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Death Sorry Poems | Death Poems About Sorry

These Death Sorry poems are examples of Death poems about Sorry. These are the best examples of Death Sorry poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I saw a burial with a bugler playing taps;
I turned to my father, “what happened?” I asked.
He clutched my hand and with a quiver in his voice,
he began to explain and his eyes became moist.

“My son,” he said, “this is rather difficult for me;
for an old veteran like myself this is tough to see.
In that coffin lies a genuine patriotic warrior,
an honest-to-God hero, an American soldier.

I appreciate that soldier and the service he gave,
and I honor his sacrifice as he’s laid in his grave.
He was honorable, selfless, courageous, and bold;
please remember him son, as you grow old.

The value of his service, I must explain,
if not remembered, will be lost in vain.
As a nation we’re nothing without soldiers like him;
and failing to remember would be a terrible sin.”

I listened in awe as my father spoke,
it seemed as if his heart were broke.
I suddenly remembered when he went to war,
and when he returned I thought nothing more.

I never asked why he walked with a limp,
and I didn’t care about why he was sick.
I was too busy enjoying the life that I had,
to realize that I had it because of dad.

I finally understood what my dad was about,
and it hurt so bad I cried out loud.
He sacrificed so much so I could be free,
and his battle scars were suffered for me.

It was my father’s spirit that spoke to me that day;
thank God I finally understood what he had to say.
I saluted his coffin as they laid him to rest,
and I thought about the medals pinned on his chest.

That I didn’t honor him sooner, I will always regret;
and I pledged that day to never again forget.
I’m proud that my dad was a patriotic warrior;
I’m honored to be the son of an American soldier. 

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Stormy Heart

Alone in loneliness Amid forever nights And these four walls In faint, whisper soft your name I beg out loud to the nothingness that remains "Please not another nightmare, no more storms" But, answers are merely glimpses of light From lightening... Filtering through the pane Empty sheets... Cast empty shadows on the wall Of places where you used to be Eyes wide open Now asleep, afraid I am to fall Trapped within this never ending dream I cling to all the memories that I have Spinning me closer to where you were, in parallel on the edge The thoughts, like imaginary rubble, comes tumbling passed A fire for you still burning inside Why can’t I let go of the tragedies last And silence your unrescued suicidal screams Or is it only the rain falling faster as it taps harder, and harder upon the glass Or is it of your wandering spirit Mockingly knocking? Haunting with its vindications Of "why’s" I can never seem to grasp All this amidst lost stares into black windows Where gutters overrunning, burdened by the strains And I swear I see your reflection Among the flashes, tracing out illuminations about your face And for the first time You are noticeably absent of all the worldly pains And your lips releasing out a comfort that for so long I've been seeking As I hear the words echo within my stormy heart "That where you are everything is okay"

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Revive the Breakage

High upon the highest heights I see the most tremulous sight A small girl, fair and tranquil Smiling strangely, sitting still Beneath a sobbing willow tree She recites a verse upon her knee She sings a rhythmic hymn Not of death, nothing grim But prays that life will return Even for those who are doomed to burn The girl is a woman now Beneath the tree and upon the cloud She whispers, “I am watching you” Why then are you so blue? A single tear of sadness and joy Rejuvenate the quirky earthly boy Who sits down beneath the blooming tree Listening to her silent voice attentively She reminds him she was once young too That she also was a misty shade of blue But when the boy grows into man He has come to ignore the fair woman Who watches him still from above Burning and swelling with disdainful love The ways of the world have sweltered his heart And time has torn his soul apart Thus he has lost all innocence and light Battling his sinful lust—an endless plight! I watch as he feeds on others’ pains and fears Reducing the vigilant woman to tears The prayer of the innocent has been ignored Life has died and hellfire stored Into the hearts of the impotent In blue, fires of haze their heart is sent Toiling in misery and lament Savaged and severed by our regret The heavenly woman grows old and frail And the man still treads the sinful trail As the rotting tree withers into dust Can I revive it? –I must! Low as low can possibly be I watch myself condescendingly A tombstone, gray and hell-bent Frowning knowingly in bewilderment Above the dust that once was a tree She cries out a verse anxiously Faintly she whispers the undying hymn Not of happiness, nothing of whim And prays that life will come to end For those that break instead of bend

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Worst Love Poem Ever Written

I suck at dying poems
Chemo poems, Metastatic Cancer poems,
Hair falling out in the shower poems
And I told a half truth
When I told you I could write you one
In less than six months (It's been eight)
I apologize for being so late

I wanted your poem to be pink and graceful
Like those ribbons
I see all over the internet
Filled with cheesy generic rhymes
That read like a Hallmark audition

  But already my metaphors are melting
And my similes are getting soft
 I guarantee you the rhyme meter will be off

 When I went to Google
And the typed in the word 'happy'
Three billion links came up

Not a single inference to
Breast cancer, hair loss
No redirects to mastectomies
Yahoo wasn't any kinder

The only thing research could teach me
Is that a good day on chemo
Is when your stool doesn't come out tar Black
And has no blood in it

Or when your urine
Smells better on Wednesday
Than it did on Tuesday

Sleeping less than 12 hours
When 24 would be better

America has more poets
Than it does alcoholics
   And Pot smokers combined
And you chose me to be
Your Breast Cancer
Poet Laureate

Trusting me to write a poem
About the biggest battle in your life

So I refuse to finish this poem
Without something bright and hopeful
And don't think
I didn't notice your Facebook activity
Had decreased by 88%
In the last three months

And you aren't really
Coming to any more of my poetry shows
Ever again. Are you??
But we still have March, April
Don't we?

But even if you had one breast
Or no breast

Or if you had less hair than I do
I promise to look only in your eyes
And never ever even notice
Or even think about it

And never for a moment
Would I feel sorry for you

Yes I suck at lying too...

But I don't suck at loving you
Or at hoping you wake up tomorrow morning
 With no Cancer at all
And that The Eiffel Tower will be right outside
Your bedroom window...

And I would be right there with you
Holding your hand while we look down on Paris
And you can impress me with your French again

And if I ever make it
To the Pulitzer Poetry board
I might lose a thousand points
Just for this poem alone

And my hopes for the prize will be smitten
And some old person 
With white hair will say
That was the worst love poem ever written

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Last breath

Please forgive me
for i know not what i do

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The Beauty In Futility

my heart breathes its last breath
Embraces its own death
Ready to be reborn 
and made anew

Can’t live a lie
Refuse to “do”
and I’ll DIE....
Focus now on why I’ll live 
And never touch the sky. 

I have to forget you
I have to reject you 
But I will never love anyone 
like I loved you.....

I heard you whisper 
and you never knew it
I wiped the tears from your eyes 
But you couldn’t feel it

You’re lost and you’ll never find you
And neither will I 
And I’m so sorry--
but I’m NOT. 

I'll attempt to reset
Try to forget
But you know, I never will. 

Be my dirty little secret 
My very worst-kept secret 
Sweet, smooth, beautiful poison 
My infernal and endless attraction 
towards complete and utter self-destruction 

I fell in love with the devil
And it will take one heck of an angel
To save me from the likes of you....

My addiction 
my confusion
my nightmare
my dream never to come true

Oh, I’ll never forget the times
we never shared
I’ll never forget 
how you were never there

Always me, the stars, and tears
And I ask you,
what kind of life is THAT?

I have to face the facts 
I don’t know what happens now
but it happens without you. 

The stains will always be there
the scars will never fade
But the memory of you----
it HAS to. 

I could carry the torch forever
But it would only consume me
I can’t cry another tear for you
Or I’ll dry up completely

It doesn’t affect you
and you never deserved me

You’ll go on with your life, too
All, all alone
Because you’ll only ever be in love
with you. 

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Many voices from the past,
Always echoing in my head,
How long can it last,
I thought you were dead.

You always tell me what to do,
So I don't make a mistake,
Somehow you always knew,
How many I could make.

Because once I hurt you,
And you'll never let me forget,
But what can I do,
You're not quite dead yet.

Why won't you leave me alone,
Will you never forgive me,
I wish I could atone,
Please, just let me be.

The hollow echo of your voice,
Will linger on forever,
You've given me no choice,
It'll never stop, ever.

The sound of you used to make me smile,
But now it tortures me,
I will always be in denial,
So an end I'll never see.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

Giorgio V.'s contest - "Impress Me 2" -  themes-gothic/spiritual

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Loosing It

  < Early morning,

   Its rainy and dark,

   Quit dull,

   Cloudy and gray,

   Emotions flowing not,

   So dim and sadden,

   Stuck in a zone,

   Feeling all alone,

   Suddenly blacken,

   Now dressed in lace,

   And black satin,

   Emotions flowing all over,

   Yet still lost,

   Dazed and amazed,

   Felt crushed pancake flatten......>

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in memory of a rose

your velvety blossoms
slowly withers away
once tender roots
have now decayed
at the thought i cringe
such insidious disease
gradually infects
each and every leaf

moldy black spots
crinkled stained edges
your magnificent growth
gradually suppresses
your unsurpassed beauty 
now fuzzed up and gray
crinkled debilated stems
a dull distorted array

shoots barely opened
leaves now curled and bent
such unforgettable moment
your petals soon descend
your spicy scent has drifted
such sickly brittle vein
Flowers now discolored
and left to thrive on pain

after months of nurturing
your once marvelous display
the thought of you slowly wilting
has left me in dismay

*My theme is taken from Constance's Poem "in Memory of a rose"*

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Dear mum

Dear mum

I’m sorry faith didn’t give us
Much time together
For I long
Every time I sit at a table
For your delicacious

For every time I see 
A mother and child
I can’t help but wish
It were us

Every time I receive a hug
I wish it was from you

Every time I pick up
A picture of you
I wish you would talk to me

Every time I pick up
Your clothing
I wish I could see you in them

When I close my eyes
I see your face
Smiling at me

When I look in the mirror
I see you staring back at me

When I listen
To the song of the wind
I hear a string of your voice

Of course
 I love these things all
And treasure them
But I’ll also like to
Have the others

I’m selfish
And will love to have 
Them all
Everything you is 
Always welcome
I’ll never run out of space
For you.

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The longest conversation

I forgot Him who stood by me all this time
Now with nothing left I go back to Him
And He soothes me with a soft hand
Strokes my hair tells me its all about to end
My pain  my guilt its Him who's left
He tells me its a choice I have to make
Death is always an option never self imposed
He told me He is not cruel, He loves me a lot
When I cry in the corner , He wipes my tears
Life might be unfair , but death is not
A new beginning is all what I want
He told me I have never let go of faith
Even when I sinned or betrayed
He sighed when I made mistakes
He smiled at the lessons learned
He looked at me when I looked away
He was there to talk when no one was
He saved me from so much that could have gone wrong
I drifted away , He brought me back
He showed me the way , when I was lost
He trusted me but I trusted no one
Now when I gave up He came to me again
I looked for everyone , never thought its Him
Asked Him , how did I find you?
He said I am amongst those pieces of your broken heart
I was shocked , you were here all this time?
Yes I was always in your beating heart
I felt the pain more than you did
Every time you cried, i was crying with you
Did they realize they stabbed me when they hurt this heart
It bleeds with my pain and some of yours
We are one maryam, all hearts combined
Man will never realize , its the same for all of us
You have to keep breaking your heart to discover me
You look astonished , is it hard to believe?
I replied , you dwell in the heart and I have hurt some too
Yes , I felt that more than they did boo
I am sorry , I don't know why you are still with me
Because I can't let you go , you are a part of me
He said , man is guilty but how soon he forgets
I love all , more than a mother who begets
You are scared of hell, is that why you pray?
The fire is more powerful, then the love I display?
You have been given free will to perceive
Fear of my brutality is not what I need
They think I'm unfair , ruthless and cruel
some scared to say , I know , I made you fool
You've made your own ways of getting close to me
Everyway I adore , I acknowledge everything you do
Universe is love , not some punishment and rules
Believe that I am, and the truth appears to you
If I wanted slaves, I would give you no will
Man is made to discover , man is made to choose
I listen and I watch , I never let you go
You are so dear to me,every unique soul
So its your decision now, come see more
Death is just the beginning of what you really are

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oh awful you are
coming like a wail wind
pretending to be helpful
come and steal my love away

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Just a Thought

Always around 
slightly small mostly black
think of my kids 
that's what holds me back
cracks in my heart 
such a delicate shell
tears fill my eyes 
my eyes start to swell
try to be a new me 
no drugs no liquor
now my eyes open wide 
more reasons to pull the trigger
thought it was real 
did you mean what you said
starting to see the truth 
make the target my head
holding back so much pain 
but still some leaks out
no one to talk to 
feel better with cold metal in my mouth
no peace in my soul
it will not rest
another thought comes to mind
aim straight for my chest
even then I cry
thinking of taking a last breath
seriously thinking without me
would the children be best
feeling like a criminal
I've committed no theft
here is a person that's broken
I have nothing left
I'll walk away now 
before I do something stupid
stop leaving it around
one day I might use it
no, no.... I can't
gotta remember my babies
this is a silent prayer I'm tormented
God please save me

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I'm suffering from depression.
that only I can see.
I've tried to feel alive more than once.
But this daydream will never be.

I know death is eternal.
A decision I'm willing to take.
I've lived this life long enough.
And made my choice to make.

Whether it be with a knife.
A gun or a few pills.
I know ill be gone forever.
As my body lays there still.

Mom would be to busy to stop me.
Dad wouldn't even try.
But even the words I love you.
Wouldn't stop my choice to die.

As for all my friends.
Tell them they never cared.
And now ill get my revenge.
By giving them the pain I've shared

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Today Is Terrible----

The cracked spine of
the book I dropped
at the call.
A chip in my
windshield left by a
pompous *?#@! in a
red sports car as I
drive to the
Rain expectorating
from an ashen sky as
the dirt is turned.
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
crack in grandma’s
spine from her fall
down the stairs.
The chip in her
amazingly smart mind
after eighteen years
as a teacher.
Tears running,
dripping from my
Mothers ashen face
as she cries “My
mama’s dead.”
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
cracked family
emotions left raw
and empty.
The chip in Grandpas
numb mind at the
gathering… “Where is
Irene she should be
Faces gone ashen
with dread, do we
leave him numb or
remind him that his
wife is dead?
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
empty silences,
missing the jokes
Grandma used to
Grandma’s laugh and
her endless smile
which always exposed
that tooth with the
chip in it.
Without her the
world has become
empty, bleak, and
Today is terrible.


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Borderline's Wreckage

I'm Agonizing every Word that my mind Creates You've done this all to me release your wrath to Me You wonder How much a Human Heart can take I've reached the limit You've invaded me on every level none of this is Mine anymore I can't bleed enough for You We're through This, This Torture Homicidal With You Suicidal Without You Feel Free to abuse If it's you I won't lose The Winds push away The Vines pull forth I'm at a lose on what to do So very lost and Confused Don't say we're through Homicidal With You Suicidal Without You I Hate you ...Don't leave me I push you so far away But need you so close I'm on the edge you're all I really need I'll do anything Just don't Abandoned me leaving has it's toll Homicidal With You Suicidal Without You

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The Only Way

A life of pain and mistaken thoughts
Afew sliced veins a kid mistaught
A kids mistrust
His soul in tatters
To his wrist this razor was thrust
His dreams shattered
A life of lies
A kid misunderstood
His unheard cries
Wanting nothing but to cause some good
Sitting alone
Thinking of his past
His future unknown
For this day will be his last
Wanting only for this pain to be gone
Suicide, the only way he knows how
So he knows this dawn
It will be over now, all over
He grabs his blade
Holds it to his wrist
His life betrayed
Longing to feel its final kiss
He screams
Blood starting to gush
It was just like his dreams
Such a rush
He smiles knowing
The pain is over now
His blood if flowing
It was the only way he knew how

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i wish

i wish you could have
looked deeper into
my eyes 
and knew what
was there for you

i wish you could
have known what my
lips were trying to
tell you but were 
afraid to do so

i wish i had held 
you closer. that i had
known that one  day
would be the very
last time i would 
see you

i wish you could have 
known what my heart
said each time i saw you
how i felt when my hands
touched your face

i wish i had told you
how it made me feel
when you kissed my
lips over and over 
and told me how 
beautiful i was

i wish you could have 
been braver and therefore
able to tell me what you
were going to do
when you were so sad

and ... i wish and i wish,
and i wish,  but all i can see
is you,  and how handsome
you were the last time
i saw you; and how i 
longed to tell you i loved 
you too...

i wish.

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Before Her Heart Stopped Beating

Before her heart stops beating
Before it's too late
She has things to say
Things that just can't wait

This pain she's lived with
Has made her push people away
She thought she wasn't worth it
So they weren't allowed to stay

But before her heart stops beating
Before it's too late
She has things she must say
Things that can no longer wait

To her parents,
She's sorry she couldn't hold on
As she lays there while
Her lasts breaths are being drawn

To her family,
Everyone who showed her love
She's sorry she couldn't stay
She had too many things she couldn't get rid of

To her friends,
She's sorry, too
It wasn't their fault
They did everything they could do 

To the guy she left
Waiting for an answer to his question, "Why?"
She's sorry, but she knew
It would be a hard goodbye 

To anyone else
She may've left out
She promises to remember you
When she gets to the end of her route

But before her heart stopped beating
She spoke the words that could no longer wait
Even though her words would reach us 
Too late

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Just Reach

just reach your hand out to the sky
pull your loved ones back to your side

lets get to say one more goodbye
for we never wanted them to go away and die

as now the days and nights lay 
in such sweet disguise

so let us once again our lord
stare into their illumating eyes

as we reach out for them 
in your broad horizon sky

and get to hold and kiss them
even if their not by our sides

for if this is however feels when we die
then I'd like to be that angel in that sky

so I can just reach out right back
and wipe their tears too from their eyes

Tribute To Our Loved Ones
On The Other Side
May You All RIP

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The Final Solution.

Thousands were selected.
In each country, hunted and arrested.
Hatred so extreme. Genocide the theme.
Mass extermination, old, young and sick.
Into the pit.
Sons and daughters, like your own.
Gassed and burnt, down to the bone.
Slaughter of a human race.
Because, a type of face.
Naked en mass, waiting for the gas.
What a way to die!
Unable to breath or cry.
Vomit, blood and gore.
They are no more. 

I have had lots of feedback on this poem.
Mostly, they comment on Hitler being
the cause, I think that the whole German race
was responsible.  The clouds of smoke from the ovens
covered all of Europe. The smell of burnt flesh was
 everywhere. All of Germany combined to carry
out this enormous task.

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In the Sand

He walked down to the sea, lonely and bored
then dips his hand in the warm ocean brine.
Forty years she was the one he adored,
so he kneels to pray for her, one more time.

He spells out her name in the smooth beach sand
then he watches a wave wash it away.
Whispers "Goodbye" just as he starts to stand
he wishes there was more that he could say.

A gentle rumble as breaks a small wave
he can smell her perfume as on the breeze.
He has not the strength to visit her grave
self-pity and pain is all that he sees.

Watches seagulls as they swarm a shrimp boat
as it makes a turn back toward the bay.
Hollow and empty he feels without hope
and wishes a wave would wash it away.

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Not yet.

Yesterday,a ghost of someone better haunting in the shadows that he hath 
banished it to. 
I will bring you back. 
From death and darkness to the light I will resurrect you to former greatness with 
a last hope at her hand. 
Better man she loved so long ago...I am not dead. 
Not yet. 

Wounded child hath sent you in jealousy to live beneath selfish pride and 
careless discontent of the perfect life...of the perfect lady. 
I will bring you back. 
To the surface to resurface faith in those who had given up. 
To heal those hurt by his ways. 
To break the silence. 
Don't lose faith love...I am not dead. 
Not yet. 

Yesterday, I will bring you to life once more. 
Kind and caring, truthful and committed. 
Selfish child sent back...I have much to prove. 
Much to make up.Much living left to do. 
Don't forget Love...I am not dead. 

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In Love With The Blade

I knew a girl who lost all she had
Leaving her lonely, lost, and terribly sad
Having no one to talk to and no one to call
She fell in love with the blade releasing it all

She found peace in the pain that came with each cut
Behind her bedroom door, always securly locked and shut
The sight of the blood left her satisfied time after time
But she found that just one wasn't enough to clear her mind

She cut more and more each time hiding the scars
For fear of a padded room, surrounded by bars
So finally she thought why not end it all
Sitting in her room she planned her last letters and calls

She wrote of her sorrows and how she couldn't let go
And how sorry tonight she was giving her soul
Then she ran the bath water and locked all the doors
Knowing that she wouldn't see tommorrow or feel the pain anymore

Then she climbed into the tub and grabbed that faithful blade
That she'd grown to love and find refuge in each day
As she cut down the middle of each wrist on each arm
Not thinking that this would cause anyone else any hurt or alarm

As she began to bleed she became weary and weak
Fearing that maybe this shouldn't have been her release
But it was to late to turn back the damage was done
For her love with the blade had left ehr to far gone

As she began to slip she began to weep
Wishing to finally sleep into an eternal sleep
As she finally slipped away the blade fell to her side
Leaving a cold reality that the love of her blade left ehr to die

So now as I sit I think back to her
And her beautiful life now jsut a blur
That blade that she'd loved had pushed her so hard
That her ivory arms weren't all that were scarred

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Death Wish

The nauseated feeling from knowing that I have thoughts to take my own life. 
Suicide not only being a feeling, a second thought, but a compromise.
Now sick to my stomach with disbelief, how I imagine at the end of my life-the 
painful grief.
And my funeral, what church would take me? The sinner who took her own life, in 
my casket the devil might as well be.
And yet the thought constantly crosses my mind:
Why not die? Death is simply the beginning of life.
Although life is well and sometimes I'm happy. 
I can't help but wonder how death would be.
People always say "at least their in a better place." 
So is death better than life? In death can I go my own pace?
Once again nauseated with the thought of taking my own life. Myself I can no 
longer love, me I can only despise!!!

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If I Died Today

If I died today,
Would your heart fade away?
If I died today,
Would your heart die with me?

If I died today,
Would you regret
Never telling me
How you really felt?

If I died today,
Would you be able to move on?
If I died today,
Who would go to my funeral?

If I died today,
Would you regret
Never telling me
How you really felt?

If I died today,
Would you see me in everything?
If I died today,
Would anyone even care?

If I died today,
Would you regret
Never telling me
How you really felt?

If I died today,
Would anyone cry for me?
If I died today,
How would you grieve for me?

If I died today,
Would you regret
Never telling me
How you really felt?

If I died today......

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Unwillingly Dying

   I sat in the court room and watched all the jurors eyes. They were so innnocent 
and so ignorant as they looked upon my husbands perdicament.

He was facing the death penalty and I could see the pain in his eyes as I tried to 
reach out for him but a wall seemed to block us.

He had been charged with murdering a little girl about four or five and as I 
watched the case my eyes began to fog. 

I remembered the night it happened a day I would never forget. A saw him swing 
the bat towards my legs but what he didn't see was our angel tightly hugging my 

I had dealt with abuse from this man for 12 years and even though he beat me all 
the time he would never touch Keisha. She was his little girl.   

But just in that moment when the object collided I could see his hurt as if the bat 
had hit him. 

A few 911 calls later and handcuffs over hands and my husband was in jail but 
my baby was dead.  

I felt angry that he would even touch our little girl. She was my soul my heart and 
my entire world.

 But at the same time I knew he didn't mean to. I had seen many things in my life 
but never had I seen him cry like he did that night.  

I felt like my health was deterriating since the day she left. I'd lost five pounds in a 
matter of days and my hair had fallen out in chunks. But I still stood up when the 
verdict was about  to be read.  

I turned my attention back to the court as they said he was guilty. 

A  smile came up to my lips but than faded almost as quick as the judge 
sentenced him to death I screamed " no he doesn't deserve this". 

I watched as the parol officers took him away to meet his fate as my lips 

This was another day I would never forget.  

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Kisses can be powerful 
Kisses can change a little 
Girls heart to open and 
love the world once again.
Because she now sees how 
important the world is to
her and even though her
daddy is no longer living he
still wants her to know that 
he still loves her and that 
he thinks of her all the time 
and he watches out for her 
even when she's asleep. And
he wants her to be happy and
to be proud of herself and the 
world around her even though 
she thinks she can make it 
on her own in the back of
her mind she knows she will
need help and even though she 
may not agree with every thing 
there is to know about 
the world. but if there is 
one thing she can agree on 
it's that her daddy loves 
her with every kiss from 
the sky above. And every 
time the Wind blows it's 
her daddy talking to her. If
she would only listen a little 
closer she would be able to understand.

Details | Salaam | |

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

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Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead

Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along the street
Music blaring and the tapping of feet
From nurses to Bobbies still on the beat
Thatcher’s dead.

Street parties announced in the nation
Satan who brought economic inflation
Is deceased, now’s the time for elation
Thatcher’s dead.

Its times like this I’m sad I’m an atheist
And can only shout and wave my fist
And then go to the pub and get pissed
Thatcher’s dead.

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Happy Question

Today I am going to hop my way to my brother.
To tell him how I feel about not being together.
I thought I could be so kind.
I saw him by the road side and I was blind.
I could just end it all by now.
Today I tried a cow.
It really was hard to do.
Then I hired a semi crew.
I watched carefully, darn he is fast!
My name is Happy ?, I'm Easter's brother who is sad.
He painted eggs that made me jealous and bad.
I hopped one day and he threw an egg at me.
My heart became really cold that memory was key.
I finally thought of it an accident really is going to happen.
Happy Easter is going to be laugh-en.
Good to see you, I said to a mystery man.
I was told not to associate with any human.
It was my last resort.
The man had a sports car a beautiful sort.
I was desperate, now, I'm in a bunny court.

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        February 13, 1945
Pathfinders lit the night to show the way
for bombardiers too hungry for the word;
as Dresden's dark was made as light as day,
all hearts were stopped before the blasts were heard;

and as the din was heard by all their ears
the sound it made was not reality
but far removed from all the hopes and fears
and what they thought would never come to be.

They loved the Fuhrer--sin enough for all
to die the fiery death of sweet revenge
brought on by those who had enough of gall
to drop their loads in wartimes heated binge!

       And when the fire consumed all that it could
        the winter of their lives was understood.

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Smoking From the ones left behind


To all you smokers out there.

I’m not going to say, give up, I wouldn’t dare,

If you want to smoke, it’s up to you,

But I don’t want to smoke your smoke too,

So many lives it takes away.

It really is a high price to pay,

Especially for the ones left behind,

The ones you love, so very kind.

They are the ones left with there hearts broken,

So many things left unspoken.

They are the ones, that have to nurse you night and day,

They are the ones, who sit and pray,

They are the ones left with the legacy of what you’ve done,

When you can’t breath, because of your lung,

They to would like a voice,

They to would like a choice.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Memorial Day

It's not about barbeques,
Hamburgers and franks
It's a day set aside,
For offering our thanks,
For those who died,
Or were injured or maimed
To fight against evil,
Whatever it's named

Pity that God couldn't 
Give them this day,
To let them come back home,
To their families and stay

Just one day a year
To retaste their love,
And let their dear souls,
Know how we think of them
While they're above,

They sacrificed their greatest gift
To keep us safe 
Though in sadness we drift

No more Thanksgiving dinners,
Movies or pies,
Just a host of loved ones
Who can't dry their eyes

I salute you dear brothers in arms,
Men, women, children with innocent charms,
You've done your job,
So adequately well,
It's up to us now,
We live in hell.
Sorrow so heavy
we bend at the knees
No trick or substitution
Ever will please

We hang up your picture
But it doesn't talk back
The love we did share,
We now sorely do lack

Your family and friends,
And your whole country too
Does cry for your sacrifice,
And salute you.

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All Day Long

All. Day. Long.

I sit there, in my chair, All. Day. Long. 
Glaring at people I hate. 
The people who are but mere memories.
Mere dust in the wind.

All that I know has blown away, 
taken by my faulty actions.
The dull replay of Meteora fills my room with lyrical insanity, 
tempting me with beat and anger. 
But I’ve realised it’s not the music that’s dull.
It’s myself. I am dull. 
 Dull, empty, detached, dead. 
My actions have caused this, my mental instability.

My arms and wrists, they’re crisscrossed with faint pink patterns,
the product of my attempts at reattachment and relief.
Eternal smiles of violet beneath my eyes, wrinkles surround my lips. 
My skin, yellow from the drugs, reflects weakly the sunlight from outside.
I blame everyone but myself, my personality rotten to the core.
My lungs, as well, shredded by smoke that acted like needles.

I couldn’t help myself, I jest in my mind. 
I’ve been trying to shove the blame onto something but myself, 
only to find there is nothing to blame but myself.

My body has been wracked to this state, 
a state well beyond my mere 29 years. 
My mind, hanging from a cliff. 
Threatening to free fall at any moment. 

As I sit there, in my chair, 
memories of an age long gone from my life flash before my eyes.
 A girl I loved, laughing.
 Her and I lying in the grass, at a lake’s edge.
A cat akin to night, eyes green as mine, purring softly in my lap.
Flashes of guns, from a war forgotten by all but me. 

As I reminisce these memories, a spark of feeling—pain.
Upwelling in my gut.
 Through my chest.
 Stabbing into the side of my head.
The pain triggers a new wave of recollection. 

Again, the girl. My mind so foggy I can’t remember her name. 
Dancing slowly to a song no longer heard of. 
Snow. A blush of the cheeks. Hands in mine, warming and comfortable.
The pain in my head intensifies, blinding me. 
I fall from my chair, the first time I’ve moved all day. In 2 days.

Shaking my head, I pull myself up. Standing, I look around. 
Another flash of pain, followed by a sensation I’d all but forgotten.
Her lips. At dusk. The very first time.
I stumble away from an unseen being, crashing into the wall. 
Blinking my eyes furiously, I right myself. 
Waiting a moment, I sit back down. 
And let the dullness take over, the pain ebb away, 
and the memories to replay.
All. Day. Long.

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Losing Someone to Cancer

I did speak with them, seemed very confused.

Apparently from what I have been told,
the cancer has gotten worse, and has 
began invading the rest of the body…

The hospice nurse doesn’t,
think they will be with us much longer…

They don’t know where they are living, can't 
remember me seeing them recently, can't 
remember me talking with them yesterday...

I know that this is very depressing news,
and if it weren't for friends and family,
I would be going crazy…

For it is hard to lose a loved one,
whether it be family or friend…

Since we don't know, when that fateful day
will happen, we can only take it one day at a time,
I only hope and pray that they won't suffer, I would
 rather see them be in a coma, and not have 
the pain and suffering…

I know that sounds harsh, however,
I don't want them to suffer, I want them
 to go in there sleep….

By Sandra L. Hoban

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May God Comfort You In Your Loss

I'm sorry to hear about your
 loved one passing away.
I know that in heaven, you shall
be with him someday.

Life's adversities are at times
 hard to explain.
Sometimes, very quickly, 
circumstances can change.

I pray that through your loss, 
sorrow and pain.
You'll find comfort and 
joy in Jesus' name.

May his arms of tender
mercy and grace,
bring love to your heart and
a smile on your face.

May God's presence bring an
assurance to your soul,
knowing that God is with you no 
matter where you go.

Through all that's happened, 
 I pray you will find.
God's wonderful joy, his comfort
and a peace of mind.

On the stormy seas of life, 
with God, you shall prevail.
His promises and love for
you will never, never fail.

By Jim Pemberton 

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My Love

My love I can not find you anywhere, 
I feel like I lost my soul somewhere, 
because you are my soulmate, 
and us being apart can not be fate. 

You did not leave because you wanted to, 
It just was just something you had to do. 

I was not right, All I wanted to do was fight, 
and knowing you was the love of my life, 
yet I would not make you my wife. 

I know that's what you really wanted 
and now I am feeling haunted, 
by the things I should have done, 
and you being the only one 
I ever loved and will love forever, if it was'nt for me we will still be together. 
But you are gone 
and I can not go on, 
so I must say good-bye, I'm leaving myself to die.

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Well how do you feel

In high school everything changes
Teachers, friends, you, 
“That’s just life” they say,
And they never stop to ask
“Well, how do you feel?”

And your friends leave, and your grades decrease,
And your teachers begin to worry,
And they make you see a shrink,
But they never stop to ask,
“Well, how do you feel?”

The sky starts to crumble,
And the tears begin to fall,
And music and hoodies become your best friends,
And they never stop to ask,
“Well, how do you feel?”

And the tools come out.
And the objects fall apart,
And you reach for the closest one,
And the ask, finally,
“Well, how do you feel?”

But by now it’s too late.
Your time is up, your blood’s run out,
Your scars show for the world to see,
Cause they asked too late,
“Well, how do you feel?”

“She was so young” they all say,
But really you were old.
You’d seen so much and hurt so much,
It was time for you to go.

So you picked up the pills and washed them down
And grabbed the blades and cut
And when they finally noticed you weren’t around
It was too late you were gone.

They found your letter on the bed
And read it out at school
“You asked to late, but I don’t blame you.”
And your friends were moved to tears. 

In your tree house in the yard
They found you pale as snow
Your eyes closed, a smile on your face
And they realized you were gone.

They roll up your sleeves and roll up your pants
And scream at what they see
Lines, and lines, and lines of cuts
Some healed and some not.

And they realized they should have asked in the beginning
How you felt that is, cause, 
Honestly you didn’t, 
You didn’t feel anything at all. 

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Lacerated Wings

They are bound to the Earth like trees
Suffocating under the weight of an icy grave 
Reaching to be free, but only their limbs are seen
Hoping that one day someone will see:
They can't escape with lacerated wings

The ocean surrounds me, covering everything
Nothing will be clearly seen; confusion overwhelming
No-one can save you, you're on your own, left to die
Manipulating every bleeding heart you can find
I can't escape with lacerated wings.

Swarms of nets, waves of screams 
Entangle: your captive illusions and dreams
The mask has be seared - The truth now they see
The Liar - Vampiric Fiend; lowly thief
And now they know you can't escape with Lacerated Wings

There's reasons for your rejections:
Your Heavy heart's transferred oppression
The scars are too deep to pass the trials
But you can find peace in your cage of empty spirals
You Cannot Escape With Lacerated Wings

Details | Romanticism | |

A Flower's Funeral

A sweet flower's funeral
displayed in the cold months
of snowy weather and bone chilling shivers.
A sweet flower burned away, dried up;
buried six feet under.

Oh, my sweet flower,
how you once bloomed with no remorse,
like a madman blooming with beauty
and a glorious halo over your head
shinned with such power and blinding glory.

Oh my sweet flower how you have gone now,
resting in peace in the land of paradise.
Oh, my heart it is weak when I see your face,
of once beautiful smiles and warm embraces.
I can hear your crying out to be free.

Snowing and bone chilling cold ripes at my soul
and feelings of sorrow rage through my blood,
boiling my hatred to the world, for losing your
sweet and ever glorious beauty.

What I would give away, if I could be with you
one last night, one last night together
to hold you in my arms, to smell your sweet perfume
that brings back sweet memories of you and I.
What I would do to be with you,
such romance travels through my heart in the highways
of my veins in my body, love is all throughout me,
and my heart breaks when pictures of you start to collect dust.

My love for you, my sweet flower,
is still ingering through the air,
as I travel and look upon a tombstone
which shows your beautiful name.

Come to me my dear flower,
when spring comes,
come to me my dear, sweet flower.
And bloom once again,
twice as large as last year,
and ten times more beautiful then last year.
Come to me in the first months of spring
in my dreams, so I could sit and talk with you.
I miss you already,
and my heart crys,
my eyes flood with tears of sorrow.
I miss our love we shared.
Long walks,
cosy talks,
warm cuddling embraces
and beautiful displayed in a picture frame.
Now I hear the tapping of raindrops on my window pane.
That is all that keeps me company,
that and the rose you gave to me
and a picture of you and me.
Love is endless, even when blue eyed Death comes to visit
and play a game of chess with us,
we all play our game, my love.
I shall go tonight
in my sleepy slumber
and dream of you in the times of our height in our love for each other.
My lost love, you are gone, resting in paradise,
but never forgotten my sweet flower.


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To a Bride Without a Name

Oh Flora, Choral Beauty The Sun Rises With You Out of An Abyss of Chaos, Yet No Piece of Beauty Is Lost I Can't Grant You Nobility, But Our Love's Vitality Will Last Till The Gates of Hades's Halls They Will Push, They Will Pull, And Their Power Will Grow Just To Have A Piece of Our Love's Immortality For It They Cannot Wait Subdued By Desperation's Phantom But I Will Always Be One of Them So, My Dear, Please Understand I'm Just A Chevalier Drenched With My Sins The Hope Will Fade The Rose Will Turn Black The Promise Was Just I Lie, Though I Forbade I Will Just Be Another Empty Heart, Slain By Your Loosening Grip On My Sanity I Will Die, You Will Be Free Believe - It's The Way Things Must Be My Dear, Just Understand

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A Note From The Lost

No one knows the pain,
Behind those forced smiles.
The tears that have fallen,
Along so many miles.

The broken hearts and wounded souls,
So well hidden from the world outside.
The fears and torments so long held,
Where only they can see inside.
Then one day we find a note:
"I'm so sorry I must leave.
I'm sorry for the pain I've caused.
And now for making you grieve."

"I could take the pain no longer.
The sorrow overwhelmed me so.
I felt like I was drowning on dry land.
And so I have to go."

"I hope one day you can forgive me,
And maybe understand.
Why I had to leave this way,
To end it all by my own hand."

