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These Ballad Song poems are examples of Ballad poems about Song. These are the best examples of Ballad Song poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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This Song is for my Mother

This song is for my mother
Let her hear me cry
I couldn’t bring myself to write it
‘Til this darkened day arrived
A song about old promises 
Made so long ago
Created and cremated
Ashes of the words I spoke

Long separated by the miles
Distanced from her golden smiles
Memory of a mother
Shared my dreams and really cared

Long separated by the miles
Distanced from her golden smiles
I know I wasn’t there……

For you

Would have placed 
A magic carpet 
‘neath your weak and shaky legs

Would have raised
A strong west wind
Let you breathe with ease again

Would have bribed 
God’s venal angels
Come and soothe your endless pain

Would have vanquished
All the demons
And bring peace to you again

Be the child
I never knew
In a land
We won’t grow old

Be the light
I always loved
Warmed my dark 
And lonely soul

Be the girl
Playing games
In a world 
The sun won’t set

Be the laughter
Calms my heart
I never will forget
I won’t forget, won’t forget

This song is for my mother
Let her hear me cry
Couldn’t bring myself to write it
‘Til this darkened day arrived
Song about old promises 
Made so long ago
Ashes of the words I spoke

I broke my promises, oh mama
Now you’ve gone away 
I’m broken
Drowning in the pain each day

I’m  drowning…drowning...drowning…drowning

This song is for my mother
Let her hear me…….

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The breeze is in my hair. The moon is gleaming behind me. The love I feel is everlasting. Cadence of my soul. Show me your happiness Share, my love. Laugh with me Our destiny is mixed with pleasure. Our essence treasured. Come walk with me in the garden. Alive - Let's reach our ultimate…high. Smile, darling smile Kiss me with your eyes. Forever we are. Champagne we drink To toss our uniting. You feel my sylph A fulfilled spirit. This journey succumbs me. I am free for you to love. Embrace your ideas Let the breeze come in. Dance to the ecstasy. Release all your fears. Capture this time As our minds, intertwine. Laugh with me Inflection of my soul. Show me your happiness. Share, my love. A majestic dynasty Our empire In time Now! Here we stand You and I forever. No obstacles have formed. You are my one and only. Woman, smile Kiss me with your eyes. Forever we are. Thrive - Let's reach our ultimate…highs. This is our life... Together This is our existence... Forever Ardor love Justified by God Come walk with me in the garden As we write our love story.
Man is man. His skin is what makes difference. His upbringing differentiates. This is, he states, “God's way.” DARK SUNSHINE - VSW _________________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 03, 2014!

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Circus Clown

Circus clown, don't let me down.
Why don't you clown around with me? 
You are my laughter.
You are my smile.
So stay awhile and smile with me.

Circus clown, don't let me down.
Why don't you cut with the silly frown? 
You are my laughter.
You are my smile.
So lift me off the ground.

Circus clown, don't let me down.
Why don't you clown around with me? 
You make me smile.
You make me laugh.
You make me sit, and watch you dance.

Circus clown, circus clown.
Why don't you clown around with me.
You are my laughter.
You are my smile.
You are my sunshine.
So stay awhile, and smile with me.

So stay awhile and smile with me..

Circus Clown Song Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1983,2014..ALL rights reserved..

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Hello Darkness, my old friend
My arms out stretched
I'm here again
Inside my dream I walked alone
Inside the night I roamed.
Reaching out to all who hear
Reaching out through silent tears
But no one hears and no one came
My dream repeats this silent song

A song my voice longs to share
A song of flight I sang, I dared
A song of light in colored sight
Reaching out to all those Here
Singing out through silent tears
But no one hears and no one came
My dream repeats this silent song

Through my eyes, my heart, my tears
I sing a song that Darkness fears.
But no one hears...
A song my voice longs to share
This song I sing, a vision dared

Hello Darkness my old friend
Your story told in this dream again
And in the piercing light I saw
Your eyes on me...
and your eyes are raw
Your time has passed
Your shadow dim
Here we stand, at the gates again.
Voices silent in a time called When
A bend this day...
Through spiraling winds.

And in this piercing light I saw
Your eyes on me
and your eyes are raw...

Hello Darkness my old friend
My arms out stretched,
I'm here again...

Your eyes,
My hand,
Your mind,
My pen
Our voices silent
In a time called When
My dream repeats this song again.

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Heaven's Song

There is a song amidst the heavens 
From days so long ago.
It's words are played amongst the stars
So soft and very slow.

They sing about the One above
Who made them all to shine.
They sing about His awesome deeds
He's done throughout all time

His works they are so very great
That even nature shows.
How there must be someone above
To make each thing to grow.
Now you can hear that song at night  
 If you are very still.
About the one that died for us
Upon that lonely hill

But He is not there anymore 
Nor will He ever be.
For  while He lives above the stars
He  also lives in me.

Will you ask Him in your life now
If you don't know Him yet.
He'll take away all sins decay
Erasing all sins debt.

There is a song a  midst the stars
From days so long ago
Each word declares the majesty
Of Jesus Christ I know.

Inspired by Psalm 19: 1-3

1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork.
2 Day unto day utters speech,
Night unto night reveals knowledge.
3 There is no speech or language
Where their voice is not heard.

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Sing a Song of Roses

Came from California, looking for a place to fall:
Portland’s good as anywhere, and now it’s best of all;
Learned to love the roses, and the rivers full of rain;
California drove me north, and Portland drove me sane.

Leaving all my memories back behind where they belong,
Sang a song of roses, and I let it make me strong,
Lifting up my life inside my hands to make it grow
Tall as any mountain rising mighty in the snow.

Sing a song of roses,
Dreams of me and you,
Portland love encloses
Dreams of me and you, 
Sing a song of roses.

Gentle people welcoming you, with an open hand, 
Mighty people not afraid to fight to keep their land;
City on the river floating ships from overseas;
People soft as roses, people tough as Oregon trees.

Been a long time coming, but I’m here to rest awhile,
Never mind the highway, never mind the weary mile;
You and me and roses, and the salmon in the streams;
Can’t believe were thriving, Portland rain has washed our dreams.

