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Senryu Hope Poems | Senryu Poems About Hope

These Senryu Hope poems are examples of Senryu poems about Hope. These are the best examples of Senryu Hope poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Say it now!!!

Give me my life back
Satan release your grip—now!
God’s love—can’t touch that!


Now believe it
Continue to live by it
Let it manifest!

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A caring One

A caring one is more 
Than sweet fragrance,
Even when sweet fragrance ends,
The caring one remains...

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My Little Bulldog

No challenge stops her
    stance is set
       shoulders squared

                                  She needs no reassurance
                                  no protective arm

What she wants
    is what she wills
     she harbors no illusions

                                   No man will tell her
                                   what to do

She has lain out
   her own way
     and swept it clean

                                   No distraction is allowed
                                   to interfere

Her goals are set
   and bannered, waiting
     for distant days

                                     She will claim them all
                                     in triumph, never doubting

Small of stature
   great of heart
     she turns to face the wind

                                      Gentle as a running stream
                                      Unyielding as a diamond

She acknowledges 
   the difficulties
    then passes through

                                        No lie accepted
                                        no truth denied

She scans the road ahead
   weighs its options
     gaze sure and steady

                                         Fears are felt
                                         then disregarded

She does not move back
   she sets her grip upon
     each thing she wants

                                          Her goals must surrender
                                          to her determination

A child in years
   an elder's wisdom
     sits upon her brow

                                          Discouragements will bring no change
                                          a mountain of resolve

Seasons change
   worlds revolve
     she sees it through

                                          The end in sight
                                          stays in sight

Such nobilities
   within my child
     humble me

                                          Her father frets for her
                                          but can never fear

This is my little bulldog
   holding the world 
     by its pantleg

                                            Naught that she needs escapes her
                                            what kind of fool would try

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My Dream

tears fall from our eyes
universal hugs of love
peace reigns in our world
Entry: "Any Poem About Dreams" (Old or New) Sponsor: P.D. 3rd Place Winner For the "Dream Land Contest" of "Olajide Adelana" By: Carol Brown 01/18/2012 7th Place Winner

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'Grow fainter'

our doubts fade away when our focal point becomes positivity

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The Old Man and the Sea

Guardian Angel cries
Reality roars: Shipwrecked!
Seaman's Dad hoping...

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God's Lullaby

hush whirring worries
let calm and faith take over
cradled in God's arms...

*** July 27, 2010
for Linda's Soul Speaks senryu :)

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Your concerns are mine.
Loving and sharing each need.
My concerns are yours.

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Unshackled Souls

Uplifting the soul
Pay tribute to saving lives
Not shackling those in need

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Love's an Illusion

I’ve realized that
love is an illusion, one
that’s out of my reach

I’d hoped that if I
refused to seek it, it would
come to me softly

on butterflies’ wings
fluttering in the spring breeze
…so sweet and simple

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Indian Tales

When night settled down
Pow-wows rose to a climax
Giving the world joy

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Standing in Zion
Amongst a Heavenly Host
Truely I am Saved

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Car Wash Line

Car wash running hot
Backed up around the next block
Car in front just clunked

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1  Miatianna                                           2  Miatianna                            
    Stands alone in the rubble                       Outside, standing in the mud                     
     Looking for MaMa                                   Crying for Daddy              
                                  3  Maitianna
                                      Sorrounded by disaster
                                      Where is brother, Juan

4  An orphan, at six                                  5  How will she survive?
    Her tummy growls from hunger                Let us Pray to the Most High
    Her Throat parched from thirst                 A Prayer is answered
                                     6  Miatianna
                                         Moving to America
                                         Knowing Love again

                               Inspired by the Haitian Earthquake
                               Dedicated to all the Haitian Nation

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The Shuttering Lens

The camera flashed
Radiance smiling back
Images of love

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" Raul "

  1  " Sad Reality "
        So " Compelling ; and Profound "   ( Raul )
               ( MIATIANNA )   

   2  With my Heart Softened
       By eyes, see Pride in her eyes
       Princess of Haiti       ( HG )

Dedicated to my " Senryu Sensei " Raul Moreno "

  Author's Note : The First two lines in the First Senryu are " Raul's" Words "
   { I added the first ( So ) } In a comment to my POEM " MIATIANNA "

                      The Second Senryu is my Response

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Natural Reflection

Just like a flower
Sunshine stimulates her face
Sparkling with love

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The Breath

From the Breath of God
Descended in human form
A savior named Jesus

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Natural Creation

Stepping from the ash
Indigenous people speak
Rising with the sun

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Love Song

I love you so much
I will sing you a love song
And hope you love me 

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Season of Peace

Mean spiritedness
Shall not prevail this season
Peace to all mankind

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The Light

Season of His love
Touching many hearts and souls
Everlasting light

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One last failed attempt
Reaching for the moon and stars
For once I succeed 

