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Boyfriend Violence Poems | Violence Poems About Boyfriend

These Boyfriend Violence poems are examples of Violence poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Boyfriend Violence poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dear Dad

Dear Dad 				
Why don’t you love me? 
The small brown eyed girl asked her father as he beat her at night,
 then with a smile in the morning he’d scoop her up in his arms to play.
Why don’t you love me? 
The bigger brown eyed girl asked her father as he walked out and
never came back.
Why don’t you love me? 
The young brown eyed girl asked her boyfriend of two years,
As he walked out the same door her father did eight years before.
Never to return.
Why didn’t you love me?
The older brown eyed girl asked her father at his funeral.
As she leaned over the edge of his casket and kissed him gently on the forehead,
Tears running down her cheeks.
Why couldn’t you love me? 
The oldest brown eyed girl asked as she lays Jasmine’s and roses
On her father’s grave.
Only a row down from her old boyfriend’s,
With love that never dies.
And her question is answered in the wind, 
As the answer is whispered in her heart.
How could you love me?
If you couldn’t love yourself?

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He said, she said

When a relationship begins it seems dope as shit. You're talking, enjoying each other and having sex whenever the minute hand ticks. Eventually though, tempers will flare. And the dance of the hurricane and tornado begins with no dares.

All it takes is a trigger and he pulled it hard. I'll take responsibility for beating him hard. No excuses, my arms are bare. But the words he was using brought my temper there. I couldn't sit in silence and listen to him hate so I shut him up and it wasn't a mistake.

My momma raised me better than that and I'm sorry, it's true. I have a reputation behind me though and he said things that made it show through. In all honesty, it was self defense because he verbally beat the shit out of my mental handling of logical reality. If I had sat there, I would have been the next person on Penticton's suicide list. But I packed up my lady-balls and fuckin' left him.

An hour away from my tranquil hometown. My Marxist puppy no longer around. I kind of hate boyfriends because they take too much shit. Positively and negatively, doesn't matter; I just wanted a conversation with him. Instead we just fought because conversation is rare; a hurricane and tornado dancing on thin air.

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I'm Home, Habebty: Egpytian Revolution

*habebty: arabic for my love
*context: this year (2014) is the third anniversary since the egyptian revolution

Friday, he told me,
"Tomorrow will be a sad day."
"Why?" I asked.
"The anniversary of the revolution."
Of course. 
When I had google searched "january news egpyt" 
the day before to see if any new protests had occured to 
block the streets and make him come home late, 
the results still showed the carnage of three years ago.
There would be protests tomorrow.
I asked him if he was going to work. 

I worried.
I wouldn't tell him
Not to go to the protest-
I knew I would have gone too-
Shouldn't I support what he believes?
But then I think 

Bloodstains on streets 
Littered with banners
Left abandoned

Tear gas 
Like the departing souls
Of the martyrs of the revolution

Riot gear uniforms
Beat down protesters;
They've sworn to arrest
Anyone protesting today-

I pray.

I ask him where he is. 
"I'm home, habebty."
He's decided not to go
Since he thinks it's wrong
To celebrate on a day
So many have died.

I breathe again.

Nearly 50 died that weekend.
I got to hear,
I'm home, habebty.