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Narrative Education Poems | Narrative Poems About Education

These Narrative Education poems are examples of Narrative poems about Education. These are the best examples of Narrative Education poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Country Of Addictions

In a country of addictions,
where we are trapped,
trying to find daylight,
and a safe way out.

Many are forgotten,
they are sent away,
when a little compassion,
could pave a new way.

Some can be saved,
by an outstretched hand,
if someone believes,
they can.

Addictions can manifest,
in many ways,
drugs, alcohol, greed,
some bad choices made.

We can't play politics,
with peoples lives,
provide them the tools,
so they can fly.

The time is now,
to turn things around,
give them our voice,
provide a safe ground.

This is my prayer,
may God soften our hearts,
give us understanding,
this is where rehab starts.

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America, Why Did You Stray?

America, why did you stray from the old way.
A constitution put forth, the foundation of our land,
barely recognizable what was originally Jefferson's hand.
Tarnished and smudged by misinterpretation,
overindulgence and greed, to satisfy political,
judicial, and journalistic need.
Once majority rule, now bordering on ridicule,
the law of the land, ever changing, meeting demands,
of whoever takes a stand.

America, why did you stray, parents unable to discipline,
fear children undisciplined now rule, school in chaos,
students unruly, guaranteed to pass, unprepared for their future,
parents unsure, wish for the past, hope the next generation,
won't be like the last.

America, why did you stray, streets used to be a place to play,
neighbors knew one another, socialized every day,
doors left unlocked, nothing to fear, families stayed close,
helped one another, took care of mother.

Now drugs rule the day, hate and crime more common than play,
multiple locks symbolic of today, rarely talk to a stranger,
living in fear; life no longer precious, taken away,
day after day, the bloody count rises, a country in crisis,
victims pay, guilty appeal, courts give them the best deal.
Nobody protests for victims rights, put a murderer to death,
they scream all night.

America, why did you stray, hatred and bigotry alive 
and well today, nationalities split, long for the old way,
when an American, was just an American, now hyphenation,
the accepted way.

America, why did you stray, once an industrial giant
you gave it away, too high a standard for industry to pay,
moved out of country, the new American way, unemployment,
poverty, homelessness rapidly increasing, ruined lives,
while billions are spent on so called allies.

America, why did you stray, what's written today,
barely address the wrongs building every day,
religion is accepted, God is not,
country divided, politically split,
presidential bashing provides journalistic wit,
hatred and bigotry, live for it.

America why did you stray, new chapters every day,
really a damn shame.

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Quit That Tapping

like the raven 
who taps taps upon 
your chamber door
do not fret my Virginia
for it's my shadow
moving across the floor
this is what I'm telling you my darlin
and nothing more

beneath lattice
I still call your name
come to me virginia
come hear the tap tap 
upon your chamber door
for only you my love 
I surrender and never more

wind howls in blanket snows
here I stand so all alone
broken hearted and misconstrued
my Virginia who lies under stars and moon
just a tap tap upon your chambers door
tis I and nothing more

tales of hidas truth
blackbird sings harps cords
just like the tap tap upon your chambers door
my sweet Virgina whom I adore
for there'll be love waiting and nothing more

as I lay right next to you in this tomb
I counted only seven who have even knew
the times of this raven who 
tapped tapped upon your chambers door
twas only I and will be never more

Tribute To Edgar Allen Poe
And His Young Bride Virginia
Also To His Poem The Raven

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Under the microscope we are under watched by a near by species

For some reason they think we are a life form that takes it to easy

Over the years we were abducted; that was a mistake the aliens became uneasy

Unique in several ways we are human and that they see we are strange

Fooling them we act very hostile yet our mindset needs be rearrange

Opening our minds they started to look, but our minds seems to weird and derange

Upset, the aliens take our species to try to understand

Freaks of nature we seem to gather with costumes and sounds of band

Old as time they been coming to our planet and this is what they found, like us, land

Unrelenting we humans seem to focus on a different path

Feelings we have the aliens do not understand what we have

Odd we are, we are the only species in the galaxy that really know how to have a bath

Unrealizable that we do adore the stars and lights in the sky

From all our studies we look up and see the lights that make our world, we cry

Only now we reason with the aliens we are fools in our world and we sigh  

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Just for Me

In the past I remember how things were so simple
When I was little my cheeks had such cute dimples
Looking back I remember how sweet I was as a child
When I think again my heart told me I was so wild
Yet, in time my simple choices was revealed as true as anyone
The reason I was the way I am today, I did things, to get done
Finishing lots of my undone ideas was so incredibly hard
So I figure my heart and choices should never hold in no bard
I never thought I would learn heart aches and pain
With such under statement I did things for no gain
I was a child who held true to what he has learned
But as we got older those kinda perspective would get me burned
When I made up my mind that people was not kind
I led myself in a confusion that I was blind
In the past I do recall that seeing is believing
So I was the one who stood their with friends leaving
Alone, I felt I did not belong, I cherish each person who knew me
I got older too see how the world works it stung me like a bee
The feeling of tingling ran through my vain
My view of the world and people who knew me was stained
Now I know they are out for their selves with no kind feelings
Life I know is just a joke because of who I hung out with seeing
Today as I look at the world it is in such shambles and astray
And rather fallow everyone I just walk away

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The day’s hot-the wind like a convection oven
Blows hot air in our faces.
My cap and gown insulates me
Baking me like a potato wrapped in aluminum foil
I desperately fan myself and look around
My eyes search for my peers and see;
The bros that survived school with me;
The others who shouldn't have;
The girls with memories already wet in their eyes;
The people I never met and will never know;
All desperately fanning themselves
In silence and in waiting.
We all are waiting for the same thing-
What's next to come.
For some it will be their names
For another a trip to boot camp
For many including myself- college
A couple can't wait to forget the tortures of high school
And a few will already be planning our high school reunion
because it was the best years of their life.
As I bow my head, not out of sadness,
but out of sheer defeat by the sun,
I scuff up my dress shoes in the clumpy grass of the field- 
that just finished another infamous drawn out lacrosse season,
I'll be thinking about the 4 plus years, 8 seasons,
worth of drilling and conditioning I did in that very field and on the surrounding track,
With a flash of ivory across my sweating face
I'll be thinking about
All the nooks and crannies
that I sanctioned for the intimate meetings of my girlfriends
The times caught and not,
All the heartbreaks and rejections,
The friends made, the best friends kept, and the many lost.
The drama, stupidity, and immaturity,
Everything that was and used to be.
And, all this time spent waiting-preparing
for this one moment
You can't help but remember it all
And with one, final sweet goodby-

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The Student

Buzz, Buzz,
still tiered eyes open,
She walks down stairs, packs up, and gets on the bus,
She stares out the window wishing to spend the day there and not at a desk.
7 FULL HOURS of of unempathetic teachers,
they give her 6 more hours of school work to do at home.
No one cares!

The homework starts on the bus and she's lucky to have it done by 10PM. 
Finely, she gets to go to bed,
But all she does is stare at the sealing with the overhanging stress of the work she didn't finish combined with the work her unrelenting teachers will give her tomorrow.

It happens each day,  
It's beyond her control,
she tells teachers and friends but they spit in her face telling her they don't care.
It won't change.

Luckily, she has her head on strait,
and while she trudges through the mud she stays strong,
knowing that everything is going to work out.
So she tells herself just wait.

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Life is a Play

We got on the scene, in an environment tightly planned. Perhaps it is "person" who at best is a being that has presence , past, present and future. Birth and death. In this grand stage to tell each other everything that our essence was able to settle with time. Leave memories recorded in "person-stage" temporarily welcomed us.

The goals of individuals are diffuse. The mass of individuals is composed of bargains complex individual goals. Beings are grouped by similarity of purpose and they play opposite to print on the "person-peel" his divine assistance.

We are all actors, some cry, others laugh, others cry... and laugh. We spent the drama, the comedy ephemeral at lyricism of survival with and without cause, many psychodrama arise , ...

We ignore terms play opposite to the sweet illusion of achievement, misfortune, to make himself God, heroism, spotless conduct , ... Why ?

To be worthy of what? If you already have everything in the house of the Father. So many players come here to play, to circumvent laws, make war tactics... because in their heavenly abodes is far to the realism of these have only one opportunity, the certainty of a unique existence. What gain in ignoring the obvious? In their homes, or heavenly abodes you already have everything?

Life is a theater piece.... ... act in which you currently stars opposite? In that text, officers await their inclusion to participate in a plot? You are aware that play opposite? His story builds, rebuilds, or destroys itself and/or many others?

Oh heavenly! My text-narrator insinuates that your children come to you for so many inconsequential adventures? Have not you taught the gift of living eternally in your homes?

Know... know... know... to enjoy life... for those who live in the heavenly vaults may be one... but for those who are conscious is eternal.

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I loved My Life of Bird

I fly in the sky
I swim in the sea 
I sleep in the night
And in the trees I live

The forest once was my home
That I always cherished
For me and every one
Who lived on this beautiful heaven?

Coming into the flame of fire
Together with my family
Helps me to remember and tell to all
That has caused the dead of all?

Came five days ago
Three to four men
With something in there mind known as the plan
To destroy what was known as our home

Came few men 
After few days
To destroy us all together with the forest
To clear the land

They lighted the fire
They parked some big bulldozers
To clear the trees and removes the stones
After everything is burnt by the flames of the fire

Together with my family
Praying to the god as one
To forgive our sin 
And tell the reason for this everything

Nothing I heard from up
But something from down 
As few men said
For the development, let happen this destruction

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Drop-Out Dream

I've done it again, I've overslept
I've failed to finish my homework
I've missed so many classes
that I can't recall which room
that I am supposed to go to 
and maybe I'm on the wrong floor
and oh god the wrong building?
and besides they all look the same
and besides the last time I found it
all the seats were taken...

The semester is almost over
My attendance is still required
or there will be some sort of penalty...

(Tuition is so expensive, son
Why waste it, why throw it away?
Now your brothers and sister...)

The hall is empty and endless now
I'm running and sweating now
The whole class is waiting now
The teacher is waiting now...

I've already flunked his course
but still have to take his exam...

The bell screams and the doors slam shut
Once again they have started without me
Once again I'll be marked absent
when they call the roll...

(Based on vivid, recurring dreams I used to have)

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The Bad King

Ana Cecilia Callejas 

Rodrigo Perez Gavilan

The Bad King 

“Lexer” was a lion who was the King of the entire animal kingdom, during his reign all the animals lived in complete harmony, they were all happy and graceful, and Lexer takes care of them and protects them. One day “Lexer” and his wife had an adorable baby lion that was named “Dylan” as he grew up Lexer teached him a lot of things since he was going to be the heir of the animal kingdom. Dylan also made a lot of friends but his best friend was Jim. Dylan and Jim spend almost all the days together, as the time passed Jim started to hang out with the Rhinos, which were the bad ones of the kingdom. Jim turned into a bad lion and started to incite Dylan to make bad things and he became also a bad lion. One day lexer got very sick and a few days later he passed away so Dylan became the king. All the animals were very sad because they loved Lexer he has been so far the best ruler of the animal kingdom. Time passed and Dylan forgot all the good things his father taught him and started to become a bad lion and a bad king. Influenced by Jim and the Rhinos that were friends with Jim Dylan started to do bad things. He put animals to fight between each other just for their amusement and had some of the animals as slaves just to be his servants, he also ordered other animals to kill so he can eat and have feasts, and this caused a lot of panic in the entire animal kingdom. Dylan mother tried to make him reconsider and change, to do all the good things his father taught him for him to be a good king but Dylan just became worse. All this caused that the animals lost his confidence towards the king and started to live just with the ones of their own kind and also began to fight with all the other animals to survive. This caused that the world became a bad place and since that moment the harmony did not existed anymore and the animals had to take care on their own.
Moral of the fable: if you are a good person and you have good values don’t let anyone to influence you and change the way you are.

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Big bully,don't ask my name--
I can't allow you to know my name--
You would chant to me on the playground,
Make a silly song __make funny of my name:
That my parents thought was a beautiful and significant name.
You have harassed many boys and girls at school,
Just because they are too short,too tall or too heavy,
or because they are too shy,or too neat,
or their clothes not exactly right size,or their shoes not the right
 brand, or their packed lunch not palatable__
Many kids at school are concerned about your attitude,
You bully them in the pathway or in classrooms.
And many fear to talk about you,
I don't want to lash out and fight you:
but I don't like your teasing words and tactics.
I will stay with my best friend or group to ward you off.
I have decided to ignore you big bully__ walking away;
Ready to use my body language to ward you off .
It is great to be confident___
When you want to harm me, I will seek help from
 my teacher,parents, and adults__
To offer advice,support and immediate intervention.

chipepo lwele
*In remembrance of school-going days.

