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Love Sea Poems | Love Poems About Sea

These Love Sea poems are examples of Love poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Love Sea poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ballad | |

The Stone

The Tale below was carved one night,
Upon the Stone, by candlelight
...most won’t believe, but some just might
.........most won’t believe, but some just might

.                         Preface

Well James made Beth his lovely bride
(And angels smiled, though teary eyed)
...their bodies bound, their spirits tied
.........their bodies bound, their spirits tied

Upon her hand, a shimmer shone,
As bright as blood, a ruby Stone 
...and brighter still, as love had grown
.........and brighter still, as love had grown

Soon James was sent to man a sail
So Beth removed her wedding veil
...her eyes were bright, her face was pale
.........her eyes were bright, her face was pale

“Well, I’ll be here when you return”
Said Beth to James, who kissed in turn
...a kiss that made her body burn
.........a kiss that made her body burn

.                         BETH’S TALE

1.              The Dream
One night, within a dream deformed,
The cawing of a Crow informed
“...a Ship was stripped where winter stormed
.........a Ship was stripped where winter stormed

Midst winds and waves the thunder boomed
The Ship of Death was surely doomed
...the sea engulfed, the sea entombed
.........the sea engulfed, the sea entombed

Your James... denied by Davy Jones!
His spirit gone, his flesh and bones
...are resting now amongst the Stones
.........are resting now amongst the Stones”

2.               The Quest

Awoken by the ebon Wight
And beckoned by the baneful bight
...I left before the morning light
.........I left before the morning light

Throughout the realm I rode a roan
Until, in time, I reached the Stone
...where shades and dreams in darkness groan 
.........where shades and dreams in darkness groan 

While skipping up and down the sky
A missing moonbeam mocked my eye
...enough to make a Swallow cry
.........enough to make a Swallow cry

For someone stole a star or two
And something else that fate withdrew – jewel of joy, my James Bijou jewel of joy, my James Bijou

The shadows of the evening swelled
Where demons of the dusk had dwelled
...and in the far, a vesper knelled
.........and in the far, a vesper knelled

The Stone, beneath the sky, stood cold –
Between the runes, a vapour strolled
...a cloak of fleecy fog consoled
.........a cloak of fleecy fog consoled

A Raven on a branch, enthroned,
Her wings waved once, a wail intoned
...beyond the bay, a banshee moaned
.........beyond the bay, a banshee moaned

I lay beside the Stone, his bride
I lay beside the Stone and cried
...but were it I, instead, that died
.........but were it I, instead, that died

The rainbow of the moon fell dim
A midnight Swan soon ceased to swim if to hide all hint of him if to hide all hint of him

Between the willows in the swale
There sang a Bird, a Nightingale
...which left me faint and feeling frail
.........which left me faint and feeling frail

3.              Contact

I felt him breathe within a breeze
Responding to my anguished pleas
...and leaves blew by abandoned trees
.........and leaves blew by abandoned trees

“I miss you too, my darling Beth”
Re-echoed from the Ship of Death
...the future buried in a breath
.........the future buried in a breath
The Stone lit up a ruby sheen
And clouds were kindled crystalline
...with consequences, unforeseen
.........with consequences, unforeseen

Above, the wretched Raven soared
To where the Ship of Death lay moored
...beneath, the icy ocean roared
.........beneath, the icy ocean roared

4.               Release

I’m joined with James beneath the Stone,
Though to the Ship my spirit’s flown,
...for nevermore to be alone
.........for nevermore to be alone

.                         Epilogue

That night the wayward winds were weird 
The Ship of Death had disappeared
...coyotes called and mortals feared
.........coyotes called and mortals feared

At dusk, the craven shadows crawled
At dawn, the winds of mourning called
...upon the Stone two names were scrawled
.........upon the Stone two names were scrawled

The Raven sits, with wings outspread,
Atop the Stone which shades the dead sometimes shimmers ruby red sometimes shimmers ruby red

.                         Epitaph

Between the sounds, where silence seeps,
Their love lives on and never sleeps
...and yet, the weeping willow weeps
.........and yet, the weeping willow weeps

inspired by ~fc~

Wight (obsolete): a supernatural being, creature
Bight: a bay or gulf
Swale: a moist depression in a tract of land

Details | Ballad | |


As long as there is prayer
You'll find me on my knees
Looking up to the heavens
Crying out to God, "Please!"
And as long as you're out there
If I have breath left in me
With a longing in my heart
I will set out on life's sea
Looking for where we.. were we
Girl it's killing me 
Dying cause we're apart

You were once 
filled with joy and laughter
We sailed together 
without fear
We had our song 
we loved to sing it
Now I sing alone
and no one hears
a tidal wave of questions
Looked for answers 
nothing was clear
Sudden storm 
we didn't see it coming
You lost trust
quickly disappeared

So as long as there is prayer
You'll find me on my knees
Looking up to the heavens
Crying out to God, "Please!"
And as long as you're out there
If I have breath left in me
With a longing in my heart
I will set out on life's sea
Looking for where we.. were we
Girl it's killing me 
Dying cause we're apart

I set sail
in unchartered waters
Breeze of hope
comes from nowhere
Set my course
you are my purpose
Want to show you
I really care
Strong belief
girl, i'll find you
When I do 
you're gonna see
That in my arms 
love will find you
My doubted promise
was always true

So as long as there is prayer
You'll find me on my knees
Looking up to the heavens
Crying out to God, "Please!"
And as long as you're out there
If I have breath left in me
With a longing in my heart
I will set out on life's sea
Looking for where we.. were we
Girl it's killing me 
Dying cause we're apart


Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

The sea-waves touch

The sea-waves touch your open palms;
along the shore, blue waters bid
when stormy sea henceforth becalms,
and tide engulfs what skies forbid.

When solemn eyes their oaths avow
and roses beckon on your dream,
reach out and find his drifting prow
aboard your trip's perpetual stream.

Cause thoughts, like boats, may drift amiss;
for those who lived in old realms,
eternal love's confession is,
the touch of sea, upon the palms.

Cause those beloved, forever pledge
since prior times,
and search those loves on skyline's edge
who kissed their eyes.

© G.V. 12.08.2013 All rights reserved
(Iambic tetrameter)
(first draft)

Details | Free verse | |

Isle of Bast

Memories of the North Sea
sift in like sand kernels 
on a fast, frigid tide -
events that transpired outside 
the confines of rhyme,
instead, unfolding exactly 
as they were meant to.

I had never before seen
so many shades of gray.
This monochromatic splendor
was awe-inspiring,
within an absence of sunshine
that was perfectly fitting,
instead of being bleak and bleary.

The smell of salt and seaweed
awoke deep within me 
something dormant and eternal - 
a surging desire to flush
stagnant disease
from out of my blood
with an inverted force of pride.

Salty blood and water
coming together in a communion
of distant relations and movements.

A flash of bright red 
digging in the sand beside me.
My child is wearing the only
vibrant colour to be seen for many kilometres.
The colour matches
her enthusiasm and energy,
as she moves from one spot to the next
like a dancing flame.

My own fire burns in my eyes.
I had unconsciously dressed
in the same colours of the sky and sea,
blending into the scenery
as a chameleon --
an illusion thicker than clouds,
an illusion of stone
for me to melt and reinvent
at the spinning speed of thought.

I look over at my daughter
who is wearing a wide smile of wonder,
for she has not ever seen the ocean before.
She can see the chameleon
walking alongside her in the frothy surf.
Together, we collect shiny stones and shells,
our pants rolled-up to the knee
as we wade through waves.

I wonder if people onshore
can only see a solitary dash of red out here,
or if the chameleon is more
noticeable than I had thought,
while we watch sea-birds
cover the steep cliffs
in a blanket of black and white feathers.

~(2012 North Sea Remix)~


Details | Verse | |

We Will Never Know

The sky was orange, red and peach
we strolled towards each other
on a deserted pebbled beach
a smile that got us talking
together slowly walking
till twilight crept unseen
then off reluctantly
on a deserted pebbled beach
we went our separate ways
but first a promise made
next day to meet in the same place.

The sky now yellow, mauve and blue
I stroll alone by water's edge
on a deserted pebbled beach
searching for a voice
a smile just out of reach
your presence unseen
where the surf briefly meets
the shore, only to recede
two souls forever out of reach
on a deserted pebbled beach
where a promise was made
and would break along the waves

was love not meant to grow?
we will never know....

A collaboration by Paul Callus & Kelly Deschler

Details | Free verse | |


Love, Is that a word, Or the foundation of all mountains of speeches? Is love a whisper or an ejaculation? A prayer, or a plea? Why is it that love crescendos off the tongue Like caramel in symphony? Why does it melt me, As if by heaven God made me an iceberg, To later fall in the heat of destiny like my enemies? Love, Is it woman, Man? Is it the softness of your hand, Or the coarse scratch against a rocky sand? You say you love me so simply, genuinely What is it my mind cannot comprehend, As my eyes zoom in to your wanting lips, The almost anticipated sound saintly slips Love, A fraction to my experience, And a lifetime left of its dark and intimate peaks. . . In these mountains of words, How does one sleep? How shall we rest willingly in the dangerous unknown, With you and I alone? Love, I love you too.. How can I not when all of its footprints lead back to you? Love is as simple as the word yearning on your mouth As deep as the dark, undiscovered creatures of the sea Though, most of all, As far as I dare feel and see, As simple as it sounds, And God must well agree, Love is you and me

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Embrace my love

Embrace my love

Aboard he heard her words amidst the deck's cold winds,
he watched her pictured smile, upon the shelf,
"embrace my love when tides, lone shores engulf
as soon as grayish dusk descends on ripened fields."

Upon their rose, abandoned garden coldness casts,
two forms reshape next to the lightless hearth,
much of a void projects above his berth,
her saddened eyes to stare at his departing masts.

A wind-harp voice recalls throughout his time on bridge,
alludes her words when night befalls to dark,
"embrace my love, outside my sorrow's barque,
and after sun comes down, behind a distant ridge."

"embrace me when the currents controvert your route,
with sacred love our bonding I'll regale,
my song will reach you at the oak gunwale,
and shall transform the winds to flawless notes of flute."

© G. V., 11-09-2013, All Rights Reserved
(Iambic alternative Hexameter-Pentameter lines)

Details | Haiku | |


Now my tendrilled soul,
Has found its pergola-- Christ--
To wind its way up....

Details | Acrostic | |

The Love of "Fall"

F alling in love with Winter; she’s ice cold dressed in snow white lace 
A ll the while dating Summer, who’s still sizzling hot
L ove affairs bruised with revengeful reds, oppressed oranges, and yelling yellows
L eaving Summer with a promise to one day rekindle their love

Details | Free verse | |

Love - Sweet - Love

                                                       Hand in hand
                                       Sandy beach with beautiful sunset
                                                            in love

                                       What could be more romantic than
                                    when the sun is glowing red and orange
                                          melts into the sea somewhere
                               And two who are in love and goes hand in hand

                                                       A small box
                                        On his knees in the wet sand beach
                                                     Will you be mine

                                              She blushes as the sunset
                                                Smiles her lovely smile
                                                        Yes, I would

                                          The sun melts into the sea somewhere
                                    But for a couple in love, the night is still young

A-L  Andresen :)
("mix poem" )

Details | Haiku | |

Living Seasons Through

Bodies together
Pressed against the cold, harsh night
We hold on to love

In the sweet, soft spring
We lay on a tall, steep hill
And hold on to love

Summer's baking heat
Hiding in the shade of trees
Still holding our love

The leaves are falling
Crunching beneath our footsteps
Forever, our love

We'll last through seasons
Enjoy our love together
Just you wait, my love.

Details | Rhyme | |

As we walk hand in hand

As we walk hand in hand

Today as we walk hand in hand
Happily through pure white sand
The love within my heart for thee
It flows to you so tenderly.

The ocean waves ebb to and thro
As hand in hand along we go
Bare feet in the silky sand
 The sun shines down and life’s so grand

We stop, the two of us and kiss
Oh how nice to feel such bliss
As love matures we two, entwined
Such perfect sweetness we do find

Today as we walk hand in hand
Happily through pure white sand.

Vera Duggan 10 July 2014.

Details | Free verse | |

Thoughts of Two Dimensions

Thoughts of Two Dimensions

Yesterday, I loved your courtyards
bathed in moonlight's shadows and smiles,
smitten by wavering stars,
lanterns of my youth,
that are reflected as coins,
in the quiet waters of your fountains.
Those are my reminiscences 
arabesque creatures of an old chest,
sanctified by the lavender,
and left on the bottom of my wardrobe.

Today, I love your crowded streets,
pebbled alleyways that breathe
with aromas of kitchens,
shouts of children quarreling, 
and nagging of older women
behind those awnings and windows of life well known.

Tomorrow, I will love your hot paved squares
that open to the harbors and promising high seas
while cypresses will send regards to far away winds,
and seagulls will sing nostalgia cries 
of wandering merchants and sailors.

Details | Free verse | |

Take me away but I promise to sing a Song

NOTE: I have placed this Poem as a Video Poem also on!/profile.php?id=100001219732381

[ This Poem is dedicated to Freedom of Expression  
and Tibetan Dharma Guru Shri Dalai Lama to support
his struggle for the cause of Freedom of Expression ]

Take me away but I promise to sing a Song

Take me away from such a place, 
Where feelings and emotions, 
cannot be freely expressed. 

Where new thoughts and ideas are crushed,
By the rod of power and corrupts.

Where mind do not get the opportunity to reveal,
its vast sea of beauty and varying colors.

Where love never flies freely in the sky,
while touching the unexplored lofty heights, and
wings of Poetry are nipped in the buds, 
before they bloom and spread their smiles.

Where wind do not flow,
while touching the flowers and buds,
Where the butterflies do not have the freedom,
to show their varying moods and colors.

Where faiths have lost their grandeurs and glow, and
shrines are converted into suffocating barracks.
Where love has lost its magic of moving a heart, 
to sing a song and dance on the call of its soul,
Where a vast sea of humans live,
without the freedom of expression.

Take me away from such a land and place,
Where people live in chains under iron curtains.

I promise I will come back to this land one day,
when the breeze will flow freely touching every heart,

When its people will have the freedom to fly on their wings,
I promise I will come back,  to such a place one day,

When animals too would move without fear in their hearts, and
birds would be free to fly anywhere in the sky.

When the morning dew would greet the new rising Sun,
By glittering without fear, its silver and golden beams,
When flowers and buds would freely spread, 
their alluring wings and fragrance in the air.

When the human mind would be free to explore and express, 
its ideas and colors on the canvas of paper.

I promise I will come to such a land one day,  
to Sing the song of joy and mirth.

Kanpur India 27th Aug. 2011


Details | Pantoum | |


As I lay at night, across my bed,
Thoughts roaming back to you.
I dream about what lies ahead,
Your smile, your eyes, sea blue....

Thoughts roaming back to you,
My love grows deeper still.
Your smile, your eyes, sea blue,
Brighten up my world so real....

My love grows deeper still,
With words you choose so sweet.
Brighten up my world so real,
You make my life complete...

With words you choose so sweet,
How could I deny your love?
You make my life complete,
Your a gift from God above....

How could I deny your love?
After all that we have shared.
Your a gift from God above,
Even though, we are so scared....

After all that we have shared,
Each day I love you more.
Even though, we are so scared,
These feelings we can't ignore....

Each day I love you more,
Recalling sweet words you've said.
These feelings we can't ignore,
As I lay at night, across my bed....

Details | Haiku | |

In the rain

Beyond the distance
becomes the drops of mistle;
beloved existence.

her verse and songs fly
where flowers blossom splendid;
fiancée oaths reply.

Her lone figure stands -
she spreads her hands out to reach
the fields of far lands.

Conceived caress on hair
unending oceanic paths -
her eyes upwards stare.

On boat's seaward trail -
pure mistle she loved amidst
mizzen and main sail.

I kiss her smile in rain -
approaches in dusk conceived 
spelling our refrain.

© G. V. 05-26-2013

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: Kissing In The Rain
Placement: 1st
Pics 3, 6, 7

Details | Free verse | |

Sunshine Flowers

The Daffodil, peeks at the yellow rays of the Morning Sun
She raises her head  :through the withering snow mound : with Dazzling Beauty
The Daffodil , Sings in harmony; Arise for I am : the Spring
The Golden weed, the Dandelion , reflects the yellow Halo Floating in the Sky
Knowing Life is short ,the Dandelion dots the Summer landscape
With Her Halo turning White, She calls the Wind and flies through the rays of the Sun
Goldenrod waits until summer is  nigh o’er before waving elegantly 
To the Yellow orb, warming her roots, She melodiously  Sings Forever be Your Glory 
The Goldenrod , humbly  Hums Hymns : to the very Eye of  a Loving GOD 
Yellow Roses speak of the Memories : “watching  the grass “Sportsman’s WAVE””
She sees the Glory of Nature : more Beautiful with each Magnificent  : Sunrise
Yellow Roses, petals so Silky Soft, holding in “ Remembrance “  a long Lost “ LOVE “
The “ AquaRose “ that Grows, in the deep Caribbean Sea “4 miles North of Aruba” 
Screams For the Sun, from her watery Grave, Yet she shines in a sea of  “ Sapphire   
                                                 " Blue " 
The Depth of the  “Blue sea, the Blue Sky above” Shadow  the glow of Sweet  
                                            "  Sunshine "
       Inspired by the Contest : " Flowers " : Sponsored by Francine Roberts
             Dedicated To my LOVES : " Barbara Jean "  & " Lenore Ellen "
              Author's Note : I Hope this is Read the way it was Written
                  YOUR Liege ALWAYS, LOVE : HGarvey Daniel Esquire
                                                7th Place win

Details | Narrative | |

The Mermaid and the Moon

She climbed the liquid staircase
Just to gaze at gleaming stars;
All she wanted was a wee one
To light up her fair boudoir.

A thousand times she spied them
Flash across the midnight sky;
She strained so high to catch one,
But the mermaid could not fly.

Exhausted with hard striving,
She lay back against the sea,
Rocking on the waves, gently, 
As she rested peacefully.

The moon, climbing his set arc,
Saw her glist'ning on the foam;
At first sight so madly loved 
Her, longing to take her home.

To lightly comb her flowing
Hair, he sent a small moonbeam,
Who tangled in her tresses
And woke her from her dream.

With a flash, her glitt'ring tail
Slapped the water and she fled,
Sliding down in the ocean,
Hiding in her pearl lined bed.

The moon, absent one moonbeam,
Wanders heaven, round and round,
Surveying seas and oceans,
Praying his mermaid is found.

Sometimes in the deep, dark pool
He sees a shining light start
Beneath the frothing billows,
And he clutches for his heart.

Forever in his orbit...
She, forever in the waves,
Her hair with his beam glowing,
All of love he ever gave.

May 31, 2014

Details | Free verse | |

The Pearl

The moon was a pearl - a large white brilliant pearl of a moon precious like the one I adored as it shone down on us from the sky. The sky was a sea - a broad expanse of midnight blue as deep as the love we made deep in a night swimming with shimmering myriads of stars. And the stars were fish - beautiful shimmering star-fish as bright as the glow in his eyes - those eyes that gazed into mine deep into the night of the beautiful sky - that broad expanse of midnight blue - the sea into which we gazed so deeply in love as the moon met our gaze - the moon that shone down on me and my love most precious - Oh, night of the large, white brilliant moon - the pearl. Written 3/8/13 For the Pearl Poetry Contest of Craig Cornish

Details | Free verse | |

Memories etched in the sand

Sifting warm sand 
through my fingers,
shimmering fine grains 
glitter my palm.
filled with life’s memories
of nut brown days
of summer.

A soft silk breeze 
formed dunes
with our dreams 
that summer
when we danced to the stars.
My heart laced yours
listening to the sea
undulating waves of emotion
as we kissed 
on the velvet strand.

I still hear
the rhythm of the ocean.
Waves tumbling in unison,
a sweeping sound 
gently caressing
as we lay silently 
listening to sand
shifting over stone
to the faint chiming
of seashells.

My first love
a sea salted embrace
on a breast of sand.
The memories
forever held
in the sand
in glitter on my hand.

Details | Rhyme | |

12 days of Christmas Remix

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
A starfish from the vast sea
On the Second day a Christmas my true love gave to me...
Two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Three dolphins dancing, Two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
Four whales waving, Three dolphins dancing, Two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the Fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Five pearl rings,Four whales waving, Three dolphins dancing,two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Six silver dollars, Five pearl rings, Four whales waving, Three dolphins dancing,Two crabs crawling, and a starfish from the vast sea
On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Seven seals swimming, Six silver dollars, Five pearl rings, Four whales waving,Three dolphins dancing,Two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Eight eerie eels, Seven seals swimming,Six silver dollars,Five pearl rings,Four whales waving,Three dolphins dancing,Two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Nine Norway lobsters, Eight eerie eels,Seven seals swimming,six silver dollars,five pearl rings, four whales waving,three dolphins dancing, two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the Tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Ten tiny turtles, Nine Norway lobsters,eight eerie eels, seven seals swimming, six silver dollars, five pearl rings, four whales waving, three dolphins dancing,two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea
On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Eleven teeny frog eggs, Ten tiny turtles, Nine Norway lobsters, Eight errie eels, Seven seals swimming, Six silver dollars, five pearl rings, four whales waving, three dolphins dancing, two crabs crawing and a starfish from the vast sea
On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
An aquarium to keep them happy, Eleven teeny frog eggs, ten tiny turtles, Nine Norway lobsters, eight eerie eels , seven seals swimming, Six silver dollars, Five pearl rings, four whales waving,Three dolphins dancing,Two crabs crawling and a starfish from the vast sea.

 "remix 12 days xmas song"

Details | Rhyme | |

To Lie Awake In Doubt

I muse a song that songs have known,
and often of it sing
what of waste? what of want?
and of desired things,
I tell a tale no man has known,
and every man same
in the blood of human life
all hearts, they beat the same
speak of drear and weary thought
and rise thee from thy grave
oh the things we poets lost--
so often short of change

ah, the signs that hold us so
bound, we are, to fate
myth we cannot seem to grasp
held to that we state
legend--how it holds us so
even as the moon
we, the sea of hope and dream
pulled away too soon...
and the shore, so very close
each time, we stake our lot
we fall as once upon a dream
so short of this we sought
but once again, our eyes, so still
bereft of light, remain
and seeing there the cliffs again
a seabound soul, we gain
to toss and turn a-thousand nights
to lie awake in doubt
to hope beyond a weathered shade
of days, we drift about

Details | Quatrain | |

The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

Details | Quatrain | |

On Golden Sands - For Adults Only

On golden sands in naked lay
Adventurous hands in touching display
His Maidens skin like fine porcelain
Lips in touch, loves to gain

So caressed she becomes so moist
Groans of excite in wanting voice
Her perfect pink lips lure me to kiss
Sweet she is in hungry bliss

In spiral licks to her lips I head
As she welcomes me home on natures bed
Slowly I enter whilst warmed by she
In kissing touch sharing her honey we be

To her nape I kiss whispering words of love
On natures bed, blue ceiling above
Our movements of joy like the oceans waves
Excite her firm breasts, her pertness I crave

My head in her hands as she entices my bite
Kissing, licking her pert nipples in hardened height
Our bodies now joined in writhing glow
Sharing words of love as our loving shows

My pillar of man between her Vee
In rhythmic motion thee and she
Spontaneous we are in pleasurable voice
Arched she becomes as our bodies rejoice

The release of man cascades her inner walls
Warmed and pink my eyes now befall
A gentle kiss to her heaven I plant
In loving groan, my Maiden now pants

Up her torso I kiss to her lips I share
Sweet tasting honey to her eyes I stare
In gentle touch our moment now lived
Memories we share, for our love we give

Details | Quatrain | |

Never a Day Goes By

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Grief stricken she has become now his spirits having flown
Seafaring was in his blood, ancestral like his past
For the seas take no prisoners, life very seldom lasts

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Her heart forever tormented for his seed shall never be sown
She weeps constantly for the love that grew with her soul
To grow old in their marriage, having children their only goal

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Loyalty in her remains as the past decades have always shown
The stone that now lays in remembrance, stands battered and worn
For the seas display their wrath, leaving the future of some unborn

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Whispers at Daybreak

Such tender whispers waft on salty air
On foggy mornings waves are brushed in gray
I hear you then as winds caress my hair
Your murmur’s soft, but I know what you mean

The day will soon come when we live as one
You know I miss the sea scent in your clothes
Our earthly union – life had just begun
You asked for “waders;” I said, “What are those?”

On morns like this I put your waders on
Reach out and search in misty sea for you
The realms separate us will be gone
To vows we made so long ago, I'm true

My lover, teacher, mentor and best friend
The bond between our souls will never end

*This is an English sonnet 
Entry for Debbie and Cyndi's Sonnet contest
Dedicate to my late husband

Written January 15, 2012 for Francine’s “4 forms, 4 themes” contest
Theme:  Lost Love  

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Last memory

Bathed by the ocean blue 
There came a thought…
And it was solely of you.
How you’d dance across the night sky
With palms and the waves, waving good bye
With hopes and lights
All lost and wandering the night
Not at all lost…
But not at all found
I’ve wandered these towns…
I’ve wandered these thoughts,
Where has the time gone by?
No longer you dance…
No longer you play…
Just sit there in the sand
By the oceans nice bay
Dream with me tonight
Dream with me of all the things we once would do
Come back to life…
Just once…
Dance with me one last time
Beside the oceans blue
Come back to life…
Give me one last memory of you

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Widow's Walk

My Captain! Oh, my Captain! Captain, mine!
The sea, that wretched tempest rolled you deep!
She kept you from me squandering the time!
How long before you're free this vixen's keep?

Each day, in vain, I walk the roof top watch,
While searching the horizon for your sail.
At night, by lantern light, I touch each notch,
Where last you carved our names within the rail.

By candle light I read your letter sent,
About the journey's quest and your return.
How travasties and sickness unrelent...
But, still, your love eternal for me burns.

Tonight, upon the widow's walk I stand...
The moon reveals your footprints, in the sand.

~by deborah burch©

English/Shakespearian Sonnet

For "Debbie and Cyndi's Sonneteer's" contest

Details | Tanka | |

Spring Affair

her face growing old
lines of her eyes, ancient trees.
young lovers are  lost
her branches bend with spring tears.
young rain seeps deep in the wood.

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Sailing Away

Cruising the Mediterranean
I don't wish to fight any more
I want to enjoy the sunset
On the sea I so adore

Please hold your tongue
In silence,
View the beauty all around,
Tend the sails with care
So we don't run aground

I'll make us Margaritas,
We'll dine in finest style
As our sloop carries us
Through many a sea mile

No fighting, please,
I beg you,
Let this be a sailing
in but total peace,
And anger and misunderstanding,
I pray that they do cease

So hold me as you did once,
No question of our love,
And watch the Albatross
As he flies off with the dove

The soothing sea to rock us,
As if babies in need of sleep
And the new memories we create
Forever shall we keep.

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A walk with me

Waves crash the rocks in ecstasy
as I pass the archway 
to the sea.
Onwards to the village, 
busy cafes,
the aroma of coffee brewing,
as a power of teens gather, texting.
I venture down 
a chestnut lined road
under a canopy 
of Copper Beech
where bright shafts of sun
illuminate a lane of lavender 
a sea of perfume
wafts the air.
Climbing an incline, 
hills in view,
the distant sobbing
of water sounds
a trickling brook emerges
ambling through magenta heather
and thorny gorse.

I reach a stile, 
entrance to the woods
where a carpet 
of frosted red cyclamen 
bleeds down to a deep dark glen.
A chicory lake lies there, frozen
as a mist uncurls between reeds.
The granite hills,
 soft with snow,
luminous against a whale grey sky.
A copse of pine trees
surround a curving river
where trout pout, bubbling.
At the fold of day, 
returning hom
The pale sun sinks the horizon
as stars tremble
into a velvet night

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Evening Swim

The night emits a citronella scent
   From tiki torches topped with living flame;
I swim in circles -- softly speak your name --
   While starlight washes over us, content.

Cicadas still sing secrets to the trees
   Like Summer's heartbeat throbbing in the dark --
While on a new adventure we embark,
   Sped onward by a silent, gentle breeze.

Your kisses ripple slowly down my spine --
   Your touch is strong and steady, like the tide --
Warm bodies wrapped in motion dip and glide --
   You turn the turbid sea to fragrant wine.

The rising moon gives witness to my cries;
Tonight I drown within your ocean eyes.

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To the Sea

To The Sea 

I look to you 
For answers 
To the questions that swirl like your currents in my mind 
Are you as unfathomable as my heart? 
Do your swells exceed the passions rising within me? 
Does your churning and pounding match the rhythm of my pulse? 
Is your water as cold as the loneliness here? 
Does the salt you contain taste the same as my tears? 
Does your thunderous crashing on rocks at the shore 
Equal the tempest that rages in my soul? 
Do you harbor secrets in your depths as I do? 
Are you roiling below the surface with anticipation? 
Do you long for a visitor to break the horizon... 
As I long for my Love? 
Does the wail that rises from your hollow reefs 
Blend with the plaintive cry from my lips? 
Can the overture played on your delicate shells 
Drown out the sound of my siren song? 
Sea, I have loved you, Sea, I have known you... 
We feel the same, we sound the same 
We give the same, we take the same 
We are one 
And the same 
You and I, 
Your mournful soulmate 

© Copyright Donna Golden July 10, 1999

Details | I do not know? | |


We once walked along together, 
In the morning, by the sea.  
Two young hearts rejoicing sweetly, 
Hearts as happy as could be.  	

She began to hear strange voices 
Speaking words I could not hear.
Voices from her inner sanctum--
Words not meant for human ear.

Soon her mind began to hearken
To the voices from within,
And a heart that once sang sweetly,
Never sang so sweet again.

I remember, in September,
On a golden, autumn day, 
My true love was not beside me
When I strolled beside the bay.

I had searched, but could not find her
For our early morning stroll,
And my heart was beating slowly--
There was anguish in my soul.

Then they brought the tragic tidings;
That they'd pulled her from the sea.
Unheard voices had seduced her--
And took my very life from me.

Phantom voices in the midnight
Had aroused her from her sleep,
She'd surrendered to their calling,
When they beckoned from the deep.

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Stella Married To the Sea

O fair lady- lady of the sea
by the name so fairly called, Stella
Yes! that name ever so dear to me.
And Stella who rides a ship-
marrying each wave- caressing the salt
Rides, boldy rides until a shore she haults.
But no land in sight, so Stella ride!

A bell be rung, a song that sung
From home town Oklhoma to Stella who's gone.
So sadly at a distance, people see her blood
trapped under the salty surface as the ship does run.
The death portray but people not know the 
O fair lady- lady of the sea
by the name so fairly called, Stella
Is merely with and married to the sea.

Details | Free verse | |

Sea of Life

The ocean flows in my blood
so many years since the sea
I’m standing tall on dry land
dealing with stress when it comes

Life and love are mysteries
nothing here last forever
I’ll be sailing this strong sea 
which I call the sea of life

Details | Ballad | |

heaven on the water

trawlers steam out from dutch harbour
patroling the frozen waves
serching for gold under the sea 
to feed my family

in the wheelhouse the stars shine in
skyes dark and air so thin
no mater where this vessel takes me
my heart is yerning out for you

heaven on the water
is where im dreaming of my love
i see your face on the misty spray
as im calling out your name
heaven on the water
it wont be long my love
for a few more days i know you`l guide me 
guide me home to you

icey winds shiver my spine
as we bring out catch abord
empty net and broken dreams 
as the waves come crashing down

storms break loose with a crash of thunder
rolling across the bering sea 
up and down around then under
but still i dream of you

heaven on the water
is where im dreaming of my love
i see your face on the misty spray
as im calling out your name
heaven on the water
it wont be long my love
for a few more days i know you`l guide me 
guide me home to you

i see you face as the boat goes down
sea whispering my name
beconing me to the river
where we first found love

heaven on the water
im still here my love
watching you and our daughters 
from the stars above
heaven on the water 
calling out your name
calling out your name
heaven on the water
calling out your name

Details | Quatrain | |

In the Sand

He walked down to the sea, lonely and bored
then dips his hand in the warm ocean brine.
Forty years she was the one he adored,
so he kneels to pray for her, one more time.

He spells out her name in the smooth beach sand
then he watches a wave wash it away.
Whispers "Goodbye" just as he starts to stand
he wishes there was more that he could say.

A gentle rumble as breaks a small wave
he can smell her perfume as on the breeze.
He has not the strength to visit her grave
self-pity and pain is all that he sees.

Watches seagulls as they swarm a shrimp boat
as it makes a turn back toward the bay.
Hollow and empty he feels without hope
and wishes a wave would wash it away.

Details | I do not know? | |

Hopeless and Filled With Heartache

Tell me why doe’s the wind blow,
When it seems that almost anything can over power this boat,
The waves rise slowly and surely a storm is on its way,
A day of innocence equating beauty,
For tomorrow may fall,
And today is already gone,
I've decided that tonight is the night,
That I set love aside,
This whole time we're provoking each other in a blinding violence,
The ship rocked and I plummeted into the sea,
And you dove after me,
But now you know that I’m cold,
The mast snaps and the ship floods,
We wash up on a shore and you seek us shelter,
Crying out my name you try to resuscitate me, 
Keep your hands on my chest and wait for a beat,
I'll keep your trust in my arms and pain in my feet
We will all fall in the end.
As the time to rise approaches
No one will take responsibility
So tell me why does the wind blow?

In this poem i give credit to 4 bands 
for assisting me with the words 
I could not find.

1.Our Last Night
2.As I Lay Dying
3.Dance Gavin Dance
4.As Blood Runs Black

I Hope you enjoyed it

Details | Lyric | |

Moon Dance

The waves slide over the shore
Leaving tiny, squiggly trails
The moon and sun battle for the sky
And the big, bright moon prevails.
The beach is shrouded in darkness
Dimmly lit by only one light
That dances through the undertow
Marching its way through the plight.
A stencil of gray laces the sky
Creating a vision of death
Slowly overcoming the shore
'Til it takes its last breath.
The ocean itself which had once held
So much life in its depths
Has become drowned in its own contents
It is meeting its own death.
A storm lashes its way
Solmnly across the sky
To make room for what will unleash
That will cause the very moon to cry.
Dancing and waltzing across the shore,
The moon sadly turns away
She can't bear to see her ocean like this
And witness it going astray.
With one, final, swift motion, 
She casts her love out to sea
The love she held deeply for her ocean
The world, and all her countries.
She makes her way back to where she belongs
And lets the sun take over the sky
I didn't, in all my years,
Think I would ever see the moon cry.
But she shed those tears so bravely
And dried them so nonchalant
She turned and made her way back to the sky 
Like it was something she could never want.
The moon had lost the battle
And, defeated, began to fade away
Then the sun began to dance, too
To celebrate a brand-new day.


Details | Free verse | |

What Do You See?

When you look at a butterfly, what do you see?
The brilliant color and intricate design
A soft, gentle creature, serene
That morphs through its lifetime
And debuts in spring
Dressed in the most glorious attire
Even royalty is envious
Fragile but free with no inhibitions
Pleasing the eye of its beholder

When you look at a butterfly, what do you see?
I see a conveyor bearing 
Two hearts attached for its wings
Each independent of the other
Yet they function as one
Exploring enchanted gardens
Tasting an array of choicest delights
Come each spring two hearts reborn
Grown together and morph into one

When you see a butterfly, what do you see?

Details | Quatrain | |

Castaway Dreams

Warm summer breeze touching the palms
Two bodies entangled on a hidden beach
The moon enhanced by the Southern Cross
The depths of our souls within our reach

The scent of ocean, the taste of coke and rum
The sand between my toes as we walk through the night
The sight of a sailboat dancing on the water
Caribbean blue touching the sand so white

Untouched by progress, kissed by the Gods
Deserted yet so full of life it seems
I call your name and reach out for you
Tears fill my eyes for my castaway dreams.

Details | Free verse | |

On the Edge Of Forever

The shores of time
are at our feet
The sea of eternity
we've come to meet
What we'll find
Is beyond our grasp,
If only to have
A lover's hand to clasp

To wade together
Under the moon's sweet light
To have one to say "Good Night"
Where a mere touch outlives
wild ecstacy
Where in the world,
There is but you and me
To walk these shores
Till time grows slow
Always aware that you know
We are as one,
Always will be,
Past the drying of this ancient sea.

Details | I do not know? | |

Behind closed eyes

Close your eyes, and start to hear
Upon a moon-lit night
My words of love, whispered near
Through darkness to first light

Feel my arms surround you there
My breath upon your skin
To fill you full of loving care
And take you once again

Walk the dreams that we both share
Embraced by perfect love
Let's leave the world and walk on air
To a paradise undreamed of

I am always with you everywhere
My soul is part of your own
This love we know so very rare
The knower and the known

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Swept Away

Mid afternoon, the sun slams down,
On the shifting sands of a coastal town,
The monument points with a gun to the sky,
The heat haze displaced by a seagull’s cry;
On the quay I sit and look out to sea,
At the distance between the horizon and me.

At a quarter to four I have not moved on,
Wearing haunted looks that I thrive upon,
An ice cream melts in a splitting cone,
Seeping through cracks to a twilight zone.
I take a deep breath and rise to my feet,
So cold and alone in the sweltering heat.

At the closing of day, the sun settles down,
The night muscles in on a coastal town,
I drift to the bar and the sea licks the walls
Of the harbour without where the darkness falls.
I look to the dusk for an answer or two,
But there’s no sign of life, and there’s no sign of you.

Details | Free verse | |

Mermaids Heart

Mermaid Heart 

Mermaid on the moon: 
come see me soon. 
I am fading in the night, 
losing my light, 
I am torn in two pieces; 
one of them is ewe. 
Heart,a mermaids heart, 
is the only 
word---that i have been 
softly spoken, 
to find---to utilize, 
in the water, 
where my mermaid swims. 
Which one word (heart) 
my heart 
spoken in love 
comes even close 
close to the love 
written in the 
Heart of ewe, 
Woman in the foamy waves 
swimming near to me, 
my love it comes. 
It is a heart, 
a mermaids heart. 

Details | Verse | |


Naked dunes recline and off the headland 
Spume and dolphin fins hammer rocks, 
Smithereens spraying skywards, 
A roar of thunderous aftershocks. 
Creeps in the tide and out again, 
Leaving vortex swirls upon the sand, 
Patterns changing, Neptune's scrawl, 
Reclaiming atoms of the land. 
The waxen polish on the surface 
Holds the globules on the leather; 
Droplet speckled transience, 
Yet gripped in ever changing weather. 
Grains of salt on lips that met, 
And tasted ozone burning bright; 
Devious undertow tugging feet, 
Yet stand their ground in falling night. 
With lighthouse tenacity, limpet strength, 
Held each other, prayed for more, 
And hewn of rock and ocean carved 
Did yield instinctive on the shore.

Details | Personification | |

Love You Like the Sea

I'll love you like the ocean
I'll love you like the sea

I'll caress you like the salty breeze
Does caress those white-capped crests
I'll embrace you as the breaking waves
Embrace the shore with zest

I'll kiss you like the rising sun
Does kiss the sea at dawn
I'll call you like the sea bird sang
With passion, again and again

I'll raise you like the morning mist
That joins the sea to sky
I'll move you like the pale, round moon
Does move the pounding tide

I'll push you like the summer storm
That brings the sea to life
And even as in you I drown
Never did breathless trepidation feel so right

I'll love you like the ocean
I'll love you like the sea

Details | Heroic Couplets | |

The Sea In Her Heart

Her heart sailed away from me into the sea,
Her love for me is just a fading memory.
I think of her love and faint to pray,
I trust in my God to show me the way.

Come back to me my love in the moon light night,
Embrace me once again for my heart to delight.
Come like the sea birds flying over the sea,
Come kiss me again for my heart to be free.

You are the young sunlight rising in the morning,
You are the brilliant full moon O my immortal darling!
I see you like the sea waves on the shores of our hearts,
Don't leave me and go for our souls to depart.

You shall be my eternal destiny until the end of time,
You are my divine inspiration in my sweet love rhyme.
Live in my heart and return to me once again,
Give me your sweet kiss to heal my heart's pain.

Let your love grow like a tree planted by the sea,
Fly away like the sea birds but come back to me.
Let your soul be join to mine as my everlasting token,
Kiss me forever more for our hearts never to be broken.

By:Gideon Cecil

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

The Signal

The castle tower stands there tall and proud,
Awaiting for your safely coming home,
Just as I do, with tears that freely flow;
Salt water tears that pool are not my own,
The salty ocean droplets sting the eyes.
I am alone, in sorrows well nigh drowned,
And you alone, amongst the raging tides.
This white cloth waves to you amid the winds
That blow your ship to my own sandy shore--
My heart a wind-tossed stormy cloud no more.

Up here beside the stately castle wall,
Enfolded safely home within your arms,
The tears that from my eyes unbidden fall
Reflect your face alight with joys and charms:
There lie forgotten all my dread alarms.
I am with you, by jubilation drowned,
And you with me, the waves a distant sound.

Written by: Kelly Deschler & Isaiah Zerbst

For Shadow Hamilton's "Team Work" contest.
September 7, 2013 - September 14, 2013

Forms: Iambic Pentameter & Rhyme Royal 

Based on the painting of the same title by William Powell Frith, 1858

Details | Haiku | |

Pour Love

Pour love everywhere
Veer fairy lilies gently
Thrilling spring’s beauty

Plant white carnation
Daisies are chanting “Holy”
Freeing harmony

Pour love everywhere
Palm branches cuddle lily
Wine is spring’s honey 

Plant dwarf gladiolus
A rosy crown is homey
Fairy’s sketch pretty.
By: Nadia Shahwan. This poem "Pour Love" won an honorable mention in June
2009, then became the winner in January 2010.

Details | Italian Sonnet | |

Tropical Romance

Tropical Romance White crowned waves wash upon the wet seashore The Palm fronds shiver in the stiff sea breeze Moonlight shimmers across midnight blue seas Black sky twinkles with diamonds galore Sensuous delights love does hold in store Come my love, on white sand lie with me please On this sand mound beneath these tall Palm trees And let us share the love we have pledged this day This love we do share is not commonplace White crowned waves wash upon the sea shore Moonlight shimmers across midnight blue seas Black sky twinkles with diamonds galore Come my love, on white sand lie with me please

Details | Elegy | |


My heart egos and my life drained from me
Simple life I live, I act as I know all
But I know not, no, not even a little
I earnestly seek for recognitions
But my life and my heart is a hole.
An empty vessel, soulless, loveless

I have been succumb by the pain of heart aches
I have become a broken man,
Know not what my future holds
I envy those who went before me, who were acknowledge

I hold on to the little shred of hope in me, 
I am being drowned by my own sorrows.
Love, hate, a new beginning and ending of my old self never seems to happen
My wrath against my enemies is nothing for they humor me with insults.
Let not death come to me in misery and despair, 
For life is full of joy and full of sorrows.

Love me, as who would love a stranger from nowhere.
Let my sorrows be taken away by the love of many
But at last, no one would.
Don’t cry for me, for no one knows me
They came before my grave and said “who is this man?”
“Why is the name not written?”
It is not written because I am nothing
Don’t shed a tear for the stranger such as me.

Life is like a dream on a calm sea,
As the captain gracefully steer and gently moves its rudder.
The passenger puts their lives in his hands,
A calm sea is the heaven of any sailor.
“So, where is my captain?”
The wind blows every so gently,
But my heart sinks gently into the sea;
Who will mourn for the stranger?

Drowned from my grief, 
My faith begins to waver like a ship tossed around by the winnowing wind
My heaven, my calm sea turns against me as I sail the Galilean sea
“Where are thy words that calm the raging storm?”
Ay! I have no peace even in my passing.
I have not thy words of command,
For my faith has been tossed away by the hating winds,  
Shallow, empty, and broken I lay here in an unnamed grave.

Only thy mercy will guide me to the third heaven!
Let my sorrows be washed away by the blood of the innocent lamp.
Let thy words be the honey drops for mine, 
As this world knows only lies
Blinded by greed and lust, 
They seek only to destroy of what they fear.
And my sorrows are tossed away by thy promises.
For thy compassion for lost sheep is great.

"Have I found peace?"
I have, for I know my heart is at rest when my body has aged
And my salvation has come
When I died with thy Words of truth

Details | Acrostic | |

Easter Joy!

E  aster! Born of ultimate love!

A  Lamb, unblemished, laid down and died

S   ins, each one, was paid in full

T  ortured, disrespected, denied, betrayed

E   entered Hades, ripped veil, bringing prophets of old, to
			       just reward
R  ose victorious, conquered death

J   esus Christ, joy astounding, Risen Lord! The Lion and the Lamb

O  ver two thousand years, though maligned, still alive! 

Y  our hopes and mine, all rest in Him

Details | Free verse | |

A seed of love planted in the soil of my heart

I sailed unaware into 
the ocean currents 
of her life:

smitten, I 
desired to ride 

them with her;
the ocean ways, a 

seed of love 

planted in the soil of
my heart had taken root 
and grew--only to perish 

a young hope 

that's fleeting:
though I loved her, 

still wounded

like a careless 

In spite of 
this and myself, 
I looked 

for encouragement
in her stare; 

at the outlines 
of her graceful 

I did wonder: 
she was 


a Helen of Troy, a prize, 
on whose loveliness 

so richly gorged! 

But never was 
a lonely man 
more wretched 

I was, 

as she could 
not return my

with equal measure of feeling.  

I would be more
glad had she been 
unwedded to another,

could easily be within 
my desirous 


In time, I 

her again;

and love, or the 
appearance of it--like 
an aborted 


flushed down the 

with her parting 
as well!

Details | Rhyme | |

The Social Norm

Drink the drink, and take the pills, lay on the medication.
But your soul's forever lost to them without persistent dedication.
There's things we've learned, and things we will, to decide us right from wrong.
But your ears are only open, now, to a techno-logic song.
Social norms have bound you tight, then cut you awf'ly deep.
And still your soul beneath the surface begs of you, relief.
You waded in their welcome waters, thought it nice and cool
But now I'm sure you've figured out you're lost in sorrows pool
So take it from who knows you best
Someone who has passed this test:

Before you drift out in the sea And the shore's no longer in your view, I promise that I'll bring you back And if I can't, I'll follow you. Before your legs and arms grow weak And you've passed your final tier, I promise that I'll hold your hand; I promise you I'll still be here. Before your lungs are filled with water And our souls are parted once again, I promise you that you're forgiven; I promise you I'm still your friend. Before you close your sunken eyes Inviting night to kill the day Know your bright was never slight And soon you'll see your way.

Details | Free verse | |


Call her "Tempest", for hers are eyes of storm.
Winds of passions held at bay, a torrent of tears uncried,
fires bound in those confines yearn to flash unchained into the night;
and peace is seldom found behind the clouded walls in the eyes of storm.

Her face reveals no inference nor her manner does supply
the slightest indication of the tumult found inside.
Her twisted tresses hint with subtlety
the wants,
the needs,
the fears,
the hopes,
the sorrows 'neath veils of lashes bound.

A sharpened tongue and razor wit, iced cold with frigid stares
are evidence more of the battle fought within erstwhile founts of tears.

The clouds spiral ever faster and the waves mount higher still.
The tormentuous seas have victims claimed, for none have yet them tamed.
Within those eyes of Tempest rage the unsettled memories
of sailors many and those to whom the task proved beyond reach...
for yet has one to brave those eyes and weather well the gale...
to find the calm I know is there within the eyes of storm.

I thought once to be a face undaunted her winds and rain.
Methinks I once caught sight of sun amid her skies of darkened gray.
I know the calm is in the heart of this hurricane,
'though I doubt it is I who'll find the peace deep within the eyes of storm.

Yeah. call her "Tempest", call her "Storm" call her "Calamity",
but fear not the rain,
nor winds,
nor waves she'll hurl in direction thine,
For somewhere beyond her wall of clouds 
is Eden in the eyes of storm.

Details | Epic | |

Silk Scarf

Last night the moon told me to pass,
from that same knoll we used to walk,
midwinter's cold, after school's class,
- I heard the silences to talk.

The moon above, was a waxed smile,
transmitting to creation light;
the pines were present and the aisle,
recalled my bronze six buttons bright.

I think the night wanted to talk,
or maybe to attend and care,
something was missing from that walk,
but was ascribed in the hung air.

Arcane the moonlight and your stare,
asserted truths that were forgotten,
my only certainty was aware,
the pines our song recited often.

I think you passed alone from there,
before the solitude to nest,
upon my Oxford blue sky's fare,
and constellation of Northwest.

Ascend above the stars of then,
appreciate the ghosts of time,
upon the knoll I walked again,
amid the pines, the sage and thyme.

The arbor greens, recalled that scarf,
I bought from Indies, on last barque,
half-ended trip because the surf,
never revealed the moors in dark.

Blue waves on silk, buoyancy failed,
betimes it was this last of nights,
the winds of Indian reckon wailed,
sea waters entered from dead lights.

© G. V. 01-16-2012
( Iambic tetrameter)

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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The Moonlit Tide

My love departs whence the waves tumble
to and fro o’er timeless grains of sand. 
Mottled depths of sea drown out restless rumble 
as fallen tears slip through my trembling hands.  
Say my name, enchanting moon of lore.
I shall not fault you lest my love return.
Beckon tides to well and light restore.
Grant me this before my heart doth spurn.
Full moon cast reflections bittersweet
‘til sunrise blanches all my thoughts of yore.
If I fall prey to waking dawn’s deceit,
Please rise anew to carry love ashore.
Waiting heart shan’t drown in moonlit tide.
In raging surge, for love I shall abide.

For POETESS DARKLY's Blame it on the Moon Contest

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Sea impression

                 Wave a sea softened
                  and a pain and a tenderness
                   throw dreams in fascination
                   of the blue.
                   And let shave the waves of
                   Your eternity , oh, weigh
                    above me,
                    oh,weigh a  coast of years.
                    Carry far in azure, spiral
                    with bulging little abdomens,
                    flutter with mahagony pinions
                    and already in vain  expect you
                    to stop the scales harbours 
                    with hot flames for You are
                    Far away, far away ,far away,
                    stretched string,
                    heart and frank await the 
                    hymn of June.
                    All sea sisters are dressed in
                    mother-of-pearl garment
                    embroidered of kiss of 
                    In the morning hunts them
                    fishermen and revive with
                    breath of their man’s hands.
                    In the evening girls wash 
                    their black tunics,
                    in their blue hearts,
                    their feet white ,who cadge
                    heavy chains.
                    The night is squeezed enigma
                    and ugly,
                    predatory like a bat pecking
                    of scarlet fig.
                    Sea sisters, sea sisters,
                    remember His steps 
                    which go through you noiselessly,
                  and ou swing like
                  bloody wine-
                 hold in His fingers Herod,
                 Pilate washes his hands,
                in Yours heirs
               and they bristled like winter
               icicles bristles of innoncent blood .
               There at Golgotha 
                hearing terrible cry,
                blood gushes like
               wounded river disappear
               like Easter roses,
              in weeds of flushed 
     preditory crowd,
     to open way of
     Who is He?
     Do you heard 
     His name ?
     He is Messiah,
     God’s anoited
      Jesus Christ.
      Like little sheeps,
      clouds of candy floss,
      they welcome festivaly.
       Barefooted are feet 
      of lovely swarthy steps
     of the sun, came to bow,
      before You , Creator.
      The sea throws his 
       magnificent silver flesh,
      blue like heavently lace,
       to swallow all stars 
       only Bethlehem’s
      stays inextinguishable,
       pretty like uncreated
      like an apple of not 
      born girl.      

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Surfing in the Sea of Sweet Love

The postcard reads"Wish You Were  Here"

Then I see the sea of loves wave on how

We behave... The sea waves rush and

Your surfboard gets drenched. Is this a

Dream you wonder and nothing but gushes

Of extremely salty water gives water gives

Us both a potent pinch. Your surfboard stands

High nearly touching the clear blue sky. The sun

Of sweet love has us sweating from strenuous

Activity. Oh in glee we are both surfing in the

Sea of sweet love getting soaking wet from

Below and above. The postcard reads "Come

Join Me" Then us surfing in the sea of sweet

Love will no longer be fantasy but reality.

Surfing in the sea of love drenching the

Surfboard roughing the waves that won't

Behave and that's okay. One day the postcard

Will read "What a wonderful vacation1 Y'all come

Back to love nation." Surfing in the sea of sweet

Love is a vacation to savor on any board like

Surface. Surfing in the sea of sweet love is

A dream worth having to get pinched by the

Saline waves. Surfing in the sea of sweet love

Is what is by both of us craved. Come over

Here and ride the waves, the postcard says!

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A Farmer's Eyes and a Sailor's Shadow

A thorough yield
On a farm field of far east
It took me time to realize
How far I am to my far east of coast

Call of my weather
Call of my winds
I sailed further and farther
To my naked coasts
Naive songs, Nimble rains
Nile of rivers, Nascent clouds

Reaching this far
I kissed my earth
Ground of my grief
Glory of my ghosts
Glad is those leaves
However scanty they are

Cast is my shadows
No longer they hide
My colors and my figures
They cast numbers on stars
Measure their light
Scope my winters
Scale my summers
Scanty my rains
Scuttle I wish my springs

Now let me see my greens
Their leveling heights
Their leafy gaze
Their spiderly gesture
Their primordial texture
Now let me be slow
In company of my greens

#Poem by +Gokul Alex

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 To have friends across
 an ocean, to feel the love
 like they're right next to
 you. Every day I feel the
 devotion. We have never
 met face to face, yet I can
 picture a smiling face, I can
 can feel the warm embrace.
 Heartfelt emotion drawn
 from our spirits, love shines
 from within us. On our journey
 we go, put trust in our paths.
 Have faith in its flow. One day
 we shall meet and then we will

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Her Heart Is The Sea

Her eyes never leave
the moonlit horizon.
She will wait
an eternity, if she must.
She paces
as the tides
crash forth, then recede
back to the ocean.

