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Ballad Lost Poems | Ballad Poems About Lost

These Ballad Lost poems are examples of Ballad poems about Lost. These are the best examples of Ballad Lost poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Lost Love - Gary Fields

Loss Lost Love


Why my love left?
I soon forget the reason's why
All that I remember
Is that she left such
An empty space
An empty trace
So many memories
Which can not be erased
And I die just a little inside
And time mean's nothing to me'
Fore you mean so much to me
              - And -
Then ever so slightly
I wish for quiet subtle change
And I don't know since when
But time just set's end on end
And smoke appears below
Which can choke a friend
A friend in need
Certainly not you love
And once again, ever so slightly
I wish for quiet suttle change
It has been three weeks (03) now
And things' are all in a clammer'
Thing's just seem to set end on end
And nothing seem's to matter
An I make a vowel for thee
In a time that is lost for- ever
O'h, how I wish to belong

by~ Poet Destroyer

I can see the pain!
I came to you no longer.
Looking for answers, 
I cried till I could no more..

I shared'
I stared' 
At the empty space hiding in my heart,
I knew then that day was the end.
Thoughts ran like rivers,
flowing a stream down my face.
You picked the pieces up as I walked away.
With no more to open and say.
When holding wasn't holding to me no more,
You opened up your heart, in hopes I could feel.

We cried into the night, 
until the early morn.
We scolded each other's pain,
searching and seeking each others heart.

As time drew, second begun to fade.
I saw our lovers nest fading, 
as the night grew thick.

The moment had arrived, 
why did we say goodbye?
Now we sit alone,
reminiscing the past that vaporized into thin air. 
An empty trace'
An empty space'
Oh! How I wish to belong!

A collaboration with * GARY FIELDS

My collaboration contest

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Disturbed Child

That disturbed child
The teen girl with no friends, 
and is rejected by her loved ones
She feels broken inside,
like theres no other choice
She takes the iron razor, 
she puts it to her arm and hopes the pain will fade,
but in the end it only makes her feel worse
She does this to herself not because she is sad, 
but because she doesn't think any one cares
She thinks 
What if I put this razor to my throat,
and ended my life
Would they care then?
She feels like no one cares 
What she doesn't realize is, 
if she died a river of tears would come,
even faster then the blood would run from her
If she only knew life can be brighter 
If she would only see, 
that she is loved
That disturbed child, 
We miss her
and theres no getting her back
What could we have done
Was there any changing her mind
Only God knows

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Is It Worth It

Love can seem so happy and so wonderful
But it can hurt and take away from life too
You make me so happy and make me feel so special
But then you turn around and make me feel like ****
love can turn you into a whole new person
But you could change into to something great or something no one wants
Love seems so wonderful at first 
But spending my days not knowing if you want me or even care for me is agonizing 
Sometimes i feel like your lying to me but if i say that then you'll get mad again
Your such a loose cannon, ready to burst with rage and tears
Love is so temperamental 
so can you tell me....... 
Is It Worth It?

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My Hurt to Bear

I told you my innermost thoughts 
But you never gave them a thought.
I shared my dreams with you
But you never paid any heed.

I gave you all the love I had in me
But you failed to give it back.
I cared for you utterly & completely
But the truth was you never cared at all.

I was a fool to have given you my time
When all you did was waste my time.
I should have let you go much before
Than to have kept you close to hurt me. 

I let you in though I was apprehensive
The mistake I should have never made.
I let you make me feel good about myself
When all you did was to tear me further.

I let you lie to me for all that you said 
When I should have refused every bit of it.
I know now what a colossal blunder I made 
To let you take a piece of me & throw it away.

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Daisy trips and falls apart
The mysterious rider brings her back
And now wonders how she ll find
The way back home cause is its off the line
And runs away leaving the rider alone
He comes back for her 
On the dark dawn
She refuses to go back to his lost life
The angered rider loses control
Cause daisy was the one whom he loved from soul
And for one last time he asks her to go
To the dark den with him for eternal light
For daisy nods no cause she loves her home
Fuming with fury he wins along 
Cause daisy said she will stand her ground
The rider calls in his horse to take  leave
Distressed yet still in love he climbs his horse
Galloping his horse he starts to race
While snatching daisy from her most beloved home
Cautious and anxious she struggles through the ride
Then comes the deepest valley with the bridge
Daisy unknown of the little bit of it 
Tussling and grappling the little doll piece
Falls of the bridge before he could grab her
Bawling for help when taws’ to late for her
And once again
Daisy trips and falls apart
But the mysterious rider on black mare couldn’t save her fall
For he is down with the heart ache of his lost love
And as said so........ 
He wanders on the edge of the bridge you see
In search of his lost love or her screams
not knowing its too late for all her pleas
'Cos the daisy was the one whom he loved from h soul.
And daisy said no cause she loved her home
And so goes the story of one lost soul who took control with her innocent prose

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Ballad of Dreams: One: Beneath the Realm part one

Beneath the realm of Reality
Lies a secret- a world of fantasy
Feasting my eyes upon the faded stone
Delving into a vast world of the unknown

Whispers dance in the curling fog dancing amongst the dead trees
Murmurs of those who have long passed, float against the breeze
Passing the large tree, the gate surrounding the stoned castle
A slender inhabitant, dazzles my mind, his speech facile

Shall I trust this unknown creature, from this the unknown world
His arms, his...tendrils, curl...and around me swirled
My thoughts-he knows them-for he and I are entwined
Further into the dead woods I wonder, a sense of fear encompassing my mind

A bubbling stream I faintly hear, as further I go into the forest
The watery grave seeming to get closer, it's symphony-a chorus
Entranced I follow this fellow into the unknown
Closer and close to the stream i go, further away from the grey stone

Above the lines of fantasy
This, has become my reality
Dreaming-this land I return, once was I lost
But now here I am at home, everything quiet and soft

I search for you amongst the dead
And there, standing behind those gates is cloaked figure-hood on head
I wonder who this master of mystery is, but he soon disappears
A blink of my eye he is gone, and I have not seen him again in years

I search once more for you, my fiendish friend,
But soon I fear you have left me here-to come to my own end
I do not wish to wake, I do not wish to leave this place
Soon I come to spot your featureless face

The King of fright, so tender towards me
Showing me, when I lost my way so long ago, out misty dead trees
But I could not stay away, I wanted to see him again
And thus he promised to return to me again

That forest land I wish to see once more
But I have lost my way, trapped in a darkness forevermore
Kept away from what I so desperately yearn for
To return to that mysterious home I adore

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Across the Way - The Sequel

Another day and the dishes have piled up yet again
So back I end up in front of the window 
I do not glance up, but concentrate
On the dull, dirtied objects before me
I do not hear the voices from yesterday
I still wallow in the grime of gray
I smile in malcontent
As I lather the dishes with soap
Against my will, I look up 
To see a lone, fat man opening a refrigerator
He is shirtless, bulgy, and he looks pregnant
My first supposition is to laugh
But I only look back down at the dishes
Not wanting to stare at the fat man
Not wanting to think he looks pregnant
For sure not wanting him to be my neighbor
Across the way

Against my will again, I look up
The fat, pregnant man is gone
I see ornaments on the refrigerator
Some pictures, some magnets
Family; not so different from my life
But yet, there is a transparent fancy of mystery
A flashy rage of difference in the silence
Oh, so quiet
The blazing sun sprays its light upon the hour
Not only are my hands wet from the soapy water
The deafening tone of quietude
Revels in me a mixture of loneliness and physical heat
A burning desire for something not seen
A desire for utter disgust of my newly found neighbors
But I find myself not disgusted at all
Until I look up again and see a fully naked man at the window
Across the way

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Leave the Ninety-nine

We must leave the ninety-nine
To go search and find
The one lost sheep
Wand'ring far behind
We must leave the ninety-nine
To go search and find
The one lost sheep-
Left behind  (Chorus)

Just suppose one of you has a hundred sheep
Then loses one of them and begins to weep
Would you not leave the ninety and nine
And go after the one on your heart and mind
And when it's found you would hold it closer
And carry it home upon your shoulders
Then call all your neighbors and gather all your friends
Celebrating your sheep that's back in the fold again

Likewise there's more rejoicing
In Heaven up above
Over one lost soul who will repent
Than for the ninety-nine
Who are already found
To be righteous and so obedient  (So..)


Now suppose one of you has ten silver coins
But then loses one of them from your collection
Would you not light the house and sweep the floors
Searching very carefully for what is yours 
Would you not put away the other precious nine 
And look in every corner until the lost one you'd find
Then call all your neighbors and gather all your friends
Celebrating you have your coin in your hand again



But don't forsake the congregation
And now's the time for visitation
To lead the lost ones to salvation
With God's angels in celebration


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Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

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How Do You Keep From Crying

How do you keep from crying
When the hurt runs so deep
And you don't want to be awake
But you just can't fall asleep?

No one ever told you
How fragile was the heart.
No one ever warned you
That life could fall apart
And leave you feeling lonely
Lost without your dreams,
Wondering and wandering,
To silent painful screams.

How do you keep from crying
When the hurt runs too deep
And you don't want to be awake
But you just can't fall asleep?

He had you believing
His love was true and real
Then mocked at your devotion
When you began to heal.
Each time there came a phone call,
A letter, or a sign
That someone else was loving him
So many other times.

How do you keep from crying
When the hurt runs river deep
And you don't want to be awake
But you just can't fall asleep?

All that now remains
Is a way to find some peace,
A way to stop remembering,
A way to find release.
You loved him more than life
You gave him all of you,
But now it's just a beer alone
Perhaps a pill or two.

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Rhythm of Life

Death instills the final emotion, defining the rhythm of life,
While understanding its passage is left to a wiser man;
The simplicity of a moment lays deep within, and is limited to the meaning 
But we may all be gone in a moment, condemned to the changing time …
Yet when I die just dig a hole and throw in my mangy bones 
Death mocks us in the starlight, and beckons on the suns rebirth,
Silent thoughts are thus imposed, when loud a church bell sounds,
In melodic rhyme the rhythm of time, came out over a graven mist, 
And how bitter the solitude foretold, when morn led on to day …
But when I die just dig a hole and throw in my mangy bones 

Death remains an enigma once held to a passing thought,
When lines of an ancient mariner are lost forever more;
Structured words are what our mind recalled, and are played to the rhythm of 
And intent we are to things unseen when sunrise turns to day…
Yet when I die just dig a hole and throw in my mangy bones

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The Lottery

Cars raced passed, 
As I patiently waited, 
Nervously filled with distrust. 
At a crossing where safe crossing, 
Is now indicated, 
This courier of fortunes 
Not yet out of luck. 
I pick up my pace 
Like a man on a mission. 
My thoughts now a vortex 
Of possible plays. 
But to visit this office 
A long planned decision. 
The matter at hand 
Sheer providence dictates. 
The doors open freely, 
I enter within, 
To the cheers of firm staffers 
And welcoming smiles. 
Word had spread quickly 
To my eyes and chagrin, 
At the expense of my privacy, 
My name now beguiled. 
The anteroom sanctum 
Filled with polite pushy haste, 
Containing serious suits 
Who’d not rise from their seats, 
Till proof be their witness, 
No moment to waste, 
And the breech of my privacy? 
Short apology, hurried movement,
And onward at a feverish pace! 
Careful inspection and lens, 
Quickly confirm my declare, 
Faces stiffened to stifle,  
The emotional urge; 
To rejoice while an outside call  
To far voices is made, 
Numbers again shared, 
One through six, double check,  
Final digits confirmed. 
Moods shifted quickly 
As reality spawns. 
To great cheers
And some fanfare,  
Till ushered away; 
With military precision, 
And much tinted glass, 
Police guarding me 
And ticket, 
From mayhem this day. 
Since winning the big one, 
I've gained many friends, 
Among them some old ones
Who at best were estranged; 
Now calling me sir, 
With no memory of past, 
Nine figures and wow, 
Both handsome AND popular... 
...finally, at last!

