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Faith Dance Poems | Faith Poems About Dance

These Faith Dance poems are examples of Faith poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Faith Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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The Lovers Dance

It was their night they shone bright as they danced their sweet dance
Two lovers embraced in their world of romance.

They laughed and they cried as their eyes locked in stare
It was their world for this moment as if no one was there.

And their steps they so flawlessly glided in tune,
To a melody that touched everyone in that room.

Their passion brought envy to onlookers there,
Who secretly questioned their own love affair.

But as the night closed and came to an end
The lovers were blind to what lie round the bend.

The house and the cars and the jobs that went bad
The kids drove them crazy and their savings were drab.

So they fought to hold on to the things in their life,
That caused them so much of their pain and their strife.

They fought with each other like enemies do,
And dismissed in their life everything that was true.

So when sickness and hardships and troubles occurred,
Their vows to commit seemed truly absurd.

Their home and their kids would now take a backseat,
For their moral obligation they chose not to meet.

So I Ask …
What happened to that dance they danced so well?
With passion and truth everyone could tell.

What happened to their dance where they held so tight?
What happened to the wonder of their glorious night?

What happened to the words that charmed their ears?
With a passionate rhythm that brought them to tears.

What happened to those vows that poured from their heart?
The “I love you forever and till death do us part”.

For these aren’t just words we borrow for the day,
From another who tells us this is what we must say.

We say them cause it’s what we feel true in our heart,
It’s a God given blessing we commit from the start.

But these words are now lost as they fall on deaf ears,
Since the pain and the struggles they’ve created these years.

So the lesson here learned dear people of odd,
Is that love is so fragile but made strong with our God.

So stop fighting for power and money or need,
For all of this nonsense is only our greed.

Keep God in your life and he’ll walk you through,
When heartache and pain and losses ensue.

For why commit vows in the eyes of our God,
And not call on him when life gets too hard?

For the truth of our vows we are all meant to see,
is that marriage is not, made of two, but of three

If reading these words ring some truth in your heart,
Decide that today you will make a new start.

Go hug your spouse and say something kind
Don’t let the small stuff cloud up your mind.

We’re all just lost souls who are trying to cope
If  not there for each other then where is the hope?

You see, the anger, the fight
that in us abide, Is only the insecure child inside.

So rise up above all this fear and this pain,
And see all the beauty that there is to gain.

By trusting in God and his will for you
Together forever he’ll see you both through.

For life is too short for our miserly ways
cheap on our love hence dreading our days.

He made us to love in all that we do
To wake up each morning and start us a new.

So pray for your spouse, ask God to be kind
To the person you prayed in the beginning to find.

They’re still the same person you loved from the start
But life and it’s troubles have hardened their heart.

You vowed that you’d love them in sickness and health
Now is your chance to show God what you felt.

So rise up my friend, don’t say that you’re through
For what if your loving God gave up on you?

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The Victory Dance

To play as if today
Is your only chance.
Some say, “It’s just a game.”
Have they done the Victory Dance?

When hard-earned Victory
Was finally at hand,
Have they felt the glory
Raining down from the stands?

To do or not to do….
No one wants to hear, “We tried.”
Effort and dedication will be rewarded… 
And ‘Sooner Magic’ is on your side. 

Yes, to fall short is still an option;
But much better to succeed.
Heroes are made and remembered
Only by their deeds.

So, just go out and win.
Give your all to each and every chance.
Persevere and achieve…

And do the Victory Dance.

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Magical Things

I think I’ll live forever
I think I’ll refuse to die
Plant my body in the ground
My spirit’s going to fly

Please come fly away with me
Once this journey is complete
Universe can be our home
Our own magical retreat

Two celestial bodies
Darling lets take to the sky 
Forget the why, when or how
This dream is for you and I

Gliding upon golden wings
We can dance from star to star
I would travel anyplace 
So I could be where you are

Angel’s dance like fireflies
Through trails of glittering dust
In heaven magical things
Exist for people like us

It seems we have come so far
Seems the limit is the sky
When I think of who you are
Tears of joy I need to cry

Everything is what you are
You are everything to me
Long as eternity last
My soul shall be one with thee

So let’s live on forever
We will each refuse to die
Plant our bodies in the ground
As our spirits take to the sky

Details | Narrative | |

A Land Bearing Green White Green

Which way leads to the 
land of green white 
Which way are we 
   A country the wicked 
bears the rulership, and 
the people sighing 
   A terrible thing sprouts 
beneath the sun: a 
pregnant woman 
delivering not.
Imps come to lime-light 
by snuffing air from the 
goose that laid the 
golden eggs.
The blind guiding the un
The weak suppressing 
the strong-a terrible 
Like the overthrow of the 
gods at Mt. Olympus by 
the Titans.
A country where also 
thieves appear as men of 
Land of green white 
green,which way?
A land where the 
enlightened ones are 
overshadowed and 
peanuts given to them.
The masses are dogs that 
eat the crumbs.
 Which way to go you 
Iliterates stand on 
podium of power 
bellowing orders as milk 
of sorrow known as 
dividends of democracy 
is passed around.
The machine of progress 
manned by the 
"There is better 
tomorrow" we hear.
Land of green white 
green,my country 
where rule of law walk 
beside anarchy.
The proles are sentenced 
to adversity,and there 
endured death-like trials.
Chai! Aru! People 
dancing on thorns 
whimpering as they 
  I see a new sun rising 
from the horizon,hope is 
rekindled as its rays 
grace on hopeless bodies.
 Look!! there soon be 


Details | Sestina | |

HE Brings JOY to the World

“Joy to the World : The LORD has Come”
I dance upon the clouds, racing to Glory
I look upon my life and smile ; Thank-YOU
Dear GOD , with utmost Joy I receive YOUR Grace
The Beauty of YOUR Creation, grasps the Heart
I can see Eternity; Everlasting, Forever and Always

“Joy to the World : The LORD has Come”
I climb the Stars to Heaven., my Savior : YOU
Jesus my Lord, Everlasting, FOREVER and Always
I Waltz upon YOUR forgiving Rainbow of Glory
Knowing Each Prayer Request, from a True Heart :
Joyously, HE answers ; with the Joy of HIS Grace

Do YOU see the Joy in the Smile of a Broken Heart?
Is the Everlasting Ballroom dance, a Dance to Glory :
To entwine in the Joyful, fulfillment of HIS Grace
I can see Eternity; Everlasting, Forever and Always
I look upon my life and smile ; Thank-YOU
“Joy to the World  : the LORD has Come”

Do You see the Joy , YOU  will receive in Glory?
When YOU  Entwine , in His Everlasting Love : Always
Knowing, that the path of Life, is the Joy of his Supreme Grace
Knowing He is the Joyful beat of a forlorn and lonely Heart
His LOVE and Salvation, the Love of  “Jesus”  :He offers YOU
“Joy to the World : the LORD has Come”

I  Pirouette : Toe to Heel , a joyful  path ; I dance to be with YOU
Knowing the Joy, of the Saviors’ Blood, knowing His Eternal Grace
How Joyously, I come to Thee  ; YOUR Liege , FOREVER : ALWAYS
Will this Dark Soul, this Blacken Heart , Forever know YOUR Glory?
“Joy to the World : the LORD has Come”
Almighty God has given me the LOVE and Joy of a Heavenly Heart

I can see , Eternity : EVERLASTING, FOREVER, and ALWAYS
“Joy to the World : The LORD has Come “
In the clouds, the Rainbows, the Stars to Heaven : all Life; HIS Glory
How Blessed, am I to know GOD’S Joyfulness of Infinite GRACE
I look upon my Life and Smile : Thank-YOU
The Joy of LIFE , in Sunshine ; in Shadows, Dances in my Heart

YOUR GRACE ; FOREVER and ALWAYS, Entwines my Soul
My HEART : FOREVER and Always beats as one with YOU
I Come Joyously to frolic In an ETERNITY of GLORY with YOU

Inspired By the Contest "JoY to the World" Sponsored By LIGHT and LOVE :
                                       " Deborah Guzzi "

Dedicated to my " GOD " and his Only Begotten Son : My Savior : Jesus



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The Vent

im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

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You've got to love your life

You’ve got to love your life.

