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Couplet Depression Poems | Couplet Poems About Depression

These Couplet Depression poems are examples of Couplet poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Couplet Depression poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I heard it on the news today All my dreams have been blown away I’m sitting here now in my bra and knickers With a bottle of gin and family pack of Snickers Oh no it’s such a sad depressing day George Clooney’s getting wed today Oh those eyes so dark brown and sultry And with his hair turning grey mmmmmmmmmmmmm Guess lots of ladies are in mourning They missed their chance now reality is dawning… All across the land ladies are wishing It was with him that they were kissing Now if only I was ten years younger - twenty is nearer the mark If I plaster myself in make up and went somewhere that’s dark If only I was tall and slim I could have had a chance with him So guys if its chocolate your lady is craving Buy her the biggest box it will stop her raving Make sure you give her lots of attention And George Clooney’s name you must NEVER mention Jan Allison 27th September 2014

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Missing You

I look across the bed… you’re not there… you’re dead.
I look across the bed and see…you’re no longer next to me.

I reach over and try to feel your skin,
and remember all the joy there had been…

but my hands come back empty…trying desperately to hold on,
barely clinging to life now that your gone.

And I let out a cry I’m quite sure heaven hears,
Or will it linger in limbo for all of my years.

How lonely this bed, where imprisoned I lay.
How long can I take this day after day?

They say that in spirit your right next to me.
But that is no comfort for it’s blackness I see.

They say that it’s time to move on with my life,
But they have no clue of my pain and my strife.

You were my best friend, my angel, my love,
You were hand picked for me from above.

You were the one who’s soul I adored
Whatever I did you were there to applaud.

You alone knew me inside and out,
And the love that we shared left no one to doubt.

For you were my angel sent from above,
To care for, to lean on, to cherish and love…..

So I’ll go back to bed where imprisoned I lay,
And hope for a joy that visits someday.

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you don't love me

ever somewhere in my soul
 it burns
the lashes of the whip
 that forces me to learn
that i had touched
 the thorn of your rose
the puncture was deep
 and the sting still grows
part of my psyche
 tries to forget
but the sting of the incident
 is like the lash of the whip
into my ears the 
 loud pop went
when ever i'm reminded of the
 message you sent
in shame i cannot look 
 into your eyes
they won't tell the truth
 they'll only tell lies
how can i reclaim 
 my wondering soul
that refuses to leave you
 even though i'm gone
and your soul that i thought 
 i had in exchange
suspiciously missing
 isn't that a shame

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The Bird Sings

If I were a bird, would you clip my wings
then cage me away with pretty things?
And, if my wings were to be clipped
why not just burry me within a crypt,
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
For to have wings that cannot soar,
then why not nail me to the floor?
Tonight I shall make my final swan song
knowing I have been locked away so long.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant so kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So still the caged bird, she sings
without her sky, without wings.
Sometimes laments, sometimes sighs,
sometimes she whistles her own reprise.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So then curious is it, the caged thing
who finds she has the heart to sing?
Because it would seem a great strain
to be caged seems twisted and profane,
for a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
When asked, why do you sing, bird?
The answer is a simple word,
hope, for escape from behind these bars
that keep me caged from the stars.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
Birds should have no master, no kings
and love cannot be clipping wings.
But now it seems I must live confined,
in this hand crafted cage of your design,
but a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So must I wait for these wings to heal
and relearn how the wind may feel.
If I must be caged, still my heart sings
of the day I can again use my wings.

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Never Tell

He smiles in my direction as he walks in the door
And laughs at my heart, now a puddle on the floor,
The people walking by turn, point and stare,
I repeat over and over, “there’s nothing there…”

Rains of passion, waves of homicidal angst,
You can’t look backwards and still walk straight,
A million signs are screaming out at you:
Stop-danger-watch out-you’re running too

Quickly, swiftly your friends all walk away,
I’d like to say something, but it’d be so cliché,
Silently you sit and watch them go,
Hoping inside that they don’t know,
Maybe they won’t know, but everybody knows…

I think of you and I think about stars,
Captured fireflies in marmalade jars,
Beautiful reminders of what may have been,
But the fire goes out, and they lay there dead...

He says, “The poison doesn’t do it for me anymore,
I need a pain to leave me lying gasping on the floor,”
My eyes go cloudy as he looks to yesterday,
I say, “I never meant to hurt you anyways...”

It broke my heart, I almost cried
To see you hurting, so broke inside,
Twist, plunge deeper, lemon and salt it so,
Some suffer in silence, I’ve come to know,
You’d rather be alone, you asked me to go...

The colors flew around the walls,
How I got here I don’t recall,
He handed me the bottle and I didn’t think twice,
"Just get rid of the pain, whatever the price..."

I think we danced, at least we may’ve,
Silly boy, to think I’d misbehave,
He said, “I bet I can change your mind,”
Slow down, stop, (learn to) rewind,

“Hold my hand,” I pleaded, to who?
I don’t think so, that’s not something I’d do,
Stop, not there, leave me alone,
I don’t want to be touched anymore…

A glance at the reflection as I pass a mirror,
I thought I saw a smile, but it disappeared,
Spin around and around, a crystal ball,
Reality’s a mist that surrounds us all…

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The Ever-Present

Light is the Most Damning of Natures Creations,
It Masks Beauty Whereas Darkness Perpetuates it.

                             - The Stars They Shine,
                                             But The Night is Black -

This Space Was Destined To Be Understood By
The Ticking Minds of Sober Gentlemen.

                             - Not A Drunken Irish Boy -
                        - Ceaselessly Inspired by Its Beauty -

The Strings Cast The Vibration Through The Skin,
And the Mind Frees Itself With Anticipation

                             - I Have No Reason To Believe -
                      -  That This World Was Built Upon Love -

The Foundations Beneath Us Quake and Sway, But,
We Choose To Live Above Those Rotten Fathoms.

                             - Ignoring The Ever Present 
                                                 Corruption of Togetherness -

This Earth Spins on Its Broken Axis, Onto a Stage of
Perpetuating Loneliness...

....I Wish I Was Just Visiting,
                        But This is My Home...

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I'm Sorry Part 1

I'm sorry that I'm always sad, 
That I do things to make you mad.

I'm sorry that I've lost my hope,
I'm sorry for the ways I cope.

I'm sorry that I bring you down,
I'm sorry that I make you frown.

I swear to God that you must believe,
I love you more than you can see.

I'm sorry that my heart is dying,
I swear to you that I've been trying.

I'm sorry that I cannot see,
much future left in front of me.

I'm sorry that I'm so depressed,
I realy know that I'm a mess.

Writing this note's made me see,
Just how much hurt I've made you grieve.

I'm so disgusted with myself,
I'm so damn bad for your good health.

I know that It's hard to admit,
I've made this such a long hard trip.

I feel like I have ruined your heart,
Like I have torn you all apart.

I have a question for you dear,
And, yes, your answere I do fear.

You said that you missed her big picture,
When you saw, you changed your fixture.

For your sake, love, please look at mine,
Before your heart's put on the line.

I'm sorry that I'm so impatient,
I'm just afraid life's not worth waiting.

I really don't want you to leave,
I want for us to both believe.

I want to once again find hope,
But it will be hard on my own.

But then again if I'm too much,
I don't want to kill all your love.

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I'm Sorry Part 2

I'm sorry for the ways I fight,
I'm sorry that I dim your light.

I'm sorry I'm so negative,
That I am so competative.

I'm sorry that I'm so outrageous,
I'm sorry my hurt's so contagious.

I don't want to see your heart eache,
Cuz when I do my heart it breaks.

I'm sorry that I'm not so strong,
But you inspire my hearts song.

I'm not alone cuz now I see,
Your light that's shining just for me.

I'm sorry that I'm up and down,
But, Dear, You win the patience crown.

My love for you's so strong, please see,
A fire burns for you in in me.

I know that It's hard to believe,
But God will help us, just you see.

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Divisions Of A Philosophical Mind

Infant mind preferred scientist the best Whose brain worked off beat beneath a bird’s nest. Alas! Time told that I wasn’t at all gifted by god, So it was inconceivable to befriend sin, log and mod! Then was the school life, amazed with pilots and aero science, Flying free with strong wings was definitely nice! Someone told that people with hi-eyepower were not allowed The excuse was enough to drop the dream of being pilot-renowned. So I participated in school dramas with a secret fervor of acting, I was tired of seeing more and more talent; and decided of quitting. Music then became a part of my life; I started listening to all kinds I failed a school audition, so further working on it would be a sacrifice. So I began to grow tired of this endless game; grew tired of being tired And went on and on, writing this poem without fear of being fired! Because I had learnt my lesson too early, yet failed to see I had not There would certainly be better; hope was still to be the best shot.

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Inside four walls I currently reside
Within this house I continue to hide

Hurt lurks beyond these bounds
Crumbs of ash in piles and mounds

A cold fire burns deep
This amber glow will keep

Fearless as I may be
This outside world I can not see

For pain has been my enemy
The outside reminds me of the memory

For many nights I toss and turn where I lay
This memory hurts in a transparent way

Sunshine is but a remembrance of youth
I hide away like a midnight sleuth

Dimmer and dimmer is this light
It only gets brighter during the night

Where one can think without sound
And think what is really all around

Out of this world I feel
Is everything I touch real?

I see but am still blind
I am out of body, but still in mind



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I Stand Alone

What you see is a hollow shell,
Inside I stand alone in my private hell.

My pain is something I try to hide,
It is kept locked deep inside.

No one to talk to about my morbid thought,
Nor anyone to care nor anyone that can be sought.

On my face you will see a smile,
But inside I have been hurting all the while.

I have sisters who I love dearly,
But lines between us have been drawn clearly.

I have friends, a very a select few,
But they have their own problems they are going through.

I hate to be an obligation.
What I would give not to have that sensation.

I want to be asked about in genuine concern,
Not because you see me as problem to discern.

I know these issues are mine and mine alone,
However it would be nice for someone to just phone.

To ask how I am really feeling,
And not take the crap that I have  been speeling!

I want someone just once to say
That they thought of me today.

That they want to know what way went by,
That caused me to lose the twinkle in my eye.

I ask about everyone because I truly care, 
But feel like I am not really all there.

Is it too much to ask
For someone to forget about the past?

I know that most of this is my own making,
But it is still real, there is no faking.

One day I hope to have that sparkle back.
But 'til then I remain still at the end of the pack.

Still a hollow shell,
Still alone in my own private hell.

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Disappointment was never as lovely as she
Hope caught in my heart fighting delicately
She's always the dream that never fades upon waking
The cause and the comfort for all of my shaking

I like to glance over then turn carelessly
Just to see if it makes her come over to me
Her smile is infectious and wipes away fear
If it fades then I show her that I'm always near

Sometimes we are split by self-built barricades
So I break through our silence of awkward blockades
And no matter how often old times we recall
We'll forever laugh and the false walls will fall

They all think I'm crazy my truth to repress
Do anything for her and never confess
Yet silently love I continue to show her
It's enough just to feel that I'm getting to know her

But despite my devotion and adoration
There still remains space for one complication
The spark in my eyes grows colder and dim
When I am reminded she's happy with him

Surely love wants the best for the person it's for?
Not selfishly trying their joy to ignore
But however hard jealousy my heart will dent
If my darling is happy, then I am content.

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Another Day.....

Why is everyone so surprised,
To learn of the pain I have disguised?

They say that they had not a clue.
They always say"Who knew?"

They had not a single notion,
All the tears shed could fill an ocean.

They all want me to put my heart on my sleeve.
Why so again everyone can just leave?

They say my soul I should bare,
Yet they as well never share.

I am just going to be by myself.
My heart will be placed upon a shelf.

I am hurting way too much
No longer want to feel or touch.

I have made my many mistakes.
This is my life, that is the breaks.

I have many sins and many regrets,
Never shall I allow myself to forget.

All my pain and all my endless sorrow 
Shall raise its head again on the morrow.

It is mine and mine alone.
I should not grumble or even moan.

One day the sun will surely shine,
And I will no  longer whine.

Til then I will just silently scream
And pray this is nothing but a dream.

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Twenty Five

Creative inspiration
Mixed with gas price inflation
Voluntary solitude
Welcomed ingratitude
Served the homeless in Manila
Then become a homeless college student
And mother in America
Racial discrimination justified
As manager proclaimed Black Girl
Gave Jesus his eviction note
While her abusive ex she couldn’t
Wait to promote
Self-employment had to end
As her car became uncooperative
Wrote poems and created soliloquies
Since the voice in her mind
Had to be freed
Degree hanging on the wall
While debt remained stacked 10 feet tall
Apathy knocked on the front door
While shame and disgust waxed the floor
Dreams of the American family
Burst into flames
Along with the hope of wisdom, wealth, and fame

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Goodbye Granddad

Gravity pulls my tears into pools.
Im sinking in sorrow -emotional fuels. 

Just turn back the time, I just want a moment. 
To say goodbye once, to cherish and own it. 

I loved my granddad - a man more than great.
Paired with my Granny as the perfect mate. 

A montage of memories that rush my soul.
My eyes fill with tears, I'm losing control. 

Just keep it together, it's what he would want. 
They all say the same, but I stand in front. 

Happiness swells, yet sadness prevails.
Like Christ on the cross, with hands full of nails. 

Life has a reason, and death isn't treason.
-It's moving on up.. A lifetime's a season. 

I look to the sky and say my goodbye.
The time won't turn back, I gave it a try. 

I close my eyes and imagine this-
Paradise in a place full of bliss. 

World peace in a piece of the world.
Without loss and bombs never hurled. 

Snow that falls that doesn't freeze.
Sun that shines that doesn't cease. 

A land where "The forever" is real.
A scene where the sick always heal.

Life with infinite love, like gusts in the wind.
Two little doves, with eternities to spend. 

God has a plan, fool-proof to the core. 
Now Granddad's with him, a reward of much more. 

-Yours Truly

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Numbed And Exhausted

Just like closing a book without reading a page,
Or as to a child who is tired of being a kid;
Like a preacher that won’t stay in a pulpit so long
Or to a sprinter who leaves from the running throng.

No time for laughter or for returning a grin
Or consoling oneself for the pain deep within;
No self-pity or pride to be felt by the heart
Yet reserved and reluctant for another start.

Sleep is precious and so desired by the mind
Having no urge for a smoke or for the spirit of wine;
No more is the longing for a kiss or embrace
When the will of a man only needs its own space.

Like a rooster of the dawn that would be cackling no more
As the dew that would dry without wetting at all.
Or a poet who used to spend some long sleepless nights
For the mind is now stalled with nothing to write.

No more rhyming lines or a tune for a song
Though the art for the craft is still able and strong;
But to rest and to rest is what the soul ever wanted
For the spirit that is numbed and so exhausted.

Date & Time of Writing
November 19, 2011
1:32pm – 2:05pm

I had a sleepless night and feeling the pain within my heart up to the time of this writing. I am simply getting impatient of my own patience. I feel that, for such, I become vulnerable to exploitations and blatant lies. Albeit, I still strive to be fair by keeping the pain within myself and hoping that at the end of this particular writing the pain I have inside would be just a driving force of coming up another piece of a candid poem.

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His heavy hand hits you like a pipe made of lead
His loud voice grinds deep sinking into your head
No hope is left for you because he will never change
Even though you try your best to stay out of range
When nothing you do will take the pain away
You are out of your mind if you continue to stay
For your sanity… for your pride… for your life 

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Just Need A Hug

I ponder a purpose from above
I really could use some of his love

Searching from deep within
I wonder how things will end

If I could shed a single ray of light
This would bring me smiles of delight

If a smile to a child I could bring
My heart would feel fresh as spring

Coming to the aid of one in need
This is how my heart seems to feed

Wiping a tear from a soulful heart
Helps keep me from falling apart

If my life has not been in vain
Why then do I suffer this pain

I am still lost on this planet we call earth
Why have I been this way since birth

Edward J. Ebbs - Spring 2006

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Treating life as though it were a game
Years go by and you still feel the same
Seems to you like it's all been mapped
Choices made and now you feel trapped
Make a wish upon that distant star
Struggle like a firefly inside a jar
Once knew freedom in your younger days
Reveled in the joy of your wandering ways
Dream of the past as the years go by
Wild and crazy, now some times you cry
Joys and sorrow, success and strife
All have purpose in a human life
Like a summer night without a moon
A set of lyrics that have no tune 
Some times you feel an emptiness inside
Like a place inside your heart has died
There's a light, on each one of us it beams
if  you believe they can't take way your dreams
Look beyond your problems and you'll find
Feeling trapped is just a state of mind
When you know that your heart is true
You find your skies will be turning blue

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Pluck your soft and gentle strums, Forcing out your fading hums Sing forgotton words, now empty, That used to tug my tears a plenty Whisper through soft lips, the truth, Awakening your dying youth Words of saddening emptiness, Between the Bars, just one more kiss Mumbling lyrics, fumbling strums, Forcing out the softest hums Brush the air with every breath, Until all sound is put to death

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Memories - Abuse

Oh mom I see your blood.
It runs from your nose like a flood.

I cannot run or even hide.
I am screaming inside.

Why is he after me.
I am too little to flee.

I cannot scream or cry loud.
Oh God who am I now.

Where are you mom for I fear.
Oh God, I need you near.

I am so confused.
Why have I been abused.

Mom I see an Angel near.
Now we have nothing to fear.

Why did he do these things to us...

Edward J. Ebbs :(

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So Nearly Everyday

A long single strand of hair.
Deep darkness of my despair.

Everyday is much like the last.
Waves of darkness are all that pass.

I need the light from somewhere beyond.
Anything to guide me from the endless dark pond.

Spare me the madness of these lonely dark days.
Desperate and alone without some light to clear this haze.

I walk in a fog of anquish and pain.
I grasp for anything solid or go insane.

My screams are unheard by all around.
I beg to be released but there's never a sound.

My screams rebound from the torment I feel.
Never to be heard by anyone who's real.

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Why do I Love You, You Hate Everything You've Become

There’s are ghosts in your head that just won’t die
While there’s a liar in your eyes on whom I can’t rely
And there’s a method to your madness, but no one knows
That something’s not right until its ugly face shows
Because the ghosts just keep screaming, too loud for you to hear
That when you thought I was gone, I’d always stayed right here
And though the liar tried to trick me, saying words you’d naught believe
So that I took on all your monsters when all I needed was a reprieve
But soon you tasted my blood to find that you liked the taste
Longing, wanting more, so you laid me waste
Though I begged and I pleaded for you my dear
You only heard and saw ghosts never really there.
And when you saw your blood, it proved the last straw
That horrible scream that unhinged your jaw,
I knew never again could I come to call you mine
As foolish a faith as that of a Divine.
For you, there was only the ghosts inside your head
Haunting your eyes and the liar with all his words yet said.