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Happy Birthday

I say; Happy Birthday, to you today.
To someone special, in a loving way.
I dedicate this song to you.
And give my thanks, for all the time you shared.

I'll send a bouquet of flowers too.
Something special, while in love with you.
Petunias, Roses, maybe Daffodils.
Something special for the windowsills.

I say; Happy Birthday, to you today.
To someone special, in a loving way.
I dedicate this song to you.
And give my thanks, for all the time you shared.

I'll ice the cake, and bring the candles too.
Something special, from me to you..
I'll bring a carload of friends along.
Everybody will just join the fun.

We'll light the candles.
You can blow them out.
Everybody will just scream and shout.

And say; Happy Birthday, to you today.
To someone special, in a loving way......

Birthday Song By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1989,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

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The Barmaid And The Pedlar

There's an old English song called  All Jolly Fellows That Follow The PLow.  The tune works fine as is for the chorus and with the verses if the tune for the 3rd and 4th lines is repeated for th 5th and 6th. Well, it works for me but my singing has never been much hindered by tunes.

It was after that big game one long gone September,
the score line was one I’d like not to remember,
in a small Richmond pub not too far from the ground,
we all settled down with our sorrows to drown.
We were well on the way, as were most of the crowd,
when in came a young pedlar a shouting out loud.

“Sausages, sold by the yard or the pound!
Get a fresh sausage, the best to be found!
It’ll make your wife happy of that there’s no doubt,
with her very own snag she won’t need to eat out.”

Cried the barmaid, “How many do I get to a yard?”
“Madam, three if they’re soft or two if they’re hard”
She felt for the soft ones cos she wanted a lot,
but the more that she squeezed em the harder they got.
She found not a sausage was e’en a bit soft
so she told the young pedlar to go get far offed 

“Sausages, sold by the yard or the pound!
Get a fresh sausage, the best to be found!
It’ll make your wife happy of that there’s no doubt,
with her very own snag she won’t need to eat out.”

Said the pedlar, “Why madam no need to be rude.
And in fact what you told me was verging on crude
But you don’t look so bad for a foul mouthed old sow
so step on outside, if you like, with me now.
If you play your cards right I might squeeze your left breast.
If I find I like that I might squeeze all the rest.”

“Sausages, sold by the yard or the pound!
Get a fresh sausage, the best to be found!
It’ll make your wife happy of that there’s no doubt,
with her very own snag she won’t need to eat out.”

Said the barmaid to pedlar, “You are a right jerk,
I’m a barmaid and never do mission’ry work.
But if you're near to the shops and you buy me some eggs,
I might squeeze that there pimple you’ve got ‘tween your legs.”
Then she said something that made the whole crowd guffaw,
“And will you stop off at home and please check the back door?”

“Sausages, sold by the yard or the pound!
Get a fresh sausage, the best to be found!
It’ll make your wife happy of that there’s no doubt,
with her very own snag she won’t need to eat out.”

For Cyndi MacMillan's pub song contest

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A New Day

I might sparkle in the night but I'm not the only star you might not see them in the sky it depends on where you are Am I the only light in your eyes that makes you smile when you cry if your favorite's what you say don't you blink it might fade away Only when we give everything we're truly ready for better things we invite ourselves off to drift the steam rises and our spirits lift Follow me, into sun sets be brave and strong with no regrets and when the sea takes the light we'll find a new day after the night there's still a new day after the night

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mr right

Love gone ,
but love that is never meant to be ,
guys that i know are growing up in their minds too fast
chase after me.
how do you choose from the good and the bad , 
and how can i keep from being sad,
Mr.Right may never come along,
but I'll keep patient and sing my song for loving the wrong guy
could make  me wind up getting hurt.
So I'll sing my song and judge him for myself.

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Tomorrow is our last

Tomorrow is our last,
  To be free;
So let us make it last,
  You and me
Yesterday’s deeds are done
  Let us go
We gave our bravest son
  Let him go
I wish upon this star
  Every night
To meet my avatar
  Golden light
She lifts my gaze skyward
  Bound to rest;
Bitter tears fell downward
   She carress’d
 Lest you hear not, my dear
  (Hold your breath)
Chance’s song plays on fear
  (Long live death)
Years end is clearly near
  -yours to bless
Only the young die here
  -what a mess
So this is how it ends?
  Just tonight!
Without love’s amends?
  Don’t take flight!
Pardon that I bother
 (But you think
Talking of your father
  There’s the link)
When all said and done
 (Here he goes)
We do not have to run
  (He who knows)
Apples fall near their tree;
  Hold me tight!
Tender love makes me free
  Get it right!
Shake it off, life makes dust
  Say again?
That’s right mister it must
  Play again
Is that how living works?
  You might say
Behind dream’s nothing lurks?
  You can pray
Listen close little man:
  Here is how
Life’s history began
 Tell me now
East of eden were wo-
 Men calling
To lead away the wo-
 Men’s falling
With serpent’s tooth at bay
   Arms akimbo
The poison had no sway
   God’s limbo
There are no bones to pick
Nor wounds or sores to lick
  Take my hand
Look, it’s a bit like this:
   End the strife
Give each your warmest kiss
  Long live life

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Slow Man's Rap

This here brois the Slow Man's Rap.
This slow man knows where it's at.
I'm never condescending. I'm always offending.
But being what I am is a job that's never ending.
I got my ways. I got my days, when people of 
different shades look at me in strange ways.

I don't care. I have no fear.

Didn't cause no one's troubles. 
I got my own. I just do my thing.
Then I go home.
So don't blame me, if you don't feel free, and 
why don't you just let me....go to sleep.

This here slow man treats life like toy.
Don't believe in sorrow. I believe in joy.  
Don't believe in fighting.  I believe in rhyming. 
And making the best of my too short timing.
Cause my bomb will blow, when my fuse burns low, 
and life's got to move. Not fast, but slow.  

Feeling fine, feeling free, feeling fun...
under the sun.

I've paid my dues and and sang my blues.
Now it's time to put on my walking shoes.
The thing is here, the thing is back.
The thing is coming at you with the master rap.

I got women on the left.
I got women on the right
I got work in the middle.
And this is my wife.

