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Violence Religious Poems | Violence Poems About Religious

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Our Limited Understanding

What did he mean
when he said
turn the other cheek?
Does it mean
violence isn't the answer
and peace is always the way?

Is it to deny the natural
carnal response?
To challenge the older laws
that have long been ensconced?

Maybe it's a come on
to the ungodly
"Give me what you got
I have no need to be afraid."
Maybe he meant
our bones are fragile
but our hope is not?
It shall never rust nor decay.

Surely a punch in the face
is no threat to one's life.
If a man put a gun to your wife
would you just let her die??

(surely life is precious
but God have mercy
should it come to this)

Should we cast down our weapons,
trade them for pruning hooks?
Is that what Jesus meant?
Or perhaps, maybe,
it begs you to take a deeper look.
and gaze at the wisdom God has sent.

Does it not surely mean that hatred
can't be snuffed out
by more hatred?
There are many trials we go through
but one thing we must know
is that love should always be sacred.

When he stated
Ye are the Light of the World
does that not imply
that the world itself is DARKNESS?
It's a gloomy forbidding place
with many pricks and thorns:
why add to the harshness?

For now it seems
we see through a glass darkly.
Having trouble deciphering
the passages and what they meant.
What about Romans 13
where it says, Execute vengeance
against those who do evil?
To whom is it referring
and to what extent?

Our limited understanding
leaves us grounded.

NOTE: This was written in response (and inspiration) to Liam McDaid's poem titled Thou Shalt Not Kill. It's a very fascinating topic, and one where I don't quite have answers...

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2014

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Suicide Bombers

Those who kill innocents are cruel,
Their bodies will always be hell’s fuel,
Islam teaches about honor and dignity,
Care and love for the whole humanity,
But black sheeps are found everywhere,
Like KKK or Taliban, “Be aware”,
They do things on their own,
Their very own people, they disown.

All rights are reserved. Syed Imon Rizvi
From a book "Outspoken" - 2012
Available at

Copyright © Syed Imon Rizvi | Year Posted 2013

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Bloody Church

The hand was a blur as it appeared holding a gun. 
I wanted to scream but my mind cried out run. 
Please don't shoot, I thought I have a family. 
Doesn't he know that this will be blasphemy. 
The gun looked huge in the young man's hand. 
The gunman was talking but I didn't understand. 
As the first shot was fired everything slowed down. 
I was amazed by the smell and the deafening sound. 
It didn't seem real but there was the blood. 
The sound of the body was a muffled thud. 
As the first bullet entered I thought of my wife. 
I love her more than I do my own life. 
This can't happen, not here not in this place. 
To kill in God's house is more than a disgrace. 
As vacant eyes stare up towards the ceiling,
We'll all need to pray for the nation's healing.

Scott Williams
Any sad poem
Broken Wings

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2015

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Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 21

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 21

Would Hindus see in Paris kill Siva’s* will
Who’s show is this: Puppeteer or puppet’s
Kali-Yuga* dragging hind legs to standstill

Callow kids spray lead to warn not infidel
For what glory of own faith’s idle pets
Would Hindus see in Paris kill Siva’s will

What kills: finger on trigger or divine will
ISIS hand or lead Kalashnikov jets
Kali-Yuga dragging hind legs to standstill

Piecemeal World War III Papal wisdom mill
Did not racial hatred collide with tenets
Would Hindus see in Paris kill Siva’s will

Some people seek to dress world in their frill
Are Crusaders fratricidal Semites
Kali-Yuga dragging hind legs to standstill

Andromeda clash through Milky Way spill
Lest ISIS pound Kali-Yuga with jets
Would Hindus see in Paris kill Siva’s will
Kali-Yuga dragging hind legs to standstill

•	Siva: Hindu Trinity of the Godhead Brahman
                   composed of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver)
		And Siva (Destroyer)
•	Kali-Yuga: According to Hindus, the “Iron Age” (the last phase of human existence), having commenced with the Mahabharatha (the Great War on February 18, 3102 B.C.E.)
will come to an end in less than 430000 years. – time enough to shoot the Milky Way to pulp.

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015 

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015