes. 
He enlarges like a frosted bud unpeeling. His brassy light reflects on to me 
and I wonder whether I gleamed to him, lingering like bruised flesh; 
he engorges; I blister; and his shadow engulfs me. The cold surface grows 
and it looks like war, full of crippled winter-stripped trees and ice-rock -   
the texture of a twitching eyeball- unlike my overgrown, strangling insides. 
He’s the coldest thing I’ve known. Once full, he is the colour of a jackal’s tooth. 
Glaring down, his nakedness, all silver and bare, yolkless like a purposeless egg, 
brings me to my knees and forces my skeletal face into its final bone blush.

Details | Free verse | |

oh to visit the moon.

So I began my dayfeeling rather gay and like my life was full of potential.
So set out on a journey filled with lots of exciting adventures.
I snatched the giant paper from the table along with a purple ruler and I conjourded up a 
plan for my grand adventure. 
This adventure is huge like nothing before and I fear the 
consequences of messing up my plans for my expensive rocketship. 
Yes I said a rocketship that is my grand adventure to go to the moon and meet the people.
I hear stories of these folk and I am rather intreged and that is why i find the cardboard box 
big enough to hide my dreams and carry out my schemes. 
To some it seems rather silly but you can call me Billy, Billy the astronaut is what they will 
call me. 
I grab my crayons and make my knobs and the gages under the window. 
I run into the house and crab the glue so my rocketship can hold the gas that will take me to 
the moon. 
I put my helmet on and i open up the door. 
To some this may just be a flap but to me it holds the key. 
The key to a new and unfamiliar place one that I will explore. 
Once i tune into the captain he gives me the go. 
He counts down from ten and the adventure begins.
Once he says that magic word my rocketship takes off. 
I soar into the sky way up high and i way good bye to my mommy and cry just a little tear. 
I fear that these people might find my coulture so unique. 
Find me rather odd and attach tubes to both my feet.
They will read my mind and find my rocketship is small, they send me home with a 
boy name Joe and off to my house we go. 
Once we arrive it all is very clear "Billy the Astronaut" they cry "you have come back alive!" 
I scream "I am not alone this is my new friend Joe! Joe is from the moon you see and has 
come to teach us things. 
Things that will save our world lets all greet him with peace!" 
They all smile and greet my new friend.
My rocketship has been lots of fun and now i have come to know, just how much fun one 
Can have when he thinks of fun. 
My rocketship is in my room awaiting its next trip. 
I love my rocketship you see so next we'll go to Mars and Ill bring my friends the stars.
The stars from mars my rocketship will make this possible.
So I smile happily
For I am Billy the Astronaut and the people all love me.

Details | Couplet | |

Carpe Noctem

They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.
Shadows full and beautiful,
Full moon and pale starlight.

Closing eyes with parting lips,
And drawing final breath.
Drawing blood and lines of love,
Awoken in this death.

Pleasure, drowning, lost in you,
My skin lays bitten, bare.
The sweetest suffocation,
I’m loving, lacking air.

The moon has left me Lycan,
And you're allowed to bite.
They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.

Details | Verse | |

you are

you are the sun that rises in the mountains
the moon that glows in my night
every phase and every phrase
of love that shines on me

you are the blue sky during my day
and the million stars in my eve
you are the heart and soul of me
and everything in between

clouds may form and rain may fall
the mountain winds will blow
but your gentleness, your tenderness
inside me burns and glows

you are the sun that rises in the mountains
the moon that glows in my night
every phase and every phrase
of love that shines on me

Details | Free verse | |

Lovers In the Moonlight

Oh, what a cliched tale
Of a dark-haired prince from a foreign land
With golden skin and honeyed tongue
Playing love songs beneath my window
A familiar stranger in the moonlight

Emboldened by the audacious moon,
Which shows its face and form unabashedly
I reply with little equivacation, for I 
Do love him so, and declare it to the night
I, the maiden made daring in the moonlight

Such a blessed curse, I long for him!
But even Romeo would find it a challenge
To scale a balcony of such lofty heights;
Must suffice whispers across the distance
Between two lovers in the moonlight

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You miss him

The clock just stuck midnight.
and you feel the moon smiling right at you.
Then you walk into a meadow
He sees you walking and smiles right though you.

You know you just caused a fight.
But you laugh inside cause you know he loves Her.
He says goodbye..
You watch him walk out your life.

Next day they walk in arm in arm
you know he's lost in his mind.
Reliving  a moment or two
Then he knows you are in love with the moment thats just for you.

You know he is cracking under pressure.
He is consumed with the thought about you and only you.
You know that you won.
But your done with him and that's all you want .

A year later
The clock just stuck midnight.
And you feel the moon smiling right at you.
remembering when you know that you lost him.
But you love him just the same as you did that night.

Then he walks into a meadow
and he smiles and looks right though you.

then you know that is over
you know that you miss him
you know that you miss him
you know that you miss him......
Smiling right though you

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Grampop's Hannah

Happy half moon hides half
       of happiness halfway high

Across a vast avalanche
       of silvery speck of sky

Nighttime neither nods nor sways
       to steal some wakeful sleep

Nature's new miracle mesmerizes,
       moves me deep

At the sight and touch of you,
       I pause, I smile, I sigh

Happier, yes, than the happiest
       half moon am I !

Details | I do not know? | |

The moon and his love

The nights no longer hold a light,
No more moon to shine so bright,
 I pulled him to close and then let go,
Now in this misery he will not glow.

It splits my heart to see him break,
It’s not the feeling I want to take,
But complexities mess up all we made,
And now for me his light will fade.

For always I will remember him,
In glory as I will in sin,
Another time another place,
When I can see him face to face.

I know that he will hate me so,
Because I chose to let him go,
But I hope he will remember me,
As the girl to whom the moon could see.

Details | Free verse | |

The Walking moon

The walking moon
Two lovers join hands in the early evening to go walking.
They walked a round the pond that was still.
You could look at the moon start to shine.
As the walk they kiss one time And looked to the sky
The moon was bright and cloud blew by 
And it looked as if the moon had winked.
As they walked along they said to each other 
This is our walking moon as it walks with us

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Daydream of love

It's there I dream of you but I am awake. 
Why do you think they call it daydream when it is night 
to which I am now having these thoughts? 
The day has pass as every hour you fill my thoughts. 
Thoughts of when I can kiss your soft lips. 
Thoughts of holding your fine ass body next to mine. 
Thoughts of gazing into your eyes as I feel your love from deep inside.
It's true baby the thoughts I have of you.
It's there my mind wonders as I think of the days to come.
The hours grow longer as I daydream as the clouds roam the skies.
It's there you are in the dark to which I see our bodies in lay.
As it is winter time and I'm camped out by a fire.
Daydreaming in the night skies as the moon shines upon the snow that lies.
It is there I picture you here with me.
As the fire crackles through the woods.
It's there I wish you was, fulfilling my mind at this time.
Not just of my daydreams of thoughts do I wish you were here.
But in body and soul as we make love wildly in the snow.
It is there I see us at play, riding snowboards across the mountains tops
It's there the camp is, as we warm our bodies with heat.
Not just that of the fire is hot but us as well as our blood is pumping.
It's there I enjoy your nakedness as my hands run through your hair.
Not that of your head but your bush do I feel.
As I feel our passions exploding like the sparks that fill the air.
It is there our heart is as the two of us find that flame.
The one of enticing bonding as we throw a spark in the flame.
It's there I Love You dearly as I feel your curves I drip.
Not just that of sweat do we make but a baby is on the way.
As I am daydreaming of the day we made love and gave new life to the woods.
As it is our first date and we are naked lay out in nature sight.
It's there the moon shines bright as no creature stir the night.
But it's there I daydream of us and an exciting life.
That of every dream, I wish to come true.
The day of me holding you forever in life.
And us living our wildest expectations.
As you have filled more then just my thoughts.
You have all my days full of you in my heart.
As I daydream of our life to be.

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Fantasy World Comes To Life

To souls intertwined within each other
To body’s appearing as one from afar
One extra-large heart shared equally between the two people.

As the moon light sparkles onto the lake next to where we lay
My head goes wild with all kinds of thoughts
About us and about are future together
Thinking of how close we are 
But yet so far away
And all the good times we will have.

You take my hand 
And pull me to my feet
Then you surprise me 
By picking me up and
Quite literally, thow me into the lake
Then you jump in with me 
And as we swim 
In this lake lit up 
By the full moon at the stroke of one
I realize I am already living the fantasy
My head has created. 
Because as long as I’m with you 
My fantasy IS my world,
Because of you,
My Beast Boy
Sean Cannon!

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The Wait

It is the fading moonlight,
that holds me from dismay,
for surely her eyes befall the same sight,
my love who went away,
Would that our lips could meet again,
to find you in my arms once more,
and perhaps the moon hears my thoughts,
as my eyes drift constantly to the unlocked door,
For the moon also waits,
just as I do now,
when the first rays of sunrise kiss its face,
it steps back with a gracious bow,
but the moon is always shining,
even if its not for these eyes to behold,
just as my love burns eternally for you,
so too does the night ever unfold.

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I want you

Want you more than anything
want to hold you tight
to shout it from the rooftops
and have you in my sight

To spend our time together
To look upto the stars
the moon thats in the photo
want to share and see it real...

The more we talk and share these things
the harder it becomes,to leave that gentle 
face of yours,the lovely man you are
I will have to be content
with snatches here and there
and memories of all the times
that we,v been able to share

I love the very soul of you
our time together cant compare to
anything before or after time begun

The moon the stars,the sunset sky
I want to share those things with you
places that we,ve talked about 
I want to share with you

But life has not been kind to me
I know that this can never be...
so let us just embrace the chance
and walk together hand in hand
across the memories of times we,ve shared

Those tender loving memories
I close my eyes and dream.....

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When the wind blows, 
I see the depths of your soul.
When the wind blows,
i can see your beauty.

As the sun comes up,
Your face lights up.
As the moon goes down,
My world turns upside down.

When the clouds spread,
I can see the beauty in you.
When the clouds form together,
Our love will be forever.

When the moon shines,
Our love is divine.
When the stars are lit,
Your face is lit too.

As the blades of a saw grind,
Our love will soon be combined.
As i put the key to start our love,
It says access denied.

Did the dog and cat fight,
Or did they play.
Did the cat and does play,
Or did the hide from each other all day.

Does your inner soul have love,
Or does it have kindness.
Does your outer soul have beauty,
Or does it have richness.

When i first learned my ABC's,
I first spelled your name.
When i first learned how to talk,
I first said your name.

As the soccer player kicks the ball,
Our love will never fall.
As the basketball player bounces the ball,
Our love will always stand tall.

When we are together,
Our love will last forever.
When we are apart,
I will still love you with all my heart.

I will lock the door,
As quick as I can lock my heart.
I will stop the car,
As quick it can go.

As the wheels of a car turn,
My heart starts to burn.
As the turbo kicks on,
Our love has only just begun.

When the sound of kids comes to my mind,
I know our love will now combined.
When the people tell me that you love me,
I want to say i love you too.

Now that were all friends,
Our love is good.
Now that were friends,
Our love will never be split again.

Now that our love is combined,
I will never hear access denied.
Now that were together,
We will be together forever.

When your tears come down,
I will wipe them of your face.
When I see a pile,
I can see your face with a smile.

When the water washes up,
Our love is now going to start.
When the wave crashes down,
I can see you frown.

Now that the story is over,
Our love will never be lowered.
Now that the love is finished,
Our love will never be extinguished.

No one can split us up,
We will just never stop.
No one can be with either of us,
Because were  always going to be.

Many see us together forever,
Some see us broke up and not together.
Many see us in the future,
Some see us on an adventure.


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Celestial Rumours

Sunbeams kissed your shoulders

As you stirred beneath the sheets

Dancing on your sweet neck

And caressing your cheek

Your coffee skin turned golden

With kisses of the sun

Delighted by the whispers

Of our nocturnal fun

It knew where it could find us

To smile into our room

From nights celestial rumours

That were started by the moon

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Lilies for my Lilly

To my Lilly, sweet and lovely
Take these lilies if thy love me
Kiss me Lilly long and justly
Until light is night and lusty

We eclipse the moon while fishing
Kisses by each others wishing
As we walk the moon is missing
Found by shadows of us kissing

Until light is night and lusty
Kiss me Lilly long and justly
Take these lilies if thy love me
To my Lilly, sweet and lovely

Johnny Sumler
Two thru Twelve

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Prized Paradise

Word from dream, the act of becoming, then woman
From Eve to Anat, the rib dribbled on the sand
Love and worship from dust of conviction life's promise claimed
And we from altar to grave turned, wounded and maimed
What is left but the pouring of desire, the moon
Exciting the fragile heart, the grateful ruin.

I have seen the Greek King's eyes Helen strucked and sad
Heard blind Samson cried, and for death saw he was glad
It was God first who made metaphor of the race
And put upon the world a woman's charm and face
So all men somewhere because of women shall die
Hence worship too appeases terror from the eye.

Leave them alone, leave them alone, our texts and dreams
The pondering and plunder of blind mythic schemes
Read here curving like hip of mountain, sweet as lips
The fountain of history where the gospel drips
The triumvirate of pagans, the fawn led trek
The safe sundering tree, and God's wounded love dissect

I have felt the deep core yearning for her embrace
Have longed to feel the white moon suckle on my face
Have groaned through nights like deserts melting the wax pore
And you cannot stain my desire with stigmaed whore
It is not a fertility cult that I chase
But a command to bring forth he designed in place

Some doctrine new this shame to replenish the garden
And make countless the numbers on shores of heaven
This other gospel enthralled a pagan race, tempt
Their women abdicate role and place, none exempt
Now, the tarnishing is done, I come not nude then
Who call her first mother, and sister, wife and friend 

I bring no flowers for denial, since I drain
Dregs of human longing and sleep in webs of pain
Mother Mary too knew she bore her God to die
On her cross for sins she had since Eve had supply
Diminishless, O but not the pant and shudder
Not the ecstacy that feeds the mythic fodder

Astarte who grind day to crimson  terminus
And led light frazzled  the rebellion of dust
Unwombed no eggs, her virgins dry as furnaced stones
Kept all posterity in their shivering bones
To taste the pleasure and not the pain, not my will
For all who love cannot regret again the thrill

Let pagan kingdoms twist earth's history, I wait
The coming of the moon unwrapped from clouds, the late
Swelling of tides, and vigour of blood, proof of joy
For nothing else compensates our purpose and coy
Inheritance of the earth. Only in women's eyes
I find, some semblance of the promised, prized paradise

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Magic Moon Dust

"Magic Moon Dust"

I see you up there
watching over me
back-dropped by the sky
netted by the sea
with those eyes...that stare.

I hear you call
a haunting pull
that beckons me
across my wall.

I see you
shining   Oh!
so brightly.

Won't you
touch me


with all
your dust

your magic 
for broken
weary hearts

so once again
the tastes of Spring
explode and bloom
from me within...

Shine! Oh! Shine! Bright Moon
on me as I speak!
Put magic moon dust
from my head to feet...
and Please!...Make it soon!

