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Haiku Childhood Poems | Haiku Poems About Childhood

These Haiku Childhood poems are examples of Haiku poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Haiku Childhood poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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alphabet soup

a small boy's
head in alphabet soup --
catching a few zzz's

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The Kid and the Bald Eagle


                                     flying to the pines
                                     kite pursues a bald eagle...
                                     chests puffed up with pride


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A "Special" Harvest

Children so special
Labeled by society --
     Morons, retarded

Each has unique gifts
Wide-eyed, forever smiling
Offer them respect
They have disabilities
But treasures lie in their hearts

Don’t measure life’s worth
By capacity to learn --
     Gauge power to love

For the Harvest of Happiness contest

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cherry blossom

laughing children throw
handfuls of cherry blossom - -
an old couple kiss

for Susan’s Cherry Blossom contest

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Pings on my window
Old clock hung with red and green
Strikes twelve sleepless times

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stretching for the moon
on tip toe

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As he cast his line
through brown pipe smoke and fog,
Again, he sits and waits.

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Drop of water
In the river -
Sound of joy

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Orange you Glad to be---an Orange---

     Contract Delete

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Snooze School

The class was boring.
Some of the kids were snoring.
Well worth ignoring.

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The Homeless Child

Street lamps still lighted
night has retired and faded
a new day unfolds

heavens rolled darkness
tucked it away for the sun
to give light and shine

in the horizon
a golden beam of sunrise
appears out of mist

in the street corner
a small child still dazed from sleep
awakens and yawns

trembling, feeling cold
he hugs himself to feel warm
morning air brings chill

to his fragile frame
that looks sickly, frail and weak
under the street lamp

for this homeless child
the street corner becomes home
to rest for the night

in a little while
he will move and will scavenge
for his morning meal

from the garbage can
full of piled litters and trash
he gets his morsel

living in the street
has made him vulnerable
life is hard and tough

for a little child
abandoned, uncared, unloved
is there hope to life?

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hide and seek

summer evening
hide and seek
until mom calls

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sticky fingers

ice cream truck
mom washes
sticky fingers

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                                                 a girl runs around
                                                 an oscillating sprinkler — 
                                                 laughing rainbow

Contemporary...indeed! : )

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a green frog

a green frog
leaps to freedom –
a boy’s hands

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The horse

A black and white horse
My greatest childhood friend
Always by my side

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Black smoke covers all
children animals run
but they can't escape

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Fright Night

<                                       the ... be ~witch ~ing ~ hour
                                         ghost ~ and ~ gobblings ~ lurking .... for
                                         it's  ~  candies .......  bounty

                                        amidst ~ swollen ...... moon
                                        face ~ of ~ wicked ~ witch .....  smiling 
                                        bats ~ fly ~ in ....... frenzy

                                       great ~ jack - o - lantern
                                       menacing ~ halloween ~ glow
                                       on ~ darken ......... doorsteps

For Linda Marie's
Halloween Haiku
G.L. All

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Making wishes

grandmas garden
    wishing on

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shadows move

shadows move
on the bedroom wall
childhood nights

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Souvenirs from Playground

Message of the wind
Tucked in little girl's pocket
Ready for Life's Fall

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                                    a place very cool

                               that's my only school where I

                                  learnt divide and rule..!!

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false face ghastly garb

false face ghastly garb
bellows boos by porch light halo....
no fruit or mints please

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A Budding Super Star

Dressed in his PJs,
a hero in the making,
a five year old star.

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Embrace Your Youth

Many often say:
“Youth is wasted on the young.”
Nonsense! Kids have fun!

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Sentimental You

<                                      amidst flocked needles ...
                                        woven ornament strewn ...
                                               a star is ... born

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a park bench

a teddy bear 
lies on a bench in the park - -
a little boy cries

For Susan’s Bench contest

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All alone

 Tiny shoes sit alone
  waiting for the girls return.
   They are now too small.

*For Raul's Contest still life

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the young girl
turning side to side
toward the mirror

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School's Open

The school bus rolls in
Eager students dart for class
Summer's over now