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Personification Dog Poems | Personification Poems About Dog

These Personification Dog poems are examples of Personification poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Personification Dog poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Female Dog's Back


The female dog's back
driven and drawn by her past
shrouded in thick smell of flesh and blood
in pulses
indifferent to seasons and reasons
yet, afraid of both

The female dog's tied
to a tree, barking at nothing
her sigh and sight toward me 
once again demanding
yet begging 
my loins got charred for no less

Mammal born mammal and wrath to many
I'm not allowed to                       cross the fence
Nor to jump over, I tried
to clear her mixed origin, to comfort her hair
to answer her anguish with humane care 
to explore the mud and dig to hide

this thirst, which is mine and hers, which can't last
I yield to the smell, the primal reveille
into long hours
of waiting and madness
a command of ten summers
that soffocates the siesta

She's tied and there
                   the fence
From her scent-marked dwelling
she growls at my tongue
that couldn't fit in my mouth
She ought to know by now ...

She ought to know by now
whether she leaves again or unties the rope
whether I jump over the fence or not
that something like her
can happen at any time
but it doesn't matter if it doesn't

Late for [blank]'s Contest "[blank]" (Song: "The Bi-ch is Back"--John & Taupin)
Late for Archaic's Contest "Personify any animal of your choosing"
On time for Catie's Contest "The heart of the matter" (David Williams' "A Dog's Life")


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My Owner

I trot after her and settle on my bed in the kitchen.
Knowing first she will feed the humans, then the cats.
I will only be yelled at if I get underfoot, finally
Getting my breakfast I slowly scoff it down.

Owner is yelling at me, what did I do? Oh I am in the way!
Shuffling around deciding which bed I prefer today. 
Driving owner mad as I circle and circle then flop down.
After all I must make sure I have scared off all snakes.

Time to go out I bound along at owners side
wanting to get there first being checked back to heel.
Can owner not understand I should go first to protect
the household from any dangers lurking?

Yelling command on top of command, so confusing I close my ears.
One word at a time please if you want me to listen!
Remember Human language is not my own tongue I need time
to assimilate translate and then to finally obey.

Does owner not understand the more frantic they become
the higher state of alert this pushes on me I can not relax.
If owner is so tense and concerned there must be peril lurking.
At last home owner slowly relaxes and I come down from high alert.

This Mexican man stopped by and with him I did click,
He spoke my language and understood where I was coming from.
He taught my owner and showed how to dealt with things calmly.
Oh boy yes Life is much better due to Caesar Milan.

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A Dog Day Afternoon

If you really love some-one
Then it shouldn't be so hard
You just put him on an leash
And simply walk him
Across the yard,
The heck with all the implication's
What are the chances'
They would reject him right away
Fore it takes' raw courage
To bring them home one day
A family bond is strong that way
               - And -
To meet the family right away
  The re concussion can be great
Though it take's much skill
        To articulate
                 Or may be,
It could be just a big mistake
Then if it is a dog
Then they barely know him
As you see, what come what may be
Sure they may know of his nature
Maybe just a couple of fleas'
But, what then can they really say
Fore he is the lesser of God's creatures'
And you have already given
           Him a name,
   And most of all,
He is yours',
He is your's to claim
Some how or another
Surely, he should be easier
          To tame,
A dog will all ways' have his day
In a manner of speaking
You just have to keep him eating
     And not let him run astray
And he surely will be worth keeping
      Every dog shall have his way
But people are so much harder
To display