Only memories
return here.
The ship departing
from the docks,
the sun sparkling
on the water,
a pair of dolphins
through the surface.
They had seen it
while in each other's arms.
Yet, now they
are distant

The sky turned ominous,
dark waters
engulfed the ship.
Everything went dark,
they lost sight
of each other
beneath the churning waves.
Her lungs
filled with salt water
as she desperately
gasped for air,
for life.

She drowned
the same day he did.
Her soul
washed ashore
along with her
cold, lifeless body.

She remains
haunting the coast.
Her feet leave
no imprints
in the sand.
She moves
with the wind,
drifts upon it, 
like sea-foam
atop the waves.
The dark water
through her
transparent form.

Her spirit's heart glows,
shining outward
like a lighthouse beacon
showing him the way
to her arms.
She is waiting
for him
to rejoin her.
He will return
just as she has.

Written by: Kelly Deschler    October, 10th, 2013  

nette onclaud's contest - "Take Two"
This was originally written for Poetess Darkly's contest - 
"Heart Of The Sea"

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An Island Refuge

on a deserted island drenched in light sparkling waves dance and lovers softly sigh a refuge for romance caressed by night lovers amorously swoon at the sight of the glowing orb, breathtakingly nigh on a deserted island drenched in light bathed in a full moon, young lovers shine bright balmy breezes blow, a tropical high a refuge for romance caressed by night the moon hypnotizes from sunken height as passion spreads wings from heavenly sky on a deserted island drenched in light whispers from the sand, a new song to write on a bended knee, their tears of joy cry a refuge for romance caressed by night the beach shares their dreams, the future invites a love eternal, they cannot deny on a deserted island drenched in light a refuge for romance caressed by night By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 10, 2012 for A Tropical Theme Under the Moonlight contest (Gail Doyle) third place

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Diana Dalton -Bio Poem

Diana Dalton 

Creative, curios, playful & loving
Sister of a brother who is not here
Lover of Life,Photography, Hubby and more
Who experiences love, longing, excitement, 
Who dislikes High fructose corn syrup
Love to see, England again, the Sea & Australia (with hubby)
Resides in Grand Junction,Colorado

Diana Dalton 
10 Aug 2012

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When the Earth was in danger 1of 8


This story is based partly on the Indian mythology and partly on my imagination.
The theme is anger, how it can destroy even the entire Earth and if controlled,
how it converts into a creative energy. The incident is from the mythology of 
Hindus, which speaks, how Shiva the supreme God of Hindus started 
one day his Tandava Nritya * or the Dance of Destruction……………..What was 
the cause of this anger would be explained in the concluding part of this story. 

When the Universe was in danger   1 of 4 

The cascading spring of poetry or anger, start flowing,
When pain got absorbed, in one’s mind and heart,
And the agonies of   heart, show their somber face,
When they dance on the lips, while words take shapes.01

The utterance becomes a melody or a loud voice of thunder,
Depending upon the depths, of pain and piercing thorns,
When tears start rolling from eyes, without stopping for a while,
Like the streams which keep flowing,   without ever stopping.  

When the waves of pains, strike high touching the air and,
The separation from love splashes against the sky,
It takes shape as a pain of heart, and goes-up like high waves or, 
It burst like heated lava, coming from a Volcano’s chest.    03

Suppressed pain strikes the rocks, when they comes on its way,
The sea of turmoil creates a fearful noise,   while hitting the rocks,
The anger then burst, like the sea surf covering the mighty rocks,
To engulf everything coming, before the raging mind and heart. 04

Considering the end to save the lives, the earth started shouting loudly,
As if the Tandava Nritya*, had started to engulf the earth,
O Please Stop, You are the God of creation & destruction too,
Have mercy, O Shiva*, O Please stop, your Tandava Nitrya,*
Or else the whole earth would forever come to a halt.   05


Kanpur India 14h Feb 2011                                      to continue in 2/8


Shiva* is the supreme God of Hindus, who is also the source of all creations and
distractions. Shiva’s Tandava is a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of
creation, preservation and dissolution. Tandava depicts his violent nature as the
destroyer of the universe.

*Tandava Nritya* means Dance of destruction

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Drape over lonely hours, gloom of night The silence that succumbs me takes its toll I am left with stardust shed from starlight Words behind me, left as ink upon my scroll You're still inside my heart, marksman of my soul Stillest ocean wrath, black by moon's allure The blackbird dips to brush the water's drone Her wings spread wide and mind set free and pure No two-legged demons here to throw a stone She flies into the seaside night alone

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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Tender Memories

A quiet evening alone by the shore
My thoughts return to the island once more
A young woman still haunting my dreams
I Was a sailor in love with her charms 
We spent a summer in each others arms
Living now isn't all that it seems
Paradise once was well within reach
Two lovers together on a tropical beach
Finding the answers without asking why
Watching the colors of the setting sun
Touching the ocean when day is done
Southern Cross hanging high in the sky
She held my heart in the palm of her hand
We walked together in the Caribbean sand
In the distance the harbor lights
Castaway dreams we shared with each other
Vowing forever to love one another
Embracing the tropical nights
I heard the ocean calling my name
Knowing my life would not be the same
I boarded that ship and sailed away
I lie awake nights and question my choice
I see her face and I hear her voice
I only have tender memories today.

  Vince Siuzadail Jr.

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Sea Idyll

In a world of conflict and scheming,
may I never awaken from dreaming
of someday being able to float
out -- out in my own little boat --
out on a moon-lit bay
where tropical waters play
and a cooling breeze drifts by.
The salt sea air would be bracing --
would set my weary heart racing --
there on that moon-bright bay.
Only gulls overhead, as they fly, and I,
would hear, from the sandy shore,
the palms as they rustle.  I sigh --
oh -- I never would ask for more
than to float on the nurturing sea --
only you and the moon there with me.

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Damn You, Eve

Mourn my loss of innocence; the Queen of 
Love, and I her prince. Dance, we dance, all 
the way to Heaven- born of grief, and the 
things I have written...And dare I ask, or 
merely inquire, on who doth Love me, and who 
is a liar? Just say my name, old curse of 
shame, cloaked in dark, and murky colors 
No skies to fly, no seas to sail, no land on 
which to keep my Lovers
All too silent, this lonely night;
No choice to choose, no grounds to fight 
These pleading words, and Fools in herds-
marching to the Ends of the Earth 
People I loath, and you were told: I do wish 
Eve hadn't given birth...

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Sea of Unrest

A weight bound tight inside of her prison, Does no man acquire the strength that's due? She sinks down deep as high tide has risen, As her figure's swallowed by darkest blue Resignating, do her lungs open so, Oh, how she opens the gate to her death; Crushed by the pressure, she rocks to and fro', Not even with closure of one last breath The waves crash above and smother below, It was the blackest of waters she'd known; Suddenly, pressure was letting her go, And the most loveliest light was then shown A pair of hands came for me, cold and wet; Eyes upon me, and but a lovers set.

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Love Sick

The weight is dark and heavy, Like black waters swirling deep It ebs and flows with selfish tugs As blood-stained tauntings seep. The waves have gone with reason, The mem'ries flood the shore As it touches sand with reaching hands It pulls back, then grasps for more. Deep below, the darkest pits The sharpest rocks will wait so calm; As soon as swimmers brush the edge They'll bleed in natures palm. I've dipped my toes in, felt it cold, Rememb'ring shivers dry; I'll pull my legs back to my chest, With only waves to feel you by.

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We are Tausug Nation
Defending independence
Free from the enemies
Stood not to get oppressed

Our Nation ruled
Of the country’s independence
Never conquered from then
We shall develop our land

Our country, nation is known
Home of courageous person
Bound only in one faith
Never care of the death

Tumantangis, Dahu peaks of our land
To Bagsak, Sinumaan
And to all the mountains here
Only one God is aimed

Zamboanga, Basilan, North Borneo, Palawan
Centre is in Sulu land
Ruled by the Sultan
From the early point of time

Our nation is united
In the name of faith is complete
Only God is firm
Determined not to get conquered

Land of the pearl garden
Sulu Sea in the world is famous
From the South and North
And East and West

Blood of Martyrs flowed in the vein of the Sug Nation
Fought to defend
Flag rose like Vinta strip
Eternal pledge appeared

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If We Were Back

Where once we laughed, bent over our middles,
pounding the table, or just smirking with a rueful
“Oh, my God”, sort of way, could I forget the silent beach?

Rustles of sand at my window as you walk off
hands in your pockets after our gazes met one last time
as you checked I remained alive and you had no duty

to fill any more. How could the sand slither so
beneath our feet, like an upturned timer wiping clean
wiping, wiping away our faces, our moisture,

until only the rollers were brave enough to face
me and the sand and the laughter and the quiet
and what had passed away never to return again.

Never the same river or ocean or hands awaiting
the clock of our unmaking until your rueful smile 
no longer smirks at the me that was never there
in your dreaming, and I am made who I am again. Real.

Sheri Fresonke Harper

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Odysseus' Siren Song

Odysseus' Siren Song

A wraith she was to mend and soothe;
a blueish skein she had to twine,
my destiny's she held the truth,
beneath the stars' ironic shine;

I know; the winds shall meet knots lost;
my stare's on trails to dear home field,
a chorus of sunk souls foremost,
recites old songs of nimbus' grief.

My Siren spoke; from far beyond,
the height of skyward domes and stars,
our wishing spells above a pond,
where winds remind my verse and mars.

Sea vastness spreads, recalls are voiced,
- from countless depths, I feel the scythe
on Stygian links, her kiss is moist
- in Hades' darkness, the souls writhe;

from faraway she cares again
to touch my lips and sing her notes,
a song of death to my arcane,
black Acheronian ship that floats.

Our steadfast sails to lines of gray,
the years we passed forever shine,
inside the winds the notes convey
her Siren's song to end my twine.

© G. V., 11-06-2011
(Iambic tetrameter)

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Siren's Song

I long for the open sea while gentle waves call to me in my sleep
Dreams of salt air and a boundless horizon
No words ride the night, yet I hear her song and know her voice.

Stand I here at waters' edge while the moon bids her rise to greet me
To embrace her as she beckons me to follow
To become one with her, or perish in the striving

Marooned, here I stand on this island in the sun
Afraid to plunge into the depths, I am rooted…captive
Denying myself passage to that distant horizon

O happy tide, would that I were as free to leave

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Sea Lessons

   All night the sea with its broken heart lamented its love
   O happy were days kissing the rivers'saltless tongue in praise
   Of raindrops on their naked skin together trembling.

   My heart is pounding like the surf on distant bars tonight
   for callous flesh like stones will not melt before morning comes for love
   and make us agree that silence is calmer sea to clearly see

   The beauty of the reef submerged in every heart draws breath
    From stifled air that latent sleep in troubled or tranquil breasts
    In the mixing of two waters like our souls the corals bloom afresh 

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Caesar Sees Her Alliteration

Sea Czar Caesar sees her seated on a cedar two-seater beside the East Sea Seder.  He grieves since he sees his sister, Esther Dexter, with her red festered blister, next her.  

Guinevere is pleased her eager leader, Caesar’s seen her.  In degrees, she breezes, “Sir, see our sea surf?  These sea treasures are pleasures to sea czars and we serfs.”

Caesar desires, if it please her, to seize her and squeeze her.

But Esther Dexter who’s next her interjects the elder perspective protector with an inflective reflector.

“Easy, wheezy geezer Caesar.  It may please her if you squeeze her at your leisure, but if you seize her in a fever, she’s sure to seizure; so leave her at ease, sir!”

Peeved Caesar, seethes, sneezes, wheezes, breathes and proceeds.  He’s pissed his less best pest of a sister, Esther Dexter, with her red festered blister, persists amidst this tryst.  

He flees to cleave Guinevere’s knees.  “See here, dear Guinevere.  I’m neither teaser nor misfeasor geezer and will not proceed to cede to my tongue twisted sister, Esther Dexter.  Please heed to receive my believable plead so I may leave relieved.”

Guinevere is pleased with her Caesar and suggests to Esther Dexter to leave her and Caesar forever.

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I am lost
Basking in radiant eyes
Like the grass grows fonder
Bending to the sun's sultry cries
Undressing summer’s silhouette
Fall's blushing fingertips
Warmed by the naked thought
Of hope's supple lips
I am crushed
By heaven's downy gait
Rain’s rose petal toes
Caressing tantric throes
For my heart is adrift
Imbued by harmonic hues
Nature's idyllic shoes
Twirling her golden hand
I am cured
By laughter's contagious dare
Leering through lipstick hair
Strawberry tines
Tickling my helpless spine
Springtime invading
Passion parading
That which winter cannot bear
I can taste
The fruit of her fertile kiss
The nectar of blooming bliss
Like sweet wine suckled
From Eden’s weeping vine
The scent of a sacred sign
For only love's bounty
May find her

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The Anne Marie Gale

There she sits, ready to fly, to be free and take sail
A beautiful ship, the love of my life, The Anne Marie Gale
Ready to take on the harshest storms, the hurricanes
The darkness and the rain, typhoons, and all the pain
She sails off, leaving me behind, lost forever in vain
I watch you slip away, my beautiful Anne Marie Gale 
When you were once here, in the harbors of my heart 
Set off to sail, and to take the wind, as I watch you part 

You are a beauty, an angel, sails are your wings of the sea, 
where behind your veil, You look out ahead, and see 
all your flags are flying, your sails of pearls are furled
On your mast your colors, are waving you on to your destiny
Here you took my heart, and now you are taking the world
Leaving me a shallow old man, to cry alone and wail
Where have I gone? Lost in time, with The Anne Marie Gale
Will you return someday? And return to a place once home? 
Where I stand at the oceans’ edge in the waves, sand and foam 
I watch from the light houses, and islands, their tallest towers 
Waiting your return, counting each day, each second, each hour
I feel the wind and rain pour through my veins, ripping my soul
Taking my heart to the depths, into the end of times final hours 
where I cannot not escape, nor do I dare let go the ropes holding me
Binds me, keeping me tied forever a knot, only time unfolding me  

Soon the winds of a gale will take me, and my strength will soon fail
As I wait out my life in wonder of the beautiful Anne Marie Gale
Do you ever remember me from your heart? See me through the veil?
Or are you set free by your sails forever with the winds and gales?
That take you into the adventures you seek, of The Anne Marie Gale
A beautiful clipper, built from the heart of my woods, and of golden rails
The storms of my heart, a gold jewel of the sea, the wind in your sail
Forever I will be a ghost aboard the pure heart of the Anne Marie Gale,

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The Purge

oh, sweet old vine that calms me down at the safe port in the warm sea
let me drink youth and hopes from the same bottle that the fishes swim
the hot sun burns my skin and dries my throat
but i dream about what the green lawns will bring me 
as soon as I get out of this boat

red roses symbolizes the blood in the pacific waters
sharks are fighting swordfishes and shoals are frightened for their sons and daughters 
the only thing that reminds the ocean to clean up all the stains and remains
it’s the expectation for the new battles that the great ships wage with the leviathans inside the captain’s veins

tell him that it’s to late now
cause the mermaid seeks passion from another sailor’s vow
poor man longing in the sea
his kids and wife can’t remember the sound of his arriving
with his footsteps filled with sand flea

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cerulean loss

her alabaster lips did drown
the sea with rage that fateful dawn.
how beautiful with skin so pale,
her alabaster lips. did drown
the roar of waves and shredded sail.
Poseidon's wrath on human pawn.
her alabaster lips did drown.
the sea with rage that fateful dawn...

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Mistress Of The Sea

                                  Song of the waves beckon
                           the heart calleth, deep unto deep
                                captive mistress of the sea

  This poem is dedicated to the fisrt time I saw
the ocean. I watched the sun rise over the Alantic Ocean.
I remember I stood there looking over the ocean, 
and it seemed as though the whole world held its breath,
 and then the sun came up! I was her captive from that moment. 

by Lori McClure

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Adrift at Sea

For years this ship has been sailing the seas
From the beaches of Hawaii to the Florida Keys
With no land in sight and no view of atolls
The ship was used to pitches, yaws and rolls

Alas, land has been spotted ahead
After four years of feeling left for dead
No more sorrow or lonely, sad songs
Just happiness that good fortune has finally come along

Like an island to Odysseus’ men many years ago
This island is what the captain has wished he would go
After so far away from love and compassion
This was not an example of instant satisfaction

This ship has suddenly turned engines on to full throttle
And its captain now drinks rum from a bottle
Never again he wishes to see
His ship out of love and adrift a sea

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A 3 HOUR TOUR--Right here on Gilligan's Island---

Our love is like Gilligan's Island
but what we have is so much more
And to all the girls that I've loved before
they are but Brady Bunches on three hour tours

Cheers to the ladies on that Island 
but you're my "Mary-Ann" and my "Movie Star"
come take my hand-in-hand, with candy tan 
you're the best of both worlds,  but much better by far

I have "Profess"ed to be your "Skipper"
tho' I'm "Thurston" for you like I do Mrs. Howell,
when you "Lovey" dove me with coconuts,
I can't help but go nuts, NOW GET ME A TOWEL!~~


NAME= JSLambert
*Note: this Rhyme was written as a love letter-ish type of thang:) I hope ya' don't mind the weirdness of it all~:)JSL

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Drifting away thoughts

I stand there a moment alone
held in the grasp of time
as trees bare branches waving
Loosing their summer shades 
its a dark heavy cast morning  
winter's coldest clouds inside sighs 

Thoughts drifting away 
in a cool damp wind blowing softly
coming down one chilly breeze 
from the mountains whispering souls 
Memories of love and still the pretty birds they sing

Magic in grace so pure enchanting 
very beautiful spells a choir 
Their song together, echo in sweet melody
far away in the distance a crow caws 
mixing with the sound of a dog barking mad

Feelings in this world 
I breathe sighing lonely
listening to the gentle babble of the stream 
flowing faraway into a deep ocean 
as salt of a thousand tears

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Smell the spring aroma and 
let it delight all your senses...
don't the softest roses bloom
on windless, sunniest days?

Let my slow fingers caress your lustrous hair,
feel the pleasant warmth of a lovely afternoon;
on windless, sunniest days...
don't the softest roses bloom?

Only the truest lovers can set the white moon ablaze,
as the passing stars shed more light on their faces;
don't the softest roses bloom
on windless, sunniest days?

God gave us love freely as the air we breath;
humans have turned it into lust and doom...
on windless, sunniest days
don't the softest roses bloom?

Entered in Jared Pickett's contest,"Mirrored Refrain"

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Understand yourself to understand me

I know who I am and love me even more… ripened like the finest wine never pop my cork.
I love harmony and don’t mean a tune, but a life from harmonious view.
I don’t tolerate the devils dirty work disguised to hide the shallow blue….
Looking like the sandy blue seas once hitting the coast with such beauty, but once unhidden is 
truly a Tsunami.  God utilizes my time more wisely.
 I am God’s special gift, so I feel sorry for you if you choose me to mess with.
To mess with me is to harm yourself stop trying to understand and understand yourself. 
Understand God lives and shines through me... do you now understand me, now try to 
understand yourself.

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Soft Seas

Soft seas beheld the ebb of evening’s dance
Arousing waves upon a satin shore
Resounding reassurances for more
Soft seas awaiting soulful lover’s glance

An endless tide of passion to explore
And time to drift amidst life’s vast expanse
While holding hands brings comfort still to chance
Soft seas awaiting lovers to restore

When set upon by minions of the storm
Soft seas will raise you high above the ground

When songs of sirens beckon to conform
Soft seas will whisper something more profound

When lovers’ sighs transform the cold to warm
Soft seas awaiting somewhere to be found

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The song of the Fair Maiden

When lost in the Aegean Sea, I heard a song afar from my sails;
          Blinded by the fogs, I sail to the direction of that voice.
Guided by the sweet voice and arouse by the melody, I followed the path of which I knew not,
         And found myself drifting ashore a foreign land.
         Haul by the passing mist; I saw a hill that rose above the lands,
         My ship was in the middle of the two great hills that looked down and over the shores.
         I looked above and saw no clouds, just the blue skies; I could still hear her voice
        The wind blew ever so gently as I move my rudder,
        That song can still be heard, yet I know not where she is?
         I looked to find that voice that eludes me, that called me;
         But, yet, I found nothing, saw no one.
         She sang a sadden song, of lost love, but lost love I knew not?
         I am a stranger, afar my abode, a stranger lost in the midst of seas.
         Hold and steadfast, for my heart feels allured by the maiden song,
Yes...though my heart be sadden by her song, her voice drifts my soul across the Styx.
        God makes all things beautiful; all things have purpose, and is her song,
        Whether it be joy or sorrows, her song, is the song of a broken heart.
        That took hold my empty vessel, and filled it with joy,
         Though I never thought song of sorrow can be taken for a joy.
         I sailed far and afar from the shores, and saw the hills moved further away.    
         I could still hear her song, I looked back and saw her, a fair maiden.
        God's grace that showed me, a spirit of a woman, that took my heart and broke it. 
         Her skin as white as snow, her deep blue eyes that stared into my soul, 
         her hair long and gold as that of a golden fleece.
          She a ghost of the past, singing to guide her lover back into her bosoms
          And her lips afar from mine. At last! it was not for me. 
          A strong wind that force my eyes shut and bent my knees.
         As I stood up and saw no more, I heard not her song, aye, neither her voice.
        She was gone with the wind.
       The song of the fair maiden still resonates in mine heart as I sail a distant shores. 
       Even if  death approaches me and take'th my life, 
        My words of praises for her beauty will live on forever.

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Ship Ahoy Divorce Style

<                                              Haiku

                                          sea's tranquility
                                   bestows harmonic balance
                                      amidst  tides rising


                          aye ye matey walking its own plank
                          let not ye other take thee to bank
                                raise thy anchors set sail
                              give heeve hoe to those failed
                         find ye other sailor's who's yet sank  


                    shivery timbers captain bow is about to break
                    toss overboard it's ye baggage holding thee dam weight 

Entry For
{Destroyer { Poet's
Divorce Club
Haiku /Limerick/Couplet Contest
G.L. All

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My Wonderful Love and Me

My Wonderful Love and Me

We met by the sand and the sea
My wonderful love and me

We sat on the sand by the sea
My wonderful love and me

We played in the waves of the sea
My wonderful love and me

The sun shone on us both at the sea
My wonderful love and me

We married there down by the sea
My wonderful love and me

We built us a house by the sea
My wonderful love and me

Our family grew with us there by the sea
My wonderful love and me

Years passed for us there by the sea
My wonderful love and me

Illness took her away by the sea
My wonderful love from me

Now I sit here alone by the sea
Sad that she’s taken from me

I think how we met by the sea
How happy we both seemed to be

I remember our times by the sea
Memories now only for me.

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Song of the Dolphin

A world enchanted with blue and green
 Secrets that are untold by human eyes
 A place where some relics can never be found

 Soft voices flowing through an Orphic world
 Moving along great ocean currents
 The song of a dolphin that never ends
 Creatures of amity and peace

 Eyes that show only perfect love and care
 Love deeper than any known ocean
 A spirit that lives in all tranquility
 Sharing their love with a peaceful song

 Tenderness of creatures so gentle
 That it can never be forsaken
 Like dream of dolphins sleeping
 In a world enclosed by water

 Nalanti Goosen©2012 
 All rights reserved

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Notre Dame Marion

She thought of the details the Mistral sweeps
the tears she shed that night atop the deck
How beautiful it was to bear her dreams,
but why the heavens caused that evil wreck?

For ten odd months the postage she received,
the scent of ports conveyed and the ship's norm,
but near Alaska's Bering Strait, bereaved
the vessel spent her masts, within the storm.

The Mistral spoke that night, 'the ship was split',
and he was there inside the faint starlight,
he smiled - she guessed that he knew naught of it,
- how was his face angelical and bright!

He kissed her face (or so she thought), and hair,
and then she saw him on the captain's bridge
atop the Spring tides on departing fare,
upon the moors she laughed, conjuring griefs.

On Aleutians snows today and slow,
'Notre Dame Marion' heads on the windward tide;
atop the deck are standing in faint glow,
two ghosts that conn the ship on ether's glide.

© G.V. 01-09-2012

Contest: Any poem goes.
Sponsor: S. L.

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Below We Drifted

Holding hands, into our eyes we stare As we turn to the bleak that awaits us there Deafening creaks like thunderous roars Her arching back in ripping soar Screaming explosions as the waters seep Tears of many as life ends their keep Below the cobalt in a coldly drift Sinking debris in continual shift Our hands still held amidst disappearing lights We no longer focus as we enter our blight Below we drifted, two souls soon to be gone How many of us end up where we don't belong *~*

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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Flying up in the skies

My dear , I don't know how shall I start
But my love for you was set before we met
I don't know how as it's deep in my heart
I believe that's crazy like Romeo's love for Juliet

Baby , my love for you is like a waterfall
I can't escape it but I must go down
I am addicted to your love , that's all
So don't hurt my heart and leave , It's a letdown

My pretty angel , I need you by my side
And from life , I wish nothing more
As you know that passion is my guide
And without you , nothing worth living for

Let's walk along the seashore till the dawn light
Holding hands , I wanna keep looking at your eyes
Baby , they are shinnig like the stars , so bright
With you , I feel I am flying up in the skies

Oh yeah , I feel I am flying up in the skies
I feel I am flying up in the skies

By: A. Badr

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Unified Heartbeat

Like the heart that got washed away by the sea Like the blessings shown on us flying away Lost love crumbles before us which cannot be The need outweighs the displeasure of each day But life ceased the unified heartbeat within Time made these broken links, knocking off our grin We were once inseparable, but now moved Like stars in the sky falling, they’re disapproved Russell Sivey Based on an old relationship.

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The Pier by the sea

The sound of the sea
so close to my door
a blue feeling in my fingers
my spirit is not so blue...

Our walks on the pier
where I am born eternal
the entire color aurora
awakens the sea and you...

Love swim so close to me
madness love me on this shipwreck
the oars and port is breaking
If only I had a boat...

Floating seagulls for an instant would stop
and shout my voice
in such a jovial churn
a simple duel mystery...

Duel of music in the air
the open magnolia of your kisses
dresses the waves of passion
with the passionate view of distant sailboats...

The entire aurora
awakens the sea in you
stretched in a dream
the gulls carry to my hands

Leaving me
two water skies...

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Many Christmas stories are told every year,
and many songs are sung with pure cheer;
do I have a good story, at least one, I can tell,
or a simple song I can hum and spread good will?

When Lisa's grandmother passed away unexpectedly...
by her dying bed she kept an ivory music box,
and to her lovely granddaughter she gave it
to saying," Take care of it, and smile when you think of me!"

The day after granny died, she went down the dark cellar
to hide the ivory music box in an old dresser's drawer,
and once in a while she would open it and play it and listen to it sadly;
the pretty angel swirled...and Silent Night played as Lisa touched it tenderly.

It was almost Christmas Day and the pine tree wasn't decorated yet,
she rushed outside carrying a red basket with ornaments in it;
how could she had forgotten to adorn it with bulbs and garlands?
" Oh gosh, I feel like the Grinch!"  she displeasingly uttered to herself. 

There was no snow predicted for that evening and the illuminated town
was lacking Nature's magical snowflakes to make it festive and vibrant;
five minutes to midnight the choir from the nearest church gathered outside,
and waited for a miracle...silence...tranquility...every heart felt so alone.

But Lisa with an indomitable spirit ordered them to sing, 
and they began singing looking up the clearest, starriest sky;
everyone seemed sad and some of them wanted to cry,
but before sadness set in...snowflakes began falling.

Lisa knew that it was the miracle she had been waiting for,
but something was missing from the snowy scenery...
she remembered her ivory music box she had put away,
and running, with awe in her bright eyes, she opened the cellar's door...

Clutched in her caring, careful hands, she carried the ivory music box,
laid it gently underneath the twinkling, scented Christmas Tree;
Lisa kissed it tenderly...until the golden angel started to swirl at midnight,
as that divine music filled the nippy air...making all cheeks so peachy.        

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Just Be

Society, community, society, community.
You can leave now and let me be.
I will swim free, free in your sea. 
Your sea? your sea, polluted now, Oh you will never see.
Broken hearts, bodies too, beloved inner child, I love you.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
I know now that this is all I need.
To be. To be. That is all, just Be.
Burn your toys, television too, kill the car, the radio..... 
Unleash, unravel, these boys, disentangle, unblock, reset there mind, please sir,
could you be so kind?
Simplicity, Simplicity, simplicity.
Eye's clenched shut.
Now I know, Alone in my hut, not long to go, you will be free.
Free. free. free.
Buy the car, buy the house, buy the cow, consume, consume, but how?
Now, now, you tell me are you happy? for ever and art thou.
Ah ha, you see, you see.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
That is all I need, I choose now, my self is free?
Yes, yes, yes sir, me?
Free to sit, sit and just be.
Me? Free? free to swim in this endless blue sea?
I will just sit, sit right here, against this healing earth, oh so very near.
My mind is liquid, free to birth.
Just be. Just Be. Just Be.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

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Another Day Has Dawned

A Free Verse Pantoum

Another Day Has Dawned - PPP
The sea had shown me mercy
Purple twilight hid my angry, heart-break tears.
The pink horizon shimmered across my dreams.
Dreams lay abandoned on an island of woeful fears.

Purple twilight hid my angry, heart-break tears.
My heart ached to paint paisley waters of love again.
Dreams lay abandoned on an island of woeful fears.
Perfumed passion waned; I was marooned, without you.

My heart ached to paint paisley waters of love again.
I stood looking out at the sea as her waves frolicked.
Perfumed passion waned; I was marooned, without you
Roar of the sea echoed your laughter; your smile haunted me.

I stood, looking out at the sea as her waves frolicked,
All around me, I saw shadows of your perfect face.
Roar of the sea echoed your laughter; your smile haunted me.
Clouds of loneliness invaded my space at nightfall.

All around me, I saw shadows of your pefect face
Why was I abandoned, on this island of desolate longing?
Clouds of loneliness invaded my space at nightfall.
Who will find me, lost here, within this pitty-full shell?

Why was I abandoned, on this island of desolate longing?
I was awakened by an invasive early bright orange sunrise!
Who will find me, lost here, within this pitty-full shell?
I turned to run away from the intrusion of sunrise screaming!

I was awakened by an invasive early bright orange sunrise!
A smile from within me cracked the walls of dismay.
I turned to run away from the intrusion of sunrise screaming!
Upon the shore a precious pearl spilled, resting at my feet.

A smile from within me cracked the walls of dismay.
The pink horizon shimmered across my dreams.
Upon the shore a precious pearl spilled, resting at my feet.
The sea had shown me mercy.


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Sail by
Leaving me
Waving goodbye

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A Mermaid's Tail --Tale--

Shards of gilded light, so iridescent,
cascading over your perfect shoulders.
Your sensuous form, curled 'to a crescent,
nestled amongst the rocks and the boulders.

You stretch languidly and seek to unfurl,
'fore slowly brushing your locks of pure gold.
Graceful strokes with a comb formed out of pearl,
'tis so entrancing: a sight to behold.

The euphonous lilt of your silvern voice,
carries 'cross the waves and reaches mine ear.
Upon hearing this, I have to rejoice,
a magnum opus, truly without peer.

These feelings of mine, no longer contained;
my passion rises and then carries forth.
"We must be together; it's preordained!
Forsake all others from this day henceforth!"

With a flick of your tail you disappear,
into those briny depths we cannot chart.
Vanished from all sight, I can't interfere;
left nary a trace, 'cept here in my heart.

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Solar Love

Every star is someone eles's son (shield your eyes) shrug off hate from everyone familiar place been here before thousands of nights the ocean shore coasts are changing minds align hate and fear must now resign connect the dots move my child tame the shy wake the wild shred advice relayed from the miser castrate cancer obstructing the wiser transcendental the hydrogen burns furnishing life each time earth turns

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Why Does the Shore Love the Sea

Why does the shore love the sea?
Giving, always giving...
He lets himself be struck
By the sea in her rage
And will still hold her
As the storm abates-

My lover says it's because
When they are together,
The world is complete

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Frog Adventures

Frog Adventures - journey always continues - A Collaboration

The Frog lands on earth smiling
Nothing has changed In mirror reflections
Bearing gifts from his mission on Mars
He met the cow who jumping over the moon
On the milky way he lay back rocking thoughts
Upon the moons' smile on a beautiful memory
Laughing having fun In warm joy
When lightning struck
Striking a beautiful tune sings out
Watching the dish elope with the spoon
Crying It looks like the cat Is playing the fiddle
Sadly tugging heart strings the temperature drops
Every which way swaying lost
One craft on this ocean a ghost ship
Into a shadow horizon
I sail to you In light of the moon

Are you sure? That Is not quite the story of the Frog that seamen tell. He lost all his gifts when he fell Into the sea. This Is the way seamen tell It.

Captain Jamie Lee Is at the wheel the ghost ship was the Dramallach Raven
A fine upstanding bunch of pirate lads not one of them was a craven
Now out of the corner of his eye Jamie Lee did spy
Something strange and he almost gave a startled cry
A Frog fell Into the sea small and green
Frog overboard He did lustily cry his eyes sharp and keen
The mate threw over the line and then to crews surprise
A little green frog holding a brollie stood before their eyes
This little Frog lifted up and placed on the poop deck
A poor little fellow he was and he looked quite a wreck
It was then Mr. Frog noticed Jamie Lee was a ghost
And he turned white and lean Instead of being green
As he sat shaking looking up at his host
"Now Mr. Frog what will I do with you oh deary me
Bash you on the head then off with your legs and have you for my tea"

Don't panic, didn't happen, just a bit of ghostly pirate humour there. There were no Frogs harmed In the making of this poem. Now, where was I? oh yes.......

"Now Mr. Frog what will I do with you oh deary me
I think we'll take you back to Ireland across the briny sea"

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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Sail Away With Me

" Sail Away With Me " If you like your wine in a bottle, and think you are quite sane. If you're not into snowy winters, or a foggy window pane. If you like making love anytime, or on the waves of the sea. I'm the Captain you've looked for, so come sail away with me. If you've had enough of the bar scene, and once you had a dream. If you are bored with the little bay, and still love the moon's beam. If your idea is to laugh and play, in the wind & on the sea. I'm the Captain you've looked for, so come sail away with me. At twelve noon this very day, and if you're listening to what I say. I'm the Captain you always hoped for. So sail away with me this day. I'll meet you at that bar called the Caribbean and try to set you free. For now it's time to let your heart run and time to sail away with me. SeaWolf ©

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Like a river to the sea

Inspired by my very beautiful wife

Like a River to the sea

Like a river, to the sea
That’s how my love does flow to thee
Just like the moon reflects the sun
So I reflect your love, my darling one

You be my haven in a storm
When I feel cold you keep me warm
You’re my best friend, my lover too
You be my rose, my darling I love you

My darling every time I hold you to me
A symphony rings out from mystic realm
No matter what this life should ever give to me
I’ll ride each wave with you here at my helm

Just like a star that shines so bright
You be my light on the darkest night
You be an angel with such power
You nurture me and make my being flower.

20 July 2013 @ 1135hrs.

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one of us is drowning - Palindrome

the more I love
the less I say. 
no speech 
out of reach
but I can see
on the sea,
like flotsam 
drifting away, 
one of us is 

one of us is 
drifting away,
like flotsam 
on the sea,
but I can see
out of reach
no speech
the less I say 
the more I love.

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Sweet dreamland

On the sea of time I sail with you
The sea is calm and the sky is blue

We are sailing for sweet dreamland
We must hurry give me a hand

Take a look at those merry dolphins
It’s a sign. Do you know what it means?

I can see through my telescope
An island full of dream and hope

Take a look at those flying seagulls
I am so excited check my pulse

O my sweetie my near and dear
Be patient we are almost there

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The Pride of the King - from the epic 'The peasant and the prince'

Let not the pain of death enter my body
I the Pharaoh, son of the gods
Here my wife, who is the daughter of the Nile
The daughter of Isis sits beside my throne,
Is she not beautiful?

I live and roam the abode of the gods,
In eternity I stay with the majesties
Of the immortal gods
Mortality has no hold of me
I alone carry the staff of Osiris,
Behold! I judge thy weight of the heart,
With that of the golden feather
Thoth that measures thy heart shall tell me of thy hearts content.
If I find thy heart lighter than the feather;
And find thy honesty,
I shall let you enter the heaven of the gods and goddesses.
If not, than, a beast to devour thee, waits for the dishonest.
Know me by my throne, made of gold
I am cloth with ornaments made of jade and sapphire,
White silk of clothing, with jewels from far away lands.
Anyone that dear look down upon me shall die
And those that despise me, shall fine their homes burned down,
with fires from heaven.

Who am I? I have asked thee
Look at Anubis, the son of Nephthys bringer of death.
Do you await him to bring me great sorrow?
Shall he warp me with a yard of cloth?
Shall I find peace in death and my fate be judge by him?
If so, I have a place among them. 
My afterlife is in paradise, their awaits a bundle of joy
With music of the immortal, with harps, lutes, lyres
And servants to tend to my every need. 

But even if I die, the weight of mine own heart, shall be as light as a feather.
For I know mine own honesty.
As I sail across the sandbank of Apophis,
I have my guide, Ra, the god of the sun to light my path
No monstrous serpent of chaos shall wreck his boat,
The boat in which, I am in.

So, I ask thee, traveler from the west
What is thy business with a god?
Look at my palace, is it not magnificent?
Has is not, the decoration and flowers that surpasses all human designs?
I have built these with rocks
Sands was the foundation of my legacy,
Shall all things compare to that of the passed days?
I carry the burden of my glory, and yes, it is heavy.
But will such foundation as the sand be strong enough to hold against the tide? 

Love is abiding that is true, but only in those who welcomes it.
My love for my beautiful wife, oh! How well have I been treated
With love from her is better than any pleasure a man can have.
Faithful to the gods or my wife? that I know not.

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Dream on

I dream on, from my dome to my chest
to my toes and to the tips of my palms. 
We dream on, in the land of the free,  
but where freedom comes at a cost and 
sacrifice for others the achieve their dream. 
I dream on, flying over an icy mountain top,  
To the sweat taste of lemon drops,  
To the cool relief of mist burning over a  
desert black top as I brain storm lessening 
to heart beat of my favorite song.
We dream on, from the top of 
lonely tropical island hill top  
to the sit and the smell of a breath
taking Forrest and to a falling
sun afflicting a shining sea
that is the best part of the day 
I rather spend ending enjoying with a beautiful
woman... the sit and the breeze. 
Poetry by Keith K. Relf

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Speckled Mist

Speckled Mist
 Beautiful colors, magnificent swirls
 Large enough to consume our world
 Then as if connected to an invisible cord
 All become stiff as an old iron board
More beauty than could ever be caught
 Its multitude could never be bought
 The force of it all becomes unstoppable
 Within one breath it forms into a single giant molecule
Watching all things stiff
 Starts forming a speckled mist
 Within a dark green hiss
 It's a piranhas kiss
 Thats what that is
And out of the violet mane
 There hearts open souls untamed
 From speckles to freckles to lines we would miss
 Within a males pyist
 It's love not in a grist
 It just keep forming out a name
 Once again eyes wide open love without game

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water melon in my garden
like the sun and moon
just two… 
”...launcher ready…”
steady my hand
tending the weeds
near a row of beans
a far away land
”’s not a good time…”
so I wondered
and thought of when
wars are just plays
staged in the hands
of writers like me…
I’d arm the nations
with radish leaves
squash for bullets
that unload seeds
Peanuts money
on my jelly spread
I’d share the health
giving lettuce, head…
”... is it a good time now?...”
who wants a cow
chickens grown
in crowded pens
suffering blows
in.human.e hands
glitters the water
between the corn
I’d sale on ships
into rosebud shores
and i’d grow my fish
in between the stores
”...I’m god in my garden…”
and I divide the rows
soing what suits me
in tomato groves
and near my basil
I’ll build a school
teaching the mint
just how to be cool
and over hear
the potatoes anchor
on stalks of beer
to chi…
banana central
read booms of cheer
...but they say I’m mental.
are sooo good in soup!
my capitals
I declare are true!
I only cook 
When I brew my stew…
and no one regrets
in the garden of Sue.
”...yes piglet…”
I was Just
Making sure of you.

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Veiled Feelings

You do not know how I feel, 
                                                       cause I seem what I not seem…

I see your smile I know what I see,
                                                       I see an angel staring at me…

You do not know how I feel,
                                                       cause what I feel is deep in me…

I feel now lonely, but now I see,
                                                       that you and I are meant to be…

This may be and may not be,
                                                       that you and I will be free…

I will always wait until you see, 
                                                       the way I feel when you are next to me...

You cannot see what I can see,
                                                       that you and I are meant to be…

You and me deep in the sea,
                                                       sea of love, sea of deem…

And forever we will be,
                                                       together until the rest of me…

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Another Day Has Dawned

Another Day Has Dawned - PPP
The sea had shown me mercy
Purple twilight hid my angry, heart-break tears.
The pink horizon shimmered across my dreams.
Dreams lay abandoned on an island of woeful fears.

Purple twilight hid my angry, heart-break tears.
My heart ached to paint paisley waters of love again.
Dreams lay abandoned on an island of woeful fears.
Perfumed passion waned; I was marooned, without you.

My heart ached to paint paisley waters of love again.
I stood looking out at the sea as her waves frolicked.
Perfumed passion waned; I was marooned, without you
Roar of the sea echoed your laughter; your smile haunted me.

I stood, looking out at the sea as her waves frolicked,
All around me, I saw shadows of your perfect face.
Roar of the sea echoed your laughter; your smile haunted me.
Clouds of loneliness invaded my space at nightfall.

All around me, I saw shadows of your pefect face
Why was I abandoned, on this island of desolate longing?
Clouds of loneliness invaded my space at nightfall.
Who will find me, lost here, within this pitty-full shell?

Why was I abandoned, on this island of desolate longing?
I was awakened by an invasive early bright orange sunrise!
Who will find me, lost here, within this pitty-full shell?
I turned to run away from the intrusion of sunrise screaming!

I was awakened by an invasive early bright orange sunrise!
A smile from within me cracked the walls of dismay.
I turned to run away from the intrusion of sunrise screaming!
Upon the shore a precious pearl spilled, resting at my feet.

A smile from within me cracked the walls of dismay.
The pink horizon shimmered across my dreams.
Upon the shore a precious pearl spilled, resting at my feet.
The sea had shown me mercy.


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The Loveboat

I have booked a holiday, 
I am going on a Cruise. 
Plenty time to read my books, 
lots of time to snooze. 

Then to find romance, 
meet my ideal man. 
All aboard the Love Boat (baby) 
For marriage and suntan. 

Gonna get my legs waxed, 
Bikini line done to. 
Then to try to lose some weight 
I"ll look brand spanking new! 

The Ticket it arrived, 
my Brain I tried to rack. 
( that I had it all) 
In the cases that I packed. 

My excitement it did mount 
as the date became the day. 
The Taxi it will come 
and i"ll soon be on my way. 

I have never been at sea, 
so the question always begs. 
Will I feel alright, 
upon my new sea legs. 

The Love Boat is so good 
and soon we leave the dock. 
The journey is so smooth 
it is steady as a rock. 

I party every night, 
but never heed the warnings. 
To much drink and sea 
equals throw up every morning. 

But I think it"s great, 
that I am ready and i"m able, 
to finally meet the Captain 
( got the invite to his table) 

The big night it arrives 
I am dressed up to the nines. 
He wont know what has hit him 
as he becomes all mine! 

Going to get that Captain, 
yes that will be my plan. 
Turn on the seduction 
and I will get my man. 

But the Captain is a Women! 
I don"t know what to say. 
(oh her tits are so much bigger) 
It spoils my Holiday. 

So the Moral of this story, 
Is plain for all to see. 
Always check your Life Boy 
or He might be a She!!! 

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Amidst Golden Gowns

Alone I sit in a dreamy state
Remembering last night whilst I contemplate
We sat down to dinner looking out across the bay
Playing footsie under the table in loving display

Scented candles wafted their presence aired
Street orbs left us shadowed at the table we shared
The evening breeze on this Autumn day past
Whimpers as it settles, stillness at last

We arise, we walk along historic harbour walls
Amidst golden gowns, only leaves are now in fall
Waves lap the shores whilst birds voice overhead
Blending into the darkness as we wonder what's being said

Every so often we would stop to share a kiss
Knowing we have our tomorrow's fills me with bliss
Remembering last night whilst I contemplate
Alone I sit in a dreamy state

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Oh the tranquility
Birds singing out
Flittering around
Happiness can be heard
In each caw

Oh the tranquility
Sand warming my feet
Shifting underneath
Spirit can be felt
In each grain

Oh the tranquility 
Waves crashing down
Splashing all
Old life can be seen
In each bubble

Oh the tranquility
My heart beating 
In rhythm
History can be sensed
In each beat

Oh the tranquility
The scenery overwhelming
Breath taking is the view
Souls at ease
In each essence of the sea

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I Let Myself Go

Soft And Warm Like The Quiet Storm
I Let Myself Go
I Let Myself Go
With Nothing To Hold On To
Not Even Gravity
I Let Myself Go
And Fall Deep Into A Fantasy
I Close My Eyes
Live In My Sleep
This Feeling Is A Dream
The Pain Of Waking Up Hurts So Deep
I Let Myself Go
Now Im Gone
And I Can’t Find Me
I Don’t Know Where I Am
But With You Is Where I Want To Be
My Mind Feels Lost
My Soul Feels Like Its Dying From Love
Because I See My Life Flashing Before My Eyes
When I Release From Your Hugs
If I Could Write My Words
On The Clouds In The Sky
I Would Use Ink
Made Of The Tears That I’ve Cried
So Whenever You Look
In The Air Up Above
You Can Read My Emotions
And Remember My Love
In The Garden Of Passion Is Where My Heart Grows
Right Next To A Beautiful Lavender Rose
So If My Heart Stops Beating
Let My Tombstone Show
That This Is The Place Where I Let Myself Go

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Spaceman vs Sea Monster

At the bottom, in her clutches, you’ve found your new home
Her ghostly embrace makes you feel more alone
Spaceman, at peace in the depth of your night
On glamour and glory, you’ve gotten too high
And somehow you slipped and crashed through the sky day you just rocketed by
Earth’s son is drowning in a tub with the chills
The water is draining, blood laced with pills
One of her many eyes saw your descent
While eating the shrimp from a sulfurous vent
Which, until she’d seen you, had made her content
...her heart boiling out through cement
And while you were down, she baited her hooks
She made you feel hopeful with helpless, sweet looks
And nested your spaceship in her hidden crooks
...blowing kisses that warm like chinooks
And she pulled you in close when you started to sink
And confused you with needs and a cloud of black ink
Disarming your valor with sweetie-pie blinks
...with fish guts and sea-rotten stink
Orbiting so long gave you the spins
You splashed down through brine, and the ocean’s slick skin
In barbed tentacles you’ll sleep with your twin challenger deep growing fins

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The Pirate and the Princess

Alas morning has come, 
the treacherous storm has passed
Anticipation heightens my senses as the wind swirls past, 
The essence of musk engulfs me;
Replacing the aroma of sea salt that once filled the misty air
I am assured that my beloved pirate is homeward bound

Perched upon my lighted tower
I gaze out across the horizon, waiting, hoping 
For that first glimpse of the storm tattered sails 
That adorn the vessel that had denied me that which makes me whole

Although the competition that vies for the heart of the Pirate may be grandiose,
There can be only one victor!

I cachinnate at your feeble attempt
To match wits with my poetic prose
Step aside Oh witch of the sea
And wipe the gull crap from your nose

Tis my beauty and grace that will prevail
I am the picture in his mind
You are just a barnacle
Hideous and unrefined

I pity you and your reckless dreams
Of captivating the Pirates heart
For no wretched wench of the sea
Could ever keep us apart

A Pirate does not long for
Raunchy harlots dressed in rags
Courtesans with damaged goods
Or withered old sea hags

Nor is it a rotund woman 
Paunchy and robust
That titillates his senses 
Filling his loin with lust

It is I dressed in fine linen
Pink orchids in my hair
The scent of passion I emanate
Will be more than he can bear

So step aside young peasant girls
Watch and whimper in despair
As he chooses the lovely Princess
Both voluptuous and fair

Your songs are inchoate and crude
Like the Sirens fatal call
I sing my celestial serenade
Your harm it will forestall

(Song of the Princess)

For I am your ardent Mariner
Manning the beacon that lights your way
Pacing the gallery day and night
From my post I will not stray

Time has yet to diminish
The taste you left behind
That gentle kiss that bid farewell
Remains within my mind

The vacuity induced by your absence
Has been replaced with a burning desire
To settle myself upon your manly hood
And extinguish the sensual fire 

I touch my fingers to my lips
Then place them at my heart
A tear descends down my cheek
Creating the waters that keep us apart

In desperation I call to Poseidon
Great God of the sea
Hear my prayers, feel my pain
Bring my pirate back to me 

Please hurry home sweet Captain 
Oh pirate of the sea
Hurry home to the one you love
Well all know that ‘s me!

To all the strumpets that compete
It's time that we retrench
Save your hearts and walk away
He’ll chose the Princess not the wench

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It is...within the tiny things of early morning, that moment breaths alive, it is within the tiny whisperings, that a melodye the very dear and the antelope, play home on the range.

so goes the melodye of heart beat, that plays quietly the songs of soul,

here a rhyme is born of day-light coming so soon, through the early morning eyes of the moon-light, and the starry dreams of twilight's transitioning...

into the light of a love letter written to dawn.

soul to soul conversing, as in this love letter, the letters just join hands with the words and just march across the sky...and at the end of the rainbow, there be plenty of golden time,

way down deep on the inside, the inspired choir, of a bumble bee, or a butterfly, starts to sing, like tiny things that live,

flower to flower,
blossom to bloom,

watered and deeply cared for...

O' Eden.

I say, deep beneath the surface of a wishing well...where the pennies lay,

I wish a sun-rise.

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Love is true

Vast, calm, and
Endlessly deep.
Sunsets rise and they fall.
Tenuous memories fade
Relieving us of faulted love.
Understanding there has never been
Engulfs perception and alters our gaze. 

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Tall Grasses

Down by the water
Where the tall grasses sway
And the tide's at its lowest
We'll sit and spend the day
You'll tell me your thoughts
We'll pick shells from the sand
Or maybe we'll feed the ducks
And you'll let me hold your hand

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Shrine of Love

Shrine of Love

I , the first-timer, am greeted at the gates of this shrine
By the roar of the seas and a  bower of tangled vines
With a two-in-one miracle rising in its middle
A  neem  tree  entwined  by a banyan in a huddle.

I  step inside the little space of  the temple  hallowed
To the sight of the wide seas, but a hundred feet below
And  walk to the railings to get a better view of things
To find,  on  the rocky ground  I stand , waves banging.

So close to the  seas but safe at a hundred feet’s height
The land extends as a wall to the viewers delight
Spangled on its sides with blooms and the top with trees. 
No sands and beach but dotted in places with fans of scree.

Take the thirteen ritualistic rounds around the deity
Wondering  all the while why it has got to be thirteen 
Prayers  for family done and  set, for home ,to  push off 
Mobile rings to bring from across the seas my friend’s  LOVE..

It was as if the  exotic  setting  got a new focus
With the caller holding line  I  pray  for  the two of us
While  I turned a  human  two-in-one like the twin-trees 
My friend on the phone heard  the temple drums with glee.

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Perfectly you

You say you aren't perfect,
but look again and behold yourself; perfectly you.
Your tears be heavy-laden with guilt;
also remember, they glisten with remorse.
The sea water of the eye cleanses wounds old
and leads life to the good vulnerability
that teaches humility and belief.

Singing; your voice awakens the dawn
and dancing you set the moon.
Entrancing, you smile
and for a moment I glimpse forever.
Joy's child is your way
and grace is in your name.

Awake in the watches of the night
He watches your panic weeping;
wanting your day to soar 
and set twilight leaping.
Stars twinkle in sympathy,
and meteors lead sight to the other.
Come away with me my love and wink at suns.

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Written August 22, 2012

When I can squalor victorious
It's when I'll say
That I'm a ruthless young hooligan
Just for today

Here in the bedroom
Crime pours out in the evergreen
Bombarding on the beauty scene
Oh are you with me?

Charisma kills politically
Now and then it comes for me
Visionaries comfort thee
Coast to coast from sea to sea

Here in the bedroom
Colors flow across the morning sky
So beautiful I want to cry
Oh are you with me?

When I claim it in the name of us
It's when I'll say
That I'm as wild as a blunderbuss
Just for today

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Salty Kisses

Golden honey sands, 
Are caressed by liquid lips: 
Romance of the sea.

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Long Live Love

A toss of the head
A flick of her hair
The wave of her hand
As her beauty did flare
Her bountiful step
The spring in her stride
Her laugh as we waked 
Hand in hand through the tide
Her mouth with its smile
As we wrote in the sand
Her cries of frustration
As sea coated the land
Those little I love yous
Meant so much back then
That on annual vacations
We repeat them again
For least we forget 
In the daily ado
Our marrital vows
Mean forever I do

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I Don't Give A Hoot

<                             beneath swollen moon
                               silhouttes conjoinment dance
                               hooting escalates  

Entry For
Sensuous Senryus

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blue is the colour that we see
staring at space into infinity

a blue sky appearing up above
denotes fine weather that we love

a blue ribbon for a performance
implies a standard of excellence

a blue jeans is a common garment
that is found on every continent

a bluebird is a symbol of bliss
which signifies true happiness

a blue moon indicates an event
that is extremely infrequent

true blue symbolizes deep loyalty
to a cause or person that is worthy

a blue sky reflected in the blue sea
paints a picture of perfect harmony

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sea of love

laws of the sea
please call your waves silent
and listen to me
stay calm and peaceful, non-violent
for my only true love
travels upon thee

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Summer Remembered

Close your eyes and I shall take you there
A summer’s day with restless care
Standing at the waters break
Holding hands as we walked along the wake

Feel the mist as it touched our face
Remembrance of such a peaceful place
Ocean breeze blowing through your hair
Children’s laughing fills the air

Listen to the waves as they crash the shore
Watching fisherman out upon the wharf
See the lighthouse out in the night
Lending its guidance and safeties sight

Now open your eyes from our memories there
Keeping always the love we shared
Yes this was our summers breech
Always with you for many days to keep

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Modern Day Fairy Tale

Through time and space we aren’t together,
But soon enough we will past this weather.
To meet one day and sigh each other’s names,
And to become one so our lives are the same.
The ocean stands between us, but our hearts still meet,
Broken laptops and internet problems are bleak
No credit on my phone, but you must hear my moan
I want you so bad right here with me,
But we are apart separated by the wicked sea
Modern day fairy tales face other foes in their place.
But we make it work because our feelings are encased.
I still go giddy simply speaking to you.
But when we ride the ocean and meet at last,
You so know I will blush deep red seeing your sexy Mexican ass.
You will laugh and make it sound so silly,
That I still can’t look at you without shaking and going dizzy.
This is good though because you know what I’m like,
I act like a school girl because you make me feel alight. 
Once more I say with feeling,
That this ocean can’t keep away our beings.