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Micaela II

You're Still The Most Beautiful song,

That I've Ever Written

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Goals, Dreams and Aspirations

My aspirations are torn into shreds,
Had wonderful dreams but nmow they are dead.

I tried and I tried to follow my goals,
But now all those visions are burnt down to coals.

I'm sick oh so sick of my failing so much,
The way I can't prove I am good realy sucks.

So now my conclusion to this idiocy,
I'll never know why I had the nerve to dream.

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Indigenous I Am, from the Stolen Generations

This is a journey, a trip call it what you will It follows the footsteps of my ancestors, and allows my thoughts too spill Firstly let me take you back, to tell you so little of my past Indigenous I am, from the "Stolen Generations" I did not last This is why I must make this journey, to allow me to find the real me To retrace the few steps I made, to rediscover what my young eyes seen How ironic that the person I'll ride with, is the son of the then official Whose deliberation to round up us children, the scene, locale It's now the morn of our travel, where I look I find hard to see The peripheral of the distant horizon, is all that really captures me The town where I grew up so young, barely to the age of five Perth, now bustles like a termites nest, zig zagging in busily strive Into the bush we go, to a place where us youngsters so enjoyed Moore River Native Settlement, which soon became children void As I walk my arid lands, patterned in the heat of this day I recall with every step, where us Indigenous children played We could survive on the smallest of fruit, water we could easily find Even the son of the then official, said that we are a superior kind He marvelled when I spotted tracks, traces of where animals crossed Remembering back to when I was five years old, our lands always talked We opened up as we led our horses, introduced all those centuries ago They opened up my lands, rivers we walked, now the white man flows This is a journey I had to make, it's called, it's in my will No more "Stolen Generations" no more will my culture spill

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Is anyone there

Step outside and feel the cold
Daily routines seem much to old
Walk the drive, get in your car
Drive to work, it's not too far
Check in early before the sun
All the machines begin to run
Drive around to scattered spots
Look on the moon and see the dots
Turn around no one is there
Paranoia brings a heightened scare
Just shrug your shoulders, look away
For every minute comes ne'er the day
Your hands are cold, nose is numb
Hear that noise, sounds as a drum
Turn around no one is there
Shrug your shoulders if you dare
Your time has come, can't run away
Never shall you see, the light of day

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How to Fix a Broken Heart

A Broken Heart is sad to see.
To repair it, takes patience and TLC!

Recovery's a challange, of that, there's no doubt!
First thing you must know, is what bought it about!

With utmost discretion and a compassionate ear,
Ensure your advice and support are truely sincere.

Then if you persevere, and you really do care,
soon, that broken heart, will begin to repair!

He or she will be greatful, if you are discrete.
Your reassurance and inspiration will make the healing complete!

Consequently, the heart will be just like brand-new!
Therefore, "time heals all wounds", as they say, must be true!

by: Ralph Taylor
Contest:  How to fix a broken heart.
Written:  3/18/12

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The Calculation of Loss

I Love The Sound it Makes When The Fingers
Slide String, Switching From Chord to Chord.

                - Like a Straw Piercing Plastic -

Music is My Only Solace, My Withdrawal From
Everything, But it Neglects My Frailty.

                - I Can Hear Their Souls in My Fretboard -

But There's No Sight Any More, No Interaction,
No Touch, No Love. We Are Barren.

                - The Killing of Muses -

The Movement of a Thousand Fingers, Smoothing
Horse Hair Across Suspended Steel.

                - Washes Right Through Me -

They Snuffed out like Candles. One by One
I left Them, and They Went in all Directions.

                - I -

The First One Was an Icebreaker Session,
Right Into Reality, Seeded By Angst.

                 - II -

The Second Destroyed Every Perception
I Had of Love, But I Was So Young.


The Third Made Me Miserable, Masochistic
And Fuelled Entirely By My Loins.


The Fourth, Separated by Inconceivable 
Distance Through My Raw Isolation.

                - So Much Beauty -

But as I Stand Here, Sifting Through Nostalgic 
Debris, I Can't Help But Think... 

...I Lost so Much More.


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Life Interrupted

When you can't relate any more
Your thoughts are out the door

No sympathy, no empathy
Stuck in a foreign embassy

Of a thought process strange
Clever shots are out of range

The drugs, the grog, the women
The warped sense of dominion

Are you stuck in my head
She said or are you dead?

She asked.

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Raindrops Mixed with Tears

Raindrops paint a muted reflection on my front window pane.
Wails come from a thunderous sky; I wipe away my tears again.

The summer sun melts my mask and a still breaking heart.
Raindrops fall cleansing the earth, I resign to make a fresh start.

Violent storms defined my summer, autumn rain renews my soul.
Drops create a clear reflection, a smile and precious life extolled.

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Collision of Fate

How Long Has it Been Since Two Strips of Red Flesh
Have Puckered and Uttered The Word Blaze?

The Mind is Void and One By One the Carvings and 
Paintings of My Friends Diminish into Obscurity.

                       - Dust Covered Palette -

Father, I model My Entirety Around Your Genius,
Yet The Misery Does Not Subside Nor Relinquish.

Focusing On One Aspect at a Time, The Self
Destructive Pre-set in My Head is Running.

                        - Right On Schedule -

Pain is Relative, I Have Suffered More Than A
Holocaust Survivor and Less Than an Adored Child.

Sometimes The Acceptance of This Insignificance is
Enough To Make You Shine Brighter Than God.

                        - I Hope One Day -

                                 - Our Paths Collide -

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I Lost the Love of My Life Today

I lost the love of my life today
I held her hand as she slipped away.

Although my heart wished she would stay
I told her to go, that I’d be ok

for her suffering was too much to bear
And to wish her here would not be fair.

I lost the love of my life today
I’m struggling hard to find my way

She was the one who held me strong
When life was tough and all went wrong.

She was the one whose strength I clung
She was the one my soul had sung

And now she’s gone and I’m on my own
And alls I hear is this endless drone

My mind is numb and my body weak
My soul it has no words to speak

I lost the love of my life today
I Don’t even have the strength to pray

Except to say “dear God Oh WHY”
Why in the world did she have to die?

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Depression 3

why cant these people see
the pain that hurts deep inside of me

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White-Knuckled Courage

I've reached the other side you know.
Daily my cheeks are aglow.

White-knuckled courage is my pride.
I paid my dues and took the ride.

The fog has lifted from my heart.
I've been given a brand new start.

I fought my demons-took them down.
A smile's replaced that lowly frown.

When times are rough and hope is lost
I'll not forget what doom has cost.

White-knuckled courage is my pride.
Brought me through to the other side.

The pale white moon glows on this earth.
Finally I'm happy about my birth.

Laughter and love shall follow me.
I'm blessed and fortunate as can be!

written January 5th,2014

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Pick your heart up off the floor
No one listens anymore

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The prison of the keys

And now I've lost my papers,
My passport and my wife,
The very essence of
My identity and life.

My bank account is empty,
My cloths and garments sold,
My skin and bones are ashes,
Spread thin on the open road.

My old car's broken down,
No wheels to touch the floor,
The motor been dismantled,
Stripped clean down to the core.

The bailiffs and the policemen,
Have emptied my abode,
The promises I made you,
Have been auctioned out and sold.

The love I hold within me,
Is all that I now have left,
The rest is bleak illusion,
The bind man and the deaf.

The imaginary people ,
I thought were my friends,
Have left the scene forever,
As the road of life does bend.

And now I stand alone,
Upon this lonely hill,
I gaze upon the meanings,
The years have silently killed.

In the roaring storms of thunder,
In the lightning in the night,
In the whispering of the children,
In the white doves lonely flight.

In the dust of many ages,
That has settled on my soul,
In the ashes of my humanity,
That has filled my begging bowl.

The ancient breeze is blowing,
Calling me to my knees,
To behold the light within me,
In the prison of the keys.

more at

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The Room Of Study

To sit in the confines of knowledge
At a desk the colour of porridge

An air of unescapable heat
At a desk the colour of wheat

The lure of the Mail Online
At a desk the colour of brine

Looking at Jamie Kirby's broken leg
At a desk the colour of regret

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Locked Inside

I needed a way to release from inside,
All of the tears that I never cried,

My head was exploding from all I kept in,
While onto my face I glued a fake grin;

I hid inside my suspicion and fears,
And locked them away for many years;

They built up a wall and trapped me within,
Until I didn’t even know where to begin;

I had every emotion locked in my heart,
So I started to write, I made it my art.

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A Place In The Sun

On occasion, I saw a tiny light from above
but it was masked by depression’s glove,
and the hands that were lovingly stretched out 
were pushed away and messed all about.

But one trying day the sunbeam found me
and showed in a vision all I could be,
expressing if I wanted that prophecy to come true
there were some things that I needed do.

That round blink didn’t have a gloomy glow
as it guided me to a Savior in-the-know;
we talked over all my blues and greys
and finally I could see through my angst's haze.

A Place In The Sun Contest
For Gail Angel Doyle    Jan 16, 2015

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The Innocent

         If only everyone could see today
         how innocent lives are killed away.

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RFD a Poet

Pop was quite a poet,
though his bio wouldn’t show it,
with the exception of this little poem
which I really do feel I owe him.

He was happiest working in the wood,
and did so when ere he could.
That was one of his necessary incomes,
for his five daughters and four sons.

It was then he would sing a song,
Always short and politically wrong.
The rhymes could make us boys smile,
If not but for just a little while.

In the woods he was a self educated master,
He loved it there; peace is what he was after,
Everywhere else, us boys were a bit wary,
His temper trigger was a little hairy.

Brought up roughly, a Canadian farmer’s son,
A machine gunner in the Second Big One,
I never heard those gruesome stories very often, 
Only when he allowed his heart to soften.

PTSD and nightmares were his living hell,
complicated with Malaria fevers as well.
With depression a formidable resistance,
He farmed for his family’s existence.

In good moments he would sing poems of an alter life,
Where there was, obviously, no such strife,
Of “when he would go swimmin
With many bull legged wimmin”.

Those feeling good songs rang out loud and gay,
To keep his painful depression at bay.
“Yes ... we have no bannaners,
We have no bannaners today!”

Canadian French was his language norm,
So many of his songs took that form.
I’m sure Mom was his best and biggest fan,
She must have really loved that man.

He had a hard life and his song poems helped him through,
We were often at odds but he did what I could never do.
An unknown hard man with a well hidden poetic heart,
I don’t think he knew it, but Mom did from the start.

For each of his children’s names, he made a French rhyme,
Making the most of poetic license for each of his nine.
They probably weren’t politically correct…
But at least for that one moment,
we  .. Each of us ... were his elect.

( Dedicated to the memory of 
Rene Francis Dufresne 1917-1998 )

written by Bob Dufresne 6/5/11

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Missing Thorn

I've got this thorn and it stuck to my brain.
Doctors called it a tumor because it was one heck of a pain.
Though it made me laugh and formed tears in my eye,
but doctors said it was time to kiss it goodbye.

Yesterday, the thorn was pulled out.
It didn't hurt much, all said was an "ouch".
But now there's a hole in my brain - and it hurts
even though the doc. said he had scrape off all the dirt.

I want the thorn back in my head...
it stopped the blood from leaking when I lay down my bed;
it filled in the empty gap and made me more firm.
I want it, I need it. This feeling...what is the term?

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Journey To The Sun

We Constantly Refine Ourselves, From Head To toe.
The Erosive Qualities of Nature Scrape us Into Frailty.

Viewing Death as The End of a Journey, as Opposed
To The Beginning of Something Spectacular.

               - The Flame Collapses -

The Bearer of All Life and the Initiator Of Creation,
Has Come To Reclaim it's Abusive Population.

We Think in Spirals and Weave Through Untrustworthy
Miracles, Polluting Ourselves With Spirituality.

               - We Are The Damned -

  - And The Fire Will Burn Through Our Skin -

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Tears for a Rose

I strolled along a garden path as the sky threatened a thunderous wrath. I knew I should run for shelter soon. Our storms were often severe in June. Lightning spit from an angry sky and the gusty wind let out a cry. My feet froze near a rose in bloom. The roaring sky foretold of doom. In despair, I reached for the darkest cloud feeling it's rage, my soul wept out loud. Wanting my sorrow to have a name knowing the sky was feeling the same. Lift me into the gale, I dared to ask. Living in pain is a burdensome task. Draw me through the rain, drench my heart, cleanse me with the hope of a fresh start. I screamed to the heavens, take me away, where gray met with black, I wanted to stay. Battered and bruised, hail pounded my skin. Struggling for courage somewhere deep within, I reached for the rose, wilted and torn, the softest petal, the sharpest thorn. I cried for the rose and I cried for me, for the beauty that was and could never again be. for the Rhyming Game contest (Joyce Johnson)

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When I feel that someone is there
In my heart grows a dreadfull scare
People say that they are your friend
Some even say, they're there till the end

But how is that so, when they do not see
Who i am, what makes me really me
To me they talk, a day if I am lucky
But all it gives me, feelings are lurky

Can there be someone who will  never leave?
Is this something my soul can really believe?

If there is, it's not for me
Alone forever, I yet will be
So the next time that you see my face
We might be dead, in another place

So i'll take these seconds and hold them dear
To lose these memories is my biggest fear
I may look tough, strong on the outside
But I can be soft, loving on the inside

For me and you, let time pursue
Since if we wait, our love is true

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Unravel Me

Tears stream like water, rain in the night
A heart that still hungers for all to be right
Stoned by a circle, mocked while on stage
Emotions grow heavy from pain into rage
Scabs that were healing I picked them apart
All to uncover, I had to restart.

The essence of the soul, Purity
Only in your arms, Security
For the ship is overtaken by rough waves
I know that You’re the one who saves
Hear me while I sit
In the dark.

Carelessness, comes from movie clips inside my mind
Walls built to last start to unwind
And I can’t take the ache within the knots
It’s as if all I’ve learned I just forgot
For the flames of bitter yesterdays just ignite
Restless with this walk, I lose my sight

The essence of the soul, purity
Only in your arms, security
For the ship is overtaken by rough waves
I know that You're the One who saves
Hear me while I sit 
In the dark.

But I’m not alone
No I’m not alone
Going to the otherside
I must resist this fear 
Come alive!

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 4-8-12
Song written for the piano

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Wine and a swine

The weaker 
the wine, 
the bleaker 
the swine.

Volodymyr Knyr

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The Letter

A letter was received from a far-off land, please send us some aid if you possibly can. Our fields are barren, our cattle long gone, our farmers are now soldiers leaving wives at home. Some of our families are homeless, dwellings destroyed, by shells aimed at our villages, which we cannot avoid. Our children are starving; they have no clothes to wear. As for medical supplies, these are very scarce. So please send at once the things we desperately need, food, clothing, and medicine, this we beg and plead. We must thank you for all that you have done, and could you also send more ammo for our guns.

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The Creators of Ruin

It Seeps From Under The Sediment of Pre-Existing
Quarrels, Tapping The Bone in Search of Reason.

                    - He Bites Hard Into His Fingers -
                              - Warm Copper -

His Dreams Gave a Glimpse of Reality, Told Him
To Focus on Nothing But Learn From Everything.

                     - Give Way To The Waves -
                    - They'll Take You From Here -

He Lay on His Back In The Water, Staring At
Moonlit Clouds, Paving His Mind With Philosophies.

                     - Humans Are Creatures of Habit -
                      -That's Why We're All Miserable -

Sacrificing Pleasure and Indulgence For Familiarity,
And Comfort. We're All Creators of Ruin.

                     - Building and Weaving Worlds -
                         - Of Vague Insignificance -

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Abberations of a flailing mind

The morning births a new day's sun
Revealing night's shadowed pun

Why this road, you ask of me?
Something wrong, I've done to thee?

My body weighs like anchored ships
No words I speak from quivering lips

My hands are bound, my mind is spent 
As thoughts incarnate my lovers scent.

My sight is scant, a labored breath
Desperate cries, My soul near death

Each beat my heart now pays its dues 
For loving you was mine to choose

I lye in angst, a tattered seam 
A chapter closed on lover's dream

Oh my lord, my dearest friend
I pray to thee in hopes to mend

This broken heart, of saddened tale
To find the truth where others fail

My dearest God I crave thee now
Since my love has flown to thou

These answers that I fail to find
Aberrations of a flailing mind

Imprison me from heavens love
And make me doubt my God above

But I will not let idle mind
Keep me from my destined time

For life is short and one day near
I'll hold the one I love most dear

So steadfast will I trust in him
And never doubt my God within.

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Her Name

She colored my eyes red
She's broken, filled with dread

She looked into my eyes
Through glass that made a disguise

And cried me a solemn lullaby
When I said hello she said goodbye

She took my hand in hers
She healed the scars of spurs

She held onto me, her song
Of loneliness, far too long

I look into those eyes
And see through the red disguise

See through the shattered glass
Through the blubbered mass

She colored my eyes red
Her soul striving, her body dead

But living all the same?
Confusion is her name

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-Silence is Only Golden, To 
                       Those of Us Who Can Hear it -

Even in The Pitch, The Rumbling of Nothing
Stirs Up The Voices Behind My Eyes.

The Virtuousness Withers as My Patience
Rots Like Wilting, Weather Beaten Wood.

             - I Love How The Creative Brain Studies  
                                Academic Precision as if it Were The Enemy -

And There it is Again My Friend, That Voice
Which Whispers So Lucidly, " You're Alone" 

It Strips The Oils From Your Skin and Turns
The Eyes into Harnesses of The Dark.

              - The Strain of the Dilation Dries The Liquid,
                                 And The Hollowness Overtakes The Mindset -

Trapped inside a Head That Doesn't Want You
There. Sharing A Skull With The Devil.

The Searing Heat Creates a Deep Scar, A
Comforting Recognition of Overcoming Pain.

               - We Tend To Fear What We Can't See, But
                                 I'm More Afraid of What's Staring Me in The Face -

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Scar Tissue

What is scar tissue compared to a wounded soul,

A perfect life is one with secrets untold,

A lost love leaving behind an embedded dagger,

Into the cliché of life we valiantly stagger,

Hoping for redemption or dignity regained,

Is there any priceless pleasure without resounding pain?

All the while we seek ever elusive peace,

And toy with the frailty of our beliefs,

But in the end it’s all the same,

When you are alone there is no one else to blame.

