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Narrative God Poems | Narrative Poems About God

These Narrative God poems are examples of Narrative poems about God. These are the best examples of Narrative God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Clouds


My voice=
God, can I hold your hand and go with you?

Gods voice~
My sweet child, it is I who will walk with you now! You walked down my path with and without faith. You took my protection to ease your pain. My shielded wings comfort you during your moments of suffering while your life staggered across the earth... Your love and devotion is what made you strong. Every time your dreams were broken. You managed to build more dreams in their place. You called my name during your happiest and saddest moments. You always ran up to me when you fell behind. Your secrets became our private talks. The key to your heart was always unlocked. I was there during your trials and troubles of tribulations. We could not speak, but it was my light that would not allow you to get weak.

My voice=
Is this that dream of beauty? The one in the book my preacher spoke of. 
Yes! I remember it now it is called paradise. I felt this company once before, Lord.
Many times, I have forsaken this light, and still it never left my door.
I felt it the day I was born, and the day I became baptized in your holy name.
I felt this light before, can you explain it some more? 
Lord pleases clarify that day I fell down to my knees and accepted Jesus as my savior? 
Every day since, I felt as if you stood away and walked on by, allowing me to face my own failures’.  Was my life a waste in this impossible world?"

Gods voice~  
My child, this is the everlasting light you will feel every time your body is re-born onto a new road.  This light never left you. 
My sweet child did you not listen, Matthew *19:26* MY SON looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with ME all things are possible. My child you were not searching for the right answers.

My voice= 
My Lord everyone told me if I prayed you would come. Did I not pray right?

Gods voice~ 
My child sometimes your heart asked for more than life itself, which left questions for someone else.  
At times how could I answer when you shunned heaven away from your eyes?
The obvious question is whether this is the final immersing of your souls disguises.

My voice= 
Lord, I have other questions to ask. 
What should I expect out of my personal sins? My testimonial sits in the palm of your hand
My mind and my heart's inner core have been wicked since my adolescence days. 
How is it that I am in your promise land?

Gods voice~  
Getting right with me has brought you here!

My voice= 
One more question My Heavenly Father
Can I see them? My Daughter, Mothers and Sisters~


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"Sacred Season"

A dream

To hear the whippoorwills' sad urgent  call
I was very glad when I was a lad
But now twilight nearing new season's fall
My Essence of truth my consciousness calls

My tears being not of my former years
For sake of humans I now turn my cares
As compassion of true identity
From sacred place calls from infinity
Within unlimited aspects' of me
A great white throne in the distance I see
Around sacred bend a familiar friend
Silhouette of me as my God I see

No more desirous of earth's vain glory
The mind's wilderness of exploratory
History recedes illusions of me
My ego thoughts I just had to be

Totality of Love I see as me
Enter into God's synchronicity
I now see my God as I now see me
As sacredness of the reality
As Sacredness calls a new season's fall
Recesses the former whippoorwills' call
As new life calls I now realize it all
New life is in the  Sacred Season's Fall

Mystified as I liquefied I cry
As in spirit of love quite high I fly
Above consequences life's  densities
As spiritual tears replace human fears


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I Am a Sex God

What is it like to be a sex god?
To know the exact spot that will rock their worlds in ways
never seen before and never seen again, their parting words,
You are a God!
To have them scream your name, knowing
as soon as they’re gone you sit alone,
eating cold spaghetti from a can,
as you continue to detach yourself from
another emotionless encounter.
Nonetheless, they know you’re a god.
What is it to be this god with
so many lovers yet never knowing some names,
or what should solidify what you’ve shared?
The object of their fantasies yet to never see
“I love you” in their eyes, or hear it from
the lips of one lying beside you the next morning,
for there’s no one there.
What is it to be a sex god ruling none
for once those words are uttered, their worship is gone.
The god who rules universes of lust
where stars flash but never ignite,
leaving blackened skies crying out for full moons.
The god who has never felt another’s heart beat against his own,
who cries himself to sleep for the mistakes he’s made,
longing for the anticipation of 1,000 kisses that stand still in time?
I am this god, and I stand alone.

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Night Angel

They needed help
Walking alone in the dark.
The man.
The child.
A broken down car.
The child frightened,
But not understanding
The terror
That would soon
Come her way.
Her parents petrified
That their baby was gone,
Over forbidden images
That crowded their way
Past ice cream sundays
And birthday parties
And wedding days.
A passer-by.
A doer of good deeds.
He stops.
He sees.
He looks into
the little girl's eyes.
The girl speaks,
"This is not my dad"
And the coward
who took her,
He runs.
He hides.
The passer-by,
Believing he saved
A child
From a long, cold walk,
In reality
Saved a child
From a long, cold death.

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                          My daughter`s budgie "Sissie" died a late night
                       The next morning I told her that "Sissie" was dead
                     With tears on her eyes and cheeks, she asked her mom
                      - Is "Sissie" in heaven with God and grandmother ?
                       - Yes, she is with God, grandmother and the angels
                                                I answer her

                         Surprised at this answer, my daughter investigate
                                            whether it was true
                             She walks into the room where the cage with
                                         the budgie used to stand
                             After a short while, she runs back to mom....
                        - Mom, mom.... God has not only taken "Sissie"
                                       - God has taken the cage too


                              This is a true story  -  - - from gold child`s mouth

dedicated to: Laila A.Mjelde
A-L Andresen

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His lucent light illumines her eyes
His face outshines the sun
His ethereal beauty unveils the skies
Her vibrant vision swiftly succumbs

Her silenced tongue, his intimate touch
His intangible hands sliding/slithering
Spiraling down with a gentle glide
Her body cold and shivering 

His fiery eyes ignite a flame
Her attention he gains as she stares
Their lips entwine, his blissful rapture
Devours her heart from cares

Encapsulated, she can't escape
He clutches her in his arms
Her safe haven, her wedded love
His pearl preserved from harm

Her beating heart, a decelerate speed
Her aperture devoid of breath
His succulent waters drown her tongue
Compelling her closer to death

Solitary seclusion, her world in diffusion
Subverts her mind, subtracts her understanding
He gains her trust, thrusting utter confusion
Rest assuring her of a safe landing

She drowns herself to ceaseless sleep
In his grasp from detouring distractions
At her beauteous site, he rejoices and weeps
Absorbed in her FATAL ATTRACTION

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Four Hours of Eternity - 3

I woke to the sound of sizzling bacon, the aroma of fresh baked Muffins and my Beautiful Lenore in her bright green Teddy. "Nubbies", I said, "what time is it." Lenore said" for You it is 3:30P.M., June 27th, 2013. You are in the O.R. at Dartmouth Hospital. For me it is time to bring YOU to Eternity for a short time."What are You talking about; Baby." I died last night before we had time to go to the Bridal Suite. I do not want You to go through that pain again. Please come with me to the railing on the starboard side of the ship."Below the shuffle board deck?""Nubbies, just
trust me." As we walked outside, I noticed there was no air,no breeze, no sea lapping against the side of the boat, the sun seemed pasted in the sky. Where is Mom and Dad;where's my Ma, Where is everybody? Harry we are frozen in time, for last night and today; never happened for you. I asked the Lord to give us this time together. I was 3 months pregnant when I said "I DO" I want you to see JoAnne Naomi Grow up. Now
 Full Moonlight Stand on the railing with me and when I say 3; Jump. 1, 2, 3. You would think we would plummet into the Caribbean Sea, but we splashed into the Full Moon. The sun was warm,the birds sat on my shoulders, singing a song of Life Forever. The Peace, Serenity and Tranquility was unearthly. I then saw GOD and the Son of Salvation hugged me and in a Mezmerizing Voice said Welcome Home.
                                   To be Continued 
I want to apologize to those of YOU who are punctuationally  bound to Poetry I do not know how to punctuate people talking. I know I'm suppose  to use "" marks Sorry I LOVE YOU ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Liege...Harry

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A Christmas Conversation

Daddy, were you alive when Jesus was born?

No honey, he was born a long time ago, over 2000 years ago.

Where was he born Daddy?

In Bethlehem, a small town in the desert in a manger,

Whats a manger Daddy?

It's a place where they kept animals to feed them.

You see when Jesus was born the Inn was full, so 
they had to get Mary to a warm place to give birth to Jesus.
that was the only place they could go.

Daddy who is Jesus' Daddy?

God is his Father honey?

But who is Joseph?

The Chosen Father, who God chose to raise him, Mary's Husband

I don't understand Daddy!

God wanted a son, he could not have a son without Mary and Joseph's
help. God asked them both if they would help him, without even thinking
they said yes. God gave to them a great gift, God gave them Jesus.

At that moment God gave us all a great gift, He gave us the Son of Man.

The Son of Man Daddy?

Yes honey, you see God is not Man, not one you can touch, Jesus
was, he healed people who were sick, He showed people how to love God 
and how God loves them. There is one more important thing
I want to tell you honey.

What's that Daddy? Jesus did a coupla more things I think are 
important, there are many of course but two I like.

Go on Daddy!

Jesus taught us how to love without conditions, like the way I love you 
and you love me and your Mom and Brother. But how to love everybody
like that.  The most important thing is, is that he died because we humans
broke God's laws, which means we sinned. He died so God would
forgive us.

Wow Jesus really did love us didn't he Daddy...?

Yes he did baby, and the really good thing is he still does and always will.

Come on it's time for bed!

Not until I say my prayers Daddy!

How bout we Pray together tonight?

I'd like that Daddy!

So would I baby, so would I .

Jump up on my back and I'll give you piggy back ride!

I love you Daddy!

I love you too baby, I love you too.........

My Christmas wish is you all have Conversations like this with your 
kids. Trust me they bring tears of joy!

May God Bless you all this Christmas Season as he has Blessed me.

    From Mary, Josh, Shay and myself  MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

                             With Love.....Taz

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"Evil Twin"

"Spiritual Narrative"

After life began,  appeared “Evil Twin” mind’s obvious sin
‘Evil’  naught of nothing, using the power of love’s “something”
Giving rise to evil self, far to left, image of self
Love created, but mind deviated, it’s love abated

Love’s logic created Soul, but I am so bold, left heart’s gold
Lost in a wilderness mind, became the Soul of evil twin
Lost in it’s philosophies, mind’s logic of complexities
Has philosophically debated, Love that created

Saying, ‘how can this Love be the reality of me
I shall exalt above, this creation of heaven’s Love’
But crucifixion of mind regains Love’s self in time
As the mind is refined, Soul is re-aligned, with Love’s vine

Man’s discoveries, pieces of the recoveries, of true self
As pieces of the mind crucified, must learn to abide
From Love light’s truth  cannot hide, reality has not lied
Being one with reality, God true technicality
Evil self is naught, except, in a mind of worldly thoughts
Live of your mind if your will, create life’s bitter pill
Your bitter pill will not spill, into Sacred Heart’s will
This proverb is proverbial,  `Tis non swerve able

Within one’s love, one must abide, for on death’s cross it was tried
Also mind must abide, for on the cross was proven it lied
Death and life was set before, human mind to explore
To show evil twin, death’s sin, just no way for death to win

Make a tree good or make a tree evil, for is by man’s choice
Lie on God if your will,   lie `Tis your own bitter pill’
`Tis by your own choice, by your own voice, `Good or Evil’
Death failed, life’s tree stands still, on yonder hill, alive and well


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It's not about You {He is the One} (2)

Young and Old: It is time to
                       wake up;  Young America, there comes a moment in life were it is coherent
that the close eye's of supply and demand will offer a challenge that shall seperate the boy's
from the Man's. And to add to this remark, Women, whether you are white, black, red or what
ever choice that place's you in the catagory of demand. Your emotional fortitude alway will be
an issue, the supplie's of your womanhood, is that the challenge's of tomorrow supercedes 
any challenge's of yester-year's because the cause's of determination are often misunder-
stood when both sexes's think they are above their nature and their attitude is to be conc-
ieve as "good". But, "It's not about You". Old, middleage or new, a generation of viper's it is
not about you, not about the clothe's you wear or the self proclaim existence of your supply 
and demand. He spoke everything into its proper order of importence, now the evil beast  
[satin] and the self centered thought's of people's, have the forces of impurity been given to 
a society that's compel to do what they want too do. "Is that You".
Satin: has taken over the Churche's:  God created life: Mankind in its procurement to out-do
the essence of God himself, have accepted an abonminable disrespect unto himself and who
are the one's that suffer: Our Churche's, as an uppity blandent society of worshipper's, that
knows no God, has allow itself that the place of worship has become a dend of permissive be-
haviour. "It's not about You". It's about God (Jehovah) the name of Emanuel speake's that he 
is the Lord of everything. And the attitude of the peoples can not change one thing. With eye's
wide open and the spirit of love is resussited in generation upon generation recieving the
blessing of the Son; Young and Old, Shout-Out the cidditiness from your lungs. Accept and
believe. "He is the One".

Let the Bible speak's: Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeem with corruptible
1 Peter 1 18-19         thing's, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation recieved
                                by tradition from your fathers: But with the precious blood of
                                Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and spot:

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The enemy of Depression (Believing in Prayer's) pt.2

The family was all gather in the waiting room at the local hospital. The new's of
Anthony being shot had everyone there in a state of shock and feeling dispeckable.
Just about a month ago the elder Anthony (Sr.) died after a serious car accident that
left 3-people's dead and a little boy in a coma, after recieving a large cut on his head.
So now his mother is deeply in need, and all are praying as they wait for answers-about
what seem like a hundred year's a doctor dress in hospital garment steps in the waiting 
room, "sorry to be the bearier of bad new's, but Anthony injury was to seveered-we did
all we could, but sad to say....he's dead". The outcry of emotion was unbearable, Anthony
mother is given a shot to help her calm down and relax. "The enemy of depression is stat-
ed to begin when the enemy think's you're vulnerable at your most perplex stage".
But the power of prayer is a medicated antidode that wards off when the mind is slated.
Believing in Prayer's, Justifie's my stronghold on hope. "For faith is the substance of things
hope for, and the evidence of things not seen". Member's of Anthony family prayed inclusi-
vily for the carjacker to be caught, for he shot Anthony and stole his car, being depress
already she kept on praying thru-out this ordeal, and within hours, he's caught.
   Thank God for being so real, his younger sister is heard as she shouts-after they're told
of the capture and still very sadden about Anthony ordeal, God has a way that brings about
hope--hope brings this family some thrill.
A whole lot of people deal with depression, some in the most provocative way. I myself
Believe's in faith, when the enemy tries to ruin my day.

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God's cruel joke

once while planning to take a picture
i thought about how i could 
get God to  pose
of course i could use a distingushing suit
but for a picture with God
a suit is of little use
then i thought of the obvious
a wonderful plan
i would take a picture with 
Gods word in my hand

still as of yet
i have not posed for that picture
but at times i ponder pleasantly
on when i'll take the picture
until one day
it was cruelly exposed
i already had a picture of God
and just didn't know
pulling down the sun vissor
inside my truck
a cut out picture of
Allanis Morrisette
she played God in a movie called 

it frightened me at first
for obvious reasons
but when i think of God
i think that this is the kind of joke 
he would play
so, allanis morrisette will stay
i will not worship her
or say that she is God
but when ever i see that picture
i'll see a picture of God

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Don' Wanna Bee ‘Roun Ewe Noh Moh

Don’ wanna bee roun ewe noh moh.
Don’ wanna see da trajuhdee dats heded,
At yah doh.
Ewe wuz vary ahful tah mi,
God’s chile. Eye didden doyah nuttin.
Yah ‘sposed,  tah bee ah liter rite?
Butt ya playin’ roun  wit da won,
Whooz comin’ bak leyek ah,
Theef en dah nite.

Win yah ain’t treet mi rite,
Yah naglect’d dah powah uv God.
Cuz onlee wit Him ah wuz,
Ovalookin’ wat ewe wuz doin’,
Ta mi fah da harvest ,
Of God’s chirren bein’ edumacated,
Mi yah outrite hated.

Butt dats awrite God-n-eye,
Gon’ win dis feyght.
Ah wheel hav’ victuree cuz ah,
Choze ta spread luv butt ewe,
Choze ta spread mizuhree.

Don’ wanna bee roun ewe noh moh.
Don’ wanna see da trajuhdee dats heded,
At yah doh.
Ewe ramyned mi uv ol’Pharoah,
Hoo woodn’t lett God’s pipahs goh.
Ah didden wanna fase yah awl dose
Otha daze.

Butt God help’d mi leyek God help’d,
Moses speek up tah ol’Pharoah.
God tole Moses tah lett mah pipahs goh.
God telling mi ta tale yah phake  Pharoah
Tah lett mi chirren’s goh.

Ah noh ah hatta bee roun ewe sum moh.
Butt itell bee worfwile, 
Cuz God wantz freedom,
Fah ebbery chile.
Yah hut mi fah alil wile,
Butt we’ll bee at da prahmased lan’,
An out uv yah Egypt.
Cuz fah awl uv uz ta prospa,
Iz God’s plan.

Ansoon we won’ be roun ewe no moh.
Wheel nat laugh leyek yah didaht mi.
Win trajudee nocks aht yah doh.
Wheel helpyah cuz God, 
Wantz uz awl tah bee free.
Frum dah phake phone’ powah,
Uv da enumee.

wrote 6-27-10

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A Story

It was on a Christmas Eve
early in the morn
into a world so often cold
a little girl was born.
Her parents, they did love her,
the way that it should be
but her father, who's a good man,
had been raised with cruelty.

When he doled out punishment
for all her childish ways
the lessons that he taught her
would stay with her all her days.
Growing up was never easy
and she grew up so confused.
Other kids did more than tease her
and at home she was abused.

But she grew up all the same
then came to that time of life
when she thought she was ready
became a mother and a wife.
They faced a lot of hardships
but tried to love anyway
and her husband, who does love her,
has been so mean along the way.

Yes, life is hard for everyone
this woman surely knows.
Hate and misunderstanding
seems to follow where she goes
with so many quick to tell her
that she is always wrong
so many times she has been shown
that she just don't belong.

She tries so hard to understand
the reasons for her tears
and is punished for her feelings
as she has been all her years.
She knows that there is more to life
than what always seems to be.
All she wants is to be loved
without the cruelty.

Note:  My dear friends, this is not an easy write for me but a necessary one.  I was at a very 
low point in my life and I prayed for God for direction or to let it end.  I wrote the poem I Am 
then joined PoetrySoup.  I know God led me to this wonderful site for a reason.  I may still 
have a long way to go but I am starting to move forward.  I want to thank you all for your 
encouragement and kindness.  Being able to write again is helping me and as fellow writers, 
I know you understand.  Thank you for sharing with me and teaching to become a better 
writer.  God bless you all and Happy Holidays!  Love, Robin.

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for such a time as this of political upheaval and economic uncertainty
how does anyone go about determining what is their God-given destiny?
what is our purpose in the grand scheme of God's desires?
what is it from us that the Lord Our God requires?

God gave each of us life for a reason
and will call upon each of us in due season
there will be some sacrificing and moving out of comfort zones
just remember that whatever God asks of you, you won't have to do it alone
for the battle is not just yours it also belongs to the Lord
and God won't let you write a check that you cannot afford

God will move you to a place and then give you an obstacle to overcome
but through Jesus you have the victory so consider the battle won
just trust in God to give you all that you will need
so that His set purpose for your life will come to seed

like Queen Esther, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Sanger and Rosa Parks
women destined for greatness who were beacons in society's dark
they did what was necessary for the greater good
to put the needs of others before their own as we all should
they stood up and confronted the so-called powers that be
in righteous indignation in order to save humanity

so let God position you where you'll prosper and be strong
and then use you as a vessel to make right a wrong
it might not make much sense to you and you might even disagree
but God knows what's best when it comes to determining your destiny

so just say yes to any and all that of you God does ask
and believe unconditionally that He'll equip you for the task
and as long as you remain resilient in your resolve
between you and God the situation will get solved

destined for greatness as mothers, mentors, lawyers or teachers
destined for greatness as activists, doctors, scientists or preachers
it matters not the capacity nor the career for you that God did choose
we're women destined for greatness and as children of God we cannot lose

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Satan Rules

Speak, and be heard, let those feelings be set free,
our God given right, I once heard, freedom for you, and me.

Look at the picture, some paint covered in clouds,
isn't it our right, to speak out loud?

History in high school, was taught with pride,
now all those Americans we studied about, have long died.

With them went hope, and a chance of equality,
these are the things they fought for, not selfish greed.

The Pledge of Allegiance we said everyday,
and everyone stood, as the words were said.

The Constitution was studied, and reports were made,
in front of the class the next day, we would stand up, and say.

All our freedoms that were given to us,
now narrowing down,  "help,"  who do we trust.

A prayer was given, with our heads humbly bowed,
using our freedom of speech, we thanked God out loud.

Everything has changed, now we worry about safety in schools,
shootings, perverts, and God was evicted, now Satan rules.

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how would it be

my wonders wonder how would it be
if God had made me an insect a flea
how short of life would life be
and all of God's creatures
i'd fear and flee
so small and fragile
not easy to see
crushed by everything but me

my wonders wonder how would it be
if God made me into a bee
i'd rally with my brother bee's
gather pollen from plants and trees
build a fortress for a queen
work like the devil to keep it clean
if any should bother our domain
where it is
i'll give them my stinger
and no longer live
such is the life for us and he
whom god decides
to make a bee

my wonders wonder how would it be 
if God decided an eagle i'd be
noble, honored, swift and sleek
flying in the air for food i seek
secretly fishing with my eye
rarely is seen my deadly dive
I AM the symble for liberty and pride
i'll mate only once and then i'll die

my wonders wonder how would it be
if God had made me into a tree
standing tall above it all
save the mountians standing tall
in it's season making leaves
protecting both birds ans bee's
reaching high into the sky
growing wider than all living creatures
bearing fruit to feed the nations
eating the sun's rays before the hit they ground
my shade a cool shelter for everything around

my wonders wonder how it would be
if God decided a peacock i'll be
i'd strut and wear my tail so proud
my feathers match with any croud
my eye's and beak they match so well
the prettiest of birds
it is known so well
my feathers are emaculate
and my shape is so swell
i take great pleasure
in showing off my tail

my wonders wonder why it came to be
God made me a human being
so different and diverse are each of us
some of us praise , some of us curse
yet we struggle to believe in God above
one they think is evil 
and the other made of love
to us he gave intelect
with a capasicity to feel
complicated emotions that shatter and kill
but with this comes motivation
to create and build
an internal competition
to be better and better still

some men beg some men borrow 
and some men commit fraud
and most of them presumably
forgot about their god

but in this world of wonder
where wonders never cease
there is a visible God
watching man and beast

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My Unborn Child

"You," my unborn child, "I long to hold;"
"You my unborn child, "I will love forever, as 
our lives unfold."
" I know God has you in Heaven, waiting somewhere, 
and in His time, your love I will share."
"He alone will provide the way;"
"You my unborn child, are in my prayers everyday."
"I know you will be special in every way," and
fill my life with joy everyday."
"Your tiny hands and your cute little smile,
such a bundle of love, you will be my sweet child."
"I will be right here, a mother waiting to be, and
when God is ready, He will send you to me."

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My Conversation With God

I have been praying to God ever since I first understood the concept of a deity.  Although I have struggled through life with my acceptance of and belief in the religion I was force fed as a child, the praying has always stayed with me – on an almost every day basis.  In some way or some form or for some reason, it seems, I find myself praying to a God I am not sure I believe in.

Over the years, some of the things I have prayed for or prayed against have worked out in my favor.  Other things didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped.  So, I wondered, was this proof that my prayers are sometimes answered or simply the law of averages?  It really didn’t matter, I was programed to pray and so pray I do.

This has been going on pretty routinely for over 50 years; so, imagine my surprise when, for the first time last night, God talked back to me!

I may not get this exactly right, but, in essence, this is what He had to say:

(I am not sure what font to type God’s words in, so I will just keep on with the default.)

“Joe, Joe, Joe.  I have been listening to you for all your life.  And, whereas I do enjoy your thoughts; your words; and your sentiments; I find it is time for me to respond.

You really do pray a lot for lots of things.  Mostly good and humane things.  Mostly with a pure and caring heart.  But, son, you need to stop doing so much praying and start doing more stuff on your own.  I am not up here to make your life easier and to do things for you.

When you were young, instead of praying for that bicycle, you should have been doing chores to earn money towards buying it.  You could have cut more lawns, washed more cars, got a paper route, sold lemonade, or many other things other young boys were doing to earn money for the things that they wanted.

When you were in high school and prayed to me to help you do well in your wrestling matches, you should have, instead, been working harder at practice; spent more time on your conditioning; spent more time in the weight room; and studied harder on the art of wrestling.

In college, when you prayed for help on your mid-terms and finals, you should have, instead, spent more time studying and less time partying – I think that is something you already know.

Even when you pray on behalf of others – you should be doing more.

Instead of praying I would help old Mrs. Conner at the end of your street, you should have gotten up off your butt and walked down to the end of the street and looked in on her yourself.  You could have offered to go to the store for her, pick up her prescriptions or simply keep her company in her final years.

When you prayed for me to care for the starving children around the world, you should have been volunteering to help out yourself or donating more money towards this cause.  If you funneled all the money you spent on unnecessary junk food and extra meals you consumed throughout the years towards charities that help feed and clothe the poor, you could have saved many of the children you prayed that I would save.

Instead of praying that I cure your family, friends and acquaintances that you knew were ill or dying, you should have been visiting them in the hospital or writing them letters or providing assistance to their loved ones to help ease their pain.

Prayer is not the vehicle for you to be lazy and yet gain the rewards.  Prayer is not a means to have me do for others what you have the power and ability to do yourself.

I am glad that you talk to me, but you have been granted the ability and means to do so much more by yourself and yet you choose to take the easy way out and pray to me – the God that I know you are confused about.  Please, do me a favor, and before you pray, ask yourself, ‘Have I exhausted all avenues available to me to achieve the result I want God to perform?’ 

If, after you have done everything you can possibly do, then I may be more willing to consider what it is you ask for.

And now, my son, you can wake up.”

I sat up quickly in my bed, sweating and confused.  Was I just dreaming?  Was that really God talking to me?  Then, somewhere from deep inside, either from my conscious or a left-over message from the Almighty Himself, I thought (or heard): “What does it matter?  Whether it was God or not – the message is valid and something I probably already knew.”

“Well,” I said to myself, in prayer, “I will give it my best.  But, is it okay if we still talk?  It kind of helps to give me strength?”


I will take that as a, “Yes”.

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We Are There With You

You do not stand alone in your Battle
Your battle is our Battle
We may not be there in body
But we are there with you in Spirit

We are there in every beat of your Heart
In every whisper of the wind
In every thought and every touch
Every breath and every sound
We are there with you

You are wrapped in an Endless chain of Love
In every link we each send you a part of us
We send you some of our Strength
Some of our will to Fight
Some of our Courage
The most important of them all
We send you all of our Love

If you feel you need more
Just give that Endless chain a little tug
And we'll be there
Tug til you need us no more
Then we'll know you've gone Home

5/09/2014 Dedicated to my Aunt Nini, Wilma Thomas Gamble for Mother's Day. Sadly she lost her Battle w/ Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on 5/30/2014.

