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Acrostic Farewell Poems | Acrostic Poems About Farewell

These Acrostic Farewell poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Farewell. These are the best examples of Acrostic Farewell poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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R eady to bolt

U nable to stay

N obody seems to care

A ngry, and full of dismay 

W ill they come looking

A nyone at all, I wipe a tear from my eye

Y esterday is all that remains to remember me by

For Andrea Dietrich's Skipping Six, Going Straight to Seven- Acrostics challenge #3

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P atrick is a special kind of man
A lways there to help folk if he can
P erfect is the way his children see him
A nd now they have to watch his lights go dim.

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F-From All around the lands on high
A-Around the mounts and down the depths
R-Resound the cries of loss untold
E-Even the birds our lots have known

W-We’ve lost a man that was great and bold
E-Embedded in him was a heart of gold
L-Like a child he’d forgive his offenders deeds
L-Leaving a legacy great indeed

M-Mandela, our leader of great repute
A-A man that would quail a great dispute
N-Never a soldier but wins a war
D-Dignity, tenacity, and honor he wore
E-Endearing to a nation and the world as a whole
L-Lo, we’ve missed our man indeed
A-And may his soul depart and rest in peace

…Adieu, Mandela!, our Leader Great!

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(Dedication: A tribute for Demetrios Trifiatis,
my Greek friend, a gentleman. Thank you. 
We will sorely miss your company here at the
PoetrySoup haven. Do come visit whenever
you can indulge our rhymes and reasons.)


Discern and see, discern and tell;
Ending feels sad, ending floods pain;
Mind now sets free, mind words that dwell;
Embrace the glad, embrace the rain.
Touch of sure rhymes, touch of true friends;
Rich recall stays, rich gestures live;
Invite old times, invite fond blends;
Opt to delay, opt to retrieve;
Such special chimes, such poetry grand.

Trust has a name, trust has a friend;
Reap what you sow, reap what you earn;
Indulge fine blame, indulge fond trends;
Free voice we know, free poise we yearn.
Inspire and sing, inspire and match;
Active your tact, active your will;
Thoughts that you bring, thoughts that you catch;
In simple acts, in subtle fill;
See you in spring, see you detached.

Rest well my friend, rest in grand light;
Empty this site, empty this soup;
That Grecian blend, that Grecian flight;
Ink now recites, ink PoetrySoup;
Reach out to hurl, reach out to swing;
Echoes we write, echoes now droop;
Sad speeding twirl, sad sorry sling.

Next movement here, next stormy feel;
Open hearts dear, open minds still;
We wait on cheer, we wait your fill.

Go sail your way, go find your niche;
Offer your zest, offer your zeal;
Note your fond days, note your fine reach;
Ever the best, ever the feel.

Leon Enriquez
20 Apr 2014 (on Easter Sunday)

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You have been a pillar to my life; 
I have really lived my entire life to please people
You have made me the happiest man;
I even at some point forgot what was the purpose of me been here 

You showed me that with love everything is possible 
I now look back at the challenges we once had
They were big that time but now it’s seems as 
The smallest things to ever happen

But if I was to take something with me; that will 
Be the moments I spent with you
I remember the things like it all happened yesterday
Your smile showed me the directions because your 
Teeth were as white as snow.

If I was your maker than I would have love to always
See your smile as it can turn winter into summer
All darkness vanished in your present; surely you brought
Light to me when I see your face glow like gold; I get scared
As I never thought that luck really exist in this generation.
When the light shines for me today; 
I will take you along hope the master understand.

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Mind full of wisdom, strength, hope and encouragement
Always gave inspirational talks and speeches 
Yielding a transformed generation
And we shall forever treasure her contribution

A poet, actress, author, dancer, and singer
Never gave up on her dreams and ambitions
Getting through with her desire and aspire 
Eternity In heaven
Like all others who left a mark on this earth
Oh God grant her
Ultimately for a life well lived 

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our love

I look up through autumn leaves to the sky above, 			
rays of brilliant coral light dance on clouds, and pause, and leap.	
Sitting here, against our tree, I am queen of this land, this love.	
Your shoulder warm against my cheek.				
Your face, in that light, carved to memory.				

My toes dig into the dark fertile soil beneath,			
sprouting dreams, young blossoms of future fruits. 			
The humming breeze sings of possibility.				

Fragile vines push through and tickle as they reach,			
around my ankle, 
over your chest,
forever moulding us to this moment.

This place that surrounds us is determined time.

The relentless minute turns the wind cold and restless.
The hour sets the sun’s glowing lust,
bringing darkness and choking binds.
The months tussle in the heavy clouds above,   
building to a break.

This beloved place I hold so dear, 
captured in a memory,
overcome by the elements and time,
reflected in rainbows.

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To Michael Jackson I say rest in peace

T ribute to Michael Jackson
O ! Your work is immortal in our hearts

M ind blowing songs and touching lyrics
I ntellectuals are still amazed by hidden treasures
C oncealed in his wondrous works
H ymns of love and humanitarian was his message
A ggravated by heartfelt pain of the poor though his was rich
E nd of his journey prompt Nelson Mandela to speak 
L iken him as a “close member of his family” 

J ealous does not pay but a loving heart yields good results
A cts of love were visible throughout his life
C aring attitude seen in his lyrics and in his songs, he was 
K nowledgeable with the world calamities
S o he wrote "heal the world"
O h no! How can I forget "Man in the mirror"
N othing compared to his dance moves

I nnovation around his choreography made him popular

S inging made him a world icon
A mongst many he was king of pop
Y ears invested perfecting his craft

R ewarded him greatly
E very minute of it paid off
S ounds he produced over the years is
T imeless

I n my heart I'm convinced that
N o one will ever match his caliber

P eople's person
E ver smiling
A dmired by millions around the globe
C aring and he did all he could to
E nrich people's lives.