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Deep Dreams

In the true depth of the darkness There is a deep streaking likeness Of light blasting onto my weary face Showing a tired old form of disgrace Needing a hope of the ages, a friendly smile Needing a great hug, helping hand by the mile She finds me with sorrow in my heart My dreams she sparks, my love impart A love that I don’t deserve she gives Freely in my dreams, she forgives
Entrant into Michael J. Falotico's "Deep Dreams" contest 11/12/2012

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Finding Peace

I walk among the weathered stones, Contemplating my life alone; Staring into the vanishing light, Praying for the courage to face the night; Fearing the endless days up ahead, I’m stuck here alone, no friends but the dead, Trapped in this place, never to be freed; I was deserted by all in my hour of need; I look around but no one is there, Filling my lonely heart with despair; The soulless blackbirds fly overhead, “Tirzah” they whisper, my name brings me dread; I’m stuck here alone with naught but my fear, The path to my future remaining unclear; I cling to the memory of my fading past; Hoping that I can find peace at last.

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Humanity Memoria

Periodically Taking Part in Realistic Endeavours,
He Slowly Collapses into a Respite Dream World.

Shaken So Heavily By Common Impurities That
His Judgement is Only Perceivable in Silence.

Entwined To a World That Has No Purpose For Him,
His Relevance Falls From Him and He Loses Grip.

            - He's a Walking Cliché of Misery and - 
          - The World Doesn't Want Him To Forget. -

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My Days have Come, My Nights have Past,
Death has Come to Me at Last.

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Too Deep

I’m tired but I don’t want to sleep-
For when I sleep, I go down to deep-

And it is hard to see the light ahead-
When inside your heart feels all to dead-

When your life is based on shaky ground-
Every second the air seems to gain a pound-

And you know you can’t fix the past-
When every time you know you’ll come in last-

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After the Storm

Father had no choice the court order was clear,
we were taken to that dark place of fear.

They took our nice clothes and gave us rags,
like children of the street dressed in shags.

Abused and beaten cries in the night,
we always waited for first light.

Not much food to eat each day, 
you learn how to keep the pain away.

Separated for months we were apart,
this almost broke my heart.

My brother all I had of family,
now was gone as I sat absently.

On a summer's day he was returned,
I was overjoyed but my heart still burned

Our Father returned a week after that day,
he told us freedom would soon come our way.

Innocent victims we did see that day,
silently we were lead away.

As the doors opened the sun shined bright,
we took that step into the light.

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Life In A Glass

The sum of years raced past her eyes Faces, places, loved, despised Tender feelings, broken hearts Lies unspoken, well played parts All collected in this glass With amber liquid mixed, alas The burning feeling had begun Her thoughts appraising what she'd done On her cheek, a single tear Her vision blurred, but her mind clear Prepared to leave it all behind There, in a glass, a life defined

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The Feeling

From deep within a silence grows
Vastly spreading, yet no one knows
No one knows of what's to come
The Feeling is sudden, then it's done.
Often with pain, fits of sorrow
The Feeling leaves nothing, not even a morrow
With much haste, take one last breath
We all succumb to The Feeling of Death.

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When you were with me,
I was assuming myself like a prince.
When you were looking at me,
I started gazing in your eyes.
To see myself in you,
It was the only way in few.

When you were smiling at time,
I was compelled to hold my breath.
When you were talking to me,
I was hearing the magical sound.
To feel you around,
It was the only way I found.

But, when you were going back away from me,
My heart was crying with your yell within.
Today; when I come to know that you  are hating me,
I started hating myself….

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My History of Me, One Day

We awakened, we argued, just like we had done before
It was mostly about football, the Celtic versus Rangers score

I would choose my team, as usual he would choose his
Pushing and shoving would then entail, growing brotherly bliss

But this was a day that was going to unite us, brothers, yes we
For we were getting our uniforms, the Boys Brigade's 4th Company

Football squabbles we left behind, to Bishop Edens we would go
It's our Primary School, did I tell you, our learning's in scholar show

As usual we met at playtime, in the same team we always played
We were like Pele, no doubt, well! it's what we tried to display

To the clock we always watched, as we told each other after school
Lets hurry home to have supper, for the 4th Company in us ruled

We left the caravan together, then brotherly competition arrived
Hey James! I'll race you to the canal, my little legs in strive

Into the distance he ran, blimey! he's much faster than I thought
I must continue to look up to him, he's my elder, I'm sure well taught

Just as I turned the corner, now knowing that I'm lagging behind
One minute he was there then gone, images now run through my mind

What I have witnessed, is now focused, a JU250 van has swept him away
It's impact I feel in my heart, I'm now in slow motion play

I now reach the junction, in my peripheral I hear my brother scream
Nothing like this I have heard, am I absorbed in a nightmare dream

The driver exits the van, his head he holds in his hands
I'm seven years old in tears, just trying to understand

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Guard down

Outside her home, proudly he stood -
gun in hand, just as any guard would.
Daily, he had to face a heartless war -
protecting the house at which society tore. 

He had built an indestructible barricade,
Outside which he stood for more than a decade. 
He sheltered her home from the many evils of humanity,
He kept her strong, she maintained her sanity. 

No one truly got to know the girl that he protected. 
But after a sleepless week, his duties were neglected. 
In a moment of weakness, the wall fell apart.
The guard shot down, the girl back to the start. 

Vulnerable, she realized the world won't like her with a frown: 
So never again, will she let her guard down.

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Waiting to Die

Hatred for life is symbolized by a knife ,
to slice the pain and forget your strife. 

Tortured by rage deranged and betrayed.
Amidst all the heartache the blood will be sprayed. 

Tears for fears of living a lie, 
time has a way of going on by. 

Waiting for something or someone or nothing. 
Just hating the world and waiting to die. 

-Yours Truly

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My first poem, in opposition to last poem

How can I express to you what it is that I really think
Words, vague expressions of though, only touch the brink
I try my very best to get the point across
Each time feeling that I am at a loss 

Difficult as the situation may have always seemed
 I always challenged that doubt and always dreamed

 Doubt has fought back, and now hope is at it's end 
Now only despair and loneliness do I have, to lend

The time has come for great sorrow
Now there is no yesterday nor tomorrow 

Only the present, which is absent of all bliss
My own thoughts telling me what I will miss

Never did I have the chance to look into your eyes
So sad that before even knowing you, I must say goobye

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If I should wake

Every night I try to sleep I lie awake tired and weak I dread waking the next day with fear it will end the same way.Then when I can see your face my life stops flowing as a disgrace my life blossoms like a flower praying together another hour.I bid farewell to you my friend. For the poem this is the end

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My love for you has been in vain-
Now I wear this heaven-made chain-

But unto me, give half the blame-
No more then, to hide my shame-

Lost myself one so great-
My heart now ruled by hands of fate-

Now less chance to find another-
Why then should I care to bother?

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Sunrise In Our Eyes

Copyright © 2014

Beaming into our eyes
  a beautiful sunrise.

But birds still sing
  and humans cling.

Clinging to hope
  still trying to cope.

Cope with what was and is
  a sunrise to birds still a thrill.

That beautiful sunrise
  fading from our eyes.

by: lp//0830hrs Easter Standard Time

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Could He hear me

Should I raise my hope and pray more,
now that I’d lost almost everything to the shore?
As I paddled my feet in the endless sea,
I asked for mercy but could He hear me?

And when I found myself drowning down,
would He ignore me with a frown?
To the alley of death I sunk down whole
would He care and save this sinful soul?

Within this hand, held a knife –
that ever wondered where came the life.
Déjà vu settled on the faded scar – 
that asked me how I made it this far…

Though finally ended up at the start,
dripped blood that parted the church from heart,
that tore the spirit from heaven, left burning hell
I asked for mercy, He just didn’t hear well…

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Forever Alone at Night

Dark nights to spend alone, 
are all I've ever had or known. 

I lay my body down to rest,
Then feel my heart sink in my chest.

While no ones there to care,
My life is hard to bare. 
So I lay in the dark and stare,
Thinking about my past and suicidal dares. 

Sleep doesn't come easy to the wretched and wicked,
So I accept this is my life and that I picked it.

It may get better someday.
But as for now, it'll stay the same way. 

The same as it is when I cry or moan,
the lonely voice I hear is only mine alone. 


-Yours Truly

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  On my grave the rose you cast,
all you see is my past.
  As you know me so well,
now i bid you farewell.

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The Deadly Dart

Wherever I go through out my whole life,
I end up struggling with lots of strife.
Thinking that my life is a total waste,
Wanting it to be over in a haste.

I can feel the pain inside my own heart,
Like someone through at my a deadly dart.
The wound is easing deeper and deeper,
Will the pain ever stop getting bigger?

Feeling emo is never a good thing,
Cutting your arm makes a really bad sting.
Blood is dripping from my arms and my heart,
Failing to dodge the largest deadly dart.

Drowning in all the lies and self pity,
I live each day but always feel sh*tty.
I have lots of thoughts about suicide,
But then I think about those who have died.

Those who have died not just from suicide,
But also those who are really nice guys.
...This "poem" was actually suppose to be a couplet (on any thing you want) for my english 
class but i made this kind bcuz i was feeling emo that day...and also after i was done i read it 
over and it almost sound like a rap song which, i guess, is kinda funny and cool.........

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Inside the Outside

I'm standing on the inside of the outside of my dreams
It's misty grey, I'm so alone and down my cheeks tears stream

This is the place I have frequented from the age of five
And every time the mist lures me here, I wonder why I'm alive

It whispers to me and tells me why no one seems to care
Sitting alone and seldom talking whilst into space I stare

   So young and safe you should have been like many girls and boys
   Your innocence, your purity taken, becoming one of his toys

   I lure you here to comfort you, a soul so now alone
   My soothing mists surrounding you in dreamed safety roam

   No one will ever harm you when you enter into my world
   Solitary you are presently, but one day you'll be that girl

The morning sunshine awakens me, her rays shining on my face
As I slowly drift from the soothing mists that nightly save my grace

I head off into my day as I have done for the past fourteen years
Knowing when night time comes, the dreamed mists allay my fears

For how long I will feel alone, my thoughts honestly cannot say
From five years old to nineteen as I am, I know I'll speak one day

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My Darkest Dream

I go to bed an close my eyes;
That is when my imagination flies.

I dream of family and friends,
Then I see their ends.

Darkness drowned the light,
And I lost the will to fight.

Darkness walked,
And Fear talked.

In Darkness, I did drown
While Fear held me down.

In Darkness, I had a path to choose,
But what would I gain? What would I lose?

Every feeling of Hope
Was taken and bound with black rope.

Kindness and love were no longer there,
And could not be found anywhere.

I tried to open my eyes, but could not see,
Because Darkness had a hold of me.

I tried to scream and scream,
Trying to wake from this evil dream.

I prayed and prayed. I prayed with all my heart,
And finally the Darkness began to part.

My soul, with joy, does scream,
Because I have waken from my darkest dream.

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Loneliness Resides

Sitting here wondering why I write
Questioning with no answers in sight

Seeking the vocabulary to express 
The emotions in me; what’s on my chest

Searching for inspiration inside 
Only loneliness resides; no shame, no pride

My mind is blocked by hopeless visions
Emotions numbing from loves division


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Possession of Deep Depression

Grips me a strange worry
Life I am unable to carry

In heart there is a void
Prayer is by me employed

Saddest emotions shroud
Forming in my mind cloud

By lingering longer and longer
It stops me becoming stronger

Often eyes shed blood tears
Have vanished all my cheers

Solace is not at all arriving
Only gloom, mind is deriving

No escape rout to save
For anxiety I am a slave

If my mind I express
None is there to caress

Those whom I love
Are not with me now

None to care and cure
God alone must assure

Life sadly goes on
My hope is gone

Why was I born?
Why am I on thorn?

Everything appears damn strange
Will end come for an exchange?



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How I Tried On Valentine's

How I tried on Valentine's
all over the many years.
I've lost all of my Valentine's
and most of them in tears.

How I tried on Valentine's
to find my merry mate.
Working through the ugly
and possible first-rate.

How I tried on Valentine's
Forgetting all my failures.
Moving to the next one
oblivious of the bailers.

How I tried on Valentine's
to settle for much less.
Hoping that the next one
Would change and reassess.

How I tried on Valentine's
to go the other way.
Hoping that they'd chase me
finding me as clay.

How I tried on Valentine's
to say what's on my mind.
Shouting out my arrogants
and baiting the wrong kind.

How I tried on Valentine's
to make a friend at first.
Only to be shunned again
by girls who want you worst.

How I tried on Valentine's
to wait for the right time.
Left to find my girl
on another's dime.

How I tried on Valentine's
to spin a small milk bottle.
Landing on a stranger
foreign without throttle.

How I tried on Valentine's
to meet up with a bore.
When all she kept on talking 'bout
was nothing and no more.

How I tried on Valentine's
coveting one man's wife.
Only to release her
sharing in man's strife.

How I tried on Valentine's
Loving her full body.
Finding that she had no mind
and wished she had a hobby.

How I tried on Valentine's
Waiting to make love.
Ending up with others
When push came into shove.

How I tried on Valentine's
Seeking out a hottie.
Making me a sickly boy
who's doctor now called naughty.

How I tried on Valentine's
Expecting an easy date.
Getting just the opposite
but figuring it too late.

How I tried on Valentine's
Jailbait in short skirts.
Quick to kiss what doesn't last
and limits to their flirts.

How I tried on Valentine's
making the first move.
Only to find I'm ignored
for others in her grove.

How I tried on Valentine's
forcing my own way.
Told by a cold shoulder
How I could not stay.

How I tried on Valentine's
two instead of one
Only to be shot down
and told that I am done.

How I tried on Valentine's
Perfect to a tee.
Wanting only to be seen
in a bar as fee.

How I tried on Valentine's
Cautious and carefree.
Never knew what she was thinking
or who was bird or bee.

How I tried on Valentine's
remembering what I've learned.
Speaking words of wisdom
and loves that have been spurned.

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Mine. Forever Lost.

A lover lives a life forlorn:
To walk and weep where lovers mourn.

Forsaken dreamer, cast away:
Will live a life of disarray.

Courageous characters alive:
Will die too early, not survive.

The ingenuity of thought:
It passes slowly, soon forgot.

Amuse the mind at any cost:
What’s left is mine. Forever Lost.

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Moonlight Melodies

Melancholy notes drift through the breeze
Suspending every breath they seize
Stealing every broken wish and hidden sorrow
Embracing the gaze of one who will never see tomorrow
Holding captive every sob and tear
Unrequited love and heartbreak it holds near
The emotion of a funeral in every chord
Each a final prayer to their lord
Memories of times past 
Thoughts of how the good times never last
Unrealized hopes and dreams
A fake smile and everything that isn't as it seems
Pure life entwined with every line 
Grief and loss, a distant "I'll be fine"
The harmony enveloping every dull ache
Deep regret that's hard to shake
The symphony is of these emotions and lost chances
Alongside the midnight moonlight, this broken melody dances

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The Shade Of A Swizzle Stick version 2

The shade of a swizzle stick frightened the drunk
Who's head bowed down in shivers of funk
Like leaves that cool when shriveled 'till shrunk
To swizzle our sticks in cool ice junk

Dum Drunken man with lids; his dreams
Erase each moment in flickers and seams
Won't die 'till morning; eyes form beams
When memories left forget it seems.

~The Shade Of A Swizzle Stick

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In Search Of Jacob

<          riding home with brother and friend from convenience store
            this masked man got out of his trucks door

            asked each boy what was their ages
            made them place bikes in ditch or face guns gauges

            Jacob was the oldest of the three
            just 11 good gracious golly

           St Joseph Minnesota close to St Cloud
           days weeks month lined with flowering shrouds

           his mother and father got congress to sign an act
           for crimes against children and sexually violence attacks

           now there is a bridge of hope
           called Jacob Wetterling foundation so families can cope

           our little lost sheep
           we still to continue to shed tears and weep

           for there is still an unmarked date
           where death has not been filled in on your headstones slate

Taken Oct 22 1989 From St Joseph Minnesota

In Search Of Jacob Wetterling still goes on

You Are Not Forgotten 



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I'll take her

I don’t recognize myself anymore
Greasy hair, grimy nails; I’ve become their whore
Servicing eight or nine men a night
I’ve learned it's better not to try and fight
Too many black eyes and broken ribs
So many punches that I’ll never have kids
All because I answered a newspaper ad
To get a new job, to help my gambling dad
I was kidnapped and sold into slavery
I’ve survived on false hope and bravery
It’ll be a miracle if I ever get free
For they have files on my family 
They’ll kill them if I run away
So here I lie on Christmas Day
Getting ass-slapped with a leather belt
And praying in vain, because no one can help

The above lines are Lydia’s story
It would be a miracle to end her whoring
If I had the power I’d set her free
And free every girl in captivity


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My hands too tired to write, motionless they fall
Mind and soul lethargic and dull, I watch the show

Life spinning-me sitting-watching the leaves tremble
in rays of light hidden from my window

I rest, wait for my soul to heal
wonder at my raising breath and listen
for sounds of joy to inspire my heart to beat

the pitter patter of his slippered feet,
my babies joy to dry this weep.

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Flames and Ice

I'm consumed by dungeon flames
indifferent to the pouring rains
that blinded me like lonely tears
scalding me with haunting fears

Loosely blowing autumn leaves
crushed to ash before my feet
fiery flames engulfed my heart
shriveled into thickened dark

My soul became a luscent pearl
dropped into the cauldron swirl
as chilled enough the piercing wind
extinguished fire from my limbs

...froze and clotted boiling blood
pulverized into black mud...

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Keychains on Collarbones

I am trying to find the backdoor
From this solitary room
The silence is oppressive
Shadows paint the walls with gloom.

The entrance stood wide open
I walked in feeling free
I was naïve and unsuspecting
When you pocketed the key.

I heard a loud jingle
As you sidled across the floor
Then you slipped through, to pull the latch
And boarded up the door.

You claimed to be a man of virtue
One of honour unsurpassed
But those keys that fill your pockets
Are not just tokens of your past.

My heart is held a prisoner
In this empty, lonely space
I wonder if this missing key
Is a bead on your necklace?

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In dreams far-flung with cloudy paints
I watch the sinners march as saints.

The palette dimmed and turned to gray
reflects the words I long to say.

For memories too raw to feel
and pain more than such art can heal.

I'll dip into my pot of gold
for circumstance thus makes me bold.

Sheer tapestry beyond the fate
of reason that's been forced to wait.

Dispirited and somewhat plain
these days are colored deep in rain.

Yet tides wash in on tenuous hopes
and swim me past these slippery slopes

Closing the walls inside my room
with willful disregard for doom.

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The Dark Side of Me

Sugar and spice, at what price?
Proper and prim, life is so dim.
Generously gifting, so uplifting.
Reliable and ready, I am steady.
Giving what I gain, never to abstain.
Helping honorably, always with no fee.
Charity charade, has become frayed.
Enviously eager, so sadly meager.
Loud with lust, pretending I must.
Dark with desire, raising me higher.
Rancid and rotten, I haven’t forgotten.
Weary and weak, you’re at my feet.
Gemmed with greed, fulfilling a need.
Mistrusting and mused, you’ll be used.
Manipulating minds, you are so blind.
Precious is my pride, to you I have lied.
Putrid ugly pleas, sorry but this is ME. 