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His Faith

Faith is evidence
Inner substance of our souls
God fulfilling needs

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Kids go down
The slide…they head toward the swings

Free time ends
Their parents want to go home
Frowns exchange 

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' Electricity ... ' 51st Senryu

‘ Electricity … ’      51st  Senryu

        His Life Spark In All
   Electric-Stuff, Always Stall
… Unplugged … From The Wall

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Cast Away--Wilson the Volleyball

A stranded lone man
talking to a volleyball...
personified friend

though only listens
it gives him inspiration...
wilson the friend

© kashinath karmakar (Dec 2011)

Placement:9th;(Dec 2011)

Contest:Senryu me a movie Scene

Sponsor:Andrea Dietrich

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Easter Savior

Savoir at Easter
My heart beating easier
He is my keeper

© Sam

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muddled world painted black
winter breeze chills cold souls...
silent star winks

344pm Nov 27, 2010
*For Andrea's Haiku me a Christmas Tree contest :)

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Merchandised God


                                                        Cult image in jar
                                                        wax and wick to light the hope
                                                        Profit's flames from Faith 


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'Two Worlds Colliding'

unfathomable emotions move to and fro an exploration I came across you reassurance, I now found I breathe easily Contest Name: Two Worlds Colliding For Russell Sivey By : Wilma Neels

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South Wind

on bone chilling days
wet winter winds sigh and moan
grieving over you

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whenever disaster strikes
we need each other

* My heart and prayers go out to those in Moore, Oklahoma.

For Black Eyed Susan's contest, '1 Senryu Any Subject'

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The Light

Walk out of darkness
awaiting is a new light
dawn of cleansing path


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Reviving Souls

Beauty of the dawn
shining bright a special light
uplifting our souls


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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My Way or His

My will have I tried
Depths of despair have I wrought
I turn to you God

2nd place in the contest

Written on 5/11/11 
for Brian Strand's "Whatever" contest

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hold on to your faith sometimes it is all it takes for fate to step in

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like butter

Churning like butter
Thoughts of you
Bright and yellow

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Tombstone - Like The Four Horsemen

they walked along
weathered, carrying their guns;
like the four horsemen…

down to the O.K.
guns blazing, bullets flying;
smoke clears, the strong stand…

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a passed note

a passed note
do you like me or not
my paper heart


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A Tear Lost

If i was a girl
i would weep, weep joyfully...
in me a tear lost.

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Dreams Into Reality

Even though in jail.
Dreams were never put on hold.
Dr. King kept his faith.

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Promoting True Self Expression

"Outside of the box" 
-- not packaged -- is how I want
to define people.

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warning: dirty senyru

at doctor's office
Virgin magazine waits
to be fingered


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The Handicapped

13 February 2010

The Handicapped
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Senryu poem

The handicapped,
unable, at a disadvantage
emerged as winner and versatile leader

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Winds of change blowing
Prepare now and set your sails

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Holiday Frolics

Holiday Frolics
Shoppers walk to tunes;
Mall’s cacophony rings loud,
Santa listens well.

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' King David's 23rd Psalm ... ' (Classical - Tribute) 61st Senryu

‘ King David’s 23rd Psalm … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  61st  Senryu

The Brave Should Know Song:
King David’s ‘ 23rd Psalms ’
Makes Warriors Stay Strong

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unseen entities
malevolent in nature
inner-war begins

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Dark Light

                    War is a dark light
                we fight for others to live
                     ignited by words

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'My Thoughts'

remain in my thoughts keep me warm for one last time please stay forever

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The Steak Out!

Track prints in the snow
Venison treats on their minds
Deer watching hunters

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Pride And Prejudice-----Daybreak

her gown sweeps wet grass from tears on the meadow… larks sing with promise a gallant vision captures her eyes and breath… two hearts become one delusions vanish with the dazzling sunrise... lips warm cold hands
................................................................................................................. "Pride and Prejudice" (ending love scene) ahhhh… Kiera Knightly version

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' Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - (2) ...' 70th Senryu

‘ Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – (2) … ’  70th  Senryu

     We All Need To Know:
What Time Justice, Being Served ?
 ‘Cause, GOD Made Dessert !

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A child's life

The eyes of children
Wild with laughter and vigor
So clear and so bright

By: Misty Leccese
© June 23, 2009

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Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day
Blue sky hangs above;
Canorous birds sing to me,
Today my heart swells.

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Meditating Prayers

                    The beauty of prayer
                 a silent song of the heart,
                        restoring calm...

                   Like language of birds
               we may not understand,but
                we hear their sweet song...


