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Couplet Water Poems | Couplet Poems About Water

These Couplet Water poems are examples of Couplet poems about Water. These are the best examples of Couplet Water poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I go where mountain streams converge
And stand with pitcher on the verge
Of a transparent tranquil pool
Where waters merge lucent and cool
There is the grass sparkling with dew
I dip the jar in aqua blue
It overflows its precious gift
As with both hands I gently lift
To raise the contents to my lips
So that I take the first few sips
And then I drink the rest in haste
There is ambrosia in the taste
That brings to mind my faithful muse
The sky is filled with scarlet hues
I am entranced and stay until
The sun goes up; once more I fill
The jar with water to the brim
On wings of time I fly and skim
Till I arrive at heaven’s gates
Then walk to where my master waits
The zodiac path is where he lives
He lays the rules and ever gives
To freedom lovers ample space 
To go about at their own pace
And cure the fragile human race
To make the world a better place.
A water bearer I shall be
With care to serve eternally.

Author: Paul Callus ~ 13th July 2014 
Contest: Zodiac Sign
Sponsor: Leonora Galinta
Placing: 1st

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No more water hosing or truncheons beaten on bare feet,
no nightsticks cracking skulls on Bowery streets.

No cold water straitjackets or rubber padded rooms,
no laudanum doses sweeping minds like a broom.

Now its pretentious centers deluxe
brazenly charging big bucks

for twenty-eight days of schmoozing
to turn off the boozing,

and swallowing mega-vitamin pills
to ward off the chills,

or sit in circles with stories to tell
from like-minded survivors of hell.

More humane we're trying to be
even offering treatment for free

but it is still a choice at any cost.
To choose a sober life or, to an early death be lost.

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From a beam he dangled as the rope choked out his breath
So very soon to end his life as he does the dance of death.
     The grandma sees her grandson and has to take him down
     She lays him on the carpet that is colored brown.

High up on a structure eyes are starring down
Will blackout over come him before he hits the ground;
  The morbid and the curious have finally gone away
  There’s only those who clean the mess, it's just another day.

Dinner on the table with plate and fork and knife
The only thing that's swallowed is a pill to end her life.
  Who said that it is painless have they looked around the room
  The pain does carry on and on far beyond the doom.

With a knife the cut was made now blood spills on the floor
Soon the shadows of the dark will come in through the door.
    Who said there are no victims; reactions carry on;
    This tragedy repeats it’s self; through days that take too long 
With rocks put in her pockets in water not so high
She sucks the water to her lungs that's how she chose to die.
    The husband of Virginia Wolf, now he knows too well
    His days are filled with misery and his life's a living hell.

Desperate to escape he points the pistol to his head
The triggers pulled, a roar goes off; and just like that he's dead.
      When she opened up the door she saw the pieces of his brain
      The blood in puddles on the floor; was like water from the drain.

Blood is on her shirt; where she held him for too long
But it's simply far too late the life in him is gone.
    Who says that it is painless have they looked around the room
     I know the pain does carry on and on far beyond the doom.


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Beachside Food and Drink Slinks

A is for algae, red, green, blue cells, soaking up sun, sliming teeth 
B is for bacterial mat, clumping underneath, earliest born, never asleep

C is for coral reef, the place we all find cover or the sand parrotfish chew and release
D is for diatom, all seeded calcium, all float free, all denizens barely seen

E is for eelgrass, nursery meadows of the anchovy, and other browsers of green 
F is for fan worm, filter feeder like a flower, 8000 species on which fish feed

G is for giant kelp, floating on bladders of air they’re forests of cold waters clean
H is for helmet, the royalty of snails who protect our feet, queen, emperor, king

I is for isopod, the chameleon crustacean, they color match what they eat
J is for jellyball, or cannonball jellyfish, not upside down or moon, avoid their heat

K is for keyhole limpet, favorite food of ochre stars, will erect its own wall
L is for laver, the sea lettuce of nori, it swirls red skirt as ocean falls

M is for mermaid’s purse, the sack of the skate whose yolk keeps them alive
N is for nerite, the prisoner striped snail of the rocky zone as numerous as a hive