What it sometimes "feels like" living with bipolar disorder....

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Dark and mysterious
-- You are my greatest fear
Rapt and enshrouded
-- There's nothing I can hear

Penetrating intersection exuding me dry
Excruciating pain.. Oh! How I beg for peace..
Can you see my tears? They dried as I cry
My clock is fading so, can I at last be at ease?

Dovey Annie

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My Former Life

He awoke in me
the spirit to be free.
I remember how it was
living a life with no cause.
Nobody seemed to realize
that my life seemed to be over and I felt paralyzed.
I would seep further into darkness and push people away.
It was easier to want them to leave me alone then beg them to stay.
But the day I received Christ saving grace
there was no sadness on Earth I couldn't face.
Receiving love from family was easier to do
when the Love of God is poured in through and through.
Remembering His love for me has lifted my eternal woes
and make me see that thoughts of sadness was nothing but a foe.

Inspired by ~The Lord Has His Arms Wrapped About Me~

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The Seed

Copyright © 2012
(up from our knees)

Thank you Lord from whence 
  we came and yet to be

For within lies the glory of 
  YOU in all of thee

by: LP

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Thunderstorm in Venice

A testament to human will it stands,
Fair maiden of all the foreign lands.
An equilibrium between Earth and sea,
Maintained in grotesque ecstasy.
The gentle lap of waves doth speak,
Of times ere now, of bygone weeks,
Of countless Romeos in ages old,
Emotions worth their weight in gold,
And whispers in the dark I hear,
Every time I saunter near
The unlit alleys and ragged walls,
Creaking bridges and eerie halls,
Fair Venice why art thou so dark?
Distress'd art thou, thy face is mark'd--
With horror; in words which no man dare etch,
Captured forever in this gloomy sketch.

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Your Hurt Just Hurts So Bad

I know you hurt - I know you work,
You've never recognized your worth.

I feel your pain - its every day,
Please let your fears just wash away.

I know your scared - it's never fair,
Please realize I'm always there.

Your hope is gone - this feels so wrong,
Forever I shall sing our song.

I see your cuts- were stuck in ruts,
Please promise me you'll shed no blood.

I love your heart - a brand new start,
We never will be torn apart.

We'll run away - that flawless day,
I promise we will be okay.

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A Living Hell

A monster lives inside my head;
He terrorizes me in bed.
He's there when I open my eyes,
So he can darken up the skies.

He pours in me his sick potion
That makes suicide an option.
He hisses, "Nothing seems just right
Come, dear, and end this morbid night."

My whole life hangs from a frayed thread;
It’s just safer to stay in bed.
Depression has me in his spell;
I believe in a living hell.

Like a good girl, I pop the pill,
But my monster I cannot kill.
Now and then he does reappear;
His reflection seen in each tear.

Please remember that I'm not free;
There is a demon inside of me.
Try to understand and be kind…
I have a monster in my mind!

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Torn into pieces, feeling belittled
Hearts hurtin, split down the middle

Dreams seem so real, steady wishin they weren’t
The same thing that makes me happy, can also make me hurt

I want to hold on, to keep my faith at hand
But deep down I know it’s been time to disband

Others see it and say it, I continue to disregard
I keep thinking I’ll change it, yet I end up scarred

I know we won’t end up together, never be as one
But the connections we have made aren’t so easily undone

Time with you is precious to me, I enjoy your company
And I understand it’s not only me you accompany

This is no longer a struggle for me, I’ve now accepted the fact
That I'm going to remain lower on the list, but I'm not sure I'm ok with that. 

I’ll embrace our last year together as close friends, and hope the years will last
Too bad our thoughts of one another had to so deeply contrast.

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Trust is the sole thing
which I aspired forever
but never did I gain it
from anyone so near

Always in my mind I did hope
to gain at least one's trust
but in every case
 I got the betrayal first 

One fine day I decided 
to count the umber of persons 
who had trust upon me
but to my amazement I found
hardly there was any that I could see.

I felt embarrassed as well as ashamed 
that so untrustworthy I was
that I couldn't be named 
for any good purpose or cause

My condition being worse than the worst
for I couldn't gain even my beloved one's trust
which I think surely is a must
to gain at least one's good trust

What's the use of my life
without anyone's trust
Oh God, Then please let me die
as I think I'm unfit 
to live in this world full of lie

Believe me the feeling of being betrayed 
is much worse than being un trusted
As the un trusted one can lead a solitary life
But  the betrayed ones are always haunted
and can't die even out of a knife.

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The Past is yours, the past is mine.
Your Past is Fine, Death was Mine.

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Invisible's Invincibility

I am an invisible man.
Try and see me if you can.

Shy and quiet I remain alone.
Silent is my voice’s tone

No one can feel my pain and sorrow
As I hide inside of my burrow. 

Shadows consume my body and soul
As I embrace the misty cold. 

The reason for my unseen being
Lies in the fact I hate being seen.

This life and existence’s of my own choice
And I choose not to have a voice.

I am silent. Invisible. Inexistent.
Yet I am invincible, an immortal being

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Blooded Honey

Her face is like a marble statuette,
blank of expression, emotions beget.
Motionless throughout vicious verbal storms,
driven by not complying to shared norms.
Weep, weep, weep bladed tears of rusted blood,
the only nectar of a frozen bud.

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lost in me

my terrible thoughts have me split in two 
so alone and missing you 
all by myself, with nothing to say 
I'm needing you more each and every day 
How would things change if only you knew 
that my walls are up like fences and i cant get through 
i can't see, and i have nowhere to go 
I'm scared to death that my tears will begin to show 
i need you to come and knock it all down down 
but until then i'll sit and pray that i can find my way around

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Outcry of a broken heart

Even my mind not stilled by silence
my thoughts outraged with hurt and hate
as Im dumbfounded with confusion
leaving the cause to no debate,
I cannot tell you what is wrong
to tell you means I'd have to trust,
and my heart no longer feels willing,
beating only cause it must.

I feel a dead man live my life
I see his cold abandoned heart,
I hear his agonising cries
as he is torn more apart,
knowing no peace, no rest I find
having no comfort, stuck in a bind
a vagabond, alone in his life
Ive been cut off, betrayal was the knife.

awaiting death, and still much worse
my whole life upon this earth
seems like a scheme to take my worth
and bring me to nothing,
such is my curse
and i fear the effects
may never reverse
and make believe that I am cursed.
the way I feel too great for words
too great to bear such constant hurt
my soul depressed and left prostrate
before God to help, I hope it works. . .

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Morning Wishes

In the light of another early morning,
I stand outside, watching the birds soaring.

Today will be one of a better day,
If only my peace were here to stay.

But alas the serenity I feel will all disappear,
And in it's wake will be the shattered things I hold dear.

The crumbling memories of love lost,
The broken dreams forever lost.

A close friend once revealed a light,
But now I am utterly alone in this fight.

There is no love left for me,
I am broken, can no one see?

Now always left behind,
Why is no one ever kind?

I am no longer who I use to be, 
Sometimes I just wish that I could be free.

As free as the bids high above, 
As free as a highly soaring dove.

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Buried alive in a tomb,
Wreaking havoc on my mother’s womb,
Stiffened by emotion and a dwindling spirit,
Screaming my lungs exhausted with no one to hear it,
Self pity and inexhaustible shame,
Dare I utter mine own name?
Alive, Alive is but a word,
Uttered in a tomb, its echoing laugh is absurd,
My perspectives have darken, my outlook bleak,
My tongue grows numb as kind words I speak,
What is this fluttering I hear?
Mine own heart stuttering with fear?
Halt! I cry, why? I ask,
Understanding of these happenstances is beyond my grasp,
For I have defaced true beauty’s form,
As a consequence, behold my forlorn,
In the depths of my aching soul,
Lies the contentment that escapes my sight to behold,
For in my state, I swear it is absent,
Drifting into depression I am hell bent,
How can I be helped when I will not help myself?
Destined for ineptitude as dust on an old wooden shelf,
My words are empty, lost is the song in my voice,
Destiny should never be a matter of choice,
For therein lies the predicament and the wholesome blame,
Destiny has made it choice and now I have no name.

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Severe whiplash to the heart
being thrown then torn apart

The selfish paths people take
make us forget all the lives we forsake

I yearn to stand close to you all my life
laugh at the damned planet and all it’s strife

This isn’t how it has to be
you can turn your life around and stand by me

Ancient addictions may tug at your sleeve
but I will be there to force the wicked to leave

I will ban my own wants just to cope with your needs
I just need the same from you, for me, please...

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View the world with a flash of light,
Yet every corner has a dark blight.

Infectious it spreads within perception,
Abusing the thoughts to a point of deception-

Tis just an abyss of belief-
Hope, passion, lost due to lack of relief.

Note:Entered this in the word I hate the most contest and didn't realize it said "4-6 couplets" I only wrote 4-6 lines. I apologize for that read the rules wrong.

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THese deadly lies pour down like rain,
Why can't you say your cause of pain.

I swear it hurts so bad to see,
That with your hurt you can't trust me.

I know that I've caused you to suffer,
And that we'll go through trials rougher.

Please don't leave me dead behind,
Because my memory's hard to find.

You're hiding something in your eyes, 
Pray its not forms of goodbyes.

As you walk away from me ,
Distances grows away from thee.

Your heart seems so closed to me,
What do you hide that i don't see.

I never will quite understand,
why you wont open up and,

My heart it aches from your heartaches,
But I will do whatever it takes.

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The Day God Saved Me

December 18th I felt the urge to cry
I felt like taking my life

Giving all back to my Creator at once
Saying "what's done is done"

I walked in the cold hours on end
Contemplating death as a sin

I wanted to talk to someone about my pain
But If I told them of my feeling would they think of me as insane?

Still searching for something to gleam about
Hoping something innocent and beautiful will take me out of this slouch

Rescue and deliver me from this evil tenure
Convince me that I'm not the worlds biggest sinner

As the blood drips over the bridges edge
Should I step further and plummet into this river instead?

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Thoughts In Class

The clock moves slow
But I can’t get off this seat lest I fall into snow
And all this time
I realize I only express myself in silent rhyme
Yet it’s all a blur
My stomach growls and kills me and creates a stir
I’m falling down
But I can’t sit here and bear it with this little frown
Just have to smile
Only for a little, you’ll be alone after a while
And then you cry
All my thoughts pour out my eyes, I wanna die
And now I’m fine
My eyes are clear, my face is too, I draw the line

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Death may be a release for ME,
it my be what sets me Free.

Free from things that cause me Pain.
Free from you that I Love in Vain.

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Into My Lungs The Murky Flows

Finding solace in the shadows,
Eyes burning from the day's glaring glow,

Looking inside for the flickering flame,
searching deep for something without a name,

Lost in darkness, the abyss taunting,
Clear thinking replaced by relentless wanting,

A voice in the distance, a whisper on the wind,
Insanity on the outside a manifestation of within,

Sinking deeper into the mire,
Clawing at the walls, reaching an inch higher,

Arms grow weary, breathing slows,
Into my lungs the murky flows.

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Took To the Dog Pound

I woke up one morning and there was no sound
As I got out of bed I looked at the ground

He wasn't there where was my dog
I looked in the rain and searched in the fog

I couldn't find him so I looked by the bay 
And then I just relized he got taken away

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In Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 it lets us know under the sun there is a time for everything,
 a time to dance, a time to sing,
 a time to mourn, a time to cry,
 a time to live, there is even a time that it’s ok to question why? 
Why Lord did you take her? Why did she have to go away? 
Why when we loved her and needed her, why couldn’t she stay?
 And if you listen to the small still voice as he whispers in your ear,
 I believe these are the words that you might hear….
My child you love her but I love her too, and you may not believe this but Heaven needed her much more then you can see,
she has a place prepared for her here with me, 
she is my special angel ,  she still has a works to do, and her earthly body just wouldn’t sustain,
it was causing her so much hardship and pain, 
It hurt me to see my daughter that way and it left you open for hell brimstone fire and rain, 
so I intervened seeing you needed the protection guidance and love that she gave you so good while she was able to fight, 
I had to! The pain in her flesh was keeping her from doing the job right! 
So I done a works when I called her home not just for her, but for you too, 
You see my dear child she is the guardian Angel that I have appointed to you, 
now she hurts no more, yet she is still there to protect, guide, and nourish you, 
so don’t worry she is not far from you, 
right now you may not believe me, 
but in days to come it will become clear and you will see, 
for Heaven has its angel back, her mansion she has claimed, 
and when the wind blows you will hear her calling your name, 
you will feel her showering you with love in the midst of the rain, 
and you will even feel the warmth of her embrace,
as the sun makes its way thru the clouds and shines upon your face, 
when all of this comes to pass then you will understand and know that my words are true, 
when I say she has not left….. She is still there with you!

									Dedicated to Marjorie Black our Angel!

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Terrified of nightmares, all the lies they share,
Show me my one love and how hes more content right there.

See him with another one, see him in his lust,
In these dreams I see him and I watch in pure disgust.

I cannot read my heart, nor my hopless emotion,
I cannot tell if I am still or if I am in motion.

I feel like I am dying, as I see him lay with her,
I'm starting to feel dizzy as things start to go ablurr.

I see him so impressed, as she pleasures him so sweetly,
And as I cry around the corner hear them 'cry' contently.

I know he'd never hurt me, but it's so hard to believe,
When I'm seeing everything occur in front of me.

I know its just a nightmare, it's never as it seems,
but why must I be haunted with these horrifying dreams.

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In God's Hands

In God's Hand

One day my darling dear ran away
Left silently without a word to say
Which I would ever want to hear
Like I love you or lets have a beer.

Lives like mine more than likely will
All your desire along with ability kill
She so closely had carried with her
Including my cat who likes to purr.

All I got left is my guitar and me
As I start singing a soft, sad melody
And If you sing, I will strum along;
Maybe we can make it become a song.

Played notes and out my heart poured;
And are the only thing that I can afford;
God Himself never would want to design
All of my sadness and an absent mind.

Eventually, finally a fool will forget;
Something had happened even better yet
On earth. she still will be waiting there
I'm in God's hand with His loving care.

James Serious Mysterious Horn, Retired Veteran

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Never do i get anytime
what i always aspire
my fate has seemed to be
turned into a great liar ......
               was it really my fault
               to think about so high 
               that even my fortune
               was forced to utter a lie
but no i didn't dream so much 
that i couldn't have fulfilled
It wasn't a burdenon me
but i couldn't achieve it still
              I have always been told
              to dream higher and higher
              but how can I do so
              when idon't get what I aspire
I aspire many things
but rarely do Iget them
with misfortune following me
towards my mayhem
              My bad luck is always bad
              and my good luck is never good
              what can Ido in such a case
              when i tried whatever i could
Every time after a failure
I decide never to aspire again
but my adamant heart
never understands and still tries to aspire

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love starved

If love is a hunger.Then my heart is 
empty.The pains run deeper then 
the pacific ocean floor.So many 
lovers my heart feels like a revolving 
door.I ask my mother to feed me 
cause i    hunger for her love .She 
gave me the left over scraps from 
my sisters and brother.barely 
enough to stop the pain.I ask my 
father to feed me and he only feeds 
my mother ,and when he 
remembers that I have no love he 
says hes fresh out.I asked my 
husband to  feed me .But he cant 
even make food.He gives me a 
dinner mint of lust .It disappears as 
soon  as it touches my 
lips.Countless lovers taking from an 
already starved heart. The inner 
parts of my heart consumed by the 
love given but never received.My 
heart is just and empty hollow lining 
.So empty the hunger pains can 
never be felt again.

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spilling nothing but lies
hopefuly they will meet their demise

putting words in your ear
but nothing's made clear

they contradict
claming to predict

that many will die
but thats just to save lives

so they say
but is it really the right way

is this just to bury
what the truth may carry?

they think this is art
the way they make soldiers depart

they claim they help
although they make them yelp

heh, but dont worry
i could of just made up this story

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Saviour Complex

Close your eyes and hold my hand

As you step into the quickening sand,

Wandering into your hazy dreams,

I slip in at the fragile seams,

Perusing thoughtfully at your hidden shame,

I whisper softly your sweet name,

You are now aware of my voice,

As it trembles air so moist,

Draining the fear and fury from your heart,

With song, poetry and works of art,

Your demons shall tremble in deepest fear,

Knowing that I am always here,

To look after you in your darkest hour

And be the ray of light in your darkest tower.

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You're Gone

Screaming to be free
Detesting all of me
Wishing you were here
Drowning in my fears
Crying to be whole
Loathing your new goals
Fighting to survive
Longing to feel alive
Struggling with this fate
Trying not to hate
Smothering all this pain
Explosive once again
Combating this new plot
Hoping I’ll get caught
Probing feelings naught
Tasting hateful lots
Pleading for your help
Banish hurtful yelps
Dejecting the unknown
I’m tired of being alone

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How thin is the line between love and death?
A poet's mind's length; a fine, raven  hair's breadth.
I remember clearly all those sweet times 
We lay after sex; all the low clock chimes
With your head on my heaving, breathless chest; 
The nights without you; alone; cold at best.
Between thumb and finger I twist the bond, 
The rope which we played with; with which so fond.
Muscle memory reties naughty knots;
As my mind's projector plays those old thoughts; 
It's ironic; those ties that gave us joy
Should end all the pain in this tragic boy; 
That the rope with which I tied fast her hands
Should snatch my soul out from the Devil's plans.
I slip down that knot; fasten the rafter, 
As I kick that chair, I hear her laughter.

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The Monster

The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

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New Colours

Colors , I just saw of everyone's
Including the nearest one's
knowing everyone little by little
I realize how much I need to fill.

Periodically season changes
never does it remain the same
So why do colors need to be
kept in the time frame

Man is the best color changer
for no one knows when can it be
unless and until it changes
no one knows who actually is he?

Thought I could understand people
But lo ! I wasn't right
for I received series of setbacks
in the bright moonlight

Am I still a maturing bud
maybe I think so
as I'm unable to judge
where and when I need to bow.

Colors I have seen many
changes I have seen many
never the colors of this kind
changing faster than the mind

After all I learnt a new thing
no one is near no one is far
it depends how you keep them
and how good your relations are.

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I neva envsagd dat I wil enta dis knd of mess
wat I dtest most in lif now covas me wit hs dress

No  notin  abt drug traffikin , yt I  ws  accuzd
Is it a crime 2 help a frnd in ned?dis made me confuzd

wen d content of d bag ws opend I felt djectd
Ignoranc is nt an excuz,all my appeals wer rjectd.