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Message In A Bottle

bottle full of hope
drifting to a far off shore
please come back to me

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A Praiseful Prayer To God

1 : Thank-YOU for YOUR LOVE                     2 : I, YOUR Faithful Liege
     Great Blessings, I have received                  Folded hands, on bended knee
      I, YOUR Faithful Liege                                 Worship from my Soul

3 : Worship from my Soul                             4 : His Son, Who’s Risen
      The Gift, Everlasting Life                              His Precious SON : Salvation
      His SON who’s Risen                                    Lamb Among Lions

5 : Lamb among Lions                                   6 : His Throne : FOREVER
     Ascending to the Father                                 Glory of ETERNITY
     His Throne : FOREVER                                   Thank-YOU for YOUR LOVE

Inspired By (My) Sweetheart of  Poetry Soup’s Contest “ SOUL SPEAKS SENRYU “
      Dedicated To “ The FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT “ 

Author’s Note : I Believe YOU can read this Horizontally Also                   

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' Carpenter's Rule ... ' 54th Senryu

‘ Carpenter’s Rule … ’      54th  Senryu

   ‘ HE ’  … Is Not A Fool
Can Not Use GOD, Like A Tool ...
     Carpenter’s Gold-Rule

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Angel Pennies

Pick up lost pennies
You may get an angel kiss
It is worth a try

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Are you ready

If tomorrow comes
The last of the end of days
Will you be ready?

Hope is to be found
In the one who gives us life
Jesus Christ, my Lord

Pray to him always
Abide in the truth he gives
Love and peace to you

Victory is won
Glory to God in all ways
Satan must pout now:)

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My Mission

                                                            My mission in life
                                                       Is not to give up, but fight
                                                        for love and peace, right

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New Horizons

As the sun rises The pain takes itself away She starts life anew!
By: Misty Leccese © November 14, 2010

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' Ask Yourself ... ' 72nd Senryu

‘Ask Yourself … ’  72nd   Senryu

 Have You Ask Yourself ? …
Just What If It’s Really True ...
GOD … His Son … and You ?

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Peace Floats On High Winds

peace floats on high winds

seeks to travel  far and wide

touches open hearts

(June 2nd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Spring Break -Part 2-

I had the best Spring Break yet!
Spending time with
Family makes me happy!

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Miami Nights

Miami Nights
Calypso music plays;
Hips and arms sway to the beat,
Hearts melt in the heat.

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silk covering falls
your body pure innocence 
a tainting notion....

draw close in secret,
arousing palpitation....
infinite rapture....

the morning sun rise....
passion still exists with hope
will you stay again....

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Jar of Hope

I toss my pennies
in a humongous glass jar...
copper millionaire?

For "Jars" contest sponsored by Susan Burch.


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' More Will Rise ...' 71st Senryu

‘ More Will Rise … ’  71st  Senryu

  They Shoot Messengers
They Cannot Kill The Message
   More Rise, To Tell It ! …

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His Angelic Bride

His Angelic Bride
Descending the stairs;
Her diaphanous gown flowed,
His eyes followed her.

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Still Breathes

                                   Nothing left to see..
                           Ashes outline what's not there..
                                But a soul still breathes..

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The Vital Holy Day

Getting ready for
Passover to shed us might
For joyous future

The significance 
Of God’s holiday is way
More vital than us 

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Disco Ball

Disco Ball
Frenetic feet tap;
Across the room
Shy boys gather,
First dance jitters crawl.

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My Heart Revealed

It's what I believe
I wear my heart on my sleeve
My thoughts will not leave

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Blank Canvas

                                                      a new year is born
                                                  the old is gone forever--
                                                     blank canvas awaits


entered in Brian Strand's "One from your last fifty posted on PS" contest

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My door ajar

leave the door ajar to let the wind sing softly to renewed spirit senryu © CarolineCécile - 03.23.12

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' Movie Reel ... ' 52nd Senryu

‘ Movie Reel … ’      52nd   Senryu

                   Your Movie Life Real ?
                   DVD, Celluloid Wheel
                 ... Or Film For His Will

( Ok, Back To Transformers and G. I. Joe Movies - LOL)

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Hope for America

Once lost in shadow
Lights will shine down upon our land
Peace will grace us all

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His Love (Senryu)

the blessings declared
generous deliverance
His love continues

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On their wedding day,
Red roses decorate church-
Love fills the sweet air.

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The Dow Jones

With no bottom in sight
Searching for a tightrope
On the edge

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' Kept Light On ... ' 46th Senryu

‘ Kept Light On … ’      46th  Senryu

      He Left The Light On …
So, We Could Find Our Way Home
     Look Up, Before Gone …

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Facebook Fear

Logging on Facebook
Feeling as if he’ll never—
By Jove! He wrote back!

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' One Sin, 'Never' Forgiven ... ' 47th Senryu

‘ One Sin, Never Forgiven … ’      47th  Senryu

   Please Pay Attention:
One Sin, ‘ Never ’ Forgiven …        (  Matt.  12: 31  &  Mark  3: 29 )
 Watch Out, Keep Living ! …

     Examples of Those Who Commited It :  The Devil, (Liar) Adam (Accepted The Lie)
                                                               Eve (Believed The Lie) and Judas (Joined The Lie)

 (Please, Please, Don't Lie On God)

                      Your Poet-Human, Sis ...   