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A Woman's Worth

A Woman’s Worth
By Nate Spears

Her purpose in this world is hurting
She’s never been a designed of perfect
But she is a mom, so she’s super
She works
She cleans
Then roll up her sleeves ; and
Take care of the kids; and
The house 
Making it a home
For a beautiful family to roam
Building wonderful memories
Becoming a woman of worth
Keeping her faith through Christ
Keeping her pace through health
Keeping her sanity through managing
This is a woman’s worth 
I’m giving you

Despite of all the stress 
She receives her family with open arms
Through all the mess
She’s a fantastic mom
A wonderful woman 
Deserving a round of applause
Plus a standing ovation
For always being an American sensation
That held this continent down since day one
Since the Plymouth Rock landed on us
Thank you for her giving
Thank you for her living
Thank you for her children
This is ,
A woman’s worth.

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What I Dreamed that Night

What I Dreamed That Night

Looking out of the window
While snow fell to the ground
Reminded me of a dreamed
And the peace of mind I found
Before I fell asleep I
Had many questions
 In my heart
On how to love and 
Somehow please God

I tossed and turned trying
To fall asleep
Pleasing God was like a tape
In my head on repeat
I tried to push away
The cold feeling inside
I remember about twelve O’clock
I finally closed my eyes

I dreamed I was in heaven
Oh what a beautiful sight                                                                               
Big golden gates, and
The streets shinned so bright
There were fluffy white clouds
Standing all around
I floated on air, and
My feet could touch no ground

When I walked closer to the gates
They began to swing open wide
Seconds later I found myself inside
There were Angels flying 
Above my head
Welcome home child;
That’s what they said

You wondered in your mind
What it takes to please God
There were many questions
You planted in your heart
Up here there’s peace
You’re happy and free
Take a look around and
Tell me what do you see?                                                                      

I see a city with streets
Paved with gold
I see many of God’s
Created souls
Setting around the table
Eating honey and
Drinking milk
Even My gown is
Now made of silk

I see three gates in the south
West, North, and East
The saints setting around
Having a wonderful feast
I spent my time seeking 
God the whole summer
Point me in his direction
I need to ask him something

I want to please him but
I don’t know how
I need to get an answer                                                                              
From God right now
The moment I spoke
A bright light appeared
I knew from that moment
My faith wasn't seal

I wanted to see his face
But the light was too bright
I couldn't see him, only feel
His present in my sight
He said its easy if
You want to please me
The answer is plain
And so simple you see

God began to tell me what
I had to do and it didn't seem clear
His voice began to fade and I 
Couldn't really hear
His voice kept fading
Until I open my eyes
Not knowing what
To feel inside                                                                                       

Suddenly the sun through
The window shinned bright
And I remembered what
I dreamed that night
I wanted to know how
I could please God
This was something that 
Always burned in my heart

I walked to the door
And I looked out side
Suddenly it hit me as
Tears ran from my eyes
I believe that I went to heaven
And had a conversation with God
I believed in that dream
 With all my heart

He said the answer is plain
As can be
A voice whispered saying                                                                    
Just have faith in me
What I dreamed that night
Let me know it’s not too late
And to please God;
All I need is faith

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Once upon a time, the Lord of spiritual consciousness
Was sitting peacefully on His blissful throne 
Ceaselessly contemplating upon His equilibrium
T’ was the era of no moon, no sun, no stars, no earth, 
No oceans, no rivers
Just a motionless, timeless and deathless entity it was
Happy with His existence  

Suddenly the thought of sacred motion was felt
Deep down in his essence
Seeking the chaos to be stirred 
From its core outwardly
Consequently separating the light from the darkness and
All the other elements that constitute the Cosmos
Thus giving birth immediately to old mighty time

When Time: This wizard of celestial art found himself alive
His expert hands stretched in advance, wanting to create
For that the plastic energy he took, that was everywhere around
And skillfully and patiently the Cosmos carved according to the Logos
Creating thus, the nebulae, the galaxies, the stars and all the other planets.

Then God looked at times creation and marveled with its beauty
But as there was no life to be seen in all of this creation
The thought of desire was born in God to inhabit every place
For that out of himself he cut myriads of blazing souls
Which like shooting stars he sent downwards to animate nature,

That was the way the souls beamed to manifestation’s cosmic sphere
Radiating their luminosity to reality’s lower planes  
Bringing with them the sacred principles to denser forms of life
As they were passing from the spiritual, the mental and the astral
And finally materializing, themselves on the physical solid plane
Where life began on earth, with God’s will and grace!

©Demetrios Trifiatis
    14 January 2013

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The Morning Star

The Morning Star
By Nate Spears
There’s clarity in the depths on my deepest thought
I’m never blind to a world of darkness
I’m challenged by whatever in time
Defeated by my ambition in others

Close to my last day
But far from my last night
And I’m light years away
From my very last fight
The actions of the man
Creates the path of his life
The absence of the man
Restrains his rights
The mentality of a man
Saves the day he's granted 
The intent of the man
Leads him the way the earth has planned it

 So feel my rose as it fades 
Feel my pedals bring a new days
As I sprout beyond the stars
To a galaxy that stands out
The route brings the creation to light
After the day 
After the night
After the darkness
After my arrival 
The morning is tainted
The day is seen in a human’s eye 
Sight has been sinful before and after
You and I
This is the heart filled reason
For the birth Christ.

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She was out there in the dark
A brooding, angry monster
She attacked, screaming in fury
Wind gauges flattened and futile
She came to purge, to cleanse...

*Wind speed estimated at 230 MPH 
Sumitted for: Black Eyed Susan's contest

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Don't Leave Me

I can't imagine being alive without you
I can't imagine what it will be like when your gone
I don't know what I'll become without you
Maybe I'll just run
Run away from everything and leave everyone behind
Maybe I'll find a way to be close to you
Because I won't believe you died 
My heart will ache so much more 
Tears will always run
My eyes will hold the wisdom 
That you bestowed upon me young
And my recklessness will be noticeable
People will wonder why
Why am I running when the person I needed most died
How can I face my life when I can't do anything right
I won't believe you have gone away
When God decides to take you
I'll still come by your house and always expect an answer
I Love You Gamma
You Taught Me About My Heritage  
Please Remember Me When God Takes You
Please Guide Me In the Right Way

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The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, 
but I have promises to keep, 
and miles to go before I sleep” (Robert Frost).

The woods know my secrets
For I open my heart
In this enclosed sanctuary of God
As folded branches draw my eyes
Upward, ever upward
Towards the emerald ceiling
With a skylight
From which streams
The light of heaven
Pure and sweet
On my face

The trees are my counselors
Sacred dispensers
Of the mysteries of God
Sentinels tall and majestic
Guarding my hushed sacred hours
Of contemplation and renewal
The would be silence
Sweetly disturbed 
By the sounds of His creatures 
Filling God’s outdoor sanctuary
With a heavenly hymn of praise

Each trail leads me deeper and deeper
For my heart longs to be
In the Holy of Holies
In the very presence of the Creator
On holy ground
Yes, Yes!
He is here
His presence
Envelopes me

After my communion
The closing benediction of sunlight
Guides me home
The thinning trees whisper 
“Forget us not” stories to me
As I pass them by
Stories of long ago pilgrims
From another time
Yet one with me
The same
Pilgrims in search of sanctuary
A place of solace
A place of tenderness
A place of discovery
Where they come to learn
The miles left to go
Till journey’s end
When they must lie down
In well deserved sleep
Safe under the shadows
Of God’s mighty trees
Resting, resting
Blissful sleep
In the Sanctuary
In HIS sanctuary
In the woods…..

For Caleb’s Smith’s In the Woods Contest
September 10, 2013

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Peace Tonight

I sleep in peace tonight.
Hope that day will come.
When I find you underneath the 
Waiting for me and a life that never 
For Eternal love will always be 
And you will know that I care no 
matter the troubles.
That even If death were to come, it 
be with us a couple.
I sleep in peace tonight.
Hoping my family loves, and so do 
my friends.
And that God may forgive for all my 
Because when I am gone, let there 
be not a tear shed.
But a laugh of remorse, and that you 
treed lightly.
For I will sleep in peace tonight.

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Granny And Your last glass of water

He starts singing songs of Ireland and we are home in a jiffy
"What's a jiffy," my mother wonders
"Guess  where we went Granny?"
"I don't know but I have a feeling you are gonna tell me," answers my grandmother
"And Don't call me Granny!"
"We went to church so Poppy could ask secret questions."
"The priest gave Poppy a shot and a beer and Poppy sent me next store and he gave me money for  taffy."
"He told me not to tell anyone especially you about the priest cause it's only for the priests ears."
"He said God would take away taffy and I'd never get another goodie and God would strike me dead if I told."
"So I can't tell anyone."
"He did," and she starts yelling and grabs a weapon,"what kind of idiot would be scaring a little child?"
Granny is standing on  Poppy's toes and and asking him questions of where he'd been and getting a sniff of his breath
"So what did you tell  the priest and him giving you consolation and a shot and beer."
"That little rat ," and thinks about the money for candy
Later, Granny is chasing Poppy with that big iron frying pan and poppy running and singing
"In Heaven they have no beer, that's why we drink it here."
"You damn fool I'm gonna bust you in the head, "and throws the pan at his head
And later
Cousin Francis has bill collectors come to the house looking for him
Granny was four foot seven  inches and she starts kicking him in the shin
My Mother grabs his Dick Tracy hat and she jumps on it and flattens it
I ask my mom where I was when this happened and she pauses
" You were in Heaven Patrick waiting with your brother!"
The truancy officers bang on the door and want to know where Uncle Charles is
Granny shrugs and says, "He is upstairs and the sound of the window going up sounds
They all run upstairs and see Uncle sliding down the tree and running as fast as his
seven year legs can move
He comes home later that evening holding a goose under his arm
And Poppy has a soft-boiled goose egg for breakfast every morning
I ask Uncle what happened to that goose and He said,"one day he came home  and
they had chicken for dinner."
And Poppy was gone to heaven to get me and my brother ready Mom says
And Granny sits my brother and me on her lap and says,"you two knuckleheads listen up."
"This is very important so don't forget it."
"Treat people the way you want to be treated, because you never know who is going to hand you your last glass of water"

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22 Lines

22 Lines
By Nate Spears

I stand on top of the opinion of the mighty powers above 
Staring into the eyes of their dominion 
Keeping myself armed and fighting 
In mind
In the order of a new world
In the order of new eyes
My spirit is old
In the order of new times
My heart lacks no fear
My hands lacks no wrong
So I have no tears 
to let roll on

As The River Of Jordan splashes in red
My evil days shall past
Consistent with biblical teachings
I speak the truth consistent with loud speakers
Let freedom ring
While I’m running my fingers through the clouds 
I've discovered a savior to save us
Now drip my sun light onto the best
Now drip my sun light  onto the rest
Goodness shall fall from my fingers tips
Onto the pages 
of my ink.

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My Favorite Devonshire

Angels and Aliens

With the Biblical accounts of angels
Regarded by some as proof of aliens

Science and religion remain at odds
One says the other has no faith in God

Is there no room in Earth’s family portrait
For both sides to speak, not one view omit

If we believe God created all things
Can’t this be said of other-world beings

No life’s threatened by angels or aliens
So mocking of either just makes no sense

When God created both heaven and Earth
Perhaps a new species of life gave birth

In another part of His Milky Way
And, in friendship, they visit us today

Appearing from the sky basked in white light
Celestial creatures laugh at the sight

Of scientists and theologians
Pitting God’s angels against God’s aliens

And man’s ignorance they may deride
Since angels and aliens thrive side-by-side

Carolyn Devonshire

This is one of my favorite poems by Carolyn because she makes no judgements, and she offers an enlightened view of what we understand and do not understand, making her point in a logical manner with compassion for all beings. Her insight into the our world and other realms or unseen dimensions shows her great understanding of humanity and beyond.  I adored this poem when I first read it and seem to glean more and more from it with each additional reading. Her enthusiasum for the joy of life pours out from every line in celebrating the contrast of other worldly beings, that we might live side by side with in harmony. A very beautiful inspiring poem that shines a bright light on ignorant views.

 Connie Marcum Wong

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An Epistle To Our Daughter


Billie, there is not one person alive who has not sinned or made mistakes.
   And everyone in life sooner or later experiences heartaches.
No one is without fault, and it’s next to impossible to be perfect.
   We all have our little quirks, we each have our own little defect.
Being perfect is not what God is looking for, but to turn from sin and turn to Him.
   Learn to walk in His light, that is what will make you proper and prim.
You must follow Gods commandments and do not stray.
   And when you feel yourself slipping turn to Jesus and pray.
Let Him know what’s going on, and that you need His help again.
   Tell Him you are trying to turn your life around, one that’s free from sin.
Learn to put your trust in our Savior for that is what He is, Our Savior.
   When we know it’s wrong and we go right on ahead, there is a good chance 
this could be unforgivable behavior.
I personally cannot understand why someone would intentionally do wrong.
   Listen to your conscience, pray, and God will make you strong.
Bill, mom and dad have never stopped loving or caring about you, never will!
    This poem I wrote just for you to let you know just how we feel.

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Silly Blind Ant

Tim Ryerson is:
like a blind ant
without his antennae
who rams against a wall
too slippery to climb over
so he runs along the wall
first to the left
then to the right
searching for an opening
he never gives up
running along that wall
searching for that opening

Tim Ryerson you are:
such a silly blind ant
without his antennae
who rams against a wall
too slippery to climb over
you’re in the right place
at the wrong time

He knows what to do Tim:
go backwards now
retrace your steps
to where you began
to that wall He calls home
you will find His opening

and He knows Tim:
He knows you are a silly ant
He knows you are a real ant
He knows you are a true ant...

Tim Ryerson

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Latin mission = sending
Mission is the sending of the Church
Father Christ mandate to all Christians
Proclaim the Gospel in word and deed

So that all men can freely make a decision for Father Christ
But be careful to choose the faith
The effect can be too late or not
Choose wisely which faith is the bridge to heaven


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He woke and he got down on the creaking knees

He didn't know if God listened but  tried

His grandson was in a coma and God was asleep

But he said the prayer but  was afraid of the silence

God was the great politician in the sky

And his son Jesus would listen to the poll

When there was trouble God was the first name

Grabbing  his coffee he humbly turned to God

In his eyes it was humbly but he loved the sugar

As he sat stirring and  sweetened  thoughts 

The prayers flowed with his coffee

"Maybe God only listens to the regulars"

And he definitely wasn't one

It was  years and God was famished

The whispered prayer ended with death and the anger

"Why did you not take me"

"I have lived and gladly would take the grandson's place"

The pastor warmed up and the sisters hummed

The cup spilled over as the prayer of the faithful

He became a hugger and he covered each drink 

And the Irish believed in wake and liquor

He hugged the people tight and the salt became a scab

And God left him there with his drink

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Four Hours of Eternity - Part 2

I opened my eyes, I was standing on the Shuffleboard deck; talking with my new "Dad"
Mr. Adams. On the main deck a few feet below, my Bride, my Life. my Beautiful Wife; Lenore stood by the railing of the deck. She sent me a seductive covert wink that made my loin twitch. Mr. Adams what time is it. You can call me Dad now, it's 7:14, Why. I don't know, I was just wondering. I caught Lenore's eye and raised my glass,our first
private toast. She tossed her long auburn hair over her  shoulder and nodded her approval. "Nubbies come down here Please", Sorry Dad my Forever Calls  "Mom, Dad, Ma
Rock, Family and Friends. This has been the most Wonderful day of my Life. Harry and, I thank all of YOU for Your Blessings,Your Love, and Your Gracious Gifts. Befor Lenore and I go I would like to Toast all of YOU for  a new Llfe, new Loves, and a new beginning. Thank-You Everone.  In showers of rice, we run to the Bridal Suite.I carryLenore across
the threshold of our Eternity. We close and lock the door. Bleep, Bleep, Bleep,Bleep!!      

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I didn't know what to Do

I didn't know what to do 
One day I was hungry 
And my family was too 
So much of stress, 
I didn't know what to do 
I sat and wondered what 
 My next meal would be 
No apples or oranges 
To fall from the tree 
I went to my neighbors 
 And ask for bread 
Only enough for our self; 
 That’s what they said 
The look on my children face; 
I just couldn't forget it 
The store manager said; 
No money no credit 
By now I was tired 
 And my eyes fill with tears 
I have to feed my family, 
But no one would give. 
My children crying for food, 
 And I didn't know what to do 
If only I knew some way 
 To help me pull through. 
On my way home 
I passed this church 
I heard good singing 
That I like very much 
The doors of the church 
 I fasten my eyes 
I walked slowly through 
The door, on the inside 
The preacher walked down 
 And took my hand 
He said; you going through, 
 But God understand 
The message was clear 
 As the bible on my shelf 
I needed the faith 
 To believe for myself. 

I prayed and I waited, 
Setting quiet as a mouse 
Mid-day the next day, 
God sent an Angel to my house 
A knock on the door, 
 I open with a smile 
Please come in and sat a while. 
He said; I tried to call you, 
 I did my best 
To bring to you 
 this very last check 
When you got fired from your job 
They fail to give you your last pay 
This is what brought me 
 To your house today. 
It clicked in my head 
What the preacher had said; 
God understands, and he sent me bread 
Tears ran down my face 
As I walked up my stairs 
It’s a miracle; God do answer prayers 
He has saved me 
From the trouble in my life 
And for that I will 
 Sleep well tonight. 

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Heaven Shower Me

Heaven Shower Me
By Nate Spears

Tell me something good
Email me if you would
Rather than take a minute
Take my heart 
In a second 
If you could.

I’ll go through hell to reach you
Thank God and the heavens
For letting me meet you
God All Mighty
Lord knows I’ve been seeking you

You’ve been a blessing to my soul
Your heart is as good as gold
Where have you been all my life
Me or no one else knows

But you’re here now
 And I will always adore you
The magnitude of a good woman
Will bring sunshine to any mans morning
I’m just blessed to have had 
The Heaven’s Rains
To shower me on you.

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The Irishman


This is who I am
My name is Stanislaus J. O’Connor
Born on April 17th in Belfast, Ireland
Youngest of eight children
My father admired the Polish people
The way they fought 
During the last Great War
When the odds were against them
Wanted me to be strong
Like them
So he named me Stanislaus.

I carried that name  
Not without some teasing
Took it in stride
Solidarity came along
Organized by Polish dock workers in the 1980’s
Ended Communist rule
Father remembered stories 
Of 1910
When ten thousand dock workers went on strike 
Closed Belfast down
Taught the Brits a lesson. 

Young, unemployed and drunk 
I saw an artist friend of mine
He worked on me all day
Not stopping except to wipe the drippings on my back
I felt no particular pain
Jut laid there flat on my stomach
When it was over 
I had the color and imagery
From the tattoo 
Of a Polish Cross.

Listened to the people
Took to the streets
In the struggle
Against the Brits 

One night 
Strangers jumped out of the shadows
Put flashlights to my eyes
Stood me up  
Led me out
In handcuffs.

At HM Prison Maze I was kept in a small cell
Occasionally let out to walk in the prison yard
One summer afternoon 
I took off my shirt
Paddy asked me what’s that on your back
Polish Cross I said
Murmur of voices
Fellow inmates hesitated
Someone near the wall broke the silence,
“Let him be. God is in every cross.” 

In despair a cell mate said he couldn’t take it anymore
Afraid that he would die in prison
Recalling words
From an old Catholic catechism
I said
“No man can learn what his heart cannot hold“.
I made up the rest
“Tell God what you stand for
He’ll understand
And forgive you.”

Ten years later 
Dragged from my cell
Feet barely touching ground  
I was released on amnesty.

Coming home
Family met me 
Open arms
Some traveled from faraway
Felt good
To touch warm hands

Climbed to the top of Cavehill
Glide in lazy circles 
Twelve hundred feet above sea level
Overlooking Belfast 
From its heights 
The world can be seen  
Across a wind swept ocean of  dark memories
Of what once was
My youth.


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A DIVINE HOOK-UP: Loyalty, Love and Devotion When Women Worship God

Naomi and her family departed from Bethleham Judah the land of milk and honey
in the midst of a famine as they were unable to earn any money
so on to the region of Moab they ventured and prospered to some degree
until Naomi lost her husband and both sons and was left alone to grieve
to her daughters-in-law she told them both to their families they should go back
but one daughter-in-law Ruth refused to let their relationship come under attack
she told Naomi I will never leave you nor forsake you
I will stay by your side no matter what we have to go through
your people will be my people, your God will be my God
and wherever you choose to travel you and I will never part
with loyalty, love and devotion Ruth needed Naomi in her life
in order for her to develop a relationship with our Lord Christ
now worshipping God together placing their fate in His hands
for this was a divine hook-up that the Lord our God had planned

Now Naomi needed Ruth too but was to afraid to admit it
as she felt she had been forsaken by the presence of the Holy Spirit
but God was in the midst of that relationship from the very start
He had destined that Ruth and Naomi would never, ever part
for when women worship God great relationships are made in life
with loyalty, love and devotion in the name of Jesus the Christ
In the course of your life there will be people whom you need and require
to help you to be all that you can be in the way that God desires
the clarifiers in your life will help you to see what is your mission
the collaborators in your life will encourage you to come to a decision
the confronters in your life will nag you and stay in your face
while the comforters in your life if they're of God will help you find your place
then the celebrators in your life will help you to rejoice in your victory
with the spirit of love, devotion and a godly loyalty

Now Ruth went on to get remarried but kept Naomi as a member of her household
for their relationship was a divine hook-up that was under God's control
for when women worship God great relationships last an eternity
Naomi and Ruth a divine hook-up of love, devotion and loyalty

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Soul of a Son, Life of an Addict '

There in a small town in Mississippi, a very poor family of (7) seven are yes struggeling but are yes abound. Jimmy the youngest of them at now 17 tell his father that he wants to be a Preacher The desire to teach is a privilledge that he inherited from his Uncle, and nowat that prunitive age he goes to his uncle (home) town. The soul of a son is one thing, but the life of a addict is another. My Brother, my brother he sit's down one day and listen in on one of his uncle's lectures as this friend of Jimmy is being lestured too.  You don't need to be weak at the knee's in this stage of dealing with certain issue's and as he comes to the end of his lectures he himself (jimmy) is in need of some "tissue". Jimmy is a member of the debate team(at school) one of the student is this friend, who is dealing with crack-cocaine habit that he just began doing for about a month now.  So this-this-ss partic-ular day jimmy takes him to see the preacher (his uncle) after this young friend said to him, "help-me". {I believe you can be of some help}. "Don't be afraid to seek God as your first step".
So after the two of them have elaborated over the matter for and hour, Jimmy feel's a
need of concern, so they leave together.  My Brother-my brother. "Life of an Addict",
will carry you places you never thought you'll be and keep you in situation's and you
will never be free.  Free to enjoy (life) and freedom from the depentacy of drugs
and living on the streets!!....
 These phrases becomes a part of the mindset in one's attempt to go forward with the
"Power of Prayer", and the belife of knowing you're not a "Coward".  "Soul of a Son",
is to surrender your all onto the source of everything(Faith).  And "Life of an Addict",
is knowing that God places people in your life to possitivily restore your faith in your-
self.  So when life throws you a "Nippy", (storms) that is when you're not to give up,
because the enemy wants you to think that you are always running on empty!!.
"For he is everywhere (Jesus) even there in this small town of Mississippi".

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A talk with the devil

 A talk with the devil 

 One night while watching television 
 I suddenly fell asleep 
And when I open my eyes 
 This stranger I did meet 
A wild looking creature, 
 Bolder then I had seen 
Somebody shake me and 
Tell me this is a dream. 
I did not want to be here, 
 This is a mistake 
Wake me; shake me, 
 Before it is too late. 
The creature began to laugh, 
 As he laughs so hard; 
You are down here to stay 
So said the Lord. 
You had your chance 
 To live a Christian life 
But you didn't count on 
 Taking this deep sleep tonight. 
Listen careful my child, 
 Don’t you hear the bells? 
You missed the streets of gold 
 And ended up in hell 
I started to scream and plead to God; 
 He never heard me as 
 I stood there in the dark. 
 People was crying and gritting 
Their teeth; my night gown caught on fire 
 From the intensity of the heat 
 I yell out with pain saying 
 Forgive me, this is a mistake 
I realize it was the devil when he said; 
 Take your place I appointed 
You in the lake. 
All while you live, 
 I stayed hard on your back 
You down here with me 
And there is no looking back 
I showed you things 
That drew you from God 
Not giving you a chance 
 To receive him in your heart 
Oh foolish one, how foolish could you be 
I did not want you in heaven, 
 But down here with me. 
You did not have to come here, 
 Or allow yourself to be fool 
I do what I want, 
 I got nothing to lose. 
I know how heaven look, 
 But I did not care 
I want all of God’s people for myself 
Maybe you should have loved 
 God without a doubt 
The day I got unruly up there, 
 He simply put me out. 
.I got all kind down here 
 With me, young and old 
I am out to kill and 
Destroy all of God’s souls. 
As I talked with the devil 
 My heart did ache 
My head hung in shame 
 Because I knew it was too late 
I scream loud as I could 
To the top of my voice 
Suddenly I open my eyes 
And grabbed for my heart. 
I remember everything 
 I had seen that night 
I had no time to waste, 
 To get my soul right. 
I got one more chance 
 To try to save my soul 
I got one more chance 
 To walk the streets of gold. 
You may say that this is a poem, 
 And you are right 
But what if you fall asleep 
And go there one night? 
Do whatever it takes 
 To live the holy way 
Time waits for no one, 
 It must be today. 

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Still Here, Still There

God is still in heaven and that is where I eventually want to be.
Satan is still in hell and I am sure that is a really nasty place to be.
As for me I am still on earth and for a man of my age I am doing rather well.
I am not sure where you are but I pray you are doing fine and are having a great time.

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Four Hours of Eternity - Part 1

 There was four of us hooked up to I V's in the preparation room. Sebatian was a young boy in his early teens; What are you in for I asked. I got hit by a car while riding my bike
they are going to amputate my legs at the knees. My heart cried. Fred said: I'm here for a triple bypass. Betty was in for the removal of a lump in her breast. I pray it is benign she said. What are you in for Harry? I'm getting a new stomach.
 How come you guys are getting one drip every 30 seconds and I'm getting two? I asked. What time are you scheduled for surgery, Fred asked. 1:00 o'clock! Your the first to go, I'm scheduled for 1:30 and Sabatian and Betty go at 2:00. Really, I said they told me it would be a 3 or 4 hour operation. Fred laughed; they have more than one o r's in the hospital. 
  At 12:45 the nurse came in.Talking had ceased between the patients. Mr. Johnson Aren't you sleepy? NO! I'll be back in a couple of minutes she said. Ut oh said Fred. What
does that mean. Your going to leave as soon as the nurse comes back. When the nurse came back she took the I V out and with the biggest syringe known to man she poked me. Now Mr. Johnson could you count backwards from 100. Sure I said; 100, 99,(the lights seem to get brighter) 98,(the hum of the lights became whispers) 97,(everything went to slow motion) 96,(my voice became low and slow) 95,(Lenore held my hand) ninety-fou---

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Jesus Cares

I just got a message on my machine
“This is Jesus if you know what I mean?”
“I’ve been meaning to talk to you.  You see I got a whole list of 
people and your number just came up, so if you could call me back
I’ll be here till 7:00 PM.  If you can’t make that I’ll have to check my calendar and get back to you.  Hope you can make it… God Bless.”
Well I didn’t know what to do.  Jesus don’t call every day out here n Van Horn, Texas.
It takes a long ride from nowhere to get here.  I’m surprise he even got over the telephone lines.  But hell he is Jesus.
So I’m thinking about waiting around and calling him to see what he has to say.  I got nothing better to do on a Tuesday night but watch Wheel of Fortune and take the suckers punch.  So around 6:30 PM I call him up.    
Wrong number, then the phone is busy.  Does Jesus really want to talk to me?
Ok maybe I didn’t try hard enough.  
I could have gone to the mountain or burned a bush or done something religious like buy a cross or something.  
But hell I thought he cared about me.  
Kinda like my dogs do.

