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These Life Moon poems are examples of Life poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Life Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

Exposure: Part II


"Yes, then I am filled with hate," she replied.

"You need to let it go. I know....I used to be filled with cold hatred.
Let it go. People can violate your body,
but it doesn't mean your soul is also violated -
not always.
Your body is only on loan anyway.
The soul is truly yours."

We moved even further away from the music and lights,
until we eventually found ourselves outside.
The sleet had stopped falling,
and amongst a crowd of pigeons sitting on a wire,
a Raven was perched on a buzzing halogen lamp.

Clouds broke apart, exposing a crescent moon hanging from a winking star
like a Christmas ornament, or an earring of night herself.
Not fixed, but dangling,
always moving and changing.


"Breathe in deeply. Focus in on the star,
pretend that you are casting your eyes up to the moon like a fishing line.
Begin reeling in your mind."

"Seems like a silly game to me."

"Please try it."

The Raven was watching us from its perch.
I breathed in and out deeply,
opening up my lungs and heart to the sky.

I turned to her and asked, 
"Do you feel hate coming from the Raven perched over there?"

"No, not that I can tell."

"Remember. You can still become someone's Queen.
People can violate your body, but your soul can stay intact.
Even if you doubt it right now."

She pulled out some napkins from her purse,
handed them to me, and asked, "Will you write it down for me?"

-And so I did-

January 1st, 2012

Details | Ode | |

Pleasures of Moving on Moon

Pleasures of Moving on Moon

You have always charmed us by your beauty, O Moon,
Sometimes fascinating Heer and Ranjha*, and sometimes,
Mesmerizing Romeo and Juliet.

Sometimes you have spread your charms, on the monuments of Love, 
Alluring the beauty of Taj*, in the full moon light of Purnamasi*
O, Moon how many faces of Love and Beauty you have,
When you stroll silently on a snow covered maintain,
The beauty and your grandeur becomes envy for the heaven.

For Poets and Writers you have immense stories and inspirations,
For Lovers you are more precious than gold and diamond,
For singers you are like the soul of their songs,
For Boatman’s, you are their sole companion of their silence and turbulence.

While watching you so intensely from earth,
I felt, as if I was wondering on the silver surface of you O, Moon,
Moving and feeling, no gush of wind,
No moisture of Rains and dryness of Sun,
No falling of leaves, in the season of Autumn,
No bending of rivers, flowing from mountains to oceans
No murmuring of birds while mating and chatting,
No change of seasons to engage my mind and heart,
Still I was fascinating to move on the silver surface of you, O Moon.

Walking on your surface was a strange experience for me O, dear Moon,
As I was trying to feel the unique pleasures of earth, 
While moving on your silvr surface, O Moon.

Kanpur India 22nd November 2010
Soon I will post this as My Photo Poem with the Photograph of Moon on my Blog and on face
book, which I took on 22nd Nov. 2010

•	Heer and Rangha. The Indian Lovers like Romeo and Juliet 
•	Purnamasi.      The Day as per Indian calendar, when we can see the full Moon.
•	Taj.                  Refers to the world famous Taj Mehal monument of Agra, India.

Details | Narrative | |

The Devil's Tide

I looked up at a silver moon 
Peering through a cloud of misty gloom 
As we sailed across the Atlantic Sea 
That fateful night in June 
And as I stood upon the bow 
A furrow crossed my troubled brow 
When I saw a dying star fall from the sky 
As the wind out of the north 
Began to cry 
'Twas then with fearful heart 
I came at last to realize 
That we were sailing 
On a wave of ill-tidings 
Known as 'The Devil's Tide' 
For no omen of the sea 
Brought more fear than thee 
A fallen star -  a silver moon 
Together in the month of June 
If legend true would surely bring us doom 
So with no trace of land in sight 
We sailed onward through the night
I -  the Captain 'Louie Lou' 
With my faithful crew 
Aboard the 3 mast schooner 'Angel - of the Blue' 
On canvas wings we flew 
Upon the wailing wind that blew 
Then suddenly a hush of malaise 
Crushed the summer night
Filling all the crew with dreadful fright 
As all the stars in heaven lost their light 
And the silver moon dipped completely out of sight 
Leaving us to drift without guidance 
To our unknown plight 
An eerie sound began to roll out of the west 
Growing louder and louder as we held our breath 
Until it was upon us and the ship began rise 
As we looked in horror into the Devil's eye 
As the Angel of the Blue began to fly 
Up the Devil's breast she climbed 20 fathoms high 
One by one the Angel's wings were torn away 
As she fought to save us from the Devil's rage 
Screams of horror falling from her timber sides 
As the crew fell into the Devil's tide 
And I -  tethered to the helm -  watched them die 
As we climbed even higher into the Devil's eye 
And as the Angel's body creaked and cracked
We finally scaled the crest and rode upon the Devil's back
Just before I fainted and my world went black 
I woke up in the morning high on a mountain side 
Never knowing just how I had survived 
knowing only that my Angel and my crew had died 
Many years have come and gone since then 
And I am forever haunted by each and every one of them 
My faithful crew and my mighty 'Angel of the Blue' 
I see their faces in my dreams 
As I awaken to their screams 
Wishing, too -  that I had died 
But someone had to live 
To tell the tale of the 'Devil's Tide'.


Author:  Elaine George
Entry for contest:  Legends
Awarded:  First Place

Details | Acrostic | |

The Sun Rises--The Moon Sets

The Sun Rises- -The Moon Sets 

Think of life, the cycle of 
How radiation can support life, enough heat to
Ensure a stable self sustaining system.

Something like our RA,  peasants producing
Under this celestial god. He may be dull at times, but
Never far from active.

Rising to all inhabitants.
Imitated by many, but none can capture
Something so surreal. For many hours 
Everything thrives into productivity only to
Soon fade. 

Telescoping images of you in the night
How warm is your glow soft blue white
Ever circling the world we call home

Master of revolution, elliptical, precise
Omnipresent, effervescence
Orb of the night, silent in flight
Never failing, glowing light

Shimmering beauty, through magnified eye
Emitting a wondrous, magnificent sight
Torched your surface, by meteor showers
Shine again tomorrow, I'm forever yours   

This poem is written in the Acrostic style by father and son..
SUN written by son, MOON written by father
2009...........Jared Pickett and Richard Pickett

Details | Rhyme | |

When The Sun Sets

When the sun sets, The stars shine with no regrets. Darkness fills the air, The moon gives light with every care. The darkness is easier to walk through, Every light shining is so pure and true. Guidence forever are the stars in the sky, With them we find our places lifted so high. Forever is the moon to cast light upon us all, We become encouraged to stand firm and tall. The stars shine with no regrets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, Shining its powerful light it never forgets. Though light fades to darkness, It comes about with alertness. Shadows before the eye can see, The little shining light is enough to set us free. Sometimes we are afraid to walk alone in the dark, From which we were given a caustic remark. Guidance Forever is the changing of dark and light, It helps us to be strong and make one last fight. Forever are the shadows lurking at every turning point, If we give in it is ourselves we disappoint. Shining its powerful light it never forgets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects. All the animals of the sea, Come forth creating a musical harmony. The waves crash upon the shore, Washing up new sand to the ocean floor. Its a beautiful site to see, The ocean sounds are calmingly free. Who's to say the ocean isn't peaceful get away, Its a calming place to relax and stay. The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects, When the sun sets.

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Moon, Light That Celestial Path

Moon, Light That Celestial Path

Moon, cast me into thy light
this is a brightly loving night
Disturb not moon's sweetly glow
spirits, earth to heaven go

Another realm beckons my soul
called from a heavenly scroll
Earth's lights will very soon dim
my spirit races on to meet him

Moon, gifter of passion's hope
no longer in darkness I grope
A brilliance now lights my way
gives promises of eternal day

Night darkness hides no more
light beckons from eternity's door!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-23-2014

note , This poem is dedicated to the poet 
and authoress of today's Poem of the Day and 
her poem titled: 
Ballad of Mistress Moon, by   
Eileen Manassian , which has been wisely chosen 
to be Poem of the Day..
An inspiration both in her writes, her charming 
ways and her great spirit!

Details | I do not know? | |

The Puppet Master

Once upon a time there was a puppet master.
Who was very lonely and wanted something to love.
So he decided to make the heavens and the earth.
Earth was empty and dark.
Then he made the light into a big ball called day.
The darkness called night.
Later he put a sky up so high and clouds that looked like cotton. 
Since there was too much water on earth he separated it in two parts.
Making one land and the other called the sea.
The puppet master saw that it was good.
Going all around the land he planted vegetation, trees, fruit and many other 
Looking at everything that he had done and saw it was good too.
He separated the day from night.
Made signs to mark seasons, days, and years.
Two lights were made over the earth.
One which shined all through the day called the sun.
A night light called the moon was the second light.
The clouds in the sky played with the sun all day.
Made the moon feel lonely and wanted someone to play with.
He thought about giving the moon some friends.
Therefore he made the stars to dance with the moon at night.
Everything he made was good and still wanted something to love.
Then he made creatures to live in the water, land, and in the sky.
Blessed them the gift to multiply.
Different kinds of animals where made in every part of the earth.
He liked all the things he had made and saw it was good.
However he still couldn’t find something to love.
Thinking over and over what else to make.
He looked in the mirror to see his own reflection.
An idea that he never thought of came to mind.
To make an image that looked like him.
A man who would rule all over the sea and the land.
A woman to be by his side and to share the earth.
Then it was done just like that.
Blessed them to be fruitful and to increase in number.
He gave them all the seed-bearing plants to eat.
All the creatures that moved on the ground, water, and the sky belonged to all 
He found his love and saw it was good.
His play was complete and so was he.

Details | Terzanelle | |

An Epic Battle With A Simple Question

A beautiful heart pines from afar. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! Celestial winged heart beats faster, Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. Embarking from sun brewed and moonshine skies Two alien races, in war, collide. Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. All brothers' swords raise, marching with pride. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Two alien races, in war, collide. The angered clouds rain blood from the sky. A new path finally found. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Brothers' swords low now to the ground. A beautiful heart pines from afar. A new path finally found. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! In universe Out bound energy Where are we when we die?

Details | Rhyme | |

Oceanic wisdom

16th & 28th may 2012.

A fortnight back, an evening drove me to Sernabatim shores,
To calm my mind’s fury that was churning galore.
There, I listened silently to what the ocean waters were seeking to tell me,
Opened myself to the wisdom, which unfolds with each wave that melts, frothy but free.

Far away on the shores stood alone in soothing waters, I me and myself, alone,
Gawking and listening to the tepid simmering waters, melancholy strains unknown.
And then the churns in my mind began to gasp and soothingly ebb down,
Festooned happiness and joys began to ooze and erupt all around.

Ears now filled with sweet melodies of spent waves tirelessly repeat,
Each note calmed my mind and subtle positives vibes making my mood upbeat.
The warm saline breeze whispered as she blew around me,
A queer descant engulfed my bare body amidst mists of water sprays.

On the supple and soft shores made myself a pillow of wet sand,
And spread myself facing the black velvet sky that to me seems so grand.
The stars, planets and the moon up above,
Stood witness to my body and mind, of earthly pain freed now……

The sand was my warm bed at night,
The frothy spent wave came on to me like blankets of never ending delight.
Spirits look down on me from all round and up above,
Now, disappeared the abyss of remorse, as were abound the cataclysmic effects of joy and love.

I felt I was in paradise that night,
Under the moon shining bright,
And then opened, the flood gates of my mind,
Like magic, the sublime wisdom into me seeped in to be confined.

And then my mind’s canvas filled with tone tint and hues
With the wisdom that the waters to me impart without bemuse.

Stop leaving and you will arrive,
Or else joys of innocence you will deprive….

Stop searching and you will see,
Don’t hold on or withhold..let go and it will come back of its own will …free…

Stop running away and you will be found,
What goes around comes around..

I struggle no more,
I live my moments without hate and abhor.
I walk freely and can now attract,
That to me which was absolutely abstract.
For in me has now absolutely dissolved,
The fear of separation, failure and anxiety... To the next level evolved.

To the next level evolved

i wrote this one one a shack at sernabatim beach at south goa ,India... and left it in the menu card......4 days later i got it published in the newspaper using my pen name....the next week end i went to the shack and the owner had put it up for all to read

Details | Sonnet | |

Sea of Tranquility

                                                                                                                                     Like fingers, lovely birch tree shadows play
On virgin snow like hands upon a sheet;
So bright the moon it seems like light of day,
But stars among the forest’s members peek.

And while my Love lies pleasantly at rest,
I dream awake and contemplate my muse;
Enraptured by this scene on winter’s breast
Where thoughts are drawn and peacefully diffused.

So now I look upon the face of time
And all my years of life become but one.
In timelessness I feel my spirits climb,
Where thoughts of love and life can laugh and run.

Now I am left at peace and free to be,
There lost within the moon’s tranquility…

Details | Alliteration | |

' The Moon's Pilgrimage ... '

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Across The Sky To Praise
The Maker and All His Wondrous Ways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Rises High, In Grace
Yet, Still In A Humble – Pilgrim’s Place

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Will Not Betray
All The Moonlight, GOD Lets Display
Tho’ She Moves In His Cosmic-Stage-Play
From His Theme-Theatre, She Will Not Stray

My Pilgrimage … Thru Deep, Dark Space
With Silver-Wings and Beams, I Chase
The Unknown and Known Questions Raised
Will Be Answered, When The Maker Says …

My Pilgrimage … To Touch Heaven’s Face
That Beauteous, Elusive, Mysterious Trace
Borne At The Blessed-Beginning’s Base
My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pray …

My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pay –
My Vows, My Voice, In Vesper-Vase
As This Moon, Is In Harvest – Phase
And Beams Brighter Now … Tho’ Slanted-Gaze

… The Moon … Glowing Ochre-Gold Or Silver
The Moon … Is Making Pilgrimage, Remember
The Moon … Is Trying To Help Deliver
Lost-Souls, Who Can Not Find … Moon River …

… Moon’s Pilgrimage … Keeps Steady Pace
Even Climbing Thru Dense, Cloudy-Lace
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Is Like A Dance, That Sways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Into The Night’s Embrace … …

Details | Rhyme | |

Suzie Haus

I had a horse named Suzie Haus when I was twenty-one.
I had wanted her since I was seven, the waiting was finally done.
She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, in the World up to that day.
And forever in my memory her beauty will continue to stay.
A painted mare with a black mane and tail, then brown over white.
She became the best friend I’d ever have, you might say we were tight.
I fed her every morning, as I talked to her as I cleaned out her stall.
Then every night I did the same, plus cleaned four hooves all.
I brushed her to a shine, I was so proud of her each day.
Then with a saddle, reins, and me…we were on our way.
The stable was near a river, on top a great big bluff.
A dirt road shadowed with trees allowed us to strut our stuff.
As we danced down the road, the lightening bugs rejoiced.
And gentle breezes touched us, giving the leaves their voice.
Then peace would settle round us, as off to trails we would sashay.
This was the stuff that dreams were made of, and I had it every day.
Birds could be heard throughout the woods, the serenade complete.
I saw the river far below, and the sky with clouds of fluff so sweet.
Sometimes we were with others, but most often we were alone.
But it didn’t really matter, for we always knew the way home.
As we turned to go down the bluff, the river urged us to come below.
Deer danced on the land beneath, in the fields a buck and does.
The gentle angle to the floor below, allowed us to mingle in.
They let us close within a few feet, they thought Suzie was a friend.
At the river the blue sky with a reddish sunset had lite everything aglow.
Soon river barges came floating by, and it was quite a show.
Fishermen sat there minding their peace, until the moon began to glow.
The moon twinkling on the river below, was always beautiful and clear.
We’d talk a while, and breathe so deep, the air had a different flavor here.
Once I met a young man looking for inspiration to write a song.
At that time it began to rain so I helped him quickly get where he belonged.
He thanked me profusely, as he made it to his car.
I had helped him save his love, a very beloved old guitar.
From inside his car he played a song he’d written, while he had been there.
I sat upon Suzie beneath a canopy of trees, that sheltered me, I swear. 
Finally the rain and song were done, my serenade complete.
Then I rode off back to home, later achieving more memories and gentle treats.

Details | Free verse | |

Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

Details | Rhyme | |

The Questioner

The moon fills from the top
Each day gets lighter, growing
How it hold the light and it not run out
The bottom just pouring

Seeing the moon in day
Up in the clear sky blue
Makes mind search for way to express
Ones' questions about you

Momma always said that
I could ask more questions
Than Philadelphia lawyer

(My mother always said that I asked too many questions ...Very inquistive child was I....Still 
wonder.....The word abstentions means do.)

Details | Couplet | |


The crimson moon bawls on his flight
Doleful to be condemned to night

His samba partner teems with life
Yet he hangs listless filled with strife

Whilst craters pock his dusty face
Her smooth profile glows soft with grace

Waves splash coyly along her skin
As parching drought afflicts the twin

Halo membranes caress her soul
While he claims little to extol

He’s locked away from that embrace
Like a buckle upon her waist

Sequestered on his lofty perch
He ponders how to end his lurch

He tries to shake his mantle free
So he can float with meek debris

Just as he starts to drift away
He hears whispers begin to play

Prayers hailing romance twist his ear
Until he melts away from fear

Maybe those folks below can see
Just how lonely the moon can be

Words purify to help him heal
His love for her shall make him real

Details | Ballad | |


Silently the moon rose 
from, it seemed 
The Whispering Trees 
This, I dreamed 

When all is dark and silent 
A Heartstone Moon shall rise 
It's soft light illuminating 
All you meant 

So many things change 
Never a Heartstone Moon 
New seasons to arrange 
Queens, coming soon 

Such mysterious light 
Filled a castle with wonder and delight 
So close, it seemed 
Such a beautiful thing 
Can only be a dream 

Only an Eastern pink sky, 
can fade a moon 
So perfect 
Long, will it lie 
In your heart 

A Heartstone Moon 
Gathered her stars 
Let them play 
Above, a castle 
That will see the dawn soon 

A moon is for dreams 
Stars for love 
This is why... 
Or so it seems 
A starlit sky 
Castle below 
A Heartstone Moon, 

Details | Salaam | |

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Details | Concrete | |


Silly ants? 
No. Silly humans and maybe silly ants. 
So egotistical and naive to think we are the grand creation. 
We live in a world where there is hope to sell as many people on the idea that they actually have all the answers. 
If they are unable to find an answer nowadays it is assumed that well, 
someone must know it. 
Of course, this person must be wiser if they have the answer in mind. 
Who knows how much cognitive dissonance leaks out of those who assume they could know everything if they wanted to, after all, a grand creation would hold the key. 
What If someone who has not been deemed successful had the answer to their question? 
They are simply not seen as wiser than the one who asks, 
but merely, an uneducated soul. 
They want you to give into your limits. 
They want them to seep through to all who accept them in order to kill learning and thrive their tools to enslave. 
We must have belief of one's self over open belief itself. 
To be imaginative you must let your mind conjure all the possibilities. 
Considering it all, willing to learn, 
and your mind becomes an open feed to the energy of the evolution of thought. 
To continuously learn you must be open to everything that may hold the possibility of truth. 
How do you know that ant isn't your God, spying on you from the throne? 
How can you possibly think you understand the difference between the microscopic to the non-comprehensive? 
We are but an organic spec to the dominance of these barriers,
though they securely hold us to these realms. 
We must soar past it and realize that we are not alone. 
Next time you see someone looking down on those ants with their horrifying sense of might, 
remind them, someone may be looking down on us with a sure tale of remarkable power in it's true form. 
We must diminish our false sense of power and give way to sincerity to one another and allow ourselves to pick at each others brains in the hopes we learn as much as we can from this life to the next test. 
I like to think that you may have started as a simple drop in the ocean and then you were set free into the eye of another. 
And then a plant and then you died and so on until you found yourself here today. 
Finally graduated to a human. 
Perhaps it was the other way around and you have to learn what it feels like to go from the top all the way to the bottom. 
Again and again until you learn what you're suppose to.
And then, you will be allowed to go home.

Details | Rhyme | |

Season's Round

Summer sunshine in her hair
The Autumn moon in her eyes
Winter’s promise buried there
Hints of Spring therein lies

The Autumn moon in her eyes
Winter’s snow upon her skin
The seeds of Spring wait to rise
To field the Summer once again

Winter’s snow upon her skin
Spring flowers to grace her face
Summer’s vow to come again
Until Autumn takes its place

Spring flowers to grace her face
Summer’s sunshine in her hair
Autumn hints leave bare a trace
That Winter’s cold will follow there

Details | Ballad | |

The moon

The summer passed so fast
I thought you and I would never last
You told me our memories won’t be just a blast
Ever was I the one to doubt our past.

Clouds were soon hiding the sun
The difficult hadn’t even yet begun
I saw your shadow everywhere I went
I guess that’s just how much you meant.

But even in the darkest hour
The moon was there-a source of power
And each look made you feel so near
A dream to chase the presence of my fear…

Details | Sonnet | |

Lure of the Moon

The tingling sound of the moon does lift me I float towards the heavens where I'm free I reach to the light that emanates there Beauty is like none that I can compare Swirling right near my head are the dark clouds It looks like this night sky has some dim shrouds The ground below me is moving away As I slowly, but surely, upwards sway I start to breathe the colder air that’s high The moon is getting bigger as I fly I see imperfections of the moon’s face Stars blink messages, I try to keep pace That grand lure of the moon that’s before me Brings me higher than I could ever see Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

Neverland over Wonderland-- Recited

To the moon, Alice, to one of the many moons… Forget the rabbit hole for once let’s go in a different direction, to lands beyond imagination Take my hand, Alice, hold on to mine, and never let go… Trust me as we leave reality we’ll take that next turn to the right, and race towards sunlight Toss caution to the wind, Alice, live carefree like a child would… Cut off those ropes and hooks that bind you don’t be scared of your own shadow, rather, dance with it like there’s no tomorrow Tap into laughter again, Alice, so that fairies can frolic to its melodies… Remember how good it feels Cheshire cat grins—those come and go, but laughter lives in hearts you know Think not of time, Alice, escape with me where dreams are born… Step off that cliff towards uncertainty just fly away, boosted by happiness, embracing adventure and silliness To the moon, Alice, across and over it, to the land of Never You’ve been to the land of Wonder and learned to grow up, but I have to say, sometimes going back to the start shows the right way… --kindly highlight the link above, then either --right click on it and allow to open in new tab/browser OR --right click, copy and paste onto a new tab/browser Thanks.... ***September 25, 2010*** written for Deborah’s Harvest Moon ;p contest--> "to the moon Alice"

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

In a burst of color and animal choruses 
Sovereign sun heralds in a golden morning –
The air was delicate with the perfume of cherry blossom 
Blown in from the hem of pink rows that lined the 
driveway on Grandpa’s farm 

I looked across at hay stacked verdant hills that were
Tossed with yellow daffodils, purple crocus and white snowdrops 
They danced to the baton of the breeze and the 
Hidden orchestra of lilting bird song of that fragrant spring morn

Grandma sang to me her songs of childhood 
As we walked arm in arm amongst beds of fragrant roses 
and budding fruit trees that whispered promises of full baskets  
that would soon be heavy laden with the Summer fruits, preserves, 
Pies and jam of a bountiful harvest, a few months from now

Summer came rich with its harvest, merry hearts
and long hazy, lazy summer days and nights scented 
with wisteria, frogs and cicada, chirping and croaking 
their melodious summer anthem of  ‘All is well with the world’ 
as we toasted to our full and wonderful life

Autumn brought in a more somber note and amber tones
though warm and restful, they soon told me - life is changing again
time quickly moves on - it prepared me for the winter and 
the chill mirrored in the face of the full moon as it lit a silvery path
to my next season’s change

The cherry trees glowed white against the dark night sky like iridescent bones along 
the snow covered driveway - they waved their bony fingers goodbye 
as I crunched solemnly down the long white corridor with slow steps and a  heavy heart that was beating to the mournful dirge of  hoot owls and creaking limbs – I blinked back tears under that star kissed sky and full moon that lit my path 
The moon reminded me- each season has its bounty that I can treasure -I held those memories close to my well seasoned but thankful heart.