"May God forgive my sin,
And welcome me to my home so true.
Where I can be born again,
And see through eyes fresh and new."

"Then maybe things will be better,
My troubles shall be few.
And I will feel whole again,
So shiny, bright and new."

"Goodbye for now my loved ones,
Do not grieve too long for me.
For now I can be what I never was,
Happy, hopeful and truly free."

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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Dialogue of Souls

Best of friends, for countless years,
we had the best of times.
Now as my eyes are filled with tears,
your soul to Heaven climbs.
The path we take, not always clear,
I feel so lost without you here.
Your last words, prophetic now,
“I’ll be home soon”- you knew somehow.
You left me here, I’m so alone,
but I dreamed Heaven had a phone.
We talked all night, you fell asleep,
I held the line to hear you breathe…  


   Copyright © 2013

Details | Carpe Diem | |


Secrets are not,
What they ought to be,
They often turn out,
For many to see,

When somewhere deep in the heart,
There is a lingering pain,
Yearning to express distant memories,
Yet need for constraint,

With the knowledge of Armageddon,
Approaching at hand,
Seek delivery from remorse,
Before the end, happen,

Desires to unwind history,
To all where it began,
Express, for relief from,
An unspoken apology, burden;

Expecting to lay in happiness,
When the dark shroud came,
And resurrect from sins,
Judgment and blame,

Yet completely unaware,
The good world’s forgiven,
Only fond remembrances retain,
In memory, “A jolly good person”…

World prays and wishes,
For the time that remains,
Will to re-live the good memories,
Forgetting the Pain.

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She Hates Me...A Tragedy...

Ignore me...Why?
  "You’re a LOSER thats why!"
You Hate me, What did I do?
  "Why else, you are you!"
What is that supposed to mean
  "Figure it out, you’ll never win,"
I said I was sorry, What more do you want?
  "You ARE sorry, Pathetic, a Dork and a runt."
Is there anything I could do to change your mind?
  "I want you leave, what are you blind?"

Fine then I’ll go, but I want you to know,
I’m sorry for the things that I’ve said and I’ve done,
I’m sorry for the feelings, the love I didn’t show...

And the boy turned away, down the track where they run,
And ended his life...with the shot of a gun.

And when the girl heard, she uttered not a word,

For to miss him, to care,  or feel sorrow, well, that would be absurd...

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I miss you

I miss you more than I could ever properly stress... You were a great friend, a true proper friend that anyone would be lucky to have known and luckier still to call their friend. I cherish the many times we shared together in laughter and fun. I think of you often and wish to go back to those simpler days, when things didn't get complicated or even hard. But as I write these words and remember you I wish for only your forgiveness. I let you down and I so very sorry. If I could have been a better person. A better friend then maybe now we'd still be able to share the laughter, the happiness, the pain, and the sadness within our lives. But as it is I abandoned you and lost a truly precious gift. If not for my selfishness perhaps you still might smile in the most dire of times...
with an aching heart 
and heavy head 
I ask for your forgiveness 
as I lay you down to rest
Perhaps if I were better,
If I had been a good true friend
Then you would have felt so alone in the end

My dear Alleria... I miss you every day
With an aching heart I now finally say
Goodbye sweet has been a year
I must go, and leave you once more.
But this time I leave you in the hands of God
He will care for you and guide you

With as much love as I possess...

I will always, miss you.

In Loving memory:
June 07, 1993-August 20. 2012

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I heard the cries from far away
The sounds of anguish all the way
The tears had flowed like Tsunami floods
A plague has led our land awry

Scenes of passionate rages reigned
Heartbreaks, shots of depression rained
Like an abattoir filled with bones and blood
Our lands became awash with blood

Heartless hands that maimed our men
Have struck our land with darts at will
With gruesome tact their tasks were done
The task to slay our men away

We saw our warriors staggered and fell
With bloodied limbs and heads and being
We saw our kindreds breathe their last
And could not awake to our calls and groans

Can you hear the helpless orphan’s howl
Their mothers struck with shock untold
As their losses, pains and grief unfold
Oh, who shall mend their hearts apiece!

  …Dedicated to the many lives who have been devoured by sectarian terrorist attacks in my nation… and beyond… 

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Screaming, ranting, raving
When the world didn't do it your way,
Your anger so violent
I feared for your heart;
A blood vessel, like a fuse
That's all it takes
Blown and you 're out
You threatened so often
That it would make us happy
If you died.
No! No! No!
That's not the way
It's supposed to be.
We love you then and now.
We wanted for you
The help you so desperately needed
And we couldn't give
Or get for you.
You  have to ask for yourself.
Yet, you would not, could not ask;
It would not be manly
To show such 'weakness".
Now, we say,
If only, if only,
If only, what?

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Sweet Sorrow

I have hid mine heart,
Within a prison cell,
Dark and cold,
Whose key, only you hold.

I have buried mine memories,
Within the sands of time,
None is bare,
Those secrets, only you and I 

From thenceforth do we part,
From light and into darkness 
do I tarry,
Into perdition,
E'en to the close of my time.

The memory of you, doth 
E'en as the flowers, sprout on 
And as the sun, doth shine,
E'en on the viper,

So I, e'en through the curse of 
Tarry forth, 
E'en to the sunset of my life,
These memories, a constant 

Details | Senryu | |

That Sucks

<                                     on your own death bed 
                                       you couldn't even admit ........
                                       that you were married

Entry For Paula Swenson's Contest 
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
G.L. All

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A Poem (Hebrews 13:5)

Anger consumed within me,

Rage passed continually by.

A mixture of blue and red,

Blinding the dim light inside me.


Once the light was like a flaming torch,

Such a torch that can be compared to the sun.

But even the sun rests, the flames can be vanquished

Only the night was witnessed until the morning dawned.


I was created to love you.

This was the only purpose,

But I chose to reject you.

How foolish of me to compose.


Given many chances to accept,

Welcome the love higher than my mother,

I was in an asylum locked by my choice.

"No more!" I uttered. 


A glowing door suddenly appeared,

"Who could it be?" I questioned.

It opened; a figure so bright glanced at the corner,

"My child, fear not," the figure mentioned.


I took his offering hand.

Richness of everlasting springs of water,

The right hand of infinite life.

We departed blissfully as He catered


"Do not sow any longer, for you are here with your Father,"    

I began to weep as a baby weeps for his mother.

"My child, for you were once lost but now have been found."

A final tear inching below, the Devil will no longer bother.

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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Try Walking In My Shoes

You'll only collapse and fall and tear your knees open,
Shut your mouth, you cant even imagine what hell I've broken.
Blood leaking from my head everyday only makes me lose my mind,
You wouldn't even survive a minuet in my shoes if you were on my grind.

You say you know everything about me and how to live your own life, 
but face it tho, every night your left alone sitting with a knife.
I defeated that part in life where i have to do something for someone,
walking around with my "Ex Wife" as if it were my gun.

So please stop talking like you know what you got your self into,
cause if i were you i would open my eyes and pray that I'm not true. 
So here it is, if you want to walk a bit in these shoes of mine, go ahead, 
But I can promise you only one thing, in the end you'll end up Dead.

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He swifts on by like a moon lighted night. 
He shines bright for a moment in time. 
His arm's always open with warmth. 
His smile always bigger then everyone elses. 
His heart of rage and fire. 
He swifts on by, he swifts on by. 
Who will know the true man within. 
The man thats full of sin. 
No one can, no one can, for we are all just man...

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Tears of the Broken

Introduction: At some point of our lives, someone close to us departs off to the next
phase. We think of the good times and try not to think the bad; but sometimes it haunts us
back to how we responded in a naive way for our juvenile wishes. And sometimes we see them
in our dreams at the utmost optimism and glory. But the fact that we get to realize what
we did back then may have cherished and broken their souls in some ways, we always wonder
if we could alter the deeds that wounded their affection in our times of immaturity…And
pray that we get a second chance to do so for our next life. *the first two lines have some inspiration from another piece*

Even if our hearts were as strong as a storm, we’d still feel a little bit sad Knowing that we’ve lost our grandfather, our friend, our dad. For so many years, we’ve felt their presence In so many ways, we’ve felt complete, But truly, even if we deny – We sometimes skip a heartbeat. Our lives are nothing but their memories and their art, Orbiting us each day, reminding us of who we are Where we stand and to whom we belong, We pray and cry up oceans for them night after night Praying to be together just one more time, in the worlds of light. But yes you are so fortunate, that you got to leave, You’ve made it to the greater step, I pray for us to meet. May your soul be blessed and may it shine brighter than the sun, Again and again ‘I love you’ it’s not a lie, I may not have said it that much But I hope you knew inside, even if I may have been unkind as such Nothing is left for us to do but feel the tears stream down our eyes For we, once in a while have broken their hearts with one or two lies, Their face glows and vividly fades away from our dreams those nights That’s when we fall, fall down to our knees, pray for we could have changed The ways we reacted back in those days. Thoughts of those moments, thoughts of their sorrow smile Now makes us realize how we never cared, For that to overcome, we treasure the good times we’ve shared, The times we’ve heard them say “You’ve made me proud” The times we’ve felt them lay their hands, oh so be crowned. Their tender touch, their forgiveness Their blessings for us and their happiness, We pray to feel it all again Bring it all again, To the eternal life, after this time.

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I can't believe I haven't posted this one. I wrote it last year, can't remember the exact date. Anyhow it's a song. ---------------- You know this world is cancer Without these prayers being answered It's been too long a ponder We wonder We wander Far from here Lost in fear Can you see them fall? You lose one you lose them all She's seen the cruel hearts of stone She's seen the cancer we've become So lost in worry we just fall down Underground we burn Till the last one's sure Can you see me fall? You lose one you lose them all Cut me out of this body! Cut me out of everybody! Grind me into little pieces! Tell them that I'm the reason- You know this world is cancer Without these prayers being answered It's been too long a ponder We wonder We wander Far from here Lost in fear Can you see me fall? You lose one you lose them all You lose one you lose. . . Them all

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The meaning of destruction.

Its cold, clouds grey, no sun to guide me,
hands search for the missing eye that has long since past.
I hear them bicker and curse, do you know what they are?
Slimy slurping dripping muck, the snow has gone, but left my
world with black soot earth.
These creatures seem to thrive on it, thrive on my shallow pit
of existence.
I gather myself, I crack my knees as I bend to pick a limb,
what should go first? Of course my feet to carry me.
With such effort for a pointless quest I begin to think that
there is nothing but death scraping at my neck, hinting at
my demise.
Ages since my trumpets call, they call me home from a 
nightmare of cry's and vomit.
My mind begins to flash with imagery beyond comparison,
a child I see inside my heart, is naked, blind, sick and pale,
OH GOD!! Where is the source for this madness.
I have gathered my pieces and attempt to walk, but see
that I have gathered more than my own share of flesh, there
are those that belong to men,the men thats beneath the soil,
the creatures are red inside my nails.
My color is that of a ruby stone, as cold as one and as hard 
no doubt.
CRACK! BANG! Lighting and sound rip through the sky, this sound
is not of guns or drums.
The dark sky is fat with victory, it spues out its fill upon me, it washes
my world around me only to reveal my horror.
My comrade, my friends, my enemy's and alas, the child of whom gave 
such sadness.
Did I die too? Looking at my broken self, was I tricked to war, yes, this was it,
the price to pay, to pay the earth for its company, it seems we were guests that
outstayed our welcome.
Ha! If we were ever welcomed, I don't think invasion is the same.

So clear now, the rain making sense of it all.
My knees don't crack as I begin to fall.
Cant you see me?I have been killed.
So you can keep your stomach tanks filled.
Thank you all, your prayers are gone.
To feed the horde there victory's won.

Is the memory gone from them?
The world is sane but our race is thin.
Is this world so leaderless? 
Mankind is lone, the world is fearless.
Must we die before they see?
No, die but twice before you free.

Do you have the answer?
With blood in hand and gun in holster?
No one has the meaning or an answer to a thing.
Just that they are happy with there life they have to bring.

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One More Day, Lord

If I just had one day left in life,
I'd rid myself of anger, envy, strife.
I'd hug those I loved dearly through the years,
And kneel to God, crying with bitter tears.

My prayer, dear God, extend my days to live,
For there's still one more person to forgive.
It's me, that comes regretting my despair,
Having lived a pauper's life seemed unfair.

I wanted to travel across the lands,
To see mountains high and the ocean sands.
How can I forget untraveled highways,
And be content at the end of my days?

For all that needs be done, God gives grace.
Fretting life ends, with hopes of better place.

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I still miss you

Visions stolen,
Heart beat raised
You still touch me,
In the castle in the air

I don’t want to miss you,
Truth is, I still do
The smile, those eyes,
I still miss you..

The path has forked
The world has split
Memories tainted,
I still miss you

I yearn for a rendezvous
To reminisce the cold touch
The twinkle, the chuckle,
I still miss you

Cries of laughter,
Strength of bond,
The waiting seconds,
I still miss you

Time does not reverse
The road unveils beautifully
But, some are unforgettable
And, I, still miss you…

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Belated Confession

Since my birth
To your death
Never would I miss you.

I do.

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Corpse Bride

The braeþ of lyf -- I've Learned to fear
Though, ta'en it was, so long sinsyne
I've wroot my song of skreighs
He tore the lyf out of me
In sooth did she speke this to me - Cassandra was she to me
Wistful - I am no bride to be
Wistful - is this soliloquy of skreighs

I cede to thee, deathly colleen 
Though remains - façades of humanity 
Angel kind - wicce of my welkin dreams
Casted by the lote of she
Ta'en the hollow Herefro way - ne'er!
Caught with twain
W'ie or swain

Angel dearest so fair - love does not share
Seemed a crux, when eath is lone
I rose for thee - cede all of thy love to me
Or was this not meant to be
Eros's deceit 
So wistful - corpse bride I remain to be

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The Eyes

The Eyes

The eyes so shattered and so blue,
You sit there and you knew
The pain of losing someone close to you,
And you beg for their return,
But a wish so great, can never be granted.

The eyes shattered and blue,
Watch you,
Take the bottle and drowned yourself,
They watch you destroy yourself,
And they know what they do,
Yet they show no remorse, no pain in heart.

You fall asleep
On a dirty mattress,
Held up by broken dreams
And nightmares,
No pillow, no blanket
Just air you float on.
And your blind eyes close in the night,
The dreams come back to haunt you
And the eyes, they watch you,
So shattered and so blue.

Till three o’clock hits again
Wake in cold sweat,
Spiders on webs weaving a nest
In your head,
A cry out for the Madhouse,
Where the eyes so shattered and so blue
Stare at you, through a window with no reflection.


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Drenched in Silence

Unbearable thoughts barreling through my head
Decaying in this silent chamber...
Where I desperately cry for help

Words come out useless...I have no capability to yelp
They haven't collapsed in the hands of the unforgiving jail-keeper
This pain grows in my bones...making me weaker
No one bothers to consider me
Circulated by envious glory
That snicker at my carrion body as it drops in dripping failures
Dragged by the sickening thought of living with jailers
As if i had no outlook to life...

I'm still placed in this cold-heartened chamber
Because I'm drenched in silence...
haunted by the deafening atmosphere 
sensing a load of terrorized fear

Shame embraced me, never leaving my presence
Cautious of the hovering thoughts,
transforming itself into my dreadful, panicky past

This hopelessness doesn't seem to matter
In this chamber of deceitfulness

Someday...hopefully Someday...
This silent chamber will shatter 

For now,  I'll abide in this loathsome,
silent chamber 
Until God, My  Savior, will shatter this wretched place
Into smithereens 



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Life as an Addict


                                     Life as an Addict

                         Life as an addict, life as an addict
                       Life as an addict is like running into
                            A reinforce cinderblock wall
                                    Losses after losses 
                     Ending in a jail cell or luxurious casket
                      Day after day the addiction keeps at it
                                Opening doors to the soul
                          Stepping inside leading you down
                               A wicked and dark passage
                                     Leaving you naked
                                  Clinching your wounds
                                      Shattering dreams
                                      Low self – esteem
                                    Thoughts in captivity
                                          Life of misery
                         Life as an addict limited imagination
                                 Waste of God’s creation
                                          But forgiven
                                      Evil, dark passage 
                                  Reinforce walls, jail cell
                                Lost soul, luxurious casket 
                            Life as an addict, life as an addict
                                        Life as an addict.

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I Pray You're in Heaven

I never really told you how much I love you In fact, I waited way too long Time was an enemy; you were up there in years And naturally, you had to move on When I was a child, I thought you a monster I often times wished you away When voices got loud and that darkness set in In that moment, I’d cry and I’d pray I prayed you to Hell; didn’t know better Hoped God was listening that day But, I had grown up and witnessed your change Which prompted me too late to say I pray you’re in Heaven Instead of in Hell God loves you as He loves me, too I was a young child So scared of you, then If you hear me, please know this as true Hell is the place Where I would remain If angels had you under wing I’d suffer the fires Being happy there, too To know that God let you in I’m sorry I waited and now with regrets I hope you can hear me this day May you be looking and down from the clouds From up there in Heaven, I pray Your sin was your struggle, the bottle had won And I, I just couldn’t see That despite all the yelling and fear that I had You were still the best mother to me I pray you’re in Heaven Instead of in Hell God loves you as He loves me, too I was a young child So scared of you, then If you hear me, please know I love you

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DEATH WISH HAIKU A Musical History of Cigarettes

 DEATH WISH HAIKU (AS Musical History of Cigarettes)
Snooky Lanson sang it clear
smoke in every ear.

From your Hit Parade,
Frank Sinatra blew the words one time
Didn't Fence Him In.

Dorothy Collin's voice
America there's only one to smoke
Lucky Strike's the one.

Drifting up her nose
pulling smoke into her lung
biting on her tongue

what is she doing?
coffins closing in with nails
death as slow as snails.

Do you want a Lucky?
More satisfaction pleasure
undertakers measure.

Camel smoke was nil
More Doctors smoked  Lucky Strikes
Than Mike Hammer smoked.

Nicotine all day
tie hers up in Christmas bows
blow it out her nose.

Free on Navy ships
Sailors never saw the light
Though the match was free.

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Apology Accepted

Fill me with lies 
No goodbyes
Kill me with sorrow
No tomorrow
Break me with words
This is absurd
Drown me with hate
Is it too late?
To apologize
Look me in the eyes...
And apologize...
You will never understand me
And you’re never going to find me
You took a part of me 
That didn't belong to you 
Well, live with what you got
I have nothing more to lose
Leave me here to rot
I have nothing more to lose
And if i do...
The only thing I'm losing is you...
So fill me with lies
Say your goodbyes
Shoot me with sorrow
There's always tomorrow
Your words can't break me
Your hate can't drown me
Look me in the eyes
You absurd man
It's never too late
To apologize...

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A Crime of Passion

The blood on the knife gleamed in the moonlight
His hand shook as rage blinded his sight
The body at his feet steamed in the evening cold
A carpet beside it in which it would soon be rolled
What made him do it he couldn’t have said
All he knew now was that someone was dead
He remembered the scream in his ears
His face wet with fallen tears
A crime of love that had fallen apart
A crime committed that broke his heart
The love of his life had betrayed him he knew
He had the proof from which his anger grew
The pain he felt was too much to bear
As he stood and all he could do was stare
His wife was beautiful but now she was gone
He didn’t know if there was a way he could go on
So he raised the knife to his own heart
And plunged it forward hoping for a new start
Fallen in betrayal because of love
The new pair of spirits rose to the sky above
The police on the scene found the note
And all eyes let loose tears for what he had wrote
The man in the picture was his own brother
He said that he had never loved another
He was sorry for what he had to do
But above else he was sorry for the life he slew
His brother was there and his tears flowed 
For the one person in his life he had never told
His brother would never hear him say the words
For now he flew high with the birds
“I love you,” he whispered to the sky
And his brother heard them from on high
In one second his brother he forgave
And then he rested comfortably in his grave.

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Never Take Hate Outside

When you're hurt inside,
And there's no where to hide,
And there's no one on your side,
And it's killing your pride,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is chocking,
The heavy words never spoken,
The things that hurt you inside,
When love has died,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is gone,
From being alone,
And it beats a solemn tone,

When you're cold inside,
It's only a short ride,
Never take hate outside

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Death of an Innocent Heart

Death of an Innocent Heart

That day I fell,today I lie six feet under.I thought you was the one when we first met you made me laugh you held me when I cried and now We have grown to far apart to even truly remember what we use to be.Then by sad chance by crushing feet by this deadly curse you left me and that day I felt my heart die.I wonder what I would do next should i had moved on would the pain hurt me more I don't think i can handle it,should i end my life here will i have pain no more.But what lie beyond death how do I not know I will leave this pain.That day i jump off the bridge into the lake that day I let myself be swept away I let myself drown in sorrow and pain.When I am reborn i wish to be free like the bird in the sky like the ocean and streams, never to face what it mean to be a human.Today I die for the lost of my love for you,It is what most call the death of innocent love.

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For the Dying Orphan

I let you die for my name As you reached for my hands Out of waters of drowning What a hypocrite this writer is The Hatred of Solitude Letting an orphan dream Then destroy him with knowledge Of what you have done He opened up to you In new ways But in nostalgic guises The springwinds whisper blithe yore But the winterwinds, much stronger Caress you with the dreams of your funeral sky “It was you… it was your fault… Letting the one who was so open to you Be the laugh… the piece in the game…”

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No Memories

I didn’t know you 
I never really talked to you
But you created my sister
You brought her to my family
You were trying to be better
You were trying to be better
That’s what hurts me the most
That I didn’t know you
That I never really talked to you
But you were trying
And you are missed
I thank you for being you
For doing everything you did
Even the mistakes
Because you passed something on
You made an impact
My cousin you were
My family you will always be
I didn’t know you
We fought the last time I ever talked to you
Then you were gone
So young
So sudden
But I think of you and smile
Because you were a good person
You were someone to be missed
I’m just sorry
That I don’t really have memories to look back at
But I will always look back at you and smile
Because I did know you
We were family
My cousin
And the only memories I need is your face
Your smile
And I will always remember that
And you are missed
You were loved
* RIP to my cousin that passed away 2 years ago. We miss you*

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Particles Of Light

Alone is when reality doesn't exist anymore

Alone is when the one person breathes for rebellion

The speed of madness soaring through the human body at million miles per hour

Taking a different road than the one intended

Taking the high sprialing road

No longer a person you know, but a stranger

Instead of reality

Fireworks covered the sky

Everything was perfect, but only for awhile

Then the crash of blackness encircles like a haunting cloak of death

When the last breaths of life come too close

The only thing left to do is replay memories of happier times

Hoping not to die in this distorted state

Then suddenly reality caves in

And all thats left is to watch those particles of lights come back

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Arguing with one another
Texting back and forth
Owen drives in the blizzard
Kurt is at home

Kurt sends Owen another message
"why did you tell them about me doing drugs?"
"that wasnt your place, i dont care if there your parents too"
"shouldnt i be the one to tell them?"

Owen tries to reply to the message Kurt has sent him
He loses control of the wheel
driving into a field 
Kurt recieves a message from Owen
"Im sorry I..."
The message was never finished
The car slamming into a tree
The tree branch breaks through the window
Thrashing into Owens stomach
As Owens head slams back and forth
The car is left smoking

Kurt knows something is wrong
but leaves things be

50 Minutes Later...."

Kurt and Owen's parent recieve a call from the police
"Is this the parent of Owen Everdeen?" the police ask
the mother answers "yes is something wrong? is it Owen, what did he do now?"
"Mam', Your son was in a accident, they are life flighting him to the hospital"
She drops the phone, and grabs her purse and yells at Kurt to come on.

She drives fast to get to the hospital to see her son
Owen was life flighted to the hospital
The police had to use the jaws of life to get him out of his car

They finally make it to the hospital
The Dr. asking "Are you the mother of Owen?"
She cries "yes, where is my son?"
Kurt stands upset at himself for fighting with Owen minutes before
Remembering Owens last text to him. "im sorry I.."

The Dr. explains to the mother 
"Owen didnt make it"
She sits in sadness
She cannot breathe

Kurt runs after the Dr.
"this cant be, he has to be ok" as he starts to cry.
Just the night before him and his brother
Were playing guitar hero together
Remembering the last moment
The arguing
The reqruet Kurt is now feeling

"Owen Ryan Everdeen: Jan. 1st, 1990- December 8th, 2011"
To a good brother and a great friend, im sorry about all those times i have let you down
Im sorry for yelling at you that night, and causing your crash, the guilt i feel wont leave
I am sorry that you went through that, and left this world that way, forgive me for what i 
have caused. I love you.

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A Soulful Moan

Take me back
My soul's time has come
Take me back
Youth I long
My old soul is close to death
Scared now-take me back

( This poem is written in a Shadoma format which isn't listed in the drop box choices)

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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I RUN from FEAR.



I FIGHT cause of FEAR.

I'm FAR from you.

I'm SCARED cause of you.

You're the FEAR that I HUNT.

You're the FEAR that I FIGHT.

You're the FEAR that SCARED me for LIFE.

*Comment if you have any thought and if you like it. oh and some of the poems i write arn't 
always my feelings. their some times just to get through other people so they can have 
something to read that just fit's them.*


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Life Beyond You

Life Beyond You. At the core of my heart, where the air is cool And the pieces formed have slowly parted, Lies the innocence used as your only tool Since the day when your hunger started. I remember the day our lives began, Cocooned in a silver cloud, But I knew I was right when I turned and ran, Our dreams, burned in a shroud. I tried to think what I did wrong Or whether it was even me, But your hate was as fierce as the day is long- The day when you set me free. A blow to the head would have been quite tough Or a bullet through the chest, But the way you killed me was just enough To lay me down to rest. How clever you were! I remember thinking When you dismissed every word that they said, But the evidence was clear, and your life was sinking, Whilst I slept silent in an eternal bed. But as I watch you now, with your head held high Smothering your face in a grin, I make my way forward with a smile and a sigh And I know you cannot win. For I know your greatest fear of all Of which you cannot see. Your life, my dear, is due to fall, And waiting there is me.

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I Hope You Know I'll Always Love You

I am what you call a hopeless 
But im also a lost lovers cause, my 
heart belongs to another
Yet in my head a love triangle starts 
to form, the girl I love doesn’t love 
She holds the heart to another and 
mine caged to the floor,
She isn’t afraid to fight for what she 
wants, not even when it comes to 
leaving another man torn
Trust me she’s happy, as that boy 
holds her heart ever so close
Seeing what I shouldn’t I smile as I 
wear my blind fold,
Blind to everything around, lifeless 
staring into air
My train of thought running so fast, 
the second I stop you’ll hear a crash
Derailing my hope, for ever finding a 
love so pure & rare
Wishing I could hold the hand of the 
lover who stole my flame,
Wish I could change the last days in 
which we parted ways,
Realizing now that we can never be 
the same
Finally saying it out loud as tears run 
down my face
You stole my happiness, as I walked 
away that day
But it’s because as of what you said 
I guessed I changed,
Now every relationship has just be 
the same,
No one can seem to bring back that 
Because a love likes ours comes 
once in a lifetime
Well at least it does to me,
But I mean you’re happy with who 
your with 
I mean I only wrote this as I heard 
exchanging “I love you” flow from 
each of your lips.

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No Title to This

Stuck at the bottom 

I'm caving in. 

One thought of you not here 

Puts me in a claustrophobic nightmare. 

I can't wake up. 

I may not see you again. 

Reality isn't different from my sleep. 

I'm still running aimlessly away to nowhere. 

I'm so blinded. 

Every second is hidden that I'm spinning in circles. 

Makes me reckless, violent, purple dead. 

Over and over something's wanting me to say 

I was a creep for treating you that way. 

Can you forgive me? 

I promise I won't make you cry. 

One more chance I'll be a loyal friend. 

Walk to your door. 

I'm closing in. 

Standing on thin ice there's no turning back. 

I'll say it straight out without fumbling. 

For once in my life 

I confess it was a mess. 

Screwed up everything special we had planned. 

But now I'm here alone. 

Hope is my only invisible ally. 

I raise my white flag to the skies. 

Will you operate my wounded heart? 

The stakes are high. 

But I'm willing to continue where we left off 

If you have room in your heart for rent.

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overwhelming thoughts with screams suffocating time
as tears form the river of denial i drift deeper out of my mind
grasping for air as i attempt to see what isn't there
coveting words that cling onto my ability to care
lacking self control i search for something, anything to grab
scratching, biting, clawing my doorway to deaths cold slab
songs that which i sing in memories of whispers and prayer
beating to the seductive release of that which isn't fair
i try and try to overcome this realities haunting sin
i dig deeper and deeper throwing away my soul within
twisting and turning seeping with silence
sleeping and spinning weeping in violence
learning to regret and never to forgive
unable to accept it was me who lived

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Life at times just doesn’t seem fair,

When a loved one embraced just hours ago, suddenly is no longer there.

If only we could make life at times in retrospect, just stand still,

Then captured moments of joy, wouldn’t need decades for a broken heart to heal.

Life at times marches only to the beat of its self-proclaimed drum.

Life at times leaves us bewildered and dismayed at the sudden loss of a special someone.

Life at times creates an emptiness in our heart and soul, making it sometimes difficult to start anew.

The dark cloud of pain and sorrow will no doubt hover, until life at times naturally lets the radiance 
of sunlight through.

With sincere sympathy, I am truly sorry for your loss and at times the piercing loneliness that may 
engulf you.

We are thankful that life at this time lets us celebrate your loved one with you.  It’s the least we can do.

Al Johnson 

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The Ribbon - November 24, 2008

Fighting the quickness
I can't shake this sickness
My ribs sore from the lies
I want to cut these ties
I cough them up with phlem
I wish I had not met him
The blood staining the rag
I feel like a miserable hag

Cut these ribbons, they're hurting
These secrets I couldn't stop blurting
The blood dripping down the strips
My hands hanging at my hips
My eyes close and I cry aloud
Wouldn't my mother be proud?

I hate this numb feeling
I feel the cheer peeling
Like a leaf from its tree
I'm broken, can't you see?
I feel the rain falling
I hear its soft calling
Its drops mix with tears
I want to share my fears

Please, be the one to say yes
Take a rag and clean this mess
I need you like you'll never know
You'll never see the pretty bow
The one tied around my neck
No blood on it, not a speck

Nevermind, I can't bare the pain
I've made my decision in vain
I clench the ends of my pretty bow
My crying eyes downcasting slow
I think of your smile, your brown eyes
You'd never wade through all the lies
I'm not worth it, but neither is she
But that's something you'll never see

The ends are tied, the rain stops
I smile and I put away the props
I feel relief as I lift this ugly mask
I set it aside and begin my task
My toes balancing on brittle wood
I'll never be known or understood

I look to the heavens and I see you
I will never know whether it was true
I tremble knowing how I am posed
I bite my lip, naked and exposed
I cover my bow and take my leap
No more will they make me weep
You will never know how I feel
My ribbon snaps and seals the deal

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I wish I had died instead of her
I wish I was the one who got sick an suffered
I wish that I could turn back the hands of time
I will no longer wish for you to be mine
I wish she is alive right now
To love you back and make new vows
I wish my wish could make any difference
While I wipe my eyes from tears seeing that you're grieving
I wish that I could comfort you
Coz you've already cried so much for a love that is true
I wish I could take her place while she was dying
So you could both live a happy life.....

and fulfill the dreams YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN WISHING.

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peace sun

I woke up this morning and said a prayer for you,
the sun shines through my blinds and it's a shame i can't be there with you
your heart beat creates earthquakes,
your tears bring the rain,
and for the second time it has flooded here again
I'm sorry if i disappointed you,
I'm sorry if i ever lied,
because what i'd do to go back would mean
i could reverse the time that you died.
sick to my stomach i can't bear the thought,
but when the sun shone through this morning
it brought a peaceful thought back to my heart
through out each day i kneel down and pray
and know you're living in the sky
I try making wishes from stars flying by
but the sight must be quicker then the blink of my eye
i'll never know why,
til it's my time to go,
I look around this city realizing all friends are faded foes
I can't hold on, i hold it within,
it is my faith in peace that keeps me from disintegrating within.

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The Eternal Infernos of Pain

Front and Center!
Those Gates adorned with pearls in Heaven.
White angels soaring. 

If by chance, 
Ordered to enter;
Through St. Peter's Permission; 
I demand from you chancellor; 
A swift insanity plea, submission. 
For this troubled soul is plagued, 
By vast displays of wicked ways. 

None lost. 
Courtesy of meticulous examination. 
Love lost. 

Diligence pending Investigation. 
Key Evidence, perpetually documented 
In Sin's ominous catalog. 
Rebuke my Judge! 
For multitudes of shortcomings, 
He failed to ascertain. 

Moreover, present was He, 
When Satan drafted me. 
First round,
Pick three.
His Fantasy League...
"The Eternal Infernos of Pain" 

JS Lambert

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Babies of Beslan

Babies of Beslan............

The darkest day in history, 
Brought tears to my eyes. 
Many Russians murdered, 
In a mass of horrid cries. 

Hundreds of innocent people, 
Seen fleeing through the streets. 
Bodies thrown onto the verge, 
In a sea of blood-stained sheets. 

So many kept within a school, 
Being held against their will. 
Suicide bombers with booby traps, 
That care not who they kill. 

An act by Chechen rebels, 
Seeking freedom for their kin. 
With scenes of utter carnage, 
From those terrorists within. 

Semi-naked children, 
Seen running through the street. 
The Chechen rebels in the school, 
Shooting at their feet. 

Bombs and bullets filled the air, 
As the smoke engulfed the skies. 
People running from the school, 
With terror stricken eyes. 

Such barbaric bloody actions, 
Brought death and undue pain. 
The heart of the Beslan community, 
Won't see their like again. 

May the Lord our God watch over you, 
May he guide you by his light. 
May he hold you in his arms again, 
And keep you safe tonight........... 

In memory of the children and teachers of the Beslan school massacre.

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The Spark

It was overwhelming, it was lovely
It was my definition of forever, it was empowering
I spread it into the sea
Into space, time, and everything in between or beyond
I spread it into their souls
I spread it throughout the forgotten dimensions

Betrayal, a curve ball
Unexpectedly knocking me from this universe
I floated, away from everything i had seen
I was spread, beyond the city
I was spread, further from the seas

Closer to the bottom
The light became dim
The light became an illusion
The truth had been unfolded beneath
Like a trench, eager to sub duct innocence of loyalty
For I had traveled so far...

The spark, what is now a burden
What now burns
For once, it lit the way
It guided the way that the mind created
The illusion we were eager to find

Now all that is left
And of course,
Only the foolish search for the spark

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The night is dark and the world is sound,
The cold wind touches my face with a warning.
I’m all alone; I hear footsteps on the ground,
From a distance, a young man is mourning.

“Close you eyes and count to ten,
Walk away and don’t ever look back.”
Slowly his face fades beyond my ken,
I wish to run but courage I lack.

I’m torn between reality and dream,
Shall I hold my breath and wait for death?
I feel guilty, my urge and conscience scream,
I want to help but I’m catching my breath.

I see the culprit; I want to shout,
Who is there to help me? Who is there to care?
He flees and takes it all without a doubt,
I stand still before the corpse with a prayer.

If I screamed for help, would he be dead?
If the bastard saw me, would I be spared?
Too late for me to try, much has been said,
Too guilty to admit it - that I was just scared.

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found by the lost

The world of ice,
in perfect white,
tainted blood,
as black as night,
the love of lost,
on end of chain,
the shoeless freak,
out in the rain,
the homeless child,
lost in fright,
sleeps by day,
runs by night,
always forward,
never back,
the heartless Psycho,
the bodies stack,
the dark and red,
on silver blade,
you now lay in,
the bed you made.

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Suicide Note

This is the reason....
 Dear mom,
We never got along..
And you know that...
We constantly argue and disagree..
You make me feel like im a disappointment..
You made me feel as if i was never good enough.. 
You never made it seemed it like you actually cared..
 Dear Dad,
I know who you wanted me to be..
we used to not get along..
But now we do..
most of the time..
I know this is not who you want me to be..
I know this is not what you wanted me to do..
But i got no where to go..
You never seem to help..
 Dear the rest of the family
I know you are there for me..
But your reactions to what i do...
I just dont think i could deal..
I dont think you could help...
And i know you wouldnt understand..
 Dear Friends,
If i even dare call you that..
If you will care or not...
Even if you will notice...
I know some of you say your here for me..
But you dont understand..
I tried to tell one of you..
You just starred and wanted to tell everyone..
I am a human..
Im no different..
Im not some monster..
So i may be an outcast..
But does that really matter...
If only you could of helped me..
If only you didnt call me the names...
 Dear everyone,
Im sorry..
Im sorry for being a disappointment..
Im sorry for letting you down..
So that is why i have decided to leave..
So everyone will be happy..
Have a great life everyone..