*No--know     ;neva--never   ;envsagd--envisaged
enta--enter   ;dat--that      ;dis---this  ;knd---kind
covas--covers   ;wat--what   ;lif---life   ;wit---with
hs--his  ;2--to  ;abt---about  ;traffikin--trafficking
yt--yet  ;ned---need  ;frnd---friend  ;confuzd---confused
wen--when  ; d--the  ;opend--opened ;djectd--dejected
Ignranc--ignorance ;nt--not; excuz--excuse;wer--were

CONTEST:"Text Talk" sponsored by David Williams

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The unread pages of my diary....
Distress & the misery....
Confined to only me...
Which no one else could see....
Makes me just half a man...
As helpless like an orphan!

Wounded words & woes of the heart...
& agonies that will never depart...
Hide in the pages within...
So that they are unread,unseen....

Ink mingled with tears
And,oft, some red appears...
Confined to this little book...
Which no one else will ever look!

Depressed verses...a pathetic version...
As though I am another person...
A person I couldn't recognize....
An icon of sorrow to be precise....

The unread pages of my diary...
The misery & the mystery...
Still surprises me with its grandeur....
Although I am the lone reader.....

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Washed away sitting in my bedroom 
Windows sit open flowers can't bloom

Endless procedures continue to resume
Can't live a normal life with a dirty room

Watch my mind begin to sit and unfold
Logic doesn't matter so I catch a cold

Forget to shower again today
Self hate takes over and I fade away

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Torture Of Breath

Home alone, and nowhere to go,
I ponder my existence, and what's it to show?

The care I crave, the emotions I lust,
Society has filled me only with distrust.

I pick up the bottle, open the top,
What am I dong? I have to stop!

I dump the contents into my hand,
I fight to force it away, but I jusy can't!

"Stop it! you idiot!" I scream aloud,
Tears are flowing, as my blood starts to pound

"Why can't I just end it!?" I ask with fury.
My hand forces to my mouth, as my sight goes blurry, 

"What have I done...?" I question in fear,
Not ready to leave, not from here.

I can't take it back, it's already done,
I close my eyelids, as I stare into a sun...

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The first duo 
The candidate we can trust

Manifesto reads 
War against corruption 

The second duo
The best man for the jobs

Manifesto reads
The rule of law prevails 

The apex of the duo 
 The life shortened

The good interred 
With his bones 

Emerged from the interred 
 Bones of the second goods 

The third duo 
Manifesto wears 

Re branding Nigeria and Nigerians 
Witnessing is dislocation 

Witnessing is development 
Of predators

Maimings and murders 
Here and there 

The predators 
Is a celebrated gladiators

The manifesto 
Is like glint 

Let there be 
Food on the table,

Sleepiest sleepyhead,
Foundation of a state 

Engaged youths  
Re brand served and serving Nigerians 


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Dream State

I broke my pen today
I lost my own way

Forgot what I could find
Consequently I am blind

I won’t be the same
Again I’ll eat the blame

Feel but do not touch
This pity is my crutch 

Pray to God and break
Keep me alive, not awake

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Artificial Nocturne

                  An impressionist’s pastel painting of the foe,

Releasing unheard sighs of a sinner’s woe,

Mere wisps of his charred and tainted soul,

His empty eyes resemble burning holes of eternal coal,

Seeing only deathly pale faces lined and worn,

While following an eerie voice full of spiteful scorn,

Leading him towards lost corners of insanity,

Where he’s bound to serve ‘til the death of eternity.

Eidolon creeps amongst the bonfires of hell,

Where wretched souls burn and spasm in this fiery cell,

Him, hidden in illusions his mind created the surreal,

Captured spirit behind solid bars of steel,

His timeless existence in oblivion and spoil,

Still climbing higher and higher, to where he lays,

Where Eidolon walks cloaked in sinful ways,

A cloak befouled and woven in sin:

A weeping widow’s rope-round-the-throat,

A drunkard’s drowned body a-float,

Greedy lord whom robbed the poorly,

A psycho who raped his first child, mercilessly,

               Their damaged souls tarnish this cloak of sorrow.

(I know it isn't complete and it's kindda goosebump/nightmare material. Sorry about that.)

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

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Torment manifests in my soul
Loved ones seem compelled to console

I live my past again and again
People’s sympathies bring back pain

Suppressed feelings vanquish
Longing grief shall languish

Infuriating my flesh with pain
Someone remind him of his shame

How I wonder about her fears
Far beyond my withered tears

Believe me when I tell you this
My child’s father stole her bliss

Such torment frustrates my world
Satan exploited my little girl

How can I subjugate this hell 
When Satan lives within her shell ?

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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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Eyvind Skaldaspiller -destroyer of poets

Skaldaspillar arise you are only wounded, not slain in battle                                                                                                                 No raven feast today, so laugh, yell at the Valkyrie skedaddle                                                                                         You are better than they, for blues come and go, but write your ode                                                                                                                                 You will conquer your foes, so rejoice, as they vanish into the starry cold                                                                                                                                 Choose joy, joy again Skaldaspillar, the poetic voice within smile and write                                                             Lifted by the free spirit of the ancient flame, then destroyer of poets, fight                                                                        Raise your pen of war, let the ink fly, spatter the paper door                                                                                                     valiantly standing, until all your enemies are no more

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Depressed, I sometimes walk the stairs of depression long and steep.
Black pooling darkness lays ahead, your evil ways surly creep.
A sad coward with a wretched and twisted plan.
You assumed that I was weak, I would throw up my trembling hands.

I woke up,  could not play that special fool.
Your behavior, an unexpected jolt as the heat in my blood cooled.
Depression reaching and flowing around my stunned heart.
While sparks of me flutter in gloomy dark.

My mind bulging in surreal pity and cold regret.
A soul riddled with stinging scares and bumps, seeking hard to forget.
Oddly tattered by the pricks of crying pain.
Depression is the only thing i have gained.

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Lift all the pain to just consume it all Watch my lifeless corpse trip and fall Enjoying all the last moments in this dimension Break apart the long lasted fundamental foundation - It's hard to understand the rest of this Just to sit and vision all of it fall in the abyss I don't know where to begin anymore Pick my carcass off the messy floor Put the colossus back together again But tremble in the fact of what has been

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Shattered Dreams

We learn that life is tough
And you must always be rough
You can only be able to survive
If your willpower, you revive
Because life is like being in a ring
A fight, every punch like a sting
Your opponent is surely fate
If you can beat it, great!
But trust me, it will be hell
Ask anyone, they will tell
Because fate will take away
All your possessions if it may
It will take away your loved one
Just to have some fun
You will have to watch their death
All of it, to the last breath
It will take away your friends
Bad things happen in trends
From your job, you will be fired
Although, everyone, you inspired
It will toy with all your emotions
Waste all of your devotions
All you can do is sit and cry
Even if you wish you would die
Nothing will stop it on its quest
Its the one winning the contest
Enjoying each one of your screams
Leaving you with shattered dreams

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Curled Up

Her skin white, drained
Her expression dark, pained
Eyes staring out, completely blank
Hair lifeless, dank
Her fingers curled, still
In her mouth, a cyanide pill

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There isn't much difference in being a ROMANTIC,
Than there is is watching the CUBS latest antics.

You have to love life on some level, you see,
To believe that the CUBS will not continue to go Pennant Free!

So, deep down inside you summon all the love you have,
Keeping it buried, except for being  what you believe.

I have always been a CUB FAN, sometimes in tears,
As "Wait 'Til Next Year", has forever been in my ears.

But I have followed this team thru thick and thin,
Feeling the pain and bearing it with a grin.

The ROMANTIC me sees them winning the Series one day,
The CUB FAN in me knows that is far, far away.

Their play has not been that extraordinary,
So, it tends to make us CUB FANS more than wary.

But then there are days when they flash-bang a team with hits,
And slap leather on the ball when it gets close to their mitts.

The big thing about CUB FANS is their "ROMANTIC" side,
Our hearts are big, we love much, and have little to hide.

There are those who scoff at our team's play,
But ROMANTICally we know that will all change one day.

Because the field they play on is one of the best,
We continue to hope that the team does the rest.

We are proud of our team but I've heard people laugh,
Like husband and wife, only CUB FANS can give them the gaff.

I wake each day during seasonal play,
Wondering what my team will do that day.

I look for big scores, no hitters, and more,
Most of the time I get really sore.

Not so much in a physical way,
But the ROMANIC in me sure gets a play.

The team will rock my foundations to the core,
When I find out how they let the other guys score.

So the emotional side of CUB FANS is real,
And has to be charged anew each day with ROMANTIC zeal.

That is why you'll see me write what I do,
Whether it's about my team or my life too.

I won't say it's easy being a CUB FAN in life,
But the ROMANTIC in me helps to get thru the strife.

Just remember that "hopeless" is not something you say,
When talking about the CUBS, at least not facing my way.

I know they haven't won a World Series since before most were alive,
They haven't even been in it...since 1945.

But we CUB FANS continue to hope and pray,
That our team will again, be there one day.

It's the ROMANTIC in me that says to you,
As my veins run full of only CUBBIE blue.

Smile, laugh, or think me crazy if you like,
The ROMANTIC soul that governs the life of this CUB FAN will tell you to just "Take A Hike"!

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Hollow Puppet

Hollow puppet dancing on her strings,
Fear, fear please don't trim her wings.
Crumple down to hard dirt floor,
Never, never to dance any more.

Limbs this way, that way thrown;
No movement truly her own.
Dark, empty all around,
No purpose, value anywhere found.
Meaning escaped,
Fear evaporate.

Hollow puppet dancing on her strings,
Begging, desperate, please trim her wings.
Pain, pain go away,
Let me dance no more this way.

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oo Sense Offense

We’d gag as we whizzed through the town if someone rolled the window down. It was a most offensive smell and a persistent smog as well. Committees formed, complaints were made and rules and regulations laid upon the owners big oak desk, to obey rules or face the risk of paying a most hefty fine. I was glad that mill wasn’t mine. Miill closes down and cleanups start. Hundreds of folks wtih a sad heart. Wage-earners paid the massive price, but now the town smells very nice. Won a third place in odor contest.

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This Discussion

Living on a path of self destruction,
Hammers to the head make a concussion,
What's the point this discussion,
Relieve this pressure built up within,
Put on this mask so all emotions are hidden,
Thoughts turn into actions in disbelief,
Just one cut for instant relief,
Genius of this magnitude is hard to find,
Ironically wasting away a beautiful mind.

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Only you

I long for respite from the light,
come hold me through this longest night

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

I seek comfort in your soft embrace,
please guide me to that quiet place

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

The weight of life, so light before's
become a burden I can't ignore 

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

I grow so weary of life it seems,
that peace may only come in dreams

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

I grieve, dear sleep when we're apart,
I pray your sweet relief to start

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

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A windowless mansion stands on a no man`s land
In it there`s a dark tomb made by my own hand
Here I`m buried with memories I treasure, here
I`m tormented by sensations of pain and pleasure
Every thought of you is a new brick in the wall
Images of fantasies decorate the haunted hall
I summoned angels, wished they lived with me here
But they turned into demons of jealousy and fear
Such sinister creatures know nothing of charity
The price for my pleasures will be my sanity

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Lost in the Heavens

The light from the firefly is starting to lose its glow.
By hook or by crook, he’s starting to be shallow. 

The feelings he has in mind are beginning to fade.
Even his persona’s becoming to be vague.

He cannot stumble on a place to stay for the night,
so he dashed through the dancing shadows to find some light.

Alone in the dark heavens that’s where he found himself,
that there’s nothing he can do but to flee by himself;

and the light coming from me started to lose its glow.
By hook or by crook, I’m starting to be shallow. 

Now, all I have is a feeling of seclusion,
a lonesomeness feeling that brought me to conclusion.

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I may be red, 
But she is dead.

Then he just left her there beside me,
Down by the roots of the big oak tree.

I have really sharp black thorns that hurt,
While she's decked in a torn blouse and skirt.

While he left with the heart that he broke,
She had words that she never spoke.

While she lies dead in the old bayou,
The words that she'd say were: I Love You.

Now that this sad story has come to an end,
I hope your heart isn't broken by your best friend.

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Between the ears

I raise my glass 
and give false cheers 
Leave on the light 
to hide my fears 
Wear make up 
to fade the years 
Bow my head 
to avoid their sneers 
Run in the rain 
to disguise my tears 
Plaster on a smile 
as inside it sears 
Gaze at the clock 
as the time nears 
Watch it slip away 
as it disappears

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Dragging on these Dingy bones,
Not much left except a soul.
This soul is locked behind the bars,
Trapped inside a million stars.
Locked behind the freezing glass,
Waiting for this time to pass.
This world will not be what you want,
No matter how you fight or front.
Counting all your open scars,
Looking at you broken arms.
Burning now within the fire,
Everyone calls you a liar.
But you know this isn't true,
Whats a boy or girl to do?
Trying to climb out of here,
Nothings quite as it appears.
Hate and love ,love and hate,
Trying to escape your fate.
Watching as the world has laughed,
Now you feel no more than trapped.

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Broken Lamb the Absent Shepard

Broken, shattered, torn little pieces,
Of my self; I continue to lose the way,

Dealing, deserving, dishing out,
A suitable punishment there is not,

A bloody trickling of tears,
Covering the body in sickness and in fear,

Stretching the length of my insides,
My shame knows no bounds, besides,

Who could fix this broken thing?
So lost in a cliche of words that is so a maze, bring

Me, this lost lamb, no shepard to be had,
No, deserving hardly, I willingly walk the other way.

Shall I not desert the others?
I shame mothers and I shame fathers,

Stay away from me!
Only pain and misery that will be.

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Burnt down, fatigued, no feelings left, 
So devastated, world means no heft
I am not a phoenix to rise from ashes
Soul does not let receive new lashes.

I am plagued with tortures of ill fate 
Downbeat and broken, it is time to rate
My noble deeds and even wicked
My Lord, I beg, don’t be too strict!

Would love to live a century more,
But locked for me the main door
I knocked at it ten thousand times
Then I came back with all that grime. 

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I have depended on you through it all 
now im ready to jump and fall 

No more sweet innocent lines
id rather leave behind this pain and claim what is mine. 

The black spells all around, 
clame my heart without a sound

Prepared to loose my life 
to stab my heart with a sharp knife. 

Determined to rid of the pain inside
but not knowing how to cope and wanting to hide. 

I feel so afraid of the things ive done
of not being accepted and always having to run 

The darkness of the night shadows over this wee one
wanting to do anything that is fun

To do something daring, frightening and scary 
but longing for some love and comfort to relieve this weary 

Not knowing where to look, 
not even knowing the Holy book

I dont want my heart to feel so hurt 
to feel so burdened and disturbed

I can no longer see his face, 
and i feel so distant and scared in this place

All hope is lost at this time
im just hoping he can wait for me 

until I conquer this climb

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Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,
Will your time with me bring joy, or endless sorrows?
There is no way to know what you will bring,
Whether it start with pain, and anger, or birds that sing.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,
Why does every day that passes by replace you with a new sorrow?
What hopes I have for you each day,
They all get dashed and thrown away.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,
Is my life really cursed with an endless sorrow?
As time goes on my hope disappears,
The happiness, and joy replaced with pain, and tears.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,
Will you please stop this endless sorrow?
Now I pray with open hands,
For that day when this all ends.

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A genuine sparkle

You listened to me 
All night long 

As i cry to you 
this sad sad song 

Fears of worry, pain and hurt 
but that doesn't stop the love you've learnt

You understand and care 
even though you aren't near  

Thank you for listening 
even though im not glistening 

Your amazing and significant 
I will think of you when I'm distant

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Your actions and your words do not coincide
I'm unsure if it's emotions or disinterest you're trying to hide

Please just be honest, just let me know
If you really care about me, or is it all for show

How do I differentiate between love and lust
When so much of us was based around arguing and distrust

My heart breaks daily with each time I wake
But i learn slowly that these are decisions only God can make

I don't understand you, I can't begin to unravel
All the promises you made, all the places 'we' would travel

I've learned I'm the only one I can trust, only one I can depend on
Life's hard but I'm stronger now that you're gone

Please don't try to stick around, Don't say the words I love you
When it comes to both of us, YOU'RE the one claimed you're through

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Our Love took flight

Written by: Catherine Reinke

Poems of others
I’ve read to you
of my love lost,
heartbreak and sorrow.

But to you
neglected, rejected
outstanding  and true,
this poem will 
not wait another tomorrow.

My  head and heart
were turned  from you,
our love steadfast, 
yet I was blue. 

My heart split in two.
One for he
And one for you.

In our bed
confused our heads
Is our love dead?

Who am I this aging soul,
lost in torment hells death door?

Graveyards simmer.
My life gets dimmer.
No more shimmer,
aged and thinner.

Sexless sinner.
Shut up!
Headache shouts
no more bed
nor sex to couch.
Ugly, ragged
haggard too
can not stand the sight of you.

Married bliss lost indeed, 
looking for a younger steed.
So are you… don’t deny,
Younger she, has caught your eye.

Once together we were wed.
Want no other in our bed.

On this day all has changed.
Wanting not you,
nor the same.

Hate you replaced 
love this night.
All our years of love
took flight.

Can not even converse blindly
Foul language curse and slimly.
You bitch from Hell,
 can’t stand your yell.

All from now 
from grace you fell
this I tell your soul to sell

Money maker made you from I.
Can not find our love, I sigh.

Dollars big green and tall
Dollars spent  in shopping malls.
So small feel I 
from love with held.
Once too many times I fell.

Fell from heaven to 
earth below.
Fell from love to hate now flow.

Alone not I, loveless whore.
spending money, legs closed door.

Heart warmth  not tender, 
frozen no hopeful  mender.
Send me, send me
Forgetful alcohol bender.

Drink me stupid 
cold and frigid.
Do not touch me
sorry so candid.

But you destroy 
all gentle in me.
Mean and spiteful,
bitch all three. 

Once a beauty prize for thee
until this garage wreck made me.

Throw me in trash belong.
Let me end my sad, sad song.
Life has passed me by this time,
another life make not of  slime.

Believe not then, this future dream. 
That love is other than it seams.
Needy, hungry passion pair
devils delight watch and stare.

Not at first you took your bite. 
So slowly steady, 
our love  took flight.
Out of sight.
Our weak love night.
No more love
Can I fight.

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Whispered Silence

I yell, but you respond not
I cry, but my tears do not spill
I fear that I might be left here to wrought
Now the dark cold is the only thing I feel

I reach to grasp your hand
But my movement is slow
My memories of you slide out of my mind like sand
But still around me, the darkness grows

Finally feeling to just give in
Your image appeared out of the dark violence
You looked upon me with a miraculous grin
You took my hand in yours, finally I have been
Freed from a whispered silence....

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What's The Point

What's The Point...I smile on the outside to hide the pain.
     No one knows that thoughts of suicide are slowly driving me insane!