I’m drifting through my life
As I climb those rocky trails
The only place I want to be is now
The Spring comes, me just sitting here
As the grass grows by itself
I never did want too much, anyhow.

Can’t worry about your burdens
One has to travel on
The past can’t do no damage, it be gone
And the future, well there’s no one knows
No matter what they do
You cannot stop those hands from moving on.

You’ve got to love your life
That’s the only way to go
There ain’t no going back to what’s been done
Cause life was made for loving
The song you sing is yours
You’re a one off soul, you be the only one.

You have to live your story
No matter where it goes
No matter what the hard knocks you might gain
The road might lead to nowhere
Yet dance it anyhow
When life stand still, then it be lived in vain.

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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Betch Please, Really

I simply love being me for I am so good at everything step into my city and they will tell you who is King one day when I am hungry I will swallow everything then and only then shall I inherit the stuff I dream even then I promise not to settle for satisfaction at any instant half a second I could spring into full action so go against me? please, you do not even measure up to half of the goodness that I hold tight like my treasure still spreading rumors about me to try and destroy my life can't believe I let myself get beat by a stripper and my self-intended knife try and say I'm gay even though we both know that isn't the truth just ask any woman I been with if they ever needed proof they'll say I was the cream of the crop as they took it all night knowing I just may never stop I own the status of a legend now what you got left to say when I bring it twenty-four seven?

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Egungun Festival Togo, Africa

Long have me feet walked..bare upon de earth of mother Afreeca.
Days, passing in a flow’r chain round de brow of de morn.
De sacred drum calls wid de heart beattin of de Hougan’s soul
Afreeca’s soul ...

Long, long, de walkin from village mounta’n citie 
to the hounfour ... de temple of de people. 
We walk joy’us, and penit’nt and pleadin‘.

Mama carries de food gift fer Ogou Balanjo on her head,
corn meal she ‘as ground fine. "Ah, de poor sick child"
De glass beads aroun‘ Mama’s neck shine
like her tears in de sun an de sweat on her skin. 
We ‘ear de rattlin‘ and de drummin.
Dust of de many feet rises.

'undreds and thousands of worshipers pack de square
in front of de temple and dance red, gold, orange swirl 
honorin‘ our parents and der parents.

Long, long, we dance, we dance, and de Loa arrive ...
Mama falls possessed by Ogou Balanjo ... 
De white robes of de pure at heart, and does wid de white faces
dance de prayers, de priests returns from de sacred grove
white rock, egg white of wealth and happiness

de year will be good ... de sick child will heal ...

Long, long, the world has spun in a daisy chain
Around de sun............


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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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The voice of addiction

''Welcome to Hell," the sign should've read,
Reaching your destination-its all in your head!
Thank you, for your invention.
I'l. Never  leave your side.
We'll become very acquainted.
My child, there's no where to hide
"Last call for the train heading to Nowhere Fast,"
The memories you create will forever last.
I bet you feel silly
Falling right into my lap.
I'm a master at temptation
You'll cant escape my trap.
Don't pray to god he left your side
Just take my hand and let us collide.
I will teach you how to play the game.
How does it feel to dance with the Devil?
Did you realize yet that we are the same?
Are you honestly going to try and beat me?
A useless battle if you want to know.
Go ahead and give it a shot
 I'm in the mood for a good show.
I'll always be your dirty little secret.
I won't disappear over time.
I guess, you think your special.
But I won't leave without a fight 
Ill do my best to bring you back,
I'll keep you up at night.
When ever you will want me 
You know I'm always near
I will remain your nightmare,
I'm still your biggest fear.
A vicious cycle, that’s what I am
I tend to only speak the truth
I'm Satin's weapon of destruction.
The silent killer of your youth.

"the voice of victory"
One year sober, the world seemed dim and black. 
But I made a promise and I'm not going back.
I whipped my eyes, there is no reason to cry.
The time has come to say goodbye.
You brought me joy, but mostly strife.
Then you started to take over my life.
It felt so natural I didn't think twice.
But your a king at manipulation and you played it nice.
It's been 2 years I guess that you lied.
You said there is no way out, but I called your bluff.
I reslize now that enough was enough.
The path I have chosen led me the wrong way. 
No one thought I will service, but here I stand today.
The memories of your sweet rush are no longer a threat.
I have done many things in life but you were the biggest regret.
I know temptation oh so well.
I know your everywhere, waiting to lead me to hell.
Save your self the trouble and don't even Try.
I locked the gates to hell when I said goodbye.
But I hear this voice inside my head.
I know I burried you yet you are not dead.
The fantasy world you provided was nothing but a lie.
Your a constant reminder that life can change in a blink of an eye.
I have been clean for too long to go back to my old ways.
I like the new me and this is how it must stay.
Life may get hard and I might get off track. 
But don't count on me, I am not coming back.
I am happy with my life,been though its not the same.
Drugs took so much from me but I beat the devil at his game.
This is a voices that reside in my head.
So I desided to share them with the world instead.
Life may get hard and things will fall apart.
But remember tomorrow is always a new start.
There is many ways to deal and cope.
And believe me neither one of them is connected to dope.
Don't take the easy way out, it will will destroy who you are.
Don't chose drugs as your escape, they won't get you to far.
I share because I know 
that once your in, you can't let go.
They are every where and the each have a name.
I was lucky enough to defeat this game.
But not all off us are strong enough. 
Not all of us can call the bluff.
Never dance with the devil, is the advice I will give.
Because god has a plan for everyone, so you must always believe.
When things hit rock bottom and life fills with fear.
Remember that god didn't bring you this far to just leave u here.

By: Elena Frank 

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Old Time Appalachians

Old time Appalachians deep within the hollows.
Self-sufficient, hard working, fine mountain folks
With farming, barn raising, and crafting skills,
Logging, mining and music to pleasure the ear.

Devoted to family, kin gathering they do.
Faith in the wisdom of their elders is seen.
Church going and revivals, strengthening their beliefs,
Appalachians are dignified, spirited mountain folks.