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Boat Of Poverty

Why this boat?
Could it be boat of destitution?
Conveying Epidemics, Hunger, Rags,
Malnutrition and Illiteracy.

Descend from me!
Banish from my world!
You cursed word!
You that called education a"Privilege"!
Patrimony of ghetto!

W.H.O called you "Lion of Africa",
U N called you "Agenda ".
Predicament to black,
Livelihood to white.

Harking to conviction,
Capsize and raise no more.
For "Black Rose" to smile again
On the land of plenty.

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Dumped Baby

One day, one of our daily papers carried a story about a teenage girl who 
dumped a baby;after carrying the baby for nine months in her womb.
And nowadays,it is common for teenagers to throw their babies in pit latrines,
 drainage,and rubbish sites;
Why acting in such a manner when barren women are cying for babies and 
 orphanages are around us?

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Robbing the Nest

I had survived how many summers? Five?
Six? 'til, self-taught, I learned at last
of terror that lurks in situations
which those I trust (myself included)
would swear offer only perfect safety...
My ball rolled under my Grandma's house
and I, well-guarded, scuttled after to retrieve it,
mindless of the tarry soil fleeced with fluffy,
small red feathers, newly molted by matrons:
hens that clucked contentment,
set upon their hidden egg troves.
Spying their nests, I thought to rob them
and so earn a Grandma's love for a city boy
unversed in country ways. Thinking, I acted,
reaching for a nest unoccupied,
half hid behind a house block.
I closed my soft, expectant hand
upon a wriggling creature coiled among the eggs,
drew back like lightning to watch
a brightly spotted snake slide off
into the farther, deeper darkness
amid a squall of squawks.
Emerging empty handed, terrified,
it wasn't Grandma's love I earned that day.
I have always since encountered similar brilliant colored
dangers whenever I have thought to grab,
for myself or others, unclaimed treasures
in strange places, in warmer or in cooler weathers.

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Friends Are Like Trees

For a record,
A best friend covers your past from floating to the present life!
Though we also have,
Next-door friends!
Worldview friends!
Cross-culture friends!
Financial friends!
Devotion friends!
Close friends!
Friends with benefits!
Mentor friends!

Don’t quote me wrong but,
Girlfriends and boyfriends are like florets,
They bloom, fly, fall and dry.
While your friends will be crafting more brush-woods,
Each brushwood with abound leaves.
Friends are as mightier as a pen.
A clement friend will collate all the early worms for his/her friend!
A horizon friend will always transcribe and send missives.
A barnstorming friend can be amiable,
A friend’s cuddle and trust is glory!
True friends wipe off the tears trailing through your cheek
Friendship is a heart of trust.
Friends are like trees,
Trees grow and craft other brush-woods!
Friends are synonymous to trees. 

All Rights Reserved 

T.m.T scripts 

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My magic Flute

My magic Flute

My first and only instrument I received as a little girl was
a Flute.

My mom’s old boyfriend had gotten me a Flute and after they broke up I don’t recall what happened to my magic Flute.

A few years later I had music class my Freshman year in high school and we all got black plastic Flutes and we were supposed to learn how to play the Flute.

As an adult and a lover of good music I wish I had learned to play the Flute. I’d play on the sidewalks of city streets collecting money to pay for my children’s education and to pay the bills.

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The Prodigal Son

When a father of five 
came home faced 
with one in five children of convalescence 
which he will pay more attention?

So organizations should be 
when in a department or group, 
one member is left out 
of the production process. 
Discard the individual or rescue?

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Bloody Bloomin Rose's

Ah, the bloom was on the Rose
yet, the taint of alcohol and drugs
looms nightmare like behind her baby pink cheeks. 
Porcelain skin tones, raspberry rogue
nails to scratch and lift bits of dirty lucre.

She was clawing her way up,
and hopefully out, he hits her, “Slut,” he screams at her.
a sometime replacement sat beside him. 
His Chicano inner-city drawl hurt her ears 
and the fake diamonds studding them. 
The new girl beside him

She’s due at work by nine,
grabbing a smooth wrap-top and a mock
grey skirt, she rushes from the room to the bank.
She can still see his long fingers playing in other girls cleavage.
Rose, well, Rose pays the rent. She strikes a teller’s pose 
behind the formica countertop...

Long days, counting other peoples money
kindness, and sweetness sucked from her
like a ripe plum on a summers day.
She needs work, more work.
I asked her to help in the garden.
Long blonde, buxom, bending over weeds,
only six months to go to graduation
an associate degree…

Rose chuckles, “Look who I’ve been associatin’ with?”
I eye the twenty-five thou lottery ticket in my jean pocket.
“You want to move here Rose?”
“What would they do without me?”
I sigh, thinking of her alcoholic mother
off bingeing and her “boy fiend”.

The lottery windfall went for Rose’s college tuition. 

The bloom is off the Rose now, 
two hundred plus pounds later
strung out beside her Mom on a ratty couch, 
she eyes the Diploma in it’s cheap black frame,
and rocks her baby girl
some things, never change….

*Names have been changed, and the amount given, but part
of the ending has truely come to pass already [sigh]. 
The rest is all true.  

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The Chosen Few

Surrounded by creative sharks at
play; keeping my moves at bay.
I hope I'm making myself clear,
or steering some away. Never
expect more, than you give. Greed
is pure void, never filled! Taught
many years before. Splitting hairs
with someone, it's all in good fun.
The chosen few, will surly agree.

03/10/14   written by, Larry Berdoo
                        WRITE ON!

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These Changing Times

(The rehab of a supervisor)

My eyes!  Saturated
with industrial crap, eventually
to intoxicate what’s left of one’s
bewildered brain.
My sight!  Shackled to the
delusion of corporate inconsistencies,
when leading one’s head through each
enigmatic juncture.
My ears!  Burn with unprincipled
mispronunciations, after boardroom
lampoons of delinquency miss the
mark, especially when delivered
within the queerness of each
insidious secretion, only then to be
viewed with suspicion, when basking
within the formulation of one’s own
comfort zone!
“Labeled” Non aspirant
when introduced to those
emerging within the endearment of
one’s company charter!
“Without ambition”
The blind clown of managerial youth
articulates, one score and five
not an option in this perfidious 
global arena.
Astute!  The annual assessment
in place, only to bolster
insecure managers.
A feedback, to aid keep one
in one’s place.
The first phase of corporate
correctiveness, complete with subtle
Barriers!  Put in place to analyze
inflexible overtones, before pleading
guilty of being in possession of too 
many answers.
But alas!  Enlightenment validated, only
if, of a positive kind.
Ah!  Is this the answer! Positivity with
in this negative world, where truth has
lost its meaning in a labyrinth of
corporate “Lunacy?”
Seminar after seminar concoct to
intergrade somewhat aimlessly with
today’s intellect, corporate logic
filtered through hidden agenda, systems of
corrective surgery implanted, to keep
“Shop floor” On track.”
“I!  And some, from
a bygone era, ridiculed, insulted,
with in the classroom.”

Harry Horsman   for Chris D Aechtner contest
Let the mask fall

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Endless Growth

Investing in ones mind, priceless.
Choices, knowlage, endless greed.
Older, better, younger, everlasting.
Education, no prejudice, intentions,
by all means. Free oneself; discover
growth, walk on water, who knows?

03/12/14   written by, Larry Berdoo
                      WRITE ON!

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Surrounded by a cloud of Witnesses who urge us
Who can bring hope and encourage us to follow Fr. Christ
Without counting the cost
In the midst of the storm
We call in mind the examples of Saints

Let’s remember that we are not alone
We are the little brothers and sisters of these great souls
Just as in the natural order older siblings protect, encourage younger ones
So it is our life of faith
Saints left us a road map

How to follow in the footsteps of our Beloved Savior
Not only that
They accompany us
Through their writings
And, Through their powerful intercession

Written 092902

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We Belong To Our Children

Today we need a miracle of revolutionized culture to survive with our heritage's past for our future.
 Many of us don't even know our traditional language no more. 
So much has already been taking from us that it seems most of our culture is forever lost.
 There is a big difference between white man's law and our Native American laws,
 Many of us have been here in America since time began here in the America's and the only waste we leave behind is the bodies of our people burried like our culture is being buried in the prarie.
 The white man has raped and took our culture and way of life from us. 
So what kind of legacy will we leave behind as a Native people? We must reject the white mans way, we must take no part of it, but how can we when we are now a conquered people among a conquering people which a majority remain white.
 We as a Native people only want to survive so that we can remain who we really are, and its our language and traditions who make us who we are and it is dying at a alarming rate.
 Our way of life is today is almost gone and how can we ask to pass on our culture when too much of it is gone and soon our people's legacy will be just that, a legacy.
 We are the lost generation of young Native's unseen to the mainstream American eyes.
 So with that said we as a people must cling onto what we have left because if we don't do it now we will never get back to who we once were as a people.
 There used to be millions of buffalo that feed, clothed and helped us survive as a people now the buffalo roam no morem and all that roams the prairie is a broken dream of many spirits longing for the living to bring back the buffalo.
 Many of our elders and great one's died are will killed too quicly for their knowledge to be passed down the wisdom of our great people.
 Now we have to pick up the many broken piece's where our ancient ancestors left off.
 Now for the one's who do want to keep our culture alivewe have to teach ourselves what we dont already know with experience.
 Now that the cultural leaders are dead and gone we have to search deep within ourselves to know who we really are as a ancient Native people.
 We must teach our children now for great grandma's and grandpa's are in our children, many or almost all just don't lnow it yet.
 My life and the life of my peers belong not to certain indivduals but the life we live and breathe belong to the people no matter our Native blood degree, it's not that our children belongs to us rather it's us that belong to the children.

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Over The Years

Childhood is the best part of everyone’s life! You might think so, but there are people who’ve never experienced the beauty of this utopia. Sometimes parents often unknowingly destroy or neglect the childhood of their kids, without them even realizing it. This may have terrible consequences later in the life of these kids.
A poem on a terrorist's lost childhood..

As a kid, he cried for a pack of crayons.

But all he got was, some fat books on Maths, Science and Freons.

He grew up amidst the stench of his suffocating passion.

Tinting his mind in a rational and scientific fashion.

He went on, emphatically learning new things.

Just like the bird, flying without his own wings.

He strived and thrived to be the best.

Strangling his dreams, he laid them to rest.

Over the years, his soul was infiltrated with hatred and anger.

Piercing his heart, like an acute dagger.

And, today he creates weapons of mass destruction.

Using all his knowledge, wrecking innocent lives has become his addiction.

Who knows? It might not be his fault.

As he’s a man with his wounds on salt.

Brainwashed, seeking revenge of his mercilessly destroyed childhood.

His rational cognizance failed to discern between the bad and the good.

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Lesson Learned

My siblings and I were taught to work Why we whistle or hum a merry tune What a wonderful lesson it has been Now that I see all the fruited blooms I know the lesson has been learned When I see how much they’ve grown As we passed it along to our children Who are passing it along to their own It’s sort of like a wave in the ocean We soak up the knowledge of thought Then we shower a wave to sprinkle back Drops of knowledge that we’ve caught Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Purpose we are on earth

We are on earth to know To love Eternal God To do good according to His will And to go someday in heaven Human being means to come from Eternal God To go back to Eternal God The Truth is Our origins goes back farther than our parents Our parents are Eternal God’s tool For us to be on earth Sometimes we feel our Creator is near Sometimes we feel nothing at all So that we might find the way home Eternal God sent His Eternal Son Who freed us from sin Save us from the Eternal Father’s world destruction Eternal God, wanted to destroy the world Depressed People He created were sinning Eternal Son stopped Him Eternal Father is Yahweh Means “I AM” Eternal Son is Jesus Christ He is the Highest Priest of the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church We call Catholic priest, father Represent Father Christ He is the Highest Priest The Eternal Father is in Him Jesus Christ is Father Christ He is the way The Truth The Life 4092013

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Just a Thought

Not too long ago
Cigarettes permeated our culture
Tobacco companies were powerful
Science discovered a link between
Cigarettes and cancer
Cancer was deemed unhealthy

You no longer see media ads for cigarettes
You rarely see smoking in movies

It seems that someone somewhere noticed

Violence permeates our culture
Even down to a recent ad for electronics 
Involving an adult interviewing preschoolers
“Which is better, one laser beam or two?”
The (satisfying; amusing?) response
Was “Two.  Laser beams from both eyes
Can make big explosions!  Boom!  Boom!”