© Michael Wegman, 2014

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The Alien

The Alien.
"Here's the village Idiot
Here comes the loony fool"
So many taunts did follow him
Oh kids can be so cruel!
The Alien, his face all cowed
With caution treads his way
As the gossip done, invades him every day.

He's a shade too short on mighty brawn
He's a pilgrim of the soul
He's a Sailor floating through his dreams
And he has no worldly goals
And when those kids kicked footy balls
And swore and carried on
The alien got lost  within his own song.

He's been told that he be nothing
By so many through the years
And now his body broken
Still wading in his fears
The wings have made to open up
So the butterfly may rise
And so the mighty Phoenix 
must head he for the skies.

Dec 22 2003.

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Please Listen To Her Prayer

While you’re watching over all your children from above

Listening as they send to you a prayer

Please God will you take some time to listen to my child

And find a way to let her know you’re there

Through the years she suffered a very tragic loss

Her happy life was shattered; torn apart

She tries so hard to hide the lonely tears she cries at night 

She tries so hard to hide her broken heart

Through the years she put aside her sadness and her pain

And found the strength to be both mum and dad

She never let them see the hurt, they only saw her smile

Although she’d lost the only love she had

She's struggled through the ups and downs that losing someone brings

She battled on and fears were cast aside

But every day I see the hurt and pain I know she feels

I see the unshed tears that fill her eyes

But now I see her worrying for someone else she loves

Her child...her precious life and soul

I watch the pain and sadness returning to her life

I watch the years of heartache take its toll  

So please God will you take a while and listen to her prayers

Let her worries, and her burdens cease

Take away her pain and sorrow, dry her lonely tears

And help my daughter find a sense of peace

I need for her to know you’re there no matter what life brings

To guide her when I know she's lost her way

I need to know that once again a smile will reach her eyes

That happiness, she will find again someday...

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Im Gone

Life as a lonely lost poet bred from dark cracks 
Lost soul living plain and simple among the people black and white 
Drug along with alcoholic among us distracts 
Lost values and principles around one many continue to lack 
Everyday simple facts, its like breathing through plastic sacks 
Slowly suffercating until the brain goes wack 
Once death comes my way I must keep it part of my past 
Aint no way God going to bring my little brother back 
I guess its a curse upon all those of us living like outlaw of an outcast 
How the **** will I ever truly outlast until I heal and break out my cast 
God cant you see Im tired of wearing this permanent mask 
I know my poetry has hidden answers if I look and read closer so I shouldnt have to ask
 Staying lost is a choice in the open road with no gas 
So as a lost poet through hardships now and in the future I will outgrow it 
The devil trying to get my soul and behold it 
but I know only this one man controls it 
Its too priceless for even my own greed to have sold it 
So as a lost poet I will climber higher than high if not then right below it 
Found in a world of lies with few truths as but another lost poet

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Candle in the sky

A night of sorrow; I see so 
many stars 
but none so bright, a night so 
dark, no flashlight 
no compass no way to find my 
candle in the sky.
Today I lost you hiding in my 
blackest night,
alone with no guide. I'll 
remember you bright,
but your absent light will 
sorrow my everynight.
I lost the light of you in the 
night sky, 
not my dream of you so bright

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Growing up I remember coming home,
  A little past the time you told me to,
A little late, a little scared all the way home,
  Thinkin' of a lie to tell you,
Knowing anything I said you weren't,
  Gonna believe me anyway,
I didn't want to disappoint you,
  Guess I was ashamed more than afraid,
I'm sorry Mama,
  I've always let you down,
When you're dreaming and you're sleeping,
  I'm writing all this down,
The devil keeps me awake,
  Sometimes for days on end,
But he can't take away my thoughts of you,
  My babies, my paper, and my pen,
I'm so sorry Mama,
  But mama will you make me just one promise,
Watch over them and the first star in the sky,
  Remind them to make a wish,
Mama just one more thing,
  For the little angels who lost their mommy,
Please be to them, what you were to me,
  And please tell them, I'm sorry Mama.

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A Single Yellow Rose

There's a single yellow rose,
that I put on your headstone.
Every day I come to visit,
stare at your picture on my phone.

We were sent to war together,
always went on patrol at night.
I can remember a few times,
when we almost lost that fight.

That night that you lost your life,
it tore my world apart,
You were always like a brother,
that remains deep in my heart.

So I place a single yellow rose,
on top of your headstone.
And I will never forget you,
I keep your picture on my phone.

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Parachute love

Parachute love once was my aberration

 and shift into abrogation/ fell for a  talebearer which only told lies annoyed my every thought

   “Abrogation Aberration Destination” 

still spinning like a Fishing Rod. Fell to deep to soon in this exploration

” Fluctuate in Separate Directions”

 My EX-Parachute lover  once was my Best Friend and now became my  inconstant friend/

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How can I tell you?
I can't stay with you.

Neither I can give up on you.
Fear of losing you is losing me.
It feels like slow death every night.

But we are just stuck in our spaces!
Unable to connect from two feet distance.

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A Saga Awaits You

The crowd pushes as your soul pulls,
You along your path to obscurity,
Where the light is engulfed,
By the clouds of eternity...

Timidly you lag behind,
Lost in the eddies of time,
And slowly you trudge,
To the same old grind...

But for the one who sees,
Dreams in splendored color,
The seeker holds the keys,
As one searches for the other...

Sparks of desire flood your mind,
While the cold dark streets glow,
From burnt embers lost in time,
And mounds of dashed hopes below...

You thrash and flail in utter desperation,
And you need that which can not be known,
Unless one is seasoned by your imagination,
When the dream is passed and the hope is grown...
Then it comes to you in a flash,
Love must be shared to exist,
So to others your hope is passed,
And your light escapes the mist...

The seeker surveys the vast multitude,
To find the source of the light,
Where the gift of hope was shared and grew,
Piercing the thin veil of night...

And to these dreamers is dared,
A glimpse of wisdom anew,
For you who love and share,
A saga awaits you...

Prepare to finally see,
The source for finding purpose,
In all that you do and can be,
Lies in what you can do for us... 

For selfish deeds trap us, 
And kindness offers you much more,
Once you apply this to practice,
Blinding light will pour forth...

And as the secret is shared,
Love rekindles the awakenings,
Among all those lost and scared,
Wonder and awe the new day brings...

Remember the grandness of this tale,
The next time you find yourself lost,
For what you offer is the holy grail,
So much hope... for so little cost!

My Gull Wheels On!

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My Loss

 My Loss Cannot be described in words, but can be described in my actions, as 
loud as they can be heard.

I've lost her, I've lost my chance, it's cruel and unfortunate circumstance.

She's gone without knowing how I feel, as the pain sets in, I now know it's all too 

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Lost Children Of The Alleghenies

Two boys disappeared without a trace
from their parents and their homeplace.
It seems nobody had seen the face
of either boy,such a sad case.

In April of eighteen fifty six
these little boys were in the sticks
while supper their mama did fix.
She first thought they were up to tricks.

Over and over she called each name.
Figured that they were playing a game.
She told her husband Samuel the same
when home from his hunting trip he came.

They were nowhere to be found.
Neighbors came from all around.
Their shouts made such an eerie sound.
They even searched with a bloodhound.

For ten long days the search went on.
But these two little boys were gone.
Then on the parents it started to dawn
that they were an unwilling pawn.

In a horrid guessing game of a kind
some of the people were of a mind
they'd killed their boys in a fury blind.
But they were never thus inclined.

During this speculation it seems
their neighbor Jacob was having dreams.
Nightmares people construed as schemes
of the little boys lying dead by streams.

Deep in the Pennsylvania wood
they searched this same area good.
Found the dead boys near where they stood
and knew that they'd done all they could.

Now you might not believe it's so
that they would find the children though
it's proven they'd searched both high and low.
Was it the dreams?We'll never know.

This has been been considered folklore (although based on fact)
near my hometown in Pennsylvania

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Chance Meeting

It was on a dusty mountain crest one night that she stood,
wondering if the world around her retained any good.
She had lost her father.  She had almost lost her mind.
Thereafter she lost her job in the jungle most unkind.
But, it was up there that she saw him at that dusty peak.
It was love at first sight, though they would hardly speak.
He held her in his arms for the longest long time.
She kissed him on the cheek, though it might have been a crime.

And so, on that rocky mountain top the two there would stand-
two new found lovers - stood silent, hand in hand.
Gazing into the star lit night, darkness still on high,
filled with amazement, they breathed in a sigh.
They never wanted the time they had there to end.
Perhaps on a shooting star home a note they could send.

But, what would they tell their families? What could they say?
Would people understand them?  It was this they did pray.
And so, it was on that peak that they built their small home-
vowing to each other from there never to roam.
And they're living there happily together to this day.
At least that is the rumor.  It's the buzz that they say.

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The Artist and The Poet

There aint no other way how to put it or how to say it,Im the Artist and the Poet/
 Through my created creations I show it/ Im gonna rize to the poetic mountain top before you even know it/
 This my poetry and self-made concrete art only I control it/ So all ya critics out there behold it/
 I was gone for a minute locked up and locked down trapped inside concrete/ 
I was at work the whole time my poetic skills only got better they did not sleep/
 Now I arize through shackles and chains I now know true defeat/ 
Im here to stay Im the artist keeper the true se7en poet of keep/ 
I will do what I gotta to be poetically remembered the day I go se7en feet deep/
 But for now my life upon ya'll I lyrically creep/ 
My thoughts are one of a kind they cannot be replicated/ 
Im so relevant now fifty years from now I still wont be outdated/ 
Its your coice you can love it or you can hate it/ Go ahead haters debate it/ 
Still Im the Artist and the Poet thats my motto statement/ 
A whole empire of poetry and artwork since lockdown I have painfully with pleasure created/ NEVER AGAIN WILL MY ART AND POETRY BE UNDERRATED/
 I was nothing before all the time spent in concrete and confinement/ 
Now Im truly poetic with artistic assignments/ Anything I draw I can also rhyme it/
 There are more to my tattoos each one has a story and a meaning behind it/ 
I knew there was hope in poetic art I just had to find it/ 
All I got to say now is "F@#k ya'll who wanna Doubt me/ 
F&%k all dat shyt you judge me like Im on American Idol when you dont even know shyt bout me/
 Your vision of life is blurry and your death thoughts seem to be a lil cloudy/ 
I am a Poetistic Diamond in the rough it was God it wasnt you who found me/ 
Now I know more people from around the way gon crowd me/ where money and trouble again will surround me/
 I was a lost gem on lockdown waiting to shine, waiting to poetyically explode/ 
A natural born poet carving out my own road/ Living by my own F%$#%ckin poetic codes/
 I can't be rhymefest free when I get lost in that poetic mode/ 
My Time is almost here/ I been waiting for this momnet all f&&%&ing year/ 
I cant believe I made through many concrete shed tears and many unheard of outside fears/
 My freedom day is near I will not blow it/ 
This my time now homie I control it/ Im concretely the smartest writer even if you aint know it/