What's The Point...Deep in my heart I'm crying.
     Childhood memories are tearing me apart and I feel like dying!

What's The Point...I wonder why grandpa would do that to me.
     "Protect me grandma, for you are all I have in a family!"

What's The Point...There are nightmares, and so many fears.
     I feel no one cares, and I hide the tears.

What's The Point...So look beyond a smile, and grin.
     Because no one knows ones lifestyle, or the cause of ones sin!
             What's The Point???????

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Cold Comfort

I meet you, and your everything I need,
So ****ing perfect; the man of my dreams.
You have a woman, so we are just friends;
But do you know we can't live in pretend?

She lies to you and hurts you, so you eventually leave.
Greatest day of my life because you came to me.
I'm so happy all the time; always smiling,
But then you go back to her and leave me dying.

And now I can't eat, can't sleep; for thoughts of you with her.
And no matter what I do you won't take my lure.
So now your happy all the time and I'm miserable at best.
How can I settle for anyone less?

You once made a promise that if you were to ever leave,
The first one you would look up would be me.
So now this promise is my comfort on lonely nights;
Cold comfort it is, since I have lost the fight.

I dream of the day when you will be mine,
When my happiness returns and everything is fine.
Even though I'm deluding myself with this,
It's all I have left along with the memory of your kiss.

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Why do I try, just to feel hurt.
Why to I hide these scars,under my shirt.

Why must I feel, why must I cry.
Why can't I run away, why can't I die.

Why do I fail, Whenever I try.
Why did you let our relaionship die.

Why are we evil, why are we dumb.
To you my dearest, I shall bite my thumb.

Why can't I win, never succeed.
Why must i feel like my loved ones will leave.

When all falls apart, I'm left all alone.
Only my Love can melt my heart of stone.

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INTERLUDE woke up today and the rainbow was gone a need to dissociate and escape felt strong numerous thoughts spinning out of control movements accelerated leaving a dust hole time to slow down withdraw and retreat from faces all places swiftly pressing delete © October 2013—Kim van Breda

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The world is gray,
The sun won't shine a ray.

The world seems black and white,
As I listen to fight after fight.

My mind is numb.
I can't hear a thing.

Just silence.
I can feel my ears ring.

My mind is black, 
Just an empty sack

Inside my head.
All I feel is dread.

My heart hurts,
Its getting worse.

I'm so tired of this ****.
I feel my heart take it after hit.

My life is a lie.
My heart has died.

My eyes are dull,
As their screams, ring in my skull....

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The Battle

The hurt, The lies, Changing my emotion
Cheating, Deception, My mood is an ocean
Swaying slowly back and forth rocking
The shattered remains of my heart locking
In to a vault, storing it away
For you to come and pick up someday
Happiness, Gleefullness, Filled with joy
Until I realized I was just your toy
Cheated, Devestated, Hurt is a fact
I would very much like it if you could retract
That knife in my back which you have placed
Why? and how? Could you lie to my face?
Like a princess, You i treated..
But now? Oh well.. My heart is defeated.

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Those Thoughts (extended version)

Nightmares, shame, and despair---
You don't go anywhere.
All alone in your mind
even with someone by your side.

You think, "Why can't everyone just leave me alone?"
You thought the hint would be cutting off the phone.
But everyone wants you to release your cares.
The next thing you do is frown and ask, "Where?"

Stinkin' thinkin' is what your mom calls it.
Bad thoughts falling down a bottomless pit.
You wake up hoping those feelings disappear;
but, as usual they end up going nowhere.

You can't seem to get rid of the pain
and in your heart an eternal rain.
No one really knows how you feel
and you have friends that always ask, "What the deal?"

But tomorrow always comes.
Bad days for you, but good for some.
Disparaging words flow in and out of your head.
You're alive but you're living like you're dead!

They're like cobwebs in your mind
that you can't seen to bind.
The hurt is always there
which has always been your fear.

You don't see the destruction your thoughts have created.
Yet relationships were destroyed with the people you've dated.
You allowed your pain to take away time.
Your anger towards others has become the real crime.

It all boils down to that one thing in your past.
A terrible time that from your mind you've yet to cast.
The pain from the physical and spiritual rape
that rolled around in your head like an old videotape.

The abuser was like a father to you
and when it first happened there was nothing you could do.
You felt trapped like you could go nowhere.
His power over you was to instill that fear.

The "fear" is what's wrong
and you must discover another heart song.
Up to this point life hasn't been the best.
Maybe letting go of this is the next test.

There has always been someone that has loved you.
Someone who is capable of taking you through.
He's a Friend that sticks closer than a brother,
Jesus--- a Savior like no other!

If you don't give it to Him so you can thrive
you will plummet to the depths and never survive.

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Self Eulogy

Sit back with my eyes wide open and remember the times ago Realize what I've done so my karma can make a garden to grow Laid old, brittle to the mental bone, I will never be my own Cry again but remember the world made you a stepping stone Lift myself up again just to carry on another fake day Watch the sun beat down and feel the pain in my chest Smile with tears because I enjoy being thrown away Decaying with life replaying because I feel comfort in being depressed

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My Unwritten Story

I've repeated my story a dozen times,
Given small glimpses of my troubled mind

Words can't describe the memories held from within,
Won't free me from a battle that I don't know how to win

In chaos, is my comfort and that shouldn't be,
Trying to break these chains binding me

Someone please tell me how to ease the pain,
I've spent sleepless nights racking my brain

How does this hurt cease to end?
Darkness my calling and long time friend

Haunted by my past deep within my soul,
The wounds I've endured taking their toll

I scream into nothingness without a sound,
I want to run away and never be found

I seek resolution without any results,
My heart is yelling a shrill cry of tumult

Save me from myself,  could you help me please?
I'm wavering under this pressure and falling on my knees

My pride consumes the hope I seek,
Leaving me helpless and given into defeat

You may not understand and judge as you may,
This bitter existence is what made me this way

Betrayed by the people that I needed the most,
The horrors of the moments that haunt me the most

Happiness is such a forlorn word, 
I once obtained it but that was a lifetime ago

I know there has to be a place  where I belong,
Where my spirit dances to a beautiful song

Where do I go? Which path the best?
Don't know if my strength shall again pass the test

Maybe it's tragic the hopelessness I see,
I don't know how to change things that came to be

Reliving these images remembered in my head,
Remembering each time, that, I'd rather been dead

Do you know how it feels to be alone? 
Beaten and broken by other people's stones

I know that it seems, as though, I'll always be lost,
But forever I'll keep fighting at  any costs

My reality may be different paved with shattered glass,
I'll always remember, " That this too shall pass!"

You'll never know the strength etched into my being,
Troubles have come and I've sent them fleeing

There's a reason for everything both good and bad,
I'm just grateful for the few blessings I've had

I can't be sure of what the future holds,
It's unwritten story waiting to be told

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You and your shadow near me.
I feel you touch me.
Something about you annoys me,
and I can't hardly breathe.

Giving me chills doesn't excite me.
I just feel like running away.
Nothing about you makes me happy.
I just want you gone.

Please stop this torture.
You draining me is not the answer.
I will not be yours forever.
I can't love you the same.

Tormenting me is heartbreaking.
Making me cry each day.
Please let me go.
Please just go away.

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Writers Rock

Like to get rabies.
That's the way babies rock.

Like nice highlighters.
That's the way Writers rock.

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The knife in my wrists is going farther.
The gun in my hand is rising.

The dagger in my chest is sinking deeper.
The arrow through my heart is being ripped out and I'm crying.

I know you're not a mind reader,
So this is what I'm thinking,

I feel like dying.

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Bye, Bye Robin

Bye, Bye Robin Williams

If only my peace I could now rest in

And wouldn't have to start over again;

All of my efforts which were fruitless

Now are of no value and totally useless.

Begins have begun and endings gone by;

Many things about myself, I had to deny;

What I felt was a false sense of being

And deep within me nothing was agreeing.

Conflicts continue on as they still persist

And if I lived again, what would I insist;

Time after time and over and over again

If I had prayed to God ending it with Amen.

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As Youth

Watch, as the carousel goes round and round 
Watch, as the children jump up and down 
Innocence is theirs, punishment is ours
Life is a lesson, enjoy these short hours

When you’re in the streets waiting for your day to die
Watch and remember as the children run by.
For they run and play as it was any other day
Hopeful and dreamful, feeling joyful and gay.

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The hope that cant be found

Miss Mary Jane is constantly filled with joy, 
she loves the lord but not as much as this boy 

Her hopes are high, as she tries not to sigh 

She wants to be happy and always see the light
but it reminds her of her pain and the constant fight

Everyone is happy as can be 
But she doesnt understand and cannot see 

This love that once dwelled within 
is struggling to even feel a thing

Why be nice when they dont care 
when you need someone and they arent there 

She loves you God, you need to understand 
She just needs some time to comprehend

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The Car

Your arm around my throat, Continued to provoke.
Under your sleeve you beat my face,Was strangled by your arm's embrace.

I soon gave up and that was when, you led me to the car,
You bashed my head into the side,then threw the door ajar.

Around my body you had grasped, both my legs and my neck,
Then you threw my weak limp body into the car's back.

As you called my broher out, to help to lock me in,
you forced upon that 12 year old such a filthy sin.

Locking in that dreadful car yourself and my hurt self,
you turned around, continued beating, till I screamed an yelped.

Finally the only thing I knew, just must be done,
I strained to reach and grab my phone, i dialed 911.

He raced us out the neigborhood, to try and get away,
demanding that I give my phone, Dear God, there was no way.

He then pulled out his cell phone, and dialed the same number,
He told them I was killing him, that I would pull him under.

You'd never believe what happened on that dark an dreary day,
Was it I that got in trouble, yes, my father got away.

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Every time I look in her eyes
I wonder who holds her when she cries
You would never guess what’s behind that mask
You wouldn’t have the respect to ask
She never lets it falter and fall
She keeps on going despite the horror in it all
Losing herself because no one else cares
Almost too late to stop the razor blade tears
Sick of always feeling hopeless
Done with constantly being useless
Finished with fighting unwinnable wars
Covered in blood from the final holes she bores
Wondering if they’ll be too late
Counting on no one saving her fate
She cries alone in the dark night
Bloody and broken from every days fright
Getting weaker and weaker inside
Pleading for this pain to one day subside
With tears spilling from agony filled eyes
Trying not to scream while she cries
Pleading with a deaf god by day
Hoping before morning she’ll be death’s prey

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   I was going to script anything I had,

   To try so hard that it was not a, "Not Bad",

    And do a bit of a this kind of work,

    Oh, I got lost...what a dork!

    So, I shall nod if this won't win,

    I'll probably cry, and try again.

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Black sisters

Black sisters

When we walk in street of manhatton
Nice black berry of jungle draws attraction.
Some attracts us we forget us, we forget us we are black.
Skins tans to shock.
Every moment roars of tigers and birds chirping.
Nowadays we the burning guys dancing for money
Somebody treats bed partner at night with money for honey.
Skins tans for honey.
We swallow chilly chicken with beer.
Neighbouers dreams for this style never.
How we the two sisters becomes forlorn here.
 Don’t know when we the black Will be clever for ever.
Bolt from the blue sky

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Most Broken

I thought that I loved you, I loved you so much.
Supporting your life, I was your only crutch.

I wrote you my songs, begged you'd sing along,
I tried oh, so hard for you, now know it was wrong.

I begged you before, to not leave my side,
but you stole my hope from me, why would you lie?

You've broken my heart, all done in such pride,
This rough bumpy road was not worth the ride.

I gave you my all, you still didn't care,
Not allowed to be sad, which just isn't fair.

I stood up for you, I rooted for you,
Heck, I was enrolled at a hospital for you.

At one point I pleaded, please dearest don't cry,
But now your forgotten, won't care when you die.

You're out of my life, and it's for the better,
Cuz I don't deserve all the hardships we've whethered.

You talk bout self worth, you speak now of life,
But you've only left me with this pain and strife.

I now know your heart, no, you never cared,
Cuz you wouldnt help me, no matter how scared.

I'm done wasting time, I'm saving my breath,
Cuz darling you would have lead me to my death.

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The Poison Spreads

I've obsessed so long it's become real
This beast inside, this need to feel

Unkind words drip from my mouth
All calmly spoken, no need to shout

The poison spreads far too quickly
It takes effect, soon it is me

The beast is dying, but so am I
No hope this time, just a stifled cry

In the dark, I can see my fate
Alone I sit as I quietly shake

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After the War

Warfare is a malicious psychological game,
Once it is over, you’re never quite the same,

Warfare is extraordinarily dense,
Once it has been overcome, it rarely makes any sense,

Some become drifters, images dancing in forbidden space,
With echoes of a once young, familiar face,

You can’t buy back the time or obscure place,
All that’s left is a bitter aftertaste,

And you may win but somehow you still loose,
For the deserts leave you with not much of a choice from which to choose,

Warfare is the rotten apple,
But at least you have food inside your starving chapel,

Warfare with its deliberate sinking song,
Blasting bombs that shatter all who were once strong,

Blasting bombs that haven’t gone off in so long.

BY: Sabina Nicole

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I see myself falling faster still, slowly losing all of my will.
I've come to know I am estranged, as some might call it 'being deranged'.
I see myself in a different way, in the mirror every day.
I watch myself smile but hear me say, that it has been a terrible day.
Some would say inside I'm dead, but its emotions overlapping inside my head.
I feel alone almost every day, even though people around me stay.
I can feel that I am weak, even more when I speak.
A voice barely audible to the people, a voice God couldn't even hear at the steeple.
I stay behind the group, because I fear being caught in the loop.
I hate the people that I know, and have this anger with nowhere to go.
The future that I may come to face, makes me fear what I know as my place.
A pathetic person in a shell, which cannot show the truth too well.

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The Tracks of life

I was once a little train, sitting by the track, Listening to the freight yard’s roar and all the rushing clack When one day came steaming by an engine large and brave My heart did a quiver leap, my wheels a twitter gave Every day when passing by, the more our friendship grew With each fleeting whistle blast, and more each time it blew Then one day in passing, upon his track I went Joyfully to meet him, from wither he was sent Blasting from the distance, an airy cloud of steam I rushed forth to meet him, the engine of my dream Then with shock and wonder, my joy was gone alack! For though we both were meeting, he wasn’t on my track Off into the distance, he chugged and puffed away Sweeping with him pieces of my broken heart that day Often now I wonder, will he come anon? Or was this a chance meeting, and now again he’s gone? The tracks of life are tangled, in the freight yard of our race We meet other engines that hold both heart and place How to live? I wonder, when through our lives there sail Many other engines, that aren’t upon our rail Will we grow quite bitter, when those meetings on the tracks Seem to mock the aching heart for all the love it lacks? May each little engine take heed to what I bade This life below is scattered, with meetings on the grade Take each passing whistle not as one of gloom Pushing back the others, and making itself room I will always cherish, that engine bold and brave Remembering now with fondness, the joy to me he gave But now into the distance, I hear upon the breeze That fleeting cry of freedom, upon which my heart did seize Once every while, I gaze sadly down his track But in my little engine heart, he’s never coming back And so I hold those memories close, and never do I fail For God had a reason for our meeting on the rail

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The emotions inside me, Never to show
Like  plant, They continue to grow,
Around the corner, The monsters are lurking
Sipping on my soul, They just keep slurping
Filling it with hate, Draining my life
Like two magnets pulling my hand to the knife
Cowering away from the monsters and demons
All these strange creatures just look like heathens
Goblins and goons, The snaps and the booms
Crawling around in the rooms of my mind
Demons are heckling, Sounds are echoing
These calls and strange urges just keep beckoning
The voices and the anger and pain
Are bunched in my mind keeping me from being sane
In my shoes? You couldn't walk a mile,
Because for me? Insanity's the only thing in style.

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he pulled the trigger
the bang ensued

the barrel exploded
in a white flash

the bullet had
not far to go

in less than one second
she would be dead

the bullet entered her head
without a sound

then exited
pulling with it

what had been inside it
before the shot's resound

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The Disease

Crawling up my veins, I can feel it
The thought in my head, can I beat it? 

It has been a while now, it has become my only company 
Since I discovered it, I have been living in misery 

At first it was fine, I thought I was safe 
Until they tested me in metal things as dark as a cave 

The thoughts that run inside my mind 
"You're dying, you're dying", they're leaving me behind 

Helpless and useless on a bed 
The same place where I am going to end up dead 

These people's faces that I cannot stand 
Nurses and doctors stick needles in my hand 

All the people I thought were my friends 
None of them stuck by me to the end. 

But I didn't forget the tears my loved ones cried 
But in the end, they all seem so dead and dry

Me and the disease, now it is just a race 
So obviously clear from the paleness of my face 

It kills me, all the fake smiles they gave 
I wonder if they'll smile, after they place me in my grave 

And all the people around me, they don't understand 
But still, they stick needles so deep in my hand 

And now that I'm here, paralyzed and weak 
Nothing but another chance of life, do I humbly seek 

Tears fall down, and so does hair 
As empty as my soul, so is this life unfair 

All the misery and all the pain 
16 years have gone in vain 

The disease I fight, the disease I hate 
In my blood it so vigorously accumulates 

And none but God shall I try to persuade 
As my life so slowly fades

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Past, Present, Future

I lived a life of sorrow and pain
     No rest for the weak, no hope of gain

A trapped soul and broken heart
     A lack of love from the start

A spark of hope hastily smothered
     A glimpse of light quickly covered

No choice in life but to cower in fear
     Forced to sit and drown in my tears

"Don't make a sound and don't talk back
     Do what you're told. Don't give us flack!"

I sink deeper in a pit of despair
     I cry inside, "this isn't fair!"

Then water couldn't dowse, sand couldn't smother
     A certain spark of truth in another

When the truth came out and the culprit was caught
     We finally let go of the lies we were taught

I escaped a life of lies and deceit
     Now it's up to me to stand on my feet

Now I start over... let go of the past
     A new life is mine... the old, outcast

Now I smile as joy floods my soul
     I know happiness now and my life feels whole

I've let go of my past. It's over and done
     But my future is bright like the shinning sun

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First To Die

The world will oft her dreamers slay,
Those souls whose hearts breathe far away
From things beheld by common eye,
For gardened hearts seem first to die.

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World of Hurt

Painful lies,
broken ties.
Burned down dreams,
razor-ed seams.
Hellish fire,
ruined empire.
Bloody cuts,
hopeless "buts."
Hurtful words,
"You deserve..."
Silent cries,
regretted goodbyes.
Baby, it's a World of Hurt.