O is for oyster drills, the snails that slurp oysters and use them to lay eggs
P is for pleurobranch, a sea slug answer for oranges, with one active leg

Q is for quahog, the bivalve seaman who can survive eating the mud
R is for rove beetle, the one waiting to snatch the unwary beach hopper for good

S is for saxitoxin, those red tides produced by mating that can paralyze humans
T is for tubular sponge, they squish, bore and encrust as space lends

U is for urchin, those spiny skinned balls, no eyes or noses but dig food in sand 
V is for Venus, Music Volutes dined or Vampire Squids skimming along land

W is for whelk, not the musically inclined, but the slow moving snail in a shell
X is for X and a half, the six rayed star, hungry for anything on the half shell

Y is for yucca, blooming on the beach, they bloom nice and tolerate the sand
Z is for Zostera marinara, the address of eel grass when they're feeling grand

All of this green life is what crunches, stinks, dries and slips underfoot
The rest that find the housing and dining compatible means someone’s on the look.

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Ohhhh Rain : Shower again

A small romantic rain poem dedicated to hubby.
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

"Ohhhh Rain..Shower again!!!!! "  

Showering in the rain, 
Draining the pain!
Enflueraging the essence of arenicolous sand,
Feeling blessed porting on this beautiful greenary land! Trees were roaming 
under fiercing winds,
Thanks nature for benevolently so kind!
Sip of sizzling coffee With Caramalized sugar,
Cheers hubby to accompany me my gelling agar!
Wanna capture this Driplets of aromatic water nearby lake,
So that I can make an icy snowflake!
That's amazing, "but ohhhh God,  I wish my honey is here".

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare  

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on the impending demolishment of the Harewood Dams

For decades now we've swam, we've played
and on the grass, in sunshine laid.
A haven for our meditations
visited by our many generations.
Pristine beauty, nature's pride,
and now, bereft, tears we've cried.
To be destroyed, torn asunder.
Governments decree, a total blunder.
Safety issues is their claim,
so our park they now defame.
This decision, we don't understand, 
upcoming destruction of community land.
Other solutions they will not hear.
Their stubbornness abundantly clear.
We now say goodbye to memories
of wandering through paths of trees
beside the lakes of childhood life.
Their idea of progress cuts like a knife.
For decades now we've swam and played
and on the grass, in sunshine laid.
A haven for our meditations
that's been stolen from future generations.

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Clouds of despair will block out our sun
Trials and burdens each weighing a ton

God brings those clouds into your life
Not without conflict, discord or strife

Are they punishment or sent to refresh
Love incarnate through a Saviours flesh

Do not flee from raindrops that may fall
Let them linger enough for mercy’s recall

Grace will fall –heavenly drops from above
Till the last drop of water-a chastising love

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Spring Rain

~~Spring Rain~~ A drought has been declared, no hose pipes can we use There has been such light rain for two years, but I think it is a ruse. The day the drought was declared the heavens opened up They have not stopped precipitating; one certainly dare not look up. The water flows as free as lager at a barbecue Constantly pouring, persisting it down, and the same problems ensue. We are drenched in all sorts as drains do rise, and rivers flood their banks But the drought warnings still apply there are supposed empty water tanks. The spring rain is falling not like tears on babies’ cheeks But pouring and pouring constantly, and has been now for weeks. Still the drought does linger but I think I know the ruse They will put the bloody price up, and watch us blow a fuse.

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Having escaped from her attic on a bright summer day,
Constance skipped through the forest in fantasy play.

Flowers abloom; vibrant colors mix with green;
Constance found amazing beauty in everything.

A shy, maturing girl with only imaginary friends;
Flourishing happily in a world full of pretend.

In a pool of fresh water from a spring underground,
Constance knelt to take a sip and a beauty she found.

Where once was a little girl, a young woman she saw,
Whose beauty, adorned with flowers, left her in awe.

The reflection of her face in the rippling pool,
Smiled back with satisfaction in the water so cool.

Although unsure of herself in many different ways,
She saw confidence growing in the face that she gazed.

The water refreshed her when she finally took a drink,
But the reflection was more fulfilling for Constance, I think.

by, Joe Flach.  For Constance's "Reflection" contest.