Brenda V Northeast

Details | Rhyme | |

beautiful morning at two

It's such a beautiful night 2:30 A.M.stars are shiny and bright.
The quarter shaped moon shines, makes the starlight.
A beautiful peaceful quite calm of evening before morning,
Clean air gentle breeze the Lord's hands calming truly I'm believing.

No animals no birds just you and the silence.
Pretty spectacular the Lord-His Creation- the utter brilliance.
When noise is not present the stars dance and glitter just for you.
Which is why my time with the Father is pretty good around two.

Thankful for the wife, thankful that the Lord has taken the time to listen to me.
Many ask for things I'm sure for the things like I do, but in the early times it helps this sinner spiritually.
Six years or so I asked for a wife and at the same time I turned my life to God.
The easiest I found was turning my life to Him, the eternal, and I got the Lord's nod.

So now looking at the stars ass the moon shines and the earth slowly rotates.
I realize that the Lord has blessed me life is really great.
Using His gift of Rhyme for me to spread Our Father's word.
Is fine with the wife and I we are blessed and we think of one accord.

God has blessed us with a set of family's, no longer alone you see'
Not a big one a family nevertheless a family with Christianity and Spirituality.
So quietly with the Lord as all who I love are right now sleeping.
I will keep my promise to watch for Our Lord's return, this promise I will be keeping.

The starlight the night sky with it's stars are a Divine blessing a sign for me and you.
Quiet calming is the Lord's way and my time is now to be Spiritually with God and Jesus too.
God sees to it that He keeps the Holy Spirit in me. A comforting partner.
He's reaping His flock, a little at a time, that is sad so many so few to enter the Kingdom Were we will all be together.  

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Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

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How The Sun Was Made

Before man, there was only twilight upon the earth. The earth was divided by two realms, realms, not kingdoms; one above the earth, the Sky, ruled by the birds. The other, the Land, upon the earth, ruled by the beasts.

In the sky, among the clouds, was a large pile of firewood. How it got there is unknown.
It is believed to be there as a resting place for birds not wanting to rest on land.

One twilight, an enormous eagle dove toward the land. His dive caused an emu on the land to panic, thinking it was being attacked, the emu jumped up and struck the eagle. 

The eagle and the emu began a heated argument, then began to fight. The emu, in anger, plucked an eagle feather. The eagle, in its rage, swooped over to the emu nest, grabbing one of her huge eggs in its beak, soared skyward.

As the eagle climbed, he swung his head throwing the egg higher into the sky. The emu
screeched in horror as the egg smashed against the firewood. The yoke breaking, sparked, igniting the firewood, lighting up both realms of the earth.

Suddenly, the earth was bright and beautiful. All were dazzled, but soon relaxed, as the
fire begin to warm. The leader of the Sky saw the light and the warmth it produced as good.

He saw as the fire burned, it produced more heat and comforted all. It also began to
decrease the light and got cooler as the firewood went out. This was a bad thing, he
called all the birds together to gather firewood to keep the fire burning.

As the fire became coals, the light again returned to twilight and darkness.
The birds worked for hours to replenish the firewood.

As they began to pile wood upon the coals, the fire reignited. As the fire got bigger,
there was more light, and warmth. 

When the birds had piled on all the wood gathered, the fire again began to decrease in
light and warmth.

Again each twilight, the birds would gather firewood for hours.

After an undetermined time, light and the darkness defined. As the earth warmed and became more beautiful, the realms became one.

The Spirit of the earth saw what the birds had done and what had become of the earth was good. He moved the fire outward from the earth and made it burn all the time.

He made the earth turn. Day and night were created. The birds and the beasts were one with the earth.

The spirit of the earth was pleased. He had created the heavens and the earth, reaching into the earth, he grabbed a handful of dirt in his hands, Smiling, saying all is good, He created Man.

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Orange Full Moon

The night is full of fear and of dread The large moon was orange with fright The night brings with it a fearful edge Pumpkins are lit below an ancient tree The large moon was orange with fright There’s a haunted mansion which sits empty Pumpkins are lit below an ancient tree A graveyard holds only the walking dead There’s a haunted mansion which sits empty Bats fly freely through an upstairs attic A graveyard holds only the walking dead Skeletons love to laugh at the passersby Bats fly freely through an upstairs attic Horror that night brings, this place is worse Skeletons love to laugh at the passersby Terror escalates throughout the night Horror that night brings, this place is worse The night brings with it a fearful edge Terror escalates throughout the night The night is full of fear and of dread
Russell Sivey

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The Moon and the Sea

The moon and the sea Water crashes on the shore Shines in from the moon Where waves come rushing on me Opens world of the ocean
Russell Sivey

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Silver Moon

The silver moon hides behind the grey clouds Largely hidden, full of life, and quite proud The werewolf howls great and mighty tonight Brings fear to many, showing lots of fright Lit pumpkins at the entrance brings warning Where hollers are heard that are alarming The pumpkins guard an old house, house of fear Legends hold victims galore in its rear Within the graveyard they’re held without bail Their souls removed, their life was very frail Turned into animated skeletons They roam the cold cemetery commons The light was quite dim, as the moon peeked through In the dark night creatures will come for you
Russell Sivey

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The world is filled with temptation.
The heart is filled with desires.
The eye’s is filled with it own truth.
The mind is on the breaking point of sane and insanity.

We are only human.
We are only creatures, neither light nor dark.
We are only ourselves.

Some wear mask to defeat others.
Some wear mask to defeat themselves.
Some wear mask to hide who they really are.

Here is the point where we must decide in our life where we stand.
For trust and love and kinship of your blood will be tested.

First was the temptation.
Then it sets with desires.
Afterwards either the truth or lies are spun.
And to the last who shall stand brave or break under the weight.

We speak of truth when behind us is nothing but woven lies, and hearts full of deceit.
Can you not see the hypocrite side of us?
 Ha! It wounds me to known this, even more that I am one of those.

Take heed and resist or be forgotten with all others. 
For in this life there is only good or evil, light and darkness, the possible and impossible.

Such is us.
Such is you.
Such is me. 

Our world is filled with temptation.
Our hearts is filled with desires.
Our eye’s is filled with what we wish to see.
Our mind’s is filled with things that can make and break us.

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Pin Pricks of Light

The heavens, speckled with small dots of light Sometimes shooting as they pass through the night Many pin pricks scattered throughout the sky Allows spent prowess to pound way up high I delight in the show of sparkling stars All blasts a form shining beyond, so far Master of the lights is the humble moon Covers its fair share of beams like a tune Harmony, the light of the sky exists Coexisting with a warmth that’s betwixt Once the sky is clear, twinkling pebbles rock A glow so perfect, there’s never a block The warmth of the sky comes down to the Earth Beauty and fondness illustrates the birth… Of the speckled tiny dotted heaven The greatest of numbers, number seven Fathered the smiles off of people’s faces The light arrives and then blesses with grace The moon escapes, brings with it all its light Stars all align with randomness tonight Russell Sivey

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Full Moon Rises

Full moon rises over haunted house Things move there quiet as a mouse At the front porch are some pumpkins Lit as though there’s a soul within Nothing will come and surely douse Outside sits a large scarecrow louse Beaming eyes like a great lighthouse Bats fly inhaling all the sins Full moon rises A graveyard sits near the nuthouse No skeleton bears shirt like blouse Cat will scare you out of your skin Beneath the ancient tree like limbs Field they came from is a madhouse Full moon rises
Russell Sivey

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Thank You

As you are day
I am night 
As I am night 
You are day 
When I was blind you 
were my sight 
In the hours of darkness
you were my guiding light 
Like the moon and the stars 
that shine so bright 
You navigated me home 
in the foggiest of nights.

The heavens have sent you
this I do not doubt 
As i tally my blessings
I take you into count
For you were the only one 
to help me surmount.  

No longer wanting to live 
a life of sedation 
As I walk the road to self revelation
I carry a heart full of love, 
respect and appreciation 
For the one whom helped me 
claim my throne of salvation.

               THANK YOU

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The Moon

A full moon is rising
And there is no avoiding it
I can not escape this evil face
There`s nowhere to hide 
 From this sinister, white smile
From this victorious gaze
For the moon knows everything
It sees through me
It reads my thoughts 
I suffer from being exposed
Looking at its translucent light
Finally, I submit to it and confide in it:
``Nobody loves me.
My life is unfulfilled.``
It smiles gaily and gives me
Its silver light
The feeling  of sorrow is gone
Being unhappy was just
A silly, silly dream

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Questions for everyone

Questions for everyone

Has anybody ever sat? 
In a garden filled with flowers
Have you felt the magic there?
Have you felt the power?
Have you sat there with the body still?
And the mind too, just the same?
Have you ever lost yourself?
As the mind stopped playing games

Have you seen those magic colours?
And really seen them too!
Have you felt the touch of the morning breeze?
Have you seen the way she do?
Touch those branches with her glory
Make them dance in the morning sun
As the sparkles nearly blow your mind
And you’re the holy one?

Have you ever heard the dove’s warm Coo
And that deep, deep ravens croak?
Have you seen the mulberry tree?
As she dons her summers coat?
And radiance and reverence
Are all that one can know
Have you ever sat there in the garden?
And watched the morning flow.

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where in night shadows
only moon and stars are seen
blind men feel no warmth

with the light of day
when a full sun fills the sky
all men will feel warmth

blind who survive night
basking in warmth of that day
felt not moon and stars

By John Trusty © 1/20/12 for Linda-Marie’s haiku trio contest with a little sun/moon, stars/sky thrown in.

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Sleep In Her Soul

It's easy to become lost in the idea that only things in life change you;
rather than you are always changing in your creation. 
When you look at demons in the haze, marvel at the haze. 
Demons are feeling homesick.

Be true to everything you are and thrive on.
We all have demons, it's up to you on what to do with those demons. 
The most dangerous are the ones unknown. 
She is herself. A beautiful demon; not hidden behind a shadow. 

Her magic is infested in my desire.
She is beautiful for I can unravel her thoughts.
She expresses to me the words intertwined with my ambiguity.
Riddled with love; I sleep in her soul.

She is my butterfly in our cosmic cannibalism.

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Enveloped Dreamscape

In the quiet, the night to focus on Dreams escape my head bringing dusty eyes I follow its lonely steps to darkness The moon begins to shine, starts to revise Fog envelopes me holding me so tight I can’t breathe, suffocating, I don't lie… End of life forms before me, true as night I finally suck in breath of the sky Calmness enters my troubled head for once Fog starts to recede, I see a home there Is it mine, what is the purpose of this My dreams, so lost, am I truly aware Where am I to be in this dream, fancy I delve into the space under this moon Bewilderment occupies my shaved head Smooth as silk, I follow nothing so soon The fog starts to cast its way in again I’m blinded only by the moon’s blue light Now I must sit, I am tired, can’t go on I hear the ocean, is it a new sight I wake to the sound of my noise maker To see thick fog covering everything Every thought is clear, I can concentrate I blame it on my dream, ventured seeing Russell Sivey

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Synthetic Moons

This dust
A void
We trust
This is real
Magnetic solids
Fate is sealed
You call it

So struggle still
Churning fauna
In constant flux
Earthly sauna
Show me
The end
If it’s soon
I can't defend
Synthetic moons

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Tonight, the full moon blooms
And foils the looming gloom.
The remnant doom from noon
Has lost it's bullish tune.
And embraces dusk's eerie cool.

The village square it illuminates
Arena of moonlight tales of late
The little ones gather and wait
While the elderly engage in debates
And the goats noisily ruminates

The bright night, lights sparks
Of bliss and joy in trees' barks
The tall iroko whistle in parks
Where young lovers end their tracks
And skimpy skirts lose their tacks
The son of perdition frets unsure
The thief in the night fears exposure
The pirate sailor steers from ashore
The night fisherman denied action
For the kind light bathes the ocean

Tonight, the full moon beams proud
As the town crier makes his round
Belting forth a piercing sound.
While the town's chorus echoes loud
The stage is set for the yearning crowd

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Moon's Sway

There seems to always be a moon lit path Dashing out before me in the cool air Moon tends to absorb, like taking a bath Brink of light bordering the edge of fear Alone on a cool cobblestone walkway I venture where the moon sure doesn’t go There’s no light, just a feeling of dismay But the dewdrops do find a way to grow Cause the moon never reaches to this point There’s surely no feeling of peace nor calm Dew comes out and over me, to anoint Reaching my hand as I hold out my palm Then I walk off beyond the cool walkway But I don’t glance at the moon and its sway
Russell Sivey

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Desire is held in noble dream, inspired by the silence of night,
Willed to the merciless cold of senility, in a chill of evening darkness...
Our hands reach out to the perilous sky to catch a moon so still,
In the breadth of stars no dawn entombs us, as we cry for tomorrow rise

For the moon instills no shadow, nor rays that grace the dawn,
Nor buds of grass that silent grow where sincerity is born;
Like the simple sign of our quick decent into thoughts beyond the night
Or things obscured by spoken words, when a cooler breeze arrives

Come oh sun in solitude, rise children from their sleep,
Allow that that gives a faithful clue, to bid the night farewell,
Listen the call of a mockingbird, note lines on sincerity,
And caresses the daybreak with its early beams of light

By M.Norton

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Midnight Wanders

It is dark and the sky
is alight with stars,
they twinkle innocently;
secretly carrying their own
wishes that were cast upon
them by passing tongues of
children and adults alike.
The moon shines even brighter
still, it gives all life a 
pearl glow in the absence of
the hidden sun.
A breeze blows making trees sway
softly and their leaves flutter 
like wings of a bird.
Sound emits eerily among the
nooks and crannies hidden beneath
our feet where only spirits roam.
Midnight has struck and many may
wander into its secret realm of
nocturnal enchantment and be bewitched
by a single ray of pearl white light
gracefully given by the moon and stars,
like gifts from an angel – precious
and forever eternal.

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A White Candle

The warped side of the Moon shall fall to 
the ground.
I will be watching at rapid speeds beyond 
your reality.
Most will be wearing garments of 
untapped mortality.
Some of you’ll hear trumpets that are loud 
and sound.
More of you will be an embedded trap tied 
and bound.
You best remain in your God given Graced 
It will be a life or death to hold on to that 
pure vitality.
And for God’s sake don’t partake in the 
lost and found.
It is easy to lose your way through the 
Nothing is ever what it seems unless you 
make it.
So join within yourself become one big 
And make sure you have a white candle 
always lit.
Never lose the light of a white candle as 
the dark side of the Moon falls.
For the light of your white candle is right 
behind darkness and enthralls.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007.

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Within the Stars

Our feelings were high On this cold, dark, star-filled night I ogle your eyes You form beauty within them They twinkle like the white stars The moon shows its face As we walk down the black hill Letting our hands touch Our feelings surely brought joy As the sky winks at our love The stars have their love Ones that shined that gorgeous night Romance brought by stars And the moon has its power Love enters both of our minds
Russell Sivey

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Born Again

Let the sun don't shine today. Let the moon not come out tonight, or the stars give their light. Just let me be alone this night. Without anybody, just myself and my soul. I will reflect on my life and also my memories. Don't knock on my door, or call me on the phone. I will not answer. Tonight - I just want to be alone. What I have done and What I have been, will die with me tonight. Life has not been easy. I had my ups and downs. But tonight I will die and my past will die with me. Tomorrow when the sun comes out, I will be born again. The moon will come out and the stars will shine and a new life I will start...
Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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In Your Beautiful Eyes


Amid a star ferried night loves tears came falling ~ 

Into Your beautiful eyes, their dreams were calling

Through the whispering tides a heart left drifting

While I stood by Your side; the pain was melting....

And the moon cast her glow as a choir bringing, joy

To sweep this night with heavens Angels singing 

As I stood by Your side; these tears left falling 

Unto tides that wash away the pain; still drifting 

Afore loves moon cast a light; dreams went calling ~

Upon a star ferried night; and hearts were melting....


....“In Your Beautiful Eyes” *

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when night comes

when the night comes and the moon 
calls me i have to go                             
i battle the skeletons that have ahold 
of me and wont let go                           
crying and begging them to let me 
have life they refuse the night is 
you have to go prowling the streets 
like the lines in the road                            
looking for a lover who has no soul 
some one to feed me clouds from 
the sky             
some one to play the drums to the 
tune in my head i want to go to mars 
and you sir 
can take me                                                                                                            
torn between whats real and what 
isnt my bodys going numb i love the 
this feeling that comes when 
darkness arrives                                    
the moon laughs cause from this 
night i cant hide                                     
discombobulated and frustrated i 
may be                                                                     
i need to get out of here cause this 
aint me                                                        
crying and cussing about what i use 
to be                                                               
but now the night and moon light 
has a hold on me                                   
this life that i live by myself with no 
one else to tell                                                      
hiding secerts and lies like i work for 
the government                                                  
i need help and i know it but im 
scared  scared of the awkard stares 
scared of the 
whispers scared of the opinions 
scared of jugdements                                                
i will do it but im going into the night 
one last time                                                 
this time to many im fading fast my 
body is numb                                                      
the skeletons grab me their not 
letting me go this time they are 
taking me with 
as i cry to the sky while the sun 
breaks the moon                                                        
i see life i see light i see joy no more 
pain no more rain                                           
the sun is smiling shining bright go 
with the moon it is to late

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Night Riser

Lunette, i was named at birth and it perfectly suited me
cuz i was always up at night, observing it with scrutiny
i had a little secret, only Abhi knew and trusted me
he was my best friend ever, he believed in my destiny

i loved the moon and had a song
the song gave me answers in my heart
i didn't know how i knew that song
but it helped me seperate the right and wrong

The project i had in college was huge
Yen was arranging for Mr. Fiddle, but he refused
Mr. Fiddle was an astronaut, famous and renowned
But asking for his help, only left him frowned

"Lune, do you know him?" Yen asked me one day
"Why?" I asked confused, "He likes you!" Yen was about to say
"I don't know him!" i said to Yen, the joker
All he would do is fool around and play poker

"Fiddle said he'd meet us, only if you come along"
Was Yen telling the truth? Only one way to find right from wrong
at night i sung my song, asking moon for its help
i called Fiddle on his number, i knew that voice from somewhere

We set ready to meet him, Abhi, Yen, Marsella and me
Marsella and I were bff's once, but now I ignored her completely
After formal meetings at Fiddle's house, the others left me with him
all i wanted now is truth and only truth from him

"You're not a human Lune, Night Riser's, we are
I am your grandpa Lune, i've searched for you, wide and far"
He was kidding, i thought, i was not an alien
But then he sung my moon song, how did he know about it?

he started his story and involuntarily i sat still
i wanted to know the truth, no matter what will
"Pikshtra invaded our planet, Prisma" grandpa started to tell
"a bad person he was, he used explosives there"

"he bought me and my wife on earth for some research
a top secret thing it was, but for us, scientific torture
electric shocks and huge machines, made us unhealthy
in return all it did to him was make him wealthy"

"We tried to escape and managed at once
for a few years we got rid of him
We had a son, who was married by then
and two beautiful granddaughters was our gift"

"Pikshtra found us, on the birth day of my granddaughters
we ran in different direction, getting seperated
i lost my wife and others as well
But found both my grand daughters..."

"Where is my sister then?" i asked
"You know her" Fiddle said
"Marsella it is" he added along
it was too much to digest, i wanted to sing my song...

**for the entire story visit:

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Black and White World

In the black and white world that’s here at night Keeping limited viewing with our sight The moon is present and helps a little And the rain doesn’t help, it belittles You can see by the small amount of light But without color, which adds to the fright The rain is pouring and the moon’s beaming Having me to see somewhat, it’s gleaming I walk within this rain, the moon to play I don’t know what to do nor what to say I stand too long and I’m drenched completely I’m one with nature, I’m surely crafty I go along now in the black and white My eyes aren’t able to see enough light
Russell Sivey

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I have a Secret

I have a secret, the changing of time Affects me sublime, and opens me to The changing of blue to this lovely sign Of which I divine, the moon shines all through The fog entered into, each step I’m blind I reach every kind, the walkway is straight With fall leaves debate, I surely don’t mind I walk on them to grind, moon won’t abate The darkness all around depresses me I can sure see by the sound of the moon Not a flower to bloom, must be empty While it won’t be grumpy, surely too soon I don’t find a regret, where the power Resides in a tower, while it ensues I can’t breathe in the blue, it does shower Moon’s a ray of dower, just what we choose The land isn’t sound proof, is carries here The crickets do sheer, and cross barriers The gut can’t feel emptier, there’s no fear I grasp the fog’s tear, it cuts like daggers
Russell Sivey Contest: poems of secrets!!! shh!!! Sponsor: SKAT - O.D
Form Modified Quatrain Line 1: ab Line 2: bc Line 3: cb Line 4: bc

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Goddess of the Sky

The goddess of the sky grabbed many stars And she sprinkled them on the moon afar Then the moon glowed brighter with all its might Power emits from inside the moon’s sight She moves the moon along its burning path A wondrous movement not containing wrath Impressed by her work she watches the show The stars all twinkle and the moon does glow Below I lay on the ground observing On top of the lit sky she sits serving I watch her sprinkle stars onto the moon As the moon does glow it gets brighter soon No greater goddess than one of the sky She is the best to bring light up so high
Russell Sivey

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Tree and the Moon

The lone tree exists out in a large field Alone it hides itself truly concealed The moon shines down upon it bright and true The tree became everything that it knew Clouds cover the moon creating darkness Leaving all things obscure and quite useless Moon appears back to illumine the tree The light appears brilliant so you can see The tree absorbs all the moonlight right there To become a mighty tree that does care Tree knows it will be the show of the land For the light of the moon made it quite grand
Russell Sivey

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It's Great To Be Alive!

Tamera liked to run in the cold, on a whim she stopped by Woolworth and bought a package 
of hot tamale candies to eat after her run.  She loved having a reward for everything.  
Wearing her golden sweatpants Tamera decided to run laps, which she loved to do on the 
track alone late at night as the moon tipped his head and winked at her. She started this 
shortly after her divorce.   It was cathartic for her to watch her warm breath rise in the cold 
air.  Running in the winter made her feel alive to be so cold, to run and beat the elements. 
She loved the feel of the wind in her hair as she ran.

