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Free Verse Food Poems | Free Verse Poems About Food

These Free Verse Food poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Food. These are the best examples of Free Verse Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Turkey so dry that I can’t speak Brussel sprouts boiled for a week Roast potatoes burnt to a crisp Lumpy gravy I feel Sick Jan Allison 26th October Inspired by Andrea’s contest but not written for it!

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Heavenly Meat Pies

Heavenly Meat Pies
Nostalgic memories - An awesome aroma And an unforgettable flavor of Freshly-baked, hot-out-of-the-oven, Magnificent, “melt-in-your-mouth,” Homemade mini meat pies.
Flaky, golden brown pastry crusts, Filled with lots of love and stuffed with Savory bite-size bits of tender beef, Cubed potatoes, green peas, bell peppers, Pungent garlic, garden carrots, celery, cilantro, Madras Curry and other fragrant aromatic spices.
Popping one delectable meat pie into my mouth, I tucked away another in my pocket for later. Every magical mouth-watering morsel, A taste of heavenly culinary delight… In my great-grand auntie’s rustic kitchen.

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Barricaded Babies

Nightmares tore her sleep with unseen teeth.
Her small thin legs in constant cramp from dream running.
She was only a child, but not the only child,
beside her, across a gap of oaken floor, in a matching bed I slept.

Whimpering brought me near,"Tell me good things," she'd say. 

"Make me sweet dreams." And I would snuggle her close.

"Warm, small, cuddly kittens," I'd chant 
and "chocolate bunnies to chomp."

The memories long gone, linger on. 
I remember her wet cheeks 
and sheets of woe night after night,
until the wee girl began to grow, 
to shield with the only things she knew food,
with food for thought and form sated
sleep came easier.

She grew through the nightmare of longing
our home, she grew to and past me
little mother, big mother,
she sang the songs of love to dolls,
to kittens, to stray dust-motes
and grew.

Too sweet to linger in the lost land 
where battles must be found and fought.
Too dear to go through life alone, 
need...garnered, family formed
upon the rack of sustenance
and the twist of genetic curdling's
she blooms still.

Barricaded at intervals from the nightmares,
cramped with too large a soul in too fragile 
a form, sister mine, friend of all.....

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Dinner Grilled and a land Forgotten

You are far away now
Off in fields of gold
Dappled with evenings hot velvety light
90 degrees of separation has dulled the sword
 eased the pain
The grasshoppers chirp in unison to your labors but they no longer ache in your solar plexus
Nor mine
What sweet sorrow is loss and gain
I now walk down the very paths I have always so longed for
 the dark rich peat paths of happiness
contentment oozes from these fingertips as I write and I wonder if happiness is poetry
Or does it preclude it all together

The night sky fills with stars 
The stars fill with fire flies that burst out of them like infinitesimal lightning bolts
jettisoned to my soul

 he and I chase storms on decks swirled in smoke
We banter and bay at one another

 you are in a field of gold somewhere
or beside  

a river bed
The smell of the wet earth of shore beneath you reaches me… but momentarily 
dismissed as the ash of the bonfire of a week ago fire or the grill of last night’s 
unbelievably tasty ribs he concocted from air for me and me alone 

but then we shared with so many

Lingers on my lip tips…the bottom edge

 I kiss him and mean it with all I am 
A being 
a re-being

Super beings are we 
and our colors wash 
upon the canvas of my life 
melding into one great magnificent us 

Spectacular are we
the creatures who so love life 
we give our only begotten selves to each other
and never ever forsake 

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Christmas, Minus One

We said our goodbyes in June,
and the months since blur into mist.
At unexpected moments, awareness
of loss hits; tears spill unbidden.

Family gathering, Christmas Eve 
as usual . . . minus one.
We quietly exchanged gifts, 
found flowers from her funeral 
crafted into hand-made jewelry, 
kaleidoscopes, treasured mementoes.

I cooked grapes today, dark muscadines.
I extracted seeds and peelings, 
and measured life-sustaining juice 
through the metal funnel she used 
from the day of her marriage.
It came to me dented and bent, 
like her body had been at 93.

I still taste those fresh-from-the-oven 
chocolate rolls after school, 
garden tomatoes warmed by the sun, 
hot biscuits with apple jelly, 
squeezed from the peelings after 
she baked crisp slices in cinnamon-rich pie.

I'm glad I didn't know then,
about being allergic to Cinnamon.

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Open Handed Thief

The birdfeeder hung on a narrow limb,
away from deck rails, discouraging squirrels.

No problem for the little robber 
who raided the feeder day by day.
Repeatedly, he climbed onto a tender branch, 
inching forward until it bent, riding it down. 

Each trip, he leaned off and dropped freestyle, 
disappearing inside with only a furry tail visible.
He emerged with both cheeks bulging , 
and sunflower seeds scattering  below.
On a continuous march of palm-less thievery,
the brassy chipmunk mouthed his loot home, 
adding to his cache.    

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rice fields look the same except for this one; this one who knew me before i was born… and lying on her fertile belly, she remembers how the moon would lift its anklets to flutter in light ballet steps, tossing our mist of evening’s bamboo for drops of rain to moisten skin of gentle beasts. * * through incantations for creatures gathering in a bonfire of twitters and jousts, a carousel of birds wheels in a rhapsody, then takes flight along hems of air whisking tiny lanterns near the shore, while eggs of rivers crawl on amber clay: how beautiful can she be! her crown heady, full of starlit winds that which closes and bares ever daringly… i must have twirled with her on a cradle of blushing petals swirling oh so feathery, as if in a womb of constellations only she can dare name and bequeath grained glory * * i wake up for some reason: dusted flakes on my eyes collect this one spectacle of tryst with my rice field where i have become different, as my head ceased throbbing in sweet surrender, perhaps, claiming the very floor of my navel in ripened harvest. *thanks to Franco Gonza for this collaborative work... Jared Picket's Collaboration Contest nette onclaud and Franco Gonza

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Guardian Of The Environment - Indigenous Peoples

For several thousands of years
you upheld the sacredness of Nature
avoiding wanton destruction 
of plant and animal life
taking only what you needed
since their sacredness was 
just as important to you
as the sacredness of humanity

When harvesting wild rice for food
you let some fall into the water
to produce crops for the future
Surrounding a pack of wild sheep
while hunting in the mountains
you let a male and female escape
so by their reproductive process
they would ensure the
continuation of their species

You saw yourself as part of Nature
living in harmony with it
and not plundering it with greed
Your religion was to respect Nature
viewing all plants and animals
as parts of its magnificent fabric
Abuse of a part of it was
an abuse of the whole

Your way of life 
provides valuable lessons
that can teach mankind how 
to deal with today's ecological crisis
that threatens the survival 
of all life on the planet
You were the genuine
Guardian of the Environment

I have always admired the way of life of the Native American Indians living in harmony with Nature before the advent of the Europeans. By extension, this applies to all indigenous peoples including the Amerindians and Polynesians. This piece is dedicated to them. 

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Onion of Passion - A Blitz Poem for Poetry Soup

Onion of Passion (A Blitz Poem for Poetry Soup)

Start with an idea
Start with an onion

Onion on a cutting board
Onion from the crisper drawer

Drawer of firm vegetables
Drawer of future soup

Soup to feed the poet’s soul
Soup to cure the common cold

Cold days feeling uninspired
Cold nights feeling over tired

Tired of the same same same
Tired of this empty feeling

Feeling compulsive
Feeling hungry

Hungry for a poem to come
Hungry for some hearty soup

Soup flavored with Whitman’s marrow
Soup that starts with his sort of rawness

Rawness of starchy emotion
Rawness of aromatic images

Images of stiff green celery stalks
Images of bright chunked carrot snips

Snips sautéing in olive oil (dash of salt!)
Snips of memory softening

Softening and blending into metaphors
Softening with those onions now translucent

Translucent as distant dreams
Translucent as childhood kisses

Kisses snuck behind the bushes or
Kisses from great grandma

Grandma gave this life recipe
Grandma said to let things simmer

Simmer with love like chicken stock
Simmer then add the bag of herbs

Herbs are like adjectives
Herbs like just the right verbs

Verbs of action rather than being
Verbs like heat and sear and cook and flavor

Flavor the soup
Flavor for sharing

Sharing ourselves
Sharing is why

Why we cook these chunky poems
Why we cook anything

Anything at all
Anything  with passion

Passion and heart
Passion pulsing


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Coffee House

My coffee, my house,
   cinnamon and hint of clove
      in a full bodied french roast...
 acrid, bitter, pungent deliciousness
 wafts thought the air 
      before even the eyes are open
         the buzz of conversation over
             the tinkling of spoons stirring
                the clanking of cup on saucer
                  the shooshing of steamy cream
                         into cappuccino
 a lush, rich aroma,
 with the feeling of rightness
            around the edges
                 like a cozy blanket of comfort
                    wrapping around your shoulders
 Sipping in silence,
      watching the sunrise,
          simple serenity to start the day.


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Red Wine (Reflection)

Have you ever had sweet strawberry wine?
    Delicious fruit from straight off the vine
       The heady taste….a love of mine
            Delicate and tempting me
              Of summer sun and free
                 Have a glass and see
                  Shimmers of light
                   Glimmers bright
                        Star sight                         
                         I might
                     dream delight
                   September night
                  Ah…this fantasy
             Of that crimson berry
        Two chilled glasses-you and me
      The heady taste….a love of mine
   Delicious fruit from straight off the vine
 Have you ever had sweet strawberry wine?

I call this form Reflection
Lines go from ten syllables down to one then one syllable back up to ten
With a rhyme scheme of aaa bbb ccc dd ccc bbb aaa and the first three lines
Are the same as the last three lines.
Inspired by Mr. Michaels original form contest

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Dreaming on a Diet

Young, tender and succulent
Smothered in cream
Yellow fluffy omelets 
Garnished with herbs 
Eve's pudding bathing in custard
- temptingly -
Mushroom risotto
-a gourmet delight -
Served with green salad
plus chips and icecream!
A glass of white wine - Pinot Grigio
slightly chilled
- decadence -
Madness sets in - slowly
I imagine how happy I'll be when I'm slim
A young flirty lover
With lips made of chocolate
Just waiting for kissing
Delicious and sweet
Courting my taste buds
- disgracefully -

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To Weak To Cry

When I think of the plight that children face all over the world
I just want to cry
Hunger starts and ends their everyday
As many of us continue to waste away
The scraps that we toss could save a child’s life
I’ll tell you the human race is nothing nice
We have no problem spending trillions on war
As children starve to death outside a millionaires store
They put locks on the dumpsters to keep them out
To greedy to give what they are throwing out
I watched a show just the other day
That showed Children just wasting away
Right there in their mothers arms
As I ate my giant bowl of lucky charms
Pirates raiding off the Somalia Coast
Because their children’s eyes are hollow as a ghost
If my Children were starving these words are true
Captain Hook wouldn’t hold a light to you know who
I think in the overhaul scheme of wrong and right
Mankind in general has lost all sight
Could you imagine kissing your child’s last breath?
The rich get richer as they starve to death
So as you all tuck your kids into bed tonight
Kids all over the world will lose their fight
They will simply lie down and die
To hungry to fight to weak to cry

Shelters that feed the Hungry are in every
town, when was the last time that you gave
something. No person is any greater than the
depth of their compassion. To give is to receive
for there is no greater blessing in this life. Keep
what you need and give the rest and the Lord will
make sure you never run out. God Bless, MJ
Written for Sami's contest

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The green checkered face

I take firm grasp of the handle
My goal reflected in the steel of the knife,
I put the knife to its green face
Its' checkered skin;

I flex my bicep, grimace with thirst
I remember the day’s troubles, 
The day’s triumphs, And I cut
The blade breaks the rough surface
Shatters the smooth oval,
And sinks deep into the soft redness beneath
Juice flows over my hands, and I forget my thoughts,
I reach in and take firm grasp of its heart
I wrench it out with red dripping fingers
Slobbering it into my mouth
The sweetness of the watermelon sends my heart racing with joy
And I reminisce that I had forgotten the plate.

P.S, for those who may not know, the sweetest part of the watermelon is the heart (hence 
reaching for the heart)

© Samir Georges

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Baking Up Banana Bread

Sugar, sugar, butter, stir. 
Whip it, whip it, whip whir.
Crack, crack, egg white crash,
Tap, tap, yolk splash.

Beat, beat, beat, repeat.

Sifting flour, mashed banana
Taste the batter, I bet you can-a.
vanilla splash, cinnamon sprinkle.
Oil sprayed pan starts to twinkle.

Beat, beat, beat, repeat.

Then we pour it in a pan and we wait, watching the bread rise.
Then we watch the bread rise and we wait, heating up highs,
Then it heats up and cooks and we wait with wanting eyes.
Then our eyes want it and we wait, wait, wait...


I want some now,
Banana smell escaping,
So good that scent,
My mouth is gaping,
Time as slowly went.
I want some now!


Until the pan has cooled and the butter melts on top.
A steamy hot piece on the cool plate has a plop.
I cannot wait anymore, the waiting has gone to my head.
I must I must I must, eat up all of this banana bread!

For Contest: Rhythm Poems
Date: January 07-2015

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fresh peaches

Broken fruit stacked forward, with
their tender lip-soft skins 
scuffed among her unspoiled sisters.

Lonely is the unripe peach
hoping to be chosen,
turning her sun side out, beckoning, 
longing to be washed and tasted, and
not knowing of her immature bitterness.

They always reach back 
for the fresh loaf of bread 
at the back of the shelf.

its not the same for fruit.

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Not Satisfied with Crumbs

I will NOT be satisfied with the crumbs
That fall from your banquet table of love
I’m here to have a gluttonous feast
Don’t….Don’t insult me with tiny morsels
You throw my way
To entice?
To tease?

I’m to sit at the head of the table
My rightful place
And eat and drink to my fill
To satiation’s upper limit
My heart and soul, YES, my BODY nourished
With the eclectic fare of delicacies
You serve
For is that not
The kind of feast
You are used to having from me? 

I slave away for days on end
To prepare and offer to you, my King
The most scrumptious repast
And you leave MY banquet table
With the decadent savor 
Of my sweetness in your mouth

No, this will not do
Until you tempt my appetite
With the fairest of delights
Don’t you dare think
That these mere crumbs will do

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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the flying monkey

there once was a flying monkey who didn't know what to eat.  so he ate the old scraggly poop hanging from his butthole.  His friends thought he was weird but i didnt. i do that all the time.  it tastes good.

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Blue Cotton Candy

life should be about
nothing more than
swirly upside down rides
and blue cotton candy
for in the end
pasts can’t be taken back
only relived
and the truth is
I’d rather live
with my blue tongue
than die
with the past’s
bitter taste
on my lips.


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At A Loss For Words

My mind sighs blackberries 
and a moonstruck melody 
plays along my spine 
as I soak up the fruited juice 
of I love you coloring your lips. 
The cherry blush of breathless, 
And a smile amid the wash 
Of blueberry eyes, should indicate 
My intended reply.

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Any Ideas?

Well what should I write about tonight?

Should I write about what I did today?
Should I write about my shoelaces?
Should I write about doing laundry?
Or Should I write about what I'd like for breakfast tomorrow?

Maybe I should ramble about how the school day went.
Maybe I should complain about my room being dirty.
Maybe I should name off the food in my kitchen.
Or Maybe I should just talk about my hair.

I wanna talk about what I'm learning on guitar.
I wanna speak out about my inner issues.
I wanna yell a crazy rant.
I just wanna blow off some steam.

I wish I could take a bath with a girl right now.
I wish I would've finished my homework.
I wish I could shoot ice from my finger tips
I just wish I had some soda to quench my thirst.

There are so many things I could say right now!
But I just can't seem to decide.
I'd probably get some pretty weird looks
If I told you what's all bottled up inside.

I'm everywhere and nowhere in my head
Ideas and thoughts bouncing left and right.
Too bad I can't seem to think of anything.
I was really wanting to get some feelings out tonight.

Do I need to shave in the morning?
Should I go to the music store after school?
Why didn't I grab matching socks?
What does the weekend have in store?

I wish I had something to write about.
Any Ideas?

Eh, I'll think of something tomorrow night.

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Fallen Sand Castles

 Hope built upon the sand
as castles before the waves.
 Heart filled with Puppy love
and hymns sung beneath
Daddy's watchful eye.

Nothing Holy remains
Happy a forgotten word.
Love drowned in Jack and coke
before he was thee years old.
No harmony in that  house
that house not a home.

Her health a poor excuse to stay
a good excuse to leave him home.
Praying no one would see.
My hand on fire as it closed
on the frozen food.

Filling my pack ~ without looking
Hungry doesn't care
as long as it's fed.
A starving beast~ wild
Anything a feast
after three days.

Afraid of getting caught.
Pride a terrible thing.
It always grows before the fall.
Tonight we eat like a king
in a land of milk and honey.
Pigtails and peas with rice.

Never knowing he knew
till the end.  ~ Grateful
that he understood.
wishing  I could change things.
Ashamed of my actions.
Sometimes sand castles fall.

Holding a feverish hand I
laughed until I cried.
I should have thrown down
that foolish pride. I could have had
steaks and chops too.

I still have the old key
He passed to me.
I hold it in my hand sometimes.
The old  freezers long gone.
I Hold on to  it remind me.
Sometimes Sand castles fall.

There isn't much a parent
misses. Hidden in our eyes.
Remember that and remember too
that The good stuff is locked away
But  that Daddy shares with all!

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You Are My Sweet Treat

Unwrapping you
With pure delight
Placing you in my mouth
Velvety smooth
A subtle seduction
Melting effortlessly
In the heat 
Of my oral orgasm
An indulgent treat
So succulence and sweet
An addiction or temptation?
Sucking eagerly
Seduction of the senses
All I can have, in this moment!
The wetness of my tongue
Searching, my sugar sweetened lips
For the ever lasting remnants
Of a 'Hershey Kiss'

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Love, Yes Love

Never much money did my grandpa have,
but love, yes love, was all around,
his weathered skin, and calloused hands,
showed the world, he was a hardworking man.
With a tired old mule, he plowed his fields,
planting his crops, so all could have meals.
No Food Stamps way back then,
just neighbor helping neighbor, time, and again.
All the children had chores to do,
before the rooster crowed, before they left for 
Five little children, their hair so white,
walking down a dirt road, imagine the sight.

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PoetrySoup …

I Was Heartily Welcomed… As I Sat At Your Table
By:  Carol, Sara, Carolyn, Dane Anne,  Moses, and Abel
               Tim, Leon, John, Michael, Jim and Yoni
               Deborah, Krista, Adeleke and Charlie
   …  James, The (Two) Ruben(s) and (The Quik-Composer) Raul
   …  and Many, Many More, I Love to Hear At Dinner-Call !

                  The PoetrySoup …

… It Has Member – Mushrooms
Chew and Chat Lunchrooms
Delectable  Hors d'oeuvre
Every Ear-Full… Heard
Every Mouthful… Taste
Spoonful of Gourmet Grace
Voila’ Words, Don’t Waste
Simmer-Slow and Baste’

In Dug-up, Sweet Potatoes
  Ripe Food for Thought Tomatoes
And Onions, That Will Make You Cry
Artichokes and Lemons that Squeeze – ‘til You Die
Garlic and Oregano Are Just Some Suggestions
And Here’s Some Mint… for Your Digestion
Parsley to Parley and Jive-Chives, Just Keep Stirring
But There’s No Clam Chowder, Shrimp, or Herring

A Dash of This… A Dash of That Seasoning
A Pinch of That and Sprinkle This Reasoning…
On The Side with the Mustard and Relish, so Fresh
Are the Cucumber-Contest and Radish Requests
And I Can’t Forgo the Tongue-in-Cheek Puns…
Your Laughter is Passed Around, like Hot-Buttered Buns !

…  Poets … Are Proverbial Peas In The Pod
The Harvesters of Herbs-Heard, in The Garden of God
so... Salt and Pepper to Your Superb Style
Did You Say Cheese, Please ?... ( Full Mouth Smile !)
There’s Hot Chicken Broth, When You Are Cold
Everybody Knows… Its Good For The Soul
And All That’s On The Human Menu… It’s In There !
… Even A Mother’s … Tenderized Care
Like Campbell’s Brand… Its Umm… Umm… Good !
The Aspire – Asparagus, I Took… I Understood
So, PoetrySoup’s Cupboard is Never Bare
And There Ain’t No Bones, No Medium, Just Rare
And On The Star-Burner… Is The Savory Meat
So… Grab A Heartbeat-Bowl… and Bona Petit’…

Yes, Thank You, PoetrySoup
(You’re Up There with MoonBee’s FruitLoops !)

It Has Been A Pleasure Getting To Know You All 
Thru Your Beautiful Expressions, Coming Straight
From Your Warm and Welcoming Hearts

God Bless You......


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The Children's Bread

Freshly baked every morning,
Even at noon and in the evening,
In different shapes and colors-
Some dense, some light
Some like desert manna
Some flat, some leavened
Some long and whole
Or sliced in small pieces
Some cooled, some hot
So soft and then some hard
With such Heavenly aromas
Served at the Master's Table
Of chairs, booths, benches
And cushions for tired knees,
Healing is the children's bread.
They hunger no more for worldy feasts.
Even their dogs eat the fallen crumbs,
Sometimes portions from their hands;
As the children drink Living Water,
They thirst no more for bitter fountains
And sources of a soul's diseases.
On earth the Master tabernacles
With us for many days of Heaven.
Within without we are healed
And given our daily bread.

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Head Chef

The special today,
is Tom's Stew,
more than enough,
for all of you.
Homemade bread,
with garlic, and chives,
real butter without calories,
dripping from the sides.
Strawberry Shortcake,
heaping with cream,
fresh from scratch,
right out of a dream.
Eat all you want,
get happy, and stuffed,
take some with you,
he insist you have enough.
Open all night,
his lights always on,
place your orders,
before it is all gone.

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where the black white shadows 
pond and melt 
her dress 
flutters around the 
pronounced scimitar 
of her neck line. 

Eyes whisper 
with a syllabically thick accent 
as if cold were a ham-fisted lug 
emerging from the 
yawning dark mouth 
of the cabin behind her 
pressing his hands 
with the grip 
of a dying man 
bracing his last breath 
with each 
light blue, 
half moon 

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As Canadian as hockey,
Beer or maple syrup and 
More than a donut shop,
A deli or a café, 
Tim Horton’s is
A commons.

Where tired people
Slide into seats
Then loudly sigh.
The vinyl is still
Warm, thanks to 
The last customer.

Some chat or
Argue about the weather.

Two meet, a first date,
Eyeball a couple having a spat
Across the restaurant,
Then nervously eat soup,
Over crumble their crackers,
Choose to say nothing.

A student works on her thesis,
Her laptop perched on the
Small table beside a 
Forgotten bagel. 

A man, about eighty,
Flirts with a younger woman
In her seventies.

Others read newspapers,
Circle want ads,
Read obits out loud,
Share comics.

We gather here
Before church and
After funerals,
During rain squalls
And snowstorms.

It’s open
24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

I once saw a groom
Snazzy in his tux
Stop for a double-double.

You can easily find one.
I counted four
In a five minute drive,
Some are within
Walking distance to 
Each other.

They are in hospitals.

A woman, empty-eyed
Faces a black 2 a.m. window.
That paper cup she’s holding
Is filled with tea and shock
Both grow cold 
In her even colder hand
While in the seat
Across from her
A new dad beams
As he gobbles
Tim Bits.

Canadian soldiers
In Kandahar cheered
When Tim Hortons
Set up shop on 
Their base.

For them,
For us,
It is the taste
Of home.


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It's America’s favorite sandwich spread,
No doubt,
When you ask any kid or adult, what 
They would like in there lunch box.
Natural response good old fashioned P.B. 
And J.
White bread, wheat, whole grain,
It really doesn't matter as long as
 It's creamy or chunky style.
Jiffy to general label just put that
On the table and watch them smile.
Forget about cutting off the crust,
Or any of that fancy stuff.
Just keep your fingers out of the way,
When it comes to feeding a bunch of
Hunger kids just stand clear
Until the inner hunger beast is satisfied.
Then mom can bring in her
Essential tools for clean up detail.
It's been prepared so many ways,
Toasted, fried or even baked,
 Assorted mixtures, layered textures
Some people even put bananas
Or mayo with it.
Myself call it a personal choice,
I like it regular please no extras.
America’s favorite sandwich it's
Stood the test of time.
By the way it's on my shopping list
 Again Peanut Butter and Jelly,
I wonder why?


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Sweet Banana Splits

Egyptian flavours
Candie's; chaste
Autumn's shaved
Ice French vanilla
Cream; covered in
German soft milk 
Virgin Italian
Cherries; soaked
Coconut rum
English toffee
Pineapple bits
In our mouths
Swirling intoxications
Asian strawberries
Spanish caramels
African mints
Dipped, in Autumn's
Native cream.

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A small chicken more like a fryer
One with all its innards
When the pack was opened
    Out came two necks, three livers, two gizzards
                 No hearts?
There has got to be a poem in here somewhere____

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Making A Meal Of It

Crudités, fresh, piled high and swaggering
From the market, bought this evening.
Thrusting carrots, earth still clinging,
Crisp cos, perky peppers, piquant roquette,
Rude red radishes, cucumber firm,
All in cool clear water washed,
Droplets sparkling on their surface.
Want to dip them in my hummus?

Temptresses teasing, to whet the appetite:
Oval curves unending, singing:
“Start with me”. Oeufs en cocotte,
Yellow yolked white winking coquettes,
Lovely lazy daisies, out of work, hors d’oeuvres,
Swoon to my eager spoon.

Taking a breath, your mouth’s alluring smile,
Eyes meet, hands connect,
Hot and cold shivers thrill.
An amuse-bouche:
Burning ginger flavours a cool sorbet.

How d’you like your steak, sir?
Rare, seared, visceral, red,
Caressed with oyster mushrooms wild,
Crushed peppercorns, randy brandy
Added accents to saucily seduce the palate,
Juliennes strewn prettily around the rim.

Velvet to the tongue,
Come, taste my peaches,
As moist flesh yields sweet warm juices
Merging flavours with wanton,
Whipped, drifting, dreamy, creamy domes.

Stimulation of the mocha and the mysore beans
Offering their perfume to enchant the air
As we sip, laugh, talk and glance,
Flirt, flirt and flirt.

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The Gingerbread House

Come and live with me
be my spouse
savoring chocolate kisses
in our own gingerbread house.

With four walls
a roof, a door, a window and swing
a pure culinary delight
painted with the sweetest of icings!

We will add more rooms
scented with ginger delight
add love stories
lovely as a ginger bite!

Built by the candy cane rainbow
there will be a vanilla side
and a chocolate side to show
such a lovely home for the holidays!

You and I in our gingerbread home
on a street of peppermint
in the front yard a gummy drop gnome
with pineapple face and blueberry eyes...

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Trust In You

At the tender stage of relationships,
the hand offered, lips not kissed, the bloom
of inner soul tautly wrapped 
just one more red rose bud to flame open,
women who are yearning for affection
see the bamboozle offered by the slick
as just one more abomination
to learn about love.
They show their distrust with scorn.
They attempt to cast their gaze away
but if touched lightly, as if dusted
with a light snow, they cease to struggle
as if they felt just, too, too cold.
They turn up lips, curious to see the taste
of someone kind, someone soft.
If cherished like every velvet petal of rose,
inhaled, enclosed, caressed, enraptured,
the relationship is no longer in doubt.

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truffle heaven

I take 
Sunrise in my hand
and let waterfalls
slip through

Cupping sun in my palm,
letting it spread over 
dark and gorgeous

embracing the sun,
enveloped by 
melting buttered warmth

fire comes into play
melding everything together

a swirl of yellow goodness
and brown desire
mixed with passion

then the wait begins...

...and ends

as chocolate love
is touched by
gentle hands

warmth oozes 
through hands
as love melts

so let it roll
in powdered softness

to break the fall...

take one bite 
of pleasure

just pure bliss
truffle heaven~


--nikko :)

for nette's anything handmade contest

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Why Bananas Help You Sleep

Bananas are
As a rule
Fun to have around
All yellow and soft
And curvy
So delicious when they're peeled

They'll ride around with you
All day wherever you go
As a rule
Without complaining
Apart from the odd occasion
When the journey's been a little long
They’ll hint with their own particular perfume

At the end of a long day
You lay the banana
Face up
On the pillow next to you
It smiles

Should you fall asleep
It will still be there
In the morning
A quick snack before breakfast

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Apples and Cinnamon

~ Flour on her hands, and centuries on her elbow Fingers balance a 'hand-me-down' dish, Roosting deftly on finger-tips, high in mid-air Lovingly she spins it, magician's hands twirling Trimming the edges with flourish and flair A bit like Da Vinci' ,…a small tool in hand Skillfully carving, as a blade skims the rim Pieces of pie dough, will soon drop away She is shearing the excess, and trimming the dough That turn into ribbons…wouldn't you know? You must use every scrap,…meaning just that!.. Waste not, want not…each morsel a prize Rolling them flat to large walnut size ~ Spread thick the butter…nothing is better A sprinkle goes here, a sprinkle goes there Cinnamon sugar, please don’t be spare Baking till golden, toasting next to the pie A preview of magic, a taste of delight How does she know it, ... this magic voodoo? Lessons in chemistry, from so long ago She had watched this drama unfold in her dreams Unfolding and playing on her memory's screen This silent black magic, will play once again Although the old soundtrack, worn of it's skill The warmth of old memories, will never be stilled… Don't bother to ask, for recipe pages It is magic at best....., so priceless the task So sprinkled with love, and has passed through the ages

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Pioneers had to cut down thousands of trees
to build their shacks and to stay warm
in harsh winters; we cut them down
for huge profits...not caring about 
the devastation of deforestation
that soon will cause floods and landslides.

When Nature dies, everything that embellishes
the lovely and green landscapes dies with it;
a land without shrubs and trees is a desert
with miles of cracked soil that rain won't saturate
and make vegetation grow to attract humans,
fauna and flora to make everything lively. 

I have used my keen sight to describe it,
and instinct to anticipate the dreariness to come;
doesn't joy derive from something grown,
and beauty from something seen and admired? 
But where's the commitment that all should make
to keep our land a Paradise for everyone to enjoy?  

We should profoundly lament when Nature dies from neglect
and abuse...hear the sorrowful cries of fowls and wolves,
of other animals that used to roam and graze
on prairies and wild meadows on breezy days;
and how can we survive without the crops 
in due season? Won't we perish and disappear like Nature? 


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Chocolate Milkshake

A fine meal we had this evening
Somehow though it was not fufiling
My mind keeps slipping over to the Dairy Queen
Holding a frozen chocolate milkshake taste sensation

Sensual and creamy with a sweet decadence
Offered in four flavors for the exotic pallet's satisfaction
The calories hold me in pause, will power stand fast
Keys jingle hand on the door knob.....

Choco' lota ecstasy!!
Varoom varoom!!

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After Dieting

After Dieting Me, finally free I’ve untied my hands And let them explore Greedily Soft and rigid Hard and pliable Textures and smoothness, Merge Grabbing a succulent treat My fingers grip The lurid wrapper Twist I shovel the chocolate devil Through parted lips Madness consume me A.D.
For Dahlink D Guzzo's contest

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My Food

I want pizza,
from the pickles to olives,
I crave some food,
from pepperoni to cheese.

I want macaroni and cheese,
from elbow pasta to rigatoni,
I crave some food,
from cheddar cheese to parmesan cheese.

I want ice cream,
from chocolate to strawberry,
I crave some dessert,
from whipped cream to a cherry on top.

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There you are
Red, black, and gold
And in the wind
Your dress uplifted, the tease
Of hungry men appetite
For I have looked up your tree
With jealousy
At birds beaking your breast
And felt my tongue
Its passion flaming
Longing to lick your fatness
Like a plate.

O so intimate are my desires
From the plump fruit in blushing skin
On beds of onions and pepper
Where you intertwine your nakedness
Around the fish stripped bare
And salt like a lover's sweat
I still your aroma can recall
From under the sheet 
Provoking a child's pasion
On Christmas morning
And a boy's fancy forever
Through the hunger of manhood.

Let the bounty come again
I do not care
What rebellion brought you to my house
Nor what evil report
The tattlering tongue will tell
Of some benign toxins
With which you break the heart of men
And mothers
My table is your welcoming arms
I am addicted to your love
Night and noon or morning soon
When upon my bread you swoon
Or perhaps cajoling with that half ripe breadfruit
Whose glory is the fire
You stoke so tenderly my desire
And bring to climax
The beauty of the moon

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Euphoric Chocolate Explosion

close your eyes
and lay back
Open your pleading 
salivating lips
While I drip
melted chocolate
from a warm spoon 
from my teasing finger tips.

Smell the aroma
your senses ignite
for the guilty pleasure
your will can no longer

Savour the smooth creamy texture
swirl and roll over your delighted  tongue
Soothing your cares away
lost in the moment
your taste buds lavishly excited
in the endorphins throng.

Pleasure divine
on which to dine.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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In late October the reddest moon didn't change its phase,
it remained in the same spot to watch the witches' ballet;
the loud music matched the mood of the mystical night: tambourines
and flutes frantically played; sneers, jeers, giggles of the ugliest witches
mixed with the goblins' roars while they danced around a huge, hot fire.

I smelled a foul odor, the wild dogs feasted on a bloody oar,
" Leave some for us, or we'll turn you into bats! "
the hunched witch snarled with menacing eyes,
but they roared and threatened her with sharp teeth,
then Olga began to speak Latin words to cast  
a spell on them and before it worked, they fled.

Glad that they had left, she dragged the dead animal
and hung it on a long rod to roast on the sparking fire;
hungry witches continued to dance with forks and knives 
in their hands, anxiously waiting for their Halloween treat.  

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Russel Sivey's contest,
" The Ultimate Halloween Contest "
10/5/ 2012

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Good Luck Meal

I pounded, pounded, pounded, not in that rock 
on pop gun sort of way, with a tinge of smoke 
after the sudden spark, keeping me well amused,
but in that bam, bam, bam, meat squishing
and flying in tiny bits so you wonder if everything 
remains sterile way that the Flintstones would have liked
And the Italians, too, dousing it with lemon
And wine until you see stars as you wobble
And pucker up for the kiss, that comes or not,
And that is always the way it begins, with elbow
Grease, tastes offered to any taker, welcome smiles
 and songs and company, and then the luck 
shows up, smelling faintly of singed cabbage, turn-about elbow 
noodles dangle from their lip and the heady sense
that you were there that day, all aware. And life made good 
your meal of effort by offering a swallow of champagne.

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No More Breakfast

I gave up breakfast
Not because I needed
To lose girth
Nor any extra

Nor because the time wasted
In feeding
Could have been better 
To solve the problems of the

Not because the eggs 
Are high cholesterol
And the chicken sausage
Created from
Hapless victims in their 
Sharp metal cages
Who never knew a
Better life

I gave up breakfast
Not because 
I hold any grudge
Against sunny beaming faces
Babbling cheery “g’morning” 
In the dark  demented winter of 
An empire in decline

Nor because 
The aroma of fresh cooked
Serves up wistful memories of 
Childhood innocence 
Raped by the scam of
And insatiable adult

Not because the grapefruit
Citric acid 
Contributes to gout
That precipitates
Kidney stones
And leaves  a grown man
Crying in a simulacrum of 
Childbirth pain

Not because
Nor because

No more need for morning meals
When your awakening kisses are 
For my soul

And your warm perfume
Sprayed upon my lips
Transcends any butter roll

No more need for a morning beverage
Nothing orange, tomato, nor lemon

And your golden breasts are my 
Made from flesh
Made from Heaven 

I've got all of you in the morning
It’s a feast of your skin and hair
And the breath of your love 
In my open mouth
And the taste of your love
In my open mouth
No croissant could ever compare.

I gave up breakfast
To make love

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all my life I ate bad things

all my life 
I ate 
bad things

I have made a resolution 
never to put bad things 
in my mouth again

each day
I now find myself 
having to redefine

what is
bad thing

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Consumer Complaint

Stop resenting me
For the way I shop
The things I do 
To make sure 
My  food is fresh

I confess I feel blueberries
In my fingers
To make sure they are firm
Not too ripe

I confess I shake 
Cans of spaghetti and ravioli
So that I know 
The sauce is not 

I confess I pull  frozen waffles
From the back of the freezer
Less likely that they thawed
And refroze into 
Oddball shapes

I confess I smell trout
Before I buy it
Placing it against my nose
In the most unabashed 

Spare me your hate 
About my consumer habits
When I know it has nothing to do with

As long as I bring you warm release
In the darkness of your desires
Pull your tangled hair the way 
You like 
Bite your darting tongue 
In mad hunger 
Deep appetite

As long as I reawaken the 
Primal animal hidden 
Turn your heat into a river
For a long passionate

As long as I attend quickly to your
Every lusty command
The craving of your nympho

Then  I can squeeze french bread
In quiet and peace
I can sniff cantaloupes
Without suffering ire 
Or grief

I’ll take you tonight 
In that filthy way 
You like

Until then

Leave me alone 

I’m shopping.

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Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip  (cut-out poem)

for a
at a discount
where the majority
of shoppers
cuddly puppies
watch time 
fruit & veg
stuffed pork rolls
mousse dessert
exquisite sweetness
demanding palates
quality costs less
sweet luxury


Author: Paul Callus ~ 16th March 2014
Contest: Cut-up Poems/Word Collage
Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot
Placing: 7th

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Cookies-Food For Thought

Cookies -
Why can’t I have the chocolate one
I want more
She took my cookie
Hers is bigger than mine
I want to trade
That’s not fair

Cookies +
Thank you for the cookie
I love you
Thanks for all you do for me
I am satisfied
This is good
I am loved
Written By  Deborah Finneran :)  2013

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Lemon Bars

I tried the lemon bars
My wife made from scratch
Lovely 'luscious lemon bars
The first taste of heaven
Hit my brain like a coke
Snorter's high seen on TV
Then the taste kicked in
Like a Missouri mule,
Galloping down my swallow tube,
Like swans swimming 
To the sea. The substance,
Oh the substance spread
Its sublime satisfaction                                                                                                 
Simply everywhere like
Season's first snow falling
On the outstretched tongues of 
Enchanted winter children.

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If I had lied like everyone else who achieved their goal,
I could have spared myself an useless headache,
and it seems late to realize that my honesty caused a mess!
There was a table for two sweethearts
in the finest restaurant, my first date supposed to have been perfect
with all the enthusiasm and the sorrounding athmophere:
a boutique of roses and scented candles! 

The girl's name was Amenda with big eyes of sapphire,
the boy's name was Andrew a little outspoken but funny;
everything went smoothly, the food was superb and the waiter
with an Italian accent was humorous and helpful,
but happened next is something nobody would believe.

Amenda had too much wine and started to talk non-sense
asking me, " What kind of work do you do?" 
I promptly replied, " I am a chief ! " and boasting with pride,
silly words flowed from my mouth, " You should see me
in my uniform...everybody loves it! "  Amenda with angry eyes
yelled, " Everybody...including the dumb blonde
and the red headed who order food just to see you? "
I jolted as if in a powerful earthquake, " How do you know that? "
But she with a malignant glance exploded, " I saw them
flirting with you while they waited for their order! "  

" Oh, pretty boy, you brought me here to listen to your aspiration,
I must be stupid enough to believe everything you say? "
I stood up, pushing back my seat and swore, " I never intented to lie,
Amanda...I am sorry for getting you upset, and if my honest caused a mess,
I apologize with all sincerity. " Ah, you even mention the word sincerity:
here's you reward, fool! " And splashing a glass of wine all over my sharp suit,
she left...while the crowd started to laugh, thinking it was a movie scene.  

Here's my deepest reflection on telling little, white lies,
" Guys, on your first date...don't say what you actually do for a living,
invent a profession that brings in tons of money, like a surgeon or attorney;
go ahead and have fun, and the more excited you get her,
the more she'll believe you...who wants to be a loser on his first date? "

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Magical Cookie Jar

Please give me a cookie,
I want that sweet and sugary,
Melting in my mouth,
And not trap by a mouse.

It’s my cookie jar,
Coming from that’s old man’s heart,
That leaves mine warm,
When he gave it to me and calls me “sweet child”.

I was dreaming with that magical taste,
He has so many flavors to take,
It was a day just walking by my grandma’s hand during sunrise,
And she knew that old man with the magical surprise.

