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Grook Life Poems | Grook Poems About Life

These Grook Life poems are examples of Grook poems about Life. These are the best examples of Grook Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Fear Not

To Him
our deepest
are like
To question
is not to doubt.
It just means

NOTE: I was inspired by Paul Callus's and Eileen Manassian's comment, on my poem, The Stars Remain Silent.

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This wind is not alone because it stays on the height,
And waits for golden dawns that follow after night;
It crossed many tempests, islands and an ocean dark,
It met the fairies and hobbits and the joyous lark.

While flattening blond fields, it thought a paradox 
How Little Prince was taught on Friendship by a Fox:
While playing with the grass, and with the yellow maze,
While caressing the flowers’ feet, it heard a poet`s case…

This poet is like the hottest wind that lives on height:
Suddenly, his “light poetry” is seen as “poetry of light”.

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Looney Tune Mentality

The very moment it's offered
we accept it blindly, no questions asked.
Yet every time we give something away
there is almost always strings attached.

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The More You Learn Riddle

The more you learn Riddle:
the more you realize you know so little.

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No Wrong Turns

When contemplating decision,
There are no wrong turns,
Only unexpected journeys.

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Gotta Run Down to the Store -

DAMN it, you stupid old fart!
Why did you pull out THAT cart?
That cart with the wobbly front wheel
And it squeaks! (How embarrassed I feel)
Oops...beg your pardon sweet ma'am
Yes, I know who I think that I am...
(Crash) Oh good god mercy me

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Alas! Mankind 
Is preoccupied
With living
Not loving. 

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Squeaky Wheel

There was a wheel that squeaked Not a sound in the world like it My senses were surely peaked Drove me crazy, gave me a fit The air in the tires leaked No piece of it worked, not a bit The whole bike when moved creaked I could do nothing but come sit Sound of the wheel sure freaked So I got off my bike and quit
Entrant into Suzette Crous's "A GROOK FOR ALL OCCASIONS" contest 3/2/2013

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Dictate from One with out Power to Similar Ones who have Money and get Confused

Don't touch me!
For if you do you might feel.

Don't listen to me!
For if you do you might hear.

Don't look at me
in the eyes
for if you do you might
have the compulsion to question
what feels and sounds good.


radical stuff, yeah?

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Neither here nor there

How do you convince people                                                                                        they are wrong and so is the map                                                                                see the little pointed steeple                                                                                           and the red dot says, you are HERE                                                                                 I am not there I am here                                                                                        earliest maps were dots of stars                                                                                      dots are not stars but perhaps                                                                                        you think you’re on the map but                                                                                   what is clear is you are not here

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A name became famous and so did attention it brought to a race, 
A quotable slogan was formed speaking of political changes at haste.

From opposing sides as running mates they developed a relationship speaking of 
Sending our Nations currency to foreign lands,
Take a moment off the Hill, look in your back yard to see our empty hands. 

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

Shipping off our sisters and brothers to the battle fields,
Where fearlessly they fight and sadly some are killed,
They pray and wait to come home...come on now just sign a new Bill.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

Here is an idea! Give more of our taxpayer dollars to the trouble banks; they make no 
While thousands of Americans lose homes, cars, jobs, and watch their life savings sank.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

The parties, the parades, the chicken, lobster, and veal,
The Senate, The Congress, The White House, and the Capital on the Hill,
The time has come to strengthen a nation of humankind on our own playing field.
From the view of the common man, it is ‘We The People’ that should be kept in mind, 
Every time approval is given to spend another dime.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

@ Tunisia Torres

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Get your head out the sand man  										          lookup to the one who can                                                             						 like an eagle He will teach you to fly                                         								 never alone Bye and Bye

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Supermarket trolley for Grook Contest

No matter where I wander
Home is the other way.
Whoever pushes me
Always has a lot to say.
I am just a trolley, no brain, to resist
So why is it that I act as though !?!!
As I have been drinking.
Card around my handle says
Oil me please, for I have sinned.
Last trip out hit the litter bin.


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Proof of Life


My tears fall as rain --
Silver ponds of broken dreams;
Proof that I live.

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I'm A Chump

<                                        emphasis of labor day

                                        symbolic's end of summer

                                        picnics and parades display

                                     American workers get chummier

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There is a storm
Upon the tide
To keep good form
We have to ride.

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Human Being

being a human being 
means that we  
let things be…
no wonder this world
is like it is
so why not 
human doing?
human living?
human loving?

**July 14, 2010
haha ok, I'm putting this under grook 
too but I'm not exactly following the
rhyme thing...

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Wind Noise

The truck ride becomes longer
Each time we go on a trip
Something has happened to a strip
Wind wheezes through each minute stronger  

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The Greatest is Love

The three fold chord not easily broken.               Faith hope and charity will never fail.       							           
what do you weigh?

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How will you egg your way

Dear atheist your unbelief       				 		   
Is a vain belief    					                                   
All your imagination rent               				               
pulling your on leg yoking					          
Progenitor even an egg aware of it’s creator         			                 
Think this hurts you ego repent              			                               
There is a hell where eternity is spent                                                                                
*                                                                 a Grook on the word of God

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A Taste

Sometimes, I am afraid;
And would like to know
How life will taste
Before it is in my mouth.

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Life's Bites


Hiding will not protect us;
Neither will revealing.

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im tired of all this fake s@#t!
whatever happened to the realness?

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It was collected with deal
It backfired with glee
Refunding with pain
Casting away the gain
Sweats burrowed the furrows
To move,we borrowed the barrows
The barons gave the limit
The fire cackled in the pit
I am hot from pursue
I'm told I''ll be sued
Who will stand for me?
It is debt!
And I am incepted
And I am shamed
That's what debt does to all.

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Images caught on paper
Reflections of the past
Memories that would have turned to vapour
Reminds of life’s contrast

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Knowing What

Learning, a poor man’s dream,
Earning, a rich man’s scream,
They say, ignorance is bliss,
However, listen to this.
Knowledge is power.
As well, it may make you sour.

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Low Battery

My job's a bore, 
it pays some bills
and helps me buy 
my sleeping pills.
It pays for female
 hormones, too
and Prozac so 
I won't get blue.
It pays for pills 
I split in half
(the uppers I must
 make to last)
He only prescribed
me thirty-two  
when they are gone, 
what will I do?
Some more Excedrin
 with caffeine
to try and fuel 
this old machine.
They pay me just 
to sit and stare
at rhythms in 
the monitor's glare.
Most of the time, 
I'm doing nil.
I look forward to 
my sleeping pill.

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Somewhere in From Somewhere Else

Do you believe in rainbows?
Does the moon still rise 
over the oceans?
Does sunlight still light up the meadow?
           Time wears down all things
but if you listen to the muse
you can escape 
from the cycle of birth and death
Even if only for a brief moment
          the words pour out
          like someone sticking 
a finger in the
        Let's see if 
our efforts 
              can hold back 
the tide
           Before we are engulfed 
by the saters
we must learn
                 how to find 
          even in the 
darkest hour
               Let the chorus sing
                We'll still hold 
our banner aloft
and we'll let
          Tomorrow awaits
let's be prepared to welcome it