~deborah burch

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Sire Moon

He's bringing out his pencil
Clearing up his mind seeking freedom
Throwing all devastating thoughts
To describe all the pictures of sedum

I see it in different 
Colors, forms, in blues
Brightest after shining Sun
In orbits around space, it moves

Mesmerizing its beauty
Orange, White & Red
A Lunar lost in Heaven
Or hiding as Crescent

Between the Sun & Earth
Charming with its tricks
Aligned into shadows
Forming its Eclipse

Illuminates the world like a star
With irresistible gravitation
A one of a kind yet bizarre
Stalking you in rotation

Sire Moon you're a sign of the love, people seek
Sire Moon in your light, lovers lay down to speak
Sire Moon, you made us sometimes go cry
Sire Moon, you've witnessed lots of goodbyes
Like a breeze blowing my mind, Sire Moon
Mystique, rare type of monsoon
Come closer, never let go Sire Moon
I'll keep watching over, as you come & go
Go on, play my best tune Sire Moon
You're the reason, I‘ve wrote this poem

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The Man in the Moon

The man in the moon is so high he feels no need to cry.
In space his special place he hears not a single lie.

He left one day to forget leaving mother earth behind.
Only to get there and stay after clearing his distraught mind.

You see his heart is broken leaving him completely numb.
His heart was shattered and all that's left no bigger than a crumb.

Hurt by a girl who stole his love and tossed it when she was through.
So now you know the man in the moon why he's so sad and blue.

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alchemic gold within'

the sun rises and casts it's light on earth, as the sun sets, the moon appears
to cast it's shadow of darkness, with the exception of the sun reflecting it's light on 
the surface of the moon. now.........if our spiritual light has descended into matter,
our physical being, being a shadow of our spiritual self, then like the moon, in a 
sense, everything in front of us is a reflection of our spiritual self as our physical 
is a shadow of our spiritual, like the sun and the moon.
the light of the sun never sets, it only seems to set as it rises on the other half of 
the world, the moon appears to remind us of that as it casts the reflection of the 
suns light. the setting sun is like the descending of spiritual light into matter, our
physical being, like the moon, is a continuous reflection of that light, the sun never 
truly leaves us, as our spiritual light never truly leaves.
alchemy of time isn’t about turning lead into gold, it’s about the evolution of 
consciousness and the golden properties of the higher self.
what physical property on earth radiates like the sun?...uranium...and as this 
compound loses it's element of radiation, what happens? becomes lead...
in other words, as we continue to reach for the gold outside our physical nature,
we neglect the inner spiritual nature, eventually, possibly, become as lead also.
who we are inside, consciously, is what is reflected back to us, our attitude and 
personal growth becomes our perception and projection of the physical world.
our eye's are mirrors of the soul, projecting the spiritual light within', reflecting 
back the love shared. it all begins within', from original thought to intended action.
it's all about one basic principal, unconditional love, because love encompasses 
all; love conquers all. if our relationship with the divine will is strong, our outer 
relationship in accordance to all in nature is strong also. as Jesus Christ said,
" love thy neighbor as thy self "..........respect and understanding.

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Walking down the street
Don't know where we're going
Don't know who we'll meet
And you take my hand
Counting the stars at night
We stop cuz they're just too bright
You kissed my forehead
Then looked at me and said

I'd fly to the moon with you
Drive too fast just to show you 
How it feels when you're around
I'd dance with you all day
I'd kiss you in the rain
I'd do anything for you
Because I love you

Looking around at the mall
We stop in the midle of it all
And hug forever
Hanging out at the park
I swear, I got sparks
When you ran your fingers through my hair and said

I'd fly to the moon with you
Drive too fast just to show you
How it feels when you're around
I'd dance with you all day
I'd kiss you in the rain
I'd do anything for you
Because I love you

Fifty years from now
We'll look back and say "oh, wow"
I'll turn to you, smile and say

You flew to the moon with me
Drove too fast just to show me
How it feels when I'm around
You danced with me all day
You kissed me in the rain
You did everything for me
Because you love me

I'd fly to the moon with you
Drive too fast just to show you
How it feels when you're around
I'd dance with you all day
I'd kiss you in the rain
I'd do anythign for you
Because I love you

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My turn

The moon giving off a captivatingly dim illuminate light
Hiding itself behind the clouds yet still showing enough to shine bright
All the while at that moon I stare
Trying so hard to take my risks, my chances, push in myself to dare
To jump, fly high and live free
To view the world as it’s meant to be
Oh, it sounds so good to do, it seems so right
I’m on the edge and suddenly, once again, I’m paralyzed with sheer fright
When will I get past my fears, will I ever learn
When will I let go and get to me again, when will it once more be my turn

Like most I long for that eternal flame the everlasting love fire
That passion that one just can’t tame, my one, and only desire
Someone who will love me for what and who I am on the inside
Not for my looks on the outside
Someone with whom, I can be real and not pretend
That special guy I would want to love until the end
But I keep sticking my heart into the fire only for it to burn
Will I ever love again, when is it going to be my turn

Why do some keep giving their hearts and souls away?
Knowing that love is such a hard game to play
People toy with someone’s love and devotion
Break you down stealing your emotions
I have done this many times
Hoping with each one, he would forever by all mine
But out of all, only one, so far, has ever truly owned my heart
Even though he to has torn it apart
I can’t however, just continue to sit here alone and for him wait
Life’s too short, I don’t want to be too late
So, for now, for him, I may still deeply yearn
In this time it’s my moment and to live free and try not to get burned
It’s finally my turn

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A crescent moon of love

A crescent moon above my bed,
tales of nova stars born within my head.
Purple laced clouds that tease with ease,
honeysuckle filled dreams on a summer breeze.
A sun that never slumbers nor sleep,
like the passion of our love that burns so deep.
My heart that swells with thoughts of you,
your lips that taste of honey dew,
black pearl diamonds that are you eyes,
twinkle at me, and I melt inside.
That touch you give, that smile that shines,
the dreams we share that are our spine.
Whispering willow trees and deep blue seas, 
we are as natural in the visions I see...
we are as natural in the visions I see...

Oh, crescent moon above my bed!

(c) June 2012 TEG

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An Impossible Dream

You are lethal. 
With those eyes of yours, 
You have me caught. 
You are so brilliant, 
The way you speak, 
Your words are a drug, 
Let this cocaine blur the lines between us. 
Take them away completely. 

I want no restrictions, 
No distractions. 

I want nothing to hold my gaze but you. 
I want no other feeling, 
Creeping up my spine, 
Surpressing my breath, 
No thoughts other than you. 
In this moment, 
Nothing can bear more truth. 

This is a place I have never been before. 
You are the sun, 
The moon weeps every night, 
Only because it is never blessed, 
The moon cannot see you rise. 
The moon cannot be here with you tonight. 

The angels back home, 
Play their harps in melodies new to my ears. 
The beautiful pain this will cause, 
I will smile through the tears. 
Like an ocean in my head, 
Swim to me, 
Save me from the depths, 
I am drowning. 
You are all there is left. 

Every word like a note, 
Silk, satin and velvet tone, 
A laugh to calm the nerves, 
And arms to call home. 
I feel you everywhere. 
I can taste it in the smoke, 
It wisps about, 
Lining the air. 
I make room in my lungs for you. 

Breathe again, 
Tell me your name again, 
Nothing has ever sounded as such. 
The boy with bruises under his eyes, 
Sitting in a church pew all by himself. 
Oh, how I love you bitterly. 
And dear God, 
I plea in this misery that I am in, 
But, please do not pull me out of this rut. 

I want no relief, 
No substitution. 

It was a high. 
It was not fake. 
The warmth felt attainable. 
I hope you know that this will not stop. 

The clashes of the chord, 
The sickness leaving me bed-ridden, 
This is my impossible dream. 
I can be your disease. 
I would forfeit everything. 

Look me in the eyes again, 
And you cannot lie, 
Paralyze me. 
Smile and knock me unconcious, 
There was never someone as delusional as I, 
Never another like me, 
A dim lit world, 
One candle burns still, 
In love with an impossible dream.

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The Moon Up Above Is Help Blossoming Young Love

Look up in the great big sky
Something is catching my eye
A circle of flames so red
Shining romance overhead
Glowing with such charm and passion
Colliding two young hearts and crashin'
Them into one love beating
As this action is repeating
Through the night as single hearts
Get together and not part
While the magic of moon glow
Spreads happiness down below
Moonlight making caring sparks
Arms cuddle tight in the dark
Stars help bounce moon beams and form
A canvas happy and warm
A fiery creation
That is seen across the nation
A picture perfect painting of
The mystery of a moons love

Details | I do not know? | |

Simple Things

I hunger for your touch and lonely time. And as time goes by so slowly I know time can do
so much so will you be mine? I see the questions in your eyes; I know what's weighing on
your mind. You can be sure I know my heart because I'll stand beside you through the
years. You'll only have to cry those happy tears and even though I may make mistakes I'll
never break your heart. I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky like the shadow
that’s by your side, I'll be there For better or worse, till death do us part and I'll
love you with every beat of my heart. I'll give you everything I can and I'll build your
dreams with these two hands. We'll hang some memories on the walls, and when it’s just the
two of us are there you won't have to ask if I still care, because as  time turns the
page, my love won't age at all. I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky like the
shadow that’s by your side that saying I love you is not the only words I want to hear
from you If you only knew just how easy it would be to show me how you feel. The simple
things are all you have to do to make it real. What would you do if my heart was torn in
two? Simple things to show you feel that your love for me is real. What would you say if I
took those words away? Then you couldn't make things new Just by saying I love you it’s
the simple things I care about. Now I've tried to talk to you and make you understand, all
you have to do is close your eyes, reach out your hands and touch me. Hold me close and
don't ever let me go. It’s just the simple things that I ever needed from you to show me
just how much you care. The simple things are all I need.

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writer for a day

i was a writer for a day, a joker clumsily gifted who became a criminal in his home town of time, words propelled by infatuation, they spoke. 

i was a writer for a day, through the keyhole of remembrance, a muse's fuse flickered, the dawning of the end was surely planted, contrasting hooks and flowing locks, a jester does not lie, he can only joke. 

i was a writer for a day, until those connected painted pictures of a troll singing glitter laden lyrics, suggesting the lack of a soul, then eyes that'd never met filled with hours of painful regret, and soured hope. 

i was a writer for a day, more or less discovered brand new oceans, sans rudder, failing direction, investing hope in cosmic waves of emotion, walking imaginations plank, something broke. 

i was a writer for a day, elephants, monkeys and me captain albatross, sailing the seas of the land of delete, golden sands perfect isles with an unimaginable beautiful smile, secured by loves golden rope.  

i was a writer for a day, basking in the setting sun, whose passion was second to none, whose admiration for la luna's perfection only eclipsed by the ticking hands of reality, stung by a scorpion horoscope. 

i was a writer for a day  -


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light of sadness

My soul pours out of my heart,
Along with the rain that pours from the sky.
A hollow feeling grows from inside,
But I just lay here and feel I will die.
The rain hits my face,
Making reality stay close.
My cold, beating heart slows,
And my breathing almost goes.
I start to fade,
Out of this life I once knew.
Feeling everything leave me,
As I count my last heart beats,
Four, three and two…
Then the clouds are empty,
And the raining stops.
The moon shines down
Making my heart drop.
This feeling i forgot is now returning,
I open my eyes and remember,
Just how beautiful the moon is.
I no longer have to remember to breath,
And my heart is racing inside of me.
The day I thought would be my last,
Turned out to be the day all my pain has past.

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Dark and safe, the sinking flight
Emotions stir, before dawn's light
proceeds to hide the awakening heart
be it whole or only part
Alive! Awake, and questioning
the truth concerning everything
Before the moon sets down below
the restless soul longs to know
true meaning of this pulse inside
that which no one could confide
The moon retreats with morning's glow
never to find what is to know

Details | Ballad | |

Don't tell me you expected love

As the moon pass the dark skys it laugh and said he
expected love love what love, well a dove flew by and
said love he wanted what love well lord above he 
expected love and moon and dark sky's pass by and
said is that the lord above God did he expected love
Well, bless my soul of old we wanted love up above
Whats love got to do with it, and the moon dansin by
said lord above love love love

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MoonBee's Madrigal

Oh... Oh... Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight
I’ve Pink Champagne, Lit FirePlace Flame 
        And The Stars Are Twinkling Bright
I’ve Put On Your Favorite Dinner and Rose Dress
        For Your Delight
Ooooh, Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight

Heeeey, Honey, What Happened To The Lights?
        You Paid The Bill … Alright?
Bring Me A Beer and That Remote Here
        The Cowboys Play Tonight !
Why’s The Table Set… We Got Guests?
         Is That Dress A Little Tight? ……
              * *///// # # ////\\
I Don’t Know Sam… She Just Picked A Fight !
Hauled-Off and Hit Me… With All… Her… MoonBee…  M i g h t  !

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She Is My Love

As the moon settles in
I look out at the night
The moon shines down its light
And as I stare up at the sky
It's almost like she's looking back
Staring me right in the eye
And though I don't know where she is
I know she's looking at the stars above
And I hope she knows that she is my love

As I strolled through the garden
I stopped and picked up a rose
And in that spot I stopped and froze
I thought of the time we spent together
Alone night after night
After we'd lost all sight
And I spoke out all I could say
"She's all I've ever dreamed of"
And I hope she knows that she is my love

As I laid myself back down
I wished that she was around
I would hold her in my arms
Never let her go
And together we would grow old
And though I know it could still be true
I hate to wait so long
Because she's all I think of
And I hope she knows that she is my love

As I start to dream again
She creeps into my mind
Just like always she looks so fine
She looks at me and gives me a kiss
And tells me "It's you I miss"
"I hope to see you soon my dear,
And let me make myself clear,
There's one thing I'm sure of,
I know that I'm the one you love"

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Lovers Of a Hundred Decades Ago

They had dreamed. They had gone so far with their dreams. Yet, so deprived they 
Like them, I have become a denizen of the desert, ever since I laid my eyes on 
Like them, lovers of a hundred decades ago, I was destined to wake up everyday 
in a new shelter, a new tent.
What would my shelter be anyway, that ceases lamentation.
So far from here I have gone. An inhabitant of the moon perhaps have I become, 
ever since your love was seared in me; ever since I started missing you like 
the desert misses the rain, I have been unutterably agonized.
Now, it has been a month, an eternity shall I say.
Now, to believe that you’ll be back, it would take me as many trials as there are 
miles between the moon and us. “Us”.  What a soothing word. As soothing as it 
is for you to realize that a series of flaws have been nothing but a lame 
nightmare, and as queenly as stereotype works.
Like the sand under the misty skies that I have seen from my window, scattered 
grains either cemented or carried away, is my salvation.
Waiting to be held closely, with cuddles and a sweet lullaby, the immutable child 
amid my exhaustions cries in grief…
…and when it rained, I had to believe…at least to recall the hope that I had lost.
Yes, today it rained, amidst the scalding and the warmth, it came; I believe it did, 
yet I still don’t know whether it was sent to heal the pain, or cut the line and cease 
the chain.

Jessica J. Hanna
November 2006

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restless heart

Restless Heart.

Moonless night is peace
Full moon and my poor heart aches 
For the impossible
Let it be said with swiftness
I’m incurable romantic 
When the moon hides 
Behind clouds of indifference 
Her absence hurts
But I will deny utterly
That I care about romance. 
 What I hate to see
Is an anemic moon at noon 
Tells me off failures
I should have said I love you
But in a bar a girl smiled.

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when the moon turend gray

when the moon turned gray
the oceans thrust forward
the volcanoes erupt
the animals cry
their blood curtling scream
they have lost a love
they have lost a friend
when the moon goes gray.