I'm one slow Joe, but a lot is what I know.
And I can't speak jive but, I know I'm alive.
I'm up and down, and all around.
Don't act like a clown, cause I rock this town.

I'm flying like a bird.
I am the word.

Now that I've bored you with my name.
And my stupid little game.
It's time that everyone go insane.

So, have a good time. On the party line.
Where the fun is so fine.
And laid on the line.

Enough with the rapping.
Let's see some hands start clapping.
Some feet start stamping, and 
lot's of dancing.

Or whatever
Or whatever
Or whatever


Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit it

Get with it.
Get with it. 

Women so fine.
A bottle of wine.
A real good time.
I ran out of lines.

Moving my feet, to the master beat.
Looking nice and looking neat.

Move your feet
Move your feet.
Move, move those feet.

Hit it.

One last time.
One last time.
One last time.


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Tribute to bob Dylan

Tribute to Bob Dylan

I remember well when I was young
And music was my thing
There was Billy, Elvis Cliff Richard
And to me these guys did bring
Wonderful moments in my life
As I bought all of their stuff
But then this other guy came out
And Lord, that was enough

My interest it went to him
Who changed the status Quo
His name it was Bob Dylan
And me I watched him grow
From a young folk star, to a rock legend
He did change music’s face
As he prophesized some potent things
That would touch the human race.

He told us in his screaming voice
[As he played his mystic role]
That all the sons and daughters
Would be out of our control
He sang of the whole world changing
And I’m seeing that come true
Oh Yes, that old Bob Dylan
I loved what he did do.

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My Morning Dew

If I had luck with a guitar
I would pluck you a gentle tune 
If I had been blessed with a soothing voice
I would play you the sweetest melody

I would carve you an effigy of love
If my hands were humbled with the Skillman ship of a sculptor
I would your statue place at the centre of my town
With the sweetest caption known to the statue race on it

I would with the brightest colours, to reflect your charming smile,
Paint a portrait of your beautiful face
If the gods had favoured me with a painter’s talent
I would hang your Mona-Lisa like portrait in all the museums in the world

I would dare the fires of Mordor
Just to mold you the most glistening pieces of jewelry
The purest of a golden ring with the biggest diamond
A Hollywood girl would forever dream of I would make you

Or I would bring you the freshest roses
The smelliest of their kind
If only I had enough to have my own orchard
I would grow you pink and red roses in my back yard

I would stuck you a pile of riches in your pillow case
Then I would surprise you to open it when you wake
That would be if I had a good fortune
To spoil my honey dew with abundant life

But I am a frog with a guitar
My hands are too weak for a sculptor
A blind man would outshine me at a game of paint and brush
The fires of Mordor, ho! I wish the Hollywood supermodels would envy your golden ring
But I would never muster enough bravely to dare the ever blazing flames
I would indeed collect the sweetest pink and red roses
But I lack even my own daily bread to own an orchard
That goes even for the fortune I wish I would surprise and spoil you with

I however have muse’s abundant gifts in my quill
Thus with it I scribble you this poem
To soothe you my honey
To pluck you that tune from my virtual guitar
To carve you the effigy of love
And paint you the Mona Lisa of your own
To endow me with the courage to dare the furnaces of Mordor
And bask in the fountains full of rose’s red and pink
For in my virtual world I have all the riches to spoil you with
And with muse’s gift I with this quill
Scroll you this piece my morning dew

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Not The Chosen One

She said we really should not meet
There are others to consider
But as she walked away her stiletto heels 
Tapped call us we deliver. 

And babe you ain't no angel
And I ain't the chosen one
Was it fate that brought us together
Or were we simply having fun

We started out as innocents
some harmless post work antics 
but quickly hit that slippery slope 
That redefined semantics

And babe you ain't no angel
And I ain't the chosen one
Was it really that much better
Or were we simply having fun

She said she had a life at home
Like you read in a magazine
But to her it always somehow always felt 
Like the same old dull routine

And babe you ain't no angel
And I ain't the chosen one
Was it really that much better
Or were we simply having fun

She said our time together
Made her feel she really mattered
But every night on the train ride home
That dream was sadly shattered

She said we can no longer meet
And live the lie created
The balance between what she gained and lost 
Was so much more than anticipated

And babe I ain't no angel
And you ain't the chosen one
The dream we blindly followed
Was not worth the distance run

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I conceived you in my mind.
I carried you around in the depth of my heart.
sitting under the tree of life,
I heard your song,my unborn child.I sang
it while I waited. I sang it while I waited.
I told your father of the song-
our child will sing.

He danced in morning glory,
he dance in morning glory.
I danced with your father
and he place you in my womb,
he placed you in my womb-
As we sang the tune;
We knew you'd be here soon.
I nurtured in my womb
-I nurtured in my womb.

And on the day that you came-
We were all familiar with your song
the day you arrived,
We all knew your song and sang,
your lovely song and sang.. you are alive.
We rejoiced in your song.

You grew up to be strong,
and when you did wrong,
we'd correct you with your song.
We'd caressed -with your song.
All the days of your life;
You shined our eyes with Joy.
When you returned
to where children come from;
Your life had been long.

The words to your song...lingered on.
We are now all gone;
 But your song still remains. 
From birth -
Your song still remains...
with those left on earth.


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Does this Poem make my Soul look big

This morning I wanted to wear a poem,
Around my Soul,
As if it were a scarf, around my neck.
I looked into the heavenly mirror,
And wondered if the poem I chose,
Made my Soul look big.
Is it that humility should be honoured,
Above all things.
Or maybe this is a rehearsal,
For what sister Death brings.
I know the poem didn’t match my outfit,
But the Angels were too polite to say.
Instead they gave me a Sun in the sky,
A clear blue halo, grass of green,
And the knowledge that it is good.
From now on I intend to wear a song around
my heart,
As a peacock might show bright feathers .
And I hope this song makes my
heart look big.

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Unity of mind, body, and spirit the qualifier of love
The wedding vows

If you love somebody, let him know.
When life is short, why would you not explode?
Whispering in his ear about your heart,
he will assume it’s an inner voice.

If you love somebody, shout it to the world.
Share time with that person so he will know.
Tell him via intimate words.
Write him a love poem.