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God's will, not mine part two

Then I went to see the other man’s condition. Blood was running from his ears, and his 
nose. three men stood by, just watching the show. I asked them to help me, and leaned 
over the man, I asked if he could hear me, and he replied with a grunt, then a groan. His 
eyes were glazed over and rolled back in his head. Some one half chuckled, “leave him 
he’s dead.” I stood and met the man directly in his face. “Unless you are God, that’s not 
your call to make.”
We offered our help and I knew he was passing; I held his hand and cradled his head… 
I said to the man, ‘It’s okay…you can go; if God is calling don’t wait….go home.’ He died 
in my arms, and I held him till the helicopter came.  I was proud of my wife, as she gave 
her boy aid; they took him away, and saved his life that day. The weekend was over, we 
lost the mood. The drive home was somber, as we cried for a man we never knew. 
The next day we received a phone call…it was a General from our base, seems the man I 
was holding was a soldier on leave. God gave me the chance to say thank you for real. 
Not just a gesture but an act of humanity. Seems all the people around, made comments 
of how my wife and I acted better than most. And offered our kindness and help to man 
we never even knew. So the General got on the phone, called the police and found out 
our names. We were honored by his friends on that one given day, If I hadn’t have 
gotten back in the car, the soldier would have died along the road all alone. 
The point of this story is just simply put, “there is no such thing as coincidence” God puts 
us right where he needs us. He’s ready to use us, if we are only willing.

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''To err is human: to forgive, divine''--Alexander Pope

Abusive and African-American, my late step-dad 
     was a reverse racist,
an army sergeant, a Vietnam vet and a backhand,
     face-smacking sadist.

I used to bemoan that I was a white child
     (as if it were my fault!)
and that he was black and resentful of me.
     So once in reckless revolt

against his ongoing abuse
      I rebelled under my breath
by calling him the "n" word (and he
     nearly beat me to death).

Beaten, I never uttered that word again.
     Then Mom and he divorced
as I got older (which made things only worse);
     free at last, I felt no remorse.

Suddenly, I was the man of the house and life
     for us seemed less stormy;
for the first time in years we lived in happiness.
     At last, we were a family.

Then I got religion and met God
     and gave my life to Christ.
It was the best thing I ever did:
    I was born again, and it sufficed.

My anger, pain and bitterness which
    I had for years repressed
began to slowly disappear; and so I became
    less and less depressed.

By now, my former step-dad had grown old
     and had swelling of the lung;
I had not forgiven him yet back when
     I was still angry and young.

I could not forgive him for the abuse that
  made my life so utterly grim;
but I realized that the weight and burdens
     of not forgiving him

would be worse than what I've endured. I know 
     in life we all sin and transgress 
and come short of God's glory: so, moved by
      God's grace and forgiveness

I made up my mind to forgive him.
     A daily, ongoing process,
I was able to finally begin to let go of the anger 
      and truly begin to forgive the mess
that I had inherited from him. And I was
      able to begin forgiving God;
He was not to blame for my step-dad (who was also 
      beaten by his parents' lash and rod).

Though I was forgiving him and letting go, he was
     unmoved and unchanged as ever;
I had realized that what mattered was that my forgiveness
      had been changing me forever.

When he finally died, I had already completely
      let go and he was forgiven;
Now I can only wonder to God whether he had
      been changed by his view of heaven. 

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A Penny On The Sidewalk

He stepped out of his car and rummaged in his pocket for some coins to feed the meter.  As he stepped up on the sidewalk, he noticed a penny lying near his feet.  He briefly contemplated picking it up before dismissing it.  It was just a penny.  It's value hardly worth the effort.   

As he stood there, he heard a voice say “Sir, could you spare some change to help me out?”.  He turned to see an unkempt  man, languishing on the stoop of a vacant store. He held a cardboard sign on which was scrawled “Homeless, Can You Help, God Bless You” .  He looked bad, and, as the man walked closer, he noted he emitted an unpleasant odor as well.  His first thought was just to walk away, reasoning that if he gave him anything, he would probably just buy some liquor and drink himself to sleep. But he did not.  There was something about the man that held his gaze.  Instead he spoke to the man saying “the uniform jacket you're wearing says Walker over the pocket.  Is that you?”  “Yes” the man replied. “That's me”.  “Are you a vet Walker” the man asked.  Again the man answered “yes sir”.  “How did you end up here” the man questioned.  Walker dropped his head, then looking up he said “I got some things I can't forget.  They drive me crazy sometimes and  I do stupid things.  Caused me to lose everything.  It's my fault, but that doesn't change anything, they are just as gone.”  The man reached in his pocket and withdrew a twenty dollar bill.  As he offered it to Walker he asked “Will this help soldier?”.  “Oh yes sir, thank you sir, and God bless you” he replied.  

The man turned to walk away, and as he did, he thought about how, in just a matter of minutes, his opinion of the man had changed from one of disdain to one of compassion.  That was a real person sitting there, perhaps even a hero.  He had a name.  He had an identity. Under different circumstances, each could have walked in the others shoes.

He had no idea what Walker would do with the money, but it didn't matter now.  In his mind he knew he had found another penny on the sidewalk.  But this time, without regard for value, he had stopped and picked it up.

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God IS Real Miracles Happen

God Is Real/Miracles Happen
By Nate Spears

God is real, and miracles happen
Despite of his struggles 
The middle class poet kept on writing his chapters 
Times were tough 
But he didn’t give up
Unpaid rent 
Eviction notes 
His bills were overdue  
No water, no power 
He used GOD as his source; and  
kept on writing his chapters
Then came a knock 
He opened his door, but no one was there 
There was a note left behind, along with a white feather on his mat 
A rent paid receipt 
Plus full payment of his utilities
He closed the door quickly, and went back in the house to his desk
The pages in his book was flipped 
to a ending page he couldn’t miss
A inspirational piece was left behind that he didn’t write
It read this: 

For your time and effort given 
to lead and inspire, this is the final chapter in your book that I so desire.

I restored your power, to give you energy to write.

I gave you water again, for the tears shed on your writes.

I provided funding for your rent, for the priceless messages your poems present. 

Those sheets of paper have inspired many lives in need to vent.

I read the final chapter, and started to cry
I glanced out the window at a river of joy nearby
A rainbow appeared in the sky
Under covering my darkness  
There lies a ray of light 
No matter how deep life pounds
No matter how hard things get 
If you believe you can overcome
Just keep up the fight 
The battle is already won
Just believe.

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My God

My God is shy and generous
He knows the secret of tenderness
Just like my mother
He loves me in strange, unpredictable ways
Just like my father
I gave him my sister`s clumsiness and sincerity
 My brother`s  loud laugh, 
 My grandmother`s dark, wise eyes
He  walks slowly like my grandfather
He resembles my family that
Enlightened the paths of my childhood
He  sings our favorite songs,
Dazzling the universe with their beauty
He listens to me and talks to me
 Sometimes  I interrupt him
But he doesn`t mind
This God is powerful  and confused
This God is weird,  quiet and kind
When I approach him, I am filled up
With love of life
Although  I know that
The sadness will  return again

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Crystal Treasure

I saw a candy dish in an antique shop
Made of delicate glass.
But it was chipped where it was dropped,
Marring its crystal class . . . 
But I loved it, and bought it just the same.

Later I found an intricate vase,
Also flawed with a hair-line crack.
It seems that every piece of ornate grace
Is damaged in front, or maybe in the back . . .
But I loved it, and bought it just the same.

Then I thought how God must feel when he looks at us.
He created us in His image -- perfect, flawless.
But sin, entering through Adam, was passed on to us.
Then God picked us up with love in His eyes,
And bought us just the same.

He went to sacrificial lengths
To restore our value, and esteem.
This took place at Calvary, where He chose us to redeem.
Now, if we believe, we receive,
and become His Crystal Treasure . . .
A valued prize in His eyes!

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My Epiphany

I was very young, preschool age perhaps, when I had my moment.
Seated on the back step in the sunshine, thinking childish thoughts,
an ordinary day, nothing to hold in a long time memory, when it happened.
That child I was of long ago had a moment that was never to be forgotten.  
It seemed to emanate from inside my being. An aura of perfect peace 
and joy, a feeling of good surrounded me.  

It was as if the meaning of life had been revealed to me. 
There was no obvious reason for this, nothing I could see.  Later on 
in life as the memory of that sensation warmed me, I would try to analyze it. 
Had an angel brushed me with her wing?  Had God or Jesus stood
in my presence?

I never told anyone about my experience.  What was there to say?
A child’s tongue has no words to describe the wonder. I do know this,
of all the thousand moments of my childhood, this is the only
one that comes back to me along with all of the emotions it engendered.
It was my epiphany. It was a sure realization that God is good, God is
near and I am in His hands.  


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The Just for the Unjust

The Just for the Unjust

"For Christ also died for sins once for all, the Just for the unjust, so that He might bring us to God ..." 1 Peter 3:18

A Roman soldier walked down a narrow corridor in a Roman prison. He held the torch up, and back in the shadows was a man. The guard with his key opened the door and said, "Barabbas, get up and come with me." Barabbas began to plead, "No, wait, don't take me! Have mercy!" The Roman soldier said, "You're not going to die; there's somebody else who's going to die in your place. Come here. Look over on that hill. That's the cross we made for you. But there's someone else on it. He has taken your place."

In what happened to Barabbas, God arranged a perfect picture of substitution -- the just dying for the unjust that He might bring us to Himself.

Take time today to tell the Lord Jesus Christ how much you love Him and how grateful you are that He stepped out of glory and became obedient unto death--even the death of the Cross--for your sake and mine.

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The Empty Rib Slot

Dedicated to all of the guys who helped me to make the checklist - thanks!

The Empty Rib Slot I think I might have A perfect checklist Highlights from men Gathered now missed Yes special highlights Each man carried some Now added to my checklist For a guy having it all in one This could be the key to find The man I’m dreaming of Not with bits and pieces One filled full of love A man made for me No it would be not I should fit perfectly Into an empty rib slot Let me share this list With every one of you Then decide for yourself If it could possibly be true My first check comes from This guy with dreamy eyes He deeply touched my soul Way more than ever realized He even had a special smile That made you want to grin No matter if life was down He encouraged me to win There was the big hugger With squeezes oh so tight He lifted me off the floor Like if I was taking flight He never did grow tired Of giving me those hugs I never had to ask for them He always did it out of love Then there was the dancer He stayed light on his feet He loved dancing with me Carrying rhythm and a beat Now of course on this list There certainly has to be That best friend I count on Who can also count on me I am even going to count The good points of quality Generated from my brothers And even from my daddy From them they all carry A very good temperament Always being so easy going Not looking for an argument When I am nestled in that slot With a perfect feel of passion All of his glory will then shine As it eludes from my reflection The most important one of all He who shares a spiritual side Being spiritually open with me Not allowing his beliefs to hide I know how this all may sound Like a crazy thing that I’ve got I want the man I fit snuggly with When I match his empty rib slot Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Purpose we are on earth

We are on earth to know To love Eternal God To do good according to His will And to go someday in heaven Human being means to come from Eternal God To go back to Eternal God The Truth is Our origins goes back farther than our parents Our parents are Eternal God’s tool For us to be on earth Sometimes we feel our Creator is near Sometimes we feel nothing at all So that we might find the way home Eternal God sent His Eternal Son Who freed us from sin Save us from the Eternal Father’s world destruction Eternal God, wanted to destroy the world Depressed People He created were sinning Eternal Son stopped Him Eternal Father is Yahweh Means “I AM” Eternal Son is Jesus Christ He is the Highest Priest of the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church We call Catholic priest, father Represent Father Christ He is the Highest Priest The Eternal Father is in Him Jesus Christ is Father Christ He is the way The Truth The Life 4092013

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My Devil

      My Devil
My Devil’s stronger,
He feeds on my tears and
Lives in my fears.
My Devil’s hideous,
 He pulls me into darkness and
Keeps himself harmless.
My Devil’s fierce,
The result of procrastination
Who surrounds with frustrations.
My Devil’s dirty,
He kills and bathes with blood
For all he brings is dark evil flood.
But my devil doesn’t know
What it is like after he’s gone
For I have a shoulder to lean on.
But my devil doesn’t feel
That who it is, 
The one to steal his day-dreamed ease.
But my devil doesn’t fear,
Because he doesn’t believe
That there’s something that’ll get me heaved.
But my devil will never regret,
For what he has done
Until the day he’ll be gone.
And the day will someday come,
When my lord will punish the ungrateful
And the day will someday come,
When my devil will be badly broken.
And the day will someday come
When my lord will get him spoken.
And the day will someday come,
When my devil will be banished and vanished from my world.
And the day when that will happen,
My life will be no less than gold.
And it’ll no longer will be devil who’ll keep me behold… 

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The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within When a heart is kind Goodness seeps into your mind Peacefulness flows all about As the inner beauty turns inside out When the kindness of the heart is given Energy flows with life worth living All living life comes from the Lord His inner beauty keeps us in accord That glorious beauty of nature Shows God’s kind heart so pure The beauty is an unspoken love That comes from our Lord above When we begin to focus On God’s beauty all around us A sense of peace will slowly start As you feel the goodness of God’s heart It is all the glory of the Lord’s Gracious beauty of His innards Kindness begets kindness like a friend Pouring out all the beauty from within Not everyone can see inner beauty As we all look at others differently Only within the eyes of the beholder Will the true beauty begin to smolder A person is not seen by their outer shell That’s how I see it as far as I can tell A bitter heart that deceives like a crook Appears ugly no matter how great you look Let your heart be kind and always shine Your inner beauty all of the time! Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Why Church is called Catholic

Church is a she Bride of Father Christ Church is Catholic Church is people Catholic related to the whole Greek kat’holon Father Christ called Profess whole faith Preserve all Sacraments To administer To proclaim Good News Sent her to all nations (YOUCAT) 4092013

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Juliet would stare out the window
Hypnotized by a distant old tree
That had grown in the land;
She gave a command to soothe her curiosity;
We’d leave the castle’s safety
To journey to the old tree.
I aired my opinion though it wasn’t my dominion;
I promised to protect milady and her baby,
Although it was a waste of time for anyone of sound mind;
The castle a strange thing to leave behind in all its beauty,
Still, Juliet readied the baby accordingly.
We stepped onto the step shaped like a half-moon,
Left the castle and eventually arrived at the tree,
Milady lost her fascination when we arrived at the destination,
She conceded a misplaced temptation and turned promptly;
She decided to head to the west castle door for a change of scenery,
Since we'd left from the east castle door originally.
I lead the excursion for milady and her baby,
We neared the step to the castle when suddenly
I was in quicksand up to my neck; I reached up for the step,
Turned my head in regret to see Juliet and the baby
Drowning in the sand helplessly;
Then an arm reached up and seized me.
I had to ask milady, “Where is you baby?”
I believed she’d let her go selfishly;
“Milady, go down in the sand once more and get your newborn,”
Although she looked torn, she dove in the sand sacrificially.
Time seemed to stop, I could not see anybody,
but then I reached down and they emerged victoriously.
We listened as the baby wept,
We smiled and laughed sheepishly,
The doors opened to a beautiful sight—an outpouring of warm familiar light,
Her staff greeted her happily,
Everyone went about their tasks busily,
Synchronously smiling cheerfully.
Juliet insisted that I make a sign,
To lean at the door for all to see,
So I asked if anyone would lend me a pen.
I could find none although I tried mercilessly,
A woman pointed to a staircase behind me,
“Have you asked the man upstairs where one could be?”
I went up the stairs and found a man there;
I told him what I was seeking; he smiled incessantly;
He filled my request with kindness and respect;
I wished him the best and thanked him graciously;
I returned down the stairs expediently
And wrote the sign very clearly.
No one seemed concerned about what we’d learned,
That Juliet nearly met death along with her baby;
So I took up the pen and began to write again;
I started to write this poem that all could read it personally;
If you live with cheerful people in safety,
Avoid the temptation to stray from it—especially to settle mere curiosity.

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We question God in every way:
‘What was that I heard you say?’ 
‘Why do children die so young?’
‘What of worldly wars unsung?’
‘Who allows the poor to starve?’
‘Why are pain and illness allowed?’ 

The truth is we live in a fallen world unmasked and God has some questions of his own to ask
“WHERE ARE YOU?” God thinks of us with persistent longing yet we hide ourselves in many ways a smiling face when we are sad feigning confidence when afraid we need to be honest about our lives share with Him longings, joys, sorrows and shame come out of our hiding and speak openly with trust take off our fig leaves, draw closer in transparency
“WHAT IS YOUR NAME?” God cannot transform if we are unwilling to reveal acknowledge He has created and called us by name no matter who we are or what we have done our new identity in Him provides a future not defined by past failures, sins and old pseudonym we are His dearly ‘beloved’- that is our true label He longs to bless us, so don’t hesitate to ask hear the Spirit of His love calling our new name
“WHO DO YOU SAY I AM?” I’m not a myth created by imaginations of clever gospel writers or sham not staying true to Biblical promises as other liars I am the Alpha, Omega—the beginning and the end The Creator of the Universe and yet still your best friend ©Kim van Breda—March 2014

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Stentorian in our hearts

The song still reverberates
with a clarion call to everyone
love as its predominant cry
embodies the message of being human.

It’s also what the gospel says
in Christ the Lord, our Model,
who always tells his disciples
love God and one another.

An act of charity or act of love,
shows already what God is all about;
through him we  become part of his kingdom.

However, a radical response implies,
especially at the major crossroads
when we don’t get along well
with our companions or friends in our lives.

To love our enemies can be hard
when our vulnerability is hurt
and even tested in a number of times
It’s really a test of faith, a challenge indeed.

St Luke in his gospel says, ‘love your enemies,’
‘pray for those who mistreat you,’ 
involves a huge amount of renunciation,
emptying and saying , ‘all for the Lord.’

Pride causes everything to get crippled
from within where the heart dictates us
never mind and ‘bury the hatchet now’
because God himself did it himself for us all.

Like those crooked lines deep within us
are lines that depict envy, hatred and anger;
through our efforts and God’s assistance
we can straighten them in a gradual way.

The historical figure of Christ,
our measure in today’s world;
he’s the compendium and source of all
that love we share to everyone.


Stentorian means extremely loud

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Sacrament of Baptism

The day of Pentecost, Church celebrated
Administered Holy Baptism
St. Peter declares
“Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”

The apostles offer baptism to anyone who believed in Fr. Christ Jesus
You will be saved
You and your household
St. Paul declared to his baptized and with all his family

Baptism is birth into the new life in Fr. Christ Jesus
In accordance with Lord God’s will
It is necessary for salvation
As the Church herself, we enter by Baptism

Baptismal grace includes forgiveness of original sin
Birth to a new life by man becomes an adopted son of the Father
A member of Fr. Christ
A temple of the Holy Spirit

Those who die for faith
 All those without knowing the Church under the inspiration of grace
Seek God sincerely, strive to fulfill his will
Can be saved even if they have not been baptize

With respect to children who have died without baptism
The Church invites us to trust in God’s mercy
The angel of Lord God said
The babies are safe in heaven

Written 09172012

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Bird Man : a Christmas story Part one

They were and are always there and here and just are.
uncreated, unworldly Light, brighter than brightest star.
too complex for our proud little minds to fathom.
The Person of the Almighty Father, the Generator always was and will be,
The Person of the Son, Mirror, Word of the Father, and always will be.
The Person of the Spirit, the Sigh of Love between the Two .
These are the Persons of One God who are Three.

There was a man who did not and would not believe,
who could blame him; in a world set to deceive.
He believed in a God perhaps but not that Christ was His Son,
he saw God in Nature; of Christ’s church he would have none.
his family believed and that was alright with him.
he stayed home to watch nature: That was no sin.

Before all we know that was, there was Love,
So Pure a Love that we as mere humans cannot know,
Such palpable Joy and abundant Life They wished to share.
in Each Other They knew as God what They would do.
and it came to be. A Divine opportunity for you and me.
to share in that Wholesomeness of Life and Love.
to be created in His Image with intellect and will.

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The Boy at the Park contest

I met a teenage boy last night
He inspired me to write
His words penetrated my soul
He made me evaluate my purpose and goal
He asked me if God was real
Then why does his mom go out at night and steal
Why was his brother murdered at eighteen
Why is his biological father a crack fiend
Why are children in this world starving everyday
Why does God not here him when he prays
Why are so many people living without a home
Why does he always feel so alone
Why did he have to grow up in the hood
Why is his whole generation misunderstood
Why do babies die at birth
Why can’t he have any worth
Why did his friends backstab him tonight to commit a crime
Why is he alive is he just wasting his time
Why are Americans never satisfied
Why are Christians dying for their religious love and pride
Why was slavery allowed for so long
Why are so many people living wrong
Why do many teenage mothers now exist
Why are many children slitting their writs
Why are drugs so easy to find
Why does the government keep us blind
Why is there cancer and all types of disease
“Ms. Help me understand all this please”
I looked over at this boy while tears dripped off my face
My friend this world I admit is one crazy place
Many things God never wanted for the human race
But we are blessed to have his Amazing Grace
His love will never go away
Yet, many live in disarray
God gave us all free will
At this point his eyes started to spill
We were created with choices
we all have our own voices
Angels were created to do whatever God may say
Humans have the option to disobey
One day we will fully understand
God’s original master plan
Someday we will have the privilege to see
What God intended life to be
One day evil will forever be locked away
Many will have to eternally pay
One day all that was ever taken from you
God will reinstate and make bran new
One day in this life you will grow up and be
A man with morals, values and integrity
For your present pain will not be in vain
You’re going to break those generational chains
Your sorrow 
will help others survive their tomorrow
There are divine appointments and I believe you just had one
I know that in your pocket you have a loaded gun
I know where you have been
I promise you the dilemmas of your life, you will win!
Even when you fall
You can still fulfill your call
I must admit
You only fail if you quit
One day some teenager will ask you to explain
And you will remember this night and everything you have gained.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Contest: Dilemmas

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Thanksgiving Day Blessings For My Children

Lovingly Dedicated to my Precious Angels: 

Tammie, Tiger, Lanissa, Dougie and Janene - and of course to all of my other adoptive angels too!

Thanksgiving Day Blessings For My Children So thankful for the blessings Of my five beautiful children My truly precious angels All were sent from heaven Yes, even my stepdaughter is An equal gift from God above She completely fills my heart And carries all this momma love Looking back at my childhood It was the best time growing up I never dreamed it could be better Until I received the gifts of mom luck At that point in time I devoted my entire life To raising my children No matter what the strife I worked so many jobs raising them Periodically three to four at a time Even the tiniest moments we shared Are forever memorable in my mind I treated each and every moment As if it was the best time found To show my children just how To bounce the joy all around Now even down to the youngest Of my grandchildren do know All the favorite things I cherish That makes my heart glow Happiness, dancing, singing Smiles, nature, balance, peace and rocks All filled with mountains of love And I really do mean lots The most glorious feeling in the world Is at this very moment - it’s so true As I think of how all of my children Pass the same to their loved ones too It certainly is a good thing I’m gifted with a big family To pass the joy all around To any others they may see It has been worth all the struggles And the bumpy roads I’ve been through To reach this glorious moment in time Where will the next 56 years take me to Love and joy are the seeds of inspiration Those gifts that God sends to me I kind of wonder if anyone Could ever be happier than me As I wait for them to all to arrive To celebrate this Thanksgiving Day I am counting all my blessings in thanks Because this really is the best day I really do wish happiness For everyone else too But for me, all I can say is Hallelujah and whooo-hooo! Florence McMillian (Flo)

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On Call

My sister called, “You must come now, to see him still alive.”
He’d had the dreadful verdict just a week or so before,
my precious younger brother, last remaining one of five.
“You should accept the Hospice care, we can do nothing more.”

“I’m tired, Sis, “ he answered, when I asked him how he was.
He didn’t need to tell me, I could see that it was so.
It was strange to hear him say it; he had always been so brave,
suffering for years in silence, and not wanting world to know.

I stood there a bit awkwardly, not knowing what to say
and hating my own healthy hand that patted his thin cheek.
I battled back the tears before they had a chance to flow
as I prayed to God to help me find the proper words to speak.

It was not the first time I had come when Brother needed me,
like the time some years ago now, when he’d lost his only son.
I made all of the arrangements and wished I could do more
to help my grieving brother when things needed to be done. 

He had raised that boy by himself, after his wife ran away
and didn’t try to fight him, for she knew that she was wrong.
Joe’s life was lived around that boy until the accident. 
I was afraid that it would break him, but somehow he got along.

I was nine years old when he was born and I adored that baby.
He was so good and happy until the hated illness came.
Inflammatory rheumatism is what they called the sickness.
It affected him in every joint.  He never was the same.

I helped my mama care for him and loved him even more,
and promised God I would be good if He’d just make him well.
Finally the swelling left and he could walk again,
but he’d not be strong like others, almost anyone could tell.

But what he missed in brawn he surely made up with his brains.
He became a radio announcer and found some small town fame.
Then he moved to the big city and hosted a political talk show.
It wasn’t long before a lot of people knew his name.

But the good years were not long before the dreadful wear and tear
of his chronic illness  caused his joints to  deteriorate. 
He had most of them replaced but another one would go. 
And he had to accept the pain as just his fate. 

The pain medicine he took for years has come at a big price.
And he must give his life to pay the bill.
All I can do now is to be there and to stay until the end
for the brother that I’ve loved and always will.

For Paula's "Crisis" contest  Won first place

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Put down your bibles, or whatever writings or teachings you have learned, or not,

And just listen, He will speak to you, He will move you, in ways never dreamed of,

In ways never thought of, you will fly to places in mind you never have been,

I know, because He has spoken to me many many times,

He told me that every time I look at any human face I am looking at part of His,

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, it doesn't matter what your belief or leaning,

He said we are all His children, and that He loves all of us equally, no favorites,

He told me not to hold my mind hostage to one singular frozen way of thinking,

That this stagnation of thought is reason for separation of all His children on Earth,

And we are all brothers and sisters, all part of a worldwide family,

He said His creation gift to us all of free will has worked for good, yet also evil,

That we were meant to love each other and protect each other from any harm,

Problem is that complete freedom of thought has lead to prejudice, greed, and hatred,

He told me that there was one thing He gave us that would eventually bring us all together,



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Tall trees, standing high in the sky. I can't reach to their fruits, all I can do is to stretch my hands, open my mouth and sigh. They grow in one piece of land, one place and space, They receive the same irrigation,  the same air and the same care...but they are different in height, size and shape. The fruit of one is different from the others in color, length and taste. They all come from  dead seeds. Do dead seeds come back to life after death? Yes, they do and life resurrects again. Man come from sperms, dead sperms, then Man hand out the sperms to the woman to nourish them in her womb. And like the seeds in the womb of the earth, when they are ready, they spring out and life takes place again. The same phenomena happens to me, brothers and sisters. The same for human race. The same for every fish, animals and trees. Let us celebrate and enjoy our short time on this earth. We are just actors on this stage. Let each one of us does his or her part in harmony, love and peace. Storms pass. Conflicts pass. Wars pass. Only love that we as human beings embrace, will stay with us in every stage and case.