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Your Breath Sweeps On My neck

Your breath sweeps on my neck as I sigh in relief.
Your eyes show the moon as you look at me. 
I find peace each time you take me in your arms.
I see the sunshine in your smile each morning with you lying next to me.
We are the stars, the moon and the sun, as we entwine together.
The sound of your heart beat in my ears is a sweet melody.
May we never feel the pain of the song of the whippoorwill?
Seeing the light shining in the mist of the morning; you sigh with sweet delight.
In the darkness; sweet love is made.
As your breath sweeps on my neck, as I sigh in relief.
You breathe a sigh of happiness for the love that has been there for so long. 
It has been the eternal time machine taking you from one place to another.
The words and feelings of long ago, relived in one night on the phone. 
Staying in the time of now, will be the challenge.
With the strength of the love over several decades, time can only tell.
The length of time has shown us how much the sigh of love becomes a sweet song to be sung.

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Your Square Moon

Your Sun is square your Moon at 8:32 
as you walk across the foyer smiling 
to greet these new friends of his. 
This can be a tense time, your Moon 
is a mess, staring directly across 
at Uranus, stormy for relationships. 

You nod to Paul and Gwen, who strikes 
you as a tacky piece of work. Moon 
square Mars kicks in with a threat
of over-hasty action. Moon square 
Chiron means dredging up old wounds. 
Smile and ask him to order for you,

then eat your tongue instead. Don’t
be ruled by your stars. Remember, 
your Moon’s about to slip into trine 
with Venus. Later this evening, things 
are bound to turn out better as the 			
all-knowing heavens glimmer down.

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Mun and Soon

I walk through the garden of my youth,
smelling the flowers,
passing the hours,
The moonlight is shining through,
striking me dead.

The little pond at the end of the path
ripples, shakes,
for suddenly it makes
a tiny sun, with the aftermath,
of a trillion bulbs of lead.

So she sat down on a small bench,
as I watch from behind
a plant, my mind
spinning, reeling, and wrenched,
from the reality of my bed.

The moon came down and professed it’s love,
for the tiny sun,
with it’s life on the gun,
“Please! Oh, Please! My beautiful dove!”
Cried the Moon to the Sun in my head.

The Sun, of course, found a perfect charm in
this young moon,
and before soon
she said that she could see no harm in
a romance carefully fed.

I sat there absolutely terrified.
Stricken with a grief.
Quivering as a leaf,
after a while i just cried
for the Moon and the Sun were to wed.

And when they finally parted with a sigh,
Their love didn’t last,
as some in the past.
They were never together again in the sky.
At long last of a wedding bouquet.

But sometimes they see each other again,
their joy exploding the sky,
with colors of only the brightest,
Creating sunrise, and gorgeous sunsets.
regretting what they had said. 

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Laraway, Laraway

  What have I done? 
                Left you this morning out of haste,
 love and distaste for solitude?   
                Oh, what are you to think of me?  
Sorta confused about this world lifeanAll, 
                I think that some apology is in order:

	to earth moon sun and sky - - 
my humble service,
                       the living day for you Sun   
under cloud over sky around us all 
                      and I am grateful from your offering 
Nature and Earth, water open sea, 
                      gore crevasse terre   
 Sky    To you Buddha starling Sky of clouds 
                     of air of wind and birds,
 I thank you for sending  
                     my lifeforce in meditation... 
	And Moon, 

to whom I have no words, 
                    Moon for love invested 
like bankmoney    I love you most Moon
	not more than earth
                                                       sun or sky

	not more than water

	not more than nature’s wind     Speaking

but as forwords and
 backwords revolve
                               or like a spring fog or lowing mist
off the sea            (Fogbells and light)

	I think of Moon at each passing note
  	With each hair growing steadily
	suspended on sand    The overlapping plane of mountain

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Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Something about the blood moon sky’s. 
It heats up my temperature then my sex drive rise. 
That special moon seems to call to me. 
Pulsing in my veins, I need a woman to breed. 
As lustful as I am I just do not take any kind. 
She must be willing for a wild ride of her life.  
That full red moon I hope it never stops.
I love pleasing woman, with beautiful shock. 
If you ready until the red moon goes down. 
Because I’m willing to go all night until the clouds rise above the ground. 

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Untitled 25

Unlike the moon, I can’t change.
His crackle that creams the dark
is ageless, his disposition sort of staining, to some, 
he serpentines, constantly breathing like the sea.
I don’t want to hear his old song
that grows to a piercing shriek
but I can’t let him go.
Drier than an empty womb,
I lay beneath him, the living fossil,
entranced by his chalk dance,
wishing he’d bleach my yellowness white.
He unhatches, stripping from his shell
and opening like a frosted bud.
He thought I was wasting my beauty,
so he took it entirely. His arsenic face haunts me,
his ancient teeth gaping at me in mirrors and lakes
and I let him infect my sight
knowing that I can and will, no must, let him go.

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When the path is broken 
And your heart is shattered 
Clattered with rushing storms 
That leave you so torn 
Stand together 
And become reborn 
Captivate the moon 
And with you I will become a groom in case my heart among your tomb
For I wish your hands to never let go 
And I wish to sew my heart together with yours 
Distribute the stitches evenly in rows 
I swear the closer we come to one another
The more my soul glows 
Pulsating with a beat that sounds as a bass 
The drum could be the face of the moon 
And it has sent a platoon to knock me on my feet 
But with it all it takes me higher 
Fire disturbs the frail 
for you through the barren straight I may sail 
Geysers and springs will all follow my lead 
Bc the seed you have left in me 
Has sprouted and it has erased 
What has shrouded my heart 
Depart from me once more 
But when you come back I may be sore 
For I will place pieces of my heart among the beauty but where there is no love my 
heart is never to root and the trees of life may never bare fruit 
Mute me with your honest eyes 
And I will listen as all my fears die 
And a stone will be where these used to lie 
A ruby that burns hot and red 
Let me embed it among your beauty 
Away from me instead 
It is dead to me 
For I have not such a love 
But to you it adds extravagance to what is already art 
Part with me again 
And this is just sin 
For the only thing that keeps me walking on unstable ground 
Is a light that eagerly surrounds 
Awaiting my walk up this mountain
And to stand outsides the gate which encompass the fountain 
That let's me among your soul 

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Shining Forever True

Lady you make the fire burn warm inside beauty
arising sun setting deep radiant reflections glimmer

Mirror of happiness who sings most beautiful in daylight
tonight a million stars may shine upon waves silver dance

Taking a spirit inside the truest heartbeat sparkling diamond luster
only one who holds forever treasuring each passing moon howls 

You came to me each waking new day immortal winks
beating soft tender drum rolls echo deeply love a faraway paradise

Soulful emotions shines golden within emotions pearl drops
unchaining a dream the waterfalls flowing to the ocean sing

Silken soft ribbons tie feelings inside bound one knot touching
always the flickering candle lights shadows dance with truth 

Details | I do not know? | |

the moon of love

want to dance under the moon light night,
to dance away under the stars so bright,
to hold you in my arms and let the music sway,
to let our souls drift away,

to dance so close in each others arms
to whisper sweet music charms,
to follow your steps in every move, 
to follow the love in every tune,
drifting away under the moon
holding each other till moon is blue
stars at night so very bright

showing our love is all right,
dancing very close
dancing away very slow
lost in words in what we do say
holding each other in a certain way 
close to me i feel your heart
beating to the music, i love that, 

hand in hand the way we do
the music says a want you,
to kiss you by the sea,
whats the moon of love done to me, 
i want to kiss you
and whisper your name, 

let the music drive us insane,
letting things go and lets go mad
this music is so bad, 
as you may see
this is what the moon of love does to me, 

the stars are shining in heavens above
shining on to the moon of love, 
beaming down to where we stand
looking above while holding your hand,
lets move close together and dance so slow
let the moon of love make our love flow, 

together we dance and hold each other tight
whispering to you i love this night, 
nothing going wrong nor storms are near, 
come to me darling and hold me dear, 
dance with me slowly 
while a whisper your name
for my love for you will never change, 

lets dance on the stars
where heaven is blue,
where the moon shines
all over you, 
dancing away till the morning comes, 
dancing away to the moon of love,,,,,

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The Storm

Violet storm clouds rippled menacingly above us
Painting the water in sinuous lilac waves.
Their lily white caps broke against our ankles
On Maribel’s shore beneath her caves.

Lady wind, ran her fingers over the earth
Caressing everything back to life with her touch.
If we leave this world behind us, cease to exist
This conscious moment would be enough.

The cat tails and tree branches swayed to the music.
Our eyes glittered underneath the moon light.
The thunder swelled and the lightning pulsed.
Black birds against a violet canvas a breathless sight.

We waited for her strength to rain down upon us.
Smooth slick pebbles in the palm of my hand.
She waited to show her face until after sunset.
Tranquil treasures standing among the shells and sand.

The blissful aroma of flowers over us
As she releases her dark cascade .
Tresses pasted to our rose cheeks
As the last bit of horizon fades.

The moon peeks out again behind a cloud.
You shimmer as you reach out to touch me.
Ebony rocks slid down into the water
The taste of raindrops off your lips, ecstasy.

Your long flaxen curls wet, same color as the sand
Your eyes shared the color with the sky.
Your lashes held tiny stars that captivated me, 
silencing the passage of time.

Shielded from the worlds scornful sight
Not even the stars could peer through the clouds.
We were alone there on that velvet shore
Where our souls tried not to drown.

We took the storm into our veins,
Felt it course through, till it tasted the same.
Your ruby blood, ebbed black in the night.
As a tangle of arms, spent, the skies were tamed.

You and I huddled together on the cliffs
Together jade smoke warmed our chilled skin.
I watched the russet embers illuminate your face.
I still see you in the smoke circles you love to dance in.

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Bury The Dead

The rain pours down my face while lights flash in the distance

Among the ones once living, I choose the path of most resistance

Blood, sweat, tears, and rain mix as I grasp the wooden sentencer

Condemning to eternity the demons while my hands endure the splinters. 


The moon has left me, I’m alone on my mission

The clouds bear down with rain relentless

But I must press on to be set free

And bury the dead that dwells in me


Digging and digging but no hole deep enough

To be rid of these skeletons with time that got tough

And hardened with hate, vile, and discourse

To infect my being with no remorse


Pain shoots through my chest as my breath becomes ragged

The time is near but there is no casket

No viewing, no service, just a body and a grave

In this place called the land of the free and the home of the brave


No more shall my dreams and my life be altered

My visions are now clear and my step un-faltered

You have lived on way past your prime

And now I must say that you are out of time


I dig further until I reach satisfaction 

And as I throw me in, my face no reaction

I stand on the side as my face looks back up at me

I say a silent prayer and mouth R.I.P.


My body looks up back at me expressionless and cold

I throw on more dirt like it was foretold

That I would be burying the dead and living anew

And starting a new path without you


My body remains still as I continue to bury it

Knowing that a part of me will no longer be cherished

More tears come as I realize what’s done

But continue to move for I must move on


As I pat down the last of the dirt

The skies clear up to wash away the hurt

The moon looks down and says, “Job well done”

I look back at the moon and ask, “Now may I come”


The moon just smiles and begins to fade

And the sun comes in to usher in a new day

I pick up my shovel and walk back down the road

Fatigue on my mind but new light in my soul.

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The Moon

The moon over the salt sea, that is her, She moves me back and forward, I am the sea. 

Her beams control me, help to give me strength or take it away. 

I enjoy the times she shines just right, casting me in the right light, and we just sway, musicians compose music to try to capture the ambiance of that moment for ears to hear, while artist try to recreate it visually and hope that eyes create tears at the sight of true beauty that is created with her and me. 

The stars envy her, the sun holds jealousy because to be this insync, we could never be. 

They say the moon is exclusively tied to that of water. She is exclusively tied to me, she makes my heart beat harder at my chest like the moon forces waves to beat harder at the sand. 

I compare us holding hands to the sight of the moon appearing to sit right on top of the sea, because it is a truthfully blissful sight to see. 

Our vibe is right to me, like the light the moon creates on top of the sea, not too much, just enough to admire at the beauty that comes from two of God's most majestic creations. 

She clings to me like I cling to her, and even tho she shines on me, she holds all of my secrets. 

She can drive me insane sometimes, so insane I destroy things, never harming her, or she can keep so calm that I move not one bit. 

She is the moon to my sea, she shines a light only bright enough for her to see what's really inside of me. 

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |

Wonder of the Moon Dust

Sprinkles from above This powerful dust Brought identity All under the sky And their love with it Referencing The love brought there It’s the wonder Of the moon dust Within life Love’s wild call In moon light Complete Moon dust Rave Mist Open Feng shui Enter up Aboard one Gleaming moon Star dust above Of moon nature Bringing about Love everywhere Spiral the dust floats Moon dust from above Comes down into eyes Arms of trust inside The peace with great love
Russell Sivey Entrant into Catie Lindsey's "Diminished and Advancing Hexaverse Contest" contest 3/12/2012

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Let me take you 
into my dreams.
When the night comes
and nobody sees.

Together we'll reach 
for the highest star,
and no-one will know
just where we are.

Up in the sky where
the moon is  bright,
we will create a 
brighter light.

And when the dawn breaks,
and the moon says good-night,
you'll know my dreams
before it 's quite light.

So come with me
into the night,
on a magical, mystical
beautiful flight.

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Astronomy Of Love

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
Like tiny sparkling diamonds of love

On a space ship we call “Enchantment”
We set sail on a placid sea of bliss
Wrapped in the arms of the goddess of love
Enraptured by the warmth of her kiss

Floating like a couple of heavenly bodies
On a collision course of emotions
Destined to be joined in celestial union
Filled with great love and devotion

There's no greater feeling than mutual love
Poets strive to write about in rhyme
The ultimate emotion known to man
A feeling of pure joy so sublime

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
My darling, my obsession, my love!

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Star Princess

There once was a girl who lived all alone, She walked in bare feet on gravel and stone.

No one knew who she was no one knew her name, she watched in the shadows as people called her insane.

Both of her parents had gone up to the skies, Where the moon and the stars stood bravely up high.

Oh how she wished she could see them once more, Then maybe her heart would not be so sore.

One day she said that day will come, When the moon and the stars all become one.

She started to slowly drift off to sleep, Trying verry hard not to weep.

But before she could even start to dream, she heard what sounded like a scream.

She quickly ran to her back yard, and say a great star that wasnt that far.

She quickly ran up to the light, it's five big points shining bright.

She found out that it was a fallen star, a fallen star that had traveled far.

She knew that this star was sent from up above, a gift from her parents sent with love.

She knew what this star meant, she knew why this star was sent.

Her parents missed her and want her to come home, This is great, she will no longer have to be alone.

All she had to do was wish on this star, The star that would make her go far.
She closed her eyes and made her dreams come true, This is hopefully what this star will do.

With a flash of light and a clashing sound, the little girl was no where to be found.

From that day on if you look up in the sky, ignore the lights and planes that pass by.

You'll see three stars stuck togather, you will see them in all different types of weather.

The stars you are seeing are the best, The king, the queen, and the star princess.

Who is this girl look at me, take a guess, look hard and you'll see I am the star princess.

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Modern Moon Miss ...

A Mellow, Intoxicant – Moon-Shine
Out of This World – But Orbit’s in Line
Controls The Lunacy- Longing, Just Fine
Heard Howls At The Moon? … It Was Mine…

Not a Lunatic – But Lipse’ – Scientific … Sometime
Like a Space-Kitten, Who just wants to Climb
And Prowl 9 (?) Milky Way Planets, in One Lifetime… Not Nine
And Purr in Milky Moonlight… On My Spine

My Soul is all Aglow… You’re in My sight
And Even, My DarkSide… is Searching Mister… Right ?
I’m and Emotive, Aspiring, Silhouette-Shone, Light
Full … of Faith, Formulas and Moon Flint-Rocks, Bright

So, I’m Not Crazy… But I, Phase… A- R o u n d –  Sense 
… at Least, to Your Grounded, Male-Ego Logistics
yet, I’m Glad, You Still Try To Reach The Moon…
… but Maybe, I’ll Beam “You” Up Scotty !… Soon

… So, Brace Yourself… I Can Bring The Bravado
Pace Yourself… We, Got A Long Way To Grow
Race Yourself… Flash Your Flag… Fly and Follow
Raise Your Rocketship-Ride…    Ready … Set … Go !