Gathering of families, generations of kin.
Folk music, old songs blended with time.
Mountain twanged voices singing out songs-
Flatfoot or clog dancing, kicking up heels,
Fiddle picking, foot stomping, hand slapping thighs,
Ballads of life's struggles, celebrations and griefs,
Brought over by immigrants generations ago.
Brings a sense of home for the young and the old.

A dedication to a friend of mine.

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Dancing With Jesus

Mortar binds cobblestones under our feet;
The scent of oversized orchids fill the air;
See my golden strands braided back; 
His strong hands join mine in perfect precision; 
We glide effortlessly in a Scandinavian waltz;
Suns and moons set yet we never take notice.

Details | I do not know? | |

Footprints in the Sand--on Eternity Shores

As I know
Each day
As I express
My Words...
From within my heart
tis be..........

I shall dance 
the dance for Jesus
I shall sing my songs to him
For tis in His Eyes...
I... My words.. My heart...
Are worth everything to Him........

For tis I know...
Someday I go...
I shall be with my Lord
For tis in this Life
I walk alone
Along the shore...

Tho... I never been 
where I could 
put my feet in the sand
But tis I dream.. 
and dream again... 
                    and again

But tis I know...
Some day when I go..
I shall then...
Walk hand and hand
leaving my footprints in the sand..
                 Upon the Shore...
                          Of Eternity...
                                       With my Lord...

Thank you Jesus
For Loving me
for finding I...
Worthy enough
and allowing me...
For have this moment in time
for my heart tis speak
here on line...

Come to Jesus
For You too... 
Are worth Everything to Him
And to me....................

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What is next

I have been looking for my dream car, 1971 Chevelle. Carrying out dreams and goals are not bad things at all. There is a positive on this. I have a very vivid mind and it goes to work from time to time. Thats a feeling. It is hard for Ek to remember things. How i Feel. Song. Everyone thinks people are there to help them but everyone is out for themselves not trying to help each other out. It is all a dream she would have done this and she would have done that but she did not reply. Where did the girls go was the questions asked by all the guys and then discussed by the girls as they drive off. You were drunk, rambling, and you ran them away. Pure 3-2718space240Dash Bravo. What is this you ask? You can put pure in front of anything and sell It.

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Carnelian robes permeate dreamtime landscapes
of parchment and prayer flag.
Smiling faces walk swiftly
through corridors of ancient walls
carved from living mountains,
spinning cylindrical wheels in their wake.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Eagle feathers jounce
as soft moccasins dance heartbeat
on the prairie hair of Mother Earth.
Sacred sisters hold position in jingle dress rhythms
offering prayer pipes to their men,
who burn sweet grass as they fancy dance past.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Hula dancers waft sea breeze
in the heat waves of Pele’s fire.
Warrior lines pace boundary between the worlds,
as molten lands part the waters
and oasis the humble in a paradise
where lei lines encircle life.

Patience of a thousand thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Condor circles as mountains spirits speak
telling stories of forever and ever.
Ancient peoples gather in raindrop mists
to nourish the living land
and feed the collective soul
the medicine of dreams.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

“Imagine all the people” sound waves and ipods
park bench hosts to afternoon drummers,
as momentum gathers
inner city gardeners and beekeepers
buzzing to the cyber shifts
of “sharing all the world”.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years
we wait for peace.

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What is poetry

Poetry is music
Just words spoken and not sang
Picture the melody
Imagine the beat
You can even dance off rhythm
but be confident when you speak
Words reveal rhythmically your perception of creativity

Poetry is a place where words dance
to thoughts about the day
And the paper is where they rest
until the slam at the cafe
Then like a lion it comes in
and overpowers the beat
Placing periods in places where they shouldn't be
Betraying verbs and. cheating on metaphors with euphamisms and irony

Poetry is emotion and dance and freedom
It's a happy place for the mind and
also a spirtual medium
Poetry is art.
It's what you want it to be
So just write write write
about just about anything.

It doesn't have to rhyme....all the time
If you don't want it to
As long as it comes from the heart
No one can correct you. So Write.

January 8, 2013

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If You Believe

If You Believe

If you believe emotions are not just a women?s thing
If you believe a relationship is based on trust, truth and openness
If you believe intimacy is part of a sacred union 
If you believe a friendship is more than just communication

Let love guide you here
Let my eyes touch your soul
Let me be the one
Let us learn together
Let us dance in the sun

If you believe a kiss is the ingredient for passion 
If you believe holding hands is the beginning of a spiritual bond
If you believe in supporting the one you love is through a simple act of kindness
If you believe that compassion is not just through words but action

Let love guide you here
Let my eyes touch your soul
Let me be the one
Let us learn together
Let us dance in the sun

If you believe embracing your inner child helps to grow emotionally
If you believe jumping in a puddle while it?s pouring out is ok
If you believe in poetry of the heart is the intimacy of the soul
If you believe that your heart beat is the pulse to life everyday

Let love guide you here
Let my eyes touch your soul
Let me be the one
Let us learn together
Let us dance in the sun

If you believe that through your eyes you can see your lover?s soul
If you believe that intimacy is not just a sexual thing
If you believe through the act of compassion we can heal a wounded heart
If you believe in forgiveness and are not afraid to cry

Let love guide you here
Let my eyes touch your soul
Let me be the one
Let us learn together
Let us dance in the sun

If you believe in everyday blessings
If you believe in the diversity of creativity
If you believe that gods love is the universal language
If you believe in the strength a family provides and its ties

Let love guide you here
Let my eyes touch your soul
Let me be the one
Let us learn together
Let us dance in the sun

Details | I do not know? | |

My Precious Heart--You know who You Are

My hearts Treasure
As you know who you are...
Tis a write just for you...
I want you to know...
Ow.. I shall miss you

For tis your ever so Sweet.. and True..
as I know you tis always and forever shall be..
Beautiful as ever..

I want to say...
Thank you, 
for everything your heart has ever said unto me
Such Sweet Loving words... given.. in moments of time

Yes.. Dearest one
You do have a way.. about yourself.. 
that is forsure.. 
Treasureous to hold.. in deed...
Everytime I think of you.. 
or I hear certain songs.. 
My heart skips a beat for you.. 

You are what say.. a heart throb.. 
This is Ever so True.. 
For you know
whosoever comes into contact with you...
Tis be sure.. that they too...
Not ever walk completely away.. 
for within
Love Heart beats
Drum plays.. 
Brings you ever so near.. Smile.. 
Forever always through-out years....
I want you to know
Truly.. you do have a place in my heart
For you are a Blessing.. 
Ow.. how if could be..
but Before tis...

I say.. my last..
I want you to know...
You are Amazing.. in many ways
It was Truly fun.. you made me laugh
you made me cry.. 
you made me have feelings (deep withinside)
that at times yes.. sorry.. Smile
I could not hide... such expressions
I am not angry.. I pray your not..
But tis You & Me 
were meant to be.. it would have been
God has His Divine reasons 
for our hearts to have met
My Darling Precious Friend.. 

As I leave.. here from soup
what I shall take with me.. is part of you..
Treasures you have given.. unto me..
Love Sweetness as Honey.. 
as from a Honeycomb...

