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Narrative Jesus Poems | Narrative Poems About Jesus

These Narrative Jesus poems are examples of Narrative poems about Jesus. These are the best examples of Narrative Jesus poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mary Magdalene

One summer eve in Galilee
I stood before my open door;
To me it seemed just one more night--
Like all the others gone before.
Someone would come and, passing by,
Would hear the tinkling of the bells,
Would see the garish harlot's robe
And painted eyes beneath my veil.
Someone, a man like all the rest--
It did not matter much to me--
A nobleman, Samaritan,
A Roman or a Pharisee,
Someone would pause and with one glance
Strip me again of maiden pride,
And leaving, later, never know
The shame and shattered dreams I hide.
O, he would think me very gay;
He would not see my hollow heart
Nor hear me curse him for his pay.
T was then I saw a band of men
Approaching down the narrow road;
There should be one among that crowd
Who wants the favors I bestow.
Kind eyes met mine, and with one look,
He saw what others could not see;
He saw the hunger of my soul,
My loneliness and misery.

I only know that since that day
I live to walk along with Him.
His look of love has changed my life;
I need not sell my love again.
Tonight He sups at Simon's house__
All day the dusty paths we roamed;
But, still he waits, unwashed, unkissed;
Small courtesies no one has shown.
My love for Him! It rolls and swells
Till from His side I cannot stay;
I'll wash His feet with tears of love
And with my hair wipe them away.

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Four Hours of Eternity - 3

I woke to the sound of sizzling bacon, the aroma of fresh baked Muffins and my Beautiful Lenore in her bright green Teddy. "Nubbies", I said, "what time is it." Lenore said" for You it is 3:30P.M., June 27th, 2013. You are in the O.R. at Dartmouth Hospital. For me it is time to bring YOU to Eternity for a short time."What are You talking about; Baby." I died last night before we had time to go to the Bridal Suite. I do not want You to go through that pain again. Please come with me to the railing on the starboard side of the ship."Below the shuffle board deck?""Nubbies, just
trust me." As we walked outside, I noticed there was no air,no breeze, no sea lapping against the side of the boat, the sun seemed pasted in the sky. Where is Mom and Dad;where's my Ma, Where is everybody? Harry we are frozen in time, for last night and today; never happened for you. I asked the Lord to give us this time together. I was 3 months pregnant when I said "I DO" I want you to see JoAnne Naomi Grow up. Now
 Full Moonlight Stand on the railing with me and when I say 3; Jump. 1, 2, 3. You would think we would plummet into the Caribbean Sea, but we splashed into the Full Moon. The sun was warm,the birds sat on my shoulders, singing a song of Life Forever. The Peace, Serenity and Tranquility was unearthly. I then saw GOD and the Son of Salvation hugged me and in a Mezmerizing Voice said Welcome Home.
                                   To be Continued 
I want to apologize to those of YOU who are punctuationally  bound to Poetry I do not know how to punctuate people talking. I know I'm suppose  to use "" marks Sorry I LOVE YOU ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Liege...Harry

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A Christmas Conversation

Daddy, were you alive when Jesus was born?

No honey, he was born a long time ago, over 2000 years ago.

Where was he born Daddy?

In Bethlehem, a small town in the desert in a manger,

Whats a manger Daddy?

It's a place where they kept animals to feed them.

You see when Jesus was born the Inn was full, so 
they had to get Mary to a warm place to give birth to Jesus.
that was the only place they could go.

Daddy who is Jesus' Daddy?

God is his Father honey?

But who is Joseph?

The Chosen Father, who God chose to raise him, Mary's Husband

I don't understand Daddy!

God wanted a son, he could not have a son without Mary and Joseph's
help. God asked them both if they would help him, without even thinking
they said yes. God gave to them a great gift, God gave them Jesus.

At that moment God gave us all a great gift, He gave us the Son of Man.

The Son of Man Daddy?

Yes honey, you see God is not Man, not one you can touch, Jesus
was, he healed people who were sick, He showed people how to love God 
and how God loves them. There is one more important thing
I want to tell you honey.

What's that Daddy? Jesus did a coupla more things I think are 
important, there are many of course but two I like.

Go on Daddy!

Jesus taught us how to love without conditions, like the way I love you 
and you love me and your Mom and Brother. But how to love everybody
like that.  The most important thing is, is that he died because we humans
broke God's laws, which means we sinned. He died so God would
forgive us.

Wow Jesus really did love us didn't he Daddy...?

Yes he did baby, and the really good thing is he still does and always will.

Come on it's time for bed!

Not until I say my prayers Daddy!

How bout we Pray together tonight?

I'd like that Daddy!

So would I baby, so would I .

Jump up on my back and I'll give you piggy back ride!

I love you Daddy!

I love you too baby, I love you too.........

My Christmas wish is you all have Conversations like this with your 
kids. Trust me they bring tears of joy!

May God Bless you all this Christmas Season as he has Blessed me.

    From Mary, Josh, Shay and myself  MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

                             With Love.....Taz

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The Old Rugged Cross Suffered The Worlds Greatest Loss


My favorite of songs is The Old Rugged Cross.
   The most tragic of days was the worlds’ greatest loss.
For sinners that day were all given their chance.
   His Father in heaven could not even bear to look not even one glance.
Forgive them He prayed as His life’s blood ran down to the ground.
   Can you picture Him there wearing that thorny old crown?
On that hill so far away, sad but precious memories were made.
    Born of a virgin mother in the tomb He was laid.
Death could not hold Him, death would not last.
    Three days in that tomb, so long ago, death too it would pass.
He arose and was seen by many it was said.
    Our Savior arose from the grave and no longer was dead.
As He gave His final words to His apostles and friends.
    He ascended to the clouds but they knew they would see Him again.
He made us a promise He would rule once again.
     I feel that day is coming we’re reaching the end.
The prophecies that abound.
     With each new day they seem to be coming unwound.
Are you ready my friend for the Millennium Reign?
     Are have you sunk to wearing the mark worn by Cain?
Sacrifices my friend we all have to do.
    Just look at Jesus and the sacrifice He made, was made just for you .
So on that hill so far away I kneel at the thought.
    With His precious blood my cleansing was bought.
And what have we learned, or did He die just for nought?
    I look to Jesus and His love I have sought.
He must come first in all that we do.
    And when the day comes you’ll see I speak true.

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My Mom

Dear God, how did You sleep.
I had a dream and it made me weep.
Did You see it, it was so real.
I think it might even help me heal.

Anyway that dream last night 
sure was kind of cool.
Except for the times  
I acted the fool.

I was a whole lot younger
then I am now.
I was talking with my mom
and I was wondering how?

We sat at the kitchen table
and she had on that grin. 
The one that always told me.
I know where you've been.

I could talk to her 
about anything I ever did.
Not only when I grew up
But since I was a little kid.

She was the only one
on this whole entire earth.
Who made me feel like I belonged.
Who gave me a sense of worth.

We talked for hours.
We laughed and we cried.
I didn't leave the table 
till the day that she died.

It was a roller coaster ride 
of every high and low I could feel.
Then Lord You got out the projector
and then You put on the reel.

We watched home movies
and most of it was good.
You would fast forward
those parts that you should.

There was this one scene
where Jesus had a part.
Remember when I asked for Him 
to come into my heart?

On a scale of 1 to 10
I would give it a ten.
But there was this one time 
I don't remember when??

When I asked for Jesus to come into my heart
He walked right in like He belonged.
But what I didn't know then 
was that He walked in with my mom.

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Let the Shepherd Lead


When I am lost and all alone,
   It’s then I turn to the Shepherd to guide me home.
When my heart gets bitter and full of doubt,
   I surrender my problems to Jesus, He seems to always work them out.
 I have been a victim of my own foolish pride,
    Not trusting in Jesus to be my guide.
Many times I have stumbled and many times I have fell,
    But that’s the good part of this story I tell.
For no matter how low in life we manage to sink,
    It’s Jesus who will always bring you back from the brink.
We are like sheep we all go astray,
    That is why we need our Shepherd to show us the way.
Jesus was the one who died for our sins so long ago,
     Redemption is ours if we ask don’t you know?
Without Jesus in our lives we would have no hope,
     And no chance for salvation or a reason to cope.
Imagine the pain He suffered that day,
     Picture it in your mind how He died such a tragic way.
Body racked with pain and longing for the death that seemed so slow,
     And being able to forgive those who did these things would have been hard for me,
don’t you know?
As I grow older in life there are things I tend to learn,
     Like the most valuable possessions you cannot buy you have to earn.
Love, respect, and friendship are a treasured gift,
     To have and to share will give you a blessed lift.

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Don't let death be a four letter word


What do we do when we know our life is nearly through?
   Do we get mad and throw a fit, what good would that do?
Or do we push everyone away with nothing more to say/
   Or do we turn to God and thank Him for giving us this final day?
We all know from that first day how life as we know it must someday end.
   What if this were not all there is, would you then be willing to listen my friend?
What if we knew there were certain other places we must attend?
    The Bible speaks of heaven and also of a place called hell for those who 
choose to sin.
The good part in the bible tells how even the sinners can be forgiven.
    It tells us by repenting and claiming Jesus as our Savior we still can enter in.
Is death our final captor, well I sure pray it’s not for me.
    There is but one way to know and not many are in a hurry to see.
I just pray death is not a four letter word for that’s not where I wish to be.
   No I choose to walk in the light of my Savior for all eternity.
Not many know what day is their chosen day.
   And that is why we must turn to Jesus and follow in His ways.
So  don’t let death be a four letter word and make you afraid.
    That you repent all your sins and turn your life to Jesus is what I just prayed.
Death awaits us all behind every corner or maybe behind the next door.
   I just pray that we are all ready and someday we meet on Heavens Shore.
The Lord Keep Us Till Then.

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To What Do We Owe Thee?

To what do we owe thee for the sacrifice of your son?
The shedding of His precious blood to show love for everyone.
The death of Christ was necessary to save us from our sin,
For the glory of our Heavenly Father, life and peace within.
The gift of salvation was our God's compassionate plan,
As He included all mankind from each and every land.
The emblem of the rugged cross was filled with suffering and shame,
But eternal life was God's purpose all in Jesus' name.
At first Jesus spoke not a word, as He hung there on the cross,
The propitiator for all our sins, so we would not be lost.
As the hour neared for Christ's death, He murmured a forgiving word,
He directed His wish and last request as He looked upon the Lord.
"Forgive them Father",  Jesus said,  "For they know not what they do",
Through pain and anguish, He stayed on the cross just to save me and you.
Jesus' mission was accomplished when He hung His head and died,
The nails driven in His hands and feet, two thieves hung by His side.
The victory of death was heartbreaking, and it seemed all hope was gone,
But now our Saviour Jesus Christ sits right hand on the throne.
What an awesome act of love, delivered with no charge or fee,
To God be the glory for all He's done, everlasting life is free!