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the past

sitting here thinking about my little that past last year someone shot him in a car with 2 others but one still alive, that one was being on the stand for life dealing with death of his friends or whatever they called my little cousin, my cousin was only going out to get some milk for his son, and now his girlfriend is left to take care two children by herself as a single mother wondering how she is going to do this all by herself not thinking that the worst pain ever going to go through her mind, now I see vision of my cousin every day and making me cry cause I miss him so much and can’t talk to him like I use to as a child all I have is the memories of him sitting in my old house as a child and now he is dead, I don't want to ever celebrate my birthday ever again he die on September 21, 2012 what a painful day all I remember is getting my son off the bus and 10 mins later my mother was screaming like she lost one of my brothers but really he might have not been my brother by blood but he was my cousin and every time I think a tear comes coming down my face then remember my mother telling me, she Sheena lil Greg is gone I screamed and cried for days didn't even answer my phone unless it was important, I stayed away from friends, I just didn't care who knew, I was hurting  inside, then one day I heard a voice and it was like lil Greg was speaking to me, but I wouldn't turn my light off for days and would carry a flash just case I needed it in the dark to see where I was walking, I would see his shadows just like I use to see my old teacher shadow in the dark, I would flash the flashlight onto the area where I see him then it’s like he is not there then I hear his voice calling telling me that it’s okay, that I’m fine cause with my mother, your true angel forever, but I couldn't find him, I kept asking myself where is lil Greg I though he was dead, then I remember my family buried him where is mother was at, and now May 21 is lil Greg franklin birthday and I can’t tell him I really feel any more about his girlfriend or the people he hang out with, he wasn't just a cousin to me, I felt like a piece of my heart just melt inside that I couldn't get back and still do, cause now my family want to celebrate his birthday and I weather be home on May21 it’s a painful day for me, just this week alone is painful week, I lost one of my best friends,

Sheena Jackson 
May 16,2013

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Please forgive me...

Sometimes th' hardships of life,devour Th' Lamb within
Strife n' cares of this world,often render me carnal
Pain and past failures,exhume hideous expressions of hate
Animosity it seems,pacifieth these insurrections too surely

Pardons are non~existant,in these upheavals of melancholy
The abandonings of my love,leaves my soul segregatious
Reckoning runs rampant,for seek of repression's remedy
For an cure for this curse,I long for th' day's dawning

My friends and lovers of fair,I beg your patience for my burdening
In th' finest moment in time,I hope we share bluest skies
For all hearts' desires granted,I would lay myself to rest
Even ones who loathe me,I would not allow their seclusion

If my truest of spirit and flesh,attain symmetry harmon'd...
You will see expressly how precious,you are to my delight'ng
But so many wounds exist,of battles long 'fore fought...
It is of a truth I am,from them all...dying


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Oh Mum:
Oh mum I’m so sorry I have to send  this to you
You never wanted me to go, but I am not one of the few
Oh mum, remember when you kissed away my pain
I wish you could do that once more - yes again.

I’m so sorry mum on the day we did part
I remember your bravery even though I’d broken your heart.
The noise and the wet here and the terrible smell
I never believed your teachings of hell…

But I now know there is hell on earth
I’m here for a while for what it is worth
Remember when I had a stick for a gun
We played at war as children, it was such great fun.

I wanted to be a hero or soldier at best
A hero with a gun, and bullet proof chest…
You soothed and cajoled but I never did change
Oh mum how I wish this wasn’t so strange…

Remember when you wiped away my secret tears
I was angry you saw back then I had fears.
The rain is mingling mum, with tears running now
If only you could wipe them from me, someway, somehow.

The stench is overpowering the noise is intense
The bombs all around, dead men hung on razor-wire fence.
The death and destruction is all around 
I’m floating and falling my thoughts do abound.

Oh mum, I wish I had listened to you
The glory I thought would be mine - and yours too
Be proud of me mum but I feel so helpless and small
I am not sure now- but I think I will fall.

 I love you mum and I remember it well
The storms after dad died but you managed so well
You did a good job that’s what I like to think
You saw me through boyhood, manhood and drink.

I am here mum, I signed up I know I left you that day
I thought it would be fun like when I used to play
Here is death and destruction, and I don’t want you to read this
But I must say good-bye mum, your love I do miss.

The kisses you gave, you never did falter.
You watched over me, and I think I did alter...
I came to this war a man, I never realised the boy was still there mum
Today mum my last; I am your frightened little son.

My fears are now that without me, will you cope?
Without me mum - there is no false hope
I love you so much more everyday
But it’s time to say goodbye and I feel today is that day….

I wrote this after doing my family tree and found one of my great Uncles, the only one of thirteen siblings signed up and went to WWW1, not needing to do this as they were farmers. He died in the last week in France

©GG 18/07/2012

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My body.
Fragile, soft, and pathetic
No mass lies on these bones
Conditions worsen as days pass
Pushing myself harder
Crashing back down from laziness..

My Education.
Possible, easy, yet failed
No assignment seems worthy tonight
Percentages drop as paper weight multiplies
Trying to make time for completion
Forgetting to focus by choice..

My Love.
Needed, ready, but confused
No girl appears ideal to blind eyes
Relationships die as care turns to lust
Discovering what I really want
Crushing every great opportunity..

My Music.
Loved, practiced, and frozen
No songs nourished enough to exist
Strumming continuously with no result
Playing and listening with so much care
Creating no worthy product in the end..

My Mind.
Open, understanding, but inexperienced
No useful knowledge recorded often
A beautiful possibility gone to waste
Imagining and believing with good intentions
Shot down and killed by the majority and self..

My Future.
Foreseen, exciting, yet hopeless
No motivation lifting me from my chair
There's no reason for my excuses
Burning desires scream for my success
Extinguished by self-pity and realization..

My Problem.
Wishing I could say from where it generated
Mistakes are increasing in number and intensifying
Denying outside hands while knowing mine are dependent
All I believe I need is a guiding hand..
Or maybe I'm just a mental malfunction..

Why do I feel this way?
Why does everyone love me?
What is wrong with me?
Is there something I'm not doing right?
Can I not escape this insanity I've created?
How can I escape this cloud of disgust?

I just want to know..

.. Why?

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Death Meets Love

I got trapped in the dark 
the cancer creeps closer towards my heart 
I cant stand the pain that starts

they put a needle in me 
my heart stops beating 
I cant hear my thoughts or what im feeling

everything seems cluttered 
I stand here in a daze 
but your face starts to fade

I start to loose my feeling 
my hands are numb and my toes wont budge
my brain stops working 
little flakes peel off my heart

my heart turns gray 
I cant wait to fly away
in the light I shall go 

somewhere else but my home
where pain meets pleasure and death meets love

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I will not be forgotten

its the end inside my head
  i must say goodbye my dear 

im entering the unknown
im slowly starting to unravel 
and become unsewn
 you must not figure who i am 
for i am no one 

no one to be loved, no one 
forgotten, no one to grieved 
when the end is truly received
i will not be one loved, i will 
not be one forgotten
  for there there there is 
nothing to forget
  but this mere note of 
uncertainty and confusion 

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Midnight Skies

Midnight Cries In midnight skies the cries of love drift off to sleep in endless love. For he who heard them. Sent them hope, that God created a world for them. For us to see and bare good times. For no more hurt and devishlish crimes. For the earth which once was good. Is soured and torn. There are no morals or dreams no more. Or hope of good things when suffering soars. For they are crushed by his vast sword. For he who has the greater sin. He has carried and been burdened with. He has been forgotten. In times like these. Because people hearts bleed with disease. For they have burdened him with more sin. They have forgotten the pain he is in. For he so carried his cross with pride. A younge man who was destined to die. No matter what the world does think. This man did live before we did. We have lost our way in darkened times. Like lost sheep we have roamed, away from him. If youd only listen and help to carry his cross. Take the blame for things done past. Change our ways for hope to last. We wont do that out of pride. When he is denied. I feel for him. I pick his cross up and help him off the ground. For he is my brother. Who I have found. He has carried that cross. No man deserved his life in such a lose. Tormented and torturded to no extent. He didnt look like a mere man in the end. He coutinued to stand even after he fell. Showing me the strength of Heaven and hell. For a man so strong, so bold and kind. Showed me what we can do as man kind. He gave his life for everyone who reads this. For those who can not see. Do not be blind Find this man, for he needs you. He gave his life to save you. With your help, you raise his cross. You heal that burden of love. That has been lost. Ease his pain and find your way. For Heaven is a start and hell is a step away.

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Praise God

If it's not one thing then it's another.
I'm either fighting with my dad or hearing screams from my mother.
My girlfriend doesn't trust me. I can't pay for therapy.
I can't do this all alone. I get down on my knees.
I ask the lord for forgiveness, right before I begin.
Although he is a forgiving God, how could he look upon sin?
Prayer is so simple even a child can start.
It's not all imagination, your faith must come from the heart.
It's all so real, the thrill you feel, the chill that's going through you.
You no longer fear it, the holy spirit starts showing and glowing, it's true.
Who knew that you, that tough guy? The one that wouldn't believe?
Then why are you always calling out for him when your unable to achieve?
He's always there to help us. Stand out and give it a try.
The Closer you get to God you'll see this isn't a lie.
Thank you, Jesus! Praise Jesus! Halliugha! Oh Lord!
I can never lose a battle using you as a sword!
Life here is too short, yesterday is already gone.
Knowing where you'll spend eternity will help keep you moving on.
Praise God!

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Straight From The Heart

That burning passion within
The unexplainable feelings you sense when they walk towards you
The loss of breath and the strangulation you feel gripping around your throat
Choking off every last bit of air you have left to your name
You feel like collapsing to your knees and crying
Wishing you had them back in your arms and running your fingures through their soft hair
You wish you could go back in time to re-live those treasuring moments of bitter sweetness
You can hear their voice echoing inside your head at night when your trying to relax
Your dreamless nights filled with tears and pain
You outstretch your hand beckoning, begging for them to come back
Memories sharp as daggers, peircing your flesh
As they look away from you eachtime
The warmth they gave you before is now gone
You feel like your body has become a corpse to rot forever
When you see then with another
You feel so betrayed and furious
Wanting them back more then anything
You would give up everything you had left just to let them know you cared and still hurt
You want so badly for them to just take the loneliness away
Nothing else can be done
Nothing else will work
Your lost
Your alone
Your scared
You cry for help but no one listens
You feel like dying
Even though they know that deep in your heart they still have that special mark
But they'll never know what they meant to you so you write these words Straight from the 

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Confessions of a Young Man

If you believe I was born to fall in love with other men
Then, you’re not familiar with this life
No one is ever born into this filthy sin
If it’s so, there’s was no need for the one called “Jesus Christ”

Make no bones about it, we deny Him, when we chose to chose this choice
As it is, to hide our guilty conscience and pretend to make peace with it
We begin by convincing ourselves that the wrong is merely right
And you joined in…with the conspiracy, thinking you were being such a good friend but, instead you helped in making iniquity normal in the end

I begged! I pleaded for months with my accomplices! “Please, please repent”!
I wanted to embrace what’s light and out all these lies! The propagandas of homosexuality!
But, then ones who yelled out acceptance loudest were the ones who then, threatened …
To shorten my life’s and its own expectancies 

“No, the truth can’t get out” they said. Oh! The evil of this society
But, now we have to emulate the lie by teaching it to our very little kids
Why must we take away their innocence? Why must also start putting confusion into teens?
Guess what? If you’re not born with it, you can now choose a gender in an elementary classroom quiz

God, I am only twenty four years old…
Why couldn’t I understand what I was doing before it grew too late?
I know you love me but, before I loved you, I so much more loved the world
In my end, I am glad to have found a true friend and I’m sure he’ll miss me as he relates my confession, of a young man who died from aids.

This piece is a confession related to me, from a young man named “John” whom I spoke with for several months on Sundays after church.  “The whole lifestyle is akin to a brainwashing by peers and one’s self” said John.       ©copyright 1996

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The Day That Changed My Life

*Dramatic Monologue*

It was a normal Thursday. I went to school, and was on my way home. But on the 
way, Adam, the guy I've been crushing on forever stopped to talk with me and he actually asked me to go to a movie tomorrow night, I accepted of course. I got in my car and drove home. When I walked up to the front door, it was open. My dad never leaves the door open. I walked in and called out, "Dad! Dad!" No answer. Then I look and on the couch I see my dad, lying there with three gun shots in his head, covered in blood. 
Almost too weak to walk, I then see my mother on the floor with a gunshot to the chest, also covered,covered in blood. Crying hysterically I went into my brother's room 
hoping he wouldn't be there. (He stayed home from school today because he was sick) 
But he was. He was there. And he looked just like my parents, expect he was shot the 
most. *Cries for a bit, then gathers herself together* Twelve times. TWELVE TIMES. 
Who would do this?! Who would do this to me?! To my family?! Why didn't I die with my 
family?! Why was I spared?! I shouldn't have talked to Adam. I shouldn't have. Why did 
I do that?! *Cries again, then a pause and continues* After that I was never the same. 
I was a different person. A different being. Because that was the day that changed my 

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So    it's to say as much as    everyone
    finds a room to live in
        (my friend    perhaps    sooner than others)
When he walked out    though
                                          out on the town
                                          with generous courage
    confused        a willing joy
When he met our eyes
                                out on the town
    with his runaway own
                                   waiting to share room
I was sorry then
                      sorry now
Not remorseful then
                      not now
    but    hoping    hoping he had a friend in his room
So    gone running    to meet a friend
         (a great throng of friends    to my mind)
    who waited just outside

Dave Austin

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The Road Of Casualty

I fall into unknown reasons
I lay wanting,needing
Convolution,soul sucked dry
Aphasia,alone within
A battered shell,augmental decay
Life slowly passes away
Debilitated to my dismay
An accidental tragedy has
lost the lives of many
The musk from last nights indulgence
still lingers and it accuses me
I have debased the family tree
Through my lost cognizance
The pain others must breath
Censoring all relations
A dissaproval of my being
The air as thick as sulpher
A cyanosis of the soul
I'm left alive to face it all
Retribution paid in full!!!

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As I bade our Son goodbye


Let me take away your heartache, 
Let me bear your unbound pain. 
For I don't want you going through, 
All that suffering again. 

On the worst day of my life thus far, 
We were standing side by side. 
When we took our boy to hospital, 
From Meningitis, there he died. 

The pain I felt in my grieving heart, 
I have never felt before. 
I know those doctors tried to help, 
And they could have done no more. 

On the morning of Zach's funeral, 
With a tear in my eye. 
It's the hardest thing I've ever done, 
As I bade our son goodbye. 

To have your child die in your arms, 
And there's nothing you can do. 
Is the hardest test this world can give, 
But his love will see us through. 

So heavenly Father I ask of you, 
Don't cast my Son aside. 
For that young lad who we love so dear, 
I now give to you with pride.

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Sin Always Has A Price

As people are encouraged to “indulge within...”
They often become caught and trapped in sin!

Far too often, there’s an enticement to “fantasize.”
Of the many temptations flashed before the eyes!

There’s a problem, too often misunderstood!
Life doesn’t happen, like many think it should!

What’s often acted out and too often displayed…
Comes from a ruined life, that’s been betrayed!

One can easily find perversion of many kinds.
This can easily “overwhelm” someone’s mind!

I know that it’s easy to be “trapped and snared.”
It can leave one feeling 
alone and scared!

That which you may have craved,
 for some kind of fulfillment.
Has left you empty!  With no real enjoyment!

It’s easy to fall into bondage!  Difficult to get out!
Victory in Jesus is what his power is all about!

Won’t you call on him now?  
And let his love “soak through?”
He brings true meaning in the words; “I LOVE YOU!”

His love is not in some kind of cheap entertainment!
Only he can bring true peace and contentment!

You don’t need to spend money on the life he brings!
He is God!  And doesn’t need to use earthly things!

Sin has a price!  It seeks to have your eternal soul!
Only the blood of Jesus can make you complete and whole!

The gift of salvation is from Jesus!  And is freely given!
He alone has the power to change
 how you’re livin’!

By Jim Pemberton

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When I died

When I left this world without you,
I knew it made you blue.
Your tears fell so freely,
I watched; I know this is true.

While you were weeping,
Days after I passed away.
While all was silent within me,
I saw you kneel to pray.

From this wonderful place called heaven,
Where all my pain is gone.
I send a gentle breeze to whisper,
"My loved ones, please go on."

The peace that I have found here,
Goes far beyond compare.
No rain, No clouds, No suffering-
Just LOVE from everywhere.

You need not to be troubled,
Just stay close to God in prayer.
Someday we'll be reunited,
My love, HIS love surrounds, you always, and forever.

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Suffering Is The Same As Living

Hope, tonight, is just a void Love is destroyed Reality impending my doom Suffering a dream that was never made for me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Don’t worry I’ll be fine I can just wait, wait as in all eternity You deserve to be happy and free I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me You travel all across in my veins Showing you share my pain But my life was never meant for me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me I'm sorry for those days I've ruined your life Best you just ignore, forevermore I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me
**Morten Veland, Guitarist, Male Vocalist and Main Songwriter of Sirenia, formerly of Tristania**

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The dying already

There was the he 
glistening  in the eye
shaped in the green of
the downfalling hills ,
was there the he again
like  the words 
hiding in the  already dyings 
of damned also ,  
were the procrastination there
on loving the he
were  in contrast the laments there
aside the stone of the  dugged his life 
or the somehow soul of his torn   
by and by ,
day and my .

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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Comforting words
Smooth, quiet tones
complete confidence 

Long nights spent reasoning
In total understanding
Twin thoughts 
twin minds
twin miseries
and twin fates

Now it’s so quiet
Too quiet
Complete and utter silence....
Oh my God, 
What happened to the good old days
When we both made sense?!

Lost in blurry dreams of childhood
Colorful, wonderful, windy days
Subconscious cradled memories 
of the times when we 
were eachother’s only friends

Only you, 
	the sky
		the earth
			and me...

				No betrayal

			No lies
		No fire

	No hate

No regrets.

I think I can understand 
why you won’t face me
But your sudden silence
is so confusing

Did you ever know me well enough
to know my affection for ultimate honesty?
If you wanted me to go away
why didn’t you just say something? 

Only this emptiness is left
Inconsolable grief...
For what never again can be 

No warning
No parting words
No ceremony

You went and had the funeral 
for our friendship
but did not invite me

From the start
I thought these ways would always be
But in the end,
All I wanted, my friend 
was to say 

I can’t trust anyone

All alone again
shame on me

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Hunting the zero man

A spoilt photo,a wasted life,
failure as a father,the experiment didn't come off.
So great was my abhorrence at the sight of humanity
that i decided to give her the go-by.
Ladies and gentlemen i introduce you,
the disintegration of my personality.
Brand me with a red-hot iron,iam the killer,
Lynch me ,who will struck the first blow?
Be stunned because iam the zero man.
Fully aware of the danger,iam the cracker man
so don't be soppy.
Sentimentalism is the reason of stupidity
and the end justifies the means.
Nothing ever put me out,no shiver all over my body.
I will save my skin once again,believe it or not
and i will do this with fussiness,take it or leave it.

A clenched-fist salute to the dead child in front of my car.

I killed again giving birth to nothing.

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A Prayer For Healing

Do not let me be the demon I have created me to be.
I am the product of myself and my negativity.
I trust You.
I love You.
I thank You.
In Your name,
We pray,

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There's some sense in this,
There's got to be.
Seeing so clearly, just choosing not to be
Aware, silence throws me off guard,

Nothing hurts more than anything.

They warned me about you. I blocked out the good advice and
Smiled at the lies, all the lies,
Your mind, your words, and then there's reality.
I welcome the comfort. However much sympathy,
Can't drown out the truth, screaming, tormenting,

It's my fault, my fault, my fault.

Oblivious to my own power, how can one person
So unintentionally bring about such

Piece by piece, actions, consequences,
I meant it, but I didn't mean it.
Still I burst out, crashed down on these victims and
Tore their lives apart.

Whilst all the while, my back was turned.

So many months of saying sorry, a thousand apologies
Make no difference. Drifting on, things get
A little worse, every day.

Lifetime of good intentions, morals,
Washed away. One wrong move and I'm done for,
Whispers I can't hear, looks I can't be imagining,
Reputation slashed. As if that's a priority.

You, all that is you, drained away, you
Broke me down, you stamped me out, until I sucked
The listless life from you. Cheap, childish,
Not deliberate.

There's nothing left to salvage, but I
Beg you not to leave. Your time to go is beckoning,
Or so you'll have me believe. And you warn me in
Blank soulless tones, when you die I shouldn't grieve.

Are you just a drama queen? Or am I just naive?

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I put the gun to my head 
To where all can see
But even if you wanted 
You can't stop what will be 

I pull the trigger 
And put the bullet in my head 
To where all can witness 
The blood of the dead

Some will weep 
Some will cry 
Some will mourn
And some will die 

I'm sorry for what I'd do 
I'm sorry if I might 
But there's just no use 
In showing me the light

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Bloodless On Mother's Day

There is a glare of stray sunlight
daring to reverberate
through spiderwebbed glass I haven't
found energy to fix
in the span of four years.
It is too much of a mirror,
too tangible a thought,
to make new.
It's lithe fingers, thin and bony, 
and mockingly bright,
steal over embossed cardstock that arrives, like clockwork,
in deepest sympathy.
And a thornless bouquet of pastels laden with
Babies Breath
only draws on blood long lost;
nobody seems to comprehend such an allegory,
or lack there of,
so it can't be carried
over the steps.

"Bloodless On Mother's Day"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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Innocence Denied

Look at me.  My God,I am so wasted
Coming down off last nights drug filled high
It seemed so right when all the dreams I tasted
Helped me all my problems to deny

The last thing I remember I was dancing
Where are all my things, my purse, my shoes
Where is the guy that said he'd look out for me
Oh my god, what else did I lose.  
I'm so scared, I don't know what happened
Everything he told me was a lie
Then he robbed me of my precious treasure
My life is over, I just want to die

I know that I can never face my parents
How can I tell them what I've done
Why would they even want me for their daughter
I hurt so bad and have nowhere to run

I can't face their looks of disappointment 
Life as it was will never be the same
I've lost everything I've ever stood for
I will never overcome the shame

I'm sorry mom and dad, I have betrayed you
Your trust in me I know I have destroyed
The emptiness inside me is consuming
Where my virtue lived there's now a void

I climb upon the bridges concrete railing
And gaze down at the water far below
The ripples whisper promises of solace 
I do not want to leave, but I must go

My eyes are filled with tears that blur my vision
Attesting to the pain I feel inside
It's just my soul that now will be affected
For last night is when my body died

I step off and wait for the sensation
When my body sinks beneath the wake
Please wash away the soil of indiscretion
Free me from the shame of my mistake

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Your end

The truth I cannot swallow
The world full of empty hallow 
Mind spinning, I'm not winning
Confusioun fills the air
Dark thoughts hidden in a lair
Waiting to take hold, take control 
It's only a matter of time, before it fulfills it's role
I wait in anxiety, for I know I'll regret
This darkness, the world will never forget
You just have to let it go, let me grow
Noone else will even know
Promise me you won't let it happen again
I'm sorry for faking my grin 
And I'm sorry for taking yours

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It seems the path Iam on  is changing everyday
the road uncertain just an endless shapeless gray
some would say it would all be clearer if I took up there religion
even with the doubt Iam not scared enough for that decision

I see the faith you placed in one of the many saviors
I lame excuse for the centuries of mad behavior
Iam sure your prophets where the very best of man
but your church and bibles where never in the plan

so every race has a version of there own
stories stolen from the gods of the past spoken out like it was always known
not one of these faiths is open and understanding
they keep others down and your soul churches are demanding

then you history holds no science no enlightenment
dogmatic foolishness written before free government
and every soul that is afraid to die or to ashamed to live
if you stop thinking then heaven is what they give

even now the human mind is found wanting
but reality is intelligence is hard work and life is daunting
if only the concept of good will and love
we understood without some sign from above

if you need the ancient fiction to ease your pain
I respect you and to all other men you should do the same
your saviors were righteous there’s know doubt
in there time they worship but no church was there twist whets its about

there have been many Christ’s since the beginning of man 
the Mayans and Muslim have had tales since they ruled by the roman
dry king ghandi and many more sacrifice there life so others could be free
in my mind that’s what Jesus is what he is supposed to be

even know there some man of great worth he has no money no powerful church
he’s  giving of himself and and loving the lost I dare you to search 
and see the truth were in this together and this is paradise
we are the only keepers of our fate we must realize

I can no longer people pay to pray and talk down to others who dont believe what you say
but Christ himself did not hang with the saved he knew the hopeless so he could see them ok
but times have changed were not ruled by religious empires mad with slavery
we fought for those rights not with one mans good with collective human bravery

a new age is upon us and the true test is coming not one of prophecy
the makers of worlds the stars the cycle of suns chaos of the galaxy
I hope soon we see are only time is now there is no second chance
are race needs to come together  and make a united stance
if faith keeps us apart do we even have the heart

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Go Away Baby

One night long ago
I felt as though
You were nothing to me
everybody tried to make me see
I went to a clinic
Where they took you away
Gone forever
You didn't have a chance to pray
I didn't know you
You were to young
You could have lived
You could have clung
You had two feet
And ten tiny toes
You could see 
Until the harsh blows
You're dead now
I chose the wrong way
I made a mistake 
And you had to pay!

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Step by Step

>Step by step I walk away,
>Step by step I drift away,
>Step by step I fade away,
>Step by step I stay away.
>Tear by tear I cry and sleep,
>Tear by tear I'm losing sleep,
>Tear by tear in dreamless sleep,
>Tear by tear in eternal sleep.
>Hit by hit I feel the pain,
>Hit by hit I recieve the pain,
>Hit by hit I take the pain,
>Hit by hit I numb the pain.
>Hour by hour I fall down,
>Hour by hour I feel down,
>Hour by hour I know only down,
>Hour by hour I am down.
>Day by day I drift away,
>Day by day I lose sleep,
>Day by day increasing pain,
>Day by day always down.

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Sin has flogged me   
Sin has flogged me 
So badly  
I consider my pain a norm  
And not long for cleansing  
Am emensed in my blood  
I look filthy  
I am filthy  
So I think is life  
For I delight  in sin  
With no gruage to a whaling soul  
Perfectly I have subdued it  
Now she stares taken aback  
Whiles I mistaken it for pleasure  
I breakdown suddenly  
Indeed sin does not last  
For it recognises not my effort  
But seeks to drain me to death  
Surely the wages of sin is death  
A fact I knew when the unexpected graced itself upon me  
Help me God  
Help me God  
I am dying  
A death I enjoy  
I am dying   
Quenching the Light   
You setted within me  
My soul whales  
Help me God!  

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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doll face

weeping sorrows,
my heart is left to drown,
you all sit and stare,
as i fall down down down,

do you not care,
or can you not see
this life is unfair,
and has decided she will be the end of me,

i see you there,
laughing in delight,
but i lay here knowing,
this will be our last night,

air so clear,
moon so bright,
yet i can not see,
for there is no light,

curl up and die,
lie and wait,
am i excpected,
to accept this as my fate?

screams so cold,
shivers run deep,
hell's been given,
my soul to keep,

heaven can wait,
i'm not wanted there,
through it all,
i refuse to care,

flames dance in circles,
demons prowl,
im still falling,
through air so foul.

uh... there. 

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Good listener, please lend your ear
To share my history
Before I take the poison drink,
I’ll tell you my story.

They’re coming even now to take
The city that we love
And hope is often lost and so
My tale i’ll tell you of.
	When Carthage took upon itself
To find by light of day
A general? Well your in luck!
Great Hannibal did say.

He planned to cross the mountains great
Twas thought the only way,
But first to cross the river Rhone,
Great Hannibal did pray

The river Rhone rose up and warned
	Don’t cross my waters grey!
	No way to cross? Then all was lost
	Great Hannibal did say

	Then at once stood Hannibal
	We’ll cross by th’end of day!? 	Take down those trees to make a raft
	Great Hannibal did say 

	Over the water blue they went
	Lined up in an array
	And now to Rome and battle great!
	Good Hannibal did say.
Due north he found an obstacle
	That willed him to give way,
	The northern tribes with battle cries
	Great Hannibal did slay.

	The biggest problem now was here
	Across the mountains stray
	“Great danger now we face, my men,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	Across the mountains none did think
	That they would last a day
	Just one more hill or mountain top,
	Great Hannibal would say

	The crew were weary lost and torn
	That made them curse the day
	“But we are almost there, you see?”
	Great Hannibal did say.	

	And soon enough the walls of Rome
	Rose up as if to say
	Who ventures here with war in mind?
	Come greet us at our gates!

	But in the Roman city there
	Scipio here to stay
	“No one can beat us, no one can,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	At Rome’s great gates for 15 years
	He waited patiently
	We can’t stay here, for food is dear,
	Great Hannibal did say.

	So he turned back to Carthage’s gates
	But met along the way
	Scipio and his army great
	Hannibal could not slay

	When all was done his quest was lost,
	And Rome would live too great,
	A treaty signed so punishing
	That Carthage lost its gate.

	And Hannibal the general
	That lost the city too
	Was forced to go to lands beyond
	And help as best he could.

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Beloved Friend I Have Fallen

An angel, cradles me, in her motherly arms
I have fallen, I am venerable 
I told myself, I would not do this, no more
I have failed to keep my promise, to you
I have not stayed true
Tears flowing, as I smile, just, for you!
Remembering the times, when you cupped my face, in your hands
Your blue eyes, gazing into mine
Telling me with sincerity
‘I am the sunshine, that lights up your world, each day that dawns’
My heart aches, it rains with love, having fond memories of us
Wash me clean, being human, is challenging me!
Emotional bondage, creating blocks
I need to move on, you are dead and buried
Your time here, over
My heart struggling, accepting this reality
“Forgive me”
I pray to be free!
“I Love you, my beloved, friend”

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Sun Bleats

That which would make me a cog in the machine , 
dragoon me into a lethal automaton
	be left in the walls of sleep.

As the sun bleats in fear of crowds &
the sparrows call w-/in a ring of fire.
	Let the world spin on thru space's 
quagmire sinking ships in the velvet ink 
	on the writer's hand. Or let the 
chase end w-/ hands holding crystal ducks &
 chunks of lung, held by the prism of 
	your stare.

	To dance swirling down the drain 
as another matter for the brain to tick 
as a clock tocks out seven days to review 
& recall all infected packets of nurofen.

	Prescribing Anti-psychotics for a mild case
of the flu while the fever dreams strike 
	drowning in clay & blank doll faces.

As my daughter will drink only the finest wine 
& my son will make all the other children cry 
w-/ the malice of his fingers.
	In the first flash of a passionate love
affair , feather light, beating as two hearts 
revolve round the moon lit stage. 

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Invisible Chains

When you think your alone I’m actually there. . taking away your freedom and your not even aware.

Its better this way with you not knowing, as if our true face was to show, well that would be the end of the plan as we know.

So do us a favour and keep working your 9-5 watching our T.V thinking you’re alive.

The truth of it all is we run this show and even if we told you no better people would know! 

As most aren’t wise they do as there told, makes them feel secure. . Its psychology of old, an as we both know sheep do not lead  . . but follow!

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dead within a shell of my former self.

I cry and so she does as well
Hold back, but myself is shown
Gain your composure as you 
Shatter into fragments of your former self
But still hold yourself together as your
Not worth the effort to strive for
Worthless in a sense
As she cries in the arms of one she
Calls friend, when she speaks of the
Events, which have unfolded 
Your name is never mentioned
When you cry on shattered dreams
She has no remorse as she crawls into
His arms
But why
why must I care so much
but apparently not enough
I forced her to cry and
I am damned for it
behold my weeping sorrow
as she ignores me
and so heartache becomes known
but I put forth the effort 
effort to accompany her
to comfort her
and all that is returned are false smiles
and wishful thinking on my behalf
why hope for something that is never
why strive for tomorrow when today is nonexistent
slit and the scars become memories
a first instance of death within my eyes as
the blade draws near to my flesh
manipulating my mental image of perfection
as drunken fights become
my only shelter, 
I am not myself now
will I ever be the same again
things have changed
I am far beyond help as I draw closer
to the abyss which I know as death
find something to protect my life
as I  stumble into time as nothing more
than a guy who once cared too deeply
and now nothing exists
numb and cold
numb and dead
why must everything suddenly loose
its ambience...
...why must she not see past
former relations and realize

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If I Could Turn Back TIme

      The years have passed yet the emptiness lingers on
       All taken from us on that day forever now gone
       We still remember and we will always care
       Names so familiar to us yet spoken like a prayer
       All we have are images and memories of our loved ones
        Mother's, father's, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons
        Six years have passed and we go on
        Six years have passed yet the war goes on
        When will we find closure to what happened that day
         When will we say their lives were not taken in vain
         We can't and will not forget that September day
         That bright sunny morning when in a flash life was changed for always
         So many hopes and dreams lost forever
         But in our hearts you will leave us never
         You belong to the country and the world since that day
          But how I wish I could turn back time and have you back with us here today.

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Down next to the river bend
You know you took my breath away
I’m glad you finally realized it
And tried to save the day

I drowned in your love
I’m sorry
What's done, it can’t be undone
I am sorry

Your breath replacing mine
Your air flowing through my lungs
And that pounding in my chest
We both know it’s because of you, baby

I’m sorry my sweet darling
I’m sorry caring father
Who never sees his son
I’m sorry late night drinker
Who chases when I run

And I drowned in your love
I’m sorry
What's done, it can’t be undone
I’m sorry

As I watch the scene from afar
I can tell you’re sorry
That you let it get this far
But you’re not sorry

I’m sorry
That our son will have no mother
I am sorry 
He never really had a father
I am sorry, so sorry
That I let it get this far

And I’m sorry
For the call my parents got
I am sorry
They lost their daughter
To another useless fight
With the man they never liked

I’m so sorry

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Broken Cave

Lost in a hidden cave inside this little shell banging on the walls of glass creating these deep splintering cuts can't judge the person hiding when you haven't seen the tears that hide behind these eyes hiding inside the broken shell of a broken heart

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Circular Life

Running to hide
Hiding to run
My life is a circle
When will this rotation be undone
Everything I do 
Its the same song and dance
A sheep in wolf's clothing
Yes a wolf at first glance
I can't help I am addicted to thrills
No words to describe how it feels
Honing my skills
Turning my heart to steel
Making my case to fight the devil
Stone versus stone
Fallen Angel versus Fallen soul
The thrill to shake the bone
Love made me
Then love destroyed me
Stuck with nothing to lose
And nothing to gain
Vengeance is what I choose
Standing alone 
Forgetting everything I've ever known
I can break this rotation
But it has to be now or never
All because I loved her
And she left me for dead
Destroying my heart
And messed up my head
Circular life
I am back to the night
I am back to fight

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Hurt and You Could Have it All

upstairs in my room
i put my ear to the floor
only to hear my parents screaming
the argument is about me
my mom yells "look at what your son has become!"
Heartless, unintelligent, fake...
my father replies back
"hes your son, hes your own pile of dirt!"
whenever my family is out together
we act happy like these fights never happen
but every night they do and i cant tell anyone
i have to act like someone else in order not to get introuble
What have i become?...hurt..dishonest..will this feeling dissapear?
I will drag you down and i will make you hurt..
I lift my head from the floor
still hearing the angry voices of my parents
i found an old needle, and i dug it into my skin
the next morning i go downstairs
with a cut off shirt on, and baseball shorts
My father grabs my arm
"what is this boy?"
i yank my hand away from him and i sit down on a chair
"its nothing sir"
my father repeats "are you cutting yourself?, why?"
i grab my bookbag and i disapear out the door
My father runs outside pulling me to the ground
"are you cutting yourself boy?!" he screams
i say "no sir i just scrapped my arm on my dresser"
My father grabs my face
"you better not cut yourself again" he replies
He hits my face, as i lay on the ground.
I didnt wake up until i felt something wet drip on my face
it was raining and dark outside
i run into the house and into the bathroom
looking into the mirror i see the bruise that was left on my face
My father wasnt home and my mother went to bed
"everything goes away in the end right, if i let him have it all, my moms pile of dirt?"
I sit upon my liars chair full of broken memories i cannot repair 
I become someone else, but the old me is still right there
if i could start again a million miles away i would keep myself
i will find my way

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The Monster

The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

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so tired of my heart 

I'm …
so tired of my hands 

I'm so tired of my mind

I'm through pacifying 
my disconnection

Do I only love you for who you used to be?
When you said you'd wait for all eternity?
Did you drink away every memory of me?
How am I not everything you’ll ever need?!

I've had to sit down and write this 
to tell you the words i can't speak
When I'm around you now i feel weak
I'm drowning in my disconnection

Where did he go??
You are not the soul I used to know
Where did your memories go?!

Why has the meaning disappeared…
So suddenly
Now I realize I should too

You act like you remember nothing 
I can tell that’s what I mean to you
After all I’ve done for you
All I want is to be emotionless too

In the end I guess it’s what I love the most about you…..
Your disconnection.

[©2012 SLS, this soon to be a new song for It Is Rife With Ambiguity]

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September 11th

Today’s the day
When it all went down.
The pain and sorrow,
And the worlds big frown.
It shouldn’t have happened,
All those innocent people,
Who had to be there,
Now have God as their keeper.
It wasn’t their time to go.
I feel horrible for their families.
I just want to ask you,
 To pray for them please.
The terrorists that did this
Will get what they deserve.
They’ll get Satan’s kiss!
They must be heartless
To even think of this!
There are people to thank
Like the firemen and cops,
And a lot of people gave blood.
Even if it was just drops.
When the towers got hit,
The world thought it was an accident.
No one would’ve guessed
That it was really terrorists.
So don’t forget this day.
Its part of our painful history.
It’ll be in the books.
But why it happened,
Will always be a mystery.