Thank you for being there.. 
I wish you were here.. 
for I... I am still alone...
But Smile... I have Jesus
He is with me.. as he is with you
Never let go... Always Smile..
For whatever you may look like.. 
Wherever you are... 
You shine like diamonds.. by far..

tis to bad in life... we never got to really meet
face to face.. you know
for tis would have been ever so sweet
Dance that dance.. Sweet True Romance.. :)
For I would have Loved.. for you.. to hold me close
and Never let me go.............................

Love you... always
Love me..............................

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finding your rhythm

everyone has some rhythm even if it's only the beat of their heart
everyone has some rhythm given to them by the Lord our God
the flow of life, the synchronicity of how everything works as one
the stream of continuity is how God wants it to all run
yet when things get out of sequence when life's rhythm is off-line
that's when the devil has thrown a wrench into the midst of your mind

the enemy has a counter-rhythm that causes chaos to come in
but you can't allow it to intercede and lead you into a dance with sin
in Psalm 150 it says to always praise God with a rhythm of music and dance
to sing a song, to beat a drum or bang a cymbal at every chance
but don't get it twisted as all rhythm in life was created by our Lord God
and don't let false prophets tell you that it was the devil who got it started
the music of life, the rhythm of living, the simple beat of the heart
is the universal rhythm created by the one and only God
the harmony of the sun and moon, the rise and fall of the tide 
and the orbiting of the planets in space
all of it has a rhythm that God our Creator put into place

so praise God with a rhythm as if it's the one thing you need to do
praise God with a rhythm in a beat that's unique to you
and be it a talent, a gift or an anointing whatever has been placed on your heart
just use it to give praise and glory as you worship the Lord our God

so make a joyful noise, stomp your feet, play a tune or just clap your hands
dance in praise to the rhythm that's in you in the place where you now stand
and even if you can't play an instrument, sing a song or dance to a tune
let everything that has breath give God the praise that He is due
praise Him, praise Him, praise Him praise God night and day
by finding the rhythm that is in you as you praise Him in any way

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Dance of Eternity

Dancing with angels beyond Heaven's gate twirling orbs of light, candescent in flight joyous melodies, the Lord's songs elate souls lift in praise, mine reaching new height luminated in love, farewell to night Eternal life, dance of celebration God's promise fulfilled, pure jubilation Suffering ceased in His endless embrace A glorious day, love's incarnation A dance with my Savior, floating in grace By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 9, 2012 for Let's Dance contest, sponsor Nette Onclaud

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Hands Awake

Hands awaken! Speak out! Answer to sacred shouts,
subterranean whispering, to stars above rooftops—
thread sunlit branches with the chattering of a thousand leaves.

If fluxes and urgencies of confusion or death
should drawn you into your self-box, I say,
remember when one constructed self-prison fell away.
However you helped this forward,
do more of the same.

Be rain-hands, weeping, steeped in earth fragrance.
Be fingers in blossom, faces turning upward,
loves innumerable, rough-cut bedazzled—
unafraid to be splayed open.

Be pocketed hands, released to the welcoming wind—
multiplying there in mid-air,
riding the four directions.

Be hands of smoke and fire, descending and ascending like ragged bird-song—
effulgent, double-charged with surprise
and now even with mock surprises.

Start at the beginning, where you are.
Don’t be satiate with loll-lolling
recede wave’s tide, retreat back and back
into yourselves, until grown utterly intellectual and lumpish!

Now, you Human Being—you come awake also!
Sweep the furnishings from table. Upend the table lawlessly.
Bring the muscular, fleshy, feminine against the masculine and muscular.
Bring the masculine to the feminine. Bring friend to enemy,
estranged neighbor to the confidant. In a dance of pressing hands,
let subtle conversation play.

Ring all the tiny bells.
Stir the King and Queen of Remembrance.

In over-arching restraint, holding back one iota, so pure notes sound—
bring sunburst, sphere and harmony.
Make your entire body a listening board
forming therein—tender shape around which love
seed unfolds infinite spaces and then…

Spring awake! All to better dreaming
where hope and faith are undashed, not this dying.

O, hear me now! Hands, every which one of you,
with every human—never again sleep,
never abandon!

Details | Prose | |

A Dance with the King

~A Dance with the King~

Have you ever danced with a King? Every girl should sign up. Oh it is the most extraordinary dance you will ever have in your life time. First he will take your hand and ask, “Shall I have this dance, my dearest fair maiden?” Then you bow and curtsy with the most humble grin. Then he smiles in return and the entire universe is lit up! Oh, it is a once in a life time moment.

 Have you ever waltzed on the edge of the Milky Way? Have you ever tangoed on Mars? Once we danced all night until the stars turned off their lights and then the sun woke us up. As soon as the lights reappeared we continued where we left off. It was the dance of a lifetime.

Have you ever held hands with the King of the Universe? His hands are enormous and have all the healing power the world could ever need. There are scars there too you know. Scars from the burden of his love for us. Scars that penetrate deep within his soul. 

Have you ever really waited for a miracle? Have you ever sat and prayed until you were blue in the face? Have you prayed until something miraculous happened and then shouted and gave the King praise? Oh, you should also do that one day too.

Our King can be anything you want him to be. He can be your dance partner if you don’t have one. He can be your Father if you are an orphan. He can be a husband if you are a widow. Whatever it is you need him to be he will fill that void for you. How do I know that my poem is true? Because He is every one of these things to me.

Gwendolen Rix

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Soul in Travail

Soul in Anguish, 
Soul in torment,
Soul in delirium, 
Soul in pain,
Soul in ecstasy, 
Soul in anxiety, 
Soul in frustration, 
Soul in disdain.

Soul in passion,
Soul in laughter,
Soul in death and 
Soul in life.
Soul in penitence,
Soul in reflection, 
Soul in love and
Soul in strife.

Oh my soul you
Keep me dancing.
I can never 
Dance alone.
I search for my 
Soul’s companion.
Who will offer?
Is there one?

Here are now my 
Suitors willing.
There is Envy,
Look at Hate,
Bitterness and 
Pity looking 
For a date.

What of Vengeance
Dressed up fine,
Pride and Guilt with
Sad Depression,
What a line!

I have danced with
Every suitor.
And I’ve wondered
Who is mine.
I don’t want to 
Lock into a
Partnership that
Doesn’t shine.

All of these have
Looked attractive.
Yet they weaken 
On the spins!
Where is one that
Lasts for ever?
I will only
Look at him.

I need one who
Will not fail me,
Leave me when the
Going’s tough,
One who’s strong and
Knows the dance steps.
Treading on my 
Toes is rough!

Something deep
Within me tells me
Suitors there are
More than enough,
I must search the 
Highest mountain
For the one whose
Name is Truth.

Mr.Truth will 
Undergird my 
Weakness, lift 
My spirits high.
Warm my coldness,
Light my darkness,
Hold my trust as 
He draws nigh.

He will lead me
Without falter
To a banquet 
Richly spread.
I will follow
Every dance step
Waiting for the
Day we wed.

Then for ever
All those suitors
And their lies will
There will only 
Be the glory
Of beloved 
Jesus here.

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Devils Dancing at My Door

I feel it again, I know why but I can't stop it
Rage running through veins so cold
Fueling a furnace, old as time
RULER do you dance outside my door?