She didn’t notice the man that joined her, until he passed her.  She hadn’t seen him before.  
He had a Florida Gators jersey, orange sweat pants and a blue ski hat on. She liked his 
strides, they seemed fluid.  She had only been running a few years herself.  It was a hobby 
that she enjoyed.  Having company on the track felt good, normally she had the track all to 
herself.  She usually left after running three miles.  Tonight she felt like running more laps 
than usual.  She kept running.  Her new friend kept running too. Tamera was always 
competitive. Who knew maybe she could outrun him.

She found her rhythm and felt the adrenaline rush of the endorphins finally kick in. That's 
what she like about jogging, the endorphines. It felt freaking out of this world!  
Her heart was beating fast, her breathing was steady.  Her strides were growing wider and 
longer.  It felt so good to Tamera to be alive and one with the track.  She almost felt like 
she was flying over the Grand Canyon.

She kept running and running, until she could hardly feel her legs.  They felt numb, she heard 
the crowd as they cheered for her.  She saw every handsome man that she had ever known 
standing on the sidelines naked as they were cheering for her.  She smiled at them as she 
passed them by like a blur, for she was so fast.  She imagined her ex-husband lying on the 
ground rolling around in sheer pain as she ran all over him to win the race.  She saw herself 
jumping over the highest hurdles with the grace of an agile deer.  She was in her runner’s 

After a while, she noticed she had the track all to herself once again and her handsome 
gentleman, Mr. Moon had also moved along.  When she checked her mileage counter, Tamera 
had run eleven miles.  It was a great run, the best she had ever had. It was a great night to 
be alive!

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Moon's Reflection

Light of the moon reflects in the water Its bare ecstasy rules the wet surface Holding the sight in my eyes now I glow Glowing with radiance of the night face I feel the powers of the risqué moon The blue nature of the moon bleeds on out Showing peace and the cool disposition And the pool of water shows all about Showers of the bright light surely calms me Brings me to high planes of relaxation No connotation’s better than passion There’s only one moon with its reflection
Russell Sivey Entrant into Poet Destroyer A's "any poem about the moon or ocean- old/new poems" contest 3/3/2013

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Seeing with new eyes

The sun comes up and it’s time to go
The more I learn the less I know
The sky is so blue and in the middle is the moon
 It seems as if the sun has made some room.

I find it strange to see the moon in the light
When I think of the moon it’s shining bright at night
Maybe the day and the night have become one
 I open my eyes wide to view what is to come.

The day seems special yet like any other
Things I saw before I seem to rediscover
They are different yet quite the same
 Just another day, Wednesday by name.

I get in my car for I have to go to the city
The visual outside my window is so pretty
The colors are so vivid they cry out we’re alive
I seem to find peace on this very long drive…

I pick up my friend and we start our trip back
 I see all that I have and not what I lack
We talk of life and how the world is changing
 Though it seems quite the same just a little rearranging.

I arrive at home it’s been a long day
 All of the pieces just fit today
Everything around me joined together
I floated through much like a feather.

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The powerful silvery stardust

On that starry night, as I sat on the open balcony Of my own pigeon home, so cosy I saw, mesmerization, O pure adoration How beautous was this great attraction! A blanket of stardust, a black one full of stars Faced with it, so trivial seemed my scars Life itself seemed so mysterious And so full of grace so imperious! As I watched with wonder, came running down my cheeks Those tears, seeking their way out of their creeks Merciful must be the high Lord None knew why he did create a world so haggard! Somewhere, thought I, must be an abode There, sing the fairies, an eternal ode While switching on and off the blinking lights Of life and death, such must be its sights! On that starry night, living seemed a must A travel from a forgotten place to an unknown one To live simply with the wills of just Shall someday give me the high stature of the great swan!
Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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Revealing to Me

Laying down on my back I look straight up Sky’s filled with small dots and the moon’s a cup Specks are bright with a very brilliant white They are awesome to see, a gorgeous sight The stars bring an aura to me with life No problems in the world I see, no strife I relax when the dots are before me Superior is their glow, completely As I lay on the ground I do notice This sky harbors peace within its darkness For the moon and the stars sure envelope The unmoving specks of light develop The stars move me in my heart seeing true Revealing to me how much I love you
Russell Sivey

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I Shall Wait For You My Beloved

I shall wait for you to come my beloved
For you are my white star of twilight
The moon in the sky’s far end

I shall rise up with thee
Lie down with thee
For in my dreams thou art always with me

Oh Great Spirit
When our time has come
Join us together as one in the wilderness of your sacred home
When you look upon us give us your peace and refreshing sleep

For you and I my beloved, are two halves joined together
Each others distant shore
The left and right wings of the bird
Two halves of a seashell

We are apart, yet connected by a greater love
I shall wait for you my love 

The sun and moon bless the union of our spirits
Designed by our Creator for life’s endless journey
Joined like a tree to earth, a cloud in the sky
You are a part of me, as I am of you
Bonded by the Great White Spirit

You are my love, my heart’s best  friend
Our love will never cease, never end
I know it is thou who moves within my heart
Now and forever my beloved - I shall wait for you to come
Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ my love

"Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ means I love you in Navajo"

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the Father visits his son in the dark of day
The son is abed, pale in the light of night
For the sun and moon are witness in this hour of twilight
But the sun is not heat and does not shine as bright
And the moon is not rigid rock
The sun is a warm hope, fading ever so slightly
The moon is softness, the dark is soothing

The son is abed, covers sprawled over his listless form
The son is restless, he doth not sleep
The son is ebbing, his heart does weep
and his Father lifts the covers up tight around his chest
and kisses his brow;
The son blinks wearily, smiles wanly, whimpers meekly

Sleep my son, the Father whispers

But I cannot sleep - Sleep eludes him
I want to play - Rest prances about him
close enough to want, just out of reach
And how can I sleep father? - How can he rest atop this fated bed?
When I wish to wake? - When his heart doth weep restlessly?

the Father wavers, he caresses the son's brow, but not his heart
For the heart is within, the caress without,
Rest my son, he says, rest and forget
The Father, gently, lovingly, pulls the covers up, tight around the son's neck

But father, father why
My heart will not sleep
Five more minutes? Just five.

Sleep son, the hour is late, the time is neigh

And the Father, always lovingly, he pulls the covers tight over the son, and lowers him into 
the ground.

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Believe It or Not

Believe it or not

He swore by the day he sighted the earth
This step he took 
Was not aimed at piercing anyone
But to show his appreciation
At exactly the time (or on time)

Had he known the blessed wouldn't be pleased
With this gesture
He would have 
Hands down
And waved for naught

'What are my mistakes'
He asked
Cos his heart is mixed

This mind is now full with mix feelings

The memory of strange letters that gloomed at his eyes

Believe it or not
He had never wish for anything

If nothing will make him live a simple life
And meet his Creator in good shape
Then he will be satisfied with that hope
Than a hope of something 
Where he wishes for nothing


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Where do you go

The night sky calls, invites me home.
The moon and stars shine all alone.
The moon is full and starts to glow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The stars seem like diamonds in the sky.
They have no wings yet they do fly.
Their brilliance just continues to grow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun returns and shines so bright,
Providing light to chase away the night.
The rhythms of life still persist and flow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The air gets hot as the day lingers,
I watch as life slips through my fingers.
There’s something more I wish to know,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun kisses the horizon as it sets,
What you want may not be what you get.
A cool evening breeze begins to blow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The cycle is complete as it gets dark,
I look for a place to make my mark.
The stars and moon begin to show,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

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Silent sound

As night should fall and the bat flying in the nightly sky, I stand there at my window gazing into space light shimmering, singing the silent sound of my music.

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calm face of the moon Its light softens hard edges of days in the sun

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Cherry Blossoms

The silk like blossoms

That bloom in the night time air

It captures moonlight

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To Take Notice

To Take Notice

When we see the moon light up at midday
we look up and take notice 
for it stands out as being different
for the day before it appeared as the sun went down
so we did not notice 
just seeing things as everyday motions
while many never take time to look up
to see any of the beauty surrounding 
how everyday is created and a blessing to view
This is how the holy spirit shall work
when one shall call upon Jesus 
asking for forgiveness and guidance
knowing they need Jesus more than anything
then some will  stop and look at you
trying to figure out what it is they see different
not being the same person as the day before
the blinds over the eyes will be lifted
then to be  molded and guided 
to a new creation
as the moon lit up at midday
watching as  time passes  by
 it gets brighter and brighter
giving a light to the dark world
therefore we shall be called out 
to give light 
to the dark world

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Where Pleasure Exceeds

Peaceful, quiet in the cool outdoor space The moon spots a visit, bringing some grace The darkness is illumined by the moon Enough to make a couple start to swoon Path is lit up, an eerie glowing hue Allowing the couple something to do Something that’s not allowed in Christian eyes By their gushing hearts they did not disguise The moon showing them just what they should do The shade of the night is a dark, dark blue Path leads into the darkness, nothing’s there But their eyes are surely looking elsewhere Their heart beats within the deep moonlit night Where pleasure exceeds all desires tonight
Russell Sivey

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Good night full autumn moon shining so bold. Harvest is done this eve of this seasons end. I rest for this short period before the bitter cold. Playing my flute for you, my music I do send. I may be sad though my heart is gratefully filled. Good night full autumn moon shining so bold. Winters strength comes soon, elders’ bones are chilled. Weak with age though their memories brisk to be told. Stories rich with truth, understanding natures mold. Within the wilderness, my soul captured by insight, Good night full autumn moon shining so bold. I shall await the next day’s prudence, our tribes fight. As the moons shadows come out, though I never see, I play for natures delight, praising all things we never hold. My name is Len which means flute from the tribe of Hopi. Good night full autumn moon shining so bold
written by Cecil Hickman written for Sponsor ~ Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ ~ Contest Name Tell HIS Story~~

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The sealed mountain

The grass like words in a poem, grew up on the hill,
With the pulsing season birds` bitter and honey thrill;
So green and yellow written in the sad memory:
Words on painted crosses of wood and ivory;
Blessed words on lips and clouds passing far away;
Grass grew around the shinning words of yesterday;
Grass and fluorescent flowers of our good night ,
And long echo of Narcissus calling the first light
From whose tender drops the world caught life,
And temptation of good got dim shadowy strife.
Words like moon reflected on the time`s waters
Brought the stratified Yorick`s smiles of our brothers;
It seems a wet moon with  broken troubled waters.
We sag and summon back the past Job`s heirs`hearth
To find the sealed mountain whose true faith is enough . 

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Summer's Slumber -Kissing The Moon


  The balmy summer breeze 
Gently caresses the harvest saffron moon
  While it dreams memories of autumn’s golden red kiss
Trees are shedding their emerald green summer tresses
  Kindly kissing the Earth as their garments fall gently below
And flowers have shed their vivid colorful dresses
  As crimson amber leaves gently anoint the ground for show
While Summer sheds her beautiful clothes -
  Mother Nature lovingly seduces her to dream
She's kissed the shore with her elegant colorful attire
  She has painted the world with her exquisite apparel 
So now it's time for her yearly seasonal retire
  She paraded us with her resplendent painted scenes
Blessed the birds in their angelic symphony of songs
  So now -it’s time for her to drink the dreams of slumber
Taking the cup of restful sleep - is now where she belongs
She asks the moon to wait patiently...
  For her splendid colorful return
When she'll paint the world with her radiant painted tresses
  Where once more her regal colors will burn
She'll brush the Earth in regal glorious colors 
  Dressing up again in her brilliant, picturesque dresses
As the ruby red blaze of autumn begins to kiss the Earth 
  With her dazzling hues of gold and coral valor 

But before she goes...
  She gently reaches out with her one last caress...
Softly whispering as she sweetly kisses the moon
  ”It’s time now for fall - it’s time for me to undress”
She softly breathes her dulcet ending tune...
  "Goodnight", she gently whispers ...
"I’ll see you soon Mr. Moon
   Please...will you wait for my return? 

Quietly - she drifts into her splendid, peaceful dreams…
  Slumbering peacefully - 
Safely harbored in Mother Nature’s loving arms 
  As mellow zephyrs gently caress autumn's waiting whispers
While the moon drizzles its shimmering dusty charms
  Serenading nature with his soft silvery tune 
As this luminous gleaming Luna Mister 
  Cordially opens his welcoming hands 
To September's colors of orange and golden browns
Awaiting the arrival of dancing petals
As he gently embraces autumn's leaf draped lands 

Next he’ll greet the season’s sister 
  From the pristine silverblue Northern Isles...
Awaiting dancing ivory snowflakes he'll cheerfully greet winter 
  With his warm welcoming golden smile 


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A Date

Rushing through lusty August towards
A vault of blue, a longing promise.
It is like waiting for the visiting moon,
The day when the silver light shimmies past
My bedroom curtains, and I will look up
And I will feel the burning of the heart.
Mist will pour down from the Sun
And the same mist will fall from my mouth.
I will no longer be in need and
It will all sliver pass me.

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I recall now the days when forever seemed but a short time The visits to the hospital, brought sad images to your mind She lay on a bed, cords all around her, no hair upon her head The cancer drove us crazy with worry tears and fright She was only a baby, I didn't get the chance to say goodbye Farewell until we meet again where you'll be waiting... waiting for tomorrow to come again. What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. And now I lie here thinking it through, memories flash through my head, memories of you Moments of a bittersweet time Reminiscing the days when you were mine The days when you were alive The tears come back to my eyes I feel the need to cry but nothing slides out I need to scream and shout, My emotions pour out as one, silently So what if tomorrow never comes? Reality in death is so hard to accept, I need my tomorrow to come... What if it never does? What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. Will tomorrow ever come? I just want to be awake when the moon becomes the sun I'm waiting here for you, in the darkness of the night. I wait still for you, forever the images will haunt my mind Tomorrow will come I'll soon be alright Tomorrow will come... Tomorrow has come... I can now see the sun.

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Ask fate does the moon shift 

As the oceans drift apart 

With no moon in this sea of dark 

Visions slowly sank 

My dead eyes staring blank 

While i stay idle 

Forming an illusion of an isle 

Struggling to find consciousness growing weary 

Long thoughts in my head I hold dearly 

Chained as I am to body, soul and mind 

Barely scraching the surface with nothing to find 

There is not a line pourtraying a goal 

As I live peacefully with my soul 

My last drop of satisfied life that once ran rampant 

Drips to the sea of lost souls to be tampered  

Twisted and sore my vessel that I lore 

My soul began to soar higher then ever before

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Moon in Foggy Mist

The moon has risen Slightly into the night air Reflections are cast On the river down below A foggy mist lies opaque
Russell Sivey

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Battling Addiction

 As the midnight moon slowly  traced
its way across the starry sky it graced
The urge for a hit  held him in a  seductive  embrace
As cold sweat dripped from his face
The crack pipe was calling him out of his bed
Unable to resist,  he rose to feed his habit  instead

Addiction tortures the body and mind
Sapping the will and ravaging the soul
Shattering to pieces what was once whole
And leaving  just the shell behind
Family and friends tried  to find
ways to help, and make him see the light
 But the call of the pipe was too hard to resist
His hopes and his dreams went up in the mist

With the help of a higher power he enrolled in a rehab program
He finally realized   that he should  give a dam
And tried to get his life back on track
Before he died of a heart attack
Cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, crack
Can become the monkey you cant get off your back

It's been three years since he hit the pipe
An addiction that almost destroyed his life
He lost everything, including his wife
He goes to meetings three times a week
If he should relapse  the havoc it would wreak
He now had the power to fight the craves
Either that or end up in a grave

As the midnight moon made its way across the sky
He thanked heaven above that he no longer got high

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Might I ask about what the moon means to you?
It means the world revolves in a transcending path with a satellite.
Why does the moon shine in the midnight sky?
It shines because it is a guide between the world of the dead and the living.

So does the moon fill the air with hope?
The moon itself is hope for people.
Why does the moon pull us in with such soul searching?
It is because we feel that the moon is part of our every day life.

Children who asks these questions; I have strive to tell them some truth,
And for the adults out there I created a little Moon lite poem to sooth.

So the moon is our light in the darkest hour of the night
With romance in the air that is so bright
We all hold hands once in a moonlit walk
And with such passion we would talk
The moon gives us our pull on each others heart
With a dinner that we take part
The ritual of wooing ones heart is a great feeling of love
The moon is always there to shine right above
In time we think we are blinded by the moon 
But to tell you the truth it reflects the sun light during midnight noon
It gives out a warmth in the darkness
We probably do not think of it less
Because the moon is our memories of our past 
It shows it everyday and night and always last

April 13, 2013

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a piercing of night

a bit of the moon shines on through the deep darkness a piercing of night
Russell Sivey

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You and the Moon

I complained
 To the moon, 
All I have is you 
To gaze at the sky,
Every time you leave me,
 With out telling me why.

 The moon responded,
 "When I leave 
I don't take my beauty,
beauty is worn by 
A girl of this city.
 Look at her eyes, 
You will forget my brightness,
 You will forget my beauty."

 "You really thought 
I could be around,
 When I observe the most beautiful girl of this land?
 No one can express her beauty,
 When she appears with the cellphone in her hand."

 "I am just one color,
She is pink one day,
The other day she is blue."
 That is when I realized,
 The moon was
 Talking about you.

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The Full Moon

A full moon 
Swathing white light
The illuminating ethereal fire
Rests upon and rest beneath
Amidst a midnight forest
Where silence calms the restless trees
The unearthly glow has a story to tell
For those whose manifestation is brought in question
Accept the light that is a reflection of the day
Drink its wisdom and immerse in its wonder
Yet tomorrow is another day
As the heart grows dimmer, the moon’s phase wanes

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Full Moon at Halloween

There’s a full moon at Halloween this year With characters being dressed up as death Everyone loves to bring a lot of good cheer While evil tries to go and take your breath There are flying creatures that fly by night Owls, ravens, and bats are to name a few They love the full moon with lots of fright Going all about scaring everybody and you The haunted house which is upon a large hill Is the most frightening place you’ve ever seen A place of great fear, a place to give a thrill All these things are on this night, Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Shush be calm, it’s okay I’m right here,
You’re hugging my pillow and shedding a tear

You have my memory and I feel your heart,
Always forever till death do us part.

We’ll always have Paris and the empire state building
Watching the Bulls and the yankees out fielding 

But there’s nothing like kissing and the shared living touch,
and the holding of hands that we loved so much.

The smell of your perfume at the end of a day
Knowing that just before work we had shower play

Making love in the moon light the sun and the rain
The memories of beach the car and the plane

Running naked through sand dunes and chasing the sun
Naked moon bathing naming stars just for fun

It was always and only about just you and me,
And it always and shall be for eternity.

 Please don’t go just yet I have something to say
Then you can let my balloon float away

I thought I knew love and knew what to do
But it all went so wrong when I met you

My wires got crossed an my thinking went wonky
My smarts all went south on a pantomime donkey

But now that I’m gone I don’t want you to worry
I don’t want you to rush to get here in a hurry

It’s all down to you now to play and explore
Before you join my photo in our sons bottom draw

Thank you for sharing your life and your love
I’ll be watching you always from the blue skies above

From the wind in your hair to the moon in your eyes
 From the warmth of the sun and the sea and the skies

Feel loved and not spied on, I want your sprit to fly
I can’t live with the thought of making you cry.

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By the Light of the Moon

By the light of the moon I do describe I begin by the cool blue glow within Though at times there is a warm yellow tint Each are pertinent to the moons great grin I can see by the light of the moon’s grace The power is infused with my soft soul Tenderly the moon brings a heart of love Showering love to all those in control The sun reflects romantic vibes about I harbor them deep inside of me here I point to my heart and hold it within I can’t help but to look up and to stare I hold onto my moon, my sweet lover The moon envelopes everything in me I’m melded into the soul of the moon Feeling the love between us, it’s lovely I will always treasure the moon at night It’s a gorgeous part of life I enjoy The moon and all its glorious splendor Will always hold me in awe, its employ
Russell Sivey

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One More Try

I haven’t always done the best I can do.
I see where I am and what I’ve been through.
The sun sinks low like it bows to the sky,
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

Darkness surrounds, still I try to see.
Illuminating stars spark all I can be.
When I want to dream, I look to the sky.
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

Memories haunt like ghosts in my head.
I just can’t forget the things that were said.
I watch the moon rise, I dream I can fly.
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

I lay my down in bed in need of some sleep.
I just close my eyes and count some sheep.
My mind wonders as my heart asks why?
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

I awaken and light fills my eyes.
As the sun chases the moon from the sky.
It’s a new day, I hear angels sigh,
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

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Moon Light Bright

                                                     Moon Light Bright.

                                                Oooh you shine so bright 

                                in every full autumn night without your friend in cite, 

                                       that helps you dominate the night sky 

                                                with your dens chilling light 

                    which helps me seek my ways throw the hunting mystery of the night,
                                                  without a single flashlight.

                                        Theo I wish on every day and every night 
                            nature can deliver such a beautiful cite... Moon Light Bright.

Poetry 2/23/11 by Keith Kadell

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Robin's fair light

as new life flowers                                                                                                   equal illumination                                                                                                 meager changing clothes                                                                    *           
** the sun the moon draws warming hearts and minds amply a new leaf to turn

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Moon-Blood 'Constanza'

Red, a red as dark as her blood Escapes her very soul within Tenderness comes morbidly thin She sings her tune to the great flood Rivers flow with the reddish hue Beyond the norm, seeking what’s due Bleak, it oozes out with a thud No noise can compare to the pain Seeing this moon so red again This red substance is not like mud It flows like the water you drink Does have a dismal look she thinks Color as deep as a rose bud Nature calls this color present She looks out a glass, heaven sent The moon’s color is like this blood I can see in this night she broods She has been sent beyond her moods It left a trail of feared oxblood Where the moon went, oxblood followed Screaming I hear what she swallowed Red, a red as dark as her blood She sings her tune to the great flood Bleak, it oozes out with a thud This red substance is not like mud Color as deep as a rose bud The moon’s color is like this blood It left a trail of feared oxblood Contest: Andrea's Inspiration, Connie's Form, Constanza Sponsor: craig cornish 1/2/2013

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Ships in the Moonlight

The ships are out in the river The moon surely shines over their heads Slowly a mist comes across them Sways boats about, moving them forward The moon keeps enough light around It merely beams, glowing on the boats Now the night holds forth a true form Allowing boats to see in the dark
Russell Sivey

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Treasures Of Your Soul

In the depths of midnight the sky shows off That which plays within the glows of the moon Harvest yellow casting down on the grass Deep in my heart this hallowed soul has swoon So shocked of this sight, the moon at midnight Complete with its piece of the raven small Proudly displayed this clearing beams tonight And light of the moon fills this space for all This tender light that shines on such a bird Brings me in awe and bewilderment fast I thank the Lord for all his blessings shown This well-manicured spot found at long last The last piece of this romance inspired thought Is her presence, what’s written on a scroll No harvest moon and no midnight raven Can take place of the treasure of my soul
Russell Sivey Contest: Treasures Of Your Soul Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 7/29/2013

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Deep in the piney woods

Deep in the piney woods
A call beckons across the branch
A call that isn't animal nor human
A call that makes your hair stand alert and skin prickly from fright!

The light of the full moon awakens the spirits and the calling from the piney woods.
If you doubt my story and risk your very life, then make sure you take a 
weapon into the piney woods. Well, I believe the call is from the ghost of the moon 
shiners that have lost their lives in the mica mines many years ago. 
The mica was 
big business one time until the mines went dry.
The deep holes were perfect cover for the moonshine stills until
the revenuers caught the culprits. A great gun battle raged until death. 