… ‘Cause Modern Moon Miss… Miss Ya’… You Know…

Details | Free verse | |


I’d say I love you but that could change
I’d say I hate you but that would change
I’d say a million words if only they could fix us
I’d call you beautiful
I’d call you an angel
I’d speak of your eyes like they were pearls in the deep ocean
But that would do no good
For there is not a single soul that hasn’t told you of your glory before
But I’d give you my heart
My never dying love
I’d give you my mind
I gave you my dreams
My hopes linger around your foot steps
I flinch when you hurt
I cry when you mourn
I die when you suffer
I lie by your moon as you sleep
Like a princess in waiting
I gaze at you till fatigue takes me away
Then as I dream you fill my heart
I’d give you my soul
But of no value it is to you
But I could give you my Love
I think I shall

Tonight the mirror broke
A thousand pieces lie before me
It shattered as you dropped my rose
The rose that wilted in your hand
My heart shriveled in my chest
My soul crumbled in my corpse
My tears echoed for ages as you went to another
You have stolen my heart, my mind, my dreams
Wasted my words, my time
You have misdirected the glow of the moon so that its beauty was lost to me
Now you leave and the world heaves a sigh
"Rest now" says the moon
"For tomorrow you shall meet the sun"

© Samir Georges

Details | Ballade | |


There fell the night, on Central Park
to shroud the world within the dark,
and wanderin came the soul of me,
to find a place to leave my mark.

And there within the night there be,
a lonely heart, my eyes did see,
just walking down into the dark,
and tempting for a bite from me.

The gloom of life shone in her eyes
reflections from a love that dies,
but still is there within the heart;
she'd rather die, than realize --

that love has made its' last depart,
an ending borned right from the start,
and painful yet, her love still lies 
right there within her failing heart!

Of all the joys in life I see,
there's not a one that pleases me
so much as bringing love anew,
where love has hurt so terribly!

And so I bade her " are you...?
to which she said, "Get lost! Adieu!"
But still I pressed relentlessly,
for giving up's not what I do!

Progressed the night just as I planned,
in little time she touched my hand,
and gave out just a little smile,
so I thought on, to make my stand;

a little full moon for a while
cannot but only help my style,
in this moon light her eyes were grand,
and so I kissed her growing smile!

Her lips were warm as they could be,
she soon gave in so willingly,
and in the dark she gave her soul
to soon embrace the soul of me!

Within the night her heart did toll,
as I pressed on to make her whole!
and swooned she, as the teeth of me
just bited to her very soul!

The love I gave so willingly
was but the very best of me,
and love we shared, there in the dark,
the greatest love to ever be!

And right there down within the dark
love boundeth all and made its mark,
upon her neck so lovingly,
when we made love in Central Park.
       © ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Dragon Of Love

AS dragon fly though the sky my heart inter twins with the dragon.
The dragon start blowing flame out of his mouth.
My heart start on fire. 
As the flame over come my heart. 
The dragon begin to fly over the moon.
As my heart start to die.
  The Dragon run out of fire.
The moon turn red.
The dragon take his tail and raps it around my heart.
As I fall in love with you. 
The dragon's flame take over him. 
The dragon start to die. 
The moon start to go around the dragon and save him.
As red roses from the moon start to fall out of the sky.
Then we look  up in the sky and the dragon and moon are gone. 

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Moonlight Stroll

Let me take you outside in the dark
Have the moon grasp your skin
Make dark skin look like chocolate
Light skin look like caramel under the moon's light
Come on take a walk with me!
Relax have the sand massage your feet as I would
Now sit on the sands it have it warm your body like love warms your heart
Talk to me like the hummingbird talk to the flower for it nectar.
The moon calms our sprits and helps our hearts
Tonight the moon is our star
I dictated it to me and you
It for the love we have for one another, our care
So believe that magic is in the air.
So enjoy it because
It will be happening for the next few years.
You know I love you girl
Right now we have the Moon
Someday girl I will Give You The World

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" Wraith "

Always during night and as the moon drifts by~
Most often as well when skies are quite clear~
There comes without thought an image to my eye~
That of a wench who in my heart has become dear~
She sails with me daily through the seas I love so~
Wrapping her arms about me in my ear whispering sweetly~
I hold her close while these great winds do blow~
A wench who now has so captured me completely~
Yet during the dark nights when the seas finally abate~
She comes to me without condition to give me her love~
The winds cease their furious howling when 'tis this late~
The only thing aloft is high in the rigging her small dove~
This wench I have learned during my days on the seas~
Is but a wraith of beauty and tenderness so fine~
Yet her true greatness is simply her ability to please~
An ol' SeaWolf who has wandered throughout all time~
Sailing the oceans of the world and the isles of sand~
There never has been for this one such true emotion~
As now found in the embrace of this wench so grand~
'Tis a feeling which carries within a wild notion~
Could it be possible to love the winds and the waves~
Yet also embrace such a tender wraith with such devotion~
'Tis said by those who do set sails to the winds~
That it will only be yourself one day the sea saves~
Methinks now there must yet be another way indeed~
The wind speaks softly and the moon does lead~
For to love this wraith and the seas above all else~
In so doing 'twould be but the saving of himself~
The direction becomes as clear as the brightest of stars~
This course is chosen by a force from afar~
There must be a time when this man of the sea~
Accepts these things which simply must be~

Details | I do not know? | |

I Can't Face the Dawn

I can’t face the dawn without you.
My heart is in pieces my mind a wreak, my heart beats but I can’t feel It.
My arms ache for your touch my eyes fill with tears.
My body trembles without you here.
You are my sunrise, my moon and stars my world.
We are apart I can’t tell you what I feel inside.
My tears fall without a end my moon want shine.
I am in the dark all alone and scared ,my stars fall into a world that will not turn. Ripping  throw the sky and landing like a bullet, that takes a life. 
Night well never end. The sunrise was are love there is no more for me to feel.
Other then the end or the world as I know It with no love to be found.

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When You're In Sight

Each day I hold you close,
I can feel our love start to rise.
When I put my arms around you,
I can see a spark in your eyes.

   When the sky lights up,
   And the moon shines bright;
   I'm in Heaven
   When you're in sight.
   All I want is you right here,
   So I can hold you tight.
   Yea, hold you dear.

When I press my lips to yours,
I know it's love I feel.
When I say those words,
I know that flame burns real.

   When the sky lights up,
   And the moon shines bright;
   I'm in Heaven
   When you're in sight.
   All I want is you right here,
   So I can hold you tight.
   Yea, hold you dear.

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You Shall See the Dusk and Dawn- Part 3

Though these words are all true
I never knew how much they meant 
They’re the makings of my diary 
Which is compiling with my every whim
And I know the future seems grim 
When the sun descends the light goes dim 
Don’t you fret the moon will lend itself as a night light
But on some nights the sun will refuse to stay out of sight 
The moonlight is eclipsed and I seal my lips 
And the moon drips over the blackened star
Two crypts in an endless galactic battle
Opposites attract desperately trying to complete what the other might lack
Like the light of day and the black of night 
You see you must contrast if you hope to create a masterpiece 
Or at the very least a memory that will last
Life’s a struggle to surpass the work of the last great man
So my tongue rattles in its cage
My eyes gage the force 
My blood courses 
And my mind divorces the eyes that I use to see
Because they can’t quite see how the world is 
But only as the world should be
Again I flee into the mind that I find comfort 
In charring with the riggers of battle lines
Drawn out in some fine print
Making the eyes bend and squint 
I’m in less than mint condition 
This is less than efficient 
I’ve barely christened the issues that are on the line

And I paint some pictures withe the fixtures that dangle from my beautiful mind
So I might bind your thoughts 
You may even find some truth or maybe some excuse to go on
Maybe to find a new way to look at dusk and dawn
So maybe drag the old rusty beach chair onto the lawn 
See with new eyes what you already saw 
If you can’t find strength to walk 
Just muster up some strength just crawl 
If you should happen to fall get up and stand tall
And if your thoughts should turn to death
Don’t count your breaths take a rest
Just remember the times the air was stolen from your lungs
Our lives begun so small and the world so huge
But now our bones are fused and the isn’t as it use to be
You must realize that the earth is massive but your world is small
None of us can expect to understand it all
Again I find myself on the brink catastrophe
These words might mean a lot to you 
But let me reassure you they mean much more to me

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Let's Make This True

Oh, to dance free as the moon bathes us in light Basking in God’s eternal luminary glow This is what I wish for, this evening, my darling This is my dream, I want you to know The night’s music calls out to us both, melodically As hand in hand, we traverse the glen The moon catches and highlights your natural beauty As I fall in love all over again Praying this evening to never end, Woe, if ever to end! The perfumes of flowers, such as lilacs and roses Entice us; carry us, to where we belong Wafted on breezes, there on clouds we are floating As we dance to evenings sweetest of songs Where, here in embrace, I hold you so tightly With never intention of letting go My darling, our heartbeats, regale us in unison As gently we sway, lasting and slow Basking in God’s eternal luminary glow This is my dream, I want you to know

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Wrong Love

There once was a Girl.
So in Love,with the Moon
She prayed every night,that she'd be there Soon..

The light was her Love,all in a sense
Made her smile,ohh so bright.
Yet her love,lacked insight
You cant Love the Moon!
Screamed society to her,

This love affair can never be,
So one sided,dont you see?.
She didnt listen,so in Love

Stare out the window
Hours at a time
The moon was her light and she was its lime..

She withered away
Too a place of her own..
Off to the Moon with this love that's so wrong.

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The Joy of Love

''The Joy of Love'' by David Hart

The kissing of the doves in the leaves
The slow dancing moon and the
Star speckled sky
Come now elated the chant of haling trees
Oft incites earth's ancient and serene sigh

You appeared and approached with your
 inviting lips
And with you the delights of the world
And all the heroics of the sea's bold ships

And all life's fury didst unfurl

Amidst embraces and caresses of wind
Bathed in tingling moon beams
The ectasies of your moist kiss
Shakes my soul with swooning bliss

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Between you and me
a monkey
Mom, in your shadow
Me, a scroll
Love, a river on moon
Poet, your fiancée Lucy
Just married
Poet, your last poem
Naked girls on a beach

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Daytime Minutes

As the full moon asserts herself in the translucent skies
I find myself reaching for her,
As if she were you
I find my mind, wrapped in her craters 
As if, they were…your arms
Stroking her as if she had your skin,
Your soft, angelic skin
I find myself, longing for her to be you
Wishing, that her touch
Could, in someway, equal yours
With eyes tightly shut, 
I picture you…
I picture us
What we were,
What we are,
And what we should be
The moon suddenly becomes the sun
Burning with excruciating pain
Pain from the past
Pain from regrets and misfortune
Scarring me…deeply
I try and extinguish the flames, but
They intensify with every attempt
Thus… it’s settled
Were never meant to be my moon
For I made you my sun
Despite all, you will always be the moon to my sky
But I’m cursed to live only in the heat of the day…
And will never again, feel the smooth caress, of the nightlife

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Can't Mention Your Name

so i am not perfect you tell me
and i'm not concluded in your future
but i got this machine i made for us
that can throw time and us further

so give me a chance because you never did
your lips speak to me in words to attract me
i can't so ever help myself from not acting so stupid
so rude and so distant yet so kind and so lovely 

your smile is like the moon curved ninety degrees
your eyes are like the size of a moon i intertwine
but your voice yells to me like the morning sun
but out of all is that this isn't mine

i cannot call it love to you yet my love
but i promise to you my darling i won't surrender 
you may not consider us or a chance
but my love for you will last on forever

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Loving From Far, Far Away

The tears falling from a star,
Careses the moon one darkened night.
The star cradles the moon in her arms,
Sheltering it with all of her light.

As the star continues to weep,
The moon lovingly looks on.
Wanting to show her how he feels,
But just doesn't really know how.

He casts his icey cold shadow,
Along the fire of her tips.
To let her know that he is there,
Kissing her lightly with his lunar lips.

The powerful moon is pulling at the star,
Like he does at the changing tide.
Trying to show her that he's there,
The true love he's been trying to hide.

Afraid to touch her sweet smile,
His eyes undress her from head to toe.
He is in awe of her angelic innocence,
As she is laying there shining and exposed.

Another night falls and he is alone,
Sitting there dreaming at the star.
But until they finally meet again,
He will be loving her from a far.

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Love In The Rain

Swirling and dancing with rain in my hair,

Acting like I don’t have a care.

Whispering winds swiftly blow me around,

I look in your eyes and know I am found.

Watching the treetops, dance their sweet dance,

Seeing you look up, smile, and glance.

The flowers are blooming all around us,

The rainbow appears as just another plus.

We fall to the ground, the grass on our backs,

The sky looks down on us and does its acts.

The clouds fly by, without a care in the world,

As they curl around, all fluffy and swirled.

The moon greets the sun as they share the same sky,

For only moments until they say their ‘goodbye’.

I look over at you, a smile on your face,

Are you looking at me or am I just in space?

I smile back at you as you leaned toward my lips,

The softness of yours touches mine, as your hands hold my hips.

The rain pours down still, yet neither of us care,

In an embrace that nobody ever could tear.


The feeling you bring is like nothing I’ve felt,

It’s like a drug, so warm I could melt.

The rain finally stops, the rainbow stays high,

Our lips pull apart, unwillingly, as we look towards the sky.

The moon escapes finally, from the depths of the clouds,

It looks down upon us through all the crowds.

I look in your eyes, and know you’ll always be mine,

The way you look and feel, nothing else could ever be so divine.

I will love you forever, no matter what will occur,

You are my one and only, the one I will always prefer.

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The moon shines bright.
So bright. Brighter.
The moon is my sunlight.

A golden light starts to shine as as my sun disappears.
The warmth comforts me, yet I run away.

This room.
Windows don't exist.
This is my sanctuary.
My home.
It's safe.
I sleep.
I dream.
I dream of my past.
My past tries to exist.
But does it exist at all?

I try to remember.
My past...
Where is my past?

Him. It's him.
He is my Beloved.
He is my past.
He stands in the dark.
He waits.
He waits for me.
He waits in the dark.

I want to be with my Beloved.
My Beloved...
Where has he gone?
I stand where he stood.
The trees cast shadows.
I have no shadow.
My Beloved stands where my silhouette should stand.
Because he is my past.

I get one last look.
One last look at the beautiful, pale face as it gets closer.

I no longer see my Beloved.
Just red.
A dream.
My past was just a dream.

My eyes open to see my pitch black sanctuary.
And as I gaze at the lone mirror.
I see my Beloved. My past.
The two red spots on my neck.
My Beloved.
My Past.