Repentance my sweet compensation for this tragedy
How you loathe me now, pitch black succubi
Cry like the one you can no longer touch
I am not yours eternally, I quenched these fires a' fuming
ILLUSION do you dance outside my door?

It's over, OVER DAMN YOU, damn you to pity me
You weak and insignificant wizard of the disenchanted with
Wiles you willfully employ to discreetly treat me and,wait a tic,
WIZARD are you dancing outside my door?

Demon I command you release me from your molten grasp
Give you no quarter shall I, not inside these walls, here
I am safe from your pain and the infliction of anger you so 
Succinctly level on me at your beck and call, cursed am I
Cursed to feel you pulsing, massaging the back of my mind,
Devil Dancing at My Door!

But if it is to be thus, I shall no longer open these chambers
And you will be left to the cold, remember soon that it shall
Be as birth remembers, emotionless and devoid of this

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Resurrecting - Sac-ower-eous Child

The realms of resurrection buried,
Excavating bloody beliefs of slavery,
Decimating riots in a blink,
Rejuvenating imagery primed energy.

Shrillness of voice overpowering the silence,
Tears bursting eyes insane,
Holiness captured and tortured,
Bodies are in colossal   pain.

Daemons dancing in chaos of secularity,
Dungeons blasted by uncanny clout,
A shrine struggling to rise above the regime,
Insisting to conquer sacredness stout.

Freeness exhilarating inside obscurity,
Comatose creatures are honing existence
Yet a miniature annoying death,
Courageously battling with paranormal stance.

Enacting with mischievous precedent,
Shielding the human race from “The ultimate”,
Slaughtering designed platform for resurrection,
It’s time to dance the dance of Devastation to elevate

The architect of this lighteous hope is a “Child”,
A child who preserves the invasion of Godly surmise,
The Power of thousand stars unite to exterminate,
Rest in Peace “Darkness” in scintillating demise.

Spiky mind crafted Absolute revolution,
Where noises will be concealed inside silence,
A sun will rise from west signalling Victory,
Lords Dance of Destruction will certify the resurgence

This child will craft a world of peace,
Mists and shams destroyed in remuneration of brighter sky,
Darkness will deliver the light,
Entire universe will be enlightened with “Child’s Deify”

That Sacred – Powerful – Courageous child destine,
To end pain, darkness, daemons and rise as divine.

Details | Free verse | |

Natural Order of things

First rhythm to the beat:
Being honest
Next guest of honour:
Following the morning after:
Self-awareness and courage
Break for freedom:
The musician strikes a cord

And echoes the universe it's glorious Love song

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Biz zum Hahnenschrei

If only I could buy the silence
From an antique shop
Near my heart
So close to freedom
Where all the doors are open
And doves can fly
To reach heavens

But my inner asylum
Suffocates me
The air smells like tortured flesh
Unbearable stillness
Holding a calendar of sacrifice
Over my shoulders
Those nude seconds slip
Into nowhere
My fragile faith will only be awaken
Up to the roosters first song
Biz zum Hahnenschrei

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Don't try to understand

Don’t try to understand the way it is.
Don’t work it out with logic or you’ll miss
The loveliness that all around you lies
In everything that lives, and always dies.

Look without the words that cause the mess,
And gaze at life with so much tenderness.
Just drink in all the mystery you see,
Swim within it’s beauty, let it be.

So dance my child and wildly sing your song,
This song is yours to you it does belong.
Just live your life, embrace eternity,
And feel within that fire of ecstasy.

You tread a road that never has been trod,
Be you with the devil, or with God.
Go with it child, and melt within the flow,
Feel that mighty flame within you grow.

Details | ABC | |

the ministry of the dance

the ministry of the dance is always Scripture based
it's all about bringing the Holy Spirit into the place
the ministry of the dance has a purpose that is two-fold
of Godly deliverance and breaking demonic strongholds
to deliver someone from the spiritual bondage of society
and show with the power of the dance there's spiritual victory
to break demonic strongholds with divine break through
to show in dance what the joy of the Lord can do

the ministry of the dance is a physical manifestation of love
for Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit and Father God who dwells above
to know that the tears which are cascading from our eyes
was enough to touch a soul and move them to cry
to know that the spiritual energy we emanate so much
made someone feel that by the hand of God they've been touched
the ministry of the dance is a physical portrayal of the Holy text
and not based on one's age, gender, race nor sex
a powerful ministry that is open to all
of which by the Spirit one is called
a ministry of faithful dedication, true devotion and total commitment
with love for the Lord, trust in the Spirit and a Godly contentment

the ministry of the dance is more that just a worship service
it's a ministry of true faith with a specific purpose
to dance with the Light of the Lord radiating through 
and the Spirit of the Lord filling up the church's pews
the ministry of the dance is to give honor, glory and praise
to Jesus who died on the cross and 3 days later was raised
a ministry of divine inspiration
a ministry of divine elevation
to lift up someone and move them beyond their comfort zone
to lift someone up and move them to kneel before the throne
it's about the Holy Spirit taking complete control
it's about sacred dancing in order to save some souls

the ministry of the dance will forever be spirit-led
it's a visual ministry serving of the Daily Bread
it's not a ministry that is meant to entertain
it's a ministry powered by the sacrificial blood stain
the ministry of the dance is about spiritual victory
that which Jesus died for to give to you and give me
it's not a performance and it does not invite vainglory
it's about being used an instrument in the outward expression of the Biblical story
the ministry of the dance is a ministry of total sacrifice
to submit your body, heart and soul into the hands of Jesus the Christ


Details | Free verse | |

Special Time

When in a weakened state I fall
             You lift me to my feet
It is not for other eyes to see

When I cry at Your feet
             When I sob on the floor
It is not for other eyes to see

This time is so special
             This time for us alone
It is not for other eyes to see

When I’m gaining my most strength
              It comes when I am here
It is not for other eyes to see

So before You I sing praises
              And I dance as David danced
For it is not for other eyes to see

My heart is full of love
               My spirit soars high above
All the adversity that there may be 

Truly  my heart sings with joy
               As my feet dance for You
For this is just for You and me

When I praise You, Lord
               When I dance before You, Lord
It is not for other eyes to see

You make this our special time
               A time I hold so dear
It is not for other eyes to see

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Illusions of Enharmony

I dance on illusion, getting caught up in the spin, the sad waltz, the happy waltz, the dance with foes, that "I" have made. Money makes me happy, or money makes me sin, it’s a tune that never ends, following the painted footsteps on the floor, when I was young. Now I must spin faster, keeping very still and quiet as I go. No more footsteps, no more dance halls, no more enharmonic trances played for me, steady now in deep devotion, resting in the One Reality.