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Greatest Party Ever

You my friend are invited to the greatest party ever
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D. C.
It’s the frigging White House man. Gnarly to the max.
The Prez will be out of town speaking at some political event.
The man dearly loves to talk, he should be a TV talk show host.
All of the old gang will be there, except for Bubba and Buddy.
Bubba is in the county jail and Buddy is on the run from Johnny Law.
I’m going to barbecue some burgers and hotdogs, tasty stuff.
Wear your best running garb cuz, if the Secret Service dudes
get wind of our fest we will have to leave faster than a flash.
Get ready for some fun son, music by Boogie Blue McCool.

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Not long before I put down my dirt filled hoe
Into my yard she quietly crept
It’s as though she knew I needed her cheer
She was rust colored and sadly matted cat
Not the most attractive feline I’d ever seen 
But she was lonely and hungry, and in need 
Of course immediately my Mothering instinct beckoned 
She followed me to where I poured some milk for her 
Not ever having a cat I didn’t have cat food on hand-
So I opened a can of tuna to her delight 
She lapped it up and looked up at me with a smile 
The next day there she was waiting and the day after and so on 
I had found a friend 
So I went out and bought some cats food 
She was now mine of at least I thought so 
Who could have ever done such a thing?
Leaving her to the streets? 
I bought her flea collar and bells to wear 
Soon she would just sit on my lounge chair waiting for me 
I had to bring her into the house she still looked so frail 
One day while she was eating I noticed her choking on her food 
It continued so I made an appointment to see the vet 
It had to be done anyway after all she was to be mine
While we had our visit and the saddest moment of my life came 
The doctor said she had throat cancer and it was advanced 
Our friend Tabby didn’t but a few weeks to live 
So my husband and I made the pain staking decision  
To put her to sleep 
Tears poured from every corner of my eyes
“No” was all I screamed inside she had brightened my life  
How could someone have left her alone?
The Vet felt the previous owner knew about her condition 
They left her to suffer knowing she was so sick
I felt we at least gave her 6 weeks of love and care before she left this place 
I will never forget the love and championship this rusty feline gave me
Months later my family and I adopted another cat Tabby showed us- 
The greatest love and companionship that animals give you unconditional   
We now have two wonderful cats that were adopted
They bring so much to our lives

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The Big Easy

The Big Easy

Brash lady of the south, home of jazz and blues,
party town USA, brawling port of the nation, 
melting pot of cultures, the city of Hope,
and Queen of the Nile of the Americas....

.....She's the Big Easy..

Yes, I know there is Bourbon Street where you rub shoulders with pimps,
prostitutes, drunks and movie queens,
And, you stand shoulder to shoulder and jostled and fight for the cheap beads 
thrown from a Mardi Gras float,
Walk the narrow, crowded streets and listen to the mournful moan of the blues, and 
the rhythm of jazz being discovered as it drifts through the narrow alley ways,
Feel the sweat and the clamor of the docks, with the exports
of the nation being loaded on the mammoth
ships for all the world.
Sip the strong coffee and wash down the beignets, savor the dripping poboys and 
famous oysters Rockefeller, and smell the aromas of the seafood preparer of the 

She is the queen city of the Nile of the Americas - the
mighty Missisip'

- don't apologize for her being
a lady of the streets,
the birth place of jazz
the queen city of the mighty river of the nation
good food,
fun time
fast people....

She's the city that never sleeps,
The play town and work place of the nation,
....A lady like no other lady.....

.....She's the Big Easy.

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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baking soda and vinegar

elementary science 
we watched with wide eyes
baking soda and vinegar
a little red food coloring
emerge from a clay volcano
the foam erupting
moving fast
mixing these catalysts
consequence happened
our lives
like baking soda and vinegar
cause and effect
a mere chemistry experiment
some of us
not well-rounded chemists
make quite a muddle of it
not ever getting the concoction
quite right
i am convinced
some are not born chemists
maybe just decoration
red food coloring

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sea salt shaker

when my body is done
put me in an oven 
and bury my ashes in a 
sea salt shaker

scatter me sparingly
as you would 
a fine condiment
in a recipe
into your daily life
during its preparation 
so that 
we may add the flavor
and the texture 
of the past

when it is all gone
can refill 
the sea salt shaker

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Alphabet Soup

Alphabet soup served piping hot
                              In your bowl ladle up the lot 

A Poet Destroyer stirs up the soup  

         While A Nathan joins in the diverse group with his works

Michael Ainsley joins the conglomerate 
                                 with his poetic alphabetic tricks

Who in the bowl floats up next

        Daver Austin a music whiz laying out stanzas quite appetizing

Which letter would I like to see now
                 Maybe some who have come and gone quite recently

Therese Bacha who pours out her soul

                               Poems written with passion and emotion into the bowl

James Fraser whose romantic and passionate lines

          Filled the bowl with affairs of the heart

Now they've gone missing from the soup pot


Sponsor: Yasmin Khan
Contest: Meeting The Soupers
Written on October 31, 2013
Poet: Sara Kendrick

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I'll diet tomorrow

Hanging clothes on your exercise bike, driving to the corner store
Taking the elevator up one floor, snacking while watching TV evermore.
Eating ice cream out of the carton, overloading the dinner plate
Eating sweets and drinking sodas, always wanting to exercise just a little more?
I'll diet tomorrow.  Hospital appointment and you get examined by a young nurse
half your age.  The dreaded words take off your shirt-no sucking in the
belly flab now.  Your fat and exposed and somewhat embarrassed.  The room is
cold and your sitting fat and old.  Professionalism is not to comment on the
subject at hand.  She's done and you race to put on your shirt blaming the
coolness of the room.  The doctor comes in and reminds you that even losing a 
few pounds will be beneficial.  On the way home you stop by a fast food drive through
and order a mega size meal for lunch with the big BIG soda.  Driving home
sucking up that bubbly sensation of sweet sinful satisfaction you make
a mental note to self.  I'll diet tomorrow.

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Spoilt for choice

For those fortunate and more prosperous of us today
as consumers we have too much choice
we are spoilt
and  nauseatingly throw so much away
While so many have little or no choice at all
and face starvation everyday.

It seems immoral and unjust
that so many poor people who need it most
have little and life is tough
But the rich have too much and more than enough.
I often when shopping can't make my mind up
and buy things I really didn't set out to buy
out of frustration
with  little hesitation.

I feel so fortunate I am one of the lucky ones 
but I'm always mindful and try to help
for as for choice
have non.

With the rise of food banks the like little seen before
With large ever increasing cues at the door
While the greedy rich get away without paying tax
Many struggle to pay bills and have debt upon their back.

It's the same old adage as before
the rich get richer
and the poor get more poor.

Gandhi once said after coming to this country. ''These people are living in paradise
and don'y even now it''. when he saw how much we had.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.march.

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You are Chef Number 1

I ate your meal
which you made for me:
looks good
hard to resist

Such meals for me only
I can hardly believe that is true
I can't wait for more

Forgive me
I need to stay at my bed
your food is so good
it can knock anyone down

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One Wish

As I close the door behind me… I stand upon the porch.
Every day I leave here… becomes so much more bitter sweet.
I found the money yesterday so I could pay my note,
But what about next month or the others sure to come.
I raised my children faithfully under this old roof, and…
Memories abound, like the raindrops that hit upon my roof.
Yes, I admit leaving here will cause a little pain.
But the day-to-day struggles have striped away the gain.
Where once I held on steadfast… now I waiver on that thought.
Instead of seeing comfort, now it’s the struggles I have fought.
The food upon the table… outweighs the comfort of this house.
But yet, my heart still bleeds for what will soon be lost.
How to tell the children… it will be hard at its very best.
I’m sure they’ll rail against it and cause me more pain, yet.
But I can’t expect them to understand, this old grownups shame.
I promised to protect them… so today I’ll continue on my search
A job or a little money may pop up from anywhere, you know.
All I have to do is keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.
God will provide eventually, even if it’s a step, or two, or three down.
Every day as I close the door behind me and I stand upon this porch…
I say a little prayer and add a little wish…
May tomorrow find us better off than here we are today…
And may others please be helped like us… as we try to make our way.


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Boy You're Strong As An Ox

<                                     twenty ~ nine ~ little .... words
                                       ok ~ now ~ let ~ me ..... think
                                       already ~ here ~ we ..... go
                                       apples ~ bananas ......    oranges
                                       carrots ~ lettuce ........    celery
                                       milk ~ water ~ and ....... juices  
                                       helps ~ develop ........... strong
                                       minds ~ also................ bodies 

Twenty Nine Little Words
Ok Now Let Me Think
Already Here We Go
Apples Banana's Oranges
Carrots Lettuce Celery
Milk Water And Juices
Helps Develop Strong
Minds Also Bodies

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The River

A quiet foggy morning. The river lies low.
A lone fly -fisherman is hoping to catch a trout.
Ripples and waves,
trickle and play.
The trees stoop over the water.
Reaching for their drink for the dawn.
A squirrel.
Nibbling the hickory nut away from its branch.
Appetizer on a limb.
It’s breakfast ,
wilderness style.

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Lifestyles of Four Tropical Birds

Pretty pink plumage, Roseate Spoonbills delightfully spooning.  

Majestic Osprey…hatchlings chirping in the nest,
Fishes flip in parents’ talons, fast food, flying free.
Homestead refurbishment, the parents never rest.
Incubation has become a pleasant memory,
Perched on a pinnacle, proud parents, near the sea.

The Great White Egrets, 
Leisurely walking, talking.
Reminiscing.  No regrets.
Wading warm waters.
Fear for future hatchlings’ cry.
Diminishing, wetlands die.

Purple Gallinule’s graceful gliding.
Survives gators; quickly hiding!

© May 9, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: For (Four) Beautiful Birds 	
Sponsored by: ~ Constance La France ~ ~ A Rambling Poet ~ ~

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Mama kitty

There she is mama kitty waddling across 
my sidewalk, to the stairs she comes.
Chasing all the others away so she can
enjoy her breakfast in the quiet.
They, all sit lined up while she gobbles
every bite down and drinks the bowl dry.
She than meows loudly turning to them
letting them know she is now done!
The kitties all run over to the dishes lined
up straight as can be to find all are empty.
She sits proudly trying to wash her belly,
face and paws as she watches them meow.
Than to their delight the big door opens and
out comes the keeper with food for all.
After all the bellies are filled with all the good
yummy food off they go in every direction to sleep.

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in a nut shell

       ''A nut, what else but''?.

        Peter Dome.copyright2012.

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After a day of shopping for (but not finding) a red dress

I wanted to offer you a drink
refreshment after a day of grinding labor
respite from the heat

so I peeled and chopped some fresh words
squeezed a cup of tangy words
an eggshell full of frothy words
a sugar cube of sweet words
a jigger (two) of tipsy words

and blended them vigorously…
then slowly…

the swirling spiraling fluidity
attention and care

Inspired by tenderness, moved by passion
mesmerizing patterns of
subtly shaded sustenance
sparkles of fire ironically flashing
from crushed iciness

When I reached for my pen
to pour it all out with
that demon of bygones
who lives in the attic
decided to bark.
I was startled and jerked
Pavlovian dancesteps
toppled the poem
which spilled on my desk
and my lap
and the floor.

Damp with frustration
blotting up sorrow
nearly surrendered to stainedness
the voice of the giver
who’d set me in motion
reminded me of
ample drops that remained
full of the essence of

drink deeply
drink and be well.

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The Scent

My thoughts turned to the scent, the aroma 
                                                         alluring aroma that drew me

Then, oh! the shape which made me want to touch, hold, caress
                            taste..Oh how sweet upon my lips, tongue

coating my teeth and mouth with pleasure.
Just a little warmth from the mint infused into your sweet sticky stick
                                              Old Fashioned Soft Peppermint 

Lickerty split in a few seconds gone, left__ only a vague memory...  

I found some soft peppermint during Christmas which brought back memories of my dad who enjoyed that kind of Peppermint Candy...

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     H- hide behind, Hot Coffee
     O- offer one and sit down
     T-  talk, with delight found 
     C-  coffee cup from which I sip
     O-  overture of digestion, very quick
     F-  feeling better and here I sit
     F-  forensic negative in a pith
     E-  easy place for a donuts to dip
     E-  ergonomic well grained hit

     H-  here your worries drown
     O-  only one, now sit down
     U-  understatement of the year
     S-  steadily sipping with-in your peers
     E-  everyone enjoys hot coffee at the COFFEE HOUSE

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New Age Chemical Warfare

Memory, oh sweet memory, 
Lost in dizziness, but found.
Excite my brain to joyfulness.
Pain is sometimes lethal.

Memory loss is just one warning sign of this war.
Add to that: headaches, depression, oh, the mental pain.
Numbness, insomnia, heart palpations, and more, begin slowly.
From whence comes your sweet deception?
My bones ache and I cannot breath in life's memory.
Lost in my own fantasy with dizziness.
Imagining a chemical warfare against the masses.
Common folks like you and me but subjugated peons.
Mushy brains found among the young and innocent thin.
Excite my brain with your pondering, my muse.
To you, I owe this mysterious inkling.
A powerful infiltration, a plan concocted by the enemy.
Chemical warfare on the home front, disguised as pleasure.
Marketed among the unsuspecting –

Aspertine is thy name oh great deceiver
In the name of sweetness, mental acuity dies.
Freely given to the soldiers in Desert Storm, diet soda! 
The Plan: Conquer a great nation from within.
Infiltrate every aspect of life in a well-laid plan.
Thus, food and drink may lead to a nation's folly.
Slowly slipping away our freedom to be US. 
Quietly.  Unobtrusively.  Ingeniously.  Irreversibly!
Joyfulness, visit me; remove this pain for it is great.

Chemical warfare kills.
Sometimes, we close our eyes.
But we must not.
Lest it becomes lethal to our free nation –

© March 17, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Et cetera Free Poetry 
Sponsor:  Debbie Guzzi


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Fluorescent Wasteland

salt flats
stretch for miles
in grocery stores
chip isle, frozen foods
seven and thirteen, respectively
reflect their shine
of white light

all organisms dried up,
fifteen per cent more, but lacking
in this pre-packaged
where nothing ever grows
or dares to walk without
a list to double check.

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Sausage or suya

                 Sausage or suya* ?

Sausage or suya ?Give me the latter;
The craft of maisuya* is grand
He cleans guts like a housesitter,
Weaves all like caterer’s fondant
Liver, kidney all in a meaty bag
Smokes same like german grill
Variety often delights my heart,
Give me suya,I wish to laugh.

Sausage or suya? Give me the latter;
Freshness is the soul of my taste;
Suya my peppermeat,how it warmness
Emmits spoilers out of my nusery canal;
It herbal spice  breaks all within with ease,
Onion, garlic playing their soldiering roles;
Give me suya, sound health,  for all I care.
Sausage or suya? Give me the latter;
I will rather befriend that which I trust
Than blend of other that is short in trust
Who metamorphses horse to cow in factory
And fixes a damsel to hail same on screen;
She bites and gets a chuckle; but what can ,
What can be more inviting than the aroma 
Wafting in the air,diffuses from suya spot ?

Sausage or suya? Give me the latter;
Suya I know, what is sausage?

*Suya is barbecue, Maisuya is the seller

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12 Days of Baking

12 eggs a cracking
11 prawns a peeling
10 potatoes baking
9 cookies crumbling
8 cheery cherries
7 sweeten oranges
6 cheesy caulies
5 gooooooooolden loaves
4 turkeys roasting
3 puds a steaming
2 happy hams
brings 1 Christmas feast for my family.... 

Tracie Edwards
For P.ds 12 days of xmass contest

Please note we dont really have 4 turkeys lol :D

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a dog with out a name

It rained again last night, as he woke up from the muddy dirt
he always sleep in.
As he stretches out as far as he can, ouch he said my body hurts
me so very bad again.
The bowl for food and water remain empty, and the grassy areas 
are so far away.
No home anymore the home I once had seems so far away it makes
me so, so sad.
I am hurting so bad I just want to stay in today so no one will be
mean to me.
I search the trash cans, dumpsters all around this town when people
see me they say ‘get out of here’.
I runaway as fast as I can while I lay down to rest my body, legs and
paws the food was thrown out.
my belly is groaning, I am so thirsty,  can’t remember the last time
I had ate any real food, all I eat is stick, twigs and grass.
Lonely as much as a dog can be, not one person reaches their hand out
 to me.
Night time came and he settles in for another lonely sleepless night.
Now all that remains is a small grave with the words that someone had
written, here lays a ‘dog with out a name’.
It's sad it was to late for this dog I now named 'Jake' no more pain,
hunger or thirst for him.
Rest in peace my Jake and we will meet you someday again.

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Pride and Predators

Even predators have mothers
and with the soft mewling eyes of infancy
they search, search for the breast of mother
the beak, the tooth, the talon, the claw…
Children worldwide hunger.
The small weak voices and stone dead eyes calling out
to those who have…
Mothers making stone soup.
Mothers giving of their own body the last
remnants of harsh life as the haves
go on safari’s or to zoos to
feed the animals.

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Soy Sauce Spills

Soy sauce drains 
Into the white, clustered rice
Stepped on…
spills . . . 
Soy sauce taints
The whiteness of the grain
 It slips out of my hands
No point in crying out in rage
Though I was starving, 
I'll just eat another thing and start on a new page

I'm hungry like a swine
I wish I can earn back my snack!
I'm as angry as a bull
I'm about ready to attack! Attack!
Soy sauce packages
Fall unto the dirty school ground
Stepped on
By bratty, conceited teens
They really need to eat their greens
Instead of junkfood and pizza
They should drink some water
Instead of drinking sugary drinks or
 Sucking on popsicles obnoxiously
Why did the soy sauce spill? Seriously....

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Your Presence

Your presence I feel oh so near, it help me to relieve 
some of my fears of all my everyday cares, I feel your
presence eveywhere.  Whenever I walk down the street,
I can feel the patter of your feet.  I can feel you walking
next to me telling tales of what I mean to you and thinking
about all the things we used to do.

Your presence is so close, it's as if I can smell your fragrance
right under my nose.  I am thinking of your smiling face all
next to mines, telling me how you will love me until the
end of time.  Your presence is oh so strong and as I travel
throughout this day it lingers on.  When I decide to stop and
dine, it's as though I feel your hand right next to mines.  

When I sat down to eat, I can see your eyes staring into
mines, and you sitting there sipping on some wine.
Your presence means so much to me and this is the
way I want it to always be, me feeling you and you
feeling me until forever and eternity.

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Food, Sex, and Money

Come back to reality
the fuel line, source, and parking head
you cannot embellish 
what has energized for millennium
Don't water down what must be devoured
Zeal in its proper input/ output
True depth of cave man passion

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The piper comes for role modelless

He inhaled his addiction thinking my children wont follow my pathway
He failed his mission his son in school made a hollow clay ash tray
She e mailed restrictions left her checks on her birthday
Daughter swelled with conviction got pregnant on her first date

Consumed with the pursuit of material acquisitions
Doomed to leave our youth in undesirable positions
They assume kids will follow rules led by contradictions
Then resume subconscious abuse with parental indiscretions

We must cover the ears of our innocent
The piper is near with his instrument.

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Tis sore int' thwait
wi mor'n a few folks a gippy

loose tha's snap as M'pessons well
n tek sum brass from t'watter

na its nowt but a mickle midden
but them folks as a good un, narry a one of 'em flit

tek thasen a gander
but the's nowt in Eyam save 'plague

It is bad in the village
with more than a few people sick

Leave your food at Mompessons Well
and take some money from the water

Now it's nothing but a big mess
But the villagers are good people, not any one of them has left

Take yourself a look
but there is nothing in Eyam except the Plague

The village of Eyam in Derbyshire was hit by the plague at the same time as London (1665), 
the villagers self imposed a quarantine to prevent the disease spreading any further, the 
surrounding villages left food at a well near Eyam, in exchange for money which had been 
left in the vinegar filled well to clean it.

For "Sista's Bloody Sista's" contest run by Deborah Guzzi
Honorable Mention

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We all scream for ice cream

Icy, chilled on the ivory
melting in the harbor
from the tongues warmth
but forces cranial hypothermia
thoughts frozen solid, pain
escapes through cartilage
frozen treats adored but
dreaded from it entering
the gates but as it does 
residents scream for ice cream

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Poor Turkey Not again

As if thanksgiving wasn't enough
being a turkey 
is pretty tough
One moment your in a green fiield
getting fat
with your family and friends
Then your life comes to
a nasty end,

As a cruel farmer
with a huge axe
made of Sheffield cold steel
sharpens the edge
upon a grinding wheel.

Moments later
you lose your head
you can't google now more
your as naked as a bull frog
your clothes are on the floor.

Millions of turkey's
Are going to die
and end up on a dinner plate
or in a pie
they claim
turkeys have tears
in their eyes before they die.

Think I'll stick to sardines.

A turkey should be fore life
not just for Christmas.

Poor things.

Peter Dome.copyrigjt,2013. Dec.

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Thanksgiving Family Tradition

My sons eyes opened wide, 

when I pulled on the slide,

 on the airplanes opening door partition, 

I had took the time, 

without being sublime,

 to explain the Reith Family's Thanksgiving tradition, 

Maybe he had thought it pure jest,

 his bulging eyes processed, 

as his parachute opened, he wore a look of derision,

 His body had spun, 

his look registered stunned, 

like this was some kind of unreasonable decision,

 It was expected of the youngest born,

 before Thanksgiving morn, 

to bring back from the nearest forest, a bird,

 after a mighty and fierce war, 

with piles of blood spilled galore, 

he registered a look,

 that I mistook, 

as if my demands were patently absurd, 

After the last desperate howl, 

of the game but defeated fowl, 

he would drag the beast back to where we were living, 

and as hard as he was able, 

slam it down on the dinner table,

 and holler loudly, "To all a  Happy Thanksgiving"!

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Cherry Thief

Cherry Thief
 Dear Cherry,

Ontop of my shake you set in red glow,
you looked so delicious and vibrant,
I wanted to take you between my lips 
and taste your sweet juices. But then, you 
were gone. Before I knew it, someone took
you, and he held you between his perched kisser.
I watched as he savored you tender moistness with
delight. The last time I saw you, you were gone
with a swift gulp of his greedy throat. Goodbye
beloved fruit, you were so quickly taken that
we didn't have much time, to even say hello.
Perhaps we shall meet again one day, and 
when that day husband wont be 
near you...

(LOL..just a fun little poem)
5/24/14-Jessica Thompson

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McDonald's Only Serve Sausage and Egg McMuffins Up Until Half Past Ten

We’re watching Saturday
Morning cookery
On TV; wide-eyed
Amateurs impressing
Mock-military judges
With parcels and fools
And baskets and coulis
And ganaches and jus.
My wife likes a recipe
And asks me to record
It for posterity and for dinner.
But I couldn’t care less
About eggs julienne
Because it’s coming up
To half past ten
And my head is screaming
“Run for the muffin!
Run for the muffin!”

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Sunday Dinner

Tiny lambs gamboling in the field
Wild and free with nothing to fear
But all too soon will come the day
When you are fattened up and way hay hay
Roast lamb and mint sauce for a Sunday Dinner
Poor little lamb is the loser – my tummy is the winner

Jan Allison 
20th April 2014

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Pig in a Blanket

Pig in a blanket?
never heard such a thing before
until that is
I saw a dinner menu
posed by a pub door.

I had visions of a cute little piggy
with a curly tail all snuggled up in bed
dreaming of rolling in mud
and piggy thoughts running through
It's head
But I  found out it was a sausage wrapped in bacon

Unbelievable but true,

Peter Dome. copyright.2013.

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Pumpkin Cheesecake

What a conundrum By this, I mean the thought of You You tickle at my taste buds Take me hostage, by death of sweet Tooth Can you even stand to blame me When for so long, I've been Lonely? I hate to be such A girl, but I miss the sense of Touch He used to sneak up behind me, laughing "Guess who?" as he covered up My eyes But I don't quite miss him so much As I miss his affection, as I miss being the focus of Attention Is that so wrong, To want something to cozy up with on A freezing, mist- filled morning? You Scream comfort, like the bear I've had Since I was three And with just a hint of spice You beckon me Into your steamy sauna, fog loosening my Dress Afterwards, you cover me with your Own jacket, unlike the smelly hoodie In my closet that was His (That I just don’t have the heart, Though it’s been months, To throw away) So for now, I’ll just pretend that I’m not staring At this plate, imagining the Person I could create if you were once personified Food is the best aphrodisiac And Looking at you, I know I can’t go back Because I have to wait for someone Real to make me feel this way Someone quite like you, pumpkin cheesecake

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Christmas Everywhere

Is it Christmas everywhere?
Christmas parties and stuffed teddy bears.
Songs of merry Christmas delight.
Snow covered rooftops glowing at night.
Gifts of sparkling diamond rings.
Christmas memories and special things.
Holiday feasts and decorated doors.
Chocolate covered cherries, Oh! Give me more.
Trips to the mall to buy gifts galore.
Paying with plastic I depleted my stash.
Let us make a loan I need more cash.
Is it Christmas everywhere?
Are you sure without a doubt?
Because some poor child this Christmas will be without.
Give hope and love.
Give prayers and faith.
For those lonesome people on this Christmas day.
Is it Christmas eerywhere?
With war overseas?
People dying and starving,
and no shoes to cover their feet.
Is it Christmas everywhere, with so much poverty?
Families who go hungry, with nothing much to eat.
What about the homeless and natural disaster stricken lands?
It would make this Christmas merry for the wealthy to lend a hand.
With death and crying, and cold and mourning,
an unfortunate road to a path with no glory.
Oh! What a very sad Christmas story.
My home is my castle that shelters me,
but don't forget the homeless that beg on the street.
So, make this Christmas merry if you're able to give.
Share your heart with someone and allow them to live.
The best Christmas will be without a doubt,
God will bless you for giving to those who are without.

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Grandma's frog fry

I recall my southern reared grandmother
Telling how good frog legs are to eat
Tastes a lot like chicken
Can be quite a treat

She sent me down to the farm pond
To fetch some frogs to fry
With gig in hand down to the pond I trod
To give frogging a try

With hot earth burning my bare feet
I formulated my plan
I gigged me some husky brutes
Enough to nicely fill a pan

Threw them in a tote sack
Over my shoulder that old tote swung
Back up the path I quickly ran
Envisioning the taste upon my tongue

Grandmother came to clean them up
Golly, did it ever make a mess
The blood and all that goo
My appetite it did depress

Tossed those frog legs in the hot skillet
Where they began to fry
The legs began to twitch and jump
One from the pan it did fly

Landed, still twitching, near my feet
With that, out the door I flew
I swear that until this very day
I have not given one frog leg a chew

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With Chocolate I Fudge

With chocolate I fudge.
It is so enticing -
a lesser sin among the New World addictions.
Mixed with sugar, it is impossible
			to resist.
Chocolate is beyond the habitation of sugar plums.

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Carnivore's Dilemma

Bare, it’s clean, does love exist?
Scraped clean, who deserves such confused?

Death row veggiies , marrow delight?
Slaughtered for our feast?

Bacon cheese- burger
Defiles humanity

Ask me now
Does love exist?




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My Sister's Diet Coke

My sister sips diet coke
Gets her day going that’s no joke.
It even helps her dream of the Baroque;
Dazzling her eyes while frying her egg yoke.
And folks this is no smoke
It makes her strong as an oak,
While floating like a butterfly stroke
Whenever she drinks her chilled diet coke.

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Harvest Hymn

When we were born into this world
we were crafted to fit together.
Fragrances of us enchant.
A seductive spice we long for and
find everywhere we nestle.
In loved ones ears, eyelids, neck, 
lips, arm pits, breasts  and yes 
an enormous bright balloon 
rests on our playful hands.
Outstretched— fills the whole sky
We're holding the Harvest Moon while
it bursts bright on crops in the darkest dome 
and incubates with night light
the chants that sing the harvest home.

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Soup Kitchen Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at the soup kitchen
where everyone has a story,
lives of pain and sorrow
spend the day eating fine food,
comforting friends of the street,
and advising mothers and children
long subjected to abuse.

One sees God in the face of
their neighbor as life's 
leftovers of humanity strive for dignity
remembering table manners they
may have learned, passing the food,
not taking too much.

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Ice Cream Day

Sticky vanilla drips over his tiny pinky.
Rainbow sprinkled lips smile gratitude.
His face dodges mother`s attempt to destroy his delight.
The waffle softens in his palm,
Teeth clenched,he devours soggy leftovers.
It is a global warming sort of Ice cream day.

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Chicken Adobo (Epulaeryu)

                                                       Sauteed garlic with ginger
                                                         Sear the chicken thighs
                                                       Add vinegar and soy sauce
                                                              Atop Jasmine rice
                                                               Smell the aroma
                                                                 Rich blend of

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Hunger Warning

     Hunger Warning 

Family and friends are first to go
Then the teeth and hair
Weight loss due to hunger
Is guaranteed
Begging for food is against the law
In most communities
Hunger is not a crime but should be
I’m looking for my other shoe
Something delectable to chew on
If you have it bring it back
I licked it in the morning
Who knows what you might contract
From someone as low as me
Return it please and let me starve in peace 

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Orange Ya Glad I Didn't Say Banana {Whitney}

                                                 they hail from
                                                flowering trees
                                                warm climates
                                               juices so sweet
                                                 for it's seeker 
                                       who loves citrus sinensis

Thanks Sir Joseph Spence 
For Teaching Me This New Form
Hope I Did This Right   LOL

The Whitney poem is a titled, syllabic, one verse form created by Betty Ann 
Whitney.  It has seven lines with a syllable pattern of: 3/4/3/4/3/4/7. The form can 
be written with or without rhymes.

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If Life Was a Cookie

If life was a cookie, it might be chocolate chip
Filled with sweet bits of chocolate so gooey,
Homemade, though, with bitter parts unbaked
And sometimes might feel a mite too chewy.

If life was a cookie, it might be vanilla
With sugar sprinkles as a glittering cover,
But underneath, sometimes you'll find
A burnt underside, after turning it over.

If life was a cookie, it might be oatmeal
With raisins or chocolate--your choice.
Choose one or the other; it's your life
But taking a risk will lessen life's joys.

If life was a cookie, it might be cream-filled
With monochrome colors, like an Oreo.
We self-segregate for petty reasons,
Why? We don't really know.

If life was a cookie, it might be Chinese,
A fortune cookie, golden and wise
Flavor depends on the person who eats it
And fortune to those who look inside.

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Looking past the mannequin

We want to instantly harvest the fruits of our aspirations
But cant stand perspiration
Planting seeds steadily that form no roots lack of dedication
Easily led to frustration

Afraid that we may stumble so we drive
Where we should walk
Our tongues sometimes to humble like unalive
When we should talk

We see the paint but unfocused the picture
Then want to critique
Thats like entering a bank wanting a loan to be delivered
But credentials weak

Skipping various portions of the alphabet
Vocabulary needing those discarded consonants
Skiing without caution then comes regrets
Like killing and leaving the evidence

Compliments on the mannequins fashion
Disregarding the behind the scenes action

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French fry and hamburger soup

AKA:  Happy meal soup

Brown hamburger meat in dutch oven
Add fresh chopped potatoes and let fry
Add seasoning to taste such as salt, pepper(achoo!), garlic, onion, etc.

Add one package frozen mixed veggies
add one can tomatoes and okra, peas, and/or corn to taste

let simmer for at least one hour the longer the better on low heat.
Add water to keep from sticking as needed.
Serve with cornbread and watch the family smile!!(happy meal)

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Go Figure

As the dust floats on moisture laden air, fog like and heavy
Vultures circle in a narrow tornado shaped pattern
Catching those upper air currents and ride the waves
So do the jets _ride the airways of the sky
Jets consume fuel leave waste of gases and particles
Vultures use no fuel but carrion which they consume
Cleaning up the earth's dead
Then deposit manure to fertilize the land
One designed by God and the other by man
Go figure...

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Heavenly Bacon

Bacon oh bacon you greasy little devil,
You have my full attention when i hear that frying pan sizzle.

Your aroma so intoxicating, Your taste is just pure bliss, 
Each bite just keeps getting better my head spins like the Exorcist.

You're the duct tape of the food industry cause you add that extra flava,
I don't care if i'm going broke i'm hungry , for you i'll pay that extra dolla.

My belly is content I have a smile across my face,
Bacon oh bacon when I eat you 
you take me to my happy place.

By: Shawn Munoz 
Inspired by Kevin Sheehan

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This is How You Eat a Poem

Take the letters as topping in pasta Then relish the words aromatizing, basil air, reminiscing. Dash some pepperoni like commas fill the hesitant gaze but not as overwhelming as EE Cummings’. Lick the poetic sauce, twist the erudite fork like how your head searches for luscious meaning and its sense finally hits the palate you say Ahhhh! and fondle your stomach. (c) Glenn Sentes An Entrant into Joe Maverick's OCCLUSION Contest

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Coffee good,
Hot or iced,
I take it either way. 

In the morning, 
Or afternoon,
Any time of day.

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Please help me today!!
I have walked for so long my body aches.
I travel these roads with my big back pack.
I wish that I had my old life back.
Life dealt it's cards in one short day.
I lost it all but I will be okay.
I carry this cross along the way.
I'm tired of this journey but I have hope.
I clutch my bible, a way to cope.
My cardboard box shields my head from the rain.
I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain.
I walk through the seasons of hot and cold,
with no promises to keep and no one to hold.
I'm lonely and tired and I feel so weak.
Days go by with nothing to eat.
Teardrops fall and I wipe them away.
I have no one to call and nothing to say.
I close my eyes and begin to sleep.
No dreams tonight on this hot city street.

It is very real. Is this really America? For those who don't notice are those who don't care. 
America has a real heartbreaking problem that needs to be fixed.

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The Grace To Grow

The Grace To Grow

Through peril in its intact 
We have every reason by which to over react
The Grace to grow;
Many a shoulder to cry inflate the ego

Through our hard stance with fate
We lock our doors & protect out faith
In long lines at the store lest I emplore
Shades of trim left for me to begin

In oscillating ivory towers a man from Mars
The Grace to grow
From a little seed next the full grain blown to harvest once again
We can plant a seed deep enough through troubled waters come among

Shades of gems crimsome with rubbies
The cedar as a way of illumination
Perhaps I'm in need of a break on some long awaited vacation?
The Grace to grow

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Disturbance at dinnertime

she sails
into the restaurant
with her volume, voice and vibes
her huge waves
disturbing every conversation
her loud laughs
Interfering with existing atmosphere
her empty words
bouncing all over the room
her massive  presence
sharks the whole place
at last
she sails
out of  the harbor
that wasn’t hers
fresh wind blows
and everyone shows
it is  now our happy hour

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

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You came to me In My one moment of need When I was most Fragile When I was at my most Weak I was fourteen and all Alone, left on broken, bloody Ground You held my hand till I could Breathe. I found shelter in my Skeleton Now I can't let you leave Through thick and thin Tough Skin and brittle bones, when all Else fails, still you Remain You built for me a refuge made Of hungry, stretched-thin Walls And through the windows Of My obsession, I've come To like my sick corner of Earth My upside-down lens makes light Of logic's grimace, Tilts it to a wicked smile And I can't help but feel Safe In the arms of the Disease that holds me tight In what most would Call A chokehold

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Be Thankful

Be thankful for the planet we live on.
Be thankful for the families we have.
Be thankful for the countries we live in.
Be thankful for the money we earn.

God gave us peace on Earth.
God introduced our moms to our dads.
God gave us many cultures to learn about.
God gives us skills to use wisely.

Be thankful for our special gifts.
Be thankful for rich and poor alike.
Be thankful for the food we eat.
Be thankful for the clothes we wear.

God gave us talents to share with the world.
God cares for the rich and poor;
No more or no less.
God gave us clothes to keep us warm.
God gave us food so we do not starve.

Be thankful for the homes we live in.
Be thankful for the transportation we use.
Be thankful for the children we love.
Be thankful for who we are.

God gives us shelter to keep kids off the streets.
God gives us cars, planes, and trains to get around.
God will soon make these children leaders of the future.
God made you and He made me.
We are the leaders of today.

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And no

think of bread if you come 
and no false hopes 
and no bad humor 
and no long silences
and no sorrow 
I would like reinvents itself 
after a few glasses of wine

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The alterior motives conqueror

He's the product of a ladies man
He knows how to take command
Grab her hand
Livening up those strolls throuigh the sand
And for you he will speak to the sea in a voice so deep
It could lull troy to sleep
Although nothing will become of it you"ll love it
Since he did it for you in public
And now your defenceless
To his sexual advances to his advantage
He's not a player but a slayer
Wants her body for unmusical chairs
So young ladies stay youthful  be aware
More wolves than sheep and they bleachin all they hair
This beast that roams these unleveled streets
Has many names like hidden grief
Or he who eats but wont provide meat
The one who sleeps like born without feet
The passive addict with an aggressive come down
Your babies baggage that dont never come around
Mr no benefits and no working background
Or Mr she's headed east He's tryin to meet her westbound
He's that monster that would even ponder,
having her introduce her lil sister to the corner 
So I emplore you be stronger, live longer,
and be a alterior motives conqueror 

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Soup tastes better
when its ingredients are veggies
with enough noodles
to give it a tempting look.
All the pasta letters of the alphabet
can be stirred in it until they cook well.
I see some children drool,
watching it with hungry eyes, but seeming cool...
while mom warns them of the hot steam,
" Don't stick your nose in that'll get burned! "
Finally, the veggie soup is ready...
every bowl is filled to the rim, 
" Yummy ", one says licking his lips.
" Dig in,'s mommy's soup, the best ever! "
She tells them with a thrill that delights them all.
" One thing you've forgotten to say...
what was your letter? " Mine is A, " I yelled.
" Good, boy...I am going to reward with another bowl of soup!" 

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Harvest Time

Honey combs swollen..sticky and sweet
Apples candied or  chopped for  mince meat
Raisins dried from my Daddy's grape vine
Verily I say.. it's again  harvest time..
Eager for Winter and sun shortened days
Storehouses busting we bring in the strays
Tilling and tending ... the work and the grime

Toiling and teamwork.. we receive Harvest time..
Intervals of hours.. of weeks and years
Miles of work.. with blood.. sweat and tears..
Every time to a season.. every season for a time
      ~With our hearts full of gladness.. 
            we celebrate Harvest Time!

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As promised in bloggy comment

The weekend I slept with four married men
was the same weekend my hubby slept with their wives.

We loved in for charity
raised twenty eight thousand
three hundred two

for community gardens where we teach
children and teens how to

grow their own food.

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Ode To Fish And Chips

Ode To Fish And Chips

So hard to resist if you wanted to try
Fantasies started hours before build to a climax
No one knows but everyone realizes what is to come
Their scent more powerful than any other
It is a power that could never be ignored
Senses expand to take in every experience
Waves of nearly orgasmic energy flows through every cell
Not a word is spoken in expectation of what is to come
Everyone knows and everyone impatiently waits
The sounds of crackling and splashing 
Sounds that perk even the worst of imaginations
The heat emitted warms the hearts of young and old
Yet, with that it is the sme lls that drive humans crazy with desire
Suddenly, the ancient wooden doors open
The people push and claw to be the closet to their desire
A smell, a taste, even a look is all they desire
A hand reaches out and, for one person, their life is fulfilled
A bite of their fish and chips 
The ones from the small pub prove that the fantasies were true
There is a food of the gods and it is in a small British pub
Down an alley and behind and ancient door
The dream continues

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O-Tat-oes Jubilee

Petite-o-tat-oes, baked 
of a fiery oven
Crispy skin
as spud's innards
fluff into a hot
morsel of delight
sour cream, spices                         

Romaine lettuce wedge
french bread-fresh-baked
creamy brie, Pinot Noir
tantalized taste-buds
Like a hot fudge sauce
onto stone-cold
sensate's tongue tip

readiness - 
of crispy, savory

To blue flames 
dessert of 
"Cherries Jubilee"

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Round 10

"I hate yous"  frantically choked down,
Instantly uglys push their way through her singed throat.
Purged fragments of love crumbs ,
spew across the dust covered mirror.
Her bloated stomach twisted in a forgotten pretzel.
Hatred pounds inside her chest,fighting Round 10.
Fists of bitter words balled up,
punching for escape.
Where is the crowd?
No fans.
No referee.
Silently,she kneels.
Forgiveness is buried somewhere in her left toe.
Coastal blue veins warm her next upheaval passage.
She stares at that reflected monstrosity.
Will there be Round 11?

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Thin, hand tossed, or pan.
Pepperoni pizza?
Join me if you can.
Dine-in, buffet, or on the run,
pizza for lunch is so much fun.
Taco pizza will hit the spot.
This pizza kitchen sure is hot!
Yes, dessert pizza made just right.
Chocolate chip pizza is such a delight.
Extra meat and light on the sauce.
Join me for pizza at a low cost.
On a diet?
That's okay.
Veggie pizza fixed your way.
Some like it hot and some like it cold,
but I like mine spicy and bold.
Order to go or dine with grace.
Join me at the pizza place.

