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Life Angel Poems | Life Poems About Angel

These Life Angel poems are examples of Life poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Life Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Prose Poetry | |

She read me Dr Seuss

6:35 A.M.

Sunrise against my neck
that no cheap tan booth could ever match.

I ring the doorbell in anticipation of joy’s injection.

I needed it.

Because I left my cell phone in the car,
as I didn’t want to hear any chimed email
or text annoyances.

And the car just got cleaned,
only for the birds to have their way
on its waxy shine.


Time to grab the flamethrower from my trunk!

But, before I could scream in Braveheart declaration,
there she was.

Her 6 yr old smile,
made of 1/4 inch gaps between innocence enamel,
captured me like no other could.

“Tio”, she preached in angelica sonata.

As she held me,
held me,
with puppy love warmth.

Even the rainbows fell to its knees.

She took off my jacket with ferret-like perkiness and
asked me to sit on the floor with her.

But, not before offering to toast me some Eggo waffles
with a big glass of Ovaltine…
…in her Little Mermaid glass,
proudly made in North Korea.

It even had the dictator’s initials and a bucktooth smiley face stamp, signed in glitter
that said:

Thank God I just took my online course in Child Safety.
I was ready!

As I sip on Little Mermaid’s curves,
shaped in plastic, swirly straw weirdness,
a sound blasts off from a Barbie radio.

My 2 yr old angel galloped into this heart of mine,
with Tinnitus piercing scream & laughter,
tackling me in Incredible Hulk lunge.

“Hi Tio”, she whispered, before she hopped back upstairs, 
Ninja Turtle-style,
laughing maniacally with rapid head tilts, left to right to left.

Boys will fear her. 
And I couldn’t be more proud.

After two moments of silence, 
my 6 yr old angel places her Dr. Seuss book on my lap,
as she sits in front of me.

“I can r-r-read
with my eye-s

She carefully completed the sentence,
as my eyes instantly fill with leaky pride
and an ingrained smile.

10 minutes later, she shut her book and asked me how she did.
“I am so proud of you my angel.”
“You have come so far.”

I had to hold back tears because I didn’t want to throw her off.
Yet I think she knew,
because she kept her head down and smiled with gentle starburst.

Mission accomplished.

And it was then where I heard her say,
“Those who matter don’t mind,
those who mind don’t matter.”

But she was quiet, looking at me with tilted head & smile.

For it was my inner child, 

© Drake J. Eszes

Details | Rhyme | |

Goodbye, My Child

Where cradled canyons sing
Of ebony wood in the forest
There lies a gurgling spring
Where cockcrows sing their chorus
To the melody of singsong birds
There I’ve concealed my sensuous words
Filled with befitted signs
The saccharine whiff of my designs

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Where the fogs of night are fountains
Spills of glistened moon ignite
By distant silhouette mountains
We dance with passion of fight
Entwining ancient stance 
Mingling hand in hand we dance
Till the mountains smile on high
Near and far we spring
To pursue the realest of dreams
While the world cries at its seams
Anxious in trouble to cling

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

To where the ridges merry make 
From the beaks of wooden bright
In sparkly pools the ghouls awake
That scarce to stir our night
We watch for seekers down under
Muttering secrets in their soul
We bid them lucks of shivers
Dipping gently in
From reeds that hide a tear of a foal
Under the gentle rivers

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Far away she shall ever churn
The taciturn eyed
She’ll listen no more to turn
To the working mills beside
Or the scrubbing of the barn
May peace weave in her song
She shall wave in the yarn
To a haven known as Belong  

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

For she comes, the mortal youth
To the wild realm of her truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only her tears be found

Details | Quintain (English) | |

"In the heat of Pasion" (to Angela wih love)

     The first time I saw you, there was a glow about you
      that baffle me.  I-I just could not find the right word,
     "you had that certain glow about you".  Not the way you walk
       nor the way you move, "but I believe in miracle's", yes
      I do - yes I do.  So finally I step to you and ask, would you,
       could you smile ? just for the camara in my mind so that the
      image of an Angel would be on my mind just in case the world
      ended (today) much to soon, much before time.  The first time
     I saw you naked Angela, my mouth got lost for words-but the one
      that slip through my lip's were (mmmunn) "what a gorcious women,
      breast like lucious melons", and a voice (sweet) like that of the ocean
     and wave's of heat and my idea of nerviousness brings trembeling to
     my feet's.
    "I do believe in miracle's", "I do not believe in love".  Miracle's that it
       take to sustain a relationship that the odd's of longivity are against us.
      And we do become desponded, most of our day is spent fussing and cussing.
     Never to see true love at its best.  The first time our lip's did touch, I remem-
     ber this Angel who I call Angela, she had my name tattoe across her chest.
      Love, became the missing attraction, and you comfort me in my desire to ex
    press myself, for I thought I was so macho, never in a thousand years, "will I
      meet such a someone (?) that's such a women".  A women (aaaah) such a
    women, "from her head to her shoe".  
       Now Angela just in case the world ends tomorrow.  Don't denie that there's an
       "attraction".  O'Angela.....kiss me quickly, "In the heat of Passion".

Details | Narrative | |

---And the Angel Looked On

"I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write" - Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

that was the last word he whispered before his eyes closed forever...

I close my own eyes, bite my lower lip, 'til I taste tin, stone angel crying with me...
The wind sends chills through me, as the heavens threatened to weep
brown leaves skittering between my feet, seeking for shelter.
How I related to those leaves: dry...brittle...dead.

I look at the Angel that watches over him,imploring for answers, 
begging this Guardian to take pity on me, help me remember. 
She only looks at me, with tears in her eyes, her beautiful face
always looked enigmatic to me, for she was smiling...
and yet those tears hinted at sadness, 
seemingly reprimanding me with her look.
I bow my head in shame, and reach for her hands, 
but I only feel cold, hard stone...not unlike my heart

My throat catches, I can hardly breathe--
I loosen my grip, feeling it might burn this time
...from guilt, for forgetting...

I glance at her magnificent wings, and wished I had them, too,
if only to fly away, but my feet are stuck on the ground, 
with a heart buried in regret.

I whisper one word: "Sorry":spoken so softly, I think I only said it in my heart;
I say it louder, my body wracked with sobs, my heart bleeding crimson tears of anguish. 
I look at the Angel and notice something on her sash--
One pristine white feather lay there-a stark contrast to the moss covered stone.
I take the feather, notice wordings etched on the sash--and scraped off moss, 
Tennyson's words go straight to my heart...
" 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

The memories come back like a flash flood, assaulting me, bringing me back to that day.
He told me he had an angel carved to be with him at his grave, 
since I, his angel, couldn't always be there for him. And that he understood, 
that it was okay. I shrugged it off, told him I love him forever.
I still do, that's why it shamed me that I also love another now.

Seeing those words, I felt such a sense of peace, like he was embracing me, 
smoothing out my hair like he used to, telling me it was all right. 
I blink back tears, and say "Thank you" this time...I hug the Angel and I felt warm.
Drizzle and sunlight bounced off each other as I walked away. 
I turn my head around to his grave
--and the Angel looked on with a smile.

Constance's Angels in Cemeteries contest
 June 18, 2011

Details | Tanka | |


LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Details | Narrative | |

The Devil's Tide

I looked up at a silver moon 
Peering through a cloud of misty gloom 
As we sailed across the Atlantic Sea 
That fateful night in June 
And as I stood upon the bow 
A furrow crossed my troubled brow 
When I saw a dying star fall from the sky 
As the wind out of the north 
Began to cry 
'Twas then with fearful heart 
I came at last to realize 
That we were sailing 
On a wave of ill-tidings 
Known as 'The Devil's Tide' 
For no omen of the sea 
Brought more fear than thee 
A fallen star -  a silver moon 
Together in the month of June 
If legend true would surely bring us doom 
So with no trace of land in sight 
We sailed onward through the night
I -  the Captain 'Louie Lou' 
With my faithful crew 
Aboard the 3 mast schooner 'Angel - of the Blue' 
On canvas wings we flew 
Upon the wailing wind that blew 
Then suddenly a hush of malaise 
Crushed the summer night
Filling all the crew with dreadful fright 
As all the stars in heaven lost their light 
And the silver moon dipped completely out of sight 
Leaving us to drift without guidance 
To our unknown plight 
An eerie sound began to roll out of the west 
Growing louder and louder as we held our breath 
Until it was upon us and the ship began rise 
As we looked in horror into the Devil's eye 
As the Angel of the Blue began to fly 
Up the Devil's breast she climbed 20 fathoms high 
One by one the Angel's wings were torn away 
As she fought to save us from the Devil's rage 
Screams of horror falling from her timber sides 
As the crew fell into the Devil's tide 
And I -  tethered to the helm -  watched them die 
As we climbed even higher into the Devil's eye 
And as the Angel's body creaked and cracked
We finally scaled the crest and rode upon the Devil's back
Just before I fainted and my world went black 
I woke up in the morning high on a mountain side 
Never knowing just how I had survived 
knowing only that my Angel and my crew had died 
Many years have come and gone since then 
And I am forever haunted by each and every one of them 
My faithful crew and my mighty 'Angel of the Blue' 
I see their faces in my dreams 
As I awaken to their screams 
Wishing, too -  that I had died 
But someone had to live 
To tell the tale of the 'Devil's Tide'.


Author:  Elaine George
Entry for contest:  Legends
Awarded:  First Place

Details | Rhyme | |

A Dream So Real

A Dream So Real

Your great beauty you did not hide
its wealth flowed like an ocean tide
Upon its waves others did long to ride
only in my heart did your true love reside!

We journeyed together in our bliss
never a loving stop did we ever miss
You my love angel, I your great pride
storms came and went, sorely was it tried!

Unwavering path beneath our feet
solemn vows sealing our loving heat
Steamy love forever the greatest treat
nights together that could never be beat!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-10-2014

Details | Rhyme | |

The Ecstacy Of Her Touch

The Ecstacy Of Her Touch

Moonlight whispers steal the cool night
she glowed easily in that celestial light
A beautiful princess surely she knew
her beauty was wrapped in eyes of blue

Stars overhead twinkled to her command
never a fairer beauty in all the land
We sat and listened by the bubbling brook
as the moon rays our hearts forever took

For no treasure would I ever dare miss
the ecstacy of her touch, our first kiss
The eternity wrapped in that sweet embrace
time did stop, nothing could ever erase
That moment when two hearts melded fast
a love that would fight to forever last

Moonlight whispers soon began to scream
take a dip in that cool, running stream 
In unison we laughed and began to strip
for our first in the moonlight naked dip
We feasted our longing , searching eyes
in we leaped under moon brightened skies

A tale we re-tell to our great grandkids
as they demand we show the movie vids
A wish we both wish we could then grant
but video could never replace her blue eyes,
two stars that forever our hearts enchant

Robert J. Lindley, 01-04-2015

Details | I do not know? | |

My Angel Of Life

Not so many years ago, as I lay curled in my sheets
Drifting to that pleasant place, when you are really not asleep
I felt a movement in my bed as if a presence did creep
Wondering what it was, but awake I could not reach
Then this presence held me up, and in their arms, wrapped me so complete.
Remembering that feeling and how it felt so sweet.
The next thing I remember is another presence there
Squeezing tight upon my chest and taking me somewhere.
I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t even fight
The pain wrenching through my body causing him delight.
And then the fight was over and as the dark presence left
I felt my angel release me, touching softly on my head
Leaning over to whisper, everything will be alright.
The angel of life saved me on that oh so scary night.

Details | ABC | |

There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

Details | Free verse | |


He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

Details | Acrostic | |

Seed Of Friendship-A dedication

L-iving in a world of vast 
souls formed from 
another voided world,
E-ntering thru portals 
from their world to earth.
O-ozing spetacular smell 
and wail when the chips 
are down.
N-urtured from cradle to 
entity with a new world 
to face.
O-rganizes oneself for the 
task ahead,passing thru 
hurdles of life unabased 
and unabashed.
R-eaps the fruit of labor 
with joy or heavy heart.
A-ge sets in,mission 
accomplished or not will 
dawn on the entity.

I-n retrospect,he thinks 
about his childhood and 
how life was to him.

L-iving in confidence or 
shame,he bows his head 
in victory or defeat.
O-nly the taste of time 
will tell the durability of 
his achievements.
V-oid of preference the 
aim result bears the 
foundation for his lineage.
E-njoyment or lack lies 
with the works of the 
man,for there is no food 
for the slothful.

Y-oung ones,a stitch in 
time saves nine,make 
haste while the sun 
O-iling your lamb always 
like the ten virgins is the 
key to success.
U-rging you to shun peer 
pressure and focus on 
the course marked out 
for you by fate,so a 
fulfilled life you shall live.

An acrostic for you 
Leonora Galinita.

Details | I do not know? | |

Still In Progress

How can I be selfless without being used? 
How can I be demanding without being so rude? 
How can I open up without closing back down? 
How can I speak if you don't hear a sound? 
How can I trust without being betrayed? 
Yet how could I leave... even after you stayed? 
But how can you love me when I won't let you in? 
So many questions.... where do I begin? 
Memories now blurred, flying through my mind…… 
Now, I’m trying to repress the days of being youthful and blind. 
Every morning I pull on my armor, right from within, 
Preparing for a war, that I intend, to win. 
If my heart is my comrade and my mind is the enemy, 
Then in the midst of this battlefield, 
Life is the remedy…
Trying to stay sane, knowing that although this is temporary, nothing is vain… 
Learning that there is always a purpose and people will try to corrupt us, and bring you great shame… 
Being told that ‘Victory isn't given to he who starts the race the strongest, but he who endures until the end.’ 
Trying to suspend you from learning to depend... on yourself, 
instead making you depend on the wealth, 
Of someone who doesn't even know who he is, 
while you’re grasping the stealth of your true identity, in your right hand, in your heart, the knowledge…
Never been withheld 
Feeling the world come crashing down on you, compacting into a mist of air so cool, 
The breeze passing right through, right into the depths of your pores, to ensue, 
The burning and broken and fragile pieces of the inhabitants of the earth from your birth til' now.. 
Physically becoming everything that you breathe, touch, conceive, munch, perceive, every aroma... 
And every great or insignificant trauma, reflecting off your skin oh so temporarily, the mark so paper thin… 
Physically, THAT is what you are… 
Because we only see the physical, right? 
Yet, behind every movie is there not a director… a cast? 
And behind every painting is there not an artist, combining colors and lines so vast? 
And behind every child is there not a journey, a past? 
That you did not walk, yet you know that it’s there, not by sight, scent, taste, touch, or hearing... But something inside you, that says it makes sense, KNOWS that all of that is there, 

Details | Free verse | |


The skeleton

On the day you were born
I have bestowed upon you
We will spend together a lifetime
Without me inside you compare to glue
Like the cockroach who always hides
I can only be found deep inside the skin
I am not the one you find in the closet
I am the one in a sack of bones

Created from the dust
While your other half, given life from your ribs
The man always returns to the dirt he is
The women remain in the coffin, she made for us
The Apple Eve shared with Adam
Doomed us to die  from the start
From the snake came nothing good
Just a battle of evil in our hearts
A piece of skeleton from Adams rib
A rib from Adam he made Eve
Eve in form of a skeleton, with a breath 
Our bones will never unite in heaven
That is the price for Eve's deceive
She gave up our human paradise
Hiding in each and every one of us
Until the day we die
Adam will return as dust
While Eve stays to show death comes to us all!

The spirit and soul left us for eternity
As I remain where you last laid, your body rots away
You slowly depart, leaving me behind
You are going to the other world
While I remain in this box
Never to see each other again


Details | Dramatic Verse | |

Sandy Hook Elementary

Taken Away
Though they wanted to stay
Christmas just a week away
Not having a chance to say goodbye
Leaving mom and dad behind
Peace and Comfort they need to find
A senseless Act
Wishing they just came back
No words can be said
Hugging my children tighter before they head to bed
Reminding us to cherish life alittle more
Say I love you as you walk out the door
Nothing can fix the damage that has been done
Rest in peace precious little ones

This tragic event is not the first nor be the last
but if we work on change we can put it in the past

Where was God in this senseless act?
Wanting these lives to simply come back
Satan came in his place
Evil layed down his head
Leaving behind pain and dread
Oh' Christmas Tree
Oh' silent Night
Twas evils will in this plight
It shouldn't of happened, especially not this way
So say, i love you before you start each day

Details | Rhyme | |


Bob had been a lonely man ever since
His wife of fifty years had passed.
“Lord, let me join her.” he would pray.
“Let this day be my last.”

Each day, he went to the cemetery,
Just a short walk down the street.
After their talk, he would water her flowers
And hear passers-by whisper, “How sweet.”

One gray and misty morning,
He had hoped for sunnier skies
To plant fall bloomers at her graveside;
But, there, to his surprise…

Stood an old dog beside her stone;
Thin and dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as Bob approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as Bob planted flowers,
Carefully sniffing each one Bob put in place.
Then, after the last one was planted,
He sniffed it; then turned and licked Bob’s face.

Bob smiled. “I had a dog when I was young…
Pal…he was a mighty good one too.
So, if you don’t mind old fella,
That’s what I’ll call you.”

Pal may have been an old dog,
But he was smart and handsome in his way;
So they made a deal, Bob would give him a meal
And a bath, if he decided to stay.

Pal loved his bath, then rolled in the grass.
He slept on a blanket in the den.
In the night, he dragged it next to Bob’s bed. 
He intended to be Bob’s best friend.

Pal was such a good dog, housebroken too;
Never made a mess or got in trouble.
He knew about newspapers, slippers and Frisbees;
And when Bob called, he ‘d come on the double.

Yes, Pal gave Bob’s life new purpose.
A special bond of friendship was cast.
And never again did Bob pray, 
“Lord, let this day be my last.”

For twelve years, the very best of friends,
Together night and day;
And so it was, until one night,
Both quietly passed away.

The next morning, an old woman,
Tears welling in her sad and lonely eyes,
Brought flowers to her husband’s grave;
But there, to her surprise….

Stood an old dog beside the stone, 
Thin an dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as she approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as she took old flowers
And put fresh ones in their place. 
He carefully sniffed the fresh ones,
Then turned and licked her face.

She smiled.  “I had a dog when I was young...
a good one too.  His name was Pal.”

Details | Free verse | |


Snow sprinkles the ground
as delicate as sugar
crystallizing the exterior with a romantic heritage
only found in the heart of a child's imagination.
Like happiness it can melt in your hands,
and like happiness it can grow bitter like the ice you slip on
Forming miraculously to the curves of the earth
hugging till the land soaks in it's providence
white like the pages I battle with
Falling so passionately you'd think it was falling in love with the ground
And when it lands,
A blanket of perfection
glistening the season to a crisp
gently the sun arises
"there's no where to go today,
I'm just going to sit and enjoy the magic."

Details | Couplet | |

Angels In Cemeteries contest

I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write”
I had been going through a personal plight,

I ventured off into a place,
Where all I saw was love and grace,

The season was the beginning of spring,
When life can be heard, and the air starts to sing,

But the place I was in was an endless row of rest,
Yet I was able to admire how well it was dressed,

Glory symbols stationed all around,
One stood tall far off the ground,

Wings wide- ranging, angelic that gleamed,
Surrounded by flowers whose colors were sheen,

Blues of the ocean, reds of the evening sky,
I reflected on greatness, as the time passed by,

I came upon a sculpture, a cherub, with a face,
A tear in his right eye, looking down at this place,

A letter to God leaned against this particular one,
It read clearly on top, “Please Lord, hold my son”

I continued on, walking down this strip,
When suddenly, I slipped and had a hard trip,

I fell by a giant weeping willow tree,
Then looked up at the fixture right in front of me,

Out of all the others, this monument was painted the best,
Its beauty surpassed all of the rest,

I marveled at his golden strands,
His skin looked like the color of sand,

Looking up from off the ground,
It looked as though he wore a crown,

His creamy gown was long and still,
My eyes felt like they had started to spill,

His mere presence seemed to fill me with humility,
My legs were limp, I felt a lack of mobility,

What was this kind, who had made him?
Then, he spoke  “You were never forsaken”

Chills overwhelmed my body quite fast,
I had no idea, I was his task,

I said, "what is your name,"
And He gently sighed,
“Your never alone, just enjoy your life’s ride”

I had been in a struggle, for quite some time,
He spoke once more, “You will be Fine”

His glimmering light calmed my inner plight,
His afterglow, made my heart know,

That sometimes in life we go through a trial,
And even when it seems like it’s lasted awhile,

God sends his messengers right on time,
He is never late, and His words are like wind chimes,

Soothing the mountains, calming the inner storms, 
Restoring us back to our proper forms,

I looked up once more, but He had disappeared,
My faith had grown deeper, and I knew God was near,

I rested a while, under that old willow tree,
I felt compelled to write what had happened to me, 
It was now the early part of night, I began with,
"I heard an angel speak last night and he said to write.”

By: Sabina keough

Details | Rhyme | |

Guardian Angel

Guardian angel of sky’s door
I’m waiting for a call
My heart lies against a wall
A secret that I will tell no more

Avoid my tear in the sand
May cause a ocean from my crying
Will tell me to live with no dying
But in my feet I will not stand

Guardian, demons don´t talk
Send an angel to regret living
To rescue that life´s singing
I´m not alone to stand and walk 

Forever in life I will be
Repeating the sound after me
Jogging in the sand of time
Flying alone across the sky

Guardian angel who cries on the walls
I grow live waiting a call
Forever is a long time to stare
Demons don´t need to be aware

Don´t cry in the clouds
Your crying may flood an ocean
In the heart that lauds
Long time for devotion

Guardian angel, the horses are black
They live free in my fantasy
Showing the way in my destiny
Demons are never back

So forever in life I will be
Repeating the sound after me
Jogging in the sand of time
Flying alone across the sky

Guardian angel who cries on the walls
Flying back to sky who cares
Watching how the rain falls
Demons cry in the night that scares

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Stuck in a world, she can't find her place
Feeling like noone cares, 
looking for away out of this evil crule place she calls home
her mother pretends like nothing is happening 
she pretty much raises her 7 year old brother and her 9 and 10 year old sisters
she thinks that she isn't brave anymore
that all happyness is gone
she tries, so hard, she ends up with a fork in the road
noone sees it coming
she can't leave her brother and her sisters behind, 
they are the only things keeping her alive, 
her father is crule, sick, twisted, so many ways to discribe him 
she's afraid that if she tells, she'll be taken away from her siblings 
she's tries to hide behind her walls, she paints up her walls
she tries and tries and yet...
She's still stuck in a world where she can't find her place

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It was a dark and lonely life
Living each day in total madness
Always in chaos, always in strife
An ordinary life full of sadness

Then one day an angel came
She came in a mortal's disguise
Healing me, taking away my shame
Loving me, making my soul rise

She was wearing an ordinary house dress
Looking simple but stunningly glorious
From my life she cleaned up the mess
Making me feel so gallantly victorious

I never believed angels were real
Never believed until the day she came
Now I'm a changed man by the way I feel 
True love for my lovely angel I proclaim

If I be granted a longer lease
And live this life a little longer
It would give me joy if her I can please
Love her, hold her and in my heart keep her

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An Angel Comes

Sometimes in our life an angel comes,
To spend some time with us below.
The time may last but only a short time,
Or it may last a life time filled with love.

Sometimes in life an angel comes
To guide us along when life is rough
And our faith is low. They come
And stay until we are on our way.

Sometimes when life seems all down hill'
An angel comes to clear the way,
To bring the sun on a cloudy day.
God sent you an angel to light your way.

As much joy as she brought to you'
You also gave to her when your lives entwined.
Within you she will always be.
So when your heart is down and sadness is around

Just reach down deep inside and feel
The warmth of her love come shinning through'
For she will always be but a kiss away.
Sometimes in life an Angel comes
To bring to you the comfort of God's love.

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making it great in 2008 (part 11): when God sends an Angel

when your life is at a difficult stage and it's become all twisted and tangled
that's when God will intercede and send you an angel
we live in a world where bad things often manifest
and at any given second a stray bullet might pierce your chest
God will send an angel to shield you from further harm
and that bullet may miraculously pass right out through your arm
in God we have a true and committed friend always by our sides
and as a child of God in you He will always abide
an angel sent to protect you with God's authority
an angel sent to guard you from future catastrophes

an Angel was awaiting inside Jesus' interment room
on that third day when Mary and the others arrived at His tomb
the Angel then told them "have no fear and just keep the faith,
tell Peter and the others go to Gallilee and on Jesus to await"
for whenever fear comes into the picture it will play a major part
if you allow it to take over and make you faint of heart
you need to understand that fear is the biggest enemy
that will deter you from fulfilling your God given destiny
and when it comes time to making important decisions in your life
believe that you can count on the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ
God will not only in your life intercede
He will send an angel before you can proceed
God will never forsake you even if of Him you deny
for He's an understanding and forgiving presence on which you can rely
God is not a quitter, He's about eternal mercy and grace
an everlasting covenant perfectly in place

only the hand that erases can rewrite the truths of time
only the almighty hand of God can amend the story line
God will send an angel to watch over you
God will send an angel to help you get through
remember that Jesus is praying for you while the devil awaits in the wings
and God always has you on His mind and there's no need to fear anything
trust in the power that can do the impossible
for miracles can happen if you believe in God's gospel

face up to any fear and then look it in the eyes
trust in the angel that was sent to protect from up high
reduce all your fears into a pile of insignificant ash
and then you will diminish its hold on you at last
just confront your fears and then focus on God's Holy Word
and carry the Sword of the Spirit no matter where you go in this world
God will send an angel to guide your way
God will send an angel to watch over you everyday

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    There is a spirit that watches over you
    In the daylight hours, and nightime too.

    You may not think that they are there
     But there is a way to make you aware.

     I learned the name of my angel a long time ago
     Because I was interested and I wanted to know.

     His name is "Maximus" and is with me here
     To learn of his presence once made me fear.

     Because what you do is watched all the day
     The angel keeps tabs, God finds out that way.

     I guess you think I'm being naive
     Trust your faith, if you believe.

     If you want to know your angel's name
     There is a way to find out which is no game.

     Say a prayer for three days in a row
     And after each time ask him to reveal his name to you.

     If you believe in him he will tell you true
     If not, he may be silent to you.

     I know of others who have tried this I can say
     Some, have learned the names of their angels this way.

     When you pray for their name do not think it absurd
     Some, I know, will hear that singular word.

     It won't come as a shout from heaven on high
     But rather as a whisper, when your angel is nigh.

     These spiritual beings are here for us all
     Sometimes they wait just to here us call.

     And when you do wouldn't if be grand
     If you knew the spirit's name...who behind you stands!

     Try it and see if you think I'm fooling around
     Be honest with yourself with both feet on the ground.

     As someday that spiritual angel you will greet
     Wouldn't it be nice to be on a "first name" basis when you meet?

     And if you try but do not hear their name
     Keep on trying because your conviction was lame.

     I know many will think I'm crazy with this
     But knowing my angel's name has brought comfort and bliss.

     So try it yourself and see if in kind
     If your angel will speak to you...they really don't mind.

     Because then a dialogue with them you can share,
     Even if they never speak again,  you'll know...they're there.

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Terrified Tears

The face of an angel is all thats here,
One beautiful freckle equals one terrified tear.

Not ready to leave, but has to go,
Wants to go back, but god says no.

Leaving your life is a scary thought,
I guess its something that cant be faught.

A mother, a father, a sister, and friends,
A meaningful life that suddenly ends.

An angel is what she was meant to be,
Now just think of all she can see.

Looking over her family night and day,
Saying "I LOVE YOU",in her own special way.

In the night we sleep, In the day we cry,
As she watches us all,
From her star, 
In the sky.

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Pillow Your Heart.

There is an angel for all of us,
I know this to be true,
You know when things get really bad?
And there is nothing left for you,

When your heart is down and that golden crown,
Once worn in a life you knew?
Has slipped aside as the tears you cry,
Make you feel that your life is through,

To see this angel then step aside,
Don’t look at yourself or your broken pride,
Just seek a person worse off than you,
And offer your help for your heart to renew!

And then your life and all it is,
Will be touched with an angel’s gift to give,
For to cry for yourself, then nothing to gain,
And always in tears your heart will remain,

But to give to another when you are down.
Then always you will wear a crown,
And the angel beside you will pillow your heart,
And then, 
Only then! 
Can you make a new start!

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You took me

When you took me, you were wrong. I was under age and God knows I was'nt strong. I 
was young and you forced me to pretend that my life with my family was nearly at an 
end. You beat me and tortured me day after dayand when you would leave , I would 
feel safe. I'd get on my knees and pray "please lord just spare me one more day".  
I don't eat, I dont sleep, you'd beat me till I was weak. I don't want to die, 
everyday  I'd cry "someone please release me from this pain I feel inside.  I've 
endured so much pain that my body is numb, I silently wait for someone to come.  I 
wish I had wings to fly up above, to sing that I'm home to finally feel loved.  the 
scars from your knife will haunt me the rest of my life.  You left me beaten and 
bloody,I waited for an angel to find me and my wish came true from out of the blue, 
God sent me an angel to show me the truth. I was empty and scared, hoping someone's 
out there who might even care.   was tired and cold.  Will this little lost girl 
soon leave this world?   Someone finally came to carry me home, by the grace of 
god, so that I can move on.   don't know if  I'll get over this, and I'll never 
understand why, how another human being could take an innocent child. You took my 
strength and destroyed my pride, just to satisfy that sickness that manifests in 
your mind.  I can't go back and change what you've done, but I have finally forgave 
you so I can move on. Even though it may take some time  and a lot of searching 
inside,I hope you find peace while your doing your time.  I'll always wonder for 
the rest of my life, why you took me that day for that life  altering ride.

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Cancerous and tired
Drowned in a blunt loneliness
Again, the angel cried
Without a tear, voiceless
Cradled in the wind's silent caress

The moon, sole in the sky
Monolith of a forgotten day
Feathers scattered, unable to fly
The angel, mute, no more hands to pray
Restless, sleeping in dismay

From the darkness, new days arise
Senseless conundrum, undeniable
Unfortunately, the angel was wise
Hopes, only tales from a gone cradle
A lifeless God's deceptive mumble

Stars died in the blood of dawn
The angel's wounds slowly faded
The world's puppet, a mindless pawn
Twilight, once more desecrated
Another silly day for the condemned...

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Second Chance

When death came, I declared that I could not leave soon
For I had not seen the summer flowers in bloom

Starting them from just a seed back when there was still snow.. white
As they began maturing, I could tell each one on sight

Just large enough to be transplanted that spring day
The blooms were visible in thought only, in May

The angel came in early morn to take me by the hand
I bid him let me stay because my life was just sand

Now I have a new responsibility here
Down where the flowers bloom and to me are so dear

Life is not just about the house, washing the dishes clean
It's about love, our fellowman;  only a few I've seen

Thank you death angel for letting me stay that day
I'll give this life that I've got left the best day's pay

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The Gift

God sent an angel down to touch
This motionless recluse. 
Emotions that I had not felt 
In years were then induced.

Old sadness and resentment
That had broken me in two,
I chose to bury deep beneath the Earth--
That life was through.

The angel pieced the small shards back
With ease and tender care.
Then gently brushed the dust and dirt
To aid in my repair.

He opened up his life to me,
And reached out from inside.
I said, "I'm so in love with you."
"I love you, too," he replied. 

His presence is a blessing.
My prayers have come true.
He has given me the gift of love--
A chance to start anew.

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Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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Grandma Wings

Grandma Wings
By Lawrence M Nunez

Dear Lord I pray,
That you give my grandma wings
Like the Angels in my dreams
That from heaven flies
To stand watch at night 
Over me as I sleep
That she too my angel may be
Tonight and forever

Let them be pretty O lord
as the lilies of the fields,
white as the morning clouds,
Light as the feather of a dove.
like the glistening snow
and shimmering sea
her wings will glow,
as she stand watch
night and day, every day
guarding me as I sleep and play.

I could see her now O Lord
the big old smile 
The kind and loving words
The twinkle in her eyes
Wings outstretch
whispering I love you darling, 
It will be okay 
For now I have my wings
To stand guard tonight as you sleep

Grandma I miss you so
I remember the talks 
And the  laughs 
Even the tears we shed
Both you and me
Mine out loud without a care
Yours in secret because you care
Thank you Lord for giving her wings
To stand guard tonight as I sleep

Lord I pray you give her rest
Peace and joy untold
No more sorrow no more pain
but beautiful wings
that she may from heaven fly
to stand watch over me tonight
as I cry myself to sleep
bidding her good-bye with a heavy heart
I say good bye grandma good bye

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The People Around Me

Things seems to be very clear,
When actually felt it is unclear,
What really seems to be clear,
May never ever be clear for ever.

Your help for others,
May be to be appreciated,
Or taken as what is called,
to be uncounted.