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Resurrected By An Angel

When I wanted it all to end and there was no one there to help,
God sent an angel to my side to save me from myself.
"What about your family?" The angel said to me.
I am all alone in this world. I'm done. Just leave me be.
"God loves you even though right now you can't see it.
He has a plan for your life. Submit and just believe it."
How can God still love me after everything I have done?
"Well let me tell you,'For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son."
If He loves me so much then why did my life fall apart?
"Oh sweet child, could you not feel Him speaking to your  heart?
Have some faith in Him. Don't make your parents bury you.
If you trust fully in Him, when you can't walk He will carry you."
Ok I will give in to Him. I submit to His will.
My legs have grown so weary from fighting this battle uphill.
"Now you will never be alone. He will always stand by your side,
So when life gets rough again you won't have to run and hide.
Stand firm in your salvation. Stand firm and do what's right.
For God will change your heart so you can walk out of the dark into the Light."

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Why Church called Catholic

Church is a she Bride of Father Christ Church is Catholic Church is people Catholic related to the whole Greek kat’holon Father Christ called Profess whole faith Preserve all Sacraments To administer To proclaim Good News Sent her to all nations (YOUCAT) 4092013

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A Prayer

Sometimes I want to pray
But I am afraid I am not worthy of prayer
Sometimes I am even more afraid 
That I have no belief in prayer
Can I look into the purest source of light
And ask for rebirth of my soul ?
Can one man who has so many faults, 
Who  had let so many people down
Look into the eye of God and talk to him?
I close my eyes and suddenly
 I see his smile and I realize
The translation of my mistakes
And the mysteries that only God can interpret
His answers are simple and clear
To all people, all nations of the world
In my heart of hearts, in my own secret empire
I hear, see and know that he understands
And forgives

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My Dear Poets, My Dear Friends

A Poet may think, he or she is good
A Poet may write of daffodils of white,
or a roaring stream, capped, enraged
running for a quiet place, a solemn place

A Poet may dream of higher aspirations
of floating on clouds of powder cotton candy 
while riding a Bull, in it's stride to rid the rider
then turn suddenly, to a field of umber wheat

A Poet may wish for greater things to come
when in reality, wealth will only come when
The Poet is dead and gone, more remembered
in death, than in life so aimlessly lost

 A Poet may think they are at their best
in younger years, when thoughts are fresh
new, and easily come by, yet form experience
I find that not to be true, This is what I have found,

A True Poet is wise, whether from age or the 
experiences they have lived, and died for,
A true Poet, Has a heart, Lives their heart
and can tell their Heart from all others,

I am a Published Poet, yet I am a Poet
I am a Poet Laurette, yet I am a Poet,
I am an International Poet Laurette,
To me,I am just a Poet, with a Heart

With all my Kudos and all my friends, 
the Kudos I have thrown in a trunk,
My Poet Friends I hold dear, I say this
Do not write for acclamation, Indeed no!

That will truly, only come upon death,
Write from the Personal, your Love,
Your Heart, Your Heart break, Lust
Desires, Lorne, Beauty, Ugliness 

These things a Poet makes, Not Glory
Not Fame, Not institution, Heart....
Write of yourself, Your weaknesses, 
Your Strengths, Your Desires..... You!

You will come to know who you are
others will come to know you,
Your Fame will come to be in that which
you tell, And you will have PEACE!

I have Learned.... God Bless all my Poet Friends...... Live .... God Bless you all!!!!

The original.........TAZ

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She was haunting the wilderness of Night
With the darkness over her damned Essence.
Suddenly, she had caught a mortal’s sight,
She had dark grimace on her countenance.

She ambled towards the forlorn young man,
She stopped as if someone had grabbed her hand.
On the man’s head, there was a flashy crown,
He must be a Prince from some distant-land.

Once, she too was a Princess on this earth.
Until someone bewitched her with a curse
That She will live within the life-in-death.
Will God still bestow her the reimburse?

Bewitched, she never had the time to love.
Now this new Love has bewitched her again,
Her rotten heart was fluttering like Dove
But her misery gave her utmost pain.

She prayed to God for divine miracle
In a slight hope that she was still hanging
Between life and death, with a debacle
That befell on her without her longing.

God took pity on her ill provision
And bestowed her gifts of Love, Eternal
Her dead skins freshened with apparition
Of Existence, once bewitched, infernal.

The Princess then met her despondent Prince,
Who too fell in love at first sight of her.
Their two hearts were blessed with inner peace
Though they were bewitched in love, forever.

[WRITTEN BY Osman Gani]

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Church View Other Religions

Church view other religions Church respects other religions That is good and true She respects and promotes freedom of religion Human right Effect of the Truth will be seen later She knows Father Christ, sole redeemer of mankind He alone is “the way, the truth and the life” ([St.] Jn 14 : 6) (YOUCAT) 4092013

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Near-Death Experience '85

It's been well o'er ten years
since I took my journey
through a darkened star-lit tunnel...
...Sucked down a streamlined funnel...
Many people say their 'experience'
was filled with feelings of love;
beautiful sights...colorful lights,
but mine was a fearful flight.
I saw no glorious revelations,
no visions of life past.
I saw only darkness around me,
with dancing stars surrounding...
I flew with blinding fury
straight ahead...out of control...
I could feel my soul screaming
as though the air was filled with electricity.
I cried "No!  No!", but kept going...
I screamed "I cannot leave my son!"
No escaping, filled with fear,
the force pulled me e'er near.
Suddenly, amidst my crying protests,
I came to an abrupt halt.
I was stuck there in the stars so bright...
...Ho'ering in my deathly plight...
Then an invisible door square, yet round,
opened oh, so slightly inward...
The brightest light I've e'er seen
flooded out one side to me...
A booming voice from all around
told me to "GO BACK."
HE said my work was "Not yet done",
and that I WAS "Needed" by my son.
...And I came back...
I was given the chance to make my life right -
to do what God has willed...
One day, though, my life will finally end,
and then I'll truly see
my loved ones and friends.

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Life is sometimes ruff and hard and hard and sometimes just bites but if you stop and look closer at the situation there is always a positive side that  god has in store for every time you holler at you parents or every time you mouth you teacher you punishment leads you one step higher on the ladder of success that god has in store for you and more than likely your success will end with you flying in the heavens with god and living happily ever after

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Jar of Love and such

She walked around this earth with a jar filled with love
Dipping into its commodities when she saw someone in need of

a smile, encouragement, understanding and compassion
Her jar was always running over bringing others satisfaction

Oneday while on a daily routine she saw a tattered old man
Sleeping on a bench, in his right hand he had an aluminum can

She dipped into her jar and pulled out a mysterious note
She had held it for quit sometime a poem she had long ago wrote

She parked her car around the way
It was a cold and rainy November day

Then walked up quietly to this sleeping guy
and suddenly formed tears in her sensitive eyes

She took the poem from out of her jar
Put it inside his portable bar

Then quickly tip towed away
Hoping to God he would read what it had to say

The poem was a love letter to anyone
That had given up on life and had completely shunned

the world out because of many horrible trails
The poem was written to encourage someone and inspire

It was signed with just a smile and a phone number too
A nearby church and rehab center who

Took men in for absolutly free 
helped them to discover who they were really meant to be,

A week later this girl drove that same way
There was no sign of this man she so often saw on that bench during the day

A month later, on a Sunday morning she could not believe her eyes
She was in church and to her surprise

The same old man that had been dirty, drunk and out of social reach
Stood in front of this giant congregation and made a beautiful speech

All bright, clean and with tears in his eyes
He told a story about an angel who stopped him from suicide 

He said there had to be a God for he woke to take his last sip
And in his “jar” of beer he found a poem and decided to read it

And now he had been sober for thirty days
He found his two lost sons and he just wanted to give God praise

This girl and her "jar" never said a word
She just sat in her chair as her soul sang like a bird

So never be afraid to carry goodness in your life jars
For you never know when you may be a persons saving star!!!

Sabina Nicole
Based on The contest :JARS

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To worship vanity

To worship vanity is to gain with no respect  Stumbling over who ever just to get a check To 
worship vanity is to buy what you can't afford then to turn around and blame your debt on 
the lord   To worship vanity is to make vain purchases when the bills are overdue then 
whining and complaining because bill collectors are harassing you  To worship vanity is to see 
a soul in need To have and then not offer, but to say in God you believe  To worship vanity 
is to be materialistic  When you don't achieve stuff your mind goes ballistic  God is a God of 
love and not of vanity  Put yout trust in God, then you will keep your sanity

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My Biography - Narrative

My spiritual journey is very different from other peoples because 
my life has been very different from most people’s lives. The story
I relate to the most in the Bible is Job, because Job lost everything 
but his faith ultimately grew stronger. As I grew up, my father was 
an abuser which reminds me of Jobs abusers. Today, even my father
is dead and I have forgiven him. But I will never forget what he did.
Abuse leaves real scars and they don’t just magically go away, no matter
how blessed or spiritual you are. You may heal but there are still scars.

When I could barely put a sentence together my mother took to Max 
Hickerson’s Congregational Church and I was Baptized, full emersion.
That would be the last time I went to Church, until I was an adult. To 
sum it up my childhood my mother wasn’t all there, psychologically, 
and my father was a dry drunk who abused my brothers and I. but mostly, 
my mother. This was my first path toward righteousness.

My first religious path led me to being furious with God because when 
I asked and prayed diligently for God’s for help there wasn’t any. But 
later, When I felt the hollow and emptiness feeling I would go back to God.
Trough Faith and Righteousness and Eastern theology.  I went back and
forth with God until I realized that I had to make a final commitment. I 
chose Christianity, so I decided I go to the Theology School in Claremont 
a very liberal community where all are welcome. I decided to become a 
minister. In my denomination outside of STC they welcomed women 
ministers. From Graduate school I decided I had to make a full commitment,
Wo I enrolled to get Masters of Divinity(mean you are a minister) and a 
Doctor of Ministry(which means your qualified to teach Ministry to pastors). 
I was the pastor of Metropolitan Community Church that was inter-
denominational, which meant what ever kind of religious and Christian 
background you had, was respected and you were welcomed at our church. 
After 4 years as a minister at the Los Angeles church, in the year 2001
I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the left central lobe. This has made
me succumb to my handicapped and I had to give up ministry at least
church ministry. I think that all of us have our ministries. The term
“minister” just means “service” and you can serve God whether you’re
 in a church or not.

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Dignificance of the New Testament

In the ? New Testament
Eternal God’s? REVELATION is completed
The 4 Gospels according to Saints John, Luke, Mark and Matthew
The masterpiece of Sacred Scripture

The most precious treasure of the Church
The Eternal Son of the Eternal God shows Himself
As He is
And encounters us

The Acts of the Apostles, we learn about the beginnings of the Church
And the working of the Holy Spirit
The letters written by the apostles
All facets of human life are set in the light of Father Christ

The book of Revelation we foresee the end of the ages


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Significance of the Old Testament

Eternal God reveals Himself as the Creator
Preserver of the world
The leader
Instructor of mankind

Old Testament books 
Eternal God’s word
Sacred Scripture
Without Old Testament, we cannot understand Father Christ


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Psalm 21-I  For this day . GOOD FRIDAY

A Prophecy of the Passion of our Lord

My God my God why hast thou forsaken me? Thou art far from my prayers.
From the words of my cry.

3) My God I cry during the day, and thou dost not answer, and in the night, and thou dost not heed me.

7) But I am a worm and not a man, the scorn of men and despised by the people,
8) All sho see me scoff at me, they open wide their mouths and wag their head:

9) “He trusts in the Lord: let Him deliver him, let him save him if He loves him.”

10) indeed thou didst bring me forth from the womb; thou madest me secure on my mother’s breast.
11) to thee I was committed at my birth, From my mothers WOMB thou art my God.12) Stand not far from me, for I am in distress; draw near: for there is none to help.


14) They open their mouths against me like a ravenous and roaring lion.
15) I am poured out like water, all my bones are disjointed:
My heart has become like wax, melting away within my breast.

16) My  throat is dried up like a potsherd, my tongue cleaves to my jaws, and in the dust of death thou hast laid me.

17) for many dogs surround me, a gang of evil doers encircles me.
      They have pierced my hands and my feet, 

18)  I can count all my bones. They indeed look and gloat over me; they
19) divide my garments among them, and for my vesture they cast lots.

Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Just one of the prophecies in the old testament that did come to pass.
Have a holy and reflective Good Friday everyone.

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A Lover's Letter - Part 4 of 4

I Send This Letter, Like A Message
Drumming Like Earth’s Hearts-Tribal
It Is A Lover’s Letter To You
Sent Like A Heaven-Sent Bible
Filled With Love –Just Like A Bible

My Lovely One –I Know Its Been Hard
During Our Separation
Its Like A Razor’s Blade
Steady Slicing At Our Relation

And You Told Me Last Time
About Someone’s Insinuations
But What We Feel
Is No Mere Infatuation
& What We Have Is No Fantasy Fabrication

For We Are Linked Together
Like A Throat and A Tongue
We Are As Joined Together
Like A Hand and Its Thumb

We Are United-Bound
In Love’s Spirit As One
& We Will Be Together
Like Sky and Sun
And My Lovely One
Only You Can Break This Bond

& Our Love Is Built On Mercy’s Monoliths
& Mutual Funds of Trust
Our Love Is Like Truth & Peace Treaties
If Filled With Lies & Suspicions –It Busts

And Even If You Should Die, My Lovely One
I Will Look For Your Dust
Because For The Pleasure of Your Company
I’ll Court You ‘Til You Are Conscious!
For The Pleasure of Your Company
Every Obstacle I Will Push!

For Love Is What Makes Life’s Pinnacle
Passionate, Joyous and Just
Our Love Is Like Time –It Exists
Whether We Slow It Down or Rush

Love Is Like A Steel Will
Or A Mountain Which Men Can’t Crush
& If Hours Are Ticking By Too Loud
May This Letter Make Them Hush
& My Lovely One –Don’t Let Anyone
Ever Come Between Us

My Lovely One –While Away From Me
Don’t Let Anyone Entice You
& If They Vie For Your Affections
Don’t Let Anyone Revise You

Tell Them To: “Go Away
Because I Don’t Recognize You!”
& Even Say: “My One-True-Lover
Did Not Authorize You!”

My Love … Your Sweet, Sweet Love
I’ve Never Taken For Granted
You Gave It To Me Freely
with No Ulterior Motives Demanded

And My Desire For You
Goes Beyond The Romantic …
The Way We Love –  Is A Rising
and Radiant Rite-of-Passage!

And I View Your Love As A Badge
& An Accolade-Advantage
for Over All My Rivals …
You Gave ‘Me’ Your Precious Package!

And You Entrusted Me
With All Your Worth To Manage
& I’ve Heard From Our Friends
You Repeat All My Advice Like An Adage
& That’s Why I Wrote So Much
In This Lover’s Message …

&So I End This Utmost
Fervent and Urgent Letter
Lovely, I Heartily Hope These Words
Help You To Feel Better

And I Send This Token Along …
A Comforting, Cashmere Blazer & Sweater
But I’m Coming Soon To Keep You Safe
In The Onset of Forecast-Troubled Weather
For I Can Hardly Wait
To Be Finally Together

Eternal Love –Everlasting Love
That Will Leave You, Never …

Written & ©:  6/8-19/2013
By: MoonBee

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THE UNIONS : one for all and all for one

before labor unions came into existence businesses were run like monarchies
where those in positions of power treated the workers atrociously
no sick days, no overtime, no vactions and no minimum wage
and some work place conditions were worse than an animal's cage

but throught the grace of God and American ingenuity
the laborers joined together and the unions came to be
organized for the advancement of the shared interest of the work force
a confederation of laborers who at one time had no recourse
fired without cause, no work injury compensation and hardly a lunch hour
but with the labor unions now in place the workers have a measure of power
bargaining for health insurance and decent salaries
negotiating for better conditions and job security

thank God for the unions as collectively we band
one for all and all for one, united we now stand

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Karen, I spoke to Penny Poodle about you,
She barked and said, "what ever you do-
Be sure you tell her we are praying too,
And, I'll get my friends at the zoo to pray  for her, too."

So you see, Karen, not just people are praying for you-
But all of the animals of God's kingdom are, too-
And God, Who created us all in six days
Will hear all of our voices, and He'll be truly amazed!

So Karen, don't you be sad or blue!
For God is taking good care of you-
For all of the animals are praying So hard
Those tumor cells better be on their guard.

Soon the tumor will all melt away,
Even the cells that may have strayed,
And you can think about all of your animal friends,
You can call them all over and pat their front ends.
Karen, God is listening, and He can heal you. 

I never heard what happened to Karen,  but she had lots of friends praying for her 
so I hope she was healed.     Enjoy!

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Denial of Eternal God

To know the invisible [Eternal] God A great challenge for the human mind Many are scared off by it Another reason is they would have to change their life Anyone who says that [Eternal] God is meaningless They cannot be answered is making things easy for himself Can we grasp [Eternal] God at all in concepts? Is it possible to speak about Him meaningfully? Men are limited The infinite greatness of [Eternal] God Never fits into infinite human concepts We can nevertheless speak rightly about [Eternal] God (YOUCAT, NO. 5-6) 4102013

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The Darkest - Blackest Tuesday (Part ll)

The whispering begins  Maybe our Fairy God Mother came Sunday night and changed  Ma’am
Oh Dot we can only wish so , I’m a little apprehensive, Al  what does  aperentcive mean I 
It means unsure , unreal piped Joe and Jim  Bobby why aren’t you eating? Is there any rat 
Ma’am probably put it in the eggs Bobby don’t talk like that Billy’s woofing his breakfast down
Of course he’s Ma’am’s  Pet, alright, alright  let’s take advantage of the Fairy God Mother 
Becky tell Millie you and her will dry  George and Harry will put away Dot put everything away
The rest of you guys wipe the table and mop the floor I call wiping the table said Joe (always 
Hey Pet go upstairs and ask  Ma’am if she needs a fresh towel or anything tell her we’re 
almost done
When Billy came down we were all sitting at the clean table with our hands folded She’s 
coming now
Ma’am walked into the kitchen, wearing  a muti-colored flower dress that matched  to a tee 
her  parasol
Tucked in the bow of her dress  was the black rider’s crop which she always carried with her, 
just in case
Ma’am, you look beautiful, She playfully grabbed George’s ear I’m not going to tell all of you 
again Call
Me “MOM” I don’t want to use this today (touching the Ebony Crop) in fearful uncertain unison 
yes MOM
William go to the living room closet and bring the bag out here “hey guys look brand new 
beach pails”
“Jesus Christ” Did you say something  Robert  we all swallow our breath “ I-i said ”Mom your 
so nice”
Her hand never even moved toward the Crop Maybe Dotty was right, maybe we had a Fairy 
God Mother

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Killing God

                                                     KILLING GOD

It is the receptionist, yes,
the receptionist, who calls
and gives me the news
that somewhere inside
my body a cancer cell
is floating like an angel
waiting to take me home.

I protest loudly, ask
to speak to the doctor who, 
according to the receptionist,
is not available to take my call.
I ask her what we need to do 
to kill this angel and she responds 

by calling me ignorant and says angels 
are creations of god and cannot be killed.

Wanting and needing to prove
her wrong I pull out
my revolver, embellish
the bullets with silver wings,
load the gun carefully
and spend the night

sitting in my yard 
killing all the angels

in heaven.

The next morning, when god asks me 
what I have done 
I tell him I have a permit
to continue living

and shoot him in the head.

August 29, 2011
Jim Brewer

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Confessions Of A Young Mind

I see you walking past
And looking in my direction
We say hi here and there
But both to shy to say anymore
You probably like me as much as I like you
But both of us too scared to tell each other
I believe you are the one
That God has sent to me
But when I do say more
All you can say is hi as you look to the floor
Couldn’t even look me in the eye 
But later you tell me all you do is cry
I am now lost through all your emotions and feelings
Not knowing what to do or say
I picture different ways I can ask you
But I keep changing my mind and never get the chance to
So maybe you weren’t that person
That God had assigned to me
But you are that person
Who confessed that you always loved me

© Jeremy Fennell

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Romans 7:24 : My Birth & Rebirth

'O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'

      None have I yet, from my days so young, met in the pastures of my life and its 
weeds. None hat met my plead nor steer for righteousness to bring me to the 
light from this shaded skin and flesh. 'O wretched man that I am! Who shall 
deliver me from the body of this death?'
      That is my plead in motto; My forefront from sin. Sin - the wrong introduced 
from the law; The law that shames the gospel; The gospel of Jesus Christ. Back 
at when the day of Pentacost came and at when the Crucifixion Day fell; Hope 
rose. The law was appended, but God's word never died, it prevailed.
     Back at 'Day 1' in my life, I was born of a natural birth - A sinner. Just a fat little 
sinner. I would toil with my birth parents and just get on their nerves! To cry 'n fret 
when nothing's wrong. To eat and eat and eat and eat. And as we all know, when 
we eat a lot, we "leave a lot" behind. But sneaking past the early years, to about 
the 5-7 ages, I'd do the most craziest things, and boy did I get some whippings! 
But those whippings led me to myself, and someone opened my eyes and found 
me. 'O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'
     That question empowered me - and had me wondering. But someone had 
found me. He saved me from a life of destruction. On June 17, 2001, age 8, I 
went down in the Water of Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and that same 
day, I spoke in tongues - God filled me and delivered me.
     June 17, 2001, God wrote the obituary of Gavin D. Sumter - the sinner, and He 
wrote the birth certificate of Gavin D. Sumter - the Holy Son & Child of God. 'O 
wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'
     I'm proud to say that God has delivered me!

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A Lover's Letter - Part 3 of 4

- continued from Part 2

I Am Making More Profits
Than An Open Window Can Scope!
But More Importantly
Than Any Viable Earnings Can Invoke …
Lovely … I Am Sending Valuable-Love
… Inside This Envelope

(Isa. 54: 11, 12)
Yes, Lovely … You Are My Amethysts & Rubies
and Sapphires and Silver and Gold
and I Am The Richest Person Alive!
… If The Truth Be Told …

I Want You Ecstatically Happy
Now Surely, You Must Know
I Just Want To See Your Own
Luminous, Starry Eyes Aglow

… and Pour Drops of Soothing Oil
and Lavish-Anoint You – Head To Toe
and Smell Your Sweet, Pure Perfume
Wafting Like Incense To My Nose …

And Hold You In My Arms
and Never Let You Go
My Lovely One, I’ll Be With You Soon
Because I Love You So …

My Lovely One, You Know Me
To Be A Lover of Honor, Most Honest
The Length Between Us Is Loyal
and Getting Closer By The Moments

And You Have Your One-True-Lover’s
Word of Oath – On This (like Sacred-Sonnets)
And I Will Come For You, My Lovely One
 …  I Promise …

But The War Rages On
and Will Wage Worse Before Its Gone
But These Things I Have Told You
So You Have Always Known …

About Harsh Ways of The World
So Go Past Them, You Must Stay Strong
and True To Me ‘Til I Come
and Make Us A Brand New Home
(For To Me, Again – You’ll Belong
… Before Ere’ Too Long …
(Rev. 21: 3, 4)

But I Must Finish My Duty
and Complete My Timeline-Task
The Importance and Responsibility
For This Job Is Very Vast!

It’s For Our Future & To Make Sure
That We Will Always Last
and That No One Else Dare Repeat
Poisoned Mistakes From Prideful-Pasts

And After This … We’ll Never Again
Ungroup or Unclasp!
But Your Understanding & Agreement
Is Needed Now … That’s What I Ask …

Oh, Let My Words Kindle
Your Starry Eyes Like Flames!
Let The Fire of My Ardor
& Pure Force, Course Thru Your Veins!
(The Song of Solomon 8: 6, 7)

And Let This Letter Draw You To Me
With Unbreakable Mettle Chains!
and If You Must Whisper and Weep
Just Softly Echo My Name …
(Remember, You Agreed To Wear My Name)
(Isa. 43: 7, 10, 11 /  Acts 11: 26  /  Rom. 10: 13)

Let This Letter Be My Lips
Speaking Forth Innocence
Let This Letter Be My Lips
and Each Word A Knowing Kiss

Let This Letter Be My Voice
Telling You How You’re Loved & Missed
For Soon, We Will Be Together
As If In Celestial Bliss

I Send This Letter So It Could
Act As Your Revival
I Sent This Letter So You Could
Know I Am Reliable

(Part 3 of 4)

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Artistry In The Evening Sky

While driving down a country road one eve,
I took a look up in the western sky;
The sight I saw was awesome to receive
As God’s artwork there met my watching eye.
The sun was shining through the scattered clouds
And making stairways with its brilliant rays.
I’d love to climb one if I were allowed,
Ascending I would sing my Savior’s praise.
Then as I turned to go there from the west,
The eastern sky was blackened with the rain,
And as I drove into it I was blessed
To see a rainbow’s color once again.
So brilliant was it on its canvas dark;
A dimmer one accompanied at its side.
So awed was I at this sight to embark,
With joy in voice to heaven then I cried.
No way could evolution draw this art!
I thought as through the pouring rain I went;
I know God gave that picture in my heart
Of the majestic colors that He spent.
A stairway up to heaven in sun’s rays,
A rainbow arc of color there so bright,
And just the thoughts of giving God the praise—
What artristy in evening sky that night!

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What is Time?

What is time?

Is there time  Is time perhaps in the wind?  casually in the wind?
Time passes by, time slips away
Time is in our hands, only to fly into the distance
If time flies by, at what speed does time fly
The speed of sound, of light?
People spend time. Can a price tag be put on time?
If I take time, does time become mine?
When I am given time. Do I spend it wisely?
What can I buy with time? Something I can see?
For I cannot see time. Can You?
Time is measured, accurately? No! I don't. Do you?
Is aging time? Do we often become afraid of time
Seeing people dear to us pass on
Does time stop for souls passed?
I have heard there is no time in Heaven
Infinity! Can time be greater than INFINITY!!
Does time go on and on, forever and ever?
Not ending. Even though we may or may not 
Accept that one day for us time will be over
So if there is no time in Heaven, 
So when our time is over here
And our time has come to a stop
Why do we worry about time 
If time for God is all we need
Keep the faith and earthly time will pass
For me I think I will give God my time
For whenI reach the pearly gates
And St. Peter lets me in.
I know God will have time for me
For with God time is eternity

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Another Holocaust?

Have we gone to far to take it back?
    Like a fast running train that has jumped it’s track
Can we gather the pieces that we’ve thrown away?
    And seek redemption in the words we pray.
How can we expect forgiveness from what we do?
    We’re so unfaithful and so untrue.
I know we weren’t there when Jesus died for us.
    So we take on the attitude what’s the big fuss?
They say He will return and claim His throne,
    Will you believe then when the proof is shown?
We can remove His name from everything,
    But when the final day comes whose praises will we sing.
Our government was suppose to be a voice for the majority,
    Instead they do what they please in this land lead by the minority.
In God we trust is what has always lead us through,
    But now they are saying God is not allowed only you.
I don’t know how this country got so turned around,
    But I know the course we’re on and where we’re bound.
I hope someone out there knows what to do,
   And lead us back to the things that will sustain us through.
I read an article about how HUD would not let this eighty some odd year old lady 
place an angel on her Christmas tree.
   Said it might offend some of the other tenants, WELL EXCUSE ME!
It reminds me of a one Adolph Hitler and what he did to the Jews,
   If we don’t stop this idiocy before it gets full blown then Christians might start 
feeling the point of the screw.
It’s not a joking matter and we can’t laugh it off anymore,
    Or we are going to have the Gestapo policing Christians like they did in 
Germany once before.
If you’re a Christian open your eyes and look,
    They’re removing our rights one by one, day by day, book by book.
I don’t want to start trouble but I want what’s right,
    And when push comes to shove are you ready to fight?