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Political Party Pals

if John Boehner is
the great compromiser, then
what is Mitch Mcconnell

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Singing Heart

Today my heart sings
As the beautiful sun shines
and meets rising moon

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Day dreaming… My mind refuses to see The real world… Half asleep… My reality broke free From the strain… Eyelids close… The meaning of living here ASTOUNDS ME! Half awake… My dreams are so spellbinding PINCH ME, please?

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The Challenge

meeting the challenge
leading, guiding, uplifting…
tasks for all fathers

© Joseph, 6/15/08
© All Rights Reserved

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' Not A Means To An End ... ' 53rd Senryu

‘ Not A Means To An End … ’      53rd  Senryu

            Not Just A Car-Pool
   It Takes True-Love, To Refuel
      … Stubborn-Journey-Mule

      (Love ... Is A Two-Way Street)

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Light Of Glory

song echoes the realm 

Majesty so pure and true

Lord God Almighty.....

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                                        I look back at her
                                    at the girl I used to be
                                        blind to the future

                                         and yet she saw it
                                   for a moment, a small glimpse
                                        of who she could be

                                          Hope was all it was
                                    and hope was all it took her
                                           to change everything

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Two Versions of Hope

Hope's Hidden Strings

hope's hidden strings
ever more reliable 
with each breath I take

Hope Justified
dectina refrain

strings of hope
keep me secured
with each breath I take.

I can't grasp my new home
with eyes nor hands, but I know
the Builder with soul, mind and heart.
I do not dread to take that last breath.

My unseen strings of hope keep me secured.


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The Day Breaks At Foster Lake

Resonating light

          Reflection awaits thy love

                    I gaze out , beyond


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Best Friend

To have a best friend    
In your life is a treasure
I hope you have one

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Olympic Opening Ceremony London 2012

A dancer; "Doctor"
I was an Olympian;
great ceremony!

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equip me Father
I must gain strength, momentum 
help others reach you......

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Starting Over

She sits down naked And feels her life is over But it just began
Russell Sivey

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' Sara Kendricks - Senryu ... ' 48th Senryu

‘ Sara Kendricks - Senryu … ’      48th  Senryu

     Sarah: Means Princess              ( Gen.  17:  15  )
   She Was Abraham’s Mrs.
 … Faithful, Like Kendricks  …

   Shine Your Light Too, Sara
   Children Are Almost Home …

              Your Poet-Sis 


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Come Back to Me(Senryu)

You were in my dreams
Sweetheart of my distant past
Come back to me now.

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Serendipity of Life

Life’s discoveries
Love, wisdom in many forms
Poetic lexis

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Waiting for Loving (Senryu)

Here I sit looking
The moon overhead shining
Wait for my loving

© Sam

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After the sunset

After the sunset

Hope  around  corner
which was beyond the farmer
 illusion is gone.

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Basic Notes

Take a seat!
Let’s learn how to read basic notes 
Take your time . . . 

Quarter notes
Appear in our choir pieces
Math’s involved . . . 

Unique notes
Catches my full attention 
Everyone sings! ! ! 

Sight reading
Could be challenging at times
Try your best! 

Basic notes – 
It’s vital to your skills 

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Temptuous (6 little words/haiku)

Masculine scents,
his torso sighs - 



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Pulled the Trigger

Bullet wounds
The criminal shoots down his
First targets

How dare you
Shoot them uncontrollably
CHAOS grows .  .  .

Don’t shoot it!
The victims are running mad
And you pulled

The trigger
I’m terrified of your strength
DROP IT, man ! ! !

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' Generous Words ... ' 18th Senryu

‘ Generous Words … ’   18th Senryu

      Love … is A Give-Word
   God … is A Generous Word
       Forgive … Says It All

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massive cable bridge

massive cable bridge supports cars huge trucks each day... last inspection when

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' Modern Moses (For John Freeman) ... ' 45th Senryu

    That One, Parts Red Sea
This One … Now Points To Set Free
           Moses’ Poetry …

               - - - - - - - -

Because Of Your Shining Faith-Light
            Day and Night
              Always On
        Truck-Drivin' Home

      On Highway (or) Space
      You Share God's Grace
        That Circle So Bright
    (Just Like MoonBee's Light  -  smile)

                God Bless You Moses

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Children are so sweet
They speak different languages
I can still hug them.

©  Kathy Mary Gillet
©  January 11, 2007 All Rights Reserved

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                                             mind intends to melt
                                      as soon as beauties are seen
                                               commonly forgets

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A New Day for Egypt

protests for freedom
twitter, facebook, cell phones brought
new day for Egypt

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Pounding Hearts Press On

Middle East unrest:
longing for democracy--
pounding hearts press on

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Kings Prophetic Dream

Gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone, clay,
Dream, statue, future.