My question is clear,
Why the help for others,
Is sometime never appreciated,
However it is always delivered. 

In response to ethics,
lingers in my mind the answer,
To help others is not to be recognised, 
But it is to be called someone, 
Who can be respected.

To all, continue to help,
Not to to be appreciated by others,
But to be respected by yourself.

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The Lament For an Angel

All in one faded-black day (but let None forget) In my arms, her body lay (my life was the price to pay) A tragedy, through the lack of humanly shame (do they know pain) My darkly colleen has to suffer no more (Robert nor do you) Let me die (please hear my haunted cries) If I can not see Sophie tonight (live on with my grey) I'm just a mess of despairing words And broken nerves Another mourning, afflicted sight (through decay, love can remain) Solace, sympathy are just more lies She is all I need Until you decide she is just another sadist's toy My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away (My body is amortal, die I may, Together, our hearts will forever stay)

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written 28th oct 2012

You were never seen by us, that privilege sadly was not for us 
  an extravagance we were overwhelmed by, the thought of your embrace  
The entire twelve weeks you were a joy to have known, even 'without' being seen 
 hearing about you're arrival, was a blessing at the time you were conceived
For life hadn't been easy and we had all asked God, we even plea'd 

We wait upon the day, you will finally meet us 
 having the honour to love and learn with you, saddly not for us
It brakes my heart as you part, you had already embeded love into my heart
 Just knowing we will now...forever be kept apart

God has other plans for your love that's so strong, blessing us from the start
 we continually pray, maybe he'll deside to let you stay around
But the intense pain of tears and loss, are constantly falling all around
 just let it be known, we all desperately wanted you to become part of us
We all will love you for eternity, you are now forever one of us,
 although it was only for a very slight second, it was better than never
You are from this day on, embedded into our hearts forever...
   the impact you have left 'unborn young one'' my beloved grandchild....
                                  "Angel" 2012

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A never ending story

A never ending story

It’s a never ending story
This story of our love
A story of an angel
Who was sent from up above
To love me and to nurture me
And make my life complete
It’s a never ending story
So perfect and so sweet.

That I’ll love you forever
This be wrote within the stars
I could not meet a sweeter girl
And just the way you are
To me this be perfection
You have so much allure
And everything about you
Is wonderful and pure.

This never ending story
Is the tale of love so grand
A story filled with magic
That I can’t understand
But I need it and I want it
To go on till forever
This never ending story
Of the two of us together.

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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An Angel

Last night as I lay in my bed
An angel appeared and said
Your life will soon end
I am sent as a friend
To a new kingdom soon you will be led

Say goodbye to all those you hold dear
Tell all they must not shed a tear
For your passing will be
Liberating and free
With my lead you will not have fear

In life you have suffered too much
Soon you will walk without need of a crutch
In the kingdom to come
You won’t limp you will run
With the help of the lords gentle touch

So I wait for the day to draw nigh
Though I know lots of people will cry
With happiness in my heart
I will gladly depart
Heavens waiting there for me to try

The angel at last has drawn near
He offers a new life so clear
With a silent prayer 
I climb the golden stair
Halleluiah the angels all cheer

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Broken Arrows and Wounded Hearts

Armies of men and arrows
Have conquered nations and great lands
Arrows sweeping through the air to make the living, tumble dead
The dead dance no more

A single wounded heart
Has conquered nations and great lands
A bitter heart worth more than one thousand arrows
One wounded heart shall make all hearts beat no more

Pain kills the soul 
Bitterness kills the heart
Anger is the greatest weapon
Wounded hearts become great warriors

Dark angels’ congregate and sing
When they see a wounded hearts voyage begin
Its journey leading to battles yet fought
Hatred is the flag of the hardened soul

Ah the invasions will come, sadly tiss true
From the darkness and far beyond
I have only simple words of wisdom to say
Wear the armor of love and compassion

I promise you, evil you shall slay

From darkness shall come the light, one day

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Redneck Angel

Redneck Angel
Lyrics By Robert Taylor

A thousand cases of beer
Hangin’ with Jack all night
Sleeping with women from a bar
Not knowin’ their names when I woke

Then I saw your eyes in the dark
Sitting alone in the bar
An Angel from heaven sent
Dressed in Daisy dukes
And red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

I walked over and talked to you
Just hoping that you were real
We talked and then we kissed
Spent our time together
Drinking, dancing and talking the night away
How could God have so blessed
A poor assed Redneck boy like me.

I saw you down at the swamp
Wearing plaid, with mud in your hair
You were a redneck angel from heaven
Dressed in Daisy Dukes
And red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

Then I gave my heart to you
At the Antioch Baptist Church
Vows given without fear
My love is yours forever
I looked at your eyes through your veil
And you were crying with happiness
You were a Redneck angel from heaven
Dressed in daisy dukes
Red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

How could God have so blessed
A poor assed redneck boy like me. 

Hiding but always in plain sight
Drinking, fishing, mud bogging
Things a girl shouldn’t do
How could you be who you are
Sharing my love and my life

How could God have so blessed
A Redneck like me. 

An angel from heaven sent
Dressed in Daisy Dukes
Red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwoods miracle

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Sea impression

                 Wave a sea softened
                  and a pain and a tenderness
                   throw dreams in fascination
                   of the blue.
                   And let shave the waves of
                   Your eternity , oh, weigh
                    above me,
                    oh,weigh a  coast of years.
                    Carry far in azure, spiral
                    with bulging little abdomens,
                    flutter with mahagony pinions
                    and already in vain  expect you
                    to stop the scales harbours 
                    with hot flames for You are
                    Far away, far away ,far away,
                    stretched string,
                    heart and frank await the 
                    hymn of June.
                    All sea sisters are dressed in
                    mother-of-pearl garment
                    embroidered of kiss of 
                    In the morning hunts them
                    fishermen and revive with
                    breath of their man’s hands.
                    In the evening girls wash 
                    their black tunics,
                    in their blue hearts,
                    their feet white ,who cadge
                    heavy chains.
                    The night is squeezed enigma
                    and ugly,
                    predatory like a bat pecking
                    of scarlet fig.
                    Sea sisters, sea sisters,
                    remember His steps 
                    which go through you noiselessly,
                  and ou swing like
                  bloody wine-
                 hold in His fingers Herod,
                 Pilate washes his hands,
                in Yours heirs
               and they bristled like winter
               icicles bristles of innoncent blood .
               There at Golgotha 
                hearing terrible cry,
                blood gushes like
               wounded river disappear
               like Easter roses,
              in weeds of flushed 
     preditory crowd,
     to open way of
     Who is He?
     Do you heard 
     His name ?
     He is Messiah,
     God’s anoited
      Jesus Christ.
      Like little sheeps,
      clouds of candy floss,
      they welcome festivaly.
       Barefooted are feet 
      of lovely swarthy steps
     of the sun, came to bow,
      before You , Creator.
      The sea throws his 
       magnificent silver flesh,
      blue like heavently lace,
       to swallow all stars 
       only Bethlehem’s
      stays inextinguishable,
       pretty like uncreated
      like an apple of not 
      born girl.      

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I belived angels only exists in heaven,
but that is not true, just look around you.
They are everywhere....
Big and small, high and low, young and old, light and dark, all of them with their different form. 

Light wings, dark wings, worn wings, broken wings,
shaggy wings, colourful wings, trembling wings, bright wings,
mat wings, playful wings, busy wings, self-absorbed wings.

Happy eyes, kind eyes, evil eyes, tired eyes, sore eyes, eyes that have experienced a lot,
colourful eyes, frighten eyes, bright eyes, old eyes, busy eyes and greedy eyes....

There is an angel in us all, we just have different baggage with us....

Entered Gail Doyle's contest Touched by an angel 03/26/2012

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Lacerated Wings

They are bound to the Earth like trees
Suffocating under the weight of an icy grave 
Reaching to be free, but only their limbs are seen
Hoping that one day someone will see:
They can't escape with lacerated wings

The ocean surrounds me, covering everything
Nothing will be clearly seen; confusion overwhelming
No-one can save you, you're on your own, left to die
Manipulating every bleeding heart you can find
I can't escape with lacerated wings.

Swarms of nets, waves of screams 
Entangle: your captive illusions and dreams
The mask has be seared - The truth now they see
The Liar - Vampiric Fiend; lowly thief
And now they know you can't escape with Lacerated Wings

There's reasons for your rejections:
Your Heavy heart's transferred oppression
The scars are too deep to pass the trials
But you can find peace in your cage of empty spirals
You Cannot Escape With Lacerated Wings

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I'm Not Angry

I'm not angry because we broke up,
I'm sad because I can't let you go..
I'm not angry at you for not loving me,..
I'm angry with me for still loving you..
I'm not angry that I lost you,..
I'm sad because I once had you..
I'm not angry that I can't have you,
I'm sad because I know what I'm missing..
I'm not angry that you've moved on,
I'm sad because I can't..
I'm not angry that you won't come back,
I'm sad because I keep hoping you will..
I'm not angry because I hate you and don't want to,..
I'm sad because I miss you and I love you...??

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Who Am I

Who am I?
Question indeed!

  W-eaned from tender 
age,in noble family of ten.
  H-urt by the demise of 
the tube that brought 
me into this theater of 
struggles and pains.
  O-rdered about by the 
whimps of this 
world,facing the hurdles 
of life daily from 
cradle,never giving up 
  A-fine young man of 28 
I am,who has the 
experience and wisdom 
of the aged.
  M-astering the arts of 
life-learning from lessons 
of life's victims and 
didactic poems 'cos man 
of fame I intend to be for 
I bear the name Bob.

  I-lost my poetic gift at a 
stage but recovered it in 
poetrysoup for invisible 
entities say a 
lesser being I shall be,but 
another encourages me 
to move on,for great is 
one who comes out of 
the shackles of life 
undeterred for this is who 
I am.

Name: Ifeanyi Bob 

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I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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Angel Dust

The creatures that could fly, flew out this night They brought forth their powers, with them their might The black dragon is largest on the list They are the strongest, waving their clawed fist Next would have to be the fairies so trim Wielding dark talents purely on a whim The dark gargoyles fly around with great ease Spreading the fear of death and dire disease As sure as you think the darkness would win An angel flies high, way up in heaven She saves the Earth from all evil around Drops down some angel dust right to the ground And quick as a flash evil leaves this place Angels left to sing the beauty of grace
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Doyle's "Angel Dust" contest 10/9/2012

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Jennifer Part 3

She has so much pain inside of her,
she doesn't know how to address it.
So she turns the pain into anger,
after she explodes, she becomes quiet.

She goes up to her room, upset.
Why does the world hate her so?
She thinks to herself, “That’s it!”
But in reality, it isn't though.

She lies on her bed,
Pulls out her book and reads.
As she turns the pages, she loses her head,
In her mind, she thinks “This is what I need.”

A place to escape the world,
Somewhere she can run.
For it seems everyone hates this girl,
And nothing she does is fun.

She plays her cello 
And loses herself in the music
She does this when she feels low
Then she plays the song of her pick

She listens to the beat she makes,
Trying to make it sound perfect,
But oh, she keeps making mistakes,
She thinks that she will never get it.

She leaves the cello alone
And watches her shows
She then grabs her phone
And tells her best friend the show as it goes.

She leaves the TV on, 
Then she enters her laptop.
She stays on till dawn,
She just can’t seem to stop.

She loves the idea of leaving the real world
And entering an imaginary one.
That’s the story of the girl,
Who is never done.

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Beside me

The night of the fallen,the fall in the deep
I wake up exploring my thoughts in my sleep
I shake up believing it all was a game
Taking me under an ocean of rain

You stand there beside me to ease up the pain
Without you it's all just adventure to gain
A proud face- the star leading me on my path
Shining, to give me the strength of your light

In order are finally all priorities set
Happiness, joy from the world to get
Go, fight, become whoever you want,
Your dreams are all yet to be found...

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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4 - Messenger from the Dead

Alas there is no more confusion,
finally found my last conclusion.
Expect me as if Jesus will return,
from a ghost to a realm of concern.

Your dreams are portals like doors,
welcoming spirits into hasten wars.
Leaving the thoughts without trust,
keeping your fears in much disgust.

And though you sought no consequence,
deeds that confirm a wicked malevolence.
Awaiting in your nightmare of screams,
enjoy what is left amongst your dreams.

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Why am I here

Why am I here?
I often wonder why I was born. I know of no purpose for me! I call myself an earth angel but truth be told, I’m just a lost soul.
My life filled with uncertainty and fear, never finding a place of comfort and reassurance! Why was I put here for such a life filled with loss and sadness? To spend life lonely seems’ an eternity.
Happiness escapes me, however; at moment’s it feels close. Life closes in snatching the glimpse away as if a cruel joke was just played! I wonder why not me?
I am afraid to live and I am afraid to die! Life has been unkind to me, showing no mercy. How long I have to endure this, I wonder to myself. Then what will death bring to me?
 In time death will bring the unknown. Maybe I’ll be an angel dwelling in heaven. Faith filling my heart and love flowing through my veins surely will lead to a peaceful dwelling place! 
My heart and soul continues to give kindness and direction. Love flows to all those in need filling a void where ever I can. Life and death are of the same sensations filling the air. To know one is to know the other. 
Life is bitter sweet and death is too. Having lived life now I wonder at death. We asked not to be born and we ask not to die! Having both thrust upon us brings life full circle for what reason, I do not know. Yet here I am!
                       Debbie Knapp

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Life is worth it
When I live for you
It’s how I know that this is love proven true
But there you fly now in the sky
Showing me that differences and flaws
Is coexistence in each other
Celebrate them don’t use them as a weakness
Because in doing that you show weakness in yourself
Show some respect to them 
For they are to be cared for 
Then why is it no one ever does
Do they not see the pain? 
With every dying cuss 
So let the pain engulf me 
Teach my eyes to see
Let a fallen angel come to curse me
Let my cuts come to bleed 
Evil engulfing my broken heart yet falling deep in love 
When everything turns to turmoil 
I turn to my angel from above 
Let my heart come to boil
In the ashes of my innocence 
Letting myself go until I fully reach out to fellow brethren s 
Praying with no feeling I can feel myself slip away
I’m falling yet falling apart 
 Without the slightest of delays 
Birth was a mistake and yet I cannot come to die
Was it true that I am meant to live?  
A man who only knows to cry 
I cannot give
The light has forsaken my cold and darkened heart
For who am I to live 
Cold and fruitless moon why have you forsaken me
Does it bring you joy to see that you are breaking me
Listen to the cold and broken winds 
Nothing can ever beat it
Nor can I defend

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Falling In Like

I love it when you hold me close, and always want to play.
How in the morning you message me; on every single day.
When you call me every night, before I close my eyes-
Or always tell the truth; never any lies. 

When I get to see your passion with every story that you tell,
How even when you’re angry, those feelings never dwell. 
I love that you protect me, from everything around;
That even when I’m lost, I know that I’ll get found. 

I love that whenever you start to drive, you make me kiss your cheek.
How my stomach gets butterflies with each sweet word you speak.
That you cuddle me for a moment and then turn on your side,
That all of your accomplishments and family give you pride. 

I love that you support every decision that I make,
That even if you’re embarrassed of things- you’ve never acted fake.
How you always want me to be happy, no matter how I feel.
That even when we make things up- it’s never been more real. 

How you always make these plans, that often tend to change;
When you smile at my senseless jokes, and when I’m acting strange.
That you always say I’m pretty, even when I don’t think that it’s true-
How you think that I’d want anyone else; when all I want is you.

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Conversation with an Angel Part 3

“Yeah, all the way. No ride, no bus, just walkin’. I can’t quit till I give you your
message, and finish drawing this sand script so you’ll know I’m not lying.” I was shocked 
by what he was telling me. I looked around half expecting to see one of my neighbors come
out laughing and pointing and shouting “HA! You’ve been punked!” but no one was around;
just he and I alone. The man began to speak, and this is truly what he said, “You’ve had a
hard road to hoe, and life hasn’t always been fair in your eyes. But your angel wants me
to tell you not to give up. You’re finally on the right path. And he’s proud of you.”
“He’s a he?” I asked, stupidly. “Yes, he’s a he (as if I’d just asked the lamest question
of all time), now will you let me finish?” “Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just not used to men
drawing angels and giving me a message.” The man stopped what he was doing, and looked up
at me. The look on his face was as if he was thinking “If I had a quarter for each time I
heard that…”, but he said nothing. He went back to drawing, and was working on the detail
of the face and neck, drawing an outline of the shirt collar, and then back to the face. 
I knew this picture, but I couldn’t tell who it was, I kept thinking it must be a famous
person, why was it so familiar? “Your angel wants you to know, you’re not alone, he’s been
with you forever—since you were pretty much born. He’s sorry he left when he did, he knows
you needed him.” I just listened now, “You lost him when you were about 12, and life got
rough on you. He was there watching, and protecting you best he could.” I was stunned; I
could see who the face was now. Then the man stood up, and placed his hand on my shoulder.
He said these words, “He says to tell you, don’t be worried about buying that house,
you’ll grow old in it, and even though the world seems bleak, you’re going to make it. He
says you need to hear that, because he says you’re going to have a heart attack if you
don’t quit worrying.”

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By Our Side

By my side:
The tallest mountain,
The calmest pond,
The purest stream;
My hope and strength,
Faith and love;
The Lord,
Our God,
Always by our side

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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The unrealistic acts we put on to manipulate one another, living and sleeping with active minds. The act of evil smelling over the surrounding, guilt brightly sparkling on our visages without pardon we step on one another. Our beautiful, merry and precious planet loosing its sense of beauty in an inadequate manner but still we cannot see what our lives are seeking for. We need love and understanding we need one another for a better living. Let’s start from a good angle to land on a better scale it’s for our own benefit…The world is our world but does not belong to us, as we are here for a reason to also always have in mind that we all going to depart one day. What’s the hatred for those it worth it? Literately lost and mislead but physically hurt, its see able that we are leading our lives to what we don’t want hurting one another for no basic reason. It’s seen at a certain point that we sometimes wished to know how is it like after life but the reality is death

The ways of life are beyond the sound of the tongue, harder and softer than what is seen and felt. Life took its birth through pain It’s the pain, which gave birth to beautiful  creations. Life is incomplete, without the pain since, the pain teaches to actually accept, the pain with a joy as the longer we deny the existence of pain, love shall not behold. depressing it is, to deny existence of pain as the pain actually gave birth to life. Life, which is in a soul, comes through pain and agony , which is the true meaning of life. What we feel is not what we know and what we know endured to what is to come.

Sad it is that nothing seems right but why? once memories of the past sorrowful invade. When it all retaliated to nightmares and hollow, just then when the sound rhythm to a melody of nausea. Reality, justice, happy living known spoken but not valued. Too much expectation can lead to self-destruction, vandalism, greed and temptations. Life is a lession to be learned, as love implies.

In belief that religion took stand in order to complete missing pieces of all acts towards faith for worship of anything that was considered superior to understand. The belief of a religion consisted of trying to appease and show royalty to the Supreme Being. This resulted in performing rituals and keeping traditions to earn goodness. Such has been maintained to establish courage in result towards self-confidence. Today as we are still on the merge of our great ancestors these has become a chronicle that we have learned to respect and follow throughout our livings. Which moralities appeal the governing of human affairs. We have pledge to its Conscientiousness in order to show respect to its origins. This as well signifies a particular clan that shares one mind towards their belief. Humanity found its stand. 

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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Let's escape to space
& Leave the human race 

Space-love a new awesomeness
Forget the life & the gloominess

Kiss me, because I care
Even thought the life is unfair

I want to be a space-lover
Love you now, tomorrow & forever

Lest Live in a house made of stars
& drive spaceship instead of cars 

We feel the space-love in moon
I'll be yours, you'll be mine so soon

Galaxy, universe, stars & limitless
Screw the world, we found happiness.

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Thank You

As you are day
I am night 
As I am night 
You are day 
When I was blind you 
were my sight 
In the hours of darkness
you were my guiding light 
Like the moon and the stars 
that shine so bright 
You navigated me home 
in the foggiest of nights.

The heavens have sent you
this I do not doubt 
As i tally my blessings
I take you into count
For you were the only one 
to help me surmount.  

No longer wanting to live 
a life of sedation 
As I walk the road to self revelation
I carry a heart full of love, 
respect and appreciation 
For the one whom helped me 
claim my throne of salvation.

               THANK YOU

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Every Second We're Away

Every second we're away,
We grow stronger everyday
Until that day will finally come
When we know it's okay
And we will rest in each other's arms
In peace from God above,
No longer missing one another
Because we're together;
Built forever in each other's love.

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One Minute Poem

My eyes can tell your mind is lost in time/ 
But my time was killed by the timers of life/ 
My eyes don't speak the same language as those who peel onions to save their time/ 
I cry because I love with all my heart in time/ 
I feel my heart is diving in time of rhymes / 
So I stand tall in time to save those who confused time before their time/ 
My time sparkles flames of love in search of kisses until goodbyes do us part/ 
God Damn at/ 
My mornings will not promise you definitions of making love to a poet/ 
It’s time I define my own time because this time multiplies rhymes of electrified kisses Amplified by seconds that makes time/
It’s times like this that blesses a lonely poet with parental kisses/
At that time/ 
My time told me squeeze her butt she will like it/ 
But what if my time caught me thinking backwards I questioned my time when I time my timing/ 
Maybe this is why I can’t finish this poem in time/ 
Remember when I said I am scared to admit other guys are cuter than me/ 
Well I felt like my time was missing something in seconds that makes time/ 
That's cos my time is not any seconds close to reality/
My time is never close to reality/ 

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God Almighty

When I came to you I was broken and frail~Half my mind gone in despair

 Feeling so Low~Like mud on the ground~Wondering if my Joy would ever

 be found~Fighting and resisting at the very Start~then slowly you entered my heart

 Quietly and gently working insid my soul knowing just what you were doing to help me glow

You broke into my soul where I had been suffering the most you cleansed me

and entered me showing me what I needed to see, working endlessley on my soul

you cleansed me and made me once again whole. God almighty you never cease to

amaze me always by my side even when I'm at my worst, loving me endleslly and uncondionally..

You have opened my heart to the beauty again, the beauty of the clouds the beauty of your creations'

The beauty of the rain, the beauty of the thunder, the beauty most of all of your people.

Opened and vunerable I am to you always. Enter me and have me do your will in my life

help me to always follow you in every aspect of my mind, body, and soul with every ounce of me

Silently by my side help guide me in my ways so I do your ways and your will dear god almighty

Walking together down this journey in life nothing can go wrong with you by my side

Hold me and love me in this I pray guide me down the right roads along my way

I want you by my side for the rest of my life, no more going alone on this journey

I need you Lord God ALmighty to guide me ,Love me. and Hold me through my good and bad times..!

Written By Christina McCullouch 8/3/2012

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I picked up a penny face-down,
But I don't believe in luck.
Everything happens for a reason;
God's mercy frees the stuck.
Redeem me, Heavenly Father;
Please, I know the wrong I've done.
Thank You for dying for me;
My sins You have overcome!

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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Life is filled with God’s beauty
The everyday beauty which surrounds us
And the pure beauties in a friend like you

The warmth in your smile
The compassion in your eyes
The invisible wings on your back

God’s angels surround us
An angel for each one of us
Invisible only to our lack of faith

The purity of God’s character is portrayed through friendship
Painting a masterpiece of angels
Composing a symphony of love

Every life is a portrait of God Himself
But those with wings are a constant echo of His love
Those like you

You reached out to me
Touched my heart and took my hand
Entwining our lives forever

The path through life is one I could never walk without you
You have touched my life in so many ways
My angel and best friend

The bond created is indescribable
Your meaning to me is unexplainable
But without you I would be nothing

As life fades to dust
Forever in my heart you shall remain
Our unbreakable friendship everlasting
Trough our words and memories
We will dance hand in hand for all eternity


This is an extremely special poem for someone who means the world to me. Simone 
Jenneke, it is a blessing to have you in my life. I could never have asked for a better friend. 
You give my life meaning and hope. Thank you for who you are and for what you have done 
for me. Without you, life would not be worth living. I love you more than you could ever 

Tons of love,
Amy, xxx

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A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

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At The Crossroads

I stood once at the crossroads of life
So skeptical and confused to which one is right
It took time for me to choose which path to take
I was in a great dilemma, so I took a deep breath

Time went by so quick… tick, tack, tick, tack- tick
I had to hurry because no more time for me to think
Hurry! Pushing myself but appallingly, I couldn’t do it
It was really difficult to choose which one is the best

There I stood again, but looking far from the distance
Until a brilliant idea suddenly came into my mind
Why don’t I ask other’s opinion and pieces of advice?
Then, laid their presumption next to mine

My conscience suddenly spoke to me and said,
My dear Self, you are you and the only “You”
Who’d be the first to decide which is the best for your life
Rely first on yourself and do excogitate
Write down the pros and cons of things you’re going to take

When I heard myself’s voice, I smiled so bright
She continuously spoke to me and asked,
You can also tell your guardian angel right?
Send her the paper where you wrote the road you chose
She will hand it over to God in heaven
To bless your decision and the desire of your heart for sure

So, I walked down straight through that road 
Sometimes, turning my back once in a while but I need to go on
Carrying on both hands was my tool luggage
Inside of it were faith, love, fortitude, determination, hope and prayers
For I believe, in every chosen road there are always challenges
It’s best to just hold on to those tools on my shoulders and hands as I go ahead
‘Til I'll find the bright end of my taken road which are my goals and contentment

Nov. 1,2012

Sixth Place
Contest: Standing At the Crossroads
Contest Judged: 11/9/2012
Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle

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If its money I got its money ill keep. If its money I have its money ill weep. If its love that I give its love ill receive. For I am but no one who just see's beneath. Some say your only as strong as you feel, but how could we a place that's so unreal. People are hearing but..not really hearing. Why is the world so blind. I keep on screaming and screaming and screaming for things to be revolutionized. I am just a small song in a world full of cries, laughter, tears and french-fries.

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Cheers Love

cheers to us and the many places we have been
here is to us the lions relaxing in their dens
three cheers for the memories our lives will never be the same
one thing to remember we have only ourselves to blame
as we toasted a small want filtered out through my face
I again didn't surface untill that want became fate
possabilities begain to surface as my concious ran vain
I once again wanted to reclaim you for my mate
my emotions hurtfully started a small pain in my side
I felt my thoughts were thrashed about openly 
caught outside of my mind, played upon surgicaly
so they matched the pain in my side, the ones I was trying to hide
so heres a toast to approaching this openly getting caught in the tide
I feel so mischievious again wanting to be your bride

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God IS Real Miracles Happen

God Is Real/Miracles Happen
By Nate Spears

God is real, and miracles happen
Despite of his struggles 
The middle class poet kept on writing his chapters 
Times were tough 
But he didn’t give up
Unpaid rent 
Eviction notes 
His bills were overdue  
No water, no power 
He used GOD as his source; and  
kept on writing his chapters
Then came a knock 
He opened his door, but no one was there 
There was a note left behind, along with a white feather on his mat 
A rent paid receipt 
Plus full payment of his utilities
He closed the door quickly, and went back in the house to his desk
The pages in his book was flipped 
to a ending page he couldn’t miss
A inspirational piece was left behind that he didn’t write
It read this: 

For your time and effort given 
to lead and inspire, this is the final chapter in your book that I so desire.

I restored your power, to give you energy to write.

I gave you water again, for the tears shed on your writes.

I provided funding for your rent, for the priceless messages your poems present. 

Those sheets of paper have inspired many lives in need to vent.

I read the final chapter, and started to cry
I glanced out the window at a river of joy nearby
A rainbow appeared in the sky
Under covering my darkness  
There lies a ray of light 
No matter how deep life pounds
No matter how hard things get 
If you believe you can overcome
Just keep up the fight 
The battle is already won
Just believe.

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YOUR OWN LOVE- Constanza

Let dreams unfold, wishes take wings, Your first love affair starts with you, Embrace yourself, hear soul's voice, true! Precious pearls of joy, morrow brings. Adorn these promising treasures As you effuse glowing pleasures. Music of life sounds its sweet rings, Hold that golden bell in own hands, Feel caress of love's silken strands. Bless you, heavenly angel sings. Wafting through clouds, smooth starry flights, Slide down the rainbow, soak in sights. Brim your heart with faith, thoughts be things. Chalk out on sky, all you cherish, Universe reads, dreams won't perish! Let dreams unfold, wishes take wings, Precious pearls of joy, morrow brings. Music of life sounds its sweet rings, Bless you, heavenly angel sings. Brim your heart with faith, thoughts be things. 29/08/2012

Details | Personification | |

Why Should I

Was it enough or was it too much?
Sometimes too fast but always too slow!
God knows that I come with these seeds that grow.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch,
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one that knows?
Stepping through time and sliding back so smooth so I go!
I say I can qualify!
Where was I and why was I there?
Sometimes too obvious but always with doubt!
God knows that I come riding in on a prayer.
I absorb every single touch inside and out,
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one that cares?
Climbing the highest mountains and sliding down so steep but on a dare!
I say I can magnify!

What did I say and what did I do?
Sometimes too quite but always too loud!
God knows that I come with a gleam that shines so proud.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch by you.
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one in the crowd?
Walking on water and walking backwards but at least I know how.
I say I can intensify!
Do I want to or do you need me to?
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I simply don’t care.
God knows that I come standing on a higher sky of blue.
I absorb every single touch by you inside and out with this glare.
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one with this view?
Up in the clouds and aimless but always led by you!
I say, “I SANCTIFY”!

®Registered: 1997  Ann Rich

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SK- 4

Silence has spoken
From the roaring of the tides
God is a river

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Broken Heart

Everyday I am happy to be
in the presence of my angel,
he is my one true source
of comfort.
The sun always seems to shine
regardless of rain clouds drifting
across the azure sky.
His touch sends lust coursing through
my veins making my heart beat faster.
The frequent devotion transformed into
blood-red roses that he bestows upon
me with his sparkling smile.
Sadly this was short-lived for my
happiness turned into pain,
tears fell like raindrops down my
soft velvet skin.
My inner screams went unheard,
no-one seemed to notice my cries
for empathy or relief from this
dark and lonely place.
My heart has been broken into
a thousand pieces so small that
they could pass through the eye
of a needle.
My angel has fallen, jealousy
roamed within his heart making
his baby blue eyes turn green
with envy.
My heart feels lost in this
ocean of lost hope and trust;
happiness and joy do not exist
in this hellish bubble of pain
and agony.
My heart has been broken and
the voice of my angel no-longer
enters my mind for he has now
fallen leaving nothing but
a betrayed heart in his wake.

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Flying Hearts

Floating in water, straight up and down she floats An angel comes down from heaven to greet her The angel gives the woman flying hearts, invokes Powerful love comes from her soul I confer She now sprouts some wings so she may fly again Never did this much joy arrive to begin She chokes with feelings of heartfelt love inside Memories flood within, rising by her side Russell Sivey

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Angel on my Side

An angel begging for my dreams fulfilled She screams with a livid voice to be heard Broken dreams sift leaving sadness instilled She takes off flying, as one with the bird She pleas for my soul, that I might find hope She cries that I might find a way to cope Yelling at the top of her enhanced lungs The ladder of life, can I reach those rungs Russell Sivey

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Letter to taeljejohn

uncomfortableness, and hesitation arose that you might reassess a possibility for friendship or.... whatever with me.

A disappointment set in place in the event that based on some facet of my being (inexplicable flaws within this corporeal human male), forecast that an about face (booked on charges inherent in this googly eyed, earth-linked, kool hotmail of a yahoo) would be un liked!

Juno what i mean? 

In retrospect, no matter that this average boyish chap desires enjoyment, he admits that ordinary punctuating various stages of development difficulty coping found him msn (miss sin, missin, missing, et cetera) on ordinary interpersonal experiences!

No matter yours truly usually finds me each morning, noon or night conjuring up maximizing temporary residence on this planet earth versus bemoaning those futile and essentially counterproductive mind games sans could a, might a, should a, would a...

today = the moment to cherish, enjoy, help others, ponder the remaining years
since fruitless to expend tears
for suppressed emotional, financial, grammatical, hormonal, physical, and spiritual angst
 that roiled mine inner sanctum - mainly from decades in the past
   which unseen scars with humor this fellow (who by the way likes you) wears!

Notice the sly inclusion of my comment per -- affinity, desirability, rhapsody for you
although just but a mere inkling prevails about an ye taelje john thru
a rather contrived manner - albeit an online adult oriented website - amongst a slew
which yields to this bipedal hominid a scant few
initial responses - as if a ghost app paired in the recipient email - going boo
which unwittingly seems to turn the ivy blue! matter a constancy of follow-up electronic communiques occurs from ye
bringing tears of joy, that nobody can see
while simultaneously delivering digital glee
a reality check restrains proclivity and predilection to let thoughts run wild and free!