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"Water Lily"

I am a water Lily,
my petals are quite frilly.

I thrive on abundant waters,
the flowing streams, my AORTAS.

Great beauty in flowing scene,
planted in life’s flowing stream.

My nectar is quite neat,
my honey dew is sweet.

It is in April and May,
broad leaves on water I lay.

When I prepare to pray,
in nature’s usual way.

Being love’s Lily of life, 
manifesto of love not strife.

Having variety of colors,
love imitates no others.

Please enjoy my view,
my beauty I give to you.

I sway in the gentle breeze,
with awesome beauty, I please.

From a world of useless strife,
come and quiet your very life.

Come and sit by my side,
on my river so very wide.

And let your conscience awake,
love’s nature made no mistake.

Love only made me for you,
as truth, I am as skies so blue.

Nature’s awesome retreat,
numerous days to repeat.

Petals of beauty  quite neat,
a  natural of love’s feat. 

Contest; The Flower
In Honor of; Rambling Poet 

Place #7

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Not Your Fight

Dragging, lagging down this road,
Many things I was never told,
Stumble, tumble to the ground,
Looked up and saw no one was around,
Scraped and bruised... on both knees,
Begging for this disease to seize,
One more breath before I break,
When suddenly I realize You died for my sake,

When I can’t seem to find the words to say,
To cancel out these feelings of dismay,
When all I’ve seen was equivalent to shame,
And tornados wipe right through the pain,
When water washes the frailty and dishonor,
And most thought I was just a goner,
Your whispers penetrate my night,
 Speaking out “this is not your fight”
“ I died to fill your life with might”

Holes in souls are hard to bare,
Especially when your scars are there,
Hearts that plead to overflow,
Sometimes bleed and cannot let go,
But through the madness and through the times,
There is only one name that comes to my mind,
Nails that sacrificed for our greater good,
Can relate to my deaths even if He was misunderstood,

When I can’t seem to find the words to say,
To cancel out these feelings of dismay,
When all I’ve seen was equivalent to shame,
And tornados wipe right through the pain,
When water washes the frailty and dishonor,
And most thought I was just a goner,
Your whispers penetrate my night,
Speaking out “this is not your fight”
This is not your fight,
This is not your fight.

Sabina Nicole

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Death By Murder

Death By Murder: 

Murky water left to drink 
floating particles of death. 

Erie presence leaves discontent. 
As something wicked floats in it. 

The bone chilling cold wind doth blow 
off Lake Erie with flurry snow. 

Late at night off cold dark shores 
shadows of a floating barge. 

Clouds of soot from steamers clogged 
Pollutes the air with killer smog. 

When something wicked this way flows 
poverty on desperate corners pose. 

Perverts prey on angry streets 
Homeless children on which they creep. 

Desperately at the mercy of, 
as something wicked this way comes 

Young ones get plucked,like sweet ripe plumbs 
As something wicked this way comes 
Contaminated, where no herbs could purge her 
Strictly becomes death by murder. 

Others with blood dripping from lips 
Every scary thing flung and flipped 

No caring soul feels to investigate 
As vampires odors fumigate 

There's no friend to even extend 
a stick to beat the bush or defend 

The evil deeds that ignorance brings 
desecrates the graves of all good men 

We make loud noises and pretend; 
While something evil this way spins. 

The screams are loud but know one heard her 
Ignored are cries upon lake Erie's  borders  

Spores that spawn.. these deaths by murder.

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Watching the Sun Rise

At first the sun's fingers
Poke up just a bit,
Seeming to find the ocean's ledge,
They grab a hold of it.

With radiant arms extended,
It raises itself higher,
Then sits upon the ocean's rim -
A fuzzy ball of fire.