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What Darkness Exudes

No matter how dark There is always light with me Shining inside me
Russell Sivey

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Be Optimistic

Walk with confidence
Let gladness enter your heart
Be optimistic,

Not Pessimistic!
Don’t doubt your progress – come on!!
You can do this, bud!

Rock on, warrior!
Be bold and be positive
You will live longer 

You’ll die in honor
Attitude of gratitude – 
I grant you – happy?

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Hungering And Thirsting

Majesty of God.
Answer to deepest longing.
Yearning for Heaven.

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hope for crescent

darkened half moons--
rings beneath the eyes--
hope for crescent

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Footprints and Promises

as he walked and talked
on oily gulf shores, Hayward
left footprints and promises

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Jubilant Indeed

I’m blanketed 
By triumph and courage  
Yes, I’m obliged

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The Whole World in His Hands

God has the whole world
in His hands--so stop acting
like it's in your hands

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                                                           airy fan
                                                 makes the body cool
                                                          hot again

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Star of Light Trilogy (Senryu Series)

darkness turns to light, 
gracious star illuminates; 
beauty of your love!
supreme above all; 
your creative beauty shines, 
everlasting star! 
opens heaven’s gate, 
guiding star shines for my feet… 
walking the right path! 

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Gracious Evermore

The sunflower brightens up the garden 
With a tint of yellow, orange, and red...gracious like fire
Benevolence blocks out the moon again

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For You

I made something quite
Special for you mom and dad
For Christmas this year.

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Vestige Erased

enslaved mind dissolve
remnant of swill supersede
suspicion erased


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To -- James Peranteau

“ Never give up Hope “
“ but I’ll Never give up Hope “
“ For that Lasting Touch “

“ I’ve Lost two Children “
“ but I’ll Never give up Hope “
“ Blessed Night Dear Poet “

These are the Words of  “ James Peranteau “
To my POEM : Wake Up, below is my Response

Can’t Imagine ; Pain
Such as YOURS, the loss of LOVE
Begotten Children

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Moon Cycle

Crescent moon shining

Cradling my hearts secrets

Full moon fantasies

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It's another day
All things will soon turn your way
Reason I say, hope.

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Better Tomorrows

deal with hurt feelings
before you become depressed --
better tomorrows

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Hundred forty-four thousand...

Heavenly love shines
       on natural total done
               fish type dark circle...

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The LIGHT calls my name
Joyously I dance to Him
Finally I'm HOME

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I ought to have 
a penny for my thought 
Even if its not much worth.

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Street Urchins

coins drop palm to palm
a lively tune she dances~
we applaud loudly

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                                            not of architect 
                                      in wish design is hidden
                                       smiles if accomplished

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Nowhere To Run To

Nowhere to Run to
Footsteps closing in;
Qualms about my bright future,
Up against a wall.

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A fool seeks counsel
From devilish advisors
Wise men look to God

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Ottawa Treaty

Infestation of Anti-personnel land mines Rwanda declared free On 2 December 2009, Rwanda became the first country to be declared free of landmines.

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Have Faith (Senryu)

bitterness shall not
have victory over souls
a new dawn will come!

Dedicated:  To individuals seeking a new path and new light of life

Author’s Comments:   The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows:  
the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is 
about an emotional expression and things in general.

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setbacks of daily living
can often become
springboards of giving

inspired by Romans 8:28

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Ying Yang

(Ying Yang)
Stagnant was his life;
Her capricious habits grew,
His ying was her yang

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Blackjack Senryu String

I came here to win.
I need a lucky shuffle.
I want some blackjacks.

Here is my money.
I hope you’re better this time.
Please, no surprises.

You were not too kind
to me the last time around.
I need some winners.

Here is my first bet.
Let’s go, I’m ready to win.
Please be nice to me.

A two and a nine.
I would like to double down.
Give me something big.

It’s a measly four!
I hope you’re going over.
Twenty-two or more!

What’s under your six?
I hope you will bust for me.
And you have a ten.

Please bust your sixteen
in order to let me win.
You’re going over!

And you pull a five!
That amounts to twenty-one.
And you made me lose!

Well, no more of that!
Here’s some more of my money.
You be nice to me!

A ten and a five.
And you have a six showing.
You’re going over.

I will stand pat here.
I think you will bust this time.
Let me win this one!

You must have sixteen
A big ten is under there.
Won’t you bust for me?

An ace underneath!
So you have a seventeen,
and I lose again!

Well, no more of that!
I’ll double my bet this time.
I need some winners.

An ace and a ten!
You have a blackjack for me!
Thank you very much!

Why don’t you pay me?
Oh, so you have an ace up
Who needs insurance?

I need half my bet
to be paid even money?
No, you don’t have it.