When life is short, why would you not be a bombshell?
Spread your wings like a butterfly you are beautiful.
Make him recognize what he has.
Humor his mind make him laugh.

When you love somebody, superimpose.
Take control of his soul.
Lay above all his meants. 
Create an ambiance he wants to be within.

If you love someone, find his passions.
Don’t allow negative stressors.
Time is of the essence.
Figurine - shape your bust all he wants is to be loved.
Penned on May 12, 2014!

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Look what you've done for me
you helped me find my song
You had the faith to believe
even though it has been so long 

Listen to this amazing melody
it was still right there all the time
Until your lyric touched my heart
I had no rhythm.. I was blind

You began to play your music
the voice within me moved in sync
I was reaching out to you girl
and in that moment I could see
In that moment I could see

My life's ballad was to be a duet
now I knew what had been wrong
For years I'd been singing solo
Yeah, I had needed you all along

Together we've got sweet harmony
oh girl, I just love the hard beat
Making music with you all night
when this song ends gonna hit repeat

So play me all your music now
let's groove we got chemistry
Our songs.. let's move together
let's explore how good we can be

You began to play your music
the voice within me moved in sync
I was reaching out to you girl
and in that moment I could see
In that moment I could see
I could see
I could see
I could see
I could see

Date: 7-6-14

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Oh I get down...

Oh I get down,
I still know how,
To go downtown,
And get real loud.

Save another of those whisky shots for me,
And put another song on the box for me,
Rack 'em up - c'mon let's play some pool,
Flirt with the girls...
...and act real cool!

Cause we're gonna get down,
And go downtown,
Get real loud...
...'cause we still know how!

I shake it up,
It's never enough,
I play real rough,
And love it up.

Save another of those whisky shots for me,
And put another song on the box for me,
Rack 'em up - c'mon let's play some pool,
Flirt with the girls...
...and act real cool!

Cause we're gonna shake it up,
And play real rough,
Love it up...
...'cause its never enough!

Save another of those whisky shots for me....

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The place where i once dewelled,
The place where my mother and father honey mooned,
the place where i was created,
the place where i now face hardships.
 the place now where i only see and visit graves of those i have lost.
the place  where i have dreamed many dreams.
Now the place i will never see.
Please people in Italy dream big dreams for me.
Even though I am afraid of what those dreams might be.
I know one day I have to face my destiny,
But  I am afraid of what I might become and what I might bring,
upon myself.
so i have to stay out of the rain,
and  thank mother earth 
that i have not become,

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The Summer of the Winter Sky

It was time for the leaves to fall,
The fields to turn white,
The birds to leave for faraway lands-
And the long cold lonely nights.

Seemed like for eternity
She hadn’t had a smile -
Frozen was the world around
Lonely she walked  for miles.
Dead were the blossoms in her garden,
And love was about to die-
And yet she prayed to her unseen friend -
For the summer of the winter sky!

Not a song was heard at dawn,
Only the echo of the wind-
In the misty field of corn
Not a farmer was seen!
A wait so long, so painful to bear
Left alone with no one so near
She was lost in her own reverie-
With tears in her dreamy eyes.
And she prayed as her heart cried-
Longing for the summer of the winter sky.

No one knows who heard her prayer
Lost amidst the silence
And yet an early morning bud 
Blossomed in her garden!
Suddenly a little sparrow was seen 
High on the branch of the willow tree
Singing a song as if to welcome-
Amidst the grey sky, a sun so warm.
And love then again knocked her door
Promising a life like never before-
And like a happy child  she opened her eyes
For it was summer for the winter sky!

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The Sea-Farers And The Sea

Flow! Flow! Flow!
Thou sea of silence
Carrying friends and foes
The gentle sounds of 
Waves lapping thru the
Evening like a moving
 Blow! Blow! Blow!
Thou east wind,thy 
Tender hands caress our 
Gliding bark as we break 
Into the warm waters.
Look! The sun gazes at 
These sea-farers whose 
Quest we know not.
Far beyound the horizon
Lies treasures of untold 

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The Devil and His Bride -part the first-

Forty-Eight that parallel... above which no man need go. For there doth dwell the demon... with his sultry bride from hell. Water's frozen, sky's a'fire... sea o'forsaken desire. Doth sure now lure a'many sailor-lad... 'twixt depths of irk and ire. So 'twas set black sail aloft... from deck o'ship so fleet. As day broke solemn winsome soft... that devil 'twas I to meet. Oh... Raven did'st indeed forewarn... blackest beak did mouth such scorn. Were I to sail nor'west that morn'... 'twas surely then I'd rue... that day 'twas I e'er born. So demon did from lofty perch... look down at me to say... "Ye've naught to fear but fear itself... on this your fateful day". And that devil he did sing that day... his voice uncommon low. Of that which he'd then cast for me... On swiftsure wind did blow. Oh his tale 'twas a fearsome chant... O'death and gore such rant... Whil'st stood me there upon that frozen deck... My ship a'ghastly forlorn wreck. His bride with eerie smile... Did'st stand so by his side... Casting thus her evil eye... Upon me far and wide... Then she too joined that tenebrous awful song... Now sung by two yet sound o'throng... Those very decks upon which I stood... Creaked now groaned they as rotted wood. Their song took pitch o'fever hot... As did'st my soul begin to fly... From mind as body succumbed to rot... Slowly to that devil's sky... 'Twas known to me in just that glance... 'Twas my day to die. Nay! Nay! Say my soul begins to flee... I've such the thought as need be heard... I'll take not this devil at his softsung malicious word... Call his sultry bride to silence... Her song is naught but curse... And me I've been a'sea... so've lived thru surely worse! Stay ye now that demon chant so to leave me room for thought! For that death-knell bell of happenchance... to me doth mean but naught. Aye! I'll stand before your ghastly eye... You that devil and your bride... And give you reason with which to see... My soul shall e'er be free! Nay I'll not... sink to rot, beneath your hazen fires. Nor shall I be equal free, with thoughts of your desire. 'Tis sure of this-that-day which may so be the last... That your devil's song is truly one of which I am aghast. As did I speak that devil did... His sword of brimstone fire... Ready high to slay me down... On that deck now come so dire. Thus did'st I send mine own blade... Had smiths of old so made... A'flight that night o'demon chant... To strike his sullen bride!