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Stream to Signature Pool

The stream meanders down the rocks where I Look upwards and hope that surely the sky Creates the shade for the water to view Along the sides of the bank is more blue Where the center to the stream turns all white And frothy where the stone juts out despite Finally the stream leads to a grand pool Where fish reside, I act not like a fool By the algae gets eaten from below The sides of gorgeous rocks that we don’t know Where the life comes from all real compassion Great sign of a foreign crafted passion Heart of gold, the middle of the forest Is surely this scene of prime non-disgust Where this signature warm place pleads to me Of coming power unlike any plea
Russell Sivey Contest: Let's be Open Sponsor: SuZ - D 6/21/2013

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In the desert

In the desert

When sun is at its hottest peak,
And your reflection is turning to sleek,

When sweating is making you drown,
And extreme thirst is pulling you down,

Nothing beyond sand as far as you can see,
Even the camel's courage is bound to flee,

Mummifying wind will set you to tune,
At a glance will transform to sand dune,

When eyes go red and dry in suffrage, 
What still keeps you moving in desert is a mirage!

Written September 16th, 2014
By Dr. Upma A. Sharma
For contest' In the desert' by Nette onclaud

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Rocky Mountain Water

Here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado,
is the most pristine spring water anyone will know.
Oh how wonderfully bright and clear.
Nobody has springs like the ones found here.

The drops twist and turn through the mountain streams.
They move like the ones in the most elaborate dreams.
Just as liquid crystal they will flow.
The streams help all life to live and grow.

Well, I am a lifelong East Coast man.
Am I able to travel to Colorado?  I never can.
I have a small sample of Rocky Mountain water right here.
I will pour it out of this can of beer.

Written 9/21/2011
Robert Pettit

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peduncle prick

betwixt the circuitous cocoon of rose hips wrestles a world of unfathomable infamy 
induced by light and shadow murmur influences ridicules scent.

conscripted into nature's loggerhead shrike chirp by forces unknown
influenced by the pestilence of greeds monkey see monkey do, ovary retards.

up from the grave of the anchor root rises the sun of expansion
cleansing the cane to shoulder its crown watching bud eye fornicate.

obliging the filament petition to pullulate the wind bats its lash
awakening the anther to feed its feeder roots.

efflorescent anatomy of stamen and pistil captivate beauties awe
apathy will bloom its withered rose until perceived with the nose!

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In defiance of its Soviet museum-death
Reflected in water moved by God’s breath
The five-domed Saviour church gives
Hope, for its bulbous gold dome yet lives

Silent spheres sing of new life glowing
With gold-edged scales reflecting, showing
In watery   swaying flashes
Like shoals of precious trembling fishes

Each scalloped wavelet free of bondage
A floating rocking hollow image
Each preserving part of dome
Like cell-life survivors, seeking home,

Always dividing, always  merging,
A breath behind them always urging
Each insubstantial golden sliver,
This restless gilt amoeba-river.

Passing boat’s wake - the song of  cupola,
The surface is alive from passing gondola
Shimmering millioned changing shapes
Countless gold-coin waterscapes

Myriad miracles – smithereens of gilt -
Tremulous treasure,  shining  spilt
Water calms from images manifold
To cells quiescent,  edged in gold.

They coalesce.   From many are spun one
Music of the sphere  living in the sun
Of God’s golden dome  -  museum  dead  -
By the life-giving saviour water of canal  fed.



Ever watched how a reflection of a church or other object  in moving water produces small swirling part-images, each undefined but still clearly part of the  object's image?  It's fascinating. 

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The Natural Machine

A tempest calls calm south seas
to rise and fall and they appease
their shifting partner the warm air
of whose plan they're both aware
Soon winds and water will make an eye
which searchs upward, low and high
all the sky for signs to cease
its ephemeral turning and to release
the many tons of water held
by those clouds that bend and meld
themselves into a twisting pair
which first appears a bad affair
but soon each arm's center is found
which sends them faster round and round
Now spiraling with perfect rhythms
the sign is seen and countless prisms
of captured water are set free
to fall to land, then seep to sea
and all the rivers and creeks that drain
that melting snow and heavy rain
complete the final phase
of something cyclic that does amaze
with both its perfect paired pieces
and its broken and breaking releases
that come from lack of counterweight
Yet this slightly flawed state
will always lead into a new
just as beautiful point of view
that is only seen when in between
two balanced parts of a machine
Like the winds and water that make an eye
which soon unravels to reveal blue sky

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Sudbury Noodles

If people were noodles and lakes were their soup,

Sudbury's basin would be a great scoop.

300 lakes or just a bit more.