~Contest Entry~ 
Fairy Tales sponsored by Debbie Guzzi

* Personification
Broken laptops and internet problems are bleak
But we are apart separated by the wicked sea

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A Taste of Sky

I love him the way
You love something you know
You're gonna have to let go...
The way you climb a tree
Just to get a little taste of sky,
Knowing that it'll only make
Being perpetually earthbound
That much more painful-
Knowing that climbing down
Is always so much more difficult
Than reaching up-

I love him like you swim hard away from shore,
Swim out so much farther than you should-
Diving through blue-green breakers like freedom,
Losing yourself in the expanse of
Enough salt water to briefly forget the fact
That you're going to have to come back in
Sooner or later, fighting back against an 
Undertow forceful enough to tug
Your heart out from under you...
And how the wind will chastise you
When you emerge, dripping seawater
Like the memory of freedom;
It burns your eyes and tastes like tears,
But your skin will have memorized
The gentle kiss, the caress, of the current,
How it pushed and pulled...
You know you'd do it again...

I love him like you watch a fire 
You've already decided to let die,
Since you realize that it would be foolish
To let the whole world burn for
The sake of a single flame...
So you just look on as the light dances,
Standing as close as you can
Until this is as much heat
At you can stand-
You have nothing more
To give to the fire, now...
All you can do is pray to God,
Please don't let the fire die...
Not yet.

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Le Catamaran

Spent your whole life scrawling runes in the sand
your whole world etched out in tropes
arcs from beginning and end unto skyline
been there done that, I can comprehend you
don't wanna ever be there again though

I miss my time with you
I loose my skin to let some air back in
sinking in at the speed of time
what sound does it make when you stop to look at it
not the steady tick of the clock at all
more a soft scream into the thickening moonlight

I tense at the chill of the megale wind
dead men studying dead men that studied dead men
but who here really wants to live forever
raise your hands and we knock you off
overboard, buh-bye

Hygieia, for the breath in my lungs
Dionysus, for the drink in my veins
Le Moirai, for the lines I've crossed
Tyche, for the lines I shall remain

The blood taste in my mouth makes me wince
it's not overbearing, it's just that
it's barely noticeable at all
so I think of the one and his taste for blood
perhaps not lust, but a form of negligence

The crescent wisp, the knife in palm
striking earth where the crumbs have fallen
yet I meet you here and now
on the waves with no ship
dance of the salt and sun along the northern branch

Mon coeur est triste
j'espère que vous savez mon chemin
ma naissance est une disjonction
entre l'honneur et la famille

Artemis, for the food in my belly
Demeter, for the crumbs in my bowl
Hera, for the woman of my life
Eros, for our love and love alone

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When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyes 
I can see many things go by
I see the shinning waters of the ocean blue,
I see the mountain tops in Peru,
I see the South American rainforest,
And the place where we first kissed

Your eyes open another portal
That I wish to venture through
I hope I end up being the mortal
  That gets to see what is in you

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Sand Castles By The Sea

Walking along the oceans sand, in the crisp evening air
He happened upon a sand castle built by a child’s, tiny hand
It's delicate, virginal beauty, a short time it would last
Much too soon the waves of the sea would wash it to a distant past. 

      Those little footprints, ingrained on some land
      Where a sweet, small child had carefully planned
      A beautiful, fragile castle in sand 

He was painting a picture in his mind of those little hands and feet.
The nocturne of a symphony with children directing the beat.
The rolling motions of the sea kept a rhythmic roar with the waves
They rolled to the shore in syncopated lyrics making wet, sandy graves.        

          His hope he carried in his heart
          As he walked quietly along the sea
          He wanted to make everything right
          But he was doubting his ability

A silent cantata of a discordant roar of time,
Was singing a haunting melody in voice A-cappella
Chanting audible chords of memories in his mind
His thoughts went back to the little child, building a dream carved in sand
A a child who was thoughtfully shaping their future on land. 

            As he sat on the shore in pensive thought,
            His own child came to his mind. 
            A sweet little girl, not a care in her world
            Singing her innocent, happy rhymes

He’d come home from work, needing time to unwind
Too busy and tired to give his child enough time
She learned to walk and talk all while he was gone
While her mommy taught her all those cute, little songs  

           "Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffett
             Eating her curds and whey
             The little spider that sat down beside her
             Until she shooed him away" 

His wife, the apple of his eye, a woman who stood by his side
He wrote her name inside his heart, always wanted her as his bride.
They fell in love, prayed for a sweet, little child to share all their love.
The Lord in Heaven heard their prayers and sent them a little girl from above. 

             His memories led him back to home
             Knowing he made those vows without end
             Finally knowing what he must do..
             He’d take his wife and child by their hands
             To make their lovely, delicate castles in sand


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Country Christmas

“Country Christmas Carol”      ---  dedicated to my family

 by  Miriam  McCue (creator of flamingo art, & far.)

We love to sing Christmas songs,
My Grandson Bubba and I.
And when we sing Country Christmas.
We almost make the angels cry.

A Merry Country Christmas
To all those great Country Folk,
And even to the City Slickers,
Who also love to drink and smoke.

We’ll take a drink for Bubba, Aunt Mike and Cousin Jim, 
And hope that this Christmas,
They’ll say a prayer and sing a hymn.

Gather round the still, 
Country People all.
 And hold up Uncle Bill
So the old coot doesn’t fall. 

A Merry Country Christmas, 
One full of country joy.
Little Willie wanted a 12 gauge,
But all he got was a toy.

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The Garden

The thought came to her seeing how the spring
Thaw was here with green patches of onion,
And few areas of spring grasses__now green
That the garden would need tending~ attention

And send her forth (into the sun) to plant
Vegetables, herbs, tend flowers of the hour
Roses,  beauties, burgundy, soft brillant
Petals gentle between fingers, power

Scent that allures both man, woman to come
Enjoy this day in this pleasant garden
That draws butterflies, which lightly touch some
Drinks nectar, touches pollen, beholden

Spring with its beauty, warmth, outdoor pleasures
Can disregard work when one sees treasures.

Contest:Poet Destroyer
Sponsor:What's In Your Garden? Old Or New
Meter: Iambic Pentameter
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Was a time --not long ago
When you begged me sweet and low

“Cast your net upon the sea
Quickly,darling, marry me!”

My heart caught 
and in a minute
My life was soup
And I was in it

A fair eyed man means dangerous shores
& I'm adrift-- mid rocks galore

On a current, flashing fins
You cast your line--
And hook sweet sins

And, at work you cannot think
When fishy eyes blink out a wink

Even friends are not off limits
When tides wash in the vodka gimlets

Do I hate you, yes, I could
Do I hate you, no, I should

A straying man on marriage seas
Navigates adulteries

When asked to re-chart his course
He usually stomps and screams “divorce”


Mixing metaphors and such
Keeps the critics out of ruts


Straying husbands/shagging rabbits
Cannot/willnot change their habits.

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Oct 10, 2012

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Forbidden Love

He stood upon the cliffs awaiting the sunrise
Watching as the last of the moon descended
Anticipating the light meeting the sea
Listening to the waves kissing the shore.

As the tips of light began to reflect
He saw her on the rocks below
Sable hair embracing her shoulders
Skin so pale against the sea washed rocks

He watched as she finger combed her tresses 
Humming softly to the morn
A siren song to warm and greet him
Watching, yearning, wanting more.

She must have felt his eyes upon her
Green met fawn linking sea and sky
Caressing, calling, passions rising
Heart beats crashing with the tides

Both knew magic in their souls
Part man, part hawk he spread his wings
On gentle currents down he drifted,
Softly landing on the shore.

But soul mates they could never be
For she was not his kind
Through eyes that glistened with briny tears
She bidden him good life and goodbye

For her world was not of air and sun
Her world was wet and blue
She donned her skin and swam away
As selkie maidens do.

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For Bruce Springsteen

for bruce springsteen...

it was a rain-swept monsoon day

way back then, so many moons away

when i felt the music strumming in my veins

setting me free like a runaway horse without any reins

you sang of simple truths, 

your verse spoke to people just like me

in my lonely, wasted, and desolately quiet night

as you screamed out tragic human wrongs, and of everyone's plight

'bobby jean' spoke to me

of that girl down the street

glimpses of whom, we as innocents would furtively meet

and 'the river' that flowed through my ever-barren heart

led me down further roads of thunder

when slowly i finally learnt that the hardest part was fighting on

and never to surrender

to the hard-luck dreams that were born to run

while i danced in the dark 

with memories vivid and stark

even as i whined like that dog who for forever lost his howling bark

and then a 'human touch' came along

and 'better days' seemed real, not just words in a song

and still you sang and swayed and spoke straight into my unseeing eyes

as gardens of secrets were opened, and as your fist punched the skies

in an anger that i too felt and in whose cauldron i too burned

as we saw murder get incorporated, while on its wobbly axis, our fragile world apathetically turned

and then suddenly i was told that i was all grown up

working on a highway of scattered ideals

and absolving myself by sprinkling some coins in a waiting cup

well, after all these years of walking along so many a thorny road

with an armour of your verse covering me, even as i hear them taunt me and even as they continue to goad

but now i can feel myself fading away, into the bleakness of this coming night

just like the ghost of that old tom joad...

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A delicious day

Sifting warm sand 
through my fingers
lustrous fine grains 
glitter my palm.
by the soft powdery touch,
I sit for a while 
under the rocks
My bare feet 
swirl patterns in the sand
as I idly watch
a beach life unfold

Bustling mother’s set up home 
on plaid blankets
colourful beach bags 
thick with togs and towels
Buckets, spades
strewn all around
a picnic stored carefully
under a shady umbrella,
they gather the children
skip giddy with glee
slapping sunscreen 
on lithe limbs
with index finger
of do's and don'ts.

My gaze drifts to 
little pink sisters,
their chubby faces 
alive with imagination
as nimble bodies 
straddle the sand,
all wrapped up 
in mounds of castles
studding their dreams 
with pearly shells 
and whispering tales
of pretty princesses.

At the water’s edge
long legs prancing
tip toeing warmth
into the chilly sea
up to their waists in
crested waves
dipping and diving,
an ocean of laughter
as young lads play
splashing and yelling
a ball in the air
they plunge.

Picking up my sandals,
I walk up the beach
under the bridge
past crimson valerian 
It’s balmy perfume 
scenting a delicious day

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Summer Morn

The future lies unwritten on
the blankest, blankest page.
I’m born today and, safe to say,
on track to boundless age.

At anchor in a harbor on
the leeward side of time,
engaged in making love to verse,
in making beauty rhyme--

the heart has placed before the eyes
what Gods of hope have borne,
a well of sweet serenity--
and love like summer morn.

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To Repeat a Dream

Alas, after waiting several years
The pain has stopped and so have the tears
Thanks to senators and other military sources
I can once again be in the U.S. Armed Forces

What started as a nightmare has finally changed
My life has suddenly been rearranged
It took so much patience and what little I had
Was used for a fight, which at first had gone bad

Some of us have tried to do our part
And many were discharged and it broke their heart
But after four years of fighting the “Never’s” and “No’s”
I will be back at sea, going where ever the wind blows

I tried three times to get in the Army
But the rejection I got was somewhat alarming
We are in the middle of a war, why not say, “Yes”?
Instead of shutting me down and my having my cries suppressed

Not only will I be a much higher rate
I will have more responsibility piled up on my plate
This path will put me on the bridge, not the deck
Where I can look from afar to make sure the ship is in ‘spec’

To serve this country is a man’s greatest honor
To follow the footsteps of my dad and grandfather
For I will never shun someone for going to war
Although it hurts those at home whose hearts will be sore

Make every attempt to make it better for us
It is your support and love that we truly can trust
Believe in the soldiers and sailors overseas
Your love and support will grant us all ease

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Sharpen the blade and start the fire
Set ablaze your selfish desire
Alas, I have learned of your hidden goals
It is you for whom the bell tolls

Call it hate, call it detestation
For your love is the only abomination
That burdens, tortures, and destroys my soul
It is you for whom the bell tolls

This godforsaken attempt to smash all my dreams
'Tis only a mere tip of the iceberg it seems
It is like I am stranded on a deserted atoll
It is you for whom the bell tolls

Life can never redo what has already been done
I will secure my self and I will ready my gun
If only I could run to Utopia's knoll
It is you for whom the bell tolls

Tighten the hatches and prepare to make sail
Ahead is a hurricane with a full force gale
I believe as my ship yaws, pitches, and rolls
It is me for whom the bell tolls

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The Devil's Thief

Arranged in paradise, by suffering's fate,
to have no end, to be alone and wait,
it was her love, acceptance came so fast
she had no time to think it might not last,
as he, the sailor left, she loved too late;

He'd waited on the dock so long he grew
to be inspired by something she won't do,
'twas just a recognizing love is there
the reaching out for what is everywhere,
but love for her was something all so new;

the sail was set and ties that bound the ship
were heaved away, and thus began the trip,
upon the ocean, far into the sun,
to where the keel was loose and let to run
and sailed right on to where the moon would dip.

She on the shore, he on the watch at three,
both dreaming dreams not ever let to be
but absence makes the heart more fonder yet,
and out of sight means not they will forget;
the ship sailed on, uncharted was the sea;

the gale that came and sank him to the reef,
took from the shore the lady in her grief,
and they were thus to marry, in the sea,
united 'neath the waves, eternally,
depriving love from time, the devil's thief.
© RON WILSON aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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In the dark cold sea of life,
I was on the small boat rowing alone
coming from nowhere and going to nowhere,
The skies above me were cloudy,
And the silence that overwhelmed the place was unbearable.
Nothing was likely to happen to break the silence down,
But because my whole life was written on the old cold stone
I happened to find you,
I found the universal unspoken language used by everyone,
Both on the Earth down and in the heavens above.
It´s a beautiful language that flows from the heart.
Something older than humanity,more ancient than the sea,
Something that exerts the same force whenever two pairs of eyes meet.
I found you love,
I found you steady, confident and subtle.
O Love !!!
You enlighten my darkness,
You warm up my coldness,
You make me suffer though
O Love !!!
You have the power to heal,
You have the power to kill
And you have the power to turn into eternity a mere moment of life
O Love !!!
The murmur of your words in my ears,
makes me feel a woman,
makes me forget about me.
O Love !!!
Your words take me up to the highest heavens without wings,
Without Sinbad’s rugs.
Abruptly I find myself back in the cold sea of life.
O Love !!!
Your words build me a kingdom of illusion,
in which I dwell very few moments
to find myself again alone in the dark sea of life.
Yes, this is you Mr Love, a great "ignis fatuus",
O you who plays with the air the symphony of my life,
Turn my turmoils into lyrics and sing them out aloud.
To no soul, to no crowd.

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The colour of my love 
For you 
Meant for you 
Loving colour 
from me 
Given to you 
Feeling it too 
Like mist from the sea 
Finds you 
What you have missed 
The colour complete 
as you have wished 
Given to you 
The colour kissed 
As sea mist 
My love too 
The colour 
You cannot resist 
The softest kiss 
Has always been in you

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Plucked Raven Feather

Sprays of thought swing us back to the art you have carved
Rejuvenating sentiments, reveling correction into acceptance
Straight to the supernova galaxy’s romance
A place where we can shape with our very fingers
The atlas of passionate, curious fraught 
That is loosened by the very sand heaved by the waves
Dawned by the nights rejected, 
We implore upon the Venus blinding our envisioning
Never once tearing away the organs with fabricated poisons

He is a calm wave all but surfaced to destroy
Pulled among tides of extravagant luster mustered into lust
With persistence of a tempest pulling dissensions of waste
And sharp as the tip of the plucked raven feather
My eyes open to his illumination
To show just how dull my own lighting has been all the while!
I want to read him like a book
But as he paragraphs line after line
Wordless after word,
I am reduced to the tired tears of unexplained mawkishness

I think I am falling for this deity,
Yet worlds of expectancy veer me away from the courses of delight
Somehow the waves of his calm spoke to me
And under the tier of the calm,
Is a flail of tension accustomed to an almost doubtful reconciliation 
I finally understand
There is a viral hope that is both maddening and sweet
Like the sufferers rot for sufferers to come
A seed is planted and laid to rest for other generations
Under the layers never peeled
Under the very sands of his life
He indicates nothing but the illusion of hint
And pours forth a wisdom I have known all but none 

All time would have to persevere 
Because this fight for Venus’s light cannot be clearer
When all the doubt is dispatched from its shadowy domain
Into pure exposure; it reveals all but nothing!
Fear does not exist in his rays!
He is a sea of comfort sailing with the very putative storm I ache for!
Never asking for the shipwreck of my desire to be salvaged
Taking nothing from me, but giving all

And the beaked heaven flies on, letting me have his feather
The pulse of his wings electrifying my fingertips
I held on that split moment with excitement
Feeling his texture overhead
Like a flower pulled from the ground
Like the tip of Venus has dulled for the sake of my light...

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                                         Long love day's has past.
                                 My mind felt with howling storms,
                                 grasping to hold on to vanishing love.
                                 Rape and abandon my weary soul
                                 transpires, poring with instant fires.
                                 Oh this dark secret love does thy life
                                 Like amorous birds of pray,
                                 Once ways, and known devoured
                                 Your beauty no more to befound
                                 nor shall the sound of your voice.
                                 Love to dust, love to ashes.
                                 Our love has now gone to a private place.
                                        The grave yard of love.

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Life found in a Dream

Life found in a Dream 
Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
                                     This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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Story Filled Eyes

Deep within her mesmerizing story
filled eyes 
Full of wonder and such 
pleasurable surprise
I saw our future together
within a glorious dream
A kaleidoscope
of the most vibrant colour
The like of I've ever seen.

My heart and soul surrendered 
as she took my hand
and led me off to a far off land
We laid together under a leafy palm tree
by a tranquil sea
as warm caressing waves
gently washed over her and me.

That night still laid there
under the stars
I embraced Venus
and she embraced her Mars
We watched the morning sun rise
far out at sea
wrote each others names in the warm sand
and pledged our unending love
For eternity.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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The love boat

The Love boat

Love is such a tossed about word
‘I love you’ we say
But often we neglect to see
We have forgotten to truly care
A rough word written or spoken
Can often break a heart
Have we become so calloused 
Like the barnacled hull of a ship
Desensitized to understand 
It’s the little things that cause us 
A smooth or a rough sail
Or a total wreck
Maybe to have a scrapping down 
We’ll sail smoother 
On our great ocean voyage
Even when the waves swell
And almost swallow us whole
If we are smoother bottomed
Our stormy ride will not leave us 
Quite the shipwreck 

© Brenda V Northeast   4 Sept. 2011

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Lady Bella

"Lady Bella"
By Rachel Heffington

Bella Rose, the beauty of the land
Steps softly o'er the hills of sand
Beside the raging, dark'ning sea
And calls her Love in anguished tones
That echo through the maze of stones
And shiver back to me.

Six years sweet Bella Rose has tread
This shore, though all vow He is dead.
By daylight Bella Rose is tame
But nightly roams the beach with tears,
Her voice haunting the one who hears,
Repeating her Love's name.

Her dark hair tumbles loose and free
Bejewelled with the spray of sea;
Her cheeks are rose, her eyes speak hope.
Her voice as sweet as fairy-harp
Is broken now with sorrow sharp
And rings against the slope.

"My Love! My Love! Where canst thou be?
Dost not thou love thy fair Lady?
Come hither, for my heart is sore!"
She calls and waits for his return
With eyes of hope and love that burn,
And treads the lonely shore.

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Tides of Delight

I hear the music of high and low tides
The cheers as the sea bursts in clapping waves
High it is, as the sea has reached its aim
Its heart for so long drawn to the coastline
Sitting pretty under moonlit skyline.

And even when the sea is at low tide
Hear its cheering continue on faintly
Like the sounds of distant drumbeats, waiting
Its surface sparkling bright in the sunlight
The shore captivated in tides of delight.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 06.22.10

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Yonder Setting Sun

I have taken my final arrow,
My race has now been run
I’ll depart from here and go in peace
Into yonder setting sun

I will climb aboard the ship of death 
And cross the chilling tide
I will go to yonder setting sun
As on this ship I will ride

I will not fear what lies ahead,
Or what I cannot tell
I’ll stand upon the bough and wave
To this life farewell

I will now close my eyes in death,
Weary from the race I’ve run
As upon the bough of death’s ship I will ride
To yonder setting sun

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Steadfast in Love

As tides roll in, persuaded by the moon 
Your heart directs my journey to love’s shore
Harmonic lunar altitudes attune
And swirling waves join souls forevermore.

Amidst this cycle one thing I must mend:
As all too soon the sea recedes again.
My love lies weakened, distant at shore’s end
Until assured by pledge that you’ll remain.

But how am I to overcome this force
And stay steadfast, not washed away by tides?
I beg you ne’er allow me to change course
‘Til arms entwined adjoin where love resides.

So when the sea recedes then rejoins land
Our hearts will ne‘er subside; ’gainst tides we’ll stand.

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The Sea

Fair Lady,
Water swells and ebbs,
Gentle touch or raging storm,
Beauty, dignity, and honor born.
A force that lives,
So many faces,
Anger, joy, and sorrow.
Angel’s faces fall,
They are no rivals to her beauty.
So majestic,
Eyes that make great jewels look dull.
The sound of tides and music,
Are no different to me.
Crested waves and golden hair, 
Hold no difference for me.
Her flaws do not exist,
Perfection in every way.
Fair Lady,
I am yours.

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A Posting to Remember

We met during the war on this now famous sunny isle
Like a moth to a flame, was her infectious smile
I was in the Navy, stationed aboard an MTB
Keeping shipping lanes open, for the Mediterranean Fleet

Whilst the war years progressed you could sense the islands bravery
Heavily bombed and damaged, under threat of Axis slavery
Although we lived amidst, we could only marvel at their spirit and guile
They fought hard for their liberty on that famous sunny isle

I'll never forget the times, endured during this terrible war
Camaraderie became their strength, for what they had fought-en for
Simple life went on, amidst the cafes and the bars
My new found love from this famous sunny isle, became my married dove

We still recall the radio broadcast, declaring that war is over
As we headed back to my homeland, to Scotland and live in clover
The day that we embarked, many a tear fell from our eyes
Looking back at this famous sunny isle, under peaceful azure blue skies

Many a word we spoke, whilst we sailed to Southampton Port
Now demobbed, to a civilian, hopefully the war mongers are brought to court
Although the war years showed their horrors, respect was never far away
This famous sunny isle, wears the George Cross in deserved display

Heading home to Scotland, past fields in harvest bloom
This proud Royal Navy sailor, with his bride and he a groom
We cried as we passed the war torn, not only was it the famous sunny isle
For the war had been so expansive, in it's putrid inhuman vile

We settled on the West Coast, amidst the heather and the glens
Bringing up our boys, praying they'll never be fighting men
Many nights we stayed up, answering questions of our past
From that famous sunny isle, our true love would always last

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Neptune, Mystic lady

In mythology Neptune is male. But in astrology she represents unconditional love. 
which to me is a feminine thing. 

Neptune, Mystic Lady.

Neptune, sweetest mystic maid
They call you yang! Yet can’t they see?
That you, you be the mystic Mother,
You symbol purest mystery.
Ruling Pisces with your beauty,
Two fishes swim, the one each way
You point each soul unto each journey
“The Tao! Yes you be the way.

“Poets, musicians gather round me”
That’s what Neptune seems to say.
Her way be easier via Pisces,
Yet you may get there any way.
But don’t you fight her, or confusion
Might drive you to insanity.
Or drugs, or booze may beckon to you,
Young Neptune well she must be free.

Neptune says “Come on, disolve now,
Find out, you be the ocean too,
Each wave it be its own creation,
Of something that be ever new”
Oh Neptune “love with no conditions”
You be each souls own destiny,
You be the all, filled bold with beauty,
Oh, Neptune, maid of mystery.

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I'm Always Around

I'm Always Around
by BJ Welsh

I'm not near, but I'm really not so far
If you look up I'll be the brightest star
Looking down upon God's project earth
Watching and waiting for a rebirth
When you speak I will always listen
My points will seem to shine and glisten
Giving you guidance when things seem tough
Steady now it may be rough
When we meet again someday
Be it there or far away

I'm here for now and always will
Never escaping, did you feel that chill?
My spirit wind brushed by your side
Or the soft, gentle wave pushed by the sea tide
When we meet again someday
Be it there or far away

You've given me hope and reason to breath
It's not yet time for me to leave
I'm that fluttering seagull upon the sands
Maybe I'm the reason for you to dance
When we meet again someday
Be it near or far away

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Sea Of Arousal

                                                               Sea Of Arousal

Your glowing body begs to be my permanent colony,
as you become the supreme ruler of my lustrous skin.
My ownership of your soul I will not surrender.
The key to your personhood I shall guard to the end.

I submit these scandalous nights in your arms.
With your love my river will warm.
Dive into my soul, explore the bosom.
Caress those sensuous lips to reach nirvana.

Kiss me without restraint, give abandon.
Touch me with no regrets, hold me with unleashed care.
You are the forest and I your mountain.
I climb inside your richly scented limbs.

The mark of my lips will reach beneath your skin,
as you leave the aura of your divine body.
Our mutual desires awake in a sea of arousal.
The countryside stirs in love's joyful grip.

The seeds of our passion grow in different shades,
for we shall nurture them with dignity and grace.

     Another poem written with the talented Smriti Jha

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In quest of love

I slide along the edge of the stream,
Crossing the narrow road leading to it,
Search in the depth of the fussed ocean,
To find the portion reserved for me.

I wander throughout the space,
Tracking the silvery, sparkled stars;
Conspicuously, I've been so exhausted,
My naive heart chose not to surrender!

I interrogate the reflective could,
It points me to the house of obscurity,
I hasten to go to the peaceful spot,
There was not even the shadow of it!

I had even walked out of boundaries,
To know whether which direction it took,
I crapped out an fell on the wrong road.
I, however, was hopeful and undismayed!

Lastly, a quiescent mind appealing me,
Thus, my heart plunges under the ocean,
To strike out the accuracy of the true love,
Meanwhile, I still hope that it will discern it!

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Sailing thru those unsteady waves,
Tidal of strength running every veins,
Far waiting,she, confronting those rain,
Safe and sound for him that's not in vain.

An anchor's heart,a melody start,
An eagerly love,a somerset kiss,
A seaman's passion,a strong heart,
A man's true vow,an infinity bliss.

And these are his sayings,
" Wait for my coming back,my darling ",
" For I fought those rough waves in seven seas ",
" When I'm done,I'll bring your eternity ring".

She will....she will...

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The Revolt of Romance and the Returned Remedy

We tore out this hell and sank this English ship
We rafted a life till the Americas ran us dry
A sandy engagement, laughter, our world to tip
Our beats, our waves to sounds ugliest cry
In plunged your thunder to our words your stip
To have us quiet, browbeat, safe and nigh 
Old masters married our merriment to desolation
Boys gauged, girls versed, and learned a false elation

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My heart will go on and on

My bags are all packed and ready to go, Goodbye my love, you know I hate to leave For it’s the only way to escape from the pain that you had gave. I’m stepping on a board of a ship trying to hold back the tears, I used to think that I have an answer to everything, To my worried mind that is full of fears. Sailing into the ocean of North Atlantic As I embrace the wind that twirling above the sky Standing beneath the silence, Watching the passengers chatting, laughing Enjoying the night, sipping their wine Others are not, just sitting beside the ship Maybe they are just like me Carrying a heavy heart that are drowning In sadness and graving for a love that had gone Some are smiling saying hi Clanging on the arms of their love ones. Still, I’m standing beside this ship Holding the locket that you had gave, As I heard the screams that echo in my ear Children’s crying craving for help, lovers clanging in their arms The titanic where I pass is about to sink Collide with an iceberg, this voyage Would be the end of my life? I run as fast trying to escape, But it’s too late; I thrown into the deep ocean My body shaking, I begun to sleep Tried to open my eyes, I see your face Holding the locket closes to my heart The memory of you I will bring Unto the last minute of my breath. That my heart will go on and on, Like a water from the sea that flow. Written By: Cheryl Aldea My heart will go on and on Contest Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver

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28th &29th March 2012. 

Sandy saunter through virgin sands,
The trudging pathways lead me to beach lands.
Cam a red nude peeped under a Mac,
Slight drizzle from the clouds, into the coco nut grove I move, on the hammock to lie aback.

Blue carpets waves silently lie await to gala regattas,
Satan oscillates my metallic sonatas.
Beneath the tepid and warm waters lie melodies churned,
Now on whipped and agitated waters surf frothy strains upturned.

White virgin sands lie dormant and waiting,
Bright sands looks like satin spread , love making.
Waiting and dormant lie sands virgin white,
Making love ,spread satin like, looks sand bright.

Water gliders and surfers , the sandy shores they crowd,
Skills and mind thrills by practice they are now richly endowed.
Ah Satan sees Natasha,
They are all competing Asha, Natasha, Trasha and handsome Pasha


Cam a red nude peeped under a Mac,

Satan oscillates my metallic sonatas

White virgin sands lie dormant and waiting,
Bright sands looks like satin spread , love making.

Ah Satan sees Natasha

By: Sashi .Prabhu (zeauoxian)

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Simply Unforgetable

Lol here i go writing another big ass letter today. Gosh seeing you for those 15 min or wat ever is now making my heart sing. you have no idea how much i am happy right now.
you cant even imagine how happy i am right now. I GOT TO SEE MY ANGEL AGAIN.
gosh looking into your eyes was a nicest trip i ever taking. even on drugs i didnt have that big of a high as i got after seeing you.
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK! i am so FUKIN happy you can't even FUKIN imagine. lol. i wanna hear your voice so bad again. just to boost my high right now. lol. DAMN i think my heart is gonna stop right now of how happy i am right now that i saw an angel like you today.
Gosh no one ever made me as happy as i am right now as you. Damn i wanna see you so much right now. So how do you expect for me to live with just me. MUAH i love you baby.

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Arranged in paradise, by suffering's fate,
to have no end, to be alone and wait,
it was her love, acceptance came so fast
she had no time to think it might not last,
as he, the sailor left, she loved too late;

He'd waited on the dock so long he grew
to be inspired by something she won't do,
'twas just a recognizing love is there
the reaching out for what is everywhere,
but love for her was something all so new;

the chart well planned, and ties that bound the ship
were heaved away, and thus began the trip,
upon the sea, past U-Boats ev'ry one,
yet feared he not, his ship was let to run.
their course away from where the moon would dip.

She on the shore, he on the watch at three,
both dreaming dreams not ever let to be
but absence makes the heart more fonder yet,
and out of sight means not they will forget;
the ship sailed on, and peaceful was the sea;

the gale that came and sank him to the reef,
took from the shore the lady in her grief,
and they were thus to marry, in the sea,
united 'neath the waves, eternally,
depriving love from time, the devil's thief.

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SHIPWRECKED for white contest et al


He was lost in white surprise
Of drugs and doctors quips
His mind was filled with flapping sails
Of white that guide the ships
To dance among the white capped rocks
In North white nights of June
Bring in the catch to catch the maid
Who’d be his wife so soon.

Wild hair so white it shamed the sheet
That soft caressed the grass
The grass-plagued daisies held her there
As clouds triumphant passed
In columns white the bossy clouds
Marched brisk across the sky
But none of them could match the spark
Of whiteness in her eye.

And then his shocked brain shifted
Jigged timed across his life
How many white nights had escaped?
The maid now was his wife!
Saw breasts so white that milk they gave
Seemed paltry in contrast--
To feed the babe that snuggled there--
The fruit of love surpassed.

Then shipwreck banged into his head
The white-flashed lightning zing--
He tested feet and moved his legs
Seemed he’d  survived this fling
Of nature’s whims again he’d live
 to tell the lusty tale
of how north winds had jumped from waves
to grab their ship's main sail.
Before the White Christ
Had emerged from his Semitic genes
The sailors would have cried for Thor 
To ease his hammerings.

Sailors lost were prices paid
To live in northern shores.
And, lost at sea was ever feared
By them, and wives adored.

He’d play a trick, they’d think him dead--
Would make a crafty tale!
By his hearth and in his bed
would sound a mourning wail.
His house would be a feast of black
Mad weeping would impress--
Then his imagination called her tears
He vowed each tear to bless

He smirked to think of their surprise
When he stalked through the door--

       An unsuccessful leap from bed—
                       He’d rest a little more.

And being man-- he pondered sex
And pleasures it would bring
There was no sizzling passion like                            
His lover’s offering.

Needle rudely poked-
Morphia drew him in
To dream the dreams of healing arms
       delightful prickles of his skin
       He found her far beyond his pain--Oh,  that smile that could disarm!
       In dreams , with wife, in languid bliss
         created white hot charm.


Winter wild of flurries
In ancient minds
Was a shelter
  From white fear

Wolves roved
  Stayed in packs
   Howled their presence
   Hating snow

Bears slept
 Hidden away
 Violence and terror
  Only a summer dream

White drifts
  Blazing blizzards
  Wrapped safety   
   Around fragile human life.

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away with the sun

Its getting late
but you already came 
and while you were here
things never change 
you lay with me
and tell me your words
then you leave 
and I feel hurt.
Its not you that hurts me 
but the sound of the door
closing behind you 
I know for sure 
you'd like to stay 
but you never do
I'm left alone 
missing you. 
These days its more frequent 
you leave so much
that you're gone more hours 
than the day brings sun
and I have begun 
to feel so numb
when the door closes 
another night I run
far away from the thoughts I have 
because its killing me to look
at my empty hands
I remember when we were on the sand 
you told me you loved me
but you weren't my man 
and so I walked, feeling okay
but too many months 
now I want you to stay
Am I selfish?
asking too much?
You only visit me an hour
after dusk
and I must go on
but should I stay?
when you see me sometimes
but its always too late.

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As two seas collide

A glance grabbed at my stomach
While my eyes streched into the heavens
As I caught his scent my, my legs moved on their own volition
towards the person that made me whom I supposedly am.

As he strode down Doll Street
The Sun guarded him from behind as The Wind fought him from the front
His body hard and beautiful
His eyes a stormy sea wrecking ship by ship
His tongue speaking the language of man, love and other things too.

My weak mind couldn't resist such beauty
It collapsed and wept
Because for him I will die but not live
Is that not the way things are supposed to be?

The storm caught my eyes in my own tempest
and as the two collided all was calm
My mind still wept and his body still beautiful
but together we spoke the language of love
and shared the tongue of man.

Now the Sun guarded me as well
Even The Wind thought my an enemy to it's eternal bitterness.

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There's this girl that I know who misses her home
The place filled with laughter, her joy, and her hope.
This girl, she is sad, and I've seen her heart break.
She just doesn't belong here, and she doesn't want to stay.

When she's at the beach she just sits and she stares
Across the water to who knows where.
The ocean is the one place she has found on this Earth
That fills her with any kind of peace and hope.
Though still she is sad, she's not where she belongs,
But at least at the ocean the fierce homesickness calms.

She'll walk down the beach and look out at the water,
Totally uncaring of those who might watch her.
She knows she's not normal, that she isn't like them.
But she knows that they cold never understand.

This girl that I speak of, how I know her well. Yet at the same time I hardly know her at all.
It seems to me as I walk down that beach that
I'm never gonna know of who I truly speak.
Because as long as I'm here, so far from my home, my heart, my pain there, my hope,
I am only half here. 
I am only half home.
And all that I want....I just want to go home.

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Love you like a Sea Urchin

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-Not just any other shellfish.
Baby, can't you see it's urgent?
we're strapped for time, so don't be selfish.

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-and all other points aside.
I know I ran from love in past lives,
'cause I didn't have a spine.

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-I admit i've been a round.
but of all the other fishies,
you're the one that I want now.

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-Won't you please come back soon?
oh boy, this globoid was a fool,
but he's a fool in love with you!

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Lapping the beach

As the wave
as I lap
as we lapse into sleep
soft laps that lap with a lapping
along the form of this beach
the breath of each breath
of this lap of the lapping
along this warm sandy cove
where I lap with the lapping
where I had loved as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as we love is lapping
so lets lay here and lap
with the lap of the lapping
as our hearts beat with lapping
as we lap

Oct 17, 2010

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The Spark

It was overwhelming, it was lovely
It was my definition of forever, it was empowering
I spread it into the sea
Into space, time, and everything in between or beyond
I spread it into their souls
I spread it throughout the forgotten dimensions

Betrayal, a curve ball
Unexpectedly knocking me from this universe
I floated, away from everything i had seen
I was spread, beyond the city
I was spread, further from the seas

Closer to the bottom
The light became dim
The light became an illusion
The truth had been unfolded beneath
Like a trench, eager to sub duct innocence of loyalty
For I had traveled so far...

The spark, what is now a burden
What now burns
For once, it lit the way
It guided the way that the mind created
The illusion we were eager to find

Now all that is left
And of course,
Only the foolish search for the spark

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It was you

I want to dip my hands in the sky and watch the stars fall down and cry
I want to walk out into the ocean and lay my troublesome head down into the murky depths

There are hidden meanings in the words I speak A hidden sadness in every look i convey towards you but you don't see behind your wall of smoke and mirrors it's just to much for you to comprehend I love you but I'm falling apart behind all the closed doors you don't see when your away from me.

I need to run to the farthest city out of reach take my hand and follow me
I need a new scenery to change this broken reverie 

Leaving behind the wasted years all spent on my knees gasping for the air I try so hard to breathe.And even when I've hit the floor I still see my weeping dreams shatter across the screen of this empty cinema inside my head.

I want to pull you in but taking you down with me is not a option
I'll never leave even when you scream and show me towards the door 
because now I love you and I need so much more

I have to grab the hand your reaching out towards me but in order to stand by you I would need to walk across a million miles of broken glass
I have to break crashing through the surface of this drowning sea I have been under so long born again and the only one that could have ever saved me was you.

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Casanova, Jane and the Jezebel.

Her body was a wonderland for him to explore
Because he could and because she gave it all
He had tasted this before and now he finds it hard to stop
Life’s most exotic desire
he craves it like a malnourished child. she pops,
His ecstasy, she wanted love and they made it
In his car and in a sea of blankets, the sea parted
Like Jesus and the miracle
They never stopped exploring, learning, trying
Feb 14th they played harder , she offered him more than he asked
Fulfilled dreams and fantasies,
While She lay waiting in the promises and Her unknown pain
The pain was unknown to Her yet She knew
But She held on to the faith, in the belief
That this was something special
For Her and for Him
But She waited at the corner of His house, in the cold
The wind cutting Her, deep slashes across Her eyes so that She wouldn’t see
For they had love to share, to embrace
Love that She felt for the first time, Her heart had weakened and wanted to be looked after
But it ended, Her pain continued, and like a cycle He returned

This time the promises felt real, the love felt true, and the bond was growing
But the night was misty and it stayed like that for very long time.
The black cloud followed Her everywhere but She was not aware
Not aware that the storm was going to fall and Her tempest would awaken.
That the curtains had not changed and the show still continued.

The sheets on which She held on to him stroking His hair, telling Him of Her love
he used it unlawfully and through the night
A sweaty tangle of sheets
she begged for more

And so one day Her and His Destructed. Her life was taken for granted
Her love was toyed with, Her trust destroyed and Her pain became known
Her inner pain She avoided, surfaced and took Her breath away
She doesn’t walk away but watches Him walk away from Her.
She will never know the full truth, the mist is not yet close to clearing up
But She continues on suffocating and burning
Waiting impatiently for the day She can breathe and let go.
God Save Her Soul. It Cries.

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O mysterious light
as the eyes of my faithful sweet-heart,
inspire the distant soul
of this poet in distraught...
whose poem is still unfinished;
give him the rhythm and flow
to embellish his heart-felt verse
with sentiment and thoughtfulness!

Beyond the rolling waves,
ships carry secret lovers
who deride and defy their fate 
and set their souls on fire...
without feeling a need in dire,
or admitting an awful mistake!

O mysterious sea...
take their ship away
to a shore where nobody will see,
and let their fornication be 
as crude as the awakening
of everyone who's not afraid of indulging;   
I will take no part or joy
in their pleasure so openly and willingly! 

Could I forget that she ever existed, or
ever loved me with trust and sweetness?
Wouldn't it be unforgivable and wrong...
to waste what was blessed by holiness?
In this era of unfaithfulness,
many choose to do harm to someone else...
thinking only of self-gratification,
breaking the vows of dedication!

O mysterious sea as deep as the love
of my changeless woman,
who contemplates every sunset and dawn
with the purity of a dove:
let no beautiful eyes deceive me,
and sadly erase the innocence of her memory!

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The smell of sweet sweet Victory WAR of USA 2007

For we are not Rome, mulucted, rustic, for we maudlin
NA NA, Hey, Jehova, Sweet odor of well, perfumes of
Victory, Creator Brithday, 4 of July, Blast stars and
stripes, sweet smells of Victory, red white and Blue
Angels Victory, the soldier Victory, as Bombs blast in
air land the seas and yes oceans we laugh Victory
we dance Victory, we sing Victory.

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...a darling dear of time is when the  tick-tock, of the clock stops, during a dancing wind chimes rendition of just how invisible things move me, to write, darling dear a rhyme, 

the peak of a mountain top experiencing, 

the soul

O' darling dear

a love letter,
a rhythm,

a liberty,

just one of those things that

of the everlasting.

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I floated into the windless sky of the tranquil night visited by minuscule stars
that were subdued by dim moonbeams calling for some gleeful dreaming;
and I wistfully dreamed of a lovelier and calmer planet remembering
two kind and sincere eyes much lovelier than bluebells swaying in clay pots.

I kept thinking of other universes never discovered by me and they surely existed
beyond ours which couldn't thrill me anymore with its mysteries;
dazzlingly beautiful they were as they expanded further into interstellar infinity... 
showing a grandiose light surpassing the one seen by the shepherds.

Many hours went by, and soon what I had envisioned started to vanish before dawn,
and floating back to earth I beheld that awesome vision of the Heavens.
I landed in corn fields tangled by tarn that made me cringe, tasting unripe corn;  
and cherishing what I saw, I recalled that sojourn which lasted for long hours!

I told everyone what I had seen in that dream so realistic, but they jeered at me,
believing I was hallucinating; I even had to endure some tongue-lashing from mother
as she noticed my pants togged in my boots: " You look like a soldier!" she screamed. .
I'm hoping to return to that lovelier and calmer planet, where everything is peaceful.


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Amour Interdit

Like a ship that docks at night
From treacherous waters you flee
Calm comes with mornings dawn
You head back out to sea  

While hoisting up your anchor
Once again I must resign
I can not tether you my love
Because you are not mine

So in the shadows I remain
To all the world I’m hidden
Clenching onto something wrong
A love that is forbidden

I know that I should step aside
Say goodbye to mon amore
Set your sails sweet Captain
Leave this outlawed shore

Stormy seas will come and go
Times of comfort and distress
Man your sails Sailor boy
Your crew you must address

Should you ever grow weary
Of the sea and the sand
Hand over the wheel
And relinquish your command

Cast that anchor one last time
Sing your farewell song
Then come to me Sailor boy
This time it won’t be wrong

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Beach Walks

A child I was and nothing more,
When first I gazed upon the sea,
I wandered here along the shore,
A-dreaming all the things to be,
When life was still a mystery,
Each day something new to explore.
A child I was and nothing more,
When first I gazed upon the sea,
But now with you I share my shore,
In realms of love, of you to me,
And so I know my destiny,
Like all the days I knew before.
A child I was and nothing more,
When first I gazed upon the sea.

Form: Rondel Prime

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Flowers On The Water

I saw this beautiful wreath of flowers floating on the water.
Where did it come from I ask, and where is it going.
I found out it came from a lonely girl who was going home.
She had heard a legend and threw it because it was a tradition.
Ah, Hawaii, beautiful land where we all dream of going someday.
Paradise they say and many of you have been already.
Her wreath was floating back to shore, and she was happy.
Her love was still in Hawaii and this meant that she would return.
Oh how she longed to be with him and to smell the flowers on the island.
Orchids were her favorite and she longed to see them once more.
Her ship was now miles out to sea and what was that on the water.
Someone's wreath was floating out to sea and she felt their pain.
Grief was in her heart because she realized that if the legend was true,
Someone would never return to this lovely paradise.
Tears were falling down her face as she realized that she was leaving.
Farther and Farther away she was going from her love.
In her heart though she knew that springtime would come again.
The flowers would bloom again and she would be with her love forever.

By Jimmy Anderson for Francine Roberts "Flower" contest

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Gulf Oil Spill !

Man to blame,
Once again to his shame,
His record continues to destroy !
The beauty he did not create, nor can he save…
He will never learn how to properly behave…

Nature screams pointlessly once again ?
Fearing where next we’ll drill ?
Gulf oil spill.

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Coffee in a cup, makes a cup of coffee;
just as an aroma from within, makes the air,

smell of flowers in the spring



...a sweet thing, like sugar cane is to the tasting,
and the tasting is to stirring the dream,

making flavored coffee

a drink in the morning.

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Ashes to the Sea

Upon the sun’s last dying ray… silver-weaved waves softly play,
The sweet fragrance of lilies white… and flame-red, and gold alight,
Is turned bittersweet on that day… this day of sorrow, oh do belay,
As heavy mourning and soft love fight… to give me a pause before dark night.

Golden sun slowly goes down to sleep… a burning heart, unsafe to keep,
The mourner’s cry, oh never scorn… as the sea, sun’s light does adorn,
Goldenly striking the soul, penetrating deep… in salt-filled water, wounds left to seep,
Quietly alone now, over the ocean forlorn… a pair, a couple to just one is torn.

And as the sun beats the soft sea... there is a distant melody,
Ashes are let loose to flow… fly quietly, to land in water below,
Go with peaceful ease so free… never forget you and me,
Memories shall become my foe… can’t you hear my heart, so slow?

In the last of the day’s sunlight beam... the cinders similar to stardust seem,
Floating away, a breeze in the air… beautiful yet wrought by despair,
Though I search for a comforting dream... I only find is only a cruel scheme… 
Ashes gone, the metal left bare… I cry in love, for you’ve entered the ocean’s deep lair.

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The Endless Sea

As I look out 
On the horizon, 
I think of you... 
and our love. 

I stand on the beach, 
feeling the earth between my toes, 
and think of you... 
and our love 

The sea seems endless, 
in length and in depth, 
but it is nothing compared to 
our love. 

I step into the sea, 
and I walk, 
I only think of 
our love. 

Half of my body 
is submerged, 
but I still think of 
our love. 

My neck is now soaked, 
but yet, I walk. 
My mind only on 
our love. 

My body is underneath... 
There is no air... 
And neither do I want it 
because your love satifies me. 

I want to stay here 
In peace, 

I walk on 
Into to sea, 
Our love. 

I walk, 
and walk, 
and walk, 
and walk. 

Forever passes, 
generations gone, 
but yet I walk on. 
Never turning back. 

The sea seems endless, 
in length and in depth, 
but it is nothing compared to 
our love. 

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A worthy sea in which to drown,
A crowd to chase me out of town,
A compromise that makes you frown,
A solution as you push me down,

The struggle as my organs roar,
The shouting as they reach the shore,
The one somehow I still adore
That pushes me below once more,

No panic at the numbing pain,
No screaming though the crowd remain,
No point my heavy lungs to strain,
No chance of coming up again.

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Chancy thinks its soo fancy

Is it you ? is it me?
Stuck in a world of a fantasy 
Heart beats, unceasingly 
Is this what they call ecstasy?
 Some say “the heart wants ,what the heart wants”
Yet the fire is oh! So enticing! Tranquilizing!
I adore it! I fear it!
Chancy foot stands transfixed in front
The petrified foot it taunts 
As it takes one step back, 
Chancy stands there and laughs
Torn between the two…my heart weeps
What path to take? My heart! Guidance it seeks
The fear of falling
Holds me back
The want for love
Pushes me back
The shackles of scary bounds me tight
Chancy is there, never to give up with out a fight

 Arising a hurricane is what they doo
My poor feeble heart, knows not what to do
The heart is pure. It seeks it strives to find who proves to be true
The ultimate still unknown
For here my heart still stand in the sea of unknown
Cupid I beg you do guide me
And dare not strike me and leave me
With your arrows of blind love
Guidance is what I need 
Give me that and I shall heed
Leave me not in the dark of misery
Leave me not in the sea of mystery
But guide me to that ever shinning light
Scary or chancy
With what do I side?
Shall forever remain a secrecy….


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My Love For You

My love for you is like cool slow rain from an April sky with gentle droplets whispering of love as they kiss your face My love for you is like gentle sea breezes on a hot summer's noon bringing healing's touch from some far away land to soothe the weary soul My love for you is like the dawning sun chasing away the darkness with golden sunbeams that radiate with hope of a better day My love for you is like all these things and more for even if the rain ceases to fall and the breeze forgets to blow and the sun shines no more my love for you will always be there

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My colour cosmic colour sea

My colour Cosmic sea 
Waves of lilac and white 
Fill me with glee 
Cosmic delight 
The Cosmos here 
The Cosmos there 
You are near......... 
Kiss me! 
If you dare! 
The Cosmos you see, 
is the fresh colour sea 
My body,my boat 
This is me, 
riding the Cosmos sea 
Soft winds change direction 
Lilac and white deflection 
This is me, 
riding the Cosmos sea 
Moving colour sea, 
blowing to you and I 
Cosmic power, 
felt in Cosmos flower 
We dreamily sigh 
Cosmic field 
Colour sea 
You,....... yield 
This is me 
My love sealed 
To hear soft wind, 
blowing through 
My colour sea 
This is me, 
Riding with you, 
on the Cosmos sea

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with empty arms

with empty arms 
you carry me
to the deepest depth of the sea
we are loved and wasted
all at once
vast or empty?
hollowed out or solid like stone
with arms who stretch
almost as far as giants could see
i return 
only to find them once again empty
and once again, i am alone

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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Rows and rows of tulips
Planted in rows by color
Blowing in the breeze
Like a flag of multicolor

Oh! How lovely in spring
To see the tulips with green
Hear the bird's voices sing
If thinking made it so

Off to spring I would go
Carrying little just a notebook
Where I could write, and look
At the cottony clouds

Finding shapes that I say
Outloud, thinking on shades
Of blue and how much I love you
But thinking is only a dream

Where my love I entertain
Reality sets in and then
The work of the day begins
But even then I get carried away

Come with me today
Into the land of fantasy and play

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A lonesome dove

feathered white.

The branch strong,

time light. "wait".

A dream.

really blowing a sweet breeze. "wait".

A heart beat sitting in a tree,

spirit like, "wait".

A rhyme.

...of atomosphere.

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Poetry Groups and Aaron Jumpers

Red checkered carpet and mahogany wood dominate
Guinness, beer and wine stand politely 
The eclectic gathering of minds and smiles
Litter the room as left over christmas baubles 
While one voice swoons across the ceiling to fall on ravenous  ears

Smiles in therapy 
And memory slip over the rickety stiles of childhood
As eyes wide shut dance or skipping hypnotically 
As an exuberant uncontrollable child on a windy day 
Create their own beautiful masterpieces from the words lain for all to dream

A sigh
A scratch
A rustling peanut packet to distract
The odd glance searching the sea of eyes for recognition, acceptance, hope or a mere smile

Where aaron jumpers distract
Why do aaron jumpers make one think of catalogues, hearty meals and  most of all love
The love of huge warm arms swinging you around in adoration
Sheer exhilaration at really being in love
Why do aaron jumpers and 
A scottish poets words create 
Grey seas frothy cream licking the rocky skirt of the lighthouse 
Red and white solid safety which 
Perfectly beckons me

And the poem did that and the mind did follow joyously 
The words laid down by 
A man died two years ago
Why did he have to die 2010 just before i heard of him
And now i must search his words in past tense
And almost hero worship
The man from Edinburgh and the visions he gave me 
By the sea 

I shed one tear

Plz Note
This is about my visit tonight to a poetry group and how reading and your own imagination dance arm in arm.....
Every poets words are half the painting to be completed by the fresh eyes which read theory anyway

My reaction to Edwin Morgan's beautiful write strawberries

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Moment to Reflect

Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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Early Christmas morning I glanced outside,
and no snow was falling, and suddenly a vision of a luminous light
with a trembling child appeared in sight...
and could this have been the Infant of prophecy and might?

And He softly said with the sweetest and kindest voice,
"I bring you no snow but endless love...the warmest flame
that makes every forsaken and unhappy heart rejoice;
it's a gift so gladly given to all the believers of this blessed age." 

Struck by that splendid appearance, unafraid,
I ran to thank him for those wonderful words,;
and not having seen any gift under the decorated spruce,
I seemed puzzled, but not fearful or nearly surprised.

There it stood, my gift from that generous child with golden, curly hair: 
a purple spring crocus never seen before, an Alpine flower
which grows in early April in every emerald meadow...
I leaned forward with much gentleness and plucked it from the cold snow.

When I stood up, he was gone and not a trace of him could be found,
and who was that cherub without leave that flower in the bitter cold? 
Wasn't He the Christ Child who was born in a Bethlehem's abandoned stable?
And wasn't hope the meaning of the purple spring crocus so beautiful?  