Immense and immeasurable mounts in moi little rock
inducing an electric arc for myself to kin neck embedded in all this schlock
for a sixth sense arises that this holme body strongly suspects yar self 
 to generate sunny watts as an s spy she lee Sherlock

but, reticence to gush with ebullience reins in a cascade
of utter delight washing o'er this less than satisfactory mwm 
 who as a boy and youth happened to b a frayed
of his own shadow - while walking along the boulevard of broken dreams
 listening to the sounds of silence on a green-day.

Thus => the following from one 

Cerebral being ™ in the am and pm
This ordinary human
Finds himself a mystery
Within the terrestrial
Firmament and frequently
Feels in a feverish pitch
At his existence
That seers the temple
Mounted upon this slender
Frame - wrought by the
Combination of genetics
In tandem with exercise
Which latter helps to
Sublimate the coiled 
Tension wound tightly 
Like an indestructible spring 
Without a healthy medium at large 
To channel emotions fraught within
Me might find demise
That would rent asunder literate fellow 
And thus annihilate without a trace
One true valued father of two us special
Lovely lasses as just another statistic among 
The obituaries!
As the world turns (indiscriminately oblivious of the harrowing days per one simian), an agreeable, amiable, edible, immeasurable, likeable, pleasurable, sensible woman (such as yourself - predicated on a gut level intuition) goads more seriousness to share

Plaintive unheard heart strings o mine that wail
Displeased with this marriage fraught with travail
As if in a maelstrom whip-lashed vessel without a sail
Yet - averse to lambaste or rail
Against abby (whereby we pass like two ships in the night) who married this male
When each of us happened to seem more similar 
   And thought each ourselves to fail
At any endeavor, though now confidence 
   Buoys my heart while she doth ail

And exemplifies attitudes, beliefs, efforts, 
   Idiosyncrasies, pathos that life does rot
Ill suited to Matthew Scott, 
   Whose bon vivant manifesting faith in him
   Perhaps from herself deferring many domestic 
   And child rearing tasks not
Of course being boasting - even when scissoring the umbilical cord
   As a now beaming papa, whose daughters 
   Blithely ignore "mother" a lot
Thus necessitating this quest 
   For a counterpart to offer succor 
   To eden (age 16) and shana (14 on february 4th, 2013) 
   Yet accepts that i must dispel any dreamy fantasy even this ours - a mere jot
At this juncture knowing full well how unwise to set myself up for disappointment
   By thinking and rushing like a fool, 
   Where angels fear to tread
   Though "chutzpah" i got!

U r slowly filling my mindscape with joy
Thank you so much - for accepting without complaint how atypically words this writer wannabe 
   Named Matthew Scott Harris dozen ploy.

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Angel of Mine

Angel of mine 

I had written a poem called “Deaths Door”
My sleeping problem my wife did endure

From when I lost my spouse
It’s only the dog and I at the house

Before I go to bed I shut the light
Something happened to me one night

I felt a hand on my back waking me
Nobody but the dog here with and me

It could have been a night I lost my breath
An angel may have kept me from death

That angel must be my wife 
Still watching over my life

She watched over me when she was alive
She must still be helping me to survive 

Details | Ballad | |

William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William .
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows .

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support .
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sq. feet I presume .
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room . He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time .

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart . The true Love and friendship of he I craved .

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave .

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         **********Note: The Game is over********

The second batter put th ball
             Over the fence
No one knew where it went
It screamed and it screeched the sky
And burdened it's silence with light
Their was an Angel in deep middle field
It was also an Angel of the LORD
He really fielded it hard....
He swept so high
That he breech the sky
He braved the breath of
Death and Eternity
But, He make it back eventually
He cast that ball in the name
              Of the Lord
But, He didn't cast that hard
And as it turned out
The game was won
In the name of the Father
And the Holy Son
And this is how we have
To end this pun!

                 Poet Author
                 Gary FIELDS

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What took you so long

In solitary i speak and yet not heard
Could I still be dreaming coz I’m not dead
I touch to feel and reality it is, yet I feel bruised
Waving my white flag for peace and yet attacks remain with consistency
I’d let umshini wam and fight back but I’ve been injured at the core of my inner 

I feel lost and dropped at the sea end by an unimaginable feelin 
Eyes shut, ears blocked with broken kneecaps screaming and crawlin 
Help! Help! as I try to recover my erupted voice yet I seem to be talkin from within
Whose war is it anyway when I seem to be the only soldier at war
Leaning for help at what seems to be the only opponent I see afar
In silence I keep, knowing safety is all that I pray for
In thoughts I wonder with confusion seeing all I feel is an unexplainable impact 
The closer I get I sense an angel nearby assuring me safety

With a gentle touch she opens my eyes and told me to breathe along
And as i look at her i could hear and speak so i smiled and asked what took u so 
For at this point i had already fallen not in love but in a temple of agitating greatness
I had been born again, i had been delivered, i had a new soul that never felt such 
I had been released from the world of solitary and blessed with an Angel that made 
me belong
Gazing at her eyes, i watch her blush away with love and ask again, what took u so 

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An angel came

An angel came!

Nights in black and white,
My mind keeps drifting from side to side.

Wondering in my mind about the voice I heard,
At my bedside an angel came.

"Be patient," The voice said;
I heard it so clear, yet so discreet.

To hear a strange voice whisper into my ear,
It made me scared, and it made me fear.

Fear from God who heard my cry,
Begging for mercy, to save a child.

Praying to all angels to keep her safe
The mother of my children, my soul mate.

This is a sign for me to know,
That God is with me, and I am not alone.

Thank you God for this sign you gave me,
To remind me that there is a God up there
and to be patient.
I’ll keep my faith every time I'm down,
With my forehead touching the ground.

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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The Settlement of the Four Ligures

The stones slipped through the great fingertips of God
Each ligure staked its existence on the four corners of the universe
The quadrivial region began to spin and pull into a sphere
And pathways revealed their footholds 

The fourth ligure bravely landed in the midst of history
So that one day the future settlement of the second 
Would be moved by the last—by the past
Suffering much it stayed
Manifesting in incandescent words
Thrusting evanescence upon the weak
Selfless, it's sorrow would move the merriest
Would move the unmovable

The third lies in the profound valley of mystical guardians
Star-recruited, they are the very light above the canvas of gray
They embrace the stone—are inspired by the stone  
The very reflection of their creator was evident
Upon their unremitting glimmers
Unafraid to stare the others down
Motivated and construed by the glower of death
Eyes move fixedly beyond the simple vast

The second ligure rested upon the shoulders of invisible martyrs 
The hopeful power it planted on the sufferers was unbelievable
For spectators used their disbelief to cover their ever-placed envy
They never were part of the battle—they merely watched
Always seeing truth
But they never quite absorbed
Like a rock hitting the water
The inevitable fate was to fly and sink

The first of the ligures settled in the very reservoir of Satan himself
Even the very heart of the devil is marked
Though rebellion embarked  
The cold stone landed upon his naked bosom
He despaired not to the pericopal truth the gods had bestowed upon him
He merely despised it
But wished not to lose it
For such a stone to fall upon that dark corner—he felt pride for the gracious wound

In truth, there are twelve ligures of stone 
And four were dispersed, dropped into the universe
The last eight the great Eternal wears upon his breastplate 
And only He can re-move these ligures

-July 20, 2013-
-For Shadow Himilton's Any Subject Contest-
-Thanks for the inspiration-

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The Death Angel

The Death Angel-Noah Holden

Death is so lonely, unexpecting, depressing and grim,

The Death Angel is among us everyday even though we can’t see him,

Taking any living things life is the Death Angel’s role,

When your time on this earth is up the Death Angel will reap your soul,

The Death Angel’s robes are as dark as the pits of hell,

He is a soul deliverer, standing tall his skin so very pale,

He walks among us with his robes, sickle and hood,

He will take you out and touch you with death and your heart will stop for good,

The Death Angel will take you to your eternal resting place,

He will take you no matter your age, religion, height or race,

The Death Angel works everyday without a single break,

When he comes to see you, your soul is all he’ll take,

One day you’ll appear on the Death Angel’s list,

Your life as you know it will be dismissed.

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Together Again

A girl whom he'd forgotten
At his door, showed up the other day
The one he'd always wanted
Just knew not what to say

The boy she longed to hold
She caught his eyes once again
Of her love, to him, she never told
But this time, all her love, she will send

Once in a lifetime, and not one time more
Fate takes hold, luck is lent
From out of the blue, a miracle occurs
Hearts reunite, Together Again

She greets him with a smile
A sparkle in her eyes
For his love, she'd run for miles
To try this thing called love, just one time

Gazing at her beauty, he feels her in heart
Remembering those nights, with her, in his dreams
And how he felt at this whole love's start
Where they'd be one forever, to him, oh how it seemed

Well this girl's name was Katie, and his Steve
And oh how tears were shed, by them both, when they were forced to leave
But in the past that was, so now he holds her hand
Two angels together, forever they'll stand

Once in a lifetime, and not one time more
Fate takes hold, luck is lent
From out of the blue, a miracle occurs
Hearts reunite, Together Again

An old couple now, a lifetime of love
They've conquered all, risen together, above
Together, all the years, oh how they've spent
And to each other, all their love they have sent

Feeling each others hearts beating every morning
Through all the decades, all the happy years
Steve's heart though, one of these days, stopped without warning
And Katie's wrinkled face, moistened with tears

How could Katie live now, without her beloved by her side
Knowing that beside her, his heart slowly died?
She dreams every night now, just as he did before, of heaven
Where they'll be Together Again

Once in a lifetime, and not one time more
Fate takes hold, luck is lent
From out of the blue, a miracle occurs
Hearts reunite, Together Again

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Bending Time

Bending Time

Bending Time is an act that Spirits can do,
as easy as lifting your fork is for you.
See Time is their realm; it’s the world they live in,
each second to them comes and goes at their whim.

But Angels as Spirits know little of Space,
as they wing through the ages, unburdened by place.
Their now, and their then, and the future they see,
but touching an atom, for them, cannot be.

So too challenged is Man, from our limited view,
when we think about Time its through Space we look through.
Our world is all flesh, all matter, all things,
melding Air, Water, Earth, with a Fiery sting.

We are gifted it seems in this fabric of life,
as we carve and we cut with our own hand held knife.
 Man shapes his own space, constructing his nest,
just slaving away, pursuing progress.

Every nail, every screw, all the machines that we make,
all the air, all the food, all the forest we take,
means nothing to Time who just passes along,
bemused by the Angels and their perfect sung song.

All the things that you hold, are soon gone to the past,
what matters man makes, can never long last,
fore Time is eternal and Space it is not,
what breathes and does eat is destined to rot.

But since substance is space, it needs time to evolve,
to improve for the better, it’s man’s mission to solve.
All those visions you have as you toss and you turn,
are timeless taught teachings, God wants you to learn.

It’s with Spirit’s great mind you are guided through Time,
it’s not straight, it’s not curved, its not even a line.
It’s a dimension you see, a transfer of sorts,
where Time, Space, and Thought all open their ports.

Know your world’s always changing through the toil of your Soul,
“As You Think, So You Do,” it’s your God given role.
Quell your self-centered Ego.  Who can truly say “My”? 
Let Time talk to your essence, whispers Love to your “I”.

You must trust in the Angels that ride timeless wings,
enlightening your Soul, heed the truth that they sing.
All the thoughts of the ages, all the wisdoms so true,
are yours for the learning when Time echoes through you!

                                               Sam Shada 

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Sweet Children, Sleep

To the Newtown Children

A poet cries with broken heart

Look thine hearts be washen clean with death,
God knows how hastily can be
By an unfitting goodly young man
Become just another evil’s killer.
Take thou no mean of life
That so tenderly and small
Arranged now along that cold room
Where a hundred of parents
Like you and I look on poor children that thou think:
One day they shall be a doctor or a thinker like us.
To understand really why the hungry death
Has to do for their final journey in front of this sickness?

O, children! American children! My children!
I warn thee in all my heart and soul
That could not happen so earlier on life
And where thou cast the peace and saint in the kindness of grace
Take care of them from danger, thou take for a leaf
And makes my heart bleeding every one like us become angry
How in this heavenly nation this massive fate could occur?

Hold me fast in thine embrace God,
Where my despair cannot be silenced,
Let you and me and everyone else to knee and cross
Our fingers against our chest and pray for them,
Give them, Lord, thy blessing give,
Pray for them and mother as well,
And I shall finish this poem with trembled
Fingers and tears cascading over this bloody
Sheet as an awaken wind has just blown it from me.

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Light To Dark

You think you’ve gone just far enough,

I could smile knowing you’ve gone far enough that you can’t go back again

You think you were careful but,

I’ve caught a glimpse of your true, wretched form

You think you can find a way into my good graces

I’ve seen what you are, monsters with a friendly costume

You can’t deceive me anymore and, I don’t consort with serpents

You think I’m a game to be played but, trust me, you could never win

Don’t underestimate me

You think I’m a joke but, trust me you won’t be laughing

You think I’m just talking myself up but, trust me, you’re the ones going down

My eyes took too long to adjust

Better late than never

It may take a monster to know one but, I promise my teeth are sharper than yours

My first reaction to the hideous revelation that was your form was to weep

Fall to my knees, maybe even wretch my heart from my chest and onto the carpet

Then I thought about the mess it would make

I decided the only blood that will spill, will be your own

I was not weak, but I had a weakness

A heart of soft gold stitched to my sleeve with care

No longer

Now my heart is a stone so heavy

I could kill at least two birds at once 

Being the nice guy is a thing of the past 

Thanks for freeing me of that softness

You thought I was all sunshine and delicate things

When really I had just been swallowing razor blades

Now that sun is setting and I hope you see it was you who were wrong

Can you feel my darkness coming, because it’s eager to hold you

If you thought I was the one who would just stand still or turn to run

Your gonna be the one with tired feet

I’m not sad anymore

Just sick with the plague of your lies

Contagious, and I’m looking for someone to kiss

Even angels can make themselves wicked

When we do, we take no prisoners

Still think I’m a game

This one is just beginning

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a Angel dedicated to all my angelic friends

I thoughth I saw an angel
so lovley and  dressed in white
I thought I saw an angel just the other night
angels come to guard us and they help us along our way
Angels are around us every single day
I thought I saw an angel
I belive in angels and know  that they are true
I  did see an angel and they looked just like you.  Amen  xxx

For he orders his angles to protect you where eevr you go psalm 91  v11

see I am sending an angel before you to protect you on your journey
and lead you safley to the place i have prepared for you  exodus 23 v 20

keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters, dont forgert to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without relizing it Amen  hebrews 13 v 1&2 

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Steer Away From Why

Kinds lay everywhere,
With stories of the past,
Opening wide arms to share,
Helping others at last.

Easy is not the word,
To place upon the plate.
After my past is heard,
The pathos fit in fate.

Some may want,
The descriptions clear,
Or some may recieve the haunt;
Of the visions giving off fear.

Lost souls are out,
As I met a few,
Swerving past-to a different route,
Away from eyes I once knew.

Why-Is a question to ask,
But one I very-rarely do,
Instead I make a task,
To get to know you.

Hope and faith; together to shake,
For the situations given,
In your shoes I'll make,
My best to make a liven'.

You may not be here,
Rotted; rust,
Leaving left a tear,
Now to succeed is a MUST.

Your name is writtin' down,
On my arm,
Like an angel with a crown,
All pasts are now no harm.

Death happens; on command,
Leaving wasn't easy; no,
The words said last now stand,
To leave your story to show.

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The powerful silvery stardust

On that starry night, as I sat on the open balcony Of my own pigeon home, so cosy I saw, mesmerization, O pure adoration How beautous was this great attraction! A blanket of stardust, a black one full of stars Faced with it, so trivial seemed my scars Life itself seemed so mysterious And so full of grace so imperious! As I watched with wonder, came running down my cheeks Those tears, seeking their way out of their creeks Merciful must be the high Lord None knew why he did create a world so haggard! Somewhere, thought I, must be an abode There, sing the fairies, an eternal ode While switching on and off the blinking lights Of life and death, such must be its sights! On that starry night, living seemed a must A travel from a forgotten place to an unknown one To live simply with the wills of just Shall someday give me the high stature of the great swan!
Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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An Angel

An angel did befriend us, on earth, before one Christmas day.
Some say she was a comet, some say she was a star.
I say she was a gift from God, here to light our way.
She was a thing of beauty that shone across the land.
Leading to a humble manger, found in Bethlehem.

And what could be so important, for her to come our way?
A savior to our lands, and yes, our hearts and souls…
Triumphantly born on Christmas Day.
That day he was born the heavens truly did rejoice.
And she, a glorious light, continued to beacon forth God’s love.

Such an important part, that angel was given on that day.
She was a beacon to our hearts and the gifts of love… 
Guiding the Wise Men and shepherds endlessly along their way.
Thru her we learned lessons, such as: patience, hope, and how to give…
And yes, she led us to the Wondrous Man, who taught us how to live…

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Where Wild Violets Grow

Where Wild Violets Grow

Scribbling these verses,
caressing your bare back,
simple rhymes,
flowing from my fingertips.

Scribbling verses,
sprinkling odes to fragrant promises,
your smile lightens the burdens,
off my heavy heart.

Scribbling verses,
soaked in countless kisses,
the moonlight waltzing on your skin.

Scribbling verses,
feeling you,
your love never ceases to flow,

through the streams of my mind,
to a place of our own,
where wild violets grow

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As I sat by her side
Speaking of the times 
Of the good ole days
That we’ve had 
quickly rushed by

Knowing that God sent you
To spread His Divine word
For all people and to tell me 
Love and Truth be heard
So they and I too..  within time
Shall have a New beginning
Without end…
With Our Savior 
Jesus..  Christ
Our Divine

As I seen 
And watched you 
take your last breath
and knowing Jesus
gives us eternal life.. 
after death 

After a long battle 
fight of living this earthly life.. 
I know. .. Jesus 
called your name tonight

Took you home
To be by his side
Giving you wings
So you can fly…

Tonight you 
received your wings
Knowing is far better 
Then any earthly things..

For now you.. 
My beloved sister
Stepped across
within heavens gates

and received your wings.. 
Now an Angel 
along with the many 
Angels whom Sings

Rejoicing Praising
All for  Jesus Christ
Our Savior.. 
Our Majestic King..

Come to Jesus
Glorious giver of Eternal Life

~Dedicated to My Beloved Sister~
~she received her Angel wings
                        Jesus called her Home tonight~
            ~I Love you.. Sis.. 
                           I will see you again.. in Time~

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Never Take Hate Outside

When you're hurt inside,
And there's no where to hide,
And there's no one on your side,
And it's killing your pride,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is chocking,
The heavy words never spoken,
The things that hurt you inside,
When love has died,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is gone,
From being alone,
And it beats a solemn tone,

When you're cold inside,
It's only a short ride,
Never take hate outside

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Weep and a Moan

Watching the sequence of sound coming out of your mouth...
But the screaming is too loud.
I can speak,
But my brain doesn't want to.

I closed the door.
Silence called for me.
Should I cry or should I run after her?

What have I done to you?
but love you uncontrollably.

Shes then left speechless.
It looks like shes out of breath,
but really I broke her.

She was fragile.
So innocent.

Run, Just run.
A gun raised..
up to her mouth.
And a taint on her heart.

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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The Feeling

From deep within a silence grows
Vastly spreading, yet no one knows
No one knows of what's to come
The Feeling is sudden, then it's done.
Often with pain, fits of sorrow
The Feeling leaves nothing, not even a morrow
With much haste, take one last breath
We all succumb to The Feeling of Death.

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Treasures of your soul

Life is Harsh, Life is good
Only the few of the proud 
Those men that stand for a great nation
Their life at the stake
So rough and sharp
Every day is another challenge 
For them and for all
Freedom we all hope
But sometimes feel lost
Never give up that spark 
Hope don’t give it up for a price 
And when I see these great men and woman
Risk their life for a single child lost
With guns all around and wars of hate
I feel blessed as my country truly stands brave
A child is a gift of new life and hope
As I see the children in their arms saved at last
Only then will I ever know true courage
This is a path we should always cherish and follow
When the flame burns out nothing is left but stay strong
So please don’t shed a tear I am right here
By your side always and forever  
Our country stands not alone, but as one
Heart filled with love


Poem for Treasures of Your soul contest
for Gail 

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Thank you

In a little corner of my heart I hold
Sounds and sights that I behold
Stories and tales I have never told
Fond memories I will have when I grow old

In my memories I see a face
So beautiful and charming, so full of grace
A face that changed my life in its entirety
A face I may never ever see

My memories are of an autumn glow
Of a palace, a garden, where time tends to slow
Where a church bell tolled and in prayer I knelt
Where the loving touch of an angel I felt

I was tired and dreary and full of sorrow
I had nothing to give, no love to borrow
My heart ached as punishment of my sin
My life had ended before it could begin

The angel dared me to dream anew
To mend my life’s torn muscles and sinew
To find love and share it with one and all
Not to lose heart and stand up if I fall

Since then I have learnt to live
Learnt to be happy and not to grieve
Learnt that a day always follows the night
Learnt that survive, I just might

My thoughts always go back to you
Oh Angel! What would I be without you?
All my happiness is a tribute to you
So let me just say, Thank you

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If I die before I wake

As I die he will be with me,
I fell in love he had the key,
And always knelt on one knee.

My last thoughts are of him, 
As the lights go dim,
Life circling on a rim.

All at once we are apart,
The taste is so tart,
It all hits me in the heart.

You are left to live,
My heart your captive,
There is nothing to forgive.

My cheeks blush so shy,
With a tear in my eye,
As I start to die.

Fear not for I am well,
As many up here can tell,
It is not quite hell.

As I look from above,
kissing the forehead of my love,
I wonder what he dreams of.

I look at him so fondly,
his lips curve so grandly,
as he sleeps so soundly.

I'm like a hummingbird fluttering over his bed,
I wish to be with him but I am dead,
My life over and has fled.

I fear for my love for he is kind,
Strong handsome and well lined,
But now I leave him way behind.

Finding love is like a quiz,
Never knowing what it is,
He needs love from a heart as strong as his.

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There in an ancient city

I wish to make love to him, this rival poet
I wish to take him there
Or rather, I wish he would take me there
So that no more shall we keep away from each other and be distant

No more shall we feel stony
No more shall we care for the society
Only shall we see the blinding stars
Illuminating our souls, rubbing off from our souls, our scars

The chosen place would be an ancient city of India
There where still living is the Lord's replica
I wish to make love to him there, indeed
For there is where my heart shall beat at full speed

Can you just feel the ecstasy everywhere
It would seem that there, life is all so fair
Because the beautiful Lord used to the king of the city
Always filling everyone with distress at one more prank of his, so funny!

Yes, there, there is where I wish to make love
I wish to be there, with the rival poet
I wish to be able to sing to him, a most melodious duet
As melodious as would be that of the one above

I wish to be in his arms, while walking in marvelous gardens
I wish to have this friend of mine, as kidnapped and stolen
Maybe some fairies would appear
And help me find, for my task, the right steer!

An ancient city of India, surely would I be the Queen
Always pristine, always serene
With a most handsome poet, having like me, a heart of stone
Surely, to my charms, I could have him easily won!

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Vain of metal ore that smiled 
It is by you am steered  
    Guiding my principle in direction 
    You shine like magnetized
    Iron ore 
    I lithe toward you as 
    You called

    We lissome to our destination
    With your eye in dimension
    I shall not be sorry when it’s over
    Cos it ways is determination
    Thou Icy wing “lay us pass”
    To see they treasure 
     Remove thy odds from our
     My sinus seep to sea, cos of
     Sinking to shore
     Sire your strength steered
      My fate to shore
      Wh’n I hold your face, I am 
      Cos, hope, fate, destiny is 
      By measure
      My accelerando is powered 
      By force
      Thou the tides are high
      The treasure must be found
      When you bid me, I will 
      Cos life journey is unstandadize

This poem is written in the night in 
my little room when watching The 
stars, Lodestar is a bigger, it shines 
very well and in those. Days when 
voyage in the see was not of to day 
every body looked of for lodestar 
that gives direction to sailors. It is a 
poem about our cause of journey in 
life some of the time when we 
succeed we give our thanks to our 
guidance angel or lucky star it is this 
star, angel an greeting begging to 
guide our life affair in this world. 
Life problem are so many that we 
some time need this angel and lucky 
star. So it is easier when traveling 
with a guide, this makes it (life) not 
so difficult.

1.	They is a force that direct our 
affairs in this world existence.
2.	We should always pray for our 
affairs to before in good hands to 
enables us achieve our aim.
3.	This world is difficult to go 
through, it like our sailing in the sea 
of life.
4.	The sea of life needs a eye that 
will guide us in this affairs.
5.	We should always thank, greet 
our lucky star or angel.

Ameka, Ezza South L.G.A Ebonyi 
State Nigeria where am doing my 

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You and I

I'm excited when the sunshine come out,
I wanted to see you out,
You're the leading man on my sight,
Until it ends my day and night.

I saw you standing on the door,
That there's something you're waiting for,
My eyes, mind and heart are looking on you,
And they says '' I wanted to grab you ''.

Every moment I look at you,
I feel like an ice melting beside you,
Hoping there's a chance to be with you,
And be forever living in you.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

A Moment of Hope The Invisible Man 30

Sometimes I have the courage to think of the things that made me what I am today,
My memory takes me back to terrible things far away far off into my bitter past,
My mind like a maze of dirty black alleys that smell of waste, loss and disgust,
The losses, the drink ripped away, not happy until it was all gone respect as well.

Invisible thinks of a garden where roses clustered with lilies scent on the breeze,
Bees found stores of honey in the petals of a thousand and one different flowers,
Lovers walked hand in hand along its winding path a beautiful dream of the man,
Bright with the embroidery of nature where children played in new myrtle flowers,

As Invisible thinks of this garden it is neglected but flowers can grow with weeds,
It could put a smile upon his face, a face that had never known any joy recently,
He hopes a gardener can covert this garden get rid of ruined waste, back into Eden,
Tending all the beautiful flowers that spring up with the weeds and smell gladness.

If he helped the gardener in his quest a hand might hold his and guide him through,
Maybe a hand would go around his waist to support him as well as guide his hand,
Dare he wish that the guiding hand and the support would be his angel from heaven,
A dear person to help him clear his garden and walk down the winding path as lovers.

An angel that would smile at him maybe hold his hand and squeeze it so very gently,
Would the angel talk to him and tell him that one day they would be together again,
Her beautiful grace shining warmly as she looks up to him, to her he is her hero,
Not a drunken mess that cannot cope, not a dirty vagrant, but her knight her love.

The tenderness of this beautiful scene in his poisoned mind became real he smiled,
He grinned as she sat down next to him as close a she could get then wriggled closer,
Warmth from her body not only warmed him but gave hope this what he has waited for,
She whispered sweetly she loved him and would be waiting for him and they kissed.

Invisible woke with a start and was she not by his side, was she ever with him,
A dream another heart wrenching let down and how could he have dreamed the dream,
It was so real he still felt the warmth, the impression of her hand holding his,
But it must have been a dream his own mind conspired to deliver the hardest blow.

Lost in a grief so deep, his loneliness complete he talks to Sam his imaginary friend.

These days get worse Sam they really do please help me,
I need to change but I need my drink more what can I do,
But I need to change so desperately Sam can you help?
My world has cracked and I've fallen into the crack,
But what I don't understand Sam that I was once good,
If I had any courage Sam I would be laying in my coffin,
Why does life drag you along with it I don't want to go,
Just a bit of icing on my cake Sam it is freezing cold,
Did you know this is where I was brought up my friend,
Did you know that most of the people that walk past I knew,
Sam! I know many of there people but they don't know me,
Why do they all walk past I wish somebody would help,
Maybe when I have drunk more cider I might feel better Sam,
I can remember being happy but not what being happy is like,

As Invisible sits drinking shoppers give him a wide berth and they look at him with hate.

These people Sam they look at me as if I have hurt them,
The people they are not our sort of people they hate me,
Has the world changed like I have but in opposite ways,
My life is full of sorrow drunkenness and dreams Sam,
Old sorrows wont go away new sorrows should take over,
So we have to face both the old and the new that's bad,
At night I try to close my drunken eyes it all returns,
Sam is that the same as you can you close your eyes,
Can you remember the valleys Sam the ones we used to play,
When we ran about all day Sam in the sun rolling in grass,
The old stream that twisted and turned, it had lost its way,
Floating lolly sticks watching them bounce away on ripples,
Buying bangers in November and throwing them into the water,
What I wouldn't do to go back for just a couple of hours Sam,
Just to feel the innocence and try to bring it back to now,
To enjoy what there is to enjoy and maybe get better Sam,
But that will never happen Sam we are lost on an island,
A well populated island but an island all the same Sam,
People are not like ships they don't bother to rescue people,
They just walk around or just walk away all the nice ones gone,
I remember my school Sam it's now been knocked down and left,
It has all gone, all gone no primroses in spring or bluebells,
Do you remember Sam the bluebells used to nod in the wind,
But they have all been built on, whats the use in talking,
Nothing changes from bad to good Sam remember that, eh Sam,

Still drinking his cider tears well into his eyes his nose runs and begins to quietly
to sob. He sits on the shopping parade seat, shaking as he sobs. His throat has a lump
in it so he stops talking to Sam. Invisible sinks his wet face into his overcoat
hides his misery from the people that walk past he just sat there lost and confused. His
greatest sadness an angel paid a visit to the maze of dirty black alleys that smell of waste,
loss and disgust,

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Subconscious On My Mind

She visits in my dreams,
A place that I love to go,
For when my body is sleeping;
My subconscious starts to show.

She is not the same as when I’m awake,
She is fierce and unafraid; 
She watches over the pillows,
Where my head is soundly laid. 

She has wings just like an Angel,
Only hers are made of light;
With brilliant rainbow hues,
Enough to shine throughout the night. 

To me she looks much older,
Maybe even wise; 
One look at me and I know,
She can see right through my lies.

For her and I are one,
No hiding from the truth;
She understands that I’m growing,
Developing from my youth. 

She never passes judgment,
For herself would be included;
Her thoughts are always brilliant;
And never convoluted.  
I’m referring to my soul;
Aged throughout my lives.
She gives my words their meanings;
And my body is what she drives.

Inspiring my movements,
And wiping all of my tears;
Her voice is mine but rings through,
My head and out my ears. 

Perhaps it’s her who is writing this,
Giving me the rhyme;
My subconscious and my consciousness;
Working together for all of time. 

Although most won’t understand this,
That it is about a different part of me,
Tonight under the full-moon;
I’m setting my spirit free.

Allowed to dance in the stars,
And run across the sky;
Only to return to our body,
Suppressing her urge to fly. 

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Arcanum Bride

She came to me - becharming was an' fair; 
resound of church bells call - remote Sunday; 
angelical her face in streams of air; 
she fled into my nothingness of gray..

She fled towards the gray - transformed to drops; 
above the fields accepted were her clouds; 
Amid the dusky shadows of tree tops, 
Imparted lives, my aloneness' Styx shrouds; 

Lone arbiter of my arcanum bride, 
my sentiments ascended - to orbit, 
a quilt of nimbus covered me and cried, 
my life became a flight - winds' chorded ambit! 

She stared at me from yonder stills, merry; 
Unreal she reached my soul but was lifeless; 
The trumps of Angels played in notes airy, 
her bridal offered pure affableness; 

In Acheronian lakes I loved her gleam; 
her thousand tears of rain, arcanum song; 
she fled above the cumulus to deem, 
and crown noctilucent my waxed lifelong.

© 02-16-2012, G. V., All Rights Reserved

(The poem is composed in Iambic tetrameter form.
The Iambic pentameter form is closer to it, as a substitute.)

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Glimpse of an Angel

In deep long nights I quietly reminisce
How different worlds came to collide
A simple hi-hello to capture me
And the rest just found its place

The large space is significant
Yet the structures are not even noticeable
Within those pillars lie a companion with a soul
And as the ink blots, see how even more beautiful it has grown

Through the rising and setting of the sun and moon
Someone makes me feel I’m one in a million
The secrets shared and the not-so-secrets unraveled
The laughter and the tears, the memories of a beautiful friendship

And in this bittersweet life of mine
I had a glimpse of an angel
An angel who started sharing life with me
An angel holding my hand through this journey

Her sweet name paints a smile
It gently tickles my young heart
You need not ask me who
For the angel’s name is YOU.