Some have been counting and some are just bored.

Sudbury's water is healthy and clean

leaving our noodles shining with gleam.

Fresh water soup minus the salt,

fresh as going into; fresh by default.

Trees for our parsley cover our shores

keeping us fancy and breathing for more.

Soup we serve fresh out of each bowl

welcoming noodles the world whole.

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Cancerians of the Zodiac

of water sign, Cancerians are most emotional of all 
seem moon cold but are warm and glow as luminol

sensitive individuals, they are caring and giving 
circulate in familiar circles and are home loving

always nourish and nurture their relationships 
take good care of all friends when down in chips

they don’t expect a return  for their own favors 
even distant ones can get a feel of their flavors

they are quite protective of their personal spaces 
such as interests, possessions, and relationships 

guided by intuition they think out-of-the-box 
relying bit on gut feeling, logic at spurs is lost

they may easily be affected by failures and setbacks 
and are prone to pessimism and lack the whack 

their mood swings are famous and unpredictable 
but it can be a bit overwhelming for other people 

Cancerians are said to be tad complex and conservative
they cross-check everything, leaving you no alternative 

over-sensitive, they tend to harbour imaginary hurts 
doubts when cleared, can suffer from bouts of regrets

they are protective of their emotions and can be cringy
can’t let go of things easily and not help but be a clingy 

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Window-launch in summer is best, but whatever the season,
Winter, fall, or spring,   the main reason 
Is because were about two hundred feet up,  I reckon - 
So  the downflight would be several seconds 
And the end would always be spectacular  -
Like for a balloon filled with water.
Floating balloons without water would also be marvelous,
As would  dropped ice-creams and jellos.
Cold water from a bucket would become rain-droppy,
And flower petals to cover the ground, like rose and poppy.
Out goes my parrot -  it’s the highest level he’ll ever get on;
And I’ll give the neighbour’s cat a free flying lesson.
Mustn’t forget whistles, which make music on the way down, 
Or  rubber balls to bounce all over the ground.

But the most spectacular display of all
In the realm of window-launch  free-fall
Is burning sofas, like I once saw while walking (actually, running)
Through  a poorer  neighbourhood in East Lansing.

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Living With Lakes

Oh; how our lakes; do circle our reach.

In circles of puddles beyond our belief.

Halting for shorelines that make up their seams;

'till rising above them through rivers and streams.

Surrounded by ribbits of green bumpy frogs,

all woven through reeds by wet bumpy logs.

While sliders of Junebugs will turn in each arc

with legs shifting water like fins of a carp.

As winds of the water break waves to come in,

in meeting the shore in waves that have been.

So picture our lakes as healthy and fun

where Living With Lakes has just begun.

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Fire Ants!

Fire ants! Fire ants!  All over my yard!
Fire ants! Fire ants!  Why do you try so hard?

There are little hills of demons all over my land
Filled with the little critters that I just can’t stand!
The sting and they bite and leave scars on me.
The have even killed my very favorite tree!

Fire ants! Fire ants!  Are making me so mad!
Fire ants! Fire ants!  Where’s that can of diesel I had?

I will be diggin’ in a flower bed when suddenly
Those darn fire ants are swarming all over me!
I run to turn on the water and grab the water hose
So I can wash away the fire burning under my clothes!
Fire ants! Fire ants! Taking over Texas!
Fire ants! Fire ants!  Meaner than my exes!

One of these days, I will manage to eradicatecate
Just as soon as someone improved fire ant bait
My land will then have a fire ant sign
Saying stay off of my property, it is mine!

Fire ants! Fire ants!  Making evil mounds!
Fire ants! Fire ants!   If you got ‘em, trouble abounds! 

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Ultimate choice for slimmers,  right?

Reconstituted dehydrated water  -  or water lite?