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Question life

I'm told that I should just have faith
I'm told that is the road to God
the love of God is faith
With faith I should then follow

Do not attempt to see
do not attempt to understand
the thoughts that God conceived
yet faith to me is hollow

sometimes deceived by man
do not the suicide bombers
have faith within their hands
they walk with faith and then destroy

The innocent do bleed
the church with faith fought 
the crusades 
great money made with death

again with faith the witch hunts
took many to their deaths
no my friend I will not lead
I do not want that job

Instead I would then have you ask
yourself for Gods insight
do not follow do not lead
with faith do not make others bleed

Stand up for what you think yourself
and question what you read
is what they say the truth I ask
I do believe with questions speak

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It is there your love is like a star in the sky.
It lights my inner most darkness.
There your beauty is, cutting tears in my heart.
There you find love full of pride, happiness and feelings like any you could compare.
It is also of sorrow, hurt, anger and despair.
It is there I love with reason because of my life I hunt.
There I am always on prowl for the right one to give my heart.
To share my soul but to end my tiredness.
There I love just to feel all of this.
It is not my fault to whom I love, just to who I love.
But there God has given me the grace to knowing such one.
It is because of the kindness one might share, even if they are heartless inside.
It is still with feelings to which I love.
But with great honor to which I love thee.
It is of the loneliness I feel when I feel love.
It is there the emptiness is when there’s no one to share it with.
But it is the tear that wastes when there’s no one to care.
No one to catch the fall or wipe it before it runs down the cheek.
It is there I cry because you are not near.
Because of the hurt I feel but you are not here to kiss the pain away and say, it will be ok.
But there, love is all of me and my being.
Because it was of love to which God formed that of me and you.
But it was with thought, that he made that of you for me.
So I am not lonely but complete in my life.
That of the woman I love and none other will exist.
That there, I wish you were in my bed instead of the space I feel.
Because there, I will know I am fulfilled as I have got you to share my life with.
To wrap my arms around and whisper softly in your ear.
I Love You would be the right words you would hear.
But there, you know love is because it’s me you sharing it with.
A man with dreams but goals.
But a man who knows the true meaning of love because I feel its pain everyday.
That I would be happy to love for the right reason.
So all the hurt would go away.
But to love you would be my dreams but more then that, it would be my fantasy come true.
With lots of love from the one who cares.
With gentle kisses from my lips to yours.
I give you my heart, please be careful not to drop.
Cause it is already shattered from life as well as not having you to love.

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Imagine how sad December would seem
if Christmas didn't exist; only the chill
and wind would be felt through the frozen bones,
nobody would live in these northern, frigid zones. 

What was the true purpose of Jesus's birth?
Some even would say that it never occurred,
and why would the Magi travel long days
and nights to pay homage to the humblest of Kings?

It was prophesied by Isaiah in the Old testament and the Wise Men believed him,
following with awe the biggest and brightest star that they had ever seen;
and didn't it seem strange that God would choose those simple shepherds
to be the first to hear that message sung by a thousands of angels?

Wouldn't you be happy when a child cries out and enters life?
Wouldn't you celebrate that event with overwhelming joy and grace?
The same way Jesus entered this world to suffer and die,
and if Christmas didn't exist, who would remember who He was?

Wouldn't that envious angel, whom God expelled from Heaven with haste,
laugh loudly, knowing that we don't worship Him in spirit and faith? 
Fallen Angels are the eternal enemies of this Child, who atoned our sins
by paying with His precious vindicate the Devil's astute lies!

If Christmas didn't exist, some unbelievers would shout and rejoice,
happy to erase Christ's redemptive message from the earth's surface...
contradicting the Scriptures themselves and the Divinity behind it!
Didn't Herod the Great hate Jesus, fearing He would have become the new King?

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Simon's Story - Part 2

     There were several women nearby who were crying and wailing over  this condemned 
man. The convicted man turned slowly towards them and that was the first time Simon heard 
him speak. 
     Breathlessly, the convict stopped and quietly spoke to these lamenting women. Simon 
stopped with him under the weight of the beam. Simon never understood these words at that 
time, .. but he never forgot them. This blood soaked, ravaged dirty half dead man turned to 
the women and rasped ,…
      “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me …but weep for yourselves and your 
children.“  He caught his breath, wiped the dust and blood from his eyes with the ragged 
sleeve of his torn robe and continued…“For indeed the days are coming in which 
they will say, “Blessed are the barren, wombs that never bore, and breasts which never 
     The crowd had already become silent to hear what the accused was saying, because this 
kind of talk was unheard of in a time when bearing children and mother hood was considered 
extremely holy and a gift directly from God Himself. It was proof that he must have been 
     He continued , blood dripping from swollen lips, “Then they will begin to say to the 
mountains, “Fall on us!!” and to the hills, “Cover us!!” …“For if they do these things While I 
am with you,…what will they do when I am gone?” …… The sound of a lash slapped across his 
torn bloody back and he shuffled forward but not before looking directly into Simon’s  eyes.. 
The crowd again took up their noisy, morbid mission. 
     Simon grunted under the weight of the beam and thought they all sounded like a pack of 
hungry jackals. He was certainly confused and inexplicably terrified. 
     After that gruesome unholy nightmare ended and for the rest of his life while walking the 
hills, he kept hearing and was haunted by this man’s words over and over and wondered 
what on earth they could mean.   
     “ Do not weep for Me…but weep for yourselves and your children…for indeed the days 
are coming in which they will say, “Blessed are the barren, wombs that never bore, and 
breasts which never nursed!!”......
     This, to the people of his time was impossible! Children were a holy gift from God himself. 
Blessed are the wombs that never bore...and breasts that never nursed?! What could he 
have meant?

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Monster in the House

I could never understand how she could allow him to abuse us everyday.
Break broom/mopsticks over our body.
Inflicting such great pain that the abuse became the norm.
An everyday torment of blood mixed with screams and fear
I don't understand how we could beg her to please take us with her when the monster became upset
Only for her to grab her keys look down at us and say I can't
She returning home to her young now battered and bloody because the monster had a bad day
Her defenseless young souls had no strength to shield their flesh from the wrath of this predator
He is the hands that feeds her and maintains her lifestyle
She didn't want to give that up to defend her seeds
Each day was filled with fear of dying
Fear of wanting to tell but afraid to be separated from the others by the state
So you take the abuse
One year passes by
Seven years
Then Ten years pass by
You leave 
And something happens in your life that causes you to have no other possible option but to return to your past
Return to bad memories praying that the monster has changed
But you soon find out that he remains the same
You leave as soon as you arrived and now free from the hell of this demon
You pray and pray and pray that God will one day allow this lifetime of pain to heal and disappear from 
your memory
Even though this monster remains to be a ruthless beast
You pray to God that he may help you forgive
Always remember that being kind will result in you staying on top
For those doing wrong they have to continue looking over their shoulders
Each day trying to cover up their cruel intentions
Yet in due time they will reap what they sow
So don't return evil for evil
Don't stoop to their level
Remain calm and just
You will only win in the end if you do so because everything both good and bad comes to light

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Then I Saw Her

The pastor I had met a couple months ago was sitting across the table from me reading 
from a book by a Doctor of the Church or Saint or from scripture. I can’t remember which. 
We had been doing this twice a week for four to five hours a night since he crossed my path 
as an answer to my prayer yelled to the ceiling at God to show me the truth! 
    I even tried to get rid of God by that time in my life but I couldn’t shake Him. Hadn’t been 
to Church in 25 years and never intended to again. I knew better….until I finally hit bottom. I 
had been raised a Catholic by my parents but I jettisoned that when I hit the service and 
basically never looked back. I knew by this time in my life that I would never go back to that 
church but here I was discussing God the Trinity with a Catholic priest every spare moment 
he and 
I had. No room here for details but it was a more than obvious answer to a prayer yelled out 
to God in frustration that even I ,in my stubborness, could not fight . We took turns reading 
and discussing various books, but today was special. It was Easter 1992 about ten pm or so. 
He was reading . I can’t remember what. I wasn’t paying attention. I was busy praying a Hail 
Mary that he had taught me again, for certain people. I was worried for them and couldn’t 
keep my mind on the task at hand even though it was enjoyable enough. ………..Then I saw 
her. I didn’t believe I saw her. But there she was....   
    continued in parts 2 and 3.

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Holy Family

We cannot separate Mother Mary and Saint Joseph
They’re having so much connection
With the mystery of Incarnation of Eternal God
Joseph, being guardian of the Virgin’s spotless honor
Foster-father of the Divine Babe

Mother Mary’s family thought be made known
She might not be stoned by the Jews as an adulteress
Thirdly, that in her flight; have the comfort of a husband
St. Ignatius add yet a fourth reason namely that is birth might hid from the devil
Looking for Him to be born of a wife and not of a Virgin


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The vast oceans looked small 
from the outer-space;
and they were as blue as our sky above!
The survivors of the Flood 
astonishingly watched...
the swift flight of a gentle dove,
lay an olive branch
in the palms of his trembling hands 
that greeted the first rainbow:
that was the promise that God made to Noah!

Everlasting as creation is the God
we should proclaim in our relentless faith;
He existed before this universe was void!
From the mud He created the first man,
and with his own breath he gave him life;
and when He realized he was alone...
from one of his ribs He made the first woman!
And they happily walked in a paradise, 
which knew neither pain or death;
how delightfully they lied down to rest!  

We can put the blame on the ruler of Hell, 
when we're overtaken by temptation and neglect  
godliness as our primary need 
and lose that privilege,which was intended
as a blessing; and like
our ancestors,we are easily deceived by the Devil:
displaying a false image that
can't make us powerful and wise! 

Everlasting as creation is the God
who still loves us endlessly; 
and sees the misery and unhappiness
of this faithless human-race
that has no unshakable trust...
refusing to carry the flaming torch,
and won't sing the warm praises of a hymn!  
We can't live so unruly and defiantly,
and expect to reap an abundant harvest;
let's seek out the true God of our existence! 
Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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Abrahams Test of Faith

Side by side father and son
journeyed long in silence.
Isaac did not know his fate
was part of Abraham’s obedience.
The thought of offering up his son,
as a sacrifice to God
made Abraham’s heart tremble,
as along the path they trod.

On the third day of their journey,
Abraham saw a cloud of glory hovering
over the area of Mount Moriah. 
Towards God there was no murmuring.
Abraham left two servants behind,
so they wouldn’t witness the scene.
When Isaac learned his fate,
fear must have gripped his mind serene.

But Isaac submitted to his God,
as his father had taught him to do.
Abraham lifted the knife to slay, 
His son with no further ado.
His arm was suddenly stayed—
reprieve from God was won.
He heard the words from above,
“Do not slay your son.”

A substitute ram of sacrifice
God himself provided.
A ram tangled in a nearby thicket
became the sacrifice decided.
God renewed His covenant
with Abraham that day.
Abraham passed the test of faith;
was righteous in God’s way.

Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2008-2011

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Love's Strong Bond And Guiding Hand

There once was a young, freckled faced girl, who had the world
wrapped around her finger. 
The world was glad to be touched by such a precious hand as hers. 
Talent did flow from 
these precious hands to the artist's canvas. 
Dreams never ceased, and love did flow. The 
sky was the limit, of what God and this young girl could achieve.  

In a small farming town, there was a young man, 
the fourth brown eyed, curly haired son of five boys from a 
loving couple. He worshipped God, 
and worked hard on his job and also at church for Jesus. He had 
a simple prayer one day to find a christian wife to 
be his help mate. God has a plan for your 
life, even if we don't see it.

The freckled face girl, was not expecting
to find a life long mate in Butler, GA, the home of 
her grandparents, because she too had 
prayed for a christian man to share her life. The girl 
had to mature and find her way in the world, 
then God put a matchmaker into her life.

The Curly haired young man of twently nine,
thought that God had not heard his prayer, he 
moved out of his parents home to make his
way in the world. His neighbor Mrs. Laurette 
Stewart, thought he would make a fine husband
for the freckled face girl. A blind date was 
set, it was love at first sight and God had
found a mate for the young couple that prayed.

Inspried by James Fraser's poem Farm Girl

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Toir, a quest

It’s hard to make a recount
of my own journey - a religious life;
it’s like Odysseus adventures,
with so many tests and encounters.

I stumbled so many times
met different people; 
with certain personalities
that at times could be -
difficult to live by.

But the grace of God
hastened to keep me going;
led me to walk through
and be undaunted by rough times.

I think in each chapter
of my struggles within;
there’s always a whisper
where God was invoked within.

I couldn’t deny the fact
that his presence through the years
made me see what following 
or discipleship really means.

It cost a fortune, it’s a great deal;
that I need to wrestle with,
Be attuned to and focused on him
as my Master and Lord of all.

Those people that I met,
along the way in formation,
ministry and social affairs,
molded the wealth of my faith.

I thank and wish them well
for they made a big difference
in the so-called ‘toir’ within
that aims to serve God as his follower.

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10 pieces of silver: a treasure restored or Stella had a house party

alienated and separated has become society
disenfranchised and distant are now the state of families
all of those systems designed to make us feel connected
have fallen short and now we feel rejected
we're just a bunch of numbers and no one even knows our names
we're just a group of digits and that's a darn shame
but we're more than pieces of silver for we do have hearts
for we are the blessed children of the Lord Of Lords, Our God
and it's only in the church where we've kept our sanity
for out in the world it's just total anarchy
we're more than just objects to be used and misused
we're more than just bodies who by our bosses are being abused

dehumanized and desensitized is how we've been treated by the status quo
but we are treasures in the eyes of the God we all love and know
God loves us and it's time we loved ourselves
Jesus loves us and died to give us an eternal wealth
yet people are more concerned with amassing monetary hordes
no compassion for each other and no love for the Lord
we need to seek the word of God with a desire to be changed
for now is the time for our spirits to be rearranged

no longer to take each other for granted but to treat each other with respect
to see ourselves as more than pieces of silver as more than just objects
to be like that woman who lost her coin and diligently searched until it was traced
and then to rejoice upon finding it for her treasure was now fully replaced
to diligently seek the treasure that is the word of God
and then to apply it directly to our hearts
to comprehend the true value of our fellow sisters and brothers
and come to understand that we need to treasure one another
for at some point in life you will need someone's support
for life is like a basketball game you need a team on the court

10 pieces of silver, Stella had a house party
a single coin restored, a parable about rediscovery
for whatever it is in life that you feel that you have lost
just take it to Jesus and lay it on the cross
let Jesus restore it, let your treasure be refound
let God reform you and place you on higher ground
to look high and look low for that which has been misplaced
to seek that treasure of the spirit, God's saving grace
and once it's restored to rejoice and celebrate
Stella had a house party upon the restoration of her faith

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A Lover's Letter - Part 2 of 4

- continued from Part 1 -

and Feel Your Form and Supple Figure
Blessed With Such Restful Grace
… and Flow Into Your Being
Like Embraced Ocean Waves

I Wanted To Send You Words
Of How Deeply I Care
I’m Sending Words and Wishes
As You Wait For Me There
And I Remember and Count
Each Star-Strand Lock of Your Hair

And Do You Remember I Sent You
That Priceless Gift So Rare? …
… of A Pearl-Bone Framed Portrait
Of Which You Said You Loved To Stare!
Oh, I Have So Many Wonderful
Things To Tell and Share!

I Want To Be The One To Show You …
The Infinite, Mysterious Universe
And I Will Fill & Quench All Your Desires
Your Needs, Your Hunger & Your Thirst

I Will Enrich Your Life
Like A King’s Treasure-Purse
I Only Ask You Wait For Me …
and Remember Me – First

I’ll Always Be Your Support
and On Your Conscience’s Side
and I Will Be Your Bridge
Over Any Wide Chasm Divide

… and Always Cherish You
As Beloved, Beautiful Wife-Bride
And I Want To Give You
Eternity-Elephants To Ride
And I’ll Be Right There
I’ll Be Your Eden’s Gate and Guide …

I Will Take You Where Passion
… Doesn’t Have To Hide (Gen) 3: 8-10)
To A Place Where I Wash You
In Moonlight and Surging Tides

With You … I Want To Share
This Buoyant Breath of Life
And Together … We’ll Climb
Mountains and Thru Waterfalls Dives

And To Show This Dedication …
We Won’t Need A Shrine
Your Devoted Heart Is All
I Desire In Love’s Design

So Keep My Hand and I Will
Keep You Satisfied (Ps. 145: 16)
But For Now, My Lovely One …
Please Let Patience Abide

With This Letter I Am Sending
A Substantial Means of Living
With This Letter Comes A Token
Of The Love I’ll Be Giving

I Am Sending A Portion of
The Fortune & Allowance You’ll Be Spending
With Great Principles and Privileges
and Potential and Possibilities … Pending

It Is The Affairs of Our Hearts
That I Am Taking Care In Tending
My Lovely One … It Is The Wealth
Of My Love I Am Sending

Enclosed, You Will Find
The Drafted Subsidy Bank Note
and All The Investments Are In Order
and On Time, Like I Wrote
(Isa. 46: 9, 10, 11)

And It Was A Pleasure To Sign
With Each Flourish of My Pen-Stroke
Remembering All The Dreams
… About Which We Spoke …

I Can’t Wait To Tell You The Good News
Of The  Dividends With Each Post
Now, Here’s The Proofs and Payoff
With Each Exact Quote …

And I Can Just Picture You Reading
& Memorizing What I Wrote By Rote
Oh, Just Keep Believing In Me, Lovely
and You’ll Never Be Heartbroke …

(Part 2 of 4)

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What is Time?

What is time?

Is there time  Is time perhaps in the wind?  casually in the wind?
Time passes by, time slips away
Time is in our hands, only to fly into the distance
If time flies by, at what speed does time fly
The speed of sound, of light?
People spend time. Can a price tag be put on time?
If I take time, does time become mine?
When I am given time. Do I spend it wisely?
What can I buy with time? Something I can see?
For I cannot see time. Can You?
Time is measured, accurately? No! I don't. Do you?
Is aging time? Do we often become afraid of time
Seeing people dear to us pass on
Does time stop for souls passed?
I have heard there is no time in Heaven
Infinity! Can time be greater than INFINITY!!
Does time go on and on, forever and ever?
Not ending. Even though we may or may not 
Accept that one day for us time will be over
So if there is no time in Heaven, 
So when our time is over here
And our time has come to a stop
Why do we worry about time 
If time for God is all we need
Keep the faith and earthly time will pass
For me I think I will give God my time
For whenI reach the pearly gates
And St. Peter lets me in.
I know God will have time for me
For with God time is eternity

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Apollo, I Am


Apollo God of light, I Am
        a prophetic deity of the Delphic oracle of all men
        the power of healing flows from my hand 

The love of the sun I shall shower across the land
I shall destroy the rats and locust that plague our crops grand    
I reign as dominion over all colonists of simple man 
I shall guard your flocks and herds from the valleys to the desert sand 

Upon this sphere of man, my powers flow................  

Apollo God of Music, I Am
        I shall flood music across the Realm of a new seed
        a psalm of truth to scatter abound 

My attributes shown proud as I travel the crowds
a tripod of vision showing all my prophetic power proud
a bow, an arrow sweeping away drenching clouds
I am all power, I scream to the heavens aloud

Apollo God Of Knowledge, I Am                           
       The truth of all known, in me will be found
       The scrolls of wisdom, I Am

Upon this sphere of man, my powers flow................



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Fallen Angel from Heaven

An angel fell down from Heaven just the other day
At least, no one knew who he was at first
Some thought he was just a lousy drunk
He was dressed in an all white suit

And he was far too clean
To be a foul-smelling, dirty alcoholic
All he would do is talk
About how much the good Lord

Loves and watches over His flock
But if that was true
Why would God throw him out?
Of the only place he called his home

But is this the way God treats His angels?
I do know the ancient Egyptians angered Him
So much that He sent plague after plague
For enslaving the Hebrews; His people

So is that what happened in this case?
Did this angel somehow anger the Holy Father?
So much that He would abandon
A fallen angel from Heaven

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Under my roof

It’s a welcome departure
from the state of brokenness;
with its implication or
commitment to God, the most high.

At times in my own journey,
the struggles involved overwhelm me
make me feel unworthy
unable to see beyond
God’s message to my life.

but again, with sincere heart and acceptance,
that God’s ways aren’t our ways
to judge ourselves and others.

I see the image of God
who is the God of love;
endless in compassion
genuine in comprehension.

He welcomes the sinners
gives them another chance
like the story of Prodigal Son
his mercy bestowed on him
reminds us how merciful he is.

His great love for humankind
reaches far beyond the rationale
which is why he came here on earth
because he wants us to be like him.

His gift of life and love
the embodiment who God is.
I believe he’s always there
for us men and women
we’re part of his great plan 
to become recipients
of his saving love.

God of History, God of all
You’re the source of life
though at times I stumble
but with my repentant heart
You come under my roof
to show me that you still love me
with your love and healing presence.

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It was only suppose to had been just an innocent friendship
at least in the beginning that how it started out to be,
I was confident in believing that I could actualy be friends with him
but at that moment I was much too blind to had even seen.
That in all actuality he wanted more from me
way more that I was not able to give at that time,
I never had imagined in my wildest dreams
that just my very presence still remained on his cunning, devious mind.
He would always greet me with a sincere smile on a daily basis
whenever he would see me around in the neighborhood,
He accepted me for me with open arms and good graces
at that time he made me feel happy and good.
Suddenly, what started out as a friendship that was built on innocence
made a turn unto the path of regrettable sin,
That is when he made the bold step of taking advantage of my innocence
by wanting to be more than just friends.
At that tiem my life was filled with so much chaos and stress
and all seemed so dark and drear,
I felt that out of my life was gone all of my happiness
for myself I no longer gave a care.
He told me things that I had wanted to hear
for, it had been such a long time ago,
He had made all of my pain and despair disappear
he made me feel wanted and needed so.
But like a fool I had allowed him to take control of me
I was definitly in way over my head,
That night I found it so hard to believe
that I was actually in his bed.
After the sinful act had been over and completed
and I silently walked out of the door,
I asked myself: "Oh, God ! What on earth have I done?
I feel like such a whore!"
I cried and cried what seemed like an eternity
and I became violently physically sick,
What would my finace think of me?
was all I could ask myself at that moment.
That night when I had finally returned home
I got down on upon my knees and just prayed  to God for forgiveness,
That night I never felt so sad, confused, and all alone
cheating was not in my nature, only innocence.
I could not believe that I had hurt the man that I loved
by betraying him in that way,
I was so naieve in sharing one night of lust
with a man that just wanted to get laid.
I allowed myself to be put in a situation
a situation that had gone out of control,
I was just too weak to resist temptation
but right now, I am strong enough to know.

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In Moses' Footsteps

And God led Moses to Mount Nebo
for his lush, new domain to survey,
in the riches of the Promised Land
among valleys of trees and olives.

Where birds in the sky soared free
and wild beasts roamed the land
along the dales and rolling plains,
Moses by his God was blessed.     

There he lived in that quiet place
wider than mortal eyes could see,
right in God's bountiful vineyard
till the day death took him away.

Yahweh was kind to Moses.

Eons have passed since that time
and here this pilgrim now stands   
where Moses once stood in awe
to view what God to him bestowed.

But what do I see?

Barren earth of rocks and boulders,
parched, lifeless, ugly to the eyes;
craggy peaks and harsh wasteland,
uninhabitable ravines and canyons.

Yonder out to the north the Golan,
once Syrian, now by the Jews own,
just like the serene lake of Tiberias:
grabbed, annexed and conquered.

In the western haze is a mighty river
whose waters once swiftly flowed,
blocked by a concrete Israeli dam
away from Jordan where it belongs. 

Far west is the ancient city of Jericho
where the Lord warded off the devil,
no more than a strip of old Palestine,
fenced in the West Bank, entrapped.

Lucky Moses and the chosen people
for by God from their bondage freed!
cry, Palestine, cry,  a homeland lost,
long overdue your awaited messiah!

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Vayikra of Moses

It draws me to think about Moses’ humility 
with his experience of the burning bush in Sinai,
like a place of discovery, so extraordinary!
that it’s burning and yet not consuming.

Being a leader to his own people of Israel,
his charism and fidelity to God he worships well,
reminds me of those responsibilities he had with them;
a great challenge and mired with so much pains.

God’s reassurance to his own people of faith,
his sheltering presence through all those years;
continued to abound with prophecies beyond,
in the heights of crises and difficulties at hand.

The burning bush or zarza ardiente in Spanish
is where God’s divine presence knows no difference
even in a lowly bush or an untrodden place
his message conveys that saving love for his people.

It is God’s Word, his plan and purpose he made with Moses;
there’s a defining experience that brings to fruition,
a remarkable change and perception of God’s will
that whoever believes and follows him becomes a disciple.

Moses in his intimate encounter with God through those years
walked with his people with constant faith in his will;
amid his humility and love for those who are suffering
his identity epitomized the “most humble of all people.” 


Vayikra: It is written in Torah scrolls with a small letter Aleph.  If we would disregard the small Aleph, the word would read “vayikar” – a word associated with a “chance encounter” – i.e. a much lower level of intimacy.  It is a statement which proclaimed his previousness in G_d’s eyes.  Moses sought to downplay this in a way that did not compromise the meaning of the original text, yet made clear to others that he was still a man of lowly spirit.

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I Think So

I grew up on a farm and  we never had an alarm clock
we had an old rooster and every morning he would wake my dad
three hundred  sixty five days a year
He never said  I think  I will sleep in today and not do my job
 I don't think so
He was just doing the job that God gave him to do and  never complained

And the little hen does she know  that when she lays her eggs
 and hatches her chicks that she is feeding our family
I don't think so  
she is just doing the job that God gave her to do and doing it well
she sings all day and never complains

When the little birds  pick up grass and string to build a nest in the corner of the 
house do they know  they clog up the drain so the water won't run off
I don't think so
They are just doing the job that God gave them to do to feed their  family
and when they began to sing  in the morning no choir on earth is more beautiful
and they never complain

I wonder why God didn't give us a bird brain  then we could get up in the morning 
and instead of complaining we could go to work  and lift up our voice to our 
heavenly Father and thank him for giving us our job
Are we not greater than the rooster  the  hen and the birds
I think so 

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My summer vacation

I made something beautiful
come out of the ground
painted vibrations and made
beautiful sounds
imagined shapes and colors
that delight the eyes
and planted them in a garden
and surrounded them with various skies
Spoke as God painted 
creation on the scroll
words that were silent
and beautiful to behold
words not said but sung
describing to the unseeing 
what God has done
Glorifying is the meaning
of plants posing and voices singing
of forces molding and chemicals
bringing into being 
other things with feelings

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The Return (A must read)

       The trumpet of the Almighty God will blow.  Then the whole world will instantaneously 
know.  That Jesus Christ has returned for his sheep.  You may miss this train if your faith has 
been asleep.  Millions of your loved ones will disappear in the twinkling of an eye.  Christians 
will be lifted up to meet Christ in the sky.  Those left behind have chosen their own path.  
When people tried to tell them about Jesus they just walked away and laughed.  It will be too 
late to repent.  Not ever hearing about Jesus can't be your argument.  For everyone in the 
world would have had their chance;  To know about Jesus the Savior in advance.  
Unbelievers need to be concerned.  Jesus Christ is going to return!
       Eventually we will watch the rise of the Man of Sin;  He will be the devil incarnate, 
wearing a seductive grin.  Millions will believe and be deceived that this man is the predicted 
Messiah.  The Bible warns us in several prophetical books,  From Ezekiel to Zechariah.  THis 
false Christ will have powers unlike this world has ever seen.  He will wear a mask of peace 
and claim he is the coming Nazarene.  People of this world will believe this lie and will 
spiritually die!  Simply put the world will follow this man blind.  This false Christ will do 
whatever necessary to get into your heart and mind.  This man will rule the One World 
Government and claim to end all bloodshed.  His actions will be so convincing, he'll even 
raise the dead!  But this is the anti-Christ, he is not the One.  He is not God's Son!  Here's 
something for the ignorant to learn.  Jesus Christ the real Son of God will return!
       This One World Government is taking place.  Get that Bible down from your bookcase, 
and you will see.  That everything is happening right now according to prophesy!  Beware as 
we watch nations turn on Israil.  More than half the world will attend it's own spiritual 
funeral!  Cataclysmic events will unfold.  World catastrophe that has been preached since the 
days of old  The American dollar has lost it's value.  A One World currency will be issued to 
me and you   Millions are currently spiritually deceased.  Even thousands of priests.  We are 
no longer the super power of the East.  So prepare to receive or reject the "mark of the 
beast."  The evil of this world will burn.  Jesus Christ the Savior will return!!!!!