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Dreams Of Reality

Dreams Of Reality
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

A difference of a world a way
A distance of a different kind
Love is blind and divine
Hold my hand
Let us touch the sunshine
On this hill of heaven we stand 
I pray

From one another 
Life and the world will never take us
Unless it’s together
Then we will become forever
Never leaving each others presence
Our bond becomes stronger in living
With every day
I stare into your glare
Wishing we live on; and long 
Strong and healthy 
We will grow old
In a happy union together
Looking beside me
Coming to a reality
You’re not there
My dreams are not reality 
My love has perished. 

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Don't Leave Me

I can't imagine being alive without you
I can't imagine what it will be like when your gone
I don't know what I'll become without you
Maybe I'll just run
Run away from everything and leave everyone behind
Maybe I'll find a way to be close to you
Because I won't believe you died 
My heart will ache so much more 
Tears will always run
My eyes will hold the wisdom 
That you bestowed upon me young
And my recklessness will be noticeable
People will wonder why
Why am I running when the person I needed most died
How can I face my life when I can't do anything right
I won't believe you have gone away
When God decides to take you
I'll still come by your house and always expect an answer
I Love You Gamma
You Taught Me About My Heritage  
Please Remember Me When God Takes You
Please Guide Me In the Right Way

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22 Lines

22 Lines
By Nate Spears

I stand on top of the opinion of the mighty powers above 
Staring into the eyes of their dominion 
Keeping myself armed and fighting 
In mind
In the order of a new world
In the order of new eyes
My spirit is old
In the order of new times
My heart lacks no fear
My hands lacks no wrong
So I have no tears 
to let roll on

As The River Of Jordan splashes in red
My evil days shall past
Consistent with biblical teachings
I speak the truth consistent with loud speakers
Let freedom ring
While I’m running my fingers through the clouds 
I've discovered a savior to save us
Now drip my sun light onto the best
Now drip my sun light  onto the rest
Goodness shall fall from my fingers tips
Onto the pages 
of my ink.

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Latin mission = sending
Mission is the sending of the Church
Father Christ mandate to all Christians
Proclaim the Gospel in word and deed

So that all men can freely make a decision for Father Christ
But be careful to choose the faith
The effect can be too late or not
Choose wisely which faith is the bridge to heaven


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Santa is Real

Christmas eve, wind so cold
Scent of pines all over our home
Tiny, shiny lights and decors
Gifts and presents to give for all

i'm just a little boy who loves Christmas
'cause i receive toys, and candies sometimes
But the best i want to experience,
Is to feel Santa's existence

My mama told a story about Santa
Fat, white-bearded, and in a red suit man
Living with his reindeers in North Pole
Making gifts for kids with kind soul

I put a big sock on my wall before I sleep
'cause they said Santa will put something on it
I have been a good boy this whole year
Hope he will give me the toy I've wished

I woke up, breeze, and felt so cold
It's twelve o'clock midnight, dong! dong!
Scared, frightened, I know I'm not alone
I kept my eyes conscious, alert in my room

I suddenly saw a Man who has a box
wrapped in a green paper, with a ribbon on top
He came near to my room, and found the sock
Happy, calm face, he put the box inside

I closed my eyes, for him to think i'm asleep
He sat on my bed and patted my hair
Said these words to me, and felt his heartbeat
"I love you, be a good boy again next year"

"Santa is real!" early in the morning I've yelled
All was awake because of my excitement
I've showed them the sock with a gift
Told the story of what was happened

Santa's expression is smile, not Ho!ho!
Santa is not fat! but a fit person
His beard and hair is not white, but brown
He's wearing white, shining like a sun!


1st Place
"Story Poem" contest
Sponsored by: Carol Eastman

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RENEWED BY GOD'S SPIRIT Falling, falling are the salty drops from my eyes. Crying, crying is my broken bruised buckled heart so long oh so long, I am within a cell of loneliness that windows and doors I kept on guarded walls-- strangers who passed by on microscopic study... My glass of trust cracked to pieces that I don't know how and when will it be whole again... Disturbed nights caused my eyes a free make-up of black shadows yet, one night, as I have no one left to talk to You may say crazy, but what I did is just to have a solid storm of cries together with my laptop, it's where I tip tap everything; that flooding pains and hurts rooted deep down that well of frustrations, unmet wants and needs raining along that crippling fear of uncertainty one by one, my every tap seems a spiral step of explosion. My shoulders droop, my body assuming a fetal pose then again I shudder--- tears running fast inevitable. Some sounds vibrate free from my drying throat I want to halt them but am too weak, weak but still, they came through volts of perspiration duet to my sobs and murmurs then finally, I came to my senses, I hold my hands close to my heart and I began to speak at first syllables to my God... I opened my heart to Him, my mountain to mountain jars of sadness I lift it all to Him... I confessed to Him like a child baring everything as I fall to my knees and bow my head. And in that deafening silence of cold November last year, there is the hush of warm breeze engulfing my being it did comfort me; suppress slowly my sobs and cries stirring my senses; firing my faith and spirit and so that fleet of darkness that touched my being. ©O.E. GUillermo 6:29 PM, December 08, 2014 Sponsor Shadow Hamilton Contest Name Fighting Depression(poems for PD) Placed 5th

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Above the oceans, 
the painting shan't remember,
you shall rustle me sweetly,
i wake eagerly,
on our outings,
below the nose,
the dale cannot shimmer,
i think i forgot to tell you that,
i love you,
yes!!!i love you so much,
even when i offended you,
you pretend as if you offended me,
and you forgive me,
how sweet is this love???
i bet i can't find any other love like this,
even though other people tempt me with their love,
but it wasn't like yours,
oh!!! i can't believe you just broke my heart,
after all my trust,
i tried begging you,
but you turned deaf ears,
you left my heart shattered,
but someone came into my life,
and fixed it,
yes!!! to fix it,
now i'm deeply in love with the person,
the name is JESUS,
how sweet is this name???
in fact, he is the reason why i'm alive today,
now we are together,
and i doubt if anything can come between us

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-Jesus- A Portrait-


   That curious Roman official

   named "Lentulus" with foresight recorded

   his description of a Man controversial.

   And His name too, for prosperity accorded

   That Man who the Roman so aspired

   was named Jesus, that Man of Awe,

   And Lentulus was one of few who desired

   that Man Jesus to portray and hence to annals store.

   So wont was Lentulus to see and hear

   what that Man Jesus preached and said,

   That he followed Him for a while, everywhere,

   So that the verity of his narration could by all be read,

   Then went on to relate what he saw,

   A Man of serene composture who courtly stood

   and how His prescence the crowds would draw

   and hungered the more on the words that inspired good.

   Of average height, just on fifteen and a half fists tall

   His nut-brown hair smoothed down at the side

   forming soft flowing curls, that did fall

   to below His shoulders with luxuriant pride,

   His beard boasted long and full, the same colour of His hair,

   Both His hair and beard neatly parted the middle down,

   As with the way that all of Nazarines share,

   And on a reddish face not a wrinkle, spot or frown.

   His eyes wide set with an unusual capacity for expression

   coloured blue-grey, exuding a sadness from within,

   Yet cheerful of countenance with seriousness held in remission,

   Sometimes seen to weep, not ever to laugh or sing,

   Though His feet were bare, He stood regally composed

   He lived in troubled times with  much woe abound,

   For there were those around, who would oppose

   Him for the freedom and peace His voice did sound.

   Now through what Lentulus and others alike, did relay,

   Artists and painters centuries ago, with care

   did Jesus to canvas, with dilligence portray,

   And His likeness to the world's peoples share,

   So that His teachings now so revered

   became all the more potent with vision aglared,

   For His words of enlightenment can so astound,

   But just in His Prescence alone can the Spirit abound.


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I look through the crystal waters
Running through the quiet woods
Walking along the shores
In search of the man from Galilee

I asked the wind, where it had driven him
I asked the storm, did you strike him
I asked the mad man, did you hurt him
I asked the centurion, have you killed him 

None answered, but with a sigh they shunned me
I went to the caves, where he spent his nights
I went to the temple, where he taught
I went to the praetorium, where they judged him
I went to the Pharisee, to seek to see him but they said
He was the fee for the fees of the deeds of the seeds like the sand of the sea

I run after him as they pushed him through the streets
His mother and brethren were wallowing in tears
With few words, he comforted them
I followed with my mind, but now my heart yearns after him
The hands of men took him to Golgotha and
Finally I found him on the cross
And I knew it was for my sake he hanged 

I left in tears, hearing tearings in the temple 
I asked the disciple, where they laid him
I asked the guards, where they kept him
I asked the gardener, if he can show me
But the angel asked me, why seek him here

Where else, who else, and why ask, I said
But the voice that answered was still, small and peaceful
Like the voice of the shepherd, when he grazed us
He asked me, why I weep and comforted me
He said to me; you are free; you are saved; you are mine
Then together we worshipped as he disappeared in our eye
To where, some asked
In your hearts he answered
I found the dead Jesus, alive in my heart and he lives forever.

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Forever in Christmas

Old man Carter lived all alone, quietly nestled in his quaint little home. 
Arthritis kept him crippled, writhing in excruciating pain, his wife long 
since departed, leaving him nothing more to gain. His children made 
arrangements, to place him in a nursing home. They lacked the 
compassion to inform him face to face, knowing he would surely die in
this unfamiliar place. He lost his will to live, life had tragically passed 
him by, without his long lost Eleanor, his only hopes were to die. There
he sat in his recliner, a rigid shell of an old man, quietly he uttered to the
Lord,..."Father, forgive me", as he clasped a revolver in his frail, arthritic
hand. Suddenly, an image appeared before him, it was clad in solid white.
Old man Carter could hardly open his eyes, for the radiance was unbearably
bright. Soon, the light diminished, the image's skin was fair. The old man's
eyes began to focus as he observed a figure with long, coarse
hair. The image's eyes were gentle, bearing scars above the brow. Open
wounds the width of nails pierced both its delicate hands. Then, in a soft-
spoken voice it said,..."No more shall ye suffer, old man". "Set aside thy
weapon", the image went on to say,..."You're going home to Eleanor, 
upon this Christmas Day". The old man passed on to heaven, he was
discovered the very next day. "Such a tormented soul was he!" That's what
the neighbors would say. It was there on a table beside him, a scribbled 
poem which sadly read,...
                                      "Christmas is the day I wed,
                                       The true love of my life;
                                       Christmas is the day I've chosen,
                                       To join my beloved wife
                                       Jesus arrived to take me,
                                       The hour's a quarter past four;
                                       Suicide's never an option,
                                       I'm with Jesus and my sweet Eleanor"...