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Under the Water contest

Overwhelmed while drifting into a foreign place
As water submerges me, all that I know is suddenly erased
I dive in deeper, dare to discern
What’s hidden in the darkness exposes all I never learned
As noise and clatter from land gradually departs
My eyes are opened to a world that has existed from the start
Beyond the waves under many layers
Unlocks the doors to creations even greater,
Slower in motion, infinite in size
As the journey down under leads to surprises
Glimmering lights that are part of many designs
Helps to determine what it is I find
Its space underwater as antenna lights put on a show
For all of these entities seem to just dance around and glow
Just like stars light up a clear blue night
Florescent assembly’s pass by in pure sight
For I am the intruder, they all stare me down
While gliding like a mermaid I try not to make a sound
There is order and submission among this water nation
I yield to their council with extreme anticipation
Many mind their business and some threaten with ferocious stings
But as I linger on I see magnificence in everything
Vegetation sways to the rhythm of the changing tide
Appearing to grant shelter as they open their mouths wide
Budding plants are like silent firework shows under waters waves
Majestic presentation of species that are free instead of slaves.

By: Sabina Nicole
Contest: under the waves

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Afternoon Getaway

The sunlight streams to the earth below
Beckoning the flowers, "continue to grow"

The pillows of clouds floating by
Are highlighted in the airbrushed sky

A red tailed hawk and his prey on the move
Tracks made by a fawns little hooves

The sound of the water crashing the shore
Boats, kayaks, water skis and more

The sound of the dog running in the thicket
Crows, rabbits, squirrels, and crickets

A jogger and biker on the same path
Meeting and smiling as they pass

A picnic lunch for my friend and me
Beneath the shade of a large oak tree

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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still, white insects

         still, white insects

left by ice melting from the caps


Contest - Simply Beautiful

Sponsor - Kelly Deschler

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Dinosaurs - Not Just Big Words

The Alamosaurus, was the last of their kind
And the Baryonyx, in the water you'll find
Now there's Camelotia, from a historical site
One of the largest ever, Diplodicus - now there's a sight
Of Elaphrosaurus so nimble and fast
Fabrosaurus, five-fingered hands for the plants they grasped
Ostrich shaped Garudimius, the horned one
And the tree dwelling Hypsilophodon, though this has since been dis-proven
Iguanodon like our Iguana, possibly travelled in herds
The helmet-like crested Jaxartosarus, similar in today's birds
With spikes and plates, the Kentosaurus had more ribs than his mate
As big as T-Rex, you don't want to be on the Labocania's plate
In 1677 it came from the ground, this Megalosaurus was the first to be found
For Noasaurus in 19th Century England, scientists were no longer confound
Oviraptor the toothless one, but clawed hands - don't argue with me son
Then there's Pentaceratops the horny one, he certainly was not - to be outdone
Quaesitosaurus a sauropod cousin, shaped the same with whip like tails
The Rhoetosaurus of similar ilk, heavy on land -  in the water our whales
Stegosaurus the plated one, these helped them from the burning sun
Big in size big in name, Titanosaurus -  with speckled back the armoured one
The Utahraptors, the ones with the teeth, lacerate their prey  - ready meat
From Jurassic Park grip your seat, Velociraptors you don't want to greet
Wonderful Wuerhosaurus, a spiky Stegosaur from the Cretaceous time
The Xiaosaurus of bipedal rhyme, these glorious beasts alive in their prime
It's England again, The Isle of Wight - Yaverlandia was found with bones so thick
Last of all the Zizhongosaurus, i have my favourite so take your pick

My youngest loved learning about Dinosaurs growing so i thought, why not.

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Civil Union

By the way, Have you felt the stick today?
Missed a support payment or alimony?

How’s it feel to live in the land of the free?
Surely, this is NOT civility.

By the way, can you afford the heat?
Does your menu include gene-altered meat?

In a civil land, surely all would be fed.
In a civil land, all would have roofs and beds.

How’s it feel to have no obvious choice 
run by a government who won’t hear your voice?

By the way, have you paid for the water you drink,
because you don’t trust, the kitchen sink’s?

Certainly civility should and would decree
a clean, functioning place to simply pee?

Would a civil nation arrest and detain
so many strangers to receive a water boards’ pain?

Does civil society require your passport chipped? 
Does a nation of laws allow phone calls clipped?

Each country claims to be this mythical land
where the masses are cared for, given a hand.

In this Never Neverland no one would stay sick.
We'd all live good life’s without carrying the stick.

In this Never Neverland we'd live proudly free
represented by goodness in grand civility.