Today the crumpled mica shimmer in the red clay is all that is left of the mines. 
The local children like to scare 
themselves with the 
abandoned rock graveyard along the edge of the piney woods. If you look close at 
the mound of appears that there is a bony hand protruding from the grave 
and  pointing directly at you to leave. The ancient thick cedar trees seem to
guard the graves and whisper "Warning, Warning."  

In 1969 there was another vilolent firey death on the road through the piney woods. 
A man died inside a burning wrecked truck, screaming 
"Don't let me burn to death" repeatedly until the bitter charred end. 
When the moon is right the echo carries his screams across the hills.
 A young man only age seventeen lost his life in a fatal car wreck on 
the steep curved road. His life was taken so fast; he is said to walk 
the hills searching for his sweet ride to
 carry him on his journey, unaware of his eternal fate.

On a short walk along the shallow creek bank reveals an old rock formation covered 
in moss now but built by a people of long ago. Maybe Indian or early settlers, 
no one knows the architects but if you stand in a certain spot where the
 ground is always wet with a reddish ooze. You can feel a cold icy finger 
across your face and neck. 

Is the call a young buck calling his bride in the after life; is the call an 
evil doer fighting to avoid beelzebub's snare? The apparition can be seen 
briefly if you desire look when the wind and moon are right. Waynesville 
holler offers more
 than beauty in the day but beware of the moon lit walks that
 young lovers 
brave or you
 may be the next victim of the piney woods!

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Little Red

Full Moon Brimming 
On A Hungry Wolf
Fire still burning 
Words are not enough

Red Riding Hood,
You stopped me where i stood.
The basket you held, looked so good,
I enticed...And you fell... 

In the woods... safe and sound
We could not believe what we had found
Me in denim... and you it lace

We understood, each other so very well
Full moon brimming over with light
Gazing into the eyes of the other

The twin to me, I did see, in You.
Be careful with my heart, my love.

My running shoes are unlaced for now,
So lean back and enjoy the ride.
Embrace all the laughter, our lives allow.


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Ocean's Rites

The Earth rotates around …spins The moon carries its own power The ocean, it focuses on Seeking the meek, lighthouse tower The waves are created …splash We play within the froth and foam Lowering myself to its side I know its love within the zone Into the sea the sky …reflects Makes the waves a romantic blue Entranced I follow the shoreline There is no greater love than you The heavens and with them …power And the ocean lives with its own I carry along with me strength To survive when the Earth does groan Spins, the world moves for life loved Splash, the oceans crash for desire Reflects, thinks of ancient days past Power, holds enough to quench fire
Russell Sivey

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Down this Lonely Street

I slowly walk on a cold road all alone Sky is a misty white with the full moon out Its freezing, my fingers are cold to the bone The shadows from the trees are scattered about I can see my breath, a mist like air outside It glows in the light of the moon that’s beside Onward I walk, going down this lonely street Not knowing what is out there, or who I’ll meet
Russell Sivey

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Basking in the sun on a warm summer day
Closing your eyes and drifting away
The day melts into a web of thought as the moon gently masks the sun

Spiraling downward towards the menacing dark
You search your soul for that life giving spark
A hope of love to guide the way to your childhood fun

As the stars move in to greet the moon 
Your inner peace rises to croon
A lullaby to sooth the soul and heart

All negative thoughts scream as they pass by
You’re in control of this wayward ride
Keep humming for your destination isn’t far

How much you desire to live this life of peace
A wish upon a star, some hope, to please
that wondering mind so full of discontent and hate

You hear and see a familiar face
It’s you at age ten just hiding away
in the dark and alone begging to be saved

You reach out to the boy to embrace him
The two of you become one again
Exhilarating this must feel to know you are one

The light behind you shines to show the way
You peacefully walk towards the light with no desire to stay
in this dark and disgusting web that the evil of your mind has spun

You greet the morning sun with love
You gaze upon the sky above
searching the heavens for God’s glory

The skies don’t open as you sit and pray
But a tingling in your heart gives way
to the feeling of peace ending so much pain to your story

This may happen to you my friend
A feeling of loving thyself that never ends
So open your heart and let the blissful peace take over your fear

It won’t be easy to block the evil and negative thoughts
But the alternative is to allow it to fester and rot
Within your heart and soul you can hear the screams come near

So, steer from this evil place you call home my friend
And accept the love, peace, and hope that never ends
It’s your world to conquer not the iniquity of pain!

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Midnight Pearl

Floating, dreaming, waves lapping, slapping playfully on the rocks
Turning over swimming gently, diving under water, sighting a delicate box
Holding breath, diving deep, pushing with all my might
desperate to reach the box, not could not reach it, chest too tight

The sea is tidal; I work it out, that when the tide is low
I’ll swim back out at lowest tide and give it another go.
It’s late, the moon is shining, just enough to see
I take the plunge holding my breath, and dive into the dark cool sea.

I reach the box my chest is tight, I grasp and kick with all my might
I reach the surface gasping; the moon now smiling down its silvery light
To reach shore, shivering slightly, with apprehension and the chill
To open this box so delicate, the thought gives me such a thrill.

It opens so easily, I am surprised, now my thoughts are in a whirl
I lift the lid, it reveals to the me what I now call the 'Midnight Pearl'.
The moon glances off its pearly skin too beautiful too behold
As the hand come through the water it grasps the pearl so bold.

A voice whispers eerily into the night time air
'Leave the pearl now go - don’t come back you will not dare.'
The moon is now mocking, the pearl gone from my grasp
I see it back in its box as the hand closes down the clasp.

'You are very lucky a life is normally required to see the pearl.'
Fear then engulfed me as the short story did unfurl
'The only exception to the rule is a glance under the midnight moon' 
On the night of the lowest tide, so I grant your life - as a boon.

Mandy Tams ~GG~24/04/2012 

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Second Sky

The setting sun passes before my eyes.

As it lays to rest it waves goodbye.

Behind the mountains it stays in bed.

To ponder lifes words that all have said.

The risen moon lights the way.

For the hidden dreams weary minds make.

The watter lies still in the lake.

For the moon to reflect its light on to heaven.

For it to have and to take.

As it lights the second sky.

                                                         Written by Author Joseph Adam Burchett 12/21/11

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Star Crossed

Night sky softly cradles a lustrous moon 
Stars shimmer destined serendipity 
Lay out our fate as cast in ancient rune
Gateway opens celestial city

Stars shimmer destined serendipity 
Receiving the great gifts of desire
Gateway opens celestial city
On the waves that the cosmos inspire

Receiving the great gifts of desire
Moonlight nudges the night to awaken
On the waves that the cosmos inspire
Know our fate the stars have not forsaken

Moonlight nudges the night to awaken
Remembering our dreams from deep knowing
Know our fate the stars have not forsaken
Night gleams cosmic patterns ever flowing

Remembering our dreams from deep knowing
Bright moon draws down the waves of tides turning
Night gleams cosmic patterns ever flowing
Pulsing to our true heart’s deepest yearning

Bright moon draws down the waves of tides turning
As above, so below life transpires
Pulsing to our true heart’s deepest yearning
Evoking all star fated desires 

As above, so below life transpires
Lay out our fate as cast in ancient rune
Evoking all star fated desires
Night softly cradles a lustrous moon

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Long windy night

Why the night’s so silent like an sad empty room?
No voice can be heard just constantly gloom
Where all the people go?
They are sleeping and drowning slow
So tell me what I should know
Why can’t I shut my eyes to sleep tonight?

I can hear the sound of the wind
Like it’s trying to impress you 
Without being seen
I can see the stars are hiding
Behind those hazy clouds
Sparkling like they’ve always been

The moon shines mysteriously
But the beam calms me down
And let me have this lonely night

I can’t sleep and this mind won’t stop thinking
I keep on humming in the place where I’m sitting
I’m so tired like I just need a deep sleep
But how can I sleep when my heart is weary
Can somebody help me…

I looked upon the moon asking for guidance
Make me feel drowsy so I can rest this aching heart
Tell me it’s alright to lay my head on the ground
Let me rest my tired eyes
And let me forget about life for a while

Sent me to a place where everything is beautiful
Sing me a lullaby so mending so peaceful
In this long windy night
Let me rest my tired eyes
And forget about life for a while

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PRAYER Even Starlight Lasts Not Forever BESEECHED

For Paula Swanson's "Beseech" contest:
Prose Poetry Verse:

God has given the moon the stars.
He remains a God beyond the stars!!!
A year or two ago, "Ort" was discovered in space and is where stars are formed - 
yes, new stars born upon the darkest of skies ever...?

This scientific world; fascinations with what is beyond, as if "Jacobs ladder" did not 
teach us all something.
Objects accidently left in space, just nuts or bolts, yet with the velocity upon 
crashing upon the earth surface....?

The lovers and the lonely gaze upon these small bits of light in wonder, in comfort
It has been that way;
ponderings of the heart, the soul, and the mind~
There are as many stars in the sky as grains of sands upon the earth.
This is fact?

It is infact how the Hopi, many old scholars and cultures too, made our time, our 
calendar... it is within our own peception of how we could at times perceive the 
stars, and yes, "time", time, time, "I am afraid I don't have enough....!" (murmurs) 
When in fact, we as humans made that!!!?

Our time, I believe is His Glorious, Lord God that provides all things to both the good 
and evil, His love, we only know so little. Like a drop of water in a bucket of ALL His 
Love, so, if you ponder to the stars tonight, shed a tear, for some will fall instantly, 
many a day; Our Lords magnificence.....goes on and on, and His wrath will come.
Blessed starlight... these bits of light, how I do admire your gestures to the 
illuminations of the moon so high, and we awake; another breath~ a Sun!!!!
Echoing in my sanity that is on solid rock~?

God bless everyone in the world, please keep our families, our loves safe, within 
these times, it is difficult. amen
God, thank you for your Son! Praise to you, Oh Father, Most High

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Shiny moon

What goes up falls in love at first sight. 
Take your time traffic slows down before the third light.
My sleeves are read like the blue sky.
Its crystal clear that its night time. 
They say its always  lightest before dark .
Seasons change. Temperature drops
Before my heart did I had to stop. 
Time flies let the flash capture your eyes.
Similar to sine waves currently I don't chance the high.
Wave  goodbye to the high life. 
I'll see u from time to time 
Your the reason I left n your the reason I write. 
I prayed for better days then we met at night
Eye for an eye what's yours is mine.
We could share the sky, best of both worlds 
Circle of life.
To understand overtime
I had to appreciate nine to five.
What goes around comes back around.
Its always a pleasure
Like sixty nine .

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I can barely see the path before me It’s lit by a meager light in the sky It takes every effort for me to see The only light is the moon I see by Gorgeous path has barely a light around It’s lit by a meager light in the sky The light is weak but can be seen abound I follow the pathway that leads forward Gorgeous path has barely a light around Can’t clearly see where I’m going onward The path winds all about the dim courtyard I follow the pathway that leads forward Moon illumines quite little in the yard There’s no harmony that’s pieced together The path winds all about the dim courtyard Look at the moon it shines in nice weather I can barely see the path before me There’s no harmony that’s pieced together It takes every effort for me to see
Entered into Lisa Cooper Poetessdarkly's "I love you to the moon and back" contest 4/7/2013

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The Night Circus

After dark I feel 
The need to be awake 
In the forbidden world
The world that shows
Me my mirror
Of hope, despair, glory
A true story

After dark civilization goes to bed
Primitiveness reigns away
The ugly looks beautiful
And all are in unison 
Riches and rags
Virgin to whore
We all go through
The same door

After dark the sun retires
The moon prevails
With a thousand blind eyes
One sees it all
One hears it all 

After dark sounds sound
The dark darkness

After dark emptiness befriends 
Intoxicating booze
Lighter spirit
Gently infused

Bottled up emotions
The bottle helps …
To confess

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When the sun rushed
To touch the finish line
Birds scurried
Faithfully following a line

Dusk descended on dawn
Dewdrops fell on the lawn
It’s time, ‘let’s retire to bed
A mother to her daughter said.

Alarmed by the darkness around
When lights were turned off she found
The moon parading in the sky
Through the window with invisible wings fly

“Is that God’s light up there?”
She questioned her mother looking fair
“Sure, moon is God-given light
Replied her mother looking very bright

Another question came in a leap
“Will He too put it off and go to sleep?”
“Oh no, He is always awake dear.”
Then, leaving her mother whom she held so near

“As long as God is awake
I need not be awake
No need to shed any tear
Nor about darkness anymore fear.”

Upon realizing God’s care
The reassured child left her cares
And fell into a peaceful sleep
No sooner, when into her cot she did leap.

God is aware

Both, about our fears in the dark
As well as frustrations that do lark
Perhaps you’re experiencing lonely hours
With illness making your life taste sour
Doubts arise on difficult choice
Fears flood your soul naïve to voice
Keeping you from being whole

Rest assured, God is always awake.

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We Have Embraced Stardust

The moon inhales a bunch of cosmic dust Making it seem the craters are of rust Unknown is the start of glowing stardust Maybe he’s found his powers that adjust I love the moon and if he surely must He digs in his pocket, showers stardust Nice here on Earth with heaven sent stardust It swirls in the wind, picks up in a gust The moon delivers its pride, not a bust What we have embraced, the love of stardust
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Blanket of Stardust" contest 1/11/2013

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Nighttime Cup

The full moon escalates the fears of the night Leaving shadows from the tall frightening trees Branches reaching out to the tombstones of fright Fear envelopes by what people sure believes The bats scare, ravens bring fear, and moon heightens Everything in sight the moon laughs and brightens As the night cools things down, the moon warms it up Darkness never fully wins the nighttime cup
Russell Sivey

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Faith in Myth

Apollo! Lead us into the fiery center of the sun
As the full moon offers a beacon in the night
We march into the blaze and burn as one
Or surrounded by darkness, the moon removes plight

Apollo! Do not forsake us, we of faith, let light shine
Save us from the darkness that plagues the soul
Ever devouring the darkness takes us; your inferno burns sublime
O' come great light, lest we are left black as coal

Do we plead in vain, do you see our suffering?
Are we alone, bleeding husks, answering for original sin?
Please immerse us in flame, stop black eternal smothering
Please illuminate the path, light the way to pursue within

The pantheon echoes our greatest fears
The Gods reflect our endless doubt
Belief of the above foils the darkness that lurks near
Or so we believe, we believe we're better with than without

The sky above, the dreams within, complete our mortal frame
The fears we face, the hope we share, we're all to blame

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A Sign

It takes a lot to drive one to thoughts of suicide A lot of pain A lot of sorrow A lot of loneliness A lot of heartbreak A lot of disappointment A lot of misunderstanding A lot of abuse There on the water’s edge she stood The midnight moon reflecting off the ocean’s waves Options being weighed Drift off into the frigid water beyond the point of no return? Swallow the pills she took out of her mother’s medicine cabinet? Open the blood vessels in her arm with his pen knife she stole? She reflected on the many ways she might go about this on her long drive to the ocean shore. She tried not to remember the reasons why she wanted it all to end on her long drive to the ocean shore. She thought about the irony of finally visiting a place she longed to see on her long drive to the ocean shore. She heard the faint bells tolling the midnight hour from somewhere down the beach and felt compelled to find their origin. She came upon the empty church which echoed her own emptiness She came upon the lonely church which mirrored her loneliness She came upon the dark church which reflected her darkness within She walked in She knelt down She said, “Please forgive me for what I am about to do” The wind blew open one of the two doors in front of the church with a loud bang She turned in shock to see the light from the moon shining on the word, “No” The door swung closed and opened again – “No” The door swung closed and opened again – “No” She leapt up from the pew She ran down the beach She left the waves behind She got into her car She drove home to fix her life The door swung closed one last time, next to its mate And the “No Smoking” sign was complete again
by Joe Flach, written and posted on 9/28/2011 for the "The Church by the Ocean" contest

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Within the Prideful Sky

Surrounded by clouds the moon peaks out around The moon glows brightly up inside the heavens Shining its glorious light down on the ground There’s no greater sight than to see how light bends There is white light glowing upon the clouds here Making the sky desire and wanting to share The full moon, large within the prideful sky, beams Leaves an impression upon my soul it seems
Russell Sivey

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Moonlight Dream

I always said that i came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
I always felt powerful and strong
Doing everything possibly wrong
I remember seeing a girl walking the streets
Yellow ribbon dress running from me
I tried telling her not to worry 
But she started screaming
I snatched her up and shook her
stopped the screaming
stopped her breathing
Moonlight Dream

I awoke to the sound of sirens
Covered in blood that surrounded
My mother asked me why i did it
Confused by the second
I ran far away in an instant
Went a far distance
A village on the horizon
Near the Appalachian Mountains
I pleaded for help
No one seems to listen
They run

I run and run
Now out of breath
Figured out what was wrong
Can't take another step
I fall asleep on the ground
Listen to the wolves howl
I close my eyes and dream
Another dream
Another dream
Moonlight Dream

I always said that I came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
This time I saw a couple dining
I stood out the window and stared
My stomach ached of hunger
I waited for hours
A few hours went by 
They haven't came out 
feeling so hungry
Big appettite for your blood
That fake red love
Moonlight Dream

I crash through the window where you sit
You scream 
I tear your skin
Say goodbye 
I almost slurp 
I awoke to the sound of screams
Not sure what's going on
Had a bad dream
There's blood everywhere
I did this? 
I killed them?

This is my Moonlight Dream

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Rings Around the Moon

Nature plans to run rings around the moon Light that’s seen only by the mighty rock The master brightness fills the countryside Where there are fields of grey and black that mock There are flowers that exist which are dim In the day they are yellow and bright red At night they are various shades of grey Lit barely by light of the moon that bled There’s a sound of a stream that flows downward It’s black as the night, a source of wisdom The cool moon covers its bed on the field And stretches out its hand for its kingdom The sky and the clouds is where the moon lives Being beautiful was its heartfelt aim Blessing the ground with a white glow about Light shows what to marvel and what to blame
Russell Sivey

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Sun and Moon

Today, I have finished.
Tonight, your hunger is diminished.

Now, your anguish has been eradicated.
Your way of life is completed,
Your way of strife is defeated,

Like the rising sun, I shined down on your world,
A life of ignorance, a life you so quickly hurled,
And like the sun, I had exposed your vices,

I have shown you that charity suffices
Loving, worshiping, and making sacrifices
Lasting throughout the ages, His message is now complete
And His promise fulfilled
Has He ever sent you a message leading you to deceit?
And His promise was never killed

I am leaving you shortly,
Lost, you will never be, but rather quite courtly
Leaving you with the Book of signs and wonders
A fiery law to shake your enemies like thunder

Lastly I leave behind my successor
A wise young man, a Master
He will be your example and a mercy in the upcoming disaster

Men of the world, he will succeed me as the moon succeeds the Sun
Under a starless night, when darkness has begun
He will be shine down on you with my light
A night, where the only light will be his
Managing the dark world with a light so dim
Ending this period of day is a period of night
Death in the air, a fire about to ignite

Resting amongst you, he will be a man of peace
A man of courage, whose eloquence will only increase
Stopping only when his time is at cease
Underneath the dagger, he will decease
Loved by the Lord and so pleased

And in that dark night my light will never disappear
Lost in the clouds the moon will only reappear
Light in the sky, it will forever help the community
All has been promised in His book of Immunity
His message forever complete, forever in purity

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The Moon And The Sun

Breathing goes heavy, heart beating so fast. 
Jumped over the levy, I looked into the past. 
The lights flicker,a thunderous boom. 
The sky lights up, it fills the room. 
Blue moon, Blue moon. 
High up in the sky. 
As it falls down, the Sun Will Ar rise. 
Taking turns, taking turns, like a playground slide. 
As the sun goes down, all hope abides. 
Grief of the strong, grief of the meek. 
As grief takes over, all grow weak. 
Sing songs that the sirens sung, when all is over, it’s just begun. 
The sun’s back up and over again, leaving the dark with nothing to fend. 
Later on the moonlight Ar rise again. 
All sun light dies. 
Illuminating the stars, the world, the sky. 
The sun comes back up! 
May all darkness abide.

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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You Don't Phase Me

dogs come cats go
just like moon waxing
Don't let it phase you

Tribute To Moon Waxing LOL

Also Don't Forget To
Turn Those Clocks Back

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Grand Silence of the Moon

In the grand silence of the moon The tree surely bloomed and spread out It delves into the darkest gloom Shows beauty inside and without The blooming tree grows like it cares In the grand silence of the moon There is not much that could impair It can surely bring one to swoon The darkness doesn’t seem to doom The greatness of this master tree In the grand silence of the moon It blooms through some adversity The moon peaks to give so much light Tree envelopes the darkness soon It can grow tall with all its might In the grand silence of the moon
Russell Sivey

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Blue Moon Last Night

Blue moon last night peeked from the clouds
Smoky, blue, ghost whisps moved just right
Let it shine bright, close out of shrouds
Blue moon last night peeked from the clouds
For this gift to see I am proud
Gift was gentle,  eager soul took flight
Blue moon last night peeked from the clouds
Smoky, blue, ghost whisps moved just right

(First attempt at the style of Triolet.)(My poem "Opportunity" explains about the term "Blue 

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The Sun Rose Red

As Dawn cracks over the horizon
The small crescent moon takes a bow
Greeting her was a delight 
For she paints silver in his hair

The moon was hardly visible
Painted the same shade of blue
That the sky chose as a cloak 
On this morning of early dew

The cloak of blue had a trail of mist
That shrouded the hills and vales
A misty blue to silver gray 
That was light and very airy still

The birds enjoy the cloak
That fanned the air with damp
Cooling mist of the night
But soon the sun put on another

Cloak as she became much brighter
With her dress of brilliant red
That she wore to grace our summer's day
A cloak as colored as  poinsettias' tips

On a gray December day
This means that the sun
Will bring heat with her as hot as
A fiery oak wood coal

And the cool of the morn 
Will go as the summer's sun
Has bid us a warm hello
The moon with his silver hair

Disappearing into night
To another land so swiftly
Did he go to bring it a high tide
While ours will go very low

The sun rose cloaked in red
Bringing her heated stove
She will bake and cook some bread
Heating the south as across the sky goes

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bedtime story

The silhouettes of my fantasy,

Stirring around my mind,

Deception, conception

Fading away to the kindle of my light,

The memory still vaguely seen upon, father

The fantasy outlines the dream light I once drew but I cannot deliver it,

 By holding my life in tangles of lines that should never had been crossed.

To preserve my infamous soul I stay in the process because it’s too late

to appall from the nightmare that have imprison me. My reality drips down to the floor,

 The factor I put myself in that position is the reason for my disposition

What was my raison d'être?

My point of existence, is m my survival

I had retaliated the seduction and desire of the burning flame,

The distance between the narcotic and the arsonist is not too far from home,

I needed, I wanted my personal space, but I dare not go through life blinded by lies,

I still daydream in my room of flesh, seducing the demons that made my life a mess,

My domain of thought is never to enter with love but with pleasure and immense courtship.