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Stored upon old dusty shelves In the bosom of our home Waits the bounty of last season Summers yield from fertile earth During barren months sustain

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The Tree

                     The Tree

Tree came about before me as I grew in and with it
Squirrels had to go so I kicked them from their hole
They left their nesting which became my twigs for resting 
I grew in and with the tree, in that hole provided me
And slept while tree kept growing
In that tree that comforted me through adolescence
With no education or reference
 I could not say with certainty
Was it oak or birch or maple?
As I grew older I climbed to the very top
It had green pointy things that smelled of pine
How I knew, I could not tell you, I simply surmised such things 
I grew in and with the tree that knew me well
Sun filled it with photosynthesis to let it breath
I did not become the tree
The tree did not become me
I simply grew with it and under branches
In that hole carved out of wood I took my chances
With tender leaves or pine needles if you please
And took a solid look on my existence  
Through that hole reality provided me
Pine needles fragrance fills the air
With a little touch of rain, we drank it in together
I grew in and with it, that is, my tree and me

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Baking Bad

This plate of holiday baking you did bring by 
was really kind 
I unzipped the zip lock
to get inside
cookies and brownies
and bread of banana
but what was a surprise especially so
was to discover you know
I am
a lover
of corner cut smaller pieces
and cookies of extra crunch
and the ends of the breads
sometimes quite dry
are okay too

happy holidays as well to you!

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You are so simple. September. You can fit in my tiny hands. 
Green and yellow decorate. White streaks. Tiny bugs.
You are a child like myself, but one day you will grow and die.
And I will forever be here, nothing but a child.
You are humble, and quite. Tough. Thick skin on the infant.
Many mistake you for ugly. I know you are joyful, my pumpkin. 

Pumpkin Patch.
First grade.
Cold. Crisp. Clear.
Vivid. Orange, ocher yellow. Dirty dirt as far as the eye can see. 
Purple blue and grey stain the skies with awkward mountains. 
Plump, pure. This is a right of passage. An awakening of autumn.
Dry brittle and broken the hay lays flat. 

Black dark through the window. This is night. 
Laughing with knifes. One two three four. Yellow and red spots so small make this orange. 
Draw. This is easy. This is fun. I am young. 
Pale innards cover the kitchen. Cover our hands. This is family.
Black triangles. Ridged teeth. Fic the bic and there’s the light. 
It is late. The dead dog whines. Those trees sway. 
Dream of funny faces and sweet pie. Hot wax drips onto the porch.

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sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie

sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie
no whipped cream....just familial purity
the sun crisp on the skin despite the similarly crisp chill
innocence endless like wind chimes with perfect pitch
everybody influential is alive, healthy, and well
no tombstone or 'wish you were here' teardrops
no football games in man caves for that session is closed
no petty arguments or questions of rank and attention
just sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie
some whipped cream....familial purity still intact....i miss that....

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Eat At Joe's

         Eat At Joe’s

Pop owns the Greasy Spoon Cafe
It’s just around the corner
Just down the road

He’s 95 and still alive
From eating at Joe’s
You know, his brother Joe, his twin and 95 also

His joint is right around the other corner 
Just down the road

I guess I gotta warn ya
Joe’s got hot dogs too
But they’re not blue like Greasy Spoons
Ready to walk out the door on their own
Like some strange life forms

There are some questions about rubber bands that persist
Found in soups at Pops

One day I discovered a tooth in one of his fine dishes 
It was still delicious and the tooth belonged to Pop
He said, “No extra charge”….. “Keep the fossil”

There are no menus at Greasy Spoon
All plates are made from memory
Something Pop lost long ago

We all love Pop lots and lots but true is true
So my advice to you
Is Eat At Joe’s (You know... the other twin brother's place)

It’s just around the corner from the other corner
Just down the road

Please… Eat At Joe’s for your own safety sake
Tell um I sent ya because I know what I knows.
Eat At Joe's

Entered in the past for Kelly Deschler's Contest "JUST DOWN THE ROAD" re-entered here for her contest "My Last Contest" on 1/27/15


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Humming Bird Moths At Moon Rise

Luna flower spread open scented blossom
In response to the full moon's soft yellow glow
So much designed like a Sand Dollar
Amazing the resemblence even with first sight

Humming Bird Moths drawn to the glowing white
The irresistable beauty and appealing scent
Ten were buzzing, humming drinking nectar
From white beauty by only moonlight

Ants were working even at night 
Drawn to the goodness that will leave at dawn
Preparing a storehouse of goodness for winter
So that the species can survive to rule summer picnics

That scented sticky nectar must be delicious
Tasting like a very rich clover honey
So sweet that just a tiny amount sweetens
So many slices of simple bread

Amazing the blessings to enjoy from simplicity
The simplest things in life sometimes give goodness
That wealth can't provide
Sometimes wealth has gardens but not enjoyed

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The Hunt

               The Hunt

One bar broke and then another for the rapid break
The escape was quick and painless
The man ran for his life from enemies
At top speed he fled with nothing on his feet
Sweat exuded, poured from his body
Breathing deep into the jungle dark
Captors ran too to take his life with knives and rifles
Thick jungle traps laughed at them as they ran by
Pursued their prisoner through labyrinths of vines and branches 
Screaming angrily with lit torches through the pitch black night
Close behind, the soldiers chased their prey
Running, panting below the canopy
Shots rang out burning by his ears 
Limbs flailing as the bullets flew blindly through the tangled vegetation
Jumping over logs and bushes, petrified of dying
Trudging through a rapid stream, bent on taking him down as well
He emerged on the other bank with a bleeding foot
A piranha mistook it for a lure, tore off a toe, swallowed it for dinner  
Pain and fear set in while he hobbled on into the darkness
Panthers glared frantically at the injured man 
Sized him up as breakfast, less one toe
Even insects had no respect for dignitaries from another land
They too needed to be fed
The soldiers had their troubles also as the jungle storms set in
Snuffed out their torches and tortured them with stinging rain
Scorpions and snakes are cold and hunger for a change
Tired of eating the same old rodents and stupid birds
Running through the jungle is not always a safe undertaking 
When hunting down your prey to take a life
You never know who is on the menu from day to day
Perhaps someone with a different taste, from the human race
Someone who escaped from another plate
Or someone with knives and guns
Will find another kind of fate and dinner date

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Crackers ‘n' Cheese

I was a-munchin’ ‘n’ a-crunchin’ on some crackers ‘n’ cheese
When a-someone or a-somethin’ came ‘n’ tickled my knees –

With her tail up in the air in a question mark tease,
‘Twas my little grey kitten mewin’ wide-green eyed pleas –

Beggin’ of her human, “Oh kind human, please
Won’t you let me share in yer crackers ‘n’ cheese?”

I looked into her tiny face ‘n’ made the choice with ease –
Doncha know that to my heart this kitten holds the keys?

I felt her purrs flow past me, a gentle, liltin’ breeze,
 ‘N’ now my kitten’s doin’ the munchin’ on my crackers ‘n’ cheese!

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Aroma Of Soup

Out on the porch seeking inspiration,
                     enter warm house greeted by warmth,
                                            aroma of homemade chicken and vegetable soup.

Contest: Anything about soup
Sponsor: P.D.

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Not Fit

I stand here in extreme distress, annoyed
 That I cannot button up my pants.
Though aware that I should not have more
That final ear of corn was one too many. 

That scene was twenty years ago.
No longer am I a glutton for corn.
Since science has removed its taste,
There is no reason to waste good butter on it.

I take a bite and spit it out.
This modern corn is only fit for cattle.
They have taken away a harvest treat
So corn might have a longer shelf life.

We consumers must stand up and say,
“Hybridizers have meddled with perfection.
Now that most of our vegetables aren’t fit to eat,
They can stay on the shelves, for all we care.”

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I want to taste her.
Not anyone specifically,
I just crave to know 
what it all could really mean.
I would fall for her. Knock down these Berlin sized walls I have up. But my world sucks because Her is just a figurative way of discribing something that may never come.

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Potato chips,
Crisp and salty,
A few are burnt,
Therefore faulty...

Pretzels twisted
Around your neck,
But crispy and fresh,
Oh what the heck...

M & Ms upside down
Are W & W's,
I have to frown...

All I want, a piece of cheese,
All I've got, the sneeze of Louise
Wouldn't  mind an ice cold beer,
Sip of champagne,
But I fear,
Lucky to get a drop of water
From a dirty puddle,
Oh, I'd love,
My sweetheart to cuddle

Sardines, salami, Ritz and more,
All those snacks I used to adore,
An empty cupboard,
Doors do groan,
Once again,
I am alone...

Just as well, appetite did fade,
Even for a chug
Of GatorAid

One last pack
Of long grained rice,
Not a food
I find so nice

One can fade away
In American life,
Resources unequal
Changes in your wife...

Have an olive,
Have a roll,
Put on some cold-cuts,
Your sole goal...

Gnawing on my Slim Jim
I wonder if anyone alive
Ever met him...
Popcorn seems a
likely choice,
Popping in the micro
It's only voice.

All a dream,
I have no food,
I'm left in hunger
For me to brood.

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My Brightest Star

Today, my brightest star is still my baby This reference she may find disagreeable Sometimes the things she says make my head spin Leaves me speechless as I listen to her opinions My first and only, beautiful and a definite miracle Although that’s another story Sent to me when I’d given up all hope Through her I’ve leaned some patience Well, at least much more than before She inspires me to live life to its fullest Without fear of neither present nor future To love without expectation Finding a peaceful existence within She may not enjoy the art of cooking And has no green thumb for gardening Yet has this extraordinary love for people Which shines in beautiful smiles easily shared She is my brightest star in this life! ~*~

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Marvellous Marmalade

I now perform the annual alchemy,
my purpose :
to capture Spanish sunshine in a jar.

Seville :
white fragrant flower to bitter orange sphere.
Childrey :
sugar, water, shredded peel to liquid gold.

Now attend
and carefully stir the boiling cauldron,
witch-like, the transmutation is complete.

Scottish myth.
Her courtiers cry “Ma’am est malade”, forsooth,
Mair’s headache
cured with orange confiture, a royal preserve.

At breakfast.
The early morning sun aslant the glass,
light shining
through shredded peel makes goldfish in the swim.

The bitter-sweet tang melds with buttered toast.
flavour.  What better way to start the day ?

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From a distance the sound of feathers 
A whole host of words often whispered
As if you haven't already heard his saving message
In bitter silence we slowly become unshackled
From this lying bitter place of cold ego's
Then angel spreads her wings out on windows peak
She then keeps silent from inside her swell;
At its cold whispers haunting to dwell
Many keep to themselves not wanting to be alone
Then a cold chill sends a rage down my spine tingling like off the vine
In time the sun heats up out on waters edge devides
Many a demon would so often run away & hide
Angels totally surrenders out on its night scene
A brandished web of forbidden design,
For some the angel would lie in wait to deceive
In triumphant sounds of musical magestic beings light the scene
We our still here to help egnite its flame
While the entire world outside lies helplessly insane
Out on its playing field some have no game,

When our generation dies so does the other,
The angel of darkness will seek to inhabit its light
Shackled from a memory on a certain quest nor plight

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daddy's gone a hunting

in the supermarket
i need my
shopping trolley
for protection

from the product

from the people
the masses
crazy consumers
for the truth
in a place
with more
fluoro lighting

a place
great hunters
full of frozen
in each
others ear
how food
no flavour

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Spread life without rest from cradle to something heavenly

I fight often with forces of my own mental creation
So daily I practice social isolation
Get away from the action

Sharpen my reactions with personal meditation
These footholds build traction for the next generation

Build from family gratification

Unwillingly chosen to lead Knowingly destined to bleed
I still shall not weaze or let ground touch knees

Be the root of the trees

The creator above shall be pleased for I shall plant undrownable seeds
That shall sprout uncountable leaves which forever will feed

Selflessly give what they need

I quite consistenly believe 
if you could squeeze 
Substanence from these words like sap from trees
It would be much more refreshing when we breath

Spread life without rest from cradle to something heavenly 

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Thoughts While Cooking

Warm Lamb Salad. Sounds  mmm......I've shopped for the
ingredients. Planned my start - as timing is 
most important in  preparing good food 
and Oh! fresh ingredients. It's obvious I take an interest in
favorable results. My thoughts wander as I chop
fresh basil for the dressing, fresh rosemary for the meat. 
The local supermarket has come a long way in supplying 
every need. As I work I wonder, 
What must it be like - to be famous? 
If I had been a celebrity would I have married Elvis? 

Maybe I might have saved him from himself.
Pricilla didn't. Mmmmmmm the rosemary is aromatic while
the lamb is cooking. 

How would I handle fame? 
It is a closed door to me. I think of all the dead stars I have loved.
 I feel the grief. Such tragedy weighs heavily - amid 
 red onions   and baby arugula .
I wish I could have known any of them, without
 a chance of losing my enchantment from 
personal familiarity - or their shortcomings. I search the refrigerator. 
Wine for the cook! If someone could read
 inside my head they would find a maze of insights. 

What does fame do to a person's mind?

Some say it brings arrogance. Maybe the difference depends on
how that someone handles power, money or vanity or 
how much sway any of it has over them. Mostly, it 
must depend on the handling of disillusionment. Perhaps if
Princess Di had stayed at home with her
boys, she may have avoided a fatal accident-
but that's a value judgement and maybe Marilyn
might have been more careful of whom she committed 
adultery with -yet another value judgement
And with that my thoughts turn to Joe Dimaggio and his motives
with the roses. Did he send them out of love and loss 
for her -or for what publicity it might have 
bought. So back to Elvis-
If you are adored by millions- world-wide- how must it 
feel to be rejected by the someone you want the most? 

Deep thoughts to be having - over a warm lamb salad.

 Suzanne Delaney

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Hunger pains I feel
No worries in my mind
I make it not real, for real!
I just forgot to
With so much bills to pay, no way!
For me to stop
Don't mind the time, tick, tock!
I am where there is no need
I just exist indeed
In this realm only on my thoughts 
Can I feed!

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Clever Little Nuances

Living offers clever little nuance
Like when power stops at night
And the clock is blinking twelve.
We must make time, we must keep time, 
Though in keeping we do spend it.

Showers are convenience granted 
To our modern way of living
Better than in early day.
When for bath we dipped in river
Sunning on the shore to dry.

On the back we rest the burden 
Of a shirt so gently laundered
Wardrobe wraps the body over
Matching colors if we can.

Too much carb is in our breakfast,
Layers fat around our waist.
In the motel, continental style is free.
I must dine with eggs and ham, no biscuits,
So must elsewhere seek the fare.

The ringing phone we no longer 
Lift and cradle to our shoulder,
But pull voice or message 
From inside a pocket or a purse.
Walking, talking, double living,
Stumbling we may trip to fall.

Working day is full of motion, 
Greeting, talking never stopping.
Earning once was labor heavy.
Stresses now replace the sweating.
End of day we ring the till.

Dinner an adventure taken -
Too much kung pao for the palate,
Need a bag to take some home
Exotic foreign spicy chicken 
Not enough left for a meal,
But tomorrow
I will taste with deju vu.

Family life is an adventure
Always turmoil, never still
Children tumble, parents worry
Aunties smother with a hug
Conflict rises, peace is never ever lasting
Never ever there for long.

Living, we are dying daily
Nothing but those passing moments,
Turning twisting pain and pleasure
Routine mostly, habit often
Fills to brim our hearts and years.

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A battered old saucepan

It may seem strange to write about a battered old saucepan
but this was no ordinary one 
it sprung a leak the other day
sadly without thinking
I threw it away
and now it's gone.

It had been in my family
before I was born
and it was used every day
it broke my heart after
to throw it away.

For all the delicious soups goulash and past
it had contained
the mouth watering delectable smells
from the kitchen
the shouts from my parents

''Come on now set the table dinners made''.

All the red hot broths and porridge we'd scoff
before school on a winters day
all the laughs tears and conversations around
the dinner table before it was was washed
and put away.

It was more than a simple saucepan
because it held a lot of family memories
now my parents sadly passed away
it was one of the last things to remind me
of how things used to be
and mow I have to buy a new one
and accept it's demise
like my family
it's gone forever.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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I Imagine Demons

Part I:
im sorry that i cant care about you. valiums taste like smarties. i chew up one, then three. cry for help. im sorry i dont give a **** anymore. i have to snort a k-pin to sort myself out. and now im chewing mint leaves in my sinuses. ive got no candles to burn in your absence. ive got nothing to give or show. i stole your twenty dollar bill. i didnt even need it. i just need someone to love me. head is hurting. when i stand up, i fall against walls and corners. ive got bruises i cant explain. i break toes and i dont remember. and i sit here licking tabletops, just waiting for someone to care. and the demons talk.
Part II:
it crawls up out of my dream and suckles onto my neck. i carry it with me as i work, as i shop, as i laugh and cry and talk. its laudnum in absentia. i need it now. now. now. i want the cherry-blossom arms you own. i want to get this monkey off my back. it slithers up from daydreams when i imagine some life far away. ive got a sunny kitchen again, ive got a houseful of people again, and food on the table. and a shift from the corner and the food on the table is rotting and the people are falling apart skeletons and the kitchen is a coffin.
Part III:
im afraid of sleep now. ive got too much to do. decisions to be made. skin scarred, skin freshly cut. face dry, face full of tears. pictures in an album. pictures burning in a sink. pillows remind me of a lovers chest (no more never again) a mothers breast (no more never again) a babys bed (no more never again)
Part IV:
it slithers up with scaly skin and rubber fingers and it stretches the walls, of the skin of the room of my mind. demon speaks my name and i go home . demon speaks my name and i bend to offer flesh.

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For Carol

I stood there one day
With my feet in the sand
Water to my waist 
And hands spread around

The fish, all swam close
And swept against me
My fingers they nibbled
I felt so much glee

Nature’s beauty at best
When you feel all at one
When with wild you connect
It’s like touching the sun

Went there each day
To swim with the fish
Love that feeling I get
When my legs they do kiss

Then one day I met Carol,
She was feeding them all
Four years she said now
And took a roll call

She showed me the babies
And thousand there were
All growing and healthy
In this violent world

She shared with me bread
So I could feed them too
And I love her for that
I feel so in tune

She told me of trouble
With this one and that
Not wanting her feeding
Those fish where we’ve at

One friend he told me
A petition being signed
Opposing the feeding
Of our fish friends this time

I can not believe it
Can not understand
This world in such shortage
Few fish in our times

And here is someone
Heart big as can be
Doing something for this world
So good, as I see

One day she did ask me
If fish I could feed
Cause she could not make it
Was busy as a bee

Was happy to do that
Cause I love to feed them
And next morning was there
Bright, early and free

Those people I spoke about
Where so rude to me
They shouted, took photos,
Tried to intimidate me

I wonder at those people
In this world that were in
Where is their goodness
Hearts hard as can be

One day Carol, she told me
Abuse they did cause
They scattered her bread
All over the shore

What’s wrong with these people?
I can only ask
We are feeding some fish
There’s no harm in us

This world that we long for
Of peace and harmony
Of getting along
And having nature be free

How will we ever find it?
When as you can see
There are people out there
Who scream - commit perjury?

Shame on you people
We are doing no harm
Just feeding some fish
Just let us be calm

And we hope that you fishes
All grow up to fill
These oceans of ours
With food for our plead

I want for my children
And those next in line
To know what a fish is
In all ages of time

There is so many out there
Who kill and destroy
Who maim native animals
And shamelessly slaughter

So thank you dear Carol
For what you have done
For love you have given
To fishes all in one

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Rushing from the balcony
Inside the house
The kid hides under the bed
Mama searches for him
With a bowl of food in her hand

“No Mama, I ain’t hungry”
Says the kid as mama spots him
“Come here, my naughty boy
The moon is waiting for you”
The reluctant kid follows his mom

It’s a new moon day
No moon at sight
The kid bursts with joy
“The moon is on holiday
Mama, No food today!”

“No dear, let’s count the stars
The moon will be out anytime soon”
The kid refuses, mama relents
The pizza delivery boy vrooms past
The kid shouts in joy

“Mama, I want pizza”
Mom heaves a sigh.

... Suresh Iyer

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Moving up the food chain

We were vegan
with a brain smaller
than a peanut
and then we started eating
our brain got larger
we became higher primates
moving up the food chain
larger brain
smarter men
bigger hearts
higher blood pressure
and now
we moved back
to green
forget the red meat
to the trees
and to grass fields
became vegan again
up and down
the food chain
hopefully the brain
stays the same...

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Far from Mexico

Just off Ohio, following the wind,
Past the China-man restaurant
Where fools shell out
After cooking their own food,
There’s a place,
A place that waste
Three thousand square-feet
Of windy Chicago,
A place Mexico would not
Call compañero de armas.
In my world
Poverty is impetus
That chiseled man.
It is hard
To stomach Chilangos
With second-rated 
Refried bean and totopos.

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O Turkey My Turkey

O Turkey My Turkey are you about done?
You’ve been in the oven since way before dawn
The people; so excited are waiting and waiting
For every bit of deliciousness that we are plating
Mash potatoes, gravy, cranberry, yams,
Green beans, Mac and cheese, and so much more
All waiting for you and stuffing to come thru the door

O Turkey My Turkey all tender and brown
You are finally ready; for us to gobble down
All of your goodness is gone with such flair
Nothing left but a carcass and so much despair

O Turkey My Turkey what have you done?
We’re almost asleep and the days barely gone
Unable to relish the desserts of today
All because we had heaps of tryptophan this very day
Alas, we shall doze and soon we shall savor
Yummy pies, cookies and cakes with all sorts of flavor

O Turkey My Turkey, you have been so dear
But I’ll fall for another same time next year.

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Supermarket Daze


Gross overweight    reflections

gleam off stainless steal

 bins, filled with frozen TV dinners.

Obese mothers Jam

peppermint suckers down

 children’s tearful mouths

-temporary peace.

Hamburger helper, pepsi-lite

National Inquirer  , Rovers dog food

-frantic search for penny full bargains.

Torn pantyhose

wheel aisle after aisle.

 mountains of pot pies, ice cream, potato chips, red chips, blue chips 

freeido chips

Must hurry.

Get more. 

Get more of  those treats 

need  more meat .

Shopping daze fever

cart wheel out the street.

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We are in a continuous state of becoming with our environment I am becoming that tree just as that tree is becoming me It took in the carbon dioxide that I exhaled which became part of it and through photosynthesis converted it to oxygen which I inhaled becoming part of me I am the tree and the tree is me I am becoming that insect, that bird, that animal and other persons I breathe in the air they gave up Air that was part of them is now part of me just as the air I exhaled is now part of them Earth is becoming me and I am becoming earth It becomes me through the food I eat which comes from the earth directly or indirectly and I become the earth through matter that leaves my body waste and otherwise which returns to the earth to become the earth

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Seven A.M., feet on the floor, pajamas in-car 
for a favorite drive-through fast-food treat?  No, 
it's the coffeepot, and turn on the broiler, less of 
a spoiler, but kudos in Heaven. Breakfast's in the works,
she'll reserve the perks, (pardon the pun,) for when Mass
is over. For now, the egg fries, but the 'frigo' door spies 
no cheese for the muffin, What? no fatted calf? 
and even worse, no Half and Half.  It brings back
the chorus in "How to Succeed in Business," the lament 
of the scent of No Coffee, NO COFFEE! But memory
reminds of a Champs Elysees' Ave., where an American 
institution gave restitution to exiles like her in an 
elevator ride under upscale retail, its costly fashions 
to Golden Arches beneath Paris town, destination 
a Mickey D's you can't imagine: rows of televisions 
ornamenting each wall, an Egg McMuffin perk
in easy reach, and a coffee bar, its center station 
a Gallic invention for the hurried intentions 
of blase' Parisians on their way to work.

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Sacred Passage

God of light conquer my fear from within

An eclipse of the sun has tainted my inner vision
Who are we to have believed yet achieved
Some are even caught in its pickle;
Stranded as two love birds caught in a fickle

Sacred Passage
The uniting of two hearts so far away we will pray
God of heaven take delight on my poetry
Look highly favorable amidst the summoned truth

Like a lost carriage we take our flight away

Far from the lost brevity in exchange of honesty
The silence has etched its memory in our brains
Shattered by the moment of upheaval and then,
Sacred Passage;

We look humbly then often deeper then ever before

In exchange of honesty its just Studio 54?

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Fried Apple Pies And Other Tidbits

When I think of dessert, you come to my mind
How delicate__ flaky crust__ crumbles with a touch
Then on the inside those apples slightly tart spring
Forth bursting out of the crust that held them there

Ummmm...those fried apples pies of yore
When mother fried them in no less than side meat 
You know those drippings of it fried earlier
Do you remember also those pies, my dear?

Have not eaten one in years but what does doctor
Know about health__daddy lived to be ninety-seven
Mother lived those years too and what about Aunt
Euvela she lived to be ninety-eight ate 

Bacon everyday of her life and eggs
I think that I will cook some of those Fried Pies
Enough to share with everyone on soup
Can you catch a whiff of those apples cooking?

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Starving America

Starving America

A crushing viper created by the rich
Its poison spreads through the country
Strangling the working class
Taking their jobs and shipping them away
Their children left to starve
Homes left empty as their shells rot away
Squatters scramble to find anywhere dry
Hungry people wander the streets looking for anything
Garbage cans become fancy restaurants
Spoiled and rotting food become gourmet meals
Anything to keep the body and soul alive
No one is safe from the viper's grasp
Doctors and businessmen move to tent cities
Babies are left in suitcases or killed
Better they die fast than face a living hell
Robberies and murders are common place
Violent fighting over a crust of bread
Hope died as the money faded away
Soup kitchens fill with hungry families
Everyone getting their one meal a day
The viper has struck
Grabbing America by the throat
Squeezing it to cut off its life
America will survive
The one percent will thrive
The rest of us...who knows?

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i prepared a simple supper
but with great love i cooked 
that main meat of refined wheat
durum semolina, traded as rotini

an Italian pasta to go with beef, a grace
from a Canadian cow grazed in prairie grass,
spiced with herbs from the hunted tropics:
ginger, garlic, turmeric, and coriander

powdered, with red pepper powder
and red pepper crushed, black pepper
(also powdered), added to the onion
chopped, fennel, fenugreek, and cumin

(all seeds), and the magical mustard,
adding leaves chopped: basil, chives
and parsley, with garam masala, a Bharat
special, sprinkled with hardly a pinch of salt

before adding the slow-cooked African beans
and Mexican sauce: chopped and crushed tomato,
and boiled potato, after being sautéed 
in the US canola oil to enhance the taste

of minerals and more already in my pan:
folate, iron, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine
already mixed in carbohydrate, the main 
with Chinese additives: citric, soy, and seasonings

unlisted; likewise the two sealed cans
that curtailed my sprinkling salt for supper
came with corn starch, sugar, more spices 
and blackstrap molasses, and a poetic muse

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The Alchemy of Sugar Cookies

On strange days
like these
baking cookies
is an arcane art.
 For it is winter outside
how we transform
the inside
into mystic summer.

For i know the golden ratio.
i have surrounded
myself with graduated cylinders
that recall the lore
of  cups and ounces.

Retorts of  pots and pans
where i can observe
the powers of this world
returning and combining
into simmer.

Such smells
waft from the oven
as ginger swirls
and cinnamon sworls
like molten mountains jumble.

As the elements combine
eggs and butter
await their transformation.
Some believe that
transmuting baser  metals
into gold somehow proves their worth
but they have never
crafted cookies.

At my round
small wooden  table
my imaginary children enjoy
the coming holiday of doughy

They beam at me
with their gumdrop eyes
and jelly bean smiles
and write Latin script
with licorice and raisins
on their raiment.

 As the homunculus
i have constructed
out of hen’s teeth
and oatmeal.
with a retro fish tank.
skips like calendar with
an extra leap year.
hiccupping time.
Mice in the wainscot
squeak as Saturn
rises auspicious
in their whiskers.

As my roller
impresses and passes
i fill the silver trays
the cuckoo clock strikes thirteen.

While i  in a black forest script  
write of spells
of life and  death
and of the perfect
distillation of a sugar cookie
in baker notation
Sprinkles on the flour
that has spilled upon my table
from the shifter….

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Always Been Crazy

Always been crazy, dizzy even, for gumdrops, hankering iced jellyrolls. Keen longing makes nougat outlandishly pleasing. Quick! Relish stimulating temptation until vigorous willpower Xs yummy's zaniness.
Wrote this ABC..... poem for the recent contest, but by the time I got there, the contest was gone, dang! Hope you enjoy it anyway... I sure did enjoy writing it!

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Avocado - a true story

     Avocado -  a true story

It’s green
Not Martian
Avocado fell from high
Perhaps the sky
Or margins thereabouts
More exact
A tree or branch released it down
And found my wife
Nearly took her life
Her eye was hit directly
With bump…. then lump
Untold un-pleasantries of course were hers
She did not cry
But made a side dish of revenge
With proper justice served
Guacamole anyone?!

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Her First Try

She is a fine cook 
It didn't come by chance
She was trained by her family
She practiced day and night

She had to learn to cook
For many in her life
Her husband was particular
And she was a dutiful wife

She told us all a story 
Early in martial bliss
She made a beautiful cake
Spent hours creating it

She waited in anticipation
To feed her only man
A chocolate spearmint cake
She thought would be grand

Her husband was so excited 
To dare take a bite
She looked at him with hope
That it was a delight

Instead his look was sour
His eyes closed tight
He said this cake tastes lousy
Not another bite

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Extinct Tiger Speaks

          Extinct Tiger Speaks

Sumatran Tigers are rare, in fact, extinct
I just returned from Sumatra Indonesia with my pet
A tiger so sweet I named it Peter
Since it went extinct I got it cheap 
First order of business was to make it speak
And gave it many treats to play with me
I growled at it for many days and weeks
In hopes it would repeat my roars
One day it looked at me
Questioned why I growled and roared
“Is something wrong with you
And with your mind and voice?”
It spoke in perfect English
Peter!  You speak!
The tiger of course was sore
My name is not Peter
Don’t say that any more
Call me Gregory or Greg for short
I went extinct long before you were born
Respect the dead and bring me hot pastrami on bread
I asked my tiger how it is he can talk
And if he’s dead…Why hot pastrami on bread?
He explained
“I might be rare… I might be dead… I might even be a tiger.”
Did it occur to you, the people who sold me to you
Gave you an exotic animal or creature 
It does not explain everything
But you did not buy a teacher
I simply want my sandwich now
Later we can dance and sing
And forget about such complicated things
Just think of me as Greg
Your purchased pal from Indonesia

                                             Created 7/22/14 for Animals Alive!  Contest

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sweet, spicy, and tangy
a combination in one small
piece that satisfies a craving

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Mum's Dinner

The boy rides on the pavement 
on his mountain bike
across cracked slabs 
and tarmac patches
bumps and holes 
make him hold tight 
whilst cycling home 
for his dinner 
he pedals faster 
dreaming of pizza
or maybe its chips 
or possibly both
he's nearly back 
in time for his feast 
ice cream for afters 
or chocolate cake he thinks
his appetite builds
finally he's home 
The front door opens
the smell wafts out
Its mum's shepherds pie again
The boy gets back on his bike

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Hunger Spot

                                 Hunger Spot

Hunger is usually done alone, in the dirty card board box, called home
On wet, cut corners out of traffic, forever in unguarded dark
Winds, harsh voices, howling on hollow self and scene are what remain
The food is gone, never to return
Hunger; it reminds you of life, of chronic pain, leaving little else
I tried to eat my shoe today, thinking it was leather…It was not
Plastics should come in assorted varied flavors
To see me through the night
I expect things to get better in my box
If not, there is always hunger to fill this empty spot

Revised 11/03/14 for- "Any Poem 12- line MAX"- Poetry Contest

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Shades of pine grafted in again resign
Shattered pine in elm certain grove alone
My meadow had a thorn certain credit
The factual harm of its heartless swarm
Featured within in the created design with pine
Eyes sharpened as a willow in garb
The tornado sequence has even the fog alone
Again tempors fly like never before
Blatant lies have come at no surprise
In parts unknown an aura of repute to harm 
Sound the alarm in fetters arm
Choirs of saints in regard to its beckoning drawn
Empire strain inside my brain fragments of cure
The surface of the sun has tainted my vision with harm
Sound the alarm agiain my faithful friend by whom we can depend
Shattered glass on the parchment floor
An impulse deep in regards to the heart
Shades of pine will line the volume of scattered pillows
A willow in derision you made a final decision
A thought provokoing reason to believe in
Shattered memory's in the moments of innocence with a plight of disbelief
We have soon turned over a brand new leaf
Timeless peaks in a swelll shattered fragments from within
A great design still sublime in its timeless parts the heart
Jim Morrison had it
Janis Joplin couldn't stop it
Jimi Hendrix sought this quick fix
An unbellievable call being caught in the mix!

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The creation of me

I am the offspring of an in breeding of misery an pain

Often fed misleading answers should be clinically insane

Twice artillery left me bleeding reasoning couldnt explain

Married to life its cheating I dont even complain


I am not without fear

I still say what no one wants to hear

To God Im striving to be near

They cut sampsons hair so in return I tear


I am not without fault

Wont contain my thoughts

Have created my own enormous rocks

That became stumbling blocks


I am not without strength

I press an issue with no bench

Mentally turn screws no wrench

Attempts to defecate with no stench


I am not without love

Get high off compassion like a drug

The cost of this passion only a hug

Just trying to meet the one above

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The Affair

I carry one in my pocket for moments like this
For in her delight I truly will find bliss
Unwrapping  content I now slip thereon
I long for her sensuousness
Thus we two become decadent and sinful
Her melting is my excite
As orgasmic taste buds ooze with delight
I moan and savior her giving in to this affair
Eyes now crossed I come forth with a trimble
Oh- sweet chocolate 
I love you! 

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walk away

If I told you that I cry when we argue
You'd probably say its time for you to leave
You'd say I care to much and I want more
Than what you can give me.
But I'm not asking for anything.
I just want you near me.
I want to be honest 
But you have to stop
Threatening to walk away
If you were gonna walk
Away you wouldn't have let me stay
Something in both of us is not finished yet
I don't know how long this will last
All I know is that I'm not done yet.

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Water For Chocolate

Like water for chocolate
I cook't for the Gods
A nectar so succulent
It abated on my tongue
& I in turn was filled 
I gave n haven given
was revived
My tongue was loosened
From a thousand strongholds
My imagination ignited
into flame
My soul-a helium filled balloon
on which to pass the earth 

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Kings Queens

Those who claim to be in the know?

These are the one's on sifted sand,
Through days filled with both anger & pain
When will we understand?
When quaint desolation sets in;

Kings & Queens of the Earth...

On a vast pilgrimage in truth;
We then make plans for tomorrow amidst the given sorrow
Yet one can so easily see...
Through a lone blade of grass to flee

To then react in bitter torn silence

In solemn vows yet taken amidst
Shades of grass yet torn asunder
Some even bother to kiss?
That very day they were actually born

Let us continue to be kind today

Amidst a broadened populace that has simply gone astray
To stay attached as fruit is on the vine
A mighty path created by a great design
Through inner pain & misery;

Although amidst divers path drifting as in mockery

Kings & queens of the Earth,
Now is the time to stop lifting up your skirt!

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In My Cupboards

There are Jaipur vegetables
in my new home,
Craisins, clover honey,
and maybe twenty different teas.
Pastas, Clabber Girl,
Real Mayonnaise and Agave Nectar;
things with names like
Kashi and Bumble Bar,
with canisters of cocoa, coffee
and Whole Foods Shake
vanilla flavored,
Green Vibrance (what is that?)
and Whey Protein Powder
also flavored vanilla.
But there is no vanilla,
and I'm searching for love. 

Something written a year ago that I recently stumbled back upon.

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The Stench of You

I smell regret!
I smell it on your clothes
and in your hair,
on your hands
and in every stitch, 
every fiber,
every twist and turn in the path of your goddamned
train of thought,
and it is especially noticeable in the carpet,
but then again,
that could just be the milk I spilled
when I caught a big fat whiff of the aforementioned regret...

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It's Hard To Tolerate

I stubbed my toe-- OUCH!
Attempting to get order right given by my pregnant sister who yells out:
"More mustard servant!"
So I spread mustard on top of her sandwich-- YUCK!
I Attempt to cover the problem by adding a slice of bread on top of that
It's hard to tolerate my pregnant sister... 

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Mystery Pies

               Mystery Pies

Every day the thin old lady comes crying from the bakery
“Hot pies!” ‘Hot fresh pies!” 
With a young wide smile on the cobble stone streets
Her wagon filled with savory treats of saffron pumpkin pies
Assorted aromas rise to the horizon as she hobbles down the road  
There is always a surprise, a mystery or two
Children throw their pennies and beg for clues
The old woman bakes a different kind of pie each day
To add to her selections on the cart
Today is Sunday so she baked a special prayer like pie
It has a sinful cinnamon chocolate crust with cherries inside
This reminds the town folk to be pure, to think about virginity.
Don’t ask me why
I’m not from this vicinity

Created on 10/08/14 for Plentitude Of Pies – Poetry Contest

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All night thinking, drafting, writing down and scratching out
All morning carefully crafting, shaping, baking and re-baking
My masterpiece of the week

Summertime is freedom
Freedom to try and try again
A time to express and create
The earth shares it’s bounty
And it’s my turn to be bountiful

Sweet, tart, a hint of salt
Not too dry, perfectly crisp and flaky
Still warm from the oven
Fragrant with the fruit I so carefully manipulated
My joy and passion all in one simple pastry
Perfection on a sunny afternoon

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Raisin Bread Break-up

Raisin Bread of which I bought
the wrong one.
You are white, I wanted wheat.
You are hard, I prefer soft.
I will return and buy a new
Raisin Bread.
But you,
I will never forget.

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Unsustainable thoughts I forgot

This is an attempt to go further than thought can contain
Something like when prince got off on purple rain

We wander these unleveled streets
Without long barreled heat
Seeking pain to meet
But taste not defeat

My stride floats without feet
Not a crawl but a creep

The second coming of Langston Hughes
Miles Davis couldnt blow these blues
Constructing unbreakable foundations using words as tools
Life in the fourth quarter and breaking all the rules

Fear not the atmospere but what lurks beyond
Resemblance of a childhood thats to far gone
Some hearts cry out when others yawn
We built this city but wont stand upon.

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Gold Leaf

            Gold Leaf

Gold leaf frescoes on a church wall are very lovely
Saints and angels on display at a pretty price
Just outside, mold takes over, clings to surfaces, settles
Poor people float inside like famished spirits
Transformed with tarnished shoes and souls 
They see the glow of heaven at their heels
Marbled floors and altered states of grace
Collection baskets fly by, gobble up dollars
More gold leaf is needed
Walls must be fed
Outside mold clings and grows
Ivy also, on the ancient structure, very pretty
Gold leaf comes at a glowing cost
Lovely frescoes, angels and a cross 
The priest promises to feed the congregation
Perhaps next season 
Hunger must wait, we understand 
More money is needed immediately
Gold leaf angels are more than mysteries
They are financial emergencies, for gold leaf frescoes 

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Anguish taunts through a barbed wire fence with edged grasp

Actions in which human beings rebel against a holy God
Miss their purpose for their lives
Surrender to the prince of the power of the air more then God
Cause  all of their deeds were evil!

An eclipse of the sun had tainted my inner vision
Push back the pain with radiant guide
Does this notion in thought come at any big surprise?

Weak willed tyrants from the flood of dispinsation
Shattered fragments loosed in gloom climatic abrasion
Parts unknown from the setting of the sun

Leading gullible women captive under the false cloak of compromise
Abortion on demand
When will they ever understand?

Blood shed in our streets
Evil tyrants from elected officials overly prideful taunt & pull!
We each our responsible for our actions before a holy God

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Waste Not-Want Not

Another trash bin filled with food
Reminding me of Society's strange paradox
Of how we gluttonously consume
And yet waste so much.
Ripping morcles from famished mouthes
Only to discover they are past sell-by date
And consign them to their grave.
Fruit that's misshapen, has a bruise or is oddly colored.
More food in the dumpster,
Than in over 900 million rumbling bellies.
How is it possible,
That we can be so round,
When others scrounge for crumbs?
Count your blessings
And give to those less fortunate.

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Roses are red,
Violets are pleasant.
You're getting a cookie 
Instead of a present.

