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Health Ballad Poems | Ballad Poems About Health

These Health Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Health. These are the best examples of Health Ballad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Poetry Ballad

Ballad of the poet

When the moon kissed the sun, and light spread upon the earth. *hh*
Bright and early, 
early bird gets the worm.

With sullen time on stand by.... *DJ*"
Spurns emerald valleys that blur upon my new-found perch  *J.M.G*
While all nature wakes from slumber in timeless glory. *E.G*
Morning glory stroked by a ceremonious dandelion... whisper~   *K.D*

Bitter like morning breath.
Rooster crows, two songs, I share a note with him.
My cat rises to the sun of a new day.
Stretches into a c with her tongue curled and tail furled  *S.K.*
My coffee offers the sweetest taste after a goodbye kiss.
Clever and warm, I twinkle to the new morning light,
as I step outside, something pierced my heart..
~Wing broken, his bow in tow, arrows strewn, 
~No flight for thee, love lost, bent arrows I see,"  *R.M*
Everything I see, everything I feel around me.
Becomes a new song.
Born of many emotions.
I roll them on a paper without a pen. 
BUT!  In my mind they speak clearly to me~
Look into My eyes with your heart... and there you will find your soul  * R.A.D.*

"I hear an angel calling The beastly being within"   *R.S*
A new creation awaits beyond the path of dreams content,
Eros and Cupid both shoot through my heart."  *J.H.*
As the arrow's liquid enters my soul...    *RON*
Will that winged creature with the bow and arrows stop blinking his eyes?" *R.P*
He has stretched his wings too far this time.  *V.B.*
"His arrow of love is strumming my heart with golden grace.  *L.M*
A Halo'd smile upon my face.    * L.H*
Has suddenly turned to a grimace!   *G.S.*

(( feel free to add a line** in my comment box... ))

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Easy comes beauty in youth’s natural spring,
But with age its mellow dimensions grow.
Like to a bud, a full bloom, age will bring.
With grace its beauty does ebb and glow,
Its liberty allows its new functions to show.
Mature beauty is and will be admired always,
Youth’s beauty and its esteem goes to and fro,
But ageless deeper beauty has endless days.

Mature beauty has a melody to sing,
And this it releases so that you will know,
The elegance and blessing of its echo’s ring.
The evidence of a mind is part of its show,
For it opens tastefully with a view to bestow.
Ageless beauty never lacks for praise.
The beauty of life’s spring may lose its glow,
But ageless deeper beauty has endless days.

In poetry and melody its praises we bring,
For mature beauty’s many dimensions we know.
With fervid dignity I see it take to wing,
Giving the young buds an inspiring show.
May you long guide youth as they grow,
Leading them in elegance the celestial ways.
So youth will  know how easy beauty may go,
But ageless deeper beauty has endless days.

Now young buds aspire to full blooms grow,
And become worthy of nature’s timeless praise.
Allow your charm in majesty and grace to glow,
And may your ageless beauty have endless days.

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In love with life

In love with it all

I’m in love with all of it
I haven’t got much wealth
I guess I’m getting older now
I’m running down on health
But I’m in love with all of it
Every blade of grass, each tree
I love it with my heart and soul
I adore its mystery.

Everything in life excites me
I don’t know why this be
But I don’t suffer anymore
With depressive misery
Within my world I am a king
Cause I have everything
Every day is dear to me
Each moment makes my heart sing.

That golden Sun there in the sky
Is looking down on me
As he colors all with wondrous glory
Creating so much mystery
As here I sit, so all alone
The whistling soothes my soul
As canary, caged, just sings for me
And the morning feels so whole.

16 September 2013 @ 1125hrs.

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She smells of stale garbage and wine
Her boots all worn and tattered
Stern-faced and stony eyes
Dressed in a tired ol' mink
She shivers as she takes a rest
From pushing her metal cart
Squeaking and overflowing with
Items reflecting her life
She had been warned twice to move
The choice was not hers to make

Today, like all the others
She will walk ten blocks or so
In hope to find a warmer place
To lay down for the night
Just a corner to rest
Is all she will be needing
She knows this will be over soon
The pain gets worse each day
Yet, her hopes live on for one more day
Her deliverance is on its way!