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I have a God given talent
I rejoice but not ever lament
They said it is a wonderful thing
I must do share and sing

Some may or may not listen
Even though as long as I win
Not of fame but of joyous hearts
For so long been gloom and apart

The high and low notes, I'll reach
Tactful enough to be on right pitch
I may swing in a fidget ditch
It's fine as long as I'll not miss

I will tunely swing both my arms
Harmoniously to the music at hand
I may open and close my eyes 
To feel each lyrics in vies

It's not only my voice that sings
Also does my heart it rings
Uncaring the people's glances
Displaying this in chosen chances

By: olive_eloi


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Sad Love Songs

One note
One word
One tune
One line

Brings smiles
Brings tears
Brings joys
Brings pains

Still, I listen.

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The Genius and the Good O'boy

this story's about a good o'boy
that knows his wits ain't the keenest
and a writer that thought he was cock-of-the-walk 
we'll refer to him as genius

genius liked to hang around o'boy
and make fun of him all day long
he would pick and poke and make sick jokes
o'boy would just laugh along 

now genius decided to protect his work
so he sent it to washington
said i'll be a star, yea i'm gonna go far
and my songs'll be number one.

well, his head began to swell a mite
when he started to receive
the kind of deals that come in the mail
when you register with the L.O.C.

now, o'boy might be simple folk. 
he don't claim to have a great mind.
but he can spot a scam, size up a man 
and read between the lines.

o'boy tried to warn him
said be careful or ya might get burned
but the know-it-alls are bound to fall
cause there's nutin else they can learn.

they said they'd sell genius his spotlight
make his name known all around
so he bent right over, stuck his head in the clover
and pulled his britches down.

well i can't really say how it happened
but the story soon spread around
and before ya know it that singing poet
was the biggest joke in town.

now, we can make fun of the downhom'eez
laugh at their back-wood way
make the simple folk the butt of our joke
but sometimes it just don't pay.

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I Keep On Waiting

You know that I love you.
I've been waiting for days.
Just for you to pass by my house.
Yes! You know that I need you.
So I stand in the road.
So you stop and stay with me.
I keep on waiting.
For your love to drive by.
Yes! I know it will, I do..
So I keep on waiting.
For your love to drive by.
Yes! I know it will, I do..

You know that I cherish.
Your love everytime.
It goes by my front door.
And I know that I love you.
Until the end of time.
I will carry on with you.
So I keep on waiting.
For your love to drive by.
Yes! I know it will, I do..

I've spent a lifetime.
Just dreaming of things.
That you might do with me.
Because you know that I love you.
I've been waiting for days.
Just for you to pass by my house.
I know that I need you.
So I stand in the road.
So you stop and stay with me.

I keep on waiting.
For your love to drive by.
Yes! I know it will, I do..

So I keep on waiting.
For your love to drive by.
Yes! I know it will, I do..

I just keep on waiting.
For your love to drive by.
Yes! I know it will, I do..

Love-Song-Lyric By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1983,2014.ALL rights reserved..

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The Devil and His Bride -part the second-

That devil came with fury... across night's fearlit sky... To sling at me with vengeful curse... his fiery lance direct and sure... at my very eye. A'top the royal yard... such scene I did'st surmise... As drew I from its scabbard, my bow in stealth disguise... And notched an arrow, from that quiver tied upon my back... With speed let fly so did I that swift-sure dark attack... Now that devil then did'st bring forth his fiery shield... of hue and melt o'bronze... And so stopped my arrows as they flew... yet still... I could not yield. Alas! That demon charged me now... with gleaming blades of steel, and as he came his bride still sung... her songs of heathen mortal dread. As devil's blade did so swing now down upon my head. And as I thought to vanquish foe... Not else did'st have I in mind... Naught but devil's bride a'singing at my side. So that devil in his demonic mind... did within me find... a thought as such 'twould ensure... my own self was not quite sure. Thus did he in blink of hazard eye... haul forth at me with demonspeed... his thrice pronged staff upon which I'd now die. 'Twas all but silent for that moment... A'stood so still in time... As gathered I my courage... focused clear my eye. So to leap upon my flying steed and off... up to the sky... Then to turn and fear to spurn... As toward that devil did'st I fly! A'side me so 'twas singing still... that devil's gruesome bride... Yet now I knew her song was true... to them that had'st no will. Temptress chant and demon's rant... Neither slowed my charge. For freedom's song did lure me on... As devil loomed a'fore me large. So did I meet that demon... in headlong brutal clash... As world around us took shade of ghastly black. 'Twas I'd become the devil... Sure the devil would be me... As swung down with fearsome force... My blade o'bloodlust greed. And that bride yet still at my side... did'st with fateful song abide... With lust and heathen purity... into my hell I then did'st ride. Oh the clamor of that battle waged against such demon I'd engaged... Was naught but whisper or as lullaby... As to what now befell my eye. For surely I'd no thought of such as fiery cauldron spewed... Ne'er a'fore had I in life horror rampant viewed. 'Twas truly now for all to see... That devil and the demon... 'Twere so surely... e'er naught but me. SeaWolf ©

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Two Lonely Hearts

We've been apart, for a very long time.
Time is still on my mind.
I must find my way back to you.

It's been awhile, since you stared in my eyes.
True love never dies.
As the stars begin to shine.

'Cause two lonely hearts.
Come together as one.
In the middle of town.
In the middle of the town.

Two lonely hearts.
Come together as one.
In the middle of town.
In the middle of the town.

You stayed away, for a very long time.
Your thought still on my mind.
I must find my way back to you.

I always thought, you would stand next to me.
You would never leave.
You would never leave my side.

'Cause two lonely hearts.
Come together as one.
In the middle of town.
In the middle of the town.

'Cause two lonely hearts.
Come together as one.
In the middle of town.
In the middle of the town..

Love Song-Ballad By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1987,2014.ALL rights reserved..