Someone noticed that Bullying can lead to 
Suicide, which is deemed unhealthy
And people are working to stop it

Gee, what about guns?  Assault rifles; hand guns
Which have no sporting or food hunting purpose
After the latest grade school massacre
Have we finally decided that guns may be unhealthy?

The first rule of Health Care is, “First, do no harm.”
Sounds like a good rule for Humanity

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Four Stages of Knowledge

Children begin to read and write
learn to communicate with others
wonders and worlds revealed. 

Adolescents hone those skills 
insatiable hunger grows within
inhibited imagination relaxed. 

Young adults open to thought
create new-found concepts to marvel
limitless knowledge spread before.

Aged and wise now understood
in a life magnificent and full 
our learning never ends.

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Greed (Part Two)

Our Supreme Court
Just allowed corporations free rein,
Unlimited power to effect our popular elections.
This regardless of,
Where stockholders may live or stay,
Corrupting the whole process of our Reps selections.

What this means to you,
Is the next Representative you'll see,
Will win because of something they're willing to support
Which has nothing to do
With anything your district or state may need,
But rather what they are willing to trade or afford.

The health care issue,
So important for the huddled masses,
Has been watered down to a luke-warm solution
Which only helps a few
While it has been carefully crafted
And it's now a free-for-all spending sensation.

What about TARP funds?
Where they plan to build high speed rails
And other boondoggle efforts in select few states.
Oh the wicked tales spun,
As the rest of our infrastructure fails.
The party in power controls this money and all of our fates.

It's a feeding frenzy.
Like sharks and piranhas they attack
While banks receive bailouts and zero interest loans.
Yet there's no money
For small and medium businesses to back,
And no money available to refinance our homes.

State sponsored lottos
Disguise that our government now runs numbers,
Unfairly taxing the poor at rates not allowed casinos.
And these billions earned,
Approved by us to lighten education encumbers,
Are now spent to line pockets of our bureaucratic foes. 

Overpaid school boards,
Argued to be necessary to maintain top talent,
Are often paid in excess of many millions of dollars.
This tax on the poor
Then replaces the money which once was therein spent,
And is now directed into other bureaucratic coffers.

Just as 'Freedom of Speech'
Should not include corporate protection,
And give voice to industry over the individual citizen,
Where boardrooms can leech
Our power as individuals in an election,
To elect candidates who'll answer to our voice of reason. 

This corruption must stop.
Somehow we must step up and make hard decisions
And hold those accountable who profit from our demise.
Look at what's been wrought
By the money changers and corrupt politicians.
The powers that be won't easily let go of their prize.

We must now find a way
To once again become a more perfect nation,
To stop all this madness before it destroys what we've obtained.
Because like my banks name,
Regardless of the political party orientation
We must now agree, greed run rampant, can not be sustained.

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A Viking Warrior pt. 1

In the grand days of old let the truth be told/

Those ships and mate's in plight,

With ancient fool's who had launched in an all night battle !

The one who stayed alone and quiet would lose/

A much happy time of old !

Mediocre drawn beers as an angry mob grew bolder !

For the little troll would oft' loosen his undergarments ?

Ready for a fight/

Along came a black knight !

The little troll found himself a bit helpless among the resistance,

In the distance a land far to quaint in which to behold,

Try to filter out the sorrowful resistance/

A castle promptly built for the proud and noble !

What was once thrown down into the rubble,

Yet still my heart beats a bit frantic now ?

Torn in the midst of breathless moments/

We suddenly captured a sweet glimpse of heaven,

But then to suddenly leave again !

With fallen trees of fern and elm,

Then suddenly the sword pulled out of the lasting storm !

With gentle onlooker's to approach,

A vining warrior with hidden spear inside,

Traveler's visiting from the East would often run away and hide ?

Yet what had hit me from my blind side ?

Was it the heavy notion of a wizard living inside ?

A darkened portal that had come to light !

With a famed court prince on some winged plight/

Along comes a big dragon with a focused intent,

Outside a winged servant was inclined to viscously launch out into the night/

To enlarge his welcoming with some frantic fright !

Amidst the hidden turmoil of the given plight/

With the great task in which to make all things right !

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The Poop of Life

THE POOP OF LIFE The poop word is a replacement For the other four letter word You know the one that means poop The one you have most likely heard There is a lot of poop in our life That is really like our body poop Both are really a necessity for living Let me give you the comparison scoop The type of food taken in your body Or what is fed into your life for you Will certainly determine precisely What type of poop you’re getting in to If you let the poop get all built up You tend to want to push and strain In hopes to hurry and force it out That can only cause cramps and pain Slow down and take a deep breath It really is always best to just relax The more you try to lighten up yourself The easier it will be for the poop to pass It’s time to worry if you have no poop Or if you just can’t get that poop out Keep it fresh and make room for more It feels great when it is all cleaned out A stall full of poop has the best worker As Proverbs 14:4 suggestively does say So a good worker does poop a lot Please don’t let it pile up for days No one wants to step in your poop Or even wants to see it for that matter We need to clean up our own poop Every little particle or a tiny splatter It is important to remember To always wipe twice It’s like double checking And it’s really the best advice If the same old poop is left Just every where lying around It only attracts the flies and scum Those pests from every part of town At times there may be a lot Of just stinky hot air Then sometimes you get The real poop coming there There are many different types Of shapes, sizes and textures With the daily poop we’re given The variety of life is measured I could probably go on and on Even you may think of more, I know So I’ll leave you with this one last note Try not to get caught in deep poop though Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Back in the Saddle

When I was a child
I liked to go on horse rides
It felt grant to sit
On top of this beast so gigantic
And learn to have it follow
Commands, finding control.

There upon Marquis, the horse
That I dearly loved
I could find a bond.
Of each other we were so fond
An invisible give and take
With nature, there was no mistake.

One afternoon I rode
With my uncle upon a road
Freshly asphalted, lacking still a border
Riding too close to it, Marquis faltered
Losing momentarily his balance
Which made me loose my balance.

Instinctively I hung on
To Marquis's neck and didn't fall down
Though my body dropped on his right side.
With my arms still around his neck tight
I pulled myself back in the saddle safe and sound
As I knew I would be on his mount.

Remembering this episode today
Renews my determination to keep faith
While going through great struggles
Hanging on to life, seeing the gifts in its bundle
That help me pull myself back in the saddle
And climb the steps to reach grounds more stable.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright  © 08.15.10

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Sacrament of Baptism

The day of Pentecost, Church celebrated
Administered Holy Baptism
St. Peter declares
“Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”

The apostles offer baptism to anyone who believed in Fr. Christ Jesus
You will be saved
You and your household
St. Paul declared to his baptized and with all his family

Baptism is birth into the new life in Fr. Christ Jesus
In accordance with Lord God’s will
It is necessary for salvation
As the Church herself, we enter by Baptism

Baptismal grace includes forgiveness of original sin
Birth to a new life by man becomes an adopted son of the Father
A member of Fr. Christ
A temple of the Holy Spirit

Those who die for faith
 All those without knowing the Church under the inspiration of grace
Seek God sincerely, strive to fulfill his will
Can be saved even if they have not been baptize

With respect to children who have died without baptism
The Church invites us to trust in God’s mercy
The angel of Lord God said
The babies are safe in heaven

Written 09172012

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Iris of Poetry

Introduction: We don't really think deep enough about "What A Poetry Actually Is", the
obvious question which we all know but don't think how to really elaborate on. We mostly
see the story, depth and the purpose it delivers. Well, here's one a little bit different
this time...

Poetry is the reflection of our lives like in the mirror,
It is something we can relate to and share.
It's our memories written in jumbled words,
It's like a song, with a meaning it holds.

A mere idea of our mystical lives,
Expressed in a way from deep inside
A way which only the heart can see,
A place where the eyes get cold-feet

The earnest truth and the sweetest lies,
It's all the irony that makes poetry so alive.

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Let's Blame America

Let's blame the American's for our problem's
They gave us loans and left us in debt
Let's blame the American's for our problem's
they should give us more money

Yet who gave the American's wealth
Who gave the the American's Money
their people built factory's 
those factory's built job's

Those job's built wealth
did the American's blame you for their poverty
no their success was built on a lot of hard work
success is not given it's earned

did you help build your factory's 
did you help create your job's
did you help build your country's wealth
It's easy to blame other's

But anger leads to violence
learn to take responsibility for yourself
creating the factory's creating the job's
will lead to the end of starvation

take away the problem
and perhaps we can find peace
blaming other's leads to war
working hard leads to success 

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Second Chance Prayer

Lord God,
Please help me get a second chance to make up for my past wrongdoing
Send me the Holy Spirit to choose the right path
Provide me Your Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit to help me better myself
Wisdom to have a deep understanding on what and how to change

Knowledge to know the reasons inside my sudden change
Counsel me to give advice in choosing to take on which direction to go to
Understanding to comprehend every situation 
Fortitude to have strength to be courageous on making a stand

Piety, to be faithful and offer goodness to others
Fear of the Lord to maintain Holy Fear to God
Thank You for Your help in transforming me
I respectfully ask this in the name of Father Christ Jesus for sending me the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Written 09162012

(Change “I”, “me” or “myself” when praying for someone or a group.) 

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Womb for Sale?

Ever since a little child,
Away from the family he was kept,
His  protests were ruled out,
Searching for the reason,he silently wept.

No affection, love or bed time stories for him,
Always sad and dejected, his childhood was grim.
He longed for his mother's love,yearned for her time,
Unfulfilled desire of a little boy,what was his crime?

Away from home to Bangalore he was sent,
In a hostel to live alone,he had no intent.
Though dejected initially, he learnt to live alone, 
Study ,work and earn, he soon became a gemstone.

Career enhanced and to Mumbai he came,
Appreciated for work, he rose to fame.
He met a girl and friends they became,
Cupid Struck and in love he was lame.

Happily, they decided to tie the knot,
His neglected childhood, he totally forgot.
Happy in love and enjoying his fame,
Life for him became a successful game.

Then one day his mother called,
All his happiness was suddenly stalled.
She demanded his house and his money,
She dictated ... he abandon his honey.

He fought, protested and decided to abandon her,
She said something that made his eyes  blur.

"I hate your dad and your handicapped brother,
And sent you away,so I could join you later, 
I made dad pay for your education and so you earn
I gave you now you have to return"

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The Progress

He was so dull and lazy 
Frightened and hazy 
Never was able to mingle with others 
And he knows that he always suffers 
Tries to avoid the school 
Does not like to be called a fool  
He was not that much responsible 
For his behavior so intolerable
That is his form of a character 
Anyways, it does not matter  
And his father passed away early 
When he was a 2-year old baby 
Mother always was worried 
About his studies 
A small business she was running 
Needs her only son to get going 
And people make fun 
Of her hapless son 
So much obscure the childhood, is unbelievable 
As childhood is indeed enjoyable 
But for him it is a curse 
Six years later he changed gears 
He decided to work hard to improve 
He yearned for, something to prove 
That he can do it 
He started to look fit 
For he concentrated hard on studies 
And completed even the medical studies 
He is now a famous Doctor 
And a pediatrician for that matter 
His was the worse childhood 
And for him a bright future stood 
He is now enjoying his life 
He has kids from a beautiful wife  

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What's on the Cover

What's on the Cover
        by Amy Swanson

"Fat, fat, the water rat,"
the other children said - 
and she could never after
get that phrase out of her head.

Little girl would anxiously
await the time for play,
praying silently that they
would not tease her today.

Every recess was the same
and each day she would cry,
at times she felt so hideous
she wanted to just die.

She had to work three times as hard
to lose a little weight
while others could eat anything
that sat upon their plate.

She grew into her teen years
all too quickly she found out
that if her food did not stay down
no longer she'd be stout.

She knew that this was not the way,
a miserable eating plan;
but it made the teasing stop,
she even met a man.

She kept her secret very well
continued it for years
while going through life's motions,
hid behind her silent tears.

