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Rain Haiku Poems | Haiku Poems About Rain

These Rain Haiku poems are examples of Haiku poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Rain Haiku poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Haiku - X 16 Kissing in the rain

                            Silver shiny, careful summer droplets
                    Caresses and cool their naked sunburned bodies
                                 He kissed away all the drops

                                     Tenderness in his kiss
                         The rainbow, sunshine, thunder and rain
                                   Covered her with his kiss

A-L  Andresen :)

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Kissing In the Rain

rain’s paean is played with lover’s tender kisses cold breeze sways with grace water on the ground symphony of crystal drops kisses warmth their heart moonlight smiles with glee dark clouds shower them with bliss thunder drums so sweet one heart and one soul unselfishly shield, no fear rain’s concluding hymn
May 26, 2013 7pm Note Bueno Haiku 1 is for pictures 1,2 & 3 Haiku 2 is for picture 6 Haiku 3 is for picture 5 Haiku 4 is for pictures 4 and 7 First Place Contest: Kissing In the Rain (Haiku) Judged: 5/27/13 Sponsor: My loving sis & greatest poet, PD/Linda

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In the rain

Beyond the distance
becomes the drops of mistle;
beloved existence.

her verse and songs fly
where flowers blossom splendid;
fiancée oaths reply.

Her lone figure stands -
she spreads her hands out to reach
the fields of far lands.

Conceived caress on hair
unending oceanic paths -
her eyes upwards stare.

On boat's seaward trail -
pure mistle she loved amidst
mizzen and main sail.

I kiss her smile in rain -
approaches in dusk conceived 
spelling our refrain.

© G. V. 05-26-2013

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: Kissing In The Rain
Placement: 1st
Pics 3, 6, 7

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As Rain patters and Birds sing

The pied piper plays                                                                                 
The  soft wind dance in the breeze                                                             
Leaves brush cheek to cheek

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Constant Dark Rain, Sturzregen, Aguacero

Pouring from leaden clouds
Flooding houses and gardens
A constant dark rain

Aus bleiernen Wolken
Flut in Häusern und Gärten
Endloser Sturzregen

De nubes plomizas
Inundando casas y jardines
Continuo aguacero 

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Pitch-Dark Rain: Apocalyptic

Pitch Dark Rain: Apocalyptic vanished polar ice oceans’ currents all askew. . . . skylines blaze scarlet comes a scathing wind scorching land left not immersed. . . . waters turn crimson moans escape parched tongues prayers ascend to ashen skies. . . . pitch-dark rain pounds down
For SKAT's Dark Rain Haiku Contest

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From Midnight Rain my Barren Mist

sodden vapors cling
drench my soul with thoughts of you
leaden in the night 

11:27 pm
© All Rights Reserved

For SKAT's contest

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raindrops on paper

soul fills up,
rain streaks down my cheeks

brightness blinds my world
darkness cloaks and chokes me up...
heaven's tears soothe me

angry skies flash teeth
wind wailing its frustrations--
drenching rain drowns soul

black and red rain
hateful words, scorching wrath boils 
daggers on paper

each word stings eyes, heart
pen takes a stab, then twists hard
raindrops on paper

** jan 15, 2011 for Skat's dark rain contest

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Mystic Rain

dark gray canopy 
swells with moist trailing essence
a drenching downpour

heaven weeps its gore
cries for oppressed multitude
paradise opens

mystic rain gushes
floods fill banks with mud and blood
silently God speaks 

Copyright © 2011  By Caryl S. Muzzey

First Place Winner ~ "Dark Rain (Haiku)” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: SKAT
Feb. 14, 2011

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A Dark Rain's, Gonna Fall

Ashen clouds in loom
As dreary as they appear
Dark rain graces earth

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'Resonance of rain'

resonance of rain an azure sky now darkened… unseen tears roll down
Contest: Dark Rain (haiku) 4th place

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Black Rain Haiku's

a cautious prelude-
building in great rhapsody......
the dark rain performs!

black as midnight drown
whipping clouds swell with intent......     
thunderous rain falls!

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Color enriching
Vibrant splashes everywhere
A new beginning.

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- Haiku X 34 - Rainy Days -

The rain splashing down 
murmur of the mountain streams 
Autumn will come now 

With overnight rain 
Grows higher every minute 
Dry feet wear high boots

Contest Name: Rainy Days 
Sponsor: Leonora Galinta

- Thanks for my 1st place in the contest, Leonora :)

A-L Andresen :)

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Rains Forecast

dark clouds overhead
with heavy rain unending…
the sea is claiming all

dark in the morning
foretells the rainstorm coming….
sojourner take care

spring rains bring flowers
dark rains of winter bring floods….
downed lines and blackouts

For  Dark Rain contest  won 3rd

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early spring rain

early spring rain

       pelts a cherry tree...

           dousing young blossoms

colored rainbow...

       sparks petals' hues

          with fragrant mist

Debbie Guzzi's Spring Contest
by nette onclaud ( revised)

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1st day of Autumn

                rain falls swiftly hard
                uplifting spirits inside
                 misty cold Fall breeze

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wet cheeks not spring rain….
distinction applied by God
man sheds tears when sad

*Haiku for “The natural thing to do contest.”

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Kissing In The Rain

Sparkle of kiss
Pitter-patter of raindrops
Therapy rebirth

Sparkle of rain
Seeking possession--a kiss
Sparkling clashes

Confiding through rain
And after the rainbows fade
Retired in your arms

Simple life we shared
I walked with you in the rain
All the blues drifted

Unbecoming rain
Heeded to lover’s advice
Moments of bliss to come

Bitty diamonds
Showered their naked bodies
Cuddled bright beauty

Gentle rain pouring
Never drifted us apart
Be still in the rain

Pictures: 1-7
Kissing in the Rain (2 Haiku) Contest of
Poet Destroyer A

22 May 2013

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Kissing In The Rain

                                             two loving souls kissing in the rain
                                                  sharing happiness forever
                                                   one heartbeat, one body

                                        Each sweet caress like bolts of lightning
                                                    Passion ignites together 
                                      Kissing in the rain will bind them eternally

                                                           May 27, 2013
                                     For PD's "Kissing in the Rain" Contest
                                                        6th Place Winner

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Rain and Ducks

Rain drops fall softy
each splashing drop forms circles
which join into puddles

Ducks splash with great glee
flapping wings causing droplets
that reflect rainbows

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Haiku 17

in the rain
a clown walks home -
rainbow tears

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           'cross rough noon sky
           rain and shine couple...
                fox's wedding.

note: When I was a kid my grandmother  never let me go out when rain and shine came together saying that , that was the time when foxes held their secret weddings.(a folk lore,which she believed in)....Years later I watched a similar concept   so well presented in  Akira Kurosawa themes..I miss my granny...Always did...

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Heaven Sent

Plants hungry from drought -
Open their leafy arms wide
Welcome nourishment

After two weeks of hot sun, we finally had nearly a foot of rain yesterday.  It was enough to bring some green back to the once-brown lawn.  Hallelujah!  We used to have showers nearly every afternoon in the spring and summer, but that hasn't been the case this year so the rain was truly welcome.

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Haiku 40

This poem has been deleted due to possible publication.