Still animated, still timid by the convulsion, the immense pain I cried,

I am tormented by the vision of you,

Looking at the gentle moon shining through the mist and clouds,

It lights the floor but slowly fades away to the sun, assuming that the moon might

Owe it one later on tomorrow,

Persevering the light, key to my memory,

It is no longer an ordinary day,

However, I still lay through the mist and rot,

Never asking more of what I cannot conceive or feel.

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I Kissed the Moon Goodnight

I kissed the moon goodnight and it smiled at me
I drank my homemade dandelion wine and picked the flowers
As I walked through golden fields
I embraced the sun and it hugged me back
The sky rolled for miles and made me see how big the world is
And how small I am
This life is simple
This life is serene
I listen to the music of a soft breeze and birds filled with sweet melody
I soak up the earth, the dirt, and the roots that stay grounded
I soak up this simple life
I kissed the moon goodnight and it kissed me back.

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noon of dusk,the face of the moon
a snap caught on the face of lake
quiet spell of time for me to moon
a dream in which i'm still awake

half moon tripping along the edge
a quirk of mind before a scene
enhanced with rocks,on the ridge
the moon,ever so pale,is seen

quiet time of day no breath is heard
only the pacing foot on lawn
the black shapes of trees hold no bird
solitude is a friend alone

an image scattered on the lake
a light wind just brushing the face
a wrinkle that water will take
a response from the earth to space

nature has heart and mind to speak
in verse in dance in rhyme and prose
words are here,no elsewhere to seek
ending with poetic words to close
i quitted home and set out away
to meet my nature in the "djebel"
the human race needs a home to stay
a flash of time,far from town's devil

rotten minds don't discern the truth
blended with fake in dirty streets
faces look like rusty masks no proof
do they hold a word to lighten their wits?

i did not have a pen but instead had a mind
and a heart standing for a compass to sail
the hills were vast,plenty of words within sight
a poem is left idle after the poetic trail

back home,before the shield i recalled the trip
i brought back the sounds the smells and pics
how lost i felt when the senses bagan to flip
not a memory from nature i could fix

so i closed my eyes and dived into sea
awakening or sleep both held one face
a poetic trance is a retreat to me
the poet don't belong to human race

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A time when you could eat the sun

The trees are made of feathers and sticks
The sun is made of golden cheese
The moon was made of whipped cream
A place where the water was made out of blue Kool- Aid
The grass was made of gummy green strings
There was no houses and no place to hide
A place where a boy ate the sun
A place where the Moon swalloed up the world
A tragedy that melted and turned to liquid
No one could swim in the sea
No one could tan underneath the branches
A world where time stood still and the hours were long
A place where humans never existed

"Please Try to Go Beyond Earth Hour"
Treat earth like something you imagined when you were a kid a place where these things happened and you could be safe. Pick up your trash and clean up your yard! after all this is your world too :)!

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Tropical Paradise

My wife and I have finally gotten bored
We needed a new place, I give you my word
So eloquently I looked for a brand new place
And it dawns on me that we could replace
Our old house for a new one out in the tropics
One that’s so good it’s one of the main topics
I feel that the two of us could fit in well
And relax in a tropical retreat we’ll never sell
Living under the moon light that what we'll do
Tropical moon is better straight on through
We’ll live forever here till our dying day
Just give us a tropical paradise that’s all I’ll say

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Gail Doyle's "A Tropical Theme Under The Moonlight" contest


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Little Black Birds

I stare at the half moon in the middle of the day
As Little Black Birds chase half my problems away
Hard to ignore, this beautiful breeze in my face
Like sweet memories that a mind can't erase
Little Black Birds fly to where the wind blows
As I dig deeper into the sand with my sandy toes
This man with his acoustic guitar sings to noone at all
This lady with her shells as the rain starts to fall
Shadows chase me wherever I run
As Little Black Birds fly away in search of the sun
Just like me as I search for my soul
Just like a Half Moon who longs to be whole

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I was raised among the autumn leaves
Subjugated to the seasons    
And the mirth of the wind
Transfixed by the passing moon
That sad old man
Who claims to be wise, yet utters naught
More guidance I have found from the lonely Lilac
And the vole; and the sympathetic rain
Than I have from Luna
For I am lonely and fear that soon
I too will be the aggregate 
Of time and erosion

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Q» Quietly, that's how he comes
Q» Quietly also that's gone
Q» Quietly it was in a cold evening
Q» Quietly, it aghast in beaming

A» Arrays of it's shadowy light
A» Allowing any traveler's flight
A» Armed with cleverness
A» Anchored by faithfulness

M» Molded by thorough experience
M» Masculine in all presence
M» May it be in diligence
M» Mounting great deal of intelligence

E» Extremely dangerous, he's not
E» Exclaiming reality, he'll shot
E» Enchanting like the moon
E» Eloping progressively soon

R» Reacting in pure justice
R» Renouncing any prejudice
R» Relying nothing of rubbish
R» Responding good to God his promise

By: olive_eloi

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Last Dance

The moon provided spotlight
Music in the wind
A couple joined together
To have just one last dance
This would be the final night
They would spend together
Come morning light
The would say goodbye
Part company forever

Despite one love
There were two worlds
Differences between them
Each one realized
Inside their hearts
They would not last forever
Could this night 
Stay in their minds
A memory to cherish
If time could only be their friend 
This dance would be a treasure

The moon too quickly disappeared 
Music stopped its playing
Neither one took one last look
Disappeared in two directions
But in their hearts and in their minds
The tune would live forever
The night they had one final dance
Last night they were together

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  the vibrations of your footsteps makes me go numb
  i’m so tired of being scared and beat on like a drum
 when the full moon is out your eyes are like ice
your out of control walking around within a knife
your screaming pounds into my mind
 your fists bang into my spine
 your constant pointing and tapping my head
  i don’t even feel safe sleeping in our bed 
so every time a full moon arises i only get wiser
and i pray that you will one day know how it feels to burn by a lighter
what comes around goes around
maybe the next full moon you will go down

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The man, in my infancy, who said there were people 
on the moon, was laughed at; he was wrong, but not 
wrong in thinking there was other life forms on remote 
planets. Years ago a big plane got vanished and landed 
on the back of the moon where temperature is an even 
22 Celsius and there were an abundance of green fruit 
that looked like, bananas and nutty tasting blue grass.
Adults missing meat ate each other till there was only 
one left, the pilot, and dejected jumped off the moon. 
The youthful passengers and children got used to their 
surroundings and could cook bananas in fifty variations. 
They built caves and decorated them with chairs from 
the plane and as beds they used dried banana leaves….
 And as time went by the earth became a myth an idea 
of paradise lost. This generation of moon dwellers wore
no clothes, what´s point? Only women, on certain dates, 
wore dried green skirts. So the man who believed there 
was life on the moon may be right after all.      

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In Our Own Galaxy

We walked to a place far away.


A new galaxy of passion and spirituality.


He gathered a bed of stars, so that I could shine above the earth.


He made the moon our mirror of life.


He gave me everything I never dreamed.


It was larger than imagination.


No pain. No sorrow. No distractions. Just actions.


Aligning the planets in an orderly fashion. We made love.


Deep in my soul is where he planted a seed.


Who said that man and man couldn't build this masterpiece.


Goddesses of Beauty, Gods of Seas.


I know now how it feels to exalt within their realm.


He made me feel superhuman.


I too revisited his soul the same.


We deceived pain. We sustained.


We made what is so complex, plain.


And the heavens will still ordain.


See we can never stop the rain.


But we can reach the clouds.


Because they thought our love couldn't bare the ground.


But we inherit the sound of thunder, the strikes of light.


To succeed. We live in peace. We don't Have to fight.


We want to be able to love. Is that a travesty?


But he made it all possible in our own galaxy.


See when he touches me he says he's tracing the constellations.


Signifying the trust and unity, and the dedication.


He says I make his moon full. Make his planets orbit.


How could a world so FREE think of that as morbid? Yet we absorb it.


Cause its been said "Ye are all gods."


And in our galaxy, we reign supreme.


Against all odds!

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what kind of love

the kind of upside down clown and where all colors run together,
the kind of sing-a-long song and love skips a beat,
the kind that can never be known or ever regret,
the kind of toss and turn and counting waves,
the kind of too many miles, frowns, and goofy smiles,
the kind of now and then they trade sides and he'll rise as she sets,
the kind of intuitions meddlesome consciousness raining reminders of home,
the kind that is void of all sense, sight unseen, and still cause great pain,
the kind you can't leave behind,
the kind you can never forget -


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Glowing Magnificence

In it's floating presence One gains hope
Through it's gorgeous glow One finds the beauty
Finding the hope to push on and See
Gaining the vision...that All is Not Lost
Floating in the it's sea of Dark
Speckled with the Lights that were Seen once
Glows the beauty of that which must BE Seen
Never Wavering
Always Moving
Shining Evermore
To bathe thee in rich Silver

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A Love Now Lost.

Beautiful….. Amazing…… gorgeous……. Angel……

There are no words that can describe who you used to be,
Your eyes shone like the moon with a tint of starlight,
Your smile and laughter made me weak in the knees,
You loved everything we did and who I was, 
I loved you for who you made me, the way I felt when you was around,
I loved you because you were mine, we were so young.
I left you all by yourself, not even a good bye.

But time and departure take there toll on one such beauty as yourself,
I found you again but life had changed you, we were older now, in our teens,
Nether the less, the love was still there but now it was forbidden,
We both had new loves, Although  feelings flowed like leafs in the wind, 
I wanted you more than ever, To hold you, to feel your warmth like a summers air , 
To show you how much I needed you, But again I left you never knowing how I felt.

Time passed, I found and lost love many times as did your self,
I found you again but life had worn you out, we were older now, young adults,
You had built your self a life, boyfriend, child, my turning up was a shock,
We both had problems in our life’s, needed someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry upon,
It was then we shared our first kiss together, I regained my hope but coward in my shame,
I ran in depression and confusion, and I left.

Five years on, we met and talked recently, you felt nothing for me anymore,
The moon and starlight was gone from your eyes, your smile had disappeared,
I felt nothing from you, you was gone….. You were no longer the woman I loved,
We are not in love anymore.

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Sun Drunk

            Sun Drunk

Sun drinks the oceans up one drop at a time

Given one bright eye by nature at its birth

Not to think of sin or crime but to drink in life

Perform ordinary functions in its light of day

Burning in the sky to make things work

It needs no water but still evaporates 
The moon has some complicity in these matters  

Watches from a distance with its one cold eye 

Peering through the darkness under cover 

In night, with gravity, oceans move in waves

Are calmly made

Oceans crave attention 

Under moon glows protection  
Nothing can save them from the sun

Sooner or later it comes up again to drink
Every drop until it’s drunk and done

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walked across the moon
and you were born

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My lil man

The moon peeks thru my window
Looking to bathe me in its midnight light
We are one yet we are two
I feel you stretch inside my stretched out belly
Watch as your hand presses against your tiny home
I start to hum my mothers song and I can feel you shift
Perhaps to listen better I smile as the thought crosses my mind
You relax as I lay we lay watching the moon watch us
It used to be me against the world
Now its us against the world
But never fear
For i am near
And while im here
No harm will come to you my dear
My lil man my heart
Though you're still so small
And the world so big 
I'd face a thousand foes 
Smooth out a thousand woes 
Before letting you go.
Rocking in my rocking chair
I sit and dream of years to come
Your first christmas
First grade
Your second third and fourth girlfriends
The fifth scraped knee
Your sixth doctor visit
The seventh grade when you made the team
And the eighth when you almost quit 
Nine dozen late night conversations
And of course the 10 million kisses 
I just cant stop giving you
A lifetime of treasured memories just waiting to happen 
As I sit there rocking in my rocking chair
The moon peeking thru my window 
And your tiny movements 
As my heart beats with your heartbeat
And our hearts beat as one
My lil man

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Truly Me

		Misery me, thoughtless he
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.

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Born of tainted blood
Created in one erotic moment
Sharp pains and blood were your nursery
A coffin served as your crib
You live in the night
You have never seen the sun
The moon and stars are your companion
You wander in darkness
Looking and searching for the right person
The full moon rises above your head
The blood lust builds inside of you
Even though you fight it has complete control
Drawing you to attack
Making you want to feast on warm blood
Forcing you to kill
The sun rises and you sleep
Your bed is your coffin and the soil of your grave
Dead but not dead
Living but not living
Stuck in a world between realities
Such is your existence for an eternity
A nightwalker cursed to be alone
If only you had a choice as a baby
Would that be the existence you would choose?
Loneliness, death and blood
An eternity with love
The solitary life of a nightwalker

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Sun and Moon

SUN/MOON Enraged flaming sun, engulfing all he can see, throughout our toil. Passive the moon glows, chilling all she can caress, so softly we sleep. Sun and Moon live on, destined by the hand of time, Yin-yang forever. Contest: HAIKU HODGEPODGE ... TRIO ... 24/1/2012 M.Mahauariki © 2012

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Ample words from bloated chests, 
won't rest until the messages crest.  

Moving through phases of covered stresses, 
that are just shadowed mirrors from larger troubled messes.  

Covert grievances, rise with the tide; during their full revealing. 
And shine light through the crevices, that have not yet completed their healing. 

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Moon Glows

Moonlight Casting shadows From giant trees Where people walk along Over a bridge into town The moon glows
Russell Sivey Form Vignette

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Laying here in this field,
Rain drops begin to fall
The moon so full and bright
I can see the drops before they land.
This rain feels as though its cleansing my soul
Purifying old memories, 
Old emotions
Washing my old and weathered state
For hours I lay here
In this grassy field
Drenched, to my inner being
The rain slows
Til it stops all together.
I open my eyes to see
Beautiful clear sky
The stars flickering
The moon so vibrant
I stand
And I know the rain washed away.....

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The Weatherman is full of spit

Chemicals, oh chemicals,
you've come to fix my brain,
sanity, oh sanity,
you make me go insane.

As simple as the sun that comes,
to brighten up your day,
as complicated as the moon,
that takes it all away.

The sun it shines and everytime,
it burns my effin eyes,
the moon it lies, I try and try,
but never effin learn.

Chemicals, oh chemicals,
you've come to ease the pain,
sanity, oh sanity,
you've left me in the rain.

The sun is to alive,
as the moon it is to die,
my hope is a cloud thats on the ground,
I try, and try and try.

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Sun, Moon and I

When you walk
along with the trend of the sun
and go with the moonlight 
life’s circle of the past
will become a moment of today
until today is renewed as tomorrow.

The circle of life 
though no one is able to escape from it,
occasionally, hesitates steps 
if I should go forward or backward
stop at the roadside and think
if there is any way to escape from the circle;
the sunset glows under my feet exceptionally red this evening. 

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Summer's Night

In the brightness of summer’s daylight, 
the luminous star warms the world with constant rays.
Allowing the new day to come to life,
by bringing the precious gift of life to each new day.

Summer’s day always ends with satisfied sighs,
allowing each day to be better than the last.
Resulting in none other than a daily high,
made by nothing but good times and pure laughs.

A spell is cast on those in Summer’s wave,
forcing optimism in everyone in its wide path.
As if happiness flows from within Summer’s rays,
a joy that is so great no one can try to force back.

On warmed days such as this,
I find it easy to say the world is in an inevitable bliss.
Full of interesting awe inspiring twists,
such as an unexpected Summer love’s first kiss.

Truly nothing compares to the warmth of Summer’s daylight,
Except that of the sheer incomprehensible delight,
That is none other than a true Summer Night.

There is nothing like Summer’s Darkness, 
the beautiful Moon revealing itself against the sparkled sky.
To often has the injustice been witnessed,
That a mere diamond in the sky, to truly detail, is fairly shy.
Nights still warmed from the bright day passed,
Left over from the Sun’s constant heated beat.
Quietly sitting on a sunset painted path,
Watching the Moon take over right at the Sun’s feet.

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November Moonlight

November moonlight On a cobblestone alley Mist covers the ground
Russell Sivey

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Today I met a man without a name.
When I looked at him he looked my way.
I was curious as to who this man really was, 
so I tried to group my words in my mind, 
but I couldn’t find the ones 
that form my thoughts.
So I stood there,
and he stood there,
silently staring in complete
wonder and amazement. 

The moon was shining through 
a window behind him and I wanted to say 
What a beautiful moon we have tonight. But it 
seemed to soon to ruin the silence with 
unnecessary sound. 
So, I stood there, 
silently staring into his eyes, 
which were a deep, dark brown. 
We seemed to have an entire conversation 
without ever opening our mouths.

He said he’s gone through half his life
and not a single moment has passed by
that he’s a bit proud of. And I said I,
I can change that. I can give you a life 
that you can take home to your parents, 
that you can brag about in your locker 
room rants to your, so-called friends,
to your quasi tolerable co-workers 
who can’t stop bragging about the
promotion that they got and 
you thought you had in the bag. 

He listened,
though he saw a future that I didn’t. 
I couldn’t see that it was just a 
fantasy that I couldn’t get out of my head. 
Soon, he made me see. 
He made me see the closed doors and the
broken floor boards of this 
not so squeaky clean dream.

Today I conversed with man, he had no name. 
And without ever once opening his mouth,
he told me about the nothings that cloud
his entire life so far. 
I looked at him and he looked my way. 
I couldn’t help but figure out that his
life mirrored mine.
A life like a cloudy April day. 

Staring into the doorway of our future 
selves, we couldn’t speak. 
And when I say we, I really mean me. 
Because I’m
silently staring into a combination of 
silver and glass made to reflect 
the innermost self. 
But who am I? 
Who is the man that stares back at me?

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Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mother has child that father denies
Leaves when his baby lets out those first cries
Excuses flying, lies sailing; words without care
Feelings are complicated so share you don't dare
Lips that smile hold some bruises and a cut
Hands that have done the damage slam the door shut
You watch him out the window glass
Retreating figure gone at last

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Things get harder, mothers fired
Baby is toddler and much too tired
Money is in short supply
If only father would just comply 
To help raise his growing kid
Instead he ran and lost his bid
A single tear stains the cheek
Of a mother's soul who's much too weak

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mothers dead, everything's blown
Toddler is small child left alone
Father drunk, stumbling back
Custody left to this piece of slack
Days are long and too far gone
Nights are worse, he's never done
Talking his beer scented words speaking
He says to his child be kind, PREACHING

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Small child has developed
Distinguished individual moving up
Swearing to the sky blue
They will be nothing like you
Father in jail thief from the night
Cell lit dimly with pal moonlight
A smile to the grown child
A tear from the man of the wild

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

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Daydream of love

It's there I dream of you but I am awake. 
Why do you think they call it daydream when it is night 
to which I am now having these thoughts? 
The day has pass as every hour you fill my thoughts. 
Thoughts of when I can kiss your soft lips. 
Thoughts of holding your fine ass body next to mine. 
Thoughts of gazing into your eyes as I feel your love from deep inside.
It's true baby the thoughts I have of you.
It's there my mind wonders as I think of the days to come.
The hours grow longer as I daydream as the clouds roam the skies.
It's there you are in the dark to which I see our bodies in lay.
As it is winter time and I'm camped out by a fire.
Daydreaming in the night skies as the moon shines upon the snow that lies.
It is there I picture you here with me.
As the fire crackles through the woods.
It's there I wish you was, fulfilling my mind at this time.
Not just of my daydreams of thoughts do I wish you were here.
But in body and soul as we make love wildly in the snow.
It is there I see us at play, riding snowboards across the mountains tops
It's there the camp is, as we warm our bodies with heat.
Not just that of the fire is hot but us as well as our blood is pumping.
It's there I enjoy your nakedness as my hands run through your hair.
Not that of your head but your bush do I feel.
As I feel our passions exploding like the sparks that fill the air.
It is there our heart is as the two of us find that flame.
The one of enticing bonding as we throw a spark in the flame.
It's there I Love You dearly as I feel your curves I drip.
Not just that of sweat do we make but a baby is on the way.
As I am daydreaming of the day we made love and gave new life to the woods.
As it is our first date and we are naked lay out in nature sight.
It's there the moon shines bright as no creature stir the night.
But it's there I daydream of us and an exciting life.
That of every dream, I wish to come true.
The day of me holding you forever in life.
And us living our wildest expectations.
As you have filled more then just my thoughts.
You have all my days full of you in my heart.
As I daydream of our life to be.

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The Drive

I love the night air,
wind blows through my hair,
and everything feels alright.
It's you and me,
with nowhere to be. 
There's just no end in sight.
Only know where we've been,
not going again.
My strength I often fake. 
Only one way to know,
only time will show
the trip that we must take.
So many chances,
a thousand glances 
at what our life could bring.
There's so much behind us.
Too much has blinded us,
but hope is a powerful thing.
Regrets will get the best of you,
so only look ahead of you.
I know the past looks bleak.
Not a cloud in the sky,
while the moon floats by.
I slowly drift off to sleep.
So we drive down the path.
How long will it last-
this new life that I see?
When it all goes wrong,
will we truly belong?
What's out there for you and me?
Not one familiar face,
what is this place?
Do you know where we are?
It was just too soon,
now we look like fools.
We must've gone too far.
With you by my side,
these worlds still collide.
Protect me if you can.
It's never enough,
we've run out of luck.
Tell me you have a plan.
How could we have known,
until we were shown?
Is the world that cruel and cold?
Life is what you make it,
leave it or take it.
That's what I once was told.
We took a wrong turn,
there's so much to learn.
You don't see it like I do-
the beauty the world holds,
when each day unfolds,
so I look out for you.
What a life to live.
The world has so much to give.
What does it all mean?
Not a cloud in the sky,
while the moon floats by.
It was all just a dream.

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moon star angel

The night is dark,
The sky is full of shining stars,
Everything is gone silent,
The moon glows a gentle glow,

Is it true something is flying over the moon?
Is it true the stars have angles with wings glowing in the dark?
Is it true that the man on the moon is coming out to smile?

I see the shadows in my room,
I see the gentle glows of the trees,
Is it true the shadow is the candy man coming to see if my teeth need to be pulled out?

Is it true that the tooth fairy comes out to replace the candy man's sin?

Does the monster in my closet come out and mess my room up?
Does the floor turn to water and the water baby comes out and cries?
Does the sand man play a tune and then goes back to the moon?

Now the sun is out and the dark has gone so soon,
I wish I could call the man on the moon,
I wish I could go into space and see where all those things go before the sun comes up.

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Night and Day

Hateful is the day
and gracious is the night.
The Sun burns,
The Moon heals.

The day is so bright
We keep our eyes closed.
But the night is dark 
and our eyes can open.

During the night
We can see everything,
Though it is dim.
During the day,
Everything is so bright and clear,
That it's too much to understand.

The Sun is warm, 
But it is cold.
The Moon comforts you, 
As it doesnt hurt to look at.

So more to say, 
The day is perilous
And the night is tranquil.
So says I.

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A diminished cemetery lies in the ruins of tombstones..
You can hear the whistle of the wind in mysterious tones..
The rusty gate hangs on its last resource..
The dark rocky path leading through needs reinforced..
Around the old ruins of tombstones grow enormous weeds.
They stretch to the moon as if to satisfy their needs..
The indignant dark fog looks like the passing angel of death..
The wind dies down emancipating its last breath..
The wilted limbs loom over from the weight of the leaves..
In the muggy fetid air starts a disturbing haunting breeze..
Creatures of the dark lurk in the spots of the murky night..
The half moon in the sky looks as if the darkness took a bite..
The eerie night is placid laced with silence.
The peaceful cemetery owns no violence..
Poison ivy fingers its way through a torn down wall..
The howl in the night beckons other calls..
The cemetery holds its subjects in capture..
They wait peacefully for the life thereafter...