Folks would say "You're beautiful,"
but if they only knew
just what it took to stay that way
they'd have a different view.

Life goes on, and time went by
no matter how she tried
she never felt like she belonged
sometimes she sat and cried.

Society cares far too much
for lust of lovely things,
And those that don't like what they see
will quickly clip the wings

of someone else who won't conform
to this world's shape and image.
It matters not, their brains or heart,
it's more about the visage.

She raised her head and looked into
the mirror, with wet eyes
she shook her head and suddenly
she came to realize

she was as good as anyone
with so much love to give -
she'd died inside, a slave to scales
she now wanted to live.

She splashed cool water on her face
and made a solemn vow
today would be a fresh new start
beginning here and now.

This is not just one girl's story
many share her tale;
warnings of bulimia
oft met with no avail.

If only we could look beyond
the flesh of one another;
True value based on what's inside,
not what's on the cover.

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watchman keep not silent

Sometimes as we speak the truth of what the LORD,directs us
 to reveal to the rebellious house and nation__
We become afraid of their looks,and maybe dismayed 
at their words!
We try to advise them to do the right things,to stay away
 from rebellion and sin,
But we are perceived to be their  bitterest enemies!
For the LORD has put upon our hearts to speak his words to them___
Maybe they will hear or they will forbear.
Woe the rebellious, for they begin to show dissatisfaction___
They need us to cheer them with propaganda to be seen
 as their supporters!
A fearful watchman will  cover his mouth with hands,and 
 become like a dumb dog!
And the devil rejoices when the watchman cannot bark,and 
 begin to see evil good,
and good evil!
Watchman beware when everybody speaks well of you,
 getting to expose the rebellious house__ 
you are deemed as their enemy!                             
Watchman do not blow the trumpet to be loved, by everyone in the 
 rebellious house and nation!
Watchman rejoice,if your name is written down in the books of heaven,
 because putting confidence in unreliable man is vanity!

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Why Church called Catholic

Church is a she Bride of Father Christ Church is Catholic Church is people Catholic related to the whole Greek kat’holon Father Christ called Profess whole faith Preserve all Sacraments To administer To proclaim Good News Sent her to all nations (YOUCAT) 4092013

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Pharaoh Tutankhamun graced the Egyptian throne,
A negro, brisk and spry.
From his majestical hands, dangled a scepter
And on his handsome head, sat a crown.

His empire was at its peak
For he wielded influence all over africa. 
The bearded Europeans and nubianS sought his protection
For egypt, was a haven.

So organised was the land:

Amun-re and maat protected the people,
The country grew with the help of viziers.
Agriculture was  a noble profession in the land,
As her economic markets were the best in the world

Egypt gave light to Greece and Mesopotamia
For her civilisation altered many a life.
And also, was the birth place of man
Such, was the land of egypt

The middle ages stroke and Europe went to sleep
But mama africa gave birth to many strong children:
Ghana, Mali, Songhai and many more
These children shoke the world with their riches and organisation.

Such was the history that africa recorded before they came.

Fredriech Hegel in want of speech said:
"Africa never had a history before the whites came."
Such a mediocre declaration from an illiterate
For in place of his brain, graced a kidney.

Africa was well civilised before the bearded people came:
We had a religion
We had education as seen in egypt
We had a well organised system in all aspects.

We had everything needed for prosperity,
We attracted them with our gold, thus they came.
But most of all, we believed in equality.
Such was africa before they came/

But when the bearded people came,
They altered our ways and put us in stocks
Then said: "we had no history."
Oblivious that africa had made history,

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If you think physical toil is bizarre
and out of fashion,
Who will train your child?

Moses instructed the israelites to train
their children to be industrious,
and it was regarded as sin to allow youth
 to grow up,unconscious of physical labour.
If a child was to be educated for holy office,
also a knowledge of practical life was neccessary!

Every youth whether his parents were rich or poor,
 was allowed to learn a particular job.
If you are a parent who neglects to provide physical training,
 and only concentrates on mental and spiritual training,
You have departed from the instruction of the LORD!

Proverbs 22:6;Says`Train up child in the way he should go
and when he is old,he will not depart from it.`

chipepo lwele
*special dedication to my father and mother
  [mr & mrs pensulo lwele]

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Trial of a Pendle Witch

(York Assizes, 20th August 1612)
Judge Sir James Altham, Speyks,

Tha wi power t’ eeal
wi power t’ cumfort
logic an’ knowledge
ney i’ t’ nivver t’ be,
nobbut God grants ‘is 
holy wesdom t’ select few.
T’ thee wi nooa gumption
livin’ i’ t’ rural backwatter
I’ t’ meant t’ be,
larned yan mun nivver
tarnish t’ simple i’ t’ mind.
Yit t’day ton tha ‘eead
afoora cursin’ starts
een t’ een mun nivver unite.
Lanky Geeate wi
dawters of Pendle,
Demdike,Chattox,Alice Nutter,
condeem’d as durst ‘ere at Yoork.
wun Jennet Preston guilty
t’  b’ ung  afoora sowl
 t’ burn i’ t’ell, 
tha wi oout regal Status
a threeat t’ man’s rule ‘ere on t’earth
God i’ t’ ‘is  heaven.


“One here in this trial, at York sees one of the first ever
recorded aspects of man’s sheer fear of woman power,
not too much is made of witchcraft here, 
only the street-wise education these women  professed,
with the power to heal, also the enterprise and commerce
they created, their earnings in far excess of the average
man in the district, their fame soon to spread far and wide.
A total of twelve woman were tried, one here in York, eleven 
at Lancaster Gate, where ten were found guilty and hung.”

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The writer left it there 
He left if for the sharp minds
 Hided it to the beggers 
Sealed with the chains of wisdom
 Those wet behind ears are astonished
 They are taken aback about a useless book
 They see no greatness from the book

 The writer left stories that were never told
 The stories of the greats and their secrets
 Encrypt with codes to unlock the futures
 Envy to bring back what people lost
 But still they don’t notice and look beyond

 This is the book that has our stories 
The book that tells of the old age
 Written to change your perception
 Wrote for you to have appreciation
 Would it take your time to read?

 The book that never won any noble peace
 But the book that have all the greats in-one 
Teach me to see beyond the greedy
 Take me into a place where you promise me

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Job Search..A job by itself ?

Out of university and I step in to a world of reality...
Job hunt and job search send me to insanity ...
Will I ever find one ? when,where and how
Will the lord above just tell me now!

My eyes long to see the post man.
Ears long for the telephone ring...
When will some one ever call me ?
My heart and soul sing...

Weeks, months..years pass by ...
Times flies,but no reply...
Frustration makes me rude and sly
With shame and anger,I cry!.

One day I meet an old pal at the bus stop..
Hey,I call out to him..where you going friend .?I ask..
Out to work says he...where and what work I wonder ?
JOBSEARCH! he says...Is'nt it a job all by itself...he winks!

Then comes an interview usual I expect rejection..
At the interview they ask ...previous job experience ?
JOBSEARCH ! from pillar to post. I exclaim...without hesitation.
They say...bold and confident youth our selection.!

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I'm in charge here 
I am your chieftain.....your Lord and Master                         
the head of proceedings...the king of the castle...the cat with the cream,
the orchestrator, the pivotal point, the emphasis, the edict, the axis, the access, the exit, 
the designer, the generator, the detonator, the grand wizard, 
the power and the glory, le chef du paquet 
I....the the dummy 
my hand your thoughts your voice your labour 
This empire is the result of my structured efforts.....not yours 
my potent planning, my vigorous devotion, innovation, dedication, generation, agitation, 
They queue a mile long awaiting your ragged eviction 
Scrutinize your daily contribution before considering financial furtherance 
delegation issues are my division 
I demand nothing more than your obedience, stagnation and repetition. a bullied infant when in my presence 
if not me, then another would devour then empower you 
better the devil you know to oppress and stifle your elaboration 
get down on your bended knees and acclaim my perception 
I could have you bombastically purged from my premises 
harried into the streets with my hounds snapping at your brittle ankles 
watch my honey's callously terrorise your vicinity with impish exuberance 
Laugh?......I'd surely die 
creased up double as you ultimately capitulate exhausted in a heady stupor in the gutter 
diluted to that rag doll status you've become accustomed to 
saturated with reluctant tears upon that childlike, crumpled little face of yours 
a fine example to all and sundry of my hostile leadership. 
Watch you twitch and shiver in frustration at my complacent feet 
you're nothing but a faeces.....a odour 
An exquisite education could have aided your wretched evident predicament 
not for being inadvertantly plagued with ignorance in abundance 
oh those school days wasted playing truant and cackling as teacher narrates 
classroom pranks won't raise your profile here my love 
So with what did you wish to convey a plausible challenge to my authority? 
a rusty nail and a hammer are no match for a pistol and a good lawyer 
Accept your dire situation grudgingly and return to your station 
your workhouse associates await your disconcerted reverse to duty. 
The Gods may presently commission my comeuppance as I dictate 
pigs may fly and cats may direct busy traffic congestion in Time Square 
Ahora si usted me excusa...... yo están ocupado.

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Internet education

I have an internet education 
I graduate everyday
I have an internet education
I bookmark my favorite page

I know about civil war
In Bosnia and the Sudan 
and that one in the United States
that forged "American"
Water rights in Tibet
Afghanistan's hidden resources
Machinery for the war
we haven't fought yet
revealing plotted courses

Challenge me to any thing 
it not about how fast I type
It is a perennial philosophical reflection
that if one looks deeply into oneself
one will discover not only one's own essence
but also the essence of the universe. 
For as one is a part of the universe
as is everything else,
the basic energies of the universe
flow through oneself
as they flow through everything else.
So it is thought that 
one can come into contact 
with the nature of the universe
if one comes into contact 
with one's own nature. 

In seconds I can translate
Chinese and Tagalog
Create a web site, delete a face book
even start a blog (Beaureguard Schmeltzer)
I have an internet education
every day I am learning more
with my internet education
its about me like never before.

Now who do I share this with
my lessons of life
I spent twenty five years at the keyboard
my muscles are tight.
I miss me...
Until tomorrow and the school bell rings again.
Keep up your education any way you can.

Never keep to your self the beauty that is inside 
share your time, your life, your spirit with others.
Get out, enjoy, play music, paint.
Bring home the white clouds again. 

Beaureguard Schmeltzer
Arthur Schopenhauer, how did you know?

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Untitled #335 / Astronomy club

Astronomy club. After school.
Search for moon in vain. Play with telescope. 
Stare at clouds. Learn to juggle.
Admire Mr. Milligan (Clym Yeobright)
and the invisible stars.

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Modern Proverb 7

Faith, is the antithesis of proof yet Truth, comes from the mind and the heart

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Politically Educated

Politically Educated Politics from the Greek, for relating to citizens A way to announce and make their collective decisions The art or science of running state affairs Including, Civil, Institution, Religious, Academic or Power shares. Social relations involving power or authority And methods and tactics; to apply a policy. History from the Greek meaning, inquiry or knowledge acquired by investigation Is the discovery collection, presentation and organisation It can also mean a time after writing was invented. We thank Herodotus and Thucydides for the modern study of history, so I am contented. Geography a science that studies the land inhabitants and phenomena of the earth Eratosthenes invented the word “Geography” for what it is worth. It seeks to understand all complexities of human and natural life I think he must have got bored one day, perhaps he didn’t have a wife.
Contest Entry sponsored By Dana'Lynn Smith By Mandy Tams

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Calling Father


Eternal Father stepped down and gave His thrown to Eternal Son
We are on the New Testament with God the Son
Angel Gabriel told Mother Mary to name Him “Jesus”, when He was a Jew
He grew, started a Universal Church and was baptized by St. John the Baptist

Eternal Father, Yahweh gave Him a name of “Christ”
Apostle is a Priest
Eternal Son is the Apostle of Eternal Father
He is the Highest Priest of the Universal Church

Universal is Catholic or Roman Catholic Church
He didn’t need to be baptized
But He did anyway to for the righteous
He ordered 12 Apostles to preach His Gospel

Eternal Son is the Apostle of Eternal Father
Eternal Son is Father Christ
Father Christ is the Highest Priest of the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church
Should we not call Him “Father” for the righteous? >

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Swallow Your Pride

You were born with some sort of gift
Just remember this, my child,
Swallow the pride that takes away

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Tell your foes, if you have some, swallow your pride
Don't be afraid of their actions
Be in tune with God...He'll get you through this living
and He'll send immediate help on the way
because you've been gentle, patient, and courteous towards people's 
emotional trials and dangerous tests
You have been healed by the Most High

Swallow your pride, woman full of spiritual life...
You are now a bride of humbleness

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

They'll never understand 
What the reward is for

Don't lack humbleness
Lack pride and practice
Patience before 

Men of dishonor, remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

Swallow your pride, you devious fools of shame!