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My Beach of Throws

My soft, pale, aching skin melts into the white african sands, My longings for you dissipate into salty sea winds, Carried to you somewhere in the cold mountain lands. The heat I create beats the scortching of this sun, I could melt all the snow on which you stand. It may rain now for all i know, All i sense is your weight upon me. The smell of your sweat maybe just a memory, But tis more real than the tide about to take me. I hear you call my name amongst the the breaking waves, Whisper closly your desires, tickel my ear with long deep breaths. My hands rub nourishing cream onto my thighs, or is it you brushing by. The blueness of the ocean compares nothing to those eyes, The ones I stare into while you're laid with me. My desire to touch your chest, to grab the sheets and curl my toes. This sun does not understand the real heat that grows. My cheeks turn red, my body quivers, gone is the beach, the seas and sand, I'm joined with you for one lasting moment, neither here nor there, together in throws.

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The Mermaid's Rescue

The Mermaid's Rescue

A lost and lone survivor of a sunken warship
 back into conciousness the sailor finally did slip
All alone in the vast, vast empty water prairie
 fleeting thoughts of home and his sweet Marie!

Hazy, crazy thoughts swirled in his aching head
 had he not drowned , O' why was he not dead
Memories of being saved by an unseen guiding force
 O' but what a song , what a beautiful angelic voice!

Visions soon appeared for his mind's eye to see
 of a beautiful creature rising to his rescue pleas
Hair of radiant gold lying lovingly upon breasts bare
 a swimming angel appeared ever so swiftly there!

Now  waking upon this small and desolate rock 
 feverish and deep in the throes of a tragic shock
Suddenly hearing voice began to softly, sweetly sing
 his spirit , soul healed so quickly that voice did bring!

Searching eagerly across the shining ocean's  waves
 for a mysterious hero that did desperate lives save
A wished for vision soon appeared at the water's edge
 a mere dozen feet from the jutting rock's lower ledge!

The same beautiful face he saw in his vision's haze
 the magical creature he now knew his life had saved
One even prettier than his cherished, loving wife Marie
 now it's entire form he could astonishingly see!

A Mermaid ! Heavens how could such vision truly be
 strange tales, fictional legends of very magical seas
Could this have been answer to his desperate pleas
 a vision so tempting that his faithful heart it did tease!

Singing  stopped and that voice began to clearly speak
 telling he had been fast asleep for an entire week
A rescue ship would be arriving there that very day 
 as it appears I must say goodbye and swim away!

Final hours his Mermaid and he did pleasantly share
 he in awe of her glory, her sexy body and golden hair
So many amazing stories of many a daring rescue feat
 telling of rescues where sister Mermaids even compete!

Suddenly that promised ship raced coming in so fast
 sailor knew this was his only chance, his very last
Please, he asked, will you give me a good-bye Mermaid kiss 
 wished granted , Mermaid vanished into the deep, blue abyss!

Rescued and now safely aboard his miracle life-saving ship
 his story told and nary a miraculous part did he dare to skip
His tale he told to all that sat amazed at his strange ordeal
 so mythical and strange, even he wondered was it truly real!

Robert L. 05-29-2014

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How Much Do You Love Me?

Way up to the sky,
From depths of oceans and seas
Up on waves to sands-

All around the world...
Can you hear it in the winds?
See it in the stars?

From the sun and moon
Back to the ends of the earth,
I love you so much.

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Life in a Dream corrected

Moments to Reflect
Life found in a Dream 
Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. There are many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasures that are a wonders to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you will find rest and for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago and I prepared The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all to read a long time ago. I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it’s just not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please come and live inside of me until the end. I now sow the seeds and when the harvest comes the Lord will know if they landed on fertile ground. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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A gift, a stone, shaped by love's tides

I feel its warn-down weathered sides
From our old flame that will not sleep
A gift, a stone, shaped by love’s tides

The old are all by cruel world tried
And endlessly no heart can weep
I feel its warn-down weathered sides

He fell in love when she first sighed
She tossed his token on her heap
A gift, a stone, shaped by love’s tides.

The lovely doll was tossed aside
Her owner searched for passion deep
I feel its warn-down weathered sides

The mother weeps: in earth it abides
Doctors could not her babe in her keep
A gift, a stone, shaped by love’s tides.

I’ll wait for you till I have died
Remembering your sea-ward leap. 
I feel its warn-down weathered sides
A gift, a stone, shaped by love’s tides

*this is another experimentation with a new genre, despite it's sombriety*

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In Your Love

Every time you kiss my lips 
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Like a never ending abyss
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Every time you whisper I miss you
I am drowning, I'm drowning
In your love,  in your love.

Life doesn't seem dangerous
When I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
Don't take it so serious
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
I don't care what they think of us
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
In your love, in your love

~ Leonard Napierskie

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The heart of Your sea

You pull me 
Through precipitation and perspiration 
I come to You

The swamps of my Saliva,
the marshes of my muscles,

You pull me
Through erosion and evaporation
I come to You

The stream of my spinal cord,
the meanders of my membranes,

You pull me, 
Through clamminess and condensation
I come to You

The pools of my plasma,
the basin of my bladder,

I come to You,
to the heart of Your sea.

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Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Swimming in cool blue waters so deep
rainbow fish , so pretty the stars weep
Oceans filled with great hope and pride
on celestial waves greatness takes a ride

Constellations shining brightly to see
lights glowing in the past and future be
A sign to speed life on it's merry way 
guiding our spirits into a future day

Neptune stands his mighty waters so well
holding back the monsters from deepest hell
Comets bring in the joy of desperate relief
washing away anguished pains of epic grief

In a bright galaxy so very far, far away
Seas of life exist, love and sweetly play

Robert J. Lindley, 07-12-2014

Sponsor Leonora Galinta 
Contest Name , Poem with a Theme: Zodiac Sign

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The Tidal Wave

The Tidal Wave

I saw a tidal wave come in,
Raging winds and fierce water
Took the houses, cars, trees,
Street signs, park benches,
Pictures of loved ones
(Poor baby Louie, 3 years old washed away)
And along with all the power
It tore my heart out of my cage
And swept it out to the 
Endless seas,
And the great white sharks
Have their way with my heart.

Now bleeding and dying,
Pain follows me,
And I close my eyes,
And wish it all to be done.
Pray for me, I want pain no more.
See tears fall from the corners of my eyes,
As I breathe in and feel no heartbeat.
And they all look at me,
Faces of nomads and they snicker
At me,
I hang my head and cry tears,
But the tears were washed
Away in the tidal wave,
So I sit there,
Eyes closed
And I sleep the night away.


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Day by Day

Day by day,
Night by night,
I sit and wonder,
About the world so bright.
Darkness lays,
Shadows glimmer,
Scents of the water,
Crawling up my nose.
Paralizing my muscles.
The lost feeling,
Dashing overhead,
Upon my soul.
The flow of blood,
Running through my body.
The eternal love,
Glimpsing upon my mind.
Day by day,
Night by night,
Since when;
Did this world get so bright?

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Fly Home, Little Angel

“Come fluttering words, come drifting to me...” A Rambling Poet

A gentle breeze brings me the soft smell
So familiar it calms my tear-filled eyes instantaneously.
I venture closer to the source.
Two ebony, round vases resting atop a sill.
The scent of the roses and carnations flit about me,
As they did about her so little ago.
Yet we have laid her softly
After she was slain
Into the moist, soft soil from which her scent derived.
Always like a butterfly did flora float about her.
So small, and pale, with mahogany hair
When we found her lay flared about her delicate head
Like the halo our Father gifted her.
For it came about in such a gentle flow
And jade eyes, calm as the sea
In which we found her
They sparkled like the sun dancing off the waves.
Her eyes were open, and matched the swirling surf.
The tears flow silver from my own emerald orbs
I peer into mucky puddles lying about 
And see her face in my own.
I bore her from my womb
Yet our Lord has called her home
To save her from the world's cruelty
An Angel to watch this land
I stopped to smell the flowers
Not rushing bust taking life in time
The wind blew by my ear
And I heard the whisper of a little Angel
“I love you, Mommy”

Erika Raiken
Contest: What is she thinking... - Constance La France ~A Rambling Poet~

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Soul Mate Ships on the Seas.

Come sail from time where death we be
Come sail from death into birth with me 
Come sail your birth to a lifetime with me
Come sail your lifetime to thoughts of me
Come sail your thoughts to the mind of me
Come sail your mind to the body of me
Come sail your body to the flesh of me
Come sail your flesh, find n’ touch me
Come sail your touch to rhyme with me
Come sail your rhyme come lay with me
Come sail your lust on the seas of me
Come sail your seas into the heart of me 
Come sail your heart for the love of me
Come sail your love with the soul of me
Come sail your soul I have longed for thee
Come sail with me for eternity, our destiny
Come sail our destiny, karmic ships we be
Come sail the Milky Way…come with me

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The Christmas tree stands alone
But still decorated with lights glowing
The family has come and gone

A misty tear drop with a quiet groan
Remembering the days when they were home
The Christmas tree stands alone

Wanting little ones to come and crawl in zone
Of the blanket, packages, and decorations
The family has come and gone

Leftover food, torn wrap, lights that shone
Guiding them to this warm old home
The Christmas tree stands alone

Dirty dishes, soiled placemats, candles blown
Still longing for them at home
The family has come and gone

Time passes, situations change
The love in my heart remains the same
The Christmas tree stands alone
The family has come and gone

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Sea Turtle

Small, beautiful face stares up at me
When did you become so exquisitely you (so entirely other than me)?
I've spent my life consumed in myself
You, the rock in the background of my sorrow (listening, understanding, comforting)
The waves of my emotions and actions
Rolling off you
Leaving you the same (innocent, sweet, content).

What a lie.
Sailing through scenes of times that seem to float up from another lifetime
I realize that rock was alive--
The back of a sea turtle (head tucked inside)
Who felt every tear and cut
Who love and love and love
And grew

You are you (so fundamental and yet amazing)
With worries and dreams so unconnected to me
No longer my shadow
But always my sea turtle

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In Time She Wakes

In time she wakes; I, the the sun, that kisses her face. 
No lies or disguise, just the radiant reflection of African skies on the rise in her eyes.
Beauty unmistakable, incredible, unforgettable;
My eyes drink the scene until I'm full. 
Her hair, her face, that skin, where to begin? 
So smooth the soft surfaces surrounded and swirled in swirling sheets that keeps my amber bright morning light tight in her sight. 
She can't quite fight the bite to ignite with all her might. 
Yet before the day slips away she'll sway and play in Plettenberg bay. 
And from her lips drips the sips from oceans where now sleep the ships and slips of men that crashed and smashed from sirens singing and calling out their longing and wanting so haunting - the sound spilling from that same coy style of a Mona Lisa smile. 
She wants to linger on but horizons blue, orange, yellow and red hint of bed instead it must be said. 
Soon to the night she'll wed but before that rest she shares her shape in shadows on the shore. 
A dance does she once again as I gaze with the last blaze of my rays across the waves, 
until again, through the morning haze, I'll wake her just to see her eyes kiss the skies that light up from the light in my eyes. 
For she is my earth, my world, my purpose, I am her sun. 
This breathing circle, this vision, no dark nightly dream would it seem could ever forever our helix make undone.


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So many wonderful days
I have missed being apart;
ah, they're limitless to count
with their charming, romantic ways! 

A delicate, pleasant scent I left
on those young lips softer than velvet;
oh, it must have been the sweetness
of my Valetine's chocolate kisses!

My lost moments can be relived through past memories...
if I dare to look back, making believe time stood still:
to recapture escaped dreams from a boy's teary eyes
that wanted to live them out with a most desperate will.  

Whoever feels the absence of someone he loved from a true, innocent heart, 
ought to feel some sympathy and share that secret with me;
I would love to smell and touch those flowers I sent to my lonely sweetheart...
when I stare at a cloudless sunset setting on the calmest sea. 

My lost moments can be relived and still be cherished
as they were then...if only fantasy could turn into reality,
and fate stopped time in its track as it should!
It might be ureal or out of reach, but not an impossibility!

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As On the Shining Sands -- Quatern

As on the shining sands we met,
Two souls seeking one silhouette--
Enchanted by the sighing seas--
We were so young, Love's inductees.

We sang awhile, a sweet duet,
As on the shining sands we met,
A verse to all the world unknown,
Pure melody we made our own.

Our golden sun was sinking fast,
We shivered in the cold wind blast.
As on the shining sands we met
When first we started to forget.

Then darkness fell across our beach,
Rough tides swept love beyond our reach,
Two hearts embittered by regret
As on the shining sands we met.

May 4, 2014

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Transformed heart

Oh just one look 	
From His tear filled eyes
Reflecting like mirrored
Oceans and skies

They reached into my heart
I felt quiet ashamed
There was no where to hide
This lowly heart from His eyes

His amazing love flowed in 
Like a river divine
He willingly covered – 
When I surrendered my heart 
He took all of my sin 

His love has cleansed me 
Transformed me- within 
I am now brand new-
My heart can’t help but sing 
My Praises to Him

He IS my Wonderful Savior
He took all my strife
For it was He – who gave me  
His Wonderful Life

©? Brenda V Northeast   13th January 2012

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Warm Waters

See those waves comin' fast?
Babe, they ain’t gonna last
Don’t you wanna take a dip?
Don’t worry, prepare for the trip
It may be cold but not for long
Don't let 'em tell you it's wrong

Pull the pin and ease it in
Let the warm waves crash and flow
If you want more just sing the sin
Your troubles came now watch 'em go...

It's a one way ticket to nirvana
Babe, we can have more if you wanna
Just sing the sin, I'll pull the pin
Let's see how fast we can spin
But first! Before we hit the deck
Let’s be safe, just one last check

Pull the pin and ease it in
Let the warm nirvana calm and blow
If you want more just sing the sin
Your troubles came now watch 'em go...

Let's see that good lookin' pearl
We should go and take it out for a whirl
You know you want more, so do I
But before we swim let’s go and fly high
One more dip in those waters can't hurt
We might get wet so take off that shirt

Let’s pull the pin and ease it in
Let the warm waves crash and flow
If you want more just sing the sin
Our troubles are gone, let's get blown...

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We Almost Had It All

By the beach, I walk. I see sea gulls flock. Breeze touching my face, 
I can almost feel your embrace. 

From a distance, I hear you whisper. From a distance, I hear it clearer. 
I stop my heart, I make it tame. When I hear you call out my name. 

I hear sea waves crashing against the rocks. The sound of it makes me 
miss you a lot. Softly, the birds sing their song. Oh how much for you 
I long! 

From a distance, I hear you speak. As I hear your voice, my knees go 
weak. If only I knew the words to express how I feel. Then you’d be 
with me, you’d be here. 

By the beach, the sun sets. I remember the day we first met. You were 
by the beach on your knees. Asking my name, you even said please. 

From a distance I see it before my eyes. I remembered too well how sparks 
started to fly. We were inseparable, we fell so in love as we walked by 
the beach gazing the stars above. 

By the beach, we were to wed. It all changed when that fatal accident happened. 
I remember too well that fateful night. Watching the news, it was a horrible 

You were driving, on your way to me. When a car swiveled and took you away from 
me. In the news, about your death I learned. I couldn’t breathe, my throat burned. 

I cried a river upon realization. I just couldn’t stop this painful sensation. 
I once had you, you were mine. Now everything isn’t fine. 

I hear the waves beat against the shore and here I am with a mountain to climb.
If I could just change it all you're heart would beat here next to mine. 

My love, sweet love I say this so that you'll know, "Though you're now gone away 
from me it doesn't mean I'll ever let you go."

My love, sweet love, never can I replace you, no one in this world will ever do. 
They'll never understand that my true love is only you. 

Oh love, sweet love you were the very best thing that my Creator has given me. 
By the beach, I stand here and there's nothing left but memories.  

You were my heart 
You were my soul 
Yes my tears do steady fall. 

In our grasp 
It was there 
Babe, we almost had it all!
This poem was written by Lizann Tan and myself

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Mindful of Minutes Unused

       yet to be made
       undo a pristine winter shore.
Nothing for neap tide to make undone
       in a lorn quarter moon.
Do not dance me in shimmers off
       moonlit incoming wake.
My hands are empty and yours
My feet are numb with tardy
has shown itself
      without pity.
Heartbeats are counted and written
in the Book.
Dear God, let them be mine.
Not yours.

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Surf's Up With Danny

(or)  Those Summer Days With Danny

Those Sun-Filled Days With Danny
Where We Walked Along The Shore
Beside Star-Fish Strewn On The Beach
Tossed Above The Ocean's Floor ...

Where Danny Surfed The Waves
and Raced The Crested Curls
& Showed How To Ride Water-Roller-Coasters
To His First Love's (Gidget) Girl ...

With Ocean's Roar In Our Ears
and Echoes of Found Seashells
We Would Kiss & Say ... 'I Love You'
& Write It, So Sands of Time Would Tell ...

... of Summer Days With Danny
Where The Sun Became Our Clock
The Day Stood-Still & Dipped In Ponds
As Spray Dashed Upon Pier-Rocks ...

Where We Sat & Made Our Plans
of A Future For First Love
Those Sun-Filled Days With Danny
Beneath A Beach-Umbrella-Cove

In Those Days We'd Met 'Rider-Pete'
Who, Many Had Tagged 'Beach Bum'
But Pete Taught What He Lived & Loved
& Was A King When He Made Surf Runs! ...

Days of Seventeen, Picnics & Parties
Naiviette' & Swim-Wear, Nearly Nude
Showed The Glow of Beautiful Bodies
A-Glistening ... While Gleaming The Cube ...

and Falling In Love From High Altitudes
With A ... 'Raindrop On A Dam'  ... Attitude
In Those Days With My Hot-Dog, Danny-Dude
Sharing Thrills of Lightning Tunnels Thru Tubes ...

With Danny & His Big Dipper
Who Was Like A Raider, Raised On Waves!
But Me On My Glass Slipper ...
Knew Which 'Big Ones' Not To Chase ...

In Those Summer Days of Beach Volleyball
Throwing Frisbees With Moon-Doggies & Girlfriends
But Our Favorite & Most Fun Hangout Was
In The Forum of 'Hanging Ten' ...

Into The Great Rolls of Sparkling Ripples
Paddling Out To Rush Riptides- Poured
When Life Was Stronger & Simple
... We Rose & Raced On Glossed Surfboards ...

To Return To Repose On Abandoned Blankets
While Watching Glorious Sunsets
In Those Summer Days With Danny
And First Love ... I'll Not Forget ...

Those Sun-Filled Days With Danny
That Season of Sweet, First-Love
of Ocean-Wave-Chariots, Riding Me ...
Like Sunshine Rides On Wings of Doves ...

... aahh ... Those Summer-Surf-Filled Days
With Danny

     Written & Copyrighted © :  5/27/2014
                    by:  MoonBee Canady

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Sunken Cathedral Six

Huge bronze bells peel muffled engulfed by sea 
above unhearing in depths deaf to thee

drowned the dead the lost tsunami friends
not figuring quick and sharp their ends

black churning death coming from the sea
no distinction twixt them you or me

death some surprise shaken a shock from the sea 
xept not dying in autumn like you or me

God please grant them heavenly peace
God please grant them peace

chancel and naves filled ghostly a new congregation
gentle barnacle claimed pews giving us no separation

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O chiming bells of midnight,...
gladly announce Jesus' joyful birth;
see how the Heavens' stars shine...
to glorify the most glorious One!

Unpleasant is the cold December' air,
and a manger is the perfect shelter
away from the frost and the gelid wind;
see how He smiles as all the angels sing!

Come shepherds, bring along your sheep,
to warm up a King whose heart is so meek;
and as the Wise Men kneel down in divine adoration,
I watch the gifts in their hands with much trepidation!

O chiming bells of midnight...echo through my starry valley,
and cheer up this silent town that offers its true serenity;  
and if snowflakes fall and make all the stars seem too far,
my lamp will brighten up the path and lead me to the Messiah! 

Entered in Carolyn Devonnshire's contest, "Christmas in your town"

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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 I do love you Charlie Blue My brown eyed merman I kiss your hand Down by the 
sea Turn into me Eye love ewe fairest Ianthe just come there and drown me We 
live in caves Awash with waves Anemones our flowers We pass the hours 
Chasing turtle and fish Finding a lost kiss the hours at the sea make me weak in 
my human form my fins allow me to swim but only to your arms the legs eye use 
to walk allow me to be free but only fins can bring my back to ewe to kiss to 
drown the underwater lover there she is my mermaid playing me I do love you 
like the fish eye am used to better days sometimes sick and needing help yet I 
do love you the merman is so far away When eye drown in the desert cactus 
between the city and the mountain my mermaid kisses save me from the cretins 
she is fighting for my life eye can feel her call my namme Charlie Blue I do love 
you. Woman in the foamy waves 
swimming near to me, my love it comes. It is a heart, a mermaids heart. My 
brown eyed merman I do love you eye love to watch the shrim:Pe crawl across 
the ocean sea she feeds them to her strang pelican and water can be breathed 
by a Knight of drownded love. This was harder to do than it looks adding verses 
sent to me from she who loves the eye then reaching somewhere south to find 
the love to add the words to add our mixed and many feelings making this into 
this fabel. 

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life is a sea.
parents are the boats and ships which guide us.
we are the travelers there.
disasters are our enemies.
when a wind of anger blows,
disaster creates.
when wind blows with sweet fragments,
it creates love and affection.
that time disaster runs off.
love and affection can change anybody,anything and in anywhere.
that's the power of love and affection.
love everybody.
spread the rain of love and affection.
lifewill be colorful.....

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                                  Oh, Boundless Mighty Wind
                                  Effortlessly you can afford
                                  This one small
                     Grasp sweetly the frail billowing sail
                              of my lover’s homebound craft--
                                        Safely ease
                       Your one simple effortless breath
                                     My love
                     Past wretched storm ward isles
                        T’would fill my love aching arms--
                               Yet still leave  you
                                     Countless men to 
                                         drown and dally --
                             	 to Satiate your Whimsical Fury.

v. Anderson-Throop  ©2013

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Temple Of Cinnamon Memories

The echoes~ 
from a haunting refrain 
     buried deep, 
within the many corridors 
    of her heart 
weave their tangled, worn threads 
    playing on her memories 
like the delicate, frayed strings 
   of a lonely violin.
Lingering whispers intricately 
   seek the depths to the labyrinth 
of her soul, creating a tapestry  
   of wild cinnamon roots and leaves.
Her wounds of torn and shattered illusions 
   roar their voices in her mind 
like a jungle of ethereal savagery 
   that clipped her silken dreams 
leaving her flying with broken wings.
the tenderest of love came unto her 
   opening her eyes with magic rays 
that touched her spirit 
   with its fiery fingers of love 
opening her heart  
   to the rebirth of lost dreams. 
When his wings unfolded 
   he beckoned her to come 
             And ~ 
      She followed  

Anne P Murray
C@2011 LadeeAnne 

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In Perfect C

Beneath the sea
swirls the untouched
     of me
slip sliding
    deeply on silent green winds
skidding on bottom storms
    sweetest bubble notes of Being
rise to burst on the surface
in symphony    ~
        the music

Thank you Mark Hansen for encouraging me to write about my love of the sea to 
get me off the bubble   ; )

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Buried At Sea

Thunder rolling in my head
Waves crashing against my mind
Falling asleep on knees again
From praying that you'd be mine
Seagulls crying me a song
A black sun sinks into the ocean
Metronome voices tell me my love is wrong
For feeling this grave emotion
The sea caged in my mind
Pulls you away from me
Farther away you go
Buried at sea.

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Dreaming 'Land of the Irish Isles' part 1

It's a brilliant and starry night, The moon overthrows it's light, As shadows dance across the warm wet earth, Like fairies illuminating the murky forests, With their otherworldly glow, Playing hide-and-seek, Beneath the toadstools, And the hollows of sleeping flowers, It is quite mesmerizing. Think of vast emerald green hills, Rolling towards the sea for miles, The coastline with the sound of colliding waves, The heavenly scent of the sea breeze, Drawing you closer toward it, Beckoning for you to enter, As the minute fish that flip into the air, Almost seeming to fly into the still night sky. Just thinking about it reminds me of a poem, To my love, I give thee the sky, The earth, The stars and the heavens, The land and the sea, The creatures that dwell in and upon it, The fire that burns on a cold winter night, The crystal palace wrought from the shimmering ice, Everlasting life and faithfulness, And most of all, My never ending love to thee, My sweet goddess of eternity.

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Hollywood Beach Gulls

Regrettably the sun was setting low
on wings of gulls all red and fiery eyed
they plucked the popcorn from our waiting hand
as if we  had a dream to give to them
or sang a song they might have understood.

There in their shrilled descent they had such grace
my heart lept to an all time vibrant shrill
and wondered just how far their wings could fly
if only words of love could let us soar.

But words of love are only past regrets
of humping on the beach for me and you
after the gulls have found their nesting place
and making it on their own. Will I die
another death without the touch of you?

That bastard seagull. Wasn't he the shame
of Hollywood Beach that sunny afternoon
we met and we made love for real?
Not in St Johns
where I lived a mile from you
But in Hollywood Beach
where a drunk can be a drunk
but in goodf company
But we were just too drunk to remember,
like everyone else on the beach
all of us down from the great St Johns Blizzard,
doing what Canadians do best
staying drunk long enough to forget it all
when we got back home.
But in St Johns, we had the bitter cold as an excuse
for being drunk all of the time.

On Hollywood Beach, the gulls all knew
We didn't need an excuse,
we just did it.

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Love for Me

Love is the blue rainbow caught in a moonstone
Shining fragments caught in the light
Bursting out like an open heart bearing its soul
Each colour promising a new delight, a new adventure together
Only you can see it, only you can understand 

Love is the precious pearl
Worn by the Lady of the Sea in her eternal dance on the waves
Kept close and treasured, an intimacy of perfect joy
You are my shell, protecting and warming me from the cold ocean floor

Love is the depths of the emerald green sea
Rippled but calm, deep and sometimes dangerous
Crashing waves bringing excitement to the steady shore 
Always there, depths unknown and only sometimes glimpsed at

Love is the giant oak in the ancient forest
Each bump and wrinkle in the bark a shared story
Every branch and twig a new direction
Always joined and held together, rooted in the rich soil
Feeding it with new dreams and hopes
Love is the highest mountain
Exhilarating and fresh, ancient and reliable on the horizon
Steep but rewarding, and never boring
Every twist and turn in the path, every pebble you stand on
Leads you somewhere new
Together, the same goal insight, shared ideals and aspirations

Love is my world
All that is around me
All that is inside of me
The silver moon in the dark blue sky knows it
The sun riding on the clouds, waking the world up in the morning knows it
 Love opens up my senses to every drop of dew
To every shooting star, to every blade of grass and mossy glade
My joy feels brighter, my pain easier to bear
Love is my brand new day
My dark, silent night
Love for me, is you. 


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THEWhaling SHIP CAPTAIN's LOVER ballad dedicated my gmother's life

THE SHIP CAPTAIN’S LOVER   (from my grandmother's life--her betrothed lost at sea on a whaling vessel in Norway 1890)

by Victoria Anderson-Throop

The winds blow free
And the winds blow cold
There never was a man so bold
As the man I loved who went to sea
The month he was to marry  me

Times were hard
And times were tough
Winds were cold
North seas were rough

But a whaling man will fight for breath
Dare the sea , defy their death
He ordered his crew
“come follow me
Who fears to sail
Is cowardly”

“No, don’t leave me--
Please --I called”
He slapped me then
He was appalled

I had shamed him with my fear
I should have handed him his gear
And wished him well upon his way
Gone on like any other day

A woman’s place is by the shore
Nothing less and nothing more
She never begs and never cries
Unless her own beloved dies

While I waited on the shore
Fear seeped out of every pore
Days went by
And then a week
Tears were shed by brave and meek

Life was bitter, life was sour
A bell was sounded from the tower
For each beloved man
Now lost--
What a bitter
Deadly cost.

And , for me,
My life's in tatters.
Men don’t know the thing that matters--
I wish I had my man so sweet
Not my world
Thrown at my feet.

Oh darlin’ babe now in my arms
Don’t fall victim to wild charms
When the sea calls in your head
Stay at home-- die in your bed

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Take your hand and put it out forward,
Than swing out out to the side, c'mon don't be a coward. 
This is fun, now swing your hips from side to side,
Remember all the times you couldnt express yourself and you cried.

But now your can swing your legs and feet any way you want,
Look for that new move that you looked for your whole life like a hunt. 
Grab someone by the hand and let them join you in that awesome moment,
I promise you, you will love this feeling you are about to feel.

Turn up the music and dance your heart out,
Move to the beat and go wild and feel like your out of sight. 
This is your moment, don't let anyone take that away for you,
This is not happening too slow and i tell you that that's the truth.

Put some head phones on and go to your own world of greatness,
Bust a move like you never did before, I promise it's harmless.
Make your heart feel what I am feling right now and take my hand,
I promise that I will make you smile and scream with joy and stand.

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My Lost Love And The Seashore

Walkig on the seashore at noon 
Watching the sun that will set soon 
Everything reminds me of you 
Every step i take, everything i do 
Like my thoughts, the sky is cloudy 
Like my feelings, so blue is the sea 
I look at the horizone, so calm and clear 
Remids me of our happy days when we were near
 I look at the waves and i get upset 
'Cause it reminds me of the fight we had
 And tears roll down of my cheek 
I lost you, will i find you if i seek?
 I feel the water beneath my feet 
Reminds me of your cold lips 
Then my foot drowns into the sand 
Like i drowned in you when you first held my hand 
The wind blows and i feel your touch 
My whole body shivers, oh i miss you so much 
I see your smile as i look at the sun
 Embraces me with love, makes me want to to you run 
The sun is finally setting 
And my desperate soul dying 
I rest myself on a rock, so flexible like your body 
Grab some sand and see how they are apart like me 
Still tears rolling down from my cheek into the water 
The time you find that teardrop, you'll be forgotten forever
 Every teardrop into the sea 
Is how much you mean to me 
Finally i see your face as i look at the moon 
And the stars is so shiny like your eyes at noon 
I still sited there, watching your face and eyes 
And i'll wait to see your smile at sunrise 
Yes, i lost you baby 
but you're never far from me 
For you're the sunset, the sea and its waves 
And in my heart you'll forever remain engraved. 

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Denying creation

Insecurities reflect from every ray the sun has laid upon us,
I lye here in times of desperation
Hoping this hour passes me by without notice
Your aura surrounds me
Pulling me in closer
Toward the spark that might kill us all
Resisting my own
Nowhere to run
Your stare drags me down
Feet never touched level ground
Lies bounce off the wall I've built around me
You'll never reach the distance you plead
While you're standing in the midst of creation
Why can't you do something about it
Come closer, toward further away
My feet have never left your grounds
I'm sinking,slow down
It would take a hurricane to pull me from the ground
But I'd still be stuck in the eye of the darkest growing cloud
The ashes floating, past point of creation
Below the line of certainty, 
My heart continues to bleed further from this town
Like a raincloud caught in the eye of the storm
Like a feather flying from doubt
Please return my heart to me
Take me out to sea

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From my northern city full of rain... 
I came to this splendid island of Capri,
and through the blue eyes of Emily,
that constantly remind me of that southern sky,
I saw the beautiful expression of a true smile,
a smile that drove this man insane!

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
she said to mer sadly...
trembling and trying not to cry; 
and though the April' breeze was  so warm,
she shivered...reaching for my  hand to hold!  
Oh, Emily that wasn't a goodbye!

O island so full of fragrant, pretty roses...
waiting for those passionate lovers:
I must depart from you with sadness,
hoping that tomorrow I will be back! 
Oh, sweet darling...oh, lovely Emily:
I won't be gone for long...from you and Capri! 

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I told her with an emotion, so hurt and deep,
that brought me to tears...until I couldn't breath!
" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I said aloud as I caressed her face so soft and young,
a face that I would remember in my Neapolitan song!

" Ci vediamo a Capri," I shouted over the calm sea!
" Ci vediamo a Capri," was my promise to Emily! 

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Unwritten poem of heart

When i'm looking to the sea
Its like I see your eyes behind 
the waves which dissapear
in a moment of a regret. 
And  it never returns back
are losted forever in the deepest sea
with the unwritten poem of heart.      

The waves seems to understanding the pain
hidden it on the sea.
No trace of hope
on the unknown sea,
the silent before storm.
 The waves of time 
will wear the sad poem of heart
beyond destiny.

 After time when i'm listening the farytale of sea
remains just the regret
To never see on the mirror of sea your eyes
because they are look at me
from a magic land,
From heaven,
they are becoming a cold star 
in the infinity of night.

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Sanibel island of brilliant shells jewels like scattered love on the shore Ancient gift bestowed by ocean waves young lovers seek treasures in the sand Honeymoon moonlit walks by the gulf love endless like seashells at low tide Daylight breaks seashells kissed by the sun glisten like stars in young lovers' eyes
By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Honorable mention in Bakers Dozen Max 13 contest (Brian Strand)

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The Gathering

The Gathering
It started with the sun
casting colors on the sand,  sun
tanned brown	
pointing cowry shells – golden baked
An old seagull by the sea watches me collect
a gathering of shells to string around your neck 

There are feathers scattered
and I weave them between my collection
of earth and sea - softness and smiles
From God - to sea and sand - to bird - me
Our gathering - an Offering
As our little old bird watches by seaweed freshly brought
sharing in this joyful weaving  - for you.
Gathering too.

First published: Dual Coast

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The Child is Heaven

You came, masquerade in woman. You were a spirit
adjacent to God and the angel 
spilled from projection below my waistline.
But beyond these four walls call home
You walked the boorish sidewalks. I found you
in comfortable wardrobe. 
Your hieroglyphics are seen 
in grottos filled with bat droppings.
Who are you behind the woman I found 
in Freeport August wind? Your hair, alive
like curtains in the draft, motioned to me. 
For three slow years
we walked the sea front, fronting;
we kissed. Your tongue in my mouth,
in public places (before the huge sea cows) 
painting cartouche in a new cave. 
I turn from mother and father, like I did Jesus.
They could read you like the big black Bible.
I missed you … on wintry days. The furnace
was warmhearted and we rubbed our hands
together. Hands will do anything 
to rouse a feeling,
like masturbation 
and tickling a dirty armpit for a giggle. 
We were living a sex life, outside of other senses. 
I never cover my mouth; you were everywhere – 
the men’s room, the men’s night outs, rum bars, 
and in the cemetery; on that flat grave.
Now when I see them … 
my words cut my tongue off 
and my lips are stitched together with shame.
My heart was damaged, the intercourse gone,
but the home is unbroken. The child is heaven.

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Rolling Back To Moss

It is a peculiarity of Love’s mossy light
that once, hapless rocks drowning in their days
would be overthrown by Love’s destructive plight
and smooth-whiskered words its song to soothe
in the belly of the whale its secrets brew.

In the aftermath of glow the pilgrims kneel
counting the bars of its serenading calm
as fire, trapped by beauty, mistakes its zeal
for something more than willing victims choose
and fans condemn themselves to breeze.

It’s nothing, but its something, and tired hope
endures, cradling every Cupid with a wish.
The vapours thin exposing every dusty mote
and pretend or not, all hearts will sometimes need
the mercy of their first and final love, never dimmed.

A visit, spectral angels cavaliering through the night
bringing blessings not condemned to wane,
flowers falling in love with their own petalled sight
bearing fragrance not descriptive like a name,
all that’s true would only call itself “Increase”.

The spring is fine as nectar to the flower brings
though all condensed and jealous of the Fall,
epic time is taken so all Eternity can sing
and clip the butterfly into shapes more lovely -
what delicate work! When love begins it’s sigh

far from where it once stood burning, a lush
constraint remains where freedom’s glove is lost
walking down its harbour, past the moveless thrush
and the crow all dead from drought, the rain will cease
and Love will change to tear, rolling back to moss.

The painter wild, the poet crazed all beyond his grasp,
what jealous combination, what charisma!
That together in a different stage marriage would outlast
the spikes and needles of despairing dim machinery
driving metal into hearts of soft enigma.

Seasons turn and all that makes us sober stays
safely tucked inside Betrayal’s chamber;
Reason roots itself in the soil of Love’s eternal fun.
Its sharp and pearly fingers, shaded from all danger,
can grant us mooned medallions to reflect the Sun.

The devil goes, the angel stays around in secret
ringed in haloed words of beauty’s whispered tale.
The two, not permitted by circumstantial thrall
to enter communion’s sweet redeeming place…. 
Love supports itself to fail, just to rise above it all.

Copyright. 2009. JLM.

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Watery Coffin

I look into my child’s eyes
Brown pools of innocence
And I see my reflection
A silhouette of heartbreak
I want to go back in time
I want to hold her tighter
I need to tell her I love her
And I’ll never let her go

But I did that fateful day
Repeatedly I screamed her name
My movements were slow
Everyone else was frozen in time
The water felt like quicksand
My enemy in my time of need
Waves crashing, distancing me
With each fall, they laugh at me

Another soul they are about to steal
Adding to their marine collection
My cries, fearful, they go unheard
The seagulls fly past, mocking me
I keep running in slow motion
Like I’m sloshing through molasses
The unbearable pain in my chest
My heart gone by ocean’s erosion

The salt fills my lungs, burning with fire
Panicking in despair, I see her body
Downturned, arms outstretched
Flying with the ones that took her from me
I beg her to breathe, I demand that she listens
I call her name in frustration
But she never responds to me
Her silence torments my ears

I hold her in my tight embrace
I tell her I love her…baby, I love you
I want to see her smile at me
I try to rewind time but it refuses
The twinkle in her eyes, darkened by death,
Reflects overwhelming heartbreak
A paralyzing sadness turned into numbness
The water took two lives that day.

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The soul that lies within

Mine lonely tears fell,
into that sea of sadness.
The sea in which I've drowned.
till the day I saw thine eyes,
and the soul that lies within.

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Church On Virgina Hill

All grown up now
Since that night we made our childhood vow,

I visited that beach along Virginia hill,
I walked it for miles; even saw that old wind mill,

The ocean roared like a tiger that had spotted its prey,
Yet I continued on my merry way,

Some would wonder why I would come here on such a dreary day,
But those where the times we went out and loved to play,

Remember the fall of 1992?
We discovered that deserted church and nobody knew,

We walked for hours and you saw past the rocks,
A broken-down building shaped like a box,

The stain glass windows were the only things beautiful left on it to see,
The doors were busted down from a fallen oak tree,

The cross still stood strong way on the top,
The steeple looked as if at any minute it was going to drop,

We ran away from home just for the night,
Their at the churches footsteps you held me tight,

It began to rain, I’ll never forget,
You took your shirt off so I would not get wet,

We were only thirteen what did we know about love,
But the night was our own and we fit together like a glove,

Both from broken homes, both had shattered dreams,
But for a moment we were King and Queen,

We made a promise never to forget,
The love we shared since the day we met,

You kissed me for the very first time.
I swear I heard the angels chime,

That winter your mother moved away,
Your mom left so fast my heart was in disarray,

She was in a state of trauma from your dad cheating,
I was in a state of trauma that you were leaving,

Now as I walk, years later, back into this place,
I can still hear your laughter, I can still see your face,

Trying to be my absolute hero,
Even if your bank accont was at zero,

It’s funny how time will always go,
But a place can keep memories of long ago,

I can still smell the pouring rain,
The night you froze all my little girl pain,

Now as I sit and look out at the raging sea,
It feels as though you never left me.

By: Sabina Nicole
Contest: Church
Written: 9/23/11

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To a Mermaid

At the end of the day
All your tears fade away;
All the stars come to rest,
The horizon now crest.

At the sea, the tide fades
As the sum of these days
Takes its toll on the ground,
Ripped and torn, tattered down.

And I'm here, by your side,
Torn away by the tide,
Trying still not to drown,
Not to fade in the sound of the sea.

But I see you, your eyes
Are the tide of the sea.
As they ebb, so they rise.
Still, they wash into me.

I can cry now no more.
Struck yet speechless, I cease.
In your eye, the tides roar;
I have found my release.

Lost in beauty, in that sea,
Lost in time, I'm lost to me.
Your face has aspect, fearful symmetry.
I find I'm lost for words. I cease to breathe.

And as the tide now tears me down,
It matters not.
My soul has found its rest within these ceaseless tides
That once contained my empty cries.

Captivated by your lips,
My breath is water.
'Neath the whips and scorns of time,
I find my peace.
My soul, content, has found release.

Lost in my emotion,
I found what I could be.
Drowned within that ocean,
My soul's absolved to me.

So have I drowned inside the sea,
Inside your tears, inside of me.
I know now what it is to be

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I can't compare your love

I can't compare your love to a sweet red rose,
For roses whither and they die.
I can't compare your love to the deep blue sea,
For it rises and falls with the tide.
I can't compare your love to a white fluffy cloud,
For clouds have a silver lining and then they turn black as night.
I can't compare your love to a high flying kite,
For in a tree can get caught that kite.
I can't compare your love to the brightly shining sun,
For the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
I can't compare your love to a knight in shining armor, 
For his life has no meaning once he’s finished his quest.
I can't compare your love to an angel,
For angels sometimes fall from heaven to hell.
I can't compare your love to the rain of life,
For there would be no life if the rain never fell.
I can't compare your love to the pure white snow,
For when the warm spring comes it all melts away.
I can't compare your love to a beautiful butterfly,
For the lifespan of a butterfly is only for a single day.
I can't compare your love to a beautiful butterfly to see through the dark,
For once the wax is melted the light goes out.
I can't compare your love to the innocence of a new born baby,
For if it doesn’t gets its way it tends to pout.
I can't compare your love to a fish swimming free in the sea,
For if the fish are not careful they can end up on a hook.
I can't compare your love to the greatest literary work,
For when you get to the last page that’s the end of the book.
I can't compare your love to a secret tightly locked behind a door.
For the secret can be found to one, if one only had a key.
I can't compare your love to anything of value on the earth,
For our love extends beyond the heavens for all eternity.

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

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Beneath the weight of that 
your mind rifles for a memory of me. 

... a waltzing illusion 
of whispered lashes upon 
tear-stained cheeks. 
Slippery images of half grins 
and muddied promises 
left outside the door to find their own way. 

I’ve met untempered currents 
that dragged you beneath 
monochromatic layers 
of near death. 

I’ve raged against the forces 
that checked your wings, 
the pale blue of your gaze 
adrift on low tide 
that missed the shadow of me 
loving you. 

I hear your voice still, in words 
left for me. 
And I hear time abysmal. 
And time rules our worlds. 

So I wait. 

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Dead Reckoning

I can close my eyes and see it again
Caribbean blue of the ocean at dawn
Sailor old sailor, follow your dreams
Tears in your eyes as you keep moving on

As a wild young man I set out to sea
Lured by its' mysteries and charms
Hands on the helm, run with the wind
In search of a young woman's arms

She was a woman like none I had known
A lover, a sailor, a friend
Alone on deck, I gaze at the stars
I hear her voice in the wind

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to years
Sailing from port to port
Though I planned to return, it can never be
Life on the sea is so short

Following the stars, I've finally arrived
The lights of the harbor in sight
I know she'll be there as she always is
Haunting my dreams every night.

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A sweetly-scented, earthy rain-storm,
she came to me,

thunderously raging with raw emotion,
she came to me,

drenched in the essence of truth,
she came to me,

she touched a chord deep inside,
she strummed away all emptiness,

she came to me,


she comes to me,


a gentle presence filling my life,

she comes to me,


a healing spirit soothing all inner strife.

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Anemones and shells my childhood

As I recall my past, it was a sea kissed life
summers spent roaming the Rabbit Burrows
cradled by dunes, beyond Tramore strand
towels stretched out on Woodstown beach
soft powdered sand, surrounded by forest
adventures in the Saleens, daring quicksand
of swimming with dad, high jumping waves
falling, laughing in great gulps of salt water
free and fearless, in our bare bronzed years

It was a sea salted life of wave-washed castles
of tide pools, alive with translucent shrimps
carmine anemones sucked tight to the rocks
periwinkles, hermit crabs, a world of shells
baby pink crabs moving sideways over stone
textured algae, salted, crisping in the heat
our faces stinging with sand and hot sunshine
we spent hours with nets, exploring the pools

After months and years of living near the sea
the landscape became an essential part of me.
I saw fuchsia ballerinas pirouette the breeze
sea pinks, grassy rosettes swaying on cliff tops
rocket, tiny lilac petals with succulent leaves
valerian, a candy floss pink, sweetly scented
We picked them and pressed them into books

I recall my child’s life with a skipping heart
when summers seemed to shine eternal
The rock pools taught us to treasure nature
togetherness bred a strong sense of self
a respect for the sea, the taste of freedom
when I open a book, I often find a flower
and shells -  this child is forever combing

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My culture and the Beach

                             Flash of water that enters the eye,
                                  Of that every “two” stands by;
                            Stand by the deep running water
                                   or crowded stall.
                            Might be a simple juice they share,
                                    but face the thousands face
                                                                    that glare.
                            Its love people say,
                                      not Indian culture they strictly claim.
                            Love with the families, relatives, neighbors
                                        and even animals is fine,
                             But only a different kind of love
                                         Not right.  

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By the Window she Waits

She stands by the window
Looking out over the blue
For soon he will sail home
He lover oh so true

It was many weeks ago
From Valletta harbour he sailed
For the Atlantic cause
Following the convoy trail

From its industrial ports
On America's east coast
The war efforts cargo
Must never be lost

Tankers and freight
Ammunition and foods
To serve the heroic
As we deservedly should

Corvette's on the peripheral
Scouting for the packs
For these demons from the deep
And their torpedo attacks

Action stations
As the packs are discovered
Sonar kicks in
For the depth charge shower

The surface explodes
In showers of spray
As lookouts view
Any debris display

The sighting of bubbles
And traces of oil
One of the wolves is maimed
Another statistic war spoil

Days pass 
As Liverpool is reached
A rare sight indeed
For a convoy not breached

This Corvette of the brave
And the hero's who have manned
Continue on their journey
To the North African lands

By the Bay Of Biscay
Into the Gibraltar Straights
Down the Mediterranean
To Valletta where she waits

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Where Feelings Hide

This love for you has slowly died down
My mind learned to hide, but it’s always found
This love for you has slowly gone astray
My mind turned to follow, but then walked away
Through an open water deeply locked

I lay lifeless on this water floor
Hoping and wishing for something more
The lights they flicker and shadows bend
My nights get sicker as we near the end
Rain drops splatter and ripple on the liquid moon
The melting sky calls upon me tonight
I know responsibilities will be here soon
This will change who I am, so that’s alright

Once when I was young I used to dream the moon stole the ocean floor
And that everything on Earth sank into it’s own dying core
This choice is for the new life almost here
And there’s been thousands of days in this year
So I think I’ll head for the horizon and tread to the shore
Needing to flee the sea and focus on me and nothing more

So I offer these numb feelings to the swaying tide
Ocean forever hide me where feelings can hide
Wherever it is that feelings hide
I don’t care how, just take me to that same core
These feelings, now I can’t feel them anymore
And they’re left behind with nothing but words

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Daddy Now Please Pray With Me

Daddy now, please pray with me,
for today I'm sailing stormy seas.
I know you say you're but a man,
who tries to live the Master's plan.

I'm weathering gray storms, except a few,
 and the turmoil would drown me, if not for you.
The wind is so strong, the waves are so high,
Tattered sails against the sky!

And I recall you telling me, 
of Jesus Christ,  Who calmed the seas.
And yes, small faith can the mountains move,
and how He died His love to prove.

So Daddy now, please pray with me,
to God's sweet Son, Who dwells in me.
For I am daughter of a man,
and weak at times and cannot stand
against these tides of shifting sands.

You say, "He's still upon His throne",
and with our prayers, I'm not alone!
And God is good and loves me still,
He will offer strength to swim these swells.

Oh Daddy now, please pray with me,
Some choices I made were not of Thee.
At times I've wandered and gone astray,
I feel somehow I've lost my way.

Tell me again my right hand he still holds, 
and how in heaven the streets are gold, and
once we're there no one is old because now 
Jesus holds my soul!

Daddy now please pray with me like when I 
was a child of three beside my bed on bended knees. 

And perhaps somehow these words I write, may move 
another to change their lives, for Jesus loves me this
I know and his blood has washed me white as snow. 

And when you've said "In Jesus Name" I feel brand 
new and not the same, so daddy now please pray with me
though I am grown and no longer three. 

He'll lift me up on wings of love and forgive me
of all the wrong's I'v done! Then I can drop my anchor
deep and mend white sails on peaceful seas!

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tides are risen from tears of love

when oceans rise beyond
the beaches, and 
it seems like the 
sky is leaking
water that fills 
the sea
above its very limits
and when those
tears stop falling
from the sky
where they fell 
the only place
that is the waters
edge is the mountain
that you land on.

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Rain comes, bringing with it buried memories, 
as I listen to the crack of thunder.
Drops fall on my face while I wait out the storm 
and let the pounding of the surf drown out my thoughts.
Afterward, I remain, as mist rises to cover the passage of time,
healing wounds.
All that was stolen slowly returns, and I take control once more,
letting troubles float away on a wild ocean breeze.
I turn to you and offer my chilly hands, and return your bright smile,
as we move forward to our future.

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Heart At Sea

Will thou remember me while adventures sought
On timbered ship of mast and sail
Cross seas so danger fraught

Or will exotic lands cause my visage to pale
Receding over time in thy dreams
as though I don deep veils

As you follow stars, I beseech moonbeams
To guide you safely onto shore
and betimes return to me

Mayhap I will become just a tale of yore
That you recall on storm tossed nights
when your mind is beset and sore

So while thou art here and our hearts unite
Within mine arms, I'll fill thy mind
I'll not let the sea win without a fight

Her siren's song seafaring men will follow blind
Mayhap the sea has met her match in me; womankind

Entry into Terza Rima contest...Beautiful Form
Hosted by Catie Lindsey
No Placement

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The Open Window

I’m already ahead and stirring before that fiery Sunrise appears every single morning.
I'm quickly catching up to my own waiting for the breaking of this phenomenal day.
My coffee will be in my hand right when my thoughts once again start freshly forming!
Ah, I’m feeling alive inside and I think I’ll just stay right here for each second of today.

I glide through my house to stream Sunlight in by pulling every single window shade up,
I toast this day pouring my fresh hot brew straight into my scuffed up old-timers tin cup.
It’s the open window where I see my birds on my oak tree branches singing and playing, 
I just stand at the open window licking early morning honeydew from my lips and I say,
Now this is the most outstanding way to start any God given day with this superb array!

There are just so many smelly buttercups blooming out for me to pluck them up to sup!
I’m smiling whistling and getting enthusiastic about allowing myself to get carried away,
Because I hear my happy little birdies singing their hearts out to me and they’re in tune!

Let us in! Let us in! They twitter their tweets with chirps, 
Let us in and we will sing all day long just to be near you.
Laughing and giggling at my birdies I am just tickled pink,

No way Jose!
I can’t sing! 
My silly, silly little birdies, 
Y’all know my singing stinks.

My buzzing bumbling bee hummers away driving at the winds to boot,
I holler and holler for that goofy buzzer until I’m just not giving a hoot.
So I lift my tin cup up and in my air I toast to a genuine wholeness today,

By the open window I whisper to my eternally inspirational four winds of heaven, 
Forever you may live insde my breaths majestically just as my infallible Sunrays!

® Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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A Christmas Love Story

Cherish the new born king
Hark the herald and
Ring the toll bells
It's Christmas time again and
Santa is on his way as the
Tinsel is strewn and mistletoes are hung
Mama got caught once again 
Alone kissing a guy dressed in red
So I dashed to my window and through open the shutters
Looking upon the roof
Over and over again I somehow now
Vow to remain true in
Even believing in this little Christmas tale of a hymn 

Merry Christmas To All Soupers And Staff
Love Kathy And Jenny

Also Entry For Brian Strand's
Christmas Love Acrostic Contest

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Sounds Of Tomorrow

I stand before the deep-sea 
And hear the sounds of voices
Far away that cries sad noises.
 Where is my angel to see?

High above, they watch over me
Making sure I go the right way
In life and look over what I say
You see, I am all I have to be.

Those calls of weep ride on
While visionary eyes see you go
No matter how I wish to undergo,
The sea continues to move on.

Waves are breaking the show now
Caring me back to another case
Some try to give me replies in place
Maybe love may lift an eyebrow.

Yesterdays echoes are ever rolling by
And those voices are washing away
I also see my angels floating another way
My best years are coming with no reply.

The roll of drums beat and guide forward
Hear the wind blowing yes to tomorrow?
It says thank you and forgets your knows
Fly away and live your dreams onward.

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                                            THE SAILOR'S RETURN     

                                 Stalwart he is on the galley’s deck
                                        One foot propped reposed--
                                        Wind dancing through his wild hair red
                                 Lingering are we on distant bare rocked shore 
                                      his long horizon gaze flickers 
                                       over us and past
                                Across the water echoes a foreign song
                                      Lilting and delightful
                                      Skipping atop the water

                                 Has he come back to you
                                 Behind the kegs of ale
                                 Is there a soft one waiting--
                                 Eager for the warming of his bed

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©
12/ 15/2012

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The water feels cool as it laps at our toes
The air almost damp, full of unspoken ghosts
Resisting the urge to brush off the sand
that's peppered your cheek, I sit on my hands

I begged you to jump, seems you never heard
Or maybe you did, just forgotten the words
How can you sleep while you fight what you want
But as you turn to me, you know where you belong

Convinced that you're going to leave as you stand
Until you reach out, pull me up by my hand
At the edge of the water, you ask what do I see
But the reflection still looks the same to me

I focus on the shallow waves, crashing on my toes
The break upon the sand whispers 'Never let me go'
I raise my eyes to find it's you speaking the words
I'd begged for you to jump, it seems that you have heard

Then you say if we go, we go now, together
I can't let this be, I can't let this wither
Are you ready to jump? To give up the fight?
Our hands, they tremble, yet still they unite

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My soul

On the infinite of sea
without shores,
only the horizon
run the clouds.