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Why me

Why me
Why me dear god 
Why the hell me!
I did all you asked 
I’ve even played the card 
Of a good girl, the one 
Everyone wanted me to be.
Why can’t you save me.
I’m hurting immensely 
And no one care not even slightly.
How could you allow me to fall 
So deep, so far into misery.
I’ve grown to hate myself so much so
I’m that demon within the angel 
That you see.
I’m crying out for help
And not once did you show me sympathy.
Like everyone else you pretend to care
My prayers are just words you refuse to here.
You watched the tears ran down my cheeks
And didn’t send an angel to watch over me.
I don’t want to be part of this world anymore
Just set me free….
Sleeping forever is where I are to be.


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Angel in Hell

An Angel in Hell
is a light in the dark
who mourns for those who fell
those still with a mark

An Angel in Hell
is the sun in the rain
who releases us from this spell
who frees us from this pain

An Angel in Hell
is love amidst hate
who comes to where we dwell
and saves us from this fate

*Dedicated to those who fell in the Holocaust and those who survived*

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Simply Unforgetable

Lol here i go writing another big ass letter today. Gosh seeing you for those 15 min or wat ever is now making my heart sing. you have no idea how much i am happy right now.
you cant even imagine how happy i am right now. I GOT TO SEE MY ANGEL AGAIN.
gosh looking into your eyes was a nicest trip i ever taking. even on drugs i didnt have that big of a high as i got after seeing you.
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK! i am so FUKIN happy you can't even FUKIN imagine. lol. i wanna hear your voice so bad again. just to boost my high right now. lol. DAMN i think my heart is gonna stop right now of how happy i am right now that i saw an angel like you today.
Gosh no one ever made me as happy as i am right now as you. Damn i wanna see you so much right now. So how do you expect for me to live with just me. MUAH i love you baby.

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I just don't understand why

I don't understand why we live a life were the ones we love die young or the wise ones we love die too soon for us to have learned enough from them we walk on the path we choose but it seems there’s always a road block or tough times we have to learn from with the loss of a loved one that’s a family member or a child we have bared along the way to whatever destiny has planned for us at the end of our road I guess it’s god way of telling us he needed them to be our guardian angels instead of them walking with us on our path we have so many unanswered questions an things we don't yet understand I guess when the time comes we will understand the why's we don't yet have answers to an the path we walk will be the rite path in the end I just hope when time comes we will all see the ones we lose on our path an get the why's an questions answered

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An Angel in Danger

Life's gifts is of all the good and 
the bad 
Never knowing what may arise 
An angel is everlasting hope we 
long to have and to hold 
We have watched you through 
just like a hawk 
We will never give up on you 
we know you are strong 
Who the angels will pull you 
through somehow 
Where there is a will there's a 
And with god looking over us 
well know we will be safe
Even tho this deadly danger of 
a disease took you over
We know in our hearts that 
steady burns yull be ok 
As a fighter like Athena (a 
warriors guide)you will grow 
Even now we see your alot 
Must be these guardians of 
heaven looking over you 
Feeling good with this is all you 
may need 
This danger none should live 
But as long as there is Angels 
up above its all you will ever 
need to pull through 
A tragic time. 
- by Brian O'Toole 
Caregiver of a cancer patient 
and friend 

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Resurrected By An Angel

When I wanted it all to end and there was no one there to help,
God sent an angel to my side to save me from myself.
"What about your family?" The angel said to me.
I am all alone in this world. I'm done. Just leave me be.
"God loves you even though right now you can't see it.
He has a plan for your life. Submit and just believe it."
How can God still love me after everything I have done?
"Well let me tell you,'For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son."
If He loves me so much then why did my life fall apart?
"Oh sweet child, could you not feel Him speaking to your  heart?
Have some faith in Him. Don't make your parents bury you.
If you trust fully in Him, when you can't walk He will carry you."
Ok I will give in to Him. I submit to His will.
My legs have grown so weary from fighting this battle uphill.
"Now you will never be alone. He will always stand by your side,
So when life gets rough again you won't have to run and hide.
Stand firm in your salvation. Stand firm and do what's right.
For God will change your heart so you can walk out of the dark into the Light."

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My Mask

It hurts all the time
This pain in me never stops
I want to cry for you
I want to scream for you
I want to beg for you
I want you to be here
This cant be fair
This cant be real

But I smile and I laugh
I get up every morning to go to work
Throw on a happy face and make some jokes
I come home and enjoy my day
I have fun
And I continue on
But I’m so hurt
I’m so lost

Seeing you in there killed me
I could never get the phone call out my head
The screams from my mom
The walk up there to see if it was true
But most of all I wont forget you
In the casket
Touching your hand
You were so cold
You didn’t belong there
Seeing you go into the ground
Seeing them fall apart
Feeling my heart break into pieces
When all I could do is scream
I will never forget that day

And every time I smile I want to cry
Every time I laugh I want to cry
Every time I think I want to cry
Every breath I take takes a little bit out of me
Because I want to cry

I want this to not be real
I want to had spend more time with you
I want to hug you
Laugh with you 
Tell you I love you
That I was always there
That I am still always here

I am so broken
But I continue on with life

Because God took you and not me
He wanted me here for a reason
So ill continue on for
I will laugh
And smile
And pretend
Anything to make it to the end
To see you

I miss you just isn’t enough
It doesn’t mean enough

What heals a broken heart?
Time they say

But time wont bring you back
So my heart stays broken
As I pretend to smile

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

As I’m falling apart

My mask then goes on

RIP Bebo... 17 was to young

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Come Back My Angel.....

I see in you the angel that you make of me...
I can keep close to you, yet never see.
You entered into my life like a morning sun,
You promised your life to me in the long run...
And now you'll leave me back all alone;
Like you were the sun which never shone?
Spare me my life, my heart, that's with you;
Give me back my angel, cannot live with an angel new...

Details | I do not know? | |

The Two of Us

A man is on a stone
He feels so very alone
He has had his flings
But he longs for other things
What? He does not know
His life is cold as snow
Something fast catches his eye
An angel flying in the sky
The man does not lose sight
For the brightness of her light
He meets her on the ground
And asks her to stay around
They stay together like two dove
Together they fall in love
You see it is true
 The angel is you
And u must see
The man is me
I love you
We know the love is true
We wait for the dawn
Together we move on
To our life as one
Our love has now and forever won

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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What Would You Do

What would you do if you knew this was my last day to live??
Would you try and save or let me go?
Would you even care for my soul?
What would you do if I was a fallen angel?
Would you still recognize me?
Would you talk to me or ignore me?
What would you do if I died?
Would you have a funeral for me, so all my friends & family could come?
Would you cry or even mourn a 'lil bit?
Would you care that I was gone, or would be happy?
What would you do if I was a ghost?
Would you feel me right beside you, guarding you, Watching over you, protecting you?
Would you see me?
Tell me would you walk all over me, or maybe even walk through me, as if I weren't there?
What would you do if I was a demon?
Would you still love me then?
Would you still care and forgive me?
Would you just say "You are stupid, and I hate you?"
What would you do if I were and angel?
Would you love me more, or would you love me less?
Would you feel me touch you, and comfort you when you need someone and you think noone is there for you, well that's a lie, cause I am right here beside you to catch you if you fall, to dry your tears, and to heal your wounds of any kind.
What would you do if I was still alive?
Would you continue to hate me, and call me sadistic names?
Would this world still be cruel?
Would there still be a rule?
What would you do?
Briana Lynn Palmer
age: 14

Details | Blank verse | |

As The Other Me Takes Over

Society is a reason that has just ran cold,
Like the tempature I'm feeling never seems to get ahold,
The sadness lingers over and the beauty starts to fade,
When I saw all the negative on the news today,
The darkness that is surrounding me has found a new home,
Deep inside my brain it swells trying to kill the bold,
The new found confidence I had seems to have been old,
Like the old man with the cancer that has just got told,
I know he's still with me in my heart and in my soul,
but I just can't stand what this new year has to hold,
Will it be good for me, will I see, 
All the positive, when will the demons stop to breathe?
There like vultures in my body, I can feel them feed,
All this happiness that I held, were they just a dream?
I've found a medicene that will kill the pain, of the hurt I share,
Your pain it scars me like a knife cutting threw the care,
The worry of this generation is not what it should be,
But I was left with a gift, I'm lucky too be me.
Can I be the light, In the darkness?
Can I bare the stake running threw your lungs,
Can I be the air that you breathe when the whole worlds died,
Can I be the tears in the midst of happiness you cried?
Please love me now and in return I'll make your life worth while,
and you won't know what is hurt, I'll heal your wounds and take you from your life,
Give you a new start and I'll set things right,
I see the innocense in a noose every single night,
I wish I could pick them off the rope so high,
What would drive them too that point,
I regret the days I spent,
Being so unhappy in the life I live,
I'm trying to be proud in a world where it's scarase,
Where children have no parents,
Where the government is only but single Tyrants,
So make my job easy and give me the knife,
That will kill these lunatics that crave the night,
That don't do whats right,
I will train in the darkness where I'm the only light,
I will rid the world of there parrell and strife.
Please god just save me tonight.

Details | Free verse | |

Little Treasure

And a pair of those little feet were stepping
Cheerfully, treading each period which was carrying her somewhere nowhere
A fragmented laughter echoed from all angles hailed her name

For she is the apple of her father's eyes...

She grew with everything 
As if born with beautiful wings, which not only adorned her body
But abled to carry her flew away to heaven that was made for her...

For she was the angel of her mother's heart....

Petite figure stood on a naivete ...
The dream world slowly manipulates, toying her, risking her 
A trust betrayed finally ...

And that scourge became the first stain of her life ...

Those little feet have now taken their big steps
A girl has grown into a lady
By rising from the rubble of brittleness
Let the kisses of the past remain there and dwell

For the broken wings of her last
For the fear and frighten which had past
For the big steps of her sane
For the pain and stain which finally end for her gain

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Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

Details | Light Poetry | |


Let's escape to space
& Leave the human race 

Space-love a new awesomeness
Forget the life & the gloominess

Kiss me, because I care
Even thought the life is unfair

I want to be a space-lover
Love you now, tomorrow & forever

Lest Live in a house made of stars
& drive spaceship instead of cars 

We feel the space-love in moon
I'll be yours, you'll be mine so soon

Galaxy, universe, stars & limitless
Screw the world, we found happiness.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

An Angel's Craft

I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write"
With lantern light weary I write this morbid night
The moon above the meadows move in gloomy mist
With pen in hand, hermit a man and death amidst
Oh shall I walk the aisles of graves and hundred names
With flowers full of life financed on furnished frames
Below the wind and warmth of night do whispers woe
In fear I'm not for I care take of those below

For I have seen many a man and woman cry
And I have seen many a man and woman lie
Distilled in death with only breath of the beloved
Mourning above...mornings above heavenly loved
But something is a happening around the night
If not a dream how dost darkness so quicketh light
How frogs appear around lilies that left the fog
Where branches dance with trees beyond their childrens log
As ponds appear upon plateau of grave and sand
And stars above nomadic night come down to land
And voices of the birds play like a violin
And whispers of the wind hum like a hundred men!

It is at this moment that wings appeared to be
Uplifted from the back of her in front of me
Dear Angel, ye are he that spoketh write of thee
But in the nude in front of me am I to flee?

With hair in waves and arms extended out to see
Appeared to me...appeared to be...a flame of sea
That swept the cemeteries floor with torch and fire
And all in death consumeth life 'twas her aspire
A paradise on earth and wedding full of life
As they I have buried myself were full of light!

Women and men and children spread
A graduation of the dead
Ceremonious gift of beings
Thy conquered death, thy wearest wings!

Forth in her hands were flowers of a thousand-fold
And when she walked her footsteps formed a flood of gold
With every step a flower from her drew to ground
In mystic motion as she moved her wings would sound
Just like a brush of wind, angelic crystal wings
Face of fertility that wore a crown of rings
Unselfish all in all with fingernails of fire
Did pierce my heart into my soul a strong desire
To learn to love and love to live and live to give
Yes even in the dire darkness something lives

Believe me not and no one shall when I doth tell
The timid night I heard an Angel's voice exhale

Oh Angel it is thy that is in sacred stone
That came to me in flesh and now thy flesh is gone

Johnny Sumler
June 17, 2011
Angels In Cemeteries

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Sicklied Breezes

Here comes that familiar breeze again Emptied of hope, it always returns to refill Some other abandoned soul A soul that delves deep into my own, Drifting in an almost shameful stance Festered ignorance, time, and thought Resting under the wing of frightened hope It is cool, like any ordinary breeze It pleases all that feel it, save I For I know it longs to take all that I have In one…single… swoosh You overlooked demon! Why are you so gentle? Why must you manifest in sorrow and woe? Sleeping in the convent of my soul As others praise you and thank you You take me under tow Forever more, lost in this sicklied growth With a silent tune of rests within notes I remain where the breath is taken I remain your host The breeze grows painstakingly warm Filling all with passions unfolding Each soul finds its home Leaving me alone with a soul untold Always awake and crawling… and screaming Bold, all-knowing and thoughtless Wingless, tainted…filled with dread It is warm and hated by all that behold it And I grasp it, and hate it, and LOVE IT For it takes nothing and gives me all In multitudinous shrouds Beloved angel—why do you burn me so… Leading me into your sick embraces As others curse to your face You forever release in me A despairing freedom that I know longer wish for The melody caught—no room to breathe Harmony caked with ignorance does seethe For all no longer see… I was always the caller

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victory was a hope 
never again make war 
never massacre and invade 
never bombard 
always negotiate 
remain pure by peace 
be love forever

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The Choice

He came to me one sleepless night 
And caught me unaware.
Within the darkness of my room, 
I saw him standing there.

‘Twas an angel sent from heaven, 
Entrusted with a task,
To deliver me a message, 
With a question to ask.

I gave my wife a gentle nudge, 
In hopes of waking her.
But in spite of my persistence, 
I could not make her stir.

The angel passed his message on, 
With sadness in his voice.
"Your wife or you must come with me, 
But you must make the choice."

I wasn't sure how to respond, 
To what he'd said to me.
I felt a tear roll down my cheek 
When asked: "Who shall it be?"

With all my might, I hugged my wife; 
And though she couldn't hear,
I said: "I will always love you." 
Then kissed her on her ear.

Looking back at the messenger, 
I gave him my reply.
‘Tis she who will be joining you, 
If one of us must die.

From the moment that I saw you, 
My doubts all passed away.
God's paradise awaits the one 
Who leaves with you this day.

The one who then must stay behind, 
Will be lost and forlorn,
Afflicted by the memories; 
With naught to do but mourn.

I saw the angel smile at me, 
As the room filled with light.
And in the way he had appeared, 
He faded from my sight.

His final words rang in my ears, 
And left me reassured.
"Because you answered as you did, 
He's pleased with what He heard."

"Together, you will now grow old, 
Your love forever true.
And I'll return to paradise 
To pave the way for you."

And when my wife began to stir 
She asked what made me weep.
As I wrapped my arms around her, 
I said: go back to sleep.

These tears I cry are tears of joy, 
I'm blessed more than I knew.
Tonight I was reminded of
The gift I have in you.

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What Easter Means To Me

When I saw him upon the cross my heart and mind did ache.
How I could allow this to happen, I must do something, I thought.
An Angel came into my soul, saying he would be reborn.
Three days, then he will rise up into heaven, not to forsake.

Easter day will be remembered for the day he rose to be sought.
Angels will rejoice his rise into his father’s kingdom newly born.
Stories of healings, miracles performed; journeys he did make.
Telling of his sacrifice for all humankind, our salvation bought.
Evil finally destroyed as the earthly waters and mountains are torn.
Revelations tells of his ultimate glorious return, for our soul’s sake.

My soul embraced promises the Angels sang and continually taught.
Every hour, minute, I watched my heart sank into painful scorn.
Another Angel came to me, said do not falter his word, or break.
Never forget the love and companionship, all the happiness he brought.
Sincerity and remembrance is what our lord desires with blessings to adorn.

Take these words and sights to the future; tell them it was no mistake.
Our Lord in Heaven, Gods Son, will return; when final battle is fought.

My children are forgiven all sins; listen closely for the sound of Gabriel’s horn.
Every believer with true love, will live forever, there will be no way, for to fake.

written for
Sponsor Gwendolen Rix 
Contest Name What Easter Means to Me 

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I was in a panic my heart beating rapidly

At the thought of losing it all.

I looked around and what I found

Were angels starting to fall.


Warriors from up above

Sent to help the willing,                             

But what they had wasn’t enough;

to stop humanity from killing.


For they were corrupt and unjust

In what they have learned

They didn’t realize that all of their sinning;

Was going to get them burned.


 Here are all of the angels;

 Working hard to save

These people who just laugh at death

And the gift in which he gave.


There was an angel so beautiful,

One I couldn’t see- for there was

A bright white light

Surrounding him and me.


He kissed my temple and he whispered

Everything was going to be okay.

I felt the warmth of the message

That he tried to relay.


A peace washed over me as I realized;

 I had spoken to God,

I watched the dirty looks and heard the snickers

Of those who found it odd.


For in this age it is impossible,

To speak to the creator,

It must have been a demon in disguise

A great impersonator.


They were wrong

 I have never had such a great feeling,

Energy passed through me

 And healed the pain I’d been concealing.


I will always remember

The day that I had needed

A miracle from up above

My prayers had been heeded.

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Deep in the Valley

Deep in the valley of life and pain

my heart sinks and things sting.

Deep in the valley of strife and fear

my heart is weak and never seems pure.

Deep in the valley of sin and sorrow

you give me a life and a new tomorrow.

Deep in the valley where I walk day to day

I search for your Hand to take me one way.

Deep in the valley where I am alone at times

only to find you near when I let go of fear.

Deep in my heart is the valley of life

your love for me Jesus keeps me living this day.

Deep in the valley where I touch your sweet face

I know I will win with your hand in mine.

YOU Jesus are my valley,where I travel in time

looking for your embrace and smelling the roses

deep in my heart is your valley in me,

take me home to the valley of heaven one day ,

I will see a new one

deep in the valley of life.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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White Doves

White Doves from Above,
Dwelling in God’s Abode.
Fly down to us
With wisdom that overflows.

White Doves of Peace,
Help me with a prayer,
So my friends and Family will know,
Their departed Loved ones are near.

White Doves of Love,
Help me comfort them,
Words merely mean much,
But actions can help to mend.

White Doves of  Faith,
They miss their Loved ones much,
Taken away too soon ,
Help them remember in God they must Trust.

White Doves of Hope,
Help them to understand.
That this is not the end,
But the beginning of God’s Master Plan.

White Doves of Love,
Assure them their Loved ones are okay.
Dwelling close with God Above,
And watching down on them each day.

White Doves of Faith,
Help them to somehow cope.
For the loss of their Loved ones,
Makes them lose their strength and hope.

White Doves from Above,
God’s little Angels sent in disguise.
Guide my friends and family
And never leave their side.

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The torrential rain subsided 
As she peep through the dark mute street
With her heart socked in regrets
A decision has to be taken
Parenting the small angel alone is hard to chew 
The little angel smile at her
But she waved it swiftly
As she robed him beside the trash of life
Tears dropped from her eyes
With his umbilical cord still oozing 
A connection to motherhood
Her breasts still beaconing
The innocent look, innocently smile at her
She reached out for her swift feet, lest hell is set loose
At sun sets
Passersby nodding
Vehicular moves halt
The atmosphere filled with fears
Has the world gone gaga as Lady Gaga?
Well we are all insane retorted a voice
The boy grew in home far away from her womb
With his true identity unknown
Terror and love visits him daily,
Questioning his identity
Who am I?
Am I just an accident by birth?
Am I actually Awoh?
Even as such, 
If my true identity remains unknown
I shall give the world a definition.

awoh awoh

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Kidnapped Angel

This shouldn't happen,
To anyone.....
Not ever.
The pain of losing a youthful and yet radiant life
Someone who meant so much to us
The end was not suppose to be like this.
In God's eyes this was the best way
That He could call her home
Laughter that is still ringing in our ears
The smile that we see,
The smile that haunts us in our sleep.....
She was and is
An Angel here on Earth
And an Angel up in Heaven
Yet even in knowing that she's in a better place
We are still somewhat incapable
Of grasping this tragedy
But we WILL see her beautiful smiling face again
One of these days...
We will also meet our Creator......
And she'll be standing at His glorious side,
Waiting for us to come Home......
This poem is dedicated to our dear friend R.I,P Anna Marie Mayall we all miss and 
love you, you were an incredible inspiration!!!!!

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Eerie Travels

So if you would like to see the moon
Come, come with me this afternoon
I shall go to the land of no mercy
There where emanates all creativity

You shall see there,
A damsel all fair
She is the queen fairy
The one with unparalleled beauty

You shall see there
A camp fire
Meant to douse your desire
It is made of flames so rare

So rare that they kill
And rekindle
If such is what is in your will
You shall be with them, the eternal candle!

You shall also see there
A raging vampire
He is the world's greatest liar
Pretending to be rude with teeth to bare

You shall also see there
The moon, all bright and fair
And you shall dream
Of the time when nothing was as it does seem

If you do have some time to spare
Come with me,
Rather, if you know the way, do lead me
I wish to enjoy the moon's glare, there!

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Heart And Soul

I see in your heart I see Inside your Soul

I feel the feelings only you can see or know

I feel your pain from deep down inside

And know the hurt and feelings combined

Your an Amazing,Sweetheart this you should know

Don't let anyone take that from deep inside your Soul

The hurt you feel the anguish deep down inside

will only go away if you learn to let go and cry

The release is so great and healing. Refreshing I would say

That your heart will grow warmer and warmer each day

The Love you have inside shows in your outer glow

So let that glow reach deep down to where it needs to go

You are Beautiful on the inside and out dont let anyone

ever make you dought. Take control and let your inner

 light glow.. Come on girl let's give them a beautiful show

Don't lighten your glow for anyone you know let it shine

 and always abound..

Just know this to me you are one of the most Beautiful Souls

One of the most precious I have ever encountered on this earth

Although our friendship is beginning to bloom in leaps and bounds

I feel in my heart there is plenty of room for it still to grow

You are the most open, welcoming, sweetheart of a girl that I know

It feels like our friendship has been around forever your already in my soul

I Love you more than words could ever express I'll always be here

to help with any and all Stress or obstacles you go through

So know in me a True friend you have found one that promises to

NEVER let you down!!!!

Written By: Christina Kirks McCullouch


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Never seen beautiful angels
sprinkle angel dust on me
as snowflakes on a leafless tree,
and I don't expect them to alter things
when they swoop down with their long wings;
where were they when I faced fears and dangers?

Angel dust has another meaning...
besides the magical power to alter a destiny,
kids of my age used this drug
and went insane, not recognizing 
themselves, their personality changed drastically;
some even wanted to jump out of a window.

Sweet angels, leave Heaven and visit me  
on the days when wishes freeze on silent lips,     
let them resemble snow falling on distant hills,
and deserted roads like the one I'm traveling on!
Let me catch many snowflakes softer than a baby 
with soft skin...whiter than daises basking in the spring sun!

A boy, barely fourteen, has been found dead as a poisoned rat
on the bleachers of a run-down baseball field frequented by a hungry cat....
his red eyes were wide-open imploring a merciless sky color rust;
no angel came down to save him: he laid there and painfully died!
Who gave him that powerful drug? Did he want to bite the dust? 
He has taken that secret with him...why didn't anyone listen when he cried? 

Entered in Gail Angel Doyle's contest,
" Angel Dust "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 10/18/ 2012

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Soul Death

Yes you are right, I was in a room where I was killed

 And they were women all around me...

 I'm glad I died that death and now have been reborn

 Reborn to more alert...

To touch, hightend my senses

 To love, to hate, to feel a broken heart

 To allow you to use my body as you wish for your entertainment

 While let my mind wonder on visions of things I want to complete in this life

 Be-fore- I -die

Or face a new channel and new world, I just hope its not what the christians say.

 My God, the head made me with so much flare,I know I make him happy

 I feel somethimes I know him as if we met?.

Angels, demons, friends and enimes

 Liars and saints

 Charities and debts

 Aging, dying bodies , what are you doing here again?

You are not truly happy with this mask of being different.

 You probe your bodies

 but then what after the all this thrill?

You live normal vanilla lives until five PM

 The agongy…. Of not being free and not being able to be completely free

 No matter how much money you have.

Ladyfi xixixixix Sep 16

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Passion in D-Major

Passion in D-Major

Feeling, the sensuous brush-
strokes on a canvas,


to a symphonic crescendo,

of our shared heartbeats,

fading between the notes,

feeling your soft body entwined 
with mine,

your form bathed in my infinite 

our orchestral desire rising,

conducting a shared fusing of 

... the music echoing ...

over the precipice,

on the brink of dazzling rainbow 

lost in the void,
of an eternal instant,

plunging through the depths of 

forever pleading,

for a prolonged,

bouquet of shared time.

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A monastery grows from the songs

A monastery grows from the songs of its strange crew,
Monastery painted with blue of unique Voronezh blue 
And a new comer, blond icicle, bare footed, gnarled 
Deaf and mute -it is said -singing “Have mercy, God!”

Stalactite and stalagmite in their cells, monks and nuns
Some of them so innocent like the sober day that runs;
Hanged from the heaven of their great expectations held
From the glass dawn to noon singing:“Have mercy, God!”

The others in their rusty autumn or white winter,
All calling the Promised Land that started to glitter
In their heart and from this light the sky seems fired
And the forest`s echo repeated: “Have mercy, God!”

In the twilight mist two monks try to cut down 
The evergreen tree to bring it for kids in the town;
Children glide on sleigh and even tired go later to bed.
They learnt carols and angels sing “Have mercy, God!”

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Dreams Die

Lost in a dream of wonders and surprises. I walked hand and hand with my angel tonight. Hearing the whispers of your voice And the way it felt being held when times were rough. My dreams now shattered and torn apart. I am left broken hearted inside myself Feels like the clouds have departed and I fell. Spinning towards the ground with no safety net around. My angel has always been there but not tonight. Will my angel catch me before I hit the ground? Will my angel leave me alone? Why did our dream have to die? Do you see the tears I cry tonight?

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What in the Hell for Heaven's Sake -

oh the devil of what about this
oh the devil of well maybe so
oh the devil of don't think I'll ever
oh the devil of uh-uh not me

oh the angel of just who do you
oh the angel of think that you are
oh the angel of good lord get off
oh the angel of your sorry ass...

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Let the fate decide

Let the fate decide 
I write not knowing of what comes
Not realizing the facts
Am not ready for the pain that is on his way
On his way to let down many hopes
To injure many souls 
To stop the proud of one another
I am asking if God could give me a chance 
To prove that I am worth the victory 
To study more harder
To close the lights rarer 
To give the ones I love a hug 
To give them my pride, my tiredness 
My hope for another day to come
And I be the one 
My ears are hearing voices fighting 
For what is right or wrong 
I really wish 
If an angel could fall from the sky 
And remove my eternal pain 
And give me a life I could smile in 
Give me a name, to live with
Give me a tissue to wipe all my tears away 
To miss the love of my parents 
And they’re respect for one another
Would give me a reason to live each day with
To give me a reason to fight for 
If there was angel 
Who would do all this? 
Who would send God my Prayers? 
And send God my begs and hopes for forgiveness
I wish, wish simple word, hard to make 
 Hard to achieve,….
Will the angel send my prayers 
Send my begs 
Send my hopes of forgiveness
Give me the love, honor ,name ,and… the reason to fight , to live
This life that has no justice….

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Hush Now

Hush now the angel says
She is trying to show me her ways
she is coming to me here
In pure white she takes away your fear
no more troubles await you
with no more worries to go through
feeling just a peaceful bliss
blessed with an angels kiss
it is time for you to leave
hush now the angel says
she is trying to show you her ways
time to cross that iron gate
for it is your fate
she takes your hand across that line
everything will finally be just fine
no longer trapped inside your body
for the angel has come to set you free
hush now the angel says
she is trying to show you her ways
she brings no more tears
she takes your hand and you both disappear
hush now the angel says
you can now watch over your family in so many ways

by bettie l. avery for my mom Marge Ashton-Avery may you rest in peace now mom I love you mom

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From "The Defiant Haiku"

I guard … I ready
Looking at him who is sleeping.
The night fades. I keep on!

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The Breakup Understepping Six

When I see you my heart skips a beat
Because I know I've stolen your heart
Now I See we are not meant to be
I hope that you will smile once again
When you start to cry my own tears fall
You truly are the one I wanted
I can't explain why I feel confused
Things were not meant to go oh so wrong
I did not wish to make you this sad

See understepping One to see how to find the hidden line.
I invite others to try this new form.

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Mio Angelo

Your eyes shine and spakle and thy withered eyes do wake.
Wonder, page me up from the heavens unto you and I sit in waiting for thee.
Come onto me my angel.
Even though I do not deserve what you have to give.
Even though do I pale in comparitive view.

Oh, how do you think so highly,
Want so badly..
Something so desolate and broken?
Wonder, mend thy heart when all was shattered.
Even though I need it now and could not live without.
Even though what is now my heart would surely stop.

The Angel take my hand in the wind.
Under his breath he does say "You will be saved"
Wonder, my angel never lies for truth be told.
Even though I only get by in the threshhold of thee's words.
Even though rarely I demine his thoughts and never question his genuineness.

Thriving under the wings of the angel, my gaze flickers once,
To thy truimphant face of my hero.
Wonder, there it stays and shall remain immobile and frozen.
Even though I so stubbornly accustome myself to self preservation.
Even though it was once seemingly impossible to carry on.

Love emerge at first cautious and then in vain, finally absolute, timid nevermore.
Birth of new hope when was once dead, then numb.
Wonder, encase thee with thy adoring company.
Even though I understand what this means.
Even though the youth in us is overbearing, ignorance is not as blissfully blind as is feeling.

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Angel Of LIfe

Tomorrow is a day full of hope
so let's pull our rescourses
together and rejoice.

Have you ever seen an angel of 
Life with wings of an eagle and a
voice as a swan?Watch her wave
her wand and paint the heavens above.
Watch the colors come alive before your eyes.

Angel of Life shall breathe life into
your soul as she shouts to angel 
of Promise to please keep her safe from 
harm.Angel of Charm shall kiss
and wink and be gone in a blink. 

Look to the angel of Life, deep
into her eyes as she is carrying 
a single red rose which is
the sign for Love,Every time 
love strikes, A jingle will
sound to the angel of Life

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The domino of fate

strikes down angels…

Their wings are heavy,

unfolded in the wind.

And here we are, tearing flowers to crumbs,

and miss out on pieces,

in the fall of the angels.

Oh, Lucifer!

Oh, people!

We have smashed our hearts against the darkness!

We have been blinded by perdition!

We have forgotten the essence

of life…

We are domino pieces…

We fall to dismantle the atomic bomb

of time.

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A sweetly-scented, earthy rain-storm,
she came to me,

thunderously raging with raw emotion,
she came to me,

drenched in the essence of truth,
she came to me,

she touched a chord deep inside,
she strummed away all emptiness,

she came to me,


she comes to me,


a gentle presence filling my life,

she comes to me,


a healing spirit soothing all inner strife.

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Fallen Angel

Stephen Lewis RIP. Murdered 24-01-2009


Fallen angel, free to roam, 
Your soul hath gone to play.   
God took you in his loving arms, 
To heavens gates that day. 

Fallen angel, shining star, 
A brother, son and friend. 
Harshly taken from this world, 
Tho' you're with us to the end. 

Fallen angel spread your wings,   
In our hearts, your love, we keep. 
Your memory will shine on through,   
As we lay you down to sleep.   

Stephen Lewis RIP 

  A victim of the London culture of knife crime.  24-01-2009

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Angel Like No Other

Remarkable mother devoted wife
Forty seven years with her partner in life
Before he passed, rarely apart
He was her rock, she his heart

Unprepared to live alone at age sixty eight
But that didn’t stop her from buying a new gate
Painting the walls of the house in every room
Pulling up old tile, remodeling the bathroom

Installing French doors, taking out the trash
Clearing out the yard, removing dead grass 
Repairing the interior liner of the pool at dawn 
Tending the garden, mowing the lawn

Unusually brilliant gourmet chef  
Her cooking skills are above the best
Hell’s Kitchen’s-Chef Ramsey would agree
Once tasting her chicken cacciatore   

No cookbook to create anything great
Only flour, eggs and an oven to bake
Swedish limpa bread with anise
Her minestrone soup makes a feast

Her intention is not to shock or impress 
It just so happens she does with finesse
Whether gardening, painting or cooking
She is constantly busy doing something

Her acrylic or charcoal painting of old barns,
Run down tractors, country homes and farms
On a canvas, a saw, a fence or jar
Surpass any artist I have seen by far

Need an article researched, a recipe, or ride
She’ll stop whatever to be by your side
Never self involved not out of greed
Rather motivated by another’s need

My mother is the rarest angel on earth
Supremely selfless yet full of self worth
Unknowingly inspiring even to a stranger
Simply by modeling her unusual good nature

I feel so blessed that she is my mother
She loves and listens better than any other
A miraculous role model, balanced and whole
I love that I am part of her and share her soul

We cry as easily at displays of affection or pain
We both love snow and the sound of the rain
We are both, productive, sensitive and dedicated
Creative, independent, giving and self motivated

No one else I’d rather be than her daughter
I am the luckiest to have her as my mother
Her only girl and forever will always be
And she is an angel like no other to me 


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no chance for good bye

Thinking of you in my stolen moments,
Alone here with nothing but time.
My heart still breaks knowing,
I never had a chance to say good-bye.
I know your looking down and smiling,
No longer the worry of being in pain.
You had more than a life’s time share of suffering,
You took it daily and never complained.