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The Bridge

 An obstruction can be overcome by building a bridge
Whether the obstacle is of land or of sea
But the bridge most essential to all of mankind
Is the one that leads to God, no other way to Him we'll find

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
To carry us across sin's deep abyss
There is no other way, for without Him we are lost
Jesus saves with a bridge made of three nails and a cross

God the Father was willing to send His only Son
God the Son obeyed and left His home on high
Born of a virgin by God's Spirit, clothed in humanity
Born to die, to rise again, He bridged the gap for you and me

We are such loathsome sinners, while God is so pure
It's impossible to match His perfect ways
No earthly bridge can reach over a chasm so wide
Only one such bridge exists, the one that Jesus provides

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
It's the only way to span sin's great divide
He offered up His life, there is no greater cost
Thank the Lord, He built a bridge with three nails and a cross

There has been many bridges built by the hands of men
Much skillfulness and toil they did employ
But none can be compared to, or was made with such love
As the bridge our Lord supplies for us, that leads to God above

Jesus offers free passage for you to cross that bridge
It's the only way, the Bible tells us so
No toll is required, it was paid for with His blood
Accept His gracious gift and He will guide you by His love

With three nails and a cross, Jesus built us a bridge
It's the only way to span sin's great divide
He offered up His life, there is no greater cost
I'm so thankful He built a bridge with three nails and a cross

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ON THIS DAY: 01.20.09

In 1963 Dr. King gave a speech in Washington D.C.
it was a most stirring address that became a prophecy
he made mention of a dream of an America he had invisioned
one with justice, equality for all and no more racial division

In 1964 the Civil Rights Bill was signed and enacted
that federal law designed to have racism in America impacted
yet the struggle continued and the battle raged on
but God had something coming up on the horizon

In 2004 a man of mixed race decided to take up the cause
a Columbia grad with a Harvard degree who did not stop to pause
based in Illinois he ran for the United States Senate seat
and despite the odds against him the opposition he did beat

In 2007 God move Senator Obama to the next phase
the Spirit compelled him to step up and enter the Presidential race
many thought he was an upstart and by many he was rejected
as he wasn't a part of the early movement and wasn't what they expected
But God will use any kind of man to accomplish His goals
all He requires is an obedient servant who allows Him to be in control

In 2008 the Democratic Primary was a most unpleasant fight
it was not only about gender it became about Black and White
but the youth of today stepped up, joined in and took a stance
and the young Senator from Illinois now had a fighting chance
and after the dust had settled it became a very clear choice
the American people voted and the world heard their voice

that young upstart Senator Barack Obama won the Presidential race
and now the most powerful job in this world belongs to a man with a Black face
but more importantly he's a man who doesn't distinquish himself by his color
he's the President of every American citizen Jews, Gentiles, Sisters and Brothers

It was not a coincidence that on the day he won his party's nomination
it was 45 years to the day that Dr. King addressed the entire nation
it was not a coincidence it was all God's design
that this young intelligent black man would have his season at this time

a people delivered from slavery into the ultimate seat of power
on this day in U.S. history African American's shining hour
to be vindicated and now elevated
to be validated and now celebrated

Oh yes we can for hope has been renewed and restored
Oh yes we can pray that peace will reign again once more
On This Day the Rev. Dr. King's dream become divine
On This Day January 20th in the year 2009

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Why cant I Find Love

Why is it I cant find love? 
Is it because I am a good man? 
Is it because I will never disrespect a woman 
Or is it because I will even search the vast deserts 
Of galaxies that exist in this universe 
Looking for the perfect woman 
That God wants to keep hidden from me? 
Is that not what a woman wants? 
These questions keep me analyzing 
On why love doesn’t turn out what you expect it to be. 
Why is it that broken hearts are never justified? 
I have indeed experienced the reincarnations of lost souls 
Better yet broken hearts. 
Have I deserved to be treated so wrongly by the woman of my past? 
Or was it that God has placed a curse upon me? 
and the only way to break that curse 
is that my love for the perfect woman must be true and real. 
Endless questions without answers 
keep popping into my confused mind 
where did I go wrong in my relationships? 
Why is it that I have to look for a woman 
That is not so scandalous? 
Why is that everyone else seems happy 
And I don’t? 
All I know it has been one long year 
And women like that? 
Should not exist in this world 
Because messing with a mans heart 
And his desire for somthin he loves 
Has to be an unnatural ability 
Which leads me back to my first question 
Why cant I find love?

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What will lust do?

Lust will make you drop out of school  Allowing ungodly relationships to rule  Lust will cause 
you to be stringed along while those that don't love you treat you wrong  Lust will make you 
leave your spouse and kids  Allowing adultery to set in  Lust will make you stay out all night 
like a devouring lion with an aggressive appetite  Lust will make you cling to ungodly ways 
allowing incarceration to take you away  Lust will make you desire a coke bottle figure 
instead of a god fearing woman with a good heart within her  Lust will make you seek a 
masculine six pack instead of a god fearing man that has your back  Lust will make you crave 
masculine and feminine wealth taking trips to the clinic Trying to destroy your health  There 
are many corrupt things that lust will do, but the main objective is to destroy you

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Who could forget what happened on that unsuspecting and sunny day,
when no visible clouds drifted over the Twin Towers?
Little after midnight, the cool rain adds to the melancholy 
of the descending angels; and I join them in prayer to remember the tragedy! 
This should be a day of remembrance, not of hatred for the ignoble acts 
the wicked committed, but would God accept unkindness instead of merciful deeds?

They called it another day of infamy,
and like Pearl Harbor we were taken by surprise;
that was an attack aimed at the military,
but on September 11 the terrorists attacked the civilians!
It seemed like lightning striking down sturdy trees,
and then fire broke out with smoke trails of a thousands feet;
" O my God! ", every employee screamed...quickly running down 
the stairs engulfed by fire...causing an indescribable chaos everywhere! 
" Take my hand, I will lead you to safety! " the firefighter said to the coughing woman. 
" Hold onto my arm! " the policeman yelled out to the frail man,
who had dropped his eyeglasses and couldn't see! 
Every firefighter and policeman acted like them, rescuing many without fearing death;
and hundreds of them, that awful morning, never returned home alive...
what a tragedy for their families that watched in horror and couldn't help!

Who wouldn't remember the courage of their noble and willing hearts?
And furthermore, who wouldn't engrave their valorous names on plaques and monuments?
Up above, by the gates of Paradise...Christ and His Father awaited them to accept their souls;
while archangels surrounding God's throne, sung hymns that humans couldn't sing...
those hymns that all the earthly heroes will sing with them when Heaven mourns again! 

Their portraits, pictures and memorabilia hang above the fireplaces,
and on the decorated walls of the victims' homes, precincts and firehouses;
how could anybody take them down as they were worthless items?
Prize them more than gold or diamonds, o friends grieving that tremendous loss even today;
don't hate those who caused you sorrow and unbearable pain, be forgiving and show mercy...
as God does toward us; o friends remember your heroes for their valor and sacrifice!  

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks on America.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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God or Gods

God Made Man 
Man Made Gods 

Yes My Lord 

Thou Only Made 
Adam and Eve 

See, how many,
he has made of Thee 

Thou banished and 
Threw him out of Eden 

Roaming Aimlessly 
he became a Heathen, 

Angered further, 
Thou scattered him, 

Drove him in 
different directions 

Changing his colors, 
even his speech 

Making Thyself 
further out of reach 

So scared was he, 
that he made a God 

Every direction he went 
he made a God 

In Every Language 
he made a God

He made a God of  Gold
He made a God of Silver

He made a God of  wood
He made a God on Paper

He drew thee on the walls
He carved thee on the rocks

Made mountains of Gods
Made rivers into Gods 

No matter his 
color or creed , 

He made a God
He made a God
He made a God

So where is
He at fault, 

O My Lord, 

Thou Only Made
 Adam and Eve 

See, how many, he 
Has made of Thee 

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Crossing of the Red Sea

Moses raised his rod,
As God told Him to do.
The Red Sea suddenly parted
For the children of Israel to walk through.
The great walls of water
Stayed on either side by God’s power,
Until all His people crossed
Then the waters began to lower.

Pharaoh’s army followed them
Into the sea so deep.
So when the waters lowered
Many a widow did weep.
All drowned by God’s power
Not a trace to be found.
The Israelites praised God;
The desert echoed the sound.

The crossing of the Red Sea—
A type of water baptism.
For the chosen of God
Were shown great favoritism.
Saved from the Passover
And then the Red Sea depths,
How could they turn to idols—
God loved them at such lengths?

Maybe we’re no different,
Often take God for granted
Accept His daily miracles
No eternal life coveted.
Remember the Red Sea crossing—
God’s care for His wayward children.
Ask for His forgiveness;
Graciously accept His loving pardon.

Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2008-2011

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Day of all mothers

It’s a very special moment to dedicate this day to our mothers,
It’s filled with meaning to give prominence to their roles;
their significance has shaped the future of men and women –
whose experiences speak a language of gratitude and joy.

Like in the bible when Yahweh formed Adam from soil,
and breathe on him and he came then into life – humanity;
Today’s event leads us to recall when mothers of all cultures
brought us to life and provided us with their love and patience.

Our identity began with that gift of life from God through them.
How good things in life are attributed to their maternal love;
How society honors them in their unique roles as mothers
They’re precious gifts from God and the world can tell us.

To be a disciple of Christ means to be recreated as a new person,
To be a son or daughter of our mothers means to belong to her;
To share gifts with them means to unite ourselves in their hearts,
with an act of transformation and reconciliation to all forms.

They’re paradigms of human sacrifice, love and perseverance,
Their lives have increasing movements of guidance and truth,
In many ways they show us to live in a zone of God’s presence;
with their prayers and wishes that their children will follow Christ.

We make known to them that we love them in a special way,
Their lives of witnessing capture the meaning of today’s event –
that unity they share with us, along with that great love for us,
are echoes of God’s kingdom that celebrates with the power beyond.

There is nothing more important to a child than to say ‘Mom’,
which signifies a colossal thing in regard to historic origin;
a mother to her children, a source of love in conversation,
along with her husband, there’s a covenant to remember.

Recounted as a significant moment to honor our dear mothers,
Both living and dead as they’re indispensable, bringer of love;
Pillars of joy, and a wellspring of family values to all,
Dear mothers across cultures - this is your day that we hail
We remember you with gratitude in our hearts that speak:  happy mother’s day!

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Honor Thy Father

As the Lord looks down on us today,
    I wonder what He’s thinking and if we’ll ever turn out okay?
How often do we thank Him for all that He has done?
    He has done far more than just give us His only Son.
Everything that we eat He’s provided and made,
     The air that we breathe was the plan that He laid.
The riches we claim to be just ours,
     God just loaned them to us along with all the beautiful flowers.
When our mortal body is dead our spirit goes free, 
      Then you’ll truly understand the riches God has in store just waiting for thee.
Give God all the praise, honor, and respect,
       The happiness you feel will rub off on others causing a domino affect.
I have been to the point of actually feeling something missing in my life,
       And then I surrendered it to Jesus the void was filled He ended the strife.
Such a glorious feeling when we walk beside God,
      He is all power, almighty, our Staff and our Rod.
Jesus Christ was our saving One,
       He gave His own life so His blood could reach out and cleanse each and 
every one.
I have seen all types that say there is no Heavenly Father,
      That He is just a joke and that they don’t need the bother.
These same ones when it comes to life or death,
       Always turn to God before drawing that final breath.
Hell is real don’t think it’s not,
      It’ll be full of people who place God below the trinkets they’ve got.
It all belongs to our God it’s just a part of the test,
      To see if we covet it or place Him above the rest.
So be humble and believe,
     In our Heavenly Father and all the love He wants us to receive.

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' Jennie - Pennie (My Big Sister)

Everywhere I Look … I See Jennie
Short, Red-Hair and a Smile, So Bright and Pretty
Jeanette … my Older, Big Sister… I Wish I was More Like Her…
        … My Dear Jennie … My Sweet Jennie …

Treated me like I was Her Baby … That was Jennie
Helped me to be a Real-Lady … Just like Jennie
Taught me how to Share and just how to say my Prayers …
        … Jennie … Great Lady Jennie

She was in Her Early Adult Years and I was Young Too
… when Mama Left… There was nothing, We Could Do …
            … Cancer … is not a Loving Word …
        I Wish It Had Been The Last I’d Heard …
                … Oh Jennie … Loving Jennie …

In that Cold-Clinical-Room … Lay Jennie
She Would Be Leaving Soon – God ! … Not Jennie !
She asked me, ‘Did She Fulfill … God and Our Mama’s Will …?’
        Yes, You Did Jennie… I Said You Did Jennie !

… She was in Her Late, 40-Years, but Still, Much Too Young To…
… Like when Mama Left… There was nothing, We Could Do …
                     … Cancer … is not a Loving Word …
                    I Wish It Had Been The Last I’d Heard …
                           … Oh Jennie … I Love Jennie …

When I Wrote This Song … I was Missing Jennie
God … We Can’t Believe She’s Gone … I Loved Jennie
        Jennie-Pennie … You Kept Your Promise…
                  Mama Will Be Proud of Us…

… May Jesus, Call Jennie … When The Time Comes, Please Call Jennie
          Lord Call Jennie … Lord Call Mama … and Then Lord Call Me …

            Jennie, Left Loved Ones... February 29th, 1992 …
          I hate Leap-Years Now …. ‘til I Leap of Faith to You …
                     … Cancer … is Not A Loving Word ! ! !
                             Will It Be The Last I Heard ? …

                      In Memory of my Beloved Sister

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My Son

This poem I write to my oldest son.
   In hopes maybe he’ll forgive the things that I’ve done.
The heaviest load I placed on you.
   Not once did I ask, my words were just do.
Boy you do this, boy you do that.
   Did I ever say thank you, or give you a pat?
Son I’m sorry I know I was rough.
   Like the song “ A boy named Sue “ I figured you’d need to be tough.
I thank God for age and the wisdom it brings.
   And son I thank God for you, is why I’m writing these things.
I’m glad we finally quit bumping heads and decided to get along.
   And I thank God for the wisdom to show me I was wrong.
Son you know I love you, and you’re always on my mind.
   Thank you for loving me back, you are a precious find.
There is no turning back the pages for the things which we have done.
   But it honors me to know you are my oldest son.
                   Love You Chris, Papa

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narrative poem

It was in the eighth month of the eighth year,
when Ronald Reagan was the president.
I heard the loud noise of many actors -
singing praises, clapping hands in tribute.

Play-acting, cultured lines, memorized songs,
performed by men and women with spirit,
indistinguishable from sincere praise.
Drama entangled with reality.

It was the evening of the fourteenth day,
I had invited a friend out to eat.
A dinner and a show to celebrate
his retirement from a life of teaching.

The play was a homecooming church service;
it honored a pastor who was moving.
Though the scripted testimonies given
were heartfelt, I had a strange sensation. 

I kept seeing these same entertainers
in former plays as thieves and infidels.
Make-up, costumes, and props were authentic;
the audience applauded loud and long.

The next day, the fifteenth, was a Sunday.
Hurrying through breakfast, I bathed and donned
my good clothes and best vocabulary.
With Bible in hand, I  headed to church.

As always, the praise songs and the scripture
were rehearsed, the bulletin was the script.
The program even listed times for prayer;
I offered my largest bill to the plate.

My worship was a measly performance.
Should they had watched from a balcony pew,
my  non-church work friends would have seen me as -
simply another moonlighting actor.

At work last week, I had cussed out the boss.
Three of us sneaked out to last Thursday.
On occasion, I lie and scheme, even
have a good laugh at tasteless, raunchy jokes.

I left church and wandered in deepest thought,
pondering, “What is worship all about?”
An hour alone with God was revealing,
brooding o'er events of the past two days.

My pretense at worship,  hypocrisy,
disappointing to God, awkward for me.
A major breakthrough,  I just let God talk;
then I apologized for my play-acting.

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But, God

Joseph’s brothers hated him But God delivered him from the pit Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Thrown into a fiery furnace lit Intended to kill them in an instant But God delivered them from the flames Unscorched by the fire Obedience to God, even fire tames Daniel was thrown to the hungry lions Because He prayed daily to his Father But God’s angels closed the lions’ mouths To consume his enemies they’d rather David could have killed Saul Who was seeking his life to kill But God’s Spirit told him not to David displayed to God goodwill Jacob stole Esau’s inherent blessing But God, the twin brothers reconciled Nothing but a miracle Jacob’s repentance undefiled Job lost everything Except his wife of many years But God gave him more children Doubled his worldly wealth and wares God can do anything For everything to man he gives Because God is a “but” God He also freely forgives. Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2007-2012

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There are certain smells, sights,and tastes,
which will always remind me of Grandma.

The yellow of freshly molded butter;
thin, floral china tapping on a white porcelain tabletop;
the frail softness of my own thin skin,
veined now with the tracery of hard work,
Mother’s work, like her hands were.

Rows of gladiolas bright, so bright
in the warm August sun of Maine
lined up like the Crayola crayons;
she always had waiting for me.

The sweet, strong, scent of onions
sizzling in a black cast iron fry pan.
Red-blue, blue-black, venison
popping in her homemade butter.
All memory of the deer, 
who gave its all for our meal, past.

The acridly sweet smell of propane gas,
from a kitchen stove,
mixing with the wood smoke and soot
from the living room heater.

Even pennies make me smile,
and remember Grandma.
As I sat on the scrap wool hand-braided rug,
at five, counting the coppers,
she had saved for me!

Books! The joy of a hard cover,
pictures laced with Jesus and Moses.
Tales of God and the little children;
but God was not my world, Grandma was.

The softness of her bosoms, as she held me.
The black mesh netting, that held her silvered-black hair.
How she held my small hand on wood walks.
Lady slippers, acorns, pug noses…
Dandelion yellow, fried dandelions,
hand dropped fat-fried doughnuts,
and the tang of Winesap apple,
Apple vinegar.

Grandmother never leaves me;
I hold her near my heart
To MY bosom, always, where she held me.

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often in the grand scheme of God's desires
He will use mankind to do what He requires
His providential purposes God's master plans
will utilize any and all types of man

the Pharoah declared a most horrendous decree
of infanticide on Jewish male babies
to put them to death to keep their numbers down
fearful of having too many Jewish males around
but history has a way of repeating itself again and again
as the young Black male populations today hangs by a fringe
with incarcerations, police brutality and killing each other
we're on the verge of eradicating our young Black brothers
a supposed threat to society that same old racist mentality

yet all it takes is for God to send someone to be bold
one person unafraid to break away from the mold
over 400 years of praying and keeping hope alive
a people once in slavery but today they now thrive
from Moses to Jeremiah to the Rev. Dr. King
to President Barak Obama God can change anything
One Bold Black Soul to say what needs to be said
One Bold Black Soul whose life is spirit-led

don't let the world compromise your moral integrity
let prayer be the tool you use to claim the victory
you need some solitude to simply reflect
on that which God desires of you and what of you He expects
God will be what you want no matter what you need
and He will do whatever is needed to help you succeed
so walk in the spirit and just wait for your time
and be ready to act when God gives you a sign
to be called into place with God's saving grace

Jeremiah told the people of the prophecy
about their demise if they confront their enemy
he was then thrown into a pit full of mud and slime
his death to be a certainty in a very short time
but One Bold Black Soul stepped up to the plate
and told the King to save Jeremiah before it was too late
One Bold Black Soul an Ethiopian man
told of the soldiers diabolical plans

to be bold, to be risky, to be resilient in your resolve
to step out of your comfort zone until the problem is solved
from Rosa Parks to Medgar Evers to Malcolm X
to do what is prevalent and not what society expects
creative in courage, inspired with innovation
by any means necessary to change the situation
One Bold Black Soul willing to step out on a limb
to stop history from repeating itself once again

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Hopelessly Devoted to Just One Thing?!?

Hopelessly Devoted to Just One Thing?!?
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Hopelessly devoted to just one thing, I cannot say it’s so. 
Many things were manifested for which great devotions grow. 
Simply choosing that one special thing of hopeless commitment, no!
I cannot do it.  I cannot decide.  Have I one fixation?  NO!?!

To be a dentist was a young life dream, but I gave up on that.
A dental assistant I was instead, true devotion there was lacked.
“A Dentist.” Yes, the main career goal upon which my heart was set?
I gave it up for reality.  I couldn’t pay!  My brain was racked.

I began to ponder Creation’s world.  The earth.  The universe.
When wondering, quiet visions came and my life was not the same.
Not committing to any job, obsessed with Genesis’ verse.
Night and day, day and night, praying, reading, contemplating, “Truths” came.

I did commit to raising kids and I enjoyed them very much.
But before too long, they were grown and gone.  To creation, thoughts were led.
And once again, while substitute teaching, I thought of God and such.
Painting pictures, photographs, and wisdom whose interests were constantly fed-

Moving along, writing poetry and songs, creation thoughts strong-
Thinking, imagining, praying, hoping for words I’d understand.
Into God’s hand I committed the words; I begged to NOT be wrong!
Thoughts of it seemed, oh, so grand, revelations from God through my hands.

Intermittent devotion to creation, I guess that could be said.
Words into my head from out of the blue, inspired one by one.
When almost done, illustrations and such, the computer crashed.  Dead!
Files were lost. Hopes were not tossed. Recovered works, thousands viewed.  Not fun!

Hopelessly devoted.  Perhaps one could say; I’ve not given up.
Hoping for no more trouble, the work was posted on Red Bubble.  
Go see!  Then, YOU tell me.  Am I hopelessly devoted?  What luck?!?
Much has been recovered.  Much still to find- Please pray: no more rubble.

(And while you’re at it, take a look at the links.  
Then, tell me what you think.
Am I hopelessly devoted or just obsessed? 
Either way, I’m not depressed…. At least not totally-)

Genesis Decoded:

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Religion:

A Few Illustrations:

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Mother Mary's Motherhood

The Church cannot forget her mission
Was made possible by the Motherhood of Mother Mary
Who conceived and bore a Son
Who is God from Eternal God
True Eternal God from True Eternal God

Mother Mary is truly the Mother of God
Whose motherhood as the vocation to motherhood
Bestowed by Eternal God on every man raised to its highest level
Thus, Mother Mary becomes the mother of the Church and to be New Mama Eve
The mother of believers, the mother of the living


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Gods Genesis Creation

“1-2First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don't see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God's Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.” Genesis 1:1-2 The Message In the beginning was God; God created the heavens and earth. The earth was formless and empty; To light he gave birth. He then separated the light From the darkness of the night; Evening and morning; The first day of creation’s delight. God separated water from water And called the expanse sky. On the third day he created the ground; The sea’s boundaries to comply. God saw that it was good; So vegetation he created next. This was the third day Of the Genesis creation text. God created two great lights Called the sun and moon. They governed the day and the night, And stars for man to swoon. On the fifth day God created birds, To take flight in the air. Then the creatures of the sea, With such precision and care. On the sixth day God created living creatures, To accompany the expanse of the land. Wild animals and livestock Appeared by his great hand. Then God created man, To rule over the creatures. He created man in his own image; Replicating many of his features. God blessed all he created And told them to multiply. The seventh day he made holy; Man’s day of rest to supply. The Lord God formed man From the dust of the ground; Placed him in the Garden of Eden, Where the Tree of Life was found. All of God’s Creation had a plan; A background mastermind. Even the secular scientists, This fact do now find. Darwin doubted his own theory, But not ‘learned men’. They adopted man’s wisdom; Denied God’s Genesis Creation. Copyright © 2012 Maureen LeFanue

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Pass The Plate

Today one of God's angels came to me, 
and opened my eyes so I could see.
She sat at my table and starred at my soul,
and told me to have faith, for I still have miles to go.
We talked about Heaven and pain and sin, and how 
God will frogive you, again and again.
She told me of the burden that was hers to bear,
and her blanket of misery, that was hers to wear.
She talked about patience, something few possess,
and sometimes, God will give you the test.
She talked of His word and what it means to me,
and sometimes we have to be blind, before we can see.
She told me to be strong and to carry my cross, and to
believe in God, for without Him, I would be lost.
She knew about my burdens and all my pain,
she knew my tears were falling like rain.
What I am trying to tell you is so simple and clear,
you never know how, or when, God will appear.
So fill your plate with love and kindness, and God
will remove all the hate and all the blindness.