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Hopeless Dreams

         Day after day i try to pray,
i pray you can forgive me and take my pain away.
 I love you so much i cant help but feel regret.
         I miss you so much, that my world is caving in.
I wonder if you'd still say you love me?
Your my unborn baby, i always wonder how you
would look... Beautiful of course, a melody of love,
a sinful remedey.
         I hope one day we can be together and then i can show,
that im a good mother.
         I will see you in heaven, were the skies are blue
 and the world is nice. 
Your my Harmony, and for you i would trade my life.

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 I laughed out loud the other day,
When in my head, I heard a voice,
 My right brain carried out its threat,
And I shot my left brain dead.

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The methadone girl

She could hardly drag himself along,hovered between life and death,
so frozen that her hands are insensible to any feeling
and atrophied heart works only for the casual trade.
Plucked at hair with rage as these morning habits die hard,
spiting blood,residues of the night before.
You toiled in vain because you think you've met her several times
and your soul finally realized your ambitions.
But she is the methadone girl.
The cheap shoes worn out,trampled underfoot by the crowd,
wasted by the long illness,languished from indifference.
Dice with her life everyday,the perspective of sadness,
gain nothing or something in her mind,
watching you to keep your reputation free from all slurs
The drainage happened at the age of eighteen
only dent in her pride was forever.
Fool her with promises,exchange arms and legs with money,
skin burns easily so be an animal,defy the pressure-gauge.
Rolling on souls again.
Overawe us into the silence.
The silence of methadone.

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The Darkness at Noon

Allow me to climb thirteen steps in peace
As you leave, look back show me no sorrow
For these dark gallows will soon take my life
Innocence cares not, for my tomorrows

A final kiss, these hands growing colder
Forgive me each day winds caress your skin
And think of me warmly, as you grow older
Show no tears, as I will see you again

Let me say , until and never forget
So I may leave you now, without fear
Having tasted your lips for the last time
Know this, I'll be with you always my dear
Up each step I'll hear the sound of your heart
I'll whisper I love you, as I depart

contest.. Darkness at Noon

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I Will Die

I am falling off a mountain, Embracing the pain, I imagine I am with you, But then the memories came. All those times, You lift me up, Only to push me back down. All those things I did for you, All the pain that you caused, You were the one made me smile and frown. But I will die, In the thought of your arms, In the thought of your lips against mine, The more you told me that ain't gonna happen. I will die, To the beat of your heart, Your shining smile. Now I'm dead. Some say, Time will heal all wounds, And that love will come very soon. Those people can't face reality, I only just want to keep my sanity, Sanity. But I will die, In the thought of your arms, In the thought of your lips against mine, The more you told me that ain't gonna happen. I will die, To the beat of your heart, Your shining smile. Now I'm dead. Dreaming goes to nightmares, Love goes to darkness, The light shines bright, Down the tunnel, I see the gleaming light, But right now I just wanna die. But I will die, In the thought of your arms, In the thought of your lips against mine, The more you told me that ain't gonna happen. I will die, To the beat of your heart, Your shining smile. Now I'm dead. I just want you to know, That I'm so sorry. And I will die.

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Twinkling Souls

Sitting alone in a hotel room
Looking out over flat roofed buildings
At twinkling lights across the Island.
How many lights?
How many people?
Sitting alone in their rooms?
Looking out.
Despairing of finding ourselves.
Fearful of discovery
That I am Me.
Who is dying?
Slowly but slowly we all surely will.
Choice is everything.

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Waking Up In a Dream

Caged out inside herself The dark light will never shine Why do you care to think negative If you'd care to think at all? Can you believe I wanted to be you? The dream faded long ago Once I realized it was me whom was right; prudence redeemed Your thoughts were wrong Why would you ever try someone that is less than you Someone that could never contend Directly to the end? My ashes turn dark Suffering from the sins of others No melody can save me I'm crossing the borderline Waking up in a dream Is it justified To harm others Only to break your insecurities To fill your prejudice I wish I could know Why you do this The words freeze when the come to me To burn another was they set into you Relapsed again I was left bleeding Cause I'm not good enough if I can be me You were the dream; I was the nightmare Serendipity came for me And I woke up in a dream My ashes turn dark Suffering from the sins of others No melody can save me I'm crossing the borderline Waking up in a dream My ashes turn dark Suffering from the sins of others No melody can save me I'm crossing the borderline Waking up in a dream Say oh, I must say, to you, Mon plus Cher ami Yes to you I'm sorry I had an opinion I'm sorry I felt for one who can't feel I'm sorry I wasn't you I'm sorry I can only be me I'm sorry your dread words will never again be heard by me My ashes turn dark Suffering from the sins of others No melody can save me I'm crossing the borderline Waking up in a dream My ashes turn dark Suffering from the sins of others No melody can save me I'm crossing the borderline Waking up in a dream

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Let's Party With the Wicked

The first big party of the year
Right after the pre-season game
A bunch of juniors and seniors take off
Driving around down the highway.
Pulling up to the designated house
Where the parents aren't at home
They don't know about the party
Their "honor student" has thrown.
Music is blasting from speakers all around
As people shove away couches to dance
Furniture's broken, but nobody cares
The party's a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
Things start to heat up
As guys bring in kegs of beer
Even freshmen took a drink, thinking,
"Total freedom; there are no parents here!"
Pretty soon, every thing's trashed,
And the people leave to go home
Late at night, right after that party,
People pull out onto the road.
Pandemonium wreaks havoc 
Twenty minutes after they leave
As all across the small town,
Cars begin to weave.
Cars crash like dominoes
In a simultaneous effect
Parents are in a panic
Wondering where their children have been left.
Bodies are splayed out all over the road
As metal tears and glass breaks
All of this, because of one little party
And because some students chose to drink.
Their best friends are in body bags
And their parents are engulfed in grief
And all because of that one party
And that stupid choice to drink.
Honor students now lay dead
Choir members in bags
Band players are gone forever
The other stories are just as bad.
Alcohol checks are administered
And even young ones are to blame
"It's not my fault, I was drugged!"
One sophmore dares to claim.
"It was just a little alcohol," they say,
As it rages through their system
"I didn't mean to kill anybody,
But now, I wish I were with them."
The nickname for this awful crash
And this tragic night
Truly lives up to its name:
"The Wicked has take flight."
Drinking and driving don't mix
And these students learned the hard way
It was just a little fun,
But their friends won't be back Monday.
Some say it wasn't their fault
And that everbody did it,
But really, everyone's to blame
For thinking, "Let's party with the Wicked."

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The crowded room filled with family &  friends has become overwhelmingly small

I’m surrounded by people who love me yet I feel like I wanna cry

Familiar hands rub my back and whispers tell me everything will be alright

In time of course? Of course 

I wanna say thank you for coming but I can’t

My thickened tongue and dry throat keeps my awkward but sincere words bottled up

So I don’t respond, I can’t respond

Happiness feels like grief and home just doesn't feel like HOME

Everyone’s being so supportive but I just wanna be left ALONE

Written & copyrighted by Tone Jaxson

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Those Eyes


A wall of sparks filled up the sky, 
As a motorbike sped passed. 
Two people thrown onto the verge, 
Why did they go so fast? 

I stopped the car and ran to help, 
If my help I could so give. 
Whilst praying to the Lord above, 
"Please let these people live". 

The first one that we got to, 
He was sat against a wall. 
I looked into those startled eyes, 
There was life there at all. 

And still those eyes so drained of life, 
When looking back I see. 
I'm haunted by the look they gave, 
And yes it frightened me. 

We ran toward the other lad, 
Around a lamppost he did fall. 
I heard him give a quiet moan, 
"He's alive", I did then call. 

There was not much that we could do, 
Just wait till the medics came. 
Then speak to the police, say what we'd seen, 
And find out what's to blame. 

I heard on the radio later,that- 
With his family at his side. 
That young man lost his battle, and 
In hospital he died.

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Curled Up

Her skin white, drained
Her expression dark, pained
Eyes staring out, completely blank
Hair lifeless, dank
Her fingers curled, still
In her mouth, a cyanide pill

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Moonlight shines down on my cold, pale face I am alone, her raven calling, I am disgrace Falling as the willows weep, I hold her in my arms as she struggles to breathe Rosaline, my one love divine. You are sacred You are mine Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Happened that Grim reckless day when the shadows began to play Beauty detonated in my trust No more, no more will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Sorrow cuts it's way into my heart It is the locked key, the one you keep Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline So leaving this Tragic scene I vanished from Rosaline's sight Nevermore will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Enchanting she sang to me, in the everlasting light of peace My beautiful siren walks again Goodnight my Beautiful Rosaline

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So Sorry

Loosing sight as he drifts in the water.
Sinking slowly, silently.
He was swiftly swept of his life,
no warning what so ever!

Yet, the burn of the crying desire,
that was in his body,
was feeding on him from within.
Ripping & feeding on his soul.

The desperate cry for escape,
was stripping his heart
into its ventricle casings,
un-denyingly on purpose.

As if u would be able
to stop it anyway!
While u sit in agony,
helpless & unwillingly fearing, 
for whatever will happen next!

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everywhere i go faces looking
people talking
people screaming

the sad faces
in the wrong places

nowhere to go

darkened rooms
horrible dreams

dead memories
still here to haunt me

if you move on 
the past stays 

a man in my dream
what really happened will be revealed

if i were to lie
i would be in shame
as any human would

after a while you stop thinking
and you just move forward
not knowing what the future holds

but knowing its not good

the horror they live in

the horror of war
the horror of the legends the people start
and the horror of being human

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How Do I Let You Go

What will be
Will be!
I know of this, first hand
Your life was taken away
So abruptly!
I will 
Never forget
That day!
Till the day 
My body dies
I am with you, again!

“How was I to prepare myself?”
That kind of 
Life changing, event!
Didn't warn me 
Were permanently leaving!
I hope 
You know 
How much “I love you”
You will never be forgotten!

I don’t know 
Has got into me!
I feel you
Inside me
I see images
Of your face 
So clearly!
Am I crazy 
To believe in this, my love?

“Are you still with me?”
“Is my imagination 
Playing cruel tricks
Running rampant
I talk with you
As if 
You were by my side, right now

In my heart and mind
Your face etched
Like a blue print
That never fades
Your foot prints 
Still remain, beside me
My heart beats
Trying to make sense of everything!

Forgive me, my love
For being so strong in my feeling
For it has been a long time
Since I lost you, my friend
I haven’t
Got over!

My heart 
A mind of its own
To be with you, still!
To see you
To smell you
To touch you
To taste you
Last time!

I want to say “Goodbye” 
Once and for all!
We have
Brought out
The best and worst 
In each other
Rivers run deep
When it comes to you and me!

We have had our fair share of fights and arguments
Stubborn disagreements
All of them
You cease to exist!

I miss your lingering touches
Your hand, stroking my face
Your big, blue eyes
Looking into mine
Your warm lips
Your rough, unshaven face 
The way you
Kiss me
We make love, till dawn

I miss
All those nights
You kept me 
Safe and warm!
I miss
Loving embrace
I miss
“Am I ever going to feel the same, with another?”
I felt
In your arms, my love?

Do I let you go?
Do I set myself, free?
I am ready
To love, again!
‘Our eternal love’
Guiding me
In times, like these!

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An Old Man Thoughts

 "I would like the people to always remember me
beautiful and young.
With a strong body and nice skin.
I would like the people to remember me
fresh and active.
Like a sporty teenager with rich shiny hair.
I would like to stop the time
at the best moment of my life.
But now it is too late.
I am an old man.
The price for all that
I wished to have had was hard.
I had to die young..."

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Too Drunk To Drive

Rain soaks me as i watch them walk away, heads hung, tears flowing.
They can't change my fate anymore than i can move.
I try to cry out and tell them it wasn't my fault, i swear i didn't do anything wrong.
But i can't and i will never get the chance.
I never saw it coming, now these eyes will never see again.
The second the cars collided is the second my life ended.
The minute i saw the car swerving, driving way too fast, was the last minute i 
spent on this earth.
The hour that boy started drinking, the countdown on my life began.
I know he didn't intend to kill me or hurt my family as he did.
He didn't know those beers, the answer to his problems, would be the end of my 
He didn't think he was too drunk to drive.

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FREE CEE death on dads day

                     DEATH ON DAD'S DAY

dear dad, i know you can't read this now
and i always wanted to apologize but never knew how
and today it still remains the same
because i alone accept all the blame

you gave me the means and ways to be wealthy and rich
and now, today, on father's day, life ain't noting but a *****
it bites, it stings and i can't say a word to ashes in an urn
but in the end i know precisely where my soul will burn

i put you through hell a thousand times or more
you bailed me out of jail and still let me through your front door
well now that door is no more and either are you
and there's nothing a recalcatrant son can do

i can't say i'm sorry to a ghost who haunts me to this day
and since six months ago i grieve every single day
all you wanted ever was a son you could be proud of
and instead you got a villain who abused the word love

so if you could only see my tears
as i gaze back over the years
i think you'd understand and believe
that my only repentance is to wail, cry and grieve
  (c) PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Lost Love

The words of a heart felt letter "I love you I didn’t do it", fading into ashes.
The flames of the hostile words "I know you did it, admit it slut" devouring and edging the pain.
I stand, broken in shattered bits, my heart washed away by the rain.
Words of love actions of hate, "Drew don’t you see that it clashes?"
It is done it is over, turn by turn a wave of relief then despair over me crashes.
Mine, yours, ours, words of love, amore’ it is now my bane.
This heart of mine traveling a one way street in reverse, in the wrong lane.
Togetherness taken for granted in its death throes our relationship thrashes.
The wrath within loosed on a dying soul.
Eternity of blackness snuffs out loves last flicker.
This barrage is not you speaking but the words of your mistress Meth.
Venom of anger and distrust conjured by your other love has taken its toll.
Seething eyes burn me, his stinging tongue whips me with one last snicker.
My affection crumpled my heart empty, descending, and falling, fading, death.
                                                                                                           Summer Gratias

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Marie III--Is the Coffin Too Deep

So frigid was her immaculate body Her last second in screams is all I can see Love's revenge was my guilt With you I'd rather let you die with Bound hands Without you, Marie, like the psychopath's dream Death is all that I can see; All that could redeem Did anyone ask Did anyone recall The sweet taste of the poison The swift slash of the knife he penetration of the lead The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Was it so hard to solve Was it so hard to see That I strangled her so easily My nails piercing her comely skin Blood dripping like the pomegranate I crushed with the shovel I shattered her shins The knife to slight her wrists Didn't you see I did it all The only witness Couldn't say Is the coffin too deep? The pain of her decaying hear tI can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Marie I cant stay Earth is to cruel when your coffin is to deep Forever in death and in death alone The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep?

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Collateral Damage

Your death was unneeded Of course it doesn’t matter Your birth was never supposed to be He knew that…but kept it secret anyway But the burning wrath took your life Nothing but dying embers Remain of your once Hopeful life Your ways were usually unorthodox Your character not normal for our kind The other hated you But I loved you After all you are my son I’m sorry for my betrayal But I’m glad to have known you For as long as I have I’m sorry I never told you the truth That I never told you who I was But that would have had complications In the end though I still failed to keep you safe And now all that I have left Of you Is a picture Safe in my mind Forever there To haunt my dreams

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So    it's to say as much as    everyone
    finds a room to live in
        (my friend    perhaps    sooner than others)
When he walked out    though
                                          out on the town
                                          with generous courage
    confused        a willing joy
When he met our eyes
                                out on the town
    with his runaway own
                                   waiting to share room
I was sorry then
                      sorry now
Not remorseful then
                      not now
    but    hoping    hoping he had a friend in his room
So    gone running    to meet a friend
         (a great throng of friends    to my mind)
    who waited just outside

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Do The Wah Wah

Wah Wah
       Ha   Ha

      Was  He


High Gain
     Ear  Pain

Thumb Fret
    You  Bet

B . B. King
   Idol's Zing

Hall Of Fame
  Bears His Name

  Jimmy Hendrix
      But Buster Sticks

Details | Monorhyme | |


today i saw A white car with big antennas in the back
Out stepped a man in a uniform of blue and black
He knew my name as if I have seen him before
My heart had sank  to the floor
He said my name is officer green
I was the first  to arrive on the scene
My hands were shaken,my legs wouldn’t stand
I had to sit down clinch to my wedding band
I closed my eyes and hoped for the best
My heart felt like it was going to pound right through my chest
Officer green said I’m so deeply sorry to meet you like this
He said its not easy for me to say as he clinched his wrist
You could see him swallow then take a deep breath of air
Officer said my intentions today was not to bring anyone despair.
I finally asked him if he would just say what he needed to say
my nerves are shot and with my emotions you cant play
Officer said there was a wreck and I did what I could
But he didn’t make it and I deeply hopped he would
I looked at officer green;my eyes filled with a tear
Told him my world is flipped ,my husband is no longer here
No more late movies or holding each other in the dark
no more afternoon picnics after a stroll in the park
I told him our anniversary was just around the corner you see
Its just not fair  his life and mine have been taken from me
Officer said sorry is there anything you would like me to do
I was so upset I screamed  BRING MY HUSBAND BACK WOULD YOU
down on my knees crying you must have it wrong
 the last thing he said is I love you honey I wont be gone for long
Reality sank in but it took quite a while
My husband is gone its true there’s no more denial 
Officer green gave me his card said don’t hesitate to call if a need arise
 my heart goes out to you and I will listen to all your cries
Officer said I am not suppose to hug you but going to instead
You are my mom I love you  hope you don’t blame me cause dad is dead
I made sure I was the officer to tell you so it might maybe give a little ease
Mom even though I am an officer tell me it is ok to cry please
Mom I wish my visit was just to sit and talk
It is the hardest thing ever harder than learning to walk
Mom I know I am an officer and suppose to stay  tough
dad died in my arms mom ,that hurts  my days ahead rough
My shift is over mom I will be here and stay by your side
Mom I know dad is in heaven waiting to see his son and lovely bride
Now as you drive along road one hundred and ten
You will see a fathers and husbands cross standing just around the bin 

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i dont know much about him 
but i heard he wasnt talkative 
he didnt like being alive 
he was numb to all the stuff he had seen
i heard he didnt like anything green 
he ate roman noodles everynight for supper 
he always wore skinny jeans and black clothes 
sometimes i seen him were tuxes and nice shoes 
but lately he has been wearing band shirts
he wears converse shoes and uses and army bag for school
he always walks in the woods and never around town 
i head hes very private 
i know that he doesnt communicate throught talking only through his peoms or by lyrics from a song
i see him drawing or painting 
when he tries to speak to anyone they always walk away and leave him alone
when he goes home he goes upstairs and smokes cutting himself till the blood drains from his skin
His family left him behind because he cant forget his past
sometimes he comtemplates the meaning behind his life 
his favorite color is gray because his like is in black and white
hes not so innocent 
he is someone fake 
he knows of no god 
his life was smashed into pieces by the giant sun 
he knows of a darkest place where i usually see him lay 
he crawls around in his own skin because he is disturbed

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I see through my minds eye,
A grown man thet doe's nothing but cry.
He sits in the corner of his unhappy home,
And collects his thoughts all alone.
Destroying himself with his own tears,
From all of his unhappy years.
He looks in his mirror just to see,
And whats staring back is misery.
A life of mistrust and pain,
Being belittled and put to shame.
On his mind is a heavy load that he bares,
The weight is tremendous,don't no anymore if he cares.
Crying for help but no one hears,
So he drowns in his very own tears.

Details | Free verse | |

For 15 minutes.

I will put my half blood in a huge metal can.
Take it for chemical analysis.
So as to see my beliefs and my perception,
my vision and my aspirations.
Those i loved and others i hated.
With my other half i will paint in brick walls.
At the top,maby above all,
i will write these two words.
And then i will go to the store with aquariums.

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To say goodbye

Rosey cheeks and,
 Crimson tears
Dandelions kneel,
    With all of us
A show of respect,
  to the person you were.

Details | I do not know? | |

Young Miscarriage Of Justice

A secret life
A forgot memory
Everyone moved on 

But me.

Live on, live on
My secret one
I'm sorry your life
Had barely begun

I'll die with this love
In my heart
Please don't forget it
It's all for you
Because every day you've been dead
I'll die too

Your still there someplace
One day I will come back for you
I'll find you
And I'll take you home

The thought of you still lingers there
No amount of sorry will change that
I left you all alone

But I will find you
When I find myself.

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Seem Not To Even Care

Its not like I asked for this
It’s something else besides
But knowing there is no way out
Just tears me up inside.
It’s like suffocation
Like drowning on dry land
Impossible, not really
On my knees for I cannot stand
You make promises and break them all
Crush them into dust
Moving on isn’t helping
To just leave things in the past
Burnt down to ashes, black and cold
Another day goes by
Another day in which I mean naught
Left on low, not on high
I do not beg for this torture
To be left out on my own
But you make it seem like that’s what I want
And again I’m left alone
One day you’ll pay the price for this
And regret it everyday
You deserved it for what you’ve done
And that’s all I have to say
You make is sound like it hurts you more
That you’re the victim here
Truth is you stand by and watch me cry
And seem not to even care

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Lost Hope for a Broken Soul

When I think about things that are gone and passed
I mourn for the things that did not last
I feel the hurt and tears that fell
I cannot get free, trapped in this Hell
The fires of memories lick at my flesh
Burning up tears that I thought would always last
Coal black eyes, you can see my soul
I gave up everything, everything for a mole
But such rich eyes…
They beckoned me in, promising me everything
Using all of my sin
My heart still aches
My soul still bleeds
To hear that voice
So honey sweet
And yet I let you hold the knife
Feel you twist it in my back, and I never seem to fight
The blood starts to rip, taking with it some hope
That one day I will stop this nonsense
And take that one last fatal blow
But no, not to him
I want him to stay in perfection, I never can harm him
The knife is for me, to mortify my own flesh
Let the blood pour, like my tears once did
Maybe then he will understand
I regret the mistakes made
But no matter what, I would always belong to him 

Details | I do not know? | |

My saviour

I want nothing more than
my knight in shining armour
to come and rescue me.
To cut my skin that’s
as white as snow
with its sharp blade.
To turn my skin red.
For the pain and anger
to scar once more.
I want the anger to
trickle down my arm.
Turning it as red as roses.

I want nothing more than
to sleep for eternity
and to never wake again.

Details | I do not know? | |


i slit my wrist 
i dont care who 
i hurt i dont care
what you think of
me i dieing slow
bleeding feeling 
the pain as my life
passes im sorry 
im just to weak
to go on from here
im sorry i made you cry
im sorry i had to end
my life like this just know 
i love you so

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Nobody Knows I Miss You

Nobody knows I miss you, 
They think i feel set free, 
but I feel like bound with chains, 
Trapped in the mystery. 

Nobody knows Its empty, 
The smile that I wear, 
The real one is left in the past, 
because you left me there. 

Nobody knows I am crying, 
they wont even see my tear. 
When they think that I am laughing, 
I still wishing you were here. 

Nobody knows Its painful, 
They think that I am strong. 
They say this won't kill me, 
But I wonder if they were wrong. 

Nobody knows I'm praying, 
That he will change his mind. 
They think that I had let you go, 

Details | I do not know? | |

Lo sea end-o

Alas my love my dying day
Will bring sweet whispers to my grave
Recumbent in your evil snare
Snakes will tempt you, strip you bare
Careful now with tender lips
They will persuade those dormant hips
To move in places dark unknown
And when let go, will be alone

Alas my love my will dissolves 
In oceans built on dire resolve
Swept away in winds disguised
Then crushed in waves, drift and died
Venom ruins your perfect veins
Skin retracts, reminds disdain
Then mirror with its clever eye
Reclaims its sympathy, yours and mine

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The death rattle of Jackson Haley

His heart gave a leap of joy,
scrambling up over a wall of memories,
as the leaves quivered in front of him.
On Monday the children were playing at soldiers.
On Tuesday he was playing fast and loose with a girl's affections.
I forgot to give childhood to him and the coat sit badly across the shoulders.
A heart overflowing with gratitude,he was a good man,
came of a good family.
Thinking of grievous loss and bewailing, Jack Haley woke up.
Gale force winds and the boat of souls tossed about on the stormy sea,
a joke and a racking headache of a thousand why.
Silence reigned everywhere at 6.30 in the morning.
He is a law unto himself now as 5 dollars in his pocket suddenly
He never sold himself to the enemy and lights turned on.

He looked at his son with pride,fingered the tie of reputation,
stammered out a few words and then stopped.
Just stopped.

Details | Elegy | |

Burning souls

Scalding tears,empty promises,the rejoinder of corruption.

Keep away from the fire, fruit tree, bureaucracy don't scratch your pen on the 

Poison somebody's mind,my village has 800 souls.

The murderer boasts again and the fireman goes to an early grave.

I snuff a candle,knelt down and prayed, the moon is beginning to wax.

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I refuse to sleep
And prefer to cry,
Yet I wish to rest forever.
The truth is
On some days
I cannot keep myself together.

Tears falling from my eyes
Silently drowning me
Throughout my mind...
My soul's tomorrow
Is full of sorrow.

Hidden depressions
Deeper than the seas.
Waves have thrown me
Into a cave of loneliness and regret,
Leaving me with only a wish of death.

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The valley of Rainbow Border Dahlias

It is calmed tonight. The voices of people

Once upset and decorative given the nature

The best of Calla Lilies' funeral

While the moon pallid and pregnant

Is blazing around the horizon and flowing over fat clouds.

Across the street where that happened

Stella d'Oro Daylilies her name has been written

With candle lights: A teenage had died.

A sweet soul, a local reporter has said.

A figure of her stands up. With accusatory finger

To the vast God leaving nothing to be

Confused with! He killed me!

On the streets, they can see only cats and filthy dogs.

They are injecting and relating. They are out

In host hunting butterflies whose smell

Spread over the last earth's life.

Look! That is the girl. She’s painless with a sense of lost

Using her tropical ability to remember you and I

She cannot be alone. She seems to communicate

With rotten organism or the simplicity

That perturbs and penetrates the quietness of a bee.

San Fernando Valley, May 12, 1990


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Leave Nothing Unsaid

A friend of mine died the other day,
not in a war, or any other violent way.
He was just a victim of natural attrition,
he reached the end of his life's mission.

A really nice man has ceased to be,
gone to his rest, eternally,
never again a sunrise will he see,
and worst of all, it came suddenly.

So I can never again say 'see you mate'.
For all the small talk, it's too late,
he is gone forever and the reality,
is there for all of us to see.

If we have something that we need to say,
don't put it off until a later day,
be sure to talk often to your friend,
because, in the blink of an eye, a life can end!

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Just A Dream

I close my eyes, and I think where did you go? 

I open and all I see is thick white snow. 

I’m cold and can’t breathe, 

until you walk over and you hold me. 

You make me warm. You make me feel fine. 

I want this moment to last till the end of time. 

You smile down at me, and say 'I love you'. 

All I do is stand there and hold you. 

I look back up straight into your eyes, and say 

'I wanna be with you for the rest of my life'. 

You promised me you would never leave. 

Danny why did you lie to me? 

I miss you. You need to be here. 

We still have so much more to share. 

You don't answer me. You just stand there and stare. 

I turn around and say 'this really isn't fair'. 

Ever since you left all I wanna do is cry. 

Why did you do it? Why did you choose to die? 

You still just stand there as I watch cold tears build up in your eyes. 

Then you fall to your knees and start an uncontrollable cry. 

I sit down next to you and lift up your head. 

You looked straight at me and you said. 

'Im sorry I never meant for you to feel this way. 

I just couldn't stay in this horrible place'. 

'It was getting too hard. I couldn't deal with this pain'. 

Then over us it starts to gently rain. 

Don't leave me Danny. You haven't told me why. 

If you just told me I could have saved your life. 

Now I’m stuck with your unfinished pain. 

I have enough to deal with. Don't you get it 'life isn't a game'. 

You slowly start to get to your feet. 

As it starts to snow you cover me with a thin white sheet. 

You say 'Please you need to try and understand'. 

You need to realize this was never planned. 

”I love you and I’m thankful we were good mates. 

I can understand you’re filled with so much anger and hate” 

“But hang in there. I believe in you. 

You have so much to give this world, you truly do”. 

You then say 'I’m sorry I have to leave'. I yell; 

'No Danny please don't leave me' PLEASE! 

Then my eyes open, I’m lying in my bed. 

Did all that really happen? Or was it all just in my head? 

Did you really come and say goodbye? 

Or was it just me making up an unfinished lie? 

It felt so real. Well that's how it seemed. 

Danny did you really come and see me or was it just a dream?

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Murder & Love

Sorry cant take back destruction
Sorry can't take back the lies
Sorry cant take the knife out your heart
I murder your feelings and what we started 
Guilt is what I feel when I look in your eyes
After all the lies, rumors,stories you still love me
My crime makes me look at myself different
I don't know can I be the same person 
you were the victim and I'm the killer
Evertime I have sometime good I destroy it 
I murder your trust,love,passion for me
It's killing me more inside
It's making me want to take my own life 
because I destroyed someone's else.

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Happy Birthday Daddy & Papaw

                            If only you was here with us you would 
                         have been 65 today. Things haven't been 
                       the same since you left us on January 12th.
                      But I know you are in God's hands now. And 
                     with Grandma, where you wanted to be since
                                                you lost her.
                       It has ripped my whole world into a million
                     pieces since you left me here all alone. But I
                       Know you will never have to suffer again.
                      Cause you suffered way too long, trying to
                                  hang on to be here for us.
                      I know you wanted me to be strong and not
                       hurt like I have. But Daddy, when you love
                    someone as much as I love you, it's hard not
                       to cry or hurt. I am lost too death without 
                                               you by my side.
                         Even though I didn't always show you or 
                        tell you and we didn't always get along. I
                       wish I could turn back time, so I could let 
                      you know that....I always have been Daddy's
                      Girl and always will be. I love and miss you
                       so....I'm sorry I never got to say Good-Bye
                         or the chance to let you know just how
                      much you meant to me. But I know in my
                        heart you know and in my heart you will
                                                   always be...
                                    We Sure Do Miss You!!!!!

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The innocent life's lost,
a mothers broken heart is the cost,
Parents loss there kids its a tragedy,
There is no remedy,
To fix the excruciating pain,
With no one to blame,
Life now for them can never be the same,
Its a shame,
Kids loss there life and aint even breathe yet,
Extortion the devil is morphing,
My soul is crying,
Babies never see the daylight,
A rude awaking for most,
That's a high toll,
To pay,
But some except the cost others beg never to feel,
that pain that might drive them to insane,
taking a life or losing your paying,
I meant to say you need to be praying,
Because another mothers love your delaying,
You doctors that hold the tools,
Are complete and utter fools,
But you moms losing your kids,
I'm sorry for the pain that comes along with,
I never wish that agonizing pain on anyone,
And only hope you stay strong,
Don't fall

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A lonely dream

Once upon a time there was a dream
And the dream found a lonely man
And the man started to dream
And he was happy
But the dream was too big to fit into man's life.

Once upon a time there was a dream that never finished.

Once upon a time there was a lonely dream
Without a dreamer.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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If Only I Had Known

If Only I Had Known
What trouble you were bearing,
But how could I,You just didn’t feel
you should be sharing.
If Only I Had Known
That you had become so sad,
I would of done all I could
To help you not feel so bad.
If Only I Had Known
I would have brought my warmth within your space,
I would have been gentle and caring
And would have left happiness in my place.
If Only I Had Known
I would have slipped my hand within your hand,
And would have giving thanks For the time together,
As we walked across the land.
If Only I Had Known
I would have wanted to help make the hurt go away,
To help you be more at peace for,
the rest of you stay.
If Only I Had Known
As you walked out the door,
That my Dear Friend would
not be here forever more.
If Only I Had Known
That when you said Good-Bye,
Only you knew then,
You were about to die.
If Only I Had Known
Even though you thought it best
To spare me the early pain,
It now takes all I’ve got just to keep myself sane.
If Only YOU Had Known
My Dear, Dear Friend,
That if you had told me,
I would have been there for you,
From Beginning To End.
Randy Laird

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only the good

bald child
for a paper crane

prays for others

the sun to her
is everyday
and smiling

and mightily
she smiles
after every chemo

stoic hide
tries to hide
her child why's
and whimpers

'cuz smiling 
is more her style

and i
search for words
not smiling

what do you-
how to say-
tell a little child
her momma
has gone away
        gone home
and little girl
you're all alone

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My Fault

It's my fault but I’ll never 
Get that chance to kneel
By your bedside and pray with you
Never to tuck you in and lay
With you till you run off to 
Meet Mr. Sandman
You made me this
Poetic soul yet 
You’ll never get to inherit 
This daddy's poetic soul

It’s my fault but I’ll never 
Be able to hold your hand
On the first day of preschool
And beg you not to cry
Cause daddy will be right back
Now mommy and I won’t ever
Lay on our backs
Under moonlight with you
And point out those twilights 
Or two days later put that first 
Dollar from the tooth fairy

It’s my fault that you’re 
Not here right now
If only I found the 
Courage to build a time 
Machine will take us back 
And I’ll get to hear that first cry
Skinned knees and all
All the “he’s getting tall”

It’s my fault that I won’t 
Ever take your graduation 
Pictures or that you won’t be 
At mine cause you were supposed 
To be written into my plans
But weren't I just stained
My hands and let you die ask 
God to forgive your daddy
For you not being here
I know it’s my fault

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The Cross

T	he symbol of suffering, shame, disdain
H	is emaciated body for hours remained
E	ternal love came and paid the ransom 

C	hrist Jesus, God incarnate, as man He came and chose to die
R	ighteous holy, He lived among men, healing and giving abundant life  
O	verturned an evil plan forever that would keep man enslaved
S	et in motion to completion the solitary act ensuring man’s redemption
S	alvation, freedom is now assured for all who believe and repent!

A collaboration-Audrey Carey & #0459587 Jimmy M. Anderson

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Crush and Crushed

In the beginining,
There was a girl.
She was on a rollar coaster.
She saw her crush.
He ignored her.
He thought she was annoying.
He thought she was petiful.
Little did he know,
She would die that day.
Here's her story.


Little, little girl,
No cares in the world.
Bruises on her face,
Crazy on her trace.

Little, little girl,
Little, little crush.
Little, little love,
Little, little to much.

Only on a rollar coaster,
Would she believe,
She was air.
Carelessness filled her head,
Little, little so much dread.
The boy she liked,
Walking around with so much might,
Little, little did he know that she would die.

Little, big circle coming up,
She was on bottom the cart on top.
Watching the cart fallin',
He didn't know she was calling,
His name.

Heaven reached to her,
But she kept herself on earth,
Until she could see him again.

Only on a rollar coaster,
Would she believe,
She was air.
Carelessness filled her head,
Little, little so much dread.
The boy she liked,
Walking around with so much might,
Little, little did he know that she would die.

Tell him, tell him how you feel,
Little did you know it would feel so real.
Now that she was dead he started thinkin',
Was she crazy or was she worth loving?

Only on a rollar coaster,
Would she believe,
She was air.
Carelessness filled her head,
Little, little so much dread.
The boy she liked,
Walking around with so much might,
Little, little did he know that she would die.

Now she's going to heaven,
So many things she hasn't done.
She sees the door and,
Remembers her amore.


Later that night,
After he saw her die,
He commited suicide.
His parents found a note from him.
"I saw her die,
 I love her,
 I am going to be with her.
 I'm sorry"
He didn't go to heaven,
Neither did she,
They are both stuck in limbo,
At least they have each other.

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All my bags are packed,
I'm standing at your door, 
I don't want to go back,
I'm looking for more.

All my bags are packed,
I'm standing at the gates of pearl,
I don't want to go back,
I want the Lord to say I'm his girl.

All my bags are packed,
I'm waiting on God to open the gate,
I don't want to go back,
And lead me by the hand by eight.

All my bags are packed,
I love you but I'm not scared anymore,
I don't want to go back,
Oh please let me go forevermore.

All my bags are packed,
Don't want to feel so alone,
I don't want to go back,
God is calling me to his home.

All my bags are packed,
I'm leaving this place,
I don't want to go back,
I want to feel God's warm embrace.

All my bags are packed,
On Earth I feel so sad,
I don't want to go back,
On Heaven I'm very glad.

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Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas

Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas? Christmas is the only holiday we often don’t call by name. We often forget about the true reason that Christ came. It’s the only holiday that we often call “a holiday.” It’s true meaning, is often, taken away! It’s more than the tree and all of the glittering lights… It’s time to think about the Bethlehem star so bright! It’s more than going shopping at the malls… More than, “Jingle Bells,” or “Deck the Halls!” It’s more than seeing how many people we can buy for. Or that clearance sale, you’re willing “to die for!” It’s more than buying the “newest in entertainment.” Or receiving a gift that may “cause an embarrassment.” Beyond all of the presents and all we truly believe in. Let’s all come to Christ Jesus and receive him! Let’s think about his birth, and his death on the cross! Without HIM… The true meaning of Christmas is lost! He brings the hope, joy and cheer that’s needed! Won’t you listen to his voice? That often goes unheeded? Christ is what’s important! And shouldn’t be left out! He’s what matters! And is what Christmas is all about! Let’s be joyful! It was for all of us that he came! And take this time to bring honor and glory to his name! By Jim Pemberton

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The dull green light

Amongst the bark of trees 
there shines a light
a light not bright
yet still illuminates the night
dull, green and spherical it floats
within the forest
it appears to gloat
it's maniacal grin spreads
and causes unrest
but yet brings comfort
to souls lost

The green gradually fades
and a new shade is seen
the shade of red.