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Christmas Under the Sky

I watch the teary, misty rain
as the torrents of wind
move against the grey blackness
Stroking my pet cat
with her indistinct, blurry
message that's always tuned into
the joyful, sounding music of the universe

My heart yearning for a better love life
I think about the loves gone by
Memories of all I loved coming back to me
The undying love for my mother
sick and frightened
I exchange the calming, nurturing lilies
in her garden

Golden rhythms bring me peace within
the softness of the morning hours brings
an intense love and spirit of the giving season
hopefully more of kindness and unconditional
love than of material burdens and manipulations
I feel happiness suddenly - seeing the
blues in the greys that turn angelic white
understanding the message of life

Soothing and unexpected excitements
dreams of success in all the
fragments of being bringing together
the whole, inspired miracle
the magic and enchantment
Letting go of the stress
and going with the flowing light and love
bringing peace to calamity
of my soul and restoring it to
everything beautiful

Details | I do not know? | |

Last Dance

When I was born into this world
I never knew about the Trinity
as I grew into a little girl 
I found that His name is Holy
as A teen I always wondered
does the Lord think of me
so I turned to the Holy Bible
learned He has room there for me

Jesus, when I grow older
I will dance the Your harmony
Jesus, when I pass over
will You save..the last dance for me

Now that Im much wiser
I can sure plainly see
Jesus you gave me all Your love
I hear what You are saying to me
the world is aging and so am I
Glorious is my King
He is my foundation,my salvation
He forever lives in me

Jesus, as I grow older
I will dance the Your harmony
Jesus, when I pass over
willYou save..the last dance for me

Now that Im no longer
I still dance to His harmony
yes now,i have passed over
Jesus saved that dance for me
the train of His robe fills the temple
how glorious it is to be
with the Lord of Lords the King of Kings
and He is dancing with me

Jesus, as I grow older
I will dance the Your harmony
Jesus, when I pass over
will You save...
I hope You save...
I pray You save...the last dance for me.

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Forever-Part 2

Pacabells cannon starts to play. The gates open and everyone looks my way. Beautiful black and red roses line the red carpet that leads to you. You look amazing tonight too. I look at my white dress as I step into the setting sun. The light catches the black sparkles and roses on my dress and makes me look beautiful, makes me feel like one. A black rose on this beautiful LA sand. A black rose that belongs to a wonderful man. I slowly walk down the aisle. I walk up to you and I smile. There's black and red roses on the alter and I get up ther. I can smell their sweet fregrance in the warm evening air. The paster starts as I look at you. You say you vouls and I say mine too. You say "I do," and I do the same too. You slip yet another beautiful ring on my finger and kiss me so sweetly. We hold hands and walk back down the beautiful rose lined aisle.


We walk to the peir where there are beautiful lights hung up everywhere. I spin to look at the beauty and you lean in close to me and say, "wait here." You walk up to the DJ and request and smile as a familure tune comes on. I continue to smile and I take your hand. you walk me back out onto the beautiful sand.  "Our first dance," you say. My smile gets bigger when I here Amazed starts to play. You pull me closer to you as we start to move from side to side. My nourvousness is hard to hide. "You okay beautiful?" you ask softly as you gently run your hand through my hair. "Yeah baby, I'm fine," I say as I see people gather around and stare. We dance and we sway sweetly and quietly. We kiss and dance slowly. We kiss again and you start to sing along with the song. I've been waiting for this day, I've been waiting so long.


We'r walking on the beach again. hand in hand. you still in your tux, I'm still in my dress. This is our future. Together. Forever. The setting sun catches my ring. It shines brightly. "I love you," I say and we kiss again. "I love you too," you say and gently pick me up.

You carry me back up to the house. You carry me up sairs and lay me on our bed. You lay beside me and gently kiss my head.

We lay there and talk for hours and hours. We smile and laughas our future stretches on in front of us.

Details | Pantoum | |

Beltane Night (Pantoum)

We'll raise the flames of Beltane night,
in song and dance we'll celebrate,
espoused by fires in Pagan rite,
our god and goddess incarnate.

In song and dance we'll celebrate
among the flames of love's desire
our god and goddess incarnate,
my promise made beside the fire.

Among the flames of love's desire
a heart and soul have been declared
my promise made beside the fire,
and now my life with you is shared.

A heart and soul have been declared
to you my love, my Queen of May
and now my life with you is shared
as we unite upon this day.

To you my love, my Queen of May
espoused by fires in Pagan rite
as we unite upon this day,
we'll raise the flames of Beltane night.

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Dancing in the Rain

Help me to soar like an eagle, 
To shine like the sun moon and stars.
Write a melody of angels,
As I sing my praises plain;
Grant me no shelter from the storm,
As I learn to dance in the rain.

Keep me dancing to your tune,
As I love and follow you,
'Till the curtain's final call.
I can take great big strides,
'Cause I know you're right beside,
Ready to catch me when I fall.

As I learn to dance, to dance in the rain

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Song Angel's wink on America for the party

Wild angel's, in the heart of America, Wild angel, you
make the world sing, Black beauty you ride HI, party
party hardy, party hardy, Wild horse, in the sky, on
the 4th of july, Wild America you make the World
sing of the creator on his brithday, party, party on
down, party, party wild angels party, party hardy,
Wild things, wild black beauty, on 4th of july, on the
4th of july,, Whild things you make the world sing
party, on the party, party hardy get down way down
get funkey, get funkey get down way down lets dance
let dance it isn't the last dance let's get on down.
Wild America, lets dance Black horse Red horse
white horse with wings blue birds in the sky HI
lets party hardy make the world sing happy brithday
you make America sing get on down. please I
don't want any money do what you can

Details | I do not know? | |

Dancing among the Stars

As night is falling
Hear...  calling
As I go out... In the eve 
Dressed up in my evening gown
As a Man comes... for me 
He is all dressed up in his blues 
As we go unto the ball
Gone out on the town after all

Dancing among the Stars
Romance under the moon light
Out dancing on town
Dancing within the night lights
Just until midnight

For when the clock strikes
Then I must leave
For I must go.. away
That way no one knows 
Whom I am…

Each week end
Dancing tis so much fun
Same ole thing
Hard to believe
Tis really... just a dream

But.. I shall dance among the Stars
Singing praises unto my king
My Lord.. my savior whom died for me
I shall rave.. and Dance for Jesus
I shall raise my hands and swing
I shall twirl about and dance
As my long hair flys in air.. within the wind
As I twirl around for Jesus again.. and again
And Dance always for Jesus..
For He the Only One
Then I shall.. dance.. the dance for Jesus
Raising and Praising unto my king
For everything.. His Glory Brings

Praise's be to God... Always.. 
Come dance for Jesus
Dance among the stars
In Heavenly home
Knowing now 
I shall never be alone…
Praise always be
To our everlasting king

Details | I do not know? | |

Unnamed 2

Superfluously equating the reasons for "why not",
And as the angels doth not romance,
I shall not dance,
An preposterously  appropriate cheer dances with the wind,
......It understands the value of the humor.

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May I ask Him?

A man that is smiling,
I don’t know,
Is he  perfect for me?
May I ask him?
Would you like to dance with me?

A man that is watching my legs,
I don’t know, 
What’s he thinking about me?
May I ask him?
Would you like to dance with me?

A man that is offering me a drink,
I don’t know,
What’s he expecting from me?
May he ask me?
Would you like to dance with me?

My heart is palpitating,
My breaths are swallowed,
I can’t live without someone,
May I ask him?
Do you like to care for me?