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The Carpenter

The Galilean sun smiled down
Upon the dusty little town
And lingered o'er one humble spot,
A peasant's home and modest shop.
Long shafts of light fell 'cross the door
To lay bright carpets on the floor
Where children played in perfect peace
About the shop. Their joy increased
Each time they caught a glimpse of Him,
The carpenter who worked within.

His face was gentle, eyes were kind;
And  as He worked, He did not mind
Their ceaseless chatter, endless play
Nor did He find them in His way.
Their laughter rippled round the room;
They scattered sawdust with a broom.
The woodchips falling at His feet
Became for them a fishing fleet
Or beds and chairs for little dolls,
A manger or a cattle stall.

Surrounded by the commonplace;
And yet, uncommon was the grace
With which He faced each daily task
As if all Heav'n lay in His grasp.
A carpenter He was by trade;
The wood responded, unafraid.
Beneath His hands each piece was formed
Into an object to perform
Some deed of usefulness or skill,
The needs of men to fitly fill.

Precise He was in all His craft
From oxen yoke to shepherd's staff
To couches for a nobleman;
He was a careful artisan.
Each part was polished, sanded, ground;
No painful splinters could be found
To pierce the flesh of those who bought
The items fashioned in His ship.
There wood was sacrificed for man
Beneath its own Creator's hands.

Does it seem strange that He would die,
Suspended between earth and sky,
Upon two rugged beams of wood,
This carpenter whose work was good?

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Why Church is called Catholic

Church is a she Bride of Father Christ Church is Catholic Church is people Catholic related to the whole Greek kat’holon Father Christ called Profess whole faith Preserve all Sacraments To administer To proclaim Good News Sent her to all nations (YOUCAT) 4092013

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Worry Not

I re-dedicate this poem to my sweet friend, Stephen Pettye, who is full of power and strength as he travels this lifetime in a number one status to reach the goals of his full inner growth.  This poem is to help clear his path along the way:

Take those piled up worries And let your troubles go They always go back and forth In our minds to and fro On a clear day With no clouds in the sky Cast you worries away Leaving no questions to ask why Giving more time to count blessings And be thankful for what you’ve got It feels so gloriously wonderful To truly and completely worry not Just clear your mind Away from all thought And enjoy the great feelings That fill the space you’ve caught There are messages to read When the clouds are out That’s when we’re given Something to think about On a clear cloud free day Leave all worries behind Well that’s what I do To clear my mind Yes, it feels good To be worry free And to leave it all With the one Almighty So when the sky is clear I will always worry not And thank our dear Lord For all the blessings I’ve got Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Shadowed by guilt and shame

Shame must have burned her countenance,
along with fear that gripped her heart;
she’s a woman in the gospel  brought into the open,
by those Pharisees and Sadducees in their attempt –
to entrap Jesus on the horns of a dilemma.

Known as legalistic in their respect for the Law of Moses,
they professed as guardians of moral principles;
they claimed as protectors of the Jewish traditions,
however, in truth, they had a wicked motive to ruin Jesus
to discredit him for all the things he’s doing for his own people.

His growing popularity especially to the Jewish men and women,
becomes a raison d’etre to ruin his good reputation;
oh, such a malady that continues to exist through generations,
the seed of original sin – its consequence to human behavior
reflected its aftermath, the evil tendency that is encrusted deep within.

Jesus’ statement, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone,”
made the religious leaders withdraw from the scene and,
starting from the elders they walked away and talked no more;
a sign of shame, an honest reaction to what is shadowed by guilt.

The entire incident focused on Jesus’ endless forgiveness,
his compassion for the woman being bogged down with disgrace;
like a moral stigma, a scarlet letter etched in the hearts of people,
with Jesus she had her past but she also has a future to look forward to.

Just as the prophet Ezekiel says, “I will give you a new heart –
and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone
and give you a heart of flesh . . .”  its power and meaning can assure,
God’s love is everlasting; our salvation is his prime concern. 

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The little hand lay open in his mother's palm;
Large tears washed streaks of white across two dirty cheeks.
His soft, dark eyes were wide with innocence and pain,
And small, trembling lips found it difficult to speak.

She held him close and wiped the spot of blood away
And applied to the injury a bit of balm.
"Now, don't cry; a carpenter often hurts his hands.
All will be well. Shall Mama sing to you a psalm?"

The child's sobs hushed; all around the house grew still
Save for the sound of Joseph's tools against the wood.
"Sing the shepherd's psalm, Mama; sing of the way through
Death's shadowed valley and the Shepherd who is good."

Mary pressed his rosy cheek closer to her breast;
Her eyes welled up with stinging tears; her face grew pale.
She held the little injured hand and knew not why
She trembled so at the imprint of one small nail.

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In Your Grace, I Abide

For today I am here,			
Tomorrow shall appear,		
Though I yearn to be with You, Lord.
In Your grace I abide			
Through life’s valley’s I stride,		
Lost within my foolish pride.
When darkness fills the day, 
I seldom kneel to pray
To ask You for support.

I look up to the sky
And I want to know, why?
Where then is my Lord? 
I say.

On my own I’m alone
Terrified I hide, 
I run from You away. 
But, when all seems at its worst 
You come to me first, 
Through the solace of Your Word.

You rid from me forever
The chains of sin, You sever
In Your righteousness, I am clothed.

No deed of my own, 
By faith in You alone
Do I place my confidence. 

As I sleep soundly this night, 
May I wake in Your light, refreshed  
To greet a new day.		

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Christ Puissant Touch

The hills of Nagaland, his Motherland, 
A countryside plenteous cultural, scenic landscapes.
When first he cried mamma, 
Father's loving eye called a feast.
At juvenile being send for literature
Still jejune, naive he grew more to drug.
Spend half his life white plagued; 
Homecoming a peddler, 
Potentate dealer of variant hard drug.
Evil favored, sadist none would ostracise heretofore, 
Not until the weakening lying in hospital bed.
No purpose driven laying waste discomfited; 
Anathematize and bescorned.
Doctors ceased this man of multiple organ failure; 
Counted his days of life be lived.
Betwixt life and death: 
'Christ puissant touch mended, healed his feeble body.'
Abhorred by gentiles despite found his lost soul, 
Alleulia Rabbi Jesus he wailed agonizely
Lackaday he knelt and read Psalms 51, 
whence all his sins brought to The Cross where Christ atoned.
With contrite, repentant heart; 
Thenceforth made The Word of God his purpose for life.
Benison, born-again, edified, ordain and sanctified; 
Redeemed many a lives of friends similitude.
Counsel prisoners, addiction where once he dwelled; 
Still lives a servant of Christ mightily being wield.
Speaks of Mark 8: 34, renders Matthew 11: 28; 
Manifest ‘His' omnipresence, unconditional love.
And in him was when I found Christ in me.

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A Message To Jesus

Guess you know now my Lord, 

The love that flies this mind, 

Caresses each memory in treasured colors, 

Soaring into bluest heaven I've reached for, 

Happily I glide into brightest darkness, 

Where eyes are not needed to see nirvana, 

Joyous light sprinkled all around me, 

To a warmed chill that welcomes everyone, 

This cold lit comfort that is my spirit, 

The plane that will free me forever, 

Traveling soon beyond furthest star of hope, 

Where salvation has waited so very patiently, 

A new voice given to me that will never die, 

Softly speaking truths that harm no one, 

Enfolding me eternally in beginnings that never end, 

Finally becoming everything I thought I couldn't be.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Why Church called Catholic

Church is a she Bride of Father Christ Church is Catholic Church is people Catholic related to the whole Greek kat’holon Father Christ called Profess whole faith Preserve all Sacraments To administer To proclaim Good News Sent her to all nations (YOUCAT) 4092013

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Church View Other Religions

Church view other religions Church respects other religions That is good and true She respects and promotes freedom of religion Human right Effect of the Truth will be seen later She knows Father Christ, sole redeemer of mankind He alone is “the way, the truth and the life” ([St.] Jn 14 : 6) (YOUCAT) 4092013

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The Way

Once I was a lost soul
I slept with temptation,
Drank the devil’s liquor;
Sniffed, injected, and took every known substance

I caused so much damage to my life
I hurt all my friends and family
But all that changed one night
When I was arrested for possession of marijuana

I called my girlfriend to get me bailed out
But she not only sent me money
But a Bible as well
I read about all the miracles Jesus performed

Of how God sent His only begotten son to die for me
When Jesus never did a single thing wrong
But then three days later, Jesus came back resurrected
And then He joined His Father in Heaven

After court I did my time in prison
I went to AA meetings, cleaned up,
And got back in touch with my God
If it wasn’t for Jesus’ guidance and God’s love
I would have never found the way

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Dignificance of the New Testament

In the ? New Testament
Eternal God’s? REVELATION is completed
The 4 Gospels according to Saints John, Luke, Mark and Matthew
The masterpiece of Sacred Scripture

The most precious treasure of the Church
The Eternal Son of the Eternal God shows Himself
As He is
And encounters us

The Acts of the Apostles, we learn about the beginnings of the Church
And the working of the Holy Spirit
The letters written by the apostles
All facets of human life are set in the light of Father Christ

The book of Revelation we foresee the end of the ages


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Not only will I touch the hem of your garment

I’m flabbergasted at how the streets are thronged
Could You be the one for whom twelve years I’ve longed?
Oh say, a Physician like no other before seen?
Different from the kind to where I had been?
Could Your timing have been more impeccable?
And Your approach be more unbelievable?
But I’ll undoubtedly put the last of my trust in You
I have much to lose, yes, indeed that’s true
But out of options I’ve finally run
And now even money, I truly have none
So I will find my way to your garment
So You can put an end to this bloody ailment

With an old blood-stained dress
I start out and on I press
I hurry through the deafeningly noisy crowd
Each one giving a careless, yet imploring shout
And it feels like You move further
With every step I take to get closer
“Please, if You are the Saviour”, I think,
“help me to press on, for I’m at the brink
Of breaking down, about to forfeit
I’m helplessly at the mercy of defeat.”
Not only will I touch your garment
But You will make my life to Your goodness a testament

Finally, after pushing past the multitude, I see an open space
To my advantage, in the other direction, is turned His face
Unworthy I am, so I really do not have to talk to Him
All I truly need to do is swiftly touch His hem
The hem of the Saviour’s garment, that’s all I really need
And then from this sickening bondage of blood I’ll be freed
I touch His garment, and it really was not my intention
To in any way catch the Saviour’s attention
I find it strange that no change in me I see
Until that mysterious Physician spots me
And confirms soothingly to my soul
 “…thy faith hath made thee whole.”