It's shape contorts and twists
becomes enraged and unreliable
the light is not definable
by human nor god
it rises and sits aloft the trees
as if it is defining itself
a greater being
a power unseen
the light pulses, jolts and flashes
suddenly implodes and turns to ashes

The dull green light never was and never will be.

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Life In Squalor

Squatters acquire the land
And no questions are asked.

Hovers litter the place
And open drains greet the eyes.

Stench queezes the life
But sellers defy the odour;
Frequent epidemic and death,
But the population continues to grow.

Nobody to care;
No questions are asked;
Sheer naked life,
Ever ready for the end.

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My eyes are closed, close to sleeping. Behind my lids the colours dance, Light and beautiful. I see; Scarves blown in the wind, Washing on the line, Dresses in the water. I see; Her. The colours of her. Blue eyes, virginal white skin, rosebud cheeks, Her indescribable hair. And blood, So much blood.

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The Fool

Fools dance among the moon lit harvest,

Celebrating dusk and all its artificial glories,

While speaking of their tainted loves,
They become motivated by unoriginal stories,

But only light can kill these storms,
And only love can make their blood warm,

They laugh and boast on what they see
When it is better to talk of what is unseen.

For surly there’s a day that’s coming,
When all cheap talk will keep men running.

Ignorance keeps all of them blind
Tears and screams are heard once left behind.

Remembering the ones they can no longer find,
Even though they were giving many warning signs.

They chose a path much broader than the divines
For folly’s darkness turned out to be unkind.

Unkind unkind with no time to rewind,
The fool finds himself left behind.

By: sabina Nicole

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Big White Room

Big white room,
empty and hollow,
here's your dose of reality,
take it and swallow,
no peepholes, no windows,
not even a door,
no I'm alone here,
regrets littering the floor,
pictures of moments,
that wouldn't last,
constant reminders,
of my conflicted past,
choices I made,
for reasons I can't recall,
if only I knew then,
I was flying higher just to fall,
I fell into,
this big white room,
my dreams and future,
it will consume,
scars and wounds,
left to bleed,
on my soul,
the emptiness feeds,
white nothingness,
hollow and dead,
now there's even white walls,
in my head...

...comments anyone?

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That Place in the sky(Aunt Lucy)

Just to think you will be gone
and i will be here to stay strong
scares me to death and makes me cry

although you will be watching in the skies
i will be praying everyday that goes by
say hello to Timmy and bobby
we have all missed them down here real badly

Tell god he should have waited
to let you grow older and not miss everything
like the birth of your grand son glen jr

Remember when you go up to the place in the sky
that we will miss you everyday that goes by
and when you hug Timmy and everybody up there
make sure to fill them in about everybody down here

If its not to much to ask just give us a sign
that you have made it up to that place in the sky
and that you have seen the man who takes everyone's life
Just try to let us know everything is alright

it seems so wrong but just hold on
our tears that you see coming down our cheeks
just is our feelings that we held in so deep
but time is haulting and the rain is falling
because when you are gone
time and life will all come to a stop
but we will take a deep breath
and soon we will all live on 
because we know your an angel flying high
to that place in the sky

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Wishful Thinking

Dearest Blue Eyes,
I wish
I could have taken your cup
Drank your sorrows
you would never
have tasted sadness.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
I Wish
My heart 
Felt the bullet
And not yours.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
I wish
I could have given you 
A world 
Without pain.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
I wish
I could have
Blotted out your bitterness
Given you a smile.
Dearest Blue Eyes,
It is far too late 
For wishful thinking.

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Under All

In this life I walk alone,
Along a path that is hardly known.
Against the world, against my fears,
Fighting nothing but hopes and tears.
Here I find a lonely rose,
It cries so softly that nobody knows.
I hold it tight so thorns pierce through,
Dripping down is blood so blue.
I continue on my path so grey,
Into the darkness of vast array.
A voice so lonely it will never be heard,
A life so worthless it should just be interred.

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Peek A Boo

Etched between two pines 
                             shaven mountain crest

Beneath benchmarker
                               lined  tombstones 

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so sorry

im so sorry
i cant be with
you right now
im a thousand
miles away
im so sorry
that you cant
cry on my shoulder
right now because
you found out your
boyfriend cheated on
you with your best friend
im so sorry i cant help
you with your problems
but i promise im am 
watching over you  tonight
im so sorry if i hurt you
to if i did i didnt mean to
i will always love you
no matter what happens
i cant stand it when you
cry because your hurt
that makes me want to cry
with you but im so sorry
i cant because im in heaven
watching over you like i promised

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No Idea

You have no idea about how i feel inside
Rules of this and that damn do I have to abide
I wish all everything could subside
Yelling, screaming, and hollering in my ears
is making them ring
Deaf to listening to the birds sing
Deaf to the world outside my body
Watching my friends die off one by one
Stabbings and shooting until the black heart murders are all done
Soul by soul cementarys are being filled
Blood of innocent children is being spilled
The truth of this terrible mishap may never be revealed
There's no idea of how I feel
In my soul no one, name, identity, or personality rome

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Mental Masochism

Welcome to the old you Hello, Hello, Despair so Crude, Dreams are gone Yet we still follow the old Path Where empathy kills And the Sympathy we find is another Lie You were born to deceive A puppet-master of emotion Back off this fixation while you have a chance Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Sorrow-- My Emotional High Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Better to be Frozen than Numb Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Exchange pleasure for pain It's all coming t you The facade of Joy falls again Violet Hearts crush easy Your Pain you don't Want this Your Sorrow, You Want This Back off this fixation while you have a chance Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Sorrow-- My Emotional High Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Better to be Frozen than Numb Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Back off this fixation while you have a chance Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Sorrow-- My Emotional High Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Better to be Frozen than Numb Who Would Want To Be This Cold?

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She’s running….run faster,
Maybe he won’t catch you,
Run…I’m not going anywhere, 
Oh no he’s getting closer,
Please help! 
He has me in is arms,
Why won’t he stop?
Run…! Run..!
Why can’t I scream…?
Maybe louder maybe kicks or bites,
Nothings helping,
Try to get away,
No one sees him,
No one sees it,
Running, running into the dark,
No! God no!
Maybe if I had a gun,
Yes, I’ll shoot,
Shoot, me, no him,
I’m dead.
……..he’s still there.

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Current Periodicals

I sat down on the grass above you.
The dew drops drooping as I delicately 
	Drew my hand across 
Your stone head; 
the way I used to 
	run my fingers 
Through your dark hair.  

I, staring into your name, almost  
 Saw your green eyes shine 
	through the etched, gray letters.

“I owe you an apology and confession.”, I said.

“On January 5th as John the Revelator 
	was mistranslating your verse and 
carrying you to Apollo‘s gates; 
my cupid was misfiring his own bow.”

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Little Boy

Oh please little boy, please don't cry
Mommy went away
Daddy's here to stay
Please little boy, I love you so
Mommy's coming back
She didn't go!
Oh please little boy don't go away
Mommy will cry
While we go play
Please little boy won't you stay?
Gone forever
Still this day

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Where are you

Jesus where are you
Today I arose
The wind was no longer calm
Thoughts are raging
Hearts beating, heads spinning

Jesus can you hear me
Are you listening 
Souls are weeping
Bodies torn apart
Why are you hiding?

Jesus are you angry
People sinning, babies crying
Nation starving,benefits dying
The world is hurting.

Are you watching
Things are falling apart
Nothing is mending
The waves are turning.

Sorrows are great
Burdens are heavy
My feet are weary
Graves are carved.

Jesus where are you
Can you hear me?
I am sorry
Please embrace us.

Scarlette Howard

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Warnings from the Waterfly

Taking use of a waterfly
She merrily drifts on
To a tired petty refuge...
For the last time.
The waterfly is gentle
Beyond it's appearance.
It's wings bellow 
A deep hum 
And it's ventriloquist  eyes
Are forever waiting beneath the sea.
You lay a few cautious kisses
Upon it's head.
It's been so tedious over the years.
So careful to go 
To each specific place.
It's corpulent body
Trembles in it's pace
And carries you into 
A stronger current,
Ignoring the ancient palace.
Your curiosity fumbles 
With his golden reigns.
He turns back
Strange that this old waterfly
No longer knows his way.
Strange, he seems
Reluctent to obey.
She strokes his weary head
And they arrive at their destination.
What a strange being.
She wonders as she 
Searches his age old face 
Worn at the edges with
Touches of silver splinters
And water rust.
Each crease and fold
Holding more water
Than the hungry path in which they travel.
Don't go.
Don't go.
This is what his front
Would say
But it never makes it past his
Studded, smooth, eroded teeth.
She left.
She walked below the bridge instead.
She opened the door to the palace
Where brave men no longer venture.
She spots a cold dark woman
With a veiled face and frowning brows.
She wears a white familiar dress.
All to familiar to the waterfly flyer.
She stares at the eyes of the dangling woman.
They protrude from her skull
In a somewhat modest fashion,
Like a prostitute,
Avoiding the burns of the limelight.
They devoured her face and 
Left her lips parted with slurred speech.
The wedding march
From a Midsummer Night's  Dream
Slowy churned on beneath the stifled murmurs.
She heard murmurs.
Her distant husband sat in a corner
With three limpid bitter seas
Tumbling from his green skies.
He held a wrinkled, written prose
Within his trembling hands.
She left me her body,
He cried.
She always left me her body.
And the waterfly fell silent.

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A Shadow of Goodbye

A look from a stranger
a cry from a lost friend
no one saw it coming
no one until the end.

Everyone was happy
everyone cried
I guess when its time 
we have to say goodbye.

My eyes  filled with tears
as you turn and walk away
hoping you might think of me

 I left with my  head messed up
and my  hopes down the drain.
You wanted me happy
guess we  couldn't  be the same

The last time I saw you
was the last time I cried

I left without breathing 
A shadow of goodbye.


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Farewell To This Life

Time for me to say
My last goodbye.

If this mind and outlook of mine
Won't change once I leave.

Then I may attempt
What I've been thinking of
From within those past years.

I've isolated myself long enough;
So no one will any longer be as close to me.

I've already written and spoken
My truest of feelings.

Some day it may be time for me to say
My last goodbye to whatever happiness
That has been left behind
Deep within my mind.

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Beneath this slab
Lies kelvin moore
After eating always ask for more
While chewing his crust
He was turned into dust
He never ask for more when death stab

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Bloody Valentine

All I have to say
Is that I'm sorry for the way
I treated you all day

I know what I did was wrong
You used to love me all along
While I was weak, you were strong

But agony ruled my world
To the devil my life was sold
I should have kept my word

And all went upside down
Now, there's no turning around
How cruel I must have sound

I wish you could forgive me
My sin is great, and I'm not worthy
Because I wasn't able to see that you loved me

Now as I wash the blood off my hands
I take time to try and understand
How I drowned in this quick sand

And as I pick the knife off the floor
I feel my life getting sour
I seem to love you more and more

I look in the mirror, I see myself
I feel pain more than I ever felt
I have pushed my life over the shelf

And now that I have lost what's mine
And as I sit her and sip my wine
I think about my bloody valentine

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A Letter To Remembered Joy

 So what do I do now?

Do I pray?

Do I cry?

Or do I hide from the monsters that are inside?

If I stood on my head,

Stripped butt-naked in the middle of Time Square

Screaming, "I'm Sorry!"

As loud as I could it still wouldn't be enough

How do I tell the parnets of my best friend that I'm sorry for killing their son?

Words wouldn't cover something that bad I know you must be aberrant

At times I wish I could of traded places with you....

I thought about you the other day,

And I started to think about the things that we used to do

So instead if writing

"I'm sorry about what happened"

60,000 times on a sheet of notebook paper

I decided to write you a letter to remembered joy to help you remember the good stuff instead of the bad

I hope this gives you some comfort

And one day you can start to forgive me

So here I go.............

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To John Watson,

This is hello and goodbye John,
I know that all is well.
Remember two twisted minds John,
From Reichenbach we fell.

I know it must be boring,
When all cases die down.
Yet still with waking eyes,
You'll see crime around the town.

And though I'd like to wake,
And play another game,
I'm playing life, and losing.
Death wins all the same.

By the time you read this little rhyme,
I know I'll be long gone.
But don't be angered by the time,
It's job did nothing wrong.

I remember I once said, "John,
You are my one friend."
You're the one friend who stayed.
Right through to the very end.

Any time you're by my grave,
Or look sadly to the sky,
I will not be there either,
See John, I did not die.

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Blue Eyes

Dearest Blue Eyes
You've been drinking 
The cup of bitter sadness
Your mind poisoned
Fooling all
With a sweet smile
Secretly devouring you
Agony so intoxicating
Vision so distorted
Only one little bullet
Would stop the pain
Your pain is gone
My Dearest Blue Eyes
But you left shards 
Of one little bullet
Forever trapped
Inside our hearts
Dearest Blue Eyes,
You will be missed.

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I loved you. You were creeped out. I loved you. You were all I thought about. Dreams bring misery, To this little life. I will use trickery. I don't go down without a fight. I will survive without you. You don't control me anymore. I will survive without you. You're not for me to adore. The mess you made, Taking my life for granted, Leaving me in a barracade, You never knew how much you mented. I am in control. Foreign language brings nightmares, Because I would curse you, And you would figure out later, That I once loved you. Teardrops cover my doorstep. Remember how much you ment, I gave you my heart you kept. And you left me there when I wept. I will survive without you. You don't control me anymore. I will survive without you. You're not for me to adore. The mess you made, Taking my life for granted, Leaving me in a barracade, You never knew how much you mented. I am in control. You left me there, In the pouring rain. Bleeding without care, My feelings were drained. I left... I left... I left... The past behind. I will survive without you. You don't control me anymore. I will survive without you. You're not for me to adore. The mess you made, Taking my life for granted, Leaving me in a barracade, You never knew how much you mented. I am in control. You're not Mr. Man anymore. I took back my control. How does it feel being cold, To lose it???

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Your Not Gone,But Soon You Will Be

If Idon't get to say good bye for one and final time,
then know i've alway's loved you more than anyone could.
And though you are ill and the diseases you have are painful and kill,know God will comfort 
you and you'll rest in his arms.
You are my mother who I dearly love,you are my friend and alway's have been.
We've had our cries,we've had our laughs,
we've shared pain,and were both a little insane.
How can I say exactly say how i feel,
when so far away i cannot show you.
I wish i could give you all you deserve,
the moon the stars, and all you dreams,
take away all the pain,the nightmares,and screams.
This reality is all to real,
I want to wake up,call an apeal.
god is who we must call upon,
in times of right,in times of wwrong,in times of joy,and times of pain.
He is the one who can save us all!
Your soul he will rest,now i'm depressed.
Just in case i dont't get to say goodbye.
I wish i could hold you and hug you again soon.
But when i give you this letter it'll be to late,
you will probably be gone.
Cancer,serosis,diabetes,and more,
I sometimes curse life and it's whores,.
You my mother,please know i love you,
i love youi because you've alway's loved me,
in all i have been andand always a friend.
An ear to listen,an eye to see,a hug and a home ,
A mother in all.
times were rough in our growing up,
we didn't have much ,and sometimes very por,
you gave up alot,even the men that raped us.
We our family,barely alive,barely escaped.
Nobody knows of the horror we've endured or seen,
what we've lived,how cruel,how mean.
But we were strong,we made it through it all,
we have survived one and for all.
now your time is coming to rest,
So follow God,He offers his best,
A kingdom full of no pain or hate,
but of much love and joy.
something you so rarely had,
you will soon have.
So take it and be glad,
rejoice and be glad,
You will be in Heaven!
I love you mom!

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If I could, I'd turn back the hands of time to capture every sweet memory and trap them in 
my mind.

I'd hold your hand a little tighter, talk to you more, and laugh until we cried.

Never miss a chance to be right by your side.

Yes, DAD there are so many things I'd do so differently now that I won't have the chance to 

And as the winds of our time blow ever so sweetly in my ear; Everyday I find myself wishing 
you were still her

This is my  pain and I live with it as I should; to change it would be a blessing only IF I 

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A Mother's Guilt

If I could have seen how dear yo would have been. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. If I could have known what joy you would bring. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. If I had seen you just a little. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. Had I felt you moving inside. Then, perhaps I would not have done it. If all that happened was made known to me, then perhaps I would not have done it, for You would be with me.

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I'm Not Ready Part 2



Why did you do this to me?

I wasn’t ready to come out

And it hurt mommy

It hurt really badly

But then it stopped

You dumped me in a toilet

I didn’t even get a chance to say good bye

Why mommy?

What did I do wrong?

I loved you mommy

Didn’t you love me?

Didn’t you believe in me?

I promised I was going to make you proud

Did you think I couldn’t do it?

I sorry for not being good enough for you

I see you cry every night mommy, holding your stomach

More then you did when I was there

Everyone else seems happy but you

I wish you had let me be there for you

To love you unconditionally

But you didn’t want me to,

I noticed you never look in the mirror anymore

You don’t spend hours on your hair and makeup anymore

Remember how I was going to be your twin?

Is that why you never look?

Because of me?

Probably not

You don’t care about me

You killed me

Maybe you crying over daddy

He left you after you left me

I would’ve stayed mommy

I would’ve made sure you were happy

I would’ve loved you forever

But you didn’t give me a chance



I’m sorry

I’m so sorry

I messed up

They told me it wasn’t alive

But I saw the little body

Bloody, tiny, and helpless

I can’t do anything but cry

My boyfriend left me

My parents still won’t look at me

And now I’ve lost my only baby

I’m alone and empty

And a murderer

I didn’t even give her a chance

To see, breath, smile, cry, love, touch, smell, fail, succeed

To Live, and I regret it 

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Finding Sense

They say its what were born with
a simple nature not so simple
The questions arent so easy
The fairy tales
Not so real

Do we find hope to live
or live to hope

Birthed into a machine
A world not forgiving

can we say they're wrong
was it selfish
or was it self righteous

can we understand 
can we see what one another has seen

we are blind

community teaches submission
questions bring fear

Where do we go 
from here the path is black
turning back has become no option
not for the brave

strength is a myth
common sense becomes uncommon

amongst the lost we fade
in the backround the music plays
its already over

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I am dying

I am lost, I am puzzled
I am not free, I have been smothered
I have been hurt, I have been hustled
I have hesitated, I have stuttered
I am confused, I am flustered
I am alone, there is no other
Not my father, nor my mother
Not my sister, nor my brother
Not one word, not one utter
I have been muted, I have been muzzled
I need someone, I need another
Because I am lost, I am puzzled

I can’t take it, I am dying
I cannot stop, from always crying
And always weeping, and sometimes whining
I have said, no more trying
No more running, no more flying
No more walking, no more lying
No more crawling, right on the lining
I mostly find, myself sighing
But of course, still denying
That me myself, am relying
On others that, are implying
That I can’t take it, I am dying

I am lost
I can’t take it
I am puzzled
I am dying
I have been tossed
Still not awaken
A piece of clutter
That’s not supplying
For the cost
I must pay it
Without a mutter
I am dying.

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Slurred Conversation

She said: "Why are you like that?"
He said: “Because I've been there and I’m done with that."

She asked: “Do you think I'm like everyone else?”
He answered “No. You just remind me of myself. "

She asked: “What do you mean I remind you of yourself?”
He replied: “It means I’m not going to waste time on you or anyone else."

So then she asked: “Do you hate you? Is that what you really mean?"

He continued: “Yes, you are worthless, therefore reminding me of me.
Don’t you get it? I can't stand you because of all the sadness your face happens to bring."

She cried: “You are a bastard with a father! 
You should have never been born you should have remained an unborn offspring"

He told her: “Go away you can't change anything!"

But before she left him... streaming rum flavored tears changed everything.

He screamed: “Life------ You've left me nothing. For what more of me could you possibly be asking?

She replied “I’ve left you with another chance. 
You should've lost me forever on this night. 
Now seek what you look for and don’t disregard that which you can’t find.”

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It Takes Two {Caricare}

It Takes Two




Tribute To Those Lost
In The Twin Towers
You Are Not Forgotten

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Found You

Freedom the cast of the greatest shadow
beacon light empty from my soul
i hope and pray for a better life
i rise from the dark and desolated valley
flames withering my crippled palace
sadly crying for help
solid bitterness forever
sunlit dreams ever so beautiful
nothing at all
lonely lives
ill brake through the chains
refuse night
midst whirl winds
honoring justice
vast oceans
i sit in my palace
blowing off steam
honoring justice ever so mean
work together and join hands
shameful despair 
hallowed daybreak
the tast of night
rolls down like waters
breaking through the hallowed hole
of my honored soul...

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Death of Zhentiah Siatchier

"Please don't cry,"
I said...
"I want to be there to wipe your tears away, put them aside
and make everything better, think of some happy thoughts
and make you smile and laugh like no one is even watching 
and hope for the best tomorrow."

"I feel like something is wrong."
he said.

"Would that something wrong to you be talking to someone who is younger than 
you, but understands you completely...always listens to you,
and would always want to be there for you when you need a shoulder to
lean on?"
He sat there quietly and motionless... his face so still, the amazing
jaw lines so accurate, his face as smooth as a roses petles, his eyes...
as blue green as the tropical oceans. This boy made me speachless.
Finally, he moved lips to speak,

"No no... it's nothing like that at all.. it's just... I feel like I need to be with you every 
moment, every day... and I don't know how to let go of that feeling...
I don't want to let go of that feeling... because well, I love you. I always have."

As shocked as I was, I wasn't going to keep him waiting there feeling like an idiot
because I won't say anything...

"Wow, I.. never knew you felt that way about me, its actually shocking...
Zhentiah, I love you too.. but... your like a brother to me and it would
be intensely awkward to date someone or love someone so strongly that you've
known since you were ten.. Im sorry, I do love you.. I really do."

The hurt in his face made me hate myself for what I said, but living my whole
life knowing that what I was going to say was a lie... no, I couldn't bare that thought.
Few days after that night, I got a phone call from the police reporting to me that he 
died from loss of blood cutting himself.
Until that heartbreaking day, I started to realize how stupid I was...
His death made me realize that he meant much more to me 
then him being a brother... he meant everything to me and I wouldn't have ever traded him
even for the world.
I love Zhentiah more than anything... he is gone, but not forgotten. Why?
Because he always used to tell me to look up at the stars if I ever felt alone,
or if I needed something to remember him by.

I love you Zhentiah Siatchier, forgive me... watch over me <3

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The Suicide Note

The day has come for me to leave,
cut myself oh so deep, cut myself to see it bleed.
Now I say all my goodbyes we will meet again.
When I die please don't cry.As a bird I fly so hoping I 
soon will die.As I sit and wait for this I know my death 
is coming quick. My Suicide has come to me,
 now I die so peacefully.

Copyright © 2007

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Why Me

The night is so young the night is so dull 
What’s there to do let’s go for a ride 
It’s the middle of the night Stop at a party 
I wonder what’s here Oh look there is some beer 
I’ll only have a few let’s have some fun 
Then I’ll only have two we get in his car just us three 
We gotta go fast really really must I don’t want any fuss 
Cuz it’s so much fun we’re still going fast we don’t know when to stop 
We drove so fast we lost control then crashed 
I'm really not sure what’s just happened I am not in the car anymore 
But lying on the grounded floor, I am lying here not sure 
Am I okay what’s happened to me Im kind of dizzy I feel faded now 
What do I do I should have waited 
And called my mom this  is so wrong 
Why did this happen to me I just made the one mistake 
I'm human but am not the only one I just wanted to have some fun 
I'm sitting up high wondering what this is 
How can I be at two places at once Why do I look so bad what’s wrong with me 
I'm not moving I look so funny 
Peaceful though there are people here but why 
What’s wrong with me I'm sorry for what I did 
I take it back please I didn’t mean to I promise 
Let me go back I'm sorry my friends are crying 
My two loves are sad you don’t understand they‘re waiting for me!! 
I can’t watch this anymore STOP… makes it stop please 
This is messed up I regret it all. I'm miserable with out them 
This is bad, I'm kinda cold where am I 
I hope its dawn cuz it’s really cold 
Oh no I'm gone my loves this is for you 
I’ll be by your side I hope you don’t mind 
I’m watching you I am sorry for that night 
I’ll make sure you’re alright each and everyday 
When you get those butterflies you’ll know I am by your side 
I’m here for you especially when you’re blue 
I’ve realized what’s happened Please forgive me, do me a favor 
Please don’t make the same mistake as me 
I know that you are smart and that I am in your heart 
So think before you act we’re humans yes, but do only have one life 
This I now realize if I would have waited…it’s too late now 
I guess I am fine even though I am gone you can still be mine 
I miss you always I’ll be yours forever they look in the mirror 
The pictures are clearer it hurts so bad they can’t dry their eyes 
Cuz they keep on filling with the tears that they cry.

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The foolish Death

I desperately yearn for the eyes of deception to become unveiled,
It’s as if I have the money to get you out of jail on bail,

But you turn away in disbelief,
Not realizing you’re headed for eternal grief,

I have the script, the perfect medication,
To heal you from your symptoms of spiritual sedation,

Yet you tell me I am not a physician,
And that you don’t need to come into submission,

Then I see you poor and starving on a roadside,
With eyes filled with tears and a heart occupied with pride,

This time I offer you a blank check,
With skepticism you turn your rigid neck,

Never even looking to see if what I said was real,
Just festering in all your pain, hurt and fear,

 I watch in sheer horror as you continue to feed your aches,
suddenly, In the blink of an eye, you realize you have made a horrific mistake.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Written 1-3-12

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The women stood in front of the table 
Her sad hands
With nothing
she looked at her daughter
smiles and laughter
i wish her the best
nothing less
the sun shines on your golden hair
i love you, dear
Dont get hurt
promise me you wont
take my hand
one last time
forever more
say that you must
just promise me you will dream
when i fade to grey
you are getting older 
you have a life
children of your own
you start to cry
clutch to my hand
ill never leave
im always here

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Food to eternity

And you small human being who really will know that you were here? 
After three generations you will be deleted from human memories. 
Who will know that you have passed from the earth?  
Time is the killer of  all the memories.
And the natur is your killer. 

Don't try to understand. 
Try to give, 
and share.
Life is always bitter sweet 
get only what gives to you. 
If you want more you will never be happy. 

Your life is the beginning from your end. 
Nature does not recognize you as personality, 
You are a piece of the puzzle of life. 
You are not all the puzzle. 
Your mission is just  to give life and food to eternity. 
And the eternity is the reason that you exist.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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I Want My Mommy

as I lie in this womb
for it's my heart you'll hear beat soon

da beat beat beat
and da tapping of tiny feet

attached cord
was my mighty sword

words of disgrace
embedded in my taste

drug of ill fath
served on my plate

you have rather me died
than to hear my wimper and cries

I could of made you proud
instead of being wrapped in this tiny shroud

now I am someone else's angel
wearing a nice shinny golden halo

as my unspoken words goes out to you
I hope your next child won't have to go through this too

Tribute To The Unborn

Entery For 
Raul Moreno's
Unspoken Words Contest
GL All

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Let me be

Let me be some other girl
Whose heart isn’t rooted in this world -
Whose tears don’t fall for sake of fears -
Whose dreams haven’t haunted her for years -

Let me be someone else’s dream
So nothing I feel is as it seems-
So all my darkness was really light-
So that all my wrongs were really rights-

Let my heart not be broken in two
That I hate myself for what I do-
That I destroy myself and all around-
That I kill the truths before they’re found-

Let my cries never be heard
Never listened to through spoken word
Never missed so never found
Never mourned for though in ideals ive drowned

Please let me be some other girl
Whose heart isn’t rooted in this world
Please let me be what I can dream
Dead to the world, please let me lose me. 

(p.s i apologise for the depressive nature of this)

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Hatred flows through my veins
I try to just hide the pain
You changed my way of life
I feel like I've been stabbed with a knife
I wish you could just go your separate way
You played my heart like it was clay
You don't seem to care
The pain I feel everywhere

You ask for forgiveness
You ask for another chance

You ask if we can be friends
Let this all be clensed
How could this have come to be
Everything between you and me
Its come to an end
Nothing could ever mend

What you did the other day
When all you had to do was say
I'm sorry Jarrod but its over
She doesn't realize, she was my controller :/

P.S. I'm sorry guys I'm going through rough times as these poems have said and I've been having family problems, from today on expect one poem a day and maybe 2 if I miss a day.

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His name is Ricky
He's gone for good
He was so beautiful
No one understood!
She went to work
And when she came back
He was laying there lifeless
He had suffered a smack
She cried and cried
Her little Ricky was gone
She could not help him
The damage was done!

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Beyond these gates 
Martin right's at rest
Found by all his mates
Forever in the wrong
Though he tried his best
Till death strike its calling gong

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My love for you

If I could take away all of your ugly pain
If inner peace and love I'd help you gain
My love to you I would fly over the moon
I'd hope and pray it would reach you soon
If one small smile could make you glow
To help make sad times not so slow
You are beautiful, you  shine so bright
Into our lives you've shed a sweet light
Remember when I was just a little kid?
You loved me so deeply, yes you did
Now it's my turn to give you some love
My mentor & aunt, pure as a white dove
When you need to laugh, talk, or to cry
I will be there for you, I promise I'll try
To comfort and help you get through
All the sad times and the happy ones too
So let these words comfort your broken heart
Because forever in my life you will have a part

Details | I do not know? | |


Cemetery soul’s hang
Creative mind die’s
Colourful dreams hang
Wonderful! Nature cries
Insane creative act
Inside white paper
High mental rate
“Gives no water”
Twenty-many soul’s wonder
Dry, rainy session
Mutilate fleshy under
Sensitive smiling session
Lustful eye’s below
Pregnant, Insane carry
Young life below
Man’s baby carry
Eulogy shook infant
Cry, Joy sings
Fate stood erect
Creative mind sings.

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Virginia Tech massacre

Bodies hit the floor like raindrops,

Drops not numbered just seen,

Falling one after the other,

Falling down,

They hit the ground and dissipate,

Not there for long,

Why is not known,

But the bodies hit the floor one after the other,

Like rain in a storm,

Not numbered just seen.

Then gone.

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Eat, Drink And Be Merry The Night Belshazzar Died

The Night Belshazzar Died…

The night when Belshazzar seen
God’s writing on the wall,
He did not know that soon
Babylon would FALL.

This king who thought he was so 
“awesome and great.”
Didn’t know that death soon
would be his fate.

“Eat, drink and be merry”
was the motto of the day.
But God had something
else to say!

The days of endulging themselves
in wickedness and sin,
Was soon to be destroyed
by their enemies within.

This life which for long
you have enjoyed,
Shall one day perish
and be destroyed.

Allow the “writing of God”
to reach your heart’s door.
It is for you that Jesus died for!

Don’t allow the enemy
to destroy your soul.
For Jesus loves you more
than you’ll ever know!

By Jim Pemberton

Details | Free verse | |


vrs 1
ill never know its raining
or get to see your face
cause ive been left alone here
taken to the deep
and im still drowning underneath.

wont throw me the line
at least ill understand
if you dont come again
leave me to die
ill find out all your reasons
if not now, explain some other time.

vrs 2
they say the view gets better as you get farther
i beg to differ
now im here forever
gone cause i was too much to keep
and im still drowning underneath

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I was looking for a new direction
To avoid the eye of your attention
The hurt i caused wasn't my intention
but now iv e caught the poppers infection
Im sorry for the pain i caused
But when they offered me the thrills
I never even paused
I snapped them up in my paws
And now your pain is all my cause

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When the world ends.

When the world ends,i will be a man,
of unhealthy appearance,
spineless,a life of hardship.
Wrestling with my conscience,under difficulties,
assumed the presidency by fraud,
killed thousands of innocent people,overheated the planet.
I was the great seducer,according to master plan.
The world ruler.
Hiding in my capsule now,waiting the unexpected.
Death awaits all men,
tickling my vanity again.
The rejoinder of power thirsty.
Keep to the path,
and posterity will be the judge.
Knocking on heaven's door,
the man who sold the world.

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Afraid to write, For ending

I don’t want to write any poetry,
I really, really, don’t.
I’m afraid with what I might come up with,
I’m afraid of what I won’t.
I’ve lost most care for laughing,
Most hope and love, must change…
But I’m dying and dying deep inside,
And I yearn for that to change —
To end would be a bless,
Bestowed on only me.
And a cure to all the others,
Who say they lov’est me.

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Made one

The bruised soul in the battered body ached for renewal,
Teeth clenched,
little chest shaking,
as heart weakly reaching out.
Energy spent, love torn, her mind full of doubt.
God's bruised reed,
His smouldering wick;
He will not snuff or break.
Holding hand and kissing cheek,
As in dead of night
her soul He did take.

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For the fire stings and burns
As the fires flame toss and turns
For wince you hear the big bang
A once proud man is left to hang
On a limb to fall and die
All goes black, no ground, no sky
You wish to see the one true thing
 And give the persons wedding ring
The pain you felt a bullet wound
And now you think your life is ruined
You see the lights cross your face
You see a flashback smashing mace
On that last breath you make a wish
And hear it comes the awful hiss
You cry and beg and plead and wine
Then at last you saw a sign
And herd a screech of flat line tone
In real life you give a groan
The Doctor says you’ve gone and pass 
He jumped but to feel the grasp
Of an almost dead, cold hand
He stares at you and you look back
He quickly un-zipped the body sack 
To yell to all that he pulled it off
He back to life and give a cough
The dead mans stare gives him chills
For he knew of his final fill
He did not want this man to suffer
As he noticed that life if rougher
So he pulled the gun from his holster
And blew his brain across the poster
He dropped his gun and sat to cry
And he looked in daze at the great blue sky
He ask forgiveness and then it came 
That he is in heavens hall of fame
For he let that man pass away
For on that day that god did say
“You set this man from his prison
And now I have for you one last mission.”
For he never knew what was to do,
For his voice was not but a coo,
 For now I leave this up to you,
And finish this poem in your time due.

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Hustler's Prayer


ain't   no


cuz   some



to   where

never   erase...


&   received

james kenneth blaylock

Details | Free verse | |


A corpse in a coffin
Like a turtle in a shell
A torched arm breaks
Like a slice in a bell

A cough in the wind
A mouth draining dread
Sea running free
Grass tinted red

Moon cuts the morning
Stars dance today
Rain whipping down
Shoes slip away

Scoop out the dirt
Tear open the ground
Catch a falling tear
Shake it off, without a sound

Stand on the snow
Lean in real close
Whistle for an answer
Turn around and choke

Crawl over to your car
and zip through the sun
The night has boiled over
The deed is done

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You took me home, I drink to much because of you my livers turn to dust
You got me high my lungs have quit for the last time.
And because of you my obsession grows more and more with each passing day.
I do it more to feel the high but it just won’t come back to me. 
I tried to walk but it’s so hard I just end up on my back staring into the sky.
You came to me to help me back onto to my feet.
And helped walk me back to the car even with my resistance you took me home.
I’m sick of the things you have said and done while leaving me high and dry.
I’m so messed up from what you've said and I’m on the brink of dieing out, of 
this place you call my home.
I’ve tried to make since of all the things you have said to me, But it is impossible 
to stay on track. Some people shouldn’t be alive. That’s how I feel.
Like I’m not needed in this life, even though it might hold something I should 
I’ve never searched these things in mind that should be found, but yet apparently
unattainable to keep track, it’s almost impossible to grab a hold of the thing that 
are most vital to your life. 
When you are in a life where all you do is getting smashed and seared. And you 
try and try to help me up, but you took one move… You took the one wrong move...
You took me home. Because of you my life now sucks!
And it’s now whirling out of my control 
I feel I’m fading from this place that you have brought me to 
So take my away from here I need not to see your face in front of mine 
So get away... away from me!
Why is it when you call my name, I’m put in a state of misery
I’m am so perplexed, can’t see straight
I’ve tried to go and find my-self it's just so frustrating
I can’t take the fact that you entered my life at an age that I do not know
And I try to ask my-self what can I do to help me out of this awful state
Of misery.
Than you made an effort to help me up, but then I see a whole new being and it’s 
not you but somewhat else… I see… I see My-self!?!
I think I helped my soul from this death I think that I have come to my sixth 
senses and have turned my life around.
But you still make that one last go to start this all another time
You took me home with this agony
And I ask you one last time why did you make my life this living hell!?!

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Cold Forgiveness

I want to say I’m sorry,
I’m sick of sitting here crying,
Going over mistakes and wondering what I did,
I’m sorry,
Okay I said it,
Maybe now I can get some peace,
Crying isn’t what it’s cracked up to be,
So please say you forgive me,
Put me at peace,
You don’t know what I’ve been through,
The tears the pain,
The regret,
It tortures me,
Please forgive me,
For whatever I did,
I’m sorry, Okay?
Will you wake up and listen to me?!
God, your so cold,
Why won’t you just please open your eyes,
Love, you there?
Wake up, 

Details | Blank verse | |

The heartbeat

Every night when i'm laying my head to rest
and i hear your heartbeat on my chest 
lets me know that i'm doing alright

i thought i lost you in that hospital room
when they couldn't find a beat
it scared me to death and my heart skipped
we all seen the line and thought you were dead

But that night i looked up
and within the tears running down my cheek
i saw an angel watching over him and me 
she looked at me and smiled then flew away
i looked at my baby and saw him awake

I didn't know what to believe
but i saw that angel in front of me
i thank her every night i lay my head to say goodnight
cause the beat i feel on my chest 
is in my arms and not laid to rest 

My baby just turned 5 today 
his heart beat had faded away
but i'm glad i got all i could get with him
for the angel who saved him has taken him
but before he went he said to me
the angel you saw i can now see
 she is standing right in front of me
goodbye mommy and i love you daddy 

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Inlove With Her And Novacaine

Never knew love the way I know it now
Never will I know even when I ask how
She left and that was all
I'm trying desperately to climb outside this wall
I grip the roses stem and blood drips down my wrist
I drop to the floor, put my hands on my forehead while in a fist
We shared an oath from our lips to Gods ears
I placed myself in front of her knife to the heart to quench her fears
It killed me to love and lose
I'm losing sleep so I smash my clock back to snooze
I can't believe I thought she was the one to save me
It turns out she was the one to enslave me
My trust ran deep like blood coursing through her vein
I need to numb the bitter taste so I use novacaine
The thought of her is making my heart race
My walls are gone and now I have too much space
I think my loss is starting to hit me
I can't breathe at the thought that she will forget me
I fall from my knees with my face sideways on the floor
I grip the rose tighter & tell myself I don't want to love evermore
I'm fighting the truth and reality at this time
I'm in too deep, I'm too weak to climb
I feel a cold running through my veins followed by a last chill
My eyes are awake yet my body lie still
The lights are dimming and my life is flashing in spurts
I guess this is what it means when they say love hurts...