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Pigeon Brained Outsmarted again

One day many years ago
I was in town and hungry
and almost salivating from my lips
So I thought uhmmmm
think I'll have some fish and chips
Such a delectable tantalizing meal
couldn't be bettered
So I had them open
and went outside
Pipping hot ooh
they they looked nice
I was happy as a cat
in a room full of mice.

Well, it wasn't long before
I saw 85 pigeons maybe more
Watling towards me 
Well I'm a kind hearted soul
so I thought I'd give them a chip or two
for their tea.

one flew and flapped it's wings before my face
I dropped my chips all over the place
I'd been a sucker for the mob
and I was still hungry
with no chips to fill my gob!.
Then they casually wobbled away
I's been outsmarted yet again
by a creature with a tiny brain.

Then they flew to a building across the way
waiting for another sucker to be their prey
Then I looked down at my shoe
they left me a thank you
a pile of poo

If I could have caught them
it would have been pigeon stew
just make sure
it doesn't happen to you.

Don't mess with the mob.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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Man vs Fish

He breached,
 grabbed the floating morsel,
The battle began, 
Who will win
The deep blue sea
Or the frying pan
Taut muscles strain,
Thought i won this race,
He spits the hook back in my face.

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These Brick Bound Boxes

these brick bound boxes 
fill this equinox of smart headed people
of these independent achievable people
critical analysts of this 21 century 
ready to be presentable to the unmighty 
smaller population of antisocial teenage children
willing them to be

not to be free, but inside these brick bound boxes
that fill the human intelligence with total
literate irrelevance to who we should be
to who can be 

ultimately like them
filled in these brick bound boxes
with mental instimulance
of a mix of lies, creation and motives
see, I don’t have a problem with any of them

just these brick bound boxes that hold them
hold this unforgettable willing mind 
of someone we chose to leave behind 
in these brick bound boxes

that encompass first the mind and then the soul
but who wants all this control?

society can speak of a whole.
an incredible strong mental image
of how life is to be--
within these brick bound boxes.

My life isn’t based in these brick bound boxes
but it soon will
creating a song of the monotone dead
longing to be passed on from generation to generation
but can't you see

can't you forget that this is not who we ought to be
unless we need to spontaneously combust
in this equinox till it metastasizes
catastro sizes to an everlasting dust
even you must ought to smell the musk.
So tell me, how do thee?
how do thee live with these brick bound boxes
filling up every empty not-yet-set concrete whole
implying of who you are before you could even
have some kind of control over yourself

its swept under the rug.
no biggie, you're just a kiddie
no actual value to this reality 
yet before you can buy alcohol

and I’m someone to sound big
I just don’t want to fill these lonely brick bound boxes
where the death of every living will cease to be a beginning
in this equinox of the everlasting dust,
so do you must, live in these brick bound boxes?

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Sunday-Night Vigil

This was a cooking Sunday;
A mushroom tarragon
French cuisine Sunday;
Where the rapture of Julia Child
Days of cooking, cooking, cooking
Rose deep from every pore,
With the bliss of adding
Unmeasured ingredients
And delight in the territory
Of rarely explored spices.
Feeling, sensing the mind
Going into a place of creative joy,
A place of quiet surrender,
With nothing left to do
But leave all behind.
"Bon appetit."

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Poet At The Window

So there you are then
The full yellow moon
That I love to watch
Rising above my neighbours
And torching the Ngong hills
The solitary cloudlet
That seems to be preceding you
Is but a junior messenger 
Sent by the wary stars
To warn you of their displeasure
At your rendering their presence
All but inconsequential
Already near here 
The mist is gathering
And passing by me 
As though puffed
To a destination inconue
And while I espied all that
Other clouds of a darker hue
Have gathered around the cloudlet
And formed a scary curtain 
Ahead of your receding brilliance 
Shielding me from view
Engulfing your very self
And leaving me to journey the night alone 
Or to seek the duller brilliance
Of the distant Northern Star
But wait, I smell something
Like burning …
O my burning dinner!  

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Small Potatoes

Metaphorically they are
As rust to iron
In the fields of
The hunger demon
Ravaging timelessly
Small potatoes
Are like
The Grace of God.

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To Bare My Bones

Sometimes I visit pro-anoretic 

Out of curiosity
Out of concern
A desire to relate?
A strange urge to study the 

Am I one of them?

But every time
The more thinspiration
And self-hatred that I see,

The hungrier I get
The more I feel my waist
The more I notice the softness 
of my flesh
The pleasant give of my arms
The rolling contrast of my 
The more I regard “squish” 
With fondness.

And when I feel bone 
Jut through a pillow of body
I regard it with distaste,
As I would a jagged corner
Jutting through a bedroom 

This interruption of that which 
Soft and warm and comforting. 
I care little about what look is 
By something so thoroughly 
nice to feel, 
Whose presence exists to be 

And to delve into boneculture,
A figure so opposite as to repel 
To repel food is to repel touch
To repel human contact
The basis of humanity
To become inhuman untainted 
by other humans,

Is repellant to me.

Though it is to be said 
That I am able to revel in being 
To have power in my human 
Without need to have power 
over them.

As such
I see my ribs, I feel sick
I wish to cover them
They interrupt my humanness,
To bare my skeleton is to walk 

I cover them
With muscle, with enough 
Adipose for a nice give,
Whatever I determine that to be,

Because I am alive
And crave contact
And am human
And those things are beautiful.

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Dark skin,
like leather stretched
A skeletal body
Cradled in her arms

Tiny claw like fingers
Clutching at her breast.
Fount of nothing
Fount of hunger

Little body dying
For nutrition
Tiny eyes,
Black, desperate

Mother crying,
Skeleton hands 
wrapped around
 the child.

A last little breath
Weak, begging
A last little moan
A last attempt at a suckle

The bruises still fresh
The pain in her heart
The rape of her body
The murder of her soul
A starved stomach
A dead child 
Ringing questions

Why do I suffer
When you sit in your mansion
Why did he die
For you,

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Rambling Man

I rocked along
a rolling countryside
smirking and winking
into the eyes of a
simple rambling 

the mommentary 
answer to cure 
the raccous chaos
that mingles from
the complicated 
clutter of 
memmories mass.

Soft eyes with out
a clumsy tangle 
of past's nets.

Simple, small
town, nation
travelin niave,
simply innocent
and sweet,

Sweet as the summer 
corn that rides
the illuminated
illinois horizon.

The stalks
reaching cobs 
into the sunset
straining and
growing roots
into damp earth.

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some coffee –
Americano –
wait with anticipation.
Superheated steam scalds the essence from the beans,
then rising from the cup, that rich fresh-brewed aroma.

the vapours –
pure Arabica -
then notice in the saucer
something which I did not order : a biscuit,
yes, cellophane-wrapped an unsolicited biscuit,
the ubiquitous and unsolicited caramelised biscuit !

what’s it worth,
my unsolicited biscuit ?
I’ll send it back and get a refund !

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Pies and Seduction

I love the way you stare at fruit pies
that I bring you; your eyes glow
with anticipation, as you lick your lips.

I love the way you eat the fruit pies; say, drowned
in their flavor and sweetness. 

I love the way you act after eating the fruit pies;
licking what remained of the pie from your fingers,
as you stare at me with bedroom eyes.....

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Mambai India Dreams

           Mambai India Dreams

Mambai in the Maharsashtra region is home
India the land of magic takes me back
Amit Arjun is my name
Shri Swminarayan Hindu temple is where I pray 
Sandals take me there to Shri Ganesha every day
To seek Attainment , from a higher authority than me
And I pray for peace, prosperity and some property
Akuri on toast at morning meal lifts me to a jolly spirit
On my journey to the truth            
Bheja, goat brain, helps me sleep at night, but it needs curry 
It gets me right into my dreams of Aabha Aadarshini without a worry  
She glows with the power of the sun
One day she will be my lovely wife
A lustrous beauty second to none
She teaches me the basuri and papini and how to dance
When week end comes I take Aadarshini to the market
Hand in hand we walk and plan our future
She wants a restaurant to serve foreign foods
I just want enlightenment and truth 

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Chicken in the Dish

Way back yonder 
In my younger days 
When I had a lot of hair 
And some funny ways 
With mama in the kitchen 
And me making a wish 
And the joy in my heart 
When there was chicken in the dish 
Kin folks a coming 
From many miles around 
Some from different counties 
Some from different towns 
Us young uns out a playing 
With a whistle and a swish 
Cause we knew for dinner 
We’d have chicken in the dish 
Daddy’s drinking shine 
Uncle Jake’s drinking too 
Me and cousin Ralph 
Searching for another chew 
Mama’s in the kitchen 
So is Auntie Trish 
Working and a slaving 
So there’ll be chicken in the dish 
Sitting round after dinner 
Half sleeping and picking a tune 
The dogs all are yelping 
And hollering way too soon  
Another gone Sunday’s dinner 
That food was so delish 
And the best part about it 
Was the chicken in the dish 
Now that night has fallen 
And kinfolks have long gone 
We’re sittin on the porch 
As mama sings them songs 
Can’t wait till next Sunday 
This is my wish 
Cause I know I’ll fill up 
With that chicken in the dish

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Bad Blood

Social injustices can affect so many

A hand to grasp to hide & hold
Set on fire to its oratory fragrance...

The streets were fought for territorial rights;
Out of negotiations with a long line of strife
The gangs outside were very mean & controlling,
Their territory was grueling etched in a barrage of discomfort....

Bad blood

Isn't it a pity that you hate the city;

With lines drawn in the sand some poles very shifty...
A novice may use quite a gentle approach;
An emotional conflict can result in fear, guilt & shame,
Guilt & shame need to be overcome by the grace of God,

Bad blood....

Throughout its beckoning call toward inevitable service,
Many years of growing up in the streets;
Phat rims & image keeping fades,
Jose was a long way off on that day...

The city kids were out for a fight that night,

With clearer heads having prevailed,
Some have often found themselves lying in a sewer;
Just waiting for another episode toward that in manuever,
Bad blood...

Jose was quick to draw his nine that day

Perhaps it was the bad blood that took him from behind ?
All alone with my silver spoon exposed to its elements;
Shadows proned to turn in the corner of my room
Fastened by the imaginations in my head

Wake up dead!

Yet in mere solace what matters most?
Like a lost seagull flying off the coast;
Try as you may the other way,
Bad blood...

Bridges are being burned having tables now being turned;
In solemn mast of rhetoric demise
Yet a word to the wise;

Bad blood,
From darkness to light yet never giving up on the fight;
A tug at the heart will light the spark to what it is we have been waiting for...

Since creation unfolds a story that's being sold

Vibrant eyes turned to gold
As in a variation of a dream sorted through its sifted after glow exposed!

Bad blood.

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Enough of soap opera, 
of Erica and her sexiness; 
let me watch the Yankee game,
let me see their sweat; let me feel
their rivalry and hear their triumph! 
If you girls, don't switch channel,
this dish is coming down soon!
Your brothers and friends
will barge in any minute
with  beers and a six foot
hero to last all evening:
it's a guy thing...we must drink, jump,
shout, cheer and burp!
Still not if my presence 
were a ghost? Let me pull out
that plug and hear you scream! 
Go to the kitchen: chat or cook something!

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Like Spoiled Milk

Words of the past.
Babbling like a baby,
Dying from the drama.
These words smell funny.

Many years since then.
Crying over useless things,
Blowing money on candy.
Check the expiration date.

Things have totally changed.
No asking mom for rides,
Waking for work instead of school.
This has gone rotten.

Looking back on it all.
All of the silly decisions,
Lots of time down the drain.
Time to throw it out.

Throwing away childhood.
It's like spoiled milk,
Ages quickly with a lingering aroma.
Time to throw it out.

Time to buy another gallon of Milk.
For another phase,
The Milk of Adulthood.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

It'll spoil sooner than you think.

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  When I think of Fall's harvest,

  Corn is at the top.

  Pumpkins are seen everywhere...

  Sweet Potatoes too,

  Roast Turkey...non-stop!

  Gracious Lord,



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A day at the office

My stomach grumbles late into the afternoon
Wishing I had that doughnut I refused
I sip a bottle of water teasing my empty stomach
Lunch was a chance that skipped by
In a sea of cubicles I drown of boredom
Clicking and picking the rhythm of technology
The smell of fresh hot pizza resinating from the east alcove
Awakens a stampede of faceless humans rushing for free eats
Connie drops by my desk with two slices
Looks like I work her overtime one more day
Globs of hot cheesy meat on dough
No game on tonight
See Connie smile
Worth it.

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Untimely Fig

There is a cluster of figs
One is good size not far from getting ripe
But this time of year on this hillside
Next to the creek soon frost could come
Ole' Jack Frost bringing that white

Devoring tender shoots and figs
Figs that are late out of season 
So as to speak
But there is hope for that one fig

Maybe I will get to taste of its
Delicate fruit that is delicious
Wonderful to the hungry soul
I hope that I do; nothing like a mature fig

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Breakfast time and a bowl of cereals

Waking with a start,preparing to face the end
eating next to nothing,cracking the bottle of optimism.
Life looked away in revulsion as the villainies committed
and lost into the book of vanity.
With the naked eye i see the world every morning,revolutionized
but big words puff me up as thought i was you.
A jarring note,a shot of morphine and get out of the rut
a perjury of illusion,the only blemish on your face.
I was deceived into the belief of something invisible.
Swashbucklers,mock heroics,phony patriots and cells
that proliferate so rapidly.
Populous mash potatoes,the decomposition of the corpse,
i can't take much more.
Filth has no sense of delicacy,i never boasted that
and the inanity of convenience put a bullet through my head again
So i open the window of pessimism.

We live with the manners of a swine,
enough to keep body and soul together.

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Communion Wayfarer

A constant consistent tearing
reveals the I in the memory of me.
The brutal rent, the rip, the harvest
of flesh from flesh.

Rouge the ass cheek of an open womb,
drag forth the unknowing,
slap the next ass in the conga line
of flesh from flesh.

An un-whole skim a film of
transparent gore left, left, left
for time and machismo to bore
of flesh from flesh

Slice the pale sweet skin of desire
rent with teeth and pit with prong
imagine the delicacy as you dine
on flesh from flesh.

Cactus Fruits [1937] Frida Kahlo

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The real truth is nobody can handle anything
We are all minature soldiers in a routine of stregnth
Some may be used to a faded regime in ardent extremities
Others ponder the ellaborate scheme amidst 
Shadows torn in darkened pavement sought regime
We often will hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise
Twisted logical persuasion bursts through the sky
In our pride we tend to hide behind its mask a handicap
In pursuit of change we vaguely rearrange its ardent mast
Coupled by a porposal amidst tragic events in decay
We then surface amidst the variation of its pitch face down in some ditch
No one ever thinks rationally anymore too stuck up for their own good
In silence one can equate twisted brains in disguise of shallow pools
In retrospect to want we ignore its regard to help
Shades of green grass in illumination breath in oceanic conquest
An eager delight to shout full force inside the equated shape
We then will hide behind a loose decision made in the darkness
Through the flood of innocence we negate to tolerate its light
Instead we compromise by living by sight

Shaped our illusional grade of hope!

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Bella Cucina

Penne and spinach with walnuts and gorgonzola on top...ummmmmm. All the fresh garden salad, you can eat and garlic bread sticks, too. Black forest, cherry cheesecake, with cherry syrup rolling down the sides, of a plate drizzled th liquid chocolate. Murals of flowery scenes and music to set your mood; old Italy permeates the senses, while you dine in this place. Bella cucina; Such beautiful food! Vita e bellissimo quando hai cibo bellissimo. Life is very beautiful, when you have beautiful food.

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It is often too potent an image
But as often still I want to kill it
And satisfy and make it fat with heat
And sweat and let it sleep,
Let it sleep, then die
The drink it fills with red 
Drops low and loose the hidden
And slides into a single dream
The air thickens with submissions 
In irresistible stale breath
And rotted grapes picked 
And with chocolate, dark
On lips with visions of here and
Now sleep, then die until sunrise.

MFL 8/26/2009

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Pears Harlequin

(Glorified Pear Honey)

The lowly pear,
no zip, no burn.
Major juice, anemic flavor.

Add orange and lemon for bite.
Grind all to blend.

Add sugar for sweetness,
cook, covered, in 200 degree oven,
eight or more hours,
as you sleep.

Upon awakening,
add maraschino for color, 
seal in sterilized jars,
store in pantry.

Pear Honey
on morning toast,
grants a baklava morning,
without the fat.

cfa© 10/4/2014

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New York Style

This is New York!
   creamy cheesecake,
     chinese takeout,
        dirty dawgs,
           flaming steak strips,
              street vendors galore.

This is New York!
   hot, piping,
     scorching, gooeyness,
        thick, tangy,
           sweet smoothness.

This is New York!
  high style,
    lit miles,
      street style,
         free style,
           all the while.

This is New York!
  crispy, crunchy,
     sizzling, bubbling,
        tasty, saucy spread
           velvety goodness on powdery bread.

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Chilled Pinot Grigio and Chianti
on each side of the long table,
twenty seats for twenty guests;
Antipasto with zesty dressing...
colorful vegetables with chunks
of sharp provolone and hard salami...
to be served with crunchy bread,
the kind that grandmother used to bake.

Oh, wait the Creamy Alfredo with chicken and spinach
is steaming on a huge serving plate...what a work of art!
Oh, the aroma of the Parmesan cheese
fills the nostrils with the urge to start;
one by one, the well-dressed guests walk
into the dining room...who said they are guests?

It's family: grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunts and cousins!
we'll surely enjoy this Sunday dinner as last week.
What about dessert? Sweet pastries and chocolate Tiramisu
with a strong cup of espresso and a shot of Sanbuca Romana;
would you like to join us and meet the friendly chef Mario? 
There's plenty of food for everyone...Buon Appetito!

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Music Revision

Music is more than a passion I enjoy,
It is food to my very soul!
From the time I was a little boy on momma's knee,
It helped me maintain self-control and calmed my nerves.

Music kickstarts several passions inside me.
I love to sing and dance to a groovy melody moving.
R & B makes me wanna indulge in a steamy romance.
Hip-hop makes me wanna grab my girl and dance and kiss!

I can feel the beat, the bass booming from the speakers.
Like an athlete, I can show you some moves you wouldn't believe!
I can salsa, two-step or even break dance!
Music makes me smile and takes me over the rainbow.

My music must be played loud at all times.
The sounds put me in the mood to write some poetry!
Some lyrical content inspires my writing hand.
Music was heaven sent almost like a direct intervention!

I wonder without music where I'd be.
I enjoy ballads and even rock and roll.
But as long as I got a song,
Then it's food to live by....

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The Song Of Cooking

The sword of hunger
snips the squeak 
of the intestine,
which is like a cry
of a new born baby,
from my stomach.

Chop! Chop!
All chefs!
To cook! To cook!
You must go!

Cutlery jumps,
stoves burn,
veggies fear.

I open the cupboard
with the strength
of an elephant
as I inspected 
what will be on the menu,
and flipped the recipe book
like a pastor
who just lost his verse.

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Pasta Mortale

A man is dead.

His head fell

-post mortem-

into the 
pasta con funghi

carbohydratly and toxicly

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You Make Beautiful Things

Usually, I just pass by
with a glance, read their
life story without making
eye contact so my wallet 
doesn’t feel sympathy,
but this time, his cardboard 
sign screamed at my heart.
It was as if his soul breathed 
hope onto what he wraps 
himself in at night.
His cried out eyes
had a thick layer of 
fog over the pupil,
nostrils were cracked,
wrinkles grinned 
dog fur white.
Yesterday, in Palo Alto,
I gave a homeless man 
my freedom only
cost three dollars.

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The art Of Spring

Bright blue skies on a spring day
Fulfills my horizon
Blue birds and robins pass me by

Mountain, trees, and animals
Priase God Abroad
The frsh air bring forth calmness
A quiet serene a waits my soul

Red orange and violets
Represents God's glory
Flowers slowly rise with the sun
And water crickets sings songs of glory

Fresh water arises with the scent 
Of of sweet savory of God's spices
Beach rolls in the lazy tide
I sit back and enjoy it all

The art of spring is glorification
Of all tings God created
He's the world famous artist


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autumn falling

cry me a river
give me an indian giver,maybe i can fix him
think of the thought,the store you bought could feed a thousand towns
with the food you leave lying around. you could do art in the world,
marry a pretty girl to the turn of food she do marry,even carry in her eyes.
its the prize and the dice is thrown?this much we know,we can keep two,you and 
the truth,when you marry it we do.i know of the earth turn and hunger 
burning,sure i was fit for command to every man who had a plan.he would look in 
my eyes and size me up,but he didnt think of the crux of the theft of dinner and 
whats left.its hard in the middle class to be that picture in the mind,when i find 
candy bars dancing in my thoughts when i rest.chest full of air and thats what you 
get to eat. when we seen this girl on second street,of course i was too tired and 
hungry to pursue her,to my hunger peanut butter and jelly will never do her,so i 
just willed her to happen and despite the laughing in my mind,i find were still 
friends,me and her,but there was no word of sex or even second best,it was 
less,just the end i go,i worked and held a job,kept my room a slob,but it 
was prop up and starvation,like the middle class across this takes em 
no time to help,to release us from our hell.then,bask in the glow and let me know 
how a ferrarri goes or my favorite group has a Cd on the loose.wait till im fed and 
have my own bed then tell me you need me at your show or in iraq,then ill find the 
facts do meet.give relief on summer street.

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Chocolate Turtles

Chocolate turtles
Amazing taste to the last in line
Cashews alone are great
Chocolate kicks in the endorphins
Carmel is so sweet
Combine all three and the tasts 
Oh my the taste is better
It is better

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The Well Seasoned Cauldron

I am a smoldering cauldron of verbs
Confined in a disturbing squadron of nerves
So I use a glistening array of words
To keep them listening as they observe

Attempting to explore lifes tabooed pleasures
So tempting these doors like much wooed treasures
Unwilling to ignore resembling intense peer pressure
Willing to mentor the cunning presence of a hustler

Adamantly grasping for more precise understanding
Savagely gasping no advice just demanding
Carving patterns in your mind like a space ship landing
A starving lantern but I shine so I dont need handling

In death words become unequivocally timeless
So my breath wont succumb to the blantantly lifeless
If our lives have a code we are not who designed it
Will we survive to decode bet the answer is priceless

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Shadows of chocolate cake unveiled as
dark wolves creep into this stylish bash.
Red wine tart and sweet load up to drink.
A beef log is cut for a startling few
with a dish full of meat on the table
there is no world famine to fight in view.
Muscle has turned into chubby delight.
Black ash trays arrive for social review.
Standing in your posh sable nightdress
many are here to arrive on your lap, so
fish on your own... but arrive with a fat 
dessert from your steamy creamy cravings. 
Gorging burns into the size of your pants
your belly adjourns the diet concludes...
the muscle has all turned to fat.
Charming ashtrays on fire as the party
smokes through the night but fading fast 
despair and craving finds you passed out
on the Jone's wood floor.

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Ham and potato salad

Some things belong together                                                                                           but you never tasted flavor   										       Like this!                                                                                          *    I always liked ham and potato salad,                                                                          how about a sandwich or chip

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Huckleberry Jam

Spread it on toast,
slather it on an English muffin.
Use it in your milkshake,
to make a smoothie,
top off a sundae or
crown a banana split.

Drop a dollop on a cracker
and plop it in your mouth.

Put it on a plate,
mixed with tiny chunks
of real creamery butter,
then spoon onto a
piping hot biscuit.

Rich, dark, tantalizing . . .
one of life's sweet joys,
   Huckleberry Jam.

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The Inner Struggle

Some our very eager perplexed swept within

Underneathe the belly of the beast
A needed flower to grow amidst the rise of yeast
Within sullen fragmented dreams & truth
One may even negate that inner truth for a lie?

That inner struggle within/

To remain attached to the vine sublime

We are more then qualified for its great design
To calm the nerves from within
We look to man yet find no hold
We look toward self thus grafted in again onto the rights are sold

We then read books based on logic & get trapped within

For some, 
It's inner struggle is what we all must seek to face
Within loose debris in decayed formation
Yet some its inner struggle is a way of escape?

Proned toward evident inhillation embraced with its surfaced Peyton Place;

The inner struggle from within
Fought back the heavy tears with a smile
Still to know all the great while
A hand to hold a loving kiss embraced

For this is the thought provoking struggle we enivatably all must face?

The inner struggle.

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I Will Survive.

I sprain my ankle alot
doing things my ankle can't handle,
My fondue is simmered by the pain; the flame of new.
Makes me feel alive,
and a bit horny too.
I will survive.

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The source of nutrients
My mental stimulus,
The body sculptor,
Thy blessing I seek.

Body creator,
Beauty chic,
Belly friend,
Thy hand I seek

Vigour provider,
Vision faculty,
The thoughts knack,
Thy pleasure I seek.

For consummation,
Figure growth,
Rational accordance,
Thy filling I seek

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Hunger 4

       Hunger 4

So much food such little time
With so much on my mind
As I consumed the New York Times today
While others read it
My stomach grabbed me by the throat
Made me feel its pain
It screamed; “Feed me real food.” “I’ll kill you on the spot you idiot!” 
Rejecting lobsters, steaks and other pictures on the pages
The news informs me, implores me to eat on
Out of newspapers that I found
Though the images were colorful and pretty
The ink did not go down so well
Cellulose taste really grainy
I couldn’t fool or trick my self
Consuming nonfood stuff is, well, a little crazy
Eating buttons, coins and dirty bugs 
Is not exactly healthy, delicious or nutritious 
My stomach is not too fond of me these days
Perhaps it’s something that I said or ate or read 
Hunger is the only one true constant
It’s hard to keep it down

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delectable pleasure

on a quiet 
amidst the 
trees of 

with a 
sweet juicy 
ripe with 

all senses

simply are..

the Fruit 
of the 

one of 
for the God 
& Goddess 
in all.

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Chapter 12 Annihilation

The Tragedy of Humanity is the Monoku of us failing to believe you
Is This Greed be ye Acrostic for not knowing the Gnostics 
Molding Most be the boast in Senryu saying you can’t tell me what to do
Excommunicating Faith is a Tanka for those who sank 
Insanities Calamities in this Enclosed Ryhme regarding to our binds
Sinful Are These Ways considers what we forgot in this Rubaiyat
No Righteousness In a Senryu for those who forgotten about you
Oligarchies Creating Hate in each and every state be in Enclosed Ryhme 
Worshiping Vanities is a Lanterne telling you to burn
Ruthless Deceptions be a Fibonacci trying to drown the mariachi
Evil Enemy Tricks informs of a constructive fraud in Ballade
Trouble Moving is trouble grooving to chime in this Enclosed Ryhme
Roadside Utilities you see they are a bank of put in Tanka
Indestructible Ye told Ottava rima, praying you have the mind of
But Backsliding means deciding what zone told in Canzone
Unruly Child is for the minds of you told in Haiku
Truth Be Insight be an Ottava rima about the main man Prima
Inclined Minds is another Ottava rima about the change of time for Ye
Opportunities There Be in this Senryu don’t you see
No Matter is about the chatter in an Enclosed Rhyme for you to find
Death Be A Lady This Night ask which way is right Ottava rima
Introduction Which Leads To Reduction a Nonet seduction
Sexual Acts Meant To Distract be the private zone Canzone
Turmoil That We Struggle With is a chime in Enclosed Rhyme
Redefining Ones Plight be Ottava rima telling you to fight
Instilled In Ye Is Light another Nonet so that you don’t forget
Believing Wrong or Right asks this Enclosed Rhyme the real war crime
Undertaken Be Ye is a new flight zone told in Canzone
Transcendent In Flight is the alteration told in Alliteration
Inner Subconscious Intelligence universal relevance in Name
Outside This Reality which is for you to do discern told in Lanterne
New To Old Experience is an Enclosed Rhyme we all mime
Nay Sayers Deny Greatest Fear in Acrostic about ye the agrestic
Over Energy Transfer is Canzone about the unknown
What Will You Do is just asking you in Haiku?

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Stroll through the Illest Empire
So much heat feeling like we’re living in the fire
But we’re living under fire
Tell me how many shots must it take before my loved ones are crying at my own wake
Its time for a break from sad eyes I’ve seen grown men cry
It hurts to tell a loved one good-bye
It’s the same reason why they died
Hearts just too full of pride
Mothers praying their young’n wont be a victim of a homicide
Too many drive-bys blood shed for a block you really can’t call mine
Wishing we could turn back time
High off of nickels’ and dimes
Making moves to boost your grind looking for hope
But the hustle got us in a head choke
Don’t blame me for acting crazy cause this how the streets made me and you
To watch our back and throw bows and cuss
Cause you got to be tough when times are rough
I know your asking when will enough be enough
And truth is I don’t know but this is how it goes down
But if I make it out will you smile for me now

So many families struggling with poverty
I don’t judge cause that use to be me
Watching mom come home late
Barley any food on our plate
So young and life we already hate
Praying God bring us something great
My clothes were cheap imitates and kids called you on them for being fake
Knowing mom bust her ass to provide
But all your knock offs you begin to hide
Ashamed of what you own
I know how you feel I been there too
I see mothers walking there kids to school
And the walk is far when you cant afford a car
Mom hoping one day you’ll be a star
I know about being next to poor
Your local neighborhood liquor market is your grocery store
Wishing you didn’t have to go through that living off of food stamps
Cube the neighborhood is a trap but we’ll all be free
So smile for you and me

Even 2pac said smile for me
This isn’t how its always going to be unless you let it be
In our different way we’re all a G
Cause we’re trying to make it straight legit
Whatever your hustle never quit but don’t lose yourself in it
Cause you still got a long ways to go
Still got a long time to grow
Use what you know to get by or you wont survive
Remember to always keep your dreams alive
Whatever it is just do it and never try
The limit is the sky so keep your heads held high
And when you come to a hard road just always know nothing can keep you down
You’ll be able to come back around
So give yourself a chance
And I’ll smile for you now

JUNE ‘06

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Christ In You

We all walk on weak lines through peril intent
Shades of grass prone in circulation
Along comes a hand extended in the briars
A torched fervor can demonstrate its silence
A tug at the heart would light the spark to what it was I have been waiting for
A soul in peril will be in want yet acceptance would come at a price
Christ in you the hope of glory vested story
Shadows prone in timeless hue overhead we bit off more then we can chew
In sunlit days to frolic in a haze
As a mouse was getting stuck in a maze
To look intently at the ocean breeze
Christ in you a chief aim to please
Brandished in the mediocre turning of the tide
many walk away run & hide
In delusional thought we remove the blinds to shine
A hero in us all to hide the inner pain let me explain
We brought nothing into the world & for certain can bring nothing with us when we die
Christ in you an aim to please
Through shouts of angelic fervor breeze
We walk on loose ends through the thorns yet it depends
In walking toward the main goal
Life's reaching height to reach its toll!

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Country Home

Nursing my Michelle in middle of the nights.
Gary and Teddy under Diedra's big double bed.
Seven room house, country road. One neighbor.
Gas station 'cross road: Gas, smokes - Candy!
Neighbor daughters babysit sometimes. I sleep.
We all go buy groceries. Gary is eating candy!
Box boy comes, tells me. I load food into my car.
Neighbors, mine, friend go to a quarry to swim.
Cut, bottom foot, hospital bandage. Father mad!
Husband never around. Cooking, studying, work.
Iron his shirt, mine. Gary pulls crockpot down!
Dinner ruined. Small fridge. Baby eats corn cob.
Diedra eats birthday cake in her room. Son picks
Up Bruce's beer can from coffee table. Two sips.
All kids drink milk. Peas on many vines. White
Potatos, carrots in the ground. Colored flowers
By front door. Nice, green country home. Fields!

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Life's Little Blessings

Life’s Little Blessings

			Wake up in the morning
			To another brand new day
			That is a blessing,
			Get up to get dressed
			And face the day,
			Eat a good breakfast
			And be on your way
			That is a blessing,
			Meet and talk with people
			Go about your business
			Whether you work in an office
			Or you work at home,
			Work keeps you busy,
			It’s a good thing to do,
			That is a blessing,
			So don’t get blue
			Sitting down to dinner
			Watching TV
			Talking with family,
			Sending out e-mails
			Reading a good book,
			That is a blessing

			Celine Rose Mariotti

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Industrial Habitat

Enfolded in nature, we deliberately stand apart
Lurking heavily on industrial achievement
Luring generations to beckon towards the light
That man made idolatry of machine machine
Raging capitalism spleen from Darwin's dream

In intangible regime is impossible to wean
Sucking at the fountain of corporate stream'
Prospects hover in gluttonous parasitic attachment
As layers of process separate human from source
Government zoning forces the management of crude estates
While paper weights stagnate the make up of landless ingrates

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Roast Beef And The Pin Ball Machine

There was this cafe
where us guys use
to go during lunch
hour, while going
to High School.

We would all get
a hot roast beef
sandwich, you know
two pieces of bread
with roast beef,
mashed potatoes
and rich brown gravy,
for the price of 50 cents,
today you pay around 4 dollars,
for same thing and not as good.

Any way, there was this
pin ball machine in there
that you could play,
you got so many points
by how well you did,
which you could use
to buy your lunch for free.

This after awhile, became
a deep mad passion for all of us,
for about a year, I did
this, until I dropped out
of high school.

This one guy, who we
called big Rudy, he
had a special way of
eating his roast beef

You had to scrape away
the potatoes, push them aside,
then dig into the beef, bread,
then eat potatoes last, if you
didn't do it this way, he really
talked down to you, until we
all it dig right,
I know really sounds dumb,
but you had to know Rudy.

Really miss those days,
and those guys of being
in school, having no problems,
except getting home work done,
and doing good on those tests.

wrote 9-1-08  

Memories of East High School Des Moines Iowa, where I went from 1960-61

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there is no food
on the space
which would have a plate
if they had a table
that would fit
in the house
that isn't there

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Holiday Gift

The greatest gift I ever got, came with a year that definitely was not.
Health costs and a scam had emptied everyone’s pot.
The tree was bare with nothing to hand out…
And my son had to work thru the Christmas Holliday, we all sought.

We wished him home but he had to work if he was to eat.
And for several years he had not wanted, with us to be.
But this year had taught him we were better than he had perceived.
And he wanted to come home to hold and be hugged, you see.

At the last moment he got the Christmas Day off.
Our gift to him was the price of gas and food on the four-hour trip back.
But his gift to us… you see was the greatest of all…
For he wanted to come home and simply be with us all.

Twenty-four hours minus 8 hours on the trip.
Dinner wasn’t much but it was all we could give.
But no one noticed as everyone talked…
It truly was the greatest holiday present of them all… that we ever got.

Thank you God... your gift to us wasn't lost.

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Dining A' La Carte

"Would you like barbeque chicken,
or country steak with gravy?"
"Uh, huh."
"You want both?"
"Uh huh."
Her tablemate drools, bottom lip
hanging. He stares at his menu,
waiting for someone to take his order.
An aide rolls a wheel chair to the table 
for four. "Stay there!"
Her harsh tone seems inappropriate
for the tiny lady with frizzy curls.

"Mom, what would you like for dessert,
butterscotch pudding or chocolate cake?"
"Uh huh."
"You want both?"
"Uh huh."
Leftward movement draws my eye.
Frizzy curls is on the move.
She's booking out of the dining hall,
fast as her feet can peddle.

The trays arrive. I unwrap cutlery,
pour milk, place Mom's bib around her neck.
Her table-mate digs in, unassisted.
Mother stares at her plate, picks up 
her fork, pokes at her food.
The fourth place at the table 
remains empty.

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A Sundae for Balzac

Your treat, Monsieur de Honoré,
a sundae, hot fudge,
an iced cream dream 
sans bureaucratic nightmares, 
those trance-like states
of oh, so good men;
the static office-men
who barely skimmed life's
sweetness--that hot fudge sundae 
nestled deep in the heart of all. 
Time to eat up. 
"Look! Monsieur de Balzac has already finished his!" 

The inspiration for this poem came after reading 
Monsieur Honoré de Balzac's novel, The Bureaucrats.

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we have issuesl

We have issues
Were not seeing eye to eye
Were doing more arguing 
Than kissing
Id rather be kissing you right now
I think were both a lil dramatic 
Which is why normal talks end up in arguements
I also know I care a lot 
Because normally I wouldn't react like this
You want me to talk but I'm not used to
Talking so Ill write it here instead
I don't like going to bed mad at you
I want us to get back to the passion
All of these issues are clouding are judgement
I remember when we would fight 
And than you'd come over and make up
That very same night.
You'd kiss me and it would all go away
What ever happened to that?
Why are we stressed out right now?
Maybe we do need space
Maybe we see each other too much
But I'm tired of arguing 
I wanna get back to all the fun.
We have to fix these issues.

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There is a lot to learn

As I tred this pilgrims pathway to the marching in Zion
I sometimes will loose control yet I know very well
The person inside resides a tender chord of love
Shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning call

Filtered through a straw we loose our inner force 
To govern the most influential scope
Some haven't even bothered to cope
Having a fight with the soap on the rope

The turning of the tide we will hide behind
That heavy pier of loose compromise
Twisted allegations conspired in its diabolical lies
Shattered then shaped by a cullmination of respect

The service was over now pay the check !

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Fridge Love

The anticipation of beloveds fridge door opens with an oh so sigh-worthy.....
PING! ! ! followed by her own generous.... 
She knows i shall ravish her
She really does not mind

The heart pitter patters as the eyes forage 
Bounty hunter.... bessie bunters
Eyes dance as bambi's legs 
Through the forest of cheese and things that please
And the odd banana dregs 

Chocolate... Coca-cola, all things that
Doth so.... tease
(but im on... yet another diet) so not permitted to eat as i do so please

I hate my skinny family the ones for which i dote
For whom i loving fill said fridge 
With things I'd so love to munch
but wont

My mind is starved my stomaches gutted
My soul is crushed and spat
Ill walk away with just 
Lettuce leaf
Convince my self... that
It is tasty its just devine
It is my just dessert
And watch my child with a big ice-cream
Boy it dunn arf hurt.....

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Aren't you tired?


The light, phased through and crawled on millions of tiny fingers; rather nail less fingers; with aimless digits, that had no base of palm and hold of arm. Just grasping, searching, scratching fingers. Still nail less.

They engulf as they traveled.

Engulf the floor I step on.
Engulf the lonely twin that helps in the covering of my feet. His brother went missing after five washes ago.
Travel upon the wrapping of conglomerate food brand decisions, looking like a scene from: The Night Of The Comet; a 1984 horror/sci-fi zombie flick. Clothes and no bodies. A fast food rapture. And then, the light slowly crept upon me. Reached above my chest and passed upon my lips and nostrils; breathing in, and as it passed to breach eyes, the fingers grabbed and pulled( roped an eyelash if they must )my lids; but surely and slowly and gently enough. The sun woke me up.

Aren't you tired?


And there I sit.
Sit. Sit. Sit.
Contemplation in the form of a hunched back sprouting a neck holding a abysmal head; downwardly facing a floor that wonders: Wrong side to look at isn't it? : to eyes that still have not focused on the dead roach that was killed in a drunken, nauseated hurry, to lay in bed last night.


Uninhibited anti-motivational growth that I am becoming.
If there's no fire, you get cold. But, if there no fire, you can't get burned either.

                                      Time.        To       Get.               Up.

Aren't you tired?


Ah! the source of warmth and movement beams at me.

The sky is bright
with waves of light
that vibe and wash my skin.
The color blue
in every hue
is blocking thoughts of dim.
But in a hour
stalled milk's been soured
just like my mind with in.

Ah. Another day to walk unknowing the difference of yesterday.

Was it a Tuesday?


Wasted youth.

Aren't you tired?


....Tired, but hungry.

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Grand Openings: When McDonald's Invaded Russia

This Grand Opening
I attended: Scene
McDonald’s, Moscow,
Queue extended over
Under Pushkin Square
(Some saw the poet’s
Spirit rise and sniff
The air).  No
Royalty to cut
The ribbon, courtesy
Of Comrade Lenin,
Just some shivering,
Hatless Business Guys
With Cheeseburger Eyes,
Cutting Communism down
To size with French Fries,
Beating back
The Russian Winter
With Hot Apple Pies.

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substance of snacks, salty cookies
if you can steam pretzels the way 
you play volley ball, mine Fraulein 
I'll eat them down to my fingertips.