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I Miss You

I know how lost and lonely
Your  world was for a while
Your eyes so sad and empty
Your face without a smile

Your world so out of focus
Set you walking the wrong street
And always I’d be there
To wipe the tears of each defeat

But never did I give up hope
I always knew we’d win
I knew with me beside you
Once again your soul would sing

For you were still the son I loved
Who’d brought me so much joy
You were still a part of me
You were still my boy

And with your strength and dignity
You washed away the pain
Rebuilding all your hopes and dreams
You learned to smile again

And with that smile upon your face
And new found peace of mind
With fun and laughter in your heart
You left this world behind

I feel an endless ache inside
I feel so incomplete
For losing you it means
I've lost the biggest part of me

Forever I will miss the laughs
Our talks, your smiling face
Forever I will miss the son
I never can replace

It’s hard to let you go
Because we never said goodbye
Now you’re an Angel in God’s Heaven
High above the sky

But sometimes when I'm all alone
And feel all hope is gone
I seem to hear you whisper
"Mum just smile, and carry on"

By Raina Hutchins

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Starcrossed Tragedy

A Silent Night's Hunt for a Tigress so blunt, Left the Fiend dancing with my Thisbe's Cloack But where was She? Her Drenching blood is all I can see The Night of Sanguine, The Night of Rapture, Tonight was meant to be All Behold This Tragedy ran by Dark Energy, My Lost Lover's Plea A seed of what is to come, In this starcrossed Tragedy, For I can not live without you, My Pyramus, All I need, My reason to Breathe One sight of me bleeding away from reality, started this tragedy and with me It shall Grow The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy A Star traveling across the moonless Night Sky, In the mid-summer of Verona, Fell from her glorious light, I have lost my guide, My need for Life Every balcony I'll climb for you, Just to Caress you once more But now it is too Late, My Juilet Let the Poison Fill me My Body dyed In silence, Dipped in Paralysis, Forging the Will of God, Feigning the Clutches of Death, My Romeo I prithee to you, See past The Illusion, Caught in the Webs of Love's delusion A Dagger reached my heart once To see you martyr for our love A Dagger reached my heart twice The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy Once the Morning Retired from her weeping The sun shined into her eyes, then his Lifeless, their dream will live on Every Petal will be Avenged The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy

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Lost in Reason

Sitting all alone on a gym bench A half-empty glass of punch in my hand, The lights bounced off the disco ball On the stage was the college band. On the dance floor guys all jumped around While the girls just giggled and jived; I got up and walked towards the exit, A lone tear escaped my eye. As I pulled the door towards me, I turned around to take one last glance And there she stood dressed in a sky-blue gown, Some new guy holding her hand. I stepped out into the empty parking lot A cool breeze blew over my head, My ears rang and my throat went dry As I remembered the words she had said... I’ll never leave you, baby I love you, We’ll be together till the very end, No man or situation can break us, Together we’ll face every one of them. But now the ghost of those words haunts me, Just another long lost memory I try my hardest to move right on, But it’s hard to let go of a part of me. I spent many sleepless nights by the fire Trying to figure out what I had done wrong, Mounds of cigarette ash in the ash tray The stereo playing sad old songs; Empty whiskey bottles on the nightstand, Broken glass where the mirror once stood; I thought a lot but the reason never came to me… Why she left me I never understood.

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Coming out of the shadows

When I was a young man
I spent nigh on a year
In an ugly, war torn country
That drove me close to tears
They sent me home before my time
For my health was down a tad
And my nerves were shot to pieces
Like I was going mad.

They said I had the symptoms of
That post traumatic stress
And so they put me on a pension
Oh I was in a mess!
Anger, stress, anxiety
And paranoid as well
Oh, I was in the darkest place
An awful place to dwell.

I tried so many things, did I
To try to cure this thing
Gurus, shrinks, and self help books
But none of this did bring
The sanity that I did need
I just got worse and worse
As I drove all my love ones out
Oh, I was so damned terse.

Then one day I found this pair
Whilst searching through the net
They taught me how to look at me
How lucky can one get?
The looking made my life so sweet
I’m now completely sane
Each day’s so pure and wonderful
I’m through with all the pain.

15 July 2013 @ 1340hrs.

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The Freedom song
We finally wake from masked confusion
and realise the vast illusion
vanities, egos and promotions
caused wasteful carnage and sad emotions
the world was cleansed with artificial care
grandeur, greed with none to spare
never forget and never forgive
the shackled way we had to live.
what they have sown, now let them reap
our souls are fed and now complete.
So on lonely farms and crowded streets
in palaces and in slums
give welcome to freedoms quickening feet
As silently it comes. 
When you see a poor man crouched alone,
A hungry, helpless thing
set him on a moonbeam throne 
and treat him like a king. 
to all those who wear a hunters crown
and feast on your remains
rip away their purple gowns
And let them feel the peoples pain
Serene, unchanging, ever fair,
freedom smiles with secret mirth
And in a surge of insane devotion
we can release this captive earth
No iron bars, no flashing guns,
No land, no sky, no sea,
not even a bolts from Satins hell
Can keep freedom away from me

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I want to hide behind a rock
A rock with moss
That sprouts from my tears
Kept upon the sand
Of things that I lost
Hidden in a labyrinth
Of missed chances
The rock will be my home
Until I am ready to come out
To the world where you
Have to wipe your tears
And brush the sand
And rocks are of glass
That are easily broken
Sometimes I
Want to disappear
In a ceaseless quiet
Of a place beneath my mind
Under the hurricane
Where tranquil water lies
Where sunken ships resurface
And lost soldiers find
A place where they belong.

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem

parody,  ballad

I was a child creating kidstuff,
I lied and cheated just enough
to feel the guilt when all alone at home.
I copied homework from friend Sue
and passed it down the row to Lou.
We knew so little of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem  (chorus repeats after each verse)

When in the end, I turned a teen
I tried the drug and boozing scene.
With just a few bad trips, it all hit home.
I spent a weekend in the jail
I thought I’d died and gone to hell.
No peace in that place,  no Jerusalem.

So glad was I when they said to me
let’s go to church as family.
It was belief that brought us to Shalom.
We’d fought like cats and dogs for aye
There had  to be a better way.
True contentment began at Jerusalem.

Of course, there is a God above!
I know Him as the God of love.
He  made the rules and guides us on to home.
He wrote the law, then paid the price
Son, Jesus  came as sacrifice
so we could know the way to Jerusalem.

'Twas there I learned to place me last
to put God first;  now when they ask,
“How come on Sundays you never stay at home?”
I am one who found that lost chord
no longer scared to serve my Lord -
I’ve found the peace that comes in Jerusalem.

I did not take Christ’s name in vain
I am a Christian with much to gain
and thus I greet you with a hearty Shalom.
I cannot keep Christ to myself
I cannot put Him on the shelf
for He is the Way to blest Jerusalem.

Jerusalem means  place of peace;
Jerusalem needs no police.
we’ll see that when God comes to take us home.
Salvation means that we have learned
forgiveness never will be earned.
This gift is from the Hope of Jerusalem.

substituting these lyrics for Larry Cohen's Masterpiece 'HALLELUJAH.'
I make no apology for the up-beat nature of this parody.
Cohen and I just found different lost chords.

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The Albatross

Under thunder blows a colder wind, across an endless sea,   
Like a voice from the call of a far off shore in the solitude we perceive; 
For ago remained an innocent age, torn away by a thousand years
Where sincerity alone is tied to its own majestic grace;
But flow on the bluest waves over the oceans deep and wide   
Waiting long for things abandoned

Forsake those condemned to the early dawn, far past ten thousand year’s,
Still in all its silent symmetry, flies by a bird on wing;
Mysterious seemed that outstretched arm, in all 10 feet in span                                   
Grasping what came from the east, bound to rays of light; 
For seas are blessed by both good and bad 
Waiting long for what’s abandoned  

Fifty years is doomed to its own intent, lost in its own emotion,
While all that we can hold, is a time fifty thousand past;               
Come see what waits is a soul possessed, holding a daylights passage 
Where what seemed lost is an albatross, staring through its blacker eyes; 
But all we see is the bluest sea, left under tomorrow’s sky
Waiting long for things abandoned

Crashes still those crystalline waves, warmed by spring’s rebirth, 
Until we see an albatross, departing as the seasons change;
And a hundred thousand years escapes, slips away from time and place
Bound to the cliffs and bound to the rushes of a land so far away; 
For over the bluest sea, is the sunlight that we seek
Waiting long for those things abandoned      

Surrounded is he who waits in the shadow, lost to the rhythm we’ve created,
While somewhere stands an albatross, and drinks its salted wine;
For now is past a million years, gone to the mystery of life
Lost in the worth of simplicity and the innocents of desire;
But now the bluest sea is calm, with no sign of what is past
Waiting long for things abandoned
Escaped the thought of an albatross bound to the symbol of its virtue,
Leashed to the seas and the sound of the waves, longing a far off shore; 
Hold on to the meaning of our vision, past ten million years 
And hear the call of an albatross, its beauty and its wonder;
For here we see the bluest sea, in a land of lost intent
Waiting long for those things abandoned


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(Part 2 of 3)

Now Jorgie was a fierce one
Widowed   ‘fore she wed
The object of her passion
A Sea man lost and dead

Jorgie had a small lad
Swaddled piece of sun
And her lovers parents
Coveted this tiny life begun

They didn’t care that he was born
Before the two were wed
They claimed that he was theirs now
A whaling lad- True bred.

The parents of the lover
    had an only child
On his death they lost their hope
Twas like a dream defiled.

Jorgie begged her father
"Keep us out of sight!"
But her father made a traitors deal--
Oft Gold dissolves what’s right.
She quickly packed her bag
And off the two did fly
She sold gold jewelry and fine clothes
And kissed her land good bye

Upon a third class ship
She bought a third class bed
The sickness hit her in a storm
She puked until she bled…

Spring Winds they blew black fierce, 
the poor men all were cursed
The scurvy struck them all
There was no last or first

The ship was tossed --the wind blew bad
A wretched ugly sight
Despite the stink ,despite her fear
She battled with her fright.

Didn’t know the language
Didn’t know the style
But Jorgie was determined
To prosper with her child

When she reached the New World
She found cross country trains
And as she crossed the mighty land
She wracked her weary brain.

To organize a new life
And work the whole day long
She came up with a daring plan
She hoped she wasn’t wrong.

She jumped the train at Minot
She had a cousin there
She’d pay his wife to watch the babe
‘til she could raise him fair.

The cousin’s wife had lost her babes
She welcomed the small joy
Jorgie smiled and kissed him tho
Her heart ached for the boy.

She ventured West to logging camps
Set up her fire and pans
Cooked for Nordic loggers
The boldest of bold men.

 ========to be continued (too long for the site...sorry...)

Note:  Jorgie : (pronounced Yor’ gee) was a nickname
Her name:  Sena Jorgine Larsen

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Poppies of Remembrance

Time, to buy our poppies
To remember once again
remember those who died for us
And those who were just maimed
We must also remember
Those, who lost their loved ones
Mothers, sister’s, daughters
Fathers, brothers, son's
What a lot of us can't imagine
What torment that must be
But they all gave their lives for us
To make our country free
In one hundred years
Two wars some endured
lost fathers in the 1st, sons in the last
This fighting is absurd
And still we send our menfolk
To fight the wars abroad
 Please end this madness
I beg thee dear lord...