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Mother,without you my life will never be the same,
I will never hear you call out my name.
Now that your gone,I can't bear hearing our song.
I know you don't want me to feel pain,but without you
my life is lame.
I've never needed you so much,how I wish to feel your
My world is nothing without you,
my sky's are dark,dark blue.
The sun will rise again when
i'm buried next to you.
I walk around hoping to die,
so I can hurry and be by your side.
Untill then all I'll do is cry.
All I want is to hold you again,
only then will my heart mend.
God chose you and I know why,
He needed a true angel by his side.
Without you I can't overcome my fears,
who's gonna be the one to hug me and 
wipe my tears.
No one will love me like you did,
you showed me endless love when I was a kid.
I'm having so much trouble letting you go,
since you've past,my tears have cotinued to flow.
I've become hollow inside,cuz when you died...

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Goodbye This Is Suicide

I’m sorry everybody,
For what I’m about to do,
I never could live up to you,
Nobody ever noticed,
Nobody was ever sad,
But I still wanted to tell you,
Something very bad,
I don’t have the will to live,
My life is filled with too much suffering,
I can’t take it anymore,
But I’ve lost all hope in my heart,
The days that depart,
Tore my heart apart,
I’m bleeding from the inside,
And from the out,
I just wanted to tell you,
This is what life’s about,
In the end we all die,
And my end is sooner,
I’m sorry everybody,
For all the trouble I’ve caused,
But I’m leaving now,
It’s time for me to rest,
I want peace at last,
I know you’ll all be sad,
But I’ll be happy now,
This life has been long,
At least it was to me,
But now it’s time for sleep and rest,
Finally I’ll never wake up,
Goodbye everybody,
Have the good life I never had,
Goodbye this is suicide.

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I'm Not Ready Part 1


Shivering nights follow me as my stomach grows

I feel her inside me

I can picture her face, smile, personality

Worth such a huge future

But I couldn’t give it to her

I’m not ready…

He doesn’t want her

We couldn’t handle it

The pressure, the responsibility

And god the things that are happening to my body

I’m not ready

I’m not

My mom cries whenever she looks at me

My dad doesn’t even look

I couldn’t take care of her by myself

Maybe…maybe I can give her away

To a family that could love her until I’m ready

There’s so much I haven’t done

Goals I haven’t fulfilled

All my dreams are gone

Because of a mistake

A onetime mistake

I learned my lesson

But I can’t take care of this baby

She needs so much more,

She deserves so much more

I can’t let her come into this world like this

I’m not ready



Its ok mommy

You don’t have to worry

You’re not alone

I still love you

You can still follow your dreams if you try

And teach me how to do right

I’m going to be a sweet baby

People are going to call me your twin

Don’t you like the sound of that mommy?

I promise to do my best in everything

So I can make you proud mommy

When I come

We’ll have each other

And that’s all that's going to matter

We’ll prove everyone wrong

And do better than anyone expected

We can do it mommy

You can do it

I believe in you



I can’t do this

I can’t

I’ll try again when I’m ready

It’s not even alive yet

So it’ll be ok

He said he would leave me

My dad said I was stupid

And my mom…

She had such high hopes and dreams for me

I can still do it

I can make them proud

But not with this thing growing in me

It’s ok

It can’t feel anything

And later on ill be the best mother ever

But not now

I’m not ready

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I Told You

My fingers flinch, cold and pale
My toes they twitch and tickle
My chest heaves and burns deeply
The blood runs downward, a trickle
My head spins and crashes
Pounding down on my brain
I scream with no sound, just tears
Caught up in the aching pain
I cannot move my limbs
My blood spilling on the floor
I see my shining razor blade
And it’s crying out for more
The world is fading in and out
The ringing is loud in my head
I shudder and curl up tightly
For soon I shall be dead

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Eternity in Hell

The things I did on Earth could've gotten me many years in jail.
I thought I got off scott free but now I'm spending eternity in Hell.
I stole, cheated people and twice I committed rape.
My eternal soul was damned, there was no escape.

These flames are eternal and much hotter than regular fire.
I would've done better if I'd known that this situation would be so dire.
The agony is indescribable as the flames burn my skin.
They keep burning me over and over, there is no end.

The fire keeps getting hotter and hotter.
I'd give anything for just one drop of water.
The evil things I did on Earth were terrible to do.
If you're evil, change or the same will happen to you.


Details | Blank verse | |


It was intriguing, this cold dead ash.
Your grief, stained and white in a blue china bowl.
A handful of coarse sunlight spilled onto tears,
You lift your eyes, like a retreating creature troubled
By sawrming cries and phantom faces.
Somewhere in the distance, our door lay open.
We stop at the top of the stairs, on the draughty landing
I try to remember your name,
Your voice, your smile, coming home.
But remember nothing more than you standing
Watching me, quite unconsciously.
I pause and feel you begin to despair.
Then I turn and ask you to forgive me, but
You cannot hear me anymore.

Details | I do not know? | |

the sounds of my life

"moo" goes the cow, the story book says
"slice" goes the knife through your best friends head
"whish" goes the wind through the pitch black night
these are the sounds of my life.

"shuffle" goes the feet creeping in the hall
"help" goes the girl her very last call
the silence of tears because of this knife
these are the sounds of my life.

"scratch" goes the chalk on the teachers board
"click, boom" goes the bomb on an electric cord
"sob" goes the man who lost his wife
these are the sounds of my life.

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A Remembrance Of You

a broken soul hidden in an empty home
wanted to leave, but there was no where to go
a mother's heart broken into two
wanted to stop the pain, but there was nothing anyone could do
a cold presence haunting this dried up place
needed to leave, but it would not be the same

there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
and our family will miss you so
it was heart broken to see you go
and I'll miss you so much 
in heart is where you'll be
I'll be coming, so we can meet
because there will always be a remembrance of you
your death will not remain true
its been forever since you past away
until I see you, I will have nothing to say
there will always be a remembrance of you 
and everyone will love you
I'll remain faithful and true
there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
because I will remember you
there will always be a remembrance left in each and every room
a remembrance of you

a burnt down home holding dirt in place 
i'm glad the angels came
for she was in so much pain
without her in our lives it won't be the same
I know I learned my lesson
never did think a fire could bring so much aggression

there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
and your family will miss you so
it was heart broken to see you go
and I'll miss you so much
in my heart is where you'll be
I'll be coming, so we can meet
because there will always be a remembrance of you
your death will not remain true
its been forever since you past away
until I see you, I will have nothing to say
there will always be a remembrance of you 
and everyone will love you
I'll remain faithful and true
there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
because I will remember you
there will always be a remembrance left in each and every room
a remembrance of you

i'm begging you to forgive me so
even though the fire took its deadly tole
and I won't let my heart pass you by
you are the apple of my eye
a cold spot in my heart
the reason I was torn apart
the reason I have no soul

there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me

Details | Light Poetry | |

The least loved-

You were like a bird perched high up in the tree, which did stare down upon the 

very worms on the ground. With your eye piercing through the ground you did see 

me try to slither back to the safety of the soil, but you did pluck me from the 

ground and with one swift swallow you did devour me whole. I did try to hide from 

your piercing stare as you measured my slithering body and pluck me from the 

ground and swallowed me up like a sink hole that came upon a rainy day and 

eroded the earth from beneath and unseen…Mother earth save me from her 

beak and return me safely to your soil rich grounds? There I will labor until they 

beseech you with their cries for your tears and raise me once again to the very 

top, where once again I shall be at the mercy of their beaks and sharp talons as 

they dig me from the ground once more. And feed me to her little ones…Truly this 

is in the masters plan? The weak for the hungry and the least love shall be feed 

to the many that call upon Mother Nature’s tears to raise the weakest from the 

ground to feed the many that beckon and she does hear their call.  This time I 

surrender my slithery soul in the name of what is right I shall fight no more!

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Fields Forever

Until the end, I fight 
I fight until the light is no more 
and the perilous night does begin 
& when my day is gone & future masked 
I climb my mountain with head hanging low 
Low for now, I killed and desecrated all held sacred 
Slain the last foe & as the day breaks again 
I gaze at fields of red fury 
Fury misunderstood all dead to understand 
Mountains ahead and behind, in this valley of 
Presence. Engulfed by injustice and punished 
In personal strife, I cry, 
not out but in I cry to hear 
inside, inside where I've tried to hide 
and defend on this field of red 
with no more to hide & more to 
hide from. I perch on this mountain I've made 
& expose myself to all, with none to tell 
I'm free, lost to live, lost to die 
Never to love, never to fly. Only wallow for 
It turns to night and shadows comfort me my friends 
Till the end 

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You were laid
On the bed that was made
For your eternal sleep
As you lie
When you're starting to die
You begin to believe

That a lie
Was all that you were 
And all that you are
And you cringe
That this might just be true
And the thought of you 
Leaving alone
Would keep you awake forever

As you dream
In your head, in your mind
You fear you will never wake
And recall memories
And they were all lies

You would die
For someone they were 
And someone they are
And you laugh
For trusting their words
And their gratitude
Leaving alone
Would keep you awake forever

Details | Rhyme | |


You can't replace a household pet
And when they pass another you'll get
The memories will fade
But you will still remember 
The sad face they had
Before they were gone forever
People are different though
When they are gone too 
You'll have greater memories
Like the time at the zoo
You'll miss them so much you won't know what to do
Your life will be thrown off for a month or even two
You'll pick up the phone 
Because your just thinking of them
Start to dial
But then remember again 
The person your trying to reach is not at the other end
And you will probably be sad
Your life will go on 
But you will still remember 
All the good times you had spending time with each other

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Dead And Gone


I came to see you yesterday
I had to come, I had to pay
We knew it was a childish trick
It turned out so very sick

Swimming in that river deep
Trying above water our heads to keep
Current must have been quite strong
Sucked you down and you were gone

Not being able to swim to well
I ran for help but slipped and fell
Broke my leg but still I crawled
Saw a man, shouted and called

He rang for an ambulance for us
Then to the river he did rush
To late to save you, you had drowned
How that poor man he broke down

As in your coffin now you lie
I wonder why I didn’t try
I might have saved you, hear me sigh
No one will know how much I cry

I have seen it all happen again late at night
I dream of what happened, your awful plight
In rivers swimming I will not go again
At your funeral my tears will cascade like rain

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The Stolen Generations

The tripping lights,the spinning sound,
At long last,the switch was found.

Complicated situations, feeling the vibrations,
Of the numbing sensation of the mind in control
Of this bodyless soul.

Being prodded and poked while being provoked,
My walls came tumbling down,
And I couldn't even make a sound.

This price i'm paying it doesn't seem right.
Is my weight worth gold for whats really being sold?
It's too late she cries, tossing and turning,
Hating her own demise.

Would she have been more wise
If she could have seen,
The hurt in these blue eyes,
The chances that could have been.

I never had a chance to tell my side of the story.
The moments that could have been,
Our crowning moment of glory.

My dreams are shattered, I feel battered and bruised.
I once felt welcomed, now I feel used.

With one last gasp of air, my soul slipped away,
My mummy had her abortion, on my 1st birthday.

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Standing Graveside

As the cold winds blow
I’ll love you eternal
We’ve always been one
In separating ways
Here you will find me
Anticipating my demise
To see you again
And say what I couldn’t
Until that day
I’ll wait rewriting
Reciting apologetic excuses
Here I stand
Where the lifeless reside
Letting the wintry winds gust
Like a whip on my back
Forgive me

Details | I do not know? | |

Judgment Day

I am caught in limbo,
With two ways to go.
Up towards the serenity of heaven,
Or down to the fiery Hell below.

Judgment day is here,
An in depth look of my life is taken.
I am told I am a murderer,
I plea and tell them they must be mistaken.

For I always stood by one thing,
I always tried to give all my love to others.
I know I have made mistakes,
Bad life choices in drugs and lovers.

Check again I beg and plea,
A murderer you must be wrong.
They begin to explain to me,
And give me the choice of where to belong.

They say I am a murderer,
For I took my own life.
They tell me I suffered for hours,
From the 22 slices from the knife.

They tell me because I asked for forgiveness,
I am given the choice of where my soul is to stay.
I ponder back on my life then remembered,
Remembered the last night of my life and what I prayed.

I remember sitting in the pool of blood,
Screaming for forgiveness with each slice of the knife.
Till I reached 22 slices not one more or one less,
One slice for each year I ruined of this 22 year old life.

My mind was made up,
I knew where my soul deserved to stay.
I hated myself then as much as I do now,
Now to the fiery hell is where I will slip away.

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Opening a Place

An empty darkness
Unable to fill
People walk slowly
In wonder of your will

Then they shoot nasty
Unhumane, and cold
Questions about how 
You live in this mold

And it is disturbing
How often something
Is said about
How often you are bumbling

When the world is about 
To fall on your face 
Only one thought comforts you
And its about losing your place

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White Rabbit

Quick, we'll be late!

Then again. she shan't notice.

Her eyes are heavy, always.

Induced by magic.

They call it medicine.

She would be angry though!

Only on them days, when he's away.

When we won't hear the groans

moans, grunts. 

She remembers though.

She's so sad now! 

She always was, it's him.

She's submissive, timid, shy.

Afraid. They'll take her away.

We can't visit. 

We must rescue her! 

From her sleep? No.

'for what dreams may come

when we shuffle of this mortal coil.'

There is only one way.

You find the bleach!

It is effective in removing.

Ridding us of the evidence.

But not of the past, not of the blood.

May she rest in peace. 

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Trying to escape from it all I detach from reality Knowing my spirit will be Safe Too much torment have I gone through To know that this story is truly mine Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll In my mind there is a haven Only I can enter, but everyone else is there Its there I will find a new tactic To keep on living in your torment On the way home I'll die a few times But just to know I really lived I'll have to find a new way to bleed If I want to escape I'll have to loose myself Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll

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Mr. Smooth's Chauffeur

Mr. Smooth has a splendid social life
He's got adoring kids, a loving wife
He's a well-educated gentleman
Knowing so much, still learning all he can.

He's got a pleasant way of winning friends
The rich and the wretched, the saints and the fiends
So likeable, so popular is he
That he's the guy most people want to be.

       I envy him his fame, his name
       But I don't have much to offer
       I'm just his lowly chauffeur
       At his long limo's steering wheel
       As he gets every winning deal.

Mr. Smooth heads the boardrooms, makes much wealth
Got a sculpted body and superb health
And women swoon when he greets them hello
Threatened machos smile when he had to go.

He's got me waiting a bit longer now
So unusual, much like breaking a vow
The scared guard said Mr. Smooth did decide
To call it quits, then gulped down cyanide!

Details | Epitaph | |


Here lies a good soul
Who tried hard at life
But could not take it's pain
It's coldness and strife

He tried hard at love
But just never could win
Lost faith in his god
His life filled with sin

So have mercy dear god
When it comes judgement day
For he gave it his best
But got lost on the way.

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It's Judgement Day

The day is coming,
when The Lord will come back with a mighty vengeance!

You better make every wrong right!
You better get your house in order! The very first step is repentance!

It doesn't matter who you are!
It doesn't matter what you have done! Jesus shed His Blood for you and I!

Accept Him NOW! Turn from your evil ways!
And when He comes back, He will lift you on high!

Unfortunatly, there will be many souls who won't listen to the truth,
and they will be left here to face the seven year tribulation!

For those who accept Him, I say PRAISE THE LORD!
For those who do not, I say FATHER PLEASE HAVE MERCY UPON THEM!

For it is written;


There won't be anywhere to escape!
Hurry up, seek HIM NOW!

Details | I do not know? | |

The Soldier

              HE CAN’T TURN BACK NOW,

Details | Blank verse | |

"We'll make headlines"

Tighten your lips,
Don’t sing tonight.

Just cry dear.

Your taste of dry splinters.
An cry of glass.
Both Eyes may bleed,
But hearts drain forever,
With a beat between the drags.

Bones thin as hair.

Stand up, straighten your back.
A spine of needles,

Smoke as thread.
Spin Metal twine up my spine.

Thread my eye lids.
Pluck the lashes.

Heart full of smoke.
Maybe this time,

We’ll make headlines.

Details | Free verse | |


Controlled to extremes
Unable to move
Without you leering at me
I slowly starve of reality
Of air

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The Loss Of An Inspiration

Wow, that's all I can say
That's all I could think of when I found out that day
When I first found out about it, I thought it was a hoax
Somebody's twisted idea of a joke
But sadly it turned out to be true
And the world was robbed of you
'Another rapper dead'
The headlines read
So little said
You had an amazing gift
Every time I put on your music, it gives me a lift
You inspired me
Helped me
You put your life and love into your art
And that's why you were able to capture so many hearts
I hope before you were taken away, you realized this
I wish you were still here , but you will always be in my heart
And you will be forever missed.

Details | I do not know? | |


   Deviating, without a path
Awakened, by distant Cries
Deliver my Eternal Desolation
   Forgive my Mistakes…

Reminiscence of Pure Bliss,
    Without Shadows…
Open Wounds, without Relief,
    Pouring Anguish and Whispers…

      Shattered Mirrors, 
Consumed by all I see…
    Blinded by my Fears,

       Rotting in Contrition

   Last Wishes Relinquished…
     But not Forgotten

                Raped of Integrity
         Bathing in Regret…
Lost…   Forgotten… 

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how many time's

how many time's will they act like the like me but realy wish death on me how 
many time's will they act like they love me but realy hate me  and they make me 
want to die how many time's will i cry for the one's who would not cry for me how 
many time's will i cut my self to stop the pain they put on me how many time's will 
i live past the cut  that hit's the vain would they care if i did kill my self how many 
time's will i fell alone befor i find out that im not how many time's will i act like 
everyone hate's me when they don't

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My Suicide Letter

i take ten pills and begin to spin
All the drugs now begin to win
now my wrists are screaming to die
i slide it across without a sigh
feeling this high feeling this rush
watching it bloom with such lush
across again and feeling better
now i begin my suicide letter
I'm sorry mother i let you down again
I'm sorry father where do i begin
I'm sorry brother you were right
now i begin to feel so light
closer now i take ten more
reaching to open deaths door
one more time down my wrist
open my eyes but see a foggy mist
i love you forever i finish my letter
now its over now its better
a light and now a man i see 
I'm in a hospital, you saved me

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A Rose

Today I picked a single Red Rose
with overpowering beauty, warmth, and flare.
The love,joy, and  happiness it once represented
is diminished for you are no longer there.

A Rose is given for a joyous and special time
to express the love we have in our heart.
But a Rose is also given after a storm,
to express the loneliness when we're apart

My Rose for you is for your beauty
for your warmth and for your smile.
Because of this single Red Rose,
I'll think of you as I go each mile

Your memories will always bloom in my life
as bold and beautiful as this Rose.
I'll cherish each and every single pebble
so your memories will never close.

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Little Faces

ribs cracking, snapping, breaking
to every heart beat
until the heart stops beating
and the blood runs cold
and all the breath is gone
and the brain seizes to think
and the body grows cold
and rigor mortis sets in
and the coroner takes your body into his hands
and waits for you to tell him your story
of your untimely demise
and how you were too young to die
and the pain and bruises that were hidden from the world
and the fact that you weren't given the chance to grow
i am more sorry than you will ever know
that the world has treated you so
and the people just dont care these days
about a sad little lonely face
because it has nothing to do with them
or their lives
so they let it just pass on by
im sorry the world is so cruel and unkind
and people are too caught up in their lives
to care about a sad little lonely face while passing by

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So sorry

Sometimes, just like today,
I feel endless course of life,
I see your smiling face
And on the leaves that summer rime.
Sometimes, just like today,
Without alcohol I’m drunk.
You are the reason of all this.
The test of life we gonna flunk.
And when you will come to see me again,
I will maybe give you three kisses then.
So sorry to know you won’t open the door.
So sorry you don’t exist any more.
I have no more desire
Collecting millions of pieces,
This had to be one heart,
My heart your kiss that misses.
It will be good for you to know:
I made a funeral for love.
Now rest with peace, my dear,
Under the monument of dove.
And when you will come to see me again,
I will maybe give you three kisses then.
So sorry to know you won’t open the door.
So sorry you don’t exist any more.

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A feeling felt but never spoken
an undeniable burden clenching your soul!
A loss of sense, chaos runs blindly inside you.
A cold chill on your neck, with heat in your belly
You must look knowing it's what you never wanted to see!
Death lingers around you, while tears fill your eyes!
Its a feeling we have all felt...
Fear Takes Hold!

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I Want To Say I'm Sorry

All the time I’ve been waiting on somebody to help me,
Let this rage and depression slide past me,
I don’t want to feel this way,
I’m sorry I hurt you,
But I can’t take it anymore,
I was sad and I still am,
I’m not as sad as before,
But the signs are still here,
I did some things I’m not proud of,
I’ve said some things I shouldn’t have,
I love many of you very much,
And one of you I still love after what happened,
I’m hoping to feel better after I’ve gotten this off my chest,
Writing this helps a lot,
It saved me from certain things,
That would have made you all cry,
But I never truly feel happy,
But I don’t have much to live for,
To live by,
I try not to cry but this feeling won’t leave,
I’m stuck in this world alone,
I’m going to die alone,
I can’t go without saying this,
But I’m going to die prematurely,
I just wanted to make sure you knew,
Because I can feel my body dieing,
There’s no use in crying,
I want to cry so bad,
But all I can say is I’m sorry,
I didn’t want to have any regrets.

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my last words

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see you depart to tell you these three words I hold in my heart, dad I love you in that will never change, you was a great man and one day I wish to be the same, you taught me everything I know and I thank you I just wish you didn’t have to go, I remember back when I was a kid you use to laugh and joke with me that was fun wasn’t it, but remembering things like that just make it harder for me to write this, but your my dad I don’t care what anybody say, I love you so so much I just sorry I have to tell you this way, this man help my family for as long as I could remember going against the rules to make sure we wouldn't suffer, he gave me two people I could call mom and dad for that my love for you will always last I know it’s been a while since we last seen each other, but I know you still look out for me dad I will always love you no matter what mom you was the other half that kept him strong but I guess it was time for him to go home but mom I know you will stay strong because I know you’re a strong woman I will always have you in my prayers and I’m truly am sorry I couldn’t be there I love you mom and dad

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Unknown Soldiers Grave

Struggling to put face and name together
You passed so long ago it is difficult to recall
Those bright hazel eyes that sparked of life
Dirty blonde hair as it shone in the daylight
Gone in the autumn you fell with the leaves
But you won’t return with the natal of spring
They regret and apologize for wars long over
Now old and crippled time cannot return to me
I have wept at your loss and done nothing
To repay the heavy burdened debt I carry
You were someone’s son and lover
Felled by my eye and bullet.

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Temperature rising
Both continents waging rhetoric
Pyongyang is ready to test
Iran is also prepared to put on its glove
More than ever,in these perilous circumstance
The arena is ready and their stage is in readiness
Somewhere over Delaware,the Warning goes unheard
Purple cloud over yonder Lincoln's memorial
A tear in his eye before one final testimonial
Children will be hiding,all beneath their desk
Sirens blaring as our world is ready to become a pile of ash
Bombs in the air because our leaders simply do not care
Faith is a questionable commodity with tomorrow becoming a WHERE ARE WE 
Mothers in the park
Fathers driving to work in the early dark
If that is so then why is the Nuclear Mail man still knocking on our Front Door?!
Shattering windows
Orange rays of atomic meltdown
Firefighters and police,lying helplessly without movement,on the ground
All for naught because we had simply forgot
That we were on Nuke Alert while our whining babes fought

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Losing a Loved One

Never lost a loved one before 
They tell you to move on
When they don't even know your pain
Emptiness is what I have inside
Why must this happen to me
I can't live like this
But I chose not to give up 

Without my loved one
Without my soul mate
The nights are lonely
But I will be ok
I must be strong
In time my pain will fade
But now I must deal with it
Can't say goodbye so fast
Must take it slow
Our love for each other will always remain



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My regrets

Last night i made the biggest mistake of my life,
and I know what I did wasn't right.
All because I wanted to be your only one.
All for one night of fun.
I'll never be able to see yo pretty smile again.
I'll never have my soul mate , my love, my friend.
Because I was careless,
because I was nieve.
I can't belive I did this to the love of my life.
I didn't think before I picked up that last drink.
I'm sorry that i was so stupid and didn't think.
I just wanted you with me.
I took something so precious away and there's no way that I can 
ever take back what I done.
Please forgive me that's all I can ask of you.
I got behind the wheel,
and took you with me.
I didn't know that this would be the last time I had to say goodbye.
I'm sorry that I did't hear your silent cry.
I thought I'd always have you here forever .
I thought you'd always be by my side
I never thought i'd see the day that you would die.
I have to deal with this for the rest for my life.
I will never be able to ask you to be my wife.
what do I say to are family, 
to our children , 
when they ask when is mommy coming home.
I sit here and cry alone,
because i don't have a answer to that.
Theres no more us,
 because I put it to a end.
I can't change the fact that I took away the love of my life, my friend.

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With One Mistake

As I close my eyes tonight
and prepare to say good-bye,
I remember all of the choices I've made
and I slowly start to cry.
The night had come, we were fine
until the Devil showed his face,
We were young, we had no sense of time
I didn't mean to make that choice.
I was foolish to think I couldn't lose
you were crazy to stay with me,
If only I could live forever with you
if only we could see eternity.
I'm afraid to live without you
I can't live with the shame I hide,
You were here, now you're gone, what can I do
I can't live, knowing that because I drank, you died.
Friends are supposed to watch out for each other
never let the other one down,
But I've taken your life away forever
everything you once knew is now gone.
I was the one who drank
yet, you were the one to die,
I wish only to take your place
I cannot live a lie
I knew the devil that possessed me,
was stronger than my love for you
I should've fought the urge, the necessity
then my friend, I'd still have you.
I'm sorry I took your life away
I took away your hopes and dreams,
You should be the one living, the one who stayed
I should be the one dead. . .
that's the way it already seems.

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Aztec Ethics

In the museums we shudder
With vicarious delight
At the spectacle of the Aztecs -
A high culture founded on human sacrifice,
All the while not seeing -
Because we don't want to -
That the cult has never died;
Only the name of  the god has changed.

Now we bend the knee in reverence
Within our private cells
Before the votive flame
Of the flickering cathode ray
In service to the great god TECH,
The Iron Form That Has No Face.

He sends his rain of bombs on foreign soils
That we may reap Renewed Economy,
Responding to their madness with his own.
He sends the check that our children may eat,
While those of others learn to scream at the sound of planes.

Yes - we see The Need.
Yes - we understand The Reasons.

- But we don't have to like it.
Our revulsion is still something we may call our own.

Oh, what of it? This time let's do the honors ourselves.
Let every mother, father, sister, brother, child and friend
Of tomorrow's "Disposable Resources"
Take the knife from the withered hand of one of TECH's High Priests,
Those Four-Starred Ones,
Plunge it deep and cut
To rip our own hearts from our breasts
And hold them beating before us in our hands
As we march en masse towards his temple,
Staggering down his sanitized audience hall,
As more and yet more come crowding to the doors,
To pile the bleeding mass before his feet.

And on that day, 
Let the heartless meet the faceless and scream to him as One:

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A Note at the End

Dear stranger 
even though you 
let me go,
My heart and 
soul will still 
be with you,
I'm sorry it had 
to end this way,
But my life 
could not go no 
other way,
Sometime's i 
think if i could 
have just seen your 
face, Everything 
would have been 
ok, But sometimes it 
just don't work 
out that way,
Now i must go this 
pain is to much,
I guess this is 
the end of our,
Fatal love.

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Dedicated to the Human Race: Thanks For All Your Time

There, just beyond that dream. There’s my life ripped at the seam.
Then there’s my friends, the pot-heads and dope feens.
And there’s a hole, in the dark; void of light; missing a soul.
Glowing with ambition. Growing in shame.
A blur to sight, a mentality of pain.
There, just beyond what’s real
You’ll never know just what I feel
And here, are my sins…Scabs of dirt, that’ll never heal.
My pain has a taste, like rust and copper
Like copper and rust, I steadily waste
A constant reminder, of what I’ve lost
Oh just what you’ll pay for trust. Just what is the cost?
The fire is in the human head. We’re the reason of our falling
And already fallen dead. For the “tree” is gone.
We’ve choked her, and she was never fed.
Like untamed weeds, we’ve sucked her dry
Though we carry on, mutating our future’s seeds
Now look into my eyes, see what’s written on my face
Our true lives are gone. We’re just a dying breed out of place.
Here…Right here…around and above
I’ve gone blind in my search for unconditional love
So I hope you remember. I hope you can recall
Yourself being the symbolic death of Peace; a fallen dove.
I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry for “us.”
I hate that the truth leaves confusion,, and not knowing what to do
There once was something here, that was of color, for lease
Then rented, used, and destroyed.
So I hope you’re happy, PHukcers, how you’ve disrespected our deceased.

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The Last Plea

My sanity slips through my fingers like water seeping through the cracks.
No matter how hard I close my fist it continuously flows away.
Am I not able or am I not willing to see myself in the future.
For I feel as if I am waiting to keel over dead one day soon.

I cant seem to find what my purpose is.
I use to think I had one but now I only see wasted life.
I now don’t make plans to far in advance.
For I can honestly not see myself hanging on that much longer.

One may ask themselves what kind of life is this.
Well this is my life or what there lack of.
Cant say I planned it nor can I say I tried to change it.
Now all I can do is stop it from continuing.

I ask for forgiveness and mercy on my soul.
I pray to let me start over, but this life is already to far gone.
There is no chance of fixing it, so I pray for a second chance.
My life must end for my new one to begin.

So don’t shed a wasted tear on me.
Just know I am beginning a new life.
So instead of mourning for me I ask you to pray for me.
Pray that I don’t ruin the next one. 

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My Filthy Fire

My ship of dreams I build no more
I hack to fragments my vain desire
To toss like trash and be ignored.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To sail the seas and not return
My ship sinks in the straight of dire.
Its keel has split, its hull to burn
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To hear the Sirens song too long
Uncharted seas with sails which tire.
With all my dreams and fancies gone
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

I pondered from my window long
And fanned my passion ever higher.
I cursed "His" name to sing my song.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

For fortuned Isles my eyes did cry.
My dreams I leave to whom I sire
For I am cremated before I die
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

Resurrecting souls my dreams has killed
To pull myself from deep quagmire.
To warm my heart which time has chilled.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

It is for sure, not springtime here
Shorter days, how bare "His" trees.
Looking back pulls eyes to tear
For waste and loss of all my greed.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire
Now as to turn from what it seems
Left to me a works of priers
Never to sail my ship of dreams.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Heap high this waifs, to be no loss.
No wisdom from my follies liar
Burn Oh! Burn you holocaust.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
My sins may perish with my ships.
To right my wrongs I now aspire.
So let them burn without my kiss.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
This cord of which I gladly burn
Dreams or follies of mud are mire
No loss to me and no concern.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Stream me toward sweet isles of peace
Bright flash and gleam of my attire
Shall fall in lour of my decease.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
When in my grave I take my task
Point for my Lord my vain desires
In chilling embers and cold gray ash.

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Last Regards

Can you tell them,
I love them.
When I leave,
Make sure you remember me.

Holding tight to my hand,
Your eyes water out tears of sadness.
My heart starts to pound,
I don’t make another sound.

When I leave,
Make sure you,
Grab my hand,
and say a pray for me.

Don’t you tell me,
Not to leave you,
But its my time,
To move on.

I’ll be here,
Watching you,
And waiting,
For you to see me one day.

Can you tell them,
I will miss them.
If they miss me,
Tell them to look up.

I will hear them,
Calling my name,
I will come down from heaven,
To be with them once more.

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The Haunted Door

A haunting house,
I gaze upon within the dark hollows of the hill,
Nestled in the snowy rain,
Black as night, the doorway stands,
Cobwebbed by age.

Great stone walls rise up from the sides of the hill,
Towering above the door, casting shadows upon the ground,
And dead bushes and plants ring the yard,
Filling it with musty smell of death,
But always the dusty tile path,
Leads the wooden door.

Little life lies here upon this hill,
This roofless house is haunted now,
For the stones inside there are names upon
great stones set into the mantle, dust covering the walls.

Here I sat for days on end,
Never moving towards the door,
My thoughts upon that ancient door,
Thinking of entry, opening that dusty door.

My mind made up, I walk towards the house,
Through dark night,
And blizzard winds,
Open that door and walk inside,
It slams behind,
Now I am alone,
Behind that door,
In that roofless house,
Sleeping with those long gone,
Lying in a crevice marked by a granite block.

And here I lie for eternity,
Here I rest at last,
And to heaven I now go,
To greet those from the far past.

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Fictional for a prompt:- think outside the box in sixteen words.

Frothing at mouth
Distemer shows itself
Taking over body and mind
Mans best friend 
Slowly dies

Please, please, please get your animals/pets vaccinated!

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Unbroken Pieces of My Heart

Verse 1:  I tried to  fix  the  pieces  of my  broken  heart/ Yet  over  the  years / 
Things  still fell apart/ Myfragile  heart can't  go on  without  you  in  my life/ 
Everything  that  was  wrong i  tried  to make  right/

Bridge : Now  our  love is  gone / Now  i  can't  go  on cause  all i  do is  cry/ 
I  cried/

Chorus: You  were  the  one  who  made  me  happy/ You  were  the one  who  
made  me  smile/ You were the  one  who  was  always there  for  me / There's  
no  need  to say  words  unspoken/ Because  my  heart was  already unbroken/

Verse 2: After  all the crying  things  still didn't  sem  to  matter  between you  and  
me / When  we  first  kissed  you  told  me that you  cared/ After  your  lies the  
truth came  out  throughout  the years/ All this  time  i  was good  to  you yet  you  
made  me  feel so  blue/ You said  you  would  change  yet  you remained  the  
same /

Bridge: 1x
Chorus : 3x

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I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I left without saying Goodbye,
the only sound left in me was a faint cry,
I wanted to call you, I really did try,
I'm sorry I left without saying Goodbye.

Don't worry my one it was harder to live than it was to die,
But I'm sorry I left without saying Goodbye.

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I found out about you tonight!

It brought me to my knees!

The feeling I had was overwhelming!

When I heard, I was not at peace!

You faced a lifetime of battles!

Satan tried to control your every thought!

Did you repent and ask Jesus into your heart?

Did you remember what He did for you at The Cross?

Where are you now?

Only you and The Lord God truly know!

Will I be seeing you in Heaven someday?

Or did you go down the wrong road?

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This Needle This Life

This needle, this life
We fight to get a fix
It lasts a short while
Theres no more, its time

We hunt them down
Stealing here and there
We need this needle
Injected in our veins

It feeds us engery
It gives us pleasure
More, More, we need
Its all gone....more

It ruins our family
Our friends turn their backs
We dont care
All we need is the needle 

The herion, the weed
The crack, its all life
Its all that loves us
And we love it to death

This needle, this life
Followed us to our grave
So where is this needle now?
Still stuck in our veins

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When Love Ends

Just wanted to tell you I've been there too,
I know exactly what you're going through!
The love of your life has run away,
And here you no longer wish to stay.

You believe that this pain can't possibly end,
As you distance yourself from family and friend.
You may even convince yourself that you're to blame,
When you begin to separate each other's name.

I'd lost count of how many tears I'd shed,
Every night before going off to bed.
For awhile I'd even lost the will to live,
As all my energies to work I'd give!

When peoples lives for some reason part,
It really rips and tears at your heart!
So believe me my friend I've seen what you see,
As from your life partner you're being set free.

I'll be here to listen to what you need to say,
To stand by your side - come what may.
Through tears and memories this pain will heal,
And your heart will one day love again feel!

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A Faded Rose

  Once there was a strapping young man that gave a beautiful red rose to a 
charming young woman. She loved him so much that she would have given her 
every breath for him.
  One day he came to her and said,"I don't love you anymore. I am so sorry but 
this I say is true. I can no longer live this lie. I say this for it is not fair to you that I 
stay. It will only prolong your pain ad I will not be responsible for that. You are  a 
young and beautiful woman and some day you will find someone that is worthy of 
you and your love, but that one is not I. This you must understand." As he turned 
and walked out the door the tears began to fall like ice dripping off a roof top. She 
cried for days and finally the tears no longer came.
  The day all her loved ones knew would come. She had finally got past the pain. 
She was gone, never to feel the pain of his loss again for she had given her every 
breath just as she vowed to do. When they found her deceased body, she was 
holding a faded red rose from days gone by.