Details | Cowboy | |

Ghost Dance

While the Ancestors worshipped 
   they shot them one and all. 
They thought they had stopped the dance 
   as they watched the Old Ones fall. 
But what they did not know 
   is that we do not die... 
Their bullets set us free 
   and sent our souls to fly.   
High above this shadow plain 
   where the spirit beasts do roam; 
We roost upon their sacred backs, 
    and the Buffalo carry us home. 
We dance for our lives 
   for the secrets of the Earth. 
We dance while they kill us 
   and through death find rebirth. 
We dance night and day, 
   to the drums thundering low. 
Singing medicine songs 
   to honor the Buffalo. 
Though we may not rise today 
   The People will not die; 
As long as we keep dancing, 
   the Ghosts...You...and I. 

We dance for the things for which we yearn; 
Grass covered plains, the Buffalo’s return. 
The fever of freedom forever will burn,  
While we’re dancing with the ghosts. 
For there is no time frame on prophesy, 
This is the Vision Great One gave to me, 
The Heart of The People will always be, 
Dancing with the Ghosts...

(Wado Waya Streeby for understanding.)

Details | Concrete | |

The Me in Me

To find reason with the world

To herald in a glimpse...

to dance within my shadow...

embracing the light within...

To fear not by chance nor risk... discover inner gifts...

To revel in the joy, and laughter...

To realise inner passion...

...with big emotion, wishes dance with hope and dreams...

To trust...

To share...

The me in me...

Details | I do not know? | |

Shall we Dance---Beholding Everlasting dance Forever-together

As he came...
Bent down towards me
He took me by the hand...
Led me out to the dance floor..
As the music played...
he held me close
his heart beating next to mine
warmth surrounded us...
soft... melodies played
I said... I am scared
For I never done this before...
He said.. no worrys..
I am here... my dear
then he whispered into my ear
Singing melodies of lyrics of song
As the music played
We swayed to the music
as held me close unto him...
his strong arms held me tight
dancing on through the night..
gentle as he... guided me
across the dance floor...
Sweeetness music played
More Beautiful then ever before...
Precious moments...

Then I woke up...
Twas just a dream
of many dreams..
But then again
was it???

Tis be soon...
As time shall be...
When moment comes
I shall dance the dance..
as He guides me 
Across the sky
Then between the stars...
To the other side.. 
Beyond... Glorious Love Eternity..
Sweeet Divine Precious moments..
Shall forever be...
Music Plays.. Melodies unto our King
Harmony of all souls
Whom belong to Him
Come... to Jesus
Lets Dance the Dance of Glorious Love Together...
Sweeetness of the Souls..

Details | Light Poetry | |

' The Dance ... ' (Part 2 of 2)

‘ The  Dance … ’

Oh … How I Love To Dance
Why … Do I Love To Dance ? …
Its Rhythmic … Its Ritual
… The Body is So Beautiful ! …

Once … I Saw The Ocean Groove
… That’s The Way, I Want to Move
Earth-Spinning, Round and Round
Don’t You Know … We All Get Down ?

Don’t You Know, What The Good-Book Says
‘God’ … Moves in Mysterious Ways
That Is Why I Love To Dance …
… His Empire, Moves In Elegance !

Lord, Have Mercy, Keep Moving Me
Moving and Grooving, to Your Glory !
Blood-Flowing, Lung – Breathe
‘ The Spirit ‘, is Zooming … You Better Believe !

( Just Look At It Move ‘His’ Girl, MoonBee !_

Acrobat, Hip-Hop, Ballet
Art of Tap, Polka, Reggae’
You Can Do It !… I Know You Can
Just Listen, To That Bible – Band ! …

Music … Just Adds Motivation
Stirs A Soul To Celebration
Dancing … is A Declaration
We’re On Cruise-Control, In His Creation !

Dancing … Can Be A Holy Act
God, and His Son … Like It, Like That
So, Nod Your Head … Do The Wave
Signal ! … You Want To Be Saved !

Don’t Be Shy … At Situation
Meet Me At ‘ The Revelation’
They’re Opening Up, The Garden – Gate
… Hurry Now … Don’t Be Late !

Cherubs, gonna’ Let Us In
No Cover Charge … Bring A Friend
Oh ‘Son of God’ … Please Partner Me
… Dance Me To Eternity !

Oh, How I Love To Dance
It’s A Rhythm – Romance
Passion – Performance
Yes Lord … I Love To Dance

Dance! … into Eternity
Dance! … Better Than A Fantasy
Dance! … Universal Dance Floor
Dance! … Don’t You Wanna’ Dance Some More ?

Dance ! … Now, Can’t You See ? …
Dance ! … We Gon’   P a r t y !
Dance With This Girl, thru The Galaxy
Dance With The Stars and The Only MoonBee

Boys Shout ! … ‘Bring On The Dancing Girls !’
God’s Making A Wonder World
Them … Us … You … and Me …
Still Moving … To His Mystery !

           Now Dance ….

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Dance of the Dead

It's been so long 
Since I saw the light
I heard that song
Once, when I was a child
The melody of the martyrs
You said.
The dance of the dead.

Now, I've been so far away
The light has scarcely hit my eyes
But I heard your voice today
And I'm waiting
For the heart in me to die

I will dance eternity in your arms
I will sing your name to the world
In wonder I will succomb to your childlike charms
You are my God
And today, I am your child

In the distance I see
Stars lighting the dark
Pointing the way to the King
Your face captivates my mind
(beat beat)
My heart picks up the pace
Your knocking, I'm coming
Please, dont leave me to myself.

I brought my brokenness
And laid it at your feet
Now I stand Beautiful
In the midst of a broken world
My heart is the drum
But you are the beat
You are the music playing over in my head
And I am always yours 
Dancing the dance of the dead.

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The Field

A wind blows softly caressing a field, Delicate, yielding waves of wheat Surrender to the direction the wind moves. With each passing breeze They move in grace and unity, This spectacular dance of nature. Illumination glistens from their heads What beauty shows in their harmony, As if a song is being sung. Not even the thistles standing tall & erect As if pride keeps them from bending, Disrupts the dance that fills the field. For in each passing breeze Is their calling to dance & sway, In humble obedience to the wind. The sun warms them, clouds shade them And nourishes them with gentle mists of rain, To reward them for their diligence.

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Walking on the soft sand, forming open arms
Hovering towards the wind, wings able to fly
Under the mighty rain, obliterating from the outer harm
Seeking the Truth, I encountered humanity from my private- eye.

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I'm a fire

All I need,
Is the air,
To make me grow,
And dance around,
Sometimes I shrink,
To one tiny ember,
Standing alone,
But still leathal,
Big and Tall,
Firey monster,
Just one touch,
To strike you down,
I can do
What ever I want,
Burn you down,
Bring you up,
Addictive to watch,
I dance around,
Nice to the eye,
Bad to the touch,
The ultimate bulldozer,
That is I,
Desroying anything,
That lay in my path,
I only have,
One single enemy,
A mutating blue blanket,
If it lie in my way,
This is I,
Fiery as ever,
But can you see,
The beauty inside?

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Aude Sapare: Drunk On Communion

He who claims to know no fear of death
Falls with the poisoned wine of lies
Upon his lips;
But he who may make this fear a friend
Shall grasp Eternity in the end.
His heart will open as his reason slips
As he feels upon his final breath
He dances as his spirit flies
And in that Space
Between the sea and sky
He sees the Beloveds' face
Eye to eye.