I remember,
from long time ago,
on the hot sand,
a young man
love a woman.

As the wind on sky
lavish the clouds
also the time
our loves.

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Joy and Retribution

I was devised in lesser dreams

Yes, I failed to mention this before;
What lies in God’s department store? What remnants does he have for you this day? For you
drew his flame upon a sidewalk so long ago. You wept his holy name society amid the
closure dream your parents few held sacred. Oh such solace you did seek those brilliant
nights before the storm, before the calling glare of your neighbor’s tail lights. 
Where so now they take you brother, where?
Shout this edict blue,
‘til it reigns your week to seek redemption in the cue; a line upon the face an angel
wears; for your keeper walks a thin line too. He traces mirror true a reversal of the
sentence, God’s joke spewed upon the tile floor. How all illusive blooms burst before the
logical stance of gentlemen who hold the world’s sway;  the sun, the moon decay ever so
slowly, ever so justly and true –even though they never see it; this golden retribution
cause their synapse muscle-bright – a time we all withstand in color, in truth, in all
sublime irony that pours forth to meld the frame – Devised in lesser dreams, to layer long
the days, the weeks, the years; to stand upon the structure made weekly; to layer long the
tears. Yet, my feats are small to steady there long; I know the sum and all, in both joy
and retribution, will un-tether there and fall.

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Breath of Love

It’s a heartbeat away a memory I recall
when we sat on a ship’s deck and watched the wild sea squall
fire lit up the night as we lay under the stars
accepting our demise and all of its scars

tragic is this journey, together we did ride
when the morning came, we were lost in the tide.
the fire burned brightly and warmed our tired souls
we cuddle together and remembered our life goals

the water crept in as the vessel was listing
drowning our hopes on the ship, we were sinking
as I gasp my last breath of love, I recall the words you spoke
it seems like a lifetime but it was only moments ago

you whispered I will love you forever my dear
I held you so tight, your face showed no fear
I whispered my last words I’ll be with you in a while 
the water rushed in and covered my smile

as the ship it went down I felt your hand holding mine
we disappeared to a watery grave into the depths of time
to the depths of the ocean in each other’s embrace
our souls were joined together in our final resting place

"Breath of Love" contest
sponsor - Gail Angel Doyle

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Prepared Fish

One True
God, God of
Heaven and Earth made
And prepared a great fish to eat
Swallow Jonah whole, threw-up
Jonah on the shore bleached white stinking to high heaven, ran preached three days 

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Drifts of Blossoms

Daring drifts of blossoms dance along the water's edge 
And count their blessings for Heaven's sake 
And drown out a lover's pledge 
And the other sounds that two lovers make 

Nature's ways harmonize, climb and chime 
The wind whispers and moves on its way 
Souls search and get lost in time 
And find forever and somewhere to stay 

Cherries burst and dreams explode 
Deep breaths and a sudden sigh 
Dangerous curves down a slippery wet road 
Twists and turns against a dead end sky 

Trees bend into a gripping gust 
A grey ghost rides and hides the light 
Rain falls into dripping lust 
As daydreams dip and dive into night

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Les Mers

Ne m'oublies pas,
Ne me quitte pas,
Et je t'aimerai
Jusqu'à ce que les mers disparaissent.

Do not forget me,
Do not leave me,
And I will love you
Until the seas disappear.

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At Wick's End

Candles in rock pool...
Water like the deepest sea...
A stirring began.

Two hearts turn to flesh.
Angelic auras ignite

Silent, holding hands...
Yet full of words afterwards
Sent in love letters

With upside down stamps,
Scented poetry pages
Drip unfailing love.

Charismatic speech,
Uncommon romantic deeds 
And fantasies bloom.

Promises prematurely
Penned with shallow love

Melt souls like soft wax.
Formless objects of desire
At wick end's dead flames

Reveal the candles'
Mistaken identities-
"I thought I knew you's".

Reality lights
On the still, stagnant pool with
Ripples of "you said's".

Glowing nimbuses
Form the rolling thunderheads
And vapors of rain.

Soft shoulders turn cold.
Tongues set on fire with Hell's rage
Turn indifferent.

Two hearts become stone,
And the first visitation
Evokes hurt and hate.

Endangered peace talks
Precede a trail of tears to
Extinct promises

In boxed up letters
Rubber banded together
In a hidden place.

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Winter Snow

The calming effect
of immaculate colors
warms my frigid heart.

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 4)

You regret your foolish disclosure, as you confessed to be a cold hearted lover for she was 
lost of hope n’ sacrificed herself from this crest for her love for you consumed her totally, 
though her broken heart, in the care of the angels choir, now sings reforged in the fires of  
You lived your life in the garments of a scar around your heart, covered in bark, thrombosed 
to the love of another, it now cries in virtue n’ chastity from the sentient tree that consumed 
your ashes n’ dust in the grave at the top of the crest by the sea…

I give to you Poet my blessing, so you can relinquish your guilt n’ pain of love’s abandoning 
from the bed of blame you made of your grave, for your quill is at peace till your 
homecoming into this world, my sweet poet come back to me…
For time was your crest from this day you have leapt, you are forgiven my love so rise, let 
go your purgatory n’ perhaps one day we will meet once again as your soul escapes the 
gravity of captivity, now owlish n’ wise let it fly to our destiny…

Though not a word is spoken in these moments of conjuration from a lover long gone in an 
age of castles n’ quests by the sea, it stormed all night n’ I remained by your grave side till 
sunrise n’ the flame in your eyes became the Immortal’s fire to reforge a tarnished heart, 
for your tortured soul now understands n’ through the flames your mind will follow…
Now I see the picture you have painted in the illusion of the rainbow n’ I sense the birth of 
humility n’ grace as the sun breaks through the storm clouds, for your poem of remorse 
finally rests n’ you my love are reborn with angel wings to ride mother earth’s breath…

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Hallucination Heartbreak

Tip, tap,
toes rowing
across the blue
surface of the sea-
breezes play with my hair,
tangly messes of blond rope
form for the salty air to climb-
Sun shining bright on his throne of Noon
[The moon in her brig, in chains, wrought with stars]
My skin, dry with erosion from
wind blowing to my white gown; Sails-
In blue hallucinations,
In southwest oceans,
I come to you,
I see you,
In dreams.

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Heart of the Sea

The day we were through
         I swam into the blue
               The blue of the deep blue sea

It all was too real
        I could not bear to feel
               The pain that enveloped me

So cold I became
        That I cried out your name
                 So lost was I without thee

Beneath a blue moon
        I grew more numb and soon
                 All that I felt was empty

I heard a strange call
         Feeling nothing at all
                I surrendered totally

I let myself go
       Very deep down below
              Deep down to - heart of the sea

Washed clean of my pain
       To love once again
               Is now my reality

But how could it be?
        I survived! I am free
              Heart of the sea’s mystery

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Night of the Ghost Knight...

Tender Rose! watch tonight
I reach thee there, in a wondrous flight
Sighs, storms not any more
as wanton winds soften the roar.
Tearing apart the paths I 'll be
trotting triumph through the untamed sea
hold unto thy dreams for a while
as riding I come charging the vile.
Queen of hearts, my charming bride!
shining I near over the tide
Danger, Death my old delight
truest promise tonight, must see the light.
Dogs, savages of the dark
Come an' they shall be ripped apart
Guides me truly...heavenly a spark
never let Fear rule thy heart.
The moment I kiss this castle enchanted
my silver armor in crimson painted
four or forty heads...I need not know
though fiery monsters shall be lying low
Moonlit sword shall drink the sun
the fire of my breast shall make them burn
Fear not faerie queen then, my faerie dove!
witnesses every move...the angel of love.
Softly like rain...fall into my arms
O' Heavens! Thy countless ethereal charms!
I shall fly thee...through kind the flashes of the moonbeams
away from mid summer's night's dreams.!
Unpin the braid...we'll sail in the wind
hoofs won't touch the hard roads blind
into the sea of love...where no chains can bind
as mortal fear, mundane terrains...we leave behind...

Note-As the sailors enter the Thorde sea...they can hear a faint voice singing. As they 
move further deep into the waters...the wind all of a sudden hums low an' the voice grows 
distinct. A clear ringing voice...pain or ecstasy, they cannot make out. It sings of a deathly 
night...of a Knight an' his beloved...the rescue an' an almost successful escape. That the two approach the sea...the knight finds his ship...set ablaze by some 
treacherous spirit...gone unbeaten. At this moment of great fix...ten arrows strike the knight 
from the back...poison tipped. The beloved princess is speechless in' she 
knows nothing of this immediate dreadful strike. As a knight ...never falls or fails...he looks 
above, at the gleaming heaven in earnest' with his beloved holding him close; he 
storms into the sea with the horse. The waves this moonlit night...remind you the tale once in above...

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Sand Castle

Let’s run to the beach
and play in the sand
and build a sand castle
big enough to live in
for the rest of our lives (the rest of our lives)
I’ll build you a tower
and fill it with flowers
a bed of daisies 
you can sleep on
As the weather gets hotter
let’s lay by the water
and enjoy the ocean spray
falling on you and on me
Let’s listen to the waves crashing
crashing all around
Lay back and close our eyes
enjoying the sound
We can play out under 
the bluest of skies
Gently kissing
gazing in each other’s eyes
And as the sun slowly starts to set
we can settle down 
and lay on our blanket
Staring up into the dark of night
pointing out the shapes
of starlight
Let’s run to the beach
and play in the sand
and/we can build a sand castle
big enough to live in
for the rest of our lives
for the rest of our lives
Big enough to live in
for the rest of our lives
for the rest of our lives
for the rest of our lives

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Love's medium

Like fish dancing

we frolic in

the sea of love,

our bodies turning

and turning

around an invisible centre

skin touches skin

gently like rose petals touch

your face

as they flutter to the ground

in the breeze

how do we speak

except by gestures

of the heart?

how do we know

except by loving touch.

Sea,infinite sea

trusting the depths

giving ourselves away

with hands reaching

to touch again

then floating

side by side

Our medium is fluid,

no boundaries ,no edges,

washed here and there

we paint our love

into being

our bodies the brush,

our hearts the canvas.

Such  sweet impressions we make ,such dancing

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By the lily pond

How beautiful it was when the sun shone
And I walked with you,my dear husband, through the gardens.
How happy I was to sit with you by the lake
and to hear the water from the fountain splash.
It's our our favourite music now we cannot visit the sea
To hear the tide rush in,then fall sucking on the shingley beach.
But I see it in my minds eye.
Aldeburgh,the fishing boats go out at sunrise.
I awoke early and saw the sun across the sea
and the boats setting out in the soft light.
Dunwich,the heath filled with birds
the cliff and the beach where sometimes one can find marble
from one of the many churches washed away by the encroaching sea.
And Southwold,the marsh so quiet I heard crickets.
We went across the Blyth in the rowing boat
And saw the place from which our picture of Walberswick was painted...
If only life could be captured,slowed, for a few minutes
for us to receive the beauty and hear the sound of the sea
The everlasting music of the heart

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Unrequited Moon

Your eyes cloak yearning and lust
Your dreams have all began to rust
Anything that you kiss turns to dust
If that doesn't kill them the silence must

If I was a fire you would be my oxygen
And your once silent heart talks again
Whispering for me to stay near
(Or that’s just what I want to hear)

You’re the masterpiece untold of a mystery that won’t unfold
You suffer a never-satisfied syndrome
And you’re an orphan to love that needs a home
You’re in a word cellar that needs a story teller

You’re a lock that needs a key, and a bird that needs a tree
You’re the night that needs a day, and a picture that won’t stay
You’re the sparkling treasure, pursued through the rotten moor
And you've tossed your old boyfriends in a forgotten drawer
Only to take them back out on snowy nights
To keep you warm under your golden lights

Deep in the sea you've said to be
And I see in the sea what mirrors me
Your lunar heart answers only to the ocean
Your gravitational pull sets me in motion
Your drifting moon thrusts me with it’s rays
And I swim further into your desirous waves

Sinking my every shuttle and ship too soon
Drowning in the ocean, to be with the moon

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A Day at the Beach

Textured jewels approaching the horizon
Funneling velvet water 
With exhilarating sky
Lush beach fingers the sunset
Delicious day ends 

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Oceans Breathe, Walk with me.

The moon awakens before us in all its majestic glory
casting a sombre light  along the mountain face, as the
gift it gives twinkles off water.
Delicately cascading down a beautiful waterfall.
Glistening along gentle swirls of the sea,
and culminating in the crashing waves that caress
sand and leave wonders of natural bubble and foam.


You and me in this mystical place.


My lover
My friend, Shall we stroll
along the shoreline?
Or maybe take a sunset dip?

We head into cool waters with the moon peeking through the clouds above us.
The crisp night air sends a chill through me.
So you bring me to your arms and embrace.
As always you hold me close and let me feel your love.

And we keep looking…………………..

Details | Rhyme | |


Lovers rendezvous at ocean’s break,    
 Feet  upon the sandy brown mat    
 Whereupon decorates the sill    
 of water’s  foamy welcome;    
 Towels stretched out on earth’s warm bed,    
 Hands  held tight, intertwined, while days of love   
 Multiplied by years of knowing  hearts,    
 and wind gently kisses damp bodies;   
 wet lips leave trails  the length of   
 written names in the sand,    
 Love devouring souls    
 with morning’s new light;    
 Buried treasures reside   
 for the lovers  find, while    
 Emerged bodies play    
 in ocean’s temperate water;    
 Sand pushed between two sets of ten toes,    
 Surf breaking upon their  love,   
 Surging within their innermost depths of lust,  
 Mounting  heartbeats occur on ocean’s ride;    
 Later, begin again, on the sand,    
 where their rendezvous began.

Details | Monoku | |

K. S. { Broken Monoku }

beneath coral depths reefbed

                        the mother of all pearls

Details | Couplet | |

You'll Get A Rise Out Of This

The rise of Atlantis
For this I don't want you to miss

Coming of the new world
With Justice dressed as it's girl

An apple from God's slate
Filling the hunger for ones plate

Safe harbor to now call home
Empowered by minds that love to roam

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Sirens Calls

I’m a cleverly cloaked demon, seraph skinned.
You’re my seductress with your songs luring me in. 
I’m beautifully scarred and vainly sinned;
Disguised enchanter, deceiver, My heroine. Bewitched, entranced, taken to another dimension. I’m a serpent at play disobliging all the rules. Caught off guard by your harmonic muse, Called out to sea, love-drunk like the other fools. Confused and abused. Your love you still refuse. Is it to late, can this spell still be defused? So just turn away, go astray and leave like they all do. Grant me one last kiss and then I’ll bid you adieu. The seasons change, wither, die and renew. Destructive and Caustic, this uncanny love like flu. Haunted in my dreams, plagued by the sight of you. You’re the earth and also the sea, Thought you as a healer but you only enslaved me. A sly curious creature, devious and sexy. A winged Siren, callers of doom like in the odyssey. I'm forever possessed by your song and beauty.

Details | Verse | |

I Hear The Great Call


Rapture calleth me near
for I have been spared
along the ocean blue
my longing soul, hushed
as the going tide
retreat in silence

Impede thy soul
o wind of blue grace
and tide pools left to dream
may this fear dwindle in beauty
with white sand glisten
and twilight falling near

O great spirit, who dwelleth divine
a song of euphony triumphant you sing... 

Details | Sonnet | |

Lost at Sea

When my eyes weep, like glaciers in the sun,
And cheeks flush red like rusted coral rocks,
Will she be there at the end of the dock
To catch me when there’s no more planks to run,
Where waves slice like the wings of a raven-
Black blades that my broken heart cannot block-
That cast me in the voided ocean’s box,
A silent ink where life is birthed to none?

She will not appear in boat at the edge
Nor carry rope to fish me back to shore;
For she will, in white robe and open arms,
Seize me before I reach the first board’s etch,
Lay my head to her chest, and stop the pour
Of tears and storms, then breathe me her heart’s charms.

Hopeful Heart

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Spring Feeling (an ode to michigan)

I love farmland in spring 
and new beginnings 
and winning in extra innings. 
I love a fat lady singing;
barbecues, chilling, grilling; 
no curfews, imported brews;
a lime or two beautiful women;
swimming in ocean michigan.
Bonfires waterside 
with fire flies flying by;
whiskey bottle by my side;
sitting, sipping, simply wishing 
summertime would continue. 
But autumn's harvest wont be far off
and winter blowing in is looking grim.

Details | Free verse | |

Message Received

Verses you wrote, words never spoken,
doomed to the Atlantic Ocean’s floor;
veiled messages in bottles, broken,
never meant to reach my shore.

Years have passed, a youth held ransom,
assuring that we shall never meet;
captured by a warrior, handsome,
your prize of solitude, my defeat.

Love is the word you would write
upon the paper lining of your soul;
that you would offer me in spite,
access, under inviolable control.

Quietly crumbling when touched by hand,
rhythms contained within their beating;
endlessly shifting, words are the sand,
through fingers, slipping, lost now, the meaning.

I deny my sun to greet your moon; 
add hours of six for my teary vision
that sets upon your nights of gloom,
contemplating of me, your derision.

Each word is a note, each line a song,
I send, though my heart tells me better;
on the ocean’s mist, now carried along,
sealed not with cork, but love, this letter.

[Published in The Warbler's Song (2014) by Polar Expressions Publishing]

Details | Light Poetry | |

Heart Beat

Sleepless and confused, my mind wonders around like a lost child,
all this gray and rain makes me think suicidal. 
Having to do the same stuff over and over again is pissing me off,
so i lay away to this sound of the beat i got playing so soft. 

My only escape is and every will be is this beat,
trust me it can put on a good show so have your self a seat. 
It will rock your world from the wonders it can do to you,
cause this sound is from the heart and soul and that is true.

Most people don't believe me that music can change a persons life,
it's only cause they have never experienced a good fight.
A fight for there own life, and the only thing that brought them back was music,
but they still refuse to admit that it's not magic.

So go put on a set of headphones and tell listen to a beat or two,
cause by the time you are done i will be asking you if it aint true.
So that's what i am about to go do is put on a set of headphones and listen through,
cause it's not what i can do but what the music can do to you.

Details | Epic | |

THE INNER VOICE OF MARK BIRROS: Excerpt from epic poem.


With that invisibilty of age
I can fly my life like a kite !
Uninvited and unseen,
albescent, grey, you know what I mean,
( not the first flush of youth or strong,
the young forget that we were young, )
hold on to that, the string of that
to grip the meaning of it
as I grip the iron balustrade
along the miles of esplanade ;
think the century's wise men are ignored,
each lamp a light, a sage for each lamp.... ...

Drawn to the Sailor's Arms, her kegs
the weight of years upon the legs,
for whispers round an inglenook
where galaxies are in the glass,
to swap a tale, another round,
a golden fleece, a crumpled map !
Or waft around for words, like smoke
along the butt - ends from the tar,
or vanish down into the draught
if Alan Watts is at the bar.... ...

Below, where gulls quarrel in kelp
no harbour there need shelter me,
no life - boat slip to cries for help
need bring my spirit to the lee -
I hear the past with all its murders,
the wind wail through the rusting girders
yet still am I, free to fly with you
who lean against the railings, too !... ...

The world may seem to come in bits -
let nonduality begin ?
Come celebrate your opposites
for all depends on loss to win !
Tribal culture in your face -
to win is everywhere you turn,
if God is losing all the time
then will we ever, ever learn ?... ...

'You'll win' he said, 'its in the bag',
out on the point
what can the mindless wind do
but wave the flag?
Missing the point forever
signalling our nascent spirit.

And the voice said
'raise your head when the night is cloudless 
and tell me who you are subject to, 
remember the truth of your own story
as your eyes take in the glory'.... ...

Full to be empty, empty to be full -
do you hear the paradox, do you feel the pull ?
I do not mean to be patronising,
have I asked you too soon ?
Do you see what I mean when you gaze at the moon,
when the full moon, lifeless is full of light ?... ...

I sit upon the lobster pots
that decorate the harbour wall,
if you come a little closer
you can see me in the hall,
if you do not hold the key-
Mrs keepings locks the door,
I'll be looking out to sea 
after eight but not before.... ... ...

Details | Romanticism | |


I love the way you make me feel
I know it must sound selfish
You make me want to exceed the unreal
When you grant me all that I wish
A bottled genie of note at sea 
Folded in words on love stuck pages
Crimson sealed amidst stormy breeze 
Heart shaped lips floating through ages
Seeking release from an aching heart
Breaking the rules of molds and curse
I’ll be oh so gentle with the inner parts
Replacing the ancient worlds you traverse
I’ll free you into the sea filled air
Kiss you and follow to Eden’s anew
The scent of your hair shall lead me there
Curious to know what you need me to do
Experience the other side of the glass
And I’d be honored to take your place
As I waste in a prison where time doesn’t pass
I’d gladly do it, if that’s what it takes
For you to say the following words:
“I love the way you make Me feel”
Come poisons or be it falling on swords
Sea glass and driftwood sounds so surreal
Riding the motions of waves below deck
Nestling hope in the bow of my mind 
Sunshine emotions at each rise or set 
Vessels of love on course throughout time

Details | Free verse | |

A Rose and A Woman

A rose represents beauty
Much like a woman 
They are unique
Not one
Is an 
exact replica

A rose in its glory
Is beaming under 
A buttermilk sky
Freshly radiant
With raindrops
Of sky-water

Like a woman
A rose slowly
And methodical
Unravels its core
Will Let go
And mesmerize you 

Their embrace
Of unending 
Lingering passion
Their mate
A Sea of fertility

Renewing a promise
To return to
For up to
Eighty years 
Or death 
Of old age

Their skin soft 
As velvet satin
As fragile 
As porcelain
They unfold
Their Blossom

They come in many 
Hues and colors
Blood-silk red
Glistening Ivory
Fresh goldenrod
Baby blue

A rose and a woman
Cannot endear
Without tender affection
And nourishment
If their mates
Take care

They will
Awaken their spirits
And become
As bright 
As moonbeams
In a sea of starlight

Their intoxicating Aroma
 Pheromones entice
Both rose and woman
Will unfold their souls
Year after year 
For your delight

Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 28, 2010

Details | Rhyme | |

A Traveler's Story - Part 2

I came late one season in the eve
and I noticed those emerald eyes
waiting for me, I did not see.

Waited to late to return from the sea
and now someone else holds my dream.
How is this, I thought to me.

A walk along the dock lead me, to the ole cemetery
where there stood a weeping, willow tree,
from the corner of my eye, this I did see.

Roses are red and violets are blue my love,
My traveler in the after life I wait for you.
Beyond the sea, there you'll meet me, where
I will no longer come second to her reefs.
     All eternity you promised me.

I held her locket in my hand and how I wished
for her I could have been a different man. They say
you never miss a thing until to you it no longer brings.

To the sea I returned and days and nights pass as
the sea churns, each time the sun sets deep below
I think I might see her, my emerald love.

I smell her lilacs on the wind and each time a small grin
followed by a smile, for I know we'll meet again, 
where the horizon meets, the nautical mile.

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BY THE SEA by Anna Lo PH

by Anna Lo PH
(written March 21, 2014)

..Serenity by the sea, the sounds of waves breathing softly
Gently the echoes of the water fills my soul with its mystery,
So soothing and calming, a joy it brings deep within me
Serenity by the sea, a wonderful healing experience it gives me...

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A Traveler's Story- Part 1

My first love will always be the sea
even though I know on shore a raven
haired beauty with a loving, warm heart
waits for me.

She offers me the comforts I need and 
her smell of lilacs, my heart to her it leads.
Her small hands each time waves good-bye
and without her knowing it, my heart deep
inside cries.

Happy to sea I may be, but I know someday
she'll grow tired of waiting for me. A Traveler
I may always be for my soul will forever belongs
to the sea.

There is only one thing she asked of me and it
was to promise to share my heart with her through
out eternity; This for her I can do, but to my first
love, she knows I will always be true.

Details | I do not know? | |

Parading blue

Tides, they arise overshore
along with fears, they reverse overboard
her cloaks, they float in their eternal blue
with her flawless gulf carried out through.

Those emerald hairs, they dance along
as her salty breath , they slap across
 chords escaping through their entangled twines
that symphony, they engulf my senses.

Those ships, they riding on her back
never was sure about  destinations
my eyes, traveling  far beyond
with that longing heart, as deep as her.

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neptune continues

July saw you drinking mimosas
underneath a tree that wept shadows.
You were never one for cloudless days
by the sea. Silver wax over golden dust.
You are beginning to realize
blue might be the loneliest colour
when caught without the sun. 

Yet only the ocean can speak of love in any tense. 
Look at how it creates and destroys
at the same time. 
Look at how 
it carries on.

Details | Senryu | |

Do The Rumba

down by the sea shore -
silhouette conjoinment dance -
under cloud's cluster

Details | Free verse | |

Catch the Drift

Steal a bit of me.
Because I'm handing out precious treasures 
In return for love.

Don't believe, 
Just carry on
Through the pain
The confusion,
And the rain that burns in your eyes. 

I get lonelier
And emptier,
I think. 
But emptier still.
There's no magic eraser
To wipe out my unknown existence
And the scars.
And the screams,
There's no magic eraser.

Drift like a corpse
In the sea that's the world
Till you sink to the bottom
Or get devoured by the monsters
Flesh-hungry monsters.
There's no magic wind
Coming to take you to the sky
Where those angels look down and smirk.

So carry on. 
Move on. 
Till you get your strength. 
Hold on to this.
There's beauty the in abyss too,
Barren as it is.

Details | Narrative | |

The Sea Blue Eyes II

There she is the false image standing quietly
She is just standing looking at a beautiful flower
She notices her passion of earthy desire
Something is happening she burst into the sun
I look up as her hands grasp my face
Her sea blue eyes gazed at me
Her warm hand and then a bright light blinded me
I went down on my knees and cried
The salty water dropped on to the ground 
I live by the ocean so deep
I do not know how to swim
By the thought of a beautiful look 
That made me shake
With fear in my head I saw those Sea Blue Eyes
I cannot restrain myself she burst into the sun
What is going on is it just the feeling of being left behind
She was a desire and now I have none
Driving nuts and insane what will I do
Believing such a image is a dream
I walk on the sand by the ocean with flowers in my hand
Raising it to the sky and trying my best to lure her
The image came close 
It pulled me into the ocean I was soaked
What a lonely human being I am
I grope the sky with such desire
I look pitiful and look anguished
What horrible feeling I have to pull the beauty that is nature down
The wind blew one day the image once more appeared
A young woman standing beside a flower with deep Sea Blue Eyes
Looked at me a glance of hope and happiness came
I reached for her and all of a sudden I fell into a deep sleep
Months past they had told me that I jump off a cliff 
They explained that the flower patch was by it
I realize heaven and earth cannot be reached with out a sacrifice
With meaningless thoughts I would wonder of to the cliff area
To see the ocean were it meets and ends
I was told a story long ago that the feelings of the ocean can seep into your soul
The trend of this story came shortly after some deaths
I was fooled the lady with the Sea Blue Eyes can manipulate anyone
Ladies and men, she is an illusion of the utmost desire
Blaming everyone human kind knowing they are lyres
The ghostly images that creeps everyone is oneself
Desire falls upon those who are lonely 
Believe of the unnatural becomes science
The Sea Blue Eyes is no lie cause they have been taking souls
Through century they have been taking souls for tolls
I stood once again near the ocean reaching to the sky
Lonely I was ready to disappear 
One day she not the lady of the sea it was the one I knew
I was blessed that day she embrace me 
I then fell into a slumber of bliss and desire
Now I just hear voices and I am paralyze down
A disappointment I was fooled once more by the Sea Blue Eyes 

To be continue.

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Pirate of Love

Such beauty on a man I have never seen before,
Never has a man been as beautiful as my , Piratelord.
Never has there been a manlier man,
Yet no one can touch me as gently as he can.
His blue eyes could put Caribbean waters to shame,
Upon my heart he has staked his claim.
They look as cold as ice yet they set my soul afire,
A perfect love is to what we aspire.
He drinks only the liquor that shares its name with mine,
Yet swears that I am more intoxicating than the Brandywyne.
He swears he has never seen,
More beauty than his Pirate Queen...
And her eyes of emerald green.
Though we are pirates our love is bigger than the whole of the seas,
For it is only each other we seek to please.
The only thing we steal is time,
In order to grasp the sublime.
We shall live a life of love and peace,
Whilst we sail the world's seas.
The winds of chance may blow us here and there,
But we shall never relinquish tour hold on each other nor the love that we share.

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Two lovers sat in the grass,
Whispering love words as time passed-
The moonlight danced in their hair,
As they whispered  how much they cared.

He was being called back to the Navy soon-
They spoke of this while sitting 'neath the moon--
Already they knew  they would miss each other,
They didn't try to keep this under cover.

She wept softly as only women can--
He hid his tears under that deep, deep tan-
Tonight they were trying to feel only joy,
But they were feeling used--like two toys.

He had been called back to join his ship,
Not voluntarily was he making this trip,
But he was the only one who could fire the Gun--
And they wanted to use it on a dangerous run.

So he went back for just one more trip,
To teach the gunners to let that Gun rip--
For it was nuclear and it was fast,
He placed the ammo and let her blast!!

The noise that erupted sounded like thunder--
Cheers broke out for their boy wonder,
For straight and sure to the target it flew,
The target was destroyed for the Gun was true.

The young man is now  with his love at home
feeling some pride in a job well done,
For others  know how to shoot the Gun-
Our country is safer as the ship goes back on its run.

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Like the Sea Watches the Sky

I watch you 
Like the sea watches the sky,
Reflecting on every change in its face-
Darkening with the shadow of every cloud
And catching every raindrop, 
Brightening at every sunrise
And tossing back the sunbeams-
Saturated with the deep blueness
Of your closeness,
Even if we don't touch...

But still, I'm praying for a storm;
Even the sea wants to reach out
To touch the sky once in a while,
And when they're close enough
To press against each other,
I won't need to see you
To taste the lightning
On your tongue...

Details | I do not know? | |


It was a memory, that day
When I will feel the only bliss
When you will drift into my arms
As though you feel the emptiness

There will be a time when I felt love
When all the stars seemed more than you and me
There will be a time when you were mine
I'll know the sea when I could love and be

The shores of time, a wave is still a wave
A feeling fades, dissolved into the sand
The mounted moments each of every day
The present, once subsumed into the soul, once more the land,
Ravaged, lost into the imprecision of effect

Details | I do not know? | |

Lo sea end-o

Alas my love my dying day
Will bring sweet whispers to my grave
Recumbent in your evil snare
Snakes will tempt you, strip you bare
Careful now with tender lips
They will persuade those dormant hips
To move in places dark unknown
And when let go, will be alone

Alas my love my will dissolves 
In oceans built on dire resolve
Swept away in winds disguised
Then crushed in waves, drift and died
Venom ruins your perfect veins
Skin retracts, reminds disdain
Then mirror with its clever eye
Reclaims its sympathy, yours and mine

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Underwater Blues

Blue, for love of the depressed days
	Underwater I live or die
	Nowhere can I really hide

Bewildered the water dismays
	Sky absorbs the winter hunger
	A floating bird doesn’t blunder

Sadness pulls me under and lays
	Casts spells of confusion bequeath
	Leaves me to fall, sink underneath

I’m frozen with sorrow always
	Constantly I am beaten down
	To hold the great ocean god’s crown

I do not hear what the sea says
	While keeping me there with sadness
	I must have strength to rid of stress

With all my strength I start to pray
	Not knowing if there’s any hope
	I see that I must stand and cope

Blue, for love of the depressed days
Bewildered the water dismays
Sadness pulls me under and lays
I’m frozen with sorrow always
I do not hear what the sea says
With all my strength I start to pray

Russell Sivey

Form Constanza(?)

Details | Ode | |


What religion has created through the ages 
is a false gospel with much incredibility;
a helpless Christ on that cross...
instead of a resurrected One 
ascending to His glory;
He's still mocked and alone!

Faith is stronger than religion,
it trascends all souls
in search of truth and hope;
and it can't be taught by words alone!
Faith was the stronghold
of prophets and saints!
Let it become our fortress
in the days of weakness,
and fervently pray with confidence
that no harm will come from others!

The sacrificial altar needs no lamb,
the ultimate sacrifice was made...
the reconciliation between Man and God,
and a Mediator to atone every sin committed;
many still believe in a harsh punishment...
by demons who dwell in Hell!

Let's be like David who exalted Jehova God always, 
and proclaimed His greatness for all ages!
Let's fear no man, but trust in the God of Moses...
who parts our waters in troubled times,
and lets us walk safely to our shore;
let's be as faithful as they were!

Details | Romanticism | |


At the melting of the heart, with glass flowers blown,
  Intricate patterns aquaplaned upon the sea,
Skimming the surface, their complex designs,
  Paint the horizon with exotic tapestry.
So pretty her face framed in front of this tableau,
  Blonde against orange petals of the sun,
Pale skinned, red apple lipped, eyes of jade and opal,
  Wherein the dreams of ecstasy are spun.

Details | Free verse | |

To a Fellow Sailor

Docked on an opposite shore,
peering through round portholes
as the river who flowed me to different landscapes
slips past, current furious:
not quite a pleasure cruise.
No swimming pools splashing over onto the smooth wood
of a polished deck furnished with plastic, 
but stormy excursions into the foamy sea,
threats of sinking, of capsizing, of mutiny. 

I miss that ocean; I didn’t think 
I would love him so much,
but, after my boat wobbled in the foam
and I slipped into the sea without a life-vest,
after I submerged my head with the dolphins and squids
and waited for the water to transform me
into a finned mermaid with oysters in my hair,
I felt at home in its salty swiftness,
safe in its kelpy arms, hidden in its coral fortresses.

And when my tongue, dried from salt and solitude,
began to salivate for the buttery sunshine,
something issued an anchor
into the sockets where my wisdom teeth once grew,
and I surfaced, dripping salt water, breathing. 

And although the chain between us
has since grown rusty with tugging and pulling,
new docks, different boats and captains,
the sea is still easily crossed,
as easily as music attaches itself 
to cold moonlight.

So, maybe our boat has hit a few icebergs – 
but the Eskimos have patched the holes 
with pine needles and chocolate syrup;
and the boiler room doesn’t make me sweat and sigh– 
but it leaves me with a tight chest and 	
the warmth felt when, 
returning after a long voyage, you finally see 
the shores of home . 

I love you still, brother:
and the sails are full of wind.

Details | I do not know? | |

Live Life Well with Love

Look into a sea of blue
See a guy I'd never knew
See his beauty so very still
Yearn to be his hearts fill
Reach for the love deep inside
Grab the goodness that was trying to hide
Hold on tight, never letting go
Make him realize I love him more than he knows
Do realize that it won't be easy
Outside it'll always be a little breezy
But if love is what we truly share
We will never live in despair
So I keep gazing into that sea of blue
Just keep on loving and enjoy the view

Details | Prose Poetry | |


The curtain slowly rises...the audience is spell-bound
by the appearance of royalty

Act 1, Scene 1

King Henry VIII: O adored wife, you never drew
another man to your breasts;
have I loved you more or less?

King Henry VIII: O voluptuous lips that have kissed mine,
when roses spurred to greatness,
is your trust in me flimsy or fortified?

Queens Katherine: Why are you asking me this,
beloved husband, if the promise
of that young virgin was more than true?
I have desired your strong arms around me,
to dispel my fears and doubts on many moonless and frightening nights...
when the northern wind ruthlessly entered in the chambers,
and blew out all the candles that were more aromatic than columbines!
O dearest love, which need I didn't provide you by touch? 

King Henry VIII: No, sweeheart everything you offered me,
but lust for another woman led me astray...
leaving your marital bed and sneaking away!

Queen Katherine: O dishonorable husband, what made you so unfaithful...
if I made you the vessel of these dreams,
to transport me on soft waves like cherubs' wings?  

King Henry VIII: Not enough passion in love-making, insensible wife...
permitting your guilt prevent the pleasure 
I sought in every embrace and intimate feeling,
to boost this amorous ego without ending!

Queen Katherine: How dare you say that, unmeritous husband...
while your attention was focused on a mistress?

King Henry VIII: How can you blame me, uncaring wife...
making me escape and causing me to cheat?

Queen Katherine: This marriage took place under the eyes of the  Almighty,
and you solemnly swore to honor me,
to love me, to strengthen me and to spend a lifetime
of joys, of hopes and sorrows through love and fidelity!

Details | I do not know? | |

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

Stories are told
Of lost enchanted kingdoms treasures
Of jewels beyond all measure-

Diamonds, rubies, silver and gold

Yet blue pearl fairest 
Wisdom story told.

A gentle love tale
For you to hold.

On the Island
In sea foam ocean
God created
This tale of motion

Loves commotion, strong emotion.

From deep within Neptune’s caves
Mermaid sirens 
Songs they gave.

To spin their magic
Enchanting swirling
Beauty delight-

A women’s eyes
Blue pearls
In his sight.

For he alone wise warrior bold
Made they she 
For he it’s told

Now long below the sea she rested
While search in vain he was tested.

Given to fatigue his journey
Believed ended
Settled he on land
His garden tended.

Years did pass
All seemed well but how his pearl
Sunk toward hell
If he knew
It’s sure he’d tell.

“search again I,
for where you fell.”

But know he not 
Her plight now covered 
Until that day
His love discovered.

For hidden right 
Beneath his eye 
Buried treasure
When he heard her sigh.

And beyond his garden gate
Slept his princess fair 

Gleaming brightly 
Under the sun 
Wisdom warrior
She’s the one

Like a feather
Up he picked
His pearl of grace,
Stoked her hair
Tender embrace.

To search no more 
His soul did sigh
His sigh
Her breath of life
And together their souls did fly.

A love that’s 
Pure and white and round
A hunger- desire
Both they found.

Drink they did 
And fulfill loves thirst
While to fate- to- destiny
Sang their first

For heavens songs 
Were heard above 
When toge6ther 
War to pearl
In love.

Yet to our tale
A sorry end
To brief indeed
A tear to send.

For warrior not 
So wise believe 
When dropped he did 
His love to sea.

Now tears have filled
Her eyes of blue
With sleep ness nights
Pearl cries of you.

Pleadings blue
Cry to god above
“leave me not
so lost in love.”

“Again to sleep me 
my warrior leaves
sinking deep beneath the seas.”

“Wait I will
if I must
100 years me-
find I trust.”

For he alone 
Her love heart discover
In princess pearl
He find no other.

So next time 
To sea you wade
Remember this tale
To you I gave

Of warrior wise
His search in vain
A princess blue pearl
His salvation Kingdoms gain

To find loves
Beauty buried
Within deep
And to drop]
Her down
And back to sleep.

It’s a folly best avoid.

For love is given to far and few
Watchful if it happens to you..

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Signed to your name.

The sea stops swaying never,
This is my perfect love letter signed to your name,
The sea is me, not me but my love and endeavor.
Your heart flutters to my words and mine in disdain.
Is this supposed to happen?

Your sentences form from lips so delicate,
Physicality's means nothing I'm hooked to your brain,
Get angry bite your lip and yell for us there's no etiquette.
Your heart flutters to my being and mine in disdain.
Is this supposed to happen??

Your lovely,hateful,perfect and ugly,
But i don't judge you and you do the same,
Everyone could hate me but your insurance and i know you love me.
Your heart flutters to my love in mine in disdain.
Is this supposed to happen???

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standing tall in limbo


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Came from work, exhausted and moody,
fall is advancing with an improvised, swift pace,
but the meteorologist defies it with the happiest face;
and tomorrow I'll wake up and trot away! 

Planned a day in the merry sunshine,
with a basked full of treats and a bottle of red wine,
to be consumed by the shade of an elm with my dearest;
and all the songbirds I will invite to my afternoon's feast!

We lay on the neatest blanket, facing the calmest, eastern sea
as sailboats drift by...a toddler listens to his mom's nostalgic song,
and in her tender voice that soldier's smile, on rippled waves, appears;
and tears, with a solar luster, fall on the pristine sand to recall her lost love.

Seagulls glide over to announce the close of an August's evening
still huddled in intimate embrace, the rushing waves tickle our toes,
and not minding their amusing play, we carry on and not withdraw;
before we lift the damp blanket, we are greeted by stars in throngs.

Planned a day in the merry sunshine,
a fantasy realized by two who will dream of this passionate season,
remembering our tanned faces and skin glittering with sand;
waving goodbye to the disheveled mother and trembling child.

Note:  These are the observations of a happy couple spending a day on the beach,
but  the happiness they felt wasn't shared by a mother and child who both missed a husband 
and father; and by the sad look on their faces, gazing out to the sea...he had gone to the  
Iraq War, and unfortunately had never returned home.

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Winter Blues

Cold winds blow'n
icesickles form'n
patterns in the snow.
Upon it sunlights glow
warmly cuddled closely
loves mostly
listening quietly
while sun shines brightly
Whispering winds
telling of lies, all kinds
tantalizingly hiding
amidst those riding
upon the winter blues
when i'm a silly schmooze

Linda Terrell
December 2, 2009

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Her Vessle

So long ship,
go on your merry way!
I hope I'll see you soon,
when you come
stumbling back to Bay,
to Bloor,
and Yorkville 
where we last docked,
and rocked,
and dawdled,
into the night...

So long ship,
farewell my love!

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With The Stream We Must Flow

Crazy as a dream, I'm workin as a team
and my soul lays in sorrow as I bathe
in the moon beam.
Stuck in such a devilish scheme
and sadly this background beholds a 
hatful theme.

This motion, this potion has me 
floating in the ocean, I wish I were
a boat so my head could keep a float.
Dead in a bed, head full of med, wouldn't you
say thats enough said?
A chuckle and a laugh, as rare as acing math,
wish I just knew the first steps of my path as the
universe comes crashing upon my thoughts, left in knots,
will I reside with the rest of the forgotten plots? 

Will I fail to connect the dots?
Surely I do fear to stear my thoughts beneth the
horses trots. Recollect what you've read, I'm a mess
 its been said, but I grin from cheek to cheek because I'll 
fight until I'm dead.

So when the stream flows by, and
you fail to spot reflection, resist to give in for
within love hides affection, your heart is your protection.
Know that love is your glove of hope, let love be the slant to your slope.
 I hope that love renders you clean, I hope that love sews your seam.
I hope that love flows in your stream.


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I close my eyes

and I see

the sky and the sea,

the shore

and you,

walk lonely...

Late remembers

from a forget summer.

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Message in a Bottle

"For the moments we spent, and the memories we found

For the life that we dreamt in the love that we drowned.

Tonight i am silent, i am lost out at sea,

or the day that i found you, was the day i lost me.

Here is my hearts , amongst the tide and the waves

here is our history, floating with the memories i saved"

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Mystique Love

she sat lonely
on the beach 
in the submissive darkness
the moonlight 
highlighting the red eyes
& the dark shadows beneath them
she looked so beautiful
as the golden strands of her hair 
blew in the zephyr
her lips quivered 
as if complaining
& then they curved 
in a dazzle
brightening the  
chiseled features
on the pale, white face
But the smile ruined
as a cruel wave crashed
into the reverie
reverie of 
the waters,
the stars,
only that she wasn’t alone…
In an aching hope, 
she stood up
& started calling out her love
no response.
she called louder
still no response.
she started walking down 
in the dark waters
Beckoning her love
she went deeper & deeper 
in the sea of love
now her words… 
a whisper
still deeper, she went
And then, still & silence
the next night witnessed 
a miraculous presence
a pair of stars shone brightly
at a rare corner,
blinking inexorably 
under the grey canopy 
of the sky
she had reached her destiny,
& the destiny of mystique love…

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Here we see love once lost in the tumbles,

Coming swiftly from above the skies,

Towards the sea we lodged in rain of just,

To warm cherish our thoughts to sail by lust,

Beneath our souls to the garden of blues.


Here now we find get it from the clouds,

Thy long wounded broken love needs change,

On the sea sailed with oath to hold,

With tireless returns it blossoms for unfold,

Where unmated it stands naturally to glow.


Here its some miles we came shipping,

Seeking such love we had in those tender hoods,

Thy loves once threaten and loosened,

Certainly lost and now strangely contained,

To refine and to renew it once it smells olds.


Here magically risen to conquer ‘n to sooth,

Every injured feeling within for victory,

Underneath the flowers to tread by candle,

With every hope in the living hearts to handle,

Beneath our souls to the garden of blues.



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The invisible hands of the wind
Rises up from the blue sea
Like fingers going thru my hair
That brings comfort to me

As I stand on the deck
Head to my next destination
The sea has been apart of life
For many of my generations

Once I feel in love in Iraq
 And never told her of my love within
But I carry her in my heart
As I sail away in the wind

The sea will always be my home
And how I love her for my wife
I cannot ask her to join me
To make sailing a part of her life

Since a little boy in Trinidad
I dream of meeting the girl 
Who is going to have all my love?
And forever live in my soul

Now that I have found her
The storm in my heart become still
But the dream of my happiness
Will never be fulfill

I know there are many of you
Can understand what I say
Of finding the love of your life
But had to let them slip away

And as I’m sailing in to Mexico 
Waiting for the morning to come
I sit alone on deck
Drinking a bottle of Trinidad rum

Will get my supplies
Then sail away again
A lonely man in the sea
and the wind is my only friend

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Forever-Part 1

Out on the beach with an amazing guy. The sun's so pretty, the sun's so bright. We're walking and talking about all our good times, against the world, hand in hand. Smiling and walking on the beautiful LA sand. We sit on a bolder and watch the sun set. It's an amazing day, one I will never forget. You slip your arm around me as we as we look at the beautiful sea. "I love you," I say as we feel the cool evening breeze. "I love you too," you say and pull out a small black box. I look at you, smile, and my heart stops. You open the box to reveal a beautiful ring. "Will you marry me?" you ask as my eyes fill with tears and my heart starts to sing. My smile gets wider as I say "yes". You pull me close to your chest. I gently kiss you as a tear rolls down my cheek. You brush it away and smile at me. "I love you," I say one more time. "I love you to baby," you say as you smile, "now your deffinitly all mine."


Today's the day, the day that starts the rest of our life. The day you become my husband, the day I become your wife. The last time I saw you was last night. But I woke up to a beautiful sight. A bouque of beautiful red roses lie on your pillow with a note on top. "I love you," it says, "and I can't wait to see you." I smile and whisper "I love you too." I take a shower and walk down to the beach to see how much is done. I step onto the hot sand and I feel the hot sun. It's almost done so I start to head home. I need to here your voice so I call your phone. "Hey babe," you say, "is everything okay?" I tell you everythings fine, I just need to hear you. I tell you I love you. You tell me you love me too. You say you have to go but you'll see me soon. "Okay, I love you," I say and look at the clock, it's almost noon. "I love you too," you say and the line goes dead. I look in the mirror and put my hands on my head. I smile and start to get ready for tonight. The first night of m new life.

I take a look in the mirror one last time. Just to make sure my beautiful dress is fine. I walk down to the beach and wait by the gate. I fix my veil and look at my friend. "You look amazing," she says and puts some flowers in my hand. "Thanks," I say and smile. I can't wait to walk down the aisle.

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                        Withdrawing sea waters withdraws from the sands and dunes. 
                        I see I am chasing waters as a kid, back then. 
                        I never missed a chase. Now that I'm older I miss you. 
                        I love you, never will I be able to love you less than I love you.. 
                        I am able to love less about myself! 
                        Now that I feel the sea is with you and away from me. 
                        I love less. 

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Sleep well, Emily
on a soft pillow
resembling a willow
courting the starry sea...

And should a storm arrive,
I'll shut the windows,
and keep serenity alive
for the sake of precious dreams...

Sleep well, Emily
dreaming of August' breezes
when the gleaming waves
reflect a dark blue so pretty...

Covered by a transparent satin sheet color sapphire
softer than your own glowing skin,
your feminine curves induce an incredible desire
in the palpiting heart of this tempted man....

Sleep well, Emily
putting all thoughts to sleep,
unless passion arises an intense heat
to allow me to touch you softly... 

And exploring our sexuality
without being ashamed of nudity,
we are those lovers seeking total darkness
into a place where there's deep tenderness....

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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He left home to pursue his lifetime dream,
it was closer to midnight and the foggy moon had no gleam;
I saw him rushing out to the taxi-cab by dragging his luggage,
all the while he thought he could manage.

His name was Glen, six feet tall with light brown hair...
the handsomest guy in town with elegance and flair;
he drove all the girls crazy, but sad was to see him go...
they all waited for him outside as he fled into tomorrow. 

He worked for a law firm in downtown Manhattan,
and won many cases getting him lots of praises;
he bought a Lamburghini and was considered the toast of town,
but to keep up his status quo he needed more money to pay those bills.

Alaska was his destination, no big deal for a white man
used to cold weather and hard work anywhere he went;
stereotype or not he was proud and really wanted that job,
but going out to sea and catch fish wasn't somehow odd?

Glen spent two years in the land of coyotes and bears,
too often he got frostbite for not covering his ears;
his fair skin turned red, his green eyes teared...
as he remembered all the things his mother feared.

Money kept coming in, but his health wasn't as vibrant...  
he coughed a lot and sneezed when the harsh Nordic wind blew
as he dreamed of his warm home while mom cooked beef stew;
many thoughts ran through his depressed mind, once so jubilant.

On May eleven of two thousand ten when the Northern Sea didn't rage,
he received a text message, " Mother is sick, hurry home. " 
He changed his work clothes, took a shower and went to Anchorage
to take the next plane to New York City as noise harmed his lobe.

By her hospital bed, he stood holding her cold hand,
and he wept not able to hold back his tears,
 " I am back, mom...I'll make up for those lost years. "
She squeezed his rough hand, then suddenly expired.

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The Captain and the Figurehead

I fell in love in between your fingers,
In the corners of your smiling eyes,
In your crests and in your valleys,
In your creases and peaks,
In your perch where I fly.

You are the wind that pulls on time's grip
And fills my sail
In our ship.

Braving tumultuous tides 
With you, a queen
In the bare-bone sea
                    We flee.

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My only hope

The heart felt fear growing right near
The soul inside as I lose my mind
Grabbing a hold to whatever is close
And my only hope is that you come.

Can you not see the pain in me 
If only I could see you now 
It would drift my heart to the sea
Ridding me of this pain in me 

Details | Crystalline | |


The Gypsies's ode is to bright clouds,
to insure safety on long travels.

They grow everything from rich soil,
drawing clear water from a deep well.

Their ascenstors came from the sea,
in many lands they sought liberty.

Details | Acrostic | |

Awakening Spring (double acrostic and end line word)

Around the corner, the sun will show its new face after                               A
Well earned time of having endured through the cold of                              Winter.
Anticipation is felt as nature burgeons and animals wake                            Anew
Keenly sensing the coming of spring with all its love felt in its                      Kaleidoscopic
Emergence of colors everywhere and its fragrances brought by the             Elements.
Nature at its youth, feeling the excitement throughout, that we all                Naturally
Instinctively experience rebirth within the fiber of our hearts; yet still          Intimidated,
Not having yet forgotten the frozen breath of the dying icy season. But        Now
Gratitude moves into the soul from the lessons learned, and we thank         God.

Sweetly, we turn our eyes to the heavens above for the blessing of its          Smile
Pleasantly blowing to us in fragrant love with the breezes and the waters,      Preparing
Rebirth of nature, and the birds sing us their songs of love while                   rigorously
Investing their all in the building of their nest for their offspring,  so              impatient,
Nagging at times to their loved ones, then making it all a fun game to play.   Nature
Gathering their families and I remember my parents for whom I thank          God.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 02.20.10

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Moonlit Dance

Go away with me in the night
Dance with me in the moonlight
All of our troubles left on land
Discarded amongst the grains of sand
Smooth sailing, just you and me
Enjoying each other’s company
Relishing our quiet time together
I want this moment to last forever
Go away with me in the night
Dance with me in the moonlight
The only sound I hear is our one heartbeat
Synchronized with the water lapping near our feet
A calm has taken over my soul
As the peace in the night takes control
The love I have for you has consumed my all
With you by my side, I always stand tall
Go away with me in the night
Dance with me in the moonlight
This beautiful night is ours alone
As we drift along these waters unknown
The tranquility brings us closer as lovers
As our passion we begin to slowly rediscover
I’m yours forever, don’t ever let me go
Hold me tight as we ride the water’s flow
Go away with me in the night
Dance with me in the moonlight.

Details | I do not know? | |

Terrestrial Journals

Bowing these eyes sometimes in frameful silence

As tears fill the pools of their sight ~

Often beholding this sorrow amid the darkness

Never escaping the truth of its painful plight

Strewn from sea to sea around the globe

No place and no life, is immune unto its plague

Although some believe that they are and perhaps they are....

Tis it better to be blind, than to be slayed???