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A Shallow body of water 
 Separated from the ocean 
People comes to Venice 
Hoping to find love fill emotions
He drives a gondola 
With lovers from every where 
So many Private conversations 
He can't help but overhear 
There was a couple 
 Got married this afternoon 
They were having ice cream 
Under a full new moon 
But today he's with another girl 
Sailing down the lagoon 
Hugging and kissing 
will go to his wife very soon 
There are so many rides 
Fill with love and adultery 
On the lagoon of Venice 
Only a gondolier can see 
So many comes here 
Looking for love that's true 
Hoping to find happiness 
So their life's can become new 
There was a girl from Trinidad 
Who was alone on the lagoon? 
 She meet a guy from New York 
They found love that afternoon 
A couple came from England 
Looking for what had disappear 
They lost their love in London 
And are hoping to find it here 
It's just a lagoon 
But a place of love   
And people comes hoping to 
 Find what they been  dreaming of 
Some will find love to day 
Some might find it tomorrow 
Some love you will get to keep 
And some you can just borrow 
So many comes to this lagoon 
Waiting for love to starts 
Not knowing they already have it 
If they look in their hearts 
 Love can happen anywhere 
On the land, skies and sea 
But when true love comes 
The Lagoon is where some hope to be 
Across the universe 
Under the sun or the moon 
People are falling in love 
On a beautiful lagoon

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The Golden Moon

What was the reason we sat upon the golden moon?
Here in my heart I know the motion wasn’t sand less dune.
Now I still hear the chiming of that distant brass bell.
Ringing in that soft sad melancholy tone called hell.

The water falls into my hand,
Like the tickling of the pounding sand.
Stinging me with its touch,
But clinging like a cripple to a crutch.
Never leaving my skin,
Such a grassless barren land of sin.
Oh such endurance I can not find to win.

Hear the bell chime louder upon the hour again.
Now the golden moon has sent us a golden shower.
For the whisper of the chime must remain.
Such a yellow softness has made mad men sane.

Screaming, crying out their fear… do you hear?
This is a tune of yester year.
Was it all in my mind?

Search and you will never find.
What was the reason I do not know.
Now he is gown what have you to show?

The baby is crying louder, louder, in the night.
The eagle broke its wing in a soaring flight.
What was the name of my thoughtless man?
Reach for your soul cause no one else can.
You have washed up upon the ocean shore.
Now the golden moon is no more.

When they come with their dogs searching at dawns first light,
There will be a lifeless you who once shivered with a fright.
Mud a crusty cake in your hair.
You were trapped in a golden snare.
To this river I thee wed.
You had to jump, and now you’re dead.

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Sun is high up in the sky
There's no Moon in sight
Makes me feel lonely
Makes me wish for night

Tears, like raindrops, wet my face
Sadness has it's way
It's hard to always tell myself
Just give it one more day

I can't help but long for
Creamy skin amid the night
The softness of her Moon shine
Her mesmerizing sight

There's no use for all this strength
If nothing from it forms
Won't you please bring on the night
Won't you please bring on the storm

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Moon and The Black Widow

I look out my window.

I see my Moon, performing her blinding show.

She is so up high and I'm so down low.

Why is this so?

She is the light illuminating the darkness.

Stripping me of my sadness.

Fueling me with happiness.

Connected by light.

She is the Moon giving me my promised light.

I am the Black Widow stalking prey in the night.

Connected by Moon.

Neither of us seem to get any rest.

It seems we both have an hourglass marked on our chest.

For me its the logo of a predator.

But I'm still nothing but a spider.

For her it represents the time she has left here.

She is the light illuminating the darkness.

Stripping me of my sadness.

Fueling me with happiness.

Connected by light.

She is the Moon giving me my promised light.

I am the Black Widow stalking prey in the night.

Connected by Moon.

The fly's grave is my web.

My instincts end the life he's lead.

Devouring him sends him to the land of the dead.

We are all like flies.

Stuck in this silky web I weave.

She watches me in the darkened  skies.

Thats what I believe.

She is the light illuminating the darkness.

Stripping me of my sadness.

Fueling me with happiness.

Connected by light.

She is the moon giving me my promised light.

I am the Black Widow stalking prey in the night.

Connected by Moon.

Faith takes away my Moon.

I'm on my own.

We had good memories.

But now she must go.

She is gone.

Dusk quickly turns to dawn.

I am utterly alone.

Lost until twilight.

Not all good things last.

She came and went so fast.

Faith takes away my Moon.

Darkness starts to consume.

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Ripples in the Sea

When I see this Moon and gaze deep into the stars,
My mind wanders as I search for where you are.
Looking up, looking down, this enormous Sea is where I can now be found.
Standing alone at the Ocean’s edge and hearing its roar,
My heart pounds and aches for so much more.
Gazing deeper and deeper out into this vast blue Sea,
I can gather myself with this soul that was given to me.
Ripples in the Sea are all that my eyes can see.
One by one they collide with force to touch what was given to me.
Infinity with the depths of this Sea, 
This is what the Moonlit Ocean conveys to the truth inside of me.
Standing alone and afar from the depths of this Sea,
Ripple by ripple captures the every breath that I have inside of me.
Oh how they carry every single thought away from the insides of me!
Reflections of our Moon spread across this glimmering Sea.
Endless and endless ripples!
This vision I know I will forever see!
I hold my breath and carry a true smile, 
Searching for that last ripple to reach its hundredth mile.
Alone I stand at the edge of this Sea, 
The depth of this Ocean covers over me.
I wonder and wonder can I truly hold what was given to me?
So if ever in search for that which you know you believe,
Please remember that I left me standing with the ripples in the Sea.
One by one they collide crashing directly into me.
I stand with a force that was given just for this person that lives inside of me.
Come to me! Please touch what is on the inside of me!
Feel what has been given just for the love of me!
So if ever in doubt for that which you truly know you believe,
Look deeper and deeper out into this incredible huge Sea.
The ripples one by one know you will believe.
They touch, they feel, they hear what is left standing out by the Sea,
And that my friend is the life that God had already chosen for the soul that lives inside of me.

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A Walk by the Sea

I held her hand on a vacant shore
and answered all she asked.
I swept her golden hair aside
to see blue eyes unmasked.
The moon tiptoed so gingerly 
upon caressing sea,
but none the less more beautiful 
my child, when next to me.

She softly sung a lullaby
recalling forgotten times,
When as a babe I’d cuddle her
read stories filled with rhymes.
Now her world is growing up,
fables left in the dark.
And all the world’s humanities
are leaving their firm mark.

And if the waves would try to wash
her dreams away from me,
I’d risk my life, my very soul 
to snatch them from the sea.
For when I first laid eyes upon
my newborn in my arms,
I swore to her upon small ear
I’d save her from all harm.

Within this peaceful moment now
as we walk in moon lit sand,
I accept there will come a day
when she won’t take my hand.
And I must, with all my strength,
allow to let her grow.
And like sands through hourglass
I’ll slowly let her go.

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The Sun

The sun, moon and the stars come together for us.
My family encompasses the universe through my eyes.
The sun is my first born.
The moon is the light that shines brightly from my lovers embrace.
The stars gather in a planetary alignment which is our love.
The sun rises and falls each day.
The moon casts a glow over the city at night.
The stars dance in the midnight sky.
The sun, moon and the stars come together for us.

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The Case Against The Moon

She held the case against the moon
in bubbled glasses sea green hewn
and whispered nothings to the fish
her sea fins swishing at her wish
"The case against the moon", she said,
"began the day that I was wed
and on that day the tide pulled back
to swirling waves to ships attack
It 'twas this day my love embarked
a voyage to sustain my heart
while I a lowly mermaid be
he came to set my spirit free...
His ship was bitten by the wind
a low and moaning hull of tin
His eyes of coal to be immersed
while I searched for my wedding purse
Pearls from oysters for my crown
and seaweed stitched a wedding gown
His laugh and all his love did die
and, on my fins, I know not why
And so bold moon, I challenge you
to bring the worst that you can do
and I will fight with all my will
until the tides return to still."
The passive moon, it heaved a sigh
and tides began to do or die
while waves in turmoil turned to swell
the fish turned too, and wished her well.
She threw her glasses to the sea
and dove to indigo caves once free
to tether nets of liquid ore
to quell the moon forever more
On flying fish she pulled her nets
beyond the sun's impartial sets
to catch the moon and hurl her down
a luminous splash, and then no sound
The earth went dark, the sea went cold
all mermaids there went grey and old
The sea floor shook at the moon's embrace
in a glowing ripple of pure disgrace
Still in the sky in purple wind
the mermaid whispered: "I have sinned"
She shed a thousand briny tears
and flew the skies with grief and fears
'till deciding at last what she should do
She set a course to save the moon.
She dove to the bottom of a sea of light
and what she saw was quite a sight
The broken pieces in scattered glow
This wasn't the moon she used to know
So gently, with fins and liquid lips
she balanced a shard on her mermaid hips
and flew to the ink, to the sky of sorrow
with a sadness of what would be brought the morrow
The sliver she placed in the sky that night
became the "new moon" to dimly light
the ocean each month to gently grieve
it's ships and it's mermaids to long bereave.

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"Lets go to the Moon"

"Lets go to the Moon"

here we are - just us two
baby let go to the moon
let sail away
were no one can see
and baby its just you and me
i love you and you love me
we can play hide and seek
because under the covers
you so love me
so please baby
you know what i want you
to do
hook:so baby - lets go to the moon - lets go baby - just me and you

here we are - just us two
baby let go to the moon
let sail away
were no one can see
and baby its just you and me
i love you and you love me
we can play hide and seek
because under the covers
you so love me
so please baby
you know what i want you
to do
hook:so baby - lets go to the moon - lets go baby - just me and you

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If the moon

If the moon were a firefly my dearest by far                     												 	   I the man would pluck it from sky place it in your hand         											       	               If the moon were a diamond ring my dearest by far  														   I the singer would sing it down summoned to your finger                                                                                                                                                                                        	                           If the moon were the only other light my dearest by far														   I the night wind would blow it out for your face to shine bright                                                                                                                                   			   If the moon were a treasure trove I the key                                                                                                                                                                              			   You would be the richest my dearest by far    -by john beam

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Simply Simplicity

Simplicity is her beauty
Merely is her touch
When she enters into moments
Time isn’t relevant enough

Shadows befall her
Becoming silhouettes
Crowning halos avail her
Of morning suns and sets

The falling rain
Serenades her
In writhing rhythms
Cascading through Spanish hair

Beneath the pale
Of moonlight mist
A Madonna draped
Gowned within a twilight dress

Countless shooting starlets
Down, falling free
Just to glimpse her
Landing near her feet

Merely, simply, clearly
All of a woman
Everything to everyone
But, always she’s in love with me

Dedicated to my wife Milagros

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Underneath the Moon and Stars

Underneath the moon and stars that sparkled so brightly
I remember the wish I made that night
Sitting under the willow tree
I wished your love for me
I closed my eyes and prayed that you'd come to me someday
And say the words I long for
"Baby, I love you and only you Forever More."
When a tear streamed from my eye, I realized it would all be a lie.
I let my wish go and let it go die.

Underneath the stars and moon 
That sparkled so bright,
I think about my wish that night
I know now that I'll find my true love soon.

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Star gazed for you!

I’m star gazed of a moon that shines so bright.  A bright moon that lights up my night.

I’m star gazed of the beauty that aluminates in the darkness that shines through.

Beauty that opens your heart and makes you dance with the shadows of truth.

I’m star gaze of this beauty and this beauty is you!

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Under the Half Moon

lie with me
under the half moon tonight
stay close to the fire
and let those coyotes roam

see the stars
crowned in cottonwood
how they flicker on
as crickets keep the time

way out there
beyond where we can see
the sun is waiting
to rise over the plain

lie with me
under the half moon tonight
stay close to the fire
and let those coyotes roam

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Tears from yesterday’s
ends in the clouds of both pasts
drowns pain in puddles
as this night’s moon burns through and
bathes a new love’s hope display.

Contest:  Get Romantic
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Visual #2

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My Light

Once again
Here I lay
A state of loneliness
Shadows stay

How can one be so loved
Yet felt to be at arms distance
Then when tries to reach out
Feels nothing but strain and resistance

Can’t anyone see this heart I have
The feelings I long to share
Holding them all in 
Just doesn’t seem quite fair

I try to stay calm
I take the time and try to see
But at the end of each day
There only lies me

But the sun will come up
Tomorrow we’ll be fine
Throughout the day
Until the sun no longer shines

I can’t help but this be the way that I feel
Embedded deep in my heart
Are just meaningful feelings
That tonight, from them, I can’t depart

All I want is for the moon to be a little closer
The stars to be near
If not so far away
Night wouldn’t be my worst fear

But the further they go
The smaller I feel
And the reality of it all unfolds
And the pain is very real

I close my eyes
Lying to my right an empty hole
And so far away once more
Waiting for the sunlight to reveal my soul

The rain starts to fall
Pounding on the window’s face
As if the clouds are crying tears
As if were landing softly on a pillowcase

But through the storm
Though battered and torn
A night sky clears
Though heavy and worn

But the stars still sparkle
The moon will still shine
Until the break of day
And my light is once again mine

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Loving you...

The solitary moon is surrounded by millions of stars
It stands humbly amongst the immaculate stars yet outshines them 
magnificently...You are that matchless moon...You are the moon in my sky
They say to live a profitable life is to find something worth dying for,
I've found something worth living for...I awaken each morning and slumber at 
night thinking of the one thing worth my existence...You are that one and only 
fascination....You'll never fathom how much love I own for you
My love for you is as sturdy as a rock; it could never be broken
It is as pure as a pearl; scarce yet real
I love loving you because it keeps me content
I love loving you because you show me tenderness and devotion in return
To hear you utter those three definite words makes loving you a blessing...

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Which kids long to hear a sweet lullabye...
when they are cuddled up in their beds,
when the vagrant moon won't shine on them to make them sigh?
Would you say they are those being loved by caring parents?

Not at all...orphans with many needs do!
They have dreamed of that mellow sound
as long as they can remember, and 'though they were fearful infants,
those memories were recalled vividly by their mind;
and they are very sad and unforgettable, too...
ask them about their disappointment, you'll surely witness their tears! 

Orphanages aren't great places for children to dwell in,
and frustration and anger echo within those walls of silent pain,
where the outside world cannot hear them and alleviate them...
but curious faces peek through window screens and dream!

Let's sing them a sweet lullabye, so that they can sleep
under a vigilant moon and begin weaving their dream;
let's give them a memorable night as the nightingales revere their smiles
as they mimic that melody to make their young hearts rhapsodize!  
Let's sing them a sweet lullabye, not just for one night, but for many...
and would they want to turn back time and be solicitous and solitary?  

Details | Cowboy | |

Boulder Ridge

The moon is full above the canyon 
   listen to the call... 
The music of the river 
   echoes between the walls. 
A love song for the brave 
   who boldly choose to walk, 
The path of their true destiny 
   as the drums begin to talk. 
The boulder on the ridge 
   catches and holds the light, 
Providing a mystic place 
   for passion in the night. 
Hearts beating to the cadence 
   of the drums far below, 
Sharing souls and secrets 
   only the moon will know. 
Breathe deep the magic moment, 
   It is here by more than chance, 
Come out of the half shadows, 
   Listen...Live...and Dance. 


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As the Moon shines

As the moon shines through the window in this room that I’m at
I try to think of things to write about, maybe this or that
The warmth of the sheets cools my body as I sit here,
Thinking of what to write, what’s stopping me, is it fear?
Fear that you will never feel the same again and leave me defenseless
Fear that I may never be able to love anyone again and feel weakness
The chills that go through my back as your voice appears to me again
The scent of your body and the touch of your lips, love is what I gain
I feel you and need you every second of my life,
But I know I cant have you, that I need to roll the dice,
As if this was a game, If I get one, I win.
But sweety, With you, my thoughts are all like sin
Dreaming of you, walking on the beach as we hear the waves crash,
Looking at you desperately wanting every inch of you as if you were a rash
Something on me that I cannot help, but to leave it, overtaking every part of my 
Come to me as I sit here and wait by the window with the moon shining, as I 
have nobody.

Come to me…

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Requiem of a Broken Heart

Soul burning with tears not yet cried,
The moon calls out to me in a sea of forbidden love.
Promises made to a heart that’s been broken
Do nothing more than tear it apart.