So not only will I touch the hem of your garment swiftly
But I will praise you from the bottom of my heart sweetly
Not only will I touch the hem of your garment as I said I would
But I will ever bear in my heart of hearts to my Saviour gratitude
Not only will I touch the hem of your garment, but strife
I will, as I hold onto You, Lord, for dear life
Not only will I touch the hem of your garment with my finger
But in your presence I will overstay my welcome and persistently linger
Not only will I touch the hem of your garment as scary
As it may seem, I will cling to you, oh, loving and lovable Redeemer of Calvary

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“Let there be;” the prelude to creation
“Let us make man;” an imitation
“Let thou subdue the earth;” not an invasion
“Let thou not eat;” humanity in examination
Enticing oh! Sweet bitter fruit of Eden
Enhancing the knowledge of good and evil even
Explicated in the seductive words of the forsaken
Enticingly dreadful, namby-pamby humanity have fallen

Now, salvation plan still conceived
Nest, Israel a people adopted
New prophets on the stage performed
Natch! Salvation plan delivered

There in Bethlehem the baby in manger
Then in Canaan, water turned win in a jar
Through Galilee, the evangelization prosper
Thus, in Jerusalem the saviour’s sepulcher

Entering graves womb at death
Navigating hell to its depth
 Dawn wakes him on the third day from the earth
Salvation debt paid to procure new birth

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Romans 7:24 : My Birth & Rebirth

'O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'

      None have I yet, from my days so young, met in the pastures of my life and its 
weeds. None hat met my plead nor steer for righteousness to bring me to the 
light from this shaded skin and flesh. 'O wretched man that I am! Who shall 
deliver me from the body of this death?'
      That is my plead in motto; My forefront from sin. Sin - the wrong introduced 
from the law; The law that shames the gospel; The gospel of Jesus Christ. Back 
at when the day of Pentacost came and at when the Crucifixion Day fell; Hope 
rose. The law was appended, but God's word never died, it prevailed.
     Back at 'Day 1' in my life, I was born of a natural birth - A sinner. Just a fat little 
sinner. I would toil with my birth parents and just get on their nerves! To cry 'n fret 
when nothing's wrong. To eat and eat and eat and eat. And as we all know, when 
we eat a lot, we "leave a lot" behind. But sneaking past the early years, to about 
the 5-7 ages, I'd do the most craziest things, and boy did I get some whippings! 
But those whippings led me to myself, and someone opened my eyes and found 
me. 'O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'
     That question empowered me - and had me wondering. But someone had 
found me. He saved me from a life of destruction. On June 17, 2001, age 8, I 
went down in the Water of Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and that same 
day, I spoke in tongues - God filled me and delivered me.
     June 17, 2001, God wrote the obituary of Gavin D. Sumter - the sinner, and He 
wrote the birth certificate of Gavin D. Sumter - the Holy Son & Child of God. 'O 
wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'
     I'm proud to say that God has delivered me!

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A Morning Prayer

Another Morning Prayer

I pray Oh Lord Jesus that you forgive me
 of the many sins and the mistakes I have made in my life
If I have wronged any of myfellows, I know I know I am at fault.
 I thank you Lord Jesus for this beautiful day you have made. 
May you strengthen my faith, Oh Lord
that  I may do Thy Will this day.

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Not for personal gain or glory

Like the Vikings who left us this word – ‘berserk’ 
some of us may have shown it through human reaction,
where we go berserk against disproportionate behaviors
such anger or infuriation that defines the immediate actions.

It’s still very human to act in this way with sudden eruption,
when inner anger overrules and makes us manifest towards others;
a strong element that fuels harsh words and outrage within,
oh, what a state of mind! so capable to influence us in many ways.

But Jesus Christ’s experience when confronted with torture,
suffering, crucifixion and eventually death in his heroic way;
his courage and humility which are worth mentioning here.
truly, a sublime reaction against those pains and persecutions.

He becomes human who copes with greater risks and pains,
identified not as a historical Jesus of natural stoicism;
with his real grasp of what his destiny may entail along the process,
his only response – to embrace the cross which means so much for us.
On Good Friday reminds us of his passion and crucifixion,
being betrayed, denied and left alone in humiliation;
in darkness and dread, in sorrow and bereavement,
he remains true to his mission and love for all the people.

His lonely agony in the garden of Gethsemane,
touches us so profoundly as he awaits for his destiny;
here is his obedience to the Father whom he prays to,
one with him, distinct in person, one in the Trinity.

Courage or bravery is worth remembering here,
it’s born out of a vision that comprises his self-giving;
that knows no fear but is moved with deep reflection,
all for otherness, all for humanity, all because of his love for people.

In today’s world where we’re constantly tempted with selfishness,
self-centeredness or obsession for power, money and prestige;
Christ’s journey with his disciples makes us reflect what it means,
to be a disciple is to be willing to sacrifice for the sake of others.

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13th Seat of Silver

 They wanted his head for claiming he is divine.
Blasphemy! They demanded a sign.
Unlike all the war kings on a beast they arrived.
He came in peace, for it he strived.
At the table of his pupils, he foresaw all the guile.
Veiled behind the 13th seated smile.
They claimed clean hands, he foresaw the move.
At this stage words could not prove.
Abreast him was corruption, he foresaw the sly.
The plan was set, not to sway awry.
He knew of the fate, though escape not the goal.
Hands the bread to him lacking soul.
On purpose, or command? Is forever pondered.
Fate sealed, ban of eternal wander.
Was it devised by him to prove the grand plan?
Was he just a tool in mighty hands?
For love of his country, or is money his motive?
Silver bribe was the tale thus quoted.
Did he see the corruption and act in just ways?
Was it destiny for all, losing but paid?
Despite the ambiguity, was he better off unborn?
Without him surely men live in scorn?
Betrayal filled the musk air, a chosen one to be. 
Unfolding now, choppy was the sea.
Arrived with the leaders and priests at his back.
Foresaw it too, intuition not lacked. 
A kiss upon him bore the mark, swiftly arrested.
Regret rotted his mind, duly infested.
Was the will fulfilled? As they both died hanging.
One by own hand, other a ganging.
It seems the mighty one had skin in each game.
Which side is he on? Both the same.
The 13th seat of silver, tempting, brings a clout.
Shines, but viscous fire spouts out.

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Holy Family

We cannot separate Mother Mary and Saint Joseph
They’re having so much connection
With the mystery of Incarnation of Eternal God
Joseph, being guardian of the Virgin’s spotless honor
Foster-father of the Divine Babe

Mother Mary’s family thought be made known
She might not be stoned by the Jews as an adulteress
Thirdly, that in her flight; have the comfort of a husband
St. Ignatius add yet a fourth reason namely that is birth might hid from the devil
Looking for Him to be born of a wife and not of a Virgin


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Immortality; The Unopened Gift! (Part 2)

Mind’s serpent illusion, must be brought to a real conclusion,
As the serpent’s mind  illusion is only a fleshly protrusion
No persona of head or mind, can stand the test in time’s line
Nor can it ever align, with our love’s faith, within love’s kind
As the heart says I am full of love, from above, very fine

Generations of strife, has caused a very  difficult life
For to behold love’s glow, to do so, of the mind very slow
Is a heavy blow, to it’s ego, to go, to heart, to start
Mind  has quaked at it’s mistake, taking a very sacred cake
Mind took the cake, having nothing to do, with it’s  make or bake

The heart’s depart, from the mind’s mistake, was for love’s sake
Spinning within, saving itself  from the sin, of the  mind’s quake
All that was left, to do or pursue, the only choice to make
The heart left mind’s dilemma, left alone, mind, began to pine
Slowly beholds a glow, of heart’s light, realizing it’s plight

From heart’s light, receives it sight, previously regarded with spite
A light, from within it’s own heart, now mind may see it’s part
In time to find itself to be, the servant part, of the heart
The whole of  love’s self of which it is only a servant part
The moral of this story, of course is love’s glory

In a mind of hoping, heaven is a closed fallopian
Jesus, the present is coping, but has never been opened,
By your hoping! Your faith is safe within! But heart has clavis
And Love  the key, be that you see, a brother to Jesus be
Walk the floor of the world  no more, love key, open’s heart’s door

The kingdom is within you, of life begin ye, anew
Life light will brighten, mind enlighten, by golden hue
And trouble will all ease, with gracious and sacred new lease,
And strife will all cease,  with love’s immortality, much peace
Love is the source, by Jesus of course, the abundant new lease!! 


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A Rose That's In Full Bloom

In the garden of Gethsemane on that dismal night ---
Jesus deep in prayer was quite an awesome sight ---
His tears were like drops of blood,
that fell from His eyes ---
Yet they were that of Holy water,
that descends from Heavenly skies ---
Three times Jesus prayed to His Father on high ---
Three times did He admonish us with a heavy sigh ---
Then as the Pharisees, Chief Priests and 
soldiers took Jesus away ---
We scattered in all directions,
like sheep that has gone astray ---
Hanging upon a Roman cross, 
Christ died for all our sins ---
Giving us eternal salvation and assurance,
that God always wins ---
Our Lord was taken down and placed enshrouded,
inside Joseph of Arimathea's tomb ---
On the third day, was resurrected from all
it's dark and lonely gloom ---
Appearing before us in that large and furnished upper room ---
We witnessed the Great Commission,
like a rose that's in full bloom ---
Ascending towards God's Kingdom,
for all of us to see ---
Jesus promised that He would be with us,
for all eternity.

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10 pieces of silver: a treasure restored or Stella had a house party

alienated and separated has become society
disenfranchised and distant are now the state of families
all of those systems designed to make us feel connected
have fallen short and now we feel rejected
we're just a bunch of numbers and no one even knows our names
we're just a group of digits and that's a darn shame
but we're more than pieces of silver for we do have hearts
for we are the blessed children of the Lord Of Lords, Our God
and it's only in the church where we've kept our sanity
for out in the world it's just total anarchy
we're more than just objects to be used and misused
we're more than just bodies who by our bosses are being abused

dehumanized and desensitized is how we've been treated by the status quo
but we are treasures in the eyes of the God we all love and know
God loves us and it's time we loved ourselves
Jesus loves us and died to give us an eternal wealth
yet people are more concerned with amassing monetary hordes
no compassion for each other and no love for the Lord
we need to seek the word of God with a desire to be changed
for now is the time for our spirits to be rearranged

no longer to take each other for granted but to treat each other with respect
to see ourselves as more than pieces of silver as more than just objects
to be like that woman who lost her coin and diligently searched until it was traced
and then to rejoice upon finding it for her treasure was now fully replaced
to diligently seek the treasure that is the word of God
and then to apply it directly to our hearts
to comprehend the true value of our fellow sisters and brothers
and come to understand that we need to treasure one another
for at some point in life you will need someone's support
for life is like a basketball game you need a team on the court

10 pieces of silver, Stella had a house party
a single coin restored, a parable about rediscovery
for whatever it is in life that you feel that you have lost
just take it to Jesus and lay it on the cross
let Jesus restore it, let your treasure be refound
let God reform you and place you on higher ground
to look high and look low for that which has been misplaced
to seek that treasure of the spirit, God's saving grace
and once it's restored to rejoice and celebrate
Stella had a house party upon the restoration of her faith

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Bottomless Love

“I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with all my heart
Will declare all your wondrous deeds

Was   present at many of [the mysteries of the Holy Rosary]
Not only in the events surrounding Father Christ’ birth
Also at the wedding feast of Cana while Father Christ carried His cross

Was crucified
She was with the apostles in the upper room at Pentecost
We can safely assume
She saw the risen Lord, Father Christ and His ascension

Of course
She experienced her own assumption and crowning in heaven.
By repeating the Hail Mother Mary
We address her with those greetings of St. Gabriel and St. Elizabeth then we ask prayers as we consider the mysteries

This process
As if we were trying to look at each mystery of salvation
Her maternal perspective
Seeking to love Father Christ

The center of each mystery
As much as we may love Father Christ
The Virgin Mother Mary can always lead us to a bottomless love
More uplifting perspective of faith in Him


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Scarred Hands

One day a Mother saved her new born daughter from a raging flame.
Holding her to her bosom,calling out Jesus name.
A Mother love is something only God understands.
The Mother wore gloves to cover her Scarred Hands.