Pleasure-seeking women, swallow your pride...
You are now a bride of humbleness

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Steel me

No silver spoons in my gob
No curly locks
Reheated curry on a hob
No frilly fancy posh frocks
No privileged education and shelves full of books
No blind eyes as brutality hits
Living in reality with cheats liars and crooks
Keep it if it fits
Spin the wheel and today is another day
The motor of life threw me at the wheel
I can fight or I can fly away
Today my bones are made of steel

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Frozen in time,
captivated by this enormous being,
the size of a small car.

his every move.
The way he used his hands;
so child-like.
With all the consciousness of the world, 
and graceless coordination.

of the visitors,
as they briefly called out for his attention.
Only for a moment,
then they were gone.

in an orderly sham. 
He sat there,
in his dark cave.
As if he was waiting for the light to find him.

on a boulder, 
squatting, and primitive.
Drawing in the dirt with one hand. 
Swatting a fly with the other.

His nature,
as he rushed to consume his food.
The females hovered behind him,
watching intently, 
like me.
His movement mechanic.
His presence powerful.
He was the king of his domain.

his magnificence, I watched.
How smart was he?
Could he feel my presence? 
Engulfed in the very essence of all that was him, 
I watched. 

how he felt, I watched.
Did he think he was still in the womb of Mother Nature?
Or, did he know the iron bars which embrace him now?

it happened;
our eyes met.
He noticed my presence.
His gaze intimidated me, 
But I did not look away.
He approached me.
I felt his eyes inspecting my soul.
A chill ran down my back,
I turned behind me,
only to find no other presence there.
When I turned back, 
we were face to face.
Separated by the sham,
And a two inch piece of glass.
Just me and him,
the two of us,
and the females hovering behind him.

His old eyes spoke to me,
They said 
“I am like you. 
I love, I feel, I hurt.
I am, like you.”

I put my hand on the glass
and with all the 
consciousness of the world,
he did the same.
With tears in my eyes,
I smiled.

Then, he pooped in his other hand
and wiped it on the glass.
This was a sign of endearment.
I laughed out loud.
And I swear,
He smiled back.

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...this is so intimate of time, as a first kiss of time close of soul, so near, so dear of heart beat, so precious a rhyme that flows so intimately,
deep of time, down by the Crystal Seas...
...this is so intimate of dreams,
dreaming reality,
as the Crystal Sea so reveals of destinies galore,
destined as the night light of the moon-glows of starry eyes,
upon the waters,
...seeing tranquility upon the waves...
watching to the depth of a dream,
and a sun-rise
being so true...
for underneath and within this a moon-lit poem of starry night eyes, down by the Crystal Seas, a vessel sets sail upon the deep...into a kiss of dawn...
Sea to shinning Sea.

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Balance Within

Introduction: Even if you're tied to barely holding on, your control over will power shall pull you up towards the truth and success. But only if you believe up to all, that it's stronger than what you could be - that's when you balance the fall...

You may get old
Your memories may drown,
But your soul won't get cold
And beliefs won't breakdown.

Just don't you let go
As you never know,
Things you seek for all your years
They could be in your back yard.

Find the truth within the lies,
Fight your pride to end this cry,
Trust your soul; open the door
Balance yourself and roll the stones.

The one's you heart will always stay
So don't throw life out your doorway,
Life's too short and it's too real
Sometimes it's hard to see and feel

That's how you live a life,
The risk that breaks you down to bits
Saves and brings you back alive,
That's what we call the gift of life.

No matter how rough things might get
We get rewards for the risks we take,
No matter how hard or sad
Learn and value what you have.

Though, too much pride will leave you dried
Don't let 'hopeless', be your life's stride,
None of this will you take to grave,
Your deeds will lay, only your pave.

As you breathe in and do breathe out,
Make each one profound
And stand your ground,
As lies are just the fantasy,
The truth - is your ecstasy
And this will forever be plain to see... 

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God or Father Christ

Apostle is a priest
Eternal Son is the Apostle of Eternal Father
Eternal Father gave the name Christ when He was baptized by St. John the Baptist
He ordered the 12 apostle to preach His Gospel

He was the Highest Priest of the Universal Church
Universal means Catholic or Roman Catholic
There is a purgatory
Yes, purgatory is in the bible

The 2nd book of Maccabees, Old Testament
Purgatory or Purification
Intellectually understood 
All as in everybody should be under Eternal Son’s Universal Church

Eternal Son is the Highest Priest of the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church
It is for the righteous to call Eternal Son Father Christ
Eternal Father is in Him
Father Christ sends the Holy Spirit

Christians will be in the Purgatory
Until they learn from their Initiation before going to heaven
On earth is called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults R.C.I.A. to be the true Christian
Three types are slain

Father Christ is the pathway to heaven
To face Eternal Father and the Divines
It is my job to inform everybody
Visit to know more

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Is There a Hell

~~Is There A Hell~~ Hell, Sheol or Hades is there any such place? Check your scriptures if you dare, I’ll show you the place There is no place of torture ruled over by the devil Just a threat in the mind to keep us all on a level. It does not in the scriptures say - we will forever burn For all your sins on earth if you do not turn God inspired the words of the Bible they say He wanted to help us all - on our good way. The scriptures inform us that once we are dead To the dust we return and not torture to dread From the dust we were created to it we will return Not a room next to Satan where he can laugh as we burn. This God In the scriptures promises a resurrection for all He does not say into a fiery pit we are all doomed to fall. The pit in the scriptures around Jerusalem ringed Where the dross and the rubbish were hurled into this thing. He promises life for those that vindicate his name For those that do not, they themselves are to blame But there is no threat of a fiery pit they call Hades, Sheol or Hell Just to dust in the ground that’s where we will dwell. Job was a man much loved by God Asked to be hidden in Sheol until God's anger dissipated, now that’s odd Why would a man want to be hidden in Sheol or Hell? Because he knew the truth, and from this we can tell. He wanted to hide in the grave until resurrected He was lost and in pain and feeling rejected God cured this good man that wanted to hide in hell He rewarded him with more, his quiver he did swell. In Revelation which is to be revealed - and is visionary It depicts the devil in flames, now that may be to some quite contrary. God promised that Satan will burn in Hades for all time. But man has a chance to be forgiven his crimes The worst we can have would be no resurrection Leaving our bones in the ground for archaeological inspection
Ecc :9;5 Job11: 11-14 Ps 1463-4 Hell Hades Sheol through different translations seem to mean grave

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Modern Proverb 6

~~*~~ put a smile on some ones face today take pride in knowing you put it there

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Flaming " Baked Alaska "

Today’s assignment is for a disappearing Dessert :  the “Baked Alaska”
I want five groups of four, Sous Chef, Saucier, Garde-Manger, and Cook.
The recipe is in front of You. You have an hour and fifty-eight minutes
Each cook in the group has to watch each phase of the recipe.
Sous Chefs, You are to make an orange-lemon Sponge Cake.
Garde-Manger, will make a vanilla- chocolate Ice Cream.
Cooks are responsible for an egg wash and the Meringue.
The Sauciers will make a hot Triple Sec reduction.
Once the cake is in the oven, every eight minutes, coat it with egg wash
When sponge cake is done ; cut the center out, an inch and a half from each side
Cut all but a quarter inch from the top, cut excess into finger pieces.
Fill the center with ice cream and cover with top piece.
Using a no. twelve tip in the pastry bag, squiggle four horizontal and three vertical;
Meringue lines, place back in 400 degree oven for five minutes. Heat the Triple Sec,
Drizzle over the Sponge cake, and ignite, it should  make the meringue Golden Brown.
Tomorrow, each of YOU will make muffin size Baked Alaska.

Inspired by "SweetHeart" of POETRYSOUP ( and Me ) Linda-Marie's Contest
                                       "Dreamy Desserts"

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A Bunch of Flowers

Oh dad, you’re great, you saved me in crisis.
You make me able to enjoy juicy healthy spices.
When I fall ill you run to secure me in hands,
And introduced danger of Life and paid off prices.
You provided me knowledge and education for easy rises.
How can I forget you my success are your donation?
Otherwise who cares a child in this modern fashion?
People can’t afford human growth they claim expenses,
You were honest and industrious my mum has mention,
Your time was hard or mine, life has different sizes.
I think sometimes how olds has afforded a big family?
When mum was full time mum for children mainly,
And provided full opportunity to grow everyone’s taste.
Why do we modernise fail to respect and struggle shamely?
Divorce and separation isn’t wise for kind namely prizes.
I care how do you afford gifts and celebrates births and fests?
You never disappointed anybody and care for all lists.
I am boring and selfness, can’t afford a bunch of flowers,
Dad’s day comes and goes but feeling lives in the rests.
Time plays a part and love struggles with different Hisses. 

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Modern Proverb 5

Time is the consistency in the overall package

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Washed Away My experience with Katrina

Innocent victims cry in the dark
Forced to take refuge in that park
Such wrath began to fall
For I shall never forget the day I got that call
Silence and sorrow heavy in the air
It was like nothing I could ever compare
Days turned to weeks
Thousands take dwelling beseeching for any relief
Thousands left waiting in utter disbelief 

I was supposed to be deployed
Yet an injury kept me here
My fellow workers attacked at the dome
Traumatized and in complete fear some had to return home
I feel so guilty
So guilty I should have been there
Innocent victims crying
Innocent victims now dying

An event so devastating
The stench of death filled the air 
We could not fathom something so unfair 
I counseled innocent victims
Still sticking strong to their convictions 
I still recall every haunting voice
Confused, frustrated and displaced
Innocent victims left without a choice

Families torn apart on that day
The day the levees broke
Families losing all hope
My job was to help them cope
Innocent victims left to cry in a park
Fear increases when light turns to dark
Like declaring Martial Law
Lives washed away, all humanity started to fall

On the dawn of a new day
So joyous… even an atheist bowed her head to pray
The media coverage was what really brought aid
Oh no!
Politicians began to look bad so of course something had to be done
Late in action but at least more help had come
There is still work to be had
Many left permanently sad
Entering in hundreds of names to locate the missing or those declared dead
Debriefed each night just to clear my head
I still remember so clearly the desperation and panic
When Katrina came in August 
Life turned frantic
Overwhelming emotions; I felt completely manic 
I will never forget the victims I helped in such grief
I hope when the bodies were identified; I wish just some…
Some could give a sigh of relief

It is important we do not forget those still suffering
The child who didn’t get the last kiss
The parents who will be dearly missed
We all have the ability to help
1,836 people dead!
Work together and ease the sorrow… 
Another disaster could just happen tomorrow
Make time to reach out 
So many innocent victims still in need
We all are capable of doing a good deed

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They dug a pit in the clay
To mark the Millienium day,
Creating five large biomes
To house earth's plants in global homes
A new Eden,living in glass domes.

Tribute to the unique Eden Project,Cornwall,England

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Its forty years now
since that first day,
I remember still the
tears that dropped from
my cheeks as my mother’s
hand unclasped mine,
breaking the bond I’d
known from birth, handing
me over as though I were
a piece of lost property,
Miss Pringle was very kind,
and I’m sure understanding,
but she was only a
substitute, someone fitting
in between nine ‘o’clock
and quarter to four
five days a week.
But what of the freedom?
I’d known for the first five years of
my life, this institution was
taking it all away, two
times tables, abc’s, banging
blocks into different shaped
holes. “Yes innocence and
freedom had gone”
Gone, forever!

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If you didn't know it was bad.
How would you know it was good?
If you didn't know how to be sad.
Would you be misunderstood?
What if someone told you something funny
but you thought laughing was insane.
Would you run inside when it was sunny
just to get out of the pouring rain?
Can you teach a child to hate
who never had any love to share?
Do you hurry up and wait
or do you wonder if you care.
How do you make up your mind?
Does someone make it up for you?
Do you follow closely behind
because you don't know what to do?
If you can't think for yourself
what kind of message can you give?
If you always ask for help
will somebody tell you how to live?
Will you happily plod along
until someone tells you it's time to run?
If you don't know it's right or wrong
then you might think work was fun.
Maybe that wouldn't be so bad.
If working hard made you feel good.
But I think It's kind of sad
that you never really understood.