My mind cries out in anguish,
The damages cannot be reversed.
Walking on Hallowed grounds,
Whispering sweet promises of a painless eternity,
The grave calls to me.

Clinging to your bitter sweet memory, 
As I watch you gather the pieces of my heart, 
Only to throw them away from me.

Soul burning with tears not yet cried,
The moon calls to me in a sea of forbidden love.
Promises made to a heart that’s been broken
Do nothing more than tear it apart.

Dreams envisioning perfection,
Linger on my mind.
Unending love within my reach,
Never again to leave.

Sweet delusions of love,
Whispering endearments in my ears.
Winning my heart over,
As your wondrous eyes reveal
Your poisonous lies.

Soul burning with tears not yet cried,
The moon calls to me in a sea of forbidden love.
Promises made to a heart that’s been broken
Do nothing more than tear it apart.

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Treasures of the heart

within... Midst of love..
Mystical... moon light
God's Blessings 
from above

As I gaze up 
in the heavens
Sparkling Stars 
shining.. so bright

Let's not waist 
another moment
come let's share 
our Treasures of life

Senses of Sweetness 
of Love.. in the air
memo the times
You.. were here

You made me laugh
even brought cheer
Sweetness of happiness
Whenever your near

Under the moon lit night
wondering where 
you could be
wondering will there be 
another moment
God will allow 
you to share with me

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A Sluggish Socratic Reservoir

In your restless slumbers you feel me,
I know you feel me.    
Always by your side like an iron rusted sword
Dull to the touch and stranded to the length of your back.
Your sudden sighs will be the ocean churning and
The waves that collapse against the shore.
Every ache you undergo will emit a moan
So loud and locked away that even the sky will mourn
And it’s rains will fall for you alone.
Each dripping drop will attempt to match your insides
From the moment the first moon beams hit your windowsill
Till the sun ascends in an incandescent dawn
That pinkens the walls of your chambers.
You look beyond a naked field to
A moon which eases with every passing moment.
Beckoning you to dreams and thoughts that lay like scars and stains.
Come, they whisper.
Come listen to the symphony of our affairs.
Come watch these green waters turn to gold.
Travel the world and reach the end 
Only to find that you still want.
But here, with no one around in this volatile room,
With no eyes peering but the licks of lighted candles,
You’ll plead no to a nameless fear 
As you swallow the back of your mind.
Let an open mind in,
Allow it to listen.
And as you glance over to vacancy from
Your worn and heated side,
The skies will shudder with every hope and every lie
That even Socrates cannot deny these tries.
But in the half light of my own room
I wish to be your broken record
Or the lead singers private microphone.
Kiss my finger tips and drink in the residue of fountain pens.
I will plaster each phrase to my bedroom wall
Where I live to see that the writing never flows.
That each excerpt is choppy and final.
That every quote is bold and blush.
The frayed and shredded nursery wallpaper,
Shimmering pink with sudden audacity,
Will reflect moodily and ambiguously of my shattered thoughts.
With kudos to a grandmother Mary,
I slowly lift a frozen face from underneath a pillow.
After a minute of self doubt and realization
That settles like pin pricks on the palms of my hands,
I slide the idle face back into it’s sheath
Then contemplate the curiosity of my own slumber.
While ignoring every hope of sleep,
I’ll thread two nimble fingers through an open flame,
Stare provokingly into the shadows on the ceiling,
Get bored,
Get lonely,
And think of you.                  

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The Lonely Moon Rising.

Where does the river flow,
If not to you? 
You make my heart sing. 
I sit gazing out over the lake.
The sunsets, as the moon rises.
The water glistens,
So calm and peaceful.
Ducks fly going to their home,
Reflections on the water.
So peaceful yet so lonely,
And I think if only ………...
If only you were here to share,
To share in this wonderful time,
To share in my life.
For you to know how my heart feels.
A lonely tear falls, as I am missing you.
Wanting you by my side. 
A deep breath taken as if it were my last,
A sigh, thinking of the past.
Where will my life go,
Is this the end?
I am loving you so,
Why pretend?
The sun now gone, 
As I sit all alone.
The lonely moon rising.

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Gypsy Widow's Revenge

Back when the sweet summer aromas tease the nose
And soulful beach breezes blow
A civic hurricane of hate grows

With the moon hanging sickled
Over the Eucalyptus leaves
Two hearts die and one soul divides
As the Champion no longer breathes

The news comes and then arrives
On the wings of the morning dew
Winds strike with mortal force
Laid her to a half empty bed
Tears rolled fast 
As the sparkling fireflies outside
Who fly so high to be in love
With the perfect light that 
They exhaust themselves and die

With lashes wet and heavy
Swollen eyes, squinting in the sun
Falling down to sleep 
She remembered, fire

Stolen breath woke her, surprised
When the full moon rose
Close to Gemini's mid-night
The Libra spirit awakens
Nocturnal thoughts in her mind
She, who harbors the darkest
Deeds in the nomadic minds
Of wandering widows left
By thoughtless hearts of dutiful dukes honoring cowardly Kings


Trapped in silk as the Duke gets hazy
After the lazy westward slipping sun
With thoughts like secrets as she watches
Stars ignite over sandy mountain dunes

Oh, dishonored soul
Don't stop living
Now that love is a memory
And the past is desire
Remember fire, continue like a lioness
Stalking her sleeping prey

Oh that noble duke
Unaware of the danger of eternal darkness
That plunges from his own forgotten sword
Then the night, the stone, his chamber
His heart, her mind, even the clock falls quite silent,
Before breaking screams


Alone, slowly traveling, gaze set just ahead
Back to the gypsy tents glowing red,
The duke was dead
Long after the nightly chill's showers
Yet preluding the sun's eastern wake
She wondered, the broken hearted lover, toward the future
What future?
Only now, she had avenged with fire
Justice for her soul's loss,
When Libra inspired 

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Black Velvet

Black Velvet, That to which falls the shade of a moon come that of our hearts 
desire engraved from the inside. Is it love we feel or the dark side of our lives we 
hear? After all, isn’t that what we live is the love of the heart? Is it not that to which 
tears us apart is the fallen of a moon? It is that of my beloved that I store there in 
darkness. As my life I seek for that of righteous. It is there the velvet falls as it 
darkens the stage. It is there I have found true love that one day it will stay. It 
soars as high as a mountain breeze but lays low as a soul below. That in a 
cavern beyond some hill I find that of some things to be real. I find in life is to die 
but to live for Christ is a rise. That not only is that road hoed but it’s also rocked 
with love. That in one, I could ever be so bless to have. That he gave me you and 
my veil blew a peep, which in my heart there was a light of keep. It came of fine 
silk and love from end to end. That you blew the veil in the wind as it lay upon that 
of a pond fill hole. Only for you to cross and none other I told. That in my heart laid 
that of a sunlight untold as you reveal that of my deepest soul. You have pulled 
that veil that dried the rain as the darkness fell that to which reins. You have 
found that of a black velvet drape as my deepest soul yarn for that of love’s wake. 
As I know I have found one of heavens born because you have made my black 
velvet worn. That through it you can see that to which is torn. And that’s my soul 
and my love for you is torn. That in you I lay all my cards that one day that velvet is 
torn and I find that of love not torn. That in you I find that shade to be warm as you 
have draped your on velvet across that to which is worn. For this a moon comes 
shade that in you have made my day. As my black velvet gives that of a heart of 
shade as my heart loves that forever in the days. As I love you under the 
darkness of shades.

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Passion (for VG)

The breast of moonlight drips
The its misty milk upon spoon of eyes
And appetite my thirsty lips
Behind the bars of distance, love sighs
And fingers clutch the gauze 
Of silky dreams to bring the body
Warm against its passion's cause
That rivers me in lakes of honey.

The night splashes its essence now
With the fragrance of mountain girls
I stutter with love, and now way how
To see deep of glittering pearls
That long ago no moon could contest
The bride of hope and loveliness
Where sultry sweet thy desires caress
My eternal need and loneliness.

You too was a distant world too far
To reach, a voyage I began
Stranded in a silent void, bereft of star
Bereft the fortunes of a man
And just like the moon you did flee
Across an empty sky to follow the sun
Left me the haunting dreams of beauty
Left me standing where vertical rivers run.


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The long summer passed 
Dreamy days 
The beginning of a full Moon 
A boy for Autumn.. 

The Spring Queen and the King of Air 
Gazed out to a sky deep with night 
A touch of hand 
The stars bright 
A full Moon 
A baby, coming soon 

A Castle had lost a King 
A boy, to be born soon 
In Autumn 
Under a full moon 

The Autumn Queen came, 
in a swirl of leaves 
Gold and red 
The impending birth 
The Earthen King passed on 
Who will take his name? 

The leaves changed colour 
The moon rose 
Silver light 
Shone a castle, so bright 

The cry of a baby boy 
On an Autumn night 
A full Moon 
Shone bright 
All of Heartstone 
Joy and delight 

A tired Queen looked on 
A boy, so perfect and true 
Her face shone 
The faeries glowed 
A new King for Heartstone 
Under the full Moon too 

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Lost in Society And Hate

Lost In pain like rain in the sun,
you are the pain and I am the one,
Today is the day we shall see if love is for you and me,
run away with me now,
for love is our strength,
run away with me now,
for pain is our way,
run away with me now for today is the day,
love is lust as we are week,
gain strength in our hope as we are to be,
I love you sweet darling of mine, 
I can see that for sure as I look in your eyes,
as the moon glistens off your lips I can see your love,
lost hope in the world that we know,
who needs it any way since we got love,
run away with me now,
as the wind blows your hair moves silently,
as the moon glows,
when ever you smile my love for you grows,
together we can make it this I know,
as the water tinkles in the river near by I grab your hand,
and tell you good by,
the hardest words I have ever said,
I love you my love and please don't be sad.
I must move on to another life,
this one is lost and I'm loosing my mind,
run away with me now our love will grow,
together we can move on this I know,
love takes two but I don't want to loose you,
through the happy and sad we have made it my love,
eight months now and we have went past lust,
run away with me now for you are my light,
in all my years I'm the saddest tonight,
good bye for now I love you dearly sweet words from a thug,
I will miss you sincerely. 

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Escaping reality
seems the only way
to really feel free;
lying back on a soft meadow,
looking up to see
the scarlet moon 
rushing against another shadow...
before the coming of dawn!

Losing what's not mine,
its very hard of letting go,
because it took more
that faith to get where I am...
and only be left with pride! 

I took a forgotten dream,
and turned it into a vision:
to set the mood of passion...
to steadly touch, not just feel!

Losing what' not mine
makes me doubt the meaning 
of those unconvincing words;
how did I fell for a lie so unforgiving,
too unpleasant to be remembered by time... 
to which everything belongs?

Every star has gone to another sky,
and the pale moon won't leave;
how should I forget about Eve,
if I have no strength to cry?


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Please forgive me my heart

Every time I look at the moon in the sky
All I can do is remember you and cry
That very moon has face of thee
Both of you just made for me to see

To hold you is like my wildest of dream
All I can do is hold your picture and scream
That very scream, oh just your name
Heart cries out loud you are the one to blame
Blame is to me oh so true
I fell for an angel, an angel like you

Please forgive me my heart
I’ll promise you, unlike her I won’t be apart
Though just like you, without her I can’t live 
Tears, pain and sorrow’s all I can give

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In a flurry of stars

  In a flurry of stars
the exalted moon arises
admirers sigh,
and lie back in the pines.

  our minds at ease,
a cosmic breeze,
scatters stardust
past our dreamy eyes..........

I know I must have voted for the sun,
some long gone yesterday when I was young,
But now I choose to serenade the moon,
She generates a bright eternal force,
which keeps creative muses right on course,

Observe her all night long
and never feel,
the pain the burning sun
must needs reveal.

so pour us out a goblet gold of wine
some berried brew with bread and cheese
to share,

we'll watch for stars that shimmer in a line,
our constellations dancing in the air.

the sun I think is followed by the youth,
let's let them own the marrow of the day

but we know that there's beauty in the truth,
"The moon is ours" is what the lovers say.

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A day in life

That day oh yes I remember it well, the day was so long and scary was the night
It was like one of those days, one would never even try of remembering
But the day started out fine, as usual you were in front of me 
Oh so beautiful, I would spend my whole life just seeing you
Your smile that would stop the pace of earth, stop everything
Your voice which makes everything moves, my heart moves, lips imitate
Each and every nerve in my body, the blood they move faster
Heart pumps at excellent rate, mind creates an imaginary heaven filled with nothing but you
Lips moves along with yours, says nothing but only your name 
 Hands move for nothing, just to touch you, of course if they could
Legs leap ahead of virtually stopped time, for nothing, but to reach you
Feelings I get in my head, I want nothing, but you

Then, don’t know form where but I got nerve to talk to you
It started with hi…my name is ……
Just few words made me feel I already had got you
I remember me talking to you, you talking back to me 
I was there just looking at you, sorry that I was not listing to you
Who would? Listen...When you have the most beautiful sight in front of your eyes
Even when those gods send you here he should have done mistake 
I guess they were looking at you, without a single idea of you being sent here
Do you know what? I fell that they are in great remorse now as they have send you
Even now when I look at your picture and cry
That very god above shows that he has got more tears than me….ha-ha he cries to beat my 
And when I realize that you are not with me and I scream he screams too
But so greedy he is…I can’t do any thing to hide you from him…anything
And when I look at beauty in the sky at day he blocks it with blaze of sun…
And when I look at the beautiful moon, I heard he arranged some eclipse thing to hide her
Sorry but I’ve never looked at moon like I’ve looked at you
I’ve never loved the moon like I’ve loved you
That god can’t compete with me for loving you so he is jealous
 That is why; he never let me be with you
 And even when I’m trying to get to you he isn’t letting me
But that doesn’t discourage me to love you more…
I will still love you if that god makes me the only person in this world
I will never be alone, till I live, coz till the day I live
 You’ll always be in my heart my mind 
My eyes and the blood in my heart 
The air that I breathe and everything 

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Swan Song

Swan Song

Stealthy killers have crept
Their secret bullet
Reaching this empty nest
Swans too unaware of attack
Arms aimed riffles

Pleasure hunted

Only one reflection now
No other dark gaze looks back
No other gliding ripples
All reassurance has gone

The lake of desolation
Coaxed her half hearted rage
Bleeds from a crooked corpse
Pathetic winds stir dead feathers and reeds
To animation
No gentle neck arching
Wings now absent haunt the breeze
She is a pose of fear

The air to void to fly 
No other yellow bill or back glinting eye
None could vie with her chosen
White beauty now unmoving
Scarlet slash wickedly marring
Maiming her heart with sudden isolation

The ballet of the dieing
Cannot see the cruel eyes prying
Exulting in the deed
Do not hear her lament 
Joining in a pact a spur of black
Still mournfully beating

Madness flapping struggled with reflection
To lift his head from under
To breathe till breath would burst her lungs asunder
But lower still he seemed to fall

Days shot sound echoed constantly 
Unmoving nights which found her
Till dawn would bring its shadows
Illusions born by sorrows
Sends haunted dreams
In madness before her

Cast the moon in images of death defied before her

A phantom wrapped in eyes of night
And side by side they glide
Mourning on the silver tide

Three nights and no more can the moon contain
In her heart the spur of black
Lay barren ready for a violent ice caress
For paths to cross just once
She vowed in her willingness
To become in her will an ice sculpture of 

So harboured deep in proud beauty
A malice in hatreds empathy
Prayed for fate and chance to shake hands

And there on the shore
The assassin stands  

Gliding wistfully she
Using all her grace and beauty
To bind her quarry
In her natural mystery
Slipped over the stillness
Approaching with coyness
Mesmerizing light in water gleams
Her fatal white and an arrow beak
Fixed the man by her darkest dreams
Opening wings 
Sheds intent glare beguiling
Her neck an arrow javelin
Unleashed her fury broke true and deadly
With lethal intention

For her mate
She launched her self upon him

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God Allows---Our Time ---

Treasures of the heart
within... Midst of love..
Mystical... moon light
God's Blessings 
from above

As I gaze up 
in the heavens
Sparkling Stars 
shining.. so bright

Let's not waist 
another moment
come let's share 
our Treasures of life

Senses of Sweetness 
of Love.. in the air
memo the times
You.. were here

You made me laugh
even brought cheer
Sweetness of happiness
Whenever your near

Under the moon lit night
wondering where 
you could be
wondering will there be 
another moment
God will allow 
you to share with me

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The Middle of Nowhere

The clouds overhead linger and the wind blows through my hair,
I constantly wonder how can I be amazed in such a place that is in the middle of 

I love the smell of the newly cut grass and I love the sight of the sun rising,
Watching the sun rise in the morning can be hypnotizing.