Now you’re an angel in heaven,
We all know that you have your wings.
Though we still feel the loss here without you,
In our hearts we can feel how yours now sings.

At times I still feel your presence still around me,
I believe you watching close now over us all.
You still have that power of bringing me up when I’m weak,
Somehow you still cushion me when I take a fall.
I know one day you will be there to greet me,
When my life turns and comes to an end.
In your life you taught other’s to see more clearly,
As now as in your life you were always more than just a friend.

Now you’re an angel in heaven,
We all know that you have your wings.
Though we still feel the loss here without you,
In our hearts we can feel how yours now sings.

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No Joy This Christmas Day

The demons are coming again
they come for him this day each year,
in life a stable man ye ken
strong on principles without fear.

While encroaching dreams of others
peace, yet today they have the key,
unlock penetrate then smothers
his sanity invaded be.

He a man of no consequence
a poor poet with all the answers?
courts the life of decadence
a mindful of malign dancers.

This day loathes trace of second chance
a quantum of life’s reduction,
this a phobia of nuance
with it each year an abduction!  

© Harry J Horsman 2012   

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Trapped in the maze of love

The young girls tour the countryside
with bosoms large and egos full of pride,
with noses stuck up in the thin air;
I see them all strutting down a dirt road
leading to a dead end;
as I stand lonely, trapped in the maze of love.
Lost I cannot find my way;
till I sit and listen to the songs of loving angels
they shine me a path of flowers and beauty,
as I follow, I'll soon be trapped no longer-
in that forbidden maze of love.


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A Secret Not Shared

Living in an endless nightmare
Where the flowers never bloom
Where the sun doesn't shine
And the river's never flow

As life changes from day to day
And their eyes and grins are all we find
Not caring about our destiny or our fate
Why do we feel the way we do

To learn, to explore, to understand the world 
Is it right to feel so blue
To feel like you have no purpose in life 
To feel like you've been violated inside-out

Dreaming of far off places to where the birds fly free
And all our greatest dreams become more than real
As the blue bird shed's it's happiness
To all of us who are so blind

Yet what is happiness to those who mourn
Or those who weep over what's been done
Each so different, yet each the same
Created equal for a purpose, to love one another

The fight between life and death is hard to see
But the answer is not ours to hold
We must each find our path's in life
Where we each make mistakes that change our ways

As the rain pours down to bring new life
A single breath is but a whisper
And a shallow heartbeat that is so clear
Our minds dance, dance in the dead of night

While the monster so true gets three to five
The innocence of a young girl is so blind
Where from day in and day out she is left with life
No remorse for this lonesome dove while she flies overhead

Like the Angel she is she wishes it to end
For them to help, yet leave her alone 
For them to see how hurt she feels
Like being left alone by the stump of a tree

As an Angel may spread it's wings
To reveal its masked identity
We are lost in our words from our hearts
Like the sun that shines so bright

Like the secrets of an innocent soul
All is lost in the abyss of nothingness
Where fire reins free as if like a bird
But with no feeling like the devil himself

As a lost soul may find a way to far beyond 
It carries with it a message of hope, peace and love
For until next time we shall have to wait
For the secret to life, death and beyond even that.

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Angel in the sky

My heart is not brand new, But in one beat I would give it to you
It is missing some pieces, Because I ran out of super glue
But this sack I keep it in, Has proven faithful to me
Not one drop of blood, Has seeped through the seems
And any blind man can see, That you are not for me
But I am not blind sweetheart, I see you clearly
Red hair, freckled face, And the most beautiful blue eyes
With each gaze, More of the loneliness inside of me dies, 
No one ever told me, It would be this way
Finding the girl of my dreams, And not knowing what to say
To open your heart, and make you see
that giving the chance, I would love you faithfully
From two different worlds, Both you and i
I crawled up through the ground, And you flew down from the sky
My heart bleeds, And you heart sings
But we are the same you see, I just lost my wings
So where ever life takes you, I only hope that you think of me
And I will be here in sorrow land, thinking and dreaming of thee
So take my heart, For it is all I have to give
I will take your smile, and with it I will live
a wonderful life having been, kissed by your beautiful blue eyes
having been blessed, by an angel in disguise
and no one ever told me it would be this way, if I fell in love with an angel someday
tormented and confused, with the question why
as you spread your wings, and fly back up into the sky
my heart is not brand new, but you can take it with you
just so long as you never forget, that I will always love you 
~ (Alone in the darkness, the blind man sings
cutting and stitching, and taping his wings
In hopes of one day, flying so high
and finding his beautiful, angel in the sky
a bit older now, but still lonely inside
he cannot remember, the last time he cried
then down drops the wings, as he closes his eyes
and alone in the darkness, the blind man dies.

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Do Not Cry For Me

Do not weep for me,
For I am now in the home of my father in the sky
I feel no more pain within me
My sole was simply reborn; I did not die

Do not cry for me,
For my time on this Earth was full of joy
I hold no regrets and focus not on the “could have been” and the “would be”
I am an angel of God; my now rested body was merely a decoy

Do not moan for me,
For when you speak my name, it should not bring you pain
My death should be a celebration of the meeting with my savior not made into a 
My good days has over powered my bad days so why should I complain 

Do not sob for me,
For your tears will not bring life back into my bones
I am a guarding angel watching over all of my love ones; this is my destiny 
I have rejoined my husband and children so worry not because I am not alone

So shed not one tear for me my family and friends
I can see that this day has brought you much distress 
However, on this day, I can rest weary bones and my suffering can finally end
So only cry tears of joy because I lived a wonderful life I know I was truly blessed

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Time drags on in this chair, 
 As I wait for the brilliant one.
Each time the door swings out, 
 I look for him to say he's done.

Minutes turn into hours, 
 and all I can do is stare at the clock.
Finally, after what seems like forever, 
 Here comes my son's Doc.

As if in slow motion, I stand.
 Anxiously, I await him to say, 
"The surgery went well, but 
 of course in the hospital, he'll have to stay."

"When can I see him?"
 is what I quietly ask.
"Within the hour," he replies
 "But be warned, it'll be no easy task."

As I walk in the recovery room, 
 He lay so still on his hospital bed.
If I didn't know better, 
 I'd have thought he might be dead.

His recovery takes, oh so long and
 the first time my Angel opened his eyes, 
I realized that prayers are answered,
 And God had heard all my cries.

My gratitude for God and Dr Carson swelled, 
 when my son took an non ventilator aided breath.
We had won the fight for my son's life, 
 and we actually cheated DEATH.

We had to repeat this trying
 scene for a total times of three.
It kept me bitter and stressed. 
 Why couldn't He leave my Angel be?

I see now, what's done is meant to happen.
 And I have learned my lesson in GRATITUDE.
To not be trusting that HE knows best, 
 was not only wrong, it was just plain rude.

I'm understanding now, 
 more than you'll ever know.
And when I see my son alive and breathing, 
 my heart and soul radiates for God, a special glow.

*This is a true story, my son went through 3 heart surgeries before 5 months old and this
is dedicated to God, Dr. Carson, Dr. Dooley, and Dr. Willis Williams*

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Light as a Feather

Dear beloved,
I wish to see you again some time and watch you gaily soar
Dear beloved,
I wish to see you fly once more
Dear beloved,
I want to hear your voice before dusk 
I crave for your melody to ring in my ears.... You are as precious as the sunset's horizon
You're as peaceful as a snow-white dove beyond my reach...go on...go on...
Keep on flying until the arrival of the dawn...
Dear beloved,
Weep till your eyes refuse to shed another fretful tear
Have no fear
Dear beloved....your touch is like velvet rubbing against my back
But i lack your beauty... I lack your tranquility 
And i hope to see you succeed one day...
Your radiance embraces my body...but i want you to get rid of my dismay
One day...your spirit will float above the ground
Your blessed spirit...will be as light as a feather... Why do you still feel so ashamed and bound?
Dear beloved,
I wish you a sunshining day along with perpetual delight 
Dear beloved,
I wish to keep a smile on your face...i wish i could see you beam bright like a dandilion, joyfully waiting patiently for summer's endless ecstasy 

Dear beloved,
I wish to abide by your side
Till the day my demise meets my lips
Despite the tribulations we must face
But, keep your own pace
And preserve your beautiful grace
Dear beloved,
I wish to be in your heart forever
Till the day i have to let go....and gove in to the grave
Float like an angelic feather
I treasure your efflorescence and your feather-like, jubilant spirits

You're as light as a feather
Dear beloved,
our love will restore relishing serenity forever...
And ever
Dear beloved,
You are the gold nugget to my eye
Im hoping you won't pass me by...
Take wing, 
Dear beloved dove

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See Me

See me rest in peace with 'the sickest' on my tomb stone. See me running up to the enemy while you've gone prone. You've got to be strong in the mind as well as the soul. No other enemy's will know what you know. See me defending you. As of right now our best option is to stay true.

See me by you're side when the sky went black. I'll be here right when the devil chooses to attack. Take what you want there will be no going back. Now what you need to focus on is survival. You need to gain strength if you're going to survive along side you're rival's. They'll try to push you down. I have faith that you wield a force strong enough to take the almighty crown. Now let's try and be real. I don't know how to say this. But i have messed up our deal.

I was supposed to give you Happiness and The Human Breed. Instead i gave you Untrue peace and Eternal greed. Remember these tactics they will help you fight the battle. When the enemy is upon do not shake make a noise or rattle. Me and You can help fight the world's problem's. Even if it hurt's when we see the outcome. But I love you son and i will always be with you. I hope to see you're staying Good Proud And True.

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Radiant Beginning

From the middle of the outskirts an angel falls on knee before the beauty of the Good LORD For that angels tears are falling from the beauty, how wonderful is he. God is calling to his mortals calling for the ones who see. The LORD is looking upon the people from which all life has spread and that life is ever humble for the LORD lives in our heart and head. When we all go to see him his outstanding glory we shall hymn. so here is that angel lying on the outskirts of earth and life within, he will look to see the beauty of Jesus who calls to him, God the Father, and his children are not just parts of history for when the rapture is coming closer God the father will call to me

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Runner Up

I knew an angel
One day of my life
I was running, running, running, when I tripped and fell
She saw me, saw me, saw me, and rang that bell
I looked up into those wise, wise, eyes
Looking down on me, with a sigh, sigh, sigh
And she said:

"don't go running, don't go running
What's the rush, rush, rush?
Honey, honey, take it slow
You shouldn't waste a second, trust me, I know
Life is so short, so bitter, so sweet
So honey, honey, be more careful crossing the street"

I listened, listened, listened with fascination
But I think her words got lost in translation
Because when she said:

"Don't go running, don't go running
What's the rush, rush, rush
Honey, honey, take is slow
You shouldn't waste a second, trust me, I know
Life is so short, so bitter, so sweet
So honey, honey, be more careful crossing the street"

I got up and I kept running, running, running
All the way there
And I thought about it, 'bout it, 'bout it
Until I thought why should I care?
If life so short
If life is grand
If an angel herself told me to live for the moment
To live for the land
If an angel herself, told me to make it all count
Then I'm going to do it all
No matter if it's big or small
To hell with them all

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The lovestruck witch

O poor poor old hag
She was surely old and and ugly
But she did deserve a hug
For she was filled not with evil and cruelty

True, she did kill Cinderella
True, she did kill Ariel
True, she did want to be the one bella
True, she saw herself not as old, but as the great belle

When she met this great knight
She swore to kill him right there
For he had come to steal her night
To make sure, the rest of humanity had some safe air

But when she did look into his eyes
She fell, and fell into a world she knew not before
She wished for all her slain boys, no more cries
And she desired to be as sexy as the town's whore

So she sought out the help of dragons
Maybe they could capture her knight
And bring him to her dungeons
She would make love to him and it would be alright

She sought the help of the wizard
Maybe he could bring up a love potion
She would be in love, and there would be no hazard
For love is surely that which keeps the world in motion

She ate frogs, as they would give her her beauty back
She drank lizards' blood as they would make her look young
She would no more be slack
And for her, church bells would be rung

Yet, she remained a poor poor old witch
For the knight was none other than a God
He had come to give her more than a twitch
But realized that she was one who wished to be desired

So he let her be, let her suffer
Said he, let her live in this world 
Even if she was to live forever
It mattered not, as long as love was now her soul's word!

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                        A NOVEL OF NEGATIVITY

Things happen to me the best fiction writer couldn’t dream up
You could fit all my good luck in a child’s doll house tea cup
If bad luck had teeth I’d have a torso marred by festering scars
And for me there’s only wishing on a sky full of sterile and impotent stars

My life is a badly written novel like they sell in second hand bookstores
I lose every miserable match while the hero of the team constantly scores
The words in my novel make no sense to anyone with any sense
And to me God and good luck are merely the essence of a pretense

I try for things that seem possible for a man like me to reach
But in the contract I have with heaven there seems to be a breach
I pray to a guardian angel who must be deafened to my pleas
As I simply stand aside waiting to see what disappointment decrees

My prayers are perceived as paltry and my dreams are all too deceptive
While the Lord I pray to nightly disrespects me and remains unreceptive
That guardian angel I mentioned resides in a land I cannot find
As my further failure and future were all summarily redefined

My life is a scene of seedy places and traces of all the hope I have lost
And that cheap novel in a second hand bookstore has been radically reduced in cost
I worry not that someone will plagiarize me since it’s a story no one would steal
In any event the publisher of tawdry tales and stories always backs out of the deal
                                    © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~

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The Baby Queen

Like an angel from paradise you came
In my dream - I believed that to be true,
Like a princess you graced up on me
The realism was out of true.
I walked to you like my destiny famed
With your shadow beholden for obstacles unknown,
I traveled along mirthfully
With mind's eye of your presence alone.
You versed me the sonnet
With my choired essence from heart and soul,
You rhymed the lines with your agape love
With my odes poetized from esteem and parole.
You heeled with that dance
With my arms over your slender waist,
You balled to me apace
and softly impinged on me abreast. 
You dallied with your innocence 
With my veiled childhood those were lost erstwhile,
You bellylaughed with your essence
With my hogwash talk and smile.
You came like an angel and graced like a princess
In my dream - I believe that to be true,
The realism that I wish for
You are my baby queen and is not out of true.

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Free Fallin'

My desicion was made. I wouldn't allow myself to be controlled. If that makes me a rebel, then let it be. I'm a Rebel. At least I can Make my own choices now. I can love and care about others. "You are here by stripped from your wings." Then it was like someone had bound my wings and pushed me off a cliff. it felt like forever. til finally i reach the ground. When i hit, it felt like everybone in my wings had shattered. I had fallen. and It hurt so bad. but it was worth it.

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A Place in the Sun

I stood, all alone, watching the waves crash the shore
My heart ached, my body bled, my soul was so sore
Life has been so harsh
Still young, I did feel like I do tread in marsh

But then, it happened, without any warning
It happened at a time when I was in great suffering
I did feel blessed, for nothing is worth more than having a place in the sun
Nothing, not even the great attractions of earth for which many do get a stun

If the reason of our coming here in this world we still do not know
Well, patience, let joy in your heart, be not in sorrow
For our stay here is but for a while
Please, do make an effort and do smile

Somehow, someday, the truth shall come to us
By then, we shall no more wish to make any fuss
Only the Lord knows why He did send us here
Someday we shall go back to Him, so His name only let us all revere

Yes, it did happen, this mystical happening
See you, my most sinful actions have been graced through His blessing
So much that I realized that none should lament
None, for someday, we shall all be rid of this world's confused embarrassment 

When I was graced with a place in the most holy sun
I felt like my spiritual journey had begun
Now, I shall put in this world, all that I do have, all that I do own
For someday, I shall be judged by the one who does control this sun!

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Thank You

What i feel inside for you is unexplainable,
you are just that type of angel that can turn my life around.
When i met you, and looked into your green eyes,
I knew that i would fall in love with you and be the best of friends. 

Talking to you every night and seeing your smile, brings a joy to my heart,
I have never been so happy in my whole life as i am when i am with you.
Every morning i wake and see your text in my phone i smile,
than wen i hear your voice, my soul begins to sing. 

You are just the most best friend i can ever ask for,
I love you so much that i feel like i am about to explode. 
Honest to God i have never felt this way before,
I don't ever want to lose my angel named Esther.

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The Angel's Mission

One warm and sunny afternoon,
GOD sent his young angel on a mission.
He said he must go down to planet earth,
And bring home his youngest son.
But, the angel replied, "LORD, I am not ready,
What if I make a mistake?
I don't think I can do this LORD,
What if I loose faith?".
The LORD replied, "I know you are ready,
I can see it in your heart.
You have enough faith one angel can handle,
And my mission you must start".
But the angel replied, "LORD, do you really think 
That I will make it down there?
There are soo many of your people,
Who will I know to bring up here?".
The LORD replied, "Do not worry little angel,
I will give you signs along the way. 
And when you reach the land,
You will know which one to take".
But the angel replied, "But what if I get lost LORD,
And I don't know which way to go?
Oh LORD, I am so afraid,
Do I really have to go?".
The Lord replied, "you will not get lost little angel,
Just follow what's in your heart. 
Do not be scared my little one,
For I will be with you in your heart".
But the angel replied, "what if my wings get broken,
And I can no longer fly?
How will I carry your new arrival,
Back with me through the sky?".
The LORD replied, "if this should happen to you,
Just call upon me and I will mend them.
Do not loose faith little angel,
You have all the strength within".
The angel replied,"what if I DO make it,
And your child does not want to come?
What if he fights and refuses?
THAN will my mission be done?".
The LORD replied, "NO, my little angel, 
My child is ready to come home. 
You see, we've already spoken,
He's asked me to bring him home.
He has told me he can no longer bare the pain,
And all his family is hurting.
He wants to be in peace now,
So you must GO NOW, AND HURRY!
I have already prepared his place,
And I have already blessed his soul. 
All you have to do little one,
Is go down, and bring him home".
The little angel looked up to GOD-
And with a smile upon his face, 
He replied, "I am ready now for your mission LORD,
It's now time for the next soul to take".


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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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What if GOD was one of us

That old age question, what does GOD look like?

What if you have already met? . . You might have seen him today?

Did you look closely at that stranger that needed help when you just walked on by?
Remember that charity worker that asked for a minute of your time?

Maybe we dont get to see GOD in his true form yet, but that dosnt mean we doont see him in this life. 

Don't be so quick to walk by . .
Dont be so quick dismiss that situation were you could have helped . . 

GOD sees everything and sometimes he's right there testing you . . Dont give up on the world just yet

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Engulfed By The Tide

I lock up my Jeep and start down ---
          The narrow pathway ---
---That meanders down the edge of the cliff ---
The view of the Ocean from this trail ---
               Is priceless 
This truly is one of my favorite places on Earth ---
Every chance I get I try to make it back here ---
And think of the time we spent together ---
                     So long ago
        --- When life was still exciting ---
We were young and the world was new ---
               And this spot was magic ---
                     --- To us ---
Barely even a spot to pull off the road ---
We had to check it out ---
The trail was rather rough ---
          If it could even be called a trail ---
But we both knew in our hearts ---
                  The risk would be worth it ---
I’ll never forget how amazed we were ---
                 When we reached the bottom ---
Our own private cove ---
         Cut in half by the jagged rocks ---
Connected by a cave ---
        I’ll never forget the love we shared ---
                   --- That day ---
The peace we felt that night ---
      The moon seemed as large ---
                As a silver dollar ---
Setting on the end of our nose ---
The reflection off the Sea ---
The warmth of the bon-fire ---
The sudden awakening ---
                   To the rising tide ---
How we scurried to get out of here ---
And barely did ---
Not long after that ---
         The tides of life ---
                   Took you away ---
---Into the valley of death ---
And I became so empty inside ---
God I loved you so much ---
And now here I am again ---
With another Bouquet of Roses ---
            --- That I shall offer to the tide ---
I want you to know ---
           I have found peace ---
                      I have found love ---
You and her are so much alike ---
You were my first love ---
         And she is my last ---
Sometimes I can see ---
        ---You ---
With-in the confines of her heart ---
                 And I almost feel ashamed ---
But she is so much like you ---
That to her it is an honor ---
I’ll always love you – you know that
 ---You are my angel in the wind ---
But she is forever ---
          --- The angel in my heart ---
As I stop at the top of the Cliff ---
                       I look back ---
And watch the roses ---
   --- Engulfed by the tide ---

I posted this poem for a second
and then pulled it because it is 
very personal. Reposting for
Christie's contest.

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Always and Forever, Will She Be

Always and forever, will she be
The beautiful angel who awakened hope in me

But this angel has done to herself harm
As witnessed by the needle tracks upon her arm
To look at the emptiness now in her eyes
You may not recognize the angel in her disguise

Always and forever, will she be
The beautiful angel who awakened hope in me

Her wings were clipped by unfortunate choices
And by listening to the wrong kind of voices
But, angels descending, bring from above, 
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love

To help this angel ascend once again
My faith and love on her I will rain
And when others have given up all their hope
I will help my beautiful angel to cope

Always and forever, will she be
The beautiful angel who awakened hope in me

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Love descending upon an Angel

Looking up at the sky, up in the air so high
Moving like a bird, time fiercely passing by.
You and I together, at each others side
Waiting for a full moon, until the highest tide.

To you my dearest, my true love for you is so
Love only for my angel, I love you more than you know.
I want to be with you so much, I'll risk anything for you
For you are my only true angel, this I tell you is true.

Through the intertwining touch, of our interlocking hands
Our life together just began, our future which expands.
For my someone special, the person I can not live without
Shall I lose my angel of god, my life as is shan't go about.

I tip my hat off, to you I call my dearest
You are my angel, I see that as the clearest.
For you are my treasure, the one I hold so dear
To you I must admit, we're together now and here.

Our love is like a sapling, growing into the strongest tree
Which will continue growing forever, the same as you and me.
What you unconditionally have done, you've illuminated my soul
It's you and your true compassion, that has recreated me whole.

Shall I say to my angel, that you are through and through
I hope that some day, your angel in me will be shown to you.
My wish upon a wish, you and i always together
Descending from the sky, like a pure angel's falling feather.

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The Prince of Life Has Risen

The Prince of Life Has Risen The prince of darkness Had the Savior’s tomb sealed. One hundred guards stationed all about, But a great earthquake all revealed. A heavenly angel clothed with bright beams Of God’s glory illuminating his pathway. The guards shook with great fear; The hosts of darkness fled away. This angel moved the stone, As though it were a pebble. He called to Christ, “Son of God come forth.” The earth shook, lightening and thunder to assemble. Christ came forth from the grave With the tread of a conqueror; Brightness lit the end of the night; Roman guards fainted, each like a toy warrior. The Prince of Life Has Risen; An earthquake witnessed the moment. Over sin He triumphed And over every mortal torment. Satan thought he’d triumphed, As Christ lay asleep in His grave, But when He arose on Sunday morning, Satan knew this kingdom he couldn’t save. He knows he must finally die And that’s why Satan wants revenge. The destruction of as many as he can— God the Father to avenge. The Prince of Life Has Risen And will destroy Satan in the end. So choose not the darkness, But the glory that our Prince of Life does send. Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2008-2012 Featured in Easter Poem’s Book published 2012

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Life Feels Good

Wow life feels good so much has happened
 since i have been on here i have two kids know
 a boy and a girl i feel so alive!! I lost my kids to
 CPS in may 2012 because some stupid *****my 
husband was doing but since that time i have proving 
myself that i am a good mother that my kids do meaning the 
world to me we do make mistakes but tell me who out there 
does not whether we admit it or not we are human and we do 
make mistakes but u have to be mature and take responsibility
 for what u have done GOD gave me and my family a second chance 
 and am so glad that this happened not the way it did but it was a big
 wake up call to me and i do need to grow up i have too kids and god
 let me keep them i love them to death but wow life does feel good i 
learned to love and to see the good in people and i appreciate what 
CPS did i know people come and complain about them but honestly they 
are doing wat is best for the kids and if u want your kids back jump through
 the hoops life is short and if u didn't want kids them why did u bring them
 into this world??  they have no fault in any ones behavior they just want
 to be loved like god says i am lending you my children and take care of
 them for if not i will find out in the end when the heaven and the earth fall !!! 
but am so glad that i had this chance to change i love my life i love my family
 thanks good for letting me change !!

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Fill Us Again

These days we all are just a bit more wiery ,
Even on common ground we have become leary.
  Trust is much harder to come by  these days,
Losing our faith has made us lose our way.
  Kindness & compassion a thing of the past,
Because of this love and Joy can not last.
  Smiles and laughter a rare thing to see ,
How I miss the way it use to be.
  We have become helpless and tolerant to unjust,
As we watch our hopes and dreams turn to dust.
  Discouraging words is all I am hearing anymore,
A little kindness and support would help for sure.
  It's sad as I sit here and see how we have all changed,
What makes it worse is that we are the blame.
  How to fix all  this and get us heading straight,
There is a way but fear it might be to late.
  If only we would take more time to pray,
It wouldn't be long before we found  our way.
  Becoming cold and heartless is what I've always feared,
I pray for our Lord to take us all away from here.
  Fill our hearts with love and joy again ,
We will follow you Lord forever Amen.

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Moonlight shines down on my cold, pale face I am alone, her raven calling, I am disgrace Falling as the willows weep, I hold her in my arms as she struggles to breathe Rosaline, my one love divine. You are sacred You are mine Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Happened that Grim reckless day when the shadows began to play Beauty detonated in my trust No more, no more will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Sorrow cuts it's way into my heart It is the locked key, the one you keep Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline So leaving this Tragic scene I vanished from Rosaline's sight Nevermore will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Enchanting she sang to me, in the everlasting light of peace My beautiful siren walks again Goodnight my Beautiful Rosaline

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Scarlet Thread

Once lyed a scarlet thread, buried within the grass. 
A wiseman once said, it bares stories of he past. 
It was about 3 inches long, but scripted infinite dreams. 
They say it once belonged, to a loner outside this reality. 
He was brave and strong, nothing was out of his reach. 
Except the angel that he saw...that angel was me. 
I speak on his behalf, for he is in to much pain. 
I was all he ever had, but I couldnt love him that way. 
I feel no remorse, to have left him in the dark. 
I meant not to take course, through his lonesome heart. 
Till this day, as he loses the will to live 
I still cannot say, I felt the way he did. 
He loved me dearly, he put me before his well being 
but to speak sincerely, fate did not have us to be. 
I left him a thread, so he may visualize his past, 
but after all was said, it lyes alone in the grass. 

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Gangsters angling for a deal on wet concrete by the station
Feared for life, but more for death, on the street
Souls purchased with wrong turns

Their associate last week lost his way in the park
An angel pulled up, found him, fed him a line, then a shot
Just for a second his eminence smiled, then died

A red car drove off with the pretty little assassin inside
After taking a kingpin out, removing the competition in a flash                         
Taking comfort in what a young girl can do when put to task

Now the concrete walk waits for its prey
Directed by others in a sequence of events about to play out
Events initiating a consequence of revenge unfolds

To exact equal pain in retribution for the loss of their boss
The gang had followed him for years and continues to do so 
Into an early grave, by seeking out the girl unwisely

From the shadow, an angel came again.  This time for them
With a killer’s lust for blood and blessings from above
Stray projectiles fly from all sides, initiated by the parties involved

The spree begins to shape the end of days, taken in an angry rage
Trajectory of chaotic gun fire directed at the gang
Took participants engaged down, one by one, until there were none

These stoic men feel mortality and reality effects
Only at the end of a gun at the point of death as wasted flesh
Saying her name with their expiring breath….. Angel

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Floating in a halo up in the clouds She was climbing direct from her stasis Over the ground of this covered approach Reaching a higher plane of emphasis Her heart resides between the rising eyes Not to be turned away, exact part cast A light within her soul a lofty singe Bringing life to those feelers of long past Abreast of her living for the future Just a royal shower of happy schemes Allowing for love to blend on inside Having hope to keep with triumph of dreams Her eyes all aglow, full of passion there Living deep within her heart, times escape She reveals her softer side through her care A place for her to go, a place to drape Up high in the sky, a halo exists Implicating a right of time betwixt A world in the act of heartfelt desires Help between her eyes of passion affixed
Russell Sivey

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Feels Right

I know for you at times I can be frustrating,
With my inquisitive style,
I can tell when I'm driving you crazy,
It happens every once and awhile,
You understand the emotions I go through,
Your there to pull me up when I’m feeling down.
I think I have started understanding,
It’s hard to figure out sometimes what to do when my head is in the clouds.

It’s like trying to rearrange the stars at night,
It’s wondering if an angel ever cries,
Wondering how all goes wrong when you have done everything right,
Understanding your heart when it’s taken flight,
I have so many questions for this life,
Yet there’s no question how this love for you feels right.

You have been patient when I’ve made mistakes,
There to help me fight off all of my fears,
Brought me back to life when I should have been in my grave,
When beside I can see all so clear,
You’re the body of water that in life I drink from,
I know that I will never quench my thirst,
You’re the voice that’s there when I’m down and lonesome,
You will always be the one that I put first.

It's like trying to rearrange the stars at night,
It's wondering if an angel ever cries,
Wondering how all goes wrong when you have done everything right,
Understanding your heart when it's taken flight,
I have so many questions for this life,
Yet there's no question how this love for ytou feels so right.

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To have and have lost

To have and to have lost is the ultimate pain, 
Knowing that your life will never be the same again. 
That one little missing piece of your jigsaw called life, 
Questions as to what you did to deserve this strife.
Another angel for heaven above 
Empty arms but still the love. 
Never far from your mind 
If only life wasn’t so unkind. 
Little angel I love you so 
Fresh in my thoughts wherever I go. 

