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Violence Wife Poems | Violence Poems About Wife

These Violence Wife poems are examples of Violence poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Violence Wife poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

So much emphasis is placed today on the role of the wife She is to be pure, pristine, just, hardworking She is to imbibe all who surround her with faith She needs to be able to know everything without ever asking She is to be the woman behind her husband The one who would make of him a gem To be a wife, is surely a complicated state Acted out badly, one can even be a contraband! But what of the duties of a man, Is he as important as the woman To be a husband requires one only to work and bring money To care not whether the home is, without him, in harmony Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not Husbands have rights, rights to use words of spite Rights to beat, rights to abuse Rights even to cheat, to hurt and bruise When the woman speaks out, or scolds such a man She becomes something seen by some as a legend Seen by others as un-womanly Whatever, she knows how to protect herself through her duty What of those men whose wives scold not Should they be brought back to the pot To be cooked and simmered To be brought to the right path Feminists, equal rights, equal opportunities Women's places no more being in the kitchen Husbands, change your mentalities We, women, we are frail and easily broken!

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Green Eyed Monster- A Love Story

            Green Eyed Monster - A Love Story

So, I headed home to me flat from a hard day’s night
Working in the coal mines for a quid or two
“Just outside Londondary”, me says, when some busy body inquires
I goes right home to find me bed
Right quick and fast since I’m exhausted 
I finds me ugly gal Sal with some guy there
Doing some unkind deeds upon me pillow
That I can’t rightly explain right here and now
Being a gentlemanly kinda fellow that I am and seeing red
I says to Sal, “Watcha doing deary?!” “What’s that in me bed?”
She says, “Nuffin love.”  “I just finished the wash and found this bloke in here
And I’m all flustered, and as surprised as you.”
As a rule me complexion is as white as these sheets once were
I becomes hysterical, flushed and weird and fumbles for me gun
“Where’s me bullets deary!” I query of the misses.
But she’s as quiet as a mouse.
Now I’m in a frenzy and frothing at the mouth
“Don’t let me get me belt out or a knife!” I yells out to the wife
“Let’s keep it nice and easy!”
I finds the bullets, fills the chambers, shoots in their direction
I missed them both
But halted the copulation or repopulation
Which ever comes first

Created on 11/25/14 for “The Green Eyed Monster” – Poetry Contest

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Wives with Knives

Through and through though more to do-
A thousand thoughts to misconstrue!
Too long I've waited, too sad and sedated
To live a lie I declare is true...
And so it seems that in my dreams
I bathe myself in Moonlight beams
That light the night, turn black to white
And will slit my throat at any means!

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My Soul Has Been Damned

I put my hands around my wife's throat and I squeezed.
What disturbs me is that when she died, I was pleased.
When it came to having morals, I used to believe that I had some.
But every time I look in the mirror, I'm horrified to see what I've become.
My wife was so mean and she loved to provoke.
Life became intolerable every time she spoke.
She told me over and over how ugly and stupid that I am.
I snapped and killed her and now my soul has been damned.
I want to go to the Cops but they would lock me up for life, I would never again be free.
But that's only if I would get lucky, it's more likely that I would receive the death penalty.
When it came to my problems, she was the source.
If I hadn't snapped, I might have considered divorce.
As each day passed, that witch became even colder.
I'll spend the rest of my days looking over my shoulder.
She was a horrible Human Being and she loved to annoy me.
I'll never stop fearing that the Cops are closing in and that will eventually destroy me. 

(This is a fictional poem)

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Why the change

Why the change 
Without an agreement 
To rearrange 
Our marrital bed, making it indecent? 

Nine years and before, 
Gentle and caring, 
Seems you want a rectal ride, queer? 
Is for flare? 

Later on down the road, 
Tied me up, 
You bestowed 
Bruises and bleding you snubbed but not with a club! 

Did you think me a hore? 
That needed a lesson? 
Punishment galore? 
And with every session? 

Please tell me how 
This all makes you feel. 
Do you feel I must allow it and bow? 
Does it take this to make it real? 

You didn't even do annal training. 
Which I recently learned is often intense. 
It was one complete ram and jam. 
It makes no sense and I need some defense. 

Hands behind my back 
Pillowcase over my head 
Bend to tend to your knack 
For making me dread 

This way and that 
What was impossible, 
I thought, came inside of me, you- up and down arrived. 
Hostile, audiable, seems you saw no obstacle. 

Where in the wind, 
Did you land 
These new positions that grind? 
For you now, nothing seemed banned. 

Over and over 
In and out 
You drove 
With much clout. 

Sometimes until I was raw, 
You enjoyed my body, 
Complimented and talked about all you saw 
Anything and everything, nothing was gaudy. 

Tied up and with the hood over head you left 
Me for a time 
Exhibiting yourself to be deft 
Told me to say, "Fuck me," like a chime. 

Almost breaks, 
Told me to think of what I might choose. 
Knowing what was at stake. 

You liked. 
Big things you were wishing, 
To vaginal in me hike. 

Made me bow 
Offering myself totally 
Next a job of blow 
Anecdotally, you said, "SWALLOW!" 

Help me understand 
What happened 
Why this new brand? 
And so many more new passions? 

Get on top, 
Face my head, 
Now my feet then stop. 
Next toys that shred. 

Pretend you are being raped 
Then try to escape 
Second drape 
Your body over my shape 

Stand on top, 
Come down on me 
Go around and around, 
Make me scream in glee. 

Later we will have more rectal 
Fun when I stun 
With a large projectile 
Until you are completely undone 

My honey, 
Pouring your cunt 
Be like my sunny Playgirl Bunny! 
From your front I grunt when I come down in a hard shunt 

Lick my stick 
Suck my cock 
Quickly flick my dick 
Hands frolick me until I am overcome by shock. 

I love you 
Your body 
Give me a 360 view 
Not too shoddy. 

More toys 
But becareful with the noisy 
You can't be heard like you are in Illinois 
Boys after all will be boys. 

My wife, 
You excite me 
with your strife 
You will have to let it all be. 

Fuck, Fuck Fuck, 
How do you feel? 
Stuck, with my cock, 
Your every crevice from head to heal! 

If I can think 
To do it to you 
I won't blink 
Before I execute. 

Fuck me, Fuck me, 
My dick deep in your hip. 
You love it, Forever bidding adieu. 
Rape is a stable, with every clip. 

What else to do? 
A swing, 
I blew. 
Orgasm after orgasm to you I bring. 

In a rocking chair, 
I go in and out until you are numb 
You must share all and bare. 

Doggie style, 
I ride, 
Beguile you for a while 
Guided deep deep to your vagina I go inside. 

More toys I select, 
How big can it get? 
Stretched this way and that with me playing with your clit. 
Juices you bestow flowing like a jet. 

Fuck me Fuck me 
This way and that. 
Help me find other ways for you to agree 
Exploration of your body where cunt is glowing and flowing til splat! 

My bride, 
My wife, 
Take it in stride 
Why this is the life! 

For you now nothing seemed banned