The golden yellow in the sky shines down on my face,
Taking me to an exotic place filled with life in all it's grace.

I close my eyes and listen out but I don't hear a single sound,
The wind blowing against me makes me feel as if I am 100 feet off the ground.

Soaring through the air like an eagle or a plane, 
Looking down at all the animals and my horses with flowing manes.

I open my eyes to see that I am still a country girl,
A country girl living in a country girl's world.

The end of the day is drawing near and the sun is about to set,
But just because the sun sets doesn't mean the day is over yet.

So I go inside and look out my window and stare at the moon up in the sky, 
The stars shining around the moon sparkles in my eyes.

A light rain starts to fall and began to tap against my window,
I climbed into my bed and became comfortable with my quilt and pillow.

Oh' how I love this place, this wonderful place
The place where my life goes on,
The place in the middle of nowhere the place that I call home.

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Shadows can cross 
In a heart beat 
Mystic moon 
Deepening heat 

Colours of shadow night 
In your heart 
Mystic moon 
Mystic night 

I held it there 
In my heart 
On the tip of my tongue 
It was always there 
Mystic moon 

What I need 
I need from you 
Mystic moon 
Shadows too 

What are you going to do? 
What I need... 
Mystic moon 
Shadows  fall 
I want you too 

Mysterious night 
Mystic moonlight 
The fall of shadows 
Nobody knows 

In your heart 
Lies a mystic moon 
Your deep shadow light 
To fall... 
Across my night 

To caress 
Slowly across 
Hidden depths 
Fragrance to seep 
A tongue 
Piercing you deep 

In the heat of the night 
The heat of you 
Mystic moon 
Mystic night 
Coming too 

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A Summer's Love I & II

As Calm waters reflect the glistening evening stars...
The moon reflects the image of Mars...
The wind swifts through trees with a rhythmic song... 
Birds chirp as the squirrels play and get alone...
knowing a beautiful thing has started again this morning...
Heavenly smiles upon the sound of this voice...
Opened eyes listen to his every word of course...
Stared upon the beautiful image...
Is an image that loves it so dearly...
Lord above has sent this dove...
to sprinkle joy and so much love...
Angels up high play a beautiful melody...
That can be heard in daylight loud and clearly...
Memorable moments makes the day last long...
When the images leaves the light dims and 
awaits patiently for it to return...
Just for a moment the image is gone.
But still left behind is that great feeling of LOVE...
Remembrance of the sunny day, so warm and bright 
Has hid beneath the fall of night 
And the stars and the moon seem calm 
But the wind still blows hard
As the coldness chills 
So lonely, they seem 
And hopeless the trees unfold 
Into a stricken glance, the trees bend 
What is this shadow? 
That creeps through so surprisingly 
Is it the image that was gone?
The one that I have been waiting for, for so long.
Yes again the trees will glisten that beautiful tone
And the squirrels will play and get alone
Once again, a beautiful thing has started all over again

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Rose of Thorns

Bound by love, your prisoner, distraught and lonely, I wait for you. My present 
being, yearning for us, tortured, time stands still as our acquaintance subdue. At 
the beach, nigh to the dunes, was our Eden, where you, my flower bloomed.

You were the pain, my last chance-dire. From my whole, you remained at our 
wake, the caroling water of dreams. We're shoreline deep, and, in the sand, our 
bodies remain. This is our sanctuary, or so it seems, until we bleed away. 

 In our youth, the sun smiled upon us, two innocents among the sinful tide. Your 
smile, the true sunrise to my days, awoke me from a dream. Shy and timid, I 
waited for you under the setting sun everyday. Holding hands, we confided in one 
another, confessing our fears and pain. As the evenings gently caressed the 
days from their stature, the moon lit our nights and the stars caught our eyes as 
they fell towards each other. 

The moon Shone like a precious fire on our wounds endless ires.  And, to be 
frank, I could not speak. From my lips to your cheek, seconds that were 
moments, I was afraid.  Like a child visiting the ocean for the first time, my touch 
refrained. I steadily explored your currents pull. Its strength consumed my 
tireless whims.  Like a blade, smooth and clean, we sunk core-deep and fell into 
each other until only one remained. 

Precious memories, so long ago, fallen from Eden, I can’t let go. Into the sea, my 
eyes gaze at what was once a boundless beauty to I, but now as gray as a 
wounded soul, it beckons me towards a watery grave.

My head is a specter lost in a maze of lies looking for you.  It gazes at paths once 
walked in the light of innocence.  Now, subdued, I float, sometimes in rage.  
There's only one thing that remains true.  Your beauty makes me want to lose my 

Waves of memories break in a hypnotic pattern; times of frolic betray their first 
intentions, spiraling my heart downward. Words of infidelity stain the paper in my 
hands, telling me to wait for one last dream, a nightmare. So as I read, I wait, like 
I had done so many times before, for you, not a flower, but a rose of thorns. 

In a mirror, much like a pool, my fingers scratch the surface and sink through.  I 
can touch our times and look back on them, but I can't explain why I can't fall in 
love again, not with you.  You whispered my name and turned away.  Until the 
end, we were friends, until the end, over and over again. Like a flower, I've wilted, 
wilted in shame.  

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Hanging on Love

When the sun's burning arms outreach it's warming oriflammes, they cup the moon within its hands, the wild night it tames. The moon surrenders to the sun, for the mighty heat it feels. Yet, the sun asks not then for submission but offers then its zeal. It desires to share in, of the sky as two that shine as one, to come together hanging high the moon and lover sun.

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The Nihilist - Four: Don't Look Now

A bad moon on the rise,
Grinning like sour cheese,
Drips a rivulet of blood,
A groovy facial scar;
On the canal rancid surface,
Blacker than a witches’ bowel,
It smiles back at itself,
Death reflected from afar.

Don’t look now, for
Something wicked comes,
Trailing rotten funeral wreaths,
Along the catacomb way;
And the bad moon surveys
The handiwork of conscience,
Turns the plastic red and slick,
Predicting venous spray.

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My Love Of The Seas

Here I love you, the seas so calm. 
In the dark pines the wind disentangles itself. 
The moon glows like phosphorus on the still waters. 
Seasons, all of a different kind, go chasing each other. 
The snow unfurls on the shores like dancing figures. 
A silver gull soars down from the skies, 
sometimes like a sail open and graceful… 
Sailing high, high up to the skies. 
Oh the black cross of a ship. 
Alone, sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet. 
Far away the Sea sounds, and resounds. 
In the far distance, a port off the still waters. 
Here I love you, the horizon hides you in vain. 
Sometimes my kisses go on those heavy vessels, 
they cross the sea towards no arrival. 
I see myself forgotten like those old anchors. 
The piers sadden when the afternoon moores there. 
My life grows tired, hungry with no purpose. 
I love what I do not have. 
My loathing wrestles with the slow twilights, 
the night comes and the stars sing to me. 
The moon turns it's clockwork dreams. 
The biggest stars look at me with your eyes, 
as the pines in the wind want to sing your name, 
with their leaves of wire. 

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Bless the Night

The crescent moon begins to fade 
As the darkness becomes light 
I lay silent in despair 
Letting go of yet another night 
If only I could hold back time 
Control the powers that be 
I’d wrap you in my loving arms 
And keep you here with me 
Damn the sun, that takes you 
Leaving only misery 
Your voice, your touch, your love 
Reduced to a memory 
I hear your whispers in the wind 
And in the shadows see your face 
The cries for passion engulf me 
I blame the sun for this barren place 
Alas another day has ended 
Oh dearest moon I call to thee 
For it is you that knows my pain 
And you that brings him back to me 
I slip between my sheets of silk 
Hungry for love, in need of rest 
I drift into this pleasure zone 
Then with your presence I am blessed 
I pray the night to shun the dawn 
And hear my silent screams 
My love for you will remain untouched 
Forever in my dreams 

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Electric was your touch
230 volts of love flowed through me
My hesitation, wonder, fear,
Dare I draw her to me?
Kiss her?

Will she reject me?
She did not
Before I knew what was happening
Our passion was growing hot

Clothes virtually torn off each other
Speed was essential
Like a starving man in the desert
Finding an ice cream cone

I had to entwine our bodies
Merely flesh and bone

The moon rose
The moon set

The sun rose
And, but yet,
I would not let you go
Nor would I leave your side
This night must last forever
And this time I hope will bide

Pinnicle of Love
Top of the mountain of happiness
Don't go away from me
Truely, can't you see?
My life I'll dedicate to thee...

I awoke mid night
It was but a dream,
A remembrence of the past,
Of a night long ago,
One I wanted to everlast

Funny, how the mind
Can relive such times
Returning that sense of joy
Teasingly too short it lasts
Playing with our hearts
As if but a toy...

I carry those sweet hours
In my soul
They cleanse my time of pain
I 've had my time in the light
And though I know they'll never come again,
They help prepare me for the night
Which lies yet but ahead
For surely as one is born,
There comes a time when
One returns to the land
Of the dead.

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Last night I saw the glimmering stars, shining down on me.  Studying the velvet sky, so 
full of mystery.  Above the Earth like a glowing pearl, the silver moon hangs low.  It's 
shadowed face suggest to me, someone that I know.  I never paid much attention before, to 
the stars or moon above.  But, somehow now, they look so different---I suppose it's 
because, I'M IN LOVE!!!

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Will you stay here with me, girl?
Will you leave it all behind?
We can beat it all, I'm sure, girl.
I don't know what you think you'd find.

The world is cold, the world is harsh, girl.
Forget your past, it wasn't kind.
And if you stay here with me, girl.
I think you'd like what you might find.

The light I seek is just too bright now.
Who will help me when your gone?
The light has left me behind now.
Theres no light to greet this dawn.

Who will help me fight this pain now?
I still need you at my side.
Will you stay? I feel the pain now.
You might be the turning of the tide.

The moon is full, the moon is ours, girl.
Will the light be returning soon?
I fear the lights gone for good, girl.
I don't think he'll grant me my boon.

The pain is fierce, the pain is deep, girl.
It's torn this soul I got in two.
You should go, you should leave, girl.
Move from the old to the new.

Please don't stay here with me, girl.
Do not leave it all behind.
We won't win, we will lose, girl.
Head into the world, see what you'll find.

It pains me to see you go now.
But I'll do what I think is right.
Leave me please, you gotta go now.
Leave me now, don't lose sight.

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Real Love

If I needed to capture your heart,
To ensure we never part,
Now would never be too soon,
For counting on the moon...

I've had more cries then good sleep,
And my heart and soul to keep,
So pounding with emotion deep,
I seemed destined more to weep

If love could be captured in the stars,
I'd own Venus and Mars,
And comets would come at my will,
For eternity and up to the point until

I should tire of starlight at night,
And even the lovely moonlight,
My heart again tethered,
To yours and mine so entwined,
Love to last past when we last dined,

I'd take my roap,
And I do swear,
I'd lasso the moon,
For us to share,

Enough left to highlight your  hair
The moon would be ours to keep,
be us awake, or be us asleep,

Need be, I'd rope the moon again,
Climbing up to it once more,
This time to strain quite in vain,

I'd have shimmied up that rope,
Hoping you could cope,
By my slow way up to you
For my love to prove is true.

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Far away in the mountains of the moon 
This is where we shall meet 
A long time travelling.... 
We will meet soon 

Far away in the mountains of the moon 
You will know..... 
I will see you soon 

Far away in the mountains of the moon 
Where our love shall meet 
We have come so far..... 
Following our chosen star 
..........I will be there soon 

For this journey is long..... 
to the mountains of the moon 
Where we belong 
.........I will be there soon 

Far in time.... 
This journey set 
Before we first met 
This irresistible course.... 
This irresistible force 

Far,far away 
in the mountains of the moon 
This is where we will stay......... 
.........I will see you soon 

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Little Conversations

A running conversation stood catching it's breath
on the hill of decision, on the day of it's death
In an effort to stop the inevitable flow
of the moon in it's belly on a mission to grow
It stepped to the edge of the hill and transpired
with verbiage gone ancient and aching for fire
It stood up on tiptoes and opened it's mouth
to let the sun in, or to let the moon out
This running conversation was made up of air
and moods of the moment and bent silver hair
which reflected the sun in an effort to stir
all the things that it loved while he motioned to her
It took a look down to the Pool of Dissolve
and felt the earth shimmer within it's revolve
In an effort to keep conversation alive
it trampolined toes into a swan dive.

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the stillness within

In her eyes lies all the beauty in the world
Dancing in the moon light, liquid unfiltered
Breathe the last breath, lungs ache for freedom
On the banks of the river awaiting the dawn

Dancing in the moon light, liquid unfiltered
Facing the moon the warmth on her back
On the banks of the river awaiting the dawn
A likeness in the stillness of the water

Facing the moon the warmth on her back
Filling the coffin with her loved ones ashes
A likeness in the stillness of the water
Feeding upon the darkness inside her

Filling the coffin with her loved ones ashes
Breathe the last breath, lungs ache for freedom
Feeding upon the darkness inside her
In her eyes lies all the beauty in the world

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The Nihilist - Seven: Blood On The Moon

Embryos sing saddle-sore sonatas, beneath 
the despot eaves of chromium skies, reflecting 
black light down upon the harbours where 
ambition claws the air and slowly dies; and 
nighthawks scream a siren song of sadness, for 
all the lovers lost and ripped apart, their 
entrails steaming, scattered and decaying, cryogenic 
memories still the beating heart. 

Somewhere in a paean of pain and passion, eyes 
upturned in sockets sear the night, telescope 
and zoom into the heavens, ruptured 
vessels crack the milky white; for 
all the golden graces of the goddess, stealing 
and absorbing love and soul, hoarding 
with her sadist smiles of sorrow, reaps 
the diamond, reimburses coal. 

On the moon my blood drips sour and savage, fills 
the craters and the fossil seas, scars 
the surface dust like crazy paving, packs 
the vacuum deserts with disease; on 
the moon my blood is frozen solid, crystallising, 
still as tombstone script, cold, 
implacably cast as death's dominion, to 
love no more, enamelled bathtub crypt.

