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Song Couplet Poems | Couplet Poems About Song

These Song Couplet poems are examples of Couplet poems about Song. These are the best examples of Song Couplet poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Song at Sunrise

A Song at Sunrise

He sang the song at sunrise, to the morning dawn It rose into the atmosphere and carried on and on It fell in gentle rain upon the barren lands It moistened upturned faces and was caught in outstretched hands It blew within warm winds across the marshy fen Was whispered through the waving reeds and reached the hearts of men This song is never ending all around the earth The song that started long ago with our sweet Saviour's birth
POULTER'S MEASURE that is in alternating 12 then 14 syllables lines and so on (the form always commences with a 12 syllable line) Courtesy of Brian Strand Margaret Foster: 18th February 2010

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Bird Song

Blast it bird! Where are ye off to?
Don’t ye know the day is through?

Oh but I’ve a lovely song to sing,
I must ere I do another thing.
To the man in the garden who works with the hoe,
He’s tired and lonely and his heart needs to grow.
Then off to the widow who thinks of her lost mate,
And  meditates on the gorgeous sunset of late.
It is my heartfelt, joyful duty for which I long,
To comfort God’s people with my little song.

Oh, well off you go then,
Your song wins again..

Inspired by Francine Robert's contest 5/8/11

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I Would Write a Song {resubmit}

So much of my life I spent doing wrong
If I could write music I would write a song

I have done things a man shouldn't do
These words are written for they are true

If you open your heart and look to the sky
Ask of the Lord then hear the reply

It won't come in words not words you can hear
It may come with a smile or fall as a tear

I found an angel said bye to my ghost
After I lost everything I gained the most

I found the Lord through the poems I pray
Sometimes it’s best to just give it away

I write out my words for they help me see
Simple is best for simple is free

Think of yourself just never think down
Your mind holds the music just listen to the sound

Everyone you meet has something to say
Be sure to include them in the prayers that you pray

All that you do and all that you see
Shares in your story and your destiny

When dealing with others do what you do
Just be kind and gentle to those you do it to

Everything is nothing that it shouldn't be
As a seconds a second and a tree is a tree

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The sun sinks low within the sky as does his heart
For from his own true love he knows that he must part

Walks-With-Sorrow plays a song of lasting grace
To shield him from the tears cascading down his face

The silence of these woods brings him a sense of calm
And with his song he finds himself a healing balm

Way off in the distance there's a bride-to-be
With watchful eye just waiting for her man to see

The beauty and the ecstasy their union brings
Unaware of his decision she still sings

Songs of wonderment and glory she will carry
For today she gives herself to him to marry

But Walks-With-Sorrow knows that they can never wed
They will not be together in their marriage bed

Warring families forced them to keep their love hid
Passion for each other tribe elders forbid

So now he calls upon the skies to the Great Spirit
In the distance his bride cries but he can't hear it

Walks-With-Sorrow is a man so filled with pain
He'll never leave these woods or ever love again

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Tell HIS Story"
sponsored by Constance La France~A Rambling Poet~~

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A Song Is Born

Touching me deep in my core;
strings vibrating,fingers sore.

Long into the night I strive
to figure out the jumping jive.

Won't stop strumming till I find
that tune implanted in my mind.

The logical and lyrical
combine into a miracle.

Crescendo lifts into the sky;
a band of angels standing by.

Playing now with all my might
this song is born into the night.

I'm gratified with every note
and every lilting word I wrote.

I hope you will remember this;
That music-making is my bliss!

for "Limitless" contest
sponsored by Paula Swanson

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Everyday Song, Daily 37

Play the everyday tune
And laugh at the need to swoon,
Over habits and needs
And all the worry it feeds.

Record the everyday woe
And question where should I go,
To the easy comfortable place
Or to the mysterious hard to trace.

Sing the everyday song
And seize the moment, make it long,
Amongst the short course of the day
The present has a melody to play.

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I have a little treasure trove where I keep special things.
Today I thought I'd take it out, search through my memories.
Inside were pictures, souvenirs and things almost forgot,
And then among some special notes, a paper I knew not.

It seemed at first a poem that was started long ago.
Written just for me, in secret by my beau.
He must have written hurriedly, and stuck it in my hand,
To tell me I was special, he thought that I was grand.

I've kept that note, his song of love, for lo these many years;
And as I read it through again, it still brings me to tears;
For this song was like his love, he said it had no end,
Till I became his wife and so a new song could begin.

                                                                       Judy Ball

For Treasure Trove Contest by Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of PS

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The REAL Food Song - My Passion

Potato chip, I love you up, my darling little buttercup. A cup! A Reese’s chocolate one with peanut butter. Oh, what fun! What fun is time with nacho chips; delightful cheese to tease my lips. My lips around a hamburger, with onion rings my heart to stir. Stir the chili in the pot. Add tabasco; cook it hot. Hot, that snack I love so well, is buttered popcorn that I smell. Smell the pasta fantasy- sauce and parmesan for me. Me and cheesecake, cherries atop. Once I start, I cannot stop. Stop for ice cream; what I wish- a sundae sitting in a dish. Dish me up some southern fried with mashed potatoes on the side. A side of bacon, crispy fat. I see nothing wrong in that! That’s a spicy hot tamale. Enchiladas make me jolly. Jolly Christmas; candies sweet, turkey, ham; so much to eat. Eat a pizza. It’s the best. Now I’ve gotta take a rest. For Deb Wilson's "My Passion" Poetry Contest

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The song

Hear the song she plays night after night
Willing it calling you to make peace or fight

You hear the song calling on all
whether it weak or strong, you hear the call

calling the willing and unwilling
The song she is sure to sing

Listen true
It will catch you

How its interpreted is how you hear
The song she sings with a tear

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Song of Hope

You sing it loud and I sing along
We sing a song of hope, our hopeful song
You and your words get me through the day
The lyrics and beat know just what to say
Saying we all have our worries and need not
That at least there's two things that we got
We got our lives and we got this to sing
We got voices and music to bring!
Bring on the wonderful feeling
Bring on the gift of melody
Lets sing of the truth with our tongues
Lets sing this song at the top our lungs!
And as long as I can sing, you know I will
Nothing says anything more better or real
And no matter what terrible endeavor
Your song of hope holds hope forever

November 2009
The 2 songs that inspired this:
Song of Hope - Robbie Seay band
Worries - Langhorne Slim