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In her solo
Divine lyric
I met
In ascent magical thy space
Where no scarcity
In love
You paint
You pick real
Where in plaint
You plant
From words
Deep of heart
Healer of my soul
There is
A silent sigh
Lass shed tears
Lost and faded
In her faint
As she lost face in face
In vividness prime
There is
A hidden pain
Who to blame
Mist or fair
Meant to mend
Or mold to break

I wonder
That angel
Who busted me believe in love
Burst me when told me
Don't believe in love
How bee
Could be
Without honey
How bird
Could be borne
Without wings

Oh angel
As light
You never see
The darkest side of moon
As love
You infinity grace
But could we know that
In every prime
There is
A pain
In every flying
There is
A fall

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Exploring One Love

Lay me down on the bed
And tease me til I’m fed
Til I can’t take it anymore
And I’m ready to soar
Cause its one love to explore
Not like any other
We’re originique lovers…
Put me in a figure eight
So I can’t escape…
Like fish bait on a hook
I’m about to get ate
Then take a dive in my ocean
And feel the waves penetrate…
That’s not all cause there’s so much more
And it’s one love to explore…
Hands on the wall
Make my body crawl…
 more than it seems
Like havin’ a dream
Can’t figure out what it means
Doin’ things we’ve never done before
Still It’s one love to explore
I missed the plane leaving out
Goodbye was kind of different
Not sure to ever see it again
The connection just couldn’t explain it
8 months, still count…
Curiosity lives beneath and knocking at the door
Like an angel encountered an angel before…
Guess it’s just one love to explore

By: Aleasha A. Martin

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Grim Reaper

Don't take the person that is dearly to me.
You've taken to many people that are dearest to me
You are the angel of death
You bring unhappiness in my life and other people around you
You don't care if the deserve to die
You mad people dpress and you make them do something stupid

Your the grim reaper
The angel of death

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shooting stars

The waves of hatred and defeat
Go crashing into the rocky shore
With the sands of love and peace
Before you leave you must teach
The world what you have learned
For when you rise angels by your sides
You will take the worlds concerns

What you teach whether it wisdom or beseech
The knowledge you have earned
Let it wisen you further
Complete you with the gift
You have given unto the world
And when you fly
Saying your last goodbyes
Much the world has learned
So take this poem to
Consider or concern

For soon you rise 
You have the choiceof just how far you get
The angels cry
With weepy eyes
 forever in your debt

Choose wisely young one
Before your light is out
It flits and flickers some
Unsure, much in doubt

Take hold, control
Your future is bright
Leave your past behind
Leave it out of sight

Don't lie forgotten
Forever unaware
Of the time and its passing
Please, your thoughts you must share

Your light turned out
Your time is up
Your choice must be made
In white you rise
Your flight to the skies
As the stars in the night fade

The waves of hatred and defeat
Go crashing into the rockey shores
With the sands of love and peace
As the stars in the night soar

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God's Life lesson (Holy War)

God's life lesson
found in his reflection
that he created in his image
was to learn never to discard or disregard the importance
or love he had for any of his creation
but to improve on them in every way
the meaning of life
and life itself

He did this to surprise himself
and enjoy humbling himself for his creations
a planet and a heaven that does so for him

Living an everlasting life
where that he was the first to live
and the last to die
This lesson had to be learned prior to allowing his creations
to be by his side in eternal life

The meaning of life
and the angel of death
helped him learn what he needed to discover
to become flawless at this

The meaning of life
surrendered to a task of living a lie
becoming a false prophet whom would eventually sort this out
ask god for forgiveness
for being carried away in his selfrighteous lies and denial
of being loved by his creator
being a non believer of his maker
who had created something god placed above himself
god chose to forget himself
so this life lesson would be easier for him to realise

Thus god was inevitably going to be succesful
in this demonstation of forgiveness upon his creations and himself
to understand his new awareness
of a plan that he had for himself
to achieve a higher experience of eternal love

The meaning of life living a lie
to keep the everyone in blissful ignorance
of god's temporary weakness
and that was when the angel of death took part in helping god learn
by making the meaning of life's lie an unpleasant experience for everyone

The meaning of life then humbled himself
to the realisation
by being recognised as a team player a part of god's divine plan
by this truth recognised he would be healed
and the fact of who he did it for
god would know it was his brother's turn
to be released from the chains
of taking upon the metaphor or personification of murder
whom life itself was metaphorically married to

god's life lesson to learn from himself
his love and his creations to achieve the biggest miracle of love
one that would be never ending just continually improved on
as suggested by father time

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Shooting In A Mirror

Not being able to touch you, burns, burns right to the core of my soul. Not being able to kiss you, makes me think, "what the hell am i still alive for". Life without you feels so numb, which also makes me think where is it that i am from. But being lost keeps me thinking and wishing, so that when that day comes for me to hold you once more and people can see us kissing. But that's only wishful thinking. You got a body like an angel, and your face looks like heaven. But you got a kiss of death and i of all people know that burden. A burden of a broken angel is tough to watch, i know, but me being the broken angel means that i am the one who has to go. Go to God and ask, no beg, to give you to me, because only he knows that you are the only one that can open my eyes and make me see. See that the life i got is a gift, but not a toy i can just easily shift. The memory of you hurts me, remembering everything that we been threw, gets to me. it throws me off of everything I try doing. Make me want to put a gun in your hands and make you start SHOOTING.

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Pale blue eyes

Waves crash against the shore
An old eagle cries.
Withered petals fall to the floor.
A soft wind blows and the Angel opens her eyes,
Her pale blue colored eyes.
They present the sun
The glory we have to hide.
Tears drip from down the hall,
A life that never got to live.
The Angel closes her eyes,
Those pale blue colored eyes.
Shadows in the breeze,
Love in the rain.
Waves crash against the shore
An old eagle dies.

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IT WAS MY RESURRECTION TOO: (part 2) just sit on it

Mary Magdeline and Mary the mother of Jesus the Christ
went to the tomb was Jesus was laid after the sacrifice
it was a risky venture but they felt a powerful need
to go forth to give Jesus a proper burial with God-speed

the Roman soldiers were standing about to guard the grave site
so that none could steal the body of Jesus in the still of the night
but when both Marys reached the tomb they saw that the stone had been rolled away
and sitting upon it was an Angel of the Lord and to them It did say
wearing raiment white as snow It said to them "to have no fear"
for the One you seek has arisen and His body is no longer here

no longer was Jesus in that tomb which was His enemies' place of defeat
no stone blocking the entrance that would have made His destruction complete
Jesus would not be shut in nor His people to be shut out
an Angel of the Lord sitting on that stone which had cried out

in order to demonstrate dominion over anything in this life
you need to just sit on it and then claim it in the name of Christ
to eradicate the pain, to exterminate the anger, to eliminate the bitterness
to extinguish the hate we need to sit on it in the name of righteousness
so put all those negative things in life under your feet
dominion over all of it the next phase to go out and meet

it was my resurrection too on that day when Jesus arose
it was my resurrection too on that day it was Him I chose
His resurrection power now resides inside of me
His resurrection power has secured my destiny
arisen from the dead and now sitting at the right hand of God
dominion over everything with a righteousness of heart

God rolling away the stones in my life that have tried to hinder and defeat
God rolling away the obstacles in preparation for my journey to be complete
it was my resurrection too, a new life I have been given
it was my resurrection too and by the power of His blood I'm now driven
God rolling away the stones and all those negative things in my life
just sitting on them with dominion and the blessings of my Lord Jesus Christ

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Tears on the wind

Once, my tears fell,
As if in hell I did dwell
Once, my tears turned bloody
For my heart could not meet up with cruelty!

Life seemed to be a dark shadow
I sunk and sunk into deeper sorrow
Having no hope of ever being renewed
Believing God Himself to be, for my plight, all crude!

But, then, I felt it, the mercy of the Heavens
Tears they were, going on with the flow of the wind
True, my soul was one so fallen
True, I was the one who had sinned

But the essence of life was made known to me
Nothing can keep me, here, free from misery
Yet, it is all temporary
Remember it all, said the good angel fairy

Remember, this world is a prison
Here, the fools have good reason
The wise are those with derision
And the blind follow the path of illusion

Long was this conversation with the angel
After he was gone, I smiled, 
No more did I believe myself to dwell in hell
Now, I knew I had to live my life, all the while!

Tears, they were, so bloody, so sorry
With the wind they have gone to another reality
Now, remains my scar, healed and sewn
Wishing to make the story of life, to the world, known!

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The Perfect Angel

She was a beautiful child
Shiney blonde hair and bright blue eyes
Always helping people out
Even as she is just passing by
She had a perfect life
Looks like an angel from above
A dream come true
She was as delicate as a dove
Friends and family surround her bed
Staring her straight in her dull gray eyes
Squeezing her hand tight never letting go
As they watch the perfect angel die

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remains just out of focus,
an elusive portrait,

etched in the corner of the mind's eye.

sometimes strays into view,
a blurred mirage,
of burnished words cast in indelible dye.

steals fragments of each day,
a welcome thief,
of emotions left in some dusty space.

scatters my poems in the breeze,
an invited spell,
that vanishes into the wind without a trace.

renders me mute and so often blind,
the wild dreamer,
a seeder of impossible thoughts in the mind.

brings the elements of nature to me,
a gentle healer,
she unfolds my thoughts setting them free.

comes and goes as she chooses,
an untamed spirit,
soothing the very place that she bruises.

rouses me in nights of empty slumber,
a murmured breath,
brushing my cheeks with kisses too many to number.

remains to me the enigmatic one,
a burning riddle,
yet she stays with me as each torturous day is done.

my heart knows not why she stays,
my consistent constant,
filling up my nights and consoling my days.

deserves so much more from fate,
the truest soul,
she loves too much and knows not how to hate.

arrives again tonight as I lie awake,
a thoughtful shield,
my coat of armour in a world far too fake.

stays with me and within me stays still,
the true one,
and to dwell deep in my soul is where she always will.

from whose cup I have so greedily drank,
a giver of life,
I have not the words with which to her wholly thank.

knows how desolate a world this can be,
my sustainer of hope,
and of life and of breath is what she will always be.

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A Treacherous Treason Within a Sorrow Reason

A treacherous treason within a sorrow reason leaves only a broken heart and an empty quiver,
 For it is in the mind of heathens and the dark of their seasons they find madness so blind that leaves them bitter,
 But what said fury leaves a man abandoned and makes him hurry to the end of such a rapid tick?
 Be that of the mad man's watch where stands no jury where the hounds of hell have scurried to the depths of what's left of this tragic trick,
 Oh be the pain of such whisper of a dream that once kissed her this mad man's song of a bird once cherished,
 This once gentle mister, now gone and disfigured, with what once a tale of romantic remission now left to just perish,
 So be this wave through madness and pain where a man's withered soul is left as forgot,
 That we see this rage as men become slaves, to the gallows of hell where we're left just to rot,
 All through a treacherous treason within a sorrow reason that left only a broken heart and an empty quiver,
 It is in the mind of our heathens and the dark of our season, we find madness so blind we stand and still miss her.

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A Lonely Path

A lonely path, in the dark it moves on It meanders within the deep, dense fog Along the way there are many roses Some of which lay on an old decayed log Twenty-seven in all, each an angel All of which had their life cut way too short An ending that was abrupt and so quick Tears run down my face I sadly report No more is there any children’s laughter The families weep while in such great pain It seems that when things like this do happen The days are always darkest in the rain May we can console them as best we can Light a candle in honor of these few If we could all band together as one And show our love, this is all we can do
Russell Sivey Dedicated to all the victims of the Newtown tragedy! Entrant into SKAT- AB SIN THE-'s "In Memory of the 20 + 7 new angles of heaven~ "our own little poetry soup VIGIL"" contest 12/19/2012

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Whispers of Light

I have always dreamed of an encounter with an angel
Such a being has always been for me, a being of marvel
Even if the weather is cold or hot
I always fancy such an encounter at some particular spot

Such came to me in my dream
I could not even let out a scream
When I think about it, was it really a dream
Or it is simply the fact that I refuse to accept it as it does seem

In my room, I was, feeling sad and morose
Lamenting at the Lord as to why did He make such a planet
Here, life cannot be lived as you chose
Here, life is dull, painful, always like a sorrowful ballet!

And Lo! It came, or should I say, He came
My angel, my guardian, my sweetheart, my own flame
The one for whom my heart beats
The one whom, in this life, forever shall I entreat!

He bid me to sleep, and to lament no more
He said, Life can be pretty sore
But hey, remember it's only for a while
Someday, by His side, I shall enjoy an eternal smile!

Anoucheka Gangabisson
Contest : Whispers of Light
5 February 2014

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Blue Bird

Blue Bird

All alone inside of my magical little paradise called my mind is an peaceful and quiet, the sun is like a gentle kiss on the cheek, and the people are just so warm and friendly but watch out because if you open your eyes everything you once knew will be gone. This magical little realm has an bloody little twist to it. The sun that was once as comforting as an warm blanket was in fact the glistening moon and the empty black sky, and the people are now all blood thirsty monsters that are no longer affected by the sun light are now out for blood.

I run to escape the sickening but yet oh so enticing scent of blood and failure, I run to escape the screams of those who's lives were cut just too short, and I run to escape the sight of the undead, blood thirsty zombies who are on the hunt for others to join their group. I'm running, running to safety and security but all the time there's nothing but pit falls and traps. I'm running and success isn't that far away but just then I see prince charming I stop and become distracted by his promising words but just then he too becomes a monster. I scream and try to run but I just can't you trap me in fire and I can't escape. 

My mind goes numb, I can feel the darkness further enclose around me, my mind goes blank, and I forget about everything. On the inside I'm screaming, fighting, kicking to get away but on the outside I'm a love sick puppy. I know I'm stronger than this but there's something about you that I just can't get over. Just as the darkness seems to grow closer an light appears and an blue bird fights off my nightmare monster and takes me back to my snowy paradise where I'm safe and at peace and I continue my lonely dark and cold path to my brightly lite future with the little blue bird by my side reminding me that I am and will forever be loved by both my family, people who actually care about me, and god.

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Broken down Angel

In my kitchen alone on the floor i cry
anti depressants not working
people pulling for my happiness
and yet i am sad because i lack the personality i desire to try
i feel like a victom
in a world where everyone is the fool
in my mind i remember a world i am from and i am a tourist here
and my dejavous i remember the segments of
tells a story
of the time before when i visited this world
where everything was just like this 
but i had a different purpose for i was more pure
changing those around me for the next time we did this dance
if that makes sense

sure it sounds narcissistic
like in my psychiatricly ill mind and dreams everything revolves around me
how i believe i have the ability to communicate through telepathy with people 
across the seas and have them keep secrets for me
like i am flash gordon in dreams and weaving mysteries
and the bible is a blueprint for everlasting life that revolves around pulling off the 
one big april fools day surprise party mind game with me in the middle

if you had my mind and the ability to analyse your experiences
seperate them all 
and tell them all as seperate stories instead of one grand intertwining experience
would you understand me
my dreams are memories of alife i once lived
traces of something lost in time
the life im living now
im just a detective on the crime scene
looking for the maker of the riddle
who offers the reward for the one who was awake and paying attention 
to realise 
gods power created everybody and everything on one day
and we are all one machine

I am a broken down angel playing hide and go seek with shadows
learning new ways to love
feeling predicted
by a world that begged for centuries for an angel to fall form the heavens
and im the only one that fell
and im here and there might be consequences for me not being perfect
and me no longer having wings

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Angel With No Wings 12-9-08

you say I'm an angel with clipped wings,
here to save you.
when I'm really an angel with broken wings,
here for you to save me.

you say my wings are clipped,
but they're really broken.
you say you need my help,
but it is really me who needs help.

I can't lose you...
I need you...
they broke my wings completely off,
before they were hanging by a strand, still able to be healed...

but now they're gone...
the evil ones took my wings and ran...
and the nubs that are left are scarring over...
making me less if an angel and more human by the second...

I need you to get my wings back...
I need you to sew them back on and remove the scar tissue...
I need you...
I need your help...

so when I get my wings back,
I can help you.
I can help save you...
I can help.

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Fallen Angel

She watched over me everyday and night she always knew what to say when tears 
filled my eyes.
She taught me how to believe, live, love myself, and be strong she taught me what 
a good heart will get you in the long run.
She held my hand even when I wasn’t afraid she told me I was beautiful everyday.
She accepted me for who I was and not what she wanted me: to be she told me the 
best motivation will come from within me.
 She told me this little secret that help me get through life and till this day I never 
ask her why.
She told me “baby you have to smile sometimes to hide your pain your only regret 
will be to look down on yourself because others do, love yourself before you love 
the next and stay away from negative people.”
She was always talking about angels and how they can come in different disguise I 
never question her or attempt to ask her why.
As I grew older I ask for an angel but I never knew that my whole life an angel lived 
with me and that’s when God called her to her final sleep.
“Father could I have my angel back?” I wept one night.
And he came to me in disguise.
I ask my grandmother one night “will Mommy ever come back to say goodbye?”
“She’s here by spirit not body baby and goodbye she will never say because she still 
lives on with us till this day.”
I could never understand why I couldn’t see my fallen angel before me.
“Sometimes you have to small baby to hide your pain” I could hear my great 
grandmother say so I smile like it was my last day.
Still yet I fail to believe that my fallen angel has left this world without saying 
goodbye to me.

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Each moment we linger in bits of time and space,
each path left unchosen is filled with angels trace.
We move through life in shrouds of metal, on we race, 
with whirling wheels, distracted minds, we don't feel the grace.

Yet, we're part of all and in angel's arms embraced.
How many times were we saved by their love encased?
While driving on an iced road, I slid, I tried to brace,
between two cliffs I floated, met my angel face to face.

The car settled a mere foot from the cliff's rocky base.
A mere scratch of bush on door was left me ... as trace.
Facing traffic in this hairpin of road, I braced,
prayers on my lips I turned not a curl out of place.

Ezekiel lifted me and in his arms was I laced
and lived to meet the day and angel face to face.

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Angel Tears

Gentle drops of Angel tears
Once more she drifts to sleep
Anaesthetised and full of hope
Of faith, of love, so deep

A dark, dark mass looms in her form
A cancer cold and stark
They try to cut it all away
She'll wake with mornings Lark

They do the tests - they come to us
"There's more" - is what they say
She begs us - not to make a fuss
She's tired, asks us to pray

She wakes in small hours and holds us tight
She says it's time to leave
Be happy for her for she'll be alright
Small tears stain her virgin cheeks

Somewhere in the dark cold hours
She drew her final breath
Her brave yet quiet and Godly thoughts
Resound this Angels death

I think of things she would have done
Watch as other children play
I work to help others as if she'd won
Life's battle on that day

I know she looks upon those souls
She'd smile and talk so calm
And in their fears she'll comfort them
In loving Angel's arms

Our little daughter oh so young 
Yet old in pain wise years
Reminds me daily of all kids past and
Gentle drops of Angel Tears 

R.I.P Angel

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My Prayer

I haven't asked the lord for much
But I'm asking for this angel now
She makes me feel a calming embrace
Every time I see her beautifull face

My body  tingles whenever she's near
I think of nothing else when she's not here
So I ask the lord for a little help
Complete my life with a love so deeply felt

My heart has been dormate for so many years
No emotion, no happiness, not even tears
So let me know , lord, what I should do
All things are possible since I believe in you

Now that my heart is alive once more
I give it to the angel I could not ignore
Lord please bless me with this gift
Keeping saddness away, let me bask within

I've waited for this love all of my life
Surely, it's from you lord and must be right
If nothing more comes from this, I couldn't conceive
For this angel opened my heart, made me ready to receive

What I've had with her has been great so far
I can only imagine more for her and I to explore
Now I pray to my lord harder than ever before
Let her breath life into my heart forever more

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Light Upon A Life

I hope Im worthy of your love, a candidate for your heart. 
So that I may join the angels above, and escape from the dark. 
You truly are beautiful, words cannot describe 
how lucky I am, to have once looked in your eyes. 
An angel in sight, this here is what you are. 
Throughout the lonesome night, I wish to hold you in my arms. 
I could write for hours, maybe even for years 
to describe the delicate flower, that stands before me here. 
Here I lye alone, with only you on my thoughts. 
And one thing I know, I may have found what Ive once sought. 
Your an angel in my eyes, you bring light upon my days. 
You truly make me smile...please dont go away.. 

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Angels in my life

Met an angel called Jenny who helped me get the greatest flow in the world right.

Live with an angel called Rose who always tells me don’t do wrong and always try to do right 
but moreover showed me the door to true life and said “but you have to open it and 
Navigate the steps” 

lived with an angel called morning Star who loved me with all there heart who gave me my 
swagger in the first place, which gave me the power to run at the world screaming “you can’t 
touch dis” 

encountered an angel called cam who helped me take 2 major steps in the walk of life and 
now she & me are on the life road to good life. 

So I thank the Lord for the angels he has blessed me with in my life and truly appreciate the 

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Waiting on That Call

If only I could kiss u as many times as I shed a tear last night.
I wish i were older. I wish people would  realize we are just two lonely kids trying to find a way in this world. I hope when the time comes for us to meet again we don't regret a thing. We will work out perfect we won't have to make anyone happy but ourselves. But for now, goodbye. I hope your life is as fun and amazing as you have made my life these past few months. I hope your successful, and I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I do. I hope you are happy in everything you do. Anyone who is yours is really lucky. Just know that when you need me to keep our promise, to find and fall back in love with each other, I'm where I always said I would be, waiting on that call, and on that day my life will be complete.

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The story of two lives and an eternal love

God sent you as an angel in my life
The only miracle of love I ever had.
God sent you as a blessing to my soul
The only man I ever truly loved.
God sent us in the same time and place,
So we can meet,
So we can have a purpose 
So we can be complete.
I wish this God to tell me why we had to say good-bye so fast.
Why you to leave so far,and me to still be here?Why?
But my love for you reminds me the story of our love
At the first sight,when I saw your smile
I knew you gonna put your fingerprints on my entire life.
And then you took my heart and put it in a chain
When through your eyes you told me that we'll meet again.
At our first talk with your voice you gave me strenght.
I knew so well that's not the end.
From our first date you gave me love.
We knew so well we'll always be in love.
With the first kiss you sent arrows of sweet fire to my heart,
Since then, my soul knew that we'll never be apart.
I felt you are the one
You knew for sure I'll be forever yours.
And even now that we are so apart
I see your wings of angel on the light.
And even now that I am so alone
I feel your protectings arms around me,
And your guiding steps behind me.
I'll always feel surounded by your love.
Twin souls by God to fall in love were sent
Two souls that shared a love will never have an end.
Our destiny was to be together
We gived each other the beauty of a love 
That our souls will always carry.
It's so not fair that what we had it was so short
How will I live without you in this world?

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Bodhisattva, I am Buddha

natural embrace
under a tree

drawn in
captures me

Sit down 
in a zone 
sense nothing 
just be

River flowing 
tranquil thought
Quiet mind 
I am free.

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into a world of sorrow and pain it's good too know god's love will away's rain!earh,air fire and rain give life in his great name know now that this be i ask this jesus set it free and let it give life for all to see,this i ask in his great name knowing love will always rain!

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My God,
My Lord,
My King,
My Father,
My Savior,
My Brother,
My Path,
My Protector,
My Listener,
My Creator,
My Lover,
My Attendant,
My Friend,
My Angel,
My Inspiration,
My Everything,
My Life,

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The Angel

The girl appeared to save the world
but nobody knew how she would
it was her voice
that changed hearts
cold hearts
and ones with scars too
she found those who were lost
and saved others from death's grip
some called her a saint
others called her a fake
but she stood tall and proud
but did not shout
she shared the love she had
she did not judge
she was forgiving
she was sent to protect
sent to save
sent to care
she was the angel everyone wished for
she is the one who finds us
she was here to keep us up
to keep us from falling
from drowning in sorrow
the one who many follow
she was and is
a very special angel
of life and love

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the angels whisper

i seen a little angel
she walked up to me
she whispered in my ear
and asked me what i do see,

i said i see the light
and all the beauty to,
she said open your mind
and all will come to you, 

i closed my eyes and wondered,
and travelled all around,
i seen the beauty in this world
that god put on the ground,

it was full of glory
with special things indeed
its everything you ever want
and in your hearts needs,

the little angel smiled
and took me by my hand,
she said when the time is right
you will understand, 

i was so very scared
in what this did mean,
she whispered in my ear again
and said we are gods deeds,

she looked in my eyes
and seen how scared i am,
then she said the time will come 
i will hold your hand, 

your time is not now
so do not be scared, 
when your time does come
i promise i will be there,

she said i have many years 
to do the things i want, 
if your ever afraid 
just put your trust in god, 

the angel started flying 
high up in the sky,
as she left she turned around 
and gave a winking eye, 

as she was leaving
i remembered what she did say,
live your life as much as you can
and live your life for today,

always be happy
and show the world to,
just remember to put your trust
in your god and he will put trust in you, 

i may not worship god
nor what does it mean, 
this little angel came to me in my hour of need, 

and as i open my eyes
i now see things so clear,
if you need a friend 
i will always be there, 

my heart is open
for what you may have to say,
and i will do as the angel said
and hold you in every way, 

i want you to understand
the things we do see, 
its all we smile for 
and glad its what we keep,

if you need an angel
as things do go wrong,
i pray the angel comes to you
and hold you all day long,,,,

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Farrah Not Forgotten

"Farrah Not Forgotten"

Godbye sweet angel 
Rest in Peace

Not only were you Charlie's angel
you were an angel to us all
Sharing your story the way you did
was above and beyond the call

You continued to give and give through the years
right up to the very end
And though we may not have met you
we looked at you as a friend

Now sweet angel you can rest easy
you've certainly done your part
And for everyone I say thank you
for opening and sharing your heart

You will be missed

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Journey Girl

She floats like a spirit on a journey wild
She has been through many a trial
She's never lost hope when the chips were down
Always looking for the golden crown
Evolving soul in a world so dark
She finds the light , looking for the spark
So down to earth, yet so out of reach
In a world with little substance and belief
In the things that matter to this Angel in flight
Sorting through what's wrong and right
She's no stranger to the strongholds of the other side
And at times she wants to hide
But this floating Angel won't give into the fear
Because a Higher power draws her near
Every time she falls to the ground
In her heart she hears the sound
Of his voice elevating her to the place she is destined to be
When you look at her , you would say she's no different than you and me
But inside she is dying to be free
And because her heart is in the right place
God has saved her with his grace
One can only imagine wher she'll go from here
Faith based hope dries her tears
So she keeps searching as He refines her so
This floating spirit will never let go
Of her dream to change the world and do what's right
She has the battle scars on her soul that proves she's won the fight...She's Journey Girl

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Words of Inspiration:

There was once a man who believed he had everything
Everyday he was blessed with the gift of wisdom
For every wise tale he was given a proverb
For every proverb he was given a vision
For every vision he was given a dream

In one of his dream the man saw an angel at the foot of his bed
The angel pointed at the door
At the doorway the man saw a bright shinny light and heard a deep hallow voice

The voice echoed words of great knowledge and inspiration
Written and quoted by great men and women
Martin Luther King Jr.
" The Ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort 
   and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"

Anne Frank.
" I don't think of all the misery but of all the beauty that still remains" 

Aldons Huxley.
" Experience is not what happens to you it is what you do
  with what happens to you"

David Guys Powers.
" Each day is a new life seize it, live it"

Michelle C Ustaszeski.
" Never look back and regret look back and smile at what you have learned"

Dr Robert Anthony.
" Forget about all the reasons why something may not work
  you only need to find one reason why it will"

The man rose from his bed and fell to his knees and whispered words of thanks
For a moment he had forgotten the reason why he had been chosen
For every season for every rose for every seed that is planted there is a reason

In the distance the voice whispered life has many roads
That takes you in many directions but the journey is worthwhile
because the experiences are worth sharing and whenever you feel like giving up
remember why you are here. 

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Tiny Angel

A smile that is innocent as a newborn babe
One look at her will brighten your day
Young and spirited like a mare's new colt
She's such a joy to cuddle and hold
Her hair is like cotton, gently spun
This tiny Angel is a precious one
Her eyes of blue like the sky above
So kind and gentle and full of love
Her skin so soft and pale in color
Her beauty is rare, like no other
She has this way of making you giggle
Tickle her toes and she'll laugh and wiggle
Sometime's she's quiet and a little shy
But give her time, she'll come alive
She's fragile and delicate like a rose
She touches a heart everywhere she goes
She's like and Angel from Heaven above
A Tiny Angel so full of love

Copyright © 2004   Shari E Davis

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The Angel of Life

If I were to go to heaven while sleeping, I'd be talking to and dancing with angels. If it
was a bleach-blonde white girl, a beautiful Hispanic girl, and/or an attractive Asian
girl, she could be my beautiful angel. The angel of life is a beautiful girl that allows a
human being to live for a long time. If the angel of life was a beautiful white girl, then
I'd stay in heaven with her for as long as I want. What the afterlife would be like after
I pass away would be very bliss. She's got beautiful wings. If I were to marry this
beautiful angel, then there's no telling what good thing might happen next. I'll never
come back to Earth.

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The Beauty of Nefretiri

That the Angel of death may pass you by ~            

Her Beauty, the lovely queen of Egypt gazing at Rameses

As he bowed afore his god, this statue with the head of a bird....

Lord of the underworld; with no life, no sight nor hope to offer!?

None that could deliver him or his kingdom from, The Glorious Word ~

Nefretiri, cursed to have lost the love of her life while peering at this 

Her man, clutching tightly unto the golden calf left gasping for 

Life and breath, within this the kings hardened hands?!

Cow dung trails as he rang the bell to summon his chariots 

To battles cry, with her queenship well upon the way unto another 

Intoxicating day upon the throne; thinking to herself....

About that worthless bird while Rameses admired his silver sword

Closing her eyes, as the honey wine set in and her chambermaids

So fair, brushed her hair as she softly sighed to forget!?

The image of that marble made god and her king the heir

Now adjusting and pulling his silk war attire from, times crack....

Afore smiling at the soon to be widowed ladies and handing her 

His golden calf; that the Angel of death may pass you by?!


....“The Beauty of Nefretiri” ~

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Heaven sent or malevolent?
I simply could not tell
If you’re an angel of the Lord
Or a denizen of hell.

With golden locks, a smile sweet,
And eyes of baby blue
T’was easy for the likes of me
To quickly fall for you.

Or at least for each new promise.
Like water they did flow,
Permeating all my skin
Before reaching far below. 
Your words; Purely polished silver 
Or something just as sleek
For you exploited all of me
And then left me feeling weak.

For some reason I ignored it
Or maybe I was blind
And only saw the angel face
That a demon hid behind.

Heaven sent or malevolent?
I sadly now can see
That you’re no angel of the Lord;
Just a devil devotee.

Go on. Wear your shining halo
And all its golden light.
‘Cause we both know that halo’s glow
Dies out quickly in the night.

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Hi baby!!!
Something beautiful about the air reminds me of you,
Something about how it wraps around my body,
So safe,So calm like when am in your arms.
The twinkle of the stars reminds me of your eyes,
That every second you're not here with me i know your're there,
waiting on me ..Thinking of me as much as i think of you.

Remember When Baby..
When we use to to do random silly things,
Just ran crazy through the fields,
Scream until we almost lost our voices,
It was so much fun,
Can we do it again? Soon I hope.

I just want to be in your arms as usual,
No Hassle just want my snuggle ,
I can't live without my snuggle you know that,
So come back to me quickly,
You have to baby..

I can't picture you all alone in that place,
That cold numb hospital ,
In that bed that smells like Meds,
The air so eerie,
It scares me ,
It scares me that anything can happen.

Baby,Please be strong,
You will be my side,
I spoke to my angels ,
They will protect you,
Yes they will.
My dreams are just blank walls,
No pictures No stories.

You are my picture,
You are my story,
Without you i am useful as a 
blank paper without a pen,
Come back to me Baby,
Come back to me..

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Welcome Back

Hey, God.
I haven't spoken to you since.... the incident.
When you took my great grandma home.
People tell me to trust you again and go back to normal.
To me. back to normal was when I had my ge ge by my side everyday
Despite the distance.
I come to you wanting to be held again.
I've been through many things in the past year.
You took my brother and my aunt home.
Who else is left?
You snatched many people from my life and put new people in
It's sad to say, they couldn't fill the void in my heart.
You gave me my first love
And then took it away.
I guess you had something better in mind.
Then other relationships bloomed then disappeared.
You brought an angel into my life and he is the most beautiful man I met.
My other angels crowd around me building me up
 Instead of tearing me down
My relationship with my mother was restored
And so were many others.
You gave me more tests and I handled a few of them well after the 15th chance you've given me to fix them
I think I'm finding my way
Even at a slow pace.
My wall is still up between us at times.
I'm still afraid to trust you.
People at church say, " The only person who you can ever turn to is the Lord."
I'm fixing my mistakes
and finding my ways
and trying to stay in contact with you.
I can't let this slip away because this is what I grew up with.
Loving you, praising you, and enjoying my Sundays as if they were new.
So, don't fret because here I come.
Welcome me back with open arms

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An Old Drunkard

Sitting on a park bench watching the children play
Lost and alone how does he make it through the day
A bottle by his side that’s hidden from eyes that see
Wishing the day would end but no one hears his plea

Homeless by choice and a drunkard by trade
His mind in turmoil and his heart so dismayed
Sad and alone the man’s life needs some reprieve
The man gets up slowly he’s decided to leave

The worry and misery has gotten too much
He misses his children and his wife’s daily touch
They died in a car wreck running from the abuse
His drinking was to blame along with a very short fuse

He walked away from the bench with a tear in his eye
He’s at his wits end so he gives death a try
No one will miss him or at least that’s what he thinks
He’s merely a homeless, beaten down man that drinks

He runs into the street screaming and yelling it’s the end
But before he got hit an Angel God did send
He was knocked to the ground saved by Gods grace
When the shock wore off he recognized the face

The face of the Angel was that of his wife
She was sent at that moment to save the mans life
She told him she forgave him it was part of Gods plan
She said she loved him dearly and would see him again

As fast as she appeared she was gone with the wind
The man broke down crying for the Angel God sent
He realized he was loved the drinking fogged up his mind
He was going through life as though he was blind

At that very moment he got up from the street
Dusting off his clothes he’s no longer in defeat
He threw down the bottle and thanked God above
For sending an Angel the one he did love

So now when he sits to watch the children play
He reads his Bible to help get him through the day
Now God’s by his side and he lets the world see
That God saved a wretch and God heard his plea

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Life Experiences (Part 1)

This sickness is buried deep inside
Knowing now, that the torture has died.
Crying is a sign of weakness
Sending my existence into total meanness.
I feel tomorrow will be the same,
Always having to play the devils game.
I am scared to accept another person to get as close as you
But please look at me and tell me the torture is over.
I want to move on, and get on with life, a better life with sorrow,
Why should the most important things always wait for the morrow?
I used to sit here and weep, but nevermore.
I am going to live this life until my soul is gone, and my body hits the floor.
Why is it that my life now is stricken with this mark made of coal?
It won't leave, it continues deeper and deeper into this abyss, this hole.
How can love be so thoughtless, so cruel?
You did nothing to me, but yet I was your tool.
I noticed that I am not perfect, but I still won't give up, because life is extremely corrupt.
I have held my anger inside, beat it down, and mutilated it so as I would not have the chance 
to erupt.
What is this that I am feeling? Sadness, hatred, maybe even pain?
But I try harder and harder feeling as if it was all in vain.
Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal,
Red light, can't stop, so I spin the wheel,
My world goes black before I feel an Angel lift me up,
and I open bloodshot eyes, into florescent white,
Flip the siren, hit the lights, close the doors and I am gone.
Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal,
Red light, can't stop, so I spin the wheel,
My world goes black before I feel an Angel steal me from the,
pain and extensive damages, giving me a second chance,
the artist in the artist in the ambulance.