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Far away in the mountains of the moon 
This is where we shall meet 
A long time travelling.............. 
We will meet soon 

Far away in the mountains of the moon 
You will know................. 
I will see you soon 

Far away in the mountains of the moon 
Where our love shall meet 
We have come so far............. 
Following our chosen star 
..........I will be there soon 

For this journey is long............... 
to the mountains of the moon 
Where we belong 
.........I will be there soon 

Far in time.................. 
This journey set 
Before we first met 
This irresistable course.......... 
This irresistable force 

Far,far away 
in the mountains of the moon 
This is where we will stay......... 
.........I will see you soon 

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Hold On

 Hold On
 ....Hold On
As the Moon Shines on you
...Only You  
The moon shines bright
The stars overlooking above
On a clear night
We are seperated afar

Do you think of me
Does your heart beat for thee
Hold On...Hold on Tight
To the One you Love. 

Times of trial abound us
Temptations around
Hold On
Hold on Tight
You must believe what you have is true
Let's keep it simple
What we have will grow day by day
Week by Week Month by Month Year by Year
Hold On! 
Hold On! 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2005 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Your Light

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
The earth wants to keep you for her own
The light of the moon shines only over you
While the seas crest in your very direction

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
It feels pallid in your very presence
It cannot compete with the shine you emit
It is lacking and wanting your very essence

The light of the moon shines only over you
Casting a luminary spotlight on your being
It, too, wanes in comparison to your glow
It is from your light that everyone is seeing

While the seas crest in your very direction
The universe seems to revolve around you
Making you the center of everything good
Celebrating you, your light, the truth

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Looking at the Moon Tonight

Looking up the skies all my thoughts are only of you for me tonight. 
I look at the full moon high and see your face shining at me so bright. 
And then I think of all the great times that together have lived before now. 
My heart will never forget them but remember them always with a grand wow! 
I can never even begin to contemplate what my life would ever be without you. 
I know that God has blessed me so much when He gave the gift of you to me. 
Many times in my mind I just relive the wonderful day that you came in my life. 
I acknowledge that sometimes we have gone through a lot of woes and strife. 
But looking at the moon and the stars tonight makes me feel your love much more. 
Your love is like the most wonderful and gentle song I've heard soaring in the wind. 
And without your love and your presence I know  my life would lose a lot of its joy. 
There's so much that I'd like to tell you everyday and of all the nights tonight, so boy, 
Here tonight under all this moon and bright stars let me proclaim all my love to you. 
I'll always love you and forever stand by your side,whenever or wherever, I happen to be! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Eclipsing the Moon

The night turns purple as it sleeps in dead men's fingers
still in the gelatinous state we find abhorrent
rocking waves in an ongoing performance under wisdom's moon 
while you steal me shells and lace me seaweed necklaces
At this moment, I'd take every pearl drop from every oyster
and throw it to the edgy sea, every sleeping gold doubloon
in silt compressing decadence a laugh lost in history
left there in the dark of the dark.
Far away from the luminary whispers we ignite.
Just let me trace the moon shadows on your face once more.
Leave me with a ring of salt for commitment and hum under your breath
just loud enough to lift the waves a little higher
a little higher still...
and this purple night will sleep on,
grumbling of lost sea items and treasures,
erasing our footprints from it's memory
as we eclipse the moon with our kiss.

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Rippling phosphorescence i leave in my wake, 
ghostly trails i leave on the dark blue 

Moon light light reflects off my jib and stay 
silver strands gleaming 

My blue sail pulling me along softly, 
boat bobbing, gently at play 

Puff of wind,stays creak, 
bow dips,for phosphorescence it will seek 

Soft chuckle of the dark blue, 
moon lit sea bathes me too 

For i know not where to go, 
follow the moon 
until it sets low 

On the dark blue 
luminous moon 
phosphorescence glow 
wish you were here too 

Tang of sea, 
cool wind 
I am not of this boat, 
it is part of me 

Soft glowing mast light, 
strangely comforting, 
a pin prick on the dark blue 

Moon ,be my guide, 
i will follow you, 
on the dark blue 
with you by my side 
you can dream too 

Puff of wind is the essence, 
on moonlit sea, 
trailing phosphorescence 

Star lit night, 
on the dark blue, 
what could be more wonderful 
than being with you 

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Starlit Sky's And Beautiful Eyes

Laying awake on the grass,
next to the girl i love.
Awaken these feelings,
come open up my heart.
You are the special one,
you see what others don't.
Can you hold me tighter?
so i know you are there.
Can you see what i see,
your beautiful, its just you and me.
The moon is falling again,
when shall i see it once more.
Next time i am with you.
Don't let the moon die,
Dont let the stars cry.
Nothing could change this,
with Starlit skys and beautiful eyes.

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Lest Love be Lost

When you came to my window
the moon was away
the map was in your eyes
orange blossoms,
planets divide,
old mistakes contained,
our world within
of nutmeg,and chocolate,
persimmons and silver liquer
shaken out loud.
So hide your broken summer,
let the lover's moon alight
   Fly that mystic dream to me
I wait here on this foreign shore
nameless and alone
See the palm trees whispering
they confide the secret way to home
  Look not into the night owl's eyes
lest the season turn
  and all that's love be lost.

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Beneath The Moon

Beneath the moon I held her destiny, 
  Lapped her breath upon my tongue, 
Drank the sweet perfume of ecstasy, 
  Swooned and knew the time had come. 

Dreamed a dream of endless galaxies, 
  Drew her close into my chest, 
A universe of infinite realities 
  Fell to earth and laid to rest. 

Beneath the moon in bolts of pallor, 
  Saw her eyes reflect, eclipse, 
Held her tight in charnel valour, 
  Crushed my mouth on platinum lips. 

Beneath the moon the earth shook basking, 
  In a silver pool of light, 
She was mine for sake of asking, 
  Together we became the night. 

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Nobody has to know
whatever happened between us                         
that made us glow;
let this remain something of a secret,
this man knows where it lies...
hidden from others, not from us!
And you woman, keep it inside
as long as you's as deep as pride!

Erase my number from your cell phone,
not let him see it...
don't make him suspect
that I even exist in reality:
make it look like a shadow passing...
leaving no traces along;
when I take what's not mine...I feel so guilty,
but it won't stop me from taking!   

Let this remain something of a secret,
let's it confide it to a moon that's so scarlet;
a silent moon who hears the lovers' whispers...
and turns them into real, sweet whishes!

Let's die for a moment's bliss,
deny our reality and hysterically laugh;
this is not cheating on somebody
who didn't finish what he started off...  
we're free and need not to worry,
and if there's a price to pay:  we will! 

We're not kids who are kept from indulgence,
we are responsible for our own tendencies...
challenging those who oppose us with rage,
changing what others can barely change...
to let this remain something of a secret!

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Under The Raging Moon

How raged the moon with whitest luminescence,
Reflected in my starving eyes,
Dominance, nocturnal omnipresence,
Swelling in the black eternal skies.
And how it shone with pallid incandescence,
Turning tears to icy milk,
Freezing them with spectral iridescence
Upon my cheeks like balls of frosted silk.
Until I wept to point of obsolescence,
When the rivers all ran dry,
I knew you stood and felt the equal presence
Underneath the self-same moon as I…

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Lonesome Melodies

The soft enticing, always inviting and soothing melody
Drives my nerves to ease with such sweet and captivating delight
Conjuring pleasant and longing thoughts, my heart aching memories
Of that evening that the moon danced so eloquently
Softly the moon bathed you with such radiance and tenderness
Emotions with brilliant devotion, drives all motion as if to say
How can I so foolish as to know this my emotions drive me so away
Wondering aimlessly, hoping eternity come find me that one faithful day
Would that guiding light, calming and enchanting soft whisper 
Come from your sweet lips once again
Calling me to come so close, to be united once again 
Guiding me to my wonderful much needed rest tonight
By your side

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Love's Prelude

Sand the hour down to moments
Leave the dust beside the door
Call the taxi rush to honor
Shed emotions to the floor
Skin the listen with decision
Pull the wild trance to sing
Cancel all your past appointments
Leave behind the tears you bring
Kiss the air as if your last
Taste the rain and cut your hair
Show the world your passion laughing
Fleece the silver from your stare
Blow the solid moon a blanket
Find the locket that you lost
Melt your calling, moon is falling
Sell your pain at market cost
Strip the skin to bone endeavors
Lamp light all the stars above
For tonight you're breaking moments
For tonight you'll fall in love.

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Our Nature

The soft moonlight shines down upon the lake this evening
as we venture, hand in hand, and a blanket under my arm,
deeper into the woods.
Being serenaded by the sounds of the night owls and all creatures
we find just the right spot where the trees seem to circle like viewers
ready for a show.
That moon leaves just enough light for our eyes to see the splendor of each other
and witness the actions of our love, let alone be witnessed by the trees
and all inhabitants.
We lay the blanket down and lie atop, with our backs on the ground,
sharing a dream or two and admiring the beauty of the moon and stars
and of each other.
I reached to touch your face and gently caressed your cheek, 
noticing the highlights the moon cast upon your beautiful face,
much like an angel.
I can’t stop but think that here I am now, the luckiest man on earth,
as I look at you, you are beautiful and soft and so caring and warm,
my eternal other.
I wish to make this moment last forever, the passion not yet surfaced,
but is rising within the two of us as we contemplate the emotion, the need,
the undying love.
All is gone now, there are no trees, no moon, no lake, no animals,
no beauty at all, other than the beauty of you as I look into your eyes
and yours in mine.
The temperature rises and we find each, with hands as eyes, exploring,
and our hearts as our guide, through the night of passion and sheer joy
we express our love.

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You never know

You never know exactly what you have until it's gone. 
You never really know the value of something until you lose it. 
You need to cherish lifes every little moment. 
You'll never know what will happen tomorrow. 
You'll never know it the sun will keep shining, or if the moon will still glisten in the night . 
You'll never know if the person you love will be gone tomorrow. 
Since you will never know what tomorrow will bring, end every night with a good thought. 
Tell the sun that your thankful for the warmth and the light. 
Thank the moon for itz beauty in the nights sky. 
Then make sure you don't forget the most important one of all... 
Tell your family and friends that you love them. 
Just because you will never know what tomorrow will bring.

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Tomorrow and Forever

Time passes by, into tomorrow.
Cycles of the moon repeat each night.
The world spins on, into the future.
Awaken from darkness, into the light!

Cycles of the moon repeat each night
as I lay dreaming of days ahead.
Dreams of you and all our tomorrows,
swirling around, while sleeping in bed.

The world spins on, into the future
allowing the growth of the love we have found.
So, when we enter into our tomorrows,
we’ll know forever that love has no bounds.

Awaken from darkness, into the light!
Ready for new days and brighter suns?
Well then, walk with me my dearest,
we’ll be together ‘til Kingdom Comes.

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How you once filled my sky

Crossing the sky at night in full view
is a marvelous orb with yellowish hue.

The moon in its own, a beautiful thing,
still can’t compare to what’s making me sing.

I think back on life and of all that I’ve had.
Reasons to delight and to rarely be sad.

Still something is missing. I try to pretend,
that surely I’ll find it, least barring my end.

I always keep busy; I laugh, dance and play;
Own all that I need, the capitalist way.

Days feeling hollow are hidden from most.
Though wearing a smile, seems the life of a ghost.

At last I awaken and again feel alive.
Have a feeling of power; again I’ve got drive.

No more than a prospect, a one in five chance.
Odds be against me, still bet the whole ranch.

You entered my life, like the moon in the sky.
Climbing first slowly, then rising so high.

You seem within reach, it’s the fall of the year, 
the moon looks so big and deceptively near.

In awe of your beauty there’s the feeling I must
raise my arms to the heavens and upward they thrust.

I know it’s pretentious just thinking I can
touch a heavenly body, I’m only a man.

If meant to be held, the moon will be mine.
If not I’ll exalt till the end of all time;

how you once filled my sky with the warmth of your glow,
how I once dared to reach from my comfort below.

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The View

I wondered how it would be 
just for one second to be free 
away from this demanding scream 
but sadly all i could do was dream 

When I slept the place came to me 
and for that moment i was able to see 
how love was like for the rest of you 
my god, what a lovely view 

It was like seeing angels fly 
instead of hearing them when they die 
for once there was only beautiful silence 
away from this horrible place of endless violence 

my mother and father must have known this place 
they must have looked god straight in the face 
for me i never knew 
but i came close when i met you 

i learned what music was like through you 
i learned what peace was like and then I knew 
that in you i had found my escape 
from this world of soul-less rape 

i cried for once without any sorrow 
i thought there was hope for a new tomorrow 
but that window closed my eyes once more 
but i at least i knew what i had been fighting for 

i may not be fighting for me 
but at least for that moment i was allowed to see 
what the rest of you can have when i am gone 
like a wilted flower burned by an angry dawn 

that day can not come too soon 
i'm afraid i can't fight under this moon 
this heavy lifeless moon of doom 
so full and cold as my tomb 

but i can look past these bricked up wall 
because i know now why angels fall 
they fall for girls like you 
who showed them heaven's view

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Let's Make This True

Oh, to dance free as the moon bathes us in light
Basking in God’s eternal luminary glow
This is what I wish for, this evening, my darling
This is my dream, I want you to know

The night’s music calls out to us both, melodically
As hand in hand, we traverse the glen
The moon catches and highlights your natural beauty
As I fall in love all over again

Praying this evening to never end,
Woe, if ever to end!

The perfumes of flowers, such as lilacs and roses
Entice us; carry us, to where we belong
Wafted on breezes, as on clouds we are floating
As we dance to evenings sweetest of songs

Where, here in embrace, I hold you so tightly
With never intention of letting go
My darling, our heartbeats, regale us in unison
As gently we sway, lasting and slow

Basking in God’s eternal luminary glow
This is my dream, I want you to know

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For me my dear you are too precious

Just a few day and it seems like a year
Will I go mad I have a certain fear
Without the moon that gives me light when the sun goes down
To ask the moon never to come was I a clown?

Oh there she comes, as bright as she can be
Just in front of my eyes, always for me to see
I look at her silently, I wish I could talk
Few words together or a single walk

Look she’s smiling oh so beautiful the sight in front
I want to talk to you, but all I can do is grunt 
There she lies talking to the stars, looking so good
My heart says go talk to her you really should

But the bond there is, that keeps me away
Can’t make move at night, sun will be there in the day
Thousand of day it seems, I’m missing those times
You are precious pearl but me, just a few dimes

For your bright light always reflects me oh it does
My mind says you are a fool, with a silent nudge
All I ever did was so audacious
For me my dear you are too precious

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I want to live

Everyone wants to live, keep it in your mind,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I like to live in peace you’ve come to tease me,
I want to live in my life you like to squeeze me,
This air is for breathing a natural free only mine,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I help you as a person you come to me as an evil,
I care for goodness you put to wait me be a feeble,
Limited time we are together but waiting is not fine.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I tried to understand you it realised me a business,
We are facing our problems we need care for a kiss,
Love is a path of peace come to compromise and sign.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I am suffering for you that are suffering for me,
We are suffering altogether nobody seems me free,
My heart is kind and loving, this is a generation line.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

Everyone wants to live keep it in your mind,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine

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For me my dear you are too precious

Just a few day and it seems like a year
Will I go mad I have a certain fear
Without the moon that gives me light when the sun goes down
To ask the moon never to come was I a clown?

Oh there she comes, as bright as she can be
Just in front of my eyes, always for me to see
I look at her silently, I wish I could talk
Few words together or a single walk

Look she’s smiling oh so beautiful the sight in front
I want to talk to you, but all I can do is grunt 
There she lies talking to the stars, looking so good
My heart says go talk to her you really should

But the bond there is, that keeps me away
Can’t make move at night, sun will be there in the day
Thousand of day it seems, I’m missing those times
You are precious pearl but me, just a few dimes

For your bright light always reflects me oh it does
My mind says you are a fool, with a silent nudge
All I ever did was so audacious
For me my dear you are too precious