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people have been thinking of their financial situations 
wondering if they have them in hand
and in this day of global economic fluctuations
wondering about the futures they had planned
people have been thinking about their spiritual walk
wondering if they are only talking the talk
do they tithe enough? do they pray all the time?
do they study the Word? do they keep God on their minds?
to be turned by faith we need to readjust 
our lives in relation to the God we say we trust
to be turned by faith we need to make a move
and get into a whole new spiritual groove

we're so stuck in our ruts in most aspects of our lives
the same tired jobs, the same old friends, the same personal strife
we need to look at our lives through the eyes of God
and rearrange it by making a brand new start
to just step out of the boat without the anchor of fear
to trust in the power of Jesus and remembering He is always near
to be turned by faith never to lose sight 
of the Lord Our God's guiding light
to be turned by faith by being happier and physically fit
totally trusting in that which is the Holy Spirit

God has placed us here for a reason
and will use each of us in due season
we all play a part in God's master plans
just let your belief be the vehicle that delivers you into His hands
the road might be rocky and the journey will be long
just let God position you where you'll prosper and be strong
in the boat with Jesus on the troubled seas of life
holding on and trusting in the power that is Christ
in the boat with Jesus now under His authority
in the boat with Jesus now sailing on calmer seas
to be turned by faith towards higher ground 
now that your situation has been turned around
to be turned by faith to no longer worry about what's up ahead
to be turned by faith with a life that's now spirit-led
to be healthier and happier trusting in God to provide all your needs
to be turned by faith and knowing with God you will succeed

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Days of my Life

Last night I sat in my solitude n wrote some verses,
So listen to me as I spit them like chapters from pastors in churches,
Hope when I’m finish it will meet places, masses,
U see I’ve been faced with some problems lately,
Yeah I know, God will take care of them, they all say,
But I’ve been playing this waiting game a long time u see,
And as much as I plea,
Oh Lord help me, is like he never there to help me thru,
So I began to curse God out for giving me this awful life,
Daily I live my life with strife,
Now I see why people take knives and take their lives,
Because living a life like mine people really have to strive hard to stay alive,
Just like bees in a bees hive, raised
Yes, people in this world are ready to attack you and leave you staggering to revive yourself,
You proberly saying what life KG been living?
I guess it’s safe to say, one like if I was thiefing,
You know, like if u thief a lime from your neighbor, u have to hide,
Because in this place where I go to school, like it have people out here watching my every
So let me slip up and say the wrong thing,
Do the wrong thing,
Them aint waiting until the fat lady sings,
They taking me out like wind,
They look at me an underestimate me,
Cause apparently I look young,
But they aint know I kinda strong
But as I watch these people in their eyes,
Tears from my eyes fall,
But still I stand tall,
Remembering the saying “this too shall pass”
Only if I could kick them dutty minded people in their ass,
For being so hateful,
But I have to keep my thoughts within,
For am I am a minority in this place,cause all do is in it to win it…
Also remembering this life aint no race,
Wonder if they know God don’t sleep
Sometimes I do wonder if they open their mouth whispering the amazing grace.
For last night I sat in my solitude and wrote some verses
I hope those hating humans see and recite them like Sunday school memory verses
So now I rest my case…

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the book of Esther embodies the courage and the willingness to take a stance
for such a time as this to be positioned by God and to take a chance
yet the situation in society today is not all that much different in fact
with political machinations and the moral of mankind completely at a lack
but God has situated us to go out and make a change
preserved and positioned for our promotion which by Him has been prearranged
to be pregnant with the possibilities that God has given us to be strong
to stand up in righteousness and tell the people when they are wrong
to be obedient and listen to the Spirit of the Holy Lord
to whatever is needed even if it means to come under the sword

as obedience is better than sacrifice you must hold true to your position
and don't worry about what the world is doing just stay focused on your mission
by saying yes to any and all that of you God does ask
and believing unconditionally that He will equip you for the task
presented with a challenge Queen Esther was given a godly instruction
to put herself between her people and their total destruction
she was positioned in the right place
with the Lord God's saving grace
preserved and positioned for her promotion from the Lord Our God
destined for greatness by possessing an obedient heart

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The Dust of God's Feet (Part II)

               The waters flow.  The land drinks.  The pools are filled with the small 
rain and the great rain of His strength upon the just and unjust.  The earth brings 
forth herbs meet for those who dressed it; receiving blessings from God with 
fruitful seasons, our hearts are filled with food and gladness.  This is His 
witness.  As He cuts a channel for the torrents and a path for the thunderstorm, 
His doctrine drops as rain upon mown grass and upon the mountains that grass 
may grow.  His speech distils as dew into streams with goodness from the 
morning cloud, and he even covers the bottom of the sea until the thick cloud is 
wearied.  The bright cloud is scattered, wherein the lord ascends.  Fair weather 
comes out of the north in golden splendor, as the tender grass springs out of the 
earth by the bright shining after rain; on the good and evil His sun does shine.  
So shall God come in awesome majesty with power and great glory will be 
appear.  His strength is in the clouds.  Heaven is His throne and earth is his 
Footstool.  He will walk upon the wings of the wind in his faithfulness that 
reaches as high as the clouds, and his favor is as a cloud of the latter rain to 
provide food abundantly, the corn of Heaven, as did the former.  And as many of 
us who have partook of His bread shall be gathered into the harvest receiving a 
blessing from God, being caught up in the clouds evermore to be with Him to 
see Him as He is.

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Was It An Act of God?

Catastrophes,natural disasters and torrential rains
what causes these thing to happen, on whom do you place the blame?
mankind has misused and abused this planet on which we live
Mother Nature must make adjustments, the forces of nature then give
we have built too many buildings, taken over too much land
an earthquake may be a realignment to the acts and plans of man

aerosol cans, rain forest diminishing, the erosion of the soil and ground
when the rain eventually falls the lack of trees causes the mud to slide down
God gave us some power, many have called it free-will
mankind can use it for good or he can use it for ill-will
yet when many lives are lost and so many souls depart
why does anyone think to ask, was it an act of God?

air pollution, water pollution, the whole industrial age
has ravaged our planet and brought about Mother Nature's rage
we act before we think, we destroyed things that can't be replaced
maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell us to do an about face
tsunamis, monsoons and all types of major tidal waves
may be a wake-up call to how we have behaved

we need to come together and start making some major plans
stop raping our natural resources and start preserving God's land
so if anyone ever asks you, was it an act of God the Lord Christ?
just ask them for this planet, what has mankind sacrificed?
we are selfish in our deeds, self-absorbed in our needs
eventually we must bear the blame and we all will pay the price
just don't be so quick to place the burden of guilt on God the Lord Christ

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The River

Cracks of corral emerged between the Earth’s proud crown of evergreen
Gleaming down on grateful Father whose arms in bloom embraced his Daughter
Moon upon Moon in prayer he spent that God would grant his heart’s content
Now all his dreams no longer dreams but infant in his arms serene
They traveled on til trails converged and River’s roar ahead was heard 
Then there upon the shore was laid, a bless’ed barge of birchbark made.

From the River’s roots they rowed, embarking on a fate unknown
Wide-eyed Child soothed by Father’s song amidst echoes of the Wild’s call
Sweetly metered by sweeping oar he told her tales of life before
The great divide of Earth and Sky, of Land and Sea, of Day and Night 
How God by grace named each creature each fish and fowl each fir and fur
Then in His hands mixed clay and sand, the gift of life breathed into Man.

Between each bend dear Daughter grew and saw the world from worn canoe
Floating onward until the day she traded hums and howls to say
Father, Father, I understand! With lamb and wolf we share this land!
How scattered seed grew into tree and tree we carved for pole to feed
Father you’ve grown and given me your faith and love so I might be
Someday just like you a Giver on the road of life, the River! 

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Gods Character Misinterpreted

“…and David sent someone to find out about her. The man said, “She is Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite.” 2 Sam 11:3 NIV David’s sins misinterpreted The character of God. For his sins towards Bathsheba Dishonored his precious Lord. But when the prophet, Nathan Was called by God to give reproof, David repented with deep sorrow; His remorse no longer aloof. God exalted David— This one time shepherd boy; Made him ruler over Israel , With a great army to deploy. David surrendered to adultery; Desired another man’s wife. When she was found to be pregnant, Sent her husband into his battle for life. Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband Was killed, as David had intended. David greatly loved Bathsheba; His palace to her he extended. When David realized his sin, Conveyed to him by Nathan, He begged God’s forgiveness For the sins of a complete pagan. All sin misinterprets The character of God above. For his character is his law, Based upon his awesome love. So when we yield to temptation, We glorify the evil one; Misinterpret God’s character And deny the great sacrifice of his Son. Copyright © 2012 Maureen LeFanue

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i am

imagin a place where
open opens
start starts
begin begins
spin spins
stop stops
knowing knows
growing grows
ending ends
imagin having touched
the very being of God
where mystery is no mystery
it is only a journey
from the beginning to the end
and infinity ask the questions
which have already been answered
as gods, what do we do then?
give chance a chance
violence freedom to roam
choices now are chosen
but a little less from the Throne
and Freedom was born
Freedom was like a son to God
he brought him his greatest joy
Freedom told stories of gladness
that filled an empty voids
Freedom made God a mystery
and hid his angry face
when ever Freedom was around
all God was was grace
one day God asked Freedom 
when will all this end 
Freedom looked perplexed
and did'nt know where to begin
God looked at Freedom 
and told him his glorious plan
my son, i'm going to create a world
and Freedom will never end

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Dear Mother,

I use to wonder if you cared or loved me because we’ve been
through a lot and I’ve always asked God to show you I needed you more than
ever in that special spot

I use to ask God what it felt like to feel your kiss
on my cheek and I prayed to god that you and I would created a bond that way 
you could have finally seen why you should’ve been loved me

I use to always want to feel what it was to be in and out 
with you and now the time has come and I don’t want to live without

We go to dinner here and now, party and do whatever
but why did it take so long from the ages 10-20 I always felt 

And honestly I believe if I would have never got sick when I 
was 21 you still probably wouldn’t of  been there but I’m thanking 
god for that lighting bolt he gave you with that broken crystal stair

Things are great now, I can’t get you away, have to call you everyday
and if I don’t you’ll have a fit I truly believed god planned 

Thanks for now being there and showing me your love
nevertheless, God knows what to do in order to get people to see
what’s their best 

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On The Perimeter Of The Place Of Promise

to be in the right place at the right time
destined for greatness with God on your mind
when you're on the perimeter of the place of promise there's no time to hesitate
just trust that by the Lord God you've been set up for this date
at the appointed time there will be an obstacle to overcome
but through Jesus you have the victory so consider the challenge done
don't procrastinate, you need to keep pushing on
as your God-given destiny is just on the horizon
and if you perish, if you perish, if you should happen to die
remember nothing in life is worthwhile if you don't venture to try
destined for greatness with truth and righteousness in your heart
for nothing against you will prosper in the presence of the Lord God

Queen Esther was in the right place at the right time
positioned by the hand of God to for her people do something kind
uncertained and unsure at first she prayed and fasted with a heavy heart
urged by her beloved Uncle Mordecai to for her people do her part

sometimes we have to be pushed and prodded to do what is right
and then search inside ourselves to see the truth in God's light
and if a sacrifice is needed and a life must be given
it may be your destiny for by the Holy Spirit you've been driven
on the perimeter of the place of promise at your godly appointed date
and if you perish, you perish just be like Jesus and don't hesitate

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Saving Souls

We all need to come together,

So, when God comes back we will live with Him forever,

We need to save the the lost souls,

And help them reach thier goals,

The other people thats around you,

Please help them to walk a staight path,

So they wont be left behind,

And feel Gods wrath,

When you wake up, and began your day, 

Bow your Heads, and began to pray,

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the right words to say,

This is not about you,

We all need to do what we are called here to do,

So open your mind,

Always be kind,

Shine your light,

Let's fight this fight,

Because its almost time,

For God to come back,

And this is a known fact!

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Elsewhere in biblical literature or in many human experiences
the act of being in the world with others speaks volumes
about who we are and how we form our interconnectedness;
as men and women who walk with our God –
the giver of Life, source of hope and love.

  Along with prayer and listening to the promptings
  of the holy Spirit – there lies the hidden wisdom
  that helps us nourish that sense of otherness within us
  henceforth, this leads us to connect with our loving God;
  with a deeper value that leads us to the mystical otherness. 

Our Lord, our God whose radiance in our hearts
keeps us aligned to the perspective of being one –
one in faith, one in a life of spiritual engagement.
Our prayer, contemplation, meditation, and solitude
enable us to see beyond the mystery of God’s otherness.

  His life-giving presence and sacredness within
  oh, like a mountaintop experience of that of Moses,
  of Peter, James, and John when Christ transfigured before them,
  even those two who’re heading for Emmaus;
  Moses glowed and these disciples too turned out with awe,
  a  miracle of wonder, a deep experience of God’s presence.


kaddosh - In Hebrew it means “otherness,” a radical separation.  Indeed, this sense of the Wholly Other cannot even be said to ‘exist’ because it has no place in our normal scheme of reality.’

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The Visions Blend

Sitting all alone in deep thought, I am a world away.
No Sun, no Stars, and no wind!
My mouth can not speak the words there are to say.
The visions blend carries me to where it never ends.
My God I am here and I demand to stay!
I am here, but gone to where I begin.
Nights and days have come and gone and are now decades away.
No life, no air, and no death!
My God I am alive and dead on this very day.
I am gone, but here with my journey’s quest.
The gift of life is mine as I catch my last breath.
My heart can not hold the words there are to say.
Looking deep into this world where I have come to stay,
No love, no hate, and no sin!
The visions blend carries me to where it all ends.
I am here, but gone to where I begin.
My eyes can see the words there are to say.
My God I am gone and I demand to stay.
Time and time my thoughts have traveled my days,
No time, no light, and no pretend!
The gift of life is mine all over once again.
My God I am dead but alive on this very day.
My ears can not hear the words there are to say.
I am gone, but here absorbing the visions blend.

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

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Yeah I’m Mad


Where do they mint our coins these days ?
    Seems they forgot one important phrase.
Like in God We Trust is missing now.
    Are have we stop trusting God somehow?
Isn’t In God We Trust our national motto?
   Are did we change it to buy a ticket, win the lotto?
Push came to shove I’ve had enough!
   Enough is enough it’s time to get tough!
Who am I fighting anyhow? 
   Show your self and feel my POW.
This is my country and I stand for God!
   I’m sick of backing up on my on sod!
Put God back where He belongs.
   You sicko bunch of congressional Ding Dongs.
You treat us like we don’t have a say.
    But I’ll keep praising my Lord till my final day.
If it makes you mad I hope it does.
    Because when they take God out of our country, we’ll be just a country that was.
In God I trust forever more.
   I think it’s time we show those pukes in Washington the door.

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We may not have much money
but we are rich in love,
A lot of times our days may not seem all that sunny
but the Lord will bless the sun to one day come.
We may not can afford a whole lot of possessions
and we may not can afford name brand shoes or clothes,
Our happiness is not dictated by material possessions
neither by how fancy and grand is our home.
We may have to scrape and struggle hard just to survive
just to make the ends meet,
But we are rest assured that the Lord will provide
for us to have whatever we need.
There are days when our spirits may be low and frail
and all prospects seem hopeless and bleak,
We then remember the notion that God never gives us more than we can bare
things are not going to always seem hopeless and bleak.
Our strong faith is what lights our path along the way
in Him we have found a fortress and strength,
We believe strongly that the sunshine is going to shine down on us one day
just as long in God we continue to believe.

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Our Time Is Running Out

What is going to happen when every ones credit gets shut off? 
   We will be like a bunch of pigs scrambling, only to find no food is in the trough.

If  the National Debt were paid off today, do you know how much it would cost 
every man, woman, and child?
    Each person would have to pay $29,000.00, now ain’t that wild?

It’s like we’ve gotten ourselves into a bog with no way out.
   Well I know of but one way but skeptics will argue and try to show their clout.

How did we get to be this great power, the Home of the Free?
   It was when God was given the honor and glory, this some will agree.

God is our Father and He only wants to give us His best.
   And all He asks in return is for us to honor and praise Him, such a simple 

But no something happened we let the minority rule,
   By taking away the simplest of things like prayer in our schools.

If you felt unwanted somewhere I wonder if you’d stay?
   Did you ever stop and think just maybe God too feels this way?

Has the Doom Day clock already been set?
    I think it can be turned around there maybe hope for us yet.

But first we must unlock and open the door and invite Him back again.
   Then we will see a change in things when our Savior is home my friend.

We’ve tried both ways and the latter did not work.
    So bend your knees and ask Him back, stop listening to those jerks.

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I Hold No Fear

Tomorrow comes and oh God how it goes!
Do I care, why should I lend all of my spares? 
I’ll never know what tomorrow holds!
“Oh my”, how could I, what is it that I need to do?
Blessed by God, sure he loves me but what about you?
Why today and why tonight I really don’t care! 
I know that I love me no matter what my eyes can see!
Take it all but hold the very last thought that we share! 
My God, My God how I hope you all know what it is that you truly believe!
“Oh my”, capture and redeem my mind!
Complete my being that lives alive inside of me!
God you love me, these eyes have no doubt with that which they can see!
“God”, you know you have done all of this to me! 
Oh how you have loved these things that I can see!
Sheltered, protected, yet, condemned by that which I know you believe!
If I could, I think that I would, but oh God how I do stand here!
Come and get me with all of that, which I know you believe! 
Please God, just come take my all of me! 
I am still here my Lord and I hold no fear!
Tomorrow, hmm just another day for me to believe!
Oh well! Guess I’ll just have to see it through!
Ask me anything and I will tell you! 
I think we all know what it is that we should do!
Escaping the reality of what really should be, 
Oh God, I am so very here do you know what tomorrow will be? 
I’m still here my Lord and I am holding absolutely no fear!
Each morning the Sun rises to approach a brand new day. 
No doubt that I do love me!
Embraced with the thought that you have come just for me, 
I’m engulfed with this moment that I have finally achieved.
Oh my, I know that I could because I am coming to you. 
Where are you my Lord I just need to be so very near!
God you do love me! Oh how I knew that you always would! 
I’ve walked so many miles with you each and every single day, 
And I am still right here my Lord and I hold no fear!


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In the Silence of the Night

In the silence of the night
The neighbors could hear
Someone putting up a fight
And shedding some tears
They had an idea of what was going on
But they turned out their lights
Even though they knew it was wrong
Night after Night
It was the same routine
The yelling would begin
Then the pain at 9:15
When the beating was done she would lay in bed
Lay under her covers crying
Praying to God for this all to end
In the morning she would leave for school
Trying to cover her bruises
And not wanting to break a house rule
Everyday, week after week
She came up with a new excuse
Hoping her teacher would not ask for the truth
Even though he knew it was abuse
She anxiously watched the clock
Hoping three never came
Hoping things would be different
But it was always the same
Daddy came home drunk
Mommy was high
Except this time her head hit a trunk
And she knew it was time for good-bye
She used to think it was because she was bad
That mommy would yell
And daddy would get mad
After she hit her head
An Angel came from the sky
It said there would be no more pain
And no more needing to lie
As she lay there bleeding
Blood pouring onto the floor
A huge smile came across her face
Because she knew God heard her prayers
And that she would be in a much better place

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America, Like It Or Not Is God's Country

Well it’s still the old Red, White, and Blue.
    And I just thank God every day for allowing me to be a part of it too.
Where else in the world could you ever find such a place.
    Composed of people from every nation, and every race.
And once you’ve tasted her freedom, and relished in her glory.
   Then you’ll know why America is always such a hot issue, the top story.
This Country was put together with such strong Christian values and beliefs.
   And who do they always call to supply money, food, and emergency relief.
Our forefathers followed the guidelines our Lord set forth for us all.
   They had sense enough to know that when the Lord is on your side you cannot 
They’d call on God, for wisdom, courage, and knowledge before they’d go into 
battle against their foes.
   Maybe we need to redevelop this kinship with the Lord that our forefathers had, 
who knows.
We cannot continue on the road in which we’re traveling.
   We must not remove God from our lives, He’s what held us together and kept 
us from unraveling.
We’ve had life so good, for so long.
   Maybe we just dozed off for a minute, and someone slipped in that didn’t 
We’ve just about reached that point if we haven’t already. 
    We’ve set ourselves on shaky ground that’s not real steady.
I for one think we need to fast and pray to turn it back around this very day.
   On bended knees, hands clasped tight, and heads bowed low we need to turn 
to Jesus and say.
Father please forgive us for what we do, we ask You to take the reigns, and lead 
us back where we belong.
   Father we admit we still need You, it was You that kept us safe, and it was You 
that kept us strong.
Lord show us Your favor as you did in days gone by.
   For we are lost in the wilderness, and without Your mercy and grace we surely 
will die.
So Lord, please forgive us just once more.
 And put Your arms around us and let us be the One Nation Under God Forever 
   Thank You Father!

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people's lives would be less chaotic and probably more sane
if on the road of life they would just stay in their lane
one shouldn't try to preach the gospel if from God you didn't get a calling
and you shouldn't attempt to go mountain climbing if you have a fear of falling
you need to stay out of the kitchen if you don't know how to cook
and don't aspire to be a fisherman if you're too squimish to bait the hook
don't dream about being a model if you can't even hold a pose
and don't take the sanitation worker's test if you have a sensitive nose
forget about becoming a doctor if at the sight of blood you pass out
and don't try to be a therapist until you know what you're talking about
God gave each of us His love, free will and a functioning brain
so find that vehicle that's just for you and learn to stay in your lane

stay away from a law enforcement career if you're too scared to carry a gun 
and a firefighter is not the job for you if into a burning building you're not willing to run
you might not make a good writer if you don't know how to spell
and being a referee is not your thing if you don't know when to ring the bell
don't strive to be a Navy seal if you don't know how to swim
and being a seamstress might not be up your alley if you don't how to sew a hem
and when you find yourself in a job that doesn't fit you have only yourself to blame
for you went against what God had in mind for you and you didn't stay in your lane

you might be a bettter long distance runner even though you wanted to be a sprinter
your game might be more powerful as a forward and not being the team's center
you'd probably be more successful doing the backstroke instead of being a high diver
and you might be more effective as an instructor and not a NASCAR driver
you might be a better player for the team as a tight end and not a running back
even though it's been your life long desire to be the team's quarterback
and your life might be more fulfilling if you go on to become a school teacher
and don't think that everyone you see in the pulpit was meant to be a preacher
so while driving on the road of life try to stay in between those white lines
and then seek the Kingdom of God first and you'll probably do fine
search inside yourself for that unique gift from God that has only your name
and in whatever vehicle in life you drive just make sure you stay in your lane

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An Epilogue

It goes through a process
to speak of the love for others;
called for a deeper understanding
the need to be open and determined.

  Motives generate a momentum
  to uplift the value of incarnation
  in the sense that spirituality prevails
  titled "concern and care for the other."

Along with hardship and suffering
elements of wisdom speak volumes.
Affirming what God has given
to fulfill his promise of redemption.

  Though temptations cause to stumble
  with faith and trust to the source of grace.
  God Himself can make a difference
  to face life with courage and conviction.

As an important issue to deal with
in a position to savor the moment;
It's still God who'll say towards the end
His plan or design to every human situation.

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Car Wrecks

Cruising for a bruising, I wreck my blue car.
It runs on regular with no gas gage, goes far.

She ran the yellow light at sixty. I went on green.
Her witness date, on same yellow light.
My car spun a one-eighty, went for four blocks.
Policeman who took me home. Later stood up
and vouched for me. The judge took witness.
Had to pay a fine. Never mind this injustice.

Orange Fiesta, rainy night. Truck passed. 
Broadsided crash, totaled car. Sprained ankle.
Got new sunroof with the fix, instead of a check.
To Colorado it got me, when I escaped with kids.

White Saab, snow car. Exhausted was I
From night shift. Hit broadsided, blind hill.
Totaled car again. God loves me and my vehicles.

On my bicycle hit by another car. No scar.
Scary sometimes how God loves me. 

Train coming down the tracks, no gates.
Music loud, didn't hear blow. Stopped cause God
Told me so. So on and on I go in another car.

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A Mothers Love


Her lullaby she sang so sweet,
    While kissing her babies toes and feet.
Momma loves you she would coo as she rocked,
    This tiny gift from God she still was amazed and shocked.
Such a perfect creation and it came from her,
     She prayed to be the best mother that there ever were.
It was so tiny and fragile and she felt so alone,
     But it was also the greatest thing she had ever known.
She had created life the most amazing gift of all,
     As she caressed it to her bosom all rolled up in such a small and tiny little ball.
The child was asleep and she hated to lay it down,
     As she released its little fingers that were clinging to her gown.
Goodnight my precious child as she gently laid it in its bed,
     Momma loves you and she gently caressed the baby’s head.
Sleep tight and she asked God to watch over her precious child with all his 
      What she didn’t see were the guardian angels God had already sent that very 

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Endless concerns

There are countless ways
to see, judge, and act;
like in theology or other disciplines
where values and concerns
reflect the right meaning.

As Christians committed to life
a great taste for relationship
becomes the centerpiece,
the priority in a journey.

It’s in this context though,
that human relationship matters
where there’s a sharing of life,
along with the struggles and joys.

While everyone strives to be human,
at the major crossroads – difficulties
truly, they’re part of life’s experiences
known to shape from within
its interiority, the inner soul.
Many saints have experienced too
those moments of dryness,
doubt and reluctance in their prayers
notwithstanding their spirituality reveals
that right focusing on God alone.

Yet in our life’s articulation,
brings into the limelight – God’s love
it’s always a continuing revelation,
an endless concern in today’s culture;
with God and those around us
remain the basis of what life is all about.

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In the midst of communion we should all be of one accord
looking to repent and receiving forgiveness from the Lord
yet people tend to look only for some type of revenge
from those whom they think have taken something from them
to demand from another what they think they are due
unwilling to forgive a debt until it is through
yet God believes that forgiveness should be a state of mind
where one should be able to move past the betrayals after a time
to relax, to release and to learn to let it go
to move beyond our hurt feelings, emotions and egos

we are all in debt to Our Lord Jesus the Christ
a debt that we can never repay for the rest of our lives
yet God looks beyond our faults, our failures and mistakes
and He'll always forgive us no matter how long it takes
God looks beyond our selfishness and our attitudes
He looks pasts our pettiness and ever changing moods
a horizontal forgiveness coming down from the Heavenly Throne
but a vertical forgiveness to each other we can't seem to own

we've forgotten that God gives us His forgiveness in so many ways
yet we can't seem to forgive each other on any given day
when we fail to forgive we bring upon ourselves stress
when we hold on to the petty grudges and the bitterness
we make ourselves sick over some supposed attack
and all we can focus on is having a big payback

to be upset and angry all of the time
too preoccupied to even have God on our minds
looking for revenge and just wanting to get even 
so full of rage that only red we are seeing
but that is not the way that God wants us to live
for it was His saving grace that to us He did give
to turn the other cheek to forgive and to forget
to be in step with the Son and the Holy Spirit

don't let the duck of failure hang over your head
seek to be like Jesus and have a life that's spirit led
to live to forgive with no desire to attack
to learn to forget about having a big payback

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How I see God

I often wonder on which side of life reveals God’s identity,
in many events and experiences, a great measure to reckon
God’s involvement in human struggles, a way to know Him well;
His love for the poor explores the beatitudes in the Sacred Scriptures.

I know aphoristically, about pain and suffering in this world;
the lurking possibility that enables me to remain strong,
that what I stand for on the reality of God’s intervention,
in human history He has shown me evidences of His mystery.

While reading the beatitudes, myriad thoughts unfold;
but one thing that provides me with a continuing inspiration
faithfulness to His people that salvation remains His mission
virtually certain and assuring to all those who’re suffering.

It’s a gift of His love, unconditional and enduring  through ages,
it’s a gift of His kingdom where there’s eternal happiness;
truly, history can tell with opportunities along the way,
God’s presence in selfless giving, a reality so compelling.

That all of us may become like Him – a paragon of love
through moral clarity and sincerity of our rapport
with others who walk with us scarred and afflicted
yet the connection issue reveals hope and serenity.

Like all God-fearing men and women in this world,
I see God as a reflection of  man’s love to his neighbors;
It’s as simple as I wrestle with so many temptations
that in life’s struggles God is present and powerful.

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' We ' and ' They ' Saw ... '

                  ‘ We  and  They  Saw … ’ 
         (or) A Testament To A Holy-Helper

              My Beloved, God … Most High
         Creator Of  Celestial, Heavenly Skies
          And The Earth and Wind-Blown Seas
      And All That Lives and Moves and Breathes
               and Every Magnitude Thereof …

            Bless You and Your Son , Because:

That Day, I Saw Your Hand, God …     ------  Ps. 109: 27 , 28
That Night, I Saw Your Might
‘ You ’ Moved Everything In Motion
And Brought It To The Light

‘ You ‘ Wanted Them To Know
‘ You ‘ Made Sure They Saw
and when ‘Caught’, They Know … ‘ I Knew ’
when ‘ You ‘ Cracked Them, On Their Jaw …

… So Wide-Opened, Gasping Like A Fish
‘ I ‘ Heard Their Misery, Intense
They Fumed in Rage and Ignorance
‘Cause My God, Fought For Me !  “I'm Convinced” …

I Tried To Warn Them, Holy Father
Tried To Help Set Them Free
But, They ‘ Kept (and Keep) On ’ Acting Evil
… They Know What and Who They Be !

… Playing Name-Games … Should Be Ashamed !
 of Their Jealousy … and Trying To Mess With Me
Their Deceit, will be Their Defeat
in Their Lies and yeah,‘ I Heard ’ Their Cries !

… and Their Own Sick-Stupidity
May Set ‘em  666 Feet-Down-Rigidity …
And All … This Was Uncalled For !
 ‘ Lord ’ Knows, I Don’t Bring Harm … No More !