We think we're in recession
But do we  really know
The hardships that our grandparents
Suffered against the foe
Bombed out of house and home
Nowhere else to go
Then all neighbours rallied round
To help they were not slow
Rationing came about
For food, for clothes, for fuel
From just scrag ends of meat
Made appetizing gruel
Women took over men’s jobs
In factories, farms and such
Blackouts, sirens, shelters
Hardship there was much 
Army, air force and navy
Were not the only ones
But fire-fighters, nurses, doctors
Air raid wardens, everyone
They all played some part
In winning against the foe
Many lost their lives
A dreadful way to go
Some might say its better
To die instantly my friends
For many, many suffered
In agony till the end
We can’t possibly imagine
What it's like there at the front
Many months of fighting
With no end in sight
In trenches, 
Your comrades all about you lying
Water logged and stinking,
Lying, crying, dying.
So please stand in silence
Remember, remember them 
They fought for our freedom
Our women and our men

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Keep close and take my hand 
Together we breath and take our step 
Million miles of love from this sand 
Lets take our journey of love in ship 

The only one that eyes can see 
You promised to never leave me 
In hopeless times my love you 'll find 
Love and heart can never be blind 

Let the heaven be our guide 
For this love can 't be hide 
Take my hand and you 'll never fall 
I 'll catch you through it all .

There 's no mountain is too high 
There 's no ocean is too wide 
Just take my hand tonight 
For us I 'll continue to fight .

Finding you is one in a million 
What we have is worth fighting for 
Take my hand and hold it tight 
And this love will be alright.

Let it rain, let it pour 
Take my hand for this love tour 
We 'll take the step together 
This love keeps on getting better.

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School Bus Tragedy

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Im here to tell you a story.
                                 Its sad and its true.
                                 I met a girl along the way,
                                 She looked a lot like you.

                                I would see her on the bus going to school,
                                Her eyes were o so blue.
                                Each time she would look my way ,
                                My heart would come unglued.

                                We became very close friends,
                                I saved my money and bought a ring.
                                As i put it on her finger,
                                My heart felt like it could sing.

                                It all came to an end one Friday afternoon,
                                The school bus blew a tire.
                                The driver lost controll of the bus,
                                It rolled and caught on fire.

                                Kids were screaming , let me out,
                                But the doors would not open.
                                As i looked around for my close friend,
                                She had fallen, her neck was broken.

                                It was on that day , my heart did break,
                                I had lost my closest friend.
                                Now i ride the bus alone,
                                Trying to comprehend.

                                As i look out the school bus window,
                                At times i can still see her blue eyes.
                                It makes me feel so sad inside,
                                We never got a chance, to even say good bye.

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SHIPWRECKED for white contest et al


He was lost in white surprise
Of drugs and doctors quips
His mind was filled with flapping sails
Of white that guide the ships
To dance among the white capped rocks
In North white nights of June
Bring in the catch to catch the maid
Who’d be his wife so soon.

Wild hair so white it shamed the sheet
That soft caressed the grass
The grass-plagued daisies held her there
As clouds triumphant passed
In columns white the bossy clouds
Marched brisk across the sky
But none of them could match the spark
Of whiteness in her eye.

And then his shocked brain shifted
Jigged timed across his life
How many white nights had escaped?
The maid now was his wife!
Saw breasts so white that milk they gave
Seemed paltry in contrast--
To feed the babe that snuggled there--
The fruit of love surpassed.

Then shipwreck banged into his head
The white-flashed lightning zing--
He tested feet and moved his legs
Seemed he’d  survived this fling
Of nature’s whims again he’d live
 to tell the lusty tale
of how north winds had jumped from waves
to grab their ship's main sail.
Before the White Christ
Had emerged from his Semitic genes
The sailors would have cried for Thor 
To ease his hammerings.

Sailors lost were prices paid
To live in northern shores.
And, lost at sea was ever feared
By them, and wives adored.

He’d play a trick, they’d think him dead--
Would make a crafty tale!
By his hearth and in his bed
would sound a mourning wail.
His house would be a feast of black
Mad weeping would impress--
Then his imagination called her tears
He vowed each tear to bless

He smirked to think of their surprise
When he stalked through the door--

       An unsuccessful leap from bed—
                       He’d rest a little more.

And being man-- he pondered sex
And pleasures it would bring
There was no sizzling passion like                            
His lover’s offering.

Needle rudely poked-
Morphia drew him in
To dream the dreams of healing arms
       delightful prickles of his skin
       He found her far beyond his pain--Oh,  that smile that could disarm!
       In dreams , with wife, in languid bliss
         created white hot charm.


Winter wild of flurries
In ancient minds
Was a shelter
  From white fear

Wolves roved
  Stayed in packs
   Howled their presence
   Hating snow

Bears slept
 Hidden away
 Violence and terror
  Only a summer dream

White drifts
  Blazing blizzards
  Wrapped safety   
   Around fragile human life.

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Breaking Point

Sometimes I'm truly happy;
once, in a great while,
you never really realized that
so much hides behind a smile.

It's hard for you to remember the things
I thought you'd never forget.
All these cries out for help
and you haven't heard one yet.

But we can take a lot of hits;
this is undeniable,
but once what was bottled up pops,
who is to be held viable?

I'm not exactly who you think I am,
sorry to disappoint.
Even the kindest people in the world
have a breaking point.

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The Collection

A scatter of iridescent wings
beneath the shattered glass.
A collection of still butterflies,
dead memories of my past.

An attempt to break the patterns 
of a life not lived before.
The remnants of a squandered fortune
I'm left no less, no more.

I try to see beyond my walls
of Crystal city's broken dreams.
I listen in the silence,
for my own protracted screams.

I'm growing yet, I'll grow still more,
to be a better man,
like a diamond forming in the ground,
to glitter on your hand.

A scatter of iridescent wings,
beneath the shattered glass,
a collection of still butterflies,
dead memories of my past.

The past is ever fading.
The days ahead seem bright.
I tried to overcome the drug,
God knows I lost the fight.

The only way I'll win the war,
is to give my soul, my life to God.
He is the Fisher of all men,
I'm bending down the rod.

He is my strength, my source of light,
when I'm lost out in the dark.
I know that he will save my life,
and allow new light to spark.

A scatter of iridescent wings 
beneath the shattered glass 
a collection of still butterflies,
dead memories of my past.

The butterflies will stir again.
They'll fly the winds they did before.
The shattered glass will crystalize
and bend the light once more.

A rainbow of refraction.
The sun beams through the glass.
The collection of still butterflies,
is free again at last.                           

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Second Hand Feelings

No rainbows to ride, no dreams to chase.
No songs in his heart, no love in his soul.

Lost in a future without an end.
without purpose, care or a friend.

An aimless heart, a lonely soul, unwilling
to reach or start, unwilling to pay the toll.

Passion restrained in avoidance of pain.
No cause to fight, no blood to stain.
No love to find, no love to lose.
No questions to ask, no reasons to choose.

Feelings felt with no glory, in a second-hand way,
through his digital story.

Will he ever feel anything, will he ever touch anyone.
Will he risk the sting, will he stop the run.

His life felled with lonely dreams,
of beautiful brave scenes,
seen not by you nor by me
the only he knows hepatic.

Feelings felt without glory
or passion in that second-hand way.
If he could only see his own sad and empty story.

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logan number 2

keep my pace, stupid as others are, horizons belong for us not other than, steal my heart 
whenever opprotunity presents a kick to the chest. just like you did shameless ill natured
proving yourself a fool.

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Say queen what's your name?
in a moments delay, i caught a glimpse of your smile, looked in your eyes and saw someone i knew. someone i loved. a face of she that completed the entity of me holistically. I'm sorry your name is..
the spirit beckoned for my presence, i listened but in hesitation i declined the conversation. i remembered the moment my heart shattered into pieces with ends that would no longer be proportionate to any puzzle. the moment my breath became my suffocation, the more i swallowed i saw cloudy pictures i lost sight. i thought i was dying, no one to resuscitate me. she left me in that space hopeless.
speak again, what's your name?
the eyes delivered my trance, thoughts spinning, emotions flipping, i was turning into a ball of confusion, i heard the name but the familiarity was expelling too much energy, i couldn't find the rhythm of me lost in my memory, it's good to remember her, in fear i ran to the the lowest hole but climbed the highest and still didn't reach ground level. i still need her.
you asked my name...
the voice of my sanity, it rang like anita baker angel on a sunny sunday stunning sun rays beaming of the beams of my forehead, tingling the roots to the follicles of my tendrils. speak to me spiritually because verbally i submerge in blue hues with purple colored canvas i become a lush of words. speak to me emotionally with your hands covering mine, feel my pores into yours, drowning in love. whisper slowly in the pits of my being, i need your words to linger this moment may not happen again...
your name  happines huddled around ampled eager evident total tenacity heighten humility eventually enmeshed rhythm rupture.

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lost souls

There we were driving down the road.
I said I love you and I meant it,
you sought my hand and took it.
There we were holding hands like two lost souls 
who don't know where to go.

I feel forgotten,
so lost,
nothing left to be strong for
maybe I'll give in...
to what?
I don't know,
anything that tempts a lost soul.

And you,
even your bones are sad
your very veins cry and yet...
you make plans
to fall in love,
move on.
I'm so...forgettable.

I may be lost
but at least I'm aware.

You don't know what to be
and you pretend to not grieve
as I cry behind my sunglasses
at the lucky fields who don't miss their mother.

Saw a mother 
pushing her child
on their homemade tire swing
and I was jealous.
My very heart turned green.
I wish it was me.
I wish it was me.

Five months and twenty four days.
Five months and twenty four days.

Never been away from her that long.
If she were pregnant it would be starting to show
why do I think of such things?

Her Sunday drives to the beach.
Her Dad's cigar getting her sister in trouble.
Hearing God's name for the first time.
Falling in love when she met you.

tell me it won't be longer.
Tell me it won't be much longer.

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my mask

My wife my life,my life my wife I remember saying sometimes in strife.I look above knowing I've lost my true love,gave way to sin and greed for those were the things that I did feed.Nearly lost my life being a fool,reflecting back I was so cruel to my wife and kids I'd become one of his tools,lying cheating became such a disgrace I could"nt even look at my face.How did this happen I ask myself as I take my mask off the shelf and face the world with a smile while I'm lonesome all the while.Oblivious to my pain is everyone I know as i continue to put on a show

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Him, He Cant Forgive

Struggles begin, The pain is deep from within. He's scarred with a mark, His days are so dark. His life has become the dark days, In his troubled bed is where he lays. There is no light, His days are only night. How could he be lost in the memories he relives, How can he blame you when its him, he cant forgive. 

He made his bed and he's stuck, All his life he never had luck. Time slowly passes him by, He has no wings to spread and fly. With each day he thinks he grows stronger, But the distance between him and his inner self has grown longer. He is so far from everything, Its not much longer that his toll from the bell will soon ring. How could he be lost in the memories he relives, How can he blame you when its him, he cant forgive.

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Yesterday has slipped away
And only now I see
Just how sad the answers
To those questions asked can be

A hollow feeling in my heart
A pain inside so real
An empty space inside of me
That only you can fill

Even though you're gone from me
Still I’m holding on
To something that can never be
To something so far gone

People say that I'll forget 
That time will dry my tears
People say this pain inside
Will fade throughout the years

But everything we did
And every word that we did share
And every place we've been
Have left their shadows everywhere

Apart from you and I
Nobody else could ever know
Or ever understand
The part of me that can't let go

You were my love, my heart, my soul
You gave my life to me
And now I feel so lonely 
Saying 'I' instead of 'We

In a world of strangers
Here alone I stand
My promise of tomorrow
Gently slipped right through my hand

I close my eyes and feel you near
In dreams you're by my side
In every prayer I pray for you
In every tear I cry

Not only did I lose my love
I lost my best friend too
I lost my world, my heart, my soul
The day that I lost you

Although the road gets lonelier
And longer everyday
My memories of loving you
Will never fade away...