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That time of day,
when day is no longer,
the sky engulfed in darkness
the moon is again born.
The sun has set and has passed,
giving room for a new light to be born.
This time of day,
when day is no longer,
is frighting to some,
but to others peaceful.
Normally time for sleep to some,
but to others day as only begun.
They rise with the moon, 
and sleep with the sun,
loving the darkness.
Using it as a weapon,
to catch their prey.
The time of day,
when day is no longer
is the time to discover
what you cannot in the light.
Now rather than the sun,
the moon gives light,
to illuminate the darkness.

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When the wind blows, 
I see the depths of your soul.
When the wind blows,
i can see your beauty.

As the sun comes up,
Your face lights up.
As the moon goes down,
My world turns upside down.

When the clouds spread,
I can see the beauty in you.
When the clouds form together,
Our love will be forever.

When the moon shines,
Our love is divine.
When the stars are lit,
Your face is lit too.

As the blades of a saw grind,
Our love will soon be combined.
As i put the key to start our love,
It says access denied.

Did the dog and cat fight,
Or did they play.
Did the cat and does play,
Or did the hide from each other all day.

Does your inner soul have love,
Or does it have kindness.
Does your outer soul have beauty,
Or does it have richness.

When i first learned my ABC's,
I first spelled your name.
When i first learned how to talk,
I first said your name.

As the soccer player kicks the ball,
Our love will never fall.
As the basketball player bounces the ball,
Our love will always stand tall.

When we are together,
Our love will last forever.
When we are apart,
I will still love you with all my heart.

I will lock the door,
As quick as I can lock my heart.
I will stop the car,
As quick it can go.

As the wheels of a car turn,
My heart starts to burn.
As the turbo kicks on,
Our love has only just begun.

When the sound of kids comes to my mind,
I know our love will now combined.
When the people tell me that you love me,
I want to say i love you too.

Now that were all friends,
Our love is good.
Now that were friends,
Our love will never be split again.

Now that our love is combined,
I will never hear access denied.
Now that were together,
We will be together forever.

When your tears come down,
I will wipe them of your face.
When I see a pile,
I can see your face with a smile.

When the water washes up,
Our love is now going to start.
When the wave crashes down,
I can see you frown.

Now that the story is over,
Our love will never be lowered.
Now that the love is finished,
Our love will never be extinguished.

No one can split us up,
We will just never stop.
No one can be with either of us,
Because were  always going to be.

Many see us together forever,
Some see us broke up and not together.
Many see us in the future,
Some see us on an adventure.


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Ripples in the Sea

When I see this Moon and gaze deep into the stars,
My mind wanders as I search for where you are.
Looking up, looking down, this enormous Sea is where I can now be found.
Standing alone at the Ocean’s edge and hearing its roar,
My heart pounds and aches for so much more.
Gazing deeper and deeper out into this vast blue Sea,
I can gather myself with this soul that was given to me.
Ripples in the Sea are all that my eyes can see.
One by one they collide with force to touch what was given to me.
Infinity with the depths of this Sea, 
This is what the Moonlit Ocean conveys to the truth inside of me.
Standing alone and afar from the depths of this Sea,
Ripple by ripple captures the every breath that I have inside of me.
Oh how they carry every single thought away from the insides of me!
Reflections of our Moon spread across this glimmering Sea.
Endless and endless ripples!
This vision I know I will forever see!
I hold my breath and carry a true smile, 
Searching for that last ripple to reach its hundredth mile.
Alone I stand at the edge of this Sea, 
The depth of this Ocean covers over me.
I wonder and wonder can I truly hold what was given to me?
So if ever in search for that which you know you believe,
Please remember that I left me standing with the ripples in the Sea.
One by one they collide crashing directly into me.
I stand with a force that was given just for this person that lives inside of me.
Come to me! Please touch what is on the inside of me!
Feel what has been given just for the love of me!
So if ever in doubt for that which you truly know you believe,
Look deeper and deeper out into this incredible huge Sea.
The ripples one by one know you will believe.
They touch, they feel, they hear what is left standing out by the Sea,
And that my friend is the life that God had already chosen for the soul that lives inside of me.

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Full Moon Eclipses

The night’s full moon eclipses Greater than pumpkins A scene masterfully done Cast over their sins Jack-O-Lanterns scream From their blood thirsty innards The moon does redeem
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

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Power in the Moon Light

Under the moon light Down by the sea We have a calm sight Of everything free View the sea in its might Where it all will be Power in the moon light The unspoken dally One that’s only bright I never do deny openly That this moon is right A feeling coming tenderly
Russell Sivey

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 In the moon year
 I began to ponder
 Of trial about life’s racing,
 I thought of life and prayer
 I thought of blessing.

 Under the clean moonlight,
 In the shadow of my hallowed skin
 Where the bright moon manifest
 And cascades down my path,
 I went to the seashore,
 Where the gay moon cast
 Aspersion on the ocean face,
 I saw the rising moon tide
 Overwhelmed the uncertain starfish;
 Back to where it belongs,
 As the moon tide caressed my feet;
 I looked at the meek moon
 I saw a friend,
 A body guard against the uncertain world;
 The caressing moonshine catalyzed my dream,
 I lay back on the sand
 And i followed the lost moon.

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alchemic gold within'

the sun rises and casts it's light on earth, as the sun sets, the moon appears
to cast it's shadow of darkness, with the exception of the sun reflecting it's light on 
the surface of the moon. now.........if our spiritual light has descended into matter,
our physical being, being a shadow of our spiritual self, then like the moon, in a 
sense, everything in front of us is a reflection of our spiritual self as our physical 
is a shadow of our spiritual, like the sun and the moon.
the light of the sun never sets, it only seems to set as it rises on the other half of 
the world, the moon appears to remind us of that as it casts the reflection of the 
suns light. the setting sun is like the descending of spiritual light into matter, our
physical being, like the moon, is a continuous reflection of that light, the sun never 
truly leaves us, as our spiritual light never truly leaves.
alchemy of time isn’t about turning lead into gold, it’s about the evolution of 
consciousness and the golden properties of the higher self.
what physical property on earth radiates like the sun?...uranium...and as this 
compound loses it's element of radiation, what happens? becomes lead...
in other words, as we continue to reach for the gold outside our physical nature,
we neglect the inner spiritual nature, eventually, possibly, become as lead also.
who we are inside, consciously, is what is reflected back to us, our attitude and 
personal growth becomes our perception and projection of the physical world.
our eye's are mirrors of the soul, projecting the spiritual light within', reflecting 
back the love shared. it all begins within', from original thought to intended action.
it's all about one basic principal, unconditional love, because love encompasses 
all; love conquers all. if our relationship with the divine will is strong, our outer 
relationship in accordance to all in nature is strong also. as Jesus Christ said,
" love thy neighbor as thy self "..........respect and understanding.

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My turn

The moon giving off a captivatingly dim illuminate light
Hiding itself behind the clouds yet still showing enough to shine bright
All the while at that moon I stare
Trying so hard to take my risks, my chances, push in myself to dare
To jump, fly high and live free
To view the world as it’s meant to be
Oh, it sounds so good to do, it seems so right
I’m on the edge and suddenly, once again, I’m paralyzed with sheer fright
When will I get past my fears, will I ever learn
When will I let go and get to me again, when will it once more be my turn

Like most I long for that eternal flame the everlasting love fire
That passion that one just can’t tame, my one, and only desire
Someone who will love me for what and who I am on the inside
Not for my looks on the outside
Someone with whom, I can be real and not pretend
That special guy I would want to love until the end
But I keep sticking my heart into the fire only for it to burn
Will I ever love again, when is it going to be my turn

Why do some keep giving their hearts and souls away?
Knowing that love is such a hard game to play
People toy with someone’s love and devotion
Break you down stealing your emotions
I have done this many times
Hoping with each one, he would forever by all mine
But out of all, only one, so far, has ever truly owned my heart
Even though he to has torn it apart
I can’t however, just continue to sit here alone and for him wait
Life’s too short, I don’t want to be too late
So, for now, for him, I may still deeply yearn
In this time it’s my moment and to live free and try not to get burned
It’s finally my turn

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MoonBee's Madrigal

Oh... Oh... Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight
I’ve Pink Champagne, Lit FirePlace Flame 
        And The Stars Are Twinkling Bright
I’ve Put On Your Favorite Dinner and Rose Dress
        For Your Delight
Ooooh, Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight

Heeeey, Honey, What Happened To The Lights?
        You Paid The Bill … Alright?
Bring Me A Beer and That Remote Here
        The Cowboys Play Tonight !
Why’s The Table Set… We Got Guests?
         Is That Dress A Little Tight? ……
              * *///// # # ////\\
I Don’t Know Sam… She Just Picked A Fight !
Hauled-Off and Hit Me… With All… Her… MoonBee…  M i g h t  !

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light of sadness

My soul pours out of my heart,
Along with the rain that pours from the sky.
A hollow feeling grows from inside,
But I just lay here and feel I will die.
The rain hits my face,
Making reality stay close.
My cold, beating heart slows,
And my breathing almost goes.
I start to fade,
Out of this life I once knew.
Feeling everything leave me,
As I count my last heart beats,
Four, three and two…
Then the clouds are empty,
And the raining stops.
The moon shines down
Making my heart drop.
This feeling i forgot is now returning,
I open my eyes and remember,
Just how beautiful the moon is.
I no longer have to remember to breath,
And my heart is racing inside of me.
The day I thought would be my last,
Turned out to be the day all my pain has past.

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Your Square Moon

Your Sun is square your Moon at 8:32 
as you walk across the foyer smiling 
to greet these new friends of his. 
This can be a tense time, your Moon 
is a mess, staring directly across 
at Uranus, stormy for relationships. 

You nod to Paul and Gwen, who strikes 
you as a tacky piece of work. Moon 
square Mars kicks in with a threat
of over-hasty action. Moon square 
Chiron means dredging up old wounds. 
Smile and ask him to order for you,

then eat your tongue instead. Don’t
be ruled by your stars. Remember, 
your Moon’s about to slip into trine 
with Venus. Later this evening, things 
are bound to turn out better as the 			
all-knowing heavens glimmer down.

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A Saugerties Night

The full moon caresses 
the starry night sky,
moving in slow motion 
across the expanse.
No street lights,
no head lights, 
just the moon 
in her full glory.
As I ponder upwards 
toward the light,
breathing in the cool, fresh, 
clear night air,
the stars seem to write my name
across the sky,
and that’s when I know

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restless heart

Restless Heart.

Moonless night is peace
Full moon and my poor heart aches 
For the impossible
Let it be said with swiftness
I’m incurable romantic 
When the moon hides 
Behind clouds of indifference 
Her absence hurts
But I will deny utterly
That I care about romance. 
 What I hate to see
Is an anemic moon at noon 
Tells me off failures
I should have said I love you
But in a bar a girl smiled.

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writer for a day

i was a writer for a day, a joker clumsily gifted who became a criminal in the home town of time, with words propelled by infatuation, they spoke. 

i was a writer for a day, through the  keyhole of remembrance, a muse's fuse flickered, the dawning of the end was surely planted, contrasting hooks and flowing locks, a jester does not lie, he can only joke. 

i was a writer for a day, until those connected painted pictures of a troll singing glitter laden lyrics, suggesting the lack of a soul, then eyes that'd never met filled with hours of painful regret, and soured hope. 

i was a writer for a day, more or less discovered a brand new ocean, sans rudder, failing direction, investing hope in cosmic waves of emotion, walking imaginations plank, something broke. 

i was a writer for a day, elephants, monkeys and me captain albatross, sailing the seas of the land of delete, golden sands perfect isles with an unimaginable beautiful smile, secured by loves golden rope.  

i was a writer for a day, basking in the setting sun, whose passion was second to none, whose admiration for la luna's perfection only eclipsed by the ticking hands of reality, stung by a scorpion horoscope. 

i was a writer for a day  -


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Under A Twilit Moon

The night wore on 
under the twilit moon – 
purple, half-sunk, 
half-risen over the flaming sea. 
Thoughts twirl
 and ebb and flow
 and curl up against jagged stones,
clinging to the only safety
the mind has ever known.  A car, 
an infant, a teardrop mother:  
all waiting silently 
for that peace to come. 
But lo, here’s innocence, 
bright-shining under a starless sky; 
purity of youth lost to age.  And thus, 
there find me, cold and broken, 
aged past morning 
and into evening.  Now here I sit, 
under a twilit moon – 
purple, half-sunk, 
and rising into the gloom.

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Under a Full Moon Sky

She sits on the jetty
Under a full moon sky
Wondering why
Just wondering why

Her lover, her man
Has been lost at war
Why was he there
What was he fighting for

In a distant place
So far from their home
He was taken from her
In her mind she combs

Can she face tonight
Will she bear tomorrow
Her heart's been wrenched
In heartfelt sorrow

As she sits on the jetty
Under a full moon sky
To all the others who have lost
Will they ever wonder why?

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Moon Mirror

The sun, going about her daily chores, 
glimpses a new star in the sky, 
one smaller than herself, 
yet strangely familiar.

Used to catching her image first in puddles, 
then growing larger in lakes, 
she at first only sees a stranger, 
then catches herself 

spread in the moon's reflection 
across thousands of miles of sky.
Hypnotized by the beauty 
of this strange new view of herself, 

she can't ignore it, 
sneaking looks time after time; 
she can't take her eyes off herself.
Daily, as the moon moves about in the sky, 

the sun catches tantalizing glimpses 
of herself from multiple angles. 
By then, the sun imagines herself to have 
the moon's full attention, 

claiming it as her mirror.
Like Snow White's wicked stepmother, 
the sun asks this mirror repeatedly, 
methodically, almost hypnotically, 

"Who is the fairest of them all?"
The moon answers all questions 
bringing the sun back time and again, 
puppet on a string 
seeking a definitive answer.

By day, the moon untangles 
its strings of moonlight, 
puts out its nets.

Their dialog moves sideways; 
the sun's questions, always direct, 
glance off the moon; 
the moon's answers slip around behind it 
as the sun tries to get a better look 
at what the moon might be saying.

Who was created in whose image? 
Which came first, 
the chicken, the egg, or the yolk, 
small sun caught up in the quicksilver lies 
of albumen?

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Wonder of the Moon Dust

Sprinkles from above This powerful dust Brought identity All under the sky And their love with it Referencing The love brought there It’s the wonder Of the moon dust Within life Love’s wild call In moon light Complete Moon dust Rave Mist Open Feng shui Enter up Aboard one Gleaming moon Star dust above Of moon nature Bringing about Love everywhere Spiral the dust floats Moon dust from above Comes down into eyes Arms of trust inside The peace with great love
Russell Sivey Entrant into Catie Lindsey's "Diminished and Advancing Hexaverse Contest" contest 3/12/2012

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Betrayed once more, Everyday

The sun goes down
I feel the light betray me

The moon goes down
I feel the night betray me

The sun goes down
I feel the light betray me

The moon goes down
And I can't help but feel alone, So distant from the sun.

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The Moon Between the Trees

It was the night after the full Moon.
This was the night that I saw the Moon between the trees.
It was huge! It was the color of melon!
My world was lit as my life had instantly risen.
I saw light gray clouds all dismayed with dark blue visions.
My moment had come forth and all at once, 
I felt a life inside myself begin to breathe.
Three decades of life had passed by me.
Cascades of shadows erupting dark and gray!
Now they evolve in true sight and all of this was for my eyes to see!
“Oh My God”, dear God, this is my world mine all mine in every way!
And this is what I have dropped before Thee?
At such a long distance, that glimmer has covered over me.
So many nights I lay before Thee.
Not one word and not even one moment heard.
For it was silence, for I could not breathe!

An hour had passed since I saw the Moon between the trees.
It had vanished and no longer could my own eyes see,
That dark blue vision, the one that would not let me feel a breeze!
I saw that melon with its glimmer, the one that had covered over me.
I felt my breath deep down inside of me and I finally began to breathe.
“Oh My God”! My dearest God, I have found what I lay before Thee!
I have found the vision of gray and how huge it was for my eyes to see!
“My dearest dear God, my only one and true God”, 
Oh my how I have forsaken this precious life you have given to me!

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Modern Moon Miss ...

A Mellow, Intoxicant – Moon-Shine
Out of This World – But Orbit’s in Line
Controls The Lunacy- Longing, Just Fine
Heard Howls At The Moon? … It Was Mine…

Not a Lunatic – But Lipse’ – Scientific … Sometime
Like a Space-Kitten, Who just wants to Climb
And Prowl 9 (?) Milky Way Planets, in One Lifetime… Not Nine
And Purr in Milky Moonlight… On My Spine

My Soul is all Aglow… You’re in My sight
And Even, My DarkSide… is Searching Mister… Right ?
I’m and Emotive, Aspiring, Silhouette-Shone, Light
Full … of Faith, Formulas and Moon Flint-Rocks, Bright

So, I’m Not Crazy… But I, Phase… A- R o u n d –  Sense 
… at Least, to Your Grounded, Male-Ego Logistics
yet, I’m Glad, You Still Try To Reach The Moon…
… but Maybe, I’ll Beam “You” Up Scotty !… Soon

… So, Brace Yourself… I Can Bring The Bravado
Pace Yourself… We, Got A Long Way To Grow
Race Yourself… Flash Your Flag… Fly and Follow
Raise Your Rocketship-Ride…    Ready … Set … Go !

… ‘Cause Modern Moon Miss… Miss Ya’… You Know…

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Solace Motions

            Solace Motions

The mom shot out children faster than a gun
Moon helped pull some with gravity
Twenty in all confirmed and documented
It’s only natural
The births came on one at a time

One was Solace
Who flew through mom’s skirt while it flowed up and out
Faster than a bullet through stained glass windows
He shattered with it, scattered into fragments 
In as many directions as there are to count

Gone in that split instance
Once started he can’t begin to stop
In constant motion
Movement on moments as a consequence 
Solace takes off

People who never start are dead
People at rest… Are in stasis… Were born but not much more                                                                                                                                                                             
People who take their place…. Are not the same
There is no past.  There is no future
Solace moves between these two places

He takes his solace in quiet reflections
In silent thought and contemplation
Remembers his first and only start
When he kissed his mom good-bye before departing
She shot him out just like a dart through parted skirt

Solace is hard at work today
Never in the same place but in his place
He cannot stop once he got started
There were no brakes back then or now
Only endless races that Solace has to face

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There fell the night, on Central Park
to shroud the world within the dark,
and wanderin came the soul of me,
to find a place to leave my mark.

And there within the night there be,
a lonely heart, my eyes did see,
just walking down into the dark,
and tempting for a bite from me.

The gloom of life shone in her eyes
reflections from a love that dies,
but still is there within the heart;
she'd rather die, than realize --

that love has made its' last depart,
an ending borned right from the start,
and painful yet, her love still lies 
right there within her failing heart!

Of all the joys in life I see,
there's not a one that pleases me
so much as bringing love anew,
where love has hurt so terribly!

And so I bade her " are you...?
to which she said, "Get lost! Adieu!"
But still I pressed relentlessly,
for giving up's not what I do!

Progressed the night just as I planned,
in little time she touched my hand,
and gave out just a little smile,
so I thought on, to make my stand;

a little full moon for a while
cannot but only help my style,
in this moon light her eyes were grand,
and so I kissed her growing smile!

Her lips were warm as they could be,
she soon gave in so willingly,
and in the dark she gave her soul
to soon embrace the soul of me!

Within the night her heart did toll,
as I pressed on to make her whole!
and swooned she, as the teeth of me
just bited to her very soul!

The love I gave so willingly
was but the very best of me,
and love we shared, there in the dark,
the greatest love to ever be!

And right there down within the dark
love boundeth all and made its mark,
upon her neck so lovingly,
when we made love in Central Park.
       © ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Role reversal

What if god made made men to have babies?
How would our history have changed?
 What if terrorists were Heroes and police were enemies?
 What if the Sun & Moon traded places
 How would it affect our time of day?
 So what if Satan was worshipped  with praise and God was the Ultimate sin?
 What if Coreta Scott King led the million man march rather than Martin?
  What if our past was our future were we destined to fail?
 What if South America was the mother land what would that make Africa?
It's just a Role Reversal
What if our four founding father were Muslim men?
What if our US Constitution was written by Native Indians?
What if we went by philosopy and not by religion?
What if killing was the Ultimate justice of the land?
What if the first person to touch the moon was an animal?
What if we were animal pets and we had tolearn from them
What if the US was in poverty and Africa was in power?
What if living was the ultimate death and dying was the ultimate life?
It's justa reversal of roles Just think about it
for a while...
 What If?

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I walk and walk the many miles for you.
I give and give until I have nothing more.
I go on and on until I drop or fall,
But I’m searching deep because I search for it all.
Everyday I die more inside. 
Eaten alive by myself inside of my core,
Because I’m left alive with life that only I can sort through!
I just want to see the Sun rising up so full and so high.
I want to see the Sun set so huge with shadowing bits that glow.
So I’ll just believe in this strength that comes through you to me.
I search for you but why should I be the one who has to be one that believes?
Everyday I’m alone and it’s nowhere that I go,
Even when it’s my thoughts that I clearly identify!
I just want to see the Moon so round and so high beaming me into the glow of light.
I want to see the Moon peering through the lighter of my brightest day.
I keep seeing all of these cushioned visions of just you and me.
Searching for you gives me the sight of all that I am to see.
Everyday I beg and beg until I hurt that you will stay.
But I’m left alone with reality in sight.
I just want so much for you and me.
I even want the same air that you breathe.
I keep holding onto this strength that I am I feel I believe.
Searching for you I’m with all that I can ever be!
Everyday I’m straightened by what my eyes can see,
But now I’m alone with what’s left alive and what didn’t flee.
So I’ll just keep searching for you while I search for what will be the all of me.

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Watching the Moon Grow

Night after night I sit to see the Moon shining over me.
Watching its shield unveil a bright night I can just sit to be.
For each night gone by a star shines so bright,
The more and more I sit here this night.
Deeper and deeper I think tonight, 
“What if” I had no sight?
Watching its gleam covering more than a lot,
I just sit to see it shine its big light.
For each hour gone by the moments are sought.
So more and more I sit here deeper in my thought.
My mind farther than my further with what this glow has brought,
“What if” the man in the Moon was never sought?
Watching its shadows lurk in the glow,
I sit to see if he will finally be caught.
For each moment gone by clear nights I’ll now know.
So more and more I sit here watching the Moon grow.
There’s just so much to see because it covers over me.
I sit here night after night because it’s just such a true sight.
I give it quite a bit of thought because “what if” all of this was not?
For the more that it comes to glow the more and more I can watch it grow.
There’s just so much to know because it covers me with its tremendous glow.
I sit her with thought after thought because I have more than your lot.
I sit here night after night because “what if” there was no true sight?
For the more I can just come to see the more and more I can just sit to be.

