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Health Personification Poems | Personification Poems About Health

These Health Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Health. These are the best examples of Health Personification poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Up Up And Away We Go

                                                Clouds endlessly float
                                                beyond broad  horizon

                                                Clusters of soft cotton
                                                Light and Oh so fluffy
                                                Only to be held so high
                                                Up up and away we go
                                                Drifting through the air
                                                Slowly releasing wetness

Tribute To The Blind

Also this is my entry for
Elaine George's 
Personification Contest

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With airy moves the thinker tried to gulp
one more full glass of the potent liquor,
'das zould bee iit', he said, in English calque,
'afta zis bottle I'll be a quitter'.

His mind analyzed why Socrates drunk,
instead of this pure nectar, conium,
He started writing knowing he would flunk,
and his pen's gems would be zirconium.

He drunk and gargled the eighty proof gold,
in his blurred vision Philipp Lenard laughed,
and Karl Max Plank's postulate did unfold
quantized integration calculus' craft.

He wondered if the philosopher's norm
that electromagnetic energy,
could solely emit in quantized form,
was the discovery of last century.

(You know in zis vorld ze gut schnapps is rare,
like slivovitz und aquavit und kirsch),
he read somewhere from drinks to be aware,
- 'Chain nuclear reactions' book of Frisch,

Outraged he saw the drink's surface descend,
with airy moves he called the liquor store,
Maxwell's equations started to blend,
through electrodynamics slept with snore.

© 02-09-2013, G. V., All Rights Reserved
(a poem against excessive alcohol consumption)

Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper
Contest: Personifying Science
Placement: 3rd

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Pure Heart


A new beginning
Extravagant flowers'
Doth' adorn your feet
    In the life
Of Abstinence
The Heavens' shall
And sprout forth
The seed's of your
Heavenly Bound

        Poet Author
        Gary Fields

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~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sky's eyebrows white on blue juxtaposed... tears wave to wash away pain on cue" ~~~~~~~~ ~JSLambert © 2012 Poet TreeZ Publishing

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Law Of Reciprocity


Do you find your-self?
With-OUT a Ladder
And just don't know
      What to do
        Try the Law
Fore only good things'
Will come back to you
Plant yourself a Seed
And then you shall have
         A Tree....
Just give it a little time
Soon you will be able
        To Climb...
For the very first time...


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My Dreams


 All of My Dreams'
Should not be beset
       Upon Me....
All of the inclinations'
         Of GOD
   And what is to be....


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Poetic Licensing's

An adversary friend once told me
that " Sticks' And Stone's May break
                 My bone's
           But, name's will never
                  Hurt Me "
So, I hit Him in the head
           With a stick
And throw Him off the banister....
That was the beginning of the break
In a once troubled relationship.....
Just the same.. I thank him for his
Help in the resoultion of this problem
Because, He was really starting'
To get on my nerves'.............


*****Moral to the story*****

When you make a suggestion, alway's
Make darn sure that you are perfectly willing
To follow threw......

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Waiting On Decision

    Why wait...
Don't just lay back
And form your own
Don't let some-one
      Else, make
 The final decision
  To say the least
  Have to give you


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Anorexia the Impostor

Calculating and cruel
It poses as your friend
Offering comfort 
A sense of achievement.

It isolates 
Jealously guarding the relationship
Until it infiltrates 
Every cell of your being
And claims you 
As its own.

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Weekend Oh Weekend

I love you so much
I want to sleep with you
for two whole days
and then up to
time to work again.
I bet it would make us both
feel really, really
really good!