By Raina Hutchins

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Ballad of the Keys

We came to stop at half past noon
The day was June the twenty-first
But soon we’d come to realize
That this last stop would be our worst

We ate but later came to find that
We had lost the keys to the white van
“What will we do?” one friend of mine said
A panic struck, we all just ran

We searched through bags and bathroom stalls
We dug through trashcans three feet high
“Were could they be?! They can’t be found!”
All hope was lost they all just sighed

The leaders chose what they would do  
The girls would leave the boys must stay
They would wait for help to come
Enterprise would save the day!

A shiny object lay ahead
Could it be the keys to the van?
“I think I see” the driver said
Could it be? No, twas only a can 

With all hope lost we drove away
They said goodbye to gentlemen
Who chose to stay so we could leave
Pretty soon we’d see them again 

We came back home, boys later came
Today those keys still haven’t been found
Somewhere far they’re wanting for us
To come and find them laying around

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Weakened By Emotion

A sadness has come over me,
A darkness has set in;
The search for lone identity,
My patience wearing thin.

With yesteryear behind me,
an new ones yet to come;
I feel I'm blind and cannot see,
no direction to or from.

My quest is here, my time expired,
I set my life a sail;
I'm cold, I'm lonely, and I'm tired,
with this I start to wale.

So with my thoughts I dry my eyes,
and follow twisted winds;
With hope and fervor as my guides,
my journey now begins.

A day gone by and nothing yet,
to tame that which I fear;
My sadness I cannot forget,
its' voice is all I hear.

The darkness still upon me,
My course I cannot find;
And so I drift amid the sea,
In weakened state of mind.

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Good listener, please lend your ear
To share my history
Before I take the poison drink,
I’ll tell you my story.

They’re coming even now to take
The city that we love
And hope is often lost and so
My tale i’ll tell you of.
	When Carthage took upon itself
To find by light of day
A general? Well your in luck!
Great Hannibal did say.

He planned to cross the mountains great
Twas thought the only way,
But first to cross the river Rhone,
Great Hannibal did pray

The river Rhone rose up and warned
	Don’t cross my waters grey!
	No way to cross? Then all was lost
	Great Hannibal did say

	Then at once stood Hannibal
	We’ll cross by th’end of day!? 	Take down those trees to make a raft
	Great Hannibal did say 

	Over the water blue they went
	Lined up in an array
	And now to Rome and battle great!
	Good Hannibal did say.
Due north he found an obstacle
	That willed him to give way,
	The northern tribes with battle cries
	Great Hannibal did slay.

	The biggest problem now was here
	Across the mountains stray
	“Great danger now we face, my men,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	Across the mountains none did think
	That they would last a day
	Just one more hill or mountain top,
	Great Hannibal would say

	The crew were weary lost and torn
	That made them curse the day
	“But we are almost there, you see?”
	Great Hannibal did say.	

	And soon enough the walls of Rome
	Rose up as if to say
	Who ventures here with war in mind?
	Come greet us at our gates!

	But in the Roman city there
	Scipio here to stay
	“No one can beat us, no one can,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	At Rome’s great gates for 15 years
	He waited patiently
	We can’t stay here, for food is dear,
	Great Hannibal did say.

	So he turned back to Carthage’s gates
	But met along the way
	Scipio and his army great
	Hannibal could not slay

	When all was done his quest was lost,
	And Rome would live too great,
	A treaty signed so punishing
	That Carthage lost its gate.

	And Hannibal the general
	That lost the city too
	Was forced to go to lands beyond
	And help as best he could.

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So Many You's

Now you’re gone, She  had the strength to let go…
A smile . Behind the face . Yet emptiness “n” hurt too
Peace at last . Yet so lonely . She missed the real you .
He’s long gone , destroyed with the bottle.

It wasn’t all bad, This she knew . Lost in the bottle…
It was hard to accept, Lonely too…
All the different You’s ,It was so strange…
She knew it wasn’t you . It was beyond your control..

The scars from your own abuse . Alone
The bruises. The Beatings the emptiness too
Lost childhood, Identity gone (you went to war –
Came back a different you)

A lost love broke you too, Then you hid in a bottle.
And lost the true you, it hid your pain and sorrow,
Just lost to a bottle…

The person you became . Wasn’t you this she knew
The bottle first . Nothing else . How it hurt her, 
Just lost in a bottle, 

She watched you change, Knew it wasn’t you .
Didn’t mean She didn’t love you. Or didn’t care …
She just couldn’t see it through, She lost the true you…

She watched you . Destroy you . Lost in a bottle
And couldn’t watch . Or take no more.
Cause she loved and lost you to a bottle.

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Roses are all different colors now.
And the violets don't even really know-
that the sugar is not feeling so sweet, anymore.
Cuz' love left nothing behind, just me-
I didn't go...

The colors all think that their hues are all used up-
And all these souls don't know where to go...
Somehow, the sky remains bluish gray up above, 
but lights no path for the lost to roam.
There is no place for them to call home.

No one is waiting. No one cares.
No one is crying because you feel dead.
No one is calling. No one is coming.
No one is crying because you're not there.

Theres nothing to live for,
but your breath comes just the same...
Theres nothing to die for, either-
We live in their f__'ed-up GAME...

Theres no one to love you just because they want to-
No one to be proud for all the real good you do...
No one to kiss your Boo-Boo's all better-
No One. Not Anymore. Not Ever...

No One, (remember?), had to show her the door;
She opened it herself, turned and looked at you for the last time-
knowing that she'd no longer, EVER, be able to look you in the eye...
She couldn't grace you with Good-Bye.
You deserved some acknowledgment, or some reason why...
A reason for all these wasting tears-
The ones I still can't hide...

No explanation for her decision.
She left before you could even ask why(?)
You try to understand why she betrayed your trust.
The only trust, in the one & only mother you ever had...

You lost all FAITH in me, Mom-
And I always held your hand...

Right or Wrong- YOU, I stood beside.
I guess in all these years, I shouldn't of held on so F-N tight...
All the while I thought you were loving me,
You were just taking me for a ride...

I WISH someone would've told me, 
how my part played out, long ago...
Because I could've walked here FASTER-
And I could've done it all ALONE.....

K.C. feb25,2006

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Fields of flowers

That I walk with you

Hand in hand


Spilling through


In my heart,

Such colour

For you

In my heart,

Spilling through


Fields of flowers

That I walk with you

The rising sea

Within me

You see it too


Rising tide

Deep inside

The walk with you,

In fields of flowers,

You want it too


The suns' golden haze

In a field of flowers

Left me in a daze

The lost hours

The colour continues to amaze

The colour spilling through

My heart, for you


Pale pink and red

In the field of flowers

Onwards I tread

I have lost the hours


In the field of flowers

Such colour for you

I have lost all the hours

My time,

I spent with you

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I Missed You

my saturday is gone
my saturday was a bore
it feels like i am hanging
on something that i tore

maybe it was my heart
maybe it was someone
my mind is failing me
it feels like i am done

i sit on the couch
i changed every television channels
and i am wondering alone
my mind is freezing on a wondering panel

like a cage or a prison
being held for what it is done
what was done was that i lost you
and this is what i had become

it is not sorrow
it is neither my emptiness
for it was not empty
it was filled and always be.

but why do i feel this way?
why do i feel a sense of astray? 
why do i feel lost and disarray?
i am sitting on a couch
but also passing my day

so the song sings in my head
and i cannot leave without a doubt
that i missed you within me
and i missed you
with all my remaining pieces 
of my heart.

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Lost At Sea

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>My brothers Son was lost at sea,
                               His body was never found.
                               The coast guard searched up and down the coast,
                                The crew they think had drowned.
                               Trent was just turned twenty-three, 
                               Full of life and had high expectations.
                               He wanted to  earn his own way,
                               Not have to rely on his relations. 
                               He got a job on a fishing boat,
                               On the ocean they did go.
                               Dragging was  the means use to catch the fish,
                                It some times went very slow.
                               When they failed to return that night,
                               The coast guard  were asked to look.
                               They looked up and down the coast,
                               But not one thing came in sight.

                               The boat  was never found that day,
                               It was presumed, that it had sunk.
                               It seemed awful strange though ,
                               There was no storm or no junk.

                               As the search went on one was found,
                               Drifting just of shore.
                               The others were never found, 
                               Only to be seen no more.

                               The families gather togather ,
                               To pray for thier lost souls.
                               For the fishermen who lost thier lives,
                               Whos hearts were pure as gold.

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  Here I stand once again, in a temporary state of 
vivid,  and clear Is this mental panoramic vista
So I know I have times before been in this vascinity
Of this chaotic interlude in my minds.hurricane,  
vortex,  cypher,  twister.

Forever debating rather I'm deep n Still water
If I'm lost in ever thought engaging rebuttal
Maybe I'm not that far off Just little out of order
I'm I really this soulful or am I squatting in a puddle?

Have I loved and lost or Just lost love
I ran with the ball or was I Just knocked down
I believe in righteousness, I see nothing above
Why do we swim Destin to drown?

Why Do we give are life's away
Chasing things That once Were free
How can heiarchy coexist with a better day
Why do we all know,  but refuse to see?

When did we become fearful silent peaple
Why did we take the volume of are voice down
Why is their certain types for certain steeples
When did we decide to let this stick around.

When did Americans become afraid to put the foot 
and sale out our ethics for are children's futures
Only to be made a fool with earnings took and worked 
till we are put in the ground
Since when are we tourist in corporate cultures.

Are we now men instead of American
Are we on the same team on common land
Anser with honesty and hear your seraphim
And then tell yourself the truth of the Lamb.

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On  this  tattered  mat  I  yarn,
Bitten  up  my  rusty  thumb,
Reviewing  all  have  lost  to  dust.
This  sophisticated  explosion  about
To  be  awoken.
Wonder  breed  ready  to  conceive
Possibilities  links,
Growth  relatedly  started  as  my
Time  piece,
Unlucky  attitude, I  never  checked
How  I  trim  my  weeds.
Speed  stole  all  I  lead,
With  a   windy  shower  in  my  dreams,
I  never  knew  the  dead  sea  will
Not  sink  a  pin  neither  those  she
Breed  fish.
Neglecting  worship  for  my  gods
Became  a  choice,
Am  presently  stock  in  this  complicated
My  sun  begins  to  summersault.
I  started  to  trek  without  trace,
The  road  was  totally  empty  and
Strange  to  my  face,
I  sense  my  sandals  would  soon
Quench  for  teast.
Many  thoughts, I  have  spat  on,
My  tongue  rolls  out  of  control.
This  hole  filled  with  hungry
Toads  is  all  I  own.
Have  lost  function  with  the
Doctrine  hope,
My  hair  transcribe  into  my
Daily bread,
All  my  teeth  completely  disappears.
No  more, I  can’t  spread  what  hasn’t  
Been  said.
Above  the  clouds  is  sourly  for  the  
Dead,  like  me
Must  sink  in  this  earth.
No  unnecessary  tears  for  help, to
Wash  my  head.
I  write  in  deep  darkness, am  sure
You  can  tell, just  three  letters
Are  left  for  my  end.
I  await  the  call  of  any  friend.
Air  circulate  without  legs,
She  never  sleeps  nor  cheat  all  men,
It  frustrate  the  witches  and  entertain
The  birds  in  their  nest,
Interestingly  she  keeps  record  of  
Heir  under  her  care.
You  could  wish  to  rub  her  dress,
Never  disturb  chickens  in  there
Fun fare.  
                                                                                                       AKEWUSOLA  HABIB.