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Last Drop Of Red

Follow light to every wrong turn
Let it slip and watch it burn
You've bid the blood and spilled the pain
Now break the trust and cut the vein
Be nothing more and nothing less
Kill the cold and cross the stress
Feed the lies
Lose the fire in those eyes
Running crimson
Now you know what you've done
Let everyone down
Lay dieing, soak the gown
I last remember my tower of mistakes
Drained of red tears and chased away by all the fakes

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From darkness - light

Out goes old self - Touched
My mind opens
Ripples of comfort reach out
I reach another
Truth drip feeds my mind
I'm open to it
My faith prevails
Me - a new beginning

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Oh God I Cant Do This

It's been so long since that day changed my life and darkened everything around 
me I relive all the time minute by minute cant go with out crying I find my self 
wanting to call you until I remember I reach up as high as I can with my arms so 
wide It just aint right to still be here with out you near me, I'll say it clear while I 
hold back tears I feel so helpless some days I dont think I can live through this 
oh god I cant do this. So many plans we envisioned about growing up and 
getting old what promise the future hold, I tried so hard to run away from that day 
because I just didnt know what to say still to this day I feel so helpless some 
days I just dont think I can live through this oh god I cant do this. Contemplate 
visting your grave after all these years with so many fears I cant bare I hope you 
understand all this just was'nt part of the plan I feel so helpless some days I just 
dont think I can live like this oh god I cant do this. What I would'nt give for one day 
with you to tell you how much I love you it was a blast the times we had from little 
kids so close to adults I'm totally lost I find strength in memories of you and me 
but its not enough to calm the hurt, I feel so helpless some days I just dont think I 
can live like this oh god I cant do this I feel so helpless everything has changed 
I'm not the same as day's go bye can I get through this your truly missed oh god I 
cant do this oh god I cant do this.

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I drift ever closer
to Soledad,
In the winter of 
my life,
For I have done
the unthinkable,
And slayed my
unfaithful wife...

An act committed
And one whose
I could not see

So, farewell
dear friends,
I am now insane,
I will relive
that horrorific act
Time and time again.

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The Darkest Hour

His time on earth was completed!
He stood before THE LORD THY GOD!
The Father looked at him,
then HE gave him a nod!


I was a good person LORD!
I helped many people!
I tried to show everyone love!


Please give me another chance LORD!
I'm so sorry for not believing in you!



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time to say goodbye

you'll be with me for just a short while
until our link is broken
i've never made such a heartbreaking choice
but my heart will always be open
you surely are the loveliest thing
an honour to have you inside
but things they have to change my dear
there's tears i'll be needing to cry
please try and understand somehow
that somethings aren't meant to be
this reason for this decision
is there's people pressuring me
i thought that i could handle it
but i realise i'm far too weak
i have no home to call my own
i'm just living on the street
i've done all the thinking possible
and cried an ocean of tears
but this doesn't make it easier
and it doesn't erase my fears
i'm not looking for any excuses
there's no easy way out of this
maybe just a shoulder to cry on
or a warm reassuring kiss
i have no-one, i'm afraid we're on our own
i never wished for any of this
and i'm feeling so alone
if i could stop time just to be with you
for just a little while more
i would stop every clock that i could find
my heart out to you i'd poor
but time it stops for no-one
and the days are passing by
i'm sorry it has to be like this
but it's time to say goodbye

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Sunset Dinner

I would tell him, 
but he hunkered 
down in his bunker, 
with one-thousand-caliber cans of beer.
He rationed himself,
to every Bud.
Every friend
poured from their head-wound
deafening - distinctive - gurgles.

I dine at a wide clay table -
face the gold-red wall.
I serve myself a setting yolk -
season it with salt.
I eat my meal, and quickly-
forbid the air its warmth.
I stuff myself with sunset;
starved in bed, I bawl
as dusk, so kind, wraps leftovers
for tomorrow evening’s gall

He (like the day) has set;
sunsets taste – different –

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   It'll crawl in your insides and make you turn upside down.
    You'll start to run from everything and all everyone can do is look at you with sad 
eyes. Like it's sad that your afraid to climb mountain tops and crawl in the dirt. It 
sort of makes you guilty for always running away and it always catches up to you until 
you can't escape anymore. It's like the world is so huge and intimidating, it makes you 
seem so small like your the only one. Fear is fear until you learn to conquer it. Don't 
let it take over your mind because when it gets there it's deadly, it'll eat your insides 
even though your not ready.

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The Flying Casket

amidst my indelible impressions
comes an era of remembrence
that shall go down in history

I recall the flight of an airship
traveling abroad from Europe
to the United States 

with ninety seven aboard
passangers crews and news media
were all awaiting for its safe arrival

as newsreel coverage was filming
the attempt docking of this flight it
turned into a blazing yellow and red fireball

within one minute
thirthy five lives had

In Memory Of 
Those Lost On The

{Deutsche Luftschiff Zeppelin #129}

Also Entry For
Brian Strands 
Indelible Impressions Contest

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Let Me In

Why did you go?
Why didn't you stay?
I'm sure you know
I miss you everyday.

Did you think we were better off without you?
Did you just have enough?
Did you think you couldn't make it through?
That you had it rough?

What about the ones you left behind?
They cared about you.
I wasn't able to change your mind;
I couldn't save you.

I tried so hard to make you see
That things would get better.
I wanted you to stay with me,
But instead you wrote your letter.

Apologizing for leaving things bottled in,
For hurting your family;
For ultimately giving in,
And for loving me.

Because that's the love that ripped you apart;
You say it was just too strong.
But I gave with all my heart,
And I think you were wrong.

You were afraid of loving me;
There was nothing you could do.
All along you wouldn't see
That all I needed was you.

I didn't care about looks or money,
I didn't think about all that stuff.
You and I were meant to be;
All we needed was love.

I was there to give that love to you,
But you were too scared.
I know what we had was true,
If only you had dared.

To love me with all you had, 
To forgive every sin,
Release all the bad,
And just let me in.

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Black Shadows

Silent echoes, streaming through my ears,
The screams sound so real;
But they're only there for me to hear.
Shadows moving behind my eyes,
I try to speak,
But the truth is not spoken, only lies.
Inner demons, tearing me apart.
My body is going to collapse,
With one final kick to my heart.
There it goes, my life out the window.
I try to hold on, I try to scream.
But I met my match, my demons are overflowing
Like a stream.
I go to school, trying to hide my true feelings inside.
It's a new day, but the demons refuse to leave,
My pain just won't go away, they are determined to hide.
They see all of the marks, all of the signs,
If they only asked how I felt,
My demons, they would find.
But for now, they will remain hidden behind my eyes, throughout my toes.
The only thing you will see from them;
Is my pain, hidden in their Black Shadows....

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Letter To My Children

Maybe if I write a letter to the son I killed
Maybe if I wrote to my dead daughter 
My soul would finally heal
Maybe me and your mother would get back
Together instead of being just 
A beak and feathers
Two dead doves
We spoke all the time of love

But with all this love
We lack the courage 
To say that our luck’s up
Cause we "messed" up
And we need help
Instead we dealt with it wrong
Now I have to write a song to my lost boy

Now I have to lose out on life’s joy
Cause I was young and stupid
And I killed my kid
Faced with so much guilt
Over the blood that I let get spilt

But GOD works in mysterious ways
So if I have to spend days
Emotionally broken over this
Its fine cause she’s been through
All the physical pain
So now as this rain
Falls its beginning to pour

So if I had to write this letter
It’d start “Hey Daddy’s Girl”
Or “My Son”
Or maybe “Dear Little One”
You were never here but you’re still gone
But Daddy still loves you
And he’s sorry he took away all your firsts
Sorry that he’d never be able to protect you from closet ghosts

Daddy’s writing you this letter
I hope GOD lets you read it.

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Our Loved One

The one who helped us
When we were down
Made us smile 
When we had a frown
I wish that you didn't 
Have to go so soon
I was glad when you were around 
I wish you could come back
We all really miss you 
Not a day goes by 
Without thinking about you
That just shows our love 
For you is more than true
That is why god is with you 
It was just your time to go
I can still hear your voice 
Flowing in and out my ear 
As I sit by the window
And that's how I know 
You're still here with me 

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Awakened to the darkened room
Not knowing where I am
Locked up in every corner
Trying to escape and shatter the light

Surrounded by agony
Clouded with anger and frustration
In order to escape the hell that 
had locked me up in despair

Emotionless and struggling for air
No space to move but just
Worries and nightmares

For I have just fought with this evil for too long
Losing the abilities to move and communicate
My dreams are not heard 
This frustration and worry building up on me
Not knowing where to go 
How to move and react to the images around me

Sealed in all four corners 
by the enemy itself
Running around the same space
Seeing my shadows
and hearing the ghost inside of me

I've been taken
To this dark world 
which I know nothing about
and here I lay in desperate need
Unwinding my thoughts and questions buried in me

Not knowing how to finally escape 
I'm here for eternity
I'm dead

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I had a dream of you, my precious baby
Of holding you tight, keeping you safe all night
You'd be my first, my miricale baby

Your tiny fingers, your little glowing eyes
A smile to shine as bright as the stars that light my night
My special baby

When you learn to crawl
Your first walk
The very first words i'd hear you utter

Your first birthday, and every holiday
Mommy, daddy, play with me
My darling baby

To feel you kick inside of me
Your first breath, your little heartbeat
A gift from God, taking place
The eagerness to see your smiling face

The joy it brings to sing you to sleep
The warmth egnited from the innocent love of a child
Watching you grow day by day
Lighting your world, leading your way
Everything you'd ever want, ever need
I'd gladly give my life for you, my baby

Every feeling i'd ever recieve
From loving you, my dear, I felt in one night's dream
But i'll never get to live the end
Because Your life in this world wasn't able to begin

All this said, I wish was only a dream
But honey, this was a reality corrupted by me
I never meant to hurt you, if only i'd known you were there
If only you knew how much I care

You'll forever stay in my dreams
I'm sorry, my beloved baby.....

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dont care any more (edited)


Don't care anymore

people may think i do it for attention
but its rare that i break
but all this stress;
i dont know how much more i can take

dont look at me and see weakness
trust me,i know im not that strong
i put up an image
but you were the fool who believed it all along

im left with the broken pieces
of my bloody and shattered heart
these are the same pieces
that have been ripping me apart

im sorry im not perfect
and no i'll never be
but im not trying to impress you
i dont mind being me

so when i break down
its not for your pity
thats just a reminder to myself
of how life became so shi
theshat has scarred me
facking deep
and still a year later
all these secrets i must keep

from everyone around me
god knows what they would think
something kept me together
you're the missing link

i cant go back
to that moment in time
when you werent a part of me
when you werent on my mind

im sorry for being a failure
i guess i just give up
and even though im hurting
i make it seem like i dont give a fack

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No more handkerchiefs-

I can recall the first time she ever held me in her arms and looked into my 

eyes… she was more different than anyone else I would ever come to know.  It 

was the way that she touch me, that said to me, no harm would ever come upon 

you  as Iong as I was here... it was the way that she looked at me that told me 

how deeply she cared. As I got older sometimes I wouldn't always do 

what she told me to do. 

Somehow she still managed to let the warmth of her smile still come through, to 

despite her distain for what I had did, it was a look that said you can do better if 

you only try? I can’t bring her back to me... as I sit here by her final resting place. 

As these never ending blue tear drops flow down my face both night and day. 

Oh how I miss momma and wish that she we’re still here to wipe away my

blue tears? 

If she was still here, I know she would wipe away my blue tears... and she would 

pull out one of those old handkerchiefs that she kept in her old purse and 

she would then  say to me.., don’t cry my baby everything will be okay. Now blow 

your nose and let me see that smile on your face? 

As the six of those elderly men carried her down those steps and as I followed 

along, just thinking to myself...she can’t be gone? As they started to lower her 

beautiful white casket into it's final resting place, I did come to realize, no more 

would I see her smile that would make the pain go away and the boogieman 

seem like a bad friend misbehaving that when she would appeared he would 

just run away. Now here I stand a broken hearted man, but I weep like that baby 

she once knew years ago... I know momma has the Angels smiling and laughing 

up there? 

Truly God must have already known there was one Angel still left down here on 

earth and  that he needed them to to come back home, so he called for momma 

late one February night. God already knew about your warm kisses that could 

put the suns warmth to shame and he knew about hugs that you could

give that put a tight sweater to shame. 

I miss you momma, I know you are passing out those old handkerchiefs of yours 

from out of  that old purse you use to carry and wiping Angels noses and 

mending their wings...I miss you mother, but I'm sure they did too.


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I'm standing in a pool of blood,
Where did it come from?

My friends all look in horror,
I laugh. What else can I do?

My wrists are bleeding,
But what can I say?

They rush out for me,
But I pull away.

I look at them with eyes full of hate,
And say"Now look at what you've gone and made me do!"

I lean against the wall,
Falling to my knees.

Their eyes following me,
I cry out in sheer excitement!

I look at my wrists,
I look at them in amazement!

Blood all around me I feel right at home,
No one loves me and I feel all so alone.

When I thought about the meaning of my life,
I realized it was a lie!

No real friends, no family that cared,
Everybody pushed me away !

Now I'm left staring at my wrists in Amazement!

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You throw words out in the moment of anger

What do you see when you look at the blood?
The cuts so deep you can not breathe. 
When you look into my eyes what is it you see?
The pain I've tried to hide from you.
When you look at me, are you disappointed?
Upset with these choices I've made.
When I look at you, I remember your words.
Cruel and heartless, until you knew the truth.
When I look into your eyes I see a fear.
Fear that what you said may be the last thing I hear.
When I look at you I see past the anger.
I no longer look there for the answer.
Where I find what I'm looking for, 
Can only be seen when you look through the doors.
I find your heart, and look into it.
What you say and what you feel, 
Unable to make sense of it all, 
You throw words out in the moment of anger.

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She writes down her woes

I reach for a breathe 
But theres nothing to grasp
It chokes my slowly 
As the blood is caught up in my

This cut gets deeper 
As I run the blade agianst my wrist
At first it felt as if I was someone
Because I wasnt to late to change
A horrible mistake

I open my eyes finally
The blood everywhere 
It haunts me as the cut never heals
I get scared and start to belittle myself

It was not my desicion
To take this knife to my wrist
But it was my little voice
The taunts my mind

Suicide diaries of a young girl 
That can bring a man to his knees
Cries out for help in the only way she can
She writes down her woes

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I'll Take a Bow

This requiem they play is for me, you know.
For everything I've enjoyed I've squandered.
I used to be lackadaisical and full of life, you know.
But then my mind and my soul had wandered.
The life set before me was promising and pure.
The younger years were where it all started.
I was exposed to the cold world premature.
My cousin had gone, Heaven holds the faithful departed.
My compatriots of the schoolyard were vulgar and brash.
They would never bow down to a higher power.
I ended up learning the hard way, and began with a thrash.
We were watched by the teachers every minute of every hour.
The grass was greener, the grass was fine.
Until it became a habit.
My grades had slipped, their was a sign.
That this town for many years I would inhabit.
I let her go, I regret it now.
The habits come back for more.
My lifes gone bad, I'll take a bow.
For this act, I think, is done for.

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What Hasnt Been Named

The blood was so red,
Mixed within the water,
I tried not to look,
At what my eyes where ashamed of.
Yet it held my gaze,
Like a lover lost,
In his angels soul.

I held you tightly,
Embracing our pain,
I could feel you shake,
The fear in your tears,
Overpowering what was suppose to be,
As you called out my name,
I pulled the plug,
Wishing for forgiveness.

The tornado came,
As I watched what was once my dream,
Spiral and spin,
Its sound of thunder,
How can this be such a perfect storm,
That has yet to be named.

I ran more water,
Hot became cold,
In library time,
I recalled what was told,
Just hours before I had accepted,
Everything was suppose to be ok,
It wasn’t going to rain,
Not today not ever,
I can still see the stain.

I silently asked why,
You so loudly called out my name,
Over and over again and again,
Both asking questions,
How can we fix this pain,
Of flooding confusion…
The answers never came.

I tried not to get sick,
I tried to be strong,
As I hid your eyes,
My chest wet with your dreams,
Things started to spin,
All I could do was pray,
Please give me back,
What hasn’t been named.

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A cry for help

I'm sick of pretending i'm ok
When deep down i'm waiting for the day
I think it's time people should see
Just how messed up i can be
It aint through drugs nor triugh drink 
So dont you even think
I've hid it well for about 5yrs 
But now more then ever i hope its near
I need some help before my mind goes
Before its to late i need someone to know.

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Sorrowful Silent Words

It's not the memory that hurts the most.
It's knowing you are gone, and I cannot go.

You were my friend, a silent confidant.
So why did I shun you like I hated you?

Now you're gone, and not words can express,
the way I feel, worse than emptiness.

My eyes burn for I didn't cry, but even the strong do from time to time.
I want to express how I feel, so I write this to show how I cared.

Even these words are not enough, to explain how I fell about what happened.
I watched you grow, I watched you learn, and yet you left me way to soon.

You were my friend, someone I truly loved.
So I sit here in sorrow, writing silent words.

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I’m so, so sorry
For the things I never said
The things I couldn’t
I hope with every breath to make you proud
Though, it’s too late for you to watch
You’re gone now, Goodbye
And I never appreciated you
I was alone. 
You asked no questions.
You loved me;
You shouldn’t have.
So please I beg you,
Heed me,
Whatever you were to me in life
You were always Grandpa 
In my heart,
Goodbye Friend

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They carried my Jesus away in chains!

They beat Him!
They laughed at Him!

They called Him a liar to His face!
His people wept!



They wouldn't listen!
They were consumed with evil!

They nailed my Jesus to the cross!
He endured more pain that day, than anyone has ever felt!

He could have had The Father release Him from The Cross
at any point and time!

He chose not to!
He endured until the end!
He did it for your salvation and mine!

They buried Him in the tomb!
Three days later, He rose again!

He went back to The Father in Paradise!
He went to prepare a place for His people in Heaven!


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The mild memory of rolling grasslands, the fine moisture of morning dew
Water so cool and calm
Thoughts so distant from me now, as I'm forced back to my dismal gruesome abyss
My tattered body lies frail on the harsh ground of these pathways
My eyes vacant, the color stolen from me. Now all I see is what I feel
The abundant air surrounds my body and bares down with a living weight
My skin is slowly turning to grime. I am too exhausted to move, I can hardly breathe.
The darkness crushes my frame
I forgive the evil of men, they have endured more anguish than me
This world is like hell fire. The hell fire I will slowly escape from
The suffering is finally over, and  now I'm covered in joy
As these grasslands and the moisture of dew float into my body
I feel the light from above, and finally discover that I have reached my heaven

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They haunt me,
As if I were a murderer, 
The eyes of a million victims,
Victims of my self-torture,
Of my self-hate,
Of my lies,
Of the life I’ve been living
Regardless of others,
Regardless of myself.
My reflections distorted
By bloodshed and tears,
I hold your picture close to my heart,
I whisper to my unseeing eyes
I love you

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Lost in a hateful World

Lost in a hateful world
hurt, disrespect, and murder
searching for something but can not find
learning about this hateful world 

Lost in a hateful world
screaming at the top of my lungs but nobody hears
running away from this hateful world but no way out 

Lost in a hateful world

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We could ask why for another 20 years
Sometimes we still do through our laughter and tears
Our little princess we all love so dear
Has been taken from us yet you still feel so near
It's hard most times to understand
This is another part of his plan
There certainly must have been some distress
For him to take our little princess
You've been an angel from the start
One little smile and you stoled everyones heart
Gone is your wit, your caring, all the fun
These memories we will cherish 
Until our time has come
We know you are in a much better place
But we miss your smile and beautiful face
The joy you've given will forever remain in our hearts
Until like you, from this world we depart
So until that day just between you and me
We will be patiently waiting to join you "sweet pea"

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you are but a poor reflection of yourself,
you might fool others,
but you dont fool me,
with your clear,cool,unrippleing outer surface,
others gaze at you,
and see them selves in your careful,
yet indifferent reply,
but i no that behind that cold perfection,
your blood runs with mercy fire,
i have thouched you,
and come away bleeding from you razer sharp edges,
that catchthe poor and unwary people who worship you,

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I feel so..

I feel so lost in words and time.
My life is turning toward the ground.
Theres nothing to be found
That can grate that sound
Yelling and screaming as I watch it all fade away
My friend, my life, my soul
Everything changes so fast 
But nothing can be left in the past

Why must this last 
I can't get a grasp 
On the life that I want to have
I feel so lost in pain and suffering
Anger and the stuttering of my mind not knowing what to do

It’s out there to take me away for good
i can't stand being under this hood of darkness that leaves me restless
I'm ready to take the fall, into that cell to get away from you all.
My friends are gone. My life has been stawed upon.

I choked on the lips that kissed that bottle, of pain suffering.
The things that you said, that words that bled out of your mouth
Pushed that knife deeper into the wound. That hole you made that I can't fill
Because I don't have the pills. To ease the pain that will never go away.

My life was my high, my life was my pill.
But all you do is do what ever you can do you make me hate you!!!
Your bring it upon yourself, its all what you asked for.
I've gone through it, and now it’s your turn

Now as I lay here, I burn
In the anger, in the pain and suffering
That you brought upon me.
Everyone will know that you did it.
Everyone will know that I hated it.
It’s all in words that will never be told
Because this is my good bye tone
	Goodbye to the life that I lived so unhappily, but there was only one 
person that changed everything. And goodbye to you. Goodbye to my friends, my 
dreams, my writings. Goodbye to the ever changing worlds, Goodbye to the life’s 
of those that are happy. Goodbye to the Music that I loved. Goodbye to the 
mistakes I made and goodbye......

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Shadows of an Unseen Dream

Deep inside that dreadful shadow

Desperate longings come about

As I was falling out

Of a world so deep inside

What is this feeling of self-pride

Never felt so incomplete

Down in this shadow so deep

As I weep

My eyes away

Wishing I could stay 

This way away so far

Inside this fear so dreaming less

I doubt that I could ever confess

These words of mine

I design

This world of mine if its happy, sad, angry, or mad

Red deceives the wondering eyes

Brown makes the dead rise

Blue always carries lies in the wind

Green means rich ground has sinned

Colors are choose by me in shadows of an unseen dreams

People who are my savers

Seem like strong gladiators

People who are evil goodness in disguised

Try to get baptized

But soon I realize that they are false

Treading on Gods foot steps they are

They beat depressed anger on whats fare

And what they can not reach

If only in my dream I could teach

Them to be kind

But they follow the condemned one

And can not be saved by the one true son

Shadows of an unseen dream

Execute my self-esteems 

But this dark world of mine is what I may wont it to be

But only I can see it

Shadows of an unseen dream drift away, because Im not an infant 

Memories so far down inside

Can only hide

So long as shadows are undetected 

Life is happy rainbows and butterflies 

Till it is recognized 

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Sitting, wondering, thinking, imagining.  
Imagining what it would be like to go back change things.
Wondering how things would have been different.
Thinking she could have done something to change the outcome.
She closes her eyes and drifts to a place where things are like they one were.  
Everyone is there, the one she misses most is there.
He's waiting for her to run to him and hug him, tell him she loves him.
She sees him and wonders why he had to go. 
She becomes angry and wants to turn and run immeadiately because the pain is 
too real.
Instead she stands and stares.
She looks into his eyes, trying to read every emotion, trying to see what it was that 
she missed so that she can catch it if that same look of pain and hoplessness 
comes into the eyes of another that she loves so much.
He calls her to him, "come here baby, I'm sorry that I left, I just didn't see any 
other way out." 
She stands still, tears rolling down her face, she looks at him in disbelief, 
wondering how the man who was her hero is the one who has caused her the 
most pain.  
She continues to stand there, not knowing if she wants to hug him or turn away 
because he left her.  
The look on his face shows more sadness than she has ever seen, she wants 
to run to him and tell him not to give up, but it's too late for he is already gone.  
As she starts to walk toward him, his eyes begin to light up, it's as if he realizes 
she is worth living for, even if there is nothing else, his daughter loves him and 
always will.
He starts to see that he made a huge mistake.
She is still walking, the path to him seems to extend forever, like she will never 
reach him.
Finally she seems to be getting closer.
She reaches him, hugs h im like never before because she knows it will be the 
She tells him how much she loves him, how sorry she is that she didn't do better, 
that she should have paid more attention to the pain he was going through.  
He just hold her and lets her cry on his shoulder, brushing her hair away from 
her face and wiping her tears away just as he did when she was little.
The pain comes back into his eyes for she is opening hers back to the reality that 
he is gone.
As she opens her eyes she is looking in the mirror and realizes that the eyes she 
saw with such pain were her own.

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Shakespeare never wrote about us...

Everywhere I look, I see you. And when I seek respite and close my
eyes, I see you still. Empty memories haunt me...I
am scared to be alone now. Solitude is like an
unwelcome guest, parasitic and imposing, forcing me to
be it's reluctant host. I was always alone...except when I saw color where gray used to
be...that's when I was with you. But now you're
gone and the void that you left in your wake seems impossible to fill.
Nothing can sate it's hunger or quench it's thirst for
my suffering. I cannot seal it off, nor can I seal myself off from it's
dark vacuum. The passage of
time that promised to rebuild me once my heart forgot
the truancy of yours resonates a familiar betrayal. I drown in an ever deepening sea of
foreboding and regret, at once looking ahead at the ominous clouds of love
lost while looking back at my former selves in the rear view
mirror...wondering where all the other people
are. There was only you, Tanya. You filled the
monochromatic shades of my existence with meaning and color. 
But look at me now. I am but a fractured, fraction of the man I
transformed into every beautiful time we touched. As
you walked away your invisible chained hooks ripped
away my better gaping sores weep anew, as
if just gouged. I am a distant memory, and a host to
many more. You twisted and contorted my universe
to go seek out what you already had...but maliciously
chose to destroy. ...and still I admit that without you my heart physically
aches in my tired, heavy chest. Less torture would
befall me if you'd grabbed a blade and run me
through...the sting would've lasted but a moment...and
if you'd be so kind as to hold it outright with a firm
grasp, I'd willingly exchange my resolve for yours and
slide down upon it. And if you think you're so brave as to not feign a second
thought, prove to me now woman that your treacherous heart is
truly black and do not break your eyes from mine until your first tear can be held no more
and my last breath cannot either. Hold back
your guttural whimpers...indulge a dying man and tell
me: who else do you presume will ever love you so
much...who do you presume, notwithstanding an eccentric
on Shakespeare's parchment, has ever loved
much? What, my love? I cannot hear you...only the
velvet on your lips can I see, but no words pass them
by...what did Shakespeare know of love anyway, my dear? He never wrote about us...

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Bloodstains (C)

Red, like the paint on the sheets
the ones that wont let in any heat
the color is bold yet too plain
but the meaning lets out so much pain

Bloodstains on my wrist
Because I made you pissed
Bloodstains on my head
There it is all over my bed

The smell is all over my place 
There is blood all over my face
You hurt me way to much
I can't stand your bloody touch

Bloodstains on the gun
Don't believe what I have done
Bloodstains on my lave
From your bloody fave

You had your chance to stop
You even lied to the cop
You should of yelled
But you never bailed

Bloodstains in my heart 
You ripped it apart
Bloodstains in my mine
You body they'll never find

(poem is copyrighted under my name)

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Sorry I'm not as strong as you
Sorry for all the things I'm not motivated to do
Sorry for my obsession with knives
Sorry I'm taking my life tonight
Sorry I can't hold on for one more day
Sorry it has to end this way
Sorry your my only love
Sorry I'm not gong to heaven above
Sorry for hiding the truth from thee
Sorry I'll never get to show you the real me
Sorry I'm not trying to try
Sorry tonight I'm going to die
Sorry for saying sorry so much
Sorry I adore the sharp blades touch
Sorry I never fullfilled my dreams
Sorry for all the things I scream
Sorry its the end for me
Sorry you'll never see
What I will never be
Sorry I'm leaving you
Sorry for everthing.

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Hope On a Rope

The feeling of disappointment turns to depression
Which this feeling does not subside, it takes hold of your life.
Seeing the bottom of bottles helps to bring hope,
That can all be summed up in a folded note.

A note of memories and laughter,
Yet the anxiety is coming faster.
Reading along with the pastor
He realizes his actions were disastrous.

“Help me fill this void in my life”, he says
“Help me get my life back on track”
The sound of metal crashes as he speaks 
He will be locked in a cell for eternity.

Waiting to stand face to face and meet his fate, 
His dreams of Lucifer have done nothing but keep him awake.
Words from the note come to life, 
And he can only kneel by the bed and pray, thinking of taking his own life.

The power one holds within his own hands
Only comes when there is a demand. 
As he lay to sleep that night cold and hungry
He starts to mumble in his sleep.

The lights are flashing all around
Screams are now drowning, there is no sound.
Blood is all around, and fresh air can not be found.
Smoke fills the lungs and burning flesh ignites the senses.

No, he cries in his sleep.
Let me hold you one last time.
Let me be that husband you never had,
Let me be the father you once knew.

Awake in a cold sweat, he tries to recollect.
Where he is and why he is there,
He remembers the hand he dealt.
One of sorrow and confusion he only sees an illusion.

Writing notes to no one but himself
It helps him deal with the pain that he felt.
The pain never subsides
It only helps him to hold onto his old life.

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Blood on Emeralds

The blood of Emeralds
In Northern Ireland's streets
Where sides detest
Victims they seek
Religious divide
Neighbours slain
For the life of me
What to gain
These troubled times
Historic sores
Deep rooted pasts
Now to the fore
Many guns came out to play
Both sides fell, as they murderously slay
During the week, even Sundays
The Belfast agreement of 1998
This Land of Emeralds, in peaceful state
Neighbours safe to talk again
Never allow the blood, on the Emeralds stain

" Dedicated to all Ireland - The Emerald Isle "

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That dog never hurt anybody

(I'm sorry to say that this is a true story about what two of my relatives did 20 
years ago.)

You paid a person to kill a dog, you should be ashamed.
You make me sorry to have your last name.
What makes me so mad is that you're actually proud of what you did.
If I were you, I'd keep my faces hid.
That dog never hurt anybody,, that's something you can't deny.
I only have one question. Why?

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a suicide note

i have come here
just to inform you
im not sorry
for what i will do
 i have no guilt
nor shame
for leaving you
and your game of life.
life holds nothing
nothing for me
atleast no purpose
only misery

im in debt
im in pain
i cry, knowing 
im not sane
cause i see me dead
a gruesome scene
a knife in my throst
and blood walls
the bloodiest of dreams

he will find me
hell call the police
but ill be long gone
still wishing for peace
noone gives a fck
noone will care
while at my corpse
theyll sit and stare
just another fcked up kid
your better off with what i did
i went quiet
i went alone
ive left to find a new home
im with others like me
helpless, lost and alone

i know 
im going to hell
i love you
i jsut cant live like this
im sick of crying
hurting and pieces of me dieing

id feel empty
if not for the rage
and hate pushing me over the edge
so fck you all
you took it away
all that i knew

fck you
you drove me to this

all of you
could see 
you all knew what was happening to me
you watched me die
lose my mind
so all you fcks

leave your jokes behind
youre all responsible
you could have saved me 
but you didnt care
you never cared

the time has come 
thsi is what i need to do
ill jsut leave
somethng for all of you
i hope you enjoy this 
i wrote it from my heart
this is it
my final word
are you ready for it?

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we sing sin

we sing sin like it is pure
showing no remorse cause we're unsure
whether we should love or hate the infection we spread
to have all sick by laying in ones bed
presenting passionate love
fooled by revengeful lust
so many fight for their life
selfishness prevents a cure for us
so we suffer from loneliness
easily seduced by the predator
pride is the weakness that makes us prey
cause were blind of our inner peace that we will never know
afraid to face the world who is quick to yell I told you so
continuously singing this song of sin
sincerely I beg humble yourself 
in order that we may live

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Accepting our loss

Such pleasure you gave 
in the short time we had,
but you were chosen
and though we are sad;
you're away from the dangers
your earthly life had,
away from things ugly
those awful things, bad... .
You brought us peace,
we can't be mad;
for your crossing over -
means an angel they add.
So proud of you,
so very glad;
from loving friends, family;
Mum and Dad 

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I Remember.

I remember your smile.
I remember your tears.
I remember the talks we had through the years.
You looked up to me, but now I look up to you,
and though you dont like it you`ll always be my Boo Boo.

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If I Die

I'm going 2 be straight with all of u
I don't think that all of u treated me right
But that's ok
Because I'm up here and ure down there

I'm sorry if I ever hurt u in anyway
I didn't mean 2 hurt all of u
I had good intensions
If I luved u and I hurt u
Then I can't make up 4 that
But, I can say that I'm sorry

All u people that luved me
I thank u 4 it
It made everyday that much better
And it felt great 2 have people luv me
I want u 2 know that I luved u right back

Everybody that is reading this
Don't cry tearz of sadness
Cry tearz of joy
I'm in a better and happier place now
I hope anywayz
U all brought me happiness and great memories
Thank u and Good-Bye 4 the last time

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Killers Remorse

Forgive me father for I have sinned

He whispered efficiently into the priests ear

I killed a man today but it was his fault

He looked at me wrong therefore I needed to 

I tore his heart out with his own hand

I saw him starring vaguely in my direction

I could not help myself but stare back with fury

My uncontrolable demon inside of me did it

I must convict myself before justice takes me

The balance of the universe shifted when my hand entered his chest

His lonely black heart lay beating in my soft gentle hand

As it stopped beating I looked into his eyes

They went lifeless and hazed over with relief

He wanted me to kill him priest

He asked me when he looked at me

The glance provoked his wish to come true

I did him a favor as I am a saint working for you

The man I killed was the devil

The man I slaughtered with a grin was the man who killed hope

The balance of the universe has shifted

The balance of the universe has been lifted

As I lifted his beating I did to the universe

I saved the universe priest....I saved you

Now I must die as a result 

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Last prayer

i fall to the bottom,the air begins to thicken.
A gloomy feel of fear and failure laughs in my face as i slip away into darkness.
I close my eyes and prepare to give to the overwhelming fate i now face.
I begin my last prayer.
"i am the creator of my own perfect trap.
My directions and ways of life are the reason i am at this place.
I tried my way to find the way out;to live.
Now i give to your hands,my life with out doubt.
Forgive me, your will be done."

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Like the waning of the moon
The ethereal visage will vanish soon
Given mere moments to reconcile
To clear his name and make her smile 
For when he died the truth died too
But from beneath the earth what could he do
She had recoiled realizing he was a cheat
What a web of lies wove he, what deceit
He knew he didn’t have long
To prove to her that he did no wrong
He crept quietly and opened the door
To find his beloved strewn upon the floor
Given a strange feeling she lifted her head
Only to see the face of a man she knew dead
“Why have you come to haunt me?” said she
“Leave me alone go away let me be.”
“Liza listen what you know is not right
Listen for a moment then I’ll be out of sight”
After hearing his tale there grew a smile and in her eyes gleamed a spark  
His duty now fulfilled he then vanished into the dark

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The place within the fire part III

my world of tidal waves and sinking cities has not surprised me
of falling towers and other such horrors
its like ive accidentally seen them coming
and now I hate this world thinking I'm some sort of god
stuck in the middle of everything
inspiring mirrors of muses and masterpieces
and sometimes i wonder if god mad me bite off more than i could chew
but htat fire within
that crime i had to do
to save my life
i never meant to comit
i would be dead if i didn't 
and maybe your daughters too
and now word of mouth
two towns and sa city know about a crazy guy 
who went nuts in a big way
from some drug
but no one knows the whole truth
until this hits the streets and comes circling round
and the police will have to admit
i'm either more criminally minded than i care to realise
or it was all an accident
or that house was truly haunted

but i'm a tired soul
a lonely heart
and my pillow is swollen 
from tears of nightly torments of the radio
My story goes on
this legacy continues
and i care more for you than i let on
and i hate the world sometimes for the way it has happened to me
more than you will ever know

but i am strong
and i am weak
i find love and hold onto it
until they find a way to remove it from me 
or i poison myself another way
but i dont lie
and i dont hide
I'm not a murderer
I'm not arapist
I'm not a sex offender
just someone who lost their mind from drugs
just about got murdered heard some bad news and had to get away
and it haunts me everyday
it has haunted me for years
it has tormented me
and i know i am guilty
but i also saved more than just my life
and i think thats worth more than one room of your house
so i hope you keep that in mind

wehn I publicize 

the letters 

i have written to hitmen
who i know are out looking for a bounty
to stalk this miracle with a gun
my days are numbered again
and this phoenix needs to be reborn
but how many lives and chances do i have?

the place from the fire within 
was the beginning of an wscape and a new chapter of my getaway
and a new grape of wrath
and an endless book of self rejection and emotional scars
that hopefully one day heals
for now work on you
i know nothing will be the same

but at least you have your sanity
and mine is questioned everyday!

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Love resurrected

My heart is wrung
like sodden sponge;
my eyes do leak,
as Heavens weep.
All, heavily dejected.

My arms do ache;
as 'they' undertake.
My mind does pound
like bells resound.
Tormented and rejected.

Yet, all is not -
in death forgot;
for still I know,
although you go;
your love is still injected.