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Another Holocaust?

Have we gone to far to take it back?
    Like a fast running train that has jumped it’s track
Can we gather the pieces that we’ve thrown away?
    And seek redemption in the words we pray.
How can we expect forgiveness from what we do?
    We’re so unfaithful and so untrue.
I know we weren’t there when Jesus died for us.
    So we take on the attitude what’s the big fuss?
They say He will return and claim His throne,
    Will you believe then when the proof is shown?
We can remove His name from everything,
    But when the final day comes whose praises will we sing.
Our government was suppose to be a voice for the majority,
    Instead they do what they please in this land lead by the minority.
In God we trust is what has always lead us through,
    But now they are saying God is not allowed only you.
I don’t know how this country got so turned around,
    But I know the course we’re on and where we’re bound.
I hope someone out there knows what to do,
   And lead us back to the things that will sustain us through.
I read an article about how HUD would not let this eighty some odd year old lady 
place an angel on her Christmas tree.
   Said it might offend some of the other tenants, WELL EXCUSE ME!
It reminds me of a one Adolph Hitler and what he did to the Jews,
   If we don’t stop this idiocy before it gets full blown then Christians might start 
feeling the point of the screw.
It’s not a joking matter and we can’t laugh it off anymore,
    Or we are going to have the Gestapo policing Christians like they did in 
Germany once before.
If you’re a Christian open your eyes and look,
    They’re removing our rights one by one, day by day, book by book.
I don’t want to start trouble but I want what’s right,
    And when push comes to shove are you ready to fight?

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I know all poets have something they are trying to say.
Sometimes what we write is terrific..sometimes not.
"He" wrote about desperate longings and I felt his pain,
but the form was wrong, the spelling terrible and a lot
of it made no sense.
So, as the coward that I am..I decided to just move on..not
wanting to criticize and spoil the moment for him.
And does one improve if unable to give and
accept constructive criticism?  Never wanting to hurt,
but afraid that I would . I said nothing.
      Its a conundrum, that's for sure.

For HG"s contest..
 Not sure if this is what he wants..hope so.

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wonders in history 2

Great Pyramids Of Giza
 Colosseum Of Rome
The Great Wall Of China
 Hagia Sophia
Stone Henge
 Taj Mahal
Empire State Building
 Golden Gate Bridge
Victoria Falls
 CN Towers
Chiche Itza
Old City Of Jerusalem
 Aurora Borealis
Grand Canyon
 The Great Barrier Reef
London Sewerage System

Author;Free Software Foundation
Compiled;chipepo lwele

PS; The Reminder of The New Wonders
     of The World.But, now the number
      exceeds the original 7. 

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A Shot In The Dark { Narrative}

helplessly he stumbled 
through the door
holding his bloody chest 
Mother gazed into 
her fourteen year old eyes 
and just knew that he was up 
to his old antics of gang banging 
Yelling and cursing did nothing 
to wake this kid up 
Mother's tears flooded 
like an open gate 
she wondered 
where she went wrong 
raising him 
for he had the best 
of everything 
a home a job an education 
anything he wanted 
or needed 
was right at his fingertips 
maybe having only one parent 
in the household 
or just not enough discipline 
now she stands helplessly 
over her young sons 
lifeless body 
lying on the kitchen floor
in a pool of blood 
all that she could do now
was to pick up the phone 
and call the police 
and the morgue 

Tribute To Children

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Question life

I'm told that I should just have faith
I'm told that is the road to God
the love of God is faith
With faith I should then follow

Do not attempt to see
do not attempt to understand
the thoughts that God conceived
yet faith to me is hollow

sometimes deceived by man
do not the suicide bombers
have faith within their hands
they walk with faith and then destroy

The innocent do bleed
the church with faith fought 
the crusades 
great money made with death

again with faith the witch hunts
took many to their deaths
no my friend I will not lead
I do not want that job

Instead I would then have you ask
yourself for Gods insight
do not follow do not lead
with faith do not make others bleed

Stand up for what you think yourself
and question what you read
is what they say the truth I ask
I do believe with questions speak

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We Were All There That Day

All of us were there that day/
Yet not in the physical aspect,
It was a very spiritual notion/
Not some encounter from a heavenly omen,
Beneath the soil amidst a great gulf fix,
Some have become a bit transparent/

Perhaps a little cumbersome ?

While other's having claimed to experience all the fullness,
Little did they know that king's and queen's would all bow to thee,
Amidst the given turmoil of the unfortunate vast excursion !
Still in the garden that day they all fell asleep/
Yet still all of us were there,
When the roman solder's ripped off your beard !

Still some of us it's too hard to fathom it,
Some finding it to intense and a bit weird !
Having common passerby's spit in his face/
While still there were many angels in waiting to take vengeance on those,
Yet Jesus didn't choose that route of passage,

With no sense of remorse nor a common disgrace,

We were all their that day !
Even when beloved Mary your loving mother wept !
Fashioned with real tears for her son,
While they tore into his flesh !
Until there was nothing left but exposed bone,
When all the nails had mounted you to the rugged cross/
We all knew that this wasn't some tragic loss !

With words', "Father please forgive them for they know not what they do ?"
He said the prayer now the rest is up to you ?
We all had learned Lord what your beloved father really knew/
We were all there that day/
When after three days you suddenly rose from the grave !
Although still many had rejected you ?

The god of this world had blinded many eyes/
Does all of this come at some big surprise for it is written in the scriptures for our benefit ?
Lest they all should see and be healed,
For even Pilate had found no fault in thee,
Yet he gave into the crowds cry's and demands !
Having vicious fangs nor swollen teeth/
Which all gnash abruptly !

Having a fish dinner with Peter for breakfast/
The was fully after your grand exit,
We were all there that day/
Henceforth, even to this present moment in time,
Today, everything we pray for we can all visualize you being there,

For we were all their that day !

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wonders in history 1

Great Pyramid Of Giza
 Hanging Gardens Of Babylon
Temple Of Artemis
 Statue Of Zeus At Olympia
Mausoleum At Halicanassus
 Colossus Of Rhodes
Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Author;Free Software Foundation
Compiled by;chipepo lwele

PS;The reminder of the 7 Wonders Of
     The Ancient World.

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Against Those Who Discourage mOTHER Marian Devotion

O Sweet Father Christ, do these people have Your spirit?
Do they please You in acting like this?
Does it please You, when for fear of displeasing You,
We neglect doing the greatest to please Your Mother? Who’s our mother as well

Does devotion to Your mother, delay devotion to Yourself?
Does she attribute to herself honor we pay her?
Is she a stranger has no connection to You?
Does it displease You when we try to please her?

Do we alienate ourselves from Your love by giving ourselves to honoring her?
Yet my Sweet Master, 
Greater learned not discourage to Your holy mother 
Even all that I have said were true

Therefore, they’ve been punished for their pride!
Keep me Lord, form their sentiments and practices
Please give me share sentiments of gratitude
Esteem, Respect and Love
You has in regard to Your Holy Mother
The more I imitate her, follow her
The more I may Love and Glorify You

As if up to this point
Still I said nothing in honor of Your holy Mother
 'Give me grace to praise You worthily,' 
In spite of all her enemies, who are Yours as well
Grant me say loudly with the saints 
'Let not that man believe to look for the mercy of Eternal God 
Who offends His holy Mother 

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The Earth As It Is

Everywhere you look around is corrupt. It is because of this egotistical attitude about 
ourselves. Why these bad things always happen, like on the news its always bad, like rape, 
murder, not caring about people's lives, also, corruption in political relms. This list goes on 
and on. I wonder about children who grow up in this mess. How will they turn out to be in the 
future ? The earth is as it is, because people do not want to listen and do better. Education is 
very important and look at all of these high school dropouts. It is really a shame, but all we 
can do is pray and hope things will turn out for the better.

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On Watch

He stands behind a wheel thick as a mans wrist, ornately spoked and polished, its diameter 
half his height; which he fondly strokes as he gazes upon a horizon, red, as in anger, yet, 
knows this is not the case and smiles.

His beard, speckled with slivers of gray, hide a face strengthened by wind and sea weathered 
beyond his years, accenting eyes, dark, deep as an abyss, that bear witness to the years of 
hardship. His teeth clamp upon the stem of a pipe broken to perfection, one of his few 
pleasures in this life.

His clothes, unmistakable, upon his shoulder, two chevrons under an eagle, identify him, as a 
man of some esteem.

This late night he commands this ship upon the sea, as the deck below his feet creak softly 
responding to the pitch of gently lapping waves; reassuring men below all is well.

Gulls, screeching their displeasure, circle above the crows nest protesting the occupation of 
their intended perch, their appearance a welcome reminder, just out of sight lies a land 
young and rich in resource and history, a land he calls home.

Porpoise, leaping, play in the wake of the ships bow, as to guide this ship home, provide 
momentary amusement, while sharks aft of the ship maintain their silent watch, awaiting 
their next meal.

As he stands behind his wheel he takes in all of this, knows all is well and good, in the morn, 
they dock, once again on dry land, until then he maintains his vigilance, never faltering in his 
duty to protect and defend.

As he gently turns the wheel making minor course change, he removes his beret, reaches to 
scratch a head void of hair, adjusts his beret until it sets just right, for all who can see, to 
read, U.S. Navy.

With a draw on his pipe, America's guardian, remains on watch tonight.

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A Little Crazy

I went a little crazy tonight,
a little over the edge.
Reading the natal
chart prepared for me 
by an astrologist in Poetry
class and it all rang too true,
the good
and the bad
was hard to take
sitting there so alone
without you
without anyone
I began to cry
but not for your return
or theirs,
another path draws me now
and good
or bad
I'll have to see
it through until the bitter end
or until it no longer matters,
until my mother's
creeping, bulging, bursting 
tumors take over the body
the breast I nursed
the cancer I imbibed
my own breast barely saved.
What is our goal? the surgeon
said, and I said 
Save the breast
and we did.

Now I'm in college,
at my age can you imagine
and I surely have some reading 
to do and this higher
education is almost too much
sometimes but I love
it and hate that 
I failed to pay attention
for several months and now
no one moves around in my
space except me and 
I must have driven away
everyone and thing 
has left me now but
I do enjoy my solitude
though not quite enough sometimes.

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Rockfield Road

 Rockfield Road
A blend of northern grasses fields 
a forest of homestead trees; the saplings, 
long overcome by maturity, bear witness
to the prayer of Native sons; to give back 
what you take from Mother Earth.

In the midst of this green-crowned bark, 
a sacrificial altar of oak remains; 
its once tall spine gives strength
to the walls that house my children. 
a beauty lost to hearth from need.

One over-populated crab apple, 
draws deer at dusk and dawn. 
Thank God for a pre-set Mr Coffee, 
and a strangulated teapot 
for morning routines, 
worked in first light,cease, 
as the four-legged creatures near. 
I smile, as the collective intake 
of breath is held and released
without accompanying speech.

Breaking the moment to be on time
for artificial satisfaction, 
is not the legacy I choose 
to leave my children. 


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Pythagoras was a mathematician. He taught mathematics in ancient Greece. He created a now-famous theorem. You can bisect a rectangle or square. Draw a line between opposite corners. This will result in two right triangles. The two sides opposite each right angle are commonly called a “hypotenuse“. The sum of the squares of the base and height, equal the square of the hypotenuse.

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To the Faithful Player

To be the last, to finish, to only see ends without beginnings.
Xenocide could not claim you.
Ender did not name you.
Love’s the Card which framed you.
Orson Scott Card.
* For Brian's Literary Affairs Contest. Orson Scott Card author of books  Ender's Game 
(1985) and its sequel Speaker for the Dead (1986) both won Hugo and Nebula award winners.

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Tax Time Blues

I am all confused about income tax credits 
Now you ask about something called debits? 
This is really driving me insane with a pain. 
Do I get interest at all for capital gains? 
What can I tell you about common stocks? 
Now liabilities and stockholder’s lock box, 
Is this really a case of stretching my brain? 
All this taxes take our money with no gain. 
Balance sheet increase, this just sounds crazy 
Income statement and loss, this is so hazy! 
It feels like my eyes are just filled with grain. 
Thank you the day is done and it was no fun 
Look at this accounting spreadsheet again? 
Help me lord, now I know I’m going insane! 