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I hear the drums of my heart, loudly singing for my dreams to execute. I remember when I was little; ‘the greatest writer’ was my cadence. No, I haven’t forgotten my rhymes; I have just turned them to beatitudes. ‘Whoever is a hard worker will be the greatest writer’ am the commander of my dreams stomping heavily to lettering. Am by shank's pony a thousand speed per mile chucking in and out of the road. I remember when I once hurted my brain and lost my sanity; ohh I remember; How can forget? Everything was ambiguous with no future to reach the bastion. Although never recovered my lost wrecked pieces, but still hold to the stick of one day reuniting with my fellows. Life is a thrash about that I can attest. Sometime pinned to a cold yet rained on the slippery road. You might have sighted the grey clouds, started a marathon but you still lost the chase, at times you never saw it coming, you’re chicken poured with nobody to umbrella you. Life is like that, at times you lose, at times you break the record. Life is what you make it. Everybody tears down at times, but it’s how you feed the fears that counts. In most of the frozen falls you will stand alone, in the summer a thousand flies will flock your way. Life is all lessons don’t worry about the seasonal labels. Someday I will be at the peak with many beaks screeching my forename. Maybe am still the uncrown queen but someday princess of the playwright will be my designate. I can bet my blueprint will never say goodbye as it always lighting as the day, a souvenir that can’t go away. Now still a shadow searching for my right frame, neither a sinner to contain dozens of all this hope. Before a thousand crescents change their fate, I can bet I would have already revolutionized my state, that’s the least just wait and spot ‘the supreme authoress of the planet’ fitting my cranium.

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To feel Safe

"It's been a while since
i put pen to paper
been a while since
i had anything to say
but i'm so full of hatred and i'm
losing all my friends i'm thinking
how much my life just sucks
how i fight and claw up
only to be knocked down
blood apon my furrowed brow
is it worth it to get up?
or should i just stay on the ground?
and i don't hear any voices it's just
silent all around.

Waiting to be saved cuz
i sure as hell can't save myself
just wanna feel safe but i can't
see to find anyone else
i'm trying to get saved
but drinking this holy water doesn't
seem to help and how i wanna feel
but i can't seem to find anyone else.

Been along time since i felt good enough
or just plain good to be something a woman
it's like i've got all the pieces of the puzzle
but they won't line up.
and it seems like no matter what
i do all i feel is frustrated 
and stuck.

Waiting to be saved cuz
i sure as hell can't save myself
just wanna feel safe but i can't
see to find anyone else
i'm trying to get saved
but drinking this holy water doesn't
seem to help and how i wanna feel
but i can't seem to find anyone else."

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Feet, feet that walked away with the toes

Heavy the hoods of the eyes
  that laboured the scan of horizons
Heavy the course of the thoughts
  that sat unstirred on the sill of the stare

Heavy this ancient bottomed nose
  sitting in judgment over this meat
Endlessly shunting the frenzied workers
  now sniff-drunk and steam-bellowed in the street

This the scull careered through rutted scars
  the primeval hair bushed in pathways
Where long tribes with long lances
  prod the undergrowth for signs of lost bones

These the ears that heard the wake of worlds
  wandering in the ever irretraceable tread
Ears though that admit the silent secrets
  ever still and hospitable to the panicky refrain

This the assembled machinery, forging fire
  have dropped the tongs
Down the corridors of investigation
  hurtling in darkening diseases

These the loins, companion of time
  stalked through fire, filth, and foam
Baked in the hot ovens of empires
  wearied some morning in blurry depredation

Wobble-eyed, knee-tied, dragged with pacing company
  through yesterdays that are forever lost indemnity
Heavy the larvae lipped throb, kiss and consider
  heavy the molten strata ooze, consider and kiss

These the organs that prodded nations
  and shrivelled up to curse them all in pain
Pursed its potency, convulsed the course of the vein
  this the dismembered member of the tribe

Heavy, alas, these feet that thump
  jog and reel in the dancing rhythm of millenniums
Trod on the will-less face of faiths
  twitched their toes and walked their way

 ©:  T. Wignesan, 1957 (from the collection: Tracks of a Tramp. Kuala Lumpur-Singapore: 1961)

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Kathy and the Woman of Old

There was a girl, who felt as though there was no place for her in the world,
And so she worked to discover a place in her thoughts, a place of sanctuary.
And she worked and worked, but all that came was derision and abuse.
And she found God.
And worked for God with abandon, undaunted, unafraid.
And the enemy saw her light and became afraid.
And so he sent her souls to sap her confidence, and she writhed in torment.
And she cried out to God, “Woman of old, I do not know you.  But I need you.  
Save me now!”
And the woman said, “When it is time, you will change the face of a generation.  
But for now, be still and know that I am Lord.  The Lord who birthed you.  The 
Lord who watches over her creation as a mother hen, always feeding not too 
much and not too little, but just right.”
And the woman became angry and said, “Though you slay me Satan, yet will I 
vanquish your lies, and praise the Divine for ever more.”
And she decided to study. 
This woman decided to study the words of a Word everlasting.
To bring light to a generation, lost in the spoiled vanity of dissolution.
And she met a woman.
A hard woman to some, but to those who knew her, they knew of a softness sent 
down from Abraham to bring light to a people who were not her own.
And the woman said to the woman, “You must study until your mind aches with 
pain of a generation, and then study some more.  You must write, until your 
hands ache with the sorrow of the bitterness of women passed over for eons. 
AND THEN WRITE SOME MORE.  But if you hold on, you will surpass all 
expectations and you will rise to give light to the world.”
And so the woman said to the woman, “I will study and I will write.  And I will study 
and I will write.  And when I cannot go one step further. I will write some more, 
until my hands shed the blood of Gethsemane.  And from this blood, wounds of 
old between woman and man, woman and woman, man and creation shall be 
healed forever more.”
And so the woman wrote and read, she read and wrote.  And finally she began to 
shed blood and lost 2 near and dear to her.  And she cried out to the Lamb, “Son 
of my mother, what am I to do?”  And the Lamb responded, “Woman, you have 
done well.  But now just bow down and let my grace do the rest.  For my yoke is 
easy and my burden is light and my grace endures forever.”
And so the woman learned mercy.
And with mercy she shared her love with every soul she passed.  Simple words 
of light she shared.  To the fallen souls of a forlorn generation.

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Capn Waller an Perth

Captain Waller & Perth The Japanese navy they came south, Invaded Indonesia, in 1942 Cruiser Perth of 6 inch guns, Captain Hector Waller was to choose her, De Ruyter, Java , Perth and the 8 inch guns of USS. Houston, They fought battles against overwhelming odds, Dodged 5 torpedo attacks till sunk were the 2 Dutch cruisers, Waller took Houston with him, back to Indonesia, Reload refuel to fight again, fought to the death, not losers, These 2 game ships attacked the invasion fleet, With guns a bloody blazing, fired torpedoes and sunk, Some Transports , damaged Cruisers , quite amazing, point blank at Destroyers chasing, till one of a hundred torpedoes hit, And Perth went down still racing, Houston she sank about 20 minutes later, Japanese thought they fought a Battleship, So much damage it was crazy. Don Johnson Captain Waller continued on at half speed in an effort to stop the ship taking more men with her when she finally went. Then her bows dipped gently down, her stern raised out of the water, only one of her four screws still turning. It was said she did not sink but 'steamed out'. Her much loved Captain last seen in the glare of the flames, on the bridge, giving orders. Houston, after a similarly heroic performance also went down. Perth's total complement was 681. Of these 353 were lost in action, 4 died ashore and 324 were captured, of these 106 died whilst prisoners of war 53 of them on the infamous Burma-Siam railway. In all the Japanese had lost fifteen ships and could not believe that a Battleship was not present. A report in the Syonan Times in Japan in 1942 read - In the terrific battle in Sunda Strait many ships on both sides were sunk. It must be remembered, however, that the lighter Nipponese ships were fighting a superior force which included a battleship".The Japan Times made a similar admission. Commemoration $5 coin minted by the Australian mint to mark the 60th. Anniversary of the Battle of Sunda Strait. In 2002, the Royal Australian Mint produced a special $5 coin depicting both Perth and Houston, designed to remember the 60th. Anniversary of their sacrifice, and sinking, at the Battle of Sunda Strait in 1942.

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This Mold of Me

My skin is tough, like hard plastic. 
But my heart is made of mush! 
These cuts provide a purpose in the 
shapeing of the soul, and these 
scars they tell a story of the many 
past lost goals. We build ourselves 
from circumstance and learn what 
we can take... and when it is life 
seems to much we are destined all 
to break. I see the world from lava 
stone with everything upturned,  
when peoples words and actions set 
a fire to help me burn. This world is 
dark and sometimes fueled by this 
pain that seaps from my bones, and 
its times like this i would not miss 
this world i've come to know. My 
tears they spill out weakness for all 
who care to see, but they do not 
know the strength i hold or the 
current battle fought within me. Its 
constance overwhelms me and it 
strips me to the core, until there is 
nothing left except an empty vessel 
that hoards lost words. I cannot 
make them see whats real and how 
every day is a victory. If only i can 
make it from rise to set. I need a 
constant feed of courage, love, and 
hope. For others faith it seems to 
help me cope. There is none left in 
this old cell that harbours a heart 
and soul, and without them i would 
merely be mush and plastic 
formed into a mold.

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Lost In The World, Not My Mind.

It's identity I know not
It's place I know not where
Yet I yearn to feel it's touch
I look for understanding
Perhaps it may not be understood
This nothingness is my passion
it's identity is left to wonder in thy mind
how to acknowledge what is not there
I'm blind to it's magnitude
To solve would be out of it's realm
To define that which has no words
What to make of this.
It's absolute, or concrete in thy head
It's a question which there are no tools to solve
It's infinite
Do others feel the same
Where is it?
My mind is it's temple

And to those who wish to see
To those who wish to seek
I have been on the voyage far to long
Still I run on curiosity
For I have peered into it's core
A place where there is no life
A place where existence is that in itself existent
I wish to peer like so into thy world
And not to be soaked up by this sponge
I say this yet I still sit on a dock and watch
I still in some way admire it's place
But life is to important to loose 
to loose to something that should be insignificant to the joys of life
Laughter, Poetry, Communication, Art, Family, Friends, Ideas, the Children, 
These the gifts of life
My mind must focus elsewhere
On a world with unimaginable beauties
I wish to explore your world God.
I wish to experience the very experiences you wish for me to partake
For 10 long years I have been lost amongst it's magnitude
I wish to be lost amongst yours 
You built a beautiful world
I wish to be lost in the world, Not lost in my mind.

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I killed a man today...
His future was ending sooner than he expected
I knew I was going to write about...
This man, father, abuelo, lost soul...
Lost soul, due to the fact that...
He lost his soul...
I think we forget that, that's thee only,
 sane part of our bodies...
Bodies, bc we are seperate...
 Myself & I tend to disagree...
On mutual feelings...
feelings of what just happened...
I will never understand why you felt,
 like he had to leave...
Staying with us, may have been your...
Best Option...
But you opt'd out...
 Tears for you are presserved...
Until we meet again...
I will finally get the chance ...
To see you again...
In your greatest state...
Home with your mon & the rest of the...
Curled in Swirls...
My body twitches... Especially my eyes...
Never again will I let my eyes see this...
So, as I watch this man, father, abuelo...
Lost Soul... kill himself...
I will remember the death...
of a great man...


