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Patriotic Ballad Poems | Ballad Poems About Patriotic

These Patriotic Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Patriotic. These are the best examples of Patriotic Ballad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The soul of the Crab

The soul of the crab

Oh how she hides behind that shell
Lets no one see her feelings
She’s practical in everything
But those feelings have her reeling
She’s sensitive, and hurt easy
And her moods they be so many
And yet she has not one bad bone
Malice, she has not any.

She be the one for queen and country
Digs into history
She’s always loyal to her kin
She loves her family
She’ll protect them with her life
Don’t no one touch her man!!!
She has a brilliant memory
And she’ll get you when she can.

Her mother, she loves very much
But her children more than that
Wherever there be family
That’s where she would be at
And how she loves to entertain
And cook delicious food
And always she will be a mother
In her heart will be her brood

9 August 2013 @ 2000hrs.

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The ballad of Tich Thomas

The Ballad of Tich Tomas
A dog was howling in the night
Perhaps she knew the truth
That Tich would not be coming home
This dog needed no proof
That the man who she loved so
He’d come to her no more
Because Lance corporal Thomas was
 A victim of the war.

Now Tich, he was a country boy
His farm it was his life
A boon to his community
He’d give in times of strife
He learned his trade in farming school
With honours he’d come through
Then settled down to work his farm
That’s what he planned to do.

But then, one day it came to him
The news he did not need
He’d been called up for army life
He went off without heed
To do his time in Puckapunyal
To get him set for war
He soon made it as Infanteer
So he joined a fighting corp

He worked real hard and gained a stripe
This showed he had potential
He earned his skills in jungle fighting
And then there came the call
For he to go to Vietnam
To five RAR he was sent
Charlie company was his unit
When off to war he went

It was in April sixty six
Our man went into battle
There in the Phuc Tuy provence
Those guns did roar and rattle
Our Tich he fought real gallantly
So brave was he, but then
The shrapnel done it’s evil job
He joined the fallen men.

They brought his body back to those
Who were waiting for him there
The whole town came to welcome him
And helped with grief and prayer
They buried him with all the honours
That came to fighting souls
Who died to keep their country free
Courageous in their roles.

More honour it was placed on him
By the country where he’d fought
They built a statue in his name
And his likeness it was caught
By the sculptor who did honour him
And carve him into stone
And now Tich Tomas guards the park
As he stands there all alone.

If you’re ever down in Nannup town
Go to the park that’s there
You’ll see the statue of young Tich
As his spirit everywhere
Will fill the souls of those who see
This fighting man, so brave
Who’s body lies so peacefully
In his own town, in a grave.


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I am not made a full blown beauty..
Nor I live a life of purity; charity & piety..
All I like to do is to live with identity..
Not of being a witty but a life of humility..

I tried to be a more social person..
Cracking out the shell I have put up..
Breaking from my own weakness..
Doing best in my found strengths..

I have craved to reach out to people..
Widening my horizon, increasing my knowledge and awareness..
Learning to acknowledge fellow human beings..
Regardless of who they are and where they from..

They said: "I must not do this as it is dangerous.."
but I stand to what I know: "Inside all human beings is the reflection of God.."
I give due and equal chance..
As my God have freely given me opportunities too..

We people are living in same earth..
Different are we because of status, faith or race..
Let not this be the reason for us to be divided..
Rather we must come in unison conquering divisions..

By: olive_eloi

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The glory of war

Now here’s a little story
About a sad and lonely man.
He was the life of every party
Till he went to Vietnam.
He came back feeling proud as punch
With his ribbons on his chest
But they just caused him heaps of pain
And lot’s of loneliness.

He’d walk the streets in uniform
Then the heckles they would come
“Hey murderer, killer of kids”
Those voices would come on.
Now he had been a regular
He’d volunteered for war
He had just come from England
He’d come from Blighty’s shores.

He’d thought that joining up and all
Would give him some small right
To call himself Australian
So off he’d gone to fight.
He soon found out he’d fought for nix
Cause no one gave a damn
About those mind stuffed soldier boys
Who’d fought in Vietnam.

That war was so unpopular
And this he understood
And people had opposed it
Just like most people would.
The wharfy’s they did go on strike
And the postmen also too
As soldiers waited  to get letters
And none they did get through.

He’d tried to talk about his time
Spent on those Asian shores.
But he learned to keep it too himself
And never spoke of war
Until his skin erupted
His bowels they bled and bled
And torture filled his war torn mind
As voices filled his head.

Then the anger came into him
He would drink and then he’d fight
As his poor mind filled with hatred
Cause he weren’t treated right.
And then he lost his family
They said they’d had enough
For he was hard to live with
And he made their lives so tough.

Well now he be a Hermit
Got a little bit of land
And a dog, and dope, and lots of beer
And his thoughts of Vietnam.
And his body shakes and trembles
And he’s frightened all the time
And for this mind stuffed soldier
The Sun don’t never shine.

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Vets story

Vietnam Vets Story

Have you heard the story
Of those bold courageous men
Who served their country tall and proud
As they fought in Vietnam.
They done their country proud and all
And showed how soldiers fought
But now their lives aren’t worth a damns 
Their nerves all tense and taut.

They sprayed their poisons on trees
Endangered all these men
And fed them drugs not tested yet
They didn’t care back then!
They wanted just to win a war
A war pointless and mad
And many now do suffer so
Their lives all sour and sad.

And now these men just live their lives
All down with no self value
{Their bodies torn their minds all twisted
Marriages broken too!}
They have to fight with all their might
To get fair compensation!!!!
What price to risk one’s soul and life
In defence of one‘s good nation.

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Independence Day

Independence Day,
Is the day to give thanks,
For all of your freedoms,
That all those wo have died,
Have given their life to give us,
What we have each and everyday,
We have the rights,
To choose where to live,
What to eat,
What to wear,
What to watch on tv,
Who to put in office,
And many more freedoms,
That other countries do not have,
This should make us be,
Thankful for all those,
Who give up their lives,
To protect and serve,
What freedoms we have,
Each and everyday,
That give us our rights,
To use our minds,
So please tell everyone that you meet,
That protect and serve this great country of ours,
You appreciate what they do,
For they don't get enough thanks,
For everything they do,
Day in and day out,
By putting their lives on the line,
In fact, They barely get any thanks,
All  the time,
When they should get thanks all the time,
For their lives are on the line,
For us everyday,
So we may have our freedoms,
So, Please try and be kind,
To those who deserve it,
The living and the dead,
To all who deserve it,
And never forget them,
Or their lives they have sacrificed,
For us so we can all have our freedom times.

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Robert the hood Knight of the wood part 2

We enter in the sheriff’s court unnoticed at first                                                            But never close enough to quench my thirst                                                          Discovered by the twelve knights                                                                                  We retreat to the forest to fight                                                                                 Robert the hood Knight of the wood                                                                              As they draw their sword and chase in accord                                                                  The herring is on the line the foxes they cannot find                                                      We circle back to reclaim for what we came                                                                With kings men beating the brush. The castle we rush                                                Robert the hood Knight of the wood                                                                               If it were an acorn upon my child’s head                                                                          I could not have had truer aim, arrows fled                                                                    Hit it’s mark the eyes of the sheriff  twain                                                                      With his death war does ensue by my hand                                                                 Robert the hood Knight of the wood                                                                              Be brave hearts outcasts of both lands