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                  ~~MY GOD SEND ANGEL ~~
               TO BLESS MY LIFE EACH DAY,
              HE SPEAKS IT VERY BOLD.
              IN THE FUTURE YET TO COME,
               AND NEVER NO MORE TO ROAM.
              AND MAY HE BLESS YOU I PRAY.

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Guardian Angel

He holds her silently, he holds her close, he's there even though she never know. He takes away her stress; he takes away her pain, he takes her away from the world, she feels loved again. When people come and take him away, she is lost and scarred every day. Her hope of him is fading, her fear and heartache is growing. She misses his touch, she misses his kisses. Her angel holds her while she cries, her angel steadies her and holds her when she tries. He knows she hurts, he knows he's gone but he's been there, he's been there all along. She can't see him in the dark or in the light, but she feels her angel holding her day and night. "No need to worry, no need to fear, you may not see me, but I am here." He whispers as he kisses her head while she lays soft and dreaming in her bed.

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My Prayer For a Special Angel

She was everybody's everything,
She was the living angel.
When it was her time to go,
She was chosen to become the angel god would love.
She will show others the way,
Just like she once showed me.
She showed me that you have to take life with both hands,
Because you never know when it is ending.
I appreciate meeting this once in a life time angel.
This special angel lives in everyone’s heart,
That she once touched.
My prayer is a wish that has wings.
It flies to heaven above.
asking god to give this angel,
his love and care, but also let her live on forever.

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I Wonder Why?

“ I Wonder Why….”

The famous question “mommy and daddy why?” That’s daily what parents hear
Kids want any kind of answers even when the answers are not clear
With age they somewhat understand, but others unknown don’t let them sleep
Mysteries of the world and life make them faster breath. 

I wonder why

The Earth is full of beauty just watch how birds are flying
On the other hand, in so many places, there are children dying
When I listen to a river I want to sing
But why we keep destroying them make me think

I wonder why

Here and then I think about war and peace
About hunger in foreign countries, ignorance is a dangerous disease
If I could have wish, I would be an angel with magnificent wings
I would tie them around The Universe with love that can’t be broken by any things

I wonder why

With innocence children are born and with that question why
And parents try keeping them safe and do not want to see them cry
What happens to someone when he or she grows up?
What happens to people’s purity that makes it break up? 

I wonder why

It is a New Year and New Year Resolutions are made
I want to make good one I do not want anybody betrayed 
Follow my example and this time please do not ask why
Because if you think you have to, you are the reason why my dreams could die
Sometimes you do not have to ask why

Giving each other hope, and sharing love could make the world a better place
It should come from the heart, from the inner you, with a feeling of peace and 
Reach our potential, growing like a healthy and strong tree
With millions of little branches moving in the breeze unbreakable and free

Sometimes you do not have to ask why

Free of hunger, loneliness, emptiness and fear
Free of diseases and sicknesses that bring to our eyes a tear 
Let’s hold our hands with love and hope
And our hands will make a chain around a globe

Sometimes you do not have to ask why

That chain will be tight like that angel wings what I was dreaming once
And even stronger and stay forever not only days or months
Let’s make this promises and promise’s can come true
If everyone will give up selfishness, we can really make this year a NEW!

And do not asks me a why 

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Graveyard Shift Lament

An angel an evening.
To my counter they come.
I take their money. 
They take my time.
The genuine cost lying somewhere between.

An angel an evening. 
An art museum.
A zoo. 
To look but not touch .
To touch but lack feeling.

An angel an evening.
The rat race slowed for sodas and smokes.
A corner of the world a new nightly.

An angel an evening.
Ever changing drama. 
Ever changing insight.
All in the guise of minimum wage.

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Fallen Angels

They fall, and fall hard
Direct from heavens yard
"Angels descending, bring from above, 
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love"*

Maybe they had a heart
Especially for humans part
For our lives they must’ve seen
Desperate for help, we are keen

These are angels that have fallen
Why they want to help us there’s no tellin’
Their powers diminish as they fall
They still are the most powerful of all

Of us mere mortals, the weakest lot
But favored from what God’s sought
We might still need these angels
Those not quite tied to heavens tangles

The freedom leads some down further
And finds the demons to pull them down under
However those that remain with us
Can be great to befriend, remind thus

The good that we have within human nature
And maybe the fallen angels give a good future
Released from those daily problems we see
Their perfect powers will surely set us free

The friendly fallen angels that’s before us
Are more helpful than hurtful nonetheless
If we can just find them
We can love again

As there once was
Can be again, twas
The way it was meant to be
A fallen angel for you and me

Russell Sivey

 * quote by Fanny J. Crosby

Entrant into Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's "~ Fallen Angel ~" contest


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Eyes of an Angel

It was the Eyes of Angel,
that cast it's eyes on me
For this angel had come to show me,
what I could not see
You see, I could no longer hear, nor could I see
All of the destruction I had created around me
And as I gazed into these Eyes of an Angel,
I began to feel something deep down inside
A peaceful, comforting feeling, one I can hardly describe
Some say it was the Holy Spirit, sent from up above
Sent to remind me, guide me, and let me Feel his love
I'll never forget those Eyes of an Angel, sent from up above
For now I know what this angel had come to show me
It was God's Eternal Love

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A Deformed Angel

Sometimes life gives us severe shock, 
Undermines the plans and does block, 
The ways of wisdom leading ahead, 
Reveals the hands that secretly mock. 

An artist thought to paint an angel, 
To use the brush for the masterpiece, 
But could not conceptualize the image, 
Beauty combining innocence, purity. 

One morn, at last, he luckily found, 
A child playing on the grassy ground, 
Having angelic countenance and grace, 
Incarnation he was of sublime serenity. 
Painted he the angel with skill utmost, 
And earned he the world wide fame. 

And he after three full fleeting decades, 
Thought for the second master-sketch, 
Now not of an angel, but of a devil. 
He sought for the image far and wide, 
But could not find corresponding one, 
Fate then led him amid the prison walls, 
There inside met he a young wretch man, 
With a devilish nature, face and frame. 

The master revealed his intent to paint, 
Tears came in eyes of the devil formed, 
Said he, “Oh! Master it is a matter of woe, 
You sketched me an angel thirty years ago.”

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i am an angel

i am an angel poem,
my time has come to say goodbye, 
to be an angel in the sky,
my time has come
as its the lords choice
i hear him calling with his mighty voice,
i have gone and around no more,
its only my body that goes in the floor
for my soul shall be around ever more,
just call my name when you need me near,
i will come and take the fear, 
please remember i am not in pain, 
i have started a new life again,
all the angels thats in the sky,
please remember i am the one in your eye.
i listen to you saying your prayers at night, 
wishing i was there to hold you tight,
in my life you were always there,
please remember me in your prayers,,,

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My Angel and I

A long road we've traveled, my angel and I
A dusty trail full of stones
And mountains that we've had to climb
To eventually get us home.
A long road we've traveled, my angel and I
But she's still here beside me
To wash away the that tears I cry
To wave away things I don't need to see.
We walk together through the troubles
Through the mysteries of life
We make our way through pain when it doubles
And march confidently through strife.
She picks me up when, like a toddler, I fall
She protects me whenever I choose to tumble
She picks up my burdens and carries them all
Because of her, my world never crumbles.
A long road we've traveled, my angel and I
And yet, here she is, still here 
Even though she's gone, she never died
Because she is me, but without tears.

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I will spread my wings and fly,
I will soar in the bright open sky,
it's so beautiful and blue,
and its color always stays true.
Being an angel takes work,
no matter how hard the truth may hurt,
but it helps me to be me,
as I'm able to fly freely.
An angel of right,
born in a world to fight,
trying my best in this world,
even if everything goes crazy like a big whirl.
I'll always be an angel..

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A new angel tonight

A new angel tonight 

Alone watching the waves 
 Tears in my eyes
Nothing more to do
As my heart slowly dies

Dark clouds came over
And cover the sun
But I didn’t notice 
Till the rain began

 Nowhere to shelter
 Just sat in the cold
 Missing her so much 
But she’s no longer in this world

Thunder and lighting
Mother Nature’s full might
Crashing down on me
Who is to weaken to fight?

See I give up on life 
A little while ago 
Try to keep it hidden
But still everyone know

She lived her live 
Giving to this world 
Now there are flowers
Covering her in a hole

 Doctors did their best
But it gives up on her today
I held her in my arms 
 And then her life slips away

How does life go on? 
When I can’t hear her voice
Don’t want to live alone
But I got no choice

Love can be so beautiful
And love can be so mean
How you go to sleep knowing
 You already lost your dream

In every one life 
 Little Rain must fall
And its time likes that 
You know who to call

There are   friends 
To bring sunshine instead
 Our invisible umbrella
That’s always over our heads

I lost the only girl I ever love
Darkness has covered my light
But in heaven there is 
A new angel tonight  

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My Guardian Angel

I have a guardian angel her name is Sabrina i have a guardian her favorite color 
is green I have a guardian angel she follows me everywhere i go she protects 
me when bad thing happen and she is the coolest girl ever! I know everyone has 
a guardian angel that is cool like mine or almost as cool as mine but, I think 
Sabrina is the coolest ever!

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She sells Suicide

She sells suicide in the mirror i see
by the seashore dark lady
how i adore her
arch angel say it if you want
that whore its allright
she sells herself black magic
by twelve
arms open wide laugh
and i know i got a knew flame
im gonna buy a brand new dance
the most amazing show on earth
dark angel if you will
because she sells suicide from new orleans
suicide from down below something i been missing

all the things she said
something special

perfume i wont take to kindly to

she sells sundials and daisie
bad scratches in seriuous ways
I'll run
and her thoughts make me crazy
she sells jokes and smiles
make it all worth the while
and the gun was in my hand
lend me my light liar liar liar
and ask the page through the tinted glass
has love brought me to a higher place
does she realy truly 
surely she does
she sells suicide in a darkened room
even to the saddest of us clowns
the ones that get down and pray

the ones that care to no longer to save the day
wont turna card up anymore

when all the merry men clapped 
have company they shouldnt have
gypsie music
begging us once to marry them
im a mistake in the past
the brew was gone
Liar liar
string our dreams along
and im coming clean to gypsie music

Im thinking ill be alright and wheres my reason
till we have heaven in sight
say it if you choose
she sells suicide everyday
this im sure
she sells suicide
i want some more
to know more of myself
suicide for the rich
the down beat the trodden
the happy and the poor
very close to you 
I'll find it in you 
and secretly true
the queen and the three
i wish you could have seen my face
lend thee thy light
she sells it by the truck full
she sells it to bangkok
while you pray
and yore wont take to kindly to it

she sells suicide
to forgotten faces
laughing and dancing
like the sound of my voice
i heard it was true
liar liar liar
the black two eyed jack
I'll fight
but never thought id see it like this before

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Im smiling from ear to ear because I got a new love

I was ready for someone but it didn’t show 
My heart was broken and I was feeling low
I raised my head and there you were
All at one the world stopped and didn’t make a stir

You came into my life like an angel from above
I’m smiling from ear to ear because I got a new love

We spend time together and make each moment last
But of course the clock ticks away to fast
We take pictures for others to see 
Our love captured into an eternal memory

You came into my life like an angel from above
I’m smiling from ear to ear because I got a new love

Lets open our hearts and keep each other in mind
Lock out everyone else and live like we both blind
Respect each other let our passions leave us in bliss
End everyday with a hug and a kiss

You came into my life like an angel from above
I’m smiling from ear to ear because I got a new love

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Alone and desperate
Searching for the words
Sweet music in my head,
The sorrow of birds.

The walls are closing in on me,
The room lit with shadow
But my hope has left me
Naked and alone.

I search for a path,
One that's right and true,
But I've lost all hope
In what the world can do.

I search in the darkness
Through my perceptive mind
For any ray of truth
Any word that's kind.

Drops of despair fall down my cheek
As I stare into the glass,
Silently waiting in the quiet
For these feelings to pass.

Glaring into the tunnel
All I see is smoke,
My vision is cloudy
As I begin to choke.

In this foggy vessel,
I begin to lose my sight
When suddenly I see it,
A radiant image of light. 

This figure is Angelic,
Calling out my name
Beckoning me closer,
Reaching from my shame.

I stumble as I draw nearer
But she helps me to stand
I feel my body numbing
As I take the angel's hand.

We begin to walk together
This angel by my side
I know nothing can hurt me
Because my faith is deep inside.

The angel stops the demons
From lashing at my back,
From spitting wicked words
And maintaining their attack. 

She guides me always forward
Keeps me on the track
I leave behind the evil
Never to look back.

She pulls me to the sunlight,
Out of the darkened hole
She puts light back my heart
And raises up my soul.

She makes me happy
And she helps me through
Reminds me of the good things
I once knew.

Although heaven-sent,
She is of the earth
She is my best friend;
I know what she's worth.

A true friend knows
Your song and its chords,
And can sing it for you
When you forget the words.

She'll always be there
As a listening ear
A shoulder to cry on
For all of your tears.

She'll be by me always
She'll always be near
This is my heart
She'll always be in here.

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Game of Chess

Along came a black horse
rider non existent
fire in his eyes life no longer
see the devil smile as his horse grew younger
see the devil cry as his horse grew fonder
sat a lonely boy in his path
eyes of water lit to wrath
boy stood up as wings were cast
the dark horse turned grey as light did pass
see the angel smile as the boy grew older
see the angel smile as the boy grew wonder
horse came a halt eyes still a glaze
boy flew above the dark horses maze
fire from his eyes erupted through the air
the boy inhaled as the fire turned to tears
the young boy now a man
the fire inside him as turned his hand
from giving to a fist no longer will stand
as the horse now in air flying with the man
the waltz of life now on demand
the man and horse now riding through land
turn to each others repromand
the boy grew dark and eyes now steam
the horse grew white and wings through the beam
see the devil smile as his horse won the fight
see the angels smile as their boy won the might

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The Seat of Heart

My heart torn to shreds by you,
my hero in my mind,
the one who saved me,
you mean beast in reality,
here to torment my very exsistance,
still reaching out and crying,
feeling this beast soul, or troll?
Does God know his children would suffer so,
curse him and everything here,
emotions boiling over, can't stop.

Where is this angel I feel in my heart? 
Is this abstract art,
only in the eye of the beholder,
illusion only to the artist,
Or is there a universal truth to the artist strokes?
Strokes of paint that turn to tears with one thought of not so innocent fears.
Where is my angel I pray,
This masked feeling of my soul?

Abstract is only for the artist to see,
everyone else does not see. Love is an abstract
emotion not meant to see,
its an illusion of the heart deep within so torn apart.

Far apart is where the wounded must stay,
not fit for society.
Bleeding hearts cannot show their ugly face,
for no one will believe the torment when we sleep,
if we must shed our skin do it quietly,
for no one will hear. For as we see,
that is the way it should be. 
To Thee

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A Real Friend

  A real friend is hard to find
someone who will speak their mind
concerning all your good points and your faults
I've known some pain when I couldn't tell
a real friend who meant me well
from someone who really wasn't a friend at all

but then a special someone came along
who took my heart and made it strong
and saw into the center of my eyes
Even though she could see
my childish need for sympathy
You were my Angel when I needed one
and I needed one

I'm not afraid to be weak in front of you
I don't have to explain the things I do
I can't describe the joy that your love brings
and there's no understudy waiting in the wings

You love me right straight in the eyes
So now it comes as no surprise
that I' have come to feel the way I do
and even when you can see 
some cracks in my integrity
you're love remains honest kind and true

So here I am and there you are
my angel and my shining star
There's no where that we can't go from here
Even though you can see
the little boy inside of me
You were my Angel when I needed one
and I needed one
  [ Poet' View: Another "Angel Song" ] 

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I See Angels

I See Angels
I see angels, not only, when I sleep, 
more often, when awake, 
some petite, in gowns, flowing long, 
or putting final touches, 
to beauty, that needs none, 
from little angels, to full grown ones 

They talk in tones, often, 
disguised, not understood, 
a cryptological language, 
interpreted only by angels, 
in their own angel group, 
occasionally break tradition, 
speak certain phrases, 
recognizable to all, 
always welcome, always good, 
increasing my love, for my angel brood 

Memories of angels, pleasurable thoughts, 
lead to today, when I thought naught, 
an angel does leave me, 
for another, she will care, 
increasing the love we all share 

All of my angels, share the same fate, 
leaving their father, once their first date, 
soon will return, with their own special angels, 
for me to love and to care 

A contented father, rejoices and waits, 
for I see angels  

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My Guidian Angel

Sometimes I'd feel so all alone
I had no one I could call my own

I use to sit and ask God why
Loneliness was filled so deep inside

He said to me do not be blue
Someone is always with you

She's your guardian angel and she'll always be
Right by your side for eternity

I began to speak to her through a prayer
And soon realized that she really does care 

 Just Believe -  is what she taught me  to do
With Faith, the hope and love will be forever with you

If we all believed in our angel you see
What a wonderful world this would be

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reflected guidence

somewhere between the sephira i beg of thee
bleed my soul and take my spirit eternally 
i question no motive 
of mans hatred nature
and place no blame of that which is smoke and mirrors
oh how i wish i could bring you the horizon
read these words and feel the pain
yet think of comfort 
and its bittersweet rain
forever am i the broken wings 
guidance i offer
an outstretched hand
but i lay in the shadows 
so find my fingertips 
and embrace that which i have reflected upon you

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"A Mother's Love"

In my mind, I'm picturing an angel from heaven. Someone who's love is devoted
with the credence to give strength and articulate joy, for each child and mate;
"A mother's love is not measure on the aspect of fate". Love is measure on the size
of the heart, that's why Jesus love is the epitome of mothers angelestic quantities of
what makes her a woman of instinctive morale, whereas her prayers goes a long way
when her child is lost in a world hungry and cold. A mother love is like an operation that
retrieve's your soul. Ask any women how life through the hardship! can she find love, when
pain stalks her daily?. And she tells you, the Lord that I serve when I moan gives me a
spirit of sanity and style, that enable me to have compassion for each one of my child's.
    "A mother's love, without it, her daughter does't learn the source of life domain, endur-
ance that signifies her as a women, that there's always an Angel that watches you when
life and diminutive words has no-shame.
    A mother's love goes with you to prison or wherever there's a need, her Faith is a
commodity that help plants a seed.
In my mind, I'm picturing an angel, ascending like a Dove, offering herself to all the,
"Mother of Love".

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I am being strangled by the grips of darkness, I can’t breathe, I am suffocating.
It’s a feeling I am used to in a cold lonely world. I’m drowning, the grips of death pulling me further and further under the waves.
It’s a life I am destined to, a life I know.
Stories of love and happiness are just in movies, and in the lives of others around me, they can’t feel the pain I feel.
God has a plan for everyone? Don’t tell me that, who would want someone to suffer so much, unless they had something greater in store for them?
I keep faith in life, keep faith in something greater, and somehow the grip weakens, the waves stop and i am above the water, in a calm ocean.
There’s a feeling in my chest, a feeling i didn’t know was real. 
It’s like I have a guardian angel protecting me, an angel who loves me, an angel who would give anything to make me happy. 
It scares me to accept this angel, I am not used to this, it’s hard to come into the bright light when you’ve always been surrounded by dark.
But then I hear your voice, and just your voice reassures me that everything will be ok.
It gives me hope, tells my heart to open up, to let the love in, to not be scared, to live my life without worry.
When I had always felt alone, I now know I don’t have to handle this alone, through the light and the dark, my heart is in your hands, and I know it’s safe there.

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January's Song

She's spent her whole life holding on to those who couldn't hold their own,
and the sad part about it is, when they fell, they always took her down.

They clipped her wings and told her that she wasn't meant to fly.
Her heart's been broken so many times for she believed in all their lies.

She's found that life holds big surprises, most that money just can't buy.
She's learned of love, she's learned of life, but never asking "Why?",...
My little angel finally learned how to fly.

Now there is someone in her life who's depending on that which she can teach,
and she does her best to let her know that her needs will always be in reach.

She gives her lots of hugs and kisses and all the things she never got much of,
her little angel will know lots of things, but most of all, she'll know about love.

She'll know that life holds big surprises, most that money just can't buy.
She'll learn of love, she'll learn of life and she's always asking, "Why?"
Her little angel is going to know how to fly. 

Copyright:  November 4, 2005

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An Angel saved my life

One cold,winter's night,so long ago
A man lay frozen,against a church door
His break was shallow and his pulse was weak
The alcohol had sunk to his core
The man lay limp and motionless
His eyes began to roll into his head
It was almost certain that by morning
This lost soul would've been dead
As this man lingered between despair and death
With snow blowing through his unkept beard
A star fell down from Heaven
And a marvelous creature appeared
An angel stood majestically
Dressed in solid white
She knealt down to the man before her
And told him not to fright
She placed her hand on his frozen head
As the snow painted the ground white
The angel spoke in a soft voice saying,
"You shall not die here tonight"
With such a simple phrase,the angel went on her way
To the Heavens from which she came
The man lay in a peaceful slumber
As warm as an eternal flame
The morning came with a warm sunrise
The new fallen snow glittered so bright
The man awoke to the golden sun beams
Happy to see the new light
Suddenly,the church door opened
A preacher stood there,staring at the man
Before either spoke,the preacher extended his arm
And offered a helping hand
The preacher helped the man to his feet,and asked,
"Is there someone I could call...a friend...a wife?"
With tears in his eyes,the man could only say one thing,
"An angel saved my life."

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My Dream My Dreamer

The greatest gift I've ever known 
A special angel  I kept till grown 
Sent straight to me from God above 
A precious soul for me to love 

He gave to her a heart of gold 
And smile to warm me in the cold 
The strength to stand up tall and proud 
The will to take on any crowd 

A love for life beyond compare 
Desire to treat all people fair 
Courage to look fear in the eye 
Reach for the stars and touch the sky 

But now my little girl is grown 
She'll face the world on her own 
This angel God has lent to me 
Must fly to with another be 

May all your precious gifts of God 
Stay with you as through life you trod 
And every time you touch the ground 
Your love for life can still be found 

To touch someone to help them see 
The love and kindness you give so free 
And may you be forever part 
Of the memories in their heart 

So my special angel dear 
Spread your wings and have no fear 
And to the world be solid gold 
Then look back when you are old 

To see the multitude of grace 
In the hearts and on the face 
Of every soul your life has touched 
We all should pray for just as much 

The dream of every heart that's mild 
To change the world so cruel & wild 
But you're one of the chosen few 
Who has the gift to carry through

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A Daydreams Dream

***3 rime couee put into one. 

All I see is your perfect eyes.
They are tears of joy when she cries.
We found a place where true love lies.
Chase away all your screams.
Take you to where the angel flies.
Your only in my dreams. 

Your a dagger with angel wings.
Piercing my life with what you bring.
Welcoming you in though you sting.
All pain, no expression.
The scar left teaches me something.
Life is not a question.  

O' thou taketh thine's dying light.
Rage on forthright, stealing night.
Lessening is your servants sight.
In life we are all free.
In your tight grasp, I take this flight.
No vision, but I see.

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In the Hands of an Angel

 I saw life pass me by, 
too far away to feel its flame; 
too many times to hope for change. 
To my surprise an angel came. 

For they were an answered prayer 
that they would follow me anywhere. 
They both reached for me like a mirrored pair. 
With arms stretched out I found my way there. 

And their love was strong & the tears were few 
the years slipped by, as years usually do. 

Some people feel the weight of time, 
which slows their step and their bodies begin to unwind 
the Angel said that`s the affect of passing time.

A captive of time, 
I asked the Angel to set me free, 
and the sweet voice said, Grab my hand and Come with me?.  

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A Grown-Ups Prayer

Dear Father, can you spare an Angel to be with me today,
I am not a little child, I’m grown up in many-a-way.
I said I wouldn’t bug you, many years ago,
But my mind is set on that Angel I had wanted so.
I’m not that little child who just wanted to pretend,
I sometimes feel so lonely and need another friend.
Father, I have respect for you and love beyond compare,
But do you have an Angel, that with me you will share.
                       The Answer
My dear grown up child, my answer has to stand,
I will not send an Angel from the promised land.
My good Book I have sent you and music you can sing,
I will not single out just one, and give them everything.
But one thing I can promise, my Angel will visit you,
When your life is over, my Heaven will be in view.
So live your life for Jesus the way you aught to do,
For my Angels up in Heaven are certainly watching you.
                       The Reply
Thank you dear Father, this time I really understand,
I will not have an Angel till I go to the glory land.
I will strive to do what’s right and just be satisfied,
To live for you dear Father and the Lord who was crucified.
I will never plead with you for an Angel anymore,
I know they have to stay around Heaven’s golden door.
Thank you for your patience, you have been tolerant of me,
Father, hold your thought on my Angel, if it pleases Thee.

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An Angel

An Angel came to me last night
In my dreams I seem to recall
The Angel was sad and I didn't know why
A tear drop started to fall from her face
I couldn't understand how an Angel could cry

So I asked the Angel whats the matter
She said I miss my family
I'm all alone
Cold chills ran down my spinnal cord
As I heard her talk of her life

She was the oldest of the four kids
She died in a fire one night at home
She could of went with them
But she didn't want to be seen in public

She said I was embarassed of how we lived
Poor and dirt
I said oh Angel don't be sad
You still loved your mom and dad and family
Everyones time has to come

God chose you that very night
Nobody had anyway to know
The fire would happen that night
Dry your tears they know it wasn't your fault

Noone knows when their time is done
Noone knows why it had to be them
Your time was done that is all
Don't be mad at the Lord above

Set your mind at ease
Now your free
Your family will always love and miss you
As you will them

But Angel you always have the memories
And love of your family and friends
She said you dont understand
I'm only 15

I woke up then in tears
And wondered why she picked me
To come and speak with
I sure hope that Angels happy now
And understands

Noone knows when their time is up
So live to the fullest and enjoy
Don't hold grudges
Don't blame yourself
Just live

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fallout (6/28/04)

my eyes open to the softly falling
tears bled from flesh-white skies,
my gaze rises up above the
guardians of the sun
and my eyes plunge back through
my throbbing skull.
whisky fallout-
only cockroaches of thought remain
squirming through hallow walls.
by grace of blood 
my feet hold me up,
but what structure could bear this soul?
what blood keeps it alive
when spirits devastate the mould?
the angel of life softly whispers in my soul,
fettered to the downtrodden,
the angel of death silently distances the whole,
the murder of the first begotten.

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Sweet Onions

As I cut the sweet onions
the Angel whisper's in my ear,
giving me visions
of the one I love.
I know not what it means,
only that it is upon me.

My knife is working on it's own,
I only hold the handle,
slicing and dicing 
to the beating of my heart.
My thoughts go beyond today,
to days and mistakes
that I can not fix ever.

Am I a martyr to Romance and Passion,
did I not embrace Love enough ?

I'm sure the Devil whispered in my ear then,
taking me to deserted streets 
and cheap motel rooms,
where names matter little at all,
only the money in your pocket.

She was with me,
with the Devil whispering to her,
maybe she the one I Love
showed me how to forget the day
and live just a few minutes at a time.

The smell of the sweet onions
seems to pour into me
bringing a touch of reality back.
The tears they bring
is covering up the real ones.

The Angel grants me 
one last look of her face
as I tell the Devil to whisper 
to someone else.

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Traded wings for life a dream

In my shadow I lay dreaming, lucid, like moonlit water gleaming,
I arove away from realms of matter, franticly climbing Jacobs ladder,
I creep through an open door, my soul falls further from the floor,
ascending further from reality, ghostly figures feast upon my tragedy,
I hear a voice that sound repents, an angel guides me from decent,

In this space my mind misplaced, I fly on the wings of an angels grace,
I try to speak but words don't form, ascending faster from the foor,
no turning back to his place of evil, an earthly realm ruled by the beezle,
I feel my senses fade away, as I enter eternity.

If I wake now I shall feel no pain, cold blood pumped though icy veins,
But my sanity would be my curse, in the abyss of a deeper world,
I have reached the end of an endless road, eternal restless light abode,
my spirit expands with violent thrashes, a one way flight the angel crashes,
and from the fire and ghoulish flames, I rise again to take his name,
A new birth upon the earth, he gave his wings I gave my curse,
Now I am an angel with a pact divine, to guide his soul through the sands of time,
until the sands of time run dry, and Upon my wings he flies.


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The Hand of an Angel

I could look for my remaining days on this earth
and never find a woman like you
There is no one out there  
who really could care
and love me
quite as much as you do
I've been some places  I won't mention out loud
and I've done some things that don't make me proud
but I swear
I'll never be going back there

A little humility  
won't be that bad for me
considering just where I have been
If someone says how, 
I 've lost my pride now
We'll they must not have known me back then
I've made some mistakes 
and I've had some heart breaks
but I don't think that there's anything wrong
with taking the hand of an Angel 
when an Angel just happens along

I'm telling you
that I want you know
You're the best friend
 that I've ever known
and I feel no shame 
for the fact that I came
 we were both through with being alone
I can't remember laughing and smiling so much
and I want your kisses and I need your touch
here I am
just so glad that you give a damn

It's not such a bad thing 
to swallow my pride
I know that you know that it's true
and now I can see 
that you've needed me
just as much as I've needed you
Things are going to change 
but the way it remains
all I have is my love and a song
about taking the hand of an Angel
when an Angel just happens along.

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Don't Stop Praying

you've been praying to the Lord God you have an emergency
and you hope that He will respond to your prayers immediately
but hold on, you've got it twisted, you need to comprehend
that God answer prayers, BUT WHEN it's up to Him
so don't stop praying and don't hang up that spiritual telephone
don't stop praying even if you only get a dial tone

Cornelius was in his house praying for a blessing
down on his knees, his situation was most stressing
and on the fourth day at the ninth hour
he saw the manifestation of God's almighty power
an angel appeared before him at God's behest
an angel appeared before him to answer his prayer request

God answers prayers but many fail to understand 
that He answers prayers according to His master plan
it might be at the midnight hour, it might be at the ninth
just stay on the line praying even if it takes all day and all night
and be you a Jew or a Gentile, we're all children of the God the Lord Christ
the Soul Provider, the Saving Messiah whose death was the salvation of our lives

the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End
the Prince of Peace, the Living God, our Eternal Friend
He's the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity
the One who created the universe and all humanity
He's the One who breathe life back into those old dry bones
the One who occupies the seat of the highest throne
He's the One who protected Daniel in the lion's den
the One who sent angels to watch over him
He's the One who shielded Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
from the fiery fires burning in King Nebuchadnezzar's inferno
He fed five thousand with just two fish and five loaves
and compelled the people to come hear Him in droves
and when that woman with the bleeding sickness touched His garment hem
it was the power in Him to answer prayers that made the flow of blood stem
He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and voice to the mute
He gave us the universal parables of wisdom that even the Pharisses could not refute
and on the way to Mount Calvary He bore the cross of the sins of mankind
and said to His Father with His last breath "forgive them" for they know not their own minds

so don't stop praying and give the Lord the chance
to come into your life and change your circumstance
don't stop praying just keep the lines of spiritual communication open and clear
don't stop praying to God the Lord Christ just wait for your miracle or an angel to appear

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The Fall

Last night, 
after I was struck under the ground, and did not, could not get up;
 I met one of the most beautiful of all beings that God could ever create; an Arch Angel…
Her robes of black night sky 
and six wings of silver holy starlight wrapped around me, 
and I felt the cool sensation of her hands on my face; like a cool babbling brook.

 The dark blue sapphires that sat in her skull
 shone as she stared at me 
with her loving expression.

Her silvery tresses fell around me, 
and they smelled sweet, of milk and honey. 
She smelled of the Holy land; 
she was surely an angel from heaven, 
sent to bring me home.
She then spoke to me, 
and her voice was like a sweet and warm whisper
 floating on a soft summer breeze.
I felt her intertwine her fingers with mine, and she spread her six wings, and she pulled me 
from my grave, and she said,
 “Join me, come home, good soldier.” 
I felt myself turn into a feather; weightless, and light. 
I had once been so cold, and then I felt warm again.