So go to rest,
I'll stand this test,
soon, we'll meet again
for now, Amen;
my dear, so well respected.

Authors note

Looking for form for this one, on basis of a,a,b,b,c?

Authors notes

Trying to ascertain form if anyone has ideas on rhyme pattern of a,a,b,b,c?

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no more tears since 1997

No more tears for that which has departed
No endings for that which has not started
The knife is in the skin, yet no bleeding
Why shed tears? When tears we are not needing
Drinking her bath water tasting so pure
Using your vice, as her bait and her lure
Drugs not taken, is the rapture of death
In evry tear, evry laugh, evry breath
No passions to give, no feeling to show
Bottled up emotions, never let go
A pound of flesh for a trip to heaven 
No more tears, since nineteen ninety seven

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Not Your Trash

I am not the slop on your dinner plate 
Or the mud on the bottom of your shoes 
I am not your dirty laundry that’s been sitting for three days 
Nor am I the trash you pollute the earth with 
I am not the dog that sits at your feet 
I am not the scrapes in the trash bag either 
I am not your personal bungee cord 
That you can tug at when ever you want to 
Nor am I made of stone 
I am not your fire pit 
You can’t just burn my emotions away 
I am not your someday 
I live the best I can in today 
I am not your rag doll 
Nor am I your voodoo doll 
So stop cursing my life 
I am not the cardboard box sitting at the doorstep 
I don’t like to bottle up my feelings 
I am not the nutrition fact on the can 
Don’t ignore me 
I am not your strength 
You shouldn’t just assume that I’m strong willed 
I am not your Polaroid camera 
Stop making me capture negative thoughts 
I am not your old record that eventually plays out 
This “record” entitled “My Life” is infinite
I am not the lyric in your depressing songs 
You shouldn’t enjoy depressing me either  
I am not your grandfather clock in the living room 
My pangolin never stops
I am not what you want me to be 
I am what I want to be 

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dear mom and dad

i am sorry that i did this
i hope that i will never fade
i cant believe that this all started
with one tiny blade

sure it hurt at first
but soon it felt like one small pinch
the cuts were not that big or deep
only about an inch

i hope you can forgive me
this wasn't because of you at all
it might sound stupid
but its because he didn't call

please don't forget me soon
remember everything we shared
i just wrote this letter to let you know
that I truly cared

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Misery + Ecstasy

"my ecstasy is my misery,"

and she swallowed the pill,
counting the minutes that
separated their difference:

misery and ecstasy, walking
hand-in-hand through the rut
in the valley of denial, drowning
so deep in waves of blurred
stimulation; hopeless, her nerves
rushing past the speed of pain,
only to slide through her fingertips
back onto another pill that,
yet again,

she clutches like a sleepless lover
in the glow of capsules and a blacklit
agony; her heart beats erratically-
a prisoner waiting to break free
from its cage, and feel life, smoothly
coursing through her veins,
as she swallows-

her pulse spikes and eyes roll back
to a place of no thought; no judgment
to measure just what she's living for,
looking for, or why - a fairytale land
of neon greens and electric
a place where she's alone
just enough to be comfortable
in a room full of dead light and
decaying relationships; 
she turns her back, knowing
she'll be stabbed, bound, tied and

but this way,
no one will notice her eyes
head lolling
back, moving
to the violent heartbeat-
stifling her mumbled pleas
of lonely syllables
not a soul will hear -

just bring me back"

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its my fault.

i know you  thought i was going to end up being nothing.
that i was going to drop out of school,
probably get pregnant at 15.
The typical story for the type of person i use to be.
a crackhead.
a waist of time.
a i-dont-care-what-you-say type of person.
But i didnt.
i dont do drugs.
i have a kid,
but im 25, not 15.
i do care.
about many things.
my family. my career. my present. my future.
yes dad, i have a career. i didnt drop out of school.

im sorry i left.but i had to.
i know you didnt know what to do with me anymore,
but thats why i left & i wish i could tell you that.
but now its too late.
i should have stayed.
if it wasnt for me,
you would still be alife right now.
im sorry mom,dad.
im sorry.

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The scenes we left behind remain

Embedded in tormented mind , 
blood clogged fields,
dangling limbs - contorted.
Whistling ammunition,
gun fire resounds.

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Voices Beyond The Grave - Fictional Poem

As I walk through the cemetery
Looking at the many headstones
I come across one of a mere infant
Whose life expired well before the time
Of her impending birth 
A flood of memories fill my mind
I hear the cries of little babies
I hear the sound of children playing
And I hear a child scream with rage,
"How could you do it Mommy?"

I thought I could escape from my demons 
That won't let go of my mistakes
I scream and sob for I thought it was over
I thought my sins died with my children
Who were butchered at my behest
Blood drips from my hands
All of a sudden a bloody knife appears in my hand
And I hear the taunts of many childlike voices hollowing
"You slaughtered us! You left us to die!"
I hear the tiny footsteps of children approaching
I was horrified at what I saw
I see the faces of my babies 
Ghost white with tears of blood 
Dripping down their cheeks
Trembling with fear I shake violently
Begging for an end to my torment

At that moment I felt a light tap on my shoulder
My husband trying to wake me
From my haunting nightmare
He knows what I was dreaming
So he takes me in his arms
Giving me a long embrace
Then he tells me that it is 
Time for me to forgive myself
Because my children are resting peacefully
In Heaven with Jesus
And that one day I will get to hold them in my arms
And look at their beautiful faces
Finally getting the chance to be their Mother
After a lifetime seperated from them

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i shed a tear

i shed a tear
for the people who died in the 9/11
i shed a tear
for the people who died in the 7/7
i shed a tear
for the people who gets bullied
i shed a tear
for the people who thinks there life aint worth living for
i shed a tear
for the people who are suffering
i shed a tear

i shed a tear
for the people who dont believe in God
i shed a tear
for the people who dont have faith and hope
i shed a tear
for the people who stands and stairs
i shed a tear
for the homeless people who needs a shelter 
i shed a tear

i shed a tear
when you cry
i shed a tear
when you lie
i shed a tear
for when your sad
i shed a tear
for happiness
i shed a tear
dat im still here
with my family and friends
i shed a tear

thank you lord 
thank you

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No more

There’s no pain i feel inside
   No more happy moments that i remember 
No more feelings left for you
  No more emotions coming up beneath my skin
Not a single thought of you hunt me 
  All dreams of you disapeared infront of me
And thankfully no more tears of mine falling from my eyes
  No expression left on my face 
My skin is un-naturaly pale 
  No man to love
No more lies and broken heart to deal with
  No more life for me to live

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A friend full of Pain

Her heart cries
But her eyes shed the tears
As she listens to the bad news
And all that she hears
Her soul is lost
To think all that she has lost
Remember the good times
Makes you want to forever cry
To think of whom she loves the most
And how that night he almost died
What would a woman’s life be like?
Without the one who changed her ways
To love and faith, to scared and pain
I watch her as she shortly breaks down
Already gone, don’t know what to do now
Just want to cry right along
But I’m trying to be strong 
For her and her pain
A change of life, part of the future
A friend full of pain will always remain

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Goodbye ma an' pa
Worst thing ya ever saw
Me dyin' on ya for bein' successful
Never meant to make your lives so stressful

I do what I do for you, baby
Or I do it for me, for money, maybe
Who knows now, babe
I don't
You told me to not get in trouble
I said I won't

Cursed myself for lyin' before I hit the floor
Never shoulda got into this money war
Didn't mean to lie to you, didn't think I was
It's alright though, babe, stupid is as stupid does

Brother, don't envy me
I'm the worst guy you ever seen
I was good to you, to the crew
We were the best through and through

Told ya I'd be back before 9
My blood fell an hour after then
Red as wine

Didn't mean to lie to you, didn't think I was
It's alright though brother, stupid is as stupid does
Steppin' outside into the fray
What a stupid mistake I made that day

Got a shot to the chest, one to the head
It hurt so bad, boy, I knew I was dead
Shoulda raised you right, never did
Tried to make you a happy kid

Told ya I'd be back for dinner
But sorry, boy, your daddys a sinner
Didn't mean to lie to you, didn't think I was
It's alright though boy, stupid is as stupid does

Heres the apology to myself before I go
We had some fun, it was a great show
Shoulda made the right decisions, I didn't
Said I'd make it through, I didn't

Didn't mean to lie to myself, thought I was the best
It's alright though, I can finally take a rest

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My Friend Mark

I've known him since high school,
He had an immense impact on me,
Tosseled, curly blonde hair,
And always with a smile,
A musician's musician,
With talent a tad lower
Than he gave on,
I feared no audience when he was there,
He somehow comforted me,
He always had a bright outlook,
He was magic in a crowd,
With tales and totes to please us all,
He made a 40 watt bulb burn at 100,
I particularly remember he and Mike Joseph,
(Who stole an amp from me),
Sitting on the "Peeve Room" floor,
with acoustic guitars on laps,
Playing "Uncle John's Band"
To my delight, in 1970,
And all the music he opened me
up to, my God, he taught me so much...
Hence my great sadness at his passing,
When the angel of death came down to touch,
And take this musician, genius, and friend,
Into another celestial abode...
They left a hole in my heart,
Where once his gift of friendship flowed.

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My End/My Salvation

If I could ever walk away,
Let my pain come to an end.
I could be so happy,
Everything would be just fine.

But this blade is my salvation,
Come to save me from this pain.
Just one pinch is all I’ll need,
To realize this eerie end.

And  I can see the moon light shining.
But it just can’t lighten my mood.
This end is all I have now,
Heaven, I’m coming to you.

Don’t think you can change my mind.
Its to late in the game.
I can feel my heart, it’s racing. 
This pain is all the same.

But I can feel the moonlight fading.
And the street lights growing dim.
Strength isn’t what  it used to be, 
Sometimes you’ve just got to give in.

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News of Her Passing

She stood among the many faces of the volume
Yet, she remained a silent presence in the active world
She looked about, feeling lost and deep isolation
Just too much to truly handle for this little girl

Though a woman in years, her mind was so very young
There was no complete understanding grasped, ever held
Her wish, to fit, to fill, to just be a major part of the rest
With dreams and hopes, alive within, to never quell

The sunlight turned a blind eye upon her that June day
As darkness overcame her thoughts, creating then more strife
That lost, lonely girl, may she find the peace she always sought
For on that day in June, the world cried, she took her very life

A poet of the world, a gift for many hungry minds
For our eyes can only now look upon her written past
As no more dreams to write of, nor thoughts expressed
I pray she found her happiness and that it lasts

Godbye my friend, sorry I wasn't there for you. I am also sorry and saddened that 
time and so many miles came between us.

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The well of tears and despair

Blackness spirals, looming large
Threatening my very life
A whirlpool of inky black
The rages on in the night
Sucking at my spirit fast
Trying hard to pull me down
It wants to swallow me whole
To consume my very soul
A sound of a thousand wails
Spinning around in torment
Eminates from this black thing
A concophony of pain
I cannot hold myself long
On the edge of this abyss
My fingers are slick with red
Before long I’ll surely fall
To become a part of it
This dreaded apparition 
The well of tears and despair
Now trapped forever within 

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I can't smile

(This is a fictional poem)

I can't smile because I have nothing to smile about.
After fourteen years of marriage, my wife walked out.
She blames me for the death of our son.
Now that I've lost them both, life is no longer exciting or fun.

When I was taking our son to his football game, I had a bad wreck.
I survived but I was horrified when I learned that it broke my son's neck.
My wife spit in my face as she walked out the door.
I can't stand the pain, I don't want to live anymore.

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I'm Sorry

I didn't mean to I swear
It was an accident no doubt 
That Halloween night
We both went out

It was supposed to be fun
And cause a terrible fright
To those who walked by
On an innocent night

Turns out it did scare
But in a different way
I hope you can forgive me
For what I did to you that day

I was a cowgirl 
I didn't know it was loaded
We were playing around
The whole thing exploded

She lay on the ground
It must be her fate
I called for help
But it was too late

I killed her that night
With a backfiring gun
I shouldn't have given it to her
But I can't fix what I've done

I just thought I should say 
Goodbye to you all
I'm going to find her now
I've learned pride comes before a fall

I know you've been hurt
I've done this to you
I'm doing what I can
This is what I can do

I'm going to find her
And make sure she's okay
Make sure she's happy
I'm going today

I'm raising the gun
Putting it to my head
I'll die like she did
God, take me instead

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I Wonder Why?

Many people die
with tear in their eye
with the thought of suicide in their mind
with one last cry
these innocent people die
I wonder why?
all these people being born
in the wrong places
and the wrong times
They grew up only knowing how to commit crimes
or how to sit in the streets asking for a couple of dimes
these people go home
only to be told
"you'll never mount to anything"
but they are only sixteen
this world can be so cold
so these people grow up doing the same thing
they did when they were sixteen
only this time they aren't as clean
they grew up only knowing how to be mean
one day they get tired of the crap
they look down and see the gun on their lap
they pick it up
and put it to their head
and with a sound of a BANG!
They become a person of the dead.

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Leaves of the Trees

Have you ever seen a tree?
A living thing it could be
Don’t just look at  it, look at it.
There is a whole world there
Just waiting to be seen.
It lives so you can live,
It means no one harm,
It is one with nature,
So many on the farm.

The leaves tell a story,
How healthy that it is,
When is the last rain fall.
Will you live tomorrow?
May I come and visit you,
What kind of greeting will I get?
You know I cut you down, 
Just doing what I am told,
I hate that awful sound,
As my saw takes your soul.

I can feel the mourning 
From all your relatives
I wonder what they are thinking,
On days like this.
I wish this didn’t have to be
I wish you could always be free
Why cant we  live in harmony?
Why do I have to cut you down?
What will your fate be, 
will you kiss the ground?

Go out be one with nature,
Live a harmonious life,
Freedom awaits you.
Take your time,
And look at the trees,
Look at the trees!

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I Am

Created by a love unknown
Shaped with unseen hands
I therefore take shape like none before me
Awakened, acknowledging the source of my being
I see truth, understanding all
Fearing nothing, unashamed by what I am
A wonder, I envision the dream
Though we are apart,
We share but one heart
Alas she's taken by falsehood
I must fight to regain her
For I hunger her and nothing will refrain
A fire burns within like none before
I attempt the ultimate, yet I fail
Dread has opened my eyes
Now I must die along with the lie
Oh sorrow of sorrows  
For another must now regain my own heart
I lost in a moment
Daring to be more than what I am
A man desiring his love
Attempting to pay a price
Which cannot be bought

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I'm sorry for not being there.
I'm sorry I didn't care
Enough to let you know
That I was leaving
And not coming back.
That things we're bad
And that we were escaping.
I'm sorry for going
Without saying goodbye.
I'm sorry for never calling
To say good luck, best wishes
Or to just say hi.
And now it's too late.
You've left,
Without saying goodbye.
Gone to take your place
In the sky.
For your forever sleep.
And once again,
I'm the one who's sorry.

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baby wings

Baby wings
babies dying
parent crying
families suffering
baby wings
little sisters crying
and saying or pleading
"don't take our baby away"
baby wings
little boys trying to be stronger 
than they are
babies in heaven
not supposed to be
but waiting,
waiting for their families to come home
home in God's arms
baby wings

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Promiss Not to Cry

Crying in solitude 
hiding all my tears
the ones never seen
falling for unknown fears
Putting on a smile
mornings when I wake 
masking physical pain
living in disguise
Within my little world
Pretending all is right
if they only knew 
things I have to fight
Trying to make it through 
Another painful day 
know you need me around
mustering stregth I stay 
soon the time will come
when I have to say goodbye
each day is getting harder
Promiss not to cry...
your love lives in my soul
thats were it will stay 
I live in your heart 
watching over you EVERYDAY...

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Hells Angel

Hells Angel
We talked a bit like two similar beings for eye was drunk
and justifying it badly he was not unkind to me if not fully truthful it is just their way 
he had his identification card and pulled it from his wallet as eye gave him two 
dollars he was inclined to talk so eye told him my troubles it is not wrong to get 
delivered from trouble no matter sometimes where it may come from a boy who 
was very much wasted had troubled and threatened me and eye had a new 
found friend so listen as eye bend ewe ear and his was a motor car like a Ford or 
a Buick his trunk would not close he had very nice clothes on his boots what a 
shine and he showed me his Driver’s License with the  Hells Angel LOGO the 
Chapter and Verse of his Chapter. He was fingering his knife in his hand to 
make sure it was sharp as eye noticed it he grinned. That day of my life eye was 
scared for eye thought it was the end of my life. He seemed sorry to see me 
leave a little like a bad B version of a best friend.
He sent the speed freak a reproach for bothering me
And eye never told no one this story
Eye knoe what they mean.
When they say there is the Devil to pay?
That poor boy is not troubling no old man today.

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Princess Diana

(Dedicated to Princess Diana who died August 31, 1997.)

If she hadn't gotten divorced and killed, she would've become Britain's quuen.
Princess Diana was one of the finest women we've ever seen.
The Paparazzi was chasing her and that's what got her killed.
She had a horrible car wreck when she tried to lose them, sadly her fate was 

When she died in 1997, it made us all sad.
She was one of the best princesses Britain ever had.
Diana was charming and she had grace.
She made the world a better place.

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One kiss

One kiss and i'll be your mistress forever. Captured inside a deep love spell that I 
can't break out of. With your kisses you control me, you know what your doing. Kiss me, 
tease me, please me and get me to crawl on my knees trapped in your commands. One kiss 
one touch, I feel like i'm falling maybe it's love. I hit the ground so fast from your 
dangerous kiss that the blood spilled and you just walked over me.

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Jeremiad (In loving Memorie of Boy Dill)

The first time I met you 
I loved you.
You took me with you to 
a field of paper flowers.
We laughed an played
all day.
But nanny came and said
it was time to go inside.

The sun faded, the field
turned to ashes and
my love diminished.
You saw the world but
never breathed it's pure 
You left me standing 
on that front porch
to wonder what will
The world misses you,

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She hated her life
Made the wrong decision
Now shes rid of strife
Rid of all the derision

She took her life
But what caused her decision?
We forced the strife
We forced the derision

She wanted to live the way she enjoyed
This ridicule and suffering is what we employed
We called her a whore, we called her a slut
If you delved into her life she was anything but

This rose has wilted under the immense stress
Who the hell were we to cause this, this excess
Our excess of hatred and ridicule did bring
The end of her life, shes riding on wings

I don't think this act I can forget
My mind has wandered, I constantly fret
We caused her pain, we brought her death
Now I think I'll breathe my last breath

For her
For what we were

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You abused me 
emotionally and physically
why would you do such a thing
i thought you loved me

but i guess you didn't
and it was all a lie
why did you abuse me
you even made me cry

it hurts in and out
my body and spirit
I'm yelling and screaming inside and out
but you can not hear it

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Remember Me

Remember Me! 

I Have seen the light, and been granted the key to Heaven.
God will not push or pull me , yet he will embrace me with open arms.

My world of bright by day, and Dark by night has kept behind my loving ways.

Quote me on this for this is what I have to say 

Please don't mourn me, instead celebrate my life, and remember me as I was.

"Forget me not I say"

But remember this forever, and always.
Now I'm with God in the kingdom of heaven, to help watch over you, and guide 
you and your family threw your future days.
Remember Me!

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Tears in heaven

You watch from high above,
I regret what happen to us.
I should have never hurt you or questioned my trust.
I promised to love you forever,
you were my gold my so called treasure.
I was too blind to see our love drifting apart,
I thought I would always love you and you would always stay in my heart.
But the lust in my heart overpowered my love for you,
not even a million sorrys can take back what I put you through.
"I can't hurt the person I love so much," is what I use to say,
but when he would come by those words would fade away.
I couldn't resist the temptations in my heart,
yet with that one moment would change my life forever and tear us apart.
With your tears of pain and the streets being wet,
will always leave me with regret.
Within that instance you were taken from me,
without a chance to say I was sorry.
I hurt you so much I know it's true,
all I have left are the memories of the pain I put you through.
The rains bring tears to my eyes,
 because to me those are the tears that you cry.
I soak myself in your tears,
wishing you were here.
My heart should have never went a stray,
I wish for death each day.
I just want to see your face yet god is keeping me here to stay.
The tortures of my loss taps every night on my window payne.
I'm sorry for the pain I caused you deep within,
and I'm forever reminded of it when you cry your tears from heaven.

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                                                        A  VICTIM

I was told I should not have any contact with you. Maybe I can put all of 
this behind me if you know how I feel. It might not be a problem to you, but I want 
you to imagine what I feel. Don't take it personal I just want to get a few things off 
my chest. It might take a few tears, but I will do my best.

Exactly a few years ago everything was taken away from me even my ego. 
Sometime I feel like a piece of me is gone, however I have moved on. That day 
changed my life, and  with help from God I will one day be a loving man's wife. I 
somtimes sit and think what went wrong, why you didn't leave and leave 
me alone. It might sound strange that I forgive you with all my heart, because one 
day my soul will have to part.  TELL ME! Does that day go through your head? At 
the beginning it was so bad I wished I was dead.

When I lie down and close my eyes there is your face and no matter how hard I 
try I can not hide from that day. Dream after dream night after night it's a struggle 
to sleep, and I constantly fight. One day that time will come when we will meet 
face to face back in  "HELL" is where I call that place. I want to know why, why did 
you do this to me, you took everything even my insanity. Therefore, by the grace of 
God I will live day to day, but not one day has pass thinking have you found your 

That day has come and gone. and I have had evil thoughts of what I want to do 
you. The same thing you have done to me. I am a forgiven person I will just let it 
be. I felt something for you, and I know you are lost. However I know God will 
guide you to his cross. Seek him, because he knows you, get down on your 
knees and he want you to get to know him too.  As you are down there ask him 
what is it that he wants you to do.

Again if you ask for forgiveness God will forgive you and from the bottom of my 
heart I will forgive you too.

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I'm lost,what should I do.
Tell me,i'm so lost.why are my
feelings hurting.
Why are you not here with me.
I know life goes on.
My feelings shadow over me.
It feels like I can't see my way 

I couldn't except the fact that i'm
hiding my feelings towards people.
I was mad at the world,
Nothing to do,but blame myself for
not being there for her.
I close my eyes and dream and see 
a image of us when were little.

smiling and swinging on a swing and
say why.
Life isn't fair,I try to forget the pain..but
my feelings couldn't heal in time.
It was a scar that was inbedead for life.
I look up at the sky and say I say say 
but I try too go on with my life........

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Silent Death

She sat in silence 
thoughts stuck in her head
While her eyes told the story 
of the life that she led
The hurt she felt was like no other
Lost inside wanting this love from her father
The effort she made to be a part of his life
Was tossed to the side on account of his wife
The things she recalls but wants to forget
Like the night of his beating 
when she heard the bat hit
The yelling and hitting the hate and the fear
Night turns to day month into year
Two children suffering no one said a word
The screams inside too faint to be heard
He stood by his children
and promised never again
but that was the night 
their life of hell began

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An Addict

The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
And its so extremely hard for me to live inside my head. .
You can never understand an addict so don’t pretend to try
This is me. I’ve always had it, the compulsion to get high.
Well maybe I am unworthy of a better life
Maybe I would rather let myself believe the lie
Or maybe I just sold my soul, Cause I had better things to buy
Monotony is more miserable than coming down, you see
Higher highs make lower lows, and that’s okay with me
I’d rather feel pain than nothing, rather make words rhyme
Always the same sad ending, but It hurts so good sometimes
Dark poetry implies a negativity in poets
But there is beauty in despair, freedom for those who show it.
Pleasure coming out of pain; its no concept that we haven’t heard
I like to cut my self in vain, regret the scars, but never learn
“God Help me,” I try to repent, but my desires make me sway
I let him down again, and now reluctant to attempt to pray.
 I’m so tired and you have to know that I have put my all in this
I can’t acquire strength enough, to rise above my selfishness.
I seek you out Lord, crying, my candle’s flame is growing dim
The fire deep inside has died; I have no choice but to give in.
Blow it out as if to say, there is no hope for me
Effortless to stop you I’m afraid that dope will steal my dreams
The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
But when I become aware of this I drown myself in drugs again.

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the car keys lay before me,
never got your chance to shine. 
What if God would not have taken you
to soar above us all. 
Would we have been friends?
Or nothing at all.
I miss you big cousin. 
I never got to meet you.
I try to imagin what you would have looked like,
but all I can see is the urn.
That day replays 
with the song in my mind.
I never got to meet you 
but still cried the day you left. 
I knew that I would love you,
but instead I had to mourn.

In loving memory of BJ Davis.

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When you have sorrow... 
Let me take your hand... 
When the heart is low... 
All is not as it seems... 
Half in the heart 
Half in your dreams 
All can change... 
Especially the meaning 

When you have sorrow... 
When you fall... 
I hear your heart, call 
Your plight... 
I will guide you in to the light 

When you have sorrow... 
I will take you close to me... 
Painful things can go free 
The heart cannot remain low... 
For the sorrow, must go..... 

It is hard,I know.... 
To let it go 
The sorrow.... 
The breaking too 
The heart will begin to glow 
For love never left you 
It never left me 
I was always there, you see 
Wanting to set you free 

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The Dead Hand

( Since 1987, a group of Ugandan military rebels, called the Lords Resistance army has
been kidnapping, raping and torturing Ugandan children.At Night, these children are forced
to leave their villages and walk for miles to safe cages, in hopes that they won't be take
by the LRA...They have been dubbed The Night Walkers.This is my response to them...)

Everything I see leaves a mark on my soul

And it is with this bleeding heart that I suffer with you

I am there when the nights are long and weary

Watching the devils pour out of the darkness

To take you sons and rape your daughters

I am there to wait for the smoke to clear long enough to survey the wreckage

The Horrors not meant to burden the human soul

And I am there to feel the fires

To count in silent despair

To cover the bodies

Your husbands

Your brothers

The tiny hands of a wasted nation

Knowing that there are enough tears within us all to soak the cracked earth upon which you
stand, to wash away the dirt and ages from a million hardened faces and fill the hollow
pits of swollen stomachs

But you are the forgotten ones

Alone in your grief

And for that I am sorry

So instead I lay my heart next to yours and watch as the army of faceless monsters march
your babies into darkness

Forced to kill their fathers and brothers

Raping the bodies of their sisters and mothers

Waiting in bated frustration as the dead hand of abhorration is laid across the forheads
of your young

And even now I stand beside you

Shaking my fist at an unrelenting sky

Screaming into the deaf ears of a world devoid of humanity

Crying away your forgotten sorrows

It is with this bleeding heart that I call out but there is no answer

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Lost Love

I'm sorry girl 
I didn't know that you loved me 
We were friends so long 
I didn't know how you felt when you hugged me 
I said best friends forever 
You said me and you for life 
I said our friendship would never end 
I had no idea that it would cause so much strife 
I had a good feeling around you 
But you had a warm feeling around me 
Your heart had been torn 
And I'm sorry that I didn't see it 
You said you loved me 
And I said sorry 
You said you were fine 
But that morning I was really sorry 
I go to your house 
And see the docs and cops 
I break past the barriers into your room 
And then my heart just dropped 
The walls painted crimson 
Even though last night they were teal 
I look down at a corpse 
In your hands a steel 
I watched the ambulance take you away 
And I noticed a letter 
I opened it and looked 
It said: I wish I were better 
I loved you 
And you couldn't return it when I was alive 
I had no reason to live from then on 
I knew thereafter I just wanted to die 
I was so stupid 
I knew I had no chance 
You had your eyes on someone else 
Even when we went to the dance 

I read the letter 
And fell out and cried 
All this time you loved me 
I said no and for that you died 
This was my fault 
And there is only one way to solve 
In my water tonight 
I'll let the pill disolve 
I didn't know how much I loved you 
And now you're gone 
Well now I'll end this 
And finish my life's song 
We can be together forever 
And I can end this with a happy sigh 
As I lay down in my bed tonight 
And I'll see you when I die

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Life Is Hard (The Hanging"

He always tried all he could
When his son asked him to go to the game
He spent everyday couching him to be a star
But he thought he wasn't doing quite good
To make his son's dream come true
And when he tried to quit drinking
Cause he wanted better for his family
That's when he took a pen and a paper 
And got in his car and drove to a peaceful site

And wrote: Honey, I love you so much
You're my dreams, my love and my life
And I've never felt love like this in anyone's touch
And when you have to read this tell son
I love him too and I hope you won't be mad
Cause I'll always be there at his b'ball game
And I'll always be above you when you need me
But now i think it's my time to go and I know 
I'll always be in your dreams and prayers, Love dad"
And he took the letter in a heart-shaped card

Then he sent the letter and drove to a nearby store 
And bought him a rope and went back to his basement floor
When he got on his knees and prayed to the Lord
" Thank you Lord for what You've given me
My wonderful life, my precious love and my dreams
I'm thankful for all I have but it's too much for me
And I hope I'll get a chance to watch over them
And I hope they'll forgive me for what've done"

Then he got on the table with the rope tied on his neck
He got ready and kicked the table away from his feet
And that's when he ended his wonderful life and a beautiful family
Who loved him to death and who thought they'd go to heaven first.
But now he chose to go first cause she was too good for him 
And he could never do anything to hurt her but this broke her heart
When he crossed the line that they could have walked together

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An Execution

I had an uncle that died in the electric chair,
   He deemed his punishment was just and quite fair. 
One mistake is all it takes to ruin your life,
   He might still be alive now but he used his knife.
A young man who was down on his luck, 
   Dove deep into the bottle his life had gone amuck.
He had lost his job then his wife followed suit,
   She wasn’t real understanding when it came to not having very much loot.
He tried his best to win her back,
    But she flat out told him it was money he lacked.
He pleaded and he begged but she laughed in his face,
    He’d lost all self respect he felt like he had become a total disgrace.
He turned to the drink and he even did drugs,
    Started hanging out with nothing but thugs.
Started out stealing small just to stay high,
    His family begged him to quit but he was too far gone to even try.
He tied in with the devil, he thought to be his only friend,
    Till that one night it happened as the devil lead him to his end.
He was just going to rob her till she started screaming and crying they both were 
overcome with fear
    Scared he pulled his knife to silence her this friend he’d known through the 
As he left her dying on the floor in a most awful gruesome sight,
    He ran but he couldn’t escape what he’d become or the out come of that night.
They caught him without incident and he confessed to his crime,
    He said I’m sorry for what I’ve done but that’s not good enough this time.
The jury all found him guilty of murder in the first degree,
    As the judge said Lord have mercy on your soul for I issue you the death 
As he waited his time he made peace with the Lord,
    As the day grew closer that had to have been hard.
Well it’s over and done and he paid his dues,
    But I loved that old guy and sometimes it gives me the blues.
What he did was wrong I’ll be the first to agree’
    But the side I knew the jury never got to see.

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Reminiscing about tomorrow

Ahh it burns,
look into my head
all of the urns
makes me wish i was dead

the pain and sorrow
that it makes me feel
i wonder if torromrrow
is all really real

and so all this pain
drives me to the brink
it makes me insane
also makes me think

if i were to die
would anyone care
or if i did just lie
would everyone stare

so someone just hit me
dead in my face
as if i would see
in your eyes my disgrace

bring out in my mind
theese thoughts in my head
cuse into this bind
i'm left out instead.

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lost forever

I am lost forever 
I have nowhere to turn
I have so little to offer 
but so much to earn

I live in a faceless crowd
and i still have seen no life
I am all alone forever
nothing but pain and strife

I can no longer take this
I am walking to the bathroom
I am opening the cabinet
Just to end the gloom

I am climbing into the tub now
I lift the razor to my hand 
I am closing my eyes now
can this really be the end

I think of all my misery
and I remembered all my pain
and then I held my breath
and I knew i had nothing to gain 

I felt the razor cutting 
the pain shot through my arm
MY head just started ringing 
As would an alarm 

Now the world is dark 
And nothing is the same
I got so sick of life
That i ended my life in shame

I can see all the faces now 
the ones from in the crowd
i can hear what they are saying 
they are talking oh so loud

Now i know what i did was wrong
My life was supposed to be
And all the faces are staring 
and they are all staring at me

people are everywhere 
crying over my choice
And now they will never understand 
They will never hear my voice

but if you think that death 
is the only way out 
think again my friend
because death aint what life is about

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There was a boy that never knew. 
The poor thing never had a clue. 
Smoking blunts everynight.
Not even trying to put up a fight.

There was a boy that never knew. 
The poor thing never had a clue.
Drinking until the bottle was dry.
Laying on the floor wanting to die. 

There was a boy that never knew.
The poor thing never had a clue. 
Losing everything he ever had.
Looking ever so sad.

There was a boy that never knew. 
The poor thing never had a clue.
He lost everything to his addiction.
Now his life is like a book of fiction.

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I Miss You

As I sit and think of you
I realize how much I miss you
I remember the day I lost you
I stress about it all day and night through
Many of those times I cry over you

I wish you were here 
It would be so much more clear
Sometimes I feel I want to die
No one really knows how much I hurt inside
I wish this were a nightmare
So I could wake up and it would all disappear
I wish God would've taken me instead of you
I wish reality weren't really true

I miss you so much 
I want to feel your soft touch
I want to hold and cuddle you so much

You are my first biological son

And just to let you know your always in my thoughts, prayers, and dreams!

By: Delaney Meadows

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She's scared to move
She's falling again
Remembers the feeling
Oh the pain

It's all coming back
Maybe to stay
I don't want it to
I'm counting the days

I thought it was over
Guess I was wrong
And to think
Its been so long

All this time
Just thrown away
All I can do is
Pray for better day

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she lingers on

She lingers on and on
 in my mind
A love long since gone 
From here

She lingers on and on
In a bed of white
Hooked to bings 
And beeps

She lingers on and on
And She lost her will
She doesn’t hear me

She lingers on and on
I wish I could tell her
I love her
But she isn’t there

She lingers on and on
Machines make her talk now
Bings and beeps
A symphony of anguish

She lingers on and on
She cant say she doesn’t 
Want to be here
Or that she doesn’t have the will

She lingers on and on

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	As beautiful as can be,
	A person ready to be free,
	Teased and jumped everyday,
	For nothing she had to pay,
	Looking back in that past,
	Never knowing how long her future will last,
	Lying in her bed,
	With a bag of ice on her head,
	Another bruise,
	Ment another lose,
	With no affection,
	She was diein' from depression,
	The bruises were all she could feel,
	And the cuts were all too real,
	Feelin' like a beaten' doll,
	Looking for a pal,
	Pined down while she was beat,
	Now instead of white was a red sheet,
	At school she was pushed in the mud,
	At home she was beaten' until she was covered in blood,
	After feeling reckless and tired,
	She mad herself retire!

			By: Danielle Karnes 4/22/05

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It’s funny, ‘cause the clouds haven’t changed their position
But you can’t see them anymore.
I keep looking at you and imagine you are breathing, but it’s just the breeze 
ruffling your shirt
My front bumper is barely touching you now
I don’t want to look at the front, or the dent, or the skid marks beyond.

So I look at the clouds mirrored in your fixed and dilated pupils
Waiting for the sirens 
Waiting for the clouds to move
I notice the tyres look like they could do with some air
Small worries
You could do with some air
Please breathe (you’re scaring me)

I look from grey road to you
You to the car
Now parked in a haphazard way 
I hear the sirens and look up at the sky
The clouds (at last) have started to move
I wish we could go with them.

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why me

I stand in the door way
 as you walk away
out of my life i promise you will stay
you call my house,in public you yell my name
I still keep my promise till this day
late one night you came bye
you held a gun bye your side
you knock while you yell my name
i slitly open the door
then you say i love you girl with all my heart
I'll love you till death due i part
if you let me in we can start from the beginning
standing there i say i cant be with you i hope your ok
he put the gun to my head
i started to cry and he was yelling
i love you girl i guest you'll Never know
but i'm sorry i could Never let you go
He turned the gun away from my head
he said i'm sorry i really am
then he shot his self in his head
then he fell to the floor
in his hand a ring was found
with that ring a note was found
it said will you Marry me
i love you with all my heart
i want to start a family with you
your the love of my heart
as i sat there i cried
asking myself
why it had to be me
why he shot his self
now today i live my life feeling guilt
was it my fault
if i would have loved him he wouldn't be dead
if i would have loved him he would have lived!!!

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i can hear the children screaming...

Bitter hand, trembling digits. Light forbidden by the wearers.

Leaving that which is most sacred behind, taking nothing.

Falling from on high, no light follows when falling this far.

Not knowing what anything is, a pound of ignorance.

All eyes are on the sacrifice, the blade cuts deep, how deep?

The lost lead the way, the blind leading the deaf and dumb.

World goes round. Spinning against the current. Can you see?

One hundred percent positive is the fool before the court.

Breathe easy for love comes forth from breathing.

Time takes this place and makes it twisted. Rips it away.

Taking in smoke through unfiltered lungs, gasping for it.

Choking on that which is pure, the righteous scream.

Love for you comes forth like drawing breath. Naturally.

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No Thanks

Seeing the cries of ocean being formed by individual tears.
Observing the lies that deceive itself as passion for one another.
The ground hold no footprints of long journeys into charity.
Is love more than what one wants?
Is it beyond the desires of the soul?
Why than the numerous drown in such confusion of beauty?
Woe is the heart of the multiplied-
Man thinketh better, 
Breaking the rules of tenderness.
Adding only to subtract-
Simplicity taken into the abyss of no yearning.
Poisoned water.
No thanks,
I'll just ride off to the next waterhole!