One day when the little girl was older,
She asked her Mother why she always wore  gloves?
She said her hands were scarred and ugly she didn't want her to see
Ths gloves was just another way of showing her love.

One day the little girl pulled the gloves off her Mother Scarred Hands.
She said Mom these hands are not ugly, they are beautiful to me.
These hands are full of a Mother love.
These hands are Scarred Hands of love.

One day the little girl was at Sunday School.
The teacher ask her why her Mother always wore gloves?
Then the little girl told the story how her Mother saved her from the fire
The gloves were a symbol of her love.

Then the teacher told her story about a man who had Scarred Hands
Jesus hands became scarred when He was hung on the cross to save us.
With Jesus on the cross and His Father sharing His love from above.
Jesus also had the Scarred Hands of love

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Paul had a near-death experience,
one of the most incredible ones...
he visited Heaven: the place of bliss!
And as he climbed the gold stairway,
he heard many familiar voices he had
known in the previous life...they happily
chanted glorifying God, who was seated 
on an ivory throne surrounded by Archangels,
Saints and Prophets whom he remembered
from his Bible readings. He tried to look at
God's face, but he was blinded by an intense light...
more brilliant than the sun itself, then Jesus
approached with his out-stretched arms.
Paul smiled and was elated to have found salvation,
but Jesus kindly said to him, " Paul, your time
hasn't come yet, return to Earth and tell them! "
And briefly pausing He continued, " When that time
comes, your honorable name will be written
in the Book of Life, and angels will carry your new body
on their swift wings and you will enter Paradise! "
Paul's face was expressive of disappointment 
and bitterness and weeping replied, " The people
of Earth deride a grave digger so groggy and grubby,
and they mock him with their delirious laughs;
I would rather be dead than return to them! "
 " Go and show them your mercy! " Jesus commanded him.
Paul had only minutes before he would be buried,
so he rushed back and surprisingly saw a large crowd
attending his service as Father Michael, the Chapel's priest,
performed the last rites by splashing Holy Water 
in and around the shadowy grave. They heard a knock 
coming from inside of the coffin...Paul's voice became louder,
" I am alive, not dead...let me out! " Everyone was horrified
and shocked, but Father Michael ordered the mortician to open
the casket and let Paul out. Jubilation filled the chilly air,
and streaks of light filtered through the murky clouds...their shouts
were heard as far as the outskirts of town: Paul was alive!" 
I sat with Paul the day after under the shade of a fragrant pine,
and he told me about his visit to Heaven with tremendous joy
and fervent faith. He admitted that he was wrong not to have
shown them his compassion and with the sincerest smile
he proclaimed, " My anger and grudge have vanished;
I have forgiven them...I am so glad to have returned! " 

Entered in the ramblig Poet's contest,
" In Search Of The Human Mind"
Assignment: A Near-Death Experience

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Looking for a savior, kinsman redeemer, King of all Kings
Wanting a righteous Father, heavenly daddy, to love and cherish me
Awaiting the promised land, and a promise of  a messiah

Finding the lineage of Jesus Christ to bring hope to all man/woman-kind
Sinners find grace, to know we can serve Jesus no matter our sins
Mary mother of God, kept quiet the promises through a baby boy given to her through an 
angels annoucement.

The humble stable, nativity, precious baby laid in an animal's feed trough
Came for you and me, that we might have abundant life

(Jesus was the descendent of murderers, harlots, decievers, and adulterers through his 
earthly lineage---that I am guessing is how he knew we all needed a saviour!
Praise God this Christmas!!) 
Ideas From the Holy Bible KJV

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The Return (A must read)

       The trumpet of the Almighty God will blow.  Then the whole world will instantaneously 
know.  That Jesus Christ has returned for his sheep.  You may miss this train if your faith has 
been asleep.  Millions of your loved ones will disappear in the twinkling of an eye.  Christians 
will be lifted up to meet Christ in the sky.  Those left behind have chosen their own path.  
When people tried to tell them about Jesus they just walked away and laughed.  It will be too 
late to repent.  Not ever hearing about Jesus can't be your argument.  For everyone in the 
world would have had their chance;  To know about Jesus the Savior in advance.  
Unbelievers need to be concerned.  Jesus Christ is going to return!
       Eventually we will watch the rise of the Man of Sin;  He will be the devil incarnate, 
wearing a seductive grin.  Millions will believe and be deceived that this man is the predicted 
Messiah.  The Bible warns us in several prophetical books,  From Ezekiel to Zechariah.  THis 
false Christ will have powers unlike this world has ever seen.  He will wear a mask of peace 
and claim he is the coming Nazarene.  People of this world will believe this lie and will 
spiritually die!  Simply put the world will follow this man blind.  This false Christ will do 
whatever necessary to get into your heart and mind.  This man will rule the One World 
Government and claim to end all bloodshed.  His actions will be so convincing, he'll even 
raise the dead!  But this is the anti-Christ, he is not the One.  He is not God's Son!  Here's 
something for the ignorant to learn.  Jesus Christ the real Son of God will return!
       This One World Government is taking place.  Get that Bible down from your bookcase, 
and you will see.  That everything is happening right now according to prophesy!  Beware as 
we watch nations turn on Israil.  More than half the world will attend it's own spiritual 
funeral!  Cataclysmic events will unfold.  World catastrophe that has been preached since the 
days of old  The American dollar has lost it's value.  A One World currency will be issued to 
me and you   Millions are currently spiritually deceased.  Even thousands of priests.  We are 
no longer the super power of the East.  So prepare to receive or reject the "mark of the 
beast."  The evil of this world will burn.  Jesus Christ the Savior will return!!!!!

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The Bridge

 An obstruction can be overcome by building a bridge
Whether the obstacle is of land or of sea
But the bridge most essential to all of mankind
Is the one that leads to God, no other way to Him we'll find

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
To carry us across sin's deep abyss
There is no other way, for without Him we are lost
Jesus saves with a bridge made of three nails and a cross

God the Father was willing to send His only Son
God the Son obeyed and left His home on high
Born of a virgin by God's Spirit, clothed in humanity
Born to die, to rise again, He bridged the gap for you and me

We are such loathsome sinners, while God is so pure
It's impossible to match His perfect ways
No earthly bridge can reach over a chasm so wide
Only one such bridge exists, the one that Jesus provides

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
It's the only way to span sin's great divide
He offered up His life, there is no greater cost
Thank the Lord, He built a bridge with three nails and a cross

There has been many bridges built by the hands of men
Much skillfulness and toil they did employ
But none can be compared to, or was made with such love
As the bridge our Lord supplies for us, that leads to God above

Jesus offers free passage for you to cross that bridge
It's the only way, the Bible tells us so
No toll is required, it was paid for with His blood
Accept His gracious gift and He will guide you by His love

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
It's the only way to span sin's great divide
He offered up His life, there is no greater cost
I'm so thankful He built a bridge with three nails and a cross

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A.K.A. Tough Guy

I wonder which way the wind will blow me today.
   It really doesn’t matter, so long as Jesus is with me, I know I’m okay.
The one thing I’ve learned is when Jesus takes you to it.
   He’ll never leave you He will get you through it.
Time was when I thought I was in control, aka tough guy.
   My wife and mom would look at me in disgust, and it was always the same 
question why.
They would get on my case and it just seemed to make matters worse.
   Then one day I woke up and said Lord I’m tired of living this lie, help me Lord, 
help me remove this curse. 
You know that’s just what He did, but I had to open the door.
   And now I know I love Jesus, but guess what I know He loves me more.
It’s hard to explain, when you know, you know, you know, it’s that kind of deal.
   You’ll feel His presence, and you’ll know it’s real.
The bible, before didn’t make much sense, I just couldn’t get into it.
   But now I read it with joy and can see how His words fit.
The key is Jesus is knocking on your door, but it’s up to you to invite Him in.
   Invite Him in, Jesus is your friend, ask for forgiveness and repent of your sins.
If Jesus can love me I know for sure He’ll love you to.
   His arms are aching to hold you, it’s your choice, open that door and let your 
Savior enter through.
    Praises To our Savior

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An aged cedar's fallen trunk was taken from 
              a remote, quite grove by a stone wall,
and brought to Jerusalem to build
              the wooden cross on which Christ was crucified, 
after He was condemned to death by Pontius Pilate;
              those rough planks, not smoothed out by skilled  
hands, made Jesus bleed, and Judas stared
              at His leaning forehead,
              pierced by a crown made
of thorns, not fit for a heavenly King...
              destined to die so young for Mankind!
On the way to painful Calvary, Jesus fell
               three times, crushed by the weight                   
of the heavy cross while being called an impostor
               by a crowd, which shouted and laughed;
Josephus believed Him to be the Christ,   
               whom Isaiah prophesied very long ago...
He called Him Wonderful, the Prince of Peace!
               Rejoice faithful, He has risen
from His tomb, and He's sitting by His father's right
               end for all eternity, to lord over nations! 
Look into those bright clouds...He's alive!        

 Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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people have been thinking of their financial situations 
wondering if they have them in hand
and in this day of global economic fluctuations
wondering about the futures they had planned
people have been thinking about their spiritual walk
wondering if they are only talking the talk
do they tithe enough? do they pray all the time?
do they study the Word? do they keep God on their minds?
to be turned by faith we need to readjust 
our lives in relation to the God we say we trust
to be turned by faith we need to make a move
and get into a whole new spiritual groove

we're so stuck in our ruts in most aspects of our lives
the same tired jobs, the same old friends, the same personal strife
we need to look at our lives through the eyes of God
and rearrange it by making a brand new start
to just step out of the boat without the anchor of fear
to trust in the power of Jesus and remembering He is always near
to be turned by faith never to lose sight 
of the Lord Our God's guiding light
to be turned by faith by being happier and physically fit
totally trusting in that which is the Holy Spirit

God has placed us here for a reason
and will use each of us in due season
we all play a part in God's master plans
just let your belief be the vehicle that delivers you into His hands
the road might be rocky and the journey will be long
just let God position you where you'll prosper and be strong
in the boat with Jesus on the troubled seas of life
holding on and trusting in the power that is Christ
in the boat with Jesus now under His authority
in the boat with Jesus now sailing on calmer seas
to be turned by faith towards higher ground 
now that your situation has been turned around
to be turned by faith to no longer worry about what's up ahead
to be turned by faith with a life that's now spirit-led
to be healthier and happier trusting in God to provide all your needs
to be turned by faith and knowing with God you will succeed

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making it great in 2008 (part 21): help a brother out

the rumor was noised about that Jesus was on site
and the spreading of the word was faster than the speed of light
Jesus was in the house preaching the Holy Word
telling the people about things of which they had never heard
when Jesus is in the house the atmosphere is electrified
the Holy Spirit is present and all things are amplified
a transformation is on the horizon
if of Jesus the Christ you keep your eyes on

excited, expectant and enthusiast
knowing that the Messiah was here at last
inspired and encouraged were 4 men who were most devout
looking for a way to help a brother out
their friend was paralyzed and needed spiritual assistance
so they went to see Jesus in a manner most persistent
the house was overcrowded and through the door they could not enter
so they cut a hole in the roof and lowered their friend down front and center
they placed him with his mat right in front of Jesus the Christ
praying and hoping for a miracle to take place in his life
Jesus then said "your sins are forgiven, stand and arise"
the Pharisees were most critical until they came to realize
that standing before them was God's righteous Son
Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One

to have compassion and to care for your fellow man
to help a brother out in anyway that you can
to be willing to climb up on a roof and lower someone down
just to be in the presence of Jesus standing on sacred ground
to have cooperation and coordination to work in unity
to know that together we can claim the victory
for no man is an island and we all need one another
so do what you can in order to help out a brother

to collaborate with others despite your personal feelings
to get the job done so that we all can get some healing
with cooperation, coordination and collaboration first in mind
those 4 friends were determined that of Jesus they would find
with true faith, total trust and nary a doubt 
they did what was needed to help a brother out
by any means necessary with a radical concept
they did a risky thing that no one would ever expect
Jesus looked at that paralytic and immediately dealt with his sin
for in order to be healed you must start with the spirit within
and after the absolution He told him to stand and arise
and all who were present were amazed and stupefied
so when you walk with Jesus walk without doubt
and trust that the Lord will help a brother out

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The Banquet Feast

As I sit down at the Banquet feast,
With Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
Oh, what a day it is—
In the Kingdom of Heaven sacred.
But Jesus is the one—
I want to see face to face.
For Jesus is the reason,
I’ve the privilege, this table to grace.

This Banquet table is the longest—
My eyes have ever seen.
There’s many famous people here;
It seems just like a dream.
Moses sits there patiently—
Christ’s strong but humble servant;
Waiting for the prayer of grace,
Before eating this food, so magnificant.

Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah—
Are seen seated together.
These great prophets of old
Foretold God’s plans for the future.
King Solomon and King David
Sit regally in the middle.
David softly plays his harp;
More beautiful than any fiddle.

The atmosphere’s electric;
Such joy is present on every face.
Excitement for this occasion
Is felt throughout the entire place.
Jesus, our Host, now stands to speak—
To His redeemed made righteous.
Such great love and mercy,
Made all His guests spiritually prosperous.

He didn’t say, “Thank you all for being here”;
For that would have been rather trite.
Instead He said, “Thank you for your choice
To follow My Father’s ways, so right.
Thank you all for witnessing
To your fellow man;
Showing My Father’s love,
So all my children could understand.”

The Banquet experience
Is like nothing ever before.
To see Jesus face to face—
I can only love Him more.
Should I have missed this opportunity,
I would have experienced such deep regret;
To be shut out and placed in darkness—
Away from this momentous Banquet!

Heaven is so awesome—
My words cannot describe.
For these words have never been written
By any reporter or scribe.
Paradise and the Tree of Life—
In the past were but a dream;
Now so very, very real—
For all of God’s redeemed.

There’s not a single sacrifice
That I would not have made;
To be at this special Banquet Feast,
With a perfect character remade.
Life on earth was difficult,
But it’s memory’s almost gone.
Condemned as a heretic;
I simply sang Christ’s victory song!

Featured in my book No. 2, "Poetry To Touch the Heart & Soul"
Copyright © 2009-2011 Maureen LeFanue

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On The Perimeter Of The Place Of Promise

to be in the right place at the right time
destined for greatness with God on your mind
when you're on the perimeter of the place of promise there's no time to hesitate
just trust that by the Lord God you've been set up for this date
at the appointed time there will be an obstacle to overcome
but through Jesus you have the victory so consider the challenge done
don't procrastinate, you need to keep pushing on
as your God-given destiny is just on the horizon
and if you perish, if you perish, if you should happen to die
remember nothing in life is worthwhile if you don't venture to try
destined for greatness with truth and righteousness in your heart
for nothing against you will prosper in the presence of the Lord God

Queen Esther was in the right place at the right time
positioned by the hand of God to for her people do something kind
uncertained and unsure at first she prayed and fasted with a heavy heart
urged by her beloved Uncle Mordecai to for her people do her part

sometimes we have to be pushed and prodded to do what is right
and then search inside ourselves to see the truth in God's light
and if a sacrifice is needed and a life must be given
it may be your destiny for by the Holy Spirit you've been driven
on the perimeter of the place of promise at your godly appointed date
and if you perish, you perish just be like Jesus and don't hesitate

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Sin No More

There was a time when I wouldn’t let my Savior in.
    Just your everyday casualty who led a life of sin.
Reveling in myself the way most sinners do.
    This life I was living was just something to get through.
I see myself now on top of the mountain and I’m looking down.
    At the life that I led I was a man who was about to drown.
I feel so ashamed of all that wasted time.
   But Jesus forgives us no matter what the crime.
My heart used to be so calloused and cold.
    You felt all alone even when you had someone to hold.
It was an empty feeling in the pit of your gut.
    The harder you climbed the deeper the rut.
I’m not sure how it happened it just came together one day.
   Maybe it was my wife and my mom, for me, they would constantly pray.
For something got me here, and I’m mighty thankful that it did.
   I was like the little boy who thought he would be punished, I just ran and hid.
Well Lord Jesus I know, that I know I was wrong.
    And I thank You for waiting, and I’m truly sorry that I took so long.
Trying to play catch up I’ve got a lot to learn.
    But you’ve given me a chance to save my soul from hell, and its eternal burn.
This feeling I’ve got since I was born again.
    It feels so great to know I can live a life without sin.
    I Praise You Father!

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Follow me

In our journey of relationship, God’s presence speaks;
whether in small or big events his message unfolds,
discipleship,  its meaning and encounter through faith –
reminds us to commit and be transformed with the Lord.

It’s an important call which demands obedience in return,
along with faith commitment and freedom to say yes to him;
truly, a Christian reflection, a worldview of life’s calling,
and a yearning to imitate what our Lord Jesus made for all.

We remember those events  when he called his four disciples 
while he was walking by the Sea of Galilee known for fishing
and Jesus said to them that he’d make them “fishers of men,” 
disciples  to be with him fulltime willing to learn and be one.

Literally, Jesus’ words of invitation to be part of his mission,
explain the profundity of what it means to be a real disciple;
yes, it may be easier to say ‘Yes, Lord’ but with a great deal:
of patience, sacrifice, and openness to different lifestyles.

Again, challenges abound as we head towards that road,
through movements and directions in diverse ways or situations;
discipleship gets its essence with its cost and implications,
that indeed we’ve individual role to play as Christ’s disciples.

How we think, feel and act in our own way to follow him,
makes us see beyond the surface of being human in this world;
yet the thing that matters with a weighty element of direction,
is to become his disciples so that we can in turn disciple them.

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An Answer To A Poem

 I read a poem just today. 
   Called the ignorant Christian and I felt sympathy almost right away.
It’s been over two thousand years since our Savior died. 
   But every day I see His name being unfairly crucified.
And to those of us who follow we’re called the ignorant ones.
   For wanting a better life when this one is done.
You can’t take the Bible and turn into just certain things you want to hear.
   Although it teaches forgiveness it also teaches fear.
Jesus says repent and from our sins we must turn away.
   It’s not an easy battle but one we must fight each and every day.
Being a Christian is not always an easy road.
   We face some of what Jesus went through with a much lesser load.
Personally I feel the time is near.
   It’s time for Christians to boldly stand up for Jesus and stand up without fear.
When the reckoning days have come and He reaches for His book.
   Is your name going to be in it wouldn’t you like to take a look?
Would you like to be set free?
   Then say this simple sinners’ prayer with me:
Lord please forgive me, I repent and seek Your forgiveness of all my earthly sins.
   I know you died for my sins, You were nailed to the cross, were buried but 
death couldn’t hold You, for You arose again.
I accept you as my Savior and will share Your mighty word.
   If you say that and mean it you can be sure our Savior heard.
Thank you and God bless you.

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A Christians View

What happened to Jesus when He stood up for His Fathers word?
   I know you know, I know you’ve heard.
He was persecuted, condemned, but why was He crucified?
   What did He do, and how could this be justified?
Christians today are starting to receive persecution in much the same way.
   All because of stubborn ignorance and they don’t want to listen to what our 
Savior is trying to say.
If only they would just once open their minds and then their hearts.
   They’d receive His healing, if only they’d start.
Christians just have something so wonderful that they just want to share.
   The love of our Father and the knowing He will always care.
We’re not here to lie to you, we’re not trying to deceive.
   We’re just trying to tell you of Jesus in hopes you receive.
Without Jesus in my life there was something amiss.
   But since I accepted Jesus, I feel His heavenly bliss.
The void is now full, the itch has been scratched.
   Like pieces of a puzzle so perfectly matched.
Looking back I wonder how I made it without Jesus in my life.
   I can promise you it wasn’t easy, it was so full of strife.
Jesus took all that away, is all I can say.
   I owe it all to Jesus, and I praise Him each and every day.