....“Terrestrial Journals” *

Details | Ode | |

The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 2)

Your hands n’ your caress traced intimately across a mortal’s flesh a thousand years ago, for 
she is a stranger in the dark of my distant karmic past,  though I know her serenading 
immortal heart sings in this body of mine now…
I refuse to hear your long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with such 
lust in this place where you linger by your grave, I only wish to see the sweet beautiful 
memories of the love we made…

No!!! I refuse to hear my long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with 
such lust in this place!!! where you transcend your grave, for there is a weaver n’ a loom of 
destiny n’ I’ll not repeat that chant ever again by the sea…
From the castle to the crest, to the sea, to the waves crashing on the rocks, a hundred times 
the journey from the womb to the grave I have made while you lay in your tomb n’ your 
soul yearns in suffering to make amends…

I sense you invite me to listen to your evocation in this prevailing wind, it seduces my skin n’ 
ascends from the depths of my soul from beginning to end, an eternal poetic essay of an 
immortal heart’s legend…
By this ocean of our dreams you tempt me to inhale the perfumed scent though I’ll never 
know whose breath it was that I now breathe in as the wind n’ the moon feathers the sea in 
eternal waves…

Along this coastline the breath of mother earth has nurtured many lovers, lifted angels on 
wings n’ called forth mermaids who play n’ sing on the rocks n’ dance in the shadows with 
the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors in their watery graves but it’s been a thousand years since 
my immortal heart heard a poet...
Today this storm blows across the lands of my ancestors, the siren of your poetic beckoning, 
an incantation travelling the sea n’ time heralds the galloping horses thundering, racing upon 
the shore with the chariot of your enchantment never faltering…

Their manes dancing towards the crest  n’ crash upon the rocks nearby where we made love 
a thousand years ago in the soft familiar sand, your poetic voice romancing the sunset n’ 
painting the waves in glorious tones of carnal lust ...
Within the evening storm clouds I can see the rain though I’ll never know the name of the 
lovers whose thirst it quenched with pleasure or who was cleansed of their pain as the blood 
washed from the rocks upon opening Pandora’s box in their mind n’ lost sight of hope as 
their fateful love turned to dust…

Details | Ottava rima | |


Even before the arrival of the first snows, so brilliantly candid, 
we climbed mounts less dangerous than the Alps's;
and we proudly chalked it up to our experience.
Now the snowy cliffs with bouffant boulders,
have lost their captious and so beatific image,
and quite too often we got pinched by burdock,
distracted by the robins chattering on a coarse descent;
I champed on crisp strawberries, while he challenged his strength.   

My buddy never castigated me for my bizarre behavior,
and I admired him for displaying  humor without repulsion, 
or retort, and with chisel and hammer we engraved faces of historic men
on the smoothest rocks which were replete with their handsomeness.
Those adventurous afternoons are repealed when we look up,
and recreate them through our Male Chauvinism, cheery not dumb;
we felt like cave men making rudimentary drawings of their hunted animals,
while their women picked wild chicory for an early dinner. 

Chums we were, resembling cowboys with wide hats in a chiaroscuro,
drinking in a bar filled with fashionable ladies frolicking and saying hello;
and chili con carne we ate, and plenty of beers to wash it down.
After our money was all squandered, our pockets were empty and we felt alone,
dazed...wobbling with fear, afraid to face our witless wives at home;
we were two idiots wooing empathy and some undeserving love.    
And didn't they seem two witches ready for vengeance in their frown,
trying to squeeze the truth out of our silent and pretentious mouths too fulsome?

Frost will bring winter soon, and the snowy cliffs with bouffant boulders will be covered,
our hair have turned almost white to match the bright color of the deep snows,
as this river is freezing up, to become a sheet of ice, where no boats or barges pass;
and we play chess, the intramural game of a confined life, without those clandestine affairs.
Our darlings approve with sweet intonation, intensifying their affection so amorous;
and we embrace them with that tenderness that they have long desired...
staring at the snowy cliffs with bouffant boulders that these two climbers made their own,
remembering the cold and the shivering...coming down to a valley of comfort and domain.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Disappeared is time for one and all
Who leave their footprints by the sea.
High winds grab voices as they fall--
Secured in silent memory.

Stormy nights like anchors sink
To dig and take a-hold
And long beyond will form a link
Of nights, a chain of love grown cold.

Ice hearted she-cats shed blood tears
When hidden in their beds
And in the night the future’s  clear
Tho' torn to bitter shreds.

Love lost too soon howls hard in pain-
Will not lie down and die.
Sleepless nights toss on in vain,
With time they multiply.

When north winds shriek round rocky coasts
Screaming winter’s name,
By roaring fires survivors toast
To ease the loss and blame.

Tears are shed for lovers lost
And for sweet youth gone by,
When the heart still thrummed with hope
When twilight kissed night sky.

Would we live it all again--
Repeat the joy and ache?
Lucky that the choice won’t come
By God --our hearts would break.

V.Anderson-Throop 2015
Valdez, Alaska

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My Heart

I can't find the words to console you
the right lyrics to take over and control you
but theres nothing that we can do
the good times will come and the bad times will pass
We're running in a race and were going way to fast
I don't want to let you in for the fear that you may win
My heart...............

Oh when my camera takes a snapshot
smile with every miniscule amount of happiness that I've got
Feet in the sand, walking hand in hand
dancing to the band I don't want to go on because at the crack of dawn
you may break
my heart.........

As the rain bombards my hair
wetness everywhere shake it out its okay
you'll keep me dry if I stay but if I stay
the fear is near that I may give you
My heart...............

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Forever-Part 2

Pacabells cannon starts to play. The gates open and everyone looks my way. Beautiful black and red roses line the red carpet that leads to you. You look amazing tonight too. I look at my white dress as I step into the setting sun. The light catches the black sparkles and roses on my dress and makes me look beautiful, makes me feel like one. A black rose on this beautiful LA sand. A black rose that belongs to a wonderful man. I slowly walk down the aisle. I walk up to you and I smile. There's black and red roses on the alter and I get up ther. I can smell their sweet fregrance in the warm evening air. The paster starts as I look at you. You say you vouls and I say mine too. You say "I do," and I do the same too. You slip yet another beautiful ring on my finger and kiss me so sweetly. We hold hands and walk back down the beautiful rose lined aisle.


We walk to the peir where there are beautiful lights hung up everywhere. I spin to look at the beauty and you lean in close to me and say, "wait here." You walk up to the DJ and request and smile as a familure tune comes on. I continue to smile and I take your hand. you walk me back out onto the beautiful sand.  "Our first dance," you say. My smile gets bigger when I here Amazed starts to play. You pull me closer to you as we start to move from side to side. My nourvousness is hard to hide. "You okay beautiful?" you ask softly as you gently run your hand through my hair. "Yeah baby, I'm fine," I say as I see people gather around and stare. We dance and we sway sweetly and quietly. We kiss and dance slowly. We kiss again and you start to sing along with the song. I've been waiting for this day, I've been waiting so long.


We'r walking on the beach again. hand in hand. you still in your tux, I'm still in my dress. This is our future. Together. Forever. The setting sun catches my ring. It shines brightly. "I love you," I say and we kiss again. "I love you too," you say and gently pick me up.

You carry me back up to the house. You carry me up sairs and lay me on our bed. You lay beside me and gently kiss my head.

We lay there and talk for hours and hours. We smile and laughas our future stretches on in front of us.

Details | ABC | |

A love thats the best

Staring down at the blue water 
Smell the salt air 
The climb to the top was almost too much to bare 
Closing your eyes remembering wading in the freezing water 
Wondering if this was the end of your life
Arms extending as your heart takes flight
Feeling your feet about to slip 
But in his arms you will never slip 
Your weight shifts as your heart begins to pound
Now you remember the fall 
You remember the wind sweeping past your face
As no sound could escape your lungs.
Accept the fall. 
Knowing his arms were not strong enough to keep you from the waters below 
The nights spent crying as you felt your heart dying 
Cold water froze a beating heart  
In an instant warmth wraps around you 
Strength pulls you in 
As words whisper so softly you swear it was the wind 
Beautiful darling, you can only fall towards me 
Eyes widen to find the deep cold sea 
As far down as it ever could be 
You lean into him, feeling the warmth of the sun above 
Enjoying every moment, every smile, and every second look 
For the first time in a long time 
You no longer fear the sea below 
You no longer wait for the pain 
For the day may come where you are freezing in the waters
But after a climb unlike the rest 
Your lungs will fill with the warmest breath 
And a love that will be your best

Details | Classicism | |

A kid Raising A kid

Well it happened
It’s all over now
I got to get up and raise a kid some how
I mean I still get up watching cartoons 
Now I get up changing diapers all afternoon
Running around being grown
Is what I did? 
Now god has rewarded me with a kid
The absence of sex 
I just could'in have
Yet and still when I go to school I'm failing in math
This is not how I want life to be
My mom, me, and a ba-by
I'm still young 
Therefore I don't know what to do
I guess its up to my mother to tell me what to do
Will I be able to raise you?
You’re looking at me with your beautiful little eyes
But I'm just a kid in a mother in disguise
If only I knew that I would be stuck in the house
Left with no friends 
With just my baby and me to the end
I would'in has done it 
Not one bit
Now this is the way it is 
A Kid "Raisin" A kid

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Many yesterdays ago, 
I shut myself out
from everyone and everything,
just lied there waiting to die;
with no friends to come by and say hello,
to make me laugh like a clown:
when my moods were at a stand-still,
and I was about to cry...

Too glad to reveal my moment
and share it even with a stranger...
how loneliness held me in bondage,
and wouldn't release me from its tight hand;
so happy to enjoy every sun-ray,
which feels better when the dog-woods gently sway,
and spring offers more than it can:
and accepting this gift, I am greeted by a new friend!  

If smiles make one look younger,
and promise a longer life...why
was its secret kept from me?
I wish...I had smiled more often, to have never
been surrounded by fretful shadows,
and be spoken to by morbid voices;
all the hopelessness and despair would have been unfelt,
and none of the memories would have lingered on regret...  

Too glad to reveal my moment,
a moment so joyfully expressed by words,
and emotions that no longer remain silent;
so excited to declare this freedom with a loud sound: 
even without wings, I would soar over those clouds! 
Confide in me, hesitant road is too smooth,
and no unnourished tree can bear an exquisite fruit; 
plant your seed today, plant it where the rains abound!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Free verse | |

Just a Kiss

Perhaps it was just a kiss
warmer than your soul remembers
in that moment's comprehension
but no doubt only some dim fraction
of your inner light unbound and undressed
where you are entangled
longing to be entwined, forgotten, and lost
adrift upon the sea of no desire without direction
lingering there until the sky becomes sunset
sunset becomes night
night becomes dawn
and dawn becomes day again
born anew a thousand times
each time unique without parallel
wrapping around your own reflection
as your shadow consumes itself
in the darkness of your own light
and in the light of your own darkness
you become one without separation
floating in yourself
a salty sea within a sea of clouds reflected in an eye
each folding into the other
oozing slowly like molasses
or running fast as heavy liquid gold
birthing out of each part of the other
and diving back into the same blissful abyss
a continuum of sighs
layered over in a divine skin sliding
like silk across a warm lake of fire without flames
screaming or silent
in motion or stillness
ever changing but always the same
never really new but always fresh
you reach for the finish that will not come
but eventually slice yourself apart
to become two again
two so you can see the both
and comprehend the beauty
of having been one
and the desire to be that again
perhaps calling this love
you might forget it is your essence
and nature

Details | Elegy | |

Sea of Despair

I'm a ship lost at sea, I have no way to navigate,
no compass to give me direction,
a cloudy sky at night and no stars to guide me.

For I am in the doldrums of a relationship,
recirculated in endless circles never to find my way.

When will the sky clear?
When will the seas calm?
When will the stars shine?

For I'm at the mercy of the sea who is my wife,
and told by others are sea stories of peril and woe,
for who knows where the sea will send you when you think you have control.

Pushing on with my sails ripped,
rudder broken and current driven.

I am the captain on the ship of my life,
lost in the sea of despair and don't know where to go.

Details | Monorhyme | |

My Lovely Sweet-Dee

Down at the sea,
I'll think of she,
My lovely Sweet-Dee;
And feel so free,
Just like a bee,
In that big tree.

As I sip my tea,
I'll hope that she,
My lovely Sweet-Dee;
Will turn the key,
And there, find me,
Admiring the sea.

Later, after we ski,
I'll sit with she
All snug she'll be;
My lovely Sweet-Dee,
Then, on my knee;
I'll say, marry me!

For I hope we'll be,
A family of three,
Living at the sea;
Right by that tree,
And I hope that Dee,
Will forever love me.

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The oceans black waves cascade like rolls of dark silk onto the land and the salt mixes with the air fiercely, she can feel the texture brush across her rosy cheeks as her distressing eyes gaze outward.

“The sea, the sea is a horrible thing. It’s a cold, unforgiving mistress indeed. Women give their men to tread her harsh alluring waters and she sends back headstones with john doe markers. The sea covets mariners and never lets them go. She holds them hostage in her quaking current then cradles their voyage in her massive arms and with one monstrous hug she sends them to the oceans sandy floor below.

The sea, the sea is bitter and made of morbid intentions. Just like my grandfather, father, and younger brother my husband has been stolen by the sea. But alias, I will not cry because the tears my body weeps remind me of her heartless salty water. Destined or cursed I have been marked a widow, A window by the sea.

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In Shock

In that mouth:  gravity hides.  Weaves
A brand new world.  Broken millstone
Wrapped round the ankles.  Tortures of 
A sepia vision.  Forever there – eyes
Glazed and the lullaby of sleep.

Radio waves creating distorted spectres
On the membrane.  She cooks feasts. A
Detour through lazy days and nonsensical
Drawings.  Harps play in funeral pyres,
Ashes relaying messaging to those across the sea.

Screaming manifestos uttered by the false prophets.
Echoes of former time – dusty skin, rabid and raw.
Eaten in carved dwellings with parched lips.
Falling from rocky deserts, broken hearts
Captured in purges.  Modern economy.

Nameless ghosts tickle this side of reality.
No, divinity.  Degenerating woman grips with
Painted fingers to the ledge that’s close to
Breaking.  Flesh petals await her in the
Abyss.  She smiles though, adores.  

And falls.

Details | Free verse | |


Here we see love once lost in the tumbles,

Coming swiftly from above the skies,

Towards the sea we lodged in rain of just,

To warm cherish our thoughts to sail by lust,

Beneath our souls to the garden of blues.

Here now we find get it from the clouds,

Thy long wounded broken love needs change,

On the sea sailed with oath to hold,

With tireless returns it blossoms for unfold,

Where untamed it stands naturally to glow.

Here its some miles we came shipping,

Seeking such love we had in those tender hoods,

Thy loves once threaten and loosened,

Certainly lost and now strangely contained,

To refine and to renew it once it smells olds.

Here magically risen to conquer ‘n to sooth,

Every injured feeling within for victory,

Underneath the flowers to tread by candle,

With every hope in the living hearts to handle,

Beneath our souls to the garden of blues.

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For Lillian

Hidden from the light of stars
there sleeps my darling dead
and every passing day without her 
fills my heart with dread
her captivating hazel eyes
they used to shine so bright
I'd give the world to gaze in them 
as I fall asleep tonight
but she, a corpse without a grave
and I, a broken soul
I was bound to her and her to me
together we were whole
Now I'm the sun and she, the moon
together we cannot be
for now my darling Lillian
sleeps beneath the sea

(May, 2013)

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Whatever I am, I just accept

Amongst the countless grains of sand I sit and gather some in hand A moonless sky is up tonight Glittering stars with all their might The grains of sands I dare compare To the stars above to which I stare The mind assumes it comprehends Although it only makes amend Am I a figment or just a dream? Or maybe just a being supreme Do I exist and does it matter As time passes and things get darker And what is time and how do we measure A second, a minute or something bigger Can we equate our life to be? Something as simple as energy I have no answers to all there is Nor do I wish to even perceive Whatever I am, I just accept As answers remain quite inept ©Elisabeth Dubois – Dec, 2011

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As we walked alone
Under a golden sun
By the water side
Gazing unto her
Holding her tight
Under the wedging blue sky
She puts her hands in mine
Mine in hers
Her lips on mine
Bringing on me a peaceful bliss
We were not alone
We were just a shadow
In the romance of the sun and sea
But still, our romance
Shadowed the affectionate sea

Details | Ode | |

Into the Sea of Love

as I lay here beside you looking at your sweet and gentle face
I now know that our chance meeting was destiny in its place
and that our love was sanctioned by God's unfailing grace

I wanted you to know that my love for you is overflowing
and my feelings of contentment are forever growing
as my heart beats for you at a rate that shows no sign of slowing

my thoughts of us together are so profound and so deep
and into that Sea of Love I'm so glad that I did leap
for my heart is now in your hands where forever I hope you'll keep

I clearly remember the day we met and the circumstance
and the first time we saw each other we shared a heated glance
my whole world had stopped and I felt like I was in a trance

across a crowded room yet it seemed like we were all alone
our souls made a connection and we were in our own zone
it was later that I even realized I had let out a lustful moan

into the Sea of Love I'm so glad that I did dive
for the love and care you've given me has helped me to survive
for whenever I'm with you I feel more alive

into the Sea of Love swimming side by side
into the Sea of Love on a romantic journey we ride
into the Sea of Love where our shared faith in God abides

as I lay here beside you of my face you caress
I thank God daily for I know that I've been blessed
for the way that you love me even has me impressed

into the Sea of Love as we happily float along
our relationship is like a rock, solid and so strong
into the Sea of Love where in your arms I'll forever belong

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ballad of a wintered songster

Brandy and Crème soda 
Autumn summons us 
Shoulder to shoulder
We know not
If we’re getting older
We are self confident soldiers
I give you the best 
Of my brandy and Crème soda

Early and on we shall
Through these days of despair
Autumn prevails
Ways to soften
Whom could offer such a touch
A warm letter in the mail
Growing adolescents 
A young man
The consequences  that follow
A growing male
The turmoil that soothes us 
Is growing ale
The spice that tips ginger
Snaps a small town singer
“I love you”
It’s going to be a long winter
Shall we withstand 
This duration as centered
Look to no one 
For flaws 
seem to dissolve our mentors
Passion is Rum
Whiskey endures 
cold nights and un-sober palms
A rapist telling me
“I love your mom”
A young harlet calling 
“dear love come home”
A shelter 
From where doubt comes
The city’s filth 
Why it loves only my lungs
I’m good, I’m fine
Expressions in a glass of wine
Through these words 
A strangers poetry
You and I 
have become intertwined
I’m lost, I’m alone
I feel as though
I’ve become undone
Run, run, away and fast
On to no where, as orphans 
We were found at last

Details | Quatrain | |


No one can see the steadfast force
guiding me toward infinite peace,
an untroubled and limpid sea...
with glittering, foaming waves!

Some call it faith, I call it strength;
and somehow leads me to believe in destiny...
that the spirit cannot be broken easily
when the foundation is built on courage!

I strum my guitar and sing Alleluia, and as 
I carefully walk...I can't ever stumble
on a smooth road, where evil is not present...  
to give a sign of premonition to an ever-faithful!

I go past the pear' orchards in a remote farm,
and the pheasants sit in the golden branches;
the fruits look so succulent inviting me to taste them,
others have wished to savor such a sweetness!

A surge of sublime joy swells inside like that of songs,
and gracefully I sing them by allowing sustenance...
the steadfast force guiding me to enjoy the supreme moments
as if sighting a supernova, which will not lose its brilliance!

An oath of obedience I have made to God,
and being humble, I will honor Him repeatedly...
in all kinds of prayers and proclaim Him Lord
whose hand is the steadfast force guiding me!

Cpoyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Sestina | |


When love was innocently
given and this once gorgeous boy, merely fourteen,
choose a red-haired girl 
to be his special friend;
he offered her a smooch sweeter than honey, 
to find delight on her rosy cheek... 

She smiled back and shyly kissed me,
I plucked a blue lily from a meadow painted in green,
and put it in her soft hair resembling Autumn's auburn leaves;
some warm raindrops fell on her brown eyes so pretty,
decorating her lovely face with happy tears:
while a robin, with yellow wings, spied on us with curiosity...

Sweetheart, you certainly were surprised and much pleased
by the performance of my first, phenomenal kiss,
which lasted longer than it should have, indeed;
you thought I wasn't old enough to feel both affection and bliss:  
without knowing the meaning of their profundity,
but I felt a desire that couldn't wait until I reached puberty....  
My adorable darling, adolescence has endured, not passed,
and age has made you extremely charming and beautiful!
I have grown and look as handsome as a fair prince,
recalling that moment which never slipped into a time so vast: 
a memory cherished by a thought so fond and reachable,  
to relive that gallant gesture of warmth and innocence...

When love was innocently given and kisses
were the fragrance of delicate roses,
these lips touched to share tenderness;
oh, those young hearts were not vain, greedy and shallow;
all the spontaneous smiles were genuine surprises:
adolescents sharing laughter, cuddling under the splendid rainbow!    

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Rhyme | |


Yesterday we held so close, sharing tenderness
Heaven was our refuge from an earth deprived of sweetness; 
no gray and dark clouds in our sky so wide and blue... 
when we sailed from a sea which welcomed the smiles of two.

Looking out from my window, no desire is deeper than mine,
but wishes are dreams not easily obtained by being sorry...considering this reality;
and it might take forever to see one realized in present time,
but my faint hope is kept alive by remembering a lost passion only evoked by felicity.

Tender love of yesterday, will you quickly return to these lips?
I long to smell those roses and see the thousands butterfly, so shy,
circling around us as we kissed watching the foamy waves roll by...
making us dream of the many treasures in those sunken ships.

Sunlight refuses to come in on a sunny day, although my garden blooms...
so sadness is the mood I'm caught in, and unable to escape it, I seem to dread: 
imagining your revengeful phantom pacing the floor of these cold rooms;
and would you harm me for my unfaithfulness and rapture me in that world? 

I haven't loved anyone the way I loved you, but temptation was stronger than honesty,
and losing all that I desired to complete that wonderful dream stolen by error,
everything fell apart..making me feel worse than a soldier stricken with terror;
can I still feel the joy of each sensation through a lost passion only revoked by felicity?   

Details | Blank verse | |


There was a wave of emotion thrown from the crimson bathed sea. As the warmth of the morning sunlight wrapped it's blanket around me. The water below being thrown against the rugged rocks with ease. Then instinctually followed by a luke warm breeze. I stand by the seaside and watch the colours off the morning sky. It fills me with so much pleasure that I feel a tear fall from my eye. I watch as the colours of the sky Mix and match together as if moved by an artists hand. A brush stroke here and a brush stroke there until it looks elegant and grand. An image of beauty, the summer morning sunlight. An image which my memory will hold tight.

Details | I do not know? | |

Amazing Octopus

Beneath the deep blue ocean waves
In coral crevices, holes and caves
Exists a creature of the deep
There upon the rocks to creep
While through the water he jet propels
With muscles that contracts and swells

This invertebrate is soft and pliant
From smallest to the biggest giant
With bulbous head and eyes with slits
It waits and watches using wits
Anticipating its prey to grasp
And then with suction caps to clasp

With no bones to keep its form
It can change and so transform
And squeeze into the smallest spaces
Into tiny fissures and thin ledge places
With eight long arms and caps in rows
If losing one a new one grows

And when afraid or to confuse
They squirt out ink a flawless ruse
Or change their color with special cells
Intent on using magic spells
Their blood is colored blue not red
They have two eyes upon their head 

Inside their gills and body parts
They have three beating, blood filled hearts
Their intelligence is far superior
To other fish, that are inferior
They have good memories, both long and short
And can learn new tricks if they’re taught

A shark it can so easily kill
By holding it so very still
With camouflage it can achieve
A form and shape that can deceive
They have an excellent sense of touch
The Devilfish its other name
An octopus, yet just the same

Details | Free verse | |

A Hangover Remains

I blinked, denying somber skies,
that spared no light between her lips and yours
but patient, pregnant umbras came,
their membranes black and blue,
their countless seaborn numbers bred
to consecrate my lone eternity.

Ripe thunderheads churned in our buttered skies
and eerie purple dragons bled.
My mind romanced by wise east winds
with thin, gray whispers; ghostly, strange.

The whitecap rhythms preordained
that all was fair on baffled seas,
and Captain Morgan cares not if I'm gull or dove;
a virgin or a saint.

I drank forgotten ecstasy and poured
rum laced confessions sweetly rotten
I stripped my sail and set it free
to ride the amber swells down to the bottom.

Forever seemed too short to be so sober,
an uptight soldier minding angels 
pitching chaste, apocalyptic angles
of tender mercy and forgiveness.

You didn't see me on the deck
your burnt mahogany beneath my feet
a proud, drunk masochist wrapped up
in shrouds of wicked amethyst
enjoying dangeroues silver lashings.

I survived the rage
my spine intact, my will afloat
though plum cordial hangovers sometimes roll in
and solemn, sea-hymns tickle cyan waves
around shifting, melancholy tombs.

But Captain Morgan winks most of the time
his spiced rum lashes sweeping skies,
blonde curls of soft, dim-day elixirs spill
to damp bronze coffee grounds along
so many beaches left that I can storm.

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A Toast To Mom

oh the weather outside is frightful
and having snowball fights were so delightful

getting hit in the butt and head
then laughing cause you start seeing red

hooking on car bumpers for a little ride
wearing tennis shoes we did slip and slide

mama yelling to get off or you'll be dead
we never listened to what she had said

socks for gloves to keep little hands warm
even amidst a blizzards storm

soaked from head to foot
looking like santa's outfit full of soot

but what I remember about fun the most
was waiting for mama's hot coco and apple butter toast

on that speical Christmas morning day
before the Lord had came and taken her away

   {R.I.P. Mama}

Happy Holidays All
Love Kathy And Jenny

Also Entry For 
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Songs In Poem Form
Gl All

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She sits up high, up on the horse
And sweeps her hand along the coarse
White hide sticks to the hand of hers
Gently bounces, dressage, no spurs

Arches her back, her arms out straight
Trots along the length of the gate
Her body moves, one with the horse
Flow with the movement, with the force

Hair tosses, begin to canter
With grace she rides, grace rides with her
Hold back the reins, the horse he slows
And from their mouths, the breath it blows

Remove the saddle from his back
Carry it to the barn and stack
The warm horse-sweated saddle down
Tired smile, no room for frown

In that beautiful mouth yours
Like oceans crashing on the shores
And your eyes, they steal the sunset
Or the sunset, it stole your eyes

Details | ABC | |

Take me Away

Take me to where the oceans breathe life 
Where the sea and land meets
Where the body’s stress can run off by the flow of water
In a stream of joy and happiness
Take me where the moon and meet the earth 
In the clouds where they rap around the earth
As the sea floats the spirit of life
Take me where the wind blows through nature and returns back to and back again 
In natures Seven Wonders of the World 
Take me where you subtract three you get the four elements that has created 
Where they combined at one point to created something soft as the earth we walk on 
To something that is strong as a diamond 
Take me where your flawless state is molded in precious hands  
Every detail is taken into a count 
And After its done it presents a masterpiece like no other
Take me where the mountains meet the door of heaven
And show me what God graces has to offer after serving him
Take me and show me who I am 
From the boy I play childish games
To a Man where I put those games away
Take me on the wings of a dove gracefully over the backdrop of the northern lights
Take me here and there 
Show me what the world is 
Then take me back to you because that far enough I want to b taken

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Fly me to the Titan
Let me walk among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Venus, Jupiter and Saturn
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, Honey  kiss me
now and then

Fill my heart with peace
Let me smile  for ever more
You are all I long for
All I desire

In other words, please be loyal
In other words, I love you so 
Please come here!

Details | Light Poetry | |

' The Touch Of A Virgin ... '

Her Touch Was Shyly-Light
Full of Purity, In His Sight
Her Touch Was Soft in Timidity
Almost Opposed To His Temerity

Almost As If She Were Afraid To Lay
Naked and Exposed, as Helpless-Prey
Untouched and Untutored In Torrid-Ways
His Eyes, Seemed To Say … It’s Ok …

So, The Touch of The Virgin, Did Fall
Her Fingertips, Fragile and Small
Upon Broad Shoulders and Over All
Gaining-Ground, with Each, Moist-Kiss-Call

 … On His Lips, His Eyes, All Over His Face
From Toes, To Thighs, and Back Up, To Waist
Around His Torso, Sent Shivers Up His Back
Covered Every Inch, of His Manly-Track …

In An Instant … It Was All Over
Beneath Blanket, She Was Now ... Lover
By Honeyed-Moon, They Did Glisten and Glow
After The First Touch of ... Virgin Snow

Details | I do not know? | |

A Rose and A Woman

A rose represents beauty
Much like a woman 
They are unique
Not one
Is an exact replica

A rose in its glory
Is beaming under 
A buttermilk sky
Freshly radiant
With raindrops
Of sky-water

Like a woman
A rose slowly
And methodical
Unravels its core
Will Let go
And mesmerize you 

Their embrace
Of unending 
Lingering passion
Their mate
A Sea of fertility

Renewing a promise
To return to
For up to
Eighty years 
Or death 
Of old age

Their skin soft 
As velvet satin
As fragile 
As porcelain
They unfold
Their Bosom

They come in many 
Hues and colors
Blood-silk red
Glistening Ivory
Fresh goldenrod

A rose and a woman
Cannot endear
Without tender affection
And nourishment
If their mates
Take care

They will
Awaken their spirits
And become
As bright 
As moonbeams
In a sea of starlight

Their intoxicating Aroma
 Pheromones entice
Both rose and woman
Will unfold their souls
Year after year 
For your delight

Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 28, 2010

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She's a Runaway

While on patrol Down by the beach A shadow in the water Just out of my reach It's off a young girl About sixteen years old What would have troubled her For her life to fold We report it in And await the coroners van To unscramble this enigma As to why this all began Down at the morgue Through her belongings we look A bracelet we find And her diary book We check on the computer Under the missing persons file This girl so young Still a juvenile We sit and ponder At her watery stray This girl so young She's a runaway We head back to the patrol car For we have sad news to tell How do you tell her parents For inside me it dwells We knock on the door And her mother appears May we please come in As her smile disappears On the beach front tonight A young girl was found In the shallows by the pier I'm so very sorry, she drowned On the way back to the precinct I'm thinking of home Of my own young daughter Pray-fully, she'll never roam A week has passed Since they laid her to rest They said, look after your daughter I sure will mam, I'll do my best

Details | Free verse | |

I Do

Admist the rocky mountains
And the natural springs 
Comes a better place I remembered things

under this lamp post is where
you first asked me to take 
your hand in marriage 

I remember you down on 
one knee and the snow was 
just starting to fall 

You looked like a little lost puppy 
looking for a way to speak I
took your hand and said yes

That was over twenty years ago
And to this date we still come back
to the Springs of Colorado and say I Do

Tribute To Colorado
Rocky Mountain High

Details | Classicism | |

first love

Everything Glance 
takes you 
Is  the first love 
the moon
 the sun
 the stars
 This  planet earth 
 who maintains feeding
and the poetry of Neruda nourish feeds
  Me For example

Their blue sea Quiet and angry
 The dry volcanoes 
Part of the Glance
 Of the first love In places
Love contains many drops 
That has formed continents
 Islands and are land of tombs
 Of my ancestors
 In interminable cemeteries
 in the world 
My friends the universal poets

My father 
My better friends the books
 The first letters
 The first one 
To spelling of the word love
 Poems drops of rain
 The verses of the captain
 The first tears
 The first shout of the new born 
The cut navel in the belly Of the mother
 Nature the natural engenders 
 In the Galapagos 
The first passages of the humanity
 In this planet
The first step of human kind
 Looking for fire
 Are the first passages of the definition?
 of love

All this I take me
 I saw you’ for the first time
We watched each other
We felt in love.

Details | I do not know? | |


Scarlet spun silken dreams pursue

As an ancient greek Mythological siren of a restless sea 
She sings so eloquently 
So deliciously of all those things I would dearly love to forget

Like adoration, its ties its restrictive sailors knots
Which tangle ,which strangle so
Perfectly painful
Within this 
Fisher wife guts

Lost at sea 
Crumbling so willifully
Understanding (as one does)
That this ship must sink
Must drink the poisonous fluid of defeat

Must also consider solitary confinement
Self contained 
Just to observe from now on how many marshmallow moments
are still to be enjoyed
By others

Via all things electrical as pulsing minds palpitations wired
pon tv, magazines and accept 
I am finally .. love fired

Details | Free verse | |

A Rose and A Woman

A rose represents beauty
Much like a woman 
They are unique
Not one
Is an exact replica

A rose in its glory
Is beaming under 
A buttermilk sky
Freshly radiant
With raindrops
Of sky-water

Like a woman
A rose slowly
And methodical
Unravels its core
Will Let go
And mesmerize you 

Their embrace
Of unending 
Lingering passion
Their mate
A Sea of fertility

Renewing a promise
To return to
For up to
Eighty years 
Or death 
Of old age

Their skin soft 
As velvet satin
As fragile 
As porcelain
They unfold
Their Bosom

They come in many 
Hues and colors
Blood-silk red
Glistening Ivory
Fresh goldenrod

A rose and a woman
Cannot endear
Without tender affection
And nourishment
If their mates
Take care

They will
Awaken their spirits
And become
As bright 
As moonbeams
In a sea of starlight

Their intoxicating Aroma
 Pheromones entice
Both rose and woman
Will unfold their souls
Year after year 
For your delight

Copyright, Heather Mirassou   June 28, 2010

Details | Rhyme | |


When new memories surge as wild tides,
in this spot love always abides,
my gaze goes even further,
where falling stars shatter. 

Any awful feeling that existed inside
shouldn't remain, but escape and glide
as lazy clouds do on a peaceful morning...
when the breeze disconcerts their drifting.

Deluded heart, you must divest yourself 
of all illusions...only look forward and laugh;
those clouds will disperse towards evening or night...
don't allow pain to distend, dissuade your thought of fright.

Let your sadness dissolve in the rising, bubbling tides,
let your disquietude also vanish in them by dim sunrise,
be uplifted by prayer and reach the sublimest state,
why discourage yourself and allow despair to fulminate?

Sit on the warm sand, watch the gleaming sea being swelled
by a full, unfriendly moon...but soon there will be relief instead:
you will have no recollection of a sad past and as your ego will rise,
you will delight your spirit when new memories surge as wild tides.

Details | Romanticism | |

Drowning in You

I want to feel the water
of your youth wash over
me, absolve me. Droplets
of your fresh body of water
fall across my face in a
cleansing baptism. You cry
tears of joy and they wash
me away.

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Shores of silence

When will you talk
to me
About silence of
Of a thousand sighs
dreams of seas,
Where we spent 
Dark hours of
struggling looks..?

Ornate with deep
blue laces
Of unspoken
Each sea is a heart
forsaken for ever!
Abandoned is a shore
of wild rains
Still they, hopeless
hearts, chant
the tune of waves

Why do the seas
still roar?

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Echoes in the Mist

i follow forever along the forgotten shore 
searching for someone
that I once knew before
images of misty vivid blue
are only shadows 
of what once was me 
and what once was you
searching in sentimental sands
strolling along the sea-kissed beach
holding hands
that are now out of reach
images of cherry red
are now only love stories
playing over and over inside of my head
i chase seagulls into the breeze
i remember days like these
when you were here taking me to my sandy knees
and we were more
than salty shadows dancing to the music of the open seas
familiar footprints
follow echoes into the mist
longing for luscious lips
that I once kissed
waves crash and seagulls fly
footprints fade and run away
shadows splash as lovers wonder why
echoes in the mist are the only things here to stay

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kaisa ye pyar hai
dur ho kar bhi na dur ho sake
bhul kar bhi na bhul sake
purani baato ko na chahe yaad karna
par na bhul sake baate unki
wo aakhe samundar se gahri unki
wo hasta hua chahra unka
dil kare dekhte rahe aakho me unki
aur dub jaye samundar jaisi aakho me unki
kaisa ye pyar hai
kaisa ye pyar hai
                   (sangita choudhary)

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Kissing Sea Froth

turning to foam
tricked by a dream

lovers take
what they wish
they knew for certain
from the other

froth juts up
bridal kisses
vanishing from air
trying to make new love

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If I Were an Ocean:

If I were an ocean...
Would you sail upon me?

If I were a diamond...
My sparkle you'd see?

If I were a raindrop...
Would you wish me dry?

If I were a shoe lace...
My strings would you tie?

If I were a hummingbird...
Would you hum along?

If I were a melody....
Would you help write our song?

If I were true love in all of it's glory...
Would you share your torn heart, 
could you tell of it's story?

For without you, I could, would not know...
My soul would be dark, and empty, so cold.

So when the dew falls, early morn', with
the sun rise...
You will recognize your soul, when you 
see through my eyes.

If Iove was our ocean...
I'd ebb and you'd tide.

Perfect waves forming...
Rushing under blue skies.

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Aswim in love

I have been redeemed
from young love's wreck.
The call and beck of your heart:
redeem, heal:
Numbed the feel
and lies of unwanted,
Soul scurvy
was every thought 
in mind
and heart.

But I start again
knowing love is all that is eternal.
Even as a kernel of truth infects
this barren field of mine,
another line is drawn
in the dirt between
lie and truth.
Claw and tooth they fight
for the victory of my Amen.

Do you ken?
That a thousand lies
are like the sand on the shore,
and sure they abound,
but truth is the surf in which we swim,
and dim is that sand beneath our bellies.
And under the current,
the lies ever recurrent
surface once more.
Only to be washed,
lost again.
As the tide pulls us away once more...

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One inspiring island

One inspiring island
With one big blue sea
One couple on which today 
They will always be

Surrounded by loved ones
Missing the forever gone
Toast to the memory
Toast to them as one

This is a day of happiness
A day of emotion
To declare our love 
Before all of the ocean

Admire the view
From the high cliff tops
As the sun slowly sinks
Capture the memories in a shot  

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When shall we meet again
To share a stolen hour?
When shall we meet again 
In our own secret bower?
When shall we meet again
To shower kiss after kiss?
When shall we meet again
For our sweet moments of bliss?
When shall we meet again
To embrace with caress and sighs?
When shall we meet again
To claim love's richest prize?

The sea may stand in our way,
The sea may flow without end,
Time may be our enemy,
Time may be our friend.

Time and tide may keep us far apart,
But we both live on in the other's heart.

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The Sea of Love

Out on a limb about to break,
below, the rocks, and crashing sea,
still searching for my last mistake
and how it came to ever be.

I had the plan, like everything,
the world was mine and in my hand,
the road through life, where I was king,
was comfortable, as I had planned.

But then love came, like not before,
and shattered all my dreams
to leave me wanting so much more;
than what I had, and how life seems.

Appropriated from the past,
I borrowed yesterday,
not knowing it could never last
because it's gone away;

so love has backed me to this break,
of limb and life, and I shall fall,
in love again, the big mistake,
into the sea of love that claims us all.

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The Hurricane

The hurricane, so viscous, so violent!
Yes, it must rain.
This force is behind, 
This force beyond!
Yet, finally it came.
The winds, clever and dangerously rough,
Please measure this poll.
Dark clouds consume the heavenly skies, capturing ones soul.
With a love so hard, yet, a love much too cold!
Our world now spins, hopeless and out of control!
You are you and I am me,
Together, our climates capture and debate this Sea.
These winds are too strong, our sky so dark and dim.
Stricken with fear, too afraid to release what is deep within.
The storm is here, so grab onto your soul! 
Yet, beware! This one is fearless and this one we share.
Scream its name and it shall cry its love,
For it be you, far beyond the heavens above!
Hold your strength with a grip so tight,
That storm will surely break, so where’s your fight?
This hurricane can surely hold its own.
Our little world can and will be shown.
Our damage is as our damage does,
Surely this tiny world isn’t our just and only cause!
You hold that thought and forever we shall be,
True love bound and forbidden to set itself free,
Held within you and deep within me,
This love was meant forever, 
One day this you shall see!
This hurricane loves, yet, 
It wills to hate,
The forbidden fruit conquered by its very own fate.
Give your seeds, but stand your ground. 
Forever in this world!
For once we shall not be lost, but found.            

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997                                           

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She Believes

Lover, see? Your lover, me, Your woman who breathes For the love she receives. She believes that, alone, There’s nothing called home, In rapture, she’s captured, Your sea-skipping stone.

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Aswim in love

I have been redeemed
from young love's wreck.
The call and beck of your heart:
redeem, heal.
Numbed the feel
and lie of unwanted/
Soul scurvy
was every thought 
in mind
and heart.

But I start again
knowing love is all that is eternal.
And as a kernel of truth infects
this barren field of mine,
another line is drawn
in the dirt between
truth and lie.
Claw and tooth they fight
for the victory of my Amen.

Do you ken?
That a thousand lies
are like the sand on the shore?
And sure they abound,
but truth is the surf
in which we swim,
and dim is that sand
beneath our bellies.
And under the current,
the lies ever recurrent
surface once more.
Only to be washed,
lost again.
As the tide pulls us away once more...

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Sand and Sea

I love to walk with the waves lapping my toes
cool wet sand beneath my feet
walking this way is long, but not tiring
Along my walk I find many treasures
cool wet sand beneath my feet
enjoying the sea life on my trek
Along my walk I find many treasures
sometimes I get to see a starfish
enjoying the sea life on my trek
walking this way is long, but not tiring
splashing sand and sea feels neat
I love to walk with the waves lapping my toes

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After millions of seconds,
every second seeming,
much longer than the other.
All we wanted was good news, 
all we wanted was you...

 A night with little excitement 
only listening to the music, 
and watching stars make lame jokes,
 my sister and I heard a ring,
only faint cause the phone was outside.

Praying that everything was all right
we only wanted you safe,
we hear a sob from my mom.
As the moment my life fell apart
the good news never came.
You ran,
you jumped,
you swam, 
you quit.
I don't understand.

We still haven't stopped asking questions,
Why you? Why us? Why then?
Those questions will never be answered.
It's been almost five years

When you left you took a part of us with you,
My mom says hello, 
Can you say hello to Ashley for me? 
I hope you take her camping, and watch the stars at in the sky.
I hope everything's alright.

I know your dad came to join you,
Does it make you happy when people join you,
maybe that's what was going through my sisters mind,
maybe we all miss you more than you'd expect

Ever since you've been gone,
there has been a silence,
never questioned cause we don't want to face the truth
I wonder if you had more time if you wouldn't have done it,
do you regret it, or do you like the silence in the clouds.

We will never understand why you ran.
Life hasn't been the same since,
it's gone done hill from there,
you will always be in my thoughts.

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My Dreams...Like oysters brokenOpenat the Seams

  Sandpipers soar around us
say go home
You must not spoil the sunset
with your lies
your feeble tries
at resurrecting love
  Go home and leave 
the seashells on the shore
retrace your tracks
not welcome anymore
  Your jaded eyes
rebuke the setting sun
reflecting all the things
you've said and done
shake out your blanket filled
with sandy dreams
like oysters broken open
at the seams
to spill their treasured 
for your disdain
you've come to reap 
the spoils of love again
Take not these tokens
offered by the sea
just leave them here
for eyes of love to see

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Hurricane Katrina

Awesome power is it natures wrath
To devastate all in its path
Twisters, winds driving rain
Leaves no place to look the same
In a way as it gathers pace
Never in a human place
Hidden killer out at sea
Land urge where it wants to be
Building strength, gathers speed
To destroy any breeds
The one i recall in this worlds arena
This phenomenon called Hurricane Katrina
Louisiana, New Orleans
Was subject by one so mean
Her awesome might hammers home
We are not on this world alone
The sights viewed all around the world
Natures torture from her living swirl
To consternate these Southern Lands
The rains and winds spew from her glands
The aftermath and splatter view
Killed so many, survivors few
City blocks submerged and broken
A legacy of natures token
New Orleans Jazz continues to play
Although nature won this day
Resilient folks, awesome place
Human nature won this race
Undercover we will rise
But in mother nature we will not despise
She gives us life, we share her hope
To view her strength, we can not gloat.

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Denise is barely twelve and smart,
she has been an orphan for sometime,
but since her mom passed away,
she grew up as lonely child...
generosity was instilled early
in her little, empty heart.

She made her first paper star
when Sirius, the brightest one,
appeared and hung over
the twinkling, navy blue horizon...
thinking of her mother's illness,
and to her she was a pretty princess.

And with love and eagerness, Denise 
sang a melancholic song every evening,
feeling her presence with that smiling face;
other girls had mothers to sing them lovely lullbyes,
so Sirius was deeply touched, and seeing 
her loneliness got some nightgales to lull her to sleep.

I've made a plea today, through the Archangel Gabriel,
to ask God to give the star, Sirius, to Denise,
and in return I would do many a good deed;
and tell everyone the wonderful news with a thrilling voice,
and would the Almighty, who made this gem to gleam,
grant me another wish...a wish perhaps too impossible?

Nights passed, and no heavenly message was sent to me,
and Gabriel never returned to ease my restlessness and fear;
one night as I fell asleep...his voice ordered me to listen,
" Your Father has granted your wish...He has seen a sincere love;
now Sirius is Denise's star!" And waking up from that vision,
I looked outside and there she was gazing at it with awe!

Entered in Lind-Marie Bariana's contest, " Shining Star "

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Sea Drift

oh lonely life, adrift at sea
one for me, two for me
the birds like vultures
circle in vain endlessly

because i am alive and set free
with nowhere in particular to be
the endless reaches comfort me
for what it all matters, it matters not

days like ice
melting and sinking
to the bottom of the lake
the moon like a knife
jutting its way into the sky
i sense you
from far away i know your love
this feeling
so much more than mutual trust
abiding in each other with words of hope
this feeling
so much more than simple lust
i write to you in hopes you'll know it's you
and only you

i took a dive
and i survived
but now i can only dream of
all i left behind

i never wanted to lose you

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A Dawning Glow

Inspiration: but most of all I like to see the morning happen . . . Richard Taggart

Beneath the sullen sky the shore lies still,
The pebbles huddled as the moon takes flight,
A cooling breeze whispers its airy trill,
While breaking waves recall another night.
The night we lay speechless upon the beach,
Fragmented eyes reflect our passion spent,
The ways of love that once seemed beyond reach
had come to the tune of the sea’s lament.
I heard you breathe within the ebb and flow,
As nubile fingers touched a gentle sigh,
And there, in that moment, we reached the sky
To see the sun reveal the dawning glow.
We saw it happen, we saw morning break,
As we lay quite still in the tidal wake.

Form: Australian Sonnet

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Birds and Bees

Bluebirds have returned
Back again bees are buzzin'
A warm sun above
Spring is here, all things are right...
Holding hands and still in love

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Though the crease begins to crumble
These old pages still run blue
Currents pulse beneath the surface
Pen-leaked ink that bled your truths
Pen-spun words that writhe like veins
Under skin and paper skies
Cold to touch, crept through your core
Settled clear in frozen eyes

So I’ll read you like a book
And I’ll write you pretty lies
Just to fill the empty space 
That’s revealed between the lines
Won’t you move a little closer?
Let it spill into your ear
The tide of breath that harboured
All the words you want to hear

Well I tried to kiss it better
Blood and bones to fuse the cleft
Bruised and broken, lips split open
From the effort, nothing’s left
So you say that I’m a sinner
Preach of hearts and ribs and fists
Well I may have made the plunge 
But you revelled in the twist

Now you’re tearing at your wounds
Sanctimonious with pain
Because it helps you ‘hear the music’
Yeah, it helps you play the game
If I pour a little salt
Will you smear it in your eyes?
Feel its grain twist round your lids
As you soliloquise

About the blame you tried to forge 
All the nights you wept and claimed
‘You can’t comprehend the world
Balanced firm between these blades’
No one told you it’s a lie 
And the story really goes
Constellations, superstitions
Are that Ancient’s only load

All the pretty rhymes and perfect crimes
You try to hide behind
Well they just serve to remind me
How you once spoke those old lines – 
‘Your tongue is as a rudder
Guiding vessels safe through storms
Moving mountains with inflections
Making ripples in reflections
Hollowed hull meets hallowed shores’

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Reflections Within My Child

As I feel you grow sweet sour child
It makes me calm with waves of wild
The moods of wind' will change our ocean
And storms pass by when your eyes become open

The fear of change my waters' cover
My fullest of genda exposed to my lover
I start to disfigure as you build your shell
Your health in return I wish in your well

I look deep within and imagine your feature
And shadows appear with silhouettes of my Creature
The weight of worry lifted from my mind
As you float to surface and your figure I find

When I hurt do you cry Like a sea with Emotion
Or a devil disguised And you give all such potion
You reveal all you are when your sea heads Shore
Then my raindrops will wash my love to Pour

Summons of passion formed my baby within
A reflection of love upon my mirrors of sin
Washed away through my desire and love
My heavenly being from the heavens above

No evil compares to our faith within he
We are Gods children - an image of thee
My child but an angel plays a song of time
The atmosphere whistles when our bodies combine 

The depth of my body you need to survive
My breath and my blood will keep you alive
You will have your own instinct so I wait as your tutor
The one who gives life will decide on your future

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A Day with the Gods -- Part 1 of 2

I spoke with Gaia, the Goddess of earth,
And we sat beneath her trees so green,
I ran my fingers across young blossomed flowers,
And told her I had business to be seen.
I said "Oh Gaia, I seem to have fallen in love so far,
We are separated by land masses, 
Please have mercy on our hearts.
Let us build a bridge,
Of your grass and soil.
Let us love correctly.
Let our love uncoil!"
She replied to me and said
"My dearest child, I truly pity,
But the problem lies not within forest or city.
I regret, my dear, to give news of this notion,
The problem, I'm afraid, lies within the ocean. 
My trees and my rocks would not benefit thee,
You must visit Poseidon, God of the sea. "
Onward I ventured,
Across Gaia's fields and mountains,
Until I saw sparkling water,
A sea surrounded by fountains. 
Poseidon greeted me,
And shook my small hand,
As I asked for assistance,
I dug my toes in his sand.
"Oh Poseidon" I cried "I'm in love so deep,
Please save me from my misery,
Across your ocean, is where he must keep.
Please part your waters,
And allow me to pass,
So I can see my love,
And hold him at last."
"I'm sorry," he answered,
"That's out of my reach, 
I cannot bring you from beach to beach.
My sea is too busy to make that split,
The sea floors would serve as an unwalkable pit.
There is one solution to this issue you speak of,
Visit Aphrodite, the Goddess of love."

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As i Sit Here on This Rock

My Dear,
As i sit here on this rock, and look out at the sea
These waters now grey and calm, that took you away from me
Another stormy night, down the Californian coast
Your ship lies torn and twisted, while the reaper quietly toasts
Tomorrow i will start, a new day in my life
For on this note i write, to have been proud to be your wife
My darling i give to you, this letter on the waves
While my words are flowing true, my heart for you still craves

My entry for Brian Strand's contest " My Dear "

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She is a widow, never wanting to marry again, never defiling her vows, 
her five children have moved to other parts of the United States;
and they seldom visit her, except on the very special season of Christmas,
when she adorns her home with garlands and lights to honor the Child Jesus...

Her name is Amelia, a petite lady from Andalusia,whose passion is writing poems,    
and her Spanish accent is somewhat heavy, but the words are clear and precise;
on long summer's nights she speaks of her native land...meadows covered with camellias, 
and tells tales of Columbus and the Conquistadors with feathered helmets...

She was quite beautiful in her younger days, daises in her dark, lustruos hair, 
and sea-colored eyes that resembled the Mediterranean Sea, which brought her nostalgia;
and she often wore a folklorist costume of stripes of bright orange and yellow like her flag,
and now she's confined to a wheelchair looking sad...who has camellias for Amelia?

This past spring I planted a dozen of camellias plants in the empty and barren lawn,
hoping they would bloom when she would stare at the huge Atlantic Ocean;
and with eyes as sharp as a youngster, Amelia would see her beloved Spain, 
and those lush meadows covered with camellias to bring her bitter-sweet pain. 

In the quite hours of an early August' morning, Amelia rose to say her prayers,
and with the rosary in her devoted hands, she peaked outside and surprisingly smiled;
a beautiful garden of camellias appearing in front of her joyous eyes... she was so delighted,
but she couldn't go outside and caress them, but thought to herself, " Someone cares! "

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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I carry with me Color

I Carry With Me Color

If you stare at me long enough your eyes will burn hot ember 
          Until they burn into flaky cinders.
	Cinders blown with the wind to the bag 
                       Slung across my shoulder.
	A bag the color of an artist’s palette 
                       Filled with salmon pinks and indigo violets.
	I carry with me colors for many different occasions, 
                       And sometimes secrets.
	My marigold yellows are for sunshiny days 
                       And kids contagious laughter.
	I carry with me streaks of burning cinnamon red 
                       For lovers to embrace and ponder.
	Sometimes deep within my rainbow bag splashes wet sea foam green 
                       And blue for those in need of salty tears and a good cry.
	You might ponder why I carry this palette of colors weighing me down 
	           Day after day.
	That is simple, Color defines us. 
	           We carry colors with us every day, 
	Sometimes they weigh us down in murky umber black puddles, 
	           Sometimes they lift us up to the lavender sky.
	You ask me what I carry with me?
	           I carry with me all of your wasted color in my rainbow bag.
	One day, these broken cinders will be ready 
	         When you come back for them, 
	And that is when you will see your own colors 
                      Floating around you.

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Hate the Rain

I hate the rain, hate the rain
How it always rains on me
And when it's raining
I wish for sunny days
Drowning in puddles of forbidden dreams
Showers that drench my only means
To feel you once again

I hate the rain, hate the rain
How it never seems to quit
And when it's flooding
I wish my life to float away
Sinking to the bottom of an endless void
Ocean that crushes the only means
To reach you once again

When the ominous clouds won't blow away
And the only thing left is sunless shade 
The only thing left that still remains
Is the rain, rain that won't go away

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Still being faithful and serenely living,
ignoring the self-made gods ranting...
unafraid of them whose soul is too bitter:
I am at peace in the mist of turmoil and fear.

Still being faithful, angering the wicked hearts too wild:
their faith and kindness have been replaced by their pride,   
and on those virtues I have built my character and shaped it with purity...
have they lifted up their eyes and prayed on their knees with humility? 

My winters aren't too harsh when His warm breath melts the deep snow,
'though my spring is far away, this sweet prayer is offered with a bow.    

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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the curse of the sea

farewell, but you will
remain in my mind
as echoes remain
wandering the frigid cliffs.

maybe time has
hardened my face-
remembering when
our bodies emerged
from the sea as one-
when our lips controlled
the tide and the songs
of the seabird.

within a crashing wave,
I was pushed ashore,
hands bound-
overgrown in seaweed
while you drifted
closer to freedom
with the horizon.

perhaps I'll ask the
ocean for forgiveness
for the bitter contact we left.
perhaps, from my body,
I'll wash you away
with her sharp lichen
and black sea foam.