®Registered: 1998   Ann Rich

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You Shall See the Dusk and Dawn- Part 3

Though these words are all true
I never knew how much they meant 
They’re the makings of my diary 
Which is compiling with my every whim
And I know the future seems grim 
When the sun descends the light goes dim 
Don’t you fret the moon will lend itself as a night light
But on some nights the sun will refuse to stay out of sight 
The moonlight is eclipsed and I seal my lips 
And the moon drips over the blackened star
Two crypts in an endless galactic battle
Opposites attract desperately trying to complete what the other might lack
Like the light of day and the black of night 
You see you must contrast if you hope to create a masterpiece 
Or at the very least a memory that will last
Life’s a struggle to surpass the work of the last great man
So my tongue rattles in its cage
My eyes gage the force 
My blood courses 
And my mind divorces the eyes that I use to see
Because they can’t quite see how the world is 
But only as the world should be
Again I flee into the mind that I find comfort 
In charring with the riggers of battle lines
Drawn out in some fine print
Making the eyes bend and squint 
I’m in less than mint condition 
This is less than efficient 
I’ve barely christened the issues that are on the line

And I paint some pictures withe the fixtures that dangle from my beautiful mind
So I might bind your thoughts 
You may even find some truth or maybe some excuse to go on
Maybe to find a new way to look at dusk and dawn
So maybe drag the old rusty beach chair onto the lawn 
See with new eyes what you already saw 
If you can’t find strength to walk 
Just muster up some strength just crawl 
If you should happen to fall get up and stand tall
And if your thoughts should turn to death
Don’t count your breaths take a rest
Just remember the times the air was stolen from your lungs
Our lives begun so small and the world so huge
But now our bones are fused and the isn’t as it use to be
You must realize that the earth is massive but your world is small
None of us can expect to understand it all
Again I find myself on the brink catastrophe
These words might mean a lot to you 
But let me reassure you they mean much more to me

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I sit here remembering times that have gone by
toward the end and near the beginning
the musical notes of my life
faith and hope
the sustainers of my path
the cartakers and builders
the moon and sun my light
the stars my many dreams
each holding me together
as the world around me crumbles
falls to pieces on my floor
my broken heart
slowly mended
as time slipped me by
as faith and hope kept building
and the sun and moon still shine
the stars still go on glinting
waiting for me to realise
that it is now my time

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Blue Moon

Blossoming from the rock
A soul of a desperate lock
Becomes one with the blue moon

Hues of blue and gray
A due of death today
A blue moon rises in the west

It seemed so long ago
When the moon was so-so
And never went to the side of the blue

Now life is happening 
And flowers are dying 
The moon so blue is in the middle of the night sky

A love is a death 
With a beginning and end
Just like the blue moon

With the beginning of a new day 
The moon is hidden 
And a new life is born
Unlike the moon of blue

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Daytime Minutes

As the full moon asserts herself in the translucent skies
I find myself reaching for her,
As if she were you
I find my mind, wrapped in her craters 
As if, they were…your arms
Stroking her as if she had your skin,
Your soft, angelic skin
I find myself, longing for her to be you
Wishing, that her touch
Could, in someway, equal yours
With eyes tightly shut, 
I picture you…
I picture us
What we were,
What we are,
And what we should be
The moon suddenly becomes the sun
Burning with excruciating pain
Pain from the past
Pain from regrets and misfortune
Scarring me…deeply
I try and extinguish the flames, but
They intensify with every attempt
Thus… it’s settled
Were never meant to be my moon
For I made you my sun
Despite all, you will always be the moon to my sky
But I’m cursed to live only in the heat of the day…
And will never again, feel the smooth caress, of the nightlife

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Night Skys

the cloak of the night skys
glitters with its jewels
and the whitecaps glisten neath the moon
and I am drawn in to its majesty
the hearld of darkness sparkling with light
and stand sheltered by its expanse
the cast of moon scattering gloom
and my smallness is felt deeply
familiar patterns are there
by virtue of the light there reflected
and the surty of knowing its ceaselessness
and its boundries as yet unknown and undiscoverd
that we look away from ourselves to something greater
what is dark in ourselves is far lessened
by the light reflected from another source
to draw strength from without
the whitecaps lap at the shore
the limits defined by her moon and sky
a night of peace unfettered by storm
but the storms will come
with shadows and obscurity
to frighten children and make seamen pray
mankind will scamper to their burrows
and I will be one with them
casting my sight till the sun rises again
chasing away storm and shadow
another morrow to illuminate
the confines of our lives
as is imposed by time and law unceasing

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud)

Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud) 

I am just baggage to the world 
Cast away and forgotten 
An entire life 
Waiting for something 

Every so often a random passerby 
We exchange formal soliloquy 
Just talking to ourselves 
Wondering if anyone really hears 

They always keep a lock on my eyes 
To desperate to admit sad truths 
Pretend they’re giving me sound advice 
When just quoting old adages to themselves 

They say 
“Follow the sun, 
For in the light shining upon all 
You will find the way” 

The same response 
Every time runs through my head 
“What of the clouds 
Stealing the light from my eyes 
They always gather around me 
Darkening my life 

“And what of deep night 
Where I sink into despair 
Alone and sinking in a world 
Where no one seems to care” 

They don’t seem to hear my words 
Just keep ranting their securities 
All the while shaking like leaves 
In the harshest of autumn winds 

I wonder if anyone can hear me 
Or if I even hear myself 
Can anyone see me? 
Hidden in this cloak of clouds 

I begin to feel comfortable 
As my worldly self 
Begins to drift away 
Comfortable with no sun 
To burn my skin red 
Or to guide my way 

I’m locked into a perpetual night 
As the oppression of my clouds 
Absorbs the light 
Sun and moon and stars 
And I’m left with nothing 
But four walls 
And a roof 
And a little stool to sit on 

I don’t notice any more random passerby 
Just as they never noticed me 
Just quote my old adages 
Some god created just for me 

“Stay in the clouds 
A safe haven from the pain 
I have no need 
Of ever finding the way 

“The world has spoken its ignorance 
And has finally cast me away 
I’m tired of endless clinging 
And the guilt it brings my way 

“If the life in this world 
Revolves around an endless rhyme 
The sun and moon and stars 
I have better places to spend my time 

“A room of nothing 
No windows or air to breathe 
Just a feeling of numb contentment 
As my soul starts to bleed” 

My conscious mind had made its final pitch 
And it is off to the races 
But I’m moving so slow 
So slow

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Ripples in the Sea

When I see this Moon and gaze deep into the stars,
My mind wanders as I search for where you are.
Looking up, looking down, this enormous Sea is where I can now be found.
Standing alone at the Ocean’s edge and hearing its roar,
My heart pounds and aches for so much more.
Gazing deeper and deeper out into this vast blue Sea,
I can gather myself with this soul that was given to me.
Ripples in the Sea are all that my eyes can see.
One by one they collide with force to touch what was given to me.
Infinity with the depths of this Sea, 
This is what the Moonlit Ocean conveys to the truth inside of me.
Standing alone and afar from the depths of this Sea,
Ripple by ripple captures the every breath that I have inside of me.
Oh how they carry every single thought away from the insides of me!
Reflections of our Moon spread across this glimmering Sea.
Endless and endless ripples!
This vision I know I will forever see!
I hold my breath and carry a true smile, 
Searching for that last ripple to reach its hundredth mile.
Alone I stand at the edge of this Sea, 
The depth of this Ocean covers over me.
I wonder and wonder can I truly hold what was given to me?
So if ever in search for that which you know you believe,
Please remember that I left me standing with the ripples in the Sea.
One by one they collide crashing directly into me.
I stand with a force that was given just for this person that lives inside of me.
Come to me! Please touch what is on the inside of me!
Feel what has been given just for the love of me!
So if ever in doubt for that which you truly know you believe,
Look deeper and deeper out into this incredible huge Sea.
The ripples one by one know you will believe.
They touch, they feel, they hear what is left standing out by the Sea,
And that my friend is the life that God had already chosen for the soul that lives inside of me.

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Born To Be Myself

I want to be youthful and free,
Like the Gemini Sun and Moon conjunction person I am.
I was born, destined to be a soul reborn via New Moon phase.

I want to feel the right to be me,
Like a twelve-folding of all my natal astrology star signs.
I was born, destined to be another unique individuality.

I want to respect nature and animals,
Like the Taurus Sun and Moon conjunction soul I am.
I was born, destined to be an epileptic, Bohemian in spirit.

I want to hold steadfast in my faith,
Like a unifier of all religions; spiritualities; sciences.
I was born, destined to know how God lasts eternally.

I want to serve justice and liberation,
Like the Libra Sun and Moon conjunction spirit I am.
I was born, destined to be a true believer: even I’m an INTJ.

I want to embrace the world I’m born into,
Like holding a fondness for all countries.
I was born, destined to learn about the world as a whole.

I want to achieve my ideals and dreams,
Like holding a spirit of never giving up.
I was born, destined to realize not all is as seems -to me.

I want to know a lot about myself,
Like holding a candle in the darkness of unknowing everything.
I was born, destined to find out all of who I am in a life of mine.

I want to be myself in my own way,
Like a wise child wandering and silently learning things.
I am a soul reincarnated, born to be myself (who I am for now).

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Starless Sky

you look upon the sky and seen a starless sky. 
why does it feel so lonely within one room? 
why does everything have to end in some point?
the moon looks lonely, as you sit. 
you think to yourself. .
i am a moon in a starless sky..
where is my shinning star?
where am i to be found?

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The Moon Was Blue

   Grandfather riddled us a rune
   And turned his face up to the moon
   The moon was blue and so was I
   The season cold, the winter nigh
   We shivered inward, outward too
   The wind was bold, the moon was blue
   The snow caressed his ancient cheek
   The cosmos yearned for him to speak
   A rasping garsp, a coughing moan
   The night was dark, we were alone
   I saw the village of the past
  The buffalo out on the grass
   The plains, the plains went on and on
   The moon was blue we were alone
   I saw the eagle and the deer
   Reflected in Grandfather's tear
   That slid so slowly down his face
   Transcended from this'time, this place
   We saw him running with the moon
   Across savannah's wild in bloom
   We saw him string a silver bow
   To stalk the phantom bufflo
   A glowing shimmer filled the skies
   We saw our world within his eyes
   A tremor wracked his ancient frame
   He cried out loud and called my name
   I heard the mighty Eagle scream
   Was it a vision or a dream?
   You lookd at me,I looked at you
   The night was still, the moon was blue
   Grandfather shook off sparks of "Then"
   He didn't say "Remember When"
   He took us there and now we know
   The night was cold, The moon was blue
   He wrapped us in his leather arms
   We felt forever safe from harm
   We turned our faces to the sky
   To see the soaring eagles fly
   You look at me, I looked at you
   And in your eyes. the moon was blue.

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My Light

Once again
Here I lay
A state of loneliness
Shadows stay

How can one be so loved
Yet felt to be at arms distance
Then when tries to reach out
Feels nothing but strain and resistance

Can’t anyone see this heart I have
The feelings I long to share
Holding them all in 
Just doesn’t seem quite fair

I try to stay calm
I take the time and try to see
But at the end of each day
There only lies me

But the sun will come up
Tomorrow we’ll be fine
Throughout the day
Until the sun no longer shines

I can’t help but this be the way that I feel
Embedded deep in my heart
Are just meaningful feelings
That tonight, from them, I can’t depart

All I want is for the moon to be a little closer
The stars to be near
If not so far away
Night wouldn’t be my worst fear

But the further they go
The smaller I feel
And the reality of it all unfolds
And the pain is very real

I close my eyes
Lying to my right an empty hole
And so far away once more
Waiting for the sunlight to reveal my soul

The rain starts to fall
Pounding on the window’s face
As if the clouds are crying tears
As if were landing softly on a pillowcase

But through the storm
Though battered and torn
A night sky clears
Though heavy and worn

But the stars still sparkle
The moon will still shine
Until the break of day
And my light is once again mine

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This morning when the sun began
With no joy to see
Only the shaking of the tree 
I began to time the coming of your words
The glee of error redeemed
And love restored again in right self esteem.
Expectant ... the bloom of day 
In the fusing of our flesh
 Like light and morning glory
 And the mountain was far away, and its ice
 Summit dripped drop by drop
 With seconds that does not suffice
 To count the lengthening brevity of day.
 The wind came and suddenly stop
 There was no footsteps after it
 Only its silence like a torn blanket around my heart
 The sun slivers away so the moon will come
 All that is left of the ice today
 I am such a little drop jn a swollen bulge of sky
 Such a clamor of the heart for things melting
 I have no more expectation of the sun
 And the moon is such a little drip of hope
 Cold and shivering ... the last dew hangs
 Waiting .... waiting
 Precariously like a heart in love
 And to think this moment
 My life depends on this
 How hard will the wind blow
 I hang for dear life at the tip
 Of a leaf shivering under the moon

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When the sun goes down, and the breeze freshens, 
when the night fills the sky, I’ll then feel at home,
as I’ve none of my own.
     And I’ll feel as though I belong.
When the moon comes up and lights the night
and the stars dot the heavens, I stare transfixed
     in awe of what I see
     as I silently wish with all my might.
To see the sun rise, not in the morning as all else,
but in my mind or in my heart,
     is what can put me to rest.
In a corner of my mind, where no-one ever sees,
lies a child in fear.
Of the terror of the day,
     and the mysteries of the night.
And as I watch that child grow old and alone,
I wonder why the light never shines in on him.
When the sun brightens the darkest of days
and the moon and stars illuminate the night,
     why must anyone live in the darkness of the
     mind, which no light can reach?
What can block the light,
     what can break the spell,
     what can move this one to freedom?
Why must the fight never leave the mind,
     why must the child grow old?
Why do the stars never twinkle?
     Why do the leaves fall off;
     why does the river taste like tears?
Why does the mind ache and hurt?
     Why does the heart pull up curt:
          Why does my soul feel pain?

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Boulder Ridge

The moon is full above the canyon 
   listen to the call... 
The music of the river 
   echoes between the walls. 
A love song for the brave 
   who boldly choose to walk, 
The path of their true destiny 
   as the drums begin to talk. 
The boulder on the ridge 
   catches and holds the light, 
Providing a mystic place 
   for passion in the night. 
Hearts beating to the cadence 
   of the drums far below, 
Sharing souls and secrets 
   only the moon will know. 
Breathe deep the magic moment, 
   It is here by more than chance, 
Come out of the half shadows, 
   Listen...Live...and Dance. 


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Fist of Determination

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now…
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me…

As the sun rises, I am ready to fight
I feel this energy within me begin to escalate
And manifest itself into a spirit! This is great!
These fists of mine will tackles anything and crush
All those who get in my way!

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now!
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me!

As the moon continues to rise through the night
This spirit within me beckons to try out
These fists of mine right now! I feel it!
It is guiding me down a path that I
Must see to the very end!

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now!
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me!

As the sun rises…
As the moon rises…
These fists of mine will tackle anything and crush
All those who get in my way!

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now!
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me!

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Sailor's Heaven

The sun
So ascends
The moon descends
Appearing to go
But, yet the moon hangs on
Visual, in the day sky
And reflects on the blue waters
That we sail upon each lovely day
So be it, the beauty of sea and sky

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MY Vision

Beyond my reach,
In a cycle of my vision,
A Moon was lightening on me,
And stars were twinkling.
Open Sky,
Where I, Moon and Stars,
Observing only our natural existence,
A star moved and flew away,
Beyond my sights,
Moon walked a small distance with me,
And disappeared,
Little stars and me,
Were watching eachother,
Cold wind was touching me,
My hairy skin was protecting me as a badger feels danger,
Sun was arising in the east,
Stars were disappearing in strong flashes,
Birds were flying in the sky,
Every way was very clear,
And reaching to its distance.
My life was breathing them all,
Who is he?
Made all this for me,
Suddenly an idea touched my mind,
Am I so important?
But why a person never understood,
Innocent killings and bloodshed,
Is that having meaning for criminals?
Who created all this for my existence? 
But dishonesty was pointing at me.

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Black Velvet

Black Velvet, That to which falls the shade of a moon come that of our hearts 
desire engraved from the inside. Is it love we feel or the dark side of our lives we 
hear? After all, isn’t that what we live is the love of the heart? Is it not that to which 
tears us apart is the fallen of a moon? It is that of my beloved that I store there in 
darkness. As my life I seek for that of righteous. It is there the velvet falls as it 
darkens the stage. It is there I have found true love that one day it will stay. It 
soars as high as a mountain breeze but lays low as a soul below. That in a 
cavern beyond some hill I find that of some things to be real. I find in life is to die 
but to live for Christ is a rise. That not only is that road hoed but it’s also rocked 
with love. That in one, I could ever be so bless to have. That he gave me you and 
my veil blew a peep, which in my heart there was a light of keep. It came of fine 
silk and love from end to end. That you blew the veil in the wind as it lay upon that 
of a pond fill hole. Only for you to cross and none other I told. That in my heart laid 
that of a sunlight untold as you reveal that of my deepest soul. You have pulled 
that veil that dried the rain as the darkness fell that to which reins. You have 
found that of a black velvet drape as my deepest soul yarn for that of love’s wake. 
As I know I have found one of heavens born because you have made my black 
velvet worn. That through it you can see that to which is torn. And that’s my soul 
and my love for you is torn. That in you I lay all my cards that one day that velvet is 
torn and I find that of love not torn. That in you I find that shade to be warm as you 
have draped your on velvet across that to which is worn. For this a moon comes 
shade that in you have made my day. As my black velvet gives that of a heart of 
shade as my heart loves that forever in the days. As I love you under the 
darkness of shades.

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The Burning Veil

My eyes were opened to a bright red burning veil.
Sun scorched and Moon dried,
It was fried!
But, I brought it some water in a crystal blue pale.
The more it burned higher went the scale,
God knows that I at least tried.
There was just nowhere to hide.
But, I wasn’t about to fail.
I put the veil in the water and made it wet.
I held it to the Sun and the Moon to air dry.
The veil melted and glowed where it was set.
It was sparkling and made me want to cry.
Perception had been weakened to what it really should be.
At least, that’s what the burning veil conveyed to the truth inside of me!

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If The Sky Were To Come Down

Stardust falls from broken skies
the moon hangs on a hinge
ready to collapse, ready to break
heaven bleeds from within
some say the sky is falling
clouds crash up above
thunder laces trying to be the seam
that holds it all together.
Stardust continues to fall
black chips of night sky drip down
behind the sky--
dark matter upon the ground
that gaping blackness
it is suffocating, suffocating
--i can reach up and grab the sky
but my hand meets nothing
clouds now crash into the ground.
Where will the angels sit now?
Will they come falling next?
The moon sinks lower, she is too heavy
they sky can no longer yield her up
no more thumb tack stars to keep her in place
they've become glass on the ground.
She sobs at her loss.
Stardust is still trickling from someplace up above
it is empty now, so empty
blank vast expanse
there is no such thing as a sky.
Can neither feel nor touch
the heavens fell to below
darkness settles to the human eyes
blind and groping outward nimble hands go
trying to find in the darkness
some piece of heaven left.
Stardust falls from broken skies
the moon hangs on a hinge
ready to collapse, ready to break
heaven bleeds from within.

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O God, The Rat Has A Phobia!

The rat tiptoed to the house, picks up a thread
While the soft spoken black cat is, still, in bed
Sleepy, but, she is to battle it, to win, for today
To gain her breath, in solitude, for another day 
At first, she will fetch water, from a sacred well
Passing through the silent field of fears, of hell
While the sympathetic morning moon watches 
And giving her consoles, with uplifting touches

Of hopes, to warm her shaken, but noble heart
From the cold of early morn, that torn her apart  
Before the fading moon could bid her goodbye
Her tiny feet has swollen red, like a chicken fry

The rat sadly waves her bye to the fading moon
She kisses gladly the first crow, with her broom
To sweep the scattered butts, of Marlboro Light
Before favored kitten come, and give her a fight

She uses her magic matches to light the sticks
Delicately set at the center of a three big bricks
Eggs and bacon, with riz Cantonese to prepare
The boiling silvery pot, patiently, waits her care 

While the family feasts, the rat runs to the room
To fix the beds’ pleats, and then, she will zoom
To clean the ruin of wars, on the two slab tables
Before, she finds herself drown, in little bubbles

Her paled skin got burned, from the blazing sun 
While the soft spoken black cat enjoying the fun
Of watching, the afternoon entertainments show
That the rat never sees, for she has list to follow 

But, before the day ends, the poor rat was bitten
By the soft spoken black cat, left.....right up to ten 
That made her soul cries, under the mango tree
Hides her tears, in the dark, no one will ever see

Only when the soft spoken black cat’s gone away
Thus, the rat feels happy, for she has time to play
In a world, where no creatures exist, but, just her
She now lives in illusion, in her own, fake laughter 

The rat has beaten many times the first cockcrow
For the soft spoken black cat, not to live in sorrow
Till she left her, nothing, but full of fear and wraths
Forever haunt her, even if, she takes dozen baths

O God, the rat has a phobia, ‘cos of this black cat
Won’t you ever pity seeing her sleeping in a mat?
Or when somebody, with shot, scratches her tail?
For I cannot stand, seeing how human beings fail 


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The Middle of Nowhere

The clouds overhead linger and the wind blows through my hair,
I constantly wonder how can I be amazed in such a place that is in the middle of 

I love the smell of the newly cut grass and I love the sight of the sun rising,
Watching the sun rise in the morning can be hypnotizing.

The golden yellow in the sky shines down on my face,
Taking me to an exotic place filled with life in all it's grace.

I close my eyes and listen out but I don't hear a single sound,
The wind blowing against me makes me feel as if I am 100 feet off the ground.

Soaring through the air like an eagle or a plane, 
Looking down at all the animals and my horses with flowing manes.

I open my eyes to see that I am still a country girl,
A country girl living in a country girl's world.

The end of the day is drawing near and the sun is about to set,
But just because the sun sets doesn't mean the day is over yet.

So I go inside and look out my window and stare at the moon up in the sky, 
The stars shining around the moon sparkles in my eyes.

A light rain starts to fall and began to tap against my window,
I climbed into my bed and became comfortable with my quilt and pillow.

Oh' how I love this place, this wonderful place
The place where my life goes on,
The place in the middle of nowhere the place that I call home.

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Rose of Thorns

Bound by love, your prisoner, distraught and lonely, I wait for you. My present 
being, yearning for us, tortured, time stands still as our acquaintance subdue. At 
the beach, nigh to the dunes, was our Eden, where you, my flower bloomed.

You were the pain, my last chance-dire. From my whole, you remained at our 
wake, the caroling water of dreams. We're shoreline deep, and, in the sand, our 
bodies remain. This is our sanctuary, or so it seems, until we bleed away. 

 In our youth, the sun smiled upon us, two innocents among the sinful tide. Your 
smile, the true sunrise to my days, awoke me from a dream. Shy and timid, I 
waited for you under the setting sun everyday. Holding hands, we confided in one 
another, confessing our fears and pain. As the evenings gently caressed the 
days from their stature, the moon lit our nights and the stars caught our eyes as 
they fell towards each other. 

The moon Shone like a precious fire on our wounds endless ires.  And, to be 
frank, I could not speak. From my lips to your cheek, seconds that were 
moments, I was afraid.  Like a child visiting the ocean for the first time, my touch 
refrained. I steadily explored your currents pull. Its strength consumed my 
tireless whims.  Like a blade, smooth and clean, we sunk core-deep and fell into 
each other until only one remained. 