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I recall the cool light of the shortest days,
and the darkness of the longest nights;
I shivered under a blanket and that made dreams freeze,
even snowflakes hid stars to block their fading gleams!
I'll be thinking of the warmest sunshine,
smelling flowers that are all mine!

March is warmer than February as days get longer;
I shouldn't wait any longer, but be that dancer:
leaping on scented meadows strewn with poppies, bluebells and daisies...
while my cheeks feel the warmth of the September sun mixing with breeze!
I'll be thinking of the warmest sunshine,
dreaming of sunrises to opine!

I will invite the blue jays, the mockingbirds and the lively butterflies
to watch me dance...where's that blonde-haired boy who plays the flute?
I like to feel those golden sun rays as I felt them in the prime of my happy youth,
and isn't spring the pure essence of happiness that glows on a serene face?
Ill be thinking of the warmest sunshine,
observing lilies that climb and entwine!

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let me hear that song again

Let me hear that song again,
		the one with you ,me and the falling rain...
			let me hear once more the melody,
			the rivers, the stars,the wind and the sea...
		The song that played when we were together,
		the song of happiness and unending color...
			The music that played when you first came to me,
			the song of unchained passion, that soul touching memory....                    
		the music we shared as we walked in the sand,
		the music of breeze and water as you held my hand...
			the music my heart played when you looked into my eyes...                     
			The music of your laughter and the birds in the skies...                        
		Its time now, and it has been so long, please come along,
		And once again let me hear that song.....

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Chippewa Falls

Got her name off a cracker box.
Sweet young thing.
You know she really rocks.

She climbs on top.
Keeps me warm at night.

You know that girl.
She's really out of sight..

In Chippewa Falls..

That's right! 

Chippewa Falls.


Found her name in the news tonight.
Front page story.
About a girl I knew.

Wound up drinking till the morning light.
Loads of fun.
With a girl named Sue..

In Chippewa Falls.
That's right! 
Chippewa Falls.

Sent her home on a train today.
Her smiling face.
Couldn't pay the way..

Bleach blond hair.
Shining bright today.

That's all she needed..
To pave the way...

In Chippewa Falls.
That's right! 
Chippewa Falls.
That's right! 
Chippewa Falls..

Song-Lyrics By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2009,2014..All Rights Reserved..

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Oh Sunrise

Sunrise..Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
Shine your love on me.
It's got to be the nicest thing.
You can do for me, in the morning..

Sunrise...Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
Your love it shines like a golden sphere, and it's always near.
And it shines on me, in the morning..

Sunrise...Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
It's got to be the nicest thing.
You can do for me.Oh! Sunrise..

Oh! Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
It's got to be the nicest thing.
You can do for me, in the morning..

Sunrise...Oh! Sunrise...

Oh! Sunrise Song Poem- By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1983,2014..ALL rights reserved..

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Next To You

Saying all these things really make things right.
Acting just the same, on a different night.
Moving close to you, makes me feel so right.
A kiss on the cheek, really turns me on.
A touch on the lips, kind of sounds like fun..

Next to you..That's where I want to be, is..
Next to you.
I hope you're feeling fine, when I'm..
Next to you..
I'll be feeling just the same, when I'm..
Next to you.
Next to you.
Next to you...

Sounding off the gun, when we start the race..
Staring in your eyes, when I see your face.
Looking to the west, when the sun goes down.
Moving next to you, never makes me frown.
When we're holding hands, it really makes my day.
A kiss on the lips, only makes me stay..
Next to you..
That's where I want to be is..
Next to you..
I hope you're feeling fine, when I'm..
Next to you..
I'll be feeling just the same, when I'm...
Next to you.
Next to you.
Next to you..

Love Ballad By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1987,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

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I'm Her Man

She saw me standing there.
Like a knight in shining armor.
Like standing in cool fresh water.

I'm her man..

After all that we've been through.
I know that I was made for her.
I know her love was made for me.
And we were like two lost lovers.

I'm her man..

Then she saw me standing there.
Like a peasant without a sword.
Like a king without a castle.
She wrapped her arms around me.

I'm her man....

Love-Song-Ballad By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1981,2014..ALL rights reserved..

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When you look into my eyes.You see yourself.
Reflections of the way, you look at me.
You send into my heart.Your golden warmth.
I'm sending back to you, just what you need..

And everytime I look out to the west.
The sun in the sky.It starts to rise.
And then we see the brighter days ahead.
The mornings we all got up, out of bed.
Then we head out towards the ocean shore.
The waves and the sand, unlock the door.

And then we see the sails, begin to rise.
With morning fog.Upon the morning skies.
Then I look into your eyes.I see myself.
Reflections of the way.I look at you.
I send into your heart.My golden warmth.
You're sending back to me, just what I need.


Reflections-Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1986,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

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Memories of a Different Time

The song came on my radio and it took me back to ten years ago
The second time I heard the song, I began to sing along 
It sang about the cold sad day when the music died and went away
I missed those days when the songs were true
But I was a fan of the Quartet and the Jester too
James Dean and the girl who sang the blues
Were obituaries in the morning news
New music that they were putting out
Were mixed with drugs and political clout
With the Jester hurt and the Quartet gone
New bands would try to carry on
But the music couldn’t match the scene
Back to the days when the door was green
So I say Bye Bye to Miss American Pie
Sometimes the music can make me cry
I know down deep within my soul
I still believe in Rock N’ Roll 
I was only twelve and walking down town
When I heard that the trio’s plane went down
I saw the music rearranged
The tune was different and the lyrics changed.
This song was like a nursery rhyme
Bringing memories of a different time
So I listen to it every once in a while
And remember how it made me smile
February still brings me pain
But thanks for the memories Don McLean.

Poetic tribute to Don McLean
Author of “American Pie”

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The bramble bush, is a pretty bush,
A bush that sways when you feel lush
The bramble bush sings in tune,
And that is when we all do swoon.

The bramble bush stays a kinda hush
As the bramble bush, pricks you in
the mush.
For the bramble bush, you fall in love,
As the bramble bush – comes from
the above.

In the forest new, sits the bramble bush,
And the animals too – hear a silent hush.
The clouds above are in a bit of a crush,
And they all do move - in a bit of a rush!