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A Child in War

As the dust burns my weary eyes
I push on and compromise 

Looking for a long lost dream 
Of swimming through the waters clean

Bombs echoing in the distance
Dead and gone in an instance

Praying to god for every breath
A candle lit for every death

It is here I sit all alone 
A heart that burns turns to stone

A concert of horror ringing clear
I run and hide all in fear

I steal and lie to survive 
Of my family I am the only life

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly!

In my mind all is rage 
I feel locked up in a cage

When will this nightmare end?
A stray bull dog my only friend

During the nights we stay warm
We help each other through the storms

Our night lights, are burst from your guns
The politicians say we are the ones

The ones who kill day to day
For when I grow up they will pay

My train of thought, pains me now and then
When I know war is a means to an end

Sometimes I try to escape
But I was turned in for a stay

Slaving for the men of war
Sometimes a cook, sometimes a whore

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly

I have to kill to get away
I can no longer bear the pain 

My knife slides across their throats
I’m caked in blood that coat’s

Before I could run I heard screaming
I continued my work while the tears were streaming

In a way I am glad I was caught
Now I can join that heavenly lot!

My hound of war was first feed to me
Then I was beat to subdue me!

Almost to the point of certain death
But they tortured my every breath

They kept me breathing for the rope.
They slung my body from the post

I choked and kicked all I could
While the others just watched from where the stood

Before I lost my failing senses 
I prayed to god just to end this

At that moment my prayers were sealed
A boy in the crowd revealed his steel

A rip of pain through the chest
The bullet entered and did its best

For a few days my body was displayed
For those under slavery to see who disobeyed 

After a few days my body was searched
Only a small diary was all the thieves could perch

Meaningless thoughts were rattled out of rhyme
A small short story of the life that was my time

Beckoning to those that are still at war
Freedom is a bullet wound for the soul to finally soar.

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly.

That same boy who ended all this pain 
They ended him his efforts never vain

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If looks could kill

If looks could kill
I would have died a thousand times
the way your eyes cut through me
the way things should be
All reminders of why you hate me

My life is lost without your love
No need for the heavens above
your love fit like a glove
keeping me warm when I needed you most
my heart for you i will forever toast

Do you see what I see?
please try and understand me
for you are my hearts only key
Locked my heart will forever be~ 
For you are my one and only wifey~

I am lost in my thoughts of you
rememebring all that we been through
and all the dreams that we both hold true
someday you will know......
I really did love you

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A Life Cut Short

A life cut short in an instant.
Gunned down without a reason.
One lost love of a family.
One lost friend of many.
Never hated always loved.
Cheered up all she knew.
Had a big impact on so many lives.
A life cut short in an instant.
Gunned down without a reason.
Never to live out her dream.
There is a large void in so many lives.
A school in total shock.
Will never be the same.
A life cut short in an instant.
Gunned down without a reason.
So many lives touched by her kindness.
A life filled with hope and love.
Loved by all who knew her.
She wanted to help others.
A life cut short in an instant.
Gunned down without a reason.
It is time to grieve the loss of someone special.
It is time to come to terms with what has happened.
A life cut short in an instant.
Gunned down without a reason.
It is time to say "good-bye for now."
Knowing we will see her again.
So, Azyia, good-bye for now.
I will see you soon.

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The Lost Lullaby

If memories could take me back
To a better time and place 
Instead of feeling bleak and black
I’d get to see your face

Oh how did we get here?
Time sure does fly 
 I still shed a tear
Singing the lost lullaby

The only thing I ever wish
Is for you to remember me
But yet you’ve left like a fish
That swam away to another sea

Oh how did we get here?
Please tell me why
When I realize you won’t be near
I cry a lost lullaby

Now that you’re gone
I’ve been forgotten and tossed
I remember the song
The lullaby that was lost

Oh how did we get here?
What you wrote was a lie
Please don’t disappear
Like the lost lullaby

~Brittany Amsden~

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Urban Wild West

Back in high school everything was a mess
kids in different cliques, in all types of dress
and everyday a fight to see who's the best
and gun threats with kids having gats in there vests.
Teachers not caring about the education of generation x
didn't believe in the future or us or what's coming next
just in it long enough so they can cash there checks
as they push the kids along, uneducated or not along with the rest.
Security guards check your i.d. to make sure you were where your
supposed to be
But now isn't it so easy to make a fake pass, doesn't anyone see?
so now kids are laying in pools of blood and agony
they say it's safe but schools still very uneasy.

School today's like the wild west
Everyone's fighting, lots of unrest
And every body's just trying to fit in
But some are lost right from the beginning.
School today's like the wild wild west
Everyone's wearing a bullet proof vest
Scared to go to school because of the threats
Afraid as hell as to what happens next.

There's no smiles as you pass by in the hallway
because one false move can make the wrong person angry
everyone seems to be dealing with there own hate
nobody wants to deal with a lonely fate
so much on everyone's plate
and the angst just unable to escape
so when he or she snaps and is in bad shape
everyone runs for cover before it's to late.
Im not out to scare you far from it
but it's time other take notice of it
before more innocent kids die from this
because a child who cries for help gets none of it
a tiny scream inside, the anger that they hide
they always answer with a pistol by there side
and it's up to us to find another way
so those kids who go to school can live another day.

School today's like the wild west
Everyone's fighting, lots of unrest
And every body's just trying to fit in
But some are lost right from the beginning.
School today's like the wild wild west
Everyone's wearing a bullet proof vest
Scared to go to school because of the threats
Afraid as hell as to what happens next.

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We could meet again 
In a misty way 
The Wraiths slain 
In a land far away 

In a misty way 
Meet again, one day 
You can not tear apart 
The beauty that lies, 
deep in the heart 

What we have lost today... 
Will be found 
In a misty way 

A land of forests 
In a misty way 
A way will be found 
To find all we have... 
Lost today 

We could meet again 
In a misty way 
The Wraiths slain 
In a land far away 

In a misty way 
Meet again, one day 
You can not tear apart 
The beauty that lies, 
deep in the heart 

What we have lost today... 
Will be found 
In a misty way 

A land of forests 
In a misty way 
A way will be found 
To find all we have... 
Lost today 

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From his home-made wooden rocker my dad beckoned with his hand, 
as his wasting frame would not allow the dying man to stand 
and he handed me two buttons, that were worn and on a chain, 
then he whispered of their origins while grimacing with pain. 
“These two buttons were my father’s lad and from a prison shirt 
that dad wore because he’d beat a man who’d treated him like dirt. 
He was placed in solitary and that added to his shame, 
so to stay sane in that darkness … well he played this little game. 
“He would throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and he’d search until he found them in his quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes he’d throw those two white buttons and they kept the poor man sane, 
till they finally released him and my dad came home again. 
“When I met your darling mother son I felt right from the start 
that this girl was something special and I knew deep in my heart 
that we’d marry and have family and son the dream came true, 
but it broke me when I lost her, after she gave birth to you. 
“Though I had you to remember her, I nearly lost my mind 
and I’d ask God in my darkened room why was life so unkind. 
But my dad came to the rescue and placed in my hand one day 
two white buttons and revealed to me a game he used to play. 
“Yes I’d throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and I’d search until I found them in my quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons and they somehow kept me sane 
till I found a little peace of mind and was your dad again. 
“Still we’ve shared a lot of years since then and son you’re now a man 
and I know you love your family and do the best you can. 
I do not have much to leave you just these worn out buttons lad 
and the knowledge that I loved you and was proud to be your dad.” 

Then his hand slumped off the rocker and dad’s spirit left that night 
and him lying there and free of pain was such a peaceful sight. 
Though at night I’d sit there in the dark, depressed and feeling blue, 
till I took to throwing buttons, just like my dad used to do.   
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and I’d search until I found them in my quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons and they somehow kept me sane 
and I thanked my dad and grandpa for those buttons on that chain. 

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My Colie

In the night i cannot slumber
staring at the wall i ponder
what's it like to be together
after the distance dies away.

In the morning babe my heart aches
at the thought of you so far
i can't wait till the day break
and our souls merge as we meet
face to face.

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you.

In the evening i am screaming
sick and tired of bad dreams
but your face is just so gleaming
chasing all my inner demons away.

As you stare into my eyes
you could always read my mind
know that i would never lie because
in my heart, my love you'll always

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you

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This internal conflict 
I cannot fight 
This is not black and white 
This unreasoned spite 

I cannot get through 
I have tried 
This message lost too, 
lost in the deep wide 

Two forces collide, 
the pieces scattered 
far and wide 
Years to track down what mattered 

This restless angry sea 
throws its might at me 
Waves of emotion 
Seething ocean 

What can I repair? 
This loss of tranquillity 
It is so unfair! 
Am I losing my sensibility? 

Is this damage done? 
Have I lost a son? 
Has the restless angry sea won? 

The lost message, 
floating on angry restless sea 
It must be me 
The things I might have done, 
to make me think 
Before I sink 
Before my son 

I cannot get through 
He wont let me too 
Rising sea, 
beating its waves on me 

This storm must stop 
I am ready to drop 
Seething sea, 
throwing its'self at me 
Waves of emotion 
Restless ocean 

This conflict I cannot fight, 
peace is a right 
This restless angry sea, 
upon storm tossed message 
that is me 

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This internal conflict 
I cannot fight 
This is not black and white 
This unreasoned spite 

I cannot get through 
I have tried 
This message lost too, 
lost in the deep wide 

Two forces collide, 
the pieces scattered 
far and wide 
Years to track down what mattered 

This restless angry sea 
throws its might at me 
Waves of emotion 
Seething ocean 

What can I repair? 
This loss of tranquillity 
It is so unfair! 
Am I losing my sensibility? 

Is this damage done? 
Have I lost a son? 
Has the restless angry sea won? 

The lost message, 
floating on angry restless sea 
It must be me 
The things I might have done, 
to make me think 
Before I sink 
Before my son 

I cannot get through 
He wont let me too 
Rising sea, 
beating its waves on me 

This storm must stop 
I am ready to drop 
Seething sea, 
throwing its'self at me 
Waves of emotion 
Restless ocean 

This conflict, I cannot fight, 
peace is a right 
This restless angry sea, 
upon storm tossed message 
that is me 

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This internal conflict 
I cannot fight 
This is not black and white 
This unreasoned spite 

I cannot get through 
I have tried 
This message lost too, 
lost in the deep wide 

Two forces collide, 
the pieces scattered 
far and wide 
Years to track down what mattered 

This restless angry sea 
throws its might at me 
Waves of emotion 
Seething ocean 

What can I repair? 
This loss of tranquillity 
It is so unfair! 
Am I losing my sensibility? 

Is this damage done? 
Have I lost a son? 
Has the restless angry sea won? 