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In the midst of communion we should all be of one accord
looking to repent and receiving forgiveness from the Lord
yet people tend to look only for some type of revenge
from those whom they think have taken something from them
to demand from another what they think they are due
unwilling to forgive a debt until it is through
yet God believes that forgiveness should be a state of mind
where one should be able to move past the betrayals after a time
to relax, to release and to learn to let it go
to move beyond our hurt feelings, emotions and egos

we are all in debt to Our Lord Jesus the Christ
a debt that we can never repay for the rest of our lives
yet God looks beyond our faults, our failures and mistakes
and He'll always forgive us no matter how long it takes
God looks beyond our selfishness and our attitudes
He looks pasts our pettiness and ever changing moods
a horizontal forgiveness coming down from the Heavenly Throne
but a vertical forgiveness to each other we can't seem to own

we've forgotten that God gives us His forgiveness in so many ways
yet we can't seem to forgive each other on any given day
when we fail to forgive we bring upon ourselves stress
when we hold on to the petty grudges and the bitterness
we make ourselves sick over some supposed attack
and all we can focus on is having a big payback

to be upset and angry all of the time
too preoccupied to even have God on our minds
looking for revenge and just wanting to get even 
so full of rage that only red we are seeing
but that is not the way that God wants us to live
for it was His saving grace that to us He did give
to turn the other cheek to forgive and to forget
to be in step with the Son and the Holy Spirit

don't let the duck of failure hang over your head
seek to be like Jesus and have a life that's spirit led
to live to forgive with no desire to attack
to learn to forget about having a big payback

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The Minister

A man named Ryan ran full speed in the pouring rain
Because he was burdened
With unbearing loneliness and pain
All because of his and his wife’s divorce

It had made Ryan drink the whiskey
He was not looking for forgiveness
But somehow the Holy Spirit would set him free
From the pain he was feeling

But sometimes Ryan doubted that God was there
Or that He would even help him
Never had Ryan once in his life had spoken a word of prayer
Not even as a child at his bedside

But this time Ryan said a prayer straight from the soul
And as he hit his knees in that front pew he saw the light
And just as he asked Jesus Christ in his heart
And just like that he felt alright;

Far more better than he had felt before
And now he is not only known as a horse trainer
But he is known as Reverend Ryan Moore;
A minister who knows Jesus and the Bible very well

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Walk in His Light

Satan you are the night, while my Savior is the day
   Satan you hide in the dark, like a thief stalking your prey.
My Savior becons me to the light, telling me all is okay.
   Follow Me my child, He says, for I am the way.
I will lead you to heaven and my Fathers throne.
   I shall never forsake you or leave you to stand alone.
I am your Shepherd, and I watch over you, like a shepherd tends his flock.
   When you turn to me, I shall not cast the first stone nor shall I cast any rocks.
I died for you, to set you free.
   And I forgive you, your sins, should you choose to follow Me.
This life that we lead while walking this earth .
   Is nothing more than an ember burning brightly in the hearth.
Like a snowflake that falls in the heat of the summer.
   A mere whisper, nothing more than a soft spoken murmur.
It's the choices we make that determines our eternal fate.
   Jesus just wants us on board before time runs out, and it's too late
There is only two paths that we can follow, and the choice is not hard.
   I choose to follow Jesus I know He is my Lord.
Should you choose the other path, then destruction will surely be your goal.
   And I know this, Satan will never have mercy on you nor your soul. 
Follow Jesus, He is the only way.
   He's reaching out, recieve Him, Let today be the day

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Jesus The King

Christmas Eve,
with family, and friends,
our tradition,
the way it's always been.

Children excited,
huddled around the tree,
as a story is read,
about shepherds, and sheep.

Where one little boy,
was born on this day,
years ago,
in a manger with hay.

So many questions,
about how He lived, and died,
and why did those people,
make Jesus cry.

Then all the presents,
are given to them,
and they sing Happy Birthday,
to Jesus The King.

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My Oath and Pledge!

Sometimes the words they flow like wine,
Giving life to these thoughts of mine.

Sometimes I struggle and there is nothing there,
As I try to write a story in hopes it will reach someone who cares.

This gift I received not long ago,
Writing has become a passion that I love so.

Sometimes my wording is not always the best,
Maybe someday my writings will be as good as the rest.

But this is to those who encourage what I do,
From the bottom of my heart I wish happiness for you.

And if I offend in any way,
I apologize my friend is all I can say.

I guess we all sometimes get a little carried away,
As we search for the answer that lies hidden on life’s highway.

There is only one person who holds the key,
And you can readily reach Him on bended knees.

I give thanks to my Lord each and everyday,
And I’m patriotic at heart for the U.S. of A.

But it seems that something is trying to separate the two,
I love them both and I am doing everything I know to do.

I’ll never give up my love for my Lord and Savior,
And I don’t understand all this anti-Christ behavior.

I’ll stand up and defend my country with my life,
But only with Jesus will I make such a sacrifice.

This is my oath and my pledge to all
I’ll stand for my country as long as Jesus doesn’t have to take the fall.

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Is the End Really Near?

All I know is what I feel and what I see.
   And it sure looks like the time for Jesus to return to me.
It looks like maybe the final page has been read.
   Prophecies are being fulfilled and painted in red.
 Are you ready to take that final walk?
    Or are you hiding in the bushes when it’s to Jesus you should talk?
I don’t see how this old world can take much more abuse.
    When everyone knows what’s wrong, then there is no excuse.
Wars and rumors of war is all that my generation has ever known.
    And before my generation passes I fear Armageddon will be shown.
Read and study the Book of Revelation then you’ll know where I come from.
    It’s full of prophecies that have come to pass and some that have yet to come.
Our on technology has brought us to the place.
    Where we are capable of exterminating the entire human race.
Think about it if you think I’m telling you wrong.
    And I know there have been people crying the world is going to end for so long.
But never ever have we had transportation, communication, or the power we all 
now hold.
     And it’s written in the Bible so it’s not like we’ve not been told.
There was much in the Bible that was not understood.
    Until lately the things are falling in to place just like it said it would.
I know that’s all the bad news now where is the good?
    Well we can be sure our Lord and Savior will return because it says He would.
And for those that haven’t received Jesus as their Savior.
    You still have time to repent and to modify your wrongful behavior.
Seek the Lord with all your heart .
     And stay in His word that is your part.
Then you will have no fear of the end that is near.
     For with Jesus to guide you will know no fear.
God Bless You All!

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I Believe:


I believe:
    That Jesus died for our sins so we might receive.
I believe: 
    That on the third day after His death Jesus arose is what I believe.
I believe:
    That He ascended to Heaven so do not grieve.
I believe:
    That we must surrender all to Jesus in order to receive.
I believe:
      That to God’s Word we must always cleave.
I believe:
      That Heaven is full of joy and there you will not grieve.
I believe:
      That God wants us to be happy and trusting Him we will achieve.
I believe:
      That Heaven is too beautiful for mortal man to conceive.
I believe:
       That satan is a liar and will only mislead you and deceive.
I believe:
       That time is close and we must seek the Lord and His word receive.
I believe:
       That without God we are lost and will only grieve.
I believe:
       That America will fall if we don’t turn to God and fully believe.
I believe:
       That God is still reaching out He did not leave.
I believe:
        In God Almighty is what I believe.

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It's Not About The Tree

I bow down to but one God my friend,
   He’s the one who will judge my actions in the end.
And it hurts to see this nation turning away from Him
   We are allowing the wrong few to lead and the prognosis is grim.
The day that I have to start calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree,
    Will be the last year I put it up it will end it for me.
Jesus died over two thousand years ago just for you and me.
    And I will still celebrate His birth with or without the tree.
The Nativity scene is outlawed on most courthouse squares,
    And what about our children the ones that want to say prayers.
The Ten Commandments written in stone by Gods on hand,
    Has been taken out of public offices I don’t understand.
These same politicians that go to church on Sunday,
     Seem to forget about God and His laws come Monday.
Maybe I’m dumb or blind as a bat,
     But I sure enough know when I’m smelling a rat.
The Lord says to forgive and that is the hardest thing that I do,
     And I’m also suppose to pray for people like you.
I can forgive you and pray for you but that still doesn’t make it right.
    I don’t understand why this is happening it makes me want to fight.
But that’s the old devil trying to tempt me he’s done that now for years,
   Jesus never owed us nothing but He died to save us and take away our fears.
And this is how we repay Him trying to renail Him back upon that cross?
   I sure pity you when that day comes and you find out what you’ve lost.
Thank you Lord Jesus just for being there for me.
   Thank you Lord Jesus, I pray You open up their eyes and hearts and let them hear and see.

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Our Risen Savior


Why was Jesus born, was He born just to suffer and hurt?
   To be scoffed at and treated like dirt?
That ‘s the story I got, the one that I read.
   They couldn’t wait to get Him nailed to that cross, to see Him suffer, they 
wanted Him dead!
The salvation for all mankind, longing for death while hanging by nails on that 
bloody ole tree.
   Even His own people were given a choice, freedom for the Messiah, but 
instead they chose a criminal to set free.
But Jesus knew all along and He knew that this day was His chosen day. 
   No, He Didn’t want to die but He knew this was the price He must pay.
They adorned His head with a thorny crown.
   And laid bloody stripes to His back as He bore His cross through the town.
They gambled for His robe and nailed a wooden sign to the cross above His 
   King Of Jews is what it said, King Of Mankind, is what it should have read.
Just how different are we today, than the days when Jesus walked beside man.
   There is still so many that don’t believe when the proof is in the pan.
The muslims admit Your existence, but they say You were nothing more than a 
prophet and a common magician.
   In my books You are my Savior, The Son Of God, The Great Physician.
Without You and what You did, for all who choose to follow, Where would we be?
   And without You I dread to think where we would have to spend eternity.
And I know a simple thank you doesn’t sound like much.
   We know we’re lost without You, You are our mortal crutch

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It Was Prayers That Got Me Here !


What in the world happened to me on that baptismal day?
   Well it flat out changed my life, I don’t know what else to say.
As my head went under in the darkness of that water I felt a cleansing of my soul.
   And as my head raised toward the light of day, it was then I knew that Jesus 
was in control.
He accepted me the way I was, He forgave me of my sins.
   It was by His blood He shed, that I know that I am forever cleansed.
 Physically and looks wise I’m probably pretty much the same.
   Except I’ve got a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye, aren’t you glad our 
Savior Jesus came?
So when you see me with a big smile on my face and there is no one else 
   My mind is on my Savior and in His glories I’ll be found.
Sometimes I sit and ponder on the life that I once led.
   I was born again, thanks to Jesus, and now that old life is dead.
My wife and my momma would pray and pray and pray.
   Lord please forgive him, he’s good Lord, how many times did I hear them say.
There must have been power in those prayers cause something got me here.
   So if you know someone who needs salvation then let me make it clear.
Keep on praying for that person no matter what they’ve said or done.
   Never give up praying until you know without a doubt the battle has been won.
I knew there was something missing before I let Jesus enter my heart.
   Was there something I was afraid of or was it I didn’t know where to start? 
I still don’t know that answer but I’m sure glad of what’s been done.
   And now I pray for my children that they find salvation each and every one.
            Lord I Praise You!

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Do You Know The Way?