Then life on earth for the bramble bush,
It gets so cold, for the bees to thrush.
But the traffic too, rides the roads so
But the bramble bush, sits there oh so

And the birds themselves, sing to the
And the birdy choir, sings the good old 
And you sail the sea, and see the waves,
And you suddenly think, of the bramble

Everybody should sing, to the life so good,
And praise the trees, that have a heart of 
And the thrush flies down to the nest it loves,
And lives so happy – in the bramble bush.   


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Love Ballad

 A gentle knight chirped and roaming the way of desert at night.
 His dancy browny hair, blue eyes made romantic guy and couraged.
 He lured by lovely song beyond a hill.
 Eagerly, he rushed his horse and fell swooned.

 He lightly opened his eyes but did not movable, groaning pains.
 His wounds tide with herb and bluey fungus.
 A spinster, an oldman lived in this hut sitting anxious looking.
 The nature of love girl sing a praying song under a coniferous.

 He falls asleep and his wounds healing miracle by love.
 He said many gratitude thanks and parting smiles.
 The spinster missed her heart and possess a minute death.
 She weaving her heart gifted garland to him with splendid love-smells.

 The nightjar song impressed his love seek, find to fail.
 The red war period started, as his melancholy love.
 He stabed not but earning many love wounds.
 His inner voice of love but fluttering dove!

 He became love-sicker and also think about the bewitching voice.
 Again he searched, his red wounds badly hurt.
 His instinct wishes that met her love-face lastly.
 He brings only thorny's love-blood at shadow night.

 Dews fluttering with his worthy red-blood gently to the heaven.
 He is rescued by the same spinster his heart-venus.
 She takes a letter and his pleasant love-subject written with golden tunes.
 Her tears of love tinkling on, the love-wounds bleeding with joyous!

 She feeds him on the love's last breath of lyric but sad love-melody chill.
 The worthy fairest carved immortalized their love-chapter.
 If you smelled the monumental garland it described the unbelievable love-tale.
 The love-origin pastoral surrounded with red grasses one touch it
    amazingly love-sicker!

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I also write music and song lyrics.
This poem is one of my song lyrics. after all song lyrics is just a poem put to 
Stop this world and let me off.
IM tired of spinning around and around.
Stop this world and let me off,
before I fall to the ground.
            first verse
Your love is like a spinning top.
Dont know when its going to stop.
You play love like it was a game
and your always looking for some else to blame.
Stop this world and let me off
IM tired of spinning around and around.
Stop this world and let me off
before I fall to the ground
             second verse
Your love is like a mystery
You keep me guessing if you love me.
Your love is of a special kind.
I love you,but your driving me out of my mind
Stop this world and let me off.
IM tired of spinning around and around.
Stop this world and let me off
before I fall to the ground

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The lark of life.

In the green fields of Summer
I opened my eyes,
And dreamed of a time
Where I’d climb to the skies,
And as I grew up
With a song in my heart,
I knew it was time
For my dream to depart.

So I opened my wings
And I started on up,
For my song was my wine
While the air was my cup,
And as I looked down
To the place I was born,
The green fields were bathed
In the light of the dawn.

Then I sang such a song
In the vale of the day,
While my spirit kept faith
In a strange sort of way,
As I kept rising up
In my Abbey of blue,
I knew it was right
And I knew it was true.

The world that had borne me
Was far, far below,
At the birth of my dream
In the morning’s soft glow,
 And my song was aflame
With the fire of the sun,
As I started back down
To where I had begun.

I passed through the clouds
And my feathers were kissed,
With the light Summer rain
And the softness of mist,
I remembered my birth
As I fell through the haze,
In those green glowing fields
And those soft Summer days.

Then all of a sudden
I reached earth again,
And I looked to the sky
As I sought to explain,
How the ups and the downs
Of a life in the air,
Help my heart understand
How my life is a prayer…

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A Country Song Writer's Ballad

They told me, stay away from you, because you had a past,
They told you that I’d be no good, my future would not last,
But your past is all lies,
And no one realized,
That I could get along
Writing songs.

Your daddy beat you up at nights and treated you all wrong,
Your momma smelled of cheap liquor, before the day grew long,
So you went out with the boys,
Let them tell their made-up stories,
Cause being out all night,
Sure beat going home.

I just wanted to rhyme my words, and write my thoughts in poems.
Teachers always told me, my structure was all wrong.
They didn’t say what I did right,
Just why I would fail,
So after the eleventh grade,
I told ‘em go to hell.

I met you out late one night at the Diner down the road.
Your date ended earlier then the both of you had hoped.
I was jotting down some words
Of a song stuck in my head,
You sat in the booth across from me
And this is what was said:

“I haven’t seen you round at school, how you doing Joe?”
“I dropped out bout a month ago. How did your date go?”
“We went to a movie,
And I fought his wandering hands,
He left frustrated,
But will brag about becoming a man.

“I didn’t feel like going home, my old man’s still awake,
Can I see what you’re writing there and have a sip of your shake?”

“A song I wrote for a local band has gotten some air time.
A man down in Memphis town wants to read other songs of mine.
So before I left for Tennessee to give my dream a shot,
Thought I’d write a good-bye poem for a girl I like a lot.”

You looked at me with a tear in your eye and said, “I didn’t mean to pry.
Didn’t know you had a girl, glad you can give your dream a try.
I always liked reading your poems, ever since we both were kids,
I guess as the years went by we stopped being such close friends.”

You started getting up to leave and turned to hide your tears,
I reached out and touched your hand for the first time in ten years.
“I know you see other boys to get away from your home,
And I never had the nerve to say how I wish I were one of ‘um.
But now as I’m leaving here for a first and final time,
I’d like to leave you words that say, I’ve loved you all the time.”

Now twenty years have come and gone, I’m still glad you came with me,
We started out so long ago on a trip to Tennessee,
And as our kids start finding out just who they really are,
We will not make the same mistake of telling them who to be.