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To Sea

To Sea

I would like to think that
The big, white birds soaring
Over choppy waters
Or the way my camera captures
A straight, bold beam of light
Is a vision of sorts –
A gift from you,
To me.
This vision would say:
		I’m still around,
Right here –
I linger where our bodies first touched on
Warm summer ground”
I would like to think that
You are watching us,
Now –
The strips of bark have become
Sea worthy vessels;
The children, captains of 
They run amok, marvelously
On this jutting peninsula
Just as, once, you and I.
I would like to think that
We haven’t lost touch –
Not really;
You are merely seeking solace in
Strong, biting winds as they
Blow by the dockside;
That you are merely warming
Wings yet too weak to
I would like to believe that 
The caress of breath on my
Shoulder is you.
I turn.
You are gone.

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Sand Key Sentiments

Swam today indifferent
with my toes sunk in the sand
with the sun soak insufficient
as coquina's bit my hand

I'm a fish meant for the water
born a land locked sailor's daughter
In the sea is half my vision
split between my indecision

So I charge my soul-ar lighting
at the place I find inviting
where the fishermen are ancient
and the hiding fish are patient

Swim I will again indifferent
bend my head down through the sea
Pluck the shells I find endearing
Leave a photograph of me.

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Last sighting

Still searching we walk to edge of tide
To where waters tickle the toes 
At different edge each night
Here you were last seen
That dreadful night

Washed away with tidal sands and seas
Your mind tormented with unease
Released by natures blessing
As each wave comes over
Fleeting moments lost
As older things

Your footprints gone only whispers remain
Your life we shared and loved, we cared
Left to us are solemn memories
Of many days gone by
And still we try 
To find your
Lonely soul

And so the seaside weathers gently call
And seagulls cry around rocky shore
Last sighting of you was walking
In the sand one misty morning
And although not one print 
Was  left for us to find
There is some peace
From knowing that
You were smiling

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My Attempt To Steal

Oh, yes my dear, I've left my post.
No captain is at the wheel, 
and we are surely far from the coast
in my attempt to steal 
myself from the truth my beautiful ghost, 
for I know this isnt real.
But I can tell by your smile what you want most
is a kiss to seal the deal.

And I'll always remember how this will seem
the most lovely of star sprinkled skies.
Though this is not what you would deem
a memory of our lives.
And yes I know, too well, what you mean,
when, softly, you say goodbye.
Until once again I dream this dream,
and you are by my side.

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Palms by the Sea

Oh this Sea from left to right,
How my mind gathers your visions to my sight.
You clouds stray from over here to over there,
And my lungs fill deep as they gather you into my air.
I am the neutral zone with all of my love that I share
The “Palms by the Sea” give my visions their true light!
In each I can see myself inside of a seemingly height.
The Palms by the Sea are my only solemn oath I fight!
 Up inside of the tallest tree I shall surely come,
Your Earth, your Moon and your Sun I shall make them all come undone!
I am you as you breathe my life and it is your love that I shall proclaim in the moment I seize!
Up inside of you I am proclaiming my every single genuine need.
The “Palms by the Sea” guard the shores for my more, my all, or even none!

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

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The Sea

Our words swirl and entangle us in webs of 	
brutal honesty and things left unsaid.
We talk and talk and talk about nothing,
the void between us growing wider and wider
as I sift through my mind to find things
acceptable to say.
       you mentally turn my face and look
into my eyes, probing deep inside
while i rip you apart from limb to limb,
still not finding whatever I’m looking for.
you are my question, my answer,
filling me as you leave me empty, lost,
drifting in this overwhelming sea,
your sea.

We reach the peak of our work out.
I fire off questions as you rapidly burn
mental calories one, by, one,
unraveling and unraveling the layers
to your own consciousness.
Once you get going, you cannot be stopped,
so I curl up and watch you blaze by
all magnificence and splendor.
I see you pause and glance aside 
– see her face and stop. As you take in
her eyes her smile her wit her looks her laugh
you start to sink, weighed down
by an ever-increasing love
and you drown in this overwhelming sea,
her sea.

We’re at the point where there’s not
much more to say, we lay bare before each other,
totally exposed, no mystery at all.
And yet you still call,
night after night, without fail.
And still I answer, knowing it’s you,
and knowing that at the final click
you’ll leave feeling happy and released,
and I’ll feel like this – 
tight and empty, still swimming
towards that unreachable goal
just beyond the surface of this overwhelming sea,
my sea.

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i wonder 
i wander
i love you
i love the fact that you have no idea

of who i am

let's keep it this way



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Weaves with such ease 
Eternal seas and suns into One
Avenues of harmless fun
Venture in, the surfs up some.
Equal marks of day and night 
Shorter ways to the longest light
Seems to save time…
Eave emits a Vernal rhyme
Venture into my mind.
Autumn signals the same
Eternally we see without shame
We ARE the intended perfection

Of God’s most loving devotion
We are Creation.

Winter Solstice
Summer Solstice

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Never-Never Land

I stare out into this huge blue Sea,
And the waves, well, they just carry me.
My mind drifts so far away,
Because the Ocean is where I lay!
I’m off to never-never land once again,
So take my hand and let this journey begin!
I listen carefully to the Oceans roar,
The waves, well they just help me soar.
My mind relaxes with my day,
Because the Ocean is where I always lay!
I’m off to never-never land on a hunch for so much more,
So take my hand and let’s find new places we can both explore!
I can see blue water with big fluffy white rolls,
Waves, well they just capture my entire soul.
My mind just helpless with my day,
Well, it is the Ocean where I lay!
Off in never-never land I can always see,
A gigantic Ocean covering over me!
Far away in never-never land near the Ocean is where I always lay.
Lifeless in the sand is where I’ll always be.
So take my hand and be lifeless with me in the sand.
Together, just you and me on our journey to never-never land,
Just lifeless in the sand, together you and I and always we’ll be hand in hand!

© Copyright: 1997  Ann Rich

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Forever-Part 3

We get off the plane and smell the lovely air. Hawaii. One of the most beautiful places. I look at you and smile. "This place is beautiful," I say, spinning around. "Yes, it is," you say and pull me close. "I love you," I say. I love you too," you say and kiss me. Hand in hand we walk into the setting sun.

The sun's poking through the shades in our room. "Good morning beautiful," you say when I open my eyes. "Good morning," I say and smile. "I've got a surprise for you," you say and smile. I look at you questionably. "Just get dressed and I'll show you." "Okay."

You take my hand and lead me down to the beach. "I heard you've always wanted to do this," you say and smile. You point to two goals. My face lights up. "Sand soccer," I say happily and look at you. You kiss me and smile, "I figured you'd like it." We walk down to the two goals and we'r e put on a team. We play for hours and hours.

When the game is over, we sit on the sand by the shore. "That was fun," I say and look at you. "Yeah, it was," you say and lean in and kiss me. "I love you," I say as you warp your arms around me. "I love you too," you say and smile. We watch the sun set on the beautiful sea before we head back to our room.

The next day we surf. We surf for hours. "This is great baby," you say as we sit on our boards. "Yeah," I say and smle, "you must really like doing this," I say and brush a srand of hair from your face. "Yes," you say and you lean in and kiss me.

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A Dying Whisper

A ruddy tide strained
silting a dying whisper
salty knotted hair swirled
tainting the sweetness of november 

A dark elegy, a classic
of true love betrayed 
selfless love perpetrated
an agonizing malaise

Consumed by grief
lost to the lovemaking of june
ebullient eyes now stoic
fixed by the calling of the moon

Holy vows broken 
scattered upon the ebb and flow of the sea
whose lies silenced autumn's resurrection
the listless Lorelei 

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Velvet gown faceted as a gemstone

Night and day rythmic crash of the sea
Reflection of the red sunset in his eyes
Extended into the ocean from the coast 
Summer sea Spring storms biting wind
Sun on  water shone like brilliant jewels
Long dark  skirts trailing on stone steps
Rustic gown green overtunic amber silk
Long drawn breath crackle of fire glances
Distant sounds festive drums celebration

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Enchantress (Let me chisel talk you) Part two

(Continued from part one.)

Afire not his thoughts, the Devil sees,
He soars and roars, in his physical might.
His bears’ hug, his warmth, could melt you;
Into joys and tears, in willing submission.

Treat him not, to your portions of love.
He grows cold, is lost in erotic rage.
Wiggle not mermaid, in bouts of passion,
The dough you kneed, may turn love to hate.

Dare not the wile witches’ craft;
Lest he banish you to the earth’s folds,
To burn in hate, love and desire,
Forever and ever, in eternal penance. 

Spurn not his love for the unknown,
With frivolous, eyewash camouflage.
He watches behind the scenes,
Your tremors in the curves and the lips;

You innocent, blooming seductress,
Holding the Mega-staff, letting reptiles sing:
You bore the man, the crowned lord of vice.
Rip him, Independence, to his natural doom.

Haven’t you learnt, you Hollywood menace?
Ever seen Javed Jaffery the  Tellywood, Bollywood
Lollywood and Mollywood a few dozen like you?  
Tent walk dove-eyed, bumps to the moon.

Kanjiwaram, the Casanova Frenchie,
Break dance in  airs to the Eiffel Tower.
Red herring you to the Spanish bulls.
Joy ride Rolls on BMW’s track.

Con the Germans and the Japs.
You, wonder android, generations ahead.
(Forget the Merc-E, TELCO ties,
Or their Sumo-ing the Japanese pride.)

Take care you fool, Govinda could snare,
Rap tap the Seghal to his toe’s.
Golden Eye the double O’s latest dream.
Kung-fu Steven’s at his own game.

Anti-gravity NASA, with mental fields.
Stealth fly you out, from the Pentagon.
Biotech you back into American laps,
Genetically engineered, Gene cultured, wreck.

Brain-virus Microsoft, in config-trees,
Space walk you to the final frontiers in enterprise.
Dance away the foxes of your clan.
Ultra culture, the real London breed.

In knacks of, how to wink and blink.
Lifting eyebrows? Take care you oaf,
Run you goat! and don’t turn your head.
He is the cool cat, really looking his English best.

Flee, before the gambler, he is still there,
Smirnoff you to the Hustler`s  care.
Toss you around, under Playboy’s thumb.
Floor you with his catwalk fun.

Cradle you, to the American roost;
Chickening out, not now KFC hen.
He is “She selling sea shells on the sea shore.”
In wizard glee, those Colgate teeth his real hope.

(To be continues in part three.)

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City built on Sin City of Light City that never forgets --- never can forget --- Walls are meant to Defend But where are the Guards?

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I am Storm Lover
Eater of Thunder.

Ruffled grey beauty of winter's restless water
Licks trembling raindrops as they tumble
down the mountain, slip into the sea
delicate and innocent as babes
Into the depths
Of no tomorrow

My reckless heart races with pleasure, compounded
As each grey day begets another
As each black brooding tantalizing cloud stretches out welcoming arms
To embrace even blacker wilder brothers

I devour thunder
In great gulps of terror
Relish the taste of wind's savage muscle 
Shudder with icy destruction’s flavor 
Exult in lingering power on my lips

I am Storm Lover.
I am Thunder Eater.

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A Thorn in my Side

                                            A thorn in my side, Im torn from inside
Of a time partially forgotten but my memories betray me and take me down that ride
through the death of my pride, under duress, when I tried to hold back but cried 
Through the love and the pain, through the sun, through the fire through the rain
If it's over than its over, how can you deny my love, how could you deny more aim
I gave you all the love I had and more, but no matter what the seeds I sowed with you the
benefits I never reaped it, you left me alone when I most needed, and kissed me on the
cheek like Judas when he betray Jesus, baby you can keep it, left me all alone to walk on my
journey, sick going through chemo life in danger, with the person that I loved with all my
heart absent, left alone to be comforted by a stranger, It's all good even though broken
and             bitter I hold no anger, From sea to shining sea to death of my destiny
Keeping it kept, with my boots on, when you need me, you know I'm there
Most certinaly, open the curtain, look to the sky God could see that I'm hurting .

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Discarded Love

amidst sandy shore
withered rose lays discarded
from the sea of love

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Yeah, I’m like an island with no leave
Direction with no destination
A tremendous distance from where I’d belonged so long
Once a deep-rooted tree, exemplary in foundation
Now amputated, indeed from my haven

Once quite fair and desired
This road’s got me withered and tired
And Im longing for the coast in
A tone I’d never thought possible
How the melody of the sea has abandoned me!

Once I dug my heels in and traveled far
Now progress has delivered me hardly at all
If these prints were pods of salt and water
I’d be home alike my mothers daughter

And I’m longing for the coat in
A tone I’d never thought possible
How the melody of the sea has abandoned me!

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Ripples in the Sea

When I see this Moon and gaze deep into the stars,
My mind wanders as I search for where you are.
Looking up, looking down, this enormous Sea is where I can now be found.
Standing alone at the Ocean’s edge and hearing its roar,
My heart pounds and aches for so much more.
Gazing deeper and deeper out into this vast blue Sea,
I can gather myself with this soul that was given to me.
Ripples in the Sea are all that my eyes can see.
One by one they collide with force to touch what was given to me.
Infinity with the depths of this Sea, 
This is what the Moonlit Ocean conveys to the truth inside of me.
Standing alone and afar from the depths of this Sea,
Ripple by ripple captures the every breath that I have inside of me.
Oh how they carry every single thought away from the insides of me!
Reflections of our Moon spread across this glimmering Sea.
Endless and endless ripples!
This vision I know I will forever see!
I hold my breath and carry a true smile, 
Searching for that last ripple to reach its hundredth mile.
Alone I stand at the edge of this Sea, 
The depth of this Ocean covers over me.
I wonder and wonder can I truly hold what was given to me?
So if ever in search for that which you know you believe,
Please remember that I left me standing with the ripples in the Sea.
One by one they collide crashing directly into me.
I stand with a force that was given just for this person that lives inside of me.
Come to me! Please touch what is on the inside of me!
Feel what has been given just for the love of me!
So if ever in doubt for that which you truly know you believe,
Look deeper and deeper out into this incredible huge Sea.
The ripples one by one know you will believe.
They touch, they feel, they hear what is left standing out by the Sea,
And that my friend is the life that God had already chosen for the soul that lives inside of me.

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Power of Choice

Who’s this kind fellow I’m beholding @ Facebook
Wearing a very nice apparel well-fitting for a Val Day’s
Am I a genuine brother to this good-looking lady
And hence where’d we quickly get to, to unite, 
Exchange some few words, and say a dedicatory prayer?

If we’d planned to get to a brothel house some inmates 
There’d come fast to us,

Why not forget all your norms, all raging storms
Get set your tents with some little cents, take these condoms
And wildly explore through whoredom?

Surf with gently your web browser, launch deep, find ex-friends 
Without measure, Oh the pleasure, the thrill, just enjoy the 

If we’d decided to get to the mosque, lo a most happy welcome
There’d await us; we’d get some water, wash our hands, our ear-lobes,
Our legs
We’d get in there with our earnest songs and prayers,
But remaining in separate quarters there’d be our sole choice
And too difficult a solemn task.

If we’d agreed to get to church ushers there’d smile with us
We’d hear the din of Jesus’ disciples who told the violent 
Blind man to live in silence, they might see us in a panorama 
Our blessings would seek to grab from us like clear manna, 
Distract our attention, retract our petition
While to God we express our real penitence;

And here do we stand to affirm our hearts desire
We wouldn’t relent in efforts our gifts to present, 
We’d call upon Christ, and surely get out from the mire.
We wouldn’t stay here long to stain the excellent aroma, 
On our gold, our frankincense, our myrrh.

As joy and gladness are partners together
May our friendship last forever; these two virtues may
We never miss: Hold my hands my dear, grant me a hug
My beloved, but I need on my cheeks first a holy kiss.

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To the Liquid Edge

She went into the dipping gold
rising the liquid dream
A medallion of innocent heritage
in the fluid of dusk, serene

I skimmed to the water's edge in haste
to capture this moment of peace
In a turmoil second this capsizing life
brought in bones of my loved one, 
and memories deceased.

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Ship of Dreams

He caught the wind
And sailed upon the sea of life
A ship of dreams
Riding high on waves of golden light
Found his treasure in a starry starry night

(For my dear precious Father)


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The Case Against The Moon

She held the case against the moon
in bubbled glasses sea green hewn
and whispered nothings to the fish
her sea fins swishing at her wish
"The case against the moon", she said,
"began the day that I was wed
and on that day the tide pulled back
to swirling waves to ships attack
It 'twas this day my love embarked
a voyage to sustain my heart
while I a lowly mermaid be
he came to set my spirit free...
His ship was bitten by the wind
a low and moaning hull of tin
His eyes of coal to be immersed
while I searched for my wedding purse
Pearls from oysters for my crown
and seaweed stitched a wedding gown
His laugh and all his love did die
and, on my fins, I know not why
And so bold moon, I challenge you
to bring the worst that you can do
and I will fight with all my will
until the tides return to still."
The passive moon, it heaved a sigh
and tides began to do or die
while waves in turmoil turned to swell
the fish turned too, and wished her well.
She threw her glasses to the sea
and dove to indigo caves once free
to tether nets of liquid ore
to quell the moon forever more
On flying fish she pulled her nets
beyond the sun's impartial sets
to catch the moon and hurl her down
a luminous splash, and then no sound
The earth went dark, the sea went cold
all mermaids there went grey and old
The sea floor shook at the moon's embrace
in a glowing ripple of pure disgrace
Still in the sky in purple wind
the mermaid whispered: "I have sinned"
She shed a thousand briny tears
and flew the skies with grief and fears
'till deciding at last what she should do
She set a course to save the moon.
She dove to the bottom of a sea of light
and what she saw was quite a sight
The broken pieces in scattered glow
This wasn't the moon she used to know
So gently, with fins and liquid lips
she balanced a shard on her mermaid hips
and flew to the ink, to the sky of sorrow
with a sadness of what would be brought the morrow
The sliver she placed in the sky that night
became the "new moon" to dimly light
the ocean each month to gently grieve
it's ships and it's mermaids to long bereave.

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Thank You ,Lord, This Christmas

Another holiday season.
Lots of success.
Legacy being built.

People may hate on me.
Refuse to let them shake me.
All things work together for my good.
In Your plan for my life. 
Seeds being sown.
Everyday is a winding road.
So, I’ll roll with the punches.

Tough days I had this year.
Owe mighty praises to You mighty Father.

You helped me do things that I never thought I could do.
Only You are the key to prosperity. You Father,
Unlocked the doors that I had locked due to my negativity.

wrote 12-25-09

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I have many qualities and talents 
that make me popular and likeable for my kindness,
and unpretentious gallantry;
ask me if I'm blue-blooded like the gentry!

I exist for a purpose and I intend reveal my cause;
honesty and shrewdness will guard me against errors...
do weeds grow in a well-maintained and embellished garden?
A grubby garden attracts gloominess, mine appeals to sunshine!

I have traveled down rough and dark roads,
grabbing the attention of bad-wishers,
who handed me gooseberries, not gorse;
it was a clumsy course swarming with rocks and thorns!

I exist for a purpose that puts fear into my unseen enemies,
who grumble and judge more than the-assumed-righteous-ones,
they are obsessed with their perfection and like to impose it on me;
but do they know that I control my destiny by spinning my fortune' wheel?

My belief is not to accept anything of worthless beauty,
I love to hide myself in the grain fields,and shake their stalks...
to celebrate a harvest more bountiful than sunflowers;
and I imagine myself gorging on fresh-baked bread daily!

O golden grains, your seeds satiate many that earn their hard living,
saying grace at God gives them His blessing;
and those hands that cut the husks off are much detested   
by the elite with a feeling of inferiority and a lack of gratitude!

I exist for a purpose to bring glory to the Heavens,
that magnificently dazzle upon me in times of desperate need;
pity is an unacceptable word whenever they attempt to make a deal;
I change no direction and try not to fall into the trap of moral weakness!

 Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The adulterous sea

The Adulterous Sea 
I drove to the top of a mountain along lanes that began in the mist of time. 
Looking north I could see the plateau of Alentejo, westward the Atlantic sea;
 it was her, the trollop; I wanted to see from a safe distance. Glittering azure
tender and inviting, the tart. My bond to her, is that of a kind magistrate who
in his youth, visited a whore who served him sinful pleasures that gave him 
a longing for the unobtainable. There were times, on deck, in tropical nights, 
when she called my name and I could have drowned in her balmy embrace, 
but she laughed turned away from me and loved someone else. I thought 
she was forgotten, till she reappeared and smiled in the sea green eyes of 
a woman I loved. She too walked away; loved someone else.  I hear her song, 
the bitch of my life, the whispering and undulating waves. And I say: “Just 
one wicked embrace more, my lovely, and I will not dream of you anymore.”  

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Queen Victoria

The sea's mist
spray my face.
The feeling of joy...
never cease to amaze me.
So let's go out 
to see the world.
I wanna see you smile...
a sight I haven't seen in a while.
So come on and let's go,
the ocean awaits.
And so does our sweet chariot,
Queen Victoria

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Radiant Reflection

Look into the mirror

Tell me what you see

Write it on a piece of paper

And drift it out to sea


If it’s something negative

The ink will fade away

But if it’s something positive

The ink will surely stay


Sit and wait by the ocean

Make sure you bring a pen

So you can write down something positive

And you can start your life again


Look into the mirror

Tell me what you see

Write it on a piece of paper

And simply wait for me.


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Liam's Eyes

I wish you could see them
I’ll have to paint a picture;
They are the eyes of Liam,
Like the ocean, only richer. 

There is more than depth 
There is more than color
For you see his eyes
Are like no other.

They are so captivating
So invigorating
That they pull me under
Robbing my breath,
Softening the thunder,
And silencing the rest.

Stunningly misty,
Dangerously sheik,
Undoubtedly sexy
Leaving me humbled and weak.

They put me in a trance
The world around me stops,
As it will take but one glance
For that bubble I’m in to pop.

So here I am drowning
What a peaceful way to die,
With beautiful silence pounding,
As I’m trapped in Liam’s eyes.

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Heart to Heart

Tears caress the silken cheek,
Her love was lost upon the deep.
Never to be heard again,
Memories whispered in the rain.

Deepest dark his bones do lay,
Waiting for his love to say.
"Here we are again united,
As once more our lives are righted".

Cry no more, my dearest one,
Again we'll meet under the sun.
Your days of tears and tender sorrows,
Lay them down, for waste of morrows.

Hand in hand the time will come,
When sight of you towards I'll run.
Never to again depart,
We are forever, heart to heart.

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My Filthy Fire

My ship of dreams I build no more
I hack to fragments my vain desire
To toss like trash and be ignored.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To sail the seas and not return
My ship sinks in the straight of dire.
Its keel has split, its hull to burn
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To hear the Sirens song too long
Uncharted seas with sails which tire.
With all my dreams and fancies gone
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

I pondered from my window long
And fanned my passion ever higher.
I cursed "His" name to sing my song.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

For fortuned Isles my eyes did cry.
My dreams I leave to whom I sire
For I am cremated before I die
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

Resurrecting souls my dreams has killed
To pull myself from deep quagmire.
To warm my heart which time has chilled.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

It is for sure, not springtime here
Shorter days, how bare "His" trees.
Looking back pulls eyes to tear
For waste and loss of all my greed.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire
Now as to turn from what it seems
Left to me a works of priers
Never to sail my ship of dreams.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Heap high this waifs, to be no loss.
No wisdom from my follies liar
Burn Oh! Burn you holocaust.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
My sins may perish with my ships.
To right my wrongs I now aspire.
So let them burn without my kiss.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
This cord of which I gladly burn
Dreams or follies of mud are mire
No loss to me and no concern.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Stream me toward sweet isles of peace
Bright flash and gleam of my attire
Shall fall in lour of my decease.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
When in my grave I take my task
Point for my Lord my vain desires
In chilling embers and cold gray ash.

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' The Dreamboat ... '

Hoist and Sail Dreamboat, With Ease
 Speed Over, Deep-Blue, Bright-Surface Seas
With Wind, Big-Sky, Sunshine and He
Each Wave-Splash Kissed, Sparklin’ Sweet
Upon My Dreamboat and Dolphins-Spree
Seen By Moonbeams and Ocean-Mist-Breeze
As A Dawn-Star, Leads Heavenly
Let The Dreamboat, Carry Me
On A Far-Away, Pearl-Isle-Journey
For Dreamboat Is Seaworthy
So, Ship-Ahoy-Boy … Eternally
Hoist and Sail Dreamboat … For You and Me

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Farewell Numbness

Listen to the sound of my heart, pounding
Emotions sparking in my veins, astounding
One simple touch from you, electric shock
And I was so sure I had my heart on lock
You snuck in and found the key
Found a way to set my emotions free
Now what is to become of me?
You stole my heart, and now you flee
When I think of you, my head spins
Your voice can make my strong will bend
How am I to love again?
You stole the key, immortal sin
One and only, you said yourself
Forever and ever, through sickness and through health
You are gone, love turned to betrayal
How foolish I was, because I fell
Still I'll remember those days together
I'll pray that you'll look up the definition of "forever"
Bring back my heart and the key
I'll put myself on lock again, never free
Emotions held tightly on a string
Because without you, no emotions bring
No happiness, no faith, no loneliness, no ache
You stole my heart, so there's nothing to break
Numbness is the only thing that prevails
I just hope there's never a day when the numbness fails
I will soon become derailed
Lunatic heartache if the numbness bails. 

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Forever-Part 4

We get off the plane, back in LA. We drop our stuff off at home and go out for the day.


You wait outside the bathroom door. "Baby," I say. You stop breathing. "What is it?" I slowly open the door. "Yes." I say and smile. "Yes!" you scream and pick me up. You spin me around and kiss me.

9 months later I step out of the car. 3 of us this time. Isavella. Our first daughter. "She looks just likeher mom," you say and smile. "With her daddy's eyes," I say and look at you. "I love you," you say. "I love you too," I say and gently kiss me.


We're older now we've made it a long way. We sit on the deck and watch the sun set. "All or nothing," I say and hold your hand. "All or nothing," you say and lead me down to the sand. "30 years is a long time," you say to me and pull me close. " So is forever," I say. You hit play and Amazed comes on. "We'll make it that far, I swer," you say as we start to dance. We look at Isabella playing in the sand. "I know baby," I say and smile.

We'll last forever. Nothing will break us. We'll always be together.

Together forever.

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Loves' open shore

Loves' open shore
On a sea of dreams
Hold me like you've done before
Then finally all can be what it seems
We both have waited and longed for, in our lives, something more
Kiss me tender and passionately in and out of the dancing moonlight beams
Take me to all your temptations let me in your hearts' door
You can't scare me with any of your darkness I'll still be here where the love light gleams
Don't walk away from me like others have leaving me stranded laying on my velvet thrusted 
upon the floor
I promise not to leave you by any means
Here I am from you begging for more
Listen closely hear my screams
Getting lost in you eyes is something to which I very much adore
You pushing me away again would be going to our past I was hoping we had gotten away 
from all those drastic extremes
Would loving me, for you, be all that much of a chore
Let me sail with you by your side in that sea of dreams
Let us be with the other on the glorious waters of loves' open shore

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adulterous sea

The Adulterous Sea 
I drove to the top of a mountain along lanes that began in the mist of time. 
Looking north I could see the plateau of Alentejo, westward the Atlantic sea;
 it was her, the trollop; I wanted to see from a safe distance. Glittering azure
tender and inviting, the tart. My bond to her, is that of a kind magistrate who
in his youth, visited a whore who served him sinful pleasures that gave him 
a longing for the unobtainable. There were times, on deck, in tropical nights, 
when she called my name and I could have drowned in her balmy embrace, 
but she laughed turned away from me and loved someone else. I thought 
she was forgotten, till she reappeared and smiled in the sea green eyes of 
a woman I loved. She too walked away; loved someone else.  I hear her song, 
the bitch of my life, the whispering and undulating waves. And I say: “Just 
one wicked embrace more, my lovely, and I will not dream of you anymore.”  

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Cold Feet

There are days into the sea I step,
Ever mindful of its depth.
Against my shins the froth enchants,
til intrigue tugs me to advance.	
While writhing weeds like serpents’ snare
climb in deceit my skin--yet fair--
Rarely do I tread chest high
and never has she scaled my eyes.
Ever mindful, submissive sigh
Most of the time my feet stay dry.

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Strolling along the seashore
Leaving her footprints in the sand
The tide washes over the shore
It was like the footsteps had never been.

She shades her eyes and scans the horizon
For a ship that is supposed to come in
That carries her precious loved one
She has waited for so long to see again.

She watches as the ship sails nearer
Breathless as her anticipation grows
The ship docks and the passengers unload
She ask for him but no one knows.

Oh where oh where can her loved one be
He has been gone for such a very long time
He could not have just forsaken her
For their love was deep and strong.

The last to exit the ship was the captain
He walked slowly as he desended down
He did not sem to notice the beautiful lady
Silently waiting in her white wedding gown.

Rumor has it they were to be married
By the Captain of the highest rank
When the high winds of a raging storm
Capsized the ship and it sank.

Her body washed ashore, but his was never found
It is said she still roams the seashore
Waiting fervently for her missing groom
Even though she realizes she will see him no more.

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my love for him

I lay in his arms
sleep but aware of his presence
I dream of blue oceans
I dream of blue seas
each warm kiss I feel from him
the water becomes wetter in my dreams
I dream of  a shipwreck
we're deserted out at sea
so I sing of my love for him in the sweetest melody
and I sing of my love for him hoping he'll swim along
I sing of my love for him as he slowly becomes the sea
the love I sing for him carries on through decades eternally
now I sing to collect souls
I cursed the sea to stir the waters and wreck the sailors boats
I sing of my love for him in the sweetest melody
to lure in and claim the lives as sacrifices 
for my love I lost at sea

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Requiem of a Broken Heart

Soul burning with tears not yet cried,
The moon calls out to me in a sea of forbidden love.
Promises made to a heart that’s been broken
Do nothing more than tear it apart.

My mind cries out in anguish,
The damages cannot be reversed.
Walking on Hallowed grounds,
Whispering sweet promises of a painless eternity,
The grave calls to me.

Clinging to your bitter sweet memory, 
As I watch you gather the pieces of my heart, 
Only to throw them away from me.

Soul burning with tears not yet cried,
The moon calls to me in a sea of forbidden love.
Promises made to a heart that’s been broken
Do nothing more than tear it apart.

Dreams envisioning perfection,
Linger on my mind.
Unending love within my reach,
Never again to leave.

Sweet delusions of love,
Whispering endearments in my ears.
Winning my heart over,
As your wondrous eyes reveal
Your poisonous lies.

Soul burning with tears not yet cried,
The moon calls to me in a sea of forbidden love.
Promises made to a heart that’s been broken
Do nothing more than tear it apart.

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Ode To A Spartan Soldier

Eyes like the Aegean Sea, 
Burn with a passion for life.
Like underwater volcanoes that erupt and make the sea rage.
Poseidon striking the sea floor.

With the intensity for experience, 
Like the fire that smolders deep within your essence; 
As if Hephaestus, God of Fire placed this potency within your heart.

Raven tresses frame the noble gentleman 
Traveling along his journey like a silent Spartan: King Leonidas. 

With Themis and Dike protecting him in battle; guiding his sword and shield.
Appointing him to be the leader of justice for mankind.

Like the regal Lion that sits upon his golden throne high in the Heavens for all to 
see. Forever etched in the memories of men: so are you--endless;
Sitting with Hercules on Mount Olympus.

Celestial orbs safeguard the one whose utterances are as vast as the 
mountainous landscape.
And whose songs are as boundless as the sea itself.

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Without You

Memories of you grab my heart and tear me apart
I can't keep living in the sea of acid
It burns me from skin all the way to bone

I am good without you
I am living without you

But, years of our memories hunt me down and killing inside of me
I can't keep living in the sea of sorrow
It suffocate my heart and mind
Just cut out my heart  or kill me with pains

I am good without you
I am living without you

The game of life I must play

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Vision of the World

... I look but i can't see, what's this you see in me. It covers your face with joy when I
Look into your eyes my pure motives shown to you as if you could see right through me; I
understand now... you are as clear as me. But why is it I don't know how you feel, is it
something new something I have never known you to be...?
...something i can look forword to?
...just something you don't yet want to share with me...
None the less I don't need to know don't tell me yet. This is something to keep to 
Yourself until the time is right. If the tide rises because of the moon, then you would
have to be the moon for I am sure that I am the tide...
...Show me something better something I can keep to myself...
...I don't push you to know your limits for I do not yet know...
...tell me your limits, tell me your limits...
...For I stand in the darkness which makes me blind to anything but...
Something has changed in me forcing me to believe in the light forcing me to leave my
veil of darkness behind me. 
Yet the darkness is strong and overpowers many things and even
eventually it over powers the light.
But only durring the night for when morning comes the light will over power all darkness
as you have done to me so...
Shall we do for others...?
I give my heart to you do you return the gesture of my kindness with yours...?

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dropping footprints 
in idle sand, eyes wide 
fingers hanging empty 

delicate shells, bits of 
sea-glass, heart-shaped 
rocks, the foundation of 
'I love you.' 

an intake of breath, crouching 
toes buried digging through 
dirt and then 
scrubbing the prize 
clean, nestling it with a smile 
inside her pocket 

or illusion, 
her eyes dull, her hands 
slack her conscience 

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The Split

Yesterday we walked

Exploring craggy rock pools
Tasting salt in breath
Hand in hand
Walking bare foot on
white sand
Ankle deep in pulsing
All was

Until we looked at
the horizon
The line between
dry and wet
sea  and sky
The undefinable split
split us
we fell apart

The sea
The air
The magic
undefinable line
The holds all
could not hold us

We landed
A shell split
on beach

The sea washed over us
We wrestled
That spirit of 
sea, air, magic
bind us

It couldn’t
Darkness came
We ceased to try
Accepted fate
The sea subsided
To reveal a perfect

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French Maidens Of The Sea

French Maidens Of The Sea
Rememberence of the beautiful green waves
And the sea tides tossing free
French maidens with sultry lips...and hips
Adorn the beauty and mystery of the ships
And the magic of the sea.
Love offshore
My French maidens
Given to me to love and adore.
In unison with the sound of the ocean roar
We come together rhythmicly
With Pulsating love
The moon shines and smiles on us from above
The stars dance as we prance...Together
In unbridled love
On the deck of the ship our bodies engulfed
Lost in each others passions
French Maidens of the sea
One above me and two down below
French Maidens of the sea
with sultry lips...and hips
Your love hath adorned thee

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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You, Me, and the Sea

Things are changing
As the deep sea between us widens
You say that you care
And we are closer than ever before
But words can drown
Like sorrows over time
Once a time
We were together everyday
Now I beg you just to stay
What happened to our treasure?
Did the sea wash it away?
Or is just deeper?
Down further we must swim
Or maybe find a shore
We can rest upon together
The tides may be rough
Hard we must try
To live through the night.
But after the storm 
Comes that glorious day
When the sea becomes calm.
Though it may become wider
Swim to you I will

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Once Upon A Time

I loved someone once upon a time
I kissed someone once upon a time
I hugged someone once upon a time
A long time ago just like a deep black hole a long time ago
Yes I love someone once upon a time but now that time has gone and I am now along

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Crashing waves
Against the sea
Bodies as one
Like they were free

Lips touching
Like water to land
Bodies locked
The tide in command

Loving so deeply
Moving so fast
Flowing current
So beautiful and vast

When we are done
The storm calm
We rest and wait
Until dawn

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Who Woulda Thought?

Who woulda thought?He'd come from a lineage of whores Who woulda thought?
He'd way more than a sage-heal leper sores Who woulda thoght?while the 
whole world mocked He'd be coming back from the sea of glass touched with 
fingers of fire and the carpet-like moss banks of the River Of Life n' in no rank 
taking leave of His Sapphire Throne pulling down the curtain of His emerald 
rainbow just to visit this vine and revive dead fish of this discontent shore-Yeah 
who woulda thought? But He said "My Thoughts are higher than yours and I was 
The One who walked on the water the very same One who said Halt! to the 
mighty oceans n' garnished starfish on the shores." Who woulda thought? He 
could return at this very hour And not coming in words but in trumpet sounds with 
angels on four corners n' comin' up outa the river and the dead reporting from 
grounds n' 10,000 feet at the bottom bucket of the sea the seven thunders 
cracking out His New Name-then He'd wrap His Hand n' rope in you and I 
already branded by the Holy Spirit n' lay claim even to an inkling of faith squid like 
me? Who Woulda thought?-you fool-the very One who straddled a mule-dabbled 
in such Power. D.R.M.F.12/25/2005

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Anytime we ponder over life 
to extract its meaning
from unexplanaible causes,
hopelessness smears our sad faces
with an implacable grief;
but suddenly an innocent baby appears...
born inside his mother's womb, 
changing our prospective
and supplement us with that 
new rejuvenated spirit
to shroud us in hope,
and reveal us secrets of obscurity!

An innocent baby can
make our miseries a bygone past...
thrilling, inspiring and motivating us
to give him or her our uttermost attention
and profound,human care;
our spirit may be still obligated to grieve,
but our heart can find that freedom
from the toll of worries and desperation!

A light shines when darkness is dispersed and null...
our thoughts are controlled by negatives forces,
if we let them grimly scurry inside 
and transform ourselves into sulky winers:
as sullen and inclement as weather itself...
as senescent as aged persons who grumble;
but out of nowhere we see
that  whirwind transformation,
making us better givers...
when an innocent baby appears
amidst  the stormy clouds
to summon up our courage!

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I can still feel the sea and the first time my eyes met you,
And when they were first charmed and caressed by your loveliness.
It was when we were young and the sea enjoined us as two.
And all we ever had...were arms to hold and lips to kiss!

Then sometime later I captured you, and you became mine.
And your restless arms and sweet lips were all I ever knew!
And though darkness often came and the sun would seldom shine,
Even when the sea waned...I knew I would always love you.

For seldom did I tell you and few were the times you heard
All the meaning you gave my life--all the joy you still give!--
There, in your eyes, my love, and in every unspoken word,
Even when there were unkind words no lover should forgive!

Ah, that the sea created me for you, and you for me,
And enjoined a perfection no poet’s words ever said,
Proves I love you more than the passionate waves love the sea!
And always will, my love, though the sea has left you for dead.

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Upon the decaying tree of life.
A man contemplates, sits alone,
adrift upon the sea of life.
Rainbows - a holographic universe
lies before tired, old eyes.
In life… all changes, it dies.

Tear drops, from the heart fall, as heavy rain.
Flowing forth from the brain.
Ever there, awake… asleep,
permeating waters so deep.
The heart of another, not to keep.

A Beautiful Chinese Angel.
Images of, from heart shaped teardrops
stands between the lone man adrift
and the holographic universe
he contemplates, he remembers
her in a translucent, rainbow gown

B. J. “A” 2
October 27th, 2011

Beautiful Illussions

Beautiful Illusions, have fallen from barren branches
like a million Autumn, clocked leaves, falling from trees.
The roots of this craft, that supports this alone man,
drifting upon waves … from this sea of life - decay.
Dreams fragment, splinter, break down, dissipate
in the light of a reality… forced not chosen.
Dreams become a trillion, tiny, holographic particles,
adrift upon the light of morning breezes,
and the darkness of midnight hours.
Dewdrops, glistening, reflecting, refracting
the essences of songs never published. 


Songs of love… lyrics I would love to compose,
if not, but for little deaths that dictate
the tones, the beat - the urges
guide what I seem to write - dirges.

B. J. “A” 2
October 27, 2011

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' The Siren Odyssey

Once, A Time, I Was Accused To Be
Like A Siren of The Sea
As Ones In Ulysses’ Odyssey
but, No … That Was Not Me …

Those Sirens, Lured To Death
They Were Lethal Temptresses
Like Myth of Cursed Lilith
Or Like Real-Life, Eve Transgressed

They, With Beauty, and Beckoning Ropes Hung
Bound, Beguiled-Men in Rose-Blossom Arms
And Spoke with Honeycomb-Tongue
But Whose Hearts, Held Hidden Harm-Swarms …

No … I Should Not Be Compared
To Those, with Honor So Blurred
I Have Only Shared and Cared and Bared
… So, In What Way, Have I Erred ?

It Took Many Years To Be
And Much Salt-Water To Rinse Free
From What Others Say and See
And Drown Out Complexity

Yea, I Do Call, I Do Agree …
but, I Sing To The Brave and Eternity
And When I Pray … It Is Holy
And for A Soul's Safety, Only

Oh Yes, I Whisper, Clean and Sweetly
And My Tone Thrills or Trills So Softly
And My Voice Can Arch With Ecstasy
Or Timbrel in Throes – Dawn to Dusk, Sultry

And I Speak Words, As Perfumed Nard
Speak Words, That Leave A Silken, Silver Cord
Or Speak Words of Double-Bladed Sword
… After All, I Am A Female-Bard

And I Want To Learn and Recite More Victories
And Teach Each Other’s Verbatim-Stories
Discover Each Other’s Verbal-Mysteries
And God and My Lord’s Vocal-Oratories

And With The Moon, As Symbol-Shield of Light
Yes, I Rise To Conquer Oblivion-Nights
I Keep Faith and Courage, In Sight
Aglow for Good-Guys and Cowboy-Knights

I’m A Sensual-Woman, and of Sacred-Things
I’m Emotional, Yet … Aim For Deep-Think and Dreams
Now, Some Called The Lord A Glutton, for Eating and Drinking         ( Matt. 11: 19 )
So Some Call Me A Siren, ‘Cause They Want Me To Stop Speaking …

But, Worthy, Be The Ear, That I Speak To
And Shyly Cry and Whisper … My Secrets To
And If Only A True-Higher-Calling, Will Do
Then, I’ll Sound, That Siren, For You …

This Is The Siren Song, You Hear
 Not One, For You To Fear
My Volume, is not Too Loud, But Clear
Singing, Avoid Shadows, Avail Cheer ! !

No … I’m Not Some Fish-Tale Mermaid of The Sea
More Like A Lighthouse, Guiding To Rock, See:                         ( Deu. 32: 4 )
Ever Glowing, Ever Orbing … Audibly …
The MoonBee - Siren Odyssey

Once, A Time, I Was Accused To Be
Like A Siren of The Sea
As Ones In Ulysses’ Odyssey
but No … That ' Isn’t ' Me …

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Blissfull Loving

Soundly Sleeping with a smile
eyes there showing sweet content
comfortably screaming silent screaming
spans of time you realize 

Time like night it fades away
drifting through an open mind
thoughts of her running wild
endless sea of future joy

blissfull loving undeserved
I'm gonna find my way..Yeah
through this emotion that i feel 
I'm gonna dance with you baby

I'm gonna dance with you baby all night long
I'm gonna hold you close till the morning comes
kissing and feeling each other's eyes
hoping it will last till the end of time

Laughter finds a waking light
dancing in a sea of love
Sadness now it streams away
Years of hurt don't recall

Elated memories in our mind
talking words insatiable love
A million miles we find ourselves
gazing into an eternity

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Manatee or Mermaid

Goodbye .....
she whispered from afar
The wind took words away
and scattered them
 along the beach
where lovers used to play

 I chased the syllables and nouns
I gathered up the thoughts
but currents in the water found
the letters I had caught

I still can't understand or hear
the bubbles  that she blew,
landing lightly  on the waves
a surface love so new.

I sank beneath the  waters 
a deeper love to find,
the heavy words like loyalty
and truth were on my line,

but I found only adverbs
Of  when and why and how
I left my love note at the shore ,
who needs an old sea cow?

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With or Without You

I used to catch the twinkle in the corner of your eye
salty water spraying from your hair into the sky

"What were you dreaming when I saw you floating by?"
"I closed my eyes and counted up a million butterflies..."

We watched the sun slip slowly down
and cooled our feet in the sand
Shells on my knees and the warm summer breeze
slip like the sea through my hands

"Salt is good for your skin", you say.
(I'm too tired to shower anyway)
Sleep is a continuous rocking wave
and it meets my shore at the end of the day.

With you: I'm an ocean, miles deep.
Without you, I must hibernate in winter sleep
and dream of the summer's cast on the beach
when the twinkle in your eyes was within my reach.

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Far on out to sea
      where you empty into me
horizon imperceptively

Pain sails far
      on rip tide angry
out of reason

Hope floats waiting
      on swell and valley
glimmering ahead

Not behind.

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The Loving Buccaneer

Wolfgang was a pirate
At the age of eighteen
He was at any rate
Very respectable and clean

He was at the most
Skilled and feared
By Poseidon's Ghost
and Captain Red Beard

He arrived at Cape Lost
And met a girl
Whose destiny had crossed?
In his advenurous world

Her name is Chalise
Eyes a beautiful blue
The Captains niece
Guarded by the crew

But he had to see her
So he came close
Posing as a music teacher
Stealing the robes

He earned her trust
And her love
That night it was lust
With this romantic dove

They gallop on a horse
Across the beach
Through the waters force
In the sea

He takes her home 
Before the sunrise
The crew catches this rogue
Knocking him down in suprise

They bound his wrist
And his feet
Hurl him off a cliff
Into the sea

One would wish for his escape
wrenching free of his ties
He did not meet his fate 
For on a beach he lies

He awakes in the morn
dazed by the fall
His brain is torn
For he can't remember anything at all

Such is life for this young man
His travels lead him back to her
A pirate he becomes again
Ordained to him by earth

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The Sea

I stand alone on a beach

Wishing to be with you.

Hoping you will wrap me

In you warm embrace.

Now I walk to the water

It’s cold against my skin.

I wish for you to warm me.

The waves wrap around me

And I start wishing it was you.

I see the blue color of the water

And I long for your brown eyes.

The sun beats down on me

And I long to feel your skin.

Now I turn to leave the water

And there you are waiting for me

Showing me the way you love me.

You meet me at the water’s edge

And wrap your arms around me.

I feel your warmth against me

And we walk in to the sea.

Together forever.

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Neptune's Daughter

She was sitting on the beach
Near the wayward sea
Her beauty took my breath away
And I wondered who she could be

Her long hair was like spun gold
Blowing in the breeze
She was drawing pictures in the sand
Of beautiful birds and trees

When she looked up and saw me
She smiled, then turned away
I wanted so much to talk to her
But didn't know what to say

When I asked what her name was
She just shook her head
After a few more questions I realized
She didn't understand a word I said

I tried the "Me Tarzan, You Jane " 
But that went no where quick
She just gave me a funny look
And picked up her drawing stick

She drew herself and other things
That live beneath the water
Broke my heart when it dawned on me
She was Neptune's lovely daughter

I told my friends about her
And I know they think I'm lying
But when I find her drawings in the sand
I know there is no denying

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You Are By Amy Matthew ASCAP c) 2005

 I look at your face 
and all I see 
is heavens angel smiling at me 
everyday and every night 
I thank God 
for my shining light.. 
you are the one thing that I hold true 
and I hope you feel the same way too girl 

 you are 
the one that I adore 
you are 
what life’s worth living for.. 
you are 
everything to me 
the air the earth and under the sea 
you are 
the sun and gentle rain.. only my heart just can’t explain 
the way that I feel when I’m with you.. ooh 
no one makes me feel the way you do.. 

 ooh I watch you sleep 
and all I can do. 
is close my eyes 
and breathe with you.. 
every sight and every sound 
this heart beats with the love we found.. 
ooh you are all I’m livin for and I can’t imagine wanting more no 

 you are 
the one that I adore 
you are 
what life’s worth living for.. 
you are 
everything to me 
the air the earth and under the sea 
you are 
the sun and gentle rain.. only my heart just can’t explain 
the way that I feel when I’m with you.. ooh 
no one makes me feel the way you do.. 

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Honestly when I speak do I sound just like an air head? 

Honestly when you see me do you look at me and think about how strange I look? 

Honestly when i'm not around do you say mean things about how I am?
Honestly when I smile do you feel completely grossed out? 

Honestly when I read on the train do you think geek or some pretty cute smart girl? 

Honeslty when I get a little tantrum do you feel like calling it quits, do you tell your 
friends when i'm not around?

 Honestly how honest are you? 

I'm a big girl I can take the truth don't hide it from me. 

If it's bad then I will cry but baby know that I am not weak I will learn from this and I 
will get stronger with every hit so please don't spare my feelings be honest when I ask 

Honesty when I look like a fool don't tell me that I look pretty just because I might get 

Honestly if you think I look fat tell me right now but that you can't take back because I 
will take it to heart and work out everyday in the gym just to look hot for you because 
you told me.

 Honestly if I dye my hair and the color glares in the sun and makes me look like a clown 
tell me to my face that I look a mess and I promise I won't get mad I will get happy. 

Honestly baby be honest with me our love will grow each day if you do and I will be as 
perfect as I can be and you will be happy with me as a whole.

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Memories of Delight

Summers of my youth, I remember deep in my heart.
Playing football with friends, the joy it brought us all.
Waiting for the brink of dark, to play hide and seek
Just before being called back home, by a loud voice,
Some things I recall, the joy, the arguments without fault.
I would love to be transported, back into those days.
Maybe even further back, to my first childhood crush,
I was in love, even though, I knew not what love was.
First, kiss behind the lilac bush, aroma-sending shivers.
Just a little peck on the lips, she was so very beautiful.
Her eyes looking at me, sent chills throughout my body.
No words were exchanged; we were both hesitant to say,
Anything that might take away, the joy we both received.
Summers of youth are truly, the glorious time of our lives.
Summer days and night, bring back memories of delight.

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Seashore Madness

This place is mine especially in the spring.
Distressed and stranding my soul in guilt.
Sometimes as I sit here, I hear the bells ring.
Of the schooner, my lover of the sea built.
He sailed away many times before that night.
I awaited each return with eager, endearing love.
Each time I saw his lady of the sea, sweet delight.
Thanking the glorious power in the Heavens above.
Until that one fateful night of a storm of such rage,
Took my lover and his lady of the sea, down under,
Jealousy devours my soul now, as seen upon this page.
For his lady of the sea I ponder, placed with his plunder.
She took my lover from me and here I sit in sadness.
She now has my lover forever, and I only madness.

Woman at Seashore - French painting - 1850/1950 - Metropolitan Museum of Art

Words my muse gave me while viewing this painting.
written for contest

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Ride On The Wind... Forever

I Want To Ride On The Wind… Forever
I Want To Ride Over Land and Sea
I Want To Ride on The Wind… Forever
… and I Want You Riding With Me…

I Want To Ride On The Wind Over Mountains
And Touch The Sky, So Blue
Then Raise Oceans, Like Sparkling Fountains
And Splash Through Water, Kissing You

I Want To Ride On The Wind… Hold Its Mane
Ride The Wind… Wild and Free
For The Wind – Will Never Be Tame…
So Hold On Tight and Just… Breathe…

… Ride The Wind – Let It Begin – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Breathe It In – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Blow Again – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Raise The Wind – Ride The Wind!

I Want To Ride On The Wind – In The Moonlight
I Want To Ride On The Wind – In The Clouds
And Wave To The Wings of Eagles in Flight
… then Float like Snow – Dancing Down

I Want To Ride On The Wind Forever
I Want To Ride and Rush-Up Rainbow-Stairs
I Want To Ride On The Wind – Forever 
For Your Sweet-Breath Beckons Me… Everywhere

… Ride The Wind – Let It Begin – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Breathe It In – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Blow Again – Ride The Wind
Ride The Wind – Raise The Wind – Ride The Wind!

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Fountain of Passion

In Your Fountain of Passion As You.... 
Lay your body next to mine
Let me feel the blazing heatbeat of you
Kissing Licking each other in the moist intimate of spots
tasting your passionate delicacy
The flavour to savour
the flavour from your erotic perfume
Breathing the aroma, fragrance of you
The sweet smells of your womanhood
Let me feel the desire, Take me higher
Hard and swollen, Plump between your thighs
You feast on me au naturel
Cosume your hunger, your desire as you drink my fountain of passion
Come to me, Cum with me, I will show you X-T-C
Taken a land of desire
Our bodies quivering...trembling
Dripping whet in our Vibrations of Passion
Lost in Your body...Wraped up
You have taken me home
You lost in my body
Your body is my home
Drenched in each others Passions
We have taken the action
Drenched in X-T-C
Drenched in X-T-C 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

Details | Light Poetry | |

The sea

It’s a beautiful night 
 The moon carpets the water
The trade Winds blowing  
 Me out much further

The sea is all I know
My friend for years
I go a shore sometime
Just to pick up some gears
I had a nice house 
And a green eyes  girl
But she wanted to travel
 And left to see the world
Came home from the sea 
My bed was cold
The pots on the stove 
Was bout five days old?

She leaves a note 
Says the sea is my life
Can’t compete with it 
 If she were my wife

She took precious Tilly 
Our boxer dog
So I sat drinking 
On a old tree log

Sell the house
For a good price
Head out to sea 
Never think twice

It’s been years now 
Me and the sea are one
Swore I saw mermaid once  
Wave to me and was gone

Yeah sometimes I think of her 
And how it use to be
 My heart belongs to her 
But I live in the sea

The blue water 
The stars in the night 
The dolphin’s swimming
What a beautiful sight 

The Caribbean islands 
The wind beating the sails
 Beautiful coastlines 
And  the beaches of Wales.

The sea is my live 
Like the stars is the sky
I have live here 
And it’s where I will die


Details | I do not know? | |

Cleopatra And Her Asp !

Pyramids hued in sand like granite,Egyptian
mummies all wrapped from ages of habits!
In those days were not shotrages in
band-aids,History retells tales of kings
being waited on by servants and hand maids!
Royalty amid tribes of the desert ruled by
Cloepatra's reign,Her fleet sailed and was
manned by slaves at oars of pain!Mark
Antony was stayed,by Cleo's asp,In those
days,it's people were ruthless and crasp!
Poisioned thru love's heartache and
disappointment at hand,They did die by
their very own hands,in this area of their
own calling,This Egyptian Desert's,royal birth
land!The Noble did want to take Royalty as
his wife,There was no hope,thus they took
their very own life! 11-12-2005'.