I knew this man who's life was tormented with pain.
   And every other word out of the mans mouth was the Lords name in vain.
He said just look what God has done to me.
   He's cripled my body, He's to blame don't you see.
I don't suppose the drugs or the booze could have caused any thing.
   Or the life that you led, could this be the name of the song that you sing.
Have you ever repented, or accepted Jesus as your Savior?
   I really didn't think so, not with this behavior.
Friend I tell you this as was told to me.
   Jesus is the answer He holds the key.
He's the one you turn to in your hour of need.
   Not to the bottle, or that little bag of weed.
He's the one that can deliver and give eternal peace.
   And through His power all your demons He will 
release.                                                                            But you must seek forgiveness 
for the things which you have done.
   He died for you, and he forgave your sins each and every one.
Nailed to that cross was God's only Son.
   If you don't reach out to Jesus, then the old devil has won.
So give the devil his dues and let Christ be your way.
   Trust in our Lord, Friend please do it today.

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what a catch!

a woman with a hemorrhaging problem went to see the Lord Jesus Christ
she believed that if she could only touch Him, it would save her life
as Jesus passed by the crowd she reached out and touched His hem
she was miraculously healed, the flow of blood did stem
physically, morally and emotionally she'd been condemned by her own peers
instead of praying for her to heal, the prayed for her to disappear
for misery loves company and with some people you will find
that even though they say they are Christians, they don't possess God's Kind

yes, life can sometimes be anxious, depressing and knock you to the ground
it can be tedious and routine, making you feel run down
yet when things happen over which we have no control
allow God to order your steps and with the Holy Spirit achieve you goals
just break out of your rut and go forward in your life
take a leap of faith today and catch the wave that is Jesus Christ

after that woman touched Jesus' robe she then attempted to hide
then Jesus said,"who touched me", for the power in Him did subside
that woman then stood up confessed to all and told Jesus why
He said to her,"your faith has healed you, go in peace" with God's prize

what a catch she made that day, it was a wave of faith
what a catch she made that day for on God she did await
her story has been passed on down, it's an example of unconditional belief
that if one lets God into their life through Him comes healing and relief

allow yourself to cleansed, wade in the water of God's tide
catch the wave of faith and then hold on for the ride
call on your determination to be your salvation and your inspiration
and whenever you call on Jesus Christ the power in Him will leave
and continue on to a place where there is a need
what a catch, what a catch, now healed and of good cheer
her faith in God has made her whole, her burden she no longer has to bear

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The signs are appearing


I think of all the mistakes I’ve made,
   Then I think about the price our dear Savior paid.
And it makes me feel guilty all the wrongs I have done,
   And could I allow those things done to Jesus done to my son.
And sometimes I think we really don’t care,
   With all the killing and stealing and filthy words that we swear.
We show respect when it is convenient for us is the way that it seems,
    When there is no one else to turn to, is when our faith really beams.
Maybe it was just too long ago, is it a sign that we need?
     Revelation is being filled everyday that we speak so we have to pay heed!
The seals are being opened and the trumpets are blowing,
    Repent of your sins and stop evil from growing.
The choices are simple but you’d better choose wise,
    Satan is out there to tempt you with his sugar coated lies.
I by no means am perfect but we all have to try,
    To live our lives for Jesus before we should die.
Death can come up on us anytime day or night,
    Lay down your sinful ways and ask for forgiveness do it tonight.
The world is out of control it’s changing so fast,
    Signs are all around us don’t think it can last.
Politicians are saying that God doesn’t belong,
   In schools or at work well I say that they are wrong.
Today I can speak but I don’t know how much longer,
   The ones against God seem to be growing stronger and stronger.
He suffered for us so we should suffer for Him,
    Should we have to stick our neck out let’s stick it way out on the limb.

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The Recruiter

The saving of lost souls.
   That should be every Christians’ goal.
Bring them to the Lord one by one.
   Till this earthly battles done.
Teach them of our Saviors love.
   Tell them about Heaven and the beauty of.
Help to guide them in their flight.
   And how Jesus is their guiding light.
If you love the Lord with all your heart.
   You will surely do your part.
Reach out to the young and old.
   Tell them what the next life holds.
Teach them how Jesus tells us to pray.
   The Lord is my shepherd is how I start my day.
Seek the Lord in all you do.
   He’s what makes our dreams come true.
And if you feel an emptiness.
   You haven’t asked the Lord to share His bliss.
Be born again, made all anew.
   When you find the Lord you’ll know it’s true.
I thank the ones that lead me.
   And opened my eyes so I could see.
Jesus forgives us of our sins.
   But you have to ask Him in.
He is the best friend I’ve ever had.
  He accepted me knowing I’d been bad.
Give Him a chance make today your day.
   That’s about all I have to say.

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My Dream


I had a dream earlier this morning,
   It was like I was receiving some type of a warning.
I was told to reach out to all I could,
   And that things are fixing to happen that may not be good.
Repent and turn from sin,
   These few words kept playing over and over again.
It was a dream but was it real,
    I feel like we are living and seeing the breaking of seals.
Look up look up keep watching the sky,
    Is another thing that keeps flashing in my minds eye.
I feel so strange writing this down,
     But I was told to share it all around.
I saw a lot of fire throughout my dream,
     And I felt as if I could hear people scream.
There was blood all over the ground, 
     And your feet would stick as you walked around.
There is only one thing I know to say,
    We must turn to the Lord and shed our evil ways.
Ask for redemption before it’s too late,
    Seek out Jesus and change your fate.
Seek Him in prayer on bended knees,
    Seek Him and ask Him to honor your pleas.
God bless you all that read my letter,
    Jesus is the only way things will get better.

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Paid In Full

I've been abandoned, and I've been ridiculed,
so many times I have acted just like a fool.
I've been cursed, and cast aside,
only to be knocked down every time I try.
I've been preached to, and some have offered me
their prayers, but when I need them, no one is ever there.
I've been a sinner in my quest to live my life, but now looking back,
only pain and misery is what I've got.
Then I felt Jesus as He gathered me in His arms;
His comfort inside me, keeping me safe from harm.
He knows my troubles, and the path I chose to follow,
but my sweet Jesus has given me new hope for tomorrow.
He will not abandon or cast me aside, but always stay close
by me, giving me eternal life.
He cast my sins away, and freed my burning soul, and told me
softly, "You still have miles to go."
He said, "One day Heaven will be your new home, but until
then, I'll be right here, and I will never leave you alone."
He showed me His hands where the nails went deep inside,
and then He told me my forgiveness was the reason He had to die.
" You owe me nothing, Paid in full on Calvary."

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I can only wait

It sure feels good when you know you’re walking in the light.
   And every step you take, brings you closer to His sight.
And you can look the old devil in the eye and have no reason to show alarm.
   For when Jesus is with you, you know you are safe and he can do no harm.
It’s just a different walk when Jesus is by your side.
   It’s like you’re walking on air and your stride you lay with pride.
I guess one of the happiest days of my life was when I surrendered it all.
   I’ve never looked back, my eyes are on the prize, I’m just waiting for His call.
Fortune and fame won’t get you to heaven, and it doesn’t mean a thing.
   Jesus is my glory and God is His name, and that to me has a much sweeter 
You know God has a storehouse and it’s filled with all his love.
   He awaits our prayers so He can open the windows of His storehouse from 
 And pour His Blessings on us, with His mercy and grace.
   And show us how much He loves us, and how He too longs for our embrace.
I know my Savior loves us, I can feel it in my heart.
   I just wished I hadn’t waited so long, but that’s my fault for not being smart.
But I’m where I belong, and it’s where I will stay.
   Till Jesus calls me home, oh what a glorious day.

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Receive the Gift and Be the Gift


As Christmas brings us joy and peace this time of year,
   Keep your heart merry and filled with admiration and good cheer.
A simple and kind act here and there,
   Share your blessings with those who have less and cannot share.
Don’t be a Scrooge, don’t be unkind,
    Give of yourself, you’ll have peace of mind.
If you see a family in need somewhere,
    Give with your heart learn how to share.
Be a role model for all to see.
    Show the world how good giving can truly be.
Think of the elderly who already have gave so much.    
   All they now seek are a few kind words and maybe a tender touch.
The elderly are part of a pushed away society.
     As they no longer can function they lose all notoriety.
Forgiveness and kindness are the greatest gifts that we can give.
     They are life’s lessons that teach us how we all should live.
Pray for harmony throughout the land.
     Pray for God to send peace and for all to understand.
And don’t forget the real reason for this holiday.
    Thank the Lord for Jesus and the price He had to pay.
The birth of our Savior was chosen to be this day.
    Wise men came to Him from far away.
Bringing gifts they were laden down.
    Searching for baby Jesus in that far off town.
King of all Kings, Man of all Men,
    Forgiver of all our mortal sins.
Jesus is the Greatest Gift you can ever receive.
   And it’s free of charge to those who truly believe.

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My Testimony

As I look back on the life that I led,
I realize I was unhappy until I found Christ and through Him my life was fed.

Like a song I once heard I wondered aimless living in sin.
I just plowed through life refusing to let my Savior come in.

He was always there Gods gift of love,
Gods only Son sent from heaven above.

To cleanse our spirit and wash us clean,
To share His Kingdom of peace and love so wonderful and pristine.

So stubborn I was when I was young,
Bitter and tormented with a vile speaking tongue.

I knew of Jesus and what He was about,
But the devil had control and thus I was filled with doubt.

It was a mighty long journey before I surrendered my soul,
And accepted Jesus and Heaven as my ultimate goal.

The first few months after I accepted Jesus as my guiding light,
The devil got mad and put up one hell of a fight.

The devil hates losing especially someone he used to control,
It took a lot of prayers to save my soul.

A couple of months after I was saved I was practically bedridden for a couple of 
I couldn’t even speak or walk just mumble and stumble for no reason as friends 
began to pray.

These mighty warriors of God I feel is what saved me I know in my heart.
No payment was required as my friends were only doing their part.

The presence of God is so real you’ll not change my mind.
An awesome love for all if you’ll only look you surely will find.

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December Wind

The dark night is ended, daybreak has come,
the long wait is over, God’s grand plan is done,
trumpets are sounding from a faraway land,
stars are shining and a new day’s begun.

Angels are singing their soft harmony
there in the manger where the baby lay;
up from the sky a bright light’s streaming
down on the face of child Jesus sleeping.

December wind is blowing chilly and cold
spreading the good news all over the world;
from towns and cities to the wildest prairie:
the Lord of salvation is born today.

God has sent His Son to show us the way,
come with me, brethren, let’s praise Him today,
let our voices ring that the heavens may hear:
the dear infant Jesus is finally here!

Whenever the cold yuletide wind moves along,
it brings forth a melody and a sweet song;
unity and peace to all of mankind -
these are the things someday we will find.