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Your Breath Sweeps On My neck

Your breath sweeps on my neck as I sigh in relief.
Your eyes show the moon as you look at me. 
I find peace each time you take me in your arms.
I see the sunshine in your smile each morning with you lying next to me.
We are the stars, the moon and the sun, as we entwine together.
The sound of your heart beat in my ears is a sweet melody.
May we never feel the pain of the song of the whippoorwill?
Seeing the light shining in the mist of the morning; you sigh with sweet delight.
In the darkness; sweet love is made.
As your breath sweeps on my neck, as I sigh in relief.
You breathe a sigh of happiness for the love that has been there for so long. 
It has been the eternal time machine taking you from one place to another.
The words and feelings of long ago, relived in one night on the phone. 
Staying in the time of now, will be the challenge.
With the strength of the love over several decades, time can only tell.
The length of time has shown us how much the sigh of love becomes a sweet song to be sung.

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We're Passing Through Life On a Song

From the nursery-rhyme tunes of the children,
To the funeral dirge played at the end,
You wander through life in the arms of a song,
And the music’s your favorite friend.

From those rock-n-roll songs with your sweetheart,
To the music on her wedding day,
The organ was playing and your eyes were blurring
As you watched her and him drive away…

The song doesn’t last, no, it’s fading too fast,
And you can’t hold the note very long,
It’s a little off key but it warms you and me:
We’re passing through life on a song.

From those uncensored songs when you’re drinking,
To the taps at the soldier’s farewell,
Those lullabies crooned to your very first child,
To those hymns that brought you home from Hell.

As hamlet might say, the question in this:
To sing or not to sing?
The answer’s so easy and I know you know—
Yes, your life is a song on the wing…

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Sweet lady I remember 

doesn't seem that long ago

we were both so young and alive

in love's new born glow

laughing in the sunshine 

we could love away the rain

don't you think there's a chance to bring it back again

Started mixing our whiskey

with something much too strong

we both made a turn somewhere

and we both knew it was wrong

I know I left some scars on you 

I know how you must feel

Don't you think with some time those scars could heal

but we keep changing like the seasons

and we get uptight for different reasons

but that would make my song too sad

If we gave up on what we had"

Now we both settled down some

and loves' sweet glow is gone

If there ain't some way we can bring it back

I don't know if we can carry on'

There's no fire burning now

but there's still some coals I swear

I know we could get that fire burning 

if we gave ourselves some air

So I'm sorry I upset you

I'm sorry that I made a scene

I'm sorry that I got uptight

and said things that I didn't mean

but I never will forget you

and how the time has been

If there was someway I could make it right

I would do it all again

but we keep making up excuses

and it seems like trying would be useless

But I can't picture life without you

I still love everything about you

And we keep changing like the seasons

and we get uptight for different reasons

but that would make my song to sad

If we give up on what we had

sweet lady I remember

doesn't seem that long ago

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happily ever after

Every time I look at you my feelings run deep. 

Your eyes they speak to me with words I will keep

They tell me that we will always be together

Happily ever after now and forever.

Your tender loving kisses makes my heart want to sing

A song of love from deep inside, to me your everything

And each night I ask the Lord for one more day

Just so I can have the chance to say

Happily ever after like Mom and Dad

Heaven is something we've always had

Our love is a precious thing one of a kind

Kept safe within our hearts for us to find

That happily ever after we will stand.

Happily ever after hearts hand in hand

And oh sweet angel of mine

Without you I am not alive

For you are the only light I seeeeeeee 

And through all of the ups and all the downs 

With all of the love we have found

I will build my home with you and live anywhere

Happily ever after now and forever

happy anniversary eddie my husband i love you more everyday. this poem i also 
made a song out of it too eddie just for you.
copyrighted 2007 penny lapsley 

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Sing A Song Of People

Sing a song of people
Walking fast or slow;
People in the city
Up and down they go.

People with their hats on,
Going in the doors.
People with umbrellas
When it rains and pours.
People in tall buildings
And in stores below;
Riding elevators,
Up and down they go.

People walking singly,
People in a crowd;
People saying nothing,
People talking loud.
People laughing,smilling,
Grumpy people too;
People who just hurry,
And never look at you!

Sing a song of people
Who like to come and go;
Sing of city people
You see but never know!

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The Faeries played the songs.......... 
Such musical beauty filling all 
Lilting melodies............ 
Musical light............. 
Softly through the night 

The music of the Faeries 
Drifting through............. 
The Whispering Trees 
The branches sway.......... 
To what the Faeries play 
The song known to all............. 
The Four Elements 
The Seasons 
The Winds 
The Faeries 
The Flowers 
The Magic 
The Stars 
The Heartstone that glows in the Great Hall 

The precious song 
The precious music 
Filling you......... 
With the love of all things, 
and the joy it brings 
The Heartstone ,so true 
Living too, 
all around 
The Faerie sound 

For, some things touch you deep 
The Faeries from Castle Heartstone 
The music that they play 
Inward to seep 
This is the way of all things........... 
The magic to keep 

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Song of the Dying

You don’t feel upon lying
So you sing the song of the dying
Sunday afternoons 
Pastors choose reign in a spiritual doom 
The sun plasters we coons 
Stand out and fade faster with the moon
I bid you the same old static and blues
The one always in favor of tempered news
The trail of adventures and rules 
We don’t heal upon crying 
So we sing the song of the dying
The highways haunts you
Night sky’s taunt the blue 
All life wants from you
Is the truth
The secrets they’re telling you
One just knows not what to do 
Feel like you want to cry
Coincidentally you realize 
It would be better to die 
We don’t feel upon lying 
So we sing the song of the dying 
I’ve given away myself in every song
Driven the bars last liquor home
No sympathy for an aging man
For I cannot feel your tears 
Upon my rough hands 
My scared palms 
My irrelevance 
bared in chapters of Psalms 
Until my ending is calmed 

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Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars
catch us kissing...
feeling so lost
in the whispering pine trees;
and there's no shame in giving
ourselves to heartfelt joys to stimulate
sensations in our warm souls!

That song our lips sing
comes from the endless love we feel;
faithful woman...steal this childish heart,
longing for dreams never
dared to be sought!
That song our lips sing
was born  yesterday,right here...
when loneliness suddenly
turned into happiness;
when we vowed never to fear
the unhappy and envious
faces of others!

Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars...
fulfill our needs and desires,
because only night was made for love,
for people who never have enough to give:
like that song our lips sing!