Comments:  This is a free verse narrative poem.  I had intended to make it a 
sonnet on taxation.  It was written during an income tax accounting class.  Input 
was received from several students.  Some thought it was really funny, and 
others thought it was very serious. It was read by the professor the week before 
finals and was very motivational.

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The Process or Kafka's Dream Part 1 (revised)

Across the cracked concrete slabs,
past a fallen dogwood
left lying like so much litter
at the red brick base of the court house;
the jurors strode.

Through the doors too heavy
for a mere woman to open unassisted
and their constant societal reminder of place
of strength and weakness;
doors serving as the first purposeful
architectural devise of disrespect,
up to the toy soldiers of the city
at their arched metal catcher gate;
the jurors of democracy strode.

Patted down, prodded,
stripped of our individuality,
so like the cattle, they assume we are;
like the criminals, who we are told are..
“Presumed innocent until proven guilty.”;
we too are subjected to the indignities of the law.
The jurors moved.

Herded up rickety elevators into the bowels
of the ivory towers of jurist prudence,
funneled in alphabetical order to weary clerks;
who sticker, stamp and quantify us,
innumerable names to numerous lists;
the jurors wait.

The sheer nature of the building,
the room, its officials, cowed the crowd
who sat cud chewing and bottom scratching,
awaiting the arrival of the Judge?
I sat, longing for the days of Jefferson.
the rebirth of the Renaissance man;
wrestling with the morality of the ignorant justice? 
Wondering what poor, schmuck,
was to be brought before these modern day
Madame Defarges who sat knitting.

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We all stand alone

When all of time has elapsed & the moment for us will be no more
No, plight of fancy given hence to even ponder the ego
An explosion of sorts that marked a pulse on some plotted page
The door way of hope where no one bothered to offer your way
Through pillage of inner torment many will stand at heaven's door
With no intention of ever entering yet their will be w vast chasm to explore
A new exploration of that of content in nature

We have planted our seeds
Now is the time we will wait for the harvest to grow
Through vast fruition in timely exploits we will search further then ever before
To never relent in the place we will reach which will be in effect heaven's door
A given chance at which to humbly explore
A challenge to be made free is a question in time
Hope knows just where the stained glass window adjorned next to it's borrowed pew

To name just a few from the sheltered dormant of the chasm again
The given chance at which to humbly bow the head to count to the number ten
We must search ever vigilant to look within once again
Is their something that I had missed
Perhaps a fond lady that I was ever sorry that I had kissed
We stand alone on the promises of God
As we search within again
The given sphere on the oblonged gem'
Through portals of jest timely circumstances
We search even further then ever before

Through golden portals of emmense filled water that has been quenched to humbly 
nurture the inner palate'
Abounding in ever more stimulation,
We may need a break on some long awaited vacation
Then again to wander within
We all stand alone in that final day
One may never get a second chance at which to ever bow the knee to pray ?
Yet its all safe to say that it never had to be this way.

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life begins

so the "majority" resound
that life begins at birth
and equally, the other "majority"
state life begins at conception

Senator Connie Johnson chimes in 
that life begins at ejaculation
or more equally, orgasm, a come-along
and tongue-in-cheek we hardly speak
in compromising tones, she bemoans

I'm thinkin' why not go the extra mile
...take the next step and say that 
life begins at a leer and a smile
since that's where the cheeks flush

or go just a bit further and say
it starts by the hall water fountain
or while showering and dressing up
for an evening of conceptualizing

life takes on special significance
when spritzing the cologne and
slipping into something tight
with high-heels and zippers

but since we're talking about
conception, maybe we should just
go back to the ceiling of the
Sistine Chapel where God touched Adam 

and said "ok young man...go forth
and conceptualize a civilization
and do many things in my name
but mostly remember to live life"

© Goode Guy 2012-02-24

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Knowledge is the cure


Children gather around there is a story I must tell.
It’s something that I live with so it’s a story I know well.
Learn to see the lessons before they become regrets.
The consequence you’ll pay will be one you won’t forget.

I’ve never been afraid but of this you should.
Hear these words let them serve you good.
Weight out all your options or you may get HIV
It will change all you know effect all you can be.

There won’t be any warnings but you will feel forsaken.
What may seem correct, you may have mistaken.
Many things around you may seem better than they are
Learn it see the danger and keep yourself afar.

I live with this infection that simply steals life.
It’s strength is uncertainty and comes with strife.
Learn to listen to the warnings before it’s too late.
All that you love shall be devoured by this fate.

All you need is to protect yourself with knowledge
It is a lesson from the streets not one you learn in college.
Isolation becomes real as the loneliness begins.
It’s the battle I fight that I can’t ever win.

Be careful of your choices don’t let them choose you.
Protect yourself or your life will become askew.
Always using condoms is one sure thing to do.
Hiv can infect anyone it can happen to you.

The only thing I know is there isn’t any cure.
Death is always looming of this you can be sure.
I wouldn’t wish this life on a single soul
It’s like having a puzzle and watching the pieces go.

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I'm Just What Your Looking For

since the year of 1952 the city of st paul Minnesota holds
their annual treasure hunt the king and queen of snows
goes out to a city park and hides a medallion worth
10,000 dollars if you are the winner and your carnaville
button is register with the st paul pioneer press
which gives out 12 cryptic clues and this little medallion
could be wrapped in just about anything from diapers to cookies 
and the frigid weather here just may make you want to just
stay by the fireplace and sip on hot coco with family and friends
even lucky finder gets to ride along with the king and queen of snow
in the closing ceremony of it's torchlight parade
also watch out for the vulcans krewe for they like to dethrone the king
and leave you with a black smudges across your sweet cheeks

Tribute To The Winter Carnaville

Carnaville runs
Jan 21-31 

Also Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Christmas In Your Town Contest

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Trapped Deep Within Your Robes

When you, Trapped me deep Within Your Robes.

thus Forgiven; I have forgiven you so many times
and you and yes and you.
Yet lest you remember it now naught.
For Tampa, ' was in nineteen sixty five.
Lake Magdalene, I saw no priests nor a
single nun and my mother was not supperior.
What I did see was wrong to be there only seven.
When I am gone the sun so of't 
from whom did we protect me from.
Forgotten I have been by you, 
and you.
and all of the Chief Judges saw me, 
when back then, was it considered normal?
That which was done to one single child back then
went off too many men then grown from which
has left no middle ground on which too stand.
Being said, ' Would I then dare to so remind you
why have I been forgotton now 
and then if naught from whence or where is yours shame 
whose shame before I die.
Did you do it not to yours, 'but a skinny frightned child?
Mr.Wilson and me a few others and knew Tampa stadium
that night as the Washington Redskins played 
the Miami Dolpins when even before, 
Robert Allen "Bob" was so Griese.

is it poetry

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The game

So, you want to play the game?
you do know the deck, is already stacked against you?
but you try anyway, you put your first dollar down.
before the dollar even hits the table, you've lost.
Play again sir?
you've lost long before your next card, is even dealt.
so, you go again this time, you put down a five.
then you drop aten, a twenty, then a fifty.
all the time saying, this is the hand.
My lucks going to change, but it won't, nor will it ever!
So, before you know it, it's you dealing out the cards.
setting the deck, as you wait, you start to grin.
As you see that first dollar hit the table.
new player, big money, here we go sir! good luck!
dealer hits 16, a 5 of spades, house wins!
Play again sir? Yes, then here we go!
Player bets a five, a ten....
Time and luck, you always have more of one than the other.
It's never the one you need....

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A great sadness has settled down upon me
a misty cloud of cold
I can hardly breathe
and I can barely see
and I'm damp and chilled
and in need of the scent of my lover.

A sometime intellectual but hardly
more than animal in my excruciating desires,
I leave my desk and go out on the street
to pace around the building in the dark
and wish I smoked
so I could fill these empty hands.

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Ben Ja Min

on Jan 17th 1706 Benjamin Franklin was born 
became a printers apprentice 
established the first lending library
was known as an uncommom comman man 
that taught self in science and inventions

Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Also Entry For Brian Strand's   Vignette
A Literary Love Affair Contest
         GL All

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his poetic din

all the intellectualosity gathered
to hear the well-versed Buddha
part with a few simple sonnets
and some wry observations on sheep 
and pulling the wool over eyes

not a huge media event, to be sure
but enough for a literary lynching
should natives lust get out of hand
tree branches are far from the room
perhaps a chair would do, inna pinch

two well-upolstered ruby-red chairs, 
perhaps some hemp coiled up behind
should somebody need be strung along
sitting, he slowly, evenly begins his
plain Buddha enlightenment for us 

we're enraptured, enamored, enthralled
and utterly delighted at the wisdom
and witticisms, savoring every phrase
quietly chuckling where necessary and
enthusiastically applauding his humanity

© Goode Guy 2011-10-20

for my favorite poet, Billy Collins

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Tell Me Why

Tell me why men and women go to war.
Tell me why they die for causes that know one has an explanation for.

Tell me why we rush to the aid of homeless and hungry people who are not from the united 
Tell me why our homeless and hungry don't get the same treatment and our elected leaders 
will tell you its still up for debate.

Tell me why the elderly should have to decide weather to get food or medication.
Tell me why some of them cant remember their name or the last time they went on vacation.

Tell me why I use to pay for my gas with the money from my pocket.
Tell me why now not only do the oil bigwigs get richer, but now i have to also lock it.

Tell me why people that retired a long time ago are suppose to enjoy tier golden years.
Tell me why now those same people are working again just to survive and exist from there 
worst fears.

So someone please tell me why these same questions get asked over and over with no 
certain reply.
I guess we will never know with any certainty the answers, so until then I'll just ask please 
tell me why.

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Untitled #51 / "You guys are full of excercise"

“You guys are full of exercise” – nonsense
even after she has finished
scolding Kyle for laying down his head
“Not bored, just sleepy”
I don’t blame him,
Calculus sucks
and now CRAZY Mrs. Howe walks in,
crowing, breathless, sharing new information
buying me time to record the events
but alas! even now we check homework.

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carnal sin , elemental

    " The spirit is strong ; but the flesh is weak...."  matt 26:41.....

             Is there a way to define , carnal , and the elemental properties of sin ?

If you look at the greek word , " syn " , ( sin ) , meaning , ' together ' , and the greek 
word , ' apsis ' , meaning , ' a joining ' , you arrive at the word , ' synapes ' , which 
is a joining together the space between nerve cells through which nerve 
impulses are transmitted . A neurotransmitter is a biological substance that 
transmits , or inhibits , a nerve impulse at a synapse . A neural is of a nerve or 
the nervous system , a neuron is the nerve cell body and all it's processes . 
Matter , is what a thing is made of , material , whatever occupies space and is 
perceptible to the senses ; percieve is to understand , to become aware of 
through senses . Material , of matter , physical , of the body or bodily needs , not 
spiritual . Important essentials made of elements or parts needed to make or do 
something . Elements , is the natural or suitable environment for a person or 
thing ; first principals , or primal natural forces , being an essential part or parts . 
Elementary particles , are subatomic particles as a neutron , electron , photon , 
and so on etc...........We are a product of our environment , what we eat , the air we 
breathe , and the elemental attraction or repulsion , originating from attitude , it all 
begins within'...............
                                 SYN , or sin , is to join the outer physical body with outer 
physical elements which is the cause to effect carnal sin , through the influences 
of cosmic , universal , energy forces , which are elemental properties that 
manipulate our nervous system..............again as in the beginning.................

                    " THE SPIRIT IS STRONG , BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK "
                                                 matt 26:41

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The Process or Kafka's Dream Part 2 (revised)

The assemblage of PEERS rooted;
row after row of cinema seats held them,
in conformity and order, waiting for the main event;
part of a cast of characters, yet to be determined.
Scattered, slouching, sleeping, separated,
white, black, old, young, male, female;
all self absorbed, without discourse.
No one mingled, no eye met;
each individual psyche lost in mindlessness,
shields firmly in place.

In this place of punishment, power and perversity;
the sacrificial lambs of democracy wallowed.
The hollowness of the hall,
mirrored the hollowness of the statement,
“A jury of PEERS?”
The stained acoustical ceiling and fluorescent lighting,
added a further touch of the sureal to the corps ensemble.

How on earth in this nation “Under God?”