The lost message, 
floating on angry restless sea 
It must be me 
The things I might have done, 
to make me think 
Before I sink 
Before my son 

I cannot get through 
He won't let me too 
Rising sea, 
beating its waves on me 

This storm must stop 
I am ready to drop 
Seething sea, 
throwing its'self at me 
Waves of emotion 
Restless ocean 

This conflict I cannot fight, 
peace is a right 
This restless angry sea, 
upon storm tossed message 
that is me 

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No Remorse

I remember the party, I went to last fall.
I never planned, to live through it all.
I did not want, to be alive.
And this was not, suicide.
I would blame it on alcohol, blame it all on beer.
But my plan did not happen that way, just as I had feared.
I had planned to drink a lot that night, and then “accidentally” die.
It did not happen that way, and I can’t explain why.
After the party, I went to my car.
I had done my best, to drink the whole bar.
I laid my head on the steering wheel, and began to cry.
I wasn’t sure, it was my time to die.
You see, I was in such a daze.
I didn’t even notice, the two past-out stowaways.
With no regret, I put the key in.
Then started the car, let the party begin.
I backed out of the lot, with a quickening pace.
I was close to death, so close I could taste.
I put the car in gear, stopped and thought some more.
Why was I here? What was I doing this for?
I decided to put the thoughts, out of my mind.
I was thinking too much, and falling behind.
I gripped the wheel tightly, and stepped on the pedal.
As the car gained speed, I turned on some heavy metal.
I noticed a little girl, who was right in my way.
What was she doing? Why was she out so late?
I tried to turn, but then lost control.
All that alcohol, began to take its toll.
The car flipped, and went spiraling down.
I lost all consciousness, when we hit the ground.
When I came to, I felt no pain.
Had the whole thing, all been in vain?
Or maybe I was gone, I had already died.
And then I looked back, where my passengers lied.
From the moment I saw them, I knew they were dead.
I could tell by the blood, that ran down their heads.
I thought to myself, Why? Why? Why?
They weren’t supposed to be here, they weren’t meant to die.
I couldn’t kill myself, I had decided.
I had tried my best, and still been denied it.
I got out of the car, I was all alone.
With no remorse, I walked towards home.

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It is so tempting to drink from the barrel of lead 
The contents would go straight to my head 
I will forever sleep in a dream no one can conceive 
And all the pain I feel will surely leave! 

Forever immortalized in a youthful state 
My body will grow cold, but be spared from an aged fate
I still feel like I am 100 years old 
My thirst drives me to drop my hand and fold 

I could never count the death of the tears that have fallen for you 
An ocean was created for you to go to 
I look at this lonely sea of sadness and sorrow!  
You never tried to see this sea of mine so I will not wake up tomorrow 

This world has become to much for me 
Sorry my face is some thing you will never again see! 
Good bye my love and good night 
When I lost your heart, the battle to live lost the fight!

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A silken thread... 
wends its' way, 
around your heart 
For, it is you I wed 

Woven in times past 
First glance.. 
Met by chance.. 
Love to last 

A silken thread, 
to make  white lace 
Loves' true course 
Our thoughts, read 
upon your face 

Such deepest love 
Sweetest love 
Blessed from above 

Love is a delicate silken thread, 
finding its' way 
Through African sun 
Golden sands 
Golden sunrises 
To lands of green 
Upon this wedding day 

This silken thread, 
from my heart... 
To you 
For love is true 

A love... 
Never lost 
Through times past 
Love to last 

Such love , I to offer you 
So completely 
A silken thread, 
flame lilies too 
For eternity 

I am by your side.. 
A band of gold, 
replacing the silken thread 
My love to hold 
For on this day... 
It is you , I wed 

Upon this wedding day, 
I give you my heart.. 
Silken threads and lace 
Together our lives, 
now unfold 
A love, never lost 
Sealed with a band of gold 

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the old oak

Verse 1 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
There’s a bridge down the way crossing a river that’s wide 
And the green hills roll forever, it’s a beautiful sight 
With a backdrop of mountains their tips covered white 

Verse 2 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
Where I carved out our names with a small pocket knife 
And the letters we etched in a timeless old tree 
Say that I’ll always love you long past eternity 

I’ll soon be with you angel, this body grows tired 
I’ll soon be with you angel for soon I’ll expire 
I’ll soon be with you angel never then will we part 
I’ll soon be with you angel be still my beating heart 

Verse 3 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
And a single headstone marks the place where you lie 
A chair by the side of your last resting place 
Which I sit in for hours and just stare into space 

Verse 4 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
Tended by a lost soul who hasn’t much time 
It won’t be long now and we’ll be one again 
There’s been so much pain since I lost you my friend 

I’ll soon be with you angel, this body grows tired 
I’ll soon be with you angel for soon I’ll expire 
I’ll soon be with you angel never then will we part 
I’ll soon be with you angel be still my beating heart

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In the dark days of fighting hence
The Heartstone endured its' greatest peril
The power of magic on the battlements
Vanquished the wraiths
Knights fought and won
The arm, severed
clutching the sword
Fell into the Wraiths' black mist
It never hit the ground
A mailed fist,
that could not be found
A Knight can die...
Defending all that is right
All that is true
The sword lives forever
The years rolled by
A sword can live forever
Glittering bright
Never, never
Lose sight...
That a Knight can die
The soul lives on
Forever etched on the steel
Waiting to be found
Heartstone looked far...
During sunbright
Under star
The sword would not reveal
Its' light,
of the soul of a long dead Knight
The soul of a long dead Knight
A sword lost in time
The missing light
The sword, fell
From the battlements
In to the Wraiths' stinking hell
Piercing the horrors within
The sword embedded to the hilt,
in a horror of rags and bone
Blood spilt.
It slunk off, in the night, alone
Taking a sword
Taking the light
From the castle
From the knight
Where it lay,
was never known
The filth of rag and bone
Covered up, never to see the day
A sword that belonged to a Knight
Amongst the boulders and scree
In a glade of ferns
A sword to reveal
The light,
of a long lost Knight
It could be found by you
It could be found by me
A full moon rose
Shooting star , fell to the ground
In a starlit sky
A sword waiting to be found
The Princess of Stars,
followed the shooting star
Where it lay
In the shadow of a wood,
amongst boulder and scree
The Princess of Stars,
followed the shooting star
Where it lay
In the shadow of a wood
Amongst boulder and scree,
in the shadow of the night
A glint of steel
Amongst the scree
A sword to reveal
The Star Princess blew away the filth and rags
The sword, glittered and shone
The soul of a long dead Knight
Revealed in the light
The Princess touched the sword hilt
The name of the Knight glowed
For the sword showed
Her fathers' name
A lost Knight
Found by a shooting stars guiding light
A Knight cannot die
The sword lives on
The lost Knights ' light shone
In the hearts of you and I
A sword found
As sword to place in the great hall
A Knights' lost soul
A Knight to remember to us all

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Imagine if angels are real, and they look down in sorrow and gleeful expectation?
Imagine if God chooses some to come down to the earth and make things 
And they agree, for choice is real even in the hereafter.
And they agree to suffer as their Lord suffered.

Imagine if angels are real and they live among us.
Hooked on crack vials and bottles of Budweiser.

Imagine if angels are real and they submit to suffer more than most.
And they submit to live lonely and unappreciated.

But imagine if in a moment in history.
If for but a brief moment in the 21st century.
They stopped there bickering and self loathing.
And they stood together and lost themselves in the inertia of God’s love.

Imagine if angels are real.
And they came to earth to suffer for the good of humankind.
And for a brief moment in the 21st century they lost themselves in the inertia of 
God’s love.

Imagine the earth quaking underneath the inertia of God’s love.
And imagine music everywhere.
Beauty everywhere.
Sisterhood everywhere.
Cause the angels looked at each other and saw God staring back at them.
And they said, enough!!
And they crawled out the madness of satan’s oppression.
And they claimed the light of their remembrance and became beauty.

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I Threw Then Away

Since you've been gone, I've been so sad 
The silence within these four walls is driving me mad 
No smell of burnt toast or overcooked eggs in the air 
Don't have to unclog the shower drain from your hair 
The blues reappeared when you left that day 
A year ago I threw them away 
Now it's been a month and not a word from you 
I am feeling better,I am now with your best friend Sue 
Never come back this way, we are cruisin' fine 
We have an understanding, I am not hers and she is not mine 
The blues have been evicted, they can no longer stay 
Once again, I threw them away 
What are you doing at my door with that smile 
You gave me a look with tears, like that of a lost child 
You are no longer needed here, get away from me 
Your love no longer has a way of blinding me 
I see you have your suitcase full of blues for me to play 
Neither them or you are invited to stay 
The neighbors call the police and report a domestic dispute 
The cops come and give me the boot 
I must go cool off at a friend's house for the night 
My house is cleaned out when I return in the daylight 
I lost in a game I was forced to play 
The blues seem to never quite go away

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The conscripted son 
in his hand....... 
the unwanted gun 

Some were willing....... 
Some didn't want the killing 
Wasted years 
So many tears 
They answered the call 
So many to fall............ 

The means to an end 
More boys to send...... 
They cannot see why 
They are sent to die 

The conscripted son, 
in his hand, 
the unwanted gun 
Blood spilling on the sand 

So many came....... 
So many died.......... 
They knew the country's name......... 
Rhodesia's fame 
Spread far and wide 

But now all is lost........ 
Was it worth the final cost? 
So many to die........... 
They never found out why 

Wounded inside 
Scarred outside 
Battles won 
Wars lost 
Lost son 
The final cost 

The sense of duty 
No one won 
Everyone lost a son 

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Now,I only see you in my dreams,
but in real life I have lost you;
I shouldn't have been so afraid of you...
when  you needed somebody's
open hand to hold yours;
I held back, and let another  kiss your lips...
I let you slip through my fingers:
all I can feel is emptiness and remorse!

Now,I only see you in my dreams,
but in real life I have lost you;
I never realized how lucky I was;
it is a great pity not to have you...
I didn't find the right words
to explain this hidden feeling!
I have been hanging on to it
for a quite time,and never said
a word about it:  so many 
chances passed me by!
Now,I only see you in my dreams,
but in real life I have lost you...

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My generation 
lived by its own rules,
refused to cope with reality
and grew up irresponsibly...
abusing their bodies
with harmful substance;   
arrogance and pride
were the qualities they displayed!

My generation
looked away...staring into nothing,
no plans,no dreams and no faith 
to make them grow  in spirit;
drunken, indulgent and insecure
they lost the will to endure...
they wasted precious years
chasing after phanthoms
that led them to obscure roads,
where life was so  worthless and cheap!

My generation
put away holiness
and replaced it with foolishness,
and as demons seaped into their weak souls,
they were made powerless by their own rendition;
not empowered by love...they lost themselves!

My generation
could have accomplished great things,
been powerful leaders and inspire others;
their good deeds 
could have been excellent examples
of  their fruition!

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A Nation's Strength

A bright sun shone in the clear blue sky.
People smiled to each other walking on the streets nearby.
Moms, dads, and children laughed as they hugged and kissed;
Heading for a normal day, never thinking they'd soon be missed.
Suddenly the sky grew black and flames burst in the sky;
What a monent before was beautiful, turned into darkness and cries.
People falling, screaming and jumping to the streets below;
Afraid for their lives because of what they didn't know.
Shocked, hurt, terrified; people rushed to find cover;
Frantically trying to help and find one another.
Mothers screamed, fathers trembled and sobbed for those they couldn't find.
As it became unbearable knowing some were left behind.
Time has passed, but our nation still remembers the cries for all those lost that 
dreadful day.
I remember them all each time I kneel to pray.
Stand proud our children who lost their moms and dads and others;
Together, united we stand stronger as sisters and brothers.
Give thanks to those who still today fight strong for us all;
And to those who might think to harm us beware you'll surely fall.
For with God as our Savior to whom we pray;
He'll grant us all redemption on that great judgement day.