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Senryu Boyfriend Poems | Senryu Poems About Boyfriend

These Senryu Boyfriend poems are examples of Senryu poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Senryu Boyfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My LOVER'S EYES (Senryu Series)

1   Alluring : mystic                                4   Mesmerizing  eyes  
      Light brown : almost hazel eyes              Caressing my Heart with LOVE               
      Always  full of LOVE                               Knowing they own me

2   Eyes with flecks of green                    5   My Barbara Jean
     Immersing my Heart and Soul                 Your light brown eyes filled with LOVE
      In Eternal LOVE                                     Capture my Heartbeat
3   Soporific eyes                                    6   Together our eyes
     Singing  a sweet lullaby                           Entwine the arc of Rainbows
     The song Forever LOVE                           Brown-green and blue gray

       This is for YOU ; Barbara Jean Gorelick ; with all my Heart , with all my LOVE
       Submitted for Pen to Face, Face to Pen Contest  Sponsered by Sami Al-khalili

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Brokeback Mountain

(The Movie) 

eyes dart with red
black, white and sepia hue
the horse slows behind

selfish cotton hide
lust, under the pale moonlight
rustic underwear

Hearts not meant to be
A mountain covered with dust
Orion's chap- stick

Plunging, campfire
Temptations broken wall
Cowboy makes his mark


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He said I'm sexy,
My waistline measures forty.
I think he's hungry.

Entry for Andrea's Itty Bitty Poetry Contest

** 3rd place Winner**

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A caring One

A caring one is more 
Than sweet fragrance,
Even when sweet fragrance ends,
The caring one remains...

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high school love

we offered our hearts
       eagerly sketched in wet sand....
             entwined initials
whispered in the wind
        promises too young to keep…
            first kiss at sunset
a chill from the sea…
        such fragile love would vanish 
            in a wave of tears          

For Linda Marie's "Sentimental Senryu" contest

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Broadband ====== Lovers

ethernet courtship seperated by the sea keyboarding kisses

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their love is timeless flows easy like quiet streams adjust to each season two beautiful hearts engraved from one pattern existing betwixt hearts swapped forever sealed undeniable ying yang inseperable ~*~ This is for folks like me who dream : ) For: Linda's "Special Sentimental Senryu" Contest

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Arched Back

Arched back, my toes curl
River down my spine, eyes closed, 
Soft lips, head back. Breathe. 

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My Best Friend

A husband,
My lover,
My best friend

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Word power

Lighter than dry leaves
the capacity to burn;
held in what you say.

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That Sucks

<                                     on your own death bed 
                                       you couldn't even admit ........
                                       that you were married

Entry For Paula Swenson's Contest 
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
G.L. All

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She's Still Mine

Unwavering love
Never forgotten beauty
Still going nowhere

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I Don't Give A Hoot

<                             beneath swollen moon
                               silhouttes conjoinment dance
                               hooting escalates  

Entry For
Sensuous Senryus

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Wet Kiss

Kisses are like rain, 
they can bring a fruitful harvest... 
or a hurricane

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Please Exist - II

Six Thousand Miles,
I Can Feel Her Heart Beating
Inside of My Chest.

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when harry met sally---i'll have what she's having

yes i feel so good
that's what i'm talking about...
let me yell and moan

people are staring
but i'm making a point...
harry's turning red

ohh baby baby
see i faked you out but good...
now please pass the salt

for contest senyru a movie scene
sponsored by Andrea Dietrich

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Target Located

Your anger rains down
On me like asteroids, I 
Prepare for impact


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No need for drink

Her quivering breath
Is like five shots of whiskey -- 

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Getting Off

Masturbation please!
I partake with just my hand
Makes my boyfriend mad

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a little smoke left warmth, a distant memory hope's fire still burning

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Senryu 001

Now is the hour
when we must say goodbye...
dagger drives deep.

© Harry J Horsman 2012  

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Would you face the fire or her ire?

The flames in the pit
peter out compared with
true distaff disdain

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Veins are just highways.
Transit for blood from the heart.
Heartache dispersal.

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As Dawns Light Embraces

in slumber I sleep
a stirring awakens me
dawns light embraces

my love, so playfull
she sighs in writhing motion
underwear gripped

her arched torso
in sync with joyous caress
groans of delight soar

voicing emanates
breathing enhances heaving
excited to pert

loving shadows dance
captured by the morning sun
she is imminent

release impending
rejoice is met with sighing

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His delight versus Her fame

played her like a toy he had oodles of delight redundant her fame..

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Eternity's LOVE

In the Depth of  Night
My Love stills Grows With-in YOU

Inspired My the Contest “ Sensuous Senryus”
      Sponsored By  “ Francine Roberts “

Dedicated to My LOVE " Barbara Jean Gorlick " 

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That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven Hundred and fifty victims Murdered, Rest in Peace My entry into Nathan's 9-11 contest

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Long Summer Days Soon

She had a baby
today.  She's only sixteen.
Long summer days soon.

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A rose that I loved...
I handed to you:
you smiled.

A certain feeling
of happiness...  
I sensed.

That rose never wilted...
the flame still lives

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Michael J Falotico's contest,
" Eyes First Met. "

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Midst the oceans calm
Together deeply in love
Our passion blocks night