But, ‘ You ’ Are The Judge, Holy One
Yes … ‘ You ’ Are:  Final Say and The Law …
And ‘ You ’ Showed Me … ‘ You ’ Wanted Them To Know
What ‘ We ’  and ‘ They ’  All  Saw !

            (The Day I Wrote This … 
      I Mean, Right After I Wrote This
           I Opened Up The Bible … 
               And There It Was ...
      My Ok-Heavenly, Confirmation …
          Everything Is Alright Still
             ...  Psalms 109: 27, 28  )
       God, Save Us 'All' From Sin ... 


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Momma's Love

The wisdom that I learned from her.
    Were like pure diamonds, oh yes they were.
The one true thing I can truly say.
    Is her faith in God and how she loved to pray.
And all the years that I created much pain.
    And I figured somehow I’d cause her faith to strain.
But to my surprise it only grew and it got so strong.
    Still determined as she was to help me along.
She prayed for me with a never ending and a faithful heart.
    She prayed to God that I’d straighten up, and somehow maybe I’d get smart.
Before she died her wish came true.
    I found redemption I was made anew.
 There was a song called “ I Was The Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised.”
     That was my song it fit me in so many ways.
Mrs. Christy wrote a poem called ‘That Mother Of Mine.”
     That got me to thinking on how my mother would shine.
A very kind hearted woman that always to her, her family came first.
    When grandkids came around you’d think she would burst.
I know in my heart she did her very best.
    And if she were given a score she'd get an A+ on this test.
I know I was a lucky man to have a mother that cared.
    And so her memories that come to mind is what I love to share.
The day the Lord took her He took a chunk of me.
     And I love her so and I just thank God for sharing you see.

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A Country In Tears

Once upon a time, in a country so far away,
little children gathered, and were allowed
to bow their heads, and pray.
And in this same country, a flag was flown,
a story was written about when it was sewn.
The country was founded on, a desire to be free,
and in this country, there were people, that would meet.
 They were very smart, and with God in their heart, they made up laws,
and documented every part.
These laws were written, so people could be free,
everyone had a purpose, they wrote them for you, and me.
A man was elected so honest, and true, he gave the meaning,
to our Red, White, and Blue.
Generations passed, and greed walked in, this was the evil,
that has destroyed many a good man.
War after war, and death after death, grave by grave,
that country wept.
Elections came, and elections went, each making a way,
for this countries decent.
Once upon a time God took center stage, In God We Trust,
 was stamped on the money, this country made.
It still is, to this very day, and with the voice of the people,
it will stay.
Once upon a time could be closer than we think, to
keep our freedoms, it is up to you, and me.

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She rules the highest array of clouds,stars,and the planets
Protects the young,the meek,and the MACHO men who like
to pretend that they are the GREATEST SPECIES of them all
She and her daughter,JESUS CHRIST,are rulers between the
reality and the infinite.Never straying do they from the rot and
decay which faces our destiny every day
Our majesty is content to watch and observe her children who
are in trials of pain every day.She is wise enough to let us make 
the decisions,whether it be good or bad,on how we treat and care for
our planet that Madame God has made for us
Today,the bounty that extends throughout the lush but ever-weakening
aura,is overflowing with crowded populations,illegitimate children,toxic pollution,
and so on
Perhaps Madame God chose,before the creation of all things,that every 
creature,be it Woman,Man,or other breathing species,should be in control of their 
fate or destiny.Mothers and Fathers,at some point in their existence,will 
relinquish their parental guidance over their offspring,when the teaching period 
officially ends for the child as maturity washes anew and cleanse them all over 
As her children,we have that choice ,whether or not,to attend the church sacred 
rituals and study under her watchful eye. 
Praise be to Madame Lord and her daughters up high

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Come Inside

A young woman sits alone on the steps of a church,
her heart is so full of pain, she has been through so
All by herself, and afraid to go in, what will these people
think about all her sins.
Then out of nowhere, an old lady appeared, and sat
down beside her, asking, "why all the tears."
The young woman told her about her past, and lost years,
and the reason for her pain, and all the tears.
As the old lady listened to her every word, they brought
back so many memories, as she listened to this poor girl.
Then she told the young woman, she was once lost too,
but God sent her a miracle, with a heart so true.
For sixty years, she had loved only one man, who
had a heart full of compassion, and was able
to understand.
"For the last forty years, he had ministered here,
his spirit is so strong, I still feel him here."
"My son has taken the ministry now, and he is so 
excited to be back in his hometown."
"So let us hurry inside, and find us a seat,
you know, God has a lot of good people in there
for you to meet."

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I Believe:


I believe:
    That Jesus died for our sins so we might receive.
I believe: 
    That on the third day after His death Jesus arose is what I believe.
I believe:
    That He ascended to Heaven so do not grieve.
I believe:
    That we must surrender all to Jesus in order to receive.
I believe:
      That to God’s Word we must always cleave.
I believe:
      That Heaven is full of joy and there you will not grieve.
I believe:
      That God wants us to be happy and trusting Him we will achieve.
I believe:
      That Heaven is too beautiful for mortal man to conceive.
I believe:
       That satan is a liar and will only mislead you and deceive.
I believe:
       That time is close and we must seek the Lord and His word receive.
I believe:
       That without God we are lost and will only grieve.
I believe:
       That America will fall if we don’t turn to God and fully believe.
I believe:
       That God is still reaching out He did not leave.
I believe:
        In God Almighty is what I believe.

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Make sure that you vote

Make sure that you vote
Lord when we go to the polls this year.
       Show us which one we should vote for, make our choices clear.
There doesn’t seem to be any one who follows the rules.
       Father that’s why we ask for your guidance, please give us these tools.
Show us which one you like, which one should we elect?
       Which one we should pray for and what to expect.
Our choices are skimpy, I don’t have a clue.
       But I know who to turn to, who’s always been true.
The devil has got a foothold but he’s after total control.
       He’s wanting to play Your part, but he doesn’t fit the roll.
This coming up election just might be the key to it all.
      Either we stand with God or God just might let us fall.
 So pray before you vote and seek the Lord for what’s right.
     Then follow your wisdom, He’ll give you your plight.

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what true worship can do for you

one day a cargo ship lost control 
and crashed into a busy commercial pier
the determinant cause of the accident
was a lack of daily maintenance and care
for when things don't get the proper care and maintenance
an accident might occur, a possible catastrophic event
as everything man-made has a work safety history
accidents don't usually occur serendipitously
for anything to stay in good working, it requires a routine of daily care
like when It comes to worshipping The Living God, we must always be aware
that God gave us His daily bread, He provided us with a most glorious meal
a feast that we should dine upon until The Holy Spirit becomes in us instilled
don't think that going to church one day of the week you will get you spiritually fit
for there is no fast formula nor remedy you can take in order to get the Holy Spirit 

what true worship can do for you
just look at any faithful Christian man
see how The Lord has worked in his life
then you might begin to understand
that living daily in the presence of God
will cleanse your heart and occupy your mind
true worship of The Living God 
is a daily supper on which to dine

your salvation is in The Lord's hands 
He's in control of everything
your situation is also dependant on God
plus what to the table that YOU bring
there is no short cut nor a quick fix
if you want The Living God to be in the mix
so maintain your spiritual fitness
stay fined tuned with daily prayer
and a heart that is true
meditate daily on the Living Word 
and see what true worship can do for you

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It's Not About The Tree

I bow down to but one God my friend,
   He’s the one who will judge my actions in the end.
And it hurts to see this nation turning away from Him
   We are allowing the wrong few to lead and the prognosis is grim.
The day that I have to start calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree,
    Will be the last year I put it up it will end it for me.
Jesus died over two thousand years ago just for you and me.
    And I will still celebrate His birth with or without the tree.
The Nativity scene is outlawed on most courthouse squares,
    And what about our children the ones that want to say prayers.
The Ten Commandments written in stone by Gods on hand,
    Has been taken out of public offices I don’t understand.
These same politicians that go to church on Sunday,
     Seem to forget about God and His laws come Monday.
Maybe I’m dumb or blind as a bat,
     But I sure enough know when I’m smelling a rat.
The Lord says to forgive and that is the hardest thing that I do,
     And I’m also suppose to pray for people like you.
I can forgive you and pray for you but that still doesn’t make it right.
    I don’t understand why this is happening it makes me want to fight.
But that’s the old devil trying to tempt me he’s done that now for years,
   Jesus never owed us nothing but He died to save us and take away our fears.
And this is how we repay Him trying to renail Him back upon that cross?
   I sure pity you when that day comes and you find out what you’ve lost.
Thank you Lord Jesus just for being there for me.
   Thank you Lord Jesus, I pray You open up their eyes and hearts and let them hear and see.

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God Had A Plan

This is how it began,
about two years ago
I had the urge to write.
Never before, until that night.
Words were swooning in my mind,
picked up my pen, and began to rhyme.
Stories in verse were the first,
my head was pounding,
I thought it would burst.
Then the songs, I could hear each one,
playing all day, from sun to sun.
During this time, my mom got sicker,
I never left, I stayed right with her.
Writing, and crying, sometimes all night long,
poem after poem, song after song.
I believe in my heart, God had His hands on me,
guiding my pen, He was controlling my destiny.
Now mom has passed, but I see her every day,
closer than ever, her memory stays.
Her last gift to her only girl child,
soothing my mind, making me smile.
I had to get still, before God could lead,
He gave me a blessing, for all to read.

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My Lord and Savior


The Lord will lead us, if we seek to be led.
    The Lord will feed us ( like the Israelites in the desert ) if we ask to be fed.
There is no task that my God cannot master.
   He can send love or punish us with disasters.
He is the creator of all things be it large or be it small.
    He is the one God and the only God for us all.
He is The Alpha, The Omega, The beginning and also the end.
    He’s the current in the ocean, the forever blowing wind.
My God bows down to none.
    My God is the Awesome One.
My God holds the universe in one hand.
    The vastness of my God no man could possibly comprehend.
He can be fluid or solid, or as soft as a vapor or bright as a ray.
    He took the darkness from the night and breathed into it light and called it day.
He is the answer to my prayers.
    He is my God the one who truly cares.
He helps us when we’re lost .
    He was the one nailed on that cross.
He is my Savior of this I know.
    He is always with me where ere I go.
Jesus is but one of His many names He answers to.
    He will answer us all, yeah even you.
If you feel lost you might well be.
    Try calling out to Jesus in all honesty.
Repent of your sin.
    Invite our Savior in.
You’ll be glad you did,Thanks

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what a catch!

a woman with a hemorrhaging problem went to see the Lord Jesus Christ
she believed that if she could only touch Him, it would save her life
as Jesus passed by the crowd she reached out and touched His hem
she was miraculously healed, the flow of blood did stem
physically, morally and emotionally she'd been condemned by her own peers
instead of praying for her to heal, the prayed for her to disappear
for misery loves company and with some people you will find
that even though they say they are Christians, they don't possess God's Kind

yes, life can sometimes be anxious, depressing and knock you to the ground
it can be tedious and routine, making you feel run down
yet when things happen over which we have no control
allow God to order your steps and with the Holy Spirit achieve you goals
just break out of your rut and go forward in your life
take a leap of faith today and catch the wave that is Jesus Christ

after that woman touched Jesus' robe she then attempted to hide
then Jesus said,"who touched me", for the power in Him did subside
that woman then stood up confessed to all and told Jesus why
He said to her,"your faith has healed you, go in peace" with God's prize

what a catch she made that day, it was a wave of faith
what a catch she made that day for on God she did await
her story has been passed on down, it's an example of unconditional belief
that if one lets God into their life through Him comes healing and relief

allow yourself to cleansed, wade in the water of God's tide
catch the wave of faith and then hold on for the ride
call on your determination to be your salvation and your inspiration
and whenever you call on Jesus Christ the power in Him will leave
and continue on to a place where there is a need
what a catch, what a catch, now healed and of good cheer
her faith in God has made her whole, her burden she no longer has to bear

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A Letter From Paul Harvey

Here I sit reading our local rag. 
    Our little newspaper full of good stuff and hometown brag.
Anyway a story caught my eye. 
    A story by Paul Harvey in his quest to find the answer why.
He speaks of different religions in our land.
    But the majority is Christianity, and the point he makes, makes you understand.
He said get your phone book out and let it prove my point I try to make.
    Christian churches outnumber all other by 200 to 1 for goodness sake.
He said a thirty second prayer before a football game isn’t asking that much.
    We’re not praying to change the world, just let our boys be safe and have a 
safe trip home and such and such.
Just humor our wish is all we ask.
     Surely your god will look the other way while we perform this simple task.
We’re not out to convert no one or asking that you even share.
      And the atheist’s can even take a toilet break while we say our prayer.
 But speaking as the majority why is it that we have to ask?
     No one is asking to come home with you just let us perform this one simple 
If I were in Bagdad at a soccer game, I’m sure they would say a Muslim prayer.
     Which I would understand and that would be okay, I don’t think I ‘d care.
Or someone praying to Buddha in China at a ping pong match.
    It wouldn’t upset me or cause an itch, you know one that you cannot scratch..
Paul goes on to say we have been silent for much too long.
   We live in a country where majority rules so let that be the name of this song.
In closing he says God bless us all especially those that denounce Him.
   God bless our service men and women, God please bless them.
This is the year the silent majority needs to be heard.
   And bring our troops home was his final word.
Well I for one agree with Paul.
    He puts his job and reputation on the line to stand for one and all.
He’s a man of honor and conviction.
    He loves this country and to him with God there should be no restriction.
Thank you Paul Harvey .

     And that’s the way it was!!!!!!

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 You know America ( Our Country ) was founded on Christian Beliefs.
   When we stood up for God, He led us through hard times, despair, and our 
times of grief.
I’ve seen our Ten Commandments removed from public places, and prayer 
banished from our schools.
   Satan is trying to take over, trying to force us to play by his set of rules.
Christians are being pushed and pushed hard, they are putting our backs to the 
   America is Gods’ country, and if we don’t make a stand we’re going to see her 
Christians are going to have to stop quarreling amongst each other.
   Show the world we are united in Christ as sisters and brothers.
Let God lead us on the righteous path of the straight and narrow.
   While we strap on our armor, sharpen our sword, and make ready our arrows.
The war was brought home to us when the twin towers fell.
   Do you remember that day, I remember it well?
Called a “ Jihad “ a holy war, The infidels must die was their battle cry.
   We just hung our heads and asked the question why.
We are a God fearing nation, well we used to be.
   If we would just open our eyes and look we’d have to see.
Brother I tell you there is going to be a fight, shucks that ain’t nothing new.
   Just pray God stands with us, and the old red, white, and blue.

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Dedicated To Jesus


Lord I’ve been to the garden and knelt down on both knees.
   I prayed to you with prayers and often with needful pleas.
I thought that I had reached a place where I was safe and sound.
   That you would protect and keep me from evil all around.
So quickly did I learn that that was not the case.
   For evil seems to follow like a game of chase.
If you ever take your eyes off the Masters Words.
   Wickedness is invited in, in case you haven’t heard.
Bitterness is just a key to let the devil in.
    Forgiveness is the way to heal this mortal sin.
Bitterness breeds anger, and anger just leaves hurt.
     Show only love and forgiveness and keep your mind alert.
A tongue used in gossip is a dirty tongue indeed.
    It only breeds hatefulness and spreads the devils seed.
Gossiping and sharing are often one in the same.
   We Christians are bad about sharing and pointing fingers as to who’s the one 
to blame.
Sometimes it seems so hard to build up our fellow man.
    I know that we can do it, for God says we can.
When I get really down I picture our Savior there on Cavalry Hill.
    I can just imagine the horror and the sadness as he took that bitter pill.
The Lamb of God was slain that day crucified but still He bowed His head to pray.
    Forgive them Father, they no not what they do were the words our Savior said 
that day.
Nailed to that cross like a mere piece of meat.
    While the most precious of all blood ran from His hands, head, side and feet.
Why, why, why can’t we ever learn?
    It’s kind of like we want to go to hell, and bitterness, anger, and hate is what we 
desire or maybe what we even yearn! 
Lord Jesus please forgive us and show us what is right.
   There are too many deceivers that are hiding in Your precious light.
Thank You for allowing me to express what’s in my heart.
    Thank You for forgiving me each time I always fall a little short.

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God's Gift

I’m a gift from God, never unwrapped.
My life cut off as a matter of fact?

Hidden in darkness, though God hears my cries.
He sent me to be your special surprise.

Fashioned by God inside of you, Mother.
Placed in your womb to protect and cover.

Growing inside you…….God’s great mystery.
Without you my life will never be.

You say,  “This baby, I just want to forget!”
Yet the choice you make, you may one day regret.

You will never hear my sweet voice.
If you don’t make the choice…….

To envelop me in a tender embrace.
And know the joy when you see my face.

Can’t you see?  Don’t you understand?
That in His book all my days were planned.

I’m a gift, carved by God’s own hand.
Can’t you see?  Please understand…….
My life is in your hands.

Listen to Him and hear His Voice.
If you open your heart, you will make the right choice.

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Are We Alone


The night sky is set ablaze by such brilliant stars,
    It seems to beckon to me from afar.
Like a time traveler that is lost or misplaced,
   Or maybe a distant traveler who is here to investigate this new race.
Why couldn’t there be life beyond earth,
    Maybe a different species that God breathed life into and gave them worth.
We are reaching farther and farther with technology and skills.
   Seeking new boundaries excitement and thrills.
Remember at one time the world was presumed flat.
   All it took was someone with courage to discredit that.
I’ve always kept an open mind while holding to my faith.
    I feel nothing is just an open and shut case.
Right or wrong it’s just I’ve always had this hunch.
    That maybe God created more than us, you know a different bunch.
It’s just a thought and nothing more, 
   Nothing that can be proven right now and that’s for sure.
Till that time I’ll keep my eyes to the heavens watching with awe.
     And thank God for the beauty and the sights that I saw.
For it is His canvas that He so majestically paints.
    And with God all is possible and in His vocabulary there is no word can’t.

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Stop The Madness

It seems they started this war upon a lie.
   Where are all the W.M.D.s that caused so many of our young to die?
We’ve got Sadam, but where’s Bin Laden?
   He’s the one we started after, maybe you’ve forgotten.
September the eleventh is where it all began.
  As the Twin Towers fell people on the streets screamed and ran.
The television news that was all we could see.
   Terrorists bringing destruction to the land of the free. 
I personally think we should bring our troops home and lock our doors.
   We keep letting them in we’re just asking for more.
We’re strung out so thin they could walk right in.
   And you can bet given the chance they’ll do it again.
There was one good thing that came out of nine one one.
   For awhile it brought us closer to God each and everyone.
We will never change Iraq’s culture so why do we stay.
   It’s to a different God that most of them pray.
I believe what we’re doing is wrong but that’s just my thought.
   Our way of freedom to them can never be taught.
I pray for peace and a better way.
   I pray for our country and our president each and everyday.
I just feel like what we are doing will never work.
   What I am seeing is another Vietnam is this just a quirk?
 I don’t think it really matters for our time seems to be drawing near.
   I keep looking to the clouds in hopes to see our Savior appear.
I guess I’d better close cause I’ve said enough.
   And if then they want to push, then we can call their bluff.

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The signs are appearing


I think of all the mistakes I’ve made,
   Then I think about the price our dear Savior paid.
And it makes me feel guilty all the wrongs I have done,
   And could I allow those things done to Jesus done to my son.
And sometimes I think we really don’t care,
   With all the killing and stealing and filthy words that we swear.
We show respect when it is convenient for us is the way that it seems,
    When there is no one else to turn to, is when our faith really beams.
Maybe it was just too long ago, is it a sign that we need?
     Revelation is being filled everyday that we speak so we have to pay heed!
The seals are being opened and the trumpets are blowing,
    Repent of your sins and stop evil from growing.
The choices are simple but you’d better choose wise,
    Satan is out there to tempt you with his sugar coated lies.
I by no means am perfect but we all have to try,
    To live our lives for Jesus before we should die.
Death can come up on us anytime day or night,
    Lay down your sinful ways and ask for forgiveness do it tonight.
The world is out of control it’s changing so fast,
    Signs are all around us don’t think it can last.
Politicians are saying that God doesn’t belong,
   In schools or at work well I say that they are wrong.
Today I can speak but I don’t know how much longer,
   The ones against God seem to be growing stronger and stronger.
He suffered for us so we should suffer for Him,
    Should we have to stick our neck out let’s stick it way out on the limb.

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The Gift

 What is your gift, did you know that each of us have one?
   They are things we do that delight the Father and the Son.
Some may paint, while others may write.
   Some may cook, others may have the gift of kindness, that guide us in our flight.
Some may just be a good father or mother that too is a gift of might.
   Some may use their hands while some use their voice to our Saviors delight.
The gift is there, to some it comes with ease while others must search and seek.
   The gift is there whether your character be bold or should it be meek.
The thing you do best, is the gift God bestowed on you.
   It pleases Him more when you praise Him for this gift, this thing you do.
We are children, God’s children, and it pleases Him when His children do well.
   Just like us when our children excel, we are proud and often our chest will 
So don’t let this world try to put you under.
   Remember God created you, and have you ever known God to make a blunder?

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A Message

The judge called it a crime against humanity,
   He said he had to have lost all reason and sanity.
How could some one do to a race of people what this one man has done.
   He turned a whole nation against them because they were called the chosen 
And gender didn’t matter to him just who you were and what you believed.
    If you were Jewish it was the death sentence you received.
They were used in labor camps and treated worse than a slave,
   Split up from their family and most were sent to an early grave.
Starved and beaten and packed in cattle cars and sent off to different camps.
   With no respect given they were treated worse than the lowest of tramps.
Animals were given more respect than this breed of people God had claimed for 
His very own.
    This had to have been one of the worst injustices this old world has ever 
But the thing that scares me now is that it may happen again.
    I feel like if we don’t try to stop it that God will punish us cause we are suppose 
to be her friend.
Israel pretty much stands alone and the center of all that is going on.
   Iran has made her threat when they have a nuclear weapon Israel will be the 
first to get blown.
America is strong as strong as can be,
   But we’re hated and despised for being the land known as the Free.
It’s time we pay attention to this world we live in.
   And quit catering to those who we know are truly not our friends.
We may have to tighten up our belts to make ends meet.
   But that’s better than losing what we’ve got and tasting the bitter taste of defeat.
We as a society think our good life can never ever stop.
   But what if tomorrow the bottom should drop?
All that I am trying to say is I think we need to show we support Israel,
    And be less trusting of all things in this world is what I feel.     
We need to give God all the credit for all that he is.
    For everything in this world is still His…….

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I can only wait

It sure feels good when you know you’re walking in the light.
   And every step you take, brings you closer to His sight.
And you can look the old devil in the eye and have no reason to show alarm.
   For when Jesus is with you, you know you are safe and he can do no harm.
It’s just a different walk when Jesus is by your side.
   It’s like you’re walking on air and your stride you lay with pride.
I guess one of the happiest days of my life was when I surrendered it all.
   I’ve never looked back, my eyes are on the prize, I’m just waiting for His call.
Fortune and fame won’t get you to heaven, and it doesn’t mean a thing.
   Jesus is my glory and God is His name, and that to me has a much sweeter 
You know God has a storehouse and it’s filled with all his love.
   He awaits our prayers so He can open the windows of His storehouse from 
 And pour His Blessings on us, with His mercy and grace.
   And show us how much He loves us, and how He too longs for our embrace.
I know my Savior loves us, I can feel it in my heart.
   I just wished I hadn’t waited so long, but that’s my fault for not being smart.
But I’m where I belong, and it’s where I will stay.
   Till Jesus calls me home, oh what a glorious day.

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from gazing to amazing

why are you sitting in the church looking all a dazed
looking at the pulpit with a confused gaze
some church goers in all actuality
need a good healthy dose of spirituality

every Sunday the Tators come to church with ungodly designs
but a spirit-filled Christian will discern and often find 
that you had better depose of  the deacon Dick Tator
you cannot wait on Sister Hessie Tator
you won't get any praise from Trustee Spec Tator
and to disregard the pretentiousness of Mother Aggy Tator

a church's true prosperity 
is not measure by It's religiosity
It should be totally based on the notion
of the number of those who come for spiritual devotion
Instead of all that feasting and playing
they need to be more fasting and praying

and when the angels spoke to the Disciples on Mount Olivet
they asked them,  why were they just gazing at the Holy Spirit
go on to Jerusalem, go pray and keep the faith
stay in Jerusalem and on The Lord just await
and on the day of Pentacost, the day of appointing
they were all drunk and speaking in tongue
waiting for the anointing
they were all very happy and truly amazed
no longer in a state of fear and to God they gave praise

to be truly in Christ , you must learn to live by faith and not on fear
whether it takes you an hour, a day, a month, a week or even a year
pray, keep the faith , stop running and stand still
just wait on God and surrender to Him you ways and your will
and while you are waiting for The Holy Spirit to emerge
worship and praise God whenever you feel the urge
as worship and prayer are the tools that help you heal
acquiesce to The Lord  God and all truths will be revealed

don't worry about anything as long  as your heart is contrite and true
wait on the grace of God , It will pull you through
and If you find yourself sitting near the Tators, dazing and gazing
just keep praying to The Lord God for He is truly amazing 

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My Testimony

As I look back on the life that I led,
I realize I was unhappy until I found Christ and through Him my life was fed.

Like a song I once heard I wondered aimless living in sin.
I just plowed through life refusing to let my Savior come in.

He was always there Gods gift of love,
Gods only Son sent from heaven above.

To cleanse our spirit and wash us clean,
To share His Kingdom of peace and love so wonderful and pristine.

So stubborn I was when I was young,
Bitter and tormented with a vile speaking tongue.

I knew of Jesus and what He was about,
But the devil had control and thus I was filled with doubt.

It was a mighty long journey before I surrendered my soul,
And accepted Jesus and Heaven as my ultimate goal.

The first few months after I accepted Jesus as my guiding light,
The devil got mad and put up one hell of a fight.

The devil hates losing especially someone he used to control,
It took a lot of prayers to save my soul.

A couple of months after I was saved I was practically bedridden for a couple of 
I couldn’t even speak or walk just mumble and stumble for no reason as friends 
began to pray.

These mighty warriors of God I feel is what saved me I know in my heart.
No payment was required as my friends were only doing their part.

The presence of God is so real you’ll not change my mind.
An awesome love for all if you’ll only look you surely will find.

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Let My People Go-part 1


Who was this man of long ago?
     Who told the Pharaoh to let his people go.
He called down ten plagues to prove his hand,
     To free them from bondage in this Egyptian land.
The Pharaoh was stubborn he would not budge,
      He refused this man he carried a grudge.
Till the last plague was released for all around,
      This one proved deadly as it came without a sound.
The firstborn male would die that very night,
      Proving to the Pharaoh Gods awesome might.
The Pharaohs son was stricken down,
       So he prayed to his phony gods in hopes to bring his son around.
He lost his son for the stubbornness he bore,
      So he released the people to be free once more.
As the people gathered and headed out,
     They were excited there was no doubt.
Then the Pharaoh had a change of heart,
      Decided he would bring them back which wasn’t too smart.
He had them trapped where they could not flee,
     Till Moses asked God to part the waters of the mighty Red Sea.
He raised his staff high above his head,
     And God parted the waters like Moses had said.
Moses and his people escaped safely to the other side.
     But this is where the Egyptian soldiers and the Pharaoh died.
They tried to cross but the waters came down
      Those in the water all would drown.
There is much more to this story that I tell,
      How Gods chosen people have a story that is written so well.