As I rose, I saw similar robes that the woman was wearing wrap around me and melt away 
the clothes that I was buried in.  
I felt my two smaller wings, incomparable to hers,
 spread and I flew with her, to the beautiful gates of gold that lead to my final destination 
and home.
When I approached the gates, I heard the voice of a fatherly man say, 
“Welcome home, my true and faithful servant.” 
I then lifted my foot and began on my way though the gates of gold…

But then everything took a turn for the worst, 
and there was a weight on my ankles. 
A tight grip that seemed to tug at first, but then I was yanked, 
and I fell.
 I fell so fast that the beautiful angel couldn’t save me in time. 
Nor could the fatherly voice could reach me in time.
I saw the beautiful paradise in front of me be yanked away, 
and vanish along with the angel and the voice that spoke so kindly to me. I knew in that 
instant that I fell, 
that I would never be able to go back.
I felt the mussels of my new wings tear and the bones shattering, breaking from the shear 
force of my weight from trying to catch me in the wind.
My new garments were torn away and left I was left naked.
My new hair was tattered and was blotched with the black of the night and the white of what 
the angel had given me. It seemed like I had fallen for hours, and I heard a whisper…
Of a child perhaps…
That said…

“Oh! A falling star! Make a wish!”

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Garden Angel

A tiny garden angel kneels on a pedestal.
A statue to adorn the garden with her charm.
Her small hands held in prayer.
A circle of flowers around her head.
Her face with a cherubs glow.
Wings outstretched at her sides.
This tiny angel with such life like features.
I sit and watch you pray. 
You are missing some flowers from your headpiece.
It makes me sad each time I look at you.
My tiny garden angel.

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Angel Unaware by S. T. Browning


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Beast and Angel in the Flame

Beast and Angel in the Flame
It will take more than religion to save you
More than the word of God to ignite you
More than thought to give you direction
More than study to give you conviction
And faith in the mountain will not help you
Belief in a path cannot guide you
Your moral decisions will only drown you
Until you wake up
When nothing but your own mirror calls you
And nothing but your own heart inflames you
All the passion in the world
Will remain nothing more than a shadow
When one day realization beckons you
With its delicate finger of remembrance
Makes you kneel at the foot of acceptance
And kiss the feet of who you are
When the doors of your judgment crumble 
before the power of your desire
All the boundaries you have set
Will vanish in the needing want of fire
You will stand naked before another person
All your heart, your body, your spirit left; open
When gratitude and release floods every vein
Just to know you are human; again
All the same, all the same; we are all the same
In pleasure and in pain
We are all the same
Beast and Angel in the flame
And when life washes through you
In pain and pleasure for you
When you stand on this brink and it encompasses you
In a single name
Then lift your head in surrender
Raise your eyes in strength
All that you are in one second remember
Without you I am nothing
And I stand before you with belief
I hold you bound with a power higher than common love
Drawn to each other by a force greater than the both of us
And the vicious and the crack where the light pours in
And the supplicant and in the wine taste of beyond relief
I am saved
By the you beyond love
It will take more than a moral to save you
More than the words of a poet to ignite you
More than institution to give you direction
More than faith to give you religion
And trust in the law will not help you
Belief in justice will not lead you
Such moral decisions will only befool you
Until you wake up
When nothing but your own mirror calls you
And nothing but your own heart inflames you
All the passion in the world
Will remain nothing more than an unknown shadow
All the same, all the same; we are all the same
In pleasure and in pain
We are all the same
Angel and Beast in the flame

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The Plague of Muriel

The dreams of many are crushed beneath Plans of ours; trying to break the serenity Hopefully we will find serendipity To keep us where we are As they bind and conquer Silence and sorrow will reign And at one shall we be filled with pain? My angel flied so far away My angel why didn't you stay? My angel couldnt stay My angel flew away I wish to find you again Even if it will never begin Pay your respect for the ones walking by They might never know My angel flied so far away My angel why didn't you stay? My angel couldnt stay My angel flew away Can't I say it wasnt my faul Or would not even care That we always die in Pairs Nostalgic without you Sedimental with you Will I get come close to like what you hold dear Or will I only speak Are you there still listening or is it just me Who caresPlease keep whispering Break the silencePlease keep whispering My angel flied so far away My angel why didn't you stay? My angel couldnt stay My angel flew away My angel flied so far away My angel why didn't you stay? My angel couldnt stay My angel flew away My angel flied so far away My angel why didn't you stay? My angel couldnt stay My angel flew away

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THEY told me to kill her.
To get rid of her.
THEY said that she was evil and mean. 
Deceiving and sinful.
THEY handed me the knife of guilt to do the job.
Stab her in the back THEY all cried in anger.
I held the knife to her throat ready to murder her.
I was ready to take her life and make it mine. 
Letting her be the sacrificial lamb.
I wanted to smother her and never see her again.  
I was not the angel of death but rather the Angel of hope. 
The one who would deliver her into heaven.
For it was I or the mob who would kill her. 
I her friend wanted to be the one to get rid of the pain.
THEY hated her not I.
I loved her; she was a friend a sister.
Her rebellious sprit they condemn and I embraced. 
THEY shoved this jewel to the ground, humiliated her and stole her innocence. 
I was not a friend was I?
I stood in the background and let her feel the pain.
I was Judas, selling her soul for my gain.
Yet in the end it did not matter.
As I held the knife to her throat…she flew away.
Becoming an angel…free and finally happy.
She flew away from the earth who hated her. 
Set her soul free…and I lost my friend.
The girl who ran with such innocence is gone!
And who is to blame? 
Why it is I who is to blame.
For she was I.
A part of my soul. 
Her innocence and charm I lost long…when I wanted to kill that part of me.
So I have survived callused, mean deceitful and angry.
To survive I had to kill her.
World you lost 

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lullaby and good night sweet child
does this angel sing let me keep your warm within the depths of my wing
lullaby and good night sweet child brace yourself for this evening dream
listen for the whisper of the angels sing 
rock-a-bye close your eyes breath in the earths sweet scents
watch over this small child, angel of the night, keep her safe and warm through 
the darkness of tonights fierce storm
rock-a-bye angel fly her high into the fires eye
far far away deep within the night sky 
hold her tight dont loose faith
spread your wings become heavens grace
keep her safe from all thats wrong 
sing her a sweet lullaby song
lullaby sweet child soar high within your mind
with the angel only you and i can find

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My Saving Grace

Bits and pieces of my soul
dying slowly as my heart grows cold.
Rumors, lies, deceitful friends
breaking the promise of being ‘til the end.
Running blindly through the dark,
hiding my wrists - covering the mark...
No one can hear me screaming for help,
nothing you say can heal how I've felt.
Bloody tears running down my face
stumbling and falling forgetting my grace,
hitting my knees as my glass box caves in.
Watching every mistake, seeing all of my sins,
flowing slowly before my eyes,
hearing my voice repeating the lies.
The Angel of Death says, "Come, take my hand-"
and in the corner of my eye, I see a man.
Beauty comes from both sides of me-
The Angel of Death or the man staring anxiously.
Both saying they can show me a way, 
shaking and crying, do I go or do I stay?
What has this life got to offer me?
I'll never be what you want me to be...
Bottling the pain back up inside,
I'm not going to fall into another lie,
back into a life of regret and betrayal-
running to the man before my heart goes stale.
Painfully and blindly I fall into his arms,
feeling life back into death, feeling safe from harm.
He brushes my hair out of my eyes, kisses the bloody tears-
whispers, "You are loved" in my ears...
Ignoring the hate and the rumors said,
giving me a reason to want to live instead.
Cleaning me off, with a future full of love...
One I've never had, or received enough of.
Making me be who I want to be.
Clearing my vision- making it easier to see.
Maybe self-esteem will be next in this soul of lies,
to take off the mask, be true to myself in my eyes.
Bits and pieces of my soul
being reborn as my heart grows whole.
Slowly one by one, piece by piece
finding a love, one worth to keep.
One who found me on the brink of death,
This man, with a heart stronger than the rest.

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The dead Angel in my mind

Why does silence have to make so much damn noise

I hear nothing but the beat of my lonely heart and voices

The voices are not mine, nor anyone that I know of poise

But the voices are from the other side using me as their toy

I feel my mind and my soul get shoved to the side

I find my guardian angel dead on the floor of my mind

The things that killed it are the same that are killing me

The voices in my head are overunning my kind

I hear a faint noise that I know all too well

As the carcus of my angel lays lonely with a broken heart

The voice is that of my first love, the voice is that that is killing me

The deafening tones of silence paired with the dagger of my first love

It is this "heroin" that once loved me that is killing my current love

It is this demonizing soul that is tormenting my heart to stop beating

For now is the time of the resurection of these thoughts

As my heart remembers all too well of the dead angel on the floor

The blood from my angel runs truly in my veins

I feel its last moments in my heart that has stopped beating

My  first love has succeeded in destroying all others

For the dead Angel on the floor is really a silent me

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The Angel of Hatred and Death

I hated who I was before
And I hated my previous life
I was too weak 
And very passive
I was not fit to be in this world…
So I was thrown into Hell
Swallowed by the Lake of Fire
And the end result
Was my rebirth
And now I’m back to correct my mistake

Hatred and anger fuel my body
I arise from the dead better than I was before
People that took advantage of me
Will now suffer the consequences of their actions!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!

Now my heart has changed
It is black and hard like a diamond
Never again
Will I open my heart
To anyone for they take advantage…
Pray to God for forgiveness
For I won’t be so forgiving
Because once they’re done
I will silence them
And wipe them off the face of the earth!

With the Sword of Destruction in my right hand
I will slash the earth, purifying it
Chaos, death, and doom will be brought by me
And so the earth shall be reborn, forming a new Genesis!

Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!

Fear me and hide for that is they can do
Hate me and mock me for it won’t last too long
Say goodbye to your loved ones, for you won’t see them again
By the time that they are dead, they won’t see Heaven or Hell!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!
Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!
Ooohhh…Now they know the pain that I had to go through
Ooohhh…There will be no mercy given by me
Ooohhh…The Angel of Hatred and Death has spoken!!!

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ridin angel

i know with angel i'll be free
off into the sunset thats where i'd want to be
i'll ride in thoughts and clear my head
and know i'll have to move ahead
i'll stop for a rest then saddle back up
i'll know that i could never give up
i'll ride that trail thats ahead of me
but i know with angel i'll always be free.

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It's A Wonderful Life

Somewhere in the distance
  rings a silver bell,
far away, yet strangely near,
  a festive carousel.
Turning cartwheels in my mind,
  playing music to my ears,
throwing rainbow-coloured stardust
  in a cloud of snowdrop tears.
The sweetest choir breathes a sigh,
  in perfect tune it sings,
the bells chime out a melody,
  an angel gets her wings.
And I can only bow and smile
  and pray it will not end;
for it's truly a wonderful life
  with an angel for a friend.

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A Rose 4 A Rose

A Rose 4 A rose to make our love grow,
being with you is like being in heaven 
No worries except one saying goodbye, until tomarrow.
A kiss from you is like touching an angel in the sky
whenever I see you I feel as if I can fly.
Please, oh please sweet angel in the sky, don't say goodbye.
I have fallen in love with you as time has passed,
we have grown close in life as time has passed by,
you have flown in my life and stolen my heart, my love,
goodbye, for now until tomarrow.

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My World

I lay listening to my heart pound and the clock ticking away,                                                                 waiting for midnight to arrive for another day.                                                                  Nothing is said,nothing is done,until an angel came in to say,                                                                  good morning dear-I brought you your meal,                                                                 she hung it up and plugged in,then smiled at me with a glow so real.                                                                 Hours went by,people came and left,                                                                 nobody talks as much to me,                                           perhaps they think I`m deaf,                                          or parolised with stupidety.                                          So I listen to the clock making rithom with my heart beat,            waiting for midnight to hear my angel talk.

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Falling Leaves

A tumult of orange and russet hues,
the falling leaves of Autumn glide,
trajectories swirled in a northern wind,
to lie untended, cast aside.
From slate grey sky weeps pregnant rain,
peppers the earth with angel tears;
on the border of Winter's icy promise
the memories strip away the years.
Golden reflections fix the eye
on an innocent child of infant grace,
at play in a world of faraway dreams
in a past that is now a foreign place.
Taken too soon like the falling leaves,
veiled in a curtain of angel rain,
bestowing upon the ones who loved
rough justice of timeless hurt and pain.
Yet through gentle tears and loving smiles
a heart beats in an Autumn gale,
for the soul of a child is a sacred prize
and in love, down the years, will forever prevail.

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My Wife--An Angel In Disguise

It’s said she’s an angel in disguise.
She grew up in a small French town,
Playing on her Re’ island’s shores.
She’s a mother now, and all that implies,
Routinely going about her nightly chores, 
After working in the neighboring town.

Like many other soldiers’ wives,
Moving yet to another Army town,
She got used to packing and unpacking drawers
She followed me across the skies,
Without complaining or keeping scores.
Without ever seeming to get rundown;

Now that I’m retired, there’s no more goodbyes.
She doesn’t have to run the house alone.
Painting the bedrooms, fixing faucets and doors,
And finding other problems—SURPRISE!
Tearing carpeting off a real wood floor.
We now have a real house of our own.

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" Drunkin Tears "

She said he wants to take her baby,
   Sitting in the hospital till five am.
Crying her beautiful brown eye's out,
   But doctors would pay no attention.
Doctor's said we couldn't go in,
   They had to keep her over night.
Feeling so heartbroken seeing her ly there,
   Praying to God please let her be alright.
Being so caught up on ecstacy,
   Feeling like there's not much i can do.
Feeling helpless that i can't reach out to you,
   That i couldn't be by your side to protect you.
I told her don't cry,
   She's a good mother he see's.
That the stuff he's put you through,
   The parent you are he can't compete.
We'll fight because what we feel is right,
   Were very strong and still surviving.
We love and we love with all our hearts,
   We see a problem were quick to recognize it.
We've been through hell and back,
   But us women will never give up.
Cause well fight now and we will later,
  That's why for us women we have respect and love.
No mama no one said it was easy,
   An angel fell out of the sky and named her Elizabeth.
Blessed her with so many talent's,
   Giving her unconditional love within.
A rare and beautiful blessing,
   A women who's corazon is as golden as heavens gates.
A women who would give to the whole world,
   And not ask to give back what she gives or takes.
An independant  strong surviving mother of more then five,
   Who can touch your heart with just a lullaby.

Sharing the world to make sure your ok,
   Was that shoulder for anyone to cry.
Lent her sympethetic ear to listen,
   Craves to better everyone around.
Successful in everything she does,
  Today on that day my angel was found.

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Of Sadness (Angel of Sadness)

Today thy angel has come
Home is where thy stranger’s task comes from
Yee may never set gaze among a satisfied sun
As for my peers
Nearly every time nears
Goliath of infants
Events of a messiah fading in an instance
Love your angel of sadness
Often we dance in hopes that misery happens
Foster homes have caged our madness
Son-days exist only as consumed 
Apparently to others I appear doomed 
Damness and hell from every glance looms
Next to new found moments
Every hour now sounds Roman
So we have for every reason to go on men
Sincerely your angel of sadness

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Blessed by an Angel

An angel walked through a nursery, in the middle of the night,
she floated over to the infants, glowing in the moon light.
The babies in the hospital, were all left alone
to sleep peacefully and in quiet, before their mothers took them home
But now as they awoke, they looked up at her in awe
At the face of an angel, perfect without a flaw.
The angel smiled sadly, for they would grow up in a world of sin, 
the babies smiled back at her, happy to be in the world they were in.
One baby started to cry, suddenly full of fear
the angel quieted him gently, wiping away a tear
She started to sing, and the baby watched as she placed a hand on his head
Who was this amazing creature.. not quiet alive, yet not quite dead?
They listened to her voice, the sound beautiful and pure.
Her eyes were fixed on them, her gaze strong and sure. 
She whispered to them "Some of you will have everything you want and need,
but the rest of you will have to work, in this world full of greed. 
I know it isn't fair, that half will be happy, and half of you sad
but you will remember my image, and soon we will be together in heaven, merry 
and glad
I'll be there to help you, when times get tough, 
whether your life is happy, or your life is rough." 
The babies grinned and giggled, and drifted into sleep,
The angel was happy for them, she would not weep.
She began to leave, smiling at their innocence,
if the devil tried to harm them, she would be their defense.
She disappeared into heaven, leaving some of her spirit in them all, 
Now they each had huge hearts, although their bodies were small.
The babies would never forget this wonderful angel.. and soon they will know her 
but will they remember what she stood for? And that life isn't meant to be 
Maybe these babies, since they were blessed with the sight of an angel, will be 
brilliant, and caring people, who preach love instead of hate.
Have you been blessed by an angel? At any age at all? Maybe not.
But maybe you choose to ignore it, call it a dream, or maybe.. you just forgot.

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Love is in 
The arms of an angel 
When this angel comes 
To you do not refuse his her 
Love for this is an angel 
That was sent to you 
From the heavens above.


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Angel Song

I took a walk before a setting sun
The birds chirping all around
All at once, I stopped in amazement
As I heard the most beautiful sound

A song of worship, a song of praise
Such a wonderful melody
Just a glimpse I had to have
My eyes just had to see

Walking softly, not to disturb
Along the path I crept
My eyes beheld such a great wonder
I stopped, and with joy, I wept

I looked upon an angel choir
Singing a song so full of grace
Oh, how I wanted to join in
But I just stood in place

Since that day, I've changed my life
And when my days get long
I think about that joyful day
When I'll join in the Angel Song

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He sets his trap and lays in wait
Are you the next  Is it you fate
He comes at you with crying eyes
Do you in turn believe his lies
An angel in disguise thats his way
And you unsuspecting fall easily prey
Not always as an angel he comes to you
He bases his role on the things that you do
Some welcome him Yes Come in
And once gone readily wait for him again
These are the ones you and I call friend
They stand by our sides waiting for a chance to get in
And once our trust is in their hand
Then the rest of out life we'll not be able to stand
Is there someone in your life that casts a doubt
And are you sure you know what its all about
If not my friend watch for the tear
And if this someone lends you an ear
His trap has been set; He lays in wait
Are you the next; Is it your fate

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The veil of the under rug swept prophet part 1

Where to start
Other then in the pieces of the music of a dream crossing over into reality that 
spirals out from me
There is a truth
Not the truth of how my first last and middle names are songs sang by the greats 
of the generations of my life
but in a dream brought about by a truth
A fact of the universe revealed to me
I had conversations
One with a girl whose bedroom was in the sky
And in time she will remind me what these four powerful sentences are
The other, a man and I told him secrets of heavens and hells
And the driving force within him and his purpose of immortality to protect the 
angels from falling to this land we call earth of god's veil of ignorance which is 
How do you explain it other than a deeply routed subconscious godly issue?
You can only discover by reading between the lines of spirituality and bibles

A prophet predicted a birth in the family of the greatest gods
and this child needed to be tested to see if he would betray his family and earth 
and heavens
Which was once a garden
and somehow in what is forgotten, mankind knew of this
And realized if they knew what the prophet did of the test and gods favorite angel 
they could become gods as well

Heaven is a land of denial
A place of happily ever after
Hell was a land of the test to face
Where the undercover favorite angel was to trick a child
and now the liars burn and twist in agony 
And earth is a reflection of puzzle pieces of what must not be forgotten for the 
gods to fix
What the prophet predicted of destiny and men having an instant to become 
godlike themselves

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Gabriel's Tears

The real angel wept at 
his impostor's grave audacity, 
and sepulchre clouds gave deluge birth 
  to the acid of his eyes. 
The downpour teemed relentless, 
punishing soil and battered leaves, 
drilling earthworms in their coffins 
  to consume what therein lies. 
Then the monuments gave voice 
to his anguish gaping mouthed, 
forged of marble, moss and lichen 
  as vines in each crevice crept. 
He bowed beaten by 
her poetry, the Spanish of her smiles, 
and the sharp yet sleepy beauty 
  of her soul windows whilst she slept. 
The real angel wept 
and in his weeping did acknowledge 
that this goddess he revered 
  was to him both Heaven and Hell. 
He discharged lightning forks of prayers 
in the hope she would conduct them, 
and in electrified accord 
  feel the same for him as well.

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angels in our midst

angels are all around 
they're present everywhere
guardians of our souls and bodies 
of us they take special care
angels of the Kingdom of God
sent down from above
angels our own personal escorts
agents of God's love
they can come in any form or fashion
or personality
they are everywhere on earth
but of them, not everyone can see

an angel could have been that man
who helped you change a spare
an angel could have been that dog who barked 
and of the coming danger you became aware
an angel could have been that teller at the bank
who informed you, you're due back extra change
an angel could have been that teenage boy 
who for you held the doors on the train
an angel could have been that salesclerk
who told you that same dress was on sale down the street
an angel could be anything and anybody 
you've encountered or just happen to meet

God sends His angels 
to help us in our times of need
God sends His angels
to guide and protect us from harmful deeds

angels in our midst
of our welfare they are concerned
angels all around us
but of them can you discern?

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Seeking Existence

I’m terrified of winning
I’m scared that I may lose
When wherever I beginning
Is a place that I can’t prove

I walk into this feeling
Like an angel in a storm
As though I am redeeming
The devil in my form

I withheld the honest answers
I shared with you my ghosts
I hurt you all for so long
But I hurt myself the most

I’m terrified of living
I’m scared that I may die
There’s nothing worth forgiving
When I think it’s all a lie

I crawl back into weakness
Like a devil seeking love
And I will swallow every pretence
For the angel climbing up

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The Pain and the Rain

Under the rain I stand,
Crying and holding my own hand,

My voice desperately calling,
My body feebly falling,

Drops of rain mixing with my tears,
Creating an angel that looks at me and disappears,

 I close my crying eyes,
Trying to imagine paradise,

In vain, for my heart continues on bleeding,
I wonder where this pain is leading...

I tenderly open my eyes, spotting a light,
Drenching me, bright,

Making the angel appear again,
Taking my soul and flying to heaven...

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Angel with no wings

I'm the angel you see,
I have no wings,
Cause god has not blessed,
Been young is hard,
Everydays a new start,
For me.

I'm the angel you hate,
Cause my heart is made of pure gold,
I'm blessed but not fully,
I'm blessed but not pure,
I'm blue but  you.

My wings are not seen but i fly,
I fly on love,
I fly on grace,
I fly on the need of wings,
I fly on the thought of you,
Tharts why I'm blue.

So may you bless me with your love,
Not for us,
So I can get my wings,
I come first  and then theres you,
But you make me blue.

My wings are growing now,
Because you let me go,
And I found true love,
It wasn't from you,
Now you hate me,
Cause I've got wings.

Wings of gold,
and blue.

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Shed Your Fake Angel Wings

So shed your fake angel wings
we both know the Devil sings within your heart
run around and preach to heathens
hide your hypocrisy from them
condemn those who disagree on little things
we both know the Devil sings within your heart
what once were good intentions
have been converted to bad
you’ve lost sight of every conviction you ever had
persecute the different
while you dissent from His true teachings
attack those who disagree with your preaching
attack those who try and show your true colors
attack every man, woman, and child who practices differently from what you say
preach love while you hate
seek praise from those you berate
all you do is for personal gain
I look at you and am sad
too blind to feel your own pain
So shed your fake angel wings
for we both know
the Devil sings within your heart

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From Ur Angel (Angel of Sadness)

For my angel I miss you
If I had the heart
I’d close my eyes and kiss you
I can see you’re leaving
If life was a distraction
I’d be forever breathing
Even when my heart seemed repossessed
Still you cherished what ever it was in my chest
For my angel I miss you
If I had the heart 
I close my eyes and kiss you
Outside my window of opportunity
There was something about you
That continuously consumed me
I’ll be there for whom ever you choose to be
After all you watched me travel like a refugee
Through the flesh a pure soul is so hard to see
For my angel I miss you
If I had the heart 
I’d close my eye and kiss you
I speak of a rose petal 
That would only wither away
If I were to touch her
She’d softly say, take your time, no rush
Days would pass and our lips would nearly touch
Yet her eyes would remind me
It was merely a crush

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Sad Girl With The Laughing Face

Theres something deep down me telling me not to give up
But can i make it? I've had enough
I can't explain this pain im going through
I don't know what else to do
Moms fukked up in the bedroom
Constantly critizing every little thing i do
Daddies downstairs slowly dieing
All the while his little angel in her room crying
My broken heart falling to the ground
Memories seep into my mind
My heart starts to pound
Wondering whether i should runaway from it or die
Or should daddies angel spread her wings and fly
For now im just fighting for every little piece of happyness
None of you can see the sadness
My pain is invisible for you cannot heart my heart break
All my hidden tears are real, and my smiles fake
Through all the lies and the masks that hide it all
You cant see her fall
For im the sad girl with the laughing face

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My Angel Of The Night

Vampires. . . Vampires. . . Creatures of the night, 

they come for you when you are sleeping. 

They come for your blood! Some kill, some 

save. My Angel of the night, come take me 

away from this wicked place. Come take away 

my soul and make me yours. Make me what you 

are. Take my soul so that I can be free, 

running from the sun. We will be together 

forever. My Angel of the night, come to me 

and make me what I long to be. I long to 

live for all eternity with my Angel of the 


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A Fallen Angel

 I am thee, that Fallen Angel who is me..... 

Who was there to hold me when times were bad, and life was greedy? 

I am thee, That Fallen Angel who is me..... 

Placed in the depths of hell, that Fallen Angel Bled, to fight for everything!!! 

I am thee, that Fallen Angel who is me.....

 I cried for many years, and shed many tears,

 I am thee, that Fallen Angel who is me.... 

The years have come, the years have gone, 

this Fallen Angel has stood up, and finally free to stand tall,

 I am thee, that Fallen Angel who is me!!!!

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angel on my shoulder

as I go through this life 
each and every day
an angel is on my shoulder
guiding me along the way
and If I think to take a path
that might lead me astray
the angel on my shoulder
will show me the right way

If you've ever seen a movie or a television show
the angel is always on the right shoulder
telling them the way to go
so whenever you hear that little voice
talking inside of your head
that's the angel on your shoulder
with a message that's spirit-led

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Asking Out An Angel

I see her sitting there,
I want her to know who I am
But how do you make an angel notice you?
Can somebody more beautiful than life itself,
settle for just an average boy?
How do I approach someone so pretty,
without making a fool of myself,
as I stumble trying to find the right words to say?
Can I handle the rejection?
Or will she surprise me, giving reason to rejoice?
Can I make these shy feet walk towards her?
Or will they retreat in fear of yet another defeat?
If I make it across this impassable land between her and I,
will my voice be easily found?
Better yet will my voice be heard by her at all?
Or shall it fall onto disinterested ears?
Through my many years of learning,
no one’s taught me how to gain,
what my heart’s been yearning for
Never have I wanted anything more,
than how I want her now
But how can I overcome the greatest obstacle that stands in my way?
How do I rise above myself?
If only I could change this lacking self-esteem,
bring some confidence to myself,
perhaps then I could find a way,
to ask an angel out today

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Shadow Of The Hummingbird

Shadow Of The Hummingbird 
The light was off to the right side of me. 
The Angel had my attention first. 
He appeared just to my left. 
Forty feet tall his wings folded around HIM 
like a man wears a cloak. 
A Helmet on HIS head. 
He does not need his SWORD. 
The Sword was hidden under wings so nice. 
The light was not from this world but 
portal in the center of the universe. 
The place eye want to go when leaving mortal coil. 
Otherworldly experience was natural unto me. 
This mourning this very day eye did see GOD. 
Inn the shadow of the hummingbird that winked at me 
with wings beating imppossibly quickly so fastly. 
The Spirit of the LORD who lives in every creature. 
And loves us every one of us no matter what we have done. 
He was in the Angel of the SON last nite that visited me. 
And then in the hummingbird that winked at me again HE loved me. 
Inn the shadow of the little thing is where eye saw my GOD. 
We are all just living inn the shadow of GOD's SON. 

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Amongst the strangers that she knew, a world of such mistrust

she knew her life could get much worse, this self-destruction she must stop

before the sunsets on this day, she must seek forgiveness, it's time to pray.

I call unto the highest powers, Lord hear my cries through darkest hours, shine thy light
that I may see, the path thou hast prepared for me,

upon my knees I send my prayer, show me a sign that thou art there,

My life without you fell apart, I seek thee Lord, thy Sacred heart

I bow my head in such disgrace, save me Lord from this, my awful fate.

Through the window flew a dove, could this be the sign from God above?

the bird as it flew around, sent feathers falling to the ground

as they fell, came tumbling down, she could not speak, not make a sound

her eyes widened at such a sight, angels wings surrounded her so white

as they gently settled to the floor, she bowed her head to pray once more

Dear Lord I felt you pull me near, you sent my guardian angel here

my life can now begin anew, with this blessing I've received from you

From her knee's she began to stand, and found a feather in her hand

this feather the first of her own angel wings, she knew she was meant for greater things

 So when on this earth your feeling low, there's to the Lord that you can go

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New Beginnings

Your feelings become turmoil,
Everything you care about is gone.
Buried eight feet in the soil,
You cannot help but feel alone.

Everyone tries to comfort you,
Saying their words of kindness.
Yet tears cover your face like dew,
Your thoughts very restless.

Once you were able to feel,
The happiness of joy.
Nothing seems real,
Not even your little boy.

He was ripped away from you,
The only thing in life you had. 
Like smoke going up a flue,
Making you feel sad.

She had promised you would be,
A big part of his life.
Now you can see,
She told lies, your ex-wife.

After some time you have to choose,
To go through the pain and suffering.
Or to give up and lose,
Either way there is longing.

Everyone near you is hurt,
Your feelings causing pain.
Nobody else can have your heart,
You leave them out in the rain.

Their own sorrow you ignore,
Swallowed whole by your grief.
Your heart is empty nothing at the core,
All they want is for you to feel relief.

Those who love you the most,
Stand patiently by your side.
Allowing you to coast,
Ready for when you need a ride.

You lie awake at night,
Longing for eternal darkness.
Turning away from the light,
Embracing the emptiness.

Resisting the peace of death,
For there is still hope for life.
Passing up the funeral wreath,
Giving up all the strife.

An angel has found you,
She will be your guide.
Bringing jubilation anew,
Easing you from the other side.

On your face, you wear a smile,
The spark of life reborn.
Even though it will take awhile,
You are no longer torn.

Into the dark, you commit the past,
Purging all thoughts of them.
You can make this one last,
The angel becomes your gem.

With each little kiss,
She rekindles your hope.
Helping you forget what you miss,
Making it easier to cope.

Peace is no longer a dream,
The darkness ripped away.
Her beauty shining like a beam,
You embrace life in a new way.

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The Angel

There is an Angel in my midst, how do I know?
Well I looked down my hall way and there was an omnipotent glow
I covered my eyes and wanted speak but words wouldn't blow from between
my cheeks so I placed my head where my feet would usually go

I decided to raise my head and to my surprise 
I saw a figure that reminded me of someone I know right before my eyes
It was great-grandmother whom was sick yet hadn't died

This I thought until the phone rang and to my surprise
great-grandmother had came to see me just one more time
She went with and Angel escorted to heaven way up on high 
Although I miss her knowing she still lives helped me dry my eyes

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My World

I am an Angel and a Demon, there is nothing in between
I am your ageing shades of reason; just show me what I mean
When I hold my breath I’m in a natural high
If I hold it for too long the Angel starts to cry
The Demon takes a hold and I can only fly
If you hold me down, I’ll show you how you die

I’m a liar in denial; I will take it to my grave
If the truth will give me style, my path begins to pave
But even if I crawl away
Even if I hide away
Even when I feel okay
I know it’s here that I will stay

I’ve heard that once you realise, you’re half way there
But it’s half way that I stand, confused beyond my care
With the Angel and the Demon beside me as I stare
Their battleground is worn, but now they’ve learnt to share

Chivalry comes from love and love is in our minds
The ugly must repent whilst beauty is too blind
Selfishness breeds lust and lust is all I find
But this is in my mind
Religion held us back since when it lost to hate
By being afraid to die, you throw away the wait
Forget all time, accept your fate
But this is in my mind, this is in my eyes

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My Little Angel

Riding to a place about to make a man made choice over what God has blessed 
me with. Wondering what this little angel would look like of it had a chance to fly. 
Would it have its mother smile if it had a chance to fly, would it have its daddy 
eyes if it had a chance to fly. This are the things that cross my mine on my five 
hour drive to a place where no one knows me. To a place where they lay me on a 
table and they take my little angel away, before it has a chance to breathe. But 
who am I to say who has life or death. I keep telling my little angel mommy is 
sorry and that mommy not ready for what he has to give. I tell the good Lord that if 
he forgives me that I'll give him my life in return. These are things that cross my 
mind when I chose to make the biggest decision of my life. To send my little 
angel back home with the good Lord free of sin and without a chance to fly.