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A Long Awaited Thank You

When I was young and in Jr. High I had this teacher who would take jabs at me.
     She’d catch me looking at the clock, and for the whole class to see.
She’d comment things like time will pass but what about you?
     Little things like this she would always do.
She made me feel like I was no good.
     Till she explained one day the best she could.
She said I know you can do so much more, but I have to push you to make you 
     She said apply yourself don’t let your life become a sieve.
I didn’t understand just right away.
    Those prophetic words she gave to me that long ago day.
Now that I’m old and she’s no longer here.
     Those words keep whispering into my ear.
Now I thank her for what she did.
      She saw something in me though I was just a kid.
She said it’s a little thing called discipline.
      Just close your mouth and listen in.
She was right and now I see. 
      I thank you ma’am for your faith in me.
She said always hitch your wagon to a star.
      Believe in yourself and who you are.
This poem is for her and her encouraging words.
     You got my attention and yes I heard.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks / Martha's Vineyard 2009

The fake isolation of the island insinuated the fostering of remnants;
remnants of religious fervor, close knit seafaring families, and rugged farmers;
remnants of power past and present.

A fog shrouded canvass awaits the onslaught of August revelry.
And, where widows walked the peeks of robber barons manses, the elementals now play.

Tomato red fire trucks ring the seaside green. Throngs of , oh so, polite W.A.S.P.S 
and multicultural couples dot the lawn in precise groupings.

The squeal of stroller strapped toddlers echo across ocean 
and down alleyways lined with painted ladies 

Gay blades and saucy sisters saunter unharassed through the crowds of young families.
Prosperously retirees with salt and pepper hair in pink and green golf shirts line the porches 
of the gingerbread homes ringing the green.

In the gazebo a brass band plays John Phillip Souza and closes by belting out 
the American anthem, after dark, no flag wave, yet random patriots stand.
Their forms silhouette upon the gray fog like their intentions 
mocking the holiday aire with their reminder of war….

those raging on in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
and fade with the crowds roar to “Sit down your blocking the view!”

And as the elite, and privileged meet and greet chatting in wonder over the multiple sightings 
of airforce one choppers and past President Clinton.

The three times the worlds average wage is spent on FIREWORKS, frivolously, 
for the entertainment of the richest citizens of the planet. God Blessed America.

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Stones in the Wall

Of many, the stones in the wall have different sizes with different shapes. 
So many there are and each specific with their very own color.
The wall is long with the many miles of stone that support it and strengthen.
What a vision to see a wall that long, because of the many miles this wall has made.
Built stone by stone and layer by layer, yet clearly by the hands of amateurs! 
Old these stones in the wall are, for time can only damage what is already weakened.
Enduring the test of time are endless miles of broken down stones along this old wall,
Chipped away on the outside, but still standing sturdy and firm maintaining a delicate core!
Enduring such strength, for they are all very well defined by their evident and only weakness.
An endless wall of old broken down stones and still they will stand strong and still so very tall.
Miles of evidence from darker times for sure by their obvious structure of neatness!
Beaten and battered these stones are and still they maintain such a strong and sturdy core!
There are many weakened stones along this old broken down wall,
Yet it stands distinct and firm with its battle against its only known weakness.
Individualized by one is the other occupying the many miles of this wall from so long before.
What a vision to see a wall that strong, beaten and weakened only by its evidenced neatness.
Broken down stones hold this old wall and each one with their many different shapes and colors!

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The Process or Kafka's Dream Part 3 (revised)

Could anyone think this uneducated?
and undereducated mass of unemployed
or underemployed, aged humanity,
should, could or would,
be able to rightly determine anyone’s fate?

What farce, this democratic process?
this capitalistic rigmarole;
Serving, in the end, to do little more
than place another Mc’D’s burger,
on the table of a fat civil servant.
This system of blind, weighted, judgment,
assured anything BUT justice.
Assured, as it always has, and always will;
only peons remaining peons;
busily buzzing about their self-important tasks
paid, unpaid and pissed on.
Aiding the true criminals, the ones;
perpetuating poverty, homelessness,
illness, and ignorance;
in remaining in power.
The Jury was called.

The clocked marked the passing of the hour
with black hands on a white face 
and all that was truly seen was gray.

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Our Time Is Running Out

What is going to happen when every ones credit gets shut off? 
   We will be like a bunch of pigs scrambling, only to find no food is in the trough.

If  the National Debt were paid off today, do you know how much it would cost 
every man, woman, and child?
    Each person would have to pay $29,000.00, now ain’t that wild?

It’s like we’ve gotten ourselves into a bog with no way out.
   Well I know of but one way but skeptics will argue and try to show their clout.

How did we get to be this great power, the Home of the Free?
   It was when God was given the honor and glory, this some will agree.

God is our Father and He only wants to give us His best.
   And all He asks in return is for us to honor and praise Him, such a simple 

But no something happened we let the minority rule,
   By taking away the simplest of things like prayer in our schools.

If you felt unwanted somewhere I wonder if you’d stay?
   Did you ever stop and think just maybe God too feels this way?

Has the Doom Day clock already been set?
    I think it can be turned around there maybe hope for us yet.

But first we must unlock and open the door and invite Him back again.
   Then we will see a change in things when our Savior is home my friend.

We’ve tried both ways and the latter did not work.
    So bend your knees and ask Him back, stop listening to those jerks.

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Global disaster

Edwin Hubbel wrote in 1925 "....the principal of the uniformity of nature thus 
seems to rule undisturbed in this region of space......"

          But , I take exception to that statement , because of mankinds un-natural 
tendencies to disregard the natural order which in kind ( or un-kind ! ) nature 
play's along rudely to our cruel misconduct , since it took millions of years to 
establish a non-toxic atmosphere ( to land mammals ) that we have taken for 
granted and have inconvenietly disrupted in a manner of just hundrends of years .
           Just the double negative effect alone should be a warning to how we 
should approach our future , these being , excess carbon emissions and 
deforestation . The positive and negative relationship is two-fold here in a short 
explanation , our tree's absorb carbon and emit oxygen , less trees , more 
carbon , and we accelerate a negative process . If you take for example , our own 
biological systems as humans , we need oxygen to breathe to live , the positive , 
but the negative is that oxygen attributes to decomposition , which could 
accelerate the ageing process of the body , which is why proper nutrition is 
important , especially foods rich or drinks rich in anti-oxidants .
            In short , I believe it becomes very important to be aware of the natural 
order of our relationship to our overall system without our exploitive behaviors 
which only encourage a consumerism attitude .

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Old Fred

Old Fred worked down at our local Wal Mort.
   Sometimes they had him greeting people, sometimes the old guy brought in 
shopping carts.
He always showed a smile a real friendly sort of guy.
   Fred really was too old to hold a job but thought he might give this a try.
Poor old guy really needed the extra money, his pension just wasn’t enough.
   What with trying to care for himself, Fred had to take care of his sick wife so 
things were tough.
Then they hired this young kid named Jason and put him over old Fred.
   Well old Fred didn’t mind but Jason let his position go to his head.
He was always lining poor old Fred out, Fred do this, Fred do that.
   It made me sick the way he treated the old guy, but that was Jason our little 
managers brat.
One day old Fred had had enough and he told the kid flat out.
   He said son I need this job there is no doubt.
But you and I are going to hook up and you’re not going to like this game I play.
   Best you leave me be I know my job that’s all I’ve got to say.
Well little Jason went and told his dad, and this is what his daddy said.
   Fred please come to my office, and this is what he told to Fred.
Fred I have to relieve you of the job you do.
    But I have something else for you.
Poor old Fred was in a daze.
    I ‘m making you my new personnel manager and it comes with a hefty raise.
The first job I’ve got for you to do is fire Jason, but sir Jason is your son.
    That’s alright you can hire him back and he can do the things you’ve done.
Well with a smile on his face old Fred turned and walked away.
   And under his breath There Is A God I think I heard him say.

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Sometimes silent,
on the sideline they sit,
watching every move,
an education they get.
Words in anger,
linger somewhere,
forming their foundation,
for the ones we hold dear.
Actions really do,
speak louder than words,
listening, and seeing,
how many we hurt.
The mirror my friend,
reveals many things,
and sometimes very painful,
the revelation it brings.
Parents are the moulders,
their job sometimes tough,
but their future is coming,
and what they learn depends on us.

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The Part We Play


As the wind rustles through the sycamore trees,
      It brings such a peaceful spirit that hovers over me.
It’s like the words spoken from a million foreign tongues,
      Hypnotizing and luring is the rhythm as the song is sung.
Ten thousand leaves all move in perfect harmony,
     As the trunk sways gently so majestically.
And the little brook that flows by this little forest of trees,
    Babbles it’s own little song not affected by the breeze.
And standing on her banks is a young whitetail doe,
    Just looking around not caring which way to go.
It’s so peaceful out here it’s like life has slowed down.
     Things are so beautiful when mans not around.
It seems like what ever God creates we have an obligation to mess it up,
     We act more like an unruly and disobedient spoiled little pup.
We’re not in tune to nature we never were,
     We are like the Vikings we’ve ravaged and pillaged her.
As long as we are comfortable no matter the cost,
     It doesn’t matter about tomorrow or if it is completely lost.
So who do we blame if tomorrow doesn’t show.
    It really could happen but who really knows?

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Laundromat, 9:12 P.M.

Sixteen unique individuals
sit on sixteen washing machines.

As they make small-talk
they stare at sixteen dryers, all in a row
chugging and churning to the same hum.

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There's so much violence happening in the cities
making the picture of peace and harmony not look so pretty
Where's the light at the end of the tunnel?
As I hear a Brother in the night suffer
"Hey, can you spare a dime?" I hear a begger ask
but the people on the street just point, stare, and laugh
I drop a few dollars into his empty cup
what he really needs is the warmth of someone's love
Young bloods show no respect toward their mamas
always living a life plagued with trouble and drama
An education they don't seem to care to want
as at an old man they harrass and taunt
Fights break out in the streets and schools
it seems like the kids don't mind acting a damn fool!
Always packing guns and knives
constantly gambling with their lives
A family has no food to eat
not one slice of bread nor once slice of meat
What is there for me to do?
This kind of life sure ain't cool
I can't bare to see another tear fall from another child's eye
I can't bare hearing an innocent baby cry
It just makes me weak to my knees
oh, God! Help us, please!
My heart is feeling quite heavy
this world isn't made for my baby
Where can I go?
I really don't know
This world is nothing but a living hell!
I can actually hear Death ringing his bell
He's coming for us soon
no matter if it's morning or noon
My eyes shall close at this time
I'll rest until around night at the hour of nine
Maybe a message the world will get
but right now it don't stop, it don't quit

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Untitled #63 / Commons

I suddenly remember! Here!
These very commons in which our physics class today
collects tiny manifestations of the laws that govern Nature
in the sunlight of the late morning 
smiles and laughs beaming from every face
Yes, here, not even one week ago
club music thumped through the empty midnight
bodies were packed tight, sweaty, bouncing to the beat
dreams were made and broken just as quickly
(mine was recycled)
a plastic punch cup, kicked, skid across the floor
rolling to a stop in a shadowy corner of the night
where even now, in the light of day, students’ works of art
are illuminated, set on display for passersby
But look! Now tennis balls bounce across all-color tables!
A blue metal chair set atop!
Will they collide?

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Full Circle


Across the river their campfires could be seen,
A Lakota village so peaceful and serene.

Where children played chase with a barking dog,
And old men spun tales while sitting a log.

A simple life was lived by them all,
They moved each spring and again before fall.

They lived this way for many a year, 
Before the white man started moving near.

Greed was not a part of the things they knew,
It was a bitter pill and hard to chew.

Their land had always provided what they would need,
But now they were facing a people so full of greed.

The white man came and found the yellow ore,
And told the Lakota’s they could not live here anymore.

They fought for a way of life they could not keep,
And forced onto reservations so many tears did they weep.

A proud nation that was brought to their knees,
It could happen to us so heed what I say please.

There is an old saying: what goes around, comes around.
There is much truth to these words I have found.

Things are a changing and it is our heads on the block,
We had better pay attention to what is going on, best be a watching that clock.

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Untitled #67 / A test

Untitled, their works of art (?), their minds
pried to the paper, full-out concentrate
only a few sigh and rub their eyes
and lean back, hands overhead, yawns,
relaxed, reclined, restrained, now!
Headfirst diving into the test once more!