Michael Jeffrey Gale

Copyright ©2005 Michael Jeffrey Gale 

Details | Free verse | |

Language Arts

A word and a breath but it’s the thought that counts.
Up or down in or out love and trust is what it’s all about.
To you I say can you hear me perked up on the mounts.
You are in or you are out.
A touch and a whisper but it is the kiss of truth.
Knelt or bent I am down on my knees.
And I beg you please.
To me I say can I hear me or am I aloof?
Language arts is a dance in the breeze,
With a summer squeeze,
A winter’s pinch,
The spring’s stench,
Even the autumn’s leaves!
Bathing in the words and dancing like a twit.
Singing in rhythm and painstakingly making a switch.
Language arts is a breeze on the summer Seas.
Lifting you up or pulling you down and spinning you all around,
It will knock you to your knees,
Lifeless and unbound!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2005

Details | Elegy | |


Flowers of spring, fields and trees of green
roll like waves at high tide across the pasture
but in time the Moon has turned aside Her face,
and the tide recedes to expose a barren plain.
Now midnight, moonless sky, the roaring of the sea
are my friends on a long and lonely beachwalk
soft sand does sift through my toes, cooling
what fires my heart has kindled in another life
yet one smoldering ember inside still, still refuses to die.
Where is the rain, God, you see the smoke!
Do you know what torture does this evil candle to me,
sheltered from wind by the deadwood of memory!
Oh temporal clouds, you are nothing to the
Immortal sea! Never could you douse a flame that will not yield!
Nay! I shall drown it down within Her, the endless Deep,
though the ship sink with it!

Details | Prose Poetry | |

It is Hard to Watch

Softest breezes carry delicious scents from a carpet of flowers weaved in the woods,
Bluebells bend as one, ripples in the oceans, they rise high then fall like the tide,
Watching this sea of flowers it is hard to accept the one you love will soon be gone,
A nightingale sees your sadness from his bough, his head cocked and sings a sad song.

It's hard to see flowered landscapes growing rich, your love smiles with sunken eyes,
Plum bloom falls in showers following the wind when your love is weak with suffering,
It's so very hard to smile and laugh, watching your love, as her skin hangs off bones,
It's so hard to look at the sea of bluebells knowing your love will soon be in heaven.

At times, good people ask me how she is, I can't answer because it's too hard to speak,
Watching larches, dressed in spring green next to wild cherries, it gives me no comfort,
We used to sit and watch pink wallflowers in our cottage garden it bought us happiness,
But now my strength has gone it is so hard to pretend when your heart is in little bits.

Details | Free verse | |

My Love Of The Seas

Here I love you, the seas so calm. 
In the dark pines the wind disentangles itself. 
The moon glows like phosphorus on the still waters. 
Seasons, all of a different kind, go chasing each other. 
The snow unfurls on the shores like dancing figures. 
A silver gull soars down from the skies, 
sometimes like a sail open and graceful… 
Sailing high, high up to the skies. 
Oh the black cross of a ship. 
Alone, sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet. 
Far away the Sea sounds, and resounds. 
In the far distance, a port off the still waters. 
Here I love you, the horizon hides you in vain. 
Sometimes my kisses go on those heavy vessels, 
they cross the sea towards no arrival. 
I see myself forgotten like those old anchors. 
The piers sadden when the afternoon moores there. 
My life grows tired, hungry with no purpose. 
I love what I do not have. 
My loathing wrestles with the slow twilights, 
the night comes and the stars sing to me. 
The moon turns it's clockwork dreams. 
The biggest stars look at me with your eyes, 
as the pines in the wind want to sing your name, 
with their leaves of wire. 

Details | I do not know? | |

My Walk With God

Clouds roll by and the rains come down
In the distance, lightening, rolling thunder.
Around me I see ... Nature ...Perfection,
Tended, beautified by Gods direction!

He smiles with love and pleasure to see,
Exquisite joy and life, happy and carefree.
The happy moments in life are few,I know,
Twas by His grace I enjoyed the show!

Oft times, my heart is heavy and I have't
the will to hum a song,
He gives me strength and courage, then I
Move right along!
To my garden, filled with plants, flowers
Rocks and trees.
I am surrounded by beauty and many memories!

He and I often walk along the ocean waters edge,
Peace and tranquility, ocean and sand meet.
Waves, frothy and white, break cool on my feet.

How very small I am, compared to the universe.
Wondrous creations, life under skies of blue,
Mysterious, marvelous wonders, our God can do!

At the ocean,vast and wide,I know who I am.
I am at peace,feet and toes sifting in sand,
I close my eyes, rest on Him, enjoy my space,
In this place and at this time, I am here
By Gods Love and Grace!

Details | Rhyme | |

The Child Within

I’m all grown up Daddy and all I can do is keep looking back.
I’ve traveled a long road just to be standing here dead on this track.
Many of my tears have been laid to rest and my smile I now seek.
Bruised and battered I cover the little girl that grows inside.
Yellow blankets and satin pink pillows to comfort her when she’s weak!
She seeks to hide.

I’m all grown up Mama and all I can do is keep looking ahead.
I’ve rode the Oceans waves just to be alive and not feel so dead.
Many of my laughs have been put to a test and my smile I have never found.
She’s lost, but sound.

The child within, they all attack.
The child within, they are all meek.
The child within, they all fed.
The child within, they are all bound.

In a world so far away,
Treasures and castles were her path.
It is where she always went to play.
Beautiful gardens and flowing rivers is where she took her very first bath.
Like watering a tree, that little girl just grew and grew and grew.
Finally, she broke free and was clear from every single one of you.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2007

Details | Rhyme royal | |

Lost at Sea

Scanning the sea so blue
more green with age.
I've spent more time looking for you
fulfilling my apathetic rage
Than reading the full page.
I've let my love drift to sea
Gave it space to be free

Now left with a single pearl
torn and confused
An adolescent girl
broken and abused
No longer amused
Just let me drift out to sea
Absent of any glee

Scanning an sea so green
or blue dependent on the day
Wash myself in water, I still feel unclean
Can't scrape the sickness away
No warm place to lay
Can never wash you out of my skin
Burnt, imbedded from within

A single pearl left to hold me
So far from land
Abandoned at sea
I really don't understand
why this was never planned
So lost and confused
feeling so abused

I'm in search of something free
this thing I let go
Wishing it would come back to me
Now I'll never know
if it will ever show
I'm lost at sea with a single pearl
That you left me, the abandoned girl

Details | Ballad | |


This warm blue sea........ 
that carried me 
Carried me to you 
This warm blue sea 
Was meant to be 

This wave that carried me ashore, 
to that distant golden beach 
It carried me to you......... 
We are in each others' reach 

The warm blue sea, 
covering the naked me 
The warm blue sea 
Carried me.............. 
Carried me........... 
to you 

The warm blue sea, 
has a message too 
It is carrying me......... 
Into the intimate you 

You waited on golden sand...... 
Watching the warm blue sea 
Waiting for the naked me, 
passion fanned 
Wanting the naked me 

The warm blue sea........ 
Touched you 
Touched me 
You wanted me 
You needed me too 

Details | Bio | |

The love was once the sea

 My love was once the sea I yearned for the day to feel the cool breeze that eased 
my heart. 
To feel the waves that rocked me to sleep. 
To hear the engines rolling underneath my feet that made me feel safe as I fell 
into a deep sleep. 
To look into the horizon and see the true gift god has gave men. 
Away from the cities the earth laid still at peace. 
To smell the cool breeze with no toxins in the air.
To watch the sunset as the sea life moved with tender and care.
 To look into the sky and see the stars gleaming through the night, 
then it hit me! I felt like I belonged. 
The true meaning of happiness and content ness ran through my body.
 Along came a day my world was turned for the love and devotion that once was 
to the sea came a moment with you.To look into your eyes and feel your touch, 
to hear your heartbeat that put me to sleep. 
The meaning of life appeared in front of me as god laid it there. 
To show me the meaning of love that once was filled by the cool breeze but, now 
it was replaced by your heart . The stars that gleamed through the night that 
eased my mind was turned into your eyes as they glistened through the night. 
The rolling engines that made me feel safe was turned into your arms as we fell 
into a deep sleep.
The feeling of fulfillment rushed through my body as I look into your eyes I felt like 
I belonged. 
You have became the sea that once I yearned, as I look into the sky I thank god 
for bring you to me, for you have became my sea

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Seashore Thoughts

She walks along the shoreline at dusk
Alone, save for the sea and the seagulls
Wrapped in thought, serious thought
How could things have gone so wrong,
So quickly?

Where's the man of her dreams,?
He should be walking next to her,
Holding hands....
Silent communications of Love

It appears the mighty ocean
Swallows the blazing reddish sun
Giving way to the hordes of stars
And the mystical moon

They had vacationed here before
Their favorite spot
Those golden days
Weighing heavy on her heart

Oh, to just have an hour with him
She needs him to comfort her
Fear replaced security when he left
Alone after all those years
Oh my God, how many tears?
Unsure of each step
Only sure of her fears

Wide ocean, deep, mighty
Even that will someday succumb
To evaporation...

God's ways unfathomable
She takes another step
Leaving a footprint
Pointing at her unknown future.

Details | Ballad | |


Anytime loneliness 
brings its tidings of sadness...
look deeper inside...
to find a brighter side!

Don't set aside that untried aspiration,
let it come alive with boldness and action;
where others fail, you can easily succeed..
make the effort and fear not to dream!

Discouragement can delay
your flight to freedom by a mere doubt;
your spirit can still soar:
show the boldness of an eagle
and search for a sky
bluer than the rolling ocean!

I embarked on a long jeourney
and was deprived of much sleep,
my lost ship never found a shore;
little did I know about a lingering hope,
and like Columbus who was rediculed a lot...
and even called crazy by some,
I was awesomestruck
by a twist of luck! 

Look deeper inside
and be so glad you've at least tried...
to discern anything that made you worthless;
enunciate your right to live to yourself,
and seek out completion
by not wrestling with perfection!


Details | Name | |


There Is a Lady sweet and kind luxurious
Beauty look I way finely, time noctice Her shaking bye
And yet I cherish Her till I fly Her gesture motion and
Her smiles Her kiss Her voice my heart beguiles
Precious my style in graceness I know not why political
Yet I one love Her till I fly Her marvelous educated
Talent steping looks will make a Poet burn His books I 
Touched Her not ready not I, and yet I love Her till i fly
Had her fast betwixt mine Arms memories you that
Think alone a poem harms were't and melony? Yes,yes,
Fame! for I will love her till I fly rhyming I collaborate away
There much long as writing poetry in sphere I to request
She to ask Me yet would I love Her till I fly whim change,but
Change She foundation, or change She Sky,
Yet will I love Her till I fly.

Details | Lyric | |


Erase all the unrealistic images that appeared at night
from ever dream you ever dreamt;
let love become real, frantic and bright,
something erratic, not remembering where it went.  

Live in the moment,
and feel the warmth of each lovely sunray,
to make you feel alive,
but you should start today;
live in the moment,
without recalling how deep you sighed.

Forgive yourself for your selfishness,
open your window and welcome the sunlight;
before sadness was your friend on a lonely night,
now, happiness brings you kisses of tenderness.  

Live in the moment,
adventure awaits you in meadows of clovers,
in the fields of sunflowers, where lovers
find the solitude they need to explore desires;
live in moment,
and days will not turn into unpleasant memories.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Free verse | |

The Field Of Summer

The bright 
Summer sky
Of Myconos
With little cold 
From nearby 
Bluish green sea
Wrinkled cheeks
As she sit 
On a field
Of olive groves
The flamboyant
Toward her 
His manly steps
Over the surface
Of dried tares
Clear clouds 
Slowly sway 
Giving way 
To her 
Pink scented lips 
To be kissed
By sunlight
The watermelon
As she waits
For the love
Of her

Details | Ballad | |

The Brothers, Jo

Standing there before the air,

A brother stood on high.

I remember the day,

When he couldn’t play,

And they forced him,

to say Good-bye.

Sold was He, to captivity,

And seeding the deed,

brother Jealousy.

But brothers know and

Those Brothers, Jo..?

They chose, just not to sea.

Looking now, two forgive,

Seeing how, they wish to live,

Knowing now, of what they did.

And standing there, seeing care,

A Brother stood on High.

I remember the day,

He forgave their way,

And loved them, under the sky.

It took a while, a test, a trial,

But Brothers once again.

From up on High, up near the Sky,

The Sun-shine in just then…

Details | Sonnet | |

Enchanted Splendor

As I close tight my eyes
 my thoughts drift far away
to a place of sweet enchantment
 where only you and I can play.

On a lush tropical island
 we'll swim naked in the sea
of crystal blue waters
 all alone you and me.

We'll relax on the beach
 under the warm summer sun
getting tan and sipping wine
 til the day is nearly done.

Side by side in a hammock
 we'll hold each other tight
kissing and dreaming of
 the love we'll make that night.

I'll feed you grapes of green
 you'll fan me with a palm
how sweet the Pacific breeze
 swirling round us so calm.

Pinks, purples, and orange
 greet us on the horizon
as the summer sun's glow
 makes way for the moon's risin.

We'll lay on a bed of palms
 massage each other with oil
from our heads to our toes
 O each other we will spoil.

I'll tenderly kiss your lips
 you'll play with my hair
we'll gaze deep into our eyes
 and get lost without a care.

Beneath the moon and stars
 we'll make love with such delight
then linger in passion's ecstasy
 long into the starry night.

We'll wake to the sunrise
 with sweet memories to save
of our enchanted splendor
 as each others love slave.

~ passionpoet4u

Details | I do not know? | |

Florida Longing

Pin fish silver lick the waves
rain drops crater the sand
Feeling foolish, longing strong
missing the sun in my hand
Caucus of colors sweep through my mind
calling my heart to it's beat
Feeling fed up with this New England gray
drizzle delirious bleak
Fly me to Florida
Strip off the coats
Break out the bathing suits
Blow up the floats
Sail me on waters
of mint green and sand
Humid deep breathing
The sun in my hand
where pin fish silver lick the waves
and rain drops cool off the sand
in a three minute storm which gets carried away
by the sun stretching out to my hand.

Details | I do not know? | |

Ships at Sea

 Ships at sea the moonlight gray,
  As I ponder and I pray.
 Three lost souls forever gone,
  As I weap so very very long.
 Show my sorrow to the dead,
  As I join them in my head.
 Though the holy prey for me,
  As I cry and as I bleed.
 Ships at sea the moonlight gray,
  As I perch upon my grave.

Details | Quatrain | |

If you are the ocean 2

 So  quiet the tidal blue pooled eye,

what seashell dreams lie on this oceans' floor?

what jagged stones of grief and love and hate,

are tossed and smoothed 

before they go ashore?

  and far below the surface of your soul

what pearl like dreams are shut tight

from the sun?

in every part the ocean is a whole

there is no end,

where nothing has begun.

Details | Free verse | |

Two faces, the sea

Soft flows the ripples near days end, so calm and vast.
Gentle and smooth is your skin, unbroken, untouched
Dancing in hills and valleys to the music of the tender dusk wind.
Deep under the top life does thrive.
Shallow to the human eye yet unfathomable in meaning.
Like liquid silk to even the rough ones touch.

Descends upon your face the magnificent setting sun,
The ball of fire; yellow, orange, violet and red,
Reflected off you to match the splendor of the image fed.
Twinkle and sparkle one last time does your pride,
Illuminating your beauty 10 fold of the sun,
Jealous does get even the magnificent one.
Hiding behind trees, and the ground
Disappears does the mighty sun ashamed of defeat, behind the horizon.

Your downy bright attitude and twinkling snow-white,
Engulfed in a cloak, that dreaded night.
Mysterious and dark or so you seem, 
But that same magnificent beauty, even behind your cloak, you do redeem.
Act as a mirror, do you, to the intoxicating goddess of night,
Full and proud she does shine.
Her followers, small but bright speckle your dark cloak with light.
Long became the shadows made by trees upon your skin,
Cold became your flesh like blood of ones who sin.
That eerie silence you now hold broken by a wolf’s howl.
You, mistress of darkness, den of sea serpents past; queens of mystery, and all 
else follows.

You, the mysterious enlightened one, with faces two and many more, each within 
its own beauty.
To praise thee incompetent am I, I look upon thee, “oh beauty”, I say with a sigh. 

Details | Lyric | |

True love in a bubble

...her laughter through
the phone...
my love two miles away...

...her voice in celebration
as the sea surface filled
with thick salty spray...

her heart filled description
of the sea this delicate yet
spectacle so magically appeared

thousands of sea salt bubbles
filled up the sky filled up the air lone sea salt bubble travelled

found its way 
to me...

I too started laughing 
this magic bubble appeared
so naturally

two miles away love sent 
a magic salty bubble...

sent with happiness
laughter and love...

my love said in jest
next time my darling
I will send a dove...

Details | Verse | |

Sailing Boats

If I could tame the wind that fills the sail,
And harness the propulsion of the waves,
And imitate the screaming voice of gulls,
And synchronise with rudders and with oars;
Then I would know the secrets of the whale,
And I would speak with sailors in their graves,
And I could calculate the storms and lulls,
And I could chart horizons and the shores.

If I could ride the surf like wood adrift
And skim across the fury of the sea,
And slice the placid surface of the lake,
And wrestle with the rapids as they run;
Then I would feel the beds of rivers shift,
And I would plot their wild trajectory,
And I could taste the salt sprayed in the wake
And sail in sailing boats ‘till I am done.

Details | Lyric | |


No artists palette could create such beauty and warmth
No poets words or singer could explain how I feel
Only rays of sunlight breaking through distant clouds
Or a peaceful ocean’s horizon

The stumble of a new life as they take their first step
 The sound of a river flowing freely to the sea
Your presence is nature
Your beauty, your ways
You are so much with me
It warms me each day

Compare you, I can’t
There’s nothing as sweet
You’re heaven sent
You’re my gift from above
You’re all that I live for
It’s you that I love  

Details | Ballad | |


It is so tempting to drink from the barrel of lead 
The contents would go straight to my head 
I will forever sleep in a dream no one can conceive 
And all the pain I feel will surely leave! 

Forever immortalized in a youthful state 
My body will grow cold, but be spared from an aged fate
I still feel like I am 100 years old 
My thirst drives me to drop my hand and fold 

I could never count the death of the tears that have fallen for you 
An ocean was created for you to go to 
I look at this lonely sea of sadness and sorrow!  
You never tried to see this sea of mine so I will not wake up tomorrow 

This world has become to much for me 
Sorry my face is some thing you will never again see! 
Good bye my love and good night 
When I lost your heart, the battle to live lost the fight!

Details | I do not know? | |


My colour Cosmic sea 
Waves of lilac and white 
Fill me with glee 
Cosmic delight 

The Cosmos here 
The Cosmos there 
You are near......... 
Kiss me! 
If you dare! 

The Cosmos you see, 
is the fresh colour sea 
My body,my boat 
This is me, 
riding the Cosmos sea 

Soft winds change direction 
Lilac and white deflection 
This is me, 
riding the Cosmos sea 

Moving colour sea, 
blowing to you and I 
Cosmic power, 
felt in Cosmos flower 
We dreamily sigh 

Cosmic field 
Colour sea 
You,....... yield 
This is me 
My love sealed 

To hear soft wind, 
blowing through 
My colour sea 
This is me, 
Riding with you, 
on the Cosmos sea 

Details | Romanticism | |

Seashell Connection

Gray-white skies 
Finger frigid image 
To the window of ocean
Cream-lined breath waves
The silent mind
The ear, with sounds 
Of your name

Details | Rhyme | |

Body Glow

A winter evening
Scottish Glen
Table sitting
I pick up my pen
To write these words
About a girl i adore
Lying down
On our living room floor
Fire roaring
Oranges and yellows
Think to my self 
Lucky fellow
Her shapely body
Silhouette's the wall
Curves and peaks
All enthral
Her Golden Hair
Cascades with flow
Against the fire
Her Body Glow

Details | I do not know? | |

Sister Sea

Lodged in limestone, coral white
ridges of shells lay bleached out bright
Starfish vermilion limp with life
thrown to the sea by my hand's hindsight
Seaweed adornment for the frothy shore
Slick to my foot print's salty core
You, starfish limp, with a book in one hand
sunflower seeds scattered, shells in the sand
Clouds so low they touch the gulf
If I stood on my tip toes I could reach them myself
The moon pulls the tide to avoid a flood
Salt water runs through my veins for blood
There’s nowhere else I would rather be
than with you at the beach, my sister sea.

Details | I do not know? | |


All of us have feelings all of us have love but all of us build a buffer in-between 
the real world and the occurrences’ the bad news and the disturbances and the 
wars. It is not the ostrich neck bowed down with the head inside the egg hole it is 
not the hair the dog tosses up on back of all the issues. It could be the reason 
we can live when it seems all hope is lost it is the reason a man keeps hoping 
that his lost love will come home.
We simply make a buffer a buffer zone if you will of many different feelings and 
many different ills. The news is very bad today but supper was so nice the 
cheese and bagels and the onions made me feel like eye ate twice but several 
people died in ASIA and there eye have some friends and when eye read it eye 
let it hit my buffer so eye can live. When the story becomes the MONOLITH of 
headlines and even videos then the BUFFER will absorb the thing and keep me 
from the suffer of a world in turmoil and my supper sets inside my stomach 
becoming something else a different form of matter to be discarded and avoided 
by the others of my kind. The buffer is my ZONE the buffer helps me on the long 
walk home it does not meant that eye do not care or even love it is just the 
BUFFER sets in place to keep mye heart.
The prayers and tears pass through the buffer zone and yet eye rise for one more 
day a little jaded a little green around my eyes and search for one more answer 
at life in the buffer zone.

Details | Free verse | |

not so far

Icy currents wrap around
         broken pieces
of she
emptied into terrible
unfathomed seas
         alone ~
yet knowing
    a curiously
warm current
    whispering heartsongs
surrounding curled toes
    quivering lip
          sanguine eyes
humid breath
. . . . . of tended wounds
   upon trusted touch
    hope roots deeply
         in your pocket
    carried close within
        on blue oceans
                   not. so. far.

Details | Free verse | |

Seaside Romance

Every time the pungent scent of sea salt
Is suspended in the clammy, nighttime air
She thinks of the sweltering summer nights
Spent with you on the golden, sandy beaches

Every time she hears the gentle, frothy waves
Crashing against the radiant shore of sea glass 
She thinks of the lively afternoon picnics
Shared with you on the vivacious boardwalk

Every time she sees the seagulls fly in flocks
Through the indefinite September skies
She thinks back to the blissful times spent
Encased in your arms, underneath the stars

Every time she feels the sand of the beaches 
Emanating heat from below her bare feet
She thinks of how she'll never experience
Such a wonderful seaside intimacy again

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.. Ashes On The Tide

The rocks they receive you, contain you, believe you
The wind to surprise you that suffers and sighs you
It's easy for you to just crash on the shore
but what about me?  I can't swim anymore.
Shall I be the cliffs that applaud every wave?
The wind would be stronger and wilder and brave
We should have discussed it, made some kind of motion
before you became a big thing like the ocean
If you will be there through the day and the night
shall I be the sky or the sun shining bright?
The wind or the rocks or the shells on the shore?
The caverns below or the dark oceans' floor?
We always decided our future together
no matter the wind or the rain or the weather-
You shouldn't have chosen and left me to stand,
high and dry on a cliff - all alone on the land...

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This love, magically so 
Makes us free, 
golden glow, 
on the sunlight sea 

This energy I feel, 
as I take the wheel 
I now know 
what is means, to be free, 
for sunlight sea, 
makes it so 

This light air 
on the sunlight sea 
blows so fair 
for you and me 

A sea of azure, 
in golden light 
a lovers' touch, 
love so pure 
Our delight 

This brilliant white sail 
carries you and I 
for our love cannot fail 
on this golden trail 

This magical sea, 
so blue 
Sailing with you, 
is everything to me 

On the sunlight sea, 
everything comes true, 
especially for you and me 
All our dreams, 
such delicate golden streams, 
are what makes us free 

On the sunlight sea 
Where our love can be 
This golden place, 
upon deep blue 
The love,....I see in your face 
can only be true, 
on the sunlight sea 

This golden light 
on a sea so bright 
A sea so blue, 
all my dreams' 
in delicate golden streams 
have come true 

My love for you 
on a sea of blue 
is what is meant to be 
on the sunlight sea 

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This soft candle light 
frames your face 
Golden grace 
My heart taken, 
far in to the night 

The moonlit sea 
cannot compare, 
my time with you 
For the things we share 
For the things we see 
We share too 

For, as a thought passed 
this tranquility, 
I want it to last, 
on the moon lit sea 

Soft silver on a soft sea 
A sea of deep blue 
Liquid night 
by soft candlelight 

Soft crashing of liquid night 
on a moonlit beach 
You are in my reach 
The candle light 
Your face framed, 
my heart tamed 

This love tide 
crashing on your shore 
only happens when you are near my side 
now I want you more 
For, I love you to the core 

My love.......... 
on the liquid night 
Moonlit waves softly to the shore 
My love............. 
framed by candlelight, 

Soft silver moonlight 
on liquid night 
Your face framed 
my heart tamed 
in soft candlelight 

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That Savage Sea

The savage sea comes calling me
In good times and in bad
Reminding me of the friends I lost
And the lovers I once had
But it never comes in the daylight
Never steps out into the dawn
It creeps up on me in the shadowed night
Stealing behind my yawn

So goodnight dear I love you here
In this sordid salty bed
The sheets are stained with blood and tears
But your angry love remains

But the angry sea it never stops
It comes and goes and comes and goes and comes
It stays near to me like a stranger’s tune
Like when the old man starts to hum

I can’t recall when the setting sun
Last dropped below my eye
I guess the savage sea had robbed me
Turning memory into lie

I wish back on that day
When lovers turned to hate
But forget me in the evening
For me it’s just too late

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At Times

At Times, 

My eyes will set me to see this tremendous world that tumbles over me.
Closing my eyes to the existence at hand my mind rolls with clouds from a higher land.
I was here I was there, now I find that I am everywhere surrounded by a mistake at hand.
I saw this and I saw that and my eyeballs they just roll and roll with the tides of the Sea.
He loved me and I loved Him until time told this and then time told that, 
Then there was absolutely no one to believe.
At times, 
I am neither here nor am I there until I have compared, for I am my highest in stand!

At Times, 

My tongue will loosen the bonds that bind abundantly arousing my taste I now crave.
Closing my eyes to the intolerance on hand my thoughts travel like magnets pulling steel.
I went now I went then, and here I find that I am found where I was surely going to kill.
I saw that and I saw this and my tongue it just slipped and slipped until I found the seals.
I loved Him and He loved me until this became that and that became this, 
Then I felt just like His slave.
At times, 
I am neither there nor am I here until I will swear, for I am my highest in brave.

At Times, 

My mind will set me to this grand and glorious world that crumples around me.
Closing my eyes to the persistence at hand my life starts to question this Earthly sand.
I was here I was there, now I find that I am nowhere surrounded by this great big plan.
I saw this and I saw that and my brain cells they just fled and left with the tides of the
He loved me and I loved Him until we both threw down our fight, 
Then there was absolutely no one to see.
At times, 
I am neither here nor am I there until I have cheered, for I am the highest in “Grand”!

®Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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Flipflops in the Sand

Walk with me
don’t say a word
walk in these footprints
until you feel
my wobbly heartbeat

Flip flop tracks in the sand
I see yours ahead, nearly washed away
I am just a bit late

Hold my empty hand
these fingers that search for your face
in the mist of nightdreams

This fraying thread that joins
such a poignant catastrophe
glimmers and shivers
flickers and fades with anticipation
that possibly
someday may come

My needs are slight
your offerings less

Days become formless
nights without substance

. . . washing away.

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Eclipsing the Moon

The night turns purple as it sleeps in dead men's fingers
still in the gelatinous state we find abhorrent
rocking waves in an ongoing performance under wisdom's moon 
while you steal me shells and lace me seaweed necklaces
At this moment, I'd take every pearl drop from every oyster
and throw it to the edgy sea, every sleeping gold doubloon
in silt compressing decadence a laugh lost in history
left there in the dark of the dark.
Far away from the luminary whispers we ignite.
Just let me trace the moon shadows on your face once more.
Leave me with a ring of salt for commitment and hum under your breath
just loud enough to lift the waves a little higher
a little higher still...
and this purple night will sleep on,
grumbling of lost sea items and treasures,
erasing our footprints from it's memory
as we eclipse the moon with our kiss.

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mermaid pome

mermaid pome 

she is lofty but not out of reach 
hair is shimmering in waves 
waking me with her touch 
 but not too much 
she calls out my name 
wait she says 
and then she stops to breathe 
she is my mermaid 
playing me like the fish i am 
honey i was still asleep i cry 
yes she said and that is why i try 
to love yew 
she is my ewe 
my life 
my wife 

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After the Wave

  After the windstorm
after the wave
I wander the beach head
for something to save

  something of value
left on the shore
something that Neptune
can't use anymore

  There you were standing
alone on the sand
fragments of starfish
holding your hand

  You turned with the wind
and the sea in your smile
the laughter of gulls
flew around you beguiled

 your hair swirled around me
and tangled in mine
you said to yourself
what a wonderful find

  so we both collected
each other today
washed up on the wave
of emotion at play.

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Great Heron Inn

With the singe of shore on whispered brows
we climb the stairs to disavow
all knowledge of the outside world
declining stress an open hand

With concrete pools Tahiti blue
reflecting cheeks a crimson hue
we cool our feet and pass the day
impend horizon sunset stand

With the pass of love between our eyes
with ten years growth of compromise
all steel and strength of pampered wills
becomes a melt of sleepy days

With our souls unkempt, delicious sweet
we gracious nod to those we meet
and lose ourselves in southern skies
The tide rolls out, but love - it stays.

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I do deserve a man who "cherish's" me.
i do deserve a man who finds me "Important"
i do deserve a man who is not"self-centered"
i do deserve a man who is not"selfish"
i do NOT deserve to be placed"on bottom"
i deserve to be "Respected"
i deserve to be "appericiated"
i do NOT deserve to be just for "Conveinence"

I always "Cherish" my man.
I always tell him he's "IMPORTANT"
I am not "Self-Centered"
I'm certainly not "selfish"
I put my man right on top..NOT bottom
I always show "respect"
I always let him know he's "Appericiated"
And he's certainly not in my life for "Conveinence"

Written by Lori A Reed

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Silver hair illuminating 
The sea
Upon the star-filled night 
I whisper your name
On cold night
Coffee brings warm to me.

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Sunset Storm

In one direction the sun is escaping 
in the other, the storm clouds are green.
The gulf waters tired from a day of relaxing
hollow shell concert serene.

Swept up pink skies in a moment bright red
clash with the lightning’s shade.
The sand cools down suddenly, like the day we were wed
and into the water we wade.

Fish darting silver lick past our legs
we shuffle our feet with the tide.
The stingrays sweep off toward the farthest sand bar
as we watch the grey pelicans dive.

Thunder cold rumbling in the heat of the sky
burnt cheeks soothed while I dive.
Sun slips underneath me, storm rains above me,
underwater, I know I’m alive.

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Looking Out For Me

   Dark hands of night
release the sun
  above the ocean
day's begun
  as I look out to 
find the one
looking out for me

  The dreams we save
and search for more
wait like seashells 
on the shore
 and there's the one
that I adore
looking out for me

 From your window
you can tell
the sillouette you 
know so well
against the sun
the ocean's swell
looking out for me

and on this beach
this spit of sand
you give me hope 
to take a stand
to know whatever 
life demands
looking out for me

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My colour Cosmic sea 
Waves of lilac and white 
Fill me with glee 
Cosmic delight 

The Cosmos here 
The Cosmos there 
You are near......... 
Kiss me! 
If you dare! 

The Cosmos you see, 
is the fresh colour sea 
My body,my boat 
This is me, 
riding the Cosmos sea 

Soft winds change direction 
Lilac and white deflection 
This is me, 
riding the Cosmos sea 

Moving colour sea, 
blowing to you and I 
Cosmic power, 
felt in Cosmos flower 
We dreamily sigh 

Cosmic field 
Colour sea 
You,....... yield 
This is me 
My love sealed 

To hear soft wind, 
blowing through 
My colour sea 
This is me, 
Riding with you, 
on the Cosmos sea 

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Je Suis Philippin

Je suis né seulement grâce à ton amour
Et vraiment très fier être de ton fils, mon amour

Seul trésor de l’orient mer, c’est juste toi
Une rare belle pearl, uniquement pour moi
Ingrat dans notre sang n’existera pas 
Soul pour soul entre nous, et l'obligation n’oublions pas

Puisque je te vais chanter la chanson que t’aimes 
Honneurs et gloires je rêve à t’offrir, même
Il m’arrivera la mort
Larmes des étoiles, je l’embrasse très fort
Ils ont dans mes veines jusqu'au matin se réveille
Par tes douleurs, je suis la, avec du bel air du soleil
Par toi, j’ai l’espoir haut,  pour bien trouve la vie
Ici, dans mon cœur vive toujours ton esprit 
Ne pleurez pas, pour je t’aime toujours !

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The coral... 
In a blue sea 
Waiting for you.... 
Waiting for me.... 

The coral... 
For you... 
For me... 

What I feel 
The coral... 
The bright glowing... 
Inside me... 
What I found... 
So profound... 
Love , flowing 

My life.... 
is like the coral... 
in a blue sea 
the bright glowing 
what I made 
Taken from the blue sea 
my colour will fade... 

Put me back... 
In my sea of blue 
My coral... 
Waiting for you 

The coral... 
Our lives... 
Can never fade 
the bright glowing 
The sea ,flowing 
we both made 

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Bribing the Gods

I have a nail,
I havd a screw
I have a "Pot 'O Gold",
But I don't have you...

Each day I awake,
I stumble down to the shore,
I've done this for many years,
I'll do it many more

I throw a gold piece,
Into the sea,
Hoping Posiedan
Will bring you back to me.

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My blue feathers support me 
in this land of golden light, 
for I drift down slowly to sea of blue 

In my talons I hold a blue stone 
blue fire, 
tumbling light 

For this blue stone holds my love, 
I wheel and turn, 
in puffs of wind, 
the stone begins to burn 

Heat of love sparking through, 
blue of light too 

I look for my soulmate, 
she is near, 
I sense it 

My love, 
of feathered gold 
is close by, 
for I cannot break the tie, 
that we hold 

Gold and blue 
shines through 

She rises to meet me, 
from the sun, 
golden sun 

Golden heart 

Going for the fire of blue, 
sparking through 

Gold joins blue, 
colours mixed through. 
Blue fire,golden hue 

Two are as one, 
blaze of golden blue light 
Blue of sea and land, 
gold of sun, 
gold of sand 

Golden hue, 
and sapphire blue, 
in this blue world 

Blue world 
of sea and land, 
gold world of 
sun and sand 

Release my blue stone  of fire, 
agony of desire. 
Encompassing feathered gold 
of which I never tire. 
This blue sapphire 
I hold tight and true, 
sparks only for you 

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Picture This

Down by the river on this sunny day
Canopy of trees their leaves aspray
Shadowing the banks with genuine shade
Natures bloom in greens and fades

Blue waters ripple all stirred and nice
Fluffed clouds above look down on life
Sparodically shown against the blue
Striking colours all bold and true

Along the bank a patch of bare
My blonde darling i see standing there
Her golden hair captured by the sun
Flowing down her back to her curved bum

Standing there, now shes gone
With one leap lands with aplomb
The water opens as it welcomes her
Moments before it did not stir

My blonde princess in natures pool
As i grab my camera and fill the spool
Delight of shapes as she swims around
Splashing, rejoicing in summery surround

As she exits the water standing against the green
This striking lassie has to be seen
Her clothes sodden as she shakes her hair
I'm so fortunate to be standing there

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Squeeze Me A Lemon

Happily, I huddled beneath a robust olive tree
Where I prettily assumed I could be damn free
Writing the first sugar poem, for my dear wife
Yet this ole brain, oh not so techie, ran in strife
I loosened the pink laces of my sagging heart
To examine what’s tearing her fancy lips apart
And collected her own beloved babies’ breath
Dying, oh dying, to be fed by a summer sweat

I smelled a wild bouquet of rare natural scent--
Wafted freely through the air. Hmm, so I went
To picture the quote of the day, at the sea, and 
Be done awhile, ah resting in her god-like hand

I kept dead silent as same noon-day wind cool
‘Twas ‘cos I wanted not to be mistaken as fool
Short sigh ‘tween us, the Heaven and the Earth
Although pampered soul o’ mine, liken to dirt
Yet you will receive not the sorrow of this land
Hear, o hear the music flow, from a morn band 
But the real gossip truly worthy of pronouncing
Is how you squeezed a lemon, while birds sing

In avidity to drink this flavored cocktail of July
Ere to another season of great romance they fly



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I know that it’s good
Most of the time
My heads above water
Most of the time
But sometimes I go under
And I’m really not fine
I’m gasping for breath
It’s a really thin line
I’m trying so hard to swim
But sometimes I sink
I’m trying hard not to hurt
But sometimes I think
I remember painful things
A wave crashing over me
The more that I remember
I’m getting drown at sea

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In Love...

Sun stroked breath
watching the waves swallow the shore
and knowing as much as you say that I cure you
the truth is that you and this day cure me more
Blue blown sky
pulling the obstinante look out my eyes
and breaking the barriers I have put up
to be taken out with the sand in the tide
Mad marbled moon
showing itself like it still owns the day
with us as observers, it turns white with fervor
to challenge the sun, quite determined to stay
Sweet salt hands
holding my own as we walk down the beach
with me on my way to the height of emotion
in love with the day, and with you, and with peace.

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Dance with Me, I love you More

     The wind comes in across the sea
the shadows leave you here with me
along the earth's great pounding shore
     Dance with me, I love you more
Lightning flashes, feel the sting
of the storm great passions bring
     The music seems to ebb and flow
as the waves crash down below
     Spinning, swirling out of reach
like the tide along the beach
     As we've never danced before
Dance with me, I love you more.

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Rebecca - a poem for Halloween

Spume and snow on a cold green sea 
wherein phantom fish and spectres creep; 
she lies in fathoms forty three, 
as still as death within the deep.

She slumbers there beneath the waves, 
serene beneath the ocean vast; 
languished in the sailors' graves, 
a memory of a life long past. 

Preserved by chill down far below, 
her hair with seaweed is entwined; 
she smiles in ebb, she smiles in flow 
with ghostly rictus ill defined.

Dark shadows flicker on her face 
and coral forms a clammy shroud; 
sea breezes whisper of this place, 
inside my head she speaks aloud. 

I mourn each day, I grieve each night, 
she calls my name from out the deep; 
so animated, green and bright 
when the witching hour disturbs her sleep...

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I Miss You

When the day breaks with new light,
I miss you,
When the sea churns with fresh spray,
I miss you,
When the stars come out at night,
I miss you,
At the closing of each day,
I miss you.
In the finding of new things,
I miss you,
When I walk upon this ground,
I miss you,
When the sparrow flies and sings
I miss you,
When I stop and look around.
I miss you.
As the seasons die and turn
I miss you,
When my memories rise anew,
I miss you,
When the autumn fires burn,
I miss you,
When the winter chills me through,
I miss you.
When my prayers are quietly said,
I miss you,
When the shadows start to creep,
I miss you,
When my dreams swirl in my head,
I miss you,
When I lay me down to sleep,
I miss you,
Oh, how I miss you…

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My Love

Lonely sunsets,
Dreams of you,
Standing by the ocean floor,
My love for evermore,
Come back, come back,
They are starting to attack,
Beautiful dreams of you,
They are so true,
They wont let me leave,
I want you so,
They want you too.
Come back, come back,
My love come back.

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These thoughts inside, 
they collide 
Waves on the ocean, 
my emotion 

This restless sea 
can sometimes be me 
Let these waves die 
Calm sea and blue sky, 
sun's gentle fire 
these are the things I desire 

This black of night, 
will end soon, 
with the fading of the moon 
At dawns first light 

This calm sea 
lapping gently at me 
I dive deep 
This water sets me free, 
my emotions leak, 
thoughts seep 
depth I seek 

this weightlessness 
holds me 
and that is the key 
don't you see? 

I am still being held 
in this vast sea 
For this sea is you 
My thoughts gell 
My thoughts seep 

it is me 
You, I seek, 
in depths so deep 
and ocean so blue 

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Your Other Side

Too much fire, with the lies and your pain
Could bring death, life will slowly wane

Could the truth really quench the flame
Not quite saving your soul from blame

Not even crying could carry you 
Whatever you say, whatever you do 

Whatever love brings, life, your past
Innocence never quite did last

Innocence wading your guilt, the sea
But darkness exists, light is never free

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Ellie knew her lover was a sailor
But he promised never to leave
Then one day he sailed away
Leaving her alone to grieve
Every day she looked for him
Sitting on the dock at dawn
Hoping he would soon return
And she wouldn't be left alone
She walked along the shore at night
Leaving lonely footprints in the sand
To be washed away when the tide rolled in
And the sea mist covered the land
Years went by while she waited
Growing old and gray
Yet she never gave up the hope
That he'd come back some day
She never knew he'd lost his life
In a terrible storm at sea
The last thing he said that fateful night
Was, "Ellie, please wait for me"
Ellie died of a broken heart
With his picture in her hand
On the back she had written
"God find him if you can"
I think their spirits walk along the shore
Leaving happy footprints in the sand
To be washed away when the tide rolls in
And the sea mist covers the land

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A Night at Sea

On the horizon the sun is setting
Blue water, white clouds, red sky
The peace and tranquility of a calm sea
The sound of a cutter passing by

Standing on the fantail at night
Staring at the heavens above
Warm Caribbean all around
Dreaming of a long lost love

Southern Cross hanging high in the sky
Wondering when I'll be home again
Close my eyes and dream awhile
I hear your voice in the wind

You know that I love you and always will
And I don't enjoy being alone
But my other love is the waters I sail
The oceans have a lure of their own

Come sail with me to those far away places
Come travel across the sea
We can find our own island under the sun
and know the joys of being free.

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Down by the sea, 
living free, 
you and me 

Let yourself go 
Down by the sea, 
for you see............ 
I know 
what it means to be free, 
down by the sea 

Walk along the shore, 
listen to the steady roar, 
of waves on the beach 
Always in your reach, 
and you want it more 

Down by the sea, 
gulls passing by 
What it is to be free 
dont you agree? 
Down by the sea, 
watching them fly 

Down by the sea, 
you reach that stage 
Wind in your hair 
out of your cage, 
see what's there 

Down by the sea, 
time can show, 
tidal flow 
Let your self go 
You and me 

Down by the sea 
Seaspray can take it all away 
Cant you see? 
Live today 

Down by the sea, 
this wind, 
sets you free 
Mind to fly, 
body to sigh 

Down by the sea, 
you and me 
Extend  yourself 
body and mind 
You have the time, 
to be............ 
Down by the sea 

Down by the sea, 
body and spirit, 
peaceful harmony 
You and me 
Tidal flow 
Take me......... 
where I want to be 

Down by the sea 
It becomes real 
Tides can heal 
You and me 
Where we want to be 

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Forever Yours

Ill Be Here For You Now And Forever.
I Hope That For Always We Will Be Together.
I Cant Imagine A Day Without You By My Side,
To Hold Me And Help Me And To Be My Guide.

Eyes Like The Ocean, Lips Like Morphine,
Never Leave Me And Ill Be Your Queen.
Through Times Of Good And Times Of Bad,
You Can Make Me Smile Whenever Im Sad.

A Kiss From You Sets My Heart On Overdrive.
Your Passion And Love Are What Keep Me Alive.
I Fall Asleep Each Night With Your Face In My Head,
And Wake Up Each Day To The Thought Of The Words That
You Said.

"i Love You Baby", Those 4 Words You Wispered,
"i Love You Too", I Cried In Return.
"ill Never Leave You As Long As Im Breathing"
"good Baby Boy Cause Im Also Never Leaving"

Caitlyn Zahard

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My Lover

As darkness falls across the land, my lover takes me by the hand... Together we 
fly above the trees, over the land, riding upon the gentle breeze...As I look down, 
afraid I may fall, he whispers into my mind, "don’t be afraid at all" I look at him 
and smile, he looks at me and winks....Oh how I love him! I silently think....On thru 
the night we soar, tis never enough, leaves me wanting more... We land next to 
the sea and walk along the waters edge, just him and me.... The love we steal by 
the light of the moon, leaves me in rapture, hoping we will be together soon... We 
fly back across the night, moving regretfully into the light... As I lay asleep, I await 
the darkness to shroud the land, I await my lover to take my hand.... 

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This love, magically so 
Makes us free, 
golden glow, 
on the sunlight sea 

This energy I feel, 
as I take the wheel 
I now know 
what is means, to be free, 
for sunlight sea, 
makes it so 

This light air 
on the sunlight sea 
blows so fair 
for you and me 

A sea of azure, 
in golden light 
a lovers' touch, 
love so pure 
Our delight 

This brilliant white sail 
carries you and I 
for our love cannot fail 
on this golden trail 

This magical sea, 
so blue 
Sailing with you, 
is everything to me 

On the sunlight sea, 
everything comes true, 
especially for you and me 
All our dreams, 
such delicate golden streams, 
are what makes us free 

On the sunlight sea 
Where our love can be 
This golden place, 
upon deep blue 
The love,....I see in your face 
can only be true, 
on the sunlight sea 

This golden light 
on a sea so bright 
A sea so blue, 
all my dreams' 
in delicate golden streams 
have come true 

My love for you 
on a sea of blue 
is what is meant to be 
on the sunlight sea 

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Weekend At Montauk

A heart that still beats
Unsteady at best,
Longing so long...
for a chance to rest...

Shooting stars
Shoot the breeze,
Falling leaves,
Cut down trees

Shooting stars,
One magical night,
On our way home,
Well before daylight...

The night
of the moondance,
I remember it well,
Home from Montauk,
With tales to tell

Fireplace sparkled,
Champagne bubbles too,
Warm bubble bath,
Room for two...

Wrapped in a blanket
on the terrace...
By the sea
Memories entrenched
Of my lover and me...

Steak and onions
That made me cry
A chance to relive,
For which I'd die

Tranquilizing surf,
Sweet morning's rise,
That priceless look
of love, in your eyes,
Those were the days
I'll always prize.

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Sometimes when we hope we think of mountains.
Sometimes when we cry we think of seas.
When I love I think of shattered glass.
‘Cause that’s how you left me.

Standing on a mountain top,
No hope could be found.
Looking over at the surrounding seas,
Before I fell crying to the ground.

I was shattered when you left me,
And broken now that your gone.
Because you were all that I had.
Now I’m just an empty shell.

I don’t know what to tell you.
I know your far away.
But I still hope after all the pain you’ve caused me.
You’ll come back someday.

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Floating in a Coral sea.................... 
Just you and me 

Floating free, 
in a Coral sea 
Lazily turning, 
this tropical sun burning 

So many miles from anywhere, 
but my heart doesn't care 
Floating in a Coral sea............ 
You and me 

Coral sea............... 
Emotion's felt................... 
Your heart will melt.................. 
You and me 

These feelings for me................ 
Alive in the Coral sea 
You and me............. 
Give completely 

Coral sea............. 
The place to be............ 
Floating free.............. 
You and me............... 

Coral sea............. 
Heaven can be............ 
Floating free........... 
You and me.................. 

Tidal flows 
The body knows 
The Coral sea............... 
For you and me................. 

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Wow, So Great

Wow, so great 
To watch the orb
And feel the flame 
Come to sleep 
On your lovely lips

Wow, so great
To sit on benches 
In July morn 
When the sky greets 
The trees, the flowers and tares
And touch
Your soul— 
As it begins to sparkle
On a sea, filled 
With diamonds

And wow, so great
To lay, onto the sand dunes 
And wait for 
The night to burst in orange, with you 
Whose life never been so great

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She Saves Me

It’s as if God has slapped the surface of the sea
Cresting waves of the ocean now headed for me
Tidal waves of passion to be entering my heart
Will bring new lives, enriched from the start

The water pounds the shoreline drowning the sand
Now heated emotions make me reach out my hand
To find and grab that someone there in the depths
Together we will breathe by sharing one breath

No thought of drowning, that’s not for me this day
Buoyancy given to my heart is in a loving way 
I now see the surface, the leveling of the seas
I see the beauty of my partner, what she, means to me.

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Turquoise paper patterns in mosaics on the wall
Fountains spilling liquid glass into their shallow pools
Open leaded windows with cut rose marble sills
Scarlet woven rugs of wool down hollow echo halls
Mint green air in the atrium
Honeysuckle vines entwined
Scent of the earth upon the skin
is inevitable and defined
Hush is the house and hush is the land
the hedges, an unconquerable maze
Thorns harden roses of antique descent
in crater shaped pots made of clay
Steps descend amethyst with granite black veins
Straight  to the aqua sea
Under the cover of tree limb tunnels
Steeped in old secrecy
Mingled with shells are tiles sand polished and spit to the walloping wind
Old piano blanket on the flattest of rocks, picnic about to begin
Journal, burnt leather, blowing wide open for the circling birds to read
Emotions of magnitude, shy from their solitude, flood to the page and are freed.

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This bright blue sky, 
reminds me of you. 
I lie back in the field 
of cosmos 
to you.................. 
I yield 

This meadow, 
this cosmos, 
Is my love so 
For, beauty here 
and beauty there, 
Cosmos everywhere 

This cosmos field 
This bright blue sky 
To you, 
I yield 

To lie back in the field, 
in the warmth of the sun 
Staring up, 
to bright blue sky 
This I yield 
My heart to fly 

Your cosmos flower, 
chose me.......... 
In this colour sea 
In the colour field 
To you............. 
I yield 
Your colour I see 

Bright blue sky, 
Pretty flowers sigh 
Cosmos field, 
to you 
I yield 
For here I lie 

This soft wind, 
blowing through me 
This is what happened, 
your cosmos flower, 
in this field, 
leant towards, 
the inner me 

This cosmos field 
belongs to you and I 
This cosmic colour sea, 
dreamily sigh 
We both yield, 
under bright blue sky 

Lying back in a cosmos sea 
Looking up to bright blue sky 
Soft wind blowing through, 
this colour sea, 
and you are with me too 
I dreamily sigh 

My cosmic colour sea............. 
where you are meant to be 
it is you.... 
that I have taken there, 
lying back, enjoying cosmic air 
You ..... 
Yielded too 

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Eerie Waves

You seem ill at spirit
Yes I can feel it.

Thorn apart by grieve
Trapped in your own coral reeve.

A mermaid which has lost her way.
Whispers words of worship.
I heard her pray.
In the depth of my soul
In which she lay.

Melancholy tears swept by the merciless tide,
the sadness making all the creatures of the depth hide.

I sung her a lullaby which told her to no longer cry.

I told her weep no more sweet maiden,
You'll be safe in this heaven.
No longer shall your cheeks be stained with tears,
As i will silence and fight your fears.
Swap your disturbing dreams with chains of pearls.
So that your head is no linger in a whirl.

I'll buy you a smile,
I know it will take while,
There is no sense in denial.

She looked up at me
making me see
Two dark pools of eyes which seemed so wise.

Look at my heart which has been thorn Apart,
With promises made from the heart.
My spirit sings no more.
Cast away dying on a darkened shore
Forever banished in old folklore,
My very essence no more.

A piece of drift wood cast away
burned at the stake
Never again to see the light of day.

Just give me one reason,
Before I weaken,
And my hearts stops beating.
Of way i should stop from leaving.

You still have your soul as bright as day
Willing to carry you the way.

Memories long gone rotten.
Ancient knowledge long forgotten.

On this day and in this hour
An end to stories long gone sour.

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Cool water lapping at the edge of white sand, 
holding my hand 

Warmth of sun, 
warmth of hand, 
Warmth of love, 
Warmth of sand 

No one for miles, 
wearing nothing, 
but our smiles 

Footprints in sand, 
none but our own, 
walking along the shore, 
we know what it is all for 

Hand in hand, 
walking on sun bleached sand, 
no words we can say, 
on the beach of eternal play 

For, no words are needed, 
our thoughts,words are as one. 
You and I under golden sun, 
hand in hand 
on sun bleached sand 

Shade of palm, 
you by my side, 
serene and calm, 
the beach stretched far and wide 

Wearing nothing but our smiles, 
we can see for miles, 
paradise perfect, 
crystal clear sea, 
blue and green reflect, 
the love you have for me 

Cool water lapping at edge of white sand 
holding my hand 

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How sweet the colour 
The colour of my love........ 
For you 

Meant for you 

Loving colour.......... 
from me 
Given to you 
Feeling it too 
Like mist from the sea 

Finds you 
What you have missed 
The colour complete 
as you have wished 

Given to you 
The colour kissed 
As sea mist 

My love too 
The colour 
You cannot resist 
The softest kiss 
Has always been in you 

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Her Love is Strong

Upon the eerie shores of night
As waves come crashing on the sand
She stands there waiting, hoping, strong
For her one true love, her seafaring man

With shawl there wrapped around her tight
With eyes so staring, wandering the sea
She prays he return to her and her heart
For his was love, so meant to be

She’ll wait there for an eternity
For an eternity

As breaths so time her nightly wait
She whispers softly on the breeze
With hopes he’ll come, with open arms
When he hears her voice on the sea

Alas, she waits, her love is strong
For him, whose mistress is the sea
She’ll stand to greet him upon return
Upon the shore is where she’ll be

She’ll wait there for an eternity
For an eternity

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The colours.... 
Took me away.... 
From me.... 

The golden light... 
Touched me 
Touched you too... 
On a golden sea 

On the edge of light 
looking  down.... 
In to the night 

You crossed a golden sea... 
Just to be with me 
I can understand.... 
How you left it all.... 
Leaving the bland 
Just to be with me 

A sail.... 
So far away 
On a horizon of deepest blue 
Coming to you..... 
To take.... 
The inner you..... 
Setting it free... 
On a golden sea 

The colours 
Held me in sway... 
Took me away 
Let me go... 
On a golden sea 

I do not know.... 
What I search for 
I will find it... 
On a golden sea 

A golden sea.... 
Where you found me 
For the inner you 
To set it free 

A horizon of deepest blue.... 
What it meant to you... 
What it meant for me... 
On a golden sea... 
Standing on the edge of light 
Looking in to the night 

The colours, true 
Set me free 
On a golden sea 
Took me to you