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I see you in my dreams
An unravelled seam,
A faded place,
Struggling to resurface,
An irrefutable alteration in my life's plan,
Branded and irrevocable throughout my lifespan
Leaving tear-stained cheekbones
And whispered tones
Depthless emptiness in my trembling heart
Trails of scar tissue as you depart
Stilling the voices in my melancholic mind,
Memory I see has truly been unkind
For here you were and here you are not
My heart and my soul remains besot
As I glide through the mires and murky without care,
Your cruelty has erased my concept of fear,
There is no life in these arms to reach forth,
No craving or wanting to be sought,
If there is a thing to cure what is ailing me,
Darkness dictates that even that will fail me. 

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You have no idea of the secrets that I hide
Deep inside me they all confide

I know of many truths that are hidden
Of once a person was smitten

Gave her body and her all
And after she had quickly fall

Her regret builds to raging highs
And only the skies will hear her cries

Deep sorrow can build within
And all because of just one sin

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Two Person Masquerade

We're a two person masquerade
within each dance people grow and fade,
the mirror there reflects a face
hidden by the mask, black night's lace.
What's behind, who do we hide?
Why we ourselves, and lips that lied
within each dance someone new born
inside this mind they are our thorn
we can hear their voice rebound
can't cover our ears to stop the sound.
Laughter from masked eyes
hidden, hidden, someone else dies
soon it seems someone new takes her place
but no one sees we share the same face
for we are I, and who is he?
Why don't you know, they are me.
All these folks in my head are made,
I am a two person masquerade.

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Nothing Can Happen

I stare into the dark abyss
Midnight ice; a wicked hiss
Wading through the solemn storm
Deepest depression takes its form
Shattered promises and lost dreams
Happiness torn apart at its seams
Phantoms dance gleefully in the hail
They knew that your life would derail
Was it not they who hid in your mind?
Whispering their assurances, all will be fine
Perhaps today this wasn't the case
Hot salty tears trail down your face
An answer to the winter wind
Leaving fear with those who've sinned
Enveloped finally by sweet surrender
Inside fades a dull ember
Giving in, succumbing to midnight entrapment
Heaviness descends, of course... nothing can happen

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We fight, I cry.
You leave, I die.
Pain is my enemy,
but its also a friend.

When the anger comes out.
My heart beats triple times.
I hide in the closet,
cause I'm scared of what you become.

Your eyes turn red.
Your veins show.
your heart beats louder.
and your footsteps become heavy.

You stalk me 
till i'm stuck against the wall.
You scream in my face
and I become terrified of it all.

This is not you
and I hate it all.
The monster in you is no thrill,
cause all you do is give me the chills.

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My Tears are Gone

Because of you, the cry of my heart cannot escape through my eyes.
My tears are all gone, but not the pain I feel inside.
The sleepless nights, full of heart wrenching sobs,
No longer plague me but… I want the tears to fall.
Without this luxury, there is no escape.
The pain overwhelms me, like my heart’s being reshaped. 
It’s been so long now…they said it would get better in time.
I’ve waited and waited; only to see through their lies.  

To everyone else, my heart has healed. 
But I’ve become a good actress, and put up a shield.
My shattered heart won’t let anyone in.
I feel all alone in this battle I can’t win.
I’ve tried to get over him; I’ve tried to move on
But without him with me, I feel so wrong.
Its unnatural living, as I go on my way.
I feel something missing, every moment, every day. 

Oh I cried and I cried, but like a sudden drought,
Somewhere along the way, my tears ran out.
I have no one to talk to; I can’t tell him my feelings.
So I live my life, pretending I’m healing.
Inside there’s a fire, burning at my soul.
A huge void is left, only you can make whole.
As my heart grows numb, I long for escape
I have yet to find it. And so I will wait…

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Love, The darkest angel..

Life, O how it means so little any more,
My heart was made of steel and the maker made no door,
How is it that my soul once seamed to sore,
But now the pain seeps through while leaving a pool upon the floor,
Nothing makes sense and I feel so confused,
She's left me alone, my spirit's been beaten and used,
But there's a cruel smile that crosses her face,
Like the darkest angel with some unquinchable taste,
A taste for a life that seams just out of reach,
So I'm left here alone with nothing to learn or no one to teach..

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Permanent ink

My life is like that of an Escher
Shades of life change with the pressure
His lines all straight of lead and chalk
But he dare not walk where I have walked
My lord my God what should I do
My life has not been straight and true
If I could draw my life in pencil
It would be free hand I would use no stencil
I just wish life came with an eraser

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Nooses hang upon the trees,

swaying gently in the breeze.

Self loathing rips through his chest,

a raging beast which never rests.

Unseeing eyes stare through the mist,

wondering if he'll be forgotten, or missed.

His wrists are slashed, his leaves stained red,

His heart is heavy like carrying lead.

As tears come to his eyes,

his final words,

a whispered, Goodbye.

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A Yawning Abyss

a incessant drip continuously fallin’
an echoing sound constantly callin’
reflection of life’s pining twilight
of frostbitten soul’s aweary plight
accurse tempest in a teapot scorn
arrant waves abhorrently forlorn

a blithe crepuscular spirit austere
befalls the contrite heart unaware
concentric noise of inherent desire
of irreverent fiery hailstones afire
anathemized torchlight oft inure
awash in aphoric thoughts impure

a bête noire contumacious within
eschewing temperance ere it begin
an umbra neither bound nor free
of losel sere specious flesh to be
sardonic nuance forever spurned
pious incense ephemeral burned

a tenebrious nature trite yet vain
prodigal orgasmic turpitude bane
briefly quiescent malefic presence
of an obdurate temporal existence
dark effluvium of imminent death
an jejune conscience absent breath

a mendacious inutile abstinent call
afore humanity’s erst ill-fated fall
into darkness’ ever yawning abyss
of modernity’s errant heart’s remiss
willfully inveigled into going along
swept away by fantasy’s fatal song

a feckless opprobrious monument
to man’s indomitable will’s decent
beyond the grave’s mindless sleep
the altar of never was endless deep
finite victim’s of salacious greed
without a hope of which to heed

© Eugene Harvey

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"Deterioration" Abandoned is this cold, dark house, The only life a half dead mouse. The hum of the flies behind the walls, And on the floor broken, staring dolls. The wallpaper peels, and rots, Away from loving pictures of parents and tots. A bed is flipped, And the curtains ripped. Rays of light shine through, And fall on the spot I shared with you. All the memories I've not forgot, All the times that we had fought. Now I feel so alone, Petrified, lifeless like a stone. My empty heart feels like this rotting home.

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My souls is filled with verses and hearses
Looking for lyrics, My mind still searches
My mind isn't on a sprint but its running
When they read it, The aristocrats just keep shunning
Reading my emotions and you turn into a hater
I thought you were my friend, No, Just a traitor
Confused about the meaning and suffering of life
Confused about the hatred of using a knife
People say "You only cut yourself for sympathy"
Who the f*uck do you think you are to say that to me?
My writings, My thoughts.. So extremely deep
It's like someone compacted my emotions from a heap
I'm demented and twisted, But I'm runnin' the gauntlet
I'm so sick and spiritual even my ghosts are haunted
Under my bed there isn't a single heathen
But if i look into one you'' see a mirror full of demons.

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So gracefully grazing the sky,
Higher than blue birds fly

Above the cauliflower clouds,
Below the starry crowds

Such a commanding machine of man,
Speedily sweeping the land;

Now carefully descending down,
Their gaze cast to the ground

A frightful fearsome eye,
A baby child's cry

Ensnared in a teething trap
The towers did collapse.

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A Dead Rose

The rose grows unbalanced to the right
Because she is deprived of light,

Water is scarce, but when it can run,
The rose soaks it up and leans into the sun,

Her thorns are stunted and endearingly tender,
Though this means they do not have strength to defend her,

Her petals are thin and so easily torn,
Such a delicate flower the bush never had borne,

But far fairer roses selfishly surround her,
And this is how the gardener found her.

So pull out her petals so pretty and pale,
And break off her prickles so fragile and frail,

Then cut off her head and leave her to decay,
Tend the wilier roses and just walk away.

And as her sap weeps as she withers and rots,
The rose is watched smugly by the flowers in their pots,

And as she lies dying in darkness on the floor,
They turn to the sun and lounge in it some more,

And when the rain washes the dead rose away,
The flowers are asleep and have nothing to say.

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Monsoon Season

Torrents of melancholy brine cascade from leaden skies;
Mirroring the salty streams of tears that seep from my sapphire eyes;

Folded limbs of bruised porcelain reach out to feel the patter of the rain;
Each stinging drop a tiny shard of ancient liquid pain;

Muddied pools form on a thirsty earth that drinks and drinks and drinks;
My own parched heart does nothing but watches, waits, and sinks, sinks, sinks…

With the monsoon comes a stultifying death of putrefaction to leaf and bough;
Matching the decay that stirs the topsoil of my soul like the blade of a rusty plough;

Snails drag their curlicue shells through promising forests of lush mossy growth;
Just as slow my sighing breaths sift through my lips uttering silent bitter oaths;

The monsoon season is a blessing to the earth and a curse to a trapped soul;
Bound by adolescent selfishness I think only of myself not of the whole;

Forgetting the urgent thirst of the ground for water I curse the curtaining rain;
Staring mutinously into the gloomy grey day with my face pressed against a cold window 

Rain, rain, I murmur through reproachful lips, go away;
And please I entreat you -- return again some other day… 

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Dark Shadows

contemplation of a life run awry
forever wondering exactly why
awaiting one day simply to die,
knowing not the meaning of life
consumed within by inner strife
led astray by a malevolent fife,
evil’s presence in secret resides
human nature’s persistent guide
enlivening a dissolute dark side,
escape is a fallible futile dream
recurrent intemperate extremes 
a wayward soul oft unredeemed,
yet darkened mind o’er profaned
eclipsed ne'er possible to restrain
wantonly without hope remains,
although seeming spirited away
enlightened, yet unmerited, may
if repentant, be delivered a stay,
time’s final destination, denied
mortality’s trial passing revived
eonian resplendent life realized

© Eugene Harvey

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The loves that lost or lingers on
to tempt fair heart with faintest song.

The small remnants of primal pain
that rise and rise over again.

Seeking so to immerse absorb
the core of oneness ego’s formed.

One is whole sum yet two can tear
many fine souls hold out in fear.

Loves reward when shared by two
teeters on a knifes edge of cold blue.

We hold hands with broken fingers
torn and grasping lovers linger.

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All I Have Left

You were the one thing I held so tight
You were the one thing that helped me fight

I didn't know you long, and I don't know why
But without someone to love, I feel like I die

I am as empty inside as someone can be
And that angelic face set me free

I got upset, my sadness overcome me one day
I that is why alone in this life I lay

I said stuff I regret, but I am lost
I messed up and I'm left to pay the cost

But without one thing to keep a smile on my face
I am left to feel like such a disgrace

It was not what you wanted I understand
But it was not what I had planned

I didn't want you to be the last girl I'd know
I wanted my heart to open up and grow

But alas, all I feel now is pain
These crazed emotions are making me insane

I wanted to fix myself for you
But I should have known it was too good to be true

You were the last thing keeping me on my feet
Now I will just sit back in my seat

I will let life pass me by
And everyday I'll ask myself why

But I messed up one day, and I am lost
I messed up and I'm left to pay the cost

You didn't have to do much to set me free
When we first met I started finding me

I puzzled myself together again, to just lose the pieces
My life stops here, this is where it ceases

I no longer know what I am doing, but you taught me to follow my heart
Right now I am just trying to find it, it has been torn apart

It was already worn and torn by the time you came aroun'
But you were the one last thing I enjoyed in this town

Now I have nothing left, no other reason to smile
You were my everything, I was oh so docile

But I didn't have anything left after you
I lay awake and haven't a thing to do

My depression only worsens by the hour
This darkness can easily devour

I am lost in the abyss
What if all I needed was a tender kiss?

A song repeats over and over in my head
But every line in it is now dead

I hardly find the energy to wake up
My life is easy, why do I make it tough?

This pain is hurting my very soul
I don't want it to take a toll

I don't have the energy to go to church
I am left alone to search

Hear me out, this is my final cry
I wish I could rewind, and why?

Because although I knew you a week
Your were all I had, now I am weak

Just don't tell em all the truth, I have nothing left
I am innocent and free of theft

I am headed down a dead end road
My mind is running on overload

I'd give anything to fix it all
But right now I'm destined to fall

And now all I have left to do
Is write on about you...

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An open street, an empty night, a slight hum of the wind.
Yet darling is cluttered, and jumbled, and feeling fractured deep within.
The eyes gaze with a smile but turn away with a frown
Such an eloquent style as the pedals fall down.
The dance of the piano, and the hand on your cheek.
Such an eerie cold whisper as your hearts feeling bleak
The air fragranced green and gold and the darling off course.
The water is uncalm and the smile is forced.
The skin changes shades and the warm turns to raw.
This most horrifying scene was the darlings last straw.
The tuberose and lillys create a mood ever sweet.
The tires stop turning but darling cant move her feet.
The crowd starts to murmur uneasy and wait for her face.
Its just so topsy turvy she needs out of this place.
She stands for an hour holding red rose in hand.
She throws it in after him, but does not understand.
She feels angels and demons climbing straight up her back.
For a spot on her shoulder and for vision in black.
She screams and she smiles no one knows how she feels.
Poor darling's a mystery but her story is real.
You'd never know it if you saw her, her rays shining bright.
But deep down sweet sweet darling, she has never been alright.

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I'm living in the past. 
I'm goin nowhere fast. 
This concept of life, I can't seem 2 grasp. 
I'm reaching, I'm reaching, I can't catch a break 
It's like im sleeping, & can't seem 2 wake. 
I call & call on God, but no answer 
How much does it take? 
I pray, day 2 day for heaven's sake 
Painful memories of the past, 
I can't seem to shake 
It's like im walking, running, in place. 
Regret haunts me 
He stares me in the face. 
I can't fight him off, 
I have no mase. 
I'm standing still in a memory pit 
I'm daydreaming, 
Reality hasn't hit. 
I wonder what if 
What coulve been 
I need to smell the coffee, just a wiff 
I swear, I can't win. 
Save me from the postion im in 
At a standstill, 
Yet my mind is moving 
I just need the courage, the will 
I need 2 move forward, but I fear losing

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Everyone these days? So sexual
Ever stop for a day and think? Be an intellectual?
People need to quit bein cuddy buddys
Thats why your relationships sink like its muddy
Enough bars to climb over the stars
Enough curses to ride to hell in my car
Hopefully one day i'll eventually make it big
People need to stop pulling my heart like a rig
People will never understand or realize
What i can see and tell with my real eyes

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Good Company

“Smoke a cigar with me and have yourself to a beer,”
I open my eyes and I’m all alone here.

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A Rose

You gave me a rose and now i don't like you.
Now that your gone that rose smells like boo-boo.

Written By: Jesikah Banks (11 year old niece)
Edited by Nicole Brown, her aunt

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Locked ia a Cage

Locked in a Cage

I Have been locked in this cage.. 
I am going crazy - up in a rage.. 
They should of put me - in a padded cell.. 
My knuckles are bleeding - all to hell.. 
Feraously mad - I have lost all control.. 
My mind went bent - then my soul, went into a hole.. 
When they came - to lock me up.. 
I begged them - to put on, the hand cuffs.. 

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Breaking Point

My best friend is gone, Ended her life
Turned around and she cut herself with a knife
Body lain, Soaked in blood in the bathroom tub
Why did she have to join the suicide club?
Kassidy's gone, I dont know what to do
My other friend Savannah, Im pretty sure she's gone too
Got a knife, got depressed, and cut her vein
Why is this happenin? Girll you were my main!
Left me all alone just to bite the dust,
God d*mn this f*ck*n life's a bust
Cheated on everytime left and right,
Can't one girl be faithful for a night?
Haha my friend has a british accent, so cute
You have a gun? Point it at me.Click, Shoot
In December i really hope this world will end,
Because of everything my heart has too many hole to mend.

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A beautiful waste

Rough hands, not to a poetic nature.

A rough heart is to a brain washed stature.

To seclude a past dream, fate has built me solid.

To accomplish what I've decided not to, so diabolic.

And what has been unheard of, I have done.

To persuade a wicked mind that I'm the only one.

Oh what a genius, how writer's block envies me.

To the finest and fittest, none could ever be.

What a useless thing, a mind a terrible thing.

Not to waste, to the unheard of to sting.

Guts like a cardboard box, so cowardly at its best.

Water hits and it crumbles to rest.

Limp, un vivid- a pointless being.

The worse part is knowing, knowing what I'm seeing.

That I AM indeed a fake, that I AM cowardly at its best.

I should just crumble under intoxication- leave my lifeless body to rest.

What a beautiful way to die, a beautiful waste of creation.

To form new hands and a new animation.

A different perspective through different color eyes.

A heart made different, with my truth in disguise.

How cowardly I am, to start over clean.

Not knowing what I know now, not seeing what I've seen.

I am to melt, a beautiful waste.

I dare myself every racing bullet, that I'll be the next they've cased.

A heart, a mind, but stones don't mix.

They're segregated- I'm not- I need to be fixed.

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Take the first step

It creeps up on you, others can see it though.
A rollercoaster lifestyle, a life without a flow.
Don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t do a lot,
I can’t explain, it’s this thing I’ve got.
Forgot how to smile at one stage, 
And would break into unruly rage.
I scared myself to seeing him though, 
To regain my lifestyles flow.
I talked, I cried, he listened to me, 
Once more I felt I could be free.
A chemical concoction to help me through,
Re-balancing the conscious ‘til back to new.
It will always be there, deep in my mind
But I have stored it away, difficult to find.
The smile’s returned and I’ve gained control,
The longer you leave it, the bigger the hole.

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Had Been Hard Thing

Had Been Hard Thing

What I really would have enjoyed
Actually now only became a void
A spot in space that I have missed,
And not only that, ceases to exist.

In my body, slight feeling was felt
When standing straight or had knelt
Down picking up things from the floor
But now nothing exists anymore.

It was an absence or a missed space;
Could have been body with a cute face
Someone who I know and will miss so
Out from my body all of it did flow.

Year later only a memory and thought
With tears back that I had hard fought
Past went bye and now no longer is there
Now had been hard time for me to bare.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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Great Sacrifice

You give your heart with your all, Now all that’s left are late nights to bawl. You gave to friends where are they now? You know you can succeed you just don’t know how. They say you are strong inside stronger than most, You look in the mirror you feel you have enough to boast. You run as fast as you can but it never seems to be enough to proceed, You begin to wonder why you wake up at times when inside you bleed. How can you be the greatest but no one appreciates the best? You even try to blend you start to act like the rest. Your heart becomes black sick of caring, and feeling the pain, You carry scars that seem impossible to shake off like a chocolate stain. Things progress yet deep inside you know your happiness is a lie, You carry a smile and always say hi when you really want to say goodbye. Is it fair to wake up every day pretending & trying to convince others things are cool? No it shouldn’t be others you are trying to fool. You know this deep down but don’t want pity, You just lay there, fend for yourself and act like a new born kitty. You feel like giving your heart in such a strong way might not have been so bright, You now feel you’ve lost yourself and opening up to anyone else has become your new fight. Now you ask was it truly worth the price? The crying, the pain, the scars, the trauma all have been attached to a great sacrifice.