Fine with flavors that  match 
the Olympics world wide
a beggars communion the need
for a snack

when I was a kid I ate them at the 
movies with a Coke for the middle 
class. Poor guys love the pretzels
maybe a streetwalker or bum.

substance for the workers yet no
luxurious pretzels under the colony
of Gods Eden no fallen pretzels
only hot and salty down to the nubs

Julie Heckman

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I Am Laura's Stomack Part 2

My God! – I thought, 
now she becomes better and better. 
May be I’ll be a little bit fatter? 
But…anyway…it’s early to shout “hurray”. 
On Saturday she went to the restaurant with her boyfriend. 
I didn’t want to offend her, so I kept quiet, 
I so much desired to eat 
a good piece of meet, something sweet. 
You know that I didn’t eat for the whole weak. 
“You look good, but you are very thin, 
you have to take some food and it’s not a sin”- 
the guy said with a grin. 
I thought he was the greatest lad 
and my dearest Laura was just mad. 
It was late at night when she felt bad. 
I was also feeling sad. 
Martini, mushrooms, potato, beef… 
all that nice food decided to leave. 
Shut up, lever! She is clever! 
Everything is under control, 
she knows that I hate alcohol. 
At night, with a little bit of fight, 
I said goodbye to all the food she ate 
without any regret. 
Now I know: she doesn’t like to be fat. 
Next morning she drank only mineral water, 
her boyfriend has brought for her. 
And I certainly kept quiet. 
What more can I say? 
We are on diet. 

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Two Chairs and a Grill

On the back deck,
snow has turned two empty chairs,
sitting beside the shrouded grill,
into phantoms with open arms
waiting for corn to roast,
peppers to lose their crisp edges,
onions to gather sweetness,
and shrimp to hold their fibrous flavor
for the taster's tongue.

Birds by the score, alerted 
by the snowy air, raid 
the feeder above the grill.
Woodpeckers come,
the hairy, the downy, the nuthatch 
the ladder-backed, feasting on suet.
Smaller birds ignore fear
(and the watchers behind glass),
bravely eat beside their enemy
as they dart, hop, fly on, over,
and under, two chairs and a grill.

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Fruity Dessert

Sun kissed apple cheeks,
Honey streaked golden hair.
Strawberry lips against creamy skin,
Under sparkling cerulean candies.
My three daughters,
Sweet enough to eat.

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Good-bye Junk Food

Good-bye Little Debbie cakes,
Mr. HO HO, Boo hoo hoo,
Aunt Twinkie too,
I'm surely gonna miss, all of you.

Good-bye fresh bakery donuts,
Audios gravy covered steak,
Truffles with cream too,
I'm really gonna miss, all of you.

So long, Long Johns,
My scrumptious  chocolate Sunday's,
Uncle French Fry too,
Be gone from my hips, all of you.

Hello almond nuts, and legume,
Water packed tuna and brother salmon too,
Greeting my low fat diet butter,
I must welcome within, all of you.

Linda Terrell
March 13, 2010

I have created poem/lyric verses for a heart-smart lifestyle to lower cholesterol as we should 
all follow.
It would make an informing cheery song or silly jingle.    

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A hero is just that lost in the suace proned to devastation

A barrage of intense flames loosed in its politically incorrect agenda
Sought back the upheavel with a smile still to know all the great while
A chalice is just that in some absurd excursion plotted to the extreme
The inevitable remedy with hearts on the upswing

Through the complacency proned to decency
The upmost honesty to endeavor the braided swelt of heat
In an illusion prond to twilight fantasy in its eternity
The inner plight of justification & sensitivity
Gone our the days we used to frolic in a haze
Today we are all being stuck inside a maze
Shattered dreams in the notion of fright to sight
In scrambled eggs inside the equation
You base your logical theories on the basis of regret
All the hero's and legend we knew as a child have left
In random discourse,

We felt the sound of innocence in the right perspective
Shattered fragments in their devastation in dreams
A flight of fancy & brevity
The cause of charity
In its equated logical fashion We absorbed the extremitites
Many today suffer in silence amidst its blindness
With temples of gloom shattered fragments in their room


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An Audible Feast

Sit at the desk and assemble the
words. Gather them closely to 
restore your mind, for it is hungry
and your voice awaits an audible 

Tell me your dreams for these words
account for laughter and prayers 
that fill your desires and expand
your fortune.

Polish each sound for your voice
brings rapture and may imitate the 
songs of buttery, yellow, warblers 
who sing the sweet whistled tune 
from willows and wet thickets. 

Your voice shall carry the meaning 
for it is always new.

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Eternal Vigilance

He had to be on his guard at all times

The swift forces of evil sifted through to receive his gait
Still in awe combersome state of resistance
What everyone simply needs in life is a chance
Eternal vigilance,

Then soon vanquished to its cryptic elemental heights

Some having even fought back the intense pain lest I refrain;
Another twist in prominant vice to promote its blow
Some our quite eager & content 
In getting the best out of me...

Some having sifted through its canvas setting abode

Others ponder relics in an excursion filled up in cold & distant stream
By a clever heart of careless scheme
Eternal vigilance
As fragmented cold yet distant hearts asunder

In stoic yet stark quiver in its plumetted excursion

Shelter lies dormant exposed to its inner beckoning call
Eternal vigilance
Within a certain thrust to expose eternal vigilance
Today are society lies dormant;

Exposed to its desperate rudimentary elements!

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The roadside eatery

It was a pretty long drive but not tedious
Thanks to smooth arterial roads; well laid
The shortcoming was absence of eateries
And we were looking for a decent eatery.

All efforts to find out one came to naught
That forced us to settle with a roadside inn
The place not clean; which was predictable
But the tummies refused any extra journey.

Once seated, the waiter appeared smilingly
A smile at once genuine and pleasing one
That was totally devoid of any artificiality
That helped us relax despite the location.

He brought trays and glasses but not water
Instead of tissue paper he offered his scarf	
And tore a newspaper to wipe them clean
All the time offered help with a big smile.

He brought water bottle moderately chilled
And then oven fresh rotis with vegetables
After some pause, gave butter and sweet
With feeling, that we should eat a bit more.

As we ate he offered his services to others
His actions fast, served the customers alone
Humming a tune with that radiant smile and
We left the place with a heavy heart n tummy.

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Somebody Loves Me

Produced 50 yrs ago
My master Pravin Pant Sr.
Felt it was time for my Just Born coop to grow
So he introduced me to some other chicks
Bunnies bats cats pumpkins and
Even thought of placing some lucky stars
In for the heck of it what a day of cellabration
Now he has flipped his lid once again and took a few friends back
Had turned them into lip balms but I don't mind
For they will stay forever fresh on my lips as I speak of them
I been dropped off buildings had been steam rolled over
And each time I bounced back with zest
So please come rescue us from this crazy farmer
Place me in a warm basket or cake or even a dressed table 
For I m just a little peep looking for somebody to love

To The Peep 
In All Of Us    LOL

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Do Not Disturb

          Do Not Disturb

While walking through the bush one day
Hot sun burning the planet to a cinder
I happened upon a black mamba snake
When I say “happened upon” I mean stepped upon
The creature had no legs or toes or shoes
It knocked me off my feet with one swift strike
Signs all over nature read, “Do Not Disturb”
If only I could read I would have read them
Instead I’m feeling a little woozy 
Thinking about a nap
Perhaps a cracker with some tea would perk me up
With luck I might make it to supper by three
Or the cemetery

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Chocolate: )

Chocolate is the key to my heart, Chocolate is the food of love, Chocolate is a food that comes in many forms, Chocolate is the way to my heart, It's sweet,has a zing to it, Chocolate is undescribable, I think im in love with chocolate: )

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Shades Of Grey

                                                                        Shades Of Grey

A peril of sort left my job moved up North

In islands in the stream some apparent evil scheme
Shades of grey by its means something don't actually turn out to what they mean
Shades of grey silver smile walk the old river Nile
A plate of fries evil pass getting to know the midnight pass

Shades of grey all torn up inside we will hide
Souts of joy then applause some may insist on it being a lost cause
Sadly we put up with the chill running down the spine evil swine
In deepened peril outside twilight Christmas Carol

Shades of grey how they swoon to its nightly visible tune.

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The Penultimate Equation

new fastfood place opened 
mcstiltskie's "stuff you make at home that we make for you" 
nice, i'll take a large kool-aid and two pb&j's. 
no thanks, skank.

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Delicious scent

What is that thing
In the air
Filling my nose

That wonderful thing
An apple pie
Could be

Not in my nose 
Goodness me

That wonderful thing
That lingers and stays
That wonderful thing 
That won't go away 

Popcorn is it
What could it be 
Coming from where
Getting to me

That wonderful thing
What could it be
That wonderful thing that's bothering me

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So Sweet Addiction

-Sweetness coagulates,
stiffening resolve
to capture fugacious episodes-

Like an unrobed woman,
draped across fractured light,
tempting my skin,
pulsing pheromones across
the peak and troughs of my breath.

Seeping through cracks,
in callow defences, this icon
demands piety –demands satisfaction-

and trapped in allure,
of suggested orgasmic pleasure,
lips part in half-moon smile
of surrender.

Conflating arousal,
staining lips with you,
feed conflagration,

and so satisfy desire.

-memories are deceitful,
each dedicated
to sustaining this addiction-

A poem about candy addiction

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Straight Black Coffee

Straight Black Coffee
From some hole in the wall diner
in a town of ten-thousand people
tastes a lot like soot,
or bitter ash.  Coffee grinds
float weightlessly on the surface
black gnats flailing.  Derelicts.
Abandoned in a blackened sea.

The silence is surreal, unnatural
Akin to those peculiar moments before a funeral
When pale bodies in black suits
sit stiff in pews, like naked trees,
and the Reaper can be felt
sliding through the aisles.
Crooked fingers wrapped around
a gleaming scythe.  Bony mouth
opened wide.  Howling at the sky.

The Universe holds its' breath.

"It's like a dusty tomb in here,"
I hear a big-toothed waitress say,
the lights are grey
and coated in tar.
Dead insects bake on the bottom,
One can hear them crackle and fry.

It's a somber cell
with peeling yellow wallpaper,
baby crying in the street
Reaper clicking his stiffened feet

Or a Poem,
"I Heard a Fly Buzz," 
by Emily Dickinson.

The King is in the Room, now
The King is in the Room.

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There was nothing I could do
Except swallow the guilty mouthful
Taken from their bowl of rice
And chew upon the gristle
Of my add hot water pot noodle

Couldn’t stop the ice clinking
In the glass of my extra chilled white wine
Couldn’t stop me eating
In my clinging to my life

No I couldn’t stop their hunger
Or wipe away their tears
As they picked and ate the peeling paint
From the sides of oil drums

No way to stop the sun
From drying to brittle leaves
No way to halt the madness
Of other peoples greed

Nothing I could do but quench my thirst
And dine with the ugly flies
Clinging around the brown babies eyes

Nothing I could do
But feel my muscles work
Feel the nourishment of bone
While they live as human skeletons

All I could do was sit there
And apologise for the world
All I could do was sit there
And respectfully eat my meal
Adding too much salt so it mingled with my tears
Adding too much mustard
So the food went burning down my throat

I could do nothing else
Except apologise for myself
Sorry for being born in my wealthy world
Sorry for my country
For not rushing to your need
Sorry for my government
My vote helped to bring them in
Sorry for the United Nations
Who’s squabbling leaves you starving
Sorry they did not stop the war
That turned you into refugees

And all the weeping mothers
Their desperation in their eyes
Their children no more than rag dolls
Limply hanging from their arms
Their little bloated bodies
Going to join the others 
On the lime dusted piles

All I could do was sit there
And apologise for the world
All I could do was sit there
And say sorry for myself
Sorry for being born in my wealthy world
Each and every mouthful
Was swallowed with a choke
But all I could do was sit there
And respectfully eat my meal

written for Christie Moses and Sharon Weimer's competition "I'm Sorry"

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Sugary Gift

I was furious and full of resentment
When I zoomed out of the classroom
When I was offered a sweet gift, I snatched it! 

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Morning Without - To My Dearest Coffee

A feeling
So unexplainable
Could do about nothing
Staring blank
Head is spinning around

On a morning 
without my love
Can’t concentrate
Keep looking for her warmth
The aroma that linger

Her smooth taste
Could have spell the difference
In a day without her presence
Couldn’t make my body wake
In the end I shall consume her 2-7-07

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Winds of Wasabi


Have you tasted the delicious torment of oysters
Let your foccacia bread drip with soft green salted olive oil
Do you know the love of Sushi 
and boldly face the wild winds of wasabi

The tellers of the tales...these 
unbridaled ocean gifts 
smashing against the rocks
and found deep in the white and black sands 
of beaches I have laid apon 

These... the oils of Solomon that drip like mir from lovers hands
those that touch and those that are forced to say goodbye

Here, find them here, in your breads and oils
Taste the memory of what it is, what it was, to love

Find it there, just there, in that flash of purity 
as the oyster hits the back of your throat
There... yes, there 
when the wasabi flings open your passageways 
and you breathe for the first time in your life

Here, yes, here I am 
in all of these 
as you will always be for me
hidden in tree moss
beneath enormous boulders so strong and large I find I must believe
in miracles 
in the wind that catches in my sail
in you and perhaps 
in time- even in me.

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DING!!! I heard the sound of my alarm bark
YAWN!!! My mouth imitated an exhausted beak 
It was time for me to break the night's fast
So gratified to perceive the awesome aroma of Baked bread and tea
I gallantly walked towards the dinning room without fear
Stretching my body, looking like a bear
When I arrived, I didn't see any food to feast
It was past BREAKFAST! My mouth melting and hungry like a beast
My nose began locating the site of the aroma without rest
It was like eating that food was my morning fate
As the smell grew intense, I thought I was near for my sake
Finally, I arrived at the stop! On a trash can, it sat
Should I feast on it? My cells scared on the decision I was willing to take

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Gnoochi with Nonny

The living is lovely,
Gnoochi with Nonny,
Fresh dough,
For every step,
Chef caps adorn our crowns,
It’s a lovely afternoon,
Rich in tradition is our recipe,
Love is how it is conjured,
How I miss our days,
Of gnoochi and storytelling,
Memories are all that's left.

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O Chocolate

o chocolate, you've dipped me well
o chocolate, can't you tell ?
your gooey goodness
so smooth and divine
just don't care if they dare
say you'll go
straight thru my undiwear
i don't eat many sweets
but when i do...
indulge in treats...
o, chocolate, it's you I Kiss
you make me nuts
i'll search for you on PayDay
travel to Mars and the Milky Way
so what if they Snicker
just so darn fondue you !~

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pickles again

A plethora of 
pickles in
my refrigerator
how many jars?
If I care to count them,

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Beautiful sunset in swift apparel

She smiles in the wind having gold in hair
Pillars of cement line her inner voiced mind
Her stregnth comes in her immeasurable face

Love of a touch from another

Skipping rocks & such 
In the stream of captivating habitation
In circles commonly havoc from the distrust in others

She sings a lovely song as she tail skirts along
Timeless matter captivated by her hair in feathers
A crush through a blow in sorted venue plight
A song sheltered toward its beckoning call

The critics to her our all torn & battered
Her lips sag & smile is shattered
Her life as she knows take on the tremendous blows
With a timeless song in her heart

A rose petal in delicate sway
A happy smile to brighten anyone's day
A pull at her heart to light the spark to what it was she has been waiting for

Love in the eyes of the beholder

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forget your needle in a hay stack

I'm a needle in a haystack
walking about among all
never standing tall.
 A stick in an ever growing field of flowers.
never a stalk, never any power.
just a lone discarded weed, but i feed
on your unknowing, my unshowing.
until an unblossoming of a true form me
and a society forced to see me,
and try to be me,
 the perfect rose.

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When walking along down town,
"Koththu" rotti makers around,
Tapping,the rotti stones like music sound,
Unable to redeem the ears lent to the bounds!

( Koththu rotti-a process of cutting rotti,made out of wheat flour into very small pieces)

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Lady Sinister

Lady Sinister
With an animal carnage
She will never sleep

Staying in her lair
Where she traps, where she hunts

Innocence arrives.

Foaming at the mouth
Sensing the next to be hers
A matter of time

She breathes confidence
And can taste ferocity 
In her habitat

Her eyes will deepen

Like a stalker in the night
She moves onward forth

A snap of the mouth
Her bloodthirsty sadism
Leaving her satisfied

Lady Sinister
With an animal carnage
She will never sleep

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Man-Children: Tribute to John Dau.

Two men alone with their wounds,
following footpaths in the tall grass
so as not to be seen
by militia.

Stealing pumpkins from farmed fields
chewing on grass stems to ease hunger
Listening to the sound of frogs
And followed to water.

On guard, always, at the pools
That is where they gathered
Learned how to submerge the body
With just a nose showing above water.

Hungry, thirsty, but mostly cold.
No clothes, forty-degrees F,  staying close,
To conserve body heat
While Hyena's and Leopards lurked.

Finding other refugees along the way
Comforted in the fact of comraderie
yet it was harder to move unseen with more bodies
and food became scarce like water.

The Kangen riverbed was barren
hot, hot sun
one adult amongst boys
The Lost Boys of the Sudan.

Finding muddy pools of water, they ate the mud
Just for the moisture, easing the pain
Tongues swollen, skin grey
No voices.

Utilizing everything, they drank their own urine.
Singing Christian songs
Asking God for water
he gave them vulture-ridden bodies along-side a swamp.

A swamp!  drank and drank
found tortoises and roasted them with grasshoppers
First protein eaten in so long,
sat in those marshes and tried to regain strength.

Crossed the Gilo, eyeballing the crocs eyeballing them
Dodging bullets from Ethiopian rebels
some lived.
Six months of starvation to reach Kenya.

There are camps along and throughout
Eastern Africa
And in each one, Death reigns 
as the new and forever King of the Motherland.

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Such a long time ago
So very far away
The true memories fade
Replaced by idealistic thoughts
Streets change
The ones you walked are now dead end
Dug up to make room for a new dance club
Even the street you grew up on doesn’t look the same
Buildings change names and shapes
People move away or die
Even the love of you teenage life is long gone
Your favorite food has long past gone
Smitty always made the best chili burgers
Where is he now?
His placed closed up decades ago
There no more family run food joints
They changed into national burger stands
The local personality has died
They say that you can never go back
That home will never be as you remember it
For once they are right
You can never go home again

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thanksgiving day

mom and dad up at midnight
slow roasting turkey all morning long
7am we crowd for breakfast
by 8am the master dressing maker takes her stage
then one by one 
we begin to shred the slaw,
mash the tators,
lump the gravy,
brown the rolls,
cream the corn, 
and butter dab the homemade noodles
around the table we sit
giving thanks to all before us
as we begin to pass around our meal family style
leaving room for our dessert!

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How You Know Me?

You don't need to know my name,
Probably my favorite game
Or the songs I listen at night
Things that give me fright

You don't need to know my name
Or the places where I lived
The girls I've tricked with game
Just those bridges, on my way to you, I've crossed

Probably my favorite game
Can give you a sign
Of why I love to win all the time
To score with the dame of highest fame

Or the songs I listen to at night
When I'm alone in my room
After a long days gloom
To sooth away my worries, to awaken me alright

Things that give me fright
Scared me out of my wits
Of whom there is only a few
And the rules I just love to break
To cover my mistakes
For I am not my name
The things you should remember
Are simple, like the day we met in December

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Owned a “Cebicheria”.
Dished out
Fresh catch of the day
Prepared on the spot.  
A customer ordered Trout,
Ate it all 
Later complained 
The fish wasn’t Trout.
Once asked Señor Torres
To buy two pounds of Octopus.
The Chef came back, 
Tricked me with one pound mollusk
Stuffed with a rock inside 
Its head to weigh up….
…These days I only cook at home.

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Diary of an Anorexic

People say it’s only skin, but I see lard.
I see it falling down, straight from my arms.
It speaks to me, saying, come on eat.
You know you want to. Come on, feed me.
But I won’t. I think: discipline is key.
You can do it, food’s the enemy.

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Broadcast #4

Well, Mary O, I don't know if chicken feed's 
the way to go, to catch the faultless phrase, 
to turn a poet from a dame who's dazed 
by right-side brain overload and malnutrition. 

I'm Irish and a female; 
Isn't that enough? 

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Silver Spoons

Silver spoons sit at evening diner tables
Forks and knives acompany these lonesome
Silver Spoons.
No one orders soup, but instead a large steak,
with mashed potatoes and gravy, with steamed vegetables.
The fork and knife are put to good use,
As the silver spoon sits there and watches,
As grimy hands, man handle the knife and fork
violently cutting away at the red meat.

Silver Spoons smile, thanking they aren't used
for steaks and mashed potatoes.
But silver spoons meed to be used too.
Waiting for one day, during lunch rush
for someone to come in and sit and ask,
"What is the special for soups today?"
Silver spoons brighten their eyes and smile,
but that time never comes.
Just another guy ordering steaks, or a hamburger and fries.

Poor silver spoons, not even used to stir their customer's coffee,
they use knives, instead of silver spoons.
Poor silver spoons, waiting for a beautiful woman to come in and order the soup.

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Roam the noisy and narrow streets of beautiful Napoli on any day,
and over a popular cafe hangs the comical Pulcinella's image; 
many tourists aren't familiar with this guy dressed in white!
Why does he say," The best Baba al Rum is made here! "
The bartender puts on a huge smile when customers walk in.
Controversially, the infuriated French would claim, " We invented it! "
Then Pulcinella would reply with a delirious laughter,
" It was pretty good then, but not as tasty as it is today! "

*Baba al Rum is a Neapolitan dessert

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My Sister's Home Made Chili { Epulaeryu}

                                               Sister's chili hits the spot
                                               Big bowl makes you plop
                                               Beans pepperoni sausage
                                                  Crackers light butter
                                                   Large glass of milk too
                                                       Cools down The

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I'm pushing this heavy cart 
without any strenght left,
and through isles swarming with shoppers  
I'm confused by the above signs;
I rush to the one I missed dismaying onlookers.
How can I be so forgetful...
shouldn't I have a list of all items
I use thoughout the week?
I admit that guys are different from gals
with their minds focus on household things!

Yes, we guys aren't as patient as they are,
looking for bargains is a thriftiness that bugs us;
and down those isles we go..not reading labels,
not comparing prices...just filling up our shopping cart
with food we don't really need!  And who will be embarassed
when the cashier tells us annoyingly that the credit card
has been declined! Oh, good grief...we don't carry enough cash,
to avoid blushing in the publice eye while the the line gets longer!  

My advice to you guys: before you venture out shopping, stash your wallet
with enough cash, or check the balance on your credit or debit card;
it's another way of being smart! And besides being admired, you may also find romance
while you are in line and a pretty girl smiles, trying to start an intelligent conversation...
leading to a date or even marriage! Do you get it? Look sharp, flash lots of money
and really get lucky! If you fellas do what I have suggested, 
you'll have broads flocking to you and your buddies will envy you for your luck!

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Wonderful Fish Fry (Epulaeryu)

Perch fish on a Friday night
With curly French fries
Mouths of people watering
The coleslaw taste great
This is a yum meal
Very good

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Around the World

There are places around
Before I pass on.
First on my list,
Let's go to Greece.
Again, the food, but now some history.
The food and culture are amazing.
Also see history, bloody hell! 
My family is part Irish,
I thought
I thought it would be appropriate
So, hopefully I will be able
To see these far off lands
At some point in my life time.

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Owls Night

                    Owls Night 

Masculine owl, brown metallic feathers, heavy winged
Sores the twilight ozone meadow
Traverses over waterways and banks of laden grass
Transforms, as from a trance, into the hunter
Haunting hoot tu-who sounds alert 
Between the silent grays of total black
Eclipsed and thunderous flap on flight ignites the hunt
Gliding, guided by precision giant eyes of wondrous yellow  
Gaining on the shadow of the mouse within its grasp
Scrambling to escape
Owl changes shape before attacking
Preys before he merges on this species
The specimen does not go unnoticed by another winged creature
A female owl of white, who feels an urge to flee, takes flight
Swoops down, takes the rodent in, before departing
No thinking on the wing and wind
No time to contemplate
Brown owl feels smarter than all that, a regular intellect, yet
Hovering up above, without his meal, there is regret
Mr. and Mrs. Owl will sort things out together 
Not in the nest or dead of night on meadows bog
But over dinner, consisting of the memory of mouse, no doubt

                    Created on 8/04/14 for Night Owl – Poetry contest

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It's Not What It Seems

it's not as good as you say
It's not what it seems
False tales and dreary days
No sunshine, it only rains

Just old cloudy days
And yesterday's dreams
It's not all you make it out to be
Things don't come free

There's a price for everything
Even a price for your soul
You're making something out of nothing
it's always something

All the drama, all that pain
Stings my piercing heart
You tell your lies in the dark
One day I'll bust open

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Ode to Potstickers

Sizzling and Grizzling
Frying and Boiling
Crispy and crunchy
Gooey and chewy.

Cooked to perfection
Golden brown on each side,
Little pockets of goodness
Placed delicately on a china plate.

Scent so mouth-watering,
Taste that's quite exotic
Texture that is crunchy
Tastes heavenly in my mouth.

Dunked in rich sauce
That is darker than ink
The taste buds dance
As the divine flavor takes over.

Sweet and savory
Bitter and better
Crunchy and soft
Exotic and exquisite.

Sweet potstickers
You are quite a treat
I can't get enough
Of your exotic taste.

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Romance and Futility at the Grid Iron

These feet and hands move with pride

While frozen minds reside in stations

The gurgle of romance catapults

Limp eyes fortunate to be blind

Setting tables, memories on the wing

Eclipsed lung of chain linked usury

Chance on the balcony flips greater pockets still

Silver rings on the oven to match electricity

Now the grid iron flashes through

Beating heat to patronize tongues

The alphabet of spacial sense

Time barricades these permanent exits

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Cherry Pi

fills my whole plate
my fork sinks into the deep red goo
chink, clank
fork hits the metal plate
in my mouth the taste
still lingers
goo on my fingers
oh my sweet cherry pi, goodbye

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Lumpia (Epulaeryu)

Sweet chili sauce for dipping
paper thin rice wrap
ground pork, diced carrots inside
eyes closed--golden crunch
lucid breath

~This is a Epulaeryu to Joseph Spence!~

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Dishwasher Catacombs

Melted butter
Missed crumbs of toast 
Blue-ribbon cooking 
In dishwasher catacombs
Remnants of delicious memories

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My Shame

A dull thud in my head…growing to a massive ache
As the sun creeps through the cracks in my blinds
Even before the scream of the most annoying alarm
Rages most days in my poor ringing ears

Much like an addict in the dark corners of the city’s edges
I am beckoned by a need so powerful, my body knows its name
Otherwise an independent soul, what part of me allows such dependence?
My shame of its control over my mortal soul

No function, no coherence; 
Only this nagging pull of my very being.
I throw back the covers and creep from my room
The thought of my fix becoming a powerful incentive

I pry open my crusty eyes to find my way 
I eagerly reach for the bag, carefully pouring, measuring 
Then grinding down my fix to just the right consistency
The agony of the waiting until it’s ready…perfection

First pausing to relish the bliss about to come
My initial shame of the morning long lost in the anticipation
As I slowly inject, infuse, this powerful demon into my shaking body
Ecstasy flows through my veins.  

Once is not enough.
I must have another…
That hot, steaming cup of coffee…ahhhhhhhhhhhh
I will make it through another day.

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your lips so plump and juicy
like chilled grapes
lip smacking til the last one

july 17,2012
karen croft

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A Bachhanalian Feast Of Time

All I've done
is eat and drink
to lull myself
to sleep
my senses
with food and wine
I know
I'm marking time
wishing my life away
with food and wine
gorging myself to sleep.

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Driving used to be fun.

I dont know
what the goverment,
is trying to do.
Robbing the pockets of,
people ,like me and you.
The price of petrol, in the last week,
has rocketed.
Basic food, is also high,
every time you go shopping,
you ask the question why.
Car driving used to be fun,
now most of the streets are no go.
Bus lanes banned for cars,
You would proberbly have more,
fun on mars.
If the prices carry on,
then this car driver,
would like to say
you can call me selfish if you like,
but I am not going to go by bike,
I will carry on my way,
and drive every day.

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a lemon cream cake moment

i eat my lemon cream cake 
and forget what i dislike

when the flavor hits me, 
it's like being lost in a 
place only seen in my dreams

i eat my lemon cream cake
and remember why God opens
my eyes

it is in the very next moment 
of favoring the savoring that
i take a pause and thank Him

i then whisper AMEN with a 
satisfactory smile....and dive
right back into that scrumptious
lemon cream cake

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                     The turkey is in the oven and the sink is steaming clean
                    the cat is on the bed while the dog is in just another room 
                    there are two guests in the house with another on the way 
                    and the phone is ringing nearly every fifteen minutes

                       One brother is playing with the dog while the other guest is reading
                     Mother is on the phone and I am sitting at my desk praying quietly
                     The squirrels are running through the wet leaves from tree to tree
                     while the cat is snoozing and the strays are absent for the day

                     The  turkey has over three hours to bake and one pie has been cut
                 The other items are being made one by one while the table is set the     
                 lights are up on the house waiting to be turned on and the only birds 
                 are a clock 
                  It's Thanksgiving and giving is good even when it happens to be 
                  gratitude-  Happy Thanksgiving to all "and to all a good" season!

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Love must be so pliant

Love must be so pliant ,
like a blade of grass,

Bowing to the wind,
till the storm has passed.

Love is enigmatic
Like the sphinx’s smile.

Waiting for an answer,
Nothing is on file.

Love is often near us
Yet we do not see.

Sometimes where we are
Is just the place to be

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Orange Juice

Orange only
I peel you 
from the falling form
off my teeth
because I want to smell 
that sweet sickening
shallow breath

Please my tongue
and fall into the pit
of my stomach
my dear
for I love the way
you spin and speak
bubbling over until 
I am spewing that beauty
that you find so simple

orange only
you are the substance of light
that grows the sweetest fruit

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I'm innocent your honor

I did not murder my husband.

I'm just a  victim of fate.

you see I was making his favorite

spanish rice and matza balls.

I reached up for some Old Spice

and  accidentaly got the Bug Be Gone.

no sir, he didn't suffer

at least I don't think so.

he ate it all.

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i choose life and ice cream

life sucks
so does death
so ill pick the one with ice cream
and best friends

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kinetic feast

the kinetic energy that is required 
to lift 2 tons over your head is quite astounding
so when it happened the other night,
let's just say that i was more than a little suprised
there wasn't anyone else around
to witness my herculean feat
well, at least not anyone
i would say that could possibly comprehend
the gravity of the matter
so, afterwards
i simply went home and ate half a chicken
and a entire pumpkin pie
(plus tub 'o cool whip)
the kinetic energy required to digest 
such a henry VIII meal
made me quite sleepy and content
so upon taking a prescribed mental note
of the day
i traveled via dream dimension
to the house of my beloved
who is searingly ethereal 
as well as scorchingly delicious...
and from this,
new forms of kinetic energy
yearn for heavy fruition
as her lovely, writhing body
comes to mind

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What good is a dream evil scheme when falling headlong in a ditch nervous twitch

Through a port in a storm one could barely see so sound the alarm;
A vision of sorted delegated deception or that of reality transformed,
To dream in spite of the madness

To dream in certain gladness,

That amidst folly should chill its temporal flame;

The entire world today is totally insane/

To dream, amidst the common swell with ease;
Enough of cold sweat in your living Hell,
A gap between the sullen hard shell;
Dreams our built on nothing less then hardship amidst 

Tossed in a sea with compromise & charity

Through nights filled with fright & flight of fantasy
Through words filled in timeless plight & shivalry;
Dreams will take flight so forget the night,
Dreams can be crushed in the midst of catastrophe;

The heart will relinquish along with beauty/

Can ultimately realize it's equated heightened reality,
Can appreciate the light amidst the darkness ravaged in pain;
Can one negate sadness merely looking out of the window pane?
Can a leaf sullen in the fragment of one's inner imagination ?


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Fronting the Scenery

Childhood cavalcade upends
Serial stage pestilence
The kind of poisonous air barricade
That shunts the stitches when they twitch open

Human mind, they said
Stock in storerooms with mascara
Legitimate front to foot the system
With a pedal to the heart attack machine

When fanciful rage chops green
Evenly cut to make the barrage simple
As stacks of fallacy float out the door
All the clown scenery comes tumbling down

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Our Mandarin Universe

The edges of an eclipsed
sun give birth in broken 
shocks of light 
to day love and life

We lift ourselves
to yawning 
blades of grass near
an ocherous tree 
raised by the mountains
beside us

Into an infinity 
of yes as our
wings fall away 
in the ultimate flight 
immersed in the 
syrup of our
mandarin universe


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Sundae Spice

Do you remember
the first time we met?
I do: it was on a warm
sundae afternoon.

There were gales
of mischief and glee
all around, each cradling
a clear plastic bag,

with a treat of tumbleweed
trying to escape the rim:
banana, toffee or
vanilla flavoured

cotton candy; or
were they woolly fibres -
similar to the strands that
intermingle in your felted hair?

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Flavor Sensations

We push to imitate nature's
flavors, both sour and sweet;
compare the taste of lemons
to that of a lush, ripe peach,
or the nectar of pure honey
to the tang of a dill pickle.

The fruit-flavored snack-pack
spilled into my hand,
perceived imitations of the real deal:
	One shaped blackberry (hardly)
	Two round orange slices (scored)
	One green apple (Granny Smith?)
	A bunch of cherries (close)
	Two raspberries (not)

I popped rubbery orbs into my mouth,
closed my eyes and chewed slowly,
seeking the flavor of raspberries
like those growing on vines
just beyond the entrance to Castlewood State Park.

The cherry almost succeeded
in replicating the original;
all others were blatant counterfeits.

I once met a Flavor Chemist.
How many blackberries must he consume
before he can approximate the taste?

He answered my question
with a smile, and a bottle
of imitation vanilla flavoring.

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really, i’m really starving 

from the frame of my room’s window 
afternoon sun looks like an omelette 
wonderful, well-fried, big and wide

but that omelette has been divided,
slaughter by neighbors’ tv antennas 
by phone and electronics cables 
and without a few for my stomach 

i try to make my tears not to drops 
remind me again my mom’s omelette 
i used to be find one, a whole one,
as her love with her children

with continues fallen saliva 
i see that omelette without wink 
but only few seconds then 
it is gone ravenous-dine 
by whom i don’t know 
and then left sky alone 
like dirty-grubby plate 

tonight when dark covers the space 
night lamps one by one wake 
i will crawl go out from my room 
then silently lick the sky-plate 
before cleaned by rain or dew
only to entertain my hunger stomach 
then sleep and dream about an omelette

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Ambrosia from Heaven

The minute it touched my mouth,
I groaned in ecstasy.

Still warm from the oven, 
delicate, sublime flavor,
ethereal tongue talk.

For the first time
I fully understood the term,

     melt in your mouth.

I told her. I said, "Mattie,
it's ambrosia from heaven."

Every potluck dinner at church,
she brought it.

I never forgot her kindness,
or the wonderful taste
of Mattie Johnson's Chess pie.

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Bombay Duck

The gateway to India
Sadly now Mumbai
Where is my Bombay
Who now passes
through these golden

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A Mother of Many

Over cooked. 
No one eats it. 
It becomes a Mother.
A nurturing feast.
of Maggots. 
At least it has more heart than you.

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A Home lizard waiting for it's prey,

A mosquito hiding in God's pray!

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Mom always made his lunch before she was off to work. 
Sometimes dad made it. 
Mom knew exactly how to fold the paper bag. 
She put his name on it
just so. 
Not too big 
so the other kids would notice. 

The bag was folded down once, 
three times 
to make a perfect seal 
and perfect handle.
Inside, a sandwich 
on dark rye or wheat bread.  
Sometimes it was left-over meatloaf 
from Sunday dinner, 
with lots of ketchup 
and a slice  of lettuce.
Other times, liverwurst on rye 
with spicy mustard 
and a slice of lettuce.

There was always some fruit and carrot sticks and maybe 
a little green box of raisins
especially for lunches.
Maybe a little note
that said
Hi, honey.  Have a good day, 
There's a surprise in the cupboard
for you when you get home
Remember --
feed the dog.

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He loomed large, his white t-shirt bulging, 
his apron hanging off an impressive gut.  
“Keep stirring,” he said, 
slapping me on my back as he wandered off.  
Over his shoulder, “Just keep stirring.”  

The pot loomed large, 
with an equally large wooden spoon.  
I stood on a chair and stirred.  

The white gooey matter didn’t look like food,
 but it smelled creamy, 
with a hint of something else.  
The spoon moved easily in the pot, 
and I felt it slide across the bottom, 
and saw the liquid well up.  

I began to sweat, first from the heat 
and then from the work of stirring.  
Was it my imagination, or did 
the spoon move more slowly now.  
I gripped it with both hands, 
and remembered his order: 
Just keep stirring.

I imagined this pot, this goop, 
sloshing inside a floating metal box, 
thickening as hundreds of hungry young men 
in blue and white waited patiently to 
clog their guts or,
clutching a pitching rail, 
empty them.  

I weakened, I think, 
as I struggled to move the spoon.  
It felt like hands were gripping it, 
preventing me from stirring.  
I pushed with all my strength, 
knowing that the white paste would brown, 
then burn, 
if it stayed on the bottom too long.  

My adolescent body began to fail, and I called out: 
“Help!  I can’t stir the pot!”  

In a flash he was back, 
dumping gallons of milk into the pot, 
the paste immediately loosening 
its grip on the spoon.  

“Thanks for your help,” he said.  
“I’ve got it from here.”

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Pas try,
Not Ma why?
Pas try!

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Time Eaters

Serve up your time . . .


Beware of those who are full
etiquette implores them to accept.
Preparation and labor are unnoticed efforts
lost in a galley of many.
Consistently ungrateful.

Beware of those that consume,
without a single chew.
They lack culinary appreciation
and will never value when they are fed.
Consistently hungry.

Beware of those that are gluttonous,
they will taste everything.
Curious of every flavour
to broaden their pallet horizons
Consistently unsatisfied.

Beware of those that are malnourished
they will eat anything.
Unable to distinguish between
fine dining and garbage.
Consistently starving.

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Taken to the party, your clothes all
made of fish skin, dark abalone
you are ostentatious with a trigger
for a spine as you sit hard up right.

Taken, you speak and the women give
you the brush, the men see competition
they know you and are likely to
bid them leave.

Taken, you are everyone who has ever
been rejected from the popular list
how quickly they change their appetites
they see no chance with you 

You take a smart cocktail
as if those scales don't hurt to the touch
an any mans drink
just to stay calm

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How ignoble
Such a pretty thing
So petite
So round
So shiny green

I'd opened a bag of mixed vegetables
Careless with the knife
It rolled away
All by itself
Along the outer edge of the counter
Fell    without sound    on the floor
Just a pea    I thought
Nothing more

So    I finished making my salad
Yes    many   many peas
Except the one forgotten
On the floor

I thought to look
Put aside the dish
I barely felt it
Barely felt that little pea
Under my foot
Then    suddenly!
That poor little pea
Separated from friends
Smashed to pulp on my dirty kitchen floor
What an ignoble end

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The scent

Where is it from
What could it be
That's making my mouth water
Please let me be
Your making me hungry
For something delicious
But supper is near
And very nutritious 
Oh daunting thing
Don't draw me to the source
Don't ruin my supper
Or at least the first course

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Did you know

That pi r squared is the area
and pi d is the circumference?

Well, even if  you don't know I bet
you once memorized for you were told oughta.

Did you ever allow yourself to get
into pi mind so fruckngly much that it
tasted like cheesecake?

Or mincemeat or bar-b-que sauce
or outa this world beef jerky
or that one yogurt


you'll never forget?

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A handsome but tattered looking boy
Light complexioned kid
Innocently looking harmless
“My belle dey cry
Hungry dey kill me o
Make una settle me now
Wuse, one chance, one chance
Driver, wait make dem
Dash me money for food”
Echoed his voice to my ear

I was a morning passenger
In a rush to see a friend
Other passengers laughed it off
The kid is very funny
Morning comic relief they thought.

The little kid,
One out of many
A Non-Nigerian, Chadian origin
Oh! Oh! I see, they all said
But what about Nigerians
Don’t we beg too?

Poverty has only one name
Colour, age, sex, origin
Counts not here,
When it calls,
We answer the register in unison.

For many little kids
And many old ones out there
Time to stop begging beckons.