Precious memories, so long ago, fallen from Eden, I can’t let go. Into the sea, my 
eyes gaze at what was once a boundless beauty to I, but now as gray as a 
wounded soul, it beckons me towards a watery grave.

My head is a specter lost in a maze of lies looking for you.  It gazes at paths once 
walked in the light of innocence.  Now, subdued, I float, sometimes in rage.  
There's only one thing that remains true.  Your beauty makes me want to lose my 

Waves of memories break in a hypnotic pattern; times of frolic betray their first 
intentions, spiraling my heart downward. Words of infidelity stain the paper in my 
hands, telling me to wait for one last dream, a nightmare. So as I read, I wait, like 
I had done so many times before, for you, not a flower, but a rose of thorns. 

In a mirror, much like a pool, my fingers scratch the surface and sink through.  I 
can touch our times and look back on them, but I can't explain why I can't fall in 
love again, not with you.  You whispered my name and turned away.  Until the 
end, we were friends, until the end, over and over again. Like a flower, I've wilted, 
wilted in shame.  

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Vampire Moon (1)

On Bourbon Street in the vertical rain,
In the dominance of shadowed domain,
Where the swamp gas reeks of a distant death,
Faint and remote like a dying breath,
Steam rises up from the cobbled ground,
And dreams misplaced are seldom found.

The rats in the quarter bristle and dart,
Conveyors of plague from an evil heart,
And the legions of dead stay where fell,
Whilst the ringing out of the handcart bell
Sounds like a warning from far away,
A signature tune for judgement day.

As fog wreaths the streets like a living shroud,
A vampire moon breaks through the cloud,
And dogs with rib serrated skin
Howl at the sky and the wailing wind;
The lord of damnation stalks the night
Eyes of blood lust burning bright.

The cathouse sprawl lies silent, still,
The whiskey bars no longer fill,
The hulls of ships tied at the dock,
Creak and groan and gently rock,
And all the oil lamps cease to burn,
They gutter out at his return.

On Bourbon Street where walk the dead,
Eyes of blood lust burning red,
Comes something wicked, black and cold,
Which human sight should not behold,
With pallid face and razor-teeth
And vampire moon to stalk beneath.

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The Wizzard and the Moon Goddess

                                 She actually never thought
                             she was the moon Goddess but 
                            did think the moon guided her path...
                            The wizard, overcome by her charm,
                       lost his pizzazz, falling off his cliff of renown..
                           Now, wonders how he has lost control
                             over some bold girl pretending to be
                              "Miss Personality" and singing some
                                 outrageous song about love and
                               freedom, forgetting the two don't go
                                               hand in hand...
                                If only she had listened to her mother!

Feb. 12, 2011

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Electric was your touch
230 volts of love flowed through me
My hesitation, wonder, fear,
Dare I draw her to me?
Kiss her?

Will she reject me?
She did not
Before I knew what was happening
Our passion was growing hot

Clothes virtually torn off each other
Speed was essential
Like a starving man in the desert
Finding an ice cream cone

I had to entwine our bodies
Merely flesh and bone

The moon rose
The moon set

The sun rose
And, but yet,
I would not let you go
Nor would I leave your side
This night must last forever
And this time I hope will bide

Pinnicle of Love
Top of the mountain of happiness
Don't go away from me
Truely, can't you see?
My life I'll dedicate to thee...

I awoke mid night
It was but a dream,
A remembrence of the past,
Of a night long ago,
One I wanted to everlast

Funny, how the mind
Can relive such times
Returning that sense of joy
Teasingly too short it lasts
Playing with our hearts
As if but a toy...

I carry those sweet hours
In my soul
They cleanse my time of pain
I 've had my time in the light
And though I know they'll never come again,
They help prepare me for the night
Which lies yet but ahead
For surely as one is born,
There comes a time when
One returns to the land
Of the dead.

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Midnight Hour

Midnight Hour
  The midnight hour 
Thy moon high
Thy stars 'nigh 
Willingly venturing into an unknown

Lights adorn the cobblestone streets
A little, little boy, plays feutball in yon churchyard past, 

On all around their beauteous radiance cast, 
This midnight hour.
All is quiet
Yet their is a riot
One that cannot be heard
Not a Word 

Journeying o'er the path of life, 
Onward, forward we move
With stars and northern lights o'er head in strife, 
Perfect Bliss 
Is This
The stars are out
For me
This midnight hour.

Rising High Does the full moon 
Saying Hello to the Night 
All of her shine and lustre

Bursting through the darkness wherein she was enshrined; 
Arise, Arise 
Willing, active, rapid thought
The past is the past as it intertwines the future
At midnight hour.

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Will you stay here with me, girl?
Will you leave it all behind?
We can beat it all, I'm sure, girl.
I don't know what you think you'd find.

The world is cold, the world is harsh, girl.
Forget your past, it wasn't kind.
And if you stay here with me, girl.
I think you'd like what you might find.

The light I seek is just too bright now.
Who will help me when your gone?
The light has left me behind now.
Theres no light to greet this dawn.

Who will help me fight this pain now?
I still need you at my side.
Will you stay? I feel the pain now.
You might be the turning of the tide.

The moon is full, the moon is ours, girl.
Will the light be returning soon?
I fear the lights gone for good, girl.
I don't think he'll grant me my boon.

The pain is fierce, the pain is deep, girl.
It's torn this soul I got in two.
You should go, you should leave, girl.
Move from the old to the new.

Please don't stay here with me, girl.
Do not leave it all behind.
We won't win, we will lose, girl.
Head into the world, see what you'll find.

It pains me to see you go now.
But I'll do what I think is right.
Leave me please, you gotta go now.
Leave me now, don't lose sight.

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Little Conversations

A running conversation stood catching it's breath
on the hill of decision, on the day of it's death
In an effort to stop the inevitable flow
of the moon in it's belly on a mission to grow
It stepped to the edge of the hill and transpired
with verbiage gone ancient and aching for fire
It stood up on tiptoes and opened it's mouth
to let the sun in, or to let the moon out
This running conversation was made up of air
and moods of the moment and bent silver hair
which reflected the sun in an effort to stir
all the things that it loved while he motioned to her
It took a look down to the Pool of Dissolve
and felt the earth shimmer within it's revolve
In an effort to keep conversation alive
it trampolined toes into a swan dive.

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Hold On

 Hold On
 ....Hold On
As the Moon Shines on you
...Only You  
The moon shines bright
The stars overlooking above
On a clear night
We are seperated afar

Do you think of me
Does your heart beat for thee
Hold On...Hold on Tight
To the One you Love. 

Times of trial abound us
Temptations around
Hold On
Hold on Tight
You must believe what you have is true
Let's keep it simple
What we have will grow day by day
Week by Week Month by Month Year by Year
Hold On! 
Hold On! 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2005 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Exhaustive Concordance of Days

Chalk eaten paper, unrolled on my floor
Stiff shoe paperweights holding it still
I'm on my belly with green fingertips
painting the backdrop for the next scene in life.
There will be oceans, for who doesn't love oceans,
and there will be strings holding sun kites and breath
You will be there wearing velvet and honor
shooing the birds as they land on my shoulders
Then there's the moon which I've painted in fuchsia
It's a moon which decided to grow it's own heat
None of this waiting for sunshine and earth shift
This is the moon at the end of act three.
Then there is pain (for pain's always there)
but I've put it in bubbles way over our heads
You're hiding pins in the sleeves of your coat
but I've painted them sewed into fabric and red
Wishes are tangible here in my mind
so I've sketched them in scrollwork on the edge of the page
These are the moments we yearn to dip into
in dreams and in all waking solace
I could go on like a list of desires
but you really should just make your way to my house
Please do forgive my disheveled appearance
and kiss me on lips stained of verdant
This tapestry life is an eater of time
I'm full of paint scrapings and boldness (and rhyme)
I've set down indelible what I want to be
an exhaustive concordance of days.

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Nameless faces in fog walk in dark
Known well identity hidden in mask
Morning to dawn ritual runs in cloud
Rushed to fly set free nowhere
Become ritual explore itself against all hate

As seen as dream flooded matter in sequence
Crisp in horn tender and loud and despair
Once mist to thrown and give itself

In a moon of herms as follow back dark ship
Coincides joining land in dreams
Come back to and shine its sight
As its own shame reflects one world
Dank of water as called in moon  stars never shown a face till dance
Over thousand indeed open verses  washed shore
Nameless faces washed in streets
Yet walk with  wished  dream  unforgotten in steps
As we all walk and crush in given  unknown
Purity justs its self as walk through  to  the same path

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truth? lies? or your gift?

What do you believe?
What do you know?
did you have any clue i read tarot cards professioanlly for the oldest restarunt built
in my city
and predict surprised birthday parties that have passed
and cfan tell you all sorts of secrets of exaggerated emotion and paranoia
that only the moon knows

So like the life lesson of the hanged man
are you here to realise you are gullible or to see through me and know ive been 
telling the truth
is this a test for you flase prophet
or your spiritual awakening with another card before you saying all of my poetic 
poems that sound personal are nothing more than fabrications
and many of you judge me
and that further goes to prove my writing ability?

Is it true do i know anything of being bonded to the material
and the devil who reminds me the keys to my chains are within my grasp
And the tower of unforseen catastrophe always has a happy ending or a rainbow
but only a true prophet in the year 2012 in las vegas understands the 
conspirtualacy of my craft

Is the hierophant all about the conformity of society 
and the grouping together of the nonconformidt youth
so when the saints and sinners pull to gether to revolutionise and pull this star 
from the sky will our dreams or nightmares come true?

Tell me prophet Am i a fool because the magician never taught me his tricks
but i understand the perfect shufles and have a deck of freudian slips of my own?
the blue moon sunrise and the three levels of the game of reality
we take babysteps of fear to beat or fail to proceed or return to the start
Where exactly is the emperor's crown of authority when society understands the 
slide of psychology
and the one of a million being catered to 
and the billion sof like minded individuals that spiral out from this psychological 

Am i in the driver seat of the chariot and do i have enough temperance
to balance the forces of good and bad to see the pros and cons
of the blessings and ultimatums of desires and consequence
were you gullible all this time to fall for my lies?
or were you smart enough to see them as works of art?
or are you a true prophet and need to start the revolution from the earth and the 
pollution of our skies

here i am 
a false martyr
tell me prophet whats in store for me
and what am i to do?

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The sickle-sharp moon slowly  slashes the smoldering sky
         that darkens purple with the aging of dusk when lights die.

At times like this our ancient hermit leaves his mountain cave
         to talk to you of dreams, visions, freedom for every slave.

Although his eyes are haunted portholes of a sunken ship,
         embers behind them transfix you in a hypnotist's grip.

His hoarse voice, like dried leaves blown and dragged along the sidewalk,
         drones on and on, and even in your sleep you hear him talk.

And just when you think you've understood him, he's gone so soon,
         but he'll be back another night of the sickle-sharp moon !

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Eclipsing the Moon

The night turns purple as it sleeps in dead men's fingers
still in the gelatinous state we find abhorrent
rocking waves in an ongoing performance under wisdom's moon 
while you steal me shells and lace me seaweed necklaces
At this moment, I'd take every pearl drop from every oyster
and throw it to the edgy sea, every sleeping gold doubloon
in silt compressing decadence a laugh lost in history
left there in the dark of the dark.
Far away from the luminary whispers we ignite.
Just let me trace the moon shadows on your face once more.
Leave me with a ring of salt for commitment and hum under your breath
just loud enough to lift the waves a little higher
a little higher still...
and this purple night will sleep on,
grumbling of lost sea items and treasures,
erasing our footprints from it's memory
as we eclipse the moon with our kiss.

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Looking at the Moon Tonight

Looking up the skies all my thoughts are only of you for me tonight. 
I look at the full moon high and see your face shining at me so bright. 
And then I think of all the great times that together have lived before now. 
My heart will never forget them but remember them always with a grand wow! 
I can never even begin to contemplate what my life would ever be without you. 
I know that God has blessed me so much when He gave the gift of you to me. 
Many times in my mind I just relive the wonderful day that you came in my life. 
I acknowledge that sometimes we have gone through a lot of woes and strife. 
But looking at the moon and the stars tonight makes me feel your love much more. 
Your love is like the most wonderful and gentle song I've heard soaring in the wind. 
And without your love and your presence I know  my life would lose a lot of its joy. 
There's so much that I'd like to tell you everyday and of all the nights tonight, so boy, 
Here tonight under all this moon and bright stars let me proclaim all my love to you. 
I'll always love you and forever stand by your side,whenever or wherever, I happen to be! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Winter Land Wonder

It’s crunching and glistening, quietly snowing,
‘neath a moon peaking out of the clouds.
The evening is calling for lovers are falling
in love with the world, less it’s sound.
The busiest street corners, silent and forlorn,
the end of the blizzard is nigh.
A winter land wonder, without all the thunder
a blanket for the full moon tonight.

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The Moon was just Appearing

I saw the moon was just appearing
behind the dark arms of wide trunks,
then hovering above the leaves ends
but what about trunks those nourished arms,
were still in ignorance of light.
behind the trunks everything was;but in dense
the source with glittering lit enlightened front
but what about the back of living things
were appearing, just the things behind
in the darkness of suspended light
i too watched a little shadow,it shared
to me a displaced body leaving darkness
may it lead to fade me at best
one leaving made me think about me
the ultimate change it going to be-
i felt my darkness lighted
and halted to watch myself
a tiny dark point let me know
to me and the moon and the trunks
the side that light made, was not the side
i could not know before the change
the change i need, don't let me know the light.

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Sun Starved

Sunshine on lips which have starved for a drop
of attention from forces impenetrably hot
Holding the hand of invention's conception
having cracked open the moon late last night
Eating the shell was a task of elation
Belly filled full with a thought born of mirrors
The moon on the inside was frozen, congealed
filled with inedible, silver holed dreams
Buoyancy stretched out it's hand to deliver
frost on the lips born to shake and to shiver
Moon shell reflective and only the image
of sun drops imbedded in all that's alive
Now, on the day after lunar consumption,
the yearning for solar shelled rejuvenation
eclipses all thoughts bent on birth or starvation
to lean toward the sun for new growth.

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Nobody has to know
whatever happened between us                         
that made us glow;
let this remain something of a secret,
this man knows where it lies...
hidden from others, not from us!
And you woman, keep it inside
as long as you's as deep as pride!

Erase my number from your cell phone,
not let him see it...
don't make him suspect
that I even exist in reality:
make it look like a shadow passing...
leaving no traces along;
when I take what's not mine...I feel so guilty,
but it won't stop me from taking!   

Let this remain something of a secret,
let's it confide it to a moon that's so scarlet;
a silent moon who hears the lovers' whispers...
and turns them into real, sweet whishes!

Let's die for a moment's bliss,
deny our reality and hysterically laugh;
this is not cheating on somebody
who didn't finish what he started off...  
we're free and need not to worry,
and if there's a price to pay:  we will! 

We're not kids who are kept from indulgence,
we are responsible for our own tendencies...
challenging those who oppose us with rage,
changing what others can barely change...
to let this remain something of a secret!

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Under The Raging Moon

How raged the moon with whitest luminescence,
Reflected in my starving eyes,
Dominance, nocturnal omnipresence,
Swelling in the black eternal skies.
And how it shone with pallid incandescence,
Turning tears to icy milk,
Freezing them with spectral iridescence
Upon my cheeks like balls of frosted silk.
Until I wept to point of obsolescence,
When the rivers all ran dry,
I knew you stood and felt the equal presence
Underneath the self-same moon as I…

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Love's Prelude

Sand the hour down to moments
Leave the dust beside the door
Call the taxi rush to honor
Shed emotions to the floor
Skin the listen with decision
Pull the wild trance to sing
Cancel all your past appointments
Leave behind the tears you bring
Kiss the air as if your last
Taste the rain and cut your hair
Show the world your passion laughing
Fleece the silver from your stare
Blow the solid moon a blanket
Find the locket that you lost
Melt your calling, moon is falling
Sell your pain at market cost
Strip the skin to bone endeavors
Lamp light all the stars above
For tonight you're breaking moments
For tonight you'll fall in love.

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Our Nature

The soft moonlight shines down upon the lake this evening
as we venture, hand in hand, and a blanket under my arm,
deeper into the woods.
Being serenaded by the sounds of the night owls and all creatures
we find just the right spot where the trees seem to circle like viewers
ready for a show.
That moon leaves just enough light for our eyes to see the splendor of each other
and witness the actions of our love, let alone be witnessed by the trees
and all inhabitants.
We lay the blanket down and lie atop, with our backs on the ground,
sharing a dream or two and admiring the beauty of the moon and stars
and of each other.
I reached to touch your face and gently caressed your cheek, 
noticing the highlights the moon cast upon your beautiful face,
much like an angel.
I can’t stop but think that here I am now, the luckiest man on earth,
as I look at you, you are beautiful and soft and so caring and warm,
my eternal other.
I wish to make this moment last forever, the passion not yet surfaced,
but is rising within the two of us as we contemplate the emotion, the need,
the undying love.
All is gone now, there are no trees, no moon, no lake, no animals,
no beauty at all, other than the beauty of you as I look into your eyes
and yours in mine.
The temperature rises and we find each, with hands as eyes, exploring,
and our hearts as our guide, through the night of passion and sheer joy
we express our love.

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Birth Right

The evening sky covers the field like a blanket
As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Opens to the eyes of those who wish view happily

As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
My eyes squint to retrieve the beauty falling before
I smile as my heart sighs with the image bestowed
At this time of the evening, the earth now adorned

The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Is a daily reminder of the many gifts on the earth
I remain thankful for my time and my witnessing
These many gifts granted as a right, from my birth

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Tomorrow and Forever

Time passes by, into tomorrow.
Cycles of the moon repeat each night.
The world spins on, into the future.
Awaken from darkness, into the light!

Cycles of the moon repeat each night
as I lay dreaming of days ahead.
Dreams of you and all our tomorrows,
swirling around, while sleeping in bed.

The world spins on, into the future
allowing the growth of the love we have found.
So, when we enter into our tomorrows,
we’ll know forever that love has no bounds.

Awaken from darkness, into the light!
Ready for new days and brighter suns?
Well then, walk with me my dearest,
we’ll be together ‘til Kingdom Comes.

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Twilight of a New Beginning

The Twilight of a New Beginning

The stars hold our past brightly

Lest we forget, but way in the distance

Not to be touched again

The moon slides across the sky

A mirror of things to come

The cycle of life that does not die

The sun which never rises

Tempts the eastern sky

Even in darkness its light shines

Where to go? What to do?

Should I want? Should I desire?

Should I be?

Prayers unheard all those years

Dreams paralyzed by my fears

Just one more day, please, for all my years

Great Spirit speaks to the night

The Wolf and Moon dance with delight

The rest of the creatures awe at the sight

Mother Earth opens wide

From her womb a knowing spirit glides,


Into the twilight of a new beginning


Mark De Binder —(White Falcon) 2006

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How you once filled my sky

Crossing the sky at night in full view
is a marvelous orb with yellowish hue.

The moon in its own, a beautiful thing,
still can’t compare to what’s making me sing.

I think back on life and of all that I’ve had.
Reasons to delight and to rarely be sad.

Still something is missing. I try to pretend,
that surely I’ll find it, least barring my end.

I always keep busy; I laugh, dance and play;
Own all that I need, the capitalist way.

Days feeling hollow are hidden from most.
Though wearing a smile, seems the life of a ghost.

At last I awaken and again feel alive.
Have a feeling of power; again I’ve got drive.

No more than a prospect, a one in five chance.
Odds be against me, still bet the whole ranch.

You entered my life, like the moon in the sky.
Climbing first slowly, then rising so high.

You seem within reach, it’s the fall of the year, 
the moon looks so big and deceptively near.

In awe of your beauty there’s the feeling I must
raise my arms to the heavens and upward they thrust.

I know it’s pretentious just thinking I can
touch a heavenly body, I’m only a man.

If meant to be held, the moon will be mine.
If not I’ll exalt till the end of all time;

how you once filled my sky with the warmth of your glow,
how I once dared to reach from my comfort below.

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Valley Of The Red Gold

The sun melted and fumed smoking in the disoriented darkness of the creeping night.
Exulting to breathe life within tormented crusts of hardened granite and molten lava
Waiting for the cool sheen of the silvery moon to shatter the embrace of dark clouds
Flouting in magic through the slippery soft braided knots embarking to cast its spell:   

I have heaved to sighed through erotic tracks stroking each cleft in the shadows bites
Tipping the areolas with sprays to whet by fermenting them into dewy hardened spills  
Pouting to the cavity of warmth within sloping soft wet walls endearing them to rage   
With wild moves down silky curves in adventure sport to strike the G-lode of delight;  

Silent turbulence within the bushes, a drop here, a tickle there as I touched the fissure
Loosing my composure to the rising warmth of sweet aroma, I uncover the virgin cave
Entrance key embedded with in the spruced lofty molds guarding the vibrant embrace
In pleasure the moon grew to color and blush, stretching to yield its spreading treasure.

Cupids head parting cushy narrow folds softly to invade thirsty deep loneliness within;
Piercing, the gorged body slips to embed scraping the walls resisting the torture moves
Freed by lust filled motions cradled to rock desire extruding essence spiced flaming red
Churning to persuade the open lode to strike moments in its rich yellow metallic passion: 

Up against the wall in raw emotions, nature takes it own course to strike in ache ecstasy
To wade through smug waters cave hiking gorges, panning sand in lust looking for Gold.

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I want to live

Everyone wants to live, keep it in your mind,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I like to live in peace you’ve come to tease me,
I want to live in my life you like to squeeze me,
This air is for breathing a natural free only mine,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I help you as a person you come to me as an evil,
I care for goodness you put to wait me be a feeble,
Limited time we are together but waiting is not fine.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I tried to understand you it realised me a business,
We are facing our problems we need care for a kiss,
Love is a path of peace come to compromise and sign.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

I am suffering for you that are suffering for me,
We are suffering altogether nobody seems me free,
My heart is kind and loving, this is a generation line.
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine.

Everyone wants to live keep it in your mind,
This moon is forever why enjoying sunshine

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Bliss Be Quick

Bliss be quick 
I'm fading fast
toward the sunset's
shadowed grasp
Like a smoking candlewick
Like our conversations past
Bliss don't switch
your gears and leave
the moon to tend me
as I grieve
She has no real warmth to give
She can't show me how to live
Bliss settle in
and make your home
please promise me 
you'll never roam
Scroll out a list of things to do
to nurture my weak fortitude
like stringing beads of glassy ink
and rolling out thoughts to make one think
or searching the sky for green parakeets
sitting on phone lines, lined up neat
Crushing up coconuts, drinking the juice
Flying for miles to declare a truce
Watching the seeds of the sweat peas grow
or dipping my feet in the ocean's flow.
Bliss I'm lost
unless you're with me
I get caught in the
solitude frenzy
Where there's no one to bounce things off of
Where the moon laughs her cooling head off
Bliss be kind
to this weak frame
and personalize me
with your name
I'll live up to your expectations
Drop your guard and your reservations
Bliss you are
my mirror image
I won't let 
my eyes be timid
Shine my skin and temper my glow
for, Bliss, you do these things bestow...