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How long will these tears flow-
  will sadness ever go
How long,how dark the dawn-
  in despair ,I mourn
How long,how long this night-
  drowning in pity's plight
How long will I dwell in this place-
  of love,I find no trace
How long 'til I discern your voice-
  to help me make a choice
How long will I in depression hide-
  Holy Spirit come,.be my guide

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Song 2

Why tell me that you love me When you dont even care?
We talkin about our true feeelings when yours arent even there
You told me was was different there wouldnt be any pain
But what you said isnt true now im going insane
Thought we were different Felt heaven when we kissed
Thought it was true love but my feelings were dismissed
My heart is now so broke, Our love went up in smoke
I believed this love was true but i guess it was just a hoax
If you wouldve listened you could tell i have loved you
Noone else really mattered i put noone about you
I thought you were the one our love wasnt just a game
People say everyones different but you exes are just the same

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Death's Encounter

Today there's something strange in the air
taking lives without a care.
Thoughts of suicide and death,
of inhaling one last breath.

Oh what a gloomy day
headed down a dark pathway.
So many faces dead and gone.
Will the world last to inhale another dawn?

Today I paint a smile upon my face
without an ounce or bit of faith.
I watch the world slipping away
as I debate whether or not I shall stay.

The reaper is present here,
bringing an end to all our cheer.
We begin to question our own fate,
but for all we know it may be too late.

Is this the end? 
Will us and Death befriend?
Where will we go? 
Is it like they always told us so?

Who do we turn to? 
What should we do?
So many questions left unanswered.
So many words thought wise now altered.

What will come of the earth once we've died off?
Will everything just shut off?
Maybe our souls will still be here,
but left alone in darkness and pain so severe.

For now just listen up and behold
for we have come to the next threshold
where what's to come is but a mystery,
and you're allowed to bring nothing but your own misery.

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Those Thoughts

Nightmares, shame, and despair
You don't go anywhere
All alone in your mind
even with someone by your side.

You can't seem to get rid of the pain
and in your heart an eternal rain.
No one really knows how you feel
and you have friends that always ask, "What the deal?"

They're like cobwebs in your mind
that you can't seem to bind.
The hurt is always there
which has always been your fear.

The "fear" is what's wrong
and you must discover another heart song.
If you don't give it to Him so you can thrive
you will plummet to the depths and never survive.

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My Plight

One thing that I'm starting to see
I have a hard road ahead of me
Which makes me smile part of the time
For I just left a hard road behind
As I try to write through my pounding head
I swear I feel like the walking dead
It's all very strange like a "Creature of the Sea"
As I battle this monster inside of me
Somedays are bad others are worse
Yet I feel many Blessings will follow this curse
It's not the length of the battle but character of the man
As I'm driven to offer all that I can
See curses are blessings covered in disguise
We must learn to accept them to ever be wise
Everyday my wife tells me, "Please just rest"
Yet she deserves my very best 
So each day I do all I possibly can
Tell me am I wrong to be a man
Today I was compelled to try and write
For it's not only my blessing it's also my plight

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Mind Over Matter

Realization, sometimes is not our friend.
Especially when it shows you an end.

You think you've found a love so true.
But in the end, the only one that loved, was you.

Isn't it funny when you think your life's on track?
And with a sharp pain, you've been stabbed in the back.

You do everything that special person did ask.
Even when it felt wrong or was a loathsome task.

Not do they care how you think or feel.
Just as long as you close the deal.

In the end, its you that ends up in pain.
As they are the ones with everything to gain.

Its them that think they have truly won.
But you'll have the last laugh when its done.

Because wickedness and evil, can never truly prevail,
When good people live their life and you live it well.

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Another Holiday

It is yet another holiday without my kids,
And once again I feel the urge to keep the pain hid.

No one knows how truly alone I feel.
They just tell me in time I will heal.

How can I get over this though?
This is the most excruciating pain I know!

It is not physical but a pain of the heart.
It is unfair to keep mother and child apart.

There are days that my emotions are so raw,
I just want someone or something to cleave and claw.

This is pure agony at its best.
I no longer have a heart in my chest.

Maybe oh maybe this is a dream.
No it is not and yet I cannot scream.

The choice for them to leave was not mine to say,
The wonderful state decided it was my price to pay.

So once again I mourn my loss and cry,
For my asking for help came at a cost way too high.

I sit here in no one way or other,
And ask myself " What am I if I can't be a Mother?"

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Too Late

A Christmas package wrapped in green
Sits in the cupboard, still unseen.
He could  not find the will to live
And now his package.. I cannot give.

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I have my life to lead
My own precious life 
If it’s my life,
Then you should know
Am the owner

The morning breakfast
The midday lunch
The night dinner
Concerns nobody
Co’s I am the owner

The owner of my life
Is really me, 
Understand and bear in mind
My destiny, my life
Am the owner.

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Locked Inside

There is just way too much locked inside,
So many things I would love to confide.

I am so angry and confused, 
My soul is quite oh so bruised.

I want to be a whole person again,
Everyone says it is just a matter of when.

My life has been put on hold,
And inside I feel so cold.

There are days I am just so numb,
Nothing warms me, not even my rum.

There are days that a ray of light shines through,
Then the clouds come back and I am again blue.

I am told to have faith and believe,
That God is there and will give reprieve.

Faith in Him I do have, truth be told.
I just feel He has bigger things to uphold.

I am just one tiny person in a sea many,
I feel like I am the bad luck penny.

I have  family and a few select friends,
I know they have issues at their ends.

Maybe I am just in so much pain,
That all I feel is insane.

One day soon I would love to be feel joy
And no longer feel like others I annoy.

I really despise all this despair,
Please Lord hear my prayer.

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So Many By Now

So many by now are tumbling down
They come  and don't know how.

Meanwhile pain is gripping her heart
Squeazing with a clamp each part.

Flowing tears can't seem to stop
Quietly her soul absorbs each drop.

so many by now are tumbling down
They come and don't know how.

Outside the night is dying down
She hungers ,again, for the dawn.

For now pain is gripping her heart
Squeazing with a clamp each part.

Flowing tears can't seem to stop
Quietly her soul absorbs each drop.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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I've been transformed by willingness, and a desire 
to move forward without keeping sad things in mind.

Confident to smile with surprise and allowing love to flow in;
faces don't avoid my glances that were unfriendly and sullen.  

Something that happens unexpectadly can give someone an unusual thrill; 
I distrusted people who were different from me...having no character, no will.   

Followed by my shadow, fear captured me to create unnecessary fright;
my room became my habitat and escape from a society claiming their plight.

With no friends to meet at cafes and local restaurants, I closed my windows,
prohibiting a glint of sunshine...assuming it wasn't meant for me, but for others. 

Glued to a wide screen, watching documentaries of tragedies and unaviodable fates;
empathizing with them, and yet convinced that I shouldn't have been grabbing at straws. 

Hackneyed words came out of my mouth, a habitue' of negative and dubitable thoughts;
and filled with their drudgery,I stopped listening to positive folks, thus, doubling my loads.

How can one be transformed by willingness? Discard the habits that amount to nothing; 
find the source of your uselessness, and be inspired by all who have achieved their goal.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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A flame extinguished
With a heart full of anguish
No more sparkle in the eye
No more tears to cry
Living turned dormant
Longing made torment
Gone the will
Fled the ability to fulfill
Left forsaken and hollow
Absent the voice to follow

A flame extinguished 
All hope relinquished
A creature forlorn
Too long had it mourned
Once did it glisten
As all came to listen
Once did it radiate and glow
Given all the world to grow
But somewhere vitality
Surrendered to reality

A flame extinguished
Ambitions vanquished
Even Fear packed his things
No longer could he bring
A feeling of mortality
A reprieve of morality
Should we pity it
Empathize with its forfeit
No,  this path it chose
And this it knows

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How terribly naïve
To believe
That you would never lie
It isn’t even a question of why
I treasured trust like a jewel
What an idealistic fool
I must be deaf I must be blind
To have thought you were so kind
I used to be so dumb
But now what a skeptic I’ve become
I thought you had class
You took a heart of gold and turned it into brass
Perhaps I should thank you
It’s the proper thing to do
Thanks for showing me people aren’t what they seem
Now I’ve awoken from my ignorant dream

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Writer's Block

There’s nothing left to write
(Blank sheet of paper, pure white)

And the words are no longer flowing
(A blank mind is all that’s showing)

Maybe I’ve reached a point of sadness
Words can no longer describe the madness

I’ve scooped out all my heart’s emotion
Poured it all out in slow motion

And now my heart is empty, cold...
Dead--with no story left to be told

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Churning and churning thoughts flood my mind
Overwhelmed I deliberate unbeknownst what to find
Gazing blankly forward I attempt tranquil wonder
Alas my perplexed mind can not contemplate yonder
Bewildered I retreat poignant and undecided
Aghast I suppress an anguished lament unguided
Folorn I submit to my morose numbness once more
Drained I finally walk out knowing its over forevermore

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Depressions grip depressions grip
   on an unending nightmarish trip thoughts unsaid,
   in machinations dread the human soul
   as transgressions take their toll a solar eclipse
    in life's sudden apocalypse  moonless night,
    without a bright guiding light the hour before dawn-
    how will hope be reborn

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Left Behind

Have you no remorse, no regret?
Am I that easy to forget?
Why do you make me cry?
You didn’t even say goodbye
Out of sight out of mind
Then left behind
I thought you kind, I thought you fair
But I doubt you even care
I guess we’re over I guess we’re through
So much for the person I thought I knew

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A Life Worth Living

Delicately wrapped in a shroud of lace
A tear trickled down  her porcelain face
She wiped her eyes and stood up straight
And in anguish began her dutiful gait
Closer and closer she came to the altar
With each labored breath she began to falter 
 Her face grew pale and her grew eyes dim
Then she fell to the floor in longing of him
 It was long ago her heart was taken
And unless she had him she would never awaken 
She had almost departed when she heard his voice
He whispered softly that she had a choice
Then louder became the frantic mutters
As she took a breath and her eyes did flutter
Squeezing his hand she then felt his embrace
And all the color rushed back to her face
Then she spoke, “It is only he who I will wed
Without him I’d rather be dead.”

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I'm sorry

I just wanted to say I am sorry you stayed
I ask your forgiveness for being this way
If maybe I wasn't around you'd have left
And your life would have been a lovefilled nest
If I was not born maybe life would have been content
Your many days would not have been so vexed
Maybe your plight would have changed perplexed

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I feel at a total loss today
Simply because of the dreary day
Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day
And make me feel so happy and gay!

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These spinning thoughts are stuck in my head,
They’re evil and painful - impossible to shed.
I can’t seem to tolerate my life anymore.
Everything is so dark, everything I abhor.
It seems as though I’m starting to lose touch.
This pain and these voices are becoming too much.
My soul has been stolen and taken away.
How can I take this even one more day?
Thoughts of death keep flashing at me.
If I ended it now would I finally be free?
Would all of this darkness finally be gone
Or would my pain and sadness just linger on?
All of this darkness is making me numb.
From where has this pain and suffering come?
I’ve decided to end what I used to adore.
This life that I lead I can live with no more.

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emptiness flows through your veins
you have nothing to gain
other than the hatred which lays hidden in the dark
what else is there to do in order for you to leave a mark?

you want to prove to be a person of dignity
yet so many people can barely see
how hard you try
and how many times you've cried

trying to bring yourself to be true
making every effort too
everyday just keeps disappointing you
there seems to be nothing you can do

sadness is what your life brings
pain is what comes from everything
hope is lost in your world of deSpAir
it's too bad that no one even cares

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Upon the arrival of it all,
It is still quite hard to recall.
Was it day or was it night?
Did she do it out of fright?

Who could of expected this from a sweet and innocent girl?
No one even knew that she was in her own little world,
For she hid her feelings, speaking to none.
Everyone asked "how had all this begun?"

She trusted no one, not even those who cared,
For there was too many things that she had feared.
Her fears came from the past.
She didn't want those brutal memories to last.

Not wanting things to repeat,
She decided to repress all of the heat.
She took everything in, not saying one word,
Knowing that eventually she would explode.

She lived life pretending to be fine,
But as time passed there was no sign.
Situations became more disastrous and confusing.
Her thoughts began to become more perplexing.  

No one could save her, not even the person she loved.
She thought that he would bring her above.
Above the sorrow and above the pain,
Above all these things she couldn't explain.

Everything to her was meaningless.
The things she tried to fix constantly became a mess.
Her stress had caused her to take her own life.
She had succumbed to all of the strife.

Tears was what was left when she had died.
It was amazing the amount of people that had cried.
If she could of seen how many people did care,
She would have believed that there was nothing to fear.

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Under a blanket of layered dust
Sat a trinket of eternal trust
Still bound in all its glory
A remnant of a woeful story
Oh how the memories  did linger
As it sought to find her finger
That’s what it craved  the most
To resurrect Ella’s fleeting ghost
Ella was cheated from her love
When the  Death grabbed her from up above
Her ring it was taken
Only to be forsaken
How she wished to put it on
To wakeup to the morning dawn
And turn her head and gaze at him
To hold once more her darling Jim

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A long time ago I lost all emotion,
Didn't cry for three years no matter the commotion.
I suppressed all my feelings deep down inside,
I felt so scared and helpless so these feelings I hide.
Hide them from you but more so from me, 
I hide them not to feel and someday be free.
I can't break free of what I've been feeling,
Maybe if I talk about it I could start healing.
Healing my wounds more then skin deep,
Only when I'm ready they're mine to keep.

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Suicidal Prayers

Suicidal thoughts, suicidal prayers.
Who gives a damn? Nobody cares.
I’ve brought myself up to be what I will.
Now just to keep life, I’m forced to kill.
I’ve been so alone as long as I know.
Just as I pleased, I could come and go.
Now this lifestyle I lead is simply too much -
A drug-induced daze - reality I can’t touch.
I’d be better off dead, but this should I choose?
I can’t win either way. Dead or alive I lose.
This world won’t accept me, should I choose to stay,
But this world wouldn’t miss me.  I’m no one either way.
I’m merely a wanderer who gets dreadful stares.
And all that I’m left with are suicidal prayers.

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Fragmenting Heart

As she thought about all the things that happened in the past.
She actually believed that his feelings for her would last.
Forever she wanted for them to be one,
But forever has gone by, forever is done.

He had forgotten all about her while she waited in this pain.
She entered another world that almost made her insane.
She loved him so much but she didn't know what to do.
He broke her heart and they bid adieu.

This everlasting misery has broken her down.
The pieces of her heart can never be found,
For she was hurt so many times before.
When he left her here all happiness left with him out the door.

Now she has no clue what this feeling is all about,
They never even started anything but all she wanted to do was shout.
The only way in which this hurt would go away was for her to say,
"He doesn't love you, but everything will be okay."

Now she lives in a world of deSpAir,
Where she believes that no one even cares.
Though she is devastated now until the end,
She still wishes that they would begin.

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If Only You Cared

Because you loved me and I loved you,
Our love, I thought, would always be true.
I have always loved you, I always will.
For you I’d die, for our love I would kill.
You took advantage, you threw it away.
That’s not the kind of games I play.
For all the times you’ve now broken my heart,
For the many miles that we’re now apart,
I’ll look in my heart for some way to forgive,
Though you used to be my only reason to live.
Our love, to me, seemed like it shined.
Yet those awful thoughts hang there, stuck in my mind.
The love that I gave was special - like magic.
Who would have known it would turn out this tragic?
If I could make you understand and bring you to see
That I thought you cared.  I thought you loved me.
I wanted it to work, I wanted to stay,
But giving up my pride, what a price to pay.
Where would you go, what would you do
If I said to you right now that I never loved you?
Although my heart has been filled with shame,
I’ve found that I’m not the one to blame.
When I think about you putting all those lies in my head
I get so furious! I can’t help but see red.
You say I shouldn’t go, that I mustn’t leave,
Well, what should I do?  Just make believe?
If you still can’t see what you’ve done to my mind,
Don’t act like nothing’s happened and everything’s fine.
But thanks again for the good times we shared.
If only you loved me.  If only you cared.

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heart of pain

In my heart there is pain
It is there like a stain 
Friends I have in my life
Will not  let me use the knife
I act Like nothing is wrong
And I am not going to light a bong
Express my feelings in the words
But my life is for the birds
I am dying inside
But I have God on my side
I feel death is near
I will not even drink a beer 
Strong as a bear 
My smile I will wear
My heart is in pain
But my life is always the same
I cry my hearts desire 
But I still will inspire
Helping others with there pain
Is the only thing to keep me sane
I am not alone
So why should I get stoned
Push my life in my desire
Because it's time to start a fire
Burn away all my fears
I Promise no more tears

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no more dope


In my life I seen a lot of pain
Its not easy staying sane
Full of lost and lots of hate
I created my own fate
Lost every thing in my shame
But I am the only one to blame
Filled up my nose full of cocaine
Over doesed on meth
I came too close to death
Came close to being shot
Nothing like smoking pot
I used all my skills
Took way too many pills 
Had a gun to my head
I am glad I am not dead 
inside I hurt all the time
But I don't want to buy another dime
I been revived through God and Jesus Christ
I did it once I did it twice
But I came to the end
No more dope my friend

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Shivers from the cold entered her palms.
Her heart beated slowly as if everything was calm.
Her mind exploded when she's reminded of her past.
Life as a young woman for her never did last.

Tears of joy have never been cried.
No one stood beside her on this rollercoaster ride.
Fate left happiness out of her life.
It only let in what was known as strife.

Her ultimate desire was the love from others,
Yet she received nothing from those around her.
Though there were many people who did care,
She was never truly self-aware.

Life has gone by and she has given up.
It's too late for anyone to even help.
She has decided to stop everything as it is,
Forget all of the lies and all of this.

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Not yet

I have a rope, it's tied to a beam;
My hopes are all shattered and so are my dreams.
By my computer is a note of the whys
I hope they can read it; there's tears in my eyes.
There on the couch is a skirt that was hers;
Where her blouse is, of that I'm not sure.
I took a shower and washed my hair twice;
What ever I do I have to look nice.
I have some rags that will be of good use;
But I have to keep wondering am I being obtuse.
I'll make a dummy adorned with her wig;
I'll laugh like a mad man when it snaps like a twig.
What's that you're thinking, revenge is not good;
Then do clue me in, I wish that you would.
Better the dummy than her or me;
That's not so bad you have to agree