     Merge with the drops in the ocean of time,
     Drunk on communion with all things Divine.
     The Universe dances - how sweetly She sings!
     Through the manifest beauty in all living things
     The answer lies deep in the fruit of the vine,
     The lover finds love in the taste of his wine.

The stars shine in blackness
Whirling through infinite space
Casting their light 
On the unbounded dark;
We seek to stand firm, impressing our mark
On our lives swift and bright
Asking history to honor and to bless
Our efforts in this threshing-floor race.
We all are unbounded
United yet free,
The Beloved is with us
If we could but see.

     Step in the river and lose yourself there
     Dance 'round the fire without any care.
     The stars do their spiral dance over our heads
     We have all we want once desire is shed.
     For this is the answer, so simple and true:
     You live within me as I live within you.

To seek wealth and fame
Is to sail upon sand;
The thirst for possession 
Can never be quenched.
Ambition's a prison, your heart is entrenched
In small thoughts' concessions
You lose sight of the game.
Your freedom awaits you, just stretch forth your hand
The Beloved will embrace you
And win you to Truth;
Then dance with you, smiling
Eternal in youth.

                                         Aude Sapare
                                         Aude Sapare
                                         Aude Sapare


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Rain Dance

Tap, tap, tap
You hear the rain, on your front step, 
You walk outside, 
You look to the sky, 
As the rain clouds let loose.

Step fourth onto this rain-soaked ground,
Playing on the new marble,
Of our dance floor.

The rhythm of our melody,
Is played,
By the sweet  surrender,
Of the leaves,
To the soft whisper,
Of the wind.

The raindrops hitting the ground,
Are like,
Little elves,
Dancing at your feet.

As your dance comes to a halt,
The wind whispers,
One last time,
It’s soft, sweet melody.
Lifting the leaves,
From their perch high above,
In the moonlit trees,
Carrying them to where,
Your feet touch the ground.
Your last stand begins,
As they swirl around,
Embracing a new destiny.

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I Can Only Dream Of This

If once more i could have the chance
To see your smile embraced in dance
Feel your lips touching mine 
A dance binding all in twine 
But i can only dream of this 
A lonely dance without its kiss  

To have the chance to hold your hand
Walk the beach in its path of sand 
To see you laughing as we walk
To hear your sweet voice as we talk
But i can only dream of this 
For my path is that of bliss

If i could only have one more chance with you
I would believe that dreams do come true 
Never again embraced in this lonely dance
If only i had just one more chance 
But we both know i can only dream of this 
You passed away now its you i miss

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Radiant Ladies

Come dance in Springtide’s earthy light
In gardens now a-washed with gold
They bid farewell to Winter’s bite
Those radiant ladies I am told.

As life is found in ancient ways
Come dance in Springtide’s earthy light
To welcome signs of warmer days
When length of day equals the night.

Balance in life is my sweet delight
When knelt in praise to holy queen
Come dance in Springtide’s earthy light
She says to me in voice serene.

So drummer, give my feet a beat
May your rhythm still lead me right
To the place where the spirits meet
To dance in Springtide’s earthy light.

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Two Sisters

To friends that dance in darkest night
They raise the power of witches’ spell
As voices chant in candle light
In ways of wise they know so well.

In harmony their music sings
To friends that dance in darkest night
Releasing love on angels’ wings
Two sisters sharing magic rite.

The Lady fair comes into sight
And claims the old ways survive
To friends that dance in darkest night
In arcane blue their workings strive.

Within the circle they are bound
Two sisters soon to take their flight
Across the sky the cosmic sound
To friends that dance in darkest night

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 Now I feel alive, you make me feel so alive.
  I wish you could step inside of my heart.
 You would see how much I love you.
  You would feel how much you drive me crazy.
 Your lips they kiss me,make me feel drunk.
  Your eyes they mesmerize me.
 The way your hips move,they dance a dance and fly away.
 On a cloud we make love so sweet and I lose myself inside of you.
  I would die without your touch.
 Now I dream,rivers softly carry my thoughts.
  Running through the tree tops.
 Of clouds and flowers and morning mist
  Of peaceful slumber, a warm soft kiss.
 Dance for me my love, my mate, my true empress.
  Command me your will.
I will cover your eyes in the darkness
 Never let you see the harsh night that lies outside.
 Dance for me, our love it ties me to the the stars.
 Your kiss is bliss I would die without your touch.

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Fathers, I dance for you.
Mother - you gave me breath,
Now I return my blood to your care.
Children - I dream a hope for you.

I ask the sun for Vision,
For sight into realms no eye may view,
To find an answer, to find escape
The pain it costs is nothing
To the pain already in my heart
Now that I see what these strangers will do if they can
To my people,
To the land that shares their souls.

One hundred pieces of my flesh
Is not too much to give
For wisdom, for sight of better worlds than this.
I give them for the hope that they may buy.

The knife is cold.
I set the tethers in my skin -
The dance begins.

Bring me Vision, O Sun!
Bring us Life, before they come,
Death riding on their Iron Horse.

Shine warm, shine strong
One last time for us,
Before the coming eclipse.

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The Return

Take a long look
throught the looking glass
see how the land you have known 
                   has changed
  which blocked 
  the sunlight 
are now blown by
the west wind
returns to the land,
to the fields,the forests,
the towns
Yet the bitter winds 
have left their mark on all of us
Can spring
revive us?
Will the shoots that 
rise up through
the verdant earth
renew us?
Creatures of nature
  that we are 
We need to know
that once again 
beautous flowers - a riot 
of glorious 

Will grace our 
fields, forests and 

After the harshest winter
spring always returns
to dance her dance 
before our delighted eyes

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Go rest in Heaven, Go sleep in peace,
Go dance on the other side.
Go celebrate the battle won
Of crossing Jordan's wide.

Go live with Jesus, Go be with Him,
Go rest with God above.
Tell my family all gone before,
Please tell them of my love.

Go join the angel choir and band
Just save me a seat beside you
We can walk together in that fair land
And see Jesus and worship Him, too.

Now you're in Heaven, So sleep in peace,
And dance on Glory's side.
Celebrate the battle won,
Of crossing Jordan's tide.

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Choose To Dance

A song leaps from my heart at the beginning of each new day, 
A song with a melody that never plays a sad song, 
Never carries a tune that is wrong, this is just my way…
If I have the choice of sitting this one out, I will choose to dance! 
If there is breath of life there is always hope of life, 
Love and great things to experience and know! 
It is so important if there is love of the heart, to let it show! 

Some live a life that never knows real sorrow, 
Some face sorrow more than it seems they should. 
Some we say, have more than their share, 
But still face it as much as they could. 
If you have a choice dance, dance, dance! 

Even in the face of sorrow, I don't want to sit this one out, 
Even in the face of tears, I don't want to sit this one out, 
I want to choose to dance! 
I hope with all my heart, that no matter come what may, 
That you will always choose to dance! Dance of the heart, dance of the soul, 
Dance with all your might, dance with courage, never letting go.
Choose To Dance!