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Sadness of war

It's Anzac day here in Oz, I thought this poem would be appropriate

Sadness of war

Have you heard the story?
Of those bold courageous men
Who served their country tall, and proud
As they fought in Vietnam.
They done their country proud and all
And showed how fine they were
And now their lives aren’t worth a damn
And what was it all for??

The powers dropped poisons on those trees
Endangered all these men
As they fed them drugs, not proper tested
They didn’t care back then!
They wanted just to win a war
A war pointless and mad
And many now do suffer so
Their lives all sour and sad.

And though these men just live their lives
All down with no self-value
{Their bodies torn their minds all twisted
Marriages broken too!}
They have to fight with all their might
To get fair compensation!!!!
What price to risk one’s soul, and life
In defense of one‘s good nation.

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This cosy love

This cosy love

In guess I could rave on, and on
About every little thing
I could write about those sensual things
And the way our two hearts sing
When we lie there together
But it's so much more have we
We have this thing together
All filled with mystery.

You be the grand earth mother
As me, I be the child
You're ways are from the earth itself
You're tame where I'm still wild
Everything's so practical
With you, but not with me
Oh yes, we two be opposites
And yet I love you madly.

And even now, at seventy
There's nothing really changed
You're still the perfect lady
And you still think me strange
But I'm always going to love you
Just the way that you love me
And even when these shells are gone
This fact shall always be.
23 September 2013 @ 0530hrs

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Life's sweet mystery

Life’s sweet mystery

I just got out of Hospital
I'm so glad free, I be
I hate to be without my freedom
I lust, to just be free
And yet, I learned a thing or two
As I lay within that bed
A hundred things came to me
And gathered in my head.

I was subjected there by boredom
It picked and pecked at me
It really, really drove me crazy
Then I began to see
Countless miles of empty space
And all of it is me
I heard the silence notice me
And learned my soul to see.

Then gone was all this boredom
When it came back some more
The silence whitewashed over it
With the power of its roar
As the mystery of those happy trees
They gave their hearts to me
All boredom was transcended then
By life’s sweet mystery.

9 April 2014 @ 0904hrs.

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Most of the people that I know
When they get past thirty years
They lie back in their cosy chairs
Eating food, and drinking beer
Staring at the cabbage machine
Watching them, the sport
And they get fat, like a balloon
As they sit there doing naught.

When most folk think of exercise
It makes them kind of glum
They’d rather laze around each day
Never seeing that their tum
Is growing like it wants to burst
No energy have they
Until their hearts begin to fail
Too soon they well might pay.

It doesn’t matter if you die
You’re bound to at some time
But my friends, I tell you this
It really is a crime
To rid oneself of energy
And act just like a log
When all you really have to do
Is go for a gentle jog.

14 February 2014 @ 0930hrs

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Going into hospital

Going into hospital

I’m off today, I’m going away
I’ll be gone for a few short days
I’m going into hospital
Where they’ll put me in a haze
With all their medications
To make me go to sleep
And then they’ll operate on me
While I am out so deep.

They’re going to take my hip away
And give, to me a new one
They’ll keep me in for a little stay
Then, when their deed is done
I will be a brand new bloke
With my movement like it was
This will make me very happy
It will, and just because…..

My walks, and stuff I will be doing
I will be young again
I know his op that they give me 
Will cause a little pain
 But I’ll not be a crippled bloke
I’ll need that stick no more
But anyhow, I’ll catch you later
Oh, I’ll be back for sure.

22 March 2014 @ 1700hrs.

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The age of anxiety

The age of anxiety

The age of anxiety
It seems that’s where we are
Worry, worry all the time
This does our senses mar
We worry about our money
We worry about our health
We never search for wisdom
With all its wondrous wealth.

Our hearts and brains they can’t restrain
The power of our stress
The cancer cells may start to build
And cause unhappiness
As then we worry about the death
That each of these might bring
And through the might of all this worry
Our hearts, they seldom sing.

We’re running here, we’re running there
All trying to get ahead
Our heart strings numb, and kind of dull
So weary in our tread
We must learn to smell the roses
And let the joy come in
Relaxed in mind, relaxed in body
That’s the only way to win.

7 March 2014 @ 0850hrs