A king under there!
And you have blackjack also!
And that is a push!

Let’s try it again.
You owe me for some winners.
Give me lucky cards.

A ten and a four,
and you’re showing a nine up.
I must take a hit.

A big ten for me.
I busted and lost again!
Forget it today!

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On White Snow

My mind is at ease Walking on white snow of hope Purity of heart
Russell Sivey

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Song of Songs 2:14

My dove in rock clefts
Secret places of the stairs.
Let me hear thy voice.

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Content in my life
I know there is more to live
More to learn, give, love

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twisted thoughts rise up
beat down through the blood of christ
the essence of prayer

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had it up to here

had it up to here

he came to steal kill destroy

want to runaway

river of tears flow

destroys on all who believe

who do I go to

can’t run it is me

he who ruins the life of one

give up no option

I believe in you

the prince of peace king of kings

submit to you now

wipe the world away

when I am weak strong I am

trust you provider

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Thanksgiving Alliteration (Senryu)

Living and laughing Gathering, gleaming in grace Thanksgiving today! © Joseph 11/22/07 © All Rights Reserved Author’s Comments: The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an emotional expression, human nature, and things in the human realms which maybe satiric or humorous.

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" Carolyn "

  1  " This is so Moving "
      " News reports," ( Feature ) " Children "
       ( Love ) " to these Orphans "   ( Carolyn Devonshire )

   2  You have moved my Heart
       You Brave Children of Haiti
       Your Spirit Lives On      ( HG )

   Dedicated to ( History Poetess ) " Carolyn Devonshire "

   Author's Note : The First Senryu is Carolyn's Words
   In a Comment to my POEM : " MIATIANNA "

       The Second Senryu is my Response

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Control The Skies

heat of the battle dog fighters command the sky top gunning air force © Joseph, 1/22/08 © All Rights Reserved Comments: I wanted to be an air force fighter pilot when I inquired into joining ROTC in college. They informed me that I didn't have 20/20 vision at the time and was not selected. As a result, I switched to Army ROTC and had a wonderful time with twenty-one years of meritorious service.

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Go Out, Be Happy

go out…
touch the sun, see the life in China
be happy

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A heart of reason
   pondering thy ignorance
      "shall they ever rise"  ?

"From A Birmingham Jail"
   A Abe Lopez Contest

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Blackjack Senryu String Part II

Well, I’m back again!
Treat me better than before.
I need some winners.

I remember you.
The last time I was down here
You were not too nice!

You let me win now!
Lady luck’s been a bad girl.
I hope you’ll change that!

Here is my money.
Please let me have some good cards.
I’m not quite even.

I’m starting out small.
I’m doing this for good luck.
I sure could use some!

So here come the cards.
You give me a jack and nine
That is not too bad.

So I have nineteen.
And you have a ten showing.
I think I’ll stand pat.

So what’s underneath?
I have to see that hole card.
Sixteen and a bust!

It’s another ten!
Both of them give you twenty.
You beat me by one!

Well, no more of that!
This time I’ll double my bet.
Won’t you let me win?

And it’s two aces!
I’m going to split that pair.
Give me two tens please!

An eight and a nine.
I have nineteen and twenty.
Your up card’s a six!

A ten’s underneath.
Those cards give you a sixteen.
One more for a bust!

You gave yourself five.
It’s another twenty-one.
You beat both my hands!

This is the last time!
If I don’t win, I’m leaving!
Here’s another bet.

A seven and four.
So you gave me eleven!
I will double down.

Now you have it all.
That’s the last of my money.
I need a big card.

And you give me nine!
I hope a twenty’s enough.
Will you bust your hand?

What’s under your four?
Your hole card is a seven.
You have eleven.

Five gives you sixteen
Won’t you bust with your next card?
You’re going over.

What?  Another five?
Your twenty-one beats my hand.
That is it!  Good-bye!

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The Doorway of Death

What makes a person Decide to participate In the life of drugs?

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' The Archeologist ... ' ( 33rd Senryu)

‘The Archeologist … ’      33rd   Senryu

        Bible, Map, Compass
Dig With Whole Soul, Heart and Fists
         … Archeologist !

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" Sara "

  1 " Very thought Provoking "
     " Am I too old to " ( give ) " help? ( Sara Kendrick )
            ( " MIATIANNA " )   

   2  Rebirth and rebuild
       In the Square , the music Speaks
       Honoring : the Dead         ( HG )

       Dedicated to  the ( "Flowing Pen" ) " Sara Kendrick "

       Author's Note :  The First two Lines of the First Senryu are Sara's Words
                        In a Comment on my POEM " MIATIANNA "

                              The Second Senryu is my Response

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Let go and let God

God fights our battles
if we tell Him about them
Let go and let God

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With Certitude

Can anyone say
"with certitude" that scandals
in Congress will cease?

