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Ballad Halloween Poems | Ballad Poems About Halloween

These Ballad Halloween poems are examples of Ballad poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Ballad Halloween poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Shadow Play

‘Twas the Night before the day of Halloween’s Eve
The air was cold and the wind was mean
And on it traveled the fairest soliloquy
Betwixt Good and Evil as they strolled
The breeze brought me the story they told

Of sleep, dust, and shadows
Of teary lakes and headless plateaus
Of the blood brother of sleep
More restless yet deep
Around which broken dreams of split saplings rally
Thus marking his easy to find but hard to leave valley

Moreover mentioning the interloper
Some fine fellows, others right scurvy
An earthly animal, but Heaven worthy
Who at best is Good’s noblest paradigm
And at worst is Evil’s paragon in time

The infinite being in a finite creature
Dwelling in a bottomless cell without walls or ceiling
A void of finality with infinity features
Where the soul can gain or lose feeling.

The interloper possesses a body, heart, and mind
All can be broken, which you will find
The heart can meet the end of love’s stake
And bones of the body easily break
The mind can be destroyed by its own thought.
In the end we are but dust, shadows, and forgotten wrought.

And only as they go
Do I noticed Evil’s haunting ghost
Who walked with Good as the unknown foe
Who thrived in the dark of night
But did so best with a glimmer of light 

He is boldest in the day
But while I lay
And as they stride
He has no light in which to hide

For a shadow only plays
While there is light in the day
And Evil is ever and again the master
But solely in the seeming absence of its caster

Copyright © Dylan Reichley

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O Halloween Night

Upon this night I worrie about this sight
It is to dare be in fright
All the thing will be among the souls to tell run from here to scare us all to hell
Now we must try with all I might to not lose our faith upon this night
For the gates of hell will surly open up and send among us all evil demons 
This I am sure will animal and humans both give a fright
Please we all need to take heed tonight
Stay indoors tonight out of sight
Lie the morning light come so bright
Right her might so all the demons will lose their might 
So they will return to hell with out the right
No more souls did they take this night

Copyright © Patricia Bernard

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Halloween Then and Now

The child I was, so long ago Knew not of Halloween. The sweet treats that are now bestowed By me were never seen. The preacher at our church denounced Halloween as evil. Celebrating it, he said, was Honoring the devil. Of course there always were the teens Who parked buggies on barns And tipped over the outhouses On the neighboring farms. Some of these were brothers of mine, Just wanting to have fun. Daddy sent them to atone for All of the mischief done. Halloween now finds me ready With a big bowl of treats To hand to the children coming, Just looking for some sweets.
By: Joyce Johnson with 4ft-3 ft.meter, Ballad style. Written for contest "Halloween Fun" won a 3rd

Copyright © Joyce Johnson

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Beautiful Halloween Night

Silver moonbeams shine from the full moon 
On a Halloween night.
Trick or treaters weave back and forth collecting candy
And other assorted goodies on this 
Beautiful Halloween night.
Scary stories are told around a fireplace. 
 A witch flies on a broom across the moon cackling 
On this beautiful Halloween night.
 A midnight breeze blows through the trees 
On this beautiful Halloween night.
A vampire lurks in the shadows looking for prey 
On this beautiful Halloween night.
Feys and faeries dance across the silver moonbeams  
on this beautiful Halloween night

Copyright © Cheyenne Nienhueser

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Before building the fire
We dug out a lawn square 
To keep the ash  we knew would be there
And stacked the sods near the pyre.

The lawn fits back well –
No ghost of last year’s flame.
Each Halloween  it’s the same –
There is no grave hole to tell.

Papers, cardboard, gasoline,   -  oh !

The hissing from  a  heap
Of slippery wet leaves
Like a snake’s last scream.
Swarms of sparks stream
In hot gas gusts to the eaves,
Burning out as they  leap,

Falling as warm grey dust.
Soot flakes like scattered crows
Fly skyward, black and ragged
From damp dead wood’s jagged
Heat  -  soaked spars’ and oars’
Life-after-life  in a final burst.

Each deadened  ember
Sends a second soul 
To the  lifeless  hole
With a final life to  remember.

Copyright © Sidney Beck

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It Slithered

It Slithered
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

Darkness caressed it. I heard it before 
I saw a piece of it, a bit?
Black & shinny
But so, so cold
It froze the air 
my thoughts said it Exquisitely tiny but
It was unafraid, bold
To come so near Suddenly
Panicking in fear
My heart tearing up my chest
I ripped open my vest
To breathe to swallow 
As I heard it's cackles
Raising hackles
On my arms such were it's sucking slithering charms 
Turning to dash away
I tripped,
Had to face it
Eye to eye...
It grinned an unholy lopsided way with one red bulbous retina a still darker patina than I thought possible and grew cool, stronger I soon felt the pull,
I couldn't breathe 
Staring into my face I can taste Hell's darkest secrets
My leg muscles race
But I'm still, so still no breathing or heartbeats
I'm dead!
Right there on the floor!
Gone dissolved, no more,
In my terrified head
Heavy as lead instead
I knew 
as it slid from side to side with a sulfuric stench, 
I retched
& gagged, resolved in my comatose fed brain what Was mirrored, sucking clinched to my eye when I flenched as it pinched my nose 
I continuing to lie 
It sucked, fed
Wiggled, munched, withered, crunched then slithered down to my toes 
I knew without a doubt I was sucked dry for it was in truth a Devil's eye feeding withering searching in cold pursuit through the eire night of Halloween olde for sight of anyone's ashamed& unclaimed unholy weary soul 

Copyright © Linda Hays-Gibbs