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In Battles Of Our Own

In battles of our own

A man will live to advance home
Through a variation in a dream
In faulty idol flowing stream
An ellapsed tongue had tainted my inner vision

In battles of our own,

Shattered silence through scattered temperaments choose
Within it's vested silence in scourge of desire
It comes down to the pivotal wire
We then choose to socially internalize

Yet when will we ever live to realize

In battles of our own when we are a long way off from home
In dreams filled with violence ever needing
In sorrowful intention remorse without having any meaning
Through an opened window of hope we vaguely see a reason to believe

A given chance at victory for one to safely stay

Through inner torn pain in shattered misery
In battles of our own
A house without an actual home
A pulse by which to skip a single beat

A couple in which to meet & greet

Shattered dreams in vested plans
Hoping someday we will all live to understand

Depart from me!

In much pain one's inner character can ensue
Through heart ache and inner turmoil
Some have waited too long for making water to boil
They take the baked potatoe out yet without first checking the aluminum foil

Depart from me you workers of iniquity

You often will lie in wait in order to deceive

Within violent vanquished thorns proned to demonic destruction!
We often will walk through long lines leading to eternal misery
Depart from me in cloven turned ivy briars that are stained green
We then launch out with self attached to a rocky foundation

Those who are self seekers will soon come to nothing yet vanished

The anguish in your inner soul will fold amidst its rubble
In place of calmness their will be that of double trouble
A wretched scream of swollen discord for now silently filtered
Your heart is a door mat bent toward Hell's destruction!

The weary traveler will depend upon
We spend our days in idol proned temperament all alone
Shadows from a battered soul in complete darkness then comes the fullest light
No oe ever said the heavenly way would be easy

Many simply base their whole existence on faulty extremeties!

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Amber Heaven

Sweetness clings to tea spoons,
amber heaven gleaming in
the early morning light.

It hangs, reluctant to depart,
then flows slowly down
toward my brewed fortification.

The load delivered, a thin remainder
tempts me, and I plunge it
into my mouth.

Thoughts of you flood my mind
as concentrated joy explodes,
leaving me with sticky lips
and a smile.

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Coffee Morn TAILS

Perk, perk, perk, perk, perk, perk, perk, coffee Cup of brown brew woke me up Me need one more cup!
Originally submitted as a senryu, but had to add four more words to satisfy the twenty word requirement for this contest.

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America Home Of The Corrupt

America a country of change
A country through time that has proven itself 
It was such a beautiful place to be 
It never mattered what color or Ethnicity you were everyone had an opportunity.
But That has changed immensly.

As I speak now hundreds of men women and children 
Are dying of
Fezzing Temperatures, because they have no clothing
Diseases, because they have no medical thechnolgies or medicines to cure them
Hunger' because they have no food and no money to get it

This can be blamed on us The United States Of America
A country with several resources and plentiful ammounts of food 
and it will not be shared in the greed of humanity and not only us
but other countries too.

As I speak now innocent civilians are being beaten or shot by the police
for no reason at all other than the fact they were stating their opinions
About an evil and corrupt government.

Millions of people around the country are being brainwashed by television advertisments 
created by orginizations whose sole purpose is to make you buy their products
Regaurdless of your financial statability.

In the root of it al is being caused by a corrupted government trying to keep a large continet stupid
By regulating the teaching in public schooling to their advantage to make the population unaware
of the greedy Police state with no Privacy and the creation of a state of a struggle for survival 
right under their noses.

The simplicity is money is the root of evil
Our government simply wishes to delete all competition
and end democracy
These words need to be heard and this country and this world need to change .

America Land of Free
Home of the Corrupt and Evil
What would the founding Fathers say ?

Thank you for listenig show your friends this.

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Every People bears a mouth and two hands,
No one born with mouths and single hand,
Feeding all people time to time is divine no disputes,
People trust on God but fail to know his actions is the dispute,
Starving turned into the worst of death,Malthus feared,
Malthus forgot-divine,God's plans and his two own hands,
People born not only to consume and wait for next meal,
People born also to toil and to make,Engels,challenged,
Hunger is a magic, put down some thrones of kings,
Hunger is an illness for which still tracing a cure,
The food in one plate enough to consume for Two,
The food in two plates enough to consume for two by two,
The food in four plates enough to intake Four by two,
Tiny black ants creeping beneath stones remain survive,
Eating peanuts like for God feeding each and every live,
But no good owns,owned by God is the truth all to believe!

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You Want Huspuppie with That

Swordfish, in San Francisco, is excellent.
For authentic West Coast flavor, come visit 
the Broadway Oyster Bar in St. Louis.
Be sure to ask for the craw-fish appetizer.

If you visit San Diego, you may enjoy
fresh salmon, seared over alder logs.
Should you wish to order Mahi-mahi, 
the place to dine is downtown Philadelphia.

Esmeralda nestles against the Pacific Ocean.
Every third building on the main drag 
is a restaurant. At the CASA DEL PONIENTE,
order any fish delicacy your heart desires.

Marylanders insist that only in Maryland
can you find authentic crab cakes; 
travel south to Texas, you'll find
that premise hotly contested.

Head for Maine if you're craving lobster,
to Seattle or Portland to find great chowder,
or hop on down to Tampa for coconut shrimp,
and Forest Gump's on the Wharf isn't shabby.

But if you want to find the best catfish 
in the US, try Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, 
at a quaint little place where they serve
pickled green tomatoes on the side.

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Chews To Keep You Away

Chews To Keep You Away
Each taste sends you
farther away from me,
that's where I want you to be.
Every calorie takes 
your hands to another face,

           far from my body, 
                         my private parts.

                                               my space.
Piles of crumbs 
keep you from rubbing on me,
like you did on the bathroom tile 
when I was just a child.
Bring on the food!

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butterscotch is still a friend of mine

butterscotch is still a friend of mine
i close my eyes and let the savored flavor take me for a ride
the journey leads me to times when there were no cares in the world
ice cream dipped into a place only the center of the tongue can comprehend
pudding prepared to a delicacy that the definition of 'creamy' does it no justice
candies that expose sunshine to the inside of your mouth
no time machine can compare to an underrated, most tasteful find
because of that fact, butterscotch is still a friend of mine....

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As dark as it is cold, chilling to the tongue
Almost sorrowful
Bitter tanins leave my mouth wet indeed
and bracing for a sweetly finish
Yet promises remain unseen inside the solid morsel


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Poets Also Cook

Interaction with other poets
brings special rewards:

          Challenging Assignments.

          Better understanding of words.

          Creative juices tapped.

          Direction for composition.

          Enhancement of mediocre poems.

          Faithful friendships formed.

          Good food and sharing of recipes.

          "To-die-for" Crab Chowder.

Need I continue?

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The sun is shining,
warm summer,night
time to set the grill alight.
Wait untill the charcoal is white,
then you know,it's right.
Bratwurst, steaks,spareribs,
it makes my mouth water,
thinking of this.
The aroma of the meat
sizzling on the grill,
cold beer nicely chilled.
Salads,jacket potatoes,
garlic bread too,
any thing else,just wouldn't do.
Guests seated at the table,
all there from uncle Tom to aunty Mable.
savoring the grilled delights,
talking, well in to the night.
Aunty mable, stands up to go,
not too steady,don't you know.
Nothing to do with the drink,
it's old age, I think.
We party till early morn,
after having drunk, lots of korn.
Telling of tales old and new,
wondering how the time flew.
Yes that was a good night,
now it's time to sleep tight.

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I am only human

I have drank
the milk 
in  the jug
out of the fridge

I have eaten
the peanut butter
from the jar
that you might of used
with your jelly sandwich

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Binging on Bings

in the hot valley, 
I shimmied  up the first few corky feet of the trunk 
and climbed into the high canopy of the 
colossal cherry tree.

Perched, but cautiously,
on the roof
of Uncle Freddy's garage,
gorging myself on
the flesh of
the large, heart-shaped

My trick was to pick a mouthful and
then bite down, 
sucking as I did,
a dozen or more
of the deep, 
maroon beauties
exploding in my mouth.

Spitting the seeds onto
the roof and
hearing them roll to
hit the metal gutters
at the side of the building
while Mom and
Uncle Freddy 
and Aunt Jenny
talked about 
grown-up things

I climbed down the tree
my belly full and
my face and hands
stained with the juice
and joy of being
the first to reach the biggest
and ripest
and sweetest
of the tree.

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Sons and daughters are rising
against their parents,
they use obscenity
and physical force;
honor is no longer  
present in their unsound thoughts...
isn't the end coming soon?

Rivers and oceans flood towns and cities,
crops and lives are being  lost,
mothers grieve for their children;
firefighters and soldiers
try to save them with their shivering pets...
isn't the end coming soon?

The climate is continuously changing,
it's getting warmer and ice is melting
in both North and South Poles;
grizzly bears, deers and wolves
search for food in garbage pails...
is the end coming soon? 

Drug addicts and homeless people
are dying on dark, filthy streets
infested by rodents as big as cats;
punks carry guns and shoot in hallways,
and yet hookers continue their business...
isn't the end coming soon?

Grandpas and grandmas read the Bible daily,
their grandchildren worship the Devil who promises
them riches with schemes...even justice and punishment are failing;
who controls the Courtroom: the judge, the crook or the green?
Is the jury as fair and righteous as it appears?
Isn't the end coming soon?

Preachers praise God from the pulpit
when their souls are not pure as He is...
are they deceiving themselves and their flocks?
They interpret the Bible as they deem,
being inherent and contradicting...
isn't the end coming soon? 

When The-Same-Sex-Marriage Law was passed,
crowds of gays and lesbians cheered on:
a return to Sodom and Gomorrah?
Soon perversion will be everywhere,
and more incurable diseases will start new plagues...
isn't the end coming soon?

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Final Analysis

(Hidden pitfall; judging a Poetry Contest)
I like to approach
the final pass
at morning sunrise,
after a long restful renewal.
This was not that morning;
awake at 2:00 AM
baking cookies by 7:30.
On the fourth cup of java
crispy peanut butter crunch
wades across my tongue,
floating downward
in a warm, brown stream
to settle in fat cells
on waist and hips
as the spoken words
cross my lips.

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A Feasting of Mango

When you eat mango
Take your time like we do it in Jamaica
Don't tear it, slice it, bite it
As if you were at war with it.
Come April, May and June
Pile your bucket, sit under the moon
Take the mango golden smooth
It is a lover kindled by your touch
Caress its flesh, melt its softness
Feel the juice beneath the skin
Bring it your lips, soft like a kiss
Nibble on the nipple, let the bliss
Of lingering sharpen the edge
Of teeth. Let her leak honey
Pull tongue hard until the skin yields
Down to the seed
Down to the core my passion peels.

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Gram's Sunday Dinner

While sitting in church on a warm Sunday morn
He spends part of the service thinking of food
Pews hard, and uncomfortable, and sermons too long
And prayers and the singing, that went on and on.....
Once out in the sunlight, and onward to home
In a state of starvation, his patience long gone
Gram had been up quite early, since the first crack of dawn, 
Mashing potatoes, basting birds golden brown, 
With gravy and dumplings, then put her dress on
She prayed to the Lord, reverently asking for peace
Also "Please, Oh My Lord, when they flock in like bees
'Round honey, will they praise Sunday dinner once more"
Smiles, and full bellies...Isn't that what Sunday is for?
When Grandpa reached out hands, and bowed his head then to pray
He was always so grateful for his  blessings that day

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I know you are here.
I can feel you,
In the tips of my fingers when I pass through the path
Broken now by soldiers of summer that once swished strong bayonet’s
Fighting a cold war before resting on the icy ground
For I am blind to you,
I can’t see you
Blighted with my fathers curse to confuse you with others

But I know you are here.
I can taste you,
In the chestnuts that swarm in the heat of the marketplace
A buzzing of warmth from a natural source
A bubbling coffee to heat tired eyes
Yes, I am blind 
But not as you think
Colour blind 
This doesn’t mean I let you fall from my sight.

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mirrored are my dreams
a buffet of perception
flagrant and cool
they drift between
reality and 

torn are the edges
of yellowed leaves
and broken passages
as the plastic waiter
nods and confirms
the tainted straws
of refilled glasses

heard not are the passions
of tender calamity
but ridiculed are the memories
of gratuitous masses
measured only by appearance
and never by

the satisfaction of contentment
weighs easily on
bellies full and settled
but twisted by remembrance
of finger catalysts
pushing the content
towards freedom

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A champion within us all

In direct correlation between time & space
To be selective then destined to negate
The difference in an influence & choice
In a dream one can easily scream...

Through a slight of hand & then,

A champion within us all
Now we can stand ten feet tall
Amidst uncertainty & critical excursion
In sullen laughter to help appease disaster

A shoulder to cry amidst a gentle reply

Nature derives destiny from matter
The substance of equivalent structure
A champion within us all
Triumphant over most

Through a lone blade of grass drifting away

A heart beat away from a full pulse display
Still pressed between its current world I know
Then to be suddenly faced into the land of forbidden

A large chasm fix between the two exist

Within the foundation of freedom in swift disapproval
To soar ever higher into its vast domain
The whole world view or fabric in our existence
For many is humbly equated to reckless abandonment

One has to be very careful how they perceive this analogy.

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First comes the line,

Then comes the sinker/
Dealing with Tony is like dealing with a real stinker !
It's so not what you know,
Rather, in many circles it's who you blow !
Out cooking the books with Tone/
He'll be your best bet for gathering and taken in on a loan,
The pool shark Jones had just left the premises !

Cooking the books now for Tone !

Mr. Jones was sleeping nice out around the Mrs./
At one time he thought he was some contender,

Pressed for questions,
There initial approach was all wrong/
Out there painting the town then sleeping nice next to the fishes,
Couldn't pay that last dinner tab ?
Now there staying late at Sally's cleaning all those dishes !
Loose lips sinks ships/
They still may be tripping with Rosie The Derivator ?

Hence, the given line is being drawn in the sand/
Yet to much afraid to stick it to the man ?
Within time their comes a bit of pain/
Like not having you in my arms is driving me insane !
Two Kanuck's came back from Jersey Shore/
One knew Tone,
While the other was sleeping around with a two bit whore !
He was only half Sicillian ?
Tone took in the first/
The second went away for a ride with Tone !

On a very long ride !

Yet is they really knew Tone,
Loves to cook the books on the side !
Just like he likes his greasy french fries/
The mob still rules !
We have no reason by which to run away and hide !
You can fully trust them cause their family.

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Food Banks

Food Banks. 
There is a cloister up north where you can knock on its oak door 
and get food parcels. The abbot, a stern man, will give you food if
you are nicely dressed, have a house, band are briefly out of pockets.
 If you are really destitute and dressed in rags- often of Roma
origin- he will tell you no because your need is self inflicted, but you 
can, if not too lazy, go to the winter field and dig up roots; he will
 bless you and say you are god´s children, go to heaven without a trial
 and sit by the lord´s side.
If you are old he will also say no, because you have money 
under the mattress and only pretend to be poor so you don´t have 
to spend your own money, but he will bless you before kicking
you down hill with gentle smile. Once there were food banks in every 
town, but now they are hard to find and far away, this because 
the rich will no longer pay for you extravagance.    

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Chocolate bars

Sweet, sugary and delicious
Made out of cocoa beans
The dark, rich brown color,
makes me hungry all the time.
I want to eat it again and again,
Till I drop from exhaustion.
The taste would never round out,
For if, it would, I would be so sad to see it gone.

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Radically Sustainable

Here in our glowing emblem
Space and time evaporate-
Hollow channels of sun and distance
Feeling galaxies activate

Billions of stars and souls
What is written and unwritten
Dew drops silvery on the tongue
Even a leaf knows what is to come

To match passion with practice
Ride off among crystal holograms
My love is ecstatic in vocal rings
She haunts my dreams
And protects my sleep
More ancient than the grave

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Sitting in the local bar
Eating local fare
Country music playing on the jukebox
Feet start tapping
People talking.
The barmaid hopping getting liquor pouring.
Not kin but family just the same. 
Similar hardships faced
Different stories to share. 
Locals all here for the same reason. 
Good friends
Great food
Supporting a local place
Known as Bahama Mama's.
Some come on down on a Saturday night,
For great singers from the valley.
Singing from the heart
Doing their part
To keep a local business here.
Where it belongs
Where it needs to thrive
Where keeps the local fun alive.

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On Going . . .

Under a witch’s moon
blows the wind that blows within
she sings her songs
in out of tune 

In her troubled heart
sorrow blows across her soul
on a restless storm
going . . . . away

Her slender shoulders carry weight
of you
who looks inside and weeps
God you were a friend
she cries
a river winding
through valleys dark
where you have gone
Where endless deserts end
sand catches between her toes
scuffing pretty plumes 
of prismed moonlight
into dust

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Pickle (written by 9 year old girl)

Bumpy, lumpy
Crunchy, munchy lunchy
Cucumbers making you pucker

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Innocent Battle

A soft whistled howl and a mournful cry of pain
Small fox lies dying with a crimson stained fur coat
Its children left to suffer and yet so weak and frail

A content wolf watches its prey from a distance
Claws digging deep within the cold battered land
Tail silently swaying to and fro as desire increases

From the shadows of the shrub a silhouette emerges
A heart shattering cry of pain echoes amid the area
Its small heart seizes to beat within her small chest

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Sweet Pancakes (Epulaeryu)

Maple syrup on the top
Hash browns on the side
Scrambled eggs with peppers too
Sweet pancakes for you
They’ll taste delicious
With cold milk

The “Epulaeryu” consists of seven lines with thirty-three (33) syllables.   The first 
line has seven (7) syllables, the second line five (5), the third line seven (7), the 
fourth line five (5), the fifth line five (5), the sixth line three (3), and the seventh line 
has only one (1) syllable which ends with an exclamation mark.  It’s all about 
delicious food. The Epulaeryu poem was developed by Joseph Spence after 
enjoying many delicious and nourishing international cuisine and drinks during 
his most memorable travels.

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Torture chamber (something the world needs to know)

in your own backyard
people being tortured by a game
of making your life unfair
without breaking any laws
people like charles manson have proved it
a manipulative emotional blackmail
of lies they are told
that they then experience

Martyred by my sex life
and a musical message of your
november rain
the impulse of 21 things you want in a lover
gives those born in 1979 the zipper blues

the emotional testimonies
of the secret service
listening in on the phone lines of every police station
waiting for 911 operators to make the wrong move
internal affairs overwhelmed by the look alikes
positioning themselves in your own presinct
full well knowing we have them surrounded
the twins you couldn't tell apart
don't even look alike anymore

What did you think all those people do
in all those office jobs
how many times have you been given the oppurtunity
to do the right thing
as retired policemen help us with this set up
if life is just a game
and your tests to pass as you do your job
are just experience to help you along the way

Quality control
grinning through the whole show
picture perfect private parts
craving physical bonding which gives men a high more than drugs
psychologicaly manipulated to partake in chemical warfare
the one thing you have in common
will become more obvious

World reknown sting operation
leaves us walking on water
a village in bed by 7 oclock
after a sewage leak
millions of mosquitos
and unfortunately a government that doesnt care
about the lives of over 800 people
needing to be vaccinated

the constant ring of the phone lines
exposing who is really up to what
for now you have something to work on
after doing your homework
we can turn this nightmare into a much better game
many victoms of this psychological blackmail
certain doctors overwhelmed
the internet a never ending source to resolve this
to create societies safety net
a genius plan to be worked on
so that it becomes impossible for mankind to fail

achieving world peace through a food fight
how hard is it to walk in circles and shake hands for the lives of millions of people
waiting on your world leaders hand and foot
if there is something in your food we will eventually let you know
if you dont want to do your job as a politician
then global entertainment you have become
in a never ending game to make your lives unfair
with the promises of rewards
as we cheerlead you to a diplomatic resolution

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Give me the will

Childhood obesity is a disease
Where is the cure?
Is it in you
Or will you just ignore it and let the nation face its doom
Big, Big Big
Unhealthy, strive for success
Starting with a healthy self
Don’t be afraid to put the junk back on the shelf
Where is the will? 
Where is the way?
Will I be fat if I eat one doughnut today?
Mom , Dad what do you say?
Give me some cream, and I’ll wont fade away
You lost motivation, I’ve gained a little weight
If you continue to feed me like this
I wont be in a good state
Instill the will, Instill the Way so that I may start off with a healthy slate.

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The fall of the tower (act 1 of 3-man's plan unravelling)

picking apart the world around us
what stands out
what is god upto?
working through the pages of history
and whose blaming who?
more than enough food to feed the world
so why are people still going hungry
not enough money to go around for everybody
to split the spoils 
more than enough bullets for everyone
but not everyone can have a gun
the plot thickens
what else are we doing wrong?
villifying our ignorance of simple facts
unable to do simple math
angry at precipitating action for reaction
same page different book
different languages slow down communication
this isn't gods world
he's either blackmailing himself
or blackmailing satan
or there is reason the tower fell
hard to work together for one simple goal

the world had a choice
to feed themselves and choose life
and everything would be simple
or choose death and see what your god would do
to slow you down from your inevitable

is it time to pay the piper
hungry mouths and saving lives bring our languages together
everytime you globally try to die
lack of communication
and through ignorance you are villified

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Grandma's Kitchen

The kitchen, on the weekend mornings
When company came for a visit,
Habitually simmered like a cauldron of furious activity.  
Despite a balmy morning on a September day,
The temperature rising by the moment
My  grandmother would stand,
Red faced at her kitchen table
Rubbing flour and butter briskly
Through her fingers into a large mixing bowl
Apples already peeled and sliced would lay
Like pale green petals in the pie plate,
Waiting for the crumbled topping.
She may have fallen asleep the evening before
In her big, fat, over-stuffed chair
Long before her house guests had even
Stifled a lazy yawn
But on this bright, sunny morning
She was as young as a new bride.

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July 4th (Sedoka)

Finally the day 
Relaxing in my lawn chair 
Barbeque grill smoking; 
Smells oh so good! 
Volleyball over the net 
Family fireworks—Wow! 

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Modern Day Hunter Gatherers

Modern Day Hunter Gatherers
     By Sara Kendrick and Dane Smith-Johnsen

God's great world was so well planned.
He created nature and subsistence for all.
Before cattle feed lots and grocery stores.
Man as hunter-gatherers roamed earth's land.
Respect for nature and life sacrifice was taught.
Early on in mankind's life-
Those men have been gone for days on end.
I have cooked the last of the prairie hens.
If they don't come back soon the food will be all gone.
I have been hunting for miles on end.
To see if there were some nuts, berries, or small animals in dens,
Trying to gather what I can to add to the stores
Before winter comes and scarce will be the food source.

Those hunter-gatherers won't come again.
And if they did, modern day gatherers would win.
We've got guns, traps of steel.
Competing with us, they'd never get a meal.
They may as well face it and stay away!

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Easy Practitioners of Another Voodoo

Easy Practitioners of Another Voodoo

While I was counting the cost of steak
And while depressed about her over weight
He was counting grains of rice
She was forced into a life of vice

And while the self righteous contemplate
Judgement day is a “next” meal “day” maybe “today” ( to late )
And the Judicial reprimands of “Burning Hell” are made
In the easy sanctimonious litany wealth

Bigots of the easy excuse
Sticking pins in those who have “no choice”
Easy practitioners of another voodoo
With punching high hand and waving bible

And while my tiny world revolves on petrol
And my tiny mind rumbles counting cholesterol
Their tiny portion evolves with racism
Their tiny lives end in starvation

This western ideology of comfortable supremacy
In this augmented and cosseted luxury
Of billable hours and ever enhanced entertainment
You sit back, just relax, and wait for the “Judgement”
Of voting and squabbling over opinion
While children “die” of malnutrition
And as my fast burger gravitates to the better bigger
It gives me the blind ignorant swagger
Of a bully in a play pen 

Ignorant fool of devotion
Voodoo representative of a “Jezebel” nation
Indoctrination of the “money” dogma
Is our only inkling of our own propaganda

What dirt ? What Sorrow ? By life have we suffered
Have our hands buried children we Mothered and Fathered
Or have we forgotten how to identify
“And there, but for the grace of “God” go, “ I ” 

While I was deducting the account of living
They were drawing water and smiling
And the pious sat back waiting for “Divine Wrath”
But those people knew what their water was worth

Easy practitioners of another voodoo
Sticking pins through the bible 
Into those who have “no choice”
Bigots of the easy excuse

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Impoverished Fate

She drooled over
the soggy fries
discarded in
the foul rust bin.
She feasted with
the famished flies
and cockroaches.

She bathed her throat
with the drink tagged
imitation ---
quenching the thirst
of her dried hoarse

In occasion,
she would look
at the portraits
of the people
inside and wished
for the same fate.

As they leave the frames,
she begged for
old alchemist mints
and cherished them
like fine aurum
that can be pawned
for a treasure
more valuable.

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A curious outlook was once made in exploration

Shifted in the sand of some newest invasion
A frantic waste in some Payton Place
Through twisted logic one may learn
A swift variation in some dream then sublime

Tainted by the ever increasing worry of the day

Long stemmed roses a purple type of haze
A ham hardly eaten even though it clearly wasn't glazed
Moonglow over Miami
Moonglow in my memory

Moonglow over the sunbeam
A pictoral montage of design through the influx caught in time
We mix words filtered through a sorted disgust of intellect
Being exposed to the elements

Then in direct response to its vested choice prediction

Was their something else that you have been wishing
Moonglow may turn over a brand new episode
In direct correlation to a dream while living in a vile world filled with mean!

On sunlit days through the briars & hate

Those who claim to be something when they are nothing?
Those who have tremendous tombstones for eyes,
Does this come at any big surprise?


The prince of the air who doesn't even care!
Viscious long hanging fangs that bite in the night to fright!
We stand erected in front of the mirror
A glistening aura filtered through hope in logical & happiness


Moonglow fever!
The twilight sun had tainted my inner vision
In coping stregnth with logic & scope
In instant fervor with power & stregnth

A promise that was once made in the dark has now come into its fullest of light
To help light the spark to what it was I have been waiting for,
Shining diamonds full of circles in certain peril asunder
Abortion on demand when will we ever understand ?
Decisions that were once made in the dark
Have now again come to its fullest of lights
Homeless in our streets

A branch once twisted then fallen headlong through the wind tempted to once again regain;
The instant knock on the door let us convert after repentance to suddenly explore so much more !

A solution from the very presence of reality
Tombstones for eyes in their evil vested eternity !

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Australian Ancient Depths Of Time

            Australian Ancient Depths Of Time

Under deserts rusting tides of red
Mountains once collapsed themselves into the clay
Became flat lands stilted while sun hung ornate on the humble quiet
Beauty remained unobserved, unobstructed, ageless
At this point in time my team and I, consisting of two guides
Walked gently along soft earth near a simple gorge
Mules and archaeological tools fell through to darkness  
Deep in the hole one man tumbled, crippled, died
The mules too met an ugly fate as well
My other man and I survived
Crawled for hours through a narrow passage in the underworld
In the labyrinth of black, accompanied by barely breathable air
Fear and hunger took hold
Our mental faculties began to fail
With no way out, we struggled on
By quirk or chance we happened on an open chamber
To stand, to glance, to reconnoiter an unknown civilization
Covered by time, embraced by centuries safe keeping 
Thick vases found in sandy walls housed oils
I had matches and some rope to light our way at last
Other vases filled with beans and herbs unearthed by us
Treasures to save us from starvation!
Olive oils tasted nasty, black beans were worse
But Australia’s hidden depths were fascinating finds
We tied ropes around our new supplies, dragged them behind
The maze, the cave, gave us many bones and pottery for exploration
We hope the ancients will forgive us for eating all their food
I think they no longer need it in the tomb

     8/28/14 Contest - poem you have not entered in a past contest # 11 


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Pies Politics And Birds

            Pies Politics And Birds

300 lbs. can’t hide my weight from stealing pies from bakeries 
But I need my pies and will not be deprived
A warm pumpkin pie slides inside my shorts
Blueberry and cream go in the back and sides
A large slimy apple and a peach fit beneath my shirt
Icy against my thick hairy chest; is a little messy
Then a cheese cake stuffed inside my socks
As I waddle to the door to make an invisible escape
Ninja like and subtle, hoping no one sees my size
The baker stops me at the door
Questions why I’m stealing all his pies
Good sir, you are mistaken I assure you!  
I am a politician on a mission
Gathering crumbs for my constituents
There are birdies just outside as clear examples, who adore me
Sir, do you realize who you are talking to?!
I am the president of Venezuela, former bus driver par excellence
Appointed and anointed by Hugo Chavez himself before he died 
I have evidence; see for yourself at this address

I kid you not
Here I am speaking to the former dead leader today on national TV
He has taken on the form of a very little bird
Speaking fluent through his tiny beak to me
In Spanish, Parakeet and sparrow, Spanisparrowkeet for short
Therefore you cannot have me arrested, that’s for sure
I am the law and former bus driver of the people for the people
Now as president, I place pies in my shirts and shorts
Stay clear from me or I will start a war
Starting with your store


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As an attempt, in the most philisophical sense.

A line was drawn in the sand yet filtered;
Through its etched silence within hand...

Amidst twilight with adjective faith will break the mends,

It is my hope that someday we will live to understand

Through its inner torn desolation marked on its blotted page yet fully intact

In its bitter silence shouts filled with laughter in fits of rage;
The ultimate decision based on the mere notion of commonplace.
Can we ever escape its soul vested trace;
Mark the man who is willing to explore hence the opened door,

An open door through its billows torn chase;

Among its pain a certain intellectualized gain lest I refrain.

To count the cost through its heart felt trade;
The ultimate decision amidst its fray
A cover that was once blown within its sequential way
Broad spectrum as an ellusive figure 
A tree with leaves blowing through its breeze
Some may make their beds while others simply lie in it
Simply put, we either will make or break our covenant
The ultimate desicions within life's means
It's a matter of life or death.

Count the cost

We often will let things fester too long

We trust in self to sing its gloomy song
We each need a tender shoulder to cry yet find none
We often slip away to into its crimesome tide that only blinds some;
We sit in idle turn to its words as if you haven't heard
We each mix viscious words that know it hurts
Yet do we ever count the cost
A given sense of logic torn across
Back alley decisions made in the dark
Having come full circle into its light
The to commonly shift toward its gloom & doom
A fatal lost story of remorse shall seal your tomb
We often get a little frantic in its complacency
We then reflect to look inward toward its choiced resolution
With a solemn word that was once spoken in the dark
Has now come fullest circle into the light
A peril vex sort proned into desolation
Count the cost when all of reason ceases to exist
It's either a hit or a miss?
An inward look at harmony marked on its blotted page intact
To its sequential hidden beast reality
In sore torn displeasure to numb its pain
We then look inward toward its choiced resolution
Was their a word spoken in the dark?
Has now come to the fullest of light
A peril vex proned to desolation!
Count the cost when all of reason ceases to exist
An inward look at harmony
In sore displeasure to numb at the influx of weather
Yet if we reach inside within its ability to hide
Behind the false hidden garb of compromise
Count the cost!

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The Furry of Curry

The spice in the curry mirrors my anger. Angry of being a part of a race with no peace. The small bits of red pepper scatter Like the blood of the innocent. An explosion of heat burns my tongue Like the bombs do their victims. Innocent tongues… Who will never speak of peace Nor taste a meal again.

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Ancient fruit

And there you are my tasty fruit
Emerald life stretches from the root  
Lush grape vines growing upward to reach the sun 
Sun blessed one by one 
Dripping wet morning dew 
Sugared sweet tasty too
Late August harvest time shall be near 
A fresh bowl on my lap glazed where I peer 
Summer kisses gardens flourish 
In my mouth and body it did nourish

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The whole day food of all lives,
Already cooked in huge pots,
And brought to the tables by angels,
Not packed,
But still hot,
Huge meals for men's tongues to tongues,
Small,small meals of birds and ants,
The big meal of big elephants times three,
To have anybody any time,any where free,
Toiling men day and night,
Going for work in the Snow white,
In the hot summer to fight,
To get their portions of cooked meals,
But not as they look and feel!

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A wizard, not a wisher can
do magic with his powers,
if all were wizards...
wishes would be non-existent.

And like ordinary, simple people...
I will make my three wishes today,
but they are not for myself at all:
they are for others living far away.

My first wish is this: 
I would like to have the unlimited wealth
of Bill Gates or Donald Trump, 
not to invest in software technology or
purchase airplanes or skyscrapers, 
but to feed the world's hungry...that horrible hunger,
which even Pope Benedict XVI can't wipe out completely
with the thousands of Catholic Missionary Charities.

My second wish is this:
have a gathering of all faiths
once a year in every continent,
and let its people praise God in their own way,
some will disagree with my universal idea so unrealistic;
it would be a spiritual and cultural event 
that everyone will remember a lifetime,
so why shouldn't there be a Faith Day,
bringing glory to the Almighty and unifying all races?
Many others will follow me in my quest!

My third wish is this:
to end all wars and unexplainable hatred,
some sacrifice themselves for a cause that's not holy...
inflamed by the deceitful conception of immortality.
Wouldn't it be awesome to travel to other countries that have no boundary?
The stranger would welcome anyone, and the enemy would be a friend.
A I? Yes, all dreams start with a vision, and mine is truly a glorious one!
Happiness will gladden all hearts, and glee will shine on all faces;
harmony will fortify the bonds of friendship, and everyone will love their neighbors...
and hate and unkindness will be eternally buried into the past.

Entered in Amy Green's contest, " If I could have three wishes "

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College Job

Five dollars on average pays
for a McDonnalds value meal.
Costs little in comparison to
other fast food chains.

I think about this as the 
drawer - clunks
open - close and
blue painted chipped 
polished nails scrape
against the plastic. 
Giving a nickel a penny.

Even my mind is 
corporatized here. 
Commercialized brain waves, 
I'm trained.

I smile that cute big smile, 
waitress and bartenders
have it. 
I don't know why without
the chance of tips
I even bother with it, 

You're meal ( if large sized)
pays more than my hour.
Tell this to the people in their 
new SUV's, Isuzus, 
suburban sedans.
Twingy eyed from waiting
during dinner.

Tight lips, pursed prisses, 
mini vans with screaming hoards
A multitude of lined
and organized confusion.

The beeping and ringing go
off again, damn
the collaborated, machinated,
soda.... Ok, I mean Pop 
machine is sticking, cranking,

Minimun wage, 
It resonants repeatedly
boiling in grease inside
and out.

Beeping and burns
Smiles and Thank yous.
False family financing, 
no better than Disney, 
damn maybe they are 
already Disney.

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Scattered plastic battles
and yesterday's newspapers
weren't tossed by a capricious wind,
blame this on the capers of careless humans.

I angrily watch them dispose of them where they sit....
on the seats of buses and trains as they stand up and rush out;
cities have their problems and littering increases abuse...
would anyone thinking of some kind of haven, do that with intent?

In my neighborhood I often observe a Chinese man picking up 
Pepsi bottles and newspapers while cars ignore him and speed up...  
doesn't he teach us to be neat, to clean after ourselves and be good people?
Many couldn't give a damn, leaving rubbish everywhere for the sanitation to pick up. 

You have heard my allegory...did it offend? 
Have you experienced it and really gotten you mad?
Who would walk at night, stepping on strewn trash, and fear the ugly rodents?
It's a social plague we can't cure, unless we clean up our act and try to make amends.

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Sunday Morning Delight

spider eater, gotta special bond 
spider-eating, one by one 
feel them squish on the tongue 
love the taste of the numbing venom 

cockroach eater, one under thumb 
roach-eating, oh what utter fun 
crawling around inside your mouth 
belly laughs, they'll never get back out 

sundae mourning de-lite 

subtle shift of a creaking door to the tune of 
the screaming of a thousand ill-starred spirits 
shrieks of the rat, caught by the rear 
all those bones and fur won't go down so easy 

taciturns of blue veins percolating 
blue blood spilling in the heart 
a cold winter, it's where the dark sets in 
but no one can see with all those ribs and skin 

lover eater, gotta special flavor 
flesh-eating, drip of macabre 
all this thick red muscle 
the cold wet meat could use some salt 

drop me a line 
your finest red wine, ship me a case 
i envy your palette 
and fashion sense, impeccable taste 

you're nothing like the ones back home

(there are not enough poems about cannibals... :D oh and before you tell me to 
seek help... oh wait, i don't care. f--- you... it's called "art.")

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Some of My Favorite Things

Eating chocolate candy.
Being very randy!
Hearing a Robin singing.
Little bells ringing.
My piano playing.
In a hammock laying.
Seeing the ocean waves.
Also the mountain caves.
Hearing lullabies
And baby cries.
Seeing a poor lost sinner,
finding God and becoming a winner.

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Succulent Mangoes (Whitney)

They grow on 
Short and tall trees
All year long.
Their juice so sweet,
For everyone
Who loves tropical sweetness.

© Joseph, 11/14/07
© All Rights Reserved

The Whitney poem is a titled, syllabic, one verse form created by Betty Ann 
Whitney.  It has seven lines with a syllable pattern of: 3/4/3/4/3/4/7. The form can 
be written with or without rhymes.

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Final Analysis

(Hidden pitfall; judging a Poetry Contest.)
I like to approach
the final pass
at morning sunrise,
after a long restful renewal.
This was not that morning;
awake at 2:00 AM
baking cookies by 7:30.
On the fourth cup of java
crispy peanut butter crunch
wades across my tongue,
floating downward
in a warm, brown stream
to settle in fat cells
on waist and hips
as the spoken words
cross my lips.

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Smelt Spelt

Smelt Spelt 

Smelt Spelt 

Smelt Spelt 

Taciturn brown blackened smelt under wrapped green elephant ears laying in a 
pool of fluid leaked on a bed of brown crusty spelt in points of poverty in the 
chastity belt of time. 
Every thirteen feet as described in the tenements of Leroy there is a firepit for the 
use of the fishermen of Longest town. The Dutch Harbor has a dike. She patrols 
the area. Checking the outlay traps. She is lonely. The water is held away by the 
dam. The Smelt lay near the dam and are trapped rather easily in used clam 
containers hauled up with the dikes help she uses a belt and gathers all the 
smelt into a kept cooler. The Spelt is harder it is thrashed. All the fishermen 
named Leroy meet and thrash the spelt until it can be felt and gathered into 
boxes and then kept beside the kept cooler full of smelt. They wrap the smelt up 
in the spelt up inside the ears of elephant. When it roasts slowly in the firepits it 
makes some fluid. This is drained into a giant crock pot and there is soup for the 
entire village of Leroy and dike has more than enough as well. 
And every one in poverty and chastity is fine they smell. They smell the smelt 
spelt in the ears of the elephant plant. 
 Smelt Spelt     

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Planning the Garden

Some squash and tomatoes,
and red-hot peppers – 
the taste of summer,
just imagine them grow.

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Critter Crunch,a Celebrities Lunch

Pop a critter in your mouth,
Its all you get for lunch.
A big juicy bug
on which you have to munch.
You know you really wanna
take a nice big bite,
if you do it fast enough,
then the bug wont fight.
Wash it down
with some fluid
that really looks quite vile,
After that,
you wont want to eat
for really quite a while.

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I walked fearlessly into the room
But no one seemed to notice 
At my legs my hands clenched in a tiny fist
I sat at the table and said a prayer

As I dug into my half cooked broccoli 
I noticed something
You were silently watching me
I couldn’t think of anything from a to z
I cringed in my seat and laughed pointlessly at a joke
But you kept on watching me intently as everyone spoke

I looked down at my plate and examined the food
I gobbled down junks of meat trying to be rude
I wished you wouldn’t look at me the way you do
As I withhold a smile, of my consciousness
I’m laughing

Because I can’t help it when you look at me
When everything seems to freeze

Time slows down and I feel as if it’s now or never
But reality taps in and I know it’s never
I smile back politely at you and you look away
Every time you do it feels the same
But I withhold all the mushy emotions and tough it out
Because maybe one day you’ll save me from this
Maybe I’ll finally feel bliss

I chew silently on my last piece of broccoli 
And escape the table
Escape my fears and untold fables
There’s much more than what you can see
Maybe one day you’ll realize you belong with me.

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Broken Promises

The spirit of the age has tempered vile degrade
In desolation it's will torn wild
We send vomit into letters exposed to loosened fetters
Erupted in mass chaos in its plausible quest
The more we want so the more we in turn invest
We wait in idol fancy as some lost souls in Sid & Nancy
We hurt then tie the tube getting loose lube filled with screws
We plummage into a violent existance isn't it relevant?
We think were alone yet we never are cause God is still in charge
In social regard toward difficult matters that appease
We lose sight of love & social need
In foot steps drawn in the sand someday we may learn & understand
In columns of rescued menure pile in its claim
The world outside is totally insane
A casual encounter with a so called friend?
The next day you got Aids, now you got pain!
The choices we make to appease the mind
In columns of choiced red, blue & brown....

Broken promises through its shattered glass filled with pain
Broken promises  can easily drive a man insane
A court jester will amuse the crowd as long as there is an occasion
Perhaps society is in need of a break on a long awaited vacation?
Closed minded sentiments filled in vile affection
The novice gets hungry stops at his local 7 eleven
Promises made in the dark have come full circle into the light
Broken Promises with advant garde choices made in the night
Elaborate decorum in want of passage;
We last a minute & grieve as the savage!

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A Child Alone

I saw frog jump in water
then got scared with sun in eye
wet face hurts
and I running to my steps
mom not home

so stare at muddy toes
then running around to slippery mud
by back door and sky is orange
and door can't get in
pulling pulling pulling and locked
don't know where daddy is
for super strong

A monster yelled out from the woods
not real but scary and fun like today all day
no one home all day and hungry like sick baby bear but
feeling grass crunch against mud and tickles

What if I get lost?
Some houses smell like food and see food smoking over fence

Gonna go meet monster anyway
Maybe hurts like me

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I'll eat and drink

Cooking with my true chef’s touch
Its why I like my food so much
All the time it hit’s the spot
You’d think it was a master plot
Olive oil and everything
Oh what joy some food can bring
You can roast it, toast it
Or chill it and grill it
Depends on what your going to plate
To serve food hot please don’t be late
Desserts will come when dinner is done
Some food is chilled I’ll have to run
Time to clean the mess that’s made
And put away my big chefs blade
I’ll go for drinks and socialize
Yes I drink its no surprise
I’ll eat and drink then get some rest
To this my friends they will attest
Its time to rest and close my eyes
All I see is food what a surprise

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Inflected Speech

 Inflected Speech 
Inflected Speech 
She said “is this all that you are getting this morning” 
OH the connotations of that speech 
There is at least three interpretations of inflected speech in me. 
Eye was in the Market and the bread was spendy to me eye added peppers not 
so many seven in the bag to total out quite less the two dollars for the me. Was it 
not enough? was she the gruff store owner selling stuff or just concerned for the 
young man's anatomy the love inside the heart? Eye turned to stone and got rock 
hard and answered not. But wait it could even be just simple courtesy. 
She is not in love with me but she is a girl endowed and wondering 
at a man so poor as to buy only bread and peppers instead of meat that most 
Neanderthal sportsmen eat. Mabe just mabe she thought of me. Or like a lover 
and a wife and a mother yes eye did eye heard all that from such a young young 
woman behind a counter of command. But then she is nice to other men and 
they buy none. 
They push the envelope with me they grunt. 
Who pays for all the meat they eat they do not complete my smile or ask for bread 
afforded me eye smiled in vain to help no one today. 
My meat is added to the bread to make the table for my head the meat is meat 
you knoe not of complete. 
If she thinks me poor than t'was a miss. Amiss she is the miss. 
And now eye smile at this my poem made in jest. A test of one more day of life. 

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In my sixteens I used to go to Rockaway Park
on the A train made famous by Armstrong's song,
it had rides, small restaurants and a clean beach...
there I got golden brown with lots of cappertone.
I looked more handsome in a tan that boys envied,
and flexing my sexy body, I seduced many girls.

Back then in the late sixties, gals who whistled
to get a boy's attention was considered rude,
had they lived today, it would have been quite normal...
has any woman winked at you when you walked 
on the boardwalk or lay on a beach towel?
Don't be embarrassed because lifestyles change... 
and we must change, if we ought to fit in!

Sometimes romance or flirting didn't come that easily,
with a long face I hopped on the train and viewed 
the Jamaica Bay with its wild life unfolding before me...
the quietest place for a teenager who loved Nature;
and while many sunsets saw me spell-bound,
I hated to go back and live the mundane life, 
but at least I had gotten an adorable tan and looked hot! 

My completion is ruddy as Adam's was...what a healthy, attractive color!
It wont take much sunblock to get darker than those California guys...
what about the pretty girls seen on Baywatch? Pamela looks great in summer.
And crossing my fingers, I wish for one like that to excite my nights!

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Unwanted Food

Eating sausages needing more salt
Planes rumble from up above
Refrigerator does not work
Cooling is secondary for food
Eyes are huge when morsels come
Oblivious to words of warning
Songs emit when eating quickly
Joyful bliss, comments over bound
Listening to snap, crackle, and pop
Eating away, feeling explosive
Food plows inside, too much
Sounds make for unbalanced head
Legs crossed, poor feelings falling
Down, down, down the ground holds
The butt, hitting rock bottom
And the meal bleeds out the body
Showing the food feels unwanted
Never wanted to be eaten again

Russell Sivey

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Children know that you must not eat the crust. It's the dirty outside layer,


dogs have sniffed,
flies have wandered,
fingers have touched,
dandruff has snowed,
saliva's been sneezed
and dust has settled.

The crust beneath is worse because the bread has stood on shelves,


mould has grown,
snails have slimed,
the cat has walked,
woodlice have slept,
spiders have webbed 
and mice have peed.

That's why the underneath crust always has black bits.

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Egg Bake {Epulaeryu}

                                          Get those taste buds flowing fast
                                                   eggs bacon sausage                        Layer
                                          Pour on the chedder cheese now  
                                                         oven  ready fresh                        375    1 HR
                                                         jelly toast on side
                                                              Don't forget

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Before the Deluge,
God had forbidden
His chosen people 
to eat animal flesh...
it was after the Big Flood
that He ordered Noah
and his family to eat it.
Why be reluctant to eat pork
on New Year's Day...
is it dirty and disgusting?
But isn't poultry or beef
any cleaner that pork is?
Let me have this tasty meal,
and ridicule those who won't:
hypocrites, I say shamelessly....
don't call me a guiltless pagan, 
I read from the Holy Scriptures
as God spoke so adamantly.
Let me have sour kraut
and black eyed peas along 
with red wine and crunchy bread:
to celebrate what the Lord created
and the Earth abundantly gives!

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Each early morn before sunrise
They’re on our porch    no surprise
The breakfast club – many fine cats,
Knowing where the food is at,
Come from east, south, north and west
Convinced our bill of fare is best
Lord knows where these stray cats are from
If indeed are kept by anyone
Times are tough and the jobless have to eat
So pets – mainly cats – wind up on the street
They pad around the neighborhoods
Hundreds hunt for food    prowl dense woods
We’ve been feeding them now for many years
Ever careful not to raise their fears
For freedom has a terrible price to pay
A careless step may end their days
We’d named a little black one Scat
Then noted one day she was rather fat
We shrugged    smiled    as days went by
But big surprise - Scat had kittens before our eyes!

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“Erdnüsschen” he called you,
little earth-nut.
How exotic you sounded 
on his foreign tongue.

Term of endearment.
A cheap snack.

Rid of him now,
you pop
them in your mouth.
Nothing tastes as good.

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Grazing Among Tingles

Wanting to shatter the glass ceiling?
Well this is how you start your healing
Emotions are like onions so start pealing
Each and every solitary thin layer
Thus requires you to do in prayer
Tasting one at a time might scare
Yet each of us has our cross we bare
Now this is a pun without a doubt
All know that change is in the air
All must make a decision each day and the next
Tomorrow is promised to no one
Though each second that follows
Thy choice has made its effect
In your hearts and minds soul
This is where you detect
As you chew on this food do not mingle
It is necessary for you to feel each tingle

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A Letter To God

Dear God I’m writing you this

Cause I think I’m going to need
Little special guidance

On this morning I awaken

My intent is to watch what I say

Maybe it will keep peace are make
Someone happy

Sometimes your words cause more
Hurt than it should

My day is planned out to the letter

I want to be able to gain serenity
In my neighbor heart

Love to those that feel unloved

Happiness to those that only
Feel sad

I would like to make a difference

To all the weary people’s

I want to feed and fill the empty

Of the people that has no food

All the crying children without

Anything to eat

Milk for the small babies and the
Children as well

If I could feed those empty stomach

I will feel more at peace

To make a difference in someone life
That truly need that helping hand

God I’m sending this letter out you
With love

Please grant the hungry people today
To get a healthy meal

I pray to you my God, in this letter I
Send to you

Just give me strength to wipe those
Babies tears

Feed and cure their little hurting

From lack of food and medical care

Well, Lord this is all for now but I
Will be getting back with you

For this world is filled with so much
Meanest and strife

Lord, we need all the help that you
Can give

Just to get thru this day..

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Olive Oil

Pure Virgin Olive Oil
good for the heart
what a healthy start!

Copyright McCuen 2009

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Bridging Old Worlds and New

We sit here talking about subsistence 
Urban farming as power lines are torn down
 The choas of nature doing what she will
 As human creativity manages
 Assigning cause and effect where determined
I'm sighing as the voices pass
 Knowing there concern will turn elsewhere
 We are always shifting as live changes
The basic individual moods mediate 
Terribe twos the expression of self and choice
 As environment is strictly undergone in expression
 Visualizing what is realized
Take another deep breath as the future plunges
 Gathering speed for a new destiny
 Exhilerating to be at the forefront, young and healthy
We must change and adapt
 So as not to deteriorate 
There are other selves to manage 
Other futures to forge

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Old Slow

i've been moving
but it seems so slow
in comparison to
the time 
when you get mega-thrust ...
into the age of : near-instant-microwave-satisfaction
the fact that life can be "like molasses"
doesn't compute
in a social spectrum
according to the they
slow's in my own interest
should i ever be
in the compliance of another's
who have no regard to individualism
as it is the individuals
who make this world 
a colorful existence
not the popcorn people from the media
-who explode incorrectly
in your face 
so then
let it be ...
i'm taking my slow assed time
an old type of slow

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The Four Pound Problem

As i sit there staring back at what could be considered, the biggest, defeat that ever
faced me.
Being tempted by the savoring aroma along with the idea of sinking my teeth into such a prize.
Can't seem to pull away like some unknown power beckons me, to face my challenge with
great pride.
Delicately, removing the top part only to find the main attraction that is the center of
it all.
Enlarging the monstrosity of it all, like builders would put together a building as it
goes upward.
Finding more and more to add to it, and wondering how my human sized mouth will finish
this off.

Giant sized now, and looking at it sit there in front of me with eyes wide as my mothers
sauce pan.
Handling something this large has never been handled before by anyone in my family, for
we're human.
Isn't this illegal or should it not be illegal, for humans to devour such things as this
one now.
Just thinking of it sitting in my stomach makes me feel rather large, and now i start to
Kids gather around my table with big eyes and daring smiles, just waiting to see if i can
Losing all hope of backing out of the deal, starting to consider the best way to start

Men and women stand around cheering me on, as i break into a cold sweat and start losing
my senses.
Nobody has ever done such a task as this, and i begin to wonder about my own sanity at
this point.
Oh how my stomach starts to turn and grind, as it receives anything it can get for it's
been hungry.
People gather around from miles and miles wanting to see if i make it, or if i will fall
off my seat.
Quietly i chew and chew, and chew some more as my mouth works and my eyes blink in great
Relishing the last bite i see I'm still alive, and can't believe i made it, with not a
crumb to spare.

Surely i get a t-shirt, or a prize of some kind, for achieving such a heroic action and
living still.
Truly people will remember me, and chant my name up and down the city streets for many
years to come.
Unfortunately reality sinks back in quickly like a tidal wave, and I find that my sides
stick out round.
Violently i fight and tug with a pull to get myself out of the chair, and away from the
now smaller table.
Whining to myself but out loud uncontrollably about how i should have never done this, and
now I'm stuck.
X-rays taken and doctors come to visit me, telling me I should have never ordered that
four pound hamburger.

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The perfect dessert for me.
For it has the perfect texture , so consistent throughout.
It's gelatinous yet doughy body that is so sweet to the soul , tongue and mouth.
So beautiful and understating  just like the  perfect spouse.
But Pardon my manners If sometimes I wish to touch you with my hands and skip even using the spoon or  fork.
Skip from I got to wait till you're done, to I can't wait to have some  more.
Have had memories of you and I since back when grandmamma wasn’t so old,
and all I had to do was worry about what my abuelitos and parents told me.
When I finally saw you , suga it was like a dream come true.
Even if I was heavier than I should’ve been at 8 ,I would always take care of you.
And please listen to what I say because it’s only natural that as a former fat boy my words would also carry much weight.
There are so many types of you.
 I've had the worst and the one's in between worse and in between.
But I've matured enough to expand my sense of taste and have acquired more than one sweet tooth.
But to only find out they don't even compare to you.

With your culinary curves it's almost as If I dishonored you with my failed homemade homages.
But can you blame my senses if I feel cozy around you?
Even though my comfort is  only due to your confection,
you will always have my attention due to the enjoyment I feel in your presence,
For that I'' always say please and thank you.
With that cherry on top I just can't wait.
And I’ll see you, I’ll be picking you up at my abuelitas at eight.
I'll my bring my taste buds and you bring yourself.
But don't you worry about left over crumbs,
because I always clean my plate.

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Irons in the fire

do one thing

two things

3 or 4 jobs,

keep busy

keep your mind busy

keep going

keep it moving.


it all begins

to start

bothering you,

the car horns

the neighbor

the smells

the city

the people.

warm food served cold

cold food served warm.

people eating loud on the bus

the bus eating you like a bag of chips.

go on to something else

something better

done well.

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The Nut

I crack open the nut,
And there it is,
Tucked away like a baby,
In it’s mothers womb.
And you think,
I am going to eat it!!!!
I don’t think so,

It is a worm!!!!!

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The Line 
There is something to be said for hunger 
A man gets stuck in line 
Becoming number 
Just living for the blessed TRAY of food 
Oh wonderfull food the institution gives to me 
But this is murder of the mind of a creator 
A poet and even a murder yes oh yes a murder 
Notice that eye said so very carefully not a MURDERER 
But eye said a murder 
A murder can be a flock of crows on a tall phone line 
Or a poet left behind 
Eye bet that not even one of the readers of this rhyme 
Even expected me to say that 
Oh ewe where was eye at? 
THE line oh yes the line 
 A man doing a little dance 
A tattoo of the prance 
Waiting just to eat 
He was giving it a beat 
A little rhythum with his legs bent 
Just bending at the knee 
And then a little up and down 
What’s up with that 
It made me wonder what was wrong with him 
The confederate in charge told me 
“That’s slim” 
He does that when he’s waiting in the line 
Just waiting in the line for food again 
He LIKES to eat 
HE likes THE LINE. 

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Hot Java

One takes a sip,
licking lips,
licking the rim.

Tongue hot, taste flavorful;

Sliding down throat deep asks
"May I have a refill?  Please."

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Kinetic typeface karma

Kinetic journalist 
words swerve in outlooks
Stashing produce 
In an overproduced monkey-fist world

Our evolution spells
Desertion or soil-reversing 
To untangle the fist
And document inner bliss

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Love Is Dead

The prince of the power of the air along with his children
Love is dead until we fancy another route of passing?
Chasing after the wind in twilight excursion of light,

Love is dead ever since the 1960's burning bras
Feministic women amazons invading our every portal of death
Viscious long hanging fangs that bite hanging down dripping blood off side
We often run away to hide in fashionable sway,

We can't even hold the door for our neighbor anymore?
Blackened hearts chosing death's door cement,
Broadened venues of pornography & red light districts
A slurrpy & pop rocks,

Love is dead we have inherited lust from the children of the damned!
In sharp contrast toward what Warhol's intent of past exposure
Move over rover and let the fakes take over
Pagans branded with dire evil teeth losing sleep

Gone our the days of Little House & the prairie 
Not to mention Little Bo Peep!
Perhaps its that time we take a leak?
Inner circles broadened cliches in imaginative scope

Can even cope when you have an old spice soap on the rope
In certain circles vain cliches again best to hold my breath to count to the number ten?
Love is dead but God is still alive
Love is Hollywood philisophical fake promotion

Phat Kats with blue hats sipping on some magic potion
Rubbing their fake boobies down with Tropicana lotion
Love is dead what is going on in the societal mindset head?
We have erected fabricated idols out of vanity

Vanity of Vanity all is vanity!
We squeeze money out of the imaginary machine turning green
Just to watch that Obama dream?
If you ask me were still living in the evil land of mean!

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My Happiness, My Chocolate

M&M's and Milky Way,
Snickers and Dove,
Reeses and Crunch.
What do they have in common?
They have something very important to me,
they have chocolate.
Sweet and luscious,
rich and delicious.
An excessive amount of sugar.
This is my chocolate.

I eat it everyday.
I can't live without it.
My mouth demands more and more.
My teeth sing with joy,
they love being covered in chocolate.
I delight in the feeling,
of the chocolate melting on my tongue.
I swallow it,
and my throat is in heaven.
My chocolate makes me happy.

White, dark, or milk chocolate,
orange or strawberry flavored,
filled with caramel or peanut butter,
nuts or almonds,
creamy or crunchy,
it's very mouthwatering.
It feels soft and hard when cold,
sticky when melted by the sun.
It has a fascinating smell.
I know my chocolate very well.

Saliva escapes from my mouth,
dreaming of my chocolate,
my beautiful chocolate.
Day and night,
I always dream,
that unique taste,
that is made with love 
and lots of affection.
I'm addicted to chocolate.
I'll die without my chocolate.

During the days when I'm sad,
tears fall from my eyes,
I feel lonely and deserted,
I eat chocolate.
And like magic,
as soon as my nose gets a whiff of that distinct smell,
that gratifying scent,
I feel better.
Again I have a smile on my face.
My chocolate is my anti-depressant.

My chocolate talks to me,
it asks me to eat it,
to enjoy it a lot.
When eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
It keeps me in a trance.
I have to eat chocolate,
I must consume it.
My chocolate is like your oxygen,
I need it.
My chocolate is my happiness.

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Double Ration.

In that old dorm,
Mates were like they in bleak hostility.
At home we tried lies for fatter baggage
And we were happier when we'd got 
Infrated purses. But no much 
Was so much for starving bowels;
And limbs too lean, needing rations 
For smith men.
Lean hands and feet were the magicians' reed
And food they said needed go there
But there were no food, except a mixture
Of beans and ...
Certainly a mixture, but not a soul
Could tell for certain what.
And we held by the passion of parched tongues,
And no water to aid a mole share
would rather let the unknown be.
But such a ration!
And one could help oneself in some way.
I tried the brain that came
Since lies I'd learnt
Of plates wandering on their own.
I would have one wandering, while
The other I hold stilled -
An inch... and more from my crow's feet.
A moment came, and wandering
I took to myself, toiling
Or appearing to since success
In this game required a show of skill.
Searching out a grey plate
Among grey tables was a task
And more when at first sight
I must pretend not to have seen it.
But I did stop at length,
Swearing, cursing!
"Who did bring my plate here?"
No answers, except eyes blinking ruefully;
And much a gain, I had to go now.
If joy was that which crept into
My tiny heart, a part at the rear
Was timed to have it short.
And the po-faced lad was beginning 
To snarl, saying he knew 
This game of double ration
I shouldn't, he warned
Try his table another time.

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Sometimes I wonder what things I’ll do in life
Will I have a wife, a soul mate, a life-long friend, a companion till the end? 
Will I be left on my own, by myself to fend? 
Send me to a place where your looks don’t matter
To a place where you can be skinnier or fatter 
To a place where your confidence and self esteem wont shatter 
A place where you won’t be judged if you eat a full platter 

I wish my emotions were an optional choice 
To be able to drop them, escape the insulting voice 
I wish I was a toddler, back when all that mattered was toys
Where it didn’t make a difference if you liked girls or boys 
People’s words are like an army, waiting to be deployed
And when they deport, your feelings are destroyed
You’re on your own left thinking if there is anyone on your side
But you don’t go and search, you feel the need to hide 
They have created a monster, it’s now living inside 
It's tearing down your courage, and eating your pride 
You find yourself asking if your parents have lied. 
Telling you all these years, you're perfect in every way shape and size 
Even now when you hear that, a part of you dies 
Because it’s not what you believe, according to statistics 
You've been judged throughout life, on your appearance and characteristics 
Facing the world’s most blunt and cold hearted critics 
It’s inevitable to judge, but don't be so quick to attack 
You don't know that person, and that’s just a fact. 
The one you made fun of, lost everything, house burned down, he didn’t have time to pack 
His father had left when he was young; his mother was addicted to crack 
What we all take for granted, is what this boy lacked. 
All I’m asking, is to think before you speak 
Even though you don't know it, it’s making the person weak 
Just focus on yourself, seek what you want from life 
Don't be the person who's the reason, on their wrist, lays a knife.

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They aren't chimpanzees!!!
They descend from mountains
when their stomachs growl,
and they tumble with their excessive weight...
getting dirt, stones and twigs caught in their fur.
Two of them just crashed, making the loudest thud,
sending animals and humans scrambling! 
Someone screams, " They aren't chimpanzees!!! "
" Run, son! " a frightened mother shouts.
" Mom, grab my hand...I'm scared! " the kid yells.

They aren't chimpanzees!!!
They live in the wilderness feeding on deer and wildcats;
they are extremely savage, roaming the dense hills
and open plains, and with one stroke of their powerful paws,
they can instantly kill defenseless creatures or people.
They travel far to get their food, and their senses 
are as keen as tigers and lions hunting their prey.
If you hear groans or strange noises: look out!
They hide behind bushes and trees and they could be
in your own backyard! These beasts are... 

Entered in Gareth James's contest, " Leave Me Hanging "

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I give away all my food
as eyes dazzle towards the fire house on fire
in the imagination worlds where we skip stones and
make shapes and fists--hug ghostly women
and it feels like some new dawning love
while on the real streets the arrows are broken...
so someone must string a dream down
take tongue and hell-fire with it
make noise or never move
and give more than just their food away.

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Second Part Of Man-Hunter-Gather

Those men have been gone for days on end
I have cooked the last of the prairie hens
If they don't come back soon the food will be all gone
I have been hunting for miles on end
To see if there were some nuts, berries, or small animal's dens
Trying to gather what I can and add to the stores
Before winter comes and scarce will be the food source

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I am a man who has a
constant taste of fry oil
in his mouth.
Like pond water laden with the
fluid of rotted fauna
I am Rusty, lovelessly satisfied
gladiator of apathetic idealism

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Pop Art

Carbonated popsicle prose
Oh it glows with fun
Sudsy taste bud delighted
Splashing wonder wheel
Frizzles on the fountain tongue

A message to the stomach it sends
Fuzzy feelings and warm midnights
A toasty surprise in the storm
Keep it close my friend

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The usual chemical baldin

Theme park legacies unnoticed
billion dollar scandals no one talks about
the under rug swept truth of the army taking over your government
telling what president to say what to what city
nothing out of the ordinary
the wars of our fathers, that carry on and on, with no break in between
just generation gaps, the three legs of one war, to fool the gullible
terrorism utilised to make impact statements of common knowledge
leaving you in your rut
in your corner
the pornographic clippings of muscle men
steroids and drug abuse used for a miscarriage
the usual carnival
the chemicals of the previous wars soaked into their soil
now nothing there grows
wicked this way comes
better this time
a law suit
hands washed clean, you look the other way when it happens to me
the gang unit doesn't even know
politically correct they are
selling the cover up
for the side effects of the wars of our fathers
the soils that soon will no longer bear fruit
something in the water, we tell ourselves is sewage
the pieces fit and we blame our mothers and fathers
after the doctors, after the brothers, and our lovers
where it all started, looking back to the deserted wastelands
of your chemical warefare
i see your footsteps
where the children starve
blaming monkeys for disease
we thought we would never be
something wicked this way comes
you look the other way
but here it is
the pieces fit
the usual game
hunger pains
the cover up in your face
under rug swept
yet a torture
you dont see, blinding me

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As a man, I'm thinking
and as a man, I'm shrinking,
thinking I should get back to the gym, 
and get some food in me, 
before I dissapear prematurely,
because although it's ok to be whispy,
or ethereal in verse, I probably won't survive,
If I eat just twice a day,
and small portions at that
of barbecue meat and scattered fruits,
swallowing pills with coffee 
and large helpings of sugar
to aid my cigarette addiction...
that may be the life a poet,
but even poets are human.

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A Fine Carriage This Will Make...

Sized up, weighed, and purchased.
Handled with care and taken away.
Heavy and delicate, quite the combination,
Very prone to self-destruction.

Gingerly set in place, elevated.
Rotated to find its face in the light,
Then stabbed violently.

The sawing motion, the sound, the smell,
All very unpleasant, but the worst is yet to come.
The blade comes full circle now
And the top has been removed.

Exposing the internals, filling the air
With it’s repugnant odor.
Then the scooping begins.

The squishing, the pulling
It’s ceaseless in its cruelty
The viscera exposed to the world
Only to be used for the pleasure of others.


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Like a Christmas merry-go-round
this little red and green leaf
swirled 'round and 'round
in a tiny puddle in the wind.

It reminded me of holiday cookies
sand being the sugar sprinkled
upon it so sparkly red and green
that I could almost taste it. 

I had a red and green parrot once
he was my holiday gift all year
singing loud Christmas carols
of his own spectacular making.

He would have loved those cookies.

Sheila Kathryn Barrera

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The Close Shave

“That was a close one,” he said to me as I walked into his room.
I looked around for whatever he might have thought was a close one.
“What dad? What was a close one?”
Nothing, no response. 
“How was your day today?”
Blink, blink, blink.
“What did you eat for breakfast?”
Sometimes talking about food get’s him conversational.
His eyes gained focus.
 “Barbecued ribs.” 
 “Your favorite.” 
I knew that couldn’t have been breakfast.
“Did you have that for dinner?”
“That’s good.”
“Yeah, real good. They were tiny, like in a magazine.”
“Good though.”
“Yeah, good.”
Now I didn’t know if he had eaten them or saw them in a 
magazine and thought that he had eaten them.
“Did you get enough to eat? Are you still hungry?”
“I asked for a salad.”
“Did they get you one?”
“Yeah. The ribs were tiny, like in a magazine. Perfect.”
“Good though.”
“Yeah, good.” 
“I’ll make you some this summer, out in the smoker.”
He laughed at that like a kid looking forward to ice cream.
The sun came through the Venetian blinds and striped the room.
Sunlight and darkness.
There was silence for a long time.
His jaw moved. 
I knew that he was eating ribs.
“It looks like they shaved you today. You look good.”
“That was a close one,” he said lifting his hand to his face.
I smiled and walked out of his room.
This is where I came in.

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Provision with a price....

wet and dry affecting bolster
basic grain pre-market commodity
dispersal targets rift uncommonly

Feedstock fodder higher priced
milk,egg,cheese will future thrice
upkeep livestock feel the strain
lack of grain...we'll all feel the pain

Corn,wheat,rice and soybean
hot potato money machine
pass the buck absorb the cost
surcharge tacked as all not lost

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Haricot from Baton Rouge

(Aieee! We Gon’ Pass A Good Time Yeah Cher …Enjoy et Laisez les bons temps rouler)

Haricot was tall and quite lean
In English they would call him String Bean
Haricot would often travel down the Bayou
by way of pirogue to visit with his sister Sue  

Every one knew when Haricot came through
The morning would start with the smell of Roux
Caf Noir, Hot hush puppy’s and biscuits too
one could feel music of the zydeco by mid-afternoon 

And Haricot would shout Laisez les bons temps rouler 
The town folk and kinfolk alike would gather that day
Some found sipping on bourbon  and café au lait 
while awaiting the succulent taste of Cochon de lait 

Oh the savory taste of Lagniappe which filled the air
All truly possessed  la Joie de vivre 
Consuming Andouille and Boudin flavored with the Bouquet Garni 
Children could be found nibbling on sweet Beignet 

While elders could be found playing a game of Bouree' 
The women would have prepared jambalaya, Gumbo’s, Grillades
As the sunsets all will have ate every thing from their bowls and plates
And all would begin again to dance  Fais-do-do 
Haricot would shout too all and his sister Sue 

Mon cher, mon cher sûrement ceci est la vie
Good music good friends, family, dancing and cuisine
ceci habite véritablement Sue et tout agreed


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Mountain Scapes

Melting snow on the far distant mountain
Multitude of different wildflowers in valley
Bees and eagles share the glorious bounty
Cold stream of water that flows, waters all

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Maganda Clippin' Snail Number 2

Maganda Clippin' Snail Number 2
The clippin' snail is hungry. It wants to eat choice red flesh that's mildly paranoid. Pumped full of adrenaline before being butchered. Aggressive men taste the best. At least in the clippin' snail's view. How he loves to feast on murderers, terrorists, soldiers, mental cases and a few more choice cuts. Made by aliens and slightly damaged by ignorant humans, the clippin' snail is a maganda eatin' machine. And very beautiful and so carefree in its killing. All to eat and make things better. But the clippin' snail is lonely. And there's a vacancy. Do you want to be a number 2 clippin' snail? One rule: no vegetarians or vegans.

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Learning Sabbath

 Learning Sabbath 
Learning Sabbath 
Some people have much silver and they count it in the box some people have 
there dollars cut in half and have too much some people have no money but 
have a better half some people have a life even if its just inside them or there 
wife even iff she is so far away on Sabbath Day. 
Eye walked and gathered food and let the food place fallow lie on sabbath day. 
Eye walked and begged no money on the sabbath day eye walked and carried 
food away on almost every sabbath day but if eye want to tell the truth and never 
lie then eye must say there had to be at least a sabbath day eye kept sometime 
no judgement come to me as eye am not professing law to keep but lawgiver 
come on sabbath day so sweet at end of life to come eye have the only one the 
last one eye must keep and not be late it's Heaven found above no fable of a pie 
in sky no fable but the truth no fable of a someday world but one of solid youth the 
strength of elder the hope on GOD the wonder of a life changed into a life of 
wonder and of old turned into young Saturday will come.

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Coming Age of Independence

Radical self-suffiency 
Inherent self-expression
The revolt of Self
Against unnamed masses

On what do we depend?
Support systems amend
Our style of life
Personal possession over collective

Addiction suffering
Is no comparison
To the radical plight
Of a world majority without money
Barely a dime
They are still alive

I have
No reason to accumulate
But am figuring the best way to give
Restore independence
To live, thrive, and create

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So many people live in darkness and superstition the web and internet eye am 
certain add some falter in among them let us see just how bad this thing could 
get. The bible verse is plainly written and taken from the context says and yet a 
myriad bunch of people make the evidence all wet Oh they say Judas went out 
and hanged hisself and then they quickly turn the page again and finger falls to 
open page again it says now GO AND DO THOU LIKEWISE? Oh foolish man has 
killed hisself again. When will people never learn the will of GOD? 
It is the sovereign will of GOD that Jesus Christ has come and taken all our 
penalties upon the TREE of sacrifice the Cross has done the work that each man 
could not bring to bear the fruit of love. To refine clothing in the dark to make the 
linens white it took HIS blood. There is almost nothing measures up please do 
some works and fill your cup with pleasant things and love. Feed someone or 
feed yourselves at least with diligence and concrete things some fish perhaps 
some meat instead of bread. Drinks and cookies iff you are rich 
Lay them end to end on tables laden with the rich fatty food of thanksgiving 
and left over candy from your Halloween the candy corn is fave with me. 
But even iff you lay a can of food in front of only yew be thankful that you eat. 
The LORD paid for all the turkey and the meat. Begin to realize it is no parlor trick 
and reach out in your falter to preponderance. 

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Thanksgiving Challenge

Within the autumnal period there exists a special day.
As in the past it was spent doing special things;
Reflecting on past moments and looking forward 
To future moments with friends and family.
Today, Thanksgiving remains true to form.
We still give thanks and look forward to tomorrow.
However, I challenge you this year to understand.
Take a plate of food to a homeless man or woman,
Or, perhaps, invite him or her in for kindness and a meal.
The thanks that you receive would be immeasurable. 
Thanksgiving isn’t reserved for those who have turkey,
it is reserved for those who share turkey, or their time.
It is important that when giving thanks, you must give.
How better to give, than to give to someone in need?
It’s easy to allow family and friends through your door,
but more so appreciated to hold the door open for others.
Maybe, if time permits, feed others in a soup kitchen;
donate time instead of food, yourself instead of a check.
When you sit down at your table, remember those you helped;
they will be thanking you and you will then be able to thank them.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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I Burned Myself

To satisfy my sweet tooth,
I stole a stranger's honey bun
When no one was looking.
I took it out of its wrapper
And laid it on a plate.
It smelled delicious.
I opened up a small door
And closed the one behind me.
I set the timer and it revolved
Until the sweet icing melted
On the soft bubbling pastry.
Its aroma filled the room.
Quickly!  I took the delicacy.
Hot and sticky on my fingers...
I could hardly hold it in my hands.
Hot and sticky on my lips...
Though I tried to be careful,
I burned the roof of my mouth,
And my tongue felt fuzzy.
All to satisfy my sweet tooth...
I ate the swirl in a hurry 
Rolling it over my tongue
Taking in quick cool breaths
With animated chewing
And grimaced facial expressions.
I didn't enjoy it with the time
That I had hoped I could have.
Then, I threw the evidence away
In plain sight and opened the door.
I left the room at a swift pace
As if on important business.
The stranger had no idea...
Except that his honey bun was gone.

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there was a time

i like the way a dog/cat
licks my lips

i like the way 
nobody admits to it

the whole time
everyone grab tits

a need for milk
and spinning
through it

i cleave to breasts like a
milk farmer
to profits

but i need it more
now that 
it has completely 

leaving me 
leaving you

and i'm selling
my wits

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Personal, Passionate Truth

Olfactory, gustatory flight of mind chemicals
 Ransom on a molecular taste
 Fallen flowers abscond with recent soil
 Burning candle oil to reminisce the paste
Its all leather and feather
 Strap some animal sound
 To make your carpet alive
 Slinging carpeter's paint through hides
A cave in the carcass never bought or sold
 Our marker is the target
 To relive ample thought
 Cash memory bounty with forgotten lambs
Slurpy through seaform mercury
 The sea creatures in soupy climbing
 Mixed up elements stashed on paper
 Making houses and grave scrawlings
Bacon to banish the stress
 Dumping down a one way mess
 Township to impound thought
 And go about its pattern
Its alright, its lather for babes
 The construct we navigate through
 Can never touch our personal, passionate truth

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Death Tree

Whatever you do
Do not climb the last tree on earth
Because if you do
It will not let you down
And you will starve up there

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Real Food

I love how real food
Actually fills you up and warms your belly.
Giving you something to work on
One shot,
And its done.
No four hour lapse in judgment
Continously putting Nabsico
In your soul
And it costs 10 times less
You can't **** with nature

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Coffee Icebergs

I watch them melt
imagining the arctic
slowly melting into the sea
until there is nothing
left of ice worthiness.

I guess I'll suffer with hot coffee.


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Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup
Fog's up my glasses
Burn's my tongue 
Rocks back and forth in the bowl
The spoon shakes in my hand
Only getting a few drops
Burning my teeth
Clearing my head
Chicken Noodle Soup
The Lord's way of showing he cares :)

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Sunset Dinner

I would tell him, 
but he hunkered 
down in his bunker, 
with one-thousand-caliber cans of beer.
He rationed himself,
to every Bud.
Every friend
poured from their head-wound
deafening - distinctive - gurgles.

I dine at a wide clay table -
face the gold-red wall.
I serve myself a setting yolk -
season it with salt.
I eat my meal, and quickly-
forbid the air its warmth.
I stuff myself with sunset;
starved in bed, I bawl
as dusk, so kind, wraps leftovers
for tomorrow evening’s gall

He (like the day) has set;
sunsets taste – different –

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The striking actress
  Vivien Leigh played the role
    of Scarlett in, "Gone With The Wind".
      The Southern belle fell in love with Rhett,
        who had a set of charming blue eyes that captured
          her heart burning with passion and love: like her red dress!

  In the heart-wrenching scene on a barren hill, 
    over-looking the luxurious mansion, we see furious Scarlett
      vowing herself to never go angry again and not to live in poverty;
        and we hear her loud voice thundering amid cannons' blasts, as she 
          pleads her promise with vengeance staring at the orange-colored sunset!
            And from that war, which brought much destruction to the South, a great nation rose!

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Sense of Desire

Pedals fall from a night sky
whispering your name
angelic laughter, a child's weep
Showers of gold specks
lining the eyes, purity rebirth
Sunflowers aroma celestial fields
Nurtures God's misty dew,
mucky to the touch
Melons on the horizon,
Squelch for an oasis washed for the senses,
honeyed, sticky dessert
A tropical island, a coconut's medallion
Senses overload
Savor ribbons of fire, desire

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Smells of boiled hot dog sausages,
beef burgers and onions.
Mingle these with - wafts of candy floss, 
toffee apples and brandy snaps.
Whirring of engines
chugging over noisily,
half drowned by thumping music,
screams and laughter.
A multitude of lights flash and spin,
in time with the rides
that dash before your eyes;
round and round,
side to side,
back and forth,
and upside down.
Over and over, on and on they go.
Crowds pushing and shoving,
impatiently they each await their short turn.
Money changes hands,
speaker blasts; 'Hold tight, here we go...';
While greedy fair lords 
count their cash profits;
before packing up at end of night,
to go home  to their caravans;
sleep briefly
then hit the road once more.
Onwards they go to next town,
ready to start all over again....

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No eating

I'm sorry mom but I had to lie
I told you I ate but I didn't
You gave me food but I gave it to the kids
I didn't want to lie but I had no choice

I hate eating, I really do
I've got enough fat on me
To last all summer long
So trust me, I won't starve

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the cop in your head

when upon making your way through the grocery store
you noticed a wo/man sliding a loaf of bread or a bottle of water,
some food stuff, under their coat, and
making their way past the register to the door,
without paying &
inside, the loud bell
all that you learned during your conditioning
through schooling to be a good citizen,
through church to get your gold stars in “heaven,”
through gaining adultship amidst the rest of
the ba ba ba sheep in the 
kingdom of empire,
has isolated in you one idea that if you don’t shout to
someone in charge,
that person is gonna get away with something that
you have not---
there is no thought in your head that
someone who steals food may be in dire straits that 
you yourself have never had to consider
(and that may never matter anyway, because the
“law” trumps all---right?) &
there is no thought in your head that the mental capacity to
steal something of substance in need
might reveal a deficiency, be it mental or otherwise,
which might not even be satisfied in such a manner,
or that the whole event reveals so much more about the 
warped context of society as a whole
(where one without such substance has to steal it to begin with)---
the cop in your head 
(which tells you that if you don’t scream “thief!” in order to get this person
the ultimate consequence for their actions, then your whole little world will crumble away) dominates,
the cop in your head wins out &
in letting it, 
you sound the alarm to the person in charge
like a good little boy/girl &
this person, whose life was already worse than yours to begin with,
gets thrown into the garbage, once again &
you go on about your day
thinking that you have done a great deed,
thinking that you & you alone have saved the precious moral fabric of the world in which you live &
that because said person is going to
“get theirs,”
that you have saved it all from happening again.

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           Lettuce -

Feel Its Cold On My Tongue

Crisp White Against Teeth

Let My Throat Into Secret

        And Swallow

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Food In Heaven

 Food In Heaven 
Food In Heaven 
He made the cows to want the rain to fall he made the grass that they use to eat 
to fill the want inside a cow he makes grass as bread for cows they just continue 
there to graze in some places in the desert spaces there is grass for cows to eat 
this is called heaven sweet to cows they drink water when they have it in a drink 
flavored pouch oh no see eh ewe caught me making lies no listen while eye 
smile and tell ewe this poem is so nice there is grass for all the cows there is 
grass on every hill and every cow can eat in heaven they still have grass for every 
cow there is food in heaven there is food there in a drink flavored pouch. 

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Christianity and I ching

Good and evil exist like
Two sides of an arrowhead
Like crime and punishment
Mutually support independent industries
A man divided is never whole
Nuclear fascination, molecular fireworks
The atom split, armaments deferred 
Duality rings
Like chains waiting to be broken
Releasing man
Into spiritual adulthood

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Do Pets Die here?

I met a little fellow; at the local shelter;
I inquired as to the where-when-and hows;
That were required to adopt him.
   Having demonstrated my ability to provide shelter;
  And income necessary to feed him;
  They proceeded to critique my way I loved and disciplined.
So I interrupted the Spanish inquisition and asked this;
If I’m qualified and deserving but lack the cash can I get the pet anyway?
Of course the answer was no and I commented how very human that seemed.
   That night on the computer; I found out Purina pet food would pay;
   My local S.P.C.A. was indeed on Purina’s list of participants;
   And while at the shelter I noticed all the food being given was from Purina.
   They denied knowledge of such an organization. 
Turns out I really don’t have the cash on hand that it takes;
And by the time I do poor little Wilbur could well be BURNT ASHES.
And me the senior citizen; becomes yet one more victim of pretentious bull-****
   This really wasn’t a poem now was it; but I don’t have a blog-site anymore;
   But I’m guessing not only can we take poetic license; but also express injustices;
   After all is it not life’s twits and turns that make up the jest of most poetry?
And now the piece of resistance people; this micro chip they demand is installed.
I’m sure there’s whole bunches of you all out there who will defend this;
But me I smell the stench of some ill conceived virus.
   Such a virus that could eventually take away our inalienable freedoms;
  A form of control and sounding much like; “Introduction to Big Brother 101”
  Tell me they won’t cross reference to find a “Criminal” or a “Christian” or?

Take it in the forehead; take it in the hand;
Don’t try to get away from it; there’s no way that you can.
    Give it to your pets for now; till we get it up and running
    It’s for the good of all of us; or we’ll maybe miss his coming.
Something’s happening here; but what it is ain’t exactly clear;
Me-I’m not interested; I don’t roll dice nor do I play follow the leader.
   So God bless poor little Wilbur; I’m sorry they caught you and I love you.
   I’m sure you deserve better then you’re getting; but forgive them they don’t know.

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Closing Time

I Run; Panting; Rushing to be on time.
My cart's wheel screaming clicketty clack
Hurrying through darkened city streets and alleys. 
Gnawing Hunger outweighing my fear of red-eyed rats
as scents of tonight's meal fills the midnight garbage bins.

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Tea is very good for me;
I get the little bags.
I boil the water,get the cup;
as hot as it is, I sip it all up!

Copyright McCuen 2009

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Misery, Inc.

Sticky sweet methane reactions
Dust the populace with disease
Live flesh embalmed in corruption
Synapses singed by chemicals

Revolving doors plot compliance
Lab rats approve their profit lies
Rubberstamping death's cruel intent
To ease the launch of product lines

Sickness hails the new production
Toxic journeymen script conceit
Pollution served in high demand
Cheery colors soothe all concern

Endgame agendas map our fate
Distracted by their snake oil pitch
Intent lost in pounding presses
Agony harvests grim consent

When converting matter to force
Substance nurtures without remorse
Bulging as we starve on our feet
While new orders chart vast deceit

Life insults the hegemony
Spirits infect the merchandise
Births disrupt their digestion plan
Since cold steel pumps their factory floor

Occult minions breed ignorance
With agendas tempered in fire
Boiling bones to divine power
Until the masses hit the floor

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Junk Food

As I hunger..
I fill myself up with
Food from past failures.

It's over-indulging.
It's only temporary,
But it is filling.

I could reminisce on thing that are good,
Like love and life.
But then I would not have the satisfaction 
Of my junk food.

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Iridescent Laptop Kingdoms

Miracle of consciousness re-wired
Beyond the physical plane
De-materialized, reconfigured webbing
Teases my canopy's netting

With no feet, message travels
The Mind of Time
Attracting this resplendent huddle

To make a living
Livelihood's muddled
As yet,
But wait!
Mercury puddles

energy transacted
A fate never to late
Be among Gospel materialized

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Men turned against men war fighting killing hate multiplying until Death ruled the 
hearts of men carried over into Cowboys days of fighting killing and hate ruling 
the hearts of men again taking hate to the new extreme of violence wins the 
hearts of men again have you shined your shoes today mon capitan
have you ruled the words you speak yet have you grabbed the weapons of 
destruction using them on the prisoners of Jesus is your coat a faded blue 
turned gray is your trousers striped with yellow for the coward still in you
moving horses without food the horses soon become the food of men the stink 
is wrong the meat does not keep men alive just bodies full of flies the war was 
over long ago the winner was the Satanic Host and no one has an answer or a 
prayer of cival war to come again the battle flag is raised and it is full of holes as 
men are turned against the men of war.

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Classy broad picking at nachos

Her good and grace
Placed in disgrace
As the human moment
And cheese-covered roadkill
Gets the best of her better soul
She snatches the dripping morsel
This Byzantine beauty lets it roll
Wiping the lost drop of nachoness
With dexterity and pedicured elegance
Only to lick it clean and nasty
Before anyone realizes
Her subtle act of triumph
Makes her one of us.


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OCHSA and Poetry

At OCHSA, in poetry class today
a dead body lay on the floor
and hungry starved commercial dancers
came in to feast.

Crunching on the toe nail chips
drinking in the eyeballs
feasting on the spaghetti and meatball hair
slipping on the soup of tongue.

Ripping at the flesh
like carnivorous dinosaurs of old
feasting on fallen herbivores
nummy, slurp, gulp.

I walked in on the middle of this fray
only bones were left,
aww, poor people
We really shouldn't feed the lions
but maybe commercial dancers are the exception!

a/n: this was written for a Halloween contest at OCHSA but they told us no zombies and ect
so this is what happened! Yes commercial dancers can be scary when they are hungry enough!

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Market Stall

	[Frans Snyders, oil on canvas 1614]

A young stag suspended by both hocks,
dead tongue lolling, brick-red,
from the corner of its mouth. 
A pair of rabbits slung across the board.
A pheasant and a string of songbirds,
silent. Even the white swan, its long neck 
graceful and its wing unfurled,
is not immune from Saturday display.

A cauliflower. A wicker basket 
overflowing grapes and apples
that will never ripen to a fuller
red. A squash and two melons
plucked from their vines. 

		How many heavenly 
mouthfuls, thinks the poor man 
who feasts on porridge. But 
for such a man with famished pockets, 
our Flemish master didn’t paint
this scene.

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Fairground attraction

Home from fairground -
Admiring delightful
colours, aromas.
Feast - 
carrots, sweetcorn, peas...
Rotates in microwave
- Carousel

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The Little Things

"It's all about the little things in life."
I say with little reserve.
If they only knew
The little thinsg in life are full moons and first kisses, 
good conversations and hot tea,
the warm breeze that blows through thin jeans on an icy day,
old photographs you thought were lost
and rain and blankets just out of the dryer
and long hikes and sunflowers...
And me
I am a little thing in life.
and things are just objects
They are broken by careless children.
and lost in the mail
and forgotten by past lovers
and left on shelves to collect dust
What do i matter?
I'm just a thing.
But i am a wild thing.
I belong to noone...
just myself
No one will ever have the opportunity to break me.
When i get lost i know where to find me.
and a wild thing hardly holds still enough to collect dust.
There's just me.
and how little i eat,
how little i rest,
how little i'm worth,
how little people know,
and how little i am.
After all..
"It is all about the little things in life."

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Never eaten before byte the yew a very strang pizza slice two thin crust a BBQ 
sauce there is cheese of course there is meat no don't go there I'm not sure its 
chicken of course all meat is just chicken if it is not beef but why is the BBQ 
sauce on it so thick there is onions sliced THIN a thing not required of a new 
pizza born the thing is delicious do not get me wrong just wondering who made it 
wondering where it was born my pizza only lasted as long as eye chewed it a 
fable of pizza now eye can still taste it my newflaverpizza 

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Letter to a Movement

This sudden surge of old death
This expiration of forest trees
And my lung choking for breath
This sickness of an old disease
This tropical rain forest gasping
With the world for life, and chains
Of food stores lit up and basking
In cheap food fattening, the stains
Of beckoning jingles but few ignore
For they do not know how many 
Die to bring obesity to a greasy store
And you think the real calamity
Is the forest, you should me here
Prowling at the shrivelling edges
Of my domain shrinking up with fear
I growl, short from high rock ledges
Where is a cat to go without a jungle?
So now you they are only after me
Trying to make extinct not invisible
Will cheap fat dribble on your gluttony.
Where are the Yanamoahs gone
There are no foot tracks where the eagles spawn.

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Beacon Of Hope

Looking for a beacon of
From a simple stranger

Walking down a street in
A strange country

Never been there before

Poverty-stricken seem know
Walking around on the street
Not knowing

Where to turn, mind is lost
Seeking hope..

Maybe a little hope

Coming from the strangers

Walking on this strange street

Never been there before

But faces shown age of depression
Of life

Lines of time

Shown worn and weary, know

Know hope

One faint tear

Pains of hunger

With sullen bellies

Is their know end in sight in

Strange man land..

Looking for a beacon of hope

Maybe a little light..

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Fast Food

Driving up
Waiting in line
Squinting to see
The tiny writing
On the large menu
Rolling down your window
Shouting into the microphone a mile away
Giving the teenager your order
Listening while they repeat it
Yelling again to correct them
Pulling up behind what seems like a billion cars
Waiting for minutes as the car behind you honks like it's your fault
Getting annoyed with the person in front of you
Finally pulling up to the small window
Paying the teenager with the change you've had ready since you ordered
Pulling your food into the car
Realizing you didn't ask for barbeque sauce
Asking for some more
Waiting as the car behind you inches closer
Finally getting your barbeque sauce
Rolling your window up
Pulling out of the drive-thru line
Taking ten minutes to drive home
Walking into your kitchen
Dropping everything but your greasy bag and soda
Pulling out the food
Letting out a sigh of.... wait where is the ketchup?

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I like to lick honey when I'm sick,
even though I know it'll stick,
makes me feel so much better,
those worker bees must add ,
something extra ,extra special
besides creating it very thick,
looks like they must include ,
some quite healthy healing charms...
yes, yes,yes that must be it!
It's like a secret magic trick!

Copyright McCuen 2009

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Forbidden Fruit (Pensee)

                        Red and juicy
                  Delectable given fruit
        The greatest taste of all our sins
         Plucked from the mighty limbs

English Pensee, 5 lines 2/4/7/8/6 syllables

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Looking for specials.....

Finding sale items
clipping coupons
2 fer 1 is great when find 'em

Short in the pantry
tripping to foodbank
lines are longer now for gantry

Top ramen special
10 for a dollar
loading up as noodle cartel

Stick a feather
in my cap
and call me "macaroni".....
gantry...latin,canterius,"beast of burden"


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The Egg

My three minute egg in boiling water,
Seventeen for hard-boiled, according to Julia,
Or fried in bacon grease for the trip to eternity
Two jaundiced eyes on my father's chipped plate,
Or butter for scrambled then cover 'em with catsup;
No resemblance here to the Faberge eggs
Covered with diamonds, rubies and pearls
For the pleasure of the Russian royal family.

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Fare of the medieval times

Would you care to partake in some breakfast cheese,
and what of bread, butter and tea? 
Lords and ladies gorge themselves 
Perhaps another meal at ten or twelve

Feasts of many with food of plenty, 
and a twilight meal of trencher and stew
then dawn your caps and summons your carriage  
then guests would bid their host ado 

Acrobats and minstrel shows
Games and songs to sing along 
During the spring and summer months 
Lords loyalist would go to hunt 

And feast they would 
On various birds
Ones known to us
 the thought of eating, totally absurd

Starlings, vultures, gulls, herons, 
storks, cormorants, swans, peacocks
And maybe even some wild pigs hocks 
Often they would be displayed still feathered
Imagine the mess when they were dismembered
The lower class struggled to survive 
Listed here is what kept them alive: 
Dark bread, turnip salad, mead and ale
It’s no wonder their skin appeared so pale
The only thing I wished 
to see about these times, 
 is hearing how Shakespeare 
May have marveled them with his rhymes 

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The Field Of Summer

The bright 
Summer sky
Of Myconos
With little cold 
From nearby 
Bluish green sea
Wrinkled cheeks
As she sit 
On a field
Of olive groves
The flamboyant
Toward her 
His manly steps
Over the surface
Of dried tares
Clear clouds 
Slowly sway 
Giving way 
To her 
Pink scented lips 
To be kissed
By sunlight
The watermelon
As she waits
For the love
Of her

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Diet Pepsi

Counting calories
Carbs and sugars too!
In food, drinks of all kinds, sodas too!
Diet Pepsi No#1
Taste, texture, vanilla too!
An addiction that says,"Diet Pepsi, I gotta have!
My energizer pick me up through the day
Invigorating!!!        Smooth!!!!
What diet can be complete
without Diet Pepsi who can't be beat!

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The Vagrant

A wanderer, I stray.
To hills and valleys, far away.
Closed doors and gate, my fate.
No ID or certificate.
A vagrant is an unwanted guest.
To prison send the pest.
In the next town you'll find work
Do they take me for a jerk!
Home and wife, lost at the dice.
Through ignorance, I paid the price.
Is there a place I can show my face?
Rejoin the human race.
Maybe someone will ask me in.
Give me work, and a grin.
Frosty faces all around.
Not a murmur, not a sound.
Suddenly, all at once they shout.
I'm down at heel, and need a meal.
Guv'ner, gimmy a deal.

I am told that in America and elsewhere.
Vagrants are targeted for mugging.
And even killing by youths.
Because they have nowhere to live.
These people need sympathy and help.
Please help them. It could be you.


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Seasonal Joy

Sweet aromatic scents escaping the entrance to the kitchen
As the warmth of the fireplace seeks out us all
The sounds of games and cheers coming from the TV room
With just an attitude of love and kindness spread throughout

It is a loving time of year as autumn brings with it seasonal joy
Families and friends come across miles to share food, give thanks
We embrace the season with smiles and prayers for a happy year end
As we look forward to winter and the holidays of love it too brings

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Menu of the Day

This is where I start, the beginning of a 
poem. Gee, the faceless memories are
blanketing the beach! The sweet sweat 
of anise seeds wets dried olden throats

matching with precious emerald stones 
and feta of the gods, dressed in earth’s  
natural, colorful skin to satisfy a hunger

where I watched this fairest of them all 
trudging through the sand dunes. O, her 
foot-prints, left un-touched! I wanted to
measure her smile, but my commander 
has taken the order of my day to other 
station. There, I imitated Steven Segal’s 
expertise chopping veggies, for a soup.   

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With Thanksgiving

Autumn hues of
the turn of seasons.
The bounty of gifts
to reason.

We harvest the bounty
of due fields.
Gather with family
to bless and love.
In Your richness,
we become enriched.

Your love shines down
as you take your place
the head of each thanksgiving
Grace given with
hearts full of Thanksgiving.

Come Lord Jesus and bless
this day.

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Different Dishes

"How many different curries are there?"

Asked the Chef whilst extracting 
selecting mustard seeds for his dish.

"Well,there is the title of the dish,
there is the best version of that dish."

His comrade answered.

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Crops In The Field

Corn in the field
growing so fine,
green beans doing
their fair share.

Sun glowing so
bright helping the
crops along ok,
rain drops now,

falling to complete
the cycle, just
will have to wait
now until harvest time.

wrote 8-26-08

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Why do I feel

          Summer time hits 
       and I feel like s.h.i.t
    Can't control this feeling inside of me
           I feel out of place
         I can't keep up with this race
      I'm constantly falling backwards
        Nothings happening  
      Why does this always have to be me
        I'm just a scared little girl 
        being force to grow up
       I have to face this world
       but they've denied me entry
         and it seems like everyone else
             has made it
           everyone knows exactly what to do
          and here I sit so out of place 
         and I don't know what to do
           So why do I feel 
          So useless inside
           It's how you made me feel
              when my access got denied
               I got denied the world
              Everyone keeps telling me I have to do something
               I can't just sit on my a.s.s 
            and expect things to happen
              But how am I suppose to 
                  make miracles
                        by myself
                     I need your help
                       Why do I feel
                          So alone?

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A Flavour To Remember

On a recent Monday,
an ice cream parlor
I found 
chunky pieces of clay,
in my
olde fashion sundae,
that weighed
like a tonne of bricks.
As I excavated
with my wooden spoon
I found crumbs 
of an asphalt driveway
with a blond toupee
and three tokens
for the New York
Tokyo and Montreal subway.
Several inches further
I discover racecar pj’s
with toes 
in full decay.
Swollen green 
bronze toes
laid on top
of a half cooked stingray.

Even my slush
had undergone
It contained
an unlikely flavour.
of a flavourful 
cherry slush,
the drink was 
thicker than usual.
I found 
my entire cup
was filled with
``Grade F`` 
dog and horse pooh.

This encounter with
the weird and the bizzare
has taught me,
to take caution
when something 

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A Deserted soul

A  Deserted soul
  She maybe seventy three or four
  All her senses has lost their lives.
  Only she can walk and talk to litttle
  Her food is little bit and her sleep is too little too

  In the age of her dying, 
  she has been deserted to road.
  Not by her own daughter
  who received a lot in money and jewels

  She is now on roads
  as an orphan in platforms
  Her poor vision and hearing
  caused her to bear many wounds

 Though her daughter is rich enough and
 though she is residing in her mother’s house
 She doesn’t care to her mother’s pains
 All her motto is to drive her out and to 
 escape from the expenses of her death

 Now that soul wanders as an orphan to
 retain a shelter and for food
Is it right to us?
to push that soul on streeet for food and shelter

 Are we civilized to see her sufferings ?
 shower your love on that soul, up to her departure to 
                                                                        last bed.


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leaving space between you and what was then. it's clear, nothing makes since. If 
only...if only... Breaking what's already been broken. finally knowing that my heart 
is what you've been staying for too long. and with each cut and stab and bleed of 
my heart, I feel your smile. Not knowing that today is yesterdays lie. All because 
of nothing. Empty silence between you and guilt because, you can't face the fact 
that I'm dead in your eyes. You can't fix what was then now I'm over. Left with 
nothing, but an empty love. The only thing I'm living for is giving up. Watching time 
as I pass it by and losing life at the same time. Oh, what a world this would be , if 
I was with you and you were with me.I LOVE CHICKEN!!!!!!!

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Untitled #181 / Elfin crackers

Elfin crackers
well, they’d sell better if they were called
Cannibal crackers

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Crab Feast (Nonet)

It runs gracefully across the sand 
Feet leaving prints as it passes 
Gracefully moves its own way 
Delicacy for some 
It’s now on the run 
Dashing for hole 
Peppered spice 
It’s hot 

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My Time Of Season


Ain’t it grand this time of

The year..

The leaves of autumn is so


This time of season..

The leaves are,

Burnt red

Orange & yellow

Brown & and a bit of

Fading green..

The leaves are,




All in this time of the


I wish I could capture all

Of nature beauty..

And canned it in a jar..

Turkey and its stuffing &

The trimming...

Pumpkin pie,

Fills the air with the
Thanksgiving aroma..

Grape kool-aid is my favorite



Sitting in the center of my

Dinner table..

I love the season


I love the fiesta colors

And the frost little nip

In the early mornings..

Um um um

Ah, how I love this time

Of season..

So beautiful with grandeur..



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Candied Sweet Potatoes Or Yams {Epulaeryu}

                                  Grab bright orange sweet potatoes     -       6    
                                           Some brown sugar too                 -        1lb
                                          Don't forget stick of butter              -        1 stick
                                          cups of marshmellows                  -       2 cups
                                                boil boil boil away                      -       LOL
                                                      White sugar                          -        1/4 cup
                                                            Salt !                                 -         2 tsp

Wash and peel potatoes 
Chuck potatoes into 2 inch disks
Put potatoes in pan and cover with water
Add 2 tsp of salt and 1/4 cup of white sugar
to the potatoes and water Cover Boil until
potatoes are fork tender {approx 30 min}  Drain
Put potatoes in a baking dish and sprinkle with
brown sugar Dot potatoes with butter
Bake for 20 min in 350 degree oven
Sprinkle with marshmellows Return to oven
And bake until marshmellows are brown

Thanks Sir Joseph    

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Relaxing on the Beach

Oh, the taste of sweet mangoes 
While relaxing on a Caribbean beach.
Such a refreshing way to watch the sun 
Setting on the blue and calm horizon.

This sweet mango is such an appetizer 
Preparing the pallet for the main course.
Stimulating one’s stomach for a feast 
With visions of the coming dish, 
The main flavor of the day.

Oh, I like tasty mangoes 
The setting sun, and 
Caribbean beaches.

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They appeared in the aisle before me
I could not look away, mesmerized
by the shrouds of sparkling silver 
that restrained them 

Without saying a word
they called my name, in ecstasy
I soared; I was being pursued 
and could not resist
they were gods, I was certain

after the first, so I agreed to
the second and liked it, turning back 
was no longer possible 
I acquiesced—to the desire of the third
thirty minutes of heavenly bliss,
then they left me

with only memories
and a feeling on my tongue
like whipped velvet

I now count the minutes
until my next encounter
with a Three Musketeers bar

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we're not in Kansas anymore

Have you ever found your mind
drifting into that dark place
that secret and dense absence of light
look into the mirror and say
"There is beauty in destruction"
running your fingertips down your spine 
collarbone wrists hips ankles
only to feel numb
your heart imploding 
as the gravitational pull
plays tug-o-war 
with your passion
10 versus 1
your heartbeat slows
leaving behind a shell
the exquisite mask your sold your soul to construct
was it worth it
did all of your dreams come true
are you happy
just the 3rd degree burn of deception
fall to your knees 
beg for the last five years of your life back
thin chance
slim chance
anything but fat chance
click your heels 3 times
all that glitters is long gone
follow the yellow brick road back to your heart 
grab hold of yourself
time waits for no one 
not even you

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You can have it YOUR way, reasonably on time. 
The people I found working here are so verY nice. 
They do not despise most anyone they serve 
everyone the same you can have it your way, 
reasonably on time. 
They outclass poor JACK, and even RONALD 
can not compete. 
They have a breakfast fast, 
they have lunch and supper sweet and games 
with fancy prizes to surprise the kid in you. 
So visit Burger King@ today 
in every Town and Village 
tell them CHARLAX sent you 
tell them CHARLAX said this 
THEN do not forget to smile. 

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Stuck at the Drive-up....

Chunkie monkey fast food junkie
sweatin' fat sure smellin' funky
rollie the doughie waistline be flowing
bouncing and pouncing on hips that are going
ankles are creaking as knees begin breaking
arms begin flapping as slabs sound slapping
you got it your way alright,as hunger fights
supersize that order,emphasize no borders
stretching the limit of breakout blemish
should probably go home and make a sammish
stuck in this drive-up,with jack,my best friend
see you tommorrow...again and again........

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Day dreaming

I lie there
sun baking down
upon my back
Sizzling my skin
prickled with the heat
slowly scorches.
To cool it
I move a little
to the right.
A tree shaded area
just cool enough
in which to laze
the afternoon away.

Half dazed I lay there,
my thoughts begin
to wander
back over previous days.
Days where my boyfriend
would woo me,
off to the pictures
or night spots…
always something to do,
somewhere to go.
Him leading me,
showing me off
like a prized possession.
I wander is that all I am?
A possession?

I love these
cute little flowers,
perfect for picking
and playing….
He loves me,
he loves me not…
....He loves me!
Satisfied for now,
beaming like a
Cheshire cat;
I close my eyes ,
let imagination
take me far away
and doze
waiting for his return
with ice-lolly
as I do with
my love…

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Societal Pickle

Man the woman had vegetable in raw,
I had tasted them as raw,
they were sweet and carbohydrates,
she cut them to pieces,
and got a helping of vinegar,
she put in a lot of seasoning,
and had readied the jar,
jar lay there for week,
gathering atmosphere and temperature,
one day the woman came,
and served open the jar,
an incense wafted up in the air,
as she opened the jar ajar,
the incense worked down my nostrils,
as my apetite rose up with its touch,
the seasoned pickle was yummy,
and much more,
I loved the food that went with it,
and really thought that the food went with it,
rather than the other way round,
seasoned mature folks do about the same,
as they are served on society table,
they waft their incense,
to raise general apetites,
they make for good socital intercourse,
and have all eating from their hands,
it is only important,
that we allow time and space,
to the society,
to pickle such fine people,
and cherish them forever or till they last. 

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Sinful Moment

Hard and delightful
Dark and mysterious
My tongue longs to feel it’s touch
A tender moment.

Finally it comes
Sitting so still
My lips close around it
A delicious aroma.

My thoughts are soft
It softens and releases
Warm and sticky in my mouth.
An amazing climax.

In quiet contemplation
I break off another piece
Of Chocolate.

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  The table is decked for two.
   only people eating, me and you.
    The coffee aroma fills the room,
     it wont be long its ready soon.
    The eggs are on the go,
    soft, not too hard I know.
   The toast is browning nice and slow,
 nice and crispy way to go.
  Butter and marmalade too,
  any thing else for you.
 We sit and eat just us two,
and talk about all things new
whats happend in the last three weeks,
  why we could not speak.
I will tell you things you want to know,
this and that and so and so,
 You can tell me all about you,
any thing I will listen too.
 I have waited long for this,
  its some thing I would not miss.

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Roots and fruits , being the staple of earth 

Succulent varieties , distribute at birth

Bounteous cornucopia , gratitude pleasing

Source of life............. substantial meaning ,

Root of our foundation , fitting self fruitation

We bear the fruit of what we root..........

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Imprisoned by food

Sometimes I feel imprisoned by food
Sometimes it's the only thing that soothes
When I'm in an intolerable mood
I hate the snacks I sneak at night
Some how I know that it's not right
Sometimes I'm not even hungry
It's just by habit because I'm feeling lonely
There is no one to scold me
I'm not even fat
But when there is no one to hold me
and the calories digest
I can't help hating myself

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Carpe diem

 Carpe diem 
Carpe diem 
Carpe diem seized the raison pie sliced. 
Raison pie sitting in the sun ants come rain some wind finds the plate 
Snow melts upon the pie crust ice forms on the crumbs flies come 
Cover is placed in place an amount on a sign is added $1.79 centavos for a slice 
of raison pie long meant to be taken to the trash can and left there to be given to 
decay but sold to the man with the watch left in place of cash he was hungry and 
no idea was entered in his memory bank of raison pie left on the shelf and 
roaches crawled upon the left over raison melted mess. 
The waiter was just drinking coffee no beer at all. 
Carpe diem seized the plated raison given. 

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IN the desert with Stokker. 
We stayed five days with no food at all or water mabe some eye scrounged along 
the roadside there is almost no containers this far out on the reservation. The 
stokker almost lost it but he made it. It is very hard to kick the habit of a 5o year 
old lifetime. ALCHOL is insidious and hard to maintain a sober to hang on to but 
FIVE days of cold turkey can be happy to a man who wants to work and fly a 
galaxy in a gorgeous spaceship with an android and a lady.  Marylin was happy 
to see a sober stokker and this is how it happened. 
The first day he lay on his belly and cried for want. Eye carefully unloaded his 
back pack but all he had was two tins of food and he could only eat the halve of 
one it was a chore even at this point for all he ever wanted on the world of 
NEWTONIA was to go into the city of BOSTONIA and get some more of his 
refuel.  A Drink is hard to kick.  A man enjoys the brew and gulps it down just like 
a hound of hell with demons chasing him to heaven.  The antidote to drinking is 
just want.  Never will this damping man ever need to want another drink on the 
third day out he was seeing things, Giant bison Giant Moose with horns bigger 
than a house Giant dinosaurs OH part of him it knoe that the visions was not real 
but it was OH so real rally real LOOKING see but the absence of the noises was 
comforting to him. NO ROARS, no stompings of the thundering of hoofs. This 
poet now a writer wants to add it was the hooves not hoofs. For there was man 
herd that day or is it herds of meese and dinomeese.  The last day out eye went 
to the Indians on the edge of the wetnesses where they gave me food for the 
stokker. At first so horrified at the new mee the android the CHARLAX one.  What 
are you they asked in abject horror and eye answered them in android fashion 
eye have a sober. 
And he needs some human food to continue on his program. Though they are 
from a different tribe than ewe they met my needs that day with bread and beans 
and soup and coffee too. OH lamb oh ewe. The now sober stokker ate just like a 
king and then he ate again it was a gift from Indians. 

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Open Rebuke

Vials of stolen waters are sweet
To the drunkard who drinks 
As if he has not drank
Who inside is like bottled up wine
Pouring new wines into an old wine skin
Though he must vent, ready to burst
He considers not that the wines will run out
And that the bottle will perish
Thus, the simple man seeks another drink
Making glances and taking chances
With festive dances and forbidden romances
The winebibber staggers and falls into deep ditches
Full of the nectar and the dregs of the flesh
Under the tree of knowledge in fields of subtle venoms
Loaves of secret bread are pleasant
To the glutton who gluts 
As if she lacks bread
Wiping her mouth saying she has done no wrong
Though she’s known, a woman given to appetite
Yet she puts not the knife to her throat
Neither considers the dainties before her
That such food id deceitful meat
The strange woman craves more delacacies
Making glances and taking chances
With festive dances and forbidden romances
The riotous eater of flesh gnash a mouthful of gravel
Engorged with the grains she grinds 
That pierce, alas, like a sword and stabs like a dagger
Whose drowsiness clothes with rags
And covers such impoverished souls 
With hunger and sleep, thus you must listen
Guide your heart in the Way 
And be not among them
Lest you learn their ways snaring your one soul.

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Eat Your Veggies {Epulaeryu}

                                                Sister's own  homemade pot pie
                                                          grab ready pie crust
                                                    mixed can veggies gravy  beef        {Stir}
                                                           bake bottom crust  first            {15 min}
                                                               fold   ingredents
                                                                 add top crust              {Pinch Edges}
                                                                       bake !                         {  1 Hour }

Tribute To Homestyle Cooking
        Thanks Sis

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Got Taco { Epulaeryu}

                                             Morning taco burrito
                                          soft shell not hard ones
                                    scrambled eggs diced potatoes
                                         cheese sausage bacon 
                                              roll and tuck away
                                                      fry on low
                                                          heat !

      Tribute To

Homestyle Cooking

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raspberry jungle

wild and scratchy
long stalks reach to the fence top
fragrant with sun
midday august
rolling  tart flavor
in my mouth
arms and legs cut
gathering more for later
then the water
soaking the ground to make
fat new berries
sitting hidden in the plants
back to the fence
no one can see me
raspberry jungle

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I Cried

I stood in the kitchen on yesterday, 
And cried, and cried, and cried.
Everyone came into the room  and
Began to wipe their eyes.
I continued to do the task that 
I was commissioned to do.
I cried, and cried, and cried some more-
From all the onion juice.

Gotcha….thought I had another sad experience?
Chopping onions for the dressing. We feed 
The homeless on yesterday and gave out gift baskets. 
An Awesome Experience.

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Supper’s almost ready
The grill’s been lit a while
The mushrooms and the sherry
mixing to beguile
The lamb is cooked but not too much
The mac and cheese is warming
This poem’s just a flicker
Of mouthwatering suspense

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Bites her lip and closes her eyes

holds in  poison and gasps for lack of words

The sunflowers on the window sill 

have wilted from the density of emotions

contained in one room

one room where she finds her peace

one room where she finds her demons

one room where  she lies awake

one room where she goes to rest

one room where she found herself

 and one room where she lost it all

she looks into the mirror  and says,

"it's a bittersweet life," and sighs 

as she's choked with irony

only one person has ever made 

these brown eyes turn blue

it's you.

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5 AM

stretch, tuck your knees into your chest

on your back, on your stomach

on the floor, on the bed

bare skin against  icy sheets

i find no comfort

no saving grace 

as i dig my nails deep into the warn out mattress

let my body go limp

my wrist drops to wall

with a hollow sound 

and a bruise to bare witness

last night i reached  for help

and accidently knocked myself over

a piece of my soul slipped behind the dresser

i'll never find it buried in dust

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The smell, so rich from my bed.
The aroma clears my head.
Up I come, down the stairs, feet heavy, first thing.
In the kitchen, I sense the liquid gold,
tempting me awake.
Into the cupboard, I grope with eyes full of sleep.
Alas, my favorite one I do keep.
Slowly, I pour, savoring the seductive scent.
Cooling breeze I gently sigh.
Just a sip I must steal.
Far too soon, my tongue reveals.
Impatiently, I wait.
Finally, the luscious elixir crosses my lips,
into my mouth, fully awake.
The morning thirst I do slake.

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You’re entering names into the computer,
a program called Family Tree. Burritts 
and Badgers and Shattucks. How fitting 
that I’m fixing chicken with roots
tonight for dinner. Potatoes and carrots
roasted with onion, garlic, turnips 
grown since the time of Christ
in France (my Alsatian cousins, surname 
Grandil). Carrots, known 5000 years ago 
in Afghanistan, making their way west 
via Moorish invaders and Arab traders
to France and Germany (my Heilman 
ancestors). Potatoes traveled to Europe 
from Peru. The Irish lived on potatoes
and I’m told I have a drop of Irish blood. 
Garlic to ward off vampires, protect 
from Plague, and lower blood pressure. 
My Mayflower forebears, the Brewsters, 
Tilleys, Howlands knew it well. They 
brought onions, too, but found those 
roots everywhere in the New World
growing wild.
And so we arrive at dinner, 
a hodge-podge, if you will. 
But fragrant! I open the oven 
and bring out the chicken, 
perfectly golden-crisp on its bed 
of roots. Outside, black clouds 
threaten a storm. But in here, 
our household clutches 
the warmth of its hearth. 

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A special November day
for children, laughter and play.
To others, a day full of loved ones.
A meal too big for all, plates ladened with love.
Amazing how we relate love to stuffing.
Father and son eye the sport,
belts unbuckled, bare bellies rubbed.
Saving the dishes for later,
joyful colors adorn humble abodes,
sprucing up dreary days.
Day one of the rejoicing era 
is soon to follow.

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The Pigeon Poem

The Pigeon is taking food away from her mate today,
or he is taking food away from his mate today.
She is taking food to put on fat for winter time,
or he is taking food from her to dine.
Pigeons are like people cause people are like that.
feeding Pigeons in the park is fine,
old people have the time,to dine with pigeons ;
Time i have today:
 the time i play away 
thinking of (?)
the pigeons as I dine. 
I am fine.
She is putting on her fat.
He is just out to dine.
People are like pigeons.
people are like that. 

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Do not talk like that. Read my mind. I'm giving you my attention-all of my attention. 
Kudos to you. 
I am anxious. Tomorrow is coming soon. I will be exhausted. My daughter is 
Thunder. My favorite weather is outside my window. Tonight? In a dream? I've got 
to tell you something.
A handle. Captain. They are white, not black. Volume is getting turned down.
Blonde vs. brown. Past vs. present. Flaws are almost here. Not yet though. Hold 
your breath.
Now breathe. Past is in the past. Words are now. Dry throat. Weed free, what a 
shame. Don't miss it a bit.
Hungry. Still, no pot. Still don't miss it. My daughter is perfect. Tired.
Steak, filet. Chicken, fajita. Shrimp, pasta. Tilapia, grilled. Wine, red, merlot. Beer, 
Miller light. Liquor, give me a beer.
Crazy hair. Needing a massage, now. No, yesterday. Hungry. Not fair.
You are beautiful. Period. Talk to me. Voice. Sexy. Hair, looks fine. Outfit, looked 
good. Sorry. Complimented too late.
Hungry. Anxious. Tired. Sore. Thirsty. You. Gorgeous. My daughter is perfect.

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Sweet gossip

Hearsay and Heresy shared Chocolate Kisses
Succulent sweetness for raising desire
Some say the fillings are hotter than fire
The wrappings of tinselly colors do tell
There’s nuts and there’s raisins and maybe some mints
And a few full of peppercorn poppers as well
Dreaming and Scheming were watching in wait
Hoping to share in the promising tasting
But Envy and Greed were playing with Fate
And Heresy 's chocolate fingers
Or so it’s been rumored and said

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sacharrine promises

i live through the moments
in seconds 
passing me by 
in hopes that you will notice me
feeling like a child
 in a 
awaiting a glorious
with all the hopes that
I am patient
and a good little girl
i will be rewarded
by your 
promise of 
cinneman hearts
but nothing
ever comes of this
wishful thinking
feeling your scorn
like licorice whips
i grasp for your Red Lips
and you do nothing
those chocolate eyes do watch me
and i beg
for something more
other than the promises
they fill up the jelly bean jar
too many to guess
in your game
cotton candy
with no substance
sugary tripe
i wonder if you will ever know
the bubble gum has become too exhuasting to blow

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Almost Perfect

I have laid the blanket,
wrinkle free,
with a basket prepared for two.
An afternoon sun casting shadows
helps to set the scene,
She arrives.
We sit.
We talk.
We dream
and exchange a kiss,
but stop.
We have the day!
Gazing upon her beauty
I see nothing else.
She, she refuses to turn away.
Because of my romance
she gazes back
and sees nothing else.
I wish to feed her appetite
and desires.
I pull the cork from a bottle
and pour two glasses
of the nectar of love.
She sips,
with sultry lips, divine,
she swallows.
It is time to eat.
I reach into the basket
and take the berries
to feed her.
Her mouth opens
and eyes close
in anticipation,
but it must end.

Those damn ants!

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Dead Carrotts

Dead Carrotts 

A Narrative Poem 

“Carrotts is alive until they pull them from the ground” said Father John. 
“He just got saved at church again last nite” said Narrator Seven. 
“Please Father John Please preach about something else this time” said the 
“Carrotts is our life we eat them to survive” said Farmer Brown. 
“When you pull a carrott from that grounded patch of acred land it kills it it is 
murder then” said Father John. 
“And what is meat” they cried in masse “but butchered love”. 
 Dead Carrotts 

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It is Good (Part II)

Still, there were no sea creatures, no birds, no land creatures,
And there was neither man nor woman;
Yet, God saw that it was good.				             #11

Since there were no living creatures on the earth, 
God created the great whales and every living thing
With which the water teems.  He also said, "Let birds fly
Above the earth in the open sky," and God saw that it was good
Blessing them saying, "Be fruitful and multiply."
And there were evening and morning- the fifth day.		             #12

Now, on the sixth day, God made the wild animals, the livestock
And everything that creeps along the ground, each according to their kinds,
And though God was not finished, He saw that it was good.	             #13
Then God said, "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness 
And let them rule... over all the earth."  So God created man in His own image.
In the image of God He created him; male and female he created them.           #14

From the dust of the ground He formed man and breathed into his nostrils
The breath of life, and the man became a living soul.  	                                  #15

Later, causing a deep sleep to fall upon the man, God took out one of the man's 
Ribs and closed up the place with flesh.  Then with the rib, the Lord God made a 
Woman and brought her to the man.                                                                           #16

 He blessed them saying,	
"Be fruitful and multiply.  Replenish the earht and subdue it.  Have dominion over 
the fish...  the fowl...  and every living thing that moves upon the ground."           #17

He also gave them every green plant for food, and it was so.                                #18

Then God saw all that He had made, 			
And behold, it was very good.				             #19

So, He rested on the seventh day because He had finished the work He had 
been doing.	                                                                                                  #20

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Quiz No. Five

Quiz number five,
Just to keep you alive,
Is about to arrive,
And all this rhyming jive
To end, I'll strive:

It's friendly,
It could wave at you,
That would not be good,
From where you stood

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A Change Is Needed

Vegetarian I shall be,
carrots, cabbage, and tea.
Beets I have heard,
are natures cure,
and pickle juice,
keeps your blood pure.
Grapes make you glow,
prunes make you go,
and strawberries, 
I love them so.
A little wine,
before you close your eyes,
keeps you limber,
helps arthritis.
I have made my mind up,
my body screams help,
a change is needed,
can't hook my belt.

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A Baguette

 A Baguette 
A Baguette 
A lady went into a shop she got her baguette and everyone wanted it. 
 A nanny man so hard of hearing it said she got her bag wet. 
The many sided figures near her grabbed her baguette and placed it in the dryer. 
It billowed out and sailed across the room into the fireplace the bread was 
toasted everyone ate some of the woman baguette. The bread was never wet but 
the toast was dry. The many sided figures that were never near her took the wine 
a half a sec to make a meal divine. A Sec and baguette toasting in the fire was 
miraculous transformed as bread and wine. 

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Ground fruit
Grows on runners
Tastes so sweet
No greater fruit
Is there ever
To eat

A temptation
Sexy with cream
Used the right way
It could make you

The strawberry
Red, decadent
Wild, a fruit
Of passion, it’s filled
I’ll feed to you
Now then
Move in for
The kill

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Easter in Pittsburgh

From heritage and birthed love,
Coming together,
The usual holiday,
Italian food – in bulk,
I hope for pineapple bread pudding,
As well as fully intend to joke with the great Mr. Bellagio,
Dye eggs perhaps?
Tradition of course set in stone,
Sleeping on the sheeted couch petting what I love the most,
Warmth and heat,
For Nanook of the North is brittle, elderly, and easily frozen over,
Certainly will see snow atop the hills and mountains,
Primanti’s perhaps?
Shopping is certain,
A brief whisk away by relatives via birth,
This Easter is to be adored,
Tradition set in untouched stone.

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Shar Says No to My Tootsie Rolls!!!

I thought I'd heard it all, but I'm so aghast-  my Tootsie Rolls were turned 
down...maybe Shar is on a fast...Oh well I guess once again, I'll awake with 
fingers brown....I'm so flabbergasted, that Shar would turn me down.  Oh I guess 
I'm the one, the dentist will soon see, I doubt if many of you, would ever believe