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" Constance "

  1  " Beautiful "  " Sad "  " True "
      " Creative : Amazing ; POEM "
      " For " ( the World ) " to Read "  ( Constance La France )

   2  Speaking POETRY
       Brown Eyes , Crying , Creating
       A World Reading Poetry     ( HG )

        Dedicated To ( Sincerity In Poetry ) " Constance La France " 

       Author's Note : The First Senryu is Constance's Words
               In a Comment to my Poem " MIATIANNA "

                  The Second Senryu is my Response

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Dwindling Time After Time

Back & forth
The swing dwindles and fluctuates forever caught in a spiraling breeze 
Time & again 

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Patience is Golden....

       Fate is a blind date
              Destiny is a journey
                    Fortitude calling......

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Tailgating Slam

Tailgate party time
Chicken, steak, baby back ribs
Quarterback show down

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Your Charm (Senryu)

rhapsody of you
sensations moving the soul
eloquence of charm

© Joseph Spence, 7/21/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional/classic Japanese senryu form has three lines:  the first five 
syllables, second seven syllables and third five syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for 
a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about an emotion 

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Virginia Tech

grief and pain within
America’s homeland weeps
pray for hearts to heal

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                                        Name how much it lasts
                                        Up to human's memory
                                             God's is unending

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" Charmaine "

1 " A thorn in my Heart "
     " Feeling their pain, deep : Indeed "
     " Touched my Heart and Soul "  ( Charmaine Chircop )

   2  I thought to myself
       How can I help Haiti
      "Touch their Heart and Soul"  ( HG )

 Dedicated to the "Malta Princess" Charmaine Chircop

Author's Note : The First Senryu is Charmaine's Words in a Comment To my POEM
                                                 " MIATIANNA "
                                 The Second Senryu is My Response

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Cowboy and his Lady {Senryu Series}

Telepathic mates
Even though they were apart
They loved together

Stronger than ever
Separated by the years
Two bodies one soul

The kingdom of God
Reunites husband and wife
As the angels sing

Two hearts share their love
Cowboy takes his lady Cile
Dancing through the clouds

I love you Cile

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Pray for the Fallen

pray for the fallen,
despite their disappointments--
it could have been you

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                                                     Humanity rests
                                            upon the foundation of peace
                                                Love maintains it well

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Behind cell bars, he
wrote that letter with wisdom... 
revealing his dream.

Desiring justice,
he condemned unfairness...
confronting evil.

Without violence,
He spoke loudly and clearly...
the Nation listened.

Entered in Abe Lopes's contest,
" From A Birmingham Jail "

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Detained Faith

Heart in mind confess
Solitude though still so free
Reality ours

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A Change

A change won’t come. So,
I don’t know what to do. I 
Guess I’ll pray for one.

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A Starry Wish (Senryu)

golden streak of light
flashes across the night sky
wishing on a star

© Joseph, 5/18/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional or classic Japanese senryu format has three lines:  the first has 
five syllables, second has seven syllables and the third five syllables.  The 
pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about 
an emotional expression.

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We Will Remember Them

Dying for Freedom
American and British soldiers
Will be remembered


" Dedicated to the losses our countries are taking to fight for our freedom "
                                 Haiku or Senryu matters not

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' Control ... ' 14th Senryu

‘ Control ’    14th  Senryu

     Control … ‘ Together ’
If  You Can Control … ‘ Never ’
   … Control,  ‘ Forever ’

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Our Lord

Born in a manger
Walked the earth free of all sin
Crucified by man

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In God We Trust

It’s written on our
Money, but we worry about
The economy.

We must trust God. Read
Your money. It’s in God’s hands.
Well, do we trust God?

In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to 
me? Psalms 56:4

wrote 1-13-10

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A Flounder Matured

second best turned out
to be my first. i'm as
happy as mint tea.

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Voice singing praises
Blessings coming from above
Souls open with grace

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            without our longings,

                                   what's the point of our strivings,

            small, stranded earthlings ?

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Angel of Hope

    She's somewhere up there
look for her where dreams come true
     under Christmas stars

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His Love (Senryu)

through the wilderness
pain teaches humility
His love uplifting

© Joseph, 8/19/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional or classic Japanese senryu format has three lines:  the first has 
five syllables, second has seven syllables and the third five syllables.  The 
pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about 
an emotional expression.

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Golden Essence (Senryu)

Worn inside the heart Your true essence is golden You are gold that’s pure © Joseph, 10/12/07 © All Rights Reserved The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an emotional expression and things in general.

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Peace Not War (Senryu)

how unfortunate 
women and children died too
let peace subdue war

© Joseph 7/5/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional/classic Japanese senryu form has three lines:  the first five 
syllables, second seven syllables and third five syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for 
a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about an emotion 

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       ... of cornucopia,

           of health and panacea,

           of dreams, Utopia ...

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Everlasting sun
  Shining upon a life of
Ephemeral time…

 Transitory, yet eternal within belief…

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Tomorrow's Leaders Trilogy (Senryu Series)

paradigm shifting
readin’, writin’, ‘rithmetic
foundation for youth


giving of one’s self
building tomorrow’s leaders
educating minds


striving for new light
saving minds, bodies and souls
life’s new perspectives


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Situational Crisis

In the midst of life
Others are stricken by strife
Where glory abounds

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His Words

Through His mighty words
Power manifestation
When you obey Him

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Love Birds (Senryu)

birds of the morning
singing, chirping, cuddling
lullabies of love

© Joseph, 6/1/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional or classic Japanese senryu format has three lines:  the first has 
five syllables, second has seven syllables and the third five syllables.  The 
pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about 
an emotional expression.

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Two Sisters, One man

Two sisters, one man-
Well-tricked for his trickery,
Jacob gained two wives.

Two sisters, one man-
One weak-eyed and unwanted;
One was beautiful.

Two sisters, one man-
In love he wept for Rachel,
For sons loved Leah.

Two sisters, one man-
Mandrakes, sex bartered in hopes
Both would feel equal.

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Better Than Ten Sons

Hannah was favored,
But Peninnah was fertile-
Both, wives of one man.

Peninnah provoked
Hannah til she cried to God
For an open womb.

Elkanah trembled
With Hannah, the wife he loved
After they worshiped.

God was exalted.
Peninnah's voice was silenced
By Hannah's promise.

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Shed the light upon
The world, as your flickering
Smile reflects your gleam…

For all those who draw optimism with 
their shimmering smile, accepting

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Young Days

                         youth owns the future

                       often neglects tomorrow

                           young days to borrow

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She hangs her head, sighs
Looks like she’s forgotten me
I wish she’d look up

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Alive on the pure
Skin,   a world freed from all sins...
Free,   as life begins.

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Walking the Walk

Feeding the hungry
Clothing those who are naked
Walk justly--humbly

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The blue lights soft glow
The darkness swallows it whole
The blue lights soft glow

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Incandescent light
Staring blankly at the screen
It’s a lot like love

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It's You Who Count

   your own score you know,

               worry not how they judge you,

   they don't count, you do!

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Thieves and Paradise

Already dying
One cursed Christ.  Ready to die
One was blessed with life.

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Jumping Spider

fushinantly fool scermently cool
redumptin plu sheir evening veiw
crumbling quil regarding shovent fear
shaded valued in few secment in shadaled in you
watchful in nude breaking it's point here in through
crindaled in vocrent shapays in laughing shaldint ruching dapu
crawling hold a burning nutold gaping the ejaga of it's fold
driping descent sragals the hearts intent
sleeping fade rutatual and fay required serpay
antalinaly free it' flys swift in burdened it' crys
garnage in fail prusudent she gambles
pre in the far shan of the trees night glave
truent it sits peacking farnsly bagum 
shmentid priceless for it's crin
smootched pragintin wasided plan retenda

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The Young One

Foreseeing my bright
Future, as I construct the
Prospect of my dreams…

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noose untied

throw me a lasso
take the one around your throat
life derived from death

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Fire Boys

Three did not bow down
To the king's idol... music...
Doomed to the furnace.

Seven times hotter,
The flames leaped out opened doors
Consuming king's men

And burning the ropes
Of the three thrown in the fire
Freeing them to dance

Round the Son of God;
They came out alive, unsinged
With no smell of smoke.

Dedicated to Caleb for his make-believe hero, Fire Boy.

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Strangely Familiar

strengthens, burdens me,

          this strange familiarity

                    of every new day.

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Gorgeous Smile

Through your busy day
At meetings, work, lunch or play
Don’t forget to smile

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                    don't bet on lucky,

                                     prepare for that deity,

                                                       Opportunity !

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Build a crescendo,
Stairs that lead you to Heaven
Best steps or better?

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Soul connection

  no obstacles stand
cleared by more than mortal man
pathway to your heart

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                        worn-out wallet bent
            to the contours of his hip,
away want and wish slip. 

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Who Knows

search out who you're not,

          you'll be surprised who you are,

                    might you be a star!

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See Greater Things

Ere Phillip woke you,
Beneath the Sycamine tree,
I saw your pure heart.

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Best Worst

though hope bubbles burst

     make the best out of the worst

            last is sometimes first

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Shining Light (Senryu)

lamp in a dark place
forward fight for forgiveness
salvation shining

© Joseph Spence, 7/21/07
© All Rights Reserved

Comments:  The traditional/classic Japanese senryu form has three lines:  the 
first five syllables, second seven syllables and third five syllables.  The pattern is 
5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about an emotion 

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Gone to start over 
Start over without a past
A past to bring up the horrible things
And the good things that never last

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Rainbow Days

Lots of rainbow days
And  restful nights  with sweet dreams
My true wish for you