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happy hordes herded, prodded and penned behind the goal - crowd control

'One Liners 4' contest

Copyright © Charlotte Jade Puddifoot | Year Posted 2015

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Football pains

It was right there, right past our grasps
The playoffs gone just that fast
The last year, it was our final chance
We went hard, but it seems we never had a chance

Tears leave eyes as we undress
Removing our pads to make the burden less
The coach comes in and his eyes are red
Said he was proud of us, we worked until our hearts bled

I just watched, a stoic face and a stoned heart
I showed no emotions but i felt the loss
I embraced the other seniors in my turn
With dry eyes to soothe the burn

The juniors watched us, not quite understanding
But they felt it, the pain we was withstanding
Leaving the locker room, we embraced the ones we loved
Eyed blank as they tried to wipe away the blood

What's past is past, there's nothing we can do
Its just a game, a sport said a few
But when you put that much effort and pain in
And you lose, its hard.. so hard not to be blue

Copyright © William Hughes | Year Posted 2012

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Cap N Gown (Angel of Sadness)

I know you wanna see me in cap-n-gown 
A fresh breeze and a new way of life is what I found 
So please don’t cry 
When you don’t see me in my cap-n-gown 
In and out of foster homes 
My only comfort was pulling this holster alone 
From school to football practice 
Academy award winner 
my moms was the number one actress 
From football practice 
to back to those two huge oak trees 
A metaphor is simply that cold winters choked my knees 
And I know it’s gonna hurt 
Seeing “Class of 2005” imprinted on my shirt 
Maybe it’s me being selfish 
But how could I not tell you without a kiss 
Like me expecting to go to war 
and forgetting to enlist 
High school memories was fun and games 
Embarrassment was done in by shame 
Senior days are now numbered 
Summer smirks ever so humble 
Along with my peers 
my misery is pumping me up to fumble 
Still I know you wanna see me in cap-n-gown 
A fresh breeze and new way of life is what I found 
So please don’t cry 
When you don’t see me in my cap-n-gown 

Copyright © Jerry Golden | Year Posted 2007

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Footballs complicated

>Whoever said football was complicated!!!

Whoever said football was complicated!!!
Was oh so clever, you see.
As when a football team,
is scoring winning goals.
Their fans are full of glee.

But if that same team another game.
Do not play so well.
Or get that football in the net.
That’s when it gets complicated.
And those self- same football fans are upset.

No kind words, do they offer.
As they rant and roam.
Making their way slowly,
out of the football ground and home.

Next week their spirits will be high.
On boozing beer, I do not lie.
So if the football team lose the match that day.
The fans can leave miserably happy I say.

And that’s why football is complicated.
Oh, I guess it was me, who did that say.
Football’s complicated!!! 
Clever old man I am today<

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Football II

Football II
By Stanley Russell Harris
The new mad author
And a poetry soup honourably mentioned poet

Football is a ball sport.  I thought everyone did know.
Sometimes the ball goes in the net. Other times it doesn’t you know.
Who is to blame?  I really do not know.
If all the managers got the sack!  When their team does not play well!
Who would give them a job?  Would you?  As I would not I you can tell.

Football fans are all the same, all seem to scream and yell.
That’s if their team is winning, and if it’s not as well!
I feel sorry for the managers. As if fans had their way.
They will get the sack. And have to survive on no pay.
Now as the fans know what to do.
They should form a committee and manage too.
And if they cannot do the job well!
They can retire themselves as well!
And if you thought I’d say go to hell!
Why, do they play football there as well?

My local radio today is discussing the defeat of Ipswich Town  by Lincon we lost by a very late goal 1-0 . I am not an over keen  fan of the sport since I stopped playing myself many decades ago. The sadness is due to losing to a non league club and subsequently Ipswich have been knocked out of the league competition. I always was told winning was a welcome bonus. It is the taking part that's important. After all Football is only a game. Tin hats Dragon lol 
2